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 /&* Le^/5:>v.
Twenty-four hours ending5 a.m.,
Oct. 4
,,,, TKMP.    MIN.TEMP.    BAR.        IN   RAIN
55. n 49.0   -29.769   .04
Ligiilativi Library
fOL. II. NO. 226
Formerly TheJPrince Rupert Optimist
For south
Prince Kupert Friduy, a.m.
for North
Princess Rayal..Thursday, p.m.
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wednesday, October 4, 1911.
Price Five Cents
idmiral  Faravelli's Men Silence the Turkish  Forts and Hoist
Italian Flag Over the Governors Castle���Turkish Transport
Captured With a General*, Some Troops and Munitions
of War on Board-���Important News Announced
- by the Newspapers at Rome
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Koine, Italy, Oct. 4.���The newspapers at  Rome have published
|i report stating that the Italian
Beet under Admiral Faravelli cn-
ered the harbor at Tripoli yesterday   afternoon   and   gained   a
implete victory over the Turkish
|troops iii command of the forts.
Hoisted the Flag
The reports state that after a
beavy bombardment in which the
Italian gunners silenced the forts,
���he   Italian   marines   effected   a
Handing in the city and raised the
mag of Italy over the Governor's
Captured a General
In  addition,   the   Italians  cap*
linn .1 a Turkish transport bound
���or Tripoli to reinforce the troops.
Bhe had on board a Turkish gen
eral, a large detachment of troops
and stores and ammunition.
London is Waiting
London, Oct. 4.���News of an
Italian victory at Tripoli as reported in the Rome press has been
telegraphed to London, but so
far no official news has reached
here. The last offil ial news came
from Admiral Favarelli two days
ago when he notified the Italian
Government that he had given
the Turkish commandant al Tripoli until noon on Tuesday to
Before the Fight
A   despatch   from   Tripoli   on
Monday   says:    "Twelve   Italian
warships are anchored off Tripoli
and it is expected an attempt will
be made to effect a landing this
"Nearly all of the Europeans
left last night on orders of the
Italian consul, and this morning
the streets were deserted except
for squads of Turkish soldiers,
who were enthusiastic over the
"The Arabs have held mass
meetings in all the mosques and
taken a solemn oath of unity
and allegiance to the Turkish
Hag, even to the last drop of
blood. The Turkish transport
Derna has discharged 2000 tons
of stores and 18,000 Mauser rifles.
These have been taken into the
interior where fifty camels are
being used in moving the supplies.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4
[Terrible Result Attends a Fire
Which Broke out in the Fire
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Quebec, Oct. 4.���Fireman La-
Ibarrc was killed, and two women
I will die of their injuries as the
[result of a fire which broke out
|in No. 5 fire station last night.
The fire station was completely
Thc women met their injuries
in attempting to leap from a
window to a ladder which was a
story below them. One of them in
her fall caught on the rungs of
the ladder by her clothing, and
htitig head downwards while the
flames burst out all around her.
Unions  Are Wondering
Members of the Typographical
and Carpenters' Unions are wondering why their letters of complaint about the prison labor system were not brought up at last
Monday's council. They were
addressed to the Mayor and council and mailed in ample lime.
Travelling Editor of Great London Magazine Visits Rupert
This morning's "Rupert"
brought in on a descriptive writing
tour Mr. J. R. Cogger, one of the
leading men of the staff of the
big magazine "Canada" which
has made its field the whole Dominion and is known all over the
world for its articles and pictures.
Mr. Cogger is here to see Prince
Rupert, and to tell his impressions
of the city in his magazine, and
this morning made a tour of the
city. There can be no doubt that
hc will boost the city, and for
Prince Rupert to figure again in
"Canada" as it advances will be as
good a boost as any going.
Good Idea Included in Plans
for New Methodist Church
Erection. Young Men of Rupert Will Appreciate Scheme.
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 5, Los Angeles 3.
Oakland 4, San Francisco 0.
National League
New York 12, Philadelphia 3.
Chicago 14, St. Louis 8.
American League
Phila li, 0; Washington 2, 2.
Boston 4, 7;  New York 1, 0.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 3, All-Stars 5.
Silver Standard Mine four Miles
from New Hazelton Gives
$798.24 to the Ton -A Wonderful Showing.
Telegraphic news to hand this
morning from lla/.elton to Mr.
Angus Stewart reports the result
of the assays just made of Silver
Standard ore. Fourteen hundred
and fifty ounces, with eighteen per
cent copper is'the result of the
assay, and the value is set at
��708.24 per ton. The Silver Standard mine is tin* property of Mr.
1). McLeod, Angus Stewart, and
A. L. Mcllugh. Situated so near
to New Hazelton it promises to be
one of the best in its district.
New   C.   P.   R.   Trans-Pacific
Flyers Have Their Names
The Yukon was Taken in Tow
by the U. S. Steamer
Seattle, Oct. 4.���The gasoline
schooner Yukon which was reported in distress off Vancouver Island,
was found last night by the U. S.
steamer Snohomish and taken in
tow to Port Angeles.
Unknown Man Rushed to the Hospital This Morning
From Mile 44���Feared he May Lose His Eyesight
Owing to a Premature Shot
injured, but they may'be saved.
No  bones  were  broken  by  thc
Injured about the face and
chest by the premature explosion
of a blast in the tunnel at Mile
Forty-four this morning an unknown foreign laborer was hurried
into hospital by special train this
morning. He was employed by
Contractor McDougall. Dr. Eg-
gerl was in attendance, and met
the train. Thc injured man was
conveyed to the hospital in a rig
fitted with spring mattresses.
Although the shot went off
right in his face, and he is badly
cut and contused all over the
upper part of the body it is not
thought that there is any internal
injury.    Both  eyes are however
shock, but the man was stunned,
and had not recovered complete
consciousness when brought into
town. Mr. McDougall himself
made enquiry about him at the
hospital during the morning. The
accident occurred just after the
gang had got to work, and it is
understood that the injured man
was loading a bore when Uncharge went off.
Silk and chiffon blouses with all
the latest "touches" in all sizes
and in many shades at Wallace's 2t
A proposal which will be embodied in the plans for the new
Methodist Church of Prince Rupert is that the old church building
shall be removed to the new church
site, and there re-erected in shape
to form a spacious gymnasium for
the young men of ihe church. The
old Methodist Church is a very
substantial structure, and will serve
the proposed purpose admirably.
Amongst the gymnasium plans
are included arrangements for fine
bathrooms with athletes cold and
hot sprays, douches, and plunge-
baths. The gymnasium will.be
as good as any in Rupert.
New, snappy, up-to-date line
of ladies' waists just arrived from
thc East.   Wallace's. 2l
Shipbuilding and Steel Workers
Unions Resolve in Favor of
Movement. Will Confer with
London, Oct. 4.���(Special)���Tin-
executive committee of the 18
federated unions governing Ihe
shipbuilding trades, have approved
the movement for an eight-hour
day. It is said the matter will be
discussed at the next meeting of
the federated executives and that
thc outcome of this meeting will
be the almost unanimous backing
of thc demand for an eight-hour
A similar agitation is reported
in the steel trade. The members
of the British Steel Smelters' union
have voted largely in favor of a
move for the eight-hour day, and
the officials of thc union have
asked for a conference with the
employers to discuss the demand.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, Oct. 4.���The new
C. P. R. trans-Pacific flyers which
are lieing built to replace the
Pacific Empresses next spring a.re
to be called the Empress of Asia
and the Empress of Russia.. This
announcement was made today
by the C. P. R. officials.
Annual Leave Taking for the
Winter Vacations is Taking
Place up North.
Strikers and Strikebreakers Fight With Guns Near Jackson, and
Troops Are Called 0ut---Many Men Were Killed and Others
Injured in the  Clash���Men in  the Shops Join Their
Comrades---Looks Like a Long and Bitter Fight
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Jackson, Miss., Oct. 4.���The
strike ai the Illinois Central yards
has ended in a serious fight in
which armed troops were called
out to take part.
The trouble started with an
affray between the strikers at
MtC'onib and a band of strike
breakers.   The fight-fever spread,
and weapons were used. Most of
the strike breakers were armed
.vith guns which they used, the
strikers retaliating in kind. In
the light many persons were killed
and others wounded.
Soldiers Ordered Out
Governor Hocl ordered out a
detachment of armed troops to
proceed to the scene at 7.30 last
night to quell the fighting. The
special train conveying the strike
breakers was then enabled to
proceed on its way to Niw Orleans.
Thousands Out
Vicksburg, Miss., Oct. 4.���Practically every man on the Southern
roads is out today. Each day has
seen more joining the strikers.
.-\l Vicksburg the strikers have
been joined by six hundred men,
including laborers, boilcrniakers
and machinists. At San Antonio
four hundred men on the Southern
Pacific have quit work, and at
New Orleans 350. The strikers
al Houston, Texas, number 1200
to 1500; at Fast St. Louis, 500;
itt Denver 100 machinsits, 175
carmen and 125 other craftsmen;
at Ogden, about 500; at Kansas
City, 100; at Oakland, about 400.
Taunting Strike Breakers
Paducah, Ky., Oct. 4.���Striking
Illinois Cenrtal clerks at Paducah
have adopted a silent method oi
taunting  the strike  breakers who
are taking the places of sixty-three
men in the local fniglit house.
When the non-union men left
the fnight housis, the strikers met
them aid escorted them to iluir
boarding houses. Not a word
was spoken on either side, the only
demonstration being the right index
linger levelled by every striking
clerk. Special agents who make
no objection to the "pointed"
attentions of the strikers, are
guarding the suike breakers.
Reports from Hazelton state
that the men a.t the Trimble-
Pimberton group on the Richer dc
Boule have completed ilu ir sixty-
foot tunnel and entered the ore
vein in the upper lead. Fifteen
tons of rich ore were taken out in
the first four feet of the vein,
containing big values in native
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
Dawson, Y. T., Oct. 4.���The big
annual exodus is now in full swing.
Every boat has a full load of
passengers bound for outside points
for their winter vacation. The
lower river lioats arriving art-
filled with passengers from Idita-
rod, Fairbanks and other camps.
The packet Sarah on her last
trip brought L70, including seventy-
���even members of the boundary
survey party from Porcupine River. The boundary men have 150
horses, which will winter on the
While River. There is good grazing there all winter.
The last steamer from White
Horse for Dawson will leave there
October 8 and the last from
Dawson on October 10. The
last steamer of the year from
Dawson for points below here
sailed last Monday, when the
packet Sarah took sixty tons of
freight and eighty sacks of mail.
Dr. Francis Hall of Victoria
Passed Away at His Home
Last Night.
Victoria, Oct. 4.���Dr. Francis
Hall, one of the leading physicians
of the province, died here last
night. He had been 1wen1y-six
years a resident of the province.
He was only fifty years of age.
Twenty-six Foot Racer Owned
by R. C. Pryor at the Soo will
Challenge Duluth Flyer Reputed Speediest Boat in the
(Special to the Daily News)
Sault Ste. Marie. Oil. 4.���R. C.
Pryor's new racing motor boat,
which has been tried out on
Portage lake, is considered by
many Houghton motor boat judges
to be the fas,est 26-foot motor
craft in the world. All of the
international  motor boats,  such
the Dixie IV. the champion,
are larger than this. No records
to which local people have access
give any motor boat a. record
equal to that unofficially given
Mr. Pryor's boat in. a trial on
Portage lake Thursday. The new
boat was used in exhibition runs
on (he lake during the Copper
Country fair and it is possible
thi't a race will be arranged
between it and Schell's great Duluth sin-id boat. Negotiations
for such a race are now under
way. The Pryor boat is a. handsome craft, built for pleasure as
well aa speed.    She has room for
fr. in four to six passengers.   The
boat is built entirely of mahogany,
finished with a piano polish. Her
bottom is flat, as distinguished
from a. keel boat, but it also is
terraced so that as her speed
increases and the bow raises she
is riding on a new plane stirfa.ee
at each rise.
Members of Chicago Union Obtain Better Conditions and
(Special to the Daily News)
Chicago, Ocl. 4.���Because members of  the  Musicians  L'nion  of
Chicago desired better conditions
and higher wages, theatrical managers decided to get along without
orchestras.     Church   chimes   and
other musical novelties were substituted, but their introduction did
not improve the productions by
any means.    After a painful experience the managers decided thai
orchestras must  be  restored and
yielded   to   the  demands   of   the
union.     As a  result   it   has  beer
agreed thai hereafter each leading
theatre would employ a minimum
of eleven musicians, besides the
leader, and that each would receive
S27 a. week, instead of $21, and
the leader 160 instead of ��35.
