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Twenty-four hours ending 6 a.m.,
ov. 14
MAX. TUMI*.    KIN.TUMI'.    HAH.      IN. SNOW
21.0 16.0    29.366     .00
The Daily New*!
FormerlyjThe^Prince Rupert Optimist
"17,   *"V
__      't.i    NEXT MAILS
���"-(������a. F\in soot'.��\
Prince lixrspiei\ ...Fr' !r \8 a.m.
Frineyss M��y\...S    ;  lay, a.m.
,JI]      -TonjlNc
-   Princess May, ii.    .     sday p.m.
ti. c. Ji	
/OL. II,  NO. 260
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, November 14, 1911.
rice Five Cents
[Steel is Due at Athabasca Landing This Week���Will be
Through to the Coast by the Fall of 1913
Practically all the supplies on tho
���.construction of the Canadian North-
lein main line west of the Yellow
lllt'iul l'nss Will be taken In by way
of Kamloops and thc North Thompson river. The work of moving supplies this winter will be in connection with the Brazeau lino west ot
Btettler, and the Peace River line
north of Onoway. A. R. Mann, president of the Northern Construction
Company, which has the contract In
hand, says that the Athabasca Landing line will be completed this fall
without fall. The grade will be
ready for steel between Stony Creek
which ls thc present head of steel,
and die landing by November 10. It
will tnke about a month to lay the
Bteel on the 50 mile stretch of grade
between Stony Creek and the northern terminus, and thc main line of
the Canadian Northern railway will
be completed through to the coaet
by the fall of 1913.
During the past week or more the
graders on the main lino of the Canadian Northern railway west of Edmonton and on the Peace River
branch north of Onoway have been
unable to do any work on account of
frost being ln the ground. The
crust that forms on top ot the grade
every night, although it may not be
very thick, makes It hard for the
horses to haul thc scraper and means
a greater wear and tear on the machinery. The Canadian Northern is
determined to have the line to Athabasca finished this fall, and the railway company have given orders to
the contractors to use dynamite If
necessary to remove thc frozen earth
on the grade. There Is still considerable work to bo done on the
stretch of the main line grade between St. Albert and the Pembina
liver, although it is completed as far
west as Lac Ste. Anne, and the Bteel
laying on the completed section will
commence within the next few days.
Journal Bi-Weekly Underbid-* Local Dailies for
Daily Advertising of Local
Improvement Schedule-
Peculiar Business
The Prince Rupert Journal
was last night awarded the contract for advertising the local
Improvement Schedules to be
published by the City according
to law in a local paper issued
daily. The two local daily papers were asked to bid, but when
the tenders appeared on the
council table there was one also
from the local Bi-weekly which
gets the work. Bids were as
Prince Rupert Publishing
Co., for the first contract, per line 70c
For the Second contract
per line 70c
Empire  Publishing Co.,
contract number  one,
per line 90c
Contract number two,
per line 67 l-2c
Prince  Rupert  Journal,
contract  number  one,
per line       70c
Contract number two,
per line 50c
To have the temporary outlet
of the Hays Creek Trunk Sewer
so far away from tide water does
not appeal to Aid. Morrissey as
sanitary. He declared at last
night's council meeting that the
nuisance created would in a very
few months become a source of
danger. The City Engineer declared absolutely that so much
greater would be the volume of
clean water in the sewer to that
of sewerage for several years, to
come that there would be no
nuisance. The Engineer's plans
for the sewer was finally approved by the council.
City Solicitor Peters Says
so, So There's No Doubt
of It
Test City Coal
C. W. Handasyde, Jr.,
suggested to the light committee by letter last night
that the city should purchase
a patent calorimeter for testing coal values at the light
Some time ago as a special
courtesy the Mayor in his capacity as chairman of the License
Commission allowed the city
council to make a request to the
City Solicitor for a report on the
two bottle licenses in this city,
those of J. A. Smith and Mr.
Maynrrd, in view of the fact that
the application of Mr. Sutherland
for a bottle license had been refused. Mr. Peters reported the
granting of the said licenses perfectly in order and repeated that
the refusal of Sutherland's application was equally so. No
discussion was permitted.
Ladies'   and   Children's
Knit" Sweaters���Wallace's
Large Party of Surveyors
and Timber Cruisers May
be Suffering Privations.
For over a week now nothing has been heard of a party of about 35 surveyors and
timber cruisers which was
due at Mill Bay on the Naas
to meet a launch sent up to
bring them back. The party
is evidently snowbound and
maybe short of provisions by
now. The party has been
doing work for Chief Kelly
who intends to make a search
for the men unless they arrive by the Cetriana on her
return trip.
Finance Committee Will
Consider Suggestion of
$500 Contribution.
The Finance Committee of
the City Council will consider the request for $500 towards establishing a City
Whole Blame of Fatality
at Mile 44 Rests With
the Dead Man C. Berger
There will be no inquest on the
body of Charles Berger who was
instantly killed by the explosion
yesterday at Mile 44. He was
clearing out the shot hole with a
metal rod. and as he was himself
in charge of the work no blame
attaches to anyone else.
John Scorns Councilmen
"J. S. C." What might
the letters stand for? "John
scorns councilmen," was the
bright reply from a young
member of the Baptist
Brotherhood in the guessing
contest at their social last
evening in Mclntyre Hall.
Amid games, music and the
refreshments which followed every one had a most enjoyable time. The committee were C. Rogers, L. Hanson, A. Gray, G. Johnson, K.
China's Black Outlook
Peking, Nov. 14���Intervention
by the European Powers is being
talked of. Famine is threatening the people of China this
Warships Joins   Rebel
Shanghai, Nov. 14���Thirteen
Chinese Warships have hoisted
the white ensign of the rebel
Ottawa. Nov. 14-A. S. Good-
eve has been appointed assistant
chief Conservative whip.
Waa a Fine Show
The perfmorance of "The
Time, the Place and the Girl"
at the Empress last night
was one of the best shows
ever put on in Rupert.    To
night it
is "The Follies of
Chief Kelly ia Hurt	
Chief Kelly has come in
from Moresby Island with a
poisoned foot. He came in
the schooner Princess
toria for treatment.
Once Thriving Placer Gold
Centre is Rapidly Falling
Off in Population and
Over the once busy placer
gold camp of Atlin the word
"Ichabod" may well be written for the glory of old time
Atlin is departed. "The
place is following the course
of history of every placer
mining camp- going back as
hard as ever it can," says
Frank Mobley, who has just
returned from a summer
spent up there looking after
his business.
Yet that business of Mr.
Mobley's has not yet started
to go back with the district
for Mr. Mobley in summing
up the accounts of the firm
there for the past season
found that some $60,000
worth of business had been
done there���"Not so bad for
a little pea-nut stand,"as he
Next year, however, the
chances are that unless something happens in Atlin Frank
Mobley's business will be
close down to enable him to
concentrate on Prince
Prince Rupert is advancing
as fast as Atlin is decaying,
for Prince Rupert's prosperity depends on the wealth of
whole tracts of country, not
the mining, however rich, of
a mere district.
Manager Love Says the Cheaper Coal is the Dearer and in
the Interests of Economy Wants Dearer Coal
by the Superintendent. These
calculations on the motion of
Aid. Morrisey are to be submitted in the form of a signed report
by Mr. Love at next meeting of
council before anything further
can be done. Meanwhile Mr.
Kelly is fulfilling his coal contract.
Work Will Not Proceed on
This Handsome Building
Till Spring.
Talking about his new residence on Fourth Ave., the
solid concrete foundation of
which is now complete and
waiting for superstructure,
Frank Mobley remarked that
he had ordered construction
to cease when he went away
to Atlin this summer.
"I didn't want the building to go on in my absence,"
he remarked. "If I am putting six or seven thousand
dollars into a building, I
want to see what I am getting, especially since it is I
who have to live in the
house. Now that the wintry weather has set in, I
guess I'll leave the house to
be finished in March when
T ,   . . A.      city.    These figures were sub-
I can rush it to completion 18tantiated by caIculations note(,
and  keep  an  eye  on  the!-	
building.     Meanwhile  the    AJ rvrni/rAf   x mi r^r/r  i~>***\
concrete basement is having \ ALDLHMLIN   MUZZLLU
a pretty thorough test, and
proving itself the first class
bit of work I intended it to
Although the City Council
wrangled for nearly an hour over
the awarding of the contract for
the Light Plant Coal, and even
held a special meeting after the
aldermen had gone to the wharf
and examined the coal, the situation has not by any means settled down yet.
The contract has been awarded
(verbally) to the Union Transfer! Bid Par Value
Company whose bid of 88.15 per! Messrs. Lynch Bros, and
long ton was lowest, but accord- Olier Besner made offer to
ing to the report of E. A. Love, | Council last night of par
Plant Manager Kelley's coal is a value f-_ the issue of deben.
costlier     juice-producer     than:. ,, ,    -,,
that supplied by Rogers & Black.  tures to ��"�� th,e ��*stof the
He said it would cost 1G l-2c p. | proposed sidewalk on Second
k.w. hr. at the plant.   Juice  isl Avenue to the junction,
supplied at 12 l-2c p.k.w. in the
Warm   Bed
Coverings��� all   kinds*
Broke His Leg
Wife Seeks H. Harmah
Once Foreman For Foley
Welch & Stewart
From Dover, England, through
the Agent General for British
Columbia enquiry comes to Chief
Owen for H. Harman who was
once foreman for Messrs. Foley.
Welch & Stewart, here, but left
in December, 1909, for Vancouver. He was last heard of there
in February, 1910. Any news of
him is welcomed.
A little billet-doux from! vexatiously
the Mayor to each alderman; Well,   Mr.
reminding council members | means that
While unloading   lumber!of the provisions of the Pro-
from the Foley, Welch andjeedure By-law against  im-
Stewart scow  at  the   tie jpromptu enquiries, was laid
wharf, Tom O'Brien had to on the table last night when
choo.se between a jump into' the council sat.
the sea or a blow from ai   Aid. Newton protested the
swinging load of lumber. He enforcement of the clause re-
chose the latter and and lies q*_jrjng enquiries to be given |
in the hospital with a broken jn jn wrjting two days ahead |the bottle licences, Aid. New-
leg*     of the council meeting un-jton 'reminded  the redoubt-
1 duly restricted liberty of in-[able  Douglas with  savage
Choicest liquors and cigars at! vestigation. emphasis that it was no good
,hcS,u__J  The    Mayor,     however, attempting to open discus-
(. maintained that the council sumon the matter.
to  the  mayor:
Mayor,  it  just
I   must remain
silent from now to the end
of the session if you enforce
this closure upon the right
of free discussions of questions.
