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Twenty-four hours ending
5  a. m ,
June 15.
u><  TPMP.        ��l". TEMP.           BAR.
tSli.u             47.0      29.952
The Daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
N f0 1077
next mails
For South
Princt>ss Royal Friday a. m.
"''^���&/\     ''0K  North
Prinjjiieuwiay Mond"-
,. Jy^
VOL. H. NO. 134
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday, June 15, 1911.
Price Five Cents
But as the Renewal Came Too Late to Prevent Him Putting in an
Application For Renewal After July 15th the Board May
Erect Further Difficulties���May Mean Further Recourse to the Courts of Justice to Secure
Carrying Out of the Court's Intent
Renewal of his license to sell
,ii   ihe  Ssivoy   Hotel   has
panted to A. J. Prudhomme
BUT ihc renewal applies only to
the license  granted   at   the   disputed  meeting   at   which   Com-
mUsioner Merryfield <lid not vote.
Witling  t<>  the  lights of  the
Licciiei   Commissioners  at   their
meeting yesterday afternoon  the
nundumus requires them to grant
wise   for   the   six  months
pr.vi.u- to  July   15th,   1911,  at
all   licenses   in   the   city
<  again  to Ik- renewed or
up.    Applications  for  re-
nmrala "ji tin  15th of July of all
' ��� r hotel licenses were dealt
rith and renewals granted by the
Commissioners, hut they hold that
������ application was entered for the
Savu) Hotel, as Mr. Prudhomme's
ipplication was for a renewal to
uki .ii'.ci <u\ the 14th of June,
is yesterday.   According to
���   i codings of  the  License
Hard yesterday, the Savoy Hotel
is a licensed house today, but it
will not be so after July 15th
unless further action is taken to
overcome the obstacles erected in
the way.
Aid. Hilditch Chairman
Alderman. Hilditch was appointed Chairman of the Licensing
Commission in the absence of the
Mayor at last council meeting
though he declared he did not
covet the honor. After some
ordinary business had been briefly
touched upon the mandamus issued by Justice Clements was
read by the Clerk to the Commission. The Commissioners heard
it in silence. Then Mr. Prudhomme's application for renewal
was read. Then Commissioner
Smith made the following motion:
"1 move that the renewal of
license be granted in accordance
with the mandamus and the application that is before us."
The City Solicitor--"This is
of course his renewal for the last
six  months,  not   for any  furthc
Commissioner Hilditch understood that the application was to
be considered as part and parcel
with the mandamus, and the City
Solicitor argued that the license
would expire on the 15th of July.
The renewal was then declared
granted. Some little talk about
the amount of fee payable for the
license laslii.g only one month was
allowed to drop without any decision on the matter.
Regular Renewals
Reports by Chief Yickcrs on tin-
conduct of the other seven licensed
hotels in the city were favorable.
and renewals of these licenses
were speedily granted. In the
case of the Premier Hotel a
transfer to the name of Mr. F.
llenning has been effected.
Savoy Renewal Considered
The question then came up.
Should   the   renewal   of   the   ap-
(Continued on Last Page.)
Three Ministers Were Defeated But Premier Murray
Goes Back For Another Five  Years With a
Majority of Eleven Seats in a Total
House of Thirty Eight.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Halifax, June 15.���The Pro-
vim i.il general elections held here
yesterday resulted in a victory
lor die Government who were
returned to power, though with a
decreased majority. O n the total
number of thirty-eight seats the
Liberals c (tried twenty-seven giv-
- diem a majority over the
Opposition of eleven.
Halifax Went Solid
Halifax went solidly Liberal,
'< turning three numbers, the high-
'-' with a majority of 1076, and
il�� lowest with a majority of 705.
' ���'!��' Breton put in two Con-
���etvatives, though the Conservatives were confident of carrying
all four seats,
Three Ministers Beaten
The feature of the election was
lh" ''.feat of three members of
''"��� ''abinet, Hon. C. Chisholm,
1 Mnmissloner of Mines, who was
beaten in his constituency of Anti-
gonish, Hon. B. F. Pearson who
was beaten in Colchester, and
Hon. Dr. Lc Blanc who contested
Premier Murray Returned
Premier, the Hon.G. H.Murray,
was returned with a supporter at
Yarmouth, both by handsome majorities. The issues in almost
each case were local.
Elation was expressed by the
Conservative, at the return of
their former leader, Mr. C. T.
Tanner, who was elected in PlctOU.
Five Years More
The election assures the Liberal
Government a tenure of office
for another five years. They have
already b en in office for twenty-
nine years. The Opposition have
made headway to the extent of
increasing their following from five
to elevc.i.
Chief Vickers and J. J. Sloan on
Committees Also
Amongst u,c manes of those on
*c General Committee  for the
'"'"'"ion Day sports should have
"''����� Included that of Chief Vickers.
���verybody  knows what an   In-
"WW the Chief takes in athletics
WW how he has worked for Prince
Xpert's  festive   occasions   since
wicre was si Prince Rupert at all.
,n"th,r ""me which should have
"''''I mcluded in  the number of
��� Land Sports Committee is that
J. .1. Sloan whose appointment
" *�� Committee missed mention
Awful Fate is Feared for Fifty
Passengers on Board.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Paducah, Ky., June 15.���The
steamer John L. Lowery with fifty
excursionists aboard was burned
at the water's edge opposite Smiths
Landing at 1.80 this morning.
The loss of liffc is expected to be
Why not go to Reilly's?
Pantorlum Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
Canadian Officers were Entertained  by  Prince  Leoplod
(Canadian Pro-1 )espatch)
London, June 15.���Colonel McLean and the officers of the
Canadian contingent were entertained at dinner at Chelsea last
night by Prince Leoplod of Bat-
If you arc going trout  fishing
lx' sure to get a pair of Muk l.uks
at Scott, Proud & Co.
Preliminary Hearing of Jap
Killing Case, also Donaldson
vs. City. Neither Decided
Till Afternoon.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 8, Victoria 1.
Spokane9, Portland 2.
Seattle 18, Tan una 0.
Pacific Coast League
Portland 12, Vernon 2.
Trisco '.), Sacramento 2.
Oakland 17, Los Angeles I.
National League
Pittsburg 4, Boston 3.
American League
Boston 5, Cleveland 1.
Washington 13, St. LouisO,
Philadelphia 2, Chicago l.
New York 5, Detroit 3.
Before Judge Young today the
csise of Donaldson vs. City is
still progressing. By noon today
all the witnesses had been examined
and this afternoon counsel were to
argue the case.
Another case of importance was
that of the Jap named Isshi who
came up for preliminary examination over the death by violence
of Ko Va Yessi at Balmoral
Cannery recently. Isshi was making a long rambling statement of
the circumstance at noon today.
Enterprising Party of Old Timers Who Travelled out in the
Very First Train Enjoyed the
At the wayside station named
Phclan after the telegraph superintendent whom we all know in
Rupert, the first eastbound train
bom Prince Rupert pulled up
yesterday afternoon. A crowd of
merry citizens climbed gleefully
down from the big ears and let
themselves loose- with delight in
glorious weather, amongst llowers
and the charming new scenery anil
surroundings twelve miles out from
the city.
A special steamer had I teen
chartered   to   take   the   |*irly   of
enthusiasts back to Prince Rupert
shortly after th. train reached the
twelve mile point which is near
Inverness Cannery. But so pleas, d
were the excursionists with the
trip and the pleasant conditions
about them, that they determined
to have a picnic, and let the
steamer go anywhere out of sight
while they picked wild flowers,
Uid had a proper frolic to celebrate
the festive occasion.
What though the Very First
Passenger Train didn't flaunt flags
for the occasion; What though
the enterprising old-timers who
were determined to travel on it
did have to pay their fares just
like common or garden jiasseng.-rs,
there weren't any soreheads in
the bunch, and when they got
home last night in all kinds of
launches and chance steamers that
by good luck were available they
were sdl as merry as if they'd just
linked up the whole transcontinental.
Nick Vujovich is Found Guilty of Shooting With Intent and Nine
Companions of Rioting---Jury Find Three Not Guilty and
Give Strong Recommendation to Mercy For Four of
the Prisoners---Judge Murphy Makes Strong
Comment on Civic Negligence.
Dan Babich.
Nick Radolovich.
Cbristo Woods.
Mike Secovitch.
Dan Milovitch.
Antoine Sebich.
Mike Burich.
Mike Savick.
Steve Rado.
Vuckson Derlovich.
Jura Radulovich.
The jury were out twenty-
one hours.
In thanking the jury at the
end of the trial Mr. Justice
Murphy said that it was the
court's duty to say that it was
the duty of the authorities at
Prince Rupert to have read the
Riot Act at the first intimation
of trouble. It was most fortunate that no lives were lost.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, June  15.���After being
out for twenty-.me hours, the jury
in  the case of the  Prince  Rli|>ert
while the previous jury were out.
In his case die jury deliberated for
four hours, and then found him
guiliy nn the second and lesser
charge .if shooting with intent to
do grievous bodily harm
Sentences to Come Later
In all the cases of the nun found
guilty the sentences will not be
strikers charged with riotous con-1 imposed until the end of the assizes,
duct during the recent strike, when all tin- prisoners will be
brought in a verdict of guilty |brought up and the sentences announced.
Censured Authorities
After the jury in  the Vujovich
case had brought in their verdict,
against nine of the number, and
not guilty ag.iinsi the remaining
Ask for Mercy
Of four whom they found guilty  \u. Justice Murphy in thanking
they asked for nurey, especially
in the case of Jura Radulovich.
The others for whom clemency is
ask.il are Steve Rado. Noah Palo-
vich and Vuckson Drelovich.
Vujovich Found Guilty
Nick Vujovich who was charged
with having used a revolver for
attempted murder during the riot
on  April 6th  was plac.il on  trial
them for their careful consideration of the case said he lelt it to
be the dun of the court to state
that it was the duty of the authorities at Prince Rupert to have
hail the Riot Act read at the
first intimation of trouble. This
had not been done. It was a
most fortunate thing that no lives
had been lost that day.
Commemorates 25th Birthday
of the Founding of the City
(Canadian Press l>< -.patch)
Vancouver, Jan.- 15, To commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of tin
city and its baptism b) fire, which
practically wi|)ed it out a quarter
of a century ago. the Made in
Canada" Fair opened here today
wider ideal conditions anil will
continue until the end of the Week.
Seattle, June 14.���When court
opened today there was no word
from the Wnppenstein jury, and
hope   that   they   would   reach   a
verdict was soon abandoned, At
2.30 o'clock this afternoon the
jury disagreed. Former Chief of
Police Charles VV. Wappcnstcin
was accused of accepting a bribe
of ��iooo for Clarence Gerald and
Gideon Tuppet to operate disorderly houses.
A new trial will have to take
All the wireless stations report
the weather to be clear and calm,
except Pacheiia and Cape LatO
where it is misty and Kstevan
where it is raining.
The S.S. I.eebro arrived at
Pacheiia at 8.30 this morning.
The Princess Beatrice arrived
at Point Grey at 7 a.m. today.
The S.S. Golaith was spoken by
the station at Cape l^izo at 10
o'clock lasl night. She was then
south bound.
Where to Go
Pictures and Munlc, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
P1IEN1X THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures and music, 7.30}i.m.
AUDITORIUM. Sixth Avenue; Roller
Skating, 8 p.m.
Baptist Church, Sixth Street, Grand
Concert, opening of new organ at
8.30 p.m.
Presbyterian Picnic to Metlakatla.
Boat leaves Davis Wharf at 6.15 p.
m. this evening.
Montreal   Petticoat   Concern
Can't Pay Dividend! until the
Fashion Alters.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, June 15.���At the annual meeting of the Canadian
Converters today the shareholders
kickiil strongly at the fact that
no dividends were being |Kissed
for two years l>sick. President
Black explained the financial shortage by the fact that women now
all WON hobble skirts and no
petticoats, so there is no market
for the Company's wares.
Action in Ordering Eight Million  Feet   Lumber From
United States Mills Instead of Patronizing The
People of Canada is Contrasted With
C. P. R's. Policy
Picnic Tonight!
In spite of the dull outlook the
Presbyterians will go <>n  their
picnic tonight and have sup|>cr
on the beach at Mctlakatlu if
the weather is fine at six o'clock.
The launch leaves Davis' boat-
house at fl.15 sharp returning about
ten oc.lock.
Everyone who would like a good
outing are cordially Invited. The
ladies bring the lunches and the
men pay seventy-five cents each
for the launches. The crowd
who comes tonight will plan for
a big picnic OR Coronation Day.
Victoria, June 15.���The recent
action of the Grand Trunk Pacific
in ordering eight million feel of
luiulier from the lulled States
instead of giving the order to
linns in British Columbia is being
much discussed, and ihe policy
of the C. P. R. in giving an order
io die Victoria Lumber Comapny,
for 500 Imix cars of choice material
in the face of cut prices quoted
by United States rivsds is being
quoted against the Grand Trunk
The order just placed approximates a million and a half feel of
extra   choice    material,   and    its
filling will Im- entered upon at
once by the Chem.iinus mill
the ��� Victoria   Lumlier   Company
' He declared, however, that the
policy of the C. P. R. as it has
always Ih-cii, Io patronize and
support Canadian industries, and
not to shsive the profits of these
Industries loo close, us it is their
development and success that the
permanent and dependable traffic
of the Canadian road is being
built up.    This policy thai is being
lived up to by the c. P. R. dictated and animated by the true
spirit of progressive C.inadianism
and is distinctly in contrast with
that of ihe Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway--in which the Dominion
Government may be regarded as
"Vice-President Whyle was(|iiite |a partner for ihe people of Canada which is buying very largely
from the other side, at a slight
saving of  first  cost  perhaps,  but
to the manifest disadvantage of
Canadian industries."
aware that on  the question of
price he  COUM   have done  much
better by dealing with the American mills offering delivery at Sti-
mns," said  Mr.  K. J.  Palmer of
Little Miss Gamp was Terrified
and Might Have Been Hurt
by Fred Hunt's Frolicsome
Urn kept tied up recently, but
as the lady witnesses in the case
were not present an adjournment
has been called until tommorow
You   can   gel   three   kinds   of
ice cream    strawlierry, vanilla and
chocolate, also orange water ice
at   the   Palaet   of  Sweets,   Third
Just in Timet
To get  a good custom tailored
suit   for   the   first   of   July  go  to
Dogs, two of them, were on theJRudnick ft Sweder, Helgerson Blo-
bill of (are when the police court ick Basement, Sixth street.
opened this morning.   They have! ������" '
bean indulging in horse-play out I End of Season Sale
at Hay's Cove Circle where they For three days wc will offer
Surrounded a little girt, the dau- what is left of our Spring Millinery
ghter of 11. Gamp, tearing her goods at ridiculously small prices
dress, and frightening her very to clear. We aim to have all new
much. Fred Hunt who owns the goods for each season. For prices
dogs was summoned to explain I sec ovtr window .���Hamlin & Co.,
Ihow they got out, for they have'Exchange Block,
The Insj4ra1.ee People I
The Mack jlealty alitKliisurance Co.
hone 150  /      ThlriLAvcnuo arirV Fulton St
We hate just received..