Ottawa Despatch Says lt is so
Understood at the Capital
R. Ross arrived by the Prince
Rupert this morning from Vancouver and Victoria.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Oct. 4.���While the personnel of the Borden Cabinet has
not yet been announced il is
understood that the prairie provinces are to have two or three
representatives in the Cabinet aid
B. C. one.
No reply has yet been announced to thc invitation said
to have been extended to Hon.
Richard McBride. ll is explained
that Mr. McBride is away on a
hunting trip.
(".. Lindquist arrived from the
soulh this niornu g by the Prince
Rupert and went to Masset.
Lloyds Want 25 Guineas Per
Cent to Insure the Throne of
Spain from Overthrow.
London, Oct. 3.--The overthrow of tin* Spanish monarchy was
insured against this afternoon when
a high ra.te of 25 guineas, approximately ?2(i, wis paid for
Postpones His Leave Taking for
a Week Longer than Intended.
Followed Their Fathers Example in  Support of Demands For Shorter Hours,  Less Homework, and
Pay for Monitors���Ended With Lots of Strap
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Liverpool, England, Ocl. 3.���
The strike fever which has been
rampant in Liverpool for the besi
part of the summer has broken
out in another spot. This time
it is the schoolboys who have
engineered a strike.
The boy promoters of ihe
"strike" did their work well. They
assembled several hundreds of the
more valiant spirits, and armed
with banners inscribed "What our
fathers   did   we   can   do,"    they
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, Ocl. 4.���Earl Grey
and his family have booked their
passage by the steamer Victorian
sailing on October 13. Their
original intention was to leave on
October C>th.   The increased nfficia,     ���-,,,,,,. ,    , , , ,
visited the schools, calling on the I strap m   the homes of  several
work consequent 011 a change oflMj,0|Rri ,() (,,)lm, ()U, .,,,,, jMr -^h- hundreds of the scholars has broken
Ministry has been the reason for I ..trite.     Large   --umbers   did   so, 1 the   back   of   Liverpool's   school
Earl Grey's altered plans, land soon thc parade was swelled (strike.
to thousands. After having called
out the scholars, pickets were
placed round the school, to inform
any would-be scholars that t strike
was on.
The demands of the strikers
were: Payment for monitors; less
homework, and reduction in thc
school hours.
The strike did not last long. A
vigorous application of the cane
upon as many of the strike leaders
is could be captured round the
schools, reinforced by the domestic THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation In Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing,Company, Limited
I    I
I    I
I    I
������-*-��� i
By Clive Phillips Wolley
Ais ejaculation was the result of n
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in advance |
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Daily Edition.
Wednesday, Oct.
tU'iiiy burst upon  the cherry patch
OUttlng  the  fei ble brush  Into ribbons
ami tatters and making the defenders
crouch in their lairs like frightened
"Fire a good many shots for fifteen
Injuns," growled Al. "Llker fifty,
It's the hull Chilcoten tribe, blank
'em." and llien rising recklessly to his
knees, he roared, "Turn It loose, boys.
Don't let the beggars get away," and
he emptied Ibe ipagaslne of his re-
pester with n rapidity which would
have done credit to a machine nun.
Five minutes . nnllei* the Hoss had
tired of watching the motionless sage
brush over which the hawk had swung
nnd from which thni coyote bad retreated so promptly, and now whilst
the rifles rattled and  the   smell   of
in case of  powder tainted the air, there wen- a
dozen  wild  figures dashing  from  It
_ I for tbe pine belt.
Tin* division of the city into wards aroused a great deal of adverse tncm
two of them  fell
4   these gol  to his feet again antl  was
hauled Into cover by his fellows.
"Blanked bad shootin'.   Say, Boss,
i that shut of yours turned on the hull
bloomln'   orchestra.     How   many   tilt!
i yon git!"
"I'm airnld 1 did not touch one of
comment.;; the time of the division. The criticism was quite justified.
Tin only fault to be found with criticism was that it. wa.s directed
ai the heads of the wrong people. It was the council of 1910 who
win* criticised instead of thc Provincial Government who by theii
Municipal Clauses Act forced the council against the council's owr
wishes to divide the city into wards.
But now that the city is divided into wards, it can qualify for
the operation uf Clause 1 of Section 24, which provides that having
"i.uess    you're    better   at   sitters
stop tiiem," pointing to tbe logs, "and
when they get here there'll he n blanked hot time In the cherry patch."
"Can we spare them? Won't the
Indians sneak round from behind?"
"Not likely, and If they do we've
got to risk It, I guess they'll wipe us
out this time." with which cheering
remark he crept awav, returning with
"I've left the other galloot where
he was." he explained. "He ain't any
account as a rifle shot, but he's so
plum stared that he'll make a pretty
smart looking man. Ilulloh! What's
got that log?"
The centre log had reached the spot
where Al's hat lay, and as it passed
over It, possibly oue of the hands
whhh propelled the log reached for
the derelict ".stetson" which had been
the old man's pride. At the same time
the slope of the prairie Increased suddenly, and this particular log had been
trimmed too fine. By nature It had
and one ot grown absolutely round, It was a white
pine and young, and therefore smooth
ami heavy, and the men who had
trimmed it had taken all the limbs off
close to the trunk.
The result was that though lt had
crawled as slowly as its companions
up to this point, as soon as lt felt the
sharper Incline It began to turn over
more  freely,  each   revolution  giving
mars u.   Wove got to make for that."
"But we should have to go through
the whole lot of thorn to get to it."
"That's so, but It's the only way as
they won't expect us, and It's the
short cut to supper. Are you scared
to try lt? Maybe the folk at tho ranch
want us as bad as I want my tucker."
"You choose your time and I'll follow."
'"Twon't do to bunch up, that's tho
troublo. We'll have to split like a
band of prairie chicken, and I'm
scared aa you'll lose your way."
Rolt knew that In the darkness Mi's
was only too probable, but there wore
othor lives to be considered, more pie-
clous to him than his own.
"Do you think I am a kid or a tcheo*
tchako, Al?" he said, angrily.
"All right; I guess you ain't, If It
aomcB to that; but keep your hair on
as long as they'll let you. Mine fells
almighty looso, I can tell you," and
then silence fell upon them as they
waited, whilst the dark came qulcklv,
as lt does ln northern lands. First the
bar of brown cloud turned to fiery
crimson, then the crimson died to
orange, that faded, and for a space the
pines came out hard and clear cut
against a pale green sky, and then the
light faded and an owl hooted.
"That's the signal. They're going
back," whispered Al. "Are you
ready?" and his voice had a shake in
It.   Even he was excited at InBt.
Before Rolt could reply the old man
t was on his feet.
"Come on," he cried, and then, as
he told them afterwards at the ranch,
i "I'm bleBsed If I didn't think I was
standing still."
Dominion Fish Market
Dealers ln Fresh Fish,
Oysters and Game In
season. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter and
Eggs    ....
I'HONE 117
P.O. BOX 160'
w. j. McCutcheon
, ,   Carries complete stock of Drugs.   Special
, ,      attention pftid to lillinjf prescription!.       ,
!! Theatre Block phonb no. 79 Second Are. !
lla-ora-ft-. Stora-re And Forwarding Agonta.   For
Rigs or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone 301
Didn't you spot any of 'em before I   additional Impetus, until It was obvl-
told you to shoot at that brush? Lord! I ously rolling
I've been watching that fellow over
there for nigh on to an hour. It's
lucky as I didn't wait for him to come
In range of my old shootin' Iron."
"Why. what difference would It
have nintle?"
"All the difference between living
and dying.   They'd have rushed us In
another ten inlntit s. and shooting as
fiillilled the law. a council can  then seek to have tlie wa.rd system   we did. they would have got in.   Bui
abolished by a petition signed by the owners of more than one-half ' reckon ihey won't try thai tame
���    ,  ���  ,. ,     ,        any more for awhile."
ol   ill
assessed property within the city limits, according to the 1
revised assessment roll,
I; may be assumed that all of the present council are in favoi
of abolishing the ... rd-. Alderman Newton is on record in the most
violent terms of opposition to' the .card system, and main of hi*
colleagues condemned ii during the lasi municipal campaign. Now
thai they have an opportunity t<> take steps to abolish thc system.
they will probably be glad i.> avail themselves.
li i*. questionable whether any city in the world is so greal thai
it can li..- artificially divided up into Becdons with separate representatives, and not Buffer in consequence. Certai.tly it is beyond
argument that -i city so Bmall in population a> Prince Kupert cannot
divide ii- inti rests up irbitrarily by a line drawn down Fulton street.
Every citizen, whethet hc lives easl or west of Pulton street ii
vitally interested in the personnel of the city council. Every aldermai
elected ;���> serve on the council ought to be interested in the whole ol
the .-ity, and not in half of it. Every alderman ought to be accountabli
at election time to the whole oi the city.
the largest of cities   are so consolidated thai ihey cannot proper!)  ricochettcd
be made lhe subject <>f division.
Already It was twenty feet ahead of
Its companions, and then for a moment a brown hand showed above lt.
Al's rifle came to his shoulder, but be
was too slow; the hand disappeared
before ho could preBS the trigger.
"Look out, Rolt," he cried. "They
caln't hold It! It's got away with
them! If they ealn't Btop It, they're
our meat, sure," and he Btood up recklessly to get a better chance with his
Faster and faster came the log, and
again a hand showed, and this time an
arm and shoulder with lt, and the old
man fired, but the arm, broken at the
wrist, had fallen  behind  the log, be-
Gasoline Launches,
Outside of all this, the w.'.rd system i> a protection for man)
kinds of municipal ivil-. The cities that are making greatest stride*
in municipal progress are abolishing the ward system. With man)
of iliiin. indeed, thai was the firs; stride.
Prince Rupert i- nol to be blamed for possessing its wards today.
Tin* ward system was forced upon ii by b governme.it thai still cling?
to archaic and antiquated form-. Hut now thai w.* ha\e filled thi
statutory requirements, ther.* i- no reason why we should nol ta.ki
advantage of the statutory mode of relief. In ihis progressive step
the prcsenl cou icil may cither lead or follow. The News invite- them
to lead. Thc requisite petition Bhoutd secure thc assent of ever)
prop, ni owner in town.
Rolt sincerely hoped that they
would not. or that If they did old Al's
eyes would keep watch for them, ln
his owr, eyes he hud lost all contl
For a long lime silence fell again fore his bullet chipped the bark "of It.
between the pines nnd the cherry ' "Bully for you, Rolt. I lake It all
trees. There wus no sound, bin for back about them Bitters." But Rolt
the crack of an occasional twig as one , did not even smile- His lips were
of the defenders moved uneasily In ; thin now and Bet, and his eyes were
bis narrow shelter; no movement u< j glued to that log, whilst he held bis
cept from that twisted figure by the i rifle as men hold their guns at the
sage brush. i pigeon traps at Hurlingham.
It was a long time before thai be-! If the covering party In the timber
came quite still, nnd Holt was thank* had been able to bit a haystack at
ful when Ihat time came. seven hundred yards,  the fate of Al
Before the nttempted rush the sage and Holt would have been sealed, for
brush hnd been equally still, and tlie' In thc excitement of the moment both
memory of that fact so worried Rolt' men Btood up, every thought Intent
that he now began to Imagine enemies! upon their pray, utterly regardless of
ln tho most ridiculous grass patches.' the leaden bees which hummed harm-
He was beginning to lose his sense of! lessly past tbem.
proportion nnd Imagination magnified1 And then the expected happened,
the most absurd trifles. j Four men however desperate cannot
It was a relief when a single Bhot hold a green pine tree from behind
broke the strain of long walling. The when It begins to roll, and realizing
\ eitv's interests -evei ' bullct drol-l-*-'d a,,out a couple of bun* this, one of ihe Indians let go and
dred yarda from the cherry patch and bolted back towards the timber. He
through the hlghesi fell wllh Rolfs bullct between his
branches of It. There was a slight shoulders and Al's through his thigh
pause and then a second shot from before he had gone a dozen paces
the same spot In the timber, the bui-1 The others hold on for one more
let dropping this (Imo a hundred yards breathing spare, and then the log
nearer Al's screen. broke clean away from them, rolling
"Jest so." muttered Al. who had merrily down Ihe bill, whilst three
again crawled to Rolfs side, "and the, miserable devils writhed In the sage
next  will  be nearer still.    They are: brush In the vain hope of hiding from
Skeena Land District��� District ot Coast Ilanee 6
Take   notico   thai   Hiram   Koy   McTaviah   of
1 Winnipeg,   Man.,   occupation   barrister,   intends
- lo apply for permlasion to purchaso lhe folluwing
doscribod lands:
' Commencing at a po.t planted at the southwest
corner -10 chaina cast and 40 chains north from
I N. E. corner ot Lol llll., Harvey's Survey Coast
District llango 6, ihence till chains east, Irene
60 chains north, thence GO chains west, thence SO
chains south to posl of commencemenl containing
ll'lo acres more or leas.
