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Twenty-four hours ending6 a.m.,
July 13.
^TUT' 30*3*72 'N-"Am
The Daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II, NO. 156
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday, July 13, 1911.
For North
Princess Mary Thursday p
For South
Prince Rupert Friday, 8 a
Lnislative \���r
8. U.
Price Five Cents
Two Hundred People Are Dead at Dome. Four Hundred at Golden
City and Streets of South Porcupine Strewed With Bodies
Driven by a Sixty-Mile Gale, the Forests Were Like  a  Gigantic
Blast Furnace---Relief Trains Are Being Sent-���Eight
Hundred Children Sent to Toronto for Safety
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Cobalt, July 13.���That hundreds
n( lives have been lost in the
awful fires which swept the Por-
cii-iim' mining district yesterday,
and that millions of dollars of
damage have been done is now
made certain. So awful and complete lias been the destruction in
Mime places, that the full extent
nl the death toll may never be
Two Hundred Dead at Dome
As an indication of the ghostly
(listmiliveness of the forest holocaust, it is reported from West
Dome, that Ottt of the eighty-four
men employed there, only three
have escaped, while at the town of
Dane, ii is believed that the whole
population of two hundred souls
have perished.
Jumped in the Lake
Ai Porcupine, the six thousand
���residents only  saved   themselves
by rushing to the lake and jumping
lh.   Some managed to get out
in the middle of the lake on boats,
rafts and logs. Many are believed
to be drowned. The latest re|xirt
from there at an early hour this
morning, placed the number of
dead at three hundred.   At ('.olden
City it is reported that four hundred perished in the (lames.
Some of the Dead
Among those who are known
to Ih* dead at West Dome are
Robert Weis and his wife and child.
Web was manager for the West
Dome mine, and head man for
Heinz, the Montana mining magnate.
Towns are in  Ruins
The towns of South Porcupine,
Pottsville, Dome, and a portion
of Golden City arc completely
wiped off lhe map. There is
scarcely a sign that human life
ever existed there. At South
Porcupine the streets are strewn
with the dead and charred bodies
of human livings, horses, dogs
and cattle, showing how they had
Establishment in Splendid Spirit of the "Prince Rupert Indoor Baseball League" Last Night���By-
Laws and Rules Drafted, Membership Unrestricted
In pleasantly purposeful manner
tin- organisation of the proposed
liniliinr baseball league for Prince
Kti|K'rt was drafted last night by
tin- committee selected, and with
I ������������-'  approval   of   representatives
I", the presently existing teams in
|the lily.
It was decided thai the league
���Nl be entitilid "The Prince
Rupert Inodor Baseball League,"
���""I emphasis was laid on the fact
:-t the league is intended to be
1,11 amateur one, no stakes to be
Iplayed for.
Unrestricted Membership
I !����� number of players in any
team is limited  to twelve,  but
���"���> n.mis registering in the league
I'liiiy su-ure members without rc-
Mri,,i���,,,    This   point   came   up
I *���<���> the .|iiestion of professionalism
" Wu felt by some of those In*
',1,s,"l that possibly a player
��" and there might find himself
ln wc position of having previously
j1'1^"1 as a professional, and  it
I *���>��� decided to maintain the prin-
"I'1" "f the amateur game in
'���''"I'laiH-e with recognised Ama-
""���' Ass.,, iat ions.   This, however,
I'.'"' ���" Impose restrictions on teams
'" fcgard to players who can be
J-insiaiul as amateurs without
?���*������* It was left in the
T"" "( *�� Secrctiiry to take
J**""" ��te|�� to secure the rc-
��������t of any of the present
"ml"^ Ol teams joining the
J**  Who   may   have   at   one
P'aycd as professionals, that
lH w money.
hiding's  Rules
Elding*, Rules are well known
w tl)
Kyeil of indoor baseball
in Prince Rupert, a .d the rules
of the Pri,ice Ru-icrt Indoor Baseball League will Ik* in accord,i- ce
with these. This meets with the
approval of the enthusiasts for
the live game in the city.
Presidii g over last night's meeting of the baseball team representatives and the committee
to draw up the  LcCgUS  By-laws
Aldennan  George  Kerr proved
himself a capable chairman. Chief
Vickers is Secretary anil his experience ard e-,i...:i-m in all
matters of live s|mrt is of great
advantage to the HUT. ;������ il in.eh
To Draw Up Schedule
On Tuesday, the 18th tost., In
the Police Court Room ai 8 p.m.,
will be held the importa- 1 meeting
of the committee 4nd men in
tcrested ;.i wl ich the orgenisattofl
Of the League will be finally
approved, and as many as possible
of the players representing teams
formed, being formed, or proposed*
should attend.
The closing ilati for receiving
names of teams intending to enter
the League is fixeil for July 21st,
and it is the purpose of the corn-
mi dee to draw up the Schedule
on thc 25th inst. If the young
men of lhe city are half as live
as they look now there should
be ten teams in the league. This
is the Pioneer League for the
city, and enthusiasm for its success
is naturally keen, even if thc
League were not also the forerunner of the coming Athletic
Sports Park which will be obtained through its establishment.
perished. All along the mine road8
are lines of charred corpses of
those who had failed in trying to
escape from the flames.
Like a Blast Furnace
The fire according to the stories
of eyewitnesses is ln-yond description. For a width of twenty-
five miles, the country was on
fire. With a sixty mile gale
behind it fanning the flames to
white hot fury, the (lames rushed
at breakneck s|K*e<l across three
handled miles of country, consuming everything it touched, and
giving no chance of escape.
Money Loss Is Great
AjNirt from the terrible loss of
life, the money loss is consdierablc.
Hundreds of farms and farmhouses with implements were burned up. Mining camps and costly
mining machinery arc destroyed.
The mining loss at Dome is placed
at $800,000.
Relief Train is Sent
A relief train is on its way herefrom Toronto as fast as it can
travel, bringing provisions, bedding
and medical comforts for thc victims. Thousands of dollars have
been voted by public bodies for
relief purposes.
Eight Hundred Children
Doctors and nurses arc being
sent in from all parts of thc
province. One train which passed
through here today on its way
to Toronto was crowded with
eight hundred children and a few
women, on their way out to
Danger Not Over
The danger is not yet all over,
though the worst has (Kissed. The
ll.iini s break out again and again
in places, ('.olden City is the
worst situated. It is now encircled
by burning forests, and fears arc
felt lest the remainder of the town
may Ik- burned up.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 14, Tacoma (i.
Seattle 4, Victoria 11,
Portland 7, Spokane I.
Pacific Coast League
Oakland 8, San Francisco 0.
Portland 0, Vernon 3.
Sacramento 3, Los Angeles 12.
National League
Brooklyn 5, Chicago 3,
Philadelphia 4, St. Louis IK, 0.
Boston 0,0; New York 4.
Philadelphia 4, New York 4.
Boston 0,0; St. Louis 18,8.
Pittsburg 4, Cincinnati 8.
American League
Chicago 0, Boston 3.
Detroit 9, Philadelphia 0.
Cleveland 4, Washington 8.
New York 12, St. Louis 2.
Mayor Manson, with Aid. Kerr. Hilditch and Smith Gave the Restrictive Clause Its Quietus  Last  Night---Newton and
Douglas Alone Opposed the Proceedings---
Aid. Clayton Did Not Attend
Princess Mary and City of Seattle will Both Arrive Tonight.
Must Give Reasons
A letter from the City Board
of Trade was read at the council
last night asking that the water
and Hydro-electric by-laws lie voted on separately. The Board of
Trade will lie asked to give their
reasons for the request.
(By Dom. Govt. Wireless)
Triangle reports the steamers
Princess Mary and City of Seattle
in Mill I sink Sound at' 11.30 a.m.
Ixiih northbound. Arrive in Rupert al about 10.30 tonight.
TatOOSh re|x>rts the steamers
St. Julian and Yoseinite, outward
liiuinil ai 10.30 a.m. The schooners
J. H. Lunsmann, Mahoncy and
J. P. Bruce in at 11.15, the steamers
Montana and Nelson in at noon.
Pachena reports the steamer
Tees east bound off Kyuquot at
9.15 a.m.
By a vote of four to two Alderman Kerr's Liquor Licence By-law
Amendment was finally adopted
by the city council last night.
| Clause 30 of the City Liquor
Licence By-law is suspended for
two months. This means that
the hotelmen and the other licence
holders may make application for
renewal of licence right up to the
day of the sitting of the Licence
How the Vote Stood
The voting was as follows:
Yeas; Mayor Manson; Aldermen Hilditch, Kerr and Smith.
Nays: Aldermen Douglas and
There were no verbal pyrotechnics last night. Alderman
Newton wanted to have the by-law-
held up for six months and moved
an amendment to that effect.   It
was defeated. Alderman Douglas
moved that the suspension of
Clause 30 be for thc benefit of
hotelmen only. This was defeated.
He had one lone supporter in
Aldennan Newton. Alderman Clayton was absent from the meeting.
Baffling Mystery is Finally Unravelled by a Clever Detective.
Exclusive Story for the News.
(Special to the News)
London, England, July 13.���
Have just finished one of the most
interesting episodes in my career,
and succeeded in solving the mystery of how the Tregennis family,
one by one, ilied from horror.
Watson and I nearly met the fate
of the Tregennis family, before
wc succeeded in finding the murderer of Mortimer Tregennis, and
then we concealed his crime. Watson was greatly interested in tin-
case, and has written it up for the
News under the title of "The
Adventure of the Devil's Foot."
It will start in next Monday's
Challenged Aid. Smith
Every effort was made to have
the final adoption of thc significant by-law held up by Aldermen Newton and Douglas. The
former finding his amendment to
have the final adoption held over
for six months was doomed to
defeat, challenged the right of
Alderman Smith to vote in view
of it being an issue in which a
relative was concerned.
City Solicitor Peters explained
Alderman Smith could not be
disqualified on the ground mentioned.
"Then I would like to ask
the City Solicitor why Alderman
Smith refused to vote at the
Licence Commissioners' meeting?"
This Mr. Peters explained was
beyond his jurisdiction.
Board Meets Saturday
There was some see-sawing for
a time over technicalities, then
Clause 36 was legally laid aside
for a two months' holiday.
Though Alderman Smith did
not actually record his vote last
night, the new procedure by-law-
says that silence when an issue
is being voted on must ne taken
The Licence Board will meet
on Saturday afternoon to issue
licences and renewals to liquor
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
Funeral of J. Stussi Killed at
Work Takes Place Tomorrow
An inquest into the matter of
the death of J. Stussi who died
at the hospital yesterday after
being injured by the fall from
the crane at the Government
Wharf was opened this afternoon
at two o'clock. The body is in
charge of Messrs. llayner Bros.,
and lhe funeral is fixed for tomorrow from the Anglican Church.
