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Twenty-four hours ending 5 a.m.,
Nov. 16
nil  TUMI'.     MIN.TUMI'.    BAR.       IN. RAIN
"".���in ("SB     29.4nR       M
Ltgitlative Library
The daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
i.nice 1
.. Friday, 8
. .Sutunliiy,
May.  .
.. Thursday
TOI.. II,  NO. 262
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday, November 16, mi
Price Five Cents
Radical Measures in Interests of Western  Grain Growers  are
Foreshadowed in the Speech from the Throne this Afternoon
in Eloquent Silence is Observed in Regard to the Navy���Proposals Will  be Made
However to Co-Operate With the Provinces in Scientific Farming and
in Building Model Highways���Dr. Sproule is Formally Appointed to be Speaker of the House
Ottawa, Nov. 16.���It is understood
Itlnit the speech from the Throne, to
read today by H.R.II. the Duke of
It niinnught, foreshadows legislation
���in enable the government to appoint
In commission to take over and opor-
Itiii- Hie terminal elevators at thc
III ��� .ri Lakes. Measures provldlnK for
11,- ., nun, in grain Inspection arc (o
11.,   consolidated  in this legislation.
Qther bills that will be mentioned
I tv ill foreshadow greater aids to ngrl-
| .niltiro.     One   proposed   will   be   to
co-operate    wllh    the    provinces   ill
r . i,i;iii*. model highways ami for lhe
promotion of scientific agriculture.
There will be a bill respecting the
,1,1'.,um, i.i of external affairs, nnd
one respecting the archives.
flic establishment of a tariff commission will be referred to, and negotiations looking for better trade
arrangements with West Indies and
Ki iii* li (iiiliinn will bu announced.
I( Is nol likely Mint uny reference
will  ln> made lo lhe navy.
Today lion. Dr. Sproule was elected  as speaker.    Tho members  will
Yesterday lion. Dr. Sproule was
elected as Speaker. The members
will be sworn In today.
Two  Bond-red  Italians   I'i   Hon.
��� real Respond to (all io Arms
Mom real. Nov. 1(1.���Over two
hundred Italians, most of them from
(ho Montreal colony, sailed for their
ii.i'i.,- land today on the steamer
Royal George. They belong to (lie
military reserve and look along their
rifles, guns and ammunition, They
presented  n   warlike appearance.
Vimii shl Kui Accepts on Condition
of iteing (Jiven n Free Hand,
Pekin, Nov. 16.���Yuan Slii Kal
hns accepted the premiership, on being given guarantee of ii free hand
In ndmlnlslering affairs during the
term  of office.
Byndloate  Mux   Purchased   Fanning
ami   Washington    Islands   Ioc   tin*
Si if S'l.->(i.(IOO.
Victoria, Nov. 16.���Fanning and
Washington islands have been purchased for $350,000 by a syndicate
of   Canadian   and   British   capitalists
headed by c. N. Armstrong of Montreal, Their Intention Is being reported to establish a port as n naval
base on Fanning Island.
Crockery,  chinaware,  glassware at
Mr. Frank Ellis After Calmly Announcing That  He is
Running for His Own Profit is Elected Mayor
in Mock Mayoralty Contest    Speeches
Were Very Humorous
Honestly announcing that he
was running for the sake of any
possible graft, Mr. Frank Ellis
was elected as Mayor of Prince
Rupert last night in the mock
mayoralty contest at the Presbyterian Club. His opponent was
Mr. W. G. Dennis, who delivered one of the wittiest of speeches
in his own support. Both candidates were very severely heckled
by the audience. When the vote
was taken it was found that every gentleman had voted for Mr.
Ellis and every lady for Mr.
Dennis. As the gentlemen exceeded the ladies by three, Mrf
Ellis was declared elected. For
his election he thanked the ladies who had stayed away. Mr.
Dennis was able to point with
satisfaction to the better class of
citizen, from whom he had drawn
One of the best appreciated of
the sly allusions, was that made
by Mr. Ellis, when an interrupter demanded to know he he intended to finance the projects he
had outlined.
"I will borrow money from the
banks to tide me over the little
time I shall be in power, and
leave it to my successor to do the
financing." replied the honest
Mr. Dennis' schemes of city
hall improvement, included a
punching bag and a set of gloves
in the basement for the use of
pugnacious aldermen, who want
to fight iii*' reporters.
Charged With M unlet  in I'oisiuiliig
of Kni'iiii-r Sweetheart
Boston, Nov. 16.���Rev. Clarence
V. T. Ill, iaa--.a>ii. pnslor of Imuinniiel
Hnpilsl Church, Cambridge, has been
Indicted on five i minis charging murder In Ihe first degree, for the alleged poisoning of hla former sweetheart. Miss Avis W. Linnell of lly-
annls. The date of Mr. Rlcheson's
irlnl Is tentatively act for January.
I in..ii  of 11.  C.  Mllillilpilllllrs   Winn
Majority of Ratepayere to Ba Ohm
III,'    I'aaila   I     |tl    .\l*|.
Victoria Nov. 16.���At the session
eil lhe Vnlon of 11. C. Municipalities
held here today n change in the Municipal Clauses Aclwas recommended
whereby the holder of nn agreement
of vali* of land will be given die right
In \iili- on money bylaws the same
as Iho registered owner. Another
Important recommendation to the
legislature provides for government
and municipal ownership of lelc-
Thc union favored lhal power be
glten lo municipalities lo abolish the
ward system on a majority vole of
the ratepayers. They did nol sanction
thai licence commissions be chosen
by   the   people.
A Conservative ex-Editor Pell Poal
of Secretary at Association Meet*
ing nnd Was I'ul Oul of Hull.
Indicative of the strained relations
exisling in rertaln quarters of the
Conservative i-ump, Is the Incident of
the ejection from Mclntyre Hull lust
night of Mr. O, R. T, Sawle, a prominent Conservative worker and ex-
editor of a Conservative, newspaper.
So strict wns the surveillance of those
who sought ailmis i',ii through the
door with the big "Welcome" mono.
Hint Mr. Sawle, who had not obtained
his admission card through some
oversight only, entered under strong
protest. Secretary Dr. Quliilnn upheld the protest of the doorkeepers,
antl when Mr. Sawle rose lo defend
his entry, threatened to have blm
ejected. Mr. Bawla protested vehemently, nnd, It is said, gave tbe whole
Conservative party a prelly calling
down, with the result lhat he was
swiftly ejected from the hall hy a
police officer summoned by Dr. Quintan. This action on the pnrt of the
executive so Incensed W. P. Benk,
another prominent Conservative and
friend of Mr. Sawle's, that he too
roso and, protesting In terms most
complimentary lo the Conservative
organization left te hall after Mr.
Halifax, N. 8.. Nov. If..- Th.* COO-
servntivea have raptured two seals In
the elections held for Ihe provincial
legislature at Digby and Lunenburg.
in Digby, H. ll. Marshall, I Con-
scrvntlve lumberman, was elected by
a majorlly of about HpO oter A. B<
Wall, Liberal, who was a candidate
in iho Dominion alectli �� ***** *���**>*
i-ral si<l<".
in Lunenburg, C. C. Bwlcktr, (be
Conservative majority is nearly :****
over WIIHam Duff, Llbaral.
Tho Conservative Opposition In m
Nora BcotU legislature now numbers
��� i- ni.' Qorarnmenl strength is 'i->.
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 16, Word
has been brought here by the itaam.'
Mnrama that during the Moroccan
crlBls, a month ngo, lhe German cruiser Cormorant called nl Buva and asked   permission   to  use  the  cable   I"
send messages to Germany.
Thlt was refused nnd two BrltlsB
wnrshlps In lhe harbor gave llic Oaf-
man cruiser five minutes to ***$*
anchor, which sho did.
Hazelton   Flrehall   Has   Long
Been Awaiting Us Alarm
The firebell of the Hazelton
fire hall lies at the wharf awaiting transportation up river winch
will not be available until spring-
The bell is an iron one WWW
than the Prince Kupert firebell.
Progress on Wharf at Digby Island Marine Station
The first of the conrete piles
for the wharves nt the new m*
Hue station at I��iirliy Island WM
placed yesterday afterm-mi. It
I, some time since the pik* wore
completed, work has boon proceeding nn the false work, a 1
pile   driving   ...acliMio-i. *
Kresg should be ni,..-1 WW Uml
nil is in readiness. H* h >������<":"���
S,M,.',into.itlent of Marine'.Station
and LlghthOUM work for MM
"oast, is at Dlffby Island a. present 9,,|ienn^linK_Ujework.
Meet mo nl lhc Savoy.
Trawler "Kingsway" of Standard Co. Paeon, Makes Special
Trip with Heads of Firm who
are Considering Enlargement
of Plant.
A substantial extension of the
plant of the Standard Fish and
Fertilizer Co. at Pacofi may be
expected shortly. At present a
party of those interested in the
Company is visiting the plant
The party includes B. Von Alven-
sleben, brother of the President
of the Count. Count Voss, a principal shareholder, and Captain
Rorbick. Mr. G. M. Alfoni.
manager of the plant at Pacofi.
met the party which arrived by
the Prince Rupert, and the trawler Kingsway just in with her
shipment of fish for consignment
below, was ordered to make
ready at once to take the party
out to Pacofi, and return them to
���in south by the Rupert on Friday. Both the fishing and the
fertilizer business of the Standard Co. i�� prospering, and plans
-\-*\ ,,n foot for a considerable extension in thc spring.
Vnllce of Hale.
V IniEi' poster advertising the sftle
0f g-Kiion Two lota n *n*l*'** ** ������",
wbnrf i��'lny.
Association   Rxecnthra   Blamed   He.
vt-rely for Lark of Organization���
iii-iiiiis <>r Kv|M*niiiiiii*i-s Demanded.
There Were Seven Different Tickets at  the  Local  Conservative
Association Elections, But the Old Guard Swept the Boards
Aid. Newton, Aid. Clayton and Aid. Douglas are Numbered Among the Vanquished���All the Civic Employes Were Out in Full Force���Recriminations Were
Made Because Prince Rupert Turned Mr. Clements Down at the
Elections���Great Precautions for Secrecy���Details of Vote
Aficr a meeting which threatened
to be stormy at first, but which Inter
became something of a bean-feast,
the executive of the Conservative
Association was elected in the Mclntyre lllill. Victory for the Conservative "Old Guard" was (he rcsuli
of the ballot. In spite of lhe flrcc
volley of criticism fired nt Ihem at
the outsei of the meeting, when they
were accused of grass neglect of duty
and the loss of Prince Rupert for
Conservatism al the last Dominion
election,  the ''Old  Guard"  charged
Inline in triumph,    Aiming tin* fallen
were Aldermen S. M. Newton, Alder
man W. Barratt Clayton, Oiler iii-s-
ner und Aldermnn Douglas. All
(hese were nominated toi president
Inn didn't make il, not even getting
on the executive. Following Is the
successful  "Straight   llrket":
President, Geo. Tile; first vlee-
prestdont, M, M, Stephens; second
vice-president Frank E. Cuiiin; secretary, 0, II. Ne'son; executive, .1. A.
Kirkpatrick, J. E. Herryfleld, J. G.
Bcott, .1. ii.  Hilditch, in-. Quinlan,
T. Mattland, W, J, .McCutcheon, J.
Wynne, Geo. W. Kerr.
These appoints mere iniuli* afler a
nintIon   by   0.   II.   Nelson   that   Hie
thirteen should hi- elected by ballot
first, und the office bearers picked
from them. This wus done in the
face of some opposition. Following
la the exact result of the ballot, which
closely  follows Ihe "straight ticket"
printed and distributed .> ������������. ��� the
members of Hie Inner circle yesterday
Geo. Tile. JH; .1. D. Mcrryfield.
I'.iT: J. A. Kirkpatrick, 2(ifi; J. 0.
Bcott, -in:,; George W. Kerr, 203;
Al. Al. Stephens, l'.i-!; 0. II. Nelson.
ISti;   T.   Maltland,   194;   J.   Wynne,
(Cuntimi.nl on page 4.)
.Mr. Justice Clement Qranta injunc-
tion   Restraining   Private   Plrms
I'i inn Using ilu- Company's Name.
Victoria,   Nov.    1G.���luslice   Clement yesterday granted an Injunction
restraining all  firms trom  using the
names  "Grand   Trunk"  ami   "lii'inirt
Trunk Pacific."    At least thul Is the
effect  of the decision,   which   was
given   In   a   lesl  case  between  the
Grnnd  Trunk  Pacific  Railway  Com
pany  nnd   the  Grand  Trunk   I'aclfl
Transfer Company of this city.
In the Provincial Court Room this
morning, Assessor Arthur Cuthbert
sold by nml Ion various lols In Prince
Rupert, Btewart, Port Simpson nnd
lhe Coasl Diatrict, Which are sold by
the Government to realise amounts
Of delinquent taxes. Prices ran from
ns low as two dollars to twenty or
thirty   dollars,   there   being   lots   In
Mr. E. M. Sandiland   is to be Placed   in   Charge   Will
Remove the Mines Record Office from Jed-
way also���A Boon  to  the  Queen
Charlotte Islanders
ArrangemeiKs are  being  ntin'c oyi     Tile   milieu   Office   was   located   at
(he   Provincial   Governmeni   to   >'u'** Jed way aome years ago following the
a governmeni and land reglstr*. ^*��
flee ni Charlotte City, lu which to
transact tha business for the Queen
Charlotte Islands. Air. Evelyn Al,
Sandilands, the Government mining
recorder at Jedway, is to bo placed
In charge. The mines record offli-o
will nlso be removed to Charlotte
City. An official announcement of
ihe Govennieiil's intention will boi
! made shortly.
