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Twenty       * hours ending5 a.m.,
Se,    ��
��ax,���-e.   \smnt, ^ -N.sxm
p J1
The daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 214
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wednesday, September 20, 1911.
For south
Prince Rupert Friday, a.m.
for North
PrlncesB May... .Thursday, Next
Price Five Cents
W. J. McKenzie Gave a Fine Address With Interesting
Political Reminiscences���Ernest  Flexman  and G.
H. Morgan Were Among the Able Speakers
One whole evening of bubbling
iiiul roaring enthusiasm for Ross
and Reciprocity, That is a fair
description of thc smoker at the
Liberal committee rooms last evening. There were a number of
excellent speeches further cludicat-
ing the merits of the question of
tin- hour, and a couple of campaign
Mings that were given a rousing
William I-.. Williams presided,
making an address ai the opening
which was a clever resume of the
Inst arguments favoring red-prod
ty, Interspersed with interesttng
facts and figures that have not
In Inn* been brought forward. Then
came Mr. Ross, who spoke briefly
1-11! very much to the point and
w.is cheered to the echo. His
v..nils will be found in another
. "Intuit.
Cowan Absolutely Cultus
Mr. Slide sang "The Banner
���I Labor," after which Fred Smrk
in.tth* another of his telling address! s.   Me closed in these words:
"We have a man coming into
ftir midst���a man who branded
.���ur brilliant leader r.s a white-
livered i-nward. He is a man who
i- absolutely culms in tho City
��� i Vancouver, which has chucked
him tin to Prince Rupert. We
have two <>f them now. To hear
Mr. Clements criticizing Sir Willi it I Laurier���io hear a man of
Clements' known character and
temperament and ability talking
.i�� he does of the greatesl political
leader of the age, cuts on to the
r.tw. On Thursday Mr. Clements
--ill receive his quietus. Mr.
I'..well and he will pack their
grips  together ani put   them on
the Henriette.    "(Roars of laugh-
Rattling Campaign Song
There followed a paino solo
by Mr. Adams and Kmest Flex-
man gave his impressions of rcciprociiy from the view point of the
consumer. "In my household,"
he said, "the consumption is increasing (hearty laughter) and anything that tends to make food
cheaper is to me very interesting."
He followed with an excellent
argument punctuated by a couple
of humorous stories.
G. H. Morgan gave both a
speech and song, the latter containing advice to Clements to
"Always burti a night light by
his bed." Then followed the
rollicking campaign song of "Ross
and Reciprocity," sung by "Deacon" Fletcher, everyone joining
in the chorus. The words of the
song will be found in another
An old warhorse in iwlitics, the
sturdy W. J. McKenzic, of Foley*
Welch ii Stewart, was the nexi
speaker. Hc started out by saying
that when Canada had reciprocity
In-fore the country prospered during those twelve years as never
before. He was well primed with
facts ar.d figures and pul up a
convincing argument. He said
that since wc lost reciprocity Conservatives had been advocating
getting it back, and when Minister
Fielding reported tbe result of
his visit to Washington thc Conservative members of parliament
joined in the cheers of the Liberals
al the prospect of once more
obiainirg reciprocity at an early
"Vote for Vancouver!" would make a fine battlecry for the Conservative forces
tomorrow. Not content with foisting a Vancouver man upon the Comox-Atlin
electorate, and having the audacity to place him right here in Prince Rupert the
city he persistently knocked, for the balance of the campaign, these brilliant strategists proceed now to call to their candidate's aid another Vancouverite, Mr. George
H. Cowan, who is billed as principal speaker for their final rally tonight.
If Vancouver were in Comox-Atlin Mr. Clements' candidature would not be so
absurd. If Vancouver had ever shown the generous spirit of a "booster" big-sister
city towards Prince Rupert, it would not have been so insulting to Prince Rupert
citizens. If Mr. Clements had not been such a quitter when he was here for a few
months, or such an incorrigible knocker of Prince Rupert after he left, it would not
have been so disloyal for Prince Rupert to listen to him.
Vancouver is not in Comox-Atlin. Vancouver has never by any chance boosted
Prince Rupert. Mr. Clements himself has been known beyond question, as a man
whose epithet applied to our city when he left it for Vancouver, is an insult as unforgettable as the term is unprintable.
For the Conservatives now to bring in a Vancouver man to bolster up their "quitter," candidate from Vancouver is adding insult to the insult of Mr. Clements' appeal
for Prince Rupert support.
(Continued on page i.)
Alex. Manson's Able Addreaa at the Rosa Smoker-
Telia What Kind of Man the Vancouver Booster of
the Vancouver Candidate Really Ia
Duncan Ross Shows up Cowan For What he is and Crowded Audience Heaps Contumely Upon the Name in Groans, Hoots and Hisses   Duty Prince Rupert
People Paid For Fruit Wednesday a Point to Remember Tomorrow
Conservative Resistance to Reciprocity Fails in Face of
Convincing Arguments in Favor of the Great Prosperity Bringing Measure���Many Converts
Probably the ab'esi tmlitical
address of the whole campaign
Was   the   one   wiih   which   Alex
M.  Manson closed  the Liberal
-milker last night, tie came on
lhe platform to say a few words,
prefacing the... with the remark
that the audience must be tired
of hearing arguments as the issue
had already been s�� well threshed
"in.     This   was   no   doubt    his
intention, but when he got started
In* piled argument upon argument,
fact upon fact in convincing sequence, and it was all so new ard
original that he absorbed and held
the close attention of the audience
in.in   start   to  finish.    No  such
complete and brilliantly Illuminating adtlress upon thc present
political situation and the cir-
cumstances that led to it has
Inf..re been given in the campaign.
There is only space for a few
"( the local poinis he made at its
'lose. S|K-aking of Sir Wilfrid's
K.nius in the selection of members
of his cabinet he said that  thc
premier had had his eye on Duncan
K'.ss as available cabinet timber
When the time should come and���
"it was no small compliment Sir
Wilfrid paid to this constituency
when In- asked you to send back
Duncan Ross to the Home." This
Was received with roar9 of applause.
"Clements is dodging the issue,"
he went on, "and hc will be
dodging the electors on Thursday.
As Mr. Stork has said, he will
Ik parking his little grip early.
Mr. Dementi will go back on the
Venture.   (Latlghtei).
"Another man is coming here
from Vancouver. I see no reason
why George II. Cow i'.n should get
a warm reception here. (A Voice:
We'll make it warm enough).
Cowan is the man who a few years
ago had the whole of his ranch
cleared by Japanese and Chins**
labor. Yet he will come up here
and explode on the Asiatic question.   (Laughter).
"He is the man who is coining
up here to Imosi for Clements.
He has been sent for iM-causi- tin-
Conservatives of Prince Rupert
are in a panic. They concede
that DtltlCan Ross will have a
majority in Prince Rupert of 135.
(Cheers). If it is not 435 majority
I   shall  be very  much  mistaken
in my calculations.  (Renewed
"Vole early, and as soon as
you have done so come lo these
committee rooms and help OUT
committee to gain others to swell
tin* majority for Roes."  (Cheers
and shouts "We'll do that all right.
all right.")
Duncan Ross, the Liberal candidate, gave bill a brief adtlress
ill the smoker last night, prefacing
his remarks with the Statement
thai the arguments pro and con
reciprocity-had been well threshed
oul during the campaign to the
great satisfaction of those most
directly Interested, the wage earners anil the merchants who supplied
them, and he purposed saving
his voice for the last meeting
of the campaign ihis evening.
"Our good friend Tom Dunn,"
he began, "has told me there arc
seventeen Conservatives in this
city who are still on ihe fence. I
am going after three of them this
evening, and I believe I shall gel
them.   (Cheers).
Message for Voters
"I have jusi one thing lo leave
with you tonight. You remember
that about two sessions ago Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, carrying out a
Constitutional practice introduced
a measure for thc purpose of
starling the nucleus of a Canadian
navy. Such a navy in lime of
peace is for |>oliciiig our shores;
not for the purpose of interfering
wiih I hose who keep within the
law but as a protect ion and to
see that all do keep within Unlaw just as your cily police are
"This jKilicy introduced by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier was unanimously
adopted by parliament without
regard to party politic*. Every
member voted for it just as every
member was in favor of reciprocity as soon as Sir Wilfrid
advocated it.   (Cheers).
Representative Government
"Just   so lot g as  the people of
Canada have control of iheir own
affairs jjsi so long will they
insist thai the people in control
The polling station will
be at the store lately
occupied by Campbell's
cigar store on Third
Polls open at 9 a.m.
and close at 5 p.m.
Polling station will be
divided into four divisions as follows:
A. to D. Thomas McClymont, Deputy Returning Officer; Nelson
Dunn, Poll Clerk.
E. to L. C. H. Kearns,
Deputy Returning Officer; Wm. Craig, Poll
M. to O. R. A. McMordie, Deputy Returning Officer; A. J. Gal-
land, Poll Clerk.
P. to Z.���Charles L.
Youngman, Deputy Returning Officer; E. H.
Mortimer, Poll Clerk.
F. G. Dawson, Return
ing Officer.
G. W.  Kissick,   Elec
tion Clerk.
shall lie responsible for the money
expended.   If we took the advice
of our Conservative friends wc
should be saying: You pay the
money without representation and
we will spend the money for you
This doctrine led to the Mother
Country losing one of her richest
colonies. The colonists of America
said���We will pay no taxation
unless we have our own representatives in parliament to see
how the money is expended. The
colonists failed to obtain this
representation and they secured
iheir independence.
Hot Shot for Mr. Cowan
"A man will be with you tomorrow night who represented
Vancouver in your parliament.
He is generally in a state of
inebriety at the lime he gets up
io speak and in one of these
occasions he used the term "tin
���ml navy' in referring to this
policy which had been so generally
agreed to by all the members of
the House- Irrespective of party.
He forgot everything due to a
gentleman and referred to Sir
Wilfrid   Laurier   in   these  words:
This is the white-livered coward
who refused to send a man to South
Africa until the people forced him
to do so.' (Cries of "Shame antl
Here to Boost Clements
"That gentleman was very properly retired to private life by
the Vancouver people, ami yet a
Vancouver real estate man brings
him   here  to   tell   you   how   you
(Special Wire lo The News)
Kitselas, Sept. 20.���A triumph
for Duncan Ross and Reciprocity
aptly describes lhe result of vigorous work on behalf on thc
Liberal candidate for Comox-Atlin.
Everywhere   meetings  have   been
swayed by convincing atguments
Convincingly put before lhe electors, to enthusiastic support of
reciprocity,   and    rousing   cheers
for Duncan Ross. Even the most
pronounced Conservatives in the
Prince Rupert district are found
in suppori of reciprocity because
it will so develop the district antl
Prince Rupert its centre.
Copper City Crowd
At Copper City on Monday a
large meeting of ranchers was
held at which Mr. J. S. Cowper
spoke and answered questions for
two hours. The meeting which
w;>.s  doubtfully  disposed   at   first
ended up enthusiastically in favor
of Ross and reciprocity.  A cordial
vole of thanks to lhe speaker
proposed l.y Mr. Walker, one of
the most prominent Inc..I Conservatives, was given with a will
antl ihe meeting ended with cheers
for Ross and reciprocity redoubled.
Clements Couldn't
At Kitselas last night Mr. Clements did not turn up to resume
the debate with Mr. Cowper as
challenged. Local Conservatives
in alarm put on their smoking
concert previously planned and
advertised for Wednesday. Many
of them came to the Liberal
meeting, however, and became
converted to reciprocity. An enthusiastic meeting closed with repeated cheers for speakers for Ross
and reciprocity.
