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Twonty-four hours ending 6   a. m.,
July io.
...v Ta-MP IIIN. TKI4P. BAR.        IN. RAIN
fill) 48 0      30.252       .12
For South
������'���ice Rupert Friday, 8 a.m.
���^���sttalatl-r. .",.'���   N��RT)i
rime., a ".L""-rjr ,. / p. m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL II.  NO. 153
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Monday, July 10, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Sunday Night Blaze Does Big Damage---Firemen Worked Under
Constant Fear That Gasometer Would Blow Up���Japanese
Workmen DiJ Great Work in Helping to Prevent the
Flames From Spreading-���Two  Residences,  Two
Workshops and Five Cabins Were Burned Up
(Caiiiidiaii Press Despatch)
N.in.iiiiio, July 10.���The Nanai-
iiui Lumber Company suffered a
revere loss last night by fire which
Imilvc out in the drying kiln of
tin- mill. The kiln and its content*, toj-iher with two dwelling
houses close by, two workshops,
Im .-.thins, a quantity of furniture
ami -"im- valuable wood working
iiut-liiiu-ry were reduced to ruins.
The tire wits one of the most
spectacular ever seen, as the kiln
Iwlil one hundred mid twenty
iliniKiiid feet of the highest grades
nl haulier, The dried lumber
Iriimt-d like matchwood, and nothing could In- done that stopped the
fierce blase.
Danger from Gas
The firefighters worked under
great peril owing to there being a
gasometer situated on thc opposite-
side of the street, and an explosion
of the heated gases was feared any
Japs Did Good Work
Gnat praise is given to the
Japanese workmen at the mill
who turned out and did heroic
work in lighting the fire. But for
their desparate labors it is probable
that the flames would have spread,
and disaster become widespread.
Rush to the Rescue
J. M. Barry, foreman of thc
company's mill at Wellington, four
miles away,  hearing of the  fire,
brought fifty of his men in a box
car over a steep grade. They did
the journey in eleven minutes, and
rendered great assistance in getting
the fire under control.
Did Considerable Damage
The loss to lhe lumber company
is fixed at $17,000, all of it covered
by insurance. In addition M.
Dixon lost two dwelling houses-
two workshops, five cabins and a
quantity of tools, of not less than
$5,000 value. The residents of
the dwelling houses managed to
rescue their furniture before the
flames reached them, but the
occupants of thc five cabins lost
every stick and stitch they had.
Mayor's Flying Visit There Results in  Favorable  Impressions of Progress in All Directions���Citizens are Hopeful and Enthusiastic
Aftlr a dying visit to Stewart
���aIiiti- he has been over the week
end conferring with B. Gilllngham,
'���sn! "ii|K'riiHcndcnt, the Mayor
!."t kick to lhe city hall this
morning. Primarily the object
of Iii- trip was to discuss the
mailer of road-work this season
��itli Mr. Gillignham, and Mr.
Manson travelled ten miles up the
valley to mi- the progress that has
l��>n made on lhe roads under
fwislrucdon during this season.
Ilu-   work   is   proceeding   satis.
Grading Townsite
In Suvi.irt itself grading is
peUlg 011 wry well on lhe main
an. i- .mil M with arc iM-ing put in
I'i arrangement with the Provincial
government and the Citizens' Coin
milt,-.-. When the city becomes
to lv Incorporated some of the
' ' ������( the work will be Iwirnc by
���I* dtisent.  On fifth street, which
|v ni Ih- ..in- of ihe most Important
- si reels of  Stewarl  gootl
parting progress is going on, and
lhe sewers are approaching com
Mining Interests
Everybody is enthusiastic regarding mining development in
ilu- Stewart district at present.
Portland Canal is doing plenty
of development work, ami the
concentrator is working steadily
there jusi now. Larger shipments
than have yet been tried may lit
ex|H-ctcd shortly. The Stewart
Mining Company and Red Cliff
mines are nlso hard at work developing, and will be shipping
COmmerically at an early date.
Railway development continues
lOO, a spur line having been run
in from the Portland Canal Short
Line to the Portland Canal mines
ready for the commencement of
on- shipping.
Are You Going?
All those Interested in indoor
baseliall aitJ Invited to a meeting
tonight at 8.80 in the old Presbyterian Church.
Troubles Multiply in the Famous Italian Trial���Jurymen Want the Special Indemnity Voted by the
Chamber of Deputies to Begin Again
and the jurors demand that the
extra pay date from the opening
proceedings. To enforce their wish
CS thay began obstructive tactics
by absenting themselves for several
hours this morning and threatening
lo remain away altogether unless
their wishes were granted.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vllerbo, July It).���The jury be*
'"" Which the alleged Camorrists
1   Wng   triad   for   murder   of
i "in ( olio   and   Signora
''"'"II".   threatened   to   go   on
"���day and  it  was noon
'"" Its mambon could lie in-
"""l   "���   take   their   scats   and
"J* the trial to proceed.
,A Wll now In-fore the chandler
,!l I'm ic*.   provides   a   special
""'"""���'V  for thc  jurors servi
"i thi
��� '"-<���. but the extra allow-
* ni.ule payable only from
'"���   Hie trial began March 11
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones Be, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart. -
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
Hydro-Electric Co. Would Start
Power and Gas Plants
In a letter to Mr. VV. Clark
Durant this morning, Mr. R. F
Hayward, general manager of thc
Western Canada Power Co., and
secretary of the Prince Rupert
Hydro-electric Company, said lhat
his coiii|)any was prepared to go
ahead nt once in installing gas
works and a power plant at Prince
Formidable List of Necessaries
for the Job. No White Washing is in the Contract this
Mrs. G. L. Procter, Wife of Architect on Quarantine Station Job Brought to Hospital
in the Evelyn.
On Saturday evening a painful
accident happened to Mrs. G. L.
Procter at the Quarantine Station
Works over at Digby Island where
she had been staying with her
husband who is looking after the
work there for Messrs. Anderson
and McKinnon, the contractors.
Mrs. Procter was playing around
with the dog over the irregular
ground there when she fell and
broke her leg below the knee.
Fortunately Dr. Tremayne with
the Quarantine Launch Evelyn
was quickly available, and after
her injury had been attended to,
Mrs. Procter was conveyed in the
launch to thc wharf, antl thence
to the General Hospital. The
injury, though painful, is not a
serious one.
Evidently the biggest clean up
of the season is about to take
place at the city hall. Just look
at this list of necessaries requisitioned for the job:
Three Scrubbing Brushes.
One Broom.
Three Pails.
Three Packets Washing Powder.
Six 1-argc Bulldog Clips.
One Ton Coal (To stoke up).
One Wee Box of Pen Points.
Tonight an alderman (name as
yet unknown) will move that thc
requisition list be signed up for
this little lot tonight. Everything
conies out in the wash of course,
but there must be a powerful lot
of washing looming in the distance
for the city hall. Much mystery
is associated with those terrible
Bulldog Clips. Arc they to be
used along with thc scrabbling
brushes and washing powder? In
the grip of a really efficient "Large
Bulldog Clip" even the most refractory alderman might be com-
pelled to submit to thc cleansing
process. But who arc to be the
washers and who the washed the
requisition list docs not relate.
Alderman Kirkpatrick was to
have moved that the requisition
be authorised at tonight's council
meeting, but rumor hath it that
he along with another alderman
have made their escape by thc
(icorgc this morning. Whether
it was the scrubbing brushes or
the bulldog clips that scared them
the most is a matter for conjecture.
Street Numbering Committee
Meets Tuesday for Final Arrangements. Numbers are
Here- Will Soon be Fixed.
Very soon now it will be possible for citizens of Prince Rupert
lo give their addresses as "Number
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0, . . ." or whatever
it may happen to be, on Street
or Avenue. Prince Rupert is
rapidly growing up towards adult
city-hood, and the numbering system is needed. A meeting of the
Street Numbering Committee will
be held in the City Hall on Tues
day afternoon to discuss final
matters on this subject, and issue
instructions to the contractor, Mr.
L. Bullock-Webster. It has been
decided that the numbering system
to be adopted is the "Hundred
Block" system, that is lite numbers
will be grouped in blocks hundred
by hundred along the streets and
avenues. The numbers have arrived, and the contractor is only
awaiting the final instructions of
the committee to commence work.
Two Young Men Mean to Make
Good in Shellfish Business
Messrs. Jim llurkc and Frank
Harper of this city have got
permission from the Provincial
Government to start a crab and
clam fishing industry in Prince
Ruperl, and have arranged to
supply the hotels and fish stores
as well as private consumers,
They have got all the equipment
necessary lo round iqi and capture
nimble crustaceans, and the festive
clam, and have already secured
and sold some $70 worth.
Serious Charge Are Made Against the Pacific Coast Steamship
Company by the Survivors of the Santa Rosa-���Charged That
They Would Not Allow Capt. Faria to Land his Passengers When the Vessel Struck Owing to the Cost
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Los Angeles, July 10.-Very
serious charges are being made
against the management of the
Pacific Coast Steamship Company
arising out of the loss of the
steamer Santa Rosa last Friday.
The survisors of thc wreck are
organising a committee, in order
to bring the true facts connected
with the steamer's loss to thc
notice of the I'liiled States Federal
Lives Were Sacrificed
It is claimed that the company
risked the lives of the two hundred
passengers for commercialism, by
refusing to allow Captain Faria
to   transfer  his   passengers   from
the sinking ship to safety, in order
to save the cost of salvage.
