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Twenty-four hours ending5 a.m.,
Oct. 13
w.v TEUP.    HIN.TKMP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
66.0 -19 0     29*597     .07
The Daily News^
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist V hc>    ~~"
next mails
, ?-_   For south
L6KIS ak-r^iiiaui/Buiitliiy 9 a. m.
Pi*MiL-V*8SWgex. Montluy, 8 a.m.
'rim-ess Roy%, \\Monilay,   p.m.
fOL II.     ">* 234
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, October 13, 1911.
Price Five Cents
pewly Appointed Postmaster-General May Have the
Fight of His Life to Hold His Seat in Quebec
County   Dissatisfaction Felt Over the
French Representation
(Canadian Press Despatch)
tjuebec, Oct. 13.���H. R. H. the
jke of  Connaught,  thc newly
nointed   Governor   General   of
lii.ula, arrived at Quebec Harbor
evening on the liner Empress
large   concourse   of   peop'e
e waiting at the wharf when
vessel  pulled  in,  anxious  to
Ich a  glimpse  of   their   Royal
ight Young Men Arrive to
)pen New Specialty Hardware Store.
���Jowly graded as it is and wiih
new broad plankway built on
sides of tho business section
d  avenue  is  attracting  new
Inesses already.   A bright new
Idwarc establishment is to open
Iclose lo Fifth street corner.   It
prove s|H*oially attractive to
ne furnishers.   Thc store is to
opened aliout   November  1st
! Messrs. Frank Miller and A.
trigan,  two  young  men   from
title"  ex|*crienced  in   the com-
1,1.1   travelling line, and well
i.\i n in this dislrict.
mey will specialise in domestic
fdware. kitchen furnisliirgs par-
lilarly, as light shelf hardware,
Isswarc,   tinware,   and   all   the
lie things thc home maker and
luscwife like to select personally.
|.   Frank  Miller  has  just   left
Vancouver to purchase the
bck anil  Mr.  Carrigan  is prc-
fing to receive it.    Both Ixiys
ve "cottoned on to" Rupert and
here to stay and make good.
Improved  Wharf
|F. M. Davis, of the boat, wharf
Id   marii'c   repair   station,   hits
turned from a few weeks' business
ty in  Seattle.    Mr.   Davis has
completed the construction of
Highnesses, but to their great
disappointment they did not appear on deck.
The Royal party wi'l remain in
their cabins until this afternoon
when the official landing will take
place, and the swearing in ceremonies will be gone on with. They
will then proceed to Rideau Hall
to lake up their official residence
and prepare for the opening of
the new parliament.
the new safe gangway to his boat
stage and il is now safe and comfortable of access to all . String
railings guard ladies and children
from the least chance of a slip.
Religious   Fanatics   in   Yacht
Making Signals of Distress
New York, Oct. 12.���The steamer Lapland which arrived last
light from Antwerp, sighted on.
Friday afternoon flying the signal
"Short of provisions; starving,"
the schooner yacht Coronel, owned
by Frank W. Sanford, leader of
"The Holy Ghost and Us" sect
of Shiloh, Maine. The Lapland
supplied her wiih a boat load of
provisions, but the steamer's officers were unable to learn the cir
cumstanccs which caused the Coronet's predicament. The Coronet
had on boanl twenty-three persons.
As far as they dould learn the yacht
WAS bound from African iwrls for
Samuel Dolson of St. Catherines Passes Away -Was
Aged Ninety-three.
(Canadian 1'it-ss Despatch)
St. Catherines, Oct. 13.���Samuel
Dolson died here today, aged
ninety-three. He was famous as
the oldest Mason and Independent
Oddfellow in. Canada. He joined
the Masons ihirty years ago.
By thc Prince Rupert this morning there left for tin* south about
forty first class and forty-live
second class passengers.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Pekin.Oct. 13. -TheChinese government has awakened to the danger of the
revolution. General Ying
Tchng, the minister of war,
has departed gurriedly today for Pao Ting Fu, 100
miles south of here where
the sixth division army is
making hasty preparations
to depart for Hankow,
Pacific Coast League
Portland 0, 1 ���   I.os Angeles 1, 5.
Frisco ti, 0; Sacramento 12,4.
Oakland 4, 1; Vernon 1,0.
National League
Brooklyn 3, ri;  Niw York 0, 2.
Cincinnati 4, Chicago 3.
Will Open Office
Mr. I-.. Alger of the Canadian
Home Investment Company, of
Vancouver, is in town locating a
branch office for his company in
the Mclntyre Block. He will be
joined tonight by Mr. W. Tait
who will have charge of thc local
Captain J. C. McLeod is hen-
visiting his son, Mr. Jarvis McLeod of the Customs department.
Captain Mcl.iod is a well known
pioneer navigator of the Great
1-akcs and has many friends here
and in tin- norih.
Scribbling pads for sale at The
News office. tf
resbytenans Celebrated Last Night in Their New Building
-Congratulations Were Freely Offered and an
Evening of Good Fellowship Was Spent
Just lo make it very clear lhal
is their inlention  to^'wax and
fow   fat  in   the   lard"   as   the
piptures would say, the Prcsby-
^rians opened   their  new church
iiilding on   Fourth  avenue, near
cBridc slreel, last night wiih a
lir.quct',   Three long tables sin tch
bg from end to end of the new
luildirg proved Inadequate to seat
111 who came, and a few had to
Ji'.ve a second silting.    In  point
attendance along lhe gathering
'as a greal success.
But the feast of spirit and flow
if soul that followed overshadowed
ilu-    mundane    commencement.
foist and song and Speech, and a
general atmosphere of good fellowship contributed to the greater
ilCCeSS of the banquet, the speakers
Winding Mr. George R.  Naden,
lr. Fred Slork, Mr. D. Mcl.iod,
Mr.   D.   C    McRae,   Mr.   F.   0.
law-son,  Mr. Gampp,  Mr. J. S.
Towpcr,  and   Rev.   F.  W.   ���<'"
The musical part of ihe programme
Ml provided by thc Prince Rupert
Orchestra, with vocal solos by Miss
Glahom. Mr. T. G. Davey, Mr.
Alix. Clapperton, aid a flute
and violin duet by Miss Barker
ai'd    Mr.    Froud.      Miss    Froud
assisted at the piano,   Quite the
feature of the enteriaii men I was
the humorous duel, "The Rival
Lovers," by Messrs. Davey and
Clapperton, which provoked boisterous merriment.
The church managers wen- freely
commended for iheir foresight in
selecting the excellent site the
church now enjoys, and for their
economical management of Unbuilding   fund.    The   plana  were
donated by Mr. W.L. Barker, and
many of the congregation gave
service of evenings in the building
of the new church, so that the out
of pocket is only a matter ocostf
Special praise was tendered .he
Ladies' Aid for their service in
.collccling funds and in helping
toward thc general success of the
various causes of the church.
Rebels Joined by Soldiers Rise and Demand That China Set Up a
Republic---Are Joined by Whole Provincial Assembly-
Want Dr. Sun Yat Sen as President���Battle
Between Wu Cheng Forts and Cruiser
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Hankow, China, October 13.���The revolution that has been hanging over China for
several months in which the rising in the province ot Sze Chuen is only a small part has
begun in real earnest. It is a concerted movement to shake the Empire and declare it
a republic.
If the plans do not mis-carry the noted exile and revolutionist Dr. Sun Yat Sen,
the leader of the anti-Manchu party, will be elected President. His brother who is now
in Hankow has been elected President of the provincial assembly. The whole assembly
has seceded from the Imperial government and the rebels are well organized and financially strong.
Thousands of soldiers have joined the revolution. The prisons have been opened
today and all criminals liberated. Orders have been issued that the lives of all foreigners
are to be protected. There has been a sharp exchange of shots today between the Wu
Cheng forts and a Chinese cruiser.
Bottom of One of Battleship's
Boats Fell Clean Out Portholes Fractured and Skylights
Shattered- Men Wore Wool-
padded Earlaps.
London, Ocl. 13.���(S|*ecial)���
The battleship Orion's 13.5-inch
guns have been tried with re-
markabe effect. So tremendous
was the concussion that windows
iverc shaken in Southsca, ten miles
away.   The structure of ilu- ship
well withstood the test and showed
no damage.
AH those engaged in tin- Bring
operation wore wool-padded ear-
laps. Hardened glass sky'ighis
;.,d .i.irtholes were badly fractured,
and the coverings of canned goods
in the ship's stores burst, and
much crockery was smashed.
The decks were not buckled by
lhe blast, thanks to the manner in
which the)  were specially .streng
thened, bu. die hoiiom of one of
the ship's boats fell clean oul.
New lot fancy Kimopa Flannelettes.���Wallace's. 2t
Three Big Western Railroads
Have Bought Big Acreage at
St. Boniface for Stockyard
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, Ocl.   12.���Afler iwo
years' negotiations, lhe three big
Western  Canadian railways,  the
C. P. R*. C. N. R��� andC.'. T. P..
have agreed on ilu- purchase of
218 cares in Si. Boniface across
lhe river from here. On this sin*
they will proceed lo erect large
stockyards. The Govern men I will
aid to the extent of a quarter
million dollars.
Steamships Collide. Whole
Crew Drowns off Goodwin
London, Ocl. 13.���(Special)*���
The British steamer Hatfield, from
Huelva,  Spain,  for   Rotterdam,
was in collision with lhe British
steamer Glasgow, from Rotterdam
for Dundee, aid sunk. All the
members of  the  Hatfield's crew,
numbering about twenty nun,
were drowned.    The II.-ilu Id had
gone io the assistance of llic
Glasgow, which had broken her
steering gear aid had signalled
for assistance. The Glasgow was
picked up by another steamer antl
towed into lhe harlxir al Dover.
The S.S. Celtic with a full
Cargo "( coal for Messrs. Rochester
ft Munro is delayed for a few* days.
She ran ashore near Vancouver
on ihe northward tiip but was got
off easily.
Reached   Quebec   Last   Night   on    the   Empress   of
Britain���Large Crowd of People Who Gathered Were Disappointed at  Not
Seeing Him on Deck
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Quebec, On.   18,   It  is alto
gether likely that very strong opposition will Ik- offered to Hon.
L. P. Pelletier, the newly appointed
Postmaster General when he offers
himself for re-election as member
for Quebec County next month.
The Liberal organ here has
threatened the Minister wiih a
strenuous fight. The Liberals hen-
are very much dissatisfied with
the French Canadian representation in the Borden Cabinet, and
will count on thai dissatisfaction
in lhe coming cor test.
Hon. Mr. Pelletier only gained
a vistory over his ..pp. i ti l J. P.
Turcotte by a slender majority,
antl if serious opposition is made
his re-election is by no means
lot   fancy
A. (). Wheeler. F. R. G. S.,
director of thc Alipne club of
Canada, has just relumed from
thc Yellow Head Pass, in the
neighborhood of which he Spent
lhe past three mor ihs. Wheeler
was in charge of a party which
went nonh on July 1, for the
purpose of making .- topographical
survey of the Yellow Head region.
The pan> made a circuit of 100
miles around Mount Robson and
made complete maps of the enclosed area. Travelling with ilu in
wen- several scientists representing
ilu-Smithsonian Institute of Washington, who were commissioned
,o nuke ;i study of lhe fauna of
the region aid who secured over
K(Ml specimens. Mr. Wheeler stales
lhat lhc Alpine* club will be
obligetl lo abandon lhe idea of
holding next season's camp in
the neighborhood of Mount Robson
aa he found  that   lhe diffituliies
of such an undertaking would be
ioo great owing to the lack of
trails and transportation facilities,
W. T. White formerly manager
of  lhe  National  Trust  Comp.-i \
of Toronto, has been succeeded by
Mr. W. I-'.. Riindle as manager of
lhe concern. Mr. While becomes
president in succession to J. W.