Conservative Conspiracy
Details just brought to light
show that certain provincial employees had entered into a conspiracy to save Ckments from
getting the drubbing iit Kitsumkalum on Saturday in debate with
Mr. Cowper. They had agreed
to bombard Mr. Cowpcr with
foolish questions and break up
lhe meeting, The plan mis-carried
however, owing to Mr. Cowper's
insisting that all questions should
come through Mr. Clements and
that lu* should take ihe responsibility for asking them. A substantial majority is predicted for
Ross till along tite line.
Fight Pictures at Majestic
WhiU will draw great attention
to the boxing contest shortly to
take place at thc Kaien Island
Club, is ihe film that the Majestic
Theatre is putting on tonight,
bowing every blow and action
in the desperately-contested battle
between Wolgast and Moran.  You
OUght tO see this.
Jail Breaker Gets Clear
Nelson,   Sept.   20.���(Special)���
Henry    Forget,   son    of   Senator
Forget of Quebec, who was sentenced at Spokane after being
arresteil here, has broken jail
and disappeared. He was arrested for stealing diamonds ard
jeweli y.
Reciprocity is the one and onl*
issue in ihis election campaign.
And reciprocity is a straight
business issue ar.d must be discussed aS such.
Charles Ericson and Henry Hansen Victims of First
Serious Accident on This Work���Ericson in Hospital   Hansen May Not be Moved
11-^fcH***^!*1****-***^ *****
Ross and Reciprocity
Remember the Ross Meeting at the Empress Theatre
Duncan Ross and Other Prominent Speakers Will Address the Meeting
This morning a Swedish Workman named Ciiarlts Frit son was
brought down river from the new
tunnel being driven at Mile 44
sulTcrii g ffOffl injuries to lhe rose,
forehead, and face canst tl by an
explosion In the tunnel. Ericson
was taken to the General Hospital,
ll i*. thought that his eye-sight will
not be lost.
Another workman named Henry
Hansen lies more critically hurt
at the scene of the accident.   He       (Canadian Press Despatch)
was Injured severely about  tln-1   London, Sept. 20.���So serious
chest and abdomen, and the doctor f has ilu- sirike situation through*
serious shock, owing lo ihe concussion of lhe blow right over th
pit of his stomach, Inn both will
recover.    This is the lirsi serious
accident   iir.ee ihe beginning of
work on this tunnel.
May be in Same Boat as Young
thought ii too dangerous to have
him moved until his condition
mproves.    Efforts will be made
to bring him in if possible tonight.
The  accident   occurred   i'i   the
rink face inside lhe tittnel which
is being carried in a curve to
...void the snowslides al this point.
A shot had been fired successfully,
but on examination ii was found
that one boring remained undischarged. In the attempt io
dear this boring the charge became ignited, antl lhe men were
hurled down by the explosion.
Il was at lirsi thought that both
had been killed, bill  F.rieson was
out Spain become that marital
law is now proclaimed and a
revolution feared.   The overthrow
of the monarchy is now predicted.
Makura Carried  a
From Australia
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, Sept. 20.���A series of
robberies has been commit led on
the  steamer   Makura  which   arrived today from Australia.   Passengers   lost   watches   and   considerable  jewelry  some  of  which
ible   to   crawl   up.     His   injuries I
ire cms and contusions caused **��� -^covered -'V detectives who
lllby fragment* of rock.   Hansen isl boarded the boat here.   No arrests
JQI heavily bruised, and suffering from | were made. THE DAILY NEWS
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Daily Edition.
Wednesday. Sept. 20
Tomorrow is election day. Don't forget that. You have got
it straight what reciprocity will do for you and your personal interests;
what it will do to cheapen living; what it will do to build up Prince
Rupert industries, and make labor in demand at higher rates. Don't
be scared off by any Tory bogies. Vote straight for Ross anil reciprocit \.
It might be worth while to catalogue some of thc Tory bogies
that Clements has been trxing to scare you with, so as to have them
for handy reference.
Bogey No. 1.���Reciprocity will mean ruin to Canadian prosperity,
home markets and farm industry, and make thc tic with the Mother-
stand till more Imperceptible. Thai is a peculiarly comprahensivi
bogey, disposing of a quartette of subjects at one fell swoop. In some
senses it is the dreadfulest bogey of all. and that is saying much.
Bogey N'o. '2.���Reciprocity is going to turn the Grand Trunk
Pacific into two streaks of rust instead of lines of steel. This is ar
awful specter by itself, and enough to chase sletp aw. y. What would
become of Prince Rupert then? It wouhl please Clements, of course,
because he has always been a knocker of Prince Rupert in In-half of
"my beloved Vancouver."
Bogey No. 8.���Reciprocity is going to destroy Montreal's export
shipping trade, close the factories of Ontario, wipe the twin cities
at the head of Lake Superior off the face of the map, ami make Winnipeg
a backyard suburb of St. Paul. The exact kind of tlire results that
will surely overtake the halibut fisheries of Prime Rupert, Vancouver,
and Victoria await the prophecy of Tory orators. But Clements
has nothing but good to prophecy for his beloved Vancouver.
Bogey No. 4.���Reciprocity is going to undo the Empire Work
of the Victorian and Edwardian eras and throw us back to the pre-
Corn Law days. This again is a fine line of hobgoblin, antl when
uttered is accompanied by moving references to the flag .'.nil to llu
fact that it belongs to one party which is responsible for iis safety.
Bogey No. 5.���"Any trade at all with the L'nited Suites is dangerous," by a frightened man by the name of Dick McBride, down
Victoria way. Isn't that delicious, if a bogey may be so described,
ami what a lively time this funny politician niusi have in dodging
in his own life and practice "trading or trucking at all with the United
Bogey No. 6.���Canada's nationhood and independence arc going
to be sacrificed. Now isn't thai dreadful, too! No more "0 Canada"
or "Maple Leaf Forever." They will be gone forever. No more
Dominion Days���no more nothing. Eternal eclipse! Frightful bowwows! !  Everlasting smash!! !
."> cents a gallon in the tariff bill
because two or three monster
dairy concerns in the United States
needed protection against the pauper cows of Canada.
"Maybe mo and you will take
buttermilk, and there's a tariff
on that, too   '.' cents ;�� gallon,
"Then  lhe iv.-l  business of the
hour begins In earnest,
"Scattered in tempting display
over the litilt-ii table, your roving
eye funis bread, taxed 20 per
cent, through lhe (lour in il;
butter, taxed ti cents a pound;
beets, 2."i pet' cent, beans, 2 1-2
cents ii pound; pickles and sauce,
40 per centj cabbage, 2 cents
,i head; honey, 20 per cent;
potatoes, 25 Cents a bushel; on inn-.
40 per cent, and cranberries, 2.1
per cent.
"Between bites Willie uies to
decide whether lo take a double
helping ..f ihe rice pudding, tariff-
taxed 2 cents a pound for the rice;
Bugar, taxed 1 0-10 cents a pound,
and raisins, 2 1-2 cents it pound,
or one helping of the pudding and
... piece of peach cobbler��� peaches
tariff-taxed 2.1 percent.
"When hunger is finally appeased time can be taken, while
chewing ihe toothpick, taxed 2
cents per 1,000 and ;mi added lo
per cent on iluir wholesale value,
to ga/e at ihe Rowers, taxed 25
per cent, which ma bought at the
corner florist's, io make ihis Sunday dinner a little different from
the weekday affairs.
"While Willie and Lucy arc
calmly munching tluir candy,
taxetl till thc way up to "ill per
cent, Pa makes for his briar pipe,
taxetl .Iii per cent, and tills it
wiih scrap tobacco, taxed 55 cents
a pound, i'lil in;', cleans up thc
"oh, yesj io go back to the
beginning of this Sunday dinner,
lhe blessing thai  I'.' . skttl nn ilu-
tariff-taxed food  was p.oi  taxed
in the Paync-Aldrich bill."
Thai article shows why Uncle
Sam is now offering to throw off
the duties on Canadian foodstuffs,
but  Mi.  Clements   wants   high
tariffs in raise the cost of foul.
The nun who are opposing
reciprocity have no argumi nt other
than annexation. That argument
is a Said reflection on thc quality nf
Canadian citizenship.
*-*^...***fc..��-aw*���^.������.�����...���...-aa...^.*.****-*.���-�� .���^.#.-a*..��-^...-a*..���*..
Will Not Buy Launch
Aid.  Douglas reported  to  the
council last night that tin- com-
These bogies comprise the whole stock in trade of the Tory party, mittee   to  which   was  itfcrecrd
They are the whole lock, stock and barrel of ihe Tory campaign plat-! ;,u, qllC8,jon ,,f pllrv|.��� .;, K ,. |auncn
form.   Do they scare you real bad?   It is to laugh.   Common set'-.*
will walk with you to the ballot box tomorrow and see that you vote
straight for Ross and rcciprociiy.
to tow the sniiT yacht out to sea,
hail   figured  il  out   lha;  a I unit  a
couple of trips a week would In*
sufficient   for   the   present,   and
  that for this amount of work it
Thc L'nited States market is ready and all that Canadians have would be cheaper for the city to
todois to pass the reciprocity agreement, walk in ard take advantage , ���        ,      ,     -*.,
, .      .,  f        , ., , . , , ,,, hire a launch.    The report wa.s
ol it.    II uu* market conditions arre not saii-f.'.ctory after a trial of
;i year or so, or any time, Canada has merely to make a. charge ir'
iis tariff antl conditions are changed.
And the question is whether or not we shall  walk in aril take
advantage of this greal market.    It will be of lhe greatest advantage
to all to accept it.  If wc reject it, we shall not have another opportunity
for many years to come.
The l'nited States has given  us this opportunity btcause it is
rapidly becoming an importing nation, and it is anxious about its
foo.l supply. If it tines not make arrangements with us, it will look
for iis market in other places.   D.< we want these advantages?
If ilu* farmers iire to be benefited
all sections of the community will
be benefited,, because agriculture
is   the   foundation   <>f  Canada's
pm-pt riiy.    Sir W i 1 frit! Laurier.
ooooooooo ooooo
o o
Is it  because the politicians of
the L'nited States have entered
into a conspiracy with tlu- Government of Canada to compass annexation that the l'nited Slates
offers to let Canadian wheal,
barley, butter, cream, milk, cheese,
cattle, sheep, hogs, vegetables,
friut.and many oilier food products
into that country duty free?
What started the cry in the
United States for reciprocity? It
was the high cost of living, antl
the fact that the meat tratle and
thc canning business and the supply of prepared foodstuffs generally
had fallen into the hands of rings
and trusts.  Here is an Illustration
a   Cleveland   piper   of   the
seated on chairs, taxed 115 per
cent, facing a. table, also taxed
38 per cent, before lhe last dong
hits faded away.
"Then   grasping   a.   knife   antl
fork, both tariff-taxed 40 per cent,
you carefully gather ihe napkin,-
taxed  only   1   3-4 Cents and nn I
additional 80 per cenl if it is just *0
ordinary linen, artl reminding Wil-iL
lie not to place his dripping spoon, 0
taxed not  less than 40 per etnt, _,
on   the  clean   table  cloth,   taxed o
not to exceed 0 cents a square|0
yard, with an additional 30 per
cent, you st.'.rt  in.
"Ma bring- in  tlie roast   beef,
taxed   1-1-2   cents   a   pound,   or
way in which  fund  taxation  was
hammered  in   the   United   States
during thc elections of last Novem-
"When   ma   has   the   Sunday
dinner ready and rinKs the good  should  not   drink  coffee,  so  into
old   dinner   Ml,   tarifl-taxed   45 their 55 per cent tariff-taxetl cups
per cent, the hungry'tribe'hustles she pours some chocolate, tariff-
for the dining-room.
maybe it's chicken, taxed ���"> cents
ti pound, in ii nice large platter,
taxed 55 per cent, which, by the
way, is the Paytu-Alilrieh tax On I��
all the dishes on the tid.lt*. |o
"Ma   thinks   Willie  and   Lucyjo
tiixed  2  1-2 cents a pound, and
"You and Willie and Lucy are sonic cream  which  is also  taxed
All over thc Comox-
Atlin district the provincial authorities are
swearing in special constables at act at the
polling booths on election day. This action
is illegal and uncalled
for. It may be an attempt at intimidation
or an effort to get party
workers at the expense
of the people of the
The Dominion Elections Act, Clause 137,
says that only candidates, their agents, the
deputy returning officer, and. the poll clerk,
"and no others," are to
be allowed in the polling
All deputy returning
officers in fulfilment of
tbeir duty must turn
out any provincial constables who attempt to
force their way into the
polling booths.