For rent after July 31st, basement in Helgerson Block now
occupied by William Grant. Apply
O. M. Helgerson, Ltd.
Look out for the special coronation films that will be shown at
the Phenix Theatre next Wednesday. Good vaudeville and
pictures tonight.
Over Four Hundred and Fifty
Children Have Died There in
Past Twelve Days.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, July 13.���The effect
of the recent hoi wave on the
health of the children of this city-
is shown by some startling mortality figures. First the twelve
days of the month 00 per cent of
the deaths which have been reported since July 1st, are those
of infants under five years of age.
The total number of deaths is
473, for infants 454.
For lhe first eight days of the
month there were 432 deaths of
which 324 were children. Since
Saturday there have been 171
additional deaths of which 130
were children.
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart.���
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
Aid. Newton Says he Did Not Say That Aid. Smith
Was Interested in Two of the Bottle Licenses���
A Protest and Explanation
At the close of the council meeting   last   night   Alderman   Smith
Eight Out of the Ten Candidates From Prince Rupert Passed and Both Candidates
From Port Essington   Exams Were Stiff and Over Fifty Per Cent, of the
Pupils Failed to Pass The Tests
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, July 13.���Thc High
School entranee examination results were made known here today,
for the whole of the rural High
Schools in the Province. Out of
three hundred and thirty-two who
wrote for the examinations, only
one hundred and sixty���less than
fifty pet cent���passed. Prince
Rupcit was well above the average,
eight out of its ten candidates
passing thc educational tests. The
highest marks made in the entire
examination were by Miss Mar-
jorie 'Pennant of Royal Oak School.
Switch, who obtained 827 marks
out of a possible 1100.
Prince Rupert Results
Prince Rupert: Number of candidates 10; passed 8. Those who
passed were Frank D. Holland,
085; Edith M. Sing, 057; H.
Lloyd Johnston, 033; Wallace E,
Anderson, 024; Alma M. Christiansen, 583; Genevieve M. MacDonald, 575; Kathleen F. Haslett,
570; Katharine S. Johnston, 550.
Other Local Districts
Inspectorate No. 3; Non-municipal schools; Alert Bay Centre.
Alert Bay: Number of candidates 2; passed 1, Nora V. Olney,
Quathiaski Centre, Cortez Island: Number of candidates 1:
passed 0.
Heriot Bay: Number of candidates 1; passed 0.
Port Essington: Number of candidates  2;    passed   2,   Mary   C.
said he wished to contradict a
statement that appeared in the
News on Tuesday to the effect
that Alderman Newton had said
that the two bottle licences were
controlled by Alderman Smith.
He said he had spoken to Alderman Newton about the matter
and the report in the News is
denied, consequently he was forced
to believe the Statement was printed maliciously.
Newton's Denial
"I did not make such a statement as appeared in the News,"
said Aldennan Newton in reply
to Alderman Smith. "What might
have led up to the statement
being printed was that I said
it was generally believed that the
two licences were one. I was
dealing with the issue as if it were
one. That is how I suppose it
came to be reported. It may not
have been done purposely."
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Kingstown, Ireland, July 13.���
After a very successful visit, the
King and Queen left Ireland today, sailing in ihe Royal Yacht
for Holyhead. They will take
part in the elaborate ceremonies
attending the investiture of the
young Prince of Wales in Carnarvon Castle tomorrow.
This Is Good
The special today and tomorrow
at the Palace of Sweets is regular
80-cent boxes of rich chocolates
for 50 cents. These chocolates
are extra fine and made from a
recipe which cost hundreds of
The new candy maker at thc
Palace of Sweets is an expert at
his business.
The New accepts Alderman New
toil's interpretation of his own
remarks, and regrets if in any
way an unjust: inference was drawn
from them. Our rcjiorter's shorthand notes, as well as our own
recollection of Alderman Newton's
remarks seemed clearly to indicate
that Alderman Newton was charging (hat Alderman Smith had an
interest in two of the licences.
If Alderman Newton did not so
charge���and he declares he did
not���the News very gladly hastens
to   correct   thc   impression   prc-
On Trip to Alaska
Mrs. S. P. McMordie joins
friends on board the Princess
Mary today and takes the trip
to Juneau, Skagway and Lake
Bennett, Alaska.
On her return Miss Whyte anil
Miss Bllsh of Chicago will be her
guests for a few weeks.
Where to Go
Pictures and Music, 7.80 p.m.
viously  given.    It is superfluous MAJEST1C THEATREi Third  Ave;
to state  that Thc  News has no I   pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
malice  towards  any  member  "M PHEN1X THEATRE, Second Avouue;
Intig, 038; Wilmot G. Rudge, 550. thc council.���Ed. Pictures and music, 7.80 p.m. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by Ihe Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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London, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Graml Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Thursday, July 13
At the rime these lines are being written the sun is shining gloriously. From the office window a scenic panotama that few places
in the world can rival, is to be seen. Westerly across the blue waters
of the harbor are to be seen the hills and forests ofDigby Island,backed
iu the diM.incc by the mountain ranges of the Tsimpsean Peninsula
beyond Metlakalla. Directly facing us is Mount Morse rising majestically from the waters, his snowy head 3,500 feet above the water, as
clear in outline as his broad base on which one can almost distinguish
the individual pines in the forests, so clear is the air. There is nor a
cloud to In seen for less then several miles above the summit of Mount
Easterly, looking up Tuck's Inlet, one sees the grandest sight
of all���a mountain guarded fiord that is the rival of anything in Norway. For miles it winds its serpentine way, the blue waters sharply
contrasting with the dark green forests. Beyond all that���it must
be fifty miles away���one sees the "way out" that Ruskin insisted all
perfect pictures must have. This "way out" is through mountain
gorges, Ranked by snowcapped mountains. Common report declares
that they are some of the Alaskan ranges. Candidly we confess to
having no geographical omniscience.
Those Handy Helpers in Sewing Room and Editorial San
The antiquity of the scissor.*
seems to be almost as great as
that of the needle, since cutting
implements of the kind have been
found among  the  relics of  the
Partisans, and in the museums
of Rome and Naples are shearlike
Implements which are clearly ancestors of the model n scissors and
garden shears. When they first
came into being we do not quite
know but the inventor, whoever
he was, was a benefactor to
humanity. The modern name is
derived from the late Latin, "civ
oriiim." a cutting Instrument. The
scissors were formerly called "cis*
ors," and the connection of the
modern name of cissors with the
lold French "cisoires," and till
later version "ciseaux," is. I think
quite obvious.
If Not, Then Do So!
Have you tried the candies al
the Palace of Sweets, Third avenue lately? T)ie new c.iniK niaker
from Vancouver knows how to
make candy. Watch the window
for the Daily Special at half
Prince Rii|iert's weather might be very fittingly liked to Longfellow's famous little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle
of her forehead, for:���
"When she is good, she is very, very good.
And when she is bad, she is horrid."
The man who would seek to sing the praises of Prince Rupert's weather
must nut forget the days when the clouds are leaden colored, and the
Heavens weep for hours at a time upon a cityful of men and women
iu rubber Iniuls and slicker coats.
Badly maligned though the Prince Rupert weather has been, no
good purpose is served by concealing the fact lhat it does rain here
sometimes. Even though, Mr. Charles M. Hays, on his many visits
has only known it to rain on one occasion, many of us know of at
least two other occasions daring Mr. Hays' absences when it has rained
in Prince Rupert.
On Way to Hazelton to Dig Out
the   Secret   of   the   Rocks
By the Prince Rupert yesterday W. Fleet Robertson, Provincial Government Mineralogist,
arrived. He proceeded by tr.,iii
to Copper River, and will travel
thence to Hazelton on one of his
periodical trips of inspection. Out
of the depths and crevices of
the ore-bearing mountains of the
Hazelton district Mr. Robertson
will unearth many a clue to tin-
hidden natural wealth of thc world.
New  Feature
Caramels and chocolate creams
Miss Grace Davies returned to
Prince Rupert by the Prince Ru-
l.ike every other place in the world. Prince Rupert has goodlPe" yesterday after a staj
weather and bad weather. At its best���on such a day as we had for of a number of weeks down below.
Empire Day for instance���there is 10 climate in the world that can Miss Davies is much better for her
surpass it. Its blend of hot sunshine, tenpered by the bracing airs I holiday,
of the matchless mountain ranges or the tonic ocean breezes, is native
to these latitudes and to the physical character of the contiguous
country.    But  what of Prince  Rupert weather at its worst?    How
does it compare with the worst weather in other places? M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  of Sweets today, made by the ... ��
Unhappily, the press despatches of the past few days have beenj exPert  calld>'  nlakt'r  fr,-m   v**-*-
full of accounts of what bad weather means in other places.   We <-'(|uvcr.
have had accounts of people in all the great cities of Eastern C.inada
and the United States dropping in the streets of heat prostration;     GOOD PLAYERS COMING
of two hundred thousand people i.-i Chicago sleeping on the pavements,
in, the parks and on the tire escapes to avoid the awful oppression  First Class Dramatic Co. Here
nl night heat;  of over two hundred babies dying from heat in Toronto ' Next Week
in three days;  of men and women dropping dead as they walked the
streets. High   class drama  and  whole-
After heat follows lightning.   From Montreal, New York. Win- some comedy are promised local
nipeg and Ottawa come saddening reports of the havoc of the lightning Pt(,Plc nm wcck wnen ���*��������� May*
fiend.   Al one place a valuable church destroyed, at another a uni-'. Roberts   Dramatic  Company ar-
versity set on tire, at another mary lives lost.   From Hamilton yes- rive here from the United States.
terd.iy earn, news thai the storm had blown the roof off thc General!    *v*r- A- C* Fox is ���" -"w" "",;1>
I lospital, <l< mi iliahed a wing i if the Boys' Home, wrecked a grand stand.! n��Wng arrangements for the com*
and killed a citizen. !Pan>' who wi" l)la>'''��� t,R' Empress
More terrible still is that report of the desolation in Northern I Theatre,
Ontario when- the parched forest for three hundred miles was set by     Tlu May-Roberts Company are
a spark Into an awful holocaust. P���1 c,aM *lctors wl*�� ,,aV1' ��''���-
  gagi-ments in Alaska cities.   They
During the last three weeks when most of Canada and the United have decided to play here (Hi their
States ..'.-I of the Rockies have been suffering from awful heat, we,wa>' north.
in Prime Rupert have been enjoying cool weather.   On several days
we complained because it rained a little, and some of us on picnics' Visiting  Party
bent, grumbled In consequence.   For most of the time the weather     **���'���  Charles  Earle,  (>.  T.   P.
has been genial as well as col. SgOlt at  Victoria, and party are
On Monday while Toronto was sweltering under 02 in the shade, visiting here today.    They came
we had a temperature that in  the whole twenty-four hours of the on r',e Prince Rupert.
day and night, was never colder than i'i nor hotter than   47.    It
was dull weather here.    On Tuesday, and on Wednesday���the day! About 150 Came
on which these lines arc being written���we had typically warm sun-     v16 Prince Ruperl brought
Skoona Land District���District ot Coaat llango 5
Tuko nollco tint I, Flunk Hicks Ol I'ort **
llngton, occupation nierchunt, inlenil tu 'il-l'1-*
lor pormlaaion. o purchase Iho (ullowini* MSOTIDW
lunda: .
