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 '<"/���-" \
"    19!)
Twenty-four hours ending 6 a.m.,
Oct. 8
Cr��rciA, b. G',
The Daily News
Princess  Rjyal
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 225
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, October 8, 1911.
Price Five Cents
j Is Afraid That Her Old Enemy Will Take the Opportunity to Avenge  the Turko-Greek
War���Turks and Arabs Entrench Themselves Outside Tripoli and Prepare For a
Big Land Battle With the Italians���Bombardment to Start on Wednesday
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Constantinople, Ocl. 3���The
Pinkish authorities are now taking
���measures which show that  they
intend to light Italy to the finish.
JAII the Turkish troops are lieing
���nobili-ed,  while a  fleet  of  four
battleships and one cruiser with
line destroyers is at anchor in the
Afraid of Greece
Despite the pacific assurances
luf the Greek Government, a fear
���persists that if the war is prolonged,
���Greece will sec to it that a frontier
���incident occurs that will enable
[her io declare war against Turkey
land avenge lhe memories of the
iTurko-Grecian war.
People in Clamor
Telegrams received by the Porte
from the outlying Turkish provinces say that feeling is running very-
high and that the people are
clamoring for resistance to the
Italian forces, and reprisals against
the Italisan. '
Frontier is Manned
The Government is despatching
troops into Macedonia in order
to man the Greek frontier in the
event of troubles with Greece.
Malla, 7 p.m., Oct. 2.���Word
has just lx-en received here from
Tri|Kili that the Arabs and Turks
ire entrenching thenmsclvcs beliid
the city preparing for a long light.
Sixty thousand Arabs said to
be armed with Mausers an* holding
a strong position lifty miles behind
the town in a country which is an
excellent natural stronghold. The
advance guards an- stationed ihirty
miles from the city.
The Turkish garrison has left
the forts to join the troops in the
country. After the Italian occupation occurs a seige of the
town will begin.
On board an  Italian  warship off
Tripoli, Oct. 2nd:
"No bombardment of Tripoli
has yet taken place. The Italian
Consul is my authority for the
statement that lhc bombardment
is to be begun three days after
the expiration of the notification
given on Saturday."
John S. Day, Prominent Victoria Resident Sentenced for
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Victoria, Ocl. 3.- John S. Day,
a prominent hotel and marine
man who had been found guilty
of receiving naval stores was today
sentenced to serve eighteen months
in the penitentiary at New Westminster.
J. II. Rogers returned t<> town
yesterday evening by the Princess
���May. Mr. Rogers has been on a
business and recreative trip to
The City of Seattle is expected
here on Friday with U. S. mail,
passengers and freight.
I Quaint Action of the City Council Over the Bottle
Bottle Licenses���Aldermen Indulge in Some More
Childish Squabbles at the Council Board
furnish a report upon the legality
of the licences.
The suggestion of childishness
brought Alderman Newton to his
feet. He resented thc frequent
application of the term "childish"
to the other members of council
by Alderman Hilditch whenever
things didn't suit him.
"You are worse than childish,"
Interrupted Alderman Hildiich.
"People probably accuse you
with more reason of what you
SCCUSe us of lieing," replied Alderman Newton. "You can go
to your own preacher and hear
what he has to say about you."
(Laughter in council).
Alderman Newton went on to
lay that he believed G. Sutherland
had not had a square deal because
he believed that defects alleged in
Sutherland's application also existed in the other applications.
The bottle license question, like
Banquo's ghost will not down.
(Again hist night it stalked through
lllii* council chamber, being raised
lllii*. time by Alderman Clayton,
���who wanted the City Solicitor
It., make a report on the legal
pspect to reassure the public mind.
The fact that the City Solicitor
���was .nn* nf tin- solicitors in the case
���did not bother the council who
���decided to have his opinion in
(writing to satisfy the public as
lto the legality of the License
| Hoard's action.
One little spat occurred when
Alderman Newton suggested that
ilu* City Solicitor be asked to
-nlunit a report on all three
Alderman   Hilditch  with   some
j impatience,  said  that  it  would
In* simply childish lo ask the City
Solicitor who has been  tbe legal
authority   in   all   these   cases   to
Mr. Borden Will Probably Announce His New Cabinet
Northwestern League
The season ended with no games
Vancouver 7, All-Stars 3.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Oct. 3.-���Wednesday has
now been agreed upon as the most
likely day for the resignation of
the I.aurier Government. The
announcement of the personnel
of the Borden Ministry will probably be made at the same time.
Meeting of Building Committee
This Evening to Award Con-I AERIAL MAIL REACHES RII-
National League
New York 3, Pittsburg 0.
Philadelphia 0, Boston 3.
American League
Cleveland 7, Detroit 4.
Secretary's Letter to Council Last Night says Members
Will Not Stand for the Employment of a  "Chain
Gang" to Lay Out Recrealion Park
Hill clearing  the  level  space for
a Recreation Park was promised.
The Industrial Workers of the
World Prince Rupert branch have
appealed to the Mayor and council
against the system of employing
prisoners serving sentence in the
city jail to clear and level ground
for a Recreation Park. The prisoners were referred to in the I. W. W.
letter as "a chain' gang" and
their work was designated "convict labor." The I. W. W. branch
declared lhal ihey would not
stand for .this sort of thing.
Alderman Kirkpatrick who is
alio one of the police commissioners expl.lined that in order
to comply with the terms of the
sentences imposed on some prisoners it was necessary to give them
hard labor���Chief Vickers had no
form of hard labor for them about
the police Station and the proposal
that they should be set lo breaking
slopes wis Impracticable. Therefore, the idea thai the prisoners
should  be  employed  on  Summit
There was no semblance to a
"cliain gang" about the arrangement. The prisoners were under
guard but were much more healthily employed at work in the open
air than under the alternative of
being confined in the cells.
Alderman Douglas raised his
voice against the scheme declaring
that working men supporters of
his in thc city had strong objections to it.
Alderman Clayton declared the
letter from the I. W. W. branch
was couched in arrogant and dictatorial terms and should not be
noticed at all by the council.
Alderman Newton said that the
idea had got abroad tha. he had
originated the idea of employing
the prisoners. This he entirely
The 1. W. W. letter was received
and filed.
A   meeting   of   the   Methodist
Church building committee is to
beheld tonight in Messrs.Williams
& Malison's offices for the pur|��ose
of awarding the contracts for the
new church building. Rev. Charles
Sing referring to ilu- new church
the other day, said that everything Wi's in pretty straight order
now   for   the   work   to   go   right
ahead.  The committee have been
waiting lo make certain of a
necessary   sum   of   aliout    $8000
required in addition to the fund
granted iliem by the church iu the
east, but this sum is practically
assured ihem now, and progress
can be made at once with the
new building. The Methodist
Church will be one of the besl
church buildings in the city when
First Letter Sent by British Air
Post Delivered at Digby Island.
New Westminster Witnesses Fa
for Taxing Lands and Natural
(Canadian Press Desjxitch)
Vancouver. Oct. 3.���.After taking
evidence at New Westminster the
Taxation Commission left last
night for Revelstoke and thence
to Nelson and Cranbrook.
Among those giving evidence
at the Royal City, the general
opinion was that the personal
property tax worked a hardship
and thiit the |kiII tax waa objectionable. Tlu-y favored i'll thc
revenue of the province being
raised by the taxation of lands and
natural resources.
Jos. Bernier, Member for St.
Boniface, Enters the Manitoba Cabinet.
Great Honor to be Conferred on Sir Wilfrid Laurier
According to the Montreal Herald���Is Unanimous
Choice of Great Britain and United States
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, Oct. 3.���The Montreal
Herald, the leading Liberal paper,
published the following last night
in reference to Sir Wilfrid Laurier's
"It was given oul by a man
prominent in the counsels and in
the friendship of Sir Wilfritl Lr.u-
rier, that the ex-Premier would
be offered the position of President
of the Hague Peace Tribunal
very soon, he being the unanimous
choice of President Taft and of
the English authorities,
Both of lhe great nations have
expressed their complete confidence
in Sir Wilfrid  Laurier,    To offer
tin* Premier this position on behalf
of the English authorities is said
to have been th. object of Lord
Strathcona's recent visit to Ot*
Cruiser Snohomish Speeding to
Rescue of Fishing Boat Yukon.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria. Oct. 3. A wireless
report has been received stating
that ihe gasoline fishing schooner
Yukon is off the Vancouver Island
coast near Nootka, drifting helplessly wiih a broken shaft. The
U. S. A. fishery cruiser Snohomish
is coming al full speed to rescue
the small craft.
Aviator Cromwell Dixon After
Topping Mountains Fell from
Distance of One Hundred
Johnson-Wells Match Did not
Take Place Yesterday as Arranged.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, Oct. 3.���In the shuffle
in lhe Provincial Cabinet as n
result of the Robert Rogers appointment to be Minister of the
Interior on  the  Borden Cabinet,
Jos. Bernier, the member for St.
Boniface, is to be taken into the
Provincial Cabinet.
Mr. S. Jennings, engineer in
charge of the Digby bland Marine
Station works, has been the recipient of an interesting com*
tmirictlion from London, England.
The missive is one of the firsl
aerial |Kisl cards ever sent. It is
a Specially light card sold in London ill sixpence (twelve cents) and
bearing an ordinary penny Stamp.
Sent by iierial mail to Windsor it
was transhipped to ordinary mail
bags, and se, forwarded to k up. 11
Before very long actual aerial
delivery may lie seen effected in
Cansds across the Prairies.
British Admiralty Place Large
Orders with Queen Charlotte
The British Admiralty recently
gave to the Moresby Island Lumber Company, of Queen Charlotte,
an order for 200,000 feet of white
spruce. The material will be used
in the manufacture of oars for
the row boats of the warships.
The superior quality of thc
white spruce grown in the Queen
charlotte group was discovered
years ago by British naval officers
on the North Pacific Station,
This kind of lumber was found
to be ideally adapted for making
oars and it is now used for thai
purpose in His Majesty's Vessclf
throughout the world.
The Cetriana left for the south
today with mail, passengers, and
Lack of Prison Labor Promptly
Supplied   to   Order
Jailer George West, of the Middlesex County, Cinn.i prison at
H.'ddam, has reason to believe
that it pays to advertise. Recently
it became known through the
newspapers that there were nut
Inmates enough at the prison to
care for the prison farm and that
there was danger of a part of the
crops going to waste if they were
not speedily r; red for. Within a
few dayi a(te*r this infroinaiion
was published nine squads of
prisoners were committed on minor
sentences and became Immediately
available for work on  the farm.
The crops have been saved.
D. McLeod's Property on Third
Avenue Fetches $14,000 Outside.
Victoria capitalists have just
purchased the property comprising
Lots 18 and 10, Blink 34, Section
1. for $11,000. The property is
the   residential   site  occupied   by
Mr. I). McLeod of Foley, Welch c.
Stewart, who is moving with lining contracting firm to New Basel ton.
Messrs. S. Harrison X* Co. have
recently put through a number of
successful deals in real estate in
Prince Rupert to outside capitalists, iit'd are keeping up the gOOf
work through their outside sources
of attraction,
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Spokane, Oct. 3.��� Fresh from
his great triumph hist Saturday
when he topped the Rocky Mountains in his successful flight here
from Helena, Cromwell Dixon,
nineteen years old, a Curtiss aviator, dropped to death from a
height of one hundred feet. The
tragic event occurred at the Interstate Fair yesterday afternoon.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, o.t. 2. -The Johnson*
Wills match arranged for today
was (-idled off by the promoters
owing to the opposition it was
arousing. Johnson says that after
finishing his present contracts lie
will reiire from the ring for good.
Judge Young will Endeavor to
Clear up Oldstanding Cases
This morning Judge Young was
engaged with Court Registrar Bur-
riit recently appointed in place
of Mr. Arthur Cuthbert, in ar*
ranging the county court docket
for lhe present Session. A number
of rases fall to be dealt with, but
none is of unusual interest. Judge
Young si'id this morning that he
hoped io 1..' able to settle al this
session of court, as many as possible of the cases on the docket so
ai id have no old standing cases
to carrj   o\er to the next  rourt.
Some t.-ses hf.ve dragged for quite
,t long time.
Dave Williams Stock Co. Will
Stage Drama and Comedy at
On Wednesday,October 11, there
will be a good theatrical show at
the Empress Theatre. The Dave
Williams Stock Company is coming
from Victoria and will open then
for a one week show of drama
and comedy. The company has
been having great houses, and a
fine reception al Victoria, and
something reel good may be expected in Rupert.
The Dave Williams Company
will be the higgist theatrical company which hi's. yet visited Rupert.
It carries iis ..wn scenery, and a
feature <>( the setting will be
special scenery designed to suit
Prince Rupert. This will be a
theatrical treat on a par with
Empress Theatre shows generally.
Provincial District Assess,,! Arthur Cuthbert is exceptionally busy
i't present arranging for the completion of his assessment schedule
by November 1st.
New Ward at the General Hospital is a Generous and Creditable Gift.
The new ward at the General
Hospital which Mr. C.iorge Tite
generously   undcriook   to   furnish
was completed yesterday evening,
and thrown open to Inspection by
the matron who is very proud
of il. The furnishing of the new
ward is a credit to the good task-
and goixl heart of the donor. The
furniture is in dark oak, very
restful in the effect of its plain
line's and stil-ducd color. A hai'd-
Mtne carpet With a dark green
effect   Was Specially  selected  and
made up to harmonise with the
furniture, Even the various small
mats and rugs were specially made,
The George Tile ward will be a
Comfortable place to be ill in.
