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Twenty-four hours ending 5 a. m.,
��� Library
I    BAR.        IN. RAIN
29.778     .00
the daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
X   WCtOrW___a��s
For south
Prince Rupert Friday, 8 a.m.
Princess May  Friday, a.m.
VOL. II,  NO. 256
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday, November 9, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Mormon President Joseph F. Smith Says the Hi _h Cost
of Living and High Cost of Hats and Gowns
Makes Monogamy Preferable
Washington, Nov. 8.���Polygamy
no longer is practised by Mormons,
and the man who is caught taking
a plural wife is promptly excommunicated, says Joseph F. Smith,
venerable president of the Moromn
President Smith says that he
siill supports, but does not live
Willi the wives he married prior
lo the decision of the Supreme
Court of thc United States that
polygamy was unlawful, and before
the church issued its manifesto
forbidding plural marriages. Since
his elevation to the presidency,
his elTorts, lie said, had been
directed toward inducing his followers lo practise monogamy.
Askeil if hc thought it best
for a man to have but one wife,
the husband of five wives and the
lather of forty-three children replied:
"In these days of the high cost
oi living, there is no doubt thai the
Ivcrage man is much better off
with one wife. If a man cannot
support one wife decently, it would
obviously be impossible for him to
support more. The women of
today all demand that they be
dressed and fed and housed as
well as possible, and the man
with an average income would
be in terrible straits if he had
several wives on his hands, allowing
for the latest thing in hats and
Two Aviators Have Collision in
the Air���Escaped With Bad
Mineola, Nov. 7.���Two aeroplanes collided in mid air during an
exhibition flight here yesterday.
Both machines were smashed bin
tlie aviators escaped with only bad
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns.
���Wallace's. tf
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lome McLaren
returned to the city yesterday on
board ihe Prince Rupert, after
an enjoyable trip south.
A Beautiful Picture
'Home Again," is the title of
one of the most beautiful pictures
ever seen in this country. It is
nn inspiration of love -and affection
���a picture that will be like a
member of the family. This delightful picture, size 22 x 29
Inches, all ready for framing, is
1 given absolutely free lo all who
.���subscribe to the Family Herald
and Weekly Star of Montreal
this season. The year's subscription, including the picture, is only
one dollar. The picture alone
could not be bought for the
money and every one knows what
a magnificent paper the Family
Herald and Weekly Star is.    All
Canada   is  proud  of   lhat   great
weekly. The publishers deseive
the immense circulation the paper
Scandinavian Social
"Valhalla" of S. II. and F. F.
will give a social with dance in
K. of P. Hall Saturday at 8 p.m.
All Scandinavians invited. Gentlemen .r>0c. 3t
Popular Dance
Another of Gray's popular
dances will be given in Mclntyre
Hall tonight, Thursday. A good
time for everybody, with good
music assured���Gray's full orchestra. Dancing commences at 9.30.
Tickets 81.00.   Ladies free.
Archdeacon Wilberforce Arouses a Great Controversy
in London Over the Stone in the Coronation
Chair-Points to the Cleft for Proof
(Colonial Press Despatch)
London, Nov. 8.���Is thc big
stone in the coronation chair of
Great Britain, the actual stone
that Moses smole, when in anger
hc ordered waler to come to
quench the thirst of his dissatisfied followers?
Archdeacon Wilberforce implied
his belief that it is in a recent
sermon in Westminster Abbey,
and thereby brought down on
his head the scorn of the scoffers.
But the archdeacon is not perturbed. He points to the cleft in the
back of the stone and says that
hc has it on lhe word of "a well
known    archaelogist,"    that    thc
stone   Is   the   actual   stone   that
Moses smote, and that the cleft
in lhe rock was made by the staff
of Moses, when he struck the rock.
The question as to whether or
no the coronation stone is tinstone that Moses knew, promises
to become the "silly season topic"
for London this year.
An old Scottish legend lhal came
with the stone, says that it was
lhe original stone on which Jacob
pillowed his head at Luz, when
he saw the vision of the angels
ascending and descending from
Montreal, Nov. 8���The remarkable increase in the population of
Quebec shown by the recently
published census figures is explained by the birth-rate figures for
Montreal which are published to-
day. These show lhat Montreal
has not only the highest birth
rate of any of the large cities of
the world, but  has also a death
rate only exceeded by one. The
following table has been prepared
by Dr. Ward, of the Civic Health
Department, calculated on the
per thousand of population:
City Births Deaths
Montreal 30.45 22.40
St. Petersburg....27.8 24.1
Berlin 25.5 14.7
London 23.0 12.7
Rome 23.6 18.5
Milan 23.3 17.1
Paris 18.0 10.7
Brussels 16.8 13.0
The general birth rate for England has fallen to 24.8. Six years
ago it stood at 27.2. It reached
its maximum in 1870 when il
stood at 36.3 per thousand.
Famous English Actor Played
Many Parts on the Stage of
Life- End Came Suddenly.
Salt Lake City. Nov. 8���Kyrle
Bellew, one of the foremost actors
of the stage, author and explorer,
died here shortly after 5 o'clock
this morning of pneumonia after
a brief illness. His body .ill In-
taken to New York at noon today,
accompanied by the members of
the "Mollusc" company in which
Mr. Bellew was playing at the
time he was taken ill.
Kyrle Bellew's private life was
varied and adventurous as the
roles he played. Born al Calcutta,
in 1857, of Fngiish parentage, his
father being the chaplain of Calcutta cathedral for seven years,
he was a cadet in the Briiish navy,
but the discovery of gold in
Australia turned him from the
sen-ice and he spent a number of
years in Australia working as a
miner in It.ill.ir.it and as a rc|x>rter
on Melbourne papers. He made
his stage debut at the Theatre
Royal in Brighton, England, in
the early '80's and achieved immense success.
In 1900 he again fell the call
of adventure antl headed an expedition into North Queensland
which extended over two years.
He returned' to lhe stage in
1902 at tlie head of his own company. His work as an explorer
rained him a fellowship in the
Royal Geographical Society and
he was a member of many clubs.
Mr. Bellew was unmarried and is
survived by a sister known as
Sister Mary Monica, now living
in the convent of Fourpareil, Nottingham, England. Mr. Bellew
always maintained his Briiish citizenship, his home being e'l Thames
field Bray, Berkshire, England.
Not Poetry, but the Chill, Cold,
Hard-frozen Truth as Proved
by M. M. English Who Fell in
the Soup Last Night.
Late last night as he was lauding
from the launch "Agnes" at the
Grand Trunk boat slip, M. M.
Fngiish, manager of the B. C.
Packers' Association on the Skeena
River, slipped on an ice sheathed
plank and plunged into the ice-
cold water. Hc sank oul of sight,
and but for a sturdy heart action
might have sunk to rise no more
in the freezing waler. But companions around, and Captain Let-
nes of the Agnes, hurried to his
rescue and jabbing a boat hook
into his coat when hc rose to
thc surface and swam within reacli
of them, yanked him near to the
slip. He was endeavoring to scramble out, when he slipped Ixick-
wards again out of the grasp of
his rescuers, and went over the
head again. The steel Ixirh of
the boathook stuck firmly through
his coat collar prevented a recurrence of the risky pastime, and
Mr. English once ashore made
swift tracks towards thc best
going stove within reach.
Continued Interest Excited in
the Majestic Series
Singularly Appropriate New
Word Coined at Presbyterian
Club Meeting Last Night.
In thc course of a few remarks
on Government by Commission
in the Presbyterian Club Hall
last night a speaker stumbled
a little over the phrase "Alder-
manic" and "Council Government." He combined the terms
conveniently in the phrase "Coun-
cilmanlc" but to a reporter present,
whose recent experience may have
colored his imagination got the
word down "Council-maniac"
form of Government. "Council-
maniac" seems too good a term to
St.  Andrew's Society
Tomorrow night at 8 o'clock in
the Carpenters' Hall there will be
a meeting of the St. Andrews
SocictyMo make arrangements for
St. Andrew's Night, November
30th. All Scotsmen desirous of
becoming members are invited to
be present.
j. f. Mcdonald lost case
Judgment Given Against Him
in Lawsuit Involving $504.78
and Costs. Harvey ��� Briggs
vs. Prince Rupert Wholesale
Liquor and Supply Co.
Before Judge Young In this
morning's session of lhe County
Court the case of Harvey &��� Briggs
vs. J. F. McDonald was decided
againsl defendant, J. F. McDonald.
The action is over a promissory
note, the .-11111111111 of defendant's
liability being 8504.78 and costs.
W. E, Fisher appeared for plaintiffs. Defendant was unrepresented.
Sherman Cleveland Opera Co.
Made Good Here in August
Is Welcome as the Flowers in
Last nighl at thc Majestic Theatre the illusi rated lectures on the
White Slave Traffic again attracted
large crowds who were impressed
wiih thc substance of the lecturer's
subject. The pictures showing
the methods of those who take
p;irt in this nefarious business were
remarkably effective. Tonight an
entirely new series of films showing
thc sequel to the evils first Illustrated will be exhibited and
the lecturer will deal with this
aspect of the subject in his Interesting, and instructive lecture
and warbing.
Has 112-Inch Reach and Weighs
More Than Three Hundred
Capt. Klaus Larsen Has a Thrilling Trip  Through the
Great Whirlpool���Had   no   Mishap,   But
"Never Again" Says the Captain
Chicago, Nov. 8.���A modes!
colored lad, seven feet and seven
inches in height, reached Chicago
today on the trail of Jack Johnson.
The "tar baby," who makes the
w hiie hopes look like dwarfs, gave
his name as George Bell, but let
it be known that he prefers to be
called the "black prince," as the
latter name is much more attractive
he thinks.
Bell, who is but 19 years old,
says hc hopes some day to grow
up and Ik a full-sized man. Whether or not the "black prince" ever
achieves his full growth, he intend
lo attempt to spank Jack Johnson
when he learns to use his pile
driver-like hands to a little better
advantage. Just at present he
is taking an elementary course
in boxing and thinks he has the
A. B. C.'s of the fistic business
George, unlike most tall men, is
well proportioned. He weighs 327
pounds and possesses a pair of
shoulders that s|x-ak of great
hitting power. His reach is 112 1-2
inches. Jack Johnson boasts thai
his arms, extended, measures 7ti
The "black prince" was discovered picking cotton at Zebu la,
Ga., by an industrious boxing
promoter, who persuaded him thai
il was much easier picking lemons
in thc ring and dollars at the box
Niagara. Falls, Nov. 8.���Captain
Klaus Larsen, who lasi year navigated the Whirlpool Rapids in
the motor boai Ferro, has repeated
the feat by covering the seven
miles between the Falls and Lewis-
ton in thirty-one minutes in the
Niagara, a fifteen-foot motor boal.
The entire trip was made without
a hitch, the ten horsepower gasoline engine forcing the Utile craft
through the rapids ill sixty miles
an hour.
Instead of sticking close to the
Canadian shore, as he did last
year, Larsen kept well in towards
the American shore till he reached
the head of the rapids. Striking
the first giant wave of the rapids
fairly, the little motor boal rose
thirty feet into the air on its crest
and dropped out of sight inio lhe
trough. For a second or so it
looked to those ashore as if the
boat had gone to the bottom. Then
she bounded up on another wave,
ami was tossed on her milc-a
minute course down stream. She
rode  the Waves like a cork,  but
came near capsizing once in spite
of the .-.even hundred pounds of
sand ballast in her hold.
In llu* whirlpool the suction of
the maelstrom was so great thai
for aboul two m nutes il threatened
to pull the motor boat inio the
swirling mass of logs and rubbish
held in the water's grip.
Larsen brought his er ifl about
sharply, and headed direct for the
American shore. Willi his engine
racing al full speed, the current
tugging in the opposite direcUon
like a giant, the Niagara stood
still for what seemed Hi the
watchers lo be an eternity. Then
.-ith a leap the little craft broke
nature's grip and sped out into
the stream.
"I'll never make thai trip again.
This is the second time I've done
it, and that's enough, believe ne,'
Larsen declared after the trip.
The Niagara is fifteen feet over
all, five feet six inches beam, four
feet eight inches deep, propelled
by a ten horsepower four cycle
Scripps engine. She is built of
five-eighth inch pine.
Donation of $500 by J. W.
Stewart of Prince Rupert
Acknowledged by Duchess of
"The Duches of Sutherland
wishes to express publicly her
grateful indebtedness to Mr.
J. W. Stewart, of Prince Ruperl, B. C, for a donation of p.
hundred pounds (8500) to the
funds of the Sutherland Celtic
Above is a note from lhe "Oban
Times" of October 21 st.   Scotland
For Ever!
Ladies' Home Journal Patterns-
Water Scarcity Across Creek
This Morning. Even Stand-
pipes Were Out of Business.
Owing to tin.' sudden and unexpected onslaught of the Frost
Fiend this week many householders are engaged in the task
of solving the water problem.
"Pipes Friz'?" is the morning
compliment now quite "de rigeur."
.Across Hays Creek today even
the mains have gone out of business, and the stand-pipes simply
stand. There's nothing else doing
from them.
Blankets���vou    need
ivcr 2000 of 'em.���Wallace's,     tf have Vm.���Wailaa
Chairman of Public Works Department is so Fond of Prince
Rupert's Press That He is
Coming to Live on Newspaper
Row Near the Daily News
On Saturday night in "A Stubborn Cinderella" Prince Rupert
will no doubt again prove the
Prince Charming of lhe Sherman
Cleveland Opera Company. This
company of talented artistes did
so well in August ehwn they
presented many different  highly
successful and amusing musical
comedies, that the certainty is
that ihey will dl��W bumper houses
on ihis return visit. The company
brings with it an enlirely new-
rep.rtoire, but some of the old
favotires will very likely be staged
by request. Not only the capable
and effectively hard working principals of the company, but also
the heartily energetic and good
natured chores will be welcomed
by Prime Rupert. The girls
worked with a will and to the
ap ireciation of full houses in song,
dance, and merry palter last August and will surpass llicmselvi's in
"A Stubborn Cinderella."