The Passengers' Story
The iiassengers state that Captain Faria wanted to land his
passengers in the lieeches buoy
apparatus to thu steamer Centralia
on Friday, soon after he struck,
and while the sea was still smooth,
but the officials of the company
ordered him by wireless to put
out two more lodge anchors instead and make every effort to
hold the sinking ship until the
arrival of the steamer President
of the same line.
To Save Money
This action was in order to avoid
the payment of salvage money
to rival companies.   It is claimed
that Captain Faria had a good
chance of transferring his passengers to the steamer Centralia,
but was ordered by the management of the Pacific Coast Company
by wireless to ask the cost of
doing so.
Company's Denials
The company, on the other
hand, deny that any lives were
lost, although there are at least
three |x*rsons missing, anil also
that any such messages were sent.
A confirmation of the passengers'
claims is made by the statement
of Wireless O'lcrator Finkel of the
Santa Rivsi and Captain Faria.
Twelve are Lost
It is now believed that at least
twelve passengers are lost.
Clayton Casselman Hurt His
Head and Ribs, but Not Seriously.
A man named Clayton Casselman was brought in to the Genera.
Hospital on Sunday morning suffering from injuries lo the head
and both the result of a fall from
the sidewalk. He was attended
to by Dr. Eggert and detained.
His injuries are not very serious.
He Was Found Dead Near the Roadside Yesterday,
His Head Having Been Crushed With a Blow
from Some Heavy Blunt Instrument
Meeting of Committee to Draw
Up By-laws this Afternoon ���
New Teams Forming.
Went South
W. J. Alder and family left this
morning for the south. They will
be away two months.
Where to Go
Pictures, nnd Music, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and songB, 7.30 p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
CITY COUNCIL, City Hall, at 8 p.m.
INDOOR BASEBALL Meeting,  Presbyterian Church. 8.30.
morrow, 1 p.m.
This afternoon a meeting of the
committee selected to prepare bylaws for the Indoor Baseball League I icing started in Prince Rii-xti
is to be held. Already preliminary
work has been done towards preparing a set of rules by the members of the committee, and all are
enthusiastic for the formation of
the League.
New teams are licing got together rapidly the latest In-ing
the Kaieii Island Club.   Tin- Kaien
Islanders Intend to add an Indoor
baseball team lo iheir already
famous Basketball team, and other
basketball teams may In- organised
in conjunction with the new baseball teams forming.
Regarding the possibility of having an until.uu league in operation
by this time next summer prospects
grow steadily brighter. Alderman
Kerr is a keen lover of outdoor
sport, and his enthusiasm for the
preparing of a Municipal Athletic
Park on the level ground on
Acropolis Hill is well encouraged
and supported both by young men
of llic city, and by brother aldermen .
The members of the committes
to draw up by-laws for the Indoor
Baseball League an Chief Vickers,
Alderman Kerr. Rev. W. II. McLeod, Rev. I-'. W. Kerr, and Mr.
George Tile. The meeting will
be held in the police court room.
(Canadian Press Despatch) '
Clinton, B. C., July 10.���Great
excitement is being felt at Clinton
owing to the discovery of the
murdered Imdy of a man named
William While, which was found
yesterday near the main Mad,
about four miles south of Silver,
He had evidently been murdered
with a Hum instrument, the top
of his head having been crushed
in by a blow.
Verdict of Murder
The coroner's jury today relumed a verdict of murder against
some |n-rson or |icrosns unknown.
White was a stranger here, but
is said to have come from Ontario.
He worked for a short time here
with a government bridge gang.
The police are following up tin-
Have a Happy Time
Tomorrow the kiddies of the
Presbyterian Church hold their
picnic. They are going at tint
o'clock in launches to Metlakatla.
Wedding Took Place on Saturday Evening
A quiet, but pretty wedding
took place on Saturday evening
at the residence of Mrs. Barber,
Third avenue, when Mary Alice
Bolen was married to Ernest A.
Love, manager of the Municipal
Telephone and Electric Light systems.
Rev. F. W. Kerr performed the
ceremony,  1 he young couple will
live in a house nf the corner of
Eighth avenue and Young street.
Modified the Charge
The case of supposed theft of
money which came up the other
day in the police court over a
lispute in a down town hotel
has beafl modified into a drunk
and disorderly charge. The culprit was fined ten dollars for being
Authentic   Figures Show   That   25,000  People   Have
Crossed the Border During Past Ten   Years���
Cash and Effects Worth Twenty Millions
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Omaha, Neb., July 10.���Something of the magnitude of the
movement of the farmers from tlu
trans-Missouri country into Western Canada mav be gathered from
ment land agent in Omaha. The
real .'iiinber of emigrants is far
h'rger than these figures indicate,
as only those settlers are listed who
applied to this agent for certificates.
Mai \ ihousiinils undoubtedly went
figures, )ust ni.ule public in I from this section to Canada with-
city, which draw that in ten I out   applying  at   Omaha  (or  ccr-
years 25,000 people went  from 1 tiiicntes.   of these, ihe Canadian
Nebraska and Western Iowa into!government bus no records.
Western  Canada, and  tbat  they 1     Ibis is the first set of  figures
For rent after July 31st, basement in Helgerson Block now
occupied by William C.ranl. Apply
O. M. Helgerson, Ltd.
carried with them cash and prop-1 concerning this movement that has
erty valued at $21,308,000. These been made public. There have
figures are absolutely authentic, asllH-en many "guesscB," but for the
far as they go, being taken from! first time these figures arc given
the Ixioks of thc Canadian govern- to the public.
-saeta. THE    DAILY    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The ^Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publi.hing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATKS-Daily, 50e p.-r month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle ���Paget Sound News Co.
Loniion, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
"The newspaper, with the law, should ausume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience." ��� Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Monday, July 10
For several months, the Winnipeg Free Press has been agitating
thc question of the excessive freight and express charges levied upon
the people of Western Canada. The series of articles are being bound
in pamphlet form, to still further carry out the campaign against the
burden of heavy railway rates.
Some very pertinent series of facts are quoted to show that the
west is being discriminated ag.iinst by the railways. For a hundred
mile stretch in the east the rate per hundred pounds charged was
30 cents; in tin- west 40 cents. For thc 495 mile stretch in the east
from Montreal to Bothwell the rate was 58 cents; for a similar distance
in the west from Winnipeg to Waldeck, the rate is $1.14. an increase
of nearly 100 |x-r cent In some rases the discrimination exceeds
100 per cent, as in the case of Winnipeg to Sidewoixl for which SI.20
per hundred pounds is charged as against 58 cents for the journey
from Montreal to Windsor, the distance in With cases being the Mine.
It is shown how the C. P. R. on its Son line carries coal under the
Stan and Stripes for 11.80 per ton for a 300 mile haul, but requires
13.05 per ton lor hauling coal in Western Canada under the Union
Jack on a 895 mile haul. The Canadian Northern on a 499 mile haul
extorts ���*������'..70 jxr ton.
Express charges arc also dealt with, thc express companies being
subsidiary companies to the railway companies.   It is mr.de clear that
to quote the words of Judge Malice, chairman of the Railway Commission, thai, "The original principle U|x>n which the express company
tariffs are based was 'What .ire the heaviest larilTs we can obtain from
the public for the least service we can give them?" "   Figures given b)
Judge Ma bee show that  the Dominion  Express Company which is
a side line of the C. P. R. has a total of |M,500 paid upon its $2,000,000
capital, and has paid the C. P. R. in the eight ytars covered by ihej
inquiry oi the Commission no less than S13.4O9.240 in profits.   The i
Canadian Express Company with a total of $27,520 paid on its $500,000
capitalization has paid the Grand Trunk an average of $923,909 per
annum.  The Canadian Northern Express Company, owned by Messrs,
Mackenzie and Mann and iheir aasodates with the magnificent sum
of 16,000 in r.-al money paid up on its capitalization of $1,000,000,
(of which 1800,000 h.is been issued by the aforesaid philanthropists,
to themselves in the form of paid up stock) has paid the Canadian,
Northern $353.120 in the six year- i I it--. rjltence.
Some such inquiry as that  conducted by  the Winning Free
Press i- needed in Northern British Columbii, where the burden
of excessive freight rates is very heavy.   Why should a shipment of
household goods by water from Vancouver to Prince Rupert cost
76 per cent of what it costs to ship them from Toronto to Vancouver
even at the excessive rail rates charged on the western journey?   Why
should a Prince Rutx-ri tradesman bringing a shipment of crockery!
from the potteries at Newcastle have to pay twenty dollars  for the'
five hundred miles from Vancouver to Prince Rupert, when it costs;
seventeen and a half dollars to bring thi tame goods from Newcastle.,
England, to Vancouver, travelling round Cape Horn.
A dictionary weighing twelve pounds, shipped from Toronto to
the Daily News office had a charge of over three dollars to meet f- r
. xj.r. isage.  Even upon g.roils purchased ;n ,|u. (-iiy ;i heavy percentage
has to be added b> the storekeeper for the freight charges he has had!
to pay.
It is time die public wakened up t" the fact that it is not the
manufacturer, nor the wholesaler, nor the retailer, but the ultimate
consumer upon whom the heavy burden of excessive freight rate-
falls. Through the medium "f the means of distribution, the railway
companies and express companies Impose and collect taxes from
every person in the country, Where ilu-ir charges are fair, the tax
Is a just one. Winn their charges an In excess of an equitable return
for tin- .unoiint of mom > a< tually Invi sti d, and the cost of the service.
the tax i-. an unjust one, and should be rigorously contested.
