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Twenty-four hours cnding5a.m.,
Sept. 12
UA<  Tl Ml*.    MIN.TKHP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
62.5 490    29.849    .02
The Daily News
> --/ToR'-tiOl/Tai,  \
TJkinceBS B-jevtriceX^ ���'���  -TiHisday
'     '..Tu '
^ty^of Seattle-.."'. /Tuesda^p
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II, NO. 207
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, Sbpthmbbr 12, 1911.
Price Five Cents
French-Canadian Smoker Brought Out Many Bright,
Witty Addresses and Charming Songs���Liberal
Committee's   Enjoyable   Smoker
Last Evening
TVo very enjoyable smokers
were given ut tlie Liberal club
rooms Saturday and yesterday
evenings. That of Saturday was
upon '.In- Invitation of tin- French
Canadians <>f tlu- party, and the
proceedings were mostly in French.
Thomas Trottier was the ehair-
m.ui and the principal speaker
Frank Anger, of Ki.seh-.s.
Mr. Anger is a son of Senator
Anger, >>f Quebec, a young man
who hi'.s the gift of eloquence.
It was a political speech he made,
but full of clever witticisms .hat
kept the faces of his .'.udiei ce in
,t broad and expectant smile when
they were not convulsed wiih
laughter. This brilliant young
speaker will address ihe Ross
meeting in English this evening.
There were a number of excellent
wngs both in French aril English.
The Committee's Smoker
The Liber;-1 smoker last evening
was attended by over one hundred
aril  fifty  people.    A.  J.  Morris,
chairman of the Liberal Committee presided, aril among the
speakers wire Frill S.ork, L. W.
Patmore, Alex Manson and a
number of others.
The speeches were all upon the
[mportanl question of the moment,
that of reciprocity, anil every
men.ion of the name of Duncan
Ross provoked applause. It was
generally conceded that after the
great rousing meeting of this evening the campaign work would Ik*
practically over; there would be
nothing further to do until election
day except to exchange preliminary congratulations.
City Solicitor Peters is Going to
Victoria for a Little Stay
City Solicitor Peters has askeil
for leave of absence to go to
Victoria and give evidence in
favor of an old elicit of his row
in ;'.n Important trial. Leave of
absence will be granted, but Al-
derman Hilditch waited to know
if Mr. Peters would be back here
l.y the 21st inst. "Why?" asked
Mr. Peters. "I haven't got a
vote here." "No, but you have
one at Victoria," remarkid Alderman Hilditch. City Solicitor
Peters promises to attend to some
city matters while he is down
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. Davis'
Boat House.
Upsetting of Boat Caused Two
Lives to Be Lost
\Vinni|H'g, Sept. 12.���A double
drowning accident occurred last
cvenii g at Red River. W. M.
Hatton, Jarviis Marshall aid Jam
Hatton, Jariics Marshall and
James Nicholson, capmers in the
river park, upset their boat and
the latter was the only one saved.
Tonight in the Kmpress Theatre
Duncan Ross will meet H. S.
Clements in the second bout of
that encounter over reciprocity
of which lhe first bout took place
at Alberni when Mr. Clemen is
was mosi grievously Moored. Duncan Ross is in fighting trim and
ready for his rival. Don'l miss
the greatest meeting of thc campaign.
MISS CANADA (to Conservative Party)���Why, that thing has been buried so long you can't
even raise a genuine ghost.
Tonight's Meeting Will be the Greatest Political Gathering Ever Held in This City
���Meeting For Women This Afternoon
Confession of Bank Forger  Will  Lead to the Indictment of Several Seattle Men For Complicity
in the Bold Robbery of Treasure
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, Sept. 12.��� The confession of Charles Everett, a bank
I'.rger of many aliases, has cleared
up ilie mystery of the robbery
from the steamship Humboldt, on
August 15, 1910, of $90,000 in
gold dust and bullion, What his
confession is the detectives are at
present unwilling even lo intimate,
but it is said to cover the whole-
plot and to be complete with
names and dates and circumstances
The arrest of Everett ranks
*'s a piece of detective work as
one of the cleverest od recent
times, Large rewards were offered and the gold was caref.illy
i raced from every point down
llu- Yukon from Fairbanks to
Skagway and on board the Humboldt,
The detectives now confidently
expect lhat within the next few
weeks the indictment by the grand
jury of several men well known
in Seattle, will mark the climax
of the story of thc bold robbery
of a treasure ship while at sea.
William Urquhart of Vancouver, Quarrelled with Customer.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Vancouver, Sept. 12.���Following
what the police believe to be a
quarrel, a man whose identity
is unknown drew a revolver in
a liquor store on Cordova street
last night and shot the proprietor, William Urquhart. fatally.
The assailant Immediately look
flight and escaped in the darkness.
There is no trace of the man.
Urquhart was a prominent old
time business man of the city.
He was shot three limes. It wns
done in a spirit of revenge. He
died wiihin a few minutes after
the shooting.
If you want money apply P. O.
Box 953. tf
Etna Getting Busy
Catania, Sept. 12��� (Special)���
People living in thc vicinity of
Mount Ftnn are alarmed by renewed    earthquake   shocks   and
threatened activity of volcano.
Duncan Ross has a busy day
before him. He arrived here by
train at half-past three, has a
meeting with the Liberal Committee, delivers an address on
reciprocity to women at the Empress .Theatre al half-pasl four,
and in the evening meets his
opponent, H. S. Clements, In a
forensic battle to decide whether
the latter's statements in Hansard
favoring rcciprociiy are correctly
reported. This is expected t<>
culminate in a kr.cck-out, and
in Mr. Clements gracefully acknowledging his deft;-, and handing in his resignation "f the
nomination according i<. ilu* promise made by him in Mclntj re Hall.
The Women's Meeting
11 is expected thai ihe Empress
Theatre will be filled ihis afternoon
to hear Mr. Ross speak on the
benefit of reciprocity to ilu- Individual householders.   The ladies
who read his first speech here on
reciprocity were so much impressed,
because the subject touched their
material interests so nearly, lhat
they formed an active committee.
This committee reports the women
of Prince Rupert as eagerly interested in this afternoon's meeting
as  they  would  li
sale.     Then*   is
nection   between
��� in a bargain
kindred   con-
the   two,   the
women hoping by their Influence
to secure lhal reduction in lhe cost
of living which rcciprociiy means.
Woman to Preside
Thc ladies will also select a
president of iheir own for this
afternoon's meeting, ami Prince
Rupert will have the pleasure of
he;'ring a woman talk on the
subject she pre-eminently understands. It will be the firs, time
any woman has appealed upon
s political platform in this city.
Rousing Evening Meeting
Dr. Kergin will preside al the
evening meeting and there will
be several able local speakers.
Bui the griv; Interest will centre
in the meeting of the two candidates, and lhe continuation of
the debate as to whether Mr.
Clements is not morally bound to
keep the promise he made lo
Prince Unpen people in these
"If Mr. Ross proves I have
ever expressed myself, in Parliament or out of it, in
favor of reciprocity, I will
resign  my  nomination  and
permit Mr. Ross to be elected
by acclamation."
This the Second Round
If this round proves to be
nearly as dramatic its the lirsi
round at Alberni it will arouse
great excitement. There Mr.
Clements made the same challenge.
There Mr. Ross three times red
from Hansard and three limes
held out his hard for thc resigi
tion promised.
Tonight's meeting, therefore, will
be the crucial one of the campaign
L Is questionable if the thcatn
will afford sufficient accommoda*
,ioi* for all who will desire to hear
ihi*- joii i debate between thc two
cai iliilit. S. Al i'i >' rate, il wl
be well to be on hand early to
secure ii seat. Eight o'clock is
llu- hour.
Rupert for Health
Again a rosy report from thc
M..li<;.| Health Officer for the
in.mill of August. Every aspect
of the city's life from that genial
officer's point of vii w Is satisfactory
including the working of thc scavenging department.    Death and
serious disease are rare in  I'rince
Interesting Facts Laid Bare by Alderman  Newton in
Council Last Night���Light Thrown on  the Doling
Out of Patronage in Orders For Public Works
and Other Departments
An otherwise placid council
meeting hist linht was intensified
by the sharply cri ii������ I attitude
of Alderman New.or to tho manner
in which the city accounts for
various items of expenditure arc
dealt with. His cri icism based
on direct questions to the city
purchasing agent resulted in his
summary of thc situatioi stingingl)
to the effect that the city practically has no purchasing . gi. ..
Mayor's Notice Board
Every thii g purchased is ordered
definite!) by the Superintendent
of Public Works or sonic other
person in authority, and the requisition slips are then pip red
with dm* form! lity upon the noble
notice board invented l>.> the
M. \..r for mo,ions, ei quirks, and
such matters including requisition
���lips,   ...  be  brought   under  the
notice of aldermer before the
com cil passed upon them. By
lhe lime the business reaches
the council board the materials
requisitioned ma) even In- in ihe
hauls of the Public Works Department employees. Alderman
Hilditch as chairmar of ihe Public
Works Department declared that
or.l) small itinis, aid items of
expenditure wanted ir haste were
ever so handled. Anything big
came up before \he council before
ai y mot iv was spent on it.
Scathing Condemnation
To ihis Aldermr.r Newton re*
plinl tin. if the liule things
were so irrcgularl*. treated, the
big things also would be irregular.
He* condemned ihe systim of
purchasing aid  paying  for city
iCuiitiiiii.il on page 4.)
Premier Addresses Four Thousand  at Actonville
Actonvillc, Ont.. Sept. 12.���Sir
Wilfrid Laurier addressed four
thousand hen* yesterday, from the
platforrii of the train, en route to
Victoria villi-, Que, After tit fending
reciprocity and the navy program,
he slated Bourassa for ilu* campaign he was conducting. Later
he spoke at Vicloriaville lo ar
enthusiastic meeting.
Last  Call
At   Rrin's   tomorrow   night   nt
8 o'clock F. A. Ellis, auctioneer,
will sell  the balance "f the slock
which was not sold on Saturday
night. Household articles of every
description must go without reserve.
I Too Dark to See if Innis was an
The   man   Who   supplied   drink
to ilu- Indian, Jostph Innis, who
was picked up on the dock Sunday
drunk to paralization, has been
captured and ihis morning was
brought before Magistrate Carss.
His name is John Duggan, and litis a ore-eyed sailorman who worked
on the unloading of the iramp
steamer Hans B.
In answer to the charge he had
a ready but most lame excuse.
He said: "Il wa.s dark, judge,
and I could mil see whether 1 he-
man was ;in Indian or not."
The Magistrate gave him a
talking lo and also a sentence of
$1(10 and costs. He was taken to
the cooler.
Plucky Nine-year-old Gilbert Donaldson Plunges After
Sinking Luigi  Mazzei in Hays Creek   Swimming
Pool -Rescued Lad Much Older,  But  a Non-
Ross and Reciprocity
Remember the Ross Meeting at the
Duncan Ross, Frank Anger and Others
Will Speak
Mr. Clements threw down a challenge which was accepted.   It is expected that he or
his representative will be present
Rescued from drowning at Hays
Crock yesterday afternoon by a
boy of nine Luigi Mazei who is
fourteen years ..1.1 has go.nl reason
to be thankful that he is able
o run around .his morning. His
plucky young rescuer is Gilbert
Donaldson, a Drily News boy,
whose action yesterday afternoon
was a splendid instance of straightaway boy bravery. Though he
only learned i.> swim about four
weeks   ago    and   was   so    much
younger and smaller than the boy
lie rescued. Gilbert never hesitated
for   a   moment   in   plunging   into
deep water after the drowi ii g boy.
How the accident happened is
Ample enOUgh.   There is no proper
bathing place for boys anywhere
around  the waterfront  and  the
hoys   are   compelled   1..   pick   up
their swimming knowledge in  all
kinds of doubtfully deep bathing
holes here and there.   1' was at
(~y*** ���*****������*>*-*'���**���**���****
*simtf ******* ***">**��� ****** '���***���**
^���^���^a***^**^*!-*^!!1**^!****^*!-*'-^*!**'^*!!****.      ��
one of  these near Hays Creek (for the ymm ��� ���
that   L.iigi   Mazei   and  Gilbert
Donaldson  with some oilier bids
wire bathing yesterday about five
p.m.     Stepping   from    a   log   or
yielding   I lecherous   sililT   below
his foot, lb* had stepped on to
a floating mass of rubbish which
gave Why throwing him into deep
water.    He could nil swim.
Gilbert    Donaldson    instantly
pltugid after him i'ld succeeded
in grabbing him by the collar
after  a   short   struggle   in   which
the drowning bo) clinched hard
and dragged his plucky Utile rescuer below the surface. Gilbert
Stuck lo his task, however, and in
a minute was P.enr enough the
bank for bolh boys to grasp solid
ground ,i d get out of danger.
