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 THE  W ���-* 'HER
Twenty-four hoi Jj inding5a.m.,
Oct. 27       J
ml.lTHI*.      MIN.TEl *M     H��lt IN. |l SIN
51.0 88.awlO.OB(i     .00
The Daily News
5n Lws'at/ye XL *
For south
Princess May Saturday, a.m.
Camosun, Sunday 9 a.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Friday, October 27, 1911.
Price Five Cents
His Perfect Mastery of Facile French Wins Their Admiration, and  the Tact and
Earnestness of His Speeches Pleases -He Looks "Every Inch a Soldier"���
Duchess of Connaught is Pleased at Being in Canada
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Ocl. 26.���There is no
doubt that the Duke of Connaught
has captured the hearts of people
who have met him, and promises
id make his regime as Governor
General memorable in administrative circles.
From the time he set fool on the
King's wharf at Quebec until the
moment when In-crossed the threshold of Rideau Hall, the uncle
of King George has been making
friends. He has not given the
impression that he desired to
condescend; on every occasion
when he has been given op-
portunlty, he has shown that he
lias no fear for his dignity by
allowing his cordiality to show.
Has Captured the French
He has made a most remarkable
Impression on French-Canadians.
His French is almost perfect,
a French spoken with liquidity <>f
pronunciation, a perfect mastery
of idiom, and an absence of
formality tif phrase. "I wish,"
said the correspondent of a French-
Canadian newspaper to your own
representative, that I could speak
French like that." The Duke had
just concluded his brief reply
to the welcome of the Si. Jean
Baptiste Society, and the tliousards
wht) packed Parliament Hill were
cheerl* g wildly.
Speeches Have Distinction
None of thc speeches which
he has delivered has been long,
but each has struck a note of
earnestness and desire to serve.
The first speech in French delivered at Quebec was an excellent example of ihe manner in
which he has been effective and
yet "different." He did not say
the usual things inspired by the
neighboring Plains of Abraham.
Instead,  by a few deft  sentences
he showed a deep and old mason
for friendship, a friendship for
which he wisel> inferred there
wns no reason to plead. England
herself, since Norman mingled and
married with Saxon was, and had
been, largely French by blood and
First Game of Solo Series Between Leading Clubs Played
Last  Night.    Prince  Rupert
"   Club Beats Wanderers.
���it In the Wanderers' Club last
night the first game of lhe solo
���cries for the C. W. Peck Challenge
Shield, presented for competition
between the clubs this season was
played with victory for lhe Prince
Rupert Club which made over
95(H). The series is going to prove
a most interesting one antl rivalry
between the clubs is keen.
Following are lhe names of tinmen inking pari in the contest:
Prince Rupert Club W. H.
Vickers, S.  P.  McMordie, George
I). Tite, M. C. Sandells, D. A.
McKinnon, A. Carss, I-'. G. Dawson, Martin O'Reilly, M. M. Stephens, and E, G. Maynard.
Wanderers' Club���Joe Howell,
('. W. Peck, C. Vaughan, Archie
Russell, Barney Mulvaucy, T. Toby, F. Harlem, G. R. T. Sawle,
W. V. Beach, and Pete Lorenzo.
W. C. T. U. Delegates Pass Resolution to Oppose Everything
Demoralising in Dress, Reading, and Entertainment.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Sherbrooke, Oct. 27.���Women's
Christian Temperance Union delegates in session here today adopted
the following resolution:
"That we set ourselves against
all that is debasing and demoralizing in dress, reading, and entertainment and resolve to maintain
that high standard in our home
life and our social intercourse with
society at large."
Vancouver Hunters are Roaming Stanley Park Looking for
It���Is Killing he Animals at
the Zoo.
Applications for Hydro-Electric
Scheme Appointment to be
Considered by Committee of
Whole Council Today.
Vancouver, Oct. 26.��� Hunters
skilled in the pursuit of big game.
are roaming Stanley Park this
aftemoon looking for lhe [Howling
cougar which last week slaughtered
five of thc park collection of
animals, two deer and three goats.
Although it is several days since
the animal dill lhe killing, the
general opinion is thai it still
remains in the park, sleeping ��'lf
lhe effects of lhe gorgi, g. Unless
the cougar has been moving around
within the past few hours the
hunters do not think that their
dogs can locale him al any distance. Any scent would not remain strong enough for trailing
purposes longer than about twelve
Dredging   Company   Produces
Seventy Tons n First Month
Nome, Alaska, Oct. M.���The
firsl run of the York Dredging
Company's plant, which is working
placer tin deposits at ( ape Wk
and which has been in operation
less than a month, produced seventy tons of placer tin, valued at
$500 a ton. 	
J. Y. Rochester was a passenger
for Vancouver today by the Prince
At 5 p.m. today the Mayor
and cily council will meet in
committee of the whole to consider the applications now in hand
for the appointment of a waterworks engineer to look after the
hydro-electric schemes as assistant
lo Colonel Davis. Over fifty
applications are -in   the  hands of
the City Clerk. The appointment will probably be made this
Successful Tenderers Will be
Announced This Afternoon
on Notice Board.
Names of successful tenderers
for the work of clearing the
shores  of   Lake   Woodworth   will
l,e announced this afternoon by
notice postetl oii the city hall
board after the meeting of the
board of works t<> consider the
tabulated statement prepared by
the City Engineer according to
Instructions lasi night.
Leaving the Sunshine
About seventy first class and as
many deck pa* singers pulled out
by the Prince Rupert for the south
this morning.
Provincial  Police Routine
Chief Owen, of the Provincial
Police, left for Masset last night
on one of his periodical visits of
Mr. and Mrs. VV. R. Smith were
passengers to Vancouver today by
the Kuperi- 	
G. D. Newton was amongst the
passengers for the south by the
Rupert today.
Looks the Soldier
The   Duke   of   Connaught   is
probably the tallest of the dc-
probably the tallest of the
descendants of Queen Victoria.
He stands about 5 feet 11 inches,
and broad of shoulder and erect
of carriage, he tloes not need
the military uniform to proclaim
him a soldier by training and by
choice. The Duchess, who retains
her youthful looks, has taken
every opportunity to show her
pleasure at lieing in Canada.
It  was  Shot  in  Stanley  Park
This Morning by Some Victoria Huntsmen After Long
(Canadian Press I Vspalch)
Vancouver, Oct. 27.���After a
chase lasting for nearly two weeks,
the cougar which has been devouring the deer and goats at
Stanley Park was hunted down by
a party of Victoria huntsmen this
morning. They thereby secure
the reawrd of fifty dollars offered
by the newspapers.
Will Winter at Westminster
Special Constable J. E. Traffi-
Ci'.nt look prisoner Philip T. Nicholas, sentenced to live months'
Imprisonment for forgery, down to
New Westminster���leaving by the
Prince Rupert this morning.
Interesting Computation Based on Census Returns -Quebec is Stationary -Ontario
Loses Four   Four Western Provinces Gain Five Members Each -Winnipeg
Gets Four Members and Vancouver Three - Ten Additional Members
According to the census reports
isstietl last week from Ottawa,
British Columbia should shortly
receive an increase from seven lo
twelve members.   While the figures
are  nu   entirely  complete.
Is rot anticipated that any
charge   will   be   effected   by
Iii al recount.
Unit is 30,780
The unit of representation
tai.ied by dividing Quebec's population of 2,000,070, by 65 (tne
fixed representation of that province),  is .10,780.    On   the  basis
Amazing Suggestion is Made That the City Engineer Now Should Enter  a  Tender
for the Work, and Report on the Cost if Done by Day Labor   Prices Low
Tenders for the clearing of
the shores of W'oodowrih Lake
were opened by the City Clerk
at last night's council meeting
Prices varied considerably ranging
from as low as $110 per acre to
as high as $100. The (��� nders
were referred to the City Engineer
in order that a tabulated statement may be prepared, and the
City Engineer will submit a tender
on the days labor basis. Following
are the tenders su' mitti-tl:
John Allan and Ralph Tyson���
Sect. 2, 8255 per acre; Sect 3, $235;
Sect. 5, 8115.
John Engstrom and S. Bern*.
sicii-���Sect. 3, 824!) per acre; Sect
5. 8185.50.
O. H. Anderson and gang���Sect.
5. 8419 per acre.
W. R. Morrison���Sect. 5, $134
per acre.
C. B. Schrelber & Co.���Bid for
lhe whole 102 acres, 8150 per acre,
Sections One to Five.
A. Milqulst and gang of twelve
men���Sect 4, 8127. 50 per acre.
Thos. Duncan���Seel. 2, 8400
per acre; Sect. 3, $450.
J. Hammer and gang���Sect. 1,
|88fi per acre; Sect. 2, 8240;
Sect. 3, 8210; Sect. 4, 8240; Sect,
a, 8205.
Harry Polrler and three others���
Sect. 3, 8170 per ...ere; Sect. 4,
$125;   Sect. 5, 81 if).
John   KlrkaWy    Sect.   3,   $225
per crae.
Arthur Carr���Sect. I, 8225 per
acre; Sect. 5, 8200.
Richard Carr���Sect. 4, $220 per
M. I.ofgren & Co., ten men���
Sect. 1, 8270 per acre; Sect. 2,
$187; Sect. 3, $175; Sect. 8,1110.
Mike Boscovitch���Sect. 2, $400
per acre;  Sect. 3, $350.
Alex Oman Seel. 2, $210 per
aire; Sect. 3, 8210; Sect. 1, 8185;
Sect. 5, 8170.
O. Bachand and iwo others ���
Sect. 1,8275; Sect. 4, 8200; Sect.
5, 8150.
M. K. Perich���Sect. 3, $250 per
G. Blechlck���Sect. 3, 8251 per
M. Tonich Co.���Sect. 4, $107.
Milo Tonson Co.-Sect. 4,1202;
Sect. 5, 8175.
II. Mikleson and ni.-c others���
Sect.4, f 125; Sect. 5, $125.
An Unsigred Tender -Sect. 5.
Arthur Mullin aril nine others -
Sect. 5, 8200.
W. T. Robii so. -Sect. 4, 8205;
Sect. 5, $235.
Westholme Lumber Co.���Sect.
1, $175; Sects. 2 a tl 3. $250;
Sect. 4. $200; Sect. 5, 8215.
Stephen Ki ig���Sect. 1, $248;
Sect. 4, $103; Sect. 5, $119.
John G. Vierick antl others���
Sect. 1, $350;  Sect. 2, $250;  Sect.
3, $275;   Sett. 4, $300;   Sect. 5.
Victor Olsen���Sect. 1. $225;
Sect. 2, $275.
Nick Mandusieh Co.���Sect. 2,
Eric Hansen and garg���Sect. 4,
$130;   Sect. 5, $125.
Following are firsl tenders which
were ��� ot withdraw,'. It was
agreed   that   they   be  opened   as
new tenders:
Fred Peterson���(Clearing)���Sect.
4, $205;  Sect. 5, $195.
Mike Tonich Co.���Seel. 4, $185.
Milo Toi 101���Sect. 4. $100;
Sect. 5, $170.
O. Bachand and two others���
Sect. 1,$275.
of this unit the future
tion   of   each   of   the
provinces will be as show*
in the
folluwing table:
The New House
Alberta    12
British Columbia... 12
Manitoba  15
New Brunswick...  11
Nova Scotia   15
Ontario  82
Prince Edward Is.   3
Quebec  05
Saskatchewan    15
which the bidders could see how
they stood at a gllir.ee.
This plan Alderman Newton
said would lie all right if the
Engineer also gave an estimate
of ihe cost of ihe work done by
days labor
Alderman Hiltliich said he was
sorry the City Engineer's bid
had not been sent in owing to
pressure of work. Personally he
didn't mind mentioning lhat he
would have himself bid for Sect.
1, $140 per acre; for Sections 2
and 3, $115; antl for the other
two sections, $100 |ier acre.
The tenders wen- referred to
the City Engineer in order ihat
a tabulated statement may In-
prepared and an estimate submitted  for  the work done  by days
C ty Engineer Late
A'tlt-rmeiii Newton wanted to
know if the City Engineer had rot
put in an estimate. Alderman
Hitditch explained that it had
bee i Intended for the City Engineer io put in an estimate bui
he had been unable owi-ig to
pressure of work.
Alderman Clayton w-as solicitous
oi* behalf of those bidders who
had    come    to   see    the    tenders work on  houses  In
opened.   He thought they might in order to press
Arrival of a New Supply of
Metal Figures Enables the
Contractor to Proceed Again.