Paul Legale of Port Simpson
Wanted Five Hours in Which
to Get to Heaven.
II. W. Brodie, general passenger
agent of the C, P. R. at Vancouver,
has recently enjoyed a pleasure
and business trip to Skagway and
the Yukon, At I'ort Simpson he
was Impressed by the sight of a
lonely monument of stone that
marked the graves of five chiefs
of the Tsimpsian  Indian-.    Closer
Inspection revealed the following
Inscription, quaint end informal,
yet tndlng with a tag that has ilonc
'buy (or Christian burial grounds
Paul l.i gait- siid the day he
died to thia people.   'I would
like to die in a lonely place so
no one would see me, and I hope
my people will not find me for
five hours, so I think I ran get
in heaven by that time, and if
they find my body after that
they can do as they will.'
'Hi- body was found eight
hours after. Cod gave him
more than he hoped for."
Ottawa Journal Takes Issue
With Powers Responsible for
Ottawa,   July   8���The   Ottawa
loU-"1"���"'   Th" ���"���"Midori fob  Journal.  Independent, takes IsSUI
1 editorially   with   the   powers   re-
Head (JMtP " v". V*"''' l1"' ��!���'"����������������������� ("r ,1��' knighting of Sir
before tha WM ,T. , "*"' Max Ai,k,'n- 'n,e -*ouriml r""-
Mso three oth�� ��2? (\,m';- ''u,llcH that ,,i,hpr thc /U',li'h
named Legale. Air.,' ...,,,. T K"v*'r''""--"* or the Laurier g���v-
gale,  the Head (hi.-t ,    ,f.r"cm,.\ *"�� ********* (or this
Tsimpsian   Nation, who ,|i, ,   . tr'""       a <'""���tivc w����
/���I,..- .; .,   . I.   . c- ,. <1"n(;   nothing   but   get   rich
t hri-ti. in at I'ort Simpson, H. r   ,.,.:.. t, i%��� ��� .        .    ,    , ,.   ,,
i -twin      *.     i.- ' y l,"t Particularly creditable
January t, 1891,    Aged I., years.(method*,
,^,^i,%.~*��.~���"*���"' "-"K
The Greatest Fiction  Character of the Century Come to Life Again
A Great Chance
Dciily . .
News ..
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will write two new adventures of
the famous detective for the Daily News.
The Daily News has joined a syndicate of leading newspapers of United States and Canada to induce Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories���the greatest
detective stories ever written���to give to the world two more of his
entrancing tales of the gnat detective's skill.
All arrangements are row completed, the stories are delivered,
and at an early date to be mutually agreed upon, the stories will be
printed.   They are called:
The Adventure ol the Devil's Foot
The Adventure ol the Red Circle
We have reid this, storit s i;i the proof, and they are up to the
high standard of skill that the earlier stories set. We can say
no more.
The Daily News has secured the sole right of publication for
the whole of Northern B. C. These siories can only be obtained
in the DAI I A' NEWS.
They will appear in both the daily and weekly edition. They
will start in a few d.tvs time.
CITDCfDIDU    for yorself and    riniv
The Daily News
50c A Morn.   -   $5.00 A Year
The Humble One Cent Piece
Will Bear King George's Effigy
Ottawa, July 8.���King Georges
effigy will appear on a Canadian
coin this week. The honor of
first appearance goes to the humble
cent, which is the only coin for
which the dies have yet been
received by the Mint. The demand for currency is increasing
and the Governmenl must meet
it. There is reluctance to keep
on making King Edward coins
with King George on the throne.
The die-makers are therefore being
urged to produde in steel as soon
as possible the designs of the silver
tokens. The designs for the new
gold coins have not yet been
agreed upon.
Slavs-iiii Land District��� District ut Cuast ita.,
Take notice that Al.san.lsr Mclnt. ih ',[ M'
couver,   B   C .   occupation   mal   rauu  '
intonda to apply for p.-rinisaiun tu ,
following described lands:
Commencing ��t a post planted 40 chain, ���mlk
Irom tho southwest corner ol Lot iiu., r,.,,.,. !,,
chains south, thonce 40 chuins weal
purchaso tb,
'. then*, jn
 lo imitit
romnionccmcnt eontalnini o20 acres riiur,. ur lea
chaina north, thence 40 chain. eu,t r��� ,������
   linn 320 nor���    -
Datod AprU 17,1911.
Pub. May 6
Skeena Land District���District ol Cauiar
Tske notice that 1, Percy Kranch Qodtgrttl,
ol Stewort, 11. Oa, occupation juurnulut intend u,
spply lor permission to purchase the fulluwin.
il.-a.-rih.al lands: '
Commencing, at a post plumed un thi auk,
bank ol the Naas river about eaves, miu,., auuvs
Uie lorks ot tho Naas river, tlience aoulii 80 chair,,
thence weal 80 chslns, thence norlh BQ chair.,'
thencs cast 80 chsins to point .,1 -AmmanraauL
containing ti HI acres mure ur loss.
Dsted Msrc 25,11111. Frank Sidney M right tst
Pub. May 17. ' Ap
Suppose there were no children,
No babies in the land,
No toddling, pattering footsteps,
No little clinging hand.
No sweet eyes looking upwards
Like flower petals unfurled,
No prattling, lisping voices,
No laughter in the world.
Suppose there were no babies
Drifting downward from the skies,
No toiling and no tending,
No maternal lullabies.
No hopes built on the cradles
Wherein baby forms lie curled,
Methinka 'twould be a desolate
And Cod-forsaken world.
(Catherine A. Clarke
Skeena Land DUtrict���District ul Caaiisr
Tske  notlc  Ihst   1,   John   I'uwln  ui  1 tirm
Rujiert 11. C, occupstiuu Isbort-r, inteitil to apply
lor permlasion to purchase the lulluwing tleacritierj
Commencing at a poat planted abuut tj, tao
miles south ol the lorks ol thu Whilst und Ki,t
rivers, thonce south 80 chslns, thenc eait su
chaina, tbenos north 80 chsina, tlience Beit si)
Dsted April 18, 1911. JOHN DNWIN
Pub. May 19. Francia S. I'rtalots, Agent
Skeena Land District���District ol Cosst
Take notio. thai  llumo  llahinglun ul l'ticc,
Rupert. 11. C, oecupsUutt master mariner. Da-aae*
to apply  lor  permission  to  lease the Mluaing
duscriued lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 100 chaiai
south ol the lndisn Unserve on the is��t stj. uf
t louse lluy on the east side ol thu ''enlnaula lusnee
north 100 chains along shore io thu lti-serv.. tha.
tnence weat 60 chains more or leu to Go... Ilsv
thence 100 chain, along shore, thence ci ti)
chains more or less to post, contsining tilu acra,
mors or leaa.
Dated March 8, 1911. HUME lUMNGTUN
Pub. AprU 16.
Amusing Scene in a Fashionable  New   York  Church
Skeena Land Dislrict���Dislrict ot Caailtr
Tske   noUce   lhat   I,   Charles   M.   Knuuss u
Prince Itupert. U. C, occupsllon farmer, i;.-..: i
to apply lor permission to purchaae lhe tulluaiag
described landa*.
i I'liiiuoncing at a post planted about . t, thres
miles south and (2!lwo miles Best ul i o-1 oral of
White river and Flat rlv.r. tbence aouth Mi chaina,
thene. weal 80 chaina, Ihenc. north 60 chain*,
thenco esst 80 cliaina.
Dsted April 20, 1911.     CHARLES M. KNOUU
I'ub. May IS. Francia S. l'restun, Agsnt
Skeens Lsnd District���District o Coast Hang* i
Tsk. not ce thsl Murdock MclUe ol \ ancouvrt
II. C, occupsllon real eslsle broker, Intends lo
spply lor iKrmiaslon tl purchaas lb* (valloslta,
described land.:
Commencing al a oral plsnted CD the wu.h
bsnk ol l.irliumaiks liver about llv* miles Iiua
its conilusuee with lh. Skeena river, thv-nce tu
chains wesl, Ihence 20 chslns nurlb, tt.vi.a-* lu
chains weat, thence 40 chains north, thenc* 10
cbsins east, thence 20 chains south, tunc, lu
chains eaal. thanca 40 chains soulh lo point ul
commencement, cuntaining 320 acrea mure or has
Dsted AptU21. 1911. MtllllUl K MelllL
I'ub. May 111.
Skeena Land Dislrict���Diatrict ol Cosst lUng* i
Tak. nolle, thai 1, Charles A. Vaughan el
Princ. Kupert, U. CL occupation merchant. tjMM
to apply (or permission lo purchsae lbs lollua-tttg
.1. ..mi.. .1 lands:
Commsntini at a post plsnted on th* suatn
bank ot Eschumsiks Iliver and aboul torgf mi...
Irom lu coniluence with the Skeena lliv.r. ther.ce
e-0 chains aesl, thonce 60 chains north, UHMI M
ehalna west, thencs eo chsina south to point i'
One of the fashionable East Side
churches recently witnessed a funny
incident at B choir rehearsal. They
were preparing for the following
Sunday morning a beautiful selection, the first words of which
were "I am a Pilgrim." It so
happened that the music divided
the word "Pilgrim." and made a
pause after the syllable. The
effect was most amusing. The
soprano sang in a high key. "I am
a I'd���" and slopped. The tenor
acknowledged that he was a "Pil���'
and when the bass came thundering in with a like declaration, "I
am a Pil���" it was too much for
I the gravity of the singers, and
' they roaretl. No amount of practice could get them past the fatal
pause without an outburst, and
the piece had to Ik- given up.���Musical World.
