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Iweaty-four hours ending5 a.m.,
July 16.
.a,  TKHH.    MIN-THMP.    UAR.        IN. RAIN
71.0 49.0     30.219
The Daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
^C^' J   LfylS 9/fl^Maattlt. .Wednesday, pm,
���' -^ " WaV^-v01' SouTH
..     ^"-"-aMiinorfwJQ,. .v Sunday, 9 a. m
Jffttitlmtu    ' -"��� (J*^vJJ*>\ .Monday, H u. m.
B. G.
VOL.11.  NO. 158
Prince Rupert, B.C., Saturday, July 15, 1911.
Price Five Cents
u ea
John Suszko, the Victim, Had Bad Mood On���Stole a
Revolver and Cartridges from Hardware Store,
Shot Up the Town and Defied Arrest
(Canadian Preas Despatch)
Nelson, July 15.���John Suszko.
a miner, is dead here from a bullet
wound in lhe head, inflicted by
Constable Quinlivan during aatreet
tight in which Qttifllivan shot in
m*I( defence. Suszko died in Grand
Forks Hospital last night, a couple
ol hours after the shooting.
Wanted to Fight
li is said that Suszko who was
iti a lighting mood went to a
hardware store to huy a revol-
lver, asking for credit. When
]tlii> waa refused, he grabbed a
l-ii.i|*nn and a box of cartridges
I antl il.i-.hul out into the street
I Hnurishing thc gun and firing
Idiots into the air.
("unstable  Quinlivan   who   was
I -Miiimi-mttl parleyed with Suzsko,
the latter pointing his gun at
the Constable meanwhile.
Shot Him Dead
Quinlivan drawing his revolver from his pocket fired without
taking aim, the bullet entering
Suszko' head.
Dismal D. and D.
For having unfortunately imbibed rather too freely yesterday
Conrad I.insett paid the five and
two penalty this morning at the
command of Magistrate Carss.
He had been bailed out, and the
ball to that familiar amount was
Travel southbound Monday by
the new Princess Mary, the most
modern and luxurious steamer
on the Pacific Coast.
Dan Ronald Spent Eleven Hours
in tho Water in Gulf of
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, July 15.���Da i Ronald of this city, was rescued in
the Gulf of Georgia by a tug
yesterday. He had been trying
to keep on the bottom of an
Upturned boat for eleven hours.
It seems Ronald upset the boat
while sailing from here CO Victoria.
For rent after July Slat, basement in Helgerson Block now
occupied by William Grant. Apply
O. M. Helgerson, Ltd.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 12, Tacoma 1.
Spokane 4, Portland 3.
Victoria 12, Seattle 8.
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 5, Los Angeles 8,
Vernon 1, Portland 2.
'Frisco 8, Oakland 2.
National  League
Cincinnati 4, Philadelphia 5.
Boston 7, St. Louis 5.
American League
Philadelphia 1, Detroit (i.
New- York 3, St. Louis 4.
Cleveland 4, Washington 1.
Chicago 1, Boston 4.
Granby Co. Bought Machinery
For Goose Bay
The Granby Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of Grand
Forks lias just placed in Vancouver an order for a new sawmill
plant to be Installed at its new
mine, the Hidden Creek group at
Goose Bay, Observatory Inlet,
Portland Canal district. The plant
will have a f-apacity of 40.(100 feet
Another Record Breaker
The shoe that sets the pace
for children is the "Classic". Soott,
Frond & Co. have them.
In Abrogating British Commercial Treaty Continues to
Give Canada "Favored Nation" Terms   Consents
to Alter Anglo-Jap Treaty to Favor Anglo-
American Peace Treaty
IManitoba Conservatives Nominate Mr. G. H. Bradbury
to Contest Selkirk���Winnipeg Liberals Nominate Mr. J.  H.  Aahdown   to   Succeed
Mr. D. C. Cameron Who Becomes
(Canadian Press Despatch)
\Viiini|K-g. July 15.���Thc first
|nominadon for the forthcoming
Dominion election contest was
Ini.ule ,u Selkirk, Manitoba, last
���night, when the Conservatives nam
|wl tlnir present member, George
111 Bradbury, to again become
I their choice for thc next Par-
I (foment.
Winnipeg Follows
Second   for   the   horor   comes
Winnipeg, where today the Lib
erals decided to put up Mr. J.
II. Aahdown as the candidate for
the seat now held by Mr. D. C.
Cameron. Mr. Cameron will not
be in the field at thc next election
as he is slated to succeed Sir
Daniel McMillan as Lieutenant
Governor of Manitoba in September when Sir Daniel's tenure
of office expires.
Remark of Chairman Hilditch to the Effect That If It Is Not Law
to Have Bottle Licenses in Prince Rupert, It Should Be Made
Law as in Victoria are Removed from Records���Commissioners Say They Did Not Hear It
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, July 15.���The Canadian Government has been advised by the Colonial Office that
notwithstanding the abrogation of
Japan's commercial treaty with
Great Britain, to which Canada
became a |>ariy several years ago,
Japan has promised to continue
to treat Canadian products under
the "favored nation" terms.
Washington is Pleased
Washington, July 15.���Modification of the British-Japanese Alliance treaty has created the greatest satisfaction here. It is considered that this has removed
thc last obstacle to the consummation of the proposed arbitration treaty between the States
and Great Britain.
The Alliance has been modified
to exclude the 1'nited States from
the list of Britain's possible enemies, and thc life of the alliance
has la-en extended to nearly six
Some Fog Outside
The weather report by wireless
this morning hinted at some fog
on the water southwards and
towards Pacheiia, Triangle reported rough sea and cloudy. The
steamers Prince Rupert and State
of California were spoken on their
way south.
A Total Wreck
Don't get wrecked when iii the
hills by wearing |nn>r shoes.    Let
Scott. Froud ft Co. fit yo up In-fore
you go.
At the June meeting of the
Licence Board Alderman Hilditch
the Acting Chairman of Commission, was most emphatic that
City Clerk Woods, Secretary of
the Commission, should take full
shorthand notes of all that passed.
Mr. Woods did so, and his minutes
of the meeting read yesterday
were very full, much of thc business being given verbatim. Chairman Hilditch's remarks that he
favored Prince Rupert following
Victoria's example in simply making it law to issue bottle licences
came in for conspicious attention.
Commissioner Smith quickly pic
ked OUt the particularly illuminative sentence.
"I have no recollection," he
said, "of the chairman's having
made use of the words mentioned,
those Baying that if it is not law
to have bottle licences it should
be made law as they did in Victoria."
Mr. Woods referred to his shorthand and read thc words of
Chairman Hilditch, as recorded
in the minutes. Commissioner
Smith maintained ihat lie had
not heard them, and desired the
sentence to be expunged from the
minutes.   This was done.
As corroborating the shorthand
notes of the City Clerk, which
make Alderman Hilditch say "if
bottle licences are good for Vic
loria, they will be good for Prince
Rupert," and "if there is not law,
make it law," is the verbatim
shorthand report of thc News
reporter which further recorded
the Chairman of the Licensing
Board as saying: "My way of
looking at it is simply to see that
the city of Victoria has made it
law whether it be law or not."
However the offending paragraph is expunged from lhe records
of tin* Licensing Board.
|A. J. Prudhomme Got Renewal for Savoy Hotel Without Further Demur   Mr. E. J. Maynard Surrenders His Wholesale License to Take Retail
Westholme Company to Erect a Handsome Theatre Next to the Continental Trust
Company���Will Seat Over a Thousand People��� Pantaget> Will Lease the
House and Supply Vaudeville -To Open First Week in October
Fiendish Double Murder at Rainier, Washington, Followed by the Arrest of Swan Peterson on Murder Charge���Waa Jealous of Young
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Tacoma, July 16.���A new sensation   has  been   caused   to   thc
inhabitants of Rainier, where Ar
chic Coble and his seventeen year
old bride were murdered on their
bridal I ail on Monday, by thc
arrest of Swan Peterson, a section
Charged With Murder
Peterson, is now in Pierce Coun
ty jail, charged with ihe double
murder of Archie and Nettie Coble.
The double bitted axe which the
murderer used for his crime will
lie used as evidence at ihe trial.
Was Insanely Jealous
Peterson was acquainted with
the girl before her marriage, anil
thc state's theory is that the
crime was committed during a
fit of insane jealously, following
thc marriage of the young couple.
Because ol the action of the city
"������'���'il in  suspending  Clause 30
I''' the Liquor Licence By-law, all
liquor   licences   expiring   tonight
Ini.ty |���. renewed by the city clerk
|*ithou< the need for the Formality
W iheir going before the Licence
1 '""inissioners fifteen days Ix-forc
I'I"' date when the renewal is
���Squired.    This ensures   thc   re-
|nwal of the licence issued to
A* .1*   Prudhomme,   and   also  of
I''" -bottle licences ol F. J. Maynard
""l J A. Smith. All three of
west, made application for renewal
'" Wie Licence Board at the
meeting yesterday afternoon.   All
i���"* will be renewed.
Doubled up Licences
As  Chairman   of   the   Licence
"���"'I. Mayor Manson, expressed
!m;,s"!'  at   some  length   on   thc
)'" of licences issued to men
a"V Interested in other lieen*
-Ppeara," he said, "that
Ward holds a wholesale
ncc M  Well  as  the   bottle   li-
""'��� granted,    Information also
i|'"lll's Ul ihat two parties arc
.wrested in three licences, and
*' the intention is to operate
J ""<" together.    This is a
"���> "l'i�� (tionable way of allowing
'"M' licences to exist.   It is true
'nut    i
M'   two   lxmle   licences
are in ;��� simlli r poshic i .o Mr.
Prudhomme's, bui unless we ccr.
be   shown   dial   they   are   to   be
operated independently, ih<> ��vill
have  to  face a difficulty  in  ihe
matter of rtvtw.l i-i -i\ mo.',.lis
The pri- dple of <;: e ni.'i hi Iding
two or more lice-cis is bed, tvd
I suggest to Mr. Carss that Lis
elk sit should be asked to discontinue one of his licence.-."
Was Not Aware of It!
A. Carss of the firm of C; rss &
Bennett, who is also police magistrate for the <"iiy, run. rk d that
he was not aware liiat there
existed any partnership between
the  men   to whom  these  licences
had been issued.   He understood,
however, that the two parties
had got together informally in
order to check lhe details of their
applications to ensure the legality
of the applications. No documentary evidence existed to prove
tlii't the parties were acting as
partners. He asked leave to consul', Mr. Maynard, his clie.nl. and
did so.
Meantime Commissioner Smith
moved that only one licence be
issued to Maynard This motion
was before the board when Mr.
Carss   returned   to   the   table   to
(Continued on Last Page.)
Work on a new 120,000 vaudeville   theatre   will   be   commenced
immediately  by  the  Westholme
I umber Company, on the 50 by
UK) foot lot next to the Acme
Clothing Store, Second avenue.
The plans, prepared by the well
known local architect, Mr. W. L.
Barker, call for a thoroughly up-
to-date and handsome building.
The entrance to the theatre
will  be  like a  miniature  marble
palace.   Accommodation will be
provided for 1,100 people in the leading theatres in the western
auditorium and gallery. The stage cities of Canada and the United
will measure 21 feet by 30 feet!States to supply the acta.
and    will    be   so   designed   and
equipped that first class acta will
find scope for iheir talent.
Though the theatre is being
built by the Westholme Lumber
Company as a speculation, it is
understood it will be leased on
its completion and the lessee will
arrange with the directors of the
famous Pantage Vaudeville Circuit   that   supplies   most   of   the
The first week in October will
see the opening bill.
On the lot next to the Continental Trust Company the Weatholme I.umber Company will build
at once a commodious store and
office building.
Mr. W. L. Marker has prepared
the plans and he will superintend
the erection of thc two new
Second avenue buildings.
AH the Formidable Array of Paila, Scrubbing Brushes,
Soap Powder, Will be  on the Job Thia Afternoon    Greatest Clean-Up in the City's
^ _ -
Rush of Miners Haa Started-Government Will Build Wharf and Road at Mineral
Point���1500 Ton Smelter to be Built for Granby Co.
The boom in mining has started
at Goose Bay on Glacier Creek.
It is not a South Sea Bubble
boom, but a genuine one. Quite
a number of local people who
have properties and claims there
visited there this week and they
say mining men are rushing in.
Experts have visited the copper
mines and claims and the reports
they have sent out to reliable
journals devoted to mining interests state the wealth and prospects of the ore in the district is
very rich.
Joe McGrath, the well known
miner and prospector, has just
sold Ms two claims to the Amer
ican Metals Company for $15,000
and has received the cash. These
two claims were reported, in a
mining paper a few weeks ago,
to be worth about 8150,000.
The claims in quest ion are aboul
two miles from the Hidden Creek
mines owned by the Granby Company of Grand Forks and Phenix.
Government Wharf
As a further evidence that there
is something concrete in the prospects, the Provincial Government
have decided to build a wharf
immediately at Mineral Point,
on Observatory Inlet, and Mr. R.
O. Jennings, Government Road
Superintendent, who has just re
turned from a visit to the mines,
says a road is now building from
Mineral Point to the mines.
The Granby Company is also
making preparations to erect at
once a 1,500 ton smelter.
This momlng a party of influential mining men from Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle left
for Goose Bay and Glacier Creek
to look over the properties.
A townsite is to be established
at Mineral Point.
Great doings at the City Hall
this afternoon. If Alderman Douglas is not on hand to help see about
it, it will Im- a shame. At eleven
a.m. the edict went forth through
the medium of the Chief of Police
that the great clean up was to go
Brushes and Soap
With scrubbing brushes and soap
pails, washing powder, flannels,
mops, and as much water as
Fire Chief Mclnnis thinks can Ik*
spared from thc reservoirs, the
���quad will get busy this afternoon,
and attack the grimy, gloomy,
cob-webby corners of the scene
of aldermanlc strife, and the secluded recesses of the Mayor's
own sanctum, styled by the irreverent and ribald "The Municipal Star Chamber."
The Bull-dog Clips?
Not a word has been said abo.it
whitewash so far, and on lhe
subject of tbe grim and gruesome
"Bull-dog dipt" Chief Vickers
preserves a discreet reticencce.
Aldennan Douglas who has ; -
idea that the City Hall is not
kept  Open   long  enough  on  Sat
the oil-paintings of former aldermen, and the pictures of early
Prince Rupert, should certainly
be on the job today.
Young Liberals Take Notice
A  matting of  the   Executive
Committee of tin* Young Liberals
Associ.ition is called for Monday
evening at 8.30 p.m. in Messrs-
Williams t% Manson's office. All
members are urged to Ih* present
to transact Important business.
Cooling These Days
To keep COol tills hot Weather
you should eat ice cream. You
can make it yourself if you get
p. frcctcr at the Prince Rup-ert
Hc.rdwnre and Supply Company,
Third avenue.   'Phone \20.
Where to Go
Pictures and Music, 7.30 p.m.
Do It Yourself
lec   cream   freezers   to   makclu,<lay ^temoona to let  thc cit-r'"Plctum aml ^ngs, 7.30 p.m.
your own ice cream at the P. R. yr.cm walk round there with their pHENlx THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Hardware Co.   'Phone 120. |families and  friends  and  admire |   Pictures snd music, 7.30 p.m. THE  DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Publithed by the Prince Rupert Publiahing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAll.Y. 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.no per year. Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per your, strictly in advance,
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-ISO cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New YORK���National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23ril St., New York City.
Seattle   Puget Sound News Co.
Lonoon, ENGLAND -Tlie Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
"The newspaper, with the luw, should assume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience." ���Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Saturday, July 15
Just a month ago. a new monthly journal entered the field of
Prince Ruperl publications, and announced its intention to devote
itself to "disseminate all the reliable news thai may Ik* procured touching on the progress of the city, and waft it every place we possibly
can." It w.is .i lofty ambition, and the little journal was encouraged
in its good work by the older members of the family.
Untrammeled by any political affiliations, without anyone to call
it hard names, apparently without an enemy in ihe world, the "Bullet in"
has been able to devote itself with single mind and unabated energy
to its task of "diseeminating all the reliable news that may lie procur.il.
Under these circumstances ii is very pleasing io observe that
practically thc whole of the second number ol this inspiring journal
is taken holus-bolus from the pages of recent numbers of the Daily
News. Excluding stray paragraphs���which we did not take the
trouble to trace to their original source���every article of consequence
save three i> culled from the pages of the News.