Dr. Young Announces That the Sum of a Million Dollars is to be Appropriated���Will Try to Get King
George to Lay the Foundation Stone
event of thai failing..! near relative,
presumably the Duke of Connaught.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver,Oct.3.���-At ilu*opening of Latimer College last night
Hon. Dr. Young. Minister of
Education, stated that a sum of
one million dollars would lie set
aside out of next year's revenue
for the purpose of commencing the
const rut lion of the Provincial University iit Point Crey.
He said il had been found
necessary lo add fifty more arrcs
to the site in addition lo the 177
lo provide grounds for the professors'���resiliences. The president
of tin* University would be the
besl man ihat money could get.
He sti'lcd that i'.n effort would
lu* made to have King George layl
the  foundation  stone, or in  the!
A Third County Judge is Needed
at Vancouver to Cope With
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Oct. 3. -So heavy
have the civil actions become in
the county court that a third
Judge is an absolute necessity.
This month 401 caset were entered
on the docket and hundreds of
Casd will have to stand over.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4 THE DAILY NEW;
The Daily News
Tht Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C
Published by lhc Prtnc�� Rupert Publishing Com***oj, Liirule-d
BDBSCRIPnON RATE-S-To Canada, Unite- Suus and Mexico-Daily, 50c
per month, or Vs.**! per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries -Daily, t-*. 00 per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance.*.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVBRTISIN0-M cents per  inch.    Contract rate*
on application.
Da .- Htm* Baild -.���*. Third Ave.. Prince R.pert, B. C.    Telephone 9t*.
By C'llve Phillips Wolley
tver sine-.* Dan '-brolt���> that tree"
the- 8-a:k**r�� had been sta:k*.d without
suspecting It.
When tht voilcj* sraa fired Dirk Rolt
had had bis eye on th..* eiaa spM In
which one of the red stars of lleht
had lur*: !!<.- had beard the bullet
��� :r.g pas- hla ar.d for a fraction of a
second had s-.-^n the pr^ne figure of
the man ��ho fired the shot. But he
bad BOI r��|     I 'o It
Thi �� Ol   the   momentary
flash had s -ntuated the darkr.-ss
for him ar. i -aken away from Hm all
Idea Ot -. '. so that to have replied wool I sty have been ta waste
a shot aad betray his o��a hiding-
He was :*-:r.g now behind the dead
hors* ���>i*.:..- ta snap at the nex- sar
Daily Edition.
Tuesday. Oct.   3
Nt-w Y'jRK-National NtwspspOC Bireia. Uf Eait Z3ri St., New York City.
Seattle-Puget Sound News Co.
L'.so ���*,'. :->.' ins-ii-I.-.- '.'. -a<*..-.- .-**..-.i.n:*-, 'L-arii Trunk Building. Trafalgar
, .-*_���_.��_. ,   wt: ':. it   lid appear or to meet the
BoSSCsmsSI   ��01 greatly oblige  by prompt.y  calling up Phone 9s in esse of  -j,*,   _v. v  mi-m *-aTe followed had
-.-y or inattention on the part of the news earners. ihe a:*.a< klr.s party consisted of whlta
-   men.
He had no notion how close- bis fellows were. He could not hear 'hem,
nor see "he cu'.line even of the nearest
bush I: was still pitch dark on the
Boddssl* a hand closed round his
ankle  and a voice whispered.
"We ve got to wriggle ou: of this.
Don*, lift your he*d, but   Just   slew
round on your belly and snake It af-.er
There's no hurry.   I".l go slow."
"But the horses*" asktd Roi-.
"V  :rs   is   dead, ain't  It?    If '.hey
wan*, to shoo* the others we car.', s-op
'em.  blank  them.    Come." an]   Ro!t
who by this time had his head r. ar
old Al's hee!s. saw these draw quietly
away from him.
Imitating     hts     companion.    Rolt
squirmed  on  his  beiiy   -rrouet   -the
bush which closed over h!m. so that
a work that will have to be done, ar.d perhaps can only be done !���;���   lt wa. or*T _uh .he utrr.,:s. -utnealty
the tx~��t men of all parties agreeirg to ri-e above partv. and pre--  and half by Instinct that he managed
, ,    , ,, ,    , i_tj/_ ��� i .     W follow Al. of  whose toruous   pro-
forward the welfare of the city,   such a body ot men organised as  gTiU he ^id see but UttK   ��ven
a  Civic  Welfare  League  pledged  to a  programme of  reforms and   *hen he was within arms length of
progres-ivc measures, would wield a moral force over the city that
no council nor external authority however corrupt) could hope to
stand against.
In New York, the Bureau of Civic ReK-arch, in Boston the Committee of Two ty, in London the F.-.bian Society have accomplished
wonders in municipal reform, even against the great hardicaps of
working against evils long entrenched, and in communities when
they were largely isolated from the crowd.
There are a score of leading men on both sides th?.: the News
could designate quite capable of combining together and lifting Princt-
Rupert out '���:' the slough of petty factionalism toward- which she is
fast heading.    The recent election so far as Prince Rupert was con-
The time is ripe and rotten rq* for change in Prince Rupert,
i ..re -i- k of petty strife and perse.-r.al bickering-.    Kor party
government in national affairs, where strong leaders and conflictit-*,  ***.
.: a -rir.es fight lor supremacy, there is in our present Stage of transitior.
a place.   But there is no place for such in municipal affairs in  a  ci y
like I'rince kupert.   Our problems are too i.-.rge and our men too few.
to jK-rmit of division _nd strife.
It is superfluous to look to those who profit by fomenting party
divisions to lead in the work of consolidating the citizens.    That is
He knew that he was going down
hill, and that the ground under him
was growing sof'er and softer. until
at las: he might almos- aa *r��D have
been swimming, but he could see nothing.
"We're a:! right now." Al stopped
to whisper. Just wher. Rolt was beginning to wonder whether he would
not rather be shot than go on any farther.
"We're In 'he crik bottom."
"I could have guessed that."
AI gave a low chuckle.
"Pretty blanked cold, eh? Well,
we'll cure that. We've got to move
now    like    two-year-olds.      Are you
same at their respe-'-.-ve ccrters. ��-d
"Shove boys; shore Ilk* Wl " -T0U
ever want to eat bu.. b**t &->' more.
They ain't here yet. bat they can't be
long now."
When men are working for their
Uvea It Is marvellous ho* much caa
be done in a minute ar.-! UtaSS men.
knowing how much depended upon
their speed, had their shelters finished, when a low "hs: from Al Sent
them all tr.-.o their holes like rabbits
into their borrows.
There was no slgr. of Indians that
Rolt could see. but as A) .ay motionless he imitated hla*. ar. i It a full
fifteen mlnu'es almos: held his breath
ln his burrow.
At tbe end of that time he heard a
voice behind him. and :um:ng. saw
AI lying at full leng-h ih Ihs scrub,
calmly whittling a pipeful of tobacco.
"They can't aee n*.<: h-.re. he said.
"I'm too far back ln ::.e s:.-ub. Have
you got your bury gc-od and deep.
Keep a whittling of II out so as you
can lie low and the b-.lle-s'il go over
you. Savvy? I'm agoin' out now to
uke a passear and sea* if them fortifications  look natural.'
"Don't be such a too." commanded
the .Boss.
"I ain't no fool. Boss. No Injun
ever hit a man at a thousand yards,
and I've got to know how our little
show will strike the callery. Likewise I'm anxious to know If we have
a full house." and so saying, he struck
a match and wandered out Into the
In the most unconcerned way ln the
world the old fellow strolled along
straight towards the timber, smoking
as he went, and looking back occasionally at his handiwork, and for
about three hundred yards he went
Then a shot was fired, the dry
earth was kicked up a hundred yards
ln front of him. and hla hat fell on
the ground whilst his rifle went to his
ahoulder, and his own shot waa echoed by two more from the cherry patch,
under the cover of which Uny volley
he dashed back to his lair.
"All light," he said, as he crawled
under his mound, "the seats la all took
and the currtaln's up. It's Just three
hundred yards to where I dropped my
cap, and now I'm gol:. to put In time
dlggln'. If I was you I'd do the same.
It's goln" to be sa'ir underground than
up a tree by and by,' and after that
for a long time the Boss saw no more
of Al.
awake, had sense enough to lie'still.
"Yes," he said, without turning.
"It's good for long shooting, ain't
"It's lighted for fire hundred
"1 guess that's good enough. Do
you see that yallerlsh looking bunch
of sage brush, the biggest ln sight.
a��ay there to the right? Jest perforate lt. will you?"
Rolt raised his rifle, and looked
questloningly at old AI. whose head
was now alongside his own.
The old man nodded, and Rolt ad-
Justing his sights to the five hundred
yards range, cuddled down on bis
"High or low?" he asked.
"I guese it's most solid near the bottom," chuckled Al.
Then Rolt drew a long breath, for a
moment there was absolute silence,
and then a little puff of dust, fifty
yards beyond the sage brush, recorded tbe fact that the foresight bad been
taken too full. A few sprigs of the
yellow weed fell, but otherwise there
was no sign from the bush.
"Sits stiller nor a tool hen." commented Al. "Try her lower still.
Rolt took the same bead again, but
this time be took lt upon the very
base of his target. At his second shot
the bush which be had watched for an
hour became alive. A horrid scream
followed the impact of his bullet and
in place of the little fountain ot gold*
en dust, a man's body sprang high Into
the air and then pitched headlong on
the near side of the bush writhing and
tying Itself Into knots amongst the
branches of the withered sage brush.
"Muat be quite a holler ther; a'mosf
as good aa this one of ourn. I seed
him coming from the time he started.
Holy smoke!"	
Skeee- Lead D-trict-DilWl c( Queea Charlexu
Tak* aviso* tha: Uiir.> -lay, true* aa;*, 1, c. E.
b__:�� of I-nio, Kupeet. b- t\. to*,occupation
t-octsoeper, ini-md 10 app.y to too lhal Com-
���**���._.;.*._���* ot l__i�� Ioc a ueoee to pra^Mct lor
et��� anal pe-u-okua oo and utiar **0 acr* ol
laa! on Ofl������i 111*���1 dea<rlb��d u loeUowa:
Cewnin.ie^-S a: * fof. plnau-i two ir.Ce. north
ol C. E. BrCoal law No. 14. martud M. E.
���wmc C. E. B. Coal law No. if. Ihsnc* aouth
s*J ���.,.. itaBM aaat sO SfcjSBa thane* north ta)
tttds*. xtre.ee tea* *> ehj_*J lo place ol coen-
uttlTs^-.' 11. Ml- C. E. B.UXTER, Locator
Pta*-. Sept. it-
���Ml ���-.-" 1 Duoiei���Diauict 4 Queea Charlotu
~ Taa. Lol-c* ihst thirty Hms-e trrm (1st*. I, C. E.
Ba.:*.rt ol l*r_��* Rupert. B. C to occupation
:a<u*<txf. :_:��ai *.o appi) to th* x'tmt Com-
���������_���*��� .*:.������ ci Land, toe a Liesnoe to proepect (or
rt_] _v-i ;ar*..-\.��_n on and under e>lv> acne ol
Und oc -.-.*.- l.itlM d���enoed as (atlo*,.
e'oe-_&��e<-_f at s poet pj.nted two muss north .
tt C. E. BCoel Lmm No. 12, marked N. W.
corner C *���. B. Coal Lees* No. la, l���emc* aouth
���-. etxAAZA, tnence cent sO chains, theoce north est
:-_:=j. tnccce *ms 00 cnains to place ol com-
Seuc i*-,x- 11, ML C. E. BAINTER, Locator
1Mb. Sept. 23.
skeena Land Diatnct���Diatnct ol t**ue*n CharloUe
Take ao'-cv that :-..".:��� da>s after date, I. C. E
Balnuc ot i*nnce Kupert, B. C, by occupeuaon
ua:*_��***>��. intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mt-BMha-T 4 Land, (or a Lcenee to proepect (or
coal .- - ;-'.*< --��� on and uneler 6*e> acne ol
_nc on viranaa I^and desenbed aa (otlow*.
Cox-sencinf at a poet planted two mile, nonh
el C. E. B. Coal Lmm No. It, marked S. W.
corner C il- B. Coal Leeasa No. 19, ihence north
hi chain*), thence Mat so chains, theoce south BO
f.'.a.:_> thence sreel M chaini to place ot com-
1-aied Sep-.. 11. ML C. E. BAINTER, Locator
(Mb. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Dicrict���Dutrict ol Qeueen Charlotte
Take notice that thiny days (rom date, 1. C. E.
Baantar ol Pnnce hupert, B. C, by occupauon
ta-aokkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
stmastmm ot Lands (or a lie-race to prospect (or
rue. an 1 petroleum oe. and under t>tu acrea ol land
on   ..-a.-.s-T. 'a'.ml deecribed as (e^lowa:
Cox-T.encmc at a poet pianuel tvo miles nonh
ol C. E. B. Coat Leue No. U. marked S. W.
comer C. E. B. Coal La���H No. 2V. thence nonh
tv *..i.. thence seat M- chain*, thance ae-H-lb SO
cnains. uenee east 9* exuua* lo place ol com-
I! w. j. McCutcheon 1
I  �� ���UWCDQC'. p^i-,  ���_.   . LI
:: n_MniN-siM.il *^^l
******* -StS^^H^
raoiet >;i
STsn-arc ���muim  ,,
Battsure. Slceajte asi  F -.
Km or - t*:
Seventh Ar*. and F*_r*i*i
Gasoline Launches. %��* I
For H:re by H  .-   - ;
-���oats mat a*..
8. J-mm      Cia Cm.
cerned showed that it wan quite possible for our citizens to ri-e above   ready*" and he rose to a Touching
party influence and appeals to race-hatred, in the effort to advance
the city's commercial prestige.
