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Twenty-four hours ending.
a. m.,
June 28,
MIN. TEMP.          SAB..
48.0          30.061
Prince (le-orge ^tyMemelay, 8 a. m.
Camosun '. .Sunday, 9 a.m
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 140
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, Junk 23, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Cheering Throngs Lined the Route of March Though Rain Damped the Comfort of the Proceedings-���Sixty Thousand
Troops Took Part in the Function���Impressive
Scenes  Inside  Westminster  Abbey
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London. June 22.- King Goe-
rge V., eighth monarch of the
House of Hanover, was today
crowned King of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the seas, and
given the public homage of his
world-wide subjects. With his
consort, Queen Mary, his Majesty was crowned in Westminster Abbey with all the
wealth of religious rites and
Royal ceremonial prescribed by
custom. Never before in history has the Empire note been
struck in such magnificent man
ner. Its Imperial aspect has
undoubtedly been the most
remarkable feature of the Coronation. George V. more than
any sovereign in the past represents the embodiment of the
Imperial idea.    He only of all
his predecessors on the throne
has travelled through - all his
vast Dominions and acquainted
himself at first hand with the
needs and aspirations of the
peoples of the British Empire.
London has never before in
history witnessed such a magnificent sight or such enthusiasm.
London, June- 23.���With a gran-
dcur and magiiifieance unrivalled
in British history, their Majesties
King George and Queen Mary
were crowned in Westminster Abbey yesterday. The Abbey and
approaches were lined with masses
of people, and on every hand were
evidences of the affection anel
loyally of the people.
Rain Fell in Morning
Rain began to fall shortly after
seven o'clock in the morning,
dampening somewhat the- gaiety
Presbyterian Young People, Baptist Brotherhood and
Conservative Association Were All Out Pleasure
Hunting in the Vicinity of Metlakatla
Musi ol the citizens of Prince
Rupert celebrated Coronation Day
by pit-nicking at, or in the vicinity
of Metlakatla. The Presbyterinas
travelled to a low sandy spit
opposite the Indian village, on the
ttcamcr Inlander. The Baptists
naturally more fond of the water,
Mm in launches. Some of the
more- adventurous spirits among
them made the trip In row lxiats,
which travelled almost gunwale
deep in the water at the stern,
With ilu- s|Krd at which they were
tOWcd across thc harbor. They
Will to ii beach a mile beyond
Metlakatla. Several members of
the Conservative Association also
"Wide up a picnic party to the
P-wiy Rower-bedecked Indian vil-
Ran Boat Ashore
the flat-bottomed stern wheeler
Inlander has a way of her own
j" getting ashore. Her captain
"ended her direct for the sandy
beach. There is a rumor that the
Inlander can crawl anywhere in
dftnip weather, and some of the
l:irK' company of passengers looked
'" ����� her perform the crawling
act. She gently nosed herself up
011 the beach, and a gangway was
Ijn "in for the passengers. Then
sl��' gently backed off and went
"ii her way.
Had Merry Time
Jhe promoters of the Presby-
Uri''ii picnic built a campfire and
jwdetea, table cloths being spread
J lll(: l*ach. A plentiful supply
'" good tilings to eat was provided
We ladies. A baseball match
��ld during the afternoon, in
Mr, W. I). Vance's
Put ii a!
over Harry Moblcy's
.l''m >" the tunc of 12 to 5. The
ladles heli
game foil
J^1(T ""l ����� tug of war was held
' Wot,�� the married and thc single
!W a  football  match, in
both  sides won,  after a
>f interest to the spec-
ineii. Cheered on by their spouses,
the married men pulled their op*
patients over the line, thus making
a fifty-eighth reason why men
should marry. Mrs. McRae carried off lhe honors in the married
ladies' race, and Mr. G. R. Naden
the fat men's race, while- the free
for all brought out a |K>pular
winner in the person of Rev. F. W.
Kerr. All the- cliilde-re-n won prizes,
either for winning or losing races.
Shortly before- eight the Inlander
crawled up the bank again and took
the parly home again.
The Baptist Brotherhood picnic
yesterday certainly proved a drawing carel and many enjoyed a
pleasant outing despite the threatening weather. Launches carried
the crowd at short intervals during
the afternoon returning often so
that the picnicers could stay as
long as they wished.
Had a Clam Bake
A clam bake was an enjoyable
event of the afternoon and then
the entire party sat down to a
hearty supper and needless lo
say no one went hungry. In the
evening a scries of comie-al races
furnished much amusement as did
also a large rope swing. Some of
the younger set enjoyeel an evening
stroll through the woods to Metlakatla and the launches gathered
them up there. The whole picnic
was a success entirely.
Pantorium Pionf-er Cleaners. 'Phone 4
Where to Go
Pictures and Music, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and Sonus, 7.30 p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
AUDITORIUM, Sixth Avenue; Roller
Skating, 8 p.m.
of the immense crowds which al-
ready packed every available place
along the line of the Coronal ion
procession. Al that hour the
pressure of the crowds was so
great at many points, that the
police cordon was broken and tin-
aid of the troTips was required to
restore order.
Spent Evening Alone
In preparation for Thursday's
ordeal, after a trying day, the
King and Queen 'xisscel the evening alone with the Prince of Wales
in Buckingham Palace, In-fore which great throngs waited, hoping
to obtain a sight of iheir Majesties. From time to time as
they waited the people sing the
National Anthem and other patriotic songs.
Great Enthusiasm
Myriads of people procceeled
around the route of lhe procession
to watch the brilliant decorations
which were illuminated soon after
midnight. I .an- at night a strong
escort of the Life Guards reached
Westminster Abbey conveying lhe
great sealed wagon with lhe Royal
regalia. Portraits of the King
were on every hand greeted with
loud cheers.
Majesties Were Busy
The cheers for their Majesties
never for a moment relaxed the
strong sense- of public duty which
has characterised them since they
mounted the throne, They Bpent
the day as busily as any previous
day, receiving visitors and at-
tending to matters of state, and
dropping in at the Horse Show
al Olympia. Wherever they appeared   they   Were  lhe  object   of
unbounded enthusiasm. Long before the dawn the rattling of
ilruins and the pealing of iriuii|k-ts
gave evidence that ihe sixty thou
sand troops were preparing for
their strenuous eludes.
The Abbey Ceremony
Most elaborate precautions were
taken to see that no hitch oc-
curred in the ceremonies. Early
in the morning s|>ccial messengers
were despatched to see that Ampulla was tilleel with the anointing oil, and together with the
SpOOfl laid upon the altar in the
Abbey Church. The procession
of Archbishops and bishops were
in wailing at the west door of the
church until nodes was given
that the Royal procession was
near. Then they commenced with
slow steps to move into the church.
Received by Choir
As their Majesties arrived the
Abbey choir received them at
the west entrance with lhe siiiRing
of the 122nd psalm. Passing
up the ImhIv of the church lo iheir
thrones, their Majesties knelt al
the fald-stools iu front of the
Coronation chairs and engaged in
short private prayer.
Called the People
While   they   knell,    the   Lord
Chancelor,   the  Lord   High  Con-
d'i nit i in.., I on page 2.)
Vancouver.���Thc Canadian Japanese Association sent a message
of congratulaiions to the King
Accepts Aid. Hilditch's Challenge to  Resign, and  Run Against
Him���Hilditch to Hand in Resignation  on  Monday---
Heated Controversy Over the Engineering Dept.
Investigation Causes Lot of Trouble
Unexpectetl and sensational was
the result of the s]K-cial meeting
of the city council held on Wednesday night to go into the matter
of the chargc-s against the city
engineering department made by
Alderman Newton in his report
as chairman of the investigation
committee. Declaring lhat deliberate efforts were continually
made by the other members of
the council lo frustrate his honest
efforts to remedy existing evils,
Alderman Newton resigned his
scat at the lmaid and retired
imme-diately leaving the Mayor
and other aldermen distinctly elis-
Outcome of Challenge
Alderman Newton's resignation
was the direct outcome of a
challenge thrown out to him by
Alderman Hilditch whose own resignation may lie expected on Mon
day night. After a disturbed dis
cussion of the report signed by
Alderman Newton, Alderman Hilditch declared that his view that
the interests of the people would
be best served by increasing rather
lhan reducing the City Knginccr's
staff was the right one as opposed
to Alderman Newton's exactly
contrary opinion that lhe engineering department must  be reduced
Burning Sentences Snapped Up From AldermanicLips   Defence of City Engineer's
Department���Aid. Newton's Answer to Aid. Hilditch's Challenge
i-. a joke.' ���Al-
in the interests of the people.
Alderman Hilditch threw down
ilu- gauntlet to Alderman Newton
saying that the people themselves
should be the judges and challenging Alderman Newton to resign
at once- with him and let the people
elect whichever they believed was
best serving ihem.
Alderman Newton Accepts
Instantly Alderman Newton ac-
ceplcd the challenge, and when
making his resignation speei-h after
lhe report had been dealt with,
saiel distinctly that but for Alderman Hilditch's challenge- he- would
not have thought of resigning.
Now, however, his mind was made
up. He had no intention of
running again, but was sick of
the whole business. It was his
firm opinion that the other members of the council devised de-liberate frameups to frustrate his
efforts   to   effect   improvements.
He charged them specifically with
framing up a plan to vote down
his report on the engineering de-
partment clause by clause. The
report was in fact voted down
steadily as each clause was discussed. Aldermen, Smith, Kirkpatrick, Kerr, and Hilditch voteel
consistently together against Aldermen Newton, Morrissey, and
Douglas who from different points
of view supported Alderman Newton's re-commendations regarding
the city engineering department.
Colonel Davis Cleared
By the adoption "f City En-
gineer Davis' own ri-coinnii-nela-
lions for his staff's increases of
salary and duties on the lines
of Alderman Monissey's report
previously published, the city council has expressed iis confidence in
Colonel Davis as City Engineer.
It was slated by Altlernian Kirk-
Says that a Bomb With  Burning  Fuse  Was Thrown
Into Building Early This Morning���He Threw
It Into Street Where the Thing Exploded
Might Get Wet
"To change our City Engineer
at this stage is rather like swapping
horses when crossing a stream."
���The Mayor.
"English as She is Spoke"
Alderman Hilditch���-"Would any
business man do such a thing as
get rid of his chief engineer in the
midst ol important work?"
Alderman   Newton���"Yes,  he
would if lie seen the first pari of
the work done wrong."
Alderman Hilditch���"If he seen,
yes, if he seen, but he hasn't saw
"Watch-dog Hilditch"
Alderman Newton��� "I am not
going to answer Alderman Hil-
ditch's dirty insinuations about
the foreign people not knowing
me as well as the people in this
town do. There is no need for
him to whine, and howl and liark
slieeliel al last council iiie-i-ling."
At this Alderman Hilditch laughed Uproariously, and the voice of
Alderman Douglas was heard telling him to "Be quiet." Even the
Mayor smiled noticeably.
Laneways   and   Drainways
"Thc drainways shotilel have
been put in the laneways so that
the macadamised road need not
be torn up later to get at tin ni."
���Alderman Newton.
Combats Injustice
"1 am not going to defend the
City Engineer against just criticism, but when a man is accused
unjustly, I am not going to stand
for it."���Alderman Hilditch.
Would He Holler?
"If Alderman Newton was chairman of the streets committee, and
went to tlie City Engineer with
instructions to do something, and
the Engineer refused, I wonder if
he wouldn't holler?"���Alderman
Flatly Contradicted
"Alderman Ni wton was a 1 o. ..I
Improvement man from the word
'go.' If lie wasn't, his pa|>er
was."���Alderman Hilditch.
"Nothing of ihe kind."���Alderman Newton.
Going Some
"The City r.nginecr came hereon July lath last year, and contracts wen lei for Section One
two months idler lie  arrived.     I
wonder if Alderman Newton could
have done it .'"Alderman Hilditch.
Find It in the Files
Alderman Hilditch���"This time
last   summer   Altlernian   Newton
w.iv. screaming more than anybody
else for the work tO ���tart."
Alderman Newton���"I say that
is untrue."
Alderman HUdlteh���"Wall, your
|Ki|iers will prove it."
Nourishing Repast
"I   have  no sympathy  with
putting muskeg on muskeg to
make streets bill I should like to
ask Alderman Newton what he
thinks the City Engineer is going
to do with it. Is he going to eat
it?"���Alderman Hilditch.
Colonel's Courtesy
"1 have never yet seen Colonel
Davis discourteous to any Alderman during all my cx|)criencc
of lioth councils, and I have more
experieiu-e than most men here.
1 do no! think a single memln-r
of this council can say lie was ever
discourteous."���Alderman Hilditch
One Huge Joke
"To me thc whole of Alderman
Newton ��� rc|xiri
derman Hilditch.
What Whitewath?"
"I cm see you are going to vote
lhe whole thing down, and whitewash the engineering dopaitment.
���Alderman Newton.
Line-up on Line-up
"I am going to lell you plainly
to y.mr face that there has been
a  line-up on   this question,  and
there have been line-ups before
this."���Alderman Newton.
From One Who Knows
"Colonel Davis is carrying on
the work as cliicicnlly as any
engineer you can get in this
country. I think it would be
unwise to make any change in lhe
department  at   this time."- Al-
lorman Smith.
No Line-up at All
"There is no collusion with
any other memlx-r of the council
as far as I am concerned, anil 1
think also as lar as other members
are concerned."���Alderman Smith.
Knocker Newton
"1 take exception to lhe constant
efforts   to  lioost   the  engineering
department  on  the strength of
iheir supposed great doings which
I am satisfied arc not being
doiie."    Alderman Newlon.
Empire Grammar
"I have a responsibility lo the
people. 1 am sincerely in the
l>elicf that huge sums of our
money has lieeii absolutely wasted"
���Alderman Newton.
Grading Contractor
"1   have   had   a   gooel  deal   Oi
experience Oi  this kind of work
and I (ail to see where the criticism
(Continued on Latt Psge.)
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 23.���The night
watchman at Aildnsand Watson's
block at 1200 Hornby street has
told the police of a startling attempt made to blow up his building. He says that early this
morning he was startled io sec
a missile- cunt .lying through the
window of his biiileling. .Manned
by the crash of broken glass he
hastened to it. The thing was
spluttering. To his surprise he
saw it was a Iximh with fuse
Hurled  It Out
Taking the bomb in his hand he
htirlexl the thing far out Into the
centre   of    the   street    where    it
exploded with a terrific report, but
fortunately doing no damage. No
reason has been assigned for iho
attempt. The police are at work
on the- matter, but so far no
arrests have Ix-cn made.
Great Meeting of Boys and Girls
in Guildhall. Send Message to
British Columbia.
Mr. J. B. L. McDonald Brought
in Haste from Up River is
l-ri.-n.ls of Mr. J. P. L McDonald of Messrs. Foley, Welch &
Stewart, will be glael lo lievir that
lie is making fl swifl recovery from
8 threatened serious attack of
pneumonia. Mr. McDonald was
hurried down river on llic Operator  which  made  an  all   night
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria,   June   23.���Hon.   Dr.
