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 ^5 KS /,,
Twenty-four hours ending5 a.m.,
Oct. 11
��� mpup     Ml*. TKMP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
l^AX.TE.111-*    "'���jM���   ' ,,Q a-70 r\A
The ffiiLY News
For south
Prlnoa Rupart Friday, u.m.
for North
Princess May, Thursday, Oct. 12
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II, NO. 232
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wednesday, October 11, 1911,
Price Five Cents
Party of Thirty Men on Survey Work for the Prince Rupert Hydro-Electric Comr
pany���Will Construct Dam to Turn Two Lakes into One and
Secure an Immense Water Power From It
While the city's hydro-electric
scheme is progressing towards the
���contract letting stage for clearing
ltlie   ground   around   Woodworth
..ilu- great strides are being made
I by the much larger scheme of the
���Prince Rupert Hydro-electric Com-
|p.iny ai Khatahda Falls some
ll'il'iy miles from the city up the
Skeena where the Khatahda River
���joins it. At present there are
lihirty men employed at the survey
Ivurk in progress there ard the
|\veuk is of a -most extensive char-
iicxcr taking the survey parlies
Ifinni the level of the falls to the
Isiimniits of snow clad mountains
lai-il great glaciers. Ice axes ard
|Alpii'i- guides' equipment of extra
trong and extra light rope are
|iu*i-essary in the work.
he men have their camp simian il at the shore of the firsl small
Jake on the Khatahda River rear
there il rise-.. Beyond (his point
again there is another aid much
larger lake. It is the intention of
jhi- Hydro-electric Company to
Bam the river at a point which
|v ill raise the level of the first lake
pimil ii embrace* the larger lakes
Uml   increases   the  waror  storage
aria to a lake ten or twelve miles
|u length.    An enormous supply
of water can be held back in the
mountains thus, sufficient to provide for all drought or scarcity
through frost. Though only ore
of the water-powers controlled by
the Prince Ru]>eri Hydro-electric
Company this Khathada River
Power is many times greater than
that owned by the city. The fail
that Prince Rii|K-rt City is to have
a ]Ki\ver of its own is regarded as
ar. advantage even if the city wen*
to use a great deal of the Khatalula
power as it is certain to do. In
the evert of a breakdown or the
part of either |xiwcr supply the
other might be able to tide the
industries of the rising Prince
Rupert over for sufficient time lo
enable repairs lo be made.
All this fall there will be work
in progress at the Khatahda Falls,
It is the intention of the company
to have a huge weir erected
across the river in order that full
tests may be made of thc speed
and quantity of the water for
thc purposes of the engineers
installing the planti so that there
may be absolute calculations made
covering every conceivable contingency Irom the start ol thc
work. It is the intention of thc
engineers to have these observa-
|P. E. Sands and Two Companions Completed Arduous
Trip from Seattle to Hazelton in 20 h. p. Auto
Securing Pacific Highway Assn. Award
First auto car to reach Hazelton
lliy  road  and  trail  from  Seattle
ard winner of the Pacific High-
Iway Association's medal for lhc
[trip, the car "Studebakor, Flanders
BO" is today in Prince Ruperl
ll' F. Sands, manager ��of the
Etudebaker agency for the Pacific
Eoast, drove the car through
fever the 1281 miles of the journey
Ddds offered ir favor of the
Jamil's ever achieving the trip
J found ro takers, and thc feat
panics wiih the most difficult ever
accomplished by auto
One hundred and ten miles of
llhe journey was trail over which
I no wheeled vehicle had ever pas
sed before, and three hundred ard
seventy-five miles of the rouie
had never been traversed by any
self-propelled vehicle For i Inmost part thc trip was along
Telegraph trail, and log leaping
was the regular order of the day
after lhc car left the Cariboo
Road. Best days travelling was
150 miles in ore day on the
Cariboo Road Worst day was
half a mile over something a shade
worse than poor pack trail Once
the car toppled clean over crushing
Mr Sands below it Fortunately
he escajK-d with bruises aid abrasions on hards and leg     Most
(Continued on page 4.)
Rufus Taylor's "Ptarmigan" is a Handsome   Craft
Built for Heavy Weather���Unique in Several
Respects���Gulf of Mexico Model
6 in., and she has 6 ft. 0 in. head
room in her house forward.
Built throughout to face real
hard weather, the Ptarmigan is a
seaworthy boat in appearance.
Her polished cedar deck is vary
strong, and bat lined down with
light hatches she will ride through
heavy seas in staunch trim. Her
steering gear and engine Irvt-rs
are handled amidships, and sin-
carries mast and sail. An 8 lip..
Standard engine will give her a
good working Speed, Sfld slit- will
be used in fishing and hunting
trips. Her value complete runs
lo aboul $1000. Her owner, Ruins
Taylor, was for teVftsI >c;-rs chief
lo   the   B.   C.   Packers'
Worth attention is tlie new
power boat Ptarmigan now at the
Rupert Marine wharf being cn-
gined. This launch, thc pretty
lines of which will at once distinguish her, is thc first power
boat ever constructed throughout
of the famous Porcher Island
yellow cedar which has been scrl
as far as the coast of Maine to
be used in yacht building- The
Ptarmigan belongs to Mr. Rufus
Taylor, who practically built her
himself. She is designed on lhe
model of lhe Gulf of Mexico
sailing boats, Mr. Taylor being a
native of Florida. Her Ici'glli
over all is 30 ft, her beam 9 ft.
lions made continuously during
the fall ard winter so that abundance of data may be available,
An effort is also being made to
have a Government meteorological
station placed at a point of vantage
here so that metcorologfoal data
having a bearing upon the work
as well as upon the district generally may be available.       ���
National League
Brooklyn 2, New York 1.
Pacific Coast League
Portland 9, Los Angeles 3.
Oakland 5, Vernon -1.
Sacramento 2, San Francisco 4.
Scandinavians  Unite
Prince   Rupert   Scandinavians
have affiliated with the Scandinavian Aid Fellowship of this continent.  There are Beveral hundred
Scandinavians in this citv.
St. Andrew's Society
The'Si. Andrew's Society will
meet in thc Carpenters' Hall i.-
morrow night. Busi less of ini-
Mr. James Debrisay Has Installed a Water Driven Freezing Plant and is Shipping
Frozen Halibut���An Interesting Process���Will Become Large Shipper
Through Prince Rupert When Line is Completed
A new cold storage plant capable of treating thousands of tons
of halibut has beer opened this
week by Mr. James Debrisay, lhc
well known cancer of Wales Island���ore of the largest islands at
die entrance to the Portland Canal.
This has given grcat satisfa.i lion
lo local fishermen, who now trill
have  another market   for all  the
Two Long Lines  of Transports   Guarded by  Battleships  and
Cruisers Left Italy for Tripoli Last Night
Turks and Arabs at Tripoli Make an Attempt to Recapture the Town But Are Repulsed by Italian Gunners���Great Britain Announces Her Neutrality in
the War���Turkey Wants a Christian to Act as Foreign Minister
Britain's Declaration
('.real Britain has formally given
notice of her neutrality in the
Italian Turkish war.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Rome, Ocl. 11.���All day yesterday lhe Italian expedition for
Tripoli was busy completing its
preparations, ard at night sailed
for Africa. All lights were extinguished on the irarsporis, ard
lhe vessels proceeded ir two lines,
half a mile apart) flanked and
followed by a strorg force of
battleships and cruisers. They
were accompanied by a flotilla
of mi.ill craft of all descriptions.
Wants Christian Minister
Accprdirg lo a despatch from
Constantinople, Turke> is very
anxious to have a Christian accept
the poet of Foreign Minister ard
has urged several Armenians successively to accept the office without avail.
Tripoli. Oct. 11���The Turks
do not intend to abandon Tripoli
to the Italians without further
resistance. Yesterday 3,000 Turkish troops with field guns were
discovered advancing in two columns with the evident intention
of re-captuing the town. A large
body of natives marched with
lhe iroops which presented a formidable array. The Italians were
prepared however, and lhe Turks
were met with a heavy fire'to
which  ihey replied with energy.
The firing continued for several
hours till moonlight whe i the
Turks retired in good order with
heavy loss. The Italians whose
losses were slight pursued the
Turks for four hours.
halibut they can catch. Mr. Debrisay is very popular among the
fishermen, for the reputation he
has earned of being a fair and
honorable business man.
Big Freezing Plant
Several years ago, before Wales
Island wa.s ceded lo Canada bv
the Alaska award, the Debrisay
family operated a cannery on the
island, but after the island became Canadian territory, lhe Wales
Island pack was declared dutiable
in the United States, aid the
cannery was closed. Last year
it was rc-opend, ard extensive
additions ma.de to the plant. An
ammonia freezing plant with a
capacity for turning out five tors
of ice per day was installed as
well as large cold storage rooms
for the storage of the frozen fish.
Big Trade Coming
Or Monday mon ii g if this
week the plant was pel into
opt ration, and is now actively
al work freezing fish for the
southern aid eastern markets.  By
the time the G. T. I'. is completed
nmre enlargements will be added,
BT.d the plant will daily ship car
loads of frozen halibut to the
markets of the prairie prov'u ces
and Eastern Canada.
Lordon, Oct. 11.���A despatch
to the London Agency from Pera
says lhat the Turkish torpedo
boats Tokar, Hamid Abad, Al-
pagut and Anlillia while returning
from the Ionian Sea were surprised by an Italian squadron near
Mytilene on October ni.ith. A
smart engagement followed in
which three of the torpdeo boats
were damaged and sunk. The
fourth escaped by hoisting a foreign
Association on the Skeena River.
He is now residing on Porcher
Island, and wi'l lake a pre-emption
there shortly.
Already the new launch Imasis
of u mascot in lhe shape of "Nigger" the fine black Spaniel belonging to Mr. Taylor. "Nigger"
has nol a single while hair on his
ImkIv. He is .i good-natured dog
wiih a greal sense of importance
once aboard his master's boat
which he is ready to guard against
all intrusion un-|iermiitiil by his
master. "Nigger" is a regular
sea-dog. His first master died
some time ago, but there was no
keeping "Nigger" r.way from the
loats.    Si  Mr   Taylor gave  him
a  berth  aboard  his  boat,  snd
now "Nigger" knows the ropes
all right
Has Promised to Secure Recoupment for Victims of the
Farmers' Nank.
T. W. Crothers, M P., for West
Elgin, who is to be member of
tht- new Cabinet, is under public
pledge to see lhal all shareholders
and depositors of the Farmers'
bank are recouped iheir losses.
This pledge was an important
factor in several Ontario co i-
stituencies, among ihem Nortii
Middlesex, lhe three Huron riflings, Hallon, Peel and Brockville.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4
Captain Fay of the Pilot,
Brought up Queer Marine
Growth from the Bottom of
the Sea.
Captain Fay, of the gasoline
sloop Pilot which arrived in the
harbor on Monday with S.OOO lbs.
of halibut on board, had with him
a marine novelty in the sha*>e
of a deep sea vegetable growth.
The plant, which came up on the
end of a halibut hook ir about
00 fathoms of water off Dundee
Island, resembles an elk horn
or moose horn in size and shape,
but it is pliable in lexture and has
litlle s|H)nge like growths al the
lips. Local opinion has it lhat
the plant is a type of sponge
plant. It is white in color, and
the root shows the shape of the
���tone or boulder lo which il had
been clinging when wrenched oil
by the Pilot's crew.
The novelty is now on exhibition
iii the window of the Dominion
Fish Market on Fulton Street.
Prince Rupert Man Charged
with Forgery Found Innocent
by Vancouver Jury.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver,Ocl. 11.-���F V.Clark
a young man from Prince Ruperl
who was charged with forgery,
was honorably acquitted by a
jury at the Assize's last night.
Frozen   Like   Logs
The halibut are caught on the
barks off Dunks Island a few
miles away, ard after arrival at
the cold storage plait are put
into a cold oven aid frozen stiff
right through. Then they are
carried on racks to the storeroom antl being frozen -olid arc
piled like cord wood waiting shipment   in   colti   storage   steamer.
In this way they reach the market
as fnsh as on the day they were
The plant is driver by wa.ter
[n.wer derived from ;��� lake in the
mountain over the cannery, and
Mr. Debrisay is now engaged in
boring a tunnel to greatly augment
the available powi r.
Large Salmon Pack
In addition to thc halibut ira.de,
Mr. Debrisay has had a large pack
of salmon this year. He was
rifusul licenses io fi-.li on the
Naas River which is close to
Wales Island, but his men managed lo gel a good catch of fish
around the Islands. A steamer
load uf salmon lefi the cannery
last week, and the boats are still
bringing in cohocs.
New  fa.ll  good**, constantly  arriving   Wallace's.
Baptist   Brotherhood    First   Anniversary  Last  Night
Celebrated With Banquet, Song and Speech-
Warm Tribute to Rev. W. H. McLeod
Thursday night St half-past nine
Bring your partner rain or shine,
Mclntyre. Hall it's just the pla.ee;
And besl of music floor and space,
Cents H.0O,   Ladies free.
Gray's   orchestra,   what   better
could be?
The many friends of Mr. Clark
will be delighted to receive the
ibove news. The charge upon
which he was tried was of forging
the name of his partner, C. S.
Wormald, to S money ortler which
came addressed to lhe latter in
November of last year. The men
had iheir mail sent to the same
pOStsI box. Since his arrest Clark
complained that his mail as well
as Mr. Wormald's had been tampered with. Mr. Clark's defence
was prepared by Messrs Willaims
& Manson, who instructed Mr.
S. S. Taylor, K. C, lo appear for
him ai thc trial at Vancouver.
Mr. Clark is widely known in
die city as secretary of lhe Sons
of England Benefit Society, and
has many friends who will be
glad to learn of his honorable
For row'boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
In the Mclntyre Hall beautifully decorated for the occasion
loaded tables groaning under a
lavish burden of good things greeted lhc guests at lhe Baptist
Brotherhood Banquet last night.
Preparations had been skilfully
made for a thoroughly successful
entertainment to mark the first
anniversary of ihe Brotherhood
organisation. Then- was no doubt
about lhc success of ihe function.