A letter reporting progress and
renewed activity- in ilu* work of
bumnering the residences in lhe
city was read .it the cily council
last night from I.. Bullock-Webster
ihe contractor for ilu- work. The
work has proceeded Intermittently, because of the Impossibility
of obtaining a sufficient supply of
numbers in keep the contractor
going. More numbers were obtained las' week, aril Mr. Bllllock-
Wcbster i- now rapidiy placing
them. In his letter he regretted
ihe delay which was due to no
fault  ei.li * >if his own or of the
Th n- *  i   Hardware Co.,   who
ar,    applying the numbers to him,
antl   Stated   thai   he   he'd   ceased
was erecting
oil   with   iIn-
Western Provinces Gain
This gives 231 members, as contrasted with 221 in the present
House an increase of ten seals.
The four Western Provinces increase iheir representation by five
members each, while Ontario loses
four and the Maritime Provinces
six, leaving a net increase of ten.
Vancouver Gets Three
��� ii the Individual cities to gain
representation Winnipeg will profit
most as she will have her representation increased from one
to four members. Vancouver will
be entitled to three members instead of one as at present.
Last Match of the World's
Series Produced Some Fine
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Philadelphia, Oct. 27.���In an
exhibition of great batting the
Philadelphia team yesterday galloped home with the world's baseball championship for the second
time iu succession, defeating New
York in ilu* sixth game bv a score
of 13 to 2.
The Giants used three pitchers
but could not stop the onslaught.
In the seventh inning Philadelphia
made seven runs.
For the dance���fancy hair bands.
���Wai laei's. 2t
First Vessel to be Fitted with
Oil Engines Reached the
Great Lakes - Another is
Montreal, Oct. 20.���A new departure in the type of vessel
navigating Canada's inland waters
has been created by the arrival
iu Canada of the ship "Toiler,"
as she is thc first vessel driveji by
oil engines lhal has ever been seen
in this country, and is, consequently, lhe pioneer oil vessel to
be employed in Canadian trade.
She Will Operate lietween  Mon
I real and Like Erie.
ike  to  blOW which   tenders Were numbering contract.
clean out of il at least.     (Sini'-s-.i _________________
He   thought    the   council   sho.'.!
sort the te-ders out at once and    Captain Douglas and Captain
select a short list of likely ones.    I Jackman of ihe  Foley, Welch A
The   Mayor   suggested   that   it
niigh    be better lo have the City
Engineer reduce the whole of theI
tenders   to   tabulated   form   from      Pantorium I'ioneer Cleani-rn, I'hone 4
IStewart  Heel  went   south   by  the
Rupert this mom Ing.
Contractors Were Awarded Their Final Payments Last Night- In  Every Case  Deduction Wa.s Made���Contractors Will Enter Suit Against the City
Amounts due the principal contractors for street grading of Sec-
lion One were reporled by the
hoard of works to the cily council
last night as follows:
S. P. McMordie & Co. .817,300. Hi
E. Horrigan & Co     7,142.50
S. II. Watson & Co     1,820.14
N. Gurvich     1,858.77
The report of the board of
works says: "We would recoin-
nieiid the payment of these accounts, and in the case of N.
Gurvitch, instead of deducting
82,700 and  $3,400, only  the one
Item of $2,700 be deducted, paying
the additional  $3,400    that   is
$1,858.77, and $3,400���a total of
In    explanation    of   this   latter
Comment  Alderman   Hilditch  said
this morning that N. Gurvich
had really only one contract though
two time limits hail apparently
applied tO il. This was gone
Into with the result that the
application of one of tho time
limits was not susl. lined, and the
deduction of $3,400 at the rate of
$25 per day for delay under
thai lime limit was not upheld
by the board of works.
The    report    is    Signed    by    J.
Ili'ilitch, H. Douglas, ard j. A.
Kirkpatrick, and is accompanied
by a letter from 1-'. S. Clements,
civil  engineer,  stating  that  by  a
A Greenock telegram says: The
Clyde     Shipbuilding     Company,
Port Glasgow, has contracted to
build a steamer 325 feel in length
for service on lhe American lakes.
The  vessel  will   have   KKK) horse
power oU engines.   As this is the
lir-al contract of the kind in the
tlistrict  the building antl trials of
the new steamer will be watched
Willi mora than ordinary interest.
Residents of Deadman's Island
Turned Out by Sheriff's Men
Vancouver, Oct. 25.���By a surprise attack. Deputy Sheriff Kirk
and twelve men this morning took
possession of   Deadman's  Island
on behalf of Theodore l.litlgate
and the Vancouver Lumber Company, whose right to the property
has belli declared by the privy
The deputy sheriff took such
a big display of foree thai the
DOlygOl crowd who inhabit the
Uland 'lid nol attempt any violent
resistance, though then* was an
attempt al bluster. This afternoon household furniture, fishing
nets, and a great quantity of junk,
an* on Moats ready to be trans-
fern tl io ihe mainland.
'lhe squatters professed to be
taken by surprise, although the
propel legal not ices hail, of eourse,
been given.
Great Story of Supposed Theft
Turns out to be a Very Simple
Case of Drift Away.
C. Carlsen reported to the police
this morning lhe loss of his 22-ft.
sailing sloop fully equipped from
the anchorage off Swanson's boat-
house the night liefore last.    Investigations were being  made by
the city police when a prospector
named   Raymond  with  his mate
blew   into   the   provincial   police
office  Willi  news   that   they  had
found  a   boat   which   exactly  answered the description of the missing one.    11 seems ihat the boat
had been moored with  too short
a  cable  at   low  tide.     The   tide
rose, the Ixial yanked at the anchor
antl went  off on  her own.    She-
was found six miles from Rupert
jusi off the railway grade.    Constable   Godson   brought   her   in
in low of a gasoline boat.
President Hays Says They Will
Be There by the End of This
Sad Little Tragedy of the Cradle
Takes   Place   at   Rochester
close lesl he ha- found the calculations made by the City Engineer for  the purpose of  fixing
these BfflOUntS due the CO iltaclors
to be correct.
In every case the amount had
been arrived at by calculating
the amount due hu work done,
antl   then   a  deduction   of  $25  a
day was mads for every day over
lhe contrail linn .
li is understood thai some of
the contractors will enter suit
immediately against the city, mi
the ground thai  tin* delay was
Caused   by   the   council's   refusal
to provide police protection during 1 baby brother on tin* head, kill Ing | Rupert on a business trip for the
the strike. |hlm instantly eity.
Montreal, Oil. 26.���Al the adjourned annual meeting of the
shareholders of lhe Grand Trunk
Pacific   Railway  Company   held
here President i". M. Hays stilted
thai during the year track-laying
on the main line of the wesleni
division had been extended from
Wolf Creek lo Fiuhugh, west of
the Athabasca river in the Rocky
Mountains (which will be thc
divisional jxiint for that section)
and lhat const ruction work ls
under full headwway, with night
and ilay forces, to Tete Jaime
Cache, on the Fraser river, beyond the Yclliiwhcad Pass, on
the Western slope of the Rocky
Mount.tins. It is expected that
track-laying will reach this point,
which is 1,001 miles west of
Winnipeg, before tin- close of the
yea i.
Frenchman Discovers You Can
Make Good Whisky Out of
New York, Oct. 20.���Dispatches
from    Paris   announce    that   two
Frenchmen have succeeded in making pun whisky from bananas.
Fot lhe new process ihey claim
two qualities which will appeal
to all whisky drinkers���cheapness
Rochester, N. Y���Oct.26. Mrs.
Robert Agnew placed her iwo
babes in a crib yesterday and
gave Elmer, 20 months old, the
oldest,   ���'    nursing    bottle.      The
child   after  satisfying  his  hunger land a delicious odor.
began  to play wiih the bottle.I        	
Holding il at arm's length he let      City Soloieitor l-'n-d Peters went
it   fall.     The   bottle   siruck   hlsltO Victoria today by  the  Prince THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Friday. Oct. 27
Among the larger cities of the I'nitetl Slates to adopt the commission form of government is the city of Spokane, which at the lasi
census had a population of  104,402.
Spokane had grown up on a "mayor and council" form of civic
government. She had inherited most of the evils that grow out of
the mayor and council form of governmeni. There was friction
between the civic departments. There was a multiplicity of departments ami employees. There was inadequate supervision, because
it is Impossible for a council s]X'iidiiig bui one evening a week -ro
matter how honest and competent���to properly administer the affairs
of a large and growing city.
Worse than this there was a grevious waste and lax administration of the city's affairs, due to lack of business heads ard systems
of close checking in lhe civic departments.
Fortunately Spokane had a progressive mayor i.i the person
of Hon. N. S. Pratt. He realised the failure of the mayor and council
system, and in October, 1000, addressed an open letter to the people
of Spokane in which after instancing the failure of their existi. g
municipal system, he urged the wisdom of a change to the commission
form of government. He followed up the open letter, by appointing
a committee of seventeen leading citizens to Investigate and report
on an advisory charter of the commission type.
The city council tif ihat date were wedded to their idols. They
threw every hindrance in lhe way of Mr. Pratt, and the committee
of seventeen. In its later stages, the light for progressive gover.iiient
in Spokane resolved itself into a tight between the citizens and their
un represen tat ive rcprescn tal ives.
After the committee of seventeen had made a five months Investigation of the charters of all the commission systems then in vogue
in the United States, they reported to the mayor, recommending the
adoption of commission government for Spokane. The mayor passed
the report on to the council, recommending lhat they appoint a special
election to choose freeholders for a charter committee. The cily
council ignored the recommendation and sat tight.
Next a petition of citizens, backed by the mayor in person,
requested lhe council to act.   The council ignored the citizens, too.
Finally a voluntary committee of citizens filed a petition that
made the council sit up and lake notice. The petition bore the names
of five thousand and seventy-five qualified elector- of Spok.tnr, and
after several delays the city council made a show of consenting.
It w;is not, however, until angered by a year's delay the citizens1
committee obtained a mandamus from the Supreme Court of Washington ordering thc appointment of a charter committee, that an
election was permitted by lhe council.
Even after their charter hail been adopted by the citizens of
Spokane legal proceedings were instituted attacking ihe validity
of the new charter. The Supreme Court, however, iu a decision upheld
the commission charter' and Spokane, despite the opposition of the
interests, was left free to adopt business like inchods for the transaction
of civic business.
Although under commission government for less than a year,
Its benefits have been made very clear in Spokane. Harmony has
been brought about between the corporation and its employees.
Padded payrolls and needless employees iire a thing of the past. Red
tape has been abolished. A system of c'ose checking ujkmi expenditures has effected a great saving of public money. The five commissioners devote the whole of the time to the cily business, giving it
as much attention as if they were working for a private corporation.
The credit of the city has been placed on a high basis, siving Interest
on the city's bonds, and strengthenii g ihe cii>'s standing in the bond
market. Above all a great public interest, a better public sp-1"'- and
an improved moral tone in relation to civic affairs has been brought
The method whereby this has been achieved will form the subject
f several articles iu this column in the future.
The tradesmen hi the city are incensed at the action of the councl-
in holding up lhe checks of certain contractors. Just as in the Pi'iul"
hiininu* ease ihe reason why is obvious. Just as in ihe Prudhomme
case, it is likely lo end up wiih the citizens having to pay a legal bi.'l
for the council's fun in playing a child's game of polities. The trades
men are Incensed because it is they, and not the cpntractors who!
suffer most from the council's tardiness in paying its bills
There is no truth in the absurd rumor that the Mayor insists
on paying double rates for all the groceries and household goods he
buys from party supporters. li is only in civic advertising that he-
pays double rales���and then of course It's out of the public purse, Il
isn't his own money.
Leading man ai d director of ihe Maj Roberts Company
! f&'zvz Wfeife *i*c -v l ;���- -_-* y_-r sass ^HiBlM
I    FOR 4 NIGHTS    ' \    FOR 4 NIGHTS
in new plays
and her company
Monday Ev g, October 30
Skeena I-ami Dislrict - Dbtffet ��f Cod��t IUngo 6
Take- MUM that Lclloy F. Grant of I'rinoe
Ku|��rt, H. C| occupation civil et.gif.tvi. intend*
to api-ly for ;������ r--ii-.ii.;, to putd-ase thc following
di*crib*d Unda:
Commercing at a \m *������ -.tlanted about 3 I ��� 2 mile*
In a northerlx ,>(��� mn 'rum the northiwt ri >rner
past of toi lltt, llange '*, -Coa/l PMrict, ihence
ran .'10 cl,-irj, thence n.*.th Mi chain-, thence
���MM to hank of river, thence aouth following
hank of river to point of commencement: eon-
laininc lfrfi arret, mure or leaa.
Dated Sept. H. IVtl. LKROY   F.  GRANT'
Puh. Oct. 14. Gordon 0. fcmmerson, Agenl
Skeena .Und District���Diatrict of Coast Range 6
Take notice that I. II. U. Miller of Falmouth
Eng., occupation surveyor, Intenda to apply fu
I nt nn- *iii i ii lo purchaae the followinK deacrihed
Commencing at a poat planted at tho N\ W. Corner of Lot 44011, thence west Ml chiana, thence aouth
'20 chaina, thence eaat mi chaina, thence north 2"
chaina to the point of commencement containing
ItiU acroa more or lees.