Young. Minister <if Education, has
received the following cablegram
from London:
"The school children of the City
of London assembled in the Guildhall tonight, with the Lord Mayor
of London presiding to do honor
to King George and Quean Mary
on their Coronation Day. send
their greetings to the Province of
British   Columbia,   in   love   and
Unsavory Chinamen Remanded
Again. Several "Coronation"
Drunks and a Careless Blasting Case with a Smile in It.
The- two Chinamen, 1 It. L. w and
Mali Hong,chtu-ged-with procuring,
had their ease- again rcniande-d this
morning,   li may lie dealt with
this afternoon. One or two "D
iinel D" cases and a careless blasting case were dealt with this
The "D and D's" had
run.   Thanks to speedy and skilful ���>*���nS;
treatment the attack was warded!* W *��� UMml (xw*^x an<1 Tu
off, and Mr. McDonald is abb- to
The careless contractor was fined
ten elollars.    There is B touch ot
humotabout that blasting business.
Thc "victim" in this case was Dr.
Mclntyre,   our   former   alerman,
He bad just bad his house front
.repaired and  repainted  after thc
rond avenue, is offering some stir-1u>si   ,)0ml).m,,m,nt(   whc���   bang,
went the latest one on Wednesday
be about again.
Take  Advantage
Hoffman's Mechanics' Store, Se-
prising bargains in hats, the latest
lhapei, There are not many of
them loft.
fairly peppering his new painted
place all over again. THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone 180 Third Avenue and Fulton St
We have- just received a
shipment of ths newest
styles antl latest designs
in ladies' Velvet and leather Hand Bags. We es-
|iee-i.illy invite you to call
and let us show you our
new  goods	
A Number of Cases up for Attention.     Several   Remands.
Indian   Drunks,   Stowaway
Case, and Careless Blasts.
A number of eases occupied the
attention ol Magistrate Carss in
the police court this morning.
Jeaiuiie Dinster, an Indian woman
Gasoline Schooners Fish Maid,
and Old Maid Put out to Sea
Again after Their Thrilling
and cost!
plied her
Simpson was fined |8
for having been drunk
The man who sup-
with the liepior has unfortunately managed to skip out
by thil May. The woman w.is
ordered to skip herself back to
Simpson, and skip lively too.
Nick Perich, one eif the strikers
who was trie-el at Victoria anel was
acquitted, was up this morning
for careless blasting some time ago
near the Continental Trust Builil-
ing.   He was warned.
Last night the plucky little
gasoline fishing schooners Fishmaid
and old Maid put out ol harbor
make for the fishing
I'liev may noi \isii the |
"The News" Classified Ads.
^One Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
f their
g, but
ire reai
Iv for
Maid which actually
was abandoned fur
the worse for her mauling by th
' the Old Maid which go
ighler is as spry
, and
Lost and
Bat.-BBaal.-��>>a.M-si��a...B��a. I .-��Bs lt|t
Found       |
telaTsa, I.-b,.ivotaixa.,^
Inst     is
seas, aiui
i ever,
Wireless Stations Report Weather Clear Along the Coast
Enamel ware
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Fort George
For information, free
maps a-ul literature
call and see me.
Dominion Day Decoration Committee Prepares for Bright
City. Citizens Ready to Excel
Open Evenings
Pattullo Block
I , is-. I II. I     ��al  a ��� 1
A Mirror
Thst msy be stfely
-���packed" on a trip
is much in demand.
We have them in different sizes.
The Pioneer Druffrsf
PHONE   :   ;   ;   82
Prizes are offered by the Dominion Day Committee for the best
decorated residence, and the best
decorated place of business on
Dominion Day in Prince Rupert.
For lhe- best decorated residence
a prize- of $10 is offered, anel for
the best decorated place- of business
8 prize of $1">. Not so much th
value of the prize as the attraction
to live- citizens of having thc
e-re-tlit eif making the- best display
in the city on Dominion Day is
the idea of the Decoration Cum-
mil tee in offering these prizes.
Already a number of   citizens
are- making preparations to arrange a brilliant display for Dominion Day, and the reputation ol
Prince Rupert in the past is sure
to be well upheld.
As   judges   of   the
Messrs. W. N. Lailey
and  Morte   H.  Craig
The wire-less stations report clear
weather anel smooth seas all along
the coast totlay.
Ike-da reports speaking with the
S.S. Porter ai 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday. The vessel was the-n 240
miles northwest of Cape Flattery.
Tatoosh reports the following
vessle-s :
Manzanila at 0.40
SIS. Awa Maru ai
S.S. Alaska 2 a.m.
In��� U.S.S.
p.m. Tuesday
6 a.m. today,
()ut--S.S. Tallac
whaler Peterson t
Ostermoor Mattresses
Every Description ol
House    Furnishings.
The Big
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
l.OST-Tilm- l����,k anil Bank book. Kinil.-r pleas.-
return tn J. ll. WeaUin. ,rilh Ave. anil Tatluw
St., anil receive reward. IM-aM
FOUND-Eureka Cleat-.inK and Pree.ltik* Company. Men's suit- cleaned and pressed II..al.
Ladiea' suits pressed and eleaned. llry i-leun-
inir a specialty. Kuom 13 Weslenhaver Hlia-k.
phone red tin. 121-117
FOUND-Elegant rooma; newly furnished. The
Bulklev Blix-k. tith Ave., near Pulton.    ln-.i-Ini
LOST-On Sixth .treet, lietween Third Avenue
and Queen's Hotel. IIK4, two cheques in roll,
one for 117, other for t.1*,, rest in bills. Il.-vv-ard
Billy  Polua Candy Store. Sixth St., one di
from C.P.R. Ollk-e.
.'.kean. i.aBd District    1 "strict ol Coast liange u
���".Be a* e   a.I I. ' '��'�� M">  tjt"'' ��   ''"',"
ZIcrTtlo'c, in.^tbSS north U chain.
llience ��.-at 10 chains, Ihence smith 40 chaina lu
point   ol   comnuneeinenl,   containing   HI   acres
l^prlW.lim.        eLAKA MAY LITTLE
I'uh. April IB.
Sktsinu Land DUtrlot -Di-itnet ol Quaaa l'i,..i .
Tuku notice lhat I'athorino Harro.,,,, o(offl��tv
Alberta, occupation splnsu-r, Intatidj to 1,"?
(or ui-rmimlon to purcliaau thu loUowtni .l.scrii I
lands: "a
l .,n,tiii-lii-l Mi;
milea wost am
at a post planted about, n
ball a mtlu auuth Irom ilu,
lu spiny
( dcecnliHl
For Rent
ml   steam
is morning.
At The Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart.���
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
Commodluu, houae. corner Olh Ave. and Thompson St.. furnished or unfurnished. Phone 2ta'>
or P.O. Box S8S.
Four-roomed House, partly furnished, with liath-
room; close in on Summit Ave., back of Burden
street.   Apply at Flrehall or P.O. Box 2>1��.
2 Furnished Rooms in apartment house, opposil.-
Clapp Buildinit. 2nd Ave., near Mcllride.    Apply on premises between one and three p.m.
Two-roomedCsbin on Fourth Ave., nesr M,-lin,l>\
Apply J.  v.,uns;.  Maple Bosrdlnir ><���
Ave. 12K-134
Furniture of three-ronm flat. Apply Room 1.'.
Weslenhaver Block, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth
Street. ItUM
Nicely furalshed Front Room in new house.   Apply Mrs. Ssvllle, Fourth Ave., near Mcllride.
Skeena Und District  -District ol Coast Range o
..a. notico ihai Mary lle.lon Ullderaleevo o
Victoris. II. e.\, occupation huuackcoucr.   nlende
ly lor permission lo purchase tbe lOUOWtag
clSasfijt . peat l"lsnted st tbe soutb��~aat
comer ol Ut M. lUliga 5. Coast Dlalricl.tlumes
Ml cliaina .oulli Ihenco 40 chaina eaat, llii-ncv BU
chains north, thence 40 chaiiu weal to point ol
oiniiioncemeiil. containing .1211 seresimpflIM���loss.
Dsted April 17, 1911.
I'ub. May i,
Skeons Land Disuict���Dislrict ol Coasl
Take notico mat rroj  W.  Border ol Kit-sum-
1 kaluiu, occupstlon larnior, inlonds to spply   lor
utrilitasluti  lo  purchase   IBs   lolloa-ltlil  described
Cuiumencing si s poii plsnted si IBS imrth-
aast coruor ol A. il.i.. , 1 , pro-ainplion, lliunce
2U chains aoulh, ihancs 10 chainsnasi, ihenco 20
cbaina north, thenoe 10 chains wast to post ol
conimoiiv-emeiil conlaiiunil 20 acre, more or lau.
Daled April 10, 1JU. FllIKIlltlCIl W. HinlLI.lt
i Pub. Apnl 22. Fred Uamplon, Ai-snt
Store, and ofllcea tor rent.
Third Ave., phone green
Applv Or, .Metmyre.
>. 125-1 f
Neatly Furnished Room.:  irenllemen preferred
Apply Mrs. Mulltn, over Majestic Theatre.
Phone 296 if you want to rent a house, f urnlshed
or unfurnished, corner tith Ave. and Thompson
I    Street.   All modern conveniences.
' Cosy furnished rooms.      Mrs.   Bower. Somerset
Rooms. Thinl Avenue, between Seventh and
I    Eluhlh. 117-tf
Nice Furnlihed Rooma.   Apply Mrs. Klrby. Alder
Block, upstairs entrance. Third Ave.       117-121
Nice, clean, hris-hl nutalde rooms.
���ith Ave. near Fulton.
Bulklev Mock
I ���������   llll
I Do away with this,
laundry.    Whit
Patronize a white
labor only at
Nice furnished rooms single or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Kiamiins- House. 2nd Ave., near
Mcllride. Msy S-lmo
launury.    vtniie laoor oniy ai | ,  , ,.-, ,.-,._, ��� |
Fruit & New Groceries Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118 j      Help Wanted
       *V "   "a. a^.,^.��^fc...afc..^.i^n^i.a.
A big shipment came to us today
, A. Ward,
have   ln.-e.-ii
lunch a
t the
Where It's Done
Call and
Sweder, Helgerson
Musk   Melons
Strawberries, Cherries
Vegetables  of  all Kinds
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth St.    Phone 190
Over-Seas Club
The usual monthly meeting of the
members  of  the Overseas   C lub   will
' be helel on  Thursday next (Coronation
; Dav) 22nel of June in the Knights of
Pythias Hall, HelgSMOS Block, at 7.30
1 p.m. An impromptu concert will take-
place and members are invited to bring
i their friends.
Coronation Dance
Will take place in the K. of P. Hall at
10.30 p.m. Gray's augmented Orchestra.   Admission". Gents $1, Ladies free
HARRY W. BIRCH       Assistant-Sec.
Waitress Wanted,
rant. Third Ave.
Apply French Joe's li.stau-
Nineteen ynune* men to take cosy rooms In the
Bulkley Block, near Fulton. li'v-lm
Wante.l-Si.iB-o.sl men to join the Order of Owls.
.'ill I .-.   In.it...   Hotel.    I    F.  Msdlem
Boarders Wanted
WIATllll:  rilRMITTIM,
New Lt-room House, Mil ami McBride.
2-room Shsck on reserve, section 2.
1 l/.ts In -ectinii T. W.t) each.
2 Lnta 01  -ii, An-., section 6.
Lots on Summit Ave.
Low I'asli Payments Easy Tcrttlt
John Dybhavn
TATTI I I 0 Ml.<" K
Stwofia  laar.'l   liidtrtet   -t��tainct of Cotft
Taka notiea tbat  Wtlliam  Munfurd        I'rir.p*
Hu(>#��n,   I'    ('.,   gccupatkin   pr<��,e��-ft'p'    intanda
to apply  tor   parmtaiua   i<>  laaaa   the  (oluwinf
.JaKrib��-l landa:
Commanarif at a poat plantatl about 100 chaina
aouth of tha Indian Hcafrvr on the eaat si> of
Oooa* llay and on the oaat aid* of tbe peninsula
thenca aouth *0 chaina along shore, thenoa weal
40 chaina to Gooae Hay. thenca north alonf abort
$0 chaina, thatnee weat 40 chaini mora or leaa to
pott, containing -120 acrea more ><t leaa.
bated March r 1911. WILLIAM Ml'NFORD
Pub. April 16.
Sealed   ter.ders   addmaatd   to  the   undesigned
and endonaH   Tender (of Public; Huildlng. < ran-
brook. U.  C.   will tip received until 4 p.m.. on
Mnrlay,   June   12,   1911,   tor   the   conntructlon
-.I a Public M Jilding, CrSBOTOOki B. C.
Plana, apecifl-a'iir: and form of contract can
be twn and tdrmi- ol u a4af ..btained at the iifflew
ot Mr. Wm. Menderaon, lleaident Architect,
Vktotia, Bi C< a the poet office. 0 ran brook .and
at thia dfpartmen
Veraona tendering are rotlfled that tender*
wm tvtrt W consulored unleta made on the phntetl
*^���   ���".���Hief\   and   si��r.M   ��Uh   their   actual
SRS&  ���tt-Utai  their  occupat ions  and   place
USSR    S  xh* a*"8  o*  flrmt,  the   actus
���RSBaaJr rSSl ol th" pupation and place
"��� JSIT     " ^ "H-B of th, ���rm  mum
*.aa-h   tender   i
p**pta>d   ehe>|uts
i? flfi Wn>t ot
mum   \ym   .accompaniM   by
a  ebartssi
B*. esysw.
l-ul.taa ii.��.v.. . ..on'ivi.atil* the
eomcl-e. lh.".iTi eUKet^f,*'  f| ,'"  '����� ,"���
be not see�����te.| ,!,. SqS .ill C����2. u'",,���-
Th. Ilr,���nmrnt .1,��� n.,t Wat fiaVw aassasl
I he Iowm or any tender. ���."���"toaee.pt
ny or,Wr.
lh.nsr.n-'ii'  ol l-ulille Works,
Otuwa, May 13, lull.
Newspspers will not l,s psld for this sdvertlse
msnl II Ihsy Insert It without suthorlt-  Irom the
Coast Land District - District of Skeena
Take notice that I, Paul Brendler, of
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, In*
lend to apply for permission to lease
tlie following foreshore: Conimencinx
at a post planted about 12 feet from the
location post of lot 1301 on Porcher Island, thenee in a southerly .lireotion
following high water mark I2U0 fe*t;
thence west to low water mark; thence
northtrly following low water mark
121") feet; thence east to point of commencement.
Dsttd Mur.-h 7, l'Jll.