Though denied thc advantages of reciprrxrity by the will of the
people of the East ar.d the South, Prince Rupert cannot be denied
the advantages of reciprocity and good will beiwecu her own citizen-.
if her nwn citizens desire it.
There is no need for anyone 10 desert his political party or stultify
hi- political conscience. What is needed is for strong and clean m- r.
to combine, ar.d agree to ignore outside influences that m.y work  ���� $ ����_jet ********* ����ter drain
harm to our city, and work together to force upon, a willing or ar.
unwilling  council,  progressive  measures  for  the  welfare  of  Princ*
Rupert.   How many good citizens capable of rising sbove party calls
have we in Prince Rupert.'
"Keep your head low till we're in
the timber. Sow come, and we'll b at
them yet." ar.d stooping as he ran
the old frontiersman led his com; ar.-
ion along the rreek bottom under the
shelter of its banks, into the heavy
pine timber. There they threw themselves on the ground, soaked to the
bone and pantlnic heavily.
"What now? Are we going to fight
them here-"' asked Rolt at last, S'ar.d*
"Fight Injuns in :!mber? Not much.
We've another five minutes before
they'll miss us. but the light's coming.
They're getting ImpatienL Hear
"That' was another volley poured
Into the hollow.
"Hain't missed us yet. anyways.
Are you good for another burnt,
The New York Herald speaking of the recent election says: . "" ���*_ not ,0�� 1*[\'\ RoIt'i wto*
,,_. .,.       ,   ,r , ,   , ,   .        '       . .     < days were over, and he  -vas a heavy
The voters of Canada have spoken, and the result is as surprisin,.-   man, used to riding.
as it is emphatic.   'I ide means that, for the present at least.      "No, It ain't far." and the old man
redprodty between the United States and the Dominion is an impos- _T_irf tK-^^"aid ulfJttS
sibilitv. The large majority of the victors makes them independent Indian loping along as easily as
of the Nationalist members, and will enable them to carry out any ^Tearib*l^UJ8l!ehinedb!8'f00ted' ^
programme they mav decide upon. And the chief article on arvl At last on the extreme edge of the
programme will be the rejection of the agreements for freer t��de|gg��.ff^L'SSttr ?ff��tow_'1S:
relati ns between the two nations
"The result is a triumph for thc protected interests of Canada,
snd i- made   possible by the failure of the agricultural element tc
wards the Fraser and the dawn  had
"It's our only  chance  and  a  slim
one.   It's got to be ihat cherry patch."
rally to the cause that would have bettered their condition througl   .���f*iv"Id:InI^'nr'!��5 r��ru,.2,�� .���th.el-S,p'";
-*   (   There aln t ar other place in slcht a
"[) ::ing the great markets of the L'nited States to their products.
The effect of the election on the future of Canada must be watched
with inter* it
"A- for Sir Wilfrid Laurier, he may well feel that he met defeat
fighting f'.r the best inter, -t- of the Canada he hi's served so lorg
and faithfully. To him. .-.- * - I'r. -ii.: t T;*.ft, the result must Ik* disappointment. But time will vindicate his position. Canada needs
our m.irk-:.- more than we need h>*r-'
Our ���s"<e**rl friend the Empire wss much perturbed last night sbout
a motto which decorates the wall of the News office, the leading daily
newspaper, I' reads "Don't believe it." Alas for our little friend.
The n.)*!". refers to the copy of the livening Empire ujyon which jt
i- pasted.
There is r.o doubt about the goodness of Prince Rupert weather.
de-;.ite the fables to the contrary.    Every month the weather report
of the Dominion Governmeni meteorological observer proves it. The
report for September i- to hand. It shows that it was neither very
hot nor very cold at any time, but a sensible mean temperature for
the month of ",4.2. There is nothing mean about .54.2 except the name.
The total precipitation f'.r the month was 4.28 inches. Vancouver
papers please copy.
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S��cond Avenue
would give us a show." and he Bet off
running again at top speed for a ll'tle
four-cornered patch of wild rberry
bush. about a thousand yards from
the timber.
It looked about as bad a place to
hold again'- an enemy as you could
Imagine, tying as lt did In a hollow
and containing no timber big enough
to serve as a shield against rifle bullets; but there was no'hlng better In
sight, and lt had Just one thing In Its
For seven or eight hundred yards at
least on one side, and for seven or
eight miles on every other sid*?, there
was no cover of any kind larger than
tbe thin bushes of sags brush and the
patches of bunch grass. A coyote
might have crawled through that un*
aeen. It seemed Impossible that anything else should.
Realizing that at any moment their
enemies might reach the edge of the
timber, Rolt and his companions
raced over the Bpace Intervening between the pines and the cherry bush
at headlong speed. When Rolt crashed
Into the edge of the cherry patch he
had not another yard of running power left ln him. With a feeling that 1.
bad not known Blnce he had won the
quarter at Rugby, he dropped where
he was and lay still.
"Euchred th.-m bo far," panted Al,
cheerfully, "and now I guess well
take some killing. Out with your Jack
knlveB, boys, and I'll show you a
trick as I learned of the Crees," and
be began to hack down the boughs
and young trees all round him, building with them a kind of "wleky up,"
or small circular bothy, such ad Indians use for bath houBpB. Over the
top of this ho threw his blanket, \.hlch
he had carried strapped to his back
until then, and over that again he
piled loose soil and Boda. keeping a
nervous eye all the time on the edge
of the timber.
"Chuck your coat over your stt-.ka If
you haven't got a blanket." lit- said
to Rolt, "and then fix It thia way,"
and he went down on his knees nnd
began to scratch with his knife- like
a dog who Is going to bury a bone.
All the earth he took out he piled
upon the blanket, throwing with It
moss and leaves and Bmall boughB, until when he had finished with it it
looked like a great ant heap JtiBt sufficiently within the cover of the brush
to save lt from detection.
Then ba lent Rolt a hand with his
mound,  ordering  the  boys  to do  tho
The Chinook wind which had been
blowing before midnight had dropped.
and in the laat hours of darkness had
been succeeded by a crisp clear air
with more than a suspicion of frost in
lt. so that when the dawn came. It
spread through skies of such rare
lucidity as are never seen except ln
high northern lands.
Along the horizon the light grew
gradually, until ln the east the heavens were of a pale lemon color, so
clear, so utterly fine and transparent,
that tbe gloom of tbe rigid barrier of
pices hurt the eye with Its contrast of
stiff solidity.
Even the pine belt Itself was not
quite proof against the dawn. The
tops of it were touched with a pale
glory and. though the gloom of the
black boughs swallowed up the light
that struck them, a bole here and
(here was caught by It and brightened
with a wash of tenderest golden grey.
But the prairie welcomed the dawn,
which flooded Its frost-touched sage
brush, so that It rolled ln sheets of
sparkling silver, from the pines to the
cherry patch and away beyond as far
as tbe eye could see towards the still
shadowy bed of the Fraser.
The dawn had made all things plain,
bad emphasized every outline: the
peace of tt called attention to every
least sound which might break the
holy stillness of the waking day. and
yet Rolt, listening In his burrow, could
not bear so much as tbe breaking of
a twig, or see a sign of life ln tbe
direction from which he had fled.
Most of the events to which we look
forward in life land probably ln
death., either with desire or dread.
are curiously unlike our forecasts ol
them. A battle upon either a large or
amall srale Is no exception to this
rule. Men laugh in tbe crisis of a life
and death struggle, and ln the last
South African war a volunteer, told
off as one of the escort of a big gun
remembers only of Splon Kop that 11
was fought on a "Jolly" day. that the
weather and the smooth grass slopes
suggested pink parasols and picnic
hampers; that there were funny
little* balloon-like puffs rising at In
tervals from the ridge opposite to thai
on which he lay; that tbe sun was
warm and comforting, and that some
confounded fellow woke him up wltb
tbe toe of a service boot when the
battle was over and lt was time to
take the gun home.
It was with Rolt as It was witb
that yeoman.
After Al's departure be worked
feverishly at the making of his bur
row, expecting every moment to bear
tbe hum of bullets through the scrub
over head, but no bullets came, and
at last, even with his Jack knife, he
had managed to scrape out a hollow
ample enough to contain his body.
Then he lay ln lt and watched, until the minutes grew into an hour, and
the dawn Into young day, without any
sign of life showing Itself upon the
landscape, except a coyota, shadowy
and utterly noiseless, who came
stealing down from tbe hills, until
he was nearly midway between the
I'lni-.- and the cherry patch.
There he checked sharply, his nose
went up and bis brush dropped, and
wheeling In bis tracks, he went back
at a lope to the mart ut rising ground,
on which he stood awhile reconnoitring.
Something in tbe country displeased
him, for after a prolonged Burvey he
loped back the way he had come.
The coyote's behavior was suggestive of suspicion, but a little broad-
winged hawk which poised In the
clear air or swung noiselessly o*t��r-
head with a keen eye for mice or
beetles, contradicted the habitually
suBplclous vagabond.
Rolt found it impossible to remain
Btrung up to concert pitch for ever In
such an atmosphere of peaceful
beauty, Just as the half alarmed buck
docs, when pitted against the everlasting patience of his hunter, and
was actually dozing when a voice behind Mm asked:
"Have you got your Holland along
i with you to-day, Boss?"
Itult started, but though only  ),��if
Ske-na Land Drjerritrx���Diltriet o( Coe��: Ranj* S
Tak* notice that Harem Roy MeTi.ah o!
Winnipeg, Man., occuration berr*****-*- mien���,
to apply for (in n���nn to pe_*t_ue th. i-.-o*.*-.*
:���---.-���; land*:
ComB-eee-inf at a pott pUnie-i at the e-:.ih**st
eaemee lu chains *-*.-* and to ehaina r.cnh ttotxx
H. E. enrnar ol Lot 1116, Harvey*i S-^>��> Coast
Umnriex. Ranee *>. thenee oo chaini m*t. trence
���>' ehaina nonh. thenoe 60 chains �����-*. '.hence SS
chain, ao-nth to peel ol ooxenceisent containing
ISS acne mere or leaa.
Dated Sn* 16, 1*11 HJRAM ROY McTAVlSH
Put,. Sept. 2S. Fred W. Bohl��. Asenl
s*.��*aa Land bi-Knet���Dit.-.r. -*,( Coa�� Range 5
Take notice that Lottie McTaviah ol \ socou-..*���.
cccupatwn   mamad   ..*��� **.   intendi   to   appl)
(or pertn���non to pur���������l tne lo'lowi-.j ne-ecr.tnd
Co-r.*r*r.c.r.f at a poet planled at the north-
veet - -������ *��� ltjo -* . -�� cast and to chair., nonh
(rom N. t. e��rr..r ol LaCt 1116. Hal-ver*.', sur.*y
Cc-nit Dxtlrxt Rang* !. tbence 2u eha.ni m,.:-..
thence M cnaina   east, thenoe t*i chains nenh.
thence to ehaina ���)**.-.  then���. 6u efaamj south.
thence le> chaini west lo poet o( commencement
dont��� nine loo acre* more or lea.
Dst-slSept-ls. 1��11. LOTTIE McTACIsH
Pub. Sept tt Fred W. :���*���.*. Af-ent
skeena Laad D-tret ��� Dietrir. ol Coaat Ranf* 1
Take notice that Frank S. Miller ol London.
l.r.i. oeeipauon Qii. eras-iAoer. mteeeli to a;;...
lor S���������i��on to purchaae the lodoeing dsc-no-ad
Coenr-.cccng at a poet planted at the N   E.
Cornar ol Lot 24, the���tee north 2i) chains, thence
vest 20 ehalni, thenee south 2u chains, th��oe*
east 2u cbains to point of cotnmeneaeneet, con-
eaininx tu acres more or leek
Dated Au(ust IS, 1��U.       FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aux. 26. P. M. M.....-. Ai*ct
.-a****. Land Dietnet���District o< Coait EUnfe i
Take aotke that Herbert 1. Mae���e ol Pembroke. Ont., occupauon lumberman, intendi to
apply lor ptfrnia-non to purchaae tbe (oCov-a*,
-������--. --; landa:
Commenennc at a poet planted on the left bank
ot the Zymcocta or ���im-e-efot-iu River, at south-
west corner of Lot \~.ot, tbence northerly. lolloains
the westerly boun���J*y erf Lot 1706. so cbaiu
more or leaa, to the northwest eorne-r of nid Lot
'.'.:-.. thenee weaterly and aoutherly, le-Uoee-inf
tbe it/-, bank ol aaid nrer. 60 ehalni more or lee. to
point of commencement containins 160 acres
more or lean.
Lexated AtifUlt It, 1*11.
Da**.i Aur-ut 21. 1��U-    HERBERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Atif. 26. Fredenek & Clements, Afoot
Skeena Land Disuict���Dutnct ol Coast Rente V
Take notice that I,  Pour Erickson ol Prince
Rupert, laborer, intend to apply to.- permiMioQ
to purchase the following 6emcr.tr 1 landa:
Commeneing at a poal planted on the nonh
beak ot Wii���uns Creek where the railway riftu-
o(-way aoaaea and 3 chains back from lb* c��e
beak, tbeoee south to ehaiaa, thenee eait 40
cbaina, tbenee north 30 cba���j. u.nee weeot lu
chaini to point o( comm���3ee_���nt.
Dated July T, 1911. PETER ERICKSON
Pub. July 2S. Fred E. Cowell. Asenl
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ol Coast It****** V
Take notioe that I,  *oha Eveneon ol Pnnee
Rupvt, laborer, latemd ta apply lor permwaeon
to purchase the (ollowinj| ileerribed laneli:
Commencing at a poet planted et the south-
eeost corner ot Lot ill*,, tbenee nortb 60 chains(
tbence aaat 60 ehaina,  Ihenee south SO chains,
thene. west 60 chain* lo point ol oomiaeneement.
