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ativs Librsry
...   t.uulS
VOL. II, NO. 251
The Daily News
For south
Camosun, Sunday 9 a.m.
Princess May Monday, p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, November 3, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Sum of $24,000 in Bills and Gold Discovered by Workmen
this Morning Underneath a Sidewalk, one Block
from the Bank of Montreal
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New Westminster, Nov. 3.���Tearing
up the sidewalk this morning a few
Mocks distant from the scene of the
Hank of Montreal robbery of September
15, a gang of workmen found four
bundles of five and ten dollar bills
and a bag of gold amounting to $24,380.
The money is identified as part of
tin- loot taken from the bank. Great
excitement prevailed when the discovery became known.
The location is one block from Trapp'a
garage where the robbers unsuccessfully
at tempted to steal an nutomobile on
the night of the robbery.
Two men are under arrest in Vancouver on a charge of vagrancy which
ii understood by the police to be part
of an endeavor to connect them with
the robbery.
Saturday    Specialt    at    Shrubsall's
A large quantity of venison received
today, many choice cuts ready for
Some choice specimens of spring
broilers and roasting chickens 86.c up.
Another shipment of those large
choice shrimp tomorrow. Bring your
table troubles to Shrubsall's where you
will find it an easy task to make a
selection for Sunday dinner.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
Alberta By-electiont Give Three Con-
tervative Caint at Gleichen, Lethbridge and Pincher Creek.
(Canadian Press .Despatch)
Edmonton, Nov. 2.���The results of
the four by-elections for the Legislature
have resulted in victory for the Conservatives, namely, Calgary, Gleichen,
U'lhbridge. and Pincher Creek. This
gives the Conservatives a gain of three
fill-, Calgary being formerly Con-
m native.
Two Recklett Youths in a Vain Attempt to Burn up Broadway are
Laid out Within a Week���An
1 -.pensive Death.
Boston, Nov. 3.���After spending $1,-
.100 in New York in a week. William
I'olvin and Charles Pcrcivnl lie dead,
du.- to alcoholism.
Colvln inherited the money and
Miggeated to his friend that ihpy take
a week off and "burn up Broadway."
Arriving in New York they drank
champagne day and night. They were
brought here critically ill nnd their
i nergy was too far gone for recovery.
One case of "D and D" came before
Magistrate Cants this morning. Thomas
',uiii in* paid $7 for his little jag.
The S.S. Capilano with general cargo
discharged today at the G. T. P. wharf.
Aid. Hilditch Hat Brilliant Idea.
City Should Buy a PaPer of ltt
Own for Municipal Advertising
Wouldn't the Council Reports
Read Fine?
Tenders for advertising the local
imporvement schedule for Section One
will be called for from the two daily
papers. Alderman Hilditch thinks it
would pay the council to buy a newspaper to do the work as the advertising
is extensive.
It was agreed to advertise for tenders
Parting Social for Ensign Johnstone
���nd Family Shortly
On the fifteenth of November the
Salvation Army corps under Ensign
Johnstone here, will hold a farewell
social for the Ensign and his family.
The details of this social which will
be the best ever held in the S. A. citadel
yet, will be announced later. Farewell
services will be held on Thursday, 11th,
and on the Sunday following unless
Ensign Johnstone cannot get a boat
south on thc Monday in which case
he will leave by the Camosun on the
Sunday morning.
Thc trawler Kingsway berthed at the
Davis wharf yesterday with a big
haul of cod which were boxed for Vancouver.
Here at last Our delayed shipment
ot corsets. Latest models, many styles,
all sizes. -Wallace's.
Sensational Incident Marked  Recent Gunnery Trials
in England- Young Prince Was Below at the
Time and No Harm Resulted
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New York, Nov. 3.-A London cable
to the World says:
News has leaked out of a SSBSSUOIW
incident which occurred off Portsmouth
on Tuesday, when the battleship Hindustan, on which lhe Prince of Wales
is serving, was struck by a shot from
her siBter ship Collosius, while engaged
in target practice.
The Hindustan was stationed near
the traget to note the effect of the
firing, when during a slight mist a
six-pounder shell from the Colossius
plunged aboard on the after deck.
Being plugged, tin- shell was harm ess
after falling, but narrowly missed a
seaman, who was the only ****** on
that part of the deck. The Prince was
below at the time.
$200 AN ACRE
Contract is Awarded for Clearing the
University Site at Point Grey
(Canadian Press Despntch)
Victoria, Nov. 2. A ******
awarded today to the Cotton Company
for the clearing of the ""-vers-ty lW
at roint Grey. The price was $200 per
acre. _
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Rent the Top    of Copper Mountain
in    California    In    an    Instant
(Canadian Press Despatch)
San Bemi-rdino, Cai., Nov. 3.-The
whole top of Copper Mountain was
blown off by a terrible lightning flash
here and the topography of the entire
mountian is changed. Thousands of tons
of earth overwhelmed two miners who
managed, however, to escape, one being
badly injured.
Duke of Sutherland Acquires Land
Ne.r Victoria to Settle His Tenants
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, Nov. 2.-The Duke of
Sutherland has purchased 1.00*******
near here at Royal Oak to ���!*�����
Scotch farmers from the
Five Montht' Sentence
William Vincent was sentenced lo
live months' imprisonment at Neu
Westminster for vagrancy. Vincent is
un old offender.
Charges and Countercharges Laid by
Members of Pony Express Co.
Against Each other.   Case Pending
A somewhat complicated case of
disagreement in partnership has come
before the magistrates. The principal
parties involved are M. Rootjes and
E. A. Elliott of the Pony Express Company. The case first came up when a
charge of misappropriation of thc sum
of $825 was laid by M. Rootjes against
E. A. Elliott, his partner. It wt>s stated
that the money had been withdrawn
from the bank account of the firm
by Elliott while M. Rootjes was up river.
Blank signed cheques had been left by
Mr. Rootjes for the purposes of the firm
and one of these had been used so the
complainer says, for the withdraws! of
the sum involved which was not an
authorised withdrawal. Magistrate
Carss when he heard the circumstances
of the case held that it wus without
the limits of a criminal charge, and thc
case remained pending until a countercharge was entered by Elliott, that M.
Rootjes and the third partner in the
business had unlawfully appropriated
one of thc firm's essential documents.
The case comes up for investigation
before Magistrate McMullin this evening
at 8.30 p.m. and will probably be
referred to thc civil court.
A Million Feet
The S.S. Washtucna with nearly a
million feet of lumber for the G. T. P.
is lying at the tic wharf this morning.
Remand for Honest Looking Foreigner This Morning Pending Investigation.
A charge of having stolen the sum
of $130 from Prank Morris was laid
against Mike Miskavitch yesterday, and
Mike who has every appearance of being
honest is detained by the police pending
investigation. Magistrate Carss having
meanwhile granted a remand. There
was some drinking mixed up in the
business antl the charge may be cleared
up without serious trouble.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
They Got Completely Out of Hand After their Victory at
Hankow ��� Grave Fears for the Safety of Europeans
���A Hindrance to Peace Negotiations
City Solicitor Peters Has a Trip to Victoria to Try and Induce the
Provincial Cabinet to Pass Legislation to Tinker the Job Up
Mayor Refuses to Let Daily News Readers Know the Exact Contents of City Solicitor's Telegram to the City, but Makes a Statement of His Own   Banks
Had Refused to Advance Money on the Bylaw on the Ground That
It Was Illegal   If the City Should  Ratify the Bylaw Again,
Then B. C. Legislature of 1912 Will Consider It
Special to The Daily News
Victoria, Nov. 2--It is reported here that the application of
the city of Prince Rupert for special legislation to legalize an illegal hydro-electric by-law has been heard, Mr. F. Peters, city
solicitor of Prince Rupert making the application.
The Executive Council decided that the by-law will have to
be submitted to the people again for ratification, and that if the
by-law is thus ratified, the government will consent to the passing of a private bill to legalize the hydro-electric by-law.
How the Trouble Arose
Now that the matter has been made
public through the news despatches
the News is released from its self-imposed
obligation not to embarrass the council
by discussing the illegal by-law until
the Executive Council of British Columbia had finally declared its illegality.
It will be remembered that thc News
criticised the hydro-electric by-law, and
pointed out that by grouping two
separate and distinct objects of expenditure together, the by-law was
against thc provisions of thc Municipal
Clauses Act. Thc reason for the law
is obvious.    If two distinct objects of
expenditure are grouped together, then
in order to get the utility he wants s
voter would have lo vote for the other
utility whether he wanted il or not.
No one filed any objection against
thc by-law, not even thc Tsimpsenn
Power Company, who while probably
quite aware of the defect in the city's
by-law, took the ground that il the citizens did not want them to enter the
city thne they would nol take any
advantage of technicalities in the law to
embarrass the city council in their undertaking.
It is understood on good authority
that Ihe firsl trouble arose over securing
r.dvancc* from the bank In start the
undertaking. The bnnk's lawyers who
examined the by-law before advancing
any money on il, detected its illegality,
and advised the bank nol to advance
any of its funds on the security of the
It is also understood that influences
were brought to bear on thc Provincial
Premier to secure his promise to pass
special legislation lo legalise the by-law.
It it understood that the Premier's
verbal consent was obtained, but lhal
the banks refused lo make advance*
rnsmrtn on mck 4
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Pekin, Nov. 3.���Owing to a massacre
at Hankow by thc Imperial troops,
word of which has reached both the
war department and the German legation, a great hindrance to the peace
negotiations may ensue.
The Imperialists have got beyond
control and further fighting is feared.
In such a case the lives of foreigners
are jeopardized and it may be difficult
to protect the foreign concessions its
they are only separated by streets
fifty to sixty feet wide.
Further details of the fighting at
Hankow slute lhat hand to hand fighting
took place in the streets, the quarters
being too close for shooting. The
rebels were driven back with great
Injured Pastor Gave Sermon  From
Denver, Nov. 2.���Rev. Walter Rudolph, pastor of the Union Presbyterian
Church here, severely injured in a
factional fight in his church Tuesday
night, delivered a sermon last nighl
from the bed on which he is confined,
while members of his flock, representing
his following from the congregation
proper, knelt or stood about his bedside.
The C. P. R. S.S. Princess Ena with
over 600 tons of freight is at the O, T. P.
wharf discharging.
Vociferous and Lacrimote Evidence
in Police Court Today Finet Inflicted.
J. Boniin appeared before Magistrate
Carss this morning charged with creating
a disturbance. Accused became very
vociferous when charged declaring that
his house had been invaded by another
man. Accused's sister Alice a middle
aged married woman whose name the
Magistrate had to require it writing
as it. was so hard to spell, np|tcarcd,
giving tenrlul evidence. She told how
thc accused and another man had
come home raging craxy drunk and
raised Cain. The charge was amended
to plain d. and d. nnd Bonna was fined
$5 and costs or seven days. He still
protested, and the Magistrate warned
him that not even in his own house
t*. ni led he make such a row as hnd been
complained of. The other party to
the racket, Mike Bokavich, was also
fined a-*-, and costs. Bonnn's sister
refused lo pay his fine so Bonnn will
go to gaol for a week. Chief Vickers
remarked that the row hail almost
ended in clubbing when the police
Son of a Millionaire Lumberman
Sentenced to Work at a Gravel Pit
During His Youth Is Better Than
a Broadway Existence.
tCanadian Press Despatch)
Bellingham, Wash., Nov. 2.���Fred
Nolte, the 16 year old son of a millionaire banker snd timlnrman, must go
to .work on ti gravel pil on Lummi
Island and report st regular intervals
to the court. Otherwise he must serve
a sentence of from one to fifteen years
in Munroe Reformatory.
The youth had confessed to a burglary
nt a local store.
Preserving   Pears
A large shipment of preserving pears
has Just lieen received at Shrub-alls'
Market to be sold at the low price of
$2.00 a box. This will be the last
chance of the season lo secure a supply
of Ihis fine preserving fruit.
They are also displaying an attractive
display of Jonnthnn apples, nnd many
other varieties of "cnsonnblc fruits at
very reasonable prices. Call up phone
276 and auk them about them.
Syndicate Headed by Duke of Sutherland   Secure   Land   in    Alberta
Toronto, Nov. 2.- British Columbia
men, including F. L. Cnrtcr-Cotton,
were mentioned by the Duke of Sutherland as interested in a syndicate to
promote the immigration of English
and Scottish farmers to the Canadian
Northwest. Some 2,000 acres have
been purchased in Southern Alberta,
near Clyde. This land has been divided
into twelve farms and is ready for
occupation. Picked farmers from the
duke's estate in Scotland will be placed
on them next spring.
Sir William Mackenzie, Sir Edmund
Walker, Sir Henry Pellatt, Toronto, nnd
Mayor Sanford Evans of Winnipeg, are
also io in* in the syndicate,
Lloyd-George by a Clever Amendment Silences Opposition to His Insurance Bill
Conservatives Rebel Against Balfour   Lloyd-George May be Premier Shortly
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Nov. 3. The opening of the
British Parliament has revived all
manner of rumors ns to the future of
the British Liberal parly, as well as
of the Conservatives. The hatred of
Balfour is the chief topic of talk in the
clubs antl committee rooms.
