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Twenty-four hours ending 5  a. m.,
June IT.
u.v  Tl'MI" KIN. TEMP. BAR.        IN. MAIN
uAX.Ti.Mr.      wa^a.       8f-e^        ^,
A5^   _t,Ve^
For South
Camosun SlHKlay, 9 a.m
Foil   No��'  *r
Princess Muy outlay p. m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II. NO. 136
Prince Rupert, B.C., Satukday, June 17, 1911.
Price Five Cents
���77 C7
Vujovitch Who Was Found Guilty of Using a Gun is
Put Away for Three Years���Five Rioters Get
Two Years and Three One Year
i ..'luiliiin Press Despatch)
J. Vujovich, shooting with intent, three years in the penitentiary.
For Rioting
Mike Burich, two years imprisonment.
Dan Mulovich, two years imprisonment.
Mike Secovich, two yesrs
Antone Sevich, two years' imprisonment.
Muke Savich, two years' imprisonment.
Noah Palovich, one year in
Nick Sandralovich, one year
in penitentiary.
Steve Brudo, one year in penitentiary.
Jura Radulovich, six months
in penitentiary.
Yiactoria, Juno 17.���Mr. Justice
Murphy this morning imposed
sentences of three, two and one
yiars, U|x>n the rioters from Prince
Ruperl who were found guilty at
the Assize* during ihe week. The
three men recommended for mercy
received the one year sentences,
BJld Radulovich for whom a strong
recommendation for mercy was
made was given only six months.
The prisoners will lie removed
to New Westminster Penitentiary
to serve their sentences.
Lakelse Fruit Lands are Now Within Easy Reach of the
Prince Rupert Market���Line Taps Fertile Area
Onlj this afternoon the second
i.ia-t tiger train from Prince Ru-
l��rt castbound, pulled out for
i"l>|Hr River. Rti|>ert's railway
.mice has settled down to its
noire place amongst the ordinary
happenings of the day. We have
more now than merely the coming
and going of the boats to consider.
Our iiiy ranks now with the
railway cities of the world, for
iti'iligli as yet we have but one
hundred miles of steel to traverse
n mir regular rail run, still a
i"| miles is quite a stretch,
-tiiil this important hundred miles
opens up the first of the fertile
valleys of the up river district
��hii ii mean so much to the pros-
p rlty nf Prince Rupert.
Lakelse Fruit Supplies
Just about eighty miles out
along steel from Prince Rupert is
the entrance to the famous La-
wise Valley, Not a large valley
compared with the other great
���ipi.nltural valleys of the up
rivtr .lisirict, the Likelse Valley
��� nevertheless particularly im-
portant from the Prince Rupert
point >.f view because from hen
'�� .1 very few seasons will lie drawn
lac readiest antl most abundant
'"lit supplies for the city.    The
Likelse district is admittedly the
fruit growing district for Prince
Rupert. There is none other so
conveniently placed which has ilu-
climatic and other conditions do
well adapted for fruit culture.
In the "Sunny Belt"
Situated just beyond the landward   limit  of   the   Pacific  coast
moisture,  the  Likelse    Valley is
watered by  rains  just  frequent
enough to ensure luxuriant fruit
growth, und yel its soil is well
stunted and ri|H'iiing of berries and
the more substantial fruits is |ht-
feet. Already in past seasons
Likelse Valley Ircrries have Ir-cii
supplied to the river steamers, and
to Prince Ru'vcrt. and off a few
acres considerable profits have been
made by the first enterprising
pioneers of the fruit industry
there.   Now that thc trains are
to run regularly past the gateway
to thai district, Likelse Itcrrics
will appear in Prince Rupert stores
with appreciated frequency this
Fifteen miles of Fruit
Just fifteen miles long, the likelse Valley is not   yet by any
means   all   ctiltivaicd.     But   all
(Continued on Last Page.)
Rev. Mr. Kerr Away
Rev. Mr. Kerr left today for
Queen Charlotte City to conduct
l rvi,,s there tomorrow. The
���'" ���bytcrian Church services in the
Empress Theatre will be conducted
by Ensign Johnstone of thc Salva-
>i"n Army. Some bright services
*re promised,
Imprisonment a Pleasure
10 imprison your feet in a pair
(f I��r. Reed's Cushion Sole Shoes
W a treat. see Scott, Froud & Co.
Where to Go
1 "���'iiros and Music, 7.30 p.m.
MffiiC  TMEATRE'   �������  Ave;
"���turcB and songs, 7.30 p.m.
P&X THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
'cturcs and music, 7.30 p.m.
As[^OR,UM^slxth Avenue. Ro)|er
Will Open Supreme Court Sittings in Prince Rupert on
Chief Justice Hunter arrived
by the S.S. Prince GtOTge this
morning. On Monday he will
open a Supreme Court in tin-
Provincial Court Rooms. The
Clerk to the Court has a number
of cases on the docket which fall
to be dealt with by the Supreme
Court, but it is exacted thnt
when these are gone over at thc
preliminary sitting on Monday
there will be only a short list
requiring any prolonged consideration for judgment.
Phosphates, of every variety,
and fully a dozen kinds of ice
cream sundaes arc some of the
good things at the Palace of
^urrpta. Third avenue.
Was Sentenced at Victoria Assizes This Morning for Killing
Captain Ellison.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, June I". Gunner Allen
who was found guilty of killing
Captain Elliston was sentenced
today to life Imprisonment.   At
his first trial he was sentenced to
death on a murder charge, but on
t retrial the offence was reduced
liu the jyry to manslaughter.
H. ������'. McRae & Co. have thc
two best buys in Section 1. 2t
Northwestern League
Vancouver 5, Victoria 2.
Portland IS, Sp.ik.uie 12; eleven
Pacific Coast League
San Francisco 7, Sacramento 1.
Vernon 3, Portland I.
American League
Chicago (1, Philadelphia 10.
Washington 7, Si. Louis (I.
Cleveland 1, Boston 2.
National League
Chicago ti, Philadelphia 3.
Pittsburg 8, Boston 2.
New York 4, St. Louis 2.
Real Estate Broker Gets Seven
Years' Imprisonment for Serious Offence.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, June 17.���Found guilty
of rape on a girl of tender years,
(".. Lloyd Faulkner, a young Vancouver real estate broker, was
sentenced today to seven years in
the penitentiary. Faulkner was a
married man.
A new sotla fountain has been
installed at the Palace of Sweets,
Third avenue. Come and try
some of the good things it can do.
Britisn Postmaster-General Announces That the Government Has
Decided to Instal
Great Brita
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, June 17.���The Imperial
Conference today discussed the
motion of Sir Joseph Ward, Premier of New Zealand, for the establishment of a chain of state-
owned wireless telegraph stations
throughout die Empire. Post-
master General Samuel said ihe
Government favored the scheme
both for strategic anil comtitcni.il
purposes. It is propositi to begin
by establishing stations at England, Cyprus, Aden, Bombay, Sir-
aii Settlements, and West Australia from where would In- linked
New  Zcsland  and   later South
a Wireless System That Will Connect
in With the Overseas Dominions
The pro'iosd that the home
government enter into negotiations
with other governments to secure
the adoption of universal international |X'jiity postage was not
adoptid, as Samuels said it would
involve a loss to the I'nitcd Kingdom of $2.22."..<Krll annually.
The Confcrnence agreed to the
proposal, which was supported by
Sir Edward Grey, the British
Foreign Secretary, to negotiate
with any foreign governments with
a view to securing to the Over-seas
Dominions the right of withdrawal
from any commercial treaty without impaling the treaty with respect   to the remainder of the
Empire. It also agreed to Sir
Wilfritl Luirier's proposal to appoint a Royal Commission for the
Over-seas Dominions to report
on trade and resources and best
methods for their development.
A long discussion ensued as
to the establishment of the All
Red mail route. The question
revealed numerous differences of
opinion and practical difficulties.
Lloyd George explained that the
cost of a 21 knot service was
prohibitive and finally a resolution
carried that it was desirable to
establish the "best possible" service.
Traveller Named Madill was Instantly Killed at Newcatlse
(Canadian Press |), spaii-h)
Toronto. June  17.-  The International Limited on  the Grand
Trunk jtiiniK-d the track at Newcastle last evening.  On passenger
was killed and half a doscn seriously Injured. The dead man Madill,
wns a commercial traveller of ihis
city. He was standing in ihe vestibule of the train when the accident occurred and his skull WSS
crushed like an eggshell. The
train was running fifty milis an
hour at the time. It is iii.irvtll.nis
no more were killed.
Glad to Hear Itl
Rcilly's Bakery Lunch will cook
anything to order for you.   .Call
up 341.
Musical Evening Spent
A pleasant musical evening was
spent in the home of Mrs. "Jack"
Anderso" Fourth avenue, on Wednesday night. Amongst those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. A.
Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Derry,
Mr. H. G. Fletcher and Miss Mabel
Three different kinds of ice
cream are put up at the Palace
of Sweets, Third avenue, namely,
vanilla, chocolate and strawberry,
Orange water ice is also served.
Announcement Irmade today ol
the Athletic Events Programme for
Dominion Da) as follows:
Flat Races
UK) Yards.
100 Yards
230 Yards.
410 Yards.
8H0 Yards.
One Mile Relay Rate.
Three Mile Race.
Ten Milts Race.
The Scandinavian League have
offered a prize valued at $2.1 for
the ten mile rate.