Comraeneini* ut a po.t planted on th*' tool*
bank nl tho Eichuinslka River ami ubout lour
mile* from iu confluence Willi Iho Skeena H-'0'-
thenco HI) chHliu --vest, thenco SO chum. luTin.
llionco 8U cliulna oaat, thonco aoulh N chain*
to point ot corumoncomoiil, conluiiiini* MO i*"**3
moro or leia.	
Dated April 21. 1911. FRANK HUM*
I'ub. April 211.
Skaona Land District���Dutricl ol Coaal
Taka notico that William Mciuviah ol \sncou-
vor, II. C. occupation physician, miciiu* ,0 *l'l">.
lor permission to purchaaa the nllowUU OMmtsm
Commencing at a poat planted ll ������"' "'"", ,"*
corner, -III chains norlh ami -III cliaina eaal 01 JJ��
nortlieaat corner ol Lot lllii. ll.ru-). "survey.
Coaat nuirlct, Runt.. 6. thin*-.' M {Bile* �����
thenc. BO chain, nurth, thenoa* oil thalna ��>�����'���
thenc* Oil chain, south to posl ol coiiiincliroineiil
cotitalnlnn 3lil) acres mor* or ton. ., .,��,-.
Datod May 2, I'Jll. WILLIAM A. Mel AJIMJ
I'ub. May II. Fre.1 W. BoMW. *!�������
Skeona Land Diatrict���Dislrict ol Couat Kaon* V
Take notice thai 1. J. Lornt M.i.I-'i." -"
I'riiu-o Hupert. ftg. occu|iati..n teal�����*����aSJJJI
Intend, to apply fur permiaaion t��' pumtee* lae
followim* dcai-rilied land.:
ConimencinK al a post planted W Bn**M we*J
und IB) chain, soulh of the louthwaet oorn����
loi i?:u. vicinity of Lakelse Lake, and marina J-
t.. MncLnren's nortwe.t corner, then* u-1 -"o
chains. Ihenco south 40 chain,, then.'.' wesl ***>
chuina, thence north 40 chain. 10 poinl Of commencement, containing BSO SON - ni ���-' ".J'","'-
Ueo. R. Putnam. Aa-ont
Date Mn. 31, 1911
I'ub. June 16. lull
Skoena Und DUtrlct���District ol lout Rans* 5
Tako nolico that Henry Macartney ol I rinc*
Kupert, II. C-. occupation miner, Intends lo apply
lor permission to purchase the !iil!o��ini* dwcriiwo
lands: .
Commcnel-ia- at a post plsnled on th* souin
side ol l-ichumsiks lllvor, al-oul I 1-2 miles Iron.
IU coniluence with the Skeen* Iliver and about
1-2 mllos a-oit (rom Kuhumsika tspida. ihenco M i
ehalna north,  ihence 40 chains esst, lh,ne* so ���
chains aouth, thenco 40 chains bosI lo point o
commonceiiienl.   containing   320  acres   mora  or i
leaa.   I'oal marked "H.M. S.W. cor.''     ���_.,_.. '.
Daled April 22, ltll.     UKNIIY lUOARTNBI ;
Pub. April M.
Skeons Land Jflstrlct���DUtrict ol Queen Charlott* (
lalands n
Taka nolico thai Ceo. IL L-im ol I'rlnc* Kupert,
B. C, oceupailon barber, intends le apply lor
pcrmwalon lo purchaaa tho lutljvsring dcscrib-M
Commondni at a poat planted about seven ;
mdaa weal and ono male soj'.n lr*>ra th* ntouui
ol Sunly   Cieek. Naden liar *t. eionce e.uth SO
chains, th*nce west 40 cluir... ttieiiee north no
chains, thenc* es-.t 10 cbaina. _	
listed March IT, lull. C.1.0. II. LAI X I
I'ub. Aorll 22. Numa De-nets. Auent |
Skeena Land Dutrict���DUtrict ot Cout Ran��e
Taka notice lhat Annie Musaallno el Prince
Hu|iert, 11. C, ..ccupallon roarrlel woman. Intends
to apply lor permission to purchase Ihe lollo��in��
deacrilicd lands: . ..
Commencm at a poat plar.tel at IMS at in*
southwrnl comer. 00 chains .aal Irvm N. L. crnw
ol Lol lllii. Harvey's Sur.o). Coast DUlrict,
lUni* .'.. thenc* eaat 20 ehami. thenc* north 40
chsin,, thenc* west 40 Chans. ih*ne* aoulh 20
chains, thenee east 20 chairs. Ihence aoulh .0
Chsin. to point ol commer.is tun i. eontalnini l.o
acres more or less.  ....a,.
Daied May a. lull. ANNIK MlSsALLtM
Pub. May 13.
Skaana Und DUtriet-DUtnct ol CaBsur
Tak*   noUce   that   I.   Thomas   McMeekln   ol
l*rtnce Kupert. II. C. occupauon clerk. Inlend to
appty lor permlasion to purd.s-e lh* lollowlm
descril-e.1 lands: .
Commencliic al a poat plsnt.-l slaout tao miles
-DUth ol th* forks of the tthn* and Hal rivers,
thanca north SO chains, tl.ci.c-- east 60 chain.,
thenc* south no chain*, ihenc- Brest so c^Blna.
Pub. Mu- IS. Francis S. I :.��:.*.. .Aa-cnl ,
Skeens Uad DUlrict���DUtrict of Caaalar
Taks notice thai I, Charlie 1. Oelfi-ov* ul Stewart li. C, occupation pros'M-eior, intend to apply i
tor permission to purchase th* followinc described
Commaneinf at a poat plant*! about alt miles
south and one mile weal ol ih* lorka ol tb* White
and FUt n.er*. thenee south BO chains, thtnc*
east m> chslns, thvnce north ad chslns. tbence west
.-0 chains.
Dated AprU 20. 1>11.     < IIAia.l.- DKLUIIOVE
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Pnaton. Agent
Skeena Und District���District ol Coasl Rant*
Tak* nolico tbat 1. J. Harold McKean ot Princ
Ku|icn, U. Oa, occupat on black,ni th. Intend te
apply lor perm salon to purchase the lollowlng
are  the  Specials  at   the   Palaci-j^^iSj'., . p.., ptanM tboM lhrw ,nd
on* btlf n ik�� d star.t in a aouth tr*urlv dirpction
from a blir.'l ��luu(h from ubx-rvttory Inlvi wb��rt
th* tamt touebca tb* Ind an llnrrw. Ihrnct *v**A
60 cbaina, thane* aouth M) eba na, thenc* eaat 80
chaina, tb*nc* north 60 eba ni to po nt of com
tt.*i.cen.��i.(, cuniairJoc 'A0 acr^s mor* or leaa.
Dated Apr IU. 1911.       J. HAHULD McKKA
Sktena Land Diatrict -DUtriet of Caaalar
Tak* nolle* that 1. John Kol��rt Pacav of Princ*
Kufiert, 11. C, uccufau -n cook, Intend lo apply
for twrmaalon lo purchaa* th* folio*tn< doacrtbed
ComnwnHng at a post planted (2) two mltaa
Muth and 2 t**o mtlea weat of lh* fork* of lb*
Whiu and Mat rivera, thvne* aouth 80 chaina
lh*nc* eaat 60 chains, thene* north 60 chaina,
th*ncv w**t 60 cha na.
Date-i Aprl.aU, 1911     JOHN ROBERT PACEY
Pub. tot* 13. ; rsr.c a S. Proatoo. Ai*b
Skeena Land Di--tr.ct-I-.atr.cl rf Cout Rang* 6
Tak* note* that 1, Martha L**k, of trine*
Ru[<ertt R. C., occupat on marr -d woman Ijten i
to apply fur p*rml*alon to purchaa* tb* full-owing
d-nscr:.**! landa:
Commencing at a post planted al��out three and
one-half mile* dbtani tn a *nutbw*aterlv direction
from a blind slough from Obwrvatory Inlet*her*
the same louche* lb* Ind aa Reserve, thence eaat
bO chain*, there* aoulh *0 cha na, there* weal 6
chains, tfifnce north "U cha na to point of com-
m��r.c*tr,rr.t, conta n ng MO acrea more or t**a.
Dat-H \irl ll, DM1 MARTHA LEEK
Pub. Mav 13.
Skvetia Laad District -Dlatrkt of Coaat Range
Take notice that  Mar>   Beaton (iildersWve of |
Victoria, H. C, occupatioa hou*��h**p*r. Int*adi '
to ap[il>- for pen
dt��criU-.J landa:
to apply for permiaaion to purcha
i lb*
Commencing at a poat planted at the aoutbwoat
c->fr,tr nf Lot '.������". Rang* �����. Coaat Diatrict.tbenc* |
bO chaina south thonc* 4U chaina   eut. tbenc* DO i
chains north, thenep it* chaina weat lo point of
ommvncvrnent. ct>r.t��inlr.g 320 acrea more or leaa.   !
Daifl AprU IT. 1911.
Pub  May 6.
Skeana Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Coul
Taka notioe that l-r*d W. Uohler of  KiUum-
kalum, occupauon farmer, Intenda to apply  for
_   . .  ._. ��� IpPl)
muaion to   purcham  the  following  d����crib*d
*:  I-.
shiny days.   Yet in the coldest hour of the early morning the ihcr- a',('l,t
150  passengers
mometer never went below 14. nor ai the hottest time of the day
did it go above 63.