The Hiillsliury club brings to I cli
max  nil the hatred  of Balfour of the
Tory, and especially the extreme tariff
reformers' ranks.
Balfour is Hated
"Balfour must go," now becomes a
public biittlecry instead of being supported in private conclave. Thia new
anti-Balfour movement is more likely
to do him good than harm. Oross
stupidity is chiefly representative of
the new malcontents, especially by the
men whose policy has brought thc Tory
party to its present position.
The Insurance Bill
Lloyd-George's position has become
uncertain during the last few weeks,
and it is said hc had pledged himselt
to resign it the insurance bill is nol
carried. Many thought his doom was
sealed. Today the sky suddenly cleared
nnd Lloyd-George was able to announce
that he has squared all opposition by
a timely amendment.
Lloyd-George Will be Premier
This is another proof of thc extraordinary ninibleness nnd adroitness of
the remarkable man and if thc insurance
bill   passes,  as  now  scemt  certain,  it
Mayor as Member for District, and Chairman of Police
Commission Intends to Move for the Erection
Here of a Proper Provincial  Gaol
Who may shortly hand over the reijrns of office to Lloyri-Goorgo
will make him the inevitable prime
minister whenever Asquith goes. Mr.
Asquith's health is not ol the best and
il would not be n matter tor surprise
to find Mr. Llnyd-George Premier ol
England within a year.
Cost of conveying prisoners and their
guards from Prince Ru|ierl to New
Westminster when the prisoner- are
sentenced to long terms, and the cost
of bringing lhe guards hack to the city
is a heavy item in the expenditure of thc
city on |Kilice work. The fact was
brought up by Chief Vickers a) the meet"
ing of Ihe |iolice commissioners held
yesterday afternoon in lhe Cily Hall.
Mayor Manson remarked that he Irul
Incn considering that very point ones
or twice of late, nnd lie felt that the time
had come for I'rince Rupert to have
a more suitable Provincial gaol fit for
the accommodation of prisons s from
the city and surrounding districts who
might have incurred long senten-es for
serious offences. It is probable that
Mr. Manson may use his influence with
the Provincial authorities to have a
proper building erected within a reasonable time for this pur|Hisc.
Chief Vickers was abls lo report only
one (airly serious municipal criminal
rase, that of Philip Nicholas who was
sent Mow for five months for cheque
forgery. Twenty-five casts in all came
More the magistrate. There wert'
twenty-two convictions ami three dismissals.   Seventeen cases of "1) and IV
for the month amoiU.tsd lo I17S.00
and the monthly pay roll was $601.25.
A number of accounts were passed
tin* heaviest amongst (hem being that of
J. K. Merryfield $.'12,85, and the interesting reminder of the strike riot period
lasi srping in the shape of an account
fur f88.60 for Sandwiches supplied the
const allies then on night duty by
the Exchange Grill. Eleven dollars and
sixty cents fell lo be paid Miss Nyland
for Stenographic work done at tha time
Of the ChlnOSS gambling CSSS which was
Resolutions from the I. W. W. branch
here, and from the I-ongshoremcn's
Union protesting against the so-called
"Chain gang ' system of getting prisoners
to help gr.nli' the Athletic Park Ground
were read. They expressed the opinion
that the system was "the degrading
result o( a badly administered licence
system,"  and said  its effect   was bad
on the rising generation, besides being
the thin end nf the wedge for cheap
labor. On the motion of Commissioner
M. M. Stephens these documents were
tiled without comment.
Applications from Eli \V. MacCullnch,
James   Keith,   and   M.   .1.  Tongue  for
positions on the |Kilice force were handed
were dealt with one nf thee being I over to Chief Vickers along with others
tlstnlssed. There were two cases ol for consideration, and report when
giving liquor to Indians.    Total fines ��� vacacancies were available. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Friday. Nov. 3
Nemesis has overtaken those members of the council who in face of the clear
warning of the News, sought by an illegal by-law to perpetuate themselves in
A telegram from Victoria late last night brought the news that Premier McBride
and the Executive Council, had been obliged to order the hydro-electric by-law
back to the people for ratification, to enable the Legislature to puss special legislation to make this illegal by-law legal.
The incident, frustrating the plans of Alderman Hilditch and the Mayor,
and Using up the waterworks shame till next year, shows the value of intelligent
newspaper criticism, as compared with the tawnings of a lickspittle press. It
will be remembered that the Daily News opposed the by-law on the very g, -und
upon which it is now declared Illegal- namely, that it is against thc provisions
of Clause 75 of the Municipal Clauses Act to place two separate and distinct objects
of expenditure in one money bylaw.
The public will remember the contumely that was heaped on the Daily News
when the Mayor and City Solicitor publicly assumed all responsibility for the
legality of the by-law. The public will not forget either the offensive letter, addressed to the editor of the News, which the City Solicitor caused to be printed
in the city papers.
We will not be so cruel now in the hour of his defeat ns to reprint the letter
of the City Solicitor. We merely point out the value of intelligent newspaper
criticism. Had the City Solicitor or the council heeded it, it would have saved
the city many hundreds of dollars, and have helped to get a water, electric light
and power plant started.
As it is, the City Solicitor and the council who brought him here from Victoria,
have succeeded only in tying up the city's finances and in delaying its need for
waterworks untl (tower. The city is out even the cost of advertising the by-law,
the cost of holding an election, and the cost of the City Solicitor's trip south to try
and get the thing tinkered up.
And the waterworks scheme, will be at a standstill until the Legislature meets
some time next February.
If the by-law is submitted again this year it will certainly be de'eated. A
dying council will hardly have the uudacity to send it to the people. If they do,
the citizens will certainly antl without urging defeat the by-law, preferring
lo wait u few weeks until a new council is in |>ower fit to be entrusted with the
carrying out of these much needed utilities.
The bungling mess that has marked thc start of the council's work on the
hydro-electric scheme stamps them as unfit to be further trusted. It was not
as if they were not properly advised by the press. It is a Nemesis on those members
of the council who have dealt out lavish "double rate pap" to fawning sycophancy,
and sought lo work injury to lhe one newspaper that possessed intelligent information and the courage of its convictions.
The rapid exploitation of lumber in British Columbia, is increasing yearly
and almost made this province Ihe equal of Ontario in point of lumber production
during 1910. Statistics of the Dom nion lumber cut for 1910, collected by the
F..n-try Branch of the Department of the Interior, state that one billion, six
hundred and twenty million feet of lumber worth nearly twenty-five million dollars
was cut in British Columbia in 1910. As a result of greatly increased cutting in
Ihe fir and cedar forests, lhe total amount cut was more than doubled in one year.
In 1909 the British Columbia cut constituted one-fifth of the total; in 1910 the
proportion formed by the western province was one-third, and it lacked only
forty-five million feet of surpassing the rut in Ontario.
Seven important softwoods make up over 99 per cent of the cut in British Col-
umlii Douglas fir. cedar, western yellow pine, tamarack, spruce, hemlock and
jack-pine. Nearly foriy-five |ier cent of the total was made up by Douglas fir.
This species was cut in 1910 to thc extent of nearly seven hundred and twenty
million feet and had the largest actual increase shown by any species���an increase
of nearly two hundred and fifty million feet. Cedar composed one-fifth of the
total and was the second wood in magnitude of cut. The three hundred and fifteen
million feet of this species cut was an increase of two hundred und seventeen million
feet over the 1909 production. The cut of yellow pine, amounting to one hundred
and eighly-lhree million feet, was nearly six times as much as the amount cut in
1909, and was sufficient to raise it from fourteenth to sixth place in importance
among the lumber producing trees of Canada.
in thc romantic drama
The Adventuress
A Thrilling story of
love and intrigue    :
PRICES-SOc, 76c.  nnd 11.00.    Seat sale at Empress
Theatre office
"And  dress  lu   velvet   cloaks
buckled shoes?"
"And say 'Hoo' to naughty little girls
who won't let mc complete my diary,"
shouted Brand. "Ho off, both of you.
Keep a lookout for the next ten minutes. If yi't see any signals from the
mainland! or catch sight of Uu Lancelot, call  me."
They climbed to tho trimming stage
Df the lantern, which was level with
the external gallery. Obedient to Instructions, they searched the Land's
End and thu wide reach of Mount's
llay beyond Carn du. Save a scud-
dlng full or two beating In from the
Llrard and a couple of big steamers
hurrying from the East���one a Transatlantic Transport liner from I-on*
don���thr ro wns nothing visible. In
the far distance the sea looked smooth
enough, though they needed no explanation of ihe reality when they saw
the Irregular white patches glistening
against the hull or a Penzance fishing*
"O, Connie, the reef!" said Enid,
suddenly, In a low volte.
They glanced nt the turbid retrent
of tho tide over the submerged rocks.
The soa was heavier, tlie noise louder,
now that tiny listened to ll, than when
they arrived in the Halsy, little more
than an hour earlier. Some giant
force Beemed to be wrestling there,
raging against Its bondB, striving feverishly to tear, rend, utterly destroy
Us Invisible fetters. Sometimes, after
an unusually impetuous surge, a dark
shape, trailing witchtresscs of weed,
showed for an Instant In the pit of the
cauldron. Then n mad whirl of water
would pounce on It with a fearsome
spring and thc fang of rock would be
smothered ten feet deep.
Por Borne reason they did not talk.
They were Fascinated by the power,
the grandeur, the untamed energy of
the spectacle. The voice of the reef
held them spellbound. They listened
Beneath, llrand wrote, with scholarly ease:
"Therefore I decided that lt would
beBt serve the Interests of the Hoard
If I sent Hates und Jackson to Pen-
ranee In the boat lu which my daughter���" he paused an Instant and added an "s" to the word���"fortunately
happened to visit me. As I would be
alone on the rock, and the two girls
might be helpful until the relief came,
I retained  them."
He glanced at tbe weather glasB ln
front of him and made a note:
"Barometer falling. Temperature
In another book hs entered tho exact records. A column headed "Wind
direction and force," caused him to
look up al the wind vane. He whistled softly.
"S. W.,M he wroto, and after a second's thought, inserted the figure 6.
The Bailor's scale, ye landsman, differs from yours. What you term a
gale at sea he Joyfully halls as a fresh
breeze. No. 6 Is a point above this
limit, when a well-conditioned clipper
ship can carry single reefs and topgallant sails, ln chase full and by. No.
12 Is a hurricane. "Bare poles," says
the scale.
Slowly mounting the Iron ladder, he
stood beside the silent watchers. Ths
liny was marly deserted. No sturdy
tug-boat was pouring stnoko from her
funnel and Btaggerlng towards tbe
rock. NorlhweBt and west the dark-
nesa was spreading and lowering.
He did not trouble to examine the
reef. Its slgiiB and tokens were too
familiar to him. Its definite bellow
or muttered threat was part of tbe
prevailing influence of tbe hour or
day. He hoard Its voice too often to
find an omen In lt now.
"This time I must congratulate both
of you." he said quietly.
"On whai?" they cried ln unison,
shrill with unacknowledged excite-'
"Latin s seldom, If ever, pass a night
on a rock lighthouse. You will hare
that  rnre privilege."
Enid clapped her hands.
"1 am delighted," she exclaimed.
"Will there bu a storm, father?*-
asked Constance.
"I think so. At any rate, only a mir.
a, 1,- will euablo the tug to reach us
before tomorrow, and miracles are
not frequent occurrences at sea."
"1 know of ono," was ICtild's oom'
ment, with great seriousness for her.
Ho read her thought.
"I was younger then," he smiled.
"Now 1 am fifty, and the world has
They descended Into the service-
"Let me see," said Enid; "lt will be
nineteen years on the 22nd of next
June, since you found me floating serenely towards the Oulf Rock ln a
deserted boat?"
"YeB, If you Insist on accuracy as
to the date. I might cavil at your
"And I was 'estimated' as a year old
then? Isn't lt a weird thing that a
year-old baby should be sent adrift on
the Atlantic in an open boai and never
��� word of Inquiry made subsequently
as to ber fate? I fear I could not have
been of much account In thOBe days."
"My dear child, I have always told
you that the boat had been In collision
during tbe fog which had prevailed
for several days previously. Those
who were caring for you were probably knocked overboard and drowned."
"But alone! Utterly alone! That Is
the strangeness of It. I must be an
American. Amerioans marl out to
hustle for themselves early In life,
don't they."
"Certainly, In that respect you might
olaim the reoord."
Brand had not told her all the facts
of that memorable June morning.
Why should he? They were not pleasant memories to him. Why cumber
her also with them? Kor tho rest he
had drawn up aud read to her, long
ago, a carefully compiled account of
her retoue and tbe steps taken to dis
oovor lief  Identity.
"I entered on an active and uuol.,1
career with no such halo ol glory,"
broke ln Constance. "I am Jusi plain
English, born In Brighton, ol parents
not poor but respectable. Mother died
a year aftor my birth, didn't she,
"You were thirteen months old when
we lost her," he answered, bending
over the clock-work attachment of tho
fog bell to wipe off an Invisible speck
of duBt. Since bis first term Of service on the rock the light had changed
from an occulting to a fixed one.