Later, when Aid. Douglas
began to  exposiu
the city solicitor's report on
Mr. .Mann was last night ap
pointed to the city engineers ought to be home and in bed
staff as extra stenographer and before 12 p.m. these cold
rod-man at a salary of $80 month nights.      He   closed   down
sharply   on Aid.   Douglas,
who  was  about  to ask  a
Lay Out  Cemetery
It was reported last night that
Mr. F. S. Clementa is engaged question
to [lay out thc cemetery lots as
soon as his work on the township
lines is completed.
Aid.    Newton    remarked
Later on Aid. Newton
asked the Mayor to excuse
him from public attendance
at Council. The Mayor regretted he could not give
any such permission.
���I Jerry .ii lhe Savoy,
Another ahipment Northway 'a Lathe a'
SuiU, $26 to MS   -WallaceV
Rapid Progress Now Being n     ,
Made With Building       l
The new fire hall begins
now to take moresnbstantial
proportions. A roomy tower
for storing the hose and as
belfry is being roofed  and
Sir Thos. J. Macnamara, Secretary to the Admiralty, a Soldiers Son, B��^hOOhM-t-r|^ h**^*^����^^*^
and Ex-Editor Who Has Risen to the Top of the Political Ladder in England
Man's Watch Gives
Exact Moment of Mile
44 Explosion.
Aviation Capfl -Wallace's.
Among the recent reclplenta
Coronation honors waa Sir ThoB. .1
.Macnamara. Dart, parliamentary scc-
retary to the Admiralty, who first
saw Ihe light In Montreal In 1861,
but only remained there long enough
to carry away with him Canadian In-
Btlnrts and first Irapresalonn, for his
father, who was In the old 47th Regiment (now Loyal North Lancashire I
returned to the old country when thc
boy waa two years old.
Macnamara, after being educated
ni Bxeter, went to a teachers' training college tn London, and taught
school in Bristol and Huddcrafleld.
Ho wbb an elementary school tcach-
mirl threw himself with great en-
r the forward policy out-
llne,! by the National Union nf
ToarhcrB, which today represents 60,-
000 primary school teachers. Of this
body, ho was resident In 1898.
.lournallBni called "Mac" from the
schoolroom, and for eovcral years hc
edited (he "Srhoolmasli-r." the organ
of Ihe uni.mi     When Ur   Marnamara
ithe "Red Devil" is lieing
warmly lined. The present
housing for the  auto hose
stood for Deplford���which he toil���
In llll. and more successfully    for, , , <
Camber-well Nonh m moo. he had waggon is bitterly   cold  m
the support of thousands of Lon-, spite of stoves this weather,
dons teachers. In parliamentaryL-^ Qfa fa neither gOO(l for
life he soon displayed Ihe fart thai
hi- was nol a man of one idea only,
and his knowledge of social conditions filled him for the parliamentary secretaryship of Ihe Ixiral (lov-
I'rnnia ni Hoard. Wllh Ihe rculnif-
fllng of Ihe cards lasi election*. Ur
Macnamara was m>nt in Ihs- Admii-
'John'' Detained
man nor machine.
In the basement of the
Fire Hall the spacious accommodation for the City
tools, and the machinery for
the Public Works Department is making fast progress, and may be complete
The ss. Prince John which :and ready for occupation be-
At   exactly  twenty - five
minutes and forty-seven  seconds   past   ten   yesterday
morning by his own watch,
Berger was blown into eternity by the explosion of dynamite at Mile 44. * Chief
Owen of the Provincial1 Police has the watch which is
battered by the force of the
was to have sailed for Vancouver last night is detained
waiting the arrival of the
Prince Albert, which is delayed by stress of  weather.
fore the rest of the fire hall.
Mill nu* .11 llu* Savoy.
The fureral ol tin* late Ludger
Roy will take place tomorro** si
10 .im. fr.itn the Catholic church,
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Geo. Mackenzie Appointed
George Mackenzie was appointed Second Engineer at
the Electric Light Plant last
night. Mr. Mackenzie is an
old-timer, a property holder
and married man with family in Rupert, as well as being the engineer who erected the plant.
Mrs. D. C
ci-ivc before
McRae will not n--
iln*  third Friday in *,<
The Daily News
The Leading Netiispaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TIUMSIENr DISPLAY ADVERri3IN3-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-DAILY, 50c
per month, or $5.00 per year in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly, $2.60 per year, atrictly
in advance.
Daily News Bjildin*. Thir.l Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
settled matters on  hla own  account
.. rs.'
Daily Edition.
Tuesday. Nov. 14
Old Aesop used to tell a fable entitled "The Traveller, the
wind and the sun." It told how the elements wanted the traveller to shed his cloak. So the wind blew with all his vigor. It was
all in vain. The more the wind blew the closer did the traveller
wrap his cloak about him. Then the sun tried a change of treatment. He let his gentle genial rays fall upon the traveller, who
first unloosened, then cast aside his cloak.
In Prince Rupert the fable has been repeated with a difference.
The City Council has been cajoled, implored, and pleaded with by
the News to "get a move on." It has been all in vain. The more
we urged, the stolider they sat. It remained for Jack Frost to accomplish what we failed to do. Last night the Council got a move
The long table at which the aldermen were wont to sit at
while in session has been moved over to the back of the hall. The
big red stove at which the Mayor was wont to warm himself has
been moved over nearer to the door. About five miles of stovepipe, more or less, circumnavigates the room. The old order
changeth giving place to the new. The bewildered habitue, could
only gasp last night and murmur "Change (but without decay) on
every hand I see."
All modern governments, save one, are raising taxation in
their populous district in order to develop the unpopulated districts.
The one exception is the Government of British Columbia. It is
raising taxation in the unpopulated districts in order to aggrandise
the capital and sweH the sums that the Provincial Treasurer has
on deposit with the banks.
In the Queen Charlotte Islands last year the Provincial Government raised from its various sources of revenue a sum estimated to exceed $700,000. All it returned to the people was a few
days work at election time. on the roads and trails. Ninety-five
per cent, of all it took from the Islands went to swell the Treasury.
Practically no attempt was made at development.
Business foresight would prompt a progressive government to
raise revenues in the cities in order to develop the wealth of thc
Queen Charlottes. Ordinary fair play would prompt a government
to see that it placed back into the great work of developing the
potential wealth of the outer districts all the revenue that it raised
The simple and eloquent fact remains that the McBride Government pocketed nineteen-twentieths of all the revenues it raised
on the Queen Charlotte Islands and entered upon no programme of
development. A small portion of the surplus thus raised will be
used to keep the press of the Province quiet, the rest will go to
swell the Treasury at Victoria to build a Provincial .Museum at
Victoria, or the University at Point Grey and other works that are
intended to agsn-tndize the southern portion of the Province.
The government is deceived if it concludes from the silence of
its own press that the voters of the north are blind to the fact
that the government instead of nurturing and developing the district is merely milking it for its revenues.
Return engagement of the
Sherman-Cleveland Opera
Hie Follies of 1911
SAMI-:    (AST    AND      CHORUS        ELABORATE        "
Prices 60c.. 75c and fl.
*-^\*v. :^<: ^^.A7- *-Ar ���%:���%*.
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited   j
.      CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering- for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be oft the market
SELLING agents
"I think there is no one like nun ui
all the world. We are so happy al
home that i-oiiioilmes I fear It cannot
last. Yet, thank God. there Is no excuse for Buch night-mare terrors."
Mrs. Vanslttart cooed in her gentle
"Indeed you have my earnest good
wishes In that respect," she said.
"Do we noi owe our lives to you? That
Is an excellent reason for gratitude.
If a selfish one. But, some day soon,
you will be getting married and leav
Ing the parental roof."
"I do not wish to die an old maid,
laughed   Constance,  "yet   I   hate   nol
discovered a belter name than my ow.i
up to the present."
She fancied that Mrs. VansittaN
winced a little at this remark. Deen.<
Ing her visiter lo be a handle of ncrv*. j
she Jumped to the c.nclusion tha!
the other woman read Into the worth
eoine far-fetched disparagement ot
ner own approaching marriage.
"Of course." she continued, affably
tactful, "I will hold another view whe i
the right man asks me."
"Were you In my place." murmured
her visitor, apparently thinking aloud
rather than addressing Constance,
"you would not be fearful of misfortune? You would not read an omen
of Ul luck Into ihis dramatic Interrur*
tion of all your plans? After many
years of widowhood I am about to bl
married again (o a man who is admii'
able ln every way. He Is rich, dis
anguished in manner and appearance,
a person of note not only ln the Siatej
but on the Continent. No woman oi
my years might desire a better match.
Why could not the way he made
smooth for me? Why should ihe poor
Chinook, out of the hundreds of mail*
steamers which cross the Atlanth
yearly be picked out for utter dlsas-
terT It la a warning���a threat Irom
the gods!"
The unconscious bitterness of her
tone moved the girl to find words of
"I would not question the ways of
Providence in the least." she said.
''Surely you have far more reason fcr
thankfulness than for regret."
"Regret! I am not regretting. Hut
I have gone through such trials (hct
1 am uunerved. There, child! For
give me for troubling you. And���anJ
���kiss me, will you, and say you l Is i
me well I"
She moved nearer, aa lt driven b.'
uncontrollable Impulse. Constance,
not prepared for such an outburst, wai
nevertheless deeply touched by thi*
appeal for sympathy.
"I wish you all the Joy and happh
ness which 1 am sure you deserve,'
she said, stooping to kiss the wan,
shrinking face held up to her.
Mrs. Vansittart burst into a paroxysm of tears and tottered towards tha
"No, iio," she gasiied, as Constance
caught her by the arm. "Do not come
with me. I am���Bhaken. It will pass.
For God's sake, let me go alone!"
Pyne found Enid rosy-red and Inclined to be tearful. The dying light
of day was still strong enough ln the
service-room to permit these things
to be seen.
"No bad ncw'B. I hope?" be Inquired
though the sight of Stephen Brand,
seated al his desk and placidly writing, was nensuring.
The question steadied her to an ex.
"It Is nothing of any consequence,"
she said and darted past him.
llrand look d up from his Journal.
He smiled, though the American
thought there was a hint of pain in
his eyes.
"I am going to lose oue of my girls,"
he said. "Oh. no, this is not a loss by
death but hy marriage. If I were a
Frenchman. I woulal desi-rlbe It as
gaining a son. Knld has J st received
what is tantamount tu a proposal."