By Cllve Phillips Wolley
(AUTHOR OF U01.I1,  COLD IN CAKIB00,   ETC.)    ���
o o o o o o
It wad a "one mail's show," to .lliu'B
mind, when he did enter that dnlnly
room In which Mrs. Roll had gathered
round her all her treasures, n room
almost startlingly In contrast U> the
rest ot the house, ami Its surround-
Inits; one of those rooms which speak
so plainly of that past which many up-
country people havo left behind lliein.
It was not only the photoitraphs,
framed and otherwise, wllh Which the
room was littered, which csllsd to you,
nor tho two or three exquisite laud-
scapes .of Old Country scenery; not
even the llttlo cabinet with Its collection of miniatures, Rolte and Veruons,
bewlgged and uniformed, or patched
and powdered, after the various fashions of their sex and of the da>-B In
which they had lived; not these, nor
even the great bowls of flowers which
It was Mary Rolfs luhor of love to
raise with Infinite trouble In her
greenhouso ln spite of the elements:
rather was It the pervading atmosphere of the room, the visible expression of a loyal lovlni; heart which,
Whilst It would tolerate no word
bgalnat the new house, sweetened all
things with Its memories of the old.
It has been the work of such women
as Mrs. Rolt to keep alive the spirit of
Kng hind on the wildest! ami most ragged edges of the earth, and It may
even be that for thorn' who love the
England of their childhood, they would
(Ind more of It In such distant colonial
lioiiies than they would today within
the sound of Bow Bells.
Conditions change, but memory- Is
When he entered it. that room was
almost too full ot English memories
for poor Jim Combe. The women
were tired, and a little rift had appeared within the lute which had temporarily marred the harmony of their
friendship, and Anstruther, seeing
this, was busy charming them back to
their most sweet natural selves.
Unasked and without any preface,
he had seated himself down to the
piano, and sometimes playing, sometimes Blnging softly to himself, he led
them from gay to grave, from Sullivan
to Beethoveu, from "Utile Yum-Yum"
to "Douglas, tender and true," but
never once away from that holy of
holies, which ths Kngllsh call Home.
And as he played or sang, he talked
to his lady, not ln the foolish modern
phrases, but In the music of the masters, and the words of love's great
poets, until Jim, hating him the more,
the more he recognized his mastery,
felt hope fading very (ar away.
"What n fool I have been." thought
Jim. "1 see It all now. Hoves do not
mate with hawks, and what possible
use Is my brute strength and woodcraft against this man's manic."
Sueli skill as Jim had might have
made a ranch wife happy, might lighten Ihe labors of a working woman;
but thc dainty thing upon whom he had
set his heart was never meant for
the stress of hard living.
The voice of her own world was calling to her. nnd of course she would go
back to It. and he could not blame her;
but how he hated the other fellow.
"Thank you. Mr. Anstruther." said
Mrs. Holt, at last, aa he pauBed for a
moment "You have been to use what
1 '.I-- til was to Saul. I think. But we
must not make you do all Ihe work.
Won't you give us one Bong, Jim?
Sing "Somebody's n-callln'." Mr. Anstruther has carried ub all off to England. I think, and I want somebody to
call me home again."
Her hand was lying on the little
Japauese table by the side of her
chair, and In the firelight the Boss's
great fist closed over It.
He appreciated his mate's loyalty to
himself and his chosen profession.
Before the advent of Mr. Anstruther.
Jim had whilcd away many a long
evening for the ranch folk with his
mellow baritone, untrained It Is true,
but full and sweet as a thrush's voice,
bo that he could hardly refuse Mrs.
Hull's request.
"Tho hcrtl* are gathered In from plain
nnd   hill.
Who's that  a-cnllln'?
Thc boys nre sleeping and the ranch la
Who's that a-callin' so sweet?"
he sang, and the old days came back
to him. In spite of herself Kitty's
face i-iit-i i.. .1. and beneath her closed
lids Bhe saw pictures in which the
Btranger had no part.
"Yes. that Is pretty," said Anstruther critically, when the song had
come to a close, ".���specially the air and
that one verse, but the rest of it ii a
bit weak. Isn't? It seems to me that
fellows don't think the words matter
"Especially In your favorite comic
operas. There ls not much poetry
about the 't'olonel on his little tin gee-
gee.' or your 'Singularly deep young
man,' ls there?" asked Mrs. Rolt.
"I did not think tbat people went
to th* comic operas for poetry?"
"Those seem to be about the only
things they do go to."
"Perhaps, and yet you know we
have some songs In the Old Country
which hardly need the music to make
them beautiful."
"Old songs?"
"YeB. and modern songs, too. Ib
there no dignity In this?" and rlBlng,
he went again to the piano and sang
Pollock's noble song, ln which a modern haB for once caught the chivalrous
spirit of the past.
"It Is not mine to nlxxtx (tie stately grace.
The great soul  beaming In my lady's
But mine It ls to follow In her train,
t>o her liehrsts In pleasure or In pain.
Burn nt  her nltnr love's sweet frankincense,
And   worship her  with  distant reverence. '
Nature had been kind to Prank Anstruther. There was no startling
beauty In his face, but he had In an
altogether uncommon degree that
highly-bred grace, without which no
man should dare to sing those courtly
words. When his song closed, even
Mrs. Rolt could not help admitting,
"Yes. that Is best."
Whatever Kitty thought, It was left
unsaid, but there was no reassurance
for Jim Combe In the cold bow with
which she bade him good-night.
It was "another victory for the Old
The Storm
Kitty sailed out of the ranch drawing-room with her head In the air.
Only to Frank AnBtruther she unbent
In the sweetest of smiles. She came
down next morning white-faced, the
sparkle of her dimmed, and all tbe
self-confidence gone; her spirit only
returning  when  Anstruther  mads an
eifort to ehier her. Then file III PI.
vixen turned upon him nnd made him
wish himself a thousand times one of
Hick Rolt's avenging posse.
, There had been tears in the night;
tears, confession and penitence, and
between the two women there was
���peace again, but there was no peace
for AnBtruther. With Jim before her.
Kitty had been a small angel to his
rival, but Jltn had gone at early dawn;
there were no longer and loud men's
voices about the corrals. The quiet
of the place Invited meditation, and
the more Kitty meditated the less Bhe
could find to Justify her attitude to
Jim Combe, and the less she saw to
Hdiaire In the man she had Induced to
Btay behind. Indeed all her own small
Sins took a bodily form, and called
themselves Prank Anstruther. As he
I smoked his last cigarette before turning in, that gentleman had come to a
decision. He was quite sure then that
the only woman fit to succeed his
mother nt Bllbury Park was the girl
he had been singing to, and he hnd
decided that be would put his fortunes
lo the test before he was a day older.
Kitty would not say "no" to him, of
lhat he felt sure. She was not one of
thOBe women who would willingly
spend all their lives ln an humdrum
Canadian ranch.
But though he Buffered without protest, as a man must, by midday l-'rnnk
found himself wondering whether after
ell a world without women would be so
���utterly unendurable.
Ab for Mrs. Rolt. Bhe had privately
vowed that her favorite should have a
fair chance, and that to prevent poaching in his absence, she would haunt
the two young people like tbeir shadow
until Jim's return.
No self-constituted duenna ever
found her duties less exacting than did
Mrs. Rolt; no pair of reputed lovers
less anxious to be alone than Kitty aud
Indeed, to such a pitch of misery was
that unfortunate young man reduced
before evening, that Mrs. Rolt found
herself trying to make some amends
to him for the girl's perverse temper.
In her heart she began to hate
"young people." Without them there
had been peace at the ranch, whereas
now it was almost as bad as being ln
love again herself.
But this thought brought a smile to
her Bweet face. There had never been
any rival in her case to big Hick Rolt.
She scarcely thought the man existed
who could have been.
The night after Jim's departure
there was no iiiubIc at the ranch, and
the music next morning was neither of
man's making nor lo his liking. Por
days past the great red "Herefords"
had been crowding in closer and closer
round the corrals, and for five days the
clouds had grown more and more
murky overhead, whilst a bitter wind
kept whining uneasily amongst the
sage brush and the willows. Perhaps
the absence of the men really accounted for the gloom which seemed closing
round the raneh. and yet there seemed
morc than mere loneliness In 'he depression which took hold on those who
bad been left behind.
The last golden leaf had fallen from
the cottonwoods along tbe creek bottoms, and now and again dry balls of
sage brush would race and bound
���long upon the uplands, driven by unseen wind devils, or the trees in the
recently burnt patch of pine timber
Just beyond the corrals would for minutes break out with a great groaning
and grinding of limbs. But these
things only occurred by fits and starts.
The strangeness of them was due only
to the fact that there seemed to be no
storm to account for them. Such
winds as there were, were purely local
and short lived until the Wednssday
Then the dawn broke in weird fashion, with such devilish storm lights,
such unearthly and terrifying shadows
as are only seen on the sea or lhe
prairies, and thc first act of winter began.
In half an hour every loose thing
about the ranch had been blown from
Its position.    A wagon which the  In
| tllaiis had left out was lifted right over
and lay bottom upwards in the yard.
Fences which thc biggest of the bull!
Iiad respected, were laid flat as If they
had been but card houses.
The little creek which a week before had threatened to run dry, be
tame a swollen torrent. Pieces ol
board and tin cans whirled along In
the wind, battered and rattled against
(be walls, whilst the old house Itself
throbbed and hummed like nu organ,
knd from time to it in,- an earth-shaking
report announced the downfall to some
treat Douglas pine In the slashing.
Whilst the storm lasted there was nu
bun. The racing clouds bloted him out,
So that a vague dull light prevailed,
such as might have existed when the
Spirit moved on the face of the waters.
The three In the houae cowered at
the windows, and watched the desolate scene with that feeling half of
pleaBure. half of awe, which Is natural
to human beings safely entrenched In
��� cob>-, storm-proof house when storms
rage without, until a miserable looking
object with lowered head and Btream
Ing bide came trembling past the win
dows towards the barn.
"Oh, my poor little Mawltch. Mary,
look. There Is my fawn. Those idiotic Indians must have let tt out."
"Well, she can go Into the barn If
she wants to.   I think she Is going."
But the fawn, like other only half-
civilized things, had lost Its wild wits,
before It had acquired the cenBe of the
domestic beast, and now stood shiver- j
Ing In the very eye of the wind, looking for some human being to take care
of It. Instead of taking care of Itself.
"Mary, I must let it ln, poor, miser i
able beastle.   Do you mind, dear?"
"No, of course not; though I don't
suppose that it will come In. Try |f
you can tempt It, Mr. Anstruther."
With a piece of bread tn bla hand
to entice the fawn Anstruther went
to the main door, glad to do anything
to win a smile from his offended lady,
but tho very elements warrel against
the unfortunate lover that day. As
soon as the latch gave under bis hand
the great door burst Inwards with such
a noise that the fawn fled, whilst Anstruther himself was sent reeling before tho blast, and pictures, stick
racks, and bear hides clattered and
careered along the floor.