"She ls burled there, Isn'i she," the
girl went on. "How strange that,
amidst our many journeylngs, wo
have  never visited  Brighton."
"If I were able to take you io her
gravo-slde, I would not do it." said
Brand. "I do not encourage, morbid
sentiments, even of that perfectly
natural kind. Your mother, to you,
Constance, Ib like Enid's to her, a
lear but visionary legend. In a degree, It is always bo between loved
jncB lost nnd those who aro left.
Truth, honor, work, these are the
llghest Idenls for the Individual. They
latlsfy Increasingly. Happy as I am
in your companionship, you must not
De vexed when I tell you that the moBt
truly joyful moment of my life was
jonferred when my little friend here
first responded accurately lo external
He laid his hand on an object resting ou a table by Itself. It looked like
��n aneroid barometer, but the others
knew It was the marine aurlscope to
which he had devoted so many patient hours.
"Is lt In working order now?" asked Constance Instantly, and Enid
lame nearer. Together they examined the small dial. It was equipped
with an arrow-headed pointer, aud
marked with the divisions of the compass but without the distinguishing
These three understood each other
exactly. By Inadvertence, the conversation had touched on a topic concerning which Brand was always cither
vague or silent. Both girls were quickwitted enough to know that Constance's mother was never willingly
alluded to either by the lighthouse
keeper or by tbe elderly Mrs. Shep-
pard who looked after them lu Infancy, ami was now the housekeeper of
Laburnum Cottage.
Constanoe was annoyed. How could j
shu have been bo thoughtless as to
���ausi' her father a moment's suffering
by bringing up painful reminiscences.
Bui he helped her, wing master of
He adjusted a switch in the lustra-
"I hnd no dlltlculty ln constructing J
a diaphragm which would intercept all
sounds," he said. "The struggle came :
when 1 wanted an agent which would
distinguish and register a particular
set of sounds, no matter what addl-
tlona] din might be prevalent at the
same time. My hopos were wrecked
so often that 1 began to despair, until
I chanced one day to read how tbe
hii-li tension Induction coll could be
tuned to disregard electrical Influences
Other than those Issued at the same
pitch. My anxiety, until I had procured and experimented with a properly constructed coll, wbb very try- i
Ing, I aBBure you."
"I remember wondering what on'
earth It was." volunteered Enid. "It
Bounded like a mathematical snake."
"And I am sorry to say tbat even
yet 1 am profoundly Ignorant as to Ita
true inwardness." smiled Constance.
"Yet you girls delight In poets who
bid you hearken to the music of the
spheres. 1 suppose you will admit
ihat the car of, say Ben Pollard, ls
not tuned to such a celosttat harmony.
However, I will explain my aurlscope
iu a sentence. It only listens to and
Indicates the direction of foghorns,
sirens, and ship's bells. A shrill steam
whistle excites lt, but the breaking of
seas aboard ship, the loud flapping of
a propeller, the noise of the englnos,
of a gale, or all these ln combination,
leave It unmoved."
"I ri'ini'iiilit. once, when we were
going from Falmouth to Porthalla In a
fog. how dreadfully difficult It was to
discover tho whereabouts of another
steamer wc passed on route," said his
"Well, with this little chap on thc
bridge, the pointer would have told tho
captain unerringly. I don't suppose It
will bo thick whilst you are here, or
you would see It pick up the distant
blasts of a steamer long before we can
hear them, and follow her course right
round the arc of her passage. It Is
most Interesting to watch Its activity
when there are several ships using
their sirens. I have never had an op
portunlty of testing it on more than
three vessels at once, but as soon as I
could deduce a regular sequence In
the seemingly erratic movements of
tbe indicator, I marked the approach
and passing of each with thu utmost
"Would that stop collisions at sea?"
"Nothing will do that, because Bome
ship's officers refuse at times to exercise due care. But with my Instrument on board two ships, and a time
chart attached to the drums, there
would be no need for a Board of Tt min
inquiry to determine whether or not
ithe proper warning was given. To tho
vast majority of navigators It will
prove an absolute blessing."
"You clever old thing!" cried Enid.
"I suppose you will make heaps of
money out of lt."
] "Tbe Inventor ls tbe last man to
make money out of his Inventions, as
a rule," said Brand. "I suppose I differ
trom the ordinary poor fellow inasmuch as I am not dependent for a
livelihood on the success of my discovery."
. "There's not the least little bit of
chance of there being a fog to-night?"
queried Knld, so earnestly tbat a wave
of merriment rippled through tbe
��� "Not the least. In any event you
two girls will be In bed and sound
asleep at ten o'clock."
"PerlBh the thought!" orled Constance. "Bed at ten, during our first
and only night on a lighthouse I"
"You will see," said ber father.
"You cannot imagine how the clock
dawdles In this circumscribed area.
Work alone conquers It. Otherwise,
mon would quit the service after a
month's experience."
"Ship ahoy!" screamed Enid. "Here
comes the Lapwing round Carn du.
Mr. Lawton must have lent her to
bring the relief. How kind of htm."
"The Lapwing cannot approach the
rock," said Brand. "I will signal 'Landing impossible to-day.' It will save
them a useless Journey,"
Ho selectod the requisite flags from
a locker, the phrase he needed being
coded. Soon the strong breeze was
trying to toar thc bunting from the
cordage, and though they could not
hear the three whlBtles with which
the llttlo yacht acknowledged the signal, they could easily see the jets of
Btoam through their glasses.
Constance happened to overlook the
table on which slooiT the aurftcope.
"This thing has actually recorded
those whistles," she cried ln wonder.
"What sort of whistle has the Lapwing?" asked Brand.
"A loud and deep one, worthy of a
leviathan. It was a fad of Mr. Law-
ton'B. They say his siren consumes
more steam than bis engines."
I inr father laughed.
"Anyhow he" is 'sticking"to'hts
course." he announced. "I may as
well take In  the decorations."
Undauntedly, but much flurried by
a sea ever increasing in strength as
the force of the ebb tide encountered
the resistance of tho wind, the Lapwing held on. With wind and sea
against her she would have mads
Blow work of It. Ab It was, there waa
help forthcoming for both journeys unless tho wind went back to the north
again as rapidly as it bad veered to
the southwest.
She would not be abreast the rock
for nearly an hour, so Brand left tbe
girls iu charge of the lookout whllBt
he visited the oil-room. A wild night,
such as he anticipated, demanded full
pressure at  the lamp.    If the air be
Slii'i-nii Land District���District ol Coast Range 5
Tako notice that l.rltuy I-'. Grant ol J'rinca
llupert, 11. C , occupation civil euglnoei. intond.
to apply lor permission to purchasu the following
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about a 1-2 miles
in a northerly direction Irom tho northeast corner
post of Lot 11,*'.), Kuntif 5, Coast District, Ihence
eut SO chaina, thonce north 60 chuins, thonco
west to bank ol river, thenco south following
bank ol river to point of commoncement: containing IHU acros, more or less.
Dated Sept. ��, lull. LKROY   F.  GRANT
I'ub. OcL 10, Gordon C. Emmeraon, Agont
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District of Coast Range ti
Take notice that I, Chriatopher James Graham
ot I'rlnce Hup rt, 11. C, occupation locomotivo
engineer, intond to apply for permlasion to purchaso
the following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at tho aouthweat corner ol Lot No. r,'.,:i vicinity ol Lako
Lakelse and marked Christopher J. Graham
N. lv. Corner, thence west 4(1 chains, thence south
80 chain., thence east 1X1 chaina, thence north 80
chaina to post of commencement: contuining
12X1 acies, more or lou.
Dated Sept. i'i. 1911.11.56 A.M.���WllnMMd T. D
Pub. Sept. 80.
Skeena Land District���District ol Caaalar
Take noUoa that 11. H. Stewart of Vancouver,
came super-satlirated, breakage Of the   "���   *'������  occupation truckman,   Intends  to  a]
glass chimneys might take place, and
he must have a good stock on band;
Water and coal, too, were needed;,
the double accident to Bates and
Jackson had thrown Into arrears all
thu ordinary duties of the afternoon
Naturally, the pair ln tbe lantern
found thc progress of the yacht ex-
asperatingly slow.
"A nice Lapwing," Bald Enid, scornfully. "1 will tell Mr. Lawton he ought
to rechriBten her the Bantam. All her
power Is In her crow."
When Brand Joined them matters
became livelier. More accustomed
than they to the use ot a telescope,
be made discoveries.
"The two supernumeraries are
there," he announced, "but I cannot
see Lawton Indeed, so far as I can
make out, Bhe Is commanded by Stanhope dressed In Ben Pollard's oilskins."
"Hc Iibb left Lady Margaret!" cried
"He never went home!" essayed
"Poor chap! He was going to take
us for a drive to-morrow," said Constance.
"To Morvnh," explained Enid, with
a syllabic emphasis meant for one
pair of cars.
"Il Is very nice of hint to struggle
on nnd after a look at us," said Brand,
"lie can come close enough to see us,
out that Is all.   Our small megaphone
lor permiaalon to purchase the following deacribed
Commonclng at a post planted 40 chaina aouth
of I-re-emption No. ilu',' and 02 ehains eut from
the Nau Rivor (S. W. C), thence 40 chain, east,
thenco 40 chaina north, thenoe 40 chaina west,
thenco 40 cbaina south to the point ol commencement lo contain 160 acrea mora or loaa.
Hated Aug, lull. Jamea T. Fullorton, Agont
I'ub. SepL 23.
Skeona Land District���Diatrict ol Cout Range b
Take notico that Harold K. Smith ol Morely,
Alia., occupation atatlon agont. Inlenda to apply
for permiaaion to purchau the following doscribod
Commanclng at a put plantad at the smith
wost corner 100 chains eut and 20 chains north
from N. E. vomer of Lot 1116, Harvey's Survoy
Coaat District Range 6, thenca 40 chaina eut,
thence 80 chains north, thence 40 chaina wut,
thence 80 chain, south to post ol commencement
containing 820 acrea, more or leas.
DatedSept. 18, 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
I'ub. Sapt. SS. Kred W. Bohlor, Agen
Skoena Land DUtricl���District ot Cout Range 6
Tako notico that I, Gordon C. Emmeraon of
Prinoe Rupart, 11. OL occupation real estate
broker, Inlend to apply lor permiaalon to purchau tho following described land.:
Commencing at a poat plantad about 2 3-4
milu in a northerly direction Irom the northeut
corner poat ol Lot 1389. Range 6, Coaat DUtrict,
thence north 40 chains, tbence wast to liver
bank, thence aouth following riv.r bank to point
ol commencement;  containing 160 acres, more or
listed SepL 9, 1911. GORDON C. EMMERSON
Pub. Oct. 10.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Cout Ranga V
Taka notlea that 1, Uenjaraln A. Ki.h ol Towner,
N.   it.,  occupation  merchant.  Inland  to apply
lor permUalon to purchau the lollowlng described
-will  be useless." j    Commencing at a poat planted on the eut
Indeed, the   Lnpwlng  dnred  not  ap.  boundary aad about five ehalna Irom the a-outh-
proactl  nenrer than  Iho Trinity  moor-' aut cornar ol Lot 4484, tbonea north 60 ehalna.
Ins* hum-     llv lhat llm�� tin*. Ihre��   ���nhl-V***1 eaat 30 ehaina, thenoe aouth 60 ehalna,
inn duoj. ���-> inet time tne ttiree. pro-, lh#ri0. wmt 30 ehl(M t0 ,nl ol rommf���_,nlrn,
tected from the biting wind by oilskin Dated June 24, um. benjamin a. fish
coals,   wore  standing on   tho  gallery. \ *****>��� July 26. Kred E. Cowall. Agent
���The reef wns  bellowing up at them
with a continuous roar.   A couple -tl-       ,    . _...  ���  ___ .  ,_  _ _
���   ..  ..  a.r I...  ._���<__. -.---1  ��_T__��_     Skeena Land DUlrict -DUtriet ol Coul Rango b
acres of Its surface consisted of uoth-1 T_���, ���aUcm thlt ������,,_ ������,, MeTavuh oi
Ing more tangible than White foam Winnipeg, Man., occupaUon barrUtar, Intends
and driving snray - ���" *l'l'*> t��r permlwon to purchue lho following
'      ' ��� i daecrlbod Uml.
Commencing al a post planled at tho southwceel
cornor 40 cbains eut and 40 chaina north Irom
N. E. corner ol Lot 1116, llarvey'a Survey Coaat
DUlrict Range 6, thenoe 60 ehalna east, thenee
60 chaina north, thenoe 60 chains west, tbence 60
chain, south lo poat ol commencement containing
.!>>!, .cru mora or leu.
Dated Sepl. 18, 1911  lllill \M  ROY McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sept. SS. Fred W. Uohler, Aganl
stanhope, resigning the wheel to a
sailor, braced himself firmly against
-the little vessel's foremast and began
.to strike n series of extraordinary attitudes with his arms and head.
' "\.hy Ib he behaving In that Idiot.
Ic manner?" screamed Enid.