"Hy flag *������ Egging?" Pyne was naturally  amouiidi'd.
"Yis. You would r.ot expect one of
ihe people from the CMnook lo be bo
i iitiTpriaiug."
"I���don't���know," Bald Pyne. punc-
dialing iui|. word with a deliberate
"Well. In any case. I would not havu
forwardid tt* application after an
ii. ,| nn ���;,:. ��� of eighteen hours." ob-
sernil llrand, with equal deliberation.
"They're two powerful fine girls,"
said I'yne steering clear of the point,
"They have } :st been telling me how
Miss Knld la? pined along. It reads
like a (airy tale."
"Hhe was given to me by the winds
nnd Wares, yet she Is dear to mc as
my own child. I Bliall mlSB her greatly���If all g��s well here."
"I've cottoned on to both of ihem
something wonderful. But, if I am
not Intruding Into prlvat" aflalrs,
how comes it that Miss Enid Is being
telegraphed for? Of course I can
understand the gentleman being In a
hurry. I would feel that way myself
If the conditions were favorable."
Pyne could be as stolid as a red
Indian when the occasion demanded
It. Brand found no hint In his face o(
(he hidden thought In his words.
"Have they said anything to you o|
ri man named Stanhope?" Inquired the
Ightbouse-keeper. resuming thc entry
In his diary after a sharp glance upwards.
"Y-res. They pointed him out to me
this morning. In the navy, I think.
Fellow with a title, and ihat sort o|
"No. His mother Is Lady Margarel
Stanhope, being an earl's daughter,1
but hla father was a knight. He has
been paying attentions to Enid for a
J-ear and more, to my knowledge and
to bis mother's exceeding Indlgna-
Hon. I fancy."
"That Is where we on the olher side
have the pull of you." J
"Have you? I wonder. However,
Lady Margaret's views have not troubled me. I will deal with her when,
the time comes. At present It looks
falrlv   certain   tbat   Mauler   Jack   has.
I may be mistaken, cf
do you Interpret this?"
He closed the Journal and handed
to Pyne a memorandum tak u down
letter by latter by a tailor as Btafli
read the signal:
"Mother sends her love to Enid."
"Did mother ever ooiive) her love
(o Enid before?" asked Pyne.
������   "Then I call that neat.    I  lake off
my hat to Slanhope.   He an! mamma
have had a heart-to-heart talk."
Brand leaned his head on hla hands,
.vlth clenched fists oovering his ears.
There was a period of utter silence un-
Itll the lighthouse-keeper n se io light
the lamp.
Pyne watched him narrowly,
"I may be trespassli:i* on delicate
ground," he said at last. "II I am. you
are not the sort of man to stand ou
ceremony, in the States, you know
���when the authorities wan' io preserve
a park section Ihey don't say: Please
do not walk on the grass They pul
up u board which reads 'Keep off.
We never kick.    We're used lo it."
"My notice-board, if required, will
be less curt, at any rate," replied
Brand, ar.d they faced each other.
Thojgh their worda were light, no
pleasant conceit lurked In their minds.
There was a question to be asked and
answered, and it held the issues o
Hie and death.
"\. hat did you mean Just  now by
saying, 'if ail goes well here?'   Is ther
any special reason why things shoul
not gj well?"
Tl.e young Philadelphlan might
have bctti hanarding an Inquiry- about
a matter of trivial Interest, so calm
was he, so smooth his utterance. Bui
Brand had made no mistake lu estimating this youngster's force of char
aeter, nor Oid he seek io temporize.
He e-tei.de;d an arm towards tbe
"You hear that?" he said.
"It may bell that way for weeks."
"So I have been told."
"By whom?"
"Mr. Emmett told me."
"Ah! He and 1 have discussed tha.
matter already. Yet I Imagine thai
neither he, uor any other man In the
place save myself, grasps the true
meaning of the fact."
"I've been theorizing," said Pyne
"It occurred to me that ihis light ian'
here for amusement."
He looked up at    the   lamp    an
smiled.    The pillar, in    those   days
must have been a haunt of Illusions
for Brand, like Constance   and   Pyn j
himself in the case of Mrs. Vanslttart j
thought  he  taught  an exprtssion  fa i
miliar to his eyes long before he had
seen  chat clear-cut, splendidly lutein
gent face.
Bui ihere was no time for Idle spec,
ulation. He glanced into the well ol
the sta.ra io make sure that no ons
was ascending.
Then he approached nearer to Pyn
and said in an intense whisper:
"It ls folly to waste words with you
I have reasoned this thing out an
now I t.-lll tell you what I have de
elded. I wiil lake the watch fron
eight until twelve. At tweiTe you wll
relieve n*.e. and I will go below to se
cure provisions and water sufflcien
to maintain the lives of my daughters
you and myself, for a few hours long
er than the others. By right. If I
followed Ihe ruhs I have promised to
obey, I alone should live. That ls Impossible, a Spartan might do It. bu|
1 caur.ot abandon my girls and yet
retain my senses. I trust you becaus-i
I must have a confederate. If ths
weather dees not break before to.
morrow ntgiit we must barricade ths
stairs���and fight���If necessary."
His face was drawn and haggard
l.is eyes blazing. He shook aa one ls
the first throes of fever. He seemed
to await his companion's verdict will
an overpowering dread lest any attempt should be made to question tht
Justie-e of his decree.
"Yes. I figured It out that way,
too," said Pyne. "It's queer, Isn't it.
to be in such a fix when there's all
sorts of help within call, so to speak
We might as well be ln a mine closed
up by an explosion. And, I'll tell you
what���I'm real sorry for you."
Brand, collapsing under the strain,
sank Into a chair.
"It Is an awful thing." he moaned,
"to condemn so many men, women
and children, to such a death."
A spasm of pain made Pync's llpj
tremulous for an Instant. He bad for
gotten Elsie and Mamie.
But his voice wbb fully under con ���
trol when he siwke again.
"You ran count on me In the deal
ln all but one thing." he said.
The older man looked up f!er, .-h
What condition could be Imposed In
tbe fulfilment of a duty so terrible?
"I am here hy chance," went oc
Pyne. "One of your daughters may
have told you that Mrs. Vausltiar
came from New York to marry mj
uncle. Anyhow you would know sh
was dear io him by bis message lo
day.   She ls sort of In my charge, and
I can't desert ber.   It's hard lurk, as
don't care a cent for her.   She's thi
kind of woman old men adore   fa-i In*
atlng,   bird-like creatures���when    tin-
cage Is gilded."
Brand sprang to his feet and raced
up to tbe trimming -siage. When Iill
hands were on the lamp he felt surei
of himself. It gave him strength dun
Ing the hurricane and tt would
strengthen him now,
"There can be no exceptions," titj
said harshly. Pyne waited until tin
lighthouse-keeper rejoined him.
"I ought to have puf my proposition
before you first and made a speecs
afterwards." hc said. "Constance ani)
Enid will Join you here' when you say
the word, but I will be on tbe othei
Side of lhe barricade."
"Nonsense!" cried Brand. "You
have no right to thrust away tin
chance that Is given you. You saved
all these people once. Why should
you die uselessly?"
"What! Suppose it pans out thai
way. Suppose we live a couple ol
weeks and escape. Am I to face (hs
old man and tell him���the truth? No
Sir. You don't mean It. You wouldn'
do it yourself. What about tbat shark
the girls told me of. I can guess Jus
what happened. He wanted the light
refreshment in the boat. Did >*m
scoot back when you saw his flnl
I'm a heap younger than you, Mr,
Brand, but that bluff doesn't go."
"Thank Hiavcn, we have twenty-
four hours yet!" murmured Brand.
"It will be all the same when wi
have only twenty-four seconds. Lejj
us fix It that way right now. Don'l'
you see, It wll! be easier lo deceit,
the glrla? And there's another rcaj
son.   Barricade and shoot as you like
II will be a hard thing to keep three ���
score desperate men boxed up down
below. When (hoy begin to diet on
colza there will be (rouble. A few of
us, ready (o take chances, will be helpful. Some of ihem may have to die
quick, you know.".
Brand closed his eyes tn sheer
affright. In that way he tried to shut
out a vision.
"Be It bo," he gasped. "May the
Lord help us."
It was the responsibility tha( mas-
(ered him. Judges on the bench often
break down when they sentence a
criminal to death, but what Judge,,
humane, tender-hearted and God-fearing, ever pronounced (he doom of
Beventy-elgM people snatched from a
luciaii.T. death to be steeped tn horrors.
At last hlB Iron will predominated.
The knowledge that ihe path of duty
lay stiaighi before htm cheered bit
luminal soul. No man could Bay he
erred In trying to aave his children.
That was a trust as solemn as any
conferred by the Elder Brethren of
the Trinity.
He placed a hand on Pyne'a shoulder, for this youngster had become
dear to him.
"Had I a sou," he Bald, "I should
wish him to be like you. Let us strivu
to forget the evils that threaten us.
Brooding is useless. It need be, you
will take charge of the lower deck.
There is starvation allowance for
three more days at the worst. But I
hate the thought of starting the new
scale to-morrow."
"It may not be necessary."
"Candidly. I fear it will. I know
the Cornish coast too well. When
bad weather seta ln from the southwest at this season lt holds for a week
at ihe lowest computation."
"Is there no other way? Can nothing be done out there?"
"Able men, the best of Bailors, the
i.msi experienced of engineers have
striven for half a century to devise
some means of storm communication
with s rock llghhouse placed aa this
ls.   They have failed.   There Is none."
"Thai's good." cried Pyne quite
pleasantly. "Where la your pouch?
I feel like a smoke. If I hadn't tired
tbat question at you 1 should have
wasted a lol of time in hard thinking."
Brand had (o scheme that night to
reach the store-room unobserved.
The l-'aici ii. steaming valiantly lo her
observatiu:. post near the buoy, aided
blm considerably. He permitted the
nighl ��� in, h to gather tn the service-
room * .'ilst be supplied the men with
tobacco, and stationed the officer on
the gallery to observe the trawler ln
esse sbe showed any signal lights.
Since the attempt on the lock Constance gave the key to ner fathei
after each visit. For the rest, the in*
mates of the pillar were aunk In the
lethargy of unsatisfied hunger. Con
stance and Enid, utterly worn out
with fatigue, were sound asleep In tha
kitchen, and the tears coursed dowq
the man's face as be acted tbe part
of a thief In securing tbe measured
allowance of flour and bacon for one
m. al. The diet of oue hungry meal
for eighty-one people gave twenty-
seven hungry meals for three. He
ought to have taken morc. but be set
his teeth aud refused tbe ungrateful
It ls oft-times easy for a man to decide upon a sol course, but bard lo
follow It.
