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Twenty-four hours ending 6 a.m.,
Sept. 22
u.I TKUr.    WN.TIHF.    IU.ll.        IH. IAIN
57.0 38.0    30.194   ...
The Daily News
For south
Camosun Sunday, a.m.
kor North
Princess Royal Monday, p.m.
Formerly The PrinceJRupert Optimist
Votive ASScV/;
7> V
VOL. II, NO. 217
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Saturhay, September 23, 1911
Price Five Cents
Upon Receipt of News That Reciprocity Was Defeated
the Prices of Foodstuffs on the Chicago Market
Started to Soar���Increased Prices on Foodstuffs Sure to Follow
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Halifax, September 22.���Mr. R. L. Borden* leader of the
Conservatives, has dictated the following statement, following
his victory:
"In rejecting reciprocity, Canada has amply affirmed her
adherence to the policy of national development which she has
pursued for many years. The Government, without a mandate
from the people, undertook to reverse that policy and upon
submitting their action to the people were defeated.
"The verdict was in no wise dictated by a spirit of unfriendliness to the great neighboring republic. No such spirit exists.
My conception of frieadly relations can be best maintained if
each country preserves complete and entire control over iis own
tariff and enters into no entangling agreements which might
impair and effect  that control."
President Taft Disappointed
Kalamazoo, Mich., September 22.���President Taft received
most of the returns of the Canadian elections by wire last night.
As the bulletins indicated the defeat of thc Government and
of reciprocity, the President expressed his bitter disappointment.
At Washington the utterances of Champ Clark when he referred to the annexation is attributed to a great extent, the result
of the polling.
Tariff Reformers in England
Overjoyed at Defeat of Reciprocity.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Sep;. 22.���The tariff
reformers here are i'll elated over
the result of the Canadian elections
which they say hastens the day of
Imperial preferer.ee.
The moderate t.iriff ' reform
morning papers expressed great
regret at the disappearance of
such a staunch Imperialist as
Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
If you can do a certain work
as well as anyliody else can do it���
why not advertise the fact.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 2, Seattle 0.
Other games postponed; rain.
Pacific Coast League
Portland 4, Oakland "...
Los Angeles 5, San Francisco 2.
' American League
Philadelphia 2, Si. Louis 1.
Detroit 8, Boston 3.
New York 4, Cleveland 3.
Chicago 1, 5; Washington 0, 0.
National League
New York 4, Si. Louis3.
Chicago 8, Philadelphia 3.
Cinncinati 5, Brooklyn 3.
Boston 1, Pitt-burg 0.
Ottawa Journal Says He will be
Made Minister for the Interior.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Sept. 2:,.���Mr. Borden
is  expected   to  reach  here  today
in reply to the Governor-General's
summons t<> begin ihe task of
cabinet making. The "Journal"
which is in close touch with thc
Premier-elect last night mentioned
the names of Hon. R. McBride
for lhe portfolio of Works for lhe
Interior, and that of Mr. A. S.
Goodeve for the Department of
Marine and Fisheries.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago, September 22.���Prices of all foodstuffs rose sharply
today as a result of the defeat of reciprocity by the Canadian
voters.    Wheat, oats, flour and barley are soaring.    Increased
prices to consumers on all the food supply is sure to follow.
Winnipeg, September 22.���Great disappointment was felt
in many households in Western Canada today at the defeat of
reciprocity. To the average family reciprocity meant a saving
of $100 a year on table provisions. It would have put more
spending money in the pockets of the farmers by ihe reduced
cost of American hams, canned goods, meats, vegetables ard
Returns Came in Slowly All Morning and There Are
a Number of Polling Places to be Heard From
Clements Majority is Now Sixty-two
The election of Mr. Clements
i-* practically conceded. .Ml the
morning returns were coming in
by wire, wireless, steamer aud
launch. Sometimes the added
figures giving Ross the majority
and sometimes wiping this out
and giving his opponent the lead.
\t eleven this morning, with forty-
live polling places still to hear
from, thc majority for Clements
was 93, Courtney being the last
poll reported.
At thc time of going ,to press
Mr. Clements' majority had receded to 62. The places reporiing
this morning included :
Ross   Clements
Valdez Island  4 30
Port Alberni  15 70
Coombs  4 2
ParkesviUc  24 42
Alberni  63 87
Campbell River  7 14
Whalcton  2 13
Tofino  33 13
Hornby Island  0 8
Union Bay  26 21
Nannosc  6 16
Wellington  32 38
Ucluelet  13 8
Pachcna Bay  4 1
Porcher Island  10 10
TI-KI River  2 2
Splller River    7 3
Chicken Lake  4 4
Pleasant Valley  0 7
Claxton  2 9
Welcome Harbor.. . 0 2
Vananda  16 M
Bowen Island  8 10
No. Francois Lake. 2 0
Denham Island  14 16
Aldermere  17 16
Skidegate     6
Powell River     5
Brackendalc     3
Courtney  09
Masset   16
Bamfield    13
Gibson's Landing...   6
Upper Squeamish..
Kyuqiiot !
Skeena Crossing	
Boulder Creek
Mile 20	
Copper City   1��
Littleton    -���
Big Tunnel   12
Port Essington  36
Breckenridge Landing     2
Telkwa   H
Discovery, Atlin...    17
Atlin City  22
Telegraph Creek... 16
Inverness     *
Jedway..    0
Skidegate     ���*���*
Queen    Charlotte
City  14
Stewart  44
Goose Bay  I3
Ccdarvalc     6
Prince Rupert 397
Kispiox     *
Kitselas   17
Kitsumkalum     0
Haselton 8l
Scalcy  !������
Aldermere  17
Digby  I2
Georgetown     6
Port Simpson     6
Hardscrabble     s
���a tie
continued on pace 6
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Makes Statement to the Canadian People���"Glad to Lay
Down the Burden of the Premiership After Fifteen Years
Special to Thfc Daily News
Quebec, Sept. 22---"There is no doubt we have been decisively defeated. I gladly lay down the premiership, a burden which
I have been carrying for 15 years.
We believed that in making the reciprocity arrangement we
had done something which would be greatly to the benefit of the
people of Canada. The electors declared otherwise and I bow to
their decision.
1 regret we have been unable to carry reciprocity, which I
still believe would have protected the material advancement of
Canada and would have promoted a closer feeling between Canada and the United States. However, the country has spoken.
We must bow to the inevitable and I cheerfully do so.
Plan- are All Ready For the Removal of Over One Million Two Hundred Thousand Yards of Material for
Station Site, Round House and Dry Dock Work
Tenders have jusi been called
for by General Superintendent
Mehan of the ('.. T. P., for the
excavation and grading work for
the new Station site, round house
sites, yard clearing, dry dock
and ship building yards, etc., in
line with the big development!
promised by the G. T. P. after
the settlement of the assessment
problem. The railway engineering
staff have just completed the cross
sectioning of the areas to be
graded, and their estimate of the
amount of work to be dope shows
that no fewer than ore million
two hundred thousand cubic yards
of material must be removed.
Of this at least 840,000 yards is
solid rock, the rest being gravel,
loose rock or muskeg.
Staiion site and yards extend
from the present engine house i<>
the Kelly-Douglas building, and
right back to the post oflice. Dry
dock grading work will be over
a space <>f 4000 feet from Cameron
Bay towards Hays Cove. The
work will be a slcam shovel job
all through, ;-rd will involve an
enormous plant and grading gang.
At least three steam shovels will
be 1.1 |tiii i*.l. siys General Su|x-rin-
tendent Mehan. All the local
contractors have been notified <>f
the measurements, etc., and are
now   looking   over   the   ground.
Prices will be in in u few days,
and these must be referred to
Mr. Chamberlin at Winnipeg from
whom instructions to proceed will
come as soon as possible after
consideration of the offers. Plans
for the new station are not as yet
to hand. This work will go
on after the sla.ion site is ready
for the builders to begin.
There is a probability that the
grading work will be divided up
into two or more contracts, but
this will depend on the ability of
the contractors here to make bids
for the whole or for parts of the
work, anil their power to supply
equipment sufficient to carry on
operations fail enough to meet
the requirements of the Grand
Trunk Railway Company.
ALAS,     ALAS,     ALAS.
The following Interchange of
telegrams between two well krown
dtisens needs no explanation i
C. W. Peck,
Prir.ce Rupert.
Snowed under.    Heeds hardly
showing.    Rut Mill living.���J. Y.
J. Y. Rochester,
Confined to lied since election.
God help us.���C. W. Peck.
Election News Sent Railway
Stock Down C. P. R. Rose
Five Points.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chicago. Sept. 22.���The defeat
of "reciprocity in Canada exeried
a great interest on stocks especially those of the transportation companies which fell many
ixiints.     C.    P.   R.   gained   live
Anniversary Service
It is just a year ago tomorrow
since the Salvation  Army  under
Ensign Johnston started work in
Princa Rupert. The local officers
will  celebrate  ihe  occasion  by
special services at the Citadel tomorrow.
There will be special music
and decorations, and a special
address by tlu* Ensign.
Building   Permits
The building permits for the
week include a residence for the
Prince Ruperl Home Builders Co.,
on Fifth avenue i<> tost 11900:
Rcsidenec for A. J. Burroughs
on Ambrose avei'iie lo cost $1,000;
Store for Mike Save on Eighth
ivt'iHie to cost $500;  and
Addition to Mr. M. P. Mc-
Caffery's properly on Third avenue lo cost $500.
Wedding [Next Thursday
Invitations   have   been    issued
for the marriage <>f Miss Emillle
Lysis, only daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Morte I huh y Craig, to Mr.
Douglas Duncan McTavish of Victoria, which will take place on
September 28.
Shook Cable Station at Valdez
and Severed the Cable Wires
���Lasted Over an Hour.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, Sepl. 23.���A severe
earthquake was felt over a portion
of Alaska lasi night rocking the
cable station .'t Valdez, and severing lhe cable wire between thiit
place and Silka.
Thc seismograph at Seattle which
recorded lhe shock gives the duration at sixty-three minutes.
Frank Miller is Roasted in Midair by Gasoline Explosion at
Troy North.
Baptist Services
"The Champion Chieftain or
Our Ideal of ihe Hero," will be
the subject of Rev. Warren H.
Mel.end's seriuot' tomorrow evening al 7.30. p.m. Morning worship al 11 B.ftt. Bible School and
Brotherhood Bancs Bible Cl..-*-
ai 2.30 p.m. Music conducted
by Mr. John E. Davcy, organist
and choirmaster, Strangers and
visitors always welcome. All ser-
vices hi Id In Mclntyre Hall on
Third avenue near Sixth street.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Dayton, Ohio, Sept. 23��� Frank
Miller, lhe American aviator, was
burned lo death in mid-air yesterday afternoon when the gasoline lank of his machine exploded
while on an exhibition flight at
Miami Counly Fair at Troy Nor.h.
Thc awful spectacle was witnessed by thousands of people
who had gathered t<> cheer the
intrepid young fellow.
Just   Arrived
Our new Fall stock of suitings
just arrived.    It is full of new and
nobby patterns.
11 will pay you to see us before
Ordering your new  suit. -Sweder
May Come to Rupert
Mr.  Ilainar Greenwood. M.  r.
of England, with Mrs. Greenwood,
It.i- arrived in Canada. They are
making B short visit at Toronto
and intend coming to the Coast.
They expect to be in Canada for
aboul six weeks.
Joe McGrath is Again the Fortunate Discoverer
Joe McGrath got in from Goose
Bay ihis morning, in his gasoline
launch, exuberant over the rich
mineral  showings discovered  ihis
Mason   in   the   vicinity   of   Alice
Arm and particularly as t<> a grey
copper and galena deposit lhal he
himself localed.
"It will go over $250 to tin-
ton," says Joe, "and it is not for
stile. I have four claims aril I
am going to keep (hem and work
tliein myself next spring. 1 leave
on the Camosun tomorrow for
my home in Victoria, where 1
purpose   sper.lirg   most    of    the
George   Anderson   of   Seventh   Avenue   Falls   Under
Freight  Car   and  Loses  Leg   in  Hospital���Much
Sympathy For Young Wife and Children
George Anderson, one of the
bridge building garg employed
by lhe G. T. P., was run over by
a freight car yesterday ard his
leg was so badly crushed thai
iis amputation above the knee
was necessary.  The operation was
performed  by  Dr.   Kggert  al   lhe
General Hospital yesterday and
the   patient   is   progressing   well
ihis morning.
The accident look place on the
branch line tO lhe tie wharf near
the   site   of   Ross   and   McColl's
CSfflp.     Lumber  for  station  and
bridge construction was being trans
ferre.l from a barge moored there,
lo car- for up river |Miints.    An
engine and open freight cars wen
being  used by a gang of several
men.    The men rode lo ar.l from
the wharf to lhe siding where the
lumber   was   being    loaded   and j
Anderson   somehow    fell   off   linear on one of these trips, and got
Caught by lhe wheel*, ore of which
pSIltd  clear  over  his  leg   before
the engine could be stopped.
Had Anderson's fall been noticed
at tin* Instant then* was a chance
of his being spared injury, but
the firsl warning his comrades had
of 'tis danger WAS his cry al the
instant he was si ruck, and though
ilu* engine was very promptly
Stopped it was jusi a second loo
late.    Mr.  Anderson  resitles in  :>
cottage mi Seventh avenue, and
his  accident   is   a   sore  blow   to
Langara Lighthouse is Making
Progress. Twelve Men are at
Work on the Foundations
Now. Commands Prince Rupert Approaches.
Langara laland is to have the
largest   lighthouse on   lhe  Pacific
('....si. Twelve workmen are engaged ;ii present in preparing the
foundations for the structure which
is to be of ihe most modern type
and   with    powerful   illumination
to make ihe wa)  dear for the
ship*, of lhe NVen seas and
inward and ..inward bound to
and   from   Prince   Rupert.     This
lighthouse is an Important aid to
navigation for all vessels -. ilu*g
these Waters, and will be appreciated by lhc boats making the
Island trip when completed.   It
is on a par with lhe plans of the
late govern ment for the development of Prince Rupert ns
a seaport, and will  i-o doubt  Ih*
completed along with the other
marine works in progress, under
the new regime.
Russian Dwarf Dead
"The Russian Prince," the 3ft
Brothers, Helgerson Block.        2t|wintcr."
his   young   wife.     He   has   two!-,,,*-,   t\warf,   who   was   exhibitc
children, one an infant   six  weeks L,  ()1U, ���,  ,n_ ,UU,  ���hoW8 0{  tn
ohl.  General Superintendent Me*)*., ...    ,. ,     ,,   ... ��.���.
, .   ���      .        ,.     Western 1-air. died suddenly iro
ban spoke most kii-dlv .bout hinil  ���       , _
today,   and   is   evidently   v,xr<llH-art failure ,n the (.rand Tru,
that   lhe   seddent   should   hav-eW^*""   ���''    London*,   Ont.     V
proved so serious. |home was in New Orleans. THE DAILY NEWS
The Dailu News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Publiihed by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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Daily Edition.
Saturday. Sept. 23
Also a Loftier Mountain Than
Mount Robson
Edmonton, Sept. 22.���After two
months spent In the Rockies the
celebrated mountaineers, Dr. N.
Collie and A, L, Mumon of London, Eng., returned to Edmonton
yesterday. Tluir explorations led
them inn. hitherto urn ravelled
regiors northwest of Mount Rob-
son, accoiupi'i led by B train of
twenty pack horses and their
packers. In some places the forests were so Impenetrable that ;���
way had to be cut through. They
made several discoveries. In one
place I hey came across two great
glaciers as large or larger than any
known to exist in the Rockies and
sighted a lowering peak that had
the appearance of being even higher
than Mount Robson. Ore of the
glaciers wa.s forty to fifty miles in
length ar.d seven or eight miles
in width, of striking form;'lion.
a.0*****���I*���*.>****��^����^... a...^..^,.^...
Now that the heat of the election campaign is over, newspaper
writers will be able to devote themselves to the discussion of subjects
which the erstwhile excitement precluded. One of these���ar.d the
most important by far in its possible effect on thc future of Canadian
history���is the French Nationalist movement.
With the coalition between thc Conservative party and the French
Nationalist party, the Nationalist party now becomes a recognised
force in Canadian politics, With the Nationalists holding the balance
of power in the new House, they achieve an importance far beyond
their numbers. They can tip the scales which way they will. It will
nol be surprising to find the French Nationalist party in Canada,
following much the same tactics, with much the same results as that
of the Irish party in the British House, a party which in national
passion, in racial ideals, in religion, in temperament, and in natural
brilliancy and aptitude for political si rife ihey much resemble.
In the hir West, we are apt to underestimate and badly misjudge
a movement which is removed from us not merely by three thousand
miles of space but which funis its expression in another language. .An
usually well-informed Prince Rupert man was overheard recently to
refer contemptuously to the Nationalist movement. Henri Bourassa,
its leader, he referred to as "a little upstart." The s|>eaker was very
far from lhc facts. In point of physique, Mr. Bourassa may not be
large, but he is nol an "upstart." He is the truest aristocrat in America.
The bluest of blue blood is his. He is a grand seigneur in his own
country, sprung from a race of grand seigneurs. He numbers the great
Papineau among his ancestors.  And blood counts in Queliec.
Bourassa has not only blood and all that goes wiih it, he has
great wealth, and above all great genius. His is a trinity of power.
And that trinity of ixiwer is being laid on the altar of lhe French
Nationalist movement wiih till lhe fervency of religious zeal.
At heart tlu- Nationalist movement is a. religious movement. Its
wed waa sown when Champlain founding Quebec, placed ihe new
colony under ihe aegis of the Mosi High, it must be remembered
th;it ilu* ancestors of Henri Bourassa and his like were not traders
seeking commerce across lhe seas. They were lhe flower of Catholic
France. Wherever they set fool to raise lhe Hcur-dc-lis in lhe new
land, they planted the cross also. And ;'s we have said, blood counts.
The French Nationalists do nol conceal iheir aim. Says Armani
Lavergne in Le Nationallste:
"When we shall be sufficiently numerous and strong
the Franco-American race will also wing its flight, independent and unmixed, to play in the new world the glorious
and sublime role played in Europe by France."
Oilier Heroiix. the brilliant editor of Le Devoir, writing in La
Verite expressed ;he same ideal in language, less vcrlt-osc and more
direct.    Hc says:
"We believe the constitution of an autonomous French
State is our logical destiny."
Herri I.cmay in lhe Revue Caivdicnne for 11110���p. journal
published by a. group of professors in Laval University, .'I'd representative oi educated French Canadian opinion���says:
 I'lure will ap|>c.ir some fine day in lhe heaven of  nations
a new star of ihe first magnitude and of unprecedented brilliancy���
the star of Cat ...la. thrown off by the momeniuni of liberty from
ihe constellation of which it had hitherto been compelled, by
the ever-increasing force of necessity, to be the satellite.
"Whet, will ii happen?    li is very difficult to sty precisely.
But it is reasonable t<> supiH.se thai the men of our generation
will be lhe will-esses of il."
Mr. Lenny frankly siates his belief thai the larger birth rate among
the French Canadians (12 per 1000. as compared wiih 22 per 1000 for
lhe res!  of farad;)  is an evidence of  Divine favor, aid calculates '.
lhat by natural increase lhe French Canadians will grow from 2,000,000 i
to 40,000,000 within the century.    40,t)00.000 he significantly points
out is the present population of France.
To a movement that is calling (he best of lhe youth of French;
Canada by its patriotic appeal, end  that  sees lhe linger of Gotl  ir
the battle on lhe Plains of Abraham equally wiih Carillon and Moi't-
morency, "causing us to escape the terrible ard sombre days of the
Revolution and ihe Empire in Prance, and allowing our faith to continue
lo develop freely on ihis soil," (he events of September 21st must be
The history of Canada may be starling a new chapter today.
Preparing   for  Completion   of
Panama Canal
San Francisco. Sept. 22.- -A new
.$15,000,000 corporation to operate
fifteen big steamers from New
York to San Francisco through the
Panama. Canal is the latest project
of Bernard N. Baker, backer and
ship owner of Baltimore, who today
is in San Francisco. Baker will
make a hurried trip along ilu
canal, studying meantime conditions, after which he will heater
to Washington, D. ('., to complete
the organization of his company.
The project has bee.* endorsed
by the federal auiliori.ies at Washington who first put Baker at
work upon it.
Steamboat Mountain
The   story   of   the   Steamboat
Mountain Gold Mines, limited,
should prove a wholesome 1 -8801
to   the   advisory   Ihi; rds   of   llu
various  exchanges,   ar.d   en   no
account should lis.irg be pi rmiilec
of stock of any mire which i-
r.Ot shown by the ri|mris of
miring engineers ... hi ve ������ reasonable chance of profitable development. The public have .
right lo ex|KCt ihis protection,
and ihe best brokerage firms want
to see iheir clients gal a square
deal.���B. C. Mining Record.
Rewards for Murderer
Three rewards, ore of 11000 ard
i.Wo of 8500 apiece will be paid
for in forma, ion leading to tlu
arrest and conviction of die mat
who murdered Mr. William l'rc|u-
hart in his store on Cordov
sireet.  Victoria.    The  reward  of
Si,(KM) wa.s authorised by Hoi
W. J.  Bowser, attorney-general,
One   of   the   $500   rewards   has
been offered by the City <>f Vancouver ih rough Acting-Mayor Ram
say ;*r<4 ihe Chief of Police, while
;he Other is being offered  by lhe
famih of the deceased.
Lucky Advertisement
A Chicago paper offered three
dollars for  (he  most  original  advertisement   for  a   Sunday   issue,
Among  those  received  was  ilu
"Wanted.���Yourg man in jail
wants to get out; suggestions
solicited lhat might residl in immediate release; wants poet's address who wrote: 'Stone walls
do not a prison make, nor iror
bars a cage.'- Address Country
This so tickled the public lhat
readers of the paper became Interested in the man, aril as ,t
result of an agitation Ilis pardon
was granted by ihe governor ol
lhe state.
Is a Persistent "Influence" Exerted  in  Your Behalf!
J, **** "f Printing that gOSS out to nerve vou make'* "Some
Kind pl an lmprtission." Poor printing will leave- a poor tm-
|.rt*����ton of it* ti��i>r as surely as would pinr clothe*., or poor
store- nr shop nrnlflc... "Gt.itl" nrinting will leaveupon every
We-ITur i *. ,mt*rL'""'-*n wholly favorable of its user.
the. .r��l��Tf     ," l,m"*"**l <*f these "Impressions " really tips
���fcm ran,or you"0o'"1 Prlnt,n*"
roBJIIOH CLASS PWNjn^-j^At^j^g 8ET*i-li_
Daily News Building
phone <in
Third Avenue
Bernier Heard From
Ottawa. Sept. 22.    Captain Ber-
uier has reported to the marine
department from Poinl  D'Semour
in the Ceiilf of St. Lawrence tha
he is returning with the steamer
Arciic.     All   on   board   are   well.