Other Events
Running Broad Jump.
Running High Jump.
Hop, Sup and Jump.
Walking Race (5 miles).
Pillow Sparring.
Obstacle Race.
Boxing in Barrels.
Sack Race.
Tilling the Bucket.
Fat Man's Team Race, 100 Ytls.
100 Yards for Boys 16 or under.
Tug of War.
Entries Received
Ten Mile Race���
A. Holmqulsti
J. Nicholson.
A. Watson.
Three Mile Race���
Walking Race���
Names of those desiring to enter
for any of the sbOVS races t/i be
handed in to J. R. Beatty at
Westholmc Co.'s premises.
With Party of Leading Liberals the Local Member Inspected the Work at the New Buoy Station
Which is Making Fast Progress
Hon. William Tcmpleman, Minister of Mines, with Messrs. P.
Anderson, Daniel McKinnon, G, R.
Naden and a small party of friends,
paid   a   visit   yesterday   to  the
Digby Island Marine Station works
in Dr. Tremayne's Quarantine launch Evelyn.
Mr. Tcmpleman made an extensive inspection of ihe construction work which is making
very rapid progress. He expressed
himself pleasetl at the s|K'itl shown,
and at the excellent arrangements
made for the accommodation of
the workmen. Mr. Siedham and
Mr. R. Jennings, resident engineer,
conducted the parly over the works
Afertwards a visit was paitl to
the new Quarantine Station antl
residency lor Dr. Tremayne.
Work here is also making rapid
progress. The excavation has been
done, and tonus laid for die
foundation, Dr. Tremayne explained the plans for the Quarantine Station to Mr. Tcinplemun
and the party.
Amongst those composing the
party besides names already mentioned were Messrs. D. G. Stewart, W. Lynch, Cowans, Peters
anil Pillsbtiry.
Hon. William Templeiiian left
this morning for Stewart by the
S.S   Camosun.
In ihe Lakelse Valley there are
two cheap fractions. Buy them
from II. F. McRae & Co. 2t
Gruesome Find by  Special Constable   Wm.   Godaon
After a Two Nights' Search   Washed 70 Miles
At live o'clock -this morning
after searching all night and the
night before, S'H-cial Provincial
Constable Godson with M. Ingalls
of the launch Cloyah, found a
corpse in the Skeena stranded on
the rocks just beyond   Edwards
Point, between  milts  21  ami  23.
The body was that of a full grown
man, but it was too much decomposed to Ik- readily Identified.  Tht
outer  garments which   were  torn
by rocks were a dark coat and
p;in is, and a grey frock sweater.
Engraved Links
Identification may be possible
by the presence of a pair of engraved cuff links.   Opinion among
those on the waterfront when the
body was brought ashore was inclined towards the idea  that  the
remains   Were   those   of   Engineer
William   Tully  who  was  lost  on
I May lHtli by the capsising of his
Flames Did $150,000 Damage in boat al Hankin's Ritfic.    Fireman
the  Business Section
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Swift   Current,  June   17.���Fire
today did 8150.000 damage to the
busbies*    portion    of    the    town.
Many firms wen- burned out. the
heaviest losers living the International Lumber Co., who lost
165,000 and the Great Northern
Supply Co., who lost 175,000. The
former company carried 152,000
William (".rant was drowned with
Govt. Agent Inspects
As soon as the corpse hail been
brought ashore, Messrs. Ilayner
Bros, took charge of it, and had
it conveyed in a casket to their
morgue. Government Agent Mc-
Mitllin was informed, and held an
investigation oi the remains and
the clothes, etc. At the time of
writing identification had not been
assured. Initials on the . uti links
believed to Ik- "E. T." or "F. T."
were noticed when the I��hIv was
lK'ing landed, but this ixiint requires confirmation.
May be J Baker
On May 25th James Baker, a
deckhand on die Operator was
swept away and drowned in the
Skeena just off Meanskinisht. The
liody landed this morning might
chance to be his.
Beyond Doubt Tully ���
Exam ina I ion of the remains
brought ashore this morning proved
that the body was beyond doubt
thai of Engineer William Tully.
In the pockets of the coat were
found letters addressed to him.
and ihe monogram on the sleeve
links was deciphered correctly as
"W. T." Government Agent Mc-
Mullin decided that no inquest
would lie necessary. The IkkIv
lies at the morgue and arrangements for iis disposition are being
made forthwith.
If you have any property to
sell IL F. McRae 6. Co can sell
it. 2t
Fire Insurance will not protect
yOU from fire but it will protect
you against loss. The prompt
settlement of claim which is it
feature of the policies issued by
the Mack Realty iS: Insurance Co.
will protect you both against loss
of money and loss of time.
This is the Sixth Case in Winnipeg During the Present
Aid. Kerr and Aid. Newton Will,
Make a Motion at City Coun-
cil Meeting on Monday Night.
Arrived  by the Prince George
from South
On   Monday  night   Alderman
Kerr intends to move that illicit y council approach the Attorney
General with a view to the establishment of a Small Debts Court
in Prince Rupert, Alderman Newton will second the motion.
Efforts have been made before
to establish a small debts court
in this city, but so far without
much response on the part of
Winnipeg, June 17. ��� Maggie the Attorney General. The need
Hicks, a newly arrived domestic for such a court is said to be very
from England, took carbolic acid j marked, anil the present effort
last night and died later. This is I to obtain thc court through the
the sixth suicide here so far during city council will be watched with
the present month.
Cruelty to Children
Prevented by buying them the
Classic Shoe. Scott, Froud & Co.
have them.
II. 1-". McRae arriveil by the
Prince George this morning.
W. J. Alder came in from tinsmith this morning. He was accompanied by his daughter, who
has been  Studying at  one of  the
large American colleges, where she
recently graduated.
W. E. Williams was amongst ihe
passengers from Victoria this morning.
Chief Vickers is glorying in a
full force of trusty henchmen
today. All thc police witnesses
returned (rom ihe south today.
John Moore whose business interests arc up the Skcelia arrived
here today from thc south.
Don't be Too Late
Our   Tan   Velvet   Pump*
All Aboard 1
If you want a pair of prctly Tan 1 Our Tan Velvet Pumps arc
Button Shoes, go to Scott, Froud 1 going fast, get yours today��� Scott,
& Co., The Leading Shoe House.    1 Froud & Co. THE    DAILY    NEWS
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Daily Edition.
Saturday, June 17
The first difference between the present talk about Prince Rupert
and other talks about Prince Rupert that have appeared in this column,
is that in this case the accent is on the word Prune. Fur the timt
we eschew polemics and civics and dip into history. And the original
Prime Rupert was almost as Interesting as the lively town which
ensures the perpetuation of his name anil fame.
The superficial historian jumps to the conclusion that Prince
Rupert had a great deal to do with the shaping of events in Britisli
North America. Was he not the first Governor of the Hudson's
Bay company, this roving nephew of (harks the Firs-.? Is there not
a great territory called Rupert's Land in his honor? Nay, did he not
give his name to the great ecclesiastical province���once one great
diocese, but now comprising half a do/en dioceses���extending from
the Western boundaries of Ontario to the Eastern boundary of British
Columbia' Did the railway company in its god-parentage, when
it bestowed ihe name Prince Rupert upon this infant city, fall into
the trap of tht superficial historian.
The cold truth, achieved by th. diligent historian, is that Prince
Rupert never Bet foul upon Canadian soil.   The Royal Charter granted
to "our illustrious cousin, Prince Rupert and seventeen noble gentel-
men." incorporating them as "Governor and Company of Gentlemen
Adventurers trading into Hudson's Bay" and giving them absolute
monopoly of all tr.ni   and commerce over "all those seas, straits and
bays, rivers, lakes creeks and sounds, in whatsoever latitude the)
shall be, that lie within the entrance of the straits commonlycalled
Hudsoi 's Straits, together with all  the lands and territories upon
thi  i. un tries, coasts, and confines of the seas, bays, etc.. aforesaid,
that .ire not actually possessed by, or granted to any of our subjects.
or possessed by the subjects of any other Christian Prince." was in
the common parlance of today just a piece of graft.    It was part of
Prince Rupert's reward for his allegiance to the Royalist cause.   This
gignatic monopoly was for all lime to come.   The only consideration
in return was that a Royal fee of "two elks and two black beavers"
was to be given to the King whenever he might happen to visit tht
territory.   Our friends at Victoria, could not do the thing more handsomely to their friends, than did royal Charles to "our illustrious cousin" and his band of seventeen gentleman adventurers.
And yet in the face of all that British North America offered him,
even to calling a diocese in his honor, Prince Rupert preferred t"
live most of his years the- life- of a sea pirate, bucaneering with his
brother Maurice on the Spanish main. Not until poor Maurice and
his men sank in an equatorial storm off the West Indies did Prince
Rupert settle down to an honest life ashore. Even then it was not
to his competence of four hundred and seventy pounds of British
money invested in the Great Company.: it was to the pension of four
thousand pounds a year that his uncle had secured for "our illustrious
cousin." At that time. 1000, it was worth ten times what it would
be today.
But pirate and hucane-er though he- was, Prince Rupert was a
gentleman at heart. He discarded the superficial things, and liked
manly and serious pursuits. He followed science and art and trade.