"A week!" he murmured. "Perhaps
ten days! Thai Is all. Pray Heaven
I may not go mad before they die!"
Pyne. watching thc light, knew tbat
Brand had succeeded. The Falcon
went; gradually the walch dispersed.
"Where ts the board?" asked Pyne.
making believe that (hey were playing
some comedy.
"Hidden In ibe kitchen, lockers. I
could obtain only distilled water.
You must persuade the girls In the
morning ihat something went wrong
with the apparatus."
Aa opportunity offered. Brand trans-
ferred lhe tins to the lockers of tho
service-room. Pyne. who missed nothing, shook his head when It became
evident (hat the last consignment was
safely stored away.
"Not mucb .here," he commented.
"I will take no more!" waa tha
fierce cry.
"You ought to."
"I refuse I tell you! Don't torture
me further."
"Any chance of a row In tbe morn,
ing? The purser and Mr. Emmett
mount guard when tbe store-room It
"1 acted my role well. I built up tbe
vacanciet with empty tins."
"My takes!" cried Pyne pityingly,
"you deserve to win through."
"I think my heart will break," mutter,,I Brand. "But look! The lamp!
It in*, its adjusting.'
Indeed, a fresh gale seemed lo be
springing up. Thc wind-vane having
gone, lhe index was useless. It tu
not until a burst of spray drenched
lhe lantern that Brand knew of a
change taking place. The wind was
backing round towards tbe north.
The baromeier fell slightly. It por-
tended either more wind and dry
weal ber, or less wind accompanied by
rain. Who could tell what would bap.
pen? Fair or foul, hurricane or calm,
all things seemed to be the ungovernable blundering of blind chance.
When the rock was left In peace
after thc fall of thc tide. Pyne promised to keep the light ln order It
Brand would endeavor to sleep until
day-break. Rest was essential to
hl-n. He would assuredly break down
under thc strain if the tension were
too long maintained, arid a time waa
coming when he would need all his
strength, menial and physical.
"Here have I been snooping In odd
corners ever since I came aboard."
urged the American, "and I have nothing to do but starve quietly. It's ridiculous. My funeral Is dated; youi*
Isn't. You cant be on deck all the
time, you know. Now, Just curl up
and count sheep Jumping over a wa I
or any old game of the sort until your
eyes close of their own accord."
Brand yielded. He lay on the hard
boards, with a chair cushion for pillow; all the rugs rescued by Constance were now needed In the hospital. In less than a minute he was
sound asleep.
"That was a close call," mused Pyne,
"In another hour he would ha. a
cracked up.   He's a wonder, anyhow.''
The lighthouse-keeper slept uut,I
long after daybreak, Pyne refused 14
allow anyone to disturb him.
Bella CooU Land DUuict���DUtricl ol Cowl Range
Tike, notice thst II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupallon gentleman, intends to apply lor
pet-rtnielon lo leesae the lollowing deecritiod lands:
Commenelns at a poet planted at tbe shore
near tbe N. fc. eorner ol Lot No. 8, thenoe nortb
40 chaina, theoce weat BO chain, more or lea. to
eut boundary ol cannery leaae, thence lollowlng
the uld eait boundary aouth 40 chain, more or
lo_ to .tiurej Una, tlience loUowing Mid ��hurc
line easterly 80 chaina more or laas lo point ul
commencement;    containing I'lO acree,  more or
Dated August (1, 1911. 11.   M.   li.IH
Pub. Sepl. 90. WUliam McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Diatrict���DUlrict ol Coul Rang.
Take notioe that II. M. tiiil ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intenda io apply
(or permission to leaao tbe following deacnl-od
Commencing at -t poat planted at the N. E
cornar ol _ot 33. tbence nurth '10 chain., thence
waat 40 chains, tbence south 10 chain, more or
leae to ahore line, tbence lollowing tee .bore line
eaat 40 chaina more or lea. lo poinl ol commencement; containing so care, more or leas.
Datad Auguit 31, 1911. II.   M.  CUKE
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair. Agent
Bella Coola Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol Cout Rang
Take notice that II. M. Cllll ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman. Intend, tu appl)
lor permiaalon to leaae tbe loUowing deenbeo
Commencing at a poat ptanted at tbe N. W.
curner ol Lot No. 4, thenoe nortb 4U cbaina, thence
eaat 40 cbaina, thenoa aoutb 40 chain, more or
le-aa to .bore line, thencu following snore line
westerly 40 chain, more or lea. lo puint ol com-
mencement; containing 80 acres, more or loaa.
Dated August If*, ISII. II.  M.  CUFK
I'uti. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Diatrict���Disuict ol Coaat IUnge
Take notice tbat II. M. CHS ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intends to apply
lor prriniaelon to lea���. lne lollowing deenbed
Commencing at a pet planted at the N. W
corner of Lot tot, tbeoee eoutb 40 chalu murv
or leaa to northern boundary ol leaae No. 1 applied
lor ny II. M. a'liil. tbenc lollowing uid bounder)
eaat 20 chaina, tbenee nurth 40 chaina. Ihence
eeesst 20 chain, to potnt ol commencement; conUining SO .cue. more or leaa.
Dated Augual 'It, 1911. II.  M. li.lli
i'ub. Sepu 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land District���Diatrict ot Coul Range
Taka notice that 11. M. Cliff ol Dundalk. Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, intend, to appl)
lor lH.Tra_..on to laaaa tbe lollowing deenbed
Commencing at a poat planled at the S. li
corner ol Lul iii, thence aeuth 10 cbaina mora
or Ira. to northern boundary ol Loaae No. 1
���ppM (or l,y II. M CUff, tii.-n.* eeat 20 chalu
along aald boundary, ihenca north 40 chaina,
ihenc* weat lo ehaiu lo point ol commencemenl;
containing SO acraa, mon or leaa.
Dated August 28, 1*11. II.   XI.  CI.II I
Pub. Sapu 30. William McNair. Agent
���Statu Und DUtrict-Ui.il,;* , |
lake none that  Lcltuy   i.  ,
Kupvn, ii. c, ossupaUoa cl - ,
to apply lur permiawiuu lu pun
decrlbod lantl.: v
Cwuiiiei.cing .1 a po,* piloted .
in a northerly oinctiuu from t, ,
pu.1 ul Lut Ut��, IUnge ',, , ,
out no chau-, ibence n...*ti, ��aj
jnst to task ui ���*..,, ���,,,,.
bank of mur io point ul com
uinint ll,o acre., nur. ui ie_
Dated Sepi. ��, lau. LEliuv
I'ub. ilex, lu. QonlOB Ci__ ..
���   I
I .*...-,
a  .,
.. ���
Skeecu* Und DUUict��� DUtrict ol Quem Charlotte
Take notioe Uial Auatin M. Brown of 1'rmcr
Kupert, occupation i*i-i,n. inland, to apply- Co
aha Chief Commissioner ol Unda and Worn, lor
. licence io pruepeci (or coal, oil and petruleum en
and under the lolloesiog deenbed landa on tnv
West Coaat ���l Graham Uland:
Commencing al a poet planted three mile, east
ol th* northeaat corner of c. L No. 441*2 tbence
mi cbaina weet, tbamee B0 cbaiu north, ibenc* eu
chalu aaat, thence Ml cbaiu souin to point ol
Loesud August lei, 1911.
Pub. Aug. li
Skeena Und Dutriet-Dletrlet ol Quean Charlott.
Take nonce ibat Aualin M. Ur.,an ol I'rlnce
Kupert, occupation aadoler, inunda to apply to
tne Chief Comma-atone, ol Land, and Wura. lor a
licenc to proei>ect lor Coal, oil and petroleum on
end under Ibe follownig deaenbed Und. on thc
Weat coaat ol Craham Irland:
Commencing at a poat pUnted three milea eaat
ol tbe eoulbeoec eorner of C. L. No. 4470 thenct
north B0 cbaina, tbene* eaat Su ehaina. thenc
eouth BO chains, ibenc weat su ehaiu to point ol
AUSTIN il. BROWN, Locatoi
l-ocated Auguat let, Itll.
I'ub. Aug  It.
Skeena Und DUlrict - Diatrict ol Queen CharloUe
lake nolle tnat thirty da>. Irom dale, I. C. K.
Bainur ol l'nnce Itupm, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper. InUnd to apply to tbe Ceil��l Coin
misaioner ol U��!i for a bene to pro.p��ct loi
coal and pe-rvieum on no J unicr (.10 acru ol
Und oo Iraham ..'..nd doomt**d u lollows:
e ommenr.rg at a poet planus] Iwo ml** north
T"- i north.e.t .oiimi Coa' Leaae list; marked
C. t. B. Co.l La__. No. tt, t-tne-. soulh BO chain.,
ih.nc weet a,., cbaina, tl.ene north ao chains
ISO-** ea��t el* tl-atn. x* poi-.l o*. r.*mrnewicemeni
i- inuinlng 6��0 acna more or laaa.
Da��d *at, 12. llll. C.  E.  BAINTER
Tub. Oct. T.
Skena Und DUlrid���District nl i
lake nunc tN.,1 i, ChrttUMihei
ol I'rinc Kup rt,  II.  c, oc,
engineer,,,,,. ,.-i tu appl) lur ihi- ,*
me lollowlng Ue.criue.1 Ui.i...
Commencing .1 a pu.t plsnted
west  curner ol  Loi  No.   ;. .,
Lake���,   and   msrKed   Chri.io,,.,
N. ci. Come.-, thence west lu Oaaiiu
50 chains, incite va*x lo e_u
cbaiu   to  post  ol   teamen)
120 ac.ee, mole of less.
CIlillslui'lltH  jas,   eJIUH\rr
Daled-vept. ii. lau   H.oi.l   .1
I'ub. .-M-in   jlj.
Sken. Und DUuict-DUir.c:   .    .
Take uuue ta.   il il. Suwart
11.  e,.,  occupation  irucmn..-,.   ...
lur permu-iou lo purcheue the lo.io*. t
cummenelng at a post pl.ou- < ;
ol I're-empnou No. du* and oi eh*
the Nau iluer is. W. C.j. tnence 'ij .
tnence 40 cnaiu norlh, thenc-* to c
tbence 40 ensues euuln tu lee pom*, ol
ment to couUio lou acrea more or le.,
lUCHAHu MurtAili) *.,    .
Dated Aug. 1911. Jamee T. Fuller
l-ub. mix. il.