We have had daylight during the past month from three in the
morning till eleven at night. Because we have neither intense heat
nor intense cold we have an absence of thunder and lightning.
Commencing at a pou planted at the north*
east oorner of     A. IfaLtoao pre-emption, theno*
20 chaina aoulh, th)*nc* lo cbaina eut, tbenae 20
in    cbaiu north,  Ihenc-  10 chains  watt  to  post  ot
I commencement cuntaining 20 acr��r�� more or laaa.
the   Dated April 10, lull. KiUEDRlCH W. BOHUBB
Pub. April 22. Fred Hampton, Agent
Prince Rupert weather at iis best is thc best there i.s���that wc
are all agreed. I'rince Rupert weather at its worst is agreeable and
healthy weather compared with that of other places.
to consliiiT in the disposition of valuables.      You
have   eliminated   every possibility of loss if you
have a box in a modern   fire   and   burglar  proof
vault, such as you will   find   at  the  Continental
lrust U-mpany,   Limited. : ; :
The Continental Trust Company, Limited
Slater  Shoes
The iole .i
Shots in  the      	
Acme Clothing Store. Secnjiil avenue. They have just received a
new shipment of the Very latest
Skeena Land District-District ol Coast Hani. 6
Tak* notice lhat I. Hell Hall K.nr.v ol Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, occupation married woman,
., ,       ���- , Intend to appl)-  f,.r  permission  to purchsse the
gellcv   lor   the  Slater   lollowini dncrll-cl landai
'   .      ,    i ,   , , ComniencinR  al   a post  planted at  north  east
CltV Is III 111 by the ' corner ot T. 1, Lot 3MS-1, inencerunnini ��est 40
chains, thenc* norlh no chains, thenee east 40
chains, thenc* soulh f.0 chains to place ot commencement containing* '.\20 acre* more or leas.
M . post la on a. :iri east corner ot land applied
tor. marked letters S. K., about one mile ar��at ol
Lake Lakelse, aoulh side ot Skeena liver District
Practised  Fire Drill
Captain Harney Johnson, of the
S.S. Prince Rupert, had hi*- crew
practice tire ilrill yestenlay
While the ship was in port.
of Coast Hang* o.
n��r. I April -Z��. 1911.
Tub. Mav 13.
John llaverty. Agsnt
Skeena Land Mitriet-Ilistrict of Coaat Kanxe '.
C.-asl District
Take ni,lli*e that Wm. Leslie nl Sapperton. B.C
occupation tlovernment lluard. intends u apply
fur peririi.Hiun l.i purcbaae the f'.ll i-a-intf describ-
ed lanrl.:
C'.iiiinenrinr/nt n P".t plant.al 40 chains welt
ami \io elmina a.nith of the suuthwest corner uf lot
Nn 1711, ran*e I cast rllatrlcl.marked Wm.Leslie,
N.W. cm nor. thence south 4(1 chain.. Ihence east
wi chaina. tbence north 40 chnlna, thenee *ve.t Hi
chain. In pn.t uf commencement, containing .TiM
acrei un.r," ui le.a.
. _ T. D. Lalnl. Agenl
Dated March iilth. IHU
Pub. A, ,.i  ���mi,, mn
Advertise  in The Daily News
Scotch Short-cake
Two-thirils cup  sugar,   1*3  lili
lllghtoly salteii butter, 1 II,. Hour.
Mix flour and butter with the hands
then   add    (he   su^ar
all into a smooth ball.   Roll out
to iiii inch thick, cut in squares,,-,��� ..,..,��� ... ... ,*.,.. .��� an. -..,*- .no n.,
1'in.h each aroim.l the eilge With S^ ggffJEB fflgCg Bgg
ihe fiiiBcrH, and Uke for half ani**       AU-RE��� i.erryman williaxis
V*UA April 18. 1011.        Francis 8. Fr-Nton, Aft**
Pub. Mav 1��. ^
! -k.e.tia lsnd Otslrirl -Dlatilct ol Ci��lir
a .   i     Takr untie* that I,  Allrwl  ll*rryman  Wlllltmi
llHl Workiot I'rinre llui>��rt, M ('.., owupftlon morehsnt
Intcn-rl tu atpply (or prrrnlMlon to purehaM th��
follnwlnit <l�� 4i*ril���..|  Until.
< i.Miiiii'tirini  at  a post  plantMl   about (2j two
mllM aouth of tho forka of th- Whlu and Plat
hour in a moderate oven.
|        The Greatest Fiction Chaj^TjTThe Century Come to Life Again
A Great Chance
Daily . .
News ..
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written two new adventures
of the famous detective for the Daily News.
The Daily News has joined a syndicate of leading newspapers of L'niteil States anil Canada to induce Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories���the greatest
detective stories ever written���to give to the world two more of his
entrancing tales of the great detective's skill.
ON   MONDAY,   JULY   17th
The Adventure ol the Devil's Foot
The Adventure of the Red Circle
We have read these stories in the proof, and they are up to the
high Standard of skill that the earlier stories set. We can say-
no morc.
The Daily News has si cured the sole right of publication for
the whole of Northern B. C. These stories can only lie obtained
in the DAILY NEWS.
They will appear in both the daily and weekly edition. They
will start in next  Monday's News.
Stories Start in Monday's Paper
The Daily News
50c A Month   -   $5.00 A Year
**��--     -        * THE   DAILY NEWS
SV^4t*-*^*��-*--^*����-,*^��*-*��a>, t-S^jM
 ���   1
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
\   Lowest Prices  in  Northern B. C.
iii>ii-�� 11-�� H % ,tff
.j..**. "-a ..*...-... *^,. an **. ��*��
M *--.,. a..-|��>. ll."."*."
����� *---����.**..>---a...|>
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Section 9
Township 1
T-Jiia is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
OFFICE    :     :
j For all kinds of help, cooks,
j waiters, dishwashers, hotel  por-
I torn, all kinds of laborers or me-
) chanii's. call up
. Phone No. 178
I or call at the
Grind Hotel Free Employment  Office
j Headquarters for cooks a waiters
===E.   EBY   C&   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
Kll.-I'MKAl.l-M ��� H. I'.
S. O. E. B. S.
The Pnne*  Ruperl Lodlte.  No. 318. Son* of
f.���in I meet, the llr.t and Ihlrd Tuesday.  In
���ach m.inth In the Carpenters Hall, at S p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. O. Box SIS. Prince Ruperl
and POOL
1 Alleys. 7 Tables.    A (ood exercise.   A clean sport.   Ladle, every
nllernoon.     Newman Block, between "ib and 7th St..
IU Morrison.    Proprietor and Manager
a    i l.i, a.
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
For Sale
hot Block Section Price
88               34            8 $325.00
������ ���"���������������            14            8 660.00
7 mhI 8            88            7 2,000
Com.* in and see our list of buys in
other parts of the city
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnlahed and
Steam Healed Rooms
tO. BOX 37
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125       Naden Block       Second Aft
A new French model which exploits the separate sleeve is illustrated in lhe sketch and shows
the fasliionalile combination of
I ini-ii, lace and linen on a smart
summer suit Natural-colored linen forms lhe foundation and the
I.in- is introduced with an unusually smart clTcci.
Funeral   Director*
3rd Ate. near ��� 11. Si Phon* No. M
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean While Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. Ill KIDMAN. Preeel*!**
Lunch and Meal, al all hour*; Lunch 16*.
Meals l*c up-Come ami See
roll cam oar A aqiraan nasi, ant!
Wat in Water Seven Hour* Refreshed with Ice Cream
One of the most remarkable
distance swimming feats performed
in recent years in New York waters
was iicciimplished by Miss Adeline
Trapp. Miss Trapp, who is 19
years old and weighs 120 pounds,
swan from lhe pier end of Yon Iters
down ihe Hudson to the foot of
Wesl Forty-second street, a dis
tana of seventeen miles. Her
time for the long swim was seven
hours and seven minutes. Five
minutes after finishing Miss Trapp
asked   for   ice   cream,   her  only
cloves, inhaling vinegar or placing
a sheet of writing paper against
the stomach will cure sea-sickness,
so take at Icasi one of these
remedies with you. Sunn- sugar,
as a cube of it soaked in lemon
juice will allay thirst. Sweetened
lemon juice added to water is
much safer for drinking than plain
water on boats anil trains.
Take some sweet milk chocolate
with you, as it will save you from
a headache when minis are delayed. Take some salt, as one
teaspoonful of table salt in a glass
of water taken in the morning
before breakfast is a good laxative.
Half an hour afterward think two
or three glasses of hot water.
One of Olive Schreiner's Dreams
I saw a woman sleeping. In
her sleep she dreamed Life stood
before her and held in each hand
a gift���in thc one Love, in the
other Freedom. And he said to
lhe woman, "Choose!"
And the woman waited long,
and she said, "Freedom."
And Life said: "Thou hast well
chosen. If thou haibt said 'Love,'
I would have given thee that thou
didst ask for, and I would have
gone from thee and returned to
thee no more. Now, the day will
come when I shall return. In that
day I shall bear both gifts in one
I heard the woman laugh in her
To o|K-n jars of preserves that
have been put up for some time,
place a warm Hat iron on the cover
of the jars for a few moments and
you will have no trouble in unscrewing the lids.
To take the leather stains out of
light-colored hose, add a tablespoonful of borax to the water
in which they arc washed. This
quantity is sufficient for only one
or two pairs of hose.
Add a small piece of butter the
size of a walnut when starch comes
to a boil, This not only gives a
nice, smooth finish and makes
ironing easier, but it prevents the
starch from boiling over.
S��ond Av.-, Pripe. Ruperl. B.C.
7, Rochester *
t Monroe
���        * Coal
v       Phoneiis
Little Things That Add to Comfort and Health
When starting on a trip, do not
fail in put in lhe trunk a Uix containing ihe following remedies for
illnesses which are liable to attack
tie traveller:
First, a small liotlle of tlcobol,
as one teaspoonful mind with
tv\o tcaspOOnftlls Ol water will give
almost Instant relief to pain in the
Stomach or nniii��*a; Mime lemons,
as undiluted lemon juice used
freely will relieve car sickness, or
tablets of black licorice will answer the   same purpose.   Nibbling
Fresh Strawberries
..and Other Fruits..
..Fresh Vegetables..
N.w Grocerie. N.w Provisions
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., neer 6th St.
I'hime I'.si
Pineapple and  Pimento Salad
Have in readiness three cupfuls
of pineapple cubes, two cupfuls of
cut celery, and one-half cupful of
pimentos, also cut small.   Blend
lightly with the prepared resslng
and garnish with celery tips.
