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Twenty-four hours ending6 a.m..
Dec. 14
UAX-l'llMf.     IHN.TUUP.    BAa.       IN. RAIN
47.0 44.0     29.871     .40    i
The Daily News
Prince Rupert, .
Friday 8
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
p. J. Garrlgan, the lone prospector who a few weeks ago
mushed ii nil alone from Edmonton tu Prine.' lluperl, is dead,
bavins mel u tragic denlb on tbe
railroad truck neur Kelso, Washington. Of that there is liltie
��� Inub! after reading n letter which
arrived nt The News olllce from
Hi*. Floyd A. Bird, coroner of
Cowlitz. Quunty, Washington.
The .lend man, who was si ruck
by a train, wa.s identified through
having in his pocket a copy o(
Hit- Prinoe lluperl Daily News und
a clipping, both relating lo the
exploits ..f Carrigan as published
in The News of Monday, September 25th. Me is described by the
coroner ns a mnn of about 150
pounds, 5 feet ? Inohes tall, with
dark hair and clean shaven face.
At the time of his deatli lie wns
wearing u greenish blue suit and
a gray maokinaw coat. The description leaves 1 i I Lie doubt that
ibe unfortunate victim of the
railroad is Mr. Carrigan.
The clipping nn.l copy of The
News were Ibe only things lo (lx
liis identity, ns he wns unknown
in the vicinity of tlie accident.
According to Carrlgan's sialo-
iiiciils in The News olllce, be was
a Newfoundlander by birth, and
hail relatives ut Kodiak Island,
Alaska. He was fond of tho
lonely life in the wilds, nnd while
iu lhe llrand Canyon of the
Fraser Hiver last August had
rescued from drowning Jack
Fountain and George Cook of
Persecution  of the Jews is Resented by the United States
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Washington, Deo, li���The
Sulzer resolution for the termination of the treaty of 1832 between the l'nited Slates and Itus-
sia, because of the tatter's discrimination against American
Jews, has passed Congress by n
vote of 30(1 to 1.
City Counoll Meets.
A meeting of the City Council
will lie held lonighl nl 8 o'clock.
Mailers of general  business will
be discussed.
Cables from    England    Desorlbe
Him as Critical.
(Special to' Dully News.)
Toronto, Dec. li���Cables from
England received today Indicate
'iat tho condition of Sir Charles
Tupper is very oirlical.
sir Charles Tupper a   of
ibe few .survivors of Confederation days, is now in his '.idlb
year, having been born July 2,
Christmas Season.
At Keeley's a large assortment
of just tlie proper gifts for "him"
or "her." If
Mother of Lad from Skye, Scotland, Seeks Her Son.
From  Broadford,  skye,  Scot-
laud mes a mother's appeal for
Information regarding her boy,
.lohn Stewart Mclnnes, nearly '.'1
years old. tall and slight of build,
lie was lust heard of 18 months
ago. ai Morllake, Moosejaw, and
Regina, and was reported to have
gone to B.C. Any news of him
will be attended lo liy Chiel Vie-
Amandta Wrighl was lined $26
.iml costs this morning for breaoh
of the Public Morals Act.
On Subjoct of City's Defeat He la
Silent���Saya McMordie Caae
Will Take Ita Courae���A Wild-
oat Resignation Rumor Denied
Mayor Manson bad nothing lo
say this morning In regard to llie
city's defeat In the Supreme
Courl yesterday. Asked what lie
thought of tlie Judge's opinion of
lhe strike period particularly, he
declined In venture any comment.
Regarding the B. P. MoMordle
ease, lhe Mayor said Hint litis
would Dome up liefore Council in
course,   lie wns not Immediately
 loerned with it.   City Solicitor
peters mentioned I lint the Mc-
Mordle .-use was not nearly in
sliupe lo i-oine liefore lhe Supreme Courl yet, nn.l would cor-
Ininly nol be beard al Ihis silling.
A wildcat rumor attributed lo
some one ..f ih.* name of Manson
���nnd not Alex. Manson lo the
I'ir.'.'i thai ihe ciiy Bolioltor and
Cily Engineer had bolh banded
in their resignations yesterday
afternoon   was   denied   by   the
Mayor   "They bav rlalnly nol
handed in their resignations t��
me," he snid.
Ohrlatmaa Candy.
Keeley's especial shipment for
tins year oannol be surpassed. If
Mr.   Henry   Falea   Gordon,   the
Globe Trotter Visits Rupert.
Mr. Henry Pales Gordon, ihe
famous globe holler, whoSO Irav-
els in mnny Inn.Is nre well known,
has been paying B flying visit lo
Prinoe llupert.   Ho was bullon-
li, I    by    a    News    reports   on
Centre street this morning, and
IhOUgb AI II. si he den  bisltleii-
Hlv be owned up al Inst. Ho
wiil probably pay a Myii.K vlsll
up the line before returning.
Boston Paator to Stand Trial on
January 16.
n,.v Clarence v. Richeson, the
Bapl|,| preucher who is ii.-c.scd
,    |���- murder oMiis jillc.l ********
J,;,,, Kyi. Linnell,  s to Hand
n*iai mi January Hth*
A Friend In Need.
i���   .wing   Xmas   t��aml*
;,;,���-,  ,,,.gei your feet.  They ar
Jnuilod tTonnsidoratlon for their
' ""  .  .     ,.*....,.,   rl.iFlt.fl   I he   past
fallhf fforta during
year,  Just oall "�� ****** ",:;
Tto. and make a selection.  H
���otloslo P����irty Holdara m
8eotlon 2.
.  iinB ���r properly holders
. '-i,-is .-ai for Tuesday
"' 7,   ,ex    'iimi,   lul.)   at ���
".'"".,,    |    he PoIlCfl Hlalion    or
.J, Merest and benefit,
On Golden Thrones King and
Queen Are Viewed by a Procession of Natlvos���Took an Hour
and a Half to Pass Along.
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Delhi, Dee. 11.���The King and
Queen were given u great ovation
al the garden parly lasi night, at
which seven thousand guests
were prosenl. Late in the afternoon iheir Majesties, sealed on
golden thrones, watohed for an
hour and a half a long train of
religious and olher native processions puss in review, depicting the customs of the anoienl
Mogul empire.
II  is eslimuted Ihnl a million
unlives watohed the scene, which
was one of rare beauty.
Proposal That the Dominion Government Purohaae Hon. Jamea
Duamuir'a Yaoht Delaura for
Fishing Oruiser.
(Cnnndlau Press Despatch.)
Viotorla, Dec ll.���It is re-
porled here that the Dominion
Qovernmont may purohase the
steam yaohl Delaura, ihe properly nf II..11. James Diiiismuir, for
ihe  fisheries  protection  servloo
oii il usl.   The craft is being
held ul n price of *I25,000.
Mr. H. S. Clements Outlines to Vancouver Reporter All  He  Intends to Try and Get for Prince Rupert Next Session
Will Also Advocate Improvements to the Telegraph and Mail Service, and the Establishment of Wireless Stations at  Various Places Throughout the
District���Will Try and Secure Dry Dock for Prince Rupert
$2,000,000 DEFENSE FUND
DARROW'S  FEE  WAS  $50,000  OR  OVER.
(Canadian  Press Despatch.)
New   Yolk.   Dec.    II.���Not    less
Ihnn Iji5(),i>00 was the fee ree. ive.I
by Clai'i'iice Darrow for his services in defending the McNamara
Innl lift's in the I.os Angeles dynamiting ease, according l>. n declaration mail.' here by Prank H.
Morrison, secretary of the American Federation of Labor and
custodian of the MoNamar defense fllll.I.
Mr. Morrison also suid Hint for
days afler lhe McNamara brothers' plea of guilly money for
Iheir defense was pouring in.
The subscriptions were it llttlo liefore III.' pleas were entered.
Mr. Morrison snid more Hum
1200,000 hud been subscribed and
practically all of this had   been
spent.    Tlie   money  received   by
the committee after the pleas of
guilly were made, he said, would
lu- returned lo lhe contributors,
while the residue of the defence
fund, if any, would be either sent
back lo the contributors or dis-
Iribuled pro rata among the unions contributing il.
Christmas Gift Problem
Easily solved at Keeley's Pharmacy from the diversified line of
Hand Painted Qold Laid China,
in Steins, Tobacco Jars, Ash
Trays,   Sugar   Howls,   Cups   and
Bauoers, eto.   A suitable gifi is
easily decided upon. if
Cily Clerk Woods bus recovered from bis reoenl slight indisposition innl i-j on duly again at
ll ily bull.
Vancouver, Dee. 14.���Improvements lo ihe present telegraph
nnd mail service, the establishment of wireless stations al various   places   throughoul   lhe  dis-
iriei, the erection of a public
building al nn Important centre
ami the const rut-lion ..f wharves
ami dockyards ure among Hie Important pi'oje.-is Dial the member
for Comox-Atlin, Mi*, ll. s. Clements, hopes io havo submitted
for consideration nexi session,
necording In his slnlenieiils when
interviewed todny ou bis return
from Ottawa.
Among olher tilings  lie  hopes
in have a quarantine wharf built
al Prince Ruperl nod lo provide
for Ibe erection of public build
ings ai Coiirieiiiiy, Purl Simpson,
Comox nn.l Prin.-e lluperl, also
for u dry.lock ut lhe Inl ter place.
The dospalch evidently refers
In ii .second dry.lock for Prince
Rupert, Hi.- subsidy for ihe ti. T.
p. drydook having beep passed
iu lhe estimate*, of the late Government nearly a year ago.���Ed.
SchulU, a Ship Broker Found
Guilly of Espionage, Receives
Seven Years and His Companion Twelve Yeara.
Prisoner Valentine Stella Haa
Modelled In Chewed Bread a
Whole Street Grading Outfit
With Drills and Wheelbarrow.
Diapute Over  Lot Heard  Before
Supreme Oourt at Viotorla.
(Special to Dally News.)
Victoria, Dee. 11.���Princo lluperl ligiiie.l largely in lhe Supreme Courl today when Chief
Justice Hunter beard an upplicn-
lioii by John Irving Of this city
for reoiaion on a piece <>r properly in the in.rlhem town". Defendants in the case arc Arthur
pent-son nnd William Mosorop of
Vanoouvor.   The case is nol yol
Three Masked  Men  Enter Bank
of Commerce at Everett.
(Special to Dally News.)
Kvercll.     DCO.     '������-Three
masked men entered the Bank of
Cili.tiie.    JUSI   before   Ihe  OlOS-
Ing  hour  lasi   night mid  al. the
....inl of ibe gun demanded an
the money it. sight from a Una
,.*,,,.*..         They      secured      Sl-DOO.
���I* -,. is HO 0  tO tho robbers.
Whioh Are You?
Some p lie have trouble will
ii,,,!,.  reel;  others  wear  Boott,
,.���,,,,,,1   &  Co.'s   shoes   n.itl   ICaVfl
trouble nloim.
Rev. W. E. Collison in a Masterly Address Told of the History, Religion, Character
and Deeds of the Indians���Has Been Brought Up Among Them
and Has Faith in Their Future
lllill   chief oil   Ilis  .I.-lllill..'.I.
The Indians' Appeal.
To repeat lasi night's leoluro
would hike a whole paper. II
wits I., lhe lasi degree full. Mined
und inl.'resting. Iu his OOnolU-
.ioii the Hev. Mr. Collison struck
a line uoie of appeal f..r lhe Indian races, anxious now after all
tholr long histor) lo l me like
ih.- white in,.n, win>m lha) so
aptly mimic, it.- spoke >.f ihe reserves, denying Unit the} contain
...   much   bolter   bind   Hi-Hi   that
aboul ihem uu.I pointing oul Hint
ih.-re i> hut., ohanoe of the Indians ever Improving inud to
which thoj havo nollhor Individual!) nor ut ootnmunll) any real
title. ������Would any Olvlllted while
mini or group of while men do
ii f" asked lho speaker. The ln-
(I nt ii -h* appeal, ooncluded Mr. Collison, is for terms of i'i|inly now
wiili lhe Incoming wini*. men
whom he sees Inking possession
of Ilis old  liniitiii*.'  grounds  and
gardens, "Troal me like u man.''
lie cries, "nn.l you mil havo a
good mun, mi.I n nod oltlion."
Canadian Press Despatch.)
Lelpslo, Germany, Dec 1I,
Heavy punishments were meted
oul 1.1 ilu- English sines arrested
ni Hamburg In Maroh last.
SchulU, the l-.iigli.--ih ship broker,
reoelved a sentenoe of aeven years
mid nn..ther iiiuii um I llipsvch
twelve years.   Wuiir received two
years nn.l I\v.. others three years
Intensely Interesting was lho
addres.s delivered in the Presbyterian Chun-It ball last nighl by
Rev. W. E. Collison ou "The Indians nf the North I'acillc Coast."
i''ai' it... small an audience heard
il. Horn, himself, on lh > coasl
wiih Indian boys only as bis play-
males for his early years, Mr.
Collison  has  llie  Indian  tongues
ut marvelous oommand, and his
Illustrations of the power of expression in lhe many laugiinges
of lhe coasl Indians well conveyed Hie fiieI that tlie coast
races have sprung from no mean
crowd of savages, l.ttl seem rather
lo have degenerated from a highly developed race.
Old Indian Legenda.