As usual In this confounded country
he had made a mess of it. No one but
a fool, he reflected, would have tried
to open a door on the weather side
of tha house, when It would have been
much easier to have brought the deer
round to thc lea side, but It was too
late to. think ot that now.   He had to
bring that beast In. Ho simply dared
not face those two women without it,
bo, with a glance at the damage he had
done, he plunged recklessly Into the
storm bareheaded, dragging the great
door to behind him.
It required all Anstruther's strength
to shut the door, and for a moment he
had lo cling to the handle of it for support before he could make good his
footing against the wind. Like most
newly-arrived Englishman he was still
particular about his attiro, but in leBB
time than II takes to wtito It, the glory
of his boiled shirt and smart collar had
gone, his riding breeches, built wide in
the latest fashion, were clinging to him
llko the skin of a fish, his long coat-
tails were performing like a giddy
windmill, and his whole appearance
was such as lo Justify his belief that
the ladles nt the window were convulsed with laughter. As he crossed
the paddock It occurred to him that
Mrs. Holt was signalling to him to
come back, hut hc was uncertain, and
In anv case be did not mean to go back
without thai Infcrnnl little beast which
tempted htm yard by yard across the
corrals, and towards the patch of
shrieking and groaning timber.
Surely, he thought, the ladles were
signalling to him, but he could not understand what Ihey meant. They were
culling, but the window was closed,
which In itself would have been enough
to drown their voices, without the
deafeiilni; din all around him.
First Rough Division Line Between Alaska and Canada
Laid Out for Entire Length.
Dawson, Sept. 19.���The advance
part*, of the international boundaty
survey expedition has readied the
Arctic coast, completing all helioscope work between Alaska and
Canada. The members did not
expect to finish this part of the
work until hue next season.
Next season's work will be greatly reduced from what was previously calculated.
11 is believed that there will not
be need for more than half the
estimated force.
Such a quantity of supplies has
been landed already at the dis-
iril.ulinn center on the Porcupine
river that very little more will
be needed next year. Dr. Cain-es,
the Canadian geologist, who is
attached to the party, hits arrived
here with advices. Others are
expected here soon on iluir way
mu for the winter.
.V milway/
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast service       l-*;,,,,,,,, ,     J
Princess May
Monday, September 25tl,. ���, g ,_
Vletorin, Vtnoouvei ai . Bi m
J. G. McNab . (������"'". .
*""*"*< Agent
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
Conservative Policy
(Calgary Herald, Jan. 21,1909)
The reciprocity treaty proposed
by the present Liberal government
in its careful regard for the In*
tegrity of Canadian industry within L ir limits is a vindication
n| the wisdom of the national
policy inaugurated by Sir John
A. Macdom Id that believed it
.vise io contemplate a reasonable
Last Steamer of Year from
Dawson to Fairbanks Sails
September 25.
Dawson, Sipt. 20.���The last
steamer of the year from Dawson
for Fairbanks will sail September
20. The last steamer from Fair*
b.nks  for   Dawson  ihis  season
possibly will leave there by St p-
letlllier 21.
So far Ideal summer weather has
prevailed, but the fall is so late
advanced thai a sharp drop of the
temperature within two weeks may
put a stop to navigation in the
lower river. However, the river
i- sometimes open to the middle
of October.
The last boats from D.-wson
f..r White Horse probably will
leave October 10, The last boal
down  from  White  Horse  also is
likely to leave about thai time.
Thirty-five hundred tors of fall
fn inhl for DaWSOtl i- row starling
from Vancouver and Seattle.  The
While Pass company is increasing
iis river fleet to handle the business
The u-iiiil fall exodus from  Fair*
banks and   Idltarod  to  Dawson
via the Upper Yukon is now well
under way. Thousai ds of Yu-
koners and Alaskans will pour
Into Seattle with hundreds of
thousands of gold in the next six
A man named 0. H. Hell asked
,i New York court to change his
name. Probably he was tired of
hearing people repeat his name.
aa. Prince John sails for Port Simp.
Bon, Naas Hiver, and Stewarl Wet
nesdays, 1 p.m.; ami for Ma-.'-t ;,nj
Naden Harbor Thursdays 12 a m
For Skidegate, Rose Harbor, etc
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Mm*.
days, Wednesdays snd Sat . ���
p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thumtan
and Sundays at 4  p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syittm
connecting with trains from tin* Pacific
coast operates a frequent snd conven-
ient service of luxurious tralm over its
double track route between Cliieago,
Toronto, Montreal, (juebei*. Halifax!
Portland, Boston. New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookltigi
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtaitu-<l from tin
office of
Take the fast light-druu-:!it -t.-jm-
er Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
Prince Rupert Lodge, 1.0.01.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the  order ir lie dty
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE, K.0.
..For Sale..
Level lot near Seal ("ove ..
cash and $.5 n month.
Two level lots near corner I
Avenue   and   Conrad   Street,   f**
pair.   Easy cash and term-.
Two double Lane corners "ti
Avenue  nnd   Donald  Str..t  at w*
pair.   Eusy cash and terms.
Lot 19, Block .6, Sect i"i. ���''    I
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Pattullo Block.
Comfortable 5 roomed house with
bath, on Sixth Ave. near
McBride, $86.00
3 roomed cabin, n��ur Government
office, $10.00
S-scond Ar... Prince Rup"1- B'C'
Vote  for   Duncan   Ross antl  a
bigger market basket.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Maga_ineB :: Periodicals ;: NeWSP***11
CIGARS   ::  TOBACCOS  ::  -,'lll"TS
41 ^M***^I��-***W.||^4h-***��-.I.-***����I9-
-_ -_.-_^.M     {
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
\ !   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
I���-.. aa,..a-.,����i,^i>^��, �� I.****,.*** l��**^'|t      I
~��.��|l,^ I.��� l.^  ,,���...^..i^..^��.a*���..--�����> **.,. * '|t
V.  F. 0. 0AM1U.E
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert - and - Stewart
The Graham Island Oil Fields. Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. TheBe shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
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M.���a���.*fc.>���...^ .. ^ ,.^..-aa���.^fc..^��..a���..���...������Q
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Exchange : Grill j
The Price  35   centa
ls   RIGHT j
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General Hardware���
Kuildcrs' Hardware
llruniteware       Tinware ���
plumbing, Heating, Steamfittingnnd
Sheet Metal Work
IOfflen -inl Av
I'll..!.* lit
nl Ave*. bet. "th and Sth SU.
w. j. McCutcheon i
f urnc. completa Block of Drug*.   Special
'itlcnllnn i-ai I to iillim: prcacrlptiona.
Theatre Block i-����n.: n... ia Second Aft.
For Hire by Hour or Day
IH.AT.i nt'lt.T AND HI C.MIII I"
II Uulaa       Can Creek        P.O. Bat 187
1 in 'M   259 ..HI 1 M
G. T. P. Tr.n.fcr Agent!
Order, promptly filled    Prlcca reaaonable.
Pl I UK   II. B. RocheateT. Centre SL    Phone SS.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Fuiniahrel and
Steam Healed Rooma
W. H. Wright, Prop       po. box 37
TAKE NOTICE that 1 will receive
tenders for the laud known ns Lot 1105,
Range 6, Coast District, Province of
British Columbia. This is one of the
choicest pieces of land lying along the
Skeena river (and contains about 155
acres. The land ia crown granted.
Tenders must be in before thellfth day
of October, 1911. The highest or any
tender not necessarily ncdepted. For
further particulars apply to the undersigned.
Assignee  of  II. C. Breckenridge, Box
IK, Prince Rupert, B.C.
In the County Court nl Atlin llolilen at Prince
Hupert in the Matter of lho "Offlclal Ail-
minlatrator'a Act"
In the Matter of ilu* Kalate of lluran 1*. latkovlch
decc-aeed, Intoalaln.
TAKE NOTICE that by order ol 111. Honor.
Judge Young, made the Met day nf Auguat, ISII,
I waa appointed Ailmini.lrator of the K.tate of
the -.ii.i duran 1*. latkovlch drreaieed, and all
panic, having claim* attain.! the aaid K.tate are
hereby r��i|iiir*d to Inrw.rd aame properly verified
to nio on or before lhe '.nth day of September,
1911, and all the partlea Indehle-d In the aald
Kalate are required tn pay the amount ot their
,,,.1.1,1... I...- * to in- forlht.il h.
DATED th* Cth day ol September, 1911.
Ofllcial Administrator.
lussallem & Company
L' ���mil Freah  Croceriea at Cily Pricei.
Ws have juat  put  In  a complete
'lick of groceries and will  be able
> t>lve our  cuatomera  the  beat  of
A  call   at   our   atore   will   be  appreciated.
iMussallem & Company
M 22H Black
f,th Ave. Eaat of Mcllride
Two Fivp Dollar bills to
lie Riven away to bright
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
the News office.
KKAL.KD TENDKIW ��ilr. ml Io thr umlfT
niRnml, and pmlorswl "Tent.iT for*\Vhurt nl Stir
Inlet, H. (*.,** will Im�� rpcrivtftjiit'ihi* offlM unii
4.00 P. M��� on TupwU.v, Sriilprnlier 2fi, 1011. for
the construction of a I'IIp Wharf at Stirf Inlet,
PrincrM Hoy it 1 Island, Coaat I H I rlct, II. ('.
Plana. spwiflcatlons ami-form of contract ran
be ��M'ii and forms of tender obtained at thia
MMM) and at thp offices of U. A. Reefer,
Kan.. District Knglneer, New Westminster, II. C.��
antl on application to tho Postmaster at Prince
Itupert and Victoria. II. ('.
Persons tendering are notified that lendei
will not ho considered unless made on tht�� printed
fornix supplied, and pinned with t heir act ua!
(denature*, staling their occunallons and places
01 residence. In the caae 01 Arms, the aclual
nlgi nt 11 fi.   tho   nature   of   tho   occupation,   and
rilace of fealdcnce of p��ch memher of the firm musl
ic given.
I ut-li tender must he accompanied hy an
accented cheque on a chartered bank, payable
to tho order of the Honourable the Minister of
I'ubllc Worka. equal lo ten per cent (10 p.c.) of
the amount of tender, which will be forfeited
if the perwin tendering dpclino to enter into a
contract when called upon to do an, or fail to complete tho contract. II the tender be not accepted
the riii*.pic will be returned.
The Department tinea not bind    llself to accept
the lowcat or any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Worlta.
Ottawa. Auguat 28, 1911.
Newspaper* will  not bo paid  for thin adver-
tiaement If thoy Inaert It without authority from
the Department.
Sept. 9-10
Skounu Und Dlatrlcl���District of Queon ChurlotU
_ IhIuDiIh
"ako notice thut Auatin M. Ilrown or Prince
Rupert, uddWi intonda tu upply to the Chief
( timininalonur of Lunds und Worka for a licence
to proHin-ct for coul, oil uml putroloum on und under
tho following deacribed lunds or. tho Wont Coaat
of (.Milium Islund:
Cummencintt ut u poit piunted throo mllea east
ot tho northeaat corner of C, L No. 4489 thenco
ouat 80 chnins, thonco aoulh 81) ohaina, thenco
weat 80 cltutna, thenco north 80 chaina to point of
I*ocated Auijust 1st, 1UU.
Pub, Auk. lu.
Skoona Land District���Diatrict of Queon Charlotto
I al unda
Take notice that Austin M. Ilrown of Prlnco
Huport, suddler, Intonda lo apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a licenco
to proapect fur cual, oil and petroleum on and
under tho followinK duacrilied lands on tho Woat
Coust of (iruham Island:
Commencing at a poat planted three miloa eaat
of tho northeast corner of C, L. No. 44G9 thonce
aoulh 80 chuina. Ihenco hi) chuins weat, thonco 80
chatna north, thenco 80 chains eust to point of
Locutt-d Auguat 1st, 11)11.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Quoen Charlotto
Tuko notico that Austin M. Ilrown of Prlnco
Hupert, occupation Baddler, intenda to apply to
tho Chief Commissioner ot Uinda and Worka for
a licenco to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho following described landa on tbe
Woat Coaat of Graham Uland:
Commencing at u poal planted three milea oaat
of tho aoutheaat corner of 0. L. No. 4476 thenco
norlh 80 chaina, thenco eaat HO chaina, thenco aouth
80 chaina, thenco woat 80 chaina to potnt of commencement.