Skena Und DUtrlct���District ul C.,4
i'ake none* tnat llaruld ci. g-ntu
AIU.. uccup.llun sUliuu agent,
lur permiasiun lo purcnai. the loU ���*...,
Cummancing at a pel planted al l
wet comer loo cnains east SB I %
Iroiu N. C vomer ul Lol lllo, 1I4-.
Cout  District  IUnge  ft,  tlie.t.v   . >
tneue BO cnaina norm, tnvne t> c
tbene Ml chains aoutn to poal of eg ..
conUining A20 acros. mora or I,*...
Datad SepL It, 1911. HAiiULD I
Tub. Sept. aid. l-'rej.t.t, ,
Skena Land DUtris-t���D.s'.rie-. ol >
'lake nolle tnat I, Gurdun C.  1. n
Trine   Rupert,   ii.   C-.   uccuja..., .
broser, lutend to apply (ur pernu.*...
coaae tbe loUowing ueMCilbcd land.:
Commencing at a post ptBBted  1
mUe in a northerly* direeliun Irum f.
erner pet ol Lot X'AoJ, Haiuie o. Coast
toeoe nortb 40 cbaiu,  tbeai.*.-   -
liana, tbene aojlb lo.lowing n.-.-
01 cunimeneinent;  containing 1*.J acres,
Dsted Sept. 9, 1911.  GOKDUN' C. LM'
I'ub. Del. 10.
Skwna Und DUlrict���Dlauiert ol C04.:
I... nulie lut 1, Benjaimn A. tii*.. ..
N.   u,   occupation   mercnaal,   in;--. 1
lor permlsaion 10 purcbaae tne fattowlnl  ,
Commencing at a post plant. 1 oa
boundary and about b.*e tut, Ita :i .
eaat erne ol Lot 41*ii, toe..e Ben .
luene eaat lo cantata,  tneue so..:.
thene eeel JO ctuuu tu point uf ot
Dated June il, 1911. 1 ���-.. ���.
Skena Land Dutnct���DUuict cl Caaslar
..Tak.   none   lhal   Cbarle   Milium   Ham   ol   ,. *.*'"' ����"c* ""', "
Vaneover.  B. C , occupation  in.p-*tor.  Intend.   ****��� V****** ***
I'ub. J-.,. 'It.
Kred fc*.
Skene Und District���DUtricl of t    .
Tak*  nulie tnat   ll-.*.- . 809.
Winnipeg,   Man.,   occupation   ba.--t-
10 apply tor per_lselon to pdrcnaw :
Jeeemoed landa:
Commencing >t a post plant.-I ���-. ir
corner 40 chain, eut and lu c......
V B, erner ol Ul lllo, lta.-.c.. ��� -.
D-elricl IUnge i, Ihene OJ .-..ii.:.
ou chains norm, thene 00 Chain, seas'
Chains aoulh to po*t ol cotr.en, ���c .:.   .     (
.���hi ascrm mon or .-*.��
Dauda.pt. IB, 1911 illii VM ROY I
I'ub. Sept. 21. lar: W. Bo:
Skena Und Dutrict���DUtrict o( Coaal Ki
Taa* nulie tbat 1mm 3d. T���I    ���
lUpnis,   lo-aa,   occupau_i   ia....-.*.   la
apply lor permieion to purcoae 1
ueerlbed Uiid.:
Coinmenang at a poet planted on l'
.but. at  Kutaym.tesn inlet on t*-
o( a email atream doaring into mi 1 1
o( Crow Laaaa    Thene .outh tt -
��� et 20 cbaina mure or le_ le Ita
Crew   Uae,   tbene  nortberly   .:. 1
lowing tne .hor* line ol cru*- Laka,
lo Crew Lake and Kuueymau-c.*!  1
plac* ol coinmeoemenl, cu.1141 dag
more or leaa.    Located Auguat .. 1911.
Daud Aug. 9. 1911. JtnsL M. TAI ..
I'ub. Aug. li.
Skena Land DUtrict���DUlrict ol Coast 1:   .
lake nolle lhat E. II. G. Miller ol Fel
Log., occupauon surveyor, intends lo appl;
'-ermieiion  lo  purchae  tne  loiio*. ��
Commencing al a pel planted at th* tt. W
ne ol Ut (too, tbene wet eu chiei... -. *.<
iu cbaina, tbene e_it ao chains, ihenc- ..
chatna to the point ol emmencvmvnt Co*
l.Hi acre more or lew.
Daled August IS, llll. E. II. 0. Mil..
Pub. Aug. i'i. V. M. Mille,-, M
lo apply lor permueion to purchae Ibe lollowing
I deemed Unda:
Commeneing al a poal planud at the mn-
(luenc 01 Blackwaur river with tbe Nau rive
about two mile eulh Irom UM siilh Dominion
telegraph cabin. I'oat marked C W. II. s. w.
e ornor, thene Ml chalu north, thene BO chalu
eat, thene BO chalu eouth, tbane SO chalu
wet to point of emmenoement, entaining Bio
.ere mon or lea.
D.ted September ML Uil.
rub. Not. t.
Skena Und District ��� Dutrict ol Caasiar
Take nolle lhal Thomu Arthur While ol Van-
euvrr,  B. C, oceopation  rarpenle, inlenda lo
apply   (of  permieion   lo  purchae  lh.  lollowing
decril-raj land.
tommrncing at a ftrnt planled al Ihe en
Bene ol lllarkwal. a rive wllh Nau rive, about
two mil., euth ol th* .1111 Dominion lel.srr.pli
chin, l-oel m.rked T. A ***. S E. Con��, Ireeiac
"0 chelu north, tbene Ml ebeln. wel, thene no
chalu eulh, thene BO chalu eat to point ol
emmencment, entaining BIO acre mnre or I.���
,.._.�� .       THOMAS AlHTlllrt Wlllrt
Danx! Sapt. 23, lyll.
I'ub. Nov. t.
Skena Und DUtrict���Districl of C
Skena Und DUUict���DUtricl of Cout Ra .
lak* notie that ll. I. MUler ol lv
id, occupation  farmer,   nunds to  Bl;
permieion  to purchae  lb* loUowing MBCri  si
Commencing at a pet planted tbottl -
*et Irom the N. Vi. Come ol Lot 11 "
nortb 40 chaina, thene wet M ch. .
euth 40 chaina, thene eaet in cn.i...
IM.ia.t ad emmencment entaining eight; -.
more or leaa.
Daled August 11 1911. H. f. Mi
I'ub. Aug. 28. P. MM >...-.
Skena Und DUuict���DUtricl ol Cout Ra
lake nolle that Frank s.  Mule    I I
Eng., occupauon civil enginer. Intend, to ���
lor permiaelon to porchae tne I--,,---   t  ���
Commencing at a post planted at  '
Come ot Ut is, thene norm io ci... -.
wet  20 chaina, Ihene euth  -' ��� < > ,
eal   10  chalu   lo   poinl   ill   lsiinni.rre.r-,
raining 40 acre mure or I.e.
Daled Augual 1>, 1911 KllAN'K S   Mi
I'ub. Aug. 26. p. M. '.:
���MM land DUtricl -Ill-triet ..I 1'otit I;.
Take nolle that Luttu MciavUh of Vane
occupauon   marnea!   woman,   Intenda   t,
tor |�� r 111.au, . to purchae the lulluwing <!*--.
Commencing at a |w.t plantavl al Ike
Take  notie lhat   Angu.  J.me   Mche Hi- ol ' !"** *V'T ,uu ""**"* *** *"���*��� l0 *"*���"���' '
Vaix��u.��.B.(-..oeiCKnl_3S��li,  1' ,'w I ���{*"������ S,\,t:   ""**���" o* Lot llll,.  M.r..    .
lo .ppl> lor pcrmi-J ,��� JJSSluJM&Ih   S_S %*__,. *****  >��� **" **�� *-*��� **f *
alecnbesl land.: - eueiuweng | ,hene no chain,   eel,  Ihene 80 chaini  1
t**e.,e  10 chain,  we-, Ihenc ho ch.::>.  -
tueneol Biackwater rive t**tNsss'llm'sbeSt   """"? 40 '^*-**' *"" l0 -*"���' ol w""""''''
(ommeneing  at  a  poet   plant.-1   al   the  con-
i��nc ol Blackwaler rive wllh Nu. rive, aliout
Iwo mile .outh trom the .Lib Dominion Icler.ph
l-mlilen Pi_e��      ew._wt._-J       _ I I. _���        aa.        . . ~*^
ebin. root marked A. J. M. N. W. Corner
thene 80 chain eulh, tbenc hfl chains eut
ihene BO ehaiu nortb, ihenn ��0 chaiiu wet
lo poinl ol emmencment, containing 610 ere
more or lam.
Dated Sept. 23, llll.
Pub. Nov. i.
Skena Und DUtrict���Dutrict ol Casslar
T*k* -MP ,h*"  ""he"   McLennan ol Vancouver, H. I ., occupation real etate agenl, Inleml.
lo .pply for permission lo purchase  Ihe fullowinc
deenned landa:
Commencing at  a "port  planted  at  the eon-
flu��ne ol lllickwiter river wllh  Ihe Nau  river
attaining ItW acre more or Iii���
D.ted .Sepl. 18. 1911. I.UITIE McTAVI-
I'ub. Sepl ��1 (red W. Uohirr. Ag,
Bella Coola Und DUu.rt ���Dutrict ol Cout Rani
Take nolle that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk. ll
'an,!,   occupation   gentleman.   Intend.   10   ap;
for  pcrmuBion  to  lease  lhc  (olloaving d,*sc*.
Commencing al a post planted on tht- .'
of Necletsea.nnay Illver al��out lo chains na
of Indian Kew.-rve Line .these wet 60 cl t
following the channel ol Na-cle-ertaonnay 1: ���
thenc miuth 80 ehaiu more or lew to ch.iv
.1   Bell.  Coola   River,  thene  lollowing  cl,.,
,.(  Bella Coola  Hive esterly CO ehal
g  cl,.,*
in., no
conUining tl.1 acre, more or lo*-.
Haled August 88. 1911. H.   M.  CLII
l-ub. Sept. 30. William McNair. Ap
about two mile eutb ol ih* sMb   DsaUoe I      _j_?.***** ** **** * ***** ***********
T.le-rraph   cahln.     I'ort   marked   II.   M    N    K     '
(orner. thenc SO chalu euth, Ihenc (to chains
wet,  thene 80 ch.iu north, thene m ch.ins
***t to point  ot emjnencment,  containine 610
ere more or lea. ~*
f_5!W?Vi1, IWI     ,IERUE"T Mclennan sk��n. Uad Dte*eQtoft�� or Co* lun*.