Uated Auguat 15, Mil K.  11. Q, MILLKR
Pub. Aug. ���Hi. I*. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land District ���PUtrid of Coait Range 5
Take notice that I. Chriatopher Jamea Graham
of Prince Rup rt, B. C, occupation locomotive
engineer, Intend to apply for permiaaion to purchaae
the following deacribed land*
Commencing at a poat planted at the south-
wasl eorner ������( IM No. 17.-_ vicinity of Lake
Lakelse and marked Christopher J. (iraham
N. I. Corner, thence weal 40 chains, ihence south
mi chaina, ihence eaat 4U chains. Ihence north 80
chains to poat of commencement; containing
.120 sCi*b, mote Of It*--.
Dated Sept. 22. 1911. 11.-6 A.M.��� Witnessed T. D
Pub. Sept. 30.
Ske*na Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notioe that  R   H. Stewart of Vancouver,
M.   C��  occupation  truckman,   intends  to  apply
for permiaalon to purchase the foUowing doacribed
Commencing at a post planted 40 chaina south
of Pre-emption No. -*'.*", and '-_ chains east from
the Naas Hirer (S. W. (' >, thenco 40 chaini cast,
thence 40 chains north, thence 40 chaina west,
thence 40 chains south to the point of commencement to contain ItiO acres more or loaa.
Dated Aug. 1911. James T, Fullerton, Agont
Pub. SepU 23.
.Skeena Und DUtrict -DUtrlct of Coast Rango 5
Take notice that Harold E. Smith of .Morely,
Alta., occupation station agent, intends to apply
(or permission to purchaie the following described
Commanclng at a post planted at the south
west corner 100 chains eut and 20 chains north
from N. fc. vomer of Lol 1116, Harvey i Survey
Coast DUtrlct Range ."��, thence 40 chains east,
thenre HO chains north, thenco 40 chains west,
thence M> "halns south to poat of commencement
containing HM acree, more or leas.
DatedSept. 18, 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
Pub. Sepl. 23. Fred W. Uohler, Agen
; Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Coast Range 5
Take notice that R. F. Miller of Tipton, Eng-
i land,   occupation   farmer,    ntends   to   apply   fur
twrniUsion   to   purchast   lhe  following   described
I     Commencing ai a post piunted about 60 chains
i west from the N. W. Corner of Lot 4406, thunce
north 40 chains, thence wust 20 chains,  thence
1 south  40 chains,  thence cost  20  chains  to the
point of commencement containing eighty oc��*m
more or loss.
Dated August 19  1911. R. F. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Millur, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Coast Range 6
Take notice ihat Frank s.  Miller uf London,
Eng., occupation civil engineer. Intends to apply
for permUsion lo purchaso the following described
I lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at tho N. E.
Corner of Lot 28, thence north 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains, thence south 20 chaina, thence
i east 20 chains to point nf commencement, containing 40 acres more or loss.
Dated August 15, mil.        FRANK S. MILLER
! Pub. Aug. 26. p. �� Millar, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict -Dl'trict of Coast Range b
Take notice that Lottie McTavUh of Vancouver,
occupation married woman, Intends to apply
for permUsion to-purchase the following described
Commencing at a pom planted at the north-
weet corner 100 chains east and 20 chains north
from N. E. corner o* Lot 1116, Harvey's Sur.ey
Coasl DUtrict Range 5, thet.ee 20 cha>na suuth,
thence 80 chains east, thenn 80 chains north,
thence 10 chains wist, thonce 60 chains south,
thence 40 chains west to post ol comiiiuncemi-nt
donufning imm acres more_or leaa.
Dated Sept. 18. 1911. * LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sepl. 23 Fred W. Uohler. Agenl
A Comedy by Victorien Sardou
Matinee Monday afternoon at 2.30
Prices 25c and Wlc
Seats on sale Saturday morning, Theatre office 10 a.m.
-i- .-... Land District -District of Coast lilnio 6
Take notico that 1, Gordon 0. Emmerson of
1-rlnce u-,1 ���,. 11. c, occupation real estate
broker, intend lo apply for permlsaion to purchase the following ,!<--,���,il>< I lam's:
Commencing at a poll planted about 2 3-4
mllea in a northerly direction from the northeast
corner post nf Lot XltX'J, It r- . - .",, Coaat District,
Ihence north 40 chains, thence west to river
bank, thence south tollowimt river bank lo point
nl commencement;  containing Hit) acres, mure or
Dsled Sept. 9, 1911.  GOKDON C. BIUIIRSON
Pub. Oct. 14.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District ol Coast Range V
Take notice that 1, benjamin A. Fish ot Towner,
N. D., occupation merchant, intend to apply
lor permiasion to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on the east
boundary and about five chains from lhe .outlines! corner of Lot 41*14, Ihence north 60 chains,
thence east .10 chains, thence south GU chains,
thence wesl 30 chains to point of commencement
Dated June 21, 1911, BENJAMIN A. FISH
I'ub. July I': I i, I tl. Cowell, Agenl
Skeena Land District-District nf Coaat Itange li
Take notice that lliriam lloy McTavish of
Winnipeg, Man., occupation barrister, intends
to apply for permlasion to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planteel nt the southwest
corner 4(1 chains east nnd 40 chains nnrlh Irom
N. E. corner ol IaiI lllti. llarvey'a Survey Cuast
Dislrict llange 5, thence r��0 chains east, thenco
60 chains north, thence (10 chains west, thence 00
chains south to post ol commencement containing
300 sere, more or loss.
Daleel Sept. 18, 1911 HIIIIAM BOY McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sept. 23. I i. -I W. Uohler. Agent
Hella Coola Land District -Diatrict of Coaat Itange
Take nollco that II. M. CHIT of Dundalk. ire-
land, occupation gentleman, Intenda lo apply
for permission to leaso the following describe,!
Commonclng at a post planted on the shore
of Neclectsconnay Illver about 10 chnins west
of Indian deserve Line .thenco weat 00 chains
le.llowing the channel ol Neclectsconnay Hlver.
thence soulh ho chains more or lesa to channel
ol Hella Coola River, thence following channel
ot  Hella  Coola   Itiver easterly  60 chains,  north
j 80 chaim more or lees to poinl. of commencement:
- containing 180 acres, more or leaa.
j Dateel August 28, 1911. H.   M.  CUFF
Hub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agont
j Skeena Untl Dislrict���District of Coaat Hange 5
Take notice that Herbert J.  Mackle ol  Pembroke,  on:.,   occupation  lumberman,   Intends to |
apply for permission  to purchaae the following
j described lands:  .
|     Commencing at a post planled nn the left bank ;
I ot the Zytnoiiolta or /.Im-a-got-iti Hiver, at aouth- I
weat corner uf Lot 1706, thence northerly, following
[the  westerly  boundary ol  Lot   1700,   80  chains
I more or less, to the northwest corner of said Lot !
1706.   (hence  westerly  and  southerly,   lollowlng
Ihe lelt bank of said river, 80 chains more or less to -
point   ol   cummencemenl   containing   100   acres
more or loss.
Located August 19, 1911.
Dated August 21, 1911.     HBKHEKTJ. MACKIE
Pub. A lag. 26. Frederick S. Clementa, Agent
Skeena Land District���Dislrict nf Coaat llange V
Tak. nolice that .1  M. Talli-nan of Cedat
Rapids. Iowa, occupation lawyer, Intends to
apply lor permlasion to purchase tho following
deacrilied lanela:
Commencing at a post plantod on the southerly
shore ol Kutxymateen Inlel on the rlghl bank
of a small stream lluwing Into said Inlel just east
of Crow Lake. Thence snulh 20 chslns, thence
west **o ehalni more or less to tho shore line ol
Crow Lake, thence northerly and easterly lollowlng tho shore lines of Crow Lake, the Inlel
to Crow Lake and Kutaeymateen Inlet to the
plaee of commencement, containing forty acroa
mnr�� or lean. Ixieateel August 7, 1911.
Dated Aug. ��, Hil. JESSE M. TALI.MAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
.Skoona Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notice th*ll I, Th imas Carter, of Prince
Rupert,  urjc-jpltl in  cirpenler.   Intend   to apply
fur Permission to purchase the following elescrib-
ed land.
Comimlnclnir nt .-, post planted nb.ut one mile
south i' -or .the mouth of Falls creek nnd nbout
ITS') feet Imck from the beae-h, thenco 80 chains
north, thonco 40 chains .west, thonce KU eluilns
south, thence enst4ll chnins to point of pommence-
rnrnt. contninlnir 'I'll* ucres more or less.
Dnt.sl July 7th. 1911.    Charles Webster Calhoun,
l-ub. Aug. Mh. Agent.
Skeena Land District -District of Coast Range 6
Tako notice, that I, Thomas McClymont of
Prince Rupert, II. C, oceupnlion real estate
broker, Intenel to apply for permission to purchase
thc following described lands:
Commencing at a psot planted at the 8. W.
corner of pre-enipllon record 412, thence east 80
chains, Ihence south 40 chains, thence wost 80
chains to shore of lake, thence following shoro
of Ink.. In a northerly direction to point of commencment: containing 320 acres, more or less
Dated Sept. S, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
Pub. Sept. 9. Erenesl Cole. Agent
So Jones passed four hours with his
hend and shoulders in the temperature of a Turkish bath and the lower
part ot Mb body chilled to the bono.
Me thought nothing of lt at the time.
This   was  duty. Hut  at   Intervals,
throughout the rest of his life, the sciatic nerve would remind him of that
lonely watch. This morning he was
oonvalescent after a painful Immobility of two days.
Watching the boat, Jlm centered
her In the teloscopltf Held, and looked
anxiously for a sharp arrow-shaped
ripple on the surface of the sea. The
breeze which hnd vanquished the fog
now kissed the smiling water Into
dlmplos, aud IiIb keen sight was perplexed by  the  myriad  wavelets.
Each minute the condition of affairs
on board became more defined, He*
neath some oars ranged along tlie
Btarboard side he could see several
tins, such ns contain biscuits and
compressed beef. The shapeless mass
ln the bows puzzled him. It was partly covered with broken plunks from
the damaged portion of lhe upper
works, and lt might be a jlb-sall fallen there when the mast broke. 1-8
birds were busy and excited. He did
not like that.
Nearly half an hour passed. The
PrlnceBS Royal, a fine vessel of yacht*
like proportions, sprinting for the afternoon train, was about eight miles
away, sou'-west by west. According
to present Indications Btcamir and
derelict would be abreast of the (lull
Kock Light simultaneously, but thu
big ship, of course, would give n wide
berth to a  rock-strewn  shoal.
At last tho light house-keeper heard
ascending footsteps. This was not
Stephen Drand, but Jones. Jlm. whoso
rare irritated moods found safety In
stolid silence, neither spoke nor looked around when his chief joined him,
binoculars In hand.
Jones, a man of whitewash, polish,
and rigid adherence io framed rules,
found tho boat Instantly, and recapitulated Jim's Inventory, eliciting
grunts of agreement as each item was
ticketl off.
A clang of metal beneath caught
their ears���the opening of the stout
doors, forty feet above high-water
mark, from which a series of iron
rungs, sunk into tho granltu wall, led
to the rocky base.
"Brand's goin' to swim out. It's
hardly worth while slgnalln' to the
Land's End," commented Jones.
No answer. Jlm leaned well over
and saw their associate, stripped to
his underclothing, with a leather belt
support Ing a sheath-knlfo stung
serosa his shoulders, climbing down
the  ladder.
This taciturnity surprised Jones, for
Jlm was tbe cheeriest nurse who ever
brought a sufferer a plate of soup.
"It's nothing for a good Bwlmmer,
It It?" was the anxious question.
"No.   It's no distance to speak of."
"An' the sea's like a mill -poinl:"
"Ay, It's smooth enough."
"Don't you think ho ought to try It?
Every tine morning ho has a dip off
the rock."
"Well. If It's all right for htm an'
you It's all right for me.'
Jlm had urged his plea lo the man
whom lt chiefly concerned. Hc was
far too sporting a character to obtain the Interference ot authority, and
Join's, whoie maritime experience!
wero confined to the hauling In or
paying out of a lightship's cable, had
not the slightest suspicion of lurking
danger ln the blue depths.
A light spinsh came to them, and,
a few second! later, Brand's head and
shoulders swung Into view. After a
dozen vigorous strokes he rolled over
on to his side, and wavod his left hand
to the two men high above him.
With a sweoplng Bide stroke he
made rapid progress. Jones, unencumbered by knowledge, blew through
hts lips.