He joined the Royal Society. He perfected gunpowder. He introduced
the mezzotint to England after in hail I>cen revealed to him by a
German soldier. When Governor of Windsor Castle he spent most
of his time in the laboratory. Brave, courageous, rash, cross graimd
and arbitrary'! talented in mathematics and chemistry, scrupulously
polite to all. haughty and brutal to those he disliked. No wonder
Brett remarks: "He seems woefully out of place in the ��-ir. 1. s ol
water-Hits at court, and most of the- courtiers fear ami shun him."
No wondi r the Court went to the theatre on the night of his burial.
Van Dyek has a portrait of the Prime painted in youth, showing
the famous swashbuckler and tliink'-r as a lull man with a girlish
face, dimpli-d chin, shapely lips, perfect eyebrows and lavish curls.
The hands are remarkable for the carrotty fingers graduating to a
point, out-tap. ring the orthodox well-tapered fingers of blue blood,
Perhaps it was a flattering picture. Miss Sealey quotes it in her "The
Champion of the Crown." but she is an avowed admirer of the Champion of the Blood-Royal. Brett describes him as possessing a hard
favored face even when trying to p|i ,tsi .
A bullet wound in the head, received while fighting with the
French against the Spaniards in thc Netherlands hastened his end,
though not till after a few years of suffering, So, far from aged In
was only fifty-one -he died, having onl> his son Dudley who perished
in battle soon after and his little daughter Ruperta "whose mother
was an actress" the historians sticcintly st,,ie    to mourn him. i
Swashbuckler, sea-dog, gentleman adventurer, scientist and
trader, Prince Ruperl might well qualify to be the patron saint of
the dty whose shores he never touched.
Scenery is of Great Magnificence and Ensures It Being a Resort
for Tourists---Road Bed Constructed at Immeitfe Cost is in
Splendid Condition���Opens Up a New Fruit District
What kind of railroad is it.'
What kind of country has the
new roatl opened up? What does
the scenery look like? These and
tn.ui>' kiinlreil questions .ire being
.isk.tl about the first one hundred
mile -Hi li li of the i'.. T. P, out
of Prince Kupert, that was opened
to the public this week,
Tin   local curiosity about   thc
along with the millions of toi - oflging up by the side of the line are
lock   io blast  out   that  winding ��� II promises of larger Industries
way across its surface.    For thi to come.    For the first  fifty or
millions that have been *pei I  ������' ��xty miles ihe land is rocky, and
it.  that  winding strip ol  solidl> seemingly fit but for timber.   Be-
built road, almost as ie\ 1   - the v"ml  that  tne -"���' deepens, and
proverbial billiard tabli   will reap the valleys which open  between
mountains are fertile.    For forty
���  miles  each   side of  the  line  at
Kitsumkalum, in the Kitsumkalum
,md   L.ikilse  valleys  fruit   farms
will >i I be seen. As the line progresses further more fertilit\ is
found. Afu-r Haielton is reached,
a gre.it   productive area will be
a harvest of (|i\i,|, i i|s ii   y
come wlieti th,. comnn ro
I .ist  and   West U carrinl ov.i
trip s< i ins tu make lis forget   for  On its soli.l level |,e.|. tin   hauling
the moment the larger significance power of a Great Mogul would Im
which the openeing of the section practically unlimited
to   traffic   portends.     For   while An Interesting Trip
one hundred miles in this land of     Yesterday, through thi courtes)
transcontinental  roads  is  but  a of General Superintendent Mehan found.
small portion of the whole road, a  small  party consisting of 'he A Touch of Speed
the  tir-t  hundred   miles  out   of editors of the  local  newspapers.     Aforg the line gangs of men are
Prim.   Rupert   has  meant   mon   Mr.  A.  J.   Morris,  President  of .it work ballasting and tuning up
in   engineering   problems,   heavyI the Board of Trade, and Super- the track.    Very soon it will all
toil and expense than many hun- intmdent Mc.Nicol made the jour- lie   done,   and   then   the   order
dreds ..undies of  prairie  track. Iney in Mr. Mohan's private car. permitting the road to be operated
The line that skirts thc fool of Unfortunately    Alderman   Smith .it a grtattr speed will be given.
iihe   mountains   for  a   hundred I who was to have come as a rep- At present the official sjx-id [H-r-
Procurable. ^^Absolutelypurt
a piece of rocky road-bed
A piece of railroad trade leading out of the city, after a big shot has been tired.    Notice the size of the men.
road of level road 1ml. But the I resentativc of the city, was u lable
result is magnificent. A solid thnlugh illness to join the party.
shilf of rock skirting the fool ������( To those who had thc opportunity
tin mountains a few feel atxwe to mate thc trip, it was a thorough-
die water's edge: a road Ik-.' of ly enjoyable .ii .1 interesting jour-
enormous boulder- and hug.- r>. k- ne-y.
taken from the cuts cross the fills        Some  Scenic  Grandeur
mitt.d is twelve mil.s an hour on
passenger trains. This is because
.t portion of the road is still skeleton
tr.it k. But just to show what
could be done, the general super-
intei dent had his "s|x-cial" let
out a few notches >>n the last ten
between the mountain flanks, mak-     For the whole ol the journey, miles where the track is all finished
ing a solifl bed im-H-rvious to ilu- the trip i- mi  moving panorama I ar.d perfectly true.   The ten miles
force of the waves of the turbulent ol Nature's untouched handiwork, ncrc reeled off in twelve minutes,
Skeena that beat against its sides, I Mountnii��, tvowfields, glacial tor- which is "going some."   But the
or  the  force of  the  thundering runs stretching to the distance, train held steady and smooth.   It
all -at off by tin- wonderful fore- was a taste of what can be done
ground   ..f   swifimovtng   river, on ;��� solid road bed with a level
"There's nothing to see but seen- track and gently winding curves,
cry." remarked a prosaic mushcr Rushing the Bridges
some   months   ,,go,   to   a   >\\u\\ At all  tht   river crossings, and
Prince Rupert audience in describ- these i-rc  eight  In  number,  the
trains which will hammer their
miles up the Skeena, always within
a few !��� 11 of the river Imnk, and as
nearl) level to grade as ihe surfaci
of the river which it parallels, has
mean) a prodigious < xpenditure.
H. F. McRae & Co.
Real Estate
Second Ave., Prince Rupert Phone
R��*d Carefully  and  Phone   NOW   If  Interested
VB0�� vCn^h,uWiU i!"1?  * prop"^  ''*��* l�� the centre of the city where
you can make it a revenue-producer at once.
1..?ffta���� ', rCOrn.^8cctlon one-o"�� block  from  McBride-
can be handled for $5,000.
WE have a number of Iota within a .W.-throw of Hay.  CreW  Park
at $?.G a month.   This is where the Drydock workers will live.
Ralls and lumber are unloaded from the ocean ship, and transferred quickly up the line to the builders.
Road-bed of Rock
The bill for powder antl dynamite
I alone, cost in the neighborhood
of a million antl a half dollars,
Nearly live thousand tons of powder were blown lo Kingdom Come-,
ing the country as he has tleen it.
The Promise of Labor
But it was not quite exact.
The busy canneries that are passu],
the lines of fishing boats in the
Skeena, the little settlements sprin-
g.ings are at work putting up the
steel bridges, which will relieve
the weight now on thc pile supported bridges. The bridges come
from the mill ready to be assembled
on    tin;   ground.     The   Zanardi
Section  9
Township 1
This is an excellent section antl was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
 Good   Fresh   Groceries   at   City Prices	
KEEP SMILING-And the only way to
do that is by buying your Groceries
from us. We handle first class goods
only at prices that cannot be beat.
To   Reaidenta of Section. 5, 6,  7 and   8~We deliver  promptly,
our good, are fre.h, at price, not to be beaten in the city   :   i
51k An. Mil si  MrBrioV
rapitls   bridge   is   completed,   and
the others are in progn US.
Building Snow Sheds
The   past   winter,   one   of   the
heaviest in local annals proved
valuable to the company, because
it showed them where the snow-
slides arc liable- to occur. At
several points between miles 42
and 46 where the mountains are
very steep, staunch rock and timber   snow   shells   are   now   In ing
Beyond the End
Beyond the end of steel at
Copper City, gangs are at work
driving the last of the three tunnels at Kitselas. Then the road
becomes easier to build. Only
the steel bridge across the Skeena
prevents the march to Hazel ton.
"If the bridge can be got ready
for the end of the year, we will
keep on track playing through thc
winter   till   we   reach    Hazclton,"
says the General Superintendent,
to whom the opening of the first
hundred miles comes as a great
Heart in His Work
The son of a railway man, Mr.
Mehan has been in railroad work
since his schooldays principally
with the Grand Trunk. He knows
railroad work from the ground up!
It is his life work. "A work that
demands all a man's time and
thought, and exacting work, but
with a fascination about it," h
will tell you. He, with Superintendent McNtchol to assist him,
has been in charge of the track-
laying work on thc Prince Rupert
end, since it started in May of
last year. He is proud of thc
line, and of thc praise, that was
given it by the railroad chiefs
who toured it last week. In that
pritle, the citizens of Prince Rupert
feel they share. The first hundred
miles out of Rupert is worth
being proud over.
Lot 47, block  34,  section  1,  $447'..(>0.
liberal terms.
Let 24,   block  85,   section  1. $1975.lMl,
one-half cash.
Lot G, block 36, section  5,   with cabin,
Two   Lots,   facing   both   Tatlow   ami
Ninth, with three two-roomed cabini".