DatedSept. IS, 1011   HIItAM KOY McTAVlSH
I'ul.. Sepl. 23. Fred W. Uohler. Agenl
Skeena Land District Di*.':.*. of Coast IUnge -
Taku nolice thai Lottie McTavUh ol Vancouver,
occupation married woman, tnlerdo to apply
tor permUsion lo purchase thu lollowing descrllH-d
Commencing at a posl planled at lho north-
... -i corner 100 chains easl and 40 chain-, north
from N. E. corner of Lot 1110, Harvey's Survey-
Coast District Kange 5, ther.ce 20 cha.ns soulh,
thence SO chains eoaot. ihenco 80 chains north,
thence 40 chains west, thencu so chains aoulh.
thence 40 chains wasl lo post ol commencement
dontalning 400 acrea more or leaa.
Dated Sept. IS. 1911. LOTTIE McTACISH
I'ub. Sept 23 Fred W. Uohler, Agenl
Skeena Und District���Dislrict ol Coast llango 6
Taka notice lhat Prank S. Miller ol London,
Eng., occupation civil engineer. Inlenels lo apply
lor permission lo purchaao lhe lollowing deacribe.)
Row  Bouts
���nd Canoes
For Hire by Hour or Day
H. Johuion       Caw Cm*       P.O. Bai 187
General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware       Tinware
or Mf
..For Sale*.
Although  thc election
press has gol back to facts
is over, and mosi of the Conservativi
Again, ilu* Journal is still campaigniru ii
its news columns. This is-wasted effort. Last night ll had a politico-
news despatch purporting to come from Ottawa. It was headed
"Last Fight for Spoil- of Office," and told <>f how- contracts for million!
>.f dollar- were being let.
��� >.'l> i.v.i cases were quoted with definite figures. One was thi
contract fur 1600,000 for the Qu-bec terminals of the C>. T. P., thi
other was an order for -_,(Hmi tons of rails, presumably for ihe National
Transcontinental. Added together the whole does not conn* to anj
thing mar on- million, and b..,ii .n* perfectly proper items <<f expenditure.
Tin- truth <>f the matter i-. however, stated In one paragraph
which tells the whole story, I; says: "Thcgovernment Is attempting
.0 lei all thc contracts for which tenders have been n ceived and monej
voted." Why, hi be Btire. Thai is .heir business. It is their dut)
to finish up the work they had on hand. Had they done anything
cl-e. then the Journal would have had grow d for complaint.
Thc election ucrm lakes a lot of killii g in some people.
getting our range now. Had ought lo'
have done that the first go off. 1
guess there'll be no room here for two
now. Lie low. boys, It's goln' to storm
again," and he crawled bark to his
own position Just as It began again to
hall bullets.
For a good quarter of an hour the
Indians In the Umber kept up a steady! >' -��
stream   of  independent   firing,  as   If
they would fill up that little hollow
with lend or reap the thin rover in it
wllh their concentrated fire, but
though their bullets rut down the
standing brush as if It had been slash
ed, riddled It. and left It In flying tatters, thc men under ground remained
untourhed. Neither did they attempt
to reply.
"Don't stir, boys, nnd don't Bhoot
hack," rommanded Al. When they
think they've killed every Insect In
this bloomln' brush patch, they'll
maybe try sonic other racket. Then
we'll get our work In."
thc white men's withering volley
One wretch ran perhaps for fifty
yards with an arm swinging helplessly from his shoulder as he ran. and
they snw him wince and stumble as a
second bullet touched him.
"Outer to me, Ross."   shouted  Al,
pumping up another cartridge, "bull to
" he added, regretfully, before he
to the lootin-. of Rolfs store-house
they hnd plenty of ammunition to
spare, but at last even they were satisfied.
The cherry patrh looked like a field
could fire again, as his fellow-creature
. iilhips. tl Iii a heap and lay still.
Men fighting for their lives have no
sentiment, and perhaps Al never had
much nt any time. The sight of blood
had roused all his lighting Instincts,
and for the moment he was as reckless
ns he was pitiless.
"Oh shoot, and be blanked!" hc
cried, as half a doten bullets hummed past him. "It's our turn now.
I'ull Hi. in other traps, caln't you."
But the other traps were not pulled.
WhllBt the centre log was betraying
lis musters, the two outside log* had
come lo a standstill, and so, In spite ol
Al's gibes nnd the bullets with which
hc mini,- chips of them fly, they re
i malm el.    great    blnrk    bars   on   the
he Indians were very thorough In        lr|     h      ,,���_���,.       d   f        ,h
r work of destruction, and thanks!^herry  ,,������.,,    ���.,,..���.   \be   Novcrnb,,r
sun crawled down  towards lhc horizon.    Suddenly  It  dipped  into a  low
lying bar of cloud nnd the light failed
so suddenly that Al noticed It.
We've got lo hurry. Hois," he said
after  a   M-inltoliaii   ball   storm.   BSd, slnkliiK Into his pla, e'by  Rolfs side,
here cotihl have been little doubt In   HI1(1 Hx,uMw ��� ,prav of blood off hli
Ihe Chllcoten'B minds that anything |inn(| where a
that had sheltered in it wiib as d. ad
as Julius I'm sar. But being Indians
Ihe elected lo run no risks. When
Ihe firing e eased a sound of chopping began, and Holt who should have
known better. Imagined that the coldblooded brutes were going to feed bo-
fore picking up their birds, but he
misjudged them. An Indian Ib Buffi*
clently   coldblooded,   but   not   on  thc
hunting trail or the war path.   Then I hut the light ngaltiM such odds.       I
he thinks n great deal less of his belly   now   realized   lhat   they   had  against
than does a white man-under similar   them, s.-em-'d to him hopeless
circumstances. only   Ihe  boyish  Rplrlts of such  a
Before long a groat tree crashed daredevil as Ihe old frontiersman
clown, and before the sound of Its fall could remain unbroken under such a
had died away,  they saw  the top of  strain.
bullet hnd skinned lt.
"We caln't let Ihem fellows stay there
after dark."
"Whai arc we going to do to prevent ll?   We have loBt our horses."
"That's so; but If wc stay here we'll
bo roasted as ��oon ns It's too dark to
Bhoot. They'll fire the hush on ub,
I sure."
"Well, what la your plan?" asked
Holt, wearily.    Hc wns a brave man,
Ellison's No. 73 Rotary Mimeograph.    Noiseless,  easiest in
operation.   Speed 50 to lOO per minute, either for
typewriting or handwriting
Por further particulars see
McRae Bros., Ltd
another lean slowly over, hang for a
moment, and then disappear in a
spray of Shattered boughs nnd pine
Three fell In nil, and still the chopping went on. Then for the first tin e
Rolt noticed What looked like a great
saw log Jusi outside the line of the
pine trees, lying pnrallel with Hint
line, and as he nol Iced It two more
came to Join It.
There wns no doubt Hint thoy came;
he saw Ihem emerge Blowly, like some
footless monsters, moving sideways
down thc hill.
Ah. here they come!    They're get
"I ain't got no plnn." he drawled,
"at least no plan to speak of, but a
Scripture snylng Booms to me to come
In mighty handy: 'I)o unto others the
same as they'd do ttnlo you,' only do
It quicker .Now thoso Johnnies aro
i ah-n hit im- lo i iish us as soon as lt
gets good ami dark. We've got to
rush them first."
"All  right."
"Hold on. 'Taln't time for the last
act yet. We've got to play this game
according to Hoylc. with all the frills
ns belongs lo It. Kust there's slow
music from the orchestra, then the
light grows kinder   dim   and   uncer-
2nd   Ave. and  Sixth   Si.
Read The Daily News
tin' down to bniinan nt  lafM.   Thnffl j tain, then the ghopt appears.   Bee?"
more  like Croc  flfhtlfl'l     1   wouldn't j     Holt did ser, nnd  he never saw a
have   thought   that   they knowid so ' half-hour In his long life so trying aa
fiiuch." inur.-mi  Al. | that during  whlrh  he and  thc other
Hut at first Rolt. who had not Al's three men crouched, like sprinter*,
txptr.taoa.,dld not understand, nnd waiting for lhe stnrt, whilst the silent
the sight of those -Three great pine -��KR lfly motionless In front of them,
lOgl creeping down abreast, apparent ftnd one by one the outlines of the
ly by their own volition, was very prairie grew Indistinct, 'the separate
horrible. I tree tops merged Into each other, and
Krom time to time a rifle spat redly ] ntebt 'nine,
from the timber, but for the most part      "They might try to gel hack to tho
the  slow   progress of   thc   logs  down   timber," whispered Al, "and come on
the sloping pralrio was  made in ah-  a"  together later   on.     If   they   do,
solute  silence.     Tho    sun    creeping   that'll be our time to rush them.   Do
across  the  heavens  seemed   to   move   y��u mlnn" the scarlet  pine?"
faster than they did. "That big
one like a Scotch fir be-
"We've got to get   them other twolyond u,e,r ramP?" ,,  .,
said   Al.    ''Wc can't       "��*"  by   *u   Iono  nn B   bluffl
oyer  this  Bide,'
Commend nf at a post plantad at tba N. K.
Corner ot Lot 28, thenee north 2.* chains, lhance
wait 'J-1 chains, thanca aouth 2** fli.ui.->, thence
emit SO chaina to point ot com mencement, eontalnini 40 acrea more or laaa.
Oateti August 16, It'll. FRANK BL Ml 1*1.Kit
Pub. Auk* 26. P. M. Miller, A|tnt I
Skwma Und Diatrict���DUtricl of Coaal Uanga 6 !
Take notica lhat liarbart J. Maekie ot  Ivm
broke,  Ont,,  oceupatlon lumberman.  Intanda to
apply for permUalon lo purebaaa the followinK ,
described landa:
Commeneing at a poat planted on tha left bank
ot the Zymotiolti or Zim-a-gol-ita Itiver, at aoulh-
I west corner of Lot 1700, thence northerly, following .
j the westerly boundary of Lot 1706, 60 chains
' more or loaa, to tba northweat corner ot aaid Lot
| 1706.  tbenee  weatarty  and  aouthafiy,   followine
lha left bank of aaid river, 60 chains more or leaa to
point   cf   commencemenl   conUining   160   acrea
mora or laaa.
i      Located  August   19,  l.'ll.
! Dated August 21, 1611.    HKKllKKT J- MAt Ml.
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. Clements, Agent
Skaana Land District���Diatrict of Coast IUnge V
Take noUoa lhat J, iVi.r  Erickson of Princ*
Kupert, laborer,  intend to apply for parmUeion
to purchase the following doaenbed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted on the north
bank of WUliama Craak where the railway right-
of-way cruaeee and 3 chains back from lha craak
bank, thenca aoutb 30 chains, thanca east 40
chains, thenco north 30 chains, lime* wast 40
chains lo poinl of commencement.
Dated July T, 1911. I'KTKR KRICKSON
Pub. July 86. Fred K. Cowall. Aganl
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Rant* V
Taka notioa that I, John Evanaon of Frinc*
1 Rupert, laborer, InUnd to apply fcr pormUeion
] to purchaae lho following described lands:
[    Commenciftg at a post planted al the aoulh-
east corner of Lol 4416. ihenca north 80 chains-^
1 thenca aaat 60 chains, lhance aouth 60 chains,
thence weat 60 chains io point of commencement.
Dated July 13, 1611. JU11N KVKNSON
1Mb. July 26. Fred K. CowaU. Agant
Skeer.a Land Dislrict���District of Coast Ranga V
(Taka notioe tbat 1, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
X.   D.,   occupation   merchant,   Inund   lo  apply
I for permlsaion lo purchase tha following described
Commencing  al a P��st planted  on  tho east ���'
boundary and about five cnains from lha aouth-
; eaat corner of Lol 4464, Ihence north 60 chains,
ihenca aaat 30 chains, ihence aouth 60 chains,
tbence w��wt 30 chains to poinl of commencement, j
Dated June 24, 1BU. BENJAMIN A. FISH '
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agent ,
Skeena Land Distrirt - District of Coast Ilanire 6 I
Taka notice that Percy M. Miller of Prince Ku- I
perl, B.C., occupation Civil Knainear, InUnda to !
apply fur permission to purchaae the following -
i '|i-��crii--l lands;
r.immi-*y* my at a poll planted on the left  bank
of McNeil River at north weat comer uf lut ���))���"
KV. thence east 2*< chaini mure or laai to weaterly boundary of timber limit 646 (old number '
40t<16) thence northerly fullowirir aaid westerlv
; iMiundary of timber limit Oil chains mure or lesa ,
| Ui nurth wnt corner uf said limber limit, thence j
westerlr 20 chains mure or leas to left bank of
McNeil  Hlver, thence emi.nerly following  aald .
