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Twenty-four hours ending 5 a.m.,
Sept, 8
, i*  Tl'MI*     MIN.TKMP.    BAR.        IN. IUIN
lilt"        4G.0     29.951     .07
The Daily
itfl       ��� % \
gj ir*
��M ���"�� 'tf,U JL
 "" fOK   SOUTH
>._ Camotun, v.". a Sunday, a.m.
'CTCnTX, ^;.r6K north
- ���l^iTiiressJMay Monday p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL II. NO. 204
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, September 8, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Interesting Comparison of Food Prices Which Every
Housekeeper Will Understand ��� Reciprocity Will
Mean Cheaper Food for the Consumer and
Larger Profits for the Tradesman
The i|iit-siion to be decided at the coming election is not one
\\ abstract politics thai ii takes a professor of economics to grapple
tith; it is one that personally appeals to all, and especially to the wage
tarncr. It is simply to decide what we are to pay for the common
Liii���iiks of life; what proportion of what ore earns shall lie paid
Im food.
Thc dinner table is the strongest argument in ihis campaign.
ii reciprocity noes through, the price of almost everything we handle
I   ilii- city will lie reduced by the amount of the present duty and
In* percintagc of profit on that duty.   These duties are as follows:
Apples, 40c per bill.
Peaches, SI.00 per 100 lbs.
Grapes, 2c per Ib.
Sweet Potatoes, 10c per bu.
Other vegetables, 30 per cent.
Other fruits, 25 per cent.
Thc retail prices here are practically the same as in Vancouver,
In-, freight.   Following is a carefully made comparison of Vancouver
���il Seattle prices for foodstuffs.   If rcciprociiy is adopted, the Prince
lipert prices will drop to a little ulxive the Seattle prices, as the
niglii liites from Seattle are only trilling:
Seattle Vancouver
if and Million, 8c per lb.
poultry, 25 per cent.
Eggs, :!.- per tloz.
Turnips, III) per cent.
Dniuns, HO per cent,
bnges, 30 per cent.
Mutton, lie per lb.
Lamb, 1 Ic |ht lb.
Poultry, 20 to 24c.
Eggs, 25 to 40c.
Mutton, 18c per 11).
Lamb, 15c per lb.
Poultry, 23 to 30c.
Kggs, 30 to 45c.
|Shipping Delayed.   Rupert Left
Late.   Rain at Points
Fug is reported from Triangle
ivii.li��� station ihis morning and
���Point Grey reports hazy weather.
JTlit* Prince Rupert this morning
Im* her return trip from Stewart
I\..'- delayed about two hours
ll.y fug Inu by hustling they gained
faboui  half an  hour of the lost
lime  .*;   the   wharf   leaving   an
Ihour and a half late.   Skidegate
���reports cloudy weather with Ikeda.
|ar.d Cape Ll zo rings in ihe rain
I.   All poi. is report moderate
to nmooth seas.
Durnan of Toronto Defeats Hac
kett of Kenora
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Kenora, Sept. 8.���Durnan of
Toror to, yesterday defeated Hack-
ett of Kenora, by 5 lengths in a
matched race, three miles and
turn. Time 20 minutes 23 seconds.
The winner challenges Ari-si, Aus-
tralian, the present holder of the
Reciprocity will open a market of
02,000,000 people for Canada.   Do
we wart It I
Expert Opinion That District Will Prove to be by Far
the Richest in the Province in Gold and Silver
���Is in Good Ore Belt
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Sip,. 8.���A. Shop-
ard, manager of the Tatlayako
1 -"Id Mini's, confirms the reporled
discovery of rich gold p,r.d silver
1 ring property in the Chilcodn
district, Bri.ish Columbia. In
���'"' "pinion of Mr. Shepard the
'iisiriet will prove to be by far
'In- richest in the province. A
* ampede has already started from
Revolutionists in China Creating Some Alarm
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Washington,   Sept.   8.���Condi-
OOT.S In the province of Szechuan,
1 liiea, have become so critical
thai the Powers have dispatched
gunboats and made provisions pro*
"ling their respective cilizens.
1 ���'.reigiu-rs so far are repotted safe.
Official Crop Estimates
Winnipeg, Sept 8.���(Special)���
The Grain Dealers' Association
estimates the crop <>f wheat st
177,500,000; oats 182,860,000; bar
ley 84,888,000; flax 7,500,000 bu.
Premeditated Suicide
Vancouver, Sept. 8. -(Special)���
F. B. Moore shol himself in the
head at B rooming house' last
night.   He left a note saying that
he contemplated the deed.
Chinks In Clink
The Chinamen charged with
selling liquor up-river and running
an opium joint will appear again
before the magistrate next Saturday their case having been adjourned till then.
County Court Registrar
Victoria, Sept. 8.���(Special)���
William E, Burritt of Prince Ru-
Pert, has been, appointed district
registrar of the county court there.
'liis is in addition to his present
posidon as registrar of titles.
C. P. R. Favorite
This afternoon the C. P. R* S.S.
Princess Beatrice arrived from the
south with a full cargo and a
number of passengers. She proceeded lo tlu- Islands after discharging.
If you want money apply P. O.
Box 953. tf
Proposal Before the General Synod of the Anglican
Church to Establish an Ecclesiastic Province of
British Columbia, But Without an Archbishop
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Dm., Sept. 8.���Legislation for a third Ecclesiastic Province of tin* Anglican Church
in Canada was inaugurated i't
the general Synod meeting here
today, when the recommendation
of the  House of  Bishops for the
establishment of a new ecclesiasdc
Province of Briiish Columbia was
placed before the House "I Del���
The new province will comprise
the dioceses of Columbia, Kootenay, Caledonia and New Westminster. I i is likely that this
third Province if ii is established
at this Synod, will be different
from ihe two present Provinces
of Canada and Rupert's lard, for
there is now before ihe Synod a
nolice of motion l.y ihe Bishop
of Caledonia thai in the event
of the establishment of the Province   i.s   iWO   houses   of   Bishops
antl Delegates will si. together.
Further than ihis lhe same
Bishop  has a   second  notice of
motion that there be no Archbishop to the new Province, and
thai iis Metropolitan do not assume
the title of Archbishop until there
are at least five diocese Bishops
within lhe Province.
Major Morris from Vancouver
and Adj. Smith of Alaska
Sundry's services in the S. A.
Citadel will be particularly bright
its lhe Army detachment in Prince
Rupert under EnSign Johnstone
is to ei tertain the two leading
officers during the week end, and
both will take par in lhe services.
Major Morris of the Army Pacific
Coast headquarters at Vancouver
is expected by the Prir.ce George
tomorrow morning, ar.d Adjutant
Smith of Wrangell. officer commanding the Army operations in
South Eastern Alaska, is at present
on Prince Ruiieri.
Builders Suggest Dark Green
Enamel with Red Relieving
Lines and Gold Lettering ���
Will be Handsome Wagon.
When Prince Rupert General
Hospital ambulance wagon arrives
it will be a handsome vehicle nol
that that matters much to .hose it
will serve. The builders���The
I.crdon   Carriage   Co.,   Montreal,
have written suggesting that the
ambular.ee be enamelled in dark
bottle green wi.h rui ring gear
lighter in color relieved in red.
The firm wished to know whether
the harness for the rig was io Ik-
mounted in silver or brass to have
lhe metal work in keeping at d
suggested ihat the words "Am-
bulanci���Prince Ru|x*rl General
Hospital" be Inscribed conspicuously in gold letters shaded.
The Board generally approved
the suggestions of the firm as io
color,   etc.,   and   lhe   ambulance
which is in hand at Montreal may
be expected shortly. It is to cost
Oh!   D
According to the hired spokesmen of the American trusts the
Taft-Ficlding reciprocity pact will:
Delighl Mr. Taft and
Delude Mr. Fielding.
Denude our forests, and
Diminish our rainfall.
Deplete our fisheries, and
Destroy our fur-bearing animals.
Drag down our loyalty,
Demoralize our politics.
Disrupt our empire, and
Degrade our country.
Dftmagae our export trade, and
Darken out outlook.
Datint our bankers, anil
Dishearten our manufacturers,
Dttab our escutcheon, and
Debase our heritage.
Prinoe Rupen General Hospital
Board met yesterday afternoon
in the police court room. Various
matters were discussed which are
reported separately
Northwestern League
Vancouver 0,  Spokane  4;   ten
Tacoma 8, Seattle 3.
Victoria 4, Portland 3.
National League
Brooklyn 4, New York 3.
Pittsburg 5, Si. Louis 0.
Philadelphia 13. 1;  Boston 5, 0.
Chicago 3, 4; Circinatii 0. 2.
American League
Niw York 5, Washington 3.
Philadelphia 5. Boston 1.
Cleveland 8, s.. Louis 5.
Pacific Coast League
Vernon li, San Francisco 1.
Portland 5, Sacramento 3.
Los Angeles 5, < lakland 4.
Month Off for Matron
Miss MacTavish the matron of
Prince   Rti|K-rt   General   Hospital,
has applietl fur one month's leave
of absence which will be granted
wiih pay provided Miss MacTavish
does noi extend her vacation l>e-
yond the month.
Conservative Candidate Located in the Morgue may Like to
Select Colors for Rupert's
In connection with the question
of the coloring of lhe new hospital
ambulance   Mr.  C.  V.   Bennett
suggested with apparent seriousness that the matter be preferred
io Mr. H. S. Clements:
"As the Conservative candidate
has made his headquarters in the
morgue," he said, "il is only right
thai he should have an opinion
in ihe coloring ..f ihe ambulance."
"There will be one or tWO dead
ones lo carry out after the election
result," remarked ilu- Chairman,
Mr. D. G. Stewart, while Messrs.
(). II. Nelson and Jack Kirkpatrick
endeavoured lo look fierce.
Business Interests Sacrificed by
Tariff Legislation
The News announces
that it has purchased
the serial rights for Northern B. C. of Clive Phil-
lipps Wolley's great story of ranch life in the
Canadian West, "A Tenderfoot's Wooing," one
of the most virile stories
of love and adventure
ever written.
To please our readers
we will print from one
to two columns of the
story each day in small
type. You will like
this story. It will start
on Monday.
Hamilton, Mass., Sept. 9.���
What is believed by his friends
lo be the first gun in President
Taft's presidential campaign of
1012 was fired here last night in
a speech that breathed defiance
and in which he scored the insurgent members of the Republican
party iu Congress antl the Democrats who combined with them
to revise the several schedules
of the present tariff al the special
session of Congress jusl ended.