Por u long time there has been nn
outcry  on   Ibe  pnrt   of   Innd  stakers >
'discovery of mines iii the Ikeda district. ("Uarlotle Cily has been ae-
h'cted ns llu* l'lace Of location for
Hie Governinent'uff'c. owing lo Its
rentral position, lo serve UKU^da
of the Queen Chnrlolle group.
CHANCE Foil ll. F. HcRAB.
I.iaiil KiiIm'II* Ma ii t*. llrlll��h "Hiiiia.
Icrs to Tnkr n Trip I'.nin.l World
���-Orl llu*.)*. II. F.
There arc 341 Conservatives on
tho association roll according to the
announcement of the secretary nt
last night's meeting. It was Ur.
Clayton who wanted to know l.i*'
night why only some ..lo voles hart
been recorded for Air. Clements at
last Dominion election. "There Is
something wrong somewhere," snid
Dr. Clayton, "and lhe executive Is
lo blame for II. Those missing votes
oiigbl to be accounted for."
.1. A. Kirkpatrick, chairman, took
upon his shoulders the whole blnine
of the la, I, of organItatlnn minings!
lhe Conservatives before last election.
Joseph Swllt said It was very imble
of Ihe president to tnko all tho
blame, but there were others on the
executive mora ouipabla, Ha said
it was A Shams that a ring should
run Ihe affulrs without consulting
lhc association nt large.
Mr     i.nnnli    vigorously   endorsed
Will lliiilil  *****   *'<"**���
Quebec,    Nov.     16.- The    llrlllsli
North  America Ship  Wilding Company announces it  will build  bare
one of Ihe Inrgest drydinks In the
world. 1,160 fCOl In length nnd 110
feet  In  width.
currK.it hue *r tXMWOVA,
(living  lo Ncarrlly ��>f Siill* ll   PUaS
ip on Shore���9800,000 of It.
Cordova,  Nov.   Hi      Owing (o  (be
sun. ny of freight boats in Southwestern Alaska, copper shipments nre
piling up here, there being now more
Hi-in |600,000 In copper on
here  nwnlllng  freighters.
Stewart    One lot on the Hudson s1|1k| Beltu.rH a| (ho ���,,.,,,���t.nk,n,.e ���f
liny  townsile al   Port  Simpson  went   ,,_���,__  ,���  .__,.  ,��� ���u>  .,,���,.,,������,,   ,���
for IS8.SE to Dr. Kergin after lively ord��� t() ,riinsai.t buelneas wiih tha
bidding between him and Henry llel-  (;l)Vt,nllm,���,       j���
gerson.    Ur. Kergin was bidding well
for  Simpson   lots.     Cy   Peck,   Pclcr j
.McLuchlitn,  It.  A.  While, G. Arnold,
chief Vickers,   Ur.  McNeil,   \v. B,
Fisher nnd others look In ut the sale.
Lots  went   low  nt   the  start   of  the
sale hm a "dark horse" eame In who ;
bid   prices   up   Io  Ihe   twenties,     lie   ���
hurriedly   lefi   Hie  hull   on   hearing
ihnl thr terms were cash down.
some eases men
have been kepi travelling backwards
ami forwards between Princa Rupart
and   lhe  Islands, trying  In gel  some
difficulty straightened out, only to
give up III disgust and anneiyaiice at
London, Nov. Hi.- liefore the Cnn-
aillnu Institute Inst night Lord Huberts said ihnl ihe llrlllsli ministers
lacked knowledge of our far-away
possessliins ll would do Ihem good
to tuke a trip around the world;
then they would (rent affairs more
fringes,   tastclt,    dress   trim-
Buried at G.'rden Island
The body of Mrs. Gilbert Fortune was conveyed by launch to
Garden Island this morning for
interment.     Rev.   F.  W.   Kerr
Charlottetown, P, B, i��� xm. 16,   -ldependent, wu victorious over Nash,
The   resiili   of   tht  Iwo   byi'-elcetlmis   Liberal,  hy alum!   Jon.
in  the province today ensures tbe     Before tba elections, tha pnriics in
defeat   or  tin.  Llbaral  governmeni   tba House stood, It Liberals ami 14
conducted the funeral service in i���   th.,   Augustus  district,   Premier Conservatives.
the   Presbyterian    Church    atjwns beaten by Dswar, tha Conserve-
10.30.   A large number of friends liv"- by 881 majority,    tn  Belfast    pretty china .cups and saucers 16c
were present. diatrict, Prof. Alex. MoPhall, an In-' Wallace's.
In ears
Now is the time for your winter
Overcoat. We have the goods to
please you. Sweder Bros., Custom
Tailors, Helgerson Hlock. 4t
Enjoy Yourself
To-night at the usual time
(9.30), in Mclntyre Hall, Gray's
Orchestra will hold another of
their popular dances. The dance
will continue later than usual in
order to give those coming from
the theatre time for a good
dance. A good time awaits you
there.    Tickets 11, ladies free.
lhc Sn
nd Jerry
Opening  Announcement
Mr. II. (!. Smith will open on the
Kith in Smith's store on Sixth street
with a full line of cigars, tobaCCOS,
smoker's articles, fruits and ennfee-
tions nt specially low prices. An
adeipintc aaaortment of ths bust imported uml domestic cigars in the city ,
will be obtainable al lowest possible
Ladlea lire specially   invited   to  see
our   complete   new   slock   of  cuniliis
which consists of Lownsy's Chocolates,
Cream  Carumels  and  Choice  Confections of every kind. 2t
Penile,  ll.  (...  Nov.   Hi.     The vole
mi the new agreemeni between Un
Operators nnd Hie minors Is b-Ing
Inki-n  today, and from tba latest  ri-
| pons ii has resulted iii a majority
I in  favor of ihe acceptance of the
terms, The majority Is believed lo
hi' 1,600, The Frank miners voted
againsl the proposition, but tin* ntlier
camps me giviag big majorities,
Left for  Green   liland  Lighthouse With Supplies
NAVAL oi'iicEii oui.tv.
Lleiil.   (iridium   lo   lie   Itipiliiliinileil
by Order of Oourt.Martlal i-
Stranding of ii.ai.c.s. Niobe
The Dominion Government
lighthouse and buoy tender
Quadra left yesterday afternoon
for OrSOH Island lighthouse with
supplies. On board the Quadra
at present is J. Fisher, the ex-
the I port In charge Of the tilling of
the gas buoys. It is announced
fhat Capt. Hackettof t> : Quadra
is to resinn and is only awaiting
a successor to take   his   place.
Ilnlirux, Nov. HI Lint. (Iraham
bus been found guilty by a rinirl-
inarllal   nf  causing,  or  suffering  to   ., , .,,   . .
in* cauasd, tha stranding ot ii.m.c.s. Captain Dan 0 Brien, pilot of
Niobe on July 80 lasi, on tha daagarffths Prince George is mentioned
ons ledges of ('ape sable. He wns I as a likely man to accept the
I sentenced to ba reprimanded! 1 position. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Nemspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by tha Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVEKTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-DAILY, 50c
per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New YosK-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
SEATTLE-Puget Sound News Co.
London, England -The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Thursday. Nov. 16
"An Idler, eh' You do not strike mt
ns properly classed."
"It's lhe fiH't, nevertheless. Mj
grandfather wns pleased to invest t
lew dollars III real eslale oil the shee| them   death
suroly  happen  'ere  many  ilnys    had  steps and ��U down y<5u Sttn Trslt him
passed.   Uul life was �� different thing,  all those thlngB yourself."
Iniin whore Alnnliailnn Avenue now
stands. My uncle bus half; my mothei
had the other half."
"Aiv bolh of your parents dead?"
���Yes. years ago.   Loai at sea, too
���i my filth' r's yacht"
���w he' a terrible thing!"
"It must hnve ben somelhlng like
Hint. 1 was only six yenrs old ut (he
lime. Aly uncle lost his wile and
ililld, loo, when the Esmeralda went
down.    It nearly killed blm.    I never
How enuio H Hint nt ihe very olosa ol
so many years of ass elation witli tin*
fickle ocean sho ahoulil play sm li a
trick on him and ills daughters, enfold them with peris match Iho-'i
from the (pilot pleasures of the lift
thoy had planned for lhe future and
thriiBt upon ihem, even if they es*
caped with tholr lives, a publicity
which he at any raie. abhorred mid
even dreaded.
He harbored no delusions on thlt
point. He knew that the drama of tan
Gulf Rock was now lining tho col
umns of newspapers all over the
world. He and his beloved glrli
would be written about, discussed, do
scribed In fulsome language, pictured
by black and whlto artists, and eulo
glse-1 by wlde-awakc editors eager tc
make much of a topic ilcur to the pub
lie mind.
On the roek Ihey were undoubtedly
In   grave   danger.     Death   confronted
at   once   extraordinary
The City  Council,  which  at  Its  his.   meeting  passed  the  engineer's  -��*, 'J,.���(, *'^' 'Zalix. Ixill
report on the Hays Creek trunk sewer scheme, would be well advised to   mpposo he's tired of being alone."
"Probably. Hy (he way. now that
you mention it, .Mrs. Vanslltiirt wished to aee ine yesterday, I could not
spare a moment so I sent her n civil
message.   She told Consiaiice dial Bhe
re-open the question, or else to honestly label  the scheme as the   'Hays
Creek cesspool scheme," and let the people vote on the matter.
With no wish to hurt the feelings of the Cily Engineer, the News would
point out that the report of the Engineer on the question is not a guarantee that  Hays Creek  will not  become a cesspool  when the trunk sewer I thought she knew me.'
starts pouring Its effluent into that  practically land-locked  basin.    The;    "Hardly   likely."   smiled  Pyne. "If
engineer's report is only an evidence that tho City Engineer does not think   you have passed nearly the whole of
Hays Creel will become a cesspool. >our >���_��� '" "Shtbouaaa."
Wi...  no  wish  to  hurt the feelings of the Cy Engineer, the .News J^tS^sTSaB
reminds  the Council,  (hat  the  Engineer  gave  It  as  his opinion  that  the   |,ii*.l,iiu,l'n name, many years ago."
retaining walls in the city could be built for $8,000���n much more concrete      "She   la  a  nice    woman   in  aome
matter (han the question of the effect of a sewerage discharges into Hnys   ways."  said   Pyne  reflectively     "Not
___���._, ,,        ��� _..,.*, u       ..     nt,     quite my sort, perhaps, bin a lady all
Creek.    The News could recite u whole list of Instances where the clt>   the ume.    siie  Is not  an  American.
Engineer's  reports of what  he anticipated  would  happen,  differed  very 'r*aine ������ o,e Sums about '90, I think,
materially from what actually did happen. and lost her hubby on a ranch In ('all-
Has (he Council any guarantee that the City Engineer's opinion of whnl   fornla.   Anyhow, the old man la dead
,,,  , .    _. .       ���_._����-, .     . stuck on her. and lb y ought lo hit It
will  happen  to the sewnge after its discharge into  Hays Creek, ts ���"���l'  off well together.   The Vansiiiari you
sounder than his opinion on the cosl of the retaining walls? j knew didn't  happen  io marry a  rela*
The proposal to discharge the sewnge of hnlf the town Into Ilnys Creek, | tivo of yours'.'"
at a poinl 1,000 feet from low water mark, into a bay that runs dry for      "��__ "e. _������ * 'i>< ro ncqi.'a'niaiice."
... . ., ......       .,   ......        Odd  thing,    ruminated  Pyne.      It
six hours every day, nnd the entrance to which is almost entirely blocked   ���*,������ jusl  occurred lo me lhal  she re-
by the railway grade, sounds more like a scheme to construct h cesspool,   eembles   your   daughter,���your   elder
[ban a scheme of sanitation.
The City Council will show tholr wisdom and their sense of the gravity
of the situation by hnvlng the question re-opened, before ll Is too late.
daughter,���not so much In Iiu-t> as In
style. Same sort of graceful figure,
only a trifle smaller."
"Such i on', nI n. a . often l.nppi n in
the human family. Kor Instance, you
are not wholly unlike Knld."
"Holy gee I" said Pyne, "I'm loo run
down to Btnnd finitely."
Having in view his penchant for challenging members of the press to "Likeness Is often a matter of en-
pugilistic encounters with him, it looks like forethought on tho part of vlronmeht. Characteristics, manner-
Alderman Clayton to move that steps he taken to have thp cemetery put Isms, the subtle t!islinellout of class
in order **** "���"'���nl  *���*****��� **"*** ����� through  the
| skin quite aa sensibly as they .VJ--5JJ','
fetred by h n-dlty.   Taka. 'he* plough-
It looks like foresight also on the part ot Alderman Hilditch to move  man's aon and rear Ijjp; jn a royal ,,a\.
his residence from Ambrose Avenue, before work is started on the trunk   ace, turn lho.In',,,,, princu Into a pea-
sewer,    lt would not be pleasant living on the bank of an open cesspool.     ; **?*: J_i__l--^vho shall say, when  they
���J ..mil's estate. "This la Ihe truo
    __ mi*iag.'    You  will remember    ll    was
said of the Emperor Augustus: Trhem
laterillain    Inveiill.    inai nun, am    roll-
S(?*5^'_--!Si!*��3$   quit.'   -He found lhc city brick, he left
1   lt marble.'   The same noble i. suit may
be obtained  in   tvery  healthy   child
properly educated."