"He's a wonderful chap, Is Brand."
be said, rotitcntedly. "It licks mo
what a man like him wants messln"
Bbout lu the service for. He's oddl*
caletl up to the top notch, bu' he has
money, loo. Ills lodgln's cost the
whole of his pay. the missus says,
an' thai kid of his hns a hospital
ntiBH. If you pl.-ase."
Jones was grateful lo his mates for
their recent attentions. He wns inclined lo genial gossip, but Jlm wns
watching the boat curving towards the
lighthouse. The high Bpring title wns
at  Ull full.   So he only growled.
"You euii see with half an eye ho
has taken on ihis Job for a change. I
wish he was In that blessed boat."
.lones was quite certain now that
his subordinate harbored some secret
fear of danger.
"What's up?" he cried. "He'll board
her In two ticks."
On no account would the sailor mention sharks. Ho might be mistaken,
and Jones would guffaw at his "deep-
sea" fancies. Anyhow it was Brand's
afTalr. A friend might advise; he
would   never  tattle.
Tho head-keeper, vaguely excited,
peered through his glass. Both boat
and swimmer were ln the annulnr
Held. Brand had resumed the breaBt
stroke. The swing of the tide carried tho broken bow towards him. Ho
was not more than the boat's length
distant when he dived suddenly and
the cormorantb flapped aloft. A black
tin darted Into Bight, leaving a sharply
divided trail In tho smooth patch of
water creatod by the turning of the
Jones was genuinely excited now.
"My Ood!" he cried, "what Ib It?"
"A shark!" yellod Jlm. "I know It
I warned him. Eh, but he's game is
the cap'n."
"Why didn't you tell me?" roared
Jones. Under reversed conditions he
would have behavod exactly as Jim
Hut It was no time for words. Tho
men peered nt tho sudden tragedy
with an Intensity which left them
gasping for breath. Moro than two
hundred yards nway lu reality, tho
magnifying glasses brought this hor-|
or so close that thoy could see��� they
almost thought they could hear���Its
tensely dramatic action. Tho rapidly
moving black signal reachod the small |
eddy caused by the man's disappear-
uiiie. Tiictiinl'y it gteiii sinuous sinning body rose half oul of the water,
and a powerful tall struck the sitie of
the boat n resounding whack,
Jim's lirsi expletive died in bit
"He's done it!" Jones beard him
say. "He's ripped him, Oh, bully!
May tho Lord grant there's only one."
For a single instnnt they snw the
dark hair and Hue of tho man above
the sui-lnce. The shnrk circled nbout
innl rushed. Brand sunk again, and
again the glanl man-eater writhed in
agonised oontortlons nnd the sen,
showed musses of froth and dnrk
blotches.    The fluttering! of tho birds*
became Irregular nnd alarmed. Their
wheeling nights partly obscured
events below. The gulls, screeching
their flight, or It might be interest,
kept close lo the water, and tho cor-
iii,,ranis sailetl In circles aloft.
Jones wns pallid and streaming
with perspiration,
"I wouldn't have had It happen for
fifty quiii," be groaned.
"I wouldn't ha' missed it for a hundred," yelped Jlm. "It's a fight to tho
ilnlsh, an' the cap'n '11 win. There
ain't another   sea-lawysr on tho job,
nn' Brand knows how to handle this
Their mnte's head reappeared and
Jim relieved the tension by a mighty
"Ho'll swim wild now, Brand. Keep
out of his track."
Sure enough, tlio ugly monster began to thrash the water and career
around on the surface In frantic convulsions. The second stab of the
knife had reached a vital part. Brand,
who perhaps hud seen a Malay diver
handling his life-long enemy, coolly
struck out towards the stern of tho
boat. The shark, churning the Boa
into a white foam, whirled nway ln
blind pursuit of tho death which was
rending him. The mun, unharmed but
somowhat breathless, clambered over
the folds of the sail into tbe boat.
"Glory bo!" quavered Jones, who
was a Baptist.
Jlm waa aliout to chant his thanks
In other terms when his attention was
caught by Brand's curious actions.
In stepping across the after thwart
ho stopped as though something had
. Btun ghlm. His hesitation was momentary. Pressing his left hand to
mouth and nose, lie passed rapidly
forward, stooped, caught a limp body
by tho belt which every sailor wears,
and, with a mighty effort, slung lt
I Into the sen, where lt sank Instantly.
So tho shark, like many a human
congener of higher Intellect, had only
missed his opportunity by being too
precipitate, whilst the cormorants and
gulls, eyeing him ominously, did not
know what they had lost
Then tho man returned to tho sail
and peered beneath. Neither of the
onlookers could distinguish anything
ot special Interest under tho heavy
canvas sheet. Whatever ll was Brand
apparently resolved to leave tt alone
for tho moment.
Ho shipped a pnlr of oars, and. with
two vigorous sweeps.    Impelled    tho
derelict away from lho charnel-house
nt in. ��� sphere which ovldolitly clung to
Then tho shark engaged his attention. It was floating, belly upwards.
Its whlto under-akin glistening tn tho
I sunlight Two long gashes were revealed, ono transverse, the other
lengthwise, proving how coolly and
scientifically Brand had done his
work. An occasional ipaam revealed
that life was not yet extinct, but the
furtive attack of a dogfish, attracted
by tho icent of blood, which etlrs alike
the eh nI. ens of the air. land and
ocean, wai unresisted.
The rower etood up again, drove a
1 boat-hook Into   the   cruel Jaws,  and
! lasbod tho stock to a thorl-pii. with a
I piece of cordage.   This accomplished
to his satisfaction, he looked toward
the Oulf Rock for thc first time slnco
ho drew the knife from   Its  sheath,
gavo a cheery hand-wave to the shout-
; Ing pair on tho balcony, and settled
down to pull the recovered -raft close
to the rock.
"Ho heaveii ihe dead man overboard," ho announred. "so there's s
llvo ono under the sail."
"Why    do you  think ihat?"    said
Jonos, whose nerves were badly shake i,
"Well, you saw what hippos,  to
1 the othor |ioro devil. Either him or
tbe i cp'ii had to go. It 'ud be tbe
same If there was a funeral wanted
aft. Them there birds��� But cotno
along, boss. Let's give him a hand.'
They hurried down to the Iron-bar
< red entrance. Jones shot outward a
small crane lilted with a winch, In
caso It might be needed, whilst the
sailor climbed to tbo narrow platform
of rock Into which tho base-btocki of
the lighthouse were sunk and bolted.
Affording but little superficial spaco
at low water, there was now not an
Inch to spare. Here, at sea-loved, tho
Atlantic swell, evon In calm weather,
matter of activity. At this stage of
the lido each wave lapped some portion of thc granite stones and receded
quickly down tht slope of lhe weed-
covered rock.
Tho gulls and cormorants, filling
the air with raucous crlea, were nulling In rapid flight In thc wake of tho
i boat, darting over and anon   at   tho
water or mnklng daring pecka at the
floating carcase.
Soon Brand glanced ovor hi! iboul-
I dor to measure the distance. With
tho ease o fa practised oarsman he
turned his crnft to bring her stern
on to the  landing-place.
I "Lower n baskotl" he cried to
Jones, and, whilst the others wondered what the urgency in his voice
betokened, there reached them the
deep strong  blast of a slcam-whlsllo
I blown four times In quick succeiilon.
I     Each and all, they had forgotten tho
I Princess Koyal. She was close In,
much nearer than mail steamers usu*
ally ventured.
At first they gazed at her with surprise. Brand even suspending his
manoeuvres for a moment. Then Jlm,
knowing that a steamship trumpets
the same note to express all lorti of
emotion, understood that the ofllcer-4
had witnessed a good deal, If not all,
that had taken place, and wore offering their congratulations.
"Blow away, my hearties!" crowed
Jlm, vainly apostrophizing Ibe vessel.
"You'll have soinethln' to crack about
when you go ashore to-night or I'm
very much mistaken. Now, cap'n,"
he went on, "lake the cover off,    It's
allvo, I suppose. Is It a man, or a
woman 7"
But I here was another rem,,,
had    scarce gained  the ZL
safety or the boat before     'Z'?
tho same Instant, horrid,, u \***
founded to n degree hlth , ,���       a"'
his wperienoe. Not ,!', ' ,Jwjg
pull of two hundred rarda 1,u     H"
restore his senses So I ,������ ' l'' t0
tell on his em's".������Xe ���Elon
sound of the steamer's aire,,      ,Blt'8"
"What is ii, mate?" repeated y. ,���
low-keoper,  more  liiBiBti.utlv     "v
ain't hurt anyways, are your
"it is n baby." uld Brand, in a cur,
ously vacant way. curi'
"A baby!" shrieked Jonei -h.
crudely developed nervous' 2***
was not proof againsl the Inr '������ , '
credulity induced by this ���.,���.���,.*
Had Brand said ��������� tiger," ;.,- j
not have exhibited  greater  concent
.es. a baby���and It is ll
heard It cry." murmured i!���- '
ting dovtn nu i|..r suddanly.
.Skiyiia Und DUlrict -District ol xlu me ,i,,,i������
Take not,,*., thai thirty dip Ir,,?, .u,. f**
Huuiler ol I'rlnce Hupurt, II. ,*.. \���
bookkeeper, intend tu applv i��� thei i i'i...!   ���
mission,,** of Lands for a 3mm ,���    -
coul ami petroleum on and uiui.-r ,.:
land on l.raham Isalnd describee! a�� lollow,
Commencing at a post nluud tin ������l,., r,unk
*-��� V: -i 8��% lW !v'* **, ">���"   i *. W
corner C, E. II. Coal Lease N���. ��  ,,,
80  chains,  thenice Mt  80  chains,' ���.,
80 chains, thenco west 80 chains io plaev ���i ���,���
menc-munl. *���--
l.aledSni.Ul.ISl..     (..K.H.UM*,*..,.^
Sk.K-iui lj_fij District ���District ul g i
Tnko noticu tii.t ihirty dayi trom _���      ' ���-,
llrudurlek ot Prmcu RupWt, II. t ��� t��
bsnk insnuur, Intend tu -j.j.1. tu tho I
musionur ur Lands (ur a litx-utx- iu ,
coul and |>t>trult<um un and nadir mu ��rw J
land un (iruham Island duacrilnt-d as MUms-
Cuiitmvnrinii at u |M��t plant"! l����� nu..-< u,r\
ul C. t*. 11. Coal Im**** .No. IT, niarki*! $ \\
corner A. T. II. Cual Uasv No. 2 *.   ���. -
MJ cnains, thonco vast M) chain.*, Ih-mv M��uih m
chains, thenc* wuat Ml chains io plan* ul cum.
Dated Sopt. 12, 11*11. C. t. UaitsU-r. Ami
I'ub. Sepl. '2*1.
Skeena land District -District ut Qona Charlotu
Take notico that thirty da>* from data, I, A, T
llroderick ol I'rinco Kupert, li. c. bj i.cetiu_i��a
bank manager, intend to appl> to Um I
ini.viihut ul Lands lor a licenco tu ���-���
coal and petroleum on ami uml. .-
land on liraham Island dutcritxil \*j j ,   ,
Commenciiui al a post plnatod t*..
ol C.   li.   H. Coal  Loaa* No.  -u.  maifc i *���   t.
corner A. T. II. Coal Laaae No. _���,
M) chaina, thenee wost Ml chain*, tti.r.tv ���...;���
Ml chains, ihenco. essl Ml chains to pUce -I u>:_-
A. T. UUODKIUCK. I,��u;,,r
Dated Sept. V2, lyll. C. K. lUtUrr, Ami
Tub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Land District -District ol g_.-: ��� ..-. -,f
Take notice lhat thirty da>�� frum dl
Ilr-Hlorick ol 1'nnco llupert, |l. t  , t
hank iiianaaer, inteml to apply to Uw I
mtsMoner ol Lantla (or a licence lo
coal and pelroleum on and undt-r t-W am* *t
land on (iraham laland deacnb*! as (- U*****
Commencing at a post planted lav nnin rt-nt
ol C. K. li. Coal Leaaa No. 21, Baita i B |
corner ol A. T. II. Cual Lease No. IT, tfc-r.es
m-wst M) chains, tnence north M> chains, tbrus
east Ml chains, thenct south Ml chains to *****
of cummencvtnenl.
A. T. UKODt-lllCK. Localsr
Dated Sept. 1_. IHU. C. K. Uainter, Ajnt.
Pub. SepL _-J.