Never in lhe history of the
governmeni, the President declaretl
have Important  public Interests
been dealt with in  such ;>. light-
hearted way with such absolute
ignorance of the effect of legislation
and wiih such willingness io sacrifice business interests to political
exigencies as lhe tariff legisbion
which hits just been defeated.
Erected  by  Days  Labor   Cost
$800     '
To provide for possible shortage
of water at   the General  Hospital
.he  Directors have  now  had ;���
new redwood tank erected at a
cost   altogether   of   alKiut    $800.
The tank is a substantial one <>f
large capacity.
Shipowners' Association
Vancouver, Sept. 8.���(Special)���
Owners of vessels of the province
engaged in coastwise trade have
formed a Shipowners' Assoi iation*
���villi headquarters here.
Leonard Porter With His Bride
to Start Hotel
Leonard Porter, the fireman
who recently left the Prince Ru-
|H*rt brigade io go to the Okanagan,
has taken over the hotel premises
lately run at the old town of
Keremeos by George Kirby. and
the property of Mr. W. Bullock-
Webster of this city. With his
bride Mr. Porter will run thc
hotel which is situated only alMiut
fourteen miles from his ranch, and
fruit gardens ai Peneticton.
Two Shacks Burned on Fraser Street Lane -Feared
Danger to Life Gave Firemen Stifling Task���Warning to Fire Alarm  Tricksters
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. Davis'
Boat House.
Two  shacks  <>n   .he  lane  at
Kra.ser si reel near Eighth s.reet
were burned ..ul  lasi   night  after
nii.li ight. Following a false alarm
which was rung in from the Hays
Creek neighborhood ai 11.15 came
the real call ai 18.80a.m.  A shack
belonging lu Mrs. Ellis had caught
fire through the upsetting, ii Is
thought, of a lamp, and though
the brigade got  there promptly
the flames had a good hold uf
lhe inside of (he shack very
quickly. Mrs. Kllis does nol occupy the place. Ii was tenanted
by Mr. Barbeau.
The cry went  up thai there
WSS a man suffocating in the
imoke inside, antl lhe firemen
fought  iheir way into lhe stilling
fumes bui the man had got out.
Nearly   three  blocks'  length  of
hose had lo be run out from
Sixth  street  hydrant   lu  the  fire,
but there was water enough, s.,\,
ilu* Fire Chief.    Tin* tin* caught
the  nexi   shack  belonging  lu  R.
Bradehaw.   Mr. Bradshaw man*
lhe faNe alarm  been  rung  in  an
hour later it might have been the
cause uf a serious spread uf lhe
flames in lhe business dislrict.
Chief Mclnnis and his men have
a good idea win. was responsible
for lhe trick and will see lu ii.    In
this case ilu* tricksters left the
phone in lhe alarm box off Unhook throwing a whole alarm
���*. clion out of use. Anyone caughl
tampering wiih lhe Ixixcs will not
be likt ly lu d<> ii again.
Occupants of ihe buildings burned   down   lasi    night    lost    their
property.   Damage by water .-as
mure extensive lhan damage by
lire. One man, careful enough
himself, had his place burned
through ilu* outbreak from his
neighbor's dwelling. You cannot
guarantee that your neighbor won't
set his house ebl; ze and so endanger your home and properly,
but you CAN protect yourself
from financial loss through s fire
whether your own or your neigh-
Iged to save his carpenters' tOOls.lWi raul, ,     ^^ your h(mw
Property lo the value uf abuut .   . ���.,��.,
.,,.... , , ,      ,     ,    ,,  lard Us contents with  the Mack
UNO was destroyed by the doublet
fire which though ol trifling extent Re*Uv Rnd ������,*>'r*"'��' Compsny,
in itself, occurred In the reallFviUon street, opposite the Fire
danger   zone  of   the  city.    Had'Station. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publi.hing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-DAILY, 60c
per month, or $5.00 per yeur, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries���Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly, $2.60 per year, strictly
in advance
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 98.
New YoRK-Nationul Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
SEATTLE*  Puget Sound News Co.
London, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
could have placed in the constituency of Comox-Atlin he sent out
of the constituency to his own city of Vancouver.
On the bottom line of the poster circulated by Mr. Herbert S.
Clements uf 535 Pender St, West, Vancouver, is a. true Btatcment of
that gentleman's real trade opinions when it comes to spending his
own dollars.   Take a good look at it.
Lt'%_.>^ii^i>^ii��ii~* ********
i m*m******tA**** ���*t\*w.
"I think they've unloaded a dead one onto us," was the remark
overheard at a. political meeting Wednesday. Guess whose meeting
it wa.s, and who the "dead one" is. No prizes offered. The contest
is too easy,
Daily Edition.
Friday. Sept. 8
At his first meeting in Prince Rupert, Mr. Clemen.s s'i.l he was
not ii "carpet-bagger." Yet his nomination paper describes him
as of 535 Pender St. West, Vancouver. This is almosl as glaring as
his denial of Hansard, or his refusal lo fulfil his challenge to reiire.
The Mayor's itleas of rcciprociiy are even more amusing than
Mr. Clements'. He started out by handing the ladies of Prince Rupert
a raw cut by advising all the men in the audience to go to the railed
States when they wanted wives. He could see no disloyalty in that.
Bui he thinks it is disloyal to buy bacon at a reduced duty in the
United Stales and thus frustrate the robber captains oul of a 2-ccnt
a pound levy.
On sundry telephone poles all over the townsite of Prince Ruperl
are posters circulated by Mr. Herbert S. Clements of 535 Pender St.
West, Vancouver, who is anxious to represent the constituency of
Comox-Atlin at Ottawa.
The posters are well worth Studying. They contain in addition
to B large picture of the gentleman's handsome features, a sort of
Shorter Catechism of the political creed of the gentleman from Vancouver.
By Shorter Catechism, we do not mean the political platitudes
on the card���"A White Canada���Canada for the Canadians and the
Empire���A Square Deal for British Columbia���" Those iire merely
conventional word-padding.   They mean nothing.
The reid trade opinions of the Vancouver gentleman are lo Ik*
seen at the foot of the poster, where in small type is says that the
posters were printed in Vancouver at the News-Advertiser oflice.
Al.hough Mr. Clements of Vancouver is travelling through this
great district of Comox-Atlin, idling us all in a superior son of way
that the only way to build up a community is to keep all iis trade within
iis own borders, he has started in by having his printing done in Vancouver.
There are lois of priming establishments in Comox-Atlin. There
are five in the city of Prince Rupert alone. But the gentleman who
says he believes in the "Canada for the Canadians" philosophy, and
in "a square deal for British Columbia," when it comes to spending
a few dollars in priming in an effort to become M. P. for Comox-Atlin,
sends his orders away from the constituency to Vancouver.
And he has either so little sense of logic, or so poor an opinion
of the intelligence of the people of Coniox-.-Xtlin, that he advertises
the fact on every poster he has sent out.
Here is a problem in higher mathematics for the Mayor. If
five thousand American wives coming into Prince Rupert cannot
affect their husbands' loyalty to the British flag, h..w many cubic
yards of American pork and beans will we have lo cai free of duly
before we will clamor for annexation.
"According to Premier McBride of British Columbia, President
Tafi is scheming to annex Canada, because the United Slates, having
wasted iis resources, needs to replenish its raw material. If all the
material in Canada is as raw as Premier McBride thc United Slates
does not want it."���Chicago Daily News.
li i- idle for Mr. Clements to prate of protection and loyalty���
to tell audiences thai he would buy Canadian potatoes at 4c a pound
Instead of American potatoes at 2c a pound.
The simple fact  remains ihat the only item of expenditure he
American Post Office Department Brings Down Rates.
Washington, Sept. 8.���Arrangements have been perfected by the
Postoftice Department whereby
second-class mail matier.con.sisting
of magazines anil periodicals, heretofore transported in railway cars
will go by freight.
With the idea of reducing the
expense of transporting this, the
greater part of second-class mail,
Postmaster-General Hitchcock has
taken advantage of an old statute
permitting the department to send
it by freight.
Publishers have assured the
Posl master-General that they gen-
er.dly will be satisfied with the
arrangements, and assurances also
have been received from ihe railroads that the mail can be delivered
promptly. The expense of transporting and delivering will be far
iess than at present.
That Jack Johnson will receive
18,000 pounds fin three fights in
Australia this winter and thai
afier these engagements he will
reiire from the ring wa.s the an-
nouncement made by Hugh Mcintosh, the Australian fight promoter recently. Mcintosh, who
has signed Johnson for several
fights in Australia slated that
the world's champion would meet
S;iin Langford, Sin McVcy and
Bill Lang ihis winter.
Vote for rcciprociiy and show
your faith in Canada and what
Canada pri.duces.
��� SPORT, ,
, ���*. iaj�� ���**..**... ���*..**..**... *a .. n .. .* n *fc,t - US******** I
The British Columbia Football
League will comnien.ee earlier this
season,    but    the    name   of    lhe
league will in all probability be
changed io the Pacific Coast League. Victoria and Cumberland
both intend having a team in the
league and they will be represented
at Jit- organisation meeting which
will be held in Vancouver this
month. If Victoria and Cumberland are bolh admitted this will
make six teams in the league,
two from Vancotiver and one
each from Nanaimo and Ladysmith. Il is proposed to play a
double schedule, each team playing
twenty games in the season.
Vivia 11., the R. C. Y. C. George
Cup defender in a fifteen-mile
breeze and a big rolling sea from
the eastward, beat the challengers,
Kathleen of Kingston, and the
Watertown of the Crescent Yacht
Club, handsomely. Vivia II. won
by nearly a mile. Kathleen of
Kingston, was second, a quarter
of a mile in front of the Yankee
crack Waicrtown. The Canadians
thus successfully defended ihe cup.
Wiih Laurier pitching, Fielding
doing the backstoppii g, Graham
holding down first base, Mackenzie
King at second. Dr. Beland at
short, Sir Frederick Borden on
the third bag, Paterson in right
field, Lemieux in (he lefi garden,
Dr. Pugsley in centre, Murphy
on ihe coaching, and the embattled
farmers of the country filling the
Stands anil bleachers and cheering
for reciprocity, the Borden-Monk-
Bourassa team has a poor chance.
The Chicago Bowling League
has abolished the "Dodo" ball.
The National Bowling Association,
put a ban on the ball last spring.
The   "Dodo"  ball   is  made  by
taking two halves of different
balls and glueing them together,
the heavier half enabling the sphere
to take a sweeping lunik and
cleaning up more pins than an
ordinary ball can knock down.
