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_. -nty-four hours ending5 a.m.,
Oct. 9
,��� TKMI*.    MIN.TRMP.    BAR,        IN. RAIN
Un 47.0    29.639   0.12
VOL.11. NO. 230
The daily Newsj
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Prince Rupert, B.C., Monday, October 9, 1911.
For south
Princess Koyal .. Tuesday, a.m.
for North
Princess May, Thursday, Oct. 12
QC.   l;>
CrORlA, B. Cv,
Price Five Cents
)ntario's Premier Decided He Would Rather Remain
a Provincial Premier Than Become Minister
of Justice for the Dominion
Ottawa, Oct. 9.���It is stated
���i. :  the Portfolio of Minister of
Sisiice wns offered to and refused
Premier Sir James Whitney of
Sir James arrived during the
\xxk from Tororto after Messrs.
i-hranc ard Rogers.   They had
ccder.ee over .-*. large number
other prospective Cabinet Miners anxious for ;���. private word
|i     the Conservative  leader ill
study Bt his redder.ee, where
has been immersed In work
i x ilis return to the capital.
The Ontario Premier ard his
Minister would divulge no word
as to thc object of iheir consultation with Mr. Borden, but
it is known that both have been
offered portfolios in the ntW Administration. Sir Janus has precedence over all other Ontario
Conservative leaders as a Federal
lieutenant of the incoming premier.
He was offered the portfolio of
Justice as being one which he
would be fitted to Iill worthily.
Mr. Cochrane has been suggcsiul
us Minister of Public Works.
emon Aldrich on Holiday from
[Minnesota Struck Down by
I Inter-urban Tram.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
IVan con ver, Oct. 9.���Vernon Aid-
Hi,   aged   18,   of   Fergus   Falls,
linn., who was here on a visit to
-is.er, was killed by being run
cr by an  intcrurban  tram last
hi.    While getting out of the
lv nf tme,  he ran in  front of
ilier *>rd was instantly killed.
cached  Evening Sermon  in
-ingelican Church Last Night
nrchdeftcon   Collison   preached
I Si. Andrew's Anglican Church
crday   evening,   referring   to
s-ioi'iiry work.    In  mentioning
presence of the Archdeacon,
pnon I)u Vernet called attention
the fact that he has just now
mpleted a period of thirty-eight
an as missionary on these coasts.
1th   Archdeacon   Collison  and
pimp Du Vernet have just rc-
d from the Triennial Con-
���er.ee of the Anglican Church in
faiada which this year was held
London, Ontario. Archdeacon
bUi-aon referred to the -spirit
In ...ding the Conference which
Bleated to him thai the day of
tire union in the religious activity
i ilu* world is not vert far distort
$2,000,000 FOR A
Mackenzie & Mann Buy Out the
St. James Methodist Congregation to Build a Station
at Montreal.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, Oct. 9.���Mackenzie
& Mann have announced thc
purchase of the site of the St.
James Methodist Church for $2,-
000,000 to be used for terminals
for their railways.
The St. James Church is probably the most costly, and architecturally beautiful Methodist
Church in Canada.
The Mackenzie & Mann announcement settles the speculation
as to where the C. N. K. terminal
is to be located in Montreal.
Returns will Show That Canada
Has Only Seven and a Half
Million People.
(Canadian Press I )cspatch)
Ottawa, Oct. 9.���It is confidently
stated in Ottawa thai  the census
though not as yet officially slated,
will show a population in the
Dominion of less than eight millions. The total will probably be
seven and a half millions.
Official Announcement is Made of Personnel of New Government
���Distribution of Portfolios to be Announced Later
British Columbia's Cabinet Representative is Martin Burrell���Alberta and Saskatchewan are Without Representation���Manitoba Gets Hon. Robt. Rogers
and Dr. Roche���Ontario Gets Six Out of the Sixteen Seats, and
Quebec Five���Premier Hazen of New Brunswick, Hon. F.
Cochrane of Ontario, Hon. Jean Pelletier of Quebec
and W. T. White of Toronto are Brought in
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Oct. 9. It is definitely stated on official authority
that the personnel of Mr. Borden's Cabinet has been selected.
How the various portfolios will
be distributed is, however, not
yet decided.
The following are the gentlemen whom Mr. Borden has
finally decided to take into the
Government, divided according
to their provinces:
This makes a total ol sixteen
members���one more than hail Sir
Wi'frid Laurier at the formation
of his last Government.
The announcement of the Cabinet was made after Sir Wilfrid
Laurier had formally resigned on
Saturday. Toduy Ottawa is eagerly discussing the selections.
Leaves for Ottawa Good
Sir Frederick Borden has left
(luawa for good. During the week
he sold his magnificent home here
Hon. J. D. Hazen.
Hon. R. L. Borden.
Mr. F. D. Monk.
Hon. Mr. Pelletier.
Mr. W. B. Nantel.
Mr. George Perley.
Hon. Charles Doherty.
Hon. Frank Cochrane.
to Mr. Frederick Booth, and announces that hc will retire to his
old home at Canning, Nova Scotia,
to live.
Contract Not Let
It is learned that the I iberal
Government did not award the
big contract for thc St. John
harbor improvements at thc final
meeting of the Cabinet. It was
decided to leave the matter to thc
new Ministrv.
Mr. W. T. White.
Hon. George E. Foster.
W. S. Middlebro.
Andrew Broder.
J. E. Armstrong.
Hon. Robert Rogers.
Dr. W. J. Roche.
Martin Burrell.
Row at Toronto
Toronto, Oct. 9.���Thc local Conservatives are up in arms against
the announcement  that  W. T.
White, one of the insurgent Liberals in the recent election, is to
be given the port folio of finance.
A protest was sent to Mr. Borden
by members of the Central Executive and by various individuals
who assert that the Tories who
fought the party's battles when in
It Has Now Come to Light that Fires Broke Out on
Two Other Battleships at the Time the Liberte
Blew Up���Public are Mystified
first thought, ami ihi* vessel will
be dry-docked. Divers have found
B large steam laur.ch sunk between
the armored cruiser Pothuau and
the battleship MasscAE.
The following serious accidents
have happened durii g the past
two weeks: September 20, cruiser
Cloire, gu.i explosion, Toulon; September 25, battleship Liberie, explosion at Toulon; September 27,
torpedo destroyer Mouzquelon,
damaged in collision.
Toulon., Oct. 9.���Consider;.bk-
uneasiness is being felt here over
the strange succession of misadventures thiit have befallen
French naval vessels of late, and
many people are inclined to attach
sinister Importance t<> it.
It is confirmed that fires broke
out on the battleships Petrie and
Suffren on the same morning that
the Liberie was destroyed. This
adds to the general mystification.
The damage done to the Democratic by the explosion has been
found to be more serious than at
Several exclusive lengths ladies'
fall suitings.���Wallace's. 2t
Graham Island Will Soon be
Shipping Black Diamnods to
Prince Rupert.
(Continued on page 4.)
40,000 Men in Two Divisions are Leaving Italy for Tripoli���Ban is Placed on War
Despatches���Italy Offers Turkey an Indemnity to Release Tripoli
Without Bloodshed
Masset, Oct. 8.���Work is going
on rapidly row to develop the coal
properties on the Yakoun River.
A skid road twenty miles long is
now under construction from
yueenstown on Masset Inlet to
the mines on the Yakoun Kiver.
The work is under the superintendence of Mr. Wright. This
road is necessary for the purpose
of moving in the machinery required at thc mines; the road is
along thc surveyed line of the
proposed island railway.
Hon. George Graham Decides
to Re-enter Poblic Life -Seat
Will Probably be Opened for
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, Oct. 9.���Hon. George
P. Graham staled today that he
had  decided   to  yield   to   the  re-
(picsts showered upon him to
continue in public life. He will
re-enter Parliament at an early
dale. It has not yet been decided
what seat he will contest, but two
safe seats have already been offered
Ladies' Neckwear���the latest
things-new assortment i't Wallace's.
|fon Both the Professional and   Amateur  Lacrosse
Championships on the Same Day���Tecumsehs
Won the Second Game by 3 to 2 But
Lost Out on the Series
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Oct. 9.���By the vic-
liv   of   thc   Vancouver   lacrosse
i-iii*** at home and at Toronto,
[ancouver captured on Saturday
t)th the professional and amateur
lampionshlps at lacrosse, winning
oth thc Mann and thc Minto
ips. The former was donated
jy Lord Minto for thc champion
ofessional team, and the latter
ly Sir Donald Mann for the
���lampion amateur lacrosse team
f  thc  world.    Vancouver  were
ilders of the Minto Cup from
fist year.
In the Minto (up match the
hcumseh team won the game,
lie   second   of   thc  series,  by  3
wis io 2, but could not overcome
lead of five goals which thc
'ancouver team piled up on the
previous Saturday.   On the scries
Vancouver won by 7 goals to 3.
A much better brand of lacrosse
was put up by thc Tecumsehs in
thc second game. They captured
one goal in thc first quarter,
followed by one goal for Vancouver.
Vancouver scored another goal in
the secord quarter, but the Tecumsehs followed up with two
goals in the third, winning the
game by 3 goals lo 2.
Amateurs Won Also
Toronto, Oct. 8.���The Vancouver Athletic Club's amateur lacrosse team won the game here
today by 2 to 1, wiih the Young
Torontos, thereby giving the former Mann Cup emblematic of the
World's Amateur Championship.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Rome, Oct. 9.���A rigid censorship has been placed by Italy on
all press despatches, and not a
line   is   allowed   to   gel   through.
This is taken to be a token that
important developments are on.
Seige   Proclaimed
Every   port   in   the   south   of
Italy has l>ccn declared in a state
of seige while the embarkation of
40,000 men is taking plain . Tin-.*
BK supposed to take the field
at Tripoli. The men are going
in .wo divisions. The main body
of transports are at Palermo,
Italy Offers Terms
In a note lo the Powers, Italy
has stilted the terms on which she
is willing to ceOSO hostilities. She
has   expressed   ;i   willingness   lo
pay Turkey a reasonable Indemnity
to allow  Italy to set up a pro-
tectorate over Tri|ioli.
Making Show of Resistance
Constantinople, Oct. 9.���An Influential   member  of   the  com-
Iniltee of union and progress stilted
to  the  Associated   Press  today
tluit In* realised that Turkey had
been forced by untoward measures
to submit to the Italian proposal
to evacuate Tripoli, but that on
account of tin- fanaticism of the
people a show of resistance had
lo be made. At present, then-
are only 93 deputies in Constantinople, a number insufficient
for a quorum, but as soon as the
requisite 140. memli-ers arrive,
the chamber will be convened.
Italians are Penalised
The German consulate is stormed by anxious Italians who iire
England Learns that  Italy Has Ceded a Coaling Station on the Red Sea to Germany Whose Attitude is Now Defiant���London, Paris and Berlin Greatly
Excited���Moroccan Issue is Opened Up Again
Alaska Craft is Fast in the Mud
at Keewalik, Ten Miles from
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nome. Alaska, Oct 9 ���The
steamer Kurcka is aground in the
mud at Keewalik. She is irying to
get off by lightering 900 tons of
freight ten miles from iis destination.
George Took Many
AIkiiiI sixly first class and as
many second class passengers went
below by the G. T. P. S.S. Prince
George this morning.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 0, All Stars 5.
National League
Boston f>, New York 2.
Chicago 0, Pittsburg 5.
American League
Boston 8, Washington 1.
Chicago 3, 4; Cleveland 4, 1.
Detroit 1, St. Louis 0.
Pacific Coast League
Los Angeles 1, Sacramento 8.
San Francisco 3, Oakland 5.
Vernon 6, Portland 3.
National and American league
seasons closed on Saturday.
The Ladies' Aid of the Prince
Rupert Methodist Church will
hold   their  annual   banquet   on
Thanksgiving evening. o9
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Paris, Oct. 9.���An astonishing
change has come over the Mor-
rocan situation. Thc German tone
has suddenly become overbearing,
and the French government is
seeking the cause.
England Won't Allow It
The report is made that as a
price of keeping out of the Tripoli
cinbroglio,   Italy   has   ceded   to
Germany a coaling station on the
Red  Sea.    The  British  Government   has  already   taken   alarm,
and   it   is   said   will  never   allow
Germany lo obtain such a Station
on the British route to India.
German Emperor Defiant
It is stated that the Kaiser has
1 lirown his Weight on the side
of the Colonial Secretary De Lindc-
guist, whose mind is set on a vast
German  Empire, and  who has
threatened to resign unless the
French proposals are rejected.
London   Excited
London, Oct. 9.���Great uneasiness is felt in London over the
acute turn to the Morrocan situation. The markets closed under
depression on Saturday and the
public were unable to locate the
cause, which it is now known was
due to the crisis.
Berlin's change of attitude is
said io be due to Italy's sudden
action  in  Tripoli,  for which  the
Kaiser was negotiating. Rome
precipitated the war when she
found the negotiations were almost
Thc latest note is unpublished,
but Berlin's reply is known to
be exceedingly overbearing.   Tho
delicacy of the situation is shown
by the activity of the Foreign
Office, also at the French Embassy
where the usual week-end relaxation is absent.
The   Rainbow  left   the  harbor
early this morning to continue
her cruise in the waters around
Hecate Straits and Dixon's Entrance.   She may visit the Islands.