��� I'll.m.I'll of the DStSMt
styles tji.l latest de/jrus
in Indies! Velvet anil/rather Hani Hags. We es-
p.'.-iallyInvite yo/ to call
and let Ins show you our
new   goills.
-a ���
Inspector A. M. Tyson is on His Summer Visit to the
Agencies and Reserves���Has Some Very Delicate
Missions to Perform in His Daily Work
a   , .. .��� HAIR-RAISING
Advertisements    trip on yukon
io us." Inspector Tyson showed
om- novel request from one Indian,
for a "strong paper1 to be sent
lo him, The writer was having
sonic business troubles, and was
convinced that some oilier Indian
was wording againsl him, and
wanted a "strong paper" to be
sent lo warn his enemy away.
Many Thousands of Them
There arc about twenty-three
thousand Indians on the Northern
Pacific Coast who arc registered
With the department, and a ureal
deal of comfort and security enjoyed by them is due to the
oversight and paternalism <>f ihe
Government which stands by them
to advise and protect them. "A
great deal of the work of the
Department consists in keeping
the whiles from encroaching on
the Indian reserves," siiil tin-
Inspector. To many thousands
II their difficulties, and we haveIof the dusky skinned inhabitants
many delicate tasks and disputesIof the Province he is counsellor,
to settle. There are family dis- judge and jury. To them he is
putcs and business disputes. Some-! the embodiment of the liritish
times even divorces are referred law which protects them,
On   his   annual   summer   visit
\t> the  Indians of the northern
rovince, Inspector A. M. Tyson,
nspector of li dion  Agencies, is
ui   Prince   Rupert   today.     The
Inspector  is some  six  weeks  out
from his starting point at Vancouver, having already visited the
Indian agencies and reserves between Vancouver and Prince Rupert. He cam here direct from
Bella Bella. Before his journey
cutis, BOmc four months away yet,
he will have traversed the journey
up north as far as Atlin, a few
miles from where   there is a hand
of Indians as yet unnumbered and
Some Delicate Tasks
"As wards of the nation the
Indian's interests arc very carefully looked after by the Dominion (ioverument," said Inspector Tyson.   "They look to us in
One of the best services the modem newspaper gives the public is to
There buyer
mon ground
rate to
the classified advertisement column*
Lost and Found
KlIUND-Kuri-ka Cleaning nnjr*l'reaslnK Com-
piuiy. Men's auita dleuned/niitl presecd Sl.tKl.
Ladies' suits proBsiMllniiu/olonned. Dry clean-
Ing n specialty. R.KiaV*3 Westenhnver Hlock,
phono ml ft). 121-147
FOUND-F.I.'gnnt roomsj'nowly furnished.   The
llulklev Bloog, tilh Art.,., near Fulton,    loil-lin
Tenders are Invited for the repair-of the whurf I    ���ST_0n sixlh .tm,,, bqewwn Third Avenue
nl Motlnkiila. B.C.:   the sum of lift.-,'.!  h^rjd   **"JQJ^J.    �����,,   jmyTwo cheques In roll
dollars being available for^aXMndlttUra M  this      ,,���,. f,% SI7. othonffor Urrosl In bills.   Howard
whurf.     Hidden   should carefully examine   ho        ' ��� 1     JT      siM ���.    ��������� ,llKir
ground, and atnte in detail the extent of repairs      !��"'  ' ., .. .....-��   ��~ 132-iaf.
he will undertnko for that amount    All piles1     ".""'   '   K  """l-V
Fort George
Kor infsyniatiiijx  free
maps a'ut hj/rature
cull arilyfeh. in<>.
Canadian Authorities Seize the
American Boat J. T. Atwood
of Boston.
Open asVsTfWgS I'attullo Istsjell
A Mirror
Tliatimay beflsafely
"pucktHr'oiiia trip
is much in giemand.
We have tiitV in different sizes.   :   :     :
/Tht Pioneer tOmffflf
PtfONE    :   ;    ;    82
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Ottawa, June 14. The Canadian fishery cruisers have s.i/td
the Ann tic.111 fishing boat .1 T.
Atwood, which is alleged to have
been regularly fishing within the
three-mile limit for several years.
The boa) is owned in Boston.
She will In- charged with unlawful
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, June 14. The C. N.
R. announced today an extensive
programme of imporvements which
an- to he I'uilt thi* tummi r. Al-
together the list calls for an
expenditure of $30,000,000.   The
principal   item   in   the  list   is  the
construction of the line from Edmonton I" Port Mann.
You Should
Hcivc  rhese
Canadian   Rand   (',,#,���,',    Products,   YoUf   MotOf
Mining Machinery arid Contractor's Sup-
plies, Road Hafjidirag and Concrete        DOStl
Machinery, ' Agricultural.     Farm
and   Dairy   Supplies,   Dump   Cars   and
Wagons, Gasoline  Engines, Motor Ve- ,
hides and Trucks
OFFICE: ItirJ i.d Fsllss. KtftfJS
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t^h^'u\Ln.^^^^.        op/one, Pictures, nifty
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all   these
Sister Ship of the Fishmaid
Which Capsized only Recently Nearly Wrecked in Same
At her birth near Seal Cove
the gasoline fishing schooner old
Maid, sister vessel to ihe famous
Fishmaid which capsized off the
Alaska coast, is moored this morning after a tnmentions experience
out ill llic same place where the
Fishmaid met disaster.
Captain Dan Ross of the Old
Maid, tells of terrific weather out
there in the midst of which tin
Old Maid's engine broke flown.
Before her anxious enw working
their hardest, could make sail,
the little craft wa>- swept from
end to end by hug.  waves, and
heal, n helplessly nearer and nearer
to apparently certain wreck.
Even after sail had been made
the danger continued for against
such rough seas the little schooner
was kept manageable only i,y tin-
very Ix'st of seamanship. All
hands strove their hardest, but
at one time they came very near
taking to the dor) in a forlorn
effort tf> save their lives for they
were certain the Old Maid was
doomed. Eventually,however, the
weather abated a little, and the
vessel vv.is able to make headway.
It is possible that larger and more
powerful boats will be required
to undertake the work these hardy
little schooners have been doing
on the bleak Alaska Coast.
BailifTs^ale by Auctiolh
���r��� \
l^ndlorjSand Tenant Act
The contentvsw th* Tea Ketll.    Inn.   tables,
chsirs,  rsmrjsrcutlery, etc.. ���n  the   premises
Kridsy. June 1th. lull, at taji.o'clock.
Prince Kupert, June loth. lull. 1.11-1X4
i    r .el i  ir, i   | ��� j
Undertakers, turner Second
Avenue   and   fTixtsV  Street.
k McKae nros.
Phone r>2 fiiKlifnr day Manager j Sixth Street Phone) Raja 78
We   have
In stock.
PAID UP CAPJrfAL $260,000
-- OKr-STt   KOR SAUK ���
Townsite. Farm and Fru,t i^nj,
    Forl Gow���� Town.ite Masaett Towntite
head ���V   HM itowEK upiLuTisq, vANCouverTb:?!
''Office: Aid.rBi����k Sixth Street
iiiuttt to power (Iriven. Tenders will l** rowived
ut the Indian Otllee. Mctlakutla. H.C., Up t�� JUIW
80th. 1911, and should be ttcrunipunietl with ��� fer-
tilied chtviue for one hundred dollars which
amount will be forfeited in the event uf a withdrawal of tender. No tender received will necea-
mtrily be ucrcpted.
Indian A^ent.
Methirtmla, B.C., June 6th, 1911.
Lot 47, Ulock  34,   setitiun   1,  $4478.00,
liberal terms.
Lot 24,  lilpck  35,   stotion   1. $1975.iKl,
one-half vcash.
Lot 6, blot-It, HB, MflUon 5,  with cabin,
Two   Lots,   facing   both   Tatlow   and
Ninth, with three two-roomed esbins,
$2,000.        \ /
Lots 21 and 22,]plock SI. secUon  li,   all
stumps reniOV��.d.    $i'..'>0 ea.-h.
Lots 28 and ,''29> block   19,   section 7,
$(140 puir. \
Lot 12, blnctf 21. tektlon 7, $iin<i; $25.00
per nonts! '
Lots U to f~t, block 50, section  8.   $200
each.     /
Choose Selected investinvnls at right
prices, siicl- as these, ani, make lurger.
quicker Jlnd more certain yr.itits.
For Rent
Four-roomed HoitstV partly>urnis)ied. with lialh-
room; close in on sVmnilr; Ave., back of llorden
street.   Apply nl iVyJluH or P.O. Box 209.
2 Furnished Koorras In apUenlent house, opposite
Cltipp lluildlng.lnrlisre., near McBride.    Apply on premlsea natfeen ono apd three p.in.
nenr Mcllride,
ioardlng House. :lrd
er'Jnd Ave. und Sixth
Two-roomedCabi\on FourtlLAve.
Apply J. Y CE Msn1^^���
Furniture of throe-r
Weslenhiiver lU-.oJ,
Nieely furniaheil Fi-.nt Room ip/fiew house.   Apply Mrs. Saville, Foujth A��*; near Mcllride.
Stores nnd offlci'sSJ'or MsffT Applv Dr. Mclntyr.'.
Third Ave.. phorMffr.-cp,,'.'.!.
Foi Kent-Moo
II. F. McKae
Cheechaco in Small Boat Dodges Death a Dozen Times in
Ice Jams on the River.
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
very Description of
House    furnishings.
The Big
'       Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
���fvnlUstHrie, t
.'euily Furnished Rooinjtr notsMBsW
Apply Mrs. Mullla, *Cvr M.u.- ti.   11
clone in.   HBl month.
prefer retl.
i '��� --v 1 in i.i-!ii'\J
Kooms, Thi:'
Nice Furnish'
Mlock. ulist*
Mrs.    Bower. Somerset
venue,  between  Seventh   and
pply Mm. Kfrby. Ald-r
Thjnl Ave.        \\~-\U \
Nict', elenn. bkiKhUBratfide rooms
(ith Ave.. neiiVFulton.
sUt��>ojsjC   AI
NttM funUttod -^ESUsVVh
Apply Drt-vel Ht>rtfnTiiK H'
Help Wanted
Hulk ley llloek '
or for BOWMtlMpillfl
mse.   a!nd   Ave,   neitt
Mny :t-lmo
Little reulisijiK the danger of
following the Ice jams on the
Yukon a Cheechaco named Prank
Ganley readied Dawson in u snutii
boat after hair raising adventures,
He was warned by sourdoughs ii,,|
to attempt ii but made the risk,
"Were 1 not a chcechatu," he
says. "I never would have made
that run. A sourdough knows
better. 1 might have stopped once
I got underway, but I am not that
kind, So it was that 1 went
through swirling water, under over-
hanging shelves of ice and amid
llocs of dancing ice that now m.tkt -
my hair want to get on the perpendicular every time 1 think of ii.
"My most thrilling experience
was when the boat was drawn to
one side, -anti shot quickly under a
huge shelf of ice. As she plunged
into that cavernous passage I
said to myself, 'Good-bye,1 but at
! luck would have it, the channel
was large enough for the boat, and
I she ran through."
Ganley is endeavoring to get
his nerves back to their oltl tension,
and declares that he would not
make the run again for $10.(HHI .,
mile In some spots he would not
repeat the stunt for all the gold
that can In- piled up in the Klondike.
toot House.
In atiire.
I'llUNE 100
2nd Ave. and Urd St.
ith this.     Patronize a Sdiite
While.labor only at
A g.ssl sensible woman hto do
work 111 store.    Applyulo
.tiler work snd
���-���+   lin away jfm
a.tt   ! lau^hy
" Piogeer Laundry. Phone 118
Ntnettfti yiniiie me it I
Hulkley Hl.svk. otWt
Wnntetl-iVHiicuud men l
Cull room B,  Kniprtt)
eoiy  rooms fn the
tlw Order of Owls.
lutel.    t.   F.  Miullem.
Just Planned for New Westminster and Will Go Up Immediately.
l'rlvaU* /Hoard  by   the week  or m
euokiipv a specialty.   M\ss  I
Brings   Floral   Spoil   from   the
Queen Charlotte Islands
Rev. Father Hurttnnn returned
vtsiiiil.iv   from the Queen Charlotte Islands where he has been
officiating   for   some   time.     He
came burdened with many nourishing  flower   plants,  and   strawberry mot;, which he inti nds planting about his residence lure.    By
the height  of summer he expects
to have a regular little paradise I ^%S��fft
of   growing    flowers   about    him ' .>~~.-��-.-,
Speaking of conditions out at the I
Islands,  Father  Hantaan   told  of j f
excellent   prospects for  the  pre-
emptors who have cleared some
of   their   land.      The   Weather   at
Boarders Wanted       (
  A magnificent Liberal Club bail-
Commencement  Made Today,  'ling will In- erected at the junction
A  few l-osy   homelike   nstufS  cheap   to
... in. 1-.    King tteorge Jfolcl. 2nd Aven
J in-u-
11..in.- etcaasas meiils ntul nicely^Qrnl.hed rooms
for three llllnlllk AliphaHttrs. J.im. -, Sc��>ll
Hldg., 3rd Ave., luHseeeHTth and Mh Sts.   s.Vlf
leeson, 3rd
eisikiiag a specialty.   MVss  K ISiawajsjSOa. 3rd
Ave..p.-tween 7th and 8tfi��larTphon��-171. hll-tf
Real Estate
Nineteen young men wanted
cd In the Uulkley K,
nl cosy furnish-
Ave., near Fullun.