Even late in the present swimming season as ii is, the undoubted
risk run by numbers of lhe bright
boys of Prince Rupert in their
elTorts to discover bathing places
ought  .o draw the attention of
lhe city coin cil to set something
in motion towards   instituting   a
regular!) supervised bathing pool
boys   ut   least,
which   may   take   definite   shape
before next bathing season.   The
Riattet is no less important than
lloi'i of some kind to win-1 seemed I.the provision of a proper athletic
io  be  solid  ground   Luigi  found park. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation In Northern B. C.
Published by the Princ* Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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Other Countries-Daily, JaS.OO per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
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Daily New, Building. Third Ave.. Prime Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 9**,.
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Daily Edition.
Tuesday. Sept. 12
The Reciprocity party in i)ii> election asks for a straight, open,
full, complete and exhaustive discussion of the quesiion of reciprocity
and a decision upon its merits. With such a decision the party will
be satisfied, knowing well the result of such an appeal to the people.
Unfortunately the Borden pany is nol inclined to discus* the
question, upon its merits, ar.d some numbers of the party, including
Sir. Ckments. insist upon questioning the loyalty of the Canadian
people, and insisting thai trade meaj-.s treason, and a reciprocity
agreement will loosen the bonds of empire.
The Borden, party advances no reason for suspicion of loyalty
of the Canadian people. The speakers simply make the assertion
and repeat it >vith painful regularity.
By Cllve Phillips Wolley
��� ���
i       i
i  I
It would take to make him a cowboy.
That was what he came out to be,
or so he had told his lather and his
friends, but looking up he caught
Kittys blue eyes tised upon him, and
knew that h�� had lied.
Skeen* Lsnd DUtrict-Dirtrict ol xj^S7~~
lilted,    ���-" W>-��.r.. tk.��rlott��
Tske nonce th.t Austin M. B
'��� *x rrinoi
���Do vou think that 1  should eva.r | lor ��� licence
to the Chill Commiaa-oter ol U,
make a cowboy. Miss Clifford?"
The question was very  direct
back In three trtpg to the cabin.
Jim had been waiting for 'he last
��  merited a snubbing,  but    Kitty    had
been caught a: a disadvantage.   There
had been r.-.ore in her eyes than Bhe
prospett (or cosl, .���
d under the lollo-a-ins ���;����� - ''   -�����������
Co-ut ol Graham UU-d ***** n Ut
two trips, and aa Boon as Ar.s-.ruther
put his axe down, he took It up and
disappeared for five mlr.u-es. bringing
back a huge burnt -'stick' on his shoulder.
There was rather more wood 'n that
burnt "stick" than Ar.s'ru-.her had
brought in his three trips.
With half a doien it'.: strokes the
From the crimson Tam o'Shanter.
which Bhe had unearthed from her
saddle bags. 10 her gleaming gum
boots, she was as dainty a little apple
of discord as ever fell beiw��*en two
On anyone else, gum boots  would
n�� st t post Dl.i-.ted ihr��. it.'-
����t corner ofc. L No * -"���."�� ***
'th. thecce so ���,,., .���'..' *���'�����������
. thence Ml chair., mu* j
__jnl. "*' ** t��iat ol
meant to si.ow just yet. so she stum* Austin m. Brown i ...
bled, and Mr*. Roll answered for her.     [*&%�����$��**���*'"��� ' ^
on and under :
Wert Coirt o( Graham lilar...
Commencing al a po��t
of the northeut
���60 chains touih,
chaina north,
������Oh. I suppose you would learn to ! skMM Und District-Li.*.,;., 0, ^ ..
ride. ._       _, Uuti      w "" *-*�����"����
"Thank you.   I thought that was the i    Take notice thst AMtti II. fowi ,, ,.
. ,       ,       .,j jrt ..                                      I Kupert,   occupstlon   aadci,-.-    i-- rlr-*��
one thing 1 could do.                                 I to lbe Chl(!* gSSJSm il u       . ���'���������.
"On schooled horses.    You haven t , lor .licencetoproap���� (or co��iTa: *'��� ,u
, tried a buck Jumper yet"                        w.'fffir'ii1-* :,='':    ' ' "8
"Yes he l.as. though." put In Comb��. , w^^^.7^;-":
have been a horror, shapeless, huge,  [ootj^ up ;ron ,be p-ug he waa whit-   ��i ��-��� -..SEE ���?-*..���-'.'���*���
nan    I    I,.    ...    n'...r      ,1 *f\*\       >.��.*���       t  I    .   V nn 1 V �� ,
"And you t'.id not give us a chance
af seeing lbs show'. That was mean,
There wasn't much of a show."
There was a reciprocity agreemeni between Car-ad? .;rd the
United States in 1*54. That agreement was brought about through
the assistance of iire.it Britain l*ccause the Canadian people were
dissatisfied, and a large part openly discussed annexation. At that
time reciprocity did not led to annexation, but really killed all
agitation foi   nm cation.
In 1S6.5 Sir Johr Macdonald sent Sir A. T. Gait to Washirgtor
to renew the treaty. In 1869, the same premier sen; Sir Johr R* se* t.<
Washington to secure .-*. reciprocity treaty simil..: to the egreement
before the public now. Did any person suggest annexation ,u themr
W - the treason cry raised at that time?
In 1S71 Sir John Macdonald. himself, went to Washirgtor. seeking
such a reciprocity agreement. Did any person at that lime s. \ tha*
Sir John Macdonald -a.is upon a treasor.-ble errrrd?
In 1868 Sir J..hn A. Macdorrld m.de a standing Statutory offer
of reciprocity to the Crued States.
In 1870 this <*tter wa? repea.e-d.   N�� person ever whispered tha.
we could not x-11 our natural products io the I'r.iud State- -vi\h>.u
saicrirking our birthright.   That statutory offer was on .he su '.u.t
1-*. k- ut .il the day of his death, in 1801.
It*. 1>�� >ir Charles Tupper went to Washington to negotiate .
reciprocity treaty similar to that which is before the Can?diar people*
at this very minute and Conservative party and press alike saw r<
annexation -cheme in the journey.
In the election of 1850. Sir John Macdonald promised to serd ;
commissi, n- to Ottawa to negotiate a reciprovity treaty. He fulfillei!
his promise, and in 1891 Sir Charles Tupper. Sir J.-hn Thomp-or.
and Mr. Foster went ... Washington to negotiate a recipr.*. i;\ treat)
similar to that before the Cai people.   They failed ir ever)
cast because the American people wen* uruilling at that time for
reciprocity in natural products alone.
And the Laurier government ir. 1898 made such ar effort without
success, for the sinii* reason.   There ** is no <r\ >.f treason then.
It the past four days we have
sold many hurdrtds of dollars
worth of wedding ard Christmas
Our friends who have looked
over the splerdid stock have every
one availed themselves of this
great opportunity.
Means a s..\itg of many dollars.
Christmas   i-   nearer   than   you
Buying To-Day
Well. I'm not sure that you would
do much better yourself over a post
. and rails." said the girl hotly. "It all
In that crowd, I^was he who pouched rjepend8 what ybu are used to. I suppose you pu- him on Job. That brute
would thro* anyone but a broncho
"Didn't throw  Mr. Anstruther anyway."
What!    I .id not Job get him off?"
face lit up with plea*
._ her friend,
curve of those 6weet red lips. "Wasn't to be done unless that cay-
Yes, Kitty was pretty^ and knew It . use had stui* h*8 hide." said Jim qulet-
Your friend can ride." and If Jim
an nour to no purpose. gucn a place, made you WOnder whe*' Thp ���,,,.. w,.ole ,
AnsteSS t0 "* mUCh '      ' ! th" ,h8"W" * dlmple 3U" ^��hi the I ������� and pride In
Anstru ner. ....   _ i curve of those sweet red lips. ..��-..������,.��� Kaa a
Ii It all eoal over
There was no cr) of tl .hen .Mr. Paterson ard Mr. Fielding
-   ' .*. last spring, ard there would have been no word of it if
they had tailed. Ii was only when they had secured what all political
parties in Canada have lieen iryirg to get for forty years that Mr
Borden raised this unfair and unreasonable objection to the Ik-si
curnm. r, i | ':��� rk >;:* that .ii y country ha* t\.r -ecund ir North
Am. ri....
And thei ��� on "r meaning t" the senseless objection.
Th.   Liberal party has alw.*;. ��� ���-���      hi   strong Briti-h party.   It
. irated he Briti-h preferei ��� despite the bitter K-ttlr of the
opposition.   It ���������'. thi prefcrer.ee.   Through the Ubtrals thi
British pi will be increased ��� wain.
Gt      Bri iii Is not ilarnv      k- d the speeches of the laadsn
Mr Balfour, the leader ol the opposition. *<\i\: "I do not doubt
5ir Wilfrid Laurier i- .piitt |i<.! to ha\e K""<! ooBunerdal nil dons
i ���! pr perl) desin .1 to ��� a d cimmer.i. | relations, wi.h the
United States    I do not 'j*i..rr.*l wi-h that -1 all "
And no pen ������-. else quarrels with it. Thi B rden part> canrot
be sincere i. raising such a f<��.lish ��.l.j.. i*.r It i* sensele*- as every
k.....! (' :. idian i>i li
think.   You will lie needirg:
Get them Now at About
Half Reg. Cost
mud-bespattered.    On her  they   only
made you wonder where gum boots so
astoundtngly  small   and   smart  could
. haTe been made.    Besides, they sug*
cowboy cut two short ieng-hs from ge.,ed an apology, if one were needed.
Anstruthers green pine, for fire-dogs. for ,he exneme breTltv of Kittys
tossed all the rest of that gentleman s   t^ni
hard-earned loads out of the way.! The (Irewas the most daring gallant
chopped split, and kindled his ����t> I m that crowd. It was he who touched
dry log. hung the billy on an irnpro- KMys whtte ,hroa, wlth hi9 rosy *������.
vised gallows, and began to cut the' gerg  he who ,��� ,he deep blue of h..
,on-       ��� . .,  I laughing eyes, who threw that velvety
It was all so almple and so quickly ihadow which ^ emphasiied the full
done when you knew how to io n. but; curTe of her saucJ. chln _d because
It was annoying to have worked lor ��� eTen he b((,me tlmld j-j uncertain ta
bait an hour to no purpose
Mrs.  Rolt  laughed and  shook her
hea,! at the cowboy. | p_.hap., too well> p-retty wl,h that face I j-
bear'whvedM^ ^TteTlto   M i whlch  b"   haunle<!  Engl.&nd  1-L f�� i W * ����'*- '*"�� muclTs'ms's u"po_vyour
���tether what kind of s'-kV-o.cnt^   maU5' b&PP>" C!D,Un,?' ^i1/^   Wend"  tbe  admission  that  he  could
jfm Jrinned    "I iue'-'-e" **e'd have' ma��8lDg on  lhe pllllon    b*hln.d  J?"' I ***** ***** *���** ******** ***** generous for
known that much" "e d ^ , fashioned   fathers  long   ago.  looking, cowboy wi.o was jealous.
��� How shouTd he'   Hea-aanothrndto  down *r******* *�� Guinevere or Own-      The  ,-ir, kn,,w  *,.   knew,  ,00.  that
���" r��!5��Si#-I- "e -** 1��llne UP��D ,he mlllle<1 kn'Khts of the  horsemanship was Jim Combe's great
tournay. or to-day making young met*, s ( gl,t and (or a m0ment her eyes dwelt
pulses beat as they pass through the l 6eriOU6iv on that big loose figure in
Army and Navy Stores, where perhars - ,baps, ti,a, 0;j friend who had taught
one meets more pretty women to the ner ^ muoh an(j -30-^ Wilh her so
acre than in any other space on earth.
"Now sing, some one," ordered Mrs.
"You don't mind my tobacco, do
"No, of course not."
Taking his pipe from his mouth, Jim
had started at Anstruther's words, and
looked a surprised question at the
Boss's wife. He had never dreamed
that a man might not smoke In camp., .^eke   a cowboy?
"All right. Jim. It's only Mr. Anstru* j ther
tbera English frills. Where we 1 -Riding ls not al|. t* mav make a
breathe we smoke In B. C. my bus ' cowbov. I was thinking rather of a'
band says.   He Ib my law.   But mus-. I Western man."
1 give you a lead?" and without waiting      -And your Ideal of a Western man
for an answer she began to sing the | ������ a high one?"