Great Britain to Spend More
Than Ever This Year. Estimates $75,000,000
The Briiish naval estimates for
this year are exceedingly large,
li is the intention to appropriate
878.000,000 for new constructions
Thi- sum tf money will provide
live Dreadnoughts ,three protec-
tive cruisers, i-iil ;i  number of
torpedo boat destroyers aid submarines.    Niws ilso ct mes which
-. \- Austria-Hungary is to spend
within  the iixi  dw   years 875,-
iHHl.iMK) in naval construction, and
ihis is regarded as peculiarly sig-
nificant inasmuch as Austria-Hungary is Germany's ally.   At the
present   lime   Briiish   tonnage  is
430,000 tons; that of Germany is
207,0*10   ions-    and   ihe   li.iied
Slates is in the ri xl position wiih
130.000 tons.
Philip T. Nicholas Passed Bogus
Five months sentence was passed
by lhe magistrate yesterday
on Philip T. Nicholas for having
p.*���ul Imgus cheques in this city.
This i-. .. t rouble which has been
common in Rupert for -tune lime
and several have Incn pu.iishcd
for it.
General Conevi, Commander-in-Chief of the Italian, Expedition,
Decides to March Immediately Upon the Turks Who are
Entrenched Outside the Town and Supported
With Field Guns���Proclamation Issued
Mr. and Mrs. George Farren of Porcher Island, Send the
First Fruits of Their Ranch Over to the Minister Who
Married Them   A Grate fnl Compliment
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Tripoli, Oct. 13.���General Con-
tvi, Commander in Chief of the
Italian   military   expedition,   has
decided  i<> act  quickly.    It  is
believed   the   troops   under   him
will   march   immediately   against
the position occupied by lhe Turks.
Turks are Entrenched
A reconnalsar.ee of the desert
today disclosed ���" central body of
Turks wiih field guns not far from
thc city.
Nineteen,   more   Italian   tansr-
ports escorted by warships carrying
the second division of troops nr-
rived this morning aid hastily
landed. There is now 8 force of
22,000 Italian soldiers al Tripoli.
The total division  is one hundred
and fifty thousand.
Although   the   utmost   prccau-
lions   have   been   taken   cholera
has broken out amongst the Iroops
and four deaths have occurred.
Italian Proclamation
General Conevi has issued  a
proclamation to ihe Inhabitants
assuring ihem lh.it liny will roi
be enslaved by Italy, bill on the
C0ntrery( will be liberated from
the yoke under which ihey have
been laboring for years. They
will be ruled by their own chiefs
and receive the paironage of the
King of Italy. All religious and
irreli vent laws are lo be respected,
antl taxes are lo be reduced or
abolished. Il concludes by staling
that Italy desires Tripoli to remain
under lhc hand of [slam ai'd under
ihe protection of Italy.
About   a   year   ago   a   young
rancher from Porcher Island ki ock-
ed bashfully at the tloor ..f the
residence of one of the local
ministers, He led wiih him .-
brave maiden who was willing to
go over lo lhe forest .nil -t. p.d
by his side as he carved out a
home for I hem.
Yesterday   there   came   lo   the
minister's house a huge parcel
with "The compliments of Mr.
and  Mrs.  George  Farran."    The
pared contained ilu- hugest and
cleanest samples of ill Undi of
vegetables, all of which have been
grown on their own Iii lie f.-rtn
,it Refuge Bay. Onions and turnips, Carrots, cabbage, preserved
fruit���all   were   then     and   there
.���re going lo be some excellent
bachelor meals in the minister's
Cabin for the next few- ��!.*\ -.
will give is that he i- Scotch. .Mil
kipl Ihem .* way from the bai quel
table ai his kirk lasi night.
The thank offering is good evl-
di i-i i that ihe mnrrlage hi i turned
um to be a ver) hnpp) one to ihe
young couple.
Ni w   fall   goods   arriving   by
every boat.���Wallace's. 2t
City Building Inspector Tells
Committee That All Theatres
but One are Not Safe.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Ocl. 18,-  Answering
Altlernian Crowe at a meeting of
lhe civic building coiiiiuittec here
yesterday afternoon, Building In-
. .peel or    Jarrclt   declared   ir   his
The   News   WOUM   gl.'dly   give ',;,.������,���   ',,,;,,   a*]   Uu.   theatres   in
the name of the bachelor minister,^. dty v.hh _-- t.xtl.,ll(<m wm.
but is afraid that ii might b��lnot perfectly safe.
Crowded mil  in   lhe rush  for  the I	
good things.    The only  hint we|    Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, I'hone 4 THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch.    Contract rates
on application.
Daily Edition.
Friday, Oct. 13
Two very Interesting despatches found their way over the* telegraph wires yesterday, more pertinent to the individual citizens of
Prince Rupert than anything from the seat of war, One told of a
meeting of ihe Coast and Mountain Lumber .Assoc'ition at Calgary;
the other told of a meeting of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association
at Toronto.
Each association has for its object the furthering of the material
Welfare of iis members. That is a worthy object, with which no man
can quarrel, No apology is needed even from a wealthy lumberman
or a plutocratic manufacturer, if he desires to become siill more wealthy.
The noticeable feature of both meetings, according to the press
despatches, is that the lumbermen and the manufacturers alike sought
to increase their wealth, not by opening up larger markets and increasing
their outputs, but by seeking legislative restrictions on trade.
The lumbermen were very frank about it. They did not conceal
that they intended to seek increased wealth by brining about an
artificial lumber famine, "The members agreed that many mills
on both sides of the line are to remain closed until 1913" is the blunt
but eloquent wording of the press despatch. The lumbermen calculate
that they can make-more money by limiting the output of lumber,
than by bothering about opening up new markets.
Valuable machinery will lie idle. Lumber camps will disband,
saw mill employees will break up iheir homes and disperse to seek
other jobs, but thc wealthy members of lumbermen's associations will
look to the lumber shortage to create starvation prices. This will
pay for the rotting mills and the silent plants, and leave siill larger
prolits.   It is the easy road���for the lumber operators.
Bui there is one danger to the lumbermen'? plans. When lumber
reaches famine prices, it will be profitable for United States lumbermen
to ship in American lumber. .Accordingly, to quote the words of the
despatch "an elTort will be made to have the Government give added
protection to rough lines of lumber."
The News has no hard words for the Lumbermen's Association.
The News is only concerned in its responsibility lo educate the public
a- io ihe methods whereby ihey are victimised under by the operation
of a tariff. A tariff is a legislative weapon whereby the wealthy producers are protected from molestation while engaged in the task of
extorting fictitious values from the mass of poor consumers.
The case of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association upon which
at the outset we had intended to elaborate, is identical in spirit with
the case of the lumbermen. They want a "revision of thc tariff," but
it is to be revised upwards instead of downwards. Before even Mr.
Borden's ministers can hold their first Cabinet meeting, the Canadian
Manufacturers' Association are meeting to plan how to get back
ihe huge sums they spent in the recent election in defeating reciprocity.
This is not a question of ]>olitics; it is a question of economics
for every voter to grapple with.
A Regina Restaurant Decides to
Draw the Color Line Drastic
Method to be Used.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Regina, Oct. 12.���A city restaurant here has decided to draw
the color line in fill lire on all
blacks, Japanese and Chinese patrons who will have to pay double
what their while brothers are
charged. Ihis is not declared to
be a money making venture, but
a hint to all the* colored people
iluii iheir presence is not wanted.
Writs Issued Today for Ten
Constituencies Represented
by the New Ministers.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Oct. 12.���Writs ate lo
be issued today for ten by-elections
in those constituencies represented
by those numbers of the Borden
govern men I who have been assigned portfolios. The nominations ;ire to be on October 25, and
elections on November 1st.
Nothing has been determined
.is lo the seats lo be occupied by
Messrs. Hazen, Cochrane, and
White. It is understood that
Hon. Robert Rogers has been
offered lhe Winnipeg seat, as there
is a probability of Mr. Haggart
going to ihe senate.
Royalists are Operating in the
Smaller Frontier Towns
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Bragansea. Portugal, Ocl. 12 ���
It is difficult to obtain reliable
information concerning the positions and movements of the Royalists who appear to be operating
in the small towns along the
frontier. Ii is declared they have
withdrawn now into Spain.
Alderman Newton's action in criticising the civic advertising
patronage on Wednesday night, gives the News an opportunity to
discuss a question which it would nol have raised itself. The News
w.i- quite conscious that it was being unfairly discriminated against,
but accepted ihe discrimination as ilu* price it paid for retaining its
liberty to serve ihe public. At no lime has ihe News ever been a
suppliant for "pap." Ii did not look for a square deal in the matter,
and consequently ha- not been disappointed.
But it is time lhat the question thus raised should be properly
ventilated. Lasi year's council very properly awarded its advertising
by public tender. The Journal was the successful tenderer, and very
properly entitled to it.   Why was that system abolished this year?
Both Mayor Manson and the Journal are on trial today, ard should
explain how it is that large advertising this year has been given to
the Journal without a tender, and at double the rales which the Journal
agreed to print the city's advertising at.
Had lhc Journal been a widely reatl newspaper, such as one other
We could mention, bad it helped the town by paying out in wages
and operation during the year a sum of over $2.5,00'.) to citizens of
Prince Ruperl, as has the News, sonic public spiriled reason might
In* Imagined for thus quietly giving it subsidies out of the people's
The mailer calls for very full explanation.
Mother Superior of Blessed Vir
gin Passes Away at Loratto
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, Oct. 12.���The Reverend Mother Viclorine Harris,
Chief Superior of the Institute of
the Blessed Virgin in America
died here today at Loratto .Abbey.
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i,   Qnm complete flock of Drum.   Special    ,,
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Great Story
The News has received so many letters
of appreciation from its readers for its
enterprise and judgment in securing
the serial rights of Captain Give Wol-
ley's great story, "The Tenderfoot's
Wooing," that it has gone still further.
The  News  has  secured  the  serial rights   for
Louis  Tracy's  Great New Story
"The Pillar
of Light"
and   will   start   the   story   Next  Week.
Louis Tracy is the greatest writer of fascinating adventure stories in England.���His plots are vigorous.���His
characters are lifelike. There is not a dull paragraph.
His stories are models  of good   English too	
What The Pillar of Light Is
The "Pillar of Light" is a sea story of
love and adventure. As you may guess
the "Pillar of Light" is a lighthouse.
The story concerns the romance of
Stephen Brand the lighthouse keeper
and man of mystery. It is a story of
heroic deeds in many lands. It will
hold you to the very last word and delight you all the time. In the end you
will see the greater meaning of the
title "The Pillar of Light.   :    :    :
This story is exclusive in British Columbia to the Daily News and
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your name entered on the Daily News books as a subscriber.
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bOOklmpil-,  llll-r.,,1   U,  Upply   i���    .''*-.''In,,
nOoMt th Landa i���, ���\,.,,.',-;, '
coa   mid petroleum ���i, ���,���| ,. '      ���    :���
lund on Qrjhara uiu-j ,,,.������,,. '���   *U*x*s ���i
I   . em     ...    ..    . '   ��'   In! ������*_..
|,���|,-,1 Sept. 11, un
Pub. Sopt IS,
Hmu Land Dbtriot ���Dutifa...,,
��� Tak..iuih-iuim'I,.,,".,.-'
Banner ol Prince Hupii   i,   ,    ',"" ���'���������������
bookkwiH-r, intond to ��,,[,:  ',.. |  ,���  '""I'siiuii
miaaiom-r ul l.un.l. (���r	
toiil and patrolaum ou and  .
land ou Graham l,lai,,l,l,.,���,,,,,',,,      ��<* ��
I ummenciii, al a pual pl      ,'
ot Coal Loaao No. -I ll ������!.,,,. .',
cornur Nu. *>, ihum*,, Kill i
BO chain., ihcllco until
BO chain, to placo ul coi     .
Datod Si-|it. 11, mil.    Q, l.   BAI) mi i
Skoena Land DUtrlct--b.,1,,,1 ,, n   ,,,,���,���
Tako none**, lhat tinny da)   li    .