For Sale-Two choice tractsJjkUet Vslle) ; eight
dollars an a.re.    II   I . laetTT. A i   ��� 12o-tf
meslte on I'ark; S2.VI cash.
For Sale
I llefore buying your
.....:.....i. M, li, '
1    from 114.
Men Themselves Taking Active Share in the Work.
sVuuxJU. Ji. Wask a Co., 3rd A
the Islands has been a little cloudy
recently, and  in  fact, Prince  Ru-  i,ka.sf. fok sale-vasc of the promises on
,       ��� .    , , Third Ave. now oeaefplod by the Douglas Cafe,
ltrl   BCCmS   On    tilt'   WhOlC   tO   have      cheap.   Aak UnetoJerrV^ 132-tf
VI.I;���Columbia Itestau-
r-.-l business.   Part-
cheap.     Ask t[nc)c
had more sunshine.   Father Han- restauranttoi
i i i       i   .     t, rant on Third Av<
man was welcomed back to Kupert     tes going souti"
by many friends as he landed from '
the Prince Allien.
Generally Overhauled and with
Big New Ten Ton Crane Fitted to Tend Buoys.
Soon after the steamer Quadra,
of the marine and fisheries department, is out of the hands of the
B. C. Marine Railway she will
arrive in Rupert on her way to
recharge a large number of buoys.
It is understood that it will be
several weeks before the vessel
is again ready for service as she
is having extensive repairs made
to her hull. She is being given a
general overhauling and when llic
work is completed will be in the
best possible shape.
On her forward deck a big ten-
ton winch has been Installed which
will enable tilt; steamer to handle
the large buoys with greater ease
than before. Improvements are
being made all over the vessel
and she will be praclcially a new
ship when  released by  Bullen'a,
She will have a busy season's
work and for this reason the
department are making all necessary alterations which will result
in her speedy dispatch of all work
Alt klnilsof (^orujstmnd goods b
F. M. Crosby^'rlnnl Ave., belw.
Ask I ..
laiught nnd sold.
��� ���on 7lh and Sth
A  Hail   has been  made  by  tin-
Longshoremen of Prince Rupert
upon tlnir new hall. Owing to
the edict's having gone forth from
the ('.. T. P. authorities that the
reserve must be vacated by all
tenants of buildings tht re, the
hall used by the Longshoremen
until row, is no longer available.
and will In- pulled down.
Plans for a fine two storey
building with basement have been
secured by the Longshoremen, and
they Intend making their new hall
one of the roomiest places of
assembly in Prince Rupert.   Work
" the
erection of the structure. The
men themselves are taking an
active part in the building, and
guarantee thorough workmanship
intending ihe hall 10 reflect credit
on them, and on their union.
e or llsnge see A. J. .
Fifth Ave.     Cpukatuvrs    )i;|S   flOW   COtUlllenCttl   Oil    l'l
aration of the foundation, an<
f Clarkson, Begbic and Lorne
streets, New Westminster, in the
immediate future.
The building is to serve the
Westminster federal riding and
will be a steel eight storey block
costing about $150,(MKr.
On the ground Moor will l��
stores and offices, on the firsi
tloor will be a splendid club h.ill
and   rooms,  the  hull  seating  500
|H-rsons, and the remaining ll -
will be reserved for offices.
The name of the club will be
"The Westminster District N.i-
lional Liberal Club," and J. II
Diamond is secretary pro tern.
RiK-he and O'DelLwnnts to see  .      ���. ... ... ,,.       ,
everybody  ir, JPrfn^e  Rupert in;}      Situations Wanted j Fire   Insurance
their new Cirfar Store in Kelly's!+'~~~~~�����������������-~~���"~ei. +
basenietrf'diofll  rOO>��J   Hf>lir(>l'<Uin l<'^ reliable woman doslrosjiosttt.oi,, Thorough-   TIIK nrlll.h Union and Nstlpsarl Fir.
OaSCIIlCJeT   ipotll  lOOmj   IILI^tlSOIl,     |y experienced ti hotel w*sTor would like small       Compt,y ���f  LontjgulHBud,   w
BlOflsC ""  ��� I     KSffiH     ,",0lw'"!j!efl!r     l "'"""I ,Jj   work. I    of |2.?
ly II.
A. pVojssrTTmce.
ith    cstiitat
us for rales.     The Mack
toirnnce Compsnv. 7ll-tf
We must close out this stock of Furniture in two weeks time.    A chance
to buy first class Furniture at practically your  own   prices.    :   :   :
Dlnine Room Chairs, auartered oak, polished,
leather pad seat, 5 plain chairs and
1 arm  chair,   worth  $46.00,   now   f>OC
only     sj)awd
Dining Chairs, itood  designs,   hardwood,   oal:   finish,   regular  $1.35,    Ail ���
Chiffonier   with  5 drawers,   English   Bevel
Plate Mirror, Quarter sawed
Golden  Oak,  regular  value    <f*0 0   |*A
Mahogany   Dining  Room  Suite; 1 tound top
extension table, B plain chairs, 1 arm chair,
very handsome btilTett;   regular
value   $181.60.      Will   sell  this * tor
2  only   Brass   Beds,   regular  value    (10
Buffet in quartered  oak,  Mission   finish,    regular   value    ��07   Cft
Countless bargains in Beds, Bedding, Mattressess, Springs, Dressers,
Tables,  Carpets and all kinds  of  House  Furnishings.    :   :   :   :
=   No Reasonable Offer Refused
Estate of The Brin   Furniture Co.   ==
- ail.,.r..s,,v,,lfoi ladies.
High Pressure Boilers to be
Fitted in Fall Giving Her a
Twenty Knot Speed Unrivalled on Coast.
Extensive alterations and improvements arc soon to Ik- rfiadc
to ihe Grand Trunk Pacific steamer Prince Kti|K-rt. These will
Include the equipping of the vessel
with new high pressure boilers
which will give the Kuiicrl a speed
of twenty knots, and which will
render her one of the speediest
boats on the coast.
11   is  not   expected   that   these
alterations will be made until the
an 1 limn,   when    the   semi-weekly
schedule is discontinued. At present both steamers are handling
much freight and many passengers
over the Prince Kupert route, and
ll is not likely that she will be
laid up now. The Prince Steamers
are given a three months' overhauling {��� tUm during the winter
months, and it is expected that
during that time the Improvements will be made.
For some time the boilers on
the Rupert have been giving B
little trouble, but when the new
Steam producers are installed she
will be the fastest steamer plying
"'it   "f   this   port.     The   Prince
George is not to undergo the same
Change as her engines have not
given any trouble.
Organ Opening Concert
In the Baptist (Jisjrrrch, Thursday, June lothvflfslXp.m. Solos on ne/wxorgan, vocltLjolos,
readings, etc; excellent program-
Tickets 50c. John E. Davey>
Organist and Choirmaster.
131-137 THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
WEEKLY, $2.00 per year. Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTIS1NG-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New YoRK-Nationul NtWipapsi Bureau, 21�� East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle   Pugst Sound News Co.
London, BNOLAND-Ths Oloughor Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
"The newspaper, with the law, should assume tin- accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience."-Henry Wattcrson.
Daily Edition.
Thursday, June 15
Just as charity begins at home, so does patriotism. The best
kind of patriotism is civic patriotism. Not the kind that believes
in indiscriminate "boosting" of everything and everybody connected
with the city, without regard to truth and justice. That is as cheap
and misleading as indiscriminate flag-waving and llag worship.
Real patriotism means service, plus unselfishness. Where it is
plentifully found, a happy and prosperous community thrives. Where
it is not four..I, communities are not happy and rarely prosperous. The
business of a city requires and is responsive to skilled attention just
as ,i private business. Without civic patriotism, that skilled attention
is not unselfishly bestowed.
A couple of years ago, Boston, a city famous for its culture, woke
up to the fact that civic patriotism was lacking. Conditions around
its City 11.ill becami intolerable. Finally the leading commercial
and civic organisations forced the Mayor to nominate a body of
representative men of ihe highest ability -the Finance Commission
to probe his administration. These- seven men gave freely of their
time and experience working without pay for fourteen months. The
astounding disclosures of iliis hotly of experts aroused the civic consciousness 1.1 Boston -uid united the citi/ens for better government.
Not only did the Finance Committee point to the evils. They
did constructive work. They drafted a new city charter for Boston.
The) made reforms in the civic laws so sweeping and drastic that the
jii. iessior.il politicians gas'H-d with amazement. Within a year's
lime they achieved the federation of forty different associations, each
of which is devoted to some trade, professional or public interest.
They engaged (or the first time in the history of that city,a skilled
railroad traffic manager of the highest standing, to work solely in
the interests of Boston and New England. They upset unreasonable
and outrageous advances in express rates, which were restricting the
markets and industries of Boston and New England.
They secured an appropriation of SLcUMI.imhi for new customs
houses suited to the requirements of the gnat |>ort. They agitated
the Federal t ���overnment on the question of forest reserves, and secureel
I. ^Nation to protect the New England forests. They secured legislation
to erect a High School of Commerce.
Tin- Finance Committee- of Boston have rescued the City Hall
from the lioodhrs and grafters. They have made it the centre of
clean and enterprising civic government. They have done more.
They have ���* t an example of public spirit and of civic patriotism
that other communities might follow.
It is idle to blame "the people" for misrule. Every citizen is
one of "the people," a joint sharer in the success or failure of his C ty.
John McGrath is Developing
Molybdenum on Claim at
Observatory Inlet.
Mr. John McGrath, the well
known mining prospector, and the
original locator of the Portland
Canal mine, is now engaged in
the development of a deposit of
molybdenum-, a rare metal which
is used for hardening armor plate.
The properly is located on Alice
Ann of Observatory Inlet, about a
mile from salt water, and is the
only known deposit of this metal
on the Pacific Coast of America.
Mr. McGrath has done five years
of development on it, and has
recently made an arrangement
with the firm of Atpans & Krool of
San Francisco to begin shipments.
"It's too bad that all the metal
should go to the United States,"
said Mr. McGrath, "but there is
a market for it in the United
States and none here, so what
can you do?"
Collier's Weekly!
Land laws that have made the Irishman contented; tax laws
that look to making a rich, storied, and fertile island a paradise for
the sm.ill farmer; the suffrage for women who have property enough
to give tluir votes weight; old-age pensions that run into a hundred
million ol dollars; uckness, disability and unemployment insurant
ior laboring nun aid women, that will .ost fifty millions! Wlm were
tin alirui-is that ilid ihi-' No altruists at all just the usual bunch
of voi. ~.kii k (���< ini. i.uis takii y, advantage of the world-wide movement for a fairer distribution of wealth, iggi-d on by a Chancellor
of the Exchequer who had synip.ilhv for the under dog. What was
the chancellor? A rirh man, with a taste for philanthropy at the
publi. . \(�� ��� .��� N.. .. lawyer. .. little W.-lh solicitor, who had
worked up out ol the rink and km w v.li.i< it was to Im- poor. A lawyer'
Why, we tie-unlit to find the lawyers where tin- money was. Not!
are ��� - This lawyer had .. heart and a tongue of fire for something
lieii.r. What republn writes these wonderful, compassionate things
or, it- si.,tun- looks' What rjemocrac; thus keeps iis solemn pledge
to govern for tin- people? \>i rcpublii unless you s|M-ak of it as a
crowned one. Neither a republic nor a democracy, if you regard for
both, If you r. K..rd spirit. To be accurate, a monarchy, with a hereditary
House of Lords and all the trimming-.    Name, please.   Why England.
Two Men out Staking Claims
on G. T. P. Line Near Fort
The first  find  of precious minerals has been made along the line j
of  the Grand  Trunk  Pacific  east
of Fori George,   Silver has been
discovered in Jasper Park.
Sandy Johnson and Harry Willis- j
croft are now on their way to the
big Dominion reservation, armed
with government |H-nniis to stake
their claims for the mining of
precious minerals.
According to the story of these
men, who have been working in
the construction camps along the
line of the Grand Trunk Pacific,
they started some little time ago
to prospect through the country
along the line of the railway
Finally, one Sunday, while the
grade was being pushed through
Jas|K-r Park, they stumbled upon
rock that looked as though it
would be worth taking away.
Closer examination led the men
to believe that the simples that
they chipped off contained very
rich quantities of almost pure
Johnson and Williscrofl kept
their mouths tightly sealed as to
where they had found the silv.r.
They declares;! they were not looking for any partners in their
enterprise. They went Io the j
land office and there secured the
necessary permit that gave them
the right to prospect for precious
minerals on government land.
Jasper Park is a pretty large
place and just where these men
have made their find is unknown.
As to whether the silver will be
found in paying quantities is a
mallir thai time will decide. But
Johnson and Williscrofl are both
confident that their fortunes are
J. T. Donaldson Sues for Damages Caused by Fall in January Off Sidewalk.
office   :    :
Before Judge Young in die
County Court this morning the
case of Donaldson vs. City opened.
Donaldson sues for damages caused
by a fall off the sidewalk al
Seventh street and Second avenue.
City Clerk Woods have evidence
regardi/ig the locality for the city,
and Alderman Hilditch, chairman
of the streets committee is a
witness. C. F. Keller, Dr. Cade,
A. J. Dann and Jesse Ford are
witnesses for the plaintiff, Ihe
case for the city is in the hands
of C. V. Bennett, and L, W,
Patmore appears for plaintiff, Al
noon today evidence was being
Famous Playwright s Only Daughter Passes Away in Colorado.
Colorado Springs, < 'olo., Jim. 14.
��� Mrs. William Elliott, only daughter of David Bel..sco. ihe New
York theatrical manager, died lure
today. Death Was due to tuber
culosis of the bowels Mrs. Elliott
was married but little more than a
This Recruit Had Objections to
Brushing His Teeth
Washington, Jure 15. Charles
I). Evans, a recruit, was dishonorably   discharged   from   the
army aid sentenced to two v. ars'
hard labor for refusing to have
his teeth filled 01 d cleaned as
ordered by his sup riot officer.
The sentence was approved liv
ihe chief of the stalT.