Read The Daily News
For most delicious Bread,
Dainty Biscuits, Ele., use
Robin Hood Flour
Kour Dealer Has It
���-*-*-*���*-* ���
I -General Hardware��� 1
1 ""  I
T Builders' Hardware I
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves *
Granitewaro       Tinware ��.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
I.aw-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C., Ontario. Saa-
mi'l Manitoba Bare. katchewan   and Al
berta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office���Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation* skilfully treated. Gas and
local anasthetlcs administered for the painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
lleliterson Block. Prince Rupert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson s.a.,    W.K.William*.h.a.. i..i..i>
Barristers, Solicitors, etc
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. O. BOX 23
I'I 111. Or WM.  FOION. ESQ.. A.S.A.M.'lON.. KM:
SIXTH STREET prince rupert
C T. P. Transfer Agenta
Ordera promptly Sited.   Prices reaaonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Phon* ��.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Fruit   :   Produce   :    Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phono No. 200 P. O. Box 580
Pitcher Crandall lias been filling
in at short for the Giants and
making gootl.
i��a   ti   ci)
Esmond, Cincinnati's new .shortstop, is making a good showing,
both in the field and with the
t*g    ft    g
This is the fate the Leaf team faces
Their record open lies���
They'll  soon   be  taken   from   the
And set io swatting Hies.
tj   tji   tji
Some moment, in a burst of speed,
The  Leafs, while crippled  heroes
Will get a mortgage on the lead
And to foreclose it will proceed,
ft   $   ft
The Sam  Louis Sam  Hildreth
feud is siill on.   When the former's
Col. Ashnieade won the last   race
the latter bid him up from 81,000
to   81,200,   at   which   figure   the
horse passed into the Hildreth bam.
Recently  he  took  My  Gal   from
Louis.    Col. Ashmeade's mile and
70 yards in  1.42 2-5 equalled the
Canadian   record   made   at   Fort
Eric a few years ago by King's
$     B*J     ��
A new world's automobiling record for one mile was established
by Bob Btirman ;it the Brigton
Beach track at the conclusion of
the two days' race meet. The
record fell when Burman, in his
Blit/en Be.nz with a flying start,
made a circuit of the mile track
in 48.72 seconds, one-fifth of a
second better then De PalmaV
in a Fiat car, made last year at
tii   tt   e*3
Jack Johnson celebrated the
anniversary of his Reno battle
by signing articles to fight Patrick
("urran to a finish in Dublin on a
date to be settled. Curran, who
defeated Jack Roach some time
ago, is considered one of Britain's
best heavyweights. The match
was arranged by Tom Flanagan
tii   tii   tii
The protested Chicago-Pittsburg
game of the morning of June 30
will have to be played over. This
announcement was made at National league headquarters tonight
Chicago protected thc game and
President Lynch sustained the pro
test and ordered thc game played
Jumbo Wells, self-styled Australian middleweight champion,
who made a fizzle of the fight game,
now wears a real title belt. .At
the Newark Velodrome Wells set
a world's mark of 88 mins. 8 2-5
seconds in the fifteenth mile of a
twenty-five mile bicycle race. The
former record for fifteen miles was
88 mins. 15 seconds.
tt tt ti)
Tommy Burns has wired both
Battling Nelson and Owen Moran,
the famous lightweight fighters,
asking them to meet in Calgary
in August for GO per cent of tin*
gross receipts, cut 80 and 40. The
possible meeting bctwieii Lauder
and Nelson does not meet with
Tommy Bums' approval. He i-
of the belief that I-auder is not
good enough.
id   tt   tt
When a lot of boys get together
to play ball, there is a quarrel
as to which shall bat first. Get
up a social affair and there is a
quarrel among the women as to
which shall bat first. Gal up a
political or business affair, and tinmen quarrel as to which shall Kit
first.���Ed. Howi.
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart, Thursdays und Sundays
at 8 u.m. Special fare on Sunday
bout, $9.50 return including meals
and berth.
���s. Prince Albert sails for I'ort Simpson, Nuns River, Masset, Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and fir:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Suturduys,   1   p.m.,   returning   Thursdays    and    Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous  Princess  Line
Friday, July 14th, 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
... FOR...
Take thc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
a     ��-**-���*   ���   1   ���   a   a   a   a   ���_ J   a   a   a   -a. a   a  A *fc AAA i  ,
'   ffffTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTl���������
w. j. McCutcheon j j
Carrtee comi'lete stock at Dnun.   Special   , ,
attention paid lo Ailing preecrlpUone.      , ,
! ftutrc Block Psoas No. n Second bt   ,
************************ ���
Pbone 116
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., neat to old office of Optimist, Belt only
Brat tiid.li* fn S-eaUlte.   Fruit and Candy.  �� h-���'�����-���
*ml* and lift-ail. Look for ftuh ���!*����� at night.
SAM (".OWEN. I'trtKin Phon* 360
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weston announces that he
has commenced work for the city.
All orders received  at  the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
H. H. MORTON, Sec.
He sells Buildings      He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys LoU He builds Homes
Special  Bargains  in
Kitselas Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse LandB
Hazelton District Lands       Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands       Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sella Houses He rents Stores
Liot  Your Propertieo with  Uncle Jerry ..... Second Avenue, Prince Rupert, B.C. THE DAILY NEWS
Dainty New Hall Opened for
Assemblies on Second Avenue
Party of Young "Old-timers"
Gave It Send Off.
In the nature of a "House-
warming" was the extremely pretty
dance held last nighi in n new
dainty hall just opened on Second
avenue, A happy party uf some
of tin- young pioneers of Prince
Rupert isu young that to call
them "old-timers" though true,
is nut properly descriptive) met to
give the hall its send-ulT with
a real  live ilanee.    The spirit of
tlu* merry old-time dances held
in Prince Ruperl before the population attained its thousand mark,
prevailed tu the limit, and two-
Btep, waltz, lancers, and the pretty
minuet went with glorious swing
and verve. The lloor is of the
smoothest, the hall with its BOft
electric glow lamps, delicately pretty decorations, anil assembly uf
raidantly merry dancers circling
tu music full of melody and
memories, looked a perfect picture
framed by the strung square archway uf a cosy sniuke-room. Appetising refreshments were served
during thc intervals; the music
by Professor Kauffmann gave every
pleasiin: and the end of the
ilanee   as  dawn   began   lu   break
came quite tuu Boon. The new
hall which lias just been opened
is associated with the name of
a popular lady in the city, antl is
certain tu be the scene uf many
pleasant gatherings in future.
Capital City Welcomes the Pre-
mier   Home
After   Trip   to
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, July 13.���Ottawa was
en fete last night when elaborate
efforts were made to celebrate the
home coming of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. A public reception was accorded him, with congratulatory
speeches  in  proaise of  his  work
at ihe Imperial Conference.
"The News" ClassffiecLAds.
=0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
George Andrews, Manager of
Adding Machine Co. Thrown
from His Auto Last Night.
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phon* 160 Third Av.'liu.* anil Kullon SI
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle,  July  13.���George An-j
drew*-, manager of the local branch
of the Burrows Adding Machine,
Co.,  was  killed  last  night when ]
his  auto   struck   a   log   on   thc i
roadside throwing him out on the
pavement.   Andrews was a member of the Cold and Country clubs.
He was coming  from  the  latter:
when the accident occurred. !
Leading Bakers of Montreal,
Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Calgary Amalgamate
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, July 13. -The merger
of the leading bakers of Montreal,
Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and
Calgary, which has been pending
fur some months went into effect
on July 1st ar.d is now chartered
as a  corporation   with  a   capital
of 15,000,000.
M.   Rot/din   nf  Toronto   is  the
Aid. Douglas Defends Citizens'
Right to Disposal of Refuse
Themselves if They Choose to
Do So.
Over 10,000   1
Have been dispensed by us
lines we came to Prnu-i*
Kupert. This is the best
testimony that our	
and  that we are	
Specialists in Prescriptions
Everything that should lie
in an up-to-.late druggists
store  we  keep.     :    :     :
C. H. Orme
"the pioneer Daooont"
Second Ave. Phone No. 82
Lost and Found       \
��� ��**-**..^..-a. ii^ ,,*��i,aa,n^..a...-a��..-a-��..^"^a*>
FOUNil- Puree ,'ontainlnit a auin of noeer. Al*-
|ily PrlneilKuii<>rl General Hospital     IB-lM
FOUND���Baraks denning an.! l'r.'Mii'.a' C i"-
puny. Mfn's suits .-leaned and i-r.**��.*.i Sl.tBI.
LiuliM' suits pressed and Shanes. I'D' >���[>���"*���
ri >��� ., ipeclalty. Room l.i Weetenhaver Block,
lilion.* ml liy. U'l-U"
I.OST-6H price coupons Issue.! bv Ihs P fli*"
Studio.      These coupuns Will OS u.'.'.Ti*'*} I
lires.-nted   before   July   3rd   :il   11����*   t'.*��'r!''*
Studio. Alder Block. MI-MI
For Rent
Skeena Land District���District ol Count l<���.
Tako notice thut Aluudw MclrZ, ���,"W ���
couver.   U   0>*  occupation   real   Batata i   i,
Intonda to apply lor pormUalun tu nUMhu?.!!
lollowlng described lands: I'uwims th,
Commenelns at a post planted lu cimi,u ,u,���k
from the southwest corner ol Lut til , ft?," ���.
chains aouth, tbence 41) chains wm ,,'��� Z
chaina north, thonce 40 chains east tt Mb ll
commencement containing 320 ucrus nun ur EL.
Dated AprU 17,1911. """ *" lm'
Pub. May 6
Skoena Land District -
Coaat Range 6 Land PWg*     ol   K11.
Dated March 18, 1911. ���"*���*
Pub April 16.
Skeen. Land U^'^'^^^VlnC.
Tak. nolle, thst UJtpLSSSS Inlend to
Rup*rt. B. C., ��rtl,pu5SS?t& loUowing
al'l'ly   lor   purioiKBloi.  to  purcu*-��   	
HaLrlbaJ lands: ,     >-.. .....iiv I Ol oiewai-a, 11. U. occupation Jo
ol Uoose llay; about ilitoe-ellliU ol a mllo souvu   d(llcr|b8d lMui.	