Skerna Land District���District ol Quim CUriotu
lake notice that thirty days from ���;-������. 1.1   I
Hainter ol Trinev Kup.n.  ft. t
ttookkeiprr, intend to apply lo the < hiri lea*
misaioner ol Lands tor a licence to pr��s**i*rt (of
cual and petroleum on aad under mu arm *i
land on (iraham Island de-tcritted a* U
CoinmcncttiK at a poal planted ���   <
0l t    I   ll. loal Least) No. lo, mari-H ���   h h
Coal Ij-ase No. 15, tbence north 80 chaint, Uxttt
*r����t  mi chains, ihenc* aoulh N ctuum> thre*
-*m Ml chains to placa ol commencrmenL
DatedSept. II, Mil.     C. K. H..I.M I ... L<i-.*t
I'uh. Sept. -J.
Skr-ena Lond District���District of Queen Chsrletl
Takt notice thai thirty daya Irom dat* l.\i~
Balnier ol I'rinco llupert, 11. C, b)
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the I
mlwioncr of Lands for a licence to pto^ttl '<**
eual and pttrolvum on and under *���*** tern *t
land on (iraham laland described as folio**.
(ommenclng al a poat pUnted too miJw fcfli
of C. tL H. Coal Ixwe No. 10, marked N. L
corner C. fc. II. Cool Leas* No. Id, thenct mvU.
mi chaina, thence ooal 00 chains. Here* tv-rU
mi chains thenc* coat BO chains to place .4 c-a-
Dated Sept. II, 1911. C. E. bAlNTl.ll, LecsW
I'ub. :- jrt : I.
Skeena Und District���Diatrict ol Que
Take notln, that thirty du. Irom usu. I. < I
Ilainler ol Trine Itupert, II. C. I.)
lajaikkis'i-, I.  Ii.t.*n,l   lo  sl'|rl>   to the  ���
misaioner nl Lands tor a licenc* to pr���a)-<t !-*
cwal and iietfoleum on and under (.tu acr** 4
lanel on liraham (.land described aa lollo..:
Commencing al a poat planted tsto miles res-la
of I'. K. II. i'oal lamao No.  14, mat,
cormr C. E. U. Coil Law N'o  IT. .<
Ml chains, thenn *eat W chaina, Ihenc. i --Hi i**1
ehalna, thence esaal M chains lo place- "I c*��*
Dales! .Sepl. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTEH. Lean*
Pub. Snrl. 23.
Ske-cni Und DUtrlct -Dislrict of Quewi CturMl*
Take notice lhat Ihirty dan Irom -l -
Hainter of Trine* llupert, II. C h
l*,H,kk,s*|rer, Intend to apply to th* ChM ion-
misaioner ol Lands for a Licenc* lo pro-eect l<*
coal and petroleum on and under oil* an-i* ea
land on liraham laland described as fall
I'ommenrin* at a poat planted l��o me- r.,n"
ot C. I II. Coal l,��aa�� No. I*, marked V <*���
������������ri.er ft E. H. t oal Leu* No. ll*. 14*
Ml chaina, (hence Mat Ml chaina, thenc' M I
ehaina, thenoa waat SO chaina lo plac* ��� c-t-
Haled Sept. II, 1911. 0. E. IIAINTKK. I <���-'���'
Tub. Sept. tt.
Skeena Und District���****** ol Queen i ��� ���'
Take nolice that thirty days alter date, I.'
Ilainler of Trine* Kupert, II. C i
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to lhe   '
missioner ol Unda lor a licence to r*
coal and petroleum on and under t��40 a,*.,**
land on Graham laland described as !���ll"--
Commencing at a post planted two
ol C. E.  II. Coal Lease No.  1.1. marki'l **
corner ft E. II. Coal Leaao No. 19, thenc ��
Ml chains, Ihence eul 80 chains, thenc-      -
chaina, thenc* west 00 chains to place el I
mencement.  .   ,
Haled Sept. II. 1911.     C. E. UAINTEH. I   -
Tub. Sept. 23.
Brand was slow to answer. For
one thlnR, ho was exhausted. Ho-
freshliiK sb the long swim was after
a nlRht of lonely vigil, itself the culmination of two days of hard work,
tho fierce battle with the shark had
shocked Into active existence Ihe re-
servo of latent enrgy which every
_��aU__ animal   unconsciously  hoards
Skeena Und Di.trict-Distrlcl ol Queer, I ' *t, :U
Take notice lhal thirly days Irom dale. ,
Ilainler ot Trince Kupert, II. C, by ocenl ��� "c
bookkeeper, inlend to apply lo IM ChM
misaioner ol Unds for a licence to ;
���oal anel pelroleum on and under fiiu acres     -���
rn (Iraham Island elf-scribed as folloas:
teinimenring at a poet planted xmo mil, -
ol C.  E. B. Coal Uaa* No.  14. mark^l
���orner C. E. II. Coal laeaee No  20, themce i
-II chaina, thence west 80 chsins, Ihenre so"  -
���hains,  Ihenee east SO chains to place ol torn-
'nencement. _.... .     .���.
D.led Sept. II, 1911.     C. E. HAINTKU. Locate!
I'uh. Sept, 23.
Skeena Und DUtricl���District of Queen C-UtWM
Take nnlice that Austin M. Hroan ,1 t******
Itupert, occupation saddler. Intends lo s|.ply te
lhe Chief Commissioner of Unds and ��*���* '
a licence lo prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum   n
snd under Ihe foll.ie.ing do-rribed lands en
West Coast ot Graham Island: ,
Commencing at a post planled three n,:--
���l Ihe northeast corner of C. L. No   I
80 chains wee*, thence 80 chains norlh, th. t .
chains east, thenc* 80 chains louth to point in
commencement. H ..   ,   _,���,
AUSTIN M. UKOWN, l**e*'<"
I.T.t.-l August 1st, 1911,
Tub. Aug. It.
Skeena Und District-District ol Queen (I *****
Islsnds . .. .
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ol It""
lluperl, occuiiallon saddler, Intends to ��!�� "
Ihe Chief Commbwionef ol Unds and WofU *��'*
Ihence to pro��|,ecl tor coal, oil and netroleun. on
and under Ihe follownig MtrfMd lands on ,nc
West Coast ol Graham Island: ,. .
Commencing at a post plinted Him���"
past corner ol C. L. No. 4I," in''
al the southeast
north  80 chains,  thence east ��o cnsins.  a.
���outh 80 chains, thence weat 80 chnins lo poinl ���
AUSTIN M. HKOWN. *******
Located August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19. THE DAILY NEWS
1 !
General Merchandise
Largest Stoct\
Lowest Prices  in Northern  __��. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
Vince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.   63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
Ml  members  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
All Cash
4. 15, 16
$525 en.
3 and *.U
$S00 pr.
i, 16, 16,
17   47
$250 ea.
7 innl 18
$80(1 pr.
0 and 41
$800 pr.
all at out
office anil
8eC Utile*!
er ,���iel Ave.. Prince Rupert, B.C.
iavoy Hotel
tar. I,., ��� r and Mh.        Choice Wine, and Cigara
Cor. 3rd Av.
and Ml, SU
The James
Nicely furnishes] rooms. Good tulilo board
Board f 4.7S Room and Board f 7.00
ui- ,i ill   lll,;il l-SICKll LOW
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous  Prirccss
Princess May
Saturday, October 28th, at 9 am
Viotoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab - General Asenl
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8ja.m.
ss. Prince John sails for Port Simp-
Bon, Naas River, and Stewart, Wednesdays, 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Naden Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
For Skidegate, Rose Harbor, etc.,
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1
p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Sundays at 4  p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Boston, New York and Phila-
Atlantic Steamship bookings
via all lines. Full informa-
tickets   obtained   from   the
tion  ard
yffice of
To produce good printing you must "first catch your
good printer. . . You can't get good printing from a
poor printer, even if he work with never so good in
equipment. If he lacks the "knack, the tniin.'d
taste, the single-minded fondness for Ins work which
real printers have, he will do poor printing for you.
If he has all of these, and in addition to them ii'.e-
qnate modern equipment, your printing will have
distinction, salesmanship,  the lure of type-beauty.
As this offlce produces good prinlingyoll may infer
the presence of a good printer-who is "catchablc.
Daily News Building phone 98 Third Avenue
The Daily News
Richard Arnst, of Now Zealand,
world's champion sculler, who is
visiting Austr.tliu has cabled Eddie
Hanlon Durnan, i|u* Canadian
BCUiler, who is anxious to meet
him, agreeing to meet him. A
favorable reply was received, Arnst
said that he would go to Toronto.
N  H  M   '
The sporting press of Paris is
unanimous in ita opposition to
the further matching of whites
and negroes in pugilisiic bouts
in that city. Writers declare thc
spectacle presented at such meetings is not onlj disgusting, but
farcical from a spurting siandpoint.
This means trouble for Jack Johnson if he attempts to light there.
It is known the champion is
planning such a move.
Players who will share in the
splitting of tlie receipts for the
world's baseball series are assured
of enjoying the biggest slice ever
handed out. In previous years
$1800 was a high water mark, but
When the present series ends,
indications point to the individual
players drawing down as much
as S3000 each. For the three
games already played the receipts
have totaled (105.014. Of this
the players are due to receive
S105.703, and the next game at
Philadelphia, the last in which
tlie players share, added at least
$25,000 to the purse. This means
close to the $3000 mark for each
of the winners and at least 81000
above the previous mark of previous world's series.
That girls can help win football
games even if they can't play
them was demonstrated recently
when the Med ford High School
team defeatetl Grant's Pass football team, 39 to 0.
Before the game the football
squad was given a luncheon prepared by the high school girls
in the domestic scieice department of the high school. 11 was
cooked according to the advice
of the coach and the direction
of the teacher in thai department
and was calculated to contain the
maximum of strength-giving power
antl require the minimum of digestive power.
Bean soup, poached eggs, toast
and spring water comprised the
menu. The girls cooked the
meal, waited on the boys, then
went to the game and "rooted"
lustily for the warriors they had
Their vocal enthusiasm was superfluous, however, for the soup
and poached egg players sjmply
swamped the Giants' Pass eleven,
wlio had to rely for nourishment
upon what the Meilford restaurants
M  M  M
With a view to clinching for
years to come the title of "tin-
fastest car oii earth," arrangements have been made by Jesse
I-'roelich, manager of the Bens
Auto Import Company, whercli>'-
"Bob" Burman and his manager,
E. A. Moross, with \V. Maass,
secretary of  the  Be) Z  Company,
will leave next Saturday for a trip
abroad to obtain tlie most powerful racing Benz ever built, a 300-
horse power car, which has been
under secret construction for the
last three months.
n n n
Not satisfied with  holding the
world's   speed   records   with   the
"Blitxen Bene," Burman seeks,
with a faster mount specially
built for him, to win g'ory on
foreign tracks. It will Ih* lhe
firsl time that an American driver
of note ever invaded foreign fields
for the avowed purpose of shattering all speed recoreds now held
Oii his arrival in Germany Burman will ship tin- "Greater Blilzcn
Bens," equipped wiih American
tires and accessories, to tin- Brooklands track in England, where he
will make an effort to lower all
m.irks held on that I nick by the
Celebrated French driver Meinery,
with the "Blitsen Benz." After
these  record   trials,  and   showing
what he can do on tin- English
beach at Saltburii-by-thc-Sca, Burman will bring the new 300-horse
power Bei'Z to the United Stales
anil arrangements will be perfected
at once for world's speed record
trials at Daytona beach, made
famous hist spring by Burinaii
in his "BlltSOl Benz," which will
also be taken along. Efforts will
be made io arrange for a contest
at that time lietween Burnian
in liis new Benz and the new 300-
liorsi* power Flat or any other car
and driver.
Skeena Und District���District ol tj���een CbuleilU
Ink- notln that Austin M. Brown ol Prinn
llupert. II. C., occupation aaddler, Intend, to
apply to the Chleaf Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a llcenn to prnpect far coal, oil and
petroleum on and under the followine deecrlhe-Hl
lands on the Wnt Coaet ol Craham Island:
Commencing at a port plented throe miles east
of the northeast comer of C. L. No. 4478 thenn
HO chains south, thence 60 chains east, thenn 6(1
chains nurth, thenn 80 chaina west to point of
commencement.   ^.^        ^^   ^^
Dateot Location 81st July, 11)11.
Pub. Aag. IT.
This is a little Bection of the paper, which from day to duy will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Newest and Nicest Fairy Fashion for Frocks
All the new laces lhat have a
heavy raised design nn a net
foundation are now called repousse.
There is a wide demand for this
sort of laccwork, although it differs
from filet and tin* ecclesiastical
laces that are also in favor, There
never was a season like this one
for lace, anyway. Whole rooms
;ire given over tn it in some of
ihe big shops,'ard machine-made
and hand-made kinds vie with
each other in beamy and dignity.
Almost every kind of lace the
world has known has been revived.
.No gown or simple coat suit seems
complete without the addition of
some pattern. The huge Revolutionary revers are made of marvelous meshes, sailor collars are
cut from pieces of square laces
iluii have ligures of all sorts
woven in the net, and stocks a *tl
chemisettes arc made from lhe
line French laces thai have been
revived this summer.