Mayor Manson was the guest
of honor and s;it at the right
hand of Mr. II. VV. Rogers, the
young president of the Brotherhood. The press was fully represented all three newspaper editors
of Prince Rti|M-rl being irvited
guests and amongst the other
guests were Mr. Cy. W. Peck,
W. J. Alder, Frank Ellis, J. E.
Davey, and Alex Clappcrton. A
splendid a.l tendance of lhe Brotherhood thronged lhe tables  and the
banquet acceptably served by a
group of charming young ladies
of lhe Baptist congregation Went
throughout wiih ihe smooth easy
swing of excellent organisation.
Among ilu* speakers proposing
and responding lo the various
toasts Rev. W. II McLeod, pasior
of the church and founder of the
Brotherhood,   himself   stood   out
Mr. W. Greenwood  Brown,  a  peace   loving   Quaker
Claims Damages in the Courts for the Annoyance Caused His Family by  the  Bell
Ringing- Prayer Book Defence
(Special to the Daily News)
Toronto Oct. 11. - Can a church
be sued for dani.'gis for ringing
the church bell lo lhe annoyartc
of peaceably disposul residents
near by? That is the question that
is agitating bolh legal aid ecclesiastical circles in Toronto owing  to  the  action  oi   Mr.   w.
('.reenwood  Brown, manager of a
local insurance company, who has
entered suit for unstated damages
against ihe rector and officers ol
St. Aidans Anglican Church.
Mr. Greenwood Brown allegei
The newest   smartest things   In I that the ringing of the bell is e-.n
ladies' waisis    Wallace's. 1 annoyance lo himself and his wife
Mr. and Mrs. Brown an* member
of the Society of Friends and fond
of pea.ee and ipiietude.
The rector claims thst in order*
ing the bell (0 be rung he is
merely following OUt I regulation
of the Anglican Church, which
says in the prayer book: "And
the Curate that ministereth in
every Parish Church or Chapel,
being   at   home    and   nol   lieing
therwise reasonably binilereil. . .
hall   cause   a   Bell   H>   be   tolled
thereunto a convenient time before
he begin thai lhe people may
come to hear Coil's Word, antl to
pray with him." THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and lhe Largest Circulation in Northern B. C
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Daily Edition.
Wednesday. Oct. 11
On every hand among the progressive cities are evidences thai
government by commission is the most satisfactory method yet discovered for lifting civic control out of lhe mire of party spoils ard
placing ii in the realm of business efficiency.
Ait incorporated city is virtually a joint stock corporation for
the transaction of business. It is of rank at least with the million
dollar corporations. Sometimes as in the case of Toronto the individual city has a greater revenue and expenditure than has its over-
parent, the province, li is incorporated to supply roads waler, light,
etc. to the public, Its stock holders being its customers it gives its
dividends in cheap and efficient service instead of in cash. Thc civic
corporation is���or should bt���a strictly business concent run in the
economic interest of its shareholders.
The fallacy of the ward system and the council system can be
easily realised by imagining that one owned the city as an estate,
and having 10 go away for a term of years desired to leave it in the
hands of administrators. In selecting those administrators no sensible
man would select the indiscriminate and unqualified assortment that
composes llu* average council. Instead he would engage at an adequate
silary three or four competent experts and make each responsible
for the efficient carrying on of the work of his special department
Thai in short  is the plan known as "the commission system."
Had Prince Ruperl front the outset been administered on strictly
business lines by a commission of three or more experts���an expert
engineer an expert financier and an expert business man for instance
���our progress would have been greater and a united public* spirit
would have been evolved.
Before the city grows any older the citizens should stir themselves and insist on establishing a business-like government by commission, li is your time and your money and your welfare lhal is
being wasted when incompetent and squabbling councils are in power.
Dominion Fish Market
Dealers in Fresh Fish,
Oysters and Game ln
season. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter and
Eggs    ....
l'.O. BOX 160
BESNER & BESNER,   Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel ia run on the European
flan.   Kiift-claaa aervlce.   All the Latest Mixl.*rn
mprovemonta. ���:���:- BEDS 60c UP
New Diamond and
Pearl Goods
Wi* have just received an assortment of Rings, Brooches, Tie
Pins, etc., of the very
latest design
R. W. Cameron & Co.
G.T.P. Official  Walch  Inapector.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Is Officially Appointed Marine
Superintendent of the C. P. R
Coast Service.
Captain Cyril Neroutsos who
has until a couple nf weeks ago
had command of lhe Princess
Royal has received word of Ins
official appointment to become
marine superintendent of ilu- C.
P. R. coast service under Captaul
J. W. Troup at Victoria. He will
look after the general routine of
the fleet management al Uu- capital.
Captain Neroutsos came lo this
coast in 1880 as chief officer of
the steamer Garonne, brought out
by Frank Walerhouse -S Company
to accommodate thc rush lo St.
Michaels during the Klondike rush.
He has since been in lhe service
of the C. P. R as chief officer,
pilot and master successively of
many of the Bteamcrs on. tlu
coast, the last vessel being lhe
Princess Royal. Ilis knowledge
of marine law has made his presence
in courts of marine investigation
necessary in mote than one instance,
Alderman Newton lost another golden opportunity on Monday
night to bring up the question of abolishing the ward .system. Talking
about reforms and bringing them into being are iwo very different
The story told in a press despatch of the Quaker who is suing llic
rector of a Toronto parish for damages for annoyance caused by
ringing lhe church bell calls for a revision of Tom Hood's punning
rhyme to read:
"The parson  told the sexton
And the sexton lolled the bel1.
Tin* Quaker told his lawyer
And the lawyer gave 'em Hail Columbia."
The wife of a S,. Louis pastor has filed suit for a divorce Iiecause
her husband taunts her on her deficiencies in education. As she was
cot able io comprehend a sermon which hc preached on "The Psychology of the Intangible" he called her an idiot. Doubt-ess lhe
sermon was quite as unintelligible lo his congregalion. St. Louis
is making a bid for fame ir having found a cure for irsomnia.
A Toronto paper proudly displays a telegram of appreciation
from David Marshall of Aylnier an M. P. ar.d also a canner. What
Mr. Marshall says is: "You have helped to reiair Canada for the
Canadians." What he means is: "Vou have hel|K-d to save Canada
for the Canadian Canners1 Combine."
EUtrinMte. Storage and Forwarding Alien!���    For
Klirs ur Motor Car day rr night
Seventh Ave. and Kullon
Phone %>|
Gasoline Launches. *::d?:*
For Hire by Hour or Day
BOAT!  ," ii 1  AND in I Mm i.
H  Jeea-dea       Ua Creel        P.O. bt 187
******    *-*���
General  Hardware
Builder*' Hardware
,, Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves *
Granitcware       Tinware *>
j Irreconcilable   Joe   Martin   is
Still "Agin the Government"
Hon. Joseph Martin continues to
be against the government.
"I'll tell you wh:i it will mean,"
he said. "It will mean thf.1
Horden will raise lhe Canadiai
tariff sky-high. Raising the tariff
will be an injury lo lhe country."
"Then why did you support thc
Borden candidate in Vancouver?"
the irrepressible Mr. Martin was
Here, Mr. M. rtin took P. last
fling ai the Laurier administration.
"I chose the lest of two evils,"
he said. "The I iberal party was
corrupt.    Increase in   the  tarifl
will   be   hard   on    the   country.
Political corruption would be .
mighty sight harder. So, I am
glad that the Grit party is dowi
and out.
"Oiie sple: did result from the
landslide of ilu other day " added
Mr. Martin, "will Ik* lhe coming
io life again of ihe Liberal party
in British Columbia."
5-room  House on Sth Ave., section 6.
Partly furnished, $22 a month
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Lota 8 and 9,  block 34, sec. 8, ttOO.
Easy cash and terms
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Get Your New Phone in Now if
You Want Your Name on the
Wednesday Night, Oct. 11
Fre. Lift, Accident **i Liability luuuMt
Pattullo Block.
k __, __,_k_l___ __,,__-_ _fc__k **mm**Sm _t__h
w. j. McCutcheon jj
Carrl**. e-.ampl"!** .l-arle ���f !).�����..    Special    ,,
attention paid to tilling preacrlptlone.       ,
Theatre Block phone n... .. Sftond Arc. !
************************** i
A new sensational comedy-drama by Wm. W. LaPoint
DOORS nl'KN AT 7.311
Prices:    50c,    75c,    $1.00
The Bishop's Idea
Referring io the Canadian elcc-
! lions   in   a   speech   al   Newcastle
the  Bishop of  London drew  prolonged  cheers  in   a   speech  when
lhe remarked thai Canada prefcired
11 to remain poor Snd English, rather
tlien rich antl Ainerie.n.
In almta 0 fortnight now a new
teliphone directory will Ik* going
to press. It is not decided yet
whether the city will undertake
lhe work of priming the directory
or whether il will Ik- placed in
the hands of lhe lirni which
offered 10 do the work on spec.
trusting to advertisements to recoup them. Apparently the probabilities are in favor of lhe city'-
making a job of it.
Meanwhile, lu.wiver, this is llic
Ik st possible opportUadty for telephone   users   lo   have   alter, lioi s
mode in their numbers if necessary  and for r.ew subscribers to
gel .heir rallies in ihe directory.
The work of compiling  the IxHik
is being undertaken nt present
in the telephone central oflice by
Mr. Love and his staff. New
telephones ordered row will get
iheir mimbi rs placed alphabetically
in the new directory.   Ten days
from row  they may have lo wait
iill next year to get on to the
directory,   li is important if you
are goirg tO have the ,clcplloi-e
in  lo do ii  row.
The real estate market will  be
"dull"  most   of  the  lime if you
try to sell property without the
hilpof ehe Daily NcWSadvertising.
Do You Want
Value for
Your Money ?
Why not eat luncheon  and dinner
al the
Exchange : Grill
The   Price  3S   centa IS   RIGHT
and thi' riiisine and service up to our
well catablinheil standard
V(A True llrt.-.-llvr Story).
Scotland Yard differs on many subjects amonftat Itself, but it is agreed
upon one point, aad that ia that the
moBt dangerous, slippery, and remark*
able "crook" It over had to ileal with
was George Ferdinand Sprlngmulh
von WelBBenfeld.
They nicknamed him tho AtiarclilBt
millionaire, partly because he devoted
a considerable proportion of the money
he acquired by a life of crime to furthering the Anarchist cause, and also
because many of his chosen associates,
both men and women, were revolutionary Anarchists of a pronounced
He came of a good family, and was
exceedingly well educated, having
graduated with high honors In science*,
medicine, and literature at one uf the
principal German universities. Hut
he was a born criminal, and a dangerous one; a throw-back to the aboriginal savage.
A little matter of forgery and attempted murder made his native land
too hot to hold him, and he fled to
England. This was In 1880, and lt did
not take him long to blossom forth
Into a professional blackmailer and
swindler of a peculiarly odious type.
He'd Never Be Taken Alive
Once he found himself In the clutches of the law, and received a well-
merited sentence at the Old llalley of
twelve months' Imprisonment with
hard labor. His temper was no! improved by this ono taste of onkum-
plcklng, and ho vowed thai be WOUld
never do another "stretch" (vein's
Imprisonment), no matter what came.
After this he always Ivent armed.
Ills specialty about this lime was
bogus company promoting, uml lie did
remarkably well out of it from his
pointaof view. From one concern alone
be netted $300,000. Another yielded
him $225,000 In six weeks, lie opened
more than one hundred different
banking accounts In as many different
names, and he kepi uu allium In which
he entered his different aliases side
by aide with his own proper signature.
ThiB album is now preserved as a cur
losily at Scotland Yartl.
As has been Intimated, hc swore
that he would never be taken alive,
and although ns a result of his colossal frauds half ihe detectives In Ku-
rope were presently searching for him,
il looked ns If he would beat Ihem all.
His cunning was almost superhuman, nnd he took no chances. He
employed a small army of private detectives to shadow the Scotland Yartl
detectives who were trying to shadow
him. He reined a fine house���In au
assumed name, of course���near Wembley Park, and apent thousands ot
pounds In constructing subterranean
passages leading to secret exits,
through which he could escape, If need
be, when hard pressed.
Scotland Yard heard of the existence of this den. and raided It, but tho
bird had flown. Next he was heard
of at another place near London.
where >ie waa engaged In priming and
Issuing vast numbers of honks nf k
kind about which the less Bald the
Secret Chambers and Dark Tunnels
This house also was raided, but once
more ths wonted man had dlsapiK-ared.
Tho detectives found, however, evi*
denes of his many-sided enterprises In
tbe shape- of six of the newest and
most i-\|i. naive kinds of linotype machines, together with many thousands
of objectionable books, all . ewly
prlnted. These wero destroyed on a
magistrate's order.
The search for Ihe master criminal
was continued, and at last hc was
lo. ai.-d In a large mansion In Cambridgeshire, known as "Kdenfleld."
This house, which stood In lis own
grounds, had been chosen for lis seclusion, like the one at Wembley I'ark,
and. like il. loo. II had been fitted with
an elaborate system nf sliding panels,
���ecret chambers, and subterranean
All this was known lo the Yard, and
ll was known, loo, that an armed and
desperate man lurked within.   Conac-
qiicntly, II  was determined   to   send
three of lhc best  men   available   to
��� enter thc house and effect the actual
I arrest, while oilier plaln-elothei offi
I ccrs were detailed to watch tho various exits In the grounds outside.
The officers told off for the danger
ous part of the job were Chlef-lnapec-
, tor Arrow laficrwards appointed
Chief of lhc llarcelona Police), Detective-Inspector Sweeny, and 8ergeant-
Inspector (afterwards Insicctor) Bad-
These were experienced men, and
��� in*> laid their plans well. One went
up to tbe door, disguised as a tradesman's assistant, and knocked. The
other two were in hiding In thc shrubbery near by.
At thc knock thc door waa opened
ever ao little, and before It could be
closed again the three detectives were
inside. Instantly a slirlll whistle was
sounded from within, nnd when thc
house was searched the Anarchist
millionaire wbb apparently nowhere
within It.
There were plenty of servants about,
of both sexes, but they one and all professed to know* nothing. Tho detectives searched high and low for nearly
two hours, but Iheir search was In
vain. Yet that the wanted man was
somewhere within lhc building was
certain. Kvery exit wbb being watched by their colleagues outside, and
these had made no sign.
