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Twenty-four hours ending F   a. m.,
June 89.
mi-.. TiiMi'.       nan.     in. rain
.15.0      29.992
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
For South
Cf   ->-mn Sumluy, 9 a.i
/��t��w,        For   North
I- ���.   ^*l7t.-         Thursday p. n
e T ti
VOL. II.  NO. 145
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, June 29. 1911.
Price Five Cents
Council is Talking of Spending $250,000 on Two Seperate Sewer
Schemes  For  the  Down Town Section---One Will Drain
Between Fourth and Eighth Streets and the Other
From Eighth to the Junction���Plans  and
Specifications Are Ordered.
St m reformed the subject of discussion .it the city council meeting
last night after the little matter of
tin- resignations of Alderman Hil-
(litili and Alderman Newton had
been dealt with. City Engineer
Davis was present, and brought
fur consideration the plans and
recommendations for a system of
Kvcra prepared for last year's
nuim-il and shelved them as too
Finances Better
Alderman Hilditch stated that
while the cost was too great at
that linn-, he believed the finances
ul the city today would enable
this council t<> undertake the con-
itnn don of a Bewersystem, About
1250,000 according to Alderman
Hilditch is the amount of expenditure calculated upon for sewers.
The scheme placed before last
liiy council by the City Engineer
wit- estimated to cost 8191,290.
Thi-. covered the most populous
lection nf the city as one section,
ind provided for sewers running
���it a minimum depth of nine feel
-i\ inches from the street level.
Depth Important
"This matter of the depth of
the BCwcr pipe below the street is
an important one," says Alderman
Hilditch. Thc point is whether
basements and cellars are to be
drained by these sewers or whether
only ground and upper storeys
can ber served by thc sewer system.
Colonel Davis stated that he proposed to construct a system which
would ensure drainage for all
cellars not exceeding 8 feet below
street level. Thc lifetime of thc
system proposed to the old council
was put by the City Engineer last
night at forty years or over. In
designing sewerage for this city,
Colonel Davis has found it best
lo divide the city up into several
separate sewer districts, each served
by a separate system each section
covering the drainage area served
by its trunk sewcr.
First Two Sections
It was moved by 'Alderman
Hilditch and seconded by Alderman Kerr last night that the City
Engineer now proceed to bring
in plans and specifications for
thc construction of n sewer to
serve the district between Fourth
and Eighth streets, bounded on
one side by Borden street and on
the other by the waterfront. Also
the district between Eighth street
and the Junction. Two separate
systems of sewers the pipe line of
which is to be not less than ten
feet six inches below the level of
thc street grade.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  C.  D.   Newton
Plan an Interesting Holiday
Northwestern League
Vancouver 3, Spokane 8.
Victoria 1, Tacoma 2.
Portland and Seattle game postponed on account of rain.
Pacific Coast League
Vernon 3, Oakland 0.
Portland 9, Sacramento 0.
San Francisco and Los Angeles
game postponed on account of rain.
National League
New York 3, Boston 0.
St. Louis 7, Chicago 1.
Cincinnati 3, Piitsburg 3.
Brooklyn 2, Philadelphia 0.
American League
Boston   and   New   York  game
postponed on account of rain.
Cleveland 3, Chicago 4.
Detroit 3, St. Louis 2.
Washington 4, Philadelphia 2.
Mr. E. C. Gibbons Has Returned After a Six Week's Trip into the
Bulkley Valley���Has Visited the Townsite of Houston-
Season is a Little Late But Splendid Vegetable Crops
Are Being Raised---Horse-raising and Grazing
is Good---Settlers Are Going in
Mr. C. D. New-ton and Mrs.
Newton will leave on the first
of August for a trip to New-
York and other large eastern cities.
While away Mr. Newton will
pay a visit to his old home at
Coburg, Ontario, after an ab-
scjicc of twenty-three years.
Montreal's New Directory shows
Population of 560,000
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, June 29.���All discussion as to whether Montreal
has passed the half million mark
was set at rest today when the
Might Directory was published
showing that thc population is
now 560,000.
Broke Into the Officers' Quarters and Took $500 Worth
of Jewellery  -Canadians Were Entertained at
Windsor Castle This Morning by the King
' n.nlian Press Despatch)
I In- \isii ,,f thi; Canadian de-
lachmcnt in ihe Coronation was
celebrated by a couple of non-
fmunissioned officers <>f the rcg-
I'l'ii home detachment, who broke
the officers' quarters and
robbed the visitors of about $500
ol jewellery. They were
down by detectives, ar-
r'"'��l and found guilty. This
morning ihe pair were sent to jail
t('i two months for thc theft. After
** "'lease they will be dealt
With by the military authorities.
Visit Windsor Castle
'''���- morning the Canadian sol*
oiers win- entertained as guests
0( his Majesty at Windsor Castle.
They were conducted over the
castle grounds and laid wreaths
of (lowers on the tombs of King
Edward and Queen Victoria. Now
that the Coronation is over they
will receive frequent entertainment.
Harry Leahy of the Canyon
City Lumber Co., Run over
by Freight Train.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nelson, June 29��� Harry Leahy,
aged about 50, an employee of the
Canyon City Lumber Company,
was run over by a freight train
this morning and instantly killed.
Vancouver Men Will Put in an Extensive Hydraulic
Plant to Work the Bed of the Siwash���Is Said
to be a Very Valuable Property
known lo be very rich, they will
have to carry the entire stream
between the forks and the falls
in a flume some hundreds of feet
of which has already been constructed and was in use some years
( ^"ii.itiv.r, June 29.���A   syndi-
tc "i Vancouver men, including
"' Brm "f  -'caring,  Cordon  &
:"'.aml   J.   R.  Crawford,  have
""|,n.r"l   the   mining   rights   for
'r'.""'''l"y   .''tl   of   Siwash   creek
"low ll���, fork8i
,JhlV Will Install a power plant
wc falls near the mouth and
,   >)m '" a Ihime and hydraulic
r��*wk the bed of Siwash, long
Siwash creek enters the Fraser
river about one mile above Yale,
and is connected with thc Canadian
Pacific by a cable ferry over the
Fraser canyon.   There is a narrow-
guage wagon road up Siwash to
the forks and there are two mines
there equipped with stamp mills.
A sensational strike of free gold,
running into the thousands, was
made up Siwash just above the
forks last November. The control
of this new property, together with
a bond and lease of the Marvel,
which is cqipuped with a six-
stamp Merrill mill, has passed lo
an English company��� represented
by N. A. D. Armstrong in the
Interesting Presentation to Mr.
Arthur Wallis of the Toronto
Mail and Empire.
Toronto, June 29. An interesting presentation was made today
by the Mail Printing Com|vany,
when a check for .$4,000 representing a year's salary was given to
Mr. Arthur Wallis iheir chief
cditroial writer, who is leaving to
assume a position under the On
tario Government as Clerk of
the Surrogate Court.
In addition the staff presented
him with gifts of jewellery valued
al .$200. Mr. Wallis is one of the
best known and most popular
of the older journalists in Toronto.
His connection with the Mail and
Empire extends over a |H-riod of
36 vears.
Will Draw Tomorrow
Owing to Saturday, July 1st,
being a statutory holiday, memlx-rs
of Sloan & Company's Suit Clubs
will draw for ihem tomorrow
evening.   The store will be closed
all day Saturday.
Here You  Are
For a well made suit Rudnick
& Sweder Bros, are the people.
Helgerson Block Basement, 6th
Just returned from a six weeks'
tour of the country about 100
miles above Hazelton, and the
Pleasant Valley district as far as
the new townsite of Houston, Mr.
E. C. Gibbons is able to tell of
rapid work pressing on there on
the construction of roads. Twelv,
different crews are working on the
stretch between Hazelton and Houston. The road is a fine wagon
road intended to serve the settlers
who are pouring in steadily.
Dairy Farm Counrty
Mr. Gibbons passed many parties of settlers with iheir wives,
childcrn antl household gear. In
every way Mr. Gibbons believes
in the district as a field for the
class of settlers eomidg in.
"These parts," he says, "are
agricultural. 1 believe they are
most suitable for mixed and dairy-
farming, and the completion of
the railway to this dislrict means
lhat Prince Rupert will draw her
milk, butter, egg. and farm produce supply form here in the
future. At present spluidid vegetable crops arc being raised.
There is good grazing, and in the
Bulkley Valley horse rearing has
Ihtii exceedingly profitable.    The
great 'ranch there is Barrett's
"Diamond D" Ranch. Here, 1
Understand, they sold .$16000 worth
of hay to Messrs. Foley, Welch
and Stewart. The hay was all
of the line quality grown up in
the Bulkley Valley. It is certainly
a great grazing, and farming
Late Season This
"About the beginning of August
will Ik- a great time to go up into
those districts. This season is a
week or two later than usual but
by that lime all the berry crops
will be ripe, and the whole district
will be at its best. In spite of the
fact thai the season is a little late
things are coming on very rapidly,
and line crops of vegetables are
assured. Some little delay and
disappointment occurred through
the visitation of frost early this
summer, but the abundance of
good flourishing vegetable growth
in the gardens of every ranch
there shows that the frost trouble
is not really serious. In some
cases, however, this season potatoes have lieen nipped by frost,
and there are tracts when- this
crop cannot be satisfactorily grown.
Transportation Costly
"Tin- great problem up river
now is the cost of bringing in
supplies from Prince Rupert. It
costs about $50 a ton to bring in
Stuff from Prince Rupert lo Hazelton, and to take it on again to
points beyond Aldcrmere costs
seven and a half cents per pound.
The goods have to be packed in of
course. Nevertheless there are
numerous satisfied settlers there,
and coming in. Towards the
Ootsa Lake region many prospective ranchers with their wives
and families are steadily going
in waggons with led pack horses.
Mining Awaits Steel
"More than the agricultural resources of tin district, the mining
resources await anxiously the coming of the steel in Hazelton.
Mining men are confident of the
future of the properties on the
Hazelton and Nine Mile mountains, and development work goes
on in anticipation <>f the railway's
Completion. The great interest
in Hazelton real estate, at present,
centres around Bob Kelly's town-
site there. This is considered a
good thing, by Hazelton and outside investors.    "
Prince Albert  Passenger Goes
Free Today.   No Prosecution
Today ihe only case brought up
In fore Magistrate Carss was thai
of the man Blankenburg who was
accused of attempting to stowaway on the Prince Albert recently.
The Magistrate dismissed the case
this morning as tin- prosecution
did not put in appearance.
Keen Interest is Growing Among the Young Men of the City Arising Out of the
Indoor Game���Teams Will be Organized and Efforts Made to Secure Park
Oregon Express on the Southern Pacific Road is  Held
Up for the Second Time in Two Weeks���Daring
Bandits Detached the Express Cars
Interest in indoor baseball is
growing rapidly in thc city and
there is enthusiastic talk today
in several quarters on the subject
of forming other teams representative of various group:* of live
young men.
Manager E. Love of the telephone and electric light departments,
bclicv s h can get together a
cracker jack team from his departments, and once this team
gets on its feet a challenge will be
issued to all comers.
To have a City Hall team is
also a proposal in the air al
present, and members of the waterfront and railway staffs are considering their own powers in this
direction. It is likely lhat this
season may sec the formation of
an ��� Indoor Baseball League here
from which very quickly will spring
interests strong enough to ensure
proper facilities for the greater
outdoor game.
Baybnll enthusiasts ill the city
have been looking around for a
possible baseball ground for quite
a  little  while,  and  one  or  two
likely places have been spotted.
For instance, there is a level
stretch   of   Government   property
about 880 ft. by 400 ft. between
Eighth and Ninth avenues and
Thomson and Lolibinere streets.