The collcge-brcd youth had not en*
nml ghastly. No tyrant of tho Middle
Ages, with all Its paraphernalia for
wringing truth or lies out ot cringing
wretches, had devised such a fate as
threiilened if tho Inconstant sea should
choose to render tho reef altogether
iinnpproachablo for many days. Yet,
If help came, he and those dear to him
were already steepod in unavoidable
notoriety, bringing In Its train certain
vague disabilities which ho had striven lo avoid for over twenty years.
And all this because one fierce gale,
out of tho many ho had endured,
sprang Into being al n moment when
his maies were incapacitated and his
daughters happened io pay him a surprise visit.
"It Ib an Insane freak of for. line,"
he muttered, "ao incomprehensible, so
utterly out of focus with common
events, that if I were a superstitious1
man, I should regard It as betokening
the approach of aome great epoch iu
my llfo. Surely a merciful Providence
would not bring my girls here to subject them to (he lingering (orture of
hunger and thirst. I inusi cot think
of it further.   That way lies madness."
There wns at leaal one olher troubled soul on the rock which divined
some sinister portent in the storm.
.Mrs. Vanslttart, even at this moment,
was ttarlng into the black void with
questioning   eyes.
He resolutely threw back his head
as If he would hurl Into outer darkness the gibbering phantom which
whispered Hi, h,* wni.is of foreboding.
Although the lamp needed no alien*1
Hon Jusi then, he climbed to the trimming Bingo merely to find relief In
mechanical action. He carefully examined tbo adjustment, mid. to Judge
how the. went her wns shaping, wenf
oul Into the gallery lo look at Hie dlatant  Ill-Ills.
The ihreo quick flash t of    .  Seven | ��� i, lml8, have been Cor mli
Stones Lightship were ���. i> clear. Tha
was a good
that quart
Where you speaking of me to
"I did happen to mention you."
"And he Baid he knew me?"
"No, ma'am. He said nothing ot
the sort. But, for mercy's sake, whal
mystery Is there about lt?"
"Mystery! None whatever, I wat
mistaken. I havo never met blm. I
came now to explain that to him
She dived suddenly as tho gallery
door opened. Urand caught a fleeting
glimpse of her vanishing lorm.
"Who wbb that?" he asked.
Pyne had found hla pipe and was
lining lt with tobacco.
"Mrs. VaiiBlttart," he answered.
"Paying her long-deferred visit, 1
suppose.    She chose a curloi s hour."
"So I thought. Hut she Jt.s: poppi d
her head lu to (oil you thul she didn't
know you at all."
Urand smiled.
"Poor lady!" he said. "She, like the
rest of'us. Ib perturbed and uneasy. I
Imagine she ia of a somewhat hysterical temperament."
"That's so." agreed Pyne.
There were puzzling . discrepancies
In MrB. Vansillnrl's cxp'nuation of her
untimely appearance. Evidently, she
did not expect to meet him there. She
thought sho would find tbe lighthome-
keopor alone. Tho ready deduction
presented Itself that when she did encounter Urand she did not wish any
third person to be present at the interview.
Thai Constance's father had no
cause to look at matters In the samo
light he wns quite certain. Anyhow,
II was not his affair, and he declined
to (rouble his head about Mrs. Van-
shunt's vagarlcB.
So the young philosopher lit his
pipe and delivered a dictum on tbo
"Some women," he said, "are mado
up of contradictions. She Is one. I
have known her for some time and I
thought nothing could phaze her. But
there must bo a sort of society crust
over her emotions, aud the wreck
broke It, Now, for my part, I like a
woman with a clear soul, one In whose
eyes you can catch tbe glint of tho
Inner crystal."
"They are rare," said Brand.
"I suppose so. Indeed, lt used to
be a mere Indeal of mine, built up from
books. Hut they exist, and they are
worth looking for."
He waited, lest perchance the other
man should lake the cue thus offered,
but Brand, for the twentieth time, was
poring over the records of the days
which followed tbo hurricane reported by a former keeper. The American pursed bis ih,-
' lb* h i had .. had lime wllh a
woman once  In lut life." he mused.
Bulla Coola Land Diatrict���DIatrlot ol Cout Rango
Take notica that H. M. CHIT ol Dundalk, lr.,.
land, occupation gontloman, intend, to apply lor
permiaaion to lease the lollowing described landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at the ahoro
near the N. K. corner ol Lot No. 8, thonce north
40 chaina, thence weat 80 chaina more or leas to
eaat boundary of cannery leaae, thence following
the aaid oaat boundary aouth 40 chains more or
leaa to ahore line, thenoe lollowlng aald ahore
line eaaterly 80 ehalna more or leea to point ol
commoncement; containing 820 acrea, moro or
Hated Augu.t 81, 1911.
I'ub. Sept. 80.
Wllllam McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Cout llango
Take notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ire-
nan,  Intenda  to  apply
the (ollowing described
land,  occupaUon  genUeman,  Intenda  to
(or permiaalon to
Commencing at a poat planted at the N. E.
corner ol Lot 88, thence north 20 chaina, thonce
west 40 chaina, thence aouth 20 chain, more or
leaa to shore line, thenca following the ahore line
eut 40 ehaiaa mora or leva to point ol commencement; containing 80 carea, more or leaa.
Dated August 31, 1011. II. M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. SO. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Cout Rang
Tako notice that H. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, intenda to apply
(or permiaaion to leaae the following described
Commencing at a poat planted at tha N. \V.
corner ol Lot No. 4, thence north 40 chaina, thence
aut 40 chaina, thence aouth 40 chaina more or
leaa to shore line, thence following ahore line
weaterly 40 chaina more or leaa to point ol commencement; containing 80 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated August 28, 1911. H. M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Diatrict���DUtrict ol Cout Range
Take notice that H. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intend, to apply
lor permiaaion to leaae the following described
Commencing at a poat planted at tha N. W
corner ol Lot 262, thence aouth 40 chaina more
or laaa to northern boundary of leaao No. 1 applied
for ny H. M. Cliff, thenca following aaiel boundary
eut 20 chaina, tnence north 40 chains, thenco
weat 20 chaina to point ol commencement; containing 80 acroa, more or leas.
Dated Augual 28, 1911. H.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Cout Range
Taka notice that H. M. Cliff of Dundalk. Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, Intenda to apply
for permiaaion lo leaao the (ollowing described
Commencing at a poat planted at tho S. E
corner ol Lot 261, thence aouth 10 chaina more
or Ii-aa to northern boundary of Leaen No. I
applied lor by II. M. Cliff, thencu eut 20 chains
along uld boundary, thunce north 40 cbaina,
thence weat 20 chain, to point ul commencement;
conUining 80 acre., more or leas.
Dated Auguat 28, 1911. II.  M.  CUFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Skeenu Land DIatrlot   I,
laku notico ii������  ���.... ".' I ��,��� ,,
Rup.n, II. o, o_ui*��,C,���*   '    ���t.i.,i���>I
." '���"' "iimiiH.,1, "m
I 'll.lltll...  ... -u'.'
described lunds:
Commencing ul a poai ,
In a northerly di.-.,t.  ';' uiioiu 31., ���..
post ol Lot i;i,:,, lt.. ! ��� '���   north!i",?**
eut 30 qhnin., ',���,,',     ' lii-i,; \>,
west t��� bunk ������! 22, "; ""' .'i,,,,,,   S
bank o( river to |lalnt ,. " '"'"'  offf*
talnlng 1(10 acres,  ��� . ' ," '  ' -�����,-������. "'.""-I
Dateel Sopt. "J, M        " **** <*"������
Skoona Land Uiairict - i   ,,
I'ake notico that ,i,
Kapidi,   lowu,   ui-ctiii-ui >n
apply lor permission ���,
described lands:
.Commencing ut a poi| ,
ahoro ol Kuttynut���'n li
ol I small stream llowin. ���
���>' glow Uko.   Thorns   ,
weit 20 cliuin. more
Crow Laku, thenco ,..
lowing the shuru linos
to Crow Luko ami i, .
plaCO   ul   Commenced,,-;r-
more or less.   Located
Dated Aug. I), mn, ,.
Pub. Aug. 12.
***   l..le*l���'_
l ron. JJ
- ua,   "ts
'���M* wium
Skeana Land District -District ���i a*
Take nolico tlu, i. | ";   ����� llu*,,
of   i'r,,,,-..   It.,.,  r.     ,r    . I   ��� ��� JlO*M -jf^.'
***** locoiuS
��� ������'���;���������> .^3;
woat cornur of Lot No       ,,,.,*" "* ���*
Lakuliw   und   marked   thru
N. E. Curnor, thonco wen ; r
80 chaina, thence i-asi to ,-,
chains   to   poal   ol   con���n,
120 aciua, mole ,-,r lorn
ol i'rinco Rup rl,  11. i
engineer, intund to appl) l.',-
the lollowing dosmlii-J Im
ConiinonciiiK ut a posl
***** '��� OnS
���*   nuuimj
Datod Sept. 22. lull  li.., i .     ���**,��� ^[,**��
Laird. "'iwnalT.*)
Pub. Sepl. 30.
.Ighlsblp were Vi rj .dear. Tha ���...   niu| n.:1.  |B m*ay he doei-n l bellev*
>od algn. The v nd i erne from; i��� heredj_x,_JtWf-f Jcfi'TW. riSi��
ner and. blui-i   Ing though It   - ���ar***********^    ."' ' ***""'  ** '   **iM*
vlng i-igain.    i_j*e-'IVrr^rlt*r^  ll0'" ba seen Mrs. Vansltiart cower
.."?_r.���^B"'l._--*i*��rTJIJIorO     t    ...,,   __   h(ir k nl���.lr|_  ,,���_  haHrsnm
wat. drl
into the loud amhtfSTof the raat it
uuiliuni>ff4**MJ^good  promise of tho
last few hours.
Seeking Ihe comparative Shelter ot
the cast side, he gar, ,1 steadily at the
i.in/id. Ha two Bxed electric b.-nuis,
nearly in line with (be tiulf Hoik, were
ing on her kneea outside her bedroom
door, hc might have found cause for
more disturbing reflections. She waa
crying softly, with her face hidden ln
her hands.
"Oh, I dare not, I dare not!" she
moaned.    "I  am   lho  most   miserable
Skaena Land Dlitrict���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotta
la, Landa
Take notlea that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
Itupert, occupation uddler, intenda to apply to
lhe Chiu( Commiasioner of Land, and Works (sir
a licence to prospect lor .al, oii u ' potroloum nn
and under th* [ollowi,tt ,l,'.arrlt"-i fane!, on the-
We.1 Coast ol .l:il :'in Mund:
Commoarlng ���** a ..t^pla-jted^tltf-sej, n*_ea^uast
SLSS, *10I*i*ar.�� comw'o'l a L.No. 4472 thenco
Tsii cnaina west, i ��� nc. SO chain, north, thenco 80
chaina eaat, thence 80 chaina aouth to point of
Skeena Land Dlitrict   11
Take nolico that It. .    >
B. C, occupation tmekm,
for permiasion to purebue
Commencing at a pa i
ol I'rc-eniplion No. 197 snrl
tho Nau Kiver IS. W. C), ,
thence 40 chains  north,
thence 40 chaina soulh n, t|
ment to contain ltio utx
KlCHAKIi lie
Dated Aug, 1911. J.m,
Pub. Sept. 23.
***** "I ��'~1W-
��� "i'*'HiIa  m ini;
���     -*-"K -JaWnSd
-';' Wcliiita^i
- chsin, tut (n,
"  i" _ti__t
'-   lu ch.irj .^J
' "I cram����
r<- or lejsi
��� i ��� h ullerton, Ap_
Looted Auguat Irt, 1911.
1Mb. Aug. U.
Skeana Land District���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotto
Take notico that Aualin M. Brown ol I'rlnce
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply tu
tbe Chiel Commiaaioner ol Lamia and Work, (or
Hull Hock, were  woman In lhe world.   It would have A******* g proap-x-t (or co.1, oil and petroleum on
dull and  watery.    A local squall of| been belter if I had gone down withi wtco-Jt^S^tT^ Ud" ��" '
rain   was   sweeping  down   from   the, the vessel.   Tho Lord saved me ouly.    Commencing at a poat planted three mile, cut
land.   Chang-able, threatening, unset-1 |0 punish  me     Mv  heart  will  break   "' **** *>u'heui cornor ol C. L. No. 4470 thence
tled-.hei meieorologlsiB^ might  apply i What .hall I do? Where shall I hide?"! ��3 ff---^-^"-^____^p_3r3
And her aobblng only ceased when | *******mmm-*,
tlie noise of ascending footetepa drove   Located Auguat iat, 1911.
her Into  lho   company of   sorrowful, i'ub. Aug. is.
any of these- terms lo the prevalent
Knr oul In lhc Channel he saw the
KpU.Tn entfajrenieni of the
m _, ~
TrSfierman-Clevelaiid Opera
twinkling nasi head lights of several   women who would nevertheless have,
tered  inio  any  general  conversation! steamers.     Blow   high or low, mails| forgotten some of their own woes did Skeona Land Dutrlct-Dlatrict oi Queen Charlotte
with Urand before.   He had lhe lact must travel and  vessels   put lo sea. j they but realise her greater anguish.   .- "*.**** "��.li���.**h��t thirty daya irom date, I, c. B
now  to conceal his astonlthment  at
the manner of hla friend's speech.