First insertion March 11
Sksens Land tJstrtct -District of Qussn Chsrlotls
Tsks notice thst Osorie Friasell ol I'rlnce
Ituiiert. b.... occupsllon butcher, intends to spply
lor i- ni.iss,. r to purchsss ths following described
eommencir.il Bt s post plsntad sbout seven
miles ae.1 snd two milea south ol the mouth of
Slanlev Creek where It empties Into Nsden
llsru.r, (irshsm lslsnd, tbence SO chslns south,
thsnee Ml chsins svest, thsnes hu chsins north, ;
thsnes an chsns east to paint of commencement
snd eonlainlne tit acres more orleas
listed March IT. lull GEO at IF. FKIZZF.LL
Pub. April 7. Numa Dsmers, Afsnt
Sksans Land Ktstrict    I n.trlct ol gurwn Charlotte
Taks notice thst Frank  U-vick of Woodstock,
Onu,   occupstlon   Diaikksaper,   intends   to   spply ;
lor permiaaion to purchsss the loilowing described
CommsndnR ae a poat plsnted sbout seven
mllas west and two miles south of the mouth of
'���'.,. Creek where It empties into Nsdsn ,
ilsrbor, tirsham lslsnd, thence SO ehslns south,
thenar SO ehslns esse, Ihence HO chsins north, '
thsnee SO ehslns wesl to point ol commencement |
snd contanlnf S40 scros mors or leas,
listed Msreh 17, IHU. FRANK LEVICK
Pub. April 7. Nums Oemsrs. Agsn
Skeens Und Mlstrlet-liistrlet ol Cnsat Itange V
Take notice lhat I. J. l.orne MacLaron of
Prince Kupert, B.C., occupation real estate .Kent
Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
f'>ll<>w,nK described lands.
I^ommenrlna al a post planted 40 chains west
snd so chains south of the southwest eorr.er of
1st ITH, vicinity of Lakelse Lake, and  marked J.
L. MacLaren's nortwest corner, thence east HO |
chains, thenee south 40 chaina, thence west aft
rhalns, thence north 40 chains to point of commencement, contnlninvt oil" sores mure or less.
Geo. I!  I'utnnm, Aacne
Date May .11. l��ll
Pub. June in, lull
Skeena Land District��� District ol Cosat Rsnge V
Tsks notice thst Edith Alios I rowther ol
Iklag, Yorkahlre, Knglsnd, occupation spinster,
Ineenda eo spply lor permissloB eo purchsae the
lollowing described landa:
Commsnclng si a post planted at the south east
corner ol .urv.yed lot D991, Rsngs 5, Cosst DUlrict. thenee north along the eaaterly limit ol the
���aid lot   '.:, chsins mors or leas to ths southerly
limit ol  I ���i ;i'in',, itange l.. coaat district, th.nce
BB.t along ehs .eutherly limit ol lbs laat msntloned
lot ao ehslns to   a   point,   thenea In   a southerly direction ar,    chsins    parallel   to   tin,   aald
easterly   limit   ol    lot   8991,   thsne*   In n westerly     direction    flo    chslns   more    or    lea.    to
th* point ol commencement containing 210 acrea
mor* or leaa.
tv.. a x,     .      EDITH ALICE OROWTIIER
Dated March S, 1911.
Pub. March �� '
S.S. Inlander will leave G.T.P. Wharf at 2.00 p.m.
and 7 p.m.  on Thursday,  June 22nd,   1911.  for
Returning    last    boat   leaves    Metlukiitla    at   H.30   p.m.
Round Trip Tickets      50 Cents
A  few  eoay  homelike   rooms  cheap  tu attad)
ranila,    King Gavrffr Hotrl. 2nd A\. nur,
j Real Estate j
S'inetMn young men wanted l�� rent coay furnlahed in the Dulkley K.-m��. tith Ave., near Fulton.
For Sale
A Dining-room Table, .-.--I a. new. Phone Red
293 for particulars. I'll
Two room* of New Furniture st bargain. Nice
cabin, close In. can be rented Phone 323 black.
Before buying your Stove or Range sea A. J.
lislland. Mcllride and Fifth Ave. Conk stoves
from 114. lts-lm
All ktndaof second hand good, taught and sold.
Pa M. Crosby. Third Ave., lietween 7th and -')
street,. n;.tf
Situations Wanted
^MM^%:<*':'- '���*z.<'$\WM����&9&.
(Jootl rvtiahlc woman devlres po��l<
ly experienced In hotel work or would like amall
rooming- hottae work.       Nut afraid  of  work.
Apply Box A. Newa Office. 133-131
Business   Chances
���n*a.n*sii *aaM
Coronation Postcards
Coronation Pictures..
We've just received these- from   the   artists,
Raphael  Tuck  &   Sons,   London,   England.
McRae Bros., Limited
Phone No.  78 Red
s-.a ��� ���--�����>
Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Townsite Mattett Townsite
Aider Block
Sixth Street
Good money in Moving Picture*. Wanted-A
party to start moving picture show In PHnct
Rupert. Write me for particular!. II Davit.
Watertnwn, Wit. I3%wl
j Fire Insurance !
+ --*"-^..^..--s*..-^..-^..^..-aB...-^..^,,^,,,^,*
THE BrUinh ITnlon and National Fire Inturance
Company of London. England, with caplul
Of MOQA See ut for ratet. The Mack
Realty and lniurancr Company. 70-tf
Skeooa Land Dlitrlcl^DitUlct ot Coaat lUnga t>
ia..' notioe it.-at  1. Frank liiclta ot Fort Ea*
Kington,  uccupatiuu  morchaot,   intund   to  apply
lur pwuiuaiuti. o purctiaSo lb�� (uUowintf dt*aib��<l
Cotnmtncinx al a poat  plantt}d on tbe aouth
iiu ot tba I.wliuniaika  Hi..-r  and about (our
milea (rum lit coollueDOe wnb tba Skeena lUvar,
thence w> cbaina ws��t, ibaace OU chaina nurlb,
thence 50 chaina eaal,  theoce aoulh  bU chains
tu point ot comiuunceraeni, cuntaiiiing btu aciva
mure or l*sai. ......
Dated April ^1, U1L F1UNK  Hit K
Fub.  ..������'I -'-'.
Skaana Land Dtatrid���Ubirici ot Coaat
Take ooUce thai WUluuu McTavub ut \aocou-
vtr, U  C. oecupatioo pb>Blclan, intenda lo apply
(or Mrmuelon tu purchaae ihe lollowing d.trcruvd
Cummeoclng al a poat planted al the euulhwe*
corner, 4U cbatna nurlb and 4U chaiiu eaal uf the
ourthvsut corner ut Lot 111'-. lUr..-> ��� Surv*i>-,
Cuaal Dutncl, Range b. Ihence t>0 chaina eaal
tbtnee bO chaina nurth, thence v0 cbaina aeat.
tbence M) cbatna aoulh to pual ut comintincemeiii
coniainlng ubU acrea more or loaa.
Uau-d May 2, lull. WILLIAM A. .McTAYLSH
Fub. May 6. Fred W. Iktblrr, Agent
Skeena Und Dlatricl-Diatrict of Coael Ranee o
Take ooUoa ibal Leitk* Mcii.nii ul Vancuuvvr,
11. 0, occupation married ��omau. intenda iu
apply (or ptTtuiatiuu lo purchaae lhe (ullowlit.;
deacribed  Ian-la;
Coranieoans at a poal planted at lhe north-
weal corner 1UU cbaina eaat and 20 ehalna north
Irum the ncirlheaal corner of Lol 11 Id, ltarve>'a
BUTfty, luaat Uialnet,Range 6,tbeiice -u chains
tuuth, thence bO ctiains eaat, inencu bO chains
north, ibence 40 chaina weal, thenco bO chains
���os.iti, ihvuce 40 cbatna woat tu poet ol commencement, containtnit 400 acrea more or loaa.
Oaled May 2, Ull. LOTTUB .McTAVtSH
Fub. May S. Fred W. Uohler, Agent
Take nutice thai Charlea F. Oiler o( Princ*
Rupert. II. C, occupation eurveyor, intenda to
apply (or permiaalon lo purchaae the (ollowlna.
dutcribcd landa;
k i.niin.-i.cii.it at a poet planted at the nurth eaat
corner of turvvyed lot .i'J&4. Ranfe b, Coaat Dtt-
tnct, thence in an easterly direction aiur.it the
southerly limit ut ���urveyad lot ->.������.��� 1 and the projection thereof 40 chains to a point, ihence south
(���arailel to the easterly Umlt of turveyad lot ..i'M
aforaaald 60 cbaina mur* or laat to tne nurtberl>
limit of a umber limit vNo. 4i.��bJ), tbence ��vtt
40 chain* more or leaa to a point in the pro ecttoi.
southerly of the eaaterly limit of eurveyed lot
j.'M. thence in a northerly direction along the
projection of tbe aatd limit and along lhe aaid
limit bO chaina more or leaa to point ut commencement, containing J40 acrea mure or leaa.
I'��:. i .March \ lull. CUARLES P. OTTER
Fub. March 2U.
Skeena Land Olatrlct���Diatricl of Coaat Range b
Taka notioa lhat tiraca Mci*avUh, ol Vancouver,
ll. i ., occupation married sumin, intenda lo appl>
(or penulaawn to purchaae tha following deacribed
Commencing al a poat planted at the aouthwea,
corner 100 chaina eaat and 2o chaini north ol
th* nonhetut corner ot Lol 1110, llervey't Surrey
Coaat lu-.Mi.-i, Range h, ihence 40 chaina eaat
ihence bo chains nurtb, ibence 40 cbaina waat,
thence MJ chaina aouth to poat ol commencement
containing M0 acrea more ur low.
Dated .May 2. 1K11. (JKACE .McTAVlSlI
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uuhler, Agenl
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Caaalar
Taka   notice  lhat   1,  Cbatiea   M.   Knouaa  o
Prince lii.j'.i-i. U. C., occupation farmer, intend
to appl>  lur iK-rmiMion tu purchaae the lotluwing
daacriU-d landa;
Cummvtiang at a pott planied aboul (I) three
milea suuth and (2) two milea aeat ul the forka i-t
White riser and Hat river, thence aouth bO chain-,
tbaoot meat bO chaina, Ibenci north DO chaina,
tbtnee eaal bo chaina.
Dated April 20, mi.      CHARLES M. KNOlSE
Pub. May 1*1. Francia S. Proaion, Ageoi
The PlumhlnB snd Sheet Metal business lately
eimililcte,] liy 11. Woud, sin ,-es.,,r lo Matheson t\
Wisid, 2nd Ave., has been taken nver by Smith as
Mull,'it. to whom all oiitstsnillns- seeounts are
payable and who will ray all claims aninst the
134-141 SMITH * MA I.LETT
Bids will I* received up to June 22nd for the
construction of a temporary tewer between 6th
And tith Avenues. Plant and speciflcatlona to be
had from Dr. J. O. Reddir, nth Avenue and Tatluw street, 13R.13D
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., nest to old office of Optimist, sell only
Best made in Hestlle.   Frull and Candy, whole-
aale and detail. Look for flash sl,r, at nl,ht.
SAM GOWEN. Proprietor Phone 380
I      cf
��� Co.
B   Oeo. B;
1   in l�� 1909 UNPKRTAKRIUl
Corner Second Ave. and Sixth 8L
Barrle, Llcente<l Embalmer, Man'Rr.
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrict o Coaat Range j
'lake not ce that Murdoch McRae u( Vancouver
11. I., occupation real ettate broker, Intenaa tu
apply (or permiatlun l: purchate Hie (ulloalni,
datcrilted landa:
(ommtndng at a octl planted . n the tou.h
bank ol Earhunuika river about five mllee Irom
ita coniluence with the Skeena river, ihence 40
chaina ��e*>t, ihence 20 chaina north, thence 40
chaina watt, thence 40 chaina north, Ihence 40
cl.aim eaat, thence 20 chaiitt aouth, theoce
ll.ul'.ir,  Orulmiil   1 Oaiiil,
thuncu  40 chains  eaat,   thenco  40 ciiuan
thenoe 40 chaina west to point of OijmmiDttinvsio
and containing lbU acrua moro or tutu. l
Dated March 17, mil.
Pub Apr. 7. Numnl^,,,^
Bkttnj Land Diatrlct-Dlatrict of Cotut
Tukf DotiOti thtit L Mra. John Corley .(f priri(.
Rtipsrtt 11.C,occuputlon muiritsl woman, intends
to apply for permiaaiuii to purchaae the fulluwina
dffJMnMd Innils: *
Communt-iiiK ut a post pUnisd 40 chiini sjasi
und lliii rhaiiiH tnuith from tin- MUthWeai
lot 178a.Cout Diatrict, lUnnft, thenc. -
clininn, tntnOf SUt io ehtuns. thenci :
chiunn, iht'iu'e went 4u i-htiint more ni  lew  |
point  >��f i-'onimeiieement, oontt^nlng    I   icrt
more or less.
MRS. JOHN (Lottie) CORI l\
Date Mar. ..ii. lull
Pub. Apr. 4. l'Jll
Skeena Land Diatrict -DUtrict u( i ,, ..,
Taku nolice that 1, Alfred tCytt ul Priooa Uu-
|H'rt,   II.   C,   occupatiun   eloctncian,   uitt.],,]   ty
apply   (ur  purmiaaiun   lo  purctituu  tht  (oil >*im
doacribvd landa;
Cuiumuncing al a poat planted abuut (8J tlirut
milea touth ui thu (urkt u( thu Wbltt m,l (-,,-,
riven, thuncu bO chaina auuth, thencu ^u dtaiaj
eaat, Ihence bO chaina nurth, thuncu MJ ebtiaj
Dated April lb, ILtU. ALFRED KVTE
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Pruatun. ���.,.,.:
Skeena Lund DUtrict���DUtrict ol < ..    ..:
Tako notice that 1, Jamua Millur J- .. .        w|
Stewart, 11. C, occupation aiorokuupur, Intaod tu
apply  lor purmuaiun  to  purchiuo thu [oltovtM
debcribud landa.
ComrtMncuig al a post planted abuut oaj mue
north (rom tho Naaa river and about ntm- mi.i-i
above thu (urki u( the Naaa river, thunce nottk su
chuina, thonce weat 80 chaina, ihence ������������ uu so
chaina, th.- i.-.' i-.i .��� ao chaina to point o( cuin.nv:.co
uiuut, containing 010 acrua moru ur luaa.
Datod .March 24, mi.   Frank Sidney w :.,    . Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skoena Land DUlnet���DUlrict ut Caaslar
Take nuiioo thai 1,   liurtiu   Edwin   Uaiigtr  ut
Stewart.  It.  C,  oocupatioti  plumber,  iiitetiil  iu
apply  lor puriniatiuii  to   purcliaau  the  luHuiaiing
deaenbed lauda:
Commencing al a poal plaut-ud about utiu tuu��
north ol the Naaa river and aboul tuwn milos
above  Ibe  (urka  ut  tbo   Naaa   Rivur  upstnuun,
thuncu  nurth 00  chaiiu,  thuncu  east  mj ciuli.s,
Ibunce aoulh bO chaiua, thencu weat au cliain* to
point   ol   commencuUsuni    containing   ulu   acna
more or loaa.