Touching mi lhe fur-reach ing
"oresl system" of the Indians, on
their laws of succession, of marring.' and Of revenge ill III.' early
days, Hev. Collison held his nudi-
eiiro iu rapl attention for over
Iwo hours. He told Ihe slory of
the totem pole wiih one or two
of the familiar legends which the
Indians hand down, one In pnr-
licular being strikingly romlnls-
ri'iil of lhe liilile account of
Jonah an.I lhe whale, Mr. Collison mentioned also ihm nil the
Indian tribes have in iheir legendary history aooounla of the
Hood, only each  tribe claims Hie
survivors as its own members,
Slow Three Qrlizlies.
Iliiiiling siories Mr. Collison
lol.I, lhe groal one being thul of
the chief who slew three grits lies
siugl.'-handed, (lie lasi one b)
clutching il .. iMi his wiry arms
nml legs sii lhal it emilil nol
reach him vitally wiih tooth or
claw, nor shake him ,.n. lie all
the while gnawing his wuy inio
it- windpipe, The hunlor was
found side l.t side wiih his trophies, lhe la-t bear .lead, lhe
chief nil hul gone from loss ol
blood, as the lu'iir hnd scratched
Ins back almost i<> ribbons. Rev.
W. IS, Collison saw llu* man,
heard the story frum his own
lips uml vouched for iis Iriilh ns
In- bail seen the senrs on his buck.
Archdeacon Collison ha- llie skull
Of Ihe groal grllSly given him b)
Ohrlatmaa Cards.
Largest   ussortmenl   in   town.
Begin  sending  now.    Don't  fail
lo look Ihem over.   Keeley wniils
lo   see  >oU. tf
Oase of Beaton vs. Christiansen
a Brandt Decided for Plaintiff
Today with $4,000 Commlaalon
and Coala.
For Membera Only.
A meeting of iho membera of
the  Ratepayers'  Association will
he belli ill lhe Mnclnlyie lllill on
Saturday night,   Tho meeting is
Intended for members only.
The cook hook compiled liy the
Ladles' Auxiliary of the Prinoe
Ruperl  General  Hospital  is on
snle at Omie's drug store nnd
Williams a MoMeekln's grocery
slore. A copy should be in ovory
home in lluperl. Besides helping
a Worthy cause, a useful  neecs-
sii>   is   obtained   at   minimum
Canada Grows.
Ottawa, Deo. I i.���(Special.^ ���
Canada's trade for lull amounts
lo S7IHI, 113,11(15, nn innrenso over
Hie previous yeur of over sevenly-
I,ii>.- millions.
Free   iloll   nl   Wnrd's   Cnndy
Shop,    WalOh lho window,    tf
Under Ausploes of Club Men of
Worth In the Missionary Work
of the West Lend Their Pres
enoe and Voloe.
Bosldos iiui splendid address
by Hev. w. K. Collison lasi nighl
iu ihe Presbyterian Churoh bail.
Fourth BVOnUO, It very brief address was given  by Dr. Tnmliii-
snii, another pioneer <>f the ooasl,
whose experiences would llll n
good  si/.etl  hunk.
Dr. Touilinsoii did not lOUOtl oil
ilis own knowledge of ihe Indians
last nighl as llio in mr was lule,
hul he Is the hero of long canoe
trips between the Nans nnd
Skeenu rivers lif'fore ever sleinn-
ora piled ihese walors.   On one
such   trip  he  hroiighl,  his  bride
homo lo lhe Nuns. Ilis presence
last in-lo. with lhe speaker of
the evening, is tl credit to llu*
energy of lhe piislor uml organisers of ihe Presbyterian Olub,
The vice president, Miss Mao-
knnsle, presided very gracefully
mid a tea.hug from Hiawallin nml
piano solecllon b) .Mr. Robinson
Wore rendered .luring the evening.    RoV. I'' .W. Kerr was pies.nl
a- n listener mid Introduced Dr.
Mr. J. C. Watters to Be In Oar-
.   penters' Hall Tonight.
Mr. ,i. 0. Walters ..f the Victoria Trades and Labor Oounoil
win ini'i'i a number of the local
labor leaders lonighl In ibe Carpenters' hail io discuss forming
a l|.'iilis ami labor council fur
Prince Ruport. All union workingmen aro Invited lo be present.
Mr.   Justice   Clements   after
h.'iii'iti*.- the evidence in lho case
f    Align-.    OeatOn    vs.    Messrs.
Christiansen >\ iiiini.it i.��ta��
found f..r ihe pianiiiii. Beaton,
f..r th.* amount of 14,000 and
costs, being half tin- pmllls mi a
Lakelse valley laud d<*iil winch*
Ileal.ut   had    furthered    for    the
ilrm named, Messrs. Williams
.v Manson appeared for plamiitT
and i.. w. Patmore for defendants.
This case .-nils tin- Sitting of
the Supreme Court iu Pi inc.- lluperl for tins time. Judge Clements   tuning   adjourned    ihs
COUrl sine die when lie rose nl
12:30 lodny.
Work of marvelous neatness
considering tlie uncouth material
ii-e.l Iiii- I ii executed In chewed
bread and a few chips of wood
l.\ Prisoner Valentine Blella, hold
uu mi assault oharge in tin* city
gn.d. it.'pent.'.i adjournments
have caused Ihis cuse In drag on
for many days, ami during the
delay Stella hns secretly contrived to puss Ihe time by modeling with In- dinner bread a full
miner's equipment or street grading outfit for a wheelbarrow gang.
All kinds of drills, crowbars and
hammers, a pick, a mat lack, a
double hilled axe, a pointed
-hovel   ami   a   wonderfully   neat
wheelbarrow have been made by
llie prisoner. The work was not
<|iiMs* lliiisheii when discovered
.mi obnflsoaled l.y the police.
Stalls lias repeatedly asked to be
set I., work, but this canno! bo
allowed under lhe cirruitislmices
nf Iii- .-as... whieh is siill ponding.
The problem of selecting small
Xmaa gifts for .-ending by mail
i�� easil) solved al Wark's. lio-
iiii-iiiiii-i*. your inst opportunity
for iiimiiiig gifts home is Thursday, tf
We ar.- authorised by the publishers I., guarantee Mini ovary
pels.oi who. during lhe inolilh of
December, pays n yenr's subscript hm I., (tie Family tieruid
mid Weekly Slnr nf Montreal, will
receive ii copy of Iheir valuable
peel tu pit-lure, entitled "Homo
Again.''    The I'amlly Herald nn.l
Weekly Star's subscription  re��
etipls   in   November  were   fin   per
.���.���ni. over November, mm, ni-
iiiosi entirely ..wing to ths picture, winch is admitted by nil
who have seen it lo i��* ths bosl
premium ever given with a ncw��-
pnper.    ThOM who fail In secure
i .iipv will have themselves to
bluiiie. The I'u.nilv ll. inlii untl
Weekly Slnr nnd such n heniiliful
picture nil for one dollar is such
rare value tlmt do person .-nn nf-
ford Ii. miss II. The piiliin* is
given  bolh  lo  renewal  and  new
Tragedy  of  the  Tennessee  Coal
Mining Dlaaater Deepene.
Canadian Press Despatch.)
Bryoevllle, Dee. 14.���With tho
passing of another day without
lhe discovery of nnv iin.re livo
men in lhe Cross Mountain mint)
hope for the rescue Of the lifty
men   still   iiiiaeentiiiii-il   for   has
reached the lowest ebb. Forty-
live hotlies have been recovered
ihus fnr.
Fresh eul   Mowers  Wednesday.
Wark's. If
Capt. J. O. Hunter of the Northwestern Has Bravery Rewarded.
Seattle, Dec. 14,���a heavy gold
hunting cu��e watch, suitably engraved, has been presented I.i
Captain .'. 0, Bonier of Mm
steamship Northwestern ni se-
attle by a oommltea of the passengers >.f the steamship on tin-
southbound irlp iusi ended, durum whieh the vessel wns storm
beaten foi .iubl days. During
all Mint lime the enptain never
had an Opportunity In remove his
OlolhlOg ami for one period nf
50 hours he was on lhe bridge
nnd   in  the  pilot   house ennllnu-
Leave   orders   now
Mowers.   Wark's.
��� HHl I The Daily News
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Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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on application.
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noii-ilelivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
If Windsor Hotel]
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Steam Heeled Roomt
H. Wright, Prop       po. box 37
Daily Edition.
Thursday, Dec. 14
After a long and oosty trial the city authorities have
learned from the lips of u learned judge of the Supreme Court
Ilia I wli it'll uny humble citizen could liave I..1.1 tbem for nothing:
namely, that "in poinl of substantial justice and common hon-
e-i.v tln'v hail not a leg to stand on" in refusing to pay the
contractors' bills. Indeed, these were almost the very words
use.I by Alderman Morrissey when lie entered protest against
the actions thai City Solicitor Peters was urging the city to
take pari in.
"It will only cosl the cily three hundred dollars, and it's
worth thai to ns to Unci out the law," declared an alderman.
The city lias learned llie law; il would be interesting to know
ut wha! cost,
Mr. Justice Clement has had previous knowledge of lhe
way- ..I Prince Ruperl local authorities. He it was who tried
tlie I'm.Illumine case, a in. I his scathing words in issuing the
mandamus to renew the license  will  be  remembered.   The
same attempt lo play petty politics with llie public olllces was
apparent in both cases. The pity of il is (lint the ratepayers
in both cases will be called upon io pay the bills.
It would lie easy (o write columns in scorn of the conduct
ol Ibe Council, but columns of scorn cannot undo (he past,
and the Council is too neur iis eiul to be worth many words.
All thai is nol worth bothering about is lo see that for next
year a new Cutin.-ii, composed uf non-political business men,
is elected lo carry oul the affairs of the cily on n non-political
Tin- ideal form of civic government���the only form that
offers scope for specialised administration under democratic
control���i> governmeni by commission.   Thai, even in a modified  lorm.  lias been denied  the citizens by the Provincial Government, who seemingly view with disfavor Ihe possibility of a
non-political city government,     Until such lime as a party of
progress can revise the Municipal Clauses Act, there is nothing
for the citizens lo do but elect���if Ihey can���a Council of non-
parly business men and run the cily as fur as our human de-
li. it'll, it's and failings permit ou strictly business principles.
To keep itself above suspicion, Tho News has purposely
refrained from mentioning the names of anyone or either mayor
or council. In exhorting others In refrain from political distinct inns in civic affairs, it is prepared tu show Ihe way.
The utter defeat) the shaming lhat Ihe civic aiithorilie.-
huve subjected the citizens lo iu Iheir efforts lo play pelly politics with Ihe contractors will not be made Ihe occasion for
bitterness or diatribes, Iml rnlher to urge the citizens to rally
to tlie standard of a non-party civic administration.
With llic exception of thc grafters, there is no man in
Prince Rupert, whether he be Liberal, Conservative, Labor, 8o-
ciallsl or Anarchist, hut -(ami- to gain by a progressive business administration, and lo suffer by a continuance of mach
ine rule.
Department of the Naval Service
Scald tenders, addressed lo me under-
sikii.'ii. endorsed "Tender rm* Dwelling
House"  nml  accompanied  by  n  cerUfled
cheque fm* III p.C ef lhe iliniuiiil or the
ii'ihIit will he received up m imoti on
. I'tt-iiilier 31st. lllll, for lhe erection ori
dwelling houses al tliu Uovei-iinieiil Wireless SIHtliins at I'l'ltiee Ittipet't, Cape J.uzo
mid I1..nu Crey.
I'liins and .sj-i'iiiii-ailuii- may ho seen at
l.e Followini places:
The ileivi'iiiiiii'iii wireless stations al
t'liltil  (Iit.v,  i.;ipe  I.an. and Plfrby Island,
Prince Rupert,    The Potiorrlcei ai van-
fniiier.     Nanaimo    and     I'rinn*    lluperl.
..ie omce or ihe DUtrlel Superintendent.
lioverniii.'iit Wireless Service, Victoria, ami
nep.il inn in  or the NlVal Service, oimwa.
I ii.iinhi'ii/rii publication or this notice
win mu receive payment.
Deputy .Minister <>r the naval Service,
lieparltueni or the .Naval Service,
iniawa, November stun, mn.       :u
Kir- H. Q. Walker on a Trip to
Build Up Vanoouver Fur Mart.
The fur mart roconlly started
in  Vancouver by llie merchants
I hero who do not wish lo see all
lhe fur business ami supply purchasing  go   to  Seal lie   is   being
looked after by Mr. II, ti. Walker.
Mr.   Walker   was   a   passenger
'""'lb on tho Princess Mary, and
goes on to interview* tho trappers
on the Naas River by the Prince
John.     It  is  calculated  thai   by
keeping   the   train,'   within   the
provlnoe  the  trappors  will  get
much hotter prices and the Provincial     merchants    will     keen
���100,000 of supply business inside tin. provlnoe,
The Best
land purchase notice
skeena Land District���District or Casslar.
Take notice  lhal I, James   i'. I'tillerloii.
ol Vaiii'oiiver, ll. .:., occupation cinrliiccr-
.iii.- student, mti'iid lo apply for permission
in purchaM ih.* roiiowuiR described taints.*
i ..iiiii.. in un.* at a posl i'i.mn ri is chains
east or Mais Itiver and It. .hams soulh or
ro I'litinnen .*.��. 3*31 (SECe, thenee III
.ii.iiii- ii.'i in. ilu -in i* il chains west, thence
I It. ehains suuth, lollow Inn* the .Naas Hlver
iliinei* :.. ili.tiiis easl lu point of cotu-
meiit'emeul; .otilalniiiK 100 aires, iin.r-
or less.