"Old  Swanee  River" In  a rich con j    ..jU8, the highest.   Your best West-
uther*" 1 lt*il�� TOlce- whlch g*ve t0 tb* word*  erner Is the best  that can be made
v her  but the  *��� ,n"nl,e P*��,h08 ** they ilei *w,l!r  out of the best Kngllsh material, tem-
tire    had   been ta*oc**/d together to i ta��5��* b����*'Tf* T.^*, ��. ^* .: fll by 8Ucb ' 11,e M m8n ougbt t0
tr��'*    a h'aie   and   t'��  llt-le  fames      ***     camp fire a song must Save a  lead
"'" chorus; without It the gregarious In-;    TheJ. Wf,re gettlng Into deep water,
sUnct of man ls unsatisfied.   Perhaps ' and Mrs. Holt was not sorrv to see
man sings. In part, because he is a  combe reapi*ar. carrying a huge lead
a     ,.     .a- u,���-mM&SElXv^ gh. of young pines, which
choruses,  roaring, rollicking, boating
chop wood before,
"You don't say!
Mrs. Rolt Ignored the question.
"You play fair. Jim. You've got to
show Mr. Anstruther how to do things.
If you don't. I'll go home."
"Right away**"
"Yes, right awa;r."
"Stop and hav�� Its dinner first." he
said, with impudent coaling, and
handed her a dish ot bacon, the rashers cut as thin and as daintily toasted
aa If they had been -.repaired by a
professional cook.
"Won't you have s^_e. Miss Clifford?"
Too the younger wo: ar. his manner
was deferential. If nc. ner-rous, and.
seeing her advantage, "-omanllke, Miss
Kitty looked st the bacon and sniffed.
"It's too greasy, Jlc I wonder If
you would toast son. ot It a little
more for me. Mr. An? *
Frank hurried to o.
long. If only he could speak Kngllsh
if only he*��as not "so Canadlan,"
would he not be the better man of the
A year ago. before she had been
dazzled by tlie glamor and luxury of
ihe Old Country, she would have been
able to answer.   Now she hesitated.
"After Combe's testimonial, which I
appreciate, do you think I shall ever
persisted  Anstru-
I which shot out. burned his fingers and
smoked the bacon, but *ould not toast
tbst fire for you.   No-  go ahead."
A couple of touches lr. the right place .             ,
�����a��� ti-.-. ,~. i.a _. ,.-a .%in��.ta... ditties, of v hich Jim sang one or two.
from Jim s toe had cr.ated a glowing . ****** .    ��� ___, ,��� .   " Jg. ���_. .    ...
have done more to hunt the blue devils
from the rivers of lower Canada than
hollow, over which tbe bacon curled
snd sizzled merrily, bat again it was
Jims doing and not .Tank's, so that  MJLbJ?8.!]���...',? iJ*.*^,!?;
Kitty's pretty brow was   bent,    and
Uu'gh when Mri."Roll".���gin'innoWt.y  *��r**--5-**ur- ��nd **��� ��ccent **** ������ n,1
S%*m*L ,*,.. ���.,".,,-:.:,., ..*_  T   Psrislan, was at least not London.   It
We have >'ill .* ^        -  rtment
Thi*.   v.le   will
d.*>- l'.i i." r
not  last   many
1 though she laughed, th* re was a strong
under-current of anncyance    in    her
laugh when Mr*. Rolt tegan I
to hum that popular American air���
"You ain't no good.
You c'alnt ex.: wood.
Just kiss yourself good-bye."
*n* slight upward curl at the cor-
mii ot Jim's mouth did not mend mat*
ten. He knew tbe sir, though An*
ttruther did not.
"Now. I'm going to be lazy and have
��� good time." declared Mrs. Rolt, putting away ber plate. "1 know tbst wo*
���ten ought to wash up���"
TB do that. Ilia. Rolt."
"No. you wont neither will you.
Jim Just put that plate down Instantly. I know your Idea of washing up.
Do you know. Mr. Anstruther, when he
batched, lived alone. I mean. Jim bad
more crockery than all the other
ranchers In the neighborhood put together. Fifty plates I thlt.k be bad.
Kitty counted them one day when she
was In short frocks, and we never
knew what be wanted so many tor
until that poor young Webster took bis
-back for a winter shoot. Then 1
Et nd out   Shall I tell. Jim""
Makes no odds." laughed Jim. "so
lo 1 as you ain't what Mr. Anstruther
c its too poetic."
"Kitty knows It's true, and you
daren't contradict her. When we went
to see how Mr. Webster waa getting
along, wt found him eaUng bis food
off the kitchen �����: * '
"Good place, too," chuckled Jim.
��� 'Hain't Jim left any plates for
fou?' w�� asked.
" 'Fifty-three. Mrs. Rolt; that's th*
trouble. I've not had pluck enough to
tackle 'hem yet. Coat*, aad I'll t**vaj
you.' ar.d he took u* to a pil* a* high
SB that, all dirty on both side*.
"Jim had bad a clean side for one
- hundred and sli meals. After tbat he
I l*t the house and tbe crockery.   Here,
! Pretty Dick, *. ,.���-, the** things, please,
and make them good and clean '
When the laugh  against   Jim   had
' died out, and th* Indian bad carried
off the crockery. Mn. Rolt drew them
all round the fir*. Tbe ball had stop
ped for a little while, aad no wind
They are full of a spirit of a recklessly daring people, and Jim sang
them  with  the spirit of an old-time
he waved one at a time through the
smoke of the camp fire. untU most of
tbe rain drops had left them.
With thest- he vanished Into tbe cabin, and after a long absence, returned
to announce, "bed time, ladles. I'm
afraid tbat your bed Isn't what it might
be. but with your sllcken over that
brush, and your blankets, It will be
dry- -.nough. Don't worry to turn out
llll I call you."
"Where are you going to sleep?'
"We'll sleep right here. If Mr. Anstruther don t mnm. to as to be bandy
tn case you want anything.   Let's go> |t ixcisx* taprospj-ct i�� cos- .. ��� ���=���
and  look  a'  the horses.  Anstruther.
was noticeable In Jim that though his
English was apt to stumble and wonder Into all sorts of by-ways of slang,
bis French was good enough, and bis
English vocabulary at least as ample
as an Englishman's.   It was only with  Goodnight." and the two strolled aw��V
ol th* nurthe-Mt corral il tTT'.V T '���* '"*
Ml Chsins emxx. thenc 60 ctsirj ��     ,   X   ���'���,:c*
laoctcaj Aurat |��$g? * BR0WN- Ua'"*
Hub. Aug. It.
Sketn. Und DMMWs **| p-_,   .^
Tslee notie* ihst A_tir. M. Bro��- ���,! p.,.-
Rupert, ssddlw b>* Msnatiea, .--.- . ' '������??
to lhe Ch_l OwSS Tl!*m7l>i$��
lor s licenc* to pro.p*o (or c���4��� ,    _. �����-���
on and under ta* lollo.it-g a��r.i,.i , . ..."
We��t Cowl ol Grshsm 1-air.a; '*"'" " **>
Comm*ncin�� tt s pono_w Osm -. ., ����
ol the northewt corner of C L. Na ,f ...7?
south eu etuuns, thenc* ����tt H c *-2 .'.In!
north So chains, thence eut w cmili "u,",���
ol commencement. '^tal
Locstsd August lit, lSell. ">�����.��
I'ub. Aug. IV.
Skeens Und Dittrict���Dittrict ol �����.,�� rk.ilo���.
Islsnds -**'��..
T��k�� notie* that Auttln M. Broar. t! ��>a-
Rupert, occupation taddler. iMtndl le tBBbta
th* Chiel CommiBion*r ol Lanes ar.d WoruLa
licenc* to prospect lor coal, oil ar.d patnhu oa
and under the Sollo-a-nn a*Kr.t*w a-, on ,���?
W est Coast ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a post planted thre* rxiica ,_���
ol th* aoutbeatt corner ol C. L. Nu. 147, tt,tM
north W chains, thenc* ewt eo er.a..-j itKM
south M chains, thenc* ��est so ct��.u to poi-t ol
Located Aufust 1st, 1 ���/1:.
Pub. Aug. ID.
Skeena Land District���District ol Qatar. Ct��;��u
Tak* notie* that Austin 11. Em: ol I'nnn
Rupert, saddler, intends to apply ������ t-, LU(.
Ceunmuaion*** ol Lands and Woras I.r a ..c-*c
j to prospect for coal, oil and p*Uc'.��-jc on .:.'. asla
j lh* folio*tns de*cnb*d lands on tn. VS..*. Cout
of Graham Island:
,     Comm*acing at a poat planud thr-** ���r.-.e, eaat
I of tb* 1.. ri*..-*.*. corner ol C ���    No. MN teect*
1 **jt SO chains,  tbenc* south   -    chs.u, i-.-.r.
i west *0 chains, thenc* north 60 ctatnt 10 jwist ol
Locate-l Aufutt 1st, 1*11.
I'ub. Aug. 1��.
Skeena Land Dittrict���Distnct ol Queen Curia**
Tak* notie* lhat Auatin M Bra**: 0! Fr.r.n
Rupart. ttddler, ihtands to apply to tt, Cmsl
Coirunaaioner of Unds and \*�� gru for a lle.se.
10 prospect for ooai, oil aad ;��*..*..-..:. on tai
unaer lne foiio��*lng deacribed ���**��� a* *.*.�� M��;
Coast of Grabam island:
Commencing at a poat planud thr** aiitt eaet
of lb* northeast corner of C. L. No. <:   ' lr., -
Muth bO cbaina. thane* so cbaira. ea*-*, *.*..r.c
cr.*-.-., north, tnenca SO chains aaat u, point of
LocaUd August 1st, 1S11.
l'.i . Aug. IS.
Skeena Land Distnct���Diatnct ol Quxa Charlotta
Tak* notlc* that Auatin M. Brovn ol Prom
Rupert, occupation aaddl��r. kmtste I .;,... M
tb* Chief communione** of Landa and Kola, (or
a licwr.c* to proapect for coal. , - . :..--.
and under tb* foUoaing desenbed a.*.*, oa the
W��st Coast of Grabam 1...   -.
Commeneing al a post planted *.hrw rate e*n
of lb* aouib**a��t corner SI C. t* Nl I
nortb M) chaina. thene* aaat ao chains, twr.ee ttv.a
SO ehaina. ib*nc* -aast bo chaina to pctLt ot cota*
Located Auguat lr., llll.
1Mb. Aug. IS.
Skaena Land Diatrict���Dlttnei ot Qu*ra Charlotta
Tak* notie* that Austin .VI   Bro*n of Pnact
Ruiaa���.   rmUSm^mm   **al*J���,   ��ataa*-,e   �����   **aaa>   IA
lh* C hwl Comtnitaioner ol Land. isl�� aru le,
the constantly recurring phrases of
every-day life that he and those of his
kind played the mountebank. It was
well for the more scholarly Anstruther
perhaps that hc did not follow tbe cowboy In any foreign tongue. Instead
he sang them "The Hounds of the
Meynell." and for the lint time during
tbat picnic Frank Anstruther placed
himself, and was at home. ,
As be sang you knew what that
spare honeman's figure meant; you
realized where that lean high-bred face
would seem a true type, and to Kitty,
dreaming as he sang, came a vision of
an old. many-gabled house, set. as
one's ancestors loved to set them. In
a wooded hollow, all tbe lawn* of it
alive with hounds, and round the porch
of tt a group of such men and horses as
only England can turn out. Amongst
tbem all that duffer who could do nothing right tn Canada, had been the best
man In tbe county.
"Say." said Combe, when tbe song
wu finished, "ain't It pretty hard to
find a fox nowadays In the Old Country?"
Anstruther rame back from the Vale
with a start, and perhaps because you
cannot adjust yourself to your environments In five seconds, answered
a little superciliously.
"No, why should it be. People don't
shoot foxes there."
"They are wild. Jim. like our Coyotes." put tn Mn Rolt.
"There ain't no bounty on tbem
then. Don't they play old Harry with
tb* ranchen?"
"It they do we pay for It"
"Ob. well you see, I ain't been In
England myself. I was raised in Canada, and It Is good enough for me. I
knew there were plenty of foxe* when
try grandfather hunted the Old Lark*
shire, but I fancied that tbe people
would have been too thick
into the night whilst the ladies turned
Judge Ben B. Lindsey, the
noted reformer nf Denver, was
lunching ore day���i'. was very
warm���when a politician paused
l��-it!   H- table.
"Judy.*." saitl tin politician,
"1 see ym'ri drinldn' hoi cawfee.
Th.t'r-.i heatin'drink."
"Yes," -. i.l Judge Lindsey.
< 1. >.-.   It- this we.-,her you
war; iced drinks, judge���sharp
icd drinks. I>i>! >"ii ever try
wed kin and ginger ale?"
