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Legislative Library I 5 a. m ,
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The Daily Nm��
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist V   v
For south
Prince Rupert Friday, 8 a.m.'
Princess May  Friday, a.m.
VOL. II, NO. 255
Prince Rupert, B.C., Wednesday, November 8. 1911.
Price Five Cents
Progressive-Minded   Alderman Morrissey   Introduces
the Subject While Ward System is Discussed-
City Will Send Delegate to Convention
of Municipalities at Victoria
After an evening' ssession of
lhe cily council particularly fruitful in unfruitful discussions and
wrangling over coal buying, etc.,
n seemed peculiarly appropriate
that last night the first mention
should be made before a Prince
Kupert city council of municipal
Government by commission.
To Alderman Morrissey belongs
the honor of introducing the progressive idea. It came up in connection Willi tlie proposal to take
,i plebiscite on the abolition ol
ilu- ward system   pul forward by
Aldennan Newton.
"There seems to be a general
filling throughout Canada " said
Aldennan Morrissey "that not
only the ward system should be
aliolished but that government
by council should be abolished
"In Vuncouvcr at present a
.��trong move is being made for
commission government, and 1
lit ink that wc should send a
representative to the Union of
Municipalities Conference soon lo
In- held who is instructed to speak
along these lines. If I remember
rightly Mr. Mayor, you yourself
were strongly in favor of government by commission ut the time
tiir municipal charter was drawn
up." _
This idea thc Mayor hastily
deprecated, but thc decision was
mme to later that a representative
appointed by thc Mayor should
lie sent to the Conference of the
l.'nion of  Municipal Bodies to be
held at Victoria on the 15th to
10th inst. and that he should
be prepared lo talk on commission
government with other municipal
Over the ward system and its
abolition, there was a good deal
of fruitless talk. Alderman Newton endeavored to have a plebiscite taken at the time thc volt-
is taken on lhc Hays Creek Trunk
Sewer By-law to save expense.
He suggested that the vote take
lhe form of simple "Yes" or
"No" answers by thc electors to
the question: "Are you. or are
you not in favor of ihe abolition
of the present ward system?"
The Mayor did not seem enthu-
sisatically in support of this and
Alderman Clayton moved an amen
Alderman Clayton moved an
amendment to Alderman Newton's motion lhat the city be
divided into three wards. Alderman Hilditch moved an amendment to the amendment that the
City Solicitor be asked to show
the advantages of having three
wards, but found no seconder.
Both motion and amendment were
lost thc ayes for the amendment
being Aldermen Kirkpatrick Clayton. Morrissey and the Mayor.
Nays were Alderman Ncwmn
Hilditch  Douglas and Kerr.
Alderman Kerr suggested that
the matter be put to the vote in
January next and Alderman Newton was ready to agree to this
provided that meantime no effort
was made to create a third ward
for the city.
and morc time was wasted. Thc
Mayor discovered that the matter
could not be reconsidered until
next meeting of the council. However, to expedite matters an agreement was come to by which enough
coal will be purchased to carry
the plant until they can decide
who is to get the coal contract.
There thc matter ended pro
tern, the Mayor saying that they
could not talk anout it all night.
Hello   Book
Thc bid of the Premier Press
for the production of the Telephone
Directory has been accepted on
the recommendation of tlie telephone committee.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
City Council Decides to Hand
Over Latest Slice of Printing
Patronage to their Particular
Pet Paper.
Over the matter of advertising
thc by-law for the Hays Creek
Trunk Sewer as required by law
the council had some discussion
last night, Uie matter ending in
lhe decision thai the whole advertising be given to the Journal.
Alderman Dough's ei clcaviircd in
two amendments to have part
at least of the advertising done
by the two daily papers of Prince
Rupert His amendments sug-
gested first thai an equal share of
the work be given m ihe Journal
Empire ai d Daily News and whes*
lhat was lost, that tlie Journal
should have S41 worth and the
News and Empire 822 each This
also was lost, so the whole job
goes to the Journal
Alderman Douglas who maintained that the by-law should
appear In all the papers to  give
the public a fair chance to consider
it .made some crquiry of the City
Clerk regardii-g the method he
had taken to find out the rales of
the various |v.j>crs for advertising
ihis by-law Mr Woods said he
had asked lhe Journal antl the
Empire, but had not approached
the .N'iws at all His excuse was
that he had not had time to ask
the News' price for this work
until after lhc News office was
closed ihat evening
Man Whose License Was Taken Away From Him by the Present
License Board is Upheld by Highest Court in Province
Boxer Who Recently Gave Clever Display in Prince Rupert
Wants to Meet Lauder.
Joe Bayley. the clever Victoria
lioxcr who recently defeated Oscar
Nelson in a match in the Kaien
Maud Club, is now out after the
championship. Last week he met
ami defeated Eddie Merino at
Calgary in eight rounds.
Bayley got Merino wiih a hard
punch to thc wild and jaw ard
llt.tircd him Bayley will now
challenge Lauder to meei him in
lhc near future for the championship.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
What the City Engineer Plans
for Woodworth Scheme Apart
From Bush Clearing at the
Upper Lake.
The Appeal Against Mr. Justice Clements' Decision in  the Supreme Court Was
Fought With City Funds���Mr. Prudhomme Has Been Successful in Hi"
Lone Fight in Every Court���Has Been Driven into Bankruptcy
as a Consequence of the License Board's Action
(Special to the Daily News)
Victoria. Nov. 8.���The Court of
Appeal has announced its decision
today in favor of A. J. Prudhomme in the Savoy License appeal
by thc city of Prince Rupert.
Asked by Alderman Newton
last night what work in con-
nection with the Woodwortil Lake
scheme COUld possibly be carried
on during the winter months seeing
hat the lakeside clearing is likely
to be held over longer the City
Engineer replied that he could
have specifications ready Within
ii week for the following work:
The completion of the reservoir
on Acropolis I Iill. The rock trenching between Shawatlans Passage
and ihe reservoir and the blasting
oul <>f du' rapids :lt Shawatlans
Lake. A" this work may be
undertaken ihis winter.
Light Committee and Council Quarrel Over Who Shall
Get Coal Contract   After an Hour's Wrangling
No Decision is Arrived at
, .* .i. Il-rht nlini ***** **re in favor of ordering
( oal supply for lhc light P****
caused much unprofitable discussion at the city council meeting
last night. Thc light committee
prop-osed the acceptance of the
lender for the supply of 250 tons
nf coal from Lindsay's Transfer
Company at a rate 00 ct-nls
higher than that of the KeUy
Transfer Company. It WM stated
that thc coal would be sacked or
boxed as delivered thi*- ***>*t '*
sysicm of measurement explained
by the Mayor.
Thc question before lhe COIincJl
w.ts whether il was WOlth while
paying thc extra 00 ccnls per Km
for thc special coal of llic lm***.
Company. Alderman Uaylon
thought it was, but Ald.nii.in
Morrissey wanted to be convmCea-
Alderman Clayton said that ��
Alderman Morrissey's wife were
here hc would soon be convinced*
ll seemed thai shipments Ol UK-
Lindsay'coal had proved gOM
for thc plant and economical wniie
other qualities sold had proved lia<i*
Discussion followed between the
two factions of the council.
dcrmen    Clayton,   Hilditch.
Kerr  were  In
lhe Lindsay coal.   Aldennan
rlssey, Alderman Niwlon, and Alderman Kirkpatrick were to favor
Of   ordering   a   sample   quantity
sufficient for a test run from
Kelly's firm ust to tee '* * ���**:**-
Si right. Aldeiman Douglas was
SB neotrali later sided with
ihe Mghi committee.
The sample Idea gave rise to
much trouble^e light amunww
refusing if it were carrii'd tOhaW
'.ling tO dO wiih the ordenng
I     |    eoal.   Afler .he cm ind  had
down the light committee ���
id.d to try a sample
Kelly's the evideni
���   tin.   Unlit   com-
Mailers now gnl Im.I     '���"*    ;/    '.
carry the plain
plan and deci
ihipmeni from
there was
light   plan'    *"
for <me night.
Before reconsideration was possible I hi' Mayor had
... Procedure By-law
id get on I"
to consult
to sec hOW
Ihe council  cou
J,',*,., f���r reconsideration.
History of the Case
The above despatch from Victoria tii is morning and confirmed
by a private telegram to Messrs.
Williams & Manson, solicitors for
A. J. Prudhomme, will be read
wiih great interest as announcing
the opinion of the final court of
appeal in the famous Savoy Hotel
case. It is understood that, backed
with the decisions of bolh the
Supreme Court and the Court of
Appeals, Mr Prudhomme, who
has been driven into bankruptcy
as thc result of the License Commissioners' treatment, will immediately launch an action for substantial damages against thc Commissioners
Election Incident
at thc time of
elections   in
The case arose
the  last   municipal
Prince Rupert Mr. Prudhomme
who ran for alderman against
Mr Manson's ticket was then
owner and licensee of thc Savoy
Hotel, into the construction of
which he had placed thc savings
of a lifetime The hotel was
recognised as lhc best, conducted
hotel in the city. License Commissioners Smith and Mcrryfield
refused lo renew the license on thc
pretext that ii had been improperly
granted by Chairman Stork, and
at the first meeting of the License
Board of 1911, composed of Mayor
Manson, ard Messrs. Smith and
Mcrryfield, ihe license was finally
Allegations Were Made
Allegations were freely made
that thc License Board's action
was actuated by a desire to please
members of ihe Carpenters' Union,
who had quarreled With Mr. Prudhomme over ihe building of thc
holel. This view of the case was
taken   by   Mr.   Justice  Clements
of the supreme Court, who in
ordering the license tO be renewed
said: "There Is no doubt in my
mind that the refusal lo grant thc
renewal was for reasons other
than that claimed on behalf of thc
Council Plunges In
At ilu- stage, the city council
came to thc aid of thc License
Commissioners with the cliy funds
in iheir fight against Mr. Justice
Clements' ruling. City Soliclior
Peters entered an appeal wiih thc
Court of Appeals, and city money
was wired lo Victoria lawyers
lo fight the case in the Victoria
The Court's Decision
The despatch lo hand this mon*
ing shows ihat thc Court of Ap|H-als
has decided againsl Cily Solicitor
Peters, the License Board and lhe
city council, and in favor of Mr.
Prudhomme, who in (he meantime has ln-cn driven into bankruptcy, as a result of the License
Board's action in taking away his
Farquhar McRae, Who Killed a Man in Trouble Arising Out of Ne Temere Decree, Found Guilty
of Manslaughter���Judges Plea for
Toleration in Religion
Cornwall, Out.,
Nov. 8.���Far-
qtihar McRae, the aged Lancaster
county farmer who was found
guilty of shooting Frank Shaw,
a Carp druggist, during a struggle
for possession of a child, has been
removed to Kingston Penitentiary
to serve out a life sentence. The
jury which composed was of four
Roman Catholics and eight Protestants brought in a verdict of
The case aroused more than
usual attention, as the trouble
arose out of the ne temere decree.
McRae's daughter, who was a
Catholic had married Dr. Magee,
who is a Methodist. Afler the
birth of her child she refused to
live with her husband, owing to
religious differences, arising out
of lhe marriage. When her hus-
band and his friends sought to
take away die child by force, the
grandfather drove them away with
a gun. As the party left in their
motor car, McRae fired afler
them, mid lhc shol killed Shaw.
In his charge to the jury, Mr.
Justice Sutherland siid that the
father had acted in an illegal and
high handed manner in forcing
their way into thc McRae home,
although the common law gave
him thc right io ihe child and the
right to supervise iis religious
training. He said that in a country
like ours composed of so many
races and religions it was most
essential that there should be
religious toleration.
Mr. Charles E. Evitt, Popular
Young Bank Employee, Has
Been Home to England.
By the Prince Ruperl this morning there returned to the city one
of Rupert's popular old timers.
Mr. Charles E. Evitt has been
on a holiday visit to Orpington,
Kent, England, where his people
are at present. He was an employee of the Union Bank when
here in the early days of Prince
Ruperl, and is a popular old-timer
who Will be Warmly welcomed back.
Civic Sniff Yacht is Adrift a
Derelict on the High Seas.
Broke Away from Tug Last
News to hand this morning on
the waterfront is of a serious
shipping disaster.    The civic sniff
yacht hauled out to sea yesterday
to discharge cargo In deep water,
was on her return trip in tow of
the Davis launch taking the contract   for  the Work, when  heavy
weather arose,, and the yacht
became unmanageable. For the
safely of the commodore and men
in charge of the launch she had
to be allowed to break loose and
today she is adrift on thc high
seas, while .ill lhe waterfront misses
her fragrant and familiar presence.