*-*' 1. "-~v 1
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the scales for business, for orders, for you "Good Prlnumr"
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One $900
Piano For $710
$38.50   Library   Chime   Clock     j
for  23.25     j
17.50  Mantel  Clocks     $10.50
20.00 " "... 12.00
15.00 " "...    9.00    j
10.00 " "...    6.00    |
12.50 " "...    7.50
8.00        "           "...    4.95
13.50 Office Clocks     8.50
7.50       " "         4.50
$1.75 $2.50   and   $3.00   Alarm
Clocks for 95c.    '
$1.00 Alarm Clocks 50c
Many Other Clocks not Listed    j
��� *^*-"-***^***^����*��a..a*a^l^..^...aa>..^...a*��..a>��..��at.*a^.,^.*i.
The  stock  is still  untouched.      There   are   hundreds   of   articles you will  need and you cannot afford  to wait.      This  Great
Sale will not last very many days.
>,* ,"t"t*.t-.-t*-t ":
Third Avenue
Prince Rupert THE DAILY NEWS
_      ,        - ..-^ ,,.-���������. ..���   ..��� .���^��.A.a*^A.-^^*r��^|.^.l��^***.'^**^t^^l-��*>^>^-^S-^.��**^t��^����^.
I  l     General Merchandise
Largest Stock
1  1
!   Lowest Prices in Northern  B. C.
v. p. g. gamble:
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
and - Stewart
Prince Rupert
Bl  'Welsef B6Cr. We are sole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company,
Plw��  No.
P.O. tu S77
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart, Thursdays nt 8 a.m.
���s. Prince John sails for Port Simpson, Naas River, Masset, Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
uml fori
11 ... n Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper River
Mixed trains from Prineo Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1 p.m., returning Thursdays and Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Sy.tem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
roast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and   tickets   obtained  from   the
lltlil'l' of
Canadian Pacific Railway
IU\ Coast service ��� Famous Princess
Princess Royal
Saturday, September 9th, at 8 a.m.
Victoria, V.ncouv.r an.l Settle
J. G. McNab ��� General Af enl
aaa I* OK * ��� a
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
��� ������
-General Hardware
Builders' Hardware I
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves  *
Graniteware       Tinware ��
Plumbing, Heating, Steamfitting and
Sheet Metal Work
Offlce* Srd Ave. Workshop:
Phone 171 Jn.l A ve. bet. 7th and Sth Su.
w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete stock of Drugs.   Special    .
attention paid to filling prescription!.       ,
Theatre Block phon�� no. to Second Are. !
G. T. P. Tr.nsfer Af ant.
Orders promptly filled.   Price. reasonable.
OKK1C1E   II. II. Rochester. Centre St.    Phon. fs
Fnr Sal***-* Loti" Sf"'!""';,iV"h
til foot frontage at a
Close to Fulton Street.
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Prince Rupert Lodge, IMF.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of  the  order In the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
Utile's NEWS Agency
MaKazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Wanted to Trade:
Improved property in Sectioc 1 for
resident property.
!��*��.   Pa-ant*    Furnished  apart-
rOr   IXeni.    ment.    Good view.
$20 a month.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
NOW is the time to buy a lot or two in
Fort George on easy plan. Please
call for information and free maps.
One morc lot on Summit avenue at $600.
Good terms.
Money to Loan.
Pattullo Block.
Farms For Sale
160 acres, $20.00 per acre
160 acres, $10 per acre; 320 acres
$10 per acre
153 acres, $12.50 per acre
Second Av��- ���*���*��<* R��P��rt�� **���
Skt'onu Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Coust IUngo 6
Take delict? that E. II. Q, Miller of Falmouth,
I'.ni;.. occupallon surveyor, Intonda to apply for
i��*riim*iiuiL to purchuau the following described
Communcinti ut a poat piunted ut tho N. W. Cornor of Lot 4'lQti, thunce woat 80 chluna, thonce aouth
HO flmiiiM, thence eu��t 80 chuina, thunco north 20
chuins to the point uf com men cement containing
Hio acrea mure ur leua.
Dated August 15, mil. R, II. ('.. Mll.l.KK
I'ub. Aug. 80. I\ M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land District -District of Coast Hange 5
Tako urn...' thut Herbert J. Muckle of Pembroke, Ont., occupation lumberman, Intends to
apply fur permisaiun to purchase the following
described lunds:
Commencing ut u post planted on the left bunk
of tho ZymuuulU or /.Im-u-gut-lt.. Itiver, ut southwest corner of l...i inu., thence northorly, following
the westerly boundary of Lot 170(1, 80 chains
more or leas, to the norlhweat corner of said Lot
1706, thunce weaterly and aoutherly, following
the left|bunk of said river, 80 chains more or leas to
point ot commencement containing 100 acrua
more or leu.
Located Auguat l.i.  I'M 1
Dated Augual 21, mil.    HKKI.KKT J. MACK1E
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. Clement*. Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Cout IUnge V
Take notice that I, tieorgo Kime of Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer, Intend to upply
for permission to purchase tho following described
Commencing at a post plantod at the southwest corner ol Lot 2287, tliunce east 80 chains,
thence south 40 chaina, thence weat 40 chains
thence south 40 chains, thence wuat 40 chains,
thence north 80 chaina to point nf commencement
containing 480 ucrea moro or lou.
Dated July 16, 1911 UEOUGE KI MK
Pub. July 25. Fred B. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat Kange V
Take notica that I, Peter Laraen of Towner,
North Dakota, I . S. A., farmor, Intend to apply
for permiulun to purchaso the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at tha aoulheaat corner of Lot 1729, thonoe south 80 chaina,
thenco west 40 chaina, thenoe north 80 chaina,
thenoe east 40 chaina to point of commencement.
Dat-od July 16, 1911. PETER LAHSKN
Pub July 2f��. 1911. Frud E. Cowell, Agont
Skeena Land DUtrict���Disuict of Coast Range V
Taka notica that I. Adolph H. ChrUtianaon of
Towner, North Dakota, occupation attorney-
at-law. Intend to apply for permUsion to purchaae
tho following dmcriuod lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about one and
one-half miloa (1 1-2) northeut of the head of
Trout Illver on the weat aide of Laketaa Lake,
and about 6 chaina from tbe lake-front, thence
���outh 80 chains, thenco west 80 chaina, thenc*
north 80 chains, thenca east 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
Dated June 30, 1911. Fr*d B. Cowell, Agent
Pub. July 26.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range 5
Take notico that K. F. Miller of Tipton. England, occupallon farmor, intends to apply for
pormUsion to purchaso the following dU-acribud
Commencing at a post planted about t.i) chains
wost from the N. \\. Corner of Lot 440fl, ihence
north 40 chains, thence weat 20 chains, thencu
aouth 40 chains, thenco eut 20 chains to tho
point of commencement containing eighty acres
moro or leaa.
Dated August 19, 1911. It. K. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coul Range 5
Take notico that Frank S. Miller of London,
Eng., occupallon civil engineer, intends to apply
fur permlsaion to purchase tho following d-rwenbod
Commencing at a post planted at tho N. E.
Corner of Lot 28, thenco north 20 chains, thenco
west 20 chaina, thenco south 20 chains, thenco
eut 20 chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or Ium.
Dated August 16, 1911. FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Taka nollco that Austin M. Ilrown of Prineo
Rupert, occupation uddler, Intenda to apply
to the Chief CommUaioner of Lands and Works
for a licence to proapoct for eoal, oil and petroleum
on and under the followlnf doacribed lands on tho
West Cout of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three miles east
of tho northeast oorner of C. I. No. 4474 thence
80 chains south, thenco 80 chains wost, tbence 80
chains north, thonco 80 chains out lo point of
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Uml District���DUtrict of Queen Chariotl*
Take notico that Austin M. Brown of Prlnco
Rupert, occupation uddler, Intonda to apply
to the Chief CommUaioner of Unda and Works
for a lloonco to proapoct tor cosl, oil and petroleum
on and under tne following deacrlbod lands on the
Wut Coul of Graham IsUnd:
Commencing al a post plantod threo milu east
ot the northeaat eorner of C. L. No. 4471, thenc*
80 chains eut, thence 80 chains soulh, thenoe 80
cbaina west, thonco 80 chains north to point of
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict -DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Tako notico that Austin M. Ilrown of Prlnco
Rupert, uddler by occupstlon, Intends to apply
to the ChUf Commiasioner of Unds and Works
for a licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tne following described lands on tho
Wut Coul of Graham Island:
Commonclng at a post n Iantod throe miles rut
ot the northeut cornor of C. 1. No. 4471 thenoe
���outh 80 chaina, thenco wost 80 chaina, thenoe
nortb 80 chains, thonce eut 80 chaina to point
of commencement. ���*���������    .
AUSTIN   M.   HROWN,   Locator
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Und DUtrict��� District ot Queon Charlotto
Taka notico that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Rupert, occupation uddler, intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Unds snd Works for a
licence to prospect for cosl. oil and petroleum on
and under the fotlownlg doscribod Unds on tbo
Wut ('out ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a post planted throe milu out
of the southout comer of C. I. No. 4470 thenco
north 80 chaina. thonco oaat 80 chains, tbence
south 80 chains, thenre wut 80 chains to point of
Ucated August 1st. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
3kuna Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlott*
Tako notico that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Rupert, uddler. Intends to apply to tho Chiel
CommUaioner oi Lands and Works for a llconce
to prost>ect for coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the fullowlng deecribed Unds on tbo West Cout
of Graham Island:
Commonclng at a post planted three miles out
of tho northeut cornor of C. L. No. 4469 thenoe
eut 80 chaina, thenco aouth 80 chaina, thenoe
wut 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to point of
Locatod August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19*
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako notlc* that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, uddler, Intendi to apply to the Chief
Commiasioner of Lands and Work* for a licence
to proapoct for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under tho (ollowing duoribod lands on the West
Cout of Graham Island:
Commeneing at a post planted three mllos out
of tha northeast eorner of C. L. No. 4460 thonce
south 80 chains, thence 80 chaini west, thenco 80
chaini north, thenco 80 chaini eut to point of
Ucated August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skuenu Und DUtrict���DUtrict of Quoon Charlotu
Tske notioe that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Rupert, occupallon uddler, Intenda to apply to
lhe Chief CommUaioner of Unds and Worka for
a llconce to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
und under th* following described unda on tbo
West Cout of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poet nlantod three miles out
of the southeast oorner of C. L. No. 4476 thenoe
north 80 chalm, thenco oast 80 chains, thenoe south
80 chains, thenre wort 80 chaini lo point of commoncomont. au9Tin M   BR0WN( Lott|w
Urated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoona Und DUtriet-DUtriet of Queon Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Princ*
Rupert, occupation uddler, Intends to apply to
the Chief Commlmlftnoi of Unds and Works for
a llconce tn prospect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under lho following do eriood Unds on the
West Coast of Graham Island:
Commonclng *\t a post planted throo mllos cut
of the southeast corner of C. L. No. 4476 thonco
80 chslns west, thone* 80 chains north, 80 chains
aast, thenco 80 chains south to point of commencement.