'Among the articles thus honored by our enterprising contemporary, is th< inn mew with Lieutenant Governor Bulyea of Alberta;
tin* story .11��>nt the proposed new wist end school; an article from
the |hji of .lu- editor of the News on "A trip by train inland to the
Interior"; an article on the customs increase; the announcement
ami description of Mr. Prank Mobley'a new Fourth avenue residence;
an interview with Mr. Collingwood Schrieber. chief engineer for the
Railway Board; tin- story of the trip of the first passenger train out
nf Prince RtiiK-rt; ihe s,..ry of the joint plans of the Grand Trunk
Pacific and the lb rriiu.ri lines to bring a tourist ir.ithc to lhe North
Pacific ('...is.; ilu* story of ihe proposed development of the Hidden
Creek mines b> ibe Granby Company; a story of the opening of
the G. T. P. for tin* lir>i Inn drcd miles; and thciMory of the race for
Tel.* Jan. ���  Cachl  by the G. T. P. aril the C. P. R.
Ni satisfied i- our contemporary of tin* "reliability"of the news
it has taken from our colum s din it Ins boldly aaaumed |x*rsonal
r.^i il.iliiy for it all by I't'glec.i. g io   indicate ii- original source.
This is tribute indeed.
M..r.* ���>!���. -i. g even than the way in which our friend with lhe
sdssors lia> honored our news columns, i- the honor he has done to
our editorial column. An >.rii*i'.l monograph from lhe |>en of lhe
editor of tin* News dealing with the historic Prince Rupert the seventeenth centur) swashbuckler, which appeared in this column four
or ti\> weeks i go, ha- been appropriated among other things. True.
ilu* title of ihe article has been changed to fit into the head space
Bin IhhIi it. and another edirorii I entitled "One Way to Help Prii.ii
Rupert," ar-.* printed as tlu* Bulletin's own opinions upon the subject.
The truth of ihe niaiter i.-. w. . r. -. pleased with the compliment,
w. are glad ��������� overlook .In* breech "f journalistic usage. It is no
mean ci niplinu-ni when ;��� jour'al which Marts up to "diseemlnate
all tin* reliable news thai may be procured, etc." gives up ihe quest
for original matter afnr .1 month's learch'and tactily acknowledgis
that ' it i.'�� in WS, you'll l'n d i: in the New*.."
*a| to consider in the disposition nf valuable*.     You
��3 haw eliminated every t��-.iibility of lot* if you
it*. h��\e a box in a modem fin* and burglar proof
KA vault, such a. you will find at the Continental
tS Trust Company.   Limited. :
| The Continental Trust Company, Limited
���gj ���MONO AVI Nl I . pkin. i: Rt rr.RT, B.C-
The Daily News
Grandchildren of the German
War Emperor at Play in the
Palace Grounds.
(Colonial Press Despatch)
Berlin,  Germany.���The warlike
emperor of Germany believes in
bringing up his children and grand
children to martial purposes, bi
the photograph are to be seen
the little PrincesWilllam and Louis
Ferdinand, the charming son- ol
the German Crown Prince, playing
at sentry go in a miniature sentry
box in the grounds of the palace.
The little boys are in the line "I
Succession for the German throne.
The   elder   is    named    after    ��� ���������*
illustrious grandfather.
Owned snd operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American snd European plan.
ExcellenUy furnished, with
steam best, electric light, snd all
modern conveniences, being absolutely flrst-clsss in every respect
The appointments snd service
are equal to any hotel on thc
Riles: (1 lo $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet. Manager.
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
Thf FtnttuRoomi.
Th* I- ��t Muippf-d
and itvun hratc-d.
Hot ami cold bathi.
Dlnlnff mom and
Corley & Burgess, Props
��� ���a-^-
BE.SNER &  BESNER,   Proprietors
Th* NVw Knox  Hotel la mn on th* European
rlan.   Ktm-claaa aervlc*.   AH th* I*atr-at Modern
niprmrmtnu. ���:���:* HEDS SOe UP
Central Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Alao agents for Fairbanks-Morse snd knox Gssoline
Enitinea. r.av.lin.* Engines and Ac-
ccBBorien carried in stock.
I...".' .. and ll..I. I-, II...    N.E. WWt ol Wharf
Price of Local Stocks
IAt lapartad 1., 8. Ilarriann S Co.)
Portland Canal     15-34
Stewart M. & D. Co	
RcdCliff      1.16
Main Reef	
Silver Cup	
in Crocodile, Morocco, Etc
Watch*.        Souvenir.        Jewelry
ornctai. wati-h iwirtscron eoa o.T.r.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
[savoy hotel
Fra.*r an.1 Fifll. St
Th.oftlr h'*l*t In t��*n
with h��l awl raid t��at-
*r In r****-n*. Baal fur-
nl.hwl ho>i�� north of
VanraunT. R��� m. W
u|>. l-h��*n* m. P.O.
Boa 1��.      :
Prudhomma A FUhar      FNpriSM
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Muffs,  Etc.
Vanrnuver Far Dressing Company
1843 Granville St.
On Tuesday Night
Application for tntranoa t.. tite
1 newly formad Indoor Baseball La-1
i-'iiur mum \,v nuda at tha public
"Mattel i" lx* iici.i 1,,-xi Tuesday
���evening l"r sure. Knelt t,.-,,,, w*n|
lie allowed to register twelve play.
...Whites Portland Cement..
o. c. immerbon
turn 12S       Nsin Bled       Secsri Are
H��<I%>1*>"'  ��li-ar-  -**������**>*****<*-***+***'
The Greatest Fiction Character of the Century Come to Life Again
A Great Chance
Daily . .
News ..
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written two new adventures
of the famous detective for the Daily News.
Thc Daily News has joined a syndicate of leading newspapers of United States and Canada to induce Sir Arthur Conan
Doyle the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes su ries���the greatest
detective stories ever written���to give to the world two more of his
entrancing tales of thc great detective's skill.
ON   MONDAY,   JULY   17th
Tlie Adventure of the Devil's Foot
The Adventure ol tlie Red Circle
We have read these stories in the proof, aiul they arc up lo thc
high Standard of skill that the earlier stories set. Wc can say
no more.
The Daily News has secured thc sole right of publication for
thc whole of Northern B. C. These stories can only In* obtained
in thc DAILY NEWS.
They will appear in both the daily and weekly edition. They
will start in next Monday's News.
Stories Start in Monday's Paper
The Daily News
50c A Month   -   $5.00 A Year
"r** ei-^n-% m^m^ii *m*m*i*m "~%"~ '**
'gjjj   omCE_L_:
,,. kmdi of help, cooks,
'di.hwaehew, hotel por-
|; k|n(1-| of luborerB or me-
all ui'
phone No. 178
,-��� call nt t'11'
In'.' Employment Office
����� for cooks 4 waiters
t;BY   <&   Co.==
prnkslam Lsnd ^ot Sale
S. 0. E. B. S.
,,���.,! U��l��o. No 318. Son. of
_*",,':,, i.r-t and third Tueaday. In
r,^..ViVi-cntcr. Hall, at �� p.m.
i   v. CI.AIIK. Sec.
r. 0. Box 812. Print* Rupart
Launches, \%7��2
w Hire by Hour or Day
n mll.T ANI. KKPAiaKD-
C*��Cml       P.O. Bai 187
rnt.M: W uaBKN
aa, .a-a,*...-...*.!! *... *... ��� .. .."'
**jt***M*)***M/mt*** **yr***
>>    and POOL
k ���). : TaK<*��.    A Rood o����r-
*   Acl��ii-l"i.   Iji.lleaav.ry
Tvaat.    Newman lllock. ��-
^n tt "*��1 ''h Sia.
I'i i-ti.-t"r and Manager
i NEWS Agency
:; Periodicals :: Newspapers
n ai .1 nee our list of buys In
>th.*r parts of the city
|A.e. Princa Rupart, B.C.
���RAJtna avi. EMBALMERS
I .'.-ral   Mr-actor*
��� -a-a- - ih Si. Phone No. S6
findsor Hotel
I ui mi: at eighth street
Newly I urniahad and
Si*��m Healed Rooma
nn - n own and ur
P 0 MX 37
otel Central S��|Hfi3
11 American plan, alaam
'".. <-��nvent��nc*a. Rat**
��� l-r day. :
irand Hotel..
��� l!      (loaa While Sheet* 25c
Rooms 50c
���n town for the money
- <���   'mM*N. PrWl.tor
' .11 hour.; Lunch 16c,
I   0mm and Sm
f  vMonroe
.    ,'lVOAL
���<?  Phone us
Of all the notable race meetings
in the world, that which stands out
pre-eminently by itself is Ascot���
Royal Ascot, as it is fittingly
called. There are three reasons
why it stands out from all other
meetings. These are, the total
absence of those little selling plates
from the card, the small number
of handicaps���there being but five
altogether, and the huge sum of
money that is paid in prizes. The
respective values of the five Ascot
handicaps arc approximately: Thc
Hunt Cup 2,000 pounds; the
Wokingham, 900 pounds; the Visitors' 500 pounds; and the High
weight, 500 pounds. The last two
mentioned races are the least
valuable of the meeting. The
total sum distributed yearly in
prizes at Ascot varies slightly on
either side of 38,000. This money
is divided between twenty-eight
races, seven on each of thc four
days. The most valuable race of
nil is that over two miles and a
half for the Coveted Gold Cup.
This, paart from the cup, is worth
approximately 3,500 pounds to the
o a a
Saddle and Sulky
Caper Sauce is now owned by
Mr. Allan Case, and trained by
Al. Weston.
*0     t$3     Q
Harry Payne Whitney has purchased 57 thoroughbred yearlings
from James R. Jeene. Thc amount
involved is said to be over $100,-
000. The yearlings will be shipped
east from Kentucky this week.
*t  *t  *\
Thirteen yearlings bred in Kentucky by Mr. Clarence H. Mackcy
were sold at Newmarket, England,
last week, and realized an average
of $1,942.50. The best price was
paid for a chestnut filly by Meddler
out of Flocaulinc, which brought
When the list of players signed
on   for Sheffield   United  for  thc
next season was published, it was
evident  that  a   first  class  right
wing was lacking.    The Bramall
lane   club   have   endeavored   to
supply thc want by securing Ed
ward   Connor   from   Manchester
United, and Fred Groves, of Lincoln City and Worksop Town.
t)  tt  *t
Charles Comiskey, thc owner of
thc White Sox, paid a compliment
to thc Dclahanty family yesterday.
He said: "The Delahanty boys
are all alike. It is and always
will lie a wonderful hitting family.
Even if they fall down in fielding,
they are sure bound to come
across with thc timely hits. I
notice Jim is getting his share
with thc Detroit team."
it   *   *
"Mag" McGregor, Tccumsch's
sensational outside home player,
comes from Almonte, and is also
a star hockey player. He is in
his third year at the Dental
College, and is very popular with
thc spectators at lacrosse games
on account of thc chances he takes.
<t   ��   tt
Amateur baseball is all the rage.
One only needs to visit the western
cities to find how popular the
American game is becoming. Up
around the streets many games
arc played nightly, and thc swarms
of mosquitoes, which are very
troublesome at present, do not
keep thc players and fans from
their fun. Junior, intermediate,
mercantile, and other kinds of
games arc being played every
night, and even thc juveniles can
lie found in plenty having a game
all to themselves. It is surprising
what these youngsters know about
the game. Canada is not noted
for producing great ball players,
though indeed there are several
Canucks playing in the big leagues,
but if the boys of these cities
n reive the right kind of encouragement there should be a few stars
unearthed from the corner lots
in a few years' time.
BlldWeiSer Beer, We are aole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company,
Phon,  No.   7
P.O. Bo, 5.;
 Good   Fresh   Groceries  at   City Prices	
We have Fresh Lettuce, Strawberries,
Cakes, Peaches, Plums,
Apricots, Tomatoes and Green Onions
)     To   Resident, of Sections S, 6,  7 and   8~We deliver promptly,
our goods ar. freah, at pries not to be beaten in th. city   i  i
w,   mwA MUSSALLEM & CO. m-a**...* ���������������*
A Fine Piece of Descriptive Writing by a Prince Rupert
Man Who Crossed the Backbone of the Continent
from Alberta into British Columbia
fastness of wilderness and snow
did homage to the sea
;is if to one grtater, inure lasting
and powerful than they,
*** im*f'+mt*ffmtmtt^tfm*.ti^m*^��tf
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern  B. C.    i
Is Yours In Today?
Most of the people who will find
,.tw "one room homes" today
will   Ur.d   them   U   a   result   of
antworlrg today's furnished room
Section 9
Township 1
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokera and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
Advertise in The Daily News
Across the sky-line of the rolling
Alberta prairie, peeps the tops of
the foot hills of the Rockies, anil as
the train eats up the miles, the
distance lessens, and gradually
the peaks show themselves in
ever-increasing beauty and clearness.
Soon, very soon, the train has
reached the foot of the mountains,
anil here antl there stands a lonely
peak or a jutting spur, out-posts
and sentinels keeping watch and
ward over the vast expanse of
plain that stretches across to Central Manitoba, keeping guard that
evil does not come the way of the
great mother mountain range.
Through the lower passes, past
brawling mountain torrents, past
the mouths of valleys, some looking
as if they were the home of the
fairies, and others as if they were
\ the abode of all that is dark and
dismal and evil, we pass along
skirting the bases of mountains,
whose heads seem to defy the skies,
past glimpses of nature, solemn
and cheerful, until we pierce the
centre of the mountains.
Unlike the beauties of the sunlight valley, thc scenery of the
eternal mountains is that it
sirikes a fcelirg into the heart
of the s|*cctator, of terrible magnificence, of an awesome BOlltudl,
and of a supreme and inter contempt for the liitlc ways and
works of man. They, the mountains, in their grim winter dress
with its grey and black, and whin-
contrasts, arc emblematical of eternity, of unchanging truth and
stern justice; of all lhat lhe
mind of man holds in awe. Standing stem and immovable, a safe
refuge for the bear, the wolf,
and the deer, they defy the efforts
of man ar.d his puny instruments
to conquer their fastnesses.
It is not until, the descent of
ihe Western slopes is comnienci d
that the full grandeur of these
wonderful mountains is realised.
Looking down from ihe car, to
the right, thc mountain slopes
steeply to the bottom of a valley,
so far lielow as to seem to Ik*
incalculable, while on the other
side a mountain rises stem and
grim and indifferent, snowrlad.
for the early spring warnnh has
not yet taken effect on the white
robe that covers the mountain
slopes, seared ar.d broken
by a thousand ravines.
Snake-like the rails twist and
wind  their way down  the snip
mountain side in ilu- ravine below,
and then follow the tortuous
course of the creek lhat soon
becomes a river flowing down to
the seas. Hitherto Nature, in
its grim and bit i.r side Ins shown
itself to be supreme, bui vow the
fruits of tlu* victory of man's
subtle  Ingenuity are  recognised,
and soon, very soon, the still un-
conquered mountain ranges will
know the sling ol defeat, a*
man robs them ol their wealth
hidden almost beyond his reach
today. But thai *-;inu* victory
will cost man dear as such victories over those rocky giants ever
will. Today the warfare is in
full swirg. ll is not a war thai
receives scare headlines in the
newspapers, but all the same a
���avage, and merciless war is being
carried on by civilised man against
[the eler'-al hills, ���������!��� ihe mountain!-
demand heavy toll and take it
suddenly anil without warning in
exchange for their hidden treasures,'
and their toll is human life.
Yet   those   Inaccessible   jn-aks,
do they nol also contribute to the
upkeep of mankind.    Grudgingly
they give ic but    none   the   less!
they give unwilling tribute.
Their towering |K-aks gather a
harvest of the skies in snow and
rain; an unruly harvest, for break-1
inn away the drops ga.her into ;- >
tiny   rivulet,   then   the   rivulets
gather into a creek, which joining
with   others,   foree   their  way   to
the seas, their parent, and freedom,
tear down ilu* mountain sides and
through deep ravine*-, gathering a
force a'd energy, thai  harnessed
io the reeds of civilisation spreads
light in the darkness, power to tin*
manufacturer, and heat and comfort throughout the land.   From
its bowels, ii gives -.ire ".gill, heat |
. beaiuty aid wealth, which man
calls  iron,  coal,  and  gold,  antl'
precious stones.
Yet all these latter are but the I
spoils in the never failing war
betwixt man and nature, personified in the form of great overhanging prccipicea, towering |x-aks,
ravines of fearful depth, and roaring, unbridled mountain torrents.
Perhaps ihe toll is yet balanced
against man for no gold won mn
of the rock can ever pay for the
blood of those whom the mountain
has taken to its embrace.
Down to the Coast where N'ep-
tuiie enfolds the earth, sweeps tin-
mountain slopes, as if they, great
ard   impregnable  in   their  rocky
"British Empire"
Here's the worlds
best itiin-a Green-
It ETimmerlesi
at a price within
the reach of all
sportsmen; its got
all the Grsener
features, hard
hitting, far shooting, lasting wuiii".
there's nothing bet- ttCO
tcr;   price $0J
Catalog 1*6
6365 Beam Hall Hill
Monlrtal. P.Q.