"You   fling  her. .Ihi   to tho   wl.ids,
then?" he asked.
Brand rose  to his feel, as waa hit
way when deeply moved
"Thank God. yes!" he cried.
ij!S|      A faint hoot came io them through
1,1! the chortling of the wind.
On such a  night, al olher dines, he
would re-enter die lighthouse with a'
cheery sciiav of Us comfort and home-|
like aspect.   Now hc dreaded the bill
Hani interior of the servlccroom.   Its
gnush  aspect    ill   accorded   with  the'
patient misery, the useless rcplnlngt,
"Some people are never satisfied,'
Bainter ol I'rince Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com*
mtvionor of Land, for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acrea of
land on liraham Island do-scribed u follows:
Commencing at a poat planted two 'iillcs north
Tis:.,i northA-c.-t .01 net Coa! Leaae 4I6G marked
C. E. B. Coal Leaae Ne. 29, t.-enct south 80 chain.,
thence wnt 80 chains, thence north 80 chain,
thenre east ef* chain, tai point o( commencement.
lhe Inebrlaic stupor which crouched ' said Pyne, whilst he helped the cooks e'-mtaining 640 acre, more or lou
beneath.    If he and those committed  by smashing a ham bono with a ham-   '" 	
to his charge were (o be saved, cither  mor.   Thc bone had been picked clean
Cupid's Handicap
' nrl^H6��.n!i i,',"��� u-V'.���r_!!..i!!(��U,2_  ���*��� **** "���*"������  ������*' *,m*   or   *****>****���'  ��f meat and marrow on the first day
& anug,?&.cl E\S^ S 1"^'�� ��' "'P """" ^ ""he8 C"' ��� !���___ X W  hM  '' h0CCUrred   ���
ilm fireslil,. " i ���"r,ot"- *'���*** ***** " ** wcre b">ken up and
!    H�� hnrriPfi io the cnllnrv   mittln.'    There, alone on thc gallery, amidst   boiled she  might  procure some sort
'nmmn ���S.      en���i puttli_��. ,h_ d|_ of ,,������.��������� w!lld anU rcR!lp|MJ  of nourishment for the two children,
"We ...us. win ibroiigh. and I guess ",8lnl ot.��** "****'. I,e F,?'mod *��.^x *h.�� were ffl8t runi-"*8 -*ow" *** *****
I'll play hall  wiih my father-in-law,"
Span, cut off frum the sulferlngt with*, <lltl.au.
Dated Sept. 12. 1911
Pub. Oct. 7.
Skoena Lund Dittrict���DUlrid ,,f (������,,, e*.,_,
Take nolico that ll.��� ������i,,',2l]$*i
A1U-, occupition .tau,,,, ,,   ,. lnt��_*JJS
l_*uET" *"""���-"' "      ��� "5 J^ii
Commonclng at a p,,-i , .. .,������ ,t lh^ .
we.1 corner 1U0 cha.,,, eul ...j ��� e__,'JJ*J
from N. fc. vornur o[ Lot un-, UsrviTT-inS
Cout District  lUncu ... -, gJ^J
thenoe 80 chains nonh, n ,., ,...,.' "*���
thence 80 chains soul I, t., ,       ,.; ^M';.n^*
conUining 110 acr��-s, nir,,-, ^*
Dated SepU 18, 1U11. II.MtULDS slIITa
Fub. Sept.23. ,    iSTbS-EH
Skeona Land DUtrict-l,.. ol dart Eual
Take nollco that 1, Qonlon .;. _____ i
Prince Ruport, U. C, occumUoo r,��. t*ia
broker, inlend to appl* i , -���__ aT?
chase the fulluwing diaeilbcel buda:
Commencing at a port planted ibta I U
mUea In a noriherly dir,.:r     .,   ,, tb. unbaa
rora.er poat of Uit Ills j, IUi .    .Com iIm!(,
'honco nortn  40  cluni*. .,.-.   u niw
I lionk, thence south lull,,-., i�� rlr.l but ui lamu
i "I coinmencemeut; eonUlnli    LGO acm, mo*, a
I  lUM.
Wi#l_)Se_L9, 1311. (_ultn.i.\e   1.MMEHJ0.S
I'u'j. uctTlS
Skeona Land District���lli.tr ,*i of Case IUtax V
Tako notice that I, Bun;., , i..*,���ir-��w,
N. D., occupation ni,-r. , . ir.-.i-nl to appl/
fur permlasion to purchasu ihu (olln.itix omental
Commendnt at a post pUnled on tb. est
boundary and about live cl ,. (rem tb. wt*_-
ea.t cornor of Lot 4481, tbt i net* ��� ��� turn,
thenco eaat 80 clmin... the li lib N ttmm,
thence wost 80 ch.ins t��� ], >
Dated Juno 24, 1911. IIKVI uiin .1. FISH
Pub. July 25. 11. I I. a ���'���, . Ai-a
Skeena Land District* !>* <   a: lj--ai
Take   notice   that   Ulrianl lie; McT.ial st
Winnipeg,   Man.,   occupaiaem  barrblv,     ��� j
to apply (or pormUsiou iu j,. - . .   .  . ..-^
duacrlood landa:
Cominoneing at a pu. t |,:.,>' ',-n-ihwa
cornor 40 chains uxst Bad III i .... i.ona fmi
N. K. corner ol Lol Hit., Ilarn
Dlalrlct Rango 6, thonce- 60 :---*,
60 chaina north, thenc 60 ehaii i -:. xt*zes tt
chain, aouth to pest of tonou Bo '��� roBiuai
JiaO ucroa more or less.
Dated Sept. 18, lull  III,:!          . r   MrTAlliS
Pub. Sept. 28.                    It. i *. i -r> ������'���n, IfU
Skeena Land District���llialrr, , ��� i:i*,*ii
Taka notice lhal fc. II. U. M        I l'ia-:-J��
fcng., o-ccupaliun .urveyor, Inte       U sf**') Is
permiasion to purchase tliu (ollowlflt Imtrlat
Commonclng at a poat plant,-1 il tht N. **i.Ca*
ner ol Lol 4406, Ihence ui-i a- ..:
20 chains, Ihence oust so ehal *:' ���'
Chain, to the |iuinl ol coiiin.- -    '
160 acrea moro or i**as.
Dated August 16, 1911. I'. II   0. Ml LLU
Pub. Aug. 26.                              I '.hlirt.tf*
Skeena Land District���District of Caaslar
t Charlea William Ham
occupation inipector, intonate
operations until the following afternoon.
The tide at t'awn would not suit.
She went off, and the (wo men returned lo thc grateful abetter of lha
service* room.
llrand farhade further talk. Pyne
must rest now and relieve him al three
o'clock. The youngsier needed no
featherbed: he was asleep In amazingly quick tl-iii'. There Is a supper
less hungrr Whloh kei ps pi ople awake
Bt night with a full larder In lhc house,
The crude arllele differs from lhe cultured one so greatly lhal the man who
hungers of necessity cannot shep too
Thus far, Ibe Inhabitants of the
lighthouse- had been given quite
enough nutriment (o main in In life.
There was no reason why any, even
tbe most delicate, should be In real
danger during the next forty-eight
hours.    Hut   scientific  reasoning  and
    the animal liisiiiu-ia of mankind clash
  ....-- .  -.    at times; lu that lay the danger whose
' sullen shmlow was deepening the lines
***M��a**m^^ In the corners of Itrand's eyes.
��� ���       I?very hour, the officer on duty and
aome men of the watch visited htm to
report tha' all was well below. Koine
of     the     loss     drunken     mutineers
quo... Pyne lo himself a, he foll.wed. I '�����   ��* ^iffJS? 8_?___TSI _*2____ " ->* ""T SK lnq,"red  V.���.^ ^"oc^t SS^
This Ilm.. ii  was the Falcon  alone   *rc'* ot  *****   *"'****"*>���    M,n  ��sld  the  Constance, whose attentive eyes were, to apply (or permUon to purch-uetho lollowing
HitTU-ltiail__rtbS_  Sge of miracles bad passed.   Pray Cod  hovering  between  the  cooking  stove ��� d<��ri^d >**>���*-*���
was deei.K*7l  h. si m defer a. live op!  " mlBl" "," "��� Bo! *nd a <""l��"'8 ****** * ~ CammW*���" ��� "ort *******<* ** ">��� ****
Prices 50c, 75c and SI.
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale n very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par vhlue $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market     :    :
tttttttttttthlt tttttttittt4444*t44444444*4**4m*4**4a*\
When in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at  the
Finest Cnfe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates $1.00 to $2.50 per day.
Hot and Cold Water in eac i room.
Vancouver, B.C.
wero pitifully sober now: Iho others
were maudlin. Beyond the few wordt
exchanged on this and kindred topics,
he was left alone with his thoughlt
throughout lhe silent watch. Pyne
slept heavily. Glancing at (Imes a|
the youngster's stalwart figure and
firm, hands line face, Brand found himself reviewing the hurled years. Hs
thought of lho days when he, too,
looked forth on the world wltb tht
stern enthusiasm of triumphant youth,
Long-forgotten ghosts were resurrected, sheltered Ideals built up again.
rJe wondered, If the decades rolled
back, would be decide, a second lime,
to abandon the fine career which lay
at his feel und withdraw his grief ani)
his inleiiii- lo Ihe seclusion of lonely
rocks and silent headlands!
Ho hnd hi en happy, as men counl
happiness, during the decades. No
cloud had arisen to mar the complett
content of his life. The blossomlns
of the girls Into delightful womanhood
was an Increasing joy to him, and II
was passing strango (hat his llttlt
household should be plunged Into s
���whirlpool of events ln tho very houi
when their domesticity seemed (o bt
tho moBt nssured. Tho changeful
moods of Ihe elements found no conn*
terpart In hla nature. He, knowing
the bob, did not expect tt to remnin
fixed In one aspect. Whether In
Storm    or    calm tbe contrary  would
Skeena Land Dislrict
Take notice that Thoma
couvor,  U.  C,
Diatrict ol Caular
Arthur Whlto ol Van-
^ poat planted  at the con-
Iluencu ol lllackwater river with the Naaa  river
When Brand went out, Ihe s*. dden All Iho flour and biscuits with the S,*30"** two mll��" ���outh 'mm the sixth Dominion
rush of cold air Ihrough (ho Hide tlo.t exception of two tins reserved for ex- ,-���'?Jr,^.?",_1 l'2*i m"k,i? X w* Si "I ,w-
leading to tha balcony aroused !���>,,    -.remliies. had been used.    She was S*&Srfc"s^J��^fefJ?-fift
Thsl young gentleman was rudely striving lo concoct cakes of chocolate ! ���*���* to point ol commencement, containing 610
awakened Irum a seriously vivid out of cocoa, an article more plentiful *"" ***** or ta"-rH,BIP, ������.,.��� ,,.,,
dream.     He   landi d   lhat   Constance   than  any  olher  food  of  Ita   kind  In' Dated September 23, ion **m***AM ham
and he were clinging lo llic lull of an   stock, but water could not be spared,  ''"*'��� Nov* i-
enormous kite, which had h en u a v  and eating dry powder wat difficult
to hover over Hie took by a green Imp   to parched palates.
Seated In an nlis.irdly small b at.
They    were    - ���!,*nn'y    adtlsed    b
other   giiomi s.  Imps  with  s|ia*-kllii*
toad like eyes,   to enlr. si   (Iters l.i
to  (his  precarious   tin ana  ol   as ap
but  tho  In-i.ini   Ihey   ilr.i,'.p, .1  oil   It:
ledge   of    the    gallery thi Ir weigh
caused the kiie in swoop downward
The resultant  piling.' into the or. t
and coiisinii.es farewell sbri.k irate
nothing more terrifying than the chill   rangcd'yes'lerday
blast and  whistle of the air  cur-eld
admitted by Brand.   But I'yne did mu
want to go lo sleep again.   He did n t
like   emerald lined   spirits   which   ar
ranged such  implement  escupadts.
He straightened hla stiff limbs nml
sat up.