Alderman Hilditch has purchas-
ttl the slore building and residential quarters formerly occupied by
Messrs.   Schrieber  and   Co.  on
Centre si reel near the Anglican
Church. He is to remove the
building entire from its present
site and lake it to a new site on
Third avenue near the Daily News
office. Here Alderman Hilditch
will  take up residence,  rc-fiuing
ihe residential part of the building
in   modem   manner   to   suii   his
household requirements.   Possibly
either row or at a later date the
slore premises below will be let
lo lake advantage of the growing
Importance of Third avenue near
McBride street as a business centre.
Alderman Hildilch has made ar-
rangeiiieiils for (he disposal of
his house and property on Ambrose
street which is rather far out of
the business cenlre for a man of
affairs like  the Chairman  of lhe
Public Works Department.
Meeting Tonight in Police
Court Room to Form a Fresh
League to Fight for the Man-
son Cup. *
There is to lie a meeting toniglu
In the police court room of members of the first indoor baseball
league of Prince Rupert, ard all
interested, with a view to lhe
starting of another league for lhc
exciting game. The Manson Cup
which is held al present by the
Royal Blue Ribbons, Is a biennial
trophy, and must Ik- won twice
before It can become ihe property
of any (cam. Therefore the new
league will have an exceptionally
interesting aim in view. To wrest
the trophy from the Royal Blues
means going some. Be al the
meeting tonight at eight p.m.
Get her, a Christmas present
of furs. We have ihem in slock
up to $35 and have agency for
best furriers in the Fast. Furs are
going up���order now.���Wallace's.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Mr. Euclid Demers, late of the
Royal Bank, has joined the staff
of the Daily News. Mr. Demers
is one of thc youngest "old-timers"
in lhe city, landing here three
yean ago in the company of his
father, Mr. Numa Demers.
Frank Ellis is President, Miss   Mackenzie Vice-President, W. D. Black, Secy-Treas.���Short Discussion
on Municipal Government by Commission
Officebearers were elected at the
Not   the  Millionaire
J. H. Rogers, who protested in
council recently in the effort to
get a clear sidewalk between his
Steamship Office on Second avenue
and Sixth street, Is noi M. K.
Rogers. He wishes he was. M. K.
Rogers is a mining man and
and reputed millionaire. Curiously
enough, however, he has a brother
J. H., but not our J. H.
Social Note
Mrs. J. Fred Ritchie gave a
highly successful Rinking Party
last night at (he Audlioriii n, i
number of ladies and gentlemen
being Invited, and lhe rink reserved
for the party.
Albert Morrison charged this
morning wllh being drunk and
disorderly pleaded guilty and was
fined $5 and costs or seven days,
meeting of lhe Presbyterian Church
Club last  night afler a short dis-
cusslon on the subject of Municipal
Government by Commission led
by Rev F W Kerr and Mr H F
McRae Following are the officers
President, Frank Fibs. Mr
Fllis was not present last nighl,
bin he is to be approached by a
deputation of club members informing him of his election, wiih
a view to overcoming any "lack
of time" plea which he may
possibly put forward The advantage of having so energetic
a young man in this position
is appreciated by pastor and members very highly.
Vice-President, Miss Mackenzie
Miss Mackenzie was elected after
a close contest wiih Miss Barker,
Miss Matson, Miss Scott, and Miss
MacDonald. The election was a
popular one.
As Secretary, Mr. W. D. Black
was appointed.  He was nominated
for president, but: di (lined the
nomination. Though persuaded
not Without difficulty lo accept
the appointment of secretary Mr.
Black is certain to do excellent
and   conscientious   work   for   the
dub in the posltloni
Owing to the sudden extreme
cold, the club meeting last night
was not so well attended as usual,
but as soon as the members appreciate   the   fact   that   the   new
aspect of the question Was broached, though the Council method
found a Staunch defender in W. G.
Dennis who remarked that if
the best governed cities in the
world were governed by Council
he siw no valid reason for any
change. The whole mailer, he
said, depends on (he people themselves. Good people, good governmeni, bid people, bad government.
Rev F. W. Kerr gave a brief
resume of the whole subject, emphasising the opi ion lhat Commission Governmeni is best because il lends to eliminate politics,
a Very desirable thing. Mr H F
McRae would support Conmission
Government because il is a sign
of progress and advance, if for
no other reason He pointed out
the futility of the slavish "let well
alone" policy which if it hud been
adhered to by all would have kept
the world where it was two thousand years ago.
W. Reilley gave an address on
the council side, slating that he had
had to do with a commission
government    movement    before
which was ending in a swing back
f the pendulum he believed today.
Others, however, in their short
addresses showed how strong is
the general opinion that Commission Government is the best
system yet.
Next Wednesday night there will
be a Mayoral Contest. Three
contestants, to be named later, will
be  put   up,  will  make speecl-.es,
hall   is  a   cosy   and   comfortable
gathering place very different fromland  have   their   supporters  with
the old shack on the reserve, cold them.    They will go up for the
nights   will   not   reduce   the   at-1 verdict by vote of thc company
_. ~_     ' J I tendance. (present, and the successful "May-
Children s   and   misses    winter      \n 1]lc ciiRCl,ss|()n ,m Municipal or"  will  enunciate his views on
coats.���Wallace's. tf'Government   by  Commission,  no I immediate municipal reforms.
"***?**'* THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Neitupaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern fi. C.
Published by tb* Princa Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-Daily, 50c
per month, or $6.00 per yeur, in advance. Weekly. $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, $$.00 per year; Weekly, $2.60 per year, strictly
in advance.
Daily News Building. Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle-Puget Sound News Co.
London, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Subscribers will greatly oblige by promptly calling up Phone 98 in case of
non-delivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
Daily Edition.
Thursday, Nov. 9
Oklahoma City is another of thc larger cities of the United States
that has been let! to adopt commission government, in its endeavor
to eliminate boss rule, machine politics and ring methods from its
civic life. No place on the continent has had a harder fight to secure
a reformed municipal government than had Oklahoma City.
Its experience of commission governmeni dates only since June
last, but already the benefits of business methods in municipal corporation affairs have proved themselves. The city has a commission of
five. The Mayor acts as president of thc commission. The depart*;
ments are arranged as follows: department of Aci*ounting and Finance
under Commissioner Elmer C. Trueblood, an expert accountant;
department of Public Works under Commissioner Guy E. Blackwcldcr;
department of Public Safety under Commissioner J. T. Highley, and
department of Public Property under Commissioner W. H. Hampton.
For the business success of liis particular department, each commissioner is held responsible.
The following letter from Mayor Whit M. Grant gives a hint of
what Oklahoma City had to face to secure commission government,
and of the success which has followed its endeavors:
"This city has been under commission government since
June 8th last passed, which form of government was rttaincd by
the people afler having four consecutive defeats at thc polls due
to election corruption and administrative control of the election
machinery. Thc people had gained well defined ideas of the
advantages of the Commission form from the experiences of Des
Moines, Iowa, ar.d Galveston, Texas, and besides, the corruption
which had crept into local government, due to the maintainance
of a dominant political rir.g, had become so obstreporous in their
operations to defeat the ends of good government at the expense
of the people and to their own personal advantage that they had
carried their activity too far and thc people demanded some
"Since the inauguration of thc present form of municipal
government in this city, many reforms have been put into effect;
much of thc people's money has been saved and the proposed
plans to be inaugurated by the commissioners look to still greater
savirgs, notwithstanding the fact that tlie commissioners have
been harassed at every turn by the old political ringstcrs-, within
and without the party, who have used every endeavor to make
the new form of government a failure, partly to cover up the
radical shortcomit gs of their old form of aldermai-.ic gover.uncnt.
WHIT M. GRANT,   Mayor
Is the old Princess Royal. I-1** What b
Ho guffawed mournfully Bl Brand's
Involuntary exclamation.
"Certain!     Well,  surely  I  "��Kht  t0
"ls that tho name of the youngster
who climbed tho foro-masi?"
"That's him. It was a stroke of
genius, his catching onto that way.
He was as cool ns u cucumber.   Just
know.   I | av.- passed most of uiy scr- looked up when lie reached the deck
vice  win*.   t_o  company  In  Iter,  and an' saw the lighthouse so nmir.   Thou
when  I  took  a  crew  to I ramp's  to he asked mc for a ropo.   Planned thq
navigate her to New York after sho whole thing in a second, so to speak.1
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAP1TAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
Skeena   Mail and  Express
Leave all express packages for interior points with the Pacific Transfer Co., 807 Third Ave., and insure prompt forwarding.
All accounts and correspondence addressed to
BEIRNES 4 MULVANY     ������*��"
will receive immediate attention
P.O. Bu 806
To produce good printing you must "first catch your
good printer. . . You can't get good printing from a
poor printer, even if he work with never so good nn
equipment. If he lai-ks the "knack," the trained
taste, the single-minded fondness for his work which
real printers have, he will do poor printing for you.
If hc has all of these, and in addition to them adequate modern equipment, your printing will have
distinction, salesmanship,  the lure of type-beauty.
As this offlce produces good printing you may infer
the presence of a good printer���who is "catchable."
for hioh ciaaa pbintino of all kinds seb the "news job1
Daily News Building phone 98 Third Avenue
Constance laughed.
"Perhaps she knew dad years ago,'
she said.
"What do you think Mr. Pyne said
about her?" ,     .
���How can I tell? Did you speak o|
her to him?"
"1 told him she bad fainted when
vou delivered his message. He said:
���Guess she ian faint as easy as I can
fall olf a house.'   Isn't he funny?"
"I think he Ib splendid." Bald Constance.
The wresJ was now wholly demot
Ished. The first big wave of the re
treating tide enveloped the lighthousn
and smote It with thunderous silence.
Screams came from the women's quai*.
ters- .,-. i,
"Go. Enid." said Constance. Tell
them they have nothing to fear. The;)
must expect those things to happen
for nearlv two hours. Tell them what
dad said. Twenty-five years, you
Ilrave hearts! What infinite penetration Inspired the man who fmi
said  "Noblesse oblige!"
Constance looked In at the kitchen,
Pyne loomed through a (og of steam.
"Pay no heed to these���" she was
interrupted by another mighty thump
and cataract roar��� "these blowB ol
Thor'a hammer," she cried.
"Play me for an anvil," he returned,
She descended to the depths, to reassure the men. Talking with shrill
cheerfulness at each doorway waa
easy. It helped her to go down, down,
feeling stone and Iron trembling as
every surge was hurled many feel
above her head. At last, she stood
on the lowest floor. Beneath her feet
was naught but granite and Iron bars,
Here was solidity. How grateful to
know of this firm base, rooted In (he
very world. Her heart leaped to lur
mouth, but not with fear. She was
proud of the lighthouse, strong li tho
knowledge of Its majestic strei . th.
Nevertheless, in this piace, the
source of her own sense of security,
she found uneasiness among lha mqp.
T^ey were all sailors in this lowest
habitable region. Their pre-concelved
Ideas had been rudely reverstd. Tba
ship the noble structure which defied
the storm by yielding to lis utmost
fury, hnd for them no terrors. But
the stark pillar which flinched from
no assault bewildered them. It was
Impossible to believe that it could
withstand the strain. Ha! Listen W
that. The battering-ram of oceau applied to a thin shaft of stone. Surely
It must  be pounded Inio fragments
Said    one.    with  Indefinite  bellow
amidst   the  black  turmoil:    "I  can't
stand this, mates."
"Cp aloft for me!" cried another.
"Let's die with our eyes open, anyhow," ehimrd  in a third.
Rut a light flashed In the rolling
orbs of the man who was tlready on
the stairs. Astounded, he drew back.
Constance stood In their midst, a
mere girl, radiant, smilingly unconcerned, addressing them in calm
wards, broken only by the fitful
"Sorry your quarters���so very unpleasant. Only last a���couple ot
hours. Twenty-five years���far worts
gales.    Want any more cocoa?"
"Thank you kindly, miss, we're
quite comfortable." This from the
man who wished to die with his eyel
��l"-n- X.   ,11
"Please, miss, may we smoke?
said he who couldn't stand It.
Constance hesitated. Blithely unconscious that a whiff of mutiny had
swept through the storm-tossed fold,
she pondered the problem. She saw
no harm in It.
"Yes." she said. "Smoke by all
means. I will ask my father, and 11
It should he dangerous I will com*
bai-k and let you know. In a few
hours it will he daylight, and If ths
sea falls he will come and open the
By sheer Inspiration she had utter
ed the formula destined to annihilate
the neeromantio bluster of the hammering waves. Open the door! So
this ponderous racket was a mere
tidal triek, a bogey, which each paBS*
1 Ing minute would expose more thor
"All right, miss, an' Ga*vd lilt*>i
yer," growled one who had not sp Uen
hitherto. There was a chrrus of approval. Constance gave u little gulp,
The cultured and delicate lad;- lying
ln the Lunk above had not spoken so.
"Indeed," she gasped, "iiod has
blessed some of us this night."
Then she fled, further utterance
falling her.
Nearer the sky. Brand tended the
lamp and discussed matters with
chief officer Kmmett. The sailor,
with the terse directness of his class,
told how the Chinook had made an
excellent voyage from New York until she ran into bad weather aboul
four hundred miles weBt of the Lizard.
"It seems to me," he said, "as If wa
dropped onto the track of that hurricane after It had curved away to tlio
norrard,   and  that   the d d  thing
swooped  down on us again when  wa
were abreast of the Bishop Light."
Brand nodded. This surmise agreed
with his own theory of the storm, in
Indicated by the sea.
Mr. Emmett held out a clenched fist
with thumb Jerked towards the reef,
"I wouldn't breathe a word If ha
wasn't gone," be said, "but tbe old maq
was dtivln' her too hard. I knew it,
an' the chief knew It"���he meant the.
chief engineer���"but he wouldn't listen to either Mac or me. Pact Is, ha
was fair crazy to set up a new record
for the boat. She's been crossln' the
Atlantic forty times a year for upwards of twenty years, and tbe recent
alteraUons, although they added fifty
feat to her length, only Increased hei
engine-power ln proportion."
"You surprise me," broke In Brand,
"You speak as If the Chinook were
nearly as old as this lighthouse, yet
1 have never even heard her name before."
"You know her well enough all tha
same," said the other ruefully, "This
li her maiden voyage since she was
altered;    an'   they   rechrlstened   her,
too���always a d d unlucky thing to
do, I **j.   Bleat your heart, man, ths
was smartened up l little imagined I
would see her laid by torevi r Ihe next
time we saw the lights of Old England. My goodness, even what was
left of the old girl ought tu know her
way bettor'n that."