-Church Services
S.rvlcea .very Sunday In the
Kmi'i.-- Th. .it t... II a.m. nntl
. 30 p.m.    Sunday School anil
Ulbl. Claaa at '.-.HO p. m.
REV. E W. KERR. M.A., PabtoK
IUA-.I It ANI. il.lll STHEKT
Service* every Sunday at 11
a.m. and 7.31) p.m. Sunday
School  2.30   p. in Baraca
Blbl. Claaa 2.30 p.m.
REV. W. H. MrLEOD B.A D.D.   Pastor
HI 1 tvi t s cr.NTRK HT. ANO 2nd AV.:
Service* every Sunday at  11
a.m.  and 7.3(1 p.m.     Sunday
School at 2.3U p.m.
REV. C. R. SING. B.D. Pasto*
Tor or SIXTH Mill I 1
Sunday Service* It
a. in . 3 p. in . 8 p.m.
Sunday School 1.31) p.
m. Public Service.
Monday, Wedneaday,
Thursday. Saturday al
H p.m. Everybody welcome.
ENSlf.N JOHNSTONE, C'M'ii'.i orricKK
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
i ���.' ��� .i .��� �� -
Its sale in many lands is due entirely and solely
because of its surpassing Quality and Purity. Its
nutritious properties come from the choicest Northern
Barley and its tonic properties from select Saazer
Bohemia Hops���its in a class by itself.
Bottled only at the
Anheuser-Buscb Brewery
St Louis, Mo., U. S. A.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
i he new steel Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancou-
l ver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
I Steerage Fare
The "Camosun" is the only steame
on thc run having water-tight bulk-
h.'.-uls and double bottom, thus en
auring safety of pnnacngcrs in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Bottled only (with corks or crown caps)
Northern B. C. Liquor Go. Ltd., Distributors
Prince Rupert
Ladies' and Children's
8peciaTTines"]ust received
Everything lor Ladles a Children
���"ilu* Lultlii' atari"
Sixth Street       Phone Black 184 THE DAILY NEWS
S...���:.:. Land District��� Diatrict ol Coaal Ilan(* 5
Caaaiar   Ur.d   Diatrict-Diatrict   u!   skeena Take notice thu I.  Frank  Hicki ol Port Ee-
  ,      .        Take notlc. that I, Lnnuel Freer ol Vancouver,   alnpon,   occupation   merchant,   intend   to   apply
li* praSlea M parens*, ir. lolloaal J-acrio* 1    ���>��uP��<i*"> *J*;o*'";1 intend to apply lor permiaaion   (or permission. o purchase the lolluwin* describe.1
landa: to purchaae lhe fullowing desnbeir landa: 'and*:
. ....-:.,.,.. t at a poat   ,-:.:.-! at lb. north'
Coait Kan*, i Land Diatrict
Tak.   noun   that   1,   J.:.::    IU; I   .::.    Ol    Kit*
atuuBBium,   occupation  farmer,   i:.:.    .   to   apply
l ommer.cin-j  at  a  poat  planted  on   the ahor*
Commencing  at  a  poat  planted  on   the aouth
.    janlc  ol  the  Eichumalka  River  and   about   (our
marked 1     K.'s S. E. Corner,  thence SO  chain,   mi'**, 'mm iu coniluence with the Skeena River,
in a northerly direction from Port N'eUor. Canaan    I'.nk  ol  the  Exchumaik
'  L.  K.'a   '
Skeen. Land Di.irict-Diitr1.it ol COM! H��n**e ���
Tak. notice thai Atond" MeUlotf ���"'*'"
couver. B C, OWUpatiOS re-*1 e*'-,'<k.''���,re
intend, to appl> lor per.-niaaiun to purcbwc ice
(ollowing deacrioed landa' .k.i���. .outh
C-omm'.ncing .. . pM ?�����''��!,�� J^Sm
commencing at a ���>.��. k��TL aaa  thence Ml
Irom th. ��L*i. ccrr.er ol U*_W��. UJSC. ^
corner ol Lot jhs3, iner.c. eaat 'io cnajna, tbanca
rMW.tawZ""^*^!: '"""'   r'    &���  '"'T ��JW��^5.' **SS M  chain. , ther.ce ft -fetal wet, thenc.  H chain,  north, ! chain. M��h7"then�� 40 cn..na  ��e*t. in��*e pj
Jo I IN  UEPULKN    ,outh  l0  **""*   **������*���   "*��*ice  along  lhe  .I..:.-  M   Ihence   SO  chaina  eaal, thenc. aouth   SO  chain,   chaina north, thence 40 cnam east W P����� ���
point ol commencement, containing lo acrea more   to point ol commencement, containing 640 acre,    commencement gOBtalnlal --'���' ***** n-ortf �� '
��r '**������ more or lo*. Dated April 17. IHU. ,.,,  ,,  ,a-m��u
Dated June 10. 1911 LEMIII   FREER    Dated April 21. 1911. FIUNK  HICKS ALEXANDEH MtlNTOan
I'ub. Jul. -. J. M. foUiaon, Agent '. Pub. April 29. ] Pub. May 6
Daiad March 19, 1911.
Pub April IS.
Dangerously Spectacular Shot
on Wednesday Morning was
Due to Fault in the Rock Imperceptible from Surafce.
Skeana Land Dutrw*.   Dattric-l of Caaaiar
Tak* nol.c* tu*.  1. Terry la*us-anao wl  Princ.   Bl
hup-art    b.   C.   vac-.-.-:.   *��t-.p-a,u,r.   inland   to    ^"^i^rfiZl'X1?*?!.^*.?'
apply   lur   i��rr:..-... :.   to  ; artti-M   in*  fuUd��>ir.g
c��-cn.-t* i IftOdfl
t\.mmer.c-:.�� *: �� P^t t-UbUi. i.. .un ���..eir.*'..)
ol Liuow :.*.-. IMM ���.:-f-*i4(r.u ot a tmmmt BMtA
wl ia�� moutn cl .oe bourne trwt, and d-ci-*
oa ia* MMMft) bMiMtAQ o( Timber Umii Ntt
���i-siai u .Su. lltn u��&m aouto -i-i chains atone
L.*.e iliUti/ iin,.l ul ��*.J   limber Liic.t Nu    j ���-1 -
Skeer.a Land Dutrict���District ol Coait Cl . ,,.._,., Q( Cassiar
Taka nouc* that William McTavuh ot Vucou-1     , Skaana UfidiDh UW  ^"SSi o3wtlh
er, U   C. occupation phyatelan. intenda to apply I .. B" notice that  I.  P-i ^\^   .....,,,-, t..
Tak* r.uien that Linford Swell Bell of Prince
Rupart,   H.  C.  occupation  locomotive engineer,
* to apply for permiaaion to purcha**- tlM
fu,:o��ing ���lmentMaj landi:
Commvr.cMg at  a poat planted on  th
: u *.. tht   ��i mug out*   River   about
mil** dutant   up-��tream,> in a westerly
from the Junetipa of tbe Little Zimogotiu ... .,_  .         .,   , .���t
and tn- main /imoffotit* River, thrnce '���"���?������   1     thence  60  chairs   ��-urth.  tbenc* 60 chaina  w��t.   then��'
Uooa* Ba/   a MUH ai *o cr.air.-i mora or 1��*.   cr*r*    ������'"*���  **M   40  chain*,  thence  wuih   10   thenc* 60 el aine aouth to pa
tneooe  MtUMtl   ^.ocff  il* ehor* w<   Oiaw   Ba>    ��*���*���������   'hence  MM   .0  chaina  to  poat   of  com-   containing ,.K0 acres D ore or It
U'   CO   IM --    .--i^vT.   _..���_,.       '      I ^.t��:-.m*   1&     �����a-  M>��  �����   Ua 1...^   ��l*.   o    1..1, Oft I  I   l
mure ur i<
lbu acres
Dated Marcn T,    ���:.
Imo. Apru 1
^S��E��T?^KlSnoS^S; d"^crTO ' <" SUw^-g: C7uccup.i,r 1-rr.Bl-t  injend to
Unila: apply lor permu��ion to  pjrecaa. me iouu...ai
Commencing at a port planted at tha aouthwe*   d*a��ib��d laada: ���u���,��i  nn  the nkht
tana corner. 4u cbatna north and 40 chaina eaat ol tbe   .  Loramencun  ��'  *  pa*. P, j!I .*, mila aoove
northeaat   corner  ol  Lot   1116.   Harvey'a Survey.   **** ��' the Baal nw '::''*'     ,?������
��� '   Cc.il  Dutrict,  Range 5. thence 00 chaina eait    tba lorka ol the N.a-.-.���-,     '   ^'*-'u.Ih.u  ������.".
or .So  ami 4a c--*lM, tr��ooe eart to ta. .aura u;   ��� :1 '��������!�������� mwi, tnence aortb l     thence 60 ch.ira  -urth. thenc* 60 chain* wort.    f��~  *��. ��o eh-uaj, . > ���""��. "      n���,nli
*y   a Ci.tB-.cr ol 4U chaa.-j mor. or ha,    ���J"**  v *rc*  ****   40  W*  th""*  "���������*   '"   Hi*nea 60 cl .in. wuih to poal o( commencement   '���*en*:? ��aal ��0 cr,..: - ��� ������� ""--����"
a.-.i.:..   IISM  '.-��� *oor* ol  Ooa��.  B-u   cr.aiha.  ih��nce .ajt   40  ch.ina  to  port   of  com-   containing ..Ml acres n ore or leaa. containing ��4U acwmor e-r .*��.���    ...,...���,, ,TH
Mini  III Isl llMlflllllllll   1^- ���---������" c-intatMns 160 acre, more or 1*~. Dated Ma. 2. 1911.     WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH ' n     . ���        ��RCJ   ��� *s' B-S?wS*l   -tit
I   i'^^llN?!    ^1   ..a-:J.-.. ". 1,11.   UNTOHDSKWAU.BEU   i*u... Mai i RJlW. Kohl.,.Ag.nt   ESfOJ"  ��. ������� fraak Sldav W*bt, AP
moi.aa.ra. '   Pub  J. Geo. R. l-utnam,  IflM rub. Mail,.
a..-i j Land Dutrict���Diatrict of Coaat Range V
?k*��*:a Land D��nct���Di��rict olCaaaar Tak.  nutlc.   that I. J.  Lome   MacLaren   of.
Tak. nont-e that I, Charlea Freieriek Metcal|   Pnnce Runerl. B.C.. occupation real ealateanent
Skaena Und Dlltri��-pUllW of Caaaiar
Taka   notice   ihat   I.   Jo*"   t n**1" .��   H���f*
.! .-...art. B. C, occupatioa freighter, mtend to    intend* to apply for pernViaalon to purchaae the   ��� '*���" ,notjee   that   I.   Jonn   "*"  ."'   -;^"
iu��   dou��*   uat   Ci��vrff*   r'ruMU   u(   fnnc*
...,-.., b. l , occupauoa Dutcn��r, uiunoa ���.-,,.���
S^n^r-pUnled *' ch.ln. w-t   BJMtiS ffS&TB <�� "^^
������-... -.    .,.   .a i1--..     |i.......-.,    **r ���    .  iui:i-a     nni      ��� /
Coaaaadaaj  al   a  post  planu-d  on  th*  r.g.M   ar.d v. chaina aouth of the aouth��e,t cornerof   '���u""!
Irl.ala   >,lal.n.l i 1        L k�� ��� B       ���  .������.       .-��,--- ..   .-.     -     Mia   III     K'UIM      V*      kll-C      lUUUIB'-l       l..'111-l    Ul , a .     aaa      ��_
ateSST^Mad    ?**���* u   l" S"5 "ver 'b?ut * "^ -��->ovetht   lotlTtt wcinity uf Lakelie Lake, and  marked J. .     Commencing; at i po=:  plated about 9) tao
tor mtmrnmi Ut i.orcn��-e taa luuuaitff ot^er.oeo   �� riJ j [ct Nuj rivir, th*nc* aoutb at) Alk   L. MacUren'a nortweat corner,  thence eaat 8u   mUa* aouthb? tne foffi at ihe VVWtt and rla
. . .:..*���*.:��   al  a   port   plantad  about   ��*<��:.
oiaMa **k aa-i 1*0 a.t.��* euuin oi im moutaB -:
MmMg    ' -'��� <�����   ���-!��   it   axnptiaa    into   . -������
tivt/uf, uraAam i-kaxd, ibecce au cnaiu mm*\
taanc*  sm c&*~m **at. Uiaaoa  :.  c&aira t.ati&,
u**��c* >o enaoa eaat to point of cumm��ace:ac:.*.
ara .-*.=.* ...... ��� .. acrea mora
. - ��    Marca IT, :.-.;
i'-    Apru T.
-,ce *e*t  bU chatna, th*nc* north  bO chain*
tier.c* eaat so cbaina to point of commencement
eor.tai.-.inff t>4o acn* mor* or leas.
Dated Marcb 2$. 1911. CHARLES F. METCALF
pjb. May 17.      Frank Siduy Wright, Affent
'l    uf    >������
nvera,  thenc*  ��outn M cnaini.   thence ea*t  bO
chaina, tbenc* nortn U ihala*, thence wwt no
D.te^l AprU 18, 1911. IQHN INWIS
Pub. May 13. Francia s. Preaton. Agent
Sk*eoa Laad Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat
Take  oot-c*  that   I,   William John  Cor.e>   of
oEotlUt t ivl^-LiX   emn (tjp.,., u. c.. occupation rancher. Inwad
.Niiaa lMz*r*. Ag.ii   !0 ,pP,) |of pCTmbaloo la purchaaa lb* folio-ring
daaci.:*ri landa:
5***ia Land laautct���Diatnct oi Hums C *���*.-. .*.*.��� aeeaa*
laa* aocic. taal rrtuak Lm.ie* ol  ..^...x.. K^a   .j en^^   ,����������,   a,,   40 ch^���fc th.nce
unt..   occu-auwa   t-oOBAOTpar,   iat*r.aa   tu   a,,., aonh .'j chatna. thane, a-aat 40 chaina lo point
laa p-tfoua-Bua to pj��-M. ta* lia.o.iii -a:.-.--.-- ^ coma.nc.-a.ot, eootaiulnf SO acre.,  mor. or
h.ir,,. thence K>uth 4i< chait-*. thence weat 81
chaina, thence north 40 ch.ina to point of com*
mencement, cnlainin-f 00 a.-rea more or leaa.
Geo. R. Putnana, Airent
Date May IL 1911
Pub. Jun. 16.1911
Skaaaa La: : Diatnct���Diatrict ol Coaat
...���.-.a Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Rang. '      Taka notica tbat Una* Dabington of Prince
Taka nolic. that  Henry Macartney of Prince   Rupart, B. C, occupatiun tr.^ter mariner, intenda
......... .    RJPW. B. c. occupation miner. Intenda lo .pply   lo apply  for  permja.on  to  lua.  tbe lollowini
oTlS wS. hSS.p��*cSm"d&JTSS l?nrrm-"">to ���u"h"����,,>llowi"�� d-m-����d ^l** �����"d'
Commencing at a .
coouxmoog at a poat pianud IMVt ������ tm
-.-���a ��-�����. and t��o -������* **-. ���- at IM -
���x^uey Cre���� *n*f* it ��s.pua* tm* .*--��-
Harosir, uratam la^a^d. Lbenoe s* cia--'-�� *j-~.
tiat* ao cnaina eaal, tnei.ee so IMtM -���.���--.
tn*boi -j c.-.a.as *es: to point U eot&a*nc*a��ot
aad ouatAnicg w�� acrea mure -: i��aa.
Daieu Uarcn 1", Uli* rn-A.SK ..LVKK
run. AprL ��. *Suma l**cm;*. \i*~
.-; planted about 100 chain*
ST aC*7aaZr��ftVaflS^K3 Comm.wring at a po�� plants on  th* aouih ���au"th~oT"Silndi�� iu��n-* onrtbe eaat iid. o(
FS^JSl^atataaSl ^ 3? !!n-��^S5   ���* 3 ttcbunwika River, about 2 1-a mU��a from Gooa* Bay on the *a*: nd* of the IVwniuU ibence
r      J       ��� - "    ��U confliaence ��uh tb* Skeena River and about north 100 chain. 3��| .core to the RjMTTt llna,
1-2 rt.iU-i *rast from Eicbumaika rapida, thence 80 thenoe waat 60 timim ::l:i' or *'-m t0 t^uOW "*-Si
cbaina north,  tbenc* 40 ehaina eaat,  tbenc* 80 thenoa  100 chain* along shore,  tber.ee east  bO
chs-'.i aoutb. tnanc* 40 chaina weal io point o chaina more or leas to ; ���... ooafhlllH tilO acrea
cor..-n��nc*m*nit   containing   S20   acrea   more   or more or leaa. . >���
leaa.    Poat marked "H.M. S.W. cor."_ Dated March 8. 1911. HUME BABINOTON
Dated April 8.19U.    WILUAM JOHN CuRLEY
Pub. A/.i 29.