Balnter ol l'nnco llupert, ,,. ,     ,,,    ���'���*-���**
bookkoopor, Inund lu apply u,   ,.,  ,   ":"'���"'
muanonor ol Land. W i'l.^v ,., ,.
coal and potroloum on lad un.,,, ,'.
land on uraham island daaerlbad ��, i,,w,��� "
Commonclng at a po��t plutad ,,���. ���.������__.
ol Coal Leaao No. tltli, marked 0. I. iTsT
corner ol Coal Loaa. No. 11, U,,,,,-, , M ���' '��� "*
thonc north uu chain., Itmot am n��T
thenco aouth 80 chaiiu to pluco ol l��um��ti__L
Skwna Und DUtricl-DUtriri ul Qumq Oiartai.
Take notice ibat thirty day* Iron. -uu, | ,-T
gg$�� ot I'rince Hupert, it. c. by oeo_Mi
bookkeeper,intend lu apply U> Um t lm Com!
mtaiiuni* -ul Lands lur u licenco iu unmet i-
coai and petroleum on and under MQ mCtt�� j
land on Graham liland dmenbed .-., foUmti
Commencing at a poal piantvd On mlla tut
ol Coal Leaae No. 4476, nurkud C. K. U, g, g
corner Coal Uaae No. 4, Umom ��m K)-obaia.
Ibenco north 80 chaini, tbtooa vm sj ctiAitT
thonco south tiO chaini lo placu ol fti��nn��.i,c��irtiL
Dated Sept. U, mi. C. �� HAlMl.U. Ucfi
I'ub. St*iu. _;i.
Skwna Land DUtricl���DUlrict ol gurt-ti (hirlotu
Take nolice lhat thirty dayi Irom iut��, | c t,
Bainter ol i'rince Hupurt, Et, C, b) oenpatki
bookkeeper, intend io apply iu thu CfcW tua-
mUaionor of Landi (or a licenc*. tu |ii-u>,*vct [���,
coal and petroleum on and under ulu _ r.> j
'and on Graham liland duwnbi<d ai luUo��i.
Commencing at a poit platuvd two unit, r.otrt
ol iteke marked C. K. U. Coal U****** Nu. l. mu.m
N. E. corner C. E. U. Coal Leaw .Nu. L tt��an
aouth bO chalu, thencu watt b\) chain*, itntt
north H0 cbaiu, thunce eaal 60 cbi.m t.. |,uct J
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. LIAIN'l i.l;. Lotalti
I'ub. SepL 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrlct of Quwn Chntotu
Take nolice lhal thirty days Irum data, 1,0.1,
Bainter of Prinoe Hupert, ii, C, by occupuin
hookkeeper. Intend lo apply to tin- On.; Co��
miaaioner of Landa for a licence lu |>.*wprci l��
coal and petroleum on and under Mu acrn of
land on Grabam laland doacribed ai tattMB
Commencing at a poet planted uo iiui�� aorll
ot C. K. U. Coal Laaaa No. *i, marked i'. t*. ilauiur
N. W. cornar Coai Loaao No. li, ihn.cq swuta m
chains, thence oaat bO chains, tiirncv r.ufta n
chaina, tbenc* waat bO chaini lo place of o>��
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.     C. K. UA1.NTLK .Uaisr
Pub. Supt. 23
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtricl ol gueen Charlotu
Take notice that ihirty dayi Irom .i-... |, C-1
Balnter of Prince Hupert, ii. C, by occupAiui
bookkeeper, intend to apply to thi t'lml us*
miaaioner of Landa (or a licrncu to pruspert let
coal and petroleum oo and under t>w acra 4
land on Grabam laland doacribed ar lollows.
Commencing at a poet planted twu milo. ttxtf
of C. ��. B. Coal Leaa* Nu. i, atake H W. oma-
Coal Leaae No. 7, thonce north ou chains, Umm
aaat bU chaina, thane* aoulh ��u ctmns, Umm
weal SO chalu to place of commencement.
Dated Sepl. 11,1911. C. K. BAl.Mt.lt, Uaur
Pub. Sepl. 23
Skeena Land DUtrict ���DUtrict o( Queen CUr.iXU
Take notice that thirty dayi from date, 1. C. *-.
Bainter of Princ* Hupert, 11. C, b] ucru(��na]
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the (hid tea-
miaaionor of Landa for a licence iu prufj-eci lor
coal and petroleum on and under tlu icm *t
land 0., Graham laland deacribed aa (eli-ovs.
Commencing at a poet planted two mun twrll
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 4, marked 8. t*. eorM
C. E. B. Coal Luaa No. 6, thence nurth ml cuaia,
thonce ��*it bU chaina, tnence ���uu'ii N rt��*
thence eaat bO chilna lo place uf cuinnn'i.Cf nwau
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. E. BAl.Mhlt. bot��U(
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict o( Quern Cbvktu
Take nolle* ibat ihirty dayi from date, I, C. C.
Balnter of Prinoe Huport, K ***** h occuptfaa
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Thirl lea*
miaaioner of Landa for a licenc* lo prospect lot
coal and petroleum on and under oiu acna ��
land on Graham laland deacribed aa f.iiiu����.
Commencing at a poet planted tw- ���!���*���_'
ot Coal Una* No. 4474, marked C. & Uiuttfi
N. E. corner Coal Laaaa No. 9, thence aoutb ���**
ehalm, thance weet 80 ehaiu, thrnce r.-rth ���*
cbaina, thenca eaat HO cbains to place v( coa*
Daled Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTKIL, \><*-*
Pub. Sept. 23.
IMM Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queer. CaariaW
Take notice lhat thirty days (rom date, 1, l ��� *-
Bainter o( Princ* Huport, B. C, l>> ore jpstm
bookkeeper, Intnd to app'y to the t'ha-f i��*
miaaioner ot Unds for a licence to pr..**i*vct w
coal and petroleum on and under NO arm *��
(and on Graham laland daacribed as (olloas.
Commencing at a post planted orn- RUM w**"
of C. E. B. Coal Laos* No. V, >���* ������* N *���
cornar C E. B. No. 10, thence soulb 50 **mm
thenoa weat HO chaina, thence nortl. -' ���"������'���-*
thenee eaal 80 ehaiu to placo of comiii' ro w*1 _
Dated SepU 11, 1911. C. E. BAI.MI.K. U����*
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Qum i
Taka notio* that thirty dayi frunm d >'
Bainter of IMnca Hupert, B. Oa "**��� '������- ���
keeper, Intend to apply te tho Chiel t
of Lands (or a lloanoe to prospect fi
petroleum on  and  under 040 acre
Graham laland daacribed as follow.
Commencing at a poat planted *���*���������
of C. E. H Coal Uaa* No 8, markil *
of C. E. B. Coal Uase No. II, Um
ehalna, ibenc* weat HO chains, the- ���
chalu, thenoe eaat HU chalu lo p.*'
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.     C. E. BAIN'I I
Pub. Sept. 23.
. I, t b.
'. laaa..
Skw-na Land Dlatrlcl-Dlalrlct ol Qu,-
Taka notioa lhal thirty day. Iron, -
llainii-r ol Itlnea llup.-n.  II. C, I,.'
bookkeeper. Inund to apply to tin* '
miaaioner ol Land for a licence te> | -
coal and  |tetn,l,-uiii  on and uti,l,*r - -
land on Graham laland dee-riril*.-,! M I
Commonclna at a poal plante.1 x.n
ol C. K. II. Coal Laaaa No. 7. matl<< -
Coal Leaaa No. 12, th.-nc- aoutn B0 ci i
aaat ��o chaina, thenca nonh B0 mall
weat B0 chaina to placa of comm.-iin",--
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. UAIM
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeona Und Diatrict���DUlrict ol Qua.
Tako notico that thirty day, Irom dal,
Balnier ol Prinoe Rupert, II. C, ny
bookkeeper, inland to apply to th.* I
miaaioner of Landa for a licence tu ;
coal and petroleum on and under <->
land on Graham laland described a. tollo
Commend--*, at a poit planled i***i, n'
of C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 7, marked !���*�����''""
C. E. B. Coai Leaae No. Ill, tf****
chaina, thenco oaat 80 chain., lh'*"*"-*
chaina, thence weat 80 chaina lu pHH
meneemont. __,
Dated S��pt. 11, Ull.     C. E. BAINTKI.. -
i'ub. Sept. 28.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict nf QUJ" '
Tako notice that thirty day. from I xlx
Balnter of I'rinco Rupert, II. 0. bl .'"
bookkeeper, Intend to apply lo Hi" I '
miaaionor ol Landa lor a licenco '��� I-
coal antl petroloum on and uml.r t.i'i
land on Graham laland deacrllierl a. f"H" *        .lh
Commencln, at a poat planted two mill
ot C. E. U. Coal LeaM No. 8, markorl B. I   " ',���
C.  E.  B.  Coal Leaw Mo.  ll, WSJ ' .,,
chaina, thence weat 80 chains, lhM��
chaina, Ihenco taat 80 chaina to plac "I
m.'iiccment, .......,.,.,, , rjieif
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.     C. E. BAIN 1 BR, I ******
I'ub. Sept. 2X
|     ,   r'-Il-
, ea
. north
i, B
_ ihenff
' |t.er.��
I   -lll-t'***
|     I      I
I Tom*
, - I.-:
ui�� ���"<
��� urih
h l*
|    t0*xt*
. I-
Skeona Land Dlalrlet-Dlatrlct of QuMn < ;      ,
Tako notice that thirty days from .la"*.
Balnter ol I'rlnce Kupert, II. C.by "'
iiookkoeper, Intend to' apply lo Ihi ' '"'! ', ,_,
miaaioner ot Lanela lor a licence to H   - |
coal and patrolaum on and under ..." "'
land on Oraham Island described as l.,ll"��        .,,,
Commonclna at a poat planled one nil" "   |t
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaaa No. 10, markee  ( . r-
Coal Leaae No. 16, thonce north BO MH      . ���
weat 80 chaina, thenca aouth 80 chnin��. "
eaat 80 chaina to place ol commenri-m, lit- ,
Daled Sept. 11, 1911.     C. E. BAIN I hit, >���'���'
Pub. Sept. 29.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of QmM (jl;
Take notice that thirty daya from dale,, ���,���,������
Ilalnter of Prince Rupert, ft. 0uby<>**t*P*'
bookkeeper, Intand to apply lo lh" <���''"���      [_,
misaioner ot Landa for a licence11" l|;;' ���*
coal and petroleum on and under ��*'�� "'
land on Graham Island deacriboil aa '"""*."_ ������riii
Commencln, at a post planted lw�� i[*""   ,.;.
ol C. E. B. Coal Iaeaao No. 10, markrd N
corner C. K B. Coal Leaao No. I". tWJW ���    ,h
I 80 chaina, thenco woat 80 chains, Hi���0 , "���������.
80 chaina, thenc. aaat 80 shalns lu pl����� ���"
I mencement. _   _,   _ .euvalll  I ntsX***
| Datwl Sapt. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTEH. uoc
I Pub. Sopt. 28.
-*�������*��� THE DAILY NEWS
j 8-
! I
General Merchandise       - -        Largest Stock
�� j
Lowest Prices  in Northern  B. C.
; ******
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
Canadian Pacific Railway
lll.l'. Coast service ��� Famous] Prit-cess
Princess May
Thursday, October I Sth, at 9 a.m.
Victoria. Vancouver and Saattle
| J G. McNab ��� General Agenl
Double Weekly Service
B.s. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
i. Prince  John sails for   Port   Simpson, Naas River, and Stewart, Wcil-
r -eliiy.*., 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Naden  Harbor Thursdays  12   p. m.
Por Skidegate,   Rose  Harbor,   etc.,
��� irdaya 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
ixtd trains from Prince Rupert Mon-
tiiiys, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1
|i.ni.. returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
untl Sundays at 4  p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
lonni'ding with trains from the Pacific
bi'.i-t operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
Rouble track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and l'liila-
"t'lphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
Arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
pllicc of
|Prince Rupert Lodge,I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
| All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
Skoona Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Coaat llango 6
Tak. notce that Linford Soared Bell ol Prince
Rupert, H. C_ occupation locomotive enginoor,
intenda to apply fen- pwmlaalon to purchaao tho
lollowing described landa:
Commencing at a poat plantod on the north
bank ol tha Zimogotiu Illver about throo (11)
mllea distant (upstream) In a weatorly direction
trom tho Junction ol th. Little Zimogotiu Kiver
and tbe main Zimogotiu Hiver, thonce north 40
chaina, thance weat 40 chaina, thence aouth 40
chaina, thence, oaat 40 chaina to poat ol commencement conUining 160 acrea moro or loaa.
