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Twenty-four hours
Nov. 10
ending 5
BAR.        IN
. I1A1N
The daily News
For south
May Saturday,
, Sunday 9
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II.  NO. 257
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Friday, November 10. 1911
Price Five Cents
i cut
Mr. D. H. Hays Makes Authoritative Announcement
Concerning the Forthcoming Sale���All Lots
Will be Sold Without Reserve
The date of the sale of the
Section Two lots is definitely fixed
to take plaee on Wednesday, 20th
This is the official information
given out by Mr. David H.
Hays, resident manager of the
Prince Rupert Townsite and Development Company, Ltd., to the
Daily News this morning, and will
set at rest tlie rumors that have
been circulated that the sale would
not take place.
The Daily Ntws job department is at work printing the
contracts in readiness for* the sale,
which will take place in Prince
Rupert on thc 29th inst.
Mr. Hays has authorized the
News (o state that he will have
full charge of the sale, and that
there will be no reserved portions
of the section. All corner lots as
well as all inside lots owned by
tlie Townsile Company will be
offered for sale, and knocked down
to the highest bidder.
Arrangements are being made
to secure a hall in Prince Ruperl
to use as an auction room, and the
name of the hall will be announced
as soon as the arrangements are
completed, together wiih the fullest
particulars regarding the sale.
In lhe meantime, all those who
desire maps of Section Two can
obtain them by calling at Mr.
Hays' office.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Victoria Sealing Schooners will
Take up This Growing Fishing Industry.
Victoria, Nov. 9.���That tlie four
schooners which formed the Victoria scaling fleet this year will
enagge in the halibut fishing industry off the west* coast of Vancouver Island was lhe intimation
given by one of the owners.
It is understood that the owners
uf the Lady Mine, Jessie, Thomas
I-'. Bayard and Pescawha will form
a syndicate for the operating of
ihe vessels off the coast and that
a large packing house will be
erected in Victoria. From here
the fish would be shipped to all
parts of the world. This is the
last year in which vessels can
engage i.'i scaling occupation for
the next fifteen years on account
of tlie treaty between Grcat Britain, the United States, Russia and
For many years the American
fishing companies have been operating boats off the west coast
of the island catching tlie halibut.
Tlie waters within the three-mile
limit are said to be excellent
fishing grounds. Thc American
boats have to keep outside the
limit and despite heavy weather
are able to make excellent catches.
For thc present the schooners
will lie up, but an announcement
relative to thc intention of the
owners should be forthcoming in
a very short time.
for $50,000 on the Copper Queen
mine at Chewelan, B. C. The
development will lie under the
supervision of E. E. Campbell,
engineer for the Granby Company,
and work will begin as soon as
the necessary arrangements can Ih
The long tunnel will lie completed and the property thoroughly
prospected by diamond drill. A
large force of men Will be employed, as the company plans (o
put the mine on a shipping basis
as quickly as possible. The ore,
which is self-fluxing, should prove
valuable for blending with other
Vancouver Old Timers Say Record is Broken Six Inches
Deep and Wild Weather Below
(Cnaadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Nov. 9.���Snow has
been falling all day and was six
inches deep tonight. This is ihe
earliest fall remembered by old
Seattle, Nov. 9.���A severe storm
is raging off Cape Flattery, sweeping up the Strails of Juan dc Fuca.
Snow is falling being driven by
a 42 mile gale but so far no serious
damage to shipping has Ix-cn reported.
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns.
���Wallace's. tf
Latest Enterprise is Bonding of
Copper Queen at Chewelan,
B. C, for $50,000,
It is reported lhat the Granby
Consolidated Mining, Smelting &
Power Company has taken a bond
Sheriff Shirley Principal
Willi a view to reclaiming and
making productive Russia's vast
IWamp anas tin- government will
establish a school for specialists
in swamp cultivation.
Dispute over Six Cents Results
in Walkout of 6,000 Men
London, Nov. 9.���A dispute
over six cents deducted liy an
owner from the wages of a driver
was the direct cause nf u walkout
of 0,000 drivers and lhe paralyzing
of London's taxicab service today.
Tlie coni|)anies also complained
that tlie men have robbed them of
one and a half million dollars
annually by failure to register and
turn in "extras" collected in addition for baggage from passengers.
The men have not returned to
work, and will not do so until
ordered to do so by their union.
Children's  and   misses'   winter
coats.���Wallace's. tf
Indoor Baseball League are Arranging to Provide Sport for
the Winter Evenings.
With a view of arranging a
winter season for the indoor baseball league, a goodly number of
enthusiasts met in the court house
last night, and discussed the arranging of a winter schedule of
games. Rev. W. H. McLeod,
president of the league, was in thc
chair, and Mr. W. D. Vance acted
as secretary.
A committee composed of Messrs
Blake, Evans and Johnston was
appointed to interview tlie team
managers and arrange for a winter
league.     It   is  probable   that   six
teams will enter. The committee
v ill report at the adjourned meet-
big next Thursday.
The question <>f the proposed
city athletic ground came up during
the evening, and it was arranged
to endeavor to secure promises
of support to the project from all
the aldcrmanic and mayoral candidates at the forthcoming elections.
Settler's Enterprise
C. G. Muller has opened a new
cleaning and pressing business al
688 Eighth Avenue West. Mr.
Muller is a Kitsu nkalum Valle)
settler endeavoring Io hold his
own by personal effort and enterprise in the city during tlie winter
in order to have funds for the
spring development of his farm
up river.
Fierce Hurricane Has Been Raging in the Skeena Valley During Last Two Days -Mountain Range
Has Protected Prince Rupert from Storm
Action in Not Placing Their Lots in Section Two for Sale is Freely
Criticised by Citizens���Is a Hindrance to Development
By Taking Advantage of Their Freedom from Taxation, the Government is Now
Holding 112 Lots Idle in Section One, and 314 Lots in Sections One, Five,
Six, Seven and Eight���Will Now Hold Another 186 Free of Taxation
���Government's Policy is an Injury to the City
It Is understood that the pro
vincial government does not In
tend lo offer for sale its lots in
Section Two, at the time of thc
forthcoming sale of G. T. P. lots.
There ar- 781 lots all told in
Seection Two, and of these the
provincial government owns 180.
Tlie provincial government has
Iiii ii acquainted with thc intention
of the G. T. P. Townsile Company
to hold a sale of the Section Two
lots, hut according to Mr. D. H.
Hays, lhc resident manager of thc
Townsite Company, hc has received no Intimation from the
governmeni that ihey Intend to
sell their Section Two properties.
People are Indignant
This apparent decision on the
part of the provincial government,
has aroused a great deal of Indignant comment. The most Indignant utterances come from sup-
jioricrs of the government, who
while insisting that iheir utterances
ire not Intended for publication,
ire ipealdng very freely sboul the
A Common Speculator
They arc accusii.g the provincial
government of entering the real
estate field as* a s|>eculaior of
the worst kind���the kind lhat
holds its properties idle, while
thc other property owners are left
to do thc development.
It is pointed out that at thc time
of thc first sale by the device of
saying that it wauled certain
lots in Scclion One reserved for
public pur|x>scs, ihey managed lo
keep most of their Section One
property out off thc market, until
the development of the citizens
had made them valuable.
Grip on Section One
A Daily News reporter who
visited thc provincial assessor's
office yesterday, learntd from the
official records of thc department,
that lhc provincial governmeni still
owns 112 lots in Section One, and
n total of 3*11 lots in Sections One,
Five, Six, Seven and Eight.
Recently when thc city wanted
a site  for a city hall,  the  pro
vincial government offered t<> sell
a group of live lots in lhe Market
Place. The price demanded, $25,-
000, was above the ordinary market price, and showed that the
provincial government is prepared
to drive a hard bargain With tin
city of Prii-.ce Rii|x-n for any of
the lots that il had reserved "for
public purixises" from the original
A Conservative Opin on
As a well known member of the
Conservative Association said yesterday in discussing lhe situation
witli the Daily News, "Government! all over the world are
making sacrifices in order to develop their new towns ami frontier
districts. This government does
the very opposite. It enters into
the real estate speculation market.
and helps to tie up development
by holding its lots off the market,
for the sake of the high pricc-
it can extort later on, after the
local citizens have made the lots
Weather of tin* wildest, most
inclement kind lias been raging
along ihe Skeena Valley during
the past two days. Fierce gales
hurtling down the river estuary
from ihe east combined with tin-
terribly keen frost, have made
boat work and railway work up
river a bitter experience taxing
tlie strength and enurance of men
to lhe utmost. .
Here in Prince Rupert wc can
have no possible conception of
tlie violence of the wind that has
raged up river, Bays Meteorological
Inspector F. W. Dowling ol the I
Telegraph Department. Prince
Rupert is protected by tlie Kaien
range of mountains from the easl
wind, and though we have had tlie
frost here it had nol been so
severe as on the Skeena. Ice is
now coming down the river rapidly
from the points above where tlie
stream is freezing over. There
is drift ice down as far as Kayex,
and rapidly spreading out into
tlie estuary. Some Wai seen opposite Essington this morning.
During the height of llu* storm
yesterday and ihe day previous,
boats broke adrift in the stream
through the pressure of ice against
them, and llic fierce force of tlie
wind. So far lhe mail service
has not been Interrupted, but the
telegraph service lias been maintained only wiih extreme difficulty.
and by the arduous labors of the
linesmen and operators.
says: "The only tiling I have lo
say aliout the matter is thai this
man Mackay had aggravated me
at different times, mosi recently
in litis little matter of the note
passed at the council meet ing, and
also in my oflice here, ll came
to lhe point where patience ceased
to be a virtue. I regret the
incident, but at the same time,
should like conditions present them
selves, the same results will follow."
Has Political Aspect
There is a political aspiet of
tlie situation, Mr. Mackay rather
resenting the exercise of rirg influence within the Conservative
ranks, and Alderman Clayton declaring that Mr. Mackay as reporter for tlie Empire first attempted to bribe him, and then
threatened to retard Alderman
Clayton in his mayoral aspirations
by tlie influence o the Umpire.
On these matters, however, both
men prefer not to be quoted.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
Amusing Incident Arises Out of the Capture of the
British Steamer Orchis by a Turkish Cruiser
for Carrying Contraband of War
Salonika, Nov. 10.���A Salonika
paper publishes, under the heading
"A Valuable Prize," an account
of the capture of a British steamer,
thc Orchis, of the Wescott Line,
by the Turkish cruiser Feth-i-
Bulcnd, Which had boldly ventured
OUt of Salonika as asoon s it became
clear that the Italians would undertake no naval operations in thc
Aegean Sea.
Iji accordance with international
law, the Feth-i-Bulend stopped
the Orchis, and sent on board an
officer, wM was not, long in discovering forty barrels of gunpowder (or dynamite, as some
say), which he thought were not
mentioned in the manifest.
Here was a clear case for intervention. A neutral flag may
cover a multitude of sins, but: It
cannot cover a contraband 0
war    "Bear down to our admiral s
lee," signalled thc Turk, and the
Orchis meekly followed him into
the Gulf of Salonika.
It was expected and announced
that thc Orchis would remain at
Salonika until her fate should be
decided by a prize court. Mysteriously, however, the vessel disappeared in the direction of Constantinople, and wc are now given
to understand that tlie belligerent
to which the contraband of war
was consigned was no other than
the Turkish Governmeni iiself!
St. Andrew's Society
This evening at 8 o'clock in
the Carpenters' Hall there will be
a meeting of the St. Andrews
Soclciy to make arrangements for
St. Andrew's Night. November
30th. All Scotsmen desirous of
becoming members arc invited to
be present.
Meeting of the Conservative Association Broke up in Disorder���A Id.
Clayton at Close of Lengthy Attack on Empire's Editor, Started
in to Attack Reporter���Then Fur Began lo Fly
First round in the fistic event
between Alderman Clayton and
Reporter Nell Mack-ay of the
Evening Empire staff was fought
unexpectedly  laat  night  in  the
Knights of Pythias Hall where
the member! of the Conservative
Association Were holding a meeting
for CoiiM-rvativis only.
Mr. Mackay was present for
his paper, Aldennan Niwion was
there, also Alderman Clayton and
thc prominent Conservatives ��f
lhc city. Proceedings al the meeting wore intended lo be private,
but the circumslanccs of lhc scrap
are common property.
Trouble Started
Aldetlnsn Clayton who had challenged Mr. Mackay to a fighl in
lhe City Hall on Moi-day night
in tlie course of a lengthy IpeSCll
took occasion loerilicisc Altlernian
Newion in severe terms. His
attack lasted for a period il is said
of twenty minutes. At thi end
of his references lo Aldermen
Newton, Alderman Clayton glsnc-
big round the hall saw Mr. Mackay
taking notes for his paper, and
referred to the reporter In terms
of contempt  as  "Newton's   M��i
Friday." '   ...
In an Instant Mr. Mackay was
on his feel wiih a swift challenge
for Alderman Clayton. "You call
mc thai again, and I'll fighl Vou
anywhere you please," he said.
houI   pausing  to  say   any-
for it, and smash you up for it
loo," or words to that effect, said
Mack..; with determination, and
followed his challenge with  rapid
condemnation of Alderman Clayton. "I'll fight you here now, or
thing, or to hear more than the
first few Words of the challenge,
Alderman Clayton rushed down
from the platform, and made
straight for the press table Willi
clenched fists.
Ready for Him
Mackay was ready for him
standing with blazing eyes, and
with a quick forward movement
landed the on-coming alderman
a blow on the nose, knocking off
his glasses which some accounts
say were shattered. Mackay WM
following up the advantage with
a smart left bander to jaw, when
Alderman Clayton got in a heavy
body punch or two, and lhe men
closed. In the clinch Mackay did
some severe punishing, and, according to the most general account
winded his opponent wiih sharp
returns to liody
Hot Time Followed
By ihin time, however, then*
was a regular scuffle in the hall
while friends of both sides endeavored to -separate the men,
and   nona-combatants   yelled   for
both sides indiscriminately. The
Combatant! were parted witli difficulty for blood was warm between
them, and a section of tin- meeting
in support of Mr. Mackay left
the hall with him. Alderman
Clayton remained and growing
cooler, apologised, it is understood, for his pari in the "rough
Interviewed   this   morning   lhe
principals are quite Outspoken on
the   subject,   and   freely   express
their versions of the affair.