Royalist Troops Repulsed  near Badajos After a Stiff
Battle���Were Beaten by Republican Army in
Attempt to Recapture Lisbon
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Oct. 9.���It is reported
here that King Manuel with his
troops  was  defeated   in   Portugal
yesterday.    The  statement  was
given out at his residence at
Richmond lhat Manuel was in
the house but the truth leaked
out. The residence is heavily
guarded. The police, visitors and
reporters are not allowed lo linger.
Reports from Spain say lhat losses
on both sides were very heavy.
Badajos, Oct. 9. The Portuguese republicans wen- not altogether victorious ill their battles
wiih the Royalists according t.
attempt to advance towards Lisbon. They are now entrenched at
I'sntorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4
First Anniversary of Live Brotherhood of Young Men.
Very popular will be the Baptist
Brotherhood Banquet to be held
tomorrow evening  at eight  p.m.
in the Mclntyre Hall. The occasion celebrated is the anniversary
of the institution of the Brotherhood which came into being soon
after the arrival oi Rev. W. H.
news courier.    He said the Roy-1 McLeod, Prince Rupert's athletic.
alist forces were met anil defeated 1 pastor.     A   large   attendance   is
but by no means routed, and are!already booked for the banquet
strongly entrenched now. The I though tickets may still he obtain.n
Royalists are holding Vinhost and 1 though tickets may siill be
Alameda, but were beaten in their \ obtained.
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By Cllve Phillips Wolley
Daily Edition.
Monday. Oct. 9
Commission governmeni���the form of civic government which
is fast supplanting the "mayor and alderman governemnt" in all
cities where competence and progression is sought after is only elevei
years old. lt came into being with tlie rebuilding of Galveston after
the great Hood of 1900. That terrible disaster coming as it did after
a succession of corrupt and incompetent city councils had reduced
Galveston to a state of bankruptcy, called for drastic changes in tlu
civic government of Galveston if she was to rise again from her ashes.
The old idea was to divide the cily into wards, and ollpw each
ward to select its own representative on the theory that he would
have em Intimate understanding of the nature of his district's needs.
lu effect, it too often meant that the ward representation came to
hc the special privilege of the ward-heeler and the lowest elements
in ward organisation. The aldermen were selected not for their special
aptitude io look after the affairs of the city, but for their readiness
to fetch and carry for the ward bosses.
Even in cities where graft has been unable to effect a foothold-
Toronto for instance, not to come nearer home���the aldermen being
indiscriminate persons of the butcher and baker and candlestickmaker
type, found it easier to keep in the public eye by quarrelling among
themselves and talking nonsense for the press, rather than by initiating
useful legislation.
Under the new idea which Galveston tried, five men only were
elected, and each was made definitely responsible for a special department of the civic work . Instead of a paltry allowance big enough
only to make a man want more, an ample salary was paid. The
position was made worth having for itself. And the guarantee of permanence it gave depended entirely upon the fitness of thc commissioner
and how he behaved in office. The commissioners met together for
deliberation and mutual help. But each man was made individually
responsible for his own departments He stood on his individual record
before the public on election day.
The new departure in civic government had success from the
outset. Galveston's credit was restored, her business was built up
and population Hocked in as a result of thc reputation she achieved.
A great sea wall was built to prevent the possibility of a second flood
destroying the city. Today, Galveston is the second port of export
in the United States.
Is nol the kind of government that rescued Galveston from
destruction, one that would be good for Prince Rupert?
Tlu- William* Stock Company after completing a most  successful
engagement of twelve weeks in Victoria will open at the
A splendid list of dramas and comedies will be produced
Prices:   50c,   75c,   $1.00
Reserved Seat Sale opens in Theatre office Mon., Oct. 9th, 10 a.m.
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The mnn .who is
able tn buy any Kind
of printing is able
to buy koikI printing. If he uses
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uocsn't care.
and Satisfied
...to Do So...
tii   17*1   lr*.   t$l   C*rl
g*   <&   l!i   tji
lr*.    iv*��    OJ
Most people would
prefer a man's general character and
personality to be in
keeping with his
printing���no its tliti-
astrnus not to care
about your printing
���!2��_J!!^c^B8_rRmi*mroF all kinds bee tub "nbwb job"
Third Avenue
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Holt looked at her, and in his eyes
was thc pride without which love ia
not perfect.
"You know what wo aro going to
do, Mary, uml you know that I am cutting wllh the rest?"
"Of course. You could do nothing
else. 1 Will out first for you, Dick.
Lowest deals, of course?"
She had cast the cards on the
table, and now stood facing the men,
a tall, lllght figure, as calm to all outward learning as if this were but the
; beginning Of a gamo of bridge.
"Yes. ma'am. Lowest deals, as you
say.'' rspllsd Al, with a great Binlle ln
i his il.'' P wrinkles, and under his
breath he muttered:
"Holy smoke, ain't she a peach?"
"Ace high?"
"Acs high it is."
"Then 1 cut for my husband. Whoever cuts the lowest card makes the
first attempt."
For a moment her eyes rested on
Dick Holt, and perhaps her lips trembled- they are the only part of the
face which no ono can control���but If
they Uld, lt was so slightly that no
one In lhe room could have Bworn to
it, and If she Bat down somewhat
suddenly when she had turned up the
knave of diamonds, she had reason
enough to be tired, and the room waa
hot. At once Jlm, Al, and Anstruther
went to the table together, but Mrs.
Rolt held up her hand.
"In order of precedence, please,
gentlemen." And then with a little
curl about her lips: "Our guest comes
first," and young Falrclough came
from his corner with somewhat overdone nonchalance and turned a card
"No luck," be said, as he turned up
a nine.
"You don't know yet, Mr. Falrclough," she said sweetly. "The fore-
man next."
Jlm Combe hesitated a moment, and
a queer smile spread over his face.
He remembered ihat If a pack of enrds
Is shot over a smooth surface lt Ib
not Impossible to guess where the
low cards will be, the least painted
offering the least resistance, aud he
picked liis card carefully.
His rule was justified. The card
he chose had only one pip on lt, but
for a moment his face clouded. Then
he smiled again.
"Ace low, you said, Mrs. Rolt?"
"I thought that Jim Combe was a
square player," she said, but there
was no censure In her tones. "Y'ou
know the rule, Jim. Stand back.
Your turn, Al."
"Give me a little 'un, ma'am."
She hesitated. It Is not pleasant
to send an old friend to his death,
and the cards which had been cut
were all high.
"You want me to cut for you. Al?'1
"If tho Boss don't mind, ma'am."
Rolt nodded to her to humor the
old man, but her liuinl shook as she
turned up a five of spades.
"Oh, Al, I'm so sorry,"
"Then you ain't got no call to be.
It's what I asked for, ain't it, and I
mostly asks for what I want," and ho
swung gaily round on his heels to
leave the room.
"Hold on, Al!" said a quiet voice al
his elbow, "there Is one more to cut
" 'Taln't no use, Mr. Anstruther.
You ain't fit to go, and there ain't anything there no lower than a five,"
"There are three lower, Al. If you
please, Mrs. Rolt."
Mis. Roll looked up into the quiet
smiling face, and Baw a light in it
which Bhe had never seen before. It
was im If Anstruther knew what lay
in store for him, and the knowledge
made him hold his bead more proudly.
"He is right. Al. Y'ou pledg tl your,
selves that all should cut. Take your
card, Frank."
Aa she spoke Kitty Clifford moved
from her friend's side uncertainly towards Anstruther, and then iinmi
hesitating, her lips trembling and her
sweet eyes full of unshed tears.
"What Is It, Kitty? Uo you want to
cut for him?"
She tried to answer, but no sound
came from her parted lips.
"Shall she cut for you. Frank?"
"Will you, Miss Clifford -Kitty?"
and he held out his hand to her. For
a moment the boy and girl Btood there
hand In hand before that altar of
chance, forgetful of the world and
reckless ui the betrayal of their secret.
It was a strange betrothal, but such
It Beemed to all who saw them. In a
Silence which could be felt, the girl's
white hand began to move uncertainly over the pack, touching a card hero
and auother there, ai if afraid to
The others had drawn their lota at
once. To Ihem It seemed that min-,
utea elapsed whilst that little hand,
wandered over iho tabu-, and each
man prayed In his own fashion that
she might choose aright.
At last, like a child who feara to Bee
the knife, she shut her eyes, and
clutching a card, held it up to Anstruther, over whose face a proud smile
spread aa bright and genuine as daylight.
"Thank you, dear. You have saved
my honor. You don't mind If I spoil
your pack, Mrs. Rolt. 1 shall want
this card by and by more than you
will," and klBBlng lt, he put lt Into hla
breast pocket.
Uut Kitty caught at his hand and
cried to him to show it to her.
"Another time, dear. It Is the best
card ln the world for roe."
"What was it, Frank? Show lt to
me, oh, show lt to me!"
"Not now, Kitty," and bending
down, bo kissed her white brow before them all, and with hla nrm round
her waist, half led, half carried, her
to Mrs. Rolt.
"Take her away now. For Ood's
sake take her away!" he said, and
Mrs. Rolt led Kitty sobbing frum tbo
"Ob, Mary! Mary I I have killed
kin.   Frank���"
Uut Frank Ansirdther stood back
from the weak pleading hands, and
as the two women left the room, his
was the only face left In It on which
there was no sign of sorrow.
"When the door closed, he sat down
on the edge of the table and began to
roll a cigarette.
"Let's sec that card, pardner. You
ain't putting up a Job on us?"
"No, Al. There it Is," and ho showed him the Iwo of hearts.
"Holy Bmoke! The two-spot! She
couldn't have drawed a lower If she'd
tried to!"
"Or better. Luck Is for the young,
Al.    and this curiously ui'.ieloil  youiig
man from Plccadlllv bei'.nn to num a
light air to himself. Hie words of
which were:���
"He ain't no good ut��*-ut xb* housa
He caln't out wood.1'
"You said, Combe, that I should not
be able to find my way to 8oda
Anstruther waa still sitting on tho
I table rolling his cigarette.
1 "ln the dark. It would not be light
all the time you were on Ihe road.
But you don't have to. It Is not likely
we are going to let you suicide after
Anstruther smiled a little superciliously.
"That has nothing to do wllh the
question. Would you mind coming
here for a moment?" and he went to
the window.
"That is the road to Soda Creek;
the way we came?"
Combe nodded.
"But that ls the dlrci't way, as the
crow flleB?"
"Yes, only there's a bit of a canyon in the way."
"I know.   But after?"
"There wouldn't be any after.
There's no way across the canyon until you come to the place where the
road crosses lt. It's four hundred
feet deep with sides like the walls of
a house."
"If there waa a bridge across lt, It
would shorten the distance by a mile,
wouldn't lt?"
"Yes, by two, I should think. But
there isn't any bridge and the Indians
ain't going to wait whilst we build
"Could one be built? How wide is
the canyon?"
"Not more than twenty or thirty
feet at the Buck's Jump. It could be
bridged there easily enough; but
what's the good of talking. It alnt
"Where la the Buck's Jump. There,
isn't lt?"
"Yes, right against that big lorn*
pine with the broken top."
"Very nearly In a direct line for
Soda Creek?'!
"In a plumb straight line. That
pine might have been put there for a
surveyor's post."
"So 1 thought," Bald Anstruther,
and he stood there measuring tho distance with his eye. and noting the
land marks.
Combe watched him, and at last,
with an obvious effort, he said:
"Forgive me, Anstruther. Perhaps
you don't think It Is my business, but
I've got to speak. 1 know just how
you feel, and It's tbe way a man ought
to feel, but you know you can't go
now. It wouldn't be a square deal to
Miss Clifford."
"Leavo Miss Clifford's name out of
the question, please. I'm very much
obliged to you for what you auggest,
but there are some things you don't
understand. I'm going, and there's an
end of lt."
"When I am ready," AnBtruther answered, and left the room.
"Pretty rough on them kiddies, ain't
it, Jlm?" said Al, when Anstruther
had left the room, "and she's dead
Btuck on him.   But 1 guess he's right."*
"Right?" snorted Combe. "Right?
Just to think of himself? No. I don't
think he's right, and I'll take blanked
good care aa he doesn't do it."
Whatever Al was going to say was
lost, for at that moment the call
sounded from thc upper story. Tho
rifles were wanted at the windows.
With a niBb the two men went to
their places, and for the next twenty
minutes they had their whole attention occupied by what they saw from
their posts.
A cloud of dust was coming towards
them at railroad speed, and at first
they flattered themselves that Horse-
ley and his specials had broken the
cordon and were coming to their relief. Hut the riders who emerged
from the cloud were Chllcotens, reckless whooping devils, painted as none
of the white men had ever before seen
Indians painted In British Columbia,
their greasy locks powdered wllh
awansdown, and eagle'a plumes drooping from their heads to half way be
tween their shoulders.
At breakneck gallop they rode to
within a hundred yards of iho house,
and then like a flight of starlings they
diverged, fullowlng their leader In
single file In a wild circuit round the
building, brandishing their weapons
and discharging them In mid career.
In spite of the pace at which they
came several bullets struck the house,
and one was so well-aimed tbat It
smashed through a chest of drawers
behind which Rolt was kneeling; but
one of the Indians' horses pitched on
Its head, und before its rider could
extricate himself, several bullets
found him.
"Only the canter past, I fancy, Al,"
said Rolt, coolly, blowing the smoke
out of his barrels. "Where Is Anstruther?"