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug, 19.
This Is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will bo devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in ita discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
One could toll at a gU'.rce lhat
above sketch was made from an
Imported model. It is truly Parisian in every detail and shows
the popular fancy for the high-
waisted line and the combination
of plain and striped materials.
li is exceedingly good-looldr.g ard
worthy ol consideration when planning a new autumn uown.
Engaged  Girls What do  You
Think of This Idea?
The abolition of the engagement
ring is the latest U. S. innovation
Down in New Jersey this adorn
ment which is so dear to tin
Feminine heart, is considered to
he a relic of barbarism. ;'. foolish
symbol which is not to he coun
lenanccd any longer by enlightened
modern woman. They contend
that the old saying "Woo her
with gifts" is all rubbish, and
that if a map must present his
sweetheart with a gift, ii should
not be B ring, because such
adornment only panders to the
barbaric love of ornament.    Let
him rather give his hearts-dearest
something thai will lend to elevate
and Uplift tin- mind, such as
excellent books,
With all due respect (o the
worthy women of New Jersey,
can you imagine any every day-
sort   of  woman   refusing  a   ring
especially  an  engagement  ring?
To the engaged girl her ring given
to her by Prince Charming is
something far removed from barbarism, il is a beautiful symbol
and one which she would not part
with for anything.
While there may be girls whose
tastes (acquired or otherwise) who
can rise above the .sentiment lhat
is always enclosed in an engagement ring, and allow them to
accept Ibsen, Shakespeare or Bacon
yet it is safe to say that ninety-
nine girls OUt of one hundred will
choose the old-lime gift of a ring.
The jewellers of New Jersey
need not worry over the new law
which is being framed. The girls
will siill slick to their rings and
not feel behind the limes either.
Practical Household Hints
A sponge In a porcelain umbrella stand will keep the umbrellas from sticking lo the bottom of
the jar, which is often broken in
this way, and will also absorb
the rainwater from B wet umbrella.
Using a warm iron when cutting
out clothing will do ; way with
pins and weights on tissue paper
Little Notelets for Up to Date
Parisiennes are wearing a great
deal of silk frirge, even on  iheir
petticoats,  This dero.es a tendency toward fanciful modes.
Basket weaves are very prominent In the first autumn suits
shown, and it is noticeable that
revers of these suits are extremely
The most charming of children's
bonnets are evolved from fine
embroidered or spotted muslin
over pink pongee with ribbons to
Gloves are dyed in every conceivable shade to match the colored
shoes ard stockings, which in
every case ought to harmonize
with the toilette.
Furniture Polish
Wash leather furniture very gem
ly with warm water in which there
is a little vinegar, wipe with a
dry cloth and then restore the
polish by mixing the white of two
eggs ard a little turpentine, which
is applied with a flannel.   *
Sewing Hint
When working on velvet use
only the finest pins or needles to
pin, so as rot to injure the pile,
and when bastings are essential
tlo not draw the thread tight. Clip
each stiicli with scissors before
pulling out the bastings.
Salad Dressing
The measures for the ordinary
French dressing are: Three lahlc-
spooi fills of oit, one and a. half
tablcspoonfuls of vinegar, a fourth
of a teaspoonful,of salt, an eighth
of a teaspoonful of pepper. This i
enough for a pint of salad.
Premier  Has  no  Greeting  for
Former Secretary of Interior
St. John, N. U.. Sept. 8���By a
peculiar coincidence, Sir Wilfrid
Lauder's private air was attached
to the same train in which Hon.
Clifford Sifton and Hon. George E.
Foster travelled in this direction.
Afier breakfast the Premier sallied
forth through the train and had
a quiet chat with( Mr. Foster
saying as he parted, "Sorry I
cannot wish you gootl luck." Sir
Wilfrid had no conversation with
Hon. Mr. Sifton.
Particular   Attention   is   Paid
Now to Insecticides
Skoenu l.uml DlltriOl Dialrlcl ul Cnist ltu-ii*-* V
Tuko notice Unit Jam M. Tullimin ul Cedar
Kii|in l.i. luwu, nci'U|ikitlull lawyer, llltundt. to
upply for penni-wion to purchase tlio folluwltiit
,l.*si-rili.*il lutnls:
Commoiicini; ut u poal pliintoil on tin* southerly
illoro of Kut-syiiialoen lnli't on lho rinlit bunk
of u -ai.ii.ll stream Rowing into Hiatal Inlot just dual
of Crow l.uko. Tlienci- auuili BO chuins, tlii-nco
woat 'JO chuina inori* or I.-hm to tho ahoro 1! .,* of
Crow Lake, thonco northorly uml easterly followinK tho ihON liuo-i of I'row l.uko, tho Inlot
to Crow l.;il.i unit Kul-*eyimili-en Inlc. lo tho
placo of commencement, contuininii forty acres
moro or leaa. !,oruto��l Annual 7, 11.11.
Dated Auk. "I, I'Jll. JESSE M. TA1.1.MAN
I'uh. Ann. Il,
Skeonu I.:....I Diatrict���District of t'outtt llunK* 5
Tuko   notice  thut  Suruh   1*1.   Alton   of   I'rince
Kupert,  occupution   num.*,  inleuils  In  upply  fur
firniiissiuii   to  purcliuao  tho   followinK   described
CummencinK nt u poat piunted nl the Northwest comer 1 III chuina euatorly .li,*lttl> north)
from the iiorllieuat corner ol Lot lllii i Harvey
Survey) Count District, Kuiiko V, Ihence HP cliuina
east, thenco Ml chuina south, thonco -ll) chuina
weat, thenco IU clmln. north, thence -It) chuina
went, thenco -ll) chuina norlh to post of commencement conliiiniiiK -IHU acres moro or leaa.
D.ted June 14, 11111. SAKAU K. ALTON
I'ub. July lu. Fred Uuhler, Ai*��-nt
Skeena l.uml Diatrict -Diatrict of Coaat Kiui|*<- ���'*
Take nolce thut Linford Sowolt Hell of I'rlnce
Itupert, 11. Ch occupation locomotive enKineer,
Intenda to apply for permission to purchaae tho
following deacribed lunda:
CommoncinK at u post planted on tho north
bank of the 7.iino|*iiliu Itiver aliout three 13)
milu. distant (upstream) in a westerly direction
from tho junction of tho Little ���/.imuttotit-* Itiver
.nd tho main /.11.n.i���..i li.-. River, thonco north 40
chain., thonce west 40 chaina, thonco south 40
chains, thonco eust 41) chuins to post of commencement containinK Dill acres moro or loss.
Dated June 7, 1911. LIN KOllll SEW ALL 11ELL
Tub. July H. tico. It. Putnam, Agent
Cassiar   Land   District���District   of   Skeen.
Tako notice that I, Lemuel Freer ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission
to purchase the followinK desriliodr lands:
CommoncinK nt a post planted on tho shore
In . northerly direction from I'ort Nelson Cannery
marked L. K.'a S. E. Corner, thence 21) chain,
north, thenco 20 chaina wost, thence 20 chain.
auiitli to ahoro line, thenco along the shoro to
point of commencement, containing 40 acre, more
or leu.
D.l.al Juno 10, 1911 LEMUEL FREER
Fub. July 8. J. M. . ���..llisuii. Agunt
Skeen. Land Diatrict���District ot Coast Range V
Tako notice thut 1, I'eter Erickson of I'rince
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Offlce.
Stork Building, Second Avsnue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
Rupert, laborer, intend lo apply for permission
to purchaM the followinK described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on thu north
bank of Williams frock where the railway right-
of-way crosses .ml 11 chains back from tha creek
bank, thonce south 110 chains, thonce oast 41)
chains, thonce north 3(1 chains, thence west 40
chaina to point of commencement.
Dated July 7, 1911. I'ETER ERICKSON
Pub. July 25. Frod E. Cowci, Agont
Skena Land District
T.ke notlc. that
-District of Coast Rango V
John Evenaon of  Prince
Rupert, laborer, Intond to apply for permlasion
to purchase the [ollowing described landa:
Commencing at a post planted at tho southeast corner ol Lot 4415, thence north 80 olininsj
thenoe out 60 chains, thenc south 80 chains,
thenc. west 60 chain, to point of commencement.
Dated July 13, 1911. JOHN EVENSON
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skoena Land District���District ol Coast Rango V
Take notico that 1, llonjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N.   II.   oceupailon   merchant,   Intend  to  apply
(or permission lo purchaao the following doacribed
of Hi iiiali Columbia
and Manitoba llara.
of ll.C, Ontario. Sas-
kmtch.wan and Albert, llura.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
'Office- Exchange block, corner Third av.nu. and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D. S., D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Ou and
local anaslhetlcs administered for the painless ai-
traction of teeth. Consultation free. Office.:
Ilclirerson Hluck. Prince Rupert. li-li
Alex.M.Manaou II.A.,     W.K.WIlllams.n.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. BOX 23
i*i in or wv. foxon, i sq.. a.h.��.b.,"i on., r.na
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Commencing at a P��*t planted on tlie eut
boundary and about flvo chains from the aoutheaat corner of Lot 4484, thenoe north 6U chains,
thenco oast 30 chaina, ihenco aouth 60 chains,
thence weat 30 chaina to point of commencement.
1'uu-il Jt.n.* 21, 1911. UENJAM1N A. HSU
Pub. July 25. Fred B. Cowell, AfMt
keena Land District���Olatrict of Coast Range 6
Take   notice   that   Stanley   Urovn   of   Prince
Rupert, U. C. occupation miner. Intends to apply J
for permiaaion to purchaae tho following doacribed
Commencing at a post planted 40 chaina aouth I
and 40 chains weat ot tne northweat corner of
Lot 1733, Lakelse Valley, Diatrict of Coast Range
.'., thence weat 40 chaina, thenco aouth HO chains,
thenco eaat 40 chaina, thenco north 80 chaina to
point of commencement.
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
Staked June 30th, l'JU
Pub. July 16.
Skoena Land District- Diatrict of C lu) ir
Take notice that 1. Thomas Carter, of Prince
Rupert, occupation carpenter,  intend  to upoly
for uermlatlon to purchase thc following deacribed land.