Lots 21 anil 22, block 31, section  ti,  all
stumps removed.   $6W) each.
Lots 28  ami  29,   block   111,  section 7.
$��40 pair.
Lot 12, block 21, section 7, SHOO; $25.1*'
per month.
Lots 13 to 17,.block SO, section 8,  $20n
Choose selected investments at right
prices, such as these, and make larger,
quicker antl more certain profits.
2nd Ave. and 3nl St.
Just in Time!
To get a good custom tailored
suit for the first of July. Go to
Rudnick and Swetler, Helgerson
Block Basement, Sixth street.
Skeena LnnilDistrict ��� district of Queen Chariots
Take notice that Catherine Harrison, of Calgary
Alberta, occupation spinster, Intends to spply,
for permission to purchase tho following described
Commencing nt a post planted sbout II 1-2
miles west and half a mile south from tho moulh
nl Statih.y Creek, ivln-ro it empties into Naden
Harbor. Graham laland, thenca 40 chains south
thenco 4(1 chains east, thence 40 chains north,
thence 411 chaina west to point of commencement
nnd containing 160 ncrca moro or loss.
Dated March 17, 1911.
Tub Apr. 7. Numa Demurs, Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Coaat
Take notice that I, Mrs. John Corley of Prince
Rupert, B.C..occupation married woman, Intends
to nptily for permission to purchase tho followinK
described lands:
Commencinir nt a post plantod 40 chains east
and 12(1 chaina aouth from the southwest corner of
lot 1733, e;,inst District, Ranse 5, thence south Wi
chaina, thence cast 40 chains, thenco north mi
chains, thence west 40 chains more or less to the
point of commencement, containing* 320 acres
moro or less.
Date Mnr. 20, 1811
I'ub. Apr. 4. 1911
Skeens Land Distri.it    District of Cssslsr
Take notico that I, Perry Quoenan ot Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupsllon prospector, Intend to
apply  for  permission  to purchase the following
descrltie.l Isnds:
Commencing at a post pisnteil In tho vicinity
ol t.oose Hay, sbout three-eights of a mile south
of the mouth of the Ilonanra Creek, and being
��n tne easterly boundary of Timber Limit No.
36281 or No. 35280, thonco south 40 chslns along
the easterly limit of ssld Timber Limit No. 36281
or No. 36280 40 chains, thenco eaat to the shore of
Goose Hay, s distance of 40 chsins moro or less,
thence northerly slong the shore of Goose Usy
4U elislns more or less, thence wosterly 40 chslns
more or less to point of oommonooment, contsining
ltiu acros mote or leas,
��   ��-
I  Follow the Sage Advice of a Laurier and a Roosevelt and Take Advantage   ^
% of Present Opportunities Before it is Too Late. S
5a?  aa���
NOT only Laurier and
Roosevelt but many
other world famous
orators have been  ad-
viiing P">Ple to *et back to the
And   it   is   good,   sane,
advice. But did
famous masters of elo-
addressing masses of
where the population
can be reckoned by the square
foot, ever think what a little
bit of available land there is
t0 get back to? And did you?
Virgin fields are getting scarce
and these are the only fields
within reach*of the man of
moderate means. The slogan
Get Back to the Soil" is not
only advice to those who may
go to the land to till it but to
those who have investments to
make, for, as the canny Carnegie observes: "Real estate
is at the basis of all wealth."
The greatest stretch of virgin
fields in the world that are
really productive now lie between Prince Rupert and Edmonton, and the great trans-
con..ntinal railway is opening
up this tract to profitable settlement. The Grand Trunk
Pacific is emblematic of modern
progress. It is developing this
last great open land. There
are many fertile valleys along
ill steel line of progress that
will attract many thousands of
settlers, and to accommodate
these settlers country towns
will spring up as if by magic.
There is big money to be made
by investing anywhere along
the line of construction, and
this is the time to invest
because prices are comparatively low now. A purchase can
be expected to double in value
every year for several years to
come. Permit me to tell you
of the opportunities for founding fortunes lying within the
territory tributary to the port
of Prince Rupert.
When the railway opened
for passenger traffic on the
memorable Fourteenth of June
several of our wealthier citizens
made the trip as Kitselas and
speculated on building summer
homes there. Kitselas on the
Skeena is in what is locally
called the "dry belt" and the
soil is remarkably productive
for fruit and flowers as well as
vegetables. I have eighty acres
of crovn-granted land there
which I am offering, as a whole
or in small tracts, at $50 per
acre. I would prefer to see
���t split up into small holdings
and am ready to make easy
terms of payment to encourage
this. It ii within a quarter
mile of the railway and specimens of the vegetables its soil
produces can be seen at my
Immediately adjoining the
proposed railway town of Ta-
lorville I have a larger tract.
This comprises eight hundred
acres of the choicest land in
the Hazelton district and I am
offering it as a whole or in
small sections at $50 an acre,
with liberal terms of payment.
Another large tract of eight
hundred and twenty-seven ncr-
es lies half a mile to the south
of Lot 882, now known as the
Kelly section, for which it is
reported $100,000 was paid. My
Price for land within this tract
18 only $45 per acre.
Across the Bulkley river from
|he proposed townsite of Tay-
'orville or New Hazelton is
tv��o hundred and forty acres
of the finest kind of land for
small farms and truck gardens.
* branch line of the Grand
Trunk Pacific to the mines
For a pleasant and interesting summer trip you cannot do
better, now regular trains are
running, than to make a brief
tour of the beautiful Lakelse
valley. If you do you will
either decide to make your
home there or an investment
for future fortune. There are
vast tracts of the finest land
in this pretty vale, and among
them is one of 422 acres especially adapted from the character of its soil for fruit growing. This is crown-granted and
will be sold en bloc or split up
to suit purchasers.
Near Kitselas we have a small
tract of seventy-five acres to
offer. This is bottom land,
three acres is cleared and it
has a cabin on it. This is
offered at $25 per acre.
There is going to be a government ferry across the Skee-
1 na at what is known as Breck-
jenridge Landing, and here will
| be   found   155   acres   of   fruit
You will find in  the latest | land, some of it in cultivation
and there is a reasonable probability that as soon as the
mines become regular shippers
part of this land will be required
for a townsite. From the character of the soil this is bound
to be one of the greatest producers of farms and garden
products in the district. The
price for the whole tract or
in small parts is $60 per acre.
Still in the Hazelton district
and within a mile from the
$100,000 lot, Mr. Robert Kelly,
of Vancouver is having surveyed
for a townsite, I have a fine
tract of fourteen hundred acres
for which I am asking only $30
an acre. This is right on the
trunk highway and when you
take this line into consideration as well as its close proximity to the much talked of
New Hazelton, you must admit
that it presents a great opportunity for profitable investment.
should be enough to keep us
prosperous until the glorious announcement is made that the great
transcontinental railway is finished.
Then "over these rails and down
to Prince Rupert,
commerce ol -ill 'I
bound for the K.ist
way, as surely as
thc Pacific slope
Pacific t lecan."
will    How    I lie
n   New West,
by the Western
the waters ol
Mow   into   ill*
Letters to the Editor
bulletin issued by the provincial government regarding the
vacant lands in this part of
the province, references mad
to the excellent agricultural
lands in the Kispiox valley.
Two well known pioneers who
had their pick of the government lands in the Skeena,
Naas, Bulkley and other valleys
chose land in this section. One
of these tracts, six hundred and
twenty-one acres, is near Hazelton and on the Kispiox Arm.
The other is on Kispiox River
Fork and is three hundred and
twenty acres in extent. Small
streams run through these tracts, the soil is good and the
land can be easily cleared. $10
an acre, part in cash, is all that
is asked for these lands.
This   season   the   provincial
and with farm buildings. If
this interests you call at our
office and learn the special
price put on it.
We have lands to offer near
Moricetown, which, as a branch
line will be built there to tap
the Grand Trunk Pacific coal
mines, may develop into a
townsite  or   next   door   to   it.
Brief History of the Great Line   Which   is   Working
Towards the Rockies���Tne Easy Grades are a
Marvel to the Engineering World
Wednesday, the Fourteenth of
J line, became a memorable date
in the history of Prince Rupert.
Without any noise or bluster or
blowing of trumpet the first regular passenger train left this city
to travel over ihe first hundred
mile section ol the great transcontinental rail\\..\ .it this western
end of its nearlv four thousand
miles stretch. lint ihe event
was only memorable locally, as
trains have long been running on
other sections of ihe Cira'.d Trunk
Pacific, aud for the completion
of the construction of the whole
line there now n mail 5 but an
unfinished gap of some four hundred miles.
A Great Work
But the evenl might be memorable in another aspect, as this
hundred mile section has been
the most difficult and expensive
to build of any section. At the
other et'd, and especially on the
prairies, the construction h.'s been
comparatively easy antl rapid. There is row the tunnel and the big
bridge over the Sketra and then
all is straight sailing across the
gap for which the contracts were
recently let. The date when the
first train direct from the Pacific
terminal of the line will come
pulling into Prince Rupert is still
a mailer of interesting speculation,
in regard to which even the
officials and engineers of the company hold diverse opinions.
Since March 1908
The contract for this section
was let to Messrs. Foley, Welch
ci Stewart early in March 1008,
and Mr. Stewart declared at the
time that trains would be in
operation over the first lifiy miles
| by    tht    end    of   October,    1000.