Mr. Mackay's Position
Mr. Mackay's attitude is simply
that he resented what he considered unwarrantable attacks
made by Alderman Clayton upon
his chief, Alderman  Niwton, and
that   he  further most  certainly
resented and will resent lo the
poinl of personal combat at any
lime ths refemcce to himself as
"Newton's 'Man Friday.' " He
certainly did hll Alderman Clayton on lhe nose, aid so far from
denying or regretting it  rather
glories in it. Hi' declares himself
ready lo hit Altlernian Clayton
on the nose again antl knock him
oul if he wants more of ���,*. lesson
in calling him insulting names
from any platform.
Aid. Clayton's Statement
Leader of Opposition in British
House to Retire from Active
Politics���Demands of Tariff
Reformers May be Reason.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Nov 10.���-Announcement of the resignation of Mr.
Balfour,   Leader  of   the   Unionist
party of Great Britain, was made
today. Advancing years and enfeebled health are the reasons
given OUt, it is believed lhat
the demand of advanced " tariff
reformers inline) ceil his decision.
Walter Long is mentioned as |kis-
ible successor, while tariff reformers favor Austen Chamberlain, Sir Edward Carson ami K.
I". Smith are also mentioned.
Tnii-less Tale
By amputating the tails of three
generation! of dogs an Ohio lawyer
hi** succeeded in breeding a tailless
400,000 People are Destitute-
Thieves are Busy Looting the
Bodies and Buildings Terrible Scenes in Stricken City.
(Canadian l'ress Despatch)
Hankow, Nov. 10.���More than
two-thirds of the city is destroyed
liy   lire.     The   lowest   estimated
loss amounts to fifty million dollars.
Four hundred  thousand  person!
an* destitute and hundreds of half
burned bodies many of them those
of women and children w*- among
the   ruins.     The  city   has   been
looted,   lhe  Imperialists taking a
hand in the pillage but all n fugees
are  being  deprived  of   their  loot
upon entering Briiish Concession!,
Carloads of valuable furs, silks
and jewelry are being Kited. Thc
David Hill school connected with
tlie Wesleyan mission was looted.
Peiris, Nov. 10.���Representative!
of American, French and British
bankers interested in tlu- Chinese
currency reform loan have decided
at a meeting here that as thc
situation in China is so critical
no action can be taken furthering
tlie loan.
New Census of Canada May be
Taken Next Year. Government Investigating.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Nov. 10.���There is
every probability thai census of
Canada will be ii-lakin next year.
Ministers have the matter under
Consideration and if convinced hat
lhe census machinery broke tlown
a new census will certainly be
giovi s and mitts
U. S. Steel Syndicate is Said to be Watered to the Extent of 281  Millions���Tangible  Assets are
Worth 682 Million Dollars
The commission lo the Morgan
I'nilirwriiing Syndicate, according
in Commissioner of Corporation
Smith, was 162,800,000 in cash.
The Steel Corporal ion, according lo Smith, showed a total In-
ves ment in tangible property on
I in*.mini* 111, UUO, of $1,187.-
000,0110, as against outstanding
securities of 11468,000.000, With
1281-000,000 worth of "water"
in the stock. On the nu Islanding
obligations, however, the corporation was earning 12 per cent,
according to Smith's figures, ln
1001,   according    to   Smith,    thc
tangible property was worth only
$082,000,000,   against   obligations
of 81,400,000,000���showing $718,-
. Miration   bonds,  and  $H 1,000,001)1000,000 "watered" slock.    In ten
of  underlying   and   miscellaneous years, more than $42!i,000,000 had
Trenton, Nov. 10.���Some sensational facts are coming in light
in the Investigation lure of the
United States Steel Trusi and its
mblldary companies.
It is staled ihat the United
Stales Steel Corporation wai chartered under the laws of New
Jersey   on   February   25,   1901.
lis total  capitalization  Was then
11-402,000,000 (Including bonds).
It is strict ly a "holding company"
���that is, it does not mine, manufacture, transport, or sell; it limply
owns the slock of its constituent
Of the 11,402,000,000 capital-
ization, $510,000 000 was in preferred siock; 1508)000-000 in common stock;   008,000,000 of cor*
1 '"      ."..a.*  > ,; ".���!(*,
Alderman Clayton's attitude is obligations���a total of more than I lieen added to the tangible valua
similarly   firm   and  defiant.    He I $1,402,000,000. 1 tion of the corporation, tr s \j
The Daily News
The Leading Neivspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern fi. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTI3ING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-Daily, BOc
per month, or $5.00 per your, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance.
Daily News Building, Thir.l Ave.*, Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 9$.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New- York City.
Seattle���Puget Sound News Co.
"No, tlmiili you. You'll excuse me,
I know.    M>  natural Interest���"
Hut Bold, with n parting imlle, was
halfway toward the nexi landing, and
Mrs. Vnnslttart wus free tei reenter
the crowded apartment where her
fellow-sufferers were Wondering when
they would see daylight again. She
Londom, ENGLAND-The Clougher Syndicate, Gr.in.i Trunk Buildin***, Trafalgar did not stir. The darkness was Intense, the narrow passage draughty,
nml ihe columu thrilled and quivered
in an unnerving manner, she heard
the clang of a door above and knew
that Knld had gone Into the second
apartment given over to the women.
FRIDAY. Nov. 10 f��*****;w**'-*-*;.* higher up. wai the ylw>
ing HkIii Ol Which she had n faint recollection, though she was almost unconscious when unbound from 111.'
rope and carried Into the service*
And ai thai moment, not knowing
It,  she  had   been   near    to     Btephen
Subscribers  will greatly oblige  by promptly  calling up Phone 98 in case of
non-delivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
Daily Edition.
The announcement that the public sale of lots in Section Two
does not include those held and owned by the provincial goveri mi nl
has raised quite a storm of Indignant protest from the people of Pri a
Rupert. It is protested against as a piece of the most unjust discrimination against development of ihis northern part of the province
In favor ol the southern and more developed sections and as a gl: ri g
Inconsistency of the government's policy, the primary object i f which
has been announced as thc encouragement of ilu- devclopm I i I
our natural resources.
The people of Prince Rupert are indignant tha   the gi ver mi   t
lots in Section Two are not to be offered for sale wiih thi -,   i f thi
railway.   They can see the object.   The province is In the real estati
business merely as a speculator. At the first sale of city lots the lots
of the province .uul those of the city were advertised to be sold *
reserve.   Those of the railway were so sold:   those of the pro\   .
were noi.    Lots were reserved by the latter for "public |     ,
The city wanted one of these reserved parcels of land i ly for
a city hall, five lots near .Market Place.   The provh ce offei   I    um
to  the  city   for this public   purpose   at    a    go-call d    "red     il
price" for such a puri*ost\ namely $2,">,(RKJ.   This was ali. \v  thc
price of the ordinary speculators.
Thc provincial government is feared In Prince Rupen
the most unscrupulous of real estate speculator!.   Any othi r
llrand, might have spoken to blm,
looked into his face. What was he
like, she wondered. Had he aged
greatly with the years? A lighthouse-
keeper! Of all professions lu this
wide world how came he to adopt
.ihat? And what ugly nick was ian*
about to play her that she should be
east ashore on this desolate rook
where he was In charge'.' Could she
avoid lilm? Had she been Injudicious
in betraying her knowledge of the
past.' And how marvelous was the
likeness between Constance nml her
father! The chivalrous, high-minded
youth she had known came back to
her through ihe mists of time. The
calm, proud eyes, the firm mouth, the
wide expanse of forehead, were his
From her mother���the woman who
"died many years ago," when she,
Mrs. Vansittart, was "quite n girl"���
the girl Inherited the clear profile, the
wealth of dark-brown hair, and a
grace of movement not often seen In
__gllsh woman.
Though her teeth chattered With
the cold. Mrs. Vanslttart could 111
bring herself to leave the vault-1 ke
stairways. Once more the hymn-slag-
i ne of ers cheered their hearts with words
of praise. Evidently, there was on
among them  who not only knew lh
might be, probe, long-burled memol*
Iob, and why did hor mobile smile
leem to veil a hostile Intent.'
Uut the fresh, gracious malil, nhood
In her cast aside these unwonted
studies In  iiilndiendlng.
"He has so much to do," sill explained. "Although there are many of
as on the rock tonight he lias never
been so utterly alone, Wont you
wnit Inside uulII 1 return."'
"Not unless 1 am In the way,"
I leRded the olhor. "1 was ohoklng lu
I here. The ulr here, the spin.', are
fn grateful."
So Constance passed ber. M rs. Vau-
ilimit noted the dainty manner In
Which she picked up her skirts to
mount the stairs. She caught a
llimpH of the tailor-made gown,
J|nrliKid silk underskirt, well fitting.
Units Tmil a woman to see all these
ililii*.s in a glance, with even the shifting glimmer of a stormproof lantern
to aid the quick appraisement.
Ab the girl went out of her sight a
lenilnisceiue eame to her.
"No wonder I was startled," she
communed. "That sailor's coat she
wears helps the resemblance. Probably It Is lur father's."
Then the loud silence of the light*
houae appalled her. The singing had
leased, or was shut off by a closed
tloor. line might be lu a tomb as
surrounded by this tangible darkness.
The tremulous granlle, so cold and
hard, yet alive lu ita own g:lm
strength, the murmuring commotion
nf wind and waves swelling and dying In ghosilike echoes, suggested a
grave, a vault close sealed from the
outer world, though pulsating with tbe
laraway existence of heedless  multl-
aides. Thus, brooding In the gloom,
a tortured soul without form and
void, she awaited the return of her
Constance, afler looking In at the
hospital, went on to the service-room.
Her father was not there. She
iianced up to the trimming singe, ex-
IK-etlng to  see  him  attending to  the
amp. No. He had gone. Somewhut
bewildered, Isr she waa almost certain
he was not iu any of the lower apart-
innis. she climbed to the little door
iu the glass frame.
Ah! There be was, on the landward side of the gallery. What waa
ihe mailer now? Surely there was
not another vessel ln distress. How-
over, being relieved from any dubiety
as to his whereabouts sho went back
10 (he 'aervleo-room and gave herself
Hie luxury of a moments rest. Oh,
how tired she was! .Not uutll she aat
down did she realize what It meant
10 live as she had lived, and do all
ihat she had done, during the past
lour hours.
Her respiu- was of ahort duration.
:ra: il. his oilskins gleaming with wet,
���am.- in.
"Hello, sweetheart, what'a up now?"
lie cried, in such cheerful voice that
buying and holding a lot has to pay city taxes on unimproved pn    rt)  worda, but could lead them mightily she knew all was wsll.
while wai.ing to reap the "unearned increment." but no, so the pr, ln^e <0^ -ft S���^ by! *mY**T __T-SS/
It is now holding from development unimproved lois in thc ,      ,
of Second avenue and other part! of the city.     As   the  ci.y 1      Is
up these lots become more ar.d more of eyesores in O ii]
thc improvements on cither side of them.    But of course tin 1 \. lue
is increasing all the lime.
There is an inconsistency in this.  The government pollcj ani 1 ui c-
ed for the next meeting of the legislature is to cancel all leasts . pi 1
hat I waa going
which the holder, although he has paid his rentals regularl) . I
no  improvement or effort  at  development.     This can   -        lj   1
called consistent with its policy in this city of holding lots for 11   1
specuUtive purposes, thus retarding the growth of this city udi
the public cxcheqtfer of the taxes those lots would bring w.i.    .   J
in other hands.
A public meeting on this subject would bring ami ra    y othci
government incur,sister.ties, probably more glaring, and Wi  lid \
what sterling friends Premier .McBride ar.d his henchmen 1   ve f. il-
to be in fostering the growth ar.d prosperity of Prir.ce Rupert.
the passing to and fro of some of the
ships offle rs���brought to her distracted ears the concluding bars of a
verse. Wlu 11 the voices swelled forth
again she caught the full refrain:
Such a
"The Falcon Is out there," he replied, with a side nod towards Mount's
Constance knew that thc Falcon was
a sturdy stt am-irawler, a bull-dog
little ship, built 10 face anything III
the shn|ie of galea.
"They can do nothing, of course,"
ahe commented.
"No. * I stood between them and the
' Ight for a second, and they evidently
message  might well carry. understood that 1 waa on tbe lookout
"Raise mine eyes to heaven
When thy spirits t-uail,
When,  by  tenipestB driven.
Ilia     and courage fall."
good cheer to all who heard, yet Mrs,
Vanslttart listened as one In a trance,
to whom the divinest promise was a
thing unasked for and unrecognized.
After passing through the greater
peril of the reef in a state of auplne
consclousiHss. she was now moved to
1 extreme activity by a more personal
and selfish danger. There waa ahe,
a human atom, to be destroyed or
saved at the idle whim of circumstance : here, with life and many
things worth living for restored to
her safe ke. ping, Bhe saw Imminent
risk of a collapse with which the nebulous datiM-iB of thc wreck were In
no  way comparable.    It  would  have
aa a lantern dipped aeven tlmea, which
1 Interpreted as meaning that they
will return at daybreak. Now n.e-y
are off to P. nzance again."
"They turned  safely  then?"
"Shipped a aea or Iwo, no doubt.
Ihe wind Is dropping, but the aea la
.'milling moiiuiaina high."
He had taken off hla oilskins. Con-
nance suddenly felt a strong dlaln-
ln ailon to rise. Oelag a atrong-
wllled young pcraon. she aprang up
"I came 10 ask If you can aee Mra.
Vanslttart," she said.
".Mra. Vanslttart!" he cried, with a
genuine aurprlse that thrilled her wlib
An army colonel In England has just been adjudged Insane because
hc altered a check for $11, to read S11.000, and tried to pass it.