Bernier    has    been   absent    since
j July of lasi year and had intended
: .o make the Northwest passage.
'l.iii evidently was unable ;.. gel
Captain   1).  Brown of  the Canadian   Pacific  steamship Charmer
has been appointed to the mm-
mar.d of ilu* Princess Mary. Hi
position on the Charmer will be
taken by Captain J. Ritchie.
By Cltve Phillips Wolley
(authok ok gold, gold in cariboo, etc.)
_^ ,fc���^,���^.*��a.*^.Sr^��**-"**a.-���.���^.eaw*���aasa.'
Close Quarters
Kor over an hour Combe lay where
he was, watching the horsa anil thinking, whilst the blaeknesB of the night
paled and grew even more weird and
ghastly from the grev that had crept
Into it.
Then It seemed to him that something heavier than a coyote moved
among the sage brush on tha rlilge to
his left. He listened, hut the noise
was not repeated. Jim was too gootl
a plainsman (o persuade himself that
his ears had played him falsa because
lie could not understand their message, and beside, the red roan had
heard It too. The horBc was standing
with his cats pricked, watching as he
would never have watched for coyotes.
In Bplte of Ihe cowboyB' constant attention thOBo vagabond thieves were
far too numerous on the homo ranch
for the roan to pay much attention to
them. Still watching the rlilge. which
was as yet but a vague Hue In the fog,
Jim saw at last what he took to be two
coyotes moving slowly along It. A
longer scrutiny showed him four, no,
five Indistinct objects passing just,
above the line, and at Inst he knew1
them for the heads of riders passing,
as they believed, unseen on the further
side of the ridge. He could see bow
the heads rose and fell with the movements of th-> horses beneath them, and
then for a moment the riders came
plainly into sight where a dip occurred
in the ridge.
In the mist and darkness he might
never have noticed them at the distance at which they passed, so vague*
and so silent were they, if his ears
had not warned htm of their coming;
but they saw him, ot that he felt sure,
though he bad not stirred in hts lair
of wet sage brush, and curiously
enough his horse had not whinnied.    .
Kor a moment he thought of calling
to them, but men do not hall every
passer-by on the prairie, and he
changed hts mind. He did not want
anything of them, so he lay still,
whilst they, without a pause or turn
of the head, rode silently past him and
disappeared in thc mist.
"Indians, of course," he muttered,
"they must have seen the horse." And
then he fell to wondering why they
had made no sign and why they were
riding at that hour in the morning towards the Risky Ranch.
In the ordinary course of things
though they would have passed by ln
Bilence, and near enough to satisfy
their own curiosity.
He did not feel easy about It. The
expedition of the posse had accomplished nothing unless it were to prove
lhat the ChllcotenB had broken up their
camp and left the country, probably
for an early winter hunt towards Tatlo
Lake, and In all the years that he had
lived on the plains and In B. C. Jim
had never had any serious trouble
With Indians.
He bad become so used to them Indeed as peaceful neighbors, that he
had almost forgotten the red stories
of which the plains .used to be full:
legends of burnt ranches, ot men and
women murdered across their own
thresholds, and brutally mutilated In
order that their long hair might trim
a chief's robe. But those stories were
of Sioux and Apaches. He doubted
whether the Indians of B.C. had ever
taken scalps until he remembered a
hideous dancing mask which hung tn
the Boss's library that had tufts ot
long soft hair round It, as to the origin
of which he hsd never hitherto troubled.
Now everything seemed changed.
There was a terror abroad on the
ranch lands, not so much seen aa felt,
and though he scoffed at presentiment,
he was conscious of It himself.
Thc cattle had been disappearing as
they had never disappeared before:
there had been no friendly visits from
Ihe Chllcotens as there used to be.
Whenever he had met any of them,
even before the quarrel In their camp,
they had been sullen and silent, and
then there had been the reappearance
of Davies' murderer and that unlucky
Jim would have liked It better If the
Indians had vlslied ihe ranch to demand compensation for those broken
rifles, and would almost have been Inclined to listen lo their claims, but
they had mnric no sign.
Jusi then the roan snorted, and Jim
turned his head In the nick of time.
The five figures which had passed
him ten mlnulcs earlier like shadows,
stood almost at hla back, arrested In
their stealthy spproach by his sudden
movement. He could see, though they
had paused, how Ihe leading figure
gripped a short bludgeon which he
carried, nnd h<* knew navies' murderer
and iii.deistood the look in thai sullen
animal lace: but though his heart
seemed to give a jump and then stand
still. Comb) did not niteinpt to rise
or show any sign of surprise.
He understood why these five had
crept up behind him, through the mlBty
dawn In (his featureless waBte, but hla
hand only closed over the revolver
which was sheltered In the breast of
his coat, ami he rolled leisurely over
so as lo face the five and bring his
left elbow across Ihe rifle which he
had taken from his saddle before picketing his horse.
"Oh, Jim. Jim! You dear old Jim!
Come quickly; we want you ao badly,"
was what he seemed to hear; though
as the five squatted silently round him
they uttered no word.
Except for that bludgeon they were
none of them armed, a curious thing
Jim thought for Indians who carry
rifles as townsmen carry walking
canes, nor wns he much less puzzled
when he realized that these were Ihe
very five whose weapons he had smashed against (hc pine trees. Rifles were
nol as common th-n as they are today
amongst the Indians, but as one of
these was Khelowna, the chief, he at
any rale should have been able to
replace his broken weapon.
Kor what seemed like an hour the
five savage figures crouched upon
their hams around Combe, like wolves
around n kill, their mouths shut, their
limbs motionless, only their eyes alive,
but those so vigilant that they seemed
to follow his very thoughts. It Is his
vigilance nnd his eternal patlenco
which enables Ihe Indian to win In
his Uf. inn,., i,nitl.��� wllh the wild
things around him. The beasts' senses
are keener than those of his pursuers
and he loves life, but the tireless patience of tha hunter wears down the
patience of the hunted.
I   Jinx f��lt_th�� power of, this watching
his mouth, and looking Khelowna
squarely ln the eyes he said, "I think
you go and get me some water," and as
the chief hesitated, he tossed up tho
black muzzle of his revolver and added "Get." '
At that moment the roan snorted,
and Jim's quick eye noticed thai there
were only four Indians round him.
Whilst ho had been playing his gntno
with the old chief, Klnecshaw had
slipped from the circle. In a flash the
white man was on his feet, and tils
revolver shot was echoed by a sharp
cry ot pain.
"Come back," he roared. "Kinee*
shaw; leave the knife there," and then
dropping the muzzle so that it looked
Khelowna straight between the eyes,
he added, "You next If you move."
"Now get," he said! as Klnecshaw
came back, "I want that horse and I
want you out of this blanked quick.
Hump It. March," and for lhe second
time in a week he drove the five redskins before that deadly little weapon
which has done so much In the States
towards the equality of man.
Dlutrs "lb-thai great" river.. It Is never
a pretty river, no, not even In springtime, when tha palcheB of white flowering olall busheB do their best for it.
Grand us It Is at times, and at Hell's
Gate and other placeB, picturesque, a
show for the C.P.R. and a pleasing
horror for tourists who ride safely
along Its precipitous bankB in a luxurious Pullman car, its waters are too
turbid, and Ub strangely shaped mud
cliffB too weirdly colored with mineral
matter, to he more than grotesque and
uncannv. At tbe crossing where Jim
struck It, the river was certainly not
looking Its best. Like the whole coun-.
try It seemed In evil mood. The river
hud already felt lhe first touch of winter; small cakes of Ice were thickening
its dun-colored waters, grinding
against one another, and rendering a
crossing a matter of Borne difficulty.
However, the ferry man made light
of It.
"It's all right, sonny, for twenty
hours yet, and maybe for a week after
that, but It's coming, It's coming sure,
and If I was you 1 wouldn't get on no(
tear in Sody Creek as'll keep you
more'n a week. If you do, yo\i may,
have to wait there until you can walk
across. A week on hug juice ought to
do you, though cow punching does'
Beem to make man powerfully dry_*
Skeena Land District- Distri,., ,.i ,
Take notico thVt ,. V*xTl", LE"�� fc*
Ruport, laborer. Intoi.,1 ....... ."""*"��� "I   'ri.,
to purchase, tho lollowln*! doaerl,,-.' la  i**1���*!
Commune nn ��t ., nost i,i,,���, , ""'���
bank ol Willtam"Crook"IC it'.
p(-way croese. nnd 3 chaina back l,
bank, thonco aouth 30 clii-.ii... tu
chana, thonco north 31) chain,.' i,
chaina to point ol commencement.
Datod July 7, 1811. I>|.'*i**ii ,-,,,
Pub. July V rKS-A'-01*
I,,l"-' nortii
'���*;���>' nmu.
ti iho crw|(
" MM iu
'"'' Wat Ig
Skoei-a Und DUtrlct-Dlatrict -i
Tako notice that 1. John I;,,
-���ii, .Wit
��� ---:*  w" -   ' ' ,   **&**
Ruport, laborer, Intond to unm - ,���' , ' ' '">��
to purchaao tho following doscriUl 1 and���"'"���������"i-m
thenco oaat 60 chnins, tl���.���,,, SSJ*
thonco woat 60 chains to point nl anmnJS ""'
Datod July 13, 11)11. j, ,,< |
Pub.Juy26. *.*..���, ,N -aVLNSON
Krul I*
Sk��m�� Und DUtrict-DLtriei m ,
lake notico that 1, Uoniumin A  i
N.  D.,  occupation  merchant,  ,,
lor pormiaaion to purchaso tho foUos
Commencing at a post plantod    , n
boundary snd about live elm,,," I;      '.,"" ���
���Mat*,   fiirrmr   nf    I ,,.    .tiu     . ,	
*'���!'. Ag.i>l
��� t Run v
''[ i'lAiu-r,
;��� l" ��W.ly
"i ,l"*-cnl*Al
 a  ���- ........ ,,.,- *oauna
eaat corner ol Lot 4181, thu,,,- ������
thenoe eut 30 chaina, thonce am.
UMBOS weat 30 chaina to iiunit nt ,-,,,..,
Dated June24, 1911.       ' ItE.vi un'*-'' �� ",',";!;
Pub. July 25. Kr-VlV:':.^!
'. i"liain,(
keena Und Diatrict���DUtrlct ol I
Take   notice  that  Stanley  Gree
Rupert, B. Ca, occupation miner, i ���
(or pormiaaion to purchaao thu lt.Hn ,
Commencing at a post planted 10
and 40 ehalna weat ol iliu mirth.
Ut 1793, Ukelae Valley, Dlslriet ol
5. thence woat 40 chaina, thence
Soda Creek
"You think you heap savvy IndlatiB.
You dam fool.   I fix you plenty."
As they mnde for their horses. Kin-
eeshaw shook his bleeding hand at
Combe, and that was his last message.
He knew that at a hundred yards a revolver wns practically useless, and
though when Jim picked up tho Winchester the five hurried to horse and
galloped swiftly away, at the clank of
Its pump, he almost wished thai he hud
"As well now as later," he mused,
"and It has got to come. It Is pretty
near a blood fued between ub now.
If they'd had a gun amongst them I'd
have let them have It."
As he tightened the cinches of the
roan, It worried him to remember that'
these five red devils had ridden off In
the direction of the Risky Ranch.
They meant mischief, ot that be felt
sure, but after all they were only flvei
Indians and unarmed, and he had left
more than that on the ranch, white,
and well armed.
It was his business to go and fetch
the doctor. That was what Kitty1
wanted hint to do, so be swung himself
Into thc saddle, and rode meadily east.
Twice that morning he aaw Indians,
in small bands, but on both occasions
he thought that he bad been seen before he saw them, and was uncertain
of the direction in which they were
heading, and once, just before reaching tbe Frits, i. he came acroBS a large
camp of Chllcotens, just preparing to
To hlB questions they replied that
they were en route to Tatlo Lake, but
they struck him as unfriendly, and lying for some set purpose.
If such things had ever happened in
B. C. he would have auspected that an
Indian rising was on foot, but thai was
practically impossible, and Jim dismissed tlie idea as born of fatigue and
an empty stomach.
And then hc heard the voice of the
Kraser, and presently came over grey
silence. It was as If he were being
mesmerized.   At last hc broke It.
"Well." he said. "What do you
want, Khelowna?"
The chief shifted his seat a little.
"What you doing here?" he asked.
"Taking a cultus coolie" (stroll).
"Too much cold wind. Cultus coolie
no good."
"Then why are you out?"
"Indians got no grub. Cot no guns
now. Indians very hungry. 'You got
any grub?" and he reached out his
hand like a cat that steals from the
table, his eye all the time upon Jim,
and drew away the cartridge case
which had contained the sandwiches.
That was thc first move In (he
Until (hat day no Indians on the
Risky lands would have dared openly
to take a white man's property from
under his very eycB without leave, and
Jim when he saw the chief take his
cartridge case and search 11, understood that thc old restraint was break*
Ing down and that a change was in thc
air. All the food had been eaten, but
the flask r-tnalned in the bag, and this
Khelowna opened, unscrewing the top
with clumsy fingers and sniffing at lhe
mouth of it like a beast.
"No morc fire waler?" he asked.
"No, there wouldn't have been any
for you anyway. Think I'm going to be
run In for giving Indians whiskey?"
Khelowna laughed, and his laugh
was like a wolf's snarl.
"Whiskey very good for Indians.
Any water here?"
"Plenty. Nothing but water In this
cursed hole."
"You go get some," and the chief
held out thc flask to Jim, but though
the blood rose lo his face at the Insolence of the bidding. Jim neither stirred nor held out his hand for the flask.
"You go. I say, hyak (quickly)," and
the chief, who misinterpreted Combe'B
silence, pushed the flask almost Into
bis face.
"Go to hell and get It yourself," the
cowboy replied and his steady eyeB
met Khelowna's without flinching.
Kor a moment the chief hesitated.
Then he (brew down the flask with a
laugh, and the murderer under the pretext of picking It up, edged a thought
nearer to Jim.
As, even so, the Indian was not near
enough to strike or grip him, the
watched man never moved, and again
the silent game of cat and mouse went
"You got good rifle, Jim?" asked the
murderer, and ha writhed forward and
laid his hand on the Btock of Jim's
Winchester, pulling at it gently,
"Take your hands off," snapped the
white man, and certain now that the
Indiana had not pluck enough to rush
.him all together, he whipped out his
six-shooter and covered his man.
i Instantly the Indian's hand was withdrawn and a change came over the
five faces.
The Chllcotens had only calculated
upon the rifle, which they could see,
"What for you bo mad, Jim?" asked
Jthelowna. "Indiana all time good
lienda.  He not want to take you gun."
"I know, I have plenty very good
ifrlends. Six here, the very best," and
he glanced at the revolver In his hand.
Then he reached forward in his turn
and took back the empty cartridge bag
irom between the chief's knees, and
lhe silver flask from the ground where
[the murderer had dropped It.
Kor a moment he looked at the flask,
lsnd then a grln-smlle flickered round
Skeena Und Dlalrlct���DUtrlct ot Queen Charlott*
Tako notice that Auatin M. Brown ol Prlnco
Ruport, aaddlor, intenda to apply to tbe Chiel
CommUaionor ol Unda and Worka lor a licenco
to proapect lor coal, oil and petroleum on and under
tho following deacribed Unda on the West Coaat
of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three, milea eut
o( the northeut corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
oaat 80 chaina, thence eouth 80 chaina, thenee
woat 80 chaina, thence north 80 chains to point ol
Located Auguat 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Quean Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
Ruport, uddler, Intenda to apply to th* Chiel
Commiaaioner ol Unda and Works (or a licenc*
lo proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the lollowlng deacribed landa on th* Woat
Cout ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milu eut
ol the northeut cornor of C. L. No. 4469 tbence
aouth 80 chains, thenca 80 chaina weet, thence 80
chaina north, thence 80 chaina eut to point ol
Located Auguat Iat, 1911.
l-ub. Aug. 19.
Skeona Und DUlrict-DUtrict ol Quun Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Brown ol Prince
Rupert, occupation uddler, Intenda to apply to
tho t in.-t CommUaioner ol Unda and Worka lor
a licence to proapect lor coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho lollowing deacribed landa on tho
Weat Cout ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poal planted three mile* eut
ol the aoutheut corner ol C. 1.. No. 4476 thence
north 80 chains, thonce taat 80 cbaina, thenco aoulh
so chaina, thence wut 80 chaina to point ol commencement.
Locatod Auguat Iat, 1911
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUUict���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotto
Take nolice that Auatin  M. Brown ol Princ*
Ru|MTl, occupaUon saddler. Intonda to apply to
lho   flu.-!   CommUaioner  o(   Unda  and   Worka
I lor a licence to prospect (or coal and oil and petroleum on and under the lollowing de*crib*d lands
I on the W eat Cout ol Graham laland:
)    Commondng at a poal planted three miloa eut
; o( lho aouthweat corner ol C. 1.. No. 4477 tbenc*
, bU chaina cut, thenco 80 chaina north, thence 80
I chains woat, thence 80 chaina aoutb to point ol
Date ol Location, 3lat July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin  M. Brown ol Princ*
Rupert, occupation uddler, intends lo apply to
' the Chtcl Commlaaioner o( Unda and Worka lor a
I licence tu proapoct (or coal, oil and petroleum on and
under thc (ollotsing ducribed landa on tb* Wost
[ Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three mite* eul
ol the aoutheut corner o( C. L. No. 4472 thenco
north 80 chains, thence eul 8U chaina, thenco aouth
80 chaina, thenco weat 80 chains lo point o( commencement.
located Auguat 1st. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
keena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Take notico that Austin M. Brown o( Prince
Rupert, occupation uddlor. inteml. lo apply
to the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka
(or a licence to prospect (or coal, oi) and petroleum
on and under the (ollowing described landa on the
Woat Coul of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three mllee eul
of tho northeut cornar ol C. I.. No. 4474 thence
80 ehalna aoutb. thane* 80 chaina weat, thene* 80
chaina north, thenco 80 chaina eut to point of
Located August Ist, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und District���DUlrict ol Queen Charlotu
Tako notice lhat Austin M. Drown ol Prince
Rupert, occupallon uddler, Inunda to apply
to the Chiel CommUaioner o( Unda and Work*
lor a licence to proapvet (or eoal, oil and petroleum
on and under tne (ollowing descrilied landa on the
Woat Coaat o( Grabam IaUnd:
Commencing at a poat planted thru milu eaat
ol th* northeaat corner o( C. 1.. No. 4471, tbence
SO chaina eut, tbence 80 chaina aouth, thence 80
cbaina wut, tbenc* 80 ehaina north to potnt of
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Quun Charlotte
Tako notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation uddlor, InUnda to apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner of Unda and Works lor a
licence to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho follownlg deacribed landa on tbe
Weat Coul o( Graham laland:
Commencing at a put planud three milu eaat
of tho aouthcul corner of C. L. No. 4470 thenct*
north 80 chaina, thenco eut 80 chaiaa, thenc*
south 80 chaina, thenc* wut 80 chaina to point of
Ucated Auguat 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
*H I'utice 6
1 ,'' I'rine,
���I to a-ipl;
'���'*. dONrfiaft]
chain auuih
' " ru-r ot
' ' sal Haiu.
I. *" chaiiu,
*���'' chains ta
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
Rupert, occupation uddler, inunda to apply to
the Chief Commlaaioner of Unda and Works for
a licence to proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the lollowlng deacribed landa on the
Wut Cout of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three mllea eut
of the aoulheaat corner of C. L. No. 4476 thence
80 chaina weat, thence 80 chaina north, 80 chaina
eut, thenc* 80 chain, eouth tn point ot commencement.
Located Auguat let, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlott
Take notice .that Austin M. Brown ol Prince
Kupert, occupation uddler, InUnda to apply
| to the Chief CommUaioner of I_nda and Works
j (or a licence U prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following described lands on the
Weat Cout of Graham Island:
I     Commencing at a post planted three milu eut
of the eouthemst corner of C. L. No. 4470 thenc*
wut 80 chains, thence north 80 chaina,  thonce
oaat 80 chatna, thence aouth 80 chatna to point ol
r���.-j .      ^A,U.STi?. M- BROWN, Ucator
Ucated August let. 1911.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict o( Queen Charlott
Tal e notice that Austin M. Brown ol Prlnco
Ilupe.t, uddler. InUnda to apply to the Chiel
Commlaaioner nl Landa and Worka (or a licence
to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tho lollowlng ducribed landa on the West
Coast ol Graham Island,
Commencing at a post planted two milu eut
ol tho northeast corner ot C. L. No. 4478 thence
80 chaina east, thenco 80 chaina aouth, thenco 80
chains wost, thenc* 80 chain* north U point ol
Date of UcatlonOlat July 1911. M>cawr
Pub Aug. 17.
J,   V.���..���      i .,.   -aw   .iiann,   allelic,!  .1
whence eut 40 chains, ihence Don
point ol commencement.
Staked June 30tb, 1911 BTANLEY GREBI
Pub. July 16. Utstot
Skeena Und Dlatriot- Dlslriet ���f Cnut Rous s
Take notice that Percy M. Mtll.r ���r Is ,,'��������!
pert. B.C., occupation Civil Engineer, Intends ia
apply for permlsaion to purchuae ,,��� r.illowla,
described lands: ^
Commencing at a poat planted in, the left boat
of McNeil River at north we��i enrner .!  lot |i!���
R.V., thence east 20 chains mor  lou to a,-,*
erly boundary of timber limit ,',i, [old number
���WUlti) thence northerly following uld *v,-.t���i
boundary of timber limit OU chuina m-ir.. nr l��,
to north woat corner of aaid limber limit, ihence
westerly 20 chains mure or leas t,, 1,-u |.���^ ���,
McNeil Itivar, thenco southerly followim eaid
left bank of McNeil River UU chuina m re ���r l,*���
to point of commencement, contninin,.' Ps. act**.
more or leu.
PERCY M   Ml I.I.Kit.
_ E, riexui.in. Aa*ent
Date June 19.1911
Pub. July ID. 1911
Skeena Und District-District of Caeiiar
Take notice that I, Thomas Carter, tl prim
Rupert, occupation carpenter, int.eul t��� atinlr
for uermiaalon to purchase the following <i.--ait��
ed land.
Commencini*: at a post planled ul. -ut em- mile
south from the mouth uf Kali, creak and ahem
IN) foot back from the beach, then .
north, thence 40 chains wost, them--
aouth, thenc* eaal 40 chain, tu puint of .aunmenr*.
ment, conUtninit 32tl ncrea itni  less.
Dated July 7th, 1911.    Chart** Wobsur Ca
Pub. Aug. 6th. Agant.
Skuna Und DUtrict-DUtrict of COM Ilanee V
Tak*  noUce  that  I,  Paul  listen ot I'nnc.