"No," - id ihe judge, smiling,
"but I've tried several fellows wh<>
BESNER _  BESNER.   Proprietors
"Nothing more clearly shows the weakness of the c-*sc agaii s.
recipr. m ity th.-n the fact ihat our opponents have to ri.'.r. to ihe device
of waving the Bir-.i?h flag and sccuair.g the advoa tea "f reciproci.\
of disloyalty. It i- ar. ..hi and well-won- trick v\hiih will rot deceive
Intelligent p ople. The glorious tl,->g of the Empire was river intended
I., be Used for -" mean a purpose. Never were the people of British
N"r;.'i America m"r<* loyal or more contented wi.h Bri.ish irstiiu.ior.-a
than during the period ..t the old re<*ipro< i;\ tre. ty. It Wit ir the vt r\
mid-t of that period thai His latl Ml jetty Kii g Kdward. then Prit ce
ol W'.'l.*-. vi-i'ed British North America and received ever*, .vheri*
such splendid evidence of .he loyalty and devotion of our people. Sir
John Macdonald. -*ir Charles Ttipj*. r. Sir J..hr Thompson. Mr. Poster
and other public men of the Conservative party were rot deemed
disloyal when they labored without success ... ..lit.it- .-* redproctl
trade arrangement with the United State*. It will U* difficult to
persuade anybody that the Canadian mi..i*>u-r�� of today are disloyal
when they have carried on reciprocal negotiations which have licet-
crowned with the SUCCtSS thai wa- denied to their predecessors.    No
Cas\adl*n who i. tr...linK v��Uy wilt, citizens of the United States, ir
���OWJV or in merchandise, feels   that  he thereby In any way com-
promt-aes hllTm.., ;l��� , ,(iy.. ^.^ _*  -^^ ^ % ^   ^ ^
ei '.,*."*/tr' W." "ny f'"linR "'   ,h"1 ���**���**��� *" cxperiencH by other
Wads who will avail themselves ol the larger opportunities
IsMM   .,   .'I   !_..   .__ * _ a. . .
Special Today
Ladies' Handbags
One   Second-hand   Hot
Furnace for sale at a bargain.
of trinle which
f t t
We Ulieve will Ik- npsilSll up to tbem by the reciprocity 1
lhe pretence that the Canadian  farmer, fisherman or  /I    Ik    111        I     a    n
Uml ,n, ,n  who M-IU MS prt.luct. in  the "United States impair, his I       K    Wi XY\l aKt fft
Oyalty tO hia Msj��ty I, an insult to loyal Canadians, and will. 1 ** U��  ��� �� Ik <*X \AI.
feel sure, be resented by them.M-Hoa. w. s Fielding. 1 THIRD AVENUE
on    the
touched them under th* fly which Jim ] ground now for any wild thing to lire, i T>*' Hg k--.\ Hotel it run on the Kui*-*-!.���,n
had rigged up on the lea side of *ha* I This    country   Is   big enough, you'd , x***   T"*x-e'���T,ie*. All th* Lmsj M��I��q
but   With a Kfoa bed of pine brash  think, but th�� Yanka bare killed out "npr<,r'r*,"*u- bedssocip
on the ground, and a great fire of logs  the buffaloes, and will kill out most | FIRST AVENUE, PRINCE RUPERT
In front, there Is no place cosl��r than | other thing* before they are through..   ____________________________
a fly.   Like a creat reflector It catches I    "When my grandfather hunted tbe |
all the light and beat, and yet gives | Old Larkahlre."   It was said in such a
you all the teneflt of the tweet fresh  quiet, matter-of-fact way that tt took
air. ; Anatruther's breath away, and yet be,
- wbo knew the annal* of  fox-hunting
1 better than be knew his Bible, remem-
] bend tbat on* of th* b**t mat ten tbe
aTld Larkahlre bad ever had wa* Sir
! Qrevllle Combe.
Could tbls fellow In shaps and flan
on and under tbe lollo��.r.s deacntied lul, aa Its
Weal Coaal ol oranam ialanot:
Ccitunencus at a pott planud ti.-** rr. j* aaat
ol tb* *outh*a>t eotxw of C. L No. 41
SU chains ��e*t. ttarae* ab thair.e :. *'���*. '   cu.*J
aaat, ib*nc* ail cbains aoutb to po-oi ��l eata-
ACSTIN* it. BRyWN. Lc����
Located Aufuat Id. ISII.
Pub. Aut. IS.
Skeena Land Dlalikt-Diainct ol ta*u��*3 CUrioU
!..,:   -..
Take nolic* that Austin VI. bron ol naj
Rupert, occupation uddi*r. Inl.tl, to appv
to tb* Chiel Commiaaioner ol Unit ��~. ����*>
lor a licenc* lo proapect lor coa. >��� 11*"*"*
on and under tbe folio* its deacr.t*^ ���*:.'�� ot tat
Wa-al Coast ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poal planted tr-re* n.a�� m
ol lb* aouth*a�� corcn cf C, L '��� Mil tietae
����*.*, to ehaina. thenc* nonh - - '��� ttnet
east m chains, thenee south ao et. It* l*w <
ACSTIN M. Bftutt'.. Uciwr
LocaUd Auguat l.t. 11)11.
Skaena Land Diatnct-bistrxi otxi.etiQl*tmm
I a..       ��� _
Take nolle* that Austin If. Bra* J
Rupert. a*vddl*r, Inwnd* to app!) *.���. xl* x.o*
Commiaaioner ol Lands aud ��.-������
to project lor coal, oil and p*;r���-;����-      '*   -' ���"
th* foiloatng d-ncrlbcd lac *j   - *. ��� ��� **'   *
liraham laland. .   ,
Comm���ring at a po*t plar.:**'. *. ���'   ���-*
th* Kiuthoast com*�� ol C. L No  t�� . ��'��<��� ��
chain* **st, three* ao cbsir.. I xtett* **
chaina ***'. tb��nee til chaina a. .-.*
comn**nc*cncr.t- .... _^.,^
Al'STIN ll   III.. ��*. km"1
Located Auguat Iat. ISII.
Pub. Aug. 1��.
Skeena Und batrict - Liwtr-." '
Take notice lhat Auaun VI    t *  ���
Rupert, oerupalion aaddke. itwnde *.   .ri���;��� <; ������
Ctumt CommiMwaer ol Land, and ����n�� **���*,
licone-* to pro*p��*ct for coai. au ��* ...
and under Ihe loliuslng de*. *   *
Wesl Coast el Orahem laland .
I ommencing at a poat platted * .*'- "  * "*
ol th. nortl����.t com**? eft   L S    '��� ,
north  to chains, ther.** esst  So ctaaw, **���
south to chains, thence ���est a.* c..   ���
commencement. ,, ..  ,-~m
ACSTIN  XI. BIloWN- u******
Located AuguM Iat. llll
l-ub Aug. IS.
Skeetu Land Dartrict���Diatnct ol cju-wt CbtnatH
1..    ��� ...
Tak* none* that Auatin XI. Bra*.
Rupert, occupation sailler.
That Interior mad* a pretty contrast
to the drear and  lonesome  uplands,
In which there were nothing but grey
shadows and silence, tbe ruddy glow
j of th* firelight throwing out the pre  y
At. ' figures of the woman, aad tbe smoke rs
prone at their feet in strong relle. ,    h|      _���0       ke iuch ,pp(ll*.ng
k l!_!fii?,ki_ P��llT  ?��'t  !"!vln*i English, be gnndson to Sir Greville:
half boyish   half-matronly way. the go,     ��� t_i]c on Mf__ Rolt., ���cc toM
and dash of the sportswoman^tempered \ ^ JJJ ��� ,M w   ,��� ,,���.,     Iri An.
by a few yean of happy married life, It
waa no wonder that the men's eye*
passed her pun profile to dwell on
bonny Kitty Clifford. Even tbe Chinaman, w;bo oo*alV*d foe the ranch*;,, wor-
struther learned to look through the
clothes ot IkS West and see the men
beneath, but at the moment a horror
took him. and he wondered bow loaa
the Cb*el Comm la***-n*c of 1*1    -
a hrer.c* lo prospect for eoa.. oil at.
and under the folio* log detent**!
West Coast ol Graham leland:        .
Commencing at a poat plsr.t**J t. :.-      *
ol th* nortlwMt corner ol I. L. *'��� }*�������*
so chains ��a��, three* ao chain, nort --  mw��
chaina east, tbenc* SO rhaina south U I*"
"���",   ACSTIN XI. BRo->".   U��"
Located August Iat, llll.
< Pub. Aug. IS.
I Skaena Und Dlrtrict-Dialrict ol Wurrt CU*��
passe*.. .       , rr_.B
Tak* nolic* that AusUn XI. Biv- ���
"���  lip .��
Rupwt,   B.   CL   otcmpi
arplTui lh. I'hW  .--.�����;;���; . . /      ,
Work, lor a lime* lo pro*j**��       tm   *&
a.ia.l..nt  on  and  under  th* louo.l I""
n*tr<>l*um on and under th* lo���
land, on th* Watt Coaat ol Grahtn. I ���   * .
Commencing at a port p1ant*>'.
^ a. C.
.r* t
Read The Daily News
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue snd Sliih St.
of th* northeast eorner ol t. L. N
I W chaina touth. then** 10 chaine r��
I chain* north, tarnse* SO chain* ����
eommenownent.   ^^        r,R,:sS. K**��
Dal* ol Location Slat July, llll.
rub* A"��* * ...arlcW
Skma Und Diet/let-DWrict of ���,..��-��� 1 **
lalanda y^,ti
Tak* nolle* lhat Auatin M   1     '.    ,
Rupert, occupation aaddler. Int'*-*1' '..TWicU
ith*   CbW   Commaadotwr   ol   U    ���        )pr.ro*
for a lle*ne* to prospect lor eo.1 .. . ,   .
I*um on and under th* Wlo��.r��
on th* Wast Coaat ol Graham le.tn-1      .{a. aaat
Commenrint at a post plar.*.- ��� .,--.
, oi the a>ulh��**t eotnre si C. u !>'.     ,.,-tt*]
*9 chaina aaat, th*t.e* 80 ehalr.t nor.     ajg .
i chalu weat, ihreai 10 eh��lM *"uti- '
Tn* Fin**! Roomt.
Th* b**t ^ j - ii -.1
and atean-t h*at��a|.
Hot and r *. I batht.
Dining reastn and
Corley & Burgess. Props
j chaint aaat, theoc.
I >.t. ol LoewUon, Slat Jul) I��l I
Pub. Aug. 17. .,,
Skwna Und Dkitrlet-Dlalrlcl of Qu"*l
lalanda J i-t*
Taka noUe. that Au��ir M* r*1*L ,���;, xe
Rupert, occupation a*ddhr. ir***r.'l'* n ...t. fo* ���
th. Chiel Commiaslorsr ol Und" ���   '      , ... .J
Jlieme.toprta*^to.c^ollsH.       . ���, vm
under th* lollo*rio| desenbed landa ��n
t Coaat of Graham Inland: .      ��,-*. ea*
Commencing at a peat planted '/*^|t-; ,arr.f��
of th* aoutheaat or-mer ol C. u >^ .,Iff wall
nonh so chaina, theoc* eat. M th.v ��� , co��
M chains, tbane. west SO ehain. to l����<
m*no*m*nL ..   nonttS'  toe***
ACSTIN M. BR0-***-* ������
, Located August Iat, llll.
Pub. Aut, 1*. THE DAILY NEWS
! I
.  (     General Merchandise
_     1
Largest Stock
j j   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.   \
�����-* ���***
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
BlldWeiSer Beer, We are sole* agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company,
Pbaoc   Na.   7
P.O. Bu S77
Double Weekly Service
I S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
IFor Stewart, Thursdays at 8 a.m.
I at. Prince  John sails for   Port   Simpson,   Nans   Kiver,   Masset,    Natlen
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
|hm! It:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Sat
unlays 1 p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper Rivar
|M \, I trains from Prince Rupert Mondays,  Wednesdays and Saturdays,  1
p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
nnd Sundays at 4 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
Icnnt-cling with trains from thc Pacific
If- i i operates a frequent and conven-
|it ��� i service of luxurious trains over its
ouble track route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec.   Halifax,
(Portland, Boston, New York and Philn-
elphia.   Atlantic Steamship bookings
���rrangi-d via all lines.   Full informs-
ti'.ii and  tickets   obtained   from   the
pflii-e of
���-*���*-*>-*-* - *>
-General Hardware��� I
t  t
7             Builders' Hardware i
m, Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves *
Granitvware       Tinware 4
Plumbing, Heating, Steamflttingand
Sheet Metal Work
Office: Srd Ave. Workshop:
I'hun* 174 2ml A v*. bet. 7th and Sth St*.
i w. j. McCutcheon
Carrie* compleu ilock of Drue*.   Special
attention paid to Ailing preacriptlona.