"Capital Idea ��� semaphore ���clever
fellow. Jack." shouted llrand.
Abashed. Enid held her peace.
The lighthouse-keeper, signalling tn
turn that he was receiving tho message, spelled out the following:
"Is all well?"
"Yes." he answered.
"Bates and Jackson reached hospl-
_, i ��*���*,_.  ���        m ��� _, I **���- isw    a--*st*.    umnia   nuruienj    bhu   mmmxm***    svs-
al.     Bates  compound     fracture.       If  lowing lh. shore lines ol Crow Uke, the Inlel
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUUict ol Coul Range V
Taka notioa that Jaau it, Tallman ol Cedar
Rapida, Iowa, occupation lawyer, Intend, to
apply lor permlasion to purchau the lollowing
descrilied landa:
Commanclng at a post planted on the southerly
shore ol Kutaymatmn Inlet on tbe right bank
ol a omul! atream llowing into aald Inlet juat east
ol Crow Lake. Thenca eouth 20 cbaina, thence
weat 20 cnaina mora or leu to Ibe shore line ot
Crew Laka, thence northerly and eaaterly lot
weather moderates will be with you
next tide."
"All right," waved Brand.
'   The distant  figure started again:
"L-o-v-e t-o E*n*l-d."
Enid indulged lu an extraordinary
arm flourish.
"A-n-d C-o-n-s-t-an-c-e."
"That spoils It," sho screamed. "It
ought to be only kind regards to you,
Connie. I believe you are a serpent
"Do stop your chatter," shouted
Brand, nnd he continued Ihe mossnge.
"Weather looks very bad. Little
hope for tonight. Lancelot due at
six. Will ace personally that no
chance is lost.    Uood-bvc."
"Good-bye," wbb (he response.
The Lapwing fell away ust in from
the vicinity of the buoy.
"Why is he doing that?" asked Constance, close to her father's ear.
"He is too good a sailor to risk
turning her In that broken water. A
little farther oul there is gnater depth
and more regular seas.
They watched thc yacht In silence,
At last her head swung round toward
the coast. When broadside on, a wnvo
hit her, and the spray leaped over her
"Tbat gave them a wetting," cried
Brand, and tils calm tone stilled their
ready fear. Indeed, there was greater
danger than hc wanted ihem to know.
But the Lapwing renppearcd, shaking
herself, and still turning.
' "Good little boat!" Bald Brand. The
crisis had passed. Bhe was headed,
at full speed, for thc Bay. And not too
soon. 'Ere bIio reached the comparative shelter of Clement's Island she
was Bwept three times by green water.
' Inside the lantern, their faces ruddy
with the exposure, their eyes dancing
with excitement, the glrlB were voluble with delight. Could anything bo
more thrilling than their experiences
that dayi
"That semaphore dodge Is too pre-
cIoub to be lost," cried Enid. "Connie,
you and I must team the alphabet.
You shall teach us this very evening,
dad. Fancy mc signaling you the
whole length of the Promenade: 'Just
look at Mrs. Wilson's bonnet,' or
'Here como tho Taylor-Smiths. Scoot I'
Oh, It's fine."
She whirled her arms In stiff jointed
rigidity and mimicked Stanhope's
fantastic posing.
"Why should you scoot when you
meet the Taylor-Smiths?" askeq
"Because Mrs. T.-B. hauls us off te
tea and gives us a gallon of gossip
with every oup."
"I thought your sex regarded gossip
as the cream?"
"Sex, Indeed I Old Smith Is worse
than his wife. He doesn't say much,
but he winks. One of his winks, al
the end of a story, turns an episode
Into a throe-volume novel."
"It seems to me I must teach you
the code In my own self-defence," bs
replied. "And now for tea. Let us
have lt sorved here."
to Crow Laka ud  Kuu*>tn��t��'ti Inlet to Um
l-larv ot commencement, conUining forty acri i
mon or leaa.    Isk-hoI August ���', 1911.
lut..! Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE 14. TALLMAN
Pub. An.* 12.
Skeena l-*ni| DUtrict���Dlrtrict of Cout IUngo b
Take notice Uut E. ll. U. Miller of Falmouth
Eng.. occupation aurvoyor, InUnda to apply fo
permiaalon U purcbut tba following described
Commencing al a port plantad at tba N. W. Cornar of Lot 4406, thanca waat mi chlana, thanca aouth
20 chaina, tbanca oaat 80 cbaina, Ibenc* north 20
chaina lo the point of com men cam ent containing
100 acroa more or leaa.
Daled Auguat 16, 1911. K. H. G. MILLER
I'ul.. Aug. 28. r. M   .Miller. Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrict of Coaat IUnge 6
Take notioe tbat II. F. Millar of Tipton. England, occupation  farmer,   nunda to  apply  for
pormiaaion  to  purchaM tbo following  doKribed
Commencing al a port planled about 60 chaina
weit (rom tbe N. W. Comer of Lot 4406, tbence
north 40 cbaina, thenoe wert 20 chaina, thence
aoutb 40 cbaina, thenoe aaat 20 chaina lo tba
point of commenoement containing eighty acraa
mora or laaa.
Datad Auguat 19 1911. It. F. MILLKK
Pub. Aug. 2$. P. M. MUler, Agent
Skerna Und DUtrict���DUlrict or Coaat IUnge 5
Take notice lhat Prank 8. Miller of London,
Eng., occupaUon dvll engineer, InUnda to epply
for permiaalon to purchae* the following deecribed
Commencing at a poat planted at lhe N. E.
Corner of Lot 28, thenca nortb 20 chaina, Ihenca
weit 20 chaina, thenca aouth 20 cbaina, thenca
eaat 20 cbaina to point of commencement, contsining 40 acrea more or leaa.
Datad Augurt 16, 1911. PRANK S. .MILLLK
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. MUler, Agent
Skeena land DUtrict���Dltrict of Coart Kengr 6
Take notio* that Lottie McTavUh of Vancouver.
occupation   married   woman,   InUnda   to   apply
for MMriH to purchaae tbe following deecribed
Commendng at a poat planted at the north-
wart corner 100 chaina east and 20 cbains north
from N. E. corner of Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey
Coart DUtrict Kange 5, thence 20 chaina eouth,
thence 80 rhaina oaat, thence 80 chaina nnrth,
thenoe 40 cheine weet, thenca 60 chaina aouth,
thence 40 chaini wert to port of commencement
dontalning 400 acrea more or leaa.
DatedSept. 18. 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23 Fred W. Bohler, Agent
Bella Coola Land DUtrict���Diatrict of Coast IUnge
Take notice that H. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupallon gentleman, intenda to apply
for permUalon to leaae the following deecribed
Commendng at a poat planted on the ahore
of Necleclaconnay River about 10 chaina wert
of Indian Reaerve Line .tbence weat 60 chaina
following tbe channel of Nectectaconnay River,
thence aoulh 80 chaina more or leaa to channel
of Hella Coola River, tbence following channel
of Bella Coola River eaatarly 60 chaina, nortb
80 chaina more or leaa to point of commencement;
conulnlng 480 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Augurt 28,1911. It.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 10. William McNair, Agent
Skeena land DUlrict���Dlrtrict of Coaal Range 6
Take notica that Herbert 3. Mackle of Pembroke, <>n... occupation lumberman, InUnda to
apply for permiasion to purchaae the following
deecribed landa:
Commendng at a port planted on the left tank
of the ZymoQoitt or /lm-a-got-lu River, at aouthweat corner of Lot 1706, thence northerly, following
the weaterly boundary of Lot 1706, 80 chains
more or leas, to the northweat corner of aald Lot
1706. thence weaterly and aoutherly, following
the left bank of eald river, 80 chains more or lens to
point of commencement conUining 160 acrea
mora or lesa.
Located Auguat 19, 1911.
Dated August 21, 1911.    HERBERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Aag. 26. Frederick S. Clementa, Agenl
flkeena Land District-District of Casalar
Take notice that I, Thomas Carter, of Prince
Rupert, occupation carpenter,  InUnd to apply
for permission to purchase the following described Intnl.
Commencing at a post planted About one mile
south from the mouth of Falls creek and about
IM" feet hack from the beach, thence 80 chains
north, thence 40 chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence east 40 chains to point of commencement, conUining 320 acres more or less.
Dated July 7th, 1911.    Charles Webster Calhoun,
Pub. Aug. 6th. Agent.
Skoena Land DUtrictTpi_trict of g^,Iin   ,   "
lake notico that Auatin M   ii,
land, on th. Wost OsS* offinfl        f '"���'""'"'
Commencing at a post pl,,,',' }"'""tl
0 tha northeast cornur of     V,  N   2 r"";"�� **>*
S_Sf_l��*h"nc'BU =i"��i"��,.'.;;,'"��
rass-?*"8o c"���" *** '<��� te ��
Dato ol Location lluu��� A',', BR0W>* '-������,
rub. Aug. 17.
th. Chiol Commission,,, it , , U'2'\i' }"
tot a liconco to prospect lor couU ',' . , ''"���������'
ioum on and undor the (ollow ���b ,,���,",",U,U-
on tba Woat Coast ol Ural,,,,,, l'2m,l'      d ******
Commoticinii at a post .,lunt.-d ih',w. ���,,,, .
01 tho soothwoat cornor .if (J. I. ���, 11-������,, '���*'
80 chaina oast, thenco so chnliis m.r.h ,7 ""''���*"
chaina wmi, thonco DO chaina .oo,' ' " Su
commoncmont. ""' u '*��**>t ol
Data ol Location, frffl $, "IWA "��� Ucstor
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skwna Und Dl.trto-Djatrict ot Qum (*htrlutl,
Taka notica that Amitii'.M. nruw. ., .,,,
the thiol Commiaaioner ol Land, �����,| �����'?���"
licence to prospoct lor coal, oil nml n_ ,���;,.,��� ' 1
onderllielolowiof iloschb^Tai'id ' ", ,""��
Coast ol Uraham laland: ***���
Commencini- at a post planted Ulna _n_ ���_.
ol the aoothoaat cornor o IC. L No   l������;������,i
north 80 ehaina, thenco oast 80 __l_v iu��lE_
me���C!iJ"m,i'nLh,nC, "* 8�� Ch"'"" l" wHsS
Located Auguat. ^g��� ����� ��WWX, �������.
Pub. Aiu. IS.
Skoena Land Diatrict -DUtricl ol um i i���,i������.
"ako nollco ihat thirly da>*. from da",   i'i''
Hainier ol I'rinco Kupert. II. c, by oecl ,,ii������
bookkoepor, intend to apply t��� ���,���\*h,,,',.
musloner ol Lan.ls lor . licence t��� |,r...... cl f''r
coal and petroleum on and under (ilu ucrva. ���
land on Craham Island doscribisj us tollnn,-
Commonclnj at a post plantod liv,. nUmtast
ol Coal Loaao No. 440", markoel (J. K II i*���_
Loa*. No. 1. N. E. cornor, ihence west so chaiiu
Ibanco south 80 chaina, llionco easl oil ehaiu
Ihenco north 80 chaina to pluco ol coinnum-mi-ui
Dated Sept. II, 1811 C. �� IIAINTKU, |���_��
I'ub. Sapt 21.
Skeana Land Diatrict���District ol IJueen Cliarloiu
1 aka nolle, lhal thirly duys from date 1 i' i*
Haintor ol I'rinca Kupert, U. C, hy octuiniuia
bookkeeper. Intond to apply lo lhe Cln.l Com.
miaaionor ot Lanela for a licenc* to nrosiiaH fur
coal and pen-oleum on and under blu acre* ol
land on Uraham laland doacribod as follows:
Commeneing at a poat plantod livu milo, cut
of Coal Laaaa No. 1 tt,,. markod C. 1*. H. N. \\,
corner No. 2, thenco aoulh 80 chains, thenc- met
80 chaina, thenca norlh 80 chains, Ihence weal
mi chaina to placo ot commoncement.
Datod Sepl. Il, lull. C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 21.
Skoena Land Dlalrlct���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotu
Taka nollco lhal thirty dava Irom date, I, C, t.
Ilainler ol I'rinco Kupert, H. C, by occupatioa
bookkeeper. Inland lo apply to the Chief Com*
miaaioner of Landa lor a licence to pru.p.<ct lor
coal and petroloum on and under 810 acres ol
land on Uraham laland doacribed as lollow.:
Commencing at a poal planted live mil., i-l--.
ol Coal Laaaa No. ll.',,. marked C. i. ll. *>. w.
cornar ol Coal Lease No. 3, ihence easl 80 chsnu,
thenoe north 80 chains, thenco are.1 80 chslns,
Ihence aoulh 80 chains to place of commenc-nirn*..
Dated Sept. 11,1811. C. E. UAINTEK, Locatoi
I'ub. Sepl. 21.
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice lhal thirty ilu- s Irom dale, I, C. E.