I ifft hank of McNeil River m chalm mora or leu
I to point of commencement, conulnlnir 100 acres.
more or leii.
E. Flexman, Agent
Date June 19.1911
Pub. July 19,1911
Skevna Land Dlitrict-District of Casalar
Take notice that I, Thomas C.irt.r. of Prince '
Rupert, occupation carpenter,  InUnd  to apply
for permission to purchase the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted about one mite ,
south from the mouth of Falla creek and about *
1 RO feet back from the beach, thence 60 chains
\ north, thence 40 chains weit, thence HO chains
i south, thence east 40 chaini to pointof commence- '
I ment, conUining 32ft acres more or leu.
| Dated July 7th. 1911.    Charlea Webiter Calhoun, '
' Pub. Aug- 6th. Agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat IUnge V j
Take notice that I, George Klme of Towner,
' North Dakou, U. S. A., farmer, Intend to apply j
for tiermlMlon to purchaaa the following described '
Commencing at a post planted at the south- '
w��t corner of Lot 2287, thence east 80 chains, <
; thence aouth  40 chains, thenoe weat  40   chains j
thence aouth 40 chains, thenee west 40 chains t
I thence north 80 chains to point of commencemen <
I conUining 480 acres moro or leas.
Dated July 16, 1911 GEOROE KIME
J Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agant     I
! Skeena Land DUlrict    I.i.lrict of Coart IUnge 5 '
'    Take notice lhat 1, Christopher James Graham ,
of Prince Rup rt, B. (-., occupation locomotive |
i engineer, intend to apply for permission to purchase
the following iii .< nl'.-.l lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the southwest corner of I^ot No. (TBI vicinity of Ijike
|,skelw> and marked Christopher J. Graham
N. E. Corner, thence west 40 chains, thence south
80 chaina, Ihence east 40 chains, thence north 80
rhslns to posl of commencement- containing
.120 acies, more ta leas.
Dated Sept. 22. 1911. 11.66 A.M.-Witnessed T. D
Uird. ���
Pub. Sept. 30.
keena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast IUnge 6
Taka   nollco   that   Stanley   Green   of   Princa j
Rupert, B. C, occupallon miner, InUnds to apply !
for permission lo purchase tho following described
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains south
and 40 chains west ot the northwest corner of
Lot 1783, Lakelse Valley, District of Coast Rnnge
6, thenca west 40 chains, thence south 80 chsins, >
thence east 40 chains, thenca north 80 chains to j
oolnt of eommencement.
Staked June .toil,, 1911 STANLEY QREKN ,
Pub. July IC. Locator
Level lot near Seul Cove ut $350.   $50
ciush und $25*n month.
! Two level lota near corner of Eleventh
Avenue and Conrad Street. $600
pair.   K.isy ensh and terms.
Two double Lane corners on Eleventh
Avenue and Donald Street at $650
puir.   Easy cash and terms.
Lot 19, Block 26, Section 5.  Eusy terms.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Pattullo Block.
BESNER & BESNER,   Proprietors
Th* New Knox Hol.1 ia run un th* European
plan. I itat-.laaa mtvIc*. All the Lateat M.alrrn
lmi.nivrm.anl*. ���:���-��� BEDS Mc UP
Mussallem & Company
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We have juat put in a complete
atock of groceriei and will be able
to give our cuatomer* the beat of
A call at our atore will be appreciated.
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Pearl Goods
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Pins, etc., of the very
latest design
R. W. Cameron & Co.
G.T.P. Official   Watch   In.pector.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
Skoena Land District -Dlalrlct of Q���
��-..��,   ���,   ,-nnce.-  n
bejokkwipcr, Inu-nd te,' u���,',|y",;, '{,
miaalone-r ot Land. lor , 'ft,, ���l '" ' *>W 2.
coal and petroUm un a, J| J',,'" f*f*l*tiZ
land on Uraham l,i��llU ,C i," , V" Kit, 2
tommoncini* at , p_, ,,,. , ,'"���"""���������.: "
ol C. B. 11 Coul Least- N, i ,'" ')"'"> nw,k
corner C. B, 11. Coal Hm.n"1tBSN *V
HI)    I'll 111114       tl,.,,,,... a     ...a .*'"������      '..     UllT-lB     TT
1   ������"�� "I cum"
chains, iht-nco east BO chain. ,,,
moncomont. '
Datod Sopt 11, lau,    0   g   BAINTBD .
Pub. Sopt. 2*1. *���* ""Ml.lt, |.���[alM
Skeona Land District���Dlitriat ���j,,
Take notico .lh.t .hlny'l��� , ;*',��� Ch_j|0,ta
Bainter of Prince Kupert, il e , '""��� f. C, K,
be-okkooper, intend t��� ipp|y'to .* '.' , ,"v'*Mtigr,
mtatonor of Landa for I"|.ilv ,.,.';��� ,""' Cob.
coal ane petroleum on and u���,|���. ,*'. .wl��-n lo,
land on Uraham Islund ,1,,,-r, ��|   '   J"" Ol
TAKE NOTICE that 1 wil! receive
tenders for the land known as Lot 1105,
Ranee 6, Coast District, Province of
British Columbia. This is one of thc
choicest pieces of land lying along the
Skeena river nnd contains about 166
acres. The land is crown granted.
Tenders must be in before the fifth day
of October, 1911. The highest or any
tender not necessarily acdepted. For
further particulars apply to the undersigned.
Assignee  of  H. C,  Breckenridge, Box
2-5, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Commonclnii .ta-,;,V | .'I ,''. .'
ol C. E | Coal Lias, k" �� , T"" i����tli
corner 0. E. B. Coul Law u.*',. ""' N, IV.
80 chain., thonco oust N ,*l,/,,���, ,i,', ,'"'"Cu "����th
chain., thonco wosi 80 chums to ,,.'. "71*1 **
moncoment. |,lau' ��' com.
DatodSepl.il, 1311.    c. E. BAINTFll ,
Pub. Sopt. 23. ������*������*��� H-l'-I-oata,
Skoena Land Ulatrlet���Diatrict of (ju-ju,,-.,
lake notico that thirty duy, ���ft,, ,i, ,       ol.*��
Balnter ot Prlnco Kupert   |i   {"   ,".'' '��������������� K.
bookkeeper, intend to ap ,1,���'���, _.2, '"'*';*l'-��-"r,
mi��i���n��� of Land, for .llUwta
coal and potroloum on und undo, i.     ,'      '',"
land on Graham Island de.cn I ,   St*** "'
Commonon*! ut a post planted ton'.-'
ot C. E. B. Coal _55���.   l.i   ,,"."   2"'2
cornor C. E. B. Coal Loaao No. I-,',';,'. *'
80 chain,  thonco oast DO cleiima.,',,.
chain., thenco wost 80 chains   o p��5TS-5
mencement. ***** *" **-�����
DatedSept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTFR  r
Pub. S��p(. 23. 1N '' *- ������""lot
Skeena Land District-District ol Quoen Cttarla,,.
Take notico lhal thirty elay, lr������, ,la , , !��'.*
Bainter of Prince Itupert, II. t h ���,,'���'.', .,'���'
hookkeeper, Intond to apply ,��� the* -,-,*,'""
mtaaionor ol Und. for a lecvnco ,��� ,.r��� -!,,',T
coal and petroleum on and un.le.-r UO _-.,.,'��� ,,';
on Graham Island deacrihed as toUoi ���
Commoncinii al a post pi,,,,,,,- ,���,, ���
ol C. B. U. Coal La.a-w'No. n. ���,������,,, **3
corner C. E. 11. Coal Uase- .No. JO. lh.-i.e. r2*i
80 chain., thenco weal 80 chum-. U_n���'" ���
chaina, thonco eaat 80 chains to nlac. nl "2H
fto.ffi.''1"1-     C'-:��'^���*<-���.ot
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Queon Charlott.
Take nolico lhat thirty day. uf-e-r dato I t* V-
Balnier ol Prince Kupert, II. C, by ooeupuC
bookkeeper, inlond to apply to Um t i,i,| ,���..
misaioner ol Lantl. for a licnc- to praapw |n.
coal and petroloum on and under 540 acna ���
land on Uraham laland duecrilx-,1 a. followa:
Commencing at a poat plant.sl twu ; ,.', n3rti,
ol C. E. B. Coal Loam- No. IS, marki-l a i
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. :M. thenc- tioni
80 chain., thonco weat 80 chains, than, nilt sj
chaina, thenco east 80 chains t�� place -il com.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BADJTER, Ixx-aior
Skeena Land District��� District ol Quao .'harloit.
Take notice lhal thirty day. from .Ian*. I. c. t
Bainter of Prince Kupert, li. C, by occu|utHj-i
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to lhe Chid torn.
missioner of Lands for a licnc- to prei-[t,-ct Inr
coal and petroleum on and under Ml) am* ol
oland on Uraham Island described as folio*.;
Commencing at a post planted two n&oo r.onh
of C. E. B. Coal Lcttae No. l.i. mara.-l Y I..
corner C. E. 11. Coal Lease No. 22, tti.-ncc Muth
80 chains, thenco weal 80 chains, tln-nc.- nonh Mt
chains, thenco easl 80 chains to place* e.1 commencement.
DatedSept. 12,1911.    C. E. IIAIN'TEK. I.>.-.���.,
Skoena Land DUtrlct���District ot Quen ChukW
Take notice that thirty day. (rum data 1. - t.
Bainter of Prince Kupert, II C , I-, --mi'-aluo
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Com-
miMioner of Lantl. for a licnc* i.�� i-r<
coal and petroleum on and under MU carta oi
land on Uraham laland d.*>crlb*d aa loUtr* -.
Commencing al a poal pl.nt.sl two mllo* nortii
ol C. E. B. Coal Loa-a- No 17, tnark.-i N I..
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 23 thenco wuto
80 chain., thenco weat 80 chains, th,-t.c> north
80 chaiiu, thenco east 80 chain, lo plac ul com*
Daled Sept. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Louies*
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoena Land District���Diatrict of Qui-on Charlotu
Take noUce lhal thirty day. from elate-. I. C B.
Balnier of Prlnco Kupert, B. C, by occoi-.teoa
bookkeeper, intend to apply to lh,* Chili
misaioner of Lands for a licence to pr-.'-i-eet lor
coal and petroloum on and under 010 .era ot
land on Uraham I-talnd doKribe.1 a. follua..:
Commencing al a poal planted two tttstt nor.l'
ol C. K. B. Coal Leaae No. 18, markesl N. ��.
eorner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 21, Ihence em-th
80 chaina, ihence east 80 chain-), thenc- r.i-nn
80 chaina, Ihenco weat 80 chain, to pl.c uf com*
DatedSept. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Loom
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Ques a .'hit-tot.
Take notice that thirty day. from dm.. I. A T
llroderick ol Prince Rupert, B. C, by e��cu|muoB
bank manager, intend lo apply to lh.' t Uol torn*
misaioner of Land, lor a licnc to pn*-peo> h*
coal and petroleum on and under 010 sen* ol
land on Uraham Island doacribed as folio*.:
Comm.ncing at a post planted two mil.* north
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 17, mark.-1 I ...
corner A. T. B. Coal Leaae No. 2.-., tht-nes- r.onh
80 chain., thonce -seal 80 chain., thenc south M
chain., Ihence weat 80 chaina to plac of cuts*
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
Dated Sept. 12, 1911. C. E. Bdnter. A(��t
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen t'harlolt.