Locatod Auguat latt 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeona Land Diatrict -Diatrict of Queon Charlotto
Tako notice that Austin M. Drown of Prlnco
Huport, occupation aaddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner uf Lands and Worka
for a liconco to prospect for coal uml oil and petroleum on and under the following described landa
on tho Woat Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post tilanted three miles eaat
of tho aouthweat corner of C. L. No. 4477 thenco
80 chatna eaat, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chaina west, thenco 80 chains south to point of
Date of Location, 31st July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skoena Land District���District ot Quoen Charlotto
Tuko notico that Austin M. Drown ot Prlnco
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner of Lands and Wonts for a
Iii'ci ci to prospect for coal, oil and pet roleum on and
under tho following doacribed lunds on tho Wost
Coaat ot Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three miles coat
of tho southeast corner of C. I. No. 4472 thenco
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chatna, thence south
80 chains, thonco west 80 chains to point ot commencement.
AUSTIN M. BROWN, laoeator
Located Augual Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
kecna Land District���District ot Queen Charlotte
Take nolico that Austin M. Drown ot Prince
Hupert, occupatiun aaddler, intonda to apply
to tho Chitf Commissioner of Lands and Worka
tor a licence to prospect (or coul, oil and petroleum
on and under tne following described landa on thu
Weat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a post planted three miles east
of tho northeaat corner of C. 1. No. 4474 thenro
80 chains aouth, thonce 80 chaina weal, thence 80
chaina north, tnenco 80 chaina east to point of
located August Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skoena Und Diatrict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotu
Tako notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply
to the Chief CommUaioner ot Landa and Works
for a licence lo prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tho following described lands on the
Woat ('oaat of Graham Island;
Commencing at a post planted threo miles eaat
ot tho northeast corner of C. I. No. 4171, thence
80 chaina oaat, thence 80 chains south, thenco 80
cbaina weat, thenco 80 cbains norlh to point of
en in i i.i tire nn-ut.
I>.���������!< I August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeona Land District��� Dislrict of Quo. n Charlotu
Tako nolice that Auatin M. Drown ot Princ*
Hupert, aaddler by occupatiun, Inunda to apply
to tho Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka
fur a licence lo prospect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the (ollowing described lands oa tho
Woat Coast o( Graham laland:
Commencing al a poat plantod threo mllea cast
ot the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4471 thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chaina, thenca
north 80 chains, thonco eaat 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
AUSTIN   M.   BHOWN,   Locator
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Quoan Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Brown ot Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intenda lo apply to
thu Chief Commissioner ot Unda and Works (or a
licenco to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho follownig .1- i 'rii. I lands on the
Weal Coaal ot liraham laland:
Commencing at a poal planted three milea oaat
of the southeast corner ot C. L. No. 4470 thence
north 80 chains, thenco east 80 chains, thenco
south 80 chains, thence west 60 chains to point of
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19-
Skeena Und DUlrict���DUtrlct ot Queen Charlotu
Tako nollco that Austin M. Drown ot Prince
Itupert, occupation aaddler, intenda lo apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Und* and Works for
a licenco to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the (ollowing describ-cd landa on the
Woat Coasl of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three miloa eaat
of the aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 4475 thenca
80 chaina went, thence 80 chaina north, 80 chaina
rout, thenca 80 chains south to point ot commencement.
Located August Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charloli
Take notica that Auatin M. Drown of Princ*
Hu|K>rt, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works
for a licence to prospect tor coal, oil and petroleum
on arm under the following dtweribed landa on the
West Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three miles eaat
of th* aoutheaat corner of C. I No. 4470 thence
wtvt 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chaina, thenc* eouth 80 chaina to poinl ot
Located August Iat, 1911.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlott*
Take nolico that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Hupert, aaddler, intends to apply to the Chief
CommiMtoner ot Lands and Worka for a licence
lo proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the following described lands on the West Coast of
Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea from
the southeast cornor of C. L. No. 4472 thence 80
chaina west, Ihence 80 chains north, Ihenc* 80
chaina east, thence 80 chains aouth to point of
Ucated Auguat 1st. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict���Dislrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Drown of Prince
Rupert, II. C, occupation aaddler, intonda to
apply to the Chief Commiasioner of Unda and
Works for a licence to prospect for coal, oil and
petroleum on and under the following deacribed
lands on the Weat Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three miles east
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4478 thence
80 chains south, thpnee 80 chains east, Ihence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west to point of
com mencement.
Dateol I '���. ilit.n  IM Jul>. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUtrict���District of Queen Charlott
Tako notice that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
the chief Commissioner of Unds and Worka for
a licence to prospect for eoal, oil and petroleam
nn and under the following descrilted lands on the
u . -i Coast ot Graham Island:
Heginnlng at a post plant.*.I three mites east n
tl,.- nnrlheaat eorn��r of C. L. No. H7* thence 80
chains eaat, thence 80 chatna aouth thenre 80
chatna west, Ihenee 80 chnins north to point of
Ucated August 1st, 1011.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Composed For the Ross Campaign by Ernest Flexman
and Cleverly Sung at  Liberal  Smoker by
"Deacon" Fletcher
Among the enjoyable features .>f the Bmoker at the Dur.can Ross
committee rooms last nielli was the Introduction of ;���. new campaign
jingle, composed by Ernest Flexman, li was well sung by "Deacon"
H. G. Fletcher ami "caughl on" almost from ilu- Btart. Hy the time
the third verse was reached the crowded audience was swinging into
die rollicking chorus, and when the last verse was readied they were
giving it with a vim. Later on it was insisted that it should be given
again and thc lasi line of the refrain became a hilarious shout, for
no one seemed to have tlie slightist doubt but that reciprocity would
carry throughout the whole Dominion and that our Liberal candidate
would be returned by it very large majority. It was reported that
the Conservatives had conceded that he would have a majority In
Prince Rupert over "Poor Herbert ('" of 135.
The following arc the inspiring words of the ditty. Cut them out
and paste them in your hat for use at the greal Ross meeting this
In fifty-f.iitr there Wire some, men
Who wanted annexation then,
Lord Elgin stopped their little game
By getting Reciprocity.
Anil from that time our     adc increased,
All talk of annexation ceased,
Prosperity for all was readied
By hiding Reciprocity.
Vote for Reciprocity,
Increase our trade's velocity,
T'will bring its all prosperity,
Ross and Reciprocity.
The time passed by. and things wen* changed.
We lost the trade concessions made,
And Whigs and Tory*, all eonil.ii'ctl
To try for Reciprocity.
Sir John Macdonald, Thompson, Brown,
Tupper and Poster, all wcr.l down,
Bui every one came back again,
Siill wattling  Reciprocity.
Our Grand Old Man, advisu! thai we,
Should if we would successful be,
"A waiting game must play" saitl lie
Ami we'll get Reciprocity.
And sure enough Bill Taft came through,
Sir Wilfred told what wc would do.
We need the biz, antl so do you,
That comes from Reciprocity.
Prince Rupert's place iipmi lhc map
Would give so much advantage lhat
Alaska's trade we're bound lo tap
If we get Reciprocity.
So voters nil it's up to you���
There's jusi one thing for us to tig���
To cast our ballot, mark it true
For Ross and Reciprocity.
Poor Herbert C. surname.! Clements
Great gall he baa, but little sense,
Can only use one argument,
""li-a Beans, noi Reciprocity,"
To Duncan Ross made no reply.
To the tall timbers he did hie,
Back to Vancouver he shall fly
When we have Reciprocity.
Vote for Reciprocity,
Increase our trade's velocity.
T'will bring us .ill prosperity,
Rn-s and Reciprocit).
Second avenjc and Third street
Over Wt'Stetihuvur Bros.' Oflice.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
I.aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
I'rince Runert P.O. Box 351
uf British Oolim-lbll Of H.C. Ontario, Saa-
ninl M-iiillutiu lliira. kutchewati  and Al-
la-ii:i llara.
BARRIBTBRa. Notaries, Etc.
Office-Kicbiinge block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth '.tift't. I'rince Ruoert. B
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D.S.
Crown anil Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa nnd
local aii:i* ill--' ��������� ��� ii.liiitin -i.Tc.i for the painleaa extraction of teeth. Conault-ation freo. Officea:
Ilelirorson Dlook, I'rince Kupert. 11-12
Ab'vM.M.in  -hi H.A..      VV.K.Willmni��,lt.A.. L.L.D
Ban-inters, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
I'rince Rupert, B.C
P. o. uox ii
PUPIL UF WM. FOXON,   I   *..-. A.It.A.M.. ION.. FSU
Skoena Land District -District of Const EUtlBO V
Tuko notico thut 1, lVti-r Khcl.wm of Prince
Kupert, luliortT, inteml io upply for |R*nnt_,iion
to purchase tha followinK dHOnood lunds:
Commenolng at a pwi plantad on tho north
bunk n( Williams Cn-el. wlicm the railway right-
of-wuy QfOaaQI untl ;i chuins kick Irum Um cruel.
bank, thenca south :iu chains, llii-neu eust <iu
chains, them-, north 80 chains, tunce west -IU
chains to puint of commoncentunt.
Datud July 7, PJ11, PETER ERICKSON
Pub. July IT.. Fred E. Cowell, Auent
Bkaena Land District DUtrict ot Coust tUnn V
Tuko notioa thut I, John Evenion of Prineo
Kupert,  laborer,  inteml  in apply  for perniisaion
lo purchuhu tho lollowlng descrilied lunds:
Commanclng ut u poat planted at tha aouth*
cant corner of Lol ill,',, thenco north BO chuinsi
thunco  oast   Ml   chums,   Ihenco  south   i-l>   chuins,,
thence weat 60 ehalni to point ol oommenoomonti I
baud July 11, lqu, JOHN EVEN80N l
Pub. July BS, Fred K. Cowall, Agant
Bloaana Land Dlatrlcl   District ol Coaat Rango V !
Tuku notioe that J, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N.   D*|   Occupation   merchant,   intend   lo   upply \
lor perinlaalon tu purehaae tha following daaerTbed
Commencini: ul u pust piunted on tho east!
boundary unit uhout live chains from the southeast corner of Lot MM, thonce north i-O chuins,
thenco oust BO chains, thenco wmth <>0 chuins,
thenco west 80 chains to puint of commencement.
Dated June 84,1011, BENJAMIN A. FISH
Pub. July 25. Fred K. Cowell, Agent
keena Lund District-District of Const Rnnt,u t>
Tuko   nolico   t hut   Stun ley    lirccn   of    Prineo
Rupert, B. c, occupation miner, Intenda to apply
for permiaalon to purchuso the followinK doBCribod
Commencing nt a pust piunted IO chains soulh
and 40 ctiuiim west of tlio nurlhwost corner of
Lot 17311, Lakelaa Vullcy. District of Coust limine
5, thenco west in chains, tlience south HU chains,
thonco oust  in chuins, thonco north HO chains lo
mini  of commencement.
itaked Juno BOth, 1911 STANLUY ORBBM
Pub. July 15. Locator
SkocnnLunt) District-District of Const Range 5
Take notice thut Peru ***��� Miller of Prince liu-
pert, B.C., occupation Civil Engineer, intends to
upply for pet-mission tu purchuae tho following
described landa.