���   Th. moull, ol UM gM��3*'^SS USII N *   ,   Col*'.-,.i'd,H "* 1 *-"""���  >,1��"u"' ��n U�� right
on iho easterly boundary  ot ,ffl,ff.hTS? alSS' b��"*J ��' "'��� ���"�� riv"r �����"�����'<* "oven mil,, a,,u\���
auUSl or No. tUVi, Uicno-i. "ffiTlimit N     31,281   U"> ,ork* ol *ho N*,*, riv". l���*���"������*������ ���""���i M ciiain,
lb. eaauirly limit o( .aid limber Limi I N o. JWSl   lhma> WMt 80 chalnli thunco ,,������, �����,
SS 40 chain.. '��"���",. mo-iorlo- i '���'*"���'���? W.�� *������"���"*" *" I"'1"* ��* coininencem    ',
��SS&Bjrts^��tt! rcus*.* mi-Kr,nw *������ **" l��
Pub. Avrb 1. Skeana Land DUtrlct���District ul Caaaiar
Take   notioe  that   1,   John   L'nwin  ol  Prince
. Rupert U. C, occupation laborer, Intend lo spply
Skeena Land Dslrlct -District ol Queon Charlotte   |or permission to purchase the loUowini* d�����*,,iLa.
Take   notice   thai   UffflJPJHLi?..... "l�� . I*,nd*: '
T^   -.-itiT-.-l.-a-*���a    District ot Lima,.,,
ako notico that 1, Percy  Francis Utah
ol Stewart, D. C, occupation Journalist luiemj n
.���..,..     . .  .��� tM lhi, ,ul|wit|
Considerable discussion was useil
ar the council meeting last night!
Mclntyre   Hull,   fur  concert.,   etilertiilnments.
i    dance., etc.   Apply J. H. RoKers. phone US.
; Furnlahed Cottage, modern .-on.onien.-*-.. for
.umnicr months. Apply Mrs. Aider, Brd Ave..
u|ip,**itc News Olllce. 14T-M0
Three-nami llat In Westenhav.-r Block. I-* l"*r
month: Hat In Clatip Bmldir . Wi: other Hats
and houses furnished and unfurnished. Apply
Wctenhnver Br.ia.. phone lia>. 14"-**'
' Slx-roomcd House to rent: mi.lern cui..til.'nc.*s.
Fraser St.. Apply Director. Coh.ii * l'-.   M��*B
Wanted-Small house, furnished or partly f urn-
lshe.1.   State terms lo Box K. Dally N.*w.ll'i-tf
Comm.alious house, corner 6th Ave. and Thomp-,
son St.. furnished or unfurnished. Phone -*Se
or P.O. Box Mat.
, 8lores and offlces for rent Al-plv Dr. Mclntyi.'.
Third Ave., phone vreen 6S. ISwl
Neatly Furnl.he.1 Rooms:   aentlemen preferred. ���
���    Apply Mrs. Mullin. over Ma., -lu- l'heatn*.
Phone 2iW If you want to rent I ho ..... f urnlshcd
i    or unfurnished, corner 6th A.e. and Thompaon j
i    Sti-ea-.|.   All m.alern conveni. nc.-
1 Cosy furnished rooms.     Mrs    Bower, S.-m*rset
!:���-���... Third Avenue, belueen Se.enlh   and
1    El��hth. HMf
| Help Wanted \
Teaiher wanted fur the p. r: llmpenB Public
School. Salary M0 per month. Apply to John
Ilo.-in.-. School Trustee, statin*! attalnmeni. and
enclose testlu.onlals. laa-110
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
the followim* -ieeenbed
BspSn, i^*^^^^ei]\^^tSl^& I ""<-�����"���"�������'"�� M �� Port Planted about ,.') In
lorVermis.iou to purcliu-K tho lollowing ittacnuau   mUn KMh j lh# (Qrki o( lho Whj^ ^ j*.
lanua: i������,~t   .bout  seven   t^"*.   thenca south  811  chaina,  Ihenco sja) H
Sa~.yCr.ik   where .it..������P����   .����. ������   Dated
,Uer��   u   "mP'"-. ���'"*", '""."L"   Dated AprU 18, 1911.
Francia S. Preston, Ag.pt
Fraser and Fifth St.
The only hotel In town
with hot and cold water In rooms. Best furnished house north of
Vancouver. Rooms r��0c
up. Phone 87. P.O.
Box 129.      ::       :
Skeena Land Diatrict���-District o( Cout
Take notice that Hume Uabington ol  I'rince
  Rupert. B. C, occupaUon roaatar mariner, inu-nu,
to  apply for permission  to  lease  thu [uilqwin*
,,���,. Land ubuict-Distrlct ol Queen Charlotte t deacribed lands: .....       ,      .
���T i ^o7..��� iiiai Frank Levlck ol Woodstock, Commoncins at a poat planted aboul IM chains
., ������,,,T:,,i hooiiaaeiier Inlands lo apply aouth ol tha Indian lloaorvo on tho east aide ul
teSaSSKSw iSSfiTlE loUowing d��cr,liea , Duo. Bay on tho m* side ol lho ������onin.ulu thenc,
or peruuaaaiou .o |.��ia north log j^n, ^ong abora to thu lt<��erve line,
,��� .'���m..n^i,ur  Bt  a  uost   plantod  about seven   tbonee wost 60 chains more or loss to i llay,
.SfSfS "o mu^Viu.b ol lb. .uooin ol   thence  100 chain,  ulon.*  shore,  thenco M H
SsSwCmS   where   it   uuptlaa    Into   Nadan   chains more or leaa to poat, contalninj WO sens
S*��!^��r $ ST SSt Mftt ��a     auUE bai���sCTon
tb*u�� au chains woat to point ol commencement   Pub. AprU 16.
and contemns 640 acre* moro or lesa. ,.virK ;
D.led March 17, 1911. vltltAr,,h* LhV?.K '
Pub April 7. Nun*�� Demon.. A��.n
Skeena Land District -Diatrict o< Coaat
Take notice thai Ulenn McAnhur ul ' ancou.i-r.
B.  C., occupallon real  aetata agent Intenda to
u.  .^,  .....    ��������� ������ ~a,"-."".I..","."!i.Tirln.   mile* aouth anu ultwo milea ��.*.
apply lor permission  to  purchase tba IoHo*10*   wbRe river and Flat river, lhanee
a-rila-u lauds:
Coinmancig al a poat planted 40 chains w7st   J"��,�� "I*��� f0?""' l
,d ou chains soulh ol tba southwest corner ol   ��JJ>~ ���**, J�� ���-}���-   ,.
and so cnaina south ,	
Lul No. ll'it marked lilann McArthur'a north.
weal curner, thenca aoulh 40 chains, thence east
80 chains, loauca north 40 chains, thence weat
80 cbaina to pun ul eommaucamant, containing
���l-u acrea mora or leaa.
Dated Marcb HO, 1911. GLENN McARTliUR
Pub. AprU lit T. D. Laird. Agent
.Apply Panllc Coast O.
Iby "
l   v
, ,       ^-..       r- ���        ti !    **tU Tenders addressed to the undei-slnned. ; Wanted 2d Laborers
When   tile  CltV Scavenging   Bv-hlW   ��nd WtaMd "Tender for Public Batldlnf,  CW1-      suuctlon Company. Diitwl.isnd.        1M-1S4
, . ,    ,     i U*aek. B.C.,   will be received at tl.i. .dllee until
cailie liefore till' ( omilllltee of till-   l.lMp.m. on Monday. July 21th. I'lll. for the con* | Girl wanted. Immediately, for Ita-ht housework.
slructlonof a Public Bulldln*. Chllllwack. B.C. At ply Mrs. II. Cohen, phone .'.-' l.Vi-tf
Whole.       It    liaSSCll    that    Static   all       Plana, specification and form of contract can be ' ...    __ ., ^,   ..    ,        ���-. .   ,     .  ���...
���   , .        ....?.    , , ����� ��"d forms of lender obtained at the..Hlcr ,.f . Mlnrra M.Se. Mucker. K.0O. ��.nl.al al  Hidden
right  and  will   ike v  go  through  Mr.wm. H,nd*r��.n. R*.i.iem Arch.tec. v,c    ^rZtr.'iT'     ���*"**'l'*y- 1"'"8i��,fd,0
* ���      ,     . '    , lorla B.C. at the Pel Oltlc*. Chillivrack. B.C., ,    or Venture. 14��-lf
the  last   Stages 01 Completion  next   and at this Deoartment. Two Rood Joiner, wanted.    Apply Paclllc Con-
.,       , ... Persons   lenderimr   are   notitir.1 that    tend-      strucllon Company. Dl��by I.land.     147-150
MOndaV  night. er* will not t��- con.ldereal unles. made on the
printed forma supplied, and sinned with their   Porter Wanted    Apply Talbot Ruins. 2nd Ave.
���Mderman   lltillflas  watched   it*i  actual sla-nature*. aiailng iheir occupations and , Hl-tf
.-iiui.riii.iii   l/uu^i.ts  WttlCIICU   us  pUces of residence.     In the case ���f Srms. lh* !
passage very carefully.  He wanted ^iSVtm^^'mi ^^'.J'X t	
to know if people's privilege toTOSJtf'St bna^kd to .n ��. Boarders Wanted       .
remove their own garbage would ��N'h����><rti-i-^i;'i.w;i'i';�� 1^..^ ^..^ ��. i
e.          *** the order of the Honourable the Minister ..f Pul.* ���r'-'���a-aa.^aa^.^.^^.^^.,**>,***aat*****i**a*a**aBi*������������
111'    taken    SWay    bv    the    llV-laW 1'cWorka,*guattotenp*rcenl. of the amount of
,. ,          '       '                 .     .     .'. lhe tender which will be forfeltwl If the perwin A frw  c,9y  homelike room*  cheap  to steady
I lien     Alderman     Kerr    asked    if tenderlnir decline loonier Int.. a e.ntta<*t when roomera.   Klnu Georee Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
called upon to do ao. or fail to complete the work ll-li-
Q    Storekeeper    C.lllld     l.lke    llWaV contractnl for.    if the tender be not accepted W
r                                                 - the cheuue will be returned. +*������ ���a...^..a,..v..^.-x..a...a,.,^.���^...^.f
garbage    from    his    Store    without J1" Department does not bind lt��elf in accept j                                                                             ���
,                            , ,.        ,       .,            ...       ���      . th,low*.t or any tender.                                      || QU,,.-,^,,. U/arafa.*,         {
general manager and ( awthra Mu- calling in the contractor. By 'Jrd^*DESR0CHFRS
lock, the financier of the project.'        These crimps were finally str- D,pirtni,nlof Publle Woru ���"*""""
aightened out by granting a store- N.w.,��pmwiiino.bi"."-forU,h,V'ad.'m.*., .������.^^...^  nfM.,,,....���������..