Tako notion that thirty day. Irom date. I. .1 T
llroderick of Prince Rupert, B. C, by uecu|ists*o
bank manager, intend to apply lo the t'lncl xvm-
misaioner ol Lend, lor a llosnce to |��<> ,-��� <
coal and petroleum on and under 010 can*, ts
land on Uraham laland described a. Ic.ll-.va -
Commencing at a post plnated two mil.* north
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 20, m.rk.-i .-. I..
corner A. T. B. Coal Leaae No. 20, thorns- north
80 chaina, thence wost 80 chain., thenc aouth
80 chain., thonce oaat 80 chain, lo pl.c "' com*
A. T. BRODERICK. I-oo��t..r
Dated Sept. 12, ISII. C. E. Batnl.-r, Ager.t
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict ol Quo, .    -'
Take nollco that thirty day. from dat- .1. 1-1-
Broderlck ol Prince Rupert, II. C. b) -     ���I*"1**"1
bank manager, Inlend to apply lo the ChW *-<-m*
mia.ie.nrr ol Und. (or a licence lo ;
eoal and petrol-ram on and under ��������� '
land on Uraham Island diwcribed aa folio   *-
Commencing al a pool pl.nled two "
ol C. E. B. Coal Leee. No. 21, marked **. I.
corner ol A. T. B. Coal Leaw No
west 80 chain., thene. north 80 char
eaat 80 chain., Ihence aouth 80 chaina la I'I'"
of commencment.
Daled Sept. 12, 1911. A. C. E. Dan i t. P*"1
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtriet���DUlrict of Queen C ' arlolte
Take nolle, tbat  Auatin   M.   Urown  . :
Kupert,   U.   C,   occupation  uddler,   tatew   "j
apply to the Chiel CommUaioner of Land. anJ
I Work, lor a licence to prospect Inr SOU.
, petroleum on and under the following ele-si-r.iw
lands on the Weal Coaat ol Uraham Islam.:
Commencing at a poet planteel three mil.-. *)���"'
| ol the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 417* it"'
I 80 chain, aouth, thence 80 chain, eaat, tlio"") *���
chaina north, thence 80 chaina west lo l- "' "
Date ol Location Slot July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
keena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Quen Chorion*
l.lanela . ,,    M
Take notice that Auotln M. Brown of 1 rmc.
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to ��W
to th. Chlri Commtaioncr ol Unds anil ���."'��
for a licence to proapect for coal, oil and pot role Jin
on and under the followine doocrlbed lands on ne
Weat Coast of Graham laland: .
Commencing at a post planted three mil." "���
ol the northoaat corner of C. L. No. 11 -1
80 chain, aouth, thenee 80 chains went. II'
chains north, thence 80 chains east to |��" -' "'
commencement. __.   ,     ,���,
AUSTIN M. BROWN. 1 >'* ��� ���"'
Located Auguat lot, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und Dlalrlct���DUtrict ol Queen CbSlW"
Take notice that Auotln M. Brown of PriMJ
Rupert,   occupallon   aaddler,   Intends    o   j.i'P'��
to the Chiel CommUwioner ol Unds an -   ' "
tor a licence to proepect lor eoal, oil and pc-.r.'���>���"'��
on and under lho following described lands on
Weat Coast of Graham loland: .,        .
Commeneing at a poat planted three mi '���' '
ol the northoaat corner of C. L. No. 4111. '
80 rh.in. eaat, thence 80 ehalna south, tl	
chaina weat, thence 80 chain, north lo point
commencement. - lf
AUSTIN M. BROWN, l-enlot
Ur.ted Auguat lot, 1911.
Pub. Aug. ID.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���District of (oa.l It;"
Tak, notice that I, John Rutherforel   l,"-"'
of   Prince   Rupert,   occupation   engineer.   '""���'
to apply for permMon to purchaao the lotma. )>
de.crlne.1 landa:
Commencing nl
-..ore of the Exchumsik Klver, ami >'.*��� ���* "
two miles northerly (rom lhe mouth of tne -�����"
E.chumslk River, and which poat !�� ��l">"' "" -,
chains north from a ��take plantod on lho Eichum
Hlver and known as ,rE9"i thence nor ' j"
chains, Ihenco east 80 chaina, thence aoutni o
ehalna, thenco woat forty chains, Ihence nor
40 chain., thence west 40 chain, to the pi��r'
_ post,  pl.nted  on   Ilm '*���
shore ol the Exchumsik Klver, .nd bil'K '"''
eommencement, containing 480 acre, more
or li*
Daled Septcmbor 12, 1911, .,,..i*TV
!  I     General Merchandise
Largest Stock
i     Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
_.aai i.-����i,^,,.^,,^ i^i. aa���|,"_.efr I . n * n n.,.*w ,, ���* ,. *a .. **. ..*** ,*���
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Broken
and - Stewart
Prince Rupert
Canadian Pacitic Railway
B.C. Coast Bervice - Famous Prit-cess
Princess May
Friday, October 6th, nt 9 un.
Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab - General Agenl
Double Weekly Service
| S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
oo. Prince John sails for I'ort Simpson, Nuas River, and Stewart, Wcd-
ni'sdiiya, 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Nadan Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
Kor Skidegate, Rose Harbor, etc.,
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1
p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Sum I ays at 4 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syitem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
ttrranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
���illice of
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. 0.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
Comfortable Cottage
Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Coaat Hans* 6
Take   notice  that  Sarah  E.  Alton  ol   Prince
Huport, occupation nurse, Intend, to apply lor
Cmission   to  purchaae  the  following   deacrihed
Commencing at a poat planled at the Northweat oorner 140 chaini eaaterly (slightly north)
Irom the northeaat corner ol Lot 1116 (Harvey
Survey) Coaat Diatrict, IUngo V, thence 8t) chaina
eaat. tnence 80 chain, aoulh, thonce -It) chain,
weal, thonoe 40 chaina north, thonce 40 chain,
weat, thenee 40 chains nortii to poat ol commencement containing 480 acrea more or loaa.
Dau-d June 14, 1911. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Fred Uohler, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ot Coaat Range b
Take notce that Untord Sewell Boll ol Prince
Kupert, B. C. occupation locomotive engineer,
inlend.. to apply for permt-*elon to purchaao the
following doecrlbed landa:
Commencing at a poat ptanted on the north
bank ol the ZlmogoUU lllvor about three (*!)
mile, diotant (upstream) In a weaterly dlrocUon
Irom the junction ol the l.illlu 7imogolila Kiver
and the main Zimogotiu Kiver, thonce north 40
chain., thence west 40 chain., thonce wuih 40
chaina, thence eaat 40 chaina to pool ol commencement containing 160 acre, more or tow.
Datod Juno 7, 1911. LINFORD SEWALL BELL
Pub. July 8. Geo, It. Putnam, Agent
Caaalar  Land   DUtrlct -Diatrict  ol  Skaena
Take noUce that 1, Lemuel Freer ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permUalon
to purchaa.- tho lollowlng dowibedr land.:
Commencing at a poot planled on tba ahore
In a northorly direction (rom Port Neloon Cannery
marked 1- K.'a S. E. Corner, thenoe 20 chain,
north, thence 20 chaina wen, thonoe 20 chain.
aouth to ahore line, thonc* along the ahoro to
point ot commonoomont, containing 40 acrea more
Dated June 10,1911
Pub. July 8.
J. M. Collison. Agant
2 Rooms, upstairs and 4 rooms
on ground floor. Lath and plastered.   City water-$25 a month
Second Ave, Prince Rupart, B.C.
Frnser and Fifth St.
The only hotel In town
with hot and cotd water In room*. Best furnished houoe north of
Vancouver. Realms W)c
up. Phone 37. P.O.
Box 129.       1       !        1
Prudhomme St Fiaher     Proprietor.
Sleena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Coaot IUngo V
Take nolic lhat JoeM M. Tillman ol Cedar
lUpida. Iowa, occupaUon lawyer. InUnd. to
apply lor permUalon lo purchaao the following
doacribed land*:
Commonclng at a poet pl.nted on the aoutherly
���bore ol Kutiymatean lnleK on tho right bank
ol a small olroam Howtng into aald inlet luat eaal
ot Crow Lake. Thence eoulh 20 chain-), ihenc.
wool 20 chaina more or loaa lo lha ohoro Una ot
Crow Lake, thenco northerly and eaaterly lollowlng the ahore line, ot Crow Lake, the. InUt
to Crow Lake and Kutaeymateen Inlet to lh*
place ol eommencem.nL conUining forty acne
more or leaa. Located Auguit 7, 1911.
D.ted Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TAI.I.MAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
SkMna Land DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Coait IUnge b
Take noUce that 11. F. Miller ol Tipton. England,  occupaUon  larmer,   InUnda  to  apply   lor
permUllon  to  purer.*-*,  th. following  doecrlbed
Commencing at a peel planled aboul 60 chain,
weat Irom th. N. W. Corner ol Lot 4406, th.nce
nortb 40 chatna, thance we.1 20 chaina. tbence
auuth 40 ehalna, thence eeal 20 chalu lo lh*
point nl commencement conUining eighty aerw
more or le-n. ___, _ __
Doled Auguat 19, 1911. R. V. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Millar, Agont
Skeena Land DUlrict-DUtrict ol Coart IUnge b
Tako   noUce  that  I,   Tl    McClymont  ol
Prince Kupert, B. <'.. occupation real aalale
broker, Intend to apply tor permiaaion lo purchaM
the following deocrioed lands:
-Commencing al a pool pUnted al the a. w.
corner ol pre-cmpUon record 412. thonce seal 80
chaina, tbence aouth 40 chaina, thonce we.1 bO
chaina lo .hore ol lake, thenc* (ollowing ohor*
o( lak* In a northerly direction to point ot commencement: conUining 320 acne, more or ipsa.
D.ted Sepl. 6, 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
Pub. Sept. 9. Eranoot Cole. Agenl
Skeena Land DUtricl���DUtricl ol Coul Range 6
Taka noUce lhat E. H. O. Miller ol Falmouth
Eng., occupaUon aurvayor, Inund. to apply lo
p*rmiaelon  to  purchaM  th.  lollowlng  deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted al the N. W. Corner ol Lot 4406. Ihence weal 80 cln.na. thenoe wuih
20 chaini, thonco *ut 80 chalu, Ihlnc. north 20
chalu lo lh* poinl ot commencement containing
160 .ere. mor. or loaa.
Doted Auguat IS, 1911. E. It- O. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller. Agent
Sk**na Land DUtrict���DUtriet ol Owen Charlotu
Take nolice that AuaUn M. Ilrown ot Princ.
Rupert, occup.tion .a.Idler, Intend, lo .pply to th.
Chiel CommiMioncr ol Land, and Work, tor a
licence to proapect tor coal. oU and petroleum on
and under lh. following dewrtbed laneta on tba
WMt Cout of Uraham Wand:         	
Commencing at a pool planted *g**J**9***
ol th* north-Mat coiner ot C. L No 447* thence
north BO ch.ina. th.nce eaat 80 chaina, th.nc.
MUth 80 chain., thenc* WMt 80 chalu lo point ol
cornm.ncm.nt.   ^.^ ^ -K0WN   ___,_.
Located Auguat Irt. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land DUUict-DUtrlct ol Coart Range V
Tak* notice lhal I,  Peter Laiwn ot 1 owner,
North DakoU, U. S. A., larmer. Intend to apply
lor permioelon to purchaM th* lollowlng deKribed
UT*ommenclng at a port planted at the aouth-
JtWMrTlS 1729, tb.no. MU.h 80 Ch.lns,
tbene. weet 40 ch.lu, thenc. north 80 ch.lu,
Ihenc. eaai 40 .halu lo point SMMM*.
Dated July 16. 1911. _ ********* ***r*e***l
I'ub July 26, 1911. Fled fc. Cow.U. Agrtlt
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrlct ot Coert Range V
lake notice that I, Adolph II. ChrUUauon ot
Towner,   North   Dakota,   occupallon   altornev-
il-liw, Inund lo apply for permuelon to purchas.
the lollowlng de-wribe-1 lands:       ... .
Commonclng a- a port pl.nled about one and
one-halt mil- (1 MB **��rtlirV ,*t..|Jn_ke
Trout K)ver on th. wert t��e ol UkelM Uke,
���nd ibout 6 chiiu Irom th. llke-tront, thence
wuth 80 chilns, thenc-. wef 80 ch.lu, thenc.
north 80 ch.ln., thence eart 80 chalu to point
of 'e���n'"����m���|50|jPH m clIRISTIANSON
Dated June 30, 1911. Fi*ed E. Cowell, Agent
Pub. July 26.
Skeen. Und DUlrict-DUtrict of C��"|i-r
T.k. notice that R. H. St*"* of \ g"gg
B.  C,  occup.tion  truckm.n.  intend.  _JW
(or pei-mlMloh lo purchaM the lollowlng de.cnl.ed
""(Ommenclng at a port planted ����*-h*<l"".,0"tJ;
ol Pre-emption No. 997 and 1.2 ******* JESS
the Nsu Illver (S. W. OJ, thence 40 chains eaa ,
xheneTit eiZtl. north, thence 40 Bj��
ihe-nce 40 chain, south to the poln ol commencement to contain **9jmm* ,70S.A'.,i7sTEWART
Dited Aug, 1911. Jemo. T. Fullorton, ..genl
1Mb. Sept. 28.