!! Tleatre Block puoni no. 79 SectJ Ave.
Canadian Pacific Railway
I.C Coast service ��� Famous Princess
Princess Beatrice
Tuesday, September 12th, al 9 a.m.
'���..I.,,!,  Vancouvar anel H*atll.
������McNab . G.naral Aganl
... FOR.. ���
Taks the fast light-draught steam-
it Inlander for Hazelton,
B. Rochester   -   Agent
Gasoline launches, S^::*:
For Hire by Hour or Day
H. J-Juula.        Ca* Crack        P.O. Be. 187
rnoNitu orscn
'0 CARTAGE and
C T. P. Tranefer Af.nla
Ord*r* promptly filled-   Prteaa raaaonabl*.
OFFICE- H. B. Kochesler. Centra M,    Phon. SB
AC If   Ur   If you  want to buy,
A-J IV   1TIL   ..ii or rent   property.
I   Ha vs��   ���"���v''r,< "" ,"""' f"r l'r"l'
llaVC   vrtles   at   right    prices
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
For Rent: '''"""'""' """'
ment.     $20 month.
For Lease *"""!"'""'""wi"'
bath, close in.    .28
a month.
Pattullo Block.
[rince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets In the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
f" members of the order In the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE, N. G.
itle's NEWS Agency
���agailnes :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Farms For Sale
160 acres, $20.00 per acre
160 acres, $10 per acre; 320 acres
$10 per acre
153 acres, $12.50 per acre
Sacond A*/*%*
Prine�� Rup��rtf B.G
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Coast Range 6
Take notico that I, Thomas McClymont of
Prineo Hupert, ll. C, occupation roal estate
broker, Intend to apply for purinbslon to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a psot plantod at the S. W.
corner ol pre-emption rocord 412, thence oast 80
chains, thence south 40 chains, thenco west 80
chains to shoro of lake, thonco following shoro
of lako in a northerly direction to point of con>
mencement; containing :.20 acrcw, more or loss.
Dated Sept. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
Pub. Sept. 9. Erenost Cole, Agont
Skeena Land Dlstrltt���District of Coast Range 6
Take netlce that E. H. G. Miller of Falmouth
Eng., occupation surveyor, intenda to apply fo
permission to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a poat planted at the N. W. Corner of Lot 4400, thence west 80 chiana, thence south
20 chaina, thenco east 80 chains, thence north 20
chains to the point of commencement containing
160 acres more or less.
Dated August lb, 1911. K.  H. Q, MILLER
Pub. Aug. 20. P. M. Miller. Agent
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Coaat Rango 6
Take notice that Herbert J. Maokle of Pern-
broke, Ont., occupation lumberman, intenda to
apply (or permiasion to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on tho left bank
of the Zymoqo.U or Zim-a-got-ita River, at aouthwest corner of Lot 1706, thonco northerly, following
the westerly boundary of Lot 1706, 80 chains
more or lesa, to tho northwest corner of said Lot
1706, thence westerly and southerly, following
the left,bank of said river, 80 chains moro or loaa to
point of commencement containing 160 acrea
more or lens.
Located August 19, 1911.
Dated August 21, 1911.    HERBERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Aug. 26- Frederick S. Clements, Agont
Skoena Land Dlitrict���District of Coast Rango V
Take notice that I, George Klme of Towner,
North Dakota, I1. S. A., farmer, Intend to apply
for permlsaion to purchaae the following described
Commeneing at a poet planted at the southwest corner of Lot 2287, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence weat 40 chaina
thence south 40 chaina, thenee weat 40 chains,
thenoe north 80 chaini to point of commencement
containing 480 acres moro or leaa.
Dated July 15, 1911 GEORGE KIME
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Cout Range V
Take notice that I,  Peter Larson of Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer, Intend to apply
for permission to purchase thu following described
Commencing at a poat planted at the southeast corner of Lot 1729, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 40 chaina, thenco north 80 ehalni,
thence east 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 15, 1911. PETER LARSEN
Pub July 26, 1911. Frod E. Cowell, Agent
Skeana Land Diatrict���District of Coast Range V
Take notioe that I, Adolph 11. Chrlstlanson of
Towner, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
at'law. Intend to apply for permlasion to purchaae
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about ono and
one-half miles (1 1-2) northeast of the head of
Trout River on tbe weat aide of Lakelse Lake,
and about 5 chains from the lake-front, thence
aouth BO chains, thenee west 80 chalm, thonoe
north 80 chaina, thenoe east 80 chaini to point
of commencement.
Dated June 30. 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Pub. July 26.
Skeena Land DUtrict���Diatrict of Coaat Range 6
Take notice that R. F. Miller of Tipton, England, occupation fanner, Intenda to apply for
permlulon to purchaae the following diacribwl
Commencing at a poet plantod about 60 chains
wait from the N- W. Corner of Lot 4406, thenee
north 40 chalm, thenco wut 20 chalu, thonce
aouth 40 ehalm, thence eaat 20 chaini to the
point* of commencement containing eighty acraa
more or leas.
Dated August 19, 1911. R. F. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agont
Skeena Land Diatrict���Dlatrlet of Cout Range 6
Tako notice that Frank S. Miller of London,
Eng., occupation civil engineer, Intonda to apply
for permlasion to purchaae the following described
Commeneing at a post plantod at the N. E.
Corner of Lot 28, thence north 20 ehalm, thenee
wut 20 chains, thenee aoutb 20 chaim, ihence
eut 20 chalu to point of commencement, containing 40 acrei mora or leu.
Dated Auguat 16, 1911. FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agant
Skeana Land Diatrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlott
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, uddler, intenda to apply to tha Chief
CommUaioner of Landa and Wurki for a licence
to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following deacribed lands on the Wut
Cout of Graham Island.
Commencing at a post planted two milu eut
of the northeut cornar of C. L. No. 4478 thsnea
80 chalm out, tbanea 80 chalm aouth, Ibence 80
chaina wut, thenoa 80 chalm north lo point of
AUST1N M. BROWN, Locator
Data of Uratl n 31at July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict uf Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Rrown of Prlnco
Rupert, uddler, intends lo apply lo the Chief
Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka for a licence
to proapect (cr coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tne following deacribed lands on the Wut
Cout of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poet planted two milu east
of the northeut eorner of C. L. No. 4478 thenn
aoulh 80 chains, thenn wut 80 chalm, thenn
north 80 ehalm, thenn eaat 80 ehalm to point of
com men cement.
Located 31at July, 1011.
Pub. Aug. 17.
SkMna Land DUlrict -DUtrict of Quun Charlotu
Take notice that AusUn M. Brown of Prinn
Rupert, occupation uddler, intends to apply
to tha Chief CommUaioner of Lands and Works
for a licenc* to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and ulder lne following deacribed lands on tha
Weet Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a put plaited two milea eut
of the aoutheut corner of C. L. No. 4477 thenn
40 chalu north, thenn 80 chains eut, thenn 80
chslna south, thence 80 chaina wut to point of
Local*! Slat July. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skuna Land DUtrict���District of Quun Charlott
Taka notln tbal Auatin M. Brown of Prinn
Rupert, uddler, Intenda to apply to the Chief
Commluloner of Lands and Works for a linnn
lo priism-rt for coil, oil and petroleum on and
under lne following deecribed landi on tha Wast
Cout of Graham laland:
Commanclng at a put planted two milu aast
of the eouthu t corner of C. L. No. 4477 thnnn
80 chains wut, thenn 80 chalm norih, thenn 80
chalm eut, thenn 80 cbalm aoulh to point of
Locatod 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skuna Land DUtriet���DUlrict of Quun Charlott
Taka notln that Austin M. Brown of Prinn
Hupert, occupallon uddler, Intenda to apply ta
the chief CommUaioner of Lands and Works for
a licence to prospect for eoal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following ducribed lands on the
Wut Cout of Graham Island:
Beginning at a put planted three milu aut o
the northeut corner of C. L. No. 4474 thence 80
ehalm east, tbenn 80 chains south thenn 80
chalm wast, thenn 80 chains north to point of
Located Auiuat lit, 1911.
I'ub. An, 17
******* H**SJ !$}���* ^is^n **MjmM
I, S. Harrison of Prince Rupert, B. ('., broker
five notln that on the fifteenth day of November
911, I ititt'ti'l to apply to the Water Commissioner
at his offlrc In Prince Rupert, B. C, for a linnn
to lake and use three cubic fmt of water per second
from McNeil River In Skeena DUtrict. The water
la to be taken from the stream aliout four mllu
*h��ve the unction with the Skeena Rivar and
is to be used on Lot 4406 for domutlc and agri-
"** PU,PW--         SAMUEL  HARRISON
8*1.1. ��. 	
I, 8. Harrison ol Trine* Rupert, U. C, broke
*|v* ���..i,e-.a that on th* illi.wn.li -lay ol Nov*mbar
ISI I, 1 Intend lo apply to lh* Wat*r Commlaalonpr
al his office In Trine* Rupert, II. C, lor a licence
lo tsk. and us* two cubic Inert ol wtler per second
Irom the We��t Fork ol McNeil River In Skeei >
lli.trict Th* water Is lo l*e taken Irom the atresm
shout on�� mllo Irom lu unction wllh NeMell
River end It lo he uted on Lot 11 or, lor domestic
and ar.cul.ur.. VOtve**.^^ ^^^
Sept. S. 	
...Whites Portland Cement..
Pbone 125      Nsrks Block      Second Are
This Is a little section ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of 3pecial interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
The above illustration pictures
a charming gown of pit k and
white striped cotton voile, with
white eyelet embroidery for bodice
decoration used as indicated.
Turned i-uffs and K'r<H*-- "re made
from plain pink voile, and white
linen-covered buttons trim on
right  side  from waist  to  top of
deep hem, in which the stripes run
Sen siill dissolved ill a hoi bath
has a wonderful tonic effect. It
should he i.r-i dissolved in a
pitcher or cup and then poured
ir.to the bath and stirred,
Candle ends, niched and mixed
with an equal quantity ol turpentine make an excellent polish
for Hours, oil cloths, etc. It is
equal to good beeswax.
Iii making liak.d or boiled custard scald the amount of milk
to be used an.I set aside Until
OOOl, then make your custard
and bake it as usual;   i.  will  be
perfectly smooth.
To clean furniture without dusting up everything in the room
cover the upholstering with a wet
cloth and then heat il, renewing
lhc doth several limes.
Watery custard is caused by
cooking in an oven that is too hot.
Set the custard in B pan of hot
water and see that the water
does not boil during thc baking.
A thin piece of cheesecloth
fastened over the cold ."ir duct
of the furnace outside the house
will keep out much of the dust
and save time in house cleaning.
As a garniture to ihe common*
place scrambled eggs, add half a
dozen mushrooms, cut in bits
and cooked in a leaspoonful of
butler with half a green pepper
minced fine.
Flatirons should not be left
on the back of lhe siove where
they have no chance to lose their
heat. They should be put away
in a cool place, where il is dry,
so they will not rust.
The coats which a.re made with
the new coal suits are quite BP.epp)
in outline.   They have immense
collars rui'i ing into wide revers
to the waist, ard white kid belts
that run through slides which arc
held at the side seams by silver
or mother of pearl or Irish lace
There is a growing tendency
toward the Norfolk jacket style
of coat, which means extra length
and a belt thai slips well down
below the waist. Anyone who
attempts to make a Norfolk jacket
according to the average length
of the newer coals is making a
serious mistake, for the garment
will be without style and stai d
for nothing.   Other coats that do
not have the plaits, bin have the
yoke effect and the raglan sleeve,
also have the loose bell.
Black   marquisette  is  a  very
serviceable fabric for the outer
summer wrap. It can be braided
wiih black soutache or beaded in
elaborate designs with white porcelain beads. Wraps of this type
are of various shapes. Some are
fitted, some show high lines al the
waist, others are draped in the old
fashioned dolman style, while the
kimono type is also still used.
Head of Theoaophists is a Fascinating Personality
Colonel Olcott, the president and
foui der of the great Theosopliical
Society, has headquarters, magnificently situated in the suburbs
of Madras���Adyar, about three
miles out. "What a dear and robh
character I found the colonel
to be," writes e lady who recent!)
visited Adyar, "so good-hearted
and magnanimous, so filled will;
a great desire lo be of seivici
toward his fellow-beirgs; ard always earnestly at work in the
great cause of uplifting and educating the jHMir, downtrodden outcasts of India called the pariahs.