"Hut what did really bappenf"
"DrtVin' her I tell vou iliivln' her
full pelt to 'and the malli nt Southampton twelve hours ahead of schedule. With that awful si a llftln' her,
and a shaft twenty feet longer, what
could you expeot? Poor Perkins I A
rare hard Worker, too. Now lie's gone
down with the ship an' over two hundred passengers an' crew;"
"Judging by the number saved I
feared that more were lost."
"It's the off season, you know. The
passenger list was light Por the
Lord's sake, think of what It might
have been in May or June!"
"It is bad enough as it Is. All has
not ended with the disappearance of
the vessel."
The sailor shot a sharp glance at
"You ean't be thiukln' anyone was
to blame���" he commenced. But
Brand waved aside the fancied Imputation.
"Blame!" he said. "With a broken
shaft! In that whirlwind! No, no.
I sent for you to talk over the new
difficulty which has to be faced. There
are food, water and fuel here for three
men for two months. If you do a little
sum you will find that the available
stores on the basis of full rations will
maintain eighty-one people for two
days and a quarter."
"But we're only six miles from tbe
mainland." Mr. Emmett had not yet
gn. i-l ii 11 the true meaning of the figures.
"I have been here more than once
for six weeks at a Btretch, when, for
all   the  assistance  we  could  recelv
we  might  as  well  have  been  within
Ihe Arctic Circle."
Again the sailor Jerked his thumb
towards the  reef.
"Is It as bad as all that?" he queried
"Hut six weeks. Good Lord!" Mr,
Emmett had done the little sum.
"That is exceptional. A week Is
the averag.- unless tbe unexpected
happens, after a gale Uke this. And
a week will test our endurance to tbe
Mr. Etmrott whistled softly. A
grisly phantom was creeping at him.
He shivered, and not from cold.
"By Jove!" he said. "What's to be
"In the first place, you must help
me to maintain Iron discipline. To
leave the rock to-day or to-morrow
will be an absolute Impossibility. On
the next day, with luck and a steady
moderation of thc weather, we may
devise some desperate means of landing all the active men or getting fresh
supplies. That is In the hands of
Providence. I want you to warn your
officers, and others whom you can
trust, either sailors or civilians. Better urrange three watches. My daughters will have charge of tbe stores.
Hy going through the lists In the
store-room I can portion out the rations for six days. I think we had
better fix on that  minimum."
"Of course 1 will back you up In
every way." said Mr. Emmett, whe felt
chillier at this moment than al any
lime during the night. "I know you
arc acting wisely, but I admit I am
scared at the thought of what may
happen���if those days pass and no
help Is available."
llrand knew what would happen,
ani' It waB hard to lock the secret In
his heart. He alone must live. That
was essential, the one thing carved In
stone upon thc tablets of his brain,
a thing to be fought out behind bar
red door, revolver ln hand.
Whatever else took place, it men
and women, perhaps his own tweet
girls, were dying of thirst and starvation, the light must shine at night over
Its allotted span of the slumbe-ring
sea. There, on the little table besides
him, lay the volume of Rules and
Regulations.    What  did it say?
"Tbe kerpers, both principal and
assistant, are enjoined never lo allow
any Interests, whether private or
otherwise, to Interfere with the discharge of their public duties, the im
portance of which lo the safety e.f
navigation cannot be overrated."
There was no ambiguity In th
words, no halting sentence Which
opened a way for a man to plead: ".
thought It best." Those who Framed
the rule meant what they said. Nl
man could bend the steel of their I;, j
To end the Intolerable strain of lilt
thoughts Stephen Brand forced hit
lips to a thin smile and his voice to
say harshly:
"If the worst comes to the worst,
there are more than three thousand
gallons of colza oil ln store. That
should maintain life. It Is a vegetablo
Then Constance tlinist her glowing
face into the lighted area.
"Dad," she cried, cheerfully, "tho
men wish to know If they may smoke.
Poor fellows! They are so miserable
���so cold and damp and dreary down
there.   Please say 'Yes.' "
The purser, faithful to his trust, hsd
secured the ship's books. He alone,
among tbe survivors of the Chinook,
had brought a parcel of any sort from
that Ill-fated ship. The others possessed the clothet they wore, their
money, and In some casei their trinkets.
Mr. Emmett suggested that a Hat of
those saved should be compiled.
Then, by ticking off the names, he
could easily classify the Inmates of
the lighthouse and evolve some degree
of order ln the community.
It was found that there were thirty-
seven officers and men, Including
stewards, thirty-three saloon passengers, of whom nineteen were women,
counting the two little girls, and seven
men and one woman from the steerage.
"It Isn't usual on a British ship, for
Ihe crew to bulk so large on the list,"
���mid Mr. Emmett, huskily. "But It
couldn't be helped. The passengers
bad to be battened down. They couldn't live on deck. We never gave In
until the last minute."
"I saw thai," said Brand, knowing
the agony which prompted the broken
"An' not a mother'a soul would have
escaped If lt wasn't for young Mr.
Pyne," went on the tailor.
"He Ib not one of the ship's company?"
"No, sir, a passenger, novvy of Cy-
rus ,1. Traill, the l'hlladelphlan millionaire. Haven't you heard of Train?
Not much of a newspaper reader, eh?
There was a lady on hoard, a Mis.
Vanslttart, who was coming over to
marry old Traill, so people said, and
the weddln' was fixed to lake place In
Parts next week. Young Pyne wbb
actln' as escort."
The chief officer glanced down tho
j purser's  lists  and   slapped   his   thigh
with much vehemence.
"No, by gosh! Here she ls, marked
O. K.    Well,  that beats the band."
"So tho lad has discharged his trust
to bit uncle?"
Mr. Emmett was going to it* something, but checked the words on his
"Queer world," he muttered. "Queer
With that he devoted himself to
planning out tbe watches. Soon he
and the purser betook themselves to
the depths with a roll-call. As they
crept below gingerly���these sailor*
men were not at home on companion
ladders which moved not when the
shock eame���they met Enid for the
first time. She. coming up, held the
swinging lantern level with her face.
They  hung back,  politely.
"Plcaso come," she cried in her win*
sonio way. "These stairs are too narrow  for courtesy."
They Stepped heavily onward. Sho
flitted away. Emmett raised his lantern between the purser's face and
his own.
"What do you think of that?" be
whlspored. awestrlcken.
Tbe> man of accounts smiled broadly.
"Pretty girl!" he agreed, wllh crudely emphatic superlatives.
Emmett shook his head. He murmured to himself: "I guess I'm tired.
I sec things."
Enid handed nn armful of dry linen
to the damp, steaming women In the
lower bedroom. She was hurrying
out; someone overlook her at the
door,   li was Mis Vanslttart.
"Miss Brand," she said, with her all*
sufficing    smile
Skeeni Land Dlitrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
III andi
Talco notice that Auitin M. Urown of Prince
Kupert, li. C. occupation isddlur, intend* to
apply to the thief Commi**lonor of Landi and
Works (or a licenco to proipect for coul, oil and
fiutroleum on end under the foUowing dmcrlbed
inde on the Went Cout of Uraham liland:
Commencing at a poit planted three miloi eait
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4478 thence
mi chaim miuth, thence ttO chain* eait, thence 80
chaini north, thence 80 chain* weit to point of
AUSTIN M. imoWN, Locator
1 >iiui of Locution Slit July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auitin M. Brown of Princ*
Itupert, occupition uddler, intendi to apply to
the Chief Commiwloner of Landi and worki
for a licence \o proipect for ooal ind oil and petroleum on and under the following deacribed land*
on the Weit Cout of Uraham laland:
Commencing it a poit tilanted throe miloi eut
of the louthwuit corner of C. 1.. No. 4477 thenoe
80 chilm eut, thence 00 chaim north, thence 80
chaini weat, thence 80 chalm louth to point of
cum mencement.
Date of Location, -3 lit July It'll.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice tbat Auitin M. Brown of Prince
It upon, occupation uddlur, intenda to apply to
the Chief Cumminioner of Landi and Work* for a
licence lo proipect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following deacribed land* on the Weit
Cout of Uraham liland:
Commencing at a poet planted throe mllee eut
of the loutheMt corner o IC. L No. 4472 thence
nortb 80 chiini, tlience eait 80 chaina, tbence eouth
bl) chain*, thence weit 80 chaim to point of commencement.
Locited Auguit lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 1��.
Skeena Lain! DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Taku notico tnat thirty dayi from dale, 1, C. K
limner of Prince Kupert, B. C��� by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
muiioner of -Landi for a licence to proipect for
cual and petruleum on and under 640 acree of
land on Uraham liUnd deKribed u (ollowi:
Commencing at a poet plantod live milea eut
of Coal Leaw No. 4467, marked C. E. B. Coal
Leaie No. 1, N. 1-.. corner, tbence weit 80 chaini,
thence euutb 80 chaim, thenco eut 80 chaim,
ibence nurth 80 chaim to placo of commencement.
Dated Sept. i I, 1911 C. ft UAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept '2'2.
Skeona Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
Take nutice itut thirty dayi from dau, 1, C. (_
Bainter of Prince Kupert, if. C., by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
minioner of Landi for a licence to proepect for
coal and pelruleutu ou ai.d under 640 acre* ol
land on Uraham lalund deetrihod m followi:
Commencing at * poet planted five milea eut
of Coal Leaae Nu. 4467, marked C. K, B. N. W.
oorner No. 2, thence aouth 60 chaini, tbence eut
80 chaim, ibince north 80 cbaina, tbence weal
&U chaim to place o( commencement.
Dated Sept. 11. 1911. C. E. BAIN 1'EK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 22.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take noUce thu thirty dayi from date, I, C. i-
Batntrr of Prince Kupert, li. C., by occupatiun
boukkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mutU/ier of Laudi for a licence to proepect for
, coal and petruleum on  and  under 640 acrae ol
'glVQ   mo   Otie   mo-   land on Urabam liland <lu>crtbed u (ollowa:
Commencing at a i m\ planled live milea eul
��� I.-. J_.*__i  _.���.��� i___m____i    ��' Coal Leaa* No. 44id, marked C. E. U. S. Vt.
They Btood In the dark and hollow-1 ^.^ 0, tOMl UtMm No; ,t IIwnw wl w &-.*���.
sounding   Stairway.      The   8ea8    were ' tbence  north 8U chaini,  thence wait 60 cbauu,
lashing    the    column  reneatedly. but i *lirnef ___���*__��� ch*4Ua 19 VgH ��, commencement.
th      nii'iif _     ,,-i   ..i    �����--_   .......i..   "ii     Dated ���brin-11,1911.    C. E. BAIM EK, Locatoi
tne nig nt s ordeal  was nearly ended. p��2 seitt.sx
Kven a  timid child might know now I
that   the   howling   terror   Without   had   Skeen* Land Dutrlcl-DUtricl of Queen Char|otu-
An*-r*   ,, .   ��������������-   ?*.*   a_.at-._i       cs  lake noiic\> lhal ibuty tiaya (rum date, 1, L. t.
done Its worst and failed.   From the   iiBAMmr ol i*ntlCml tutjSt, u. c, by occupation
cavernous   depths,   mingling   With   the   bookkeeper, inland to apply to th* Chief Com-
rumble of the storm, came the rhythm  mb��,on��f o( Und* '�� �� licence to proepect for
-.f   i   h��MM       Ti,...   i_#.   i.   _.i~-__.   . coal and petroleum on  end  under 640 acre* ul
of a h>mn.   Those left In gloom by , ^d on OnEa Mand fcSfaS m follow.:
thc   withdrawal   of  Mr.   Kmmett'l   Ian-]     Commencing at * po*t planted live mile* out
tern  were cheering their despondent *Co*Ji.u"�� *�� "'*��� "J"""*1 gL_T__T h*i
1 | .. .'i.r  Loai  1 ...->���-���  No.  4,  thrnce weal 80 chain*.
Skeen* Land DUtrlct���HUt. ,
_ Tuke notice thi? thlrty J��VA'T" W*to��.
Balner ut Prince ffiuSrl    It^ V":n','11''- l.C. ?
bookkeeper, intend toapnli t li,bi,.��c��P��iS
mlwiumv ul Land* fur u !?,,,,*, V   ' '"^t'o
i- imTi,
"will ��|
"I com.
'���ll. U<
Chtliu,   tj-igne-1)   vat  KU   chilli,.'
chain., ihonco till  SU chiii. ,���
llli-lin-liii-nl. mamxm   In  |
UlMllSlipt. II, 191 C. K   llll
I'ub. Supt. ft, *" *"**"
Skeen. UneJ Bistricl -Dlsltlcl ut ___, rL
Uko notln, tl��i thirty div, -, ���,, ', " "-Notts
Dtliiter ol I'rinco |(ulaTt, fi 7""1'.��"������, 1,1.1.
Iiookkoopi-r, Intiind io siu.lv i��� I ', "re'P��lioo
nnwionor ol LrniO, lo, tiaatm ���' "��� ��� <"�����
fanil .nil iiotroloum on un.l i���. i . ' '-I'm lur
lund on Ura.li.nl lalund diavr , , ,   '' *'c*-��* ol
Communcln*! ul . non nlsnu ;V"���
i   C.E. B^l3!CTffT____*f��
.0.1 Uuo No. 15  ihonci' norll    - l- "���
����.t   SO   Cliutlis,   lUnC*.   south   -r '���-,'���
eut SOctain,I to pluco ol c������,���.   ,:.IN"'l*i��*.
JiUKlS.pl tl, toil.    c. 1.. BAlNvtlll
���lib. Sopt. 23. ��������.���> i Ul, Loon,,,
Lind District-District ���[ uu���.,...   .
nolico th.t thirty duy, (.���,*,.SW��
ol I'rinco Kuport, ll. t,.   -,    *'*'���'"
Ski'i'am Lind District
bookkoopor, inland to'.piily t,
missioner ot Ijin.ia lor ��� Ue.no
coil ind potroloum on uml m
lind on Urihim Isllnd dc-scnl-,.!
. ��i��llo��
���"<��� Com.