��n ���U'*lrtll(1_hty haV? CalU<1 U if hc had tHtd t0 "1Ur ' cheCk e^*^L'i\*^mn^^pmU " SlLsnl
511,01)0 into Sll of thoughts.    The plans, the schemes,  pair.
been well for her could she only realize the promise of the hymn:    "Our a pleasure she assuredly could not a,
light  uffllcilcn.   which  is   but  for  a count tor.
moment, workeih  us  a far more ex-     "Yes.   She asked if sbe might have
a word wiih you."
up his hands In comic dea
The old saying that misfortunes never come singly is strargely
exemplified in the death of Albert Kobus, at Renfrew. IK* is the
fifth of ihe family to meet a violent death. One was drowi ed fn m
an ocean boat, a second was crushed beneath a falling arch at R. 1 fn -a ,
a third was drowned in Rainy River, a fourth was killed by en explosion a La Tuque, and the other day the body of Arthur wi 11 m d,
crushed and mangl d, on the Kingston and Pembroke Railway. 0 1
brother still survives.
the biii.d.d edifice of many years,
thriateneal 10 fall In ruin about her.
In such bluer mood there waa no con.
solatium Bhe sought not to find spiritual Succor but bewailed the talus-
trophe whl h had  befallen her.
It assur. Hy contributed to that
"affliction which Is but for a moment,"
that   r.-i    ,   -.-   Bhould   happen    Just
"Tell tbe good lady I am up lo my
eyes In work. The oll is running low.
I muat hie me to the pump al once. I
have my journal (0 till. If there la no
aun I cannot heliograph and I have a
hoat of signals to look up aid |i 1
ready. And. a word In your tar, 1 minis dear. We will be 'at home uu IUa
rock  for  the  next   forty-eight   bouts.
and ask her to allow me to i*. nd lor
ber when I  have a minute 10 ipan
some houra hence.'
Sbe kissed him.
"You   dear   old   thing,"   she   cried.
"You will tire yourself to death. I aiu
���**- ���'.- V"'J*'-J*-. -
Return engagement of the
then to run up Ihe stairs towards tho Sfr ___*___*���?._ mLvcr>\d.''|,_ *'***'' **
hospital. Each flight was so contrived
that II tune il aiross two-thirds of the
superficial ana allotted to the stairway. Anyone ascending made a com-
pltie turn to the rightabout to reach
the door ol the room on any given
landing and the fool of the ladder to  *,u,r,c- .     ,
the next. *** caught her by thc chin.
Hence, ll ��� girl came unexpectedly "Mark my words," he lauglia d. 'You
fad tu face With Mrs. Vanslttart. The ***** *** *Ms ***** "* >our **"****
meeting sin.-il-.fi her. This pale wo- ���on|-!er '*'*" '��� "���*' lhe *****. ���"������ mailer
man. so thinly clad in the demi-tol- wll�� *oel ****"*ri\ don'l prepare auy
lelte of evening wear on shipboard, breakfast until I come to you. I sup
should not be standlnfe there. , posei tho   kitchen   Is   your  headaj,.ui
"Is    anything    wrong?"  she cried,!1-3���''      .      ___.__'.
raising her lantern Just  as  Knld did,      Yea, 'hough  Knld has far morc of
when she encountered  the sailors.    ��� I *"-*���   ���*J-rne'��  company.     She   Is  cook,
Sherman-Cleveland Opera
st8if ONE WEEK ft*
Presenting ihe latest musical comedy success
"No, no," said the other, passing a
nervous hand over her face. Constance, With alert Intelligence, fancied
Bhe dreaded recognition.
"Then, why are you standing here?
It Is so cold. You will surely make
yourself ill." ,
"I   was   wondering   If   I   might   see
j Mr.  Urand,"  come  the desperate  answer,  the  words  bubbling  forth  with
, unrestrained  vehemence.
"See my father'.'" repented the girl.
She took thought for an instant. The
lighthouse-keeper would not be abb'
to  leave  the  lamp  for   nearly  (lire'
hours. When dawn came, she knewilloor Mrs. Vanslttart had gone,
he would have many things to attend1 "I thought lt would be atrange 11
to, signals to the Land's Knd, thi ar* i-he stood long In this draught," mused
rangement of supplies, which be lia.l Constance. She oponed the door. Tha
already mentioned to her, and a hos' ' .ady she Bought wsb leaning dlsconao-
of other matters.   Tour o'clock In the  iate against a wall.
you know."
"Ib Pyne there, too?"
"He Is la-nidi} maid. drying
"I think I shall like him," mused
Urand. "He seems 10 be a helpful
������ui 1 of youngster. That reminds me.
Tell him to report himself to Mr. Emmett as my assistant,���if he cares for
ihe post, that Is."
He did not see the ready spirit of
mischief that danced in her eyes. Sha
pictured Mr. I'yne "fixing things"
with Mr. 1:1111111*11 "mighty quick."
When she readied the first bedroom
A Stubborn Cinderella"
same  cast   and   chorus     elaborate
scenic and electrical production
Prices 50c, 75c and $1.
Seats Friday
morning was an unconventional hour
for an Interview, but time Itself was
topsy-turvy under the conditions prevalent on the Gulf Rock.
"I will ask him," she went on, hurriedly, with an uncomfortable feeling
that Mrs. Vanslttart resented her Judicial pause.
"Thank you."
To the girl's eara the courteous acknowledgment conveyed nn odd noto
of menace. If the eyes are the windows of the soul surely the voice Is
Ub subtle gauge. Tho more transparently simple, clean-minded the hi-arer,
the more accurate ls the resonant lm
prcsslon. Constance found herae
vaguely perplexed hy two Jostling ab
stractlons. If they took shape it , i.i
ln mute questioning. Why win Mra
! I Vanslttart so auxious to revive   or   It
"M.v father���" Bhe began.
"I fear I was thoughtless," Inter-
nipted Mrs. Vansittart "He muat be
greatly occupied. Of courae, I can aee
him In the morning before the vesael
comes. They will send a ship soon
to take us off?"
"At the earliest possible- moment."
van Ihu glad answer. "Indeed, dnd
I as Just been signalling to a tug ��Inch
Will return al daybreak "
There was a Joyous chorus from the
'ther Inmates.   Constance had not the
requisite hardihood 10 tell them how
they mlsrtinstrued her words.
Aa she quitted them she admitted
lo herself (lint Mrs, Vanslttart, though
disturbing In some of her moods, waa
really vi ry considerate. It never occurred to her thai her new acqualn-
an��� might have suHdetilv iliR-ovored
.he  exceeding  wisdom  or a  proverb
nonoernlng second thoughts.
Indeed, Mrs. Vanalttart now bitterly
regretted the tmpulao which led her |
to betray any knowledge of Stephen
Brand or his daughter. Of all tho
follies of a wayward life thai was Immeasurably the greatest, In Mrs. Van-
alttart'a critical scale.
But what would you? It Ib not often
given to a woman of nerves, n woman
of volatile nature, a shallow world*
ling, yet versed In the deepest wiles
of Intrigue, to be Bhipwrecked, to bo
plucked from a living hell, to be iwung
through a hurricane lo the secure In
aeeurlty of a dark nnd hollow pillar
standing on n Calvary of storm -toiled
wlives, and then, whilst her senses
swam in utmosi bcwildcrm* nt, tu bo
confronted with a living ghoBt.
Yet that  was precisely    whin    had
happened to her.
Kale ls grlovous at times. This haven of refuge was a place of loiiure.
Mra. Vanslttart broke down and wept
in her distress.
A primrose light In the east heralded a chilly dawn. The little world of
the Gulf Rock bestirred Itself in lis
damp misery at the news. The fresh
watch, delighted by the prospect of
activity, clattered up and down the
iron stairs, opened all available windows, unclampeil the door when Brand
gave the order, and busied itself exceedingly wllh the desultory Jobs
which offered to bo many willing
lt was now, by the nautical almnuac,
dead low water on the reef, but the
strong southwesterly wind, hurling a
heavy sea completely over Ihe rocks,
showed thai the Btandnrds of war and
peace differ as greatly iu the matter
of tides as lu mosi other respects.
Aa the light increased il lost lis
first warm tinge. Steel gray were sky
and water, sombre the iron bound lund,
whilst the whereabouts of the sun became a scientific abatraction. Therefore, the heliograph was useless, and
Brand, helped by some of the sailors,
commenced 10 flaunt his flag-signals
to the wail 1 im: i.'le-i ,'i ,��������� ou the far-
off promontory of tlu- i..i:ul s End.
The Falcon, strong-hearted trawler,
was plunging towards the rock when
the first line of gay bunting swung
.liar Into the breeze. And what a
meiiafi It was���in Its jerky phrasal���
its profound uncertainties���for communication by Hag code is slow work,
nnd Brand left much to an easier sys*
���������ui of talk with the approachlug
"Chinook���New York to Southampton��� struck reef during hurricane
���propeller shaft broken���TS survivors In lighthouse���captain, 2u| passeu*
gera, officera and cri ���lost witli
The awful significance of the worda
sank into the bearta of the algnallers,
Kor the first time, Ihe dlaaaier from
which, by God'a Providence, they had
emerged safely, became crystallized
Into aet apecch. Seventy-eight living
oul of two hundred and eighty who
might have lived! This was the curt
Intelligence which leaped the wavea to
fly over the length and breadth of th��
land, which aped back 10 lhe Slain
to replace the expected news of a
safe voyage, which thrilled the < i\ 11-
Ized world as it had not been thrilled
for many a day.
Not a soul In the llghlhoiiae gave a
thought to thla aide of the nffalr. All
were anxious to reassure iheir loved
ones, but, in tluir present moribund
condition, they could nol realize tha
electric effect of the Incident on the
wider world which read and had
hcarta lo feel.
Even wlii'M Stephen llrand was Big
nailing lo the Knlt-on. with little white
flaga quickly extein|iorlzi'd ns soon ai
she neared lhe Trinity buoy, newspaper oorn s|,oi.dams ashore wcra
buay at the lelegraph-offU-c. and Iheli
associates 011 lhe trawler were eagerly
transcribing the llglilliouae*kee|>er'i
words wherewlih lo feed lo fever heal
the aensatlon which the night had pro
vidiil for the day.
Brand, foreaeelng the importance ol
clearneaa and brevity, had already
written out a full draft of hla detailed
Kalthful 10 hla promlae, Staplcloa
was acting as olgnnllcr-ln-chlcf o(
board the Falcon, ao Brand might man*
ipulate hla flaga as quickly as Iny In
��� his power, with chief officer Emmetl
reading the words at hla elbow: ther*!
naa no fear that any mlatake would b*
made by lhe receiver.
The alory. If condenaed, was com
plete. Beginning with an explannlioa
��f the Ilm is ilisabl. un in. II dealt
with her deaiierate but unavallini
struggle to weather the reef, describe,!
I'yne'a gallant and suet MafU] effort tc
get In touch with the llghthouae, tin
rescue of a fourth of those on board
the names of the survivors and, final
ly. their predicament In the matter ol
food and water.
All thla took long to tell.
Within thc lantern. Mr. Charlea A
I'yne, appointed supernumerary assia
innl keeper, waa burnishing brass
work aa per Instructions received. II,
.little knew- the use which waa beini
made of his name by tbe tiny bits oi
.linen tossiug about on the exterioi
gallery. In aurh wise, helped by 1
compositor and dignified by head
lines, does a man become a hero ll
these days of knighthood conferred bj
the Presa.
, Constance was scrutinizing Ihe KnI
con from the trimming-stage. Hear
Ing Enid's cheery "Good-morning" t<
Pyne when that young lady raced up
wards from the kitchen to catch 1
.glimpse of the reported vessel, sin
'dropped her glasses for a moment.
I "Jack la on board." Bhe announced
"Of courae he would be there. An/
then Is Buch a loi of other men���hall'
Penzance, 1 think."
Enid Joined her;  I'yne. too. though'
, he could polish a burner up there ai
well aa on the floor of the service
Stanhope's stalwart  figure,  clad  it
I oilskins, was clearly defined   aa    lu
I stood  alone on  the port  side of  thu
Fab on's email bridge, rending off tlm
signals and  sending back   spasmodlqi
twittering! of the rings which hi, also.1
had  procured,  to  Indicate  that each
I word  was understood. (|
"Who la the skipper of tlie tug?" Inj
I quired I'yne. quietly.
Both girls laughed.
"Vou mean .Inck." cried Knld. "He
is not the CSptaln, He is an officer of
the Royal Navy, our grcateat friend," I
(to be cnNTiNtrn)
:.kw)n�� Lund District���District uf Queon Churlutto '
Tuku nntlco thut AuttUn M Hruwn ot 1'rincu
Uu|n-rt, ll. C, occunutinn Baridlur, intoudu tu
applv tu tlio Chltf Lummisaiqn.r of Lunda and
Worki lur u Ueonoa tu pfotpwt lur ooa], oil und
Mtrowiun un ut..1 uadir thu roUowtnB dewribtd
i.i'- i- un thu U .'.'.1 (.'uust ul tirulmm IhIuihI:
Commencing at u post plinted threw mtlu aut
01 thu northeast cornur of c. L. Nu. 4478 thenoa
Mi ciiuitiH mum, thenoa .so chaini aaat, thoncu so
chains norlh, thunco 80 chaini- wet tu puint ul
Data of Location-lit July. ian.
I'uh, Au��. 17.
Bkeana Lund Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of QuaU Charlotto
I si main
Taka notice thut Au��tln   M.   Hrown uf Prince
Itupert. occupation suddlur, Intonda  to apply  to
the Chief Comtnl-aloner ot Landa uml  world
for a lloanea to prospoct (ur OOa] and uil and potroloum nn and under thu following doacrihod lund*
un tho Went Cuast of Uruhaiu lalund:
Cpmrneadni ut u post planted thro- milos euat
of the MUtbWM cornor Of l\ L. No. 417V thonco
t-0 chuina aaat thenOI 80 chuina north, thenee 80
chaina wusi, thunce SQ chaina south to puint of
Al'STIN M. UKOWN, Locator
Dato of Location, 31st July It'll.
I'uh. An_. 17.