Rupart, laborer, InUnd to apply tor in-rmiMieD
to purctuao the [ollowing deacribed land.:
Commencing at a poat planud on the nonh
bank ol WUliama Creek about 60 chains Mutb
eaat Irom K. It., thenre aouth lu rt lb
eoal 40 chaina, thenc* north IU num., in.ac*
weet 40 chaina to point o( cominenr,':n.-:,n
Dated July 7,1911. r.M I. II IDEM
Pub. July ii. Fred E. Coaell. Arent
Skuna Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol (out Hanoi
Tako  notlc* that  Sarah  K.  Alton ot  iiir.it
Rup-u-t, occupaUon nurse, InUnds to uegs for
pcrmla-Mon  to  purchau tho (uilowtii.*  iluacrilwl
Commencing at a poat planled at tbe North*
wut corner 140 chaina euteriy isliuiitiy north)
(rom th* northeaat corner of Lot 11!.. Ilanr,
Survayj Coaat DUtrict, Rango V, ihenc mi chain,
aaat, thene* 80 ehaina aouth, ihcnre lu chanu
wut, thonc* 40 chaina north, thenc IU ch-uu
wut, thenc* 40 chaina north to t��..at o! commencement conUining 180 acres nam- ur :< --
Daled June 14, 1911. . SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Fred BoUar, i|S1
Skuna Und DUlrict���DUtrlct ol Coaal IUr.je 1
Take notce that Unford Sewell 11.11 ul l'mre
Rupert, B. C. occupallon locomoti.e .-rcimar.
InUnda to apply lor pormiaaion lo purchaM It*
lollowing deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat plantod .in the north
bank ol tho Zimogotiu Itiver gbottt e-.v I
milu dUunt (upalraam) ln a wct.-rl) *l,tn-t*o&
Irom the junction ol tbe LJltle HmogotlU tti.ee
and the main Zimogotiu Kiver, th.-i -���
cbaina, thonc* wut 40 chains, then..* MSI If
chaina, thence cut 40 ehaiu to pool "1 commencement containing 160 acrea tour, ,-r Ic.
Dated Jun* 7, 1911. LINFOItll si. v. \| I. lilU
Pub. July 8. Geo. R. Putnam. Arent
Caaaiar  Und   DUtrict-DUtrict of Ske-rtu*
Taka notico that 1, Umuel Frur ol 1 ant-out*',
occupation broker, InUnd to apply lur |a-rn.u�����
to purchau the lollowing dearibodr lamia:
Commencing at a put planled on the short
In a northerly direction (rom Port N.l-e'-1 mm
marked L. K.'a a E. Cornor, thence *W chaiai
north, thenc* 20 chaina weal, thenc iu ��_*��
aouth to ahor* lino, thenco along th.* ahore u
point ol commencement, conUining In arret m.re
Dali-d June 10, 1911 LEMI Ki- HUM
Pub. July 8. J. M. i I*'-1
Skuna Und DUtrlct���DUtrict ol Coaal Ksr.se-V
Taka nolle* that Jus* M. Tallin .*    '��� < *-���-
Rapnla.   Iowa,   occupallon   lawyer,
apply  lor parmUalon to purchase I *  *
deacribed landa: ._.
Commonclng at a poat plantod on the -oulhenj
ahor* ol Kuttymatun Inlet on lit.* na'lil l*��
ol a .moll stream flowing into uld In!.: ;u.t t*��
of Crow Uke. Thence eouth 20 chai-.������ then"
weat 20 chaina mor* or lou to lh.* <1 ',":
Crow Lake, thance northerly and .*.���������'���* ���"���
lowing th* ahor* llnu ol Crow Uke. ������ ir.e.
to Crow Uke and Kulaeymateen I * '" '"
placa ol commencement, containing -''
mor* or lu*.    Located August 7, 111 .
Datod Aug. 9. 1911. JESSE M.   I 'I I**"
Pub. Aug. 12.
I Skuna Und Diatrict���DUtrlct of < ...    I.
!     Take nolle* that K. F. Miller ol I
I land,  occupation larmer, inund. It
Krniiaaion   to   purchase   tho   [oilman..:
"������*��� a    *.    .
Commonclng at a poat planted alum
���rut from th* N. W. Corner ot Ul I
north 40 chaina, thence wut 211 SJsl
wuih 40 chaina, thence eul 2�� cl-
point of eommencement containing l
' more or lua.
I DaUd Auguat 19, 1911. ,   J
��� Pub. Aug. 26. P. M ���   '
i Skuna Und DUtrlct -District ol Cl
Tako  notice  that   I,  Thomas   Me'
1 Princ*   Rup*rt.   B.   C  occupation   *
! broker, Intend to apply lor perml-tnn -
the lollowlng ducribed lands:
Commencing at a pool plant.**! -��'
corner ol prasemptlon record 412, then.
ehalna, thenco aouth 40 chains, tli."i<"
chaina to ahor* of lake, thenco loll..��
of laka In a northerly direction to noil
mencement: containing 820 acr,*.. n "
Dateel Sept. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLl
Pub. Sept. 9. I-'"1'
Skeena Und Diatrict -District of Coaal H
Take notice that E. H. O. Miller ol . s
Eng., occupation aurveyor. intends t"
DermUaion   to  purchau  the following
i   l.i
.   : Lent*
.   m Ibe
' cotn*
V lo
permission   to   purchase
landa: . .u . v w t'or*
Commencing at a poat planted at the n     ���   ,n
ner ol Ut 4406, thonc* wost SO chi.ni'.
20 chains, thence eut 80 chains, thom .
chaina to th* point ol comineiicemei t
160 acru mora or loss. .   ..irbER
Dated Auguat 16, 1911. | _' '.' ml
Pub. Aug. 26. P.M. .���!'""���
Skuna Und District-District of Quern '^*<MU
Islanda ,
Take notice that Auatin M. Ilro��" ���"
Rupert, occupation uddler. Intends tu a.   ���
Chiel CommUaioner ol Land" am   nors
licence to prospect for coal, oil ami I"'
and under the lollowlng described ll
Commencing at a put Plsnled thre
of the northeut corner of C. L. Ko* '' /
north  80  chaina, thenre east 80 en ���
aouth 80 chaina, thence wost 80 cliai"
commencement. H ���  _R0W
Ucated Auguat 1st. 1911,
Pub. Aug. 19. y
Skuna Und DUtrlct-Dlstrlct ..( <
Take notice that I, Peter Larson " ���.
North Dakota, U. S. A., l�����o'. I'll   '
lor permUalon to purchase the lolln��'
Commencing at a post planted It
out corner of Ut 1728, thence sou'l'
thonce wut 40 chains, thence nort
thonc* out 40 chaina to point Olenm-I1. . .,
Deled July 16, 1911. _  JV;��,:!. xe'ix
Pub July 26. 1911 F""1 K
in ths
.."i en
jii the"
j e.-nce
.. i ence
,. enuth'
.. chain*,
l chsin*
at llsi'P-
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrict ol ';"".
Tako notlc* that I, Adolph II.    ""        .,,.
Townor,   North   Dakota,   ��***-*,1l'"''"  ��� ,,iirrhss��
at-law, InUnd to apply lor permission .u i
tho following durrlWi lands:       ,   .   .. on,> ani
Commonclng at a post planled """ .���,,* of
one-half milu (1 1-2) northeast ol in* ^i,,.
Trout River on the west slilo ol i.n" ,,,�����.
and about 6 chaini Irom the l��kc������' |; ,,,_��
���outh 80 chalm, thonc*. InKJfJJt ��� j.olnt
north 80 chaina, thenco out "> <���*"""
o( commencement. _  M_atsTIAKflON ,
ADOLPH H. Cldlth      ��� Ag(.nt
Dated June 80, 1911. Fred b. Lo��p"
Pub. July 26. THE DAILY NEWS
he Bank oi
i North America
IS Vein In Soslneu.
i R.ierve Over $7,300,000
ers of Credit
. customers' convenience
Letters of Credit payable
la Sterling for use in
.���;���������mil all parts of the
a payable in Dollars for
.'.UKi.la, United States,
le, muda, Bahamas, Cuba
i eg* Indies.
��� y  nnd  sell Drafts  on
Jermany, South Africa,
JleW Zealand, India,
1 the West Indies.
upert Branch ���
F. S. LONG, Manager.
Skoena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct uf Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that Auatin M. Brown o( Prince
Ruport, aaddlor, Intenda to apply to the Chief
CommUaioner ol Unda and worka (or a liconco
to proapoct (or coal, oil and petroleum on and under
tho (ollowing deac "   '   "" ' *'    ���   *     ---*
uf Graham laland
tho following described landi on the Weat Cout
ntal Limited
Westbound Rates
\t       tickets   to   the   Old
by all  Atlantic   Lines.
\ Steamship Agency
Head .if Centre St.   Phone 116
Row   Boats
w, and Canoca
I Hire l.y Hour or Day
llt-ILT AND RKI'AIRKD-        .
Ci* Creek       P.O. Boi 187
loaa 26s ..ui im
B*.-< nd Forward.n* AiwnU.   Kor
[or Motor Car day or night
d Fulton Phone 301
Commencing at a poit planted throe mllea oaat
of the northeast cornor of C. L. No. 44CS) thence
eaat 80 chaini), thonco south 80 chaina, thence
woat 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to point of
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Tub. Aug. ly.
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotta
Tako notico that Austin M. Brown of Prlnco
Huport, aaddler, Intonda to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a licence
to prospect for cual, ull and petroleum on and
under tho following described lands on the Weat
Coaat of Graham Island;
Commencing at a post planted three miles east
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
south 80 chains, thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chains north, thenco 80 chaina east to point of
Locatod August 1st. 1811.
Pub. Aug. ID.
Skeona Und District-District of Queen Charlotu
Tako notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Hupert. occupation aaddlor, Intends to apply to
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for
a licence to prospect for coal, oU and petroleum on
and under tho following deacribed lands on the
Weat Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post ptanted three miles east
ot the southeast corner of C. L. No. 4476 thence
north 80 chains, thonce east 80 cbains, thence south
80 chains, thunce weat 80 cbaina to point of commencement.
Locatod August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prlnco
Hupert, occupation saddler, Intends to apply *>���
tha Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
(or a licenco to prospect Tor cool and oil and petroleum on and under the following described landa
on the West Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted throe mllea east
of tho southwost corner of C. L. No. 4477 thenoa
80 chains cast, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chaina west, thenco 80 chaina south to point of
Date of Location, 81st July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Austin M. Brown of Prlnea
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a
licenco to prospect for coal, oil and potroloum on and
under the (ollowing doacribed landa on the Woat
Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three miles eaat
ot the aoutheaat cornor of C. L. No. 4472 ihence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thenco south
80 chains, tbence weat 80 chains to point of commencement,
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
keena Land DUtrlct���District ot Queen Charlotte
Tako notico that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Hupert, occupaUon aaddler, Intonda to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a licence to prospect for coal, oil and potroloum
on and under the following deacribed lands on the
Weat Coast of Graham laland;
Commencing at a post planted three miles east
of the northeast cornar of C. 1.. No. 4474 thonco
80 chains aoulh. thonco 80 chains west, thunce 80
chains north, thence 80 chaina east to point of
located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotta
Take notice tbat Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intends to apply
to the Chief Commlaaionar ot Lands and Works
tor a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tne following deacrlbod lands on tho
Wost Coast of Grabam Island:
Commencing at a poat planted throe miles cast
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. UM, tbence
80 chaina east, thence 80 chains aoutb, thenco 80
cbaina west, thenca 80 chains north to point of
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
TEMS  OF . .
Mike Dickinson, the elongated
(.wirier who commenced hi*
fession.i'.l career with Seattle
finished ihis Benson with Edmonton, in the Western Canada League
lus returned .<> Seattle. The
iitirtliirii climate agreed with him,
���>.s he took on fifteen pounds, lit
w.i^lis about 175 pounds now,
and if he keeps on gaining will
fill out in good shape. He is ;'
trifle over six feet in height, and,
should he keep on gaining until he
weighs around 200, lie will have the
physique to Stand hard 'work.
Mike's work attracted the attention of Ted Sullivan, ard the result
was a call from the Boston Americans for next season.
H   N   H
Skoena Land District���District pi Quoon ( bar lotto
Tako nollco that thirty dais Irom date, I, C. fc.
Ititlnlttr ol Prlnco Rupert, B. C, by    occupation
I kleoeniT, Intond to apply to the Chlut Com-
mlaaloner ol Landa (or a Ifconco to pros.iect lor
coul untl petroleum on and under (It) OHM ol
land on (irultam laland doscrih*d aalolluwa:
Commencing III a post plantod two ntll.-H mirth
ot C. B, II. Coal Lonao No 17, marked N. K.
Conor 0. R. B. Coal Loaso No. 211 thence south
80 chains, thonco woat 81) chains, thence north
SO chuins, thonce east 80 chaina to plsoa ul cuni-
ineneeinent. _   _,_,.___  .
Datod Sept. 12. I'Jll. C. E. BAINTMt, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 28.
Skoena Land District���District o( Queen Charlott*
Take nolle-* that lldrty days Irom dute. 1, C. K
Itulnter o[ Prineo Ruperl, ll. Ou by occupation
bookkeeper. Intond to apply to tho Chlet ( om-
iiii-aiiin.-r ol launds lor ii licence to nroopoot (or
coul und petroleum on antl under III) itcrw ol
lund on (iruhum lHulntl deecribed ua lollowa:
Commencins at a post plantod two miles mirth
ol O, K. II. Coal Loaao No. 18, mark.*.! N. W,
corner C. E. II. Coal Leaao No. 24, thene.' south
80 chuins, thenco oaat 80 chains, thonc- nurth
80 chains, thenco weat 80 chaina to pluce ul cum-
mencrtnont. ._,,,
I luted Sopt. 12,1911. C. E. BAINTMt. Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Ski-onu Land District���District ol Queen Charlott*
Tuko notico that thirty days Irom date, I, A. T
llroderick of I'rince Ruport, B. On by oocupatlor
bunk manuitor, intond to apply to tho Chiel Commissioner ot Lands (or a llconce to proopoot fur
coul nnd potroloum on and under 6-ltl ucres at
lund on iindium laland described aa lull..'..
Commencing at a poat planted two miles north
of C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 17. mark.nl S. W.
corner A. T. II. Coal Leaao No. 26, thence north
80 chains, thonce easl 80 chaina, thence suuth 80
chaina, thenco weet 80 chaina to place ot commencement.
A. T. BRODERICK. locator
Datod Sopt. 12, 1911. C. E. Balnter, Agent
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skoona Lund District -District of QuttO Chulottt
Tuku notico thut thirty duys ufter dute, 1, C K.
l.nlnti-r of Prineo Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
bOOkkwpeTi intend to apply to tho Chief Com*
mJKHltim-r of Lunds for it licence to prospect for
coal innl pitnilt'Un. on und under 41-11* ucres of
land on (iridium Island descrihed us follows:
Commencing at u post plantad two miles north
of 0, K. 11". Coul Lew No. 18, marked S. W.
eorner & E-L B, Coul Lease No. 19, thunco north
(���() chuins, thence eust 80 chuina, thonco Houth HO
chains, thenct' west 80 chains to pluce of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTBR, Locator
I'uh. Sept. ii-..
Skeena Land District- District of Queen Churlotte
Taka notice that thirty days from dute, 1, C. K.
Dautar of I'rince Hupert, 11. C, hy occupation
hookkeeper. Intend to upply to tho Chief Commissioner of Unda for u licence to prospect for
coal uml petroleum un und under 640 acroa of lund
on Graham Islund described us follow-*:
Comraondni at a post plantad two miles north
of ('. P. U. Coul Letwo No. 14, marked S. W.
corner ( I., li. Coul Leaae No. 'JO, thence north
HO chains, thence west 80 chuins, thence south 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. ii, 1911. C. K. BAINTBR, Ucator
I'ub. Sept,-23.
SkiH'iiu Land District ���District of Queen Churlotte
Take notice that thirty duys after date, I, C. K.
Batntar uf Prince Rupert, ft. C, by occupation
hookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for n licence to prospect for
coal nnd petroleum on und umler 040 acres of
lund on (iraham Island described us follows:
Commencing at a post piunted two miles north
of C. K. B, Coal Lease No. I.'i, marked S. K.
corner C. K. B. Coal Lease No. 21, thence north
HO chains, thonce weat 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenco east 80 chains to place of commencement.
Duted Sept. 11,1911.   C. B. BAINTBR. Locator
Portland Cement...
Nairn Block       Second Ave
tlachtna Shop  and Ship's
ini;. Also agents for Fair-
DIM   anil, Knox   Gasoline
(iiisoline Engines and Ac-
I carried in stock.
Boats (or Hir*   N.E. end of Wharl
*-* -*-*
teneral Hardware:
iltlers'  Hardware
I'ipcs      Oxford Stoves
(littware       Tinware
UE *i
iis Owning Real Estate
Siipt-rt,   B.C.,   may  find   a
baser, if the price is reason-
East Liverpool
l County    -     Ohio, U.S.A.
iOTICE that I will receive
the land known as Lot 1106,
oast District, Province of
mhia. This is one of the
ces of land lying along the
>r and contains ahout 155
land is crown granted.
1st he in before thc fifth day
] 1911. The highest or any
I necessarily acdepted. For
pcului apply to  the under-
If  II. C, Breckenridge, Box
luce Kupert, B.C.
Skeena Land Dlatrlcl���Dlalrlct ol queen Charlotte
Tak* nolle* that Auatin M. Brown ol Trine*
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
tho Chlet Comi-niaeioner ol Landa and Work* lor a
licence to prospect lor coal, oil and potroleutn on
and under the (ollownlg described landa on the
Weat Coaat ot Graham laland:
Comm*ncing at a poat planted three miloa oaat
ot the aoutheaat corner ol C. 1.. No. 4*70 thence
north SO chatna, ihenco eaat SO chatna, thenee
aoulh 80 chaina, thonoe weat 80 chaina to point of
Locatod Auiuat Iat, lull.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeana Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ot Queen Charlotte
Take notica that Austin M. Ilrown ol Prince
Kupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
the find Commlaaioner o( Landa and Worka (or
a llconce to proapect for eoal, oil and petroleum
on and under tho [ollowing doacribed landa on tho
Woat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat plantad thre* miloa eaat
ol the aouthoaat eorner ol C. L. No. 4476 thenee
HO chaina weat, thence 80 chaina north, 80 chaina
eut, thence 80 chaina aouth to point ol commencement.
Located Auguat Iat, 1>U.
Pub. Aug. IS.
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Queen Charlott
Take notlc* that Auatin M. Ilrown ol Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intends to apply
to tho Chiel Commiaaioner of Landa and Worka
lor k licence to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tne (ollowing deacrihed landa on the
Woat Coaat ol Uraham laland:
Commencing at a post planled three milea east
of the aoutheaat cornar of C. L. No. 4470 thence
weat 80 chaina, Ihenco norlh 80 chaina, thence
eaat 80 chaina, tbence eouth 80 chaina to point ol
Located Auguat Iat. 1911.
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Queen Charlott
Take notice that Auatin M Ilrown ol Prlnco
Rupert, aaddler. Intenda lo apply lo the t lili-l
Commiaaioner ol Landa and Worka lor a licenco
to proapoct for oaal, oil and potroloum on and
under the lollowlng deacribed landa on th* West
Coaat ol Graham Island,
Commencing at a poat planted two milea east
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4478 thence
80 chaina eaat, thence 80 chaina south, thenco 80
chaina weat, thenc* 80 chaina north to point of
commencement. ���   _
Date ol Location 31st July 1011.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeona Land Dlalrlct���District ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that Austin M. Brown o( Prince
Rupert, saddler by occupation, Intenda to apply
to the Chiel Commiaaioner ol Landa and Work*
lor a licence lo prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the lollowlng described lands on the
Woat Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat plantod thre* miloa cast
ol the northeut cornor of C. L. No. 4471 thenco
aouth 80 chains, Ihence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chaina, thence east 80 chaina to point
of commencement. .    _
AUSTIN   M.   BROWN,   Locator
Locatod August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land Dlatrlcl���Dislrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ot Prlnco
Rupert, occupation uddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chiel Commissioner ot Landa and Works for
a licence to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum en
and under the [ollowing deacribed lands on tho
Woat Cout ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planled threo mllea. east
o( the northual corner ol C. L. No. 4472 thence
80 chaina wost, thence 80 chains north, Ihenco 80
��hatt,a  aaal.   tlli-ncii   80   chains  BOUth   to  point  ill
Pc-tf Standridge, the former 1 Jenny school pitcher, did rot return
to Seattle from Calgary ar.d may
not get there until late in the
Beason, Roger Bresnahan, manager of the St. Louis club, wired
Pete that he wanted him to report
immediately r.nd gel a tryout.
Accordingly Pete packed Iii* grip
and took the first trait' for the big
��� X  M
Pittsburg  is in  the same old
fix for a first baseman. I'rid
Hunter, for whom ihey turned
over to Kansas City cash and
players amounting to over 510,000,
hits lieen passed on to Indianapolis
��� ���  M
Harry I.uniley, a former Seattle
centre fielder, is leading the New
York Slate League in batting, with
an average of .334. Harrj was
a leading clouter In the National
League, as a member of the
Brooklyn dub, until he broke a leg.
��� x ���
Frank Perry, owned by J. R.
Mae-Cowan and driven l>\ Michael
Curry, lowered the world's record
for yearling pacers al Lexington,
Ky., to 2.15. He clipped 5 3-4
seconds off the former record.
��� MM
Danny   Morgan,   manager   for
"Knock-Out"    Brown,    of    New
York. li;is had a conference with
Tom Jones, manager of Ad Wo
gast.    Morgan offered Wolgast
guarantee of $12,000 and 81,ooo
Skeona I_nd District���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty day*, (rom date, 1, A. T.
llroderick o( Prlnco Rupert, B. C, by occupation
bank managor. intend to apply to the Chiel Com-
mim-loncr ot l.uml*. for a licenco to pr*,��]iect (ur
coul and petroleum on and under 610 euros of
land on Graham laland described u follows:
Commencing at a poet plnatod two miles north
of C. !���:. B. Coal Leaao No. 20, marked S. K.
corner A. T. B. Coal Leaao No. 26, thenc* north
80 chains, thenee weat 80 chaina, thenc* south
HI) chaina, thonce out 80 chatna to plac* of commencement.
A. T. BRODERICK, 1/jcator
Datod Slot 12,1911. C. E. Balnter, Agenl
Puh. Sopt. 23.
Skoena Land Diatrict���District ol Queen Churlotte
Take notico lhat thirty daya [rom date. 1. A. T
llroderick o[ Prince Rupert. B. C, by occupation
bank manager, Intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Land* for a llconc* to prospect (or
-���"nl and petroleum on and under 610 cart*. o(
land on Graham Island deacrilied u follow*:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
ol C. E. 11. Coal Leaao No. 21, marked S. K
corner o( A. T. It. Coal Ia*aae No. 27, thence
wevt SO chaina, Ihence north 80 chains, ihence
eut 80 chaina, thence south 80 chains to pluce*
of commencement.