1      ,;,or all kinds of help, cooks,
j waiters, dishwashers, hotel por-
( ters, all kinds of laborers or me-
I chanics, call up
I Phone No. 178
{ or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Building Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blackamith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
'hone No. 200 P. 0. Box 5S0
, ,   Carries complete stock of Drugs.   Speeisl   ,,
, ,      Attention paid to tilling prescriptions.      ��� ,
'. '��� Theatre Block Pawn n... n Second Ave. '���
��� .���������+++++���++++++++���+++++���+
described landa: ���i,���.������i ., u pout at the
Sffi the �� w��t HI chains, thence south 10
ch! u ten��� Met 10 chuliw. thence south SO
;h��h*t��TotalXu���m,.noe,noul. euilluini... HO
Tub. May 111.
'tiESf* a r. l^amed .bout ,tw��� miles
���outh ol Iho forks ol the wait
llioncu north  SO chain".
Duuict-Walricl ol Coast Run I
o that I, Clara May utile ol friM��
���' occupation spinster, Intsoff Jo
 j and Flat rlvore,
liit'iieu oust  oU chaina,
Dated April 18, lull,
l'uh. Mu It,
l-'rancis S. Preston, Alien!
Bkaans Land District -District ol Caasiar
TakeTotice "hat I, Chsrta L. D.-lgrovoof stew-
art II. 0, occupation prospector, lulend   o apul)
tor iiorinUatuti to purchase the following doacnuod
'""'ommencinit at a post planted about all milea
suulli and one mile weal ol the (orka of the VV hlle
and V at rivers, thsnoa aouth 60 chains, thence
"eat 80 chains, thence north BO chains, thence weal
DatartAurl 10. mil. CHARLES DELUROVE
Pub"liu io ���'rands S. Prealon, Atom
f, Rochester t\
,p   * Monroe
l     ''Coal
\<   Phonems
BkHU Land District  -District, of Coast lUngo 6
Tuky notice tint I, J. Harold McKum o( PtlBM
Kuiiurt, H. t;., uccuua.u.i blackaiii lb, liuumi to
hii>-   I*  ptnoBoi  to  purchase*   ihe   [0U0WlD|
"J umineiieitii; at a pOft planted about throe and
one half milt* d atMrt In a aouth wualorly direction
from a blind slough from Observatory Inlet where
the aamo toucliua the Ind an lleaerve, thenco weal
Ml chain*, thi'iic* aouth ol) elm iw, thenco wist bU
chains tMOOa north 60 elm na to po nt of commencement, i.vnlaining tilt) acre* more or loss.
iJau-d Apr I li. lyil.       J. HAROLD McKKAN
Skivi... Und District -District of Caaalar
Take   nutice   that   1,   Thomas   Mac|[ovurn   at
Stewart, U. On occutialion miner.inteild to apply
lur |i.ni i to purchasu the following doaenbod
land*: .     .._..
Cummancing at a poal planunl on the right
bunk oJ ' ������" Naaa hver about (our mllea above ihe
forks o( the Naaa rmr, thencti aoulh bU chains,
tlivncu weal hi) chains, thence north Oil chum*,
Uieiicv e*��l M> chains to point of commencement,
cunuimiig t>*U ��civa more or least. 	
ltii.i March 26, IU1I. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
I'ub. May 17.
SkMna Und DltUlct ��� Diatrict of Ciaaiar
Taka notice thai  William   Krvderick  tamaron
of  I ni o-   Jiui i-rt,   1'    Gm occupation  carpentur.
ntenda u> apply for pwmiaaion to purchaae the
foll.'wing aaaeribad lamia-
t ommvncltig  at  a   poat   planted   about   thraa
mi.. * auuth of tha turlui of the u hit* and  Klat
rivara, tbance aouth  M)  chaina,   thvnca  weal   hu
chaitia,  thence  north  bU chaina,   theuctt vtut  hU
wii i.iwi riUtDBtUCK CAUKRON
Dated April lb, r.'li
I'ub. .May VS. Krancla S. I'rraton, Agent
Skvena Ui.-I Diatrict Duinrt of t'oaal Itange 6
lake nutic* that 1. Uuctilan John Shanahan of
Vktona. ti Cf occupation lamcher, inteinl tu
apply lot permtasion to purchaav tha fuilu��uig
d.w*-nlx��l  Ulids
t ummencing at a port planted ���> ��� chaina aouth
from the aoutheart rurner of Lot UUbU, thenco U-
Chaitia aouth, thence AU cluiit.s Wft, thencv in
��� i...if.* north, thence 4U chaina ett*l to point ol
com men cement, containing lot! acno more or haas>
Llated April 17, l'.-ll
Pub  May 6.
.'.ki'Mim Und
Take notice
Rupert,   Bt   0i|  -���-i i ��..-!,
apply for parmliaion to purchtoiu ino
doucrlbed landa:
Commuiicing at a pout pluntud ut chu n.irui
wuat corner of Lot 17il6, lUngu 5, Count UUtrlot
uiem-e uuat 40 chaina. thunco north iii olmina
Uienou wuHt Ul chain thunce north .M ,-,-,,
thenco wuat 10 chimin, thunce aouth 4o chiuiis u>
point of common com ant, containing \l'i MWt
muiu or lens.
Dated April 4, 1011. CLARA MAY LIT'IU'
Pub. April 16.
Skoenn Und Dimricl -District of Cuaat l;.,.. g
Take notico that Mary lioaton tiiuiei ii., . ut
Victoria, 1). C, occupallon houaekoupLT, lltiaodi
tu up|ily fur permiaaion tu purctmao tin- [oUowtiu
doaenbed landa:
Communcing at a poat planted at the (..-,.���,,..,
corner ol Lot UUti. Range ���>. Coaat Diairiut.uai^-u
mi chains aouth Lhunce 40 chulna euat, thnea kU
chains north, thence 4U chaina wuat to noUM ut
ommencoment, containing 320 acros more in i,��4
Dated April 17, lull.
Pub. May a.
Skuuna Und District���Dlitrlet of Coui
Tuke uoiico that Krud  W. iiuhlor ol tviuu'ti-
kuium, occupauon farmer, lutunds to a; -, >..   (or
puritiutition  to   purchoik)  tuo  lullowing djaoribad
Cuminunclng ut a pudl planted ui itui n.��r. i-
easi coruur ol A. AlcLuud's pro-uinption, tnwoi
20 chuitu aouth, thunce 10 chaina uasi, Uiunw jj
chains nurlh, tnunou 10 chaiiu wsui to |n��u gj
comtneiicomont cunluinlng JO ucrod more or luu.
Dated April 10, l:tl I. KillKi utlt' il W. Ii,i tii. .
I'uii. Aprd --. Krod Hampton, r\gnt
Skeuna Und District���District of Coast lUtigu j
'lako notico tlui 1, Frank Hicka u( Pun r,.-
aingtoii, uccupatioii merchant, intund to ippl)
lor permission , o purchase the following a. v .. ��� ,
Commencing at a post planted on the south
bunk of the tixcbumsika Hivur and about luur
milus from its coutluenco with the Skeena Rlw,
ihenco oO chuiiu wesi, theiico 60 chums lurtri,
iheiico ttO chums east, thenco south so eaalM
to j'.'ini of comiuuncemeut, containing ulu Mrai
more or leaa.
Dated April IL, l'.u I. FRANK HICKS
Pub. April .'���'���������
Skeona Und District���Diatrict of Coast
Taka nouco that WUIiaui Mclavish ol  >...
vor, II- C. occupation physician, intends to aH>iy
lur permission tu purcuaso iho lollowiug (lescrOfU
Commencing at a post planted at the souths.e*
corner, 40 chains north and 4U chains east u( u>��
northoost corner of Lot tlln, Harvey's burv��>,
���-...! District, Range &, tbenco 60 chains f*si
thenco 60 chums north, thenco 60 chains ����si,
tuenca 60 chains south tu post ol coinmi'iicvmetil
containing ���>�����" acros moro or loss.
Pub. May ti. Frvd W. Uohler, Agent
Skcooa Und District District of Coast Rai.gr |
Takv nuuee thai Uttta Mcl'avlsh ol \sncouver,
1- C, occupation married woman, intanus to
apply (or permtasion to purchase the (ulluwing
Uoscribod landa:
Commvnang at a post planted at the north-
���-������������ curuer 100 chaiiu easi and 20 chains uortn
Iruut me nortlioast corner of Lot 1116, Harve> ���
survey, Coast Dislnci.liauge o.theiice 2u chains
south, ihenco a0 chains oast, tnance HO chains
north, tnuuee 40 ciiains west, thence 60 cnaiits
aoutn, llieuco 40 ciiains wuat lo post u( comineu-
comant, couusining luu aensa more or lists.
.'.i.-i ������!-., 2, l-'ii i ��� * l lit. McTAVlSM
Pub. May 6. Fred W . Uohler. Agent
Skeena Und District -District of Coast Rang* ������
'iake noiioa mat liraca Mcfaviah, ol Vsnc.u.pt,
11. C, occupation marrtau woman, intends lo Ippljf
for permusion to purchase iho following descritMsd
Commencing al a poat planted at the aouth*ra.
corner 100 chains east and 20 chains nurtn ol
the northosst corner of Lot lllti, liarve> s Mirva/,
Coaat District, Itange u, thence 40 chains east.
thOMCe no ciiains north, inence 40 cuanu ��eat,
.Whites Portland Cement..
l...i. :, Hti.l t>. Itluck 28,
Section I.
$3000, 25 p.-r C��nt chkIi,
buiuin-i-1, 2, :i yesrt,
7 p.-r cent.
Sk.��n> Und Diatrict -Diatrict ol i'a��-lar
Tskt ....in-.- that I, John L. Mitchell ol Prince
Rupert.  11.  .'., oeculMtlun  bookkev|H-r. Intend  to   thence M) cltaiua aoulh to ;-o-l
appl>   for  permtselon  lo  purchaae  the  (ollowlns , eonutn.ns J-o acre* mure or haaa.
deaenbed I.in. tilled May i, I .11 .,:, V.  I.   M,-. V    .
I uinmenctns at s |k��i planted about (6) live   Pub. May b. 1 r.-l VV. Uublar, Altai
j mile, aoulh and (1) one mlie e.��sl of the forks ol'
I the White and Hat men., II.. no- north -u chaina ' ���   .. - .      . .���.lrt���     n,.,.,-, ���, -���������
, lle-nce  e,.,   fU  Chan,.,   thenca  aoulh   SO  chain..!      r'^    ,        ,,   M    ,",    ,        ll     ,T1   o
thence sr.1 su chain* lake   nouoo   that   1,   t.harUa.   M.   Knouar  o
UatSd April la, lull. JOHN  L. M1TCIIKLI., !'���������  Kuaafl. II. C. octupalmn farmer, ...tend
Pub May It Franca s. Prealrn. ,V��.ul > ',0 H*f, l1��' "���'"������""a lo purchaae the lollo.m,
, ueacrilM-u lanua:
t ii'timenang at a poat planted about (3) thnw
milt�� woat ol IL'* lortui M
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Skeona Und District    District of Caasiar
Take notice that I t-rar.ru> >, Prwtoh of Prince
Rupert. II. t... iKTupattun ptuttpoctort intrnd tt
ap|il> fur |>eriiiHs>iun to purchase the following
ihsarnliil lands:
i iitnti.enring at a poat planted about three
mitea taunth and two miin west o( the forka ol
the Wi.it*. and Flat riven, thrnce south no chains
thence  east   Mi  chains,   thencv   i.urth   mj  chains,   .skeena Und District     Duirici o   Coast Range 4
thence snt Ml chains. lake not ce that .Murdt��ck McRae o( Vancuu.cf
Dated April 20, Ivll.     FRANCIS S. PRESTON    II.   C,   occupation roal ostau broker, Intenda to
mUos auutb and i
Whit* river and Mat river, thenco south P0 chains,
ti- in*   woat  60 dialoa,  llwnca  oortb  bU chaina,
thence east bU chains.
Dated April 20, IJ11        C1.ARLLS M. KKUL'BE
Pub. Mt) l.i. Fraocia S. Preston, Agtnt
4 A!ie>s. ." Tahlos. A kthsI oxer-
riM> A --Ifan ���(���.art. Ltvlit*�� every
afternmn. Nrwman Hlurk, b*>
tween tith and Tth Sla.
TRD M'.tiKiH.is,     pr. ].rn t-T and Manaatrr
The Daily News
Famous    Presbyterian    Divine
Pastes   Away   in   Bt > -klyn
New York, June 14���The Rev.
Arthur Tappon Pii-rson, the rirti-
neiit PnsliVtcrian clergyman and
author, died at his residence in
Brooklyn yesterday morning.
Dr. Pierson was pastor of Sptir-
geon's Tabernacle, London, for
two years, and returned a few
weeks ago from a missionary tour
through Japan, Korea, and the
Hawaiian Islands. He was horn
in this city on March 6, 1837.
FraM-r and Fifth Si root. The only hotel
In town with not and cold water In rimma.
Beal furnished botttt north nf Vancouver.
I:-, n - 6nc up.    Phone 87; P.O. I      129.
i in���;���>-mmi  .-. i ���  miii      ���      Proprietors
===E.   EBY   <&   Co.===
KiUumkalum Lnnd For Sale
M IM Ml, .M  M ��� ti.  C.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Slaam Haatad Rooms
P.O. BOX 37
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Ilvlgerson lllock
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
Mitt Mary Mannering Hat Married a Wealthy Detroit Man
Detroit, June 14.���By her marriage to Frederick K. Wadsworth,
the wealthy Detroit chili man and
lioatmaker, Miss Mary Mannering,
the actrcBs, will renounce the
Stage following the end of her
contract with the Schubcrts, which
has twenty-five weeks yet to run.
a<rr.��t.i��Hsi> IKH
Undertakers, corner Second
Avenue   and    Sixth   Street.
GerS!K" ?S*l*J L'=��risod Etnbalmer,
Phone 62 night or day Manager
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prince   Rupert Lorlire. No. 31", Sons of
England, meets the drat anil third Tuesdays  In
��ach in.mi I, In the Carpenters Hall, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. 0. Boa 812. Prinee Ruperl
Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean Whits Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN, Pre��rleloe
Lunch and Moala at alt houra; Lunch 15c,
Meala 26c op-Orm* and Hoe
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals II Newspapen
>0 CARTAGE and
<.. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly filled.   Price, reamonsble.