II. II. Stewart, Agent.
Kill.I    ITllliV   llll].. I I.   till'.    ||,    I'lll.
I'uh. Dec.  13.
Skeeni   laud   District���District   or   Coast,
llange ;���
Take nolice i.i.it I, .vhraliam II. Uarber,
of I'rlnee lluperl. II. .:.. occupation miner,
Intend to apply Tor permission In purrliase
the following ei< -i nil, ,i  lauds:
Cummenelng at a posl planted at the
southwest corner of a .-mall island ab.uu
tu.tity lite c.'.'.e chains nurlh and two xi)
��� iiuii- easl or the ir. i uni, -t eorner of Lut
fill, llange i. Cuasi District, I'urrher
I-l.uul llieme following the ..liore line In
a ii.eiiii.u-t. in dirc.-li.ui abo.tl twenty
(lluI i in:io lu lhe norlh end or lhe Island,
Ihence lu a southwesterly direrii.iti along
lhe shor.- line .ii.mii twenty isu) ctiains
I., lhe IMilllt ��t coinliiinremciil, belli.* an
Island .eriii.iiiniik* about rorly (It.) acres,
tiiorr .��r lesa.
M>l. VII Wt    ||.   II WHO ll
Dated Der. Mil, lllll.
I'ub. Dec. 13.
Skeena   Land   Dlalrlct���-lilslrlcl  of   Coast,
Itange  t.
Take nolice ihat I. Dagobirl Aurlol, or
Nanaimo, ll. i:., occupation miner, intend
it. apply i'T permission to purchasu lhc
following  .|e.-erllird  land!:
i ..nun. ii' ing al a posl planled at the
-.uiii. i-i corner or lol 1484, Ihence aouth
Id . him-, tin iter weal lu chains, tin in <-1
in.nil IK i hams. Ibence eait 10 chalet lo
i     "'III       Of       '  "lllllle  ll' I  IIM'Ilt,       I  eelll.tllllllg       |00
acres, more ur I.���.
n v..mu ii r Allium.,
Fred E. Cowell, Agenl.
Dale .Nov.   loth.   ISII.
I'ub. Dec. w.
Wiirni, clean rooms at Savoy.
What Is Your Family Worth?
If your family is worth the best
you can afford in house and food
and clothes,  is it not  worth  tbe
best reading as well?   And the
best reading���besl for boys and
girls, best for men and women���
is to be found in The Youth's
of stories alone The Companion will print nearly 1100 in 1912.
Willi  all  thc rest of the paper
I brown    in,    and    counting:    the
glorious long serial siories, thoy
.-..si   tbe  subscriber less than a
cenl  apiece.    Moreover, you will
look   long  before   you   will   lind
siories so varied and interesting;
siories of coo     ss in the face of
peril,    slrang     adventures   with
oreatures ot the forest and the
sea; moving stories of life's obscure   heroisms;   stories   breezy
wiih good-natured humor, quaint
and curious character sketches.
.Now is  the time lo subscribe,
for tlie new subscriber in Canada
will  receive  free   from   lhe  lime
bis .*������:; is received all Ihe issues
for the remaining weeks of 1911,
Containing Ibe opening chapters
of Ralph D. Panic's greal serial
story of the Boxer rebellion,
"The   Cross   and   lhe   Dragon."
Ami there is the gift of The Companion calendar  for  1012,  "On
the .New .-.'upland Coasl," lithographed in ten colors and gold.
Only ������*���-��� now lo Canadian suli-
ICrlbers, but on January 1, 1912,
llie subscription price will be advanced to 82.25. The youth's
Companion, Hi Berkeley St.,
Boston, Mass. New subscriptions
received at this olllce.
Absolutely pun
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
''���'  Hatnmerleaa
8! '* P'lce uiii,,.,
reach of all
���<lwts������.ll; h    '''
all   the   1,,
,-.-'������ in res,   I,..
Wttlng, far ,h,
log, lasting H
there's no.
thing bet-
*er;   price 4f\}0
Catalog ri;
Lowest Prices in Northern  B. C.
I   j 11 63-65 Beaw Hall
(notary PUBLIC)
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Broken
Prince Rupert - and - Stewart
���an ��-   ����
AT 8.15 P. M.
In Aid of Public School Library Fund
8681 fat Tin"1 Kee,Cy'S M��nday ""ember
18th at  10 a. m.    PJay produced by
^ Mr. L. Bullock-Webster
Skeena  Land  District���District or  Coast,
11 ui.*.   6.
Take 11..ti..* lhat I, Tlirodurc Nlrhalia.
driver, ��r Vlrlona. U. C, Can., Inlend lu
a|.|.ly fur pcrniuaion lu purchase lhe lotion inr 1I1 ���-' rllii-il I..11.1-
Coiiiiii.nrltnr it * posl planted at Ibe
...mini. -1 corner of Lol .v.. ttST, Iheiue
rail 80 chains, thenee south le . luiu-.
Ilietirr wesl 10 chains, thence south 40
��� ii .in-, ihence well 10 chains, thence north
ao chains to pulni uf cuiiiiiieuecuieiii, con-
i itiiiuK iso acres, mora ur leas.
I   !���   el     E.      COWCll,      VK.'llt.
I '..'ll    "rl       31,     Itll.
I'ul.   Dec. 9.
Skerna   I a.ul   District���District  of   Coasl,
Take nollre lhal I, Paul Curllss, clerk
��r v 1.1..n.l. im. ii.i tu apply fur permission
lo purrliase Ihe fi.llouuur described Unds:
��� ..iiuii. tu un- at a post planled on lhc j
east boundary and aboul live (t) chains
Iron, the -��� i.iii. ����t corner ut Lol 44S4.
ihenee nurlh -u rhalns, Ih.nee east 30
. h nn-. ihence soulb 40 chains, thenre wesl
3o ilialns tu point of luuimcii.vmcnt, run-
laiiuiiK  iso acres, more or less.
PAUL i:ihitiss.
Fred ��.  Cowell, _f_M,
Daird Oct. II, mil.
I'ub. Dec. t.
skeena  Land  Dlslriet���District  of  Coail,
Ileum- 6.
Take nuiice lhat I, Micliiu llrrsnls, rook,
uf virn.na. II. Ch inlend lu apply lor permission i�� purchase lhe follow Ins do*
. i lie. -I lands
��� "min. ie .im- al a pusl planled on Ihe
nurlh side of WUliama ..reck, where lhc
Kinmat branch ul tbe tl. T. P. Ily. crosses
Williams i ink. and abuul nn <I0) chains
fieeiu ihe creek shore, llu-nce south 30
chains, Ihence rait 40 chains, thencu north
30 chains, ihenee wesl 40 rhalns lo point
i.r - ���.nun'nn im nt, . "iii'iiiuim I>0 acres,
more or less.
Fred E. Cuwell, vmnt.
Usll-il Or|. 31,  I'll
Pub. Dec. 9.
Mr.  w. J.  Alder Haa a Valued
Memento of the Civil War.
With   several   other   ingenious
novelties allraotlng attention of
passersby, Mr. \v. J. Alder, renl
.'slate    ngenl    of    Sixth    street,
shows   in   his  window n   section
<>r a branofa of <<nk  in which a
bullet  is  Imbedded.    The curio
e..mes   from   lhc   battlefield   of
Cbloamaugua, state of cieorgin,
Where   10,000   were   killed   nnd
wounded   in   the  American   civil
war.     Mr.  Alder  owns  n   small
estate mi the balllegrouud nnd is
perhaps Ibe only really mini in
lluperl who grew a Held of cotton
of his own Ibis year.
When in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at  the
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates $1.00 to $2.50 per day.
Hot and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
The new at,,*! ,*.,..   ,.,,  .^
Prince Rupert every Sundav
at 6 p.m. forVancouver
arriving Tuesday morning
For Stewart City on arrival
from   Vancouver 'Friday
ver Wednesdays at 9 p.m
Steerage Fare      .      $60o
The "Camosun-,. , ,  lllW
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
-Whites Portland Cement...
IWI2S      Ni..n Block       ^omI Ate
It Is The Trained Mao or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder I
��� .*: M
i.x   l_
��� * min
> I lm.
*-,��t lur
*..-.. 4
Will Canada Stand for the Exploitation of Her Timber and
Natural Resources aa the
States Have Done?
Skaana Land Dletncl -I'latnci -Iif.
Take nollea lhal nutty day. '���*���
Uainter ol  Prtt.cc Unpen,  II.  '
uookkn-pcr. Inlet,-! lo a|.| 1.   ;
n-rlaaioaer ol Landi Ior a litv.-.o
anal and patrolaum oa and uad* <
land on Graham |.Jand ��ie��cr,r. I
Commencing al a tu*. planl
ol C. K. U. Coal Leaee Nu   I .
Coal Ira** No. 1.1. lhaaea nurth H cha
taaat DO ehaina, ihence amnh N     .  s xtrsm
***t HU chaiiu to place ol cummaawntaiL
Datad Sapt. II, lull.   C. E. li vim . :. L*ca.��t
I'ul. Sol. ts.
Skaana Land Ulalrict-Dt.lri.-i .1 Qaa  I .hart* I
Taka nmum -*., ,)..m. j���- *-
��� '. 1 .T.
���.;��< I*
���era al
. - -...
nl    X.   E.
|   ��..!-.
er rant
"I    f-eTi*
To fit your son or daughter for a business   career you must rive
them a business training.   The best place to send them to is the :
m m
skeena   Land   Inaincl���Dlairlrl  ol  Coad,
liana.* 6.
Tike   n .ii. ���    that   I,   Samuel   Bellied,
rartlener, ul Victoria. Intend to spply Tor
I. r,i,i--ir,i,  io purchsae  (lie  lnllon*in*r deacrihed   llllrl-
comniencinjr al  s pod planled on  ii-c
norih  -nt.* or Williams creek, about  l.n
Tickets $1.00
Children 50c
Skeena   Mail and Express
Lsavs ��H express packages for interior points with the Pacific Transfer Co., H07 Third Ave., and Insure prompt forwarding.
All accounts and correspondence addressed to
QJ**m    BEIRNES 4 MULVANY     Iffciilt
"1 i .*r'eivi- iliine. ilmt- attention
i ,. inianis creek, about ten
i ini.i. ii.ni. irom the ereea bink, snd
ir 'I inu r luiu- aoulheaat from where
the Kltlmit branrh or the O. T. I', m-in
"i ��.i eroMea wniismi creek, Ibancs
outh in rimini, ihenee cam 40 chain-.,
ihence norlh 40 rhslna, Ihence mi in
.linn, to point nt i riii.iiu m <'ii��'iil, i..11
i.iin.ia  I-"   !��� m-   more or I.kk.
Iri'd E. Cowell, Afenl.
nstcd nn. 31, tOlf.
Pub. Dec. xi
Skeena laml Dialrlcl���DUlrict of Coial,
l.a.iKi' 5.
Take nmire Ihil I, I mm Calerls, driver,
ol Viiiorla, li. C, mi'ml lo spply ror per-
iiu--ie.ii iu purchsse the rohowlnr <le-
aerlbed lands:
Commeiirlnir  st   s  pnal  plsnled  si   Ihe
��oiilhes��l corner ol Lot |7J<>, thence south
III   ' hnn-.   llience   WeM   HI   t'llSIIIK,   III'tie.
north so chain'. Ihence cski 4ii 'ii.nn to
i"iiii of i..iiuii. linnn iii. ctinlslnlns .i/n
seres, more or lesi.
Fred E. cowell, Aroni
Dsled Ocl.  91,   Itll.
I'lll). Dee. ��.
Charles   Edward   Muss.-II   lias
mads   for   the   Cosmopolitan   a
thorough Investigation of lumber Irusl in.'th.ul*.���he  tins  followed   (In.  slipper}  trail  of tho
lumber   oolopus   literally   from
.-..usl  lo const���and  bo hns (lie
"goods."    You will be surprised
ul bis revelations���that the tremendous power of lho trust, its
lii'ii/i'ii iiidllTeieiicc lo all bui its
own interests, its hold upon legislators, its highway methods of
until.mil pockel picking.    It will
be  a  great  scries  of articles���
vitally Interesting to every one
Who  hns  ever  bought any  part
of a Iree.    The first nrliclo will
appear in January. Subscriptions
I.i dosmopolilan will be accepted
iiiilII December loth at the special
low rale to Canada of $1.50. Cosmopolitan Agency, box 851, Win
Steamer Ouraooa South.
Tin-   steamer   Ouraooa   was
scheduled lo pass south  for Se-
nllli' tlirect last, night, and  look
n few passengers south with her
from Hup.'rl.
It is the nearest business
college to Prince Rupert.
It's fees are within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
personal, and develops the
Individuality of the pupil.
Mount and board is cheap
in Nanaimo. The pupils
are away from the distractions of the larger cities
On lUrtkieW caarw iadaaa lartim ia
The Ben Pitman System of
Business English and Letter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Office Routine
Taka nonet lhat thirty .l��> ��� lr
Ualnlar ol Princ* ltu|Mrt, II. .
bookkK-par, Inland to appl, .��
mi-BMuicr ot Landi lor a MM.
Coal and pateol-nim on and uo.l
land on liraham Inland demt.i���t.