���xex lo,
Commcnclnij it ��� pint plinlorl u��� ml.
oi c. E u. l*.o*i ii*_o'To.,,',' ',;������;?* ����;'
corner C. E. II. Co.l Lease No. V, __5L__
80 chains,  thenco  west  ��u clu.
80 chiini, thence eut Ml oh.iu, ,!   "������ jW��
thenco north Ml etisit���, Ihetices east 50 chuns.
Surprised, even  Whilst   Knld awaited    Ihenc south Ml chains to plan ol cuiiini.nc-Mn.nl.
the older  woman's demand, the  lis*
lenert heard the words:
|..l.-.l.*-r,.l. II, 1911.
i I'ub. Sepl. tl.
C. t. UAIM'tK, Locato
"Awake my soul, and with the tun
"Thy dally singe of duty run;
>.r-u l_n,l Dutrict���DUlrict ul yue-n Cbirlolta
1 aka i...tir.- 11,ai thirty �����> ��� Inns diu, I, C I.
Iliintvr ul I'rlne. Itupvn, u. C, by occupaUon
bookkesviie,, intend to apply to ibe * ni.l com*
Shake off dull ninth, and Jorful rise ' mivtoner ol l_i���i. lor ��� licences to prospect loi
To pay lliy morning tacrlflce."       I ***** ***<*, *****, m, ���*"* "A*" ***** �����"" **
.     lind on Orah.m Isliod .|.��critHai ia lotions.
* I    Commencing al ��� poet pUnled two miles noirb
The rough tonet of the men were , ol .uke marked c. K u. OwlstatNo *. markw
toftened and harmonised by the dlt- N- ����� T **-��� Ev **��� Co*u Lm��� **''��� ** *****
.-_.. 1.     .. , *   * .     *��Ulh    00   ClllllU,    ttlVUCV    <S��Sl    OO   Chains,    IbwnC-
tance.    It  was a  chant of pralae. of ���0ni, oo chuns, thence sui oo 3_E to pirn of
thanksgiving,    the offering of  thote ctimmencrmesni.
who btd been tnatrhed from death and B***l*t*-i*. '*������������   C. E. h-.imi.i-. Locum
from  mortal fear more painful  tl.an
dead). ' Skreni Land Dutrict���District ol Queen Chnloiie
Tisa.' .iHni.._ .._., .....  _._    _ ..      Taka notice that thirty days Irom data, I. C   l..
The singing ceased as suddenly at It u.,,,.., ���i cine. Kupert. u. c, b> occupation
began. Mr. Kmmett and the purter bookkeeper, intend io apply to tha Chiel Com-
were warning  lhe firm  watch. , mUrtonee ���l I,>,e_ i���r . bcenee to P/oapect lor
Tk..   l.ils.aJTa. ills,        hi    . ""* ** pMs\_������ on  an-l  un, er  8*0 icrue ol
The Interruption   did not teem  to i.nd on tiraham Sal d��nu��i ��� uSm
help Mrs.  \ Hll-.lt tart.    She Spoke tWk-       ��� '���.n.mn.cn.s >l . pent planted Iwo railee nortb
wardly,    checking    her   thoughts  aa ?! '".v1"^ *-'-*������. L*,*7 No l< **&*& ct ********
though fearful the might be -KmdW: ||i��^M"i&*_j_S,ffl 8
Stood or say too much. I chains, tbence wast 00 cbaiu to pile, ol com*
"I am better," the explained, "quite
recovered. I���gave up my bunk to
one who needed It"
"I am ture we are all doing our best
to help one another," volunteered
I ,.*..!.-. i i   II, 1911.    C. I.   UAINTER .Locilor
lul. Sept. HI
Skeeni Land Dl.irlct���Diatnct ol IMeon Charlotte
Take notice lhal thirty days Irom date, I, C. I.
Ilaim.r ol I'rince Rupert, ll. C, by occupation
be-eokkc-efH-r. intend lo apply- lo the Chiel Com-
missioner ol Land, lor a tir. nee to prospect lor
"But  1  am   restless.    Thc sight���Of   f**i ���������� P**����1����n on and unda.  tT-u acraa of
,11.1.   .,,,   ���     ���_.   .       . ���������-,"�������������-��������>    |.���j ������ -jr.nani Island 'le-s.rnbed H lolloas:
your titter���aroused vague memories,     commencm** u ��� post pimted iwo roil�� north
1)0   you   mind���I   find   lt   hard   to  ex-   ol C. E. U. Coral Leaae No. 1. slake S  W. cornar
plain���your name It familiar.   I knew  C��J* '-T-! -?!,0- ____��� '"."���'J?' t*S> *****
unn,..      n_a.���l/a    ���.ll���rf      ti-.���J    .    \s-    *****  B chains,  ihence aoulh  ho cbaina,  tbence
tome     people���called      Brand���a   Mr.   ,mx ho chains to place ol commencment.
Stephen Brand���and hit wife." iuh-imi" ii,i>ii    c e. uainter, Locaur
She   halted,   teemlngly   at a lots. I ***********
Knld. ttrlvlng helpletsly to solve the  *^_!!i.1^,JMl**l*a<>^(Wll'
,���,,..., #.a. .ui. .......     .  a ... I     Take nolice I hsl tMrty days from dale, I. C. E.
reason for this unexpected confidence.  i*.imer oi irinc. Rupwt, U. c. by occupation
but  quite   Wishful   to   make  the  OXpla-   bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the ChM Com-
nation easier, found herself Interetted.' ****** *>��� '-V"** '���*" * ****. m proepect lor
"v.. " .1,    ������, i      ..ti... i. ...,. *   roil and  petroleum oa and  under WO acree ol
i_. *_. a   '��� <,Ul,e **��**   **"*��� ���"> '-"him ledind ds^nl-d m lollowa:
llble, Of courte, though you mutt have I     (on.mennnt it ��� port plinted two mUaa north
been quite a girl.    Mrs. Brand died  ,"* 11 ?������ ST1 **? \��- !��� """"J,?_ _",���"��
manv  vssei ...,, " I *-��� *���' U' *-��*' ***** **'��� *��� thenco north SO ch.ins.
}>a,H  ������.- ii.,.,,��� weat  00 rhaina, thenee eouth SO chalu,
Mrs.    \anslttart   flinched   from   the   ihenc east r*x chains lo pl.e-ol commencement.
Doted Sepl. II, 1911.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept 23
feeble rayt of the lantern
"That It to���1 think 1 heard of���of
Mrs. Brand't death���In Uindon, I fancy.   But���they had only one child."
Knld laughed.
I  am a  mere   nobody," the tald.
Skeena Land Dislrict���Disuict ol Queen CharloUe
Take none that thirty day, Irom date, I, C, E.
Uainter ol I'rinc Rupert, U. C., by occupatioo
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Land, lor a Hence lo proepect lor
coa] and petroleum on and under 640 acraa of
"Dad adopted me.   I came here one  ian" o7oraT.���T.i.n7de,crihesi a. ie.iio.-s.
tlay ln June, nineteen years ago, and     t ommencii., ai a poet planted live miles, eaat
I must have looked to forlorn tbat he I v S?,u__**,VN,,i ****** *V*,kTi ?��� *** u*">**,2',
snaalr   .....   s-  ki.  ,      .. L  _""... ���*������ I- totiitt loai Lease Nd. 9, thenc. Miulh 00
chsins.  111. nre west  SO rl.sn.s, thenc  north  SO
took me to hit heart���thank Ood!
Another aolemn chord of tbe hymn
floated up to them:
"Let all thy converse be sincere,
Thy  conscience  at   the   noonday
The rest of the verse evaded them.
Probably a door wat doted.
Mrs. Vanslttart seemed to be greatly perturbed. Knld, Intent on tbe occupation of the moment, believed their
little chat was ended. To round It off,
so to speak, the went on quickly:
"I imagine I am the mott mytterlout
person living, in my early history. I
mean. Mr. Brand saw me floating towards thlt lighthouse In a deserted
boat. I was nearly dead. The people
who had been with me were gone,
cither starved anil thrown Into the
nn or knocked overboard during a
lolllBlon. as the boat was badly dam-
nppd. My linen was marked 'K. T.'
Ihat Is the only definite fact I can iell
you. All the rest Is guesswork. t,vl
ilcnily, nobody cared to claim me.
And here 1 am."
Mr*. Vanslttart was leaning back In
the deep gloom, supporting herself
against the door of the bedroom.
"What a romance!" she said, faint*
"'..a .    u, '"
A vague one, and this Is no time  imi i*..m No. 12,ihm����ut'h to ch.ins'thenc
to gOSBlp about It.    Can I get you any- 1 *-**"  m ehaln*, Ihenc north SO chains, thenc
thing''" I T"" i**. chains lo tilsc of mmenencment
1-11   ,  1.   ...   .     .. .. I Wiled Sepl   II, Itll.
I-.nld fell thai she really must not' Pub. sepu as.
prolong  their  conversation,  and  the
chaina,  Ihenc aast  to ehalna  to plac ol  com
DatedSept. II, 1911.    C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 21.
Skeeni Land Dislrict���Dislrict ol Queen Charlotu
Take nolic that thirty dais Irom due, I, C. E.
lis,,r.r of princ llupert, ll. C, by occup.tion
iKaokkcper. Intnd lo .pply to lha Chief Commissioner ot l.si,.l, lor a licnc to prospect lor
co.l and petroleum on and under 640 acrea ol
land on (iraham laland described aa follows:
Commencin-f al a post planted one mile north
ol C. * II. Coal Lease No. 9, marked N. W.
corner C. E. It. No. 10. tbenc aouth SO chaina,
thenc weat BO chaina, thenc neirth 80 chaina,
Ihenc past 80 chslns to plac ol commencment.
DatedSept. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTER, Loctor
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skwna Land District���Dlrtrict ol Quen Charlotte
1 .ke nolle th.t Ihirty d.ye trnnm dale, I, C. E.
Iis.nier nl l-rinc llupert, II. C, occupation book,
kener. intend lo apply to the Chief ( ommiaaioner
ol Lands tor a licnc lo prospect lor coal and
petroleum on and under 640 acraa ol land on
tarahim Island eleeKribed a, lollows:
Commendnt at a post planted Iwo mile, north
ot C E. II. Coal Leaae No S, marked N. E. comer
ol C. E. II. Coal la-s��� No. 11, Ibence touth SO
ch.ins, thenc west ho chains, thenc north 80
chains, thenc east SO chains lo plan ol commencment.
DalerI Sept  11, 1911.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
Puh. Sept. 23.
skcni Und District���District ol Quen Charlotu C  , ...,-....
T.ke nertle lh.t thirty ,1.*, (mm d.le, l.t*   E. b,,n* ***M HPi *" 'IF'*       �� .,,,..*
Hainier of Princ Ituperl, 6. C. hy ocetin. Ion m'*-i*",**,r �� **** **t a licnc lo p -I
l*ookkc,W. Intend lo^pply to iheVbh? Corn" poll and  petroleum  on and under �����������' -���"
misaioner ol Und for * licnc to prcpeATr ***-******��*******.*J'***"?.
eoal and pelroleum on and under 610 .era ��f .c^mSm.^**�� *.*.** P.1.**"**1.' _*. **"'
l.nd on Oraliam lslsnd described s. lollows:
l nmanendn, .1 . poat planted two mile north
tl. I oal Leae No. 7, marked C. E. D
Datod Sopt. 11, 1911.     C. I*. IlAIMnt i_
I'ub. Sept. 23. ���'���*'���*. U.K. Looh,
Skoena Und Dislrict���District u! Ji,n (___-
Tak. noUe tliat ihirty davs Ir,,,,, B*tT?_
Hainier of ITine Ruport, ll. i.*., |,. l*22'*-
bookkeper. Intend to apply u, \*nc$8'***
mlasioner ol Uneia for ��� licenco to uiiiil
coll ind petroleum on ind un-k-r I'l'./SL"I
lind on Uraham Island da.crib.-l M Iu lu*,-
Commencing at a post planual uu __, nwl{
5 ��- *ii H- *r��*i ******* ***��� u* <�����*���-1 \
cornar C. E. U. Coil Loiso No IT, u..^*:.,,.
80 chilu, thonc wet 80 chains, thene norS _
chains, ihence oast SO chains to Sus a I"'
Skeni Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol guwn Chirlotu
1 ike notie thit thirty* diva Irum im 1 i* t
Hilnur of Prlne Rupart, u. C, by aeer\*tsm
bookkeiwr, Inund U apply to tm- CSTcS.
missioner ol Unda lor ��� Licence to |rru,*n�� i,
coil ind petroleum on ind under ,,m ic���, Z
Und on liraham Island doscriiied u (oUnK
Commoncin-i st a post planted two nnlai Mni
of C. L. U. Coal Uae No. It, aaiM N W
cornar C. E. H. Coal Uuo No. u, tm-no, K..ti
oo chaina, thine eut SO chains, thence r.otto iei
chaina, tbenn wet SO chains to place ol ra_.
Dated Sepu 11, 1911.
Pub. Sept. 23.
C. E. UAlNTKitLoat-
Skeni Und DUtrict���DUlrict ol quean Chirlotu
Tike nolle tbit thirty diys after date, 1 C ���
iliinloT ol Prinn Rupert, U. C, bj occj'p,i,0j
bookkeeper, Inund U ipply to iho Clue! lom.
minioner ol Linda lor a bene to (in��*��et [o,
coal and pelroleum oo and under lllo ��.-.*_ ot
land ou Graham IaUnd deaacribed u lolloa-i:
Commencing at a puat planled tau miles awth
of C. E. U. Coal Uaae No. 13, marsed 8. W
rorner C. E. U. Coal Uaae No. If, there uanh
80 chaina, thenn eut SO cbaina, thene south 14
chalu, thenn wet 00 chiiu to place ol coa.
Haled S^it. II, 1911.    C. E. BAISTKIt.Loau,
Pub. Sapt. 23.
Sknna Und DUtrict���DUtricl ol Quran Chirlotu
Take nunc lhat thirty days Irom dm.. I. C, t.