��� ���* ��� Land Dlitrici��� Diatrict of Caaaiar
Ta��e aotie* that  William  Frederick  Cameron   iwrifj ��.,;, ���>>  rQn ~  i.,  - n\   M,.-.,n.,-i'v    ,...- .7,77-
of Fnoc*  Rupert.  B   C, occupation  carpenter.   SjfcTairii m""' MACARTNEY    Pm\x Apnl 15.
cter. :��� to apply for permiaaion to purchaae the   ru    noru "'
Sk**ca Land Diatnct��� Diamct at Coaat
Taa* nwuc* tnai oienn Mc.\rtiur ^4 tanoou.e*.*.
B.  (,., uccupation r��a*  muu age:.; ....��   u t>
apply  fur p*nuaaion  tu purcn.
Cooun-a&cnf at a poal plaited 4u cna*:* *ft*%
and au cn-ain* awuin oi lb* auuib*��ai t ;-��; uf
Lot No. ITm tniu'sed uunn Aio\ni--�� nont*
��*at corner* taai.ee suuta 4u c:-*.!*, tLecc* ��ait
cnaisa, tnaace nurtn 4w cia.Lt, u��nc*  *��
folios, tag daaerined landa:
Co-naMociag at a poat planted about thre*
mile* aouth of tr.e forka of tb* While ar.i Flat
mere, thenc* aoutb 00 chaina. thane* weat bO
cbaiu, thenee north A0 chaina, thenee eaat 80
eh* 1.1*.
lie [flftlowtaC   Dated April 1*. 1911.
Pub. alc> IS.
Francia !��� Preston. Ag*at
Skee:.a Ur. j Diatrict���DUtrict of Caaaiar
Take Mtiaa that I. Br*nton Jurdon Moor* ol   L����H March 1.. 1911.
I rir.ee R^per, B. C . occupation contractor, inund   Fub. Aonl 22.
Skrena Land J/iatrict���Dutrict of Queen Ohariotte Skeena Land Diatrict-Diatrict ci Caaaiar
lalanda Tak*   notie*  tbat   I,   Charlea   M,   ivnouae  o
Taka noUoe that G*i. IL U*ox of Prince Rupert, Prince Hupert. B. <-'., occupation farmer, intend
B. C.,  occupauon  barber,  inten.la  to  apply  for to apply (or perm.-��Lon 10 purcnaae '...���-��� following
permiaaion   lo  purehaat tbe  folioaing   described deacribed lands:
laada: Commencing a*, a poat planted about (U three
Commencing  at  a  poet  ptan:*J  about  aeven milea aouth and   - I .���*���-*��� mileu *���< of tlie forka of
miiaa %ml and on* mile south from  the moutb White rivar and t.at river, thence aoutb so chain*,
of Suily   Creek, N'adei Harbjr. thenc* aouth 80 thaoc*  west  80 cnaina,  thence   -.-.-:;.  bO chaina,
ehaina, thenoe w*at 40 chain*, thence  nortb 80 thence eaat bO chaina.
cf.s .... :-.w   ���>��� eaat 1) cnaina.
Dated April 20, 1 .��� 11 -
GEO. B. LAUX    Pub. May 13.
Numa Demera, Agenl
Francia a. Preaton. Agent
iij -acre. xor. ar aaa. ...      _.     .__        - . ���. -* ��� .i���...
Datad klarcn io, mil.
Pub. Apnl IS.
Comn-.acinf al a poat pUnted .bout tS) thre.   Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Rang.
'*   m..ea SS .r.d   J   t��o mile* .an of th, lorka    . T.k.  none,  th.t   Anna,  Muaeallea   of   Pnnc.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict o   Coaat Range i
Tak. not ca that Murdock McRae of Vancouver
B.   C,   occupauuh .-> .- eatata bruker, intend, to
apply  for partnu-aioo l:  purchaae  lb.  followina
T. D. Lairs. Ag��t   o( Wh]U in<j fU( rtnn  lh>ne> M chwM ^^ Rupert, B. C. occupatioa marmd woman, inunda      	
tbenc. ��0 ch.ina **at, th.nc* to chaina nortb. �� *Pt>ly fur tiarmiadon to purchaa* lh. folloaring i j^fjbwl i.n.la'
*.r..r.c* mj chain, rait d*-aent��d land.:
-. .  . L. d Diatnct- Diatnct ol uau Ctariotu BlUlNTuN JoRDON MOORE      tommenrng .1 .poat planlrt at a pop at tba
^T!-:-. -ta   I-  J��  u   t��   iTwn   D.Ud AprU SO. 19lt.      Franca S. Preaton. Agenl aoutb.��.t eornw. 60 cbaina aaat (rem S. L. corner
laa*  none. taa.  ��.��ii   .!?.,..       Pub Ma> 11 ol  Lot   U'.B.   Harr.y'a  Surv.y,  Coart   Dtatnct.
Rup-an. a Uawaa acant. IMaall taaMU   ru--- "m> '���*��� IUnt, a tb.ac, ^ -.0 eh.1M, thonc. north 4o
ha**n. Land Dutrict -Dutrict of Caaaiar chain*, tbenc wat  40 ehalna. thenca aouth 20
Taa. LoticVtr.aVl   Alfred Kyi. of 1'Wnc. Ilu- chair...  throe, mm SO 535  th.nc. aoulh  20   chaina aaat,  the-.c. N cnaina aouth.  th.nc. 4u
-ai   1.    "��p.i���*��      S   u. Cbairj to point of commencement, conuinin, 120   cbjun. .��t. there*,401 chain.i Kiuth to point o^
wal>   lor  ��manoD  to  purchs  tn.   following acre. m.,r* or laaa. �����"n..'i;~���"�����.     ntainim iio acrn more or I���
- par-z.i-a.oa to purcx-a*. tee, lu-uwins o**cno**d
Lur-..T-*r-c.-.g at a po-K p.an*.*d about 6 1*2
nuaa ..: *u.a nail a mt* MU ul lb. moaln ol
-.taniaay Cr-BBk weaa*. It acopua. into .Nadan
Uaroor. itranaoi ia.a:. i. inane, mm 40 chain*,
tn.-c* north u cna:na, lhaae. w*-*t 40 cnairva.
mac*** aouta 40 caaLoa lo point al cotnm.ncn.ttl
and cc'-a-kinica i-.o bctbb mor. or *B*a.
Dat��s Marco II, U1L HLULKT O. CREW ���*���
Pub. Apnl 7. N-iina Lran-ara. As��al   wet.
Dat*d April It, 1>11.
Commencing a*, a neat  ;���*:-..:  on  the ... u I.
bank of Lirhu; river about bve mile, tiom
iu coottuooc B.tn tn. Skeena river, tbenc 40
chaina weat, tawael M cnaina north, thenc 40
chaina want, it ���   ca 40 chaina north, thenc 40
Chief VickctV investigation of
tin- shot which threw rock wildly
tlnuji Fir*., avenue near the Westholme Lumber Co.'s yards led to
the appearance in the police couri
yesterday of John Anderson to
explain the matter. Chief Vlcken
stated that fragments "f rock
were tlung as far as 800 feel from
the scene of the shot.
Ji.'lin Anderson, however, was
known to Ik- a careful rock-man,
and this was the first unlucky
shot he has fired sir.ee he came
to the townsite. He said that he
had put in a shot the morning
before which had only just moved
the rock. The unlucky shut had
the same charge, three Imxes of
powder, in a 19 foot bore. Il
was blanketted with chained logs.
but there was no brushwood which
ought to be there in terms of the
city bylaw.
Magistrate Carss dealt leniently
with the case imposing a nominal
fine of S5 and costs, and warning
Anderson to attend to the matter
of brushwood which i-* intended
to prevent fragments from thing.
In this case, however, it appears
that the blast blew out from below
owing to ihe presence of two imperceptible scams in the substance,
of the ruck below the surface.
Dat*! May a. 1SU.
da*cr:b*d landa:
Commencing at a poat p.ant.1 aboul i3   three   Pub. Mai li
mile Mutb ol th. fork, ot tb. lir.it* and Hat
n.er,. ibenc 80 chain. ���.*.-.. th.ee to ch.tna
cat. thane   M cbnina  nurth,  these  so  cbaina
ANNIE MISSALLEM    Dated April 21. 1..11.
I Pub. May Id.
oaaw-aB Lar. iD.,'.r.e* -Laialnc*. of 1,-Ja.n Chariot
1 aaa neue taal Cai-wnn. llvnaon. cl C*usar
Albarla,   uecupal.oo   aplnalcr.   laucia   lo   appl),
lur p*arauauon lu purchaa* la* loboBins decrioeal
ComnMnang at a pott planted about t�� 14
mJe waat and ball a ti.ua ...u. :.--:.. tba moum
of aiaaiey creak, woera il emptie into isadua
Uarbur, ��.r.:.*.i. laiand, thene 4o chaina au.tn
inane 40 chaina aaat,  thene  lu chatna north,
Pub. May \i.
Skeena Land Dutnct���Diatrict ol Coaat Rang.
Skene Land Diatrict���Dutrict ol Caaaiar Skene Land Dialric*. -Dutrict ol Coaat Range S
Tak.   nouc   that   I.   Thomaa   McMckln   ol Taka note thai 1. John l.an Peuraol Princ
ALFRED KYTE   I'nne Rupet. B. C. occupmon clerk, intend to Rupert, B. C. oecu-jat on clerk, inlend to apply
Franca S. Preaton. Agent   apply  lor narmielon  to  purchaa. tb.  lollowlng for permiaaion to purchaaa tbe follow-in* deacr,bed
.�����.���:-: landa: anda:
Commencing at e post planted about two miles
.with of tb. forka of tb. Whit, .nd Flat riv.ra.
Commencing .1 . poat planted ebout three en
one-half mile dLtan*. n a aouth weterly d net oa
from e blind alough from obwrvatory Inlet whan
iJscVSS* U*Cl  Lii^ol march.**?^-.hd "�������   ���*   ��   ��*��"*   ">��~  ������"   W   �������'�����
I nnc* llupvrt. II c., occupation mcrcbanl. Inland -. ��� .a. ..*-7?T ,k���-_ _M, m .a.;..
to apply lur pwaueioc to purenaa. lh. lodowin. gSSIIff ia Sn" ^PWtuT* u!uin-rtN   "������ �����"���  touch���  tn.  IndUn   Rear v.,   thenc
decriued land.: i'?,,ki.Jii JSSm,<  .���-..,   ....;,    *** ��<> '-"-na. '���"����������� ���"-��"  M t*"1". >������������������'���*
Comra.hcing al a poet plenud on lb. aoulh ' ""��� M" ������**��� rrenoa s. I reton. Ag.ni   -u, M chalMj thfr.M MU,h B0 chalM u ���(���, ���
ng .1  a port  pl.nt*d
bank ol l.acr.umBtka Itiver and about four ratli
from ita entiuenc* with th* Skene lliwr, thence
-u cnai-ia aat, ihenc no chatna north, thane to
ehaina Bet, tbwnc ��0 ehaina aoutb to point ol
Skene Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Caaaiar
Taks notlc that I. t'narle L. Delgrov. of Staw-
and eohiainlhg ICO acrea taur* or I***.
D.Ud Marcb IT. UU
Pub Apr. 7. Numa k-vman*. Ag.r.t
Skaana Land Dutnct���Dutriet ol Uuoan Chariotu |>aui,   Mmn*aola,   occupation   married   woman
_ , ia.a. .. intend, to app.y lur pannuaion to puKtaaM th*
T*Uia noue that J. iL ..tarphy.ul Vane.aver, (ollowing decrihvd l.r.,|a:
B. C. occup��uon ��:nm.rc.a. tr..��i*r.  intond.       Comm.nclcg .1, pon plantad al lh. southwet
to *^pl> lor pemufcon to purcnae um luuuwinf eornu ol Lot No. 17J4 mar^d Mr*. U C Putnam a
decnoal isnda.
'���"chU,^*""' "1*r'<* ����rth W ""'"*' *"*" "",l Ithe followln>? foreshore:   Commencing
l.'atrt'Apr.. Jo. 1*11     CHARLES DELGROVE | at a (wst plantod about 12 feet from the
I'ub. '.'....
Franele S. Preaton. Agent   location post of lot 1301 on Porcher Island, thence  in a  southerly  direction
cr:.. r ��� U : :.,.  :. . . *: a: .. : *.!*.  i. . ,1 -;-..:   , I in       ��� .���   .  .'.a,/ -������-���������
nonraul corner, thehc  set 40 chaina, thenc.   - ,.���. ,���^    rn..^�� ���i r-... u.n..       following   high  water mark  120U   feet;
mu. mm .m v-T**teL?? �����, rbh 3 S S rco^^n,1^ S *&%?&# SS�� thvr h)l,?low rvz mar,k; thi,ncbe
ol Stanly Crek, Nad.o ilaroor. ta.ne oorin ��u ! ^|���j-.J^^ ���"4Tor �� Rupen. B. ��... occupat on btaekam lh. Intend to   northerly    following   low   water   mark
chaina, tn.r.c. mill chains, taeoc euth  eo   y,^ Uu(t, ia mj,     m Tt-S. L. C. PUTNAM   JJS, ';f Pe���"*oa to purchae the loUowiog   j^Qu fect; thence east  to point of corn-
chain., Ib.r.c eat 40 e
Daud Marcb 17, lalL
Pub. Apnl 22.
Numa Lreman, Ag.nl
Pub. April IS.
Sken. Land Dulriet���Diatrict of Ca^ar
Taka   nolle   tbat   I.   Thome   Maego.era   of   *\2^,,h i^T "^
Stowert, B. C, oocupetlon rr.intr.inter.u lo .pply
tor p*mit*aion lo purchae the tollowinf deenbed
. ...��   .uu. u..u.    u_.     ua.   pOint
.��o. a Puinam Agan      ft���nuTJi It ��� poat pUntod .bout thrc.nd I mencement.
-...   ,.,,.       -nau.  .-re.        t. r. on. ball mile d alant In e euth weteriv direction PAUL BRENDLBR
^a��ha Lanl DaUKt-DuUKt of Coaat Rang. I> fn,m a blind alough from Obaervatory InWt wb��re I     Plntor! Murpli 7   1 ca11
l��k. colic lh.t I, Car. M.y Lutw ol PnnC ,���, em. louche lb. Ind an Reer... thenc wet        U*t*X. *U*S' ''Jziit ,,
K..*f*l - . ~!  occupallon  apmrter,  intend   to m, chalru. thane euth 90 ch. na. thine net CO       rirst insertion March 11
decnt-Bd l.nda
Comm.nc.ng .t a pat plantad at tb. north
wet e-.r:..r of Lol 17JJ, lung. 5, Cout Diatrict
Comm.nclng .1 ��� post planted on  th. right ' 'f**1** ���*"  4lJ. ��>*"��\ ��*>������� �����"  -���-  ��baina
lb. following   chelne, tn.nc* nonh .0 ch. na to po nt of com
rr-.nem.nl. cnlelnlng 610 acre more or leaa.        I Skene Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Coet Range 5
Dated Apr I 14. ISII.       J. HAROLD McKEA Tak, notlc lhat lirac MeTevieh, ol Vancouver,
B. Ca, occupation n,*rrn-l wom.n, ioteoda to apply
ou        -     - ��� ���    .   ��� .    .   . -    ��� lor permlHion to purchae the following uWrib*l
hkena Land Diatrict- Diauict of Caeiar landa:
Tak. notie lh.t I. John Robert Pecy ol Prince      Comm.ncing at a poet planted et Ibe eulbwet
Pub Mey IT.
Skeena Land I'i.!. :ct -Dutrict of Coa.t
Tea* notice that 1. Mi a  J -in C-.rley uf Pnnc*
Kupert. BC .occupation m.--^' woman, intenl.
d^ilnhidf'lBnd.���'"'<''''''''''''''"*' "���, ,0*1'""--"   eouihan-io. .
Contmencmit .1 . prat plar.lr.1   I . .a.I
Sad li" chain, *~.ith from the Bouthwml ci  *rof
l-.l r cl, Oaaal Dutrict. Rat... *,. thenc*  N ll
chair,.. Ihenc eaal 4*   chain., tbenc* north  *a
chaina, thence weat 4't. ham. m-.r* ���r 1.*.*  I., th*
l-a'.r.t   of   . ,>mm*ncement.  I   I acre,
mor* or ....