Might not this block be converted
easily into a suitable ground to
thc improvement of the property
anyway, if permission  could In'
obtained through the Mayor from
the Government to use it for a
season or two? The need for a
recreation   ground    like   this   in
Ruperl i.- undeniable, and a little
live movement on the part of the
enthusiasts for sport in the city
would surely achieve result.
Where to Go
Except al Estevan and Cape
Lizo where thc weather is clear,
the weather all along the coast is
reporteo this morning as overcast
or cloudy. The Government Steamer Lillooet is reported lying off
Tatoosh reports the steamer
Northwestern in at 8.40 a.m. and
the strainer Buckmnn in at 5
a.m. and the schooner Wm. Holden
oin at 5 a.m.
(Canadian IYr>s Despatch)
Eugene. Oregon, June 29.���Another daring train robbery and
hold up was perpetrated by a
band ol masked bandits last night,
when for the second time within
two weeks the Oregon Express on
the Southern Pacific was robbed,
The robbery was daringly planned
and executed.
Stopped the Train
The bandits met the train at
Westford in Cow Creek Canyon
and forced the driver to stop In-
placing obstructions on the line.
While some of the number mounted
guard over the train crew, thc
remainder   ran    the   engine
express bagg ige mail cars for four
miles up the track.
They Forced open the registered
mail sacks and carried away the
letters. Afterwards they made an
attempt to open the safe in the
express car by blowing it with
nitro glycerine. Being unsuccessful in this they made off. On the
previous occasion the train was
held up in the same vicinity of
Douglas county. A sheriff and
posse are in pursuit, but reports
are very meagre.
For a good meal on  Dominion
Day at a popular price,  try thc
wdlRoyal Hotel Cafe.
Orange Benevolent Association
Will Start a Grand Lodge in
the Province.
Pictures and Munio, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures anil aonus, 7.30 p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Avouue;
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
HILLER-L1NDSAY CONCERT, Empress Theatre, 8.30 p.m., tonight.
Winnipeg,  June  29.���At  the
twenty second annual  session  0
thc   Supreme   Grand   Lodge
the Orange Benevolenl Association
today, it was decided to  liter the
constitution so as to permit the
order to establish a Grand Lodge
in British Columbia.
Mayor and City Engineer to Communicate With Owners and Report to Council Regarding Retaining Walls���Culverts Will Come Later
By a motion carried by the city I report back to tlu- council."
council   last   night   it   has   been Improves Property
agreed lo leave the matter of re*I    The idea is lhat a clear explana-
taining   walls   in   the   hands   0fUon ���{ lnc conditions should be
thc Mayor and City Engmiw.l,,,^,, xo absent owners and others
The motion reads: "That thelfjnowij.g that the construction of
if j matter of retaining walls where I tm, retaining walls at these special
very cosily and expropriation is|p()nUs where expropriation may
thought of shall be left in lhe Le ncccssary, [s calculated to In-
hands  of   lhe   Mayor   and   City|crca8C tm, value of the property
Engineer to get into touch with! .���
the owners of thc property, and' continued on paqe4 TH
The Insurance People
KVEhY I'l.ASS OK INtJi.'KANv'K.    UBT llt'H HA 11:8
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phon. 150 Thir.1 Avenue and Fultun St
.Pure Wool.
.. Clothing
and Bedding
The Jaeger Company
maintain a laboratory
for testing scientifically the purity of
woollen materials by
the company's own
analyst, a qualified
chemist, thus insuring the quality of all
garments produced:
and woollen clothing
induces a better distribution of blood in
the body. A small
assortment of these
celebrated woollen
garments has just
been received, and a
larger range is on the
way, so we can from
stock meet most
of yourwants. The
Jaeger catalog full
of good information
can be had for the
asking.-GET  ONE.
Sloan & Company
6th Slra-at P.O. Bob 622
Hiller-Lindsay Concert Company Will Render a  Programme of Popular and High Class Music on
Thursday Night���Are Talented Artists
On   Thursday   evening   one   of
the m. st delightful and entertaining concerts will be given in the
Empress Theatre by the Hiller-
Concert Company of three very
highly talented ladies.
Miss Morris Hiller, who is a
violinists of extraordinary ability
possesses technique ami her interpretation of the classics is as
masterly as her rendering of the
popular and light and airy selections.
Miss Louise Lindsay is an unusually excellent soprano with a
rich powerful and sympathetic
voice. Sin- demonstrates by her
singing that she has been given
careful and skilful training.
Tin' company carry  their own
accompanist in the person of Frances M. C, Hiller and they come
here after a series of musica)
triumphs in the leading coast
cities of the Pacific cuast. They
are now touring and were persuaded to stop off Inn- and give
a concert fur the benefit of the
music loving public nf Prince
Scats are now on sale at the
Empress Theatre and should be
purchased at once as there is
sure to be an exceptional demand
for them.
11 is seldom that this city is
privileged to hear such artistes
as those who make up the 1 lilli-r-
Lindsay Concert Company,
"The News^ Classified Ads.
=0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
!       Lost and Found        j
FOUND-Eureka Clssnlnf and Pressing Company. Men'a suits cleaned and preeeed f LOO.
l.u,In-, suits press-si snd cleaned. Dry clean-
ins- a specialty. Kuom 13 Weslenhaver Bluett,
phone rod ill). 181-147
FOUND-Elega.nl rooms; newly furnished. The
Bulklev Block. 6th Ave. near Fulton.    109-lm  |
LOST-50 price coupons Issued by the 1' -rless   ,,,,.������,. -Jinn thOBt, wliu Wirt' iicqllaill
ssat coupons will be accept.*.! I    """- ,.
Skeena Land Ulatrlct-lJIstrlcl nl i u���|���.
Tako notico lliul I, Allred Kyt��� ���| pH1" ���
port.   II.   0,   occupallon   .-loclrtci,,,,    ,TLT
apply  lor  pernilaaiuii  lo  purcliaau tha |ull���  lu
daacrlbud Isndsi
Commonest al a post planted about i
; aouth ot tlio lorks ol tli��� Whlti aiiil JK
: lama  ,,MiiM,   tl......... ... -,r'Sv
miles south ol tlio forks ol lli�� \\IiVu," ""'.-l">*a
rivers, Ihenco BU chains south, llioncu m, ,.
ssat, thenca HO cbaina  norlh,  llionc. su cl|JJ|jJ
Daiod April 18, i'Jll.
I'ub. May ID.
your   cities   "tit    of    tht
drop off, no one notices it
Studio.      These coupons will be accept.'
presi-nted    before   July  3rd  at   the   Peerle.
Sludlo. Alder Block. 141-147
It'll   Willi
For Rent
Do away with this.    Patrontsa a whlta
laundry.    White labor only Bt
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
firttt etas* Rooming Htuw, ten room*. houiso-
kwpinir and ilnglt), nrwlv fumlihe>d. Price
.WOO. For tfrms apply owner on pr*mi����*.
Drexel U H-niiiin Houm. 2nd Ave. 14* if
Six-roomed Houte to rent: modern convenience*.
Fraser St.. Apply Director. Cohen & Co.   143-tf
-Small hmjie. furnished or partly furn-
Sute termt to Box R. Daily Newi.Wo-tf
Church of St. Jean Baptiste Ontario Government Takes Ne-
Destroyed by Lightning��� cessary Steps to Exclude Sug-
Damage $200,000. gestive Films.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, June 28.���The church
nf St. Jean Baptiste on Rachel
street was completely destroyed
by lightning last night. A bolt
which struck the church shocked
the sacred edifice and set lire to
the damaged building. The church
was one of the handsomest in the
city. The damage is totalled at
This is the second time the
building has been destroyed. In
1898 it was  visited  bv   lire and
Corner Second Ave. .nd Sixth St.
Geo. B.rrie. Licensed Kmbalmrr. M.,i. , ���
Police Notice
Toronto, June 28.���The Provincial Government unlay appointed a Board of Censors, whose
duties will be to examine all
moving picture films intended for:
exhibition in the province of Ontario. They will exclude from
exhibition all pictures of immoral,
obscene or suggestive character,
also all pictures which depict
scense of crime and cruelty. Under
this latter clause all scenes of
prize fights will be barred.
Those  pictures  that
Tenders will be received hy the underslirned up
to 5 p.m. June 26. 1011. for the supplyinir of Police
Uniforms, helmets snd caps. Samples of cloth
to be submitted to the Chi. f of Police at once and
full particulars obtained f mm him.
June 20. 1911 Clerk of Police Board
Sea   Breaks   into   Colliery
Port Hood in Nova Scotia
practically destroyed by the flames, j censors will be stamped.
  ] fine will be imposed on
pass   tin
A heavy
j prictnr who display.-
my pro-
an unstamped
Room in Old School Building
Second Avenue to be Opened
for Small Children of Central
Section. New Teacher to be
It has been decided by the
School Board of Prince Rupert to
open a room in the old school on
Second avenue in order that the
little .nits resident in the congested part of the city may not
have so far to walk.
A teaclu-r will Ih- advertised
for shortly, and alt. rations made
on the M.iti in order to serve
this side-school. It was not yet
been decided who will be appointed
to take charge >>f it. Owing to tin
gradual   growth   of   the   roll   of
pupil- another teacher is required
in any ca-- .
The "it, r of a set oi bird -kins
to Ih- used for the instruction ol
the  ichool  children,  which  was
ni.nl, r, ..nth by Mr. VV, Keel
Metlakatla, and left to Principal
Hunter to deal with, Im- been
Accounts  and   the  pay   roll   for
the pa-i month were passed smonu-
ting in all to 1768.40.
The School Hoard uniting was
held    in    the   police   court    room
yesterday afternoon, aid Mr. W.
I>. Vance, the newly appointed
secretary ol the Hoard, took his
place   for   the   first   time  at   this
Ex-Alderman W. J. Cavanagh is
Arrested on a Charge of Bigamy.
Several Vancouver People are
Injured, but None of Them
(Canadian Press I lespatch)
Calgary, June 28, -A number of
Vancouver   people   win-   Injured
thu   morning   on   board   of   tin
( P. R. flyer, th.- Imperial Limited.. Ths flyer collided with a
work train, lourteen milts west
o( here, Ths ensjtaeet lammed the
liraVi-s   ,l,,v,-���
(.Canadian Fress Despatch)
Vancouver. June 28.���.\ sensation was caused in civic circle-
last night by the news that e.\-
Alderman VV. J. Cavanagh had
been arrested at his home on a
charge of bigamy. He was allowed his freedom upon giving
a lsond for $10.01 HI for hi- appearance at the police court this
morning the answer to tile charge.
Strawbeiry Festival
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
will hold a Strawberry Festival
in the old Presbyterian Church
on the afternoon of Saturday,
July 8th.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Halifax. June 28.���Water from
the  ocean   has  broken   into   the:
coal mine ai Port Hood a few miles
from here. 3rd recording to the j
statement   of   the  deputy  commissioner of mine-, who is on the
spot, there is now absolutely no
hope of saving the mine, or ofi
working it again.    Sea water at1
the rate of H.OOO gallons a minute
i- pouring in.   The mine will now
be allow id to fill.
Commodious house, corner 6th Ave. .nd Thompson St., furnished or unfurnished. Phone 21.-'
or P.O. Box M8B.
Four-roomed House, partly furnished, with bath*
room; close In on Summit Ave., back of Bonlen
street.   Apply at Kin-hall or P.O. Bos 2.19.
2 Furnished Rooms In apartment hou... opposite
Cl.pp Building. 2nd Ave., near MeBrid*.    Apply on premise, between one .nd three p.m.
Furniture of three-room flat. Apply Boom 15
Weslenhaver Block, comer 2nd Ave. and Sixth
Street. 129.1*4
' Nicely furnished Front Room In new hou*e.   Apply Mrs. Savllle. Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Store, and oltlces for rant. Applv Dr. Mclntyre,
Third Ave., phone sm-i 59. 125-tf
Neatly Furnished Rooms;  trenllemen preferred.