A. T. BRODERICK. Locator
Duted Sept. 12, 1911. A. C. E. Sainter, gent
I'uh. Sepl. 23.
Skeona Land District -Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notlc lhat thirty daya (rom dale, 1, 0, E.
Balnter of Prlnco Rupert, ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to tho Chiet Com-
mi-Mloneir of 1 umla for a licenco lo prospect for
coal and (M-troleum on and under 640 ucrea of
lund on Graham (.land deacrlbod u (allows:
Commencing at a post planted live milea eaat
o( Coal Lease No. 4474, marked C. E. Bainter's
N. E. corner Coal Lcaac No. 9, thonce south HO
chains, Ihenco weet 80 chains, thenco north HO
chaina, thencu eut SO chains lo place o( ct.m-
DaletlSept. 11, 1911.    C. E   BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
The Best
Absolutely purt
Court nl Atlin 11 ohlen at Prince
the   Mutter  o[  tho  "Official  Ad-
r's Act"
, antl
fit the Estate ol Duran P. Latkovlch
[HE that by order ol Ills Honor,
Trunin tho 31st day of August, 1911,
f'l Administrator of the Eslato ol
P.  Lalkovlch  deceased,  and  all
I claims against tho said Estate are
. 10 forward aamo properly verlflod
irtnro tho 30th day ot September.
J Cm- parties  Indebted   to  the  sold
luireil to pur tho amount ot their
t mo forthwith.
j Mh llay ot September, 1911.
Olllcisl Administrator.
BROWN, Locator
chaina eut,
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land District���District of Queen Charlott
Take notico that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intends lo apply l*
tho chlof Commlaslonnr o( Lands and Works (or
a licenco to prospect (or coal, oil and potroleam
on and under thp [ollowing doscribod landa on the
Weat Coast ot Graham Island*
Ol   VS-BW-MM   ...ii
Beginning at a post planted throe miloa eut o
���      thence an
the northeut corner ol ���. .   	
chaina eut, thenco SO ehalna south   	
ehalna weat, thonce 80 ehaina north to point ol
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
���xpenses to meet Brown in Niw
York or any oilier place. In
addition, Morgan offered to bet
S2<5,000 that Brown would beat
the champion.
���  MM
Although   Frank   Snii
join the Reds till tlie season, was
.veil  advanced,  he  has  picched
more  decisive  games   than 'any
of the other twirlcrs���twenty-fiv
in all, as against iwer.y-.wo for
Caspar, lhe nexi busiest man.
M  M  M
Pat Flaherty i** a batting fnvk
Me doesn't hit for sour potatoes
.vlien playing regularly, but whe
put in as a pinch litter lie is
devil.     He   has   delivered   pinch
.vallops  seven   times  in   his  las
eleven iries.
H  M  M
Young ('.rillin of BostOI
pitched some of the lies'
yet tO Win
^^^^^^^^^   l.i'11
lie year for that club, but has
game.  Seven defeats
and one time compose Ilis record
up to (late.   That's hard luck.
M  M  M
Minto Cup Record
1900���Cup   presented   lo  Ottaw
1901���Caps defeated Cornwall.
1901���Shamrocks (champions) beat
Vancouver Y. M. C. A
1902���Shamrocks   defeated    New
1903���Shamrocks beat Brantford.
1904���Shamrocks beat Capitals.
1006���Shamrocks   defeated   St.
1906���Caps (champions) awarded
1907��� Shamrocks again  won   lhe
championship and cup.
1908���New Westminster beat the
1909���New Westminster defeated
Regina, 0-4, 12-2.
1909���New Westminster defeated
Tecumsehs, 0-4, 0-5.
1910���New Westminster defealed
Montreal, 10-4, 18*6.
1910���New Westminster defeated
Nationals, 7-3, 11-1.
1911���Vancouver (chatnpions) defeated New Westminster.
Skeena Land District���District of Quoen Churlotte
Tuko notice that thirty days (mm date, I. C. E.
-liitinter o( Prlnco Ruport, It. C, by occupntiun
bookkeeper, intond to apply to the Chief Com-
nii ii,n,-r o[ I.iuiiis (or a liconco to prospect [or
cuul und petroleum on and under 640 acres o(
��� l.i1.1 on Graham Island deacribct! as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
nf 0. E. II. Coal Loaso No. 10. marked N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 22, thence soulh
80 chains, thenco woat 80 chaina, thonce n.irlh 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to place o( commencement.
DalcdSe.pt. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
Skoena Land District���District ol Coast Range .".
Take nolico that I, John Ruthortord Really
of Prince Rupert, occupallon engineer, intend
tn upnly for permission to purchuo the following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted on tho eiott
shore of the Exchumslk River, and being about
two mile* northerly from the mouth ot lho uld
Exchumsik River, and which post ia nltout forty
chaina north from a stake ptanted on tho Exchumaik
River and known u "E9"; thonco north 40
chains, thenc eut 80 chains, thenco aouth 80
chains, thenco west forty chains, thence north
in chnins, ihenco wost 40 chains to the place of
commencement, containing 180 acroa moro or leas.
Haled September 12, 1911.
Skoona I nn.l District��� Diatrict of Queen Charlulte
Take nutice lhal thirty daya from dale, I, C. E
Rainier of Prince Hupert, B. C, by occupation
bookk.H'pur, intond to apply to tho Chief Commiasioner of Landa (or a licence lu prospect (or
cual und petroleum on and under (i<10 acre* n(
land on Graham laland di-scribcd aa follows:
Commencing al a posl plantod live mile* east
ot Coal Loaao No. 4467, marked C. E. B. Coal
Lease No. 1, N. E. corner, thenco wuat 80 chains,
thenc* south 80 chains, ihence oul 80 chains,
Ihenco nurth 80 chains to place o( eommencoment.
Hat..I s.-|.t. II, 1911 C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'uh. Sepl 23.
Royal Bank of Canada
Head OFFICE: MONTREAL. Established 1869.
Capital, $6,200,000
Surplus. $7,200,000
Total Assets, $100,000,000
Savings Hank Department, $1 will open an IQCOUIlt
Branches throughout Canada and Banking Connections with all parts of the
United States.
Agents throughout the world.
H. P.. WILSON, Manager, Prince Rupert Branch*
skM'tui I .uml DUlrict -DUtrict of Queen Chiirluttc-
I ul..- nutice that thirty <layn from date, 1. C. E.
Uuintcr of I'rince Hupert, B. C, by occupation
l'..i>M.<i'j'i-r, itiitui to apply to tho Chief Com-
miMluner of Landa (or a licenco to prmpect for
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acrea of
land on (iraham laland daacribed aa followx:
Commencing at a poal planted one mile north
of C. E. II. Coal I ...-��� No. D, marked N. W.
corner C. E. B. No. 10, thence nouth so chain*,
Un-t.r.* went HO chaina* thence north N> chainii,
thence eaal hO chaini to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1U1I. C. E. UAINTEH. Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 2D.
Skeena Land DUtrict -DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya fronm date, t, C. E.
Hainter of I'rince Hupert, B. C, occupation l>ook.
keener, intend to apply to the Chk'f Commianiani-r
of Landa (or a licence to proapect for coal and
i-i tr..:. um on and under b-10 acres of land on
liraham laland de��cribed aa followi:
Commencing at a poat planted t*o mllea north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No H, marked N. E. corner
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 11, thence aouth M>
chaina, thence weat ttO chaina, thence north HO
chaina, thence eaat HO chaina lo place of commencemenl.
Dated Sept. 11, 1011.    C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
Tub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya from date, I, C. E.
Bainter of Trince Hupert, it. C, by occupatiun
hookkeeper, intend to apply to th'.* Chief Com
Tin M.rn r of Land for a licence to proapect fur
coal antl petroleum on and under tilO acroa of
land on (iruham laland deacril>ed aa fullowa:
Commencing at a poat planted two milea north
of C. E. B. Coal Letue No. 7, msrked C. E. B.
Coal Leaae No. 12, thenct* aouth HO chaina, thenct
eaat HO chaina, thenct- nurth HO chaina, thenct
went HO chaina to place of commencement.
Dated Sepl. 11, l��ll. C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
Pul'. Sept. 2.1.
Skrena Land DUtrlct -DUtrict of Qui-en Charlotte
lake notice that thirty daya from data, 1, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Hupert, H. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com
mUaioner of Landa for a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum un and under MU acrea of
land on (iraham laland deacribed aa fullowa:
Commencing at a poat planted two milea north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 7, marked S. W. corner
C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 18, thence north HO
chaina, thence eaat HO chaina, thenee aouth HO
chaina, thence went HO chaina to pluce of coin
Daled Sept. tl, 1UI1.     C.  E.  UAINTEH, Ucator
Puh. Sept. 2J.
Skeena Und DUtrict DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
'lake nutice that thirty daya from date, I, t . K
Hainter uf Princu Hupert, B. C, by occupation
I look keeper, intend lo apply lo the Chief Com-
i. i um. r uf Unda for a licence tu proapect fur
coal and tH'troluum on and under ������in acrea of
land on (iraham laland dencril>ed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planteel KWO milea ..erlh
of C. E. 11. Coal Uaac No. H, marked S. E. corne
C. E. B. Coal J-.'iim* No. 14, thence north Hi
chaina, thence weat HO chain-, tiiu.ee aoulh HO
chaina, Ihence taat HO chaina lo (luce of com
Daled Sept. 11, 1911.     C. E. UAINTEH, Ucaior
Puh. Sepl. 2*1.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
'lake notice that thirty daya from date, 1, C. E-
Hainter of Prince Hupert, U. C, hy occupation
bookkeeper, intend tu apt-ly to the Chief CommUaioner of Lund- fur a licence to proapect fur
coal und petroleum on ami under ��� i" acrea uf
land on Graham laland described aa fullowa:
Commencing at a post planted one mile north
or C. E. H. Coal Uaae No. 10, marked C. E. H
Coal Uaac No. !���'���, thence north HO chaina, thence
weal 80 chaina, tnence aouth HO cliaina, thence
eaal HO chaina to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1011. C. E. UAINTEH, Ucator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUlrict���DUtricl of Queen Charlotte
Take noticu that thirty daya from date, I, C. E,
Bainter of I'rince Hupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply lo the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa for a licence tu proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under (i 10 acrea of
land on Uraham laland deacribed aa follows:
Commencing at a pout planted two mllea norlh
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 10, marked N. E.
corner C. E. II. < 'mil l*eaae No. IG, thenco aouth
80 chaina, thence weal 80 chains, thenco north
80 chaina, thence eaat 80 chains to place of commencement.
DaletlSept. 11,1911.    C. E. UAINTEH, Ucator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from date, 1, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Hupert, ii. C��� by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to tho Chlof Commiaaioner of Unds for a licence to proapect for
coal and potroloum on and under 0*10 acres of
land on (iraham laland deacrihed aa followa:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
of C. E. H. Coal Uaae No. 14, marked N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 17, thenco aouth
HO chains, thence weat K0 chains, thenco north 80
chains, thence east 80 chaina to place of commencement.
I mted Sept. 11. 1'Ul.     C. E.  UAINTEH, Ucator
Pub. Sopt. 23.
Skeena Und DUlrict -DUlrict of Queen Charlotto
Tako notice that thirty days from dale, I, C. E.
Balnter of Prince Hupert, H. ��'., by occupation
bookkeeper, Intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for a Liconco to prospect for
coal ard potroloum nn ami under Oil) acrea of
land on (iraham Island described as fullowa:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
of C. E. B. Coal Uase No. 12, marked N. W.
cornor C. E. B. Coal Uase No. 18, tlience south
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thonco north 80
chnins, Ihoncn wont 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 28.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take nutico that thirty days from dale, I, C. E
Bainter of Prince Hupert, 11. C, by occupallon
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commiaaioner of l_anda (or a licence lo prunjieci for
cual and petroleum un and under t> <���' acrea ol
land on (iruham laland dc.cribud aa followa:
Commencing al a poat planted five milea eaat
of Coal l ...-.- No. 4107, marked C. E. ll. .V W.
corner No. 2, thence aouth HO chaina, thence eaat
HO chains, thence north HO chatna, Ihence weal
HO chains tu place of commencement.
Dated Sept. ll, 1011. C. E. BAIN TEH, Locator
Skeena Und Dbtricl -DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days (rom date, 1, C. E.
Hainter uf Prince Hupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lu apply lu the Chief Commiaaioner of Unda lor a licence to pro4|>oct for
coal and potruloum on and under 040 acrea of
land un Graham  laland duacrib-ud as followa:
Commencing at a pout planted five mil. cast
of Coal Leaae No. 4470, marked C. E. B. S. \\.
corner of Coal Leaao No. 3, ihence eaat ���*������ chains,
Ihence north 80 chaina, thence weal HO chaina,
thence aouth HO chaina to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 1911. C. E. BA1NTEK, Ucator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
lake notice that thirty dayi (rum date, 1, t . K,
Hainter of  Prince Hupert,  ll. C, by uccupation
i l.i- ��������� r,  intend tu apply to thu Chief Cum
c i ������ihi,. i of Unda for a licence to proapect (or
cual and petroleum on and under 040 ucres of
land tm (iraham Island described aa followa:
Commencing at a poal planted live mtisi Stsft
of Coal Uaae No. 44.0, marked C. E. H. S.
corner Coal Leaae No. 4, thence went mi chains,
tnence nurth HO rhaina, thence eaat HO chaina,
thence aouth 80 chaina to place of commencement.
Uated Sept. 11, lull. C. E. UAINTEH, LOflStOI
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that thirty daya (rom dute, I, C. E
Hainter of I'rince Hupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend tu upply to the Chief Coin
miaaioner of Lunda (ur a licence to pnupect fur
coal and petroleum on and under M0 acres id
land on Graham Island descnl>ed as followa:
Commencing at a punt planted two miles notrh
o( atake market! C. E. ll. Coal LSSSH No. I. marked
N. E. corner C. E. 11. Coal Uaae No. .'>, thence
south HO chaina, thonce weat BO chaina, Ihenee
north HO chaina, ihence east HO chaint to place uf
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. S. E. UAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District DUtricl of Queen Chralotte
Tako notice that thirty duyt from dale, 1. C. E
Hainter ol Prince Hupert, H. C*. by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend tu apply to ihu Chief Com
mi.*.'inner ol Lands lor a licence to prospect (or
coal and petroleum on and under MO acros uf
land on (iraham Island described ar followa:
Commencing at a post planted two miles norlh
of C. E. B. Coal .-MM No, t, marked C E. Hainter
N. W. corner Coul Lease Nu. ��. ther.ce south Ml
chatna, thence eaat ho chain-*, thence north Ml
chaina, thonco west HO chaina to pluce of common cem ent.
DaiedSept. 11, 1911. C. B. UAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sopt. 2.1
Skoona Land DUtrict    DUlrict of Queen Charlotl.
Tako notice that thirty days from date, 1, C. E
Hainter o( Prince Itupert, H. <\, by occupation
hookkeeper, inteml to apply to the Chief Commiaaioner ot Unda (or a licence to proapect d
coal and petroleum on und under 010 acrea o(
land on Graham islund deacrilied ����� follows:
Commencing at u poit planted two mllea north
of C. E. U. Coal Unite Nu. 8, stake S. W. corner
Coal Leaao No. 7, thenco norlh HO chains, thonce
oaat HO chaina, thence south HO chsina, thence
weat 80 chatna to pluce ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. K. HAINTER, Ufa
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und DUtricl���District ol Queon Charlotto
Take notice that thirty days from dale, I, C. E.
Hainter of Princu Huport, It. C-, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply lo tho Chief Commiasioner of Lands for a licenco to prospect (or
coal and potroloum on and under 040 acres o(
land on (iraham Island doacribed aa follows:
Commencing at n post plantod two mi,. ��� north
of C. E. H. Coal Uaae No. 4, marked S. E. cornor
C. E. U. Coal Uaae No. 8, thonce north 80 chains,
thonce weat 80 chains, thonce south HO chains,
lhen?o eaat 80 chains to place of cnmmoncomonl.
Dated Sopt. 11, 1911. 0. E. UAINTEH, Ucntnr
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und DUtrlct���Dislrict of Quean Charlott
Taka notico that Auttln M. Brown of Prince
Hupert, aaddler, intends to apply to the Chief
CommtMioner of Unda antl Works (or a licence
to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tne following daacrlhed lands on the West
Coast of Qraham Island:
Commencing at a poit planted two milei cast
of the aoutbea t corner of C. L. No. 4477 thunce
HO chains woat, thence 80 chaini north, thenca 80
chaini east, thence 80 chnins aouth to point of
co mm on cement.
Located 3lit July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeona Und DUlrict���District of Quoen Charlotto
Tako notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Hupert, aaddlor, Intendi to apply to the Chlof
Commlaaioner of Unds and Works (or a liconco
to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and under
tho following doacrtbod lamia on the West Cout of
Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planled three miles [rum
the aoutheast corner of C. L. Nn. 4472 thenco HO
chains woat, thonce 80 chains north, thenco 80
chaina east, thonco 80 chains aouth to point of
Ucated August lit. 1911,
Pub. Aug. 19.
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Skwim Uud Diatrict ���DUtrict of Coast Rango V
Taku nutico thai 1,  l'etor Erickson of Prinoe
Rupert, laborer,  intend to apply for pormiaaion
Ui purclitme tlie following iloBcriUul lands.
Cun.iiici.cint; ut u post plantud on tho north
hunk of WUlbuni Crook win-re tho railway ritcht-
of-Wty erOMM und 3 chains back from tho crook
bank, tlicnco south 30 cliuina, thonce eaat 40
Chaini* thenco north 30 chaina, ttcnco west 40
chuins to point of commoncimiont.
Datod July 7, 1911, PKTKK ERICKSON
Puli. July 25. Frod E. Cowell, Agent
BkSMI l.iiri.l District���District of Coast Range V
I'uko notico that  I, John  Evonson of  Prince
Kupert, ltiboror, intonil to apply for permlsaion
to piirchuno tho following dc-scribtHl landa:
CoiuiiioiH'iiig al  u  no_t planted at tho aouth-
mwt cornor of Ut 4416, thonce north 80 chains*
tlionet* i.c-i   (i0  chaitm,  thonco aouth 80 chaina,
tlu-mv ��i  ; tin chuins to point of commoncomont.
Dated July l.i, mil. JOHN BVBNBON
Tub. July 21. Krud K. Cowoll, Agent
Skcviia Umd District -District of Coast Rango V
lake notice (hut 1, Itenjamin A. Fish of Townor,
N. D., occupation merchant, intond to apply
(or poniiLvtion iu purchaso thu following doscribod
htn its:
Commencing at a post piunted on the oast
boundury and about tivo chains from the south-
���Ml OORMI of Ut 44S4, (MM north 00 chains,
tlionet* oast 30 chuins, thonco suuth 00 chains,
. thenee west 30 chains to point of eommencoment.
Dat��d Juno 24, Ull, BENJAMIN A. 1'ISU
Pub. July 25. Kred K. Cowoll, Agent
:...���-..i Und DUtrlct���DUtrict of Cuast Rango 6
Tuko   notico   that   Sunley   linvn   of   Prince
Rupert, It. C., occupation miner, intcuda to apply
for permiaaion to purchaso the following deaenbod
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains south
and 40 chains west of the norihweet corner of
Ut 1733, Lakelse Valley, District of Coast Range
L thonce wost 40 chains, thonco aouth 80 chaina,
thence eut 40 chains, thencu north 80 chaina to
point of commencement.
Staked Juno 30th, 1911 STANLEY GREEN
Pub. July l... Ucator
Skoena Und District-District of Coast Kamre 5
lake notice that Perey M. Miller of Prince Kit*
port. B.C., uccupatiun Civil Kmtineer, intenda to
apply -for permission to purchuse the followinK
deacrtbtd lands:
Commencini; at a pust planted M the left Itank
of McNeil River at nurth west corner uf lot 440H
It. V., thence east 2v' chains more ur loss to westerly boundary uf timber limit MB void number
I06U) thenco northerly following **Wt westerlv
Uiundary of timber limit w.' chains mure or less
t.. north wost curner of said timber limit, thence
���Ttitarv 10 chains mora or loss to loft bank of
McNeil River, thonco southerly fulluwimr aald
loft hank of McNeil River ������.' chains mure ur less
tit point of cummeneement. containing l*X* acres
mure ur less.
E. Flexman, Agent
Date June 19, 1-��11
Pub. July li*. lyll
Skeena Und District-District of Casslar
Take notice that I. Thomas Carter, of Prince
Kupert, occupation carpenter,  intend  to apply
for m-rmlssion to purchase the following descrit>
| ed land.
, Cj-mmencin .��� at a post planted about one mile
] south frt.m tho mouth of Falls crock and about
US feet back from the beach, thonce SO chains
; nurth. thetuv 40 chains west, ihence A> chains
\ MOth, thence east 4ti chainstopuintof commence***
mi-nt. cunUinm*: 00 acres mure i>r less.
Pat a! July Tth. lt��ll.     Charles Webster Calhoun,
i Pub. Aug. 5lh. A_rent.
Skeena Und District���Putrid of Coast Ranga V
Taka   notica   that   1,   Paul   Hagen   of   Princa
Kupert, laborer, intend to apply lor permiaaion
i to purchaae the folluwing described lands:
l. ommencir.g at a post planted on the north
' bank of \\ tiiiaroa Creek about M chains south
eaat from K. iv. thence south 40 chains, thence
vast 40 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
: weat 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 7, l.'ll. PAIL HACKS
> Tub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell. Ageat
1   Skeena Und District ���DUtrict of Coast Range 5
Take roUce that Sarah E. Alton of Prince
! Rupert, occupation nurse. Intends to apply for
1 permiaaion  to  purchase the following  described
Commencing at a post planted at the North'
J weat corner 140 chains easterly tslightly north)
I (rom the northeast corner of Ul  1116 JUrvey
Wn-t)' Coast District, Range V, thence m> chains
! east, thence n.�� chairs south, thence 40 chains
1 aast, tbence 40 chains nonh. tbence 40 chains
; ********* ther.ce 40 chains north to poat of com-
1 mencement containing 4W acrw more or leas.
Dated June 11. lyll. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July IS. Fret! Uohler, Agent
Bill to be Introduced in British
London, S. ]>
Labor membt i
drafted r, bill -
prevent Btriki -
any  emplo)
in violation
punished h\
if  the  bill  I
bt* fined from
tie measure
. 22, Will Crooks,
nt' Parliament, has
hich is designed to
,'i tl lockouts.
provides that an)
ring a lockout or
pa going on strike
ol ilu- act shall be
fine. The employer,
! -comes   h'.w,   is  to
1100 to 11000 for
every  day   t li.it
continues. The pep;1
uch  i'  lockout
i> for striking
ret r;1
&r.ges from
>, and persons
B to strike ire
iryir.g from 150
contrary to tn
SU) to S50 v
inciting emplo
liable to ii tii t
to S1000.