Commencinir at a post planted almut one mile
south fi ..mi the mouth of Falls creek and aboul
\W feet bnck from thc bench, thence 80 chains
north, thence 40 chains west, thence HO chains
south, thence east 40 chains to point of commencement, conialnlnit 320 ecres more or lesa.
Dm.il July 7th, 1911.    Charlea Webater Calhoun.
Pub. Aug. Sth. Agent.
Skeena Land Dlntrict���District of Coast Range V
Take   notice  that   I.   Paul   Hagen   of   Prince
Rupert, laborer,  intend to apply  for permiasion
to purchaae the following deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on the north
bank of Williama Crewe about 60 chaina aoutheaat from K. U.. thence aouth 40 chaina, Ihenee
eaat 40 chains, thence north 40 ehalna, thence ,
weat 40 chaina to point of eommencement.
Dated July 7, 1911. PAW   HAGEN.
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell. Agent
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Sbcond Avs.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
Kor Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of l-'raii.- Wllciek. Pari, and B*rlln.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
==E.   EBY   Cb\   Co.==
KiUumkalum Land Por Sale
S. O. E. B. S
Skeen. L.n.1 nislrict-Dlalrlct of Coast R.nire Si .
Take notice lhat Percy M. Miller of Prince Ru-I The Prlne* Rupert Lodire. No SIS. Son. af
perl, B.C.. occup.tion Civil Engineer, Intend, to Enajl.nd. meets the Mot .nd thlnl Tuesdays In
apply for permission to purchaae the lollowinn   -ach month In the Son, of Enxland Hall "ml Av*
ilaan il.i-.l lands: ut - ,, ���,
Commencing at a poat planted on thc left bank I
of McNeil River at northwest comer of lot ..IK.
H. V.. thence east 2u chains more or tess to west-
F. V. CLARK. S*e..
P. O. Box HI2. Princ. Rupert
erly bound.ry of timber limit MS (old number | ERNE3T *��� W����**>S* **********. *>��* ��
4061*1) thence northerly followinK s.ld westerlv
boundary of timber limit GO chains more or less
to north west corner of aald timber limit, thence
westerly 20 chains more or less lo left bank of
McNeil River, thence southerly following  said
Lu lutnk of McNeil River Ml chains more or less
to point of commencement, containing ion acre.
more or less.
E. Klexman. Agent
I'ale June 19.11*11
Puh. July ID. I'Jll
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voicp Culture,
2nd Ave, 0_._     ���..
Between 7th & Sth Sta.    Pr,nee RuPert
Tlie spraying of fruit trees has
now become an essentia] part of
iht- culture of fruit in order to
check the ravages of insects. Paris
green, ;i compound of arsenic, was
formerly   useil   for   this   purpose,
but on account of the solubility of
this substance it wes found to
be hurtful to both fruit and
foliage. I nlate years lead-arsenate
hi'.s come into use. 11 is mil
soluble in water ar.d is generally
of greater purity than Paris green.
Besides the seeming injury such
as spotting lhe fruit and scorching
the fruit and leaves it is though)
that the fruit may absorb a por-
ion of the arsenic. The red-
spotted and black-spotted fruits
are found to contain the most
arsenic. It is said moreover that
small quantities of arsenic hasten
tht* ripening of fruit  and  that
paper for wrapping fruit on the
Pacific Coast sometime* contains
small quantities of arsenic.    It is
however  probable  that   just   as
small quantities of arsenic may be
used iii  cosmetics, perhaps the
,       . ,    small amounts deposited lit spray,
patterns,   Lay the pattern on the ��� '
material and press it lightly with '"���-��� fru" treel n,1'>' "" ,1" mut*1
B warm iron. It will adhere to the (damage. The subject is one which
doth. ��� should lie investigated.
Skeena Land District.
District of Coast, Range 5.
Take notice that Wm. Francis Nicholson, of Princ* Rupert, B.C., occupation
locomotive liretnan, intend tn apply for '
permission to purchase the   following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the I
north bank of the Zim*o-got-iU river,
about tWO miles up stream In a westerly direction   from the junction of thc
little Zim-o-got-itz river and the main
Zim-o-got-itr. river,  and marked Wm.
Francis Nicholson's south-east corner,
thence north 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, tlience south 40 chains more or
leBS to shore line of river, thence east,
40 chains more or less along rIioto line
of river to post of commencement, con-1
taining 1(10 acres more or less.
Wm. Francis Nicholson,
Geo. R. Putmnn, ugent.
Dated July 17, 1911.
Funeral   Director and   Embalm***
Funeral   Director.
lid Ave. near llth Si. Phone No. M
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furni.hed and
Steam Healed Room.
P.O. BOX 37
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngman-s Home
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
Hotel Central SS-Kte
European and American plan, .team
hented, m.alern convenience., Hal**
I1.UI to �����!.:.*> per day.        :        I
Pel** Bl.rk
Notice to Creditors
Two Five DollU bills to
be given away to bright
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
the News oll'ice.
i ,>****a.i ���*.,,.*��>>���������*.,*
Take Notice that all creditor* of H. H.
Morton  are  required  to  send in their
claims  properly proved  In  accordance
.   with the  Creditors'  Trust Deeds Act,
1 \ to  Williams &  Manson,  solicitors  for
the Assignee, on or before the 21st day
of September, 1911, after which date
the assignee will proceed  to distribute
the estate among the creditors.
D. G. STUART, Assignee.
How Reciprocity Will Reduce Cost of Food
(Continued from Page One)
Cabbages   Small, 3 for ."i cents;
medium, 2 for 5c; large, 5c each.
Celery���Small. 4 bunches for oe.;  Celery
targe. 3 for 6c,
and String B
lo. .
Sweet Potatoes ���4 lbs, for 25<
Cucumbers   Wry small, 10c
.In/., medium, .. inr Jc. I.
;i for 10c.
Cauliflower���Small, 2 foi 6c. j
dium to large, 5 to 10 cents.
Carrots, Bee;-. Turnips, Radi
etc.: -l ts 6 bunches for 5c.
Cabbages���3 c per lb.
5c and 10c per bunch.
lbs. for Peas and String Beans���10c per lb.
Sweet Potatoes���3 lbs. for 25c.
per  Cucumbers���Small 5c;   medium
irge,       10c.;   large,  15c.
me-  Cauliflower���10c. and 15c.
a-���**���*-���� OOOOOOOOJOOC*>OOC*X>C*OOCtf>OOOC��X^
"The News* Classified Ads,
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
l'luiii- -25c and 30c per basket
Lemons   20c per doz
per doz.
Oranges   2flk to 40c per doz.
Apples-  20c 25c and 30c per dos
. . .ul.    Ilk-   per   doz.;
Carrots, Tun |ps, Radishes, Beets:
5c per bunch; 3 bunches for 10c.
Beets���Large, 2 lbs. for 5c
Plums���30c to 50c per basket.
ipecial25c Lemons���30c per doz.
20 to 25c per doz.;
Bainlett. 15c
very gooi
bus. 65c,
Pear���10c per doz
per llu/.
Grapes -4 lbs. for 28c.; 2 lbs. for
15c:   UK* per lb.
Cr.ib Apples���5c per doz,
Berries���2 boxes for 15c.
Cherrie���15c to 30c per lb.
Cai taloupes���3 for 10c.; Gfor'?.
fine. 2 for 15 cents.
Oranges���30 to COc per doz.
Applet��� 10c per lb.; 2 lbs. for 25c
3 lbs, for 25c;   good, 10c per lb.
Peaches���Very good, 20c per doz.;
boxes, $1.25.
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Tlate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractor*)' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.-Houses and Rental*.
Ross & Reciprocity
Public Meeting
Empress Theatre, Tuesday, September 12
at 8 o'clock
Wanted general servant   A; i     t>- Mrs. L W.
l'atmor*. Stt-tf
Boy wanted at once to learn the pnr.ting trade.
Applv News Ci.ee.
Bov Wanted-Apply at Orme'. I'r  a* .*-*. re. ls***-tf
WantoJ-Good sized boy to h.-:;
make himself generally useful.
Hotel. 3rd Ave., comer of Ml* Sir.'
On S.S. Prince George, tomorrow morning
Srd Av.., l..i
Butler Build g
l\*.irs���25c per doz.;  Bartlett, 29c
per doz.
Grape*-���-3 lbs. for 25c; 10c per lb.
15c per lb.. 20c per lb. ,
Crab Apples���15c per doz.
Berries��� 15c per box.
Cherries���20c to 35c per lb
Cantaloupes���10c; 2 for 25c; 15
The drop in ihe cost of fu-utl-a.utT*-* under reciprocity will enable
e I'rince Rupert tradesmen to make larger profits on their sales (Sung with accompaniment of tears, *~
rs t
; Wnohen and \
\.y,y James  Do-avfav with thj9.    Patronize a whit.*
laundry-   White",labor only at
I Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Grand Wind-Up
High Chss
-  By the Loyal Monopolist Quartette
Furnished houae. cor. Sixth A
St. Modem in every rcspe."
Pattullu A lU.lfi.nl.
Furnished room, with hath,
the week.   Talbot Houm.
r- ���' and Young
i'i- -ne S3 or call
BpatM rate, by
and --lill sell tluir goods at a tremendous reduction from present prices.
to  the  unprotected  constuni
and producers of Canada.)
Neatly Furnished rooms. g*r.* . ���������- l i.referred.-
Apply Mr*. M .:1m, ov��r M��iaH . Theatre.     I
Nice Furnished Rooms. Mr.   '.*��-���*. wood,
Hi..... Third Av*.
For R.nt-Son. of England  Ii.
Alder ,
."nd Av... for
fiance*. Fraternal Socirt**.  S dab, etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis. Box MS or l '..-r.e i
HOSPITAL AND royals beat quills
ZYMOTIC  ILLS  Rattling   Good   Match   Last
Night  Resulted  in  Score of
Lieutenant-Governor May Or-      17-15.
For Sal
lie |
In re The Brin Co., Assigned, on
Saturday E'vg, 8 p.m.
der Treatment of Certain Infectious Complaints Overruling Hospital Bylaw.
Victory crowned the bold brows
J of   the   Royal   Blue   Ribbonites
today   again.     That   formidable
Prince Rupert General Hospital team met  the Quilldrivers last
Bylaws  have  been   approved   by, night in a splendidly fought game
the Lieutenant-Governor in council.   The Provincial Secretary in
O. plain Consumer! You who work
for wages,
'Tis true lhat you have been kepi
down for . i:cs:
'Tis true that  Reciprocity would
A beiicr chance l>>r -mh .*- >���     ... *f-���
For S��l*-Lt.t 5. block V. **c:
P.O. Box IDS
For quick saW. lot 34. block ."
two strewta.   Prtc ISA.?'