"I seed him go Into his room as we
came upstairs. He hasn't been up
here to see the show. He's up to hla
neck In tbem trunks of his, I reckon."
"Kinder sortln' out hla duds and get-
tln' good and ready for his passear."
Jlm glanced quickly through the
window and saw that the Indiana were
already loping back to their lines.
Then he put his rifle up against the
-wall and left the room quietly.
Al noticed him and seemed about to
follow him, but thought better of It,
and muttering "Let 'em settle lt themselves, lt ain't my funeral," kept his
Dlacc at the window,
Dominion Fish Market
Dealers ln Fresh Fish,
Oysters and Game ln
sesson. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter snd
Eggs    ...     .
w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete Mock of Drum.   Special
attention paid to (Win* prescriptions.
Theatre Block phoni n... 79 Second Are.
j -General Hardware���
T Builders' Hardware
^ Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware       Tinware
* * *
The New Knox Hotel ia run ein the Kemipe-an
plan. Firat-claai acrvlcc. All the I.iet. -e Mud.-rn
Intprovemenu. ���:-:��� UED.S 6Uc UP
6-room  House on 8th Ave., section 5.
Partly furnished, $22 a month
...FOR SALE...
Lots 8 and 9,  block 84, sec. 8, $000.
Easy cash and terms
I ..it 19, block 26, sec. 5.     Easy  terms.
Lot 22, block 24, sec. B, $800.
Lot 17, block 49, sec. 7. ?.."���".   --'-"." cash
and $25 per month.
Fire, Life, Accident and Liability Insurance
Skwrna Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Quoen Charlotu
Tako nutico that Atutln M. Brown ot Prlnco
Kuiieirt. saddler, Intonda to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner ot Land* and Worka tor a licenco
to prospect (or coul, oil and potroloum on and
under tlie following doscribod landa on the Woat
Coast ot Urnliam Island!
Comniencini! at a poat plantod two milea oast
of the iirriihi-1-.-.i cornor of C. L. No. 4478 thonco
aouth SO chains, thonce weat 60 chains, thonco
nortii 80 chains, Ihenco east 80 chains to point ol
co���i,nu���co���1ont.AusTiN M   drown   LoMtot
Located 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Ant* 17.
Skoonu Land District���DUtrlct of Qum i\ Charlott
Tako nutice that Auatin M. Drown of Prince
Hupurt, occupation aaddler, intenda to upply te
tlio chlof Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka for
a lirencu to proipuct for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tho following deacribed landa on the
Woat Coast of Uraham [aland:
lietjinning at a poat planted three mllea eaat o
the nortl.eaat cornor of C. L. No. 4474 thence 80
chaina cant, thence HO chuina aouth thence H0
chaina wuat, thunce HO chaina north to point of
Located Auguit 1st, 1011.
Pub. Am. 17.
Skoena Land District���District ot Quoen Charlott.
Tuko nolice that Austin M. Brown of Prlnco
Itupert, saddler. Intenda to apply to th. Chief
Commissioner ot Landa and Worka for . liconco
to pretsiiect for coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the followins doacribed lands on th. Wist Cout
of liruhum Island:
Commencing at ��� post plantod three miloa oaat
of tlio northeast corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
east 80 chaina, tlience* south 80 chaina, thence
woat 80 chains, thenc. north 80 chains to point of
located August 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District ot Queen Charlott.
Tako notice lhat Austin M. Brown of Prince
Kupert, occupation aaddler, Inlenda to apply
to tho Chief Commiaaioner nt Lanela and Works
for a licence to proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and uadcr the following described lands on tb.
West Coast of Grabam laland:
Commencing at a posl pleated two miles eaat
ot the aoulhoast eorner of C. I- No. 4477 thenee
80 chains north, thenc 80 chaina ust, th.nce 80
cnaina aoulh, tbenc 80 chaina west lo point of
Located 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land District���Dislrict ol Queen Charlott.
Take notln that Austin M. Brown of Princ
Rupert, ocupatlon aaddler, Intenda to apply to
tho Chlet Commlaaioner of Lands and Worka (or
a licnc to proapeel tor coal, oil and petroloum on
and under the lollowing described Lands on tbe
Wesl Coaat of Uraham laland:
Commencing at a post planled three mile, east
ot the aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 4476 thenc
north 80 chains, thenc east 80 chaina, Ihenc aouth
80 chaina, thenc watt 80 cbaina to point of com-
Located Auguat let, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skena Land Disuict���Dislrict ot Queen Charlotu
Tako notlc that Austin M. Urown of Princ
Rupert, aadellur by occupation, Inunela to apply
to lho Chief CommtBaloner of Landa and Works
for a licnc to prospect for coal, oU and pelroleum
on and under trio following deacrib-sd lands on lh*
West Coasl of (Iraham Island:
Commencing at a posl planted thro mile oaat
ot the northeast corner of C. 1.. No. 4471 thonc
aouth 80 ehalna, thene. wast 80 chaina, thenc
north 80 chains, thonc. oast 80 chaina u point
of cmmencm.nL
AUSTIN   M.   BROWN,  Locator
Located August 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skena Land Dlatrlcl���District ol Quoon Charlotu
Tako notie lhal Austin M. Brown of Princ
Rupert, 11. C.. occupaUon aaddlor, Inunda xo
apply to the thief Commlaaioner ol Landa and
Works for a llc.no. to proepect for coal, oll and
petroleum on and undar lh. following describvd
l.nds on lh* West Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencini at a post plantod three mil** nut
of the northoaat corner of C. L. No. 4478 Ihenc
Ml chains aoulh. thenc 80 chsin. east, lh*ic 80
chains north, Ihenc 80 chaina wist lo point ot
Dale ot Locllon 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeenu Lund District -District ol
lake iititie.*e thut thirty deis a I,
Balnter ol Prinoe Uup.frl, ii   i
bookkeeper,  intend tu appl,'i,
missioner ut Undi Im a Uooi ,
coul und petroleum on and   i
land on liraham lalund de-,,-,,
Commencing ut u puat plant, , "
of Coul Louse Ne. ��07, murker i
Uase No. 1   N. E, curner, lie,,, .
thonco snulh 80 chains, thonco ,'
llionco north KU chuina tu Disco n
Datod Sept. 11, lou     C. K   IX -.'.-
Pub, Sept IS,
Skoona Land District-Di.tri-.-i ol    ��� , n. ,
Tuko nol ice thut thirty ,u,., , ;
Uainter ol Prince Itune-n, i;   . ������'.<. 1.
bookkeeper, Intend tu apply loi
miaaioner ut  Lantla tor uBoon
feiul und pulroleum un and    ndr
land on Gruhum Islund d.-,Bribe���,'
Commeneing ul u pun ,,:.,, i
ot Coal Uu.se No. -Ilii,, ,,!,,,���,,       ,
corner No. 1, thence suull, n , i *' "
80 chains, ihenco nurth Mi -1.
80 chains to place et cumin,-,,,-,   ,
DateelSept. il, 1011.    e*. ���;, i        m, .
Pub. Sept. ll. ....,..,.
Skeona Und District���District ol ,
Take nolic ihut thin-, eluya train
liulntor of I'rlnce Itupere, n. C , i
bookkeeper, intond lu sppl    ���
missioner ot Lands Ie,r  , Heine
coal and petroluum uu und undi i
land on Graham lalund dsMribod u
Commencing at a po.1 planted ll
of Coal Leaao No. .1170, murk,-.! I
erner of Coal Leaae Nu. :!, llu-tuv ,
thenc norlh 80 chuina, taonoo ...
thonc wuih 80 chuina lo pluce ul ,���
Dated Sepl. 11, 1011.    O.K. BAIN
Pub. Sept. 21,
lute, I,C.&
r        .   r ���.,.
: '��� .-���-���*. Ive
���" I-l snu uf
���   II- *���- V.
- *" cfaais-L
in chains,
Pattullo Block.
keena Und District���District ol Quen Charlotte
Tak. nolle that Austin M. Urown of Prlne
Rupert, occupallon aaddler, InUnds to apply
lo Ibe Chiel Commissioner ot Unda and Works
for a llene to prospect for coal, oll and petroleum
on and under the (ollowing <!e*cril��*d lands on lhe
Wei Coast ot Graham laland:
Commanclng at a poat planled thre* mile eut
ot the northeut corner of C. I. No. 4474 lb*ne
00 chains south, thane 80 chains wet, thane SO
chalu north, thene 80 chalu Hal to point ot
AUSTIN M. BROWN, locator
local, d August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Lots 19 and 20, Block 23, Section 6, nn
Eighth Avenue, with It-room hotBt on
each lot.   $2,100 pair, eaiy terma.
Two extra large lots, Seriinn fi. with
three 4-room col taxes. $100(1, cany
Lot on Seventh Avenue near Kiiltini
with 6-room house. $1,76(1, sssy
View lot in Section 6, 11,800.
Sixth Avenue lots, $500 each.
Boring  for Oil  Continued  on
the West Coast of Graham
Island* Prospects   are   Excellent.
IstxituAHo, Storage and Forwarding Agent*.   For
Hiw or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone 301
Gasoline Launches, SME
For Hire by Hour or Day
H. Joksiloa        Oi Creek P.O. Bo. 187
(Special to the Dally News)
Masset, Oct. 8.���Work has started up Bgain at the B. C, Oilfields
on  the  west  coasl  ol  Graham
Isl.'.ntl.     Afler   ;..   well   ilesirveil
rest, the pi-.rty have returned
stocked up with supplies to last
for the winter. The company
h.ts engaged another driller also.
The drilling is now going on, in
limestone r<>t-k, and the Indica*
done ol oil ;ire apparent ;ts th pth
is reached.   Afler rutting ihrniigh
the limestone rock and oil sands
will In- encountered bearing out
the predictions of the exports who
reported on tho property.
. Skerna Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Quaan Charlotta
' Tako notica that Auttln M. Drown of Princa
Itupert, aaddler. Inlenda to apply u> tba Chief
��� CommUaioner of Landa and worka for a licence
to proepect for coal, oil and petroleum o& and
under tne following deacrilied Ianda on tba Waat
, Coail of (iraham laland:
Commanclng at a poal planted two mllm aaat
| of lha aouihem t comer of C. L. No. 4477 to��nea
HO rhaina weal, thpnoa 80 ehalna nortb, thence IU)
chaina eaat, thence HO cbaina aoutb to point of
com mencement.
i Located 31at July, 1911.
1 I'ub. Aug. 17.
.Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Quaan Charlott
Taka notice that Auatin M. Ilrown of Prince
llupert, aaddler. inlenda to apply to lha Chief
t '-iiiinii-.aii.ni-r of Unda and Vtorlta for a llconc*
to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following doaerilwd landa on tha Waat
Coaal of (iraham laland.
Commencing at a poit planted two milaa aaat
of lha northeaat corner of C. J. No. 447H thenee
Ml chaina eaat, thenca HO chaina aouth, thanca 80
chaina weal, thenca 80 chaina north to point of
i .-ii.iiri i,i i tn cut.
AUSTIN M   HlioWN   Locator
Dateof location 3lat July 1911.
Pub Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUUict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Hrown of Prince
Uii|.i rt, occupation aaddler, intonda to apply to
the Chief CommUalonpr of Unda and Worka for
a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following deacribed Unda on tbe
Weat Coaat of (iraham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted threa mllea oaat
of thc aoutbeaat corner of C. L. No. 4476 thence
80 chaini weat, thence 80 chaina north, 80 chaini
eaat, ihence 80 chaii.i aouth to point of commencement.
I-"-at "I Auguat Iat, 1911.
I Pub. Aug. 19.
Skaena Und DUtricl���DUtrict or Queen Charlott
Take notica that Aunin M. Hrown of Prince
Itupert, occupation aaddler, Inlenda to apply
| to lha Chief Commiaaioner of Unda and Worka
for a licence to proapect for coal, oll and petroleum
on and under the following deacrilied landi on tha
Weil Coaat of (Iraham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milaa eait
of thc aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 4470 thenca
weat 80 rhaina, thence north 80 chatna. thence
eait 80 chaina, thenca aouth 80 ehalna to point of
I...rat.-I Auguat lit, 1911.
Skeona Und DUtrlct���DUtricl of Queen Charlott!
Take notlc* lhat Auatin M. Hrown of Prince
Hupert, ocmpatlon aaddler, intendi to apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner of Unda and Worka for
a licence to proepect for coal, oil anil petroleum an
and under tha following dtwcrlbed landa on lha
Went Coait of Graham liland;
Commencing at a poat ri tinted threo mllee eaat
of the nnrtheait corner of C. L. No. 4472 thence
80 chaini weat, thence 80 chatm north, Ihenee 80
chalnn eait, ihenco 80 chalm aoulh to point of
Loratnl Auguat lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena land DUlrict-DUtrict of Quean Charlotte
Take nnllrn that Auitin M. Hrown of Prince
llupert, occupation aaddler, Intendi to apply to
the Chief Cnmmlwilnner of Undi and World for a
licence io proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum on
antl under lhe follnwnlg dearrll>ed landa on the
Writ Cnaat of Graham laland:
Commenrlng at a poat planted three milea eait
of tho aoutheaat corner of C. I No. t '.'in thence
norlh 80 rhaina, ihence eaat 80 chaina, thence
aouth 80 chalm, thonce weat 80 chaini to point of
Ucated Auguat let, Ull.