Dated Juna T, 1911. LINKUKD SKWAI.I. BELL
Pub. July 8. lieu. IL Putnam, Agant
Caasiar   Land   Diatrict���Diatrict   ot  Skoena
Take noUoa that I, Lemuel Freor ol Vancouver,
occupatioo broker, inland to apply lor permiaaion
to purchaaa the [ollowing doaribodr landa:
Commencing at a poat plantod on tho shoro
In a northorly direction Irom Port Nelson Cannory
markod 1_ K.'a 8. K. Cornar, thenc 20 chaina
north, thenoa 20 chaina woat, thenca 20 chaina
aouth to ahoro Una, thenoe along the ahore to
point ot commencement,. conUining 40 acrea mora
Datad June 10,1911
Pub. July 8.
J. M. Collison. Agont
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coast Rango b
Tako notioa tbat R. F. Miller ol Tipton, England,  occupaUon  farm-Mr,   InUnda  to  apply   for
permiaaion  to  purchai
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
Olllce on Second Avenue
..-roomed Cabin, close in
4-roomed House, Hays Cove Avenue
7-roomcd   House,   Sixth
Ave., near McBride
fi-roomuil House, overlooking harbor
I'tiriiishi-d li-roomcd Cottage, $45 month
Second Ave.. Prince Rupart, B.C.
Frnser and Fifth St.
Thc only hutel In 1'iwn
with hot and cold water In rooma. Best furnished house north of
Vancouver. Iloeims MIc
up. Phone 87. P.O.
Box Ut.     I      I      I
the following doacribod
Commencing at a poat plantod about 60 chaina
weat Irom tha N. W. Cornor ot Lot 4406, thenca
north 40 chaina, thenca weat 20 chaina, thonce
eouth 40 chaina, thonco eaat 20 chaina to the
point ol commencement conUining eighty acrea
mora or laas.
Dated Auguat 19, 1911. R. F. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skeana Land Diatrict���Dlalrlct of Coaat Rango b
Taka nutico that I, Thomaa McClymont ol
Prinoe Rupert, il. C, occupaUon real aaule
broker, Intand to apply lor permiaaion to purchaao
the lollowlng deaenbed landa:
Commanclng al a paot planted at tha S. W.
corner of pre-emption record 412, thence eaat HO
chaina, Ihenca aoulh 40 chaina, thonce wost 80
chaina to ahore ol lake, Ihence lollowing ahore
ol lake in a nortl.erly direction to point of commencement: containing 820 acros, more or laaa.
Datad Sept. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
Pub. Sept. 9. Erenoat Cole. Agent
SkMna Land Dlalrlct���Diatrict ol Coast Rango b
Taka noUoa thst E. U. ti. Miller ot Falmouth
Eng., occupaUon surveyor, inunda to apply Io
permiaalon  to  purchaaa  tha  lollowing deacrlbod
Commanclng at a poat planUd at the N. W. Corner of Lot 4406, thonce woat 80 chiana, Ihenco suuth
20 chaina, Ihence eaat 80 chaina, thence north 20
chaina to the point ol commoncomont conUining
160 acrea more or leaa. _   _	
Dated August 15, 1911. E. H. G. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict -District of Queen Charlotu
Taka nollco lhat Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda lo apply to the
Chief Commlaaioner ol Landa and Worka lor a
Licence lo proapect tor coal, e,ii and potroloum on
and under the following deacrlbod Ianda on tho
Woat Coaal ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three miloa eaat
ol tha northeaat corner of C. I_ No. 4472 thence
north 80 chaina, thenca eaat 80 chaina, thonce
aoutb 80 chaina, thence weal 80 chaina to point of
Located Auguat Iat. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeana Land Diatrict���DUtrict of Coaat Rango V
Taka noUco that I,  PeUr Laraen of Towner,
North DakoU, U. S. A., larmer, inund to apply
for permiaalon to purchaae the lollowlng deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at tha aoutheaat corner ol Lot 1729, tlience aouth 80 chaina,
Ihenca weat 40 chaina, thenca north 80 chaina,
thenoa eaat 40 chaina to point ol commencemont
Datad July 16, 1911. _   PETER LAKShN
Pub July 26. I'Jll. Fred E. Cowell, Agont
Skoona Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Cout Ranga V
Take notica that I, Adolph U. Chrlatlanaon ol
Townor, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
et-law, Inund to apply lor permiaaion to purchaae
the lollowing described Ianda:    .  ...._. .
Commonclng at a poat plantod aboil one anel
one-half mllea (I 1-2) northoaat ol the head of
Trout lllvor on tho waat aide of Ukolae Lake,
anei about 6 chaina Irom tha lake-front, llionco
south 80 chain., thenc*. war'. 80 chaina, thonce
north 80 chaina, thenca oaat 80 chaina lo point
of con.""****n"A^OLpH ���*-, cifRlSTIANSON
Datad Juna 30, 1911. Fred E. Cowall, Agont
Pub. July 26.
Skoona Und Distrlct-Dletrlct of Caaalar
Tako notice that R. H- Suwart ol Vancouver
B.   C, occupation  truckman,   Intends  to  apply
for permiaalon u purchaao the following doacribed
'"l-ommenclng at a lioat plantod 40 chaina aouth
of Pre-emption No. 5��7 and 62 chains east from
the Naa- liver (S. W. C), thonce 40 chaina ea. ,
thenceTall chain, north, thenco 40 chain. WMt,
thence IU chain, aouth lo tho point ol commencement to contain Mjaam �����ftyR-_V_WART
Dated Aug, 1911. Jamoa T. Fullorton, Agont
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District ol Coast Range 6
Take nutico that Harold E. Smith ol Mor.lv,
MX*, occupation at.lion agont. Intend, to apply
lur (irmissFon to purchase the following deacr.ood
"commencing at a post plant*.! t*A* ***X
weat corner 100 chain. M.T&wTsSJS
from N. E. vomer ol Lot 1110, H��'v��y f_J���*2
cSaet DUtrict Rango 5, thenco 40 chain. ��at.
thenco 80 chaina nurth, thenco 40 chaina weat.
thonco 80 chaina aouth to post ol commencemenl
RS-S&f-a fflt """' HAIWU* E. SMITH
KttSEss. *****w- "ob,or' *���
Ruport, laborer, Intend1 to apply V prmtaalon
sHWfe tss Sf gg gs
S 40 chain., thonco north 40 chains, thonc.
r^it-rioT'"' ��' C<"nm0nPAT��LtilAGEN
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coasl Range V
Take notico that Joaao If, Tall-nan of Cedar
llonlils     Iowa,   occupation   lawyer,   InUnla   to
apply for permUalon  to  purchase lho following
place of commencement,  conulnlng forty  acrea
|a��_S m'^ A1SeV5,.allman
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skeen. Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast llango V
""C^mendn, ****** BjggdJt th. M��
8SS OTA %W*tm%mmmm
S."^tfy"6?linn,<,re0   'SeOROE KIME
Pub. July 26.
TEMS  OF . .
The Ottawa hockey team will be
managed iu*xt season by Martin
Rosenthal, who was secretary In
former years. Dave Mulligan" is
managing the Brestlln at New
York, and will not be available,
so his mantle will fall upon Mr.
Rosenthal. Thc latter is already
looking tor'material,
N   M   M
"Baseball ia a pickpocket K*'*m*-'."
s;iys the Asahi Shimbun, one of
Tokip's foremost papers. "The
object of the players is to fool each
other by strategy, and In trying
to stet'.l a base ;���. player glances
on all sides to get a chance.
This affects his nerve system. It
may be a suitable game for Americans or Japanese, but not for an
Englishman or a German."
H   H   M
Aviator Robert G. Fowler abandoned his trans-rimtinenial flighl.
His engine would not carry him
over the Sierras because it will not
"Bite", the thin air. He made
several unsuccessful attempts before giving up.
President Thomas C. Noyes,
of the Washington Anerican league
club, says that George Siovall,
acting manager of the Cleveland
club, is "being considered" with
other candidates for the place of
manager of lhc Washington club.
President Noyes would make no
further statement of Washington's
��� M   M
Billy Allci,, featherweight chain
pion of Canada, has left for
Syracuse, New York, to re-enter
the ring after an enforced retirement of five months, caused by ;'
bout with appendicitis.
H K ���
Billy just at the present time
hits the beam at 130 pounds, but
when he settles down lo tmining
will box around 126. a shade
lighter than he did last year. His
first mill is booked with Tommy
Kilbane. of Cleveland, the fuss to
lake place at Syracuse some time
next month.
��� MM
Charlie Huck will again have
Billy in charge and has him
lagged to meet several fast featherweights this winter. There is
talk of Billy hooking up again
with Abe Attell at a higher weight
than the champions insisted on
him m;iking hist January. Attell
recently gave Matt Wells fifteen
pounds, so should not hestiate
to give Allen two ro three.
M   K   M
Nol that ilis teeming with news
inlerest, but just to keep the
type fetter and lhe proofreader
good-natured, we chronicle the
fact that a man named Ctche-
gioviiopf is mentioned as Stoly-
pin's successor. Ctchi-gio.itopf,
by the way. is chief justice of the
supreme  court   of   Russia,   where
Ctchegiovitopf lives.
M   X   M
Joe Hancock, matchmaker of
the Pacific Athlelic Club, slates
that a twenty-round bout between
Sam Langford and Joe Jeanctte
has been arranged for the Vernon
arena on October 28.
���       m m a
Vancouver's reserve list for 1912
contains the names of twenly-seven
players, the majorily of whom
will report for spring training when
President Hob Brown sends out
the call next March. Secretary
Jim Brown of the Vancouver
Baseball Club compiled lhc list
last   week   and   forwarded   it   lo
headquarters. In the list are
the names of six new pitchers,
Gayle Jervis. a Gonzaga college
twirler; George Rustemeyer from
Cottonwood. Idaho; J. B. Buckles,
W. C. Theile, J. C. Morelands
and N. L. Seidel from California)
and foe Collins from Montana.
Ut-lUUUI*.  iwi����_.
Fred E. Cowell, Agont    I
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Quaan Charlolt
Take nollco that Aualln M. Brown ol Prlnco
llupert, saddler. Intonda to apply to tho Chiol
Commissioner of Unda and Worka for a licence
to preii peel for ooal, oil and petroloum on anel
under the following deacribed Ianda on the Woat
Coast of liraham Island:    ,._,_, ���
Commeneing at a poat planted three mllee east
ol the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
south 80 chaina, thenco 80 chaina weat, thence 80
chains north, thanca 80 chaina aaat to point ol
comra.no.mant.   A ___ BROwN( ^^
Located Auguat Iat, I'Jll.
Pub. Aug. IB.
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special lntsrest to women. Any and all of the lidies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Blinded Patient Learns to Love
His Nurse as He Lies Bandaged in His Cot.
Falling In love with the sound
of a girl's voice, while he lay
blinded on a cot in a Wallace,
Idaho, hospital, Kenneth Chisholm, master mechanic at the
Lead-Silver Mine, proposed to his
pretty nurse, Miss Ruby Hull, as
soon as he regained the use of his
The romance resulted in the
wedding at Portland the other day.
It was just ;i year ago lhat
Chisholm was brought to the
hospital. A shower of steel filings
from a lathe had entered his eyes
and for a time it was doubtful
if he would regain his sight. For
days he lay with his head swathed
in bandages. During ihis lime
Miss Hull cared for him.
Mountain People
Drinking Wine
Marry   by
Of all the queer marriage ceremonies which exist among the
nations of the world, the one which
holds in Anam may be said to
bear away thc prize. It is the
ceremony  of  a   tribe   known   as
the "Thai," a mountain people of
Anam, Asia.