Commvncins at a pot* plant.-1
ol C.  K.  II. Coal l.naM N"
cornar C. K. II. Coal lmm '���
to chaina, lhance aeat  ��� I ���
SO chaina, ihence aaal SO .-halt. I
DalolSrpt. II, ISII.    C. E. Me
Pub. Sepu tS.
���.arena Land Diatrlet���Dntrict . I
I     Taka notice that thirty its I ll
I lielntar ol I'rlnce Itupert, il	
! bookkeeper, intend lo apply ��� > t' ��� < .' Coai-
miaaioner ol Landa tor a Ueenee lo pr-ereci lor
eoal and petruleem on an Is . re* el
, land on Graham laland d**arr.l>*l *- I
J    Commeoeias at a port plan.^J ai i.<  ...t-iac.1
j rorner ol Coal tram* N... II* - I li   B.
1 Coal Loaae No. tn, Ihence nm.
waat BO ehalna, Ibenn emuii
aaat SO chaina lo point ol tommencemeni e-neeitst
all loraahore Tlahn Point.
DatedSept. 12. lllll. C.  K   IIUSThH
; Pub. Oct T.
Skeena Land DUlrict���Dlitrict ol '.
Take notice lhal thirly-J.-��� lo*.i  1.*. e   V   ���
llroderick ol I'rinca llupert, llm m
i bank manaaer, Intend to appty to I*
| mia-doner ot Landa lor a licenrr t
Il May Mean all Ihe Difference Between Success and Failure lo Von
Ask at Daily News forour booklet teaching how to write shorthand
C. E. Perry, Principal Nanaimo, B.C.
���    n innm v. unu ior a licence w amemet I
eoal and petroleum on and unel** -
land on Uraham laland d-tombed art hSaa.
Commendnf at a |*oat plant.-! t -
ol  C.  K.  II.  Coal  tx>aae No.  17,  hurt., r
corner A. T. II. Coal I.*-  Ni  I
I SO chaina, Ihence ��<e��t Ml cluun*. ti.-
| ehaina, thenoe -mat SO chaina to place ..I . ������
A. T. mioin iu. i.  i
' DatedSept. I.'. ISII. C. E. Ilainl.r.  V(e-l
| Pub. Sept. M.
Skeena Und Dtelrict -Diitrtct ol Quaan Charlutte
Taka nollea that thirty day. Irom dale. I, A. T.
Uro.ter.ck ol l'nnce Hupert, II. C., by nccui .
bank manaeer, Inlend lo apply to Ibe Chiel.
mla.ii.nrr ol Landa for a licence lo proapeel I
eoal and pelroleum on and under 610 caree .-I
land on liraham lalai.it da-cribed aa followa:
I'timmennn-t at a |KMl plnated two milo. I
ol C. K. II. Coal  I*-*** No. 20, market s   '
corner A. T. II. Coal l^aae No. 26, thencr
80 chaina, thenee wett Wl chalr.i, Ihence
SO chaina, thence cam SO chaina to place ol ce.   ���
j mencement.
Dalad Sept. ,
Pub. Sept. 23
skeena   Lsnd  Dialrlcl���DUlrict  ol  Coin,
llltlire |.
Tske notice thsl I, John Arslrselu, carpenter, of Virions, ll. C, inlend io apply
ror pcrmlMlnn to purrhsie Ihe follo-tving*
ilearrll.nl  landa:
| "mini in friar st * post planted slioul one
snd one-half milea northern! from the
Intake of Trout Illver, on Ihe west aide
or lakelae l.ske, snd aliout five (5) cluilni
hark from lhe wsierrroni, thrnrs aniiiti
sn rhaina, thence weat in chaina, llunre
north so chslna, Ihrncs esal SO chslna lo
poinl or commencement, conislntnf filo
arrer, more or less.
JOHN   AlltllltACLIS.
Fred E. dwell, Apr.ni.
Dated Oct. si,  ism
I'uh.  Dec. I.
The Hlldltoh House Moving.
Alderman   llil.lilch's   house   is
Still   Stationary  opposite   Fourth
street,   lis mule appeal to the
observer of "Vote for llildilch"
Is the only moving thing aboul
lhe unwieldy structure.
Important Committee.
Members Of the Street, Works
uu.i Properly Committee met in
Ihi'     Mayor's     olllce     yostordny
afternoon.    The  Mayor was not
'Subscribe For The Daily News)
A. T. nil"1.1 ill' n. Locator
111. ISII. I'. E. Hainter.   ..
Skeena Und Dlrtrict���Diatrict ol Queen Chi    H
Take noUce that thirty datr Irom dale, I. '    I ���
Ilainler ol Prlnea llupert, fl. C, by occ-<:
iMKikkeeper, Inlend  to apply to lha Chiel t e.-n*
miaaitiner of Unda lor a licence to prmpect  laf
coal  and  pelroleum  oo  and  under  610  ae
land on Graham laland daacribed aa to\\o. -
Commencini at a port planted five mil.
ol Coal Leaae No. 4476, marked C. E. II. t   " ���
corner ol Coal l^aae No. .1, thence eaat Ml I
thence north  SO chaina, thence wee..  N <
thence aoulh tMl chaina to place nf comment*'
DatedSept. II, ISII.     I*   E.  M VI Ml,l:. I
Pub. Sapt. 23.
Skeena Und Diatrict���Dlrtrict ot Queen Cl
Taka notice lhal Ihirty dart Irom date, I. I    '
Uainter ol I'rinca llupert, 11. C, by ocr tpl
1-inkleeeper, Inland lo apply to the Chi. I
mlmloner of Unda tor a licence to proa,H-rt  her
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acr*- ot
land on liraham laland deacrihed a. folio..
Commencini at a port planted five mil.-. e*.*i
ol Coal Leaae No. 4474, marked I*. E. D
N. K. corner Coal Leaae No. *>, thenca tenth ad
chaina, thence wert SO chaint, thenre      ��� '   MJ
chaina, Ihence eaat 80 chaina lo place .1 cm-
Dated Sept. II, ISII.    C. E. PAINTER. l..-c��i��r
Pub. SepL 23.
Skeeni Und Dlrtrict���Dlitrict ol Quean r.,*rM'��
Taka notice that thirty dayi from date, I. r  >
nalnler ol Prlnea Itupert, if. C, by   occura'i������-,
bookktaper, Intand to apply lo tha Clin!
mleatonw ol Unda lor a llconce tn Meapea.  m
eoal and pelroleum  on  and under flit. can*. "I
land on (Irakam laland deacrllta.1 aa lolli>��.
Commencini at a port planted two milee n--n
ot C. E. li. .'..al I_eee No 17, marked N. *'���
comer C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 2S thence roulh
SO chaina, thance weat 80 ehalna, thenre mrtli
SO chaina, thance eaat 80 rhaina to place ol wee
DatedSept. II. l��||.    c. B. BAINTEH. Locatoi
koena Land District���DUtrict ot Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that thirty duya from dato, I, C. K.
iglntor of Prince Kuport,  ii. 0*i by occupution
okkoopor, tntnd to apply to the Chief Com
.jaalonor of Landa for a llconce to proapoct foi
oal and petroloum on and under fi-10 acrea of
Commonclng at a pout pluntod ono milo north
C. 1'-. IS* Coal Loaao No. ji, markod N. W.
jornor C. I'.. B. No. 10, thonce aouth HO chulnB,
hunce weet 80 chalrts, thonco north HO chuina,
ihenco out 80 ohalna to placo of commencement,
bated Sept. 11,1911. C. K. UAINTKll, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
bkoctiu Land DUtrlot���Diatrict of Queon Charlotto
i Take notico that thirty daya fronm dato, I, C. K.
Patutur of Prinoe Kuport, li. C, occupation book.
,'piT, Intend to apply to tho Chief CommUaioner
_ Unda for a Uoence to nroapect for coul and
mtroloum on and under 640 acrea of land on
ahum laland deacribed aa followa:
ConunenclnK at a poat planted two mllee north
of Ci --��� "��� <"lil Loaae No S, marked N. K. corner
ol Q, !���:. 11. Coal Lease No. 11, thence auuth 80
thence weat 80 chaina, Ihenco north HO
hums, thonce oaat HO chaina to placo of com-
..���n it ment.
ii.ii.'.l Sept. 11,1911. C. K. IIAINTKU, Locator
pub. Sept. 23.
Kktvim Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako notioa that thirty daya from date, 1, C. I-:.
Daintor of Prmcti Itupert, 11. *,:., by occupation
ijookkoepcr, intend to apply to the Chiel Cum-
nUaloncr of Land for a licence to proapoct for
���out and petroleum on and under 040 acrea of
and on Graham laland described aa foUowa:
Cummenelng at a post plantod two miloa north
���of Ci I**- IL Coal Lease Nu. 7, murked C. E. B.
IC'oul Loaao No. 12, thenctt aouth HO chaina, thenco
HO chains,  thenoe  north  80  chaina,  thence
fveet 80 chaina to place of eommencoment.
���Dated Sopt. 11, 1911.     C. E. HAINTKU, Locator
I Tub. Sept. ii-J.
���Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Quoon Charlotte
I Take notico that thirty daya from date, I, C. K.
I Huinter of Princ* Kuport, IS. C, by occupation
{bookkeeper, Intend to apply to tho Chiof Com-
IniUsloner of Lands for a licence to proapect for
[coal and  petroleum on and  under 040  acres  of
luml on Craham laland doscribed ua follows:
I Commencing at a post plantud two mllea north
lof C. K. IS. Coal Lease No. 7, markod S. W. corner
|C. I" H* Coal Loaae No. Ill, thonco north 80
I chains, thence east 80 chains, thenco south 80
1 chains, thenco west 80 chaina to placo of com-
[ niencoment.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Tub. SepU 23.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
( f. Take notico that Auatin M. Brown of Princo
Hupert, IS. C. occupation aaddler, intonda to
apply to tha Chief Commissioner of Lands and
! Works for a licence to proapect for coal, oil and
pclroloum un and under tho following doscribod
��� lands on tba Weat Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post plantod throe milea cast
t of the northeast corner of C. 1-. No. 4478 thence
80 chains south, thenoa 80 chains east, thonco 80
chains north, thenco 80 chains west to point of
Dale of Location 31st July, 1911.
rub. Aug. 17.
Skoana Land DUtrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotu
Taka notice that Austin M. Brown ot Prince
Hupert, occupaUon aaddler, Intenda lo apply to
Ibe Chief ComtnUatoner ot Landa and Worka
for a licenco lo proapect for coal and oil and petroleum on and under the (ollowing described lands
on the Weat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commanclng at a poat planted three miloa cast
uf lha aouthweat corner of C. L. No. 4477 thence
���*���) chaina east, tbence 80 chaina north, thence 80
chains weat, thenco 80 chaina aouth lo point of
cum mencemenl.
Data of Location, 31at July 1911.
1Mb. Aug. 17.
Skeana Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Taka ootloa that Austin M. Brown of I'rince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka Tor a ���
licence to prospoct for coal, oil and petroleum on and ' couver. 11. C., occupation real osiato agent, intenda
undar the following doscribed lands on the West , to apply for permission lo purchase the following
Coast of Graham Island: , described lands:
Commoncing at a post planted three mllea east! Commencing at a post planted at the con-
of the eouiheast cornar o tC. L. No. 4472 thence I Uuencu ot Iflsckwaior river with thu Naas rivor
nurth 80 chains, tbence eut 80 chains, thenco south   about  two  miles  south  of  tbo sixth   Dominion
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coftfct Range 5
lake notice that LcRoy P. Grant of Prince
Hupert, h. C, occupation civil engineer intuitu
to apply for permiaalon to purchase tbe .ollowing
deacrlbod landa:
Commoncing at a post planted about 3 1-2 mllea
io a northerly direction from the northeast corner
pobt of Lot 1380, Range o, Coast DUtrlct, thence
oaat 30 chains, thence north 60 chains, thence
weat to bank of river, thence south following
bunk of river to point ot commencement: containing 160 acres, more or less.
Dated Sept. 9, 1911. LEROY   V*  GRANT
l ub. Oct. 10. Gordon C. Emmeraon, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Coast Range 6
lake notico that Lottie McTavUh of Vancouver,
occuputlon   married   woman,   Intends   to   apply
J*prm���n ^ purchase tbe following deacrlbod
Commencing at a poat planted at the northwest corner 100 chains eaat and 20 chains north
rum N. E. corner o( Lot 1116, Harvey's Survey
Cuaat DUtrlct Hange 5, thenco 20 cbaina aoutb,
ihenca 80 chains east, thence 80 cbains north,
thenco 40 chains wast, thonce 60 chains south,
thenco 40 chaina west to post ol commencement
dontuining 400 acree more or leaa.
Dated Sept. 18.1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
1 ub. bept. 23 Fred W. Bohler. Agent
Skeona Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range 5
luko notice that Miss Mary MulviUe of Ware,
Ireland, occupation spinster, intends to apply
ior permiaaion to purchaao the following desribed
Commencing at a poat planted one chaina north
oi the aoulheaat cornur of Lot 532, tbence north
lu chuina, thenco eaat 20 cbaina, thenco aouth 40
aiiium, thencu west 20 chaina to point of com-
mencuineni; contuining eighty acroa, more or luaa
Dated[Oct. 11,1911, MISS MAKY MULV1LLE
Pub. Nov. 11. John C. Muiville, Agent
Hella Coola Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Cuaat Rang
luko notice that H. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ire-
and, occupation gentleman, InUnds to apply
or permUsion to lease the following described
Commencing at a poat planted on the ahore
ol Neclectacuiinay Hiver about 10 chaina weal
ot Indian Reserve Line .thenco west 60 chains
following the channel ot Neclectsconnay Hiver,
thence south 80 chaina more or less to channel
of Bella Coola Hiver, thence following channel
ol liella Coola Hiver eaaterly 60 chains, north
80 chuins moro or leas to point of commencement;
conUining 480 acres, moru or loaa.