Dated July 13, r.-l 1. JOHN EVENSON
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ol Coait Raage V
Take notioe that I, Benjamin A. Fish ol Towner,
**.'.   1).   oescupetion   mcerchaat,   interad   ta  apply
(or pttttmrntm to purche���t the (ollowing deecribed
Commencing et a poet planted on the seat
Doundary and about five cbaina Irom the southeast corner of Lot 4164, tbenee north 60 chains,
thenee east 30 chains, thenee ��outb 60 era.-...
thenc* weet 30 cnains to point of commer.cem.-it.
Dated June 24, ISII. BENJAMIN' A. FISH
Pub. July 26. Kred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land Diiti-ict-Diiti-ict of Coaat Ranee 6
Tako notice that Percy It. Miller of Pnnee Rupert. B.C.. ucc-jpaU'-n Civil Engineer   inteedl to
, apply for permliaion to purchaM the following
! <1 escribed land.:
Commencing at a poet planted on tbe left ban*
of McNeil River at north we*l eorner of lot 44e*
R. V.. thence cast 2u chaini more or jeai to westerly boundary of timber limit ^45 -.old number
i '1*1 ir.��nc* northen-ly foiiowtng laid weMtcrlv
- , -r.-iary ul timber limit - chaini more or leu
to north weet comer of said timber limit, thence
weaterly 20 chaina more or [ess to left bank of
McNeil  Kiver. thenc* southerly followine   laid
I left bank of McNeil River 6u chaim more or ieii
j to point of commencement, containing 101) acres
. more or iesa.
E, Flexman. Agent
1'atr J in*]-... l-.ll
| Pub. July IS, 1-jli
Skeena Land Diitriet-Diitrict of Caiilar
i    Take notice that I. Thomai Carter, of Prince
Rupert, occupation carpenter, Intend to apply
for permiuion to purchaae the foUowing de.cnb-
i ed land.
Commencing at a poet planted about one mil*
tK-nilh from the mouth of Falls creek and about
1.10 feet lack from the beach, thence m chaini
i nonh, thence 40 chaini west, thence so thaim
I ...tith. thence east 40 chaini topointof commencement, containing 32.1 acres more or l*si.
i Dated July Tth. 1911.     Charlea Webater Calhoun.
; Pub. Aug. 6th. Agent.
9ieena Und DUtrict���Diatriet of Coast Rang* V
I Taka nolice that I, George Kime ol Towner.
] Nonh Dakota, U. S. A., larmer, intend to apply
for permlaion to purchase tbe following described
I Commeneing at a post planted at tbe aouth-
- want comer of Lot 22S7, tbenee -ait 60 chains,
tbenoe south 40 chains, tbenee west 40 chains
I thence south 40 chaina, thenee weat 40 chain.
thenoe nortb 80 chaina to point of eommencemen
containing 460 acrea more or lea.
Dated July 16, 1911
tested Sept. 11,1911. C. E. BAINTER. Locator
Pub. Sept, 23.
Skeaoa Land Da���rict���Dlftries of Queen Charlotu j
Taka notice that thmy ca,.. alter -ist*. 1. C. E. I
Ilainler ot Pnnee Rupert, B. C-, by occupauon ;
....;.:. intend to apply to tbe Chitt Com-
s-auoner ol Lands for a licence to prospect for
eoal aad petroleum on and und��r 640 acres o(,
land on Ore���am lslaad dacnb���1 a* fo..o*..
Comaleaeing at a poat piantad two mile*) north
ot C. E. B. Coal Lease No.  16, marked S. _.!
corner C. E. B. Coai Laue No. 21. thenee north '
*-**- ehaina, thence wea bu chains, iheaee south 60
chaina, tnemce east 60 chaini ta plane ol com-
lis>i -*pu 11, :-���::-    C. EL BAINTER, Locator
_4��*u Laad D_nnet ���Dstnct of Qutw Charlotu
Tak* nonet thai tuny _.i from gat*, 1. C* E. j
:���_*�����r oi I'.-.-.,-* Rupert, B. C-a by oceupauoc \
���*..������*���;* r.   .;.'.. r. J   to   apply   to   U.t   ChMf   loo*
r-.iaajo_.tr of Laa<l* (or a Isc-ecc* to proapact (or
eoal and ptrok-uni oa aad undor Mu acraa of
���viand oo oraham IsUcd dsacnoad aa (oUoan:
Los.m-rr.ci_n at a poat placud tvo tnLaa north
of C. E. B. Coal Laaaa .So. K, markad N. E.
ctxDtr C. E. B. Coal Laaaa .No. ����, tbooea aouth
**j cnaina, thanca watt *y c-ha-na, inane* nonh 00
chaina. .true* cast su chaint lo plae* of eocn-
Dalad Sapt. 12, 1��U.    C. E. BAINTER. Locato   '
Skaana Laad Diatrict���Diatrict of Quaan Charlott*
Taka notiea ihu thirty <_*>��� from data, 1. C. t.
:*:���..- of i :.- -v Kup*n. B   C . by    oecupaitoo
boo-kkaapar. intand to apply to Um Chief Coca-1
mwa-oaac of Landa (or a Iteeaee to proe^-eci (or
coal and petroleum oo aad under *AQ carat of
iaad on Cmnam laland daeenbed aa fallow.:
Cotnx&aocinc at a poat planted two milea north
'  i     i    li.  Coal Laaa* No IT, markad N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 23   tbenea aoulh
-��: cnaina, thence weal ad chaina,  thenee north
. sO chaita, theaot eatt 80 chaina lo place of com- :
Dated Sept. 12. l*n.    C   E. BAINTER, Locator '
��� Hub. Sept. 23.
I Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Queen Charlotu
Take notie* tnat tMrty da.i (rom oat*. I.C.I, i
I,__at*r of Priac* Rupert, B. C, by occupaiioa
Doofckeeptr, inund lo -apply to tbe Chief Com* >
:r*uatoa*r of Lands (or a licence to proepect (or
coal and petroseum oo and under MO acre* o(
laad on GraAaro laalnd deaenbed aa follow..
Cornmenca-g at a poat planted two milea north
of C. E. B. - ot*. Lease No.  Is, markad N. W.
' corner C. t*. B. Coal Laaaa No. -t, i*beee* aouih
���i*j ehaiaa, tbene* aeat  w chaina,  ihence  nonh
: -g chains, tbeoee weat 60 chain* to plana of coo*
Daud Sapt. 12. 1911 C. E. BJUNTER. Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
I   ��"i Land I'.f.r.c. -Dittrict of Queen Charlott
Taa* notice that thirty daya (rem date, I. A. T.
. Urodenck of Pnnee Rupart, B. C, by oeeupauoo
- bank manafer. intend to apply lo the Chief Cota-
irutsoner ut Landt (or a nonet to proepect for
��� coal aad petroleum on and under MO acraa of
Und on Craham lalanu deaenbed aa follow*:
Commencinx at a poat planled two milaa north
��� of C. E. B. Coal Laaaa .So.  IT, marked S. W.
comer A. T. B. Coal Laaaa No. -'. thence oortb
1 *n*j chaina, thence eatt sO ehaina, tbenc* aouth oO
cnaina, thence weat 50 chains to plan* of com-
M neemen U
A. T. BRODERICK. Locator
Dated Sept. 12,1911. C. ��. Uainur, Ami
1 I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena I_and Dittrict���Diatnct of Queen Charlotu
Take nouc* that thirty daya from data, 1. A. 1.
Hrodcnck of 1'.-. .<v Rupvn, it. C, by occupation
tank oanatvr, intend to apply to tbe Chief Com-
tr.-wiooer of Landa (or a uiotnee to proapect for
coel aad petroleum on aad under MO carta of
laad oa Graham Itlaad deaenbed aa follow*:
Coounencu-C at a poet platted two milea north
of C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 20, markad >. E.
corner A. T. B. Coal Laaaa No. _���.. tbeace aorth
so chaina, thenoe weat SO ehaiaa, theoce south
hg chaina, tbence eaat 60 chaina lo place of com* .
A. T. BRODERICK. Locator
Dated Sept. 12. 1911. C JL Bainter. Age"
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeana Land Dittnet���Diatrict of Quten Chariotu
Take notice ihat thirty day* (rom daU. I, A. T.
Brcui-nck of Pnr.oa Rupert, B. C, by occupation
bank manager, inund to apply to th* Chief Com-
iT.itnor.*r of Landa (or a Uornoa to proapect (or
coel and petroleum on aad under MO care* o(
land on Graham Itlaad deaenbed aa follows:
Commencing at a poet planted two milea north
o( 0* E. Be Coel Leaa* Na 21, marked S. E
comer of A. T. B. Coal Leaae .So. 27, theoc*
-���-���- (Mi chaint. tb*net oonh aO cbaina. tbenc*
eaat ho chaina, ih*cc* aoulh W chain* to plac*
of eommencement.
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
Dated Sept. 12, 1911. A. C. E. Bainter. g*nt -
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena I_and Diatrict���Diatrict of Quaes Charlotu
-Whites Portland Cement..
Pksse 12S      Nsfei Bls-ck      $��������-, j,e
****** - * -a-.,-,-,.,
Geneial Hardware
Builders' Ha,-J*i.-.. *
^  Valves m Pipes     Oxford Storis ��
1 Graniteware       T   . ,
*> ���
��� ��� *���*���*���*-*-*-*
For Sale*
Level lot near Seal C *.- si; 5 '
cash and 125 a month.
Two level lots near ten
Avenue   and   Com.*.   *������*���������      ������
pair.   Easy cash ar.d tSfSH
Two double Lane corners cr*. Dermta
Avenue and Donalc Street U :���'���
pair.   Easy cash and ten
Lot 19, Block 26, Section 5.  E -
Fire, Life and Accident lssumct
Pattullo Block.
The Nerw Knot Hotel Ii nin or. tax      * '*��'
plan.   Flrtt-claa ���ervtce*.   All tbe Ul
Wrovanenla. ���:-:- Bt:*-* >< V?
Windsor Hotel
Newly Fumiiher- and
Slum HssSsd Roomi
W. H. Wrifk. Prep
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
itupert, B. C, occupaUon aaddier, intends to
apply to tbe Chiel Commiaaioner al Lanela aad
>te,rks lor a licence to prospect lor coal, oil aad
t-elrol-nun on and under the toliowlBf deecribed
iandi on the West Coasl ol Graham I���aad:
Commeneinf at a poet planled three miles eaat
ol tbe northeast corner ot C. L No. 447S tbenc*
IX) chains south, thenca M chaini eaat, thane. DC
chains north, thence 80 chaini waat to point oi
_^      ,. AUSTIN M. BROWN,
DiUol Location 31st July, 1011.
I ub. Auf. IT.
Pub. July 23.
Frad E. Cowell, Asent
Sleeena Land District���Dirtrict ol Coait Ranee '
Take notice that I, Chriitnpht-r Jama Graham
ol Prince Bup rt, B. C, occupation locomotive
e-n-pne-er, Inlend to apply lor permUalon to purchase
the followine described lands:
Commenelns at a poit planted at the aouth-
*.���t comer of Lot N*o. Ijtt vicinity of Lake
1���k.lae and marked Christopher J. Graham
N. E. Comer, Hence weat 40 chalm, thence south
SO chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north SO
chains to poet of commemcement; contiinins
.120 act eg, more nf lean.
Hated Sept. 22. mi 1. 11.66 A.M.���Witnessed T. D
Pub. Sepl. 80.
keena Land Diatrict���District ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Unpen, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply
to tbe f hi*/ Commiaiioner of 1-an-U and Work,
for a Licence to prcepe-et tot etml, oil and (..-. r-ileun,
on and under tlie following deacribed lands on the
West Coast ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a poet planted thre, milea oast
of lhe northeaat cornar of C. I.   No. 4474 tbene*
t>0 chains aouth, thence SO chii-n west, themce DO
chaini north, tbenc SO chaina east to point ol '
Located August let, 1��I1. ' *~���-*"
Pub. Aug. 17
Skeena Land District���District ol Queen Charlotte '
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prinoe
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply
to the Chiel Commieaioner ol Landa and Worki
lor a licence to proepect lor coal, oil and petroleum
on and underr the following deacribed lands on lh*
Hest t uaal or Graham lalan-l:
Commencing at a poat planted three mUes east
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4471 tbenee
SO dale-, e-ert, thence 80 chains south, thenee 80
cbsins west, thence 80 chains north to point of
commencement. I
. AUSTIN M   BROWN, Locator '
Localed August lit, ISII. ' "**""
< Pub. Aug. 19.
i Skr**:* Ul*d District-District of Coast Rene* 5
Tske  notice thst  I, John  Ruihertord  Beitty
of   I rince   Rupert,   occupstlon   engineer.   Intend
di-J-'ioe-d 1    J""1-**11"1 ,0 ******* the foUowing
i     Commenelns  at  a  post  pl.nted  on  the  eait'
I ihore of the J.achumilk Rl.er, snd being sbout
two mllea northerly from the mouth of the aaid
1 Kichumiik Illver, and which poet Is about forty '
chain, north from a .take planted on the Eiehum.ik -
River   and   known   ai  -rES"i    thence   north   40'
chalm,  thene* east  80 chalm, thence aouth  80
chaim,  thence  west  forty  chslm,  thence  north
40 chaim, thenee west 40 chslm to the place of
commencement, conUining 480 acrea more nr ���.���
Dlted September 12. 1911. r ***' ,
Dominion Fish Market
Deslers In Fresb Fish
Oysters sad Game In
scsson. rresh Poultry.