StalM Lund District���Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Tata notico thut Auatin II, Hrown of 1'rincu
Ruport occupution aaddlor, intenda to apply tu
tho i hiof I'oinmisaioner ot Lunda antl WorKa lor u
liconco lo prospect for cuul, oil and potruloum on und
under tho fouoartni daeonbed landa un the Wwt
Coaat uf (iraham lalund:
CpflUnonelnf at a poat pluntod throe miloa euat
ol too aoutheaat cornor u iC. L. No. *I47_! thonco
north BQ chuina, thenco eaal HO chuina, thonco south
.to chuina, thonco weat 60 chaina to point of commencement.
Located August Iat, lull.
i'ub. Au_. ia.
Skeenu Lund Diatrict���Diatrict uf Queen Charlotte
'Ittko notice tnut thirty days from date, 1, C. L
Bolater of PrfOOO Rupert) ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mlanouer ol Landi for u Uoeaoe to proapoct for
OOa] and petroleum on und under 040 ucroa of
land on Graham lalund duacnbotl ua followa:
Cummoncif.t; ut u pusl plumed live miles euat
nf Coal Lena No. AlttT, murked C. K. H. Coul
lA*ii��e No. 1, N. _.. curnor, thonco vest ��0 chains,
i r.etico south bo chains, the&ee oast 00 chatna,
thence north bO chains to pluce of commencement.
Duted Sept. II, lail C. ta. HAINTKU, Locator
1'uli. Sept 'al'sl.
Skeona Lund District���Di.-tr.ct of Queen Charlotto
Two notioa thai thirty dayi fro.u date, 1, c. _.
Haintor ut   1'rnn.v Hupert,  u. C,  by occupation
��� ���p.-r, Intend to apply lo the Chiel Com*
miMiuiiur uf- Landa lor u tloonoi tu proapoct for
coal and petroleum un ui.d uih.it olu ucrus o.
land on Graham i ���*-��������.���>* doeinbod aa follows:
Commoncini: ut u puat puntoj n.u milus tu.it
ol tual Ltase Nn. UtfT, murkoU t. I.. U. N. \\.
.'.nor Nu. ,i, thenee suuth ��o chain-, thence oust
|0  chains,   thence  north   ���-*���-   chain\   thence  west
.io chains tu pUuv ot Qommaao___nnt<
i>uiudSept. il. tail.   C. t:. BA1NTSA, Locatur
Tub. Sepl. 2*1.
skeena Land District���District ol Queen Charlotte
I'ake notice thul thirty ���*���*.,* i.* .�� -uate, 1, C. i.
. alnb r of Prince Kupert, li. t. ., by occupation
bookkeeper, ihWiid lo upply ti the Chiol Com-
.i.*-**,*. i.er of Lunda fur a ii.--.vu tu proapect for
ooal and (H-troleurn on und under 040 acres oi
atiii on Graham laland ueeertued u follows:
Commanetni at a puat planted Bee mllai east
uf loai Lease No. 4410, marsad C, K. U. S. \\.
senior of I oal *���* ���*-��� No. ,., UMmei oast **> chain:*
I '...��� north i>0 chains, UMQ00 west ao cnait.*.,
. >ouih mi chuim lo i lam of commencement.
i _u*.i Sept. U. ian. C. ... BAlNTJfitt, Loeatn
I ..i- Sept. _J.
keena tsaad District��� Dutrict of Queen Charlutte
lain notioe that thtrtj ua>a irum uate, I, c. i..
..'..- uf l'nnce Kuport, tl. C, by occupution
iMiokkavpar, Intend to apply to the Chief Cum-
i iarionor ol Landi lor u licenco to prospect for
r- ��l and p.-.r .I. am on end under bio acres ul
land >"i Uroham Imuiiu >hrrnbe<l u follows:
( ommeaeug ut a pun planted live miles tasi
ul t oal Laaee No. no, n.uraod c. k.. it. S. h
t.n.-.r loai Lneo Nu.   1, tnence west 60 chaitia.
Ml  cnains,  ihenca e**_t   ao  chains.
���: ii- south ao chuins to place uf commencement.
BtedSepL 11, I'Jll.     C. fc��  HALM Mt. -Locato
��� -i. ftmt 2-i
������   | Land D..*ir.et-Dutrict uf Queen Charlotu
lake notioe thul ihiri> uu>a from Uate. 1. c fc.
��� ttUport,   I>.   * .,   b>   occuputiut,
,*.!. intend |o upply to the Chief  -loiii-
, ir*to',f<r ol  Lut.iis fur a licence lu proapeel fur
I petroleum on and under bio ucrus ut
-i... do Gruaam Inland described at follows:
* immietttfl ut u p<*t plsnteU two miles noirh
��� i C* 1.. li. Lust Luaae No 4, inarkcu
i. fc. BQrMr O* L, il. lutl Lease No. 6, tnvnee
Htuih to ci .ulna, tbeoee **u��i ao cnains, thenct
north ao chains, thence east ao clu.n. to pluce ul
��� com ut.
��� ���st- i.Nji. il. Wit    a B. HA1NTKK. Locutut
. U -*������
���   i Und Dutrict���Dlrtrict of Queen Chralotte
lake notke that thirty day* from date, 1. C   fc.
.- 'if ul  I'rinca ttuptrt  i��. C, by   uccupatiun
, ��� r.  i-m-.td  lu upply to'the Chief Com-
��� r i.l ia i�� tvt a licenc to p;ospt*ct for
Kal and petal, am on and under bid acrus of
lai '��� Ml Grabam J-.ai.d d(-*crine>l as follows:
ut a poet plunttsl t ao miles north
>   t. D. 11...: Leaae No. L marked C. fc. Buntm
.     W. aim ��.'  * "Ul Leate So. 0, tbOAOO south ftU
.  thence i-4*:   eo chum-,  thencu  north  bo
tbonca wu��i eo churns iu place uf com*
it riCeno : 1
Datod Sapt 11. IVll.    C. K. UAINTEK .Locator
Tub. .Mill. ,��1
Skeeaa Laad Dtatrlet���District of Queen Charlotte
Taka aotta tbai tmrty uu>s irum <uu\ i, c. l.
* r  i[   I'ruice   Kuport,   U.  I .,   b>   uccupatiun
tirnkkoepor, Intend to apply to the Chief Cum*
��� r uf Lan-ls fur a ll - nee to primpocl fur
(.val and j-vtruU m, un and uitdir bto ucroa ul
land uu liraham Island described *��� fullowa:
t umitii-iictt.it at a post planted two miles north
id t L, li Coel I^ieuc No. I, .take S. W. corner
t oal IrMm* No. 7, thencu north co chains, ihe.icv
t..-i "ti chains, tt.ei.ee aouth ao chains, thenOI
w*t M cl.ulm to place of comnienco.noiii.
DatedMpl, ll.lail. C. B. HALM LK, Lucatu
Pub. Sept SI
i Land DMrlM ���Dlrtritt of Queen Charlotte
'leae notice that thirty davi from date. 1. C. fc
Kaintir of I'rince Kupert, IL C. by occupattoi,
bookkeeper, intend to appl> to the Chief Com*
misaioiiir of Lands for a licence to prospoct for
real and potroloum on and under tito acres uf
lui.it on iirar.ato Island described as follows:
��� ��� ��� in.I'hcihi; at a post planud twu mum north
M C. fc. It. Coal Uase Nu. 4, marked S. t.. curner
<    L. H Cual Uase No. a, thence nurth ao chain*-*,
ui-M  mi chains, tnence south bO chaina,
i   .-.. i mi i i;, ne to place of commencement.
ept II, I'Jll.    C. B. UAINTEK, Locator
r_b, Ba^kSI
���il ura Und District���Dlrtrict uf Queen Charlutte
'lake notice that thirty days fru.n dute, I, C- fc.
i*..  Uf uf  I'r.f.n'  Kupert,  li. C,  by occupation
bookkMpor,  mil i.d  lu apply  to ihe Chief Cum
missiuher uf  Unds fur a licence tu pruapect fur
���. al  and  petmleum on and under tilo acrea of
land on drat.an- Island dmcrll *-l M folluwa:
I ��� nmonclng at a poit plantod live mflm oast
' I . .; Lean No   u7(, marked t . R, Balnter1!
., l. oofMf t i.al Loan Na i<, thenee south ao
���   *-oat ad chain-*!, thence r.orlh at*
rbalne* ihenee oum  mi mini to place of com'
��� ��� " m nt.
Dated Sopt 11, loll.    C. E. BAINTER, Ucaior
I'ul- S^t St.
Skoona Land District��� Dislrict of Queen Charlotte
'lake notice that thirty dogl frum date, 1, C. fc.
Hainier ot l'nnce Kuport,  It. C, by occupatiun
kkcoper,  intnd  to  apply  to the Chad  Com-
��� r of Lands fur u lioence lu proipect fur
roal and petfoleua on and under mo acree uf
land on (iraham island des:ril>ed aa folluwa:
( iinmoncinB at a poal planted one mile north
of (. L. H. Cual Uase No. a, marked N. W.
eorner ��'. K. H. Su. IO, thence south B0 chains,
I hei.ee west fcO chains, Ihence north SO Chains.
lhance east 80 chains to place of commencement
I feted .-opt. 11, lall. C B. UAINTEK, Ucator
I'ub. SepL 23,
Skeeba Und District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take nolle** (hat thirty days frnnm date, I, C. K
Haintir of 1'nm-e Kuport, H. (*., occupation book.
��� ������ |" r. intend to apply tn the Chief ( omml-tsfonor
II Lat.'ls for a licence to prospect for roal and
[���ttroleuffl on and under ti-io acree of land on
(trahum Island described ai folloHs:
i ��� t..p *> ,',cir-(( at a post planted two miles north
if i L. H. CotJ Uase No a, marked N. E. eorner
'.( C. K. H. Coal Uase No. 11, thonce south 80
chains, thet.ee west HO chains, thence north HO
cl line, thonce oast HO chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sepl. 11, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK, Ucator
I'ub. Sept. iM.
Skoena Und District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Ihirty dava from date, 1, C. E.
Uainter of l'nnce Kupert. IL C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend to apply tu the Chief Com*
mlmloner of Land for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under M0 seres of
lantl on (iraham Inland described as follows:
���-'���.���,'���,- at ,. post planted two milea norlh
if ( . Bi II. Coal Uaac No. 7, marked C. E, D,
Cosl I.i-*a*f No. 12, thencv south HO chains, thence
east ao chains, thonce north 60 chain*, tnence
eroM ad chains to plaee of commencement.
DatedSept 11,1911. C E. HAINTKU, Ucatur
Hub. Sept. 2.1.
Skerna Land District ���District of Qw**?n Charlotte
Take notice thai thirly dayi from date, I, C. E.
Uuinter of 1'rince Kup��*rt, H. C,, hy occupation
bookkoepor, intend to apply lo tha Chief Commissioner nf Lands for a licence lo prospect for
coal and ,** ** ���<* *.nu on antl under mm acree of
land on Graham Island described ih follows:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
nf C. Bi IL Coal Lease No. 7, marked S. W. corner
('. E. H. Coal Uase No. la, thonoe north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenco aouth an
chains, thrnce west B0 chaina to place of commence n-ent.
Dated Sept. 11, 19U. C. E. UAINTER, Ucator
Pub. Sept 28.
Skeena Lund DIatrlot -DUtriet ..* <i
t Take noUoethSthuS dayi ?/! V"',''''"-
Balnter ol Prinoo Rupert  u  i    ,"'
bookkeoper .intend to apply to 'ti '',  "
mlmloner ol Undi for I ifm ,.
poal unu petroleum Sn and SS     ',
land on Graham liland dmSSbSaTfJ '   Mn   '
Commencln. ... ,. ,.,',,..''','���. ��� ���������������
I*,.. ���      * '"-:>i.iiiii'ii ,,, i
Coirnnenoln, at a poit plaSSluS   ���
..- ���*���*, *������**��� Coal Lew No' 8, xnusxi ���
0. 1*.. ll. iuui I,,.,,,,, v    ',.,"";���'.* core
I'llHlllS,   tllUIICIl   W.-.sl   Ml   ,-!,,���'' "     ���' 'in   ������
etaalaa, ihoaoa um su ohalni'to
menoumeat, ' ��� ���    w( emu.
Iwt,^!1'11"       ��* * DAINTER, ^
Blcwni Laml Distrk-t -Dlittlot ol 0u.    i i
���     ���lokunoii��� that thirty ,!;,..; |,*A
BalotU ol  PrlaM  Kupe-ri.  i;.       '  ,",    '	
buokkoopi-r, Inland to upb   ��� ********
mWoner ul Landi lm ��� uwom i
u.iul and pt'iruiiiuiii un uuai unci.
land oa Graham Ulanddi    I
luii,,,,,.,,,*,,,,, at ��� poll ,,!��..,,., ,   ,
ol i.l*.. ii. i.uui Lm No, ig,
Ct��U UtHrNo. IB. thonet no .'' '���
won  nxi chu,,,.,,  ,|���,TO south  -., l;
ssr_Sa-_i.1,lrf1, *������*������'*������*>��� i
BIcMni Uii-l District -DUtrlol ol Q,- ,,
lak*. nuticu that thirty tUyi Irom ;������������ i _'*Z*
HiiiiitiT ul PrinOO  lluporl,  li.  ,;.,  .,       ' .:**���*������
bookkoopor. InUnd  ,��� applj   ,���   h
: i.ii-asiiiiior ol Landi lor a iToonc. to a     .
pea   ami poiroloum un ami undor ,,i, :���,.,,
luml un i.ruiiuin lalaml dMcribe i .��� lollow
Coramonolni it a post pUnud two iniJa north
Ol   C.   IC.   II.   Coal   Uiasil   NO.    10,   .rr.r       ,   2   ,'
1 cornor C. B. 11. Uual Ua*. N���. |... "* {J
3U chains, thonco woat SO ol,.,,,. .
OU ch'iui.s, thunco oast 60 jii.ii.. to nl,      ,i .'"