Won  Suits
The following gentlemen won
suits in Sloan ci Company's Suit
Clubs on Saturday;
No.   B���J. M. Minnls.
No. 10���R. B. Reed.
No.  11���K. I). Mailer.
No. 12���G. C. Day.
No. 18���W. O.Vance.
No. 14- R. G. Walker.
No. 15���R. M. Mcintosh.
Other clubs are now forming.
Saturday Review Says Borden
Speaks as a Party Man, Laurier Like a Statesman.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, July 8.���The Saturday
Review, referring to the Dominions
withdrawal from the commercial
treaties, siys Laurier has minimized the importance of what
he asked, but it is a very serious
step, almost unnoticed in comparison to its importance.
While Laurier is doing what he
can here for his party and policy,
R. L, Borden is working on the
other side. He is frankly out on
a political campaign. But his
speech at Winnipeg on Monday
was not in the least more partisan
than Laurier'sal the Constitutional
Club last Saturday.
Mr. Borden spoke as a party
man���Laurier is [losing as a States*
commencement, containing tilO acr** more ur leas
D.Ual April 21. 1911    I'llUil.l.s A. VACullAS
lul,. April 29.
Skein. Lend Disuict���District ol Coast lUngaa
Tak. notice that Mra. L. C Puinam <g >t
Paul, Minnesota, occupatiun marm-vl .otuss
intends lo apply (or parmieslon to purchs*. lbs
lollowlng dceribasd landa:
Commsncins. an post plsnted si ths ,..,-.
corner ol Lol No. 1732 marked Mra. L. C. l'uir.an. s
northeast corner, tnence west 40 chains, !!..:.-��
aoulh 80 chains ihence east 40 chsn... tt.r.w
north 80 chaina ta poat ol comm��fic*ftvrtt. cea
la-lung 820 acrea mora or leas. _ .  ..
Dated March 20 1911.      MKS. I- C. 1'lTMU
Pub. AwU I... Geo. B. Putnam Ages
Skeena Lead Da.lr.ct���District ol Coast Kant* I
Take notice that I, Clara May Utile ul Prut*
Rupert,   li.   C,   uccupatiun   si.ir.itei, intend I.
.pply Ic* permaaion to purchas* in. lolluBing
descrlb*d Isnds:
Commencing st a post plsnted st in* nurta
Beat corner of Lol 1725, Rang. 5, Coasl lli.uict
thenc* Mat 40 chains,  Ihenc north H cl.ini
thsnee  Weal  81  chain    Ihenc.  norlh  -vi ctai.r.1
Ihenc. west 10 chaina, Ihence soulh 45 ehsii.s l-
point  ol  commencement,  conulnlng  Hi sens
mor. or leaa. ..... . Mse,e
Dated April 4, ISII.        CLARA MA*. UTTU
Pub. April 16.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrlct ol Cassiar
Taks nolle, lhat  I,  laaw o lire.,   loll**
I'rlnc Rupert, U. C, occup.tion carpenter. n.ur.J
to apply lor permission lo purchase the Io.a.*irat
doscTtued laads: *^
Commencing at a post plsnted sboul liv nn..*��
south and one mile wost ol the lurk, ul tl.etttiis
���ud Fist rlvsrs, lh.no. nortb so chsins, iter.��
wesl eO chaina,  tbenos soulh 80 chslns. tt-esee
l"t��l Apru'ls', 1911.  ISAAC OUIIIKN HltlUI.il
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preston. Agrat
Sksens Land District���District ol Casslar
Taka notice thai I. Swan llallee el si**an.
U.  C,  occupation  carpenter. Intend  iu sppii
(or permlasion lo purcbaae tb. Iollo*log diecrio"
l.nd.: ta
Commaaclng at a post (ilsnted sboul ,..��� e.iae
south .nd on*, I) mil. ��e.t ol In. lorka ol ita. �� ������*"
���nd list rlvsrs, thence 80 chslns soull,, l1-'" �����
chaina eaat.  ihenee Ml chslna nortb, llano *��
chslns aset. ...... a
D.led April 18, 1911. SWAN  IIAU.I.N
I'ub. May 11. Francis S. Prssios. \t��<
skeen* Land District -Dislrict ol yuenn Char., u*
U.i, la
Take notice that Uaurg* W. Arnott ol I'i
Rupert,  IX  C,  occupauon  real e.t*i*  I
intends to apply lor perrrtukSua to ****** i**
lulluwing rleacribej lends:
Commsnclng  st  .   post   pl.nlel  ��b->i'.    - "
miles and une-hsll mils west so I on* mil* seutr
Irom lh. mouth ol Stanly   Creek. Nsl.n H ���
Ihence west 80 chslns, thenos south Ml ci.i*.
ihsnc* east 80 chains tbenc* north Si1 [Jaalee.
Dsled Msrch 17, 1911. UKO. W, AllNOTr
Pub. April 22. Nums Dv-iners. IS* ���
Sksens Und Dl.lrict-Dtolricl ul t a-i"
Tsks notice thst I, Alice at, Knous. ul FBJJ
Rupetl, U. C, occupsllon nisrried Bonian, i ���'   '
to spply lor permiaalon to purchase Ihs lulluaws
deacribed land.:
Comnwnclng .1 . post plsnled shout ib"jnij"*
snulh snd twu miles west ol the lorks ul ��'��
and Flat rivers, thence north 80 cbsins, !���'��'���
eut  80 ehalna,  thence south  80 chsins.  U.'"
west 80 chslns. . ..   ....   . a,
Dsted April 20. 1911. ALICE M. K ���
I'ub. Msy 13. Francia S. Preston. *��"���'
RtlklneUnd Dislrict���Dstilct ol Caaaiar
Tsks nolice thst Sydney Ilodgkinacn i< J""
graph Creek, U. C, occup.tion clerk. Inter ��� i
���pply lor p<rmls.ion  to purchaw tha lollowir,.
d-scribed land: H-
Commmclng at a post plsnte.1 about a u����-"
mil* north eaal Irom lllseier lllltle snd on It.' ��***
bank   ol   Stikln.   Illver.   thence  esst   20  el.si ������
tbenc north 40 chains,  thsne Beat 20 chsins.
thenc south 40 chsin. to point ot eommer.c- ��� ������
snd containing HO acres mors or leas,
DstedF.b. IT. 1911. _   ������.,,>;
Pub. April CA. Tervo, Al'"'
_ Sks.ns Und Diatrict���District ol Csaalai
Tsks notlc thst  I, Jama. Webster fc'l'h"
Stew.rt, B.C., occup.llon    .uctloncr. int.;' ' '
apply lor permission to   purchsss  ths   loUusna
described lands: . M
Commsnclng st a post pisnteil on Ihs rig"
bsnk ol the Naaa rlvsr shout nlns miles �� "
lias lorks ol the Nsaa river, tbsne soulh so chair,,
Ihenc west 80 chains, thenc north HO chain .
thenc east 80 chain, lo point ol commencm' n ���
containing 640 acres more or less.  ... ,*���
pats.1 March 24, 1911. Frsnk Sldnsy Wrlghi. A*1
Pub. Msy 17.
_ ISkcna Land DUlrict���DUIrlel ot Csaslar
Taks nolle thst I, Sydney Fllagersld ol Steves".
B. C., occupallon cook, Intend to apply If' f.
mUlon lo purchsse Ihs lollowlng described Isnii
Commencing st s poet plsnled sbout live rni'
snulh snd ons mils ot ths (orks "I tt WZ
snd Fist risers, thenc. south 80 chains, ihrn���
wast 80 ehslns, thenc north 80 ehslns, thence
��ast 80 ehslns. .,,,
DatedAprll 18, 1911. 8YDNKY FITZIIERAL"
Pub. May II. Francia 8. Preston, An"' THE    DAILY   NEWS
I   I      ~E
General Merchandise
Largest Stock     \
1 |   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.    j
********** if** i'"���� 'ft
WE ��� HAVE - FOR ��� SALE
Section 9
Township 1
This is an excellent section antl was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
OFFICE    :     :
For nil kinds of help, cooks,
v/nitera, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or me-
rhanica, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Gtiod Hotel Free  Employment  Office
ll.-iiil.iuarters for cooks * waiters
.    E.   EBY   CIS,   Co.h==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KlTSi-MKAt.ua ���       B. C.
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prlne* Kupert Lodee, No. 81ft. Sons of
l.-.-i.n 1. meets the llrst and third Tuesdays In
-arh month in the Carpenters Hall, at S p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec..
I*. O. Bos -l.'. Prince Rupert
Gasoline Launches, *;:&?:.
For Hire by Hour or Day
-anATa at'lLT AND HI 1-AI III I'
H Metis.       Ce* Creel        P.O. B*t 187
i ii ,-. i  2*.9 ..in is
and POOL
* t Alleys. 7 Tabic*.    A rood ��x��r-
��        rfn   A <���Ir-in-piirt.   lefcllw every
* ������*' ri'-ni.     Newman Block, be-
* "   ��� "i 6th and 7lh Su.
iTI tt ������ -iiin ...��,���.      J't.>i>rii*t.ir an>l Munnurr
little's NEWS Agency
aafailleM :; Periodicals :: Newspapers
C'.mfisrlntilo 4-rotinii-d Cottage  in  sec-
''. IS6.00.