Daiod August 28, 1911. H.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 80. WUliam McNair, Agent
Skoena Land DUUict���DUtrict of Cout Range B
Tako nollco that Benjamin Kusael Rice of
Prlnco Huport, B. C, occupation waiter, inunda
to apply for permiasion to purchase the (ollowing
described landa:
Commencing at a postlplantod 65 chaina aouth
from the aoutheut corner of Lot 3060. Post
marked B. R. K S. E. Corner, tbence 70 chains
woat, thenco 63 cbains north, thenco 70 cbains
cut, thenca 66 chains aouth to point of commencement, containing 4.6 acres more or less.
Dsted Octobor 21, 1911.
1Mb. Nov. 2.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Caaslar
Take notiou tbat Angus Jamu   McKeiutie of
Vancouver, B. C, occupaUon bookkoopur, inlednos
to apply for purmisalon to purchaae the following
desert bod lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tho confluence of Blackwaler river with Naaa river, about
two milea aouth from tbo sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. l*ost marked A. J. M. N. W. Corner,
thenco 80 chains south, thenco 80 chains out
ihenco 80 chains north, tbence HO cbaiu west
to point of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or leu.
Dated SepU 23, 1911.
i'ub. Nov. 2.
Skwna Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Caaaiar
Tako nuiice that llurbert McLennan of Van-
80 chaina, thenot wut 80 chaina to point of com
Located Auguat 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notico that thirty days from dato, 1, C. E
Bainur of Prince Rupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com*
missiuner nl Lands fur a licence to prospect (ur
coal and petroleum on and under btO acroa ot
land on Graham Island daacribed u follows:
Commencing al a pust planled live mile* eul
of Coal Lmm No. 4467, marked 0. E. B. Coal
Loaw No. i, N. K corner, thonce wost 80 chains,
ibsnco south 8U chains, Ibence east 80 chaina,
Ihence north 80 chaina tu place uf commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 1911 C. K UAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sepl 23.
Skeena Land District���DUtrict ot Qumm Charlutu
Tak* notica that thirty days frum dste, 1, C. E
Bsintor.of l'nnce Rupert, 11. CL hy occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landa for a licence to prospect fur
coal and potroleum on and under dlO acru oi
land on Graham Island described u (ollows:
Commencing at a post planted Uvu milea east
of Coal Lmm No. 4lb7, marked C. E. B. N. W.
corner No. 2. ihenco uuth 80 chaina, ihence eaat
Tulugraph cabin. Puat markad li. M. N. E.
Corner, thonco 80 chains Muth, thonoe 80 cbains
west, thenc* 80 chains north, thenc* 80 chaina
aut to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea mora or loss.
Dated Sept. 23, lull HERBERT McLENNAN
Pub. Nov. 2.
SkMna Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Cout Range 6
Take ooUoe thai 1, Chriatopher Jamea Graham
of PrtUM Hup rt, B. C, occupation locumuUve
sngineur, inund to apply (ur perm._M.oQ lo purchaM
the lulluwing described lands
"'"^"'^''^"^���-'���^���-���fc,*****^*-,**-^,,'-^!-*^,-^., a.
Tom Longboat White Hope.
Carl Morris, the Oklahoma
giant, is u halfbreed who aspires
to ht'cuiiii' u white hope. Nov
iiin Lonsbnul, the Onanchifa
'big ohlef," wants to leave tho
running path and enter thu lint
of red-sklnnod white hopes.
Tom Longboat, aooordlng lo
Tom Flanagan, would like
nothing bettor than lo step over
the ropes. Longboat has had tin-
idea in his iiuilille for s.mio time
lhal il is a shining light in Ihu
llstic arena thai he is destined
In regain his standing in the hall
Of fame. IIhe has boon after the
manager of lho National Spurting
Club lo (lx up a bout for him that
lie might show tlie world that lie
is an all-round athlete and not
just one of lhe  great   long distance runners of ihu decade.
Flanagan has heard lho Indian
talk so much of liis prowess with
tlie gloves thai lie suys he is going lo gel hold of a "joker" onu
of these days and put him on
with Tom for six rounds, just
to satisfy the "Hig Chief."
. poal planud at lh. aoulh-
r.rr.1     e'e'IN.r    o(    Lut    .\ el.
l. ... vicinity of 1��� lu-
Laltalaa and markod Christopher J. liraham
N. 1.. Coroer, tlienco watt to cnaina, thenca aoulb
bl) cbaina, tbence eatt III cbaina, ibence nortb bU
cbaina lo poat ol commoncenient; containing
Jill) actoa, mote r.r lea.
i lllilsT.irill.il JAS,  URAHAM,  Locator
Dated S.--.1.11. lull  11.66 A.M.���Wilnoaeed T. D
I'ub. Sou  90.
Skeena Land Dlalrlcl-Dlatrict ol Caaalar
Take notioe tnat It. II. Stewart of Vancouver,
11.  C, occupation  truckman,  Inunda av apply
(or pcrtnteaion lo purcbaae tbe fo.lowinc deacr.b-.-d
Commencini at a pott plantod 40 chaint aouth
tin and bl chaini out Irom
ff__��? ___T__5atT_S_7___��� *5 ��� ******** ***> *-*����� ">** ** ******** ���*
^ SB **��! ****** SSt the Naaa Itiver (S. W. C), thence 10 chain, ea.1.
RaEJ.     ', l*   KI A S'TLII  Locator ' Ihenc. 40 chain, north, th.nc. 40 chain. .cat.
!.'*PaffP- ."��� '*"���    *** ** ******** *M*'m ��� ihrnig 4o -h���M MUlh lo the point ol comraonco-
l-ul.. S-IPI. -J.
ihenie 40 chaina aoulh iu the potnt
ment to conuln 100 acraa more or loat.
Daled Au,. 1,11. Jamaa T. Fullorlon, Aient
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Dlitrict���Dlitrict ol Cunt Range 6
Taka notica that Harold E. Smith ol Morely,
Alia., occupation aUlion agent, inunda to apply
i-en-itae-on to purcbaae tbe lollowlng dee-ertbod
lor I
Skeena Uml Dl.lrict-Dl.lrlcl of Cue.. RnnKcf'
Take nolle, that we l*n' ond. r.iiinol.  All ml
Chriatlan liarde and Wm. M. Johnal..n ..1 l-rince
Itupert, B.C.. occupation mlnlna ********* ��"���- Commanclng at a poit planud at tba aoutb
prospector. Intend lo applr lot permiaalon io w���. MtnK JM _,,_,_, ___. _nd 20 ch_|_, n-rlh
leaw the followlna* iMtlllnill la-it: | (������, N- E- vornw ���| J^oi nl��, Harvey'i Survey
Cooimenclna;al��|K..t|ilaii..-.l 1-4 mile ea.l o. ajg, Utatrict IUnge 6, thenc 40 chaina eatt,
theTyeeStatlon.G.T.I'.K>*.Slr.l...naniln|.|.r..*1irr-| lh(,nc> M 'Jgt,^ nortfci tbanc�� 40 chaina weat,
alely 1*! mllea c.l ..I I'rlnre llnfi rl. tlience niirlli ( lbmcm M _hl|_. ���,ul|, to ������,, o( commencement
40 chaina. Ihracc eatt l��. rhaina. Ihence  a..iuh   io   Mnui���i���, iin ,cn,, mora or li
chaina mo-re or le.a lo railway ma-li*. Ihenco
wealerlr It, chain, mun* "i "*" LillnwinK .aiu
(rado lo point of commencement and conlalnlng
*********��� AmiKu CHRISTIAN OAttDE
Date Nov. 2.1. Itll
I'ub. Dec. 6. lull
Hella Coola Und Dlrtrict- Dlalrlct ol Coatt llango
lilted SepU lo, 1,11.
I'ub. Sept. 2.1.
Krad W. llolilur. A|.n
Skeena Und Dttir.ci -I.ii.nci ol Coaal Range 6
Taka nolle tbat I, Uordon C.  Kmmcrtun  ol
I'rince   Rupert,   li.   C,  oocupation   roal   atUU
broker, InUnd  to apply Ior parmiaaion  in pur-
daMiilie.1 landai
planud  about  2  3-4
Irom the northe
chata lha (ollowing .
Commencing at
a  pott  pla
miloa In a northerly direction I
Two Young French Champions,
The Paris sporting world
jubilant over tliu appearance of
two athletic phenomena who are
expected to become world's champions. One of thus is Robert
Laurent/., who, all hough not yet
18 years of age, liis been lhe
greal surprise of tliu Anglo-
i'reiicll tennis lournameiil held
hero this week.
Laurent! won every single
mulch in whioh lie played, defeating stii'li men as Dozon, Cordon,
Bmilh and Lowe. Il is probable
thul young Laurent/., whose game
has developed remarkably in lho
last few months, will go to America to take part in the nexi open
lournameiil. He is considered
one of lhe speediest and hardest
players seen on European curls
in recent years. Ho has a puzzling service which is ilillleiilt lo
return. Frenoh enthusiasts declare that if hc is so wonderful
al 18 hu is sure to become a
world's ohamplon before lie al-
Inins his majority.
The other phenomenon is Carpentier, the boxer, who recently
won a light from Young Jacobs
for the middleweight championship of England. Clmrpetilier,
loo, is siill under 18, and a middleweight, bui he is tall and
growing, so thai il is probable he
will eventually become a heavyweight, Sportsmen in France are
already proclaiming him n while
man's hope.
These victories have brought
aboul nu awakening in the sporting world in France, where until
of late the more vigorous outdoor sports have been unprac-
I iced. Now every French boy is
aspiring lo learn lo box or play
tennis in (lie hope of becoming n
Our new Christinas
catalogue is now ready
���and la yours for tho
It contains 124 pageB
of illustrations reproduced in colors of
Diamonds, Jewelry,
Silverware, Cut Glass,
Leather Goods and
A postal card will
bring you a copy.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
Canada's Largeit Jewelry lluuac
i/m. Ryrie. Prta.
Harry Ryrie, Sec-Treat,
184-136-138 Yonge St.
���-..-_.-~-_.-_. -_.-���^ ^w. ~.,l..-_.-_-_..^. ~^..^. r^..^.~.��
This Is a little Bection ol the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
lo subjects of special interest to women. Any und ull of the ludies of Princo Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to tuke part in its discussions. Suggestions und criticisms ure invited by the editor. Tho hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Second aven.ie and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
II. Gordon Munro W. Ntcholton Lkllcy
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
An   Important  Article   From   the
Pen of Dr. L. K. Hishberg.
'llu- hygienic purposo of a l.ailt
is eleiililiness. I lieitleiilally a
I.iilli may lie limn', sedative, refreshing or Iherapoulio. For a
iiriiiiliv person oleanllnoss is Ua
real objoollvo,
An Important problem of modern hygiene is lo romove lho Impression Uml acornIngly olean
skin is lifter all hygii-iiietillv
olean skin. Ashes, mud, dust,
cinders, coal, paint, varuish ami
garden  soil tu flen  iml  dirt  in
u sanitary sense, Even the nursing iiifuni would go unharmed
from sterilised tilth. But Ibis offensive, lolllalo siniii when under
llu* linger mills uml mi one's
Hu.-ti is Hi.- red light of information, li Indicates lhal a deadly
uml Invisible fm' nourishes there.
Thero aro many bedisenod
ili'ui/i'n- of the.fashionable world
whose   shin)   hauls,   manlourod
nails.      eiiiilll.'le.l      cheek*.      ail.I
soentcd skins, kI..-- over but d.>
llol    ileslrt.v    the   den.Ily   diSOaSQ
genii buried in tbe riot of cosmetics.
Normal Individuals bathe rog-
ularly over) morning. This is ns
il should In*. During 111.' rest uT
the day ihoso same persons us-
silllic    lllill    Hit'    ille-e I    lhe
Visible signs of dust ami lllth is
oxouso enough in negleel a huml
ami faoo lull li. -lust its many
seem In think that washing one's
linn.Is beyond lhe point of Booming  oleanllnoss  is  a  waste  oi
lint.', soap and vvuler.
A olean body, a olean house,
.'lean  clothing,  .'lean   promises,
���*~~ olean streets nn.l n clean oily nre
Bi-weekly train service  to Vanursilol. I a 11   necessary,   for   tlul   la   never
Trains leave Prince Rupert ut 1 p.m. I a-lunllv  fi f disease g.-fllis.
Wednesdays and Saturdays.   Returning arrive  Prince  Rupert I p.m. on i     �����   '"'"'   in   l.-pnl   waler.   almul
Thursdays and Sundays. | HTi  dogr ,   vvilh   snap.mis,  will
______ I.'lean lhe skin sillllcieiillv   Tni- ull
On your Chriatmaa vlait Eaat travel purposes. llol bllllis, either of
via the Grand Trunk Railway Syatem Hi.- entire l��.dy or parts thereof,
from Chicago. The finest und best; are valuable in bringing lhe
service over Double Track Route, i |,|,������| (l, ,)���. Mkin. Thev thus
Connections with all roads Eu.it nnd | preVenl a threatened "oold" and
West.    Atlantic Steamship bookings | ,,v,.n  lir|l.,.  ,������*,.,., ,,     Exposure
I., i-ol.l after hoi imiiis. however,
Christmas and
New Year Sailings
s.s. Prince Rupert
Laava Princa Rupart Thuraday at 8:30
-    ~      " '       ' " '    '    Van-
p. m., Dae. 21 at and 28th, arriving In Van-
-  *      * '    ,  0*
couver  earl,  Saturday  morning
���nd 30th.
