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Twenty-four hours ending6 a.m.,
July 17.
MAX. TUMI*.    ���"N-TRMP.    BAR IN. RAIN
79.O 61.5     80.109
The Daily Ne
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II.  NO. 159
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Monday, July 17, 1911.
For North
Ct vi ' Seattle.. Wednesday, pm.
Kor South
ry.. .Tonight 0 p. m.
Price Five Cents
I Fill!
In Grading his Lots Mr. Thomas Sproatt  Ran  Into a
Vein of Quartz���Some "Dirt" That Was Panned
Proves Very Rich���An  Interesting Story
An Interesting gold strike was
made on Ninth avenue on Satur-
ilny afternoon, by Mr. Thomas
Sproatt, while lie was at work
grading on his lots. Whether the
"strike" will turn out to be of
commercial value or not remairs
a ���     ��� 1  i     ���
in In* geen. At present it is being
regarded more as a scientific curiosity, though experienced miners
who were called in and who
assisted in panning some of the
dirt, agree that it made a richer
showing than anything they had
Ken in the mining camps.
May Have Assay Made
The Hold is showing in the blue
dirt and also in the decayed con-
lilunieratc rock. About a ton
of quartz was taken from the
kink on Saturday afternoon, all
of which shows minute particles
ol fret- gold under the microscope.
It would undoubtedly assay high,
ami the owner is being urged to
have some of the ore properly
assayed, "jusi for the fun of it."
Will Investigate Further
On aji adjoining lot, where the
owner was building a garden,
sonic indications of gold were
previously found. The suggestion
was made by a miner that, the
"strike" was worth investigating
further, on the chance that a
sufficient quantity of tin- precious
ore might be found to make it
worth while for the neighbouring
lot-owners to enter into a cooperative mining scheme.
The annals of mining contain
instances of .rich deposits being
found within very limited    areas.
In the meantime, the "Ninth
Avenue Gold Strike" while rich
enough and genuine enough, is
still within the stage of a neighbourhood joke.
On Three Weeks' Trip
G. R. Naden and Dr. Kergin
have left lor Alice Arm in the
launch Sunbeam. They have gone
to attend to business relating to
some claims there, aid will be
away some three weeks or more.
Promptly this morning three
D. and 1). cases were disposed of.
Joe Langly, and 14. Kargito forfeited bail of $8 and S2 costs each.
A man :��� anicd Caruso( not such a
warbler as a former prisoner in
spite of his came) for his second
offei ce paid So and S'2 costs.
Saskatchewan Wants to Bring
in Harvesting Help from the
States���Afraid of a Shortage
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Regina, Sask., July 17.���Owing
to thc scarcity of help the Saskatchewan government has taken
up with the Dominion Government the question regarding the
amount of money immigrants must
have under the regulations to
enter lhe Dominion." The matter
is expected to be settled within
a shorl lime, as negotiaitions are
under way between the government and lhe railways practically
assuring a sufficient supply of
harvesters if the monetary barrier
can be removed.
In the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas ar.d Oklahoma there are sonic
thousands of men unemployed as
the crops there were very small.
These will be brought in if the
money qualification is removed.
Leook out for the special coronation films that will be shown at
the Phenix Theatre next Wednesday. Good vaudeville and
pictures tonight.
Praiseworthy Work of Mussallem Brothers on Fourth
Avenue���Are Now Growing All Kinds of Vegetables
Where Only Skunk Cabbage Bloomed  Before
Anyone Can Do It
To turn the sour muskeg into
ii smiling green garden, rich in
kitchen vegetables, has been the
��"ik of the brothers Mussallciii,
wlm run a store on Fourth avenue
near the General Hospital. Their
wnrk is a lesson, ard an encouragement io any lot owner who is
ambitious lo have a garden.
A Fertile Patch
A News reporter who walked
"in that way recently was pleased
���nd delighted with what he saw.
A patch of about fifty by fifty
I"', is crammed full with all
manner of vt getable produce. The
marvel is that a piece of earth so
���mall could grow so much.
All Kinds of Things
I hi re are imnumerable rows of
tempting lettuce and radishes In
various siagis of growth, but all
'���"���ni; well; potatoes, cabbage,
Cauliflower, rhubarb, spinach, car-
r"i-. onions, beans, corn, and some
native vegetables from their own
country of Syria, which thc bro-
'1ms are trying to raise in Canada.
Grapes Look Good
"ot   content   with   vegetables
alone, the brothers are, trying
what fruits will grow here. Some
apples and pear trees Imported
from Vancouver have died, but
some apple scedlirgs look promising. Several grape vines are
planted and appear very healthy.
The brothers are experienced in
vine-culture ard quite expect to
be gathering grapes off iheir little
vines next year.
The experiment shows what can
be done with the muskeg patches.
The ground was prepared by digging a trend) alongside 10 drain
the excess witter. Tite niiiskeg
was furred up with a spade and
mixed wiih sard and cm* in.' ure.
Now it looks like a strong loam,
and the strength of the vegetable
growth is wonderful.
Any One Can Do It
In iis way the resuls is vastly
more 6J coun gi'g than if i. had
been accomplished b> ;��� Govir-
mc.iu Experimental farm. Ary-
one can do ii and be rewarded, like
the Mussallem brothers with a
harvest of tender, luscious vegetables for the dinner table.
Relief Committees Do Splendid Work���Danger is  Now All Past and Work of
Rebuilding Commences-Relief Fund Grows
Captain Kerr of Prince Rupert S.A. Citadel Returns to
the City After Three Week's Trip to Hazelton���
Had Thrilling Experience on the Trail
his way around through the burning area where the still smouldering trees came crashing down
unexpectedly every few moments.
Fortunately he got through unscathed,   but   the   heat   was   in-
(Canadian Pass Despatch)
Cochrane, Out., Jul) 17.���Here
in the heart of the fire /.one of a
few days ago a hundred people are
now sleeping on the bare ground
or hard floor but there is no lack
of food. A carload of supplies
from the Toronto Board of Trade
has been distributed. The Government, the railway officials, and
the contractors for the Transcontinental have all done splendid
work. The settlers in this district
are reported safe with only three
fatalities reported. Business men
are starling business up anew undismayed.
One enterprising Italian merchant has opened up a small stock.
The publisher of thc Northland.
the local newspaper( has started
on the erection of a new building.
He  is getting  his  paper  printed
in Toronto in the meantime.
Start   Rebuilding
Nortii Bay.���Superintendent Black, of the T. and N. 0. Railway,
and General Passenger Agent Parr
have just returned from Porcupine and Cochrane, and report
that the relief committees are
doing good work. Splendid organisation is at Cochrane and
everybody is being fed and sheltered. A lunch counter has been
opened at the station. Building
operations have already started
on forty small si rue lures. Several
carloads of blankets and tents
from ilu* militia-department reached Porcupine today.
Mattewson is re|*orted safe, but
twelve settlers with their families
lost everything. They are bein*
cared for in town. There is no
real   hardship   in   the   fire   zone
now, and everybody is being cared
for. Rain fell at Cochrane and
Porcupine last night which hel|>ed
the situation. Nearly all the
missing miners and proapcctOW
arc accounted for. The total
death list will not exceed 75. Kx-
perienced blishmen have been over
the burned area and their search
shows thai prospectors in a great
many instances escaped. As quickly as tlead bodies are found in
Porcupine they are either ���-hipped
or buried there. On Saturday
afternoon all tlie men who perished
in the west Dome mine were
Toronto.���Porcupine Relief Fund now totals $30,790.
After a three weeks' visit to
the Salvation Army station beyond
Hazelton, where the army has been
located for over ten years, Captain
Kerr of the Citadel here, has returned to Rupert. He had a
very successful iriji, "mushed it"
all the way from this city to
Hazelton, and returned by boat
and train. Hazel ton, he reports,
rather quiet now, and he gives
good accounts of the district generally from his personal, and the
Army point of view. The kindest
of welcomes always greeted him
at the various camps where he
stopped and held services on the
way up.
Just beyond Camp 17 Captain
Kerr had the thrilling experience
of helping fight a bush fire which
extended round the slue between
him and his destination. The
men from the camp had been
fighting it for two or three days.
The slue was too deep for Captain
Kerr lo ford, and he had to make
tolerable at some stages. It took
him fully half an hour to make
the li11It- distance he traversed.
Little Paradise Beyond
Four miles beyond Hazelton
is the long established S. A. station, now quite a little village.
Here Captain Kerr found the
prettiest bit of garden he has
seen for many a day. After ten
years' arduous work amongst the
Indians there during which time
thc officers had frequently to
face even the rille muzzle from
hostile natives, the little station
has begun to blossom beautifully.
Every kind of vegetable is growing
there, and the grassy level spaces
are like English lawns. It is a
little paradise now, and shows
how the country repays effort.
Railway Companies Have to File Statements Showing
How Their Engines Are Equipped���All Crossings
Where Accidents Have Occurred To   Be
At Once Protected
Structural Steei Workers Went Back to Work This
Morning and the Carpenters Are Negotiating For
Terms to End the  Disastrous Labor War
allied unions arc still holding out
however, and are negotiating for
terms with the independent contractors. It is the general opinion
that the strike is broken, and that
the other strikers will follow the
example of the structural steel
workers soon.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver,   July   17.���All   the
"'���������'���i>i"iis now appear that the
'���'���""' unions are losing out in
j1"' building trades strike, which
has been on here for some time.
I,1K morning the structural steel
���Wkeri gave up the struggle and
u'm back to work.   Their ab��
*"��* had  held  up thc  progress
"" the frame work of many of the
11 ���*-  carpenters and  the other
The Presbyterian Young People's picnic will be held on Wednesday evening. Launches will
leave at 6.15 p.m.
For the Year---Prince Rupert Had Less Rain Than  a  Host
of Places in England, Sunny Japan, Hawaii and Mexico
Was  Only  128 Inches  in  a Whole  Year
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa,   Out.,   July   17.--The
Railway   Commission   has   issued
two drastic orders, one for the
  ptotection  of  railroad  employees
Dominion Government Officer Frank Dowling Issues his BnHft^jSJ mfaF!3��
all railways to tile with the Board
within sixty days a statement
showing the number, class and
weight of each locomotive, and to
stale whether they are equipped
with dump ash pans to avoid
the necessity of men going beneath the locomotive. In the past
have been a number of
accidents from this cause. The
second order is lhat at every
crossing where an accident has
happened since January 1st, 1905,
or hereafter happens by a moving
train to any person using thc
crossing, such crossing is to be
Immediately protected by a watsh-
man until the Board has had the
accident investigated and the crossing examined.
At last the lie about Prince
Rupert's rainfall has been nailed
to the counter. No longer can
dwellers in rival cities trade upon
the fact that no authentic figures
are in existence to correct their
stories of the rains in RuiK-rt.
For a year past, an officer of the
Dominion Government, Mr. F. W.