Bearding the Lion In His Den
At length, just when they were on
the verge of despair, a secret panel
was discovered, and this, on being
', forced open, revealed a passage just
broad enough lo admit one man. It
was pitch dark within, but out of the
darkness rami- the sound of suppressed breathing.
Here, then, was their quarry. Hut
which one of the three detectives was
going lo risk almost certain death by
bearding him in his den now he waa
at bay?
Thc question In reality admitted but
of one answer. It Is an unwritten law
of Scotland Yard that the piiBt of danger shall be given to the junior, for
that way lies promotion, and rronie*
Hon Is, of course, the mosi anleiitlv
to be desired thing nmongst all
branches of the I'ollce service.
So to Sergeant-Inspector Hndcock
was assigned Ihe duly of entering the
secret passage so luckily discovered,
and dragging Ihence Into the light of
day the worse than wild bcasl lhat
lurked within.
Quietly, without the least trace of
bravado, he accepted the mission.
Stepping from tho room lnto tho
cavern-like passage���-being a tall man
he was compelled to adopt a stooping
posture���he called to the wanted man,
telling him that he was a police offi. j
oer, that the gamo waB up, and that ha |
had better surrender himself quietly.
The Fight for Life
No verbal answer was returned, but
out of the darkmiBB came the sharp
click of a revolver being cocked. Bad-
cock felt that life or death was a matter of momentB only, and bounded
swiftly forward, still keeping bent
nearly doublo, both because the height
of the passuge did not admit of a perfectly erect posture being maintained,
and also because by bo doing he stood
a better chance of not being shot if
his nsBiillaut aimed high, as men firing when greatly excited usually do.
The passage ended in a door, and
Iladcocli could hear his man fumbling
at the handle inside. But he could not
get oul Hint way, for lt had been
locked from the outside by Inspector
Arrow's orders prior to the raid.
Iteallzlng 'his. the bunted man facsd
aboul. pointed his revolver at hts pursuer, and tried to pull the trigger.
Hut Badeock gripped Mb wrist with
fingers of steel, and the weapon drop-
I ped with a clang on the atone floor.
It wns a pitiful figure of a man that
wns dragged out into the light of day
a few seconds later. H1b face was
livid, his features were working convulsively.
"Water!" he gasped. "Give me water!"
A servant mn and fetched some, but
j the  glasB  slipped  from  his  nerveless
fingers, his Jaw dropped, and a mo-
j ment later he fell dying to the ground.
A coroner's Jury said It was apop-
i lexy.   But was it?
The Anarchist millionaire, who waa
' also, lt must be remembered, a doctor,
nnd a skilful chemist, had long had ln
his possession a gold signet ring In
which wbb hidden a powerful poison.
When he waa arrested this ring was
ou his hand, but the secret receptacle
i behind the seal which had contained
the poison waB empty.
Anyway, he was dead, and the world
was well rid of him.
Had he stood his trial, there would
have been revealed the most remarkable criminal romance ot modern
Skaana Lantl Diatrict���Diatrict ul Quaan Charlotu
Tako nollco that Au.lln M. Urown ol I'rinco
Kill-, rt. aaddler, Intontl. to apply to lha Chiol
Commlaaioner ot Landa and Worka [or a licence
lo prounoct (or coal, oil and petroloum on and
under the followinK described lunda on tho Weat
Coaat of Graham Ialaud:
Commonclng at a poal planted two milea eaat
��� ���I tlio northeaat corner ol C. L. No. 4478 thence
aoulh 60 chaina, thonce weat HO chaina, thenco
north SO chaina, thance eaat SO chaina lo point ol
Located Slat July, lull.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict o( Queer Charlott
Take nollco Ibat Aualin M Ilrown of Prince
ltu|..-rt, occupation aaddler, intenda lo apply lo
lhe chiol Commlaaioner ot Unda and Worka lor
a liconco lu proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following doacribed landa on the
Weal Coaal u[ Uraham l.land:
lie-winning al a poal planled three miloa aaat o
the northeaat corner ol C. L. Nu. 4174 Uienea 8(1
chalnn eait, thance el) chaina aoutb thence SO
chaina weal, tbence SO chaina nurth to point of
���Mil-���W.   A|J3TlN M   UHowNi ^^
Located August 1st, I'Jll.
Pub. Aug. n
Skeena Und District-District of Queen Chariot**
Tak* notlc* thai Austin M. Brown of Prineo
Itupert. sa.Idler, intend- to apply to tba Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works (or a licence
to proepect (or coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the following deacribed landa on tba Weat Coaat
of liraham laland:
Commencini al a post planted three mile* eaat
of th* northeaat comer ol C. 1- No. 44b!* tbence
vast mi chains, Ihence auuth HO chains, thence
weet bO chaina, ihence north 80 chains to point of
Located August 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land District 1 tisirict of Qu**n Charlotte
Tak* nolice that Austin M. Brown of Princ*
Kupert, occupation aaddler. intends lo apply
lo tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka
(or a licence to prospect (ur cosl, oil sod petroleum
on and under the following described lands on the
'���'..-��� Coasl o( Uraham Island:
Commencing ai a post plaited two miloa east
of tho southeast corner of C. L. No. 4477 thonce
IU chains north, tbenc* HO chains east, thencs HU
cbaina aoulh, tbenc* 80 chains wast to point ot
Located 31st July. 1911.
Pub. Auf. 17.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notlc* that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupallon aaddler, Intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Landa and Worka for
a licence to prospect (or coal, oll and pelroleum on
and under the (ollowing doacribed lands on tii ���
Wasl Coast o( Graham Island:
Commencing at a poat planled three mllee east
o( the southeast eorner of C. L No. 4476 thence
north r>0 chains, thence east HO chains, thenc* aoulh
HO ehalna, ibenca weet HU chaina to point of com*
located Auguat 1st, lull.
Pub. Aug. 19.
.Skeena Land District��� District of Quean Charlotte
Tske notico that Amin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, saddler by occupation, Inunda to apply
to the Chief Commlsaioner of Lands and Works
(or a licence to prospect tor coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the (ollowing deacribed lands on the
Weat Coast o( Uraham laland:
Commencing at a post planted three mile* east
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4471 thence
south HO chains, thence west HO chains, thenc*
north hU chains, thence east 80 chaina U point
of commencement,
AUSTIN   M.   BROWN,   LocaUr
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land District���Dislrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice thai Austin M. Brown of Prince
i Kupert.   H.   C-t   occupaUon   aaddler,   InUnda   to
apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
1 Worka for a licenc* to prospect for coal, oil and
petroleum on and under the following de��cril>ed
lands on the Weat Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three milea east
of the northeast corner of C. ... No. 4478 Ihence
HO chains south, thence 80 chains east, theice 80
chains north, thence HO chains weal U point of
Dale ot Location -list July, 1911.
I'ub. Aut. 17.
Skeena Land District���District ot Queen Charlotu
��� Tske notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation ssddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chlet Commissioner of Lands and Works (or
a licence to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum an
and under th* following deacrlbod lands on the
West Cout ot Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three mllea east
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4472 thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chaina east, thence 80 chains aouth to point of
Ucaled August 1st, 1911,
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und District���Dittrict of Quean Charlotte
Take notice lhat Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation saddler, intenda to apply to
the Chief Commlsslorter of Lands and Worka for a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the followntg described Unda on the
Weat Cout ot Uraham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three mile* east
of the aoutheut corner of C. L. No. 4470 thence
north 80 chains, Ihence eut 80 chaina, thence
south RO chains, thence west 80 chains to point of
Ucated Auguat 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aui. 19.
Skeenu Land 1'ialrict���DUtrict (,f t.,
bookkeeper, "'���*.,,i to a,p| ''- ,      ��&&
mtaioieer ���1 LM,, Ior WWto ih, , bwWto
coal and petroleum ���,, a, d      ' .'"'"'-I'-'-l I���
land oa urelara tsland ,i*i',   .' '"! ���<���-�����,
Commencini at u pott d      i l""*,��.:
of Coal Lute No. -i-itiv.  ,.    ' 'V��iWimi
i-ouae No. 1, N. li. corner,   v   v ,     " u* --S
Skeona l.,ind Dial,,,-, -DUlrict ol n���
Take notio, thai IhlrS"sw ir,,,"','CI'*"l-'**<
Ualnto, o| priaoa l*.,,,���V ��� ' 'Y U''��� *-��� ������
bookkeeper, intend 10 SDDl? to 1 MS-MUM
miaaioner ol Land, (ur , 'SmuVZ "" * wa.
coul and Mtroleur*. M ������, '�� .' l;t���-l,m ������
land on liraham Ulud dt,",She     ',   u K"* w
Commencing ai ��� poal '���,",!", "r'*-^
of Coal Leaao No. 4n.; ���,.,��� ,.V,."'- "���"���*> tux
corner No. 2, thonco nuth ��\' ,1' ' ,,"* *N* ��.
80 chaina, iiu-nce, north .so ��� , ', """���*��� ��w
80 chaina to place ol ootauetiM��� ���-. ' "c" ***
DatedSept. 11, lull. i:. i.ll irn, ,
I'ub. Sept. 'I'I. N ' ������'-. Uau,
Skeen. Land Dhtrht-DUtrlc. of Quran, ,
'lake notice thut thiit) - ramdau/W*
Ualnler ol I'rinco imparl, il    ��� I     :������*-���-
bookkoopor, Intend lo apply lo   ,,,.���,,'���"��������������
SSrtSS 0,.Lf'ul"lur ****** ��� i', i��T
coal and potroloum on uml undu IM" 22L *
land on Uraham i_and UuimM ut-VS''1
Commonclng at a post planted i.e.- 2,i
ol Coal Leue No. 4-l/lJ, iffiS C. . "'*\**
cornor of Coal Uaae No. 8, Ihence tui |��'__J
thenco north 80 chain*., tl,,,,.*,. ���, , ,,, �����J
thence aouth 80 chain, lei place ���l i - -,,, ,."���*���,
Datod Sept. 11, 1.11. c. '*.;, ��*,�� : ' - �����l
Pub. Sept. IM. '���'*��� *���*���*
Skeena Land Dtatrlct-Di��irict ol qui, ��� a���. ,���
Take notice that thirty duy. Intra .l.u- i r?
Balnter ol Prineo lluperl, ii. C, by _a!��_
hookkoopor, intend lo apply i, ���,, , ���l,J'"*��
miaaioner ol Landa lor a hconco to ;.,.���i,2t
coal and potroloum on nnd under Mil E�� j
land on Graham laland deacribed -^ lollawK
Commencing et �� poat plantad Dm ���__ ���
ol Coal Loaao No. 4-176, marked i'. r: h s jT
corner Coal Leaae No. I, thenc wen m mam
thenco north 80 chuina, thenoa Mat m JS
thence aouth 80 chaina to plac,- ol.  nmmSS
pur-fej.Mau- aa-wffiiusa
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrict of Queae chirtoiu
Tako notico that thirty dava Inn ,i:,u- | ***!
Bainter ol I'rinco Kupert, U. U., 1,., ^' \h
bookkeeper, Intend to apply ui tha i.���i.le.wa!
miaaionor ol Landa tor a lici-nce- i��� *ire��Ma |M
coal and petroleum on anel und.-r t,iu acM ll
land on Uraham laland desorilrv.l a, Inlii,..,
Commencing at a poal plained Uo ������i��� LolA
ot atako marked C. H. U. Coal Leu��- .*>���. | ������_*
N. K. corner C. E. U. Coal Leiuo No, J mean,
aouth 80 chaina, thenco rat so cliain. iMM
north 80 chaina, thence eaat 80 clium, -. ,,!.��� j
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C. E. HAINTKU r__,
Pub. Sept. 2*1. s      ���
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtricl ol Queen Chnlttti
Take notice that thirty day. troui ,i��u-, i, ^ ^
Balnter of Prince lluperl, ii. C, by occupu-N
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo tha Ciurl toa-
miaaioner ol Landa tor a licence to p.-u,pect I.
coal and petroleum on and und.-r i-iei .cm t
land on Uraham laland doacribed a. [oBon*
Commonclng at a poat plann-l two tniirawtt
ol Cl. E. U. Coal Leaao No. :*., marked C. t.. huala
N. W. corner Coal Leaae No. il, 11.,:,���,���-..;- ���
chain,, thenee eaat 80 chain., ibenc.. nta-u *
���cbaina, thonce weat 80 chaina to pl.ee J. tm
Daled Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. ll.UMi:!; L.��
Pub. Sopt. Zl
Skesena Land Dlitrict���DUtrlct of i>.:, i -__��
Taka notice that thirty da*,, (na dad, I.-..L
Bainter of Prince Ituputt, il. t'., l<> ,���,���?.-*:��,
bookkoopor, inlend to apply to lie I'r.wi ua.
miaaionor of Landa for a lice nee lo pr_p*tt lu
coal and petruleum on and under i>lu una d
land on Uraham laland doacribed a, lollow;
Commencing al a poat planted i*u m.- talk
ol C. K. B. CeMU Learn Nu. II, atake .a 11. crar
Coal Leaa. No. 7, thenco norlh 1*0 chains Uaw
eaat 80 chaina, lhance aoulh 80 cnaina, llaaM
woat 80 cbaina to place ol commeno-rnrsl.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. UAIMt.ll. Uau
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land DUlrict -DUlrict of t,j-n xu-mi
Take notice that thirty daya Irum elat��, 1.1.
Uainter of Prince lluperl, il. C by ,sx.,vsx
bookkeeper. Intend to apply lu tbt- laid l_*
miaaionor of Landa for a licenc* lo j.*...).<**. la
coal and petroleum on and under eiu ama d
land on Graham laland doacribed a. (olloa-ii
Commencing al . poat planted taei mue. aertt
ol C. E. II. Coal laMao No. 4, marked 6. h. ten*
C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 8, Ihence uuttb '������ cu_.