Pub. Aug. IV.
bkoena Und DUtrlct���DUtricl of Quen Chutah
Take notico that thirty daya Irum date 1 P i
Uaintor of Princu Kupert, it. i  , ,
bookkeeper, intond to apply u, u���  I
miaaioner of Landa lor u lici-mv i. m j",
coal and petroleum un und under I 10 WMj
land on Graham lalund diwcnln-d us tolloin,
Commencing at a pan planted   .-.  raQa <w
of Coal Leaao No. 447U, murk-it ( . |��� n, g </
corner Coal Leaao No.  I, Umbo
thonco norlh 80 chuina, thaneo i
thenco aoulh 80 chuina lo plucv uf comn
Datod Sept. 11,1911.    C. ti. HAlMi.lt, Uciim
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeuna Und DUtrlct���District ol Qui n Chubb
Tako notico that thirty daya from date, I t t.
Balnier of I'rinco Hupert, ll. C, by occupaUga
bookkeeper, intend to apply tu lhe |
miaaioner of Unda far u liconcv lo pi
coal and potroloum on and und<r ��� III .,,,*,, ,;
land on Graham laland described hi follow
Commencing at a poal plumed two mQn r.u'.:h
uf itako markod C. ti. U. Coal Leaso Nu. I, mui*4
N. E, corner C. ti. H. Coal Lease V ,. u*.:*��
aoulh 80 chaiiu, thencu woat mi .;...
north 80 chaina, thenc* oaat 80 chuins tu jilacv cf
com men com ont.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. ti. BAINTER, Uata
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skoena Und DUtrict���DUlrict uf i,--... | ���. r
Take nolle* thai thirty days Irum data, 1.1 _.
Uaintor of Princu Rupert, It, C, hy occupum
bookkeeper, Intond to apply to tba I
miaaioner of Landa for a licence to pr��|MU lu
coal and petroleum on and under MO acm <f
land on Graham liland described ut (o&OTC
Commonclng at a poet planted two bBh r.orti
of C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 3. marked C I. BaUbi
N. W. eorner Coal Loaao No. ti, theia- kiuiq m
chalm, tbenc* eait 80 chains, ttivmv i.nntt st
Chaina, thenco weat M) chaini lo place ul cub-
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. ti. HAI Vmt. Lower
1Mb. Sopt. 23 *
Skeena Und DUtriet���DUtrict ol Qu<rn Chariot*.*
Tak* notice that thirty daya from date, I, C.L
Bainur of Prlnco Rupert, H. C lu
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to tha ChU iwa*
miialonor of Unda for a llctnce tu n
coal and petroloum on and oodw M0 arm d
land on Graham liland deacribed a- tattom
Commencing at a poal planted twu mi;.- t���r.t
of C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 3, atake 8 U. <_n*
Coal l*e*a* No. 7, thenc* nurth w cha m, ttM
���oat HO chalm, ihenc* aouth bu cliaina, ttatt
wnt 80 chaim to plac* of com nun
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. ti. BAIN 1 Lit. LuCiM
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeona Und DUtriet���Dlitrict of Quern i'__mui
Tako notice lhat thirty dayi frum dab   LCI
Balnter of Prlne* Hup.rt. 11. t
bookkeeper, Intend to apply tu Un < '**: Ca>
mtaaiuner of Landa for a llcenrv toi
coal and pvtroleum on and under
land on Graham laland deacrihed ts *
Commencing at a poit ptanted t���� row* *.*r**
of C. ti, U. Coal Leaa* No. 4, ma.*. I >. L tva*
C. E. li. Coal Uaae No. a, tbence nol
tbenc* waat 80 chatna, ihence MMitl
thence eaat ttO chalm to place nt r
Daiod Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. l!AIMLI..L-*��
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Qun-n CUritOt
Taka notice lhal thirty daya from
Uainter of Prince Rupert,  ll. C . '
boukkoopor, Intend to apply to Un Oaf to*
miaaioner of Unda for a Itwnce tu pr-ns-*. 1��
coal and pelroleum on and unri-r I
land on Graham liland deacrilxil *<��� :
Commencing al a poat planted i..- -*<
of Coal Laaaa No. 4474, marked C. I
N. E. corner Coal Uaae No. !��, tl -
ehalna, thenc* wast 80 chain*,  i>* *
ehaina, tbane* aaat 80 chaim Ui \.<*
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C E. BAINTLILUe**
1Mb. s-pt. 23.
Skwia Und DUtrict -DUtrict of Qom I CtaJI
Take notice lhat thirty daya ton
Balnier of Princ* Rupert,  11. t  .
bookkeeper, Intnd to apply  to lho I
miMiniwr of Unda for a licence tu |.nt*ji��rt *
coal and petroleum on and under
land on Grabam liland dn.-rJ ��� *i M I
Commencing at a poat planted ���   * ' ';
of C.  ti.  H. Coal Uaa* No. v, m i
oorner C. E. II. No. 10, thonce wut I
ibence waat R0 chaina, thenn- >-
thence eaat OO chaim to place of em
DatedSept. II, 1911.     C. ti. HAI*
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skerna Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Qum
Tak* notice that thirty daya fwai I
Bainter of Prince Rupart, B. C. as
keeper, inland to apply to the Che I
of  I .amis for a licence to prmp< <
J aad
. -i
|H>troleum  on and  under bl
(iraham laland daacribed aa full.)
Cnmmenrtng at a post planted
of C, E. II. Coal Leaae No 8, mart
of C. E. B. Coal Leaa* No. 11, Ira
ehaina,  thenc* waat  KO chain*,  tl
chaina, thence eaat  no chaim tfl
mencement. ,. ,___������_,
DatedSept. II, 1911.     C. ti. KM
Pub. Sept. 23.
I I   I-
I Skeena Und DUtricl    DUlrict ..I ��.
Take notice lhat thirty da) a fn��
ttai'.ter of I'rince Rupert,  l<- ���
( bookkeeper. Intend io appb  <<> <
I miaaioner of Und lor a Itcenr*- I
coal and petroleum on and ur. I<
land on (iraham laland riearni ���
Commencing at a poet planti.i
of C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. '. R ���'
. Coal Leaa* No. 12. thenct- �����"<*>>
' aaat 80 chaim,  ihence north  K <
weat wi chaina to place of rom-n-
Daled Sept   II, 1V1I.     C ti.  BAIN!
| Pub. Sept. 23.
j Skeena Und DUtrict    District .-( '
Tak* nolice that thirty davi from <Ii
' Hainter of Prince Rupert, II. * ���������'���>
bookkeeper, Intend to apply ��" ''
miaaioner of Undi for a ��>>**_.   '
coal and  petroleum on and und-inland on (iraham liland de��crH-ed **
Commencing at a poit planted '��
of C. K B. Coal Uaae No. 7, mark-l
C. R. B. Coal Leaae No. 13, Uwnc
chalm, thence eaat 80 chalm, th.
chalm, thenoe weat 80 chains U I
mencement. _   _   ���,...,���..   t_a|tf
Dated Sept. 11, ML     C. K. RAIN I BH. '
Pub. Sept. 28.
Skeana Und DUtrlct -DUtrirt >f I
Taka notice that thirty dava tr..
Balnter of Princa Rupert, II. < j '
bookkeeper, intend to apply  '"
miaaioner of Unda for a licenn-    ' I
coal and  petroleum on and  un I-
land on Graham laland describe I ..
Commencing at a post plan!
of C. ti. B. Coal Uaae No. 8, mar
C.  K.  H.  Coal Leaae  No.   14, I
chalm, thence weat 80 chalm, tl''  ���
chaim, thence tail 80 chaim 1*0 I
mencement. _.   ���.,.  n
ll.KKlS.pt. 11. 1911.     C. h. BAI Ml
Pub. ffept. 21.
8kp*n. Und Illslrlrt -I>wti--t pMJ
Tak. notlc* lhat Ihirty rtsvs Ireni
llainu-r ot Print* llupt-rt,  B. '
l-ookkresprr,  InLnel  lo  apt��l>'  I*
miexinnsr ol Lanels lor a lln-nr.
���. wr*
. ts***1
. i. msm
coal  anel pntrolmim on anel  tint*'.
lanel on (Iraham l-.ln.i-l Hr.cril.cl -,
C'omm.nctnf at a post plant,
ol C. K. II. ("oal lA*tm No. 1".
Coal lr*** No. 15. thonco north -
mast N chains, Ih.nc aoulh  -"
past HO chain, lo place ol tavsnxi ��� -
llstoel S-spt. 11, l��ll.    ft K. BAIM I
Pub. S.-|.l. 23.
Hkri-na Land IlUlrlcl    Dlstrlcl
Tak. notico lhat thirty Hays (rom '"
llalnt-* ot Prlnco Ituiwrt, II. <���
lioeikkooi-or. Intend lo apply I" ' '" ,
ml-esion-n* ot Unels (or a llccne.  lo I
coal and  n-Hrolcum on and  UJ*
land on Uraham Island dwcrll.' I '<���
Comme-mcln, at a pewt plain-;-! '
o( (-. K. II. Coal lr**�� BO.  ��� ���
corner I*. K. II. Coal lw" **"��� ' ' ,
80 chains, thence weat ���� '���hams. '       ������ ,-*ii*
HO chains, th.no. *ast 80 a'halm mi"
moncoment. , ,,. ����������� n J,-jcs'**
D.to.1 Sopt. 11,1911.     C. E. IIAIM1-"*'-
Pub. Kept. 23.
-' '
l,<   '
,,mu,x*mli-**f "ii I   *���'���*���.���    'il11!1'!1"
1   i
I   J
i   {
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
j !   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.   j
i (
;   /
���  �����
^ ^^^.-..+._..+.-
Samuel Harrison & Co.
.Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
Canadian Pacific Railway
l.t' I'uast service ��� Famous_Prircess
Princess Royal
Tuesday, October 10th, at 9 a.m.
Victoria, Vancouvar and Seattle
. G. McNab - General Agenl
louble Weekly Service
I.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
Prince John anils for Port Simp-
SOD, Nubs Kiver, ami Stewart, Wednesdays, 1 p.m.; nml for Musset and
Nsdsn llurixir Thnrsdsw 12 p. m.
Kor Skidegate, Hose Harbor, etc.,
���i'tttmluys 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
\,,! ir.iins from Prince Rupert Mon-
iii*. >. Weilnesdays and Saturdays, 1
|,. m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
nn.l Sundays at 4  p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
onm-c-ting with trains from thc Pacific
mst operates a frequent and conven-
| - * ae-rvie-e of luxurious trains over its
.iil.le. track route between Chicago,
i.ronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
nrtland, lioston, New York and I'lul.i*
I    ��� ..    Atlantic Steamship bookings
lirangt-tl via all lines. Full igforma-
i  untl   tickets   obtained   from   the
Vies of
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
I  members of the order in the city
ure requested to visit the lodge.
.1. P. CADE. N. Cs.
J. CLUCK. Sec.
Olllce on Second Avenue
���l-roomed Cabin, close in
Iroiimed House,- Hays Cove Avenue
"���roomed   House,   Sixth
Ave., near McBride
���'������Toomeil House, overlooking harbor
I Furnished li-roomed Cottage, $45 month
Second Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Skeona Land District���District ot Coast Hange 6
Tako notce that Liniord Sewell Uell ot Prince
llupert, 11. C. occupation locomotive engineer,
intends to apply (or permtasion to purchaae the
following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted on the north
bank ot the Zimogotiu itiver about three (3)
mile, distant (upstream) ln a westerly dlrtcUon
from the junction ol the Llttl. Zimogotiu Kiver
and the main Zimogotiu Hivor, thence north to
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence aouth 40
cnaina, thence east 40 chaina to post of commencement conUining l'.o acres more or t-a-sa.
Dated Juno 7, 1911. L1NFOHD SKWALL BELL
Pub. July 8. Geo. It. Putnam. Agent
Caaslar  Land  District���DUUict  ol  Skeana
Take notice that I, Lemuel Frew of Vancouver,
occupation broker, inland lo apply for permission
to purchaae tho (ollowing deoribodr lands:
Commencing at a poat planted on the shore
ln a northerly direction from Port Nelson Cannery
markod I.. K.'a S. E. Cornar, thonoe 20 chaina
north, thenoe 20 chatna weat, thence 20 chaina
south to ahor. line, thence along tbe ahor. to
point of commencement, conUining 40 acre, more
or leM.
Daled June 10,1911 LEMUEL FREER
Pub. July 8. J. M. Collison. Agent
Skeena Land District���District ol Coaat Range b
Take notio. that 11. f. Miller of Tlplon. England,   occupation  farmor,   InUnds  to  apply   for
permission   to  purchase   the  following  de-scribed
Commonclng at a post plantod about GO chains
weat from the N. W. Corner of Lot 4406, Ihence
north 40 chains, Ihence west 20 chaina, Ihenc.
soulh 40 chains, lhanc* aaat 20 chaina to lh,
point of commancemont conUining eighty acre,
mora or loss.
Dated August 19, 1911. II. F. MILLKR
Pub. Aug, 28. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat Hang* b
Take noUce that I, Thomas McClymont ot
Princu Rupart, it. C, occupaUon real eauu
broker, Intend lo apply tor permlasion lo purchaso
lhe (ollowing doscrtb-sd lands:
Commonclng al a paol planled at th. S. W.
cornor ot pra-empllon record 412, Ihence east so
chains, thenc* Mulh 40 chains, thane, wost 80
chaina to ahore of lake, thonce (ollowing shore
o( lake in a northerly dtrccUon to point o( com'
m.-nrement: containing 320 acres, .nor* or laoo.