Phone 260
SS. Princ. John lor Stewart 10 a. m ,
Dae. 20th and 27th.
Praianl  achadul.  will   remain   In  affect
until above dalea.
arranged..    Full information and
tickets obtained from the office of
FREIGHT   AND   l*.vssKNt*Kll   AGKNT
Fine line of work baskets filled
with cnndy. If you want a good
one you hud belter havo il laid
aside. Christmas stockings.
Wnrd's Cnndy Store. tf
iallt   lr.*     I'irti" peat ol Ut ISSS, lUnito 1. Coatt Ditiricl,
.������"..    ���; .   .. . ..        ...      ______        ..........      _,_. ...      riui.r
Z 7^\r.'C,l'.?en,r,fo,!"*.fnhr��ir.rehon;   skN���. Und DUlrirt-Dlttrlc. ol Mlwl
xZZ mmm* MS-tS n.ore ..r I.- to IK.Inl ol       -m.   noUe.   tb.t   Hlrlara Hoy   Melavlth   ol
g*ssbS cc��n-ni"�� * ���-�������� gggpgiajggsigsgyag
ErU?S "��� ""���  William lAV ' fiS��%.1 . P-t ***************
' comer It) chalm eatt and 40 chaint nortii Irom
li-ll. Cool, t.i el Dlalrlct- DUlrict ol CoeM lUnje   N, W Kn��� 0| Ul HIS, llarvey'a Survey Coait
Hella loola una i.iairict.      �� Utatrict liana. 6. thence Xio chaina eul, thance
~   -Jt) chaint norih, Ihenca <il) chain, wett, thence OU
cbalnt toulh to poat ol commencement   eontalnini
i i H Cllll ot Dundilk. Ir~ ��, chaini north, Ihenca to chaint wett, thence oo
l.ndL����2lSa lenleman. In.en.1. to appllj cbalnt toulh to poat ol oommoncament conl^nln,
lo? ImSBS  ?oU.  .he  lollowln, d-nl-^.aWK-.n.or.o.-to**-
nr j i-i ** * p��** *-��*-"."- a* i ���&&
JmW*TE*7*l\**S* north 10 chain., th.nce
aut 40 chaisji mora ur ***** *   i        . v/.-aw...���   h   r...  occuuat on  Inspector. iuUnds
Mil *o rniiw mm** ����� ��������� -- *        , ��� v/.������llu_,   u   t*    occuust on  inspector, idwdos
nien.    cnoinln, ****** niore or -a V.�����Uv. 6*OjJg-g|***J***S *Mlowin.
."I^'ao     ' William McNair, A��eol I S^Jft-bSl lanEi ,    ,....���._,.
l-ub. bept. 30. |     c_mmondnf  ,t  a  poat  plant*!  at  th. con-
CommcnctnK   ������-    -   i . ��� -s;Q!j��   ri
M. Coot. Uad Dtatrlct- Dtalrlct. ICo-t IUn,     fluen-o^ "^^^0,^.. luU^omJnlon
Take nolle, thai H..M. CBS,-^gjadjlk. b**   T.leraph cabin
I'oal marked C. W. H. S. W.
Take nolle, th.t B. M. tS* <**��� ****>**iJ3i   SgTgTtaamk KBiTS* thenc. 80 ch.ln.
for   permission
_ Rw"etjtmsmmmmmt, ******* sto
ton. more or ****mg*mJM W���,UAM   HAM
feet 40 chain.,
.ho���   line.
* ,4- """'"', Jb 40 chain, mo .��   D.led 8ePtemb�� HI, l��l.
'""Thence   louow.nl   mm   *****   Vol,. Ho,.*.
S1A 3*____���� >���*��>*To?i*T-
D..;i Au|_.t .��. ID"
Tub. SWt. ��0.
William McN.lr, Alien
Delta Coola Und Ditlricl-Dl.trlct ol ****** ***nf
the  lollowini   !���-
Skeena Und Dtalrict-Dtatrict p! Caaalar
Take no" ��� ?h.l Tb-u Arthur Whlu ol Van*
couver. H. C, occu
apply lor permlialoi
,1. i tile.1 landa:
occupation carpenter, inunda to
laaion lo purchaae the lollowlng
fa, ******   lo   Iwa.  I
'*" "*�����'��� .i���.'l,enw north 40 chain.. Ihence
*& fo mm*?**!** ol-mmencententl ***���
Ulnini Nl �������-���"?����� ** ** ,,. M. CI.IKF
Da.eil Aiitlual 28. ****��� .vmi,m McNair, Atenl
Pub. Se|il. "'���
Commencini   at  a   poal   |. anuo   a. .n.
csbln.   I'ost mirkfl ^IJbflSSnuS
ost  plant*!   at ths con-
Dated Sept. 2.1, 191 !���
Pub Nov. *.
M.tM.1^ 0^-i-l^t***^
,    .*... II   M   OM ol Diiniltlk. Ire-   docribed landai i.|in|_| ���n the toutherly
*�� ��.iiAW4rll_I-^3v3
rf4aS��rf2EsSi mm\pS*Wa*r,cr"
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  membera  of the order in thc city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P, CADE. N. G.
J. CLUCK. Sec.
B.C. Coast service - Famous  I'rucess
Princess   Mary
Saturday, December 16th, al B a.m.
For Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab General Agent
-��-��   ���   ���-��� -*-*
-General Hardware���
Buildcra' Hardware
Valves & PipeB      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware       Tinware
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Fraaer and Mh.        ('hole. Wine, and I'laart
will   sui-i'lv   precipitate  ih<<  ttx-
peeled dlScaSO, The llol iml ll
when Ink.-ii l>> virile, well |��T-
sons, i- harmless if followed l.y
.'..i.l showers, i die sprays or u
.uiii plungo.
Tin- oold bath is a powerful
stimulus i" the nervous system,
II "hardens" Ihe skin nn.l body
againsl the effects "f low temperatures, li makes ihe circulation
ndapllble to tii|.i.l alniospherio
changes, nml unQuoallonabl) has
uu oxhlllaratlns Influonoo upon
depressed mental slates.
C..I.I baths inii-i I..- taken mod-
.���rni.'lv uml for sin.it periods.
i. it i.um lime, in ihe morning,
Is ii iml ni nm*. in Hi.- morning,
after muscular ozorllon, or .after
it in.i iiaih  Is ih.- proper lima
l<> hike one.     Tin'  -kin  must  he
warm al ihe time.   Then  . vigorous till.-.town lo Illlike the i'II-
. uiiiiion   uiovv   and   .inlii'.*  will
...Ull.l   III.'   reveille  of  III.-   lnnllllK
bod) e.-lls.
Thrre nr.- some nbjeotlons Iii
i*oi.I baths,    Individuals who .to
iml leiii'i, tlml Is, who remain
oold nml luile afterward, should
iml lake iiii'tii. a oold bath in n
oold room, or In wlnlrj atmospheres, is oonduoivo i" pneumonia or iiiiii't't'iiiosis. mi baths
should lie dolayod fm' two hours
afler meals. They are mosi
lienriii'iiil before ealing.
An  Experienced Housewife Tells
You the Best Way to Wash It.
Shred some - I yellow soni
niiil boil it in wut it until it is
quite dissolved, ihen pour ii Into
;i pan of win-in water, when it will
lather well. When lukowarm
pul in tin' i|inli and M|tiei'/e il
well wiih ihe bands until olean;
ihen rinse Iwioe in clean wuter,
wring mil. shake well nml hang
on the tine io dry. While drying
shake well several limes, so lhal
the down does not stiek together.
Choose ti iin-e windy duv. if possible, for ihen ihe quill will dry
qulokly nml the wind will make
it  lii'tiulifullv   Soft.
Ink on  the Carpet.
A> si ii oi us Ihe ink is spilt
.���over slums with suit. This will
:ili.mil 111.- ink und no truce of it
wilt remain,
Favorite of the West.
No home in this western ooun-
ll'V   full well  It Hi ��� l*i I  lo lie Willi..ill
'The I'liinilv Herald and Weekly
situ*'' ot Montreal, Ii is particularly useful  in  west.-in  homes.
t'ln- information ii gives to tho
nrvv    .fillers    as    well    Is    worth
hundreds of dollars a yeur. it is
sinipl) marvelous the amount of
B i   Instructive   matter   ili.it
papei niiiiii-  eaoh  week,    ll
well desorvos ii success. One
.1..Uni- oannol bo bolter invested
in western homes than by ordering iluii great paper.   A beaull-
premium plolut nlillod "Horns
Again" is also Included, nn.l ii is
vv.-ii w..rih Hie .loilur alone,
Prettily Plastered.
No, Hn* ii.-.i'iiii*. does noi 'ii.iw
.I'm* attention to another cuse of
conviviality rewarded by n live
dollar Hue in tin* police court tins
morning,    n refers i<> the new
Hi.'litre   bcillK   built    mi    S uni
avenue,   Tha plasterers are busy
Inside now. uml th.- theatre will
he ..  bright  uml  beautiful  pluc.
of I'lili'i'liiiiiuii'iil  before loin.-.
I .aw-Duller Building       Phone No. 280
i'rince Runert P.O. Box 361
ol Ilm tab Columbia of B.C., Ontario. Saa-
and Manitoba Bar.. katchewan   and A I-
b.-rta Bare.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchantre block, cornor Third avenue and
Sixth etrecl. Princo Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental uperntiona skilfully treated. Gaa and
local anatthelica admlnliter-d for the palnleaa extraction of tc-th. Consultation Ire.. Office.:
Helirereon lllt-ck. Prince Ruuert. 11-12
AI.X.M Mrin.r.li H.A..      W.E.WIlliam.,D.A.. L.L.D
Burriaters, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
I>..o. box a
1*1 111. OF WM.  I iiv.ik.   I*.i��.. A.R.A.M.. ION., BNQ
Fire, tile and Accident Inturancet
618 3rd Avenue Phone 203 and Green 26!
Repairing n Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and I Ith Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Avs.
Hotel Central ��3'&1&
Ruriipcwri nn<l American plan, at-mm
hmtrtl, nii.i. rn ri.nM'iitrnc-ra.    kat'-*
tl.0UMr2.b)p*ord>y. t
r. ir. BUck
=E.   EBY   CS,   Co.^
KiUumkalum Land For Sale
Ph.mc 4.
Pioneer   Cleaners.
Csisaiey Swetpini isJ Fmaicc Clemiai
Prepare for winter hy getting your fnr-
naccs and Hues put in order by
P...I..I (..���!-, '.et, ���&���,. lt��� H-j  m
Phone 71
Funeral   Director and   Embal
P.O. BOX I.'" PIIONK l-'a. .11.1:1 s
Second Avenue, near M< Htide
Funeral   li r.   i ���..
Inl Ave near ��th St. Phone No. 14
l-IIONK 901 P.O. BOI W4
HOHANTS'   i'i l '������ I M.    SKMVICK
ll**0*t**tt**. Hi����r��if#�� ntvl   K��rw��r��linir Airfnta.
Mlirf ��r Motor Car *\.*v or nlrht
Srvrnlh Aw. antl Kullon
Phonr J01
e   Loaned
thente ��-.
vl 20 chaina ...
co'.ui..lo|W.-^,o.e.*-"���'"������    ���   M. C,,,FF
D.t-Kl Aupw. !���**. **>'*'    willlam McNair, Afant
rub. Sept. 80.
more ar laaa.   ft******
Date.1 Aim. *���'. *'*'*���
Pub. Aoi. IS.
Flat in Rand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
and Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two eottagec cort.er Second Avenue and
Ninth Street.
Lots In all parts ol the city.
We represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in the City.
c. dTrand
Second Ave. Phone 112
Build This
. .j if'' ..i      ���- ���
..Grand Hotel..
Workwoman's Home
Fret Labor Barns is Cosstdios
Phone ITS 1st Ave. and 7th St.
CEO. BRODERIUS. Proprietor;
wi*** k ���-���l*'*"2B?1*''*'^* iu ii ��������� ws
littles NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals II Newspapers
Build This
L?t U3 loan yoj the miniy to buy r*  build ja house or pay off a rmrtgage.
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C.
The Leading Wholesalers of
Northern   British   Columbia
Exclusive Agenti (or
Have You Anything to Sell?    Try the News Want Ad. Way of Findins aRiiA
11/11AI P   /MI     A \IT\ Cosmopolitan and Diokens      |��o$.-~.-~.-~~..-~>'~-~**~.~*^.-~."��>^.-^^ . ^mt*\mrmrs. n> , , ' 	
Uf H It I    H       llll II lllll .,..-. tO* ~.�����-���������-���*-������-��� ���������������-���-^���������... %.^>rwra.ewHunMK��,eweMe��<K.i ^..-_..-~~-r^..-~...-^��r^.^��.^^.^��^r��M^��-^e��.^_1^^.^��_.^_JjH    Jgt���W**bf*t|r"Jtjr��^lffc| W*h/\ ** * ��. ft,  ft    .1 ' * ���
Un/iLL  UIL  lUlll CHARLE8B DICKENS is still a .  "T ff��^VVVWW9<tW0OO<>O6i_Vu
"li.'sl   seller."     Pulilisliers   don'l _���,���***_*-._ mr ������ -������*.�� _ -���- <��� a       . I       A       __._, ^^^JPOQ
BUNCH GRASS -..-...,-.���-..