Cumin.T. in.* ut a post planted on lhe left bunk
of McNeil Kiver ut north woat corner of lol 41(11
K.V., tbence east .!<��� chnins mure or less to westerly boundary of timlier limit M5 (old number
tfou) thence northorly following aaW woetoflf
boundary of timber limit tin chains moro or lesa
to north waat oorner of aald timber limit, thonce
westerly _n chain*, more or less to left bunk of
McNeil Kiver, thence southerly followlntr aald
left bank of McNeil Kiver tin chuins more or less
to puint of commencement, eontuininu Its* acres
more or less,
\\\\\\\\ B�� Flexman, Agent
Date June 11). Kill
Pub. July ly. I'Jll
Skeena Land Uistrict-Uiatrict       of Casslar
Tako notico thai I. Thomas Carter, of Prince
Kupert, occupallon carpenter, intend to apply
for permission to purchase the followinK de��crtb>>
ed land.
Commenclnir at a post planted ntsmt one mite
south from tho mouth of Fulls creek und about
l.-Vufcot kick from the l-eaeh, thence Nt chains
nortb, tbence 4<> chnins west, thence Nl chaina
south, thence eust 40 chaina lo point jf OMUIM nce-
ment, conUining ;i_M acrea more or leaa.
Dated July Tth. lull.    Charles Wcht-tcr Calhoun,
Pub. Auk. Mh. Auent.
Skeena Land DUlrict-DUtrict ol Coast Range V
Take notice that 1. Paul Hagon of Prince
Rupert, laborer. Intend to apply lor permlasion
to purchaao tho following ���-��� ���-'��� -1 * - lands:
Commencing al a poat planted on tho north
bank of Witllama Crook about ������> chains southeast from R. K.. thenco aouth 4U chains, thence
cast 4U chains, thencu north 4U chains, thence
wost 4U chains to point of commencement.
Datod July ?, 1U1I. PACL IIAC.EN
Pub. July - .. !��� r. .1 E. Cowell. Agent
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrict of Coast Range ft
Tako  notico that  Sarah   E.  Alton  ol   Prineo
Hup..-!, occupation nunc,  Intends tu apply (or
porm.Miun  to  purchase  thu  following  described
Commencing al a poat planled at lho North-
weat corner 1 IU chatna eaaterly (slightly north)
(ram tho t.nrti. i : corner ul Lol 1110 H-t .-
Survey) Coaat DUtrict, lUngo V, thence KU chains
east, thence t��U chains aouth, ihenco 40 chains
west, thenco 4U chaina north, ihenco 4U chains
weal, ihence 4U chains north to post o( commencement containing 4M) acres moro or leaa.
Dated Juno 11, 1911. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Fred Uohler, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct of Coast Range &
Take notce that Unlord Suwcll Hell ol Prince
Rupert, 11. C. occupation locomotive engineer,
Intends to apply for permission lo purchasu the
(ollowing deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on the north
bank  of  the ZimogoliU   River about  throe VI)
milaa dUtant (upstream) In a westerly direction, . ��� -       ���*.      ���   ���*��� ���
from lho junction ol tho Utile /midgutKa Klver   Room   28.    Alder Block UDttufl
and lho main Zimogotiu River, thence north 40 | ���*WWB"  m** r
chaina, thence weat 40 chains, thence aouth 40
chaina,  thenca east  40  chains  to poat  ol  commencement containing .60 acrei more or loaa.
Dated June 7, 1911.    LINFORD SEWALL HELL
Pub. July B. Geo, it. Putnam, Agent
Caaalar   Und   DUtrict    DUtrict   of  Skeena
Take notice that I, Lemuel Freer of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply (or pcrmMion
to purchase the (ollowing desrilietlr landa:
Commencing at a poat planicd on tht ahore
in a northerly direction from Port Nelson Cannery
marked I.. K.'a S. E. Comer, thenoa 20 chaina
north, thence 20 chains waat, thence 20 chaina
aouth to ahore line, thence along the ebon to
point of commencement, containing 40 acroa mora
llaliTjune 10,1��I1 LEMl'EL FREER
Pub. July i*. J. M  CollUon, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Coaal Range V
Take notice that Jomc M. Tallman of Cedar
Rapid-. Iowa, occupation lawyer, intendi lo
apply for permUiiion lo purchase thc folluwing
ili-M-ril-ed lands.
Commencing al a post planted on the oouthcrly
ahoro of Kulaymatcen Inlet on thc right bank
of a amall stream Mowing Into aald Inlet juat east
of Crow Uke.    Thence south 2U chain*, ihence
 to chains more or .****> lo the atmre line of
Crow Uke, Ihenco northerly and eantcrly following the shore llnea of Crow Uke, the Inlet
to Crow Uke and Kutseymatcen Inlet to the
place ol commencement, containing forty acroa
more or leaa. lx>caled August 7, 1911.
Dated Aug. *?, IHU. JESSE M. TALLMAN
rub. Aug. 12.
Sk-*r,a Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Ranga &
-._. ..��� a*..* ..   ���  Miller ol Tipton, Eng-
,   intends  to  apply   (or
Iwion  lo purchaao  the  lollowing  tkocribed
Mf.ltrANTlt.l-:   AGENCY
Tltinl A.ventM also Water Street,
Ki'puiritiir a Specialty,
Complete Stock Carried.
i hit --nil* Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
Ktinli-li and American liilliarda
Twelve Tablea Second Avr.
Kor Hi'uiniiiTs ami Advanced PapUa
Miss Vera Greenwood
l-u'iil of Kranx Wtlcxck, Pari, anil H.-rlin.
___=_E.   EBY   CS,   Co.==
Kitaumkalum Lanl Kor Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
Tht. ivii.a*. Hiii-.ti Lnln. Na .110, Sana of
Etiieiat.il. m**la lh* flrat anil thlnl Tu**lava In
���arh month In the. Sona of Enirlanrl Halt. -i:> 2nd
\.. at ft p.m.
F. V. CLARK. S*e..
P. O. Box MI2. I'riniM. Ruport
I I.**. I S1 A. WOODS, l-i. -i.l. nl. Uox 23
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
Between'��� * .th SU.    Prin(,B *******
Tate* tiniir* thai It. F. Millor ol Tipton, i.n��-
l.r.'l.   oceupailon   laini.-r.   Intontla  to  apply   lor
land.:    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I'otnnirnrin* al a poet planlcal alxtut GO chaina :
*n*at Imm lh* N. W. Tomer ol (.ol lloet, thenc* '
north  in chaina, thenc* *.n.t 2U chain., lhanc*
���outh   1(1 ch.ina,  ihe-nc* Mat  2tl  chaina  lo the
point ol niiitinriir,.nii-iit   containing eighty acre*
more or ina*.
Haled Aucu.t 19, lull. It. F. MILLKR
Pub. Au(. 2��. P. M. Miller. Agent
Six   People   Killed   in   Vienna
Bread Riots
(Canadian I't. n Dstp&tch)
Vienna, Sept. 10.���Tin* dty it*
qulc.t   i.Mlny   j.fiiT  a   turbulent
Sundsy, when  koki ol  people
were Injured In riots fathered by
the Socialists ."giiinst the hiKliiT
cost of living. One rc|Hirt s,'\-
tllitt six persons were killeil anil
two hundred Injured during the
No Tenders for Loan
Montreal, Sept. 19.   (SpecJaQ���
For the first  time in the history
..f the dty no tenders have l.ccn
i.ttiviil for it civic loan.   The
iil\- failed for tenders for a loan
of   seven   millions   and   po   one
responded.    The  officials iire of
Opinion  that   the  cause  is  lo  lie
found in the unsettled finandal
conditions of the world, ii h-*s
never happened before.
Better terms for B. C. Hy
voting for redprodty the Federal
|ovcmtnent will rebate millions of
taxes to the Be Ce people.
Ske-na Uml lualnn     l.ia.rirt nl Coaat IUnge II
t     Take   nolle.-  that   I,   Thomaa   McClymont  ol .
I'rince   ltu|iert,   ll.   C.,   .ircu-ialion   real   eal.lc J
1 limker, intend l.t a|ittty lor iiermfnaion to purchwe
the l.,lln��iiig .t.-arnlMal land.
0������BMMnf  at   a  paot   planleel   at  the 8.   W. j
'Corner nf |lia aoiptloa record 112, ihence eaal (��0'
chain., thence auu1h  IU chain*,  thence -a-eal   .U
.. ....     ,   . , ,   -r- i chaina lo ahor* of lake, thence lollowing .here
Railways    lied    Up   and     I rOOpS   ��t lal.   i>.  a i..rt|.tl.   itir.<*n..n in pmnl  nt n.n.
mencment;  r*mtaining_ll20 acre., more or le*..
Held  in  Readiness
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Dublin,  Sept.   19.���.A   general
strike   hi's   l.citi   declared   on   all
Skeena Und lii-trict
Han.i Iat.
Pub. Sept. !>.
Erenet-t Cole. Agenl
-Diatrict of Coaat  I: .- . -   *
T.ke milir.* that K. II. tl. Miller ol Falmouth
Eng., occupation aurvcyor, intend, to apply lo
pernii.-i"ii   In  purchaae  the  following  ilee-crilied
Commencing at a poal planted at Ihe N. W. fur*
Bj************aa-H**********H .,- ,     ���        I iwfol Lot lltltl. Ihenee weed HO chiana, thenee fanith
tlie    railWayS.        IrOOpS    Sre    OCll K   '<��� chain., tbenceeaat ��tl chain., thenc.' nurth J"
chain* to lhe point ul eommcnc-tnenl containing
Funeral   Director and  Embalmer
Funeral   Director*
.In! Ave. neariilti St. I'hone No. He]
In Id in readiness.    The strike will
Interfere greatly with ti_ns*Atlan��
lic traffic,
K.0 acre* more or lea*.
Daled Auguat I.'i, 1911.
Puh. Aug. 20.
K. II. (1.  MILLER
I'. M. Miller. Agent
The Chinese Missions
Tonroto,  Sepl.   19.    (Special)���
The safe arrival al  Churg Kit ^'.
China, of ,*> number of missionaries
from the strife Infected provinces
is reported.  There are siill seven I I^'au,*"��"" i>% ""
hundreds  to he accounted  for. aMeUaspwrw i.i.trict <���( <-oa��t iung* v
T.ke nolle* that I.  Peter  Un-cn ot Towner,
The Chinese government i-iii-diit'i'iJ****"*' Dakota, v
l..r tai*rmii*iiiin lo
troops forward. i-'
SkMna Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol Qtiren Charlott*
Take nolice thai Auatin M l.rnwn o( Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler. intend, to apply lo the
Chief Commlaaioner of Und. and Mnrka for a
lirenee to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the folio*ing dccrltied land, on Ihe
Weal Coaal ot liraham Island:
Commencing at . poet planted three mile* eaat
of lhe nnrtlieaal corner ot t:. I.. No. 1472 thence
north HU chaina, Ihenc eaat HO chaina, Ihence
aoulh HO chain., thence w-e*t 80 chain, lo point ol
AUSTIN M. HROWN, I ..r.ii.r
i purcha:
farmer, intend In app1>
i tlie folio* ing dtaacril>e,l
Commencing at a pout planted al the aouth-
.aai corner ol Ut 1729, Ihence aouth HO chatna,
Ihence weet  40 chatna, Ihence north HO chain.,
thence eaal 10 chain, to point nt commencement.
Dated July 15, 11111. 11.1K.11 I.Ml  I.*.