Ullnur ol Prine Rup-rt, li. C, by occupatim
bookkeper, inund lo apply lo the t hiel Cam-
miaaioner ol Unda lor a licenc.. {a *T<js**ct lor
.-oal Uld pelroleum on and under Old acrea ot laid
on lirahun lilind doacribed u lolloas:
Commendng it ��� pel plinted tau miles north
ot C. E. II. Coil Leaae No. 14, marked .*-. W.
cornar C. E. U. Coal Leae No. *!u, il.ei.ee north
80 chaina, thenn wast SO chanu, thence -uulh N
chiini, thenn eut 80 chaina to plan ol com*
DatedSept. 11. Itll.    C. E. BAINTEH, Locatoi
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skena Und DUtrict���DUlrict el Queen Charlotu
Taka nolle that thirty diys a--..* lata, I. c. B.
Uiintar ol Prine Rupart, U. C, by occupstuin
bookkeper, InUnd lo ipply* U li.. Chled Com-
miaaioner ol Undi lor i hence to prospect lor
ooal and petroleum oo and under **xo km ol
lind on Urihim 1-dind doscribod a. (ollows:
Commendng ll l post plinted two m le. r.crth
of C. E. 11. Coil Leae No. 15, nisr. -1 >. Bl
corMr C. E. U. Coal Uae No. 21, thene nonh
80 chaina, tbene wnt 80 chains, Ihene south Isl
chaina, thene east 00 chains u plan ol an-**
DatedSept. 11, Itll.    C. E. UAINTER. Loaur
Skena Und Dutrict���Dutrict ot Quen Chirlotu
Taka nolle lhat thirty days Irom ds'.e, I a. 1.
Hs,nter ol Prion Rupert, II. C, h> Mopadrt
bookkeeper. Inund to apply to the Chiel fto*
missioner of Undi lor a licnc to proipect lor
coal and petroleum on and under em sen. ol
oland on Graham laland described is loll, si.
Commendng ll a poat planled two m. i. Berth
of C. E. B. Coal Lean No. IU, msrked X. !���
corner C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. ..', ihenc* south
80 chains, thenn wet 80 chains, thene nonh a)
chaina, thcr.n aaat 80 chalu to pise of cms-
men ement.
lined Sent. 12, Itll.     C. E. DA1NTKII.I
Skeni Und DUtrlct���DUtrlel of Quen Ourlotu
Tike none thst thirty diys Irom due. I. C. I.
Uunter ol ITine Rupart, li C, by uenpauos
bookkeseper, intend to apply U the I l.ial lea-
missioner ol Und. lor a liene lu prcart for
coal and petroleum oo and under i,ln tsm of
Und on Uraham Islind doacrilaeei a. I
Commoadng at a poat planled trc ��� '*c**<>
of C. E. B. Coal ��eae No la, ma*, l K. h.
come C. E. B. Coaal Loan No. H -**'**
80 chilm, thene wast 80 chiins, ll*** wtth
80 chuns, Ihenn eul SO chalu to |���!��* ol commenement.
DatedSept. 12. Itll.     C. E. UAINTt:ll.Uie��<��
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skena Land DUtrlct���Dlalrlct ol Qatl I *>**'���*''
Take noUe that thirty da*.*. Irom Js'e, 1.1 E
Bainter ol Prinn Rupert, B. C. b> occupanm
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo Um ' 'I *****
missioner ol Unds lor a linne to proipect tor
co*U and petroleum on and under elo acres el
land on Uraham laalnd deacribed a. lolloas:
Commendng at a put planted tao milaa north
ol C. E. II. Coal Lean No. la. mi* i K. "
corne C. E. B. Coil Uae No. 14, Un" <*��<���*>
80 chaina, Ihenn eart 80 chain., ilrce north
80 chains, thenn wnt SO cbaiu m l*'"* "' """*
Daled Sept. 12, llll.     C. E. BAINTER. I*******
Pub. Sepu 23.
Skena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Quen ChltUXX*
Taka notin that thirty day. Irom da',. >- ; '
Broderick ol Prirn Rupesn, 11. C. >
bank manager, Inlend to apply to lhe Cl.iel com-
miasione ol Unds lor a llenw H I r���.p*et w
coal and petroleum on and un.l.-r irxt* **
land on Urihim Island decrilie-ai a- I
Commeneing at a poet planted l��n ti i*'�� nr"?
ol C. E. B. Coal Uan No. IT, mm' ��� ' "
corner A. T. 11. Coal Lean No. It, ��� ���-" *>"**
80 chaina, thene eut 80 chains, thene smith '
chaini, Ihene wnt 80 chilm to pise ol com-
A. T. BRODERICK, l**t.xot
Diled S.pt. 12,1911. C. E. Biinier, Ar��'
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeni Und DUlrict-DUtrict ol Quen CUrlelM
Tike notlc that thirty dayi Irom dan. I   '   *���
Broderick ol Prinn Rupert, B. I  . b) '
lunk miniger, intend to ipply lo lhe ' '-' -
mlsalone of Unds for ��� llenro In pn*��l��f   '"j
coil ind  pelroleum on ind under nil' car*   >i
l.nd un Grahim Islind deelbed is lolle<��'.
Commeneing it ��� pnt plnltcd tw.i mil'''
of C. E.  B. Coal  Uaae No. 20, marked .      ���
corne A. T. tl. Coal Uan No. 26, then**.*
80 ch.ins,  Ihenn  wnt  80 chiins, tlni"
80 ehaia,.. thenc eart 80 chains to place or
A. T. BRODERICK, Local '
D.led Sept. 12, I9IL C. E. Rainier. M
Pub. .'-i.l  23.
Sken. Und DUtrict-DUtrict nt Quee' I I
T.ke nolle lh.t thirty d.ys Irom dste. I       ������
llroderick ol Princ Itupert, B. C, bj
C. E. BAINTER. Ixmtor
other womnn'l, exclamation threatened
further Inlk.
Sken. Land Diatrirt-DUlricI ol Quen Ch.rlolte
Tike nolle that thirty div. Irom dale, I, C. E
llalnt.-r of Prine Rupert, II. C, by occupaUon
ol C. E. B. a .-.I Uan No. 21, marked
corner ol A. T. B. Coal Uae No. 2��� hi e
wart 80 chains, thenn north SO chiins, lh��M
eut 80 chiins, thenn aouth 80 chsin. lo I '
of eommeeemenL _. ...   ,      ,,.
D.led Sepl. 12, Itll. C. E. B.lnlcr, A.*
Pub. Sept. 23.
���  r I.
S��e��. Und Dlstrlrt-Dlrtrlct of quen CWJ
T.k. notice that thirty d.ys Irom dale. I,
Balnte ol Prine Rupert, ll. C, b��_0��gH!
Haled Sept. II, Itll
Pub. Set I. 23.
.j point t. .
l       ,iuTrn .   _        ��I1 forehore Tlahn Point,
c. B. HAINTER, Lontor   Dated Sept. 12, Itll,
I Pub. Oct 7.
isten*xx.-i.i*mm~ ' - THE DAILY NEWS
^imamls'ami* **,* ****% *******I^a}^
I   _-- _^
I     General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
****** ������ ���
'~, '���������.* .use..,,, i .�����,,.��...... *... . >'
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Broken
Prince Rupert
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M.
For Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
or   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc.
alternate   Thursday   at   10
Commencing November 2nd.
P.   M.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, milted
t rains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas visit Eatt travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
(rom Chicago. The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged.. Full information and
tickets obtained from the oflice of
The World's
Greatest Highway :
Let us plan
or to Europe.   We like to  answer enquiries.   Agent for oll Atlantic
lines.   Call on or write
J. C. McNab
General Agent*
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Kra.er and 6th.        Cholcl Wine, and Cltar.
Prince Rupert Lodge, IMF.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
All Cash
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33 and 34
14, 15, 16, 17
17 and 18
40 nnd 41
28   '
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5    '
$525 ea.
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The James:;,,
Nicely furnished rooms. Good tal,I,* board
Board 14.75 Room and Board 17.00
Skeana Und llUtrlct���District ol Ca-l.r
Taka   notioa   that   Charles   William   Ham   ol
Vancouven*. B. C. occupallon inspector, Intends
to .pply lor permlsaion to purchaa. lhe lollowlng
dcacril-erd land.:
Commendnt it i pant pllntad it lha eon*
lluence ol Blackwaler riven with th. Naas hear
about two miles eouth Irom the .nth llomlnlon
Tvle-fr.ph cabin. Poat markad C. W. II. 8. W.
Corner, thence SO ch.ln. north, thence SO ch.ln.
eaat, tnence 80 chiini aouth, thence 80 ch.ins
wast to point ol eommanoem.nt, containing S40
acres mora or leaa.
Dated September 23, lull.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skaana Land DUtrlct���District ol Caeriir
Take notioa that Thomaa Arthur While ol Vancouver, B. C, occupaUon carpenter Intendi to
apply  lor permlsaion to purchaa. tbe lollowlng
deecribed landai
Commencing at a poat planted at tba eon-
llucnci ol lllickwiter river with Nil. river, iboul
two mllea aoulh ot lhc alsth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. Poet m.rked T. A. W. 8. E. Corner, thrnce
80 chaina north, thence SO cbaina wast, Ihence 80
chaina aoulh, thence 80 chain, aast to point ot
commencement, contsining CIO am mon or Ma.
Dated Sapt. 23, ISII.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Caaalar
Taka  noUce  th.t  Angu. J.miw   MeKenale ol
Vancouver, B. C, occupellon bookkeeper. inlednns
lo .pply lor permUalon to purchaae the lollowing
deacrihed land.:
-Commencing at ��� poet pl.nled it tlie confluence ol lllickwiter river wllh Naaa river, .bout
two mllea soulh Irom the slsth Dominioni Telefriph
cabin. Post m.rked A. 1. M. N. tt. Corner,
thence 80 ch.ins .outh, th.nce 80 chain, eaat
thence 80 chains north, thenca 80 ch.ins weit
lo point ol commencement, conulnlng BIO acna
mon or !.*�����.      ^QVa w/m MeKEN_,E
D.ted Sept. 23, Ml.
Pub. Nov.��.
Skeen. Und District-District ol CusUr
Tike notice th.t Herbert McUnn.n ol V.n-
couver, II. C, occup.llon real "tale agenl. ntenei.
to apply lor perm-ilon to purchaas lh. lollowing
described land.! ���    .._.__
Commencing at a post AM al the confluence ol lllickwiter rive; with he Naaa rl.er
about two miles ��ulh ol lhe slsth Dominion
Talawrranh   cabin.     Post   marked   II.   M.   N.   ���>���
���sSSPtLSt ��o ch.in. *mrms * *as
weat, thence 80 chain, north,  Ihence ******
eaat to point ot commencement, containing CIO
BS_tlKa_*fi,%       HERBERT McLENNAH
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skaena Und District-District ol Coafl ****}.
T.ke notlc that L ThomM McClymont ol
Prince Ruoert. B. C., occupation real sal ate
broker. Eft. ipply lor ****** ����� <">nh*~
the (ollowing dasoritiad lands: ���
Commencing at a pant pl.nled _���__���__ *Jj
corner ol pre-emption ��ttg?U..g__*��*��* B
chsins. Ihenca .outh 10 eh.lns. ***g****lZl
chsin. to .hoM ol Ilka, thenc lollow "I ***
ol lake In ��� northerly direction to V*******���"*
mencment; conulnlng 820 seres, rnnre or lem
llsteal Sept. 6, Itll. THOMAS **fStl**S*Q
Pub. Sept. ��. Ere"*"1 *- **> **"*
���KS,. ���.LDSfc "rV1""101 ol o*����t tern<*
xi222 u0",c.�� ***** L*-*-**-' h Gr*"i' o' I'flnoa
,2?. .1   ,* C ' """Pition civil englneiei, Inunda
d_2& taX. " '" "Urcl1"'" th" ,ollowln��
Commencing at a Doit p|0���t���| abuut 8 1-2 miles
Z.2. .!',",.?.A'}"'?!">" ,rom *��� nortlicasl corni'r
L.. ��inLo.' \iiJ* ,U*"1��" *'" Ca<*" Sbtrlot, thenco
S_, >��� **,*"**{���*��� ,***"** nurlh HI chnins. llionco
*SL S U,���*k "' '*������"��� ******* ******* 'olio*Ing
V*x2i..,enW _ *"-���"- 0| Mmmonoaraant: containing 180 acres, mum ot lens
p.iie,.l*Ml>!;,'''- ���*u' m    Li:il0V ����� "Rant
Pub. Oct. 10, Gordon C. Emmorson, Agont
8kT.nk. U?id IJl'lric,--l>li"'i�� ol Coist Rung.. 6
Tike notico that I, Chrlstophar Jimn. Un-ham
ol Princ Hup rt, 11, (J., occupation locomotive
+�����.���_.^a_,ra_.���_���_.���a_.-_.^_a...��u____^^.���_,���_,__,__,__,,____,__ __,__,._-__^
This is a little section ol the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all ot the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to tako part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
the tolluwlng d��.crlL__ 	
Commencing it a post pl.nto.1 it the ,uuth-
anglneair, InUnd tu anply fur Mm_i)on to purctiai
'"���rl lands:
u post
west  corner ol Lot  fs'o.   l'7*,a  vicinity'oi'Lako I
Likelse   .nd   marked   Chriatopher   J.   (Iraham '
N. h. Cornar, thenc weat 10 cliaina, thence aouth I
80 cliaina, lhanc oaat lu cliaina, thenc  north 80
chilm   to   poat   ol   emmencment;    conulnlng
.1110 acna, mole r.r lea,.
Dated Sept. St ML ILU A.M.--WUnoaa��d T. D
Pub. Sept. SO.
Skaena Land DUtrlct���Dlitrict of Caaalar
Take notioa that ft, It Slcwart of Vancouver,
D.  C,  occupation  truckman,   Intenda  to  apply
for permiaaion lo purchaao the fullowlng doacribod
Commencing at a poat plantod 40 chaina aouth
of Pr.--cmi.iinu No. 3��7 and 62 chaina oaat from
the Naaa River is. W. C), thence 40 chaina oaat,
thence 40 chaina north, ihenco 40 chatna west,
thence 40 chaina aouth to tho point of commencement to contain H.u acroa more or loaa.
Dated Aug, 1B1L Jamea T. Fullarton, Agent
Pub. Sept. 22.