Apply Mrs Mullln. over Majestic Theatre.
Phone 21*3 If you want lo rent a house, furni.hed
or unfurniahed. corner 6th Ave. and Thompson
Street   All modern convenience..
at Coay furnished room.. Mrs. Bower Somerset
Room.. Third Avenue, between Seventh .nd
Eighth. UT-tf
| Nice Furnished Rooms. Apply Mrs. Klrby. Alder
Block, upstairs entrance, third Ave.       117.124
Nice, clean, bright outside rooms.
6th Ave., nesr Fulton.
Bullvley Block
Nice furnished rooms single or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Rooming Hours., 2nd Ave., near
MeBrid*. Mar 3-lmo
Pantorium Pion.er Cleaners. 'Phone 4
a  rosuh  ol
���n    ttni    U,   avt-rt
���Knout dlttttsr.   \*
Mt prampi ictlon, noi	
Sk**na Und Utilr.����� Dtotrirt o( Cout Kange
Tak* ootle* that Mary Baatoa tJUd��ra>atn of
Victoria. B. C, occupation aouwkcterwr. Intend*
to apply (or perrniaaioo to purer.*** tne following
..���i-Tit-..: landa:
Com men ang at a poat plut��d at tb* aoutnwaat
cornvr of Lot ��V6. Kanf* b. Coaat but Hex. tbenc*
.-j cliaina aoutb tber.c* 40 cbatna eaat, tbvne* bO
cbaina nortb. tb-toot 40 chaina watt to point of
omniencernent. containing i20 acraa mor* or l��*.
MARY   HI.AluS   i.ll.iii KM.KKVK i
I-at*-! April 17. 1911.
Hub May tt.
Skacoa UnJ, Diatritt-D.alr.ct of Cout
Taka notie* tbat trad W. Bonier ol  Kiuum-
kaium, occupauon farniar, latandj to apply  for
Erruamon  to   purchaaa   tb*  foUutring   daecribvd
C-om.ii-mc.rif at a poet plant*! at tb* north-
aut cornar of A. Mcl^aod a pra-a-npiion. thenc*
2o cbaiu aoutb, thane* 10 chaini *a*t, thonce 20
cbair-a north, thane* 10 chaina ***** to poat of
cvmm*no*rn*nt cx^ntainint 20 acre* mur* or lau.
Patajd Apnl 10, UU. KlilEDIUi'll W. H-Jlii.KK
I'ub. Apnl 22. Frad Hampton, Af*nt
��.������:.�� Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Cout Rang* b
1*k* notica tbat  tiaary  Mac-.ni..,   of  Princ*
Kupert, B. C . occupation miner, Inlcnda to apply
for pvtnuMwn to purchaaa tba followio| doacribeii
Commcncinjjt at a poat planted on tbe aouth
aii* of r.icl.umaika River, about 2 1-2 mil** (rom
IU conf*u*nc* *.*.h tb* Skaana River and about
1*2 milea weal from Eichumaika raplda, ibence bO
chaina nonh, ��� ��� ������ 40 cbaiu cut, thence 60
chain* south, thenca 40 chain* wut to point o
coramencement* containing 320 acre* mor* or
leaa. lost marked ll.M. S.W. cor."
Dated April tt, , ,. lll.NRV .MACARTNKY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land Diatnct-Diatrlct of Cout Range 6
Take notice tbat I. Lauchlan John Shanaban of
Victoria.   B.   C .  occupation   teachpr.   Intent)   to
apply  lor  permiaaion  to purcbaae tbe  following '
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted 65 chaina aouth
from the *outheaet corner of Lot 3060, thence 40
cbaiu eouth, tbence 40 cbaina weat, thence 40
chain* north, thence 40 chain* eaat to point of
commencement, containing 160 acrea more or lea*.
Dated AprU IT, 1911-
Pub. May 6.
sk-en* Und Diatrict -Diatrict of Caaalar
Tak* notica tbat 1, John L. Mltchtll of Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupation bookkeeper, Intend to
apply  for  permiaaion  to  purchaae tb*  following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a po*t planted about lb) five
mllea aouth and (11 one mil* west of the fork* of
lh* White and Mat riven, tbence north SO chain*
thenc* eaat HO chaina, tbenc* aoutb SO chain*,
thence weat 80 chain*.
Dated April 18, 1911. JUlIN   L.   MTU  HI.1.1.
I'ub. May 13 Francia S. I'reaUm, Agent
Skeana Land District -Diatrict of Caaalar
Taka nolice that  William  Frederick Cameron
of  Prince  Rupert,   H,   ('.,  occupation  carpenter,
ntanda to apply  (or permlasion to purchau tbe
lollowlng deacribed  land*:
mllea *outh  ol  thi
rivera, thence eouth 80 cbatna, thanee weat HO
ehalna, thence north B0 ehalna, thence eaat 80
Dmted April 18, I'M 1.
Pub. May It. Francis s  Preeton, Ag*nt
2nd Ave. and McBride
.... Phone 18? ... .
The Land Sports
Land Sports
Will be held
at the comer of Sixth
Aquatic Sports
Music   by   the Best
Indian Bands
Avenue anil
McBride St.
of which will
be found on
the posters.
Grand   Concert    in
Empress Theatre in
Everybody Come
the evening
is guaranteed good, including  the
weather,    :
$1,000  IN PRIZES
! ]     Situations Wanted
Position wanted by competent woman as housekeeper or cook, Men's Ms.s prefered; reference*
Apply Hnu*ekeep.r. P.O. Bos J37,       1 l.i-1 f
Good reliable woman desires position. Thoroughly experienced In hotel work or would like smsll
A Subiiamiil Prut arill be si.cn I, ihe best drrorilrd RrsirVnir   sr   Battiest Place
the whole of the former
if   thi'   various   places.
tw of the old piom-crs art left;
| but they are as optimistic as ever.
The Future Metropolis
"Prince Rupert has all the advantages that were lacking in ilu-
early days, and will be the future
metropolis of the West. Seattle,
Vancouver and oilier aspiring cities
have almost reached their limit
.ij-.il the niarili of civilization musl
trend inwards the shortest routis
to oilier parts of the world. Tin
storehouses of Mother Earth are
along this northern coast, with
its wealth of minerals, and your
fast transportation means time,
which was no object in the early
Rupert's Playground
"We have an adjacent island
which compares most favorably
will) Vancouver Island as a suni-
'mer resort, anil which will eventually Ik- the garden spot for your
city. We have sandy beaches
there, fifteen miles in length, over
which fifty automobiles can b;
driven  abreast,  which   will   ulti-
! maielv pine: the beaches of Florid.'
- *
IIn the shade.   Our natural water-
almost  cutting Graham  I
lhe rivers teem with fish.
"I have seen the Province.
almost from end lo end, and no
person who casts their fortuni
in this i��ari of the Province will
regret it, and must appreciate the
s|M-nt   over
notice    in
s  fast-growing  city  of  yours.
I   have  lived   In re  as a  Itaby,  a
grown child and a man, always
T  -licking   to   and    upholding    tin
Boarders Wanted . I grandest   Province  in   the   I>om-
ion, and I Iio|k- to end my days
here. We notice the changes of
the Hudson's Bay Company to
the days of electricity and tin
aeroplane. In a few years our
places will also Ik- filled by others,
but thc consolation is always with
us that humanity appreciates tlu-
work of lhe pioneers of every
country and will not forget tlu-
old contingent of soldiers and
iheir families who first hewed
out the present cities and Constructed the roads and highway;,
in the days when few eared to
face the dangers and tribulations
of the then Almost ur known land."
iTsncla S. 1're.tuti, .\s;n,
Skeena Land Dlalricl���District nl Caaiiar
Take initio, tlial I, Jamua Millar J,il������lu,. ���.
Slewarl, 11. L., occupation auir.-kv.'ii, r, nt.-i, i !
spply  lor iMirinlsaioii  lo  purcliaaa Un, l0iiUVv���"
described land.: '*
Commandus si a pusl planted almiu ��������� ml!M
nurili from lhe Naaa rivur and almul i,u���. ,,,.,.
above Ihu lorka of iliu Naaa river, lli.iur,. ,���,,,,, *'
chains, llionco woat 811 cliulna, Umbos mhiu, S
chains, thunco t-aal all cliaina lo point ul ooatniaaBi!
muni, cunlalnuiir i. lu acrua niuru ur loaa.
Daiod March 24, IHU.  Krsnk BldMy Wluht  l*t
Pub. May 17 * '' A��l
Skeuna Land District��� District ol e.ssiar
Taku nulicu thai 1,   liurllu   Ldwui   baiiarr  ul
Stewart,   H.  C, occupation  plumber, inu-nvi 'tu
apply  (or perinlaalon lo  purcliaau thu lul
dttacribtid lauds;
I'liiiiiiivtu-iiia- al a poat plantud aliuui uta- mil*
north ul thu Naaa rivur and abuul auvun mil.,
abovu ths lorka ul thu Naaa lltvur u|isinjaiU
thuncu nurili BU clisins, tliuncu uast su cinia.'
Ulonce wuih Bl) chaina, Ihuncu weat .,, ctiains til
poinl ol comniunoumunl. coiilauuii^ i, ij ^
more or lass.
Dau-J March 23. I'Jll. Krank Sidney Wriaui , ���
Pub. May 17. '' ,1
Skeana Land District��� District ol Qoail llin^�� i
Tsks notice lust 1, Lionel runs-sluy ul i.iiimj.
var,  11.  C, occupation  ininur,  inluiut  iu aji,iiy
Cor lairmlasion lo purcliss. tbu (olloa-in^ ilu.criu��i
I'uiiiiiiuiiaiii: at a poat platitoJ nuar ihu s
wusi corner of Lol :,., j, Kaiia-u j, Ovia,i  u,
Help Wanted
���~* way. almost cutting Graham Is
l land in two, runs six miles pel
I   hour each wav,  twice dailv. am
"BBSS* a    .      .    .
Porter Wanted    Apply Talbot Rooms, 2nd A v..
Youna a-irl lo take car. of two small children,
aflarnooni.   Apply Mrs. Gordon bain.  Borden I
Street. 144-1M)
School airl to do light house work. May live at
home If desired. Apply Mr.. Ktia-lrr. apartment No. .-.. Ct.pp Building;, 2nd Ave. and McBride. or phone 27S rad. ltvlf
W'alire.. Wanted.   Apply French Joe's Rcalau- 'advantages   one    who
rant. Third Ava. 139-141 ,    ,,
.. .. ..   , hidf   a    ivnturv   can
Nineteen youns men to lak. coay rooms In the
Bulkley Block, near Fulton. luB-lm        | this
Wsnted-.rs.i good men to join the Order of Owls.
Call room 2S. Empress   Hotel.   I.  F.  Madl.m.
d 1   ..r.i
���-~~-+  inii
A few  cosy   homelike  room,  cheap  to .leady
roomers.   King Gaorge Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
Real Estate
Ninpt*��n yountf men wanted to rent coay fumlitv
*d in th* Bulkley Roomi, *.th Ave., near Fulton
For Sale
*> -aa-^^
Two roomt of N*w Furnltur* at bartafn.    Nlo*>
rabln. clour In. can be r*nu*d.   Fhon* S23 black
I'.'-f -r.- buylnir your Store or Kanir* ���**��   A. J.
Galtand. McHrid* and Fifth Av*.    Cook ctovti
from 114. l.^-ini
| AH k.nd��nf tecond hand sroodt bought and sold.
F. M. Cro*by, Third Av*.. b��tw*<��n 7th and Mh
���tr*��t*. m.tf
rooming; hou*c
Apply Bo:
rk       Not afraid  of  work.
x A, New* Office. 133-134
ii ���""
, ; 4>a^a.-w.^.