Herd of Frightened Steers Injured Eight Persons in California Town.
(Cai*. ad ian Press' Despalch)
Niles, CAI.; Nov. 7.���Eight persons were seriously hurt, and a
house was demolished yesterday,
when a herd of wild sleers stampeded through thc town.
Blankets���you Kid  'tin- wc
have 'em.���Wallace's. fi
$75  Grant   from   City
Salvation Army
Ki sign JohnStO. e's request for a
grai i of 875 from lhc ctiurcll to
erable him to "Farewell" from
the   city   leaving    the   Salvation
Army affairs entirely debt-free in
Prince Rupert has lieen turned
down by 'he council on thc ground
thai they are not authorised to
make such a grant without a
specific charitable object.
C B Lockhart was a passenger
by the Prince Rupert today from
the south.
of Prussia, Son of German
Scandinavian Social
"Valhalla" of S. IL and E, I",
will give a social with dance in
K. of P. Hall Saturday at 8 p.m.
All Scandinavians invited. Gentlemen 50c. 3t
New Structure to be Built of
Concrete Bis; Plant Has been
Thrice Destroyed by Fire.
According to Mr. T. J. Gorman,
president of Gorman & Co., owners
of ihe Kasaafl Cannery on Prince
of Wales Island which Was destroyed by fire las! week CSUSh g a
loss of 1150,000, Un- compai y will
al oice rebuild lhe plait uslrg
co Crete. This is lhe third lime
lhe pl." I has bun nl. The n*r-
nery just destroyed was IjiiIIi
this ye it ll was t tWO-tlie pl." I.
wiih !* r;ji;ria> Of 2,500 CflSa .'
dry.     The   pack   this   yiar   WB1
7*1,000 c. s<s.. f which 44,000 craes
ind bee- shipped out The w.-ri-
loiiscs oontalnlrg 80,000 cases oi
hand are 1 total loss.
TheKasaan Cenner) was burned
in 1900, nd again in JOIO.
Sniff Yacht's Intrepid Admiral
was in Real Peril and Suffered
Considerable Privations.
Details of the mishap to the
civic sniff yacht just to hand are
thrilling. Thc yacht is aground
on lhc shore some disiance from
the harbor. She drifted there in
a stiff gale which got up while
the Knox which had her in tow-
was nuking for harbor. For hours
the crew and commodore toiled
to make headway, bill lhe hunk-ring sniff yacht only drifted worse
and worse dragging lhc launch
wiih it on to thc Ice shore. Then
it was found that the Knox had
carried away her rudder, and was
helplessly at the sen's mercy.
Efforis were made to sicer with an
oar, but the sniff yacht had to be
ciit adrift and left to her falc.
After an all night struggle Without
food, and in considerable danger,
the Knox got safely to harbor,
but the Commodore though he
says little has had a tough time
of it. The sniff yacht will lie
salved this afternoon.
Week's Lodging
John  Kayalen was today fined
$5 and costs nr seven days for
having been drunk and disorderly
i.i-i night.  He will probably spend
the week in durance vile.
II. N. Boss arrived In Prince
Ru|K*n today frum Victoria, a passenger by the S.S. Prince Rupert.
Miss Hawley has returned to
the city afler a slmrl stay with
friends in the suuth. She arrived
today by the Prince Ruperl.
Clearing Work Will Not be Awarded for Some Time
Yet- New Tenders Will be Called for a Third
Time After Expert's Investigation
For some time longer ihe Wood-
worth   Like   w.itci work*-clearing
Children's   aid   misses'   winlet
coals.-- Wallace's. if
G. McNichoii returned from ���
visit to lhe soulh by the Prince
Rttpeit this morning.
will be held up    CHy Engineer
Davis reported to the council
l.isl , ighl to the effect thai il W*M
most advisable  in have further
at.d fuller I. formation on the
details 'if the clcarii g of tin* area
to Im- submerged and particulaily
on ihe building uf the stave pipe.
I. waa uncertain whether it would
Ik- lieltcr lo manufacture il on
the ipot, or order il  from bcloW
Consulting Engineer Thompson favors red oodar for llu* pipe staves,
but Colonel Davis considers the
red   cedar   around    lhe   lake   of
doubiftii quality for the purpose
Colonel D.tvis recommended the
employment of an exiien lumber
man and saw-miller lo give an
estimate nf the cost tO the city
of thc work of milling lumber,
���������KKing. etc , for the work on the
spot   as  will   as  on   the  quality
nf ilu* timber vaallablc .uul Alderman Niw inn suggested thai lhc
same cxjH-rl  if    employed should
give an estimate on ihe cost of
ihe work b) days' labor
City   Solicitor   Peters   noticing
lhal   the  consulting  engineer  had
reported favoring the leaving all
timber standing around the lake
except such as required for the
Stave pipe aid d.un, said he had
knowledge  tO  lhe  effect   that   ihe
Governmeni would noi stand for
thla but would demand grubbfng
a*,   well   M   claise   culling   r.'ther
then lei the trees be left standing.
The Cily Engineer's report was
Carried, and after some further
talk ir was agreed thai  lhe City
Engineer should endeavor to locate
a lumber expert in accordance
Willi his report Alderman Douglas wets anxious that the man be
secured in Rupert, and to this
both council and engineer were
| agreeable so far as may be possible. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Wednesday, Nov. 8
Vancouver, which is famous abroad for its lead in embodying the principle
ot the single tax in civic affairs, is also keeping well abreast of the advancing times
by appointing a charter committee to consider the commission form of government,
and draw up the necssary amendments to the city charter.
These have just been submitted to the Mayor and Council and a special session
of the Finance Committee has been called to discuss the proposed amendments.
The proposid is made that Vancouver should pass from council government to
commission government at the end of ihe ensuing year.
The amendments provide for the abolition of all wards and the election at
large of a mayor mid four councilmen ut the January election in 1913, the muyor
and two rouncilmcn having the highest number of votes to hold office for four
years, tho other two councilmen 10 hold office for two years, and thereafter two
rouncilmeii 10 be elected every two years, the mayor and councilmen to have
the sanii* qualifications ns now prescribed.
The various affairs of the city administration are to be divided up among
the live members, each to be the head of a department or a number of departments,
for which he is responsible, und lo devote their time and attention to city work.
Daily executive sessions ar.* to be held, taking up thc work now done by the
council committees, and weekly legislate.i* sessions, taking up the work now done
by the council in session.
The salary of the mayor is fixed at $10,000 a year and the councilmen st $760 0
each lo give bonds, in a surety compan}'. for $25,000.
Nominations for mayor and councilmen are to be made at a mass meeting
to be held in the city hall, any number of candidates being allowed. On the ballot
first, second and third choice is provided for.
The initiative, referendum and recall are provided for. A petition signed by
25 per cent of the electors voting lor mayor at the last election, proposing any
law, shall romp.I the council to pass lhat law within to days or put it up to s
vote referendum of the people, and a 15 per cent petition shall likewise put the
question up to a vote of the people, but not call a special election (or that purpose,
the matter living inki-n up at the regular election.
By-laws passed by the council shall not take effect (or ten days slier passage,
and if within the ten days a petition signed by 26 per cent of the voters protest,
then the matter shall be submitted to a vote of the people, or the law be repealed
by the council.   The council may also submit any by-law without such petition.
On a petition signed by 26 per cent o( the electors voting at the last election,
or 12 1-2 per cent of the voters' list, to recall a member, on grounds stated in the
petition, the council shall order a special election, at which the incumbent shall
be a candidate unless hc voluntarily withdraw, and olher candidates may come
in and the election be conducted as in the case of regular elections. Not more than
one election shall be held in an}- six months.
The n-medy of the Council and tbe City Solicitor engaged in a mutual admirations over the hydro-electric by-law is one of the funniest things in municipal
history.   It was calculated to impress the ignorant.
The true nature ol the by-law is seen in the fact that it requires s privste
bill to validate it.   At present it is not valid.
The bank's solicitor showed his opinion of the resl nature of the by-law, when
he made the provision that if the Executive Council should withdraw their promise
to pass specisl legislstion ratifying the by-law, that the bank should have a petition
of right.
After moving a special vote ot thanks to the City Solicitor lor getting his
ifydro-eleetric by-lsw tinkered up, the Council should move s vote of thanks to
the City Treasurer and the City Collector for not decamping with the city funds,
while the Council is neglecting lo get fidelity bonds for them.     '
Sensational Exposure of the
in motion pictures
With illustrated Lecture by Mr. Jack Martin.
Positively nothinj-r objectionable.   Special invitation extended to the ladies and all others interested
in social reform
Come Early on Account Crowds
Popular Price    -    25c
imM^-m^iimm i -^pc^k^
"Now, Jlr. I'.vne, you next," cite- me
chief officer, addressing the young
Philadelphia!!, who, mirablle dlctu,
had found and lighted a cigar.
"Guess I'll swing up along with the
captain," was the answer.
"I'll with him," shouted the captain,
fiercely, himself helping to loop Pyne
to the fourth officer.
All others had gone. The offlcera
were leaving the ship ln order of seniority, the Juniors first. Just as the
quartette were about to swing clear
of the ship the captain grasped Pyne's
"Thank you, lad," he said, and away
they went.
There were left on the vessel Ihe
third, second, and first officers, the
purser, and the captain. Thu others
wanted the captain to come wllh ihem.
He resisted, held out for his right t.>
be the last to quit a ship he hnd com-
insndcd for more than twenty years,
and hoarsely forbade any further argument.
Very unwillingly, they left him hauling alone at the rope, though their
predecessors, knowing the need of lt,
helped vigorously from thc gallery.
Indeed, lt was with difficulty thst
Pyne was held hack from returning
with the descending rope. They told
him he was mad to dream of such a
piece of folly, and perforce he desisted.
But when the captain deliberately
cast off tire deck-pulley from which tha
rope had been manipulated they knew
that the boy had read his soul. The
now useless cordage dangling from
the gallery waa caught by the wind
and sea and sent whipping off to lea-
Hrand, brought from the lantern by
the hubbub of shouting, came out, followed by Constance. He suggested,
as a last resource, that they should
endeavor to fire a line across the vessel by means of a rocket.
They agreed to try. for the spect.de
of the captain, standing bareheaded
on all that was left of tho bridge,
moved them to s pitch of frenzy not
often seen In an assemblage of Anglo-
8axons, and especially of sailors.
Brand turned to procure the rocket,
but a loud cry caused him to delay.
The expected wave had come, the vessel waa smothered tn a vortex of foam,
tha tall fun* mast tottered and fell,
and when the water subsided again
all that waa visible of tbe great steam.
���r was some portion ot her hull and
the solidly built bow, which was not
wrenched from the keel-plate untl]
another hour had passed.
The agonized cry of a strong man
Is a woful thing. Constance, by reason
of the gathering at the aide of the
gallery, ��as unable to aee all that waa
taking place. But the yell which went
up from tbe onlookers told her thst
something out of the common, even
on tbls night of thrills, had occurred,
"What la It. dad?" ahe asked, as het
father came to her.
"The end of the ship," he said. "Tha
captain baa gone with her."
"Oh dear, why- waan't he saved?"
"I think be refused to desert bll
ahlp. His heart was broken, I expect
Now, Connie, duty first"
Indeed, she required no telling. As
each of the ship-wrecked men entered
the lantern, sho handed him a glass
of spirits, asked If he were injured,
snd told blm exactly how many flights
of stairs be had to descend. But cocoa
and biscuits would be brought soon,
sho explained. Greatly amazed, but
speechless for the most part, the men
obeyed her directions.
One of the last to claim her atten-
tlon was the young American. Mr,
Pyne. Her face Ut up pleasurably
when she saw blm.
"1 waa wondering what had become
of you." ahe said. "My sister baa Baked me several times If you had arrived,
and I imagined that I muat have missed you by some chance."
Now all thia was Greek to him, ot
nearly so. Indeed, had lt been Intelligible Greek, he might have guessed
Its purport more easily.
Holding the glsss In his hand hs
looked at her In frank, open-eyed won*
dor. To be hailed so gleefully by ���
good-looking girl whom be had naver
to his knowledge set eyes on. was
somewhat of a mystery, and tbe pus*
tie was made all the moro difficult by
the fact that she had discarded tba
weatherproof accoutrements needed
when she first ventured forth on tha
"I'm real glad you're pleaaed. My
name Is Charles A. Pyne," ha said,
It was now Constance'a turn to ba
bewildered. Then the exact situation
dawned on her.