Dated Sept. b, lull. THOMAS McCLYMUNT
I'ub. Sept. 9. Ereneat Cole, Agenl
Skeena Und District���District ol Coast IUnge b
Tak. notice thai E. 11. O. Miller ot Falmouth
Eng.. occupaUon aurv��yor, InUnds to apply to
permiasion  lo  purchaa.  th.  following  deacribed
Commonclng at a poet planted at Ibe N. W. Corner of Lol 4400, Ihenc. wasl SO chlans, thane soulh
20 chains, thence vast 80 chaina, lhanc* north 20
chaina to lha point of commencement ConUining
ltiu acree mora or le**.
Dated August 10, 1911. K. II. G. MILLt.lt
Pub. Aug. 26. 1*. M. Miller, Agenl
SkMna Land District���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Urown ot Princ.
Rupert, occupsllon saddl.r, intends to epply to lh.
i In,*! Commissioner of Landa and Worka for a
licence lo prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
���nd under lhe following deecribed Unda on the
Wesl Coast ot Graham Island:
Commencing at a posl plantod thr*. mil*, eoal
ot lho northeast corner of C. I.. No. 4472 thone*
north 80 chains, thenee oast 80 cbains, th.nc*
aoulh 80 chains, tbenee weal 80 cbains lo point ol
commencemenl. _���   .
la-.c.led August 1st. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeona Land Dlalrlct���DUtricl ot Coaat Range V
Tak. noUoe lhal I, 1'et.r La-en ot Towner,
North Dakota. U. S. A . larmer, InUnd to apply
tor permiaalon lo purchea. th. following described
Ceimmencing at a post planud ��t lh. south,
eut corner ol Lol 17211, Ihence .oulh 80 chslns,
thence wost  40 clisins,  thenca north HO chains,
thence east 4U chslns lo point of comm.ne.ment.
IHted July 11. 1911. _   PF.TKR LAIISKN
Pub July 28. 1911. Fred I.. Cowall. Ag-wt
Sk-nna Land DUtrlct -DUUict ol Coaat IUn��. V
Take notlc. thai I, Adolph II. ChrUllanson of
Towner North D.aola, occupallon allornry-
at-law, Inund to .pply lor p-srmUslon lo purchaM
tho lollowlng dn*rrlb*d Und.:       .   .    ..
Commencing al a posl planted about one and
ono-hall miles |l 1-2* north-_l ol th. I.m.1 ot
Troul River on lh. w��*t eld. ol lak*U* I-k*,
.ml about I chains Irom lh. Iske-lront, thenc*
south HO chslns, Ihene- wer" IHI chaina, thenc.
north 80 chains, theoc. Mat to chain to point
Dated Jun. 30, 1911. Fred E. Cow.ll. Ag.nl
Pub. July 'lb.
Skeena Und DUtrict    District of Casslar
Take ree.ll.-* lhat ll   II- Stewart ol Vancouver.
II.  C,  occupallon   truckmen.  Intends   to  apply
for iK-rmk-lon to pe.rchaM lh. following dwcrll-ed
'"("ommenclng .1 . poet pl.nle.1 40 chains eouth
��lVr,��� i.il..n No. J97 and 1.2 ch.ln.Mrt Irom
th* N.u luver is. *T..<*i,.**mm&****m**Si
thence 40 chains north,  thsnee 40 chslns  w-��t.
thence 10 chslns south to ths point ot commence-
***** ����� "nVnARiT WWgVawAW
Dated Aug, 1911. l*mm T. Fullotton. Agent
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeen. Und DUtrict- District nl Coast Hance *
Take notice lhat Harold M, Smith ol Morel*..
Alia., occupation .talion agent   Intend. *********
lor ncrmtaion lo purchase the (ollowing desertu-sd
'Tomm.ncln, at a port F>__f-^___!,*Z,Xa
S, #S��3�� St! *****
tlience 80 ch.ins wuih lo post ol commencement
containing 320 scree, more or le*" SMITH
Dsteel Sept. 18, 1911. ! A V .v'Jk'w  A��M
Pub. Sept. 23. 11*1 W. Uohler, Agen
,t_., t_nd DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coart Hang. V
SkT.k. noUel that I, M ��*���"* ��&&
Rupert. I.borer. Intenef gisppb- \mj****
xo purcUe the lollowlng d<*^<w- l*n*-"*h Bonh
iommendng at a port pl.nled JO.the north
bank ol Williams Creek about M> chains south
Mrt from 11. R., thenM south 40 chslns, h.nc
ea.i 40 chaina. thenee norlh 40 ch.ins, thenra
.est 40 chslns to point ot ���rommen��.rn*.nt.
I isl.el July 7, 1*11. L**\m\l __S
Tub. July 28. Blj g Cow-sll. Agwl
TAKE NOTICE that 1 will receive
tenders for the land known as *���"***'��'���
Kange 6, Coast District, Province of
British Columbia. This s one of the
choicest pieces of land lying along the
Skeena river and contains about W
nrres The land s crown BTSOMO.
Temers must be in before thei?fth day
of October. IHU.   Ths  ."jftSL0* SS
tender not necessarily acilepte.1.    for
further particulars apply to the under-
*"*' D. 0. STEWART,
Assignee of H. C, Urecketrridge, Box
22a,Princo Rupert, B.C.
Thc chief trouble with the
"white hopes" is their superabund
ance of ambition.
That is what killed Carl Morris
and his immediate chances of
becoming a real big man in the
The same thing has slaughtered
the prospects of more than one
budding genius of the hit-and-stop
H  M  H
Jack Lester, the young man
from Cle Elum, who was discovered by Tommy Bums not so
long ago, antl who recently grabbed
off the heavyweight championship
of Austrialia by whaling the lumbering Bill Lang, is getting a bad
attack of exaggerated ego over in
the antipodes.
Jack Makes a Bad Match
He had matched himself with
Sam McVey, the big black from
Los Angeles, who has been browsing around the colonies for just
such a chance. From this distance,
and with all due respect to Jack's
rirg capabilities, it looks like a
mighty bad match fur him.
���  MM
McVey is one of that wonderfully powerful black quartet that
seems capable of wiping the earth
with the white man at this stage
of the game. He is nearly as good
its Jack Johnson, close to a lie
with Sam Langford, antl a f.ill
equal with Joe Jeanette.
And if there is a white man in
the boxing business capable of
tloing anything with that four
we would acclaim him at once as
the real, unadulterated white hope.
There'd   Ik*  nothing   to  it  then.
He wouldn't have to beat Johnson
���just beat one of the others.
M   M   M
Morris Makes Some Mistake
Morris  might   have  amounted
to something, if a keener manager
than B. F. I'fer hadn't sent him
against  the  tough  James  Flynn
of Pueblo.   The plan was to nurse
Morris  along  until  he  began  to
learn   something���not   rush   him
into certain destruction and get
his heart shattered right off the
K    K    K
Jack Lester is inviting pretty
much the same thing. Lester is
a gootl, clean and highly promising
young man. He won a numlK*r of
good bill lies out in the northwest
under Tommy Bums' direction,
and then went to Australia for a
battle with Bill I.ang. The first
one resulted badly, as Lester was
injured, but upon the occasion of
lhe return engagement Lester whip-
lied the lazy antl foul Lang and
did the job up nicely.
K   K   M
Now that was a commendable
job, but it doesn't entitle Lester
to any such encouragement as he
is giving himself against a master
of ring tactics like McVey. Sam
Can whip any of them when litis in the mood and Usually he in
veiy much that way.
K    K    K
Patience is Necessary
"Tlu-   greatest   qualification   ft
jockey can have is patience," says
l-.il.   VV.  Smith  in   the   Morning
Albertan.   "Patience is almost as
great a virtue on the ball field."
So it should lit- In the boxing
arena. A man should lie willing
to wait nnd wait a long lime if
necessary, before offering himself
to the top-notcheis, for better or
worse. But they seldom arc built
lhat way. The lure of the coin
is too strong, and they fall���and
And, speaking about Lester
brings to mind the fact lhat if
Tommy Bums hadn't "fallen" for
a heap of thc jingle in Australia
the blacks never would have had
iheir chance.   But wha.'s the use?
��� This Is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to Lubjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are Invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Social Notes
Mrs. F. W. Hart left on the
Prince George this morning for
Seattle to meet her nephew, J. B.
Hart, a prominent Eastern banker
who with his wife is on the way
around the United States to the
Bankers' Convent inn to be held
at New Orleans on November 21.
The family will hold ;���. "gathering
of the clans" at ilu* Hotel Vancouver on the 17th inst.
Mrs. L. W. Patmore will not
receive on Wedncstleiy, Oct 11 lh.
Story of Her Adventurous Career in French Army
Every one knows the washerwoman who was so familiar wiih
Napoleon in Vlctorien Sardou's
play "Madame Sans-Gcnc," but
the real "Sans-Gcne" who lived
at that time was a dragoon in one
of the great Corsican's armies and
si*cnt twenty years in camps and
barracksLin campaigns and battles
over Europe. In the Musee do
L'Armee in Paris a special case
has just been installed inside which
stands her equestrian statute.
Her real name was Marie Therese
Figueur and she was born in
Burgundy in 177-1. When nineteen, at thc end of the Reign of
Terror, she enrolled in a cavalry
regiment commanded by one of
her uncles and soon esquired the
nickname of "Sans-Genc."
Mine, Sans-Gcne fought in Germany with the French and Bata*
vian armies, charged at Hoheu-
linden, took part in the seige of
Toulon, was in the Italian. Sjianish
and Ausirian campaigns and fouglii
at Austerlitz and in Russia. During the Hundred Days the emperor conferred the Legion of
Honor iqKin her and she charged at
Waterloo for the last time.
With the Restoration she left the
army to get married. She was then
thifty-ninc. In thc course of her
martial career Sans-Gcnc had five
horses shot untlcr her and was
wounded eight limes in different
engagements. She died in hospital
in 1801.
of skilfully blended coloring afford
opportunity for borderlike use of
lhe plaid, while the bonier is also
wide enough  to be handled  as
bodice, sleeve, or underskirt material.
The Use of Buttons
Buttons play an important role
on the full tailored costumes antl
separate coatB and the buttons
supplied for use are uncommonly
handsome and effective. All of
the moilish colors are represented
in them the brighter tones usually
in combination with black or some
very dark shade. A black or dark
blue or deep brown button may
have a band of brilliant color in
very high relief against its centre
or may be rimmed narrowly with
bright color.
Big ball or bullet buttons made
in finely cut crystal of dark tones
arc flattened on top ami hollowec
out so that they are merely thick
shells. In an extremely deep
purple such buttons were on a
good looking Paquin model of
tleep blue double-faced cloth, the
reverse face being fine stripe of
deep purple ami black. The importer showed the same buttons
antl similar materials in dark
blues ami blue.
History in Toys
The history of the worltl is
crystallized in the children's toys
Each grcat war leaves soldiers
in the nursery cupboard dressed
correctly to a strap antl button.
This has always lieen so. As i ach
successive age in the world's history has gone by the Weapons of
that age have passed to the hands
of thc Imys as toy*. There are in
our great musuems minaiiure cross-
IhiWs, s|>cars and shields. To>
armor as finely inlaid and engraved
as any real accoutrements is occasionally to Im- seen, and oltl
prints show the lioys playing wiih
Sttch  figures.    Even  the children
of the French revojpdon had their
toy guillotines.    Collier'*..
"Rainbow Sunday"
Boats and gasoline launches
wen busy yesterday afternoon
ferrying visitors to niid from the
cruiser EUinbOW which was o|h*ii
lo the public. The officers entertained a number of the citizens
��� I afafnoon ten, and lhe hospitality of the Rainbow was cx-
Icmlcd to all visitors.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
Skweeil Lund District    District ol QuMD Clitirleiltu
'luko nolice- Unit thirty elu>s frunl elell.-, 1, C hi,
Ilium.-i   of  I'riliuu KuiH-rt,   U.  G��,  by  DQCUpftUon
bookkaeper, intend ,��� spply to iho ciiiul Con.
llilr.* ir-lrr I     Irl    l.l,lll|.    Iat    U    llCUllCO    tU    |irOS[H-Ct    tlJf
coul uml potroisura on und  under 640 ucres uf
Lund on , ri.iliriin laliiud dt*Hi-ril,ud us [ulluw-e:
Conunenolni ui a i���,si ptanttd two milus nurili
ot C. C. li. Cuul Leuso Nu. 1-1, inurke-d N. K.
cornor C. K, H. Coul Luimu Nu. 17, llitiiicu suulli
80 cliuliLH, tlii-m-u west bl) chuiu*,. llitiucu nurth su
chains, itie'iice, vmx nu cliuime lu jilucu of corn,
Dated Bept. il, l'JU.     0, E. BAINTER, Loculor
I'uh. Soul. 88,
BkM&l Land Diatrict- -Di-itricl nf I'ni'-ii Charlutto
Tuku notion tiiut thirty duys (rum Unit,, 1, C. ki.
lluinle-r ol I'reircu ltu|iort, li. C, l.y uccuiiuliun
liorrkl.,. j., i, inli-tiil tu upply to thu Chief Com-
inishiuni-r ol l.unel.1 lur u Licence lo pruspuct [ur
coui uml petroleum em ami under i*i(J ucrus ul
lullel em liruluilii laluleel d.i.erllie.1 us lullows:
Commencing ul u pu.t plume-el twu miles nurth
of C. li. H. Cuul Leusu Nu. 1*>, murkejel N. W.
curner C. 1,. ll. Cuul Louse Nu. lb, UMBOS suuth
bl> chains, thenoe eust bu chuins, lliencu north mi
chuins, thence wmi bXl chums to pluco ul com
DatedSept. 11,11)11.     C. li. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. '14.