Business   Chances
st   .   port   plsntad  about   thrs.
h* lorka ol tba Whlta and  Flat
Send your clothes early this
week to the Pantorium Cleaners
We'll be rushed for the holiday
Phone 4.
Hk**na Land District���District ol CbmIst 1
Tak* nolle, th.t I, ll,anion Jordon Moor, ol ,
I'rlne* Hupert, B. C, oecup.lton contractor, Intend
\" -I'l'1'-' lor paarmtaaton to purchaiv. th* lotlowlni i
Commanclni at ��� poat planted about !&) thraa 1
"."J* south snd ��1 two miles .at ol tne lorka
S *""��� and Flat riven, lh*nc* 80 chain, aoulh ',
YES .���   chslna sm, ibsoe* 80 eh.ln.  north,
th.ne�� 80 ehalras mm
Basal ��    ��� ������    BRRNTON JORDON MOORE
1-urTMa, "a.   '  *u-     -rssUi 8. Prsston, Aiant
, ���OFFER   FOR SALF.���
Townsite* Farm and Fruit Land*
Fort George Townsite Mauett Townsite
Good money In Moving Pictures. Wanted-A
psrty to start moving picture show In Prince
Ruperl. Write me for particulars. H. Davis.
Waterlown. Wis. 1.17- wi
Fire Insurance
THE Rrltiah Union snd National Fire Insurance
Company of London, England, with capital
of I2.o00.ncal.ll0. Sot us for rale. The M.ck
Realty and In.ur.nce Company. 70-tf
Local Office:
Aider Block
Sixth Street
The Plumbing and Sheet Metal businels Istely
conducted by II. Wood, successor to Mstheson A
V-V'-.l. 2nd Ave., hss been taken over by Smith A
Mnllett, to whom all outstanding account, are
pay.hie and who will pay all claim, against the
Special Report* from the Dominion Govt. Wireles* Station*
Rain,   dri/zle   and   mist   is   re-
ported from all the stations along
the coaal this morning, with fog
at   Triangle   Island,   and   fog   lo
seaward at Cape Lato,   Triangle
reports speaking the steamer Northwestern at 4.15 a.m. She was
then in latitude 50.45 and longitude 129.33. Tatoosh re'vorts the
-elioontr Bainbridge passed in at
4 a.m., and a four-masted schooner
name unknown at 5 a.m. Cape
LaiO rc|xirts a two-masted steamer
passed northbound at 0 a.m.
All members of the Frsternsl Order of Esgles
.re requested to sttend the meeting on Wednes-
ilsy evening, June 28th, st H o'clock, In the K. of
P. Hall. inn.-.
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., neat to old office of Optimist, sell only
aTaa! __  ""��� U"k ,or "Bsh sign st nlsht
SAM OOWEN. Proprlstor Pl>��. 160
Proposal   to   Organise   Association of Retailers Discussed
Preliminary arrangement-. WI re
made last night for the formation
of   an   association   of   the   retail
merchants of the city for  thi
purpose of organising business interests here, improving frieght conditions and charges, and dealing
with such matters as shop hours,
public holidays, etc. A meeting
very representative Of the various
retail businesses in the city was
held last night and arrangements
were made for a further meeting
Ihenco wuat 40 chslna,  tbunci south iii) i	
Ihsnce oast 40 ctiBina, thoiico norm tio ctiaiii, i*o
Eiiini ol ooinmandiuiunt.
isusd Much M, 1011.        LlO.McIL ......,
Pub. AprU 22.
Sksens Lsnd Llislrlct���Olalnct ut.L'oasl lung* i
Taka not cu that I, John Ivan Patera ol 1'iti.ra
Rupert, li. C. occupst on clurk, intend tu spi,.,
lor parmlasvloo lo purcbuo lha lulluaint ..,.,.;
Commsnclng st a posl plsnlod sboul three as
one-hall mllos distant n a aoutb vveau-rlj ,i rvct uu
Irom a bUnd alough Irom Observatory Inksl aThtu
ths asms luuctius tlie lndisn RuMrvv, tt,..!,c
wesl B0 chBias, th.nca norlh bo cusin., u., mi
oasl BO chain., ihsnc. south B0 cbsins lo pur,i o
coiiitnuocement, containing 040 scrus niui. ur has
Hat..1 April 11. lull. JOHN IVAN I'bltltS
I'ub. May U.
Skssaa Land Ulatricl���District ol Coaat Rang. V
Tak.   nolice   that 1. J.  Lome   MacLareii   uf
Prince Rupert. U.C., occupation real estate agent
intenda lo apply for permiaalon lo purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing al a pust planted 40 chsins vve��t
and mj chains south of the suuthwest criivr ut
i lot 1 ...i. vicinity of Lakelse Lake, and marked J.
L. MacLaren'a norlwest corner, thence esst
itiaiiis. thence south 40 chains, then,,- vve.t ���
clisins. ihenc. north 40 chain, to point ol num.
mencement, cuntaining ..--,' acres mure ur le...
J.  l.ulv.M. M... I. \i.i   .
i.va.. K. Pulnam. Agent
li.il.-M.il   '1. 1.11
Pub. June 16. loll
Skeena Land District���District uf Coast Kange j
Coaal Diatrict
Taka notice that Wm. Leslie of Ssppvrton. U.C
occupallon Gov.rnm.nl Guard. Inlands lu spply
fur permission lo purchase lhe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted Pi chain, watt
and laHI chain, south of lh. southwest curner of lul
No 17AI. rang. & cuastdlslricl,marked Wm.Leslie.
N.W. corner, Ihence south 40 chaina then,-. I
80 chaina. liience north 40 chains, thence vv,<>t --
chains lu post of commencement, cunuimng.-.1
acrai moreur ��...
WM. l.Ml.li.     <
T. D. Laird, Agent
Dated March IMlh. 1011
Pub. April -'.'il.. 1 ji 1
Skasna Uad Jflslricl��� Dislrict ol l|ileen Charlu-.ls
Tska nouos ihst lis. II. Law. of Princ. Rupert,
B. C, occupatiun barber, intends 10 apply tvtf
prrmiauon to purchas. lb. lollowing described
CommMdng at a poat plantad about .eve:,
mil*. wsBt slid one mile south Irom Ues mojia
ol Stanly Creek. N.Jun llsrbor, thsne south S'J
chains, lh.no. wast 10 chains, Ibsoo. north BO
chaina, thane* eaal 40 chains.
Hated Much 17, 1911. GEO. 11. LAL.\
1-ub. April X2. Num. Daman. Agent
Ska-an. Lsnd DUlrict���District ol Coast Rang.
Taka notice that Anna. Mussslleiu ol I'ru.c*
Rupert, li. C, occupallon marrk-d woman. Intends
lo apply lor pumiaaion lo purchase the loilowilag
dMCrilasd laads:
Commencng at a posl planted al a post st lb.
souttiBeel curner, 60 chains east Irc-n N. E. corner
ol Lot lllti, llarvej s .--jr..-). Coaat Uiairicl.
Rang. 6. tbenos aast 20 chsins, these* north H
ciiains, ihenc wast 40 chains, Ihsnc. suuth N
chsins, thenoa Mat 20 chains, thsne. south .'���
.hsins to point ol commsnoemeot, coBtsiniug 1*0
acres mors or laas.
Dalsd May B, I'.'l 1. ANNIE Ml      '.   ���    "���
Pub. May IS.
Skaana Land Dislrict���DUlrict ol Casslar
Taks   notica   thst   I.   Thomas   McMfekin  ol
I'rinos Rupert, II, C, occupation clerk, inlend lo
apply  (or  permiaaion  lo  purchaM th.  (olloBing
dsscril��.l Isods:
Commencing st s post planted sboul tao miles
soulh ol ths forks of Ih. White .nd Fl.l riven,
trainee north BO chains, thsnea esst B0 chsins,
thenc* south B0 chsins, thsne. w*al B0 chains.
Dated April IB, lull. THOMAS McMl.r.rvl'.
Pub. Mai II. Francis S. Prsstoa. Agent
Skeen. Land Dislrict ��� Dislrict ol Caaalar
Tsks nolle, that I, Cbarlss I.. D.lgrov. ol Me*-
art li. OL occupstlon prospvetor. Intend to ���..���.-
for rarrniisaiun to purchaa. lh. following doscribed
Commencing at a poat planted aboul sit mil.-.
south snd one mile wast ol tbe lorks ol the VI bus
snd Flsl rivers, th.no* MUlh B0 chains, thetirr
east BO chslns, thence north BO chslns, Ihsnce Best
so chains. ....
listed April 20, 1911. CHARLES DELHI.".'-
Pub. Mav IS. Francis S. Prssioo. i.   ���
Skeen. Laad Dislrict -District ol Cout lUr.ge I
Tak. nunc* that I, J. Harold McKnn ol I'rinc.
Rujaart, It. ���., occupat on blackam tb. Inlcii-l <u
apply lor perm Baton to purcliss. ths (olloaing
deacr bed Isnds:
Commencing si a poet planted about three ar.-l
one hall miles d slsnl 10 a south wsstsrlv direction
(rom s blind slough Irom observatory Inlet s-MW
the asm. touches tbe Ind sn Reserve, thence seat
ao chsins, thsne. south B0 chs ns. Ihence esst m
chain*, thenee north 80 cha ns to po nt ot com
mencement, contsining 010 seres more or leaa-
Dated Apr I 14. 1911.       J. HAROLD Mckl.A
Skeen. Und District -Dislrict ol Casalar
Tsks notice thsl I, John Robert Pscey ot iTinra
Rupert, 11. C, occupstlon cook. Intend lo si'l'l/
for permssion to purchaa. tb. following deacr.I > >
I.n<ls ,
Commencing st s post plsnted (21 two miiM
.outh and 2) two miles west ol the (orks o( Ins
Whlta snd Fist rivers, tlience eoutb B0 chim-
Ihence esst SO chslns, thence norlh SO chslns,
Ihence west 80 chs as. _ . .,.,,.
Dsted Apr I 20, 1914 JOHN ROBERT PA I I >
Pub. Mav 13. Franc s S. Preston. Agen
Skeens Und District���District til Cosst Rsnge i
Tske not ce thst I, Msrths Leek, ol Prince
Ruperl, II. 0a, occupat on marr -d woman l.len i
lo apply lor permiaalon to purchase the (ollowing
deacribed lends: ,
Commenakig al a post pl.nted .bout three anil
one-hsil miles dlatant in a southwesterly din-clam
Irom s blind alough Irom Obeervslory InleiwI-ere
lhe simc touches the Ind sn Reserve. Ihenee ess.
80 chsins, thenee south 80 chs ns, thence west
chslns, thenee north 80 chs ns to point o coin-
mencement, conle n ng 610 seres more or SSl,
Dsted Apr I 14, 1911. MARTHA Lbbh
1'iit. May 13.
Skesns Und District���District ot Cssslsr
Tske notice Ihst I, Charles Frederick Metcsll
ot Stewart, U. C. occupation Irelghter, Intend '"
apply  (or  permission  lo  purchsss the  lollowlng
oeerribed l.nds:
Commencing st a post planted on the ngh'
bsnk ol the Nsss river sbout sii miles shove ins
lorks ol Ihs Naaa river, thenc smith 80 chsin-.
thenc west to chaina, thenc north 80 chaina,
th.nc eaat 80 chaina to point ol eommenccmeni,
containing 610 acres more or leas. 	
Dsled Msrch 25, 1911. CHARLES F. MKTl.AL.l-
Pub. Msy 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agent
Skeens Und Dislrict -DUtrlct ol Cossl
Tske  notice thst  I,   Wllllsm John  Corley  ���
Princ Rupert. II. c, occupstlon rsneher. inteni
to spply (or permlasion lo purchsss ths lollowlng
described Isnds:
Commencing si s post plsnted st the sxiuthwe-1
corn.r ol Lot Mm*, lunge 6, Cosst District, Iheim1
south 20 chslns. thence east 40 ehslns. thenoj
north 20 chsin., thenc west 40 chslns lo H"'
o. commencment, contsining 80 seres, more or
listed April 8, 1911. WILLIAM JOHN CORLEV
Pub. April 29.