OFFICE- It. B. Rochester. Centre SL     Phone SS.
j       English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SSCOND AVE
I'ub May It
; apply for jtejmueJun i .<
UterlllM-d Isnda:
tae tulle.ina
1. ununendng al s boat plaoled ob .lie mU.Ii
beak ol Esrbumalas river about live mllea from
t.  roi.ilu.i.ce with toe Skeena river, thence
saeeoa Land DUlrict���Diatrict ol Coaat Hangs b
Taka aot e* that I. Joe Jack of Prices II. p.n.
II   . .. occupsllon rariwnler. Inland lo apply (or ,   ,
l��mlaalon   lo   purchaae   the   (ollo.i-ig   J.��ctlbed c'������"��   ��"*.   lk""��  *>  ��h"M   n""'1'  )*'���*'  J!
rf! ,!. chaina  .-est,  thence  III chains  north,  thence U
Commencing al a post planted about lhtca.and <'h��ln* ���**'���  lh,nc" .-u ��n��",��� ""ft lh""x, *",
one-hall mllea .n.i.ni in a aoulh .esterly dln-ction ch*'��* <Ml- Ul0nc" 4U cb"lM ���oulh '" P""", "'
Iron, a blind slough Iron, observatory Inlet where tonimcnccmenl. contslnlng Jio acres mora OJ Wm
the ssme louche. II.. Indlsn lle��rr.s I hence eaal Dated April SI, Mil.            Ml/KDOCK Mcll.VK
Ml chs na. thence  ��,ilh SU chaina, lhence arastau
chains, thence south otl chain. U. point of com-
m..,.cprnenl, containing 140 sere* mere or lesa.
Dated April 14, r.-l I J.il. JACK
Pub. May It.
I'ub. May I.;.
Skeens !.and Dl.i.lcl ���District of Csaaiar
Tska  notice  that   I,   l.aac  O'Brien  Furbss ol
Prince Kupert, B. C, occupsllon carpunl.T, tntand
to spply for permbalon to purchsso the following
Skeena Land District --District of Coast Itange t>   described lands:
Tska notice that 1. BeU Hall Ksnncy of Vsr- Commencing st a post plsntod sbout ft�� miles-
mouth, Novs Sculls, occupsllon married woman *��u"> ""' <>"" mils west of the forks ol IhsVVhile
Intend lo spply for permission to purchase the kud I ut rivers, thsnes north an chslns. thence
following described lands; , "sat BU chaina, thence aouth  Ml chains, thence
Commencing si s post planted st north east 1 ?**' ho chains,
corner ut T. L tail ja:.:-., thence running west III !   'at.-d April 18. Illll. ISAAC O'llltlEN PtIKIII  ���
nlng t
ckslns, thence north 80 chains, thence esst 4U
chslns, thence south SO chslns to place of commencement containing -Uu serve mors or ksss.
My |....i Is on south cast corner of lend spplie-l
tor, nisrked letters ti. 1.. about one mils ��..i uf
Lake Lakeba?, south side of Skvens liver District
of t'osal Itange 6.
Dated April VI, IBIl.      BELL MALL KI.NM.V
Pub. May 13. John llavcrty, Agent
Skeens Und District -District of Ceasier
Take nutice that  I, Jamas   Dutilop of  Prince
K.,|.7t.   B.  C, occupsllon   taamater,  intend  lo
spply  fur iN-rmlation to purchsso Iho following
described lends:
Commencing st s post planted about two miles
south ut the forks of the Whits and Flat rivers,
thsnes north su chslns, thence west 80 chains,
thence south Ml chslns, thence east 80 chslns.
listed AprU IB, mi. JAMES HI M.ti,
Pub. May U- Francis S. Preston, Agent
Coast lUngs t Und District
Tsks   notice  that  1,  John   Hepburn  of   Kit-
aumkalum,   occupation farmer.  Inton 1  to apply
for permission to purchase the tollowng describe.1
Commencing st a post planted al the northaart
corner of Lot 111183, thence east 'JO chslns, thence
south 40 chsins, thence wast 20 chsns, thence
north 40 chsins to ptscs ol commencement.
Dated March 18, lull. JOHN  111.I'll! UN
Pub April lo.
Puli. May U.
Francis h. Preston. Agent
Skeens Und District -District of Coast
Taka notice thst lilsnn McArthur uf Vsnoouvsr,
B. C, uccupstion real   estate sgsnt intends t��
spply  fur  iwrmlaslun to purchase the following
deacrllied lands:
Cummencng at a poet planted 40 chsins wTst
and 60 chsins south of ttis southwest corner ol
Lot No. i ,.,.i msrkcd iii.-mi McArthurs northwest corner, thence south 40 chains, thsnes ssi-t
mi chsins, thence north 40 Ciiains, thsnes west
80 chslns to |>o*t of commencement, containing
320 acree more or leas.
Deled March 20, Ivll.       GLENN McAllTHl'H
Pub. April 1 a, T. U. Laird. Agent
Skeens Und District-District of Coast hsngi- .'>
Coast District
Tske notice thst Wm. Uslle of Sspperton. B.C.
occupsllon Government Guard, intends lo apply
for |,.-tmissi..n to purchsso the following described lends:
Commencing al a post planted 40 chslna west
sn.1 ll>, chains aoulh of the southwest corner of let
Jj"'.'���"��� rsngu :, coastdistnet,marked Wm.Italic.
N.V.. con.-r, ihcnce sooth 4n tli.i.n.. thence caal
Hi chains, thence north 411 chaina. thence weat KU
chain, to post ,,f commencement, containing 320
acre, more or less.
,.      , ,. T. D. Land, Agent
Dstol March anth. 1911
Pub. April 211th, lull
Skeens Und DUlrict���District of Cossl Hangs 6
Tske notice thst Henry  Macartney of Prince .
Kupert, II. c , occupsUon miner, intends to spply , Skeens Und .VfUtrict���DUtrict of Queen Clisrlolle
for permasrion to purchase the following described | lalanda
lands: I ��� Take nollos that Qso. IL Uui ol Princs Rupert,
Commencing st s post plsnted on the south
side of Eschumeiks lUver, about 2 1-2 mllea Irom
its confluence with the Skeens Itiver and about
1-2 miles weat from Exchumaika rapiiU, thence NO
ciiains north, thsnes 40 chsins esst, thence 40
Chsins south, thence 40 chsins west lo puint o
commencement, containing 320 acres more or
I." Post msrksd 11 M S.W. cur."
Dsted April 22, lull. Ilt.suv MACARTNEY
Pub. April 29.
Skeens Und DUtrict���DUtrlct of CsasUr
Taks notice thst I,  Mary  Carin of Stswart,
B. C, occunstion msrrle.1 women, intend to spply
for la-rrnission to purchase the following descrilvd
Commencing at s post plsnted two (2) mile,
south an.I (2) two miles west ol the forks ut the
White snd I 1st rivsrs, thence 80 chsins nurth,
thence 80 chsina irest, thence 80 chsins south,
thence 80 chsins esst.
Dai.-1 April 20, lull MARY CAHIN
Pub. May It, FrancU S. Preston, Agent
8keens Und District���DUtrlct ol Cosal
Tsks  notice thst  I,  Wtlllsm   Melville Corlev
ol   Toronto,   Unlsrlo,   occupation   clerk,   intend
to apply lor permission lo purchsae the lolluwing I
descrilied lends:
Commencing st s post planted st the northwest <
Mriier ol Lot 3035 Rang   6, Coaat District, thence '
east 60 chsins, thence north 40 chsins, thence west '
i.0  chslns  to   Hall's  lists  slough,  I hence  slong
slough southerly to point of commencement, containing 160 seres more or less.
Dated April 6. 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Skeens Und District-DUtrlct ol queen Charlotte
p- C, oecupaUon barber, Intends to spply for
PertniMinn lo purchsae the following described
Commencing at a post planted sbout seven
rnilea weil and one mile south from the mouth
ol Stanly Creek, Nsdsn llsrbor, thencs south 80
chaina, thence west 10 chaina, thence north 80
chains, thence oaat 40 chslns.
Dsled Msrch 17, 1911. OEO. H. LAUX
Pub. April 22. Nums Demsrs. Agsnt
Tsks nctlcs thst J. II. Murphy.of Vancouver,
B. C, oceupslion eommercisl trsvpiw, intends
to spnly f, - permission lo purchase the following
described    .nils:
Commsndng st s post plsnted about seven
miles woat and one mile south from the mouth
of Stsnly Creek, Naden Harbor, thence north 80
chaina, thence west 40 chsins, thence south 80
chains, thence east 40 e ins.
Dstwl Msreh 17,1��1L }. It. MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Nums Darners, Agsnt
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrict ol Csasler
Tske notice the! I, Ilrenton Jordon Moore ol
I rince Rupert, II. C, occupsllon contrsctor. Inland
to spply for permission to purchsso the following
described lends:
Commencing st s post plsnted sbout (8) three
miles south snd (2) two miles west of ths forks
of White snd Fist rivers, thence 80 chains south
thence 80 chslna west, thencs 80 chsins north,
thence m, chslns east.
Dsled April 20, 1911. FrsncU S. Preston, Agsnt
Pub. Msy 13.
Skeens Und DUtrict���DUtrict of Cssslsr
Take notice thst I, Jsmes Wsbstar Kaolin ol
Stewart, B.C., occupation    auctioneer, Inland to
spply for permission to   purchsso   ths   following
described lends:
Commencing st s post plsnted on ths right
,* , . l." "tat river about nlns mile, sbove
the [orka of the Nsaa river, thence south 80 chsins,
Ihence west 80 chains, thence north 80 ehslne,
thence esst 80 chslns to point of commsnosmsnt,
conlsinlng 640 seres more or less.
r. ._. ..     . JAMES WEBSTER ESPLIN
Data.1 March 24, 1911.  Frsnk Sldnsy Wright, Aft
Puli. Msy 17.
ISkeens Land DUtrict���District of Cssslsr
1 ske notice tl at I, Sydney Flligsrald of Stewart,
II. C., occupation cook, Intends to sppty for psr-
mhvlnn lo purchase the following described lands
t ..o........ i���g ,t , |,0,t planted sbout (Its mils
south snd one mile of the forks of Whits
and  Hat rivers, thence south  80 chslns, thencs
. -V.   F'1"1"". Ihence north  80 chslns, thsnes
esst 80 chsins.
listed April 18, 1911.   SYDNEY FITZGERALD
Pub. May 13. FrsncU S. rrsslon, Agsnt
l (..�� 1 setts THE JD'A 1 L Y    NEWS
r^Se-a^fStM �����> ItftSsS l-aa��4a-��aa.t t-Jf I ��������� I V*m* *"*S��lB
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
Urssit-a ..���^M^.s-ea.e*1^. ���^����aas}s>r-aje-
���M SSaM ����s��|s��ll^ |W 'M
������^a^a^s^r-s^jieaaa^ ***+ te��W ���J^ir��w'^fcs ����������>>, a*^-.***
Section 9
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
fttasa land llistncl��� DUtrict c( Coast Rsnge -
less satws mat Alexander Mclnlosb ol Van
tv^rt, il .'., occupallun real oalato broker
atssss 10 apply lor |>erniiaaion to purchaae the
iMuaicg   ..:.....! lands:
IMSSMClal al a post planted 40 chaina south
[run tar sou.uweat curner ot Lot UUo, thence SO
cuius soulr., tbenos 4U clialua wuat, thence HO
cu.:j BOttB, thence 40 chslns east to point ol j
HMStaant containing S2v ecrus more or loss,
Latsa April 17, lull.
I'ss. Msy 6
Sgasaa l-anil District ��� District of Csaslar
isss notice thai 1,  I'ercy  Francta Uodenrath |
at Slsasrt, 11. C, occupsllon journalist   intend to
���(,...  lor perinusiuu  lo  purcbsse   the  tolluwlng
eawnoeu landa:
nlio-iiang si s post pUtitod on the rlghl
.. . I lea .Naaa nvwr sbout seven tnilus sbuve
u* :. th, ..1 tbe Naaa river, thencu aouth SO chaina,
usee* *H* at) ctiatns, tnenos north ho cliulns.
Hear, rsst so chains lo poltll ot commencement,
saMslBias -i.O seres mora or less.
LMat Marc to, lull. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
I.:. Mm 17.
Mesne Land District���District ol Cssslsr
lass owtice llial 1, Alfred Kyle ol I'rlucs Uu-
asrt.   n.   i ,   occupation   electrician,   Intend   to
......   lot  parmiasiun  lo  purchaae  the  tulluwlug
dttcrioed lands.
tvairLsncing at a post planted about (3) three
Baas . -tu ot iho lurks ul lbs White and Flat
row., li.wi.ee SO chaina aouth, thenco SO chaina
ssm, thencs- so chaina north, thence bO chaina
Usual April IS, 1*11, AI.FKF.lle.YTl.
i -;   Msy It, Francis S. l'reaton, Agsnt
tskeaM i .....1 District���District ol Cssslsr
leae notice Ibat 1, J.o... .  Miliar Johnston ol
Kaeart, li. i , occupation storekeeper, intend to
*,; ..   I il  pvrmts.ion  to  purchase  the  following
j~.ai.-i lan<ls.
I onuueticmg at a poat plant.nl about one mile
sens Irutti the Nsas river and about nine miles
as .. ,:,.. loras uf trie Nsas river, thence north bO
���asjas, tiieoc- weat SO chaina, thenco south SO
stales, llioiice eaal SO cnaina tu point ul cotnrneoce-
���sat,.-. i.taining 610 scrus more or leas.
tailed March 14, 1*11.  Frank Sidney Wnghl, Agt
i -.  May 17.
sku-na Und DUtrict���District ol Cssslsr
Ttas notice that 1,   liertiu   Ldwla   Usdger   ol
Mswart,  II.  l_.,  oecuputlou  plumber, 'Intend   tu
lol  , - r - .���ii.ii  tu purchsso the lutlowing
ilox-ntied lantU:
. ohiiuvticing al a post planted about ono mile
i  Ho- Naaa river and about seven miles
state the lurke of the  Naas   Kiver  upstream,
ii.er.ee uurth SO chslns,  thonca  esst  SO chains,
,'utti so chains, thunco wast SO chsins to
gam  ol   commencement,   containing   010  acros
-     - leas.
' '��ii ���! Marched, lllll. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
hb. Msy If.