Skaena Land DUtrict���DUtrlct of Coaat Range fi
Take nolice that Harold K. Smith of Morvly,
Alia., occupation Button agunt, Intenda to apply
for permiaalon to purchaie the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at the aouthweat cornor 100 chaina eaat and 20 chaini north
from N. E. vomer o( Lot 1116, Harvey'i Survey
Coaat DUtrlct Range fi, thence 40 chaina eut,
thence 80 chaina north, thence 40 chaini weal,
thenca 80 chaina aouth to poat ot commencement
containing 320 acrea, mora or leaa.
Dated Sept. 18,1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Uohler, Agen
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Rango fi
Take notice that I, Gordon C. Emmeraon ot
Princa Rupert, U. C, occupation real eatate
broker, Intend to apply for permiaalon to purchaae the following deeciibed landa;
Commencing at a poat planted about 2 8*4
milea In a northerly diroclion trom tha northoaat
corner poat of Lot 1389, Range fi, Coaat Diatrict,
thenca north 40 chaina, thenca wart to river
bank, Ihence eouth following river bank to point
nl commencement; conUining 160 acna, mora or
Dated Sepu 9, 1911.   GORDON C. EMMERSON
Pub. Oct. 10.
A Dozen Different Hints Where
the Old Adage Comes in
Skaana Und Dlrtrict���Diatrict of Coaat Range V
Taka notice that 1, benjamin A. FUta of Towner,
N.   !>.,  occupation   merchant,   InUnd   to  apply
rU   '
lor parmiaaion to purch'
i tho following daacritMxl
Commencing at a P��** plioud on tba tut
boundary and about ove cbaina from the aoutheaat eorner of Lot 4484, tbenee north 60 cbaina,
thenoa aaat 30 cbaina, thanca aoutb 60 ehalna,
thence woat 30 chaina lo point ot commencement
Dated June 24, 1911. BENJAMIN A. F1SM
Pub. July 26. Kred E. Cowell. Agent
Skeana Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Coaat Range 6
Taka notlea that Uiriam Roy McTaviah of
Winnipeg, Man., occupation batrlatar, inunda
to apply tor parmiaaion to purebaaa tba folluwing
deechoed landa:
Commencing al a poat planted at the aouihw��t
cornar 40 chaina eaat and 40 cbaina north from
N. E. corner ot Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey Coaat
DUtrict Ranga 6. thanca 60 chaina aaat, ihenca
60 chaina north, thenoe 60 ehalna areot, tbence 60
chaina aouth to poat ol commencement containing
360 acrea more or laaa.
DatedSept. 18,1911 UIRIAM ROY McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23. Kred W. Uohler, Agenl
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coart IUnge V
Taka notico that Jaaaa M. Tallman ot Codnr
Raplda, lowa�� occupaUon lawyer, inlenda lo
apply for permlaaioo to purchaae tba following
deacrihed landa:
Commencing at a port planted on the aoutherly
ahore of Kuuymatean Inlet on tba right bank
of a email atream flowing Into aald Inlet juat aaal
of Crow Laka. Tbence aoutb 20 chaina, ibenee
areot 20 ehaina mora or laaa to U��e ahore line ot
Crow Laka, tbenee northerly and eaaterly following the ahore llnaa of Crow Laka^ tba Inlet
to Crow Laka and KutaeymaUon Inlet to tba
placa ot commencemenl, containing forty
more or leea. Located Augurt 7, '"
Daled Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE
Pub. Aug. 12.
. 1911.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat IUnge fi
Take notice that E. II. G. Millr- ot Kalmeulh
Eng., occupaUon eurreyor, inunda to apply fo
permUaion m purcbaae tbe following deacribed
unda: m
(ommenclng al a port planted al tbe N. W. Corner ot Lot 440b, thenre weal 80 chuna, thence aouth
20 chaina, thence eaat 80 cbaina, tbence north 20
cbaina *������ tba poinl of commencement conUining
160 acr�� more or laaa. -_-_._���   ��....-*
Dated Auguat IS. 1911. E. II. G. MILLER
I'ul.. Aug. 26. P. M. MUler. Agant
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coart Ran|e fi
Take noUce that It K. Millar of Tipton. England, occupaUon farmer, ntenda to apply tor
permiaaion to purchaae tbe following deoeribad
<**tt6a'. _   .     ___._._.
Commencing at a poat planted about 60 chaina
wwrt Irom tbe N. W. Corner of Lot 440*. ihence
north 40 chaina, thenee wert 20 chaina, tbence
eouth 40 chaina, thenca eart 20 ehalna u tha
point of eommencement containing eighty acrea
more or leaa. ��... ��� ��� ,,
D.ted August l��  Itll. R- f. MILI.F.K
Pub. Aug. !��. P. **��� Mm*". Ataot
Skaana Und DIslrlrt-Dtalrlct ol Coart Ranga 6
Tak. nolle lh.t Fr.nk 8. Miller ol London.
Kng, occupaUon civil engineer. Intend, lo nnpl-r
lor perm���won lo purrh.ee lhe lotluwlng dsaarioad
I."-'* . _ __ ���  a
Commencing at a port pl.ntad at the N. fc.
Cornet ol Ut 28. lhanc north *.'0 chains, lhanc
wart 80 chaina, thane eouth 20 chaina. tbenc
aaat 20 chain, lo point of cmmencemiaMit, containing 40 acre, mora or laas.
1 ..i-l Augual IS, Itll. FRANK S. Mil.1.1.II
I'ub. Aug. SS. f. <*��� MUI��, Agaal
The truth of the old adage is
brought hone to us forcibly every
day of our lives. Whether it lu-
the stitch in time or the clever
expedients of which many of us
know, the ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure.
If you have added a ribbon top
to your silk Stocking, for instance,
you would siill have silk hosiery.
The openwork results of a lack of
foresight must be thrown away
and your economical sense must
suffer. So let u- look into a few
hints that will help us to prevent
the little disasters that irritate and
Does your low slipper or pump
slide away at the heel? Here is a
suggestion: Put in at the hack a
piece of chamois or velvet. The
soft pile must be placed so that il
will touch lhc slocking and cling
to it, thereby holding the shoe
down. Surely this is casi y adjusted! Think how many heels���
both of stockings and of wearers���
can lie saved!
"If I had only taken an hour to
shrink the linen before making'"
wailed a woman the other day.
She had a suit fitted and made.
It is now too small. If we can pass
her wall to you for your profit
then she has not regretted In vain.
Always shrink linecs. It is easy.
Thoroughly immerse the material
in clear water, keeping it in the
smooth folds. Hang up, siill in
the folded condition on a line.
When dry you will have no misgivings in the making. Here, Indeed, is a valuable ounce of
To prevent a gaping skirihand,
why not sew eyes on the band "f
the blouse? Hooks on lhe skirt
will then keep the line al lhe waist
ttnmarretl by rising bells. The
iieainess here i- .i sign i I lhe wt II-
dresstd woman. Is lhe ounce of
prevention worth a few minutes
of your lime?
To prevent a shiny appearance
on serge, nib it with fine emery
ivnpcr. This raises lhe nap and
destroys the unwelcome sheen.
Do this on pressing days. You will
repeat thc dose. It is too easily
given, and the results are too
Shoes that you wish to prevent
from cracking should be ireated
to a coating of olive oil. Rub the
liquid into the leather and remove
all superfluous oil with a soft
flannel. Enough will l*v absorbed
to soften the grain and render It
pliable, with little possibility of
crackling. Tln-rc Is no excuse for
broken and slpit leather if you
treat shoes wllh care.
A little piece of cotton placed
in the finger tips of gloves will
prevent the nails from culling
thc aids. Do not overdo the matter, but give enough lo protect
without padding. You never
thought of thai, did you? This
hint is especially acceptable to
the woman who prefers long finger
nails, try it
skin.|,The scwed-ln conventionally
shaped sleeves are absolutely plain,
fit closely about the wrists, and
cover almost half of the hands;
ihey are ;��� 11 excellent type of the
sleeve to be generally worn in the
very near future.
Cadron Punch
The juice of one dozen oranges,
six lemons,  and one pineapple.
One-half cup syrup of ginger, one
pound of sugar dissolved in a cup
of boiling water, and allowed to
cool. A cup of tea of strong brew.
Mix and set away to ripen. When
ready to use, add four bottles of
ginger ale, and enough carbonated
water to mate the desired quantity.
A few candied cherries may be
put on top if desired.
8��mt Interesting Observations by Dr.
Luther   M.   Gullck
Dr. Luther M. (Jullok, physical director ln tho Bchools of New York, believes that the natural age lor attendance In primary departments Is trom
6 to 14 years, but finds that many children drop out. They fall bocause ot
faults In the tchool oouite, Irregular
attendance or beoaute or removable
physical dere-.-ts. Siatlstii*e ho hat
gathered slmw that 10 per cent, ot
those who leave tobool before completing tbeir course are vtctltnB of
dIseaBo, nnd "those who have physical
defects such us poor hearing, poor teeing, hypertrophled tonsils, adenoids or
decayed teeth, progress through Beliool
nine per cent, more Blowly than children who aiu not bo haudlcapped.
Second avenue anil Third street
Over Westenhaver liroB.' Office.
Stork BuildinK, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
I'rince Runert P.O. Box 351
Ginger Muffins
Into one-half cupful of New
Orleans molasses stir onc-h ill teaspoonful of soda, one-half teaspoonful of salt, one teaspoonful
of :<inger, one-half cupful of granulated sugar, and one tablespoonful
nulled butler, into iwo and one-
fourth cupfuls of sifted flour stir
one and one-half teaspoonfuls of
soda the add these to the ingredients with molasses and thin
to a batter with a cupful of sour
milk. Heat well fill buttered
muffins tins partly full and bake
in moderate oven for 20 minutes.
French Cookies
Two and one-half cups sugar, three
eggs well beaten, two-thirds cup melted
butter, one-half cup sweet milk, three
level teaspoonfuls baking powder, add
caraway seed or ginger. Roll thin and
bake quickly.
Egg Plant
This is often a difficulty with an
ordinary cook. The following I got
from a tropical home, where wc grew
i I'R plants as big as huge cannon bulls:
Pei I and eul in slices bull an inch or
three-quarters of un inch thickness, soak
in salt and water for an hour:  lake out
F. R. Gregory of Leamington states
that the following prices were paid to
Kent Oounty farmers for their tobacco
H. W. Arnold, nine acres, $2,400;
George Blackburn, nine acres, $2,300;
W, Pickering, Beven acres, $1,C80;
George Stephens, 100 acres, $1,800;
Wm. Snow, 28 acreB, $0,600; W. R.
McGregor, 22 acres, $5,600; Nell Campbell, 12 acres, $3,200.
During the second quarter of thlt
year, Bayt a White Paper Issued, 138,-
744 alien Immigrants landed ln the
United Kingdom, making the total for
the first half of the year 22,686. Aliens
leaving numbered 29,636, and during
the quarter 128 expulsion orders were
of Hriiish Columbia "f H.C.. Ontario. Sas-
anel Munltr.lm lliirs. kale-tie-wnn   and  Al-
Irn tl,  Hill s.
Bahhistkhs, Notaiuks, Etc.
Office��� Exi'hnnire block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. l'rin,*e Kiin.-rl. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S.. D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge' Work a Specialty.
All tle-nUil iitieruti'ins skilfully treata-d. Uu ind
local iiiin-i In-i rr--. eruiinlnisu-rarsi fe>r the. painless ox-
traction tif ti*.*th. Consultation free. Offices:
HelirerBim Hlock. l'nnce Hunert. 11-12
AI,-x.M.Miin-.-���i ll.A..     W.E.Williams.n.A.,L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
Woman   Pastor  Shows  Others
How to Hustle
Mrs. Martha S. Trimble is a
minister of a church al Gary,
Ind.. and recently she superintended the building of a new church
lhat wenl up like magic. Tlie
lirsi slake was drivwn at 1.30
o'clock and at 2 the floor was
being laid. As soon as lhe wills
were up the electricians began to
siring the wires u -1 the roof
was b* ing ,-liingled   sunn after lhe
moldcrs were perfecting thc b.iptis-
iry, and ai 8 the finishing touches
iVere being put to the church ind
the minister was' holding ihe firs,
. O. BOX 2.1
1*11*11   OF WM. FOXON, KStl., A.R.A.H..  I ON.. FN,'.
Fire, Lite uad Accident Insurance
Ills 3rd Avenue Phone 203 and Green 262
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Stt
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Boiled Chocolate Icinf
In a saucepan melt two cups of sugar
and one-quarter pound or four squares
ol chocolate and one cup of hot water.
Cook until the syrup will form a thread.
Take Irom the fire nnd stir until the top
begins to coal over with n thin skin.
Use at once before ii cools any more.
H.-lla Coola Land Dislrict���District ol Cout Rinne
Tike notice thit H. M   CUB ol Iiundilk. I
lind, ,',-,-,ijniimn gonUemin, Intends to ipiily lur
permission to lease thc fol!tiv.lnil <l.-acril>.-il landi:
Commencini il ��� poat platiteal it the shore
near the N. B. corner ol Lol No. 3, tlience north
40 chains, thonce woat SU chains more or lesa to
east boundary of cannery !e*ase, ihenco fallowing
the uld eut boundiry Mulh 40 chiini more or
leas to shoro line, thence following aaid ahore
line euterly SO chaina more or leas to point of
commencement:   containing 320  acros,  moru or
Hated August 31, 1911.
I'ub. Sapt. 30.
William McNair. Agent
Today's   Designs  are   Delightfully   Different''
Skeena Land Dialrict-DI-lrlet ol Coast Range 6
Taka notica lhal Lottie McTavish ol Vancouvar.
occupation   married   woman.   Intends   lo   apply ��� ,
lor nermlssinn lo purchaae the lollowlng deaerlbed ,
The tailored frock of today is
' in many respects entirely different
"rom   lho   tailored   frock   of   last
...pring.  The absolutely plain two*
Cejmmendng it ��� post planted al the north-1        ,      ,    ,f . .if      ,-���,.,,.   .Lias
weat corner 100 chains east and JO chains north ainl-.'-ll.Ill-) .'rn-�� llll iroiur SKin
Irom N. F.. corner ol l^it IIl��, Ha/vay'i Sur.ey |f ,,., nrMnif i|.IV. of silk iMhIi-
Coeet lllslriet IUnge 5, there 20 chaina aouth. l'"   ""    I".""     ���' ** ��� "._.*"_"
Ihenee 80 ehalna   easi. thenca SO chains norlri, r mere, or  Mill' Mall'  serge ill   latipc,
;s;o%^wr',o,^or,^rn*^ihi s.-ge gr.-,*.. ..r tut* &��, \m ,,.