Skcns Und District���DUtrict ol Cssslsr
,T,Bk�� nolle thst I, AKred llerrymsn Wilbsrn"
pi  Princ  Rupert   U.  C, occupstlon  merehsnl
Inlend to spply  for permlasion  to purchsss Ur.
lollowing descrilied Isnds:
I ommencln. st s post plsnted sbout (2) '��'"
miles .outh of the (orka of the WhIU ind Ha'
rivers. Ihenc 80 chslns south, thenc 80 chs ns
west, thsne 80 chslns north, thenc 80 chslns
Dstad April 18, uu. j^nci, g, Pc,u,n, Agan'
Pub. Mar IS. THE   DAILY    NEWS
fnaat llango 6 Land District
. ,    .S that I. John  Hepburn ot  Kit-
*&JrS�� aion'lurnior,  Intond to apply
f^wri-atlon W pSroualS tho lollowng dosoribed
la"1.1"1, noiM a, u post planted ut the northeast
I'uii April la.
skisiu. Land DistrUt-Dlstrlct ol Caaalar
���i- l    i, 1 a- thai 1, Perry Quaenari ol Pr nee
JrSi"       C., occupation proapoctor, inland to
#$$ lor twnWtill �� purcbaae lbs following
""Kin. Lllnln.1 at u poal plantod In tho vicinity
/,"        i-i,   annul Uiriie-t'lgliu ol a mllo .outa
,        .....iitii' ul tlio Huiiaiiia Crook, and being
1,1 "i"    iSy b u.iuary  ol Timbor Limit No.
""..     ., to"ju2B0, UioiiVb aouth 40 chaina along
?..euu.ly i""" "' ��'"u rtabM UinitNu. 116281
\.    i, kill IU chains, llionco eaal to the shore ol
. In"   a iiiaiancu ul 40 chains more or leu,
1,0   .   ur'uiotS   long UK """re ul Ul"��>" b��y
Kal.'.    lurei M less, llionco wc.lorly 40 chaina
,,L�� or "���*" W I""1" "I coinniencoment, containing
kk.:":iS    pbrkb quhenan
I uu. April t.
nmu Land Dsirici -Diatrict ol Queon Charlotte
Tata  Bollc.  mat   Ceorgc   KriaaaU   ol   Prince
i . ,.ri  U C   occupation butcher, lutaintta to apply
lo, poimlBlon lu purchaso tha lollowmg dcacnbad
"'Si'iiinmiciiig al a poat plantod about aov.n
ruJvs vvvai aud two miloa suulh of tho mouth of
"anlev Cits* where It empties into Naden
Maruur, l.ruliaiii Island, thonco SO chains south,
tune. St) cliuina weal, Ihenco SO ohsins north.
iLsiicu ��0 ciiana nasi lo point ol coinraenooraont
anil tx-nlaiiiing,MO acres "������� ��lB",'h, PR1Z2ELL
unci March IT, 1911 liLOHlsb rRl/^LLL
1-ul,. Auril V. Nunia Demera, Agent
akei-tia Und Disuict-Diatrict ot Queen Chulott.
' ,aav tiuiico iiial Frank Levick ol WoodalocU,
urn. occupatiun liuukkoopor, intends to spply
l���r larniisaiuu iu purchaso the loiluwing described
"loiiiiiiciichik al a post planted about seven
liuio. s-at and two iini.'s aoulh ol the mouth ol
siaiilo em* v. litre It empttos Inio Nsden
luu-uwt, Unban Island, thence SO chains soulh,
luetic.' all cnains eaal, ihatico 80 chaina north,
tuvuev .ic chains woat to point ul coiuiueuosmaDt
.uu eanUOiDI olvl acrou more or leu.
I'uii. April 7. Numa Dement, Agea
Skrvua Urn. Diatrict���District ol Coaat
Tain; notice Uiui i iK'ini McArtUur ul Vancouver,
U   U, "i i .ii'..: ���>:. ruul  vauio ugtrnt intund* to
apply lot patmlMloa  to  purclataet.  the (ollowing
UiBrfrilx-il Until,.
Luiniia'iiuiiti ���>��� �� l>o*i plantod 40 cliaina w7at
��;,d Ml ciiuina uuuili of tbo southwest corner ol
i>i So. l.tjJ u.urkud Glenn McArtbur'* north-
wut i-un.tr, i !���- !���>'��� aoutb 40 chaina, tbence eaat
mj cu.ii..��, ilu-iicu nor ih 40 cbaina, tbence weat
a-j ct.viiiis to i'li-a ol commeucement, containing
...j un*. moru ur U'*a.
Uatwi Mwch 20, lyll.        ULKNN McAUTHUU
I'ub. April 16. '��'��� 1)- aUlrd. Agent
-jsMiii Und Dial net���District ot Queen Charlotte
ratal iiuticu tbat  Hubert  O.  Crew  of   I'rince
..,-., U. C, uccupation agent* Intonda to apply
lur ,.;...,i. lu purchuae the following described
Cununencing at  a post  planted  about C   1-2
cms **t*t iiud half a imlo aoutb of the mouth of
.a. Crook where it empuua into Nadan
...:., tiratiam island, thence eaat 40 cbaina,
iwnot! nortii 40 cbaina, thunce weat 40 chaina,
ideLcv �� ������ ��� *0 cbatna io point of commencement
ar.d coikui: ���K ItiO acros moro or leaa.
bttwi -...-. 17, r.i11. HUU.fc.ilT U. CREW
i'ub. April 7. Numa Demera, Agent
BkH n Lan tUui.nct���- District of QuounChariot
[eki i.uuw tbat Cathurine tlarmon, ol Calgar
i\liKrta,  uccu|iatiun  *pin*ler,   intenda   lo   apply,
lur pi-nuisiiim tu purcbaau the following duacribed
t,uinniri,aii|, ul a poat planted about 6 l-l!
roiiea wmi uiiJ half a mile auuth from tbe mouth
ul >���.��:,;!���. t ru-lt, where it emplio* into Nadon
Uarbur, ��.:..:..in. laland, tbuno* 40 cbaina voutb
ii.vi.C8 it1 ctisutia east, thence 40 chain* north,
���.a ..i> iu ciiain* we.it to point of communccment
a: i o.i. di.,ink, it.ti acnui iui.ru or luaa.
Uatt-aj M.u-vb 17, ;:-ll
t  \ iMi.lvlM; MAHIUSON
Tub Apr, 7. Numa I 'uniura, Agent
Mv**na Und District���Diatrict of Queen Caarlott*
Take notice that J. il. .\lurphy,of Vancouvar,
U. Csj occupatiun camniwuai iravellur, intend*
to apply for ,- r :i to purchaae the following
c\��cniM.'J lands:
Loiuiiiciicuut at a post planted about aeven
nulos ttsjai und unu mile south from tbo mouth
of Stanly Crwk, Naden Harbor, thenoe north HO
n.aitu, ihuncu weal 40 chaina, thence south 80
rt.BUiu, thencu east 40 c in*.
Ualatl March 17, lull. J. II. MUHPHY
i'ub. Apnl B. Numa Demera, Agent
.Skeena Und District���DUlrict of Caaalar
Tak*  nuiice  that   1,   Thomaa   Macgovern   of
Mi-*art, li. C., occupation mlnar.tntend to apply
[ur permisaiun io purchaae tho following deacribed
Commencing at a poal planted on the right
���aft "I thu Naaa river about four milea above the
lurks uf. thu Naaa river, thonce eouth DO ehalna,
..'..cu u��-.t ao chaina, thencu north 30 chains,
ihiT.iv rant ,*ni chain* to point of commencement,
cut.tait,lrig 010 acres more or leaa.
���ate-l .Man-h 2.% 1911. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
I'ub. .\li> 17.
na Land Diatrtct-Dfitrictof Coaat
Taki'imtice that I. Mr*. John Corley of Prince
nuii rt. It.C..uccupatiun married woman, intend*
-ii pl) Im permissaion to purchaae the (ollowing
I"   1  I.Milt"..
* '"mi. m ihK at a post planted 40 chaini eait
alna fututh from the aouthweet corner of
��� ; ��� ������. I oaat District, l;.n.��..-... thence aouth HO
��� Jan.*, thence east 40 chain*, thence north BO
<nairr. ihence weat 40 chain* moro or lea* to thc
l"iiit ��>f u nn mencement, containing 32U acre*
111 seer leas.
"at"-Mar. a I. ii>u
I'wb. Apr. 4. IUU
.>..��..... Und Diatrict-Dlatrict   i Coaat lUnge 6
lai�� nutice that Kldon &. Delwiler of Il��rlln,
K.   occupation  doctor,  intend* to  apply   for
.-*...���*���.!, to purchaae tha following doacrib*d
(ummenclng at a poat planted at tbe aouth-
������ti curner ot Lot lU2a, thenca eaat 30 chaina
tu** ur K.M, thenca aouth 46 chaina mora or leaa,
���I MM M chain* mora or lea*, thenoa north
' niai iiium or leaa to point of commencement
>'    -''tit; UU acre* more or leaa.
'���'<'��� March .jl.lpu KLDON 3. DETWILKK
1 ���*�����. April HV John CampbeU. Agent
Slu-ena Und Diatrict���DUtrict of Caaaiar
'-'    tafm that I Francia S. I'reaton of Prince
"���'���i, n. (.".. occupallon proapoctor, intend to
gPy, ���W.peTmaaaloa   to  purchaae  the  following
''WTi'iil lamia;
��� '"ui "-icnig at a poat planted about three
'������* M.uth ami two milea west of the fork* ol
"ll"' Mm Flat river*, thence south 80 chain*
��'o M |p chain*, tbence north HO chain*,
"���c; *��*t 80 chaina.
*8B Un(l District��� Diatrict of Coaal Kange 6
take r.<n w that 1, Joe Jack of I'ncce It. pert.
utli' Vccu*,ation carpenter, Intend to apply for
C,. U  I,urch*i0   lba   lollowlng   described
Cin.rripncing at a po.t p|tnted ^out threeland
frl mtSSmf. .dUt,nl ln * iOUln *��terly direction
��n a iiiinsi fciou^h (rom obwrvalory Inlet where
sa.. P,Jn" '"J-chiii the Indian lloaerve thence eaat
'��. ihence -nith HO chaina, thence we*t80
mi ('nct' BOU,h m ch,Jni to Hnt of com-
I atZ a" *, ��"��ult'lng 040 acrea more or lea*.
I'lb M'ay^aj!4, mU JOE JACK
Uisi" I*,"'1 lj'"'l"-l>lstrlct ol (,o..t Range 6
��� 'Ml nutice lhat Lcltle McTsvlsh ol Vsncouver,
Mb "i,fc.ul"""" niarrieil wnman, Inlands lo
"'���cril,, 'i li',',M���       n  lo  Purch����> ���*���  lollowlnt
��'��";,':;:;;:rcii;�����",;, s��* &"*���* ��������� north.
I'm , , .. c,",'"" ""l ""* 20 ehalna nnrlh
hurin i " .", cornBr 0| HP* HIS. U.rvey'.
"mill il,?. ''lalrlct.llang. 6,thence 20 chains
nuni,"   I,,'��� ??, cb"inB esst, thence 80 chsins
"'"ce I I chaina west, thonce <0 chslns
Wrnn'ii ,,,"' il eh"1"" ��ast to post ol common.