He i
for his pipe���lie expe
"There aro two tug-boats, a trawler,
and a Trlnltv  service-boat not half a r?"^'.      ~_ ,0*-*uP"-on carponter. intenda to
mllo away," said Pyne. L^USSr '�� """^ ** ,ollowln��
al   Land a   Knd   are     peppered     with - t-'oinoencing at a post planted  at the con-
people." Oui-nco ol Ulackwater river wllh Naaa river, aboul
"inrr.lv    lha,    I.    u.,.iua*���   .   -.        ..  a ,w10, m"~ ���outh ,0'the allth Dominion Telegrapli
aurel}    that   IB   satisfactory.      Dad cabin.   Poet marked T. A. W. 8. fc. Corner, Inoncr
(Old mc lhat the Falcon signaled this *_ f1**lM north, thence 80 chains we��t, thence 80
morning  ho   was  to exoect  a  ���nodal '"*'*** *��**t**> thonce 80 chaina east to point of
efrorl   In  ho  n.oH. .,   tail. .,���     ���aVCClBI commencement, conUining 640 acre, more or lorn.
priori to uo made at half tide on the- thomas Arthur white
flow, and not on the ebb, as was gnlB9l_P9fal|fcueX
nged yesterday." I Pub- Nov-2*
n.r ol ont about to Impart informa- ,*���,nco,;v*T. u* C*. occupation bookkeeper, Inlwlnns
lion of grenl value. "But the extra- IS BSai i ?crml",l*,n ���*> purchaao the lollowlng
ordinary thing Is that whilst every, ���5l������Sji_t . ��*t ***** at the con-
man on  board   those  vessels  is  dllllk.   SSjaSS ol Ulackwater river with Naas rivor, about
a'bout to feel In  a pocket   ���� &*&!?2%" "Slat*^ K_\^l?*f��^ffl&T$^
-he experienced the Worst    ''%'M .h��uf'9* *? "*,*m?\**W��* H___ * *S- *& thence & cLns^t
tiangs id Iniiimr after wakl.n   ,,, such   'y  anXlU,"" ,._ ?et. 0ut of '*���    *�� >*** [ieSCi���.80<cK*i" 25-5 i**'*��� $>.&$* **
E!5SL^s_2_r n"tt*LZ   1 ""J"-.!" ">?* �� ' "" rt, uefore' ***** people-" **?$ ***************, m___t�� oio um
Oh, dash:    cried  Enid, "I've gone I ANom jimp-i u.vi.*i**aie
and burnt my finger all through, 11b! I D.iedSept. 23. ���J1*JGUS "M^ McKLNZIE
tenlng to your nonBense." j  ub- Nov*2-
"Are there really many people on
tlM   cliffs?"   demanded   Constance. I    _ "keena Land District���District ol Casslar
Pyno pounded the bone viciously     \.JiS?ts��}*,    ***** ."�������" McUmnan oi Van-
,u,c,y when hor waist wa. on a level  _,"_ J^^^S^'fflt^ft^F55���***
W She* uum-dra Hide gasp of surprlte, I &?�� ��?��ta? C.TL'V ! .nbUSr?n��r'uk*-"r ?"' WLllflf ,'Z
"YZ    ^ffl"tn ?heekBchCBdn?" "' ^i%,t^a,aSWS "St.t,tVtt
ought you slept In the kitchen? your skentielsm unfMlln.   m la.  te-���lS Col7""-... 'h*">�� 80 chain, south, the, -.in ^.ib
fashion���when he taw a woman't
bead and shoulders emerging out ol
the stairway.
At first he thought It was Constance,
and he wondered why she had muffled her fnce In the deep collar ot a
cloak, but  the  visitor paused lrreso-
1,    oommencement, containing 610
a   sin   acrea more or less. ���
������TlfoS I P**.***-S<-P-* 23. lOH
Pub. Nov. 2.
iierhert Mclennan
thought you sept   n ine -"-cnen** ,,���,���. gk,,I)(lr|Bm UI1feeiing,  Miss Enid .j__*__i_I%ftfflf,M **B**t*'- [*****��<> **'sj5i
"No, Mrs. Vanslltart,' he said    "1 wonld be Rngry,.            *���                   L��t'to nX ���( --_--"orih- t*w<**x m *-h��i
am asBlsianl-keeper  and  I  am   hers -i don'l  know why kettle lids ara "*"** ">""> ���>* ������*���
most all   die lime  with   Mr. Brand, g0 cantankerous," said  Enid     "Thev
But what lu the name o   goodness-' M���ra t0 gtt hot ,0I]g ^f      ,h          -J
"I was restless," explained the ladj docs."                                               ********
hurriedly.   "If I rcaalned another min- -The hotti-at part of any boll Is on
uie among these woman I should havt top" ga|,j pyne,
screamed   a loud.    How  peaceful  you Enid smiled forgiveness.   "I believe
arc here.   \.'ncre Is Mr. Brand?          | vou would bo cheerful If you were go-
"Oucbb lies gone Outside lo squlnl *ng t0 bo electrocuted," she said  nen-
at the  Wl niher.    But come  right in. slvely.    "Yet,  goodness  knows,'it  Is
1 can off.r you a chair.    Mr. Brand hard to keep one's spirits    up    this
wants to see you, and this Is a quiet morning.   The sea Is as bad as ever,
dine for a < lint."                                   | What will become of us If we get no
"How dots he know me?   What did relief today?"
he say?" "Mr. Pyne,"  Interrupted Constance
Mrs.  Vi -tPlttarl   pressed    her    left suddenly.   "Do you think that any ot
hand  lo  In r  breast.    With  the othel the men can have gained access to tha
she    kepi    dr.. high collar over hei store-room during the night?"
mouth and cheeks.    Pyne could only: "I can't say for sure," he replied,
see her iv.s,  and   tho  alarmed  light "What has put that Into your mind?''
Hint  liai. <l   Into  them  Increased  bit
astonishment at her unexpected pros-
em a*.
"It teeir"  lo  me,"    he    answered,
"thai If you Just walk up four mors
Commencing at a psot planted at the. aj ������
ta'.l*' "LI*"*-*"**'*-**'** ""���- 412 thenco orit %
cha ns, thence aouth 40 chains, thence wmi h
chain, to ihore ol lake ih���nci following sioro
of lake In a northorly direction to train Jt ��em.
mencement;  containing 820 acrea  more or li_?
"VH ,__,.,LDW��t-D*ftrict of Oottt Rango t
eel Rico of
���iter, Intends
tho following
CbmmenclnR at
mencemont. _S_S^_a'___--to_lS"* ?'   com-
mencement, containing ��B acre, mora or less.'
D.t��l October 21Dl'9f{AM,N RU88EIj K,CE
Pub. Not, S. '
Skeona Land DUtrict���District e.1 i
Take notice that R. P. Mail,: -
land,   occupatiun   (armor,    Die
Gormiaalon  to  purchasu the i
Commonclng at a post jilanli-i ll
west (rom the N. W. Corner ���l -
north 40 chaina,  thence ���,*'
aouth 40 chaina,  tlience taat
point o( commeuce-int'iit 001
more or Um...
Dateel Auguit 19  1011.
Pub. Aug. 26. I'
���-..! Binnl
.   *    .1*C
i:.' j,.cr._t
oat GO etas*
11*, Uase
.. A_t
-.in, M IM
. r(tit)' so*
Miller. All*
Skoena Land District    n. ������
Taka noUce that Krank 8. '
Eng., occupation civil onguwr,
lor pormiaaion to purchaso tl���- I
Commencing at a poat plant
Corner ol Lol 28, ihence nortn
weat 20 chain., thunce auntie
eaat -ai ehaina to point ni eo
talnlng 40 acre, mure or lass
Dated Auguit IS, 1011.       Fill
Pub. Aug. 26. P,
!   i*rriJ03,
- :��� ll-ftf
,,,-int da-str.tasl
�� N. E.
���.. m
., xbette
.--, nr
. Millet, at***
Skoona Und District���Ill if"'
Take nolice that Lottie Mi* 11
occupation   married    woman,   '
lor permission to purchase laa 1��
Commencing at a post planted
weet corner 100 chains east anal i'
(rom N. E. corner of UOt HIS,   I
Coaat District Range 6, 11	
thonce 80 chains   easl,  !'"
thenco 40 chains west, thanca ���
ihence 40 clmin" wist to posl ol
dontalnlng 400 acros more or I,
DatedSept. 18. 1911. I.ul'l
I'ub. Sept. 23 ntd rl
,.t IUni�� '
I Isncasn*.
,.   in  apply
< ,l,*i<nl*1
��� the" oMtll-
ciia.ni nortt
. Sxxrtt*
��� r .,���;:
��� a,n. nortb,
chaiai soul*,
��� -rinrnceiDMl
- ilar, Utt
Bella Coola Und Dlstriot-Dlstric ol'
Tako notico that IL M. CIIS   I
land,   occupation   gentlemnn,   ll
for  pormiaaion  to  lease  the loll"
Commonclng at a  post plum, l
ol  Neclectsconnay  Hlver nliinil  1
ol  Indian  Reaerve Lino .(liana*,*
following  tho channel  of  NeCla'd-*
thence south 80 chains more M   '
of Hella Coola  River, thence lollo��
ol Hella Coola River easterly J"
80 chains more or leaa to point ol Co
conulnlng 480 acroa, moro or less-
Hated August 28. 1911. ',',
I'ub. Sept. 80. William **������
Skoona Land District���District if I
Tako notice that Herbert J. Al xe
broko,  Ont.,  occupation  lumlierini
apply lor permlasion  to  purchase
dentcrilied lands:
Commencing at a poit plantoel ain I
of tho Zymoqolti nr 7,lm-a-gol-ilr. lit
woat cornor ol Lot 1700, thonco nerUi'
the westerly hounalary o( Lot I,''
more or lean, to tho northwest cairn- r
1706, thonce westerly and soiillini
tho left hank ol aaid rivor, 80 dull", "���
point of commenoement eontalnini*
more or leas.
Locatod Auguit 19, 1911. 	
Dated August 21, 1911.    HEIlHI.lt I
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. i loi
-rri'l lUnp
:. 1.1k, I*
������ sppO
the ilmn
r,,r    WMt
,,l  clUlH
e Itiver,
10 chsnnH
j chsnne!
,!���., nortt
, irccme'i'!
. if, Mt*
.   Itange S
.  nt I'ffli*
-lend! <*
.   (r.llo.inl
lift lunk
.    .,t  SOJlll'
' fa,|l,..in|
vl chsiiu
I ��i,l Ul
:',. ear lo""
i,,u .tn*
, ,1.., Agent
Skeenn Land District-District "f ''*"'"'
Tako notico that I, Thomas ClrtoT'. <���< riJ5|*i
Ruport, occupition carponter. Int on       '.|]b.
feir normlislon to purchase the nillmv
oii 'an(1. ,       ,,.,. mill
Ciimmencln**: nt a post planted tooui " . ^
���outh from tho mouth of Falls CMO�� '",',,,mi
laTOfoot back frann the bench, thonc, ,
north, thenco 40 chnlni west, th'",;       "'���_.
south, thonco east 40 chaini to point,if i"",lln
ment, containing 820 acres more or leu'-      ���
Doted July 7th, 1911,    Charlei Woter'   ���-'������"""'
Pub. Aug. 6th, Agei,i.
lie Best
Absolutely purt
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
(NOTABY rem 1,1
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
IV  ***m\ *J.\
________ \*\ 9*\ 1
at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson   Naas and Stewurt,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M,
For Musset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc.    every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
Commencing November 2nd.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M��� returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas visit East travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago. The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged.. Full information aid
tickets obtained from the oflice of
a. e. McMaster
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous Pro cess
Princess Mary
Saturday, November 18th, at 9 a.m.
For Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab ��� Gonaral Agenl
It Is The Trained Man or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder!
To lit your son or daughter for a business   career you must give
them a business training.   The best place to send them to is lhc :
|! Nanaimo Business College
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helg't'rson Block--..
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
..Whites Portland Cement...
It is thc nearest business
college to Prince Rupert.
It's fees arc within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
persons), and develops the
individuality of the pupil.
Room and board is cheap
in Nanaimo. Thc pupils
arc away from the distractions of the larger cities
:*-��� Jft-JS*;*,*
K Phone 125      NaJen Black       Stc-jod Ave
On tk-U_- <mu m*Mes imm a.
The Ben Pitman System of
Business English and I't
ter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Office Routine
ll Mir Mean ill the Difference Between Success ind FiOore nU*
Ask at Daily News forour booklet teaching how to write shorthand
C. E. Perry, Principal
Windsor Hotel
Newly Fumiihed and
Steam Healed Roomi
W. H. Wrigbl. Prop       r.o. mi 37
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will ba devoted
to subjects of special interest lo women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Way   Ih   to   lleatitily   Them���
Then Vou Won't Forget.
Use a little Will power and break
yourself of that awful habiL of biting the nails. If you manicure your
nails properly and net them in such
shape that you will be proud of them
Instead of hiding them and being
ashamed of letting anyone Bee them
on account of their appearance, I
am sure you Will not want to bite
them. Manicure tbem once or twice
a week and each morning gently push
the cuticle back with tbe blunt end
of the orangewood Btlck, being careful not to Injure the nail, and then
polish tbem with a butter. In a few
weeks you will sec a vast difference
and will be proud of them,
PHONE 31d I'.n. llo\ HUI I
HairKuge, Sturune." und  I*-,,a*waai*,llnK A_ents.    Fur
ltlk-s ur Motor Cur day ���r nlxttt
Seventh Av,*. und Kullon l'liemi' :lul
Second avetue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
II. Gordon Minn*,, W. Nicholson Lallcy
Stork HuililiiiK, Second Avenue.
A  Colli  Went ber Hinl.
A simple remedy for rough hands
Is to rub them at nighl  with sweet
almond   oil   and   wear   loose   fitting
gloves  to  protec  the  bed   linen.