Vegetables, Butter an.1
Eggs    -     -     ���
P.O. F'
Oriental Limited
Low Westbound Rat.*
Steamship tickets to tho
Country by  all Atlantic  Lll
Roger's Steamship Agency
2nd Ave.    Head of Centre St.   Pbo����l THE DAILY NEWS
tl-^��i***^l*^S��*^ir*^S^��*^l^ii-*i-i ******
General Merchandise
Largest Slock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
Marquis of Queensberry Gives
the English Version���Urges
Americans and Canadians to
Distinguish Real Article from
Canadian Pacific Railway
l.C. Coast service ��� Famous Prii-cess
Princess May
Friday, October Sth, at 9 a.m.
Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
. G. McNab ��� General Agenl
louble Weekly Service
I.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
AND am
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
Prince John sails for Port Simp-
I son, Naas River, and Stewart, Wed-
Inusdays, 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Naden Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
1 For Skidegate, Rose Harbor, etc.,
| Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
li v -1 trains from Prince Rupert Mon-
[tl.tys,  Wednesdays and Saturdays,  1
p.m.. returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
land Sundays at 4 p.m.
I The Grand Trunk Railway System
snnecting with trains from the Pacific
past operates a frequent and conven-
Int Bervice of luxurious trains over its
puble track route between Chicago,
oronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
ortland, Boston, New York and 1'liila-
klphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
pranged via all lines. Full informa-
on and tickets obtained from the
Bice of
ince Rupert Lodge, 1.0.0 J.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
^11 members of the order In the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
Comfortable Cottage
I Rooms, upstairs and 4 rooms
bn ground floor. Lath and plastered.   City water���$25 a month
econd Ave,
Princa Rupert, B.C.
Praier and Fifth St.
Tho only houl In town
with hot and cold water In rooms. Belt fur-
nlihed houie north of
Vancouver. Room. Mc
up. Phone 87. P.O.
Hi.it la..      :      :      :
Prudhomme & Fisher     Proprietor!
Skaena Land District���District of Coast Range 6
Taka  nolico  that  Sarah  K.   Alton  of   Princa
Rupert, occupation numi, intend* to apply lor
pe-riiiisaioti  to  purcbaae the (ollowing   described
Commeneing at a post plantad at tbe North-
went cornar 140 chains easterly (slightly north)
from tha northeut oorner ol Lot 1116 (Harvay
Survey) Coait Dlitrict, Range V, tbence SU chainu
east, tbeaca 80 chaina aouth, thenca 40 cbains
waat, thanca 40 chains north, tbence 40 chains
weat, thenoa 40 chaini north to poat ol eommencoment containing 480 acres more or leas.
Dated Jun, 14, 1011. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Fred Border, Agont
Skeana Land District���DUlrict ol Coast Rango 6
Taka notce tbat Union! Seared Bell ol Prince
Kupert, B. C, occupation locomotive engineor,
intonda to apply lor panniialon to purcbaae the
following doacnlMHl landa;
Commencing at a post plantad on the north
bank ol tba ZimogoUta River about three (8)
milea diitant lupslream) in a weaterly diroclion
from the junction ol the Littlu Zimogotiu River
and the main it���nogotiu River, tbence north 40
chains, thenoe west 40 chains, tlicnco aoutb 40
chains, thenoe east 40 chaina to poet ol com-
moncomonl containing 160 acroa more or lou.
Datod June 7, 1811. L1NFORD SEWALL BELL
Pub. July 8. Goo. K. Putnam, Agent
Caa-ar  Land  Diatrict���District  ol  Skeana
Taka notica that 1, Lemuel Freer ol Vancouvar,
occupation broker, intand to apply lor permi-aloa
to purehaae tbe (ollowing dearibudr landa:
Commencing at a post planted on tbe ahore
In a northorly diroclion (rom Port Nelson Cannery
���*��.*-k*id L. K.'a S. E, Corner, thenco 20 chaina
north, thenoa 20 chain, woat, tbenoa 20 chaina
aouth to ahor, tine, tbenee along the ahore to
point ot commencement, containing 40 acree more
or I���a.
Dated Juno 10,1911 LEMUEL FREER
Pub. July 8. J. M. I'ollison. Agent
Skeena Land Dlitrict���Dlitrict ol Cout IUnge V
Tak, notio, that Jam M. Tallman ol Cedar
Rapida, Iowa, occupation lawyer, intonda lo
apply lor permission to purchase tb, following
deHcribed lands:
Commencing at a post plantad on the aoutherly
nbora of Kutaymateen Inlet on tbe right bank
of a email atream Mowing into aaid Inlet juat eul
of Crow Lake. Tbence aouth 2U chaina, tbence
weat 20 chaina more or leaa lo the ahoro lino ot
Crow Lake, thonce northerly and euterly following the ahor, lines of Crow Lako, the Inlet
to Crow Lake and Kuueymatoon Inlet to tbe
place ol commencement, containing forty acrea
more or leaa. Localed August 7, 1011.
Dsled Aug. 8, 11.11. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skuna Land Diatrict���Dlitrict ol Cout Range 6
Taka notioa lhat K. F. Millar ol Tipton, England, occupation larmer, Inlands to apply fur
pormiaaion to purcbaM tha lollowing doscribod
Commencing at a poat planled about 60 chaini
wait Irom the N. W. Corner ol Lot 4406. thence
nortb 40 chaina, thenoe weat 20 chaina, thence
aouth 40 chains, thence eut 20 chaiiu to tb*
point ol commencement containing eighty acraa
more or leaa. _
Dated August 19, 1911. R. F. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Mille-r. Aganl
Skuna Land DUtrict���Dlitrict ol Coait. Range 6
Take notice that I, Thomu McClymont ol
Princa Rupert, B. c, occupation real eauie
broker, Intand to apply (or permiaaion to purchase
the (ollowing deecribed landi:
Commonclng at a paot planted at the S. W,
corner ol pre-emption record 412, thenca eul 80
chains, thence aouth 40 cbains, tbence wait 80
chaina to ebon ol lake, thonce (ollowing ihore
of lake in a northerly direction to point of commencement* conUining 820 acrea, more or lt��ta.
Dated Sept. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
Pub. Sept. 9. Ereout Cole. Agenl
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District of Cout Range 6
Tak, notica tbat E. II. li. Mille, of Falmouth
Eng., oceupatlon surveyor, Intend* to apply (o
Co-mission  to  purch*-** the foUowing  described
Commencing at a poet planted at the N. W. Cornor ol Let 4408, Ihence weet 80 chiaui, thenca eouth
20 chains, thenco eut 80 chaina, thance north 20
cbaina to tho point ol eommeaoement containing
160 acru more or leaa.
Datad Auguat 16, 1911. E. II. G. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller. Agent
Skuna Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol Quun Charlotte
Tak, notica that Austin M. Brown of Prlnco
Rupert, occupallon saddler, intends lo apply to tbe
Chiel Coraromioner ol Landi and Worka for a
licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the lollowlng deecribeed landa on tbe
Wut Cout ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poll planled threa milu cut
ol tha northeut corner of C. L. No. 4472 thenc,
nortb 80 chains, thence eut 80 chaiiu, thenc,
���outh 80 chaina, thenc, wut 80 chaini to point ol
commencement,   ^.^ ^ _R0WN   ^^
Located August let. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skuna Land DUUict���DUtrlct ol Cout Range V
Take notice that I, Peter Laxun ol Towner,
North Dakota. U. S. A., larmer, Intand to apply
for>rmtalon lo pitch*-** tbe following ducr.bed
""commencing at a post planted at the couth-
east corner ol Lot 1729, thenoe eoutb 80 chalm,
thence wut 40 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence aut 40 chaina to point of onmmenument.
Daea��� July 16. 1811. PETER LARSEN
PubJuly 26; 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skuna Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coait Range V
Take notice that I, Adolpb H. Chrletlanion ol
Towner, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
at-law, InUnd to apply for permUllon to purchaM
the foUowing ducribed Undi:
Commencing at a poet planted about ono end
one-hall milu (1 1-2) MB��-W��.����.SS,J*AiS
Trout River on the weat lido of LakeUe Lake,
and about 6 chains Irom the lake-front, Ihenc.
Louth 80 chain., thenc were 80 chain., thenc.
north 80 chaini. thenoe eut 80 chaini to point
���| �����*-*-"����%����0LpU H. CHRISTIANSON
Datad June 80, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Pub. July 26.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Cui'M
Take notioe that It. H. Stewart of Vancouver
B   C. occupation truckman,  Inlenda to apply
for perrmUalon to purchiM tho foUowing ducribed
'"commencing at a poit planted 40 chain, ���wuih
of Pre-emption No. 897 and 62 ch.ln. cast Irom
tho Nau Hiver (S. W. C), thence 40 chilm east,
hence "o chain, north, thence 40 chain..wart,
thonce 40 chain, .outh lo the point ot commencement to oonuje, m*ere* mor. - >~*8-EWAtlT
Daled Aug. 1911. Jima T. Fullerton, Agent
Pub. Sept. 28.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coait Range 6
Take nollco th.t H.rold E. Sm Ith ol Mor*.
Alta. occupation nation agent. Intendi to a pply
lor permUalon to purchiw the following ducribed
'"l-^inmenclng at a poit planted at the south*
weal corner 100 chalm eut and 40 cha na north
(MB N. E. vomer ol Ut 1116, H��fvey ��� Survey
CorSt DUtrlct IUnge b, thence 40 ch.ln. eut.
Ihence 80 chaina north, thenoe 40 MSIMWSSS,
ihence. 80 ch.ln. aouth lo put ol commencement
"Smenclns at a port planteel fig* ��HR
_S 40 ehalni, thenc. north 40 chain., thenu
w,** 40 chain. U. point ol "�����m��n,^,LntjjAOEN
?urJ��l rred��AC.w-1,e**.l
Since I have been in America
nothing has struck me more forcibly
than the misappllaction of the
words sport and sportsman. To
my mind this very misapplication
is the key to the reason that the
people have been deprived of
their legitimate rights in the way
of true sporting events, such as
racing and boxing.
���  MM
Where I come from a sportsman
means a man who has all the
highest qualities of honor, courage
and endurance. It is even applied
to other walks in life. For instance,
when a man has met with great
reverses in fortune and comes to
the front baitling bravely to preserve his honor and honesty we
call him a good sportsman and
love to give him a leg up, Sport
also means all that is best in open
competition, both in man and
animal, where anything crooked,
mean, or degrading is not entitled
to thc appclation.
M   X   X
A man is called a sport here who
is a gambler, bar frequenter, and
frequenter of certain places not
blue, and who loves to come
home with the milk wagons. My
word for him would be a rake.
No wonder the legislatures have
tried to put down sport, ij sport
means what it appears to mean
here. Mind you, I am not posing
as a model. I am no better than
thc rest of them right now, and
have made them hum in my lime,
but I never looked upon it as an
addition lo my sportsmanlike qualities, but rather a sowing of wild
oats, which brought no bars to my
escutcheon of sportsmanship.
H   H    X
Back to Old Meaning
I think a serious campaign
should be started to go back to
the old application of the word
sportsman. Why Colonel New-
combe was a grand old sportsman
but I am quite sure Thackcry
never recorded that he ever "want
on a tear" or "painted thc town
red." Can't we invent some new
word for thc high flier? I have
nothing particularly against him,
.is long as hc keeps within lwunds
and does not call himself a sport.
If our readers will suggest some
nomenclature we will try lo start
a cult of the true rendering of the
word s'Kirt,
M   M   M
No doubt if it had not been for
some of these so-called sports we
might now be having a lovely race
meeting, wiih women in their best
dresses as spectators, and all thc
finest men of all classes who love
a horse meeting enjoying the sporl
of kings. Might wc not tonight
be having a bout between two
splendid boxers, who fight for
honor and glory first and the
purse as a necessary adjunct for
iheir livelihood?
M   N    M
Thc authorities who have slopped racing and boxing must remember that they have Stopped
all the legitimate outlets fur men
to get the reasonable, natural and
healthy excitement which all people
crave for, especially English speaking peoples.
I feel sure thai illegitimate
forms of sport, perhaps sport of
the kind above referred to of the
blue order, will attack our vitals
and make thc authorities sorry
that instead of closing up nearly
all arenas of sport they dill not
drastically cleanse then. True
sport is the finest thing on earth.
It is the legitimate reward of good
work. Ultimately the people will
have il, and those who Stand in
the way of a regeneration of good
sporting events are not true to the
best interests of the people.
j ___ , 1
This ia a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects ol special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a sociul need.
New York state athletic commission exonerated Referee Charles
White of thc charge that he should
have stopped thc Flynn-Morris
contest before Morris was so badly
A McNamara Parade
Organized labor in Philadelphia
has decided to hold ;i McNamara
demonstration on October 12, the
date on which the trial of John
J. McNamara is expected to begin.
To clean ivory, make a paste of
chalk, olive oil antl ammonia, equal
parts, and rub well. Let ii unwin
on until thoroughly dry, and then
wash off.
��� ���  M
When eggs are broken and cannot be used at mice, they will
keep better if the shells be removed
and a quarter of a teaspoonful of
salt beaten in for each egg.
M   M   M
To keep a gas stove frum rusting
when it is not in use lur ihe winter,
first clean carefully with pumice,
dry carefully, and then rub over
with oilvc oil. It is best lo du this
while the stove is warm,
��� X   X
When carpets are not taken up,
they can be greatly freshened l.y
washing with water in which a
tablespoonful of ammonia has been
added to a pail of water. This
should be done after a thorough
When wallpaper is to be cleansed
with medicated putties or crusis
of bread, the room should first
be made free of dirt. Work only
in one direction. No paper will
stand cleaning more than three
Jellied Chicken
Wipe a knuckle of veal, put in
soup kettle, cover with three quarts
of cold water, and bring gradually
to the boiling point. Dress and
clean a six-pound fowl, add to
veal stock and couk until bird i*.
tender. Remove fowl and cook
slock until reduced lo two cupfuls;
then season with salt, pepper
and onion juice and clear. Force
1 1-2 cupfuls of the lean veal
through a meat chopper, add
one cupful of the stock and season
with sail, paprika and onion juice;
then add one-half teaspoonful of
celery seed, or one cupful of
celery, cut in small pieces. Pour
some of the remaining stock in
bread pan, to thc depth of ore-
third inch. Set the pan in larger
pan of ice water and, when firm,
garnish with hard-boiled eggs, pi-
memoes, cut in fancy shapes, and
a few fresh mint leaves. Cover
with remaining slock, adding it
by spoonfuls, so as not to disturb
decorations. When this is firm,
add a layer of veal, cover with a
layer of chicken meat (also forced
through meat chopper); repeat.