"How. *,uipid of me," ahe cried. "Ot
course you don't recognise me again.
My sister and I bappen to be alone
with my father on the rock to-night
We were with blm on the balcony
when you acted so bravely. You see,
the light shone clear on your face."
"I'm glad It's shining on yours now,"
he said.
"You muat go two floors below
this," aald she, severely. "I will
bring you some cocoa and a biscuit
as quickly aa possible."
"I am not a bit tired," he commented, atlll looking at her.
"That Is more than I can say." she
answered, "hut I am ao delighted that
we managed to aara so many poor
"How many?"
"Beventy-elght. But I dare not ask
you bow how many are lost. It would
make mm cry, and I have no time for
tears. Will you really help to carry
a tray?"
"Just try ma."
At Ut* top of tha stairs Constance
sailed to her father:
"Anything you want dad?"
"Tea. dear. Find out the chief offi-
ear, and send him to me. He can eat
���nd drink here whilst we talk."
ba careful; these stairs sre
vary steep," said Constance, swlnglnr
tha lantern close to her conipuuloti ���
feet as they climbed down the topmost flight.
"If 1 fall," he assured her, ".vou will
be the chief sufferer.
"All the more reason why you should
not fall. Walt hero a moment. I mint
have a look at the hospital."
me visiting-officer's room, which
ilso served the purposes of a library
Hid recreation room In normal times,
*��w held fourteen injured persona, In-
jludlng two women, one of theni *
���tewardess, and a little girl.
Most of the sufferers had received
Iheir wounds either In the saloon or
by collision with the cornice of the
lighthouse. The worst accident was
t broken arm, the most alarming a
case of cerebral concussion. Other
Injuries consisted, for the mosi part,
of cuts and bruises.
Unfortunately, when the ship struck,
the Burgeon had gone aft to attend to
tn engineer whose hand was crushed
gs the result of sonic frantic lurch,
caused by the hurricane; hence tha
doctor was lost with the first batch
of victims. Enid discovered tbat
among the few steerage pascngers
laved was a man who had gained some
experience In a fleld-hoepltal during
the campaign ln Cuba. Aided by the
plain directions supplied with tha
medicine chest of the lighthouse, tha
Bx-hospltal orderly had done wondera
"All I want, miss," he explained, tn
answer to Constance's question, "la
some water and some linen for bandages. The lint outfit in tha chest ls
not half sufficient."
She vanished, to return quickly with
a sheet and a pair of scissors.
"Now," she said to Mr. Pyne, "lt
you come with ma I will aend you
back with a pall of water."
She took him to the kitchen where
Enid, aided by a sailor, pressed Into
service, was dispensing cocoa and biscuits. Pyne, who remained ln tha
Stairway, went off with the water and
Constance's lantern. The interior of
the lighthouse was utterly dark. To
move without a light, and with no
prior knowledge of Ita Internal ar-
rangements, was positively danger
oub. All told, there were seven lamps
of various sizes available. Brand had
one, four were distributed throughout
the apartments tenanted by the survivors of the wreck, two were retained for transit purposes, and the men
shivering ln the entrance passage had
no light at all.
Constance took Enid's lantern tn
order to discover the whereabouts of
Mr. Emmelt, the first officer, tha tray-
carrying sailor offering to guide her
to him.
When Pyne came back ha found
Enid ln the dark and mistook har for
"They want some more," be cried
at the door.
"Some more what?" ahe demanded,
It seemed no time for elegant diction.
Her bean Jumped each time tbe i
sprang at the rock. It seemed to ba
so much worse ln the dark.
"Water," said he.
"Dear me. I should have thought
everybody would be fully satisfied ln
that respect."
He held up the lantern.
"Well, that's curious," he cried. "I
Imagined you were the other young
lady. The water ls needed ln the hospital."
"Why didn't you say so?" ahe snapped, being In reality very angry with
herself for her flippancy. She gave
him a full pail aud be quitted ber.
Constance, having delivered her
father's message to Mr. Emmelt, waa
greeted with a tart question when she
re-entered  the kitchen:
"Why on earth dld'nt you tell ma
that young man was attending to tha
Injured people?   Is he a doctor?"
"I think not.   What happened?"
"He came for a second supply ot
waler and nearly bit my head off."
'nil. Knii. . am sure he old not
mean anything. Didn't you recognize
him? It was he who climbed tha
mast and flung the rope to us."
"There!" said Enid, "I've gone and
done it. Honestly, you know, lt was I
who was rude. He will think me a
perfect cat."
"That isn't what people are saying,"
exclaimed Mr. Pyne, whose approach
was deadened by the outer noise.
"There's a kind of general Idea floating round that this locality Is an annex of heaven, with ministering angels
ln attendance."
In the half light or the tiny lamps
he could see Enid's scarlet face.
There was a moment's silence, and
this very self-possessed youth spoke
"Tha nice thlnga we all have to tell
you will keep," he said. "Would you
mind letting me know ln which rooms
you have located the ladlea?"
Constance, as major domo, gave the
Information asked for:
"They are ln tbe two bedrooms
overhead. Poor things! I am at my
wits' end to know how to get tluir
clothing dried. You see, Mr. Pyne, my
sister and I have no apsre cloth, s
here. We only came to tbe rock this
afternoon, by the merest chance."
"That ls Just what was troubling
me,' be answered. "I am sort of Interested ln one of them."
"Oh," said Constance, "I do wish I
could help. But, Indeed, my own
skirts are wringing wet."
"From what I can make out, then,
my prospective atep-aunt will catch a
very bad cold."
Tha queer phrase puzzled tbe girls,
but Constance, rarely for her, Jumped
at a conclusion.
"Your prospective step-aunt. You
mean, perhaps, your fiance's aunt?"
she suggested.
"I don't know the lady. No, ma'am.
I was right first time. Mrs. Vanslt-
tart la going to marry my uncle, so I
keep an eye on ber stock to that extent."
"How stupid of met" she explained,
whilst a delighted ylggle from Enid
did not help to mend mattera . So
Constance became very stately.
"I will ask Mrs. Vanslttart to coma
out and speak to you���" ahe began.
"No, nol" I don't wlab that You
might tall her I am all right. That Is
the limit And���may I make a suggestion f"
"fte- do."
"It will help considerable If tba women-folk take lt ln turn to get Into tha
beds or bunks. Then, some of their
linen could be dried at the stove. I
will Uke charge of that part of tha
business, If I may. Otherwise, soma
of them will die."
The girls agreed Ibat this waa a capital Idea. Conatance went upstairs.
In the first room she Inquired:
"Is Mrs. Vanslttart here?"
"Yes," said a sweet but rather querulous voice.
A lady, who had already appropriated the lower bunk, raised herself oa
an elbow.
The little apartment, like every
part of the building, save tha rooms
reserved  by  Brand's   directions   waa
Va.,Kod almost to suffocation. This,
If harmful ln one respect, was beneficial ln another. Tho mere animal
warmth of so many human beings waa
grateful after the freezing effect of
the gale on people literally soaked to
the skin.
The girl, not unmoved by curiosity,
held the light so tbat It Illumined Mra.
Vanslttart. A woman of forty, nd
matter how good-looking and well-
preserved she may be, Is in a sorry
plight under such conditions. Constance saw a beautiful face, deathly
white and haggard, yet animated and
clearly chiseled. The eyes wero largo
and lustrous, the mouth firm, the nusei
and chin those of a Greek statue. Just
now there were deep lines across the
base of the high forehead. The thin
lips, allied to a transient hawk-like.
gleam In the prominent eyes, gave a
momentary glimpse of a harsh, perhaps cruel disposition. A charming
smile promptly dispelled this fleeting
Impression. Instantly Constance was
aware of having seen Mrs. Vanslttsrt
before. So vivid was the fanciful Idea
that ahe became tongue-tied.
"Do you want me?" ask d the
stranger, with a new interest, aud still
smiling. Constance found hers, it
���wondering If the smile were not cultivated to hide tbat faintly caught
{suggestion of tbe bird of prey. But
the question restored her mental poise,
i "Only to say that Mr. Pyne���" sho
. "Charlie! Is he saved?"
| Mrs. Vanslttart certainly had the
faculty of betraying Intense interest.
The girl attributed the nervous start,
the quick color which tinged the white
-cheeks, to the natural anxiety of a
woman who stood In such approximate
degree of kin to tbe young American.
"Oh, yes," said tha girl, with ready
sympathy. "Don't you know that all
of you owe your lives to his daring?
He asked me to���to say he waa all
right, and���that he hoped you were
not utterly collapsed."
. The addendum was a kindly one.
No doubt, Mr. Pyne had meant her to
convey such a message. Mrs. Vanslt-
���tart, tt was evident, bad received a
shock. Perhaps she was a timorous,
shrinking woman, averse to the sudden stare of others,
i "I know nothing," sha murmured,
;"It was all so horrible. Oh, God!
~>hall 1 ever forget that scene ln tha
saloon. How ihe people fought. They
���were not human. They were tigers,
.fierce tigers, with the howls and tha
baleful eyes of wild beasts."
This outburst was as unexpected aa
her staccato question. Constance bent
over ber and placed a gentle hand oa
her forehead.
*' "You must try to forget all that"
'she said, soothingly. "Indeed, It must
.have been very terrible. It was dread-
[ful enough for us, looking down al
'things through a mist of foam. For
you��� But there! You are one ot
jtbe few who escaped. That ts every*
I thing. God has been very good to
She was stooping low and holding
'the lantern In her left band.
Suddenly, Mrs. Vsnslitart'a eyes
gleamed again with that lambent light
ao oddly at variance with her smile.
'The slight flush of excitement yielded
to a ghostly pallor. With surprising
'energy she caught the girl's arm.
"Who    are    you?"   ahe whispered
"Tell me, child, who are you?"
"My father ls the lighthouse-keep
I er," said Constance.   "I am here quit*
by chance.   I���"
"But your name!    What    is   youi
"Constance Brand."
"Brand, did you say ? And your fa
ther'a name?"
"Stephen Brand. Really, Mrs. Van
slttart, you must try to compose your
self.    You are overwrought, and���"
She was about to say "feverish.*
Indeed, that was a mild word. Tlu
strange glare In Mrs. Vanslttart's eyei
amazed ber. She shrank away but
only for an Instant Wllh a deep sigh
the lady sank back on tbe pillow and
Conatance was then frightened   beyond  question.    She feared that tin
seizure might be a serious one, undei
the circumstances.    To her great re
lief, another woman,  who could nol
help overhearing tbe conversation and
witnessing its sequel, came    to    tlu
{!   "Don't be alarmed," she said.   "Mra
i Vanslttart is very highly strung.   She
I fainted In the saloon.   She does nol
| realize that Mr. Pyne not only saved
| her.  but  nearly every woman    here
i when the door was broken open. Now
don't you worry, my dear, I will look
| after her.    You have a great deal to
do, I am sure."
I,   Constance realized that the advlcs
,wss good.    She could not attend tc
��� one and neglect many.
Telling the women of the plan ts
; (dry their under-clothing ln   sections
she asked them to help her by arrang
j Ing'matters  so  thst  their garmenti
should be divided Into lots.   Then sh,
' went to the second bedroom and tiiadt
the same auggeatlon.   The case of thi
J sufferers In the hospital required mors,
< drastic measures.   Tbe little girl sin
! stripped    with*   her   own hands anil
I clothed her ln one of Brand's flannel
I shirts   and   a  commandeered  reefei
��� Two of Brand's spare suits and ���
couple of blankets enabled the two In
jjured women, who were able to walk
i to get rid of their wet garments li
the crowded room beneath, and thi
| lockers of Jackson and Batea made ll
��� possible for the men who most necde-l
I [attention to ba made comfortable bj
Ithe Invaluable hospital orderly.
' Constance waa kept busy flying u|
j and down to the kitchen, whilst Enid
ii having met all Immediate demands li
'the matter of a hot    beverage   ani
something  to eat, supplemented  hei
I [ labors.
I' Pyna worked like a Trojan. As eacl
' pile of sodden garments was deUverel
to blm he squeesed out as much watel
I' aa possible with his hands and thel
J applied himself to the task of baklni
��� I them dry.   He did this, too, tn a ver)
efficient way, speedily converting tin
kitchen Into a miniature Turkish bath
At the end of an hour, he had succeed
ed so well tbat more tban one-half <��
the females were supplied with toler
ably  dry  and  warm    under-clothing
With     their   heavier   garments,    0!
course, nothing could be done.
Once, on the stairs, Enid detalnel
Constance for a moment's chat.