Avoid It Unless You Want to
Grow Fat
Many women become fat mere'y
by what a doctor calls the "bread-
and-butter" habit, i'.i apparently
simple dietl, con fu ed ii the mai ���
Io tea and bread ai'd b.iller,
Sandwiches antl eggs, which, however, is one of tlu- best methods
of producing flesh. Those who wish
to reduce their weigh! must abstain
from bread and butter, ard substitute bran biscuits without butter, though dry toast may be
allowed with tii ner.
smoke a cigar.
Queen Elizabeth would
to a moving picture show.
'ol   K'
Sknna Land Dislrict���Diatrict ul yueen Charlotto
_ , Islunds
Tako noticu that Austin M. Ilrown ot I'rince
Rupert occuputiun suddler, intunds lo apply to
tha ChM Coliunlsieiiiiieir ol Lunds and Works
lor a llciincei lo prtapwt lor coul und oil und potroloum on .rr.-1 iiiiil,,r rii,- (ollowing doscrib-xl lunds
on tho West Coast ol lirulium Islund:
Comim-iii-niH ul u pusl pluntod llirtro milos cunt
ol tho ���uulliv.i'.l turner of ('. L. No. -Ill" thencu
HO cliuins eust, thence 80 chuins north, thence BO
chuins west, tht-iico 60 chuins south to point ol
AI STIN  M. BROWN, Locutor
Dalt-ol Locution, alut July lyll.
Pub. Auit. 17.
Ske-onu Uad District    District ol tjuocn Churlotte
luko notice, that Austin  M.  llr.iwn o(  I'rinco
Kuperi, occupation suddler, inlenda lu upply to
the I hiil rem,mirvsi,,ner ul Lunds uml Werks lor u
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
She Apologizes and Disappears
When She Hears Other Pedestrians Approach.
Harry and Albert Terry, while
walking down Third avc.uc one
night recently in Spokane, were
confronted by a woman wearing
a gray overocat, a slouch hat and a
With a revolver she compelled
the brothers to hold up their
hands and backed ihem thirty
feel down a side street.
Then she heard pedestrians approaching, however, and lowered
lier gun, uttered an apology for
disturbing the young men and
Young Woman Strangled When
Automatic Lif Shoots Upward.
San Francisco, t)ei. 2ti. Miss
Eva Fotheringham, aged 10 years,
Wiis strangled hen- tonight by ui
automatic   dumb   waiter.     The
young woman was removing groceries from the lift, when il shol
upward, pinning lur head againsl
the wall. She was alone in the
apartment at the' time and was
dead when discovered 1��>" her
licence lo prospect lot c.iul, oil und petroleum un unel
under the l���llouuiK described lunds on tho Wost 	
Coust ul liriihiini Islund:
Comiiieiiciiis* ut u post piunted throe inilo-s east  ���	
ol the southeast turner o I C. L. No. 4472 tbence    AI.HU.D CAHSh,
north su oliuins, thente east SO chains, Ihence south       of British Columbia
80 cbains, ih,-tn*e west (jo chuins to point of com-       and Munitolw Burs,
ACSTIN  M. HKUWN, locator
Localed August 1st, 1911.
Puh. Aug. 111.
Stork Building. Second Avenue.
I,aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Ruuert P.O. Box 351
uf II.C, Ontario. Sae-
katehewan and Alberta Bars.
BAititisTKits, Notaries, Etc.
Skeenu Und District���DUlrict of Queen Cliarlutlu i Office-Exchnnirc block, ce.rner Third avenue and
Tuke nulini thut thirty duys Irom dute, 1, C. E 8i**lh ****** PrinceItuoert. 8
Huintir u( I'rince Kuperi,  ii. C., by occupation
bookkMptf, Intund to tpply tu tht Chit! Com-
niWhiuiii-r ol l.uml* for u licence to praptOt for
coul in,.: i i ���;,.. ,,'u on uml under tilU ucres* of
laml nn (iruhum lalund d__criberi an follows:
CommtBtlm H*- i* pott planted live mile- ea_t
of Cot) LttM .No. 4*07, marked C. K. U. Coal
Leu.se No. L N. K. corner, thenco woat hi) chains,
thence south bu chains, thence east hi) chains,
thence north hi) chuins to place of commencement.
DatedSept. il, lim C. fc.. UA1NTKK, Locator
I'ub. Sept '22.
Skeenu Land District��� District of tjuuen Charlotte
Take notice lhal thirty duys from date, 1, C. I.
Uainter of Trince Kupert, li. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands (or a licence tn prospect for
coal and petroleum ou und under ti-ll) urn-- of
land on (iraham Island described as follows:
Commencini! ml u post planted live milva *������*������*
of Coal I .in.. No. 41 ti", marked C. I.. H. N. \V.
corner No. *2, tbence south bU ciiains, thenct- eust
bU chains, thence north HU chains, thencu west
bU chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 1911. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Tub. SepL '22.
Skeena Land District���District of QuttB Charlotte
Take not in. that thirty days from date, I, C* E.
Uainter of I'rince Kupert, li. ***** by occupation
bookkeeper, inleud to apply to the Chief CommUaioner of j it.'i ��� fur a licence to prospect lor
coal and petroleum oo and under tiJU acre* of
land on Graham Island described as followa;
Commencing at a post planted live milea east
of Coal Leue No. 4170, marked C. E. U. S. W.
corner of Coal I<eaau Nu. il, thence east bO chain*,
thenoe north .-������ chains, thenct* west bU chains,
thenct* south bO chains to ptace uf cuinmencenienl.
Datod Sept. 11,1*11. C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sepl .2 i.
Skeena Land Dutrict���District of Queen Charlotte
Takt nolice that thirty daya from date, 1, C E.
Hainier of I'rince Kupert, 11. C, by occupatiun
bookkee|HT, intend to apply to thu Chief Com-j
miaaioner of Lands (or a licence to prospect for i
roal and potruleum on and under *>**> acrea of!
land on liraham Island described aa (ollows:
Commencing at a poat planted live mile* vast
��� ���! Coal t - . . No. Mm marked C. E. II. S. E !
corner Coal l.i ****** No. 4, tbence west bu chains, -
thuncu north bU cbaiu, thuncu eaal ot) chains, ���
thence south oV Chains lo ntace of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, UU.    C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations -kilf ully treated. Gai and
local uniiRtheties administered for the painless UK-
traction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
IlelK'-rmm Hlock. I'rince Kuuert. H-12
Alex.M  M:.'.-mi D.A..       W.E.WilllamB.B.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
i\ o. BOX 2fl
raPtt OF WM.  KOXON, KS<1., A.K.A.M., I.ON., BNQ
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
Pub. N|i|, '��$
Skeena Land District��� District of Queen Charlotu
Taku r.uucu lhal thirty dais (rum date, 1. �� . K.
Hainter of Princu Kupert, H. C, by occupauon
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to tbe Chief Com*
missiuner of Landa for a licence to prospect (or
coat and pelroleum on and under oiu acrua of
land on Graham Island deecribed as (ollows:
2nd Ave. between 10th and IIth Stt
'     Commencing at a poel plantud i��u mih* notrh
Makes an Amusing Interlude at ��!-take marked ce.u. coiUi-��_�� No. 4 marked
.       .. ��� r��     * V h, turner C. h. i-   Coal Luasu No. !*, thuncu
An   livening   I arty , aouth Ml cbains,  thenoe  west  M) chains,  tbence
north ho chains, ihenc* eaat SU chains to plaee of
rommrncem. nl.
Hy means tif ilu- talilt- nf li-iu-r*. i>.i.dsepi.ii.i��ii.  c. e. iiaintku. Lucato.
RIVl'll   Ix-ltlW   ll    is   |Mls-,llill*   |(i   tin
a.i>iii,.  plsswnr   Hii.,.1 i-,...l'.,.r    i,,   il,,    Slit��na Und llialrict-Ulslrlcl ot Wueen Chralutte
��� soiiu ciever mina-reaap.g, to tin    ���*������,_��� n���i-wthai unrt> da>s irum date, i.c s.
Students Have lo Smash Slates  In wiltlt-rnu-ni of llu- iktsoii "n-'til." ******** ** I'tine. Kuiie*.. u. c. by oceuii.uun
.      t*      _   s.s I , , i        *   a* /       . . lajukk..*|.er, intend lo ai.tdy  tu the I hl,*l t.uin-
to Keep Athletics in Hands of Suppiisi. lur instance, ynu ���!" inn  ..,...,���,..���. ut u���,i�� i���r . i,**.-,**** i��� |>ru.p��i i,,t
Masculine Element.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
North Yakima, (Sjx-vial)--AfUT
resorting to nearly every political
device iliirii<(�� a campaign which
lasted   tWO   weeks,   the   Imvs   of
Ladies' Skirts
Irnnuf  llu. f.,11 ssms ,.t   il,,.  mat���-in    '*a** **** ******* on and under oil) acne* ..I
know  ilie 1,111 ii.tme nl llu- |Krsmi. ESjn,fiisHaMssit ll���iltiailmfntlimi
(let him to infurm vmi in which   ,*:*i*p>rn'*<>t ** * i���� i>iam.*.iinnmBa nonh i
t    , .   , , a ol t . b. It. Coal laesaw Nu. J, niarkv.1 C. h. Hainl.-r
III  llll- Upright I'llllllUlls, or Cillimil.   N. W. coiner Loai Us, No. li, Uiet.ee auulb Ml
tl,.-   f,ra.l    l..it..r   ,.(    l.i,.   ii mi.,     in.   -^aina. Uiene. "si  **> chain., ihenee north  Ml1
ilu   lirsi   idler nl   ins  mum   ap- thmln^ ���������_, wml M ch���,_ to .,,���, ���, ,���_.
pi-.ii-. If it is found  in onlv one t1""^���"*-,, ,���,,    _ ��� ���.,.,_..��� ,
*   , .      .        , ,        ��� .,   Hated sr|,i. 11, i'Jll.    C. E. IIAISTLK .Locator
column,   it  is  llu*  top  letter;    if i iMb.s.vt.13
-������������������-���������-������������������������������~���~~���~~���--   Skesena l_nd Ul.lrtct ��� District ol Queen Charlotte !
Tali, not lee tbat thirty daya from date, I, C. 1..
Its.nt.r ol  I'rintv Itupert,  11.  I .. by occupation
lssrll,,a|���f,  inlend lo apply to th. Chiel t ,.rn- '
inisMi>t���-r ol Lanela (or a lie- DC. to prospect lor '
coa]  and  petroleum oo  and  under 0X0 acre, ol I
land on liraham Island dn��rib��l as lollows:
t .'innie r.cintf at a post planted two miles nortb
ol C. I.   II   t eul Uaa. No. .1. auk. S. W. erner
i ' ,-.1 Lew, No. 7, thencs. north bo cbatna, ttwoc.
Ml chains,  tlience aoulh Ml ehalna,  thenc.
a ol commencement.
C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
Hotel Central Sff-S-ga
Eumpean and American plan, ateam
hi-ntnl. iti'nli'rn runvetnencea, *tat��ni
HjOQ i-i jj.Vi |m*t ilay.
Peter Black
m   ���   ..--.J-.-.--S   ���
Ml chains to plac. ol commencemenl.
II.     '
Just arrived.
Big assortment of fabrics in all I
Woollen Shawls for children. Sweater Coats in a great variety of colors
for men and women, Boy's Sweaters and Jersies at prices to please you
UNDERWEAR   for Men, Women and Children in a great variety
���Your kind Is h*N
COMFORTERS   These cool nights will remind you that you
need an extra comforter   Wf have the goods
Haled Sepl. II, l��
I'ub. Sent. 23
' Slti-ma Und ln-trirt Iiuinct ol Queen Charlotu
Take nolic. that thirty daya Irom .1st.-, 1. C. IS.
Ilainler ot 1-nnc Kupetft, ll. C., by occupallon
t>���s>kk��.*,N>r, intend to apply to the , I.(of Com*
mla-Ounresr oil Unda (or a licnc to prosp-secl for
eoal and pHroWum on and under bill am*, uf
land on liraham Island ,l,swnt-,a| as Inllows
w. j. McCutcheon |
Carries complete slock of Draira.   Special
reii.-iiti.r!, paid to iill,, a,* prcscripUons.
',', Theatre Block phoni* no. n Second hit.
! *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<
Kor Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of I ',.m. Wllciek. Paris and Berlin.
L_        E.
this atore has esrned the reputation of "The
House of Good Values."   We invite you  to call
and will treat you right   No fancy prices.
825 Third Avenue        'THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES'' IW 243 Black
EBY   ca.   Co.==
Kitsumkalum l.ut> I Kor Side
KIISI   MK M IM . |t    C.