'lionct'inont. ***""*
Uat^p...1.18.1.    O.B. BAINTER,u����_
.Skoona Und District -District of Qui ei I \* ,-;-,������
luku notice thul thirly days Into
Haintor of I'rinco Kupurt,  H. C, i . h(
boukkeopor,  intond  to upply  to the
miasionor of Landa for u ueenoi te  ; ��] fur
coul and petroleum on und under ���
land on Cruhuui Islund doeortbed ia fo
Comtnoncinu ut a pott planted t�� i . -...,.'
of C. E. H. t:oal Lean No. ll, marl i " J-
corner C. E. H. Coal Leeee No 17, i . ',uU^:
��o chains, thonco wost so ehalni, thone ��� nt* ���*,
chuina, thonce oust 80 chuins to pLaoe o| commencement,
Dated .Sopt. 11, 1911,     C. E. HAINTKU, Locator
Hub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District���Diatrict of yuoon Charlutte
Tako notice thai thirty da>s Irum date, i C t.
Hainier of l'nnce Kuport, U. C, by uccui
booUmepefi Intand tu apply tu thi i
missioner uf Lunds for a Licenco to pl
coul uud poimloum on and under oh acfM u(
lantl on liruhum Islund described us followi ,
Commencini; at a post planted two mtlu r.urtli
of C�� 1-. H. Coal imVmiM* No. u, marked .s. w.
corner C. E. U. Coal Uuso No. le, iin-.c.. ,���41i
M chains, ihenco eual 80 chuins, tbonoi I
chains, thenco wmi  80 chuins to pluce 11 ,
Datod Sopt. 11, 1911.     C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
Hub. Sept. 23.
-Skeena Und District���DUlrict of Queon Charlotto
'luko notice tnut thirty da>s after dute, 1. C. b.
DalAter of I'rinco Kuport, H. C, by i.e.
boukkeeper, intend lo apply to the Chid -
miasionor of Unds fur a liconco tu prospect fur
coal and iM.'truleuut on und under 04u aero, i,'
land on Graham ltduud described as EOUowa;
Commonciiitc at u posl plunied two mile-, nurth
of C. E. ll. (.:oal Uase No. Id, markod S. U.
OOtaer C. E. H. Coal Uase No. 19, thence nurth
80 chains, thence oust 80 chains, thenco suuth vi
chains thenco ���-.-.. ; .-,/ chains to place of aw
Dated Sept 11,191L    C. E. BAINTBR, Ucator
I'ub. aSeou 23.
Skoena Und DUtrlct -DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notice tbat thirly days from date, I, t\ K.
Hainter of 1'rincu Kuport, U. C, by oorapatloo
bookkeeper, intond to apply to the i .' ( nn-
miiuioner of Unds for a licence to ;.. ;*n*t inr
���oal and fwiroleutn on and under 61'J mm uf land
on liraham Island de��cribed as follows:
' ���.-..���:.<���,.i-:,,���* at a post planted two n   ���> north
of C. E. U. Cual Leaa. No. 14, marked B, ���-.
corner C. E. H. Coal Uaao No. 20, |
��0 cnains, thence wust 80 chains, ton  -
'������i.:.-.   thenco  easl   8U  chains  to  plooe uf  cutn-
i/*tisl Sept. II, |9ll.     C. E. BAINTER Ucator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
.fkeena Und DUtrict -DUtrict
Take nutice that thirty da., - i ,. late. 1. C. K.
Uainter of I'rince Kupert, B. C, by ooeupatkm
tKMikket'per, intend to apply io Um I btel t ��a<
mt-siuner uf Unds for a licence io ptoapOOt (or
cual and pe:ruleum on and under MO ucres ol
land on Graham Island deacnliud as follows;
Coinmoncinic ut a post planted two m ies north
i��f C. E. U. Coal Uase No. li, marked x B.
OOfMC Ca L. U. Coal lr**Mc No. 21, thence norih
Ml chains, ihence weat 80 chain*-, thonce suuth tut
chaina, thenco oaat ao chains lo placo uf commencement.
DatedSept. II, 1911.    C. E. HAINTEK. Ucator
Skeena Und DUtrlct ���District of gueen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty duys from date, 1. C\ B.
Hainter uf I'rince Kupert, B, *.'., by occupation
bmikkeeper, intend la apply to the Chief Con.
miAiduner uf UikU fur a licence to prospect foi
coal and petroleum on and under tito acres cf
uland on Graham Island described as folluws:
Commenring at a post plented two tu: ��� north
of C. E. U. Coal Uaae No. 10. marked N. I.-
comer C. E. II. (.'oal Uaso No. 22, thonce soutt.
80 chains, thence wiui t*0 chains, thonco north **j
chatna, thence east 80 chains to place of i
Datod SeoL 12.1911.    C. E. HAINTEK. Uct'.cr
Skeona Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlutte
Tuko notice that thirty days frum date. 1, < ��� '������
Hainter of l'nnce Kupert, H   C, by    occupation
��� --I'l-r.   intend  to  apply  lo thti Chief Cum-
inianionor of Unds fur a licence to pros,.tct l*<r
coal and petroleum on und under 640 cures ol
land on Graham Ldand described as fultowi:
i"ommeneing at a poet planted two milea north
of Ca E. H. Coal Lease No 17, marked N. K
hti.it C. E. U. Coal Lease No. 2:\ thence ninth
f*0 chains, thenco weat 80 chains, thenn | i
**> chains, tlienco cast HO chains lo placo of commencement.
Dated Sept 12. 1911. C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
.Skoena Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Quee n Cbariotl
Take notioe thai thirty da;s from dale. I. C t
Hainter uf I'rince Kupert, H. C.. by occupation
bookkoopor. Intend io apply to the Chief Com'
mbanner of Unds for a licence to nroepeet for
cual and petroleum un und under ti iu ucrea ol
land un (iraham Isalnd deaenbed as follows;
Commencing at a (kmi piunted two miles north
of Ca K. H. I o.il Uase No. L\ nurki-l N. V\
corner C. K. II. Coal Uase No. 21, thence south
!*0 chains, ihenco oust mi chains, ll.ence north
so chaina, thence weal 80 chaina tu place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 12, 1911.     C. E. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict of (jueen Charlotte
Take notice tnat thirty days from date. I, \- 1"
Hroderick of l'nnce Hupert, U. C, by occupation
bank manager intend to apply to Iho ChM * <���'
mi.Mlnner of Unds for a licenco to prospect for
coal and petroleum on und under 040 MTU of
land un Graham Island described us follows:
CommeneUm at n post planted two miles north
uf C. K. H. Coal Uase N't��. 17. marked S. W
corner A. T. H. Coal Uaso No. 2'��, ihenc- OOP
80 chain1". Ihence oast 80 chains, thenco south 8 ���
chains, thonco west 80 chaina to place of Con*'
DatedSept 12, LUL C. E. Uainter. Agenl
I'uh. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land District -District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty da.\s from date, I, A.  ���
Hroderick of I'rince Kupert, U. C, by occupation
bank manager. Intend tu upply to the Chief I
��� ;  -I'.iitT of Lunds for a licence to prospect for
coal  and   petroleum  on  and  under 040 cares ol
land on Graham Inland descrilied as followa:
Commencing ut a poit plnated two milea north
of C. E. II. Coal Uase No. 20. marked S. K.
corner A. T. H. Coai Uaso No. 2��, thrnco north
N chains, thonco west 80 chains, thence aouih
BO chains, thenco oast 80 chains to place of coi i-
Dated Sept. 12, 1911. C. E. Uainter, Agent
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District���District of Queen Oh-ttiotM
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, A. T.
Hroderick of PrinM Kupert, tl. C, by occupation
hank manager, intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Landi for a licenco to prospect for
rust anil petroleum on and under NO acroa of
land un Graham Island described as follows:
Commeneing nt a post planted two milea norh
of C. <%. IL Coal Uase No. 21, marked S. E
comer of A. T. |l. Cual Uase No. 27, thrncr
west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chaina, thonco
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chuina to placo
of commencement.
A. T. BRODEKICK, Locil'tr
Daled Sept. 12, 1911. C. E. Balnter, Agent.
Hub. Sept. 23.
jKoe"a Land DUlrict���DUtrict nf Queon Chariot
Take notice that thirty dnvs from da*e. I, C. K.
Hainter of Prince Rupert, ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Corn*
mUiloner of Lnnds for a licrneo to prospect for
roal and petroleum on and under filO acroe of
land nn Graham Island doscribod tu follows:
Commmring at a pust planted at tho nouthwr-t
oorner of Coal Uase No. 416ft marked C. E B.
Coal Uaae No. 28, thenee north 80 chains, thence
west 80 rhnln*, thenco south 80 chains, thenco
east 80 chains to point of com men cement covering
all foreshoro Tlahn Point.
DatedSept. 12,1911. C.  E.  UAINTER
Pub. Oct 7.
*��-!   'st^Ami--
���*���*���������+������_ 4__+__,������__��...
I     General Merchandise
Largest Stock
J   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
V. f. G. f.AMIII.l-:
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Eatate and Stock Broken
Prince Rupert
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridaya, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at I P. M.
For .Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc.    every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
f ommeneinK November 2nd.
Ruilwuy service to Vanursdol, mixed
traini from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Chrittmas vi.it Emit travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago. The fineBt and beat
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West. Atlantic Steamship booking*,
arranged.. Full information nnd
tickets obtained from the office of
The World's
Greatest High-
Nsr      way :
Let us plan
or to Europe.    We like to  answer enquiries.   Agent for oil Atlantic
linea.   Call on or write
J. G. McNab
General A-jenl
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Fniser and 5th.        Choice Wines and Claar.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
All Cash
14, IB, 16
33 and 34
14, IB, 16, 17
17 and 18
40 and 41
28           6
2             8
17    47           8
28           8
28           8
$62B ea.
$800 pr.
$260 ea.
$800 pr.
$800 pr.
r offlce and ace other
Fire, Lie, Accideat _W Liability Insurance
Box 767
Sell thc Daily News.
It's the easieat and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
��� -aa.-
Second Ave.,
Prince Rupart, 9tC
Cor. 3rd Av.
and 8th St
The James
Nicely furnished room.. Good table board
Bead H 75 Room -net Bo.a.l 17 Oil
qu.UTT iiir.ii rsacsm LOW
'     *     "
���MM Land Dtalilct-DliirW.ol Custer
Take   nolle,   thai   Charles   William   Ham   ot
Vancouver. B. C, occup.llon Inspe-ctot. Inlrn.ls
to .pply lor permlasion to purch.se the lollowlnt
ile-sml-���I lands:
Commencing at a port planted at lne eon-
Dunne, ol lll.ckw.tel river with lh. Ns.. n,.t
���bout two mUes soulh Irom lh. slslh Homlnion
Tflrsr.ph cabin. I'ort marked C. W. II s. ��
Corner, Ihence SO chain, north, Ihence Ml chslns
.art, thence HO chain, eouth. Ihence SO chsin.
weal to point ol eommeneament. containing SIO
sen. more or leea. _.���....��.   ���������..
11.i-l Sept-mlier 29, I'.'l 1
Pub. Nov. t.
Skeen. Land District���Dlitrict ol Caular
Tak. nolle, lhal Thome. Arthur Whlu ol t.n-
couver,  B. C, occupaUon carpenter, Intends lo
���pply  lor  permission  lo purchaae th. loUowina
dcsa-Tibed l.nda: ,.
Commendnt at a posl planted al Uie confluent, ol lll.ckw.ter river wllh Seas river, .l-.ut
two mile, eouth ol the sisth Dominion Telrjts**,-,
cabin. I'ort m.rkeJ T. A -A . S, I.. < orner, ih.nc-*-
SO chslns north, thence f-0 chslns waasl. thenr* ���
chiins south. Ihence ��0 ch.ins ��asl lo poinl ol
1 tiJB&RSr-fjfV-M
Dated Sepl. 23, t��ll.
Pub. Nov. (.
Skeeni Und Dislrict-Dirtricl *(!****.
T.ke nolice lh.t Amtus Jam��� M'Kr"*_J "'
Vancouver. II. C occupation l'^*'*,*',-^','n_!i?2
to EX lor permission lo purchase the lollowlnl
di��criti.-d lends: .        ..
Commencln. .1 . I"��t t**t*mAmTmS*m
tluence ol lllackw.ler river with *.*** rl<r*T, t*t*f
\tae* _im .hence f ftj -
Ihenee SO ch.lns north. Ihenee M chslns w-t
to point ol commencement, eonlalnli-ie ��I0 aows
more or 1��.     ^___ _,__-, McK_NE,K
D.led Serpt. 23, Ull.
Pub. Nov. t.
Skeen. Und District -DUtrlct ol Csmtxtr
T.k. nonce thst   Herbert  Mcl*nn.n ol Van-
fluent- ot EEfcMMrH** *2* , ,Yh    l-omll"
���bout  two  mile, south  ol  ine  si��>o    .
Telettrsph   e.hln      1'o.t   **jCflJft chall_
sttv��___ S B_?S
l^l'xapoZx ol commencemenl, cont.lnln, 610
Pub. Nov. 1
Eft S% ����Wj3S& flJB!
comer ol pre-emption **J^E*tt ***** SO
ch.ln., thenc.  eoulh   10 eh** IMne.
auZ.ln ,.hno,rthtlykdirecl,���n u, po.nl_��������
psttSr��� ���"TB-raans-s
��_ *s__?��r_ss_a i*!��? **r*\
''""a**^* It   l-   ��w.Hon w.iter.  Intends
"rz^.a'eit.x ***m*^*fl% -tnf'g*
**Sm CTt ffi�� ess70 cfin"
SUsj SA north. Ih.nre 70 ch.in.
ST then" B5 eh.lns .oulh lo point  of   com-
mmmZt ^^^^n^mt ttfcs
Dsled October 21, 1��l I.