. "dsinin. 400 acre, more or loss.
hbC.''1"1- LOTTIE McTAVlSH
"" "' Fred W. ilohlcr. Agenl
;    jUjtl Di.tricl-District of Coast Range 5
^m   M ���, ."i1"11 '��� A'r-sander Clacher, of Dear-
'I'Uli in ,"'"������ ""'upalhin   farmer,   Inland  to
'. i EX"        '" """haiB the following
'l"''u'!,7,"a'''l''i,,t����� ���"",l l''��nted st the south
���H 'St- 1 "' "J ���""''������ 'Hatrlct of Coast. Range 6.
'"ll ��� I"'"''1-a mile. In a south easterly di-
< . i���. , "" ' "-'kenrldge Lnndlng. marked A.
"Win ���� J rnrnari thence south 80 chains,
"""��� ,,r i, . rhBlns, iheaee north 60 chains
Untie, tv, I",,'"."""lh east corner of lot 3062,
"""ir, i i , '',mln" more or less lo south west
'" Is,. ,,',';��� 'hence north 2(1 chains more
**��4nri.?l,'. " <'""t c��rncr of lot 3068. thence
"'"'t. ��� rsM*i.i m".ro "r ���*����� to Point of commenee-
'" laiiiing 560 acres more or less.
fS {�������� and, mn       1,on"ld clMh,r- A����nt
"'��� June 2ith, mi
Skoena Land District���District ol Coast Range -
Take notice that Almundur Mclntoih ol van
couver, B 0,, occupation roil estate broker
Intends to apply for permlasion to purchase tbe
following described land.:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains aouth
from the southwest corner ol Lot 895, thence 80
chain, south, thenca 40 ehalna west, thence 80
cnains north, thence 40 chains east to point ol
commencement containing 820 acres more or loss.
Dsted AprU 17, 1911. , ,���   _
Pub. May 6
Skeena Land District���District ol Casalar
Take notice that I, Percy Francia Godenrath
ol Stewart, B. C, occupation Journalist  Intend to
spply for permission to purchaae th. lollowlng
doscribod lands:
Commencing at a post planted on ths right
bank of the Naas river about asven in Ilea abov.
tha lorks ol the Nsas river, thsnea south 80 chains,
thenc. wast 80 chaina, thenoe north 80 chains,
thonce esst 80 chain, to point ol commencement,
containing 640 acres mora or leas.
Datod Marc   26, 1911.  Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Und District -District ot Csaslar
Take  notica tbat  I,  John  Unwin ol  I'rlnce
Rupert B. C, occupation laborer. Intend to apply
lor permission to purchaaa the lollowlng deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted about (2) two
miloa south ol tbe lorks ot tbe Whlta and Flat
rivers, thenoe south 80 chains, thenca east 80
chains, thenca north 80 cbsins, thsnea wait 80
Dated AprU 18, 1911. JOHN UNWIN
Pub. May 13. Frsncis S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ot Coaat
Taka notica that Hume Bablngton ol Prlne*
Rupert, B. C, occupation master mariner. Intends
to  spply  for  perniisaion  to less. th. following
described landa:
Commencing at a post plsnted sbout 100 chains
south of the Indian Reserve on the east side ol
Goose Bay on ths east side ot the I'enlruula thsnee
north 100 chains along ahoro to ths Reserve line,
thence west 60 chaina mora or leas to Goose Bay.
thane. 100 chain, along .bore, thenca eaat 60
chains mora or lass to poat, containing S40 acre,
mor. or leas. ���_
Dated March 8, 1911.        HUME BAB1NGTON
Pub. AprU 16.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District ol Cssslsr
Take  notica that  I,  Charles M.  Knouae  o
Prince Rupert, B. C., occupation farmer, Intend
to apply for permiasion to purchase tbe loiluwing
descriDed land.:
Commencing at a post plsnted about (3) three
miles south snd (2) two miles west ol th. lorka ol
White river and Flat river, thence aouth 80 ehalna,
thenca west 80 chains, thane, north 80 chaina,
Ihence east 80 chslns.	
Dated April 20. 1911.     CHARLES M. KNOUSE
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preston. Agenl
Skeena Land District���District o Coaat Range 6
Take not ce that Murdoch McRae ot Vancouver
B. C, occupation real estate broker, Inlands to
spply lor permission U purchaaa las lollowlns
described landa:
Commencing at a post plsntsd on the sou.h
bank of Lirhumslks river about live miles from
its cunltusnce with lbs Skeen. river, Ibence 40
ciiains west, tbence 20 chains north, thsnea 40
chains west, tbenee 40 chains north, thsnee 40
chains east, thsnea 20 chains south, thence 40
chains esst, thsnee 40 chslns soulh lo poinl ot
CQjntn.-neutnenl, containing 320 acrea mor. or leas
llat.-,l April 21. lull. MURDOCH McRAE
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ol Coast Range 6
Taka notice that I, Charles A. Vaughan ol
Prince Ruperl, B. I'., occupation merchant, inland
to spply for p-jrnUeslon to purebaas lb. following
desert bed lands:
Commsnclng at a past plBBted on th. south
bank ol Eaehumslka River and aboul tour mllea
Irom lie confluence with the Skeens River, thence
60 chains east, lhance 80 chains north, thanco 80
chains weat, Ihence 80 cbaina south lo point o(
commencement, containing 640 acres more or lass
Dsted April 21, 1911 CHARLES A. VAUGHAN
Pub. April 29.
Skeen. Land District���District ol Cout Rang* 6
Take notloa that Mn. I.. C. Putnam  el St
Paul, Minnesota, occupation married woman
intend, to apply for permission to purchsss the
lollowlng deecrlb*d lands:
Commencing *t�� po*t planted at the .outbsnast
corner ol Lot No. 1733 marked Mra. L. C. Putnam*,
northeast corner, thene* west 40 chains, thane*
south 80 chaina ihence eaat 40 cliaina, tb.nc*
north 80 chains lo poat ol ciminencment, con
Lining 320 seres more or leas.
Dsted Msrch 20 191L MRS. L. C. PUTNAM
Pub. April 16. Ceo R. Pulaam Agan
Skeana Land District Dislrict ol Coaat Rang. 6
Taka notica that I, Clara May Little ol Princ*
Rupert, B. I'., occupation spinster, Inlend lo
apply tor permiaalon to purcbaa. the lollowing
described lands: .
Cornrnenelng at a post plsnted st tb* north
west corner of Lot 1736, Range 6, Cosst Di-trict
thsnee east 40 chains, thence north 26 chaini
tbenc weat 31 chain thence north 20 chaina
thenc* weat 10 chain., thence aoulh 46 ch.ln. to
point   est   commencement,   containing   11*   sere*
mor. or leas.  _. _
Dstsd April 4, UU.        CLARA MAY LITTLE
Pub. April 16.
Skeen. Und Disuict���District ol Caaslar
Taka nolice that I,  Isaac 0'Bri.n  Forbea nl
This Is a little aection ol the paper, which Irom day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladiea of Prince Kupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in Its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Cramer" will fill a social need.
Prince Rupert, II. C, occupsllon carp.nt.-r. intend
lo apply for perm'
deet-rloed lends
��� Rupert. U. I... occupsllon c*rp*nt*r. inieno
inly lor pormlasloo to purchase lhe lollowlng
Commencing at a poet planted .bout Av miles*
south snd ona mil. wast ol lbs lorka ol thsWhlt*
aud Flat riven, tbenee north 80 chains, ihenc*
west 80 chains, ihenc* south SO cbsins. tbence
eaat 80 chains.
listed April IB, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FORBES
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Prsston. Ag.nt
Skeana Und DiatrlsH-Dlslrlel el
Take notice that I, Swae Ualsm ol Stewart.
B.   C,   occupatioB   carpenter,   inland   to   .only
lor permlasion to purcliss* lbs loUowing daaerlbed
Commenclag at a post plsoled shout 16) miles
south snd onel 1) mile Brest ot ths (orks ot ths Wblos
���ad Flat rlvara, thence BO ehalna aoutb, thane. H0
chain, .eat, thenc* BO cbains north, tbesce 80
Dstad ApTtV 18, KU.       _ SWAN 1IAIXEN
Pub. May 13. Frsncis S. Preaton. Ag.nl
skeen. Und Diatrict ���District ol Uuxn Cbarlott*
Tske notie. Ih.l Oaorgs W. Annul ol Princ
Rupert, B. 0* oecupstion real aetata broksr,
Intends to apply tor parmissloo lo purehea. th.
loUowing described Isnds:
Comrnancing al a post plsnlad .bout ..v.n
mile* and one-hslt mile wesl .nd on* mil* ��uth
Irom lh. mouth ot Stanly Crask, Nsdsn Harbor,
thsne west 80 chaina, thene* .oulh 80 chains,
Ihsnc sast 80 chslns, thsne north ��0 cbsins.
Usual Msrch 17, 1911. OEO. W. ARNOTT
Pub. April 22. Numa Ueinsrs. Af��at
Skeen. L.nd Dl.trirt-Dls.ricl ot Csssuu
Tak. nolle th.t I, AUe M. Knouss  of Prince
lluperl, II. 0a, occupsllon msrrled womsn. Inlend
to spply for permission to purehsa. tha lollowlng
described land.:
Commencing et ��� post plsnted sboul isro-rnllas
soulh snd two miles wesl of Ihs forks of White
snd Fist riven, thenc north 80 chsins. tbenc
esst 80 ehslns,  thenc south 80 chaina.  thenc
SyOTS, 1911.      . ALICE M   KNOUSE
l-ub. May 13. Francis 8. Preaton. Ageat
Stlkln.UndDlrt.i;t-Dstrlctol Casalar
Take notica tb.t Sydn.y llodgklnson of Tsle-
graph Creek. B. C, oecupBllon clsik   Intend, lo
���pply  lor  permuailon  to purchae th.  lollowlng
deacribed land: .   . .,.-_
Commencing at a post plsnted sbout s quarter
mil. north east Irom Glacier Rim. and on the esst
bsnk ol Sllklns Rlvsr, thenc east 20 chslns
thenc north 40 chains, thenc wet 20 chains,
thsne soulh 40 ehslns to point ol eommsnemem
���nd oontsinlng 80 sens mora or Ises. ��
DMdM.lt.llll.   ���DMBV hodohnsoN
Pub. April a**. Tervo, Agent
Skene Und Dlrtrirt-lilrtrlct ol Cwstar
T.ke nolle thst I, J.roe Webster E.plln ol
Stewart, B.C., occupation    aurtlon.tr. Intend In
spply tor psrmlsslon to   purchsss   the   lollowlng
described Isnds: ... ....  j-a,
Commencing et a post planted on the rl��M
bsnk ot Ihs Nsss rlvsr sbout nine rrilb*. .hove
Ih. tork. ol the Nsas river. Ihsnc smith 60 ehslns.
thenc west 80 chslns, thene north 80 chslns.
Ihenc esst 80 chslns to point ol wmmsnemsnt,
conlainlng 640 -<��>���tf' ^mrm ESPLIN
Dated March 24,1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
ISkeent Land Dtatrirt-Dlslricl of Cejelar
T.ke notlcs thst 1, Sydney Fll.gsrsld pl PJfJHI,
B. C, occup.llon cook, intend to Uh*t If*.gC
mission to purchsae the lollowlng tgfft****
Commsnclng al a port planlrf sbout ����.mil.
south snd ons mil. ol th* lorks ot WW
snd Fist rlvsn, thene south 80 chs ns, thene
wet SO ch.lns, thenc north 80 chUns, tnsne
D".}ed80Aprri"l��, 1911.   SVDOTT m^RAMJ
Pub. May IS. Freoeki 8, Preston, Ag.ni
Today's sketch shows an attractive dress ol cotton mati-rial
with border arranged in tunic
style. The liorder, which is in
lovely colors in floral design, is
outlined with narrow black velvet
ribbon. The black velvet girdle
is artistically arranged and forms
an attractive contrast against ihe
delicate lints of lhe border.