I Pub July 211, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agenl
..Grand  Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
Phone 178 1st Ave. nntl 7th St,
GEO. BRODERIUS. Proprl.lor
Hotel Central gjjfctta
European nnd American plan, .team
hrntral. in.alern convenience., kale*
ll.i.t to *2.fto tier tlay. :
fatal   BUck ��� ���
Tanks of Blazing Oil
I.OS Allgeles, Sepl. 19.     (Spcd-Q i Bkeana land Dlalrlct -Diat.icl ���t Coma! Ranga V
. l        r    ll   _ t.        I    Take notice that I, Adnlph II. Chrlatlanaon nl
immense tanks ol oil iii.vr iieiniTownet, Httttii D.ieou, occupation attorny
I at la v. Intend tn apply lor pcrml-wion to purchaae
destroved nnd firemen are litditit n.' ii��iniinaingeie*crii*��eilamia:
'   " '*'**' "'*'"*" **������*   "K">" ��t       Commencing al a port planle.1 alMiut nn. and 1
rlne-mne italu   ,,.   nue   il...   ,.1..,,    ,,(   one-h.ll mile. (1  1-2) northeeurt nl the head M
aCSperatel)     tO  SaVe    tlU*   plSnt    l>l    -MM  tU*�� on th. weat aide ot Ukel-n Uke, I
,        ,. , ...,,. e antl about 6 chain. Irom the lake trniit, Ihence
tilt:   Hercules   Oil   I otlll.i'l V   here. ' tamth HO chain., tlience wet  mi chain., thence,
' nurth mi chain., Ihence eaal HO chaina to point
The loss is already over half p- <���< ��B"-"-,"^jnljPII ���. c.iiistiXnson   I
1 I >.t-d Jun.. iii, 1911. Fmi E. Cowell, Agent |
Fraaer mnd Fifth Rt.
The only hotel In town
with hot and cold water In -rooena. lle.l fur-
nl.he.1 houae north of
Vancouver. Riaim. Talc
tip. I'hone 37. P.O.
11.9 129.       :        I
Prudhomme ����� I'ial.er      Proprietor*
I million.
| Pub. July n. THE DAILY NEWS
(Continued from page one)
should vote in this election. To
my mind there is a proper spirit
among Prince Rupert men which
expects and demands decency in
public nun. For my part until
Mr. George 11. Cowan withdraws
that gross insinuation against the
character ol wir revered leader
I do not propose to treat him as
a man. (Loud applause and jarrtiatis
for Cowan).
Duty We Pay on Fruit
"I jive you another little item
to remember. You all eat fruit
but not so much of it as you would
like because it is so expensive.
Now I find that last Wednesday
you paitl a little over $1200 in
taxes, or duty, on the fruit that
came in lhat day. If you hail
paid this ��1200 taxes at the city
hall there would have been something doing. If reciprocity goes
into effect you will pay no duty
on your fruit.
"This is one of many things
1 would ask you to remember
when you go up to vote early
Thursday morning. 1 know, however, that this is one you are not
likely to forget, and on the saving
that reciprocity means in gt-nral
to the home maker you are well
informed. Vote for reciprodt)
by all means."
The crowded audience cheered
again anil again as Mr. Ross
closed, waving banners and hats
ami behaving with as much enthusiasm as if the battle had already
been won.
Clever Parody of Well-known
Scotch Ballad by Popular
Rupert Pioneer.
(Continued from Page one)
There were other songs and
speeches, Including a strong one
by Mr. Manson a brief outline
of which will be found in another
column, and the meeting then
adjourned to this evening with
rousing cheers for the candidate
and Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
���i ** I. *a ii *�� ii **.i**a n **i n**,. ��a,i ��. n .. n mi**t                                                                                                      M��**a ii**i>.**,i^i,^ei*ii,'*,i^,i^,iai,i.i
*���������.*���'*. i.** n *aii a. i�� 'a .. *. H "a..** n ���* .. *. |M| Ml >n an .11 >n an .iiaiian �� n.	
OOOOOOO ooooooo
0 0
In all Dominion elections the doors of polling
booths open at 9 o'colck
a. m. and close at S p.m.
All votes must be cast
between these hours.
In provincial and municipal elections the polling stations remain open
until 7 o'clock in the
evening, a fact which
sometimes creates confusion in the mind of
the elector. Do not forget that on September
21 the doors of the polling booths will be closed
sharply on the hour of 5.
o -
Phone 150
The Insurance People
l'lat,* Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.���Houaea and Rental..
oooooooo oooooo
Bourassa Gnag Comes to Blows
With Laurier's Supporters
"Ross and  Reciprocity"  forms
a  popular  theme for  the  poetic
talent   of   Prince   Rupert.     Following  excellent  parody,  in  true
ballad style, of a famous Scottish
song  was  written   right   off   the
reel by a popluar priming pioneer
of Prince Rupert, your old friend
"Scotiy" Dennis.   The song even
apart from its immensely popular
sentiment, would attract attention
from its clever turns of wii and
appropriate   play   on   names   of
persons and places.
Ha, ha, the Wooin' o't
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal. Sept. 20.-��� For a lime
last night  the city feared a riot
when the rival fat lions of Bourassa
and Laurier clashed after speechifying by tin- two leaders.   The
Premier while on lhe way to thi
Station to take train for Quebec
ran foul of Bourassa's supporters
who hissed ami jeered him. Eev-
eral fights occurred. Tlie police
were called oul and order w.t-
��fri **�� i. ^..���i ..^..^..^.. ^u .an^n** ii a. ..^ U*f
Northwestern League
Vancouver 5, Seattle 2.
Spokane 5, Victoria 4.
Portland 4, Taeouia 0.
National League
Brooklyn 7, Cincinnati 5.
New York '.,. Pittsburg 1.
Philadelphia 2, Chicago 0.
St. Louis 13, Boston 12.
Pacific Coast League
Portland 2, Oakland 1.
San FrandsCO ft, Los Angeles 1.
American League
Washington 7. Chicago 8,
Boston 2, Detroit 1.
Philadelphia ">. St. Louis I,
Cleveland '���>. New York '.i.   Nine
Help Wanted
Wanted general aervant. two at-mtnl glrla kept.
Apply to Mra. L. W. I'nliniiri*. SB*
Wutmil bright boy for N.��a Stand. One llvlna
at home preferred. Apply Canada Itftilwuy
Ni-wi Co.. G.T.P. Dock, ur flu. 8, CliiPP Hl.lK-
Wnnteel woman to cook nn.l take i-are of twu
children. German wi'inun preferred. State
Wagta expected and apply at T;l M .i Ave.        tl
Wanted- A party aeeka i-inplm-nn'M. Gotxl commercial experience botli ill Africa and till,
country. Speak. French. Trin.twi.rthy. Box
>|-. Dally N.wa. -"���'--! ���
Furnlahed rooma with hath,
the week.   Talbot Him-.-.
Special ratea by
Neatly Furnlahed rooma. t.'.'iitl.'men preferred.-
Apply Mr.. Mullin. over Mitj.'itlc Theatre,     tf
Nice Furnlahed Rooma. Mr
Block; Third Ave.
Fur Rent-Furnlahed routti-
with bath. Digby lt.a i .
. Greenwood,  Alder
Hut and cold water
r.th Ave. and Fulton
tat Rent-Sona of England Hall, tilt) 2nd'Ave., for
l.nnrea. Fraternal Socii'tica, Social., etc. Apply
Frank A  Kill*. Box t*' ' ur vhune OS. l-i'.-lf
For Sale
Fur Sale-Chicken Ranch.'_ Storey house, house-
ii .hi , ��.|*.     Near  Prii  Kupert.    A  snap if
tat.i-n at once.   Address H.<\ 368. tf
OUR Companies are n >ti-l for prompt and juat
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Itt-altv and Insurance Co.
i|ii~> in ni ****9*at***Mn*. * " ���* "'*> **y**m*J***t i'"* ***** *****
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Is a Persistent "Influence" Exert-    ^^
ed  in Your Behalf)
Every bit of printing that goes out to serve vou mskoi "Snm
Kind of an Impression.       Poor printing will leave ii im,,',*    !'
preasion of its user as surely as would poor clothes or non*
store or shop or office.    "Goad " printing will leave upon avarv
mind an impression wholly fuvorable of its user. *
Even if but one in a thousand of these "Impression! " walls Una
the scales for business, for orders, for you " lioo.l Prlntlm,'
will have thus paid for itself 1 rmunj
Daily News Building phone 98 Third Aoemu
SkMna Und DUtrlct���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotta
Taka notlc* that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
Rupart. aaddler, Intonda to apply to tb. Chiel
Commlaaioner ot Landa and Work, lor a licenc*.*
Xo proapect lor coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the (ollowing described landa on tho Waat Coaat
ol Graham laland:
Commcncing at a poat planted three mllea eaat
ol th. northeaat corner ol C. 1.. No. 4169 thence,
uat 80 chaina, thanca aoulh 80 chaina, thence
weat 80 ehalna, thance north 80 chaina to point ol
eo ni mencement.
AUSTIN M. BROWN, Locator '
Located Auguat Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeana Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotta
Taka notica that Auatin M. Brown ol Princa
Kupi-rt. aaddlar,  intonda to apply to th. Chiel
Commlaaionar ot Landa and Worka for a licence
We Have Clients for Property
in Sections One and Six
Submit your listings : :
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
Real Estate Department
Manages,  Buys,  Sells,  Rents and Appraises Prince Rupert
city real Estate, Pays Taxes, Places Insurance,
Collects Rents
Free Telephone Debate
l>r. Reddie, ilu- health officer,
i> I., have a free telephone. Thai
it- to say, lu- i�� t<> have .1 telephone
in liis house ;" ilu* expense of the
city. But tlii- boon was nol
obtained withoul ;'��� warm discussion .'.1 thc council M< nday
night. Aid Kerr was ngair.sl .��� fret
telephone being given to anybody,
l.ut   Aldennan   Smith   said   lu
thought ;��� telephone for tin offida
Ghastly Freight of C. P. R. Box business of tin* health officer wai
Duncan Ross cam' here to woo,
Ha, ha, the wooin' o't,
A winsome hiss wha's name was
Ha, ha, tlu- wooin' o't,
Pert anil proud wi' tocher fair
()' acres plenty, rich and rare,
Which only need a guidnuui's care,
Ha, ha, tin- wooin' o't.
Duncan wasna' a' his lam-,
II.1. ha, tin- wooin' n't,
A- tin* las-ic's only swain,
Ha. ha, tin- wooin' o't.
A carpet-bagger from below
Travelling for McBride & Co.
W.i- tin* lassie's other j...
Ha, ha, tlu- wooin' o't.
Duncan swore th.u he'd In- true,
Ha, ha, tin* wooin* o't,
He'd no other lot! in view,
Ha, ha. the wooin' o't.
The carpet-bagger wadna1 swear
That hfe'd love no other fair.
She'd lie second of a pair.
Ha, ha, the wooin' n't.
The lassie had no use aw.
Ha, ha, the wooin' o't,
For being Beriie's Nunl.er Twa,
Hit, ha, the wooin' o't.
"Dare ye ask o' me," tjno* she,
"Thai  I your light-o'-love should
Ye may go to���Van���for me,"
Ha, ha, the wooin' o'l.
"Duncan'sbuilt upon my plan,"
Ha, ha, the wooin' o't.
"He will tlo for my nuidman,"
Hit, ha, the wooin1 o't.
"A brawny laddie O1 the West,
He's the lad that 1 love best.
Well 1 know he'll maud the test,
Ha, ha, the wooin' o't.
Car at Revelstoke
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Revelstoke, Sept. 20.���The bodj
of a man was found in a C. I'. R.
box car lasi night ii|Min its arrival
from Field. Remains wen- badly
mangled snd indications point t"
murder. From a contract math
with a Winnipeg firm to work or
a C. P. R. gang thc man's name
was found to be J. Bailey.
Three to One for Govt.
Ottawa. Sept. 20.���(Special)���
Wagers arc being made in the
elections at prevailing odds of
three to one tint the Government
will be sustained ard even monev
thiit the Government will have .���-
majority of over thirty.
For Rent - Furnished or unfurnished rooms bachelors
only) over Wallace s Dry Goods
Store.    H. S. Wallace. tf
.��� necessity, and until that official
had an office if the new city hall,
and while he was using hi- homi
as an office, a phone should In
placed in hi- home. Aldermai
Hilditch antl Alderman Kirkpatrick took a siinil.tr view of the
situation and ilu telephone was
accordingly ordered.