Dowling, maanger of the Dominion Government Telegraph service,
and meteorological recorder, has
been patiently at work. Morning
after morning on the stroke of
five, he has trudged to the weather
station on the hill, and there
measured the rainfall for the previous twenty-four hours. And his
records for the year just completed since July 1st, 1910, till
June 80th, 1911, show thai exactly 128.80 inches of rain fell in
Prince Rupert.
How This Compares
How does this compare with
the reports? A gentleman writing
to Mr. David H. Hays last week,
said he wished precise Information
on the rainfall as he had heard
that the ranlfall in Prince Rupert
averaged 247 inches, and that it
was far too rainy for anyone lo
live there In comfort.
With Other Places
As Compared with the rainfall
in other places���which is lhe only-
way  most  of  us  can   make  any
comparative judgment���the Prince
Rupert  rainfall is nothing at all
to be afraid of.   There are places
in England where ihe rainfall
is much heavier. At Scathwnitc,
for instance, lhe records there
showed a rainfall of 14.r) Indies,
On the coasl of "Sunny Japan"
a rainfall of 118 inches is a common one. In some parts of Japan
it reaches 170 inches.
In Sunny Mexico
The man who would Ik* frightened away from Prince Rupert by
reports of the rainfall, and go to
Mexico instead would be badly
mistaken, for in Vera Crux, Mexico, the rainfall is nearly fifty
|K*r cent greater than in Prince
Rupert. The actual figures for
both places are Vera Crux 183
inches, Prince Ruperl 128.80 Ins.
Hawaii is popular as a pleasure,
tourist and health resort, but
thc rainfall of Hawaii is 210
inches, which makes Prince Rupert look like a dry climate.
Indeed the furlher south one goes,
lhe heavier the rainfalls liecome.
The Worst Yet
Maury in his Physical Geography of the Sea gives the rainfall of Cherraponju, a mountinn
in Southeastern Assam as 00")
inches, all of which falls between
the months of April and October,
during the South Western Monsoon.   But the worst yet is given
by  Captains  Fltsroy ard  Hall
of the British Navy who measured
on the Wesl Coast of South
America, near Cape Horn, an
annual rainfall of 1,308 inches.
There is another advantage
about Prince Ruperl rain. It
does not eonie in deluges creaiing
havoc .nd  Mood- as rain  is ������ptjtheri
10 in  some  parts of  the  world.
11 divides itself  Into moderately
monthly quantities, The exact
figures month by month as they
will appear in  the Government
ru|nirls are as follows:
January   15.50
February  5.22
M. rih  5.22
February  5.22
March  20 01
April  8.39
May         4.53
June  5.29
To watch  the want ads is to
Ih- "in" when opportunity knocks.
John T. Regbie of Chilliwack,
Got Beyond His Depth and
was Drowned-Boys Start a
Destructive Fire.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Chilliwack, July 17.-John T.
Regbie, a Scoichainii aged twenty-
eight and a resident of Chlliwack
for the past four years, was drown-
"d here yesterday while bathing
in the Semiault River. Regbie
got beyond his depth anil was
unable to swim. His body was
rescued too late for resuscitation.
A fire in Chilliwack broke out
last Friday night and destroyed
two dwellings valued at 12000
each and seriously threatened three
others. It is believed t" ''.ive
been started by boys playing with
matches in a vacant house owned
by Joseph Sanford.
Total 128.80
An Exploded Story
These figures finally aril forever
explode the absurdly exaggerated
reports of the rain in Prince
Rupert. Like all places near the
m;i. and backed by mountains,
Prince Rupert has a free rainfall,
but   nothing  more.    The  city  is
Indebted to ths Dominion authorities for taking steps to counteract the injurious stories which
had   been    circulated   about    the
Four Hundred  Million  Feet of Standing Lumber is
Imperilled and Fire is Making Rapid Headway���
Outbreak Near Lake Coquitlam  on Saturday is Extinguished
(Canadian Press Despatch) 1 unlay, but wis got under control
New \Ycst-"-nsier, July 17. -latter several hours hard fighting
According to a report made tOlby men employed on const ruction
Crown Timber Agent Wain 1 y.lof the power dam there. The
a serious bush fire is raging fiv.-lweek of hoi weather has greatly
miles east of Yale, which endane, rs|increased the rusk of forest fires,
four hundred million feet of tin-.
bar.   Several acres of heavy tim-\    For  row  boats and launches
bet are already burned over, and  telephone    320   green,
rainfall in Prince Rupert, by sup- U    (i.,,,,^ m |preadlng r.ipidly.      Boat HoU8e
plying   authentic   figures   of   the      Another   forest   fire  broke   out!
actual rainfall during the year.        Iwest of l.ake Coquitlam on S;.t-|   Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners.'.Phone 4 THE  DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
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general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it we.e, a
keeper of the public contcience." ��� Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Copyright, lull, by the Century' Syndicate
In recording from time to timet of scene and air.  Thus it was thai and peacefu
that year violently interrupted, and we were
.. precipitated   into
I associate with my long and in- small cottage near poldhu Bay. al a series
some  ol   the  curious  experiences in  the early spring ol
and interesting recollections which we found ourselves together i
healthv routine were
imati   friendship with Mr. Slier- the farther extremity i f th
lock Holmes, I have continuallly nish peninsula.
been faced by difficulties caused by It was a singular spot, and one
his own aversion to publicity.   To peculiarly well suited to the trim
hi- -i mbre and cynical spirit all humour of my patiei I
the   midst   of
of  events  which   caused
���r- .the   utmost   excitement   not   only
in Cornwall but throughout  the
whole West of England.    Many
i if my  readers may  retain  tome
From the recollection   of   what   was   called
lips and sat up In his chair like
an old hound who hears the view-
hallo, He waved his hi .d to the
sofa, and our palpitati g visitor,
with his agitated companion sat
sith* by side upon it. Mr.
timer Tregei "is was more
contained than the clergyman,
but the twitching of his thin hands
and the brightness of his dark
eyes showed thai they shared a
common emotion.
"Shall    I    -peak   or   you.'"   he
asketl ol the vicar.
"Well,    81    >"U    seem    to    have
made  the  discovery,   whatever   it
may be, .*��� d the vicar to have had
it iecond-hand, perhaps you had
better   do   tlu   speaking,"   siid
Cout Rang. 6 Land bumct
Taka   none,   that   I    Junn   It,; ���...-. ���  o,.
auuikalum,   occupatiun  larttar, .  '   K"'
lor p��rmi*alon tu ptixch-u* in, (,���,������; j^,1,1*}
Commencing at a poat planted *, ... .���_,.
comar ol Lol 0S53, 5mm mntl7* J!.'or,lU-;
wuih 41) chaina,  th.nc. ��.l!i k?!*"
north III chain, lo plan al NaauaMMt        *
Uated March IS, lull. JulIN iipp
I'ub April It Va* 'aP
 -hi  ���a r-        i     ,    .     ..-,.   ,.    . , ,,        ��� Holmes.
popular applause was always ab- windows of our little whitewashed at the time   me tornisn Horror, .   ^ir(.l.,!  .,.   tne  hastJ|y.c|ad
horrent, and nothing amused him house, which  stood high            ������ ,h"l|Kh a most lmI>erfcct account .      nwh ttit|, ,n,. formally .Ires-
I        t     .1 ���. ��� a a . . a.     annnl...<l      ���!...      I     ...    .!.,��� ~ *
of the matter reached the London
Now. after thirteen yean,
true details of this
m*,I lodger seated beside him. and
more ai  the end of a successful grassy headland, we looked down
case than to hand over the actual upon    the   whole   -i lister   semi- Pre ^^
exposure to some orthodox official, circle of   Mounts  Bav.  thai   old I will give the
.Monday. July 17'a*1*'1!" li8ten with a mockiilg smile death-trap of sailing vessels, with Inconceivable affair to the public.
Co the gi: eral chorus of misplaced its fringe of black cliffs and surge-      I have said that scattered towers    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
congratulation.     It   was   indeed swept reefs on which innumerable marked the villages which dotted jworjs first," ..aid the vicar, "am
this  attitude   upon   the   part   of seamen have met their end    With this part of Cornwall.   Thc nc.ire.-t  (.,K.n  y,,u  ,*���*,���  judge  if  you  wil
was amused at the surprise which
Holmes's simple  deduction   had
brought to their faces.
"Perhaps I had best siy a few
my friend, and certainly not any a northerly  breeze it  lies placid of these was the hamlet of Tre- ���
round   an
Two candidates in the field in the Middle West, is an indication lack of interesting material, which and sheltered, inviting the storm- dannick   Wollas,  where  the cot-
thai Manitoba���as liefits a province which will be hugely affected has caused  me of  late  years  to tossed  craft  to  tack  into  it  for cages   of   a   couple   of   hundred
by the passage of the reciprocity bill���is preparing for the possibility lay very few of my records before rest and protection.   The;', comes inhabitants
oi an early general election.    The example of the Selkirk Conscr- the public.    My participation  in the sudden swirl round of the wind, ancient, moss-grown church,
vatives ar.d the Winnipeg Liberals will Ik- followed by a host of other, some of his adventures was always ihe blustering gale from the -outh- vicar of a parish, Mr. Roundhay,
constituencies within a few days.                                                             ..   privilege   which   entailed   dis-1 west, the dragging anchor, the lee was something of an archaeologist.
\\t The nomination of candidates, however, is not a certain evidence cretion and reticence upon me. shore, and the last battle in the land  as  such   Holmes had   made
of an early election.    It is an evidence only of prudence, and of an      It was, then, with considerable creaming breakers.   The wise mar- his acquaintance.   He was a mid-
earnest desire to get into the contest early.   From information that surprise that I received a telegram iner stands far out from that tvil die-aged man. portly and affable
comes from very well informed quarters, Sir Wilfrid  Laurier was from   Holmes   last   Tuesday���he place. with a considerable fund of local
speaking the simple truth when he told the Quebec interviewers that has never been  known  to write     On the land side our surround-1lore.    .At his invitation  we had
he did r.'.i know when a general el<< don would take place, i. e., whether where a  telegram  would  serve��� jngS Were as sombre . - on the sea. | taken tea at the vicarage, and had
it would take place within a few weeks or be deferred until early next  ���" the following terms:   "Why not |t was a country of rolling moors, come to know  also Mr. Mortimer
year.   It may be accepted as certain, that both from motives of justice, tell them of the Cornish horror��� lonely and dun-coloured, with an
and in order to make hi*, victory more complete. Sir Wilfrid would Strangest  case   I  ever  handled." occasional church tower to mark
prefer if he can, to have the general election deferred until a Redis-  I   have  no  idea  what   backward the site of some old-w. rid village.
tribuiion Bill, based on the census returns can be brought in. raising j sweep   of   memory   had   brought jn   every   direction   upon   these in his large, straggling house.   The
the representation of the western provinces.                                               the matter fresh to his mind, or|moor8 there were traces of some vicar, being a bachelor, was glad
Mr. Borden, it may also be assumed, is alive to the hopelessness of what  freak   had   caused   him   to vanished  race which  had  passed to come to such an arrangement,, ,      ,     ,    . .