Skeena Und Dtatrlct-Dlstrlct ol Coart Rat-lie I
Tike notice that Harold K. Smith ol Morel..
Alt. .occupation .Utlon agent   Intend, toaiyb
lor permUsion to purchase the lollowlng deacrihed
"l-Smmmdng .1 . port P-*2��_/____��ft
wmi comer 100 chain, eost and    0 chain, north
BSSKPft "Trews
Kupert, laborer, inuntf to apply gj****
__k,r�����'mWlir*R'.h^e SS. S c^u   SSni*
SS *T*}*m*\*mJS 40 'h*u",' ""0"
S 10J,';,hv"7n,,9''.f,,",t "' ^"mSSE HAOEN
PB3��tt F^E.C.w-l.Ag��t
Big Jim Stewart, the New York
heavyweight, is going to make
another try al the game this
N   K   N
There are almost as many newspaper men  on   the  weslern   trip
with the Giants as then' are ball
players on the team,
Clarence Owens, the besl umpire
in the American Association, will
work in the National league this
K   M  H
The American league has 30
men hitting for ,:i()0 or better, and
the National league has 17 in the
select list.
"Germany" Schaefer is spoken
of as the next manager of thc
Washington team. Schaefer has
played greal ball at first base for
the Nationals this season.
��� MM
Thc Cubs" and Giants, Prince
Rupert's two new ball teams,
will meet in an exhibition game
before long.
H   K   It
Pennsylvania boxing fans hope
to have a boxing Dominion, something after the pattern of that in
New York.
��� MM
Larry Lajoie of the Naps, who
has been playing first base ��. late,
has asked Manager Siovall to
make his new position a permanent one. Larry has oput up
a great game at the initial corner
and is hit ling the ball aa hard as
he ever did.
��� x a
The Brown brothers, known as
Jim and Bob, owners of the Vancouver club in the Northwestern
It-ague, who have given the Terminal City a championship team
this season, arc likely to take over
the management of Winnipeg ball
K   M   M
Frank Cassidy, thc skip of the
famous "Cassidy Rink of curlers,
is to leave Vancouver for Winnipeg
this winter to lake part in the
roaring game again. Thc won*
tlcrful performance of Cassidy antl
his rink two years ago is still
fresh in the minds of thc curlers
all over Canada.
Jack McCarthy was called ujioii
the other day ro make a decision
upon an unusual play. A pop
fly was hoisted near first. Orl
went after it, stubbed his toe on
the bag and fell flat. Thc ball
came down squarely on thc bag
and bounded on foul ground.
McCarthy decided thc ball foul.
The English Rugby Football
sc.'.stiii has started in earnest in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta,
British Columbia, and California.
The city here has four strong
teams in thc Barbarians, Harlequins, Welsh and Irish, while
Brandon has a team equal in
merit io the best of lhe Winnipeg
teams. Regina and Saskatoon
are also able to place gootl aggregations in the field. Calgary
Undoubtedly has one of the strongest teams in the country. English
Rugbyists in B. C. .".re equal in
strength to ilu- old country teams,
while tin* famous All Black combination from New Zealand found
the California university men players of no mean merit. On the
whole Western Canada at thc
present time is able to place a
term in the field equal in Strength
to an international side in the old
Chicago, III., Sept. 30��� Governors John Sli.'.froth, of Colorado;
James A. Hawley- of Idaho; and
J. M. Carey, of Wyoming, held a
conference with A. B. Hulitt, com-
mlssloner-general of the National
Association of Immigration officials here today. As members of
ihe advisory board of the association, the three slate executives
discussed plans for stopping the
���migration to Canada of western
farmers. The organization will
spend 11,000)000 to advertise the
advantages of various seniors of
the United States for home-making
This Is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Comer" will fill a social need.
mu ttjgt** *m*\%   *       '     "   '"    "*     "*"~ I������ ir~*nT->, nfii-* ii *Aa*mt*km,*Vm ,, .-, ,, ��� h-��ih_h-�� **** n MI%IW
Madame  Trentini   Tells   How
She Loves the Great Tenor
Mine. Emma Trendnl is going
to marry Caruso. She says so,
and she should ki>t>\\. Thc mosi
fetching and tantalizing little prima
donna on the comic opera stage
has announced her engagement to
the most highly paid tenor in
grand opera. Caruso is to follow
Trentini here in November,
"Naughty Marietta" and "Naughty Caruso"���it sounds like the
setting for a crime. But Monsieur
Caruso is not naughty. "No,"
exclaimed Mmc. Trentini. "He
is charming. He makes the calls
on me one, two, maybe three
times a week.
"But he is charming. Not
naughty at all, when one knows
him and loves him.
"We lovt���ah���how we have
loved for over a year. Long lime
ago���sixteen, eighteen months���
We say to each other we marry.
And this summer, near Rimini, we
do what you call our conning.
Wednesday and Saturday evenings, moonlight by the seashore,
ah! Sometimes 1 sing to him.
very low, very sweet. Caruso,
never. Hc fears the silt air on the
"Do I fear that Monsieur Caruso
flirts after 1 marry him. Bui thai
is nonsense. Who flirts if Trentini
marries him? Monsieur Caruso
has had what you call his flirts.
What do you say���'boys must be
boys?' Now my fiance settles
down. Besides, thc things they
s.'.y aboul him are not true; he is
just the mischievous big boy���
un enfant. He has the heart of a
"But your contract with Mr.
llanimerstein forbids you to marry
for three years more," the animated
small iH-rson was reminded.
"Puff, like that, for a contract
with Mr. Hammerstein that says
I should not marry," declared
Mine. Trentini.
"I sign the contract for the
voice, but nol for the heart. No,
what do 1 care for Mr. Hr.m-
inerstein's contracts is I, Trentini
desire lo marry?
"But that is enough to do for
this Monsieur Hanimcrstein with
his contract. If I wish to love and
marry one, two, three, four, five
times if 1 like."
"And what do you think will
be the best way to hold Monsieur
Caruso's love after you have married him?" was asked. "Whai
would be your advice to other
"Me, Trentini, hold this Monsieur Caruso's love?" almost shrieked tin little prima donna. "But
il is Monsieur Caruso who must
hold my love. Mine, do you see.'
I, Trentini, can get many other
husbands. But where can Monsieur Caruso gci him another
Fall Fashion Notes
While felt hats have come flying
over the sea, and iheir vogue for
'.uuuiin is undisputed. They are
generally simply trimmed with a
bow of black velvet or taffeta
Rickri'.ck, llu* old-time serpentine braid thai everybody was
crazy aboul a generation ago, has
returned, bin now it is used for
curtain ard drapery decoration
instead of dress garniture.
ln most of ilu* tailored coats
of the hour tin* sleeves are like
those of men's, put in without
fulness at the lop, cut Straight and
finished off with a small turnback
cuff, or a few buttons.
Grape Marmalade
This is made with the pulp of
lhe grapes and the juice. When
thc fruit is not abundant it is
well to make the marmalade at
the Same lime wiih the jellies.
After draining, rub ihe fruit pulp
through a sieve, add an equal
weight of sugar and boil verj
slowly half or three-quarters of
an hour. Stir often to prevent
Mayor Makes General Statement Showing the Position
of the Scheme to Date. Work
is About Ready for Contract
For Thin Cheeks
���To make thin cheeks plump rub
a goixl skin food in with lhc
following movements: To treat the
right cheek, place the thumb of
llu- left hard just beyor.d thc
corner of the mouth on the left
cheek as a  brace.    Make rotary
movements upward and outward,
beginning at the comer of the
mouth and making three diverging
lines of manipulation over the
cheek. With lhc right hard treat
the left cheek. About six times
over each check is sufficient.
Boiled Salada Dressing
Two eggs, one lablespoonful
water, ore tablespoonful sugar, ore
heaping tablespoonful butler, half
teaspoonful mustard, half tea-spoon
fill salt, and a dust of pepper;
mix yolk of eggs, wa.ter ard vinegar ard cook gently; rub together
butter, sugar, mustard, salt and
pepper aid add to other mixture;
stir with smooth siick or wooden
Spoon;   beat whiles of eggs to a
froth and pul in last.
According to a brief general
statement of tlu- Woodworth Lake
Wa.eiw.nks scheme, made by thc
Mayor Monday the wolk still
remains in the hards of thc
engineering department. A survey
part is busy al the lake ride preparing for ilu- letting of contracts
for thc slashing of the timber
around the lake. Another part of
the work, the pipe lire within the
limits of the cily, is being surveyed
by Mr. Ntweombe of the city
engineering staff, antl will shortly
be complcicd so that contracts
for excavation may be let.
Thc Acroplios Hill Reservoir
which will employ a number of
men within the city, is expected t<>
be ready soon for station gang- .>r
days labor completion as mat lie
found best.
City Soli.iior Peters Is going on
Saturday t<> Victoria to ask the
Government ilu* righi t<> carry
the pipe line through Government
land ard to cut timber for the
construction work. Although the
Govcn ment has reserved so many
inches of water on Woodworth
Lake for Prin.cc Rupert, it is
necessary io have further |H-r-
misslon before the water can be
conveyed to lhc ciiy.
Champion Motor Boat Ran
Into the Crowd Ashore at
The champion motor boat Dixit
IV. ran amuck in the Niagara
Rivrr during thf motor boat rr.ccs
last week ard finished up by
running high ard dry amortf the
crowd thai lines a rip rap wall.
Dixie Waa goiny 38 miles ar
hour at the time when her steering
gear got foul of a floating plank
and she plunged for the shore,
where a thousand people were
crowded. She drove practically
her whole length .'.shore, but was
not badly damaged. A woman was
killed.   One   !��>>'   h��st   a   leg   ard
another had two broken when the
boat plunged into the crowd.
The Mack Realty and Insurance
Company have moved  to temporary  office  in   the   Exchange
Block.    They  will  move  into  ;' |
permanent office in the new building at the corner oi Second avenue
and Fifth street soon rs completed.
Skocnu Laml DUtrlOt -DUtrlflt uf Quran Charlotte
Tula- mitk't! that thirty flays from .lulu, 1, 0* B
Hulnti-r uf rrlntt Kupert, u. (,',, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, Intond tu apply U) the Chief Com-,
minimi tier ul Lamia (ur u licence tu prospect (or
coal ami petroleum un ami under (ill) acres ol; "
land on (iraham Uland dSHribod as (ulluwn:
Commonclng at a pust planted live milea east i
of Coal Lean No. -tlo., marked C, K. li. Coul '
Lease No. 1, N. L. curner, thunce wuHt HO chuins,
thencu suuth ���*��������� ehaina, thuncu eust UU chains,
thonoe nurth KU chains to pluce uf commencemenl. ,
Dated Sept, 11, inu C. E, BAINTBR, Locator
I'uh. Sopt iiii,
Skeenu Laml District -District of Quoen Charlotte
Tuko nut ire that thirty days frum date, 1, C. ���'���
Hainter ul 1'rincu Hupert, JL C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo thy Chief Com- i
missiuner uf Lunds for u licence tu pruspi-ct fur
coul und petroleum on uml under (ill) ucrea uf
lund on (indium Mum) described us follows:
Commeneing at a pust pluntod live miles east I
of Cuul Utae No. -Ilti", marked C. K. 1L N. W. I
corner Nu. 11, thence south ��U chains, thence oast
BO chuins,  thence north -HU  chuins,  thence west '
NO chuins tu pluce of commencement.
Dated Sept, 11,1011,   C, E. BAINTBR, Locator;
Pub. Sepl. Iiii.
Skeenu Lund DUtriet���District of Queen Churlotte I
Tuku notice thut thirty duyn from date, 1, C. K.
painter ut I'rince Kupert, IL C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to upply to the Chief Com-
mltiBiuner of Landi for a licence to prospect for
cual and petruleum on and under (itU acrua ol
land un (iruham Inland described us fullows:
Cummencinit at a post piunted livu milet-t east
of Coul Leusu No. 4-l7ti, marked C. K. IL S. W.
corner of Cuul lU-aau No. '.i, thence eusi HU chaini,
thencu nurth bU chains, thence west HU chaina,
thence . .'ut l( HU chains to place of cummencemept.
Dited Sep* 11,1011,   C. B. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 'iii,
Skeenu Land Diatrict���District of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that thirty days from date, 1, C. K.