I   "Mrs. Vaniattart la odd." she *****
I e.............   c,   riiK-ii   up   was     sho
with many errands, had forgotten ti.u
"How thoughtless of me." she cried,
"Is she betler?"
"Yes. But when I went In Just no '
to give her her clothes, she ssid t I
me: 'Are you the sister of the other <
of Constance Brand?' It was no tl i
for explanations, so I Just ssid 'Yi
She gave me such a queer look, a I
then smiled quite pleasantly, apolog..
Ing for troubling mc."
Skoona Lsnd DUtrlct���District ol Quoon Charlotto
Taka nolice tbat Austin M. Drawn ol Princa
Itupert, ti. i:., occupaUon aaddler, intends to
apply to tbe Chief CoinraUaioner ol Lands nnd
worka for a licence to prospect lor ooal, oil and
fietroleum on and under tbe following described
anda on tba West Coaat ol (iraham [aland:
Commencing at a poat planted three miloa east
of the northeast corner ol C. L. No. 4178 thence
80 chaina aouth, thenoe 80 ciiains eaat, thence 80
chaina north, thence 80 chaina weat to point ol
Data of Location 81st July, llll 1.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skesna Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Quean Charlotu
Taka notioa that Austin M. Brown ot Princa
Huport, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
tha Chlet Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka
for a lioence to proapect lor coal and oU and petroleum on and under the lollowing daacribed lanela
on tho Waat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a post planted three milea eaat
ol the aouthwest cornar of C L. No. 4477 thenoe
80 chaina eaat, thence 80 chains north, ihenco 80
chaina weat, thanca 80 ehalna aoutb to point ol
Dale ol Location, Slat July mil.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skaana Land District���Diatrict of Quaan Charlotu
Taka notice that Austin M. Brown ol Prince
Itupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply to
the Chiel Commlaaionar ol Lands and Works for a
llconce lo proapect lor coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the lollowing deecribed lands on the Weat
Coast of liraham laland:
Commanclng at a poat planted three miles east
ol tha aoulheaat cornar o IC L. No. 4472 thenoe
nortb 80 chaina, thenca eaat 80 chains, thance aouth
80 chain*, tbenc* weet 80 cbaina to point ol commencement.
Located Auguat iat, 1(11.
Pub, Aug. 19.
Skeena Land District���District ol Queen Charlotu
Take notica that thirty days Irom daU, 1, C. hi
Uainter ol Prince Rupert, 11. C., by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply U the Chiel Commiaaioner ol Landa lor a lieenc* to proepect [or
eoal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea ol
land on Grabam laland deacribed aa lollows:
Commencing at a poet planled Sve miles eaal
of Coal Lease No. 4467, marked C. _. B. Coal
Leaae No. 1, N. E. corner, tbenca weet 80 cbaina,
thenoe aoulh 80 chaina, thance eaat 80 cbaina,
Ibence north 80 cbaina to place of commencement.
Daled Sept. 11, mil C. E. IIAINTKU. Locator
I'ub. Sept 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District ol Quaan Chariot te
Taka notlc* that thirty days Irom dau, I, C. E
Bainur ol Prince Rupert, ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to tba ChM Commissioner of Unda for a lu .-new to proapect for
coal and petroleum oo si d under 640 acraa ol
land on Graham Island deetribed aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poat planted av* mU��s east
ol Coal Leaae No. 4467, markad C. E. ll. N. W.
corner No. 2. Ihence aoutb Ml chains, Ibenco eaat
80 chaina, thence north 80 cbaina, thenoa woat
ml chains to place ol commencement.
Datad Sept. 11, llll 1. C. E. BAIN TER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land District���District of Quaan Charlotu
Taka notioa thai thirty days trom daU, 1. C. K.
HauiUT of Princ, Rupart, n. C by occupallon
bookkeeper, intend io apply lo tba Chief Commissioner of Lands for a bcraca u proapect lor
coal and petroleum oo and under 640 acrea ol
land on Graham IsUnd described aa lollowa:
Commencing at a pool planud flv* mil** Met
ol Coal Loaa* No. 44.6, marked C. E. B. 8. W.
cornar ol Coal Loaae No. i, tbenc* east Ml chains,
thenoe north 80 chaina, thence waat 80 cbains,
thenoe aoulh 80 chaina Xo placa of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1S1L C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sapt. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUlrict ol Quaan Charlotu
Taka nolle* that thirty daya Irom data, 1, c. E.
Balnier of Prlno* Rupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inland u apply U tha Chief Commiasioner of Landa for a boaac* to proapect for
coel and petroleum on and under 640 acr** ot
land on Graham Island da*crlb*d aa lollows:
Commencing at a poal planted live miles east
of Coal Leaa* No. 4476, markad C. E. B. S. E
corner Coal Lraaa No. 4, thosioe weat bO chaina.
tbence north 80 chama, thenee eaat bO chatna,
thence aoulh 80 chaina to plac* ol commencement
Dated Sept. II, I'Jll. C. E. UAINTER, Locato
' Pub. .s. i,i. 23.
, Skeena Land DUtrict���DUlrict ol Quoen Charlotu
Taka nolle* lhal thirty daya Irom data, I, C. E.
Ilainler ol Princ* Rupert, H. C, by occupation
bookkervpef, inund to apply to tba Chief Commlaaioner of Landa for a lleeaee to proepect (or
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acraa ol
land on Graham Island daecribad aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planud two rail���i auirb
ol .tska. marked C. E. B. Coa] Leeee No 4, markeu
N. E. corner C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 6, thenc*
eoulh ni chaina, thanca weat 60 chains, tl_nc-
north 80 chaina, Ihenc* aaat 80 chains to plac* ol
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Locatoi
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Ske��na Land District���DUtrict of Queen CbraJott*
Taka nolle* that thirty days Iron data, I. C E.
Ilainler of Prinoe Rupart, ll. C, by occupation
; bookkewpar, Inland lo apply to th* Chief Cora*
I missioner of Isida (or a licence to praapi-ct for
coal si.rl Kir. l-utn on and under 640 acroa ol
land on Graham laland deacrlbod aa lollows:
[    Commencing at a post planud two milae nortb
ol C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. .1, markad C. E. Baiolar
. N. W. cornar Coal Laaaa No. 6, ihee.ee aouth ao
r chains, thenco tnat 80 chains, thenee nortb  bo
! chains, ihence west 80 chains U placa of com*
I Dated Sept. II, 1911.    C. K. BAINTER .Locator
I'ub. Sapt. 13
I Skeena Land Dittrict���DUtricl ol Queen Charlotu
I Taka notice thai thirty dura from dau, 1, O. E.
; Ilainler of Princ* Rupert, il. C., by occupation
, bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Cora-
: missioner of Landa for a lie, nee to proapect for
1 coal and petroleum oo and under 640 acraa of
land on Graham Island described ar follows:
Commencing at a poat planted two mile* north
ol Be E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 3, stake S. W. corn*
Coal Leas* No. 7, ihence nonh 80 chaina, thance
east Ml chaina, theoce aouth 80 chaina, thenc*
west 80 chains to plac* ol nimraencsemraL
Daled Sepl II, I'Jll. C. E. BAINTER, Ucator
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrict of Quaan Charlotu
Taka none* that thirty days Irom data, 1. C. E.
Hainter of Princ* Rupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inund lo apply u tb* Chief lom-
tnisaioner ol Lands [or a licence to pro-sped for
eoal and petroleum on and under 640 acraa ot
land on Graham laland ds-scrib-sd aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poet planted two mi.es nortb
ol C. E. B. Coel Leaae No. 4, marked S. E. corner
C. E. II. Coal Laaaa No. 8, thenoe nortb 80 chains,
tbence west 80 chaina, tner.ee south SO cbains,
thence east Ml chains to place of commenoarnefit.
Daled Sept. II, 1911. C. h. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sent. 23
Skeens Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Queon Charlotte
Taka noUce that thirty -lays from ,lai��. I, C, E.
Bainter of Princ* Rupart, il. C, by occupatioo
bookkeeper, inletnd to apply to tha Chief Com
mlasioner of 1���nda (or a licenc* lo proapect lor
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres of
land on Graham Island desenbed as lollowa:
Commencing at a post planted bv* miles eaat
i.l Coal Leaa* No. 4474, marked Ca E. Bainter s
N. E. eorner Coal Lease No. 9, ll.ence south 80
chaina. thence w*at 80 ehaina, ihence north SO
ehalna, thenc* eaat 80 chains, to place of commencement.
Daled Sept. II. 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 21.
Skaena Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotu
I     Tak* n. lice lhal Ihirty days trom daU, I, C. E.
Hainter ol I'rlnr* Itupert, u. C, by occupation
j bookkeeper.  Intnd  to apply  to th* ChM Commissioner of i.sirrl, for. a licence to proapect for
coal and  petroleum on and under 640 acros ul
! land on Grabam Island daacribed aa follows:
j     Commencing at a poal planted one mile north
; of C. E. B. Coal  Leaae No. 9,  marked N. W.
corner C. E. B. No.  10. tlience *outh 80 chaina,
ihence weet 80 chains,  Ihenee north  80 chains,
thence east 80 chains lo place of cnmmeneenwnt.
DatedSept. II, 1911.     C. E. BAINTER. Locator
I'ub..-.-pi. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrirt���DUtrirt el Queen Charlotu
Take notice tbat thirty days (ronm date, I, C. E.
Uainter ol I'rince Rupert, B. ('., occupetion book,
keeper, Inlend to apply to tha Chief fommiaeioner
of Landa [or a licence to prospect lor coel and
petroleum on end under 640 acre* ol land on
Graham Island deacribvd a, lollo-os:
Commencing at a poat planled two mill* north
ot C E. B. Coal Laaa* No 8, marked N. E. erner
of C. E. B. Coal Leao* No. 11, thenc south 80
chslns, lhance weet 80 cbaina, Ihence north 80
chains, thence esst 80 chains to plac* of eommencement.
Dated SepL 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtricl���Disuict ol Quern Charlotu
Take notice that thirty days Irom data. ICE.
Bainter of I'rlne* Ruperl, II. C, by occupstion
Im-okkeeper. Intend to apply lo tbe ChM Commissioner of Land lor a licenc* to nrovpect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham laland deacrilied aa [ollows:
Commandos* at a poat pUnled two milea north
ol I. E. B. (oal Leaae No. 7, marked C. E. B.
t oal Lease No. 12, tbence aouth Ml rhaina, ll.ence
eaat 80 chaina. thenee north 80 ehaina, thence
weal 80 ehaina to plac* ol commencement
Dated Sept 11,1911. C. E. BAINTKR, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice that ll i-ty daya [rom dau. I, C. E.
Ilainler ot Prlne* Rupert, 6. C. by occupaUon
liookkeeper, InUnd to apply lo the ChM Commissioner ,-f I .ml. for a lleenee to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham Island deecribed aa lollows:
Commencing at a poat planted two mile* north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaa* No. 7, marked S. W. comer
C. E. B. Coal l-eaee No. IS, thene* north 80
ehalna, tlenev eaat 80 chaina, tbenee eouth 80
ehains. thence weet 80 ehalna to plat* ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. S*pL2_
Bainur ol Prince Hupori, li C i '''-��� ���-���
bookkoopet, intond to apply to 'th..H*!*l
mission.,** ol Unds lor a Icei *o '"' **"'>���
coal and petroleum on andI     , |,. ,' S"__ *<*
land ni,  i'.r���\......  f_t__   .   .""**.. ""'ill    *   , * .
oi c. e. b. c i u_g no'7.;i :;:���' ���';
Us  K  U.  Coal  Utaao Mo   ii   .V ' Cl���
chslna, thonco w��l 80 chain,' &" <*** ���
chain.; thence X4M % 'Kg? |?ffi "'.>���* S
niencoment. ' 'm "I com.
Dated Sept. 11, l��i*.    Ci Ei ���A|,
Pub. Sept. 23. "aim hit. Unto,
Skeena Und Dlalrlct-DUlrict ot Qi_n ,-,,���., .
fake notice that thirty days [,������, , ' ' ""'"���-���'
Balnier ol Prince Ruperl   ft   i*    i     "  ' l   '������
bookkeeper, Intond to apply 'i0 'lh
mUsloner ol Land, lor I licenc-
�����! ��nd patrotoum on ami under ei""'"!
land on Graham laland described a  '���
Commencing at a poat plained ���i,
ol C. E. B   Coal Uaie N,', u,   ,    ;',.';���" "nf
Coal Leaae No. 15  thenco north Mcffi     , ' "'
weat 80 chains. Ineneo soutl,
***** 81oc_-��-*H', -? pi��a oi co,,,,,,,,.,: :" ,��� "���'����
Daiod Sept. 11, 1911.    c. K   ini-i ���  ii
Pub. SepL 23. "*-NTta,U_t_
Skaena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Que,,
ti Sfi ���*������*-��'-""l-a-h-ay days (ram data
Bainur ol I'rince Ruperl, li. i; *,, '
bookkeeper, InUnl to apply lo lhe r,
missioner ol Unda (or a linine* io pro
coal and petroleum on ami under i,:u
land on Graham Island doscribod as lolinv
Commencing at a post planted two tn
ol C. h. B. Coal Leaaa No. lu. msrk
corner 0. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 16 it?