Date M.r -*'. I'lll
i'ub. Apr. I. I'Jll
White end  Flat -lew., th.ee eoutb eo cbeina  i cor.iair.n.g iio acre mors or li
1.k.^,-r,?h.tUV^la^Uu'CV'*K*,,UhL o. ^D~ '"'  .'J  th,iM-  ,lm""  ,,<"tb  "  eh*""-   U��"Siliy2.?5u. GRACE McTAVlSH
laks  notie  that   I,  Isaac  U linen   horbaa ol th*nc weet 80 Che na. KE Mey 6 Fred W   Uohler  Aienl
Inne Rupert, b. C, occupelion carpenter, intend D..ed Apr I 20. 1S.11    JOHN ROBERT PACEY ' l*red w . Uohler. Agenl
to epply lor permieawn to purchae the following pul. May IS. Franc a S. Preton. Ageo
deacrit-ed lende: Skena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Caaalar
Comnnncing at . pet planted aboul S�� roll.*.* Tak. nolic that  1, Jame  Dunlop ol Prlne
Date.1 April lx, I-,11
I'ub. Mar 11.
ne Land Diatrici- Dutrict ol C-.aet Itug* 6
Take r. .tic that Eldoa  -   Iwtaiar ol liarllr..
Oni.' occupation  doctor,  lalandl to  appiy   for   ,,
oerrrauaaor.   to  purcl.ae  tu lollowlng   leaihwl   t���* ""J- u>*n*�� *"- """^ tMXb- *b*""*
Comm.ncing nt . pel planted al th. *outb*
wet co,h.r of la,l 11,2., thane .el N chain.
more or lee, thane Mats 11 cl.eira more or .��*.,
ibenc wet .lo cr.aitaa mor. or i*e. lh*r.e north -kena ..ar. 1 DutriA
4*. chaina more or lae to point of comm.ncrn.nt !��,.-, i.
containing 140 acre more   r ,,o Tek* nolic u.at '.ur^.  .V. Arooll ol Mats
Dated March II, mil    I.I. DON      DBTWILER Ru-yan,  u.   C,  oeeapau..,  real  aim   t.r.ar.
Pub. April 16'                      John ( ampb.ll. Ag.nt ir.u-i.iia u. apply for pernuuon M pjrc.-ia..-   laa
twluwing 'lecnuej la. I.
Commencing  et  a  po.t  plailel   abort   ae/en
Skene Lend Dutrict    Dmnr- of ' aaaiar rr.i... aad otK-half tnila ml and o.,.i   ml*  .oil!
Tak* nolle that I Irar.cu .-.. Preton ol Princ Iron, tt.. .,,,in of Stanly   Crek. Main ll.riiof,
Itupert, ll. C, occupalur, proapector,  intend  to ihence ami  ao chains i'.*.f  .ojl-i   *il  e.i.ilu,
apply   lor   permiaaion   to   purer.***   lh.   lollowing thence eaa*. ��� I c-.a, ..  UIBM. Jrf.*l W c.iai.n.
decrilaed lende: Datad Mvth IT, llll. '.r. >. W. AKSOTT
l omniencing   at   a   poal   plante.1   about   three    put��� A; r,, ...
mile aoulh and two nule wnt of th* fork* ol I
the White and Flat rivers, Ihenc aoulh hO chaina
thene eaat  BO chaina,  thenc north  hO chain*,
thene wet ho cbaina.
mT'tSS12mamZ72m7ffSsSaTSS !***��� "-������>* Dlalrict-DUtrlct cl Coeet Rang. 6   .K,u,*i?rt-,  u-   t,, owipallon   teaiuter,  Mtl
___, �����. a,a..lfc. Ku|'��*rt, fl. C, occojiat on marr -d woman luten i   m*m,m*rmmM ���������"*������
SSASIft mil. ISAAC ., ,;,t,EN FORBES J-^hr IjJ J-nJ-l-i .. por.he. ,b. following   &?���� M*5rti��*ff Z "g��
Pub. Mey IJ. trancu s. Praaton. Agsnt " < '���     ���
Sken. Laad Diatrict--DMrict ol laetar
7aa. nolle thai I, swan llalara ol Mo.art,
ll    C,  occupation   carpenter,   intenl   to   epply ao chelne. thenc aouth SO cha na, th.nc* wet a
lor permlatkia to purchae the (ollowing d*wcrif-d cl..tr.a, there north *)0 che na to poinl of com-      Skena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Caaaiar
.anda. mer.em.nl, oont. n ng 640 acre more or loaa.       Take notie that  I,   Mary   Carln  of  Stewart,
Commencing et a p.a.l planted about III mile Dated Apr! 14, mil. MARTHA LEEK   ll. C, occupation married woman, intend lo apply
...oil. andi.ne.il mile wet ol the lorka ol tha U bite I'uh. May 13. ' ........    .i..,
and llal rl.ers, thenc.- -u chains soulb, lb��ne a0
��� ��� ���   a Lead District -District ol Cout Range
(or permiaalon lo purchae tbe lollowing d.-acfihed
Commencing at a poet plented two (2) mile
��*uth and \2i two mile west o( the fork, of tbe
Taks notlc that Mary llcton OUderaieve ol I tt^ll��� ���"d W '���*'���'"��� JJ-""�� S '��')'" "0,lb'
Itancu ��. Preloi.. Agent   \,���,,���,, E c.. occup.tion houekepor. Intendi ]$����, "" "'"" *"���'���  ���������1���Ba, 00 cl""**1 "on Hi
lo apply lof |)ermielon to purchae the (ollowing   '���J"'**'*' ��� ";'','""'} * ,.. ������ ... ������,
��� deaiUil lan.la- listed April 20, 1011. MARY CARIN
7:.nS        4*"" Commencing at a pet plented at the ��,uth.et   l'"->. M.y 13. Francia S. Preton. Ag.nt
crn.r ol Lot ������'������.. Reng* t. Cout Dietrlct.thence
nil eheine south thenc 40 chaina eaat, thene ho
chaina nonh, thenc 40 chelne wet to point of
ummenement. containing 1120 acre, more or le
U.IIV     III    III.,       /til    1.1    I,   . I    L   L
Skn-na Land District���Dielrlct of Cout
Tske  notlc  thet   I,   William  Melville Corley
ot   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   intend
Skeena Land Dn'rict  -Di.'ricl ..n.ainlai
Take nolice thsl I, Alice M    Knuuen   ol J'n   r-e
Dsled April 20, mil.     FRANCIS S. PBMTON    Uil-rt, I:   .   , ,K-cupallon msrrie.1 Boinsii,
MARY  BEATON GILDERSLEEVE    lo epply (or permiaelon lo purchue ths (ullowing
Dated April 17, mil. I described landa:
I'ub May 6. Commencing at a pet planted at lho nnrthwest
corner o[ Lol .w.>:> Reng  6, Cout District, thenc
eut bO chsina, thenc north 40 ch.ina, thsne wnt
Skena Land District���Diatrict of Cout '.0 chaina  to   Hell's  Gate elougb,  Ihenc elong
Uauul UjjaiiL JLaaal     "Taka nolle that Fred W. Uohler ol  Kiteum-    alough aoutherly to point ol commencement, con-
na-au.iai-,apai   kalum, occupallon farmer, Intends to epply  for    mining 160 acre more or lea.
permieion  to   purchae  the  (ollowing   dwertbed    D.led April 6, 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Pub .If ay 13
Skene Lend Diatrict���Dialrlcl ot (.'out Range I
Taae not e lliet I. J.-e Jack of I'r.rc It. p.rt.
the follol
B   C occupation crpenler, Inund t" apply for I end Flel river., tience norlh Ml chaina, ihenc
lhe   loiluwing   described   **asl  '0 (hsina.   ll.et.e  south  ho chains,  thenc
Commencing at a port planted at the  north-
-I   eut oorner of     A. McLe.il', pre^-nption, thene
"   J" *h""" ���/^���"'Jt, thaney 10 ehalna eat, tb.ne 20    skM���, Un(, Dutrict-Diatrict of Cout Range 6
chain, north, ihenc  10 chain, wet  to  pet of I    T,ke noliM lh,t ,   LlonBl Kingaley of V.ncou-
Commenclng .1 a poal planted al��,ul l.o n il,.   gSSBSflM S?irSllt��lffoiPy BntfpBR    ,v,r-   b*  C-'  occupation   miner, Intend   to  apply
*��� pu^Apffli ���'JH- ���"^SmtmrSSi \rxr{Mion w pureh", s 'ou��w,"'dmJb,d
to a|itily \m  (,<*r'iiiMi'jri tu pure In
J.-cil*.* I Ik , l.i:
txrrniijuiun   tu   purch	
landa: . ��'������������ B0 chair.n.
Commencing at a poet planted about three and   Uated Apt I to, \'j\\.
one-half mllea dintant In a aouth ���-.<-���  n. direction    ''"''��� -''���'��� '���*���
from a blind alough from Obaervatory Inlet where
the lame touchea the Indian Itf-nerve thenee eaal
60 cha na. thence   ���'iith OU chaini. thence weatnU
chalmi. th"nce south f0 chaina lo p<>lnt of commencement, containing M0 acre* more or l*ae.
Uated April U, I'Jll. Jul, JACK
I'ub. May I.'I.
FrancU S H-a-tUII. Agent
BUUm Und Oiatrlct    Uaincl of ' .uiar
Tike notice that >><!np..   H...ljfii,imn of Tele^
C-ommencing at a poat planted near the touth*
aa t-r,,i iii-.tri-t_m-.iri-* ��r   nmmsmm r ' **** corner of Lot M Range 6, Coait   District
na Und Diatrict-UUtrlct of Coaat Kange 6   ,h���ne_ ___.,  4(J Ph.imi. then��� nouth co chaina
Wumu und Dl.tr rt-Diilrctol Coast Hang- o   ln.nC��� .^ 4U chiJru,   ftrfft| NUlh 60 chftt
lake notice that 1. Hell Hall Kenney of tar- p th(jnoe Ml 40 cha,Mt \hence north 60 chaini to
mouth   Nova Sco ia, occupation married woman.   point o( commencement.
mend  Ui  apply   for  permiaalon to  purcbaae U�� ] &il��d March id-4. IPll.        LIOMEL KIMG3LKY
following df-scrlbed lands: Eub Auril 22
Commencing at a poit planted at rmrth eait
trapb Creek, II. t... occupat on cierk, Intenda lo   corner of T. C Lot 38528, thence running wett 40 _4���.    f      , _. ,    ,    _. .    ,   .-    ,
tpp.'y  fur  permlasion  to  purchaaa the following   chalm,  thenee  north   80 chains,  ihence eaat  40-     _  Wlklnt I*and District���District of Cassisr
Mrlbtd land- chains, thence aouth 80 chaini to place of com- | ., Take notice that Christian A. Tervo ot Miklne,
("ommenclng at s post planted about a quartpr   mencement  containing  320 acra  more  or  leas.   P c- oc.C'ioatlon cuitomi ofTicer. Intendi to apply
bkeena I*and I'isirirt    District of Coast Kange u
Take notice that Lettie Mr I m .ul, uf Vancouver,
il.   C,   occupation   marrietl   woman,   intenda   to
i>.    v, ,    ori:ij(iaiioii    inarrit-'i    mornan,    inieii'ia    HP     �����,, ��.,e,-i-i-- ...	
apply   for   permieion  lo  purchu.  Ibe  following    n. ��, J.'h  U Tin
deenhed l.nda: ueiwl reo. ll, mil.
mile north eut from (il.tier lllllle and on lhe east My port ia on eouth eut corner ol lend eppllod   !or P��mlaelon to purchae the following deacrltwd
b.nk  of  Stikine   Itiver.   thenre  eat   20  ch.ina   lor. marked letter. S. E., about one mile wet of   **"!'' ._.._..    .  	
thence north 40 chaina, thenc weal  20 chelne. Uke Lekelae, inulh aid. ol Sken. liver District I     Commencing  at  a  poet  planted   alxjut  three-
thence w.ulh 40 chains to point of commencement of Coset Reng* 6.                                                     I 'lo*neTii ol a mil. north east Irom t.lacior lllllle
acre more or la
Commencing et a post planted at the nortii
wet corner 100 chain, eaat and 'ill chains north
from the northi-eat corner of l/.t I1IG, llervey's
Surv.y, Cout Diatrlct.Ilsng* f,,Ihenc* 20 chains
south,  ihsnce  Ml  chain, eaat,   t���.-iir**  nil  chain.
lv-. April
CA. Tervo. Agent
I     ' I    urll Kml.     HELL HALL KENNEY I Sri?.i1}' ,"'ub,nk (.aSi!klno.Wv" *nud ?!? \0t
Pub. May 13. John Haverty, Agent      "u.ll-JS,',u0' *��.M** ��jt ""'"- 5-T*k- !u,nw
i .ut  40 chaina,  thenc.*  north  40 chaina, thenc
o, ,      ��� m .j .   e.  .    .   . r.     ... s   w*��" *���" chains, thenc aouth 40 chaina to point
Skeena Und Dlatrlct-Diatricl of Coast Ramie r,   0| commencment and containing 160 acre more
Const Diatrict
Take nntli*. thai Win. Leslie nf Snpperton. B.C.
���K-t-upntlon li'ivernment (iiiar.1, Intends to apply    Pub April 7.
Sk.ana land Dislrict -District ol C.Ml.r
Take nolle th.t I, Jame Millar Johnaton of 	
north, Ihence 40 chaina wet, thenc Ml chains   Stewart, II. C, occupation storekeeper, Intend to for permiaaion to purchase the followinK descrtb-
aoulh. thenc 411 chsina wet to post ol commen-    apply  |nr  p. r.,,i.    lo  porchse  IM  (ollowing ed lands:
eem.ni contsining 4W1 sere mor. or lee.                    SaaMM len.U: Cmmenclnir at n poat planted  4(1 chaina  weat
KX  2\K1, '""'             laOTTIK McTAVlSH       ' ommenclng at a port   plant��.| about one mile and 120 chains south of Hie southwest corner of lot
��� un. aaav r,.                         Fr.d W. Uohler. Agent   north lr.,m the   Nau river and almul nine mile. No 17.U, ranxo f. coastdlatrlct.mnrked Wm.Italic,
above the lorka ol the Nau rlvsr. thenc north HO N.W. corner, thence aouth 4u chaina. thence enst
Dated Feb. 10, 1911.     CHRISTIAN A. TERVO
*rrr; SSH ���S***''?'    I>l��tri.l of .���.,��,i R.���K. r,   cliaina, that,-*.. ��ul. HO ehalna lo point ol commence-
l��.ra   l!.. ,"," '��� Alea.ml... cu.her, ���( |���.���,.    men., c.inlainlng 1,10 acre more or lee.
sppii "";,���!,'!!:.;"">'��11"" (am,.,. i���te,���i ,������ iflln mii.i.mi jdhnston
BpaBaS"'"" "' uo.-h.u. u,e f���|l���wln��     ;��"-l March 21, mil.  Frank Sl,|�����y W.lght, Agt
'    " " ��� ," i,,^  .,   . !""��� May 17
*��.aleor���.t,J ,,'.l.V!"l.t.. !''���*,"'?!.-t   U��   .'"..ll
    . ���    -I- -.   ��*-**������������><���      ........      ..- 1 ,  ...... IF   | I-    .    .      .   1 |.    | |.    .*     *..  tt, 1   It     I    ���    ���    ,1 ,| 1  1 1 W .(I'll.' ���*.������. .-    ���       -,, |       , J
Ihenc  wel   M ch.ln.. thune south  HO    an chains, Ihence north 40 chains, thenc. wesl Wl   descrilied Isnds:
Skena Und Dislrict-District ol Cout Range 6
Take nolle that I. Lauchlan John Shanahan ol
Victoria,   II.   C.   occupation   leachor.   intend   to
apply  for  permiaelon  to  purcheae  the following
chains to poal of commencement, contalninK M0
acret mure Of leaa.
T. D. Laird, Aitent
Dsled Mi,,, I, .���ml,. IHU
Commencing at a poat planted 05 chains aouth
Irom the aoutneaat corner of Lot 3060, thenc 40
chaina aouth, thenc 40 chelne wet, thenc 40
chaina north, Ihence 40 chelna eaat to point of
emmenremetit, containing 100 acre more or lea.
...J Off les
Dale Jul,.  2nd. lull
Pub. Jun. 24th, 1911
District Ol Caaalar
John L. Mitchell ol Prince
���    "I bookkeeper, Intend  lo
purchaae   tha   lollowlng
,   ,  -���        ,....,.  a.   .-  .,.-- planted  about (M flv.
ehalna south, thene 80 chains   mile soulh and (1) on. mile wet ol the   ,,,'*,, ,,i
shslns   north.   Ikana.   en   -u.t...    .u_ uili. .  .-..1 -lu���   >k ....''-"'"
Tlie Best
Absolutely A
Crown Favorite Cooking Stove
Price from $45 to $58.