How little the Theosophisl or
this great doctrine is understood
by the limited understanding we
have of any religious sect <>r dogma;
how ready we always are in our
condemnation, which in our ignorance limits our wider comprehension and conception of
things!     Why   is   it    lhat    mar
always condemns what he does
noi understand, <>r what to his
thinking capacity is Incomprehensible and unintelligible? However,   there   is,   nevertheless,   the
consolation to ihe great mind thai
he who works for the good of
lhe whole remains unmoved b\
tin- opinions of the smaller parts,
and litis truth is only tOOObviousI)
demonstrated in the trite saying
of the following lines: "Knowledge is proud because he has
learned so much, but Wisdom
is humble because he knows no
Borden Will be Defeated
The  great   optimist  in   CtUtads
today is The News correspondent
in Nova Scotia. He says Horden
will carry half the seals in that
province. Borden will have only
four seats in Nova Scotia oul of
eighteen, and he will be defeated
personally in Halifax. -Toronto
Atlantic Terminus of Railway
The (".rand Trunk Pacific Kail-
way will creel division yards,
machine shops and other ur-
initials at Moncto,i, beginning with
in expenditure of half a million
dollars. Mayor Reilly informed
the city council thai the company
would bring into Moncton forty or
fifty families of work people, besides train men. He added thai
thc company would use natural
gas in their machine shops.���Monetary Times.
Skwma Lund Diatrict Diatrict ol Coaat ltuti*-u V
Tuko noticu ttiat Jflsas M. Tulltnun ul Cedar
Hupida, lowu, OMUpstloB lawyer, inlenda to
apply lor permisaiun tu purchuae thu fulluwltie.
described liltida:
Cummonciiii* ut u poal ptsntsd un the southerly
thoro ul Kulz.yniute.il Inlet on the rlitht bunk
of a smull Mn.iin Bo^tm i"1" Bald 111!,*. )UHt euat
of Crow Lake. Thencu auuth llu cliuina, thenco
woat UU chuina mure ur llan tu the allure linu of
Crow Luke, thuncu northerly und euaterly followinK thu dnire line*, uf Cruw l.uke, thu Inlet
to Crow Luku snd Kutssymatoan Inlet to the
place of commencement, coiituiniiiu forty ucre-i
moro or letui. Looatad Auttual 7, I'Jll.
Dated Au��. II, 11.11. JKSSL M. TA1.LMAN
Pub. Aus. 12.
Skeona I .uml Diatrict���Diatrict uf Court Runt* ���'.
Take notice that Surah IC. Alton of 1'rincu
Rupert, uccupulioti nurae, Intenda to upply fur
permiaaion tu purclm-ie thu (ulluwhie. described
Commencing ut u poat planted ut the Northwest corner lit) chuina euaterly (allshtly nurth)
from tho northeaat curlier uf 1a��1 lllti tllur.ey
Survey! Cnuat Diatrict, BaniS V. thence N cliulna
eaat, tnence mi ohslns auuili, thunco ll) chuina
west, thenc.* -lu chuiu. nortii. thencu II) chaint
west, thence 4.1 chuina north tu punt uf cummencemonl cuntaliiiiiu, ihU .ut.' . more ur lent..
Dated June 14, I'Jll. SARAH B, ALTON
I'ub. July 16. Fred Uohler, Auent
Skeena ljind Diatrict -Diatrict uf Couat Ilanifu :.
Tako nutce thut Union! Sewell Hell of Prince
Rupert. II. C.. occupation locomotive oniiinecr,
Intenda lu apply [or perniliuiion to purchaao the
following diMcrik-d lunda:
Commencing at u post plunlcl on the north
bank uf the /.iinotlutita Itiver aliout threw I'I)
nnlia. diatunt (upstream) In u weaterly direotion
from the junction of the Little /.iinogotiu Hiver
and tho main Zimo,*iitiu Itiver, thonco north 40
chains, thence weet 4U chuins, thence south 40
chaint, thence cunt 40 chaint to pust ol commencement containing Hio acre* more or loss.
Datod Juno 7, 11)11. LIM-'OKI) SKWALL HELL
Pub. July 8. i;.-,,. R. Putnam. Agent
Caaalar   Land   Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct   ol   Skeena
Take notice that 1, Lemuel Freer ol Vancouver,
occupation bruker. intend to apply for pormiH-don
to purchase the folluwing d.-arihedr lands:
Commonclng nt u poat plsnted on the shore
In a northerly direction from Port Nelson Cannery
marked L. K.'a S. E. Corner, thenco 20 chaina
north, thenco 20 ehalna weat, thonco 20 chaina
aouth to ahore line, ther.ce along the shoro to
point ol commencement, containing 40 acrua more
or leaa.
Dated Juno 10,11.11 LEMUEL FREER
Pub. July S. J. M. Colliaon. Agent
Skeena Land District -Dlatrlcl ol Coaat Rango V
Take notice that  I,  Peter Erickson ol Prince
Rupert, laborer, Intend to apply for permission
to purchaae tho lulluwing di-scriliod lands:
Commencing at a poat planted on the north
bank ol William. Cna-k whero the railway right-
of-way croaMH and *l chaina back from the creek
bank, thonco aouth *10 chaina, thenco eaat 40
chaina. thenco north in chaina, Ihence woat 40
cliaina to point of cuimnenccmcnl.
Daled July 7, 1811. PETER ERICKSON
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Cout IUnge V
Take  notice lhal I, John  KA-cnson ol  Prince
Rupert,  laborer, intend  lo apply  for  permiaaion
lo purcnaae the following described landa:
Commencing al a poat planted al the aoulheaat corner of Lot 4llS, thence north SO chaina*
thence eaat 60 chaina,  ihence aouth BO chains,
thenco woat 60 chaint lo point of commencement.
Dated July 13, 1911. JOHN EVENSON
Pub. July 26. Kred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land District -Dlalrlct of Coasl Rango V
Take notice thai 1, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N*. D., occupation merchant, Inlend to apply
for permission to purchsse the lollowlng doscrilied
Commencing at a post planted on tbe cast
boundary and about nvo chaina Irum the aoulh-
aaat corner ol Lot 44S4, thence north 60 chaina,
thenco east 30 chaina, thenca aouth 60 chains,
thenc* west 30 chaina lo poinl ol commencement.
Dated June 24, 1911. UENJAMIN A. FISH
Pub. July 26. 1 -red E. Cowell, Agent
keen* Land Dlalrlct���Dlalrlct ol Coaat Rang* ���>
Take   nutice   lhal   Stanley   Ciroen   ol   Prince
Kui-i-rt. It. ('., occupaUon miner, Intenda lo apply !
for permission lo purchase lho folluwing deacrllHsl
Commencing at a pott planted 40 chains aouth
and 40 chaina weat uf lhe northwest corner of
Lot 1733, Lakelse Valley, Diatrict ol Coast Range
6, thenoe weat 40 chain., Ihence soulh SO chains,'
tnence east 40 chaina, ihence north **" chains lo
point ol commpncemenl.
Staked June 30th, 1911 STANLEY GREEN
Pub. July 15. Locator
Second avenue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
I,aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Ruuert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C.. Ontario, Sea-
and Mi.iiilul.ii Bara. kutchewun   and Al
berta Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exchnnire block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth atreet. Prince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All ilenul operatiuna skilfully treated. Gaa and
locul anuathellca admlnittered for the painless extraction uf teeth. Consultation free. Office*:
Helueraun Bluck. Pnnce Rupert. 11-18
Alex.M.Munann H.A.,     W.E.WIlliiimt.li.A.. I..L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. O. BOX 2.1
1*1*1*11. ul' WU.  FOXON.  I **al.. A.H.A.M..*1.0N., 1NO
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and lltl, Sts
Skeena Land Dlslricl-Dlstrlct ol Caealir
Take notice lhal I. Thumoa Carter, of Prince
Rupert,  occupation carpenter.  Intend  tu apply
for oermfaalun lu purchate the following described land.
Commenclnir al a po.1 planted about one mile
south from the mouth uf Fall, creek and abuut
IM. feet liack from the beach, thence MJ chain,
north, thence 40 chaina west, thence M. chain.
aouth, thence eaal 40 chains lo point of esimmence-
m.-nt. cuilafnlnK 32o acre, more or leaa.
Dated July 7th. lul I     Charles Webster Calhoun.
Pub. Aus. 6th. Agent.
Skoena Und Diatrict���Dlalrlct ol Coast Range V
Take   nolle*  that   I,   Paul   Hasan   of   Princa
Rupen,  lalwrer,  Inlend  to apply lor permUsion
to purchase thc following deacrilied landa:
Commencing al a poat planted on the north
bank of WUliama Creek about 60 chaina southeast from li. II . thenoa south 40 chains, thenc*
east 40 chaina, thence north 40 ehalna, thenc*
waat 40 chsins tu point of commeneem.nl.
Dalad July 7, ISII. PAUL HAGEN
Pub. July 26. Fi.al E. Cowall. Agent
Skeena Land Dialrlcl-Dlatrlcl of Coaat Range 6
Take notice that Percy M. Miller uf Prince Rupert. II.C, occupation Civil Engineer, Intenda to
apply for iierml..lun lo purchase the folluwing
. ���. t il ��� .1 land.:
(���ommenclng at a |io*t planted nn the left la.nk
of McNeil River at north writ comer of lot 4409
R. V.. thence eaat 20 chain, mure nr le*. l.i we.t-
erly boundary of timber limit tAU told number
40616) thenc northerly following aaid weaterly
boundary of inula r limit Ou chain, more or le.a
lo north ami curner of aald Umber limit, thence
weaterly an chain, more or leaa to left Imnk nf
McNeil Illver. thence southerly followinu raid
left l*ank nf McNeil Illver-at chain* mure ur le.a
to point of commencement, containing lit. acroa
more or le...
K. Fleaman. Agent
Dale June 19. IBII
Pub. July 19.1911
Ske.'iui Land HintricL
I hr-lru I of Count, Rang.' .*>.
Take nutice that Win. Fram-is Nicholson, of Prii..*.- Itupert. II.C, occupation
locomotive llremaii, inteml i.. apply for '
���.i-fiiii-Hon  lo puri-hiise  the   following
(escribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
north bank of the i-iino-got-its river, .
about two mlln up Btreain in a westerly direction from the junction of the
little Zinvo-g.it-iU river anil the main
Zim-o-gotitz river, and marke-d Wm.
Francis Nicholson's south-i-axl corner,
thence north 40 chains, thencu west 40
chains, thenre south 40 chains more or
less to shore line of river, thence east
40 chaiiiH more or less along shoro line
of river lo post of commencement, con- j
taining 1<>0 acres more or less.
Wm. Francis Nicholson,
Geo.  R.  Putman, agent.
Dated July 17, 1911.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Avb.
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 580
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Fran, Wllctek, Paris and Berlin.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
===eE.    EBY    Ck%   Co.====
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prinoe Rupert Lodge. No. 318, Sona of
England, ineeta the first and third Tuesdaye In
-a. h month In the Sona of England Hall. 2nd Are
al 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sm.,
P. O. Boa 812. Prince Unpen
ERNEST A. WOODS. President,Tlox 23
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voice- Culture,
2nd Ave, D .        n
Between 7th & 8th Sts.    ** rlnce RuPerl
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
Funeral   Direelnra
3rd Ave near fith SI. I'hone No. SS
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnlahed and
Sleam Healed Rooma
P.O. BOX 37
.Grand  Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
GEO. BRODERIUS. Prepelelo*
Hotel Central &-flTltel
European and American plan, steam
heated, mialem convenience*. Uat*-a
11.00 lo KM per day.
Pole, Black
Notice to Creditors
Two Five Dollar bills to
be Riven away to brinl.t
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
the News ollice.
|Take Notice that all creditors of H. H.
Morton  are  required  to  send In their
[claims  properly proved  In   accordance
with the  Creditors'  Trust Heeds Act,
I to  Williams &  Manson,   solicitors  tor
. the Assignee, on or before the 21st day
I of September, 1911, after which date
the assignee will proceed  to distribute
the estate among the creditors.
supplies generally as he has done
before, slating that accounts are
passed in wads a fool ihiek at ;
brief   sitting   hurriedly  scrambled
over before .'. council meeting,
and thoroughly disapproved the
whole s\ stem,
Question and Answer
Aid. Newton i.<> Mr. Woods)���
"Why are those notices of requisition for supplies for the city
posted on the board after the
goods have been purchased?*"
The Cily Purchasing Agent���
'The gi.nds are usually bought
before the requisition form comet
in t<> sate time."
Aid. Newton���"By whom?"
The Purchasing Agent���"By the
Superintendent of Public Works,
the City Engineer, or some other
person authorised."
Aid. New ton���"In fact, then,
ymi are the purchasing agent but
you don'i do the purchasing?"