... i. r.     a.       ..       . a-...     . Ij'ele,i * ......     i* I 111**1    Ut    Haiti    DCCH    Mill
deferring the elections until a Redistribution Bill is passed, and will desire  that   I  should  recount   it; utterly away, and left as its sol(  though he had little in common
do all he can to force an election upon the public at an early date, but I hasten, before another can-1 record strange monuments of stone, with his lodger, who was a thin.
If this really is his object the Opposition leader has all the machinery celling   telegram   may   arrive,   to irregular mounds which contained dark spectacled man. with a stoop *  . Mtuf_iiy wcnt wit|, |,*n)   un,-,
at his command  to accomplish  his purpose.    Cnder the anomaly,hunt  out   the  notes  which   give the bur.icd ashes of tin dead, and which   gave   the   impression   of
Tregennis, an independent gentleman, who increased the dergymi ns
isten to the details from Mr
Tregennis, or whether we should
nor hasten at once to the scene
of this mysterious affair. I may
explain, then, that our friend
here spent last evening in the
company <��f his two brothers,
i Keen and George, and of his
-ister Bre .da. at their house of
Tredannick Wartha, which is near
the old stone cross upon the moor.
He kf; them shortly after ten
o'clock, playing cards round the
dining-room   tahl
SkMna Land DlatrlJt- liuinc*. tf i -_ ..
Tak. twite, laat  I, !'.���>   ^.,..,,.   . ,
llup.*1,  U.  C,  occupation pra|-a*tof    uaadia
apply   lor   pOTtnu-uuu   to  po-cia*-   ���.:.,     ���
JeaCrlb. I tan la:
Commencing at a poat pl.r.u-i ,,. ,-., ,
ol liooa* bay, about iru-*��--��igv.. *-| , m , JJJjf
oi in. mouth oi io. Baaaaii ��� . ���.   ������ . ���.,*;
on lh. .lalarly   boundary  ol  iitLtau  Lur.it si
J.'J.*>1 or No. OiitO. *.t......  aoutt. IU c .. ," ' ~
tin- fa.t.Tij Itnut of .u.t Tlmb*M i. . . ".
or No iiito .o chaina, tti.no. eaal b. >l mi
Iioom llay, a dulano* ol lo ct..,:., a -:<��� ,t lea
tn.no. noniMrly along th* nan "1 t.-ow iiav
ll' chain, mop. or l.aa. tt..nc **.u.fi. s,< et^
mora or laa. lo point tl cen*jneno**tn-*t'.. c  .:.,���,&.
1W1 .cn-t mot. o* l.-aa ^
Dated March 7, lull. PBRRY WittSAN
I'ub. Apru 1.
dkeen. Land IMrict -Dialncl ol QMM ��� hu.AU,
Tag. none thai lurorga Iritor^ j< inMl
uup-i-l, b. C.. occupallon Ou.cr.ar. tii'.*;.;, ���-.���������.iv
lur perniuaiun lo purctia*. tn. Icuo-au .��� :.-acnt.��
Cummenelng at a poal pi.r.w.1 a.: ,v>l.
mjee w��el and two tnu��a eouth ot ttrs taomh tl
M*.i.l*> Cra.lt aher* il .mptrai late .Sail.*,
harbor, liraham laland, th��t.c* so ehatgl mott,
inaoe. to chain. w����t, thane* eo c-.tuna Lvtb,
in.nc. ail cnana *-a��t to point ol ooa -fmiHnt
and containing 1A0 acraa mora or.oaa
u.tcJ March 17, lull i.i ... FRlZZBU
l'uu. April 7. Numa Daotn, A(.m
Skeena Land Lrtatrict���DiaUlct u( .."0.**-. e&ar.utu
'lake notice ib.l rtai.a La.tck ol  ..L^i.txa,
unu,  oceupailon  bookaaapor,  mun-ia io .���,�����,
lor parini-**uon to purcnaa* in. IgttOVlag .c.-.-.:T:
commvneing  at a po*u planted steal *..��*,
inOBB  bu.1 and  two mu��� *a,.IU ol  ln�� :;.,..:: .1
atahl.y Craak aui*. u .:; ; , ilio .s.jk
liaruor, Oraham laland, thano* Ml e.'.a.*ia iouUi,
tn.no. au ChaiD. aaai, tna-ioa eo **halai ,.at*.&,
inMio. 60 enain. weal lo puint ul Cot--:;.��:..\T_��i;
and oonlauiog 610 acre, more or laa*.
Llalad March 17, UU. t'KANK LLMCK
I'ub. April 7. Nunia U***r.ara, A^,a
in    excellent
health and spirits.   This morning.
,.---_,.-----_ bei. g an early riser, he walked
scanty resources by taking rooms ^ ^ (|jri.(.;i-n ^ |in.ak|avt
and was overtaken by the carriage
of   Dr.   Richards,   who  explained
for on a
most urgent call to Tredannick
Wartha.    Mr.   Mortimer Tregen-
SkMna Land Linuici���l'i.*j.c*. .! Coait
Tak. nolle, that ul.nn McAn:.-.* ol . ...,*VJ.,:.
H.  C, oeeupauoo r��al  Ml.*, ag.t.i i*.*.cr.j. to
apply lor  parmlMion to purchaa. ir.** l.���.a.:^
oaacnlwd landa:
i i.tiiu.r:.ct.g at a peat pl*..*.,-: lu ehair.i .;,t
and BU chaina aoulh ul lha auuikB��.l curt.ct ai
ia i No. i.oo marked Olenn M,...--. -.- > o.nt.
waat eorwr. tbane. eouth 4u . - ,. ita-cc* eia
-o chaina, thane, north 4u etiauia, i*.��&t-a -.,;
Ml chaina lo po"t ol comm.t.e.ni.t.1, cot.*.a.ut|
Aio *crm mor. or Urn.
nat-Ki March *!U, IV1I.       ULKNN Mc.llliilU
Tub. Apnl 16a T. Ll. Laird. Ac-cl
tikaaaa Laad Dirtrict���Dialnet ol Duata CuiIdiu
Taka  nouc.  thai  Hubert  U.  Cr-nr ol ITita
Ituptfi, H. c., occupation ag.nl, int.no. to. r\y
lot pM-muaion lo purchM. tn. Iollo*ir.g -t.atr.-ao
commoaciai at a pom planted about 6 1*2
tuiee .wi aad hall a mill uuib ot in. mourn 4
btaniay   Craak   whan  tt  .inpii*.    is.o .**.:���;
Harbor, liraham inland. ::.....   .ut lo etaim,
in.no. nortb id ehatna, th.no. waat to c.-ai-j.
tbane. **ouih ��o chain, lo point ol conui..r.c**&ttl
.no eoniauung 1.0 ecrae mora ur taaa.
Uated Marca 17, UU,        n.tti..    ���
l*uo April 7. Numa l>en��n. Ami
of the Canadian parliamentary rules, an Opposition leader who desires
to embark upon a policy of obstruction, holds the strongest imaginable
Government at his mercy.
The method ol ��� bat ruction employed, is for the Opposition to
take advantage of ihe rule which allows any member of the House
while sitting in committee on supplies, to speak as many times and
on as many topics as possible.    Half a dozen long winded   speakers
Skaana LandDialnet ��� U-.K-ict ol llama Chirlet
  Taka nouc. that Catherine UarrtMa, cl Calgu
di.                          , j-------a-----------------|-----B^*-------*----------------m           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__ he   folild    all   e\t r.,ordi'*ir\    slnti    AlUna,  occupation  apiuiar,  mtanoj  to aj-J),
to lay the namuve before my at prehistoric strife.   The glamour member  that  during  our  short ". " .,Mr,,,r_'" *,r>   m u  .or^nu-ion S S^STStS^u, �����.���
 1���                                                                         .   .      .       * . .   .    i   . .. .  _ . , .L��� ... ,    of thugs.    Hi, two brothers and '"M;
me the exact details of thc case, curious earthworks which   hinted actual  physical deformity.    I   rt-
he arrived at Tredannick Wartha
���a extraordinary
readers. .,,d mystery of the pla.ee. with its'visit wc found the vicar garrulous,
It was. then, in the sprirg of sinister atmosphere of forgotten but his lodger strangely reticent,
the year 1S97 that Holmes's iron nation-, appealed to the imagi-a- a sad-faced, introspective man.
constitution showed some signs tion of my frier.d. and he spei I silting with averted eyes, brooding
of giving way in the face of con- much of his time in  long walks (apparently upon his own affairs.
These were the nvo men who
  Cetammelnc at a poat plantad about 6 U
his  sister w.-re seated   round  the "l*" "r* mf ��*" * ������������*���* ***"**,nm "���* Ew'u'
* ul Stanley  Craak. wb*l** ll .mpln. Ian X*:.'a
table exactly as he had lefl   llum "���'ter. liraham laland, tn.no. lo ci...:j Ml
"' Ihene. ��U chaina eaat,  theoc. to chain, mutt.
tile  dards  still   spread   ill   from   of "������� ��u eaaiaa wat ta pjini ol ����nnier.er-Mt
.nu containing lbu acraa mora or laa.
iheiii." d ilu- candles burned dom
 i.i ���  a I
. ���. ��� i Marca 17, mil
can form a relay of oratory and tie up the whole machinery of I Stan t hard work of a most exacting and solitary mtditatio - u|>on the
Parliament. This in f.-ict. is what h: d been done by the Opposition kind, aggravated, perhaps, by oc- moor. The ancient Cornish lan-
for several weeks before the House adjourned for the Coronation,Icasional indiscretions of his own. guagc had also arrested his at-
and what it is very likely they may continue to do when the House' In March of that year Dr. Moore j tendon, and he had, I remember.
opens tomorrow. Agar,   of   Harley   street,   whose conceived   the  idea   that   it  was
If this is done. Sir Wilfrid I., jricr has intimated that he will dramatic introduction to Holmes akin to the Chaldean, ard h:.d
at once take steps to prorogue the House, and appeal to the country-, ' may some ^ recount, gave been largely derived from the
without waiting for a redistribution of seats. If the obstruction policy positive injunctions that the fa- Phoenician traders in tin. He
b ended, and the business of Parliament permitted to go on, the elec- ">ous private agent should lay had received a consignment of
lion will lx-deferred until early next year. aside all his cases end surrender liooks   upon   philology   ard   was
The choice Is in Mr. Borden's hands.   A few hours now will make h'n-^>f to complete rest if he wish- settling   down   to   develop   this
ed to avert an absolute breakdown. thesis, when suddenly to my sor
The state of his health was not row. anil to his u,:feigned delight,
a matter in which he himself we found ourselves, even in that
took the faintest interest, for lar.d of dreams, plunged into a
his mental detachment was ab- problem, at our doors which was
solute, but he was induced at more intense, more engrossing,
last, on the threat of being per- and infinitely more mysterious
manently disqualified from work, than any of those which had driven
to give himself a complete change i us from London.   Our simple life
it clear whether we are to have an early (lection or not. General
opinion is to the effect that Mr. Borden will take a gambler's chance-
on an early election.