Spread evenly, cover with buttered
paper, place a weight on top ard
let it stand in lhe ice liox over
night. Garnish wiih fresh watercress.
Improves Hair
Tu increase ilu- growth uf your
hair, massage the scalp every day
and brush ihe hair thoroughly.
Twiii- ;i week rub a few drups uf
castor oil into the scalp.
Complexion Care
Bathing the skin in buttermilk
every day will make it soft and
smooth. Ii is very important
that plenty of soap and water be
used to cleanse lhe skin. It is
also necessary to see that the
bowels, kidneys and liver are in
good order.
Chinese Eyelash Stain
Citiin arabic 1 dram
Indian ink 1-2 dram
Rosewaler 4 ounces
Powder the ink and gum and
triturate small quantities of the
powder with the rosewaler until
you get a uniform black liquid in a
powder, and then add the remainder.
Manicure Hint
The best way lo complete the
polishing uf the nails is to bend
the fingers on to the palm of the
hard, bending the knuckles and
first joint while keeping the lasi
joint Btraight, and to rub briskly
the nails on the palm of the other.
This  not  only  polishes  the  nails
but also massages the skin at the
root, so that the blood supply
uf lhe nails is improved and the
growth of the nail is strengthened.
Genealogy of George V. Dates
Back to Troy
Amongst families which will main
tain the dignity of long descent,
there are, uf course, few people
who can boast so ancient p. genealogy as our King and Queen.
who trace their descent in unbroken line from the Saxon King
Egbert, and through him back to
the British kings, who in turn
were reputed lineally discei-dul
from the survivors of the fall of
There are names among the
nobles of thc l'nited Kingdom
which take us back to "old, unhappy, far-off things, and battles
long ago," and among them is
conspicuous lhe name of de Ros.
This title dales back to 12(1*1, before
thc first English parliament, and
the present holder of it is the
twenty-fifth. The male line terminated with ihe 24th baron, on
whose daughter, however, the barony devolved, and to her descendants it will, uf curse, pass on.
The incrcaMPfc number of avi
ators   and   the   development   of
aeroplane   flying   have   given  op
portunitics for making  some in
teresting observations on thephyM
ological condition! Incidental  to
this new method of progression
says the Lancets Several factors
have to be taken into consideration.
Like  Sea-sickness
Rising to a great height in lhe
air produces effects similar (o
tho.se of mountain sickness, namely,
giddiness, nausea and headache;
but owing lo the rapid transition
form a low level to a high one,
or conversely, the blood pressure.
if it is altered, is not allowed
sufficient time lo become steady
us it can do in mountain climbing;
the conditions, in fact, have some
resemblance to those of a balloon
iscent or of an abrupt descent,
and 8ven more resemblance to
what is seen in the case of submucous workers who are quickly
wrought to the surface from a
diving bell, although in aviation
the pressures are very much less.
Affects the Blood
There are also great Variations
with different individuals, for attacks of mountain sickness and
other discomforts due to change
of pressure are experienced by
some at a height ol 1,500 metres,
while others are not affected until
they reach 2,000 metres. All the
observations that have been made
show that the blood pressure is
increased,   but   only   to   a   slight
extent became it It counterbalanced
by the free access of air which,
according to the researches of
Langlois, lends to reduce lhe blood
pressure. Other factors to be
considered are the duration of the
flight aid the encountering of
difficulties. Nervous fatigue lowers the blood pressure and irmv.ses
thc pulse. The nervous tension
brought   about   by   the   necessity
for being continually on the alert
in the presence of dangers has a
special influence which varies according to thc temperament of
the individual.
No Chronic Troubles
Thc aviator, Beaumont, when
he came down from his machine
after having won the prize for thc
l*.uro|H'an circuit, was remark.rbly
calm and his pulse rate scarcely
reached 85, but he told me that
the greal natural coni|>oMire and
his long practice in making ascents
did nol prevent him from havirg
sensutiors of emotion and CftftUaC
palpitation in momenta of dangers
As   a   general   result   it   may   be
Skwnu Lund District--District ot Queen Charlotto
Tuku notiOQ thut thirty duyu (rom dute, 1, C. E
Builder u( 1'rincu Huimrt, ii. C., by occuputioti
bookkeeper, inu-iid lo u|i|ily lo thu Chiel Cum-
mbmiom-r ul l.uml*. (ur u UotDCt to prospocl (or
coul umi petroleum on and under tilU ucrua ol
lund on tirulium islund deMcribed ua followa:
Cumnu'iiciiiu ut u post plumed five milea final I
ol Coul 1.UU.-UJ No. 4467, marked c. B. B. Coel
Louae No. 1, N. K. corner, tlience weat HO chuins, I
thence  aoutli   ttO   chuina,   thenee  euat   80   chuina, '
thunce north -u chuina to pluce of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1811    c. _.. BAINTBR, Looetor
Tub, Sept '_Ii.
BkMna Land Diatrict���District or Queen Churlotte
Take notice lhal thirty duys from dute, 1, C. B
Balnter oi Prinoe Hupert, li, 0,, h> occupution
bookkeeper, inlend to upply lo the Chiel Com-
mittloner of Lunda (or u licence to proapeel for
coul und petroleum on und under ti-10 ucroa of
land on Graham Islund deacrihed ua followa:
Commencing ut .�� poat planted live miloa eust
of Coul Laaaa No. n-_7, marked 0. E. U. N. W.
corner No, J, thencu uouih mi chuins, Ihence euat '
HU chains, tlience north bl) chains, thunce weat
ttU chuins to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. li.iuii. C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. Sept. S8,
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Tike notice that thirty days from dute, 1, C. E.
Balnter of  Prlnea Hupert, U. 0., by occupution
bookkeeper* Intond to upply to the Chief Com-
mUtiiom-r of l*unda for a licence to prospect for
coul und  petroleum on  und  under 640 acrua of
land on Gruhum laland described aa followa:
Cuinmencinti ut a poat pluntud live miles eaat
ol Coul Leaae No. wm, mark*) 0. E. U. s. w.
curi.i-r uf Coul l.i-ii-.i* No. il, thencu euat -Ho chains,
thenco north HO chaina, thencu west HO chuins,
thence south HO chains to plucu ol commuueement.
Dated Bnt 11.1U11. C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
Tub. Sept. RS,
SkMna I*and District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from date, 1, C. E.
Uainler ol I'rince Hupert, li. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to tho Chiel Com-
misaioiHT of Landa for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under t>40 acres of
land on (.iraham laland described ua follows:
Commencing at a post planted live milos cast
of Coal I..-.L-I- No. 4470, marked C. E. U. S. E
corner Coul Lease No. -1, thencu weat 80 chains,
thenct1 north 80 chains, ihence euat 80 chains,
Ihence aouth HO chains to placo of commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1UU. C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept. aa.
Skoena Land District���District of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that thirty days (rom date, I, C. E.
Bainter of I'rince Hupert, I). C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intond to apply to Ihu Chlof Commiaaioner of Landa for a licence to proapect (or
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea ot
land on Graham Island duacrit>ed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two miloa notrh
of stake marked C. E. U. Coal I.... -������ No. 4, marked
N. E. corner C, E. U. Coal Lease No. 6, thence
aouth HO chains, thenco wuat HO chains, thence
north 80 chains, thencu uast 80 chuins to place of
DatedSept. 11,1911. S. E. UAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. Sept. _;).
Skoena Land District���District ot Queen Chratotte
Take notice that Ihirty days from date, 1. C. E.
Uainler of I'rinco Hupert, I), C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Commiasioner of Landa for a licence to prospect for
coal and prtroloum on and unHur t>40 acrua of
land on Graham Island deacribed aa follows:
Commencing at a poat plantod two milea norlh
of Ci E. B. Coal Laaae No. 3, marked C. E. Bainter
N. W. corner Coal Lease No. 6, thenn south 80
chains, thence east 60 chains, thenco north 80
chains, tbence weal 80 chains to placo of commencement.
Datod Sepl. 11,1911. C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. Sept. ti
Ski-ena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that thirty davs from date, 1, C. E.
Biinter of I'rince Hupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper. Intend to apply to tha Chief Commissioner of Landa for a lictnee lo prospect (or
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrua of
land on Graham Island deacribed aa follows:
Commendnf at a poat ptanted two miloa north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 3, alake S. W. corner
Coal Leaea No. 7, thence north 80 chains, thence
i-j, i HO chains, ihence aouth HO chums, ihenco
west 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, '911. C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. SepL 23
Skeena Land District���District of Quoen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from datf. 1, C. E.
Balnter of Prince Hupert, U. C, by occupation
I'l.ukk-'vpi-r. intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for a licence to prospect (or
coal and petroleum on and under G40 acrea of
land on Graham Island deacrihod aa followa:
Commencing at e post planted two mlira north
of C. I.. B. Coal Leaae No. 4, marked S. E. corner
C. i:. it. Coal Leaae No. 8, thimce north 80 chains,
thence weet 80 chaina, thence aoulh 60 chaina,
thence eaat 80 chains lo place of commencement
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. UAINTEH. Locator
Pub. StpL 23
Skeena Und District���Dislrict of Queen Chariot tu
Take noUce lhal thirty dayi from date, I, C. E
Usii.t. r of Prince Huport, ll. C-, by occupatioa
bookkeeper, inland to apply to the Chief Com-
nn-s-Mi'.M r nf Landa for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroloum on and under Mo acroa of
land on Graham laland deacrlbod aa follows:
Commencing at a post ptanted Ave miloa east
ot Coal Leaae No. 4474, marked C. ... Balnter'a
N. E. corner Coal Laaaa No. 9, thenee aoulh 80
chains, thence wmi HO chains, thenoa north 60
chains, thenca aaat 60 chains to placa of cum-
men ci*-ment.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept* 23.
Skeena Und District���District of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that thirty dava from date, I, C. K.
Bainter of Prince Rupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlnd to apply to tho Chief Com-
missioner of Lands for a licenoa to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acros of
land on Graham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a poet planted one mile north
of C. E. li. Coal Laaaa No. 9, marked N. W.
corner C. E. B. No. 10, ihence aouth 80 chains,
Ihence weal 60 chains, thence north m�� chains,
thence eaat HO chains to place ot commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. E. HAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skerna Land DUtrlct���Diatrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that thirty days fronm dale, I, C. I..
Bainter of Prince Hupert, B. C, occupation book,
kf-epcr, Intend to apply to the Chief ( ommbwioner
of Lands for a licence to prospect for coal and
petroleum on anil under 040 acre* of land on
Graham Island dmcribed aa followa-
Commenclng at a post planted two mllea north
of C. E. B. Coal Ia****** No 8, marked N. E. corner
of C. E. I' Coal Lease No. 11, ihence south 80
chains, thence weat 80 chains, thenoe north 60
chains, thence east HO chaina to place of commencement,
DatedSept, 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Puh. Sept. 23.
Skerna Und District���District of Quean Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava fr-mi date, I, C. I.
Bainter of Prince Rupert, B. C, hy occupation
1hm-U.�� i. r. (ntend to apply to tha Chief Com-
missioner of Und for a licence to prospect for
coat and iH-tmleum on and under 040 acrea of
land on (iraham Island di-acritxw! aa followa:
Commencing at a post planted two mllea north
of C. E. B. Coal Uwe No. 7, marked C. E. It.
Coal I*." No- 12, thence south HO chains, thenoe
east Mil chains, thence nurth -HO chaina, thenee
weat HO chains to place of eommencoment.
Second avenae and Third street
Over Weatenhaver BroB.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Uw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Brittah Columbia of B.C. Ontario, Saa-
and Manitoba Burs. katchewan   and Al-
l-ert.il liars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exchange ble*ck, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. I'rlnce Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operatloni skilfully treated. Gai and
local anaithellc. admlniitered for the palnlcii extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Office!:
H.-lm-rann Block. Prmce Ruuert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson D.A.,     W.E.WIIIIami.B.A..L.L.D
BarriBtera, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. O. BOX 2S
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Sts
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Hotel Central 23 &s&��
Kuropean and American plan, steam
heated, modern conveniences. Hair**
f 1.00 to.'2 ��� ��� per day.       :       :
Peter Black
Plumbing, Heating, Steamfltlingand
Sheet Metal Work
Office: 3rd Ave. Workshop:
Phone IT, 2nd Ave. bet. Tth and ��lh Sis.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Mist Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Pram Wllciek. Paris and Berlin.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
i,   .-:E.
EBY   <&   Co.==
Kitsumkaltim I.up I For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Prinoe  Rupert Lral*e, No. lis, Sont of
Knirland. meets the ilrst and third   I 1 iv ���  In
��ach month In the Sons of En*land  Hall. Hpj 2nd
Ave. at I p.m.
r V. CLARK. Sec..
P. O. It"* Ml. Prince Rupert
BUM A. WOODS. President, Boi a
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
C. ��.- BAINTER, Locator
I'si.'i ��� ' |-i   11, -''1
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District    District of Queen Charlotta j
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, C. ti.