Skeenu Lund District���District ol Ijut-en Churluttu
Tuke nutice thul thirty duys alter dale, I, C. K.
Ilainler ui I'rince llupert, li. C, hy uccupatiun
houkkeeiper, Intend lo apply to tliu Chiel Com*
tnissiuiii-r ol Lunds lur u licence lu prur-pect fur
cuul uml petruleum un und under ' ,,' acre* ut
lanel uu Gruhum Islund descriheel us fulluws:
CuriinieucinK ut a post piunted two miles north
ot C. K. II. Cuul Louse No. Ill, msrked S. W.
corner C. K. II. Coul Louse Nu. ID, llioncu north
6X1 clisins, thenco cast SU chains, tlience south UU
chains, tliuncu west UU chains tu pluco ot commencemenl.
Hated Sept. 11,11)11.    C. K. HAINTKU. Locator
Pub. ,-��pt. IS,
Skeenu I_nel District���District ot Queen Charlotu*
Take nolice thul thirty days Irum dale, 1, C. K.
Hainter ut I'rinco Hupurt, 11. f., by occupation
bookkeeper, intend tu apply to the Chiot Commissioner ul Curia [ur a licenco lu prospect tor
coal ueeel petruleum on and under ti-tU acree ol land
on Cruhum Island described as lollows:
CommeticiiiK ut u post planteel twu milea nurth
of C. K. 11. Coal Lease No. 14, marked S. VV.
corner C. K. lt. Cual Lease No. '1X1, thunce nortii
UU chuins, thence wust uu chuins, tlience south UU
chains, tlience eust UU chains lo pluco ot commencement.
DatedSept. 11, IHU.     C. B. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sept, IS,
Skoena Land Dislrict -District ol Queen Charlotte
Taku nuiice ihut thirty days utier date, 1. C. li.
Bainter ul I'rince Itupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend lu apply lu the Chlet Commissioner ot Lands lur a licencu to prospocl lor
coal and petroleum on and under I.4U acrea ot
land on Uraham Island duacribud a. (ollows:
Commencing ut a pejst planted twu milus nonh
of C. I.. B. Coal Leaao No. lb, markod S. K.
corner C. K. B. Coal Leasu No. ill, thunce norlh
UU chains, Ihence wuat bU chains, thence south UU
chains, thencu east UU chains lo plucu uf commencement.
Dated SepL 11, I'Jll.     C. K. HM STI.lt, Locator
Skeena Land District���District ot Quoen Charlotte
Take notice thai thirty days Irom dale, I. C. I..
Balnier of I'rlnce Hupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend tu apply tu lhe Chief Com-
missiunor of Lands for a licence lo pruspecl for
coal and petruleum on and under tilu acre, of
oland on Craham Island described as followa:
Commencing at e post planted two mllee north
of C. K. II. Coal Lease No. Hi, marked N. hi.
curner C- K. H. Coal Lease No. '12. Ihence soulh
UU chains, thenc. west bU ehelns, thence north UU
chains, tbence easl UU chains lu place ut cum-
Datod Sept. 11, 1911.    C. B. HAINTKU. Locato
Skeena Land District���District ot Queen CharloUe
Take nolice lhal thirty days from dale, I, C. K.
Ilainler of I'rinco Hupwt, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend tu apply to the Chief Commissioner ut Lands for a licenco to pros,ir-cl fur
coal and petroleum on and under blu caroa of
land on Uraham Island duscrltwd ��s tulluwa:
Commencing at a pusl planted two milt, norlh
of C. K. It. Coat Lvasu Nu 17, marked N. K.
corner C. K. B. Coal Leaae No. 211 thence south
UU chains, thence wesl BU chaina, thenc. nurth
SO chains, Ihenc. easl UU chsins lo pl.cu ul commencement.
Dated Sept. 12, 1911.     C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
I'm.. Sepl. sa.
Skeena Land District -DUtricl of Queen Charlotte
'lake nolle* lhal thirty days Irom date, 1, C. K
Hainter of I'rince Hupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend tu apply lo the Chiel Commissioner ot Lands (ur a licence to prospect lur
coal und petroleum on anil under t>4U km ol
land on Graham laalnd du*crllM-d as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two mdc* north
of C. K. U. Coal 1...-.- No. lu, marked N. W.
corner C. K. It. Coal Lease No. 21, thence -Mjuth
Ml chains, thencu easl UO chains, Ihence nurth
SO chains, Ihenco wu*t UU chaina u> place ot com-
Dated Sept. 12, 1911.     C. 1.   I IMM Ll:. Locator
I'ul.. SepL 23.
Skeena Land District -Dlatrlcl ot Quoon Charlult.
Take nutleo that thirty days (rom dale, 1, A. T
Hmdcnrk of I'rlnce Keij-ert. II. C., by occupation
bank manager, Intend lu apply to tho Chief Com-
nii��airr,.r-r of I���n,ls l,,r . licence to pitMpect for
-������al .nd petroteum un .nd undor t.le) acres, uf
lIlC  Cloth   SUIls of   llglllWflgllt   ma-    HM on Graham laland do.cnl.o.1 as lullows:
. Commencing al * poal planted twu mllee north
tenuis,     stlCll    as    Cllt-Cks,     strtlHll   ot C. K.  It. Co-  Lamm, No.  17, m��rk.d s.  w.
... ns, ��� corner A. T. II. Co^ Loams No. 2&, thenc. north
SCrgl'S   ailtl   cllallls.       I here   IS   I'lll    M> chains, thenco gpgf *J* chains, Ihence south UU
much   fullness   ai    the   hips.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver BroB.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
I,aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 361
of British Columbia uf B.C., Ontario, Sus
hi,el Munitubu Bars. kutctiewon   and Al
berta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Siath street. Prince Ruuert. B
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., U. U.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa and
locai anasthelics administered for the painless e��-
traction eif te-eth. Consultation free. Offices:
Helu-ersc.n Block. Prince Ruuert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson B.A.,     W.E.Williums.B.A..L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. O. BOX 2.1
The Double Skirt
Double skirts have been revived, ard the regime of the hobble
skirt ami similar atrocities seems
to be on the decline. Perhaps we
owe the double skirt to the bordered fabrics that have been introduced during the early part of the
seasons At v.:*y rr.te, they can be
used advantageously, their colored
edges forming paraljcl rows of
decoration at the knees .-'.ml ankl. s.
Many double skirts are slashed
up at the left side, showing the
underskirts, that should be of
contrasting color. Some under*
skirts are pleated, while lhe over-
skirt is plain, slashed antl t-dgt d
wild fringe, insertion or be.-dwork.
Double skiris are appearing on
ruriL or wm. foxon, nau. a.k.a..-., con., ind
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outaide Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th St.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Hotel Central 3*m**>
Kun>pv��n and American plan, it-cnm
In ut i-ii, iii--|i-i 11 ."ii.'iin'iit".      ��.:.t.'-
tl.OU tu U '���< i- i day,
P��Ur Black
Plumbing, Heating, Stearnfittingand
Sheet Metal Work
OlSce: .Inl Ave. Workshop:
Phone 174 2nd Ave. bet. ?lh and Hth Sts.
chains, thenc. aaat 00 chains to plan of corn-
A. T. URODEU1CK. Loclor
C. I    Ilainler, Aguil
comfortable width at lhe bottom.  Dated sept. 12, mi.
11        1 nt       1  wK"*M
ami altogether a sensible rebutted
* ., .    1       ' Skeens Und DUlrict - District of VJueen Charlotte
from the extreme narrow styles,  T,,0 ,,���,--, ,-_t lkM| days trom date, 1, a. t.
... , .*., 'i.l- llroderick ol I'rlnce Hu|h-K, II. C, by occupar ion
III     llll'    Spring. llll'    Straight     Mil      l���nk manager, intend lu sppl)   le, ll,,- Chlet Com-
*  M, ... ,    . __      'missioner of Lands tor
of the silhouette, however, la pre- M\ .���d p���tr���i*um on
d,, t       il   . ���   t   land on Graham Island described as follows:
, ;is well as the natness 01    c,,,,,,,,,.,,,-,,,, .t. ,���-, ,.i���.���. 1,.,, ������x,.. ���,,��>.
,        ,    *  , .. 1 1    1 of C.  E.  II.  Coal   laeaao  No.  20,  marked  S.   E.
till-   back.   USUally   eilipll.'-sl/eil   BJ    ��,,������ a. T. H. DM Cms N... it, thence north
HU chains, thenee wesst Ml chains, thence south
SO chains, tii' its' cast HO chains lo place ul run.
A. T. UKODKUICK. locator
Deled Sept. 12, I'Jll. C. I.. Balnter, Agent
I'ub. Sept. 21.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of IV..,.- Wllcsek, Paris end Berlin.
"" " '    b to Y!*^..T5��.'3 Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
.. I
o-ose p.il'
In France There is a Machine
Which  Turns  Wheat  into
=___E.   EBY   C&   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
2nd Ave,
The Coat Frock
The coat frock or one-piece
frock, whose lines suggest a coat
nml skirl, was worn last spring antl
is seen in s,.me practical ard
pretty models for autumn service.
Many women object lo the one-
piece trotting frock for street
wear, insisting that they do not
feel themselves correctly dressed
for street appearance without a
coal, but this coal frock is al its
best an attractive compromise.
The fine cloths with almost invisible stri|>es are successfully used
for these costumes, antl one of the
smartest early autumn street models was seen built up in black
cloth with fine blue si ripe, wiih
black satin for waistcoat, iimler-
sleeves, girdle, antl underskirt. A
cravat-like fold of blue silk fell
from the neck io girdle just ai
the left of the waistcoat opening
and he.'ded a side frill of plaiitd
mi r.nd l.He.
Pltld effects iire very popul.it
and handsome stains showing om*-
half or two-thirds of the width
in black and the rest in Iwld plaid 1 most agreeable.
Stem l.nd District - Dislrict ot Quem Charlotte
lake nutice that thirty days Irom date. I, c. K.
Il.lnt.-r e.l Prince ltu|H*rl, ll. C, by oceupatle.n
ho����kk.-<t>*-r, intend lo .pply lu th. Chief Cum*
mr. r.-r.r .1  I j.,.-I. fur . licnc* l.t pr.**peet lor   ,.
coal .,,,1 pHmleum on and under mu acr.-* of   ".'tween ith & Sth Sis
land un Graham Island ,1, ���< -,l-,-l as follows:
Cerniiii.-nring al a port planted at the soulh*e��.t
���urner e,( Cat U-es*. No. 44BS mark.-i t*. I 11.
Cosl l^-.a, s.i. 2*. ihenc- nonh Ml chains, thence
wi.i BO rhslns, thence south HU chains. Ihenc
east Ml chains In point nt commencment co.ererig
all l���r. .Ir���r* Tiahn Point.
Dalial Sept. 12, 1VII. C.  E.   It MM l.H
Pub. Ocl 7.
Ill France bread has lieen made
Without   Hour in  a  machine  that
transforms tbe wheal directly into
dough This machine shows a
large screw turning loosely in a
Case, on (he inner surface of which
��� screw thread   is running ii- ihe
opposite direction. Between tin-
in.'in threads, the depth of  the
groove bi comes progressively smaller from one end lo lhe Other, so
lhat ii will hold the entire wheal
grain as ii enters the machine, ai
the same dmc accommodating only
the pulverised wheal ai thc exit.
The wheat is prepared by a
thorough vv..shing. afler which operation abOUl a pint of tepid water
lo a |Kuiml of grain i*. added, the
whole mixture being allowed to
stand some six hours. Then the
grains of wheat have swollen to
twice   their  ordinary   si/e.     The
iiiivlnre- iu llien  iri-ilid uitli t'i'i.l ! lor a licnc to i,ri-��peel for coal, oll and petroleum !
'���������'-' ���     ���   ,     - '    un and under lh* lullnwlng .lwrnl-e.1 lanels on the
Skeena Und Dutrict    District ol Queen Charlotu   "
Take notlc lhat thirty days from dale, I, A. T.
llr.--l.Tirk ut Prince Rupert, 11. C. Ity occupallon
bank manager, Intend lo apply to the Chief Corn- |
ririai.rri, r ul 1^.,-I- for a licenc. lo prospect tor - The Prlne*. K .i-.-rt Lesl-re. Nu. .IK Son* of
coal and |M-en,l.*um on and under l.lei acru* ut Enirland. meets the llrst and third Tuesday* in
land ..n Graham Island d.*��rril**d aa fullowa: ���*ch month In the Sons eif Km-land  Hall. Bl!) Ind
t u.nmencing at fe post plsnled twu mllee north ' Ave. et - p.m.
of I*. K. II. Co.1 I',-- No. 21. merked s.   I. i    v   e*i sin.'   ai��
corner  ul   A.   T.   II.   1 -��l   laeaeas   No.   27,   thence r'   ,i tTmmtt*AxV*****a* 11.,���*.
m.1 Ml chain.,  thence  nurth  Ml chains,  thenoe   t-|tN-.-e>T A   wiMllw  l��~. i�����.   II ."i-i
M Ml rhaen., UMHS soulh SU chaina lo plac.   I*KNKST A  WOODS. 1 cedent. It,,, 23
of e-..e,i���i,',���.-,'i' ,r* ^���-___������_���_________
A. T. Iilli.l iKItli K, Locator i
Date.IS.pt  u, mil. C. K. Uainter, Ag.nl.