One thi'g the recent [xJiiy of obstruction will bring about, is
a revision of the Parliamentary rul> s to make it Impossible for any
future Opposition, either Lib. ral or Conservative, to tie up the machinery of government again. After having succeeded in hi- promise-
to "sweep the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific," Sir Wilfrid
Laurier will bri- g in .1 measure, providing for a motion of closure,
somewhat similar to that employed in the British and French Houses
so that it will Ik* possible to Kt a tin,- limit to any debate thai is *O*0*O*C*O*O*O*C*C*O*OO*O*0*O*0*O*O*O*G*
micred abruptly into our little
siaing room on Tuesday. March
the 16th. shortly after our breakfast hour, as we were smokirg
logether. preparatory lo our daily
excursion upon the moors.
"Mr. Holmes," siid ihe vicar,
in an agitated voice, "the most
extraordinary and tragic affair has
occurred during the night. It
is the most unheard-of business.
We can only regard it as a special
Providence that you should chance
lo lie here at the time, for in all
England you are the one man we,
I glared at the intrusive vicar
with no very friendly eyes; but
Holmes  took  his  pipe   from   his
The  sister  lay ' ���'���**���*���**���7*
in   her   chair.
Nun., i*���������:..-���..la* l
to  iheir sockets.
back   stone-dead    in    her   chair, skwn. Laad Dtamei-umnctoi go*..    .    ���
. .,          ,                       ,          , lalar.tla
While    the    two    brothers    sat    Oil Taka oolloa thai J. iL Murphy.of V.-i.-jj*-.-.
,..,,,        ,.          .         . U.C. occupatloo eomn-arcial trav��u��r. i->i��an
each Side ol her laughing, shouting, u apply lor p-rauaion 10 purchae. lh* Un.itl
...            .                              .  , da*aru*ai1 land..
and singing, the senses stricken .*���������, u , -..t pi.-.**j about h.*.
,                         >a                 1 ,,     1 mlaa we* and on. n-j* **ouln Iron in. -nauU
Clean   OUt   ol    lllem.      All   three   >>) oi bualy Cr��.k. Sedan Harbor, ibenc* north >u
,               .         ,       .                               ,      , chaina. theoc.  wan ��i) ehalna,  thene* wain HI
them,   the dead  woin.i-i  ard   the SEtaw.an��o���  uu.  ������....
,                  .                          .       , Dated Marc* 17. UlL                J. II. MUIP1I1
two demented men, retained upon rub. April**���                 Nomauanw**i��t
their  faces an  expression  of  thi
utmost���horror   a   convulsion   of
obviously being prolonged for tactical advantage.
Recently this paper changed iti name from the Optimist
to the Daily Newt. Its job department, accordingly changed
it* name from Optimist Job to News Job department.
Within the laat few days, a new concern has started and
assumed the name of the Optimist Job. It is not the job department of any newspaper, and its assumption of this misleading
Skaana Land DiMrlet���DUtriet ol I aaiUr
Tak.   none,  thai  1.  Tnoma.  M.c(o.*n ��
... . ...     ,      ,    Suwart, B. Oa. occup.tion mln.r.lnutnJ to "PW;
terror Which Was dreadful   to look   lot proMoa to purchM. th. lollowlng Amait**
Upon.       I lien-   ��������-   no   ^n-n   of   till'       Caanxoelnt  at a poet ptanted on IM nl'.t
- , bank ol lb. Naaa riv.r .bout lour mil*. Bl>o>�� "*
presence of anyone 11  ihe house, Sat *t io. Naa. rivor, th.no. ��uth .-o <)���**���
.,        n ��������� ���    tb��>o. *nm SO chaiiu, tnence north w eta.:*
except   Mrs.   Porter,   llll*  old   cook   tt-.no. eaat H cb.ln. to poinl ol comni.r.��M-n.
it , i ,     . ,   cont.tmng 610 .cr*. mor* or I**.- .   ,.,.���..
ard   housekeeper,   who   declared thomas malluw-k";
, 1,11 i        , ,, ,   ll.ud March 2S, l��ll. Sldnay Frank Wngtt.Ar
lhat she hail slept deeply and heard  Pub. Me, rt.
no sound during the night.    Noth-
ill .1 I 8k.roaLandDI.tricl-DI.uictofCo.pt
ing had lieen stolen or disarranged.    T.k. none, th.t I. Mra. John Cori*> of inn-*
.    .... tl.i Huport. B.C.. occupation married woman. lnt*i>"
{"���ll    there    IS    absolutely    nO    l-X-   toapoly forp.rml..ionlopureh*u.tli'i
pl.-l ration   of  What   llll-   horror  Cat,     'c^nm��n"ln��*it a po.t planted  ��' eba.". *B>|
, , .   .    . r ���   ,. i ai-d IJU chaina .outh from ih. *��uth��*a
Im* which his frightened a Woman  Eg im o55 BBBii. thtsw* l> tteoa
,       , , chain.. Ihene. eaat 4Q chain., thenc.
io diath i ml two sirnng men out  ch,ih.. Emsw��t��ochain.mor.or i��> <��� '*
i     .,    ��� .,.. ,       poinl  of  cofntn.ne.ffl.nl. eonuininn    -   ������"���
of   their   senses,      i nere   is   ilu* monori*... ���������.,
..       ..   , Mas. JOHN lUltlel C0K1.I1
situation. Mr. Holmes, in a nut- n.t*Mar. an. mn
I'ub. Apr. I. 1*11
kkeana Laad Dlalrlet-DUulel ol Coa.1 Hans'��
Tak. aotlea that Kldon S. D��l*l*f ol liai*-.
Oot.- occupation doctor, mt.nd. to >ia> *
p.rml��ion   to   purchaM  lb. lollowlng ,����""
Comm.ncing al a pet plant��d ��t tb�� w**
wait cornm ol Lol I Ma. th.nc. *m*. '" �����?
mora or laa, th.ne. .outh ��o chair* m ������ ��"B
th.nea weal 30 cbaina mora or lea*. ''������'"'���*,:;,,
*�� ehaina mora or leaa to point ol co-ntnen�����**>
euntaintng 140 acrra mora orle...   .   ....rl. n in
E55 Mwch 31, 1��11    ELDOS s. DB J HjBj
Pub. April 16* "    "
shell, a'd if you ca l help iis lo
char il up you will have done a
gnat work. '
title is an obvious attempt to infringe on the goodwill and T WjN our customers please notice that the Job Plant of the Prince Rupert Publishing Co.,
patronage of the job department of this paper, earned under 0 formerly the Optimist Job, is now operated under the name of the "NEWS JOB. " It is
its former title. "*v    r-  , _.,��� ���m~. '. :���       ���:���      ���7. :���.^���
In assuming the discarded name of this paper's job depart-
ment, the new concern may be within its legal rights.    But r*
on the point of honor which lies behind it, the public is en-
titled to pass its own judgment. 7
The entire plant and equipment of the job plant of the -^
Optimist  is  in  the  News  printshops,  and  is  being  operated J
under skilled management.   The youthful optimists who have "���*
started operations, under the cast-off title, are in no way con U
nected with the original Optimist job plant. "
[n_no way connected with a company now soliciting business under our discaided name
Under  the  nuperinttndance  of  Mr.   S.   D.   Macdonald,  our plant  is turning  out better work than ever
For high-class printing thai has style and character lo it, see lhe News Job.
Our prices art right loo
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM   T. KERGIN. MO, Pre.tden) DAVID H   HAYS.  I si Vlce-Pres.
IAV aa.,, . .        M  /��� HOBIN. 2nd VicePres.  and Mono.cr
I AY KUGLER. Secretary Trwiurrr C. fl. PETERSO!
PETERSON. Ass't.-Manager
fj***J> *LAt*tf*t Farm Lands and Mines
"�� ' '     '"���"""���       Ag*ni For CaieofRtal Estate       Cerou, Agenl,
Registrar and Trantfer Agent
o Deeds of Trust
l��> pl��.*B-dio .���.,���'     '""'"��� "> Deposits
an" RnESlBltflS'SSS '""Btm.nU In Princ. Rupart
Bill Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Cards
BESNER & BESNER,   Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel I. run on the European
flan.   Flret-elaae **erTle#.   All the Lateet Modern
mpr-ivi-nmnla. -:���:- BEDS Wc UP
In   Commercial Printing
we have a large dock of
We handle Blank Ledger
Form, for Loo.e Leaf
Syalem : : 1
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
For society printing, we ensure correctness of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dance Programmes. For any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the  "News Job "       :      :      :    :
f**-.. -***        Wl...
Safe 0,po,|| Vautl ond'o.,.^" M""��**���� ���nrfOero'. 0/ Trust
Brltt.l, KRaMtT
Daily News Building
ConlinentalTnist  Company,   Limited,
Sk**n. Land Dtatrlct-Dtolriet ol' b*-;";'
Tak. nolle, lh.t I Frand. S. Vnmlon o  I r��m
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Muffs,  Etc.
Vancouver Far Drtssrni Company
1843 Granville St. Van, B.C.
1 aaa not.**, in.. 1 r*ant. .-a . ���������,������,,,, u,
Itupert,  U. C occupation proepeet". 1"    '
appl>   lor  permtaaion to  pureha- the loUo-awS
d-werit*e.l Und.: ,    .   ���,  ,im
1 omm.neint   .1   a   port   pl.n"s1, ���'''"'' JJ^
mile. Mulh and two mils wiat ol lh*   ""'
lh. Whlta and Flat rirm. thenc. *o*l\ ��%'
Ihenee  eaet   BO  ch.lw,  tbenee  uortb  tO �����'��
llvence weal 80 cbaina. ..���,��� ���   ..ut*iTUS
Hated April 20. ISII.     FRANCIS S. I KI.SIO*
I'ub Mar IS
SkMna Land Dlatriet-Dlatrict ol Cout tg*L
Tak* note, that I. Joe Jack ol �� r.r     '���i. lor
U. C oceup.Uon c.rp��nler. Inl.nd to ' ' �� ���j
i..r,nl��,..n   lo   purchaM  tb.   loUowing  o-k��
"comnaanelng .1 ��� pet pUnled ���^'^jjfi
one-h.ll mil- ,11,1.nt In a aouth wretrrU �� w
Irom . bUnd .lough Irom Ob.erv.tor)- ''���-'"���,
th. urn. louche, the IndUn He****rve "''""?,
to ch. na Ihene. ���-11th 80 chain.. lhfn,w���, Mt0.
chain., th.nc. nulh 30 ehdn. In pol"1."'
m.neement, conUining 610 .ere. more |f ""T.rg
Dated April 14. ISII. *!0'>
Pub. Ma. 1J.