Came   a*   a   Surprise   to   the
Whole Court
Anncouncemcnt of llic engagement of Arch-Duke Carl Franz
Josef and Princess /ita of Parma
came as a complete surprise to
court circles today and part of
thc Imperial family. Il is lie-
licvcd thc marriage was arranged
by thc heir to thc throne to.
prevent influence Ixeing exercised
on the heir presumptive by other
members of the family. The
bride's mother is widowed and
enormously wealthy and is a sister
of Arch-Duchess Maria Tlieresa,
who is step-mother to the heir
to the throne.
Woman Three Time* Married
Legally Wife of First Husband.
That Mrs. Eubank, twice divorced, is still thc wife of her
first huslviinil, J. P. McFiirlanc,
whom she married in Tacoma,
Washington, is the opinion of
Mr. Justice Clement. Thc facts
came out over an application made
in chambers in which Mrs. Eu-
bank claimed thc possession of
a boy by 'her second husband
Oliver. Oliver refused to give
up the boy and Mrs. Kubiink
claimed that he had no right
to hold him as her marriage to
Oliver took place within six months
of her divorce from McFurlanc,
which made thc marriage illegal
under thc Washington l.iw.
Mr. Justice Clement Stated that
after looking into the facts he
had conic to the donilusion that
Mrs. Kubank was still legally the
wife   of  her  first  husband,   Mr-
Parian*.  It appaaiad al tha tboe
she applied for the divorce Mc-
Farlanc was in the Phillippines,
and therefore the divorce should
never been granted under the
state laws of Washington.
Thi* Summer You Appear Clad
in  "Bamboo" or You  Wear
The new colors for the season,
or the new names for the shades
of the old colors, ore charming.
For instance, there is "purfum,'|
a light lavender, the color of an
odor, if there were suili a tiling,
and we are told by the oculist
that there is; "bamboo," the
shade of the cured st.ilk ol that
plain; "sandalwood," the brown
of that wood; "rhubarb," a given
as of the first shoots of the Bpring
sauce producer. Our old friend,
Alice blue, has appeared as "i lain
de lune." Another i xi|iiisite shade
of light blue is called "quaker
lady," which will need no description to those who remember
the charming little woodland flower of the name. Sunn of the
color names are not so poetic,
"Pigskin" is all right for purses,
and "banana" is good enough in
its place, as also is "cantaloupe"
and "molasses," but who wants
a gown  called "molasses" brown
or "cantaloupe pink" or "banana
yellow?" "Blondine" is another
shade which you would not choose.
Dark navy, purples, blue and
deep greens, which are almost
black, arc in high favor, and
recently some in ti rest has been
manifested in brown. Rarely has
there liven a season when colorings
for spring promised to la- more
Use for Dry Bread
Don't throw away any odd
pieces of bread that muy Ik- left
over from a meal. Put them in an
own and when they are quite
.risp break thi in up and roll on
a l"..inl until they are absolutely
-in.ill and line. Then store in an
.iir tight tin. They are rpleiidid
for coating anything thai has lo be
egg and breadcrumlx-d before frying.
String Dishcloth*
The odds and ends of string off
parcels should Ih- untiid, not cut.
and saved for tying up further
parcels, When there is a great
accumulation and the pieces are
pretty nearly all of the same sizr
ii may lie converted inio excellent
knitted dishcloths by thc help
of two thick knitting needles.
These wear much longer than the
Irought ones, even when lioiletl
over and over again. Scraps of
tissue paper may be used for
rubbing up mirrors, tumblers and
picture glasses. It will polish
as effectually as chamois leather.
Wathing China Silk
When washing white china silk
do not hang it up to dry. Wrap
il up afier wringing slightly in n
piece of white material; leave for
an hour and iron without drying.
This prevents the silk from turn uut;
Crape Fruit Marmalade
Cut the gra|s- fruit very thin
n move stills, which boil in water
and strain. T<> every pint of fruit
add two pints of water, using as
part of it the water off lhe seeds.
Let stand overnight nnd in lhe
morning 1x.il one hour. Set aside
until next day. put on to Ivoil and
meanwhile ln.it in the oven one
pound of sugar for every pint of
fruit. When the fruit has boiled
half an hour add the heated sugar
and Ire-til fifteen minutes. Thr
fruit must Ih- fresh and juicy oc
the marmalade will not jell.
For most delicious Bread,
Dainty Biscuits, Etc, use
Robin Hood Flour
I'our Dealer Has It
n|n i.i
The Digby Roomt
Locatad on Sixth Ave., near Fulton
Thrt'fl toflvemlnutra from centra uf bualiit-hH district. Nineteen newly furnltthod rooma.
lint and cnltl water, Itath and
telephone. Newly furnished*
Under new m an axemen t.
-General Hardware -
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Granituware      Tinware
������*> ��� * ���-*>-*
You'll be Late
For the train, boat or that appointment if you haven't the correct time. Wi> arc official watch
inspectors for thc G.T.P., therefore we keep all thc standard
watches. We do repairs and
have everything in jcwellry.
R. VV. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Do You
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert?
If so, and you want to sell,
send us full particulars.
We have buyers and we
want listings. :    :    :
Second Ave, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Wise Hint
Immediately pudding cloths have
Ihtii used Scald lliem and wash
them thoroughly, using soda, but
in MKip, and hang them up to
dry. A great deal nf labor is saved
in this way. for if left sill cold ii
b most .litti.iili to wash them.
Lei llitin air well before they an
put away or they will have a nasiy
i.rod when next used.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished ami
Steam Healed Roomi
r0. BOX 37
Hotel Central gj ��*'*.
European and American plan, steam
heatsfirt, morJetn ennvenlenrea. Hat*����
Pt*f*r BU-rk
Propria tor
..Grand Hotel..
Sprintf Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN, Praprl*l��*
AH kind* of Spring Vea^tiibl**      New Oroeeriw
Ideal Provision House
John Kling, former Chicago catcher, has been appointed captain
of tho BoBton National League
Ham !>y President Russell ;ui<l
Manager Fred Tenney, Kling
will take charge of the team in
the field, beginning this afternoon.
ri.1 rjjj if*
Claiming a foul, which was not
allowed, Montana Dan Sullivan
quit fighting in the third round
of a scheduled six-round bout
with Prank Klaus of Pittsburg,
and was declared a loser by
Refine Eddie Smith. Klaus had
all the advantage from the start.
i\i td tfij
Umpire Cook has severed his
connect it ui with the Canadian league and Deeney Hardy, who used
to pitch for the Toronto Eastern
league team, has been secured to
take his place.
r�� a-s tjfi
Chapui, the Berlin pitcher, was
overcome by the heat at a match
the other day and had to be taken
out of the box. Later it was found
that he was seriously ill, and litis still under the doctor's care.
s ss
Matt Wells, champion lightweight boxer of England, was given
the decision over Pal Moore of
Philadelphia at the end of 12
rounds at Boston recently. The
Englishman showed no decided
superiority at any time but forced
the fighting throughout and kept
up a constant jabbing which earned
him the decision.
* a *
Ralph Prary, the well known
ft inner Northwestern League umpire, has left Spokane for the
National league. He will report
for duty to President Lynch of
the league immediately.
Chicago National league players,
when Imformed that John Kling
refused to play any longer villi
the Boston club, to whom he was
traded attributed Kling's action
to a long cherished determination
to play only with the Chicago cubs.
a a a
Harrison, the heavy hitting in-
ficlder and outfielder, and twirler
Rasmussen of thc Beavers, both
"finds" this season, are slated
for the big leagues. Brown is
siid to like "Rasty's" work better
than that of Gardiner who went
up to the Pittsburg Pirates.
��> rji tji
A sensational shakeup in the
Cornell freshmen crew which Coach
Courtney has occurred. Because
they broke the training rules by
eating ice cream, the veteran
coach ordered Murphy, No. 2.
McClachlin, No. 7, and Larrowe,
No. 5, dropped. The new seating
of the boat was not announced
a a a
Venn Gregg, who is now considered one of the finds in the American li-igue, was sold to Cleveland
by S|X)kanc, in 1909. Gregg refused to report, and went to
Portland during the season of
1910, and proved a sensation. He
then went to Cleveland this spring,
and has been pitching good ball
for the big league club. He was
won the majority of his games for
the Naps, and has pitched a winning game in those lost, but in
these cases the crippled team did
not give hin the support required.
Gregg is but twenty years old, and
the Sporting World baseball sheet
says that he promises to make
the American league sit up and
take notice. Gregg is ;. portside
S.S. Prince George
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
Special Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
Prince   George   sails   Suntliiys   K   a. m.
Reduced fare $9.60 Including meals
mul berth.
ss. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simp-
boii,   Nans   Kiver,   Masset,    Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and f'jr:
Queen Charlotte Island   points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and    Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains oyer its
doubie track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, ijui'bec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous  Princess  Lint
Monday, July 3rd, 9 a.m.
J. a McNeb
General Agenl
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
���   a   .  FOR ...
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
Second avenje and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of llnliali < -..Ll,,,!..,.
and Manitoba liars
of B.C Ontario, Saa-
kslrh.wfln and Al-
laprta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Office-Ear-hansr. block, mrncr Third avsnu. and
Sixth Btrrft. Prince RuDsrt. I
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S.,
U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All .Isnlal operations skilfully trsated. Gas and
local anaathcllcs ailminlstored for thc painless ax-
traction of Icclh. Consultation free. Offices:
Itr-lk-i-ra ,ii Block. Pnnce Rupert. 11*11
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart.���
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
i.M.Mariano H.A..      W I   William..!, a , l .1   i>
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
r. o. BOX 2S
runt, or wm. roxos, ran., A.a.��.��!.,".i��N., ��sa
Lunch n| Mpsli lit nil he...,������. Lunch 15c,
M-��1f. 2fic utr-Gm.* nd 8**
Thin, a?*., mrMiti
Phnn�� IW I
T��V��  notice tint Chtrlea   P.  Ottar of  Prince
Hupert.,   H   C,  occupation aurveyor,  IntendR to
apply   (or  permlaiion  to purchaaa the following. I
(If-acribet) landa:
CommenclnR at a poat planted at the north eaat I -,. vrro    t-'riii-i-r
corner ot aurvayed lot 39R4, Rango B, Coaat Dp I OlAlB   BlnBHI
trlct. thence In an easterly  direction along the 1
aoutherly limit ol surveyed lot 8991 and the pro 1
lection thereof 40 chains to a point, thence south 1
parallel to the eaaterly limit of surveyed lot &BB4 1
aforraald 60 chains more or leas tn the northerly    fTi-uit      *     PrnntlCA      *       P flftri
limit of a tlmher limit (No. Oli, thenee weetlrrui*"      *     '  ��� "**"*-*-      ���
40 chains more or leaa to a point In the pro ectlon 1
aoutherly  ot  the eaaterly  limit  ot surveyod lot 1
3984, thence In a northerly  direction along the 1
firojectlon ot the said limit and along the aald 1
Imtt 60 chaina more or leaa to point of commence- j
mr.ni, containing 240 acrea more or leaa. I
P��VliSiTlwt    CHARLB9P0TTERIH. H.Morton   -   3rd Ave.
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside Canaua- Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per y.-ur, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News- Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 Bsst 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle   Pngst Sound News Co.
LONDON, BkoLaND���Thi Olougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125      Naden Block      Second Ave
"The newspaper, with the law, should assume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience."-Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Thursday. June 29
In appointing a Board of Censors to censor thc moving picture
rilms sent tor exhibition to Ontario, the Ontario Government has
performed a duty that of late had been forced upon it. Obnoxious as
all legislative interference is to the lover of liberty, it is very obvious
th;U dangers lurk in the unhampered and unedited moving picture
This is no reflection on the value or usefulness of the moving
picture entertainment It is an outcome of the great place which
the moving picture show now occupies in the world of entertainment.