North Yakinn high school joined
their forces to defeat .Miss .Martha
ToWl si id, cai ilidalc of the gir's
for presidenl of the athletic association, and elected Curtiu Gilbert,
!).*) tO 4N.
Four lii-kit*- were Originally put
in    the   field    I'V    the    lioys,    the
"popular," the "independent," tin-
"school" ai (I the "athletic,   each
with .'. Complete llste. 'The girls
ut itetl their effort! to put Miss
Towrsend    in    as    head   of    the
Charlemagne would not take an
upper berth when travelling.
Julius Caesar in all his public
life did not wear a silk hat or
frock coal.
Marcus Aurclitis could not sharpen ;i lead pencil.
Alexander the tlrcat could i<��i
be  Induced   tO  allow  .my  one   to
i ike.. map-ehoi of him.
Nero woii'd not  have an aulo-
K    M    M
Chriitopher Coiumbui never
trusted himself in .1 itetunboat.
('���corgi*   III.  did   not   dii,,k   ic
cream soda.
M   K   K
Henry  of   Navarre   could   not
Commencing at a post planted iwo mi����� north
ol C. K. II. Cold Uaa. No. 1, mark. I S. li. corner
| C. K. U. Coai Lean, No. ��. Ihenc norlh SU chaina, | Room 28. Alder Block Upstairs
Ibenc. west Ml chains, tbence soulh Ml chains,
thence east Ml chsin. lo place at c-ommcncmenl.
Haled Sepl. II, ISII. C. tl. MAIN I l.H. Locator
Skema Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol Queen Charlott.
Tak. noUce thai thirty days from dau, I, C. K.
; Uainter <>l MM llui-srl, 11. C, by t-ccupatlun
bookkefwr, intend u apply lo tbe Chief Commissioner of Unda lor a hence lo prospect lor
coal and petroleum un and under ..10 acre, ol
land on l.raham Island descrihsa.1 aa follows!
, nmmencinit al a |*ost planle-d Use miles eaat
of Coal lam- No. 4171, marked C. E. Ilainler*.
N. K. corner Coal Uaae No. 9, tbence aouth Ml
thenc wnt Ml chains. Usance north SO
thenc. Mat Ml chains to place of com-
DeudiV-pi.il. Ull.    C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept. .' 1.
Skeena Und Dlalrlct    I MHM ol Quean Charlotu
Take nolle, that thirt> .lays Irom dau, I, C. E.
Hainter ..I Princ i-u-m. il. C. by occupation
l.e,kl,,ai��f. Intnd to apply to the Chief Com-
mtasietiier e*f Un.b lor a licnc* lo pro.'<ccl lor
Coal and petn.k'Siln on and under 641! acre ol
land on liraham I .land deacr. 1^1 aa lollow*..
Ce.nimenrini al a |mwI planted one mile north
erf C. E. II. Coal I..-.- No. *, merkexl N. W.
comer C. B. H. No. lu. th-mc aouth SO chaina,
Ihenc ��e-.t   Ml chaltaa,  thence north  HO chaina.
letters of these oolumns, and thc
sum whi Ih* the number of ilu
letter  toughb    By   taking  one
letter at  a  lime in  thi-- way tin*
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prinoe Kuiwrt l****l*t*. S<*. .118, Sons of
Knirlari.f. nnH-i* Ui.Mir*t r> I tlnM Tueudart In
"���chnwinthin the Sons of England Hell. My 2ml
Aic at H p.m.
F. V   (TAKK. iNs
I" <). Il.i\ ��u\ I'rlnof Rupert
KKNKST A. WOODS. 1'rr.i.lnnt. H**% 23
ii   is   found   in   mon-   than   run*
column, ii is (bund by adding thee tl
alphabetical    ���UIIIiUt.s   nf   iho   Ion   \*n*t*  ll.mi.    C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
i    *, ��   . ��� , ,      ,1   j |*ub. fept. '2X
Skeena Uml libtrirt    I��i.tnrt of guten Charlotte
Twi notirr thst thirty daya Ironm date, I, C- K.
Hainter ot 1'rincp Itupert, 11. (.*., iKCupition r   >������   ,
keeuer, intend to apply to the Chief Cummtieiumr
nf l.enda for a licence to proepect lor coal and
U'linli*    until*     i��r    -mi-    \f.*f,\     ,. ...   i��eirnleiim <"> ��n*i under MD acm ol land on I
lit ,    or    BR)     Word,    ( On   knham Island .Iwcrilied aa follows;
Commencing at a poet planted two milre north
, of < Bj II. Coal Ia**.*** So k, merked N. I., corner
��� C. K. II. Coal IrT-am No. II, thence south "���*
chains, thence e/eet M) chains, thence MU IB
rhain*. thence east 8U chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sefit. II, 1911.    C. Y.   HAIMKU, Ixicator
< Pub. SepL _ t.
IMM Land l>i-.tr.tf ht->trict nf Quoen Charlotte
I Take notice lhat thirty davs from date, I. ( K.
i Ilainler of I'rince Ituperl, II. (', by ocrupsiion
\ hookkee|��er, intend lo apply lo the Chief Cum-
I miwt'inr-r of Land for a licence to pri*��|if-rt for
coal and petroleum on and under MO m****** of
lend on (iraham Island dr-erri!**! as fnlloas:
Commencine ��t n [M��t platited two miles n-irth
Of C. K II. t oal l^aae No. 7, marked C li II.
Coal Lease No. 12, thence eouth m> chains, thenre
eaet W chain*, thence north -^O chain*, thence
w*et Ml chains to place of commencement.
DatedSept II, I'lll. C. M* HAINTKU. Ixwator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Tt'achor of Piano, Violin l&dj
Voicr Culturo.
2ml Ave,
IMwi'tMiTth & Hth SU.
Prince Kupert
in* ascertained
For   exetinple,   lake   lhc   nanii
Jane.     J   is   found   in   the   IWO
Kuiicml   Director and   Embalmcr
OBAIMnB Ki.,\.;o-.*.Mti.i;
THIRD   AVENUE      PHONE   .156.
Funeral   Directors
3rd Ave. near lllh St. Phone No. m
Skeena Und Dislrict    llistrirt nl Oueen Charlotte
Tske notice that thirl) dai-s Irom dale, I. r   I;
Hainter ol I'rince mptft,  It. C., h>- occupation
columns   llt'gllllling  Willi   U   .llll   II,    Imokkeeper,  Iniond  to  apply   to  the  t Mel  O.m-
...I.I..I.   .....    .1 i ,      -   ,    ,     ml���loner ol Unds Inr a licence to prospect lor
Wllltll   .ire   tlie   KOOllll   antl   eighth   coal and  l-elmlrun.  on  and  under  t.ltl aern. ol
ll'lll'r^     of     llu-     -it.ili .I.... -       il...ir I 'and on Uraham lslsnd .Inscribed as l���ll���*a
niurs    oi     uu     aipn.iliel,      Iheir;    ,*���,���,nPn.iB, ��� . ,,,_, ,,i.n,���i ,����� mii��� m,rth
Slllll    IS    1(1,    atlll    llll-    lentil    Idler   ""'. h. It. t ,,.l lr*m N,.. ;, msrke.1 s. W. crnor
���t     tl...     .1. I.   I     .     '        I I C.  K.   II.  foal   \r*m*  No.   Ill,  Ihenee neir'h  nu |
Ol     IIIC     .llphalH'1     IS     |,     Uie    OIU-   chains  thenee ea.1   Ml  chaina,  thence south  SO I
sought.     The   neXI   teller    A    *il��- i *rh*"''M- ""-.ca" ����!�� BO ch-airu lo plam ot com- i
���        *      I       menc*a.n*-i,l
pesn ui only one column, where  UstsMspt.ll,MIL   c. e. iiaintku,UmIh
it stands St  lhe top,    \   i*. set*.i i l'u'''***'*'''
in thc oolumm headed with  H \t*BtUr"1 "'*,ri*-i pt^tstsfosMiOhsaMs
,.            ,,,       , ii'" ii"i     "on     i>. lake not.re that lhirt> davs Irom date, I, C. K.
I', ai'll   II,  lhe HC-COIld,  lourlll, ami Ilainler nl  Prince  Unpen,  II.  C, by neeupallon
eitililli     Intt-r. ,.(     il,.,      . nl.nl . . ������������nkbWr**'. Intend lo appl)* ui th. Chiel Com-
llglllll     II 111 I- 01     llu*     ,l pliaUCt, tnUsioner .,1  Und. lor a licenc tn t,r,��|��t le.r
and   their   mnnlier*-
fourteen,  or   N,  iintl
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Free Labor Run-au in Connection
Phoni- 178 1st Ave. and 7th 3t,
CEO. BRODERIUS. Proprietor
so  on.
.,   coal an-l  i.ntr���le,im on and under ran acraa ol
*��� land ���n i.islrsm lalsnd ,le.crile*al aa le,ll�����s:
Utile's NEWS Agency
CntnmenrlnK al a po*t planto*) two milot r,orth I
memoriiring lhe respective numbefi l|W $3 iSS "ASSTtBiS LTm] Magazines :*. Perioilicals :: Newspapers
of  lhe  let lets of   llu* alnh lliel     I he   ****ln". thenw ��n.t Mi chains, llnnre smth  SO i
trick can lie Worked v'n quickly,ra��r "" M eh"n" "��� P"M '" ^  CIGARS   II  TOBACCOS  ::   FRUITS
anil will excite no little curiosity.     iRJ^rii1-""-   ��- ** SMOTi*'*******\ Q.T.P. WHARF
City Engineer's Continual Prob
lem. , The Need for Sewerage
in the_Congested Section.
Complaints from the owners of
the block in which the Empress
Theatre is situated to the effect
that an imperfect drain passing
near the building was causing a
nuisance which it was desired the
city should correct, came before
the council last night.
City Engineer Davis was present,
and explained that this drain was
not a sewer proper, but merely
a surface water outflow. Owing,
however, to tlu* want of sewerage
in the district west of Sixth street
the residents had to throw waste
w;iler un the ground, and this
filtering through the drain gave
rise to the nuisance which invariably occurs In dry weather. During
rainy weather the copious outflow
of surface rainwater for which the
culvert is intended does not allow
of any odor. The drain is not
insanitary in the same way as
if it were a defective sewer, antl
the City Engineer promised to
see that the residents were convincingly reassured to this effect.
When a proper sewerage system
is installed in tlu- congested section
there will be no more of the
surface water trouble, and the
City Engineer mentioned that he
was engaged continually in planning inwards and carrying out
the initial stages of the work of
���ewer installation for the crowded
districts here.
Clever Comedy Hits Off the
Follies of Divorce Special
Matinee of "The Marriage of
Kitty" on Monday.
The opening play, "Divorcous,"
of May Roberts and her Company
will prove the greatest comedy
that has ever been presented to
the theatre going public of Prince
Rupert. It is a travestry on the
present day divorce laws and
tendencies. M. Henri Des Runnels is past the forty mark and
married to an expensive vivacious
wife who falls deeply in love with
an impecunious young artist. The
husband upon learning this state
of affairs decides to assist his
wife to procure a divorce. Then
when her liberty is In sight the
wife sees where she is wrong, and
ends by becoming Infatuated with
her husband.
"Divorcons," or as the English
translation has it, "Let us divorce,"
was written by Victorien Sardou,
the greatest of living playwright.
A special matinee of "The Marriage of Kitty" will be given on
Monday afternoon it being Thanksgiving Day. Many will remember
this play as being one of the
cleverest comedies in thc May
Roberts rt-|H-rtoire.
Appropriation for Section One
is Almost Exhausted���Is up
to Finance Committee.
i ����� ii ���* ii n- ii ���*��� 11 n ii n i|Q
A petition from W. Lynch, and
several other residents of the district around the Junction, requesting a seventeen foot plankway from the business district
along First avenue to the Junction
was read in council Ihst nighl.
This petition with others was
referred to the public works department, but Alderman Hilditch
remarked that the funds available
for such inmprovemeris this year
were already exhiiusued. The
works department, he said, would
put in plankway. just as soon as
the finance committee could give
them  assurance  of  the  existence
of money to do the work.
Alderman .Newton made enquiry
regarding the completion of streets
in thc business area where the
work seems left incomplete. Al-
tl-.rni.iii Hilditch remarked that
as he was connected with the
finance committee he should know
why these places were not completed.
The Mayor explained that the
financial situation briefly is that
the city has over a million and a
quarter dollar's worth of debentures to sell, but meanwhile the
appropriation for the development open Sundays
of Section One has become practically exhausted, and there is
hardly any money left for improvements in the outlying sections. Very few of these were
now being done. All petitions
for plankways were being hung
up temporarify until arrangements
had been made for the necessary
advances from the bank to meet
the cost of these.