Hainter ol I'rince Kuperi, U. C, by occupatioa
bookkeeper. Inland to apply to tho Chief Coa*
miaaionor of Landa for a licence to prospect (or
coal ami petroleum on and undor (140 acna ol
land on Uraham laland doscibed aa [ollows:
Commendng at a poat planted Sva miles east
ol Coal Leaaa No. 44.6, marked C. E. II. & L
corner Coal Lease No. 4, thenco weat 80 chains,
thence nortb 80 chaina. thence eaal so chains,
thence south 80 chaina to place of crnnr,.
Dated Sept. 11, lull. C. E. UAINTEK. Locato:
Tub. Sept. ::.i.
Skeena Land Dlalrlct���Dlalrlct ol Queen CharloUe
Tako notice lhal thirty dava Irom dale, 1, C, E.
Ilainler ol I'rince Kupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeepetr, Intend to apply lo tho Cltn-1 I'oln*
miaaioner ol Landa lor a licenco lo pm,*,-*cl lur
coal and pelroleum oo and under blu acrea of
land oa Uraham Island deacribed as lollou.:
Commencing at a po.1 planted two unite notrh
ol stake marked C. E. U. Coal Loaae No I. marked
N. E. earner C. E. U. Coal Leaaa No. i>, thence
aouth 80 cbaina. thenee weat 80 chains, thencu
nortb 80 chaina, thence aaat 80 chsina lo place of
Daled Sept, 11, ISII.    C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
I'ul.. .*-. i.l. S3.
Skeena Land Dialrlcl���Dialrlcl ol Queen Chralotte
Take notice tbat thirty daya from date, I. C t*.
Bainter ol I'rine. lluperl, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landa tor a licence to prosp-*ct lor
coal and petroleum on and undor blu acres of
land on Graham laland daacribed aa lollows:
Commencing at a poet plantod two miles north
ol C. E. II. Coal Laaaa No. 2, marked C. E. Uainter
N. Vi. eorner Coal Laaaa No. 6. thenco aoutb -J
chains, thence oaat 80 chains, tbenee norih so
chaina, ibenco waat SO chaina lo placo ol sum*
Dated Sept. 11, ISII.    C. K. HAINTEK .Locator
Pub. Sept. S3
Skeena Land District���Dislrict ol Queen CharloUe
Taka notice lhat thirty daya Irom dale. I, C. t.
Hainier ot I'rinca Kuport, U. C., by occupation
bookkeeper, Inlend lo apply to the Chiel Com*
mis��,���n,-r of Landa for a Hence to prospect lor
ooal and petroleum on and under t>40 acres of
land on Uraham laland deacribed as follows:
Commencing al a post pl.nled two miles north
ol C. E. U. Coal Leaa. No. .1, stake S. Vi. rorntf
Coal Lease No. 7, thenca north 80 chaina, ihenca
eaat 80 chaina, thenca south 80 cbaina, thenct
waat HO chain, lo plaee ol commencemenl.
Dated Sepl. II, 1*11. C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. S3
Skaena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Queen Charlotte
Taka nollea that thirty daya from dale, I. C. 1-
llalnler of Prinoe Kupert, U. C, by occuiutwn
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to the Cluel loin*
miaaioner of Landa for a licence to pros'iecl tor
coal and petroleum on and under blu acr,*. of
land on Uraham laland doacribed aa follows:
Commencing al a poet planled two miiiw north
ot C. E. U. Coal Leaa. No. 4, marked S. E. *****
C. E. U. Coal Laaaa No. 8, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chaina, thence aoutb 80 chau...
thence eaat 8(1 chaina to place ol commonce'ini Bl
Dated Sepl. 11, ISII. C. E. UAINTEK. Locstor
Pub. Sept 23
Skmna Land Dlalrlct���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take nolice that thirty daya Irom dale, I.l 1.-
Hainier ol Princa llupert, 11. C. by oeeupauoo
bookkeeper, Inlend to apply to tho Chiel . o*n*
miaaioner of Landa lor a licence to prospect *���**.
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acres nl
land on Uraham laland deecribed aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planteel live mi-
ol Coal Leaaa No. 4474, marked C. E. Bai
N. E. eorner Coal Lease No. II, thence soum g
chains, thence weal 80 chaina, thence north ao
ehalna, thenee eaat 80 chaina to place ul cum*
Dateel Sepl. II, 1911.    C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
Pub. SepL 2.1.
Skeona Und Diatrict���DUlrict ol Queen ChSllaW
Take notice that thirty daya Irom date, I. I L
Hainter ol Prince Kupert, H. C, by occuputiun
liookkeeper, intnd to apply to the Chiel I "���"���
mUsloner ol Unda lor a licence to prospect I, J
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres n
land on Uraham Island described as followa:
Commeneing at a poet planted one mile north
of C K. ll. Coal Leaae No. 9. marked N. .�����
eorner C. E. U. No. 10, thence eouth 80 c inim,
Ihence weet 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
Ihence east 80 chaina to placo of commrneem. *,t.
Dated Sept. 11. 1911. C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Unel DUtrict-DUtrict ot Queen Chnrluiio
Take nolice lhat thirty daya tronm date, I, I '..
Hainter ol I'rince Kupert, 11. C. occupation l".'."
keeper, Intenel lo apply lo the Chiol CommUsiiin-r
ol Land, lor a lieenee to prospect lor eoal nml
pelroleum on and under 640 acre, ol laml on
Uraham Island described aa lollowa: .
Commencing at a post planted iwo miles norm
of C. E. U. Coal Uaae No 8, marked N. h. ******
ol C. E. B. Coal laeaee No. 11, Ihence soulli W
chains, thence wast 80 chaina, thenco north W
'chains, Ibence eaat 80 chaina to place ol commencement.  .      ._,
Dated Sept. II, 1911.    C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 21.
Skeena Und Dlalrict-DUlrlct of Quoen Chatluttc
Take notice that thirty daya from date. I, x*.t.
Uainter ol Prince Kupert, U. C, by oKWtixlm
bookkeeper, Inlend to apply lo the Chiel ilam.
missioner ol Und for a licence to prospect m
eoal and petroleum on and uneler OKI acre's oi
land on Uraham Island deecribed aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planted Iwo miles nortn
of C. r.. II Coal Leaae No. 7, markeel C. _. ��;
Coal I��se No 12, Ihence aouth 80 chains, I ir-na
eart 80 chaina, Ihenee north 80 chains, ihence
wert SO chains to place of eommencement
D.led Sept. II, MU. C. E. HAINTKU, *******
Pub. Sapt. 28.
Skeens Und DUlrict���DUlrict ol Queen Charlotto
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, x*. m
nalnter ol Prince Kupert, 11. C, by oe-c.i|ialoti
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to tho Chiel ( "in
mUsloner ot Unda lor a licence lo prospect lor
coal and petroleum on and uneler ��m acres oi
land on Uraham Island describeel a. follows:
Commencing at a post planled two miles nor Mi
ol C. E. II. Coal Uaae No. 7, markod S. W. corner
C. E. B. Coal Lsaae No. 13, thence north ��
ehalna, thence eaat 80 chain., thonce south ""
chain., thence wast 80 chaina to placo of commencement. ...__��� , ul ..
Date.] Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. DAINTER, Ucaior
I'ub. Sept. 28.
General Merchandise
Largest Slocf*
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
aj���_, ���_.^_.^a��> ^���..^���.^...���**..��a^..*^��.*^.e|n*^.^.-a_,^W__^
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Eatate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondavs and Fridays, 8 a.m.
Fur Port Simpson Naus and Stewart,
Wednesduys at 1 P. M.
For Masset and Naden Harbor every
ulternate Thursday at 10 P. M
commencing November 9th.
For Skidegate, Jewday, etc., every
nlternate Thursday at 10 P. M
Commencing November 2nd.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays ' P. M.
On your Christmas visit East travel
via lhe Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago. The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged.. Full information and
tickets obtained from the oflice of
The World's
Greatest Highway :
Let us plan
or to Europe.   We like to answer enquiries.   Agent for oll Atlantic
lines.   Call on or write
"Johnson has called off his
trip to Australia because he realizes
his lighting days arc about over.
He wan Is to retire champion. Kor
that reason, knowing his condition, I don't believe hc ever
will be seen in a ring again againsl
a formidable foe.
Johnson is to return to America
soon. Culler says the champion
plans to get one or two ten-round
fights ifl New York with some
alleged "white hopes" to try himself out. If he finds lie is not
good he will quit the arena for
good.   ���
n  n  n
The McGill football team is to be
strengthened in the future by the
acquisition of two former Royal Military
college pluyers, Billy Young and Pat
Goldie. They were on thc team which
won the intermediate championship last
year. This season they were at the
Boston Tech but they did not like it
there and have now registered at McGill.
Both are originally Upper Canada
college men. Young plays in the
scrimmage and .Goldie on the wing line.
Thc fine was imposed because of tlie
action of the club in bringing to u
sudden and unexpected close thc postseason series between the champions
and all-stars. When Barrow und the
managers of thc two teams changed the
post-season schedule and came here to
play, the gates at Baseball Park were
locked on them.
The members of the Cleveland baseball team presented George Stovall,
their manager, with a chest of silver
vulued ut $275 recently.
It cost eight members of the Chicago
National League team $25 apiece to
"roast" Umpire O'Loughlin in one of
the city series games.
Less than a dozen first-class left-
handed pitchers are drawing salaries
in the big major baseball leagues. As
u matter of record, good southpaws
always have been scarce, no mutter
how fur buck you may go in the history
of the game.
Two thousand two hundred and
twenty-five miles from Philadelphia to
Milwaukee and back on a motor cycle
for $7.43 This is the experience of
John Benders of the Quaker City.
Benders went by way of Harrisburg
and Cleveland and returned through
Chicago, Albany and New York and used
26 1-4 gallons of gasoline and 4 gallons
of oil.
President  Tipton  of the  Kentycky
Trotting Horse-breeders' Association,
says thc loss on thc recent meeting at
Lexoingtn wus $12,000.    Bud  weuther
caused severul postponements.
Frank Nolan, owner of the Beverwyck
Stable, has changed his pluns, and will
not sell his horses, though he disposed
of Danfield to George T Hong, of
Calgary. During the Woodbine uutumn
meeting an offer of $1,500 for this horse
was refused in spite of the fuct that
he is continually on the starter's schooling
list because of unruly actions ut the post.
A deal has been closed by which Larry
Schatly, formerly second baseman and
Captain of the Toronto team, becomes
manager of the Jersey City "Skecters."
The consummation of this deal sets at
rest rumors that the Jersey City franchise wus to be sold to u Boston syndicate, and that Charley Hemphill,
recently transferred from Chicago to
Jersey City, would assume the reins of
i^��t-"-��.H*���11*^.11 **,*������** H ai, n ,> ii ^n a^.,i m_,e. ^i�� a__n^_..^
This ls a little section of the paper, which from day to day will bo devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of iho ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited liy the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a sociul need.
Luxury Thzat We'd All Love to Enjoy
of a Saturday Night
A Parisian journalist who had speculated in railway shares won 200,000
francs as the result of a lucky venture.
Drawing it in gold, he proceeded to u
hotel, emptied the bags of gold in the
bed and went to sleep literally in the
sands of Puctolus. The man was so
crazed by his good fortune that he found
indescribable pleasure in revelling in u
golden buth.
Puganini, the violinist, when he received the proceeds of his concerts
(he insisted upon being paid in gold),
used to wash his hunds in sovereigns.
A French novelist, Soulie, wrote a
book cidled "The Memoir? of the
Devil." It was successful; the publishers paid him for the tirst volume
$10,000 in gold. The uuthor curled
the gold to his bedroom, pound it into
u footbath und enjoyed for half un
hour the excitement of movjng his (eel
to und fro in a buth of gold coins, smoking
bull there, snuw play sly comb," and so
on to the conclusion, there wasn't a dry
eye in tlie room.
The City Which is the Wonder of the
No man living has ever yet seen
London as it really is. There ure, in
fact, twelve London), one of which���
the county - is controlled by 4,1100
popularly elected men and women who
sit on 144 public bodies,
The biggest London of all is the
police  London,   covering   6!)2   square
miles; lhe Smallest is the City of London, extending to ons square mile.
When one speaks nf London one
must put an adjective In to describe
what London is referred to, Here are
the LondonS, with their ureas its known
to the law:
City of London, one square mile.
County of London. 115 sq. miles.
Water bunion, 5.17 sq. miles.
Postal London, 220 iq, miles.
Ladies' Skirts
Just arrived.
Big assortment of fabrics in nil sizes
Not one of McGraw'b fourteen star
performers is a native New Yorker,
and, although they are ull veterans
of thc diamond, they average 25 ycurs
of uge.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
The James
Cor. 3rd Av.
and Sth Si.
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Fr-wr and 5th.        Choice Wines and Cliinrs
Nicely furnished rooms. Good table board
Board S4.7S Room aad Beard 17.00
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. CLUCK, Sec.
All Cash
14, 15, 16
33 and 34
14, 15, 16, 17
17 and 18
40 and 41
$525 ca.
$800 pr.
$250 ea.
$800 pr.
$800 pr.
Call at our offlce and sec other bargains
Second A-,., Princ Rupert, B.C.