There Was Some Class to the
Menu at the Yukonors Banquet
to Dr. Alfred Thompson, IMP.,
also Flapjaoks.
A oouple nf weeks ego when
In*. Alfred Thompson, M.l'., m.'iii
ber I'm' iiif Yukon, passed through Vanoouver, a host of <'1<I Yu-
konors in thai .-ily gathered together wilhoul political distinctions in .1" their nlil friend honor. The) .gave him a line banquet, wiili nil tin' trimmings,
Dr. I'M pson is a brother *><
.Mi*. .1. a. Thompson, of the
Thompson Hardware Co., nf this
cily, innl a few nf the menu
cards havo found thoir way north
in iiif looai    Yukoners.     Thoj
make g I reading, nml are re-
niinisi't'iii nf iiif tints spent nn
th.> trail.
Tin' first item mi th.- t'ard is
significently termed "The opening nf Navigation," an.l th.- var-
itis items are honored with Yukon lill.'s. Tliiii- is Muckluok
broth, LeBarge ivliiteflsh, Mala-
iniit.' tarts Iml. slush ioe, with
buokel nf blood, aurora 23, Among ih.' "Cold Btorage Rolice"are
Cbeeohaoo spuds, Yukon strawberries, bunch grass nml whale
ml. iiii below nnd flapjaoks uml
Th.' speakers Included Judge
VV, VV. B. Ifolnnes, who prosid
.���.I. It. I'. McLennan, I'. C. Wade,
George Blaok, Dr. Thompson, I-'.
MoAlpine, D. Donaghy, .1. T. Wilkinson, Robert Lowe, Henry 1:.
McAuley, ami Dr. .1. 0. Chappell.
Prom nil aooounta the ohee-
ohacoa nml sourdoughs hml n
ligh old time.
Cosmopolitan and Diokens
"besl   seller."     Pulilisliers   don'l
argue pro ami run over his books
���they jusi order a new carload
of. paper, oil lhe presses, and lei
llietn speed 011.   And it has Peon
over forty years sinoe, one morning when llie yard was tilled with
seai'let geraniums and tlie breath
of syringa was heavy in tlio air, I
the great author followed litlle1
Nell,   .Now Hint tlio centenary of;
Mis birth (February 7th), 1812),
approaches    and    everybody    is!
thinking of Diokens.    We have
seoured   several   arliolea whioh
will leil many things about him
thai have hitherto been unknown.'
iii ihe January Cosmopolitan his
son, Alfred Tennyson Diokns, will
tell you some of his own personal
reoollootions of tho great novelist.   Later, probably In February
.Mary Angola Diekens, liis granddaughter,  will  give  an   intimate,
view of Diokens as she remembers him.    In fart, in these and
other article   on Diokens which
will follow���fully   illustrated, of
been publishd of thee human���
oourso    we slntll aim lo give ynu
a mnre vivid pielure than has yet
I he homo -side of lho greal nias-
ter, written by those who knew
him best, Read the articles���
they will sur.-ly arouse a new in-
leresl  in lb.' "best belnvod" au-
I hm* in your library. Subscriptions in Cosmopolitan will bo ae-
II pled until Dee. lmli. nl the special low rale lo .Canada of 11.50.
Cosmopolitan Agonoy, *****< 851,
"The News" Classified AdsJ* 5 Christmas Givino
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
��*^.. -...^..-..M Mi .i.i �� ���m��� m .1
.-*-.*>^..��� ..-"It Hi-r ii*^.. ^.....ii
Besl   meal   ill   town   nt   Savoy.
Sec. 7
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Piatt' lil.'ISS
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared Direct
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.��� Houses ami K-pnuita,
Learn to Dance .
 , |
Wt*  refund   your  money  If  we  do  not
U-nch you to dance for the  price
of one ticket.
Wednesdays   and   Saturdays
in Sona of Km: lund Hall: at 8 p.m.
For Rent
For Kent-Two roomed cabin, cloae to McBride.
freahly papered and clean, only 110 per month.
II P. McRne A Co. t-f
FOB nic.NT���Finiiisiii'ii rooma ror gentle*
iiii*ii ullly; best locution innl llni'Si view
111 Un- illy.    I'litino ilii'iii I'll*.    Modern
convenienses. -.��� s i ��� s; s o
J m*
I Inaurance j
+ "^sr^S'^SS^SS^SS-^SI^H-^SI-^S-^SS-^SI**^!^
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We write every known class of
Inaurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co,
*a\\ *********** I***********
Want-ad-General Servnnt.
Apply Mra. L. W. Patmore.
Other maid kept,
*���***-*��� **..>���-_...
Wanted to rent or leaae by flrat of January, 6 or
6 room modern houae. cloae In. State tcrma to
Box 89.
Maternity nurao open for entrajrement. Apply
Box 2169 Newa. tf
Wanted. ��� Dreaamakinir, cteanlnff antl preta-
Inir, repalrlnir for men and women. Mra Charlea
I'ercher. 820 Third Ave.   Phone 2��l Ked.     tf
HARRY���Why remain lonely? Tlio Ideal
liiir.iitiii'tii.ii Club It-ads to tiapiilneJB. A
strictly   lu-tvatv,   lilg-b-class,   up-lo-.lale
in.'einiiii fnr properly Introducing worlliy,
iiiarringeablc people ��r any nallnnalllv,
le lik'i.'ii.     agr,     or     llll'lll.'leil     .',.11,llll.en.
.Many people watting, rich and poor.
I'liiiliiilars ne... I'lnin, acal.-d envelope,
I. C. Wilson, box 1770, Vancouver, B. C,
1-3 cash
1-3   "
1-3   "
Lot 19     Block 33     Sec. 7      Price 8575.00
" 10 "2       "7 "   1100.00
" 12 "    37        "   7 "   1400.00
Lut 16      Block 16     Sec. 2     Price 1050.00 $401.35cash
" 61-62    "    12       "   2        "pr.2200.00   775.00   *'
Third  Avenue
We have received them  in great quantities nnd will display
something far exceeding any other attempt in Prince Rupert.
W. HART     ���rtE2t���4ES ft-"**     Hart Block
i      The Jewelery Store
AN     IDEAL    I'lllllSI'MAS     GIFT
1 You will lind it an altogether
superior article. . . Haven't
you noticed it? . . It costs
more, but look at what you
nre getting���not the lacking
in the market at a cheap
price, but the very best money
can buy. . . Suit Case Umbrellas and lots of them ���A
new shipment just in.
Lost and Found
m *. i*
I tll'N'll   ���> Small Key..   Intiulreat Newa Olllce.
Real Estate
*t*mm.*mmmm ..-m,*^..-m.���^.��� mygfmm
Lot for Sale In Section 6, Block 22. Lot ID. 7th
Ave.   Apply Mike Ruzlch. Box 682 City.      tf
Eaatern atenonraphcr of wide experl.nc. wanta
poaitlon. Addreaa "Stenographer." (.nil Cordova St.. Vancouver, B.C. t-f
Water Notice
8ke*na Und DUtrlct���Dlitrict ol Queen Charlott
Taka notice that Auatin  M. Brown ol Princa
Rupert, aaddler.  intend, to apply to the Chief
t'eeriinelMte.ll.T   lef   I_tlel.   and   Weirle.   fnr   .   UcnC
to proa-sect lor eoal, oil and petroleum on .nd
under th. lollowln. daecrietad lantla on tha Weet
Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commendnf at a poet planled Ibree milea eaat
of the northeaat corner of O. I.. No. I nm thenca
aouth SO chatna. thenca 60 chaini *xteat, thenc. 80
ehalna north, thenca 80 chain, aaat to point ol
I i.ralr.l Aupilt lit. 1911
Pub. Am
I. Alfred Chriitlan Garde of I'rlnce Rupert, oc*
i*i i nm M inn.n Engineer, live nuUce that on the
21-th day of December. 1911, I Intend lo apply to
the Witter Commliiloner at hla ..ill,*.. In Prince
Rupert for a lleenee to take and uae two cubic
feel of water per aecond from an unnamed ttream
In the Dialricl of Coaat Range ,���*,. Skeena Dlvlilon
I-l mile eatt of the Tyee Station. G.T.P. Rv.
The water li to bo taken from the atream about
one half mile above it- outlet, and li to be uaed
for developing power foraquary iltuated at the
outlet of aald creek, along the Railway grade.
Dated Nov. 2��th, 1911. d-��
Christmas and New Year Hampers
For twelve consecutive years the (li.l.l S.-nl I.i.pit.r Company have hod an assortment of Holiday Hampers
tin.qusllsd by any other wine or liquor house in Kritish Columbia. And why should thia not be the case?
lt was ihis company that introduced Christmas luimii-.rs on the I'acillc Coast, und although others quickly
copied thc idea, we have regularly ptMSUtsd a list that for genuine value and popular variety of goods has
always  earned   the  expressed   appreciation  of customers.
Tenders Wanted
Tenders will be received by the un
dersigned ui) to Dec. 15, 1911, for 60
tons of coal (mine run). Delivered in
5 ton lots as required.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
6t P. R. GEN. Hospital Assoc
Hamper A
1  boltl.  Oold   S.al   "XXX"  r.n.   Old
Cognac  Brandy
I   bottle Sand.reon'a "Mountain Daw"
Scotch  Whlak.y
1  bolll.   Oold   S.al   Special   R*r*���S-
1  boltl. "St. Iimo" Nan.. Port Win.
1  bottl. "St. Irmln." iwt.i Oatawba
S pint. "Jack O' MMri." Siport B.ar
���Ohrlatmaa Br.w
S plnta Oold Seal Dry Olng.r Al.
17  bottl.a NIT PRIOE  S440I
All  fr.lght   charg*.   prepaid   to  naar.at
fr.lghl  union.
Hamper C
2 bottl.a California "Tltr.e
Zlnf.nd.l   tClaret)
1 bottl. Sana A Sonoma
Cagla"  Ang.i..a  Wlna
1  in.in. Oart.r*. Satra Fin. Old Sng-
Hah Olng.r Win.
1   boltl. S.ndaraon'a "Mountain Daw"
Scotch Whlak.y
1  bottl.  Oold   Seal   "XXX"  Fin*  Old
Oognac Brandy
1  bottla   Oold   8..I   Sp.clal   By.������-
8 plnta Oold  Seal  Dry  Dinger Al.
12 pint. "Jack  O* H.arta" Eaport Baar
���Ohrlatmaa Brew
Hamper B
1   bottl.   Oold   S.al   "XX"   Fin.   Old
Cognac Brandy
1 bolll* S.ndarion'. "Mountain Daw"
Scotch   Whiaaey
1 boltl.   Oold   S.al   Sp.clal   Ry*���s-
1  bolll* "Two E*gl��" California Port
1   bottl* "Two (agl*" California Sli.r-
ry Win*
1 bottl*  "St.   Vi.ta"   Old   Sw**t  Oa-
lawba Win*���1SSB
1 botllt   Napa   A   Sonoms   California
E.tra Olarat
6 pint. "Jack O' H.arta" Ciport Beer
Chrlitm.a  Br.w
8 plnta   Oold   S.al   "XXX"   Stout   or
India  Pale Al*���Xmat  Br.w
18 bottla* NET PRICE SS.RO
All   fr.lght   rlmrg.i   prepaid   to   near.tt
fr.lght nation.
2S bottl*!
Hamper D
1  bolll* "Doctor'* Spatial" Old Scotch
1  boltl* "Thra* S.al" B-yur-old C-
nadlan Ry.
1 bottl. Oold  S.al  "XXX" Fin.  Old
Cognac Brandy
1  bolll.   Old   Canadian    Whll.   Mall
1  bottl.   Oold   S.al   "Selected"   Old
Irish   Whlakay
1 bolll.    Napa    A    Sonoma    "Thr*.
(agl." Port  Win*
1 bottl*    Napa    *    Sonoma    "Throe
(agl*" Sh.rry Win*
1 bottl*    Napa    A    Sonoma    "Thr..
(agl*" Muacal Win*
1 bout*    Napa    41    Sonoma  "Three
(agl*" Tokay  Win*
1  boltl*   fplnt)   Morac*  Clark   Oy*r-
prool Jamaica Rum
1  bottl*  (pint) Bond * Oo.'* London
Old Tom Oln
11  boltl** N(T PRICE SS10
All   fr*lght   charg.i  pr.pald   lo   n.��re.t
irtlghl   ala.io,,.
Hamper E
1 boltla Carnoi Fr*r*.' "XXX" Ohsm-
pagna  Oognac   Brandy
1 boltla Sandaraon'a "Orand Spaclal"
Scotch  Whlak.y
1 bolll. "Thr.. t.al" B-yaar-old Canadian Ry*
1 bottl* Johnaon'i Martini or Manhattan   Cere 1.1.II.