DUtriel-DUtriel ��ffi*2Si,
e thel Lettle MeT.vuh ol VWJ w
Third Ave
I'liii'-nl   Directom
3rd Ave. near 6th St. Phone No. 86
Read The Daily News
Skeen. Land ;
Tak* notica t  	
B. C,   occupation  married   woman,   mi  ���,
apply  lor  parmtaalon  lo purchM. lh. ""
dneribed land.: h   Kn*'
Commencing at . port planted al in flh
wert corner 100 chain, .art and *��'('��*.���'"���'.
Irom the nonheart corner ol Lot I""'.,, ., aitv.
Hurrer, Coart Dl.triel,R.ng. S.thenee ." a
���wuih, thenc. SO chain, .art, thence *���" ' (M
north, tbenee 40 chain, weat, thene* '���'' > n
aouth, thenee 40 chain, weet It. port <" "���
cement, eont.lnlng 400 .ere. more of !*���*��� ..,���������
Deled ^J.y 2, 1S11. iWB'Ud.ti AgS
Pub. Mar 8. Fred W. W�� ���,|'
Skeena Land Dlitrlrt- DUtrlct of Ccaf' 'WaJ,,'.
Tak. notice that 1, Alexander Clacher.. ot ���   ,���
horn.  Manitoba, occupation   farmer.   '?'. w|ng
apply for permiaalon to purchaae the n
dMerlbed landa: ,h   .oulh
Commencing at e po.t plantr-l ",,' !,n��r.l.
weal corner of lot &*&, dl.lrirt of I "��"������ "*. * j|.
��� tuated about 6 1-2 mil*, in a aouth .�����*���'' J, A.
reellon from BreckenrWge Landlnd;i.", chain**
C, north weat comer; thence atrtltn f- aaiiil
thence eaat do chain., Iheaee north ' tS2
more or le���� to aouth eait corner 01 ' w���t
thenreweat 40 chains more or leas I" *'"' morr
corner of lot 3062, thence north 2" ''5,-V. ,*,��,(���
or les. to .outh eut corner of W ��� ';mrnrf-
wost 40 chains more or In, lo poinl of eomn
ment, la.t.taini,,a- 560 acres more or Ic... .,..o
Donald Clnrher. ��
Date June 2nd. ISII
Pub. June 24th, 1811 THE   DAILY NEWS
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices  in Northern  B. C.
��� ���-**���������-*-' K
Section 9
Township 1
This is an excellent section and was one of tlie tiret to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
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This is a little section of the paper, which from dsy to ilny will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are Invited by the editor. The hope is expressed thut "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a Bocial need.
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Better Asked Before Marriage
Than Afterwards
A wise soul has said that mar*
riage is a matter of being able
to laugh at one another's jokes.
Bui there are some more fundamental things,
If he is a rich man and it is his
only attribute, tin- question is do
riches bring happiness?
Is he a poor mar.���so poor that
after ilu- lirsi glamour <>f love is
spent there is nothing left to spend
even for the creature comforts
that are necessary?
Is he a real companion, it does
he need many other companions
to fill i'i the following of his natural
Is he a man who can prove his
interest by real support, or will
she forever have to assist i'i the
actual money-making?
Is he interested in the same
pleasures or is there a material
difference as to what constitutes
This is certainly a new idea
as opposed to the so-called old*
fashioned women. She it is who
accepts marriage as a sacrifice, a
matter of servitude*���calling it love
���who thinks of nothing but the
home and the baking and the
I cooking.
If a girl would look before she
leaps in this thoughtful ugc of
living, perhaps the words "until
death do us |iart" would morc*
often actually come to pass; not
in the tolerant sense but in the
true sense.
Yes, says, "Sophie Leob" then-
are many, many happy marriages.
But these arc not a result of
chance, but raiher of choice.
Hotel Central ^ ���T,^,-,::;
European and Amerlean plan, .learn
heated, modern convenience.. Hat*.
f 1.00 to $2.60 per day. :
arc seen in plain ami printed ��>r
fancy effects.
Smocking is out* of the most
artistic and affective decorations
for children's frocks.
White hosiery ami shots can
only lie worn villi the all-white
or floral and white fabrics,
The latest nov.lty in veils is a
rust shade veil, which is exactly
the color of rusted iron.
Bordered cottons made up crosswise do not set as well as when
made up of lengthwise,
There are lovely hags of white
velvet decorated with narrow stripes done in black beads.
Patent leather belts in black,
blue, red or white are to be stylish
finish for linen frocks.
Pointers  for  the  Down Town
Girl by a Girl of Experience
Bubbles from the Cataracts of
Frocks and Frills
Pater Black
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Ilfils, clean White Sheets  2jC
Rooms 50c
J. COODMAN. Propri.tor
���I ami 4
7 im) x
Owns In ami see our list of buys in
other parts of the city
Second Aye., Princa Ruperl, B.C.
Lunch and Menls at all hour.; Lunch  l.'r.
Meal* 25c up-Come and See
Aigrettes���but of the manufactured type���are as popular as
There is a tendency to make up
simple dresses without a lining.
Printed lace effects over brilliant colored grounds are in high
One of the most useful hats for
traveling or country wear is of
Fichus and sashes and scarfs
arc the present hallmarks of thc
lingerie frock.
Fine serges art- seen everywhere,
both in fine twill and hcrringlx-iic
Voiles are in grail demand and
It is the custon when dining at
a restaurant for a woman io precede a man when going to the
table, but il is not uncommon
for the man to go first, and good
taste and common sense will probably make this latter the rule.
A menu card is given to the
woman as well as to the man. but
she has nothing to do with ordering
the dinner unless the man ask*-
her to make some selection. Even
then she should not do much
If her escort asks her lo choose
a salad or her own sweet she should
do so without hesitation, as she
should answer any question frankly
befiirc the fo-od has Ik*cii ordered.
After the order has lieen given
she should refrain from suggestion
or critical comment.
If she wishes the waiter to give
her a fork or any other small
article that may be required
through the meal she is mil to
ask the waiter for it, but to tell
her escort that he may m-ihI for ii.
A woman is not supposed to
give a waiter any order, but to
net in all ways as though she were
in a private house.
On leaving lhe table the woman
follows or precedes the man. as
she wishes. She should put on
her gloves before leaving the table.
aginablB in the metallic line, gleams
dully on the trimming counters,
ar.d cord in the dull gold, silver
and gunmetal is In great demand
now thai the cord girdles arc so
much the thing for defining the
high waist line of the empire
frock. These girdles, ready for
use with pendant or tassel finish,
are also offered i'i ihe trimming
department, as are the same cords
in black and colors.
Ammonia is a great cleanser for
porcelain, but when dirt and grease
demand an extra agent use kerosene. It will do the work thoroughly, Applj with a rag and
wash off with warm soapsuds.
A light diet, largely composed of
fruit and vegetables, is best for
���;-   v   .
If   tea   stains   resist   the   usual
boiling  water,  whisky  is sure  to
lake it out.
*   *   A
Clam or oyster shells dumped
into   the   fire   act   like   magic   in
[freeing the grate of clinkers.
t   t   t
Scalloped oysters are much better if cooked in individual dishes
rather than a pudding dish.
*l    *s    *l
A weak solution of oxalic acid
will freshen old straw mailing.
It should be applied with a woolen
S   t   t
It is a wise precaution against
getting holes in delicate hosiery
lo -mull, i the shoes In-fore puttung
them on.
-.-   ���;���   -.-
When mn in us.*, expensive
knives should be wrapped in tissue
p.i|H*r and locked in the box belonging lo them.
e tt  a
Teacups that have turned brown,
antl silver that is discolored by
egg, can lie brightened by rubbing
with wei silt.
For most delicious Bread,
Dainty Biscuits, Ete., use
Robin Hood Flour
Vour Dealer Has ll
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapcri
Water and Musk Melons
and Fresh Fruits of all
kinds are what you
should eat this hot
weather to keep healthy.
We have just received
a fresh consignment of
First of  the  Season
-General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford StoveB
Graniteware       Tinware
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart, Thursdays untl Sunday!
at 8 a.m. Special fun- on Suiiiluy
boat. $i)..r>0 return Inoltldlng meals
ami berth.
���i. Prince Albert sails for I'ort Simpson,    Nuus   Itiver,    Masaet,     Niulun
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1,00 p.m.
and for!
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wed
nesdays and Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Sy.tem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
I.aw-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruoert P.O. Box 361
of Brltl.h Columbia of B.C.. Ontario. Sa>-
and H.nlloba Ban. kateh.wan  and Al-
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Ofllr*.   Exchange block, comer Third avenue and
Sixth .trn't. PrinceRuoert. 8
S. HALL, L.D.S., L>. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
AH d.nta) OMratlon. altllfully treated. Gaa and
local anaalhellc. admlnl.trred for the painlea. extraction of teeth. Con.ultatlon free. Ofllce.:
ll.*lk-.*r*..i. Block. Princ. Rupert. 11-11
I   Prudhomme A  I ,.t,rr
Fra-wr and Fifth St.
Th* i'fil> hotel In town
wllh hot and cold wat*
rr in room*. H**t fur-
nlahnl houH- north of
Vancouver. Room. We
ni-.    Phon. .it     P.O.
Bo�� na   i    i    i
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart���
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
Price of Local Stocks
Alex M Man...,, S.A..      W,E. William.. II a . 1.1. 1.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coait Service
Famous  Princess  Line
Tuesday, July  18th, 8 a.m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
aaa FOR a ��� .
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
P. O. BOX ��
runt, or wm. roion. esq.. * ��� *���� **���"���*����� ��� eno
I A. report*-) bt 8. Harrieon 4 Oa.)
Portland Csnsl    16-34       U
Stewart M. -ft D. Co  W
RcdClifT      116    116
Main Reef �����
Silver Cup w
Grocarie.       Prime Ham.       Pro.i.loo.
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Mh St.
Phon. ISO
Fairy-like Effects to Entrance
the Vision Feminine
A  note of red,  CCrite,  French
liliic or emerald green is very
often introduced into tin* lilnck
and while frock, and liit-s of
I Vr sin ii   or   Russian   figured   silk
or embroidery ure also used aa
trimmings: but sonic of ilu* vcrv
I mm looking trolling frocks in
the black and while are entirely
without color relief, the color
note being to the left pnrnsol,
etc., used with the frock.
Large quantities of metallic trimmings, almost all in the vieux or
dull finish, arc shown in the shops
and on the ini|*ortcd models. C.a-
lons. laces, embroideries, braids
of ail  kinds,  net. everything im*
Rochester &
r Monroe
��� Coal
.   t) ~  **���-.'