The bridegroom and bride kneel
on either side of a vessel containing
a quantity of rice wine, which
they drink through long reeds
which the medicine man of the
tribes crosses and holds in position.
After they have drunk ihey arc
pronounced husband and wife, and
the medicine man and assembled
guests crowd about ihem to offer
congratulations. After the ceremony the guests partake of lhe
wine in precisely the same manner
as the happy couple.
Ingrowing Toe Nail
Frequently pain resulls from the
toe nail not being cut with a
straight edge at right angles to
the toe, so thai lhe nail is driven
into the skill oi, the side. To gain
relief, cut the nail straight or,
better still, concave, removing as
much as possible of the skin at
the side of the nail and pressing
with a needle a piece of cottonwool under the skin.
Pain Harassed Wife Succumbs
After Taking Eight Doses of
Patent Medicine.
Mrs. Edward Woodcock, of Canton, 111., has just died from the
effects of pills taken lo cure
headache. She look eight of the
pills, became unconscious, remaining so until death. She had been
subject to headaches and was
the habit of using the pills.
dients.   Mix thoroughly and **ift
through B line bolting cloth.
Madame Nordica, World Famed
Soprano. Opens Her Fall Season.
Mme. Lillian Nordica, the great
American sporano, is now opening
her fall season after a month at
her bungalow iii Deal Beach, New
Jersey, having wha I she terms
"a good rest," although to a person
of less strenuous temperament that
might not seem the correct description. As a matter of fact,
the prima ilonan spends from three
to four hours daily at the piano
with her accompanist, preparing
her operatic and concert work
for the coming season, and between whiles looking after her.
household, for Mme. Nordica is
a notable housewife.
Nordica is vibrant with vitality,
magnetism and enthusiasm, and
she ascribes her splendid physical
condiiion largely to her belief
in the doctrine of "fresh air antl
plenty of it." Her summer program includes a brisk walk in linearly morning and usually some-
lime in the afternoon she max
be seen enjoying the beautiful
roads round Deal in her big whiti
motor car, with white-clad chauffeur, and the diva srowny rai-
niented also.
This mon lh the singer boarded
her private car, thc "Isolde,"
which will be her home for the in
weeks of her fall tour. The opei ii j;
concert was givtn Rt Denver,
October 1; Salt Lake Cily aid
San Francisco follow, afler which
seven other California!! cities will
hear the golden voice, ard tht
the "Isolde" will enter Canadian
territory by way of Spokane.
for afler a concert in lhat cii>
Nordica is to visit seven cities of
Western Canada.
The diva, who has river lieu
farther west than Winnipeg, is
anticipating the Canadian lour
with keen enjoyment. The States
will be re-entered by way of
Minneapolis aril St. Paul, ard
thirteen concerts will be giver
between lhe Twin Cilies ard New
During lhc wirier Mme. Nordica will be heard in a special
series of Wagnerian performances
in Boston, conducted by r<> I.*!-'
a personage than Felix Weill"
garlner, the greal conductor having
consented to cross the Atlantic
especially for this engagement.
The costly stage settings ol "Tries-
tan and Isolde" have been pur-
purchased for these performances
from the Berlin Royal Opera, for
which  they were specially made.
Nordica will also create the leading
role in the new opera, "The Blue
Skoona Lanel District    lliatrlct ol (Jut-en Cliurlutto
Tako notice ileal Hurt- ,la>a frum dale, I, C. fci.
Balnier ol Prince Rupert, II. I.'., by occeipattnn
bookkeeper, intend to upply lu tl,o Chief Commissioner ot l.umlie Inr a licenco In pnwpoct [or
coul anil petrole-iin, on and under tlio acres of
land on (indium laluii-l ,lese-ril,eel us Inllows:
Commeiii-itii; ut it |��ii,l planted tvao miles north ,
of 0. K. B. foul Leaao No. 11, marked N. E.I
corner C. I*:. It. Coal Lease, No. 17, thence- south <
80 chains, ihenco \.e-st 8U chains, the.*ci- nurili til)
chains, thenco east Ml chains lo place of commencement.
Datod Sept. 11, I'Jll.    0. E, BAINTBR! Locator
Pub. Se*|rl. U,
Skis-na Uml District    District ol Queon Cliurleiltc
Take iiiilie*,. thul thirty duys Irum dale, I, C. B. I
Ilainler ol I'rinco Huport, li. I'., by occupation
bookke-v|ie-r, int.-ml to apply to tlio Chiel Com-
mlasiuni-r ol Ludl (or a Licenco lo prospect lur
coal ami petrtile-utii on ami under 010 acroa oi
land on tiruhum Island di-scribcd as lollowa:
Commencing at a posl plumed two miloa north
ol C. K. It. I:,ml U.uso No.  18, murkod N. W.
corner C. 1:. II. Coul Louse No. IS, thenco suuth .
80 chains, thenco east 8U chains, thencu north so
chains, thencu woat  80 chains to' placo of com- .
Hated Sept. 11,1911.    0. L. HAINTKU, Locator
Pub. Sept. SB.
Skeena Uml District-District uf Queon Charlotto
Tako nutico lhat thirty days alter elate, 1, C. K.
Bainter of Prince Hupurt, 11. (.'., l.y occupatiun
bookkeeper, Intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands fur a licenco tu pruapocl for
coal snd iK-troleum on and under .jiu acrea ot
land on liraham Island described as fullowa:
Commencing al u poal planteel two mil.-e north
of C. K. 11. Coal Leaao No. Ill, marked S. W.
corner C. K. B. Coal Lease No. Ill, thence north
80 chaina, thonco eut 80 chains, tlience aoulh 80
chaina, thenco woat 80 chains lo placo ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. K. UAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sapt, 83. I	
Skeena Unel Dislrict -DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotto i Alax.M.Mansun n.��.
Tako notico thai thirty days frum dau*, 1, C. E. '
Bainter of Prince Rupert, U. C., by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to lho Chief Com-
miaaiunur ot Unda for a licenco lo prospect tor
coal and |a-lroloum on antl undor 010 acroa of land
on (iraham Island described as folluwa:
Commencing at a post planted iwei mllee norlh
ol C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 14, marked S. W.
corner C. E. B Coal Leaae No. 80, thenca nurth
80 chaina, tVn - weat 80 chains, thonc aoulh 80
chains, ihenco sa 1 80 chaina lo placo ot commencement.
DaledS.pt. 11,1911.    ... E. PAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 28.
Second aveiue antl Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Oflice.
MUNRO   &   I.A1I.EY
Stork Building, Second Avsnue.
I,aw-Butler Building      I'hone No. 280
I'rince Ruuert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B C. Ontario. Saa-
and Munituba llura. kuu-hewan   and  Al
berta llura.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
-Exchange ble-ck. corner Third avenue and
Sixth etrcet. Prince Runert. 8
3. HALL, L. D. S., U. U.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All ilentAl operations skilfully tn-nted. Gaa and
local unaathcUcti administered for the painleaa extraction uf t.-.-i li, Consultation free. . Ollioea:
lleluerson lilock. Prince Ruuert. li-12
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
I'rince Rupert, B.C
P. o. BOX 2.1
when   it   is   given   ith
in   Boston,  probably  in
Complexion Hint
The following recipe will remove
blackheads and reduce the size
of pores:
Kther 2 ounces
Soap liniment 2 ounces
Before applying the mixture,
bathe the face with warm water.
One hour after the lotion has been
ipplied bathe the face again with
warm water, using soap this time
to cleanse the skin.
Beauty Notes
Bitler aloes placed on. lhc nails
frequently breaks the habit of
nail biiing. Should ihis fail, thc
next best thing is to bind the nails
with cloth or to wear fingertips
imlil you overcome the habit.
Following is the recipe for an
excellent tOOth powder:
Precipitated chalk  4 ounces
Powdered orris roni   8 ounces
Powdered camphor 1  ounce
Triturate  the  camphor  in   a
mortar, moistening it with a very
little aclohol.    Add other ingre-
Read The Daily News
Skeena Und District District of Queen Charlotte
Tako notico that thirty days after date, 1, C. E.
Bainter ot I'nm-i- Ruport, B. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, Intend lu apply tu tha Chiel Com-
miaaionor of Unela lur a licence to proepect lor
coal and petroleum un and under old acres ol
land on Uraham laland dew-ribed as lollowa:
Commeuicing al a poat planted two milea north
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. IS, markad S. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Leaaa No. 21, thonce- north
80 chaina, Ihenco west 80 chaina, thenco aouth 80
chatna, thanca aaat 80 chaina la- placa ol commencement.
Dated Sapl. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Skeena Und Diatrict���District oi Quoen Charlotte
Taka notica that thirty dava from date, 1. C. E.
Bainter ol Princes Rupert, B. 0., by occupatiun
bookkeeper, Inland lo apply lo tha Chiol Commiasioner of Unda lor a licence lo pruapect for
ooal and pelroleum on and under (>4U acrea of
oland on Craham Island deacril*ed aa fullowa:
Commencini at a poal planted two miloa north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaaa No. Hi, markad N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 22, thence aouth
80 chaina, Ihenca weat 80 chaina, lhance north 80
chaina, Ibenco eaat 80 chains lo placo ol commencement.
Dated Sast. 12,1911.    C. E. UAINTER. Locator
Skeena Und District -District uf Queen Charlotto
Taka nollea lhal thirty daya from dale, I, C, E.
Hainter of Princa Rupart, If- C, by occupatiun
buukkceper, intend lo apply to lha Chiel Commiasioner of Unda (or a licenco to pros-iocl for
coal and petruleum on and under blu cares ut
land on Uraham Island described aa followa:
Commencing al a pu��l planted two mllea north
ol C. E. II. Coal Leaae No 17, marked N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 8.1 Ihence aoulh
80 chains, thence weat 80 chains, thenco north
80 chaina, thence eaal SO chaina lu plac- ot commencement.
Datod Sept. 12. 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 28.
Skeena Und DUtricl���District ot Queen Charlotte
Take nunc- lhal thirty dava Irum date, 1, C. E
Balnter ot Princu Itupert, II. C, by occupaliun
buokkeepcr, Intend lo apply lo lha Chiol Com-
una.,..,,, r ol Lands tur a licence to prospect tor
coal and petroleum on and under blu acres uf
land on t.rahsn, lealnd described as folluwa:
Commencing at a puat planu-d iwu miloa north
ol C. E. II. Coal Loaae No. 18, mark.-! N. W.
corner t*. E. U. Coal Laaaa No. 24, thonce aouth
80 chains, thenca eaat 80 chaina. thonce nurth
80 chaina, thanca weal 80 cbaina lo placa ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 12, till.     C. E. UAINTEH. Locator
l-.ll-. Sepl. tt.
Skeena Und Dlatrlcl -DUlrict of Quaan Charlott
Take notica lhat thirty daya frum data, I, A. T.
Brodcrtck uf Princa Ruperl, B. C, l.y* occupatiun
bank manager, inlend lo apply I,, tha C'hlal i 'on,
mlseiuncr ol Unds for a licence lo preepact fur
coal and iietrotetem on anel under bill acrea ol
land on (Iraham laland described aa follow.:
Commencing at a poal planted two mllea north
ol C E. U. Coal Laaaa No. 17, markesd 3. W.
corner A. T. B. Coal Lease No !"*, thanca north
80 chains, thence east 80 chaina, thenca aoutb 80
chatna, Ihenca waat 8u chaina lo place ol commencement.
Dalesl Sept. 12, 1911. C. K. Ilainler, Agent
I'ub. Sepl. 2*1.
Skeena Und DUlrict -DUlrict ol Quaan Charlulte
Take notica lhat Ihirty days from date, I, A. T.
llroderick ol Prince Rupen, II. C, by occupation
bank manager, Intend to apply tv lha , in! Commissioner of Uml. for a licence to prospect for
coal and patrolaum on and under 810 earea ol
land on Graham laland daecriltod aa followa:
Commanjaing al a poat plnated iwu milea north
ol C. E. Il Coal Loaae No. 20, markad S. E.
comer A. T. II. Coal Laaaa No. '1*1. Iha.ioa north
80 chaina, thenre w��rt 80 chains, Ihenco aoulh
80 chains, thencv cast SO chains to plaoe ul com-
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
DatedSept. 12, 1911. C. E. Bainter, Afoul
Ilib. Sepl. 21.