1 bottla    10-yur-old    French    Black
Ch.rry  Win*
2 bottlea    Napa    A    Sonoma    "Thra*
Fagle"  linfandel  (Olarat)
1  boltl*  Nap.    -     Sonoma    "Thr**
Cgll'  'Port  Win*
1  bottl.   (pint)   B.rdinet'i  Crema  de
8 pint!    Oold     Seal    "XXX"    Invalid
Stoul���Xmaa Brew
12 plnta "Jack O' Hearn" Pale (iport
B.ar���Xmaa  Braw
pr.pald  lo   nearatt
Tsndon win bi rseslmd by lbs untifr
nlguitl ni tu .*, p. |���, .Monday. I Nth Di-nni-
I..T, till, for llu* riinsiriictinn or a plank
roadway mi tin. i,.., n, M,i,. ���f |.*ir,t n,,.|iii(.
bclweon Sfteiiiiii sirt.ct ami ,i,,. junction
or First anil Second avenues. Plans and
r-iu-rilliiilliiiin may lie srrn and ftirins of
lender ..iii.nn. ,i at tltc omce of ibe CHy
Lowest   or   any
city cisrk,
wm. MARLON davis,
'. City Entrln.-cr
ti'iuler   not   nccesssrlly
arcoND avknub       .   .   .     raiNcii txxiruxr
tl bottl**
All   freight   charge!
freight   nation.
Hamper F
2 pint* Heldileclt'a "Red Top Mono-
pole" Champagne
1 bolll* "(au d* Noll" French
1 bolll* "Old Mull" Scotch Whl*k*y
1 bolll* "Three Seal" 9-year-old Canadian Ry*
1 boltl* Johmnn'e Martini or Manhattan Oocklalla
1 boltl* Lion Amontillado Dry Table
1 boltl. "V. S. O." Rloh Old Port
1 bout*   Bond   *   Oo.'*   London   Old
Tom Oln
1  bolll* Mor.ce Olark Fin* Old Over-
proof Jamaica Rum
12 pint*   Pabn    Blu*   Ribbon   Hear���
Bui beer in lh* World
22 bolll.t N(T PRIOI $15.10
All   frelghl    charge!    pripild   to   nlarelt
frelghl   station.
C. T. P. Transfer Afenti
Orden promptly filled.   Prlc** raaaonable.
OFFICE-H. B. H.,chr.ter. Gentr. 8t    Phon. IM
Fine View Corner
With each antl every Hamper during the month of Decetnlnr. will he sent our Henutiful Holiday Souvenir
Picture a renrodiielitm in colors of the world fiimous picture "THE HAREl-'OOT HOY." Wherever
humnii hearts beats this picture has nlwnys (ppssltd, and mnnv of our customers will highly prize thii
.-ellent copy which  is of a  very limited edition nnd particularly suitable  for frnminif.
All hampers  are
particularly suitable  for framing.
plain   ruses   with   no marks to indicate contents, nnd prices named are freight prepaid to nearest
freight slnlton.    Write for hniidsomely illustrated 40-page catalogue.
Gold Seal Liquor Co., Limited W^3J*iM,!k
��� * ers of the Pacific Coast.
SNAP   -   $525 Each
Lots 13, 14, 15, Block 28, Section 6
Second Ave..
Princ* Ruperl, B.C.
We Pay Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Lead,
Rubber   Boots,   Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
Skeenu Land District���District of Casslar.
Tuke notice mat James Kwlng Macrae,
nf Vancouver, occupatiun real estate agent,
inlt'iiils to apply for permission lo pur-
I'lia.tf llic following described luiuls:
 iiii'iu iiik   ul   a  post   planted   about
seven miles distant anil In an easterly
direction rt-titu the Aet.ts Illver, und about
elKlil utiles nortb of Alyansti Indian vlllaRe,
Ihenco noi-lli eighty chains, thence cast
eighty Chtlni, llience Soulb eighty clialus,
Ihenca   west   eighty   chains   Io   poinl   of
II.  P.  lllllle r,   Ak.'III.
Killed Del.  .11,  1911.
Pub. Dec. 14.
Skeetin I nn.I lilslrlcl���District of Casslar.
Take notice thai Prank Puny, or Seattle,
Wash., oi'ciipailiiii ehalnnian. Intends tu
apply for permission to purchase the folluwing ili'-iTiiiod lauds:
i I'lniiii'tii'iiiK al a posl planled about six
miles east of the elaas Illver and about
seven miles north of Alyansti, tlient-a norih
eighty chains, easl eighty chains, south
eighty chains, west eighty chains io point
ur coiiinn-iiceliienl.
II. P. Iluttcr, Agent.
Dated Oct. 31, toil.
Pub. Dec.  tl.
.-.keena Lund District���District or Casslar.
i.ike notice that Clarence lluwen, of 8c-
altle, Wash., orcupailtiu woodsman, Inn-mis to apply Tor pertnlsslun lo purchasu
the folluwing described lands:
Comiiient'lng at a posl planted r.iur
nui". east of the Maus Illver and aboul
live miles north or Alyansti, thcticc west
eighty chains, iheuce south eighty chains,
Ihence east eighty ilialns, Ihenn- north
eighty chums tu point or .'.mini.-tu*. in. in.
II.   P.    lllllle 1*.    Ag. 111.
Dated net. 31, 1911.
Pub. Dec.  14,
Skeena Land DUtrirt -DUlrict ol Quaan Charlotu
Tak. notice tbat thirty da-,. Irom dau, I, C. K.
ItaintiT ol Prlne. Kupert, It. C., by occiipatiiiii
bookkoepor, InUnd to apply to tha Chie! Com-
miaaionor ol Lamia for a liconco to proapect lor
coal and peirolieum oo and under 640 acre, oi
land on Grabam laland deacrlbod aa lollowa:
Commanclng at a poat planted five milea cut
ol Coal Laaaa No. 4476, marked C. K. II. S. E
corner Coal Leaae No. 4, thenca wait 80 chaina.
thenc north SO ehalna, thanca -aaat SO chaina,
thence aouth 80 chaina to place ot commencement.
Il.lt.l Sept. 11, 1911. C. K. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sapt. 23
SkMna Land DUtrlct���Diatrict ol Quean Charloti
Taka notlc. that thirty daya Irom dau, 1, A. T
llroderick ol Prinoe Rupert, H. C, by occupation
bank manager, InUnd to apply to tha Chief CommUaioner ol Landa Ior a licence to proapect for
coal and p-ttrolsura oa and under 640 acre, vt
land on Graham laland daacribed aa lollowa:
Commanclng at a putt planud two milaa north
ol C E. fi. Coal Ivcaae No. 21, marked S. K
corner of A. T. B. Coal law No. 27, lhanc.
weat SO chaina, thenc. north 80 chaint, thenoe
eeat 80 chain., th.nc. eoulh 80 chaina to plac
of comm.nnm.nL,
Daud Sept. 12, 1911. C. E. Ilainler. Agenl.
Pub. Sept. 23.
Sken. Land DUUict���DUtrlct ol Quen CbarlotU
Taka notie tbat thirty dava Irom dau, I, C. E
U.lnler of I'rlnce Hupurt, B. C, by occupaUon
bookkeoper, InUnd lo apply to tha Chief Com-
mlaaionar ol Landa (or a licnc to proepect lur
roal and petroleum on and undar 640 acroa of
land on Graham laland daacrlbwl u (ollowa:
Comm.ncing at a pet planud two mile north
ol C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 14, marked N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 17, thenc aoulh
80 ehalna, thenn weat 10 chaina, thenc north 80
chatna, thann Mat 80 chaina to plan ol com-
Daud Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
Pub. Sent. 23.
Sken. Un.l DUtrlct���DUlrict ol Qunn Ch.rlott
T.ke noUe that thirty dava Irom data, I, O. E
Ilalnur o( Princ Rupart, B. C., by occupation
le-ookkcper. InUnd to apply u tha Chief CommUaioner ol landi lor a licnc to proepect tot
coal and petroleum on and undor 640 acraa ot
land on Graham lialnd daacrlb��l aa loilowi:
Commendnf at a put plant..! two mil... north
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 18, markad N.  W.
rorner C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 24, thane aouth
80 chaina,  thenc aut SO chain.,  thance nortii
80 chaina, tbence watt 80 chatna to plac ol com-
D.Ud Sept. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Loctor
Pub. Sapt. 23.
Skena Und Diatrict-DUtrlct ol Qunn Charlott.*
Taka notlc that thirly daya Irom daU, I, C. E.
Ilalnur ol Prinn lluperl.  II. ('., by occupation
bookkeeper,  InUnd  to .pply lo th. .'hiel Com-
muwioncr o( Und. lor . licnc to proapect Ior
co.l .nd petroleum on and undar 640 acru o(
land on Graham liland ileetrlbeel aa lullowa:
Comm.ncing at a put planted two mtlu notrh
of .uke markad C. E. B. Coal LaBM No. 4, marked
N. E. nrner C. E. B. Coal Lmm No. 6, tlience
aoulh 80 ehalna, thann wan 80 chaina, thenu
north 80 chaina, thenn eaat 80 chaini to place ol
Datad Sept. 11,1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locatoi
Pub. Sapt. 23.
Skaena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Qunn Charlotu
Taka notlc that thirty daya (rom data, I, C. E.
Ualntar ol l-rlnu Kupert, B. C, by occupallon
bookkepor, InUnd to .pply to tha Chiel Com-
trtlwlonor ol Unda (or a licnc to proepect (or
coal and petroleum on and undir 640 acna o(
hind on Craham laland deecribed at lollow.:
Commeneing at a poat planud two mlln north
I��a�� northareit lOinel Coal Uan 44(6 marked
C. E. B. Coal LeaM No. 29, thence aoutb 80 chaini,
lhanc wnt 80 chaina, thane north 80 chaina
tli.rii-. Mat bO chaina to point o! rommenement:
i* nitalnlng 640 acrea mora or Im.
Dated Sept. 12. 1911. C. E.  BAINTER
Pub. Oeu 7.
There is more than one article here
ing that will compel your inspection t.,,,1 ���SSI
suitabla for Chriitmu
Pipes and
your selection
Loewe, B. B. b.'s own
make;   Q.   B.   D.   |Dul.i
Peterson pate n t, TS
schaum and calabash, olaar
cases, cigarette cases, ciqar
holders, clgaretto holders
pipe racks, smoking sets'
tobacco Jars, ash trays, sll.
ver match boxes, etc.
Christinas Cigars in Gift Boxes
$1.00 Up
All of the Leading Tobaccos, Cigars snd
Cigarettes, both imported and domestic.
B. Campbell
mmaxas-am*-*** THE t^te^w^ai^M^i
Geo. D. Tite's
I "* ���%���.���*���!��� *MI M     STORE    l~al."��U ��.'". a a It .it. i-|
shows the way to furnish your home with quality and economy.
For Christmas Gifts what is more substantial and useful than n comfortable Chair, Rocker or Settee.   A choice variety of good
Dining Room  Furniture,  Bufleta,  China Cabinets,
Dining Tables and Chairs-leather seats
Wicker Chairs and Rockers from $5.50 to $8.50
Lace Curtains, latest designs, in Ecru or White.
Large range Tapestry Curtains,  Rope I'orliers, Casement Cloths, Madras and Scrim.
For Goad Values ia Carpels aad Rap ill sizes. Now is Vour lime lo
GEO. D. TITE  -   The Home Furnisher
!.w.w.w._.w.w.Wwiw>WttSftW,w.a�� ��..w.����.w.w.w
���***������ 0 *.***.* n
...........    . **************
******** W* W��W��� ***f*****/* ****f***t *m0* . f*
Christmas Needfuls for Holiday Enjoyment
Ebony Hand Mirrors
Manicure Seta
Military Brushes
Travelling Case
Toilet Win. r-
The Pioneer Druggist
\****t* B
Xmas Goods
A large assortment of chocolates in fancy baskets and boxes
also a full line of
Choice New Season's Fruit and Nuts
Williams & McMeekin   f
Helgerson Block - - Phone 56 |
Patronize - Home - Industry
Fnr twelve conseculivo mnnlhs the 1-2-.1 Liqunr 8lorc, at the oorner t'f *^l*v** '**���*'****
Fulton street, hns oarrled nn assortmenl of Wlnei nml Liquors unequallod hy any "','". '"'""���'
in Brlllah Oolumbla,   And why should this not bo sot  Wo snii for oash and at. rooa w*l~"
prloas, and 10. J. Mnynnrd is nlwnys mi deck with lho glad hnn.l nml a happy si"**1'*    ��'' ''''"
others muy follow, hut wo have nivnys presented n list, that for genuine value and varwi
foods litis nlwnys earned lho onrm-sl. nppt-Pi-ialion of our numerous ouslomors.   Why pay *K**V.''
wharfage and oarriage on hamper baskets whieh nirendy coat, m the leaal i?i lo begin wiin, ���*���">
lhe I-2-.'l Liquor Storo otTcrs a spnclal iliscotinl. of 10 por cent nn  nil  Liquors,   LlqueUM   ��
Wines, oommenolng the isth day of Deoember ami oontlnulng for lhe remainder nf the monmi
Lager Beer, from |1 to $3 per dozen. Scotch Whisky from 40o to |1-80 per bottlo-
Rye Whisky from 40o to $1.36 per bottle. Brandies from 40o to f3.7B per bottle.
Bourbons from $1.36 to $1.80 per bottle. (60 years old.)
nml everything clso in proportion.
Send in your orders now for thu holidays and avoid tho rush.   All orders delivered nt )'""**
doorstep hy the "Barefoot Boy." .,
PleaiO do not hnng him on lhe wall. 0**-L ���*-"* ^M0NE 1"z


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