1     Take nolle* that  lltrtwrt J. Mickic ot I*
hmk*\  Ont..  uccupHiion  lumtKTman,  lnt*n<i.��
ai.i.lta      f...     ..���...,!_'._      B_      *      a__     .--lee
P_85V* ""'    "^H MCC..VMONT , DaSfiS-mtf.?,iV*   KRIIBRT J. MAC-kik
1 '  '        ���������������* Kr*Mle,ck ft Clementa, Agent
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Sken. Und DUtrirt-District ol Coast Rang, s
ml***jm* ***** Benjamin Itiiael Rle ,.!
g"g.��B��-<i ���M* UtatlUol wane,.  inTen'i.
SjfelsSr*" '�� pmh"* "" ******
l2i^m.1!*V"ia*'.*** * *** ***** 65 ch.lns eulh
from   lhe   noutl-eul  erne  ol   Lot   lOrni.     Pel
!S_tk_-r_7 11 "-EST* ,h'n"'70 -*�����"
e^ SSS S SBE? n""h- **""*���** '*��� tta'ai
tit*, ****** It chsiu south to point nl em-
mrnement, conUining CIS acre mora or les.
DaudOctobe,,8^"^  ***'������� �������
Pub. Not. 1.
fflmM t.nml Dfntrirt-Oiutrict of Caivlur
Tn**** n .tic<- thit l, Th mil 0*rt*��rrof PrinM
Kun-Tt.  i>\*iiMtiin c iriMVitnr.  fnt��n.|  t�� ��pi>*>'
f'tr D<*nni*��f.m in purchiw tho Mlawinf doicrU*
| ��� I Un<t.
Comrnencin* nt a \*o*t plantt��.| abuit on** miN-
i-iuthfnm thn miuth of FaW* ere-ek .in I a-> > it
tfr>feet u.v'n from tli<* ii-'i-'i. ihtaoi .** chum
north, thenc** 4" chiins weit. thorn-.- >�� ohilni
���touth. thonco oast |" ohainit'i point of p-tmmen-'O*
ment. containing 120 ncre�� nv-re or Ion*.
MM July 7th. till.    Guritl \V��U#Ur Calhoun.
Pub. Aur. Stb. Arom.
Tlie Best
Absolutely pure
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
M      -    ������ i ��� i i   ���   - -     -1     i i -   j ���**�� <*y   n i 111 > 11 ii 11 -in 11 -�� 11 %_i i
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
It Is The Trained Man or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder!
To fit your son or daughter for a business   career you munt give
them a business training.   The best place to send them to is the :
Nanaimo Business College
It is the nearest business
college to Prince Rupert.
It's fees are within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
personal, and develops the
individuality of the pupil.
Room and board is cheap
in Nanaimo. The pupils
are away from the distractions of the larger cities   :
Our shorlhand cent include! loitiia it
The Ben Pitman System of
Business English
ter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Office Routine
It May Mean all the Difference Between Success and Failure to You
Atk at Daily Newt for our booklet teaching how to write shorthand
C. E. Pen?, Principal
To produce good pi
(rood printer. . . Y'
'first catch your
good print
real printers have,
rintinir you must
ncmi'l get good printing from n
' ' ''��� \ith m'ver so good mi
knack," to train*
for his work which
poor printer, even if he work with neWM gpod.��n
equipment.   If he larks the
Lo h wi 11 do poor printing for you.
ttUeaA-tt P�� of fypo-heauty*
As this office produces ^ffJ?_TC S��^'
the presence of a good printer   win.
' NEW! Jim
��� _,���. ^-Mwwn r- "'- ***** - THB   WJj
Third Avenue
Dally News Building
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Ruperl
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson  Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M.
For Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc,
alternate   Thursday   at   10
Commencing November 2nd.
P.   M.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednes-
daya and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas visit East travel
via tbe Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago.   The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West.    Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged..    Full information and
tickets obtained from the office of
a*>a_._,a...a�� .^._.,_
This it a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to Bubjecta of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are Invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope ia expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will All a social need.
The Bane of the llii-.iu.ss (ilil-
to Get Kid of T.'.ini
Worry Ir.os come bti'ors you are
aware it .le ��� apiiitiatli Watch
closely for the "experience" lines between the eyes and Just over tlio temples. When a buslncse woman docs
ii'iu-h thinking sbe getl these lines,
and they are hard to lemovc. Rub
veil with cold itvih and, il Impossible to remove, arrange the hair so
It will cover them. Hairpin curls arc
of great value to tho business woman
who does not have time to wave her
hair or make frequent trips to the
hairdresser. These little adjuncts to
tho coiffure can be pinned In front
or on the aldea of thc face, and give
that needed aoftneas to the hair line
that ls so earnestly sought after hy
all attractive women.
the Ki|iiiility of   the
Jubi (o Show
Hexe�� They
Match���nnd Liked It, Too.
a spi-ech from the ring between the
KngltHh Town of Itmilleiiil Makes Ihe
(iarliitgi.  Help  I'ny  the Taxes
The city of Bradford, Kngland, Ib
treating 15,000,000 gallons of sew
age dally. The grease la extracted,
the moisture dried out and the remainder ls pressed into rakes for
shipping. This material contains
about two per cent of nitrogen, small
quantities of potash, and sells at \*'.'
to |4.50 a ton. The cakes are ground
Into fertilizer. Some of this sewage cake iB to he sent to Florida for
growing truck. Bradford is said to
be the only place where Buch work
is done. In this country millions of
dollars worth of plant food runs to
waste tlit.vtti-.lt the sewers. At tho
m,null of the Hurls,ui. including the
flow from the Passaic Valley in New
Jersey, over $10,000,000 worth of
plant food ls wasted annually! No
Attended a Boxing process haa yet been devised which
would utilise this great waste economically. If this Kngllsh town has
dlBCovered such a procoss it haa conferred a blessing uikui humanity.
PHONE 301 P.O. BOX 801
Uamraire. Stomue- un,1 Pnrwtrdtac Agents
Kins ur M���lor Cur day or night
Seventh Ave. anel Pulton
Phone 301
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   ,.���___ 3M   Chandlery
���*-*���*-*���*-A - ��    ��   *-*���*-
' -General Hardware���
T BuildcrB'  Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Granite-ware       Tinware
B.C. Coast service - Famous Pm cess
Princess Mary
Saturday, November 18th, al 9 a.m.
For Victoria, Vancouver anel Seattle
J. G. McNab
General Agaal
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Fraacr and 5th.        Choice Wlnaa and I'inars
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
All Cash
14, 15, 16
33 and 34
14, 15, 16,
17 and 18
40 and 41
17   47
$526 ea.
$800 pr.
$250 ea.
$800 pr.
$800 pr.
Call at our office and Bee other bargains
Second Ave..
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Cor.Snl Av.
and Sth St.
The James
Nicely furnlsheel rooms. Good table board
Bo.ralf.7S Room and Bo.rd 17.00
L. i.s������**������<*���*<*><*���a��.i���r
A few nightt ago in New York the
Long Acre Athletic club gave a boxing exhibition, the chief feature 01
which did not centre on the contests
between the pugilists so much as In
the presenco of a large number of
women. It was "Suffragette Night"
at the club, and there were fully as
many women aa men present. Tho
women applauded efforts of the pugilists as vigorously as the men, and
did not seem at all uneasy over
bloody ni.s.-s and Bolar plexus "wallops" that occasionally landed a boxer on the floor with a resounding
Mrs. Gus Huhlln, wife of tho prize
fighter, was mistress of ceremonies
It had been announced lhat no suffragettes would be admitted unless
accompanied by an escort, but several of tho more militant ones-came
in crimps and virtually look the door
tendcra by storm. The women were
given thc best seals about the ringside.    One of tho tuffragetteB made
Flat in Rand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
and Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two cottages cori.er Second Avenue and
Ninth Street.
Lots in all pi.rts ol the city.
We represent some ol the largest Com
panies doing business in the City.
Try  This   lla-clpi-   Kor  Milking  Home
Hoi Potato Bbodts
As a good hot bread try potato biscuit. On the preceding evening mix
together one pint of flour, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder and one
scant teasiioonfiil of salt, then rub
In two large tablespoonfuls of shortening. Pare sufficient potatoes to
make one pint when mashed. The
next morning holl the potatoes
(which may be cut small to cool
quickly.) mash and beat until light.
Mix them with the prepared flour
and add sufficient sweet milk to
make a soft dough. Turn on a
floured board, roll out an Inch thick,
cut in rounds, place slightly apart on
buttered pans and bake lu a quick
oven. These are more tender than
the plain milk blBcult.
Second Ave. Phone 112
We Pay Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Laead,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C. Ontario, Saa-
and Manitoba Bara. katchewan  and A I-
berta Bare.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Ofllce-Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. 8
WM. 8. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
gCrown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa and
local anasthelics administered for the painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Omce.:
Hel-rerson Block. Prince Runert. 11-12
Alex.M. Manson 111.,     W.E.WIIIlams.B.A.. L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P.;o. BOX 2.1
Fire, Life and Accident Insurances
618 3rd Avenue Phon, 203 nnd Green 262
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sts
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tablea' SECOND Ave.
Great assortment of
for men, women, women and children
..Suits and Overcoats for Boys..
in many styles and fabrics that will please thc
the wear and tear
little  fellows and stand
in all aitea, and many kinds for men, women and children
Girl's Dresses
large assortment  that wc will  tell at special
We have just received a
Your dollars will go a long way at
825 Third htm       "THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Plume 243 Black
IN THE MATTER of the* Eatatu nl JOHN
C.M'ECCI lite ol the City of Prineo Hupert. In
tho Province ol llritish Columbia, deceased,i
NOTICE U hereby given that all persona
having any claims ur demandi against tne late
John Capecci, who died on ur about the Hth day
of December, 1910. at Prince Kupert, II. C, are
required to Bend by poat prepaid or to deliver
to the undersigned Solicitor herein for Adolfo
Aixall, Administrator, their namee and add retwe*
and full particular! in writing of their claims and
atatementa of thoir accounta, and tbe nature of
the aecuritiej), if any, held by them.
AND TAKE NOTICE that after the 10th day
nf Dwember, 1911. the aald Adolfo Auall will
proceed to distribute the aaeela of the aaid de-craned
among the persona entitled thereto, having regard
only to tho elaima of which ho will then have had
notice, and that the uld Adolfo Atiiall will not
be liable for the aaid aaaeta or any part thereof
to any peraona of whose claim ho la not then in
receipt of notice.