80 cbaina, thance weet 8u chains,' u���.
80 chaina, thence eaat 80 chains to plm-
DaUdSepLll.1911.    C. E. HA1NTK1
Pub. Sept 23.
'. la*. ��
-',-! dim.
���pad lor
���crea ol
!��*s nonh
���I K. a
me south
m north
���' wl cum.
-. Locator
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Chariot*.
Tak* noUce that thirty days trom date i Ty
Balnter ol Prinoe Rupert, B. C, by oceu'p,i~
bookkeeper, Intend u apply to th. I iiielVum.
mtaloner ol Unds lor a licence to pru-iM, iM
coal and petroleum on and under a | j _J1 j
land on Graham laland doscrilied as lolluv.,
Commencing al a poat planted two - . rorth
ot C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. II, mar,, i M V
corner C. E. B. Coal Uaae No 17, thence until
SO.chalna, Ihenca weat 80 chains, thenc ,.,.;ti _
cbaina, lhance eaal 80 chaina lo placo ���[ com.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. hoato,
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Cmrloiu
Taka notica that thirty day. (rom dale. I, i* K.
Bainter of Prince itupert, II. Ca, i-. occmt_M
bookkeeper, inund U apply to the I i...:',
iiiuaaioner ol Unda lor a Licence to pri ���-.**. j_
coal and pelroleum on and under old acres ol
Und on Grabam Island described as loilna,.
Commencing at a poat planud two mile, north
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 12, marked N. W
corner C. E. B. Coal Laaa* No. ls, Hieno* Mu_
80 chains, thane* aast 80 chains, thenee i,-nn m
chaina, tbenee weal 80 chain, to pl.cv uf ce-tn*
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. n.\l *..    . Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Laad DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen charlotu
Take in.tice that thirty daya alter d.-e. i., i.
Ilainler ol I'rinc* Rupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkoopor, inund to apply to the ClnW Um.
miaaioner ol Landa lor a bevoc* to prusp-ct for
coal and petroleum oo and under blu acres ol
land on Graham Island described aa (ulioavs:
Commencing at a poat planud Iwu ir.i.es north
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 13, mark-l S. W.
corner C. E. B. Coal Laaaa Na 19, Ihenee north
80 chaina, tbene* eaal 80 ehalna, tbence *---:h so
chains, thenc* weal 80 chains to place ol con.
Dated SepL 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER. locate,
Pub. SeuL 23.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Queen charlotu
Taka notioa that Ihirty days (rom dale. j. i , 1���
Bainur of l-rine* Rupert, B. C, by i-ccipaiion
bookkeeper, inland to apply to lb* Chid Com-
missioner of Unda tor a lieone* tu pri ,,-ct lor
coal and petroleum on aad under 610 acres of U-.J
on Graham Island daacrtb*d *a lolloaa:
Commencing al a poal planud iwo m .,* conk
of C. E. ti. Coal Uaa* No. 14, mark..! .-. U.
comer C. E. U. Coal Laaaa Na 20, tber.es norih
80 chains, lhance wasl DO chaina, lb*nce south hi
chains, thenc* eaat 80 cbaina u place ol commencement. -
Dated SepL 11,1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Pub. SepL 23.
Skeena Und DUtriet���DMrict ol Quaes ChaiWta
Take oouce that thirty daya alter date. 1.1 .1..
Ilainler of l*rlnoa Rupert, B. C , by occ-pa'.ioa
bookkl*p*r. intend to apply to th* Chief Com*
missioner of Landa [or a uoeocs lo j r
coal and pelroleum on and under 64u sc**s el
land on Graham Island deaenbed as [olio*..
Comnaaclag at a poat plaaud two ta.im north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae Na 15, marked & IL
comer C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 21, ir.e. c ��� na
80 chains, Ihenee weat 80 cnaina, theoc* souls. 94
chaina, ihenc* eaat 80 ehaiaa to place .' x .*
Datod SepL 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Ucstor
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Quean Charlotu
Take nolle* ihat ihirty daya trom dale, I l.t
Ilainler of Princ* Rupert, ti. C. by oe.-,*, .'.
bookkeeper, inland to apply to tb* Chief Commiaaioner ol Unds (or a hcanc* to prospect for
coal and petroleum oa aad under 640 acrea of
oland on Grabam laland deecribed aa follow..
Commencing at a poat planted two -,-.<>
of C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 16, marked S. ���
corner C. E. B. Coal Uaa* Na 22, Ibence south
80 chaina, tbence wessl 60 chaina, theme* l.i r- h M
chaina, ihence Mat 80 chains to place it em-
men cement.
Deled Sept. 12.1911.    C. E. BAINTEH. 1    i.r
Skeana Land DMrict���DUtrict ol Queen e
Take nolice that Ihirty days Irom dale, I. C.
llaii.ter ol Prince Rupart, B. C , by    ex.
bookkeopor, inland to apply t�� tbe Chi-:
miaaioner ol Unds lor a licence to pro*.-
coai  and petroleum on and under 640 ca.-ew ol
laad on Graham Island deacribvd aa (olio-,
Commeneing at a poat planud two m.l.*     riot C. E. B. Coal Uaae No 17, marked N   ��
comer C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 23   ther.c- *
80 cbaina,  lhanc* wast  80 chains,  tl..--..-���
80 chains, thenoe east 10 chaina U plaee of cos.
Daud SepL 12. 1911.     C. E. BAINTEH. L-catol
Pub. SepL 22.
Skeana Und DMrict���DMrict ol Quee r. I
Take nolle that thirty data Irom date. I  '    1.
Ilainler ol Prlne* Rupert, B. C.. by ore-.;.
j bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chi. I
miaaioner of Lands (or a licence to nrosptv: ! I
coal aad petroleum oo aad uader 640 a,-.*. *   I
land on Graham lsalnd daacribed as follow.
Commencing at a poat plaaud two milaa - IX*
id t .  K.  li. Coal Laaa* No. IS, mar.   .  '
comer C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 21, there
80  ehaiaa, thenoe aaat  80 chaina,  Ihence  ���
SO cbaina, ihenee west BO ehalna to ��� �����-��� ol *
Dated Sept. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, I
Pub. SepL 23.
Skaena Und DMrict���DMrict ol Quern CtSI
Taka nolle* lhat thirty days trans date. I. *i   ���
llroderick ol Princ* Rupert, B. C. by ocru* ���
bonk manager. InUnd to apply to th* Chief I
mlasioner ol Lands [or a licence to prospect
coal  and petroleum on  and under oto acres .f
land nn Graham laland described as folloas:
Commeneing at a poat planted two miles r. rtn
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae Na 17, ir.srk.-i I
comer A. T. B. Coal Leaaa No. 25, Ihence I
80 chains, thence eaat 80 -I.s,i.s. thene* sou'
ehalna, thence weet SO chains to place ol ,
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
DatedSept. 12. 1911. C. E. Bainur. AT
Pub. SepL 23.
Skeana Und DUtrict���DMrict ol Queen Chs*
Take nolle* lhal thirty days (rom date, I, A   l.
Brodesrick ol Princ* Rupert, B. C, by occup"
bank manager, intend lo apply to tbe Chiel a   '
mi���inner Of Land* lor a  licet;ee  to  prosl-cr
eoal and  petroleum on and under 610 eer.-
Und on Graham laland daacribed as [ollows:
Commencing at a post plnated two mllea. ' - ' -
of C. E. B. Coal Uaa* No. 20, marked s
comer A. T. B. Coal Lease No  26. thenar
80 chaina, thene* weet  80 cbaina,  thenee I"
80 chaina, lhance east 80 chaina to place ot .
Dated Sept. 12, Ull. C. E. Balnier. An
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DMrict ol Queen Chsr
Taka notice that thirty days (rem dale, I, A   l.
Rroaiepriek of Prince Rupert. B. C. by e-ccups* I -
bank manager, InUnd to apply lo tbe Chiel '
misaioner ol Unda lor a licence lo prospec*
coel end  petroleum on and uneler 610 acr-    ���
Und on Graham Island deacribed as fellows
Commencing al a post planted two mil"
of C. E.  B, Coal Leaae No. II. marl.;*.! J
eonur of A. T. B. Coal Urn* No. 2,. xh'-ee
t HO chains, thene* north 80 chslns.  I I "
; SO cbaina. thenc* aouth 80 ehaina to p. it*
o( commencement. ,   m   ,
Daled SepL 12, 1911. C. E. Balnter, Ac ��*
Pub. SepL 23.
���Seee-a Und Dislrict-DUtriet ol Queen Chs
.  It
Taka notice that Ihirty days Irom Hsie. I
sinter ol Prince Rup��rt, II. C. by "ce;:*
bookkeeper, inlend to apply lo Ihe I ***
mUsioner nl Lands [or a licence to pro.1"
eoal and petroleum oa and under "111 ���*'
land on Graham Island deweribed as lollows
Corameneint al a post planted at the ��<:>'
���orner of Ca-al In* No. 4168 marke.1 I    >   i
Coal Uaae No. 28. Ihence north 80 chsr���>. *
wear  SO ehalna. Ihenee eouth 80 chslni. *
eaat 80 chains to poinl of eommentement evxerxnt
all foreshore Tlahn Point. _   ���,,..rrlt
Datod SepL II, 1911. C. S. BAINTEH
Pub. Oat T.
gg__| "***,
1  K���
'���������'^���"'^���if'-^ai'-^ ii'-^H'^ti-^n-^a*
General Merchandise
Largest Stocf*
I  I
Lowest Prices in  Northern B. C
BrSs _SLDiK1*?tr8uw_ ���" c����" P��t
Rupert Tr . U}*a* K* ""nt ���' I'"-���
to luuTv lor ���:.rmiCU|""10" clvi* **mm, Inunda
u��s.;Kl LS..   i""l��" l0 <***"���*���*����� '**���* ���*-������*-"��������������
lns2__?_M ���,t"��t,",l*">**<l about 3 1-2 miles
DBS. St 1it Tsa iC,"'"* ,rom -*���-* northeast corner
__7 ao -ho e. '.���I'"""" 6' Co*"t Ulmrlct, thenco
Sit to _,���k ���nrhe?eo n",rth * ****ia*i *****
baTk ol rl���. ae ''���vcr' !*** *-*���*���� Allowing
talnint Ilii!e�� P0"" "' ��n>m��neam*nt: con-
iiiiiiiiiil inu ucroa, moro ot leas.
Pub��Ocl��P!;,8' laU- n , Lt;R0Y R 0��ANT
rub. Oct. lo. Gordon C. Emmorson, Agont
Commencing at a
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert - and .
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
waat  con;  ���f   i   t fi0"* W&*} ���***��� ���*��� ">���"��*
went cornor ol  Lot No.  17:13  vicinity ot Uki
ttWVSS! i^_M>W   Graham
__&% _��=>�� t��*us __��i___s
chain. To ^e-a��� T" 4U ch"lM' ���***�����������������  north ciS
elitiins   to   pir.,i   ,,i   ,-,���,���,,,,��,���������,.    containing
U   poat   ol   commencement;
more nr loss.
ESSl     l9U' '������" A-M'-WtniJSTf D
Pub. SepL 30.
Skoena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Casalar
Take noUoa that R. lt. SUwart ol Vancouver,
Mcupatlon  truckman,  InUnda  to  apply
B. C
...  ��..  ,n,u|i.iion   irui'Kiiun,   inunda  to  apply
lor permUsion to purchaae tho [ollowing deacribed
, ,, * tt ** P0" Planted 40 chaina aouth
of Pre-omntion No. 397 and 1,2 chaina oaat trom
B ���     ...
Commonclng at a
Pre-emption No.
the Naaa River (S. W. C), thence'to'chains eut.
thence 40 chains north, thenco 40 chaina weat,
tbence 40 chain, south to tho point ol commencement U contain ItiO ncros moro or loaa.
r. ._. .       .��IHCHARD HOWARD STEWART
Dateel Aug. 1911. Jamea T. Fullerton, Agant
Pub. SepL 29.