I Cabin in section I, $10.00.
BESNER &  BESNER, |Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel ia run on thc European
plan. First-class service. All thc Lntest Mial.-rn
Improvements. -:���:��� BEDS 60c UP
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooma
P.O. BOX 37
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Lunch.ndMeslssl.il hours; Lunch luc.
Meals 26c up-Come and See
[���"< I. block 6, sec. fi, $1400, half  cash.
���*�����t.  and  12,   block  28,   section 8,
'''r'1. Iiulf cash,
'"t" U iiml 22, block 21, section 8, $500
I'"". Imlf cash.
| '"ond Ave, Princ. Rupert, B.C.
Rochester tv
aT      Monroe
* Coal
N-.  '  Phone ns
This is a little section ol the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "Ths
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
A costume where there is no
imit to the color combinations
possible is illustrated today, and
is one of the season's prettiest and
smartest models. Black and white
striped silk, with tunic of lovely
old blue cachcmirc de soie, trimmed with insertions of fancy braid
in a lighter tint, which are outlined with curved bands of the
cachcmirc tie soic.
These  Nice  Novelties  Make a
Pleasant Supper Surprise
Three cupfuls oatmeal, two cupfuls flour, one cupful lard and
butter (mixed), one cupful sugar,
half cupful buttermilk, half teaspoonful salt, one teaspoonful soda
dissolved in a little milk. Stew a
pound of dates with a tablespoonful of sugar and a little water.
Cut out the cookies with a large
sealer ring. Put a small spoonful
of tlates in the centre and double
Up. Then press around the edge.
They arc very nice without thc
tlates made as ordinary cookies. I
have seen them made in a large
pan) the first layers spread over
the bottom of the pan, then the
dates, and then thc other row of
pastry. When it is cooked it is
spread out on the table and not
rut until needed.
Most Desirable Materials of the
It is well that foulards come in
such a great variety of designs,
colorings and prices, for they are
among the most desirable fabrics
of the season. Certainly they have
taken thc lead among the silks
which should be comforting for
the woman of average means,
since some very excellent foulards
can be bought for seventy-five
cents   a   yard.     The   black   and
white effects, made up with chilT-
suhe colors delicately embroidered
on both edges and tapering at
the edges express tin- last word in
French elegance.
Successfully handled the bordure
foulards make up very smartly
and the knowing makers do not
hesitate to cut tin- bonier off
and apply it to wherever it can
be used to better purpose in that
way. A chic dark blue and white
foulard has its deep brocade border utilized only on the bottom
of the tunic, while thc bodice
trimming is of white embroidery.
The vivid colorings which this
season is displaying are undoubtedly better in one tone or changeable
colorings and in veiled effects than
in the figured silks.
Every One a Tried and Tested
In making cookies if the dough
is thoroughly chilled it will not
only be lighter, but will not stick
to the board when rolling. Some
housekeepers also chill their doughnuts before frying.
To remove grease from a kitchen
table scrub well with hot water to
which half a teaspoonful of whiiing
has been added; wipe and then
dry thoroughly wiih a clean cloth.
This will make the table look equal
to new.
Mutton dripping will not set
hartl and suety, as it usually does,
if directly the fat is poured from
the baking tin the vessel containing ii is put at the back of
the stove and allowed to stay
there until the stove itself cools.
For Dull Needles
Keep a piece of sandpaper in the
machine drawer for rough or blunted needles; a file, too, will quickly
smooth a dull machine needle, and
scissors may be shar*>ciied on a
large needle or the stem of a glass
(or piece of glass) by opening and
shutting quickly, as if you were
trying to cut the glass.
Prince Albert, July 8.���The cut
ting out of the Saskatchewan Ivx
Fresh Strawberries
..and Other Fruits..
..Fresh Vegetables..
N.w Croc.rie.
New Provisions
Ideal Provision House
Third Av... near 6th St.
Phoaa ISO
press to this town has incensed
the citizens and merchants arc
discussing the advisability of having Ireight sent by lhe G. T. P.
to Saskatoon. The city also has
passed a resolution to ask ihe
G. T. P. officials to confer with
them and arrange to rush the
G. T. P. line to Prince Albert to
For most delicious Bread,
Dainty Biscuits, Ete., use
Robin Hood Flour
Vc-iir Dealer Has It
*   *   *   *   * - a>-�����e>-a>-
-General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves *
Gruniteware       Tinware +
��������� ��� a ��� - *-*-*-*- ��� ��� e
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Wi'sti'iihavi-r Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 851
of British Columbia of ll C. Oatarlo. Sas-
and Manitoba Bars. hatch.w.n  and Al
berta Bare.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street Princ Ruoert. I
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa and
local anesthetics administered for the painless *l-
traction of teeth.      Con.ultallon free.     On.ce*:
lirlk-.-rai.il Block. Pnnce Rupert. li 1-
AIe�� M.M.ins..., I.A..      W K Wlll!an...l. A . I..1   1>
Barristers, Solicitors, etc
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. box a
i-irn. or wm. i nt.in. no,., a.a.a.m..jon., ana
C T. P. Transfer Agents
Order, promptly Alter].   Friee�� raaaonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochealar. CenlreSL    phones*.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Avi.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 680
STiriK nisritlK
Edmonton does not feel very
joyous uver the decision of the
league meeting held in Brandon
on Sunday night whereby the two
games in which they were concerned were decided very much
against them,
Gordon Springs, who the other
day received an offer of live
thousand dollars to play home
for the Toronto lacrosse team,
declined the offer. He will stick
with New Westminster.
rOj    -J]    l*-
(ieorgi- I.onganecker has signed
up and will handle the indicator
for the Western Canada League.
I.oganeektr was with the same
circuit last year from start to
finish and gave satisfaction.
at a, *a
Ernie Murray, the dashing home
fielder who was with the Vancouver lacrosse team part of last
season, anil then went on strike
along with thc rest of the home
brews, has signed a contract to
play with the Westminsters for
the rest of the season.
ff  a*)   -ft
Asserting that the umpires failed
to apply the infield fly rule in the
third inning of Monday's game
with Cincinnati, Manager Clarke
of the Pittsburg ball team, has
filed a protest with President
Thomas J. Lynch of the National
League and asks that the game Ik*
thrown out.
Judge W. O. Chapman of thc
Superior Court at Tacoma, faces
the unusual judicial task of determining the monetary damage
that would be suffered by the
Tacoma Baseball Club it its
grounds were so reduced in size
that a batter could not smash out
a home run without knocking the
ball over the fence. This unique
point was brough up at the
hearing of a suit by thc city to
condemn a strip sixty-six feet wide
on the south side of the club's
t t t
Johnny  Powcis was a star in
his palmy days when  he played
for the Capitals and then for thc
famous Brantford's, when thc latter town had a team in thc professional   end   of   the   Canadian
lacrosse   association.     When   he
wanted to retire from the game
and the Capital lacrosse team of
Ottawa, was not working properly,
he was brought out of retirement
and it was his work which won
for the Senators the trip to England
which Presi'lcnt Emmanuel Tnssc
had promised the team if they won
lhe   championship.  ��� Powers   has
bean  one of the most  punished
men in lhe game, but his carefully
developed physique, brought aliout
by (Mixing, wrestling, gymnasium
work, and  the scientific methods
of developing the body, has made
mih   immune   to   lasting   injury,
although he bears many scars to
give testimony that  he has lieen
in the brunt of the fight.
t tt
Manager DiH.in, of Philadlcphia,
is still trying to make some kind
of trade with Boston or Brooklyn.
He is anxious lo get Graham,
Boston catcher, to help him during
the long summer stretch, but
Graham is about the only thing
Boston has on its team, and it is
not likely that the deal will be
made unless Dooin were to give
some live wires, which lie will not.
He also wants cither Burch or
Davidson of the Brooklyns to
fill in the gap left by the accident
which put Titus out of the game,
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart,  Thursdays and  Sundays
at 8 a.m.     Special  fare on  Sunday
boat,   $9.50  return  including  meals
and berth.
sa. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson,   Naas   River,   Masset,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and fir:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trainB from Prince Rupert Wednesdays und Saturdays,   1  p.m.,  returning   Thursdays    und    Sundays
6.20 p.m.
Th. Grand Trunk Railway System'
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over ita
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
f ladian Pacific Railway
^^gjBS**-.. B.C. Coast Service
fsSESf  Famous  Princess  Line
Tuesday, July 11th, 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab - General Agenl
Tickets  To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
.   a  a FOR ���  a a
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
probably for the rest of the season
Dooin is willing to give a raft of
ex-Cincinnati pitchers and a handful of youngsters for a classy
t t It
Ever  hear of  a  baseball   team
with a ,800 baiter covering every
position in the field, including the
pitcher's box?    The   Philadelphia
Athletics, champions of the world
are such an organization and bid
fair  to  make  some  baseball  history that will stand for years to
come.     According   to   the   latest
averages here is how they line up:
Pitcher, Plank .300;  catcher, Livingston, .310;   first baseman, Mc-
Innis, .412;;  second baseman, Collins, .397;   shortstop, Barry, .301;
third baseman.  Baker, .332;   left
fielder, Lord, .354;   centre fielder,
Strtink,   .300,   and   right    fielder,
Murphy,   .354.    When   you  consider   that    this   team   can   also
field  and  run   bases,   it   certainly
looks like a dream, and explains
why the champions have only lost
something like four games in the
last thirty played.