The nfeasurc further proposes
that wherevi r a dispute arises
between an employer ar.d any of
to settle it,
to the Bo
ciliation   i-
��.nd ihey are unable
either party may apply
��� nl of Trade for the
I of a "board of coned   investigation,
which the dispute may be referred.
Authority to strike or lock out
must   come  from   the   Boanl  of
Prince Rupert Hardware and Supply Company
PHONE   120
Do You Want
Value for
Your Money ?
Why not  Ml
nt the
id dinr.iT   I
Exchange : Grill
The   Price   35   cenU IS   RIGHT
an., the- mWM untl nervier? up to our
well established standard
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
iu:\'.. orpici
t >,t,>sr->
PACrORlKS    PETF.H8tlRtH-.ill   OKI
The Canada Foundry Co.. Limited    -     Toronto, Ont.
1 **���*.*������:.. I_r. 1 District ��� District ol I'oait lUr.f. 5
Tak* Dene* that Unford Sewell 11*11 ol Princ*
itupcrt, 11. OL occupation locomotive enpneaf.
; tnt*n4a to apply for parmiastoa to puKhlM tb*
- (oaio.m, dcvcnbf.1 lanis:
l*omm*r.ci_t at a poat planted on tb* nortb
bank ol  tb*  Zlmoaotltl   K...T  about  thr** ,J-
miles distant  .upstrvam   tn a m-eatert)* dtrection
from tbe junction of tbe Liuic Zimocotiu Kiv*r
and lb* mata Zln..*cottu Utter, tbenc* north .0
chaina, th*r..-e vra-st  40 chain*, tbenc* aoulh 40
cbaina,  ther.ce ***t   40 chain,  to poat ol com-
rtaMcemeat cntaintn*- 160 acre, mor* or lea*.
luteal Jar.* 7. I��tl.    LIM U!U> SENVALL BELL '
Pub. Jul)* S. *..*>*. It. Putnam, A(*at
Caaslar   Land   l.iatnct-1'i.mct   ol  Sk**na
Tak* botice that I, Lemuel I"rear of Vancouvar,
v*ccup*ti->n broker. Intend to apply (ur p-rm-itaaioe-i
to purchas* the (olloeein, dewnbedr laada:
Commaoela,; at a post planted on th* ahor*
ia a northerly direct.,.c from Port S*l*on Cannery'
���mraea! L. P.'a S. I. (ornrr. tbenc* io chaini
north, tbtnee it* chaint ��*.*.. tb*nc* :0 chaint
touth to thor* line, thet-.c* alon, tb* ahor* to
potnt ol commencement, rvtttair.tnc 40 acn* mor*
i'steaj Jun, 10, 1911 LEMCEL II.1 IK
Pub. July a. J. M. Collison. Ac*et
Skeena Ur.J Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Coast Rant* V
Tak* notice that J*as* M. Tallman of Cedar
llapid*. lo��a. occupatioa la.yer. intends to
apply for pa-n-waia-n to purchae* th* (olU**ln|
d**crtbe.l landt:
Coramenctn, at a poat planted on th* toutherl}-
short ol kutajmateen Inlet on the M,ht bank
rl a small ttream tto��in( ir.to aaid UM juet *���*.
ol Crow Lake. Thene* aouth io chain*, thenc*
****. ''o chaint mor* or leaa to the ahor* line ol
Crow Lake, thence northerly and teuteliy lol-
loarin, th* .hot* lineal of Croar Lak*. tb* Inlet
to Cro�� l-ak* and Kuta*>m*:een Inlet to th*
plac* ol comrnaocernent. c.ntainin, forty acrei
mor* or 1***. Located Atiiust t. l��ll.
Latel Au�� ?. Ull. JESSE M. TALLMAN
l-ub. Au(. IS.
Skeena Land Dutrict���Dittrict ol Coaat Rant* ->
Take n.-tiee th.t R. f. Miller of Tipton. I.rt-
Unet, occupation lar*m*r. intend, to toply lor
pevmitMon to purchate th* lotlowin, dt��oib*d
��� rr.rtnt at a port planted about .0 chains
ItKm .he N. \V   Corr.��r ol Lot 440el, th*nc*
onb  4"  e-ratn..  th.r.ee *-.t  SO chaint. Ih*nc*
h  40  chatna,  thence Mat  30 chaint to th,
potnt of commencement eontalnini nighty acres
nvof* or let*. _   .... ��� _.. l
Dated Aurast l��. I��ll. ff f.   MILLER
l-ub Au��. t*. r. He Mill��r. A,��nt
������atena Und Dirtnct-DUtrlct ol Coast Ran,. .*.    \,,;\\[,       to ct.nil. I .lit   ll
Mrt. lym-oBl   oi
Pastor   Believes   They   Would
Reduce Divorce Cases
"If sonu-i'i'i- will Ki1*'-*' '"*' Sa.OtX)
or even S'J.ikhi. 1 will equip for
lloliokfp .. rtson for lovers which
will insure tin* young |K*i>plv lu*rt
agrirst di\x��rce aitd render iluir
married li\v*- happy and content���
���omething that fifty per cert of
the marriages row performed .re
This is the statement made 1>>
the Rev. Joseph 1��. Petfers, pastor
of the Fira-, Reformed church of
Hoboken, N. J., who hat beet
concerning himself a gre.-t deal
lately with ;he soci.'l wilf.-re of
the young people <>f the New
Jersey cii>. He has found that
... large number of divorces annuallj
. re attribu etl to incompatibility
of temper .:il other re.'st.i-s which.
pxcording to Dr. Peters, "niigh;
just .���> .veil have lieen discovered
before ni. rricge .-.- after."
"Therefore. I proposv to equip
some place where these your.g
people can come and talk and play
>..nK> and learn each other's dis-
i., >-i.ii m - ard see if they are reall)
-.li'.eil    ;..   each   oilier.      If   the
woman -hows that she is fond "i
luxuries which the mep cannot
. fiord, or if he displays .1 ilis-
position ;.. cheat her .-.t dominoes
-r c. nl-. ther they will know that
they   have   no   business  getting
111. rtinl."
N'othii g to do but work,
Si   ! i; �� W e.t l��in food,
N'othii g to wear but clothes,
To keep ore from s<-ii n nude.
Nothing ;�� breathe but .'ir,
Q lick SS ���' t1.'-h 'ti- j;'.t'e;
\..wh<re to (all but olT.
Nowhere to st.'rd but Oft.
Skoena l.nit.t District ���District ol Ctisaltir
Taka notica that R. H. Stewart ut Vancouver,
B.  t'.  occupation truckman,  intends to apply
lor 'ii'rmissiuii to purchase, thc rollowlng dtMnDM
Commenelns at a post planted 40 chains south
ol Pre-omiition No. 397 and Bfl chains eaat (nun
the Naaa River (S. W. C), thence 40 chuins eust,
thenco 40 chaina north, thence 40 chuina w.*at,
thenco 40 chatna aouth u, the point of commencement to contain ttio ucrea moro or leas.
Dated Auii, 1911. James T. Fullerton, Aitcnl
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land District���DUtrlct ol Coust Run I
Take notice that Harold B. Smith of Mi.relv,
Altu , occupation station asent, intetuls to ii(.l��1>*
for |*.*rmiasion to purchuae the lollowinit ile.a.'rii'.*,l
CommencinB at a post plant.-d at the south
weat corner 100 chains east and 40 chuiu. north
from N. E. vomer ot Lot lllti, llurve.v'e Survey
Coatt District Ran*-!* t, thenco 10 cliuin. taut.
theme.. SO chains nt.rth, thence' 10 cliuina west,
thence SO chaina south to post of commi'ticenienl
containinK 320 acre*, mon* or leas. _ .
DatedSe.pt. IS, 1911. HAROLD E, SMITH
Pub. Sepi. 23. Kred W. Uohler, Alteni
Sk.aena Land District���District of Coast Kanite .'.
Tak* nolice that Hiram Roy McTavirh of
Winnipeg, Man., occupation barrister, intenda
to apply for permiasion to purchate the follow inn
deecribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted ut the southwest
corner to chains eaal and 40 chains north Irom
N. E. center of Lot 1110, Harvey's Survey Coast
Diatrict Range 5, thence 60 chaina eaat, tl-eiio*
60 chaina north, Ihence 60 chuins weat, tlience 60
chaina aoulh lo pest of commencement containing |
*!i.O acres more or lea**.
Dated Sept. 18, 1911    HIRAM ROY McTAi ISII I
Pub. Sept. 23. Kred W. Uohler. Agent
Skeena Land District��� Di'trict ol Coa.t Range 5 i
Take notice that Lottie McTavi��h ol Vancouver,
occupation married woman, intends to apply
tor permission to purchase the following de*.cribe*d
Commencing at a pott  plumed ut the northwest comer loO chains east and  to chains north
from N. E. corner ot Lot lllti. Harvey's Survey
Coaal  District  Range 5, there 20 chuins south, I
Ihence bO chains   eaat,  thence BO chains north, '
Ihence 40 chains **.*��., thence 60 chains south,
thence 40 chaint wett lo post ol commencement j
dontaining loo acres more or Iwa.
Dated Sept. 16. 1911. LOTTIE McTACISH
Pub. Sept 23 Kred \V. Uohler, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���Dittrict of Cout Rang* 5
Tak* notice that Krank S. Miller ol London,
Eng., occupation civil engineer, intend* to apply
for permiaaion to purchaae the following deacribed j
l*x*o*: v,   _
Commencing at a post planted at thi N. E. ;
Corner ol Lot 26, thence north 20 chaina, thence
weat 20 cbaina, thenc* south 20 cbaina, thence
eaat 20 cbaina to point uf commencement, con- .
taining 40 acres mor** or lea*.
Dated Auguat 15, 1911.        KRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrlct -DUtrict ot Coast Rang* 6 i
Take notice that Herbert J. Mackie ol Pern-1
broke, Ont., occupation lumberman, intenda to '���
apply lor pvrmUaion to purchase th* foUowing i
daacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on the left bank ,
of tb. Zymoooiu or ltm-.-got-ila River, at aouth-
MM cornar ol Lot IT06, thence northerly, (ollowing
th* watterly boundary ot Lot IT.'-. .**" chains
more or less, to tbe northweat corner of taid Lot
1706, tbence westerly and aoutherly, following i
the left bank ot aaid river, SO chaint more or last to
point of commencement containing 160 acrea
mure or lua.
Locatad Augutt 19. Ull.
Dated August 21, 1911.    HERBERT J. MACKIE ;
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. Clementa, Agant
Skaena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coait Rang, V
Tak* notlc* tbat I. Ueorg* Kim* of Towner.
North Dakota, C. .**   A., farmor, intend to apply
lot nermtesion to purchaa* th* following d��tcrtb*d .
Commencing at a poat planted at th* aouthweat cornar of Lot 2287, thence eaat 80 chain*,
theac* eouth 40 chaint, thence watt 40   cbains
theme* touth 40 chaint,  thenc* watt 40 chaint  ,
thence north 80 chaina to point of commemeemen   !
containing 480 acre* mor* or leaa.
Datad July I:., 1911 GEORGE KIME
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Ag*ot
Skeena Land District
District of Coast, Kange 5.
Take notice that Wm. Francis Nicholson, of Prince Kupert, B.C., occupation
locomotive fireman, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on thc
north bank of the Zim-o-got-itz river,
about two miles up stream in a westerly direction from the junction of the
little Zim-o-got-itz river and the main
Zim-o-got-itz river, and marked Wm.
Francis Nicholson's south-east corner,
thence north 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, thence south 40 chains more or
less to shore line of river, thence east
40 chains more or less along shore line
of river to post of commencement, containing 160 acres moie or less.
Wm. Fra-ncis Nicholson,
Geo. R. Putman. agent.
Dated July IT, 1911.
Church Services
Services every Sunday in the
Kinpresa The*tre, 11 u.m. ami
7 80 p.m.    Sunday School and
Bible flans at '2MQ p. m.
REV. F. W. KERR. M.A., Pastor
Services every Sunday at U
a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday
School   ...30   p. m. Baracu
Bible Clan 2.30 p.m.
REV. W. H. McLBOD B.A D.D.    Pastor
Services every Sunday at  H
a.m.   and 7..to p.m.     Sunday
School at 2.90 p.m.
REV. C. R. SING, B.D. Pjwtor
Sunday Services 11
a. m.. 3 p. in.. 8 p.m.
Sunday School 1.30 p.
m. Public Services
Monday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Saturday at
8 p.m. Everybody welcome.
ENSIGN JOHNSTONE. C'h'd'q officur
McCaffery 4
RealJLstate OffcJJ
Lot on Beach Place BU,,.    i
Fine view lot on |.,,urth V',or<-*J
G, (or ��13no. hA^��.
T7  N'i Idonilrd |olSo���
Avenw, Section . *i20o___5
Two lot, on Sixth M-Z**
for $1500 eat*]
One lotjbeloi* grade, on Sta), I
tor $1800 ong Itermi
Double ��rn��� ���:; Ei h ���    ���
tion 6, for $1500 pair, tm**
House u���d u , Section tU?
TwOTofeMSOcMhandl .
on the 1-alunci
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
The Fineat Rooma.
The beat equipped
and ateam heated.
Hot and cold bath*.
Dininit room and
Corley & Burgess,
to proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tb* lollosring d*sei* * *'
Coaat ol Graham Island:
���enbed landa on th* W��at
Bt C1H1 ������    STEAM    IHOV.
t oNcarripaiixtM
CAS   AM.   ,*, \< iLlNE  ES-
MATHER   ."a   l-I.XTT   TtR.
PRINCE RUPERT BRANCH " '���""�����li"|lH
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a ver)- limited
amount of aharej of stock at iV per share;
par value 11.00. The��e shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market     :   :
Nowhere to sloop bui in IkiI.
' Nothing u> weep but tcr-.
Nothing to bury but dead.
Nothing to sing bui longti
Ah. well, altsl slackl
Nowhere to go but out.
Nowhere to come but back.
Nothing to see but sights.
Nothing to quench but thirst;
ling  to h.'ve but wh.t we've
Thus through life we .'.re cursui.
uuran. iurrisun
iMoTaat rvnuci
V   r. tl. r.AMIU.E
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real EaUte and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
Tak*   notie*  that   I,  Thomat
Prinee   Rupem.   II.   C.   oecupation   real  mite
broker, intend to appl) lor permualon to purthat*
:-��� (. . . .xr.e a'*-acr.t*e*d land*:
Commercing at a ptot planted at th* S **.
comer ol pre-emption record 412. inene* ea�� H
chain*, thenc* south 4t�� tl.int, thence ��**t X)
chain, to .hor* ol lak*, thence tollo.in*. shore
,f lak* tn a northerly direction to point ot eotn-
ni*nca-m*nt. containing MO acrea, m��r* or let*.
Pub. Sept. t. Ereno�� Cole. Agenl
Sa*��na Ur.d DittrKt -Dittrict ol Coatt Rang* i
Tak* noti.-e that E. II. O. Miller ,*f lalmoutb
Eng. occujation turrt)T>r, intendi to apply to
p*r:ni**irn   to  purehaae   the  lol1o**ing  detcnbe.1
' l.n,l* .
I    Coenrr.crciig at . pott planted at th* V *A . Cor-
r,�� ol Ut 440*. th��n*e �����tt SO chiar... thenc* touth
i0 ctair.. thence eatt SO chain., thenct nortb 20
cbaina to the point ol commencement containing
lt>v ac-e. m.*r* or l**t.
DM Autlist IS. 1��11. F.   11. tl   MILLl.R
i Pub. Aug M re M. Miil��r. Ag*nt
: Ske*r,a Land Dittrict���District al Wueen Charlotte
Take notice lhat Austin M. Brown ol Prince
Rupert, occupation aad-ll.r. intendi to Ipply to th*
Ctnta. t'onimiationer ol Land, and W'orkt lor ���
licence to prospect lor coal, cil and petroleum on
and under th* lollowing ''.earhbe-d landa on tba
Weet xSoam ot tlraham Island:
��� Tfi-4 at a pott planted three mil** tut
,ol the r-rhraat corner ol C. I- No. 44T2 Ibence   \,,,|*j- ^   ,x ,\\\ Imt CunllUOI'  -, t' -.
'north  S. chain*,  thtnc* **tt  SO chains,  thenc*   ���-"*"���"" S >    f
���vuth M s*mXt*m, thenct ��ert SO chaint to poinl ol
ee.mtT.en cement.
Al'STIN M. BROWN. Locator
located August lit. '.ill.
Tab. Aug. 19.
Steer a Und Dittrict���District o( Coast Rang* V
Tak* nolle* that  I,  r*ter Lareen ol Towner,
I 'ak.-ta. I'. S. A., lamer, intend to appl)
l.ar permitslon to purchas* th* lollowing detrribed
Commencing al a post planled at the touth-
east comer ol Ut ITS?, thenee aouth SO chaint,
thenc* weat   40  chaina,  then** north W chain*, >
thenee ewtt 40 chain, to point ol commeaeement.
I-atcl Julr IS. 1*11. PETER LARSI'.S
Pub July XS, 1*11. Fred E. Cowell. Ageat
Skeena 1 ani Dlslriet -Dutrict ol Cwut Rang* V     ,- ir.������|l    ti    M,,nrr
T.k* notk* that I. Adolph II   I hrisemmon ol   UlYorCl   In-lll  II.  II.  Al.'lirr.
Towner.    North    Dakota,   occupation    at.orne,-
a.-law. Intend to appty lor permueion to purchaa, ; .���
Ih* lollowing .1���eribed land*:
Commencing at a pool planted about on* and ,
or*-hall  mile*  vt   l-Sj   north***!   ol   th*  h��*d  ot
Trout  Rivrr on tht w*at sid* ol Uk*ss* Uke.
and  about   . chain,  teom  th* lake-lmct,  thenc*
araath  so  chain*, lheae-> *���r* SO chain*. th*tte*
north  .0 chaina. th**** *aat SO chaia* to point ;
ol ea���-i~���-can*ant.
���   ..    ���auou*h ii. cBaurruMOM
Commencing at a po*t plantad two mile* eatt
ol th* northeett comer ol C. I. No. 44T8 thence
louth SO chaint, thenc* weat SO cbaina. thence
north SO chaint, thtnc* eait no chaint to potnt ol
Al'STIN  M. BROWN. Locator
Located 31st July. 1*11.
Pub. Aug. I?.
Skaena Und Diatrict���Dittrict ol Queen Charlott*
Taka notica that Auatin M. Brown ol Princ*
Rupert, occupation aaddler. intend* to apply
to th* ChtW Committiontr ol Undi and Work*
tor a '.ii**nee to protpvet (or coal, oil ind petrol**-*���
on and ��� a i. ��� the lollowlng deecribad landt on th*
WeM Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poit pliatttd two miles 1-a.t
ol th* aoutb*att corner -.! i U No. 44TT tbenc*
'-J chain, nortb. th*r.ce SO chaint *ast, tbenc* SO
chain* aouth. tb*ne* SO cbaica weet to point ol
M*mM M. BROWN. Locator
Located 31st July, 1*11.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und Dittrict���Dittrict ol Queen Charlott*
Tak* noUce tbat Auatin M. Brawn ol Princ*
Hupert. B. Cm oecuiatUon aaddler, Intenda to
apply to tht Chid Commiaaioner ol Unda and
Worka lor a Heme* to prospect for eoal. oil and
petroleum on and under th* loUowing deecn.ed
lands on the Weat Coaat ol Graham Island:
Commencing at a poet planted three milea east
ol tb* northeaat cornar of C. L. No. 44T8 theme*
SO chaina aouth. thenca SO chains eatt. ���-.-���-���* SO
chaina north, tbenc* SO chaini watt to point ol
Date ol Location 31st July, 1*11.
Pub. Aug. IT.
Nothing to s,rike but ��� gait:
Everything moves thai goet;
i'     ever withstatrd thetewoee.
Mr-. M. ry K"s.i Mmim milked
a dairy herd in thi* morning, broke
fractious colts ilurirg the day.
cooked tiic.'l*. and did her houae*
.\..rk at night.    She h;*d i-i.thitg
*.. do until the next day, she s,'.i>l.
s... tor occupation she secured .���
It i* e.tri.-i.iliy Cmaounced that
the Duchess  Olga..ge<l 10, daughter   o{   the   Czar   e.f    Rus-i.i.
engaged  t<> Pririe  Boris, the heir
apparent to the throne oi Bulgaria.
Write us regarding
the value of your
Prince Rupert property, We will be pleased to keep you posted
as to conditions here.
0. M. Helgerson*, Ltd.
Real Kalate aod Rental.
Office*: Helgcraon Block
"British Empire"
Here's the worlds
best gun-a Greener Hammorless���
at a price within
the reach of all
sportsmen; its got
all the Greener
features, hard
hitting, far shooting, lasting wear;
there's nothing better;   price
Catalog P6
63 65 Bum Hill Hill
���Weal. P Q.
$3250.   Good term. \
%m cash ">-;*���-'-:,,momh��
Lotson EUventh Avenue fcTA
and $10 per month.
The townsite of Ternee, iltwyj
four miles from Prince M
the only station on thi C '
railroad between mile s* ^1
and is bound to bocom, iU
distributing   point   lor tk, ]
and Kitsumk-ilur, velleyt, T\
site is iltutted a ihort dmi��l
the Little Canyon, the natural 1
for a bridge, acros, the Skemf
to   Lakelse   Valley.    \ xA
train service is now in torts. -
G. T. P. railroad and a ptj
will convince intending p��
lots that Terrace is th�� i
available  for  a townsit, .
serve the Lak. > nd Kitiu
vallej-a.     We   are sole i****.
Terrace  towns;'.,* Its and i
pleased  to  lupply any info
McCaffery & GiblJ
G. T. P. Transfer Agenla
Orders promptly filled    Price, reat-nabl*.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. CenU* St.    Phon* (K
The new steel l'aM��|��8
Prince Rupert even- Sm
at 9 a.m. for Vina
arriving Monday afta
For Stewart City on i
from   Vancouver Fb|
Northbound, leaves Vi
ver Wednesdays at 9 j
Steerage Fare
The "Camosun" is the only!
on the runhavirgwstcr-w
heads and double bottom.*
suring safety of i ass*rpn*
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers. Ticket.