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all ot tho ladiw of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in ita discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hopo ia oxpresaod that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Social  Note
Mrs. Holtby left Montreal in November 3rd, en route for Prinoe Ruport, after
an enjoyable visit to her daughter,
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M.
.>r Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc.,   every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
Commencing November 2nd.
iaflway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
)n your Christmas visit East travel
tin the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago.   The finest and best
service over Double Track  Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West.    Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged..    Full information and
tickets obtained from the ofllce of
Fire, life, Accident and Liability Insurance
Box 757
!���   * M �� H ************* ***** ** i* <** *** ** * **
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
, i.����.a^i i... i..*. issassa
aftfr TheWorM,s
W��Pf   Greatest High-
^j|JF    way :
Let ub plan
or to Europe.   We like to  answer enquiries.   Agent for oil Atlantic
lines.   Call on or write
Cor. Srd Av.
and 8th SL
The James
Nicely furnished rooms. Good table board
Board $4.75 Room and Board $7.00
J. G. McNab
General Agent
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Fraaar and Mb.        Choice Wlnca and Clirars
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tueaday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE, N. G.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
All Cash
14, 15, 16 28
33 and 84    2
14, 16, 16, 17 47 .
17 and 18 28
40 and 41 28
$525 ca.
$800 pr.
$260 ea.
$800 pr.
$800 pr.
Call at our offlce and see other bargains
Second Are.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Skeena Land District���District ot Caaalar
Taka   nolico   that   Charlea   William   Ham   ol
Vancouver, B. C., occupation inspector, intenels
to apply tor permiaaion to purchaae the lollowing
doacribed lanela:
Commendng at a poat planted at tho coniluence ol lllackwater river with the Naaa river
about two miloa south from the sixth Dominion
Telegraph cabin. Poal marked C. W. H. S. W.
Corner, thence 80 chaina north, thence 80 chains
aaat, thence, SO chains aoulh, thence 80 chaina
waat to point ol commencement, containing 640
acraa moro or laaa.
Dated September 23,1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
' Skaana Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct oi Caaslar
Take notice that Thomaa Arthur Whlto ol Vancouver,  11. C., occupaUon carpenter, intends to
apply lor permiaalon to purchaao tbe lollowing
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post plantod at the con*
lluence ol lllackwater river with Naaa river, about
two miles aouth ol the ninth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'oat marked T. A. W. S. E. Corner, thence
80 chaina north, tbence 80 chaina woat, thence 80
chaina aouth, thence 80 chaina east to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres[more or-lees.
Dated Sept. 23, 11)11.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Sk-sena Land Diatrict���District of Caaslar
Take  notice tbat  Annus Jamea   McKenile of
Vancouver, U. C, occupation bookkeeper, inteelnns
to apply lor permission to purchaae tho lollowing
deacribed landa: ....
Commencing at a post planted at tha eon-
Duenco of Blackwaler river with Naas rlvor, about
two in lies south from the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. Post marked A. J. M. N. VV. Corner,
Ihence 80 chains aoulh, thenco 80 chaina oaat
thenco 80 chains north, thenoa 80 chains wool
to point ot commencement, containing 640 acres
more or leea. AN(JIJg JAMES McKENZIE
Dated Sept. 29, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Und District���District of Caaaiar
Take notice that Herbert McLennan ol Vancouver, II. C, occupation real rotate agent,  ntonels
tn apply for permlasion to purchase  tho lollowlng
described landa:
Commencing at a post plantod at the confluence ol lllackwater river wllh the Naas rlyor
about two miles south of the sixth Dominion
Telegraph cabin. I'oat marked II. M. N. fc.
Cornor, thonce 80 chains aouth, thenco 80 chains
weat, thence 80 chains north, thencu 80 chains
eaat to point ol commencement, containing 640
D.Wd'Se���t.��2r3,ml        HERBERT McLENNAN
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Und District���Dlrtrict of Coast Rango 6
Tako  notica that  I,   Thomaa   McClymont  ol
Princa   Rupert,   B.   C,   occupation   real   crtate
Skaana Und Dlatrlcl���DUtrict ol Coaat Rango 6
Take noUco that Harold E. Smith ol Mor,
Alta., occupation station agent, Intend, to apuiy
lor normiuion to purchase the) following deacribed
Commencing at a post plantod at the southwest corner 100 chains east and 20 chains north
from N. E. vomer ol Lot 1116, Harvey's Survey
Coaat District Range 6, thonco 40 chains ease
thenco 80 chaina north, thenco 40 chaina west.
thenoa 80 chaina aouth to post ot commencement
containing 320 acroa, more or leaa.
Dated Sept. 18, 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Bohler, Agon
Skeena Land District���District ol Coaat Range .',
Take notica that I, Gordon C. Emmeraon ol
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation roal estate
broker, intend to apply for permlasion to purchaao tho following doacribed lands:
Commencing at a post plantod about 2 3-4
mile, in a northerly direction Irom the northaaat
corner poat ol Lot 1389, Rango 5, Coast Disuict,
thonce north 40 chains, thunco weat to river
bank, thence aouth lollowlng river bank to point
nl commencomont; containing 160 acros, more or
Dated SepL 9, 1911.  GORDON C. EMMERSON
Pub. Oct. 10.
Skaena Und Dlalrlct���District ol Coart Range V
Taka notica that I, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N. II.. occupation merchant. Inland to apply
lor permission to purchsae the following dosentiod
lor permlasion to purchaaa the loUowing des
Commencing at a post planted on the eart
bounelary and about live cbaina Irom tbo aoulheaat cornor ol Lot 4484, thenoo north 60 chains,
thance eaat 30 chaina, thance aouth 60 ehalna,
.hence woat 30 chain, to point ol commencemenl
Dau-d June 2-1, 1911. BENJAMIN A. FISH
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowall. Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaat Ranga 6
Take noUoa that Miriam Roy McTaviah ol
Winnipeg, Man., occupaUon barriater, Intend,
to apply lor permiaaion lo purchase the lollowing
described lanela:
Commonclng at a post planted at tho aouthweat
corner 40 chains oast and 40 chaina north Irom
N. E. corner ol Lot 1116, Harvey'. Survey Coart
Diatrict Rango 6, thence 60 chaina eaat, tbence
60 chain, north, thence 60 chaina weat, tbence
chslna aouth to poat ol commencement containing
360 acroa moro or leaa.
Dated Sopt. 18,1911 HIR1AM ROY McTAVlSH
Pub. SepL 23. Frod W. Bohler, Agent
Skoena Und Diatrict���District of Coart Ranga V
Taka notice that Jeasa M. Tall man ol Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, occupation lawyer, intends to
apply lor permiaaion to purchaae tbo [ollowing
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat plantad on tba aoutherly
.bore ol Kulaymataan Inlet on the right bank
ol a email atream flowing Into aaid Inlet juat i
ol Crow Uke. Thenca aouth 20 chaina, thenee
west 20 chaina moro or leaa to tha shoro line of
Crow Lake, thenca northerly and easterly lollowing tbe ahore linos ol Crow Uke, the Inlet
to Crow Laka and Kuueymstaen Inlet to tba
place ol commencement, conulnlng forty acraa
more or lesa. Localed Augurt 7, 1911.
Haled Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skoena Und District -District ol Coaat Ranga 6
Take iimico that E. H. G. Miller ol Falmouth
Eng., occupaUon surveyor, Intenda to apply lo
Gcrmiaslon  to  purcbaae  the lollowlng daacribed
Commencing at a post planted at tho N. W. Cornar ol Lot 4406, thence wesl 80 chians, thence aouth
20 chaina, thence eaat 80 chaina, tbence nortb 20
chaina lo the point ol commoncement containing
160 acres more or leas.
Dated August 16, 1911. E. II. G. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Millar, Agent
Skeena Und District���DUtrict ol Coaat Range ti
Tako notioe that R. F. Miliar ol Tipton. England,  occupation   larmer,   ntenda  to   apply  (or
permission to purchaae the [ollowing described
Commencing at a poat planted about 60 chaina
weat Irom the N. W. Cornor ol Lot 4406, thence
north 40 chaina, thenco wort 20 chaina, tbence
aouth 40 chaina, thence oaat 20 chaina to tha
point ol commencement containing eighty acre,
more or leaa, _   _  .,..._���
Daled Auguit 19  1911. Ba F. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. MUler, Agant
Skeena Und DUUict���DUtrict ol Coaat llange 6
Take notice tbat Frank S. MUler ol London,
Eng., occupaUon civil engineer, intenda to apply
(or pormiaaion to purchaae the lollowlng deacribed
Commonclng at a post planted at tha N. b.
Cornur ol Lot 28, thenco north 20 chains, thenee
weat 20 cbaina, Ihence eouth 20 chaina, thenca
aaat 20 chaina to point nl commencement, containing 40 acrea more or less.	
Dated Auguat 16, 1911.       FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. MUler, Agant
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DMrict ol Coast Range 6
Taka notica that Lottie McTavUh ol Vancouvar,
occupallon married woman, intenda to apply
for permlsaion to purchaae the followini doacribed
Commencing at a post plantod at the northwest corner 100 cbains cast and 20 cbains north
Irom N. E. corner of Lot 1116, Harvoy'a Survey
Coaat District Rango 5, ther.ce 20 chains aouth,
thence 80 chaina east, thenco 80 chains north,
thence 40 chain, west, thence 60 chain, aoutb,
thenee 10 chains weat to post ol commencement
ilontsinlng 400 acrea more or less.
Daleel Sept. 18, 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23 Fred W. Bohler, Agent
Archduke   Ferdinand   Charles   Renounces Rank���Weds Commoner
Vienna, Nov. 8.���Archduke Ferdinand
Charles, nephew of Eniieror Francis
Joseph, who recently renounced his
rank and all privileges as a member oi
the Imperial (utility, has married in
Switzerland thc daughter of Hofrat
Czuber, a prolessor of engineering. The
Archduke wished to renounce his rank
in 1903 to marry this young woman,
but the Emperor refused bis permission.
The marriage, however, is now with his
Majesty's consent, and he has granted
his nephew an nnnuity of 40,000 crowns.
The Archduke has assumed the surname of Burg, and will reside in Switxer,
Daughter   of   Montana
Ran   Off   and   Was
Helena, Mont., Nov. 8.���At the risk,
her friends claim, of bring disinherited
by her father, Thomas Craa, Miss Marie
Cruz, who a few months ego obtained a
divorce from Alvnr O'Brien, n New
York society leader, on thc grounds ol
non-support, lues clopetl with Harry C.
Cotter, a Butte miner, end was married
nt Boulder, a pleasure resort near
The first news oi the elopemeni
did not reach Helena until hit night,
when thc proprietor of the hotel nt
Boulder telephoned the bride's ftithcr
informing him of the wedding. The
aged millionaire confined himself to
his room and refused to 6ce r.nyone,
Friends of thc bride end her custodian
claimed, however, that she will be
disinherited by her father who i.rruitiii
Iat ed his wealth in mines about Helena.
Bella Coola Unel DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Coast Range
Take notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland,   occupation   gentleman,   Intenda   in
for  permission
on   gentleman,   intends   to   apply
to  lease  the  following  deacribed
the following doacribed lands: Commencing at a port planted on  the ahore
Commencing at a psot plantod at the H. w. 0[ Neclectaconnay River about 10 chains weat
corner nl pre-emption record 412, thonce erit 80 u, [n(]l-n Reeervo Line .thenco weat 60 chains
chaina, thence south 40 chains, thonce west 80 | rollowlng the channel ol NeclocUconnay River,
ehains to shore ol laka, thence lollowlng shore thence south 80 chains mora or lose lo channel
of lake In a northerly direction to point ol com- 0( Kgl* Cejola River, Ihence following channel
mencement: conulnlng 320 acrea, more or Wj. ! ���f udla Coola River easterly 60 chaina, north
Dated Sept. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMON I g0 e\M\nn more or loss to point of commeiicomont:
I'ub Sept. 9. Erenost Cole. Agont   conu|n|���g 480 acroa, more or leas,
i un. .Dated Augurt 28, 1911. II.  M. CLIFF
Skoena Land DUtrict���District ol Coast Rango 6   Pub. S(,pt. 30. WUliam McNair, Agent
Tako   notice  tbat  Benjamin   Ruaeel   11 co   ol |
JW\��%&r|?SLr&'t�� t Skeen. Lane, l>|..'1ot-D,.tr,et 0, Coa.! Rang. 6
!h_rthad land.* Take notice lhat Herbert J. Mackle ol Pem-
fJommenctng at a port planled 06 chains south   broko, Qtit.,  occupation lumberman,  Intends to
from    ^southeast  corner ol  Lot  3060.    Port   .pply for, permission  to purehaae tba following
marked B. R. R S. E. Corner,   thenco 70 ch. ns
weat,  thenco 66 chaina north, thonce 70 chains
eaat,  thenco 66 chains aouth  t0^��_"_,j".*-om"
Wronged Husband Adopts thc Method of the Stage Hero Seen Recently
in Rupert.