He sells Buildings      He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lots He builds Homes
List Your Properties with Uncle, Jerry
Special Bargains in
Kitselas Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Lands      Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands      Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum .Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Second Avenue, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Gold Commissioner Sandilands Says Mining,  Boring
for Oil and Coal Development is Going On
James 1). Sword who put through
E. M. Sandilands, gold com*
mhuioner for the Queen Charlotte
Islands, is in the t'ity and tells
of considerable general develop*
nn-nt going mi in various parts of
the islands. Activity is greatest
in coal mining, though so far
only development work has been
attempted. Boring for oil is going
on also, but the valuable stufl
has not been struck yet. Near
Skidegate there Is coal development work in hands, and at Cum-
shiwa a small gang of miners is
the big deal i i valuable iron ore
property In the Islands lately, is
over   at    Skidegate   now   in    his
yacht.    The  prospects of  these
iron mines being soon developed
are bright. Mr. Sandilands is
aware that solid men arc behind
the deal and that they mean
business, The advantages to the
Islands of having the iron mining
industry developed shortly is appreciated, and the proceedings of
the Seattle men concerned are
watched with interest.
"The News" Classified-^
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phon* I.'.i Third Avenue ami Fulton St
* *
j       Lost and Found       1
Funeral  Directors
3rd Ave. ncsr 6th St. Phone No. Ml
KOUND-Purse conUining s sum ���>! money. Apply PrlncclRup.rt General Hospital.    1S3-1.i5
FOUND-Eureka Cleaning ami I'r.-sainir Cm.
pany. Men'a auits claaned and pressed >' u-
Ladles' suits pressed and cleaned. Dry J'"'0"-
ing a specialty. Room 13 Weslenhaver BlOCa.
phone red 69. 121-14.
LOST-60 price coupons ltsur.1 ly lhe P "lesa
Studio. These coupons will be accepted I
presented before July Srd lit the Pt-erles
Studio. Alder Block. 141-1*1
+ ���
| For Rent j
,     ,_ .       , II   Carries complete stock of Drugs.   Spec:
General Jose Espinosa Torres at Head of Revolutionary; |   attention paw to suing preoption..
Army Forces Town of St.  Christobel to Surrender���May be Signal for More Bloodshed
(Canadian Press IVs-iatch)
Monterey, Mexico. July 10.- A
revolutionary army headed by Jose
Espinosa Torres has captured the
town of St. Christobel, and en-
forced the resignation of the Provisional Governor, Reinaldo Gor-
dillo, according to a report made
here today. The fact that the
Southeast of Mexico was loyal
to the Diaz government throughout
the revolution .i>ld> to the seriousness of tin- situation.
Feats an- expressed that thc
revolution will be the signal for a
recurrence of bloodshed in various
part- of the republic.
I Mclntyre   Hell,   for  concerts,    entertainments,
!    dances, etc.   Apply J. H. Roarers, phone 116.
| Furnished   Cottage,  modern conveniences,  for
j    summer months.   Apply Mrs. Aliler.  :lrvl Ave..
,    opposite News Office. 14.-1.-0
; Three-room flat in Weatenhaver Hlock. No per
I    month; Hat In Clapp Building, tail other lists
and houses furnished snd unfurnished.     Applv
Weatenhaver Bros., phon. IHO. 14.-wi
Will be Held at Port Simpson
Some Time in August by
Methodist Church.
Toronto, July 8.  -Following the
recent    loan   of   Sa.OOO   free   O
interest grained by the Methodist
General   Board  of   Missions   to
the   church  al   Prince   Rupert,
Rev    T.   Egerton  Shore,  general
secretary of missions, was authorized to arrange a ��wiference
Of the Indian workers in British
Columbia, some time in August,
probably at Tor. Simpson, with
a view to developing and reconstructing the missionary policy
affecting the Indians.
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
!I TbeatreBlock phon�� n<>. ?9 Second Ave.
Phone 116
late John Yorke, the Longshoreman who died as a result of injuries caused during his work. A
large number of deceased's fellow-1
workers attended the funeral out
of respect for their late comrade!
who was an old-timer on these
coasts and oppular. Rev. Mr.
James conducted the service. The
cotrin was afterwards taken to
Garden Island fur interment, many
of the longshoremen accompanying I e,a av... ���.xt moid office of optimi.t. a*n only I \
the launch.   Messrs. Hayner Bros.      STOKES'ICE CREAM      +	
had  the  funeral arrangements in Best made in Seattle. Fruit and Ondy. whoi*.
, t ml* and Retail. Look for Sash aigt. at nlghl.
Charge. | SAM COWEN. Proprietor
Six-roomed Hou.e to rent; modern conveniences,
Fraser St.. Apply Director. Cohen 4.1 -'.   !��-��
Wanted-Small house, furnished or partly turn
lahed.   State terms te Box R. Daily New S.140-U
Commodious house, corner 6th Ave. snd Thompson St.. furnished or unfurnished. Phone ."��
or P.O. Box S88.
Stores snd offices for rent. Applv Dr. Mclntyre.
Third Ave., phone green 59. 1-5-tf
Neatly Furnished Room.;   gentlemen  preferred.
I    Apply Mr.. Mullin, over Majestic Theatre.
i Phone 2S6 if you want to rent :i lleTiae, furnished
i    or unfurnished, corner 6th Ave. and Thompson (
1    Street.   All modern convenience*.
I Cosy furnished rooma.     Mra.   R.wer. Somerset,
|    Room.. Third Avenue, between Seventh  and
Eighth. H'-"
New C. P. C. Boat will be Here
Thursday   Takes   Place   of
Princess Royal.
Fraser and Fifth St.
Th. only hotel In town
with hot and cold water In rooms. B.st furnished house north of
Vsncouver. Rooms 50c
up. Phon. S7. P.O.
Box 129.       :        :        I
Prudhomme alt Fisher      Proprietors
Palace Ice Cream Parlor lr~
Help Wanted
Sunday School Picnic
Thc Presbyterian Sunday School
leaves thc wharf tomorrow (Tues-
mmmmmmmmmmm^^^^^^mmm^mm^��� day)  if  the  day is fine rft onej
Funeral   Service   in   Anglican o'clock, returning 0.30.    Parents
Church    Attended    by    De- wj|* |)rjng baskets,
ceased s Comrades. All children in regular attendance
will Ih- taken free.   Ladies 50cents.
Men 75 cents.
Bring   your   kodaks  too.    We
g.> to Metlakalla Beach.
In the Anglican Church at two
o'clock yesterday afternoon were
held the funeral services over thc
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Muffs,  Etc.
Vancouver Fur Dressing Company
1813 Granville St.        Van.. B.C.
whole- I Wanted 20 Laborers.    Apply Pscitic Cos.t Construction Company. Digby Island.        153-156
Phone 350   Girl wanted. Immediately, for light housework.
|    Apply Mrs. D. Cohen, phone32' l'.-if
' Miners taUaV Muckers I3.'i\ wanted at Hidden
I    Creek Copper Co.. Coos. Ilsy.   Tske S.S. Vadao
or Venture. ll-af
Two good Joiners wanted.    Apply Pacific Con-
I    strucllon Company. Digby bland.     147-150
Porter Wanted
Apoly Talbot R.oms. 2ml Ave.
Boarders Wanted
cheap   to ���toady
You'll be Late
Me* 2
Z .***.
Boy's Waists & Shirts
A few-  cosy  homelike rear ^^^^^^
roomers.    King George Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
131-1. -
|     Situations Wanted     j
1 Position Wanted in real estate office. Small salary- end commiaaton. Fifteen year's experience
trav elling for a Chicago wholesale grocery concern. Best ..f reference. Address answer to
J. L. Long. 726-1'th street. Edmonton. Alberta.
For the train, boat or that appointment if you haven't the correct time. We arc official WBtch
inspectors for the G.T.P., there
fore we keep all the standard 9
watches. We do repairs and
have everything in jewellry.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
phone 82
The new C. P. R. boat, ihe
Princess Mary, will arrive on
Prince Rupert on Thursday afternoon at one o'clock, on her lirsi
northern run. She is taking the
place of the Princess Royal. Tbe
Princess Mary only reached the
coast in March of this year, after
a trip from England. Her experiences crossing the Atlantic,
and round the south coast of Soutt
America proved her splendid sen
worthy abilities.
She is 210 feel long���about the
same as the Princess May, but
with larger beam���has twin screws
and high pressure boilers. Her
| littings are most luxurious. She
has sixty staterooms and capacity
for five hundred passengers. Her
speed on the run is fifteen knots,
At present she i> being tired with
coal.    Later on she will probably
have her furnaces converted for
bun i��� g oli.
Skooiia Land DUtrlct���Distrlci ol Const |;a,���  ,
Tako nollco lhat  Henry  Macartney aj |.,,, "
Hupert, 11. C.. occupation miner. Intend! to anniv
lor permission to purchaso tliu lolluwii.n describs.
Commencing at a post iiluniuil on ttw south
side ol Eaohumaiki lllvor, about 2 1-2 ii.tie, ( "
lu coniluence with ths Skw-tm Hiu.r and shout
1-2 mllos wuat Irom Exchumslks rurii.la, iiwiic,. mi
chsina north, thonco 40 chuins oust, teeue. an
chains south, thenco 40 chuins wost iu i,il|tll u
commoncoment, containing 112U ui'r.ra mur. u:
loss. Post marked "ll.M. s \\. cor."