Pul>. Sept- 2.1.
Tcuiher af Piaim, Violin ami
Voice Culture.
Prinn- Kupert
si.- r- l.nd DUtriet -District nl er,,,,... Charlntle
Take notlc that thtny deys from elate. I, C B.
Ile.inl.-r of Princ llufrerl. II. f'.. by occupation :
Imm.1,1... |.,r Intend to apply to the Chief Commiasioner of l_nr's t.,r a Hence lo pros'-cl tor
ewsl and |*-.ml.*um on and on.ler HO acres ot '
land nn Craham Island deeerih-M a. fullnws: '
Commencing al e post planted Iwo tiHo- north
TleNn norlhsel ,.inif Coal l*-*.- lien niarke.lt
C, K. II. Co-,1 la-ase No. SI, '..cnc- south Ml chains, '
ihenc we.1  N chains, tl-enc north nu chains,
lh,nc ee��l mi .'alns 1.. petal of rrmmencment:
contsining (iill seres more or Ins.. , ,
llalnl Sept. H. Illll. Be I    HAINTKU11
Puh. Ocl. 7.
Skeena Unel District-District of queen Charlotte   ,
Take notlc th.t Austin  M    Hrown of I'rince ��� I
Hupert,   oecunatiori   eeddler,   Inlenda   to   apply
I-- the Chief t'ommirssioner of latml* and Wurks r
Funeral   Director and   Embelmer
Funeral   Director*
Ird Ave, neer nth SI. Phnne No. M
Weet toast of Graham Island:
Commencing al e poet planteel Ihrm mile, east
of the rrrrrihe.st corner ot CL No. 4471, Ihenee
kO chslns east, Ihence 8U chains soulh, Ihenc KI) ,
ami sail, nml is pound into tin
machine.    It  falls between  thi
threads oi the m-.v iig screw and ol | ?!;mm',r"^-P���lJ;'nc*"��eh*"" ****** **polnl n'
lhc   fixetl  contrary   screw,  which
simultaneously crush the ci'vclopc : ,'*,,J* *
and lioily of lhe grain, m.-kirg of
la-.-St.sl  AugUSt  1st,  Hill
'    Aug. It,
ACSTIN M. HHOWN, loceior'
them a homogenous mlxturq that
forms a smooth paste.
Bread  made by  this process
contains   a   succession   o(   holes,
Sheens l.nd District -Dislrict nl Coast flange r,
Take notice-lhat  I,  John   Itutherlord   Ii.-i.ii,
of   Princ   Itupi-rt,   eK-cupatlon   engln.^r.   Inteml
tn apply Inr permission l��. purchaae the ietlle,-. i��,g
dawcrilml lanrls:
Commencing  al   a  prwl   planteel   nn   the  easl
ahore of Ihe Kxrhumslk  Hlver, nnd being about
Iwo miles northerly from the mouth ot the said
Ktrhiim.ik Hiver, end which p-r.t  Is alwul forty
uli......   ui��,.   In-moaaa    ,u   it,,,.-   -.,,   i chains north Irom a slake t.lanle.1 on lhe Kachumslk
vviiose   size   increases   .'S   ine)    .|i-|Hlver sn.l  known   as  "Sri   Uunc  north   40
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngmsn's Home
Free Labor Burran in Conntclion
Phone 178 1st Ave. anil 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS. Prot-l.tor
littles NEWS Agency
pro,,,!,   tho eust,  which  is  ihln.ltfe KS__SlWB_SB2^r,i,,,B" " PeriodlCaU ;: News"��P'"
The Odor given off is saitl to Iw  ^,^S^^.,^^,3l��It.,; ftS'^-i SllV/l.rLil C10ARS   It  TOBACCOS  II  FRUITS
I Dated Septemlwr 12, ISII.
G.T.P. WHARF ���"���"""^
(C-jn tinned from Page One)
opposition should not be forgotten in the victory even though it
was made possible by lhe assistance
of certain Liberals. It is probable
nevertheless, that White will get
the portfolio,
The Borden Cabinet is conspicuous for the large amount
of new blood drawn from the
Provincial Conservative parties,
tlittt will ti'ier into it. ln this
.New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario,
ami Manitoba are all tapped.
Hon. Mr. Hazen
Hon. J. 1). Hazen has spent
practically all his political life
in New Brunswick, having been
leader of the Conservative party
there since IS'.)!). He became
Premier of New Brunswick at
the general election of 1908. He
is a barrister by profession and in
his 51st year.
Hon. Mr. Pelletier
Like Mr. Hazen, Mr. Pelletier
is in his 51st year of age���in
his virtual prime. He is a physician by profession, and served
at one time on the Quebec Board
of Health. For several years he
was chief physician to the Order
of Catholic Foresters of Quebec
He has been in ilu- Quebec Legislature continuously sii ce 1900 and
hits been Speaker of the House
since 1909.
Hon. Frank Cochrane
Hon. Frank Cochrane made his
mark as Minister of Forests and
Mints in Ontario in Sir James
Whitney's Cabinet. He has a
reputation for versatility, which
he came by honestly, being born
in Quebec of a Scotch father
and a�� Irish mother nearly sixty
years ago. He is a Methodist
in religion, and lived for many
years at Sudbury in Northern
Ontario. He has been a Cabinet
Minister since the first day he
entered political life on May 30th,
Mr. W. T. White is fated to
have a similar distinction to Mr.
Cochrane being api>ointcd a Cabinet Minister in advance of entering Parliament Mr. White has
had a meteoric career. For a
couple of years he served as a
reporter On the Toronto Evening
Telegram, but did not greatly
distinguish   himself  in  newspaper
work. Entering a financial con-
cern ni.ule rapid progress, and
some   year   ago   became   general
manager of the Toronto General
Trusts corporation. He is looked
on e's a strong and capable man in
financial circles, and is still in his
early forties. He is probably
slated for the Finance portfolio.
Hon. Robert Rogers
Hon. Robert Rogers, Manitoba's
Minister of Public Works has been
the Bowser of the Roblin Government. He is still ihree years
from touching the fifty mark,
and has achieved a reputation as a
political organiser. Like several
of Ilis confreres he wa* born in
Quebec. Since 1899 he has been
a member of the Manitoba Legislature, and has held the portfolio
of Public Works in his province
since  1900.
Andrew Broder
The selection of Andrew Broiler
means that he will be Canada's
next Minister of Agriculture. He
is ;i farmer by occupation, born
in Quebec of Irish parentage sixty-
six years ago. Hc has been a
representative of Diintlas for tvven-
ty-six years -eleven years in the
Legislature  and   fifteen  years  in
the House of Commons.
Hon. George E. Foster
Hon. George  ''������  Foster has .in
experience thai no statesman in
Canada can boast save only Hon.
John J. Haggart, namely, that of
having served under live different
Premiers.   Mr. Foster entered Sir
John    M.it tion.tld's   Ministry   on
May  29,  1888,  and  Mr.  Haggart
on August :i, 1S88, and they were
members  of   the   four  succeeding
Conservative Administrations, one
of which contained the "Nisi of
Traitors,"   thai   Included  in   its
membership  ilu*   two  gentlemen
named. Mr. Foster, now in his
sixt y-foiirth year, is still llic Uccnci t
financial critic, if nol the ablest
platform speaker, in the Con
lervative ranks.
New York and Philadelphia
Finish at Head of Their Respective Leagues.
(Canadian Press .Despatch)
The following are the standings
of the clubs in the principal baseball leagues. In the National and
American leagues which closed
on Saturday New York and Philadelphia are the respective penannt
Won Lost Pet.
National League
New York 98   50    .602
Chicago P0   60    .599
Pittsburg .84   67    .556
Philadelphia 79   71    .460
St. Louis 73   73    .500
Cincinnati 68   81    .456
Brooklyn 62   85    .422
Boston 40 107    .276
American League
Philadelphia 101    50    .669
Detroit 88   63    .583
Cleveland ,.80   70    .533
Boston 77   76    .503
Chicago 74   74    .500
New York 76   76    .500
Washington 64   88    .421
St. Louis 44 105    .356
Pacific Coast League
Portland 103   69    .599
Vernon 109   77    .585
Oakland 102   90    .531
Sacramento 83 103    .446
San Francisco 84 105    .444
Los Angeles 77 114    .499
asking for passports that will
permit them to leave thc country.
Yesterday 600 left thc city and
today the consulate still had 6000
applications with which to deal.
Those retaining arc subjected to
heavy taxes. Thc Turkish cable
to Tripoli has been cut anil the
officials arc ignorant of what is
going on there. All the officials
and officers have been ordered to
return to their posts.
Want to Fight Turks
Rome, Oct. 9.���The Italian Gov
ernment has declined thc offers
of Albanians, Cretans, Servians,
Montenegrins, Bulgarians and
Greeks to go as volunteers to
Tripoli to fight the Turks.
Wireless messages received here
today from the Italian fleet off
Tripoli state that tlie city is
practically deserted outsitle the
Turkish garrison. The only
Italians remaining are the Apostolic delegate and a few Franciscan monks.
Arabs Well Armed
Thc natives have retired to the
interior, transporting with caravans
of camels 0000 old Mauser rilles
received from thc Turkish military
and 12,000 Mausers which were
landed by the Turkish transport
Derma. The plan adopted evidently is to arm the Arab tribes
of the interior for a guerill.
Warfare against the Italians.
Charged with Check Frauds
Philip T Nicholas, an Italian,
has been arrestetl on a charge
of passing what arc locally termed
"bum checks." Hc was apprehended by Constable Merrit as
he was skipping out of town, via
the G. T. P. . His case comes up
On Their Honeymoon
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Unwin were
passengers for Vancouver by the
Prince George today on their
honeymoon trip to Vancouver,
Victoria antl Seattle.
C. C Van Arstlol was a passenger for Vancouver by the Princi
George this morning.
R, C. Bean went south by the
George today.
For fit, finish antl durability
try one of Sweder Brothers' custom
tailored suits. ol4
About 300 people visited H.M
C. S. RalntJOW oft, Sunday after
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion--
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Gluss
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.-Houses and Rentals.
��� ������**>   1'^ �����������*��� 11*^11 **^ll��*>_.ll^ll^ll   "ml******!*****
For Rent
Furnished rooms with b��th. Sueclol r.tcs by
tho week.   Talbot Houae. 165-tf
Neatly Furnished rooms, gentlemen preferred. -
Apply Mrs. Mullin, over Majestic Theatre.     tf
Ni,*,- Furnished Rooms, Mrs. Greenwood. Alder
Block; Third Ave. 178-tf
For Item -Furnished rooms. Hot anil cold water
with bath. Digby Rooms, litli Ave. and Fulton
Street. tf
For Rent-Son�� of England Hall. B19 2nd*Ave., for
Dances. Fraternal Societies, Seiclals. etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis, Box 869 or phone lis. 186-tf
n im % t*m*******}��*A* *m
Sale J
Open an Account Today
Deposit a portion of your weekly earnings and
you will be surprised  how rapidly they will a
...s~..l_f_..    We will add to your savings 4
Smith  Premier  typewriter.
Wcstenhaver Bra..
practically   new.
For Sale���Chlckon Ranch. '1 Storey house, household goods. Near Prinoe* Kiinert. A snap if
taken at once.   Address Box .Ills. tf
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and juat
setttumotru. We write iwy known clan of
Iniurance. Tho Mack Really and Insurance Co.
i Wantud-Good general servant.   Apply P.O. Box
|     199 228-233
i    Wanted  Nursing.      Obstectrica a  specialty.
. Residence 829 Third Ave.   I'hone 243 Red. tt
Wanted. ��� Cleaning ami pressing, alterations
and repairing for men and women. Dressmaking
railed for and delivered. Mrs Charles Perchor.
820 Third Ave.   Phone 294 lied. tf
Do away with thia.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We carry everything In the feed line, also garden seeds at the. lowest market prices, ut Collnrl s
olg Feed Store. Market Placo
Prompt Delivery
Phones 11 or 301
cumulate. wc wm auu iu your savings 4 ��������
cent, interest on monthly balances. In a short
time you will have saved enough to make a profit.
able investment. The accounts of ladies and
children receive careful and courteous attention
The Continental Trust Co.
Second Avenue
The Big Furniture Store
Lost and Found
rl*.r.|a*  I*
I FOUND   'J Small Key..    Inquire at  News Olllce.
I Lost���Ladies' watch in bracolol.   Reward by returning to News ofllce. tf
Arthur Cyril
Light comedian of the Williams
Stock Co.
Citizens' Civilian Association
Made Better Marksmanship
Than the Navy.
Rainbow riflemen were beaten
at thc ranges by the Citizens'
Rille Association of Prince Rupert.