' Bllli Coola Und Dlatrlet-Dlatrlet ol Coaat Han****
Tako nutice that II. M. Cliff ol Uundalk, Iro-
laml, occupatiun gentleman, Inlenda lo apply lor
ueTrnieslein lo lease the lollowinit .loscrllienl lamia:
Commenelns al a post plarilHl at the shore
near the N. K. corner ol Cot No. 3, thenco norlh
10 chains, thence west SO chaina more or naa l.i
east boundary nl cannery leaae, Ihence lollowln*!
the- sslel east boundary aouth 40 ehalna more or
(m to shore line, thene. lollowln! -Id shore
line wlarly 80 chain, more or lea. to point ol
con,m"cm,���t.    eontalnini- 320  acr-.  mora er
imcd Aueuat 11, Wit �����  M    ��JgJ
I'ub. Sept. 80. William McNair, Aj.nt
Bella Coola Land Diatrict-Welrlct ol Coaal llango
Take notico that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk. Ireland ovulation gentlemen, Inlenda to apply
h!l��3nu, *\e*m lb.  lollowtas  d-cribed
'"commencln, at a post t^ **�� &��
corner nt Lot 113. thonce north JO cliaina, tlience
wit 401 chain, hence aouth 2*1 chain, mora or
U�� to shoVe line  thence (ollowing the ahore line
55 40 char- more, or l��i lo point of eumm.n*
ment;  containing 80 cares, more or le--
BM5*M ina-SMS
Bell. Cool. Und District-District ol Coaat Hang
T.ke notice that B..B- Cliff of **$***$���
'^���peSo-ru, m �� era
guS, ��S&mo.-enoT WV---
=o���.i containing 80 acres. ****������***}���
RttSHE    ' William McNair, Agant
Bell. Cool. Land Dlrtrict-DUtrlct ol ****** Kan,.
56 li ft**!*** ���placemen,: can-
talnlng 80 acres, more or leaa. M   -M-y
Pu'b. ttapW. Wllll,m McN'lr' A'enl
Belt. Cool. Und DUtrlrt-DlatrW ol Cos- Hange
Take notice that II. M* Cliff of g""*^
NBEfl El���"- A *********
feS tejSSE oT'eoaxmeneemenX:
containing 80 acres, mare or less. M   C..FF
Pu"b!scApS WUliam McNair, Agent
The hockey game will know no morc
Jack Marshall, the former Winnipegger,
one of thc few remuining Little Men
of Iron���as a player. Thc uccident
that almost destroyed the sight of
one eye lust winter when Jack's optic
came into collision with the stick of
an Ottawa player during thc first
strenuous match, in which Wanderers
lost. Marshall wus curried off the ice,
and it wns generally supposed nt first
that thc eye was completely destroyed
Rest and care have nursed it buck to
working capacity uguin, however. But
though .l.i, k Mar-hull will ;i|,|��� ,ir no
more as u player, it is ultogcthcr likely
thut a new shperc of usefu'ness in the
sport in which hc shone so long and so
brilliantly will open up for him. Il is
said that he will be one of the regular
staff referees of the Nntionid Hockey
Association this season. If hc handles
the whistle there's a big future for Jack
as u referee.
President Churles T Chapin of the
Rochester Baseball Club, says that
thc club has reached no decision on
what to do ubout the fine of $1,368.32
imposed on it by the Eastern League
directors al a meeting in New York
Million Dollar Fire
Manila, Nov. 2.���(Special)-Thc Chinese quarter here has been swept by
fire  involving   a  loss  of  one  million
dollars and many lives.
Woollen Shawls for children, Sweater Coals in n grrat variety of colors
for men and women, Boy't* Sweaters and Jenltt ut prices to please you
UNDERWEAR   for Men, Women nnd Children in a (Treat variety
���Your kind is here
COMFORTERS    These cool  nights  will  remind you  that you
need an extra comforter���We have  the  kchkIs
Skeenu Land District Dislrict of Coaat Hung- 5
Tuko noticu that I, Thomas McClyrmint of
1'rincu Rupert, li, C, occupation real ealate
broker, intend to upply for permission lu purchaao
the following deacrilied lamln;
Commencing  at  a   ptot   piunted  ut  tho  S.   W.
cornur of pre-emption record ���.._, thencu MUt HO
chains,  thence south  -IU chains,  thenoe  west  SO I
chaina   lo  shorn   of   luko,   ihence   following   ahoru \
of lake in u northerly direction to point of commencement; containing 880 tens, more or Ism.
Dated Sept. 5, lull,     THOMAS MeCLYMONT
I'ub. Sopt. 0. Bnneit Cole, Agenl
Skeena Lund DUtrlct���Dlitrict of Caular
Tuko   notice   that    Charles   William   Hum   of
VanCOUVOJ,   H.  C,  occupation  inspector,   intends I
to upply fur permwlon tu purchuae the following
described lunds.
Commencing at  u post  piunted at the con-t
Iluenee of Hliickwattr river  with  tho  Naaa   river)
about tWO mllei lOUth from the sixth  Dominion
telegraph cabin.   Poet marked C w. H. 8. W. i
Cornur, ihence M) chuins north, thence hi) chuins,
eust. thence BO chains south, thencu HO chuins-
west to point nf commencement, continuing 640
acres mure or less.
Dated September '2'A, 1011.
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skeenu I .und District    District of Caaaiar
Tuke notice that Thomu Arthur White of Vancouver,   It.  C, occupution  curpenter,  intends to
apply   for  permission   to   purchuau   thu   following
described lunda:
Commencing   ut   u   post   piunted   ut   the  con-
Buence of Blackwator river with Nuns river, about
i miles south of the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. Poit murked T. A. \V. S. E, Corner, thence
HO cliuina north, tliuncu HO chuins west, thence MJ
chuins south, ihenco HU chuins eust to point of
commencement, contuining till) acres more or leas.
Dated Sept. 23, 11*11.
I'uh. Nov. '2.
Skeena I.und District -District of Cassiar
Tuke   notice  thut   Angus   James    Mckenzie   of
Vuncouver, 11. C, occupution bookkeeper, intodnn.1
to upply for permission to purchuse the following
described  lunda:
Commencing ut u poat planted ut t he confluenc*? of liluckwuter river with Nuas river, ubout
iwo miles south from tbe sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'ost marked A. J. M. N. W. Corner,
Ihence M) chaina soulb, thencu hU chaina eust
thence HU chains north, thoncu HU chuina west
to point of commencement, contuining ti iu ucrea
more or less.
DatodSepl.23, 1911.
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skwna i.und District   -District of Cuttlf
Tuke  notice Ihut   H. ri.. rt   McUnnun of  Vancouver, li. C, occupution reul estate agent, intends
to upply for permission to purchuae   the following
described lands:
Commencing ut u poal planted ut the confluence uf Uluckwaler river with the Nuaa river
about two nu lea south of tbe sixth Dominion
Teh-graph cabin. I'ost murked II. M. N. K.
Corner, thence HU chuins aoulh, thuncu HU chuina
WMt, ihence Hti chains north, thence 80 chaina
east to point of commencement, containing 010
acre, more or 1< ���-.
Dated Sept. 23, 1911 HERBERT McLKNNAN
i'ub, Nov. 2.
BfcMU Und District���Diatrict of Coast Hange 5
Take notice that llonjatnin Kuasol Kice of
I'rince Kupert, 11. C, occupation waiter, intenda
to apply for |H-rmi��Mun to purchase the following
described Unda:
Commencing al a post pluntod <��� ��� chaina aouth
from thu southeast corner uf Lot I'OtiO. Post
murked II. K. It S. K. Corner, (hence TU chuins
west, thence 1)5 chaina north, thence 7U chaina
east, thence U.*> chaini aouth to point of commencement, containing I '��������� acres mure or less.
Di-.. I Octobers, 1911.
I'ub. Nov. 2
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver liroa.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building     Thone No. _!80
Prince Runert P.O. Box 861
of Hrliiah Columbiu
and Mnnitubu liars.
this store has carni'il  the reputation of "Thi-
House of Good Values."   We invite you  to  call
antl will treat you right.   No fancy prices.
825 Third Annue        'THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Phone 243 Black
meanwhile the liiiwest of Havana*.
A Chicago men-hunt of great wealth,
believing certuin symptoms indicated
that he would become insane, consulted
a s|iecialisl, and under his advice lie-
came an inmate of a private asylum.
For twelve years then* his recreation
was piling up f.'l.l coins and then
knocking them over. At limes he
washed his hand* in gold eagles and
half eagles. At the end of the long
seclusion hc returned to his business
and in twelve months confirmed Ihe
thoroughness of his recovery by amassing
Ended th* Dry Spall
She had a voire like a siren, and when
she sang, "'Mid |mly sure, sand palaces,
tho hcam a rome.   Be it averse oh wum
,,r B.C., Ontario. Ba*.
kelti'tiewmi   riiul   Al-
Is-rtil liars.
carss & bennett
Barristers, Notaries, Kti-.
- Kxe'litini*-*1 block. rorniT Thirel nvrnue and
sixth striiit. Prlnea Ruuert, 8
Skeenu Und District���Dlitrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako nolico ihut thirty daya from dale, I. C. !..
Hainter of 1'rince Kupert, B. C, by occupatioo
(tookkeeper, intend to apply to thu Chief Com-
mUsioner of Lands lor a liconco to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under M" acroa of
land on (iraham Island de-cribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted one milo north
of C. K. 11. Coal Lcatw No. IU, marked C, i_. H.
Coal Lease No. 1 ���, thonce north -���**- chainx, thence
wt��t hO chains, thenca aouth mi chains, thunce
��� -i *t mi chatna tu placo of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, I'Jll. C. B. BAINTBR, Locator
Tub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und District���District of Queon Charlott
Take notice Ihut thirty daya from date, 1, C. t*.
Hainter of Prince Itupurt, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Cum>
mi-aionor of Landa tor a licence to prospect for
coal and |H-iroleum on and under 610 acrea of
land on Liraham laland doacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a post planted two miloa north
of C. I.. II. Coa] Lea-as No. 10, markod N. I..
corner C E. II. Coal Leaao No. 1_, thence aouth
mi chaina, ibenco woat 80 chaina, thenco north
*-��� chaina, thenco cast mi chains to placo of commencement.
Dated   '|.f- 11, 1911.     C.  I\ DAlNTEIt, Locator
Tub. Sept. _J.
wm. s. hall, l. u.s., u. d. s.
Crown anil Bridge Work a Specialty.
AH dental OMmttoul skilfully treated. Gus and
locul ananthelicH 'administered for the painless extraction of teeth. Consul tat ion free. Offices :
Helgerson Hlock. Prince Kuocrt. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson h.a..     W.E.Williams,[i.A.,I..L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. Box M
PUPIL OK  WM.   KOXON.  BQ*, A.K.A.M.,   ION.. IV!
Fire, Lite and Accident Insurances
1318 3rd Avenuu t'lmnr-.'  : un,! t;t,-��t, -j',;"
Repairing a Specialty,
Complete Stock Curried.
Outsule Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Telephone London. 630 iq. miles.
Parliamentary London, 117 st|. miles.
Ecclesiastical London, U'd sq, miles.
Greater London, '''���-' sq. miles.
Police London, 6!*J iq. miles.
Police Court London, 114 sq. miles.
Central Court London, 114 sq. miles.
Central Criminal Court London, 4.0
sq. miles.
County Court London, 1!0S sq. miles.
The smallest |Hiptiliition of one London  is  26,000   in  the  city -and   lhe
liirejn.l  imi.ieliilii.n (. SSlI lllill     111  llrciitpr i *"1ch"i"��. Ihrnc* ��i*st 60 chains, Ihrnoi north SO
iiirgesi population o.ooo.uuu    in uri-ucr  ch_���,   ���,������_, vul M ch,iDI to fUn u( mm.
1.1,li,inn mencmeuil.
������1911.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Sk**n* Land Diatrict���Dlalrlct ol Queen Charlotto
I..-- noUco that thirty daya Irom date, 1, C*. E
Rainier ol I'rince Rui-crt, II. C, by occupation
lH.rlel.ia |��� r. intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of l_nda for a lloenco to prospect for
coal and fielrolenim oo and undor i. lu acros of
land on I lr ilium laland deacribed aa followa:
Commenelns al a post planteel iwo milus nurth
ol C. E. II. Coal I --., - No. II. marked N. E.
corner I*. E- II. Co.l l..-s-s.. No. 17, tlience soulli
Hotel Central S3-Sl_a
European and American plan, utearn
baatcdi mi��lern cunveniencea.   Ual��"��
*].-*" I- :2. hi ,,.-��� ,(.��>.        :       :
w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete slock of Drum.   Special
attention paid to til,in.: prcacripllona.
Theatre Block tamra No. n Second Are.
When lii'.tt ine white of fg*g for spoiiRe
cake, when it becomes dry antl light
test Its stillness hy turning lhe dish
containing it upside down. If it is
beaten to the proper |ioint not a particle will become detached.
I latod Sept. II
I'ub. Sept. tl.
:���:.   -.--.���..*���'-��� *f?;
The Paper
Your Home!