���X^Z'-Tr0"''^!*: KfiATWJ VWWJ opening, ami its normally
1'ub.sipt.M Frad W. Bohler. Agant   pined bell is  lllaclied to a blouse
of taffeta, striped in two tones.
Bells Coola Und Dlatrict-DUtrtrt ol Cout Ranga j mm, |     IrjmnKll    with    a    shouldi r
Taka notica that ii. M. cliff oi Dundalk, In- collar of lhe same material as the
land,   oceupatlon   gentlemsn. ^Intendi   to   *x*tly   ^________���������������___��
Two Years Penalty for Women
Who Cause Hatpin Hurt
Berlin's police president has issued an edict againsl long unprotected hatpins. This came afler
an   unsuccessful  appeal   to  the
women of the dty to lay aside
lhe hatpins. When the appeal
was  made    after   several   serious
accidents had occurred utile attention was paid to it by (he fair
sex.   Then came lhe edict.
The Strang measure si.lies thai
any woman who iiiflirts an injury
ii|ion another person with her un-
prOtCCted h.U pin will Im- liable
in serve iwo years in lhe penlie'i-
li.iry pay a line of over iwo
hundred dollars and damages lo
llu- injured person amounting to
fifteen hundred dollars.
Thp men who claim that the law of
supply and demand regulates prices
are n great denl more anxious to corner
the supply and then the demand.
Some lolks will never think that it
rains in due season unlpss they can
hold their brandy glass out ol the
window and have thi cha��er sprinkled
in il.
far  permlsaion   lo
the  lollowing  deeerita
Skeena Und DUtrlct-Dlstrlct of Coast R.nge 5 | ,..
Taka   notica   thlt   Benjimln   Russel   RIce    ol
Prince Rup*-rt, B.. 6, occupition *rt*S'J****
Commenrlng it ��� poat planled on the shore
ol Necleclaconmy River ibout 10 chiins weet
ol Indian Reaerve Line ,theBC�� w��t 60 chains
lollowlng the channel ol Ne-rteclaconney River,
thence soulh SO ehaina more or leas lo channel
ad Bells Coola River, thenee lollowing channel
ol Belli Coola River easterly SO chains, nonh
HO chains more or leae lo point ot eommencement;
rnn..i.,-n, 480-'-"^I,n""' ���* "m*H. M. CLIFF
Kills Coola Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat IUngo
Tikt notico that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, It.*
land, occupation nntloman, Intenda to apply
for prrmlaaion to loaao tha following doacntxHj
Commencing at a poat plantod at tho N. E
corner of Lot *<-, thenco north 20 chatna, thenco
mat 40 chaina, thence aouth 20 chaina moro or
leaa to ahore line, thenca following tho ahoro line
eaat 40 ehalaal more or leaa to point of commence
mont; containing 80 can*, more or loaa.
Dated Auguat 31, 1911. II.   M.  CUFF
Tub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agont
Hella Coola laml Dlalrlct -Diatrict of Coaat Hang
Take notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intenda to apply I
for pertniiiaion to loaae tho following deecribed j
Commtncing at a poat plantod at the N. \V.
corner of l*ot No. 4, thence north 40 chaina, thencu
eaat 40 chaina, thonco aouth 40 chaina more or
laaa to ahoro line, thonco following ahore line
wnterly 40 chaina moro nr lent to point of commencement; containing B0 acrea, more or lean
Dated Auguat 2H, 1U11. II.   M.  CLIFF
I'ul. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Delia Coola Land Diatrict-Diatrict of Coaat Hangt
Take notice that 11. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland,   occupation   gentleman, t intenda   to   apply
w. j. McCutcheon
Carriea complete atock of Druga.   Special
attention paid to filling preacriptiuna.
Theatre Block ������**"*** no. vj Second Are.
a-Ja-Jt-   a-L.a.    -    ���    -    a    -    ��._.-.-.-.-���-._._
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of IVanr Wilciek. Parla and Berlin.
Room 2d.  Alder Block Upstairs
the  following  deacrib
for  prrmlaaion   to
('ommenclng at a post planted at the N. W
corner of I f<t _ .J, thencu south 40 chaina moro
or laaa to northern boundary of leaao No. 1 applied
for ny II. M Cliff, thence billowing aaid boundary
eaat 20 chainn, thenre north 40 chaina, thence
weat 20 chaina to point of eommencoment; containing K0 acrto, more or luaa.
Datod Auguat 28, 1911. II.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. Srpl. .10. William McNair, Agent
Delta Coola Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat IUnge
Take mtir* that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intenda to apply
for permUaion to leaae tha following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at tbo S. I.
corner of !-<��( 2M, Ihence acuth 40 ehalna more
or  leaa  to  northirn   boundary  of   Leaao   No.   1
asa-sB.   EBY   CS,   Co.__=
Kitsumkalum Laml For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
Tho I'rlne*. Ituiierl I, ���!.-. . Nn. .IIS, Sons of
hiiirt-,'1 I. ,,,-H-t. the Ural ami third Tuesdivi In
"eel, month In the Suns of Kiutland Hall. Mil lind
Ave. at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec .
I'. O. Bos Ita I'rince Rupert
ERNK8T A. WOODS. President. Bus 21
Teacher nf I'iano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
2nd Ave
 O   NQ,   l a.ll.1  ..,,-. ,,   . .
applieal lor by II. M. Cllll, thenco east 20 chains | Between Tth & Hth Sts     ' ***** ********
along  said   boundary,   thence   north   40   chiini,
Ihence ��*wl 20 chiins to point ol commencemenl.
containing Ml arms, more or loaa.
Dated August 2S, MU. II.   M.   Mill
Tub Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Dated Augei.t 2��, 1
William McNair. Agenl
,'Torimmene*i,:',":.t a poat planted^ **��� south
Irom tha southeast corner ot UJ ��� B I g
marked B. R. R S. E. Corner, thenc- jO cha ns
west, thenca 06 chains north, Ihence ,*���/halns
eaat, thence 66 chains soulh lo point of com-
mencement, -Uln^m ,��-������ fe
Dited October 21, Itll,
Pub. Nov. *
Skeeni Und District���District of Coast Binge 6
' Tike nolice thit Herbert 1. Mickle ol l'em-
broke Onl . oecupallon lumberman, Intends tn
apply lor permission to purchaae lha lollowlng
"7Srnc,"',,:.l . port pl.nled on lh. *****
ol lhe /.ymo.ioill or fclm-i-gnt its River, f*J***}**
west curner o  l��t 1706. thenee northerly, lollowing
\ia* *S*m <*"<""*"���' i ������** ������*"������ i*0 n!
more or leas, lo the northwest corner ol n d Lot
HM,   Ihenw   weilerly   and   southerly,   lollowlng
. the lelt bsnk ol Mid rivw, 80 chain, more or Iws lo
point   ol   commeneomant   conulnlng   160   irrsw
, mora or loss.
l*JbTaUg 2��. Frederick 8 Clementa, Agaal
Skaena Land Dbtrlel-DUtrlct ol (Jueen Charlott
lalanda . ���.,.,._
Tiki notioa that Austin M._B_ro��i <|j.*-Hg
Stcond Ave- ���*e* R*"w% BC
lake  nonce ina.  nu..,,,   *-.-   "���***," fhl
Rupart. aaddler. Intand. to apply to thi
Cornrntasioner ol Unds and Works �����'��������-     ,
to oroapMt lor coal, oll anel ********JJJ
uneler the lollowlng deacribed landi on thi West
Cout ol (Irlharn lilindi .. ,
Commencing at a post n anted ********JS
ol thi northern comar of C. U Wt. ��Wg_"fT
south 80 chains, thenca B0 chslns ****, thence 8
chain, north, tUea 80 ehilni eaat to point ol
commanejament. AU8_[N M BR0WN, Locator
Locatod August Iat, Itll.
Pub. Aut. I*.
Skeena I.an.l District- lllslriet of Casslsr
i mart, nceiipatlofl ttrpttttr. I���**5��l ���}____
":;P,"ml..i.m io purchase th. following aleaa*���b-
"'c^i'lnenclng it ��� po.1 t'lant^l ***** <m- *****
.*,, h r'm the mouth of Falls creek snd about
W feel tack from the beach, th.nc. m cha n
north Ihnnce M chain, west, thenre 811 chsin.
Si them*, es.l tn ch.in. I., point oreamtnener
Bt    ****** *���.  r
L-Aad 1    f
a\\*. **aL       I
______|7C    * ~*m*9
1  Jj
\\xmWlM*  - '     ^      ______!
ifiriilpum on
anda on Die
Dated July 7lh. Mil.    Charlea We hater Calhoun.
Pub. Aug. 6th.
| Played by the Shprman-Cleveland Opera Company at the Empress Theatre
on Saturday night, Nov Hth.
.Skeena Land DUUict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotta
Tako notica that Auatin  M.  Drown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply to
tba Chief Commiaaioner of I.���uul- and Worki for
I a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum an
' and   under  the  following  dencrihod  lands  on  the
' Went Coaat of (iraham Island:
Commencing at a poat ptanted three milea ea-tt
of the northoaat corner of C. L. No. 4472 thrnce
HO chaina weat, thence B0 chaina north, thence Hi)
chaina eaat, thenca HO chains south to point of
Located Auguat 1st, 1911.
I'ul.. Aug. 19.
Skaena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Hrown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to ,
the thief t'ommiaaioner uf lands and Wotka lor a |
licence to prospect for coal, oil and
and under the follownig devnhed
Waat Coaat of Craham Island:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea east
of the aouthriwt eornrr of C. L. No. 4170 thenre
north  HO chaina,  thence  ��� .-t   -���**  chaina,  thence
aouth 80 chaina, thence wrat HO chaina to point of <
Al'STIN  M. BROWN, I-ocalor
l-ocatod Auguat Ist, 1911.
I'ul-   Aug   IB.
Skeer.a Land DUtrirt    Diatrict of Queen Charlotte !
'lake nnifrr that thirty dava Irom dale, I, C. K.
Hainter of  Prince Rupert,   B, ('., by OOQUpttton
bookkeeper,   Intend   to  apply  to  the Chief  Com-
inMortct of Lan-'s for a licenco to proap-'ct for
coal  and   MtfOMBn  on  and  undrr  titO  acrea of
i land nn Craham Island >*>��� ���������2 < 1 as followa:
I     Commencing at a poll i��lantrl two BrfM north
i Ttal.n north*e-t toimt Coal LMM 4466 marknl
j��'. V,  BL Cm I-ease No. _'��, tbfntl aouth HO ehaina,
thence weat HO chain*, thrnce north  HO chaina.
I t^in'c ea��t -SO chains to pol;it ol romnenceincnt;
I f mtaining fi-10 arrea more or 1cm.
I Dated Sept. 12. 1911. C.  E.   HAINTER
I Pub. Oct. 7.
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
ciiAitcKM aasaoNAau
Kunernl   Directors
:lr.I Ave-, n.-.i, ��� ������- St. I'hone No. (HI
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngmen's Home
Free Labor Rurcau in Connection
riiimi' 17M 1st Ave. anil 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS, Proprialor
Utile's NEWS Agency
Mn��azineB :: Periodical -.-. NewBpapert
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. The prices are as low
as any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
one in forty-two. Come in and
.... ITEMS OF... .
Talking about champions and
the purses they get, why should
Ad Wolgast get $22,000 and Man
Wells only $10,000? Both are
champions. Wells is champion of
Great Britain and Wolgast of
-America, although'Tie is credited
with being the world's champion.
However, a boxer must beat the
world's best to become world's
champion and Wolgast has never
beaten Wells. TJi.re is nothing
fair about the proposition and it
hurts the game.
The candidacy of .-Mien T. Bauni,
as president of the Pacific Coast
League, to suceed Thomas F.
Graham, resigned, is endorsed by
J. Cai Ewu;g, father of the league,
who has just returned from the
east. This means that Baum is
practically certain to be head of
the organization next year.
Boh Fitzsimmons was a journey
man blacksmith working hard for
his daily bread at Timani, New-
Zealand, when he entered Jem
Mace's boxir.g competition in 1880.
He defeated four men and won
the middleweight amateur championship of that country. The fol-
lowiig year he won the same
competition and then decided to
put up his hands as a means of
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
...-��-._��.._...^.._..__.~^.-��-_..-_.^-g Me>��-.*-^*-��-r^*����-.r��--_��_��,__.__.._��,__4��  I
-a��_~._.a.-aa...^fca.-_j_a n^ .a__a_, .. a. .. a*.|| Mr   , 11 .,,. n . ll . ��� .11 . ,, .11 . ��� .   M   .,,  ��   ,   f  1
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
-Houses and Rentals.
that the new four
league for next sea-
The four
Need for Proper Playgrounds in
Chicago Has Occasioned Novel Move.
It   is  said
club lacrosse
son is an assured fact,
teams will be:
Tecumsehs of Toronto.
Torontos of Toronto, the present
Montreal of Montreal.
Nationals of Montreal.
The projxisitioii is to have a
triple schedule, giving each team
nine home games.
Tlie Toronto Street Railway
Company will still control the
Toronto franchise.
The city of Chicago has come
to ihe rescue of children and has
turned a street in the crowded
Italian colony on the nonh side
into a playground. ' Mayor Harrison closed Gault court to everything except the necessary traffic
after a committee of settlement
worker sand playground secretaries
hail called on him. For thc remainder of the summer and
througli tlie warm bright days of
the autumn, all auto trucks, delivery wagons and speeding automobiles will be barred from Gault
court and the street will be turned
over to the children from 8 a.m.
to 8 p.m. every day.
On these hours the only vehicles
that will pass the policemen on
guard   at   each   end   will   be   the
delivery wagons with  goods destined for homes along the street.