I.l.lii 11. EDWIN UADUEU
Dated March -J. 1911.   Frank Sidney w ......t, An
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Lautl DUtrict ���DUtrict of Coast Range j
Take notice that 1, Liunul Kituialuy o( . ,i ..-���.-
ur, U. i'., occupation miner, intend lo apply
(ur permiaaion to purchaae tbu following uWmw
Commuticing al a poal plantod near the south-
woat corner ot Lol :>.'-, Itangu j, Coaat Dutnct
Ihence weat 40 chaina, thence aoulh tiO ctiains,
thenoa eaal 40 chauu, ihuiicu north 00 cliaina io
tutnt of comnionctimunt.
i.ni-1 March 24, r.-l I.        LIONEL KUNtiSLLV
I 'ub Aurll --.
Skoena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coaat i....., b
Taka notico that Eidon S. DetwiUr uf i . ���....
Onu' oceupation doctor, intends to apply for
periniaston to -urchaaa tbo lollowlng Uuaaibed
Commencing at a poat planted at thu tuuib*
weat corner ol Lot lw2tt, ihence) eaal ;iu cliaina
moro or leaa, thence aouth 46 chaina more or laat,
thence weal JO chaina mora or leaa, ihence north
4& chaina mora or leaa lo point ol commuticemtnt
containing 140 acrea mora or leaa.
Datad March 31, 1811 KLDON S. DETW1LKR
1'u.. April 16' John Campbell, Agent
Skaana L*nJ Diatrict ��� Diatrict of Coaat Ranged
Tako notico that Mra. I.. C. l*utnam ol St
Paul, Mtnnuauta, occupation married aonun
inu-nda to apply (or permiaaion to purchate Ut
lollowing deacribed lands:
Commencing at, i poat planted at lhe aouihaeat
corner of Lol No. 1733 marked Mra. L. C. i -���'��� - - *
northeaat curner, thence weat 40 chaina, ibunce
tuuth 00 chaina thence anal 40 chaina, ll.ci.ee
north oO cbaina to poat of commencement, con
t-atning 320 acrea mora or lean.
Dated March 20 lt.ll. MRS. L. C. PUTNAM
Pub. April I... Geo. R. Putnam Ageti
Skeena Laud Diatrict���DUtrict ol Coaat Range ti
Take not ce Uiat I, John Ivan Petertol Princ*
Rupert, It. C., occupalun rlerk. intend to apply
(or parnikstlou to purchaae ibe (ollowing dvecrsbed
an da:
Commencing al a poat planted aboul three ao
one-ball mllea dutant n a aouth weaterly d reel un
Irom a blind alough from Obaervatory Inlet where
tie aamo louche* the Indian Reserve, thence
��t��i bO chaina, tbence north bO chaina, thence
oaat bO chaitia, tbence touth bO chaina tu point o
commencement, containing 010 acrea more or lots
Dated April 14, mi. JOHN  IVAN  ri.in.-'
Pub. May 13.
Skcana Und DUUict���DUlrict ot Coaat Range o
Take notico that 1, Chariot A. Vaughan of
Prince Rupert, 11. C, occupation murchant. inteni
to apply lor pefrniaaion lo purchaae the lollowing
dt��criiM��l landa:
Commencing at a iwil planted on the touth
bank ol faichumtlka Itiver aud about (our miba.
trom Ita coniluence with the Skeena Rivur, thenre
M) chaint ��� . i, tbence bU chaina norm, tlience .-j
cbaina weat, thonce bO chaina aouth to point ul
commencement, containing bio acrea mure or lust
Datod April 21, lull CHARLES A. VAUOHA.S
Pub. April IS,
Skeena Und Diatrict���Diatrict ot Caaalar
Take nolle* that I, Swan  Halkrn ot Stewart.
H.   C.   occupation   carpenter,   Intend   to   apply
lor perm its ten to purchaaa tbe lollowlng deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted about (o) mllea
aouth and unevl) mile went ol the lorka ol the White
and FUt rivers, thence bO chaina aoulh, Ihence M>
chaina eaat, thence bO chaina north, tbence *0
chaini weat.
Dated April 1H, 1911. SWAN  HAl.l.KN
I'ub. May 13. FrancU S. Prattoo, Agent
Skoena Land DUlrict -DUtrict ol Queoo Charlotte
Ulan els
Take uotico that George W. Arnott o( Prince
Rupert, H C, occupauon real eatalo bruaer,
intenda to apply tor perrniation to purctaau the
loiluwing detenbed landa:
Commencing  at  a  posl   planted  about  aeven
milea and one-nail mile weat ani one mile south
(rom the mouth of Stanly   Creek, Naden ;i ���
thenoe weat SO chaina, thenoa aouth  DO chain.*,
thence eaat HO chaina, ihenc* north ou chaitw.
Dated March 17, 1911. '.!.��'. W. ARNol 1
Pub. Apnl 22. Numa Demera, Aa-nt
Skeena Land Dittnct -DUtrict of Caiaiar
Take nolice that I. Alice M. Knouae of Prince
Rupert, 11. C, occupation married woman, inlet
to apply (or uarmiation to purchaae the following
deacribed I
Commencing at a poat planted about two milea
Ihenee 411 ehslns .outh lu poll" oi | '."".'V,","1,,1*0 m.''M *���1 "'.t.,,'"l '"l*"' SmM
eommeneemem, eontsinln, nil) sere, more or leu   J*J J ",���,riv"������ g��2 norih �� ��*��' t&M
liA.-'rsal  nil  cliaina,  Ihenco  aoulh   811 chains.  lasaBS*
���V  VI-       avu.,    -II   ...I..
.Bte.1 Aptilill, IHU.
I'ub. Msy III.
Ml  HI""  K   Mcll
Skeena Und Dl.trlrt    llistricl ol Cssslsr
Tska nutlca thst  I,  Issse O'llrien   Forbes ol
Prince lluperl, 11. e:., occupstiun carpenter, ililend
tu apply lur permiaaion lo purchase the following
dead-toed landa:
Commencing, st a post plsnted bIsduI liv miles,
south snd one mile Brest ol lbs lorks ol theWhite
sud Fist rivers, thenca north oil chslns, thenre
west bU chslna, thencs south 80 chslns, tlience
esst 80 chslns.
listed April 18, lul I.  ISAAC ii'llllll.N FOtlllKS
Pub. May 13. Francia S. Preaton. A(ent
weat 80 chaina.
Haled April 20. list 1.
Pub. May 13.
Frsncls S. Preston. MBW
Stikine Land I n.inei    Huriri ol Casslsr
Tske notice thst Sydnay llodgkinson uf   I ��� ���'
arsph Creek, H. C, occupstlon clerk, Inlands I"
apply  lor  pennlssion  to   purebsse  ths  IoIIobiuS
i, -pi.,..I Isnd:
Commsnclng st s post plsnted sbout s .ius/ter
mile north east Irom Glacier Kittle snd on lhe east
bank ol stikine lliver. thence east 20 chains
Ihence north 40 chains, Ihence west 20 chsins
thence south 40 chsins to point ol commenceiii.nl
snd containing 80 seres more or less,
Dsled Fsb. 11, lull _,UJnM
Pub. April CA. Tervo, Agent
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ol Caasisr
Take notice that I, Charles Frederick Melcsi
ol Stewsrt, II. C, occupation freighter, intend t"
apply  lor permlasion  eo  purchaae the lollowing
described Isnds:
Commencing st a post planted on the risll.*
bank of the Naaa river about sis miles shove ths
forks ol the Naaa river, thence south 80 chsins,
thence west 80 chslns, thence north 80 chsins,
thenee east 80 chaina to point ol commencement,
containing 610 acres more or less. _...,
Dated March 25, lull. CHARLES F. METCALI
Pub. Msy 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agenl
Skeena Und District���District ol Cosst
Taks  notice thst  I,  Wllllsm John Corley ul
Prince Kupert, II. C., occupation rancher, Intend
to apply (or permission to purchsae the lollowing
descrilied Isnds:
Commencing si s post plsnted .1 ths southwest
corner nl Lot .1(108, lUngo S, Coaat District, thonce
south   20 chains,   thenoe   east   40 chslns, thence
north 20 chsin., thonce wost 40 chslns to point
| pi commencement, contsining 80 seres, more or
Pub. April 20.    '
Skeena Und District���District o( Cssslsr
Tske notice thst I, Alfred Ilerryman Williams
ol  Prince  Huport,  II.  C, occupation merchant
Intend to spply for permission to purchsss Iho
lollowing descrilied Isnds:
Commencing st a post plsnted sbout (2) two
,���   miles south ol the forks ol the White snd I at
south snd one mile ol the lorks ol While   rivers, Ihence 80 chains south, thence 80 chains
and  Flat river., thence south  B0 chslna, Ihenee   WMt. Ihence 80 chaina  north, thence 80 cbains
ws*t  80 chaina, theneo north 80 chains, thenee   east.
"""   " "'"'"" SYDNEY FITaVlFrtAt r.   r. .' , .     H#9fO  BERUYMAN WILLIAMS
Francis Sl'r-iV��  a I'IJ    BM/l"! 18' �����''        Francl. ����� Preston. Agent
r ratio, a. i reston. Agent < Pub. Msy 18.
Skeens Und District���District ol Caaslar
Take untie* thst I, Ilrenlon Jordon Moore ol
Prince Kunert, II. C, occupstlon contrsctor, Intend
to apply lor peimiaaion to purchase the loiluwing
descrilied Isnds:
Commencing st b post pisnteil shout (3) three
miles south snd (21 two miles west of the forks
ol White snd list rivers, thence 80 chains south
thence 80 chslns west, thence 80 chslns north,
thence 80 chslns esst.
Dsted April 20, lull. Francis S. Preston, Agenl
Pub. May 19.
Skeena Und District���District of Cssslsr
Tske notice thst  I, Jsmes Webster Esplin nl
Stewart, B.C., occupation    auctioneer, intend to
spply lor permission to   purchsae   the   (ollowing
described Isnds:
Commencing st a post plsnted nn the right
bsnk ol the Nsas river about nine miles shove
ths lorks ol lhe Nsas river, thenee aoulh 80 chains,
thence west 80 chsins, ihence north 80 chslns,
thence esst 80 chsins lo point ol commencement,
containing 640 scree more or less.
Dated March 21, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Act
Pub. May 17. ^
|SkeenaLandDl.lrlel   -District olCs��.isr
Tsks notice Ihst I, Sydney Fltsgersld nl Stewsrt,
0. C., occupsllon cook, Intend lo spply for permission lo ptirchsse ths (ollowing described lands
Commencing at s poet plsnle.1 sbout live mile
Dsted April IS, Itll
Pub. Msy I.'I. THE   DAILY    NEWS
i ..rtUuitflllt���UlstrlOt ol Quiwn Chariot a.
"S"8 antl v that OaSetlna Harrison, ol Calnary
luk"   .jeuiiion  splnalcr,   Intends   to  apply.
^^liSon to pUrXS tho lollowing described
",l'*; .-sine at a post plantod about 0 1-2
c""'", , d I II " "lllo "oolli from tho mouth
,ul,, ani '"!"'!��� | irll it emptlas Into Nudon
'' ���?"?> 1,1111 Island, thenco 40 chains Houth
""'""���,,' -��s east, thonco 40 chains north,
'!""�� Io chains Wat I" POtat ol commonceinent
siss war"'"
Datad Uaran 17, ""oATHjjRJJ,n HARRISON
,     , Numa Deinors, Agent
pub Apr. 7.
SI ��nl Land Dlltriat - Diatrict uf Const
i Kile. U��t i. M''��- 'ohj Owl** of,' ,rln,i0
��� ' k,  ,, V   ���,,��� ition married woman. Intenda
El. ''���< i'"""mM" l0 I'"���1""'1' ll,�� >',llow",K
*l"''���',,c'm.*at �� P��rt Planted 4(1 cliaina oaat
',' '."���'.:. ,lh li'"" lh- auuthweat corner of
���:;:i , ,, |,,-iii,-i. KuiiK-ri, Ihenco soulh N
f   !���,���,. cast  III i-liuiiia. thence nurth 80
'""'   thence wal lOohsvIm mora or leas to ehe
;���,;r'���'t' ci���n.m'n��-...-'>t.  containing  320 acre.
 """''''"'SIRS. JOHN (Lottie) CORLEY
fub, Apr. i. IMI
Bleasna Land District���District ol Casslsr
tffStalSat I. Alfred Kyle ol Prince Uu
J,   it   i'.,  oecupatlon   electrician,  intend   to
jjjil'y (0r iieriiiissldn lo purchaso the lollowlng
"r^inSS'.! a pust planted about (3) throe
Ur"u >I 11... fork. Si the White and Flat
SSL nance ��0 clmiiisi aouth, thonce 80 chaina
mi  tlicnoi so ciiains north, thence 80 chaina
Usual April IS, I'll.
I'ub. May 13.
Francia S. Preston, Agent
Skoena Land Dislrict���Diatrict ol Caaaiar
Take nonce mat 1, Jamoa Millar Johnston ol
Bumrt  II. '���'���' occupation storekeeper, Intond to
nail) lor parmlaBton to purchase tho lollowing
Merlbsd lands:
Cuinmi-ntint al a posl plantud about ono mllo
north [rum Uw Naas river and about nlno miloa
���bun lbs lurks ol lllo Naaa river, thence north BO
cl;,;i.i tnence west 80 cliuina, thenoe south 80
ciiin,.-! tliancv i-avl 80 chains lo poinl ol commenco-
imbLeoBtaialnl bill acroa moro or luaa.
uaii-J Maixh M, UU. Frank Sidney Wright, Agl
I'ub. May IT.
Si.ia.-na Lund Dislrict��� Diatrict ol Caaaiar
Tssu nolice tliat 1,   Bertie  Edwin   Badger   ol
BbnYalt, 11. C, occupation  plumber,  lnleud  to
apply lor nernusaioii lo  purchaso the  (ollowing
aWnlaal Isudsl , _
Coriiuioiiciiig al a post plantod aboul one mile
twin ul llic Naas rivur and about seven mllea
abuve thu lorks ol thu Nuua River upstream,
IbsfiOl nurili tt cliaina. thunco vast 80 cbaina,
ihence souih bU chains, tbeuco west 80 chains to
point ol i-ummi'iitvuiotll. containing 640 acrua
raurv- or less.
Duel March at. 1011. Frank Sidney Wright, Agl
fub. May 17.
l-ieius Land DUtrict���District ol Coaat Range G
like nulirvi llul I, Liunel r-ingsluy ol Vancouver, U. Ca, uccupauun iiinu-r, intend to apply
lor peruiission lu purcliase tho [ollowing described
Cumnit'iicing al a post planted near the south-
vital comer ol Lul BtS, Range .,, Cuaal Diatrict
tnence ami ��� cliaina, tboiicu aoulh 00 chains,
tbence call IU cliaina, Ihuncu north liO chains eo
poinl u( comnicnceiiielil.
Uslel Msrcli il,1D1L       LIONEL KUNGSLEY
I'ub. April 22.