���      Phone us
Do You
We have  a  stock
in good bond paper
G. T. P. Tran.fer Af enl.
iinlrra promptly Ailed.   Pric*. reeeonable.
OFrlCI- II a Roeheatar. Oitre St.    Phon. ��.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tsbles Second Ave.
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
I w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete stock of Drutrs.   Special   X
attention paid to filling prescriptions.
Theatre Block ftmm No. 79 Second A?e
Phone 116
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
STOCK niaririi rnoNB 82
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old ofllce of Optimist, sell only
Best made in Seattle.   Fruit and Candy,  whole*
sale and Retail. Vook tor flash siirt. at ntjrht
SAM GOVVEN. Proprietor Phone 350
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weston announces tlmt he
has commenced work for the city.
All  orders   received   at   the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgemon Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
.���>?���*...... ... ���**.**>?������ ���������������* *.* ��� *.**. ���
aw.**.* ..-a*.-a*.*.*.-**-.**.-...-a*-.**'*
He sella Buildings      He sella Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lots He builds Homes
Special  Bargains in
Kitselas Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Lands      Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands       Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum Lands, Sain. Gravel and Marble Deposits
List  Your Properties with Jeremiah H. Kugler
He buys Itasca He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Second  Avenue, Prince  Rupert, B. C.
fe^ffi^ '"~*?"r--t*Bg**F!-**-3SS*.^^
H. A. Robinson, Provincial  Inspector for the society
For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Will Start
Branch in the City ���Meeting on Wednesday
ten hundredweight should be fined
with brakes, and double rigs carrying one ton should be braked
also. 'Phis (or the protection of
the   horses  on   the   temporarily
steep streets. Regarding the hauling of dump wagons on rails, Mr.
Robinson remarked that he was
pleased to see that the contractors
are cartful to provide good footholds where the teams start the
pull. After the wagon is going
it is fairly easy to haul. He commented favorably on R. A. Mc-
Mordie's wire rope ar.d engine
system of haulage.
Happened in Hazelton
Mr. Robinson's trip to Hazelton was with a view to looking
into the conditions of the horses
used by the Indians. He found
them generally in very good condition, but noticed one or two
cases where the matter of shoeing
had been so badly neglected that
the hoofs were worn to the quick.
A bartender named Harry La-
londe was fined SI00.00 and costs
for having cruelly thrown ammonia into a dog's eye, destroying
the animal's sight. Two dogs
had to be destroyed, one because
it was diseased, and the other
owing to extreme decrepitude.
Magistrate Price Ellison presided
over the court cases, the ammonia
case, ar.d one of working a horse
suffering from box-spavin.
Mr. Robinson was impressed
with the prospects of the Hazelton
district particularly the coal claims
arour.d Ground Hog Mountain.
Asked whether he thought it
might possibly be "cruelty to
wives" io take them into the
still undeveloped districts awaiting
thc rails, he laughingly replied
that all lhe wives he had met
then* were capable and happy
housekeepers enjoying their share
i> their husbands' pioneering.
"Vis, Prince Rupert in its pres-
ent stage is rather a heavy city for
horses,  hut   I  am pleased  lo say
that every horse 1 have seen so
far in the city seems in splendid
con dil ion."
These are the words of H. A.
Robinson, Provincial Inspector of
the S< dety for Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals in B. C He
arrived in the city yesterday by
train after journeying from Hazelton where he has lieen busy for
a few w.tks, ar.d it is his intention
to re-organise the Prince Rupert
branch ��>f th.* S. P. C. A. Probably
In cause of ihe excellent care taken
of their horses by teamsters here,
and the general kirdness shown
by the people of Prince Rupert
to dogs and other animals, the
branch of the society here has
not been very prominent. But
it is as well io have it live all the
Meeting on Wednesday
The Mayor will preside over a
meeting  on   Wednesday  night  at
8 o'clock in the police court room
with   this  object   in   view.     Mr.
Robinson  will  lx-  there, and  as
many  citizens of  both  sexis as
are Interested in the proper care
of animals should certainly attend.
President,   secretary   and   oftice-
liearcrs will be appointed.    Mr.
II.   Gowan   is  General  Secretary
for  B.  (".  and Captain I Moraine
President,   while   for   Vancouver
branch   Captain  A.  H.   Reid  is
President, and F. Swtt-tman Secretary.    Major Ciibson has acted
as President without the assis.ance
of   a   Secretary   for   lhe   society
branch   temporarily   established
some time ago in Prince Rupert.
A Recommendation
Mr. Robil ion intends to suggest
through ihe society lhat a bylaw
should be formulated for this city
providing that single rigs carrying
   ~~~s^=sssrsassss^^ THE MAN WITH
 .__  th�� GLASS ��YE
"The News" Classified Ads.
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
.. "3��t.~~~~~~.��
Where to Go
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone 110 Third Avenue and Fulton St
j        Lost and Found        i
*,  an  ... *ii*>ii*..i.*.i>*;ii an  ������ ***-"-
LOST-EyeGla.iei, lnca��e.   Finder  I'.*�����* ��l>-
I.ly Mode H. Craig, Arctic SUJ10.        IST-W1
rtey.  Ap-
POUND���POMS containing a <un*. ot m.
ply Princ* Rupert G.n.ral Beat Ital
situated the pretty
picnicked there
little island,
! FOUND-Eureka Cleaning un.l  Preiiinn C.it.-
pany.   Men'. >ulU cleaned and pressed ll��'.
Ladiee' lull. pre.ied and clean***.   I'ry J'1,""-
Inn a .peclalty.   Room 18 We.tenh.icr Block.
phon. red 69. IH-M1
SjIIU*    members i LOST-50 price coupon. lamed b* th* 1' "]*�����
..... .   .   , '    Studio.       The.* coupon,  will be accepted I   I
l.-.cllldir.g     scleral      pented   before   July   3rd at  lh'  Pi-erle.  I
Studio. Alder Block.
of   the   party
ladies,   afterwards   hit   the
for Lake Woodwortil from
the water supply for Prin
pert  will  be drawn  in
y.ar.     The  beauty   of   this  lake
high  up amongst the mountains,
he   trail '
n which +,"*-""*-"~~-4*~*4*~"^���"*���~
nee Ru- j j For Rent
ibout   a  i..-^--~-~-~-~--~--������-������-
Smart Arrest of Suspect Made
by Constable McArthur Just
Before  the  Prince George
Pulled Out Today.
Cano* for .ale��� 20 ft. Peterborough In spiendid
condition, 3 nrw paddle.. At p.y Box M .Daily
New. before July 22nd. ���'**'
tillt-il   with   clear   cold   Water   from   ..-roomed furnlahed home; sink ar.d water.    Alw
a two-roomed houw.   Call at F-.it.-ii St. ��������*- ���"���
the   grand   snow   capped   peaks    Ave., iin. Diaon. lfc-i-n
��� ,!..,v.-     *,rrl    ar.illinl     it       is     ideal     Mclntyre   Hall,   for  conc-rrtl.    .nt.rUlnm.oti.
aoove   ana   arouna   it,   is   .ueai.i  d,MM-M.. APpiyj.H.Ro.-.*r..pnon.ii6.
Down to Shawatkllls there tumbles ' Furni.hed   Cottage,  modem convenience., tm
.        , r I    aummer month..   Apply Mn. Alder. 3rd Ave..
a stream, the haunt ot  main   a    oppo.it. New.onic.. m-uo
Do away with this.    Patronize a whlta
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
tine   trout,   and   Shaw.lllans   Lake   Three-room flat In We��t.nhaver Block,. C-> I"
month; flat in Clapp Building. Mi; other Hat
itself is an ideal spot, forest girth, I
with  thc reflections of  the  trees
clear mirrored in its depths.
Scaled the Mountain
Determined  to conquer  the
mountain   at   the   back   of   thi
townsite several  energetic  parlies
set  forth  on  Sunday.    Some of
the   parties   were   composed   of
and houae. furnished and unfurnished.    Apply
Weatenhaver Droa.. phone 100. 147-wt
Six-roomed Houae to rent; tr.alern convenience..
Fraaer St.. Apply Director. Coh.n & C>.   143-lf
Wanted-Small houic. furni.h.-d or partly furn-
i.hed.   Sut* term, tc Box K. Dally Ne��*t.l40-tt
Commodious home, corner ������tr-Ave. ar.d Thump-
wn St.. fumiihed or unfurr.iihrd. Phone 'W
or P.O. Box SSS.
Store, and office, for rent. Apple Dr. Mclntyre.
Third Av... phone a* r - n tt, lUVtf
Neatly Fuml.h.*d Rooma; a-rntlemen preferred.
Apply Mr.. Mullln. over Majeitic Theatre.
mere males only, garlicd for the lni
, 111^   r-*.       i'i   _1.   Phon. 2% if you want to rent a houie. furnuhad
nigged   scramble.   DUt   t-lty   I llTk      or unfurnl.hed. cornerstk A...and Thomp*��n
...      i*,ii*      i ��� ...   i.:.      Street.   Allmodernconvenience*.
Woods included in his ps>ny his
,      , *r i  t        .* *       I   Coay furni.hed room..      Mr..   Bower. Somerut
plut'KV  yOUng Wtte, and  Her IriC-nd ,    Room.. Third Av.nu*. between Seventh  and
Mrs. 'perry.    Mr.  Woods'  party     '
New        Solid        Ladies
in Crocodile, Morocco, Etc.
Walchaa       Souvenir.        Jewelry
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
in the police court ibis morning
a man named John Mt'Nab appeared charged with having appropriated some money belonging
to a French woman 'anted Mar-
die. Tin- case stands adjourned
until Thursday.
McNab was one the point of
leaving by the Prince George this
morning. Al the last moment
news of the supposed theft reached
I the police office and with a seamy
description of the man, Constable
McAnhur sped down lo lhe boat.
His surest means of Identification
was the fact that McNab has a
glass eye. A few minutes before
the boai pulled out Constable
McAnhur had spotted his ma.i and
very quietly arrested him.
McNab who asserts that he had
no need to steal as he has plenty
of money of his own, will be
examined In-fore Magistrate Carss
mi Thursday. He came down
river by yesterday's Ixxit.
Pictures antl Music, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and sonRs, 7.30 p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue*
Pictures and music, 7.3o p.m.
Nationals Beat Shamrocks and
Montreal Beats Tecumsehs
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal,  July  17.���The   Nationals easily defeated the Shamrocks 13 to 5 on Saturday.
Caaalar   Land   DUtrict -DUlrict   ul  Ska,���.
Take nolle that 1, Lemuel Freer of vSSSSm
occupation broker, intend to apply lur BttSmSi
lo iiurchaw th. lollowlng dMrtSodr land. M
I ommenclng at a pom planted on th. ,hm
In a northerly direction (ruin I'ort Nation ( ur."���
marked I.. F.'. S. E. Corner, thence in ,'k,Z
north, thenco 20 chaina weat, theoM to ':?
aoulh to ahore line, thence alur.s th. i|im t!
point ol commencement, containing lu ana* *,���-;
or lew.