Bainter of Print* Rupert,  II. C, by occupation .
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Com- '
mlMionir of Landa for a licence lo prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres of
land on (iraham Island deacrihed as follows:
Commenring at a poat planted two milns north
of C. I   B. Coal l.rBT No. 7, market) S. \V. corner I
C.   I     B.  Coal   I-* -i -  No.   1,1,  Ihence north  DO j
chains,  thence east  HO  chains,  thence -south  <M)
chains, thenca west 80 chains to place of corn-
men rem ent, I
Dated Sept. 11, I'll.    C. E. BAINTER, Locaior
Pub. Kept. 23.
Skeena Land District -District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, <'. K.
Bainter of Prince Rupert, II. C, by occupation
Itookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Chiel f'um-
minsionrr of l<ands for a licence to pri*pect for
coal and petroleum on and under mm ������< ��������� of
land on (Iraham Island described aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north i
of C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. H, marked N. E. come
C. E. H. Coal J,ease No. 14, thence north HO
chains, thence wmt 80 chains, thenoe aouth 80
chaina, thence last 80 chains to place of com*
DatedSept, ll, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 21.
Skeena Land District District ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, ('. K.
Bainter of Prince Rupert, It, C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply lo the Chief Commiasioner of Lands for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 610 arrea of
land on (iraham Island described as follows: i
Commencing at a post planted one mile north,
of C. E. B. Coal i * -I*-.' No. lo, market) (.;, K. It I
Coal Le��ac No. Hi. Ihence north 80 chaina, thane-**
wost 80 chains, thenre south 80 chains, Ihenca '
eaat 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1011. C. K. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District District nf Que*>n Charlott
Taka notice lhal thirty davs from date, 1, C. K.
Balnter ol Prince Rupert, It. C, hy occupation
bookk��**et>er, intend lo apply to tho Chief Commissioner nf Unds for a licence lo prospoet for
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acrea of
I land nn (iraham Island deacrihed as tnllowa:
- CnmmenclnK at a poat planted two mllea north
... I of ('. K.  B. ('oal  1,**.,<m- No.  10, markad N   B.
..in  Ural  aeroplane  nytr.g uOesi*mMt c* m* ��. 0ou Lmm no. hi, thence south
80 chains, thenco weat  80 chains,  thence norlh
nOt    CIUISC    &ny    IDCCiRI     fonil    of 1 *" *_____������ thenco east 80 chains to place of Com
' mencement.
DatM Sept. 11,1911.    C. B. UAINTEH, Locator
I Pub. Sept. 23.
2nd Avt\
BctWMfl 7th & Hth St*.
Prince Hupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmcr
CtlAK.it s m asdnaiii.i:
Funeral   Dfrwtor*
Srd Av*. near --tii St. I'hnn* Nn. M
..Grand Hotel..
WorktngnuM's Home
Fret Labor Rurcau in Connection
Phone 178 1st Ave. and 7th St.
little's NEWS Agency
CSllM   iiuy
chronic illness.
News Correspondent in Second Article Says a Settler
on the  Inlet Has a  Free  Marine Railway at His
Command Twice a Day���Lots of Game
(Special Correspondence)
Masset, Oct. 1.���Your correspondent made several extended
trips, from one end oi Graham
Island io the other, looking over
the wealth lying dormant both in
the laml and sea. The potentialities of the Island cannot be
enumerated, in a short article;
but the lime is coming���and coming Boon���when thousands will
regrel their lack of interest in the
natural resources within their reach
Tin* numerous small rivers,
throughout lhe length and breadth
of the Island, first engaged attention. Every few miles���it mattered not which way one went���
rivers and streams flow to the
ocean and down to the inlets.
I was particularly struck with
Masset Inlet. Cutting into thc
island, for forty miles, this stretch
of water is navigable for large
vessels and is sheltered from one
end to the other. Entering the
channel, where the shores are one
mile apart, a boat strikes the
tide, running six miles an hour,
in and out. twice each day.
Fifteen miles from the entrance.
a large body of water is found,
with a width of ten miles and aboul
twenty miles in length. It is
on the shores of this "salt lake"
that the output of the coal mines,
of the Yakotin River, will be
shipped, It is no unusual thing
for a settler to leave his home,
twenty miles up the Inlet, and to
reach Masset in a few hours. He
returns home on the next tide,
making the forty-mile journey with
lit tie elTort.
The rivers are visited by the
several species of salmon, found
in our waters, and the lakes, at
the head of the Yakoun and .Mn
rivers, are beautiful stretches, covering many miles. Trout fishing
is indulged in by the followers
of Isaac Walton; one man captured seventeen "beauties," of four
varieiies, in a few hours.
Geese and ducks are plentiful
and the camping grounds ideal.
The tourist will find a great deal
lo e;igage his time, when the
Grand Trunk Pacific is completed,
anil the splendid scenery and sporting grounds of Queen Charlotte
Islands arc known.
Fine Tramp Steamer Which
Made Her Maiden Voyage to
Rupert -with Steel Has Had
Second Engineer of the Vadso
Fined $10 and Costs
The  British steamer  Bannock-
biirn, Captain K. A. Dent, reached
Vancouver   the   other   day   from
Antwerp ami London via Pacific
Coast   ports   wiih   alHM)   barrels
of  cement  for   Balfour,  Guthrie
& Co.. and  125 tons of girders.
The Bannockburn docked at the
Hv.uis-Coleman  wharf.    She  has
had   an   eventful   voyage.    Soon
after   leaving   Antwerp   for   this
coast she was in collision in the
English Channel, and was beached
at Dover.   She was repaired temporarily and steamed to London,
where permanent repairs were effected, and she then proceeded
oii her voyage. Al San Frendsco
and San Pedro she discharged
cargo and was libeled for consignees for damage lo freight.
Call- at P<.nland and Seattle
Were made In-fiire die cattle here.
After discharging she will steam
I.. Nanaimo to load a cargo ..t
coal for Sin FrandsCO, She will
then return (o Portland to load
lumber for Calcutta under charter
In Hind. Rolph *\ Co.
For Lot Owners on .Second Avenue After Alteration of Grade
The Board of Public Works has
reported to ths coundl ihat it
does not recommend that any
compensations be sllowed to lot
owner*,  iu  consideration  oi  the
in.. I for raising and lowering
buildii'g-a on Second avenue to
suil    llu*   change   "f   grade.     The
(in   Engineer had  reported in
favor of compensation being granl-
><l. Inn after consideration the
Board of Work- regards the disadvantage lo lot owners as small
compared lo the advantage* gained
by ihe change of grade.
John    Brodie,   Engineer.   Has
Also a Launch to Hire Out
John Mrodie made application
for the |ios1 of engineer al the
Morse Creek dam pumping plant.
The -.inu- pany offers the use of
a launch to ilu- cily for 1800 per
month. Tin firsl applicadon was
referred to the water committee,
ih.* second went io ihe Board of
Works (or consideration Bnd report.
For  the  Firemen
Wstsrprool OUtfltS  lor  six firemen have bean requisitioned by
For striking a fireman on the
face Second Engineer J. Hogan.of
thc S.S. Vadso, was today lined
|10 .mil costs. He admitted striking the blow but pleaded that discipline demanded it. Evidence
revealed a most unruly state of
affairs on the Vadso during September.
Fireman J. Gregg, of thc Vadso,
complained that Second Engineer
John Hogan of the same boat had
assaulted him doing actual physical
harm. The case was a provincial
liolicc one Magistrate McMullin
Evidence was given by several
witnesses to the effect that Gregg
was hit at least twice while seated
on lhc forward hatch, by the
-titmil eiiginncr who siid he had
been sent by the chief on the call
of the purser to stop (Jregg from
raising a row on deck.
The purser, Ivan S|iarrow, gave
evidence to the effect that the
complainer had lieen bhspheming
and that the ship's crew was
in such a state of disaffection that
the deckhands rcfuused to make
the landing at Port Nelson and the
quartermaster wouldn't take the
Accused admitted that he had
hit complainer on the face twice
it complainer's request. "Hit nu*,"
-.-id complainer. "I've got witnesses." Accused hit him. "Hit
me again," and accused hit him
again.    It was just like a game of
Black Ja.-k.
Hogan was fund len dollars and
COStS   ihe   charge   being   reduced
to one of common assault.
A New Fish Market
All lhe doctors are agreed that
people do not eat enough fish.
So the opening of a new fish
market is of more than usual
public interest. The newest fish
market opined yesterday is the
Dominion Fish Market at the
corner of Fulton and Sixth streets,
opposite lhe Rand Block. All
kinds of fish .game, poultry and
oysters in season will be found
there, as well as dairy products.
Don't forget to look out for the
new fish market.
FOR RENT. Suite of two,
three, or more, large well-
lighted office rooms over Wallaces'.   H. S. Wallace tf
11 ���
"The News" Classified Ads*
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bontls
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S. ��� Housob and Rentals.
Only $150 Worth in Rupert During September
lire Chief Mclnnis has pre-
scr.ted his report for September
showing that the total loss of
property by fire in the cily for
die month was $150. The chief
has asked for two extra call men
as the stormy season is now
about io begin, and it is necessary
to stop fires in their very start.
Busiest Man in Town" to Get
$200 a Month
B\ the motion passul in com cil
last right the Superintendent of
Public Works is to have an increase of sdary from $160 to $200
per month.
Will Grade Lane
No petition has been received
against  the grading of the lane
in  Section  One  between  St cud
and Third avenues ar.d Sixth and
Eighth   streets.     The   work   will
*,!) or by daya labor ui der rit)
Ship Elaborately Fitted Up to
Take King George to India for
For Rent
Furnished toams with batlt. Special ratca by
thc week.   Talbot Houae. Iti5-tf
Neatly Furniihoel rtKmi, Rentlenu'n preferreel.���
Apply Mra. Mullin, over Majestic Theatre,     tf
Nice Fumiihed Re-ame. Mra. Greenwood. Alder
mock* Third Ave. MB-tf
For Kent-Furniahed rooms. Hot anel cold water
with bath. Diitby Kooma. Hth Ave. nnd Fulton
Street. tf
For Rent-Som of England Hull, .-l'.i 2nd'Ave., for
Dance*. Fraternal Societies, Sooinls. etc. Apply
Frank A Eilii. Box 809 or phono oS. IM-tt
'^���������*����>*'^ H-^M a*m*l am.,, *��.,*���
For Sale
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. 2 Storey hout-e, houte-
hold goods. Near Prince Hupert. A anap If
taken at once.   Addreia H un .ItiS. tf
For Sale-Irish Terrier doR pups, pediirreod, _rrlt-
ty. ffood companion!, irood color. Goddard
Bros., 95 Water St, Vancouver. 216-227
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
OUR Companies are noted fur prompt and juat
setttementa. Wo write every known claaa of
Insurance. The Mack Realty und Inaurance Co.
Wanted |
m *ua*A*r**Mt*W*mt*P^ ***** ������
Wanted. ��� Cleaning and pressing, alterations
and repairing for men and wi-nrn. Dressmaking
called for and delivered.   Mrs   Charlea Percher,
>2�� I lm,1 A\r.   Phone2M Red. tf
Lost and Found
FOUND-2 Small Keya.   Imiuiraat NewiOfflc.
Lost���Ladies'watch In bracelet.   Reward byre*
turning to News offlc-t. tf
LINDSAY'S "storage*"'
G. T. P. Tran.frr Agenl.
Order* prompUy fllled.   Prlcee reaaonable.
OFF1CE-H. B. Rochester, Centra St.    Phone A.
Despite thc depressing ouilook
caused by drought In Northern
India the preparations for the
imperial durbar ere proceeding
actively and the Medina, the boat
which is to convey the kirg
emperor to his Oriental subjects,
i*. being prepared for the voyage.
The Medina will be ilu- i.-.*-l word
in ocean luxury. All the apartments selected for the use of the
king and queen will be ui usually
large. Then- are to be two seta
of saloons for the roy;*.l passengers.
one .'i tin* bow for lire weather. i d
the oilnr amidships.
Besides these '.'loot's ������ special
rcom is ..) be reserved for ilu
King's personal use on one >.f the
upper decks. Thi*. .iill cor.trir
the despatch boxes for thc privati
and official papers to be dealt
wiih during du* \oyagc. Despatches will be received every day
i mi pl one, as far as Sm/. aril
during the stretch ��� eross ilu- Indian Ocean to Bombay there will
be .- mass of work to do in pre-
paring for thc events ."shore.
The  suite In  attendance will
.1. \ole no little time 10 the disci.saion  of their own  pari  ir   thi
pageantry and i.'  the necessary
rehears. Is of duties, which to inai y
of .hem will be novel.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
The Mulling race for llu* world's
championship on lhe Paramatta
riv.r between Arnst and IVarcc
was a hard one, according lo the
report! just tO hand. Sixty thousand people law the contest and
ih.* lire chiel nn.l i,,,- commlttss118700 was taken In gats money.
for   ilu*   I'm*   department.    Thsl -	
^uisitlon wmi puttd lut night For row ^ and launche8
Ih, outfit. Include rubber coatt Telephone 320 green. Davis
and hdmetl. I Boat House.
Skeena Land District���District of Coasl Range V
Take nolle* that I. Adolph II. (hrlstlanaon of
Towner, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
nt law, intend to apply for permission to purchase
the followinK dr-acribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planled nl.oui one and
one-half miles (1 1-2) northeast of tha head of
Trout River on the weat side of lakelse Lake,
and about 5 chains from the lake-front, thence
���outh 80 chaina, thenc wer* HO chains, Ihence
north SO chains, thence east BO chains to point
of commencement.
ADOLPH M   ' um   ' iv.   ON
Dated June 30, 1911. Fred I    Cowell, Agent
Tub. July 26.