Ihenco waat  80 chain.,  tnence -watt, Ni cuna
Dated Scpt.*It, 1911.    OT*. BAINTEH,tail
I'ub..Sepl. 2 J
Skeaena Land DUtriet���DUUict ol Queen CWM
Tak. notice lhal thirty daya Irom d.w. l.t���'���
Bainur ol Prineo Rupert, II. C, b> oeftjaa*
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to the I tun *.**���
miationer of Landa for a licenc- l��� pr.*.****- XS
coal and petroleum on and under tin acraa a
land on Graham laland doacribed a. !tuie*��.-
Commencing at a poal planted live ttiim a*
ol Coal Lawae No. 4474, marked I - 1- ��*-���*'
N. E. comer Coal Laaa. No. '.', tl-tc teatt ���
chmlna, thence weat 80 chanu, thrr.tv x*rita
ehalna, thenca eaat 80 chains lo plan a tm
mencement. _ ,    ..
Daled Sept. II, 1911.    C. E. IIA INT I. II, Un*
Pub. Sept. ti.
Skeena Und DUtriet���DUtrict ut Queen CWf
Take notice lhat thirty daya In,'" lai'. 1.1 _
Bainter ot I'rince Kupert, II. . . I> "**7>*~
bookkeeper. Intnd to apply lo tlie l^***^*-
miaaioner of Landa for a licenc- t" ****** -5
coal and pelroleum on and under '-10 acme
land on Graham laland daacnla-l ���
Commencing al a poat planteel one ���* J**?
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. '.'. marael *��� ��� _
cornar C. E. B. No. 10, Ihence wulb ��J _J"
thenoe weat 80 chaina, thence xiuni tt �����
thence eaal 80 chaina to place ol c rmmcotw����
Haled Sept- 11, 1911. C. E. UAIN I I.II.U-"
Pub. Supt. 23.
Skeana Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Chart**-
Take notioe that thirty daye fronm d��"- '*_T
Balnter of Prlnco Kupert, U. C, .���ecu**.*****' ���"_.
keeper, inlend to apply to lhe t
ol Unda for a liconee to proap. el MJ o* aa.
petroleum on and  under 010 ac*,, .a *m
Graham laland deacribed aa loll---- . -g_
Commencing at a poat planlcl i��o !��""L,
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaae No ��, mat.. I N- h-"*!
ol C. E. B. Coal Lea���� No. II, I**"***'"JJ5
chaina, thenca weat 80 chain., i *..*.�� ' ; ���'
chaina, thanca eul SO chaina lo ol*" * *���**'
BSSfcftll.lfU.   C. K. IIA1NTI.R.U"**
Pub. Sept. tt.
Skeena Und DUlrict -DUtrict ol Uuera 0^|
Take notlea thai thirty daya ln*m.��***2Zmm
Balnter of Prince llupert, U. I - i-i JJE
bookkeeper,  intend to appl)   >
mUalonar ol Und for a licnc- i    I'WjJJI, a
coal and petroleum on and und** '���
land on Graham laland deaerih d   -       *   . .,
Commencing at a poat planted ���*???��, I
ol C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. V, ">j��*3_"is
Coal Leaae No. 12, thence euulh Ml "���'"'Si
eaat  80  chaina,  thence  norlh
weat 80 chain lo place ol com ��� uorf
Dated Sept. II, Mil.    C. E. IIAI.aTtll.w-'
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict e,! *' '����������� | ,- ���*.
Take notlea lhal ihirty da>a Ir ,,*.
Bainter of Prlne* Kupert, ll. < ��� ' I '*jV*-
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply ." ' " ' ^t!��
bookkeeper, intend lo appiy >������ ���
miaaioner ol Unda tor a licenc*    ��� ryg. i
eoal and petroleum on and ,'" ,
land on Graham laland deacril-,
Commencing at a poal plani- -��������",���.
of C. E. L. Coal Leeee No. T. nr I
C.  E.  B. Coal Uaae No.  II,
.   ���:'
chaina, thence eaat 80 chaini,  '     *c*V*/n*
chaina, thance weat 80 chaina lo i act
mencement. ���   ,,.,. irn Ltrf*
DatedSept. 11, 1911.    C. E. B.MM *-*-**^
I'ub. Sept. U. ,
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUIrlrt ,.! i, *;��� *-] ,-,i
Take notice that thirty days I" ' * ,�����
Bainter of I'rince Kupert. B. ��� '.���.-(**
iKwkkeeper, Intend lo apply la .,���,��tl'
mliaeloner ol Unda lor a lieen,- Vic**1
coal and petroleum en anel MJ
land on Giaham laland deacrll*~l��* '���;'�� ^ -jx*
Commencing at a poat planted '        r,.e**.
of C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 8, n.a;* .. �����
C.  E.  B. Coal  Leaae No.   U. ' _,,�� *
-*--"--   thance weet 80 ehaina. '   4 ***
Ihence .eat 80 chains i
tent.  -. ���, u !'*1',**
leapt. 11.1911.    C. E. IIA-* -I*"*
pi. 23. . ���
Und D'atrlct-DUltin ;���' ���   ���
notice that thirty daya \"
of Prince lluperl, H   ' H*tC*Z
chaina, thonce weet 80 chains. , gtt
ehalm, theoce t��et 80 chain, i
mencement. ., .   n,I'<**
DatedSept. 11, 1911.     C. E. Be
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena I
Take i
Bainter ol Prince llupert, H- '
bookkeeper, Inlend lo apply '" . ,rert ��
miaaioner ot Unda for a lie i -
coal and petroleum on and u' ���,      ,
land on Graham lalanel dwrih.
Commencing at a poat pUi , ,   I  '
ol C. E U. Coal Leaae No. 10, ��� im*
Coal LM No. 15. thence n���r ,, **"
waat 80 chaina, thence south
eaat 80 chaina to place ol eon; ,, |/<a��
Dale.ISept.il, 1911.    C. B. H-1 *'"���
Tub. Sept. 23. m
Skeena Und Dlatrict-Dlalri*' ol    ;'.; ,  :.���
...     , .....
Balnter ���
-na Und Dtalricl -l>l.in*���   'ffftl,**
ike notico thai thirty daya lv ���','."���oajp��'_
ter of Prince Ruperl, B, '
keaeper. inlenel Ui apply '      .    , ...prrl *
oner ol Landa lor a lie , ,,, ,(n*"*
Wl irei      ���_���.     HI,     tt.     *JV***    mram.--      - , llrfll'T ,   _j.i
80 chnlna, thenc* weat SO eh"11 *; . ,- ol ���*
80 chaina, thence net 80 --hain1 ." I ���
mencement. ���aI\ 11 ll-,,c<^
Datod Sopt. 11, Mil.    C. B. HAI-"1
Pub. Sept. 28,
I     General Merchandise       - -        Largest Stock
j   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
;Real Estate and Stock Brokers
and - Stewart
Prince Rupert
Canadian Pacitic Railway
,'. Toast service ��� Famous  Process
Princess Beatrice
1 huraday. October 12th, ol 9 a.m.
Victoria, Vancouver and Scuttle
. G. McNab - General Agenl
louble Weekly Service
I.S. Prince Rupsrt, S.S. Prince George
I Vancouver
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
���^n-^tf-^s, ���****,% **A
MS   OF . .
A, rr.il"*. ���
Prince John suila for Port Simpson, Naas River, anil Stewart, Wcd-
nestlays, 1 p.m.; anil for Masset anil
Nntien Hurbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
For Skidegate,   Rose   Harbor,   etc.,
1 Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railwaw Wai" >o Copper River
I     : trains from Prince Rupert Mondays,  Wednesdays and Saturdays,  1
I p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
| nnd Sundays at 4 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Sjratem
nnecting with trains from the Pacific
oast operates a frequent and conven-
em service of luxurious trains over its
ouble track route between Chicago,
|oronto, Montreal, Quebec, Hnlifax,
fortland, Boston, New York and Phila-
tlphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
rrunged via all lines. Full informa-
Jon and tickets obtained from the
Rice of
ince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
|ll  members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
, Office on Second Avenue
'1-roomed Cabin, close in
P'roomet! House, Hays Cove Avenue
7-roomed   Houso,   Sixth
Ave., near McBride
,-roometl House, overlooking harbor
Srnisht-d .-.-roomed Cottage, $45 month
cond Ave-, Prince Rupert, B.C.
FramT anel Fifth It
The only holel In town
with hot and rolil water In rooma. Heat fur-
nlaheel Irrrr,.,- north of
Vancouver. Rooms fine
���P. I'hone 37. P.O.
Una I.-. :
Prudhomme * Fiaher      Propriatora
Skoena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaat Range !>
Take notce that Linlord Sewell Bell ol I'rinco
Rupert, U. C. occupatioo locomotive engineer,
intenda to apply tor parmiaaion lo purchaae the
(ollowing doacribed landai
Commencing at a poat plantod on lho north
bank ol the ZlmogoUta River about three Cl)
milea diatanl (upalrvam) In a weaterly direcUon
[rom the junction ol the Littlo Zimogotiu River
and the main Zlmogotlta River, thanee north 40
chaina, thenee weat 40 chaina, thenco aouth 40
chaina, thence eaat 40 chaina to poat ol commencement containing 160 acroa more or leaa.
Datod June 7, 1911. LINFURD SEW ALL IIEI.I.
Pub. July ��. Co. R. Putnam, Agant
Caaalar  Land   Diatrict���Diatrict ol  Skeana
Take noUce that I, Lemuel Freer ol Vancouver,
oceupailon broker, intend to apply lor permiaalon
to purchaae the following doaribodr landa:
Commencing at a poat planled on the ahor.
lo a northorly direction from Port Nelaon Cannery
markod L. i'.'a S. E. Corner, thenco 20 chaina
north, thenca 20 chalu woat, thenoe 20 chaina
aouth to ahore lino, thence along tha ahore to
point of commoncorneot, containing 40 acroa more
IlateXjune 10. 1911 LEMUEL FREER
I'ub. July 8. J- M. Colllaon. Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict���DUlrict ol Coaat IUnge 5
Taka notice lhat IL F. Miller ol Tipton. England,  occupaUon  tarmac   Inlenda  to  apply   (or
rtnlaalon  lo  purchaae  the lollowlng  deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted aboul 60 chaina
weat Irom the N. W. Cornor ot Lol 4406, lhance
north 40 chaina, thence weal 20 chatna, lhance
aoutb 40 chaina, thence oaat 20 chaina to the
point of commencement containing eighty acrea
mora or laaa.
Dated Auguat 19, ISII. R- fi MILLKR
Pub. AugTtS. P. M. Miller, Aganl
Skeena Land Dlalrlct���Dlalrlct of Coaat Range !���
Take iiinic- that I, Thomaa McClymont ol
Prince Itupert, II. C, oceupatlon real aetata
broker. Intend lo apply for permiaaion to purchaae
the fotloa-lng daacribed landa: .on.
Commencing at a paot planted at the s. ��.
corner ol pre-emption record 412, thonce eaat 00
chaina, thrnce aoulh 40 chaina, thanca weaal SO
chaina to ahore ol lake, thence (ollowing .hora
ol lake in a northerly direcUon lo poinl of com
mencment: conulnlng 110 acrea, more �� leaa.
Haled Sepl. 6, lull. THOMAS McCLYMONT
I'ub. Sept. S. Ereneel Cole. Agent
Skeana Land Dlalrlct���Diatrict of Coaat Range S
Take n.iiie-e that E. H. ... Millar of Falmouth
Ent., occupallon surveyor. Intenda to apply lo
._.*.,..,..��    ...   . i.f.aw..    So.   laUOWing    .lr��a,,l-aaI
Commencing al a poat planled al the N. W. Cornar of Lol 440b, ihenee weal SO ehlana, lhance aouth
20 chaina, thence eaat SO cnaina, thenee nortb 20
chaina to the point ol commencemenl conUining
lou acrea mora or leaa.
Daled Auguit 16, 1911. E. II. O. Ml I.l.!'II
l-ub. Aug. SS. P. M. Millar, Agent
Skaena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Oueen Charlotu
Take nollea lhat Austin M. Hrown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intend, to apply to the
fliu-l Commlaaioner ot Landa and Worka (or a
licence lo proapeact for coal, oU and petroleum on
and under tha lollowing daacribed landa on the
Woat Coaat of Graham laland:
l 'otnmrnctng et a poat planled thne mllea eaat
ol the northeaat corner ol C. L, No. 4472 thence
north B0 chaina, thence eaat BO chaina, thenco
aoulh 80 chaina, Ihence weat B0 chaina to point of
laocaled Auguat l.t. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaat Ranf. V
Take notie. lhat I, Peter Lenon of Towner,
North Dakota, ll. S. A��� farmer, Inund to apply
for pormiaaion to purchaaa tha following deecribed
Commencing at a poat  planted al tha aoulheaat corner ol Lot 1729, thenoa aouth HO chaina,
thence aa-oat 40 chaina, ihenee north SO chaina,
thenee eaat 40 chaina to point of commencement.
Hated July 16. 1911. PETER LARSEN
Pub Jul> -������-. 1*11. Fred E. CoareU, Agant
Skeana Und Diatrict -Diatrict of Coaal Range V
Take nollea that I, Adolph II. Chrtetianeon of
Towner, North Dakota, occupaUon allorney-
al-tew, Inund lo apply lor pormiaaion U purehaae
Ihe lollowlng d-**aCTlb-*sl Unda:
Commencing at a poat planud almul one anil
.me half mllea (1 1-2) northeaat ol tbe head ot
Trout Illver on the weat aide of Ukelea Uke,
and about 6 chaina from the lake I; >nt, (hence
aoulh Ml chaina, thenc war' 80 chaina, thence
north Ml chaina, thenoe eaat 80 cbatna lo point
** '"        '"ftoU. II. CIIR1STIANSON
Daled June 80, 1911. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Pub. July 26.
Kkeet.a Und Diatrict-Dlalrlct ol Caaalar
Take noUce lhat IL II. Stewart of Vancouver,
II.   C.  occupation   truckman,   Inlenda   lo  apply
lor permuwion lo purchaaa the lollowing doacribed
*"'ommenclng at a poat planled 40 chaina aouth
ol Pre-emption No. llll" and S2 chaina eaat from
the Naaa Itiver l.H. W. C.l. Ihence 40 chaina ea��t,
thence 10 chaina north, Ihence 40 chaina weat,
thence 40 chaini aouth to lho point ol commence-
men, to contain mx.nt* [y-^JTsTEWAItT
Daled Aug. 1911. Jamaa T. Fullerton, Agent
I'ub. Sept. W.