Mr. Woods���"Yes, in man)
Not   a   Square   Deal
Aid. Newion���"The answer to
my question shows thai we have
no purchasing agent. This is
against the principle we started
out with. To have these superintendents of  departments doling
out ihis patronage to whomsoever
they like is jusi what we ought
to avoid. If the chairmen of
committees have authorised the
w.irk I have no objection but I
am aware that the patronage in
my own line of business is going
all in one direction and while
I make no outcry for myself. 1
know ihat there arc others who
are not getting a square deal."
Alderman Hildiu'h here explained that it w.'.s only the little
jobs thai were handed out without
council sanction lirsi.
Council Over-ridden
Aid. Newton���"It is all very
well f..r the chairman of the
Public Works Department to say
that these things are very small,
but what is wrong wiih lhe little
things will be wrung too wiih the
whole thing.   Only a few months
ago we arranged the matter of
these ait> purchaser, with a view-
to giving ..ui ihe patronage fairly.
Now it comes t.> light that the
council is already being overridden, and ihe patronage handed
out without ii- authority."
Cement the Bargain
The discussion .in.se over some
twenty barrels uf cement which
had been purchased al slu.rt notice
from <;. ('. Emmerson's agency.
Ii wa-. pointed out by the dty
clerk lhat this cement was bought
fr.uii Emmerson because it set
quicker than the Westholme' Co.S
cement, and quick setting cemenl
w..*.   needed   for   the   particular
job  in   hand.     "Mr.  Albert   say*
different,"declared Alderman Newton, "but   I  have p.idling  to du
Willi    thai.      I    am    |.u   judge   ul
I I Ml. 1.1."
It was explained th.u the mat*
ter bid been gum* into thoroughly
in ih.* presence of the .by pur*
chasing agent, and Mr. Albert
himself had admitted to tin* (by
Engineer thai ihe cement supplied
by ilu- c. C. Emmerson agency
did scl quicker. Aldennan N.w-
ton seemed satisfied un thi- particular point, and said nothing
Loyalty as Defined by Sir John
A. Macdonald
Several newspapers have been
featuring extracts from the Khan's
patriotic poems in the Toronto
Star, during the election campaign,
wishing, apparently, to give the
impression that Mr. Borden's party
has a monopoly of loyalty. But
in his latest "chronicle" the Khan
tells some things under the caption
"Oil it Dm." Referring to llic
last general election when Sir
John was in power, he writes as
"The dead walls, the barn doors,
antl the board fences all over the
coin'try were covered with pictures
of the Grand Did Man flourishing
a Union Jack and crying; 'A
Briiish subject I was born, and B
British subject 1 will die!"
"It did the business all right,
but Sir John was secretly ashamed
of the caliihunipian band business.
He knew quite well that the other
fellows Were quite as loyal, jusi
as good Canadians anil Britishers
as they were, but everything was
fair in love and war. At his
request 1 wrote 'The Men of the
Northern Zone.'
" 'Don't put any "British subject 1 will die" into in,' he said,
wearily. 'We'll all die Briiish
subjects for a thousand years to
come, or as long, anyway, as we
get the chance.   People shouldn't
want iodic Briiish subjects; their
ambition should be to live British
subjects jusi as long as they can,
for the chances are that they will
never have quite such a snap in
any other world.' "���Winnipeg
Concession to Companies Said
to Have Ended British Strike
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Londun. Sept.   12.��� It  has just
transpired that the agreement between the labor nun and the
Governmeni for the settlement of
lhe great strike w.is made by
concession to the companies to
die effect that they could raise
Governmeni controlled rates.
A Live Event
Tonight's meeting in the Em��
press Thiatri is not a mere political
meeting. It is a big event in the
history of the campaign. Tonlghl
Duncan Kos- meets H. S. Clements
on ilu- public platform to call for
the second time thai I.luff that
Mr. Clements never spoke in
favor of reciprocity, and force him
if he  be a  man  at  all   to make
good ilu- terms of hi- challenge.
Trolley  Jumped   Wire   in   Los
Los Angeles. Sepl. 12.���Inability
of the motonnan lo get control
of the car when the trolley jumped
die wire resulted in the instant
death "f one passenger and fatal
injury to three, while seven were
seriously hurt. The accident hap*
pened at Elmonte.
Monster Parade Organised  in
Belfast Against the Measure
(Canadian Pre��� Deapatcty
Belfast,   Sept.   12.���A   monster
campaign against Home Rule will
be inaugurated in Clster on September 22nd. Two hundred hundred ih..us,.ml will parade.
Red-bloods Will be There
Hoi stuff on the bill of fare
for tonight's RotSand Reciprocity
meeting. Tonight on the l-.mpress
stage Duncan Ross will meet
II. S. Clements and answer for
the second time that challenge
of his proving lo the hill that Mr.
Clements did speak in favor of
reciprocity. Be there and set Mr.
Clements take his medicine.
Don't miss the greatest meeting
of  the  campaign   tonight   in   the
Empress Theatre when   Duncan
Roil meets H. S. Clements in
answer to thai "done-over" challenge.
"The News" Classified Ads.
==0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
-House, and Rentals.
-^.^. ~~*>
���~^. ^.^.^.^. m*mmm*M .
( Money to Loan
Money to Loan on Prince Rupert rusti Ealate.
Agreements of sate bought.   P.O. B.>x UM.
Help Wanted
Wanted general servant. Apply to Mrs. L. W.
Patmore. 201-tf
Boy wanted at once to learn the priming trade.
Apply News Olllce.
Bov Wanted-Apply al Orme'. Drug Store. 198-tf
Woman wants work by day. Emiuire M.S. John-
boi.. 9th Ave. and Tatlow St. 207-209
Wanted woman to cook anil take care of two
children. German woman preferred. State
wages expected and apply at "li ^tl. Ave.       tf
Northwestern League
Vancouver 8, Tacoma 5.
Portland 7, Seattle 0.
No oilier games; rain.
National League
Philadelphia. 5, Brooklyn 1.
Chicago 8, Cincinnati 0.
American League
Philadelphia 12, New York I
Chicago 7, 2; St. Louis l). 0.
Washington 7, Boston 1.
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM T. KERGIN, M.D.. President DAVID H. HAYS, hi Vice-P,,,.
M.J. HOBIN, 2nd Vlce-Pres. and Manager
JAY KUGLER, Secretary-Treasurer C. B. PETERSON, Ass't.Manager
Executor and Administrator Receiver or Assignee Farm Lands and Mines
Real Estate and Insurance       Agent For Care of Real Estate      Escrow Agtnls
Fiscal Agents Trustees Registrar and Transfer Agent
Trustee Under Mortgage and Deeds of Trust
Safe Deposit Vault and Boxes Collections
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. 4 per cent, on Deposits
Wa will lie uleaseil 10 nimwer uny imiulrlo. regarding Investments In Prince Ruperl
und  Nurthern British Columbia.
The Continental Trust  Company,   Limited,  S^K'bc'.
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
American League
New York.
Cleveland.  .
Boston 64
Chicago 53
Washington 54
St. Louis     38
National League
Won Lost
New York 77   40
Chicago 70   47
Pittsburg 70   54
Philadelphia  70   55
St. Louis  04   02
Cincinnati 59   08
Brooklyn 51    7:>
Boston  33   93
Pacific Coast League
Won Lost
Vernon 93   09
Portland 87   66
Oakland  89   77
San Francisco 70   88
Sacramento 71    89
Los Angeles 7(1    98
Northwestern League
Won Lost
Lost Pet.
45 .054
72 .000
,86 111
. 020
. 577
. 210
P. R. Indoor Baseball League,
Brorherhood Crescents v. Empress Maple Leafs. Auditorium,
Tuesday, September 12th. Game
called at 8.45 sharp. Admission
25 cents.
Up to Clements
Tonight if H. s. Clements can
make guild that "done over" challenge of  his it   is up  to him  to
meet Duncan Ross on tha Empress
si.-.gt. He knows he is expected
dure. Duncan Ross has taken
good care thai his opponei. has
been fully informed, and toi ighi
Duncan   Ross  will   be   there  wiih
Hansard. It is up to Clemci is
now if he is any son of ������ man
to make good the challenge.   Be
there to see.
The Graham Island Oil Fields. Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
Wi- are ofTorinK for anle a very limited
amount of Shafts of Block at 25c per share;
par value ��l.tm. ThtM shares are going
quickly anil will soon he off the market     :   :
Suspended Sentence
Angus McDonald took b wee
drappie too much out of at! old,
old, black bottle last night but
would never do il again, lie said.
So Magistrate Carss fined lim
116 ard costs but suspended sen-
Itice tO see if Angus keeps his
promise.     If  lie don't   there  will
In* compound Interest on the fine
nd it will .���mount to six months.
Furnl ihed house*, cor. Sixth Avenue and Young
St. Modern In every respect. Phone 83 or call
Pattullo A Radford. ' *',;*1(
Furnished rooms with balh. Special rate, by
the week.   Talbot House. 166-lf
NeaUy Furnished room., gentlemen preferred.-
Apply Mr*. Mullin, over Majealic Theatre,     tf
Nice Furni.hed Rooms, Mrs. Greenwood. Alder-
Block; Third Ave. MS*
For Rent-Sons of England Hall, 2nd Ave., for
Dances. Fraternal Societies. Socials, etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis. Box 869 or phone 68. ltK-lf
HIONK301 r-.o. box SOI
BAiiica-rc, Storage and Forwarding Autnti.   Fur
Kttri or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone 301
^,,^,.^..-S^.-^H*^ll*^l��*^��l'*^l'^'��''*''f'*^"^'l^l'^',^��'^"*^''   'W.*-e��S^*a**ltfc.*^^.,*^
*'i-��nr'<.i>'��i'-�� !-^...^s.��sa.��*i*JMi^.��***i.ii*%ifi*��ii **************** ���������**. ii*��n*n*ii ���**.���> jbi^ii %aa^n^
 j .
I j     At Present in HAYS COVE
��� :~:r :~~:~:-;.~..r~.:r.r^i::
P. O. BOX 957
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
For Sale
 ������ ^^ i
For Sale-Lot 6. block Z7. .,-ctlon 8. ��S50. Apply
P.O. Box 106 210-206
For quick sale, lot 33, block IT, section 6, facing
two streets. Price I.'-*- ��� Terms 1650 cash.
Balance one yi-sr. Address immediately Box
L. Dally New.. 8)0-306
For Sal*-Chicken Ranch. *2 Storey house, household goods. Near I'm ��� Rupert. A snap if
Uk��n al one*.   Addr*a> Box .n'.a. tt
. Inaurance j
T ���**������*��� II   ���Bssll'-^l   II ^11   BBS.!!   ��ll-l*Bll*^ll**ll.ll*^ll**t��.ll'^*^
OUH Companies are no!- l for prompt and juat
settlements. W.- writ, every known claaa uf
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Inaurance Co.
Wanted j
ae^M^i��%eaea<p--*a>ea^i >�����*���**. n^����^'*)
Want-til-Cheap Iota tn auction 7 and 8. If price
U rlsiht will pay caah.   P.O. Box 106.    >:.-lll
Wanted.-Cleaning an.l pressing, dressmaking,
plain aewintr. children's ������win*, repairing and alterations��� M.-ns' and ladies' garments. Canadian
I'lraning St Pressing shop, K2U Third Avenue,    tf
The Big Furniture Store
Main entrance 2nd Ave.; Ctli St.
entrance, last door in block
Bigger and Better
than Ever
Comfortable furnlahed apartmenta for lady or
gmtlcman roomers at numerate terms. In
single apartments or convenient suit** for
housekeeping. 8plendldly furnished with all
modern conveniences, hot and cold water, etc.
Apply Mra. J. J^ li.-.t.ps.   tht Bulkley Block.
Sla'th Ave. and Fult��n.   Phone 179.
Kt.A1.Kl) TKNDF.IIS addreaaed to tha un-1 .
���v "l. and 11 -li.r-.iil "Tender for Wharf snd t��o
Approaches at Prince Rupert, ti. C." will be
recuved at tht* office until 4.00 P.M., on Monday,
: .ji.r.,i.r U, 1K11. for the construction of a
Wharf and i��o Approachm at Prince Rupert,
���..'itnr.il ni,���  Station, Plgby Island, ti. C.
I Ut.-. specifications and form of contract can
be wen and forms of lender obtained at this
I'-i i.i'.nMt and it the offices of (t. A. Keefer,
I ���', 1 'i-i.i.t I i..;n,.-r. New Westminster, H. ('.,
and on application to the Postmaster* at Prince
Rupert ami Vlrtoris, ti. C.