Other SlnvesfmitU
Second Av.nue T,l,pl
chaina, thcr.c MUtb &0 chains lo poin
commencment, cuntaining 640 acre more or la
Dated April 14, mil. JOHN  IVAN PETERS
Pub. May 13.
inane 4u cnaiia wet lo p.ml u cumm.nem.i.t! eommenement. containing blu ana more or les      ��t B. C. occupation prepsctor, intend to apply ' r      , .       , , :.,.:..  _ni��rrie-t nf Skepnn
Dated AprU 21, mil   CilARLE*. A. \ ALOHAS   for wrmleion to purchu. th. lollowlng decritwd   coasl L.8I1U Lilsinci���uisinci oi aKeena
Pub. Apnl 2��.                                                  *anda                       Take notie* that I, 1'aul lirendler, of
Commonctng at a post plsnted sbout sta mile ,..,,.                   ..       *
.  aouth and on? mile wet of th. lorka ot tb. whit. Porcher Islai.d,  occupation farmer, 111-
-vker.a Land Dutrici ��� DaUict ol Cout Itange5   ,n-i Flal nera, ihene anitb HO cbaina, ihence tend to   Hijplv for   permission to   lease
laa. notlc tut Mra. 1. C. Putnam  ol at
1836 1911
The Bank of
British North America
7S Yean la iu.lnra,.
Capital  and  Reaarve Over $7,300,000
Money Earning
Small weekly or monthly deposits in a Savings .\ccount soon
count up���Interest compounded
at highest current rates.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
Prince Baperl Branch -
r. S. lONC. MaaaS.r.
UM "SUy Sallsfiitory RaibJs
Sold and
Guaranteed by
The Kaien Hardware Company
Tha   Baal
Northern B.C.
SJ^S The "Frisco Standard"
Cut ret**"'
cylinder type "IW��
Standard      ���.*.-
Englae ���
Quick deli.en
7      eiies from I h p aa
cylinder .: -��-m��
Rupert Marine Ironworks & Supply Co.
Office Phon*: Bluett P.O. Box SI & Workson Whsrf  |- -���
WELL EqUirrKO MPAIH SHor ACC����-fUU ' *\*m\
Sknm Lsnd District���District of CsssUr
Tak* notio* that 1, Jam** Webstar Lsplln of
Stewart, B.C.. occupation    auctioneer, Intend to
apply lor permission to   purchase   tb*   following
deecribud I-mis:
Commencing at a post planted on the rifht
bank <>f the Nau rirer about nine milea above
the forka of the Naaa river, thence south bO chains,
thenoe west bO chains, thence north 80 chains,
ihence east 80 chaina to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or leaa.
Dated March 24, 1911. Prank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Land District���District of Caaalar
Take notice that 1, Sydney Fitzgerald o( Stewart.
B. i'.. occupation cook, Intend to apply for permiasion lo purchaae the following described land*
Commencing at a post planted about five mile
south and one mile of the forka of W'hlta
and flat rivers, thence south 80 chaina, thence '
west 80 chains, thence nortb 80 chains, thence
east 80 chaina.
Dated April 18, 1911     SYDNEY FITZGERALD ,
Pub Muy 13. Francis S. Preaton. Agent
Royal Bank of Canada
Head Office: MONTREAL. Ebtablijiikp Is*
Capital, 16,200.000
Surplus, - $7,200,000
Total AaMts, $92,500,000
Saving! Bank Department, 11 will open an wcounl.
Branches throughout Canada and Banking Connections with all r��rt�� ������ ���
United SUtM.
Agent* throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Prince Rui-rt Bn*-*
Application for Charter for a
_,_,    .1.    'li   *r*   2*2  *��� ���SET'  v���1"���  av  ���=�����"��    rniww ���oum ana -v 11 """�� mum want ��>,  u,n fork* nt
',���;'���������,- ������'������*��� ������������,'1 no*. ���, *.,,  - -   ��� I*?]? *****  "�� ���""���'"���a I",rth* '���"���*������>��� ���"> ��h.lns   tha WhlU and Flat rivers, thenoe nnrth 80 ,hll��
lii.nal.l Clacher. A��et,i , '-"��� ni-liTIK l nwii    liMwifu ��� th*ne* aast  80 chains, thene. aouth  80 chains
I l*.t*,| March 2*1   10  1     rrank Hldna.. W JtaB??5 ' n .   . a   Jtf*MR  HRRRYMAN   WILLIAMB   thane, weal 80 ehalna. ""'"'���
'mlWlT. H*dn.��Wrl,ht,A,ll,.^ April 18. Wll.      Kranrt. B. Prawton. A����t U^Ud Ap.ll 18, 1B11. JOHN L.MITCHELL
run. Ma. id. | Pub. May 11 Francia 8. I-raaton, Ami
application will be made to the Parliament of Cnnutlii ut the present session thereof, for an Act incorporating
ii Railway Company under the name
of "The Pacific, Trans-Canada and
Hudson Bay Railway Company," with
power to lay nut, construct and operate
a line of railway from a point in the
Province of Alberta, at or near the
City of Edmonton, thence northerly
by the most feasible route to, at, or
near Athabasca Landing; thence northwesterly north-east of Lesser Slave
Lake to Wabiska or Loon River; thence
northerly to a point at or near the
ju.iclion of the Loon River with the
Peace River, or at a point near the
junction of the Red River with the
Peace River, below FoTt Vermillion
on thc Peace River; thence northerly
to Fort Smith on the Slave River; From
a point on the said railroad near Its
crossing of the Wabiska River or the
Loon River easterly to Fort McMurray
on the Athabasca River; thence easterly
along the Clearwater River and Churchill River through the Province of
Saskatchewan to Fort Churchill or
Port Nelson on the Hudson Bay; From
a point on said railroad near its crossing
of the Wabiska or Loon River, westerly
to Peaco River crossing on the Peace
River; thence westerly on the north
side of the river through Laurier Pass
to Prince Rupert or Portland Canal
on the Pucilic Coast in British Columbia;
with power to construct and operate
telegraph and telephone and cable
lines for general public purposes; to
carry on, construct, maintain and operate boatB and ferries for the purposes
of the railway and other purposes; to
acquire and make use of lands, water-
lots, wharves, docks, dock-yards, slips,
warehouses, elevators and other con-
j venlcnces;    and   with   power  to  enter
Ilnto Agreements with other Companies.
Solicitors for the Applicants
Dated   at  Ottawa this 21st day  of
June, A. D��� 1911.
The following properties will be sold en block, or Wf*MU*]
and on euy terms.
Herns '*������-
LoU 27 *
_ ikcti'.s nil
M ���,���,. W
- For Drice
s. terms and nartit
AtUalk R..II** I"*""'"**:.. Ml
Second Avenue
The Christiansen-Brandt Co*
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
. wort
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. ���*�����*
Come and see us or write us before buying eliewW*
Read The Daily Nevvi
And Get All the News THE   DAILY NEWS
Canada'-3 "Grand Old Man" is Given the Freedom of the
Ancient City -Will Rank on Roll of Honor
With Nelson and Wellington
((unadian I1*"1'-** Despatch)
|(111(1���Mi July 18.���The Lord
Mayor of the ancient city <>f
Bath, conferred the freedom of
th, city on Lord Strathqona yes-
terday in the presence of a brilliant assemblage. In moving the
resolution, his Lordship referred
t��� Lord Strathcona's groat career,
Canada's Grand Old Man
ami s'ii.1 that his name added
to the list of distinguished freemen
ni ilu- city, would rank un the list
���jesde diose ��f Wellington and
Kelson, and add lustre to the roll.
Lord Strathcona, who fur fifteen
l\..ti- has lilliil tin- posiiiun as
Ir.in.iil.i'- High Commissioner ai
Ii.i'ihImii, ami whose retirement
Iw.i*. announced by Sir Wilfrid
ll.tinii'i   ai   ilu-   Dominion   Day
banquestat the Imperial Institute,
occupies a place unique and outstanding in the annals of Canadian
history. "A Great Canadian, yea,
an Imperial figure, passes from
public service with his retirement," says the Toronto Globe,
in speaking of his resignation.
Lord Strathcona was 90 years
old on August Gtli last, he being
born at Forres, Scotland, as the
son of a saddler, as plain Donald
Smith. As a raw youth of 18 he
set sail for the West, years before
Horace C.reely was known. Arriving at Montreal, he at once
entered the service, of the Hudson
Bay Company, and for years was
immersed in the solitudes of Labrador. He endured terrible hard
ships, but finally became superintendent of that company, whose
sphere of Influence extended for
8,000 miles.
Afterwards, in company of his
cousin, now Lord Mount Stephen,
he advocated against strong opposition the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. He was
told that the receipts of the road
would not pay for the axle grease
of the trains. He had faith in
lhe proposition, however, and has
lived to see it the greatest transportation company in the world,
carrying passengers from Great
Britain to Ho.ng Kong over its
own lines.
.Lord Strathcona is today the
world's oldest multi-millionaire,
Canada's greatest philanthropist,
optimist and financier, the British
I louse of Lords' second oldest
peer, antl (ireat Britain's most
prominent railroad Iniilder.
I + ���-�������� ������.- ��������-��� e-wu .-**.. .-aa. ..-**-��.. ****., r-
im*mmy***mW*m*W*xmt$**m*)**'     ****** ��
i i
I    i
1 j
I  ���--..   -*
Leave your private card when
you make a call���Every ��/n</
of "correct" visiting card can
be had at the Daily News
Office,    Telephone   No.    98.
lour Kim- Double Damask Cloths, 2 by
S1-8 yards (hand woven)
I T��,. I in,- Double Damask Cloths, 2 1-2
���') -I yards (hand woven)
I DM Im.* Double Damask Cloth,   2 1-2
by .11-2 yards (hand woven)
Two tin;.. One Double Damask Napkins,
fl bg 27 in. (hand woven)
j T����*ln* .!...,,, ,. Visitor Pastry Napkins
S"> I '.in.i-k Carving Napkins or Tray
**n i'.itnii-k   (or hemstitched Linen)
.���������.nil Cloths.
Tin. i* Kitchen Table Cloths, 2 by 2 yds.
J��" ili-liiii|{ up Cloths, 1 1-4 by yds.
���WSS  pnir   line   Linen   Shet-ela,   for
doom lied, 2 :i*4 by 3 1-2 yards.
I I'mr I'm.- Linen Sheets, for single bed,
'i by :i 1-2 yards.
B I lot Linon 1'illow Covers.
Servants'   Cotton   Sheets,    2
bjf I yards.
8 Servants' Cotton Pillow Covers.
12 Linen Huckaback Bedroom Towels.
One dozen Linen Diaper Bedroom Towels (hemstitched)
6 pair Servants' Cotton Sheets, 2
by 3 yards.
Nine Strong Linen Bedroom Towels
6 Large While Turkish Bath Towels.
Nine Housemaids' (Basin) Cloths.
One dozen Strong Kitchen Rubbers.
Six Linen Roller Towels.
Three Pudding Cloths.
Six Knife Cloths.
Two Hearthrug Covers.
1 dozen Sponge Cloths, for Lamps.
2 Large White Turkish Bnth Sheets.
One dozen (jlaas Cloths.
One dozen Tea and China Cloths.
On* dozen I'lieck Linen Dusters.
One dozen Soft Polishing Dusters.
thi Mduit. Hcwely petit., laiaer-i -lliKI has lit -unlacUm, art rrinpl ol \*t above price.
: Carriage* Paid to Canadian Ocean Port, Montreal or Halifax. :-
pjj 44F Bedford Street, BELFAST, l,RfLANJ>        ,
MM IHusiraicd Catalogue on receipt of postcard to Walpoles, 173 Huron St. Toronto
EN     j
"w ��������**- ��*y
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies uf Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Despite some of the early predictions that black and white
would make way for more glaring
colors, the combination is still
holding its own in the world of
good clothes.
A striking coal suit of white
Berge, shown above, has a broad
band of black s.uiii down from
and back of plain narrow skirt.
Collar, cuffs, and large buttons
are also of satin, and the coat
of the short-waisted variety is
heavily braided in while soutache
in manlier illustrated. This si an
extremely modish model for shore
Natural Rajah Silk
Natural colored rajah silk is
most becoming for summer wear.
Wear with it a hat of the same
color in chip straw, crin or braid
with bandeau or cluster of some
flower of becoming color, antl use
touches of the same on the costume.
Pretty White China Beads are
Newest Now
Beads si ill play as Important a
part in the trimmings as they did
earlier in the season, and all
colors and kinds of them are very
much used. Far newer than the
metallic or glass ones, however,
are those of while china and these
are used in embroidery for all
sorts of material ard occasions.
Lovely scarfs of messaline or chiffon have on the cutis a deep border
Water and Musk Melons
and Fresh Fruits of all
kinns are what you
should eat this hot
weather to keep healthy.
We have just received
a fresh consignment of
First of  the  Season
Groceries        Prima Ham.        Proviaiona
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave.. n.ar nth St.
I'hone 190
done in beads of a contrasting
color, as liny pink beads on a
white scarf, or white laads on a
pale blue one. Tunics made of
very thin silk or chiffon also have
this bead work, and ility are even
used on the washable linen ard
mull frocks. One Hi.(���trie gown
shown had the entire front of the
blouse closely embroidered, a smaller design on each side of the back,
a straight deep band around the
idge of thc kimono Blceves and an
eight-inch band on lhe skirt. Smart
parasols in dainty colors a.re shown
with a border of these white china
The work is all done by hand and
any of the designs formerly used
for braiding may be chosen. Care
must be exercised not to pull or
draw the material in working, and
also each bead should be sewn
on by taking a tiny back stitch.
This will prevent ihe entire design
being ruined if the thread breaks
or one bead works loose. Beaded
bags are being carried, the long
cord by which they swing from the
arm being made of several strands
of strung beads tightly twisted,
For most delicious Bread,
Dainly Biscuits, Etc.. use
Robin Hood Flour
Your Dealer Has It
-*-*-*-*-* - ���-�����-���   ��    ��-
-General Hardware-
Builders'  Hardware
Vulves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware      Tinware
Second avenue and Third street
Over We&tenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Sfuli'il ii-mli-rs addrauod t�� tin* uniU-rititfrn-ii,
und unilornt'd "Tender tor Public Bulldlnii Ksvm*-
Htoki*. H. i'*." will im rtoelvta until i.uu p.m.,
un Mowluv. JuK 21, HU1, for tin* construction
of a I'.ii.in- Building ut Roveutoke, ��������� C.
I'luiu, ipeelfloaUoni ami form of contruct cuti
bt) stH-ii iiml funiis of ii'inler ohtiiiiiod un uppli-
cut Ion ut On* otllct- of Mr. Wm. lltMidt-rt-ion,
naldtn. trohltocti Victoriu, li. ('., ut thi' Post
OfflWi Ravelstoke. li- v., tnd ut this Dtputmant-
Ptrtoni   UndtWing   in    noiilii*ii   thut   tender*
will nut in* eoftddsnd unliM mada on the printed
forms bUpplii-tl, und signed with thuir netui.1
signuture-4, stating iheir occuimtiunH und plaOM
of residence. In the cuse of firms, thu uctuul
���hicnutiire, the tiulute of the uccuputiuu and phicv
of reKidenci- uf otoh memlier uf tho firm must he
..itch lender imiit he uccompanied l��y an uc-
cepted cheque on ti cliurtered hunk, made pu> uhle
to the order of the Honourable tho Minister uf
Public Work*. i.i|uul to ten per cent (10 p.c.i of
the amount of the tender, which will be forfeited
If the penot. lendering decline to enter into u
contruct when culled upon to do M. or full to
complete the uork runtructed fur. If the tender
be nut ucrepted the cheqt.e will be returned.
The Depurtmeiii dues nut bind iUelf tu accept
the lowest ur uiiy tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, June U. 1911.
Newspapers wilt not be puid for this advertisement if they insert it without authority from the
Department. 2t
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
To Make Croquettes
Take some fresh mashed potatoes, well seasoned, fry io a
golden brown in hot fat, crot|ueUi
shaped. Remove carefully lo a
hot platter. With a teaspoon
make a deep depression in each
one and fill with highly seasoned
minced chicken. Strew the grated
yolks of hard boiled eggs over the
What the Clever Cook Can Do
With Them
Any leftovers may often be
used iii the making of soups.
Where the midday meal is nicivK
luncheon, not a luncheon-dinner,
so planned for ilu- children, ilu*
leftovers should be ulili/iil as
entrees and served here.
In no department of cooking is
skill more needed than in making
over dishes���hashes, in reality.
The basis for most reheated meats,
fish and vegetables is a sauce of
some kind. Master the making
of sauces and one is master of the
well-made entree. And, after all,
il is not the simplicity of the bill
of fare, but how its dishes uncooked and served, thai makes of
the meal a feast.
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 16c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25e pint, 50c quart���
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
Letters to the Editor
Law- Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Ruoert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C.. Ontario. S��.