CAN vol' HOVE vorit sc.il.l'-.'
if Vou Cannot Venn iiair Cannot lie
Ht'iilthy���Needs Home Massage.
lime you ever tried to move your
scalp with your tingerst is It flexible and docs it move easily? if
it does nol lt should, and us it result Ihe hair loses its brilliancy and
begins to fall. In (his case sculp
massage Is un Important remedy,
keeping tlie hulr li, all liy, says a lain, .in- beauty doctor. It does not
require much time <>r patience and
can be done by an amateur, Tha
scalp Is loosely attached to the underlying hones, or the skull,-nnd
when It becomes adherent to tlie
billies and will nol move easily the
hair will fall. By keeping the scalp
flexible II promotes a flow of blood
(o the roots of the hair and will
properly nourish It and keep the
hair from growing dry and brittle.
��� "* l>^��._..a as__a ,,^.,aw.^.i  m*  _.!���._
*       ....  ITEMS OF .   a    a    .
*���*. 11 ^n a_._ ,,_. ,,____��� .H^i.^i.^.e^.^
Matbewson   Is  careful.     He  Is a
plain liver, lie lives in a $600-a-year
flat within ten minutes' walk of the
polo ground, and iin's not a pretentious flal at all.
Bruce Rldpath, (he well known
professional   hockey   player,   is lying
dangerously  ill In Toronto,  having
been knocked down and badly Injured by an automobile,    Laat year
lie was one of the star performers on
the Ottawa team.
Bruce was one of the most popular
athletes that ever appeared liefore
the Toronto public, lie wus a brilliant hotkey player, and probably the
best all-round trick and speed ennoe-
Ist in the world, lie came originally
from Lnkefleld, bu( he has lived in
Toronto for the past ten years and
every person was his friend as be
was of n most likeable disposition.
Klilpalh ns a canoeist had no superior. Ho has been far years a
familiar figure on Toronto Bay In
his canoe and developed into qulto B
trick performer. A couple of years
ago he toured Europe, giving exhibitions lu n huge lunk, and wns well
received, wherever he performed.
Rldpath was slated to manage tha
Toronto professional hockey team
this winter, lie wns a young man
of exemplary habits.
Spill Wind, an Eskimo runner of
Interior   Alaska,  -.aid   to  be as   fleet
of foot ns a deer, is being brought
out of Ibe wilds Of the North by
Mike   Swain,   an    Alaska    Marathon
runner, who win enter him in contests In Washington and California.
The Eskimo Is said to have not only
distanced nil of the runners in Alaska, but is n match for a doer or a
hound   In  a  nue over the  trail.
Stoves and Ship STUART & stewart
n -._       Jl ACCOUNTANTS-I-  AUDI. ORS
Kanges    ph,,nca,*.     Chandlery! *,aw.[*utu.r Building       Phone No. 280
 '      Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
Women Jurors III Cnlifipiii'l'i  **"*���>'
Special Concession Granted TTieiiir ���_,
Advertise in
* The Daily News
Women Jurriirs may Wear (heir
lints while silting in lhc Jury box,
according lo a ruling made by Judge
Cassidy In the Superior Court ot
California lust week.
The mnttor .aim- up during the
trial of A. A King of Watts, who
was acquitted by a Jury composed
entirely of women, on a charge of
priming a Btory In his newspaper in
violation of the law. During thc examination of the venire of women,
one of the prospective Jurors asked
whether ll was permissible to wear
her hat In Hie.Jury box. The Judge
answered that ll was entirely optional with lhe Jurors. Several women continued to wear their huts,
while olhe others removed Ihem.
"I've been converted," said Editor King afler the verdict was read.
"I fought suffrage, but now I'm a
Water ought to he able to run uphill when it wants lo go nway from
u bull frog chorus.
We   enn   only   be   young   once,
rVjiTum ;.*-������' ******* ������������" **���������'* *���*���'�����** **���
-*- ' -*-* - ��� ���
-General Hardware ���
Builders'  Hardware
Vulves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Granitcware       Tinware
���f nun ai, Colombia
and ManltoUi llura.
of HC Ontario, Sea-
laala-hewan   and Al-
MBtS liars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince li,....-. 1. 8
U. D. S.
8. HALL, L. D.S.,
��� _Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations sklKultv treated.   Gas and
I     local atinsthe-urs administered test the painless ei-
*���*���*���*    traction of teeth.      Consultation (ree.     OHice.:
| Helirer-Hin Block, l'nnce Ruimti. 11-11
Flat in Rand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
and Kullon Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two cottages sorter Second Avenue and
Ninth Street.
Lots in all parti ol the city.
We represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in thc City.
Second Ave. Phone 112
Alex.M.Manson H.A..     W.K.Williams.H.a...Ul-D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc
Box 888
Prince Rupert, B.C
l'.;o. BOX SB
rriii. or wu. roxoN, ua., a.a.a.m.. ion., bno*
Fir.. Life and Accident lasuranc..
618 3rd Avenue I'hunr J,**! and Green 'Hi
We Pay  Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Lacad,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Sts
English and American Billiardt
Twelve Tables Second Avi.
IN Till) MATTER ol lh.- K.l.l.- ol JOHN
CAI'ECCl late ol lhe Illy ol I'riaio- Rupert. In
lho i'rounc* ol llntish t'oluml,)., deccaasM:
Hotel Central
Klvcn   thai   all   i>eraon<
_  min nu s BWKKE
Pears peeled and slewed very
slowly with a syrup of sugar and
water to which iwo glasses of claret
or 'Burgundy an- added, is a delightful sweet served wllh whipped cream.
Ihe wine enhances thc flavor of the
fruit Immensely.
You Need
a Ryrie
to Bolve quickly and
satisfactorily all your
Christmas worries
about "what to give."
Suitable gift articles
to suit evory taste and
every purse are to be
found on every one of
the 124 pages of illustrations.
To save time, worry
and expense, write for
a copy at once- it's free.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
(ianauVe Lertfeit Jewelry Houtf
'���it. fffftle, Pitt.
Harry ffyrit, Xec.-Trrat
134-136-138 Yonere St
NOTICK Ib hereby
having any ctai ma or <!��� itiaftdi n.m. t ihe lal<
' John fa|H-cci. ��ht> died on or about the (tin day
��� of I>ecember, 11)10. at I'rlnre Kupert, II ('., are
��� required to a*nd l>>- poat prepaid or to delUer
j lo the underaiKned .Solicitor herein for Adolfo
| Atxali, A dm in i��i rat or. their namni antl addreae-r*
and full particular* In writing of their claim, and
*��� .Matement* of their account-*, and th* nature of
- ���asvuritiiw. if any. held h>* them
P.tar BUch
Kuntpean aM Ant-r>���-**> plan. M-nam
heated, mtal��*rrt emnvrtitenre*. kat***
II 0" lo 13 M> t��er day.
,     *-- uiiiii-, ii mh* , iivm ny mem. ****** ,___, _______tU___
"".a-., TAKE NOTICE lhat aller the loth day.. ,*LL*,7'7h"V,w"
n***l*r'* ���        ton    *i__ __i_i    i ��� m ^a __ a.     Tie" 'i"*n ecnii at X nr* ���������<* i * t
of Dwcmbca.    ��'������J*!L___ A__*_4_____S   ���*����� *-"*> ��*������<**��� *******
ptesttd**<--lft^-al-S^:"-a*__r5g D.-YV- '
t /-a-ejtsr.1
��� flu |l
We carry anwylhlne lei lhc f_.l litw. also ear*
market pricea. at Collarl'i
���*��y_*ar ���*��._��. .
amons lhc penon. entitled therein, pnJKI___li..,
only to the Halm. o( which lea arm ,_,��� navr nmil
notice, and Ual Ihe Mid Adolfo Aaaell mall net
la- liable lor Ibe nid a-arts or any part thereof   Prompt t*��ln.r>
to any |>< rson. ol whose claim he I. not then la I
i.-cs|.i ol notice. |
I > \TI.I' al I'rlnce Rupert, II. ('., Hh. 2nd day ol
November, A. I" , ISII.
Solldlor lor lhe .aid
Adolf., Aat.li.
For Beginners and Advancenl Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil at frame Wiin.ia. Pan. an-l Berlin.
1tH ol queen Charlott.   Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
-_     E.
Take not.ee that thirty davi from daU, I. C. I
pJUtnUr of   Prince   Hubert,   II.   C, hy  occupatioo
bookkeeper, intend t> apply to ti- ChM Com*
miaaioner of l*andi for a licence to proepect for
coal and petroleum on and under olO acrea of
land on (traham laland dncribad aa foUowa:
Commencing at a post planted two milaa north
of ('. K II. Coal l-rws No. H, marked S. K coma
C. K. B. Coal l*aa�� No. 14, tbence north ft)
chain*, ihence wnt M cbalne, thenee aouth M
chains, thence taat W chains to plaoa of corn-
men cement.
Oated Sept. II. 191' C. ��. HAINTKU. Locator
Pub. Sept. 21. *
EBY   C&  Co.____
Kiuumkalum l_tp I For Sale
KIT.-I MK ll I  �� . ||   ��
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prim-  Rupert  ,V��|,p..  N���. j|a, e��_���  rf
n.l.n-l. m-l.iSr    ..,  ,���, ,hr���|  t������I���.  ,���
Shcaana l..���l lllslriet    Ilisinrt ad aju_rr Charlotl.
S 5�� SS $&��& I *^s^asrJKJB ���:��>**-
iKiolelie���per._ Inxvnil to apply to th. Chlet Com-
lot a licence lo tato.p-'-e'-t lor !
. 610 term ol I ,,,..,.��� ,  -,,_���',." ""* "i.* I*nni�� Rupen
lsnd on llr.h.m I.l.,. I dewrlbad aa lollows.: aWlilBST A. WOOIW. Praaalent. Ben ft
nr .winner  ol   l.raa,,|.
coal and pelt.al.um on and unalet
r. v. ci.ark. .-w.
.   I- .>  II... ���!.'  l-nr
<';.*i ;���:���:���
wunioHs fok ro<wi�� * mi
To produce gootl printing you must
good printer. . . You can t get good
iwor printer, even If ha '&,$*&!?'.
equipment. Iih.'Inrksthe *<���������.
tMte. the single-minil.**����**"*"L".?
real printers have, he will do l��***f ���"nl ,
If he has all of ll.esr. and in a* Ion **>
quale modern eiiutpmenl, ** ��"��nf
tlislinction, salesmanship,  the lure ol t>
.As this offlce produces god i^f >:.,
the presence of a good pnnter-who is
���SSS^Sri^WO''   ��X KINDS SEE
Daily News Building
Read The Daily News
And Get All the Newt
Commencing st a posl planted one md. north
��� ,,f I*. K. II. Coal Uase No. 10, marked t*. I.   II.
Coal Lai-esi��� No. I-',, lh--nce north SO chains, thene***.
aeat NO chains, thrnce aoulh SO chains, thene.
: a-ast so chains lo ptac. ol c,mmcna*ciTwnt.
Ilsle.1 Sepl. II. ISII.    C. E. HAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Sleon. I.i-.l 1 li.inri    Iii.inri ol gueen Chatle.lt
Tak. nolice that thirty d.y. from d.te, I, .    .
Ilainler ot I'rince Rupert,  ft. C, hy occupition
lanokke-er-pe-f. Inlend lo apply to tha Chiel Com-
missioner ol Land, lot a licence lo prospcet lor
' coal and petroleum on and under 610 una. ol
! l.nd on fir.ham lalanel deacribed as follow.:
("ommencinf .1 . pout planleal two milaa*. n.arth
ol C.  E.  II. Co.l  l__e No.   Ill, m.rk-1  N.  I.
comer ('. E. II. Co.1 Leaa- No. las, ih<-ne** aoulh
ltd chain.,  tbence weal  SO chaina them* north !
mi ch.lns, thence nut to oh.in- to pl.c. ol earn
Hated Sept. II, Itll.    C. B. HAINTEK. laocalor
I'ub. Sept. tl.
Skeena l_nd llistrlcl  -Pislrlcl of Queen Char(olte.
T.k. notice th.t thirty day. Irom al.l.. I. e |
11.inter aaf I'rinc Ruperl, II. I' , h>- oceup.lion
iHwikkeap,eer. Inlenel lo apply lo Ihe Chief Com-
missloner al l_nds for a licence lo pa..��pe.t f.-r
coal and petroleum on snd under hill scr,-. ,.l
Isnel nn tal-aham lslsnd (lea-ecralaa-el aa (���ll���w.
CommenclnR si . pe_t pl.nte.1 Iwo mile, north
ot I*. **, ||. l�����l u.r No II. marked N. E
corner I*. E. II. Co*d l^wea- No IT. ihenee aoulh
SO chain., thence areal 80 ch.lns. thenee noalh Sal
chains. Ihence east 80 chsin. ta, plsce ol commencemenl.
HstealSept. II, ISII.     C.   E.   IIAIN'TEIl. I   -..a. -
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Teacher of Piano. Violin ani
Voice Culture.
2ml Ave.
Between 7th & Hth Sta.