Charles I). Newtop got in op
the Prince Rupert ihis morning.
He had purposed a long trip outside but cut it short to be hen
to vote for reciprocity.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4
Grand Election DANCE
Don't forget the grand dance
in the Mclntyre Hall on Thursday
evening. Dancing from 9.110 lo
12.30.   Gray's Orchestra.
A wireless reports thai they wen
having a heavy hailstorm iit Skidegate this afternoon. Tomorrow,
probably, it will be hailing votes
for Rostand Reciprocity there.
New Settler Arrives
At 4.80 ihi- morning a son was
born lo Mr. and Mrs. ('. G.
Mull, r of Lakelse Valley, residing
.'i present on Eighth avenue,
Mother .'ml son ait- both doit g
well. Lakelse Valley will be pleased
to welcome lhe new selller in ;
few   weeks   whin   Mr.   and   Mr.-.
Midler return to iheir ranch.
What Lots of Fun Well
Have with Cowan
The mat. who branded
Sir Wilfritl  Liurier as "a
white-livered coward," Geo,
S. Cowan, stepped off ihe
Prince Ruperl this morning, and In- had wiih him
the little grip that Fred
Slork says he will put on.
the Venture tomorrow
night.    He is  a   "ciilius"
Vancouverite sent for to
boost for another Vancouverite. There was no brass
band to meet him. But
there was Mayor M.'.tison
awaiting, ready to hand
over the freedom of the
city; M. M. Stephens 10
give him the glad hand
and welcome him as "the
savior   of   lhe   situation,"
and���Candidate   Clements
in  lhe background.
Hot Search for Robbers
Seattle,   Sept.   20.-(Special)���
Men suspected to be concerned
in the New Westminster bank
robbery passed through Everett
today and are believed to Inhere now. They are suspected
through conversation overheard at
the C. N. station.
New Styles for Fall
Our new stock of fancy Uveitis
and classy worstetls jusi arrived,
Largest stock nonh of Vancouver.
American or English styles.
Our aim is to please everybody.
Call atul see our Stock���It is full
of gootl values and nobby patterns.���Sweder Brothers, high class
tailors, Helgerson Block. Ill
Wtntad - Mantl  laundering      Prices mods-rat**.
.'���I ThirU Avenue, near Nvws ottlce, tf
Wanted pilet 100 feet K>ntr.   Imiutre at   the Atlin
Construction Co.. Seal Cove, or Phone 220    tf
Wanted.���Cleaning antl pressing, dressmaking,
plain sewing, children's sewing, repairlngtand al-
��������� i.it ������!.- Men*' and ladies' garments. Canadian
Cleaning and I'reaalng shop. -.'" Third Avenue.
I'hone i*M Red. tf
Lost and Found
Lost��� Ladles' watch In bracelet,
turning to News ofllce.
Kvwnrd bv re-
Special - Attraction
fight pictures, showing
every blow and action
in desperate nnd fiercely fought contest :   :
General Admission 25c
Commencing; 7 p.m.
following de.crib.Hl landa on th. Weal
Reciprocity Prices
Ahead of
to proapect for eoal, oil and petroleum on and
under tne following
Coaat of Graham laland:
Commendnf at a poat planted three mllea eaat '
o( tho northeast corner of C. I.. No. 4469 thunce
south 80 chaina. thenee 8U chaina watt, tbence tW
chaina north, tbence 80 chaini eaat to point of
Located Auguat Iat. 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict o( Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Kupert. occupation aaddler, intenda lo apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner of Lands and Worka for i
a licence to proepect for coal, oU and petroleum on
and under the following deacribed Unda on th.*
Weat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commeneing at a poat planted three mil.- eaat
of the aoutheaet corner of C. L. No. 4175 thence
north 80 chain*, thence eaat 80 chaina, thenre aoulh
80 chaina, thenca west 80 chaina to point of commencement.
AUSTIN  M. DHOWS', Locator
Ucated Auguat let, 1911
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin  M. Brown ������(  Prince
Rupert. occupaUon uddler, intenda to apply to '
the   CbUf   Commlaaioner   of   Landa   and   Worka
for a licence to proapect for coal and oil and petro- i
leum on and under lha following deecribed landa
on the Weat Coaat of Grabam laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three niUua eaat |
of tbe aouthweat corner of C, I.   No. 4477 thence
80 chaina eaat, thence 80 chaini north, ihence 80
chaina weet, tbenee 80 chaina aouth to point of
AUSTIN M. HROWN. locator
Date of Location, Slat July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUUict-District of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Hupert. occupation aaddler, intenda lo apply to
the Chief CommUaioner ot Lands and Works for a
licenco m proepect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the (ollowing deecribed landa on the Weet
Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poet planted three milea eaat
of the aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 4472 ihence
north 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chains, thence eoulh
80 chaina, thenee west 80 chaini to point of commencement,
Ucated Auguat 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aut. 19.
keena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auitin M. Brown ot Prince
Kupert, occupation eaddlrr, Intenda to apply
to the Chief Commiaaioner of Landi and Worka
for a licence to proapect tor coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tbe following described Unds on thc
Weet Coaat ot Graham laland:
Commeneing at a poat planted three mllo* eaat
01 the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4474 thence
80 chain south, thence 80 chain* weat, thence 80
chain* north, thence 80 chaini eaat to point of i
located August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUUict ot Queen Charlotu
Take notice tbat Austin M. Brown of Prinoe
Rupert,   occupation   aaddler,   InUnda   lo   epply |
to tbe Chief Commissioner ot Landi and Works
tor a licenc* to proapect tor coal, oil and petroleum }
on and under toe following deacribed land* on the
Weat Coaat of Grabam IaUnd:
Commencing at a poat planled three mile* east
of the northeast corner ot C. I*. No. 4471, thence
80 chains east, tbence 80 chain* aouth, thence 80
chain* weat, thene* 80 chaini north to point ot
Ucated August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und District���District of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prlnee
Rupert, aaddler by occupation, intends to apply
to the Chief Commiasioner of Unda and Worka
tor a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum i
on and under the following deacribed lands on the
Wert Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three mile* east
ot the northeaat corner of C. I*. No. 4471 thence
aouth 80 chslna, thence west 80 chaina, thence
north 80 chains, ihence eaat 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
AL'STIN   M.   BROWN,   Ucaior
Ucated Auguat lit. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown at Prince
Kupert, occupaUon aaddler, InUnda to apply to
the Chief Commlaaionar ot Lands and Work* for a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the follow nig deacribed lands on tbe
Wnt Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat pUnted three mile* eaat
ot the southeast corner ot C. L. No. 4470 thence
north 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chaina, thence
���outh 80 chains, thence weat 80 chaina to point of
Ucated August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
50 of them 3 months
old $6.50 to $7.00 . .
At Little'* Newt Stand.     Centre Si.
We carry everything In the feed line, alao garden ace-da at the loweal market price., at Cullart'a
"li* I. '-I Star*. Market I'lace
i'rompt Delivery
Phones 41 or 301
We  need   the  room   snd  arc
CLOSING   OUT   our   stock   of
\V;ill IVpcrs.
Why pay more whei-  \ou can
purchase the best at  a saving
of from one-fourth to one-half
the regular prices? The opportunity is yours.
Short Fatal Flight
De Witt, Iowa, Sept. 20.���(Special)" Aviator Rosenbsum of Chicago,  was   killed   ihis  afternoon
when his aeroplane fell  from  a
height ..( only lifty feet.   He was ��-   n * r    oDAC       1 Tr
in the air altogether only twenty IMcRAE    BROS.*,    LTD.
The Big Furniture Store
Main entrance 2nd Ave; 6th St.
entrance, last door in block
Bigger and Better
than Ever
r. W. HART
New Diamond and
Pearl Goods
We have juat received an aaiiort-
ment of Rings, Brooches, Tie
Pins, etc., of the very
latest design
R. W. Cameron & Co.
CT.P. Official  Watch   Inipector.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Skeen. Und Diatrict���DUtriet ol Queen Ch.rlott.
Take notice that Auatin M Drown ol Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply to
the Chiel Commlaaioner ol Landa and Worka lor
a licence to proapect (or eoal, oil and petroleum
on and under the (ollowini deacribed land, on th.
Weet Cout ol Graham IS���M:
Commendng at a port planted three milea eaat
ol the aoutheaat corner ol C. I. No. 4475 Ihence
80 chain, west, thenc 80 ch.ina north, 80 chalna
Mwt, thanca SO chain, .outh ta point ol commencement.
AUSTIN M. DROWN, locator
LocatM Annual let, llll I.
Pub. Ann. 19.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrlet ot Queen Charlott
Take notica that Auatin M. Drown ol Princa
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply
to the Chiel CommlaaloMr ol Land, and Worka
lor a licence to nroaneet lor eoal, oil and petroleum
on and under tne following deacribed Unda on the
Weet Coaat of Graham laland;
Commencini at a post planted three mile, eart
ol th. eoutheut eorner of C. I. No. 4470 thence
weet 80 ehalna, theme, north 80 chaina, thence
<*aat 80 chaina, thenca aouth 80 ehalna to point ol
Located Atifurt Irt, 1(11.
Wark's Closing
Jewelry Sale
Three Only, $6.00 Kitchen
Clocks $2.90
Three Only, $12.50 Mantle
Clocks $6.25
Dozens of Other Clocks at
One-half Price.
See the bargains in the West
Window today. Your choice
for $2.50
C. B. WARK & CO.
Third Avenue
"���ON* 301 p.o. BOX ITH
byhtematic mbbciiants* delivery service
Baa-traite, Storage and Fnrwardlnit Altentai   For
Riga or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone 801
Two loU.CBlock 24, Section 5, cons
with two fronts, Seventh avwMt u*
Lotbiniere street._ Iricc $2600. l*K*��
One lot, Block 22, Section 5. Se��ttt
avenue.   Price $800.   *:*
One lot, Block 20, Section ... 9*ttb ����
nue.   Price J1366.   $800 cifh. Fi
view lot. _..,
One lot, Block 27, Section 7. F.ictU
avenue.   Price $287.   $25uca.��h.
Two lota, Block 12, Section 7, Ambiw
avenue.   Price $1000 euch.  W*m
Two lota, Block 49, Section irt***
Ninth avenue. Price $75U pair, cm-
half cash, balance 6 and l:. inniitw.
Two lota,  Block 3, Section I Trttl
avenue.   Price $700 pair.   ---'OO f��
Two story house, 7 rooms i rooms u
stairs, 3 rooms downstairs, pat"4
kalsomined, newly BnJshi I* ta*2S,
on   Ambrose  avenue.    Pnei
$1000 cash.
Five room house, water, 11 ijt��j* i*
pered, large basement, on Ninth ��*
nue.   Price $1800.  $1000 cash.
Four room house, comfortably in""-*1���
hot and cold water, bath ami ttlopW**
Hays Cove Circle .
Five room house, water, pa]
tered, large basement, Ninth .wi"*
Price $22.50 per month.
Stores on Second avenue.
75 x 100 feet on Third SVtnn.
Five   and   ten-acre   tract*
trucking at  Kitsumkaltitn
per acfe.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd
lur car*"
only ���*
General Machine Shop nn.l MWj
Carpentering. Also agents forlW
banks-Morse antl EDO* 0��W?
Engines. Gasoline Engine-1 and <w
cessories carried in stock.
Launch*, aad Boat, for Hire   MA **** *���*"'
The New Knox Hotel It run ..r ''' ; M���leTJ
plan. Flrat-claaa aervlce. AB tW lfj��jj. 0. OT
Improvement.. ������������*
1 I pfl
For row boats Slid IWfy
telephone   320  green.     **
Boat House.


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