. land DUlrict���DUlrict of Coast Usnge 0
lake i,i.lice that 1, Lionel KUngeley ol Vuncou-
C. occupation  rntnor, inland to spply
��� I |. rinission to purchsso iho following describoii
.. oii.,nri.ciiuj at a post planted near the south-
��i��l cornet ol Lot <jji, Range 5, Coaat   District
'   �����-..   40 chaina, thence south  110 chaina,
li.encj ea*l 40 chaina, thenco north 60 chaina to
l��.it.t ol commencement.
{'.'ad March 24, Mil.       LIONEL KiNGSLEY
I ul.. April 22.
I ' Und DUlrict���DUtrlct ol Coast lUngo 6
less .-.lice that F.ldob S. Detwtlsr ol llorlio,
Wat, occupation doctor. Intends to apply (or
psrii.ouiuui to purchase the following described
Commencing at a poat planted st Iho south-
���'-'. mm ot Lot 1S2S, thenco east 31) chaina
- r. or less, thencs south 46 chslns mors or leas,
aaai uu chsins mora or less, tbenos nortb
j cl.ains ruure or less to point ot commencement
��irt..i.iiig |40 scree more or less.
listed March Is, 1*11    ELDON a DETW1LEU
��� II. AprU 16' j0hn Campbell. Agent
.-keens Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Coast Uange 6
,, ' I1" nutice that Mrs. L. C. Putnam of St
1 a.i, Minnesota, occupation married woman
i.uniui io spply for permlaslon to purchase ths
lollnwirig ilescrlbed Isnds:
t.emttienclng at, post planted at the southwest
torwr ul Lol So. 1733 marked Mrs. L. 0. Futnsm's
niriuast corner, t���onco  WB>t tl) ch^���,   tntnc,
�����it La ch,ln*   th">nM �����*  *�� cn��lrl���. thence
2hS *."���ch,lnl1 to Peet ot commencement, con
UBlHttg acres moro or less.
Dsisil March 20 11)11.      MRS. L. C. PUTNAM
1 "b. April 16. Geo, K. Putnam   Agen
��� tang Uaq DUtrlct���District of Cosst Usnge 6
"ike notce that I, John Ivan Peteraol Prince
las��' i ,*"��� ""upaton clerk. Intend to apply
,, iv"""���0" l0 Purchaae the following descr,bed
0-ionenclng at a post planted about three an
ii ���������,','.. ""stent n a aouth weatorly d rect on
"on a blind sluugh from Observstory Inlet whore
u,��,^!""^lou<;hc���   B*   Indian   Ueservo,   thence
��� ��Ti so ,c",,ln��. thence north 80 chaina, thence
creim Im' lh*"M ,outh 80 ��tasini to point o
Uslis HfflW' containing 640 seres more or less
"lb. M,y"Ja,  ���lni-       ^0UN 1VAN PETERS
���josa u���| District-District ol Coaat Rsnge 6
1-ri'n... i. ""liM" .lh" *> Charles A. Vsughsn of
to bi.,.1. .'"' ' ��� C-i uccupatlon merchant, Intend
'le'rEl la 'I"?���1""'0" t0 purchase the lollowlng
J���'"nmencing st a poat planted on tho aouth
Inn, \V. " ium��lha fllver and about four miles
H aaVu !"L"auenieej with the Skeens lllvor. thence
eh. ". l'"1' '"'ice 80 chains north, thenco 80
c.inim. *'!"' '"""ce 80 chains south to point of
l)J I i���,1':,11,-. cont"lnlng 610 seres mors or lose.
Skeens Und District     lnstncl of CsssUr
Taka notice that 1, John Robert Pacey of Prince
Rupert, H. Cm occupation cook, Intend to apply
for permssion to purchase the following described
Commencing st s post planted (2) two miles
south and 21 two miles west ol the (urka of the
White and Flat rivers, thence aoutb 60 chains,
thence osat 80 chaina, thonce north SO chaina,
thenco weat 60 cha na.
Pub. May 13. Franc s S. Prsstun. Agsn
Skeena Land DUlrict -DUlrict ol Cusst Rsnge 6
Take nut Co that I, Martha Leek, of rrlnce
Kupert, U. C, occupal un inurr -,l woman iuteau
to apply (or permission tu purchase the tolluwlng
described lands:
CommsneJng st s post plsnted sbout three snd
ono-hslf miles tlUlaul In s southwesterly direction
from s blind slough Irum ubservstury lnlui where
the saiuo touches the 1 ml sn Reserve, thence east
80 chains, thsnes south 60 chs ns, thence west s
chsins, ihsncu north So chs ns to point ol commencement, conta n ng 610 acres mors or less.
Dsted Apr I 14, Mil. MARTHA LEEK
Pub. May 13.
Skoeaa Und DUtrlct-Diatrict ol Casalar
Take   notice   thai   1,   John   L'nwtn   ol   Prince
Rupert H. C, occupatiun laborer, intend to apply
fur pormtaaion to purchase lbs following described
Commencing st s poat planted about 12) two
miles south ol tho lorks ol the While snd Fist
rivers, thencs south 60 chsins, ihence east SO
chains, thunce north SO chains, tboucs wsst bo
Datod AprU 18, Mil. JUliN L'NW'IN
Pub. May 13. Francis s. Preston, Agent
Skeens Und DUlrict���DUlrict of Csaslar
Tske r.olite that 1, Allrsd I lorry man W illiama
of  Pnnoa  Rupert,   li.  C, occupatiun  merchant
intend to apply lor permiaalon to purchase the
lollowlng described lands:
Commsnclng st s post plsnted sbout (2) two
miles south ol tbe forks ol tbe White snd H.it
rivers, thence 80 chains south, thence 60 chains
weat, thonce 80 chains north, thencs 80 chslns
Dated April 18, Mil. FrancU S. Proslon, Agsnt
Pub. May 13.
Skeons Und DUtrict -DUtrict ol CsssUr
Take notice thst 1, Charles Frederick Metes!
ot Slowsrl, 11. C, occupation freighter, Intend to
apply  fur permission  lo purchsso ths  [ullowlng
described Isnds:
Commencing at a poat planted on tho right
bank ut Lbs Naas river abuut sn miles abovs tbs
forks uf ths Nass river, Ihenco south 60 chsins,
tbunce woat 80 chaina, thunco north 80 chaina,
thence east 80 chsins tu point ot commencement,
containing 610 acros more or loss.
Dated March 26, Mil. CHARLES F. METCALF
Pub. Msy 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol Coast
Taka  notice that  I,   William  John Cerley  ol
Prince Rupert, H. C, occupation rancher, Intend
to apply lor permiaalon to purchase tho following .
described landa:
Commencing al a post plsnted at tho southwest
corner ol Lot 3068, Range 6, Coast DUtrict, ihence
south 20 chslns, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 20 chains, thsnee west 40 chains lo point
ol commencement, containing 80 acres, more or j
Dstcd April 8,1911.    WILLIAM JOHN CORLEY I
Pub. April 2*.
Skeons Land DUtrict��� DUtrict of Uuoon Chsrlotts .
Take notico thai George W. Arnott of Prlnco |
Rupert,   H.   C.   uccupsuon   real  osute   broker,
iiiu.inis lo spply lur permiaalon to purchaau the I
following described Lands:
Commencing st a post plsnted about seven
milua and ono-hslf milo west and one mile south
from tho mouth ol Stanly Crook, Naden Harbor,
tlienoe west 80 chains, thonce aouth 60 chains,
ihenco esst 80 chsins, thouce "Jfill W����jBBi^
Dstod Msrch 17, Mil. Ok-U- 3L=PS2
Pub. Aprd 22. Nulum Ue���". Agent
Skeons Und DIslrlct-DUtricl of Casjlar
Taks notice thst 1. Alice M. Knouse ot Prince
Rupert, U. C, occupsUon married woman. Intend
to apply lor permission to purchase ths lollowlng
described Isnds:
Commsnclng st a post plsnted sbout two miles
south snd two miles west ol the forks ol Whlls
snd Fist rivsrs, thence north 80 chs na, thence
east 80 chslns, thonce south 80 chslns, thence
Pub. Msy 13. FrancU S. Preston. Agent
StiklnsUnd Dlstrict-Datflct of Csaslar
Take notice thst Sydney llodgklnson of Tele-
m,* I'm*   B   C. occupation clerk, Intenda to
ESS WvStfBn to Ppurch��o th. following
dTonime,.CM1d�� at a post plsnted .bout a quarter
mlUiTth ��g Iron, Glscler Hits, and on theItM
bank ol Stlklno River, thenco east 20 chaina
thence nurth 40 chains, thonce west 20 chains.
thencs south 40 chain, to point ol commencement
and containing 80 acree mora or loss.
Dated Feb. tl, Mil. 8YDNEy ���oD0K1NSON
Pub. AprU C.A.T.rvo, Agent
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of tho ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed thut "The
Cosy Cerner" will fill a social need.
An Evening Gown Idea Worth
Many a bride who has to
economize has bemoaned the accepted fact that she cannot dress
for dinner bt cause she has no
maid in the kitchen, and must
perforce prepare and Berve the
dinner and "cleat away" afterwards.
"1 haw come to know," says
a housewife of experience, "that
a dainty evening gown of washable
muslin is not only possible, but
entirely practical from every point
of view. The short sleeves are
especially suitable for kitchen work
and the low-necked btdice is decidedly comfortable when the "lady
etitik'" stirs the soup, or bastes the
chicken over a hot fire.
The refreshment incident to the
donning of sn evening gown is not
minimized, but increased, by the
fact that it must adorn the genius
of the kitchen as well as the
hostess of the feast,
"And the appetite and enjoyment  of the host, as he views a
cool and dainty vision, instead
of an over-heated 'maid-of-.ill-
work,' is 1.irmly increased."
Extremely Convenient from Mo
ther's   Point   of   View
Among the most useful of tin
latest novelties is o baby's travelling roll. This is made up in
portable size, sonvenient to carry.
Unrolled, it reveals two pockets,
one rubber lined, for napiry. The
pocket for the fresh linen being
uppermost. On the exttrior of
the latter are smaller pockets, a
rubber-lined one for the washcloth, and others for brushes,
ptiwder box, rattle, etc.
this in a mold, then on top a thick
layer of pieces of the chicken,
free of skin and bone, and on top
another layer of tomato, When
cold and set, slice in thick slices
which will show a piece of chicken
in the centre of each. Lay on a
bed of garden cress, garnish with
Custard Potatoes
Boil one quart of sliced potatoes
in salted water with a large sprin
of parsley. The water should be
nearly evaporated when the potatoes are done, l'o not cook
so long that the r-li.cs |.i>e their
shape. Add about one pint of
milk lo cover. When hoi, add one
beaten egR niixtd with a little
cold milk. Let boil up once, then
add pepper and butter, remove the
parsley and serve.
Sweet Cream Cookies
Five cups of flour, one heaping
teaspoonful of soda, two heaping
teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar,
one teaspoonful <���( salt. Sifi all
together and stir thoroughly. Into
the mixing bowl put two cups of
sugar and two cups of thick sweet
cream, stir together and add half
of the prepared dour. Then add
the yolks of three eggs and the
white of one, well beaten flavor
with vanilla, and add enough
more of the prepared llmir to roll
softly   bake in a quick oven.
Latest is the Platinum Chain
The slender platinum chain is
fast superseding the gold one in
its use for pendants. Mountings
also are of the same metal, and the
number of designs for this most
popular ornament continue to be
on the increase. The most fashionable lean toward simplicity. In
illustration of this there is the
single pear-shaped  stone, (topaz,
Bookmakers Got Seriously Stung. Largest Amounts Ever
Paid out by British Bookies.
The largest ol the syndicates
which laid odds mi the Derby won
by Sunstar, lost more than SiilMI,-
(Hit). The Joel representative was
steadily backed all winter, opening
at 25 to 1. The day before he
galloped home in the 2,tHK) Guineas, more than ten thousand dollars was sent in mi his chances
at an average of sixteen to one
There was a hurried chop following the victory in the Guineas,
and the quotation on the favorite
was cut to 2 to I, but even at that
short price the heavy betting
continued. When the French representatives were scratched a fortnight ago, and the word leaked
out that Adam Bedc, anil All
Gold, the American representatives
had been tried out and found
wanting, the odds fell again under
Stalker & Wells
���I ���,w7"),u"'!.District-District ot Csaslar
I, ,!" n""��> ihet I, Swan  Hallen ol Stee
.     ... ..  .. Stewart,
lot ,��;���,'""""'Ion carpenter, Intend to apply
1,'jwmlailon to purchaae the lollowlng described
���..ii'tnnr,"JDcl1'1." ��� PMt Planted about (8) miles
ami TI. 'in^l��Inlle w��" 0l the forks ot tho White
clsln. ,.'."!' th<""�� 80 chains south, thonce 80
gain, io.,' 80 ch*'1" no,th��� thence 80
FrancU B. Preston, Agent
ftM April 18, Mil,
'""��� Msy 13,
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrlct of Coast
Take notice that William Munlord i l  Prince
Rupert.   D.   C,   occupation   f22fa,��&��
to snp.y  lor permission  to lease the lolowlng
n^ncit'st a post Pl.n'^.K'ol
south ot the lndlsn Reserve on ihe east 'side ol
Goose Bsy snd on the east aide ol the perdnsuls
thonce south 80 chslns slong "hore;klh.e"?.w!!i
40 chslns to Ooose Bsy, thence taBu"0B|SWJ
80 chains, thence west 40 chains more or leas to
post, contsining 320 seres moro fAW"UUNF0RD
bated March 8,1911. WILLIAM MUNruitu
Pub. April 16. |
Rkeana Lend DUtrtot���District ol Coaat
T.8ta*n"l�� that Hume BtffiSgafl  1 r nee
Rupert. B. C, occupation masterJ"Ys��� /oUow"n!
to  spply tor  permission to lesse tho lollowlng
desaibod lands: ,    .   . -t���nl ino chains
Commencing at a post planted tVM^Jgn
south of the Indian tSfontt JjJ."�� HL2
Goose Hay on tho oaat side of tho ^SSL^TtS
north 104 chaina along shore to &J9g2it5.
thence wast 60 chslns more or lOT,ht0���Oo0GBt,fY6
thsnee 100 chains along shore, thence esst 60
chslns more or less to post, contsining 840 acres
Pub. AprU It.