Skiafii Und Iliitricl���District ol Coast Range 6
Take nutico thai Eldon S. Detwilur ol Berlin,
OH.' occuputiuii doctor, intenda to apply lor
utrnuMiuh lu purchase the lollowing described
ClinillsBBlllll ut s pqst plantod st tbe soulh-
assl corner ol Lol 11.28, thence ssst 30 chaina
mure ur kaa, iheiicu aoutb 45 chains more or loss,
ibence a.sl all chains more or loss, Ihonco north
... chain, more or less to point ol commencement
containira. Uu acrea more or loss,
until March 31, lull ELDON S. DETWILER
I'ub. April IS' John Campbell, Agent
..,.:.., Land Daitricl���District ol Coast Hang.'o
Take iiulm lhat Mra. L. C. Putnam ol St
Paul, Mimasula, occupation married woman
inunds to apply (ur permission lo purchsae tbe
luiluvwne ili.cnhvd lands:
e'ummencing al. pust plantud at the southwost
earner ol Lot Nu. 1733 marked Mrs. L. C. Putnam's
northeast corner, thence wost 40 chains, thencs
suuth bU chsins thenca esst 40 chains, tbence
aonb 80 chsins tu post ot commencement, con
uunir.k 320 acres more or less,
D.leJ Msrch 20 lull. MRS. L. C. PUTNAM
rub, April 15, Goo. R. Putnsm Agon
s.ivr.a Und District -Dislrict ol Coast Range u
like i...i ci ibal I, John Ivan Petersol Prince
Kupm. it. c, uccupal un clerk, intend to apply
M perniuaiion lu purchase tho (ulluvving dusenbud
eoniiiieneing st u |io.l plsnted sbout three an
one-ball mile, distant n a aoulh westerly d reel on
Irom a blind slough irum ubservalury Inlet where
IM same touch.* tbo Indian Reserve, thunce
��ot .-u chaiiu.. thencu north 80 cbaina. thence
���w BO chains, llienco aoulh 80 chains lo point o
cun,n,ciic:iiinl, containing tilo acrua mure or loss
Usual April 11, lull. JOHN IVAN PETERS
Pub. May 13.
Sk��Bs Land Dislrict���Dislrict ol Coast Rango 5
lsku nolice thai I, Cbarlas A. Vsughan ol
TOt lluperl, 11. c, occupation merchant. Intend
"apply lor pcnnlasiou to purchaso the (ollowing
vaserilaal lauds; ^
tommeneing ae s post plsnted on tho soulh
"��w ul t.ichumsika River and about luur mllea
.ml.    ro""u,'"��> with iho Skoena River, thencu
"BUIBJ ,1,,, ,|,onc<, ������ cUtint |lorth   l|)anco au
Oast, thence 80  chaina south  10  point ol
eaamincviii.iii. containing 010 acrea moro or less.
bkeena Und Dislrict���DUlrict ol Casslar
Uke notice that 1, Swan Usllen ol Stewart,
L hr.ya-roilaaiion carisonier, Intend   to  apply
mma Purchase the lollowing described
.ouibTr,in,,!,t Spo" ,,!*"u<1 ,boul (6> "U"
ssa i. . 55'> m",, �����* ol ths lorks ol the While
Iu,, "'"'": ln,,'lc,���' hu c"*iM ���oulh. thence 80
Sim &       nc" b0 ch,ln" norl".  ,h���e��  Bu
teHAl??". ��lt SWAN HALLEN
"b M,v * Francis S. Preston. Agent
"Wn. !.,���,, Uuuict-Diatrict ol guoen CharlotU
a. 1-1,ml,
IM ���'"."��. that Goorgo W. Arnott of Princ*
'Mend.'u.a.oj- ^"I'-fon real estate broker,
l"Uu. a ,"''��' "T Porinisalon to purchase the
���amuk] i-Krihod Isnds:
^mnancmg  ,t   ���   uogt   pl,���lod   Ebout
Irum -u, ��� w',', "l! !n,lu1wo't and ono mile aouth
Ss7l2"S ��'Slanly Crook. Naden Harbor,
Items...? ��� ohaina, thonce aouth 80 chaina,
lived \t,   ." f5*"u' thonco north 80 chains.
-   W.1911. GEO. W. ARNOTT
""'  ��� Numa Darners. Agent
Tata's! LV& ���JiBtrlct���DUlrict ol Casslar
tanrt 1, r l'"1 '��� Mia M' Knou��"  ol Prince
tosini.   '     ' ""tiPsllon msrrled womsn, Intend
bbbSGb, |55JL!,IM"'UI1 l0 Pirshsss the lollowing
...t'i."',7'i",'"" ".* I'0"1 P'oototl about two miles
bM lli .1 . "')LM Wwt ol lh" l��rk�� ol Whltv
"il ��,''"' V""10' nortn m chsins, thenco
Ssst n ^'���["���' ""no" "outh ��0 chslns, thonce
fe.'\i\''l,'f,":i'JU- *"CE M. KNOUSE
1 u- Frsncis S. Preston, Agenl
Und Diatrict-Dstrlct o( Casslar
graph\ 2t iTt-f S>dne>' "odgklnson ol Tele-
anii.  i���, ,-."-, \- occupation clerk, Intonda lo
oaacribeu lun.i'-' t0 Pon'haaB the loUowing
���wTSirSLSjg ' post Planted about a quarter
b.nl"'"",""" "lacier Ilillle .nd on the oast
Uaats i,,.n , ,,, 'livw' lhc"<�� east 20 chslns
"��re-oii'i in irh"'n'' tlwnw *ost 20 chains.
"BMiiiainn. ai. In* l0 pol,lt ol eommencement
o��iw Iei?Tf,la""81 mor�� " ""'
CA. Tervo, Agent
"I Un
r"l> April
'    in' Districl-DUtrict ol Cassiar
..,,���'"' that I, Charles Frederick Metcal
Wy lur ,��.;,^.:' """I'ntion Ireighlor, Inlond to
���aesscril o,| |���,|,     lon  l0 Po'chaae the  lollowing
Sr���i'''ll'���'nvf���*t J" E���l Panted on the right
lofk' "I th�� v *" ri,v,)r *boul ,u mllB�� above the
"��"�� w,.�� an"M, '!ver' thence south 80 chaina,
NHfaSK U"",M forth 80 chaina,
pi'Blnlnguit ���!lin" t0 "o'l11 0| commencement,
"siwl M��, "JPS ".ore or less.
�������. M.v I ' �������� i"1': 'i'lAHLES F. METCALF
I rank Sidney Wright. Agent
J����' ntii J'Tr1. ' ''trtct-Dlstrict ol Cout
&����� 'C t    l" ��� ''  Willl,m John  Corley  of
2 "I'l'ly I,, iVmii'r occuP��tlon rancher, Inlend
d*"'i���i |,���!|^miMl��n to purchase the lollowlng
SaBtBl'llS'lSJi ", I'""1 Planled at tho southwest
SSr '.U clis ' '.ll"n��'! 6' c����"t District, thenco
��flh *> chain, .t,""'1��� ea,t 40 chains, thence
H��omn,en2  !'���,th0"��� wesl 40__ chain, to point
I'licem.n,   .    . T. ' ,u cnaina lo point
l(:t"len^ containing 80 acres, more or
CapRi .J!; '���".    WILLIAM JOHN CORLEY
,T��tT,'c;n,'! !?Wte5iajta oi c��i.r
,|,,ln��  Ilu,.'',"1 k 1\,mi "orryman William.
In""1 i�� in, k  I . , c-'. occup.tlon merch.nt
w- 'h..,1riflH,k0(,c,h,1ln" ����th, thenoe 80 chaina
ellti        "��� bo chelne north, thence 80 chaina
H*. May 13. �� IJU-     FrancU B. Preaton. Agent
Skoena Land Diatrict -District of Coaat llaniM b
Take notice that I, Clara May Little o( I'rlueo
Hupert, It. Cti occupation tplnBter, intend to
apply for pnrmiulon tu purchatw the following
deacribed lunilri:
Commoncintf at a poat piunted at the north
woat corner of Lot 171)0, lUnge 5, Cotut District
thence eaat 40 eluiitia. thenco north V.5 chalua
thence went Ul chain thonce north 20 chuitiB
thence wuat 10 chaina, tlience aouth 45 chaina to
point of commencement,   contalnlnB  ll��   lu'rra
more or leaa. 	
Dutod April 4,1911. CLAHA MAY LITTLE
Pub. April 15.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaat
Take  notice that Hume  Uablngton of  Prince
Kupurt. il. 0,, occupation maater mariner, intonda
to  apply  for permiaaion  to  leaae  the following
described landa;
Commencing at a poet plantod about 100 chaina
aouth of tha Indian lloaerve on the eaat aide of
Cooae Hay on the oaat aide of the I'oninaula Ihence
north 10(1 chaina along ahoro to thu Reserve line,
thence west 60 chaina more or tees to Goose Hay,
thonce 100 chains along ahoro, thence eaat 60
chaina moro or less to poat, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated March 8, 1911. HUME BABINGTUN
Pub. AprU 15.
Skeena Land District���District ol Cout Range 5
Take notice that Mary Beaton Uilderalaave of
Victoria,  li. C., occupation housekeeper, intend!
to apply (or permission to purchaae the following
described lands:
Commencing at a poet planted at the southwost
corner uf Lot 996, Hange 5, Coast Dlstrict,thence
80 chains auuth thenca 40 chains   eaat, tbence 80
chains north, thenco 40 chains west to point ol
ommencement, containing 1320 acros moro or leas.
Dated April 17.1911.
Pub. May 6.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Coaat
Take notice that html  W. Bonier ol Kltsum-
kalum, occupation farruor, intends to apply  (or
permission to  purchase   the  lollowing  deacribed
Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner ol A. McLeod'a pre-emption, thunce
20 chains south, thunce 10 cbains east, thenou 20
chains north, thunee 10 chains west to post ol
commencement coutalning 20 acrea more or leaa.
Dated April 10,1911. FlUEDUICli W. UOHLk.1.
Pub. April 22. Fred Hampton, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���District ol Cout Hangu 6
Take notice tbat 1, Frank Hicks of Port Essington, occupation merchant, intend to apply
(or permission, o purchsae the following described
Commencing at a post planted on the aouth
bank ol the Excbumaika luver and about (our
miloa from its eonllueiico with the Skoena River,
tbence 80 chaina west, thence 80 chaina north,
Ihence 80 chaius oast, thonce suuth 60 chains
to point o( commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated AprU 21, 1911. FRANK HICKS
Pub. April 29.
Skeona Land DUtrict���District ot Coaat
Take notice tbat W .Ilium McTavUh ol Vancouver, 11. C. occupation physician, intends to apply
for permission to purchaaa tho (ollowing doscrbed
Commencing at a post planted at tba aouthwee
corner, 40 chains north and 40 chaina eaat ol the
northeast corner of Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey,
Coaat DUtrict, Range 6, thenca 60 cbaina aaai
thenco 60 chaiiu north, thenoe 60 chaina weat,
tbence 60 chaina aoutb lo post ot comrnoucement
containing 1160 acrua moro or leaa.
Dated May 2, 1911. WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Hobler, Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrict o( Coaat Range 0
Take notice tbat Lottie McTavUb ol Vancouver,
1). C, occupation married woman, Intenda to
apply (or purmiaaloD to purchase the (ollowing
deacribed Is mis.
Commencing at a post planted at the north-
weal corner 100 chains east and 20 cbains north
Irom tho northeast corner ol Lot 1116, Harvey's
Survey, Cout DUlrict,Rango 6,thence 20 chains
south, ihenco 80 chains east, ihence 80 cbaina
north, thence 40 chains west, ihence 60 chains
soulh, Ihence 40 chaina west to poal ol commencement, containing 400 acrea more or leas.
Dated May 2, r.Ml. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. lioblor, Agent
i _
,  I
*j��**a-,.^*.-aw����^��r^..,aa,,^.ia.,,aall. aa .. a�� MjBBj >.|��> N. .. a�� .. a* .. a�� ., a�� ,,a�� ,,^ >��-.... >-a��.a-a,.r^..^,.^����,,|,
This iB a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies ��f Prints Kupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its dltOUttlonl, Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Take nolice that Charles P. Otter ol Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupation surveyor, inlands to
apply (or permission lo purchsso ths (ollowing
described landa:
Commencing al a post planted at ths north east
corner ol surveyed lot 11984, Itange tv, Coast Dls-
erice, ihence In an eaaterly direction along ths
southerly limit ol surveyed lot 3991 sad the prelection Ihureol 40 cbains to a point, thence soulh
parallel to the easterly limit of surveyed lot 3984
aluroaald 00 chaina more or loss lo lbs northerly
limit ol a timber limit (No. 426631, Ihenee west
40 chains more or loss to a point in tbo pro action
southerly ol the easterly limit of surveyed lol
3984, ihence In a northerly direction along lhe
Rrojection of tho said limit and along the said
mil t,n chains more or less to poinl ol commonce-
mciit, containing 240 acres more or lesa.
Dated Msrch 8, 1911.       CUAHLES P. OTTEIl
Pub. Msrch 2a.
Sk.i-na Land District���District ol Coast Usnge 6
Tako notico that eirace McTavlsh, ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupseion married woman, Intenda to apply
lor permission lo purchase tbe (ollowing described
Commencing st a poat planted, at lhe southwest
corner 100 chslns east and 20 cbsins north ol
tbo uortheaat corner ol Lot 1116, Harvey*. Survey
Coast Dislrict, Itange &, thence 40 chains oaat
UisBce 80 chsins north, thonce 40 chains wast,
Ihence 80 chains soulh lo posl ol commencement
containing 320 acres mora or Issa.
Dated Msy 2, 1911. URACE McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. BohVsr, Agan I
Skeena Land DUlrict���Diatrict ol Caaslar
Take   noUca  tbat   1,   Charles   M.   Knouse  o
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupsllon larmvr. Intend
eo apply lor permission to purebsse tbe lollowlng
described Isnds:
Commencing at a posl plsnted sbout (3) throe
mllea soulh snd (2 llwo miles west ol the lorks nl
White river and Flat river, thence soulh 80 chslns.
theoce weal 80 cbains, Ibsnce north 80 chaina
Ibeoce essl 80 cbsins.
Dated April 20, 1911.      CHARLES M. KNOUSE
Pub. Msy 13. franco, S. Preston. Agenl
Skeens Lsnd District��� Dislrict o Cosst Hangs b
Tske not ce thsl Murdoch McUse ol Vancouvet
B. C, occupaliua real estate broker. Intends to
apply lor permission l- purchsss IBs lollowina
described lands:
Commsnclng at a Dost planted on lhe sou.h
bsnk ol Eicbumsiks river aboul Ave miles Irom
its conllusnce with the Skeens river, t'-ence 40
chains west, Ihenco 20 chslns north, thence 40
chains west, thence 40 chslns north, Ihsnce 40
chsins cast, Ihence 20 cbsins south, Ihsnce 4U
chslns eaal, Ihence 40 chains .oulh eo point ol
commencement, containing 320 acrea more or���loaa
Dated April 21. 1811. MU11DOCK McRAK,
Pub. Msy 13.