Strawberries for a Quartei      keeper or  householder  the  right Ma't^cnr" " wl,ho1" '""TS.IsI��� ?��** >:7:.T��.rc.e,,ttreX;r^;"'co"
__ , , , . , . �� cern.   Be,l of reference.    Address answer to
You can secure them at thet() remove  his garbage,   but  he i. u Long. T-t-MSih ,tr*et. umomon. Aii-.ru
Ladies'   Strawberry Social any must not hire any other person ������������������-���-���������������������
time after 3 o'clock on Saturday'10 do so but the licensed con
New        Solid       Ladies
in Crocodile, Morocco, Etc.
Watches       Souvenirs        Jewelry
OrriCIAl*   WATCH   INSrKCTOR   ton   G.T.P.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Skeena Und Diatrict���District o( Cauiu
Take   notice  that   I,   Charlea   M.   K:.- . .* u
Prince Hupert, U. C, occupation (arniur, intend
to apuly (or pertuiaaluD to purcbaae tliu lullo��tni
deacribed laoai:
Commencing at a poit planted about i-l) i. .:-������
ilea aouth and (2) two milea weat ot th* lurks ot
aouth 60 chains,
thanca weat 80 chaina, tbence north bU chalu,
Krancla S. Preatun, A^tnt
Dated April 20, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict o Cuait Han^e i
Take not ce that Murdock Mcltae ol Vaticouvt-r
B. C, occupallon real aatatu broker, intends to
apply (or permiaalon l: purcbaae the tullowint-,
dweribed landa;
Commencing at a uoat planted eo the wu.h
bank of Uifhumeike river about Uve mllw (turn
ita coniluence with the Skeena river, thence i >
chaina west, thenca 20 chaina north, thence 4-J
chaina wist, thenca -40 chaina north, thencv 4u
i chaina aut, thence 20 chaini aoutb, thunce -10
| chaina eaat, thence -40 chaina aouth tu point ol
Skeana Land Dutrict  -District at Queen Charlotte
'lake notice that Hubert O. Crew ol Prince
Rupert. U. C., occupation agent, intenda to apply
(or permiaalon to purchaa* tba loUowing deecnu-od
Ian da:
Commencing at a poat plantod about 6 i-2
mica west and ball a mile aouth ol the moutb ol
St*mnley Creek whan it ampuea into N adan
Harbor,  Graham Island,  thence eaat 40 chaina,
thanca  north 40 chains, thenca weat 40 cnaina, ^	
thanca aouth 40 cbaina to point "1 commencement i
and containing lbO acrea mure or leaa.
Dated March 17, I'Jll. IILHhRT O. CREW ��� Skeena Und Diatrict���Diatrict oLCoast Uanf.
Pub. April 7. N'liim Daman, Agent ^^^^^^^^^^^^^"       "
commencement, containing 320 acrea murv or has
Dated April 21, 1011. MURDUCK MclUfc.
Pub. May Vi.
*f *^�� e-*��**a.e��-^rf��-^^*y��>li
ions Wanted      ��
inn- iriictur shall lie exempt  frmn all j' ~~~~*~~~*"**"'",*'*~~~''
or any  water  taxis during  the                   For Sale
sing term nf his contract."   Alderman +��������������� ...���
afternoon.     Ice cream, Tea and tractor. fM
cake will also be served  by thel    As the civic fathers were licing; ^^^^^
ladies.    The Methodist Church piloted clause by clause through, Douglas wanted to know if thcL^ wh-narSte*.ar S*wm A. t.
at foot of Fulton on Second Ave. .In* by-law with the City Solicitor contractor would get  fr.r water   o..i..,d.Mci.rw,.ndF,f,h *��.   Ojjkwm.
The ladies will welcome you at j and City Clerk as guides Alderman �� hi* house.   The City Solidtorl
any hour after 3 o'clock. j Douglas stumbled over "the cor.- said   that  was  what   tin*   clause
2 cleared and level lots, with house, on
9th Ave., for sale as owner is leaving the city.   Good  terms.
P.O. box 767 Pattullo Block
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM   T. KERGIS. M.D., President DAVID H. HAYS. 1st VicPres.
M. J  HOBIS. 2nd Vke-Pies. and Manafer
JAY KLGLER. Secretary-Treasurer C  B   PETERSON, Ass't -Manafer
Executor and Administrator Recehet or Assignee Farm Lands and Mines
Real Estate and Insurance      Agent For Care of Real Estate      Escrow Agents
Fiscal Agents Trustees Registrar and Transfer Agent
Trustee Under Mortgage and Deeds of Trust
Safe Deposit Vault and Boxes Collections
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT, 4 per cent, on Deposits
W,- will he pleased to answer any inqolrle. regarding Investments In Prince Bupert
and Northern British Colombia.
The  Continental  Trust  Company,   Limited,  "ft,?,' ,;V
AVENlIt . . .
"This by-law is .hm going through
Firat -rln-ie Roomlnir llmita. ten rooma.
kevplngf_and rintrie. newly furnished.
Drexel Roomlnir Huusr. Jnd Ave.
hi'ilM*. i
Price I
"This by-law is nol going tlirmi- ������-~--^.--*.--*--^."��.~-*��.-^~�����-*'
{h  like  this." said  the  Mayor. n    ��� /b.l !
,c , . ,i        Business   Chances     )
Suppose   the   coniraiior   startiil I:
, s,, As*����*rfi*B^i*��^fcj*-*^a.*e^l.-^.s.-*^..-aafc,.***a*Klta-e^ae^*��ae*��^iA
BudWelSer Beer, Wc are Bole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company, fT^s?.
a brewery?' ^^^^^^^^^^^
The result was thai the contractor will Ik* given frit- water
only fur the use o( washing hi-
Iapparatus and general u*-*- In die
Another amendment to the contract which was submitted i-a that
any man can convey his own
garbage to the |K-rfiiine barge,
but the licensed contractor is tin-
only person who can be hired to
remove die garbage.
All persons removing their garbage must do so to the satisfaction
of the Medical Health Officer.
The contractor must also do thc
work to suit Dr. Reddie or in
default the contract will be forfeited.
Good mone*r in Movinx Picture..     Wanted-A 1
Karl, !������ -Ian rn.. -.mir | icture .hoe, In Prlne*'
uiwrt.   Write ni" for particular..     H.  Davis, i
Watrrtuwn. Wis. Bt-wi
l"H  . T
\ Fire insurance \
i*^m ~^ i
THT. Hriti��h Unl-in and National Fir*   Insurance ���
Comi-nny  ..f  LoMOO,   Knffland.    with    capital
of |ja��.i����vi*i'     S^r ii- for rat-ra.     Th** Mark
!:�����!���. and Inaurance Company. Ttwtf
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Muffs,  Etc.
Vancouver Far Dressing Company
1843 Granville SL        Van., B.C.
Skaana Land DUtrlct ���Dutrict ol Quoen Chariot
Taka notice that Catherine Uarnaon, ol Calgar
Alberta,   occupation   iptnatur,   intenda   tu   apply*
for parmlaalon to purchaw thu lollowing deacrttMKl
Commencing at a poat. plantad aboul ti 1-2
railaa w-ael and hall a mil* aoulh from tbo mouth
ot Stanley Creek, where il emptioa into Nadun
Harbor, Graham Inland, thenoa 4U chahia aoutb
thenca 4U chaini eaat, thanOe 4U chaina north,
lhaooa *o chaina weat lo point ol commonoemant
and containing u-o acrea muin or loie.
DaimJ March 17. lull.
Pub Apr. 7. Numa Damera, Agent
Skaana Land DUtrict���DUtrlct of Queen Ckarlotta
Taka notice tbat J. ii. .vturphy,o( Vancouver,
B. (_'., occupation commeraal travullar, intenda
to apply for permiaaion to purcbaae thu following
deecrio��d landa:
Commanang at a  poet  plantad  about   aeven
miiee weet and one mile vuutn Irom tha  mouth
| of Stanly Creek, Nadan Harbor, thencu north -HU
I cliaina,  Ihenou weat 40 chaina,  Ihence aouth   SU
chaina, thence oaat 4U c    Ina.
Datad March 17, 191L J. H. MURPHY
Pub. AprU 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skaana Land DUtrlct���DUtrict of Caaalar
Taka   notioe  that   1,   Tbomaa   Macgovern   of
Stewart, 11. C, occupation mlnar,int��nd to apply
for permUnion to purchaae lha following doaenbed
Commencing at a poat planted on the right
bank of lha Naaa river aboul four milea above the
forka of tha Naaa river, thenoe aoutb bU chaina,
ihenoa waat HO chaina, thunce north 60 chaina,
thenoe oaat 80 chain* to point of commencement,
containing 610 acrea mora or luaa.
Dated March 25, 1911. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Land Diitrict-Dlitrict of Coaat
Take notice that 1, Mra. John Corley uf Prince
Rupert. B.C., occupation married woman, intenda
to apply for permisaiun to purchase the following
described lands;
Commencing at a posl planted 40 chains cast
and 120 chains south from thu southwest corner of
lot 1733, Coast District, Range 6, thence aouth Bit
chains, thence eaat 4U chaina. thence north 80
chains, thence west 40 chaina more or leas to thc
point of commencement, containing 320 acres
more or less.
Date Mar. 20, lull
Pub. Apr. 4. 1911
Skaana Land DUtrict���Dutrict of Coaat Range 6
Taka notice that Lldon S. Detwtler ol Merlin,
* t***tt***
Real Estate
Yfy ran save .%.** a day.     We can sell you good
l'.i- f-.T ."- i ii -hi.      Phnne W*3 and let us join
forces.    II. K  M ��� l*-i. A Co. 1AI-1&2
Leaoe your private card  when
you make a call.���Every kind
of "correct" uhtfing  card  can
fee   had  al   lhe   Dally   News
Office,    Telephone   No.    98.
Saw Mills of Riordan Paper Co.
Destroyed    Loss is $250,000.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Calumet, Que., July   13.   The
saw mills of  the  Riordan   Paper
Company ware completely det*
troyed by fire last night, and
valuable stork, machinery and
buildings are all gODC. The loss is
estimated in value at 1260,000.
Sweder Bros.