Skeena Und Diatrict-DUlrict ot Coast Range 6
Take notice that Harold E. Smith of Moradv,
Alia, occupallon nation agent, Int-nda to apply
lor permUalon lo purchase the following daacribed
Commonclng at a port plantedat the eouth
weat corner IU0 chaini eait and 20 cha na north
"rem N. I*, vomer ot Ut 1116. Harveya Survey
Ca*st DUtrict Range 6, thenee 40 chain, east.
Ihence 8(1 chain, north, thence 40 ehaina weal,
Ihence 80 chaina louth tn post ot commencemenl
containing 1120 acr-., more or lew e*\||TII
i.,-,!'..���*   18.1911. llAltlll.l' !- oms i it
RS!s5nr na *��� ��������������������"��� *""*
Skeen. Und Dietrict-DUtrict ol CoaatJUnpiV
T.ke   notice   lhat   I.   Paul   Hagen   ot   I rince
Rupert, laborer,  Inlend to apply lor permUalon
lo purehfrw Ihe le,l|..��ing doacrihe.1 laneU:
.'nmmeneing .1 a port planled ****<**��
hank ol WUliama (reek about .10 chain, aoutn
I_,t from III. II.. Ihence louth III chaina, thenco
eaat 40 chaina,  Ihence north 40 chain.,  thence
I^jSRRP "' """"Taul'Siauen
Skeena Und DUtriet-DUtrict of Coart IjSJftV
T.ke notice lhat Jaaaa M. Tallman of   -edar
lUpieU,   Iowa,   occupation   **Sf*r,ta*aM*n
apply  (or  permiaaion  to  purchaie lhe  lollo��lng
"Tom^e-l:,:!,".. a ���o��� planted *********
���hora ot Kot.ymateen Inlet on lhe right bank
���f a .mall atream flnwenl Into aald Inlet jai-l.eait
of Crow Uke. Thenre aouth 201 chain., thenee
wart 20 ehalna more or loaa lo the ihore lne of
Crew Uke. lhanc northerly l**J***WtX
owing U,e .hora lino, ol Cow UKttslaW
to Crow Uke and KuUeyn,.-een Inlet to the
place ol commencement, conulnlng orty acrea
more or laaa. Located Augual J."1"*. . M .N
Dated Aug. 9, 1911. lm**. M. TAI.1.MAI*.
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skeen. Und DUtrlct-nirtrlct ol Co"' IU,n��',-V
T.ke nolice lhat  I. lieorg. DM "   -""JE
Ih'nre n^rth 80 chain, lo point ol eommeneemen
Frank Gotch will appear in
Vancouver next month with Yttssif
Maluuout as his wrestling partner
ar.d in view of that fact it is
interesting to read the suggestion
that Gotch took him on as wrestling
partner in order to stave off
challengers. This is what Ed. W.
Smith, the well known sporting
writer, has to say about ii.:
Displaying a wily trick of a
class .hat won him several international matches of importance,
Frank Gotch has formed an alliance with a man who might have
caused him a lot of trouble if
hooked up in some other fashion.
Gotch has taken on Yussif Mah-
mout as a wrestling partner, thus
effectively removing the Bulgarian
strong man from his path of the
N H ���
Incidentally Gotch can use lhe
Turk as the buffer. In case any
dangerous-looking man comes
along to challenge Gotch, Mnh-
mout steps into the breach, backed
up by the champion's remark:
"Beat my partner first before
talking business to me!"
Catch the idea? Pretty foxy of
Gotch and his manager, Emil
Klank, wasn't it? Part of thc
scheme is here: Gotch won't
have to wrestle any of them until
they have beaten Mahmout. And
when you figure that none of
them���or not more than one or
two al the. very outside���can trim
the Mahmout fellow, Gotch is in
for a long jicriod of peaceful
idleness.     ,
Down in his heart Gotch doesn't
care much about wrestling any
more. He loves his title, loves
ihe big s|X)tlighl and relishes the
coin that trots side by side with
the honors. But that grind of
training! Wow, but that's enough
io stop any of ihem, especially
when a champion gets along toward
the seamy side athletically.
Gotch told mc in Humboldt
that he never suffered such torture
in his life as he did training for
the George Hackcnschm*'!". unit.
ll   isn't   like'*,-  he  will   waul   to
repeat  the process in a hurry,
M.'.linitnit ci riairly looks fine, lit*
is bigger linn  ever and  lhe .iv
sumption is that lu* is better.   He
weighs close to 225 p. *iii ,1* not
and carries it well.
��� ���  ���
Antoine Pierre, despite lhe gei -
etftl   waggil g  of   heeds  nf   llin-e
"in the km**," did i't come over
with the B ilgarian this lime,    it
w.is siitl las. season that Malum it
would shake off lhe  yoke,  i.  *.*.,
Pierre, and be bsck in .America
in llu- sprin { wiih his old meiit..|,er.
Later it av.s siid that Ol 1ST
people wer- to menage tin- Turk.
Buf it seeils tbst   Kl.'ik llifipcd
in ahead ol then all and grabbed
the danger>us fellow.    Prctti'
bright idea it was, too,
X   K   I
But now  that Gotch ard   ��I .all -
moiii are ifoing on a lout <' ths
country tl at will csrry them i<>
the holiday! and (hen w I gn
abroad, il docsn'i look pssilile
ihat many Important malchi a wiih
either as a contestant v i'i li��'
arranged i iis winter,
..^.e%..*"**..**"*��r,rra,r^ ,,-a. ,. rr�� ,, a, M��W^ ...�� ,. ��� ��.^ ��. ��� .. .�� .. a. ..rrrr. ��� % ,, a*. .�� ��� ����**�� .>���**��>���>
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects ot special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in ita discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by tbe editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
What the Woman Worker
Wants Most of All in the
World is Rest.
denuded surface should be gently
washed with warm water and a
cold cream or a bland oil applied
to prevent irritation.
Some woman has written a
poem in which she said she hoped
she would not get to heaven for a
thousand years after she died���
she wanted to rest. One of the
greatest drawbacks in the thorough
njoyme.it of life is that we tire
so easily���tire physically, mentally,
���spiritually. In these rushing limes
we grow, tired of everything.
"Nothing lasts but change," to
quote a paradox. The author we
read with so much pleasure yesterday today cloys us with his
changeless style and mode of
thought. The picture which appealed to us last year, we pronounce old-fashioned and out of
date. Kven the friend grows
tedious after we have fathomed
his thoughts and failings.
A brainy woman one day, speaking of a man who evidently had
grown tired of his wife, put the
idea in an epigram: "One cannot
expect a man to keep on longing
for what he already has." That
is the kernel. As long as we have
nol attained, satiety is impossible,
but when that for which we yearn
is surely ours, our restless minds
and desires ever gn seeking something new. As this seems to be an
inborn human trait, it looks as
though thc only way to escape
that tired feeling is to make new-
angles from which to view our
possessions, new channels in. which
to pour our enthusiasms and our
It can be done. Witness lhe
people who have made success of
life and who have remained happy,
sweet and sympathetic tO iis close.
One woman whosi lired eyes ever
iire lighted wiih a -wniit *���'* '*������ ���,*.
put   il    I  i..el\    Once,    "Life   '-"ill
..iwii\s In* worth li*.ii".;; while there
sunshiny  nfternoons."    She
knows ihere never would be enough
of them to tire her, and from thc
monotonies "f life she always
turned    tO   Nature's   .���I'lidolc   of
ceaseless charge.
Cabbage a la Creme
Drain a boiled cabbage cut it
up small and put it into a pan
with 1 oz. nf butter 1 gill of cream
salt and pepper. Stir over the
fire until hot and garnish with
lightly fried croutons of bread.
Skoona Laml liiHtricl    Iliatrlct of Queen Cliiulotte
Tako notlea that thirty <luja (rem dute. 1. C. 1*'.
Huintor u(  Prlne. Kupert,  11. C>, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to upply io tho Chiel Com.
nilaalolre-r of l.unila lur it licence to proapeel (or
coul unel potroloum ���n uml under tliu ucrea ol
lund on liruliuiii UUnd deaerUMd ua lollowa:
Commencing st u puat pUnted two mtl�� north
ol C. B. n. Coal Uaae No. 14, marked M. E,
corner C. B. II. Coul Lena,. No. 17, tlience aoulh
SO cliaina, tlieneo WMI BO cliuina, tlu-lico ne.rtii HO
cliuina, thsno. euat bO chuina lo pluco o( commencement.
Dato.1 sepi. 11, mn.   c B, BAINTBR,Locator
Pub. Sept. 211.
W. I.. liAI'KEH
Second aveiue anil Third street
Over Wastsnhavsr Uron.' Office,
Stork Building, Second Avsnue.
Skeenu Land Iliatrlet -Diatrict of I'ueon Charlotte
Tuke notie.- 'l.ut thirty duva from eiute, 1, C. B,
llaititer ,.! I'rinco Hupert, II. C, l,y occupution; I.aw-Butler Iluildillg
bookkeeper. Intend to upply lo the, (.'diet Com-'
inlaaioniT of Landa lor u Licence lu proapeel for
coal and petroleum on mid under 1140 ucrea oi
lanel on llruluini lalund deai-ril-ed aa follow.
Phone No. 880
I'rince Runert P.O. Mux 361
ALI lllii CARSS,
of It, in- h Columbia
and Manitoba llara.
Potato Croquettes
One pound of smoothly mashed
potato ard to this add 1 oz. of
butter ard sufficient milk or cream
to make the potato soft but rot
too soft to form inio balls. Add
tablespoonful of very finely
chopped parsley and a little chopped chive (if liked) or a spoonful
of cooked onion made into a
pursue. Form into balls egg
crumb   and fry.
Stuffed Vegetable Marrow
Take a large young marrow
scoop out the seeds anil rub ii
some salt. Take 1-2 lb. of savory
rice (or the remains of a vegetable
curry) lay inside the marrow, aril
tie together with wide tape. Cook
gently. Serve covered with while
sauce, or. if curry has been used
with curry sauce.
Ceremon;' of Swearing  in  the
Members Tomorrow a I Noon
((' .natliaii Press Despi ich)
Ottawa  t)ci. in.    llu  Bordtti
Cabinet    vill    be   swum    iii    to*
morrow a noon after which Esrl
Grey   inu I   Like  .���   s|m-i -il   train
in catch his boat .-i laontraal.
Personnel of Cabinet had not
been oflic ally announce I al time
nl  wiring   and   lhc   latusl   rumor
had ii i mi Goodeve ivould be
represent! dvoforBHdsh Columbia
1-tentcn    of   house*,   nr   ap..rt
ments nr- sdHtnswsw ���   Not all
of ihem -bin lhe IWihl desirable
nf ihem. Pot progrci.ivt people
an���llStl rally .id-ic In- And,
nf   cnurs',    they    lll.it.--    lhe   besl
Read The Daily News
Cream of Sweet Oranges
(A Skii' Food)
Sweet oil of almonds.. . ,2 ounces
Orange-flower water,   .. ,2 ounces
While was 2 drams
oil of sweet oranges  1 dram
Sperm.'i-cti    2drams
n.i'i fill a saucepan with boiling
WSter. Stand B jam jar i.l this.
Shred the wax and spermaceti
inio (he jar. Let it dissolve.
Heat  aim.mil nil and add  to  lhe
wax. Heat orange-flower water;
.'..Id ii half a teaspoonful si a Hme
stirring the mixture quickly    Lift
the jar out nf tin s,'.ucepa,i. Ileal
mixture with ilu whisk. Unit and
add nil of sweel orange. Whisk
cream until ii is enlil. Cut in puts
and cover wiih parchment.
Formula for a Temporary Improvement of This Defect
Here is a recipe for get'ing
rid nf superfluous hair. I'nder-
sland, however, lhat Ihis pre-
psrstiotl d.xs int have a permanent effect:
Sulphide nf nda nr calcium sulphide        .       KM) grains
Cha|k    KIDgrains
Mix  thoroughly and  keep  dry
in well-corked botds until wanted
Inr use. Take enniigh in make a
paste   snd   add   warm   waler   lo
it   until  the  pmper consistency
is secured. Spread over the hairy
���surface and allow In remain for
from one '.<> five tnii'iites, according
tn the nature nf 'he grnwlh .ind
the SUSOSpdbillty nf the skin,
then scraps off With S blunt bh'de-
., pspet knife, fnr example, li
should be removed, as in every
ease wiih a depilalnry, when  llu
burning sensation i**- produced. Too
long COntSCl with lhe skin should
be avoided, and Immediately aftin
lhe   hair   has   been   removed   tlu
Savory Rice
For the stuffing of the marrow
or to be served as a separate dish
when required: Chop half at*
onion very finely and fry il. PIbo
4 oz. of well-washed rice in a pan
and half a pint of vegetable sit ck.
i'.dd the coiikul otior, a.i d cook
until all lhe stock is absorbed.
Add 1 OS. nf grated cheese, pepper
and sail.
Keeps Figure Slim
Too much sleep wi'l Increase the
flesh.   If v''i ������*< '��� '���* '"��� slim Min
-.'...tiiil not sleep more tlie'.:* > ��� *:*
or eight hours. Take off the hout
or so in the morning r. iher than i-l
i ighl, for il will do twice a- met I
gnnd subtracted fmm ihe mnniig
nap a.s from the Imurs of beaut)
sleep. Exercise freely en d do H"l
eat fat-forming funds.
C. V. ftNMHTT, H.A.
eif 1 .C. Ontario. Saa-
kat ���he-wan and Al-
la-r a llara.
Bariustkus, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exrlmnjrt' block, rumor 'hlnl avenue and
Sixth street. PrinceRi-uert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. 0. S.
Crown and Bridge Work i Specialty.
All dental operatinn* skilfully tr uitwl. tias and
local annsthetics udmlnint��mi for hit palnl��"w extraction of teeth. Consultation 'ree. Offices:
HeUernon Uli>ck. Prince Ruoert. 11-12
AU-x.M.M-iti-.n H.A..      W.E.WJUIi,m*,n.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors  etc.
Box 285
Prince Uipert. B.C
Comment-inn at- u post pluntt.il two mil. * north
o! c E. li. Cuul Uuiui Nu. Lfi, mama N. w.
corner ('. B, H. Cuul I^.-iim- .No. 18, thencu suuth
80 chains, thencu wuat 60 chuina, thenco north HO
chains, thence wuat 80 chuiiiK to plucu ul commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, UUs C. K. HAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land District���District ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice thut thirty daya alter date, 1, C. E.