Skeena Land District    District nf Csssiar
Take rut-He**" thst   It.  H. Stewsrt  nf  Vancouver,
Bi   C ,   MtUptUon   truckman,   intends   lo   spply
for permission to purchase the following described
('ommenclng at n pOft planted 10 rhains wmth
ol | re-emi.tion No. '.W nnd fi. chains east from
the Nirnn River <K. W. <\), thenee 40 chains pant,
then.-e -to chains north, thenee 40 chsins west,
thence 40 chaini south lo the point of commencement to contain 100 acres more or 1ms
��� i .a.*, a       *��\VllAM>. ������"WAKIi HTKWART
Skaena Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Coul Ranga 6
Taka  notioa  lhat  Sarah   *���;.   Alton   of   I'rince
Rupert, occupation  nurae, InUnda to apply  for
permiaaion  to  purchaaa  tho  following   daacribed
Commendnf at a poal plantad at tba North*
woat corner 140 chains aaalarly (slightly north)
from tbo northeast corner of Lot 1116 (Harvoy
Survey) Coaat District, Ranga V, thenoa 60 chaina
east, tnence HO chaina aouth* thenoa 40 chains
*���<*���. ihence 40 chaina north, lhanc* 40 chains
���-*������*. thenca 40 chains north to post of com*
mencement containing 4.vi acrea more or loaa.
Dated Juno 14. mi. SARAH K. ALTON
I'ub. July 16. Frad Uohler, Agenl
Skeena Land DUlrict���Diatrict of Coaat Rang* 6
Taka note* that Lin lord Sewell Ball ot I'rlnce
Rupert, ll. t"., occupation locomotive engineer,
Intends to apply for pcnniaalon lo purchaae tb*
[ollowing deaenbed landa:
Commencing at a poat planled on tb* north
bank of tb* ZlmogoUU River aboul three (3)
mllos dUtant ..upstream) In a westerly direction
(ram the junction of the Little SUmogotiU River
and lh* main -Umofoiiu Rivar, lhanc* north 40
chaina, thene* wort. 40 cbaina, thone* aoulh 40
chains, lb*no* -aut 40 chaina to post ol commencement containing 1ft) acraa more or leaa.
Pub. July ���"��� Geo. H. Putnam. A|*nl
t'.var   Land   DUtrict-DUtrict   ot   Skaana
Tak* notlc* lhat 1, -Lemuel Freer of Vancouvar,
occupation broker, Inund to apply for permUsion
to purchaaa the following deenbodr lands:
Commencing at a poat planted on lha ahor*
In a northerly direction from Port Nelson Cannery
marked L. ��.'��� s. K. Cornar, thenco 20 cbains
north, thence 20 cnains waat, thance 20 chains
���outh lo ahor* line, thence along th* ahore to
point ot command nent, containing 40 acraa mor*
J. M. CoUiaon, Agent
Dated Juno 10, Ivll
Pub. July h.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Rango V
Take notlc* that Jeaac M. Tallman of Cedar
Itapids, Iowa, occupation lawyer, intenda to
apply for permission to purchaaa th* following
di-acribed landa:
Commencing at a poat plantod on the aoutherly
shore ot Kul&ymaleen Inlet on the right bank
of a nnis.ll stream (lowing Into aaid Inlet Juat eaat
of Crow Lak*. Th*nc* aouth 20 chaina, thenc*
weal 20 chaina more or laaa to the ahor* lino of
Crow Lak*, tbenc* northerly and easterly fol*
lowing the shor* linea of Crow Lake, lh* Inlet
to Crow Lak* and Kutaeymaleen Inlet to the
place ot commencement, containing forty acres
more or loaa. Located Auguat 7, lull-
Dated Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skoena Land District���DUlrict of Coast Rango 5
Tak* notice lhat it. F. Millar ot Tipton. Kng*
land,' occupation   farmer,   InUnda  to  apply   tor
permlsaion   to   purchaae  tbe  following   ducribed
Commencing at a poat planted about 60 chains
weal from the N. VV. Cornar of Lot 4406, thenc*
north 40 chaina, thenc** waat 20 chaina, thonce
aouth 40 chaina, thenc* ***t 20 chaina lo lh*
point ot commencement conUining eighty acroa
more or leaa.
Dated Augual 19, 1911. R. F. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agant
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coaat Range 6
Take notice that I, Thomas McClymont of
Prince Rupert, N. C, occupation real aaUU
broker, Intend to apply for permlsaion to purchaa*
the following doacribed landa:
Commencing at a peot planted al th* S. W.
corner of pre-emption record 412, thence et.��t 60
chains, thence aouth 40 chaina, thence weat 80
chaina to ahore of lake, Ihence following ahore
of lake in a northerly direction to point ot com*
mencement i containing 320 acrea, more or leaa.
Date<l Sept. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
i'ub. Sept. 9. Ereneat Cole. Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict���District of Coast Range 6
Take notlc* that E. 11. U. Miller of Falmouth
Eng., occupation aurveyor, Inlenda lo apply to
permission to purchas* th* following deecribed
Commencing at a post planted at the N. W. Corner of Lot IP"-, thonce west 60 chians, thenc* aouth
m0 chain-i, thence east 80 cbaina, thence north 20
rhalns to the point of commencement conUining
160 acrea more or leaa.
Dated August 16, 1911. E. If. O. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skoena Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupallon saddler, Inlenda to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the following described landa on th*
West Coaat ot Uraham laland:
Commencing ,'t a poat planted three mllea east
of the northea.' comer of C. L. No. 4472 thonce
north 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chaina, thence
aouth 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chaina to point of
located August Iat 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Coaat Range V
Take notice that I, PeUr Larsnn of Towner,
North DakoU, U. S. A., farmer, InUid to apply
for permission to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast eorner ot Lot i1%% thence south 80 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 15, 1911. PETER LARSEN
| Pub July 26, mil. Fred E. Cowall, Agent
TAKE NOTICE that I will receive
tenders for the land known as Lot 1105,
Range 5, Coast District, Province of
British Columbia. This is one of the
choicest pieces of land lying along the
Skeena river and contains about 155
acres. The land is crown granted.
Tenders must be in before thc fifth day
of October. 1911. The highest or any
tender not necessarily acdepted. For
further particulars apply to the undersigned.
Assignee  of H. C, Breckenridge, Box
2i5, Prince Rupert, B.C.
We carry everything in the feed line, also*T*r-
den seeds at the lowest market pri res. at Cotlart'a
oLs Ft��d Store, Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phone. 41 or 301
 * 5***^_2&��*V
Is a Persistent "Influence" Exert-    ^^
ed  in Your Behalf!
Every bit of printing that goes out to serve vou makea "Sum..
Kind of an impression." Poor printing will leave a poor in
pression of its user as surely as would poor clothe*, or doop
store or shop or olllce. "Good" printing will leave upon ever,
mind an impression wholly favorable of its user.
Even if but one in a thousand of these "Impressions " really tin.
the scales for business, for orders, for you " Good Prlntltin
will have thus paid for itself I
Daily News Building
phone 98 Third Ave
The Big Furniture Store
In the County Court ot Atlin Holdon at Prince
Rupert In the Matter of tho "Official Ad-
mlnlatrator'a Act"
In tho Matter of the EaUU ot Duran P. Latkovlch
deceaaed, lntoatate.
TAKE NOTICE that by order ot HU Honor,
Judge Young, made tho .Ust day of Auguat, 1911.
I wu appointed Administrator of the EaUto of
lh* aald Duran P. Latkovlch deceaaed, and all
parties having claims against tbe aaid t.sUte are
herrtiy required to forward aamo properly verified
to m* on or before the 30th day of September,
I "Ml. and all th* partlea Indebted to the aaid
EsUte are required lo pay tha amount ot tboir
indctitcdneiB lo me forthwith.
DATED tb* 6th day ot September, 1911.
Official Administrator.
Second Avenue, near McBride
One lot, Block 22, Section 6, Seventh
Avenue.   Price $800.   $400 caih.
One lot,  Block  7.  Section  6,  Fourth
Avenue, Harbor View.   Price $1360.
Two lots, Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.   Price $300 each.   $60 cash
balance $26 per month.
Two lots, Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.,  Price  $600  pair,  one-half
Two lots, Block 61, Section 8, Kelliher
Street.   Price $176 each, $100 cash.
One  lot,   Block  7,  Section   8.   Tenth
Avenue.   Price $300, one-half cash.
Two lots, Block 38, Sertion 8, Justin
Street.   Price $500 pair, $300 caah.
One lot, Block  1, Section 8,  next to
corner, Eleventh Avenue.   Price $476
$300 cash.
Four-room house, plastered, painted, best
harbor   view   in   city,   on   Ambrose
Avenue.    Price $1837.    Cash  $600,
balance $30 per month.
OfliceB and stores on Second Avenue and
Sixth Street.    Prices $36 to $76 per
Nicely furnished flat, four rooms and
bath,   hot   and   cold   water,   corner
Fulton   and   Sixth   Avenue.     Price
$60 per month.
5 and 10 acres for garden trucking, at
Kitsumkalum.   Price $65 per acre.
10-acre tracts garden trucking at Kitselas.   Price $60 per acre.   Terms.
Three lots on Third Avenue close to
business section, level, good lease.
$10 cash and $10 per month buys you a
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Partial List of our New Wares
In our Second Avenue store, which is one hundred feel deep n
carry Reed and Rattan goods, Arm Chairs, Rockers, Sanitary Couchei
Davenports and Bed Lounges. On our shelves you will find an immense
display of Hotel White Granite and Vitrified ware. In ilii, ,|,-,,,.,.
ment we have everything to set up the finest Dining Table. \\. cam
a dozen or more stock patterns in French and English China, and
sell them either by thc piece or set. We have fancy Brie a llr.u* ol all
descriptions. We have twenty-five styles in Teapots from the inli-
vidua) hotel to the old fashioned Brown Betty, to hold a quart <>r mon
We buy almost exclusively from C'assedy���five times Btronger than
anv other.
A *
As we buy these goods and Bar Glasses in fifty tl"/n* |. . u,
are sure of getting right prices. We stock perhaps a hundred tlmm-nt
We carry a large stock of Cutlery including "Rogers I".
In stone ware we have bean pots, butter crocks, ju^-, filters ard
foot warmers. Enamel ware and kitchen ware complete, basket]
in many styles and sizes.
In this store we show broken lines of decorated hotel ware,al
very low prices to close, as we will not have any more likt* tin in. Abo
a few samples of stoves.
Here we also show Linoleums in a variety of mon- than twenty-
live |>aiterns. As this stock was bought far below the market value
,ve are selling them at a great reduction���30 cents to SL.'itl inr yard.
Hen- also vou will find lamps in a variety too numerous to mention.
OUR SECOND FLOOR 50 x 100 (t.
This large space we have filled to the roof wiih furniture of ll
kinds at our usual low prices. Here also we carry our reserve -ink
of crockery, glassware, and stoves. You will find here n crdka
variety ol carpets, tapetftry, bedding, blankets, comforts, ptlkm,
������nil perhaps more than $2000 worth of pictures, tapc.-ti> aril Ire*
curtains and all other curtain materials.
This, too, is the home of thc famous Ostermoor mattress.
Chiffoniers, Dressers and all kinds of case goods in great quantities
Iron and brass beds, fruit jars and flower pots.
Framed mirrors, all sizes, in French, British ard German plate.
We also have a large stock of mirrorplate in British ai .1 Germ I
plate which we frame to order, in sizes from 30 x 48 down. Rcmcmte
lhc reason we call this a complete furnishing store is because wi* >h'*��
all this endless variety of goods at thc Big Furniture Store���largBl
stock in the North.
Second Ave and Sixth St.
Phone 62
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
boils as
ROCK l-Ill'sllll
STRCCTl'ltU. >
KB. ���
Boa ��74
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK ��1,000,000
We are nlTering for sale a very limitc.l
amount of shares of stock at 26c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are gointf
quickly and will soon be off the market
I, S. Ham...,, ol Prinee Rupert, 11. B- broker
���jive nolle* in.t ������ ,*.* Stgag di>* ���l No��*.ml,*r
���t hi. offi*-* |��� I-,*,,,* Ru~-t, II. c, lor ��� licence
o led* and tne* three cubic leet ol we *r ner S3
rom Me-Nrtl River In Skeen. Dlatrlcl.   KlSS
J I, S. Ilarrlaon ol Prlne* Runert, u. 0    broko
fen VKB l5"* ��� *!������ "ftSa >>*y "i Nmnto
11.11, 1 Inlend lo app y to the Watei-t*L... .
at hi. ofllce l��� Prln'c. Rupert, H( ,,*"**. H^Z
to lake and uie two cubic (eel of *.(*, Lr SS9
rom lh. Weal Fork ol McNci   Rher Ct_��S_
Skeena Land District.
DUtrict of Const, K..f"N|](l|,
Take notice that Wm I r1"'1' .Ition
son, of Prince Ruperl, H.<- ������ "' 'lv fr
locomotive fireman, int.'"' '" SgM
permission to purchase Wi
described lands: .   . ��� on ll-f
Commencing at SPOSl l'1'' ' r,v,r.
north bank of Hie Zmi-' f.J w,,,i,-r-
about two miles up stream "' )f only direction  from the jui"'   ,| .main
little Zim-o-got-it-*. river anu  .Vn,.
Zim-o-got-itz river, ant "������ ** r���0r.
Franci? Nicholson's, son '���'���';,'w,,,,jn
thence north 40 chains. IM' ,,, ,r
chains, thence south JO chain" ^ ^
less to shore line of *''v'!'1' ,hore line
40 chains more or less ��������'";��� nt, i*
of river to post of comm..' ��"
taining 160 acres mm.' "J   ���'��� soN,
Dated July 17, 1911.


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