The Rainbow men scored a total
of 515 points, anil the Citizens li'2!).
The greatest good spirit was manifested iill through the match) ami
at its cor elusion. The Rainbow
boys are more popular than ever
as a result, with ihe citizens for
as losers ihey showed their mettle
to advantage. Shooting all over
was good. The 200 yd range had
been washed away by a high tide,
but on the 500 ar.d 600 yard
ranges good conditions prevailed!
Sergeant Hrown of E. G. 0. R.,
assisted at the bulls, and then*
were four markers, two from the
Rainbow and two civilians, Lieut.
Phillimore is coach and captain
of lhe Rainbow leani, antl Captain
Cameron captain of the Civilians
while Captain Partington is coach.
Following is the scoring record!
H.M.C.S. Rainbow
600     000 Total
Phillimore 36      '20      05
Greatorlx HI      25      50
Harney    . . .2S       33        01
Stevens -IH        84      > "i'i
Chapman 34      *M      72
Bni'dy 2*1       27       51
Aiken 24        28       52
Whiteford 45      33      7s
Total 515
P. R. Civilian Association
500     000 Total
Partington 44      30      h:i
Stuart 30       42        81
Cameron (Capt.). :w      36      l*.\
Morrison 41        III       81
McGowan ll      4.)      84
Smith 44       25       00
C.ieer HO        34        73
Hrown 44        II        85
Total 020
The Citizens Civilian Rifle team
will shortly shorn for the cily cup
and for eleven medals,
C T. P. Transfer Agent.
Order, promptly filled.   Prices re.sonsblr.
OFF1CE-H. II. RochMter. Centre St.    Phon. ��.
Ladies' and Children's fall and
I winter coats.���Wallace's 2t
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
Slicker    raincoats   for   boys.���
Wallace's. 2t
Saturday Night's Dance in
Honor of the Cruiser's Visit
Was a Merry Function.
Commander Hose and the officers
of H. M. C. S. Rainbow were
entertained at a reception antl
dance by the Mayor and City of
Prince Rupert on Saturday night.
The handsome premises of the
Kaien Island Club with the club's
spacious gymnasium were placed
at the disposal of the city for the
evening, antl thc dance was a
bright success. An assembly of
citizens and ladies of Prince Ruperl met the officers of the cruiser
antl were received by the Mayor
and Mrs. Manson who presided
over ihe reception which lasted
from 8.:��l until 9.30. Dancing
was then engaged in led off by an
elaborately planned Grand March
headed by Commander Hose, the
Mayor and Mr-.. Manson, and the
officers of the Rainbow wiih their
partners. Cray's orchestra provided the music most acceptably.
One lot, Block 22, Section 5, Seventh
Avenue.   Price $800, $400 cash.
One lot,  Block  6,  Section 6,   Fourth
Avenue.    Price. $1200.    $400  cash,
balance 1 anil 'J'y.'iir-..
Two lou, Block 1, Section'6,'Fourth
Avenue.    Price $3600. ..$1500 cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.
One lot, Block 33,_Section 7, Seventh
Avenue.     Price   $550.     $250   cash,
balance $25 per month.
Two lots, Block 17, Section 7,   Seventh
Avenue.   Price $1200 pair.  $400 cash.
Two lots, Block 49, Section 7, Ninth
Avenue.    Price  $750  pair,  one-half
cash, balance 6 months.
Longshoremen Will Contest the
Shooting Championship with
Rifle Club.
The Longshoremen of the dty
have accepted the challenge of the
i'rince  Rupert  Rille Association
lo shoot ihem for the local championship. The match will take
place on October 15th.
Winners Saturday Night
Club   12.���W. F. Kilpatrick.
"      13���CH. Handasyde, Jr.
"      14.���Harrison W. Rogers.
"    16.���J. A. Edwards.
"     10���T. A. Arnelll.
"    17.���H. c. Helgerson.
Brotherhood Banquet
Don'l forgel lhe big event at the
Brotherhood Banquet next Tuesday evening, October 10, 8 p.m.,
in Mclntyre Hall. Tickets $2.00
may be had at Rcilly's Bakery,
corner Fulton and Third avenue.
All young men welcome. 3t
4 room house, Ambrose Avenue, plat
tered, best harbor view in city.   Price
$1837.    $600 cash, balance $30 per
5 room house, unfurnished, newly papered and painted, basement. $21
per month.
5""and 10 acres, Kurdcn truckiiiR at
KitsiiiiikaluHi. Price $65 per acre.
10 acre tracts, garden trucking at
Kitselas.   Price $60 per acre.   Terms.
75 x 100 feet on Third Avenue, level
Good lease.
$10 down and $10 per month  buys a
lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Rev. F. W. Kerr Takes Canadian Navy for His Text Last
Preaching    last    ntghl    mi    lhe
text "The Coming of the Rainbow" Rev. I'. YY. Kerr criticised
the maintenance oi navies and
armaments by nations, He held,
however, that the existence of
war was for the civilising ol peoples
and w;is a Cod permitted feature
of the world's life. The pastor
iii passing condemned thc interest
taken    in    boxing   contests,   and
prizefights, and scored the press
for catering to the public interest
in such exhibitions.
International Clash Makes the
British Admiral Decide to
Hasten to England.
Vancouver, Oct. 9.���Lord Charles Beresford, owing to the political
situation created by the declaration of hostilities between Italy
and Turkey, anil the possibility
of a European clash, has decided
to shorten his slay in Canada.
Instead of leaving November 3- as
originally planned, he decided today to book passage Ofl the Steamer
sailing from Quebec on October
20. He expects to take a share
in the debate in the House of
Commons on naval matters.
As we buy everything for spot cash, we
are  able  to  undersell  all   competition
Here Are Some of Our Wares:
Armchairs, Rockers, Sanitary Couches,   Davenports,  Bud LoungM and
Kattan Goods; Chiffoniers, Dressers and all kinds of Case Uooiln
Iron  nnd  Brass  Beds,   Baby   Buggies.
Linoleums at nil prices. Twenty-five patterns to choose from.
Carpets, Rugs, Portiers, Tapestry anil I.not* 1'urtains
and  all   kinds  of Curtain   Materials.
For   the    Stovc8.  Hotel  White, Granite and Vitrified Ware, To-
v.    , pots,    Blanpots,    Buttercrocks,   Jugs,    Filters ami a
Kitchen     complete  line of Enamel Ware.
Dining Room    Furniture of all  kinds.      Cutlery,   French ami
English  China in sets or by the piece,
Miscellan- Bedding, Blankets, Comforts, the fiiiiunis O.lermow
-,        , M-ittr.ii, Framed Mirrors and Mirrorplate fur frum*
eous LiOOds ing, 36x48 down; Jardiniers, Vases, Bar Glum of
every description, Lamps,   Lamp   Chimneys,   Baskets   of  nil  kinds.
This ls a Complete Housefurnlsltlnij Store   Largest Stock In the Nortii
if you don't know where to find what you want give us a call���
We are  pretty sure  to have it
2nd Ave. and 6th St.
Phone 62
The Graham Island Oil Fields*, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited
Toronto, Ont
PRINCE RUPERT BRANCH ����-��m��i*,��bj��..^
Skoena I.,.,.,| DUlrict-Dlitrict ot Cout IUngo b
'UU Tir.lii'.- that Frank S. Miller ul London,
1-i.k. occupation civil engineer, intonda to apply
fe.r iM-rmiM.ie.il tu purchaaa the fullowlng d.-acritieel
" Commencing at a poest plantoel at lha N. E.
Corner ot 1-,-t 28, Ihenco nonh -u chaina, Ihence
weal to cliaina, thonce aouth '10 chaina, Ihence
eaal '10 chaina lo point of commencement, con*
taining lu acroa more or loaa.
Dated Auguit lb, 1911, FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 20. P. M. Miller, Agent
Ske-ena Uml Dlitrict -Dlitrict ol Coaat Range 6
Tako notice that llerliort J. Mackle of Pern-
I'ruler-, tint., occupation lumberman, Intonda to
apply (ur pe-rmlialon to purchaie lhe lulluwing
dencrihed landa:
Commencing at ��� poat planled on the loft bank
eil lho /.ymeuiuitt or /im i.-gui ur. River, at aouth-
woel corner of Lot 1706, thenco northerly, lollowlng
tlio westerly boundary of Lot 1708, 80 chaina
mure or leai, to lho northweat cornor of aald Lot
1708. ihence wooterly and aoutherly, following
Ihu left bank ot aaid river, 80 chaina more or leaa to
point of commencement containing 160 acrea
Inure or leaa.
Ucated Auguit 19, 1911.
Daled Augual 21, lllii.    HERIIERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Aug. 28. Frederick S. Clementa, Agant
Skoona Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ot Coaat Range V
Take notice that I,  I'oter Erickaon ot I'rlnce
Huport   laborer, Intend to apply for permiaalon
to purchaae tho following doacribed landi:
Commonclng at a poit planted on the north
bank of WUliama Crook where tho railway right-
ol-way creama and 3 chaina back Irom tho crook
bank, tlionce aouth 30 chaina, thonce eaal 40
chains,  thonco  north 30 chalm,   I inn*.,  wi-u   40
_.._....., ri, ���������*��� a..    .,���    > ri.i rrr r.
ohalm to point at commencement.
Dateel July 7, 1(11.
Pub. July 25.
Frod E. Cowoll, Agent
Skoona Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Coait Hange V
ttSSm ESS "'."* l'.J"hn *y*** "I Prince
Ruport, laborer, intonel to apply for i)orml��ii,
to purchaao tho following described laml���
Commonclng at a iinal planted at tho aoutheaat corner of Lot 4lU, thonco north 80 cha nii
henco eaat (10 claim, thonce aouth 80 eh*"5
BS3JS5 n ftW" t0 P0lnl ",' cummencomeiu
Put Jul,X   '       '' > J.(,.HN KVENSON
1 ub. July 25. KroU E, cow��ll. A,mt
Skoena Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range V
lake notico that I, lloniamln A. FUh of TowSer
IS, eZS, __2PS*S  ������*��nt,  Intend  to  ���
an<&�� I'urchaio the (ollowing deacr
-���.., ���,,a,a��� a���.V ,,   , ,������J .mill  A,  f_h ���[ *|
WW mmi\*^^.m*X*M*. **m '? ".PPl'y
J!*!******- t*J ^*?1_J*l��nted on.the ea���
boundary Mi gT-sfflSI WtoS
ea.t cornor of Lot 4484, thonce north SO ehalni
hence out 30 chaina, 'thenw wSth  00 Shift.'
Pub J,iIvJrf '       1- I'KNJAMIN A. FISH
uo. July 20. Kred E. Cowell, Agent
I, S. Ilarriaon ol I'rinco llii|.r', II *
*   di
, 1,4 ��� ���
i.-r l*i*
give notice lhal on the rlft.-eii*'
ISII, 1 Intond In apply lo tin* Waal hla ofllce In Prince lluperl, i    '
lo Uke and uae three cubic fart '' * .    *r��t��*
from McNeil Illver In Sk*-.*n�� >        ^
la to be Uken Irom the "" ��� ' ' ,u,, ��
above the unction with He ���**' ��� ' . ,-
i. 1.. l... u.s.-,l .... Ut MM lot i
cultural purpoaoa. ^ ( ,
Sept. 9.
I, S. HarrUon of I'rlne, It"   *
give notice that on tho tille--*i "I j
IB11,1 Intend to apply t" " ���* '* '
al his office In Prince lluperl.
to Uke and uao two cubic h"'1 '
from the Weat Fork ot Me**** -
DUtrict.   Tho water li to be U *���
about ono mile Irom Ita   *****
Klver and l�� to be uaod on LOI '
and agricultural PUP-MAu���    ;
"acpt. 9.
i. '��� '.*:_.
i.;.* ni s*_2
i . I��i�� S
101 (ot um
Skoena Lanel DUtrlot-I'''11.,'
Tako nutico that Percy M��� �����'
port, n.C, e-ccupntlem Civil l.i
apply for permiaalon tu pun
doicrlbcd landa: ..i������i,.,i
Commonoln**: nt n poat plm    '���
uf McNoll River nt north w.t,
R.V.. thenco onat 20 chains     ;
orly boundary uf ttalbw    "
40016) thence northerly W�����;*'
boundary of timber limit ��      ''
U. north weit corner e,r aiuu ['
woatorly 20 chaina more ,"       ���
McNeil River, thcnci* ""',',
loft bank of McNeil River o" "
to point of commoncemcni.
more or loaa. pBBCY M
Onto June 19.1911
I'ub. July 19.1911 c 0
Ruport, occupatiun fJ^St*****
fur normlailon to purchaa. t" ^
edland. ., ���|���,,li-.l nl��"'.i,l��<l
Commenolnit nt "I"'"1,1.*      et** "",'.'���'
aouth from the mouth oM ���   ��� ,���,������ J) gjj
150foot back from the '��;      thmMjJS
north, thenco 40 chid  ��;''������,i���l,.f��"""
aouth. thonce oaat 40 chain" |(,���
mont'conUining 320 SH^ggBAS CWgfc*
DtUd July 7th, 1911.   Chnrl.'" Wi*^,,,.
ii..i.   a .._  I-.-H.
,��� ,.f I'riii*-',*;
ner, I""."' *
1 ,l',a l*f
,' ,a,-l ��'"S
��� -LesS
lining 1"
Pub. Aug. 5th.


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