Uaititcr ut I'rlnce Kupert. ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to tho Chief Com-
misKUim-r of Landa for a licence to prospect (or
coal und petroleum on and under b40 acrea of
land on Cruhum Island described aa followa:
Commencing at a post planted live mile* easl
ot Coul Lease No. -MVt.. marked C. K. IL S. K
corner Coal Lease No. 4, ihence weat HU chaina,
thonce north HU chain*, thence eust M* chains,
the oi south 80 chaina to place ot con.monccn.cnt.
Dated Sept U, ion.    C. K. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeenu I ..m.l District ���District of Qui en Charlotte
Take notice thut thirty days from date, 1, C. K.
Bainter of I'rinco Ruperl, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply tu tho Chiel Com*
missioner of Lands for a licence to prospcci tor
coal and pctroluum on und under UIO acroa ot
land un Graham Island described as fullowa:
Commencing at a post piunted twu milea notrh
ot stake marked C. f_. li. Coal l*ease No. 1. marked
N. K. corner C. L. 11. Coal Lease No. ���>, thonce
aouth HO chaina, thenco wost HO chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence cast HO chains io placo of
DatedSept. 11, 1911.    S. E. BAINTBR, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District ot Queen Chralolte
Tako notico that thirty days from dale, I. C. U.
Hainter at I'rinco Kupert, u. C, by occupation
buokkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 040 acroa of
land on Graham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
ot (*. I.. LL Coal Lease No. :i, marked C. B. Hainter
N. W. corner Coal Loaso No. (3, thenco south HO
chains, thenco cast HO chains, thenco north HU
chains, thonce weat 80 chains to place ot commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 1911.     C. K. HAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sopt. li
Skeena Land District -District ot Queen Chailotte
Tako notice that thirty days frum dale, 1, *.. K.
Hainter ot Prince Rupert, li. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to thu Chief CommiMioncr of l.ainiU fur a lir-nci' to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under G40 acroa ot
tand on Graham 1- land described %***> fullows:
Commencing al a pott planted two milea north
ot C. E. H. Coal Lease No. 3, slake S. W. corner
Coal I . ;.���.- No. 7, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence aoulh 80 chains, thenco
weat 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. E. 11A1NTKK, Locator
I'ub. Sept, 23
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Tako notico thai thirty days from date, 1, C. E.
' Hainter ot Prince Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
I book keeper, intend to apply to thu Chlet Com-
I missioner of Lands tor a licence to prospect (or
coal and petroleum on and under ���������'��� acrea of
land on (iraham Island deacribed as follows:
Commencing al a post piunted two miiea north
of C. E. IL Coal Lease No. 4, marked S. E. comer
C. E. U. Coal Leaao No. 8, thence north 80 chains,
thenco weat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to place ot commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. HAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und DUtrict���District ot Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty davs tram date, I, C. E.
llatnter of Prineo Rupert, H. c . by occupation
bookkeeper, intond io apply to the Chief Com
misaioner of Landa for a licence to proapect (or
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrtn o(
land on Graham laland deacrlbod aa followa
Commencing at a poat planted live mllea east
ot Coal Leaao No. 4474, marked C. E. Uainier'i
N. E. corner Coal Loaao No. 9, thenre aouth 80
chaina, thenco woat 80 chaina, thenco north 80
chaina, thence east 80 chaina to plac�� o( commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 1011.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict o( Queen Charlott**
Take notice that thirty days from date, 1, C. E.
Hainter of I'rince Rupert, It. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlnd to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Unds for a licence to pms|Mvi for
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acres at
land on Graham laland doscribod aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted one mile north
uf C. E. H. Coal Lease No. 9, marked N. W.
comer C. E. H. No. 10, ihenco south 80 chains,
thence weat 80 chain*, thence north 80 chains,
thenre east 80 chaina to place ot commencemenl.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict- DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Tako notice that thirty days (ronm dai*, I, C. E.
Hainter o( Prince Kupert, IL C. occupation book,
keeper, intend lo apply lo the Chief Commissioner
o( l-iml*- (or a licence to prospect for coal and
petroleum on and under tl40 acres of land on
Graham Island deacrilied as followa:
Commencini! ai a post planted two mile* north
o( C. I li. Coal Uase No 8, marked N. E. corner
of C. B. H. Coal Uarn No. II. thence aoulh 80
chains, thence weat HO chains, thence north 80 ,
chains, ihence east HO chaina to placo of com- i
DatedSept. 11.1911.    C. E. HAINTEK, Ucator I
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict DUtricl of Queen Charlotte i
Take notice that thirty davs from data, I, C. E*
llsir.ur ot Prince Rujert, IL C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to the Chief Com-
tii' i"i'- of Land for a licence lo pro-specl (ur
coal and |H<troleiim un and under d-10 acrea ��f
land on (iraham Island deacrihed aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted two mllea north
uf C. E. H. Cual Lea*. Nu. 7. marked C. E. H
Coal I.��hm' No. 12, thence south 80 chains, thence
easl 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thene*
w.i mi chains t<> place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11.1011. C. E. HAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und District DUtrict of Queon Charlotte
Take notice lhat thirty days from date, t, C. E.
Hainter nf Prince Ru|wrt, 11. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chiot Commissioner ot Unds for a llconce lo proa|��ect (ur
coal and petroleum un and under ulO acres ut
land on (iraham Island dcacrilted as fulluwa
CummencinK at a poat planted two milea north
of C. E. U. Coal Uaae No. 7, marked S. W. corner
C. K. H. Coal Uaae No. 13, thenre north N
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenco south HO
chains, thence west 80 chains to place nf commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 1011.    C. E. HAINTER, locator
Puh. Sept. 2J.
Skeena Und DUtrlct District of Queen CharloUe
Take nutice that thirty days (rum data, I, C. E.
Hsinter ot Prince Rupert, ft. C, by occupation
(Minkkeeper, intend tu apply tu the Chief Commissioner of Lands tor a licence to proepect (or
coal and petroleum on and under MO acres uf
land on Graham Island dcacril��cd as (ullows:
CommencinK at a pott planted two milea norih .
o( C. E. II. Cosl l.< lex- Nu. 8, marked S. E. come j
C. E. II. Cual Uase Nu. 14, then-re norlh Ml
chains, thence west 80 chains, thrnce south 80 i
chains, Ihence <ast 80 chains tu place uf com- |
Dated Sept. 11, 1011.     C. E. HAINTER, Ixwator
Pub. Sept. 21.
Skeena Und District DUtrlct uf Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty davs from date. I, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Rupert, ft. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend tu apply to the Chief Cum- (
misaioner uf Unds tnr a licence to prospect fur
cual and petroleum <>n and under M0 acres uf
land un (iraham Island dr<rril>ed as follows: I
Commencing at a post planted one mile norlh !
of C- E. 11. toil Uase No. 10, marked C. F.. II.
Cual Lease Nu. 16. thence mirth 80 chains, thence
80 chains,  tnence soulh  HO chains, thenre <
rut 80 chains to (dace ot commenrement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. K. HAINTEK, Locatur
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict   -District ot Quwn Charlott
Take notice that thirty dava from date, 1, C. K.
Hainter of Prince Kupert, ft. C, hy occupation
Imokkeeper, inteml to apply to the Chief Com- i
misaioner of Unds tor a licence to prosj-ert  tor
coal  and  petroleum  on  and  under  ������'������*  acrea ut
land on Graham Island doacrthed as follows:
\     Commencing at a post planted two mllea north I
ot  Ci  E.  H.  Coal I.oajwi No.  10, marked  N.  H.1
rorner C. E. H. Cosl Uaso No. Ki, thenr** aoulh
1 80 chains, Ihence weat HO chains, thence north
i HO chains, thence east 80 .halns to placo ot com-
��� mencemenL
; Dated SepL 11,1911.    C. E. HAINTEK. Locator
I Pub. Sopt. 23.
Second aveiue and Third atreet
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork BuildinK, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Ruuert P.O. Box 351
uf British Columbia of H.C., Ontario. Saa-
and Manitoba Burs. katchowan   and  Al
berta Bars.
Bakkisters, Notaries, Etc.
OB1c.-Exchar.Bo ble*ck. corner Third .venue .nil
Sixth street. Prince la. oert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All -l.-i.tal oijieratlona akilfully treated. Gaa and
local anasthetlcs admlnisU-re.1 for the painless extraction of teeth. Consultatiun free. Offices:
Helirerson Block. Tnnce Ruuert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson n.A..     W.E.Willlams.li.A., L.L.D
.      Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. BOX 2a
runt, or wm. foxon. kmi.. a.r.a.m.. i on., knq
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth St*
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND AVE.
Hotel Central
Cor. First Ave.
and 7th Street
European and American plan, steam
heated, modern conveniences. Hal"**
ll.di to I2.tvi)x>r day.        :       :
Peter BUck
Plumbing, Heating, Steamlittingand
Sheet Melal Work
Olllce: Srd Ave. Work.hop:
Phone 171 2nd Ave. bet. 7th and Mh SU.
Kor Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Franx Wilciek. Paris and Berlin.
Room 28. Alder Block Upstair*
=-���,E.   EBY    CH,   Co.z=
Kitsumkalum Lar-I Por Side
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Princ  Rui*ert 1. -la*.*.  No. SIS. Ron.  of
En-rlnn.1. meets the dr.,  and thir.1  r u. ���  in
-*ch month in the Sons uf Enirlanil  Hall. SID 2nd
Ave. at 8 p.m.
S. V. CLARK. Sec..
P. O. II- > M8. Prince Rupert
ERNEST A. WOODS. 1're.ldent. Box 23
Teacher of Piano. Violin and
Voice Culture.
Betwet'nTtlt&kth Sts.    Princp Ru**ert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
THIRD   AVENUE      PHONE   356.
Funeral   Director.
3rd Ave. near Rth St. Phone No. 86
..Grand Hotel..
Workln&man's Home
Free Labor Bnrran in Conneclion
i'hone 178 l��t Ave. and 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS, P,op*ri*to,
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines II Periodicals 11 Newspapers
Daily News Correspondent is Impressed With the Great
Possibilities of   the   Fishing   Industry ��� Fishing
Ground - Are the Best in the World
(Special l lorrespondence)
Masset.���The fishing grounds
ih'xi engaged our attention. At
Langara Island swarms of sea
mills were following the herring,
and we passed the Bpring salmon
fishing grounds of the Massel
Indians. It is nol generally known
thai these Indians caughl over
three thousand spring salmon during the spring fishing, off Langara
Island, and the season .mly lasted
for forty days. The average catch,
with a "line and spoon," numbered
ten for each Indian, daily; they
received seventy cents per fish,
and some of them weighed over
seventy pounds���one weighed ninety-two pounds,
In Hecate Straits, where tlu*
salmon fishing is carried on, and
where we passed the herring banks,
the halibul grounds which are
world f.iniiius. exist. The Indians
capt un- them by hundreds, bringing them t<> iluir village and
drying them for winter use. Some
of the fish weigh two hundred
pounds. It is no uncommon siglu
to see an American trawler, in the
waters of Hecate Straits, with
boats oul and gathering halibul
in  large Milliliters.
The fishing grounds in the neighborhood ol Langara Island and
Masset   Inlet   are lhe liest   in  lhe
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plats Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' Slid Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
I'.S.-Houses and Kentals.
Aid. Clayton Twits Aid. Douglas
on His Years. Douglas on
His Dignity, Replies Sharply.
Mr. Emil Kauifman Will Attend
to the Work Which Will Cost
About $18,000. Fine Building, Finely Fitted is Planned.
Contracts for the new Methodist
Church will all he handled by
Emil Kauffman, the contractor
who built the big warehouses at
the wharf. The total cost ol the
building will be $18,000 or over.
In every way the church will be
worthy <>f I'rince Rupert. It is
to lie a good building both ex
ternally, and as regards its interior linings. Built towards the
back of the church lots, the edifices
will leave space to lhe front which
may be iisi-.l later for an extension
of the frontage to make a much!
larger  building,    (i.   I..   Proctor i Captain Babington on the Cloy-
is architect
Amongsl the interior liuii.gs,
the fine organ, one of the best
obtainable down below is noticeable. Sealing will be very comfortable and heating arrangements
are to be by lhe newest system of
all, known as the Srane System
which heals each row of seals
directly and speedily by steam.
Messrs. Smith & Mallet will put
in ihis plant.
Accommodation   for  Sunday
school, .'.nl for young men's ami
yonng women's classes will be in
the ba-.inenl commodious antl
modem. There will be a hall fur
socials, and parlors such as the
fine churches in  the East  feature
so  acceptably.    Altogether   the
Methodists are going to have a
gootl  building   lo  meet  the needs
of a growing  community.    The
meeting lo decide lhe award of
contracts, etc., was held in Mr.