Balance one yaar.   Addr.
I. Daily Seer*.
ISM.   Apply
.  ....   n  '.. facing
Terms f.-��0 cash.
��� immediately Box
BESNER & BESNER,   Proprietors
Th. New Knox Hot*l 1. mn on the European
plan. First-class service. All th. Ut*��l Mi>i-rn
ln.i.r. .. :i.    -.. -:���:��� BEDS iv t P
ForSaW-Ch.ck**! Ranch.:
hold goods.    Near   Prince
uken at one.   Addn
>r*y houM. house-
ip*r*t    A .nap If
iB    J6>.
��f ; noxt till
mat Kcciprnciiyis'sociisi ya
��� i **.  i ia ii *. i*
Mr. F. A. Ellis will sell by
public auction absolutely without
reserve, the balance <>f high class
stock comprising Carpets, by the
yard or in the square, Writing
Tables, Hallstands, Wardrobes,
Dressers, Washstards, Clocks.
Glassware, Lace Curtains; Mahogany Chiffonier, Office Disks,
etc., etc.. etc.
Skeena Und District -Dislrict o( yt.w*i l harloit
Take notie. that Austin M. Brown cl I'-ii,..
Rupert, occupation saddler, inumla to anoi!
to th. Chiel Commiaaioner ol Land. ad \\[,'J,
lor a licence lo prospect lor coal, oil and *���.*.0',���
on and under the following daertb. . .. ,. ���.',...
Wost Coast ol Graham Island: ***
Commencing at a post planled -. mmM
o( th. southeast corner ul 0. L. No. JCu tr.eco*
west 80 chains, thence north Ml ehl ��� t
east HO chains, thence soulh su chains lu'ooiMot
Located Auguat 1st. 1911.
Skeena Land District���District ol ljueen Charlott*
Take notice that Austin M. Brjar. vt |'r,-lC,
Rupert, saddler, inunda to apply io the t'fci**!
Commissioner of Lands and Work, fur a licence
lo prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on ar. 1 \inin
lh. (ollowing described lands or. the \V.��* Cgajt ot
Graham laland:
Commencing at a poal planted three mins Imm
th. southeast corner o( C. L. No. 1478 thane, lu
chain, west, tbenc 80 chains north, there, sy
chain, east, thane, bo cbains south to pviat q(
AUSTIN M. BItUWN, laxnor
Localed August 1st. lull.
Pub. Aug. IU.
Skeena Land District���District ot Queen Charlotu
Tak. notice that Austin M. Brown ot Print.
Rupert, occupation saddler, intends to spply ���..-.-,
Chief Commiaaioner ol Lands and Works (or s
licence to proapect for coal, oil and petrole-o on
and under the lollowing desenbed lands on la,
West Coast of Graham Island-.
Commencing at a poat pl.nted thr*. it.lss am
o( th. northeast corner off. i No. 417' '.test*
north to chains, thene. aast .0 chair.*, thne.
south btl chains, thenc. weat .0 chains to point tt
Located August 1st. lull.
Pub. Aug. l*...
and won by two runs, the score
standing at 1" to 15 for the
ii funning the Hospital Board of Royal?, yuills even fortified as
this, drew the attention of the j they were by thc importation
B'..inl i<> the fact that under Iat urgent call rf Toby from Mile
ihe   Hospitals   Act   all   hospitals)40,   just   missed   success.     They
OUB Cofr.pani*. an noud I r prompt and Ju.t
*ettl*m*nta. W. writ, ��� ���'-ry known elau of
Insurance. Th* Mac. R*a     and Insurance Co
Ra-ra'***- Storag* and Forwarding A.-.-M.
Hia*a or Motor Car day or night
receiving a gr.nu from the Government must treat certain cases
of infectious illness (excluding very
virulent tyjK-sj under direction of
tlu*    Lieutenant -Governor.      The
had led up to the seventh innings,
but in the eighth the Royals got
their own again. Royals have
been starring it in such style this
season thm the win was expected.
Provincial Secretary noted that Umpires Sloan and Dunn again
Prince Rupert Hospital Bylaw-j did fine work, and a big crowd
include a clause si.'ting that no .hugely enjoyed a rattling good
infectious di-c.i-< - st all could betmatch.
admitted   to   the   hospital,   and   .
pointed out thai this was not Your neighbor wants some goods
in order in view of the Lieutenant* and you have them to sell. You
Gov rnor's powers in thia xnr- tell them snd get good coin of
nection. II- requested the Board .he realm in return for them.)
to tske ���*. ce of this fact. Thst is reciprocity. That is what
This was agreed to by the President Mr. Border would ssk us rot to
airfl member- with the advice of do because it is treasonable or
Mr. C. V. Bennett, ard the letter will lead to the loosening of the
'Tis true that on your purchases
last year
There was a tariff tax that made
them dear;
Nearly three millions added to their,,
Cf)st j    i. right will lay ca��h.   P..
Which you may count as w.'..i - you
have lost.
11. wh.u phy to nuke food free
Would lie an act "f such tii ���
S*v*nth Av* and Fulton
Phon* ��*1
Skfwna Land District���Dlitrict ot Qukq CUrlam
Tate notie* that Austin M, Brown, ol i'r.tc*
Evf��t-vtliinv Muafr i li**P*Tt- occupation aaddltr. inunda u urij ���-
\eryimng IVIUSl I th(. ChW ComrotMionrr of Unda ana Wotuta
a lle-tnea to proapect (or coal, oil and j.��-,.r-...*n.3oa
and under tha (ollowing dcachbod landi on u*
Watt Coast -of (iiraham liland:
Commanclng at a pott plantod thrtv Rilss u*.
of tha northoast comer of C. L. No. 4491 "<��������
M> chains waat, tbence ****) chains nonh. tr.rtcs t*i
chatna east, thence ��0 cbains south to pout d
Ivocated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aut. ly.
This Is Last  Chance
ti k* - place Tnirtl Avenue
ju-i past Seventh Street
: and -
II. ��� I I
If prlc.
was tiled.
For Sunday Dinner
Fresh poultry, turkey and chic*
*.i-i   arrived  al  Shrubsall'i
Market on Third avenue. If you Idrg salmon in town.
.it- wiih the Mother Country.
King of Fish
Shrubsall's Market claims the
'li-iii etion   of   havirg   the   only
And. Farmer, it is i'lso i" doubt
That wider markets would Ik* g< *<*<1
for you;
Your surplus producu you M*ould
always tell,
Antl so your hone*  toil ,e..i Id pay
vou well.
Comfortabl. furnl.lwd apaninenu for lady or
g��itl*man roomer, at modetwt. term., tn
.ing* .parurwnt. or cosranlent sultat for
houMkMplng. SpltradidlT furni.hed with all
mod*rn eoni.wtil.nraa, hot and c -1.1 water, etc.
Apply Mra. J. 1. Root.***, the Bulkkry Block.
Slath Av.. and Fult��n.   Phon. irt. tf
Skmt* Laad DtauiR-Dlttrkt ol Cout Rang* 5
TU* natm that E. H. O. Mint, of Falmouth
Eng. occupation luraeycr. Int.nds ta .pply lo
p*rnm*ioo to purcbaM tha lollowing  da*rrih*d
Com����icla�� .�� . po.t plantod at lh* N. W. Cor.
0, What a pitV. .1 Icf '.I .    e Mill.   W*y l*��4��0t thenc. .-t ��0 chl.n.. tbenc w.uth
;     *    . , ,. SO chaina. thw.ee ���m tw chains, th.nc* north 2o
That ir.'dltc Wl.r tre* \  ilkee-   chain, to tb* point ��f eomm*n��m*ni eontalalng
IM act*, own or loaa. _    .   _   .     	
isn t lev. I!
i>at*d Augwt iMtll
Pub. Aug. tt.
I'. M   Miller. Agent
Tak. notlc* tut HartMCt i. Mackl. of l-*m-
brokr.  on.,   oc*-.*, st;. r.   lumberman.   in:*r.d>  lo
apply lor ptrmiMion to purchaa* tha lollowlng
Comm*oclng at . poat pkuil*d on tb. Mt bank
, ol tb* Zytnovotii or lit* * gollts Rl.er. at *outh-
��*m corn** ol Ut '. '0*. thaw* aanboly. lollowing
would lik.* one for Sundsy dinner
j oni 2"'>.
Peaches to Preserve
I ; iv.ent   ;..   .'rri\e   to
morrow ai Shrubsall'i Market.
\ .. ������.! time to -.. ure .1 quantity
for prescning ss they .*re going
to In* <iu ap. Phone 2"."> and have
.*. box *��� ��� ��� up.
Tl..* ">,il mining interest i- one
nf -in -.i r> gra ! value to the
nor,in re pan of thi- province
and i- undeveloped. With the
duty t -ken from coke, our cosl
mining will be a wonderful in-
<ln-;ry and where hundreds >>i
men are employed row. thousai .1-
will come. This |K.ini is one
mem which Mr. Duncan Ross
lays greai emphasis i. his public
They have just received a big
shipment of iteelheeds snd >"ing
spring -.tlni',11 and they are be luties
To -ee ilieni .����� ihey lie fresh and
dean in their porcelain tiled wir-
doa ii makes one feel like ordering
salmon for dinner.    You cm h.ve
one deliven .1 by calling phone 275.
Four dollars extra on each ton of
Ten cents a bushel more for 0StS,|
let's -��� >
���X lu*-:.r t,ri<*,   f,,r ,\   iv.liiL   \.,ii   *** *mmtt mmatmi nl Ut I
.A  In,..r pri. i   I'tr i\,n,ll, .  \-.li   mot* or le*.. to the north.
Aid steady, big demand   bin <>.
how sad I
i), whsi .i pity such i chance
must s|H.il
>k*wr.. Und OMnct���Dutrict ol l��ue*n Ch.rlott.
T*k> aotie* that Austin M. Brown ol Princ*
Rupert,   occupation   aaddlw.   Intend,   to   .pply
j to lh* Chiel Commimion��f of Und. and Works
I lor a bene, to proapect lor eoal. od and p*uol*um
on uid und*r tb. lollowlng d*��cnb*d land, on tb.
Vi**t 1'i.Mt ol Orsharo Island.
Comm.neirg at a post planted thr*. mil*, alt [
ol tb. nonbaaM cornar ol C. I* So. 4474 th��nc*
M. chain, aoutb. tbonc* no cb.in* wan, tb*nc* s.
cr.sins north. tb*nc* to chain, aaat to point ol
' commencement.