1. r ��� - tendering ara notified that tenders
Still not be conntdereil unlma made on the printed
forms BUppliod, and signed with their actual
signatures, stating their t>ccupatfona and plscm
of residence. In the eaae of firms, the actual
sigi.siurr, the nature of the occupation, and place
"f m i-ii nee cf each memlier of tbe firm must In-
Ksch lender must be acctimpsniitd by an
accepted che<iue on a chartered bsnk, uaysble
to the unlet fit (ho Honourable the Mlnlitor of
I'i.Mir Works, Kins) to ten per rent i|0 p.c.l nf
the amount of tender, which will be forfeited
If the petvon tendering decline lo enter Into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fall lo
OMBpMti ihe contract. If the tender be not
acee|it4***.l Mn- cheque will be returned.
The Depatrment does not bind Intaelf to accept
tha lowest ot any lender.
11.  order.
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, August 26, 1911.
Newspaper*  will  not  be paid  for this adver-
ti'pment if they insert It without authority from
Ihe I ii -mm ii. ��� ni
Sept 9 1G
SEALED TKNDKRS, addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender (or Public Building,
Chilliwack, ti. C," will ba received at this office
until 4.00  P.M., on  Wedneaday. September 20,
1911, for the construction of a Public **
Chilliwack, ti. C
Wa carry everything in the feed line, also garden seeds at the lowest market prices, at Collarl's
sit F��ed Store, Market Place
illlcYlll-S   STEAM   SHOV-
lloit.ER  FEED   Pl'MPS
i' v *s'r   PI I'I'
PRINCE RUPERT BRANCH **>"��* "********&
Boa 9.
Boa 974
+      E
Prompt Delivery
Phone. 41 or 301 | *\ I
Oriental Limited
Low Westbound Katea
Steamship   tickets  to   the   Old
Country by  all  Atlantic  Lines.
Roger's Steamship Agency
inil Ave.    Heeul of Centre St.   Phone Hi-,
Ross Ready for Rival
In reply to Mr. ('Iiin.i ,a' cl . I-
Isnge- rspssted after Lis woeful
.lifivi at Alberni Mr. Duncan
Ross is ready i<> meet his Hv. I for
tlu- si'conil time on the tame
issue. Mr. Clementi <li�� 1 undoubted!) ipeak in f.'M.r of reciprocity In the Ottawa House. II.
has declared thai he will retire
from tin- contest if lie is proved
to have done so l>\   the pages of
Hansard. Forget the fact thai
Mr. Clements haa been floored
already by Duncan Ross and
Hansard at Alberni, and conn
and judge for yourself at tonight's
meeting in the Empress The; .re.
Mr. Clements renewed his challenge On his arrival in Rupert.
Mr. Ross is ready for him;
One Night More
Auction   sale   tomorrow   right
.t   H  o'clock   to  dispose   of   ihe
balance of thc stock of thc Brin
Furniture Compel >, on Third bvs*
Furniture, carpclitg, crock*
cry,   gli'ssw'-re,   and   n
sundries,    Everything
I". Ai Fills, auctioneer.
111 st     of
must   go.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4
Plans, .permeation and lorn, of contract can
I-- seen antl lorm. of tenrler otitaineel at the
-iii." ol Mr. Wm. Hendemon. 11.--hI.-m. Architect,
Victoria, II. C, at the Post Office. Chllllwack.
11. ('., and at this Department.
Person, tendering sre notified that tender, will
not lie considered unleaa mad* on the printed
forms supplied, and alined with their actual
aiBnatures. stating their occupation, and places
nf residence. In the case ol firm*, the actual
aignalure, thc nature of the oceupatlon. and place
of residence of each memlier ol lhe firm must
lie given.
Each tender muet lie accompanied by an
accented che.iue on a chartered hank, payable
lo lne order of the Honourable the Minister of
Public Work., e.iusl to ten per cent 110 p.c.l ot
the amount of the tender, which will be forfeited
if the person tendering decline to enter ln.o a
contract when called upon tv do so. or tail to
complete the work contracted lor. If the tender
be not accepted the che.|un will be relumed.
The Department draa not bind Ileal! to aetept
the loweat cr any tender.
By order.
Department of Public Worka.
Ottawa. Auguat HO. 1011.
Ni.w.pnn. r. will  not b* paid  for thi.  adver-
li.ement II they Inaert ll without authority Irom
lb* I lepaelnu-nl. Sept. 0-10
Great Doings Tonight
In the Empress Theatre toi ighi
the greatest meeting of the Reciprocity  Campaign  will  be  held.
YOU will be there tO see fair in
the Contest lietween Dm.can Ross
and   11.   S.   Clements  over   that
challenge.  Although satisfied with
all who know the fails that he
thoroughly Moored Mr. ('leinents
at Alberni, Mr. Ross readily accepted Mr. Clements' renewal of
thai challenge, and will be (here
tonight with Hansard as al Alberni.
^*^   Is a Persistent "Influence" Exerted  in Your Behalfl
very bit of printing that goe9 out to serve v.ui makes "Sonu-
Rind of un Impression." Poor printing will leave a poor impression of its user as surely as would poor clothes, or poor
store or shop or office. "Goad " printing will leave upon every
mind un impression wholly favorable of its user.
l-.v.-n if but one in a thoii-mnd of these "Impressions " really tip*,
the scales for business, for orders, for you " Good Printing "
will huve thus paid for itself !
Third Avenue
.     Daily News Building
i-mum: 08
Two lots, Hlock 24, Section S, corner
with two fronts, Seventh avenue and
Lotbiniere Htreet. Price $2600. $1000
One lot, Block 22, Section 6, Seventh
avenue.   Price $��00.   $400 cash.
One lul, Block 20, Section 5, Sixth uve-
nue. Price $1:105. $800 cash. Fine
view lot,
tine lot, Block 27, Section 7, Eighth
uveiiui'.    Price $2h7.   $260 rush.
Two lots, Block 12, Section 7, Ambrose
iivenue.   Price $1000 each.   $S00 cash.
Two lots, Block 41, Se'Ction Seven,
Ninth BVtBUS, Price $750 puir, one-
half cash, l.iiliin.'.* li nn.l 12 months.
Two lots,  Block  II, Section  N, Tenth
uvenue.   Price $71)0 puir.   $200 cush.
Two slory house, 7 rooms, 4 rooms up-
stuirs, II rooms downstairs, puintcd,
kulsomiued, newly finished, line view
on Ambrose avenue. Price J2G25.
$1000 rash.
Five room house, water, plusacred, pn-
pcred, lurge basement, on Ninth avenue.   Price $1M)0.   $1000 cash.
Four room house, comfortably furnished,
hot and old water, bath and telephone.
Hays Cove Circle
Five room house, water, papered, plastered, large basement, Ninth avenue.
Price $22.50 per month.
Stores on Second avenue.
75 x 100 feet on Third avenue. Good
Five and ten-acre tract* for garden
trucking at Kitsumkulum, only $66
per acre.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Skeana Und Dtotrtct-DUtrict ol Queen Charlott
lalanda . _,__
Taka noUe that Austin M. Brown of MM
Rup*rt. aaddl.r Inunda to apply <���",-.*'������*,
lommlsslon.r ot Unds and Work, for a MM
to BMBNt lor coal, oil and petrol.uir-oxx **i
und.r tn. followlna d*Mrlb��l Und. on lb. Us*
Coast ol Graham IaUnd.
Comm.ndni at a ^*t**s**A^jS*iS
ot th. northeast corn** ol C. L. So. 4MI ��*���J
SO chsin. esst. th.nc. SO chsins soulh tl.cr.ee *>
chaina weat. lh.ne* 80 chaina north lo pol" "
comm.ncwn-.nt.   AugTJN        m0V,S, |,��i*��
I iat* ol UcbUob Slat July 1011.
Pub. Aug. IT.
SkMna Und Dletrlct-Dlelrlct of ���*������"���". *********
Tak. nolle, that Austin M. Bro.n ft Wjjj
Rupert, saddler, Inland, to apply **J*m*Sm
lomm!*��lon.r ol Unds and V-fork. le11 SBM
to po.pect lor coal, oil and IJMMJ5
under lb. lollowln, d*scrib.d land, en lh. -A*
Coast ol Graham laland: -^
Comm.ndng at a port p snl��l ����� 'S*j2S
of lh. north*s*l corn., ol EH-**"" H2
aouth SO chaina, lh*ne* wwt SO ch. n. im����
norlh SO chain., thane* **rt SO chain. I* petal ��
"""���"""""""'AUSTIN M. BROWS, 1-oc.W
lacicated 31st July. 1011-
Piib   Aug   IT.
SkMna Und DUtrlct -DUlrict ol queen i'harksi.
laland. , ,,n.M
T.k. noliM that Auatin  M. Bro*n of ln��*
���MM,   occupallon   aaddler.   P��3*Jj ,*'���>.,
to th. Chief I omml-lonar of ^nTM"
for a licnc. lo prospect or cp.l. oil tt*mm
on and uad.r lb* following de.crlb-1 Un*" -"���
Wmi Coast of liraham laland: .    ^
Commencing .1 a mfM^'"'Jtf|L5
ol lh* aoulheaat corner ol C. L. ������� " .,.��� w
.0 chsin. north .h.nc. �����'^'"���jV'.-.'S *
chaina *oulh. \a*nm 80 ehalna wmi io V"
commencement. A|JgT,N M ukoWN, I-**-"'
I,,coal 31.1 July, 1011.
Pub. Aug. IT.
SkMna Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot <lu��r, ChuMX
lalanda       ��� . ,,,,���-
Taka nolle, th.t Austin  M. Brown ..   !'.'����
Ilup*rt. saddler   Intends to jpp)' *��*** mm
lommi��lon*r ol Und. snd Worka I*" a
lo pro*p��l lor eoal, oil and ***&**�� ixm
under lb. following described Unds on m
Cout of Ursham Island: ,._ aael
Commencing at a post MHt��� ��� B",���,������
ol lhe ai.uthea t corn.r ol C. L. wo..".,������ w
K.rh.in.-eal. th.no. 80 ��!>������� ����'>h- ,,"���, -*l
chain, mat. th.nc* 80 chain, south to P��'
rommencement. AUgT,N M. DBOWN. I-***"
located HI.. July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. IT. _       ,..,lalt
Skeen. Und DUtrlet-DU^ct of Qoeex, X ******
Taks notlc. th.t AuAln s\V.*****\*UBfS
Rupe��, occup��tlon Mddler, mg***i', o*i,\, It*
th. chief CommiMloner of Und. and WJJJ,,
a licence to prosp*ct for coal oil anji P tM
nd under th. lollowlng d**crlb��*l ian*i"
To let vines climb tip on wooilen
walls will seriously damage them,
as it promotes decay.
For all ocensions can be
purchased from our up-
to-date stock of   :    :    :
Watches,    Jewellery   and
R. W. Cameron & Co.
G.T.P. Official  Walch   Inspector.
Cor. fith St,   	
phone H2 fM
and Second Avenue.
West Coaat ol Graham lfl*nd. ,.M ���,, .
Beginning al a port plan;�������� ���""T.r."������������ HO
th* northeiasl corn*r liOl*>_j"*Jt.   ,h,nr* *",
chain, eut, SM 80 "chiTn." soulh   lit"-- ,,
chain, wost. IbCTM 80 chains north lo 1"
eommenctm.ml.   AIJgT|N M, nK0WN. I**-***
Localed Auguat 1st, 1011.
Pub. Aug. IT. ^^|
I, 8. Harrison ol Prince BSMV^h,*S^^.-
give notice that on the flltMnth �����)".' ���j-i,,r,er
IMI, I Intend to apply to th. Water I mm (
at hla office In Prince Rupert. II. .-���"' ^^nd
lo take and uae three cubic W;1"'" 1. he *****
from McNeil River In Skeena DUtr rt* > mjW
la to lie laken Irom the **tg*\��*E L,r, *xi*
al-ov. the unction wllh lhe KSli Bill M"
la to Iw u����l on Ut 4.0S for domeatlc
cultural purpo*.
Sept. 0.
^  n ('   broker
I, 8. Harrlaon ot Prince Rupert, ll. i-������      [w
give nolle* that on the fl'tf"!]!.,;,'c, nimiw*"1"
Toil, 1 Inlend to apply to lhe Water Cm"
at hla ofllce In Prince Rupert, II '*���'", ^on*l
to lake and um two cubic��� leel M ����J C sue*
from the WmI Pork ol M��N|0 *������� ��, rtlisn
District.   The water I. to be takeri Iron IIw    Mfl,
about on. mile from  IU   ****fJnt*mS"e\xts\xm**
R.ver and la to lie uaed on Ut �������' ""
and agricultural PurP<>,"AMl,Ei, HAWU*"*
Sepl. 0.


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