Dated Juno 10, lull l.F.Ml r|. eon*
I'ub. July 8. J. M.lolliau���,A���!
Skeena Land DUlrict-DUlrict of Cot* |(MB ���
Take notco that Linlord Bewail 11,11 ���| ];\rK
Rupert, II. Ca. occupation loMDtotlv. niuaai
intenda to apply lor permission to purchase tlu
lollowing il.-aiTil.ft land.:
Commencing at a post pl.nt.il on -i���. nortk
bank of the ZimoKUtitx Itiver aboul thne 4,
milea diaur.t (upatream) In a wester!. tUnctina
from the junction of the Liule Blmoiotltl RIvm
antl the main Zimotiotili River, thencu nunii ig
chain., thence west 40 chaina. thence suuth lo
chain., thenc, east 40 chaina to put of com.
mencemont containlnu 160 arrt*. mor.* or !.*-��.
Dated June ?, 1911. LlNFllltD BEWALLBBU,
I'ub. July 8. Geo. R. l'ulliatn, .\im
Skwna Land DUttlct���DUtrict ol t'-uaiai
Tako nolle, that 1, Charto. Fa*derick '���!������, i
ol Stawan, B. C, occupation frotghUT, intend to
apply tor permUalon to purchu. the (olloa-in*
deKribed landa:
ComtnancinK at * put planted on the right
bank ol the Naaa river about alx mllo. aliovethi
(orka ol lha Naaa river, thenc aouth - chaint,
th.no. weat 80 chain., thenco north SO chaina,
th.nc. eaat 80 chain, to point ot commancem.nl,
containing 6 tO acre, more or lo-u.
D.ted M.rch 25, 1911. CHA11LKS F. METCALF
Fub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agenl
Sk��na Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol Cout
Taka notice that  I,  William John Corley of
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation rancher, intend
to apply (or permUalon lo purchase the follovini
deaciibod land.:
Commencing at a post planted at the aoulhw.it
cornor of Lot 11068, IUng. 6, Coaat District, thenee
south 20 ehalna, ihene. eait 40 chaint. thenee
north 20 chaina, th.nc. wwt 40 chains lo poinl
.it commencement, containing 80 acros, more or
made the ascent with full picnic y""""",-'~-
equipment, and achieved the Bum* J r
mil in fine time.   The advantage +.-~.~.~.
Help Wanted
of  having   the   ladies  with   them Teacher wi ��� i
endow testimonial.
School.   Salary ton per muttth.     Apply to John
Came out Wllell tlie tea Was lircWtd      Deane. Schorl Tru.te*. .uttn�� attainment, and
( enclose testimonial.. 154-160
Wanted 20 Laborer..    Apply Paeiflc Coaat Con
the    Illosi       .miction Company. Dl��b>- Island.        1SS-I56
after the hot scramble.
Clerk declares it was
refreshing tea he ever tasted.   On ��%^&'gf?35S&SrJ?,'t IS?*
their  reltiril  at  about  eleven   p.m.    Miner. B.im. Muck.re tm, wanted at HWd.a
all   of   the   |��rty   including   th*
Creek Copper Co., Gooee Hay.
or Venture,
Take S.S. Vadw
In Radiant Sunshine Hundreds of Happy Prince Rupert
People Spent Their Hours in the Open  Boating, Canoeing and Mountain Climbing
For the past three months, as
everybody readily . grees, thi weather in Princ Ku|K*rt has been so
fine ihat only one positively rainy
day   ran   be   reniemlnrid   in   the
period.     Hut   with   thc   superb
sunshine   and   clear  atmosphere
ol  ilu*  pasl  three or four days Passage,   portaged   iheir   canoes
1'ii; ce Kii|n*n has surpassed itself. 10 Shawatlans Lake, and paddling
As   a    result    lhe    Weekend    *stw   CO  the  head ol  thi*  lake  where is
numerous long distance picnic parties setting off for the lx*auiy
spots within a day's march of
Prince Rupert.
Woodworth  and  Shawatlans
On Saturday afternoon a party
crossed   in   boats   to   Shawaila? -
ladies, were fresh aid gay as if
they had rot just done at least
-t-v.-n of the stiffest miles within
a day'*, march of Prir.ce Ru]>ert.
and carried sheaves of beautiful
ferr.s which fill the dells on the
mountain side.
Some of the "mere male" parlies  had  the  time  of  their  lives
going up the mountain, bui at
least   twice   that   coming   down.
What   with   the   tender   twining
tendrils   of   the   dainty   Devil's
Club on  the mountainside, and
the frrgrant  glades in  tin- jungle
of skunk cabbage at the base, tin
boys had heavy going.    But they t~'
got into town again in the greatest   '
of good humor inch and all.
Yesterday's Picnics
Two good Joiner, wanted     Apply Pacific Con-
'    d.
atructlon Company. Dtirby Iilani
Porter Wanted
Apply Talbot Room., 2nd Ave.
Boarders Wanted
down.   1
iii i"g *
A few  co.y  homelike  room,  cheap  lo ateady
roomer..   King Ueorire Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
1 ll-l.la
*fri I.  na n a i. * ..*-�� H* ii ii *^n a na >*
Situations Wanted      j
Poaition Wanted in real **ute office.     Small .alary .nd commts.lon.   Fifteen year', experience >
tra\ellinir for a Chicago wholesale grocery concern.   Beat nf reference.    Addre.a answer to
I. L. Long, 720-15th street, Kdmuntun, Alberta. !
Toronto.���Seven thousand spectators watched Montreal U-at the
Tecumsehs by 8 to 2.
To watch the want ads is to
find a business opportunity, after
patient "weighing," that will really
"plan out."
Dated April 8,1911.
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol CusUr
T.k. ootlc  that  William  Frederick Camera
of  I'rince   Rupert,  H.  I'., occup.tion ctrpente,
iiU'tiila to apply for pwrnUaion to purchaa. the
following drecribed land.:
Commencing at a poat plant**d .bout thne
mil**, .until 01 th. fork, of th. White and Flit
rivers, thenc* aouth 80 chaina, thence weet *-
chaina, ihence north 80 chains, thence eut bv
Dated April 18. 1911.
Pub. May IS. FrancU S. I'r.-i������:.. Agnt
SkMna Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol CusUr
Tak. notie. that I, Urenton Jordon Moore ot
Princ. Kuf.n. ll. C, occup.tion contractor inund
to apply lor per
d-acrlhcd land.:
permlwlon to purchaM the tollosnttg
For Sale
List of Those who Won Suits at
Saturday's Drawing
Danger to Navigation off Brem-
ner Island Warning is Issued.
Mr. O. M. Emblem of Seattle
Washington, has reported to the
Marine Department that he observed breakers north west ward of
Bremner Island, yueen Charlotte
Sound, presumably covering a rock
wiih 5 to 0 fathoms over it, as
. ihe breaking was not constant.
The approximate position of the
rock is: l.at. N. 51 dcg. (i nii.n. -tii
sec. Long. W. 127 deg. 48 rain.
15 sec.
- ,     , ��� ��� .   , i     Following   are   ihe   names   of
Before buying y*.ur Sine* or Range see  A. J.     .
lhe waterfront   yesterday was    o.iiand. McBnd* and Fifth Av��.   cook.tov*. those who won suits in the Sloan
as busy as ii has < ver lieen thi
To The Ladies of Prince Rupert
Did you ever atop lo think how much raster il would be for
lor you. if at the end ol each month, you could pay all household bill, by check. We tolicil your account and have epecial
fa. ilities for handling it. Private writing rooma are provided
lor Ihe uie of customer, and individual attention is given each
depositor     We allow 4 per cent, on deposits and uie of checks.
The Continental Trust Company, li^Iac
I i +..
Business   Chances
j      Busines
A new aliipment of these have just  been  received,   in  all  the  latest styles and shades.
I   You are looking for a nire  stylish
���    Hat.   10 just  call   in  and   make
your selection before they all go.    :    :    :    :
We also have a fine se'ection of "Dr.
ISSga " wear just arrived; in fact we carry
everything for the well dressed man.     -.     :
Sloan & Company
G-Qud wmty In Muvinit  Plctur#��
Jiftrty t'j start mt
toptrt Writ! t
Waterlown. Win
f-*f ���.-���:,������,...-,-  picture thaw In  Phnc*
tiil>Tf.   Writ* mm fur partlcuUri.
If.  Uivla. 1
11. I-. McRae.
Rod McLeod.
S. Choate.
J;iy Kugler.
(.. B.White.
-W. K. Robinson.
��� *���*fc*'-^.4e.--^a��.^>a..aW.,.��>w>,*.^n*^ l***M��*****s****^t****M��m
J TlAnnut
J        Fire Insurance        J mofrowi
��� ������a.a^-.���a..-aa-.a^a^.^ar^.eaa.l.^..aa^.^aa^aa^.a> I  faOB t S      W'i
Methodists will hold their
SundP.y School   Picnic to-
Realtv and Insurance Companv.
from 114. 129-lm
r. . ,    ���        ,. .       Suit Club drawings on Saturday:
t. I Flr.t class R'.iming  Haoie, l*n room.,   hoi.e- " **
slimmtr   I oroliallOIl Day   IlOt ex-      keeping and single,  newly furni.hed.     Price        No.     \)     \V. Kissick.
, a / r i      '    W>-     For terms aptily owner  on   premise..
'���;���  "I.      A    r.OtC   Ol si,me   Ol llllj     Drexel Rooming lloua.*. 2nd Ave. 144-tf
cip.'l   picnic   parties   leaving
.ii' ih is interesting
Mr. I.. Patmore, with Mrs.
I'. morc, her mother aid family,
i'l-o Mr. Macdonald of the Cus-
i. m- Department, City Assessor
.1 C. McLennan, and Mr. Ko-
chi s, r went by launch, from the
Ruperl MariiH* stage io Shawaila' ���- Lake, and s|>eri a pleasant
aft. p oon.
Mr. Grossman and party went
by I; iir.ch to Metlakatla, and City
Hi gi eer Davis went with a. party
including several councillors to
| Digby Island.
A'other party consisting of Al-
lit nn. ii Hilditch, J. E. Mcrry-
fu-ld. and others went to Shaw-
it la i s, and remaining until late
Idr.dlcd a glowing camp fire. A
rumor round town to the effect
thai they were mistaken for In-
iliai s as they sal i'i the g.ilherii g
shadows aboul   the blaze may as
well be passed over,
\ll day boats were coming ar.d
goirg on the harbor, ar.d many of
the shorter distance parties spent
great good times just across from
the city.
Hospital Ladies' Auxiliary Will
Serve Tea and Cakes on Thursday.