Dsted April 22, 11)11. I1EN11Y atAOARTMEV
Pub. April 89.
Skeena Land ilflstrlct��� Diatrict ol Quau ChsrioUs
Take notico that Geo. 11. I. in. ��t **riaM ll i:. r
B. C, occuputlon lisrbor, Itiiunds to apply [���
uormlssion  to  purchase   tlio  folloirn^   i. \
Cummoncing at  a  post  iilunttal  iitt .ut  sv-vsu
milon west and onu milu aoulh Iron i . , ,
ol Stanly  Creek, Nation Harbor, tjaanes . |
chains, thsnee woat 10 chuins,  lin-n.-.. .,
chuins, thsnee east 40 chains.
Dated March 17, lllll.                 QBO. II. l.u v;
l*ub. April 22. Nunu !),��� r.. l|sa|
Skeen. Land DUtrlct���Dislrict o( Couil Hat.,;.
Tak. notice that Annie Mussulluin ol I'rmce
Itupert, B. C occupation tnarrli-1 woman, intends
to spply (or permission to purclmse llic folloamn
atecrUHHl Isnds:
Commencng st a post plsnled st s post st ihs
southwest corner, tlu cbains essl (a-u N. 1.. a-stasT
ol Lot 1116, Harvey'. Survey, Coast District,
Range 5, thenc east 20 chsins, thenc- north lu
chsins, thonco west 40 chsina, thence sooth
ciiiiina, thonce oust 20 chsins, thence etnita N
Shalns to point of oommonconieul, cotitair.i: t ||Q
acres mora or less.
Dsted Msy 8, lull. ANN1K UDSaALLEU
Pub. May 13.
Skesna Land District���Dislrict ol Cassiar
Taks   none.,   that   1,   Thomas   McM.il.iu  ol
Prince lluperl, B. C, occuputlon clerk. Irit.-nu tu
apply  for permission  lo purchsse lini   ' Lowing
dcscrilafd Isnds:
Commencing st a poat planted ulsiut two mils,
south of Iho forks ol tho Whlto .nd Flal rt-a-n,
thence north SO chain., thonce east ao chains,
thencu suuth 80 chsins, thence west to chums.
Dated AprU 18, 1911. THOMAS McMI.KKIS
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Proston. Agent
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Cassiar
Tak. nolle thai 1, Charlea 1.. Delgrov. ol Si...
art B. C, occupallon prospector, intend lu apply
(or permlasion to purchase ths following describe!
Commencing al a poat plsnted almul su utile.
soulh and ona mile weat ol tbe fork. o( the V, hit.
ard Flat rivers, thonco soulh 80 chslna. thenca
esst 80 chains, thence north 80 chsins, tti.-ticv act
80 chslns.
Dstsd April 20, 1911.      CHARLES DEI.GRUVC
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. 1'reatun. Agist
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coast Hani, a
Take notice tbat I, J. Harold McK.-sn ol Mm
Rupert, 11. C, occupat on hlacksm lh. Intend to
apply lor perm eaton lo purchsss lb* (olIuBiog
doscr bed Unds:
Commencing at a post planted about li.r.a- and
one hall miles d slant In a aoulh westerly .ur.-rtiun
(rom a blind slough (rom observatory Inlet anus
ths sams touches lh* Ind an lleserve, thence Best
80 chaina. thenc* aouth 80 cha na, thence eait Ml
chains, thence north no ch. ns lo po nl ol com.
msnn-m.nl, containing tito acres mor. or las..
Dsled Apr 114.1911.      J. I1AH0LD ataRBa
Skaana Land DUtriet���DUtrlct ot CaasUr
Taka notice lhat 1, John Robert 1'acey ol 1'nr.cs
Rupert, 11. C, occupstlon cook, inlend ta a;iil)
lor pa-rmsston lo purchase ths lollowlng d..criurd
For Sale
��������� Civic Sanitation Scow Braved
the Perils of the Deep for
First Time in Her Official
Capacity Saturday.
A very nice selection of Boy's Shirt Waists
with starched collar att'd.. in dark colors, ea.
+����� ^. ^.+
: Before buying your Stove or Range see A. J.'
Galland. McBride and Filth Ave.     Cook stoves |
I    from ill. 129-lm
! First class Rooming Itause, ten rooms, house- j
keeping and single, newly furnished. Price
ISisi.     For term, apply owner  on  premiaea,
i    Drexel Rooming House. 2nd Ave. 144-tf
Several patterns of Boy's Shirt Waists in Rood
grade of gingham, with detached collars and *|  AA
stitT cuffs, all sizes, each..   laUU
Buy's Shirts in assorted patterns, with starched
cuffs.      all sizes, each   .. . .iiiV^^I^^I
Boy's Khaki Sweaters,  a good grade of wool
Buy's Underwear in all sizes, in good weight
for this climate at per garment, 75c and	
REMEMBER I     We  carry  a   full
for Boys and can fit any size.
line of all lines
��,,��������� -**W
The Continental Trust Company, Limited
The Continental Trust Company, Limited,
provides safety for valuables in the home
and in the office.    Its safety deposit   vault
is proof against any form of assault;   fire
and thieves are equally impotent to force
an entrance.    Articles left in our vault are
Placed  where neither  motha  nor rust will
corrupt, nor thieves break through and steal
The Continental Trust Company, limited
Saturday afternoon saw the civic
Hi >ll'ff yacht make her maiden voy-
[llj age.     Great   eiithusi i-m   greeted
jj; her departure from the place where
i   she has been tied up for the past
I week.    But for fully an hour the
ianxioiis   denizens   of   this   little
.district   of   the   waterfront   were
apprehensive that the sniff yacht
would not get away at all.    Her
lines are less graceful than  those
Iof  a   (up   challenger,   and   there
Was a bit of a breeze blowing.
Pulling and gasping with all
the might of her gasoline engines
the little launch commissioned to
tOW the sniff yacht out to sea
pulled frantically without getting
a budge out of the lumbering
j sniff yacht. Shouts of encouragement rang from the neighboring
wharves. The voices one and all
had a peculiar nasal twang due
to the pressure on the shotiters'
noses of their fingers and thumbs.
"Couldn't you hitch her to the
smell?" yelled one humorist, "that
should be strong enough."
"Perhaps that's what's holding
her to the bank," answered another.
Under the taunts the sniff yacht
at length rose to the occasion, and
left the wharf. Solemnly with a
tipsy list to starboard, she lurched
off behind the little tug-boat.
Out in the harbor the breeze got
her with more effect, and again
and again she paused iu her
progress, while the anxious watchers dreaded lest she might drift
bark and go ashore aroin;ilic;illy
still nearer lo their boat slips.
When at length the fragrant oriim
iirey-hound vanished into the dim
Business  Chances
Good money in Moving Pictures.     Wsnted���A
pnrty to start moving tdcture show in Prince |
Rupert.   Write me for particular..    H. D.vls.
Wstertown. Wis. 137-wl
J 1
! Fire Insurance        j
THKRritish Union and National Fire Insurance
Company of London. F.ngland. with ranltal
,,f |j.-,...,ssi is,. See us for rale.. The Mack
Reallv and Insurance Company. SVtf
Over 10,000
I Have been dispensed by us
t since we came to Prince
I Rupert.   This is the best
j testimony that our	
|      and that we are	
���     Specialists ia Prescriptions
| Everything that should be
: in an up-to-date druggists
I      store we keep. :    :
C. H. Orme
{   Second Ave.        Phone No. 82
*asaBB*e*ai.. ...i sa a-a ts*a n.ii.iia i**s
Rev. W. H. McLeod left thi-
morning for Vancouver to attend a
convention of Baptist Church pastors. He will Ik- back In about
ten days' time.
Commtndntt at * poal pUntrtl (2) l*o mllai
'   2) tt*D milea wwt of th* forks of it*
While ��d Flal tlv*n*\ thence aoulh mi cWm,
���outh and   2jTl��o mik
ihenc* Mit lib chains,* thence norlb M) chatni,
Ihence ereet ttO cha ha.
Dated Apr I 20, UU    JOHN I.OUt.l.T . v i V
i'uh  Mav 19. Franc a S. PrMiott. A***
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrict of Coast Ki> B I
Taka not ce   that   I*   Martha   Leek, of   trine*
lluivert, il. C, occupat on marred woman httil
jply for permlaaW *" "" ������ '*" ,-,l*-1*���
ib*B<l landa:
to ap^tly fur permiaaion to purchase the (ulio��in|
t'ommineang at a poat planted alioul threeat-d
one-half miloa dlatent in a aouthaeatwU dNr^a
. from a blind alough (rom Ol*servBtory inlet abet*
: the aanie touches, the Ind an lufwerve. theweeajt
| bU chaina, thenoe aouth oU cha na, there*- mm a
g chaina, thence north 60 cha na lo point ot cam*
! mencement, conta n nj tilt) acrea more or leaa.
! Dated Apr I M, UU. MAUTilA . M.K
I'm- Mav U.
Real Estate
> ^ ~~m* ~~~~*^*+
You can save 'si- a day. We can aell you good
lots for Sue a day Phon. 206 and let us join
forces.    11. F. McRae at Co. 150-162
Sweder Bros.
Bt'K to announce that they
have bought out the interest of Mr. Louis Rudnick
held in the firm of Kudnick
& Sweder, custom tailors,
etc., and hope to be favored with the patronage of
former customers.    :   :   :
...Helgerson Block
City Fathers under command of
the Medical Health Officer and
Sanitary Inspector anxiously await
her return.