Pub. Nov. i
Skoena Lund D slrlcl-Dlstrlct of CoaU Run 6
Itumrri Tr" *'""��� U,"u-*' A a'*"* ��' '''In���
n Si,V���   .'. ,- '"���������������l"-'*"" dvll oininiHii. Intenda
dVcfit'-Jd'Li'l'i:���'""'0" '" "Urcl"""' "'�� iu"��wl"*'
ComniMcliig it a pu.t ���',���lHl aij,lut 3 ,.g    ���
maH SffWi! "��'""��� hr* '*���*> *>*"**xm,X corner
L,t "in ei,,,,:-,,"""���"' '��� c*">" 0*x**tm* "��"l��l
east JO ehalni, llioiice neittli U0 ehains, th.nco
���Mt to  bank  ol  river,  tlience suulh   follualng
..i-i- ',/iv"r l0 '"���*'"��� ��* commoiiceniunt: eon-
talnini IN acree, muro oi Ima.
puTiiet"!;,9, mi- ,* , W *��� '-"ant
Pub. Oct. 10. Gordon ft Eninieiaiiii, Agent
Skeeni Und Ulatrlet���ltl.trlot ol Cei-ul Range 5
lake notice lliul 1. fliruiopher Jamos llralian,
ol rlncn Hup rt, II. l.\, oreupatlnn locomotive
engineer, Intend lo inplj |���r permission ,��� purchaie
tho loiluwing dawtibiiil luiiils:
Commencing at a iiust planl.d at Hue south
weit cornor ol Lot fco. I7:,3 vicinity ol Laka
Ukolse ���mi marked l.*liriste,ph���r J. liraliam
N. H. Cornor, thence wost 40 cliulna, thenc- south
SO ch.lns, Ihenee east 10 ehalna, thenco north 80
chains to posl nl commencement; contsining
320 ���cos, iii.ii,- a,r leas,
Dated Sopt. 22. I'Jll. 11.06 A.M.���Witnessed T. U
Pub. Sept. 30.
Skoeni Uad DUlrict���District ol Cisslir
Tjke nutice that 11. II. Stewart ol Vancouver,
B.   C,  occupation  truckman,   intend,  to  apply
lur normlsslon to purchaw the lulluwing doscribod
Commencing at a post plantod 40 chains south
ol Pre-emption No. 397 and 62 chains east Irom
tha Nuns Hlver (S. \V. C), thonco 40 ch.lns cast,
tbence 40 chains norlh, thenco 40 cliaina weat,
thence 40 chain, a,,nth to thu point ol commencement lo contain ItiO acros moru or iaes.
D��ted Aug. Hill. Jamos T. Kullorton, Agont
Pub. Sopt. 23.
Skeeni Und District���District ol Cout Range b
Take notice that Harold E. Smith ol Morely,
Alia., occupation ililioo kgont. Intends lo apply
(or permission to purchase the lollowing described
Commencing it ��� post plsnted el tho south
weat corner 100 chains eut snd 20 chrim north
Irom N. E. vomer ot Ut lllti, Harvey's Surv.y
Cout District IUnge :,. thence 40 chains eul,
thenca 80 chaina north, ihoneo 40 cheins west,
tbence 80 ch.ln. south to posl of commencment
conUining 320 .ere., mora or leu.
D.led Sept. 18, UU. HAROLD E. SMITH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Uohler. Agen
Skwna Und District���Dlitrict ol Coul IUnge 6
Tske notice thit I, Gordon C. Emmeraon ol
Prince Rupert, U. C-, occupation rail aull
broker, Inlend to Apply lor permiwion to pur-
chue th. lollowing dessciibed l-.ii.l-.
Commencini at a pant planted about 2 3-4
milu In a northerly direction Irum the northeut
curner post ol Ul 1389, IUnge 3, Cout District,
thance north 40 chains, tbence waat lo river
bank, thence south lollowlng river bank lo point
ol commencement: containing li-u acres, more or
Dited SepL ��, Ull.  GORDON C. EMMERSON
Pub. Oct. 10.
Skeena Und District���District ul Cout Ring. V
Take notica that I, llenismin A. Kisli ol Towner,
N. 1'.. occup.tion merchant, Inund to apply
lor permission to purchau th. lulluwing ducrit '
Commencing al a poat pl.nlrtl on tba esst
boundary and about Ova chain. Irom lb. aouth*
���art eiiriu-r ol Lot * IM, thenoa north 60 chains,
lh.no. eust 30 chain., lb.no. .oulh 60 chains,
thance wost :'u chains to point ol commencemenl
Dated Jun. 21, Ull. BENJAMIN A. FISH
i'ub. July It. Fred E. i ..��. ll. Agenl
���-���.-set.. Und District���Dlrtrict ol Cout lUng. 6
Take ii.ma* that lllriam Roy McTevtih ol
Winnipeg. Man., occupaUon barrirter. tnlaadl
to apply tor permUsion lo purebaw lb. lollowing
d-acrined land.:
Commencing at a post planted at the .ouih-.-i
corner 10 chains easl and 10 ehalna nortb Irom
N. K. eorner ol Ut 1116, Harvey'i Survey Cout
I'lsiiiri IUnge &. thence 60 ch.ini ***u Ih.nee
bu chain, north, th.no. 60 chuns wvat, tbrtice 60
chaini i-iulli to port ol commencement containing
:i-a0 acre, more or 1,-..
I'���led Sepl. 18, Ull III HI AM  ROY McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sepl-13. Fred W. Uohler. Agent
Skeen. Und Dutrict���DUlrict ol loasl lUng. V
Taka notice that Jaua M. Tallman ol Cedar
Rapids,   Iowa,   occupation   lawyer,   Inlenda   to
���pply lor permiasion to purchaM tbe loUowing
doKTtbed land.:
Commencing at a port planted on tbe e-.ulherlv
ahora el  KuU>mala.n  Inlet oa  tho right  bank
ol a small stream Homing into aaid Inlet ,ust -*.t
ol Crow Uka.    Tbeaese eoulh 20 cbaina, lhance
a 20 chain, more or lou to tba ibore line ol
Crow Lake,  tbeoee  northerly  and  eartarly  lol-
lne th. .bore Uau ol Crow Lake, tbe Inlet
to Crow Lake aad Kutaeymaieea Inlet to tba
place el commencement,  containing  tarty  .ere.
mora ar leas.   Located Augurt 7, UU.
Iisl-l Aug. a, Ull. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skeen. Land DUlrict-DUtrict ol Coart Rang. 6
Tak. nolle. Ibsl E. II. li. MUler ol FaUmouth
Eng., occupillon surveyor. Inland, lo apply lu
C.rn,iuion  to  purchau  Ihe lollowing  daacribed
ada: .   ��� _ _
Commenrlng .1 . port pl.nted .1 lb. N. W. Cornar ol Lot line., Ihence wut SO ehians, thenre south
20 chslns. ihence .art 10 chains, tbence north 20
Cnains to the point ol commenceme-nl conulnlng
160 .ma mora or liu 	
Daled August 13. Ull. I"   H. O. MILLER
Pub. Aug 26, P. M. MUUr. Agwl
This ia a little aection ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subject- of apecial intcreet to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expresaed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Innocent Children Exposed to
Deadliest Risk by Use of the
Fatal Material.
The majority of flannelette victims arc little children ap]>ears
to account for the Indifference
wiih which this painful matter is
generally treated. Shame that it is
so; and more shame that the victims are helpless children, having
no voice In the matter of the
choice of their garments or the
materials of which ihey are made.
Roughly speaking, the deaths in
the United Kingdom from ihis
cause amount to a thousand a
year, the great majority lieing
those of children under ten years
of age. Further, of these the greal
majority is of females; oul of
one set of returns for three winter
months of 175 deaths from burning
flannelette no fewer than 120 were
lliose of females. Under five
years of age the sexes are practically equal in their libaility lo death
from this cause, but there is a
striking falling-off in ihe deaths of
male children from the time when
they cease to wear petticoats.
Again, in the same returns we sec
that between the ages of five and
ten there were recorded the deaths
of only eight boys, while thc girls
who lost their lives numbered
thirty-four; of the eighty-two
deaths of those above five years,
seventy-three were of females.
are bright and with the dominant
tone to match the costume.
One in gray tusah lias a Persian
floral design with blue and prominent color, to match the gown.
Anoiher has the top in black
and white striped messalaine and
is finished with a ten-inch flounce
in American Beauty messaline veiled with black lace. Sometimes
the uppers are dark, while the
flounce is either In plaids, stripes
or tloral effects, with thc leading
lone to match the costume.
Children's garments are made
up along the same lines as those
of the grown-ups. This is particularly noticeable in the long
coats, the prominent style notes
of which are the shawl collar and
side fastenings, the deep revers,
the new sailor collars and the
pointed collar, as well as the hood
effects, all of which are seen in
wonvn's outer garments.
C" Yen's school coats are made
up of the double-faced cloths,
heavy serges and cheviots, as well
as tweeds and fancy mixtures.
For dressy wear there are handsome broadcloths, heavy bengaline
silk, velvets, corduroys and velours;
In fact, all pile fabrics are largely
For trimming the cloth coats
plain colored broadcloths and ratine are newer than velvet, but all
three are favored. Fur the dressy
coals fur trimmings will be popular
as soon as lhe cold weather sets in.
.... ITEMS OF.
Second Match of Cy Peck So'o
Shield Series Playtd Last
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenlmver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
In the second series ol mali'lus
for the Peck Solo Shield, played at
the Prince Rupert Club,
the Wanderers' Club came off
victors by 111) pouts. This leaves
the Prince Rupert Club still leading
by a substantial majority not
yet exactly checked up. The
games are being very closely fought
OUt Next match of the series will
be played at the Wanderers' Club.
Last night's line tips were the
following: Prince Ruperl Club���
W. H. Vickers, A. Carss, Dan
McKlnnon, E. M. Sandells, F. G.
Dawson, J. J. Sloan, l",torge D.
Tite, John Plercy,MartinO'Reilley
and M. M. Stephens.
Wanderers' Club���J. Howe, G.
L. Peek, Cy. Peck, Archie Russell,
W. Toby, R. Lowe, C. Vaughan,
G. R. T. Sawle, Bob Stalker, C. L.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 851
Great aaaortment of
for nini. women, women and children
..Suits and Overcoats for Boys..
in many atylea and fabrica that will please  the little fellowa and stand
the wear and tear
in all aigea, and many kinda for men, women and children
Girl's Dresses
We have juat received a larrc aaaortment that we will sell at special
pricea.   Your dollara will go a long way at
825 Third Art-nut        "THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Phone 243 Black
Harry H. Davis, first baseman
of the world's champion Athletics,
and lieutenant of Connie Mack,
their manager, has signed a contract to manage tlie Cleveland
team of the American league in
Tommy Burns, ex-champion,
en route to Australia Willi Jim
Clabby, to take lhe management
of his protege, Jack Lester, but
it can be stand thai Tommy is
on another mission. He is anxious
to take the to Antipodes a strong
lacrosse team, possibly made up of
Indians, and on liis trip will make
preliminary arrangements.
of British Columbl. eif B.C., OnUrio, Su-
sntl Miiuilrrliu llnrs. k.te-hewiin   anel   Al-
Is-rti. Bus.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office��� Exchange blaxk, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. S
S. HALL, L. D. S.
D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gas and
local anasthellcs administered for the painless extraction of tooth. Consultation free. OIIIcm :
HolKurson Block. l'nnce Hupert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson lis..     W.K. Williums.n.a.. L.L.U
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. 0. BOX 2.1
1*1*1*11. UF WU.  liixns.  isu., S..R ��.��..  I ON.. ENQ
Jack Herman, man.iuer of Zby-
skco, has received word lhal the
big Polish wrestler has arrived in
New York with the avowed pur-
pose of fon ing Gotch Into a match
for lhe world's championship title.
Forfeit mone) will be put up in
New York.
Fir., Lit. and Accident Insurances
OIU 3rd A venue* Phone 203 and Grsen 2i2
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and I Ith Sts
English and American BHIiards
Twelve Tablet SECOND AVE.
l.(-]U Coola Land DUtrict- DUlrict of Cout lUng*
Tiki noticu tint II. M. Cliff ot Dundalk, Ir.
land, occupation g<*ntl<>niiin, u.t.:. :-. to ati|ily (or
|u rniis-iuii to Wm.-** tho (ollowing iI.-mtiI'.-I lands:
('uinmrncing at a puat plantod at th* ihort
ni'nr tho N. H. curniT uf l.nt No 3. thence norih
io chaina, thunco weat bU chaina mora or Uaa to
oaat boundary o( cannery !������������-. thonce (ollowing
the aaid eait boundary ftuuth 40 chaina more or
laaa to ahora line, thanco (ollowing aald ahore
line eaaterly 80 chaina moru or leaa to point of
���-i NiNniii'i iiit-iit, containing 320 acroa, moru or
Dated Auguit 31, 1911. II    M.  CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair. Agent
Delia Coola Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Cout IUngo
Take notice that 11. M. Cliff or Dundalk. Ireland, occupatiun gentleman, Inlenda to apply
fur |>crniiMion to leaaa tha following deacnlwd
Commencing at a post planted at the N. K
corner of 1 .--i ���.. thence nurth 29 chaina, thenca
wnt 40 chains, thence aouth 20 chaina more or
leaa to ahore line, thenco following the ahoro line
ut 40 chaiai mon* or lt<ss lo point of commence
ntent; containing ���"' carua, more or leaa.
Daled AugUHt 31, 1011. II.   M.  CUFF
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
M..-T. Und DUtrirt-DUtrirt of (out IUnge 6
Take notice tbat R. K. MUler of Tipton. Lnf
land, occupation larmer. nlende to apply for
pffmtMion to purchaaa tbe following doacribed
Commencing at a post planled about 60 chaina
mat from the N. W'. Corner of Lot 440A, thence
north 40 chaina, thenoe weat 20 chaina, thenca
���oulh 40 chains, ibence eaal X0 chains to tba
point of commencement containing eighty acraa
mure or l**s. _   _   __., . _��--
n.t-i Aur-t it mi. _ R- ���*���**-"J-u
I'ub. Ana. ta. P. **. Mlltar. Al��rt
���-...-. Und I ..-a- fi -DMrict ol Coast IUnl< ft
Tak. nolle. U��t Frank S.  Mill** ol London.
Una., oemipaUon erirtl atigineet. Inl.rnts lo e->pl|"
lor nr'-riiM-ion to purch���" lh. loiln-lnf dsoembM
.Bo*- - ���    _.   _
Coinm���icinl .1 . post pl.nled .1 th. N. I.