Skwoa Und DUtricl���District ot qiwwn CUriotttp
Take notlct that Auatia M Bn*xi, of Prlnea
Hupert. aaddler, intenda to apply t-n tbe Chief
Con.rojMioner c( Laoda and %orka for a .tcenc*
SEALED TENDERS addreawd to tbe ur.der-
ticned, and endorsedi^Ter.Jer^for V*h**ii at Pur
Inlet, B. C.,** %ill be recei\tdtat \hx* offer until
4.00 P. M . on Tuesday. Setiierober 26. l.'ll. fur
the eonatructlon of a Pile Wharf at Surf Inlet,,
1 z.-.t>*-m Ko>al laland. Coaat Dutrict, B. C.
Plana, apeciflcatlona ani-lform of contract can ,
be aevn and forma of tender obtained at thia '
I >epanrr.ent and at the offlcca of O. A. Keefrr.
K�� i.. Diatrict Enfinear, New Weatmlnater. B. C ,;
and on application to the PoatmajtaT at Prince
Itupert and Victoria, B. C.
reraona   tendering   are   notified   that   tt-ndm
erill not be conridered unlaaa made on the printed '
forma   aupplted.   and   atfned   *tth   tbetr   actual
ittnaiurta,  atatinc  thnr  occupauona  and  placea
of  reeidenee.    In  tbe caae of firma,  the actual ���
��� .gr.a'un-.   the   nature   of   the   occupation,   and '
tlace of reaidence of each member of the firm muat
be �����* i -
Each tender muat be accompanied by an '
accepted cheque on a chartered I ana., pa>at-'e
to tne t r.lrr of tbe Honourable the Minister of
Public Worka. equal to ten per cent 10 p.c. ot
the amount of tender, which will be forfe:tad |
if tbe pervon tenderinc dedtne to enter Into a
contract when called upon to do ao, or fail to com*
plate tbe contract. If the tender be not accepted
tbe cheque will be returned.
Tbe Department does not bind   itee!f to accept
ibe loweat or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Worka.
Ottawa, Auftiat .'\  .911.
Newipapen will not be paid for thto * S-rr-
tiaemem. if they inaert it without authority from
the t>epartment.
Owned   and
Grand Trunk Pa      I-**
the American and Ew '������"*'
Excellently     t
*team heat. *
modern M I ���
lutely first-c!a*s ;
The appointtr*
are equal to at.
. er;.' I
��� ��� ar '��� '
Rale*. $lto S3 iOpff*
G. A. Sweet. Mart*-?
SEALED TENPERS addreaved to the under- \
�� cr.eai. and *r.dor*ed "Tendn lor Wharl and tee*
Approach** at Prince Rupert, B. C." will be
r-acrt.ra'. at this office until 1.00 P.M.. on Monday
September Ii. 1911. tor the oonatruetion ol a ,
Wharl and teto Approach** at Prince Rupert,
guarantiee Station. Dlfby Island. B. C.
Plant, speriAealiona anel form ol contract ran I
b�� teen  and  lotrat  ol  lender  obtained   at  thai I
I*��pan*m*rt and at th* officta ol I".   A. Keefee.
I a-i . l'leteirt Er.,ineer. Nr* *A'e*tmin.1rr. B. C.
ind on application to lh* Pottmatten at Princ*
Kupert and Victoria. B. C.
Prrtont tendertn, ar* notiSed that tendtn -
��1i! not b�� comideaed unle���* made on th* pnnted
i lorm* tuppliad. and ..rned ��nh their actual
sunatt-re*. statin, their neeupaiiona and place*.
ol rwtdenc*. In Ihe cat* ol ftrmt, Ib* tctual
e (nature, th* nature ol the occupation, and plac*
cf reatdenc* cl each member ot th* Arm must be
��� Ilten.
Each tend*, mutt he accemipanM hy an'
acceptead cheque on a chartered t*ank, parable
to th* order ol tb* Horourall* th* Mafia) ol
I-ublic Work., tsual lo ten p*r cemt (10 pel o
the amoont ol t.rder. abich .111 he lorfeaitrt
if th* petton t.rderin, decline to ��mer Int* a
cntract when called upon to do tn. or tail to '
Mtr.plrt* tb* contract. It the t.nder be art
accepted tb. rhee*.** will be returned.
Tr* Depatrmert doe* not bind inltelf to accept
the lowest ot any tender.
By order,
t **partm*cit ol Public Worka,
Ottawa. Atitutt 26. 1911.
NmpaMn wdl  not  b. p_d  for  ihi. adver-
t-j^erneeil it they ineert ,t ��itho*t authority Itoea
th* Oepartment.
Sawmill Co.l
ii i
AJIarg.- ItOC
ing   lumber  OB
lumber a *?<���<���������" '
made at short *
Our prices aK
Call on us b.*"
i" "l*****
Cor Centre St and
I       =S
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern  B. C
1'raser and Fifth St.
The only hotel In town
with hot and cold water in roomi. Best fur-
11 i-.ii.-,! house north of
Vancouver. Rooms 50c
lip, Phon* 37. P.O.
Uoit in,     :      I      I
Prudhomme & Fisher      Proprletori
fcsNER &  BESNER,   Proprietors
**.-w Knox Hotel ta run on the European
First-daw service.   All the Lateat Mialcrn
,v,*ii..*ntl. -:-!��� BEOS 60c UP
Windsor Hotel
Ifihst avenue at eighth street
Newly FurnUhxl and
Steam Heated Room,
H. Wright, Prop       P.O. box 37
le's NEWS Agency
aazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Two Five Dollar bills to
be given away to bright
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
tlie News office.
nee Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
Nb. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
..very Tuesday Evening
I members of  the  order in the city
Is.." requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
For Sale..
[t 19, Block 23, Section S,
With 7 rooms
Itly furnished house. For particulars
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Pattullo Block.
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous Pritcess
Princess May
Monday, September 25th, al 9 a.m.
Vlotorla, Vancouver and Seattlo
J. G. McNab - General Agenl
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
���i. Prince John sails for Port Simpson, Naas River, and Stewart, Wednesdays, 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Naden Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
For Skidegatn, Rose Harbor, etc.,
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed truins from Prince Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturda*/g, 1
p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thurstlnys
and Sundays at 4 p. m.
Tha Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from thc Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over ita
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax.
Portland, Boston, New York and I'hila*
delphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
... FOR ��� ��� ���
Take thc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
(nfortable 5 roomed house with
I bath, on Sixth Ave., near
McBride, $35.00
|u'iined cabin, near Government
office, $10.00
Application for Charter for a
application will be made to the Parliament ot Canada ul the next session
thereot, (or an Act incor|*orating I
Railway Company under the name uf
"The Pacific, Truns-Caimdu nnd Hudson
Bay Railway Company," with power
to lay out, construct antl operate a line
of railway from a point in the ProvraM
of Albertu, at or near the ( ity of Edmonton, thence northerly by the most
feasible route lo, at, or neur Athuhasru
Landing; Ihence northwest!rly northeast of Lesser Slave Lake lo \Vahi**k.i
ur Loon River; llii'tu-i' northerly to a
point at or neur the junction of the
Loon River with the t'eure Hiver. or
at a point near Ihe junction of United River with the IViit-e- Kiver, MOW
Fort Vermillion on the I'esirc River;
thence northerly to Fort Smith on the
Slave River: From a point nn lite said
railroud near its crossing of the wabiska
River or the Loon River easterly to
Fort McMurray on the Athabasca
River; thence easterly along lhe Clearwater river and Chruchill River through
the Province of Saskatchewan to Fort
Churchill or Port Nelson on the Hudson
Bay From a point on saitl railroad
near its crossing of Ihe Wabiska or
Loon River, westerly to Peace River
crowing on the Peace River; thence
westerly on lhe north side of the river
through Laurier Pass lo I'rince Rupert
or Portland Canal on the Pacific ( oast
in British Columbia; with power to
construct and o|H*rate telegraph am
telephone and cable lines for general
public purposes: to carry on, construct.
maintain and operate boats and MTWj
for the purposes of the railway untl
other purposes; to acquire and make
use o[ lands, waterlots, wharves docks,
dock-yards, slips, warehouses, elevators
and other conveniences; and wttn
power to enter into Agreements with
other Comijanies.   &
Solicitors fort hc Applicants
Dated at  Ottawa this  12th  day of
September, A. D.( Ml. ���*
I Skwnn I.umi DUtriet  -Diatrict of Quimn Churlotto
rukt> noticu thut thirty tluyn utter dute, 1, C. K.
winter or Prinoe Ruport- U. c��� by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Chief Com��
! mlwonu of laiimis lor u liwnw to protpaot for
coal and petroleum on nnd under fill) MM of
1 land on (indium htan-idtteribod u follow*.
i    Commencing ni a poit planted two mU�� norih
of ('. K. 11. Coul ].t-iini' No. 1.1, murkod S. W.
corner ('. K. 11. Coal Leam- No. Ill, thonco north
80 chains, thenee eul BO ohatna, thenco aouth ho
Ohatni, thence west 81) chuini to pluco of com-
Datod Sept. ii, 19X1,    o. R, BAINTBR. Looitor
Pub. Sept, 88.
Skfenu Lund District DiMrict of Quean ('Imrlotte
I'nke notice that thirty dnvs from duie, 1, C. K.
Balntef of I'rince Rupert, It. t'��� by occuputiun
bookkeeper, intend te epply to the chief Com-
munonar of Landa for a licence to proapeel for
eoal and pOtrolMUl and under Hill acn-M of Und
on (indium i* i.h*-i deeenbad ai followa I
Common ci tut al n pout piunted two rnilt-w north
of c. k. H. Coul Leaae No. m, marked s. w.
corner O. B. H. Coal Leaae No. B0, thenoe north
SO phallta, thence west Ml chaini, thenre .'Hill Ml)
Ohalna, thence eiat BQ chains to pluce of commencement.
Dated Se]it. 11. mil. C. K. HAINTKU, Locnlor
Pub. Sept, 2:i.
Ske-enH Lund District    District of Qui-en Charlotte
Tuke notice ihut thirty duys ufler dute, I, C. K.
Hainter of  I'rinco Rupert,  It. C,, by  occuputlon
bookkeeper, intend te apply to the'Chief Coni-
mlaaloner "of Landa for u lleanoe to prospect for
coal und petroleum on und under tilt) acres of
land on Uraham Inland deecribed ns follows;
Commencing; at a post piunted two mile* north
of C. K, H. Coal Leu.se No. 1.'., marketl S. K.
corner C. K. II. Coal Leaae No. 81, ihenco north
80 chains, thence west HO ehalna, thence south SO
chalnn, thenco east 80 chuins to pluce of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.   c. E. BAINTBR, Loeator
Bkeana Land DIatrlot -District ol Queon Charlotte
Take notice that thirty duvs from date, I. C. B<
Hainter of Prince Hupert, it. ('., by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to the'Chief Com-
mhwioner of Landa for a licence to prospect for
coul and netroleum on und under (DO acrcn of
olund un draham Island described us fullowa:
Commcncint, at u post planted twu mile* nurth
of Oa K. H, Coal Leaae No. Hi. murkett N. K.
corner C. K. H. Coal Least* No. 22, thence south
so ehalna, ihenco mat BQ chains, thence nurth mo
chain*, thenco eaKt  80 chains tu place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 12.1911.    C, B. HAINTKU. Locato
Skeena land District District of Coast Ramp *'���
Take iu.in-1- that I, John Hutlterfurd Heutiy
of Prince Rupert, occupation engineer. Intend
to apply for permitwiun to purchase the following
dt'scriuud landi:
Commencing at a poat planted on the east
ahoro of tho Kxchumnik River, and being aboul
t-*vn miles northerly frum the muuth of the aaid
KxcluiniNik River, und which pout is aliout forty
chaina north fmm a stake planted on tho Kxcliurmik
River and known as ''KU"; thence nurth 40
chaina, ihenco east 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chains, thenco west furty chains, thonce north
-10 chains, thenco west 10 chains to tho place of
commencement, containing 180 acrei* more or loss.
Dated September 12, 1911.
.Skwna Und Diatrict DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya (rom date, I. C. I.
Hainter of Prince Rupert, If. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, inlend to apply tu the Chief Com-
miasiuner uf Landa fur a licence tu proapect for
cual and potruloum un and under blu acrea of
land on Graham Island described as fullowa:
Commencing at a |K>st planlo<riivi> mill1*, oaat
uf Coal U'aM) No. -i-l tit, marked C. K. U. Cual
I i ,i .��� Nu. 1, N. I- cornor, thence wiwt Ml chaina,
(hence south 80 chains, thenco wwt 80 chaina.
ihence nurth HO chaina Ui place uf commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911 C. K. HAINTfe.lt, Locator
Pub. Sopt 21.
Skeona l*and District - DUtricl of Queen Charlotte
Tako notico that thirty days frum dale, 1, 0* I.
Hainter of Prince Ruport, It. C., by occupation
iHKikki-oper, intend to apply to lho Chief Commissioner of I .in.i*. fur a llconce to pruspoct fur
cual and petroleum un and under b4U acroa ul
land on Graham Island described aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted li\e miles east
��� i Coal Uaae No. 4167, marked C. t U. N. W.
wrner Nn. 2, thence south 80 chains, thence cast
HU chains, thenco nurth K0 chains, ihenco west
HO chains to place of eommencoment.
Datod Sept. II, 1911. C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict    DUlrict uf Quoon Charlotte
lake nutico lhat thirty dayi frum date, 1, C, 1
Hainter of Prince Rupert, It. C, by occupation
htMtkkeejH-f. inlend to apply lo lhe Chief Com*-
missioner uf Unda for a licence to pru*.|K-��i (or
coal and petroleum un and under ��� :>��� acroa uf
land on Graham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted live miles oast
of Coal Loaso No. 4476, marked C. K. II. S. W.
curner of Coal 1.* .����� -��� No. li, thonce easl HO chains,
thenco nurth HO chains, ihence weal HO chains,
ihence south Ml chains lu place uf commencement.
Dated Sept. 11.1911. C. K. HA1NTKR. Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
This is a little section ol the paper, which (rom day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to tako part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will All a social need.
is the or.ly decoration on skin
and tunic, thc latter fashioned in
jumper effect, over a lace-covered
bodice t.i white silk moussellr.e.
Lower part >>f kimono sleeves are
Of  till'
cloth, with turned pointed
t't'tl   three  colored  motifs
ml  as shown.
Evening Frocks
When one passes into the
vince ��f afternoon and evening
frofks the possibilities of chiffon
and other kindred sheer stuffs
widen out indefinitely and the
marvellous color schemes achieved
by superposed layers of Buch materials h; ve given the models of
recent seasons iln-ir most beautiful
notes. Ore hears much of the
passing of ihis idea, of the reinstating of heavier materials; hut
both dressmakers and customers
have so heartily appreciated the
possibili ies ; il results in this
veiling Bchcme that there seems
little tl;-- ger of women being called
upon in the near future u> give
up their chiffons. Everywhere
one sirs pretty and practical frocks
of dark liui-tl chiffon; more dressy
though often designed and worn
for irotiii j; and morning frocks
are the models in which tin- chiffon
does r.ot veil the entire frock,
lni.K merely used for ;*. tunic
or in romliir-'tion with silk. St me
of ,lie r.ew .; ffeta street costumes
are mr.de up with chiffon usul
almost or quite as freely as the
silk, the frock being largely nf
the chiffon, with deep skirt trim-
mi g ar.d coat of ilu* taffeta.
A well-dressed woman at Cape
May is wearing a stunning dress
of whin- chiffon liroailclo.h, tuatli*
after above design. A hemstitched
beading is used at each linn, ard
Hilet-e Dutrieu made a i-t >\
m: rk in ihe competition for the
.vomei 's cup in France by flying
I;ili.li2 miles. The women's cup
is offered for llic lorcest cot'iintiotis
lliulu made by a woman aviator
in the present year. Jan- Har-
vieaux had previously covered 68
Ske-cn* l.and Plalrlcl lliatrirl ol Queen Charlotte*
Take notice lhal lltirty da>*a from date*. 1. 0. E.
Hainte-r ol Prince HojH*rt, II. I'.. I,> occupatiun
bookleevper. lnte-n.1 lo apply lo lh* C'hle*l Com-
nii.aint,.-r of Laml- (or a Iicpiic* to pros|**ct lor
coal and pplroh*um on and under (>l<> acre* ol
land on t.raham laland df-acrilacd aa lollowa:
loinni.-tiriti, at a |ioat planted live miles easl
ol Coal Ia**,- No. 1176, markeal C. K. II. S. K   l
corner Coal l.ea*e> No. I. thenee west SO chain., |
thenc., north so chains, thence eaal  su chaina, ,
thence seiulh SU chains lo place ol commencment.
I int..I.-. |.t. II. fit.    C. B. HAINTKU, locator
l-ul.. Sept.-JI.
Skiana Und lli.trict - lllslricl ol Queen Charlotte
Take n.it ire thai thirty <la>* Irom dale, I, C. K. :
Maimer ot l-ilnce Itupert, II. C l.y occopalion
IxHikkccper. Intend lo apply lo lhe Chiel I om- '
missioner ol Unds lor a licence to ppa.|M>rl lor
coal and petroleum on and tinder lilu acrea ol
had on (iraham Island il.-acnl.ed aa lollowa:
i ...mil. i rit,- Bt a post planle.1 l��o mil��� notrh ;
ot slake markeal C. B. II. ( oal l^ase No. 1, markial
N. K. comer ('.  K. II. I'oal Uaae No. ft, thence- I
aouth SU chaina,  ihenee *a-e*at   Wl chains,  Ihence !
north Wl chains, thenc.* .**���! su chain, lo place ol
commencemenl. _	
Paled Sept. It, PHI.    S   B, HAINTKU. locator
I'uh. Sepl. 2.1.
Skeena Und District tll.lrlrt .it Qui-i-n Chralolte
Take nolle,, lhal thirty daie In.m date, I. Ca B.
Ilalnl.r ol I'rlne,. Hupert. ll. >'���. l.y occupallon
lH��.kk..*|��r. intend lo apply to the Chiel I om-
mla-loner ol Landa I.r a licence to p.-oalxct lor
coal and ���xtr.ile'um on and under l.iu met*-, ot
land on liraham laland dux-nlaed aa lolloaa:
t i.iiiiiiiii. in.* at a |K.at planK.1 t��ii mile* nortii
ot C. K. I'. t.*o*l La-ate No. :l, markial C. K. Ilalnle-i
N. W. corner Coal Le**-*. No. X). lher.ee- *".ulh Nl
chain*. Ihence t-a.l M. chain-, thenee noeth Ml
chain.. Ihence weal su ch.in. to place e.t commencemenl.
Dated Sept. II, IMI.    !'��� K. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sapt. 2a
Skeena Und Dl-lrlct Pia.rict ol Quoen Charlotte
Take notice thai thirty day. Irom date. I. 0. B,
Hainter ol I'rlne.* Itupert, II. ('.. l.y oceupatlon
IxMikkta-p.-r, Inlend lo apply lo tho Chiel Commissioner ot Unda (or a licenco lo prospect (or
coal and petroleum on and under lilU acrea o(
land on Graham Island ���!.  -nl-.l a? (nllows:
Commencing at a popl planted Iwo mllea north
ol C. K. 11. Coal I,.***������ No. I, slake B. W. corner
Coal laeate No. 7, Ihence north so chains, thence
eaal SU chains, thence south SU chains, thence
Wett SU chains lo place ol commencement.
Dal.alSepl.ll.mil. C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 24
Skeena Unit District -District o( Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days (rom date. I, C. K.
Hainter ..1 I'rinco Hupert, ll. C. by occupation
bookkeeper. Intend to apply lo lhe Chlet Com-
missioner ol Unds lor a licence to peoapect lor
coal and petroleum on and under OtU acrea ol
land on (Iraham laland descritted a* lollow*:
CiinimencinR al a post planted iwo miies norlh
,.t C. K. It. Coal Uaae No. I. marked S. K. corner
C. K. II. ("oal Uase No. S. thence north SO chains,
thenee west 8(1 chains, thence south SO chains.
Ihence east HO cht.ns to place ol commencement.
Date.IS.pt. It, 1911. C. K. HAINTKR, Locator
1Mb. Sept. 83
Skeena Und Diatrict���District ol Quewn Charlott
Take notlc* that Austin M. Ilrown ol Trine*
Hupert, saddler. Intends to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ol Unda and Works (or a licence
lo prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the lollowln, deacrihed lands on the West
Coasl of (irsham Island:
Commencini at a post planted two miles east
o( the soulhea t cornor o( C. L. No. 4177 tnence
HO chains weat, thenc* 80 chains north, thenc* 80
chains cast, Ihenco 80 thains soulh to point ol
commencement.   A(ja_|N ^ g^^   ^^
Located 31.1 July, ISII.
I'ub. Au��. 17.
Skeena Und District���District ol Queen Chtrlollo
Tako notice that Austin  M. Ilrown ol I'rlsco
Htiliert, saddler,  Intendi lo apply  to tho (hie!
,    ,.   ,      l������ker    Commiasioner ol Unds and Works lor a licence
I, 8. Harrison ol 1'rlnce IX0X>    ���   Jii,vember   to prospect lor coat, oil and petroleum on and under
,lv. nolle, that nn lhe(HI -WlJ.^j-i^Kn,,    ihe lollowln, d.-cril.ed laml. on the West Coaal ol
Our Mail
Overcomes the problem of distanre
between the out-of-town buyer and the
values and choice to be secured in our
big Vancouver store. REMEMBER,
when considering your full and winter
purchases, that "BIRKS" in Vancouver is the same and carries lhe same
lines, ai "BIRKS" in Montreal. Ottawa,
Winnipeg, and that we are alliliiited
with the RYRIE COMPANY of Toronto. Therefore, when sending your
next order for goods, do so through
our Vancouver house and enjoy the
advantage of receiving quick returns.
Notice our lines of Filed Qlaaaes
illustrated in our catalogue. <>r write
us for prices on Ihis line of goods.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
itt (   i.
Bkeana Land DUtrlot   Dlitrlel <>f Queon Charlotte
Tuku notice Unit thirty tlityn (nun tluto, I, C. K.
Huintor of PrinOQ Ruport, it   C , l>y    uccuputlun
bookkeeper) wtend i<> apply to the Chief Com-
mi-a-Ltiii.T u( Landa (<>r u lloenee to proapeel lur
coul uml petroleum on and under tHQ oaree of
lunti on (iriiluim i i.h -i deaeribad aa tollowai
CommenolnB ut a poal plantod two mllee nortii
of C. E. H. Coal Leaae No it, marked N. B.
rumor C. K. U. Coal Leaae No. 2:. thenoe louth
H0 chuins, thonco weal HO ohuiim, thenOO north
Hit chuins, thonco eaat HP chuins to pluco .jf cum-
Datad Sept IB, 1911.    C. B. BAXTER, Locator
Hub. Sopt. **:t.