Bainter of Prineo Rupert, ft. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend tu upply tu thu Chief Cum-
muuiioner of Lands (or a licence to proapoct for
cual und petruleum on und under ti40 acre* of
land on (iruham lalund doHcrihod ll (ulluwa:
Commencing ut u poat planted two miUtt north
of c. e. ii. Coal una No. 18, markad s. w.
corner Q, E. IL Coal Leuac No. 1!*, thunco north
SO chuina. thenco eaat 80 chains, thenco south SO
chaina, thenco west 80 chaina to pluco uf com-
Dated Sept. 11,1911,     C. E. UAINTEH, locator
Pub. Sapt, 23.
Skeena Und District -Diatrict ol Queon Charlotte
Take notico thut thirty duytt Irom date, 1, C. 1'..
Bainter ul Prineo Hupert, IL C., by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend tu apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands for a licence to pruapect for
coal untl petruleum on untl under *<*** acrea of land
on (iruham laland described as fulluws;
Commencing at a post planted two mllos north
Ot   C.   E.   1).   Coal   I,mm* \o.   14.   marked   S.   Wa
corner C. E. B. Coal Ixtasu No. 20, thonco north
SO chaina, thencu wost 60 chains, thent-u aouth SO
chains, thenco east 80 chains to placo of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. E. BAINTEH. Locator
Pub. Sept, 2U.
Skeena Lund District    District of Queen Charlotte
Tako nutico that thirty daya ul'er date. 1, Q* t<-
Bainter of Prineo Hupert. It. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to thu Chief Commissioner of Lands fur a licence to prospect for
coal and petruleum on and under *���'<*' acrua nl
land on (iraham Island <t...-ni*.-i u (ullitws:
CommoncinR at a \>��-** plante>| t*<> milea north
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. LA. markiil S. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 21, thence north
80 chains, thencu weat 60 chains, thenre south 80
chains, thenco east 80 chains to place ul commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1U1L    C. B. BAINTEH, LmMM
Skeena Land District-District of Qmh (hsrlotte
Take notice that thirty >u-. ��� frum date, 1 I.E.
Uainter of Princu Hupert, 11. C, by urrupsiion
bookkivper, intend lu apply to the CRN * OMI
missiuner of L;ind- fur a licence io pfMBWl ml
cual and iiutruleum un and under MO arn* of
oland un draham Uland i|e��rfiUil ������ fullufta
Commenrina at a |-mi  planted twu mii.m tiorth
of C. E.  H. Coal  Uaae  No    Hi.  itmrk.-l  S.  E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Ua-*- No. --. iiieorw M,uth
80 chains, thence W*X 60 chain,  thenca- north wi I 2n,| A 1*9* botwrrii  I0ll�� ami   I Ith Sti
chains,  thence east  80 chains to  plso- ul  rum  '
P. O. BOX 23
MTU. OK WM.  rOtOM. HQh A.R.A.k .. I ON., i -. .
C.ll.l.KCTItlNS  AMI IIKI't HT**
Third Avenue alw Vatsr ttrtat,
Rapairlng s BMelslty,
Complets Stock Cnrrii .1
Du ani.* ilrilers l'ii,ni|itly I- ll. .1
Il.l.al S.l.1    U, l��ll.
C.  K. IIAISTI.K. I..��*.l..r
Cures a Red Noae
Massage the nose and surround-
ii j; parts with the iips of 'I"'
fingers night snd morning. This
stimulates ths glsnds and promotes it healthy and vigorous
action of the -kir, thc redness being
Invariably due to Ihe lack of such
action. If the skin is sensitive,
it is advisable to epply a cream
before massaging.
Lines   of  New   Knowledge   for
A few years an" Hr.  Nyrnp,
li.,i ish university professor, win
a whole volume sboul kissit <*.   Hi
uuiui that while i*M*i. the stcn
Romans had three wi-rds fm .' kls
according i<> the nature of
salulc    OSCUlSi basis ard su
ilu* ���.iiitiiiiriii.il English i
term for every sort of '
Germans have over th*
styles nl kisst- IOCOI
entered  in   their (f
il   is,   mosi   peopl
with kissing in l'
I ni i lovers in.*
Sko.no l_n,i li-atrlct    lli.lilrl ,.l g,���. ,. t l,atl,,n.-
Tako notira thai ililrly .la>. (n.m -Un. I. t    I
llamt.T ol I'l-lnr., ltO|-arl,  II   1  , i|     ��� ���-. r.|,., i-.ir
Irrrr,kkr .Jr, ,,     ��,. t . I.. t    f,    ,.|'|- Ll    I I,.'    '    >  H I    I   >r���.
nilMOon.-r .,( lAll.la (or a lira-tica. to '.ro.,.��erl (<>r
roal ami |>otr���l,*otn on a.,.l uml.-r i.l,. raM*. ol
land on tiralialn l.lan,I tlwrtl*.! a. loll.r.s.
l'omitii.|ifin. at a |r.wl ,.U,.,.-.| t.��� n,,l.�� m.rtlr
ol  C.   K.   II.  Coal   la-aao   So   I.,   ii.-tk.-l   *.     I
corner t*. K. II. t ...l l,.-   N���  J l   tl..-���r-   ,,.
hu chains,  iln-nr.-  ..-.l  mi chaina,  lltroc.-  ,...|tl.
-all ctiai.M, ilr.-iic.- .-a��l Bti ilia,.,. l��� ,,l.c�� ���l meet
i,si.-i s...,i  ii. um.    t    I.   BA1NTSS.U��l��
I'uh. Sc|.l. llll.
Sk.-ctia LmS lllatrirl     |i, Inr, a| ej,,,. ., e l,...|���nr
Take nolle- lhal C-irt) ,|a  . Iroitt .la,, .l.t     I.
Ilamt.r   ..I   I'rlnr..  ltu,,��-rl.   II   ���   .   I>>   ������,���,..,	
lHNtkk..-l��� r,  leil..|���l  I..  a|,|,lt   l��  ll���   I l.ta-l   , 	
mia.limor ..I l.an.l. m a ma*m la atmmpm* ut
coal atlil |,cir>rl.'<i���, ,n, ��r..| ,.>..,., ��� ,<��� attaa ,,|
lan.l .... lirali.eti ImIii.I ,1.^-ni, I a. I���ll-,*a
Comn..'i,rii,. al a |hmi |,Uitl..| l.,, saa*S irrrreli
ol I. K. II. I ..al l*mms No Is. .���.,k.-l S Vt
cm.*r I     I.   It. Coal  lawaaa  No   il, llM-ire.   M,.,ll,
ho  Chan,.,   thonc*   eaal   ao   Chan,.,   ll,-ai,r ..I,
Ml chain., thonco ��.-, Ml chain. I., ]���!���>. rrl ...t���
,t*.i*nA^..**,imtt H. BAINTSHsUmii
:'.:.. ���-!<���   "i.
Skoena Und DUtrlct    DUtrict ft *,-.... ' ���*���
Tske nutice that Hum days (rum date, I   A.  .
Id    -,.i.i-h ol Prince Hupert,  B. C ��� by i>rrop��	
bank manager, intend lu appl) to tin- < hot < .,m
misaioner of Unda fur a lirentv tu pr<M|wei for
coal and petroleum on and under bio mvtrm <,|
land on (iraham lslsnd de*eni-i*<l as fulloaa;
Cummenelng at a pust pisnteil i��n tit I'm north
of  (.   E.   IL  Coal  ictiM*   No    17.   n..rk.*,|   >    \\
corner A. T. IL Coal lasaw Nfl   - '. tMBM imnli
HO Chains, thence east SO cliNlim, thenre Mnjlb   NO I
clisii^,   Ihence   wuat   I.-   chains   lo   plan-   of   nun
A. T. BHol'EHICK, Uoaitor
DaiiHlSpt. Vi, IUIL C. L   Hainter,   \_...i
Pub. .Sepl.UU.
Skerna Und District    District of <Jui*m t hNrii.it.
Take ooini- thai thirty days frum date, I, A. 1
11 ruder If k uf Pnnee Hupert, IL C., by nrrupalloii
bank nianaaer, intend tu appl> to the I Lul < dm
mlaalonrr of Unds fur a luvnce to i-i-* i.. < for
cual and |��elrnlcum on and umler HO rsres ol
land nn liraham Island drwrdmd as lolloiss.
CommenrinK at a |hn| |.Iuhh.I Iwo mil-s north
of C E. IL Coal Uaae No. .<>, mark����l N E.
Oorner A. T. U. Coal Uase Nn. H, iLt-oee MM
80   chains,   tlience   wnst   HO   chsilis,   tliior*.   wuih
HO chains, thenei' out 00 cbains tu \i\m**- id |	
A. T. BHODEHh K, I ...-<..��
Hm. i   m'-   II) It'll. C. E. Uainter, Agent
Pub. npC Hi
Skia-na Und DMfW    Di>trirt ol t;  ��� ii��rl��it*
Take nolin- thsl thirty days from ,i.i. , I.  <
Bntdtru-k of Prinn- Hu|hm.  II, C , bj  *****
bank nianager, intend tu aiifily to th�� r
mUsinntr oi   Unds for  a  lnvticu te
cosl   and   petroleum  M   and   Ul*
land on liraham laland dt*< mIm*' _^T
i initM.i nvttll at s j.m-i  pis
y.iin iah anil Aiihthuii Illllii ita
Tw.lv.'   Vlllll-a. Sscowi    Avs.
Holt 1 Central S��m.��
I ���nu and Ameriratt plan, IIM1
.  I. t.uali'i hv.'ini-u.. *      M it-  ���
II in    . i * -Opei da).
rrnirnt  I   -��� t
MWIfl-l **
I'rtiprit lor
,'lilfi HVB
'-liiinliiii,', II. tiii.i-aT. si. tenlit'liiKSi'.l
si,.. i -i mi Work
I llll. r
le.l /
HANOI OK 11   I I s on*-
I ,,i lli'dii--.i-ra t.i 1.1 AiImii    .1 I', i   I.
Ml->  V, I.l I .**. ,-,,..   ���,e'
I*.,. I I 11. .   ,1.1. ..I  ���
Room -H.   Al-I��'lll... k I ..." .
of ft  E.  IL (o.l  U
corner  of  A.  T.   II
��r��at   > ���   chalii.,   I lief
HO rhaliw, thr
ol   r  *i.iii.i'
liHiiDEIlli h.  I...,.i���,
<     E.  |lai>.t%r,  Agenl
I      \     ��  I   V   ���
I' It- II .
Iher.*    KltSIHI A   Mini.
ao  chaina,  t.i*.,*�����
HO chain* la plMe
lUiriet     |i-slrirl ol gt��en ( harla>,
ii ��i thirty it**�� Irum date, I, i     i
by  occupation
��� r,   IntMld   In  appl)   to the  t lit. I   ( 	
r  nf  Landa  (nf  a  WNM  io  pnapnfl
lid   p'-troli-um   ori   a.id   gftdnf   ��� lo   *ict*m   ..I
oi, (iiwhain Island ib**rfiiM*l as InUowi
.- m u port pUnted a( llu- louth*.
er id < nal Um   No.  Hi.H marki��l i     t.   ,.
i ml I *****   s-"   II. thencs- north Ml chatna, M
snl   Mi  rhslns,   thenn*  aoulh   HU  chaiii*..
��a��t mi . ��� on* lo point "1 HMimniHnmni i
all f<ri -I.>>re Tlnhn  Point.
batnd    it i^'. mn. I    K   HAisu.K
Pub on 7.
MISS   I ISII.   I Kill I)
I    ,    M
.    I ,i ami
li. i .,. I ""I.��r
word "t'.'t h ���
making up
lieee mis*
khI,'i number
the ( .i nu, i
which means
whit h   h.'v
Skerna I antl lli.trict      lll.lricl ..I g.ir.... I  tr.,I..'I.
Take nolle, Ural Ililrly .|ai. Itenii .1.1.*. I. I     I.
llalm.-r  ol   I'rlnr,-   lt.,*,e*rt,   II   e.  I.   .-.-..,,����a...,.
lKM,kk,a-|.,-r.   lnl.-,���l   I.,  wi,,��� I.   i.r  il.   i hi f  linn
Itilsaii.ii. r  ttf  l,.t|i!a  l.,r  a  lie.--. irt--      el   IOI
,,11., '.coal  antl   |rt-'rol.-ut,   un  ani   tni-i-'r  >>.'i  *rr,m  .,1
*    land on Craham Islanel .Iracii'-tl a. lollow.
C..lt,,t���-t,rill-e   Ml   a   \SOSt   tSmtXU   I   l*a<,        <lr-   rrrrrlh
Ti.:,-, nunI,ai-. ,���,n,r t ���.' 1...  I. ..a.*.-
I      I:    II    .  .. .1  I . ...   Ni     'i'i, *,���-*-   a-rrellr M.lrll.l, .,
'hsne*.- wr.1 a,i chains, H.rr. ...., r h an rlt.ii a
the ores oast M. t' i.ln. I.. |...i .< tt' rt mnn iir.-eti.-rii
i* inl.lnli-K *-l" acre, mon ol t**\
i.aiini s.|.i ii. um. c. y:  im. i in
I'ub. Oct. 7.
E.  L. FISH! R
lun.ral    I>|,��, In,   ami   I ,���liali���r(
il- A In.   i III MHINANI i
IIIIHIl    AV,h    I        l*Me,S|     im
Ol'l N  |.��t   l'.i,
SS* au Gratin
ree   nr   fniir   ihks   ''.nl
en    cold    eul    Into    thick
Lay in a well  buttered
ml dish.  Sprinkle with gral
rheesc,   line   bread   crumbs
/ and    pepper.      I'niir    wliiti
Ax nver.   Strw rather thlckl)
nil      lirn'vii
horeughly Imt
��� salamander,
Some tenant
property ten y
it d in ni*. i
will "age
-is In one.