Actually construction work begun
.it Prince Rupert the following
month, and then it was confidently
���isserltil by the contractors that
the whole section would be finished
in eighteen months. This assertion
was in doubt based upon the best
expert engineering opinions procurable,  ai d   but   for  unforscen
difficulties would have been realized
to the letter. The prediction was
not far out anyway. President
Hays, when he was here recently,
expressing high satisfaction with
the outcome.
Wonderful Grade
Part of thc engineering difficulty
has Ih-cii in maintaining a grade
so low that it has become the
wonder of the railway world, and
has placed the name of Engineer
Van   Arsdol   at   the  head  of  his
Come on You Wrestlers
Dear Sir, I have been told
that there are two or three catch-
as-catch-can wrestlers in town.
If so, here is a chance for them to
show what they can do. I will
agree t<> throw three out of any
live men a fresh man for each
bout at catch-as-catch-can wrestling. I will also agree not to
weigh more that 1711 lbs. and
they can come at catch weights.
I also wish to issue an open
challenge to any man in 15. C. at
my weight at cateh-as-calch-can
or mixed styles of wrestling.
If any one accepts this challenge
1 would want the match to take
place on July 1st.
Yours respectfully,
A. C. Grant
Also we have two full sections
of fine grazing ground between ; pr(|f(,ss;on      i,   was  hc  w,)()  ,,���...
Ootsa and Francois lakes.   Only  1(lV(.m|   ()u.   r()Utc   through    ,)���.
three sections of this land were  Yellowhead Pass and it is between
that point and Prince Rii|H-rt that
an altitude of :f,712 feet has lo be
overcome. Yet from Winnipeg
to Prince Rupert the maxim gradient    per   mile   is   but    twenty
sold by the government, the
remainder being reserved for
pre-emption. This is offered
at $12.50 per acre on liberal
terms of payment.
feet, which is  i lower grade than
that of any railway that has yet
A very tempting proposition been constructed.    Compare  this
recently brought  in  is eighty with the Canadian Pacific, which
government will have in oper- acreg on  Porcher  Island,  just has two summits instead  of orn
ation  ip thr Skeena two experi-
the site for a truck garden and lo negotiate, one of 6,200 antl one
meet.',  farms, .ml in Lakelse! poultry raising on a large scale, ol  4,308,  and  a  maximum  east-
because it is only a little over bound grade of 237 feet to the mile
twenty  miles  from  the  great and a westbound of 110.
market of Prince Rupert.   This The Yellowhead Pass
tract is offered for $2000. T|u,ri, |a ,|inic B misconception
_ . .���.._ about the famous Yellowhead Pass.
GIVE IT CAREFUL THOUGHT  1|]su.;i(1(if ,��� ^ , ^ a,)(|
Farming land is the thing to narrow gorge through a  range of
think   about   just   now.     The siwlooth mountains it is expansive
New Dresses   1
New Hats ..  f
Dress Goods ���
It would be worth your while to
call and see what we have just
received from the shrines of
fashion.      :      :      :     :     :     :
Sistti Straat
Phone Black IS4
Strawberries, Cherries
-EVERY    VARIETY     OK     KltUIT���
All kinds of Vegetables just received
Groceries Fruits Provisions
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth .St.    Phone 190
I N.-AliM    "'  '���   ;'"''
Undertakers,   corner Second
Avenue   and   Sixth   Street.
George Hftrrie, Licensed Embalmer,
Phone *>2 night or day Manager
Skeeriu Land District���District of Coaat Kanife �����
Tuku notico thut I, Clara May Little o! Prince
ttuport, Bi C., occupation Bpfnater. intend to
apply for unrmibsion to purcuaue ttio following
dbscribud lutids:
CummuneiiiK ut u poat plantod at tho north
woat cortmr o. Lut 1735, Range G, Count Diatrict
thunco uu��t i;i chuins. thencu north 25 chains
thonco Wtut ill chain thenco north 20 chaina
thence west 10 chuins, thunco Houth 45 chaina to
point of commoncument, containing 112 ROM
moru or loss. .�����,�� ���
Dutod April 4, 1911. CLAUA MAY Ul ILK
Pub. April 15.
Skeena Land Diatrict -District ol Coaat Range 5
Tuko notice thut Mary lluuton tlilduraleovo ul
Victoria, H. C. occupation houaoku'jpor, Intend.
to apply ��ur pormituiuu to purchaao the following
duHCl iht-.i   I.unI;j.
Commencing ut u post plumed ut the aouthwaal
oorooi nl Loi yyti. lunge i>, Cout Dl*trlot,thonoo
ISO cliulna suuth 'hence -IU cliuiim    oust, i hence WJ
chains north, limner 4U ohaloi w��m to point ul
oaunonosmanti containing ����'*-o acres more or lam
Dated April u, mil.
I'ub. May 6.
Bkaaot Land District ���District ui Coast
Tuku nutiou mat  Frud  VV.   iiuhlur ol  hJlaum*
kuKiiii,  oaeupauun   funnur,   intuiida   Lu   apply   lur
ptwiaiwoQ to purohiM tho following dotoribocl
iu litis.
CuininunaiiK ut u p��t planted ut tho mm Ileum wrote ul A. Mo Lou. is pre-emption, thanotj
20 chaina nutb, thonco It) enains eust, tliuncu gQ
chain.-. nurLli, Uimiou \0 chains weal lu pout ol
coiiiiiieiicemuni OODUltUng -0 acrus niuru or le-ta.
DatadApril lu, L9U. FiUEDlUO'l VV. iiuiiLKU
Pub. April 88. Fred Hampton, Agent
Bkteni Land District District <j( Cuust Range ��j
Take milieu Hut 1, Prank Hicks of Pun Ls
singum, uccupatiun inure hunt, uiiond tu apply
fur portuinsKJii u purclntau the following describe.)
Cun.mencing ul a pusi planted on the suuth
bank ul iho Luchuiusilu Kivor and about fuur
mllea from its. cutitluencu with thu Skeena River,
thonco ,-vi chains west, thenco 00 chains nurth,
thunce 50 chuins oasl, thunce south HO chums
lo point of commuucomimt, cuulamiiibC 040 acrus
moro ur loss.
Dated April 81, L81L FRANK KICKS
Pub. April ~:>.
Skeuna Lund District���District of Coaat
Take notice that William McTaviah uf Vancouver, H. C. occupatiun physician, intends to apply
lur permission to purchase the following duacrbed
Commencing ut a pust piunted at the soulliwu*
corner, 40 chains nurth and 40 chains east ol the
ninth.'..;., corner uf Lul 1110, Harvey's Survey,
Cuast District, Hunge 5, ihence 00 chains east
ihence 00 chains nurth, ihouce 00 chaina w��.i,
thence 00 chains suuth to pust of cummuncemunt
containing >itiU acrus mure or less.
Daiod Muy 2. 1011.      WILLIAM A. McTAVlSl
Pub. Muy o, Prod w. ituhier, Agent
Skeena Land District���District uf Cout Range 5
Take nolice that Leltio .McTavish of Vancouver,
it. C, uccupalion married woman, inumdu to
apply for permission lu purchase tho following
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a pust planted at thu north-
west corner 100 chaiiu vast and 20 chains north
(rom tho uurihoust corner of Lot 1110, Harvey's
Survey, Coast District, Itange 5,tbuuce 20 chaina
suuih, ihenco 00 chains east, thencu 00 chaina
north, thonce 40 chains west, thenco 00 chains
soulh, thonce 40 chains wust lo post uf com men-
cement, containing 400 acrua niuru ur loss.
Dated May 2, 1911. LOTTIE MeTAVlSH
Pub. May 0. Fred \\ - Iiuhlur, Agent
Skeunu Land District District of Cuaat Range B
Taku nuiicu that tiracu Mcl'avuli, u| Vuncouvar,
li. C, uccupatiun marriud woman, mtumia to apply
tor pernitssiun tu purchaae the fulluwtng described
Commencing at a puat planus! at the m-iO. ������>��� ���   j
corner  100 chains east and 20 ctiaius north of
tht northusut corner ol Lot 111'., Harvey's Survey,
Cuast  DUtrict,  Range 5, thencu 40 chains east, |
thuncu 00 chains nurth, thencu  10 chains west,
thencu 00 chains south lu pust ul commencement
containing 'S10 acrua moru ur loss.
Dated .May 2, 1011. liltACK McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred VV. liuhlar. Agent
Skeuna Land District -District ol Caaalar
Take  notica  thai   1,   t n.......   M.   Knotuo  o  I
Princu Rupert, 11. C, occupation farmer, iniund -
tu apply fur permuuuon tu pure haw  thu ;.-.;��� y s,
dtwrrtin ,i lauda:
Cumtnenctng at a post planted about ^1) three
iiii.i'. suuth and (2 ) iwu milea weat ul the (urk* ol i
White river and Flat river, thence aouth HO chains,
thuooa weal bO chaina, tbenca north bO chaina,
thence eaal 00 chaina.