H.>K t" nnnounce that they
luivi* liouKlit out the interest of Mr. Louis Kudnick
In-Ill in the llrm of Ruilnick
& Sweder, custom tailors,
���to.i mill hope to he favored with the patronage of
former customers.    :   :    :
...Helgerson Block
Credit for Keeping the Peace
Goes to Roman Catholic Police Officer at Hull, Quebec
Caaalar   Land   Diatrict    DUtrlct   nl   fkM-M
Take notice lhat 1, Lemu-M Freer M Van mu ver,
occupation broker. Intend to apply for pernilmlon
to purchaae tin* following rie-arlb-Mr landa;
Commencing at a post planter) on the shore
In a northerly direction Irom Port Nelson Cannery
marked L. F.'a B. I. Corner, thence 20 chaina
north, thence 20 chaina weat, thence 20 ehalna I
south to ahore line, thence along the ahore to
point of commencement, containing 40 am-a more
Dated June 10, 1911 LEMUEL FREEH
Pub. July 8. J. M. Collison, Agent
Do You
B1.1NO PADS Full
We have   a   stock
in good bond paper
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, July 13.���The Orangemen of the Province celebrated the
battle of the Boync here yesterday,
when several thousand paraded,
listened to speeches and passed
In many parts of Canada cel-
sbrations were held, but the only
noteworthy Incident was at Hull,
Quebec, where troubles were threatened    over    the   action    of   the
Ottawa Orangemen coming there
to parade. The trouble was neatly
averted by the act of the chief
constable of Hull ���a Roman Catholic���who marched at the head
of the procession and maintained
oitlcr. The threatened disorder
did not take place, and the Chief
is being warmly applauded for his
tactful act.
oiu." occupation doctor. Intend, to apply lor
permlseion to purchase the lollowing described
Commencing at a poat planted at the aouth-
w-i*t corner ol Lot 1V2S, tbence aaat 30 cbaina
more or leaa, thence aouth 45 cbaina more or lees,
tbence waat 30 chains more or teas, thence north
4G chain, mora or teas to point ot commencement
containing MO acrea more or lesa.
Uated March 31,1811 ELUON S. DETWILER
Pub. AprU 16* John Campbell. Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Casslar
Taka notica that 1 Krancla S. Preaton ol l'rinoe
Kupert. U. C. occupation prospector, intend to
apply  lor permlasion  to  purchase tha lollowlng
described lands'.
Commencing at a poat planted about three
miles south and two miles west ol the lorka ol
the White and Flat riven, thence south 80 chslns
thsnee aast 30 chains, thenca north 80 chaina,
thence west 80 chains.
Dated April 20, 1911. FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub May 13
Skeana Land DUtrlct��� District ol Coast Range 6
Tako note, that I. Joe Jack ol Prices It. part,
II. On occupation carpenter, Intend to apply lor
permission to purchase the lollowlng described
Commencing at a post planted about three.and
one-halt miles distant In a south westerly direction
Irom a blind slough Irom Observatory Inlot where
the asme touches tbe Indian Reserve tbence eaat
80 cha ns. thence -nith 80 cbains. thence wesl80
chains, thence south 80 chaina to point ol commencement, conUining 040 acrea more or leas.
Dated April 14, 1911. JOE JACK
Pub. May 18.
Skeena Land Illatrict���District ol Coaat Range 6
Take notice that Lattie McTavish ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation married woman, InUnds to
apply lor permission to purchase the lollowlng
decribed lands'.
Commencing at a post planted at tha north-
weal corner 100 chains eaat and 20 chains north
from the northeast corner ol Lot 1116, Harvey's
Survey, Cosst Dlstrict.IUngu G.thence 20 chains
south, thence 80 chaina east, thenco 80 chaina
north, tbence 40 chaina wost, thenco 60 chains
aouth, thonce 40 chains weat to post of commencement, conUining 400 acres more or leaa.
Dated May 2, l��a, LOTTIE McTAVIBH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uohler. Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Coast Range 6
Take notice that I. Alexander Clachor, of Dear-
horn, Manitoba, occupation farmer. Intend to
appiy for permission to purchaso the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the south
west cornor of lot 8066, district of Coaat, Range 6,
s mated about 6 1-2 miles In a south easterly direction from Breckenrldge Landing, marked A.
C, north west corner: thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, theace north CO chains
more or less to smith oast oorner of lot 8062,
thence west 40 chains moreorlcs to south west
corner of lot 8062, thence north 20 chains more
or lesa to south east corner of lot 8065. thence
west 40 chains more or less to point of commencement, conUining 660 acres more or loss.
Donald Clachor, Agent
Dale June 2nd, 1911
Pub. June 24th, 1911
Take notea lhat I, John Ivan Peterso( I-rioca
Kupert, 11. C occupat on rlerk. Intend to apply
lor permlsBlon lo purchase tha lollowlng dtacr-lad
Commencing at a post planted about three so
one-hall miles distant n a aouth westerly d reel on
Irom a blind alough (rom Observatory Inlet whas
the same touches tha Indian Reserve, thenc.
weat 80 chains, Ihence north 80 cbsins. thenc*
oast 80 chains, Ihsnce aouth 80 chains to |..i:: e
commencement, containing 640 acros mor.' or lee
Dated April 14. 1911. JOUN IVAN I'tTtlU
Pub. May 13.
Coast Land District -District of Skeena
Take notice that 1, Paul Brenillcr. of
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, intond to apply for permission to lease
the followinK foreshore: Commencing
at a post planted about 12 feet from the
location post of lot 1301 on Porcher Island, thence in a southerly direction
following high water mark 1200 Met,
thence west to low water mark; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of commencement.
Dated March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11
Skoena Und District���DUtrict ol Coast Hang* 4
Take notica that Grace McTavish, ol \ snciiui.r.
U. 0. occupsllon married woman, intends to spjri)
lor permission to purchaaa tha IoUobIiij ocscnbel
"commencing at a poat planted at tho soulhw-al
corner 100 chains eaat and 20 chains north ol
tba northeast corner ol Lot 1116, Harvey a s>urv��>
Coast District, Range 6, thenco 40 chains .sil
thence 80 ehalna north, thenca 40 chain, Be��.
thence 80 cbaina south lo post ol commenca-msm
conUining 320 acres more or leas. mtvnti
Daiod May a, 1911. ORAM\i{��IJW
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uohler. .Is"'
Skeena Und District���District o( Casslsr
Taka notica lhat I, Jarae, Dunlop ol I nn��
Rupert,  U.  C,  occupation   teamster,  ��;*���lL ���
apply  lor permiaalon to  purchaaa the lollowing
deacribed lands: _,w
Commencing at a post planted about t**u miss
south of the lorks ol tho Whlta and FUt HI*}
ihence north 80 chains, thence west to clisim,
thonce aouth 80 chains, thence easl.80 chsin"*    .
Dated April 18, 1911. ���,A,M,t'-' ,UlN.������t
I'ub. May 13. FrancU S. FlHWb A!""
Skeona Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ot t"��Ur
Take notice that  I,  Mary  Carlo ol BWHU-v
B. 0, occupallon married woman, Intcrnl " si  i)
lor uermlaifon to purchaae the lollowlng d-eaiiw
Commencing at a poat plantod tsro 0) ft*
aouth and (21 two milea woat ol the fork. �� �����
While and Flat rivers, thanca 80 cha ns �����
thence 80 chain, weet, thenca 80 chains soutw
thence 80 chains aast. ���.,,v i-Alll-a
Datod April 20, 1911.       _       M**? f^ELi
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. 1-re.ion. AH"'
Skeena Und DUtrirt-DUtrlct "',*-'-"'���',,.
Tak. nolle* that I, William Melville WJ
ol Toronto, Ontario, occupation clerk, in"���
to apply lor permUalon to purchaso th�� wunani*
descrilied lands: ,       ,      ,,.-���.������.
Commencing at a post planted at t*'��**��,'J*"
corner ol Lot 8066 Rang 5, Coast Disirict, I*�����"��
east 60 chain., thenc. north 40 <*fa��2?J��
10 chains to Hell's Oau alough. laSMj. Mg
alough southerly to point ol commencement, or*.
Ulnlng 160 acrea mor* or less.
Pub. AprU 29.
Skoena Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Coast B.n��J ���
Taka noUce lhat I. Lionel King.ley pl VSJtJg
vor,  B. C, occupation  miner,   ntand %Jgg&
(or pormlsalon to purchase the following down!*-"
'"commencing at a poat planted near *����&
wost corner oT Lot 992, Rango 6, Coas I *JK
thonce west 40 chains, thonce ����'���> ""J.,1 ,i
Oence eest 40 chains, thence north 60 chaini
point ol commencement. ���.,_, ���-,.,,*aii BY
bated March 24, 1911. LIONEL UNO"*'
Pub. April 22.
Stikine Und DUlrlct-DUtrlct ol Cm1"
Take notice that ChrUtlan A. W���� "JHS
B. C, occ'.Datlon customs officer   ntand" l" ��� ��J
lor pormlMion to purchaae the loUowing BeasT-*""
landt .    ,  ,  . .p-
Commencing  at a poat  planted  about ..
quarters ol a mile north east Irom QWmn*Z
and on the east bank ol Stikine Illver an.l      "
south side ol the mouth ol a Httln cre*��.    ''
east 40 chains, thence  north 40 chains. 'w��
west 40 chaina. thence aouth 40 cha In" t" W
ol commencement and containing 160 acr.
��r asm .,  .   -mRVO
Datod Feb. 10, 1911.     CHRISTIAN A. Tfc��"-
Pub. April 7.
Skoena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Coast 1li.nl   ,
Take notice that 1, Uuchlan John bhnn"h"��
Victoria.  B.   C,  occupation  teacher,   IM <"t
apply lor permission  to  purohase the io��
described lands: , .,   ,  ,,��� 10Uih
Commencing at a post planted 66 cba In" ��u40
(rom tho .outneast corner ol Lot 3060. thJJg j,
chains south, thenoe 40 chains west, I" ' of
chains north, Ihence 40 chaina east to P"'",��� |
oommoncement, conUining 160 acres morii oi    ^
Datod AprU 17,1911.
Pub. May 6.
_ Skoena Und DUtriet���District ol tygrTLgti
, Taka notice that I, John L. Mitchell ���>'"!",���
Rupert, B. C, occupation bookkeeper, IfWlgs
apply lor permission to purohaao the follow" a
deacribed landa: . #*. nvfl
Commencing at a post plantod about   �����    0,
illea south and (1) one mile woat o( ^J���Glaj
the White and Flat rivers, thonco north 80 en*
thence east 80 chains, tlienoe aouth 80 cna
thence weat 80 chains. .   ..nrnHSLt
Dated.April 18,1911.        JOHN L. M'T���clA,,nt
aa... ..  Fraada S. Preston. Al""
Pub. May 13


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