They are the Only Right Kind
For Bead Embroidery
China lit-iiels an- much used in
embroidery fur all sorts of ma-
terials and occasions. Lovi ly scarfs of mcssalinc have- on the ends
a deep border done In beads ol a
different color, as tiny white Iniuls
on a pink scarf or pink beads on
Chiffon tunics also have- designs
iii these beads and they have
even been used on lingerie frocks
of handkerchief linen ur mull.
The work is done by hand and
any motif suitable for braiding
can be selected. By varying the
size of the beads, also the colors,
stunning effects enn In- obtained
with comparatively little work.
Be careful not to pull or elr. \v
the material in working; also see
thai each bead is sewed so tight
that if one goes the entire elesign
is not a wreck. This ca i be managed by taking a tiny backstitch
or urder side of he-ad. When
working on sheer male-rials paste
il first to tisMie' pa-H-r.
Smart looking parasols in colors
are finished with a wide- border of
these china beads.
An effective design for a lingerie
frock Would have the fro.it of the-
blouse closely embroidered, smaller
motifs on each siele of back, deep
hand around bottom of kimono
sleeves and an eight or ten inch
band on the skirt.
When working in bands have
two or more straight rows of beads
on each side- with the sreoll design
In doing this embroidery ask
for lhe china beads, or you may
be pin off with metallic or glass
ones, which are not half so new.
before-.     1   should   llii'ik   after   a
while you would leai ll how ."
"There, I gue-ss it's done," he
cries at last, surveying bi> work
anxiously anel patting it here and
there.. "You poor old thing," she
there. They both mkIi, then she
laughs. "You pom- old thing,"
she says, throwing her arms around
his neck. "It's an awful ordeal,
isn't it? But it's over for one
inure time."���By Rose Rambler in
The- Toronto ('.lobe-.
How the Clever Girl May Transform Last Summer's Parasol
Boudoir Process that Invariably
Puzzles the Patient Masculine who Would Help Hit
Eternal Feminine.
Skeena Und Diatrict���District ol Casslsr
Tsks nolice that  I.  Isasc O'Brien  Korbea ol
Prince Itupert, B. C, occupsllon carpenter, Inlend
to spply lor permission to purchase the lollowlng
descrilaid Isnds:
Commencing at a post plsnted shout By miles*
south snd one mile west ol the lorks ol theWhlls
aud Mat rivers, thence north 80 chsins, thencs
west 80 chains,  thence south 80 chsins, thence
Pub. Msy 13. Frsncis S. Preston. Agent
Skeens Lsnd District-District ol Cssslsr
Tsks nolice that I, Brenton Jordon Moore ol
Prince lluperl, B. t'.., occupsllon contractor. Intend
to spply for permission to purchsae the lollowlng
described Isnds: .
Commencing at a posl plsnted sbout (J) three
miles south and (2) two miles west ol lhe lork,
ol White snd Fist rivers, thence 80 chslns south
thence 80 chslns wost, Ihenco 80 chslns north,
thence 80 chsins east. .     .,  ..__������
Dsled April 20, 1911. Frsncis 8. Preston, Agenl
Pub. May IS.
Skeona Und District���Dislrict ol Casslar
Tsks notice that I, James Webster fcsplln ol
Stewart, B.C., occupation    auctioneer. Intend to
apply lor permission to   purchase   the   lollowlng
descriliod Isnds: , .      , .,
Commencing at a post plsnled on eho right
bank ol the Naaa river about nine miles above
the lorks ol the Naas river, thenee south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chslns,
thenca esst 80 chains to point ot commencement,
contsining 640 acres more or less.
Dated March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
IBkeena Land DUtrlct- District ol e'BaalBr	
Tske notice that I, Sydney Hlfgersld pi Stewart,
11. C, occupstlon cook, Inlend lo spply lor permission to purchsso the lollowlng described lands
Commencing at a poll planted about Bve mi n
ol the forks ol White
south snd one mile
and Flat rivers, thenco south 80 chs ns, ehenco
west 80 chslns, tflence north 80 chslns, Ihence
east 80 chsins. , ,., ,.,.,..,,...,,,, ,,
Dsted April 18, 1911. 8VDNI Y FITMERALD
Pub. May 18. Frsncis S. Preston, Agent
Have you ever seen a man try to
hook up a woman's elress? The
operation is a painful one, for both
parties, but for the onlooker it is
a feast of amusement.
First he exclaims, "Now, stand
still. Where do you liegin litis
thing, anyway, at the bottom or
thc top?"
"You've done it a score of
times,"   answers   his   wife,   half
Impatiently.  "You ought to know
by this time."
Then he seizes lhe fragile lace at
the neck, one .aide in each big
hand so firmly that one would
think it was trying to fly away
from him and siys, "I can't finel
any eye on this," meantime examining it with puckered and
anxious couiitenane-e.
"Oh, George," answers his wife,
"I'm sure it's on. Here, let me
sec (pulling the collar arounel lo
the front). There it is! It's a
loop, can't yOU sec?"
He humbly grasps the Collar
again and succeeds slowly in pulling the htiok into the loop. The-n
he tries the second.
"Come Over here to lhe light;
I can't sit the-sc loops. Why can't
you have them a different color
from the collar?"
He pushes thc stray ends of hair
away. "I wish you woulel pin up
your hair. It gels ill lhe way all
the time."
"Oh, George, I'm so tired. Do
hurry up," fidgets his wife.
When the yoke is finished things
go a little ln-ttcr till hi- discovers an
inner band.
"Here are two sets of hooks," he-
exclaimselistracledly. "Whydont'
you women fasten your tlothi s in
front? Come over here." And
pulling her gently backwards he
sits down and attacks his task
from an easier posture.
"One would really think, George,
you   had
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Your Dialer Has ll
The Digby Rooms ���
Located on Sixth Ave., near Pulton
Thm�� tu live mlnuteti from cen- Jj-f
trtMitf builneaa district.   Nine- g��\
teen  newly furninht-d rttoma. %���*!
lint ami i-.itil water, bath and
telephone.     Newly furnished.
Under now mnniiKement.
-General Hardware���
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Granitewaru       Tinware
To make a cover for an old
parasol is not an easy task. No
matter how can-fully each section
of the new spreael is patterned after
the original, it is difficult to fit
it accurately and nuke it appear
other than the work of an amateur.
Therefore any sunshade spread
that is not an absolute wreck
should be kept intact. If a white
or   light   colored   silk   parasol   is
not too badly soiicel it may usually
be satisfactorily cleaned with French chalk, but if, after a trial, it
is fotiuil that the spots cannot lie
eradicated rather than throw away j
tin- article make' ihr experimenl of
a chiffon or doited net veiling.
Whichever transparent material i
is chosen should  be once and a I
half the si/e of the foundation, and
before trying to adjust ii  to the
sunshade the hole through which!
the   tip  of   the   ferrule  protudesl
should have its raw edge's Stayed
on to a narrow strip of silk and then | Sxxxxhxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
buttonhole- fiiilni.iii. ii i|.
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Glasses, Mineral Glasses, Compasses
anel   Aneroid  Barometers.
R. VV. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
phone 82
Fruit & New Groceries |FJq   j Qll
A big shipment came to us toelay
Musk   Melons
Strawberries, Cherries
Vegetables of all Kinds
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth St.   Phono 190
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert?
J. G. McNab
If so, and you want to sell,
send us full particulars.
We have buyers and we
want listings.     :    :    :    :
Second Ave.. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Sksens Und District 'District ol Coast
Take notice thst Wlllism Munlord i ���  Prince
Rupert,   ll.   C,   occupatlofl  prospector.   Intends
tt  spply  tor  permission to (ease  the  Mowing
deacribed Isnds:
Commsndna at a post i-lanted aboul 100 chain.
south ca* the Indian ll,    rve on ibe east sldB ol
Gouea Bay aad on the l
tbsnos south HO chsins
40 chslns to Goose lis)*,
to chains, thsnes weat
rsnst, wntalnlni .120 Bars mots or leaa,
Br ������
-l slds ot tho peninsuls
iliirm shore, thence west |
[ hence north along shore
' chslns mora or lass eo
ated Msrch S. I.'I I.
Pub. AprU It.
Sealed lender, addr-msed to the undersigned
and endorsed Tender lor Publlclllulldlng, Crsn-
brooh, II. C. will be received until 4 p.m., on
Mondsy Juns It, 1111, for the construction
of s Public Uuildlng, Crsnhrook, ll  C.
Plans, ap-viiiratmn sml lorm ol contract csn
lie seen and Inrms ol tenilr-r obtsined si the utnecs
of Mr. Wm. Henderson. Resident Architect,
Victoris, ll C, al ths pust office. Crsnbrook.snd
at this depsrtment.
Persons tendering sre notified thst tenders
will not be considered unless msde on the printed
lorms supplied, snd signed wllh Iheir sctusl
signsturM, staling their occupations snd plscea
of residence. In Ihe esse of firms, the sctusl
oceuDBtion snd piece
he firm  must
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicaln -.: Newspapers
siinitun-, thn natum ol th�� oceunitlon ��nd pU��
mldttnce ol Mth mpmher of tf
bt liven
��f  r
KmI.   tpn(.cf   must   I*  ��etwmp��hl��-rl   by
pUd chpqtM  on  ���  ch.mef*d
to iii" order nl the Ilonouril
mldence ol M��h  member ol
(���red  bank,   payable
 ible the Mlnlrter ot
Public Work*, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.) oj
the amount ol the tender, which will be forfeited
II the peraon tendering decline to enter Into a
contract when called upon to do ao, or MM
complete the work contracted for. II the tender
he not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department doe* not hind lUell to accept
the loweat or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
lit la* a. May 13, 1911.
Newapapera will not be paid lor thla adverliao-
ment If they Inaert It without authority from the
Department. ��
G. T. P. Transfer Ag��nU
Order* promptly filled,   Prlcei reseonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Phone 68,
HstMstM    ���,..,.,     il,!,,       1,, DatedMarch 8, 1911.
never  Been   tnis   oress pub. March 26.
k eena Und Dlrt/lct���Diatrict ol Coaat lUnmi
Take notion that Jack Bedford ot KetRhley.
Yorkshire, England, occupation over-looker, Intenda to apply for prrmlaalon to purchi\ac tha
lollowlng deacribed lands:
Commencing at a pout planted at a point In tbe
easterly boundary of timber limit 38.129 and In
the aoutherly limit ol lot 39H9, lUnge 5 Coaat
District, where tbe said limits intereect, thence
along the eoulherly limit ot lot 3989 cloreaaid
and the protection thereof In an eaaterly direction
80 chains more or leaa lo the weatetly Ufa U ot
timber limit 32601, thenoe In a aoutherly diredlon
along the laat mentioned limit 11 chaina more
or leas to the northerly limit of timlier limit 36776,
thence In a weateriy direction along the last mentioned limit 80 chains more or leas to tht- easterly
limit of tlmbef limit Itttt, ihence In a northerly
direction 11 chains more or leaa to the point ol
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave
More cork and less rubber will
be the order to the manufacturers,
if it hasn't already been Issued.
a) + a)
Right Fielder Lyons of the Hop-
kinsville, Kitty kngw team, established a world's record when he
made Bcven hits in as many times
at bat, lh- totalled 14 bases.
+ + ���
Jack Johnson wants i<> race
I.mile Brouard, the Frenchman
barred Irom French races fur rough
driving. It's better than even
the foreigner can't make the going
too rough for J. Jasper.
+ + ���
Stovall has taught lhe Naps
to make the pitchers work instead
of whaling away at the first ball.
When lie gets them running thc
paths intelligently, the team ought
to gel out of the joke class.
+ + +
The British write-rs admit that
Papke Sullivan is not the possessor of a particularly vindictive
wallop.   They praise his scientific
ability; in fact, one. of them
refers to him as a second Kiel
McCoy minus the McCoy punch.
+ + +
One-Round Hogan insists he is
in earnest in his declaration to
return to California and turn his
attention to some- other vocation.
��� ��� ���
President Murphy, of the Cubs,
has sent his brother James anel
George Huff, athletic director at
thc University of Illinois, on a
nation-wide trip to be spent
merely in running to cartn one
gooel southpaw. Murphy siys his
offer of SI5,000 for a man as
gooel as Nap Rucker still holds
+ + *
A new record has been created
in the number of entries received
for the International Horse-show
now be-ing held in London, the
number reaching a total of no
less than !.,">(K). In the military
classes there are 130 British and
80 foreign officers competing.
+ + ���
The Columbus team has been
B surprise in lhe American Association. The Senators were not con
sielered very strong, but they
have been strangling thc A. A.
teams as fast as they coulel get to
them. v
��� + +
Manager McAleer, of the Washington learn, is trying to lane
Paul Cobb, a brother of the
famous Tyrus. Young Cobb is
playing with the Lincoln learn, and
is said to be thc real excitement of
the Western league.
��� ��� ���
According to a re-pori   there' is
trouble in the ranks of the world's
champion lacrosse team. Charles
Welsh, manager of the club for
the past four ye-ars, has tendered
his resignation, and strenuous efforts arc being made to bring
him back into the game. There-port also implicates a Royal
City player in  the slick  cutting
affray, and points out thai this
has also leel to ill-feeling in West-
minste-r lacrosse circles. The- B. C.
L. A. may take some action tv-
garding this matter, but so far
the- officials of the league have not
taken action.
��� ��� +
R.   T.   Wilson's  colt   Naushon
hung up a new Canadian record
for the mile at Him- Bonnets when
he tlitl the distance In 1:37 4-5,
defeating Hildreth'a Zeus in hand
fashion  and  cutting a  fifth  of a
second from the meeting record
of l :38, made by August Belmont's
��� ��� ���
The Cleveland Baseball Club has
askeel waivers on "Cy" Young, the-
veteran pitcher; Fre-el Falkenberg,
pitcher, anel Arthur Griggs, fielder.
The Cleveland club hopes to make
i trade, it is understood. Young
has been ill nearly all this season,
and he- eliel not show up well last
Season, Falkenberg laso has be-en
ill, anel is just about re-atly tolgixTH STREET
resume pitching. Griggs was on
| the- hospital list for a while.
S.S. Prince George
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
Special Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
Prince  George   sails   Sinuluys  8   11. m.
Reduced fare (9,60 Including me-als
ami berth,
... Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson,   NaiiM   River,   Masse-t,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
ami fir:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from I'rince Hupert Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1  p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a fretjuent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston. New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous Princess  Lint
Monday, June 26th, 9 a.m.
General Agenl
Tickets  To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
. ���. FOR...
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second aveiuc and Third street
Over Westenhaver BroB.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Cilumliia
and Manitoba Bars.
ofll.C.. Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Offlee-EltchanR-* block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D..S., L>. D.8.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specially.
All dental operation, skilfully treated. Gss snd
local anaalhetlca administered for the palnles. extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Ofllee*:
Hola-erscn Block. Pnnce Runert. 11-18
Alei.M.Manson n a .     W.E.Williama.B.A..l..UD
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. o. BOX 2.1
ruru. or- wu. KS0M, Rao... A.a.a.M."ion.,aria
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
I Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publi.hing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Uaily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New YoRK-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle - Puget Sound News Co.