Corner ol Lot M, llienr. north .'0 chains. Ihewec*
aim tt chaina, theme, south 20 chsins. thene.
Mst 20 ch.ins to point ol cummawicssan.nl, con*
l.aninf 40 *ert* mora or lax*.
KTl-ml i*. l��n       ���������M**NK ��� ������*-":������-������
I'ub. Aug ta. P. M. Millar, Al.nt
���MM Land DWrtel -DMrict ol CjmI lUnae *
Tak. notice that I^HtH McT..ish ol \ aneenirer.
occu|,.tion marrierd sroman. Inlands to apply
lor nertntarion to purchwe Ih* lollaninl daerib-sd
lana*: ��� .. ..
Comm.ndnj .1 . |kM pUnted .1 lb* north-
not corner loo ch.ln. r.l and 20 chain, north
Irom N. E. eome-1* o* Lot III*. Il.rre,'��� Xotsey
Cosut District R.n��e *, Iherce 20 cha.ns south.
Ihence teO ch.lm* rul. thene. SO ch.ins north,
thenc. to chain, amtx, thenco M ch.in. soulh.   j���    (H'iM(|llcmV   ol    tllC    less   C.TC
mA<��W!^*tM """'"J ****** ---v.".   tn the Utile ones ao
listed Sept. IS. Ull- lAJTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sepl. *U
The subject, will, therefore, lie
���.wii to lie one of especial interest
to women, whether as wearers
themselves ol flannelette garments
more than men, or as mothers,
fruardians, and nurses of the children who form so large a proportion of the deaths recorded from
the use of ordin.-.ry flannelette.
But if thc majority of deaths
were those of males, women would
Mill Ih* as largely responsible (since
ihey   iire    the   chief    liuyers   of
garments sod materials for clothing, especially of children), and,
of course, WOUld lie equally ready
10 sympathise With the sufferers
mtl to do tluir Ik-.M. to remedy
the evil. This consists of two
dangers;   one. from the untreated
flannelette, and the other from
that labelled as non-inflammable,
but not really so. In thc imperii ri iv treated material the fire-
r.sis.iig   qualities   diminish   with
each successive washing and it
therefore becomes s danger trap
Fred Vi. Bohler. Af.nl
Hella CooU Land Dtotrtrt���Dlstrkt ol Coast Ram.
Tak. nolle- that H. M   Clilt ol Dundalk. Ireland,   occupation   renlleman.   Intends   lo   appl,*
permission  to lata*  lh.  lollowinf  deatnbe.1
"commcneiri .1 . post pUnted on lh. shora
ol NeeUctjeonn.r Rim .bout 10 *******
ol Indian Hraer.. Line tl-��c* ��*��t SO ch.an.
lollooin. Ihe channel ol N��lffl*eonns> Hl***a
��� more or les. lo cn.nnel
������k*-n. Und US �����!'" ** I***"* Ch"M*
*m ******* StAire tte
T.k. nolle. ***23P*, "������,', i��� & offi
CoMt ol U"h"m1l""'"_, ���,.nl_| three mile, east
eomm.ne.ro.nt.   AUSTIN M. BROWN, Uaatot
Ua-Ud AuilHt 111. I��1L
Pub. Aui. 1��*
being given    l<
clothed. The first danger could
lie stopped al once if every woman
IK) matter for whom she was
buying, were l" foreswear the use
nf ordbiary flswistette.   If women
CSBScd buylngi tahe manufaclurers
would be lotted to cease making.
cl   IIHU  Cool.   Rirar,  Ihene. tnllomir.it  chsnneH ______
ol liell. Coola Rlrar -ulerlr fo chains, north        . ,        Wints��r   are
K0 ch.ins more or Ira. lo point oleommeneement: Fashions    tor    tne    Winter    nre
conl.ir,in�� IS-! *er*m, more or __. We||   Settled   Now
D.ted Auautt 2M911.                     u.uil.   �����i
I'ub. Sept. M.                   William McNair. Af-it
Good effecls will Ik* quite in
evidence <��i long mats Ihis winter.
The adjustable VAllSty Will probably meet with favor, as they can
lie unbuttoned In which ores tbt-
Ooal will have lhe popular sailor
The cuffs an- particularly notice
able on UtS new OOStS,    They are
extremely large and usually of
iht HUBS material as the collar
and revers. In many cases they
,,r,* cut in fancy shapes and
trimmed wiih large buttons
The   new    petticoats   all   have
gored tops fining the figure closely,
and   the   flounce  measures  aliout
iwai yards srauod  the Iwtiom.
The materials are of a soft finish
that readily yield to the pressure
of the outer garments.   The colors
Skewi. Und District-District ot Cemt Ranfe S
Uke nolle, ll-.t  Herbert ^MwUt ��*  Pembroke   Ont.  occupstion  lume>cman.  Intend,  io
.JJJ? S *****  *"  P*******��� ** l��n<"*'>*
ntfEx*'*n*> * r* <+**�� fmi* ftja!
ol the Z)mo,,oi!t ot fero^-ttot-llt Hirer. ** ***'*'���
Zmxeax'ti-t ol Ul I TOR. Ihence ���*l\��>'*2f*?*'��'
lb. .raletlx boundarr otUl 1.0R. to chains
m"���re or H lo lh- noath-rat **M��**gM*
I TOR, thenc. oraterl/ .nd Mutherl,*. I"l �����'"��
the lelt bsnk ol S.H rira��. HO chain, more or l��s lo
point ol commeneenwnt conulnlnt ISO acre.
more or 1e*ra.
r-----_Sglil\.'TttlU|SRTJ. Uimjm
KT-SmC trad-iek 8 CUn.n_. Aa"l
Skeena l.��nd DIsulcl-ISslHct erf Casslar
Take notira. thst I. Thi.ma. C.rler. of l-rince
SSfc lhe"?e... �� ch.ln.lop-Hnl^eommence-
ment, eonlainin, HO ****^g*&n*m.
Datrf Julr Tth. ml.   Ckarl*" **'<?<"9****Mn
Pub. Aug. 6th.
What Smart Minds Think and
Sharp Tongues are Saying
Woman���a divine creation for
the comfort and amusement of
Rib���thai [tart of a man's self
of which he thinks the least and
brags the most.
Wife���(the inferior fraction)���
The excuse for all 8 man's si'���-,
the cause of all his failings, lhc
kei |mt of his conscience, the guardian of his digestion, aid the
rt |nisitory tif his grouches.
Hitter   Half���the   half   that   is
always left ai home.
Coquette���miy woman who is
so unreasonable as not to return
a man's affections.
Flirt���any woman over whom a
man has Insisted on making a fool
of himself.
Old Maid���an unmarried woman
with more wrinkles than money.
Bachelor Girl���an unmarried
woman with more money than
Kitten���any woman under BO
for whom a man feels a temporary
Peach���a pretty woman to w hom
a   man    is manoeuvering    lo    be
Prune���the same woman���after*
Baby���the particular woman to
whom a man happeni to be making
Clinging Vint���a Woman who
allows her husband In ihink that
he is having his own way.
Helpmate���a combination of a
playmate, B soul male and a linlil-
runnlng domestic.
Goddess���an Impossible womsn,
who exists only  in   , ovcls  aril  a
nia.i's Imlgination.
Paragon���the kind of woman
a man oughl to marry, wauls to
marry. Intends tO marry- -and never (Iocs.
We carry everything in the feed line, alao tar*
den e��-Ma at the loweat market pricea, at Collart'a
ut* Fiad Store, Market Plac*
Prompt Delivery Phones 41 or ��l
For Beginners and Advanced Pupila
Miaa Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Prant Wllcuk. Pari, and Ileal,n.
Bella Cola Und District-District ol Cout Hanf
Take notira lhat II. M. i lul ol Dundalk. Inland, occupation Bentlamsn, Intenels to apply
tor permission  to lease  the loiluwing  ���JtocntaeJ
In- -I- ���****���������������
t otiimencinf at a poat plant,*! al lh. N*. W.    n no       iu       DI       tit      a    1
corner ol I  ���> No 4, thenc. nt.nh 40 rl , .... ihene.   KOOItl   ��*S.   Alder block Upstaira
eaat 40 chaina, 11,,��� i,.-.�� soulh 40 chains more or
I.-j.  to  shore  line,   thenca  lotlo.ina  shore  line
westerly 40 ch.in. more or Ian lo point ol esom*
in.-iir, n <-;,!.   containing 80 sr.-e-s, more or li*���
Haled Augu.t 2��. 1*11. II.   M.  ' ill I
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair. Agent
EBY   ca.   Co._=
ukai.  ks pa :���.*-:
Kitaumkalum l.��p*l For Salt
KITSUMKALUM . |<   (*.
Bell. Coola Uml Dislrict -Dislrict ol Coast lUng.
3 !
Take nn.r,* lhat II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ire.
land, occupation gentleman, mi, i, Is to apply
Inr i���T���iij..iiiit to leaae tho lollowlng deocribwl
Commenrlng .1 a post planteel at tb. N. W
r, a,. i ol Ut l'.i. thence south 40 chaina mnre ,    ,*. -  nj_��� ���   .   .       _    _.  _
or les. l.a na.rtl.-rn U.und.ri ol loaue No. I .pplinl .."��� \r*"r*, **���**-�� *^****- No .111. Son. of
lornyll. M Cliff, thence Mowing aaid boundary ZS. 2*127*****,*'** eft! __-* _TW ,n
eul 20 chsins, Ihene-o ne.rth 40 ehains. Ibence ' 7',rh *"."""* *n th*8oniof tn.land Hall. t|. lna
w.oi 2u diaii.s lo |.oiiit of commencement:   eon-
S. O. E. B. S.
taininic ���*���" am*, mtiro or l<
Dated AuRunt2H. 1U11. I!.   M.  CUFF
I'ub..' ���.    HO. William McNair, Agant
TJMChtT of Piano. Violin and
Voicr Culture.
UeHat'of.laUnd DUtrict-District or (oaat Ilanee
Take mtlr-e lhat 11. M Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, ocni|>atiun gentleman, intenda to ���[ i>1%
lor \H*tiuirSuta lo lease the follualng deacribed
i .in." ��� ���' i*,: at a poat planted at tho S. I:
corm-r of I.ot 'J.M, thince acuth 40 chaina more
or  l-ea  '"  norilrrn   boundary  of  I_eaae  No.   1
applied f- [ by H   M. fliff, tbence eaat 20 chaina   Between 7th & Sth St*
along   aaid   boundary,   tbenee   north   40   chain*,
ihpiir.' ���*<*! -0 ehalm to point o( commencement; '. .
contaltilrg no aTee, mare ur leae.
Dated AuguM 2��, 11*11. M    M.  CUFF   	
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair. Agent
F. V. CLARK. Sac..
-e-aeeaee-e. ��   ...      ^ P" ��" ���*����� M1 l>r"����* Rupert
2nd Ave,
Prince Runert
Few Have the Experience
"Ever notice how rich a fellow
feeli when hc'i got b few dollars
liis wife doetn't know aliout?"
"Yen, by George, and how clever,
Advertising Pays-in The NtWIlHRSft
Skeena Land Diatrict--Db-Urict ol Queen Charlotta
Take notice that Auatin M. Hrown of Trince
Itupert, orcupallon aaddler, intrnda to apply to
the Chief Com m lul oner of Lands and Worka for
lleenee to proepeet for <coal, oil and petroleum an
and under the following deacribed lands on the
Meet Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat planted three mllea east
of lha northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4472 thence
80 chaina weat, thence B0 chains north, thence **��
chaina eaat, thence 80 chains aoulh to point of
Located Auguat let, 1911.
Tub. Aug. IK
Skaena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Auatin M. Drown of Prince '
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chief Commiasioner of Lands and Worka (or a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the follownig deacribed Unda on thai
Weat Coaat of Craham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted threa milea eaat I
of the aoutheaat corner of C. L No. 4470 t' - < ���**.
north 80 chaina, thenre east 80 chaina, thence
eoutb 80 chaina, thenoa waat 80 chaina to point of 1
com men cement.
Located Auguat Iat, 1911.
PUb. A U.T   19
Hkeena Land District -Diatrict of queen Charlotu
Take notice that thirty days from date, I. C. B.
Bainter of I'rlnce Rupert, B. C., by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to tha Chlet Com*
i!il*aioner ol Lands fur a licence to proipect for
coal and pe<roleum on and under 610 acrea of
land on Graham laland de*crit>ed aa loUoara:
Commencing at a poat planted two milaa norlh
Tla's.n northi.eit ..oinet Coal Lease Um; marked
C. E. B. ('oal Leaae No. 2'*, toencr aoulh 80 chaina,
thence weat 80 chains, tnence norlh 80 chaina,
tht-nee aa��t hn cbalps tj point ot rommenceraint;
retaining 640 acrea mora or leas.
Dated Sept. 12. 1911. r    K.   BAINTER
I uner.l   Director  and   Embalm.r
CHAHIIKS in \. 11-.- mil.i*
liMIU'lll VM 11    avi. I MHAI.MI I. :
Funeral   Director.
Srd Ave. near Hth Si. I'hone No. "a?
..Grand Hotel..
Workln^man'a Home
Fret Labor Bureau in Connection
Phone 178 Iat Ave. and 7th St.
Utile's NEWS Agency
MaKazinea II Periodical II Newapapera
Driven by Snows from Hills,
Ravenous Beasts Prowl
Around Anaconda, Montana.
ll    ii
Anaconda, Nov. 9.���Driven
from lhe hills by the deep snows
and desperate hunger, bands til"
timber wolves are prowling on the
outskirts of the city. A band of
five wolves pursued a deer into
the heart of the city early this
morning, but were put to flight by
a night watchman, The wolves
apparently are taking shelter in
lhe abandoned stables of the race
track on the outskirts of the town.
The News" Classified Ads.
i _,
die Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
Father and Son Compete in a
Ten Mile Race at Toronto on
Thanksgiving Day.