Prince Kupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
I'-innrajl    Irlreeton)
tad Are near fith St. rhoa.e Ha. aat
Skeena Und leistrirt-District ot Quewn l'hsil,.at.-
Take notica- lhat thirty dav. treem dale, 1. a     1
lis,, i, r ol I'rlnr. Ituperl,  ll. C , **y aecup.lfon ,
boa.kke.larr,   inlrn.l  to  .pply  to the Chlrl Com-
mlaaslonrr of l_an,l. lor a lil-ener lo pranpeel for
ce,��l .n,l petroleum on and undrr fiio act���i ol land
nn llr.h.m lslsnd 'h-a-r,'_ 1 as lollowa:
r,mm���-a,ainf at . i^wl pl.nted Iwo rpl'ea. north
aal I*. I.. II. Cosl l.sw* No 1L msak.-l S. W
rorner C. E. II. losl lews. No. 20. Ihence naarth
SS chsla,.. Ihence west til rhslns. Ihenee s��uth SO
eh.lns. Ihence eul 80 ch.ln. lo pl.ee ol Com
mrpcemenl. ���
Dltadfaept.lt, till.    r,. tt, HAINTER, l-oc.tor
I'ub. S. pl. 23.
BmBS Und District- tllstrlcl of Qaieen Charlotte I
lake neillce th.t thirly day. .tier d.te. I, C. E
Bainter ol l-rlnce llei|���n, B. C , hy orru|.��i���n
Imokkexaer. inlend to apply lo the Chiel ( om-
mlsaaioner of l.s,���l. f,��� . Hn-ncr to |,r,a.|oarl lor
coal anal pctradceem on and und"r r,tn .see. ol ,
land on lir.h.m lslsnd dawrrllanl .. lollows
Coanirrrnri,,, st s po-d planle-l two rnllm north
ol I .  1.   II. I oil  I .,.- No.   IS,  marked S.  E
Si'T ,'    'V " ' "*l *"**" ���**" *���'��� '*"<***��� font,
80 chslns  thrnrr west 80 chslns, Ihence .nulh 80
ch.ins, thrnce iwt SO chains lo plaee. ol commencement.
Dated Sept. II. Itll.    C. E. BAINTEH, I.-...,.,
..Grand  Hotel..
Worklngmsns Home
Fr�� Labor Burna in CaniKtin
I'ha.ni- 17H ut Ave  antl 7th 8t.
Utile's NEWS Agency
MagMines :: Periodicals :: Newspapert
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. The prices are as low
us any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
one in forty-two. Come in and
ft F. McRAE
(Continued from Page One)
AX AI.MV ������eVAHKWKI.I,."
Ensign Johnstone ami Family [rearing for Hooeejaw on sundny Ba.
press  Their (itnul  Will   (o   l.u|ieit
in Citadel Laal Muiu.
To hid farewell to Ensgn Johnstone, whose work for the Salvation
Army In this city since January 25
last year, has lieen so effective nnd
ro popular, a bright gathering of his
many friends assembled last night in
the Salvation Army Citadel. Mr. and
.Mrs. Johnstone presided, with their
llitle boy, and after a splendid programme had been rendered, including songs by Messrs. Davey, Clapperton, Hrown and Russell, expressed
their regret at leaving Prince Rupert owing to the ensign's health
Ensign .lonnston'e energies last
fall founded the S. A. Citadel and
It Is with a feeling of great Indebted
ness to the people of Prince Rupert
for exceptionally kind treatment that
io��ves.    He is a
Ensgn  .!_-'
popular here as he was" ~* .trv*****^**'
where he worked mr two .veins, travailing w ii h h dog tell III tu do his
unsparing work, and leaving warm
memories behind. It'Is now nine
vim- ilncc Ensign .i-.liusloue Joined
-��� Salvation Army at Great Falls,
Mont. He goes now to Moosejaw,
where he ls certain to make good,
as he has done in Prince Rupert.
liesldes his eonnection wiih the
Salvation* Army, Ensign Johnstone
was a prominent Odd Fellow, and a
farewell ceremony Io him in his capacity of Junior 1'iiM Urand was held
the other night in the K. of P. Hull.
The ensign expressed his great regret
nt leaving the lodge of the Prince
Rupert Odd Fellows, a( that meeting,
and last nighl again addressed all
Odd Fellows present at the Citadel
"Farewell." 'thanking them particularly for help and friendship during
his stay here.
Ten Daya Missing
Ten days ago D. McKinnon
and Willie Cornish started for
Porcher Island from Prince Ru
pert in a small open pasoline
launch belonging to Mr. McKin
non. They have never been seen
or heard of since, and growing
anxiety has been felt regarding
them. Today Chief Owen ar
ranged to send out a launch at
once to search for trace of the
missing men. It is possible that
stress of weather may have driven them to shelter, but as they
had no guns or provisions fears
are still felt for their safety.
Special Notice
An important meeting of the
Prince Rupert Choral Society
will be held in the Presbyterian
church, 4th ave., on Monday,
Nov. 20th, at 8 p.m. All members specially asked to attend,
new members heartily invited.
Iiii; Frank E. Cullin, 166; J. H.
Hilditch, 144; Dr. Quinlan, 187; W,
J. .McCutcheon, 134.
There was some confusion at the
outset. Mr. Lannlc demanded that
every candidate for executive position should be allowed five minutes'
free speech. It was found that there
were fifty-five candidates, so that wns
refused. The reduction of the time
limit Io one minute by the mover
proved equally futile, and they finally decided to cut out the speeches
altogether. Alderman Clayton had
been making his voice heard once or
twice In defence or explanation of
his remarks at a certain other Conservative gathering. Mr. Swift, too,
had sharply criticised the retiring
executive, and Mr. I.nnnlc was frequently on his feet, talking with some
support from his shle of the hall,
anil some derision from a solid central phalanx.
Alderman Newton said never a
word, but sat glum in the back rows.
The hall doors were guarded stringently, In manner rather belying lhe
cordial "Welcome' motto over the
tniilti entrance. Each doorkeeper had
a list of 'the elect," like assistant recording angels at the gates of
Heaven, and all who bore not Ihe
cabalistic card of admittance were
rejected If (heir names wore not
found on the list of ihe elect.
Two kegs of beer formed nn important feature of the evening's entertainment. Almost (o a man, the
entire cily pay-roll wus represented,
and tha Staunch Conservative shoulder of tho diteh laborer Jostled the
qually soundly convinced Conserva-
ilve city hall employee. Many nationalities were there united In the
kindly arms of Contented Conservatism. Greek, Montenegrin, Slav,
Scandinavian, American. With song
and story, and an liuliutlon of telephone conversations In n certain
newspaper office (not the Dally
News) the time passed merrily during lite counting of lhe ballot, and
at midnight the meeting broke up
In good order, leaving several emply
hollies, and many shnttored hopes,
"The News" Classified Ads.
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
I ************* i***********f*
i f*t ***���
���HXll-% n-_t��^ii^n^.i^ t.-^.H
**s**t**m**t^mx\**** i��**-m*i***m****m******* tr-imij^        *
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' und Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.-Houat'a and Rentals.
For Rent
._...���_..*...-_ .*
Mire Furnished ll.wini, Mn. Ql-MnWOOd, Alde-i*
Block; Third Ave. 178-tf
Fair Kent-Furnl.hc-1 Ruoml * Butt ley llliH-k-
t'l .'-' week up.
For Rent-Two roomed cabin, elm.' i�� Mcllride.
freshly puperiil and vlean. oah 110 l-t-r month.
II F. McKae & Co. t-f
****** ******m**-**m**t\k
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty nnd Insurance Co.
���fre-^aa-tW.-.-^Mtt-* ii-^na%lt^,.^ f��_.it-S-S��*-*Wt��-efcS^
j Wanted
*fla_... _.._ .._.,._.,_______..._....
Choicest liiiimrs
thc Sn\ov.
it.itl   cig'irs Bl
Lost and Found
Skeena Land District���DUtrict of Coiut IUnge b
Take nolice that LcKoy F. Grant ol l'nnce
Km.:;. It. Oi occupation tivil engineer inuaul*
to apply (or i-iT-niv-ii... tu purchase thc [ollowing
dt*cribetl lands;
Commencing at a poit planted ubout 3 1-2 mil. .1
in a northerly direction from the northeast corner
po-t of Lol 1 *i ��� . Kanga r>, t'oa-ft Dislrict, thence
east at> chains, thence i..*.ih m chain., thence
weet to bank of river, thence south folio* Ing
hank of river lo point ol commencement; containing it.11 acres, mora or leas.
Da'.eil Sept. ��. 1911. LKHOY   F.  GRANT
Tub. Oct, 10. Gordon C. Knunerson, Agenl
Skeena Land Disuict���Dutrict of Coast Range V
Take nolice that Juase .M. Tailmau of Cedar" ..���
Rapids,   Iowa,   occupation   lawyer,   iMenda   lo | rUUND-2 Small Keys,   Inquire at News Ollice,
apply for pertniiaioa  10 purchaae tho  following
deacribed Unda:
Commencing al a poat planted on the aoutherly
ahore of Kutaymateeo Inlet on tbe right bank
of a small stream (lowing into said Inlet just uaal
of Crow Laka. Theoce aoulh 20 chains, thence
west ao chains mure or lea* to the abore line of
Crow Lake, thence northerly ar.d easterly following the ahore lines of Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow Lain and Kuur>maleeo lulei to tu
place of commencement, containing forty acrus
more or teas. Located Auguat ?, 1VU.
Dated Aug. 9, 1911. Jl.. >i; M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one-iourth
cash, balance 6-12-18 months.
Lot 7, Block 28, Section 6, Summit
Avenue. Price $625. $225 cash,
balance $50 every three months.
Maternity  nurse  open   for RtCtlMMBt   from   -   .     _ ,  _   _,     .   rtft   _     ..       _   ______._.
i Nov. isth. Apply Box 2i59 New*.        2tiD-2t&     Lots 5 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
' Wnnted.   -    Dressmaking elenniuir ami press- |      Avenue.      Price   $600   each,   one-hali
inir. repnirlnir for men and w�� men Mrs Charles I      -noU    haln-n,-/. ******
Pwchw. SWThirtl Ave.   I'hone294 Red.      tf    i      CdSn��  Damnce eas> ���
Lot 3, Block 24. Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
Price   $600,   one-half   cash,   balance
I-' *:i:���..!   I.i.li. ���������' opal  aet   lu - . !i.    Owner send
description to E.J.M.. Daily News.       258-269
'     *a**-mm..���m..mm^..
Real Estate
l-t  for Sale In Section :..  Block 22. Lot 1.1. 7th
Ave.   Apply Mike Ruilch. Hon SKI City.      tf
Will buy lota in Prince Kut .at al lar-raln prices
foreaih. Apply P.O. Box *"' slailnir loration.
price, .tc. 231-tf
Lots 19 and 20, Block 4, Sect on  8,
corner Ninth nnd Donald.  Price $800,
one-fourth cosh, balance 6-12-18
Four room house, Ambrose Avenue,
pla-sterod and painted, best harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $500
cash, balance $30 per month.
Skeena Land Dlitrict��� ****** ol Coast Rant. 6
Take notioa that 1, Christopher Jamaa liranam
ol Prince Kup rt, I). C-, occupation locomotive
ant,,.,. r. n.i.-!.,j to apply lor p-Tmiapon to purchaM*
tha loUowing dt-acriiied lai.i���.
Commencing at a puat planted at tha aouth-
waat corner ol Lot No. :*..,'* vicinity ol Lake
LakelM and marked Chruloplie-r 1. Uraham
N. ta. Cornar, thanca aaat IU cnaina, thance Mutti
Ml rhaina, thenoe aaal 40 chaina, thencu nurth bO , Kaitern itenoirrapher uf wide experience want,
ehalm to poal ol commencement; containing i position. Address "Stenovrapher." 662 Cor- ,
J20 lr.ee. mole ���r lost i    dovaSl.. Vancouver, B.C. t-f
i Hill*. I iil-lll-.K  JAS.   ill; Ml AM.   Locator     I       	
Dau-d iH-pt. 22. ISII  11.H6 A.M.-WltnaurdT. U , -
Pub Sepl. SO.
Skeena Land District���Lllitrict ol Caaaiar
Tak. noUoa that K. H. Suwart ol t _.,-.-���,,:.
H.  C, oceupatlon uuckman, Intendi ao apply
lur permiaelon to purchaaa tha luslowing daacribed
I'omtnviicing at a poat plantad 40 chaini aoulh
ol rre-eni|,iiun No. .,u, and 62 chaina aaat Irum
tbo Naaa Klvar IS. W. C.J. thane. 40 chalu. .-.. i.
Ihence 40 chaina north, lhance 40 ct sm. Waal,
tbenea 40 chatna aouth lo tho puint ol comment--.--
tncul lo contain 160 acre, mora or leas.
HH ll.Mli,   HOW till" STEWART
Daled Aug. 1011. Jame. T. Fuller-ton, Agent
I'ul.. Mui  2-1.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ol Coaat Range I
Take iiuticv lhal Harold  K. Smith ot  Mor.-l...
Alia., uccupatiun alaUon arent, intends lu sppl)
lur laermluiou to purcha-     .... (olio.ing di.crit.eu
Five  and  (en  acres,  garden  trucking
Kitsumkalum.    Price $65 pet   acre.
Stores o,i Second Avenue.
Three lots close in on Third Avenue,
level.   Good lease.
Savoy Hotel Jeremia"H'Ner. ud
Cor. Pnuer and Sth.        t'h   ,.- Wine, ami Ciirari
tap I
There was nothing lonesome
about Lonesome Town at the Empress theatre last night. The
three hoboes, who decided t" lay
claim to the ownership ,������ the
lonely town i " Watts, kept the
fun gointf pr 'ty lively.   ,JjgJJ
���Ksfi��0ne?9B'1  "mn* *   wa8
enough 'ai make Port Essington
Iven up.