London, England-TIic Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Friday, June 23
Stable, the' Lord Gre.tt C
lain, and the
to the- tour
Raising  the
I here
on  the
nar! Marshal
siele-s of  the-
King up, the
the'   King
four sielis
tu the
of the
.'acli time catting out "Sirs,
present unto you King
After lhe Diamond Jubilee of her late Majesty Queen Victoria,
a young poet, till then scare-ely admitted to that most dignified title,
Wiote a poem that touched the spirit of the nation, and turned its
thought from the fever of red hot jingoism, into sober reflection on
the duty of Empire. "The Recessional" is the truest poem of Imperialism that Kipling has penned. Long after his Sag-waving jingles
have been forgotten, that great vesper-hymn of the Imperial spirit
will serve to calm and strengthen the soul of a Briuiin yet to be.
Today, while we dwellers on the far-away frontier of Empire
are having our imaginations quickened by the description of ornate
Coronation ceremonial anel gorgeous trappings of the Imperial pageants,
we might wiih profit remember that this is not the truest symbol of
Britain's life and allegiance.   .At its best it is but a gorgeous pageant,
a dramatic symbol of things.
Neither the best nor the worst in our Empire's life is represented
there. In thai company of princes antl rajahs anil peers of the realm,
no army of the unemployed walks. Yet there is a standing army
of unemployed a million strong in Great Britain. There is no delegation from the workhtuiscs of England; no representatives from
the sweat shops anel child labor factories of the East-End���a district
with more population than die Province of British Columbia.
On the oilier hand there is little representation of the meist vital
forces in the Empire. There is no delegation of Canadian settlers
and settlers' wives from two hundred miles nonh of the nearest railway: yd such as ihe-se- are lhe real advance guards of Empire. There
is no delegation from the bands of altruistic men anel women of Britain
who are devoting their brains, their lives and their fortunes to solve
the problem e>f unemployment, to abolish thc sweat shop anel child
labor factory, anel make a better England.
The real thing about die Coronation���the spiritual thing-
consists in tile adherence of some three hundred million people more'
or less, to a belief in the British Constitution. That Constitution
is typified in the person of ihe head of the Royal family in his capacity
as the cusuatlian of thc Constitution. In that sense, there is no doubt
that King George is firmly enthroned in the hearts of his people. In
thai sense he has thc acknowlcdgetl allegiance of all.
How far the British Constitution has altered, and the nation
advanced since so recent a reign as ihat of George the Third, is situ
by the following clipping from the London Times eif eine hundred
years ago:
"On Thursday afternoon. Malcolm Craig, one of the nineteen
printers belonging to this office, who were convicted of a conspiracy to raise the prices of wages, died in Newgate."
Were efforts to secure an advance of wages still atljudged a conspiracy, there would have l>ceji few men left to cheer the King on
his ride through  London yesterday.    One hundred  years ago thc
people of England were without the franchise, and the whole body
of Liberal legislation that has made an Empire possible, was then
Though the franchise is still refused to half thc British people,
all lhe evidences point to the early extension of the right to vote to
all adults, without regard to sex. A great body of factory legislation
has improved the lot of the toilers. Old age pensions have ln-en
Introduced to abolish lhe ignominy of lhe workhouse. The right of
the (x-ople to share in the unearned increment of land has been recognised. A scheme of stale insurance has liccn evolved, and the
whole problem of unemployment���the most vital problem of all���
i-- Isting tackled by the present1 Liberal government of Great Britain.
His Majesty comes to the ihrom- at a great period. If peace-
is maintained in the world, then Is every indication that his reign
will become die most glorious ami thc niost progressive in the world's
undoubted King of
this realm: Where-fore do you
who are come this day to do your
homage' anel service?"
Accepted as King
The cry was repeated by the
official at each siele of the chure'h,
while the people cried out "God
save King George."
As the last cry endeel, the
trumpets Bounded, anel the bishops
brought the Bible, paten and
chalice to the altar, while the
lords brought the regalia, which
was also placed on the altar.
Took Official Oath
This portion of the service, known as "The Recognition" being
ended, communion was administered to the King anil Queen after
which the Coronation Oath was
presented. After the oath was
given, lhe King returned to his
seat beside the Queen, where- after
the singing of the hymn Veni
Creator Spiritus the .Archbishop
poured the sacred oil from the
ampulla into a spoon anel annoint-
eel the King in the form of a cross
em the head first, anil afterwards
on the breast anel hands.
A Scene of Splendour
Then followed a scene of great
splendour. The King was led to
the throne and clothed with a
mantle of cloth of gold, with a
girdle of the same precious substance. A pair of golden spurs
were brought forwarel and a costly
sword in a scabbard of purple
velvet. The spurs were touched
against his Majesty's heels by
the Lord High Chamberlain, anel
the sword presented to His Majesty by the Archbishop, with
the Injunction "With this sword
do justice, stop the growth of
Iniquity, protect the holy Church
of God, help and defend widows
and orphans, restore- the thing-,
that are gone to decay, maintain
the things that are restored, punish
and reform what is amiss, and
confirm what is in goixl order;
that doing these things you may
In- glorious in all virtue; anel -���<,
faithfully serve our Lord Jesus
Christ in this life, that you may
reign forever with Him in the
life which is to come."
Is Given a Crown
The royal robe, a jewel and a
royal sceptre were then delivered
to thc King followed by tin-
placing of the crown on the
King's head, with the words;
"God crown you with a crown of
glory and righteousness, that by
the   ministry   of   this   our   liene-
diction, having a right faith and
manifold fruit of gooel works, you
may obtain the crown of everlasting Kingdom by the gift of
Him whose kingdom endureth forever.    Amen."
Acclaimed as King
At the sight of the crown on ll"'
head of the King, the peers pul
on their coronets, and shouted
"God save the King," the trumpeters blew a blast ein iheir irmn-
|K-ts, and at the signal the great
guns at the Tower boomed 0U1
over the noise of ihe- waiting
multitudes in the streets, The
peers and princes in ilitir turn,
knelt in their places before the
King anel rendered homage saying;
"I become your leigi' man of life
anel limb, and of earthly worship;
and faith and truth 1 will bear
unto you, to live anel die, against
all manner of folks. So help me
Crowned the Queen
The ceremony of the Coronation
of the Queen was much shorter
anel simpler than that of the King.
After a prayer at the altar she was
anointed, kneeling at a fald-stool
between the steps and St, Edward's
Chair, while four Peeresses held a
canopy of cloth of golel above llCT
head. Then the Archbishop pul
the Royal ring on the fourth
finger of her right hand, and.
taking the Crown from the altar,
sci it on her head, whereupon all
the Peeresses put on their coronets.
Having received the Sceptre in
her right hand and thc ivory rod
surmounted by a dove in her left
hand, her Majesty, supported by
two Bishops went to her throne,
bowing to the King as she approached him.
Drive Through London
After making the usual oblation
of a rich altar cloth ai d a bar of
gold, the Ki/'g and Queen divested
themselves of some of their robes
and insignia, but retained tinir
crowns, and drove through the
streets back to the palace.
A Royal Reception
From the multidudes that lined
the streets, their Majesties received a royal welcome, being
received with deafening cheers for
lhe entire length of the journey.
To the plaudits of the multitude,
they res|)onded with gracious bows.
Jtaastf, ~-. >*��l��*a<s*.>*a
OFFICE    :      :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dlthWSthert, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
I Phone No. 178
j ��r call at the
( Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
j   Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Phone 116
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. Davis'
Boat House.
Krnser and Fifth Street. Tho only hotel
in town with hut und cold water in rooms.
Heat furnished houae north of Vancouver.
Rooms 50c up.    Phone 37; P.O. Box 129.
i m 1'in'MM! & 11 -nt ii      .      Proprietor*
rhone No. 200 P. 0. Box 580
Carries comitlsts stork of Druirs.   Soorlal
attenUoa pah! to filling prvaeriitltons.
Theatre Block .'.ion*. No, to Second Are.
Take nutlet, thai AluisdU �����-���'"�� < A""
couv.T, 11 5��� OOHlUMttOP. real estate brOMT
i.iteii'ls io uppij lur permission lu l.urcliusu Hie
lollowing ilescrilieil lands: ���i,���i,m goulli
I'oniiiicnciiig at a pust planted 40 tl >" mn ui"
Irum iho BoutVest corner of Lul BOB, thMOJ ���
chaina auuth, tlience 111 cliulna ��"��t. Ill" ��� ����
chains nurth, thenc 40 chains BU lu point^ol
couinioiicemont containing MO acres mure ur leaa.
Dated AprU I", 1811,
I-..1,. May C
Skeona Land District -Disnol ul I uasnr
Take notico thai I. >'"��> .1'���"7,^ 0"'l'lo
ol Suns-art. ll. I'., occupation juiirnu ist nil 'id to
apply lur pornnsalon tu purclniac th" lullowing
described landa; ,    ,   , ,, ,,,
Commencing al a post plumed on Ul* W"I
bank ol Iho Nuaa river about seven aWMn
tho lorks ol lh" Naua river, Ihenee south SO cha s,
thonco weat SI) ciiains, thence nortii SO dial s,
ihenco east SO chaina in puiul ol cuiiinleiicemelll,
conlniuing tito acrea muni ur less. .,_���
Dated Marc li, KU, l'rank.Sidney Wright, Agl
I'ub. May 17.
Skesns Lsnd DUtrial - District ol Caaslar
Tako notico thai  1. l-iirry yueenaii ul  Irlncs
Kuperl,  11.  C, occupation prospector,  nilonil  lo
apply   lor  parniUsion  lo  purchaso  tho lollowing
describe 1 lands: .
Comuioncing al . pust pl.me.1 Ul in. vicinity
ol elooao llay, abuut threo-elghta nl a milo auulh
ul the muulh ul lhe lloiianra Crock, and being
on the eaaterly boundary ol Timber Limit No.
oGWl ur No. lii-lsll, thenco auuili IU chains along
the easterly limit ol said Timber Limit No. So.ol
ur No lliilSO 40 chains, thenco eaal to tho ahoro ol
Uouae llay, a distance ol 40 chains moro or leas,
thenco northerly along the shore ol Uoosu Hay
40 chains nun- or lesa, Ihence woatorly 40 chains
mors or loaa to point of commencement, containing
Tub. AprU 1.
Skeena Land District -DUtrlct ol Coaat Itange 6
'lake iiollce thai 1, Uuchlan John Shanahan ol
Victoria,   U.   C  occupation   teacher,   intend  lu
apply  (or permiaaion  lo purchase ibo folluwiog
described Isnds:
e:ommenclng st s poal plsnt.-d 65 chslns south
Irom lhe southeast corner ol Lot :iut,o. thencu 40
chslna Buulo,
chslns nurth,
thenca 40 chsius  wual,  thencu 40
ihence 40 chaina east to point ot
cumniencemonl, containing 100 acrus more or l<
Dated April 17. It'll.
I'ub. May ti.
y, Rochester tv
t Monroe
l       ' Coal
Lola 6 and 6, Block '.'>,
Section 1.
t>3000. 26 per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, 3 year*,
7 per cent.
Section  9
Townthip 1
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
���taked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert]3
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Windsor Hotel
Newly  Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
M). BOX 37
1076 Nelson SI., Vancouver, B.C.
ami POOL
4 Allera* 7 Table*.    A ifun.1 tm*
el**.    A clean sport.   Ladies every
af.e-rn.Ban       Newman  Mock,  between Athens! 7th 8le.
rntprirt-r ami M
- aai ���
b_    E.   E B Y   CB.   Co.
Kiuunikalum Land For Sale
MIM'HK U l M -     *     B. C
O.lermoor Mallret.e.
Every Description of
House     Furnishings.
The Big
Cor. 6th Si. and 2nd Ave.
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheet*   25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprl.tar
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
M.-.'ts in the ll<-lir.<r...n Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
Lunch ami Meal* at all hour*; Lunch
Meal* 26c up-Co*ne and See
YOU CAN ' .i I   A HQt'ARR Mill   ANT TIMft
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Trine*   Rupert lvalue. No   S|a, Son. nf
Engla-Ml. m<-pts lh* first and third  T-ie��la��.   in
-aaeh monlh in the Carrn-nlers Hall, at a p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. O. Bna SI2 frinc* Rupert
General Merchant**
Largest Slock
Lowest Prices   in  Northern   B. C.
| ^mWt^mtPSMam^m^m^M^mt^ml^m
�����B*^*'**X>*l'^**'ta��l����BW*B��t>ail��t��a<l *M>��ttSjt|   N-HaW [
No Incompetent Printer Should
Get a Second Order From You���
And he Really Ought Not to
1   Get The Flnl.     :     :     .-     ;
Select your printer nt lon<*t Ata carefully
ns you would pclect your tailor���for
while your tailor, or clothier, has much
to do with your bunine*.-, nuccess, your
printer has more to do with it.
And before you "tie up" to him, make
him show you his value. If he's thc
right sort of a printer, he can.    :   :   :
m99Mtt������^��*tt>ii����t>i] |���
*�����������>��������������������* smm^m ����.<�����**����<��
m^m^mWmmWlMMM �����M
Ski vna Land DUtrict -Diatrict or Caaaiar
Taka Dolloo that 1, John L. Mitchell ot l'rlnco
Hupert, 11. C. occupatiun buokkmipor, intond tu
apply  tor pormlasion to purchaaa tbo  following
dttscribed 1 tints:
i miiim iicmu at a poat plantod about (6) th-v
milea aoulh and (1) ono mllo weat of tho (urka ol
tho Whit*, and Flat rivora, thonco north HO chains
thenco oaat til) chaina, thenco aouth 80 chaina,
thenco ��eal HO cbaina.
Dated April 1H, i'.Ml.        JOHN L. MITCHELL
I'ub. May 13 1 ratios S, Pi-oatcn, Agonl
Skwnn Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Caaaiar
Take notico that 1 Francia S. Truaton ol l'rinco
Kupvrt, ii. C, occupation prospector. Intend to
apply  fur pernilaalon  to  purchaae,  thu following
ii.MTii'i'l landa:
Commonclni at a poat plantod about three
miloa aoutb and two mllea weat of tho (orka ot
tho Whiio and Flat nvara. thunce aouth bO chains
ihence eaat hO chaina, thence north Ml chains,
thence west bO chains.
Dated April -JO, 11.11.     FRANCIS B. ft;i:si UN
1Mb May 13
Skeena l-ind DUlrict���DUtrict of Coaat llango i>
Take notce that L Joe Jack of 1'rirce It. pt-rl,
11 C.. occupation carpenter, Inlend tu apply (nr
permiaalon u> purchase the (ulluwing doacribod
Corammdt*g si * post planted about ihrvo.aml
one-half miles distant in a aouth westerly direction
from a blind alough from Ubeervalury Inlet where
ibe same touches the Indian Itaservo thence eaat
(HI cha na, thence -*oith M) chains, ihence westtPJ
chains, ihence south bO chains to point ot win-
mencement, containing Gtu acres more or lose,
Dsted April 14, I'll. jut. JACK
l ut- May 13.