Bkeana Land District   DIatrlot ol Quoon Charlotte
Tuko notie* thai U irty daya (rum date, 1, C. K
Hainter uf  PrinOO Kupori,  It.  ' .,  by occupation
ii.mi K.-.-I..-I, Intend to "pply to tho Chiel Com-
missinnor ol Landi fo? u liconco tu proapoct  for
coul .uni petroleum on and under tuu aerea <if
laml on Qrahatn Kilnd deecribed us follows:
Conunenelni m u poal pimiioii twu milaa norili
of C. B. 11. I'ml Loaso No. IM, marktnl N. W,
cornor C K. II. Coul Leaae .So. 84, thonco south
mi chains, ihonoe oast Ml chuins, thonco nurili
KI) chuins, thenee wost BO chains to pluco of commencement.
Datad Sept. IB, 1911.    C. K. BAINTER, Locator
Hub. Sept. 2'*\.
Bkeana Land District District of Queen Charlotte
Take nutice that thirty duys frum iluto, I, A. T,
llroderick of Prinoe Huport, H. C., by uccupatiun
bunk manager. Intend to upply to tho Chlof Cnm-
minsiontr nf Landi for u licence to pruspoct for
coul anil petroleum on utid under *.~>W ucroa of
lund on Crithuiii Island doscribod us follow.:
Cummoncini; ut u post piunted two miloM north
o( C. K. B. Cual Leaae No. 17, marked S. W.
cornor A. T. It. Coal itoum* No. 2*'., thonco north
HO chains, ihenee eust KU chains, thonce suuth BO
chains, thence wost HO chains lo pluco of commoncomont.
Datad Sept. 19, 1911, C. K. Huintor, Agont
I'ub, Sopt. 88.
Skoetiii Land District -Dislricl nf Quoon Charlotte
Tako notice that thirty days frum date, I. A. T.
Broderick ol I'rinco Kupert, 11. C , by occupatiun
bank manager, intend to apply to tho Chief Commiaaioner of I,.mil*, fur a licence lo proapoct fur
coal and petroleum on und under ��>l<* cants uf
land on (iruhum Island descrilH'd aa followa:
Commencing at u post plnatod two mile* north
of G. a. H. Coul Leaae No. no, marked s. B,
corner A. T, H. Coal Leeea No. 86, thonce north
HO chains, tbenee west ho chaina, ihenco aoulh
H0 chaitia, thonco cant HO chuins tu placo of commencement.
Dated Sapt. IS, Wl. 0. B. Hainter, Agont
Hub. Sept. 88,
Skoona Land DUtrict District of Quoen Charlutto
Tako nolico lhat thirty days frum date, 1, A. T.
llroderick of I'rinco Huport, H. C��� by occupation
tiank manauor, intend to upply to the Chief Commissioner uf Lami** fur a licence to \*t<* \�� i-t for
cual and petrulrum on anil under AO cares uf
land on (Jraham laland dc.Ncril>ed tv* fnlluwa:
Commencing at a poat planted two miles north
uf C. E. II. Coal Loa-M' Nu. 21, murkiil S. E
corner of A. T. It. Coal l.i.- Nu. 21, Ihence
���*'--i HO chaina, thonce north HO chains, thonce
eaat HO chaina, thence aouth HO chaina lu place
uf commencement.
A. T. BRODERICK, Locaiur
Datad Sept If, 1911. A. C. B, Hainter, gent
Tub. Sept. 2$.
Skoona Land Dialrlcl DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya fmm date, 1, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Kupert, li. C. by occupation
boukki-eper. intond tu apply to lhe Chief Com*
n i ���iMii.T of Landa for a licence to proapoct fur
coal and potruloum un and under ti40 acrua of
land on Graham Inland doscribetl aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planled five miloa east
of Cual Leaae No. 4471, marked C. E. Hainters
N. E. cornor Coal Leaae No. '*. thence aouth HO
chaina, thenco west HO chains, thenn* north HO
chaina, thonco eaal HO chaini to place uf commencement.
1 mu .1 Sept. 11, 11)11. C. E. I1A1NTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sept. IM.
Skoena Und DUtrict    DUlrict of Quoon Charlotto
Tako notice that lhlrt> daya from date, I, C. I
Hainter of Princu ltu|>crt, 11. C. by occupation
bookkeeper, intnd lu apply to the .Chief Com-
muuuoner of Und* for a licence to pnwpect fur
coal and petroleum un and under t>to acre�� of
land on (iraham Inland d*t*crilH<d aa fullowa:
Commencing at a (mat planted une milo north
of Ci I- 11. Coal Uaae So. V, marked N. Wa
corner C. E. 11. Nu. 10, thence south HO chaina,
thence went HO chaina, thenco north HU chains,
thenco eaal HO chains tu placa* of cummoncomont.
Dui.d sa-pi 11. iMi. C. E. HA1NTEK, Ucator
Skeena Und DUtrlct DUtricl uf Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya fronm dale, 1, C. E.
Hainter of I'rinco Kuttort, H. C, occupation bouk,
kwper, inlend to apply lu the Chief ( ommisatoner
of Landa for a licence to proapect for coal ami
petroleum on and under ������*> acrva uf land un
tiraham laland deacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two miloa north
of C E. H. Coal Uaae No H, niarkod N. E. corner
of C. E. M. Coal Uaae No. .1. thence aouth HO
chainv, ihenco weat HO chaina, thence north HO
chaina, thonce eaat HO chaim to place of commencement.
liatettSopi.il, 1911. C. E. HAINTEK. Locator
I'ub. Sept. 2.1
Skeena Und DUlrict -DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
Take nutice thai ihirty daya from data, 1, C. L
Hainter of I'rince liupert, tt. C, by occupatiun
bookkoopor, intend lo apply to the Chief Com*
mWiunor uf Und for a licence to proapect for
coal and potruloum on and under bio acrra uf
land on (iraham laland de*cnl>ed aa followa:
Commendnf at a ;<������-< planted iwo milea north
of C. I II. i . ..i I ��� ��� ��� No. ", marked (*. E. It
Coal I.i-h-m* No. 12, thenci aoulh HO chalnn, thonce
east Mi chain*, thence north ���*>" fhalna, thonce
wpst Ml chain* lo place of commencement.
Dated Sepl. II, 1911. <". K. HAINTEK, Locator
Tub. Sept. 2.1.
Skoena Und DUlrict DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice lhal thirty daya from dale, I, C. K.
Hainter of Prince KujHTt, II. C. by occupation
l��ookkoeper, Intent) to apply to the Chief Commiaaioner uf l*anda fur a licence to proapect (ur
coal and petroleum on and under titu acrea of
land on (iraham laland deacrilied as followa;
Commencini at a post planted two mika north
of C. E. H. Coal Leaae No. 7, marked S. W. corner
C. E. It. Coal Ua"" No. 1.1, thence north HO
chatna, ihenee rasl Ml chaina, thence aouth HO
chain*, thonco **���*-' Mi chaina to place nf cummencemonl.
Dat.il Sept. II, 1911 C K. HAINTEK. locator
Hub. Sept. 2.1.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over WeBtenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
taw-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruuert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C.. Ontario, Haa-
and Maultuba Bura. katchewan  and Al
berta Ban.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Offlce-Exchunite block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth at reel. Prince RUDOTt 9
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operationa akilfully treated. Gaa and
local anaithelica adminiatered for the palnleaa extraction of teeth. ComulUtiun free. Offlcea:
Helicerion Block. Prince Ruoert. 11-12
Alcx.M.Manaon n.A..     W.K Williuma.n. a., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. O. BOX 2.1
Third Avcnut' nlso Water Street,
];.**.amiii; a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
OuUide Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 1 ith St,
Knulisli and American Billiards
Twelve Table, SECOND Avg.
For BtgUman and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil ol Fram Wllcuk. Pari, and Berlin.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
===E.   EBY   Ok   Co.===
Kitsumkalum l.an I For Sale
��� IT8UMKALUM . |(   C.
S. O. E. B. S.
Th* Print** RtitH-rt Lodit*. Na ML Sont of
l.nielanil. ii..-.*!. thr tint an.I thlnl Tarsrlata In
"���ch month In thp Sun* of Enitland Hall. slv 2ml
Av*. alt. p.m.
F. V  CLARK. S��..
ernest a. woor/^ffisfiarRapm
Teaclu-r of Piano. Violin and
Voice Culture.
2nd Av...
Between 7th & Sth Sts.
Prince Rupert
ond Ave-
Princa Rupart, B.C
ahtivt*  th*    unction   with  tlio 2 .,"'���,, *.rl-
J, to be. us*d on Lot 440.1 lor domestic and a��ri
cultural purpowi. 8AM-jEi, IIAHIUSON
Sapt. ��.
Graham Island.
t'ommtncinR at a poat planto.1 throe miloa Irom
the. eouthonst cornrr ol C. I.. No. 4172 tlionr* HO
chains wnal, thenct, 80 chains north, thenco 80
chaina cast, thenco 80 chains south to point ol
Al'STIN M. UROWN, Locator
laocated August lal. IHU.
Pub. Atlf. It.
tin- h&ppy knot
tli.ii they could
tl:  "Nu
iriili'snviil. 111
wt's tii'il.
Thine eye> so wcpi
hardly >ec
Thy sisli-r stnili*.
tc-i-rs fur nu-!
A happy luiili'stii.'i'l itu-.kesa happy
Ard then, tin-- couple (tending siiU-
by siilt-,
Love lighted down between them
full of nlt'<-.
over his left >-ln>tildi--r laughed
;-i thee:
happy  lititlrMii'iitl,  .->.mkc  *
happy bride."
Ard ;-ll Bl once a pleotattt truth
I learned,
For, while tlu- tender lervlce made
thee weepi
I loved thee for tlu- tear thou
couldit nol hide.
Ai d prt*si tin hand, and knew the
���pn-ss returned,
thought, "My lift* is sick of
sii'iJf ileepi
ppy   bridetmali
happy bridcl"
o,   he
Skeanna l*n.l Di.leirl l.iatnrt ol t|uprn Charlotl*
'lak.* riiitir.- lhat thirty dav-a Irom dale. I, I'. E.
Itainl.-r ..I 1'rinev ltu|M*rt, II. !'.. by oreupation
l.cK>kl..*e*| er. inteml lo apply to Ih* t'hte-f Com*
niiaamn. r at laml. lor a licence, lu proapect lur
Coal and 1 ���';������' .-- on and under 111.) acn*. ol
land on f'r.h.m l��lan.l deawril**.! as lollow..
l*onini.*rinn, at a post  plant..1 two mile* ,.,-rlh
K. II. Coal Itsao, N'��. n, marked S. E. com*
.   II.  t i.al   I.. .".*  Nn.   11,  Ihenc*  north  Ml
chains,  e e....   *���-'   **tl chaina,  th.nc.. aoulh  Ml
rhaina, thenc ���--'   Hi chaina lo plac* ol com-
Haled Sept. II. I'M I      C.  K. HAINTKU, Lemtor
I'ub Se|,t.2'l.
Sl-ern* laml Il-teie-t lliateic. ol g,,,.-n I'harlotte
Take nolle-.- lhal thirty daya Irom dale. I. {'. E.
Hainter ol I'rince Kupert, U. (.*., hy occiipatiun
l*ookk..*|M r, Inlend to apply to Ihe Chiel Commiaaioner ot l .--I lor a licence to protpeet tor
coal tn.l petroleum on and under lllo acre, i.l
land on tlrsli.m Island deacrilaed a. followa:
Commencing at a poM planted on* mile north
ol I*. E. II t oal l*io��* No. ll), marked I*. E. II.
Coal Le-aac No. IS. thence north Ml chains, th.nc*
weal 80 chair... Ihence aouth 80 chains, Ihence
easl 80 chains tn place nf commencemenl.
Haled Sept. II, l��ll. C. E. UAINTEH. Locator
I'ub. Sept. 2*1.
Skeena l-aml District District ..I tjuoen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days Irom .late, I, I*. E.
Hainter ot I'rince Itupert. II. C. by occupation
lKMikkee|M*r. intend t.i apply to the Chiel torn-
miwioner of lands tor a licence to prospect for
c-oal and petroleum on nn.l under 1110 acres ol
lanel on liraham Island deearribed as follows:
Commenrin, at a post planted two mile* north
ol ('. E. II. Coal lata. No. 10. marked N. K.
corner I". E. II. I'oal l.eaa* No. 10, thenre south
HO chains, thence weft! 80 chains, Ihenee north
80 chains, thence eaat 80 chains to place of commencement.
Haled Sept. 11. 1911.     C K. HAINTER. LataM
I'ub. Sept. 2.1.
Funeral   Director and   Kmbalmer
I'll Altt.l.s REASONABLE
;. few men met recently in Niw
York to hear the governora of six
st.'t.s plead fur women's rights,
Thej pleaded long ard vlgoroualy,
each of them, Inn it remained for
(,.ivin.it Shafroth of Colorado to
fttri'isli the climax of the meedi %
by declaring thai three of his
fellow-speakcra, Governor lb why
of Idaho; Governor Spry, t.f Utah,
and Governor Dry of Washington,
"tli.ii 'i know what they were
talking r.bt.iii*' when they condemned   the  campaign  <>f  tlu*
militant su(Tr;.^isls.
Chose Victoria Man
J. ('. Watters of Victoria, was
elected president of the Dominion
Trades Congress at Calgary by
r. majority of thirty. Thc Wee
presidenc] went to Bancroft. The
congress voted down the proposal
io form ;��� Canadian labor party.
11 was decided t<> hold the next
am ui'l convention i*i Guelph.
Sweet Thing8 Dearer Hajaa'a Un.i i.i.irict   Disuict of Qaaaa ObartoM
-I'I..   ..;.-.   nf m.iiA.i nj.eita n   ,1       Take notice that Ihirty days Irom dale, I, I*. E.
I in- pin c ol seven cents .��� im.ih il n.i,,,,., ���t i-Tinr,. Rutin, it c. i~ occupation
l..r   mi ���������   aeeem*     a. 1.1,-1,   .,..,.   ,,.,,,,,,,1    reoe.kki.iu-r, int.-ml  li. apply  to Ihe t'hiol tom-
lor   r. A    Stl^.T,   WntCn   WaS   l|1II.U*tl    mi"ioner ���t Land, lor a Licence to prospect lor
eoal  ami  pi-triileum  on  and  under  .-to  acre* ot |
Uml Ml liraham Island doMTlbod aa Inllowa:
fnlnttu-neinit at  a pool  plant.al two mllea nnrlh
-*    11.  t oal   U-.M- No.   12
UNDKKTAKKILS ani. kmhalmkks
1  i.iii-rni    Ihr. , |.,ia
��� if .1 Ave. it-it ��� 11. Ht. I'll .T.i* No. "���
..Grand Hotel..
WorklngmiiTs Home
Free Labor Bureau io Connection
Pli*.n.< 178 1st Am*  and 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS. Proptiotor
Slv.i-n- Uml Hi.atrirt DiMrln of gii��>n Charlutif
Take notie*- that thirty tla>n from ilite, I. ( B.
ll��lnt��T of I'rin-rr Htiliert, II. ('., by oceupatlon
bOMttatpaWi intenil to apply to the Chief t'nm-
mifaainner of I aSHi-1- for a llwnee to pro��t*ec1 for
coal an<1 iK-trolciim on and unrler fttn aeren of
land on (iraham Inland devcrili-od an fullown:
Commenrinit at a pout  planter) I mo milm north '
of C.  K.  II. < oal  1,��*h-  No.   It, marhed  N.  El
corner ('. K. IV Coal MM No.  17, thenre noulh
ho rhaina, thenre WHl  Ho chainn. Ihence north Wl I
chainw, thence *���*-*   Wl  chain*,  to place ol  commencement.
llaleelSeejl.il, mil.     C. E. HAINTF.n. 1/Kator
I'uh. S.*pt. 21.
ritimliiint. Il.-iitini;, Sli'iinil'iltinK untl 1
She.-t Metal Work
Oitlce: ^nl Ave.
I'hone 114
2nd Ave. bet. 1th and -th ll...
Suftragista in States
strong  demonstrative
ritKists ;..nd suffrngi'ttcs, and not
Nt w  S'.nk Produce I'.x-
l; -.I week, is the highest
on ilu
every prospect thi t
tat inns will lie seen.
lwenty*two yearn, ar.d there is B chains, ihenc east m chains, u,ence nonh m
K.  It.  Coal   l.-aal-  No.
markial   N.  W.
18. Ihence touth I
liinlur i|tii.-
j chains, t tit-nee foal  HO chains io place ol rum
I mencement.
I Dated Sept. 11, 1911.     C. E. HAINTEK, I/Kator I
\ Pub. Sept. 23.
('rtrif�� complptc alock of 1-nini    Bpeclal
attention t'��"l to rilHtitt ti tn, -rit tii.tin.
TWatrc Block phoh�� no. ��� Second Ate. THE DAILY NEWS
Three Men in Peril of Their
Lives. Saved by Hard Struggle. Islands Need Gasoline
Carrying Freighter.
Rose Spit   was  the  scene  of  a
very narrow escape the other day
when a gasoline boat wiih a crew
of three men was overturned in a
heavy sea there. All three men
managed to save iheir lives by
clinging to tin- up turned craft
until she drifted ashore, but they
lost a ureal deal of valuable gear,
and   llie Balving  of  the boat  will
cause considerable difficulty.   The
men were on  tlie way to  Ruperl
for a supply of gasoline. It is not
possible io obtain gasoline by
the G, T. 1'. Boat from Rupert as
tin* Prince John's passenger certificate does not admit of the
carrying of the inflammable spirit.
A petition is being circulated in
the hope that a permit may be
secured for the Prince John to
carry a small deck load of gasoline
on her trips, as there iire ten
launches on the inlet, ami the trip
to Rupert is dangerous in sTnall
(Continued from page one)
Mile 44  23
Shandilla    8
Estevan Point     2
Red Cliff    9
Lome (.'reek. .
(,lintanna. . .
Spruce Creek.
Bitter Creek.
Alberni   03
Lawn Hill     4
"The News* Classified Ads.
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Undenominational  Services to
be   Held   in   Three   Rupert
The Rev. John Knox, B. C.
Secretary of the Canadian Bible
Society, arrived this morning or
the Prince George. He will preach
at the Baptist morning service in
the Mclntyre Hall, at the Presbyterian service in. thc Empress
Theatre on Sunday night and at
a joint meeting of all denominations at the Methodist Church
on Monday right.
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Homls
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S. ��� HouHt>i and Rental*. 	
Conservative Forces Underwent
Defeat in Their Island Strong
Sixteen votes for Ross and eleven
for Clements at Ma-aset with one
spoiled vote represents a real
turning of the tide towards Liberalism on the Islands for at
lasi Provincial election the poll
went solid for the Conservative
candidate. Local Liberals celebrated the occasion quietly in
view of the general I rend of the
elections throughout thc Dominion.
There was a good crowd in
town for election day, but no
incident of note. Voters scattered
over the Island with survey parlies
diil not manage t<> make the
polling place which was iii James
Martin's -lore, the proprietor being
Deputy Returning officer.
Secretary of Canadian Bible
Society in B. C. will Preach
on Sunday Night at the Empress Theatre.
.--.>������***>^ I****,****** >..��,������*��.>*a��>.>^.-"**��" ���*a..*^��-***^*. '
Help Wanted
I ,!���-. .,-%,.���-.,I *.,.�����,, ^ I. ^t.-aa.*.^.*^.�� tJ-SS***S**
Want,**! Kent-nil aervnnt. twu ���
Apply to Mra. L. W. Putnn
viltit uirls kept.
For Rent
'InMintiaaMMie.iekMt*.-~-_.i |
Furnished rooms with hulli.
the week.   Talbot House.
Spe-clul rates by
Neatly Furnlahe.1 rooma. nnUamn pre'erred.
Apply Mrs. Mullin. over Majestic Theatre).     tl
Nlco Furnlaheel Rooma, Mra. Creenwood, Alder
Block; Third Ave. l78*tf
Are Your Valuables Safe?!
Insure their protection by renting a safe deposit
box in our vault. By so doing you need nave no
faaroTfire or thieves. Call in today and inspect
tnir vault and the protection provided        :
lint nnd cold water
i.lh Ave. nnd Fulton
For Rent���Furnlahed room
with bath. l)ia.rl.y Room!
Street. M^^^^^^^
For Rent-Sona of England llu". US iniL'Ave., for
Dance-a. Fraternal 8oel.-ti.-s. Si-clala, etc. Apply
Frnnk A Kills. Box SCSI ..r phone lis. 1W1-"
For Sale
Northwestern League
Vancouver 2, Seal lie tl.
Portland 2, Tacoma 1.
Spokane 1"), Victoria 2.
National League
Philadelphia 8, Chicago 0.
Pittsburg 4. Boston .1.
Cii'finn.iii l. Brooklyn '.*���
New York 8, St. Louis 2.
American League
Philadelphia 7. Si. Louis 4.
Cleveland 8, New York 1.
Detroit 2. Boston I.
Pacific Coast League
Portland 8, Oakland 8.
s.m Francisco 2,1.'.*- Angeles 'J
Verno.i -t. Sacramento I.
Popular C. T. P. Boats
A- t*v,*r punctual, tin- G. T. P.
steam, r Prince Cn*..rge ,irri\t*t| this
morning on rime, wiih a fair
crowd of first class passengers, and
an  exceptionally  heavy  load  >.f
fre-ight largely supplies fur Messrs,
I'ol.y, Welch ft Stewart. The
Primt* John arrived today early
from ilu* Islands, and reported an
uneventful trip.
A  Big  Difference
Voting Hopeful���Father, what
i- a traiior in politics?
Veteran Politician���A traitor is
a man who leaves our party nnd
goes over io the other one.
Young Hopeful Well, then,
what  is a  man who leaves his
party and comes over tO yOUIV?
Veteran Politician���A convert,
my ion. -(Tit-Bits.)
Mail   Steamers
Lasi   night   the   "ohl   reliable"
Camosun arrived with passengers,
freight) .'nd mail and proceeded
to Stewart.   The George brought
mail thi- morning also, at'il  V.-n-
eouver election tyttras. not quite
as live  as  Rupert's own  news*
papers by thi*. time.
Roadbuilders Busy
A large party of workmen are
engaged in opening a twenty-mile
raod from the Wilson coal property to Queenstown on Maset
Inlet, and down the Yakoun River. It is the intention to run a
line of railway to tidewater for
the shipment of lhe large body of
coal on Graham I salami.
Timber Supply
Mr. Tingley is arranging to
import a portable mill, for the
purpose of cutting timber for the
settlers  on Masset Inlet anil the
east coaat of Graham Island.
Machinery Expected
The steamer Prince John is
expected from Vancouver with
machinery and lumber for the
mining camps at the head of
Masset Inlet.
Residential Improvement
Mine host Ives, of the Si.
Ives hotel, Masset, has purchased
the residence formerly owned by
C. J. Cook, and is busy improving
the house and grounds.
Want New Wharf
'Die necessity for a wharf at
Masset townsite has been apparent on the arrival of every
steamer. The present structure
is falling to pieces and the residents of New Masset are |>cii;iop-
ing for lhe construction of a iuw
wharf at the head of Main street.