Skaena Und DUtrict Disuict ol u**.-��� Charlulle
Take notice thai thirty days (rem data, I, A. T.
llredcrlck t>t I'rince llu|*ert, II. C, by occupallon
bank manager, intend to apply* to tha i l.e I Com
missioner of  Unds lr
coat and  |M-lr��,l.*uni un  and  under 1.10  acraa ol
land on (iraham Island d.wril*ed ��� fellows:
Commencing at a post planted twu milea north
ol C. E. II. Coal Uaae No. 21, markad H. E
corner ul A. T. II. Cual i ��� .��� No. 27, (hence
...x Ml chains, thenre nurth no chains, thenca
aaal Ml chaina, thenca aouth 80 cliaina lo placa
of ewmtiiei,cement.
A. T. niinl'Mili h. Locator
Dated Sepl   12,1911. C. E. Balnter, Agant.
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
run. nr ivy. foxun, Escj. a.k.a.h.. i on.. UM
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
,(iiit-iil.* Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sts
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
Plumbing, Heating, Steamflttingand
Sheet Metal Work
Ofllce: Jr.1 Ava. Workahop:
Phone 171 2nd Ave. bet. Tth and -th Sis.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of IV.,,,.- Wllcxek. Paria and Borlln.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
__    E.
EBY   ��&   Co.___=
Kitsumkalum t.an-l For Side
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prim's*   Ru|M*rt LfldM  No. .Ilu, Sona   of
Itonao to [irtwprct (ur   RntrUml. mwu ihi> tint  mil  thml  Tii(*��favi   in
"'   ���wchm.itith in th<? Hon a yf Kmilam)  Hull, My 2nd
Av*. at tt p.m.
K. V. CLAllK. Kit.
  ...      ., ***��� ��- ***,'ix *���>'������< 1'rinei* Rupert
KKNK3T A. WOOD.S. Pmn.|<>nt. &M 2-1
Skf*ni I uml I'i.trlrt Histricl or CoMt Range 6
Take nolice lhat I, Gordon C. Kmmereon of
Prince Rupert, 11. C, occupation real ettate
broker, Intend to apply for permlttlon to purchaae the fullowlni dcectibed landa:
Commencing at a poit pUnted about 2 3-4
mlloe In a northerly direction from the northnxt
rorner poat of Lot IHW, Rang* 5, Coaal Diitrkt,
thence north 40 chaint, thenre wnt lo river
bank, thence aouth following rivrr hank lo point
of commencementi  containing 160 acrn, more or
Dated Sept. 9, 1911.  GORDON C. EMMLR80N
Pub. Oct. 14. ���
Skeena Land Dbtrict-Dlilrlrt nf Coi��t Range I
Take notice that LaRoy F. Grant of Prinre
Kiiprrt, H. ( , occupation civil engineei. Intendn
to apl'ly for permiaalon to purchaae the following
dnicrlbed landa:
Commencing at a poa* planted abuul 0 1-2 milen
In a northerly dlreciwn from the northeatt corner
poU of 1 ot 1809, Rang* ', Coa*! Dislrict, Ihence
eaat .'to chaina, thenc* north AO chaln-i, thrnrc
weat to bank of river, thence aouth following
bank of rlv��r to point of commencement: containing 1(10 acrte, mora or lem.
DatedSept. 9, 1911. 1JHOY   P.   GRANT
Pub. Oct. 14, Gordon C. Kmmeraon, Agent
Skaena Land DUtrlrt    District of Coaat Range V
Tak* notioa that I, Peter Krlckann of Princ*
Rupert, laborer, In'md to epply for permtarion
to purchaae tha folbwlng deacrihed landa:
Commeneing at a poat planted on the north
bank of WUliama Croek where the railway right-
of-way croana and S chaina back from the creek
bank, thene* aouth 80 chaina, theno* Mat 40
chaina, thanee north 80 chaina, tt rue* weat 40
chaina to point of commenoement.
Datod July 7, 1911. I'KTKR ERICKSON
Pub. July 26. Kred K. Cowell, Agant
Skeena I .ami DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range V!
Take notlc* lhat I, John Evanaon of Prince
Rupert, laborer, Intend to apply (or permiaalon
to purchaae the following de*C(ih*ed landa:
Commencini at a poat planted at the aoutheaat cornvr of Lot 4416, thenc* north 80 chaln<
thence eaat 60 chaina, thenc* aouth 80 chaina,
thence wwt 60 chaina to point ol eommencement.
Dated July 13, 1911. JOHN EVENSON
Pub. July 26. Fmi E. Cowall, Agant
.*.��..���.. Und DUtricl- DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
if nottoe that thirty dayi from date, l.t i..
Ilalnt i-r of Princ-n lluperl, ll. (',, by occupat mn
I."..*-..-- p. f. inlend lo apply to the ( i.i.f Com-
itiivinii'f nf I.mii'I" for a licence to pruapect (or
coil at.il pitruluum on and under 640 sm* uf
land on (iraham laland deacribed u followa:
Commi firing at a port planled at the emithwi
nl < oil Ia***** No. 4468 marked
A. L. CM.
TuehtT of Plana Violin nml
Vole*. Caftan,
2nd A vi>,
IMwcuh 7th & Hth Sm.
Prinot Rupert
���orner nl < oal I^iwe No. 4468 marked C B. I*.
Coal la-eaw No. 28, thence north M chain*. IMAM
weal ****> chain*, thence eouth HO chalnn. n.���������,.���>
eaat 80 rhaina to point of commencement entering
all fon-ohore Tlahn Point.
Dated Sept. 12, 1911. C.  E.   HAINTKU
Pub. Oct 7.
Skwna land DUtricl -DUlrict of Oueen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava from date, I. C. K.
Balntf-r of Prinru Rupert, EL ('.. hy OMUptllOB
iKM.kk'-pi r. Intend lo apply to Ihe Chief Com*
ml-esioner of l*ande fur a licence to proip-vct for
coal and pe'roleum on ant under flio acre* of ,
land on r-raharn Inland dp��rn* <���! an follown:
Commencing a( a pout planted two -nlle* north
Tia.n northAct .timet ( oa1 l^ase MN marked
C. E. fl. Owl I'---' No. 2*1. ���..cnc aouth HO chain*,
���hence weit HU chain*, tfence r.^rth Hit rhaina. '
thinr*' ea��t M' ' ..ii.. l.t poiit o. NSMMHNMI
containing 6IU am** more or loan.
Dated Sept. 13. 1911. C.   E.   HAINTKU
I'ub. OCL 7.
Skwna Land DUtrict���DUtricl of (Jueen Cbarlott*
Take notice that Auatin M. Ilmwn of Prince
Rupert, occup*Mon aaddler, Intend* to app!> .
lo the Chief CommUaioner of I.nnd* and Worka
for a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum '
on and under the fullowlng tlcecritted landa on the '
VVmI Coaal of (iraham Mm, I
Commencing al a (mat planted three mllee emit
of the northeaat comer of C. I.  No. 4471, thenco
80 chaina eart, Ihence 80 chatm eouth, tbenc* 80 ,
cbaina wnat, thenc* 80 chaina north lo point of ���
commencement. |
l/K&led Auguat Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
Funeral   DtftftOfl
��� "l Ave. near <>th Hi. Phone No. 86
Skeena Und DUtrkl    DUtrtrt of Cowl Rango I
Take notice that  1,  John   Rutherford   u> .���'
of   Prince   Kup.-ri.   occupaliun   i-ngineer.   Intend i
to apply for permtMlon lo purchuMi the following <
denerilied landi:
Commencing  at   a  poit   planlt-1   nn   lhe  eait
ibotl o( the Kxrhtimiik Hiver, nnd twlng about
iwu mile* northerly from Ihe mouth of lhe aald .
Kxchumiik Hlver, and which poat la atwut forty ,
chain* north Irom a rtake olanled on lhe Kxchumrtk I
Hiver and known aa ''KO"; thence north 40
chalm. Ihenee eaat 80 chaini, Ihenee aoulh HO
chain*, thenco weal forty chaini, thenee north
40 chaina, Ihenco waat 40 chaini to the place ol
co mm "ii com ont, containing 480 >������!<������ mom nr leaa.
Dated September 12, 1911.
..Grand Hotel..
Worklnijmsn's Home
Free Ubor Bureau in Connection
Phono 178 1st Ave. anil 7th St.
Utile's NEWS Agency
lvriiiiliriiln II Newspapers
:  TOBACCOS  -.-.
Civil Cases Will be Tried in
Prince Rupert in the Early
Part of December.
News reached the city this
morning that the Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court will arrange
a silting of the Supreme Court
to try civil cases in Prince Rupert.
li is to be regretted that the
judge who will visit Prince Rupert
in December u> try the civil
cases, could not also have been
permitted to save the citizens of
Prince Rupert and of the province
large expense by allowing him
to try the criminal cases also.
Our chief of police, and many
witnesses and others from Prince
Rupert, are now in  Vancouver,
at the assi/es owing to lhe dictum
lhat our criminal cases have to
be sent below for trial.
Pretty Comedy to be Presented
Tonight Pleased the People of
"La Belle Marie," toi ight's at-
Company, is a bill of unusual
merit. It nol only has a splendid
plot but it also has unusually
good, clean, up to date comedy
running all through the bill. This
added to lhe very beautiful costumes worn by the ladies of the
company  gave  it  a   remarkable
drawing power in  Victoria where
ii   was   the  attraction   for  one
week, li received splendid press
notices, the Victoria Times sa\ii*g
of the performance: "Judging by
the enthusiasm displayed by the
large audience iit tlu* opening
performance "La Belle Marie" will
be an immense favorite here. Miss
Pinkie M.illa-ley as "La Belle."
Mr. Byron Alden as "Karl," Mr.
Van Dyke as "C.eorge l.eigblon,"
were especially good, while Miss
Margaret Doyle as "Grace" was
charming and Mr. Arthur Cyril
took excellent care of the light
comedy. In fact the whole cast
of this talented company were
at their besl."
Sloan & Co. adds a Partner in
Mr. George A. Bryant, Brother in Law of Mr. J. J. Sloan.
A recent Gazette shows the
incorporation, of one of our leading
clothing establishments, Messrs.
Sloan iS Co. of Sixth street, now
Sloan tS: Co., Ltd. Mr. George A.
Bryant, brother in law of Mr.
Sloan, has entered intrJ.partnership
in the firm and is bringing his
wife and family to Prince Rupert
immediately, Mr. Bryant was a
commercial traveller in this line
of business in the State of Washington, and is lending expert assistance in the handling, of several
special lines stocked by tht Sloan
company. He is much impressed
with the prospects of Prince Rupert. There can be no doubt
that ihe new forward step taken
by this high class firm will still
further add to the firm's reputation.
Doesn't   Like   the   Doings   of
Alderman Hilditch
Aldennan Douglas raised his
voice in protest Wednesday against
ihe iloings of the chairman of the
streets committee, Alderman Hil-
diich. "He comes and goes as he
likes," said .Mdernian Douglas.
"I wait for hours for meetings of
committee only to find that perhaps
the meeting has been held earlier
or after I have lefi the cily hall
after waiting "
The Mayor o.ily smiled in a
manner Intended to pacify.
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glasa
Employer's Liability
Contractors'"and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.���Houses and Rentals.