Skeena L*ud Ki.irifi    Hitinct ot Coast Hania 6
lake notice Uiat 1, Uell Hall Kenney ot Yarmouth, Suva Scotia, occupation married womi
tnteitd lo apply lor p^raiaaton to purchase the
fulloatng described lands:
t^ommencing at a post planted at north ���
corner of T. L Lol '2bb2b, tbenos running west 40
ctiains, ihenco oerln bO chaina, ihence east 40
chains, ihence south bO chaina to place ot com
meiicemeni containing 33U acrus mora or teas
M> poal la on aoulh east curnef of land applies!
lur, marked letiera S. Y... aboul one mile west of
Lake Lakelse, aouth aide ot Skeena liver District
uf Coast lUtiga ft.
Dated AprU -'-���. IUII. Hill HALL KIN M.I
Tub. May l.t. John Haverty, Agenl
.Skeena Land DUtrlct- Dtelrici ot Caaslar
Taka notice lhat  1, James Dun lop ol i'rince
Hupert,   It   C  occupation   teamster.  Inland  lo
apply  (or  pe^Tnlaalon  to purchase  tbe  lollowlng
deacribed lands:
t unimencing at a poet plsnted aboul two milea
south of tbe forks of the While and Flat riven,
thence north hU chains, tbence weat 80 chains,
thonce south HU chains, ibence east bO chains.
lul.  Ma.   l.t Francia S I'rastoo. Agent
Coast tUnga 6 Land DUlrict
Take  ftoUct  that  1,  John   Hepburn   of   Kit
aumkalum,  occupation farmer.  Intend  lo  appl)
lur permisaiun to purchase the folluwng deacribed
Commencing at a poet planted al tha nortbeafi
corner of Lot 39&1, thenca east *>u chains, thenca
south 40 chaina, thence west 2o chane, thonce
north 40 chsins to place ot commencement.
Dsled March 18, U!L JUHN  Ht.lIU UN
I'ub April 16.
Skeena Land Diatrict-DUtrict ot Coaat Range *>
Taka notice that Henry  Macartney ol Prince
Rupert, 11. C , occupation miner, intends lo apply
fur ttermawiun to purchase the lollowlng describetl
Comme*icing at a poal planted on the aouth
aiie el Lschurnslks River, about 3 1-3 mllea from
lis confluenco with the Skeena River and altout
1*2 milea wast from fcuhuntaika rapi<U, thence HO
chains north, thence 40 chaina east, ihence IU
chaina aouth. thenca 40 cbaina weat to point o
commencement, containing 320 acres more or
Usa. l-.ts, marked II.M 8.W. cor.'*
Dated AprU 23, Ivll. 1IKSHV MACAHTNLY
I'ub. Amu 29.
Skeena Uod District -DUtrict ot Caaaiar
Take fHHtoa that  I,  Mary Carlo of Stewart,
II. i... occupation married woman. Intend lo apply
tor permUaioo lo purchaaa ibe lollowlng dtwent^
Commencing at a poat planted two (2) muea
south and (2) two milea west of the forks ot the
While and Flat rivers, thenca 80 chains north,
thence 80 chaina wast, thence bO chains aouth*
ihence ho chsios eaat.
I (ste-l AprU JO, m l MARY CAR1N
Pub, May IS. FrancU 3. Preetoo, Ageat
Skeena Land DUtrict��� DUlrict of Coaat
Take  notice that   I.   William   Melville Corley
ol   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   intend
to apply for permiaaion to purchaae the following
deacribed landa:
Commencing al a post planted at the north we-1
orner of |,ot 30,15 Rang ft, Cout Dislrict, tbence
last 60 chsina, Ibence north 40 chains, thenca west
.,0 chaina to lleil'a UaU alough, thence along
alough southerly to point of commencement, containing 160 acrea more or less.
Dat-ed April 6. 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Land DUtrict--DUtrict ol tjueen Charlotte
Take notiot that J. II. Murphy.ot Vancouver,
It. C, cttmipotkm commercial traveller, intend*
to apply (or permiaaion to purchase tho following
desachrted landa:
Commencing at a poet planted alioui neven
mllea sraat and one mite south from the mouth
of Stanly Creak, Naden Harbor, thenco north fu
chains, thence weat 40 chains, thence south 80
chains, tnence east 40 e Ins.
Dated March 17, I91L J.  II   MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Coaat Land District - District of Skuena
Tako notiot' that I, Paul Brendlaf of
Porcher Inland, occupation farmer'intend to apply for permission to lease
the following foresnore; Commenclna
at a post planted about 12 fast from the
location post of lot 1801 on Porcher island, thenco In u aoutherly direction
following high watermark 1200 foot'
thence west to low water mark; thence'
northerly following low water mark
1200 foot; tlience east to point of com-
Dated March 7, IB11.
First insertion March 11
Skeona Land Dilrlcl -DUtrict of Quuon Cliurluitu
Taku   nutico   thut   Cioorgo   Kriuull   uf   Prions.
Huport, K. C, occupation butchor, inU'tiUs t.. ���; ,'
lor porniissioa tu purcliitae tho tullowtug di^crihei
Cummoncing at a post plantod about sevuti
miles woat aud two nillua south of thu muuth u|
Stanley Crook whuru It oinpiioa imu Ntdtt
Uarbur, ttruhum Island, thunutj HO ctiuiuu -���.,���,
thouco 80 chaina west, thonce HO cliHimi nortii'
tliuitco HO chum* tMJit tu puint of cumitiiiiicoiiiortL'
and contatnlntt (J40 acruti moru orloaa,
Uaiod March 17, 1011 OBOrWH PR1ZZ8LL
Pub. April 7. Numa Demors, Agoul
Skoena Land District���DUtrict of (jueon Oluriotta
Tako nutico tbat Frank Lovick of \\. ii.i-.i-,,-,,
i tm., occupation buolckeopur, intonda to upply
lur periiiUaiun to purchaso tho loiluwing Uencribv.l
Cummondng at a post plantod about seven
mllea wuat and two miles auuth ot thu mouth ul
Stanley Crook whero it umpiiee into Naden
Uarbur, liraham Island, thonce 80 chaini. suuili,
thonco 80 cliaina east, thonco 80 chains nortii,
thence 80 chaina west to point of comtnoncumem'
und contuniog t> to acrea moro ur leas.
Dated March 17, lull. FRANK LKV1CK
Pub. AprU 7. Numa Demors, .\,yn
Skeona Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coast Kangu V
Take nutico lhat 1, J. Lurno MucLuren ul'
Prince Kupert, HA'., uccuputiun real estateHKent
intends tu apply fur permisaiun tu purchase the
(ulluwinti desarlbod lands:
CotnnienclnK at a pust piunted 40 chains west
and HO chaina auuth uf tho suuthwest curnemf
lut 1733, vicinity uf Lakelse Luke, and murked J.
L. MauLaren's nurtwest curner, Ihence east Ht
chains, thenco auuth 40 chains,  thunce west m
chains, ihence nurth 4u chaina to puint uf eommencement, contalnlnK 320 acres more or less.
J. l.uKNl', MncLAREN
Geo. R. Putnam, Aircnt
Dnte May 31, 1011
Pub. June 10. loll
Skeena Und DUlrict���District of Caaslar
Take   notion  that   I,   Thomas   Msegnvrrn   of
Stewart, II. C, occupation mlner.lntentT to apply
for permission to purchaae lhe following described
Commencing at a poet planted on the right
bank of the Naas river about (our mile* above the
forka of the Naaa river, Ihence south HO chsins,
therm weat SO chaina, thence north HO chains,
thence east *0 chains to point nf wimmeneement,
ron.sining 610 acre* more or le**j.
Dated March 25, 1911.  Sidney Frank Wright, A*i
Pub. May 17.
Hkesma Und District ���District of Casslar
Taka notice that  William  Frederick  Cameron
of  Prince  Rupert,  Tt    C,  occupsllon  carpenter,
ntends to apply tor permission to purchaae the
following deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poet planted about three
milea aouth of the forks of the White and Flat
river*., thence south HO chains, thence west 80
chaina, tbence north 80 chains, thence east 80
Dated April IS. ISII. HU"
Pub. May IS. Francis S. Preston. Agent
Skeuna Lund DUlrict���DUtrict ot Coast Hatigu V
Taku notico lhat Kdith Alice Crowthor ul
Iklog, Yorkshire, Lngland, occupation spinster,
intonda to apply (ur permission to purchase thu
foUowing dutscribod lands:
Commencing al a post planted al the south ������..-.
corner o( surveyed lut 3901, Range ft, Coast District, thunco nurlh alung tho easterly limit ut the
said lut 36 chaina mora or leaa to ibe southerly
limit ut Lol Un Range 6, coaat dUtrlcu thencu
east alung tho southerly limit ul tho Last mentioned
lot 60 cbaina to a point, thenco in a eoulherly direction 3ft chaina parallel to tho said
easterly limit ul lut 3091, thence In a �����'���������
eriy direction 60 chains mora or loss to
iho point uf cummencemonl containing 210 acrus
more or loaa.
Dated March 8, loll.
Pub. March 2ft.
Skeena Land Disuict���Diatrict of Coast
Tako notico thai Glenn McAnhur of Vancuuvur,
U. �� ., occupation real oatate agent intends to
apply (or purmUalon iu purchaso tho fullowing
duscrttx-u. landa:
Commencng at a post plantod 40 chains w'st
and mi chaina aouth ot ttio southwest corner of
Lot Na 1733 marked Glenn McArthur's nurth*
went corner, tbence aouth 40 cbaina, thence e*u.t
80 ciiains, tlience norlh 40 chains, thence wost
80 chains to pi.*t ot commencement, containing
320 acrea moro or loaa.
Dated March 20, 1911.       GLENN McARTHHt
Pub. April 1ft. T. D. Laird, Agent
Skeona Land District-District uf Coast Rantte 5
Coast District
Take DOtiO* that Win. Leslie uf Sapperton. B.G.
occuputlon Government Guard, intends tu apply
fur permissiun lo purchase the following- described lands:
Commcncinir nt a post planted 4u chains west
and i ��� ��� chains suuth uf the suuth wost corner uf lul
Nu 1..- -. mm. . ft . ...i-t oi -t n.'t.i.i.ii k.-l Wm.Lt'-lie.
N.W. cutner. thencu south 40 chains, thence east
tai chains, thence nurth 40 chains, ihenco wost ft"
chains lo poal of cummencemonl, containing 3Ju
acret more or leaa.
T. D. Laird, Agent
Daled .March 20th. 1911
Pub, April 29th. 1911
Skoana Und ..fUtricl��� DUtrict of Quaan Charlotte
Taka notice that Gaa IL Lau*. of Prince Hupert,
H.  C, occupatiun  barber,  Intends  lo apply  for
Carmiaaiun   to   purchaso  the  folluwing   doscribed
Commendns at a post planted about aeven
mUea woat and ono mile souib from the mouth
ot Stanly Croek, Naden Harbor, thonce soum 80
chains, thenco west 40 chains, thenco north 80
chaina, thence eaat 40 chains.
Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. II. LAUX
Pub. Aoril 22. Numa Demera. Agent
.Skeena Land DUtriet���DUtrlct ot Coast Range
Taka notico that AnnU Muesallem of Prince
Rupert, 11. C., occupation married woman, Intends
to apply for normissiun to purchase the following
deacrilted lands:
Commencng ai a posl planted at a poet at thu
soulhaosi corner, 00 chains east from N, E. corner
of Loi 1110, Harvey's Survey, Coast DUtrict,
Range ft, thenca eaal 20 chains, Ihenea north 40
chains, thence woat 40 chaina, Ihonoa aouth 20
chains, thenoe east 20 chains, thence aoulh 20
chains to point o( commencement, containing 120
acrea mora or leas.
Dated May 8, 1911. ANNIE MCSSALLKM
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land DUtrict -DUlrict ot Caaslar
Take   nuiice   that   I,   Thomas   McMeekln   uf
Prince Rupert, H. C, occupation clerk, Inlend to
apply   for  permission  to  purchase  the  following
N.*��. niH-.i lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two mUes
soulh of the forks of the Whlu and Flal riven,
thenco north HO chains, i hence east 80 chains,
thence south HO chains, thence west 80 chains.
Dated April 18. 1911. THOMAS McMEEKIN
Pub. Mu 13. FrancU S. Proston. Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict of Cassiar
Take notice that I, Charles L. Delgrove of Stewart it. c, occupation prospector, intend to apply
for permission lo purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted about an miles
-outh and one mUe weat of ibe forks of the Whit*
and Flat rivera, thence soulh 80 chaina. Ihence
east HO chains, thence north 80 chaina, thence weal
HO chains.
Dated April 20, 1911.     CHARLES DELGROVK
Pub. May 13, FrancU S. Preston. Agenl
Skeena Und DUtrict -District of Coast Range 6
Take notice that I, J. Harold McKean of Prince
RuiMTt, 11. c., occupat on blacksm tb. Intend to
apply for .term talon to purchaso the following
deacr lied  lands:
Commencing at a post planted about three snd
r>ne half miles d stent In a south westerly direction
from a blind alough Irom Observatory Inlet where
the same touches the Ind an Reaerve, thence west
HO chains, thence south 80 cha nn, thence east HO
chaina, thence north 80 cha ns to po nl of com
mencement, containing 610 acres more or leas.
Dated Apr I 14. 1911.       J. HAROLD McKKA
Skeena Und DUtrict���District of Caaslar
Take notice that I, John Robert Pacey of Prince
Hupert, H. r., occupation cook, Intend lo apply
for rarmssion to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a posl planted (2) two miles
���outh and 2) two miles west of lhe forka of tho
White and Flat rivers, thence south 80 chains)
tbence east HO chains, thence norlh 80 chains,
thenre West HO cha ns.
Dated Apr I 20, 1911     JOHN  ROHERT PACEY
1 ul��. Mav 13. Franc s S. Preston. Agen
Skeena Land DUtriet-DUtrict of Coast Range G
Take not ce lhat I, Martha Leek, of Prince
Rupert, H. C, occupat un marr "d woman Intend
io apply for permission to purchaae the following
descrilied lands:
Commenting at a pott planted about three and
one-half mllos dUtant In a southwesterly direction
from a blind slough from Observatory Inlet where
the same touches the Ind an lUeerve, Ihence east
HO chains, thence south 80 cha ns, thenco west 8
chains, thence north HO cha ns to point of commencement, contanng 610 acrea more or less-
Dated Aprl 14, 1911. MARTHA LEBK
Pub. Mav 13.
Skeana Und District���DUtrict ot Queen Charlotte.
Take  notice that  Hubert  O.  Crew of  Prince
C, occupation agent, Intenda to apply
i the following described
Rupert, H.
for parmfislon io pu'rcha
Commencing al a pott plantod about 6 1-2
miea west and half a mile south of the mouth of
Stanley Creek where it emptlos tnlo Naden
Harbor, Graham Island, thence oast 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence weat 40 chains,
thence soulh 40 chains to point of eommencement
and coniainlng 100 acres more or lesa.
Dated March 17,191L HUBERT O. CREW
Pub. April 7. Numa Demera, Agent


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