Ikoana l-i,.l lllalrlcl - Diatrict ul l|uoaii Clrarlolla
Taka nolle that Aualln M. Ilrown ..( l-rincc
llnji-H. occunatlon aail,ll,*r, lute-no. In a|,|>h
lu lha e Irn-f Coinmiaaioncr ..( laan,'. anil Mork-
lut a llcotte-a to nr,M>i>etcl lor roal. ,���i anil |..-r r-.'.--..&.
on anel under tno foll.ewin. ��� i. -���, i ���- i landa e
Waal Cetaat of ..rahaui lalantl:
to iiincncln. at a (mat i.lanl.al threw mlle-a cast
o( lha north.��at con nr of i . I,. No 1171, thane.
Ml chain, .-aat, the-nr.* leu chain, aoulh, llerne*,. a,,
chaina a..*.!, th,-iic�� an chain, norlh to inn,it ,,l
ACSTIN  M    llllllWN. I^icat.it'
lar st.-I Au-tuat 1.1, I'Jll,
I'uh.   In.-    111.
UMMMTASSSS a mm vi.vii ii
I     it .-,,.,      Ill,,     lr.,.
!,   I  AV   , ��� -lr   r,|,  SI |.|,   ,,P   fl���   ft
.Grand  Hotel..
Worklnftman'R Home
Fret labor Bureau in Conntclion
I'lliill.* 1,'H
1st   Ave*   unel 7tll   tt.
Skeena laanrl lli-.lrl.-t     lhstrict ,,l Caaal  Kati.e f,
Taka  notico lhat  I,  Jr.In,   llinl,e-rlr.nl   H.-.n>
ot   I'rlneea    Ku|M.rt,   ocelli,.! i,,,i   e.|,i��li,,.-f.    Intend
to .poly  lot  |,eriinaalnn lo |,urrl,a>.' th.. I,,ll,,.e, ,
elnee-Tllnal  land.:
ConMeieneinir   nl   a   i.imi   i.lante.1   on   tht,  easl
sltnr.- nl tha I ,fin,,ii.Ik Hiver, and MM bIm,uI
two mlUaa iinrlherly rum the no,,,:, ,,f the- said
ElOhumalk liner, mil which |e.al Is alH.ot lofty
chain, nittihlroin a��uk.-|.lni,t."l Ml th. I >��� Imiliall
lllv-r   ami   knnvati   r.   'T.1��";    lln'iic   nor* h   lul
clalna, iir.-iii-i- auX  H chitlna, :> e.. a,.nil, mi   MAnn'ln''*1
chaina,  thenc  wi-ai   torly   ehalna,   llu-nco  north
t.F.t)   BRODERIUS. Pro.rl.lor
Utile's NEWS Agency
tin. i-in. ...I   t,.,,, ..I   lean tl.   -,,H-..e     4U ****, Ihem-o wmt til chain, lo lho |.laco ol    _.,, . ....
Hit caretUI tenani iswrnlli aavcr-1 i^nwiwwrwnf, Mnulnlnf ��o Mm nunTSrlml.OlQARI
tisirj; for.
I llata.' K.*|tiamlier It, I'ul.
Pariodlsau -.-. Nswspupsi
ra j its
Many M. P.'s in Fncjlnnd Affect
to Disdain the Salary They
Nov   Receive.
The pa} ment ol meinii . ���
parliament is now nn established
fad in England. Man) i i the
Coi ncrvativi mi mbi i- h*". i "*������
tentatiousl) di dined to . :ci pl
the cheques or havi made ihi m
t,\ er to .li ii ities in thi ii di*. isions,
The Pall M ill Gasetlc, Conservative, nt,ukis these members,
li says:
"h i- \, i\  commendable thai
rich  men  **l"iiltl desire  to  nerve
the public ��ithout fee or n wai 1
in   wh'u ii   case   the)   can   easil)
gl i ,1 ill, ii   'wages'  tO stillle th KI \
ing charity without making anj
111*--, iiboul it.    .    .   .
"Mi   Balfoui has decidi ,1 in die
iim-i   t.iii*i -i   in gunge   th.'i   he
il, sin - ii* *-.. a Inrgi r i. prcscnta.
lion   ���-,   ilu   working  clnsm ���  in
ment,    .    .   -
"ll that "lm il  i- I" I"   .HI.lined
members  must   l>.   pnid  b
.s.ii.u.,.  ni il   ii   has  ii   .li tii' il\
unchivalrous    .���.������,. irnnci    when
politicians who .ne more i.l. :������ i
fully endowed with this world's
t;, n-ls    gO    "ill     Ol     tlll'il       I  "*
proclaim thai thej will cvei
soil their hands wUK i fi * whli I
i- as old and
House i>i i'- 'tin
"Thi *
T^t-i I    I   i'i
Ivi     with   ;n.
i   Iii      . i,i,  u,,ik
New   Cabinet   Sworn    in   and
Hold*  Firtst   Mniiii-    Earl
Grey    Leaves   Ottawa    An
Eventful  Day.
i   nadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Oct. 11.   Canada again
lu- an  administration.    <>n the
tame  day   di<    Borden   Cablncl
took .mill >.f "flu '   i'  In Id il-* In-I
nu etlng and Earl Grcj quit U d
Ottawa i" -.dl for England. The
entry ..i the nea Ministers Into
powi i .nd the remarkable spon��
kindly farewell i" his
I \. * Hem J made it ,i da) "I
i ii ii,u-l\ \ ariotta iiut it -i ii. ilu
i il. All thc Mil i-ii i- ivort
|.n -, ti, at swi iii". in anli thc
i \' - ption ol Mi Burrell ��ho
hnd not arrived,
(Continued from i> * i��� ��� one.
unique  experience  vrus  shooting
grOUSt tltilll lhe t'.ll while travelling
Mi   Sands shol  four In a  tern
iiisi.inis with ** 39 repeater [rom
ilu* <... *   ii when .. Cuvey lose
Tin11 wu k- .. , lhe cv.r's net
travelling lime roughly Days
wen apt ,n in re ''���"! l here bringing
up ih. total linn* taken to father
loi ..i ih.in this I lie party left
Seattii on August Silth At Haa-
, 11,,i> ,i ii. nt|in i was he .1 in their
h innl, and a welcome on a l>ig
- -ale was given the patty- which
consisted ol P I Sands, his
,,,, hanlc, I��. I M. .ich >Uer, and
photographer, Win T Curtiss. The
nip wa- taken In il e imprests of
the Pacific Coaal lligl way As-
tociation which plot's a fine road
e uti ndlrj from l'..i miui, Mexico,
.ill the wa) io li.i.'tlui'. The
und.-I won Is a beau if nl miniature
auto wheel i-i solid gold 8 In. in
ni mil nl'.
In   Faiint-M   to   Mr.   Ksrr
Sit,   In lustlfii itli
ill  ill.    \.\. ..   i
ih.u R.*\   Kerr add
t God p    in ut feature
the world'. lid  ir the civililing
,.i ���, ,i in. i icorei boxing
,-���!-.       \llel     piesei'lii g    lllill
I nihil   -mill, i     ','1'
{j   ���}.-_...���.a^.a^..-..--..-..,
"The News" C^ified Ads.
r=0ne C��"Ji F5.d/For Each Insertion-
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plats f.litsH
Employer's Liability
Contractors snd Psrsonsl Bonds
Poltelss Prsparsd While You Walt,
Mack Realty & Insurance
I'S     11,
laoa anil '.,,-,,I,,1m
*<*m\. ****..'-**.!.
|-*�� ��l%4^ll%ll^t l^|l%.l|^4!
a���   '��������-. ���-*-������
' Mai.-
i-'tirtiistuii raau .Mih
till' tt.-i'l,.        1 .tlli.it   Him
N.-mlv KiirntslH'il rooma.
Apply Mrs, Mullin. Off
Nii-i- KurtiUhiM   HiMtms,
Him I.    I'lin.l Av*.
.Mi       Ql
l-'nr Kiwi I    I ui it I si mm I mi
with mih,  nii'i-1 iiei .    ���,,���,_._.
fMns. nil Avi ind nut**
V**r Hrnl - Huns nf Km I * I
iLllll'I'K,   l-'inli>iiiii1H  /  .. *
1'r.w.k A  BBC Ki /*n,' ���*'>*��� *}"     l AvI: H
/jDlvUrs. HiH-ml.   -1-'  Apply
.      -   /Aluurpli ��-1 ��****'
ul i.ii.-- by
i-itlrt'        if
maL AMcr
l- it
ti'-irliiin.-tl frniii I' , * 	
.ii il
li,     In)
l IM'l/H
llll I'I-     III
yor Mansoi i Ly.
i. ���' Cowper.
M \. v.".. i, .���': oi ��liom
cnittributcd e.-��� > Ileal after dinnei
-im!,!- with plentiful humor and
wit. Mr, McLeod spoke ai tin*
ii ,i ni the liii'ipn i to lhe toast
ni "The Baptist Brotherhood."
I' ii ii iinl to the earl) stages
ol thc organlsaUon when .��� hai dful
ol l.'.l- gathered aboul ilu- nil
-ii\i In the little shabby building
foe lik"--J:iiclir,\ Ranch.'.'
li IU .tea'..    Near  I'rlni'i-
.    r-ll at QMS.       A-llr.-aa   |l
Ripen lly.lr.i-
at'iirally   new.
e-y Iniliac. h.iuae-
,���rt.    A ennp If
Open an Account Tod
Deposit a portion of your weekly earnings (,nfj
you will be aurprired  how rapidly they  ,  |
cumulate.    We  will add to  your savin
cent, interest on monthly balances.   I -, n sho
time you will have saved enough to imke a profit,
able investment.     The accounts  of ladies a d
children receive careful and courteous atteirttion
The Continental Trust Co,
Second Avenue
The Big Furniture S
De. av.-i'.v with tins.    Patroniss ii white
laundry.   White labor only si
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
tipMU- (taka Units Ik.i.i
I siti Mff MBt ����1T. i
On display In tnirSlsth Hi ������!  window.
Ml -Ub
mil t'onipanim mr* nnt��*.l it pr��mpt nnd i usl
���tttWMMtti W-' writ* i'.i-ry known class of
nstiranr*. Thu Mark Ural'' ami Insurmnco Oft
Watitnl    lie.al m-nealal .
Th*<v ��� ��-c ths [fir t occupied, and with stammering I toSJSS
WatlllHl     ������   rr.   -..-
r* KM Thlnl A
.   \|.|.i, r.o. Boa
Oh.i,*clrira ���  aiHarlalty.
���e.    I*,'���nal!i:l Had. If
nrgui inita olTered by the mi,- *
porte  i sf tbr wsr doctrine."
I at i .1 Mil.-. iiu*i im tin News
,u>tl hi v. alwaj- admired it ��� -.pirii
oi fair pl.'v and although I to nol
with  Mi    Ken  in  regard
in   pii*.    fights,    I   like   ii    help
uphold ilu reputation ol ilu News
(or fair us-, to friend and i'.h
Y"iu- reapectfullyi
���\ Kiail.i "i the NiWS."
Tin- News regrets if i has
wrenchi .1 Mr. Kerr's stat ment
mu of ii- propel meaning,   Ed.
,,|   In-;    l.ti.I  llu   lout!
Fraternal  Order of  Ea* les
A reu il.n meeting of the Fttaer
nal Order ol Eagles will be held
in the Helgerson Block tonight al
S ,. m All members arc k .idly
reqtu ste I to   tlend.
The new C.T.P. News Stand
for Lownsy's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factorv.   tf
S( lililili'K p- d-  for sale
ai The
Wanl.il    I*- .11 r.-ri a. houa. awtirr or r.Hlll.anlim
1.- an m.alttl laaly.    No ..bj.*. I lew  l��  .'..III.  uut uf
,i ilu* hiinln brotherhood wss, wsvrTo.iioa����:. tsi-m
Kie   lllill'     W'.ni.al      Clratee.ia an-l   rrnaln-i,  allerrallona
*���' a,,.!,. ,.., ri.;-,-  f.,,  ���,,i, ���,, ,|                I'r,-..,, tul.ri.u
I.   a.    'lllfl  I     u ll    1 1,1    In-    caall-rsl fur at<4  .lrllv��-lfa!     Mr.   l*l���nl.*.   IVrrh-T.
1     WiiThlnlAar.    I*h..,ia_m,.*.l. If
. I. quo i-i
lit im -
n|   . .1- i i w .i--,*:.*liled
.'-  .'i>
in,, i than thai mactc ii ''������ 111 rg.   .
^���_.���^   -a-'-���.-   .  ��� ��-..-..-_..���    *
and efficiency of young men guided ] _ )
ii m   legitimate   cliiiei-el-^    Tlu-1J        Lo8�� and Found
pastor led thst In- himself had
n.iriil immensely In  the know-
Wi> .-arry avKrylhlnu in Ihi. frnxl lln.*. eila.iirar-
rlrr, -".l-i.i tha< le.wvat inarkH url.*.-a. al C.rlleirt'a
nik* i-.iai str.r... M...I..-I Haas
l-rampt n��hn-ry I'I...,..*. II "r M
As WS hliy I'Vi'l'ythiiiK fo- IDOt fimli, wc
lire   nhlc  tn   iiiiilt'mt'll   ill   i-t.iinn*tilinii
Here Are Some of Our Wares:
Arinehiiirs, RockSTS, Sanitary Couches,   Davenports,  Bod !- illicit and
I'tittiin QoodS, OhUTonlsrS, Urensers itnil nil kinds of Cue Uoodl
Iron  uml   Itrnsn   ll.-.ls,   Itnliy   ltuj��*(ioM.
Linoleums   at ��n prlees,   Twsnity>flvs pattsms to choote from.
CarpstS,   Hurs, Pertfaes, TapssUy ami Lsfri Curtains
untl  iill  kinds  of Cm tiiin  Mateiiuls.
For  the    St-*v*-'***> ,-otel Whits, QtsnIU snd Vltrlflad Wire, t**..
v.    , pots,   n, iiiipntH,   Buttneroeks.   Ju^a,   Filte . ami a
Kitchen     eomplste line of  Euamil  Whre.