Furnlahed rooma with bath. BpscUl rates by
the week.   Talbot Houae. i,'--'*-( f
Neatly Furnlahed rooms, gentlemen preferred.���
Apply Mra. Mullin. over Majestic Theatre,     tf
Nice Furnlahed Rooma, Mrs. Greenwood, Alder
Block; Third Ave. 178-tf
For Rent-Furnlahed rooma. Hot nnd cold water
with bath. Diifby Rooms, tith Ave. and Fulton
Street. tf
For Rent-Sona of England Hull. SU' -.'nd'Ave., for
Dances. Fraternal Societies. Socials, etc. Apply
Frank A Kills. Box 869 or phone U. lM'.-tf
For Sale
By S.S. Prince George tomorrow a. m.
il Av*.. Law-
utler Build' g
Popular Prince Rupert Real
Estate Man Went East to Wed
Recent advices from the m.iri-
time provinces bring the news
th.'i one of our prominent real
estate brokers who lefi tin. dty
so suddenly prior to election lime
did  not  go east  to take part in
ilu* campaign.    The real estate
man in question i�� Mr. II. F.
McRae who will return in lhe
course "f a couple >��f weeks with
his bride who was Miss MacNair
a   popular   New   Brunswick   girl
who recently completed her education ai one of the leading colleges
in tin: east. A great Welcome
aV.iit-*. the young couple ill Rujm rt.
Tin- Granby Smelter Company's
fin*  power  Imi.-i   Kipling  left   f<>r
Goose Bay today.   The Kipling
now carries the Goose Bay in ii!-.
At Shrubsr.ll s Market. The
last chance to buy peaches
cheap, Krummel and Crawford's kind-$1.00 a box while
they last.
Marmalade Oranges at 20c. a
doz. Hubbard squash and citron, preserving pears, Wynesap
and Johnathan Apples.
These goods will  arrive fresh
for  tomorrow.    We   sell   none!
but the best qualities, at fair
prices.   Shrubsall's, Third avenue.    Phone 275.
'The Sweetest Girl in
Dixie" Won Many Admirers Last Night.
One horae for aale. Apply Prince Rupert Hydro-
Electric Co.   Phone 3SS. tf
Smith Premier typewriter, practically new.
Westenhaver Broa. 228-230
Ladie'a Sulta and Skirts. A few left in brown
and black broadcloth, altes M und 42. Will cloae
out at f 10 and S15.   Phil Hldjin, 3rd Ave.   234-236
For Sale���Chicken Ranch. 'J St,.rey houae, houae-
hold goods. Near Prinoe Kupert. A anap if
Uken at once.   Address Box 368. tf
Special ���Broken llnea hotel wnre'26 per cent. off.
On display in our Sixth Street window. F. W.
Hart. 231-235
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We curry everything In the feed line, also irar-
den teedaat the loweit market prices, at Col I art'a
oltf Feed Store. Market IMace
Prompt Delivery Phones 41 or 301
Familiar Boat Famous as Gold
Carrier Will Make Calls Here
Waterfront watchers will Ik* Interested to learn that the S.S.
Humboldt belonging to thc Humboldt Steam Navigation Company
is coming back on the Rii|H-rt ard
norih run again. The Humboldt [to the old family of Howard in
will make calls at Rupert on both-spite of poverty, proved himself a
hei north and southlxiurd trips'brilliant female impersonator, as
and will lak ��� passengers and freight well as a sympathetic actor.
If the D.ve Williams Stock|
Company made a hit on the night
of their first appearance, they
most certainly redoubled that g( od
impression by lest night's performance.
A packed house witnessed "The
Sweetest Girl in Dixie" aid quite
agreed lhat Miss Pinkie Mullalley
in the title role was sweet enough
for Priice Ri.peri too. She acicd
The play is an Americap romance���Southern of course. Its
simple plot, that of the scheming
wealthy viUian endeavoring to force
the heroine to marry him by
threats of foreclosing a mortgage
on her old home. Humor md
pathos were blended with tellirg
effect, and the emotions as interpreted by the casi rang true
and awoke rcs|>onse from the
whole audience.
Of outstanding merit was thc
acting of Mr. W. S. Van Dyke
ns Colonel John Howard, the
proud old father of "Barbara, the
Sweetest Girl." Dave Williams
as "Uncle George" the nigger
servant was Inimitable. Byron
Aldenn as the "Mammie"���so loyal
OUR Companlea are noted for prompt and juat
settlementa. We write every known claas of
Insurances. The Mack Realty and Inaurance Co.
.". usual.    Her  first  call  for the
season will be on X .vcmber 1st.
Hunters    Have     Brought    in
Splendid Heads This Year
Sim- of ihe finest deer and
mountain goal heads ever seen in
KuiK-rt have come in this hunting
-(-'-.,n. Thomas Reid who does
a Iii tl. taxidermy in his spare
lime has had almost more work
Nor must the merit of G. L.
Sweatman in the unpopular role
>,f the villain, be overlooked. He
.cud so as to make the audience
thoroughly detest "Matthew Martin."   More need not lie slid.
Miss Or,- Wolff took lhe pert
of ihe detestable "Matilda Mar-
lin,"   sisii*r   of   the   villain,   Bl d
������iid with line restraint end effective  realisation  of  lur  part.
Arthur Cyril as "Howard Kmery"
ua- all the hero the most exacting
girl in the audience could desire.
Intensely human i'ld tearful pat
sages in the play were relieved by
on his hands lately than he can
tackle conveniently, but has done|r^Hy excellent broad humor in
nd   there,  and   lhe
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for  Lowney's   delicious   Choco-M-'*' *'*-*  w"**i ***** through  his "
lates. fresh from the factory,   tf1 hands lately.
- -     =
A few seasonable hints for our
Ladies'. Mimes', Children's Coats, Girl's and Misses' Dresses, Boy's
OwOOStS, Girl's sn.l Misses' Swestera, Boy's Jerseys, Children's Bear-
akin Coats, Boy's antl Girl's Slickers
....Babies' Bearskin Buggy Blankets....
*' ll�� "ol eharne fancy prices  for style.    Every dollar you spend with
us means a positive saving to you
825 Third Aresue "THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Phsst 243 Red
fighting incident off the Stf.ge
when the villain gels B black
(>e from the line Old color.cl was
good work, nnd "goi lher.udicr.ee"
all  right.
Plentiful .-ppl; use rewarded tite
players.    They d( served il every
Quitt a charming interlude wets
given by MiSS Marguerite Doyle
in clever soi gs during tin interval   between   ActS   I   and    II.
Miss Doyle sang m nn encore
"I'm a looking for a nice young
fellow." ard wiih her til y mirror
reflection ol the spot light picked
out the boys in lhe audience io
their huge delight. Amongsl those
she caughl WAS Aldenn.n Hilditch
who evidently enjoyed il.
Tonight the company presents
"La Belle Matie" with Miss Pinkie
Mullalley in the title role which
issiiid toi** her very besl.
Por fn, finish and durability
try one of Sweder Brothers' custom
tailored suits. o!4
Stenocrapher Wanled-Apply Box 1SS1 tf
Wanled-Good general aervant.   Apply P.O. Box
IM 'inx-1'.x.x
Wanted Nursing. Obatectrlej a specialty.
Reaidenca 829 Third Ave.   Phone J 1.1 ll. ,1 tf
Wanted ���Poaitlon by experienced sleno-rrrapher
Apply P.O. Box 437. 233-238
Wanted���Poaitlon aa housekeeper or companion
loan Invalid lady. No objection to ruing out of
town.   Apply P.O. Box M7. 231-234
Wanted. ��� Cleraning anel pressing, alterations
and repairing- for men and women. Dressmaking
--ailed for and delivered. Mra Charles Pcrcher.
-.-"Third A..-.   Phone294 Red. tf
fl.rl   rs,,.
J 1_U
Lost and Found
-r**.i a *Ta.lS
FOUND-! Small Keya.   Inquire at Nawa Olllce.
l..-si - I jMlirs* watch in bracelet. Reward lv returning to Newa ciUce. tf
Loat a bunch of keya on Sunday night near Em-
i-i... Hotel. Pinder please return eame to tha
Daily Nawa.
Loat on Saturday night .mr ladlea' rold wateh.
enamel roaa aat In centre. Reward. Phone
Cold .Storage Plant 220. tf
Real Estate j
 �����...*. u >fc   , rr. ,Q
Will buy lou In Prince Rupert al bargain prlraa
for cash. Apply P.O. Box B60 etallng location.
price, etc. 231-lf
Notice of Dissolution
Take notice that the firm of Charlea B. Wark
at f.-mnanj which haa been carrying on the Jewelry business In partnership In Prince Rupert. B.
C. haa thia day been dissolved. Charles II. Wark
retiring frum the Arm. and that William Wark
and William H. Wark Intend to continue the aald
business in Prince Rupert under the firm name
of W. Wark A Son, and will collect all moneva
due lhe aald drat of Charlea B. Wark A Company
and pay all debts owing by tha aald Arm.
Dated at Prince Rupert. B.C., thia lllh day of
October. A.D., ISII.
234-240 B.C. WARK.
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly Ailed.   Price reasonable.
OFFICE- II  B. Rochester. On t re S i.    Phone <x*.
Lot Near News Building Purchased by Jerry Bonneau for
One lot, Block 22, Section 5, Seventh
Avenue.   Price $800, $400 rush.
One  lot,  Block  5,  Section  5,  Fourth
Avenue.    Price  $1200.    $400   cash.
balance 1 and 2 years.
Two lots, Block 1, Section 6, Fourth
Avenue.    Price $3600.    $1500 cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.
One lot, Block 88, Section 7, Seventh
Avenue.     Price   $550.     $250   cash,
bulunce $25 per month.
Two lot", Block 17, Section 7,   Seventh
Avenue.   Price $1200 puir.   $400 cash.
Two kits, Block 49, Section 7,  Ninth
Avenue.    Price  $750  pair,  one-half
cash, balance 6 months.
4 room house, Ambrose Avenue, plas-
tered, best harbor view in city. Price
$1837. $500 cash, balance $30 per
The Big Furniture Store
As we buy everything for Bpot cash, wc
are  able  to  undersell  all   competition
Here Are Some of Our Wares:
Armchairs, Rockers, Sanitary Couches,   Davenports,   Bed Lounges sn I
Rattan Goods; Chiffoniers, Dressers and all kinds of Case Goods
Iron  and Brass  Beds,  Baby  Buggies.
For the
Linoleum8 at all prices. Twenty-five patterns to choose from,
Carpets, Rugs, Portiers, Tapestry antl Lace Curtain,
and all kinds of Curtain  Materials.
Stoves, Hotel White, Granite and Vitrified Ware, Tin-
pots, Beanpots, Buttercrocks, Jugs, Filters ami a
complete line of Enamel Ware,
Dining Room    Furniture of all kinds.      Cutlery,   French  and
English China  in sets or by  thc piece.
Miscellan- Bedding. Blankets, Comforts, the famous Oatermoor
.-      j Mattress, Framed Mirrors and Mirrorplate for frum-
eous -oOOdS ing, 36x48 down; Jardiniere, Vases, Bar Glasses of
every  description, Lamps,   Lamp   Chimneys,   Baskets  of  ull   kinds.
This ls s Complete Housefurnlshlng Store- Largest Stock ln the North
If you don't know where to find what you want give us a call ���
We are pretty sure to have it.
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited ?
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000 .
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par  value $1.00.     TheBe  shares  are  going
quickly and will soon be off thc market    :   :
No Man Need Use Poor Printing Unless He is
5 room house, unfurnished, newly pi
pered and painted, basement. S.
per month.
5 and 10 acres, garden trucking at
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 per acre.
10 acre tracts, garden trucking nt
Kitselas.   Price $50 ppr acre.   Terms.
76 x 100 feet on Third Avenue, level.
Good lease.
$10 down and $10 per month Inr. - a
lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
The man who is
able to buy any kind
of printing is able
to buy good printing. If he uses
anything else it indicates to people
who see it that he
doesn't care.
and Satisfied
...to Do So...
Most people would
prefer a man's general character und
personality to be in
keeping with his
astrous not to care
about your printing
Daily News Building
Third Avenue
Mr. Jerry BonneAU of this city,
lias just purchased Lot 47, Block
34, Section 1, for 18,100. The
property is located on Third avenue near the News buildlngi ur.d
Mr. Boi i-ciii is contemplating
improving his property immediately. Tin* loi waa formerly owned
by J. \V. Bell, the man who wai
Instrumental in putting through
the   change   of   grade   on   Third
avenue.   0. M. Helgerson- Ltd.,
acted m agents for both panics.