New School Ready
A new sfhoolhtmsc has been
erected on Clli-i'ii .>.\cniic, Masse!, anil will be occupied when
passed by the inspector. Miss
Robinson of Vancouver, arrived
in Masset recently lo lake charge
of ihe school.
Cold Storage Coming
A representative ol a large cold
storage company has been Inspecting the various locations on
Naden Harbor, with a view to
constructing buildings and commencing operations.
Masset Social Notes
Cap.ain (iediles, who was recently married in Prince Ruimti ,
will become a permanent resilient
..I Masset Inlet.
Messrs. Carss and Harrison visited the settlements on die east
coast of Graham Island, in the
launch Josephine.
Took Totem Pole
Dr.  NeWCOmbe made a irip to
Skidegate and Maseel and purchased a large number of curios
for the Provincial Museum. A
large totem |x>le WHS secured at the
Clew Indian reserve.
Settlers for Masset
Several settlers arrived at Masse! on the steamer Prir.ce John
and are engaged in looking for
honies. Among them an four
former residents, who looked over
other sections of the province ai-d
Rev. John Knox Wright, B. C.
Secretary of the Canadian Bible
Society, will preach at ilu- Presbyterian services at the Empress
Theatre on Sunday night. This
being the Ter-Ccntcnary year of
the Authorized Version i** marked
by special services all over the
For Rent    Furnished or unfurnished     rooms
only) over Wallace's Dry Goods
Store.    H. S. Wallace. tf
Household Furniture. Apply Rev. T. C. Dea-
llarres. Corner Fourth Ave. iindC.reen St.   tt
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. '��� Storey house, household irooda. Near Prim*-- Ituport. A anap If
taken at once.   Addr.-   Hex iltiS. ���*
For Sale-lriah Terrier dm pupa, pedigreed, grit-
ty, good companions, maid color. Goddard
Broa.. M Water St., Vancouver. 216-227
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
The Continental Trust Co.
Second Avenue
-County, Daniel,
We carry everything In the feed line. also Harden aeedaat the lowest market price*, at Collart'a
ola* Fted Store, Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phonea II or 301
OUK Companlea are neiteil for prompt and juat
aoltlemenla. Wo writ.- every known claaa or
Inaurance. Tho Mack llealti* and Insurance Co.
(bachelors'Wanted-Hand laundcrinir.     Prices moderate.
ilii Third Avenuo. near Newa olllce. tf
If there arc ten people who want
lo secure a property somewhat
like that which you have for rent,
nine of them will never, by any
possibility, hear of your property
unless you advertise ii in the
lassiiieil columns.
Wanted piles 100 feet lonir.
Construction Co., Seal C.
Inquire at theAllln
ra, or Phone 220    If
Wnnted.-Cleaning ami pressing, drettmakimr.
plain sewing, children't sewing, repairing and al-
i.-i.iti.-na M.-n��' and ladi.'.' irarntenla. Canadian
Cleaning nnd Preaaing sltup, --'" Third Avenue.
I'll...,.-.-.'I Ileal. tf
-        Lost and Found
laoat-Gold rlmmeet apecucles. Finder will be rewarded bv returning lh.*m to \V. J. McKcniie.
Foley, Welch A Stewarts olllce. if
l.o��t- I.a.in-.' walch In  bracelet,
turning tu News office.
PXBOOOmHKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXO    LOST-An unstamped  letter addreanH  to Core
*�� MrCrrtro-r. Victoria. H.C. AIno a letter frum
I .-ni I '.'i'i to the underiiirned. Reward by returning to J, l   Fullerton, G.T.P. Ir.n.
New Diamond and
Pearl Goods
We- haveJuRt received an lurnort-
ment of Rings, Broorhe*.. Tic
Pin��, etc., of the very
latest lie-sign
R. W. Cameron & Co.
G.T.P. Official   Walch   Inspector.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Hrwnrd bv re-
Sectional Book Cases
The Globe-Wernicke
Dusi proof. Ci'n match any
furniture. Easy operating
doors. Some style, some finish
are characteristics that  place
the Globe-Wernicke in a class
by itself.
Sk*a-na Land District Dbtilcl ol Quoen Charlotte
Take notice that Ihirty da>a tram date, 1, C. E.
Hainter ol Prince Kupert, 11 C,.by occupation
l-oeikkr*per. Intend lo apply lo the Chiel Com*
! mittloner of Landt Inr a licence lo pr..-, .ti lor
reial and i-i-it- l.-mn on and under t��lti can*, ol
land on liraham Island daarrihej at follow*.:
Commencini at a post planteel two mllea north
ol C. F. II. Coal la-ate No IT, marked N. E.
corner C. E. II, Coal laraac Nn. 21 thence touth
mi chain., thence *>s��t HO chatna, Ihence north
���ii chain., thence eaal su chains to place ul com-
1 mencement.
! I.a.esl Sept. IS. 1911.     C. E. UAINTEH. Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena I jnd IHatrlct -Dialrlcl ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice thai C irty da-t train date, I, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Kupert, (l. !.'., by oceupailon
bookkeeper, Inlend lo apply lo lhe Chiel Com-
nuaaimii r ot I and. lor a licence to prospect lor
coal and pelraleurn nn and under 640 acre* ol
Ian., nn liraham laalml de*crll*ed as lollowa:
i .-min. i.rim* al a p.'.t planted Iwo mllo. north
..I C. E. II. Coal I..-.-- No. IH. marked N. W.
corner 1*. E. II. i'oal laeaj-e No. 21, Ihenee* *oulh
!S> chain.. Ihence- eaal HO chaint, thence north
Wl chain., thence* weal Wl chaina lo place ol commencement.
luted Sept. 12. I'.n.    C. E. HAINTEK, laocator
Pub. Kept. 2*.
Skeena Und DUtricl District of Uuren Charlotte
Take notice lhal thirty daya tram date, 1, A. T,
iti. -!��� -i. a ol Prince Hupert, U. C, by occupation
bank manager, intend ta, apply to the Chiel Com-
ml .i.-ii- r .,! I.aiiil. (ur a licence to prospect (or
coal and |*etr��leum on and under 6.0 acrea ol
land on liraham Island deacribed aa lollowa:
t ..iiiiiiet i na- at a |h**1 planted two mllna norlh
ol I . E. II. I oal I. .... No. 17, in.ik.-I s. W.
corner A. T. II. Coal laaaae No. lib, thence north
an (haiha. lliei,ce east BO chatna. Ihence miiiiIi HO
chaint. Ihence wett HO chaina to place ol commencement.
A. T. IIKODEKICK. I - -.-- .
Dated Sept. 12, mil. I*. E. Hainter, A|enl
I'ub. Sept. 2:1.
Skeena Und Dialrlcl Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take mine.* that thirty days from dale, I, A. T.
Ilri-iii tick ut I'lince Hupert, II. C, by occupation
l.ae.k manager, Intend to apply to lhe Chlet Commissioner ol land. lor a licence to proapeel Inr
eoal and |>ctrulcum on and under 610 care, ot
l.n.l nn liraham Island dtocribed at follow.:
. "" in. i-riinj al a poat plnated two milea north
"I C I II. Coal la-ate No. 20, marked S. E.
.-oriier A. 1*. ll. Coal Leate No. 26, Ihence. north
MJ chain., thence west HO chaina, thence touth
HO chtins, thence east 80 chaina to place ol com*
A. T. HKODEKIOK. Locator
Dateel Sept. 12, I'll. C. E. Hainter, Afenl
Pub. Sept. 2*1.
Skeena Und District -District ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty .lavs Irom dale, I, A. T.
Iti'.'l. n, I, nt I'rince Kupert, U. C, by occupation
bank manager, Intend to apply to the Chiel Com-
mittion.-r of Laml. (or a licence to proapect lor
coal and petroleum on and under 640 caret of
land nn (Iraham laland deacribed aa lollowa:
CommencinK al a post planted two milea north
ol C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 21, marked S. E
corner of A. T. II. Coal Leate No. 27, thence
weal HO chaina, Ihence north HO chains, thence
eatt HO chains, thence south HO chaina to place
of commencemenl.
A. T. HKODERICK. Locator
Dateel Sept. 12, 1911. A. ft E. Bainter, Kent
l-ub. Sept. 21.
Skeena Und Diatrict -Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
lake notic-e thai thirty daya Irom dale, I. ( . I"..
Hainter ol Prince Kupert, H. C, by occupation
liookkecpcr, inlend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner of Unda for a licence to prospect tor
eoal and |ietroieum nn and under olO acre, ol
land on liraham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a posl planted five mllea eatt
nt i -nl I - i .- No. 4174. marker) C. E. Halnler'a
N*. E. corner Coal Uaae No. tl, thence south 80
rhtins, thence west HO chaina, thence north 80
chains, ihence eaal HO chaina lo place ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.     C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 19.
One lot, Block 22, Section 6, Seventh
Avenue.   Price $800.   $400 cash.
One lot,  Block 7,  Section  6,  Fourth
Avenue, Harhor View.   Price $1350.
Two l'it-. Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.    Price $800 each.   $60 cash
balance $26 iter month.
Two lots, Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.    Price  $600  pair,  one-half
Two lots, Block 51, Section 8, Kelliher
Street.   Price $176 each, $100 cash.
One  lot,   Block  7,   Section   8.   Tenth
Avenue.   Price $:<00, one-half cash.
Two lots, Block 38, Section 8, Justin
Street.   Price $500 pair, $300 cash.
One lot, Block 1, Section 8, next to
corner. Eleventh Avenue.   Price $475,
$300 cash.
Four-room house, plastered, painted, best
harbor   view   in  city,   on   Ambrose
Avenue.    Price $1837.    Cash  $500,
balance $30 per month.
Olllres and stores on SeK-ond Avenue and
Sixth Street.   Prices $36 to $75 |ier
Nicely furnished flat, four rooms and
Imili.   hot   und   cold   water,   corner
Fulton   and   Sixth   Avenue.     Price
$50 per month.
5 and 10 acres for garden trucking, at
Kitsumkalum.   Price $65 p.-r acre.
10-acre tracts garden trucking at Kit -
SSMSe   Price $50 per ucre.   Terms.
Three lota on Third  Avenue close to
Imsin.-ss section, level, good lease,
$10 cash and $10 per month buys you a
Skeena Und Dislrict    District nl Queen Charlotte
lake nntice that thirty days from date, I, C. E.
Hairier ol I'rince Kupert. It. C, by occupation
iNaokkceper,  Intend  lo apply to Ihe Chiel Com-
l|f, .    . ��� mittloner of Und  tor a licence to j>rns*��ert tor
BK    IIOW   Willing    to   CaSt    their   Inl jmal  and  |..-tr..li*iim  on  and  under BIO  arrc. ol
.... land on Uraham Island detrrihed ts follows:
.Villi   till-   pioneers  of   Olll'l-ll   (liar-I     Commcnt-int. at a poat planted Iwo miles nnrth
. | a      j nit'. E. II. Ce.nl Uate No. 7, mark.-d ft I. II.
lolte   II..1 Coal Imae No. 12. Ihence- soulh 80 chains, Ibence
eatt SO .chains,  Ihence north  HO chains,  tli'ite-.*
wett HO chaina to place of commencemenl.
; Dateel Sept. II, IPll.    C. E. HAINTEK, Ucator
Roomy Freighter
This  morning  the   c.
Pub. Sepl. 2*1.
V      IJ      Skeena Und Dislrict     Dislrict nl Queen Charlotte
A     e f^^^m^^^ X        ���             ���      * "      "*l      Take nntlee. that thirty day. Irom dale. I. I'. I..
'>   larite   quantity   ol   very   nnelatMMlM* I'rii.ri-...- Kt"�� r-rrivnl from I "���ln"'' *������ I'rlne*. Kuperi. Il. i .. i>>-occupation
���new-ten t        i    ��� , ",���1,    '  r" ' t!*N  r*' *'  ' '*"?*' "'���"*    bookkeeper,  Inlend   lo  apply  lo Ihe Chief  Com-
���pecimens   ot   shrimp   catlgnl   it*. I ii...   nortii   re..elv   fe.r   the   aouth I �����<���>* 1 hum lot a ffiw ta wwsMt lot
Peine*.    I),.       . ,   ��� norm    riauy    lor    uu    mnnn i    rf >nd     ,���,,_,���, on ������,, un()rr ,;,��� .���_ ���,
lllti. I*    Ktipert    Waters,    lire    In n .-    I.. ...i.. I land on Oeaham Island de.rril.cd a. lollowa:
l ".iiinptirin, al a i-e-t planteel Iwo mllos north
of .:, E. It. Coal Uaa.- No. 7, marked S. W. corner
C.  E.  H.  Coal  Iteta Nn.   1*1,  tbence north  SO
ice Rupert .v.-iers. nn* being I freight,
displayed in tin* window ol shrub-
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
markcl on Tliird avenue,
Tantorium Pioneur Cleaners, Phcne 4]Boat House.
ror   row   Doaia  rou   .auncoes  chtltl���( th#mce WPrt m rh.m. tn pur** oi wm-
Uilephone   320   green.     DavmM	
Oftt-MlHtntL. 11, 1911.
Pub. H��t>i. M.
(*. E.  IIMNTKR, LocitUir
Skprn�� I.mnrl Olntrict -Dlitrict o( Qu-wn TharlottP
i ii.- nntice that ihirty day* Irom datp, I, (.*. 1
Hainter of I'rinc*? Hupert, B, Cm by occupation
lurnkkreper, intn<i tn apply to the Chief Com-
miwionpr of It-ami* lor a licence to pmnpect for
conl ami pftrnlctim on and under "40 acrea of
land on (iraham Inland deacribed an followa:
Commencing at a poat planted one mile north
nf ('. V. II. Coal I,- h��<- No. li, marked V W.
rorner C. I 11. No. 10, Ihence aouth 80 chaina,
thence *'���*( 80 chalnn, thence north Ml chaina,
thenre eaat 80 chalnn to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. I DAINTtK, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und Diatrict- Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya fronm date, I, C. K.
Hainter of I'rince Huiicrt, 11. (,., oceupatlon 1��ook.
ke��'ppr, intend to apply lo the Chief Cummin-sinner
of l.andfl for a llwnce to i)rn*pi>ct for coal and
petnileum on and under fi-10 acrea of land on
tlrnham  Inland deacrilrad an lollnwn:
Comm��*tictnit at a post planUH two mllea north
of C. K. 11. (oal Iteaw No 8, marked N. K. mrner
of ('. K. H. Coal Uaae No. 11, thence aouth 80
chalnn, thence weat 80 chalnn, thence north 80
chalnn, thence eaat 80 chalnn to place of commencement.
Dated Kept. 11, 1911.     C.  E.  HAINTER, Locator
Tub. Sept. aa.
Wark's Closing
Jewelry Sale
Three Only, $6.00 Kitchen
Clocks $2.90
Three Only, $12.50 Mantle
Clocks $6.25
Dozens of Other Clocks at
One-half Price.
See the bargains in the West
Window today. Your choice
for $2.50
C. B. WARK & CO.
Third Avenue
Nolice la hereby riven that Oeor��e II. Almon
I. no loniter In our employ and patrons are warned tn nay no money to him nn our account, nor
will we be responsible for bills contracted by him
in our name.
Sept. 20th, INI.
Queens and Shelburnc��� Mc-Cur
ilv, Cons.
Aniigimish���Chisholm, Liberal.
Cumberland���Rhodes, Cors.
Kingston���Nichols, Cons.
Hants���Black, Lib.
Hamilton, East���Barker, Cons.
West Hamilton���Stewart, Cons.
Ontario, South���Smith, Cons.
Winnipeg���Haggart, Cons, large
Winnipeg���McDonald Staples,
Ontario Centre���Bristol, Cons.
Ottawa���Fripp and McCullum,
Cape Breton, North���McKenzic
Gov't elected.
Bonaventure���Marcil, Lib.
Chatequay���Brown, Lib.
Cape   Breton,  South���Carried
Kings, N. S��� Foster, Cons.
Lincoln���Lancaster, Cons.
West Huron���Lewis, Cons.
St. Hyadnthe City���Gauthier,
Glengarry���McMillan, Lib.
Brent���Fisher, Cons.
Peel���Blain, Cons.
DufTerin���Best, Cors.
South Grenville���Reid, Con9.
Brockville���Webster, Cons.
Point Neuf���Delisle, Lib.
Frontenac���Edwards, Cors.
Lewis���Roy, Lib.
Ki'.mouraska���Lapontc, Lib.
Beauce���Beland, Lib.
Napiervillc���Lancelot, Lib-
Montreal���Stantoir.e Div., Ames
Wright���Devlin, Lib.
North Wellington���Clarke, Cons
Brant���Paiersop,  Lib, defeated
by 20 majority.
Selkirk���Bradbury, Cors.
Russel���Murphy, Lib.
Fdnionioi���Oliver,   Lib.,
Brome���Baker, Cors.
South Waterloo���Clare, Coi s.
Pontiac���Brabazon, Cors.
Nortii Ren few���White, Cors.
South Perth��� Steele, Cops.
Nortii Kssex���Wilsop, Cors.
Kent- Robide.-u, Cors.
Mor.tmagny���LeuPrans, Cons.
Wett Middlesex���Ross, Lib.
Norlh Simcoe���Currie, Cors.
Victoria���Michaud, Lib.
Wett Hastings���Porter, Cm s.
Brant ford -Cockslnitt, Cons.
Champlain���Blordir, Cor.s.
I hirham���Thornton, Cors.
I hiimmi,i*tI, Athabasca���Groiiil-
lard. Lib.
Richmond and Wolfe���ToWn,
Lunenberg���Stewart, Cons.
Lotbiniere���Foriier, Lib.
West Peterboro���Bumharn, Cor
Charlevoix���Forget, Cons.
Two Mountains���Kthier, Lib.
Terrebonne���Nantel, Cors.
Muskoka���Wright, Cor.s.
South Wellington���Guthrie, Lib.
Lennox and Adding ton���Paul,
York Centre���Wallace, Cons.
Carlcion���Kidd, Cons.
Battleford���Champagre, Lib.
Wellington, Smith���Evans, Cons
Nortii Perth���Murphy, Cons.
London���Beattie, Cons.
Halifax���Borden, Cons, small
Yamaska���Mondeux, Cons.
Nortii Oxford���Nesbitt, Lib.
Soulanges���Laurier, Lib.
Richilieu���Cardin, Lib.
Inverness���Chisholm, Lib.
Quebec, Wett���Power, Lib.
Weiiiworth��� Wilson, Cons.
Eatl Klgin���Marshall, Cons.
Wesl Klgin���Carathcrs, Cons.
Quebec Centre���Lachancc, Lib.
Digby���James, Cons.   '
Gloucester���Tourgon, Lib.
Westmoreland���Emerson, Lib.
An i*a*iolis��� Pickup, Lib.
Norfolk���Charleton, Lib.
Guyslxiro���Sincalir, Lib.
Quebec County���Pelletier, Cons.
Charlotte���Hart, Cons.
North Oxford- Nesbitt, \\\,
South Huron���Herner, Cops,
Prince Edward    Hi |il un i ,,,
East Grey���Sproule, Com,
South Ontario���Smith, Cons.
Kootenay���Goodcve, Cons,
South Bruce���Donnelly, Coite.
South Grey���Miller, Lib.
Vancouver���Stevens, Cons.
Queens���McLean ami NicholuJ
Northumberland,  West���Ma,
son, Cons.
Princt;���Richard*., Lib,
Compton���Hunt, Lib.
Roueville���Lemieux, Lib.
Three Rivers and St. Maurict-
Normand, Nat.
East Hastings���Nortlirup, Cum.
Portage   La   Prairie   Meighw.
Strathcona���Douglas, Ub.
Humboldt���Dr. Neil, lib,
South Essex���Chirk, Lib.
New Westminster -Taylor,Cafl
Saskatoon���M c I .can, Cons.
Jacques Carder���Monk, Con I
Regina���Martin, Lib.
East Kent���Gordon, Lib.
East Pretolia���Smith, t'ur!
Brandon���Aikins, Cons,
Brockville���Webster, Cons, d<|
ected defeating Minister C.r.ihii[
Yale Cariboo*  Burn-ll. t'��i>.
Maskinonge���Belleinare, Vxts
Hal ton���Hendt-rM.il, Cons.
Megan tic���Pacautl, Lib.
Montreal,   St.   Aprc'i I'iv-
Doherty, Cons.
Montreal, St. Lawrerce DhrH
Bickerdike, Lib.
Montreal, St.  M.'r\-   M.ri.
Montreal, St. James   I
East Soimc���Bennett, Cow.
Rimouski���Boulay, Cons.
West Nanton   Armstrorg.C-a
Moosejaw���Knowles, lib.
Montreal���Sidney Fisher, M��
ister of  Argiculiure. def��ttd|
Brome County.
Maisoneuvre���Vei \ illc, lib
West Kent���McCoig.lib
West Huron���Lewis, Cor*
Eait Norlliumberl.'itl   W^*
McKt-pzie���Cash, Lib.
West Algoma- Boisi, Cors
South Lanafl?���WaggsrtL��
Parry Sound���Arthurs.' o
South York���Mel.      '
Dauphin���Campbell, Cor*
Qu'Apple���Lake. (������'*
Strathcona���Dotii-I - l'"'
McLeod���Warneck Lib.
South Renfrew -l.'^|i;
York,N. B.-Crockett, 0
Kings���Flower, Con��.
St. John City   Pugnl-.-y.lJ
Bagot���Marceillc I���'*���
Assiniboia���Turill. Lib.
Victoria, N. B.   Midw"
Pictou���McDonald, Lib.
Lincoln���Lancaster, Cons
Lisgard���Grecnw.o   I -il'*
Provencher���Blu. i.   "'���
Souris���Schaffner, Cor.s.
McLeod���Hern,,.. (   '-
Crompton���Croinu< I* l ,,r'
East Algoma���Reg.u ��� l":
Ontario, Nortii --<���<    '  (
Summary Fi ��al
Ontario   '���*
Quebec    "
ISTova Scotia  '
New Brunswick
P. E. I	
Saskatchewan ���
British Columbia
I "
I, B. HarrUon ol Prince IH I" ���  ���, *;*��**
five notice that on lhe tilt.*"
Ml, I Intend to apply t" It";v ,    icr'S
at hla olllce In Prlnco Buperl. ' ;,, f��� <
to take and uae two cubic Ice' * ,,, in **r
Irom tba Weat Fork ol M-f V . ,m,fc\,>lt
ptatriot. thamlat U to �����.''*,,i'..,'''iitli JjjJJ
about one mil* Irom IM   ,"���-.",ju". fo' ���*
River and it to l-e uaed on l*t ��' y
and africultural V*uroom*Lxn F|   u.iBS""'
H��Dt. ��.


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