���nd ManiU.be Ban. kat.-h.wan  and  Al-
torta Ban.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
OIBee-Exchange block, corner Third av*-nu. and
Rlalh slr*el. I'rince Itunrn. S
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D.D.S.
Crown anil Bridge Work a Specially.
All dental operation* skilfully Inatad. Gaa and
local anesthetics administered for th* painless ci-
tnctlon of teeth. Ctmsulullon free. OHIces:
Helirerenn Block. I'nnce tl.ii.rrt 11-11
The Hoard of limit.uv Commissioners, for
Canada will hold a sitting at Prlnco Hupert.
B. C.. on or uliuut thu 111th day ol August, 1911.
at the hour of 11 o'clock In the forenoon for the
purpose of t. .unit manors, applications, or
complainte filial wllh the Hoard and servod upon
the parties inter.-i.ted in accordant*.* with the
Rules and Regulations of the Hoard.
By Order of Ihe Board.
Board ol Hallway
(*ommiaalont*ra for Canada.
Dated at Ottawa this Jt.lh Day ol June, 1911.
A lei M Man...,. ��.A..     W.K W,lllams.n a.. I..I..H
Barrister*, Solicitors, etc
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. o. box ��
runt or wm. roxox. na.. a.i.a.h..'ion.. ana
SIXTH STREET        prince Rupert
C. T. P. Transfer Agent.
Orden promptly filled.   Price reasonable.
OFTICE- H. B. Rochester. Centre SL    Phon. ���
Sealed Tender, ail.li. I to the undenlirned.
and endorsed "Tender for Public Building. Chllllwack. B.C.," will be received at thia ofllce until
4.1X1 p.m. on Monday. July .'ith, 1911, for the con-
all-union of a Public Building. Chllllwack. B.C.
Plans, specification and form of contract can be
���wen .nd forms of tender obtained at the olllce of
Mr. Wm. Henderson. Resident Architect, Victoria B.C.. at lhe Poal OHIce. Chllllwack. B.C..
and at thia Department.
Peraona lendering are nollfle.1 that lend-
m will not be conatderod unleaa made on the
printed forma aupplled, and elgrted with their
actual signatures, staling their occupations and
places of resklence. In the caee of (Irma. the
actual slgnalun. the nature of the occupation,
and place of residence of each mcmlier of the
���I in must be given.
Each lender musl be Bccompanlcd by an accepted cheouc on a charlerval bank, payable to
lhe order of the Honourable the Minister uf Public Works, equal to ten per cnt. of the amount of
the lender, which will I-- forfeited If the person
tendering decline lo enter Into a contract when
called upon to do eo. or fall to complete the work
contracted for. If lhe tender be not accepted
the rhe-iu.- will be t.-tnitie.1
The Department doe. nut bind luelf lo accept
the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Ii f l>|-st:ocill'.lis.
Department nf Public Works.
Ottawa. June L'.i. 1911
Nawapaper* will not be paid for thi. advcrtl.*.
mem If they Insert ll without authority front
li.e Department. IU-IM
For Stewart, Tliursiluya anil Sundays
at H ii.m. Special fare on Sunday
boat, $9.60 return including meals
ami berth.
... Prince Albert sails for I'ort   Simpson,   Naas   River,   Masst-t,    Naden
lliulioi-, Wednesdays, l.oo p.m.
and f'ir:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Wed
nesdays and Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Hoston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
4^m%\\. B.C. Coast Service
��� Famous Princess  Line
Monday, July  17th, 6 p.m.
J. G. McNab
General Aganl
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
AAA-l-i-jJ. tmM
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tablei SECOND AVE
The Telephone Humorist
Sir,���The following appears from
lime to lime in the columns of
your contemporary:
"The Empire's telephone number is,  business oftice,  04   I.lack;
editorial rooms, M Green."
Business office black���cititori.il
rooms green. How fitting are tin-
color   emblems.     Is   there   some
humorist at work on the telephone
P. A. T.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
RTOCK '������Mil . f. I ll.... i   S2
Skeen* land Dislrict    District ol Coast Range i
Take nolle, that  Ssrsh   K    Alton  ol   Prlnce*
Itupert. occupst inn nuraa, Intenda lo apply lor
pern.i*wlon  lo purchaae  lhe   lollowing  -inscribed
Commencing et a poet planted at Ihe North-
wasl corner 140 chains easterly (slightly north'
Iron, the northeast earner ol Lot 1116 lllarvey
Survc) ��� Coast District. Range V, thence SO ehalna
eaat, thenee SO chaina aoulh, thenee 40 chains
weat, ihenee 40 chain, nonh. ihenee 40 chain.
weat, thence 40 chain, north lo peat ol commencement cnnlBlnlng IHO acm more or leas.
Dsled June II. 1(11. SARAH E. ALTON
Pul- July It. y r.-l It..hi. r. Agent
Skeena land Diatrict District ol Coast Range li
Take notice thai Stanley tirren of Prince
Ruperl. II. C occupallon miner. Intends to apply
tor permission lo purchs*-* lh* following de*crllH*d
Commencing at a post nlenied 10 chains south
and 40 chains weal ol the northwest corner ol
Lot IT n. Laketse Valley. District ol Coaal Range
'.. thenre Beat 10 chaina. thence aoulh SO chaina,
Ihence eesl 40 chains, thence nonh SO chains to
point ol eommencement.
Slaked June .10lh. IVI1 STANLEY CRKKN
Pul. Jul. I -. Locator
ii w. j. McCutcheon
CanHn compIrU> stork of Drum.   Special
attention paid to filling pmwrfpUonR.
Theatre Block phone No. 79 Second Ave.
Land Registry Office
Re Lots 10, 64 and 171, Range 4,
Coast Diatrict
Where., proof ol loss of Certificate of Title
No. iM-lfi*-* to the above named property. Issued
In the name of the Canadian Pacific Sulphite
Cmt-sny. Limited, has been Died In this ofllce,
notice Is hereby given lhal I shall at the esplra-
lloft of one month from the tlrel publication hereof Issue a duplicate of Ihe said Certificate of
Title unless In the meantime valid objection be
made to me In writing.
Dated ai the Und Heglalry Olllce al Prince
Rupert. B.C.. thia 2Plh day of June. llll.
Diatrict Regiatrar of Titles
Do You
We have  a  stock
in good bond paper
Phone 116
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next u> old nfl*c�� of Optimlit, -.���il only
Best made in .Seattle. Fruit and Candy, wholesale end Retail. Look for Hash aigi. at night.
SAM COWEN. Proprietor Phone 330
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weitton announces that he
Im- commenced work for the city.
All  orders  received  at   the
Office, 5th St.
Phone 42
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meet* in the Helgercon Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  membera  of the  order in thc city
are requcnted to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. (5.
II ���
He sells Buildings      He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lots He builds Homes
Special  Bargains in
KitBi-las Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Lands       Hulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands      Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum Landa, Sand, Crave! and Marble Deposits
He buys lx-rises He lonns Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Lut  Your Properties with Jeremiah H. Kugler
Second  Avenue, Prince  Rupert, B. C. THE DAILY NEWS
Jf gtf . ���**�������. |<WMhH%l ������*���*���>.��� ���*���*����* l-a-^l ��� -��. . ��� *-.*���-. > -***���.. ��� ���*���**.. . . -w. ������
Whale Just Landed
find of ambergois || "The News" Classified Ads*
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
Mass Waighing 240 Pounds Got in Carcase of a Sperm   j I
Sells in Europe at $20 an
A Rich Haul
A mass of ambergris weighing immense  value is the fact  thai
while almost odorless itself, ambergris possesses the peculiar faculty of being able to intensify
perfumes and is largely used by
the Parisian perfumers, It is
mn ai all frequently found, and is
valuable accordingly. Tlu- s|K*nn
whalt* from which the latest supply
has been obtained mi fortunately,
i*. only the fourth nf the Bpecies
ever landed at Rose Harbor.
Tragic Fatal Accident Overtakes
Mars the American Aviator
Fell at Erie Exhibition.
about 'ill) lb*-, and valued ai
approximately 170,000 has been
obtained from the carcase of a
sperm whale brought shore at
the beginnii g i ( this week ai
Rose Harbor Whaling Station on
Moresb) Islai d, the southernmost
of the Queen Charlotte group.
This i- an exampli of one "l the
biggest i��'-.-il'h plum- of the whaling venture on thes coasts, and
well repays the whalers for their
reall) arduous toil, Ambergris
st-ll*. in Europe ai nearly $-0 ai
Explainii g the i aturc of the
tii il ai.! thi r.. -.M for iis greal
value, thi Manager from the Rosi
Harbor Whalii g station remarks
ll'.ii ii i- "i l>- from tilt- sperm
whale thai thc stuff is ever obta 1
Ambergris i- a morbid secretion
ol the nature i f an abscess, which
cl..i- and hardens i'i the intesti ics
of the whale. Ii is believed thai vnen ���������* machine fell from
the formation i- caused by tin
presence in the whale's stomach
of parts of the l����li, - of cuttle
fish which the whale devours.
S|xnn whales .-.re fonder of cutUe
li-ii thai the averagi boy's bcsl
K-trl is of candy, and cuttle fish,
like candy, doesn'i always agree
with "The Hotel Ji nah" of sir
>pi nn \\'
The ami* rgris  i-  ... ..-i. i ally
treated like the prophci by the
whali.   and   is   thus   somi times
found ii' ��� the Ma. ..r cast
fhc    r.-.i-. >n    fur   i'-
.---��., .-aw a-^a.-^rf ***** **************%%*******��*' ���^ ���.������*������������ iM
_ MM
The Insurance People
KV! hi  i'i A**:- OV INSURANCE.     HET lH'R RATH
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
PbOM :"-' Third Avonucnnd Fulton St
Lost and Found
License Commissioners After a Brief Deliberation Re.
fused to Consider the Matter���Said Application
Was Out of Order in Many Ways
l .   adiai Press I >cspatch)
Erie, Pa., July 15.���Mars, the
well known American .'.viator, was
fatally injured hen* lasi evening
height .'l Beveral hundred feet in
an exhibition performance. M.ir>
was underneath the machine �� n
it struck. His wife witnessed the
accident. Her condition i*- very
serious owing t.> the nervous shock
>lu* underwent.
There   i.-.   in.   hope   for   Mars'
Over 10,000
Have been dispensed by us j
since we came  to Prince j
Rupert   This is the best I
testimony that our  j
and  that we are	
Specialists in Prescriptions
Everything that should be
in an up-to-iiate druggists
store  we  keep.     :    :    :
LOST-Eyef5la��aea. In ease.   Flnd��  plan, ap.
ply Morte H. Craig, Arctic Btudlo. Ill-Wl
FOl.-ND-Purse containing a Ittm ��'f nuinry    A; ���
ply Prince Rupert Generul H,.*uiital.     1M-1--5    i
1 FOl'ND-Eureko Cleaning and   PrtMlM  >'��� "'���-
(     puny.   Men's suits .-leaned uti.l prest"-! ll'*'- '
Ladies' suits pressed and cleaned.   l'r> clean- ���
ing aapecialty.   Room 13 W'.-atep.hti.er HI'-cl.. :
phone red tin. 1.'1-1IT
l.OST-50 price coupon, iaaue.1 !������   lhe P "\*" .
Studio.       These coupons will la* accepted  I   !
presented    before   July  3rd   til   lite   I'eer.es
Studio. Alder Block. 111-117
��� '-**..'**..��-���-->. *-.��'*-. a> *aa..aaa...^...^a.���*���*-'���*-**-**-���*���-A
Bsniah Thsl Headache-Act More Quickly
Than Tabids. Pills or Wafers
If your dealer dues not keep them we will mall
you a Imx I la powders) on receipt of 25 cents.
).!.. M ATHIEU Co.,Props., Sherbrooke. P.Q.
For Rent
Look out for the special coronation films that will be shown at
the Phenix Theatre next Wednesday. Good vaudeville and
pictures tonight.
+a~ *~~. .��� ~ +
;.-roomed furnished house; sink and water. Alao
a two-roomed house. Call at Pulton St and 7th .
Ave.. Mrs. Dixon. !'���1 '.'
Mclntyre   Hall,   for   concerts,    ei'.t.-rt'iinnicnl*.
dnneeit. etc.   Apply J. H. Regan, phone 116.
| Furnished   Cottage,   modern   C'inveniences,   for
1    summer months.   Apply Mrs. Alder,   trd A..-..
!    opposite News Office. 147-1.10
1 Three-room flat  in  Wcstenhnver Block, ttt l'-r
I     month; flat in Clapp Building. US; other flat*
!    and houses furnished and unfurnished.    Appl:-
Wcstcnhavcr Bros., phone l'-1. U7-wi
j Six-roomed Houae t.�� rent; modern conveniences, j
|    Fraser St.. Apply Director. Cohen & Co.   U3-tf '
Wanted-Small house! furnished or partly furnished.   Suit.' terms tc Box K. t'aily NaWfcMO-tJ
Commodious house, corner 6tlt Ave   ar.d Thompson St.. furnished or unfurni.l-.ed.     Phone ".-l**!
|    or P.O. Box MS.
Stores and offices for rent.   Al plv Pr. Melntyre.
Third Ave., phone green 5'.'. US-ta
Neatly Furnished Rooms;   gentlemen preferred..
Apply Mrs. Mullln. over Majestic Theatre.
Phone 2��i If you want to rent a home, furnished
or unfurnished, corner 6th Ave. and Thompson [
Street.   All modern conven ��� m.-.
Cosy furnished rooms. Mr,. Rower. Somerset j
Rooms. Third Avenue, between Seventh und ;
Eighth. 117-tf
At the meedng of the Licence
Board yesterday before any other
business was dune  W.   K.   Fisher
who has been acdng for Mr.
Austin Brown the disappointed ap
plicanl for a bottle licence, asked
whether the application had lieen
refused by the Commissioners only
on the ground thai Mr. Brown
had not produced the statutory
declaration to ihe effect that lie
had complied with the requirements of the Act In reference to
the signatures of property owners,
I etc.
He  said  if  it  were  merely on
this ground thai the application
had been  turned down ii mighl
be re-consideretl still as there ia
nothing in the statute to preclude
a verbal declaration  being  given
to ilu- effect  required, and this
Mr. Brown was prepared tu give,
it lie discussion, ihe
I'ided noi to er>
consider  this application  as >us.
(jested by Mr. Fisher as the City
Solicitor maintained  thai  Mr.
Brown's application paper*, wen*
lot   in   order   in   other   aspects
besides the one mentioned by Mr.
After some
Commissioners d
If Not, You can Help Com. Mobley to Get in a Correct Return by Letting Him Know
Within This Fortnight.
Uplands Farm at Cadero Bay
Changes Hands for $1,500,000.
Will be Turned into a Choice
Residential Suburb.
Are  you  on   the  census?    If
you have lhe slightest doubt that
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, July  15.���The larj -:
Do away with this.    Patronize a white  your  name  has  lieen  overlooked i real   estate   deal   In   the   history
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
by   ihe  census  man,   because of,of   this   city   was   consummated
your absence from the dty during I yesterday when  George Barbry,
his rounds, or for any other reason, * acting  for a  Furo-ican sy-.tli.-.u**.
Help Wanted
A new shipment of thene have just  been  received,  in all  the latest styles and shades.
Teacher wanted  for the   Port  ,<impion   Public
j      School.    S;i!.irv.;*"iM'rni"" Apply tn John
.     Peane, Schorl Truntee. Stating attainment* and
|    enclose testimonials. 1": -1 ���"���'
Wanted 2^ I*at��rcn<. Apply Pacific Coa��t Construction Company. Diicby (aland.        1M-1M
Girl wanted, immediately, for light housework.
Apply Mrs. D. Cohen, phone tt 150-tf
WtMTtttJO, Muckers feOO, mntsd at Hidden
Creek Copper Co.. Goose Bay. Take S.S. Vadso
or Venture. U-tf
Two irond Joiners wanted. Apply Pacific Construction Company. Ditrby I*lund.     * 17-16"
Boarders Wanted
You are look ing for a nice  stylish
Hut.  so just call  in and   make
your si-lection liefore t!u-y all go.        :   :
W�� alto have a fine w'ection of "Dr.
Jaeger" weir just arrived; in fact we carry
everything for the well dressed man.
Sloan & Company
HIXTH  -Till I 1
������������*���������*���*���*    *���*���*���*���*���*������
Prospectors' and Miners' Supplies
.������ nounce that alter a hurried consultation  with  his  client   he  was
authonsed  by  Mr.   Maynard  to
give up ihe wholesale licence.
Two  in  One     Bottle  Licence
After mentioning casually ih.it
tin* meani g of the word "retail"
a- d  it- application   to bottle li-
.-. - was the subject of litigation
a,   prise-,i  at   Victoria  ar.d  that
the decision come to there mightI *���*�������� wtntad   Am* t.ii* *. Room.. 2nd av��.