New Haven, Conn., Nov. 8.���Learning
of his wife's clandestine love affair
with his chauffeur by tapping a telephone
wire nnd hearing (hem talk, Louis St-gal
a wealthy vaudeville promoter, is today
urging her to marry thc chauffeur,
promising to be hrtt man nt the wedding
and to provide them with n home in
which to live.   He is suing lor divorce.
Segr.1 is several years older than his
wife who is 28. The chauffeur is Louis
Mann, 21.
and roll out one-fuurtli of an nch thick.
Cut this Into runnels uf thu size to cover
inverted timbali -moulds: cover the
moulds with the dough, and bake in a
quick oven until delicately browned
When they are cool remove them from
with softened butter, and fill with sliced
sugar peaches, Pour ovir the peaches
a little oraiiRe joice, cover with whipped
cream and serve while warm.
A Delicious and Appetizing Dainty
For a peach dainty make a rich biscuit
dough, turn oul tin a llourcd boartl, pat
"How to be Happy Though Married,"
By  a  Successful  Wife
Here are Madame Maeterlinck's ten
commandments for wives, by the practice of which she has become 11 successful wife, "under thc most difficult
"1. Always bear in mind that the
wife is the inseparable half of the only
euinplete human unit, in which two
small, and imperfect individualities huve
become merged in a Urge uml perfect
"2. Each half of the wcddetl whole
retains special lunclions; yours nre to
discern; to anticipate, to yield, lo cheer,
to soothe- and thus to strengthen.
"3. Never trust to hireling-- the essentials of your husband's physical
well-being: understand, and frequently
practice, the art of selecting and preparing his food.
"4. Be sure each day that his garments are whole and clean nnd suited
lo the season.
"5. Constitute yourself nn infallible
barometer whereby to forecast and
render harmless those electrical disturbances peculiar lo the married state.
"6. Be to your husband's dark moods
the subtle, unsuspected iitilidote; to his
joyouB mood the companion spirit oi
"7. Save your caresses until you perceive ilia' his dinner has been without
a flaw; kisses to a hungry mnn ure like
froth to 11 par,-la d tongue.
"8. Your 1,,:n*in- for assent; for
argument use only your eyes.
"9. When your husband inu an
a'.tnck of gout, deprecate the an of
"10. II you would convince your
husband that you are a lietter actress
than Bernhardt, a belter dancer than
Pavlowa, prove lo him that you arc a
better cook than M. Escoffier."
What a life for 11 wife.
Cinnamon Cems
Two cups Hour, one level tablespoon
sugar, one-half level teaspoon salt, two
level teaspoons baking powder, two
level teaspoons cinnnmon, one cup
mi'k, two eggs, two tablespoons lemted
butter. Silt together thc Dour, sugur,
salt, baking powder and cinnamon.
Add the milk gradually, then the eggs
well beaten ami the butter. Beat Will
ami bake in buttered gem pnns in a
moderate oven.
.... ITEMS OF... .
Jack Johnson is not an uncouth
and UOSOTUpuloui fighter Ol the Buttling
Nelson or Wolgast type. But the way
in which he uses his great stiength
(With the possible exception of Gunner
Moir ho is the strongest o living pugil-
lists even Jeirries, ihat mountainous
man, could not out wrestle him) in the
clinches und does not commend itself
to those spectators who are able to sec
what is happening.
He has a trick of knuckling down th
upjier   arm   muscle   of   an   opponent,
which is worthy of thc cleverest exponent
of the jiujitsu, and, depending its it does
on an exact knowledge of the s|iots
where the nerves approach the surface,
not only irritates his opponent, but also
speedily destroys tbe elasticity of his
biceps. Then, again, he has always
made adroit use of this tongue in championship contests. His bitter-sweet
taunts, uttered in a purring voice and
with an Infantile smile, caused Burns
to lose his temper and even impaired
the imperturbability of Jeffries.
Second avenue, and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros,' Offlce.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
ACCOUNTANTS-:- At'1)11 Oils
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruoert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia
and Manituba Bars.
of B.C.. Ontario, Saa-
katchawan and Allien ,1 Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
a��� Exchange block, corner Third avenue s
Sixth street. Prince RuoerL
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa and
local anaathelies administered for tbe painless extraction of teeth. ConaulUtlon free. Office*:
Helireraon Block. Pnnee Runert. 11-12
As regard! the rest 01 his system of
tactics, subtlety���amounting to obscurity���is perhaps thc characteristic
feature. Speed without haste and an
unerring judgment of distance���qualities which distinguish the artist from
the artisan in the boxer's abbreviated
sphere of activity���are always apparent in his act ions. So much is manifest���
but nil lhe rest is so veiled in obscurity
that those who arc accustomed to the
plain, straightforward tactics of the
English style cannot grasp the secrets
of his effectiveness.
They say, for cximple, thut he has
no a punch in either hand. That is
because they do not sic how the shii'ting
ol his weight f.om one foot to the other
supplies all the force required for the
leisurely lightning of his hooks and
jabs. Again, like all the best American
champions and unlike our English
champions, he knows that two or three
comparatively light blows to thc same
useful spot may do more to break down
nn opponent's resisting power than the
mont i-i'i-i-iai-nlai* punch.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat Uniisc.
For this and other reasons it is customary to sny thut his style is essentially defensive. The description is
correct, no doubt, in so far ils it implies
lhat hc leaves the bulk of the leading
to his opponent. Thc boxer who leads
must always leave hinself open to some
extent, und if thc defender anticipates
thc form of the attack and delivers his
counter-stroke quickly enough he guins
un ndvuntugc which may, of course,
prove decisive.
A certain power of physical mimicry
(as though hc could see into the other
man's brain-pan) and an extraordinary
swiftness of co-operation between eye
and hand enuble the negro champion
to guin this advantage more often than
nny other heavyweight boxer the writer
hiui seen.    It ia astonishing how often
his counter gets home before his opponent's  lead;    herein  lies  the  veiled
effectiveness   nnd   obscure   distinction
of  his style.    His  favorite counter is
an accurate and alist use right upper-
cut;    a   blow   thut   apparently   comes
out of the nowhere into thc here, and,
ns Burns knows only tto well, is so
forcible that no gua d cun prevent it
from jarring terribly.
Alex.M.Maiisnn B.A.,     W.E.Willlnms.li.A.. L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. O. BOX 23
rum. of WM. roxoN, esq., a.r.a.m., ion., bno
Fire. Life und Accident In.urancea
CIS 3rd Avenue Phone 203 and Green 262
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Uth Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Avb.
i! w. j. McCutcheon ;;
, ,   Carries e-omplete stock of I Inula.   Special
e i      attentiun paid to filling preacripUama.
' T-eatre Block phoni no. 79 Second Are.
The one weak point in his physique
seems to be his stomnch, that instrument
of una ni -.tiiiin .1 pleasures for a colored
Texan brought up on the nutritious but
ur.enlivening corn cake. Johnson would
have us believe that he rather likes a
good stiff jolt in that particular place.
But he takes such pains���even in
exhibition bouts���to protect it with his
elbows that we must decline to regard
the evidence of our eyes as a malicious
Read The Daily News
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Franx Wllcaek. Paris and Berlin.
Room 28. Alder Block Upataira
mencement, conUin'ne.46^ ��- rnoro^r i-,^.
Dated October 21, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2
Skaana Und Db-trlct-Dletrlct ol Queen Charlott
Island.  _   _ , ���.,���,_
Take notica that Aurtln M. Brown ol I rince
Ruuert, aaddlor, Intonda to apply *p tM 0*m
ffiUm ol Landa.nd viotl,.fora tone,
lo pros-met for coal, oU and P��t"l��"mlh'.I-,��_
undor the lollowlnt deacribed Ianda on the Wost
Coaat ol Oraham Island! ,. t
commencement.   AIJS_IN M   BB0WN, Locator
Located Auiuat lit, mil.
Pub. Au��. 18.
ion  to purchi
eiescrllH'd lands: ...,.,_.
Commenelns at a post planleil on the lelt bank
ol lho /.ymoiiolti or Zlm-a-not-IU River, at aouthwest corner ul Ixit 1706, thonce northerly, followini
tho westerly boundary ol Lot 1706, 80 chains
more or law, to the northwest corner ol sa d Lot
1706, thonce westerly and southerly, lol owing
tho Ut bank ol aald river, 80 ehains moro nr loss to
point ol eommencoment eontalnini 160 acrea
more or loss.
pSSRSSnPlifk    lifcltBERTJ.MACK.E
Pub Aui. 26. Frederick 8. Clomanta, A|anl
Hkeenn Land District-District of Caaslar
Tnkonotleo that I, Thomas Carter, of Prlnco
RuDort. occupation carpenter,  Intend  to npoly
for permission lo purchase tho following deicrlb-
0dCommcnclng at �� post planted about one mile
south frum tho mouth of Falls crook nml about
lWKeet tack from tho beach, thenco SO cba ns
north thenco 40 chain, west, thonco SO chains
���outh thonce out 411 chains topolntof oommenco-
menL containing 320 "^S^'^RTER.
Dated July 7th. 1911. Charle. Webator Calhoun.
Pub. Aug. 6th. *�����"���'���
=e==E.   EBY   CS,   Co._==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KITSUMKALUM ��� |l   &
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prinoe Rupert Lodge, No. 318. Sona of
bngland. meets the first and third Tueadara In
each month in the Sons of England Hall. S19 2nd
Ava. at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec..
ERNEST A. WOOD*&_S_S-I!_r "���"-"
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
2nd Ave,
Between 7th & Sth Sts.
Prince Rupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
Funeral   Dln-eturs
3rd Ave. near Sth St. Phone Na 86
..Grand Hotel..
Worklntftnan's Home
Free Labor Borraa io Connection
Phono 178 1st Ave. and 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS. Propeletoe
lEScene in First Act of "A STUBBORN CINDERELLA" at Empress Theatre Saturday Night
Utile's NEWS Agency
| Magazines II Periodicals II Newspaper*
Q.T.P. WHARF ���������H
ir  I
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. Thc
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. The prices are as low
us any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
one in forty-two. Come in and
Was Challenged to Personal
Combat by an Alderman at
the City Hall Laat Night. He
Had Suggested the Alderman
Should Boil His Head.
Obstruction Near New Theatre
Complained of by M. K.
M. K. Rogers made application
to the council lasy night for some
arrangement liy which a sidewalk
should  be made available along
Second Avenue on the city side
between  Fifth and Sixth streets.
He had made efforts to get some
sort   of   coi'venlence   laid   there
by thc Westholme Lumber Company   whose   work   on   tlie   new
theatre i.s thc cause of tlie sidewalks
being torn up.   This sidewalk was
laid nt thc expense of Mr. Rogers
and other property owners there.
"This   \Vc8tholme   Company
aeems to think it owns thc town,"
aaid City Solicitor Peters.   "They
must be brought to time.    Refer
the matter to me and I'll see to it."
This was done on the motion of
.Alderman   Douglas, seconded by
Alderman Newton.
Reckless risks are often taken
by reporters in the pursuit of their
arduous calling, but the happy-go-
lucky fraternity of the fourth
estate seem ever ready to beard
tin* lion in his den or the alderman
in his hall, regardless of personal
peril. Last night, however, a
reporter at the City Hall took
quite a desperate chance, and took
it witli a smile.
He was challenged by a fierce
untamed aldennan, challenged to
come right out of the warm City
Hall to do battle with fists to a
finish on the cold snow outside.
To liis credit be it said that only
the demands of duty prevented
his instant acceptance of thc al-
dcrnianie challenge.
It ;ill sprang from a jocular suggestion that the said alderman,
who figured prominently in the
coal dispute, should go and boil
his head. The suggestion scribbled
on a scrap of paper was chucked
across the table to another reporter
who most wickedly addressed it
to the aldennan in question, and
handed it to the City Clerk. Then
lhe fat was in the fire.