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to  place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers.   The'
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and 8.    The prices are as low |
as  any on  the market,  and  the
tarma so easy���monthly���that anyone   can   buy.     Along   with   this
exceptional oiler, each  lot admits
thc purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD.   If you hold the lucky,
ticket the trip is yours;   or you
can surrender it for a cash con-1
sideration.   The chances are good���
one  in  forty-two.    Come  in  and
The unique sight of father and
son running in one road race was
witnessed at the Toronto R. C. B.
C. handicap 10-mile marathon on
Thanksgiving Day. They were
Sandy Begley, the well known
distance runner, and liis son. Sandy |
got 4 minutes stan on George
Black, the scratch man, while
the boy's handicap was the limit
of 16 minutes. The boy is only
12 yearn of age, and weighs only
75 pounds, but Ju* is a game little
Both father and son were well
up in the race.
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors  nnd Personal Hontls
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.    H'Mi-iM and Rentals.
For Rent
Mrs. tlrwiiwoiKl. Alelor
Rooiiis-Hiii'kley   lllock-
Mi,*t- Furnished R.miiis.
lilock: Third Ave.
For  Itent-Furnished
t'l.aXl week Bf*.
For Ilent-Two roomeal oahin, elOM to MaBrleli*.
freshly pnperoel and clean, only Jl" per month.
II  F. M.lti..- A Co. t-f
OUR Companies are noted for prompt antl just
Hettlenu-nU. Wo write every known claai of
Insurance. Tho Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Danish Youngsters Found Valuable Treasure
Copenhagen, Nov. Ii*.���Two
young people have found on a hill
near here a highly valuable treasure
including about tiOO gold *uid silver
pieces dating from the end of
the tenth century. There are
several Anglo-Saxon coins, .oul also
gold and silver armleis, bowls,
cups, jewels, etc., all of the highest
inier, st and wine, according to
experts. They have been brought
to the Historical Museum at Copen
No Instructions Necessary
.Among the passengers booked
for a coastwise trip of a st earner
running from Prince Rupert to a
Southern port were a timid-looking|
little man and Ilis equally timid-
looking little wife.
One tif the lirsi of the many
questions put to the captain of
the vessel by the little woman
was this:
"Could VOU, sir, tell my husband
what to do in case of an attack
of seasickness? He is particularly
liable to such attacks. What
must he do?"
"It isn't necessary to tell him
what to do, ma'am." said the old
captain grimly.   "He'll do it."
We Pay Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Lead,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
Ant-cliiM ���eam��trc*t.   Mn
* | Wanted at once.
i Wnnted-Good general servant.    Best wajre* to
I    capable person.   Mn. C. V. Bennet.     2SO>256
, Wnnted.   ���    Dressmaking-, cleaning1 and press-
'    Intr. repairing for men and women Mn Charlea
IVrclier, 820 Third Ave.   Thone 294 Red.     tf
Wanted hotel mending and sewimr. also household
MwttHM ironing. Ml Third Avenue, near
News office. 3t
Lost and Found
Son of Eastern Editor Marries
Widow of a $15,000,000 Standard Oil Magnate.
FOUND-2 Small Keys.   Inquire at News Olllce.
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one-lourth
cash, balance 6-12-18 months.
Lot 7, Block 28, Section 5, Summit
Avenue. Price $625. $225 e..sh,
balance $50 every three months.
Lots 6 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
Avenue. Price $600 each, one-hit!I
cash, balance easy.
Lot 3, Block 24, Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
Price $600, one-half cash, balance
Lots 19 and 20,  Block 4, Sect on 8,
corner Ninth and Donald.   Price $800,
one-fourth cash, balance 6-12-18
Real Estate
j>i'*^��i'**^��''*'^��*'***__H'*^ ii^ ****. a-**-tmti**^**^i*mtm-*m*m*tky
Will buy lota <n Prince Rupert at bamin pricea
for cash. Apply P.O. Box s-ti-U sUtinir location,
price, etc. 231-tf
Planted at Frank Fitzpatrick's
Birth, It Fell at the Moment
of His Death.
Immense intereat is being taken in
Northern B. C. Coal.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Inveatigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, Ltd., at our office���dollar shares,
16. each, 6c. cash.
H. F.  McRAE & CO.
Phone 205 Second Avenue   n8
Newark, X. J., Nov. 9.���.X tree
planted by hi*-, father on the day
Frank I'it/p.urick was bairn, si-v-
enty-eighi years ago, recently suffered a blight. Lasi evening Kiiz-
patrick reluctantly began chopping
it down. .As the tree crashed to
the ground, Fitzpat rick staggered
and fell. When picked up he was
dead of heart disease.
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Directors of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full course of
training in nursing. 12i
New York, Nov. 9.���Julius Mc-
Vii'ker, son of a newspaper editor
of Sarnia, Ont., lias just married
at "The Little Church Around .In
Corner," .Mrs. Alanson Sum er,
widow of lhe late St;* dard Oil
magnate, who died a little over t
year ago, leaving her a fortune
estimated at $16,000,000.
McVickcr is .��� ��� actor and singer
of romantic parts In light comedy
and miiscial shows. The marriage today was conducted In thc
presence of a brother and titter
of the bride, ln*r attorney, and ;-
couple of actor friends of lhe
groom. Mr. McVickcr will r.o,
leave the stage, at least for the
| Ste
y �����������������-'-fci'-m��n ts**
Kastern stenographer of wide experience wants
position. Address "Stenographer." **���������_ Cor>
dova St.. Vancouver. B.C. t-f
Many Inventions
An Iowa Inventor has patented
a bedstead that holds a mattress
onrollers anil pivots so that it
can be turned around or over
wiih a minimum effort.
Th man who will patent a
bedstead which will get up and
get the breakfast for a fellow will
make more mor.ev.
Scandinavian Social
"Valhalla" of S. H. and E. F.
will give a social with dance in.
K. of P. Hall Saturday at 8 p.m.
All Scandinavians invited. Gentlemen .-iOc. 3t
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns���
over 2(M)0 of 'em.���Wallace's.      tf
Local Option Will be Decided by
the People in January
Inters Will be received l��- the unilersis-nial up to
nra.n ,,f Frlalay, li'th da)* uf November, 1911. for
lhe purchaa. of the Excitant-* Grill aa a irointr
concern. An inventory of assets will be furnished on application.
St���.art _ Mobley,
O0-&U P. It. Hardware A Supply Co.
The Canadian Hank of Commerce .re oo*n to
i. etvi-..-I.-IS for th. purchaM of the bulldlni.-
m.w occupied as the City Hall. In the .vent of
tn a.iTer being accepleal the purchaser must bind
himself to remove the building on receipt of 30
day's nolle, from the i;.T r. Railway Xo. Th.
hl-rhcl or any offer wilt not nepeessarlly I-* accepted. *i-^2.'a4
Tenders Wanted
It Is The Trained Man or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder!
To fit your son or daughter for a business   career you must give
them a business training.   The best place to send them to ia the :
. Nanaimo Business College
Fort William, Nov. 10.���The
locap option campaign in Kor.
William was formerly launched
this afternoon, when temper,' iv
workers filed with the city clerk
a petition with eleven hundred
names of those in favor of a vote
lieing taken on the question at
the lecction in January. The
liquor men are organised a*'il will
put up a stubborn light.
Prince Rupert Next
Paris seems to lead  lhe wt.rld
in   the  number of  places   .-nere
liquor is sold, having more limn
30.IKK) to London's 5800.
Its Great Monetary Worth to
the Community Where It is
It is the nearest business
college to I'rince Rupert.
It's fees arc within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
personal, and develops the
individuality of the pupil.
Hoom and board is cheap
in Nanaimo. The pupils
nre away from the distractions of the larger cities   :
Our shorlhind cmth inclualr. loiliMi in
The Ben Pitman System of
Business English and Letter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Offlce Routine
An Interesting and accurate calculation has been made of what an
industry  employing   l.OOO  hands
means to a community.
It  increases the population  by
5,000 consumers.
ll adds 890,000 io lhe value of
public utilities,
The assessment is increased bv
Ii pays out annually In salaries
and wages IS.9,800.
It represents through iis buildings and the houses of iis t ni-
ployeesan Investment of 12,000,000
The annual expenditure in fee d
would be 103,000 in meat, 10,000
In put,noes, S'i.OOO in sugar, SIX,-
250 in milk. 1015,700 in butter, Bl d
$27,600 in eggs.
Summed up this means that . i
Industry employing i.ooo hands ti
worth 1231,000 aa year to thi
Separate Tendera will be received by
the undersigned up to 6p.m. Nov. 13th.
for all electric wiring and plumbing in
connection with thc new city fire hall.
Plans and apecificationa to be acen at
offlce of city clerk and Messrs. Potter
& Lailcy, architects.
Khni.st A. Woods,
City Clerk
Flat in Rand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
and Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two collage; cori.er Second Avenue anil
Ninth Street.
Loir in all part** ol the city.
We represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in the City.
Second Ave.
ll May Mean all the Difference Between Success and Failure lo Yon
Ask at Daily News for our booklet teaching how to write shorthand
C. E. Perry, Principal Nanaimo. B.C.
(Jet her a Christmas present
of furs.   We have ilu m in stock
IUp to  S.'I.ri ard  have agency for
I best furriers in the Last.   Kttrs ,ie
going up���order row.���Wallace's,
Shoots Light
Tor night work by ilu- German
army, pistols have been adopted
that   discharge  a   lighl   cartridge
thai   makes  visible   all   objects
Within a radius of 050 feet.
Blanket*  you   need
hi ve 'em.   Wallace's.
11.11a Coola Und I >i.i riei    I listiirt ol Coast Ran**.*
Tak. nolle ih.t II. M. CHIT ol Dundalk, Inland, occupation EenUetnan. Inlands to apply lor
permission to MM th. lollowlr-f diwiih-ad l.nda:
i [.manendi t at a post planud at th. ahor.
ne?ar the N. E corner of Lot No 8, thence north
10 chains, thence wart 80 chaina mor. or leas to
east bound.r-r ol cannery leaae, Ihenca following
the sairl east boundary Muth 40 chain, mor. or
Ism to shore line, thence lollowlng said ahore
line .s.i.rly 80 chains mere or leas to point of
commencement; eontalnini 320 acres, mor. or
Dated August 31, tail. II.   M.  CLIFF
I'uh. Se**tit. SO. William McNair. Apnl
Hella Coola Land Dislrict���District ol Coast Ranra
Take notlt-r that II. M. Cllll ol Dundslk, Ireland, occupation Rentleman, Intenels to apply
lur permlsaion lo leaa. th. lollowln. eltecrlliwl
CommendnK ��t a port planted al the K. E
corner of I .-1 .13. thenc north 20 chslns, thence
west 40 chains, thence south 20 chains more or
le-sa to shore line, thence following the shore line
east 40 chalge more or leas I" point ol commence
ment; containing 80 cane, more or less.
Dated August 31, 1911. H.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und District���Dlalrlct ot Coast Rang
Take nollco that II. M. CHIT ot Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman. Intends lo apply
for permission lo lease the following deacrihed
Commencing at a poet planled at the N. W.
corner of lx��t No. 4, thence north 40 chaina, thence
east 40 chains, thence eouth 40 chaina more or
les. to shore tine, thence lollowing shore line
westerly 40 chains more or leae to point of com.
mencement; containing 80 acre., more or leas.
Daled August 28, 1911. II.   M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 80. William MeNelr, Agenl
Delia Coola Und District���District ol Coast llango
8 i
Take notice that H. Me Cllfl ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intends lo apply
for permission lo leaae the lollowlng de��frif,eel
Commencing al a poet pl.nled at lhe N. W
corner ot l.ot 252, thence eouth 40 chaina more
or leaae to nairthern boundary of leaae No. I applieal
for ny II. M Cliff, thence following said bounelary
east 20 chains, Ihence north 40 chaina. thence
west 20 chains to point ol commencement: cam
talnlng 80 acre., more or lees.
!->���"���*��� Augustas, l��lt. H,  M. CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 80.. William McNair, Agant
Four room house, Ambrose Avenue,
plastered and painted, beat harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $500
cash, balance $30 per month.
Five and ten acres, garden trucking
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 pet acre.
Stores on Second Avenue.
Three lots close in on Third Avenue,
level.   Good lease.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
IUitira_rf. Storajr*** nnd Forwarding Aire nu.   Por
Hit*** or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fullon Phone 301
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   PhonoJM   Chandlery
ai l MM,   ��\ | Ml-
pantos sitert
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Order, promptly filled.   Price, reasonable.
OFFICE-B. B. Rocheater. Centre St.    Phone ��
General Hardware (
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves *
Graniteware       Tinware        m
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We, the undersigned, state that any
slanderous statements made by us as
to the character of Mrs. Eric Rosang
are absolutely without foundation, and
were made in the heat of a quarrel
between ourselves, nnd we believe Mra.
RoBang to be a respectable moral
Dated at Prince Rupert, this 1st day
of November, 1911.
does not mean high priced furniture.   A first class .tora {-*���
carries many designs in low priced furniture that are V
really beautiful and make a foom just as homey and nice V
as the expensive grades. ���&.
We carry much of the high priced goods, but in the *
medium-priced, fine looking, beautifully finished furnish- 7
ings, we are able to please the most exacting . ���&
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
************* I *********tttl
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co., ||
Second Avenue '
Prince Rupert    {���)
extends ita benefits to all parts of the province, allowing residents
at all outlying and distant points to purchase from our splendid
atock of Diamonds, Jewellery, Silverware, Cut Glass, Leather
Goods, Art Goods and Notions, as conveniently as though they
stood before our counters and conducted their purchasing personally in our big Vancouver store. Our new catalogue will be mailed about the first week in November in order to allow customers
plenty of time to order their Christmas goods before the rush of
the holiday season begins. Make sure you get this catalogue ; it
is one of the finest yet issued by the House of Birks. Watch our
advertising for special and interesting lines.
Henry Birks & Sons. Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
*tm��**4****.* ers.e.ee'.** .ai.**. w.-s �����>��>
The Finest, Newest and Most Up-to-date Hotel in Vancouvei
Excellent Cafe. Moderate Prices.
1142 Pender Street West
Phone 8500.
Vancouver, B.C.
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These Bhares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
The Besl
Absolutely purb


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