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Your Dealtr Has It
To Lease
22, 23, 24. 25
Second Ave, Prince Rupert, B.C.
... es.eeeee......... ....... esee.eeaa.se
The Digby Rooms
l -., .t,-,l on Stats)  Av, nrtr   Fulton
Thrw to five minutes from contra of 1. i��iTt. -.. district. Nmi-
is ������ ti newly furnished rooms.
Hut and BOM water, hath and
telephone. Newly furnlshtds
IJtK)��r new management.
INSPECTION      -       ���      INVITI
Ifred. stork!
��� T
Caneral Hardware
Hinlil.-rs'  llitrtlware
''^���^���ir-^.i>a��^��.-saa����l��^ita��si.lta��s1.l|a��s�� ��t������a.tfs������.tS-eeanaa.,-aw4
Famous Fighter Has Little Use
Now for the Manly Game and
Won't Let His Son Enter the
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves f
Graniteware       Tinware
After thirty-four years of prize
fighting, in which time he has
toppled over opponents weighing
as much as sixty pounds more than
himself, fighting under great disadvantages, Robert Fitssimmons,
believed by namy to be the most
remarkable pugilist the game has
produced, is content to be known
as an actor and forget the slugging
game which he helped maintain
for a generation.
Old Boh takes small interest
in pugilism today. He attended
the Mg fight at Reno, but other
battles of lesser note never see
him at the ringside. He is done
with the game of gloves and
won't even allow his oldest boy
to become a pugilist. "Ik's going
to be a line athletic fellow," says
Bob, "luit no fighting for him."
Hen's the way Fits views the
situation: "My days as a fighter
are ended, but people still (lock
about me and want to see me l��ix
or hit the bag. I have a punch
or two left, but from now on I
am going to be an actor, go around
with Julifii, my wife, and enjoy
life. 1 have been all over the
world, have won most ol my figlit>.
and the ring, the gong, the gang,
gloves, etc., don't .ipiH'.ll tO me
now. 1 am Hearing the meridian
of my years, have a nice farm
down in New Jersey, where my
children are being educated, and
am happy."
Fits doesn't take the white
"hopes" seriously. He thinks then
U nobody able to whip Johnson.
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a.m.
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
as. Prince Albert suils for Port Simpson, Naaa River Points, Muaset,
Nation Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
Snd f'>r:
Refuge Ray,   Skidegate,  Queen
Cliiiriotte City,   Lockeport,
eofl, .letlway,
Harbor  and  return
lkeda Bay,  Rose
.      via  Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System 1
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
|| 2nd Ave. and McBride
- Phone 187 s
amethyst or aquamarine), surrounded by openwork gold or platinum.
The enamel necklace is likewsisc
conspicuous. The latter are usually very ornate; one design has
the entire chain formed of green
enamel links of a floral design, with
a pearl of different tone in each
segment, and a large pendant,
similar in color or motif, from
which depends an iridescent |>carl
of unusual beauty.
Chicken Salad
For chicken salad, take stewed
and strained tomatoes, season, and
add gelatine to stiffen. When it
begins to congeal put a layer of
the weight of the enormous sum of
It is said that the money won
on Sunstar was the largest amount
ever paid out by British bookmakers on a Derby winner.
Said   to   Have   Caused   Train
Wreck and Two Deaths
Chatham, Out., June 14.���The
wrecking of passenger train No.
9 on the M. C. Railway, near
Ridge town, when Engineer Quintan and Fireman Oaks were killed,
is now believed to have been the
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Glasses. Mineral Glasses, Compasses
and   Aneroid   Barometers.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the Q.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
rilONE S'J
Canadian Pacific Railway
^^ajJJJJfcv B.C. Coast Service
[3       9L  Famous  Princess  Line
s.s. Princess Royal
- sails fur-
Vancouvcr, Viclerii  and   Seattle
Friday, June 16, at 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab - General Agent
On no fewer than sixteen occasions Mr. Jabcz Wolffe has
valiantly attempted to emulate
Captain Webb's ever-memorable
feat   of   swimming   the    English
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.       Phone U6
work of a lunatic, and not a job
put   up   by   disgrtintlid   railway
Pot some time past there have
liccn numerous stories of wrecks
attempted on other roads in a
similar manner. The lunatic at
one time kept company with Moir,
the London soldier who shot a
superior officer, ami he attempted
io wreck a Pere Marquette train
by lifting a tie on the grade between St. Thomas and London.
Trainmen are terrorised that
this lunatic is still at large. Officers
have sought him in vain for
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton.
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Rev. H. S. Magee of Toronto
Hanged Himself   Was in Ill-
health and Worried.
Toronto, June 14.���Word reached the city last night that yesterday morning Rev. H. S. Magee, a
Well known divine of Toronto,
strolled out into the woods from
the GleasOfl health resort on East
Hill, Elmira, N. Y., and hanged
himself, the body being found
by an attendant.
Rev. H. S. Magee was associate
secretary of the Temperance and
Moral Reform Society of the Methodist Church of Canada, and was
known from Halifax to Vancouver.
He was at the sanitarium suffering
from neurasthenia, partly due to
hard work and partly to financial
worries occasioned by misfortunes
of a relative.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia
and Manitoba liars.
Channel;   and some time in
or  Augu.-t   of   this   year   he
make his seventeenth, and a
himself says, his final attempt.
��� + +
Wollffe's  best   attempt   was  in
1003, when he reached within ���i'H)
yards of the Calais shore. He was
in the water 15 hours lti minutes,
and (luring the last two hours
had battled valiantly but un-
Ruccessfully gaainst an ebb tide.
This year Wolffe���who, by the
way, is a Glasgow man���will start
from the French side, an arrangement he thinks more satisfactory thaji making Dover the
.slatting point.
+ + +
The gambler whom Tommy Mnr
phy says offered him $15,000 to
let Brown win could have gone
the limit without risking his money.
That victory didn't require buying.
��� + +
Sam Langford and Joe Jea.nclt>
have signed for a battle to take
place in New York the latter part
of the month.
+ + ���
It looks like Vancouver, Spokane
and Tacoma to fight it out for the
Northwestern League Hag this season. Seattle, Victoria and Portland are hardly showing the class
expected of them earlier in the
season. Jack Tighe, the Seattle
manager, probably figured that
he would have a cinch grabbing
the bunting out this way after
winning a few flags in the brush
back east, but he has probably
found out by this time that they
play pretty good ball in the
+ * ���
President Lindsay of the Northwestern   League   has   sent   out  a
ircular letter to the managers of
the different clubs, in  which he
points out that as then' has been
too   much   "baiting"   of   umpires
lately   he   proposes   handing   out
severe  penalties to any   manager
who is ordered out of a game by
the  umpire  in  future  games.    If\SIXTH STREET
the  manager gels into  any di
pu.es   wilh   the   arbiter   and   -l-j^    .    Produce
Chased   from   the   grou.nds   Mr.l*,",,-
Lindsay slates that he will promptly suspend him for thirty days
of B.C.. Ontario. Sm-
katrhewnn and Al-
bnrU Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- EarhanK-e blcR-k, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoeru 8
WM.   S,
HALL, L. D.S.,
O. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gas and
local anesthetics administered for tho painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
lleluerson Block. Prince Ruoert. IMS
Alsx.M.Manson B.A..     W.E.WIIIIams.B.A..I..L.O
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. nox 2.1
rum. Of WM. KOXON, ESQ., A.R.A.al.,"l.0N., kmo
PtttoriumPlonHrC^tW -Phone 4]H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. THE    DAI L Y    NEWS
The Insurance People 11 SEAMEN ON BIG LINERS
in iM'it RATM
i:\'l'ltV CLASH Qr INHUKANl't
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
I'hune 150 Third Avenue and Fulton St
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
We have just received a
shipment of ths newest
styles snd latest designs
in ladies' Velvet and leather Hand Bags. We es-
pet-ially invite you to call
and let us show you our
new  (foods	
Six Hundred and Fifty Men on the Teutonic and Empress of Ireland Quit Their Jobs���Strike Fever is
Spreading���Montreal is Looking For Trouble
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, Juno lf>.���-The International Strike of Seamen is slowly
spreading throughout the European countries, Today the crews
of the steamers Teutonic and Empress of Ireland numbering 350
and   300  respectively,   refused   to
sign on,
yesterday afternoon the International   Seamen's   Union   issued I
a proclamation stating that theIunion and the principal shipping
signal for the international strike | firms using this port.
would be given throughout the
United Kingdom, France, Belgium,
Holland and Scandinavia last night
So far ii has not materialized,
Montreal is Preparing
Montreal, June 15.���While it
is improbable that the International Seamen's strike will greatly
affect Montreal, it is not unlikely that trouble will arise between   the   local   longshoremen's
wspaper gives the public is in the classified advertisement columns
The"re"buverand'seiler "employer anil worker, landlord and tenant, and a host of others meet on Com-
">'>��- ouyer and seiltr-V"L/modorM convenience in reach of everyone the Nows  will  reduce it..
One_of the best services the modern na
m��?afer��tUonda nominal prte^a'c^iV^woYdjier insertion: 'Minimum charge of 25 cents
Here is our (jlassilied Advertising Column for today.     Watch   it  grow.
Says it Would be Hard in the Whole World to Find a
Voyage More Full of Charm Than the Trip From
Vancouver  to  Prince  Rupert- It Impressed
Sir  Wilfrid  Laurier.
Fort George
K..r information, free
maps and literature
call and see im-.
Open Eve:
Pattull.i Block
Thatlmay bejssf.-ly
"packed" on a trip
is murh in demand.
We have th.-m in different si/.. ��
C.   H. ORME
Tht Planter thuggut
PHONE    :    ;    ;    82
Canadian   Rand   Company'a    Products,
Mining Machinery and Contractor's Supplies, Road Building and Concrete
Machinery.     Agricultural,     Farm
and   Dairy   Supplies,   Dump   Cars   and
Wagons.  Casoline   Engines, Motor Ve.
hides and Trucks
OFFICE: Third and Fulton.
I'-n   Bes 44*
Frincs Rupert
Will be all  you   can
stairs if you use	
so essential to a good breakfast
"It is not easy to match elsewhere in the world the ran- pleasure
and interest of a summer journey
down one of the great rivers of
itritish Columbia. It would be
still harder to find a voyage as
full of charm, of ihe sense of rest,
of changing beauty, as that from
Vancouver to Prince Ruptft." s.i>i
the Toronto News in an editorial
A Fine Holiday-
In less than live days one makes
ilu- return journey in the Prince
George of the Prince  Rii'iert of
th. Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Company,  save  for   three  short
hours always in  inland  channels,
...itl through scenery as impressive
..- the earth affords.   The vessels
i.in- new, clean, well equipped and
well  officered.     The   trip  begets
with   all   its   inter, -.t   an   inliiiit.
laziness,   ami   just   that   sense  of
peace   and   rest   for   which   the
I holiday traveler always seeks and
v.. seldom find-..
"It is certain that as the years
i>.i>-s few visitors in the coast will
wiuit    to   return   home   without
itaking this voyage and no doubt
when   the   rail   route   to   Prince
Kti|H-rt i* completed many travelers   i<>   the   Pacific   outpost   will
return to Vancouver by water.
Pleased Sir Wilfrid
It   i- said  that   nothing  so  I in -
gt-r.il in the memory of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier  and   his  associates  who
visit..1 the West last summer as
the -iil t" Prime Rupert. That
hum U- the testimony of all
who have made the voyage.    The
completion of the Grand Trunk
P. - ilu- and the Canadian Northern
Railways, will aside from all common i.d considerations, give us new
revelations of majestic s��-a, river
and mountain scenery and eventually make the Pacific province
one of the world's playgrounds.
About Prince Rupert
"Prince Rup.rt itsvlf is a remarkable illustration of human
courage and enterprise. Resting
on a i" "I ol rock out of which the
very  streets must   be  blasted,  it '
Growth Will Come
"If one thinks of the amazing
growth of Vancouver and the
remarkable revival of Victoria to
say nothing of Winnipeg and the
younger cities of the plains, he will
lie slow to set bounds to Prince
Ruperl and will be wise to hold
his peace in the face of the serene
confidence of the Western optimist.
Already the Grand Trunk Pacific
Company I'-is built for more than
one hundred miles eastward from
Prince Rupert on a level grade
at a cost of between 185,000 and
$100,000 a mile.
Great Fishing Centre
" rherc are those who say that
in ten years there will be a fishing
population of thirty thousand around Prince Rupert. There will
lie s.dmon, halibut and herring
fishing each certain of immensi
development and in which American ami British capitalists already
arc interested. For last year the
estimated salmon pack on the
Skeena was 180,000 .avis. There
is rich agricultural land, there is
timber, and there an- minerals."
Why not go to Rcilly's?
plication of the Savoy Hotel License l>c considered applicable to the
period beyond July 15th?
Mr.   Prudhomme   said   briefly
that the application was intended
to apply to the period beyond
July 15th.
"Then why didn't you say so?"
slid the City Solicitor.
Mr. A. M. Manson (for Mr.
Prudhomme) said that at the time
the application was framed no
actual   license   was   in   operation,
neither had the mandamus been
Issued, It was not thought in
order, to make application for a
renewal until the existence of the
license   lo   lie   renewed   had   liein
established by law.
The   City   Solicitor   read   the
faces  a  h.irlior of  noble  propor-j
1 by climb- terms of the by-law on  npplica-
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., n.-ar Sixth St.
Phone 190 J <<��� whi
tions, and is surrounded
ing forests and overshadowing hills
of great  beaty anil dignity.    We
may wonder what is to be its
future and the slow Eastern imagination may even doubt if it
is to have a future. But such
have not caught the spirit of the
W.sl nor felt the sublime confiden-
i inspires its achievements.
PAID t)P CAPITAL $250,000
Town.ites Farm and Fruit Undo
Fort George Towmite Matsett Townaite
Local Office:
Alder Block
Sixth Street
tions for renewal. "You seem to
me to be in the position of having
no application in for a renewal at
all," he said,   "Your application
is dated to be effective on June
14th. Why did you not make it
effective from July 15th?"
Mr. Manson���"Because we wanted the license if granted to take
effect as early as possible after
renewal. Our application manifestly means that we want the license
to be granted and take effect from
July 15th also."