Refund Road Tax
At the city council meeting to-
night Alderman Kirkpatrick will
move that authority be given thc
city  assessor  to  refund   thc  road
Scaled Tendert addreaaed to the underelfned.
and endursH "Tender for Public Building, Chllllwack, B.C.," will be received at this office until
4.00 p.m. on Monday. July 24th, 1911, for the con-
ttructfon of a Public Building. Chllllwack, B.C.
Plana, e pec Ideation and form of contract can be
teen and forms of tender cbtalned at the office of
Mr. Wm. Henderson. Resident Architect, Victoria B.C., at the Post Office. Chllllwack. B.C.,
and at this Deoartment.
Persons tendering are notified that tenders will not be considered unless made on the
printed forms supplied, and algned with their
actual signatures, stating their occupatlona and
places of residence. In the case of firms, the
actual signature, the nature of the occupation,
and place of residence of each member of the
timi must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank* payable to
the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per cent, of the amount of
the tender, which will He forfeited If the person
tendering decline lo enter Into a contract when
called upon to do so, or fail to complete the work
contracted for. If the tender be not accepted
the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind Itself to accept
the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa. June 2��. 1911
Newspapers will not ba paid for this advertisement If they Insert It without authority from
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weston announcea that lie
haa commenced work for the city.
All orders received at  the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
We've  just  received  from  Cassidy's,
Montreal, the great glass manufacturers, a big new shipment of
Here are other goods wc have
Furniture Crockery
Stoves GUs.ware
Linoleum Lamp.
Enamelw.re H	
Blinds Baby Buggies
Curtains Screens
Quilts Pictures
Blankets Washing,
Mirrors Machines
Oalermoor Maltres.es
Every Description of
House     Furnishings.
The Big
Cor. 6th Si. and 2nd Ave.
F.  W.  HART
���   Skeeaa laad UUtrkt -District ol CeajTKane,
I     Taka notice last Mary Healon OH "..->* oi
Victoria. H. C occupallon bovtsrs.*r|*r. r .".i.
lo apply lor permission lo purch-e* 111* Io.iob.bi
6cSatt?a a ��� -tag ����-����
corn*r ol Ul Vio. Hani* 4. Ipari DMNMMsV-
Ml ehalna aouth thenee 40 chain, eart. Its**- ��
chain, north. lh*nce 40 chslns ***t to I*""" "
omm.neem.nt. cont.lnln* M SJIfJtSlA'Svl
Ii.ie.1 April 17. 1-Jl 1
Pub Ms, t.
Sksens Uad Dlstrict-Dlsirlet ol Coaat
Tootle, ihst irel W. Uojler ���.**�����"��
kalum, occoi.atioo larrnsr, Intends to a..,'.)  '-'
permurion ii purclvas. lb. lollosnn. a.*-nl>e1
'Commandns al a post istnlel at tv      " v
aast 0,rner ol      1. McL*	
B cruuns south, thmice 10 ch^n. **��. thene; -j
chslna rwrlb, laenos 10 chain. ��*��l i- l-
Pub. April ��. r*rsd llampfm. ��"
Skeena Und Dlalrict-Dlatrlei ol C..*>i I
T.k. notice that 1. UeU H.l' ataayi alia;
mouth. Nov. Seoli*. occup.tion mBrn<-i .' ��� ������
Intend lo spply lor permission lo puichss. is*
lcillo.ini dtecrlbed Isnds: . ��,��h esst
Commsncliul .1 a poat pUnt*.l ���! ���   '"rj5
corner ol T. L Ul 3��5s. lh.nc* runniir.S �����'  J
eh.lns, th*nc  north  no ch.lns. Ihene. ��f"    ,
chains, thsnee south 80 ebslns to r-lscr . I e
mencement   conlslnlnj  310 .cr*.  mj.re ��� t  *-��
��...     ^    . My posl la oo eouth essl cornet ol Isnl
Table Cutlery   ((���, Liked Miers 8. E .bout one n..k- * est ��
Uks Uleb*. eouih rid. ol Skwn. n>.-r WW"
John H.ielD. At����
ol Coast Mange *���
1 lal.il April Z��, ISII.
, Pub. Mar 11.       ^|^^^^^^^^^^^
raksens Und Dl.Ulct-Dl��trlct of OsaJ llaajj^
I T.ke notice th.t I. Prank llk-h. si ��!'
Blniton, occupation mwthsal, jn"n.i '"JJa
loTpBrmlsslon   o purchsss lh. lollo-ln. *�������*"
mttm ,   ._, _. ,i, ,,-uik
Commenrlns at a peal pl.ntel on   re -r^
1 bank ol lite Kachumsiks llluer snl si��>u
mile. Irom lu conSuenc. with Ib* -*""* ���^a.
lh��r.ce SO chains .at, thenc. tAI J"""
thencs  SO chslns  east,  lh.ee. s"u,\ ,
lo l-olnt ol comraenc*menl, cont.ln.na es
mor. or leaa. ei,.\;k llli'KS
LSaa April 21. llll. FIlANr.
Pub. April!��.
Skeen. Und Di.tTirt-0.rtr.rt ol t'"**'(W
T.k. nolice that William McTa.ish ul    ���-
��or, Ii. C. occup.llon phisiclan, Inlamls >�� ��/��i
r rttv.
the Department.
  taxes   of   tluisc   property   liolili-rs
HtaVaatos some wan hard hcartadlwho were not on the asseument
i-nougb to hope thut ibey hail seen 1 roll  at  the  time  tbe   amount  of
I the  last of her.    Others  having 1 this lax was deducted.   Th ^^^^^^^
heard   the   rumor  that   the   next I given for the road tax at the time lhe passed.
trip of the civic sniff yacht will be lit was paid to be accepted at the
a joy-ride to Metlakatla with the!city ball as cash. -    P.���toriumPioneer Ctaamri. TLon. 4
Coal for Light Plant
Two hundred and twenty-live
tons of coal arc required for tbe
niiinii-ipal li(*lit plant. Coal is
one of the heaviest items in thc
expenditure on this civic enterprise,
which is not as profitable ns the
telephone system. At tonight's
council meeting Alderman Smith
receipt j will move that the coal requisition
C. oecup.lk>n physician, i"!"1" V' "!*j
lor permuolun to pureh.es th. lelloennj vleacri
; lands; ,        ,    ���,,u,t.we*
I     Commenelns at a port planted at ��.' '     , ,w
corner, 40 chain, north and �� eh..n. ea't
northeast  eornM ol  Lot  Ills. """>',,-'    ������''
Co..t District.  Hani. o. Ib*nee 60 ch* '
thene. ��0 chsins  north. Ihenc. 60 ''���"Tt^mt
thenc. 60 ch.ln. ��ruth to port ol commerce
rontnlnlns 3R0 acre, more m|less. McTAVUS
l.aie.1 Msy 2. llll.     V. ILLIAM A..Mr .
I'ub. Msy 6. I red VV- <M""
sens Und Dlrtrkt-Dlstricl ol t..B-
T.k. notice   that I. J. Urne  *���"','"', -~nt
Prlne* Rupert, B.C.. occupation real ea a
Intends to apply for permls.lon lo |>ur.e��
folloWilie lira, nla-.l l.hds:
P.O. Box 757 Pattullo Block
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  S3
Meets In the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. O.
H. H. MORTON, .Sec.
2 cleared and level lots, with house, on  J1"���,
9th Ave., for sale as owner is leav-    j g^-R-" "Jff-y ��& tSeje. *���-. J
inn thc city.    Good   terms. chslns. Ihence north 4ll chslna lo l����
mencement. containing S2" acre* mere o -i
1. LOKNE Mael.AHl N
Oeo. B. Putnam. Aa.
Date Msy 31, llll
Pub. June 1��. llll
Skeens Und District-District of Oaaai W
C��ist District in
T.ke notice lhat Wm. Leslie of R.PI"'"' "',,.!,-
occup.tion Oo��ernment Uuar.1. Intends .       lk,
for permiaalon lo purchsse the fidlowine
ed Isnds: .  .���    .   ������, -vnt
Commencine at a post pli.nte.1 in cl"       ,, ,
and 120 chains south of lhe soulhwe-l rorn.
Nnn.n.rsne*Seo*��tdlstrict,marke.l "
N.W. comer, thenee snulh *1 chsin*. men-        ,,
10 chsins, thenre nnrlh 40 chains, then.'- ^
ehslns to post of commencement, eonisri
acrei more or lea*.
WM. LF.1l.lr.
T. D. Ulrd. Aeenl
Dated March 20th. ll'li
Pub. April 21th. llll
Rksen. land Dlrtriet-Dlrtrlct ol pM*'al
T.k. notice th.l I, Alfred Herr)man "'|l>nt
ol  rrines  Hiinert,  B. C, ot-rupsllon  rn"=  lM
InWnd to spply tor psrmlsslon lo purchase
lollosrlns deaerlberl Isnds] , ,., la*
Commenelns st s post plsnled about i- rljl
mils. Kulh ol the lork. ol the Whltl ��['  hlin,
rln��s, Ihenee 80 chsin, soulh, Ihence so       0)
"east, thanes 80 chslns north, thenee ��>���
���art. .  ,..,,, is.M.1
ALFRED BERRYMAN  tt,"���A.,��l
iii* ion       sa..^. e Preaton.'*.
Dated ApriiTs', UU.
Pub. May 11,
F-rs'neia's. Preaton.


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