Al'STIS- M. BROWN. Locator
Ucatad August Iat, l��ll.
Pub. Aug. IT.
Skmia Uad DWUkt-DMrlct ol li-uan Charlott.
Tak. notie* that Austin M. Ilrown ol Princ*
Rupwrt. occupatioa aaddler. Intends to apply
to tb. Cutmt Commui**on*r ol Und. and Works
(or . llcer.c* to pro^wct lor coal, oil and potroleum
on aad under th* lollowlng davribed lands on th.
Wen Coast ot Graham Island I
Commonciag at a post planted thr** mil*, eut
ol th* nortbaast comer ol C. L. No. 4471. tb.no
Ml chains aast. tbenc* to chalu *outh. thanca N
cbala. weat. th��c* Ml chains north to point of
AV8TIN M. BROWN. Locator :
Loeatrd August in. llll.
Pub. Aug. It.
Skeen. Uad Histrict - tiuinc* ol Quran Charlotu
I alar.'..
Tak* notlc* that Austin M. Brown ol Princ*
Rupert, aaddlrr b> occupation, intends to apply
la th* Chid Corr.mlwoner ol Und. and Works
Ioc a licnc* to proa-pm lor coal oil and petroleum
oa and under th* lollowlng dearnbwd land, oa tb*
Waat Cout of Graham laland:
Commenting at . po* pl��nt**d thru, mil** *a*t
of tb* northaaM cornar of C L. No. 4171 tbenc*
soulb SO cbaina. thenc* weat M chains, th.nc*
north M chain*, thane* eaM W chain, to point
of eomm**ic*��*nu
Al'STIN   M.   BROWN,   laocator
I. ���*���*. '   ..*..* IM. 1*11.
C. B. Lockhart,     Assignee
The Big Furniture Store
Main vntranc 2nd Ave.; Cth St.
entrance, last door in block
Bigger and Better
than Ever
hwwat comer ol aald Ut    Pub. Aug.
I71W,  thenc* wsaticly  and aouth**ty.  loUowing
th* Wqb.nk of said n <M. N attalM mor* or las lo   Skean. Und Dtatrtct -blrtrict ol l)ueen ll.srlott*
point  ol  comm*rc**n*nt  containing   IM)  acr*. | Island,
mor* or la*. Tak. nolle* that Austin M. Brown ol Princ*
Located August It. 1*11. Rupert, occupation sad'Uer. intend, to apply to
l)at*d Auguat 21. 1*11.    HERBERT J MACKIE   th. ChM CommMlonet ol Und* .nd Works for .
Pub. Aug. M, Fredenck S. Clemarr.i*. Ag*nl   larenc* to proapoct lor coal, oil and Mrvkum un
and under th* follownig d*��cnt��d lar.ds on th*
_. .     . ^. .a.^.   . -* *���    ^ o    _ v I **'*** Coaat of Gr.h.m U.r.*l
Shun. Ur.d Dtotrict -t.-trlct ol Co.-i R.ig* >       , ���mrr.nc,���, ��� . pan Etta thru mil*, aut
T.ke notie* lhal  I, la-sorf* Kim. ol Townwr. \mfX' ���u,huart corn- oTC. L Kt
Skuna Und District���District ol CJuejn . tsi-teu
Tak. notlc* that Austin M. Bs��n ol rriM
Rupert,   B.  C, occupation aaddl.r. bMS u
applv to th* thlaf Commustoner ol Land, ul
Works lor a licenc* to prospect (or coal, oi sm
petroleum on and under lh. (o'.'.o.ing de-cnM
i l.nds on tb* Wast Coaat ol Grabsir. latatl
1     Commencing at a peat planted lb**, it..*, *Ht
| ol the northeast corner of C. L. No. ll*. '.t.:n
[ Ml ehaina aouth, thenc* SO chains .ul. ".*.���.*�� M
I chain, north. th*nc* SO chains was*, lo \mt si
Date ol Location Slat July. 1*11.
Pub. Aug. 17.
3k.cn. Und Dtatrict���Dtotnct ol Qu�� ilfldi
Tak. nolle, that Austin M. Bro.n '��� rract
Rupert, occupation aaddler. inund, to spfjj'J*
tha Cbiel CommiMionar ol Lands tad *cra
tor a licence lo proapoct lor coal and cJ ani peu*
leum on and under tha lollowing daaaM MS
on th. Wan Coast ol Graham Island.
Commencing at a post plMt*d three -J-.a** ���*���*
ol lh* southwest corner ol C. L. No. I4n tie***
HO chaina *ul, thenc* 60 chains nonh. xu*m It
chain, wast, thanca H chalu arath to pott a
Al'STIN It. BR"'AN. Uow
Date ot Location. Slsl July 1*11.
Pub. \ ���:<   IT.
-na Und DUukt-Dlatriet ol W***.*. CtsiWi
Tak. notie* that Auatin M. Brown tl Tra*
Rupert, occupauon aaddler. intend* .<* *,M '���*
th* Chief Commiasioner ol Unds s* I wartlWI
licence to proapect lor coal, oil at. I; * "''���
und*r th* lollowing deacribed Unds in '." ***
Coast it Graham Island: ,
Commencing tt . poat pl.ol*d uam Ut ���*
ol th* southeast comer of C U N     1471 "''
north DO chains, thane* Mat to thai!
Ml chalu. tbenc* wan M chain. '.
mencement. ���
ACSTIN M. BR.   '���*-��� l��**
located August IM. 1*11.
Pub. Aug. I*.
Those False Prophets
The electors should not forget
thsl ihe Conservative iwirty con*
detuned preference as strenuously
as they do reciprocity and predicted the ruin of Canadian in-j
dustry.    Can,'.la  hsa  prospered
and these false prophets are ju-i
as f?r out ir their predictions
about reciprocity.
"Uncle Jerry." who has b weakness for iliin^- ��.hh| in eat, h."��
an  exhibition  of  fine cauliflower,
potatoes, carrots and p .- grown
in Ki -nink.'liitn valley.
Percy Sholti Douglas, Marquis
of Quecnsberry, sai In the Wsldorf*
Astoria, New York, waiting for
some one to offer him a job.
The marquis h.-s left his native
Britain forever, ard, after making
aid losing half B do/en fortunes,
wi'tits |o settle down in America.
|)t*;>.r Parmer st d Coi turner, ������ ever
Sweet consolation Ih.iI> of yoi may pihrjuiyas
If you'll go on .*i "I \v,.\.* iht  I' 'i'.n
While we continue si,,irg <>t   ...ur
With sweet content ard ��� m-
for. ymi -h.nild smile
To CSITy US, for we are truly
nonh to chaina. th*nce rut *o chain.. tl.*nc*
smith to cliaina, lhanc* wut to chalu to point ol
Al'STIN M. BROWN, Locator
1/ae.Ud AuguM IM. 1*11.
Puh. Aug
II, . . UN tilt* PSCI isWil ked Slid   North I..����a. C. S  A.. larrM*. Inund to apply
..  ,        ,, lor psrmkwioo to purchaso tb* loUowing ducr,l*��d
disloyal I ur.i
Commanclng at a poat planud at th* aoutb*
weal SUM ol Ut 2217, Ihenr* MM Ml ehslns.
thenc* aouth 40 chain., thane* weat 10 chains
tnanc* wnith 40 cbains.  thence wwM   40 chsina.
'e^x"*Z^*^l'o^Orm\.'' "T���M I *��� ����� **m****.m>* - *����� ********
Frad��F "o'-eh. *�� T.k. xsMle* th., Au'sV.n'M. Brown .1 Princ
Fred E. low*o. Agent    , ^j��� wBUk ���n,��""1' ���" ��*P'/ 5 **** ' "***
i Commsaalonor ot Unds .nd Works lor a lieone*
to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum on and under
J"*a22 One lot  Section  1
a Land Dtotrict-Dtotrlct of CoaM IUnge V
Taka nolle* that  I.  Pet*, lauaan of Towiwr.   the lollowlng de^'-d land, on lb. WeM (out
North Dakota, U   s   A    l**^��*r   I*'-    ; '    -  - , ...-���--.  I. .-
for permi
A., fanner. Intend to apply
iasion'to purchaae th* following described
Commanclng .t . poat pl.nted thru mU*.
ot th* nonhean comer of 0, 1.   No. 446* thence
a poM pUnta-d at th. uulh* ' ***** ** chains,  thenc* south^M chaina. tbence
aaat corner of Lot 1729. thene* south to chains.
Commencing al
40 chains, thene* north  to ew-Jn*.   eommenc*m*nl-
, weat to ehaina, thence north to chalu U point of
Ihence east 40 chsins to point ol eommencement.
listed July 15. 1*11. PETER LARSKN
Pub July 25, 1911. Fred E. Cowell. Ag*nt
Located August IM, 1*11
Pub. A��t. 19.
avenue.   Price $'j4iii.'cii..h $5260
Two  lot*  Section  S,   Block  27.   with
l.uiMir,.'. two roomi. furni.ahed, kitchen,
two liatht, ttore, parlor and  piano.
Trice $4200, cash $2600.
One  lot   Section   6,   Block   11,   Sixth
avenue.   Price $2250.   $500 cash.
Two lots, Section T,  Block 22, Sixth
avenue.   Price $1050.
One  lot   Section   T,   Block   16,   Sixth
avenue.    Price $550.    One half ctuh,
balance 6-12 months.
Combination three lot*, two in Section
7. one in Section 8, all (or $1050.
Skeena Und Dislrict���DUlrict of t,u<a *. '���������*<���
Tak* notlc* th.t Atutln M. Rro*-. af rnm
Rupert, aaddler, InUnds to uab IM '"���
< ommiaaloner of Und. and W. :-��� I I *jf**\
to pixspact lor coal, oil an 1 :
under Ih. lotloaing ducnl-ed Ur, I.
1 ��� a>t of Grahun laland.
Commencing at a peat plani*a *
Hlnt-le    19    aV*,.,! ' of th* bortlwast corn*, of C   1- '������
hiock   i��,  >econ��i   w eh(Uni rtM% thonc, w rh,... .
rhalu wut, thenca so cha.n. ���
commence menu
Date ol Location list July 1*11.
Pub. Aug. 17.