It gives you all the newa of your own city nnd district aa well aa the principal happenings
in all parta of the world. The news ia well edited, iis news columns arc clean ami whole-
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I   ll**^��*����*M***W.'^l>-*^M*-^l.***-^M****^*>-**��a��t**^.t����
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Invitations and Dance Programmes. For any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
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Daily News Building
PHONE   98
Third Ave
PHONE   98
Skeena Land Dislrict -Dintrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako notice thai thirty dava from date, I. C. I..
UaintiT of I'rinco Rupart, 11. C, liy occupation
iKH-kkeejter, intend lo apply to iho Chief Com-
mlnaioner of l<anda for a Licence to pronpect for
coal and petroloum oo and under t>W acrea of
Und on liraham Inland doacribed aa follow*:
Commencing al a poat plante-d two miloa norlh
ol 0. K. II. Coal I.l- No. 12, markcsl N. W.
corner C. _J. H. Coal Leaae No. l\ thonco aoulh
bU chainn, thenc*' eant HI) chains, thenco north HO
chainn, ti - ������������ wtml HO chaina to place of commencement.
Daled Sept. 11, 11*11.    C. M. UAINTEK, Locator
Tub. Sept. 2.1.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that thirty daya after dale, I, C. 1:
Hainter of f'rinco Kupert, ft*. C, by occupation
iKxikkr-eper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
miaaioner of I.andi for a licence to nronpoct for
coal and |x>troleum on and under f>4(J acrea of
land on Craham Intand described aa follown:
i ���.-:���*... i- / at a j-"*' plante-d two miles north
of C. I:, ft. CnHl l.<.. ��� No. i:i, tnarked S. W.
corni-r ( . K. l*. Coil las-a^o No. IU, thunco north
! HO chalnn, thenco eaat HO chaina, thenco aouth HU
! chains thence went mi chaina to place of com-
i mencement.
> Datad tot. ll, VJll.    C. B. UAINTKK.I^ator
I'ub. Seji. 22.
SkeetiB Land DUtrict���District of Queen Charlott
, Take Mtlai that thirty dnyn from date, I, A. T
Hriilerick nt I'rince Itupert, It. C, by occupation
bank manatfer, inlend to apply to tha Chief Com-
itii>-i"f.i r nl Lands for a licence to proapect fur
coal and petroleum on and under GtU acroa of
land nn liraham Inland doscrilied an followa:
COffllMMUU at a pemt plantitl two miloa north
nf <'. I.. II. Coal Ix'aae No. 17, marked S. W. i
ctirmr \ T. H. Coal Leaao No. 2ft, thence north
B0 rliHin*<. thenee east HO chaini*, thenco amith ko
chalnn, thence weat 80 chaina to placo of commencement.
A. T. HRODKKICK, Locator
DatedSept. 12, l'-H. C. E. HalnUr, Af��t
Pub, Sept. 23.
Skeena Und Diatrict-District of Queen Cliarlntte
Take nutice that Ihirty daya from date, I, A. T.
Ilrudeilck uf Prince Kupert, 11. <*., by oceupatlon
bank manager, intend to apply to the (*hie( Com*
1 miaaioner of Lands for a licence to pnepMl for
euat and petrnleoni on antl under 'tin cares of,
land on (iraham Inland tft��cril>nd aa followa.
Commrnciiift at a poat p)nate<i two miloa norlh i
of C. K. It. Coal l**rmtm No. 20, marked S. K.
OOTMr A. T. H. Coal l> i ��� No. 2t>, thenre north
-'* rhaina, thenee weat -HU chaina, thenco ai.uth
HO chainn. thenee eaat 80 chaina to place of commencement.
A. T. BRODKRIC& Loeatof
DatedSept. 12, 1011. C. E. Hainter, Agent
I'ub, Sept. 23.
Fur Btglnncn untl Advanced PqpUi
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of I'i .in.. Wilczok. Paris and Hcrlfn.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
==~E.   EBY   0%   Co._=e
Kitaumkalum I.anl For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
Tlin IViniv Huport Uslito, N���. US, Sons of
Knirluitil. mw'ts thi* lirst nml thinl Tue-selnvs In
���Mchmiinth In IhuSunsuf Ktutlnnil Hall, slu 2nd
Ave. ai M p.m.
F. V. Ci.AIIK. Se*r.,
���BNBSI A. WoOI*.''."o,l,^U.ix _T '""*"
A. I.. CM.
TsSOhsr of Piano, Violin anil
Voici' Culturi'.
2nd Av,*.
Bstwoen 7th & Mth Sts.
Princa Rupart
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
Kuneral   Dirpctors
3r,l Av,*. ne-ar litti .SI. I'liiinii Ne>. ��1
Skeena Und District District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, A. T.
Hrolerick of Trine*' Huport, H. C��� by OOOUptUon
bank manager, intend to apply to the Chief (,'oin-
misadmer of LhtkIs for a lirenee to prospect for
eoal and |��etro|eum on and under OKI acre* of
land on liraham Island A* ���������<* i\--A aa followa:
t*nmmenring at a post planted two milea north I
of C.   Y*.  H.  Coal   Uaae  No.  II,   marked  S.   K  j
corner  of   A.   T.   H.   Coal   \*******   No.   27,  thence
weat  HU  chains,  thence   north   N   chainn,  thence
eaat HU chainn, thence <oulh  HO chains lo place '
of rommencemenl.
A. T. HKODKltlCK. ii,"i.���,
DatedSept. 12, 1911 C. K. Hainter, Agent.
Pub. Sept.;-!.!.
Skeena Land District -District nl Queon Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava from dale, I, C. K.
Hainter of Prince Kupert. II. C., by occupation
bookk.-eper, r.n r.-l (n *,,,���,;., to the Chief Commlaaioner of tjituls lor a licence to prospect lor
foal and petroleum on and under 040 acrea ol land
on Graham lalaiMl described aa lollowa:
Commeneing at n post piunted two milea north
ol C. K.  H. Coal  Uaae  No.   It,  marked S.  W.
, corner C. K. H. Coal Uase No. 20, tbence north
HO chainn, thence weet HO chaina, thenee aouth 80
i   chains,  thenco eaat   HO  chaina  to  placo ot  commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1011.    C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
Pub. Sept, 23.
..Grand  Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
Phons 178 lHt Ave. nml 7th St.
t'.Ktl. BRODERIUS. Proprietor
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals
Freighters Discharging with Their
Own Men Situation Remains at
a Deadlock.
This morning's situation in regard
to tlu' longshoremen's strike is something
of n deadlock us far as both parties are
concerned. Several vessels have arrived
at the wharf and the work of discharging
their cargoes has been done by their
own hands. Officers and stevedores
have taken a hand in the work, doing
their barrow wheeling with energy.
Yesterday the C.P.R. S.S. Prim-ess Ena
was so discharged, Her freight amounts
to about six hundred tons this trip, and
the Ena will be delayed hy the strike
unless ��� settlement is effected.
Regarding the Q. T. P. S.S. Prince
Rupert which arrived Wednesday, and
was the tirst steamer in after the strike
situation developed, there wits no trouble
at all, the cargo was discharged by the
crew. Mr. McMaster said this morning
that as far as the (!. T. P. was concerned
he anticipated no trouble, nor any great
inconvenience. Cargoes are lighter now,
and the ships' crews can handle them.
Today meetings were discussed but
the men are instructed by their leaders
to preserve a discreet silence as to their
plans but a communication will be made
the press by W. Dinny, the union secretary, before long.
(Continued from page one)
unless the Premier's promise was made
over his signature.
Since then, Mr. Peters was despatched
on his special mission to Victoria.
Mra. Temple'a Telegram Proved to be
of   Great   Value    to    Huaband*
Every married man who failed to
witness the performance of Mrs. Temple's Telegram last night missed the
opportunity of his life. It was the
best dollar's worth of example in the
art of domestic prevarication that one
could hope for. There were all thc old
excuses, and several new varieties and
combinations that wc had never thought
of before.
Thc story starts with Jack Temple's
dilemma. He hits been out all night.
He and a strange lady had been marooned
in a car on a Ferris wheel siiue the previous evening, .lack is scared lest his
wife should misunderstand the matter,
so thoughtfully, as becometh a good
husband, he invented a plausible excuse.
He had been spending the evening with
his friend John Brown of Piekelton-on-
Thames after missing the train.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Temple is jealous.
She sus|HH-ts that no such pluce as
l'ickelton-on-Thames exists outside ol
her husband's fertile imagination. But
Bhe sends a telegram summoning Mr.
Brown from Pickelton, in order to test
her husband's truth. Temple finding
what his wife had done, induces his
friend Frank Fuller to impersonate the
fictitious Mr. Brown, and the curtain
goes down on the first act with everybody
feeling quite happy.
Fortunately for the audience there are
two more acts. There is also a real
Pickelton and a real Mr. Brown. There
is also a .Mrs. John Brown. The real
John comes to town in answer lo the
telegram. His wife, comes in pursuit.
Bui Fuller like n practised old general
falls back on one defensive line of
prevarication after another. Of course
is ends with Fuller's discomfiture, when
the "lady in the car" calls on Jack
Temple, and proves to be Mrs. Fuller.
This is to catch the ladies in Ihe audience.
But no married man would be afraid
to venture on the ocean of domestic
prevarication with so good a captain as
Frank Fuller nt the helm.
The play quite lived up to its description of "a laugh a minute." As
the unhappy Mrs. Temple, May Roberts
was the embodiment of sorrowful comedy.
Frank Fuller, acted by Mr. Gillard
was dashing and resourceful. He was
well met by Mr. Zucco in the part of
Jack Temple. The excellent character
parts of Mr. John Brown of Pickelton,
an amorous huir dressers' assistant, and
his alatternly wife, were full of fun in
the bands of Irn Robertson and Miss
Frances Williamson. Miss St. John as
Mrs. Fuller displayed some fine gowns,
among them a modified harem skirt
in Ihe firsl set, which was quite becoming.
Before the curtain rose on the last
act Mr. Gillard announced to the
audience that the company has been
per ii;*.i|i-i| by Mr. Stevens, the popular
manager of the Empress, to stny in
Rupert until the sailing of the Camosun
on Sunday.
Tonight they will play "The Adventuress" in which Miss Roberts finds
her very strongest role, and on Saturday
night "Divorcons" for the second time,
in response to many requests.
Statement by the Mayor
In a special interview this morning
the Mayor stated officially for Daily
News readers the position in regard to
the hydro-electric scheme and by-law
deadlock. Question and answer are
here given as reported in shorthand
"In reference to the hydro-electric
scheme and the by law difficulty, have
you had any official telegram from
Mr. Peters regarding the situation at
The Mayor���"I have received a telegram from Mr. Peters to the effect that
he has obtained an Order in Council to
ratify the by-law by private bill to be
passed through the Legislature next
"May we huve an exuet copy of the
telegram, or do you prefer merely to
summarise it as you have done?"
The Mayor���"I am giving you the
substance of the telegram, it is not
necessary to quote its exact wording."
"When is the next sitting of the
Legislature at which the "rivate Bill
is to come up?"
The Mayor���"In January."
"Does that mean that the hydroelectric matter will come up as soon
as the Legislature sits, or is there a
chance that it will be shelved while
other matters are attended to?"
The Mayor -"The matter will come
up as early as the needs of the case will
"In the meanwhile what is being
The Mayor���"There is no particular
change in the siutation. Mr. Peters
will be home on Monday when we will
have full information, nnd matters
will be gone into fully."
"At the meeting of the council on
The Mayor���"Yes, at the meeting if
Mr. Peters is home in time."
"Would it not be a simpler way
which would expedite the start of the
work on the scheme, if the two by-laws
were submitted in legal manner now
instead of both in one?"
The Mayor���"That would be unwise
in the interests of the city. This suggestion was given every consideration
nt the time of the passage ot the by-law,
and since the pipe line unites the waterworks and power scheme inseparably,
the two undertakings are contingent
one upon the other so tar as the cost
is concerned. The work can be com
pleted jointly as provided by the by-law,
for the sum of $550,000, but if it was
done separately, and separate by-laws
passed, you would huve to add according
to the estimate given by the City
Engineer, $68,000 extra."
Miaa Susie Mae Robertson Became
the Bride of Mr. Clarence Leicester
Swindell. A Pretty and Popular
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C. ('mil.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, I,ld., at our office--dollar shares, |
15. each, 5c. cash.
H.  F.   McRAE & CO.
Phone 'J05 Second Avenue   n8
At the residence of Mr. W. T. Robertson, Musgrave Place, at eight o'clock
last night a very pretty wedding took
place. The bride was Miss Susie Mae
Robertson, and the bridegroom Mr.
Clarence Leicester Swindell. Both bride
and bridegroom nre well known and
very populur young people in Prince
Ru|iert. The wedding ceremony was
performed by Rev. F W. Kerr, the bride
being given away by her father, and
attended by Miss Wark as bridesmaid.
The bridegroom was supported by Mr.
R. M. Mcintosh. A very large company
of the many friends of bride and bridegroom attended the wedding, and joined
in the festivity which followed. Many
handsome presents were bestowed on
the young couple who left by the Prince
Rupert this morning for their honeymoon
in the south. They will return to take
up residence in Rupert.