DATED at Prince Kupert, II. C, the 2nd day of
November, A. D., 1911.
Solicitor for the aaid
Adolfo Atxali.
We carry everything in the feed line, alao garden acedaat the lowest market pricea, at Collart's
olg Feed j$tor��. Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phone. .' :r IHI
Skeena Land Diatnct -District ol Queen Charlotte
Taka notica that thirty days irom date, 1, C. E.
Ilainler ol Prince Rupart, II. C, by oceupatlon
bookkeeper, intand to apply to the CiW Commlaaioner ol Landa lor a licenco to proapect lor
coal and petroleum oo and under Mil acraa of
land on Craham Is' >n<l dncribed as lollowa:
Commenelns at a poat planted two miloa north
ol C. fca. B. Coal Loaae No. B. marked S. E. corn.
C. K. II. Coal Laaaa No. 14, thenoa north 80
ehaina, Ihenco we.1 B0 chain., thenoa aouth 80
chaina, thenca taat B0 chaina to place ol commencement.
Haled Sept. II, 191       C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. il.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Mitt Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Frunz Wllciek. Pari, and Berlin.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
..Whites Portland Cement...
G. C.
Phone 125      Naden Block       Second Att
LL��� ���-        I
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^ ,1*4 ,_aa aaa_ ���m�� *
Read The Daily News
Skwna I.and District��� District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, C. E.
Ilainler of Prince Kupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper. Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of laands (or a licence to prospect for
coal and |Htlroleurn oo and under 640 acraa of
land on (iraham Island doscribed aa follows:
Commencing at a post ptanted one mile north .
of C. I II. Coal Leaae No. 10, marked C. E. II. |
Coal lA'ttnt* No. I'i, thence north 80 chaina, thence
weal HO chaina, thenoe aouth HO ehaina, thenee I
���"aat HO chains to place of commencement.
Daled Sept. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK. Locator '
Pub. Sept. 23.
=5E.   EBY   CTsi,   Co.=e_
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KITSI'MKAI.I'M ��� l<    ('.
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prinoe Kupert Lodge. No. .11B. Sona of
Kngland. meets the first and third Tuesdava In
each month in the Sons of Kngland Hall. 8l!�� 2nd
Ave. ai - p.m.
K. V. CLARK. See.,
P. O. BOX M_. Prince Rupert
KRNE3T A. WOODS. President, llux 23
Teacher of Piano, Violin ami
Voice Culture.
Sknena Land District -District of Queen Charlott
Take notice that thirty daya from date, I, C. r,.
Hainter of Prince Hupert, A. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to thn Chief Commissioner of I .Mid* for a licence to proipect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on (iraham Island deecribed as followa:
Commeneing at a poet ptanted two milea north
of C. E. H. Coal Leaaa No. 10, markod N. K.
corner C. E. D. Coal Learn No. 16, thence aouth
80 chaina, thence weat 80 chaina, thence north
80 chaina, thence eaat 80 shalna to place of commencement.
Dated Sepl. II, I'Jll.      C.   E.   DAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skaena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte ;
Taka noUce that thirty davs from dale, 1, C. E
Hainter of Prince Kupert, II. C, by occupation
buokke*?|M>r, intend tn apply to tho Chief Com-
mlsnionor of l.atnU for a licenco to prospect for
coal and petroloum on and undor 640 acrea of I
land on Graham liland daacrilred u followa:       i��
('ommenclng al a post planted two mil��� north
of C. ft 11. Coal U>u*e No. 14, marked N. E.
corner C. E. II. Coal Lease No 17, thence south
R0 chaina, thence wost 80 chains, thence north 80
chaina, thence east 80 chaina to plsce of commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 1911.     C. E. HAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Dislrict Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notire thst thirty davs from dale, I, C E
Hainter of I'rince Kupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Lurid- lur a lirenre to proapect for
���mil and petroleum on and undnr G40 acn<a uf land
on (iraham Island dascril>ed b-h follows:
Commencing ��l a post plsnted iwo miloa north
of U E. II. Coal Leaae No. 14, marked 8. W.
rorner C. E. II. Coal i ea** No. 20, Ihence north
NO chaina, Ihence wrwt 80 chaina, thence south HO
chains, thence east 80 chaina to place of commencement.
DatedSept. II, 1911,     C.  E.   HAINTER. l/.ralor
Pub. Sept. 23.
2nd Ave,
Between 7th & Hth Sta.
Prince Rupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
THIRD   AVENUE     PHONE   3.16.
Funeral   Dire-dears
3nl Avr. near lith St. Phnne. No. Mi
..Grand  Hotel..
Worktngman's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
Phone 178 1st Ave. and 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS, Proprietor
MUi Drena Mack, Prima Dona with the. Sherman-Cleveland .Opera Co.
Skeena Und District���Diatrict of Quoen Charlotte
lake nolice that thirly daya after date. I, Q, K.
Hainier of Prince Hupert, II. C, by oceupatlon
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to the Chief Com*
mim'oner of Lands for a licence to proapect fm
coal and |>etroleum on and under 640 aaroa id
land on (Iraham Inland described aa followa:
Commencing at a poit planted two nllea north |
of Ot ft H. Coat 1mm Mo. 15. marked S. ft
corner & K. ll. Coal Leaae No. 21, Ihence north
HO chaina, Ihence woat 80 chnins, thenco noulh 80
chaina, thenco eaat 80 chaina to placo of commoncement.
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C. ft BAINTER. Locator
Utile's NEWS Agency
the bank. To his
bank clerk refused
was a forged  note
amazement  Vie
it,   and  said  lt
We have just arranged with one
ol our clients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots arc some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. Thc prices are as low
aa any on the market, and thc
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional oiler, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
one in forty-two. Come in and
Polander Is Dead
Early this morning there died
at the hospital Mike Thacuk,
aged 19, a native of Poland, who
has been ill for the past two
months with an internal disease.
The young fellow is survived by
liis brother who lives i.i the city.
The body is at E. L. Fisher's undertaking parlors, awaiting interment.
Daath Notice
Chas Berger, ageil 86, of Swedish nationality, died November
13' by accidental death at Mile
44, on No. 2 drift Interment at
Garden Island. Funeral arrangements in charge if Hayner Bros.
A Clever Rescue
Astoria, Orepon, Nov. 14���The
tug Tatoosh rescued the schooner
Washington and fifty lives in a
storm on Sunday off Peacock
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Directors of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full course of
training in nursing. 12i
ltlll.l-a ill I.l. ski I.l.
S.aillHlllil    Ti.nl.     Inn. Iii,ills    Wll)'
Ijt-ltlng   Uncus   lllll  Cashed
ParlB, Nov. 14.���The detective
force of Pasty la at present Investigating the origin of a false 500-
franc note which was hauded ln to
the police office by the keeper of a,
. .      .     . _ .  .    i lor parmiaaion lu purebaaa
wine shop, who had a strange story in i.,,,!,.
Skoena Lanel District���DUlrict ol Const itange 6
'lake nolico that LcKoy I'. Grant ol I'rinco
Uni'. ii. 11. C, occupation civil en-iii.tn'i, inumtls
lo apply lor permission to putclias.. lho following
eliacnbo-l lands:
Commencing ut a poal planta-il about 3 1-2 miles
In a nairtlii-rly ,'ire-ciioii (rum tlie northeast corner
pj.1 ul Lol Vtstt, ltau*-a *, ' " ' ' Diatrict, llience
uut 311 chair.., thenco ninth 1*11 chains, thonce
wost to bank ol rlvor, llience south following
l.ank ol rivtf lo poinl ol commencement: con*
i.ur,.i:n Hill acrva, mora or leaa.
Dateel Sopt. V, IHU. 1.1.Hi >\    P.   OKANT
I'ub. Ocl. lo, Gordon 0. Kitiiiierson. 'Wont
Skoena Land District���Dislrict o( Coast Kango b
Take nolico thai 1. Christopher Jamos liruliam
of I'rinco Hup rl, li. C., occupation locomotive
englne-sr, intend lo appl) [or permission to purchase
lhe lollowing deacribed lands:
Commencing al a post planted at the soull-
a'ost cornar ol Lul No. (Tilt .lcii.il*,* ol La*.r
Lakelae and marked Christopher J. t.ral_m
N. _. Corner, thanca a est lu cnuins, thenco soulh
SU rhaina, Ihenca eaal 40 chains, Ihenco  north i>0
chaina   to   poat   ol   cominencumeuti    c tig
J20 ac.oa, mole i.r leas.
i���IlilLsi'tU'llKK  J,\s,   U11AI1AM,   Locator
Dalad Sapt. 22. mil  1I.&& A.M. ��� Wilneawd T V
Pub. Sepl. I'I.
Skaana Und DI* Met���DlaUici ill   -
Taka notica th.'  ll   ll. Slooar'   A \ani .���,r
B.  C,  occupatioi.    ruckman. i   **���   uijaly
cr,'   .i
KM ..^__..-...__^.--.~,
JjJJ    -_... ���*m.**mmm**'*tma. ****.*'-���*. a. ~_II-.II^M
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
���***% n~>ii~_ti~a ta*** ��** ii
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plats Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.���Housoa and Rentals.
By S.S. Prince Ruport tomorrow a. m.
ARCTIC STUDIO, ***** ���<*******
Butler Build's
From Vancouver or Seattle
Through Tickets nnd all information about your trip
Roger's Steamship Agency
tad A v.*.     II.-.i i ��i (Yntrt- St.   Phone llG
4" "���*��������"'������������������������ ���"'"*���' "���^���tl**-**t|-_sll^|��^4a--^.H*^M~*>lt'^ *t*m
i For Rent j
*��*���**-��*.*���. .,%ei��ei��iifcii a>.,.a_��.__.a_>.^"^'#
Nice Furnished Room., Mra. Qrttnwood, Aleler
lilock: Third Ava. MS-tf
Kur Itont-Furnlshed Rooms-Hiukley Hlock���
$2.5n week up.
For Rent���Two roomed cabin. i'l���s.' to Mcllride,
freshly papered and clean, e.nly 111'per monlh.
11 F. McRao A Co. t-f
OUR Companies aro noted feir prompt anel just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. Thc Mack Reallv nn.l Insurance Co.
Snleslndv for candy counter.    Afternoon, only.
Aeldrt-ss Box 612, Prince Rupert.
Maternity nurse open  for cniraKement  from
Nov. U.th.    Apply Box 216!) New.. gCO-.'i.T,
Ins. repair!
l'ercher. 820 Third Ave,
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $6000, one-Iourth
cash, balance 6-12-18 months.