.'fleet thisciiy, (.'..ninii-si.i.r.er Man-  a^,^.^.^,^^,^.^,^,^^.^.
Bon wert on  to Bay:   "I  under-|j
stand iluu two parties are working  j
.hist- iWo Imtile lieei.ce.s together.!*'
If this i- so ihe Hoard desires to a r*w cu��* hom*ni<* moms ch*.p to st*ad>-
. . , , ,    roomers.   Kinir Go..rire Hotel, ind Avenue.
have ilu- assurance that these two hi-ws
li -  are  being   operated   in-1 ���-������^������~"~.*~.-�����~-'~*^-*~���~-^-+
'������ l" .idecdy ,.r there will be trou- j        Situations Wanted
ble  for  tlnni at   the end of six if {
^i^.. nan a ii  .n.ii.n am 11.11.H.4
months over the question of re-
���   ...   I '��� Poaltion Wanted In real elate office.    Small aal-
Jl***u* I    ary and commiaainn.   Fifteen year'a experience
Tn   ibiat Mr     l-.ra.^   i-asraltorl    il.-.i       travelling for a Chicaa-o B-holesal* irrocery con-
IO   tills .\lr.   I    irss   leplleil   tll.lt'     ���rn.   u���, ���f reference.     A.ldre.a anawer to
h.* w.,s in entin ignorance of any   '*^-^wiit.iiUi^^sdin��io��.Aft��is.
mutual understanding lietween the . .u���_l,<_l,tt_<,>L���-,_l,T_���-ljr. ,L ,_L, , -^
parties in regard to the operation 17
of the licences. Certainly no
document existed to show that
they were in partnership. But
Mr. Cans would make enquiries
to discover whether any sort of
arrangemem existed between ilu-
liarlie*. In lore renewal became lie-
i   ��� -. ry.
The Chief of Polio was assured
l.\ Mr. Mai son th: . lhe Lie. ce
B. . nl would give' him every siip-
poi. i i his work of - i g that the
l.i.'  ���. Law was properly enforced.
Real Estate..
For Sale
Refore liuyinff your Stove or R.nve so* A. J.
liallatiil. McBride and Fifth Ave. Cook stove.
from 114. 12��-lm
Flt.t cl.ss  K'-.ti.ii,.-  Ilnuae,  ten rooms,   house-
. ��� i. ��� .- and sinitl*. newly furnished.     Price
HOOi      Fur term, apply owner  on   premises,
Drexel R.-oininir House. 2nd Ave. 1 ll-tf
i you   have   still   an   opportunity
iduring the next fortnight to have
I the omission rectified.   Send your
���aim* in to Census Commissioner
Frank Mobley, and he will see to
it   that  a  *. pecial  agent   is  sent
round with the ptpers for you.
It is ihu your loss particularly
if your name is left out of the
ccrsus, liui it is Bri.ice Ru|H-rt's,
British Columbia's, and Carada's.
Kvery .leme couius for Ca-ada.
The   great   Dominion   deserves  a
Lol 18, block 20. section 1, $6300.
Lot on Third Avenue for $2100.
Lot i>, block 4, section 5, $1300.
Lots  25 and  26,   block   19,   section 5,
$1500 pair.
Lots  44  and  45.   block   15,   section 5,
$1800 pair.
Lots 24 and 25,  block 7,  section   6,
$950 each.   These lots are by far  the
best buy in section 6.
Lot 9. block 19. section 6. $1825.   Cash record-lircaki.'.g   census   roll    this
S^,!^^XtfqualpaymcntS >-������.   ''��� Northern B. C. where
Fine residential fot on  Fourth Avenue  ihe work of gatheri-g in lhe rallies
Two'lK Ambrose Ave.. $400 each.  ����������� been the mosl arduous in lhe
Double corner on Seventh  Avenue  for  |;>. il,   the  Special  effort    of   llic-e
$800 pair, easy terms. wh() ^ h;,vo Wvl] ,,v,-rlcK��kc���i hy
Double corner on the Plaza for $550.       ,j,c   t.nunier.-lors   is   a   courtesy-
Good level lot  in  section 8  for $250. ... .      ,*.
Terms $25 cash, balance $10 month,     which  every  giMKl   citizen  should
���For Rent | gladly render.
5-room House with bath, $25 month.
4-room House with bath, $25 month.
Two Stores on Third Ave.
McCaffery & Gibbons
Prince Rupert
Real Recommendation
A Slater Shoe needs no recommendation. It is well known.
The Acme Clothing Company,
Second avenue, have ihe sole
agency- for this excellent shoe.
Blank Books
Business   Chances
Oood  ni ���* ������>   in  M-.a-tnrf  Pictures.     Wanted-A
rty tn atari tr.i.virK rirture show In  Prince I
���il'.T.     v. ��� ������  ���  ���  :���    ; .ii ti.tili.i.      II    Ilavis. ,
Wall it  xti. Wis. I'lT-wl
IMP,1.1 1AI I
Fishing Tackle
Sporting Goods
Everything that should b��j in a
first class Hardware Store
you  will  find
PROVINCE HAD       T    Fire In!Urance
Hon. Dr. Young, Points Out to
Victoria Board of Trade Some
Evidences of Prosperity.
THE British Union nnd National Fit.* In.urance
Cotnpnny of London, F.niflantl. with rtit.ital
0112,600,000.00. Sin u�� for ratea. The Mack
Realtv and In.urnnr,* Company. "o-lf
Prince Rupert Hardware and Supply Company
(I nnadian Pn ss Despatch)
Vicioria, Jiil> 15. In a review
if thc progress of British Colum-
; Dia. in practically every line of
��� material endeavor Hon. Dr. Young,
Provi eial Secretary, in speaking
M liefore ihe annual meeting of the
*T i Board of Trade today, pointed
** .on   thai while the foreshadowed
Real Estate
Yon run MTt 6ta ��� ilay. We can ��*-ll you Rood
lnts fur '<ar �� -! i. rhdnn ::"'< and Ui ui join
forced.   H. K. McRae A Co. 15-M62
��� ���-������������������-�����-�������-��������������������������-�������������
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM   7   KMCINM D    *mf4*M DAVID II. HAYS.  I��� Vic.Pres.
MY Kl/r 1 I I,   c     '   "OjWN, 2nd Vlce-Pres. and Manager
aK' s"���"-'v r���o,ur��� r �� I'F.ri-KsoN. i*.���, \i	
""' '���������'���"�� ond |nlu,a���r,
Flitol   I,..,,,.
'<���<"." or Assignee Farm Land, and Mine,
.!?.-!"?.'        Ca" "f H,��' F.stale       Kacrom Agents
Keglttrat and Transfer Agenl
���, ���       a.,.,, fte.i
Safe DfSMll Voull n'nuZ.e'.^" """"���*' -'���!Deed, of Ttvsl
..,.,.,���  ^_ Collection*
UVVm DEPARTMENT, 4 pm ������,. on Dft<11((1
'   * "W n:^^;;;x^'?-^---'��� ** ***" ��� '
revei,in* for tin* fiscal year ending
1010 had  lieen   placed  at   17,000,*
020.06, the actual revenue reached
had been 110,481,418.01. This was
three and a half millions In excess
of the government anticipations,
and    ineanl    a    surplus    over    ex-
penditurcs Instead of a deficit
as I���; il been expected,
Got Sole  Rights
A shier shoe is a  guarantee
if style and wear,    h  i*. THE
si oe.     The   Acme   Clothing  Store,
S eoeil avenue, Iu,h the sole
in   this lily.
Sweder Bros.
Bag to announce that they
hiivt* bought out the interest of Mr. Louis Kudnick
held In the firm of Kudnick
& Sweder, custom tailors,
etc., nnd hope to be favored with the patronage of
former customers.    :   :   :
...Helgerson Block
' Five Left Toronto Today Relief Fund Has Reached a
Total of $40,000.
(Canadian I'rt-s Despatch)
Toronto, July 18. -This morning
jihe fifth relief train lefi Tt iron to
��� for Cochrane ard Porcupine with
supplies.   The relief fund for ihr
sufferers   '��� . -,   grow.1   10   140,000.
The loss if life is no. as ^rtal as
was at firs, feared, many who ai
first figured in the death list having
since bei i found alive.
Every rnling, size and
binding always in stock
to suit particular people.
McRae Bi
lae tiros., Ltd.
To Cool Off
Luscious fresh fruits of all
kinds, including some fine watermelons and musk melons, fresh
veg-etables, so healthy this
| weather. New corn on the cob,
and new groceries are specials at
the Ideal Provision House, today,
1 Phone 190.
G. T. P. Moving Picture Artist
Didn't Come Today
Owing  to an  alteration   in  the
arrangements the expert of the
G. T. P. Publicity Depart mint,
coming here to take moving pic-
lures of the city aid district, he
Take notice thai the partnership consisting of   did   l'Ot   arrive  Oil   till'  S.S.   Prince
The  Continental   Trust  Company,   Limited,
Hanger) l.y ��� Silken Thread
Our prohpi-i ion, Boot* are sewed
Iwlth silken thread.   Just yon ret
ihem ul Seott, l-ioud & Co.
2 cleared and level lots, with house, on
9th Ave., for sale as owner Is leaving the city.    Good  terms.
John LetiKet .n*l Berryninn Halt William.. . ar
rylnK on a grocery antl general merchandlae Dual- 1 l .eorgC.
ness In the city of Prince Kupert, In the Province ,, i
of British Columbia, untler the name of "Leggett!       Ill"    ai'l'olllpal ll'll
A Williams"  was dissolve,! on  the 1.1th day of I . ^ . \i
July. lull.   All accounta owing to the partner- , Irom    SealllC    II)    \
ship nre lo l-e paid to the said Alfred  Berryman , ���   ,,��� ,.      _, .
Halt William., who also aasumea all liabilities of | look plCllins alol g till* route
the partnership.
Datad SI Prince lluperl this 18 day of July.ltll
P.O  Box 167
Make   Your   Own   Ice   Cream
If you would like to have fresh
ice cream, home made, you should
get a freezer at the Prince Rupert
Hardware and Supply Company,
'Phone 120.
Pattullo Block Third avenue.
the   steamer
incouver am
is expected to come right through
tO here, hut found he was wanted
elsewhere for a few days.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. 'Phone 4
purchased from Messrs. Kirliv.
Ooldfield & Gardiner of Winnipeg,
the property known as Uplands
Farm, at Cadero Bay for 11,600,000
It is the intention of the new
owners to lay out the property
as a choice surburliaii residential
Several Cottage Residences are
to  be  Started  This Week
The following building i>crtnii-
have lieen issued lllis week:
Fred Daniels, residence on Tenth
s.reel. 0081 $300.
George MacGar, addition en
First avenue, cost SUM).
.Amos Ross, tenement on Water
street, cost $800.
Mrs. F. Hoffman, alterationi
to house on Fraser street, cosi ���**.!���>.
Mr. F. Stork, alterations and
addition to store on Second aw*
nuc. cost 81,000.
Mrs. M. Watson, residence wi
Borden street, cost SIMM).
Douglas and Allison, residence
on Fourth avenue, cost S'.MHt.
Caaaiar   Und   Dbulct- Dial net  of Skaena
Tak. nolle* tbat I. Lmiuel Freer ol l.r.eou.t.
occupation broker, inlend lo apply lor permi""
to purchaae the following de*nt*edr lands
t ommenclng al a port pl.nled on the atton*
In a northerly direction Irom Port Nfla"'. < �� '''���
marked L. P.. S. E. Comer, ihenee -���' eh*w
north, tbme. ��0 chain, wert. ihenee S" '"""
aoulh to ahor. Un*. thenre .long the 'Ut. i*
point ol commencement, containing W term mat.
Il.teal June 10, l��lt
Pub. July a.
LEM1 111   1HI'-1R
J. M. Coll.aa.ti. Agaal
Sk**n. Und DUtriet--Dtatrirt ol Co.-. ��������������'J
Tak. note* that Llnlord Sewell B.II ���' 1 "���"
ltu|i��rt, B. C, ,*eeup.llon locomotue ��������� ��!-���*��
Intends to .pply lor permission lo pums-�� ""
following dram bed Und.: ..
C..mm��nc,ng .1 . post  pUnted on the n*
bank  ol   th*  Zimofotlla   lliaef  b1h.hi   '
mil*, dlst.nl  lupslraam. In . **.!��!)   -liren-e"
Irom ihe junction ol the Little /Jmog*'���'> """
.nd Ihe m.in Zlmogotita Illver. thenc*   i
cb.in*.  thence wert  10 ehalna.  thenc.*
chaina.  tbence *art  411  chains to post nt ����������
meneemenl containing IfiO aeir. m,-re or '*�����    .
O.lr.1 Jun. 7. 1911.    LINI'OltO SI." IU ��1��'-
Pub. Julys. Ow. R. Pum.m. .��.��*��'
Sk*an. Und Dlrtrict-Dlrtnct ��"**-���!���'���,!.
Tak. notie. th.t I, Chalk*. Fr��Jer,ca ��� - -M
ol Slawart, B. C, occupallon lieigbler. <?';"'',
apply lor parralarton to purchaaa tb* I.IU.M
i|**crib*d l.nda: ....
Comma-nclng at a port pl.nled on laa r*
bank ol lb. N.a. rlvar .bout aU ���Sa.ygg
lork. ol tb. N'aa ri��.r, th.no. ��uth N e-iu*
thene. waat M ch.ina. thenc. north ml cn�����.
thenca nal SO cb.lna lo point ol eotnmcnceraeti,.
eiinlsltiing 610 Bern. mor*or less ��,..-r.*iIF
Dsted March 25, MIL CIIAIILES F. ��1'-T',A*'r
Pub. Hay 17.      Frank 8ldo.y Wright. A��*nt
Skwn. Und District-Diatrict ol Com' .
T.k.  nolle, th.t  I,  WillUm John t-crle*. -J
Princ. Hupert. B. C, occupition rancher. in.�����
lo apply lor permiaalon to purchase the louo*,*a
diavrihe.1 Und.; . .  ...t
Commencing at a port planted al; the'*-���",,
ortmol Ut J06S, lUng. 6, Coart Distri. ..*���'���
outh  ��0 chaina.  th.no.   M��t   40 chait,.. ��"-j
w.a.1.    OO    .k.l��.     ikaaaa    WM.    Ill   fllSlll.   IO    I      _.
���wrth 20 ehalna, th.nc. wan aw a..-���
al mmrn.ncs-m.nl, contsinina- SO .craa. m
fikaaUtttt    WILLIAM JOHN'    ������'������;V
Pub. April 2>.
Skvna Und DUtrlct -Diatrict ol IMH'
Tak. nolle, th.t   WIMUm  MP '_,,��.
ol  Princ.  Rupwrt,  B.   C,  occupation  JJTffi
nund. lo apply lor parmlaalon to purchaaa
lollowlng daMi-tbad l.nda: .        .,...
Commondng .1 . po*** pUnted .t",ti. ... ,
miU. Kuth ol lh. lorGTol lh. ��* "V mi
rhara,  thane* aoulh  DO ch.ina, thence u
ch.lM,  then*,  north  BO *.lnfc  thence eu
""""���     WILLIAM FREDERICK 0****��*
Dated April 11, 1��11. .   ..��,
Pub. May 11. Ktanri. 9. rwlo"* A'���
8k��n. Und DUtrlct-Dlstrlcl ol <���'.-"''   ���(
_Tak. nolle, thai I, Branton Jordon hi.'"'.
Plinw Ru��CTt. II. C, occup.tion contract"'. "'
to apply for permUalon to purchaae th. lo��l
daacrit-ed landa: ,. .������*
Comm.ncing at a port pl.nled about   ������
mile, south and (2) two mllea wset ol   "��� '    b
of While .nd Flat rlrer., lhrt.ee ��0 *jJ����"K
Ihenc.  80  eh.lns wast,  Ihenee SO chain"
Ihsnc 80 chain, mm.  ��� UflflRl
Dairtl April 20, 1911. FrancU 8. rrwlo"* Ar'
Pub. May It.
Skaana Und Dlrtrlct-Dlatrlct ol Off* ,lu.
Tak. nolle, that 1. Alfred Kyt. ol I rim* ,���
P��t, B. c, occupation ��t��*trlcl.o, '"''r.,,!
apply lor permUsion to purehaM ����� I"1**""���
d*��rib*d Und.: .   .kn-e
Cammmdng at a port planted about mi '_,,
mlUa anuih ol th. lorka ol tba While an��I c
rlvara, th.nc. 80 chaina aouth, thane. W *' m
mm, lh.no.  ao chain, north, Ihrtitse HO cn
D��lad April 18, 1911.
Pub. May 11.
FrancU 8. PrtaX"1


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