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
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The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.-Houae* and Rental*.
Double Front Lot with 7-Room  House
on Sth Ave., Sec. 5 $1(100
Two Bay-view Lots on 4th Ave.,  Sec.
6 $2450
Lot on 5th Ave., Sec. 6 $l.r��75
Lot on 9th Ave., Sec.  7 $350
$50 cash and $25 a month.
Two Double Lane Corners on 11th Ave.
Sec. 8, $650 each.    Easy Terms.
Lot 19. Block 26, Sec. 5 $2200
. *. ,.-��.,-�� .,  *"*     "**   '*
il For Rent I
���*��.~a����^a..a. ..-a^ ,. aa.,,^Ma_��.-a_,.~."^.*���* >*���>
Nice Furnished Hooma, Mra. Greonwoodi Aliltii*
Blex'k: Third Ave. 178-tf
For R.nt-Furnlahed rooms. II,-t lad Hold water
with both. Dluby Hooma. fltli Ave. uml Fulton
Street. tf
For Kent-Sona of England Hall. U9 lindlAve., lor
Dances. Fraternal Societies. Sa iuls. etc. Apply
Frank A Kills. Box 869 or ph.   . 88. l*"'*-tf
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and juat
iettlcments. We write? every known claaa of
Insurance. The Mack Realty ami Insurance Co.
Fire, Lie, Accident and Liability Insurant   j
Pattullo Block.
Wanteel-Gexid wm-rul aervant. Ilcsl wanes to
capable peraon.   Mra. C. V. Ilennel.     'IbH-'lb*!
Wanted a bricklayer. Applv nt Cold Storaite
Plant, Seal Cove. l!48-'._0
Wanted-Genoral aervant itirl; other maid kept.
Apply Mra. L. W. Patmore. 251-tf
Wanted. - Cleaning end prcaslnir. alterations
and repairing for men and women. DressmnklnK
called for and delivered. Mra Charlea Percher,
���.2(1 Third Ave.   Phone 294 Red. If
LIVE AGENTS to sell atock In Company Incorporating for Patent Brick which will revolutionize modern building construction. Approved
nnd highly recommended by lending architects
and builders In Vancouver. Will realise big
dividends. Liberal commission. Only responsible parties need epply. Smith el (loiters. 1X2
Pender Si. West. Voncouver, B.C. 21
Lost and Found
Sell the Duily News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply  at
FOUND-2 Small Keya.   Inuulre at News Olllce.
I.nst���Between theatre and Fraser Street small
gold watch with long chain and munt-gram "A.
W.R." Liberal reward on returning lo Miss A.
Hoehrlng. Phone 39 Black. 261-iV.
Often will be received by the underaiirnod up to
noon of Friday. 10th day of November, lull, for
the purchaae of the Exchange Grill aa a going
concern. An Inventory of aaneta will be furnlahed un application.
Stewart & Mobley,
250256 P. R. Hardware & Supply Co.
Real Estate
���mm... ���*.. ���***<����� +
Will buy lota <n Prince Rupert at bargain price*
for caah.   Apply P.O.  Box  -���*���* alaling location,
........ ..*,.. *~***t.*t
price, etc
Commencing Monday. November Gth, train No.
!iH from Prince Rupert Monday*, and No. 67 fmm
Vanaradol Tuesday*
See regular advertisement for schedule.
248-25.1 Agent G.T.P. Ity.
Oiie lot, Block 5, Section 1, Beach
Place. Price $2100, $1000 cash
balance 0-12 months.
One lot, Block 17, Section 1,
First Avenue. Price $2500,
$1000 cash, balance 0, 12, and
18 months.
Two lots, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $51)00, one-
fourth cash, balance G-12-18
One lot, Block 20, Section 5, line
view with two fronts, Sixth
Avenue and Seventh Avenue.
Price $1305, $800 cash, balance
One lot, Block 9, Section 5, Sixth
Avenue. Price $1525, $705 cash,
balance 0-12-18 months.
One lot, Block 0, Section 5, Fifth
Avenue. Price $1500, $300 cash,
balance 3-0--12 months.
Two lots, Block 22, Section 7,
Sixth Avenue, Price $000, one-
half cash, balance $25 per month.
One lot, Block 15, Section 7, two
fronts, Sixth Avenue and Hays
Cove, with house 32 x 20.
Price $2025.
One half of lot 13, Block 40,
Section 7, fronting Ninth Avenue. Price $400, $200 cash,
balance $25 per month.
Lots 19-20, Biock 4, Section 8,
corner Ninth Avenue. Price
$800, one-fourth cash, balance
G-12-18 month.
Lots 9-10, Block 10, Section 8,
Tenth .Avenue. Price $250 each,
one-third cash, li.il.nnv 3-G
t Lomtftrf Ltxirol
*$ We are headquarters for fuiniture, carpets and
���f*    ���    _ _���,���   Linoleums, Kitchen Uten
_^. ails. Stoves, Bedding, Ostermoor Matrasses, Blankets T
Cutlery, Chinaware, Glassware, Mirrors ami Mirror 7
Plate, Lamps, Baskets, etc. :        ��� . ^
��� 4,
See us for everything for housekeeping *
F. W. HART      '{
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62     |
.    .   -.- -m *���*��*** ^f)
Regular $2.00 Values for     -      _      _      *. 2   |
Better qualities at $2 up to $16 for fine eiderdown I
��fr��������^������-����fr i ��������������������$$ft**'fc*
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Foorth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your lutings
Continental Trust Co., ��
Second Avenue Prince Rupert   (!)
Notice to Orangemen
All Orangemen are Invited to attend a meeting
In the Sona nf England Hall, Second Avenue, on
Friday evening. Nov. 3rd. at 8 p.m.
Buaineas���To take stepa to orgmnite tl lodge.
We, the undersigned, state that any-
slanderous statements made by us as
to the character of Mrs. Eric Rosang
are absolutely without foundation, antl
were made in the heat of a quarrel
between ourselves, and we believe Mrs.
Rosang to be a respectable moral
Dated at Prince Rupert, this 1st day
of November, 1911.
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   PhoricM4   Chandlery
���l.e-e.M. AVKNUB
Party of Merrymaker! Swoop Down
on Popular Young Newly-Weda
Laat Night.
Newa ol Pro-treat from S. A. Officer
Late of Prince Rupert
Captain Km, nt tha Balvatt-oa Army
ric-r.nl>***.* i'i,.-,I han nml liiicly tranv
���y ,r.,|   I.,   DaW*    writ,.*,  that   he  hw
t     l�� litiding  his  Walooii K, ml,  mm     tha
work already niiikin*- n. will progroaa,
A most successful surprise party was
sprung on Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Unwin
last night by nearly a score of their
friends, and a most enjoyable evening
was spent at the young married couple's
home on Borden street with song, recitation, and instrumental music. The
party brought with them abundance
of good things which were supplemented
in morc than hospitable style by Mrs.
Unwin who though taken completely
by surprise welcomed the party with
a will. Amongst those swooping down
on the populay young couple were Mr,
and Mrs. E. A. Woods, Mr. and Mrs,
Prank Derry, Mr. and Mrs. E. Yager,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Viereck, and Messre,
F. E. Ellis, W. R. Reilley, H. Lever,
R. Shrubsall and others. Mr. Ellis
gave as recitiationH "Lasca" and "The
Quack Doctor" with telling effect. The
party broke up alter midnight,
Social Not*
Mrs. Kergin in future will receive on
tha 'inu Tuesday of each month.
laat Our delayed shipment
,,i , 01 M I I,uirst models, many styles,
all si7^s.    Wallace's.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Casslar
Take   notice   that   Charloa   William   Ham   ol
Vancouver,  li. ('., occupation Inapcctor, Intenda
to apply lor permission to purchaae the lollowing
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at the coniluence ol ulackwatcr river with tho Naaa river
about two mllos south from tho sixth Dominion
Telegraph cabin. I'oat marked C. W. 11. S. W.
Corner, thence 80 chaina north, thence 80 ehalna
cast, thence 80 chaina aouth, thence 80 chaina
west to point ol commencement, containing 640
acre, more or less.
Dated September 2.1, 1911.
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skeena I .ami District���District ol Caaalar
Take notice lhat Thomaa Arthur Whlto ol Vancouver, 11. C, occupation carpenter. Intends to
apply  (or permiaalon  lo  purchaae  the lollowlng
descrilied landa:
('ommenclng at a post planted at thc coniluence ol Ulackwatcr river with Naaa river, aliout
two mllea aouth ol the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'oat marked T. A. W. S. E. Corner, thonce
80 chaina north, thence 80 chaina woat, thence 80
chaina south, thenco 80 chains east to point ol
commencement, containing 1110 acres more or leaa.
Daled Sept. 2:1. 1911.
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Land District ���District ol Caaslar
Take notice that Angus James McKcnzie ol
Vancouver, II. C, occupation hookkeeper. intednna
to apply for permiasion to purchase the following
deflcrilM-d lands-
Commencing at a poat planted at the confluence of Ulackwatcr river with Naaa river, about
two miles south Irom the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'ost marked A. J. M. N. W. ('orner.
thence 80 chains south, thence 80 chains cast
thence 80 chaina north, thence 80 chains west
to point of commencemenl, containing 640 -acres
more or leas.
Dated Sept. 23, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeona Lanel Dislrict���District ol Cassiar
Take notice that Herbert Mclennan ol Vancouver. II. 0., occupation real estate agent, intends
to apply for permission lo purctuue  (he lollowing
described landa:
('ommenclng at a post planted at the confluence* of Ulackwatcr river with the Naas river
about two milea aouth of the sixth Dominion
Telegraph cabin. I'oat marked ll. M. N. E.
Corner, thence 80 chaina south, thence 80 chains
west, thenre 80 chains north, thenee 80 chains
east tu pnlnt of commencement, containing 640
acreis meire or less.
Dated Sept. 21, 1911       HEIIIIEHT McLENNAN
Hub. Nov. 2.
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly tilled.   Plicet Reasonable.
OFFICE- H. B. Rochester. Centre ML    Phon. SS.
��� ���-
-General Hardware
Builders' Hardware *
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves 7
Graniteware       Tinware *
���****��� *-*���
a.fa.aeriaa.at.aa.aO*.**.**.***.**.**.***.**..*.. ..... ��;,J-;j
75 x 100 feet on Third Avenue
Level.   Good lease.
Stores on Second Avenue.
$10  down   and   $10   per   month
buys a lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Wa carry everything In the feed line, also gar-
it'-n ���<�����!�� at the lowetl market orlcee, at Collart'i
olff Ftcd Store. Market Place
I'rompl Delivery
riii'si. .."1
r.o. aox tm
HajTKaVe. Storage and Fnrwardlnff Agent*.   For
Rig* or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton
Phone 301
Coal Wanted
Tendera will be received hy the un<ler*igned up
to 6 p.m. Nov. 6, for the supply and delivery In
the bunker* at the Electric Light plant, of 225
long ton* flrat claaa ateam lump coal.
it City Clerk.
To produce good printing you must "first cntch your
good printer. . . You can't Kit good printing from a
poor printer, even if he work with never so good :m
equipment. If he Incks the "knack," the trnint'il
taste, the single-minded fondness for his work which
real printers nave, he will do poor printing for you.
If ho has all of these, and in addition to them adequate modern equipment, your printing will have
distinction, salesmanship, the lure of type-beauty.
As this office produces good printing you may infer
thc presence of a good printer���who is "catchable."
Daily News Building phone 98 Third Avenue
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited j
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
W,*  arc   ofTcring  for sale a very   limited t*,
amount of shares of stock at 2t*c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
qiickly and will soon be off thc market    :   :
_!   __K>RANDLM
Windsor Grain Buyer Atti ibutei It to
Defeat   of 'Reciprocity
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Windsor, Nov. li.���"Live hogs have
dropped $1.75 a hundred since the
election. Wc are now paying $5.75 per
hundred. The packers have the farmers
on the short end by the defeat od reciprocity," wan thc statement made by
Mr. A. J. Green, a prominent grain
buyer, today.
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Auction   Sat.
NOTICE Is Ir.-r.-l.y (Ivan tha* Jamas ll-imc-ii.*.
haa retakon pn*s-***sinn ot Lot Sov.nte-on fl71,
lilock Twonty-lour (24), Si-i-ilmi Ono (1), Townslt.
of Prinro Kupert, under and by vlrtun of powers
contain*-*! In lease, from htm to James Donahue,
Arthur Murray anil John Afmstrnna.
aald Jamos llsum-ity will sell hy public auction
the tintlilitiiis erected by thu Leasees upon the
sain* premises, salel sale to be held al I'rinca llupert,
B. C., on the Drat elay ol No.emhcr, A. D., 1911.
at thrM o'clock in the alternoon upon the atnrenalei
Per Cent, to
Build This
PerJ|Cent. to
Build This
^^^niT^SS^^J" h��Use or pay off a mortgage.
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Ru^rt
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C.
t-Tpa.fr��� r^rvcuior.


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