Lot 7, Block 28, Section 6, Summit
Avenue. Price $626. $226 cash,
balance $60 every three months.
LoU 6 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
Avenue.    Price $600 each, one-hall
cash, balance easy.
nX'mSn'ln'd imm*^*S3m Lot 3. Block 24, Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
i-i,.���,. ������."���! u.*,i.    n        *prjco  $600,  one-half  cash,   balance
Lots 19 and 20, Block 4,  Sect'on 8,
corner Ninth and Donald.   Price $800,
one-fourth cash, balance 6-12-18
Lost and Found
The Big
Furniture Store
Furniture of ever
scription at price
cannot bo beaten.
I it
Everything for
2nd Ave. and 6th St. \<\
on*- 62
************ i *********
FOUND-2 Small Key..   Inquire at New. OHke.
Found���Ladle.' op.l  aet  brooch.    Owner  aend
de.crlpllon to E.J.M., Dally New..       2SS-2MI
Real Estate
I...I  for Sal* In Saelion :,, Block 22. Lot 15. Tth
Ave.   Apply Mike Kuilch. Box 5K! City.      tf
Will buy lot. in Prince Ruperl at i-.n,-.,,,, prlrn
for caah. Anply P. O. Box ". u staling location.
price, etc. .'- li I
Pour room house, Ambrose Avenue,
plastered and painted, best harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $600
cash, balance $��0 per month.
Five and ten acres, garden trucking
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 pet acre.
����������������.�� I-UK f*^l+  I
Stores on Second Avenue.
��� experience want.��� Three lots close in mi Third Avenue,
tell  about  It.
\    unll-ilm-UK   I     n   ill     Commercing al a poat T     u* I  .o chaina a.,
u   ol Pre-om, ��� 101,  *        ,'j* ���,a o'l chain, oaat ll
... thanca 4U cnains east, 	
-..tnco  40 chain, waat, *
a puint o( commence- '
... SSwAauT_T_W_aT      Imnw-w --"tew* �� being taken in
Jamas t. luiierton, Ageni, Northern B. C. Coal.
The   opportunity   for   big   fortunes
walked down thc Rue do Pasty step-1 the n-_ Rlv*
,    .     .1 LSenca io
ped aside sharply to allow, a lady to thenca '
pass, and In doing ao broke the rial    n'*"'
glut window of a wine thop wltl
hit elbow.    Thc keeper of the ��� r.
abon waa outside In an lnata'.i   and ���"���a   - "J iiuinct���DUinct ol Coast IUnge 5  awaits those who buy stork now-(first
'a**    "lie*  lhal  llaruld  11.  Smith  of  Morely,    . ���,  ���_,_���_,I,. |������, ��������._,.
atked  the man  to glv*~    Ilm  OOmpaC-   Alt-, orcupaiMti aUlion agent, intend, to apply   issue ai exiremeij low llgurcs/.
lor ntnaWba to purcnaw the loilo��ing diacnued       InvestiKate Northern Aiilhrncite Col-
��� .ui.ii.enciiig ai a posi plantod at the aouih   lieries, Ltd., at our ofllce   dollar shares,
weal corner 100 chain, ea.1 and 20 chaina nortii
Eaatern .lenoirrapher of
poaitlon.    A.lrli.-a.   '^len.wrnpher.'' Ce. Cor- i     ���       ,      (,.ma inmu,
dova St.. Vancouver. B.C. l-f ***"'    -00"1 10BS0-
Shoes.."^��"^'Jeremial1 H- Ka*--'er* __���
SECOND avi si 1
raiNt'i*. sin iii
satlon there and thi-u.   The man d
ctittcd the mailer .and thi*.-: aaid thai
be could not pay at once   Inn I    lid
pay in Insulin.��� iis
S> tills inn' a crowd had gathered, and onlo, ���ars took aides. One
of them shoiilaal to the wine shop
keeper: "Why not search hlin to
make aurc if he cannot pay at once?"
Irum N. I., vomer ot Lol I lib, Harvey*. Survey-
Coast liaairi.-t Uanga *. thenca. 40 chain, east,
thence SO cbaina nonh. thenco 40 chaina woat.
thanca Ml chain, aoulh lo po.1 ol commencement
containing 1120 acroa. more or leaa.
OaladSepu IS, 1911. HA Kill.11 E. SMITH
I'ub. Sept. 2.1. 11. -I W. Bohler. Agen
16. each, 5c. cash.
H.  F.  McRAE -_ CO.
Phone 205 Second Avenue
intendi   to
tho  followini
i.r..K.r.  InlJndtt apply lor permuslon to pur-   __*__?JOES*1* *" pUrCh
The  man   was  lllerelipon  drngctl-l   111-, Stat lha following daacibed landa: ; "SSiaffiial ��� *>o*x planted on the KUtherly
to Ihe thop, hla pocket-rate was tei/.-l    Commencing at a post  plsnled  about  2 ���>-!   .hora ol  Kutaymataan Inlet on tha right bank
mllea In a northerly direction Irom tliu northeast   ���( ��� small atream llowlng Into aaid Inlet just east
cd,   and   thc   Wine  thop   keeper   glee-i cornar poat ol Lot i:!B.i, Range j, Coaal District,   ���| Crow Lake.    Thenee aouth 20 chaina, thence I
r,,iiv   iii   ....   .   tnn r,���.      mm*.    ���-��,���  thance  north   40  chain.,  then.-e  woat     lo   river   weat 20 chain, moro or leaa to the ahora line ol
I       Ii.m,    note.    I He | i^nk, thence aoulh lulluwing riv.r bank to point   Crow  Lake,   thence  northerly  and  eaaterly   I..1
containing ItiO acrea, more or j lowing the ahora linea ol Crow Lake, tha Inlet
to Crow   l.sk.- and   Kuueymaleen  Inlet to the
thop keeper quickly hunted about tot]**********
change,   and   handed   lhe     man      4 "lO, Dated Sept. B, 1911.   GORDON 0, EMMLRSON ] placa ol  commencement,   conulnlng  forty acraa
.... ���, . Pub. Oct. 10. mora or leas.    Located August 7, llll.
franct. aaylng:  "I am charging yo,i| Dated Aug. 9, ion.        MM M. tallman
onlv   .",11    1* in, s   for   lho   nlnle   nils,    Skaana Land Dialrlcl���Diatrict ol Coaat Range V   Pub. Aug. lt. .
ouiy  .hi   irancs  lor  ine  piate  guts,    be ||ol|ft. t(_t,_ UtnJ.m,��� A. Fuh _ |*0��n.r, ,
and  you  rail  think  yoiirtelf  lucky  at   N.   D.,   occupation   merchant,   Inland   to   apply,
.       ,��� lor permiasion to purchaae tha lollowlng described j
Tho man wont away. 0OI-P--*!-��uSsflSPJU -^affSLa'ttflS
all the while, anil hissed by sollle of  **** comer of Lot 44��4, thanca north 60 chains,
. ... ��� thenee east 110 chaina,  thance aouth OU  chain.,
tbo crowd.      A   few   minutes  lalt-r  til.'   ihenee weal .10 chains to point ol co-nanencemonl
ll.le.1 June 21. I'Jll. BKNJAM1N  A. FISH
11,, away with thia.    Patromte a white
laundry.   WhiU: labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Today is the
Last Day
but one to
Pay Taxes
and receive the rebate
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your li**,! in--.
Continental Trust Co., 1
Second Avenue Prince Rupert   jii
���r.**.'a*.**.**.*��a*.��rf.��*.*.#.��*.��*.'a#.'a*l'*.��ar.'aair.*.a.-.*.ar.'...*.. ->.:;;;';:';iw!!
Skeena   Mail and  Express
Leave all cxprcaa packages for interior points with tht Pad    Trani-
fer Co., 807 Third Ave., and insure prompt forwarding.
All accounts and correspondence addressed in
will receive immediate attention
Ik'tilwi. B.C.
J. C. McLennan,
Collector, City Hall.
wine almp  keeper  took  thc  note  to  i.^juiy 25
Kra.1 K. Cowell. Agenl ���
Before the auction of lota in tection 2.
1 intending purchasers should carefully
Study the Lot Grades
You can only do this satisfactorily by
obtaining a ropy of thc large map (3 ft
6 in. by 2 ft.) complied from official records by J. II. Pillibury, C.K. This
gives full details of contours, topographical features, ttreet gradet and
lot clevationt.
phii r  two noil ami
Por Sale at the Office of
C B. SCHREIBER I CO.    -    Pnn-r Ruprii
Sll Third Ave. P. O. Boi lit Phone M
C T. P. Transfer Agenl.
Order, prasnpllr AIM.   Pricea rwaonable.
OFFICE - II. B. Rnckealer. CenU*. HL    Phone 6X
Sid. Sykes, Manager
Tht Kincsi. Newett and Moat Up-to dale Until In \     ouvtr.
Excellent Cafe. Moderate I'm
1142 Pender Street Weat       -       -      Vancouver, B.C.
Phone K600.
���me* '*r.JC>-   -**���'���
���Sij$mt ���* * A :
The Paper
Your Home!
It gives you all the newgjif your own^jty and district as well ns the principnl
in all parts of the world.   The newt Is well edited, its news columns are clean anil whole;
p.o. nox lzn phoni* 156 onKEN
Second Avenue, near McBride
pome.UJs ^papgj-j,^ nee-j^ iiijrourhome;  The advertising columns of the N
ym. ,n touch with opportunities foi���jtetting t^eJjdMvalue for your money. :
.  J
I a �����__.-
Windsor Hotel
Newlja Furnished and
Sleam Heated Room.
W. H. Wright, Prop       M. nox 37
���*-���-���"-�����..-sa, .. ���
Bill Headt
Price Lists
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Cardt
,    > ^ --a^.-
In   Commercial  Printing
"��� have a large stork of
We handle Blank Ledger
Form,   for   Looie
Leaf .Sr.i��m
* l*���*^tmt*���**tm^*���^^^*���*^m**���***m4*���^m*^^������,
Stock Certificatet
Articles of Association
Illuttrated Pampl'l' -'
initio   '        K< Wn "nS"r�� C��r^n^ *,f fl*vlo and taste in Visiting Card* ���
liZ '   7��   r"K:mn,rS-   F"r any kin" "f PHntin, from the humble
h.ghest grades of mult.^J^hrtjjjJ^g^^J^^       j       :
Daily News Building
PHONI.'       QU *m*
PHONE   98
Third Ave


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