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
��� a. ,**
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plata Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
PS. -Houses and Rentals.
By S.S. Prince George tomorrow a. m.
SPECIAL Ro,e*and ******* ��f ****
"'���^���   Valley will arrive for Ihe
Masonic Ball on All Halloween
11,itl,-r Bulld'K
Phone Green 336
Old Railroad Horse Rivals Captain  Webb for Accomplish
For Rent
Furnlsheel  nanus with  bath.    Spsolsl rates by
the emli.   Talbot House. 166-tf
Neatly Furnlshe-al irum.. -jentli*
Apply Mrs. Mullin. over .Mm.-
m preferred.-
Theatre,     tf
Nice Furnished Rooms, Mrs. Greenwood, Alder
Block: Third Ave. 178-tf
For Item - Furnished rooms. Hut anil cold water
with bath. Dlnby Rooms. 6th Ave. and Fulton
Street. ti
For Rent-Sona of England Hull. MU 2ndIAve., for
Dane-ess. Fraternal Societies. BoclsU, etc. Apply
Frank A Fills. Box 869 or phone lis. 18S-tf
For Sale
Fur Sale-Chicken Ranch. 2 Storey house, household Broods. Near Prinoe Kupert. A anap If
taken at once.   Address Box 3lW. tf
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
I'^l I **-*���> *******r^m***m*afM ******   *****   <**m**S******t**m  ***** ******%
| Wanted j
Stenographer Wanted-Apply Box 1531 tf
Wanted   Nursing.      Obstcctries  a  specialty.
Residence 129 Third Ave.    I'hone 243 Red. tf
Wanted���Two young men t,�� boanl and room In
private boarding house.   Apply at box S.. Dally
,    News. 241-tf
, Wanted girl for general housework.    Small fam-
r     ily.   Apply to Mrs. N. F. Helmer, 6th Ave., and
McBride St.   Telephone 247. tf
Wanted. ��� Cleaning and pressing,  alterations
merits     Came   Back   Alive   tO   ���"������J repairing for men and women.   Dressmaking
������alle.1 for and delivered.   Mra   Charles lVreiiirr,
H2U Third Ave.    Phone 294 Red. \t
Tell the Ta e.
Russia Regards It as Menace to
Future Patriotic Aspirations
of the Youth of Finland.
The big display of Turkeys
at Shrubsall's Market reminds
us that Thanksgiving it only a
few days off.
It only comes once a year,
make your dinner one to remember with pleasure by buying one of the best turkeys to
be had the kind you will find
at Shrubsall s Market, Third
(Special to the Daily News)
St. Petersburg. Oct. 27.���In addition to the annexation and incorporation of part of the Finnish
province of Yiborg for strategical
reasons, the Russian government
has now ordered the abolition of
the Boy Scouts of Finland as being
an unauthorized military organization and a pretext for the
dangerous cultivation among young
Finlanders of a national patriotic-
spirit hostile to Russia.
The Finnish press is naturally
indignant, and Russian Nationalist
and Chauvinist organs like The
���Novoye Vremya are jubilant.
While Russia has only been able
to use General Sir R. S. S. Baden-
Powell's idea to form a system of
"play so'diers," the Finnish boys
have turned oui real scouts in
every- sense. Nothing better illustrates the wide difference between
the Russians and the Finns than
these juvenile organizations of the
two countries.     ,
The abolition of the Boy Scout
societies in Finland is another
severe blow from the heavy hand
of Russia. It only remains for
Russia now to abolish the Salvation
.Army in Finland.
Vancouver, Oct. 25.���O'd J.'.ek,
a horse owned Ly Burns, Jordan
iS: Welch, ral.way contractors oo
the Canadian Northern, was being
transferred across the Fraser canyon to ihe railway grade ,.ow under
const met ion. lt w.i.-. suspended
in a sling and lhe rope broke
The horse, which was blindfolded
plunged hindfeet tirst into the
angrv waters and no one doubted
death ha I quickly followed.
Half an hour later Jack was
seen making his way slowly along
the grade. He had landed half a
mile below and was none the
worse for the thrilling dive and
journey down the raging Fraser
Old Jack will be pensioned by
his owners after this season's work.
He is regarded as almost a member
of ihe firm. He was raised on a
ranch near Lethbridge and entered the service of Foley, Welch
& Stewart sixteen years ago. He
helped build lhe Crow's Nest
Pass railway and many other lines
in thc west.
Jack is an animal of unusual
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We carry everything In the feed line, also garden seeds at tho lowest market prices, at Collart's
olfi Fied Store, Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phones 41 or 301
Lost and Found
FOU.ND-2 Small Keys.   Inquire at News Office.
Lost-Ladies'watch In bracelet.   Reward by returning to News ofllce. tf
Exchanged by mistake
Ke-exchftnge can be affect-
Currie"   Waterproof
Coat for one exactly similar but with plumb
bob in the pocket.
ed at News Ollice.
Real Estate
Will buy lots <n Prince Rupert at bargain prices
for cash. Apply P.O. Box n'.u stating location,
price, etc. 231-tf
Want to buy two lots In Prince Rupert. Give
full information as to price, terms and location
to P.O. Box 1*19 243-247
****************** "fcn
J      Bu
*fi***t m****m******\*
siness Chances
he moment is opportune and the future assured.
Mainly cash, but If with capita! to carry aettlers
till Spring in some casta, almcat a monopoly of
a large tributary territory can be aeeured. Best
corner lot $160 to build, or atore would be erected and rented. Post ,.ili,*,* will be secured. Address Immediately P.O. Box 2, Prince llupert.
Will buy a store in good location,
formation to box 819.
Stale full m-
His Friends are Still Trying to
Secure His Release from
The Biggest Yet
One of thc largest Halibut ever
taken from these waters is being
displayed at Shrubsalls' Market.
The big fellow weighs 226 pounds
and is (> feet 9 inches long antl
Don't Forget the Event of the 142 inches wide.
Season    Its on Friday Night
Don't forget thc Hospital Ball
which is to take place in the
Mclntyre Hall on Fridav evening,
fak-tol.tr 29th. The Ladies' Committee have gone to morc than
usual trouble to make it a success.
Ticket-. can be had from any
member of the committee. 5t
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
They are also displaying tempt.
ing varieties of fresh fish of all
Idndl inc.tiding Grey Cod, Shrimp
and Crabs.
St.  Andrew's Society
A general meeting of the St.
Andrew's Society will be held in
the Carpenters' Hall this even-
evening at 7.30 sharp.
Tunibull's celebrated underwear
for ladies and children���new
stock.���Wallace's. 2t
Newburgh, N. Y., Oct. 26 ���
Persistent reports that Harry
Thaw's release from the Matteawan Asylum is expectetl within
the next three months, are denied
by Dr. James V. May, superintendent of the institution.
"I  can  state most  positively
that Thaw Willi not be released
before January 1, or for some
time after," said Dr. May.
"Once or twice Mrs. Thaw
came to tlie asylum to see her son,
but I have never had anything
to say to her nor she to mc."
The superintendent gave no opinion upon the sanity of Thaw.
Smart   :  Boys
To wo,., a! day next Saturday.   Apply at
tha Daily Hew, Olllce to Mr. Munro.   :
On and after October 27th I will attain ihave
charge ol Ihe Shoe Repairing Shop on Second
avenue between Seventh and Eighth street*,
occupied lor some Ume by Ludwlc Strublc. I
will be pleaaeel to aee all my old eualomcrs and
friends, or any new ones that feel like giving
my work a trial.
1 will as In the past three and a hall years I
have lieen In business In Princ llupert. try to
give satisfaction.
Nothing but the beat materials will be used and
reasonable prlcui charged.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's  delicious  Choco-
Auctlon   Sale
NOTICE la hereby given that James Haggerty,
haa   retaken   possession   ol   Lot   Seventeen  (17),
Hlock Twenty-lour 1211. Section One (I), Townsite
.     , . .   at Prince Rupert, uneler and by virtue of power.
lateS,   irOSh from the factory,     tl I con,,lr**"<1 *n ������� 'rom him to James Donahue.
Arthur Murray and John Armstrong
New   models
in   ladies'
ray 11
said James Hafrgt-rty will sell by public auction
the buildings erected by the Leasees upon the
said premises, said sale to be held at Prince Rupert,
B. C, on the first day of November, A. D., 1911,
at three o'clock in the afternoon upon the aforwsiil
For Saturday Only
B.C. Cream,
per case   "
No.   1  Bread  Flour,
��,50 ,b- $1-75
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly Ailed.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Phone Ol
I'.,,  BOX 804
\ i Bngfrag-e, Storage and  Forwarding Agents.
Klg_ or Motor Car day or night
One lot, Block 5, Section 1, Beach
Place. Price $2100, S1000 cash
balance 6-12 months.
One lot, Block 17, Section 1,
First Avenue. Price $2500,
S1000 cash, balance 6, 12, and
18 months.
Two lots, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one-
fourth cash, balance 6-12-18
One lot, Block 20, Section 5, fine
view with two fronts, Sixth
Avenue and Seventh Avenue.
Price $1365, $800 cash, balance
One lot, Block 9, Section 5, Sixth
Avenue. Price $1525, $765 cash,
balance 6-12-18 months.
One lot, Block 6, Section 5, Fifth
Avenue. Price $1500, $300 cash,
balance 3-6-12 months.
Two lots, Block 22, Section 7,
Sixth .Avenue, Price $600, one-
half cash, balance $25 i>cr month.
One lot, Block 15, Section 7, two
fronts, Sixth Avenue aud Hays
Cove, with house 32 x 20.
Price $2625.
One half of lot 13, Block 40,
Section 7, fronting Ninth Avenue. Price $400, $200 cash,
balance $25 per month.
Lots 19-20, Biock 4, Section 8,
corner Ninth Avenue. Price
$800, one-fourth cash, balance
6-12-18 month.
Lots 9-10, Block 16, Section 8,
Tenth Avenue. Price $250 each,
one-third cash, balance 3-6
75 x 100 feet
Level.   Good lease.
Stores on Second Avenue.
on Third Avenue.
The snow is crawling down the mountains to remind us
of cold winter.   We have opened five bales of comf,,,*,
ers and have put them on sale at the low price of $1 ���->-,
and $2.00.   We also have them from $1 to ths $iii Elder
down, also blankets and bedding in large quantities'
Here Are Some of Our Wares:
Armchairs, Rockers, Sanitary Couches,   Davenports,  Bed Lounges nnd
Rattan Goods; Chiffoniers. Dressers and all kinds of Case Goods
Iron and Brass Beds,  Baby Buggies.
LinoleUm8 at all prices. Twenty-five patterns to choose from,
Carpets, Rugs, Portiere, Tapestry and Lace Curtains
and all  kinds of Curtain  Materials.
Stoves,  Hotel White, Granite and Vitrified Ware, Tea.
pots,    Beanpots,    Buttercrocks,   Jugs,    Filters  and u
For the
Kitchen    complete line of Enamel  Ware.
Dining Room
Furniture of all kinds.      Cutlery,   French
English China  in sets or by  the piece.
Miscellaneous Goods
every description,
Bedding, Blankets, Comforts, the famous Ostermoor
Mattress, Framed Mirrors and Mirrorplate for framing, 36x48 down; Jardiniere, Vases, Bar Glasses of
Lamps,   Lamp  Chimneys,   Baskets of  all  kinds.
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
Howe & McNulty
Are now ready to do business in
their new Hardware store on
Second Ave. and Fifth St., with
a complete stock of heavy ana
shelf hardware, stoves ana ranges, granite and tinware, paints
and oils, ship chandlery, sporting
goods, etc. :      :      :      :
All orders will receive prompt attention
G rah am Island Oil Fields, Limited |
��� ____���__���_������������������������ 2
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
Wi- are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :
The Canadian General Electric Co., Lii
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
S10   down   antl   $10   pel   month
buys a lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Double Front Lot with 7-Room
on 8th Ave., Sec. 5	
Two Bay-view Lots on 4th  Ave.,   Sec.
6 $2460
Lot on 5th Ave, Sec. 8 $1575
Lot on 9th Ave., Sec. 7 $350
$50 cash and $26 a month.
Two Double Lane Corners on 11th Ave.
Sec. 8, $650 each.    Easy Terms.
Lot 19, Block 26, Sec. 6 $2200
Seventh Ave. and Fulton
Phone :igi
���-���-���   ���   *~* - * ���
Ifred. stork
I -General Hardware���
J Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
(iratiitewnri!       Tinware
Fire, Lift, Accid.nl and Liability Insurance
Pattullo Block.
motor driven rauis*
PUPMS ,������.,
Phonr 2��'
*****m*******m\    I
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
The Best
The Daily News
And Get All the News


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