-.ly t
irk. lor . licenc*
Sks-ena Und District���DtMrlet of CoaM Range V
Tsk* notice that I. Adolph H. CbriMUnson ol
Towner,    North    Dakota,    occupation    atlorney-
J.t-I.w, inuno to apply (or parmiaaion to purchas*
. \\ .  B. ill Toronto Cli.br   th* following dueritw.1 lsnd.: ,��� prcaypect for coal, oil and
-    Commencing at a port planted about one and ���sgj Kj followrtnK H*acrih��.l
-                 one-hall mlka 11  1-2.  northaaM ol th. head ol QSIsl C.rah.m Island*.
am.     .   ,        ,    ,                     ...       Trout  River on the w*M rid* ol Ukelu Lake, Commencing at a peat pl.nted three milu eut
1 lie joke of  lilt* l.'nip.Ugr   I-  till*   and about  5 chain. Irom th* lake-front, thenc* ���. lM D(,nheaM comer of C. I.. No. 4I<*�� thmce
��� .ih  to ch.in.. thenca wut  to ch.m..  thenc* m||| an ch^na, thene* M chain, west. Ih��ne* to
north Wl ch.in*. thenc* east 10 chain, to point sfjajaa north, thanca to chalu east lo point ol
h     .. eammanceroent.
Skeen. Und DiMriet���DiM-iet ol Queen Ch.rlott*
Take notice that Austin M. Brown ol Princ*  Three lot*. Third avenue dote to liUMIieiw
Rupert,  uddler,  Intenda to apply to tb* Chief
Ommiuioner ot Lands and W'orf
lor coal, oil and petroleum on and
lands on the We
^>a����������>������i��sn����>���� p wwomwmnnmm
The Graham Island Oil Fields. Limited
..'.rtooning of the Ann ri.vi* r. RI
U favoring tariff relief. They
are quite as much afn.id of ihe
levelling influence of trade I - are
the Canadian tru.-i-
t��l*d June ��0, 1*11. Fr*d E. Cowell. Agant
Pub. July It.
Skem. Und DkHrin -Dtatrict of Coart Range 5
. Br
T.ke nolice th.t R   f. Mlllu ol Tipton,
land,   occupation   larmar.   Intenda  to   apply  lor
permiaarion  to purcha.* the  lollowing  dtacritwd
Commencing at a port planted about 60 chaina
t Irom lh* N. W. t orner ol Ut 440S, thene*
la-aeated AuguM IM, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeen. Und DUtrict���DUtrict cl l��u**n Charlotu
Tak* notie* that Austin  M. Rrown ol Prince
Rupert, occupaUon uddler. intends lo apply to
the ChM Commiaaioner of Und. .nd Works for
. licence lo procpect lor co.l. nil .nd petroleum on
��� nd under th* following ducribed Ian.:
north   1" chains, thence wut 20 chains,  thenc* , aA-#at t'otmx at Graham Island:
  south  40  ch.ina.  (hence eaat  20 ch.ln. to the      ,*omm*ncing at a port planted three milu eut
.��..,.. ..�����..,...   . ... I*'*'*1'* ��� C"mn"h**en'ent  conUining eighty "cru i ���, lh, ^nKheast comer of C. I.. No. 447S thanca
JA�� NOTICE t*   _ Alc.nder I  Prudhomme   more oi��� I*���.     ���.������   north to chaina, tbenee *art Ml chain., thene* uuth
and  Alma  \ Ictorla li.her, o   'he ( ,���     ol  frinc*   Dated AuguM 1��, 1*11. R. F. MILLER | m thmx���x thene* wut 10 eh.lns to point ol corn-
Rupert.   In   Ihe   ������rovine*  of    IritLh   Col. mhi..   Pub. Aug. 21. P. M. Miller, Agenl   nvr,P,m*nt
Al'STIN M. BROWN, Ucaior
heir creditors ! ���t , ._ ,   . .     ^..^  ., *, ,   ��� ,    lanlaH Aunal 1.1, lull
��ection.   Good lease.
For Sale I Snap)
Four lots. Section 8. Block 34, Eleventh
avenue, all for $369.65 cash.
Corner  lot*   I'I.   14,   Block   12.   Sixth
avenue and Fulton street for (ease or
will build to suit tenant.
170 acre*, with one-half mile of waterfront, Crown granted.   Price $20 per
acre,  one  third  cash,  balance  6 12
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
> .mm*
���    - -
; ���������''
Ske*na Und DUtrkt-DUtnct u( *,     . i.'-****"
��� Island. ., ,,,
Taka nolle* that Aurtln M. Bl ���������   ��� "J,
Rup*rt. aaddler. Intends to s|; . 2s
I'ntnm aan.r.rr ol Unds and  W. :
to prupert lor coal, oil ani ;* ,���
under the lollowing ducrib��d ..r li
Cout ol Graham laland: ~ mm*
Commencing at a poet plan.el -';7��n��
ol th. northeast corner o( I    I. ... .
south  to ch.ina, thene* ��>��.  *' f   '"* '%"*
north to ch.iu, th.nc* eut JO chs.v u ****
comm.nc��n.nt.Ai.gTiN ^   ^^  ,^,lc,
Ucated 31M July, 1*11.
Pub. Aug. 17.
,   .* "'
v s|W
- i, ��n xs*
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ���'('. ���
Tak. notlc* lhat Austin It. I I
Rupert,   occupation   uddlrr,   u
to lh. ChUl Commissioner ol Ur. ���'
(or . licence to prospect (or ttal
on and uader the lollowing tacril
WeM Cout ol Graham Island-
Commencing at a post p.sat*
o( the aoutheut comer ol C   I
M) ch.ln north, thenc* M chair., . ���'.���'":��� i
chalu aouth, thance *0 ch.1*-. ����. xo l����
commencem���,.   AirsTIN ���. ���,, ,*,t S. l^*
Localed .11M July, 1*11.
Pub. Aug. 17.
,-.* ���'
i her** *
hot*lke*p*ra, did nn .he 2nth d.y nl AuguM. 1*11
make an aMignman. Inr the lien.rit of t
make an aa.ignmant Inr th* l*enrfii ol their credit.'.. , ��� ... ...       . ,-      . .. .    1^.1.. imial
lo Allred John Morris, of the C l.y ol Prince Ru-   ****** Land District    Drtrict of C oaM IUnge S   {tjL*'?.,  ',��
pm .loreuid. merchant T.k* notice lh.t Frank 9.  Miller of lamdon,   "**>��� A��t- '*���
ate oftcrirn for tile a very limited
amount of *l���,r.*�� ���f .tuck at 25c per thare;
far value ll.on. Tbe.e sharea are going
'l��lckly and will aoon be off the market    :   *.
nrrupstion c~i-.il pnginr^T, intr>n(li to apply
rmiaatnn to purchM�� the f-MlowinR dmrrim**fl
nt*   ��nd    Aim*   Vin-nha    K��h*r.   '*"?"
��� ftvtfit riirM-iinn* ��it��. WMW   ,. * n1
lo tht* fltarmssl  of the nrtate,   will   ,*>  hfl'l   ft   lhc    ( orm
nmrm <,* Williams *  Minion. Boltfttoni   Mt-'rpr-win ; mpnA  2��  fhalna.   thf>r,r�� **n\i\h  20  chains,  then'
AND   FURTHEH   TAKK   NOTICK    that    -
me*lini   o��   the   rmHtnrt   trt  the   aaM   Alexander Jnf P*
, \ JairtM   Prudhomme   and   Alma   Vtrmria   f"'������htr. lands
*   for the purfKwe of flvini dire*etion-> ��it-i r-rfcrenp*       * nmmenrinit at a p��t planted at the N.  F
th��* diapoaal of the ssitate, will '-���   ����� 1 '   ft  the ' '>tn*r of Isot 29, thenee north 20 chaina, thence
i.' t-lfvt-n
HS*I rrl.nw  Hopert.   B,   (  . on   Monday
Hth JiJ of Hvptemlter. \9\\, at thf hour
o flrxV In the toT��nnon.
���Hg.-'g-1    A1ftand#r   i.   Pnidhomme   and    Alma
*Ba*\Ta J?=    '.*���    ^*luim'    5   l.trwartl    thrfr
tn�� aath day r| -;<t,i.��� i ���-   ^-p��f
1204-aoi A-U��bii .
20 chain* to (win* of commencement.  _.
talnlnft to acre* mnrt> or leaa.
I��aled AuRtwt 15, 1911. PRANK   S.   MIl.l.KR
Pub. Aug. 2��. P. M. Miller, Agent
A  tariff CHI  ftHKlsUifls
lax on fin*!.
Skeena 1,-and Dwtrirt DMrirt of Q.ueen Charlotta
Take notkw that Auetin M Rrown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler. intends to apply to
the Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Worka for
a li*-* ���*���** to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and under tbe followinK doacribed landa on the
Weat Coast of Graham Island:
Commendnf at a poat planted three milea eaat
of the southeast corner of C. 1* No. 447,1 thence
AO chaina area*, thenee rf) chaina north. SO chaina
���**.**���.   tbenee  90 chain* aouth  to point of  com-
ttinntaM   *�� 1 Mienewneiit.
AUBTIN M. BROWN, locator
laorated AuguM IM, 1*11.
r*b. Aug. A.
We carry everything in the feed line. alw. garden seed" at the lowest market Dricea, at Col 1 art s
���Ir Feed Store. Market Place
Prompt Delirery Phones 11 or 301
Reciprocity doesn'i conflict with
ilu- Briti-.li preference, which Lsu-
rii-r nails m.i -ilii^li
ita x>*
��� > *��
-. n ***
, >��
**& J
���o DC"" ���
Skeen. Und DUtrict���District ol gu"��
T.k. nolle, lh.t Austin M. Bf
Rupart. uddler. Intends to tl;
CommU*lon.r ot Unda .nd IC *
lo prospect   lor co.l, oil  and  '.
under the (ollowing d��eril>ed l*r��"
Cout of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poet t'!.'-
ol the MUthea t corner ol C. 1.
HO chains wut, thenca 10 chslt.'
chains eaM, thence tO chalu *>u.��
commencement. ,,,   ,.,v-  Lefs*
Al'STIN Mi lll.""1**^
Located 91st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
,    .. n �����*"
Skeena Und DUtrlct-Dlstriet ol ��-��
lslsnd. | rrit��
T.ke notice th.t Austin M l"'"" ,.��!),��
Rupert, occup.tion uddler, in.>* '��� u ..'*���
the chiel Comtnlsslon��f ol Un,l" �� ' ^n***
a licence lo proapect lor coal. ' 'j,on*
on and under the following dwell!"*. ���
West CoaM of Graham laland: ��:]<����� e��''i\
Beginning at a poM planlcl th''* -.*.' ,hen�� J
the northeut corner o( C. U !��<������ ',. .���,���� Z
chains east. then*, to ch.ins souin ,, *
ch.lu weat, thenc. 80 eh.lns no'11-
Uc.ted August 1st, 1*11
Pub. Aug.


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