Particularly pleasing sounds the
plan just announced by the llos-
pital Ladies' Auxiliary, to have
a pretty service of afternoon tea
in ilu- Knighis of Pythias Hall,
Helgerson Block, on Thursday
afternoon (20th inst.) between the
hours of three and six p.m.    The
merely nominal charge of 25 cents
will lie made, and the lea, cakes,
morrow afternoon (Tuesday).  Thcland sandwiches will certainly be
I  leave lhe  Davis boat-1 most sp|H-tising.    The  ladies are
THE British Union and National Fire  In.ur.nc,! h"llSl'   M   lW0   ,,V1<K'k   "���"������"P*      A"""    promising    to    look    especially
W.V���V't��uK^ and  sweet  for  the  oc-
and   their   friends   will   be   Con* casion and il  is a  foregone conveyed   to   the   Metlakatla   Beach | elusion   that   a   very   bright   and
free.    Bring your baskets.   The pleasant company will attend. Ev-
Commlttee are  providing a  pro* lerybody interested is cordially in-
gr;imme   of   sports,   races,   base-' viled to be there.
ball   ar.d   football,   etc.     An   en*
I'-fc..*-*..*^.. *���..*.  na.,...-..,*-*,,*-*.,!*--. ..^aaa-aa^sl,
Real Estate j I
iiiiin.il .ii.ii an��.isii"aiiina.'-.i^
You can snve r-fir a day. We ran ��ell you gootl
lots for r/ic a day 1'hone ''n'. and let ua join
forces.   II. F McRae A Co. I.Vl-162
joyable afternoon may Ik- looked
'I'nl:*- notice that the partnernhlp conttinttnir of
.I'.lui I.i-Ki'*-' i'tt'i !'��� ��� i ��� "urn Unit WillinmB, car-
rylnR on a fffOMH ami trcncral merchat dUe bull-
[i**ii In thc city of I'nn " Rupert, In the Province
��f.5(^J*ih ^umbia, umlw the n��mr of ''l*K**l\   for  B   tWO  W0*UCS    IjUhillCSS   trip   to
& Willlamn    wan rlin'olved on the 13th day of "
Mr. George Eckerman left this
morning  on   the  Prince  George
July. 1911. All accountB owlntt to the partner
ihlp are to M paid to UM MM Alfred Berryman
Bltt Williams, who nlitoaiaumei all liabllitle�� of
thc partnership.
Dated nt Prince Rupert thin 13 day of July. 1911.
Of Interest to Mariners
A list of all the light and fog
signals on the Pacific coast of thc
Dominion of Canada, corrected
to  the  1st   April,   1<)11,  has  just
I been   published.     Copies   will   he 12 cleared and level lots, with houno, on
\supplied  to  mariners  free  on  aii-l    9t*1 Avo--for aalc aa owner Ib loav-
pUcatlon  to ihe  Department of*        inK lhc city'  Good torm9
.Marine, Ottawa.
Seattle and Tacoma. His wife
who is visiting there will accompany him on his return.
Read The Daily News
I P.O. Box 767 Pattullo Block' the shade
Weather by Wireless
Westerly and Northwesterly winds prevail, and the sea along the
coast is for the most part smooth,
though Ikeda reports "rough" It
is clear at Point Grey, and cloudy
at Cape LatO.
A three masted si earner is reported abeam by Kstcvan this
morning, and the Prince. Albert
is rcporteil ".1 Skidegate.
Digby Island reports the official
temperature today at noon 88 in
On Sunday at 12.30 p.m., Mrs
Mora I.eota Clarke, wife of Reg
Inald   Clarke,   aged   17.     I-'unera
ihis afternoon at 3 o'clock from the
Presbyterian Church.
Comm.acini at a poat planted about <J) tht*.
mil,, wuih and 12) two milta weal ol th. lorb
ol While and Flat met*, th.nc. HO chain, toiiu
thenc 80 chain, wast, tbence 80 chains nortb,
th.nc. 80 chain, uit.
Hated April 20, UU. Francia S. 1're.un, Ami
Pub. May IS.
Skeen. Und District -Diatrict ol t'aasiu
Taka nolle. th.t I, Allred Kyle ol l'rinc* Rupert,   B.   Oa,   occupation   electrician,  intent! le
apply  lor  permiaaion  to purchaa. the I ..-.-;
deacrilied landa:
Commencing at a pott pltnted about (J, tlwe
milea aoulh of th. fork, ol th. Mhile .nd Fill
river., tlience 80 chain. ..miti. Ihenc. tu chum
.aat.  thane. 80 chain, oortb, Ihcna to cbiiu
l.at.al April 18, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
Francia S. 1're.ton. Aleut
Skeana Land District -District ol .'...-. '��������� .
T.k. notlc. thai I. Cbarle* A. Vau|htn ...
Pnnc. Hupert, B. CL occup.tion murcliant. intend
lo apply (or permiMlon to purchase IM ; ��� - :*
���lucrit-ed laoda: ,
Commencing at a post planted on lhe souia
bank ol Eichunulk. River and aboul lour mile
Irom iu cunlluenc. wllh the Skeena liner, inen*.
.'0 ch-Utu ��ut, tbenc. 80 chain, norm, inane w
chain, wot, thonc. 80 cbutu suuih io point ��
commencement, containing 610 acrea nw��<��Hfe
D.t-Kl April 21, 1911 CHARLES A. \AlliHA*.
Pub. April 29.
Skaana Laad Diatrict���Dutrict ol Cout !������;.'���
Take notice tbat Mr.. 1.. C. Pulnam ol al
Paul, Mlnneaota, occupation m.rn.*d ����������
intend, to apply lor permiaalon lo purchase tne
(ollowing deacribed land.: .���
Commencing .11 po.t pl.nted lit the NO����'
corner ol Lot No. 1733 marked Mr. L. C. M��g
northoa.t corner, th.nc. swat 4U cliams, t'ew
aoulh 80 chain. Ihonce eaat 40 chaini, l��M
nortb 80 chaina to port ol commencement, toi
taming 320 acre. mor. or leM. ,���tv',u
D.led March 20 1911.      MRS. U C. I LTKA"
Pub. April 16. ,   <a*o. R. Putnam Aft-I
Sltaeoa Laad Dittrict-DUWIct ol Caarl �����'*'
Tak. notlc that I. Clara May Little �� WJ
Rupert. B. C. occupation atilnaur. IBWJJJ
apply lor parmtoaion to purchwi* W !�����"
iaacribod land.: , ,kA nortb
Comm.ncing at a poat plantod It I" ��" ,
w��l corn.r of Lot 173i. lUnge ��, i **,"EB,
Uietice aaat 40 chaint thenco norin w '
th.nc. weal 31 chain1 Ihenco north.-�� ��������
th*nc weat 10 chain., th.nco nilh '''.,un
point   ol   conimencniciii,   containing  �����
mor. or le**.      .... . ittlE
D.te.1 April 4, 1911. CLARA M ' ���  U"
Pub. April 16.
SkMna L.nd Dl.trlct-Di.tttc ��l<'-'"  .
T.k. notlc tb.t 1. l���� ���-' -""���', .^Tki-
Princ Kupert. H. C, occupation carp.!' '<��� ���
lo apply for |)armlaalon to purchase mo �����
de.crlWi land.:        a* ���,,,,,<
Comm.nclng .t a po.1 PN��,*g���*."lhe���ui
���outh .nd on. mil. wet ol I ��� *{     >
au.l F at rlv.r��, tbenc north hu Ban      B
weat 80 chain.. th.nc aouth 80 ch.mi,
eaat 80 chain.. . ,_ ,���������,e*J ,'uKDEI
Dated Ap.ll 18,1911. ISAAC 0 DRWN���-gj
Pub. MaJ IS. Franeto s. 11���� ��
Skeena Und DUWct-Dtajrici ol cJ*JgMg,
T.k. nolle that I. Swan >��������� ���� "',���',pp��
��. c^ocupationjsn-sffi .]85[&IJSm
��� outh and one
ig at a pet pl.nl��J '''^i.'vS
[il mile we.1 ol lh�� l0ri���� '" �����
^.thence 80 chain. ����*,   ���  jj
and Flat rlv.ia, thenc ���Jjgj-Bf*Jft; tlienc.
cbaina wet
cbaina eaat. thenc 80
Dated April 18, 1911.
l-ub. May 13.
Saw the  "George" Off
With   a   good   crowd   of   passengers thc S.S.   Prince  George
pulled out from the wharf on time
today,    A numbber of citizens
assembled tO see friends off discovered a new regulation In force
which is intended to keep the
crowd from thronging too closely
around the gangway. Barriers
are erected as when lhe boats
arrive. The new regulation was
courteously enforced though it
Certainly seemed a little irksome
to several.
sltaena Land DI.trlct-DL.uict ol IJUM11*"'10"'
Miitiil. | lints
Take notlc that George \V. Ar.i��i     Moi���,
Rupert,   B.   C.   occupaUon  f��  *St** *
Intend, to .pply lor penni��ion to pur.
lollowing tloacribod l.nda: ,    ,a0l ,H��
Commencing .t ��� oo*. pUj* ' ���,,. wall
mile and one-hall mil. mil WJ W . n.roor.
Irom tha mouth o( SUnly OwWJJfB chiit*
Ihence mat 80 ch.ini*. IMII" ���"! ' h4|n1.
thenre aut 80chain., thonco *%��*"$ aIISOTI
Dated Mareh 17, ISII. SSS i.Vmet-. A**
Pub. AprU 22.
Numa De""-"* '
. Und Di.trict--DI'''.ic','l,l','0'|'l'-H����
Mrs. Neil McNeill will not receive tomorrow, Tuesday.
Skeena I
Take nolle tnat .. *-..���� ��� -
Rupert. B. C, occupation *JJJ"J n��� |.
to apply tor pwmlMlon to purch����
decrlbed landet ,   , ���, ���u mil-4
Commencing at a poal pl***[)' k"J3 JW
.outh and two mile, wet Ol tbj ' inI, , ��
and Flat rlv.r��, th.nc north W <> tb������
eut  80  chain., thonc .o"'11 *" ^M
wet 80 ehalna. . ...y M. 0HK5
Datod April 20, 1911.      _ Wg'f ,.re,ion, Al'*'
Pub. Mai 18.
Fraud* S. I
Skeena Land Dl.trict--I'W'^;' -gjfi ;<J
Taka nolle that 1,  U"***0 J'-Zr, HHKm
Stewart,  B.  C, occupation PM"1^ lollo'���
apply "iorp.rmli.lon'to Pu'cl""" "'"
d-acribed landa:
north ol the rsau nv*.  -���-     .
above  the fork,  ol the   N��"  '*      .
thenc north 80 chilni, thM�� 5 m chi'��'^
th.nce -wuih 80 chain., tlwn" ��ffi, 510 �����"
point   ol   cmm.ncement.   toi"1"" EB
raor",rl-    ***mfl8$!$*"
Datad Match 28.1011.  Frank Sidney
Pub. May 17.


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