Ski.nl Und District -Dlalrlct ol Queen I'harlolta
Taka nolle* that thirty dais altar data. I, C. I..
Ilsinl.-r of I'rinca lt-,1 , M. 11. C, by occupation
t-oolelttwpar, Intand lo apply to lho 1 1,,. f Commissioner of Landa fur a licence to prospact lor
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acta, ol
land on Uraham laland duscritied as lollowa:
Commencln*; at a post planted two milns north
ol C. E. II. Coal Laaaa No. 16, marke-d S. E.
cornar C. E. tl. Coal Leaae No. 21, Ihenca north
SO chaina. Ihence weat Ml chain., thanca aouth (Ml
chains, thenca easl SO ehaina 10 placa ol commencement.
DatedSept. 11, mi.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Skaena Land District���District ol Queen Charlott*
Taka nolic* lhat thirty day. Irom date. 1, C. I..
Ilainler ol Princ* llupert, II. C, by occupaUon
bookkc-rper. Inlend to apply to tin- t t.,,-1 Commissioner of Lends lor a llconce 10 prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under t-t,, acraa of
land on Uraham laland d��crib*d aa lollowa:
Commencing st a poet planted two milaa north
ol C. E. II. Coal I. .- No. 14, markad N. I..
corner C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 17, thrnce aouth
SO chains, Ihenca weat su chaina, thance nonh M
chaina, thenco eaal SO chaina 10 plac* of commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 1S1I.     C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 11.
Skeena Land Dlalrlct���Diatrict ol Quaan Charlott*
I Taka nolice that thirty dava Irom data, I, C. E.
J Hainter of Princ* Rupart, It. C, by occupation
i bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commiasioner of Lands tor a Licence lo proapect lor
I coal and pelroleum on and under old acraa ot
land on Uraham Island deacribed aa follows:
Commenelns Bl a post plantad two milaa north
"It. E. U. Coal Laaa* No. It, markad N. W.
corner C. E. U. Cool Laaaa No. IS, thenc* aoulh
Ml chains, Ihenc* aaat SO chaina, tbenc* north SO
chains, Ihenca waat SO chaina to plaoa o( com-
Hated Sept. II, l*.-l I.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Pub. 8*pL S3.
Skeena Land District-Dislrict of Queen CharloUe
Take notica lhat thirty daya after date, I, C. E.
Uainter ol Princ* Rupert, It C by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to lha Chief Commissioner 1,1 Lands (or a licence lo prosplct for
coal and petroleum 00 and under tliu acraa of
land on Uraham Island deacribed aa lollowa:
Commenting at a poat planted two miles north
ol C. E. U. Coal Leaaa No. 13, marked 8. W.
corner C. E. II. Coal Leaaa No. 1��, lhance north
SO chains, thenca aaal SO chaina, Ihence aouth SO
chains, thence waat SO chaina lo placa ot com*
isle.1 Sept. 11,1*11.    C. E. DAINTER. Locator
Skeena Land District  -DUlrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Ihirty days Irom dale, I. C. E.
Ilainler ol Princa Rupart, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands lor a licence to prospect for I Pub. Sept.
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea ol
oland on Uraham island descrilied as follows:        I Skaena Land District -District ol Queen charlotte
Commencing at a poat planted two mllea north ' Take notice thai thirty dava from da.*, 1, C, E.
ol C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 16, marked N. E. < Hainter of Prince Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
corner C. E. H. Coal Leaae Nn. 22, thence aouth ' bookkeeper, intend to apply to lha Chief t umbo chains, thence west SO chains, thence north 80 I miaaioner of Landa lor a licence lo prospect lor
chains, tbence eaat SO chaina to place ol com-   coal and petroleum on and under 64U acrea ol land
DatedSept. 12.1*11.
C. E. UAINTEH. Locator
Member of the I. W. W. In
this i-ily  arc  Intensely disgusted
according to their secretary by
the inkii'K ii|i by the council of
the station work ard contract
systems on the clearing of Wood-
worth lakeside.
John   Ga'lngher   was   fired   ?7
ihis   morning   for   having   been
driirk ard disorderly Inst right.
Girls'    ar.d    Misses'    Felt    atul
Tweed Huts.���Wallace's. 2t
Skeena Land District -Dl-trlcl ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days Irom date, I, C. B.
Uainter of I'rinca Rupart, II C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply In Ihe Chiel Com*
misaioner of Landa lor a licence to prose-.ect tor
coal and petroleum on anel under 6lt- carea of
land on Uraham Island describ��d aa follows:
Commencing at a poet planled two mllea north
ol C. E. U. Coal Leaae No 17, marked N. E.
comer C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 2.1 (hence south
80 chaina, thenre west 80 chaina, thenca north
80 chaina, thence easl 80 chaina to place ol commencement.
Daled Sepl. 12. 1*11.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Pub. SepL 23.
Skeena Land Dlatrlcl���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotta
Take notice lhat tlilrty days Irom date, I, C. E
Hainter ol Prince Rupert, 11. C, by occupallon
bookkeeper, intand to apply to tha Chief Com-
mi-a.irrfi.-r ot Landa fur a licence to prospect tor
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Uraham laalnd deacril-cd aa lollows:
Commencing at a poat planted two mllea north
ol C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. ls, marked N. W.
corner C. E. U. Coa] Laaaa No. 24, thenca aouth
80 chains, thence east 80 chain., thence north
80 chains, thenca weet 90 chains to place of commencemenl.
Dated Sept. 12, 1*11.    C. E. HAINTER, Locator
Pub. SepL 23.
Skeena Und Dialrlcl- District ol Queen Charlott
Take notice that thirty days from dale, I, A. T>
Rroderlck ol I'rince Rupert, II. C, by occupation
hank manager, Intend to apply to tha Chief C���in-
rntsaloner ol I-sirrl. for a licence to proapect tor
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea o(
land oa Uraham Island deacrilied as lollowa:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
of C, E. U. Coal Leaae No. 17, marked 8. W.
corner A. T. U. Coal Leaae No. '.!'.. thence north
80 chains, Ihence eaat 80 chains, Ihenca aouth SO
chaina, thenca weat 80 chain, to place of commencement.
��___,�� A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
pau-d Kept. 1!, |��n. c. E. Balnier, Agant
Pub. Bapt.il. .
on Uraham Island deecribed aa lollows
Commencing at a poat planted two milea north
ol C. E. II. Coal Leaaa No. 14, marked 8. W.
corner C. E. B. Coal Leaa* No. 20, thene* north
80 chains, thence waat hi chaina, thenre aouth 80
chaina, Ihence aaat 80 chaina to placa ol com*
Dated Sept. 11,1*11.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept, 23.
In tha County Court ol AUIn llolden al Prlne*
llupert in tha Mailer of tha "Official A.I
mlnlatrator'a Act"
In tha Miner ol the Eatat* ol Duran P. Latkovlch
deceased, Intestate.
TAKE NOTICE lhat hy order ol Ilia Honnr,
Judge \ounff, made (he 31st day ol August, 1911.
1 waa appointed Administrator ot the Estate of
the said  Duran  P.  Latkovlch deceased, and  all
I, 8. Harrison of Princ* Rupart, II. C. broker,
give nolle* that 00 the lift���enth .is. -    '
1*11,1 Inland to apply lo lha Water 1
at his office in I-rtnee Rupert, H. I  .
to take and uae three cubic feat ol ��.   *
Irom McNeil River In Skeena IL**
ia to ba taken Irom the stream
above tha   unction with th* -
la lo ba uaad on Lot 4406 lor ,'^i--..c and agricultural purpoaaa.                               .�����_%���.
K   *^         SAHl'CL HARRISON
Clve nc
It'll. I
I. 8. Harrison ol Prlne* Rupert. II   '' . '-"*''
notlra that oa the fifteer.lt> ,!>:
Inlend to apply to tha Water l'��mmlsiSon*t
at hla office in I'rlne* Rupert, B. C . tit ' lice'ee
to Uke and uaa two cubic laat ol water l-er m-**-" I
from lha Waat Fork of McNeil lllwf In Skeer.a
District. The water la to be Uken Irom lie ******
aboul ono mile from Ita unction with N1*'*'
Rivar and U to ba uaad oa Lot 44US for J---r.er.tc
and agricultural purpoaaa. _.__...
Samuel hariusos
a--,! ��.
tmMio-s having cUima acalnat thp aald KfrUto art i
hereby re<|uiml to forward aama properly verified   Datad August 1ft. 191
to me on or befor* the 30th day of September.    *~
1911,  and  all  the partiea Indebted  to the aald
Relate are required to pay tha amount of their
ln.��plite*tlneaa to nae forthwith.
DATED thC 6th day of September. 1911,
Official Admlnlitrator.
Skeona Land District-District of Om*x lx*
Taka nolle* that Percy M Meller ,,f Pi     ���   I-
pert, B.C., occupation Civil Engineer. Int.*. 1* ���
apply for permiaalon to purchaae the foil '**
described lands:
Commenrlng at a poat planted on lhe left
of McNeil River at north weal cornar of lot  ������
R.V., thenre eaat ttx chains more or les. t-
erly boundary of timber limit 64S fold mr
*I616) thence northerly  following aald wo
boundary of timber limit SO chaina meire er
to north wnt corner of aaid timber limit, i
westerly 2(1 chaina mor* or leas to left bai
McNeil River, thence eoulherly follawln**
left bank of McNeil River 60 ehaina more "
to point of eommencement, conulnlng NO a    *
more or l<*.��
E. Fleams-,. A.
Dale June 19.1*11
Pub. July 1*. 1*11
Skeena Land District-District of Cassia:
Take notice that I. Thomaa Carter, of I'r
lliperi. occupation carpenter, InUnd t>> -  -
for permiaalon lo purchaae the following SSI *
ed land.
Commencing at a poat planteel about one *
aouth from the mouth of Falls creek and al,
ISO feet back from the beach. Ihenc* MX rl,a*
north, thence 40 chains weat, Ihence 0' rh ,
aouth, thence eaat 40 chains to polnlof pomroen,-
menL conulnlng 320 acres more or leas.
Dateel July 7th. ISII. Charlea WebaUr Calh
Pub. Aug. Mh. Agenl.
Skeena Und Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Coast Rang-
Taka nolle* that Frank 8. Miller ol 1-on.l"
Eng., occupation civil englne��r, InUnds to api"
lor permlsaion lo purchaaa lha following deecTH,** ���
lanoa: ..   ,
9> Commencing etTe poat planted at tba N   .
Cornar of Lot 28, It ice north 20 chains, therr*
waat 20 ehaina, Ihenca aoulh 20 chains, the,  ���'
eaat 20 ehalna lo point of commencemenl, c."1*
talnlng 40 acrea more or laaa. _   __- ,....
->ated August 15, 1*11.        FRANK 8. MM.U '-
ub. Aug. 2��. P. M. Millar, Age.
Skeana Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Ranf  ���
Taka notice that Herbert J. Mackla ol I '"';
broke.  (ML  occupation  lumberman,  Inteniis  i
apply lor permlsaion  lo purchaaa tha lollowinit
dnrrlhed lantla: .    , ,, ....
Commanclng at a post planteel on the Wl i"""
of the Zymonolta or Zlm-a-got-IU River, at sonII.
west corner ol Ut 1706, thenee nort herly,_lolln��. ,nt
mora or 1
1706,   Ihence  weaterly
Ihe lott bank of said river, SO chains mure or Wjw
point   ol   commencement   conulnlng   160   ���"
mora or laaa.
Located August 19, 1*11
I'sle.1 Aei-ru.t 21
wterly  boundary  ol Ut  1706.  80 chans
f lass, to the northwest corner ol aa d x>
thence  westerly   and  aoutherly,  I"1"*1,*
Pub. Aug. iS.
Frederick 8. Clemtnta, Ags',1
*.% ������hs-:*��'- ���.-*T-'*l*)**l''.>xx.:rm*. * -


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