The City Solicitor���"I cannot
yet see why you put in that
tpplieation for the 14th of June."
Doea Board Refuae?
The   Chairman���"Just   let   us
g< i to the bottom of this.    1 don't
want   tO lie  here  for  twenty-four
lours.    Is this an application for
rent wal of license on 15th July?"
Mr.   Manson   explained   that  it
was not Intended as an application
f'ir  a   license   dial   did   not exist
at   tin-   time   of   framing Jt   but
was intended to cover the 15th
July date also. "There is nothing
to prevent your granting a license
from June 14th for six months,"
he said.
Commissioner Smith���"If there
was an applicatioji for a new
license then we could ileal with it."
Mr. Prudhomme asketl if the
Board refused the renewal of license which he understood was ordered by the mandamus.
Commissioner Smith ���"We have
application for Jul) lath. We
cannot grant renewal when we
have no application before us for
Adjourned Till Today
This ended the discussion of
the Prudhomme license. On the
suggestion of the Chairman the
Board then adjourned for 15 minutes after which applications for
bottle license came up, also wholesale licenses. These were allowed
to stand over until the meeting at
three p. m. today, an adjournment for which was called after
the applications had been mentioned. At eight last night the Commissioners met to go over the bottle
license applicants' lists of nanus
in support with the assessment
roll to make sure of their qualifi-
Names of applicants were K.
J. Maynard, J. A. Smith, Austin
11. Brown, and Charles T. Partington. Applications for wholesale license renewals were from
Clarke    Bros.,   F.   Clapp,    I".    E.
Hunt, and Sutherland & Maynard.
Henry Jobes of New Westminster is Acquitted on Murder
Lost and Found
KOUND-Kureku Cleaning* and Pressing Com-
puny. Men'B suits eleanod and pressed $1.00.
Ludles' suits pressed and cleaned. Dry cleaninir a specialty. Koom 13 Weitenhaver Block,
phono red til). 121-147
FOUND-Elegant rooms; nowly furnished. The
Hulklov Blow, u'th Ave., near Fulton.    109-lm
LOST-On Sixth street, between Third Avenue
und Queen's Hotel, $184, two chequea In roll,
une for tlTi other for 16, real in bills. Reward
Billy Pulus Candy Store. Sixth St., one door
fromC.lUt. Office. 132-135
For Rent
New Westminster, June 15.���In
the city police court this morning
Henry Joins was committed for
trial in the Supreme Court on a
charge of shooting his wife in New
Westminster a week ago today,
Jobes made no statement in the
preliminary hearing which was
hi III before Magistrate Kdmonds.
While in court he sit in a crouching
ixisiiion Id thc prisoner's |K>x
with his head buried in his hands.
Last night, however. Joins told
Officer Johnson that he was guilty
of the muni, t of his wife. He also
Informed the officer that he spent
last Sunday ami Monday in Vancouver, and was in Westminster
Junction on Tuesday. On Wednesday he went to Blaine and
then returned to the Fraser River
and stayed at the St. Mungo
cannery until he gave himself
up. He will remain in jail until
the Assi/es in October.
Fntir-nKimed House, partly furnished, with bathroom; cloae in on Summit Ave., buck of Borden
street.   Apply at Flrehall or P.O. Box 2119.
2 Furnished Rooms In apartment house, opposite
Clapp Building-, 2nd Ave., near Mcllride.    Apply on premises between one and three p.m.
Two-roumed Cabin on Fourth Ave., near Mcllride,
Apply J. Yountr, Msplo Boardinir House. 3rd
Ave. 128-134
Furniture uf Ihree.roum flat. Apply lloom 16
Westenhnvor Block, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth
Street. 128.134
Nicely furnished Front Boom in new house.   Apply Mrs. Seville, Fourth Avo., near Mcllrtde.
Stores and ofll.-es for rant Applv Dr. Mclntyr.-.
Third Ave., phono green ."'.' i2Mf
i Linoleum
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Every Description of
House    Furnishings.
The Big
Conical Buoy off Fairview Has
Been Withdrawn and Concrete Beacon Built Instead.
Pilots, mariners, and all residents
of Prince Rupert and district
who have occasion to go in and
out of the harbor are informed
that the old red conical buoy
heretofore moored off Fairview
has'been withdrawn, and Instead
a beacon has been established mi
the rock that dries off Fairview,
The new beacon is a concrete
structure in the form of a cube,
surmounted by a pyramid. It jg
22 feet high. The Dominion Government have established ii there
as a permanent aid to navigation,
F��r Kent-Modern House, close in.
II   P. M.Kit.-\ Co.
|2S a month.
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
Neatly Furnished Rooms;  trentlemen  preferred.
Apply Mrs. Mulltn. over Majestic Theatre,
Cosy furnished rooms.      Mrs.    Bower, Somerset I
Rooms, Third Avenue,  between Seventh   and
Elirhth. UMf
Nice Furnished Rootna.   Apply Mr*. Ktrhv. Abler
Block. upsUlra entrance. Thin] Ave.        :;       i
Nice, clean, briirht outside rooms.
6th Ave., near Fulton.
I.ulkley Block |
Nice furnished rooms slnjrleor for hnuaekeeplnti.
Apply Drexcl Rooming House, 2nd Ave . near
MrHrtdo. May .l-lnm
j Help Wanted
New Premises at Cow Creek
Everything  in  Boats
Purler wanted al the Talbot House.
Boy  wanted   to   work  In atore.
O'Reilly, tnd Ave.
A s-.-.l sensible wumsn to do chamber work and ,
work In store.   Apply Box O.. News Office.
Applv Merlin
n . ������ ..... men t.
,y Block, near Kullon.
take cosy rooms In the
Do away with this.    PstTOnlst a white
Inundry.   Whitujabor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
President Hays and Mr. Cham-
berlin Both Emphatic on this
Point. G. M. Nit hoi and the
Lumber Contract.
Some of the best and nmsi
up-to-date gasoline launches, row
boats ami canoes in Prince Ruperl
and along the Northern B. ('.
coast were built by Mr. H. Johnston, at his new boathouse, ut
Cow Creek.
Mr.  Johnston   recently  moved
his   plant   from   Hays   Creek   to
! larger   premises   al   Cow   Creek
which  is nearer the city.    He ii
now building some serviceable ami
; good   looking   craft    for   several
j people in the city and district.
He also has nil kinds of boats
! for hire by hour or day at a very
: reasonable price ami everything in
[repairs to boats can be done at
the  new  plant.     Mr.  Johnston's
postal address is Box IS".
Wanted-500irood men to join the Order of Owls.
Call mom 28.  Kmpress   Hotel.    1.   F.   Madlem.
Boarders Wanted        j j
as ������. i. - .. - ,. - sseaaaesasse. ss^aa*aasea
A few  cosy  homelike  rooms cheap  to stead,
roomers.    Klna lieorire Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
Ml -138 |
Home cooked meals and nicely furnished rooms |
for three persons.    Apply Mrs. Jsmee. Sell
lil.ls- . 3rd Ave., between -Hi and Ith St.    84-If I
Private Board by the week or month.    Home   , I.
cooklna a specialty.   Miss K.  M. (Hereon. 3rd      '
e. between Jth and SthSU.. phone ITI. fct-lf | js ,��� |���,y ,,|| j,��� M||,p|K��� in Camilla
If an order is
Real Estate
The fixed .11 d settled policy of
e Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
CErases ..^.,^,,^11 ^i.^n^..^ sjaaase^ssts
Real Estate
Nineteen young men wanted lo rent cosy furnished In the Sulk ley Booms, olh Ave., hear Kullon.
For Sale-Two choice tracts Lakelee Valley; right
dollars sn acre.    II. F. Mrltae ��� Co. IM-tf
For Sale-Beautiful HomeSite on Park; S2S0 rash.
H. F. McRae * Co. l.'-if
Ci^sssaaais^awaasw^as^aaaaeaaa a^se^aweaaS.
For Sale
s%asaaesssssi * ,.^.i - a - ,., ,.������ a asses, ������
lb-fore buying your Stove or Range see A. J.
tiallsn.l. Mcllride and Fifth Ave. Cook atovea
from 114. IZt-lm
Parrot.   Apply C B. Wark 4 Co.. Ird Ave.
IJ��-1 I
I.I...SF. FOR SALE- l-eese of the premise, on
Third Ave. now occupied by the Douglas Cafe,
cheap.   Ask Uncle Jerry. ISMf
AM kindeof second hand good, bought and sold.
I M. Crosby. Third Ave . between 7lh and nth
streets. IIMf
Don't Leave the Fire Burning
Beside Timber.    Chief Vick-
ers   Has   Orders   to   Enforce!
Bush Fire Law.
In his capacity as J. P. for the
district Chief Vickcre is in receipt
of a letter from Government Head*
quarters Instructing him to repeat the warning issued to crimpers, picnic parties, and all who
have occasion to light fires in the
btlsh. Fires must be completely
extinguished before they are left.
While tin re may not be as much
risk of bush fires in this district
as there is farther up riwr, the
habit of carelessness with camp
fires in this way is a bad one to
acquire and Chief Vickers is informed that the Bush Fire Act
must be strictly enforced here as
elsewhere. The penalty for infringing it is a $50 fine.
- j position. Thorough.
H experienced In hotel work or would like small
rooming house work. Not afraid of work.
Apply Boa A. News Office. I.IM.11
Fire Inau
The Plumbing snd Sheet Metal business Istely
rnndurted by H. Wood, surcessor to Mstheson a
Wo.��l. 2nd Ave., hss been taken over by Smith *
Mallett. to whom all outstanding accounts are
payshle snd who will pay all clslma agsinst ths
1 H  HI
Advertise in
The Daily News
THK British Union and National Fire tneuranee
Company of London. Kngland. with capital
of KSon.axi.fO. See us for rates. The Mack
Realtv end Insurance Company. 70-tf
Tenders are Invited for the repair of the wharf
aCMetleksls. B.C.; Ihe sum of fifteen hundred
dollsrs being svsilsble for expenditure on this
wharf. Bidders should rsrefully examine the
ground, and state in detail the extent of repairs
he will undertake for thst smovnt. All piles
must be power driven. Tenders will be received
at Ihe Indian Office. Metlakalla. B.C.. up to June
30th, 1911. snd should be accompanied with a certified cheque for one hundred dollars which
amount will be forfeited In the event of a withdrawal of tender. No tender received will neces-
��� nt.1v be srcepled.
In.n... Agent.
Metlakalla. B.C., June Mb, 1911.
from Canadians . n an
given in the United States it will
Im- found to lie due to exceptional
cin-timstanccs. In the mailer of
patronising Canadian Industry we
are not one whit less patriotic
thiui the Canadian Pacific Railway.
This was the statement of Mr.
C. M. Hays, president of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway,\vhen shown
in Vancouver a statement that
the ('.rami  Trunk Pacific Railway
| had recently unduly discriminated
'against Canadian siwntillshyawar-
Itling a stale of Washington mill
an order for s.WKi.OOO feet of
lumber for the Pacific division.
"I never heard of the recent
award to mi American lumber
company," added Mr. Hays, turning lo Mr. E, J. Qtamberlln, the
general manager.
"Oh, I think that must be the
lumber for the mowsheds on the
fintt division,'1 replied Mr. Cham*
"Suite   time   ago   I   instructed
Mr. McNichol, wperintendent at
Prince Rupert, to ask for bids
for a supply for that purpose. If
he placed the order aCTOSS the
line it must have been on account
of the much more favorable price
"Our policy is to buy everything we can in Canada anil I am
certain that ninety-nine per cent
of our purchases are so made
and the money expended with
Canadian firms. Vancouver merchants ought to realize this and
of course they do."
"Mr. Chamlrcrlin is right. Where
ever possible We will continue to
favor Canadian busi.itss men in
placing orders," added the president.
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old office of Optimist, aell only
Best made In Seattle.    Fruit and Candv,  whnle-
aale and Retail. Look for Hash alitr. at niirht.
SAM GOWCN, TnrpHetor Phone .^y.
BatHfTs Sale by Auction
landlord snd Tensnt Act
The contents of the Tea Kettle  Inn,   table..
KS*S   t*n��e.   cutlery,   etc.,  on   the   premises
rrtdsy. Juns 16th, 1911. at two o'clock.
Prince Rupert. Juns loth, 1111. 111.1*4
Prizes  for Bowling
The   high   score   prizes   for
month ending June 10th were
awarded as follows:
Peter Mackay for highest score
in five pins, 1 pair fine shoes donated by the Scott. Froud Co.
E. M. Mader for highest score
in tun pins, best hat in store donated by Martin O'Reilly.
Why not go lo Rcilly's?
Read The Daily News
That s Why Poor Old Romeo
Is Limping Round Like a
Lady in an Ultra Hobble Skirt
These Days.
"Romeo" Vickers is limping around the police station toda)
with his leg in a sling anil is an
object of much sympathy from
magistrate, police, and even an
occasional culprit. With a couple
of canine companions Romeo ��.i-
carccring off on a voyage of discovery over McMordie's cut the
day before yesterday. Rats under
some planks in the neighborhood
of the Annex inspired the dogs
to tremendous exertions, and in
the SCUfry artl belter skelter,
poor Romeo, who is not as young
.is he once was. got his leg twisltd
badly between the planks. li
was broken above the joint. He
was found in distress below the
Annex, and taken home where
the leg was carefully set, anil put
in plaster of paris. Romeo is
able to hobble round, and weal's
a philosophic expression, but the
weight and stiffness of his bandaged limb clearly puzzle him. Pain
he can understand, but not plaster
of imris.
Prussian Prince Hangs Himself
to Escape a Life of Privation
Berlin, June 14.���Prince William
Biron has committed suicide at a
remote village in the eastern Prussian provinces by hanging himself on the branch of a tree. He
perpetrated his act of self-destruction because he was destitute
and preferred death to beggary.
He was one of the last survivors
"f a family that rose from the
most humble beginnings to exalted
rank anil vast wealth.
Toronto, June 15.���A bread merger has been completed which includes the three largest bakeries
in Toronto, one in Winnipeg and
two in Montreal.
Organ Opening Concert
In the Baptist Church, Thursday, June 15th, at 8.30 p.m. Solos on new organ, vocal solos,
readings, etc; excellent program.
Tickets 50c. John E. Davey,
Organist and Choirmaster.


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