No sooner had thc coal dispute
conic to an end than the aldennan
left the board, came round to the
press table, and with tlie dire
threat thai lie would smash the
reporter into small pieces demanded
if lie had written thai "letter" to
hint. The reporter replied thai
tlie note was a personal matter
between himself and his colleague
who had so culpably mishandled
But the bellicose aldcman, taking off liis glasses, and clenching
his little fisis, would not be balked
of his prey by such a diversion
of the casus belli. "Come outside
right now, and be pulverised,"
hc remarked, or win's "to thai
effect. The council was discussing
another matter, the rc|iortcr was
faithfully noting proceedings ".After adjournment," he hissed eyeing
tht* alderman defiantly. For a
moment the two glared at each
other wiih real wrath in their
eyes. Then the aldcrmanic fists
unclenched, and he returned to
his place at the lward. The combai
is still to come. Marquis of
Queensberry niles, date and place
lo be arranged.
Warm gloves and mills���Wallace's, i f
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
^^^^*>J*^��',,,*^|'��^^''^|^��,'^I'*^I*^*I'^^*^^*��^'-'��,^*'B H*^*-*-****^*-*.**--***-*^****-*^*
1****}***M   *M%**m***   I    I
Seattle Fishers are Explaining That
Their Crounds are Fished Out
Seattle, Nov. 6.���The fishing vessel
Commonwealth with only a fair catch of
fish from the Alaska banks reports
the failing of the Ashing banks about
llrrate St nils. Up to last year in spite
of frequent spells of rough weather
which kept the fishing vessels from the
Sound and B. C. ports, out many days
over their usual time, good catches of
halibut and cod were common.
This year, however, the fish seem
to be scarce, or else they have deserted
the old banks and as a result bolh the
American vessels and the New England
Fishing Company's fleet of Vancouver,
are practically depending on the banks
off Southeastern Alaska lor thir fish
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C. Coal.
Thc opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, Ltd., at our office���dollar shares,
16. each, 6c. cash.
H. F.  McRAE & CO.
Phone 206 Second Avenue   n8
Ladies' Suits���advance snmplis���
tailor made blue serges, sarin lined���less
than Vancouver prices.���Wallace's.     2t
Mrs. Holtby was a passenger
arriving by the Prince Rupen
this morning.
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Director! of thc
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wish- i
ing to take a full course of!
training in nursing. l.t
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Piute Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.���Houses and Rentals.
Tenders Wanted
Separate Tenders will be received by
thc undersigned up to 5 p.m. Nov. 9th,
1911, for the following work in connec
tion with the new City Fire Hall. Plastering anil Brickwork, Doors and
Frames. Window Frames and Sash,
all trim, Uase and Stairs, all Galvanized Iron Roofing, Flashings, Gutters
and Down Pipes.
Plans and specifications at the office
of Messrs. Potter & l.ailey, architects.
Ernest A. Woods,
City Clerk.
TheCanadinn Rank of Commerce are open to
receive olTera for the purchase of the building
now occupied aa the Cily Hall. In the event of
tn offer being accepted the purchaser must bind
himself to remove the building on receipt of 30
day's notice from the G.T.P. Railway ICo. The
highest or any offer will not necessarily be accepted. 265-266
Delia Coola Land District���Dittrict of Coast Itange
Take notice that H. M. Cliff nf Dundalk. Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intends to apply for
permission to lease tho following doacribod lands:
Commencing at a post plantod at tho shore
near tho N. K. corner of Lot No. 3, thence north
40 chains, thenco west 80 chaina mora or leas to
east boundary of cannery leaae, thenco following
the said east boundary south 40 chains mora or
less to ahore line, tnence following said ahore
line eaaterly 80 chains more or leaa to point of
commencement:    containing  320  acrea,  more or
Dated August 81, 1911
Pub. Sept. 30.
WUliam McNair, Agent
lull. Coola Land District���District ol Coast Range
Take notica that H. M Cliff of Dundalk, Ira-
land, occupation gentleman, intenda to apply
(or permission to tease the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted at the N. K
corner ol Lot 33, thence north 20 chains, thence
weal 40 chaina, thence soulh 20 chains more or
leaa to shore line, thence following the shore line
eaat 40 chaiM mora or leas to point of commence
ment; containing 80 cares, more or Ism.
Dated August 31, 1911. II.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Relit Coota Land District���Diatrict of Coast Rang
Take notice that H. M. Cliff of Dundalk. Ira-
land, occupation gentleman, intends to apply
for permission to loaae tbe following dcacnbetl
Commencing at a post planted at the N. W.
corner of Lot No. 4, tbence north 40 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence eouth 40 chains more or
lass to shore line, thenco following ahore lino
westerly 40 chains more or lees to point of commencement: containing 80 acrea, mora or leas.
Dated August 28, 1911. H.  M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land District-District of Coast Rango
Take notice that H. M. Cliff or Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intenda to apply
for permiaaion to lease the following described
Commencing at a poat planted at tha N. W
comer of Lot 262, ihence south 40 chaina more
or laaa to northern boundary of leaae No. 1 applied
for ny II. M Cliff, thence following aaid boundary
east 20 chaina, tnence north 40 chains, thence
west 20 chains to point of commencement; containing 80 acrea, mora or less.
Dsted August 28, 1911. H.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und District���District of Coaat Ranga
Taka nctice that H. M. Cliff of Dundalk. Ira-
land, occupaUon gentleman. Intenda to apply
for permiasion to lease the following described
Commencing at a poat plantod at the 8. E
corner of Lot 281, thence south 40 chaina moro
or leaa to northern boundary of Loaae No. 1
applied for by H. M. Cliff, thence eaat 20 chains
along aaid boundary, thenco north 40 chaina,
thence weat 20 chains to point of commencement:
containing 80 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated August 28, 1911. II.   M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
For Rent
Nlca Furnl.hael Room., Mrs. Greenwood, Alder
Block: Third Ava. 17M-tr
For Rant-Furnlahed rooms. Hot anal cold water
with bath. Dlitby Rooms, litli Ave. and Fulton
Street. tf
For Rant-Soni of Ens-land Hall, 819 2nd\Ave., for
Daneea. Fraternal Societies, Seiclals, etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis. Box 868 or phone IS8. 18A-tf
OUR Companies aro noted for prompt and juat
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
��   H~1   l~n   IIT   l|   a   ********t***m**   *i   "    *   *******.
Wanted at once, a first-class seamstress.   Mrs.
IK* in ers. 25'.-tf
Wanted book-keeper to devote odd  moments to
posting small set of books.    P.O. Box 994.
Wanted���Good general servant. Best wages to
capable person.   Mrs. C. V. Bonnet.     260-266
Wanted���General servant girl; other maid kept.
Apply Mra. L. W. Patmore. 261-tf
Wanted. ��� Dressmaking, cleaning and pressing, repairing for men ami women Mra Charles
Percher, 820 Third Ave.   Phone 294 Red.     tf
For Rent���Two roomed cabin, close to McBride,
freshly papered and clean, only 110 per month.
H   F. McRae & Co. Ut
Wanted hotel mending and sewing, also household
washing and Ironing. 261 Third Avenue, near
News office. 3t
Lost and Found
���a**. le^saj
FOUND-2 Small Keya.   Inquire al  News Office.
Real Estate
Will buy lota In Prince Rupert at bargain prices
for cash. Apply P.O. Box 8C0 stating location,
price, etc. _r_      88Mf    _
**ax *** *a**ATm*****a~f*M *i*m ******.*****mt*****-* ************ **********
L      Stenographer I
*****��***%*,*** ****** *l***m****m****��m**-*l*l**m*l**��m***^  m*
Eastern stenographer of wide experience wanie
position. Address "Stenographer." 682 Cordova St.. Vancouver, B.C. t-f
Offers will be received by the undersigned up to
noon of Friday. 10th day of November. 1911, for
the purchaae of tho Exahange Grill aa a going
concern. An Inventory oi assets will be furnished on application.
Stewart ft Mobley.
260-266 P. R. Hardware A Supply Co.
Wc curry everything in the feed line, also garden seeds al the lowest market prices, at Collart's
olg i e ed Store, Market Placo
Prompt Delivery
Phones 41 or 30)
Plumbing, Heating, Steamfitting and
Sheet Mi*lul Work
Office: 3rd Ave. Workshop:
Phone 174 2nd Ave. bat. 7th and 8th Sta.
BESNER [A BESNER,  Proprietors
The New Knox Hotol la run on the European
plan. Flrat-claaa service. All tha Latest Maslrrn
lmpr.ivem.-nls. -:-:- BEDS 60c UP
���MEM OR Al\[ DU IM
We Loaned
We Loaned
Per Cent, to
Build This
��� fT   ' .r
' XsflfKi a *���
Per Cent, to
Build This
The use of suitable glasses save
the eyes from strain and all the
evils which follow. Profit by the
experience of others. The benefits of properly fitted glasses are
testified to by the thousands who
nse them. Our Mr. Stevens will
examine your eyes free of charge
and guarantee satisfaction.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
G.T.P. Official   Watch  Inspector.
Cor. 6th St, and Second Avenue.
bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;�� f>
Let us loan you the money to buy or build a house or pay off a mortgage
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C
Flnl in Rund Block, corner Sixth Avenue
nnd Fulton Street.
Alio stores in snme block,
Two cottager corier Second Avenue nnd
Ninth Street.
Lots in nil parti ol the city.
We represent some of the largest Companies doing business in the City.
| Second Ave. Phon* 112
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $6000, one-fourth
rush, balance 6-12-18 months.
Lot 7, Block 28, Section 6, Summit
Avenue. Price $525. $225 cush,
balance $50 every three months.
Lots 5 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
Avenue. Price $600 each, one-hall
cash, balance easy.
Lot 3, Block 24, Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
Price $600, one-halt cush, balnnce
Lois  19 and 20,  Block 4, Sect on 8,
corner Ninth and Donald.  Price $800,
one-fourth cash, balance 6-12-18
Four room house, Ambrose Avenue,
plastered and painted, best harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $500
cash, balance $30 per month.
Five and ten acres, garden truckiiu;
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 per acre.
Stores on Second Avenue.
Three lota close in on Third Avenue
level.   Good lease.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
rilONL 301
r.o. aoi tm
lUggage, Storage and Forwarding Agents.   Por
Kigs or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   Pnm,m   Chandlery
SECOND AVtNUa - ��� l-KINl. atTUIT
C. T. P. Transfer Agent.
Ordera prooiptlir flllad.   Prim raaaonable.
OFFICE- II. ll. Rochester. I Vnlr- Si      Phone Ol
- ��� -��� ������-���  ���*-*)
General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
,, Valves & Pipe.     Oxford Stove* ?
Graniteware      Tinware        *
*���* * * ���-
does not mean high priced furniture.   A first class ��������
carries many designs in low priced furniture that ���&
really beautiful and make a room just as homey and iS! *
as the expensive grades. A
We carry much of the high priced goods, but In th. I
medium-priced, fine looking, beautifully finished furnish *
ings, we are able to please the most exacting |f
*     - :*
F. W. HART     1
PL ^
Phone 62    *|f
2nd Ave. and 6th St.
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your lutings
Continental Trust Co.,
Second Avenue
Prince Rupert
The Graham Island Oil Fields. Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We tre offering for aale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off thc market
extends iu benefits to all part* of the province, allowing residents
at all outlying and distant pointa to purchase from our splendid
stock of Diamonds. Jewellery, Silverware, Cut Glass, Lesilier
Goods, Art Goods and Notions, aa conveniently as though ihey
stood before our countera and conducted their purchasing personally in our big Vancouver atore. Our new catalogue will be mailed aliout tho first week In November in order to allow customers
plenty of time to order their Christmas goods before the rush of
the holiday season begins. Make sure you get this catalogue. il
ia one of the fineat yet issued by the House of Birks. Watch our
advertising for sprrial and Interesting lines.
Henry Birks & Sons. Ltd.    q
Jewellers and Silversmiths jjj
Do away with this.    Patronise a whlta*
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We, the undersigned, state that any
slnndcrous statements made hy us as
to the character ot Mrs. Eric Rosang
arc absolutely without foundation, and
were mnde in the heat of a quarrel
between ourselves, and w�� believe Mm.
Rosang to he a respectable moral
Dated at Prince Rupert, this 1st day
oi November, 1911.
What, you haven't
heard the Victrola!
Come in and hear it by all ��iea,,s-
The greatest musical instrument the
world has ever known.
Come and hear it today.
���Wl. XVI.     El
I2S0.W **
��*"r ���"���V.?1la********
Makes an Excellent Xmas Gift
ErerrtWnn for *��� "<r" '


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