Mayor Harrison was told that there
arc   2,070   children   in    the   two
precincts'   through   which   Gault
court  runs, and  that  late in  ihe
afternoon  of  July  7  there were
19 playing  in   the street   in  one
block.    Many accidents have resulted from the joint use of the
street by lhe children and heavy
traffic   vehicles.     It   is   the   only
place the  "kids" have in which to
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Directors of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full course of
training in nursing. 12t
Warm gloves
milts ��� \Val-
Will Billy Merchant, the English
featherweight, accomplished what
many lioys from across the pond
have failed at���wrestling the title
from Abe Attell?
"Lightning Billy"as the Britisher
is known at home, is said to be as
clever as Jem Driscoll, the champion of Great Britain.
Marchant was picked by Will
Ames, the London manager of
boxers, to meet the best Ixjvs in
America. Manager Ames has the
greatest confidence in Marchant
to win the championship of th
world and for tint reason vain.*-
to arrange a match wiih Abe
Attell. Anus will go after the
featherweights with the ultimate
object of getting -Altell. Already
he heis marches booked at New
York and New Orleans.
Marchant lias had many battles
the past year and lias won all of
them, geing pitted against some
very clever English lads. If he
is as good as Jim Drscoll, or
anyway near as good, he will
create a sensation, for there are
few boxers living who compare
with Driscoll.
We Pay Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, L-ead,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
Skeena Und DUtrict���Dial net <-! Co..**. IUnge B
Tak* notice lhat  Lcltoy  F.  Grant  of
rt, r
. m9
diacriUfJ landa
anfe ,
Kupert, B. C , occupation ilvil engine**., intenda
to apbly for permiaalon to purcbaat* thr following
Commencing at a poat planted abuul 3 1-2 milea
in a northerly ..in-cium from the northeast corner
poat of Lot lata-.', Range ', Coait DiHrict, Ibence
eut 30 chaina, tbenea nurth 60 chaini, thance
bank of river, thence aoutb following
bank of river to point of commencement: containing 160 acrea, mure or leaa.
Dated Sept. 9, 1911. LKItOY   F.   GRANT
Pub. Oct. lo, Gordon C. Emmeraon, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Coast Rug* '���
Take notica tbat 1, Chriatopher Jamee Cranam
of Prince Rup rt, B. C, occupation locomotive
engineer, intend to appl> for permiaaion to purchaae
tbe (ollowing deacribed landa
Commencing at a poal planted at the aouthweat corner of Lot No. nSt *. irn.ity ot Lake
Lakelae and marked Chriatopher J. Graham
N. K Corner, tbence weat 40 chaina, thence aouth
chaina, tbence aaat 40 chaina, thenc* nortb bO
chaina to poat of commencement; containing
320 ac.���, moie Of leea.
Dated Sept. 22. 1911. 1141 A.M.���Wilneaatd T. D
Pub. Sept 30.
Skaana Land DUtrict���Diatrict of Caaalar
Taka notlea tbat It H. Stewart of Vancouver,
B.  C-,  occupation   truckman,   intenda  to  appl)
for permiaaion to purchaaa the fo.lowing deecribed
Commencing at a poet planled 40 chaina aoulh
of Pre-emption No. 397 and 62 chaina eaat from
tbe Naaa Kiver <S. \Y. C.), thence 40 chaina eaat,
thence 40 chaina north, tbence 40 chaina waat,
thence 40 chaina aouth to the point of commencement to contain 160 acroa more or leaa.
Dated Aug, 1911. Jamaa T. Fullerton, Agent
Pub. Sept. 23.
���*%*******A*m *****
For Rent
Nica Furnished Itoomi. Mrs. Ureenwood. Alder
Block; Third Ave. l7��-tf
For Kent-Fumlihed rooms. Hut and cold water
with bath. Digby Rooms, tilh Ave. and Fulton
Street. li
For Rent-Two roomed cabin, close to McBride,
freshly papered and clean, only 110 per month.
H F. HcRae & Co. t-f
j Inaurance i
��� '*** ************ ** is *****%% ���^.ii ***** ******. **tam*m*mga***i itj,
OCR Companie* are noted for prompt and juat
settlement*. We write every known claaa of
Inaurance. The Mack Realty and Inaurance Co.
tirst-clnss seamstress.   Mrs.
Winted it once,
Winted book-keeper to devote odd momenti to
potting small let of bo.,ks.    P.O. Box KM.
Winted-Good general servant. Beit wages to
capable peraon.    Mra. C. V. Bennet.     2SO-2M
Wanted. ��� Dreseamaklng. cleaning and preaa-
(ng, repairing for men and women Mn Chirles
Fercher. 820 Third Ave.   Phone 294 Red.     tf
Winted hotel mending and sewing, ilso household
wiihing and Ironing. 261 Third Avenue, near
Newa office. St
!       Lost and Found       j
For Nil -2 Small Keys.   Inquire si  Newi Office.
Real Estate
_H   *********   *** I* **������*��� 11   **sW**M   *m*t\*m***m
Will buy Iota <n Prince Rupert at banratn pricea
for caah. Anply P.O. Box 860 Hating location,
price, etc. 231-tf
��� ������*    m****t**^*W****W^M '*��� M ***-��������� I I   ���_*.ll'^�� l^ll
j Stenographer
Eaatem atcnoerapher of wide experience want*
poaitlon. Add re** "Stenographer." 662 Cordova St., Vancouver, B.C. t-f
Offers will be received by the underalfned up to
noon of Friday. 10th day of November, 1911, for
the purchaaa of the Exchange Grill a* a jroinrr
concern. An inventory of aateta will be furnlahed on application.
Stewart A Mobley.
2&0-2&S P. R. Hardware* Supply Co.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce are open to
receive offers for the purchaae uf the building
now occupied aa the City Hall.   In the avent of
%n ottttr being accepted the purchaeer muat bind
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range 5   himself to remove the building on receipt of SO
Take notice that Harold E. Smith of Moral)',   day* notice from the G.T.P.  Railway .Co,   The
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C. Coal.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Alia., occupation station agent, intend* to apply
for permiaaion to purchaie the following describe*.
Commencing at a poet planted at tbe aouth
weat corner 100 chaina eaat and 20 chaina north
from N. E. vomer of Lot 1116, Harvey'i Survey
Coart DUtrict Kange 6, thenee 40 chalu east,
tbence 60 chaina north* thence 40 chaina west,
thenca 80 chaina south to post of commencement
containing 320 acree, more or leaa.
DatedSept. 18, 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Bobler, .Agen
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range &
Taka notica tbat I, Gordon C. Emmeraon of
Prlnea Rupert, B. C., occupation real estate
broker, Intend to apply for pern.u_t.ur. to purchaae the following deeciibed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about 2 3-4
mllee in a northerly direction from the northeast
corner poat of Lot 1389, Range ���'>, Coaat DUtrict,
tbence north 40 chaina, thenca ereat to river
bank, thence south following river bank to point
ol commencement;   containing 160 acrea, more or
Dated Sept 9, 1911.
Pub. Oct. 10.
Skaena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range V
Taka notice that I, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N.  D.,  occupation   marchant,  intand  to  apply
for permUalon to purchaa* the following deecribed
Commeneing at a poat plantad on tha aaat
boundary and about five ehaina from tba aoutheaat corner of Lot 44S4, tbenea north 60 cnaina,
thence east  30 cbaina,  thenoa aoutb  60 cbaina.
Investigate Northern Anthracite Col- \*S^&&*$^
.    .       r    , _, ,  ,,        , Dated June 24, 1911. BENJAMIN A. FISH
" Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell. Agent
lieries, Ltd., at our office���dollar shares,
15. each, 5c. cash.
H.  F.  McRAE & CO.
Phone 205 Second Avenue   n8
Return engagement of the
Sherman-Cleveland Opera
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtriet of Coaat Rang* 6
Take   notice   tbat   Hlriam Roy   McTavUh   of
I Winnipeg,   Man.,   occupation   barrister,   intenda
, to apply for permission to purchaaa tha following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted at tba *outhw**t
cornvr 40 chain* eaat and 40 chaina north from
J N. E. corner of Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survay Coaat
DUtrict Range 6, thanca 60 cbaina east, thencu
60 chaina norih, ther.ce 60 chaina weat, thenoa 60
chains aouth to poat of commencement containing
3*i0 acre* more or Isea.
DatedSept. 18, 1911  HIRIAM  ROY McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Bobler, Agant
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict or Coaat Range V
Taka notice tbat Jeaaa M. Tallman of Cedar
Rapids,   Iowa,   occupation   lawyer,   Intend*   to
apply  for permiaaion  to  purchaae tbe following
deecribed Ianda:
Commencing at a poat plantad on the southerly
���bore of Kuttymateon Inlet on the right bank
, of a small atream flowing into aald Inlet juat eaat
! of Crow Laka. Thenoe aouth 20 chaina, thenc*-
I weat 20 chain* more or leea to the ahora line of
Crow Lake, thance northerly and eaaterly foi-
l lowing tbe ahore linea of Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow Lake and KuUeyroateen Inlet to tbo
j place of commencement, containing forty acrea
i more or lea*.    Located Auguat 7, 1911.
Dated Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Rango 5
Take notico that E. H. G. Miller of Falmouth
Eng., occupation surveyor. Intend* to apply fo
permiaaion to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a poet planted at lha N. W. Corner of Lot 4406. thence weat 80 chiana, thenoe aouth
20 chain*, tbence eaat 80 chaina, thanca north 20
chaina to the potnt of commencement containing
160 acree mora or leaa.
Dated August 10, 1911. E. If. G. MILLER
"ub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agent
I Skeona Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range 6
i     Take notice that R. F. Miller of Tipton. Eng-
| land,  occupation   farmer,    ntenda  to   apply   for
irmUslon   to  purchase  the  following  duscribed
highest or any offer will not neceaaarlly be accepted. 2S6-SM
Weaurr everything in th* feed line, also gar-
den seeds at the loweat market price*, at Collart'*
olg Ftad Store. Market Placa
Prompt Delivery
Phones 41 or 901
...Whites Portland Cement...
Pbooe 125      Nifco Bltck       Secmd Ate
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnlahed and
Steam Healed Rooms
W. H. Wrighl, Prep       r.o. box J7
Presenting the latest musical comedy success
"A Stubborn Cinderella"
8AME    (AST     AM)      CHORUS        KLABORATK
Prices 50c, 75c and $1.
Seats Friday
Commencing it 1 post plinted ibout 60 chsin.
west Irom tha N. W. Cornar ol Lot 440(1. thanca
nortb 40 chains, thenca weat 20 chains, thanca
aouth 40 chalm, thenca aaat 20 chaini to tbi
point ol commencement containing eighty acres
more or leaa.
luted August 11)  1011. It. K. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agant
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Coait Range 6
Take notice that Frank S. Millar ol London,
l-iiir, occupation civil engineer, Intenels lo spply
lor permiaaion to purchaae the lollowing alaacribeal
Commencing at a poat planted at tha N. E.
Cornar ol Lot 28, thenca north 20 chaina, thenoa
weat 20 chaina, tbence aouth 20 ehalna. thenee
aast 20 cbaina to potnt ol commencement, containing 40 acrea more or leas.
Dated Auguit 16, 1911. FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. p. M. Miller. Agent
Second Avenue, near McBride
Flat in Rand Block, eorner Sixth Avenue
and Fulton Street.
Also (tores in same block.
Two cottagei cort.er Second Avenue anil
Ninth Street.
LaOts in all parti ol the city.
We represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in the City.
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one-lourth
cash, balance 6-12-18 months.
Lot 7, Block 28, Section 5, Summit
Avenue. Price (625. $225 cr_h,
balance $50 every three months.
LoU 5 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
Avenue. Price $600 each, one-hall
cash, balance easy.
Lot 3, Block 24, Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
Price $600, one-half cash, balance
Lots 19 and 20, Block 4, Sect on 8,
corner Ninth and Donald.   Price $800,
one-lourth cash, balance 6-12-18
Four room house, Ambrose Avenue,
plastered and painted, L.-t harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $500
cash, balance $30 per month.
Five and ten acres, garden trucking
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 pet acre.
does not mean high priced furniture.   A first class stor *9
carries many designs in low priced furniture thai _�� V
really beautiful and make a room just as homev and ni 1 &
as the expensive grades. 2*.
We carry much of the high priced goods, but in the *
medium-priced, fine looking, beautifully finished furnish. *
ings, we are able to please the most exacting lr
F.W.HART       f
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62    f
Second Ave. Phon. 112
Suirs-- on Second Avenue.
Three lots close in on Third Avenue,
level.   Good lease.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co., |
Second Avenue
Prince Rupert
rUONESOl r"  n..\ ���������!
flYSTBMATlC MEftCNANTl' i-miwh,   *KftVtCK
Baua_r*. Stormr* and Knrwtrdlnt Atftnti.   For
Rift or Motor Car day or night
5*v*nlh A vr. an��l Fulton
Phonr >'I
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   rbwm.   Chandlery
G. T. P. Transfer Agant,
Orders pramptlr KIM.   Pricea raaaonaMe.
OFFICE- B. B. Rocbaelar. Outre UL    Phone Ok
General  Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Valves A Pipes      Oxford Stovei
Granitewtre       Tinware
extends ita bencflu to all parts of the province, allowing residents
at all outlying and distant points to purchase from our splendid
stock of Diamonds, Jewellery, Silverware, Cut Glass, Leather
Goods, Art Goods and Notions, as conveniently as though they
stood before our counters and conducted their purchasing personally in our big Vancouver store. Our new catalogue will be mailed about the nrst week in November in order to allow customer!
plenty of time to order their Christmas goods before the rush of
the holiday season begins. Make sure you get this catalogue: it
is one of the fineat yet issued by the House of Birks. Watch our
advertising for special and interesting linea.
Henry Bir^s & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We, the undersigned, state that any
slanderous statements made by us as
to the character of Mrs. Eric Rosang
are absolutely without foundation, and
were made in the heat of a quarrel
between ourselves, and we believe Mn.
Rosang to be a respectable moral
Dated at Prince Rupert, this 1st day
of November, 1911.
n!i H.  OLSEN
When in   Vancouver  You   Should   Stay at the
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates $1.00 to $2.50 per du .
Hot and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
 _J ^	
Tlie Besl
Absolutely purt
,. ,*��,-.iai.-��>! *.,x.-. imam-.


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