DaUid April 20, 1V11.       i H.-vl.l.l..    M.   uNOlSK
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Praaion, Agani
Skoena Land IHnru-t HiMriri o Coaat Range 6
Take not ce thai Murdoch McRae of Vancouver
B. C, occupation real aatalu broker, intenda to
apply lor permission l: purchase tne (ullowtm.
desert bed landa:
Commencing at a Dost platuvd un ibe eou.b
bank of Karbumaiks river about Uve mike dom
iu ounduance with the Skeena river, thence 40
chains wast, ihence 20 chains north, thence 40
chains weat, thenee 40 chaina north, thence 40
chaina eaat, Ihence 2U chains aoutb, ibence 40
chaina eaat, there* 40 chaina eouih tu point ol
commencement, containing 'S20 acres mure or leaa
lialed April 21. 19U. Ml UImk K  McRAK
Pub. May l.i.
Skeena Land Diatrict-Diatrict of Caaalar
Taka  notice that 1,  leaac U'lirian Korbea ol
Prince Ruoert, It. C, occupation carpenter, intend
to apply fur permiaalon to purchaae the following
described landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about Qv mllea*
aouth and one mile w*at ol tbe fork* ot theWblt*
aud Flat rlvare, thencv north 00 chaina, ihence
west 00 chains, Ihence aouth 00 chaina. thenee
eaal 80 chaina.
Dated AprU l\ 1911. ISAAC U'URIKN FURUKS
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preaton. Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Coaat
Take notice that Clenn McArthur ot Vancouver,
B.  C, occupation  real   estate  agent  Intenda  to
apply lor permiaalon  to purchaae tbe Ml owing
duacribed lands:
Commencng at a poat planted 40 chains w7at
and 00 chains aouth ut the aouthwaet corner of
Lot No. i....i marked Glenn XlcArthur'a north-
weat corner, thence south 40 chaina, ihence east
00 chaina, thenoe north 40 chains, thence w*>t
00 chaina to pu*t of commancemenl, containing
liiO acre* more or lea*.
Dated March 20, Hill.       ULKNN .UcARTHUt
Pub. April 16. T. D. Laird, Agent
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a.m.
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
ss. Prince Albert nails for Port Silnp-
si.ii, Niiua Kiv.-r Points, Miissi't,
Naili'ii Harbor, evt-ry Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and f.r:
���Ki'fiii'.' Ilav, Skldeeate, yuui'ii
Charlotte City, Lockeport, Pa-
i-i,ti, .l.-ilwiiy, Ikt-ila Hiiy, Host
Harbor ami return via Queen
Charlotte City every Saturdsy,
1.00 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting With trams from the' Pacific
const operate! u frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains ovtr its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto,  Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York snd Philadelphia. Information and ticketa obtainable from the office hereumler mentioned. Tram-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Toronto Kxpress leaves Van*
OOUVajf duily  at n a.m.   for
S"o Kxpri'sn leaves Vancouver
daily at %M p.m. for St.Paul
Chicauo and New York.
Imperial Limited leavea Van-
^^ cuuver daily at 7.30 p.m. for
^^^" Montreal and New York.
All the above trains rarry coinpartmenl obaerva-
tlon cars.   The lineal car on any road anywhere.
J. G. McNab
General -Agent
_        .  r
10 fun through this property bargains
valley and the other in Kit-
aumkalum valley. The proven
f-uitfulnes8 of the soil on both
aides of thc Skeena at this
point led the government to
undertake these tests of what
this land was capable of producing under the most favorable conditions of culture and
the result will undoubtedly
add to the intrinsic value of all
the available land In these
Quite a number of large and
small tracts are now offered,
and at various prices. We have
one hundred and sixty acreg on
Lakelse Lake for which only $10
an acre is asked, while we also
have a twenty acre tract near
Eby it Co.'s store at Kitsumkalum for which $250 an acre
is the price quoted. Also, Mr.
Weeks is offering lots of 1 1-16
acre at $500 per lot at Kitsumkalum. Then we have Lot 1072,
160 acres, offered at $62.50 per
acre,   and  several   other   good
Skssna l.ai .1 I "i-irirt  -District of t'oaat Rants V
Take   nt'tirs   thst I,  J.   I ......    M,  I  ,., ,     of
Prlnrs Rupert. H.O.. m-cupaltun rsal ��� ��� i.r��� .... - t
Intemls tn apply fur pi-rmlsslnn tu p..-. In,-,   ths
fnUnwttiK  I- -, .  1--.! lartil.:
l-ommsnrlng si s posl  planlprl  411 rhaina   wpsl
and sai chains smith of the southwest curnsr ,,f
tot Kit, vicinity "f Laaclse Lski>, and marked J.
I. M.ti 1.,.... ~  n.i-lsvcsl curlier,  thenrr east  -a
chain., thence south 40 chains,  then.-,- weal  m
chslns, thence north 40 chains lo point  of com.
m. ,,. .ifi.-ii.. cnntainlna .112.1 acres nior.- ,,. leas.
J. f.OKNK M.i. I  M.I \
... ..   H. I'utnatn.  Aa-cnl
Date May .11. lull
I'uI. June 1��, l'.i I
very idea of a city of this size
and rapidly growing having to
get all its fresh vegetables from
Vancouver is out of the question. If local farmers only
received for their product what
is now charged for freight they
would be on the way to fortune.
In the brief space of one
article it is not possible to set
forth many of the opportunities in farming lands we have
to offer, and this is simply intended to call attention to a
subject that has been rather
neglected. If sufficient has
been said to interest you call
at my office for particulars.
Jeremiah H. Kugler
Second Avenue, Prince Rupert
and nearly level. When Mr. Lett,
In fliargt- of 0 party of artists
and newspaper men making tlump from Edmonton to Prince
Rtipeit along the railway route
lasi fall, told bis giti-sts they were
through tin- Yellowhead Pass they
turned round and exclaimed:
"Wedl, where is it?"
The Skeena Bridge
"One more- river to cross" and
thai   is  the  Skeena.    The  liig
bridge will probably be Completed
early next year and before or by
this date We- shall be Welcoming
trains front the mining regions
about Telkwa and the with- agricultural Stretches of the Bulkley
valley. By that time there will
no doubt be B dozen new towns
to hear from antl the business
I they will bring to Prince Rupert
Church Services-
Services every Sunday In the
Empress Theatre. 11 a.m. and
7 80 p.m.    Sunday School and
lllbte Class at '.'.DO p. m.
IthV. P, VV. KEim. M.A., Pastor
111 AM ll AND SIXTH .1111.1 I
Service,  every Sunday st 11
a, in   and 7.30 p.m.      Sunday
School  2.30   p. in        Ilaraca
llihle Class 2.30 p.m.
REV. W. 11. McLEOD U.A D.U.    1'AST.iH
hi. i w i t.n i-i-.Ninr. si. ANI) 2nd AVI.
Services every Sundsy st  11
a.m.   and 7.30 p.m.    Sunday
School at 2.30 p.m.
REV. C. R. 8INO, B.D. Pastor
Tickets   To   All   Points
HY Al.l. LINES���
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave. Phone 116
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
W. U i:\KKl.K
Second avetuc and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
MUNRO  &   i All IV
Stork Building, Second Avi-nue.
I.aw-Butler Kuil.liiu;       I'honc No. MO
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 861
Skeena Land Pialnct- Diatrict of Coaat Kan*? !���
Coaat Uiatrlct
Take notice that Win. Iv**ltf of Saptwrton. B.C.
occupation (f.ivrrntnent (iuanl. Inunda to apply
fur pertniamon to purchaae the followlrtit deacrtb-
ed I i��nil a
Conmiencinir at a i"-t planted i>> chalnn weat
and l��i chain* �������� .h. nf the Mouth weal cornet of lot
Nil I i-U. rNfihfi- I ��� -i-t ii-tf i. i.nmi kisl Wm.Lawlie,
N.W. coiner, thciire iMiuth 4o chaina. Ihence eaat
Wl rlmilia, lli. -.. ' li ��� IN 1>i . iinm*. Unix .��� ��t��| -
rhalnft to pOtl of . ..nnn.'nceini'nt. ronuun.nat 'O
acm BUTi Ot l**a��.
Wat. I.KSl.lr,
T. D. I. .ml. Atfvnt
I>ai��| NUtit, .Mn. lull
I'ub. April :.Mli. I��ll
Skeana i.n.-i .WUtrict ��� Uiathot of Quran Charlotte
I Man da
Take nolice that <i��o 11. Uaui of I'rinre Uu|iert,
11. C, occupation tiartwr, intendte to applv tm
mrmiwiiun to piuchaau tho followinK .|i'vti!o��I
Commencing at a poat plantn.| aliout aaven
miliit weal and one mile aoulh from th��- mouth
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, tlvnce aouth *"
chaina, thenco weat It) chaina, thonce north 90
chaina, thwncv i��a��t 10 chaitia.
UatH March 17, 11*11. 010. II. LAI'X
I'ub. ADrtl IU. Numa |h*mera, MM
of Bntiah CWumlM of H C. t��aUr��n. JUa-
arxJ Mamtolai lUra. katcrafwan and Al
lieru '���������
Hakkihtkkh. Notakikh. Btc
OfTtce    Kxrhansif. Worh. r-rrner Thterl a*we�� a#��s|
Klkth atrert. rnht^Kuti#rV ���
WM. li HALL, I.. D. s.s U. D.il.
Crown ind Bridfi Wort a .^pwiaUy.
All rlenUl operataena akilfully IreatH Ilea and
local ananthetlra talmlntats^nd f*n th* patnleaa ea-
iracti"- .if tfFth CV-naultaltoti fr*w Ottyrm
HcUt'-i... Hl��rk   l*nnce Ronert, o 11
Huntlay Rervlcea 11
��. m��� 3 p.m., h p.m.