From the early tilms showing horses jumping, solditrs marching, and
ihipa toiling, etc., the moving picture show has come to be a vehicle
of drama. Whole companies of well paid actors arc permanently
employed in acting vivid dramas before the bioscope. Ono big rirm
advertises for plots, and many a newspaper man in the bigger cities
turns over a ten dollar bill by dramatising little incidents of the street
for the moving picture shows. This has opened up a new Iii Id of
entertainment and with it new dangers.
A few weeks ago in Prince Rti'iert among a number of interesting
and instructive series of drama-pictures was one that portrayed an
attempted r.i|\' and a successful murder. No notice was taken of
it by the police authorities. It was a child's description of how a woman
split a man's head open with a hatchet, until the blood r.m down hi>
face that induced us to go and see what the subject really was. On
that occasion iho audience was principally composed of children.
Possibly the underlying horror of it did not deeply impress them���it
did not appear to do so���but no one will question the impropriety of
allowing such a film to bo exhibited.
Most of these tilms come from abroad, where perhaps tho sensibilities of audiences arc less keen than in English-speaking countries.
The limit was certainly reached by the Parisian show house that
exhibited a film showing the Caesarian o,>oration as a special feature
to the guur.il public. Tho plea was advanced that it was an educational film. So perhaps it is. for the student of obstetrics, but for r.o
other witness If mere argument that "it shows you how it's done."
is sufficient to determine tho educational character of a film, even tlu
rape and murder typo of picture drama might qualify as educational.
In Toronto the moving picture shows have lieen under a police
censor for over a year with marked [benefit both to the interesting
character of the films shown, and to thc patronage. Purmts need not
question whether the subjects will bo unsuitcd to children"s minds.
Tho character of tho show is assured them. The rigorous application
of the law has ensured the Toronto moving picture houses from being
made the dumping ground of a lot of foreign films with little to commend
them sive that they dealt with highly spiced episodes.
Drama, the psychologists aver, is necessary in this age of economic
struggle, as an millet fur the emotional feelings. That is why in the
groat cities it is patronised chiefly by the idle rich and the struggling
toiler. The man or woman who is leading an heroic life, or a life richly
flavored with dramatic incident, has no need to seek second hand
emotion in the opera house. But lor tho millions who lead drab, un-
emotional lives some form of dramatic entertainment is needed. And
the moving picture show has become the peoples' drama.
Hi. ause the moving picture show fills so large a place in the mental
life nf the people, and especially of the young jx-ople, care should be
taken in sec th.it improper subjects are not portrayed upon ilu- screens.
The action ..( the Ontario Government will commend itself to
thoughtful people who perceive the potency for good or evil that
lies ii thi i picture entertainment.
��� Slilo and Enil Dump Cars, 10& U .'ii.loct,
J l.a in. dV. ..'I in. nun..'.-
I St.'t'l Cur Wheels and Axle, with roller
l bearitiKS, lvt&24 in. gaiii'i-
l lliiKa-iv.  1--  in. and 5-8 in.   Kitlviiniied
1 steel catile
rHONE   313���
i Rupert Marine Iron Works & Supply Co.,
f limitedM
II     .   ��   n^ .1^ i^afc..,^,,^ IS^SS. .a.��aa��aa��^.i *B*aaUj|
LOTS for ssle in all sections
HOUSES for rent In he.t localities
HOTEL, furnished, for lease
LOTS in Fort George, easy terms
LOTS in Mrtsset Townsite
11UYERS for property in all sections
at right prices
List your property with us for quick
results.   Honest treatment
Best service
P.O. Box 757 Pattullo Block
We've just  received  from  Cassidy's,
Montreal, the great glass manufacturers, a big new shipment of
���WE    ARE   SELLING   IT   CHEAP���
Here are other goods we have
Furniture Crockery
Stove. Glaaaware
Linoleum Lamps
Enamelware Table Cutlery
Blind. Baby Buggies
Curtains Screens
Quilts Pictures
Blankets Washing
Mirrors Machines
O.termoor Mattresses
Every Description of
House    Furnishings.
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grind Hotel Free Employment Oft
Headquarters for cooks it wait.
Phone 116
Fraser and Fifth Street. Tilt only hctfl
in town with hot and cold wi.t��,r in nv>m��.
Best furnished house north of Vamvii. fr.
Rooms 50e up.    Phone 37; P.O. H"\ Itt.
nil I'lt.-MMi: & FISHER      -      Proiirioter*
Phone No. 200 I'. 0. Box 5S0
************ ���
Carries complete Block of Drugs.   Specie!   ,.
sttention paid to llllirg i  ������-.'��� ���       < i
!'. Theatre Block phons na n Second Are. .
7, Rochester c*
l.p     Monroe
w        * Coal
������   *) .������-'��.
-.:,'  Phone ns
The Big
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
F.  W.   HART
Lots 5 and 6. Block 28.
Section 1.
$3000. 25 per cent. cash.
balance 1, 2, 3 years,
7 per cent.
Section  9
Township 1
Range 4
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
r^m*m^tW^ttmmmWm^ ii ��>����|M
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest  Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
Sksetu Land Dutnct��� District of Coast Range S
Taka notica tba I. Frank Kicks of Fort Es-
siogtan, occupation merchant*, intend to apply
(or permission. o purchase lb* following described
Commencing at a poat planted on the aouth
bank of the Exchurnaiks tuver and about four
milea from ita coniluence with tbe bkeena River,
tbence t>0 chaina west, theoce bO eta* as nurth.
tbence m> chaina east, tbence south 60 chaina
to point of commencement, containing ���>. �� acrea
more or leaa.
Dated April 21, 1911. FRANK HICKS
Pub. April 2��.
Skeana Land District���District ol Coaat
Taka notice that William McTeviab of Vancouver, B  C. occupation physician, intenda to apply
for permiaaioo to purcbaae the following descrbeu
Commencing at a post planted at the south***
corner, 40 cbaina north and -tu chaina eaat ot tne
northeast corner of Lot 1116, llarvey'a Survey,
Coast District, Kange &, tbence 60 cbains east
tbence 60 cbaina north, ther.ce 60 cbaina west,
thence 60 chains aouth to post of commencement
containing 360 acrea more or less.
Dated May 2. 1911. WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Fub. May 6. Kred VV. Bohler. Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���District ol Coaat Kange 5 I
Take nuiice that Grace) McTs>ish. of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation married woman, intenda to apply
lor permission to purchaae .:.���   following deacribed i
Commencing at a poat ptar u��d at tbe aouthwea. ;
corner \<jo chains eaat and **u chaina north ot
tbe norxr.fMSt corner of Lot 111'*, Harvey's Survey-
Coast  I'uuict,  Kange t>, tr.rr.ee 40 chains eaat
iheaee  M chains  north,  :���������������  40 chains  west,
tbence eu cnaina aouth to pust of commencement
contair.inii BQ acrea more or leaa.
Dated M��> :, lyll. URACE McTAVlSH
Fub. May 6. Fred VY. Bohler. Agent
Skeena Land District��� District of Caaaiar
Take notice that I, James  Dunlop of Prince
Kupert,   U.   C,   occupation   teamater,   intend   to
apply  (or  pera-Msion to purcbaae  tbe  following i
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two miles    .
south of the forks of th*- White and Flat rivers, '
thence north   -" chains, thence weat  oO cbains,
ther.ce south *���> chains, thence east 80 chains-
Datod AprU It, 1911. JAMES DUNLOP
Pub. Mav 13. Francis S. Preston. Agent
Skeena Land DUtriet���District of Caaaiar
Take  notice  that   1,   Mary  Carlo   of   Stewart,
H. C, occupation married woman, intend to apply .
for permiaaion to purchase tbe following deacribed
Commencing at  a post planted  two  g)   milea
aouth and t'J) two milea weat of tbe [orks of the
| White and Flat rivera, tbence bO chains north,
I ibence   -<> chains west, tbence bO chains south, J
tbenee M) chains east.
Dated AprU 20, 1911. MARY CAKIN
I Pub. May 13. Francia S. 1'reaton, Agent
Skeena Land District ���District of Coast
Take   notice  that   1,   William   Melville  Corley
1 of   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   intend
; to apply for permission to purchase the following
described landa:
i     Commencing at a post planted at the northwest
I cornvr of Lot .'���'���������������  Haag   b, Coast District, thence
vast 60 chaina, ihe'icc north 40 chains, thence west
LO  chains  to   Hel.'g  Gate  slough,   thence  along
���lougb aoutherly to point of commencement, containing 160 acrea more or leaa.
Dated April 6. 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District ot Coaat Range 6 I
i     Take notice that I,  Hell Hall  Kenney of Ysr-
'��� mouth, Nova Scotia, occupation married woman.
\ Intend  to apply  tor  permission  lo  purchase  the
i following deacribed landa:
i Commencing at a post planted at north east ,
corner of T. L Lot WHS, thence running weat 40
j chains, thence north 80 chains, thence east 40 j
1 chaina, thence aouth 60 chaina to place of com- '
mencement containing 320 acres more or leas.
My post U on aouth eaat curner of land applied
[Or, marked letters S. K., about one mile west of
Lake Lakelse, south side uf Skeena river DUlrict
ol Coaat Kange ...
Dated April 29, 19U.      UELL HALL KENNEY
Pub. May 13. John Haverty, Agent
m  Bttkine l**nd DUtrlct���DUtriet of Caaalar
Take notice thai ChrUtlan A. Tervo ot Stikine,
Q  C, occupation customs oil-car, intenda to apply
or Mrmlaeion to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted about three-
quarters c4 a mile north eaat from Glacier Riffle
and on the east bank ot Stikine River and on the
south side of the mouth of a little creek, thance
eaat 40 chaina, thence north 40 chains, thenc*
west 40 chains, thence south 40 chains to point
ol commencement and containing 160 acrea more
or leaa.
B-lRai^,aP,b'-l0'l9U-     CHRISTIAN   A* TKUVO
���M I Pub. AprU 7.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
and POOL
4 Alley,. ? Table,.    A good exer-
dM.   A clean sport.   La<!l*s every
.fternrain.     Newman Block. l-e-
twren 6lh an! "th St..
TED v  aj ; Proprietor and Manager
s==E.   EBY   C&   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KIT-' Mh 11 ' M ��� B. C.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested tn visit the lodge.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Prince   Rupert Lodge.  No. ,,19. Son, of
Enxlan<l. meets th* -ir-;  and third Tuesday, In
esch month in th* Carpenters Hall, at * p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. O. Box ��12. Prince Rupert
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines .: Periodicals :: Newspaper?
C T. P. Transfer Afant.
Order, promptly filled.   Price, reaaonabl*.
OFFICE- H. R. Rochmter. Centre 81.     Phon* r>
English and American Bllliardi
Twelve Tablea Second Avb.
The Greatest Fiction Character of the Century Come to Life Again
A Great Chance
Daily . .
News ..
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle will write two new adventures of
the famous detective for the Daily News.
Tin- Daily News has joined, a syndicate (if leading newspapers of United States and Canada Id induce Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories���the greatest
detective -.mrits ever written���to give to the world two more of his
entrancing tales of tile great detective's skill.
All arrangements are now completed, the stories arc delivered,
and at an early date lo In- mutually agreed upon, the stories will be
printed.   They arc called:
Ihe Adventure ol the Devil's Foot
The Adventure of the Red Ci
Wc have md these stories in the proof, and they are up to die
high standard of skill that the earlier stories set. We can say
no more. .
The Daily News has Mcurid the sole right of publication for
the whole of Northern B. C. These stories can only be obtained
in the DAILY NEWS.
Tiny will appear in lxith thc daily and weekly edition. They
will start in a few days time.
The Daily News
50c A Month   -   $5.00 A Year
��� i
���*"^l>^.ll-��^l��-^ll Baa^i-*.* ll*** iX


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