Dining Room    l-'urniture of nil kind��.      Cutlery,   l-'r-ncli and
l''u|*lish  Cliiini   in  s.-t.-.  or by  thi-  piece,
Miscellan-      jaMtag, Blsaksts.CtonfttvU,thsfamon tittrmoor
--,        ,       M��llr��aa, Fninit'tl Mirrora ami Mirmrplat.'  or fram-
eoUB LaOOda     Ing, |6lt48dosra| .ln-ilum-i-., Vases, Hm* (; ussen of
every dsSBllptkin.   l.iiiiips,   I.nmp  Chimncy-i,   Huske-i    of a I kind,.
This ts s Complete Housefurnlshlni; more   Largest Stock In '.ne Nortii
If you don't know a..*!..*n- to tintl what you want gl.e tm a call���
WS  lire  pretty  sure  to  havu it.
i.ot= rt.m s.ti.r
Edison's : Rotary : Mimeograph
This is most ('inphiitii-nlly the  best dupllostlng ilex jr.- nn the ninrket to-
iluy.    Kveiy tnpy is  (ia   perfert SS ll ligtnsl.    ,fhs id.nl maehine for
printing elreular letters or anything whsrs s number of soplss are required
McRae Bros., Ltd s
'..r rylhing for Ihe office
A few seasonabla hints for our
Ladles', Misses', Children's Coats, Girl's and Misses' Dresses, Boy's
Overcoats, Qlrl'l and Misses' Sweaters, Hoy's .Icrseya, Children's Bearskin Cunts, Hoy's and Girl's Slickers
....Babies' Bearskin Buggy Blankets....
Wl di) not charge funcy prices   for style.    Every dollar you spend with
us means a positive saving to you
825 Third Avenue "THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Pksse243Red
ledge In- hi'd now nf ilu- young
men In- had worked with fur a
yen. "I thank you," he siid
addressing ihem directly "for
what ynu have taught me through
our relationship in thc brotherhood."
On the subject of athletics tin-
pastor was enthusiastic. With
Ins reference to ilu- doings of tlu-
Brotherhood on Dominion Day
when ihey scooped in two-thirds
of the first prizes lie brought
down the house. Bui his simple
"Why did you do it, lioys?" over
lliat nu-h'.pcholy third place in lhc
indoor baseball league w.is a note
sounded in si'ei'ce. The situation
was relieved by the stout sentiment thai "the whole essence
of manhood consisted in licii'K
able above all things lo take a
fair whipping like B man." (Cheers)
To have a recreation park should
be the ambition now of the Brotherhood, said the pastor, and to
work with the other organisations
of young men in the dty towards
ihe establishment of a Y. M. (*. .-\.
"On one <>f the best corner lois
in the lui-iiiss section of Prince
Rupert,  a   SlfMl.tWO building  and
nothing  less,"  was  the  s.irrirg
com*sol he ga.M' the Brotherhood.
Though he s|Mikc last of all in a
long li-ai Rev. Mr. McLeod's magnificent reception proved how firmly lit- haa gripped <>n to the appreciative faculties of the yourg
men of Prince Rupert.
Musical numbers featured on
the programme, and of these the
singing ..i Mr. J. I-.. Dr.vey proved
... star Item, The duet "Excelsior"
l>\ Mr. Daveyand Mr. Clapperton
was encored to the echo. Another
ii tensely popular item apart from
his  speech  w.is  the   rceilatinn   |,y
Rev. W. II. McLeod of "Barbara
Fritchie" commencing as a hum-
innis burlesque, ending with proof
leyond question of Mr, McLeod's
quietly reserved power as an elocutionist of marked ability. ���
The Toast I.isi and programme
wi'.s as follows:
1. Piano Solo, Alex. Gray (vigorously encored).
2. "The King," proposed by
II.   W.   Rogers  and  fo'lowcd  by
\\. Solo by Alex. Clapperton (an
encored item).
4. "Our Guests," proposed by
L, Hanson and responded to by
Mayor Manson in a good speech.
5. Solo, "Mary of Argyle," 1>>
J. li. Davey (vigorously encored).
6. "The  Press,"  proposed  by
C, Rogers und responded to by
S. M. Newton, J. S. Cowper and
0. H. Nelson in npl speeches.
POUND- 1 Small Keaya.   Iiviulra" at N.-w. tJ*M*\
Loat- 1.-1,1,.. walrh In I .... 1.1 11. ��..,.1 bv ra*-
irrten,,, tu Nreara .-M,,-.- tf
Loal a hunrh ot Iteaya on S intlay nltf hi i,,*.ir Km-
nrpaa ll.tlrl. Kinelvr pUmm. nrturn aama lo lha
Dally N.wa.
Lo.1 nn Sat,inlay niuhl .-na la.ll.*"' cold watrh.
enamal ,-���-.- ��.-t in .���*���- ,.-. llaw.nl. l'hona
Cold Sturac. I-I.nl 2SD. tf
Real Estate
Will buy lota In Princ Km���n at bar a-am priwa
for rath. Apply P.O. Boa D60 autlnc location.
pric, ��tc. Ml-tf
St. Andrews Society
Tha n.l)..wrneral mn'in, of th�� St. Andrew'a
Bocierty will b. heakl In th. Cari-.-nt.-rs' Hall on
I Inn-I--.1 ,-\-aiient. Oetobar 12th at S p.m.
All nirmtw-ra an- tr-ertr.tral lo ba* In Rtlvnd.neo.
2tI-tM Sccraury
C T. P. Tr.naf.-T Af Mb
Ordara promptly Allad.   Prleaaa rauonabU.
OFFICE-H. B. Bochetawr. Ontra BL    Phon. St.
ii- lot,  Ill.iek  112, See I mn I
Avniiii".    l-'ira- ����nn  ******    '��� I..
line   lol,   Ill.iek   6,   M'i'tioii   5,   Knurl li
Avenue.     Price  IfJOO.     $40U  cash,
halancc 1 and 2 years.
Two lots, Block  1, Set lion 6, Fourth
Avenue.    Price 18000.    $1500 cash,
balance 6 und Vi months.
One lot, Block 3S, Section 7, Seventh
Avenue.     Price   $550.     $260   cash,
huh'.ncc $25 tier month.
Two lots, Block 17, Section 7,   Seventh
Avenue.   Price $1200 pair.   $400 cash.
Two lr,i-. Block 49, Section 7, Ninth
Avenue.    Price  $760   pair,  one-half
cash, balance 6 months.
4 room house, Ambrose Avenue, I'lu''-
tcreil, best harbor view in city.   Price
$500 cush,  balance $30  per
6 room house, unfurnished, newly r v
pered and painted, basement. $21
per month.
6 and 10 acres, gurden trucking at
Kitsumkalum. Price $66 per ucre.
10 acre tracts, garden trucking at
Kitselas.   Price $50 per acre.   Terms.
75 x 100 feel on Third Avenue, level.
Good lease.
$10 down and $10 per month buys a
lot now.
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited |
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
W��    �����*      mltn.'.nn    ���*��-.    m.,1.,    a    ...re     limit. .I
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
Rev. Warren H. Mcl.cod then
gave Barbara Frdtchle."
8. "The Ladies," proposed by
George Johnstone and responded
to by F. A  Ellis in happy vein.
o. Solo, ll Fletcher (a popular
10. "Canada nnd Prince Rupert," proposed by N. Mackay,
responded to by \V. J. Aider and
C. W. Peck in Ic'ling speeches and
followed by the singing of "The
Maple Leaf."
11. Duel, "Excelsior," Messrs.
Davey and Clapperton.
12. Toast, "The Baptist Brother
hood," proposed by N. Mackintosh
and responded lo by F. Cowles and
Rev. Warren H. McLeod.
The Banquet gathering dispersed
after the singing enthusiastically,
of "Auld Lang Sync."
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Presbyterians to Celebrate Opening of Their New Church
Hall Thursday.
Letters to the Editor
' A popular event due this week
is the banquet to celebrate the
opening of  lhe  First   Prebytcrian
congregation's new church   hall
on Fourth avenue rear McBride
Street.     The   opening   ceremony
and banquet wilt be held in the
new hall on Thursday evening,
12th inst., at 0.30 p.m. and an
entertainment and musical programme vt ill follow the banquoti
A  cordial   Invitation   is  extended
to congregation and ft lends of Ihe
Presbyterian  Church   throughout
Prince Rupert.
Wanted    Another Serial
Sir,���I    thick   there   mrs;    be
mr.i >   more who like tnysi If fell
awfu| sorry to sec .he s!or\  cnii'e
to an ud to.iighl It happened
so suddenly, jum wher wc were
all dcepl) Interested ir ii
Can't you gel us ;������ oll-er gned
stoi*,.    I have n;.d lots of si-Hals
but the "The To derfoot'sWcolr.g'
is lhe In si serial story 1 have iver
re.-.d. Thc News deserves credit
fcr olil.itirg ar.d jiri..,i. g such B
gcod   story.    Bui   row   you've
si; i .ed. you'll have .n keip il ..p.
A Lad) Reader.
Alas, "Lady Reader" good serials
all ci d abruptly, just when you
arc deeply Interested In iHm.
They wouldn't be good serials
if they didn't have r. whirlwind
The Niws has anticipated your
di maids, however. Probably b>
tt morrow we will have an t,t\*
ivii.i einici i iii nu ke thai will
please you.���Ed.
No Wan Heed Use Poor Printing Unless He is
and Satisfied
The man who is
able to buy any kind
of printing is able
to buy good printing, If he uses
anything else it indicates to people
who see it that he
doesn't care.
...to Do So...
lp t$X 10 ttx IH
l-a  g, $ 9
15 0 Hi
Most people we'*'1
prefer a man'i-1***
eral charart. r SM
personality i-
keeping with Imprinting���soitsdi'
astrous not t" * j*
about your printing
Third A'enue
The Princess May is due lo-
morrow afternoon with mail.
The City of Seattle goes south
Cetriana due from south Friday
with 500 tors of coal for Rogers
& Black.
C.' Pet R. s.s. Princess Ene,
Captain. Campbell, in today wiih
800 ions of heavy freight ir-
cludii g bridge steel for the G. T. P.
S.S. Princess Beatrice left for
Naas yesterday, goes south tomorrow with mall.
Items  of   Interest   About
The  Prince Rupert was very
late today, no rer-son being1 given
for   the  delay  either  by   wireless
or otherwise up till two o'clock.
For   fit,   finish   ard   durability
iry one of Sweder Brothers' custom
tailored suits. ol4
I, S. Htuttaon ol M��*����T":.- IV.-*1*
,lv. notica taat on tf*�� ��"��_���'. -,,*��, lim*****
1911, I Inland to apply to U" ���' <** \**7Sm
at hla oltle* In frlnw BjJJJ. ' ' '2t*ltrtm*
to uk. and uaa thra. cubic M ��� ���'. 1^ ��w
trom McNeil lli���� In Ska*-" '*��"�����* /JJ mi*
ia to b. Uk.n Irom ^ **"'**'. ,'^ ft** *
���boar. th. unction -tlb I " ��� .< ���t ui *���
E to Sf ua��d on Lot M0�� I" ' **
cultural purpoM. (. .
I, 8. Harrlaon ol Prince I!
flv. nolle, that on tho MXee
>U, I Inland lo apply.m ***
at hla ofllM In Ptlneai llupcr .
to uka and ua. taro cul.ie I���
Irom th. Waat Fork ol Mc
Diatrict.   Th. ��t�� la to b�� '
about on. mllo (rom Ita   <**
RIvct and la to Ihi ux*A on 1   ���
and atrlcullural Pu*T��^Ml |
��**sl. 9. ..
*   Ir.l a W"2
;.. lor da*"***"
T.ko notice that Frank S. Millar ol London.
En|., occupation wvll anilniwr, lnta>nda lo apply
    '* "  ���'     - " ���    t-tibe "
Sk--na laanil Dlalrlct���Diatrict e,| Coaat Rania 6
"��������.. I    .   ".;^    ��....    ..r.n.nr.    rrr-'-n-ra       t.    t.pplt
(or permiaaion lo purchaae the following deacribe.1
Commencing atTa poat planted at tha N. E.
Cornor ol Lot 28, thence north 20 chaina, thenc
weat 20 chaina, thence aouth 20 chaina, thenc.
���aat 20 chaina to point ot commencement, containing 40 acrea more or leaa.
Dated Auguat 16, l��ll. FRANK 8. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. p, M. Millar, Agenl
Skeena Land DI itrlct���Dlatrlcl of Coaat Hanger,
Taka notica that Herbert 1. Maekle ot Pembroke, Ont., occupation lumberman, Intenda to
apply (or permiaalon to purchaae tha (ollo��lng
elfafribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on tha lelt bank
ol the Zymonolta or 7.lm-a-got-lta Hlver, at aouthweat corner ol I-ot 1700, thence northerly, lollowlng
the weaterly boundary ot Lot 1706, 80 chaina
moro or leaa, to the northweat corner ol aald Ixit
1706. Ihenco weaterly and aoutherly, lollowing
the lelt hank ol aald river, 80 chaina more or l~a to
point of commencement containing 160 acrea
more or laa.
Locata-t Auguat 19, 1911.
Daledi Auguat .1, 1B11.    MERnERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Aug, 26. Fndvick 8. Clem-wu, Agent
Skon. Und Diatflot-P.Jt"
Take notice that l'ercr H   ���
pert, H.C occupation Civ l i- -
apply for permiaalon to pirc ���
deacribed Unda: ._,.���,.,
Ommeneinir at a po,t Plan    '
of McNeil River at north-"
R.V.. thence eaat 2" chain.,
erly boundary of timber I."
40616) thence northerly-  I;-;'
boundary of limber llrr.lt f <*���
to north weat comer ol aam
weaterly 20 chaina morc W "
McNeil River, thence ���oul'"
left tank of McNeil Klv**-"
to point of commencemenl.
���    _.   t.1 *^
m* *__-
22ft B
Date June 19.191I
Pub. July 19.1911
RkWnaUndDlatti'i    '
Take notice thai I. Th'"
Rupert occupallon carpen'
for nermlallon to purchaae tn
ead lanel. ,    .
Commencing at a P"" -,   ,,
aouth from the mouth ol"
160 feet back from the benfj*
north, thence 40 chaina we".
aouth. Ihence eaal 40 chains op
ment. conulnlng H20 ���1*'n^1,,,M
Dat��l July 7th. 1911.    Charlea "Wga*,
Pub. Aug. 6th.
!���"" ,


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