Sunday School 1.30 p.
m. Public Services
Monday, Wednesday,
Thiiraday, Saturday at
Kp.m. Lverybody welcome.
KNSIC.N JOHNSTONE, C'M'i.'o officf,r
Skeena Land Dblrlrf -Diatrict of CMMaV
Vnke nolle* thai   I,  llrenlnn Jordon  M>   -������ ot
Prince Kuiierl, H. ��*., occupation c��intractor. intend
to apply lor permlaaion to purchaae the ful|n��faf
deacrilKMl landa:
Commencfnit at a poat planter! aboul Dfl three
mllea aouth and (2) two milea ��eat M the fork*
ot While and Flat riven, thence MO chaina aoulh
Ihence MO chaina weat, thence 80 chaina north,
thence 80 chaina eaat.
Dated April 20, 1911. FrancEa S. I'realon, Acent
rub. May 18.
Skeena Land Diatrict -Diatrict of Caaalar
Taka notice that I, James Webster Esplln ot
Stewart, B.C., occupation    auctioneer. Intend to
apply (or permlaaion to   purchase   the   (ollowinc
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the riRht
bank ot the Naas river about nine mllea above
the (orka ot the Naas river, thence south HO chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thance east 80 chains to point ot commencement,
containing GtO acres more or lesa.
Datad March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Airs M Manson *.*..     W.I Williams,* a..L.L.D
Hnrri��ti��n>, Solicitor*, etc.
Box 285
Mom KuppTt, B.C
p. o. Ml ��
FlIFIt OF WM. FOXOH, FWJ., A.R.A.M. "t OH., **tO
rRiNi-R RtiPKivr
ISkscns Ian.l Iilslrict - District ol Cssalar
Tsks mil in thst 1, Sydney Klli(srsM nl Stewart, ' prillt
B. C, occupstlnn ennk, intend to spply lor per-1 * aaaav
mission to purchase the (otlowinl descrlhed Isnds l
Commencing st a posl plsnted shout five mile 1
soulh snd one mile ot the lortta ol Whits 1
and Flat rivers, thence south 80 chslns, thenca I
west 80 chain., thenca north 80 chslna, Ihenea)
sast 80 chslna.
:   Produce   I   Feed
esst r.u cnauis. sa    a    a
Dated April 18,1D11.   SYDNEY riTZHBKALD   TJ    LI    Morton     .     3rd   Ave,
Pub. May 18. l^nckS.Pl-ssUln.A|al^tl^,��� "��� m��rW" ��s��r��vs��a THE    DAJILY   NEWS
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone 160 Third Avenue and Fulton St
We have just received a
shipment of the newest
styles and latest designs
in ladies' Velvet and leather Hand Bags. We especially invite you to call
and let us show you our
new  goods	
Lena Bernhofer Refused to Allow Him to Serve Writ on Her
Aunt for Possession of the
Pat Pliillipson Back From Vic
toria with the Same Old
Winning Smile.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Skagwa\.   Alaska.   June   17. -
i'i:.i Hi luluil.r, a It. year old
girl, sht>i and dangerously wounded
I'nit.'il   States   Deputy   Marshall
reel I i... when he attempted
to scrvi a writ ol possession on
;h.. girl's aunt, the proprietor of
the Ni w II..tm hotel. Die hull, t
enti nil hi* arm and tin- upper
(Mil .���: !.i- body, The girl was
am -'a <!
idvertliement columns
One of the best services the modem newspaper gives the public is in the classified adve
There buyer und seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant, and a host of others meet on com
mon ground     To put this modsril convenience in reach of everyone the  News  will  reduce  us
rate to a nominal price of a cent a word per insertion.    Minimum charge of '-.> cents,
Here  is our Classified  Advertising Column  for today
Minimum eharg
Watch   it
Fort George
For information,  free
maps and literature
call and see me.
Sergeant "Tat" Phillipson re-
turned by the George in fine
fettle this morning, bringing with
him -i'in. of th.' prettiest flowers
���*-tn in tltf i-itv this summer.    Hi- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
was  welcomed   by  hosts of  his 	
friends, and along with die pretty Mail Sacks Have Been Looted by
nosegay was accompanied pun of Highwaymen Posses are in
the way up town by a little bit     Pursuit.
of the youth and beauty of Prince i 	
Rupert.    It's the winning smile        (Canadian Press Despatch)
that does it, and   he merry Irish      Portland, June 17.���The police
eye. have a report that the south-bound
Shasta Limited on the Southern
j Pacific which left here at six last
TuiDr. nrrirrD rii,h!' w;is ,uK1 lip nmI t,H' "wil
I tllKaU UrrlLtK car looted at 11.45 near Yoncalla,
  Oregon.    The   mail   sacks  were
He was on Duty at the Time the rifled h> *�� highwaymen who
Steamer Asia Foundered off &PP** |r<-"" '���� train and made
Cninese Coast. >;""<l tntir escape.   A posse are in
ister of Lands so that the agreement  can  be  submitted  to  the
People    al    an    early   date.    Mr.
Manson attended to the "other
little matters" which called for
his departure to the southern
centres, ami hastened bark to
Here's an Attraction
A neat and cosy ill' cream
parlor has been fixnl up b} Mrs
Shrubaall at the flower, fruit and
candy store on Fulton street, next
to .Mack Realty office. I'he io
cream is home made.
I Open Everar.ft
Pattullo Block
A Mirror
Canadian Press Despatch)
San Francisco. June 17.���Third 	
Officer Johnson of the Pacific Mail Mr. Manson Arrived by Prince
steamer Asia which was wrecked      George  after  Brief Stay
on   the   Chinese  coast  on   April 	
23rd. has been held responsible The Mayor did not delay his
for the accident. He was on business down below. Having
watch duty at the time of the j arranged for the signing ol the
accident. (assessment documents by the Min-
|       Lost and Found
LOST ���Tirm* book ard Bank book. Finder B.MM
n-tuni t.iJ. t.. Wi'iton, 5th Ave. and Tatluw
St., an.l receive reward. 189*181
r('('NI>-Kurt>ka Cleaning and   Preaaintr  Cum-
puny     Men* tint* cleaned  and   it 'emed I! "���
I     Ladiea' aiiita (ire��M��d  and  cleantnl.    Pry clean-
inn �� -i ��� !..-;������   U W**��tenhaver  H  --.
pboM r^i M 121-u:
POUND' Ittoajinl ronma, MITty furniahed. The
Bdlklov HiK'K. Ith Ave., near Fulton,    li-V-lm
LOST-On Sixth ttreet. betwet-n Third Avenue
nn.l Queen ��   Hotel.  I1M.   two  chtijut-a  in  roll.
ono for $1?�� other for M, rvat m billa.   Raward
Billy   Polttl  Cnndy  Store,  Sixth St..  one  door
fromC IV R Office.          /                   1XMHS
+ x
For Rent j
CoOUrttdrOtU houae, corner 6th Ave.  and  Thorn*'* :
��un St.. furnished or unfurntahed.     Phono IM
orP.o Box 188.
F.'ur-ro.>med Houae. partly furniahed. with bathroom, close in on Summit Ave., back of Borden
itreet.   Apply at Kirehall or P.O. Box 2t��.
J Famished R��jma In apartment houae, oppoaite
Clapp Butldinir. 2nd Ave., near McBnd**. Apply on premiaea between one and three p.m.
Table  Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Every Description of
House    Furnishings.
Quarter Section at $8 per acre
Quarter Section at $lu [n-r ucre. t_ ...       _    .. .
Quarter Sxi-rinn nl iio   ..������ n���r., Two-roomed Cabin on Fourth Ave . near McBnd.'.
IWI $     ,!0n ������ *12 P��r ai-rei,, !     Apply J.  Young.  Mspte  Boarding Huuse. Jnl
Quarter Section. Unproved, at  $16  per '    Ara. 12S-1S4
acre on good terms.
Half Section at $15 |n?r acre ;  terms of
1-3 cash and balance in 1 ani L' years
For Rent
Furniture nf three-room list. Apply R.aim IB
W,..tsnhsver Block, curner Jnd Ave. and Sixth
Street. Ue.134
Nicely furnished Front Room in new house. Apply Mrs. Sarllle. Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Furnished 4 room House with bath. ISO 12%1SJ
per month. Store, snd office, for rsnt.   Applv Dr. Mctntyrv.
4-1-OOm House with bath. Jl'.'i month. Third Ave., phone green 59. U��-tf
3-room Flat, down town, with all  mod-   N���ily Furnished Room,;   gentlemen  preferred.
ern conveniences. $_.'" per month. .    Apply Mrs. Mullin, over Majestic Thestre.
Two Stores on Third Ave. u��-lra
I'hose -'-'- if you want to rent a house, furnished
or unfurnished, corner .'lh Ave. snd Thompson
Street.   Alt modern conveniences.
Cosy furnished rooms. Mrs. Bower. Somerset
Rooms, Third Avenue, between Seventh snd
Eighth. HT-tf
Homes on Easy Terms
The Prince Rupert B lildirg and Investment Company, Limited, have
several houses in course of construe-
lii.ntliatcaiiliepurcl.il-.'.!   with   small   N-lM Furnished Rooms.   Apply Mrs. Kirliy. Aider
cash   payments   and   balance   in   rent.!    Block, upstair, entrance, third Ave.       117-124
Call  at  our office for prospectus and
' ! Nice, clean, bright out.lds rooms.