In a pretty ingenue part, Miss
Drena Mack added to the enjoyment. Her song "There's a big
cry baby in the moon," explained why it rains sometimes in Rupert, in a way that charmed
everybody. Joe Kemper's pleasant tenor voice was heard again
to advantage in the song "The
world is full of women's eyes,"
and the chorus of girls on the
darkened   stage  with    electric.   .... ,,... ������,..,. .....
lirrhta   ennr-onlpH    in    thpir    fnim' *",n'***-*St   Man.,   occupation   bamater.   Inland,
ngnis  concealed   in   tneir   ions, ���, ,,,������*}���, pm,!.,, u> purchase th. following
made the hit of the evening. The ��� dswiWo i.n.i.
. ,        ��. ., . .    j   tmmmiai   OsBSMMpf ss a ami slBinsa St ttS SBStfeVSM
ChorUS   alSO   dlStinglllSneo    ItSell   corner to chaina eaat and 40 chain, north Irom
Comma: e-ing  at  a pest  plante 1  _
waat cor...    lou chain, aaat and 50 ���        ���ou"1
Irum N. B, vurnasr ol Lot I1I6_>'* mama ,.,na
luast  Hul-let  Range  b.  xlr���   ���**' ���*> ���
thenc. Ml chain. iK,iih_��." '������"���* ** 'hi u a^t-
ala_ m, eh_iM_ima*t* *^.lmnts. to c.euna waat. ,
,.aeaw_, _,uiu to poaat ol commencement
_ 320 acn_, mure or lata.
aie.|.sr|.|. IMyli. IIARiil.l. K. SMITH
i-ui.. .-a. i-i. JJ. Frad W. Bohlar. Agen
Skemia land Dlitrict���Dutrict ol Coaal Range :
Taka nolle tbat 1, tlordon C. Kmmeraoo ol
Prince Rupert, ll. C, occupation rr.l a.:.:.
broker, Inlend to apply (ur permiaalon to pur-
cbaet- lha (ulluwlng tlaweihe.1 land.:
Commencing at a pu��t planted about 2 3*1
mile. In a northerly direction Irom lha norlba-a.t
corner poat of Lot I3S1I, Ranga 6. Coaat Dutr.ct,
thenre oortb 40 chaina, thenc. ws-st to r,.< a
bank, thence aoulh lollowlng rivrr bank to puint
nl commenoMnaiali  containing ISO acna, more or
I *0*V___I_ll����   Cor WAv.
' - -IV   tlCtlllCd    and Mn St.
' , furni.hed room., i '.��� - -I table board
Board S4.7S        Room and Board $7.00
Wt Al ITV HIGH l-lll, I -���   LOW
The Big
Furniture Store
Furniture of every il,*.
scription at prices th n
cannot be beaten,
Everything for
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St.
Phone 1*2     i
We have clients
fQr property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co.,
Second Avenue Prince Rupert
��� ss
Dat-*) Sapt. 9, It'll
Pub. Oct. ta
Skiwr.a Land Dtolrtcl���Uistrtci of Coast Hmn*z* V
Taka notioa that 1. Danjarnln A. Ktah ol l ������*....-,
N. ! *���-. occupation marchant. Inland lo appl>
for permlsaloo lo purchaaa lho followini describe.
Cominmdnt nl a poat ptanlvd on tbo oa*t
boundary and about Ovo chains Irom tbo aouth-
oaai cornor of Lot 4484, tbane* north 60 cbains,
thanca vaat 30 chains, tbooo* aouth OO chains,
thancp woat SO cbains to point of eommencoment
Dated Juno 24, 1911.
Tub. July 'J.'..
Before the auction of lots in section 2,
intending purchaser* should carefully
Study the Lot Grades
obtaining a "copy of the large map '(3 ft
benjamin a. flsil 6 in. by 2 ft.) complied from official re-
���*'-<���*��� ���"���*���"��� A*'      conlt by J. H. Pillsbury. CE.     This
, lpptnV sk��.a Und       rict-Di_ul�� ol c<i*-it Rant, t ^ivc*!. fu,1'  dt',-*il" of contours,  topo-
i ii i ut ii |    ,Mki.  ��� tlal  ���,,���_,��� Ho>  McTavish oi   graphical  feature*,  street grades and
lot elevations.
For Sale at the Office of
C. B. SCHREIBER _ CO.    ���    Princ* Rupert
mo   olovor    Inili-in   Hnnpp   nml - x* ,;- <w'1" '' '���"' '"���'' H""i'' -i*l'>��� C"*
a ciever  inoian  dance  unit l)utrin ���_���_, 6 lhMC, w chllin, __^ ,,.,���_,
Tonight  the
       .,-      ...]        .,.:.. r    ;-,!'.; ,    sils:
Frad Vi. Uohlerf. Aganl
00 chiini north, thenoe CO chsin! aeat, tbence bo
,       chain, south lo |*o.t ol commencement   conl.lmng
IS    tO    Oe   ,imi .era. more or la...
11:1 Thlnl Av
l>. O. li ���- ilia;
Cupid's Handicap, a story of col- IfSSfUfti* mi ' (
lege life and athletics, which affords scope for some good songs
and clever acting.
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C Conl.
Tl�� opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figurcsi
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, hM.. at our office dollar shares,
16. each, 6c. cash.
H.  F.   McRAE _  CO.
Phone 206 Second Avenue   n8
.Sknna Land Dislrict���Diatrict ol Coast Kanga .',
Taka nolle, that E. II. 0. Mall-v ail talmouth
Eng., occupation eurvajr-or, intenela to appl). lo
a-rnri_,i,n   to   purebaaa  the   lulluarlng   deKrelie.1
Comm-mcing at a poat plantad at tba N. Vi. Corner eit Lot l n rt., th.nc. wnt no chlana, theno. aouth
20 chaina, thence aaat no chaina, lhance nonh 20
cbaina to the point ol commencement containing
160 acre, mora or lea*.
Daled Augual 16. Itll. E. II. Q. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 2S. I'. M. Miller. Aganl '
Skeena Land District -District ol Coast Range 5 '
Take noUce thai ll. f, MUler ul Tipton, England,  occupation   farmer,    ntend.  to  apply   for '
liaahin   to   purchas.   lh.   following   disKrihed
Intending Purchasers
of Section 2 Lots
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
__.-__Skeejia_^IaU and  Express
Leave all express packages for interior points with the Pacific Trin.j*
fer Co., 807 Third Ave., and insure prompt forwarding.
All accounts and correspondence addressed to
P.O. Box 806
will receive immediate attention
Hudta, B. C.
C T. P. Tranifer Agents
Order, promptly filled.   Prlcei reasonable".
OFFICE-H. B. Rocheiler. Centre SL    Phone SB. .
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
Second Avenue, near McBride
Commencing at <m post planted about 60 chains ]
wost (rom the N. W. Corner of Lot 4406, thence
north 40 chains, thenco w��t 20 chains,  thenco
aouth 40 chaina,  thenco oast  _u chaina to tht '
poinl ot commencement containing eighty acraa
more or leaa.
Dated Auguat 19  1011. U, P. MILLKK
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M   Millar, Agent I
Ske*na Land Diatrict��� Diatrict of Coast Range ."��
Takt nntirf that Frank S. Miller of London,
Eng,, occupation civil engineer, intends to apply
for permiaaion to purcbaae the lollowing deacrihed
Commenting at a poat planled at the N. K.
Corner of Lot ���>. thence north 20 chains, thence
weat 20 chains, thence aouth 20 chains, thence
east 20 chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acrea more or laaa.
,   -,M_   .       , ii..    U��ted August 15, Ull.        FRANK 8. MILLKK
0 o flock nt (tartlen   slnnd.  Mnyiior | i^i,. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
Nov. 29th is the date set for
the selling hy auction of Lots
in Section 2. If you wish to
get a lot send us your instructions to buy, together with the
cash for the amount you care
to put in.
Tkkms of SALE-Onc quarter
easli nn.l balance in 1, 2 and 3
years at 6 per cent.
The Paper
Your Home!
To lie Hurled Tiiniornm.
The body  of Charles  HerRer.  lhe
Swedish   workman   who   wns   killed
lu the tunnel at Mile 44 Inst Saturday,   Is   to   he   hurled   limnrniw   nt
Seronel Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
It gives you all the newa of your own city and district as well as the principal happenims**
in all parts of the world. The news is well edited, its news columns are clean and whgjj-
some. It is a paper you need in your home. The advertising columns of the News brin.:
you in touch with opportunities for getting the full value for your money. :       :      :
Urns, are In Chart! of ihe funeral.
I'niiiiiil of Mike ��� Inu nk.
���    The (itncrul nt Mike Chacuk took
1'lnie tills morning from E.  I.. Flsh-
���ft funeral chapel, i-i lim* to Ihe
Cntluill, Church, where mass was
helil. Int,,rm, nt took place at Garden Island, Hev. Pathor I [hi i man
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Director! of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full courae of
training in nursing. I2i
Skn-n. I.snrl District��� DMrict ol Coaat Harafta. .1
Taka notica that Harbwt 1. Mackia ol lv���,
broken (Int. aiccupalion lumberman,  intends to
apply lor pen-ml-wlon  to purchase the (ollowing
(le-KTileepal  tanrla:
InniinrnPKir Bt a nOSt plstitaal  On  lh. lelt bank
The Cetriana left Wednesday
| Sk.��-n�� Unal District���Diatrict ol Coast Han-;.- ���
[     'lake notice that Lauttle McTavish ol Vancouve-r.
I occtipslion married woman, intendi to apply
lor laermivlon to purchaie the followini de-ecritaeri
Commencing .1 a post ptanted at the north-
wnt ct.rner Km chain, east and 20 chain, north ol Ihe Zymonolli or /.imi .,,1-iir. KI ver, it louth*
Irom N. tl. cori er ol l/it 1116, Harvey's Sur-a-y wesl corner ol I_it 1706, thence northerly, following
Oast I.ietr.rl Kanga 5, them 20 chains aoulh, th* westerly boundary ol Lot ITilfi, 80 chain,
tkence Stl clalai. ea.1. Ihence SO chain, north, more or lew., to the northwest corner ol uld Lol
Hence 10 chalaas ��'-', Ihenee HO chaina aoulh. I"1""', Ihence westerly and aoutherly, lollowlng
th.-nre 10 claim ..est to port ol commencement lhe left bank o( aald river, 80 chain, mora or leas to
dontaining i *'i arrr-s more or lr**. point   of   commencment   containing   160   acrea
D.ted Sopt  li. Itll. UlTTIf: MrTAVI-tH   more or lew.
Tub. .*-e|,l n Fred W. Hohler. Ag.nt       Laocta^l Augu.t Id, Itll,
Dated August 21, 1911.    Ill Itltllt l  I M \< K I IT
Bella Coola Unal DUtrict-Dlrtrict ol Coast Kange   l*u>>- Aug. 2��. Krealerick 8. Clementa. Agent
Bill Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Cards
In' Commercial Printing
wa have ��� large .lock of
We handle Blank Ledger
Forma   for   Loose
Leaf System
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
lake notice lhat II. M. l lilt ol Dundalk. Ire.
,      , r       lanel,   occupation   gentleman.   Intend,   lo   apply
afternoon for Vancouver. At the iw ^Jion t��� ie��e the following deaenbed
Same hour   3   p.  m.,    the    Cnnce   'To.nmenelng at  a po.t  planted on th. ihor.
Albert left for Port Simpson, the-3 \1SKT��X. ^.tiZZ IILiTdS
lollnwlng  the  channel   nl   Neclectle-onnay   Illver.
lh. ti_aae_ south SO chaina more or lea. to channel
lollowlng   channel
.,   60  chair
lfaVirt     naa.   ��** **baln. mora a r laaaa I
jonn   on co.,t.ming is-i��.,.., ���
D.IH    \r���,,a,       a.   |(,1|
I Pub Sept. 10.
Naas River and Stewart,
e up tl
Skeena Land Dl.lricl-Di.trict of Caiilar
Taka-netle-e th.t I. Th amas Carter, of Prince
Rttpeils  -,**ii>u,,n c.rpenter,  intend to apply   '
for nermfsplon lo purchase the feillowlng eleicrili- j
rsl lnn.l
C.,anana-na*ina at a post planled about one mile  |
south from the miultf nf Falls creek anal ahiut
For society printing, we ensure correctness of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dance Programmes. For anv kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the  "News Job "       :       :      : :
... 3 1 11" feet tiack from the baarh. thence SO chains
Albert will take ud the  Islanda ��� !!S! J__" 8__��� ,h!n? '������"*L,nP th*<><wi north, thence w ,i,.,m. wen, thence m ehaina
ol  Hells  tools   Kiver  easterly  60 chains,  north   louth, thence east 10 chaln.topolntof oommenre-
'    r olni ol commencement:   ment. containlnir .120 acres more or less.
( LIFI , Datwd July Tth. 1M1.     Charles Webster Cslhoun,
Pub. Aug. Mh. Agant.
run   for   the
II. m. .
Wllllsm McNair, Ag.nt
Daily News Building
PHONE   98
Third Ave


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