6th Ave., near Fulton.
Bulkley Block
. Nice furnished rooms single or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Rooming House. 2nd Ave., nesr
McBride. M... 3-lmo
this spring purchasers of land
there were coming and going by
the river boats, and now the
railway is opened so far still more
traffic will take place by train
Meanwhile those who had some
years ago forseen the value , f
the land and established their
fruit ranches, are beginning ...
reap their reward.
Speaking  of  his   fruit   fannin,
1 up   there   this  Bpring  n   raj
remarked:    "I've   v,ni   nUmi   ,.-
acre under straw berries this ,,,,.,
and   I   calculate on  ten  Ijorries 1 ,
the   basket   if   they   work   out  ,.-
whopping big as  they did on  the
I half acre I had last year."
Before very long when th..-,
various acre, two acre, and hall
acre berry patches gradually join
up through the valley, there will
be fifteen miles of fruit land 1,,,
ing Prince Kupert with delectables
of the garden, the flavor of which
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave. I admittedly    surpasses    anything,
COMPANY K��)wn farther south.
Mining Wealth Too
Not merely fruit lands, bin
wealth producing mines also conic
within the ratlins of the lirsi inn
mile of steel now opened up
to regular train traffic. The lirsi
known mineral of commercial valuu
found adjacent to Prince Ruperl
on the (".. T. P. line is found at
camp mile 80 where there i-. a
good showing of chaleopyrite ore.
Two or three samples ran up from
'2 to 10 per cent copper and S'.'.till
in gold with a little silver also.
Some of these claims run right
across the li. T. P. right of way
The Big
Cor. 6th St. and '.
F.  W.   HART  &
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.    White labor only at
McCaffery & Gibbons 1
Prince Rupert
i :
Help Wanted
In The Home
132-tf      ������
Apply Martin    '
I That may be safely
"packed" on a  trip
( is much in demand.
| We have them in dif-
j ferent sizes.
The Pioneer Dwggi$t
PHONE   :   :   ,-   82
j Out For A Stroll
Hot Springs and Big Snow Slide on G.T.P. Ry.
View of the beautiful river scenery with Capt. Bonser the
"Skeena Pioneer'   on the
Leaving G. T. P.   Dock at
  AT 12.80 p.m. SHARP
Round   Trip Tickets       - $2.50
Buy early as a limited number of ticket* will be sold.
For  Sal
New 5-ro.irr, House, -th and McHr; :���
H-room Sliat-K on reserve, sectni  2,
���: \A'\t. In section 7. $ir>o each.
'1 Lots on stli Ave., section 6.
I.i.ts on S.;rr,mit Ave.
Low lash Paymtl tl Easy Tern.-
sa. **"
PAID fP CAPITAL $250,000
I On An Excursion
., What About Some of These
Latest Magazines and
Books, a Victor Gramophone. Pictures. nifty-
Fixtures for a den.
We have all these
in stock.    :    :    :    :
Porter wanted al the Talbot House.
Boy wanted   to  work In store.
O Kellly. 2nd Avt.
A .- -al sensible woman to do t-hamher work snd
,    work In store.   Apply Box C. News Office.
Nineteen young men to lake cosy rooms in the
Bulkier Block, near Fulton. Ins-lm
Wanted-SOOirood men to join the Order of Owls. .
Call room 2-, Empresa   Hotel.   I.  ��. Madlem.
H��-I14    :
f n* I      J       nt.       110 and that is how the aold was found,
j Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118   (()plH.r <-it,, ,(s\,ilt, up ������
41 river   is  on   thc   mouth   of   the
-+ Cop
I | qua
Fire Insurance
THI' Rhtiah I'ninnand National Fire Inaurancr
Company of London. Ensland, with ranitul
of ;.'"-��'.���������������.'. See ua for rates. Thp Mack
Kealtv and Inaurance Company. Tiv-tf
Boarders Wanted
j       The Pit
f    conducte
..���^*4 { Wood. 2n
1 A ftw  coay   homallk-*  roomt  eh��sip   t
I    Rkomera.   Kintt Georac Hotel. 2nd A%enue.
131-1 .J*
Home rooked mmla and nlceljr furnlah*<d roomt
fur three peraona. Auply Mra. Jamea. Scott
Bldit.. 3rd Ave., between -th and 9th Sta.   6&-tf
Private Board by the week or month. Home
eookinir a aperialty. Mtaa E. M. Uleeaon, .trd
Ave., between 7th and ��th Sta.. i-hone 171. -.-i:'
Th<* Plumblnir and Sheet Metal buaineaa lately
rted by H. Wood, auccenaor to Mathraon &
tnd Ave, haa been taken over by Smith &
j Malli>tt, to whom all outatandintr acirounta are
���teady    payable and who will pay all claims ajfainat the
Real Estate
John Dybhavn
Townsites Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Townsite Mattett Townsite
HEAD OFKKE:-" ��<��; BOWER HllLMINi,. VANCOt'Vlli, 1117
Local Office: Aid.r Block Sixth Street
PATTt'U .- Bl.oi h
McRae Bros.
Siath Slreel Phone Red 78
Nineteen young* men wanted to rent cosy furnished In the Bulkley Kosa-ns. 6lh Ave., near Fulton,
-a-'��� ���
For Sale
Two room, of New Furniture at bargain.    Nice
rsbln. close In. csn be rented.   Phone .123 blsck.
Before buying your 8tove or Hans--* Bee A. J.
Lallan,!. McBride and Fifth Ave. Cook stovca
from III. I.'.,.;,,.
Parrot.    Apply C B. Wark * Co.. 3rd Ave.
LKA8E FOR SAI.K- Lease of the premises on
Third Ave. now oecupl---! by the Douglas Cafe.
cheap.   Ask t'ncleJerry. i-.'if
All kindwif HtasVd hsnd roods housrht and sold.
F. M Crosby, Third Ave., between 7th and -ll.
street- 117-tf
Situations Wanted
Copper river and is the head-
rters of the Copper river district. About ten miles from there
has been found splendid showii-g-
of free milling cold. From 15
to 20 miles are good showing- nl
bornite, chaleopyrite and chatcoci-
te.    All  these showings run high
as 'M per cent.
Develop Supply Centre
That Prince Ruix'rt is undoubtedly the supply centre for the
whole vast surrounding district
is established more than ever
this year. The opening up of this
hundred mile stretch of steel means
more to the up river distri.i
already than even our l.usiiii--
men have fully realised. It is
sufficient to say, however, that
the lirsi train which pulled out
on the regular Rupert to Copper
City service carried consignments
of supplies from all of the hi.;
wholesale houses, and not a few
of the retail places of busines.- ill
Prince Rupert. With the advantage of speed in tr.isnport.ition
will grow mote and more rapidly
and extensively the supply trade
of the up river district, and thc
indefatigable commercial travellers
. i representing our  eitv's establish-
Skeena Land District���District ol Cout *
Tsks  noUce that William  Munford i     Prlnes mi Ills,     are     BlalOJlMt      ihe     llli'-l
Rupert,   B.   C,   occupstion   prospector.   Intends .... . . -
to  apply  for   permission  to  [esse  the  Mowing      llluI.lMt  al   tile in.llliJUI'.llloll of I II
described Isnds: ' r-
Commsncin--st s post planted about 100 chains tram   serviee.
Bailiff's Sale by Auction
Landlord and Tenant Act
The contents of the Tea Kettle   Inn.   ubles.
chairs,   rana-e,   cutlery,  etc..  on  the   premises
Friday. June loth, 1911. at two o'clock.
PrinceRupert.JunelOth.li.il. 131-1.14
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old office of Optimist, aell only
Best made in Seattle.    Fruit snd Candy,  whole-
aale and Retail. Look for flash siarr. at nia-hl.
SAM GO WEN, Proprietor Phone 350
;:;it)oiio��.onrtoooontioona^ '��;.
Mi*     bsraeslndu,   to June Mnd for the,
endStbA,',,     ."T      ">."������ r  b-lween    '.    ..���.| reliable woman desires po-HH.n
...        ,      .       I .-.aid si>ariVati,.n. i      I .      .       .        f~-
''     "  " '"   ' " I'"    -ith Avenue and Tsl. ;
1    south of
I    i..--.. B
���*ad>   ,htne, ,
ths lndisn Iteserve on the esst side of
sy and on the eaat aide of the peninsula
south K0 chslns slung shore, thenee west
40 chains to lioo-e ilsy, thenee north slons shore
Thorough-   60 chains, thence west 40 chains mors or Isas to
., experienced in h.iti-l work or would likesmsll   post, eontair.lnc .120 sere, more or 1-a..
r,..nnng  h.i.se w���rk        Not afraid   of   work,    listed Msrch 8. 1811.       WILLIAM  M UN FORD
Ap|.l> Bos A. News Office. 1J.I-I.I4        ' Pub. April IS.
Pantorlum Pionssr Cleamm. 'Phone 4
Surprising   Reductions    in  -
Baby Buggies
Specially Reduced
in Price
Furniture and Home Furnishings
We are doing this to avoid moving our good* while the building is being remodelled
All kinds of Glassware and Crockery
including a New
Shipment o f Cut
Glass from the leading factories of the
world. Prices cut
to half.
Broken Lines of Goods Almost Given Away
W. HART    -
First Come First Served


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