Manson (the Major's) office, not
the offices of Messrs. Williams &
Manson. The slip in last night's
News was one of Mac's famous
breaks. Of course as everybody
knows Mr. Manson, ihe Mayor,
is a leading light of lhe Methodist
Church in I'rince Ruperl, while
Mr. Alex Manson is a pillar of lhc
Presbyterian Church.
known   world.     .*\t   the   present
time the duty on halibut, entering
the   l'nited   States,   is   one   cent
per   pound,   which   is  more  than
the   Indians  receive  for  the   fish I
in the local market.
At    the   various   small    rivers
.'.long   the   Inlet   several   species
of   salmon   have   their   spawning*
beds.    The sockeye, cohoe, steel-
head, humpback anil dog salmon
ascend Masset Inlet and are caughl
ai    the   mouth   of   the   streams.:
There   is   tine   cohoe   fishing,   off I
lhe entrance, to  the  Inlet, where
one can make a remarkable showing  in  a  day;    one boy caught
twenty-eight cohoes, in five hours
with a line and spoon.
The   game   birds   on   Graham
Island, are limited  to ducks and
geese.   During the month of Octo-j 	
her,   the   birds   return   from   the,     Over the matter of the I. \V. W.
north, and good shooting will be j protest   against   what   the)    term
indulged in. The animal kingdom | "chain gang" labor on the Recreation Park Alderman Douglas
and Alderman Clayton were opposed on. Monday and exchanged
compliments. Altlernian Dough's
had stated that his working men
supporters were protesting against
lhe prison, labor. Alderman Clay-
ion si'id: "Of course I don't
represent such a number of working
men as does Altlernian Douglas."
"No, and you never will," said
Douglas.    (Laughter.)
"But," went on Alderman Clayton, "many of my supporters
have expressed themselves in favor
of the prison labor sy-uin." The
aldennan went on to refer slightingly to Alderman Douglas's age,
s; ying that while lhe old man
Could nol be accused of one kii il
of childishness, he was in his
secoi tl childhood which came to
the same thing.
Alderman Doughs was clearK
on his dignity antl replied wi.h
se me aspcrit) i "I may be oldei
than Aldermar Clayton, p.i d have
had more experience of .he public
mil d thai'' he has. That may lu
why I don't have io hang on to
.In- .ail of a political part) to ge.
elected. The public returned nn
for myself."
"Yes, you gol thirteen votes,"
-aid Altlernian Clayton.
"I stand alone, indcper.dei i
of party," added the redoutable
Douglas in conclusion, "and I
have the support of the public
whose interests I am here to
protect." (Applause from ihe back
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
s*^**-***-^.*****--^-'-***^**-****..***-^ -**�� *>-*^����**^,M H*
tt--_��.|-^..l**-^*l.***^ll--^M*^.ll**^ll***��fcll***^l|| M*
��� *
For Rent j
4w*-^��^.s��*^s��**-fcs��-^M��-^_i ���**,**���*** **^**^**^***m****m
ll I  II ����� H-S*  *M II *a *J*A*** I, *_!>���_ |i
has few of the species on the
island. A few deer were introduced recently.
Black bear, martin and land
otter are the only animals roaming
inland. The absence of wolves,
panther and other wild animals
is a blessing and the cattle are not
troubled. A pany of surveyors
sho. ten wild cattle last year and a.
number of the animals live near
Cape Fife.
Less Than $100,000 Has Been
Contributed and as Much
Again is Needed.
According to Clarence Carrow.
chief counsel for the McNamara.
defence, less than $100,000 has
been contributed to the defence
fund, and at least two or three
hundred thousand is urgently need
ed. Some plan of contribution
or assessment on lalior unions, he
said, must be devised at once.
Lecomptc Davis, one of Darrow's
associates, characterized as false
the charge that the defence hnd
offered money to any of the State's
ah   Could
not   Reach   the
This morning Captain Babington
returned in the launch Cloyah
from a trip lo the Naas River.
He had hoped to make a point
higher than any yet reached by a
deep draught launch, but owing
to the low stale of the water was
Unable to gel even as far as lhe
canyon.    Captain   Babington  re
Fun>lah��l rexims with bath,
tho week.   Talbot Houae.
Siu-cinl niti-s by
Neatly Furnished rooma. gentlemen preferred.-
Apply Mra. Mullin, over Majestic Thuutre.     tf
Nice Furnlahed Room*. Mrs. Qrgsnwoad, Aider
Block; Third Ave. 178-tf
For Rent-Furnlahed rooms. Hot nnel ceilel water
with bath. Dluby Rooms, litli Ave. unil Fulton
Street. ti
Fur Kent Sons of England Hall. 819 IwCAVtn tor
Dances. Fraternal Societies. S.vinls. etc. Apply
Frank A Kllis. Box 869 or phone It. lsti-tf
For Sale
For sale���Special for this week, bean pots 2r>c,
at Hart's. 226-229
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. 2 Storey House, houae-
li.iltl iroodi. Near Prinoe Kupert. A map If
Uken at once.   Address Box   i'*-. tf
For Sale���Irish Terrier dog pup* iH-dlijreed. gritty. Rood companions, iro.nl eolor. Goddam)
Bros., ���..:> Water St., Vancouver. 216-227
Open an Accountjoday
Deposit a portion of your weekly earnings and
you will be surprised how rapidly they will ac-
cumulate. We will add to your savings 4 per
cent, interest on monthly balances. In a short
time you will have saved enough to make a profit-
able investment. The accounts of ladies and
children receive careful and courteous attention.
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
OUR Companies are noted for prompt uml just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Ca
*%**** ***** ***** "�����������*���.��I *�����.  I, *M>tM t***** ***a****M*W**t*W*M ***+*%**%
Wanted Nursing. [Obstcetrics a specialty.
Residence 829 Third Ave. Thone 243 Red.   226-227
Wanted. ��� Cleaning and pressing, alterations
and repairing for men and wmnen. Dressmaking
called for and delivered. Mrs Charles l'crcher,
K2UThlrdAve.   Phone294 Red. tf
Wanted 1000 men to get 140 and $50 suits made to
their measure for $26.   American style, satisfaction guaranteed.   Dominion Tailoring Co., Vai
��� ���niver.     3 davs at Royal Hotel tf
Lost and Found
Found-Engraved cuff Uric.   Apply at Canadian
ii.-m-,ul Electric Co.. MclnlyraBlock. tf
FOUND-2 Small Kay*.   In-iulreel  N. ws Office.
l.e.st   l_,lies* watch in bracelet   Reward by returning to News office. tf
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Order, promptly filled.   Prices rauonabl*.
OFFICE-H. 11 RochMICT. t>t.tr- St.     Phon. A
False Rumor Denied
A rumor which has apparently
been widely circulated to tilt*
(Ted that I". VV. Hart has an
interest in the Undertaking and
embalming business established by
myself in Prince Rupert has jstii
onie to my knowledge.    I caunoi
P-.ris lovely weather in lhat dis- understand why any one should
irict.    Sunshine, and bracing air circulate such  a  report   as  there
up river, and complete absence of
the Mies said to revel there in the
���aiitnuier.    He praises the land of
th.* Naaa Valley, as all do who have
seen it,
Reported That Sir ChsrisS Hibbert Tupper Will be Offered
London, Oct. 4.- Numerous Canadians who are  Usually well  in*
formcel hi
we expressed the opinion
Alex Johnston Alias "Bill Wheeler" Set at Liberty. Not a
It was decided yeaterday afternoon to release the man Alex
Johnston   whom   the   police   had
under detention on suspicion that
he had been concerned in lhe New-
Westminster bank robbery. The
suspect's own. foolish talk had
led to his arrest on tin* charge of
drunk and disorderly for the firsl
COUnl of which he paid a five dollar
fine. He was also charged with
threatening u. kill a girl in the
city. This charge has been dropped
bill Magistrate Carss read accused
a very severe lecture on the
carelessness of his tongue which
Would   lead    him    inio   mischief.
, ,    ��� .. Johnston was round town in the
thai Sir Q��flM Hibbert Tupper evening. He looks as they say
TO   sneered   l.or.l  Stl-thcou  as  in  Seollantl   "well   put  on"   ir.   a
 "������������pres-.Maiiveal London.) new .love grey siiil.
Hibbert   Tupper,
Sir    Charles
it will be remembered; refused the
position   before   Lord   Btrstheonsl
accepted it.
is no   foundation In it whatever,
My undertaking parlor and equipment, situate in the l-lmad lliiildii-g
No. 817 Third Avenue, is strictly
first class in every respect. I
come from  Victoria where  I  was
manager for W. J. Ilarnn who has
the fun-si undertaking establish*
men I in that cily.   I am thoroughly
experienced antl an expert  in  my
business which is undertaking snd
embalming exclusively, and have
come to Prince Rupert to stay
ai d to build up a business upon
my reputation and merits: 1
have no side lines ard neither
Mr.   Hart  nor any other person
has an Interetl in my business.
!���:. L FISHER
Kings-way Landed Man at Port
Simpson Yesterday. May be
One of the hards of llu- m.wler
Kingsway wai landed si Pbri
Simpson yesterday Rftentbon to be
taken,to ihe hospital.   Whether
the man was sick or had been
injured was not ascertained b\ ihe
launch parly bringing lhe iiem of
news    to    Prince    Ruperl.      The
Kingsway has the reputation of
being ���-. trying boat to work upon
Ladies' and children's sweaters, especially in ihe stokehold though
"Monarch Knit." Big assortment she is known lo be a good sea
On hand at Wallace's. 2t  boat, and i�� finely engine.!.
Mr. William Henderson to Look
Over the Digby Island Dom
inion Work in Progress.
By the Prince Rupert today
Mr. William Henderson, Dominion Government Architect for
lhe Provincial District, arrived
on a visit of inspection to Digby
Island marine station and quarantine Hospital now in course of
erection. Mr. Henderson went
over to the Islands by launch,
ard had a look round the works.
He is a guest at lhc G. T. P. Inn
Information from Below Reached Rupert Today
Official sources remain reticent
sboul lhe annual withdrawal of
one of the fast ('.. T. P. passenger
boats from service for her overhaul during this fall and winter
but information from an authoritative source down below is to
the effect lhat the George will lay
up first, in about three weeks or
a month. When she returns lo
service the flyer will have new
oil burners which will increase
her speed and efficiency greatly
and also economically. Captain
Nicholson and Superintending Engineer BfOWnlee have just returned
from the States where they have
been examining lhe tletails of .he
oil fuel system and thc result is
oil fuel beyond doubt for the
George, .'.nd later for lhe Rupert.
Judge Young Wastes no Time
in Settling the First Two
Cases in County Court.
Judge Young yesterday afternoon dismissed the case of Seaman
.V Cole versus Hilditch involving
i sum of $82.on con Irani price for
work   done   for   Mr.   Hilditch   in
connection wiih his contract for
the  filling  up of  lhc  "I.  2.  3."
Motile Store. The claim was for
more cash for extra work. The
contract price was worth $75, and
as it was shown that $82.50 had
already lieen  jiaid,  Judge  Young
We carry everything in the feed lino, also garden seeds at the lowest market prices, at Coltart's
olg Fted Store, Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phones 41 or 301
In th. County Court ol AUIn Holelen at Prince
Runert In the Matter ol tho "Official Ad-
niiiil.atr.teir'*. Act"
In the Matter ol the Estate ol Duran P. Latkovlch
deceaaed, IntMtate.
TAKE NOTICE that by order ol HU Honor.
Judge Young, mado the Slat day ol Augual, IHU,
I waa appointed Administrator ol lho Ealate ot
tha aaid  Dunn  P. Latkovlch deceaaed, anel all
Ksrti.f. having claims against tho aaid Estato are
areby required to forward aame properly verifleel
to mo on or belore tho 3l*lh day ol September.
1911, and all the partiea Indebted to the said
Ealate are required tu pay tho amount ol their
lntl.-Me.ln.ws to me forthwith.
DATED th* .Mh day ol September. 1911.
JOHN II. McMl'I.l.lN.
Official Administrator.
The Continental Trust Co.
Second Avenue
The Big Furniture Store
One lot, Block 22, Section 5, Seventh
Avenue.   Price $800, $400 cash.
One lot,  Block  5,  Section  6,  Fourth
Avenue.     Price  $1200.    $400  cash,
balance 1 and 2 years.
Two lots, Block  1, Section 6, Fourth
Avenue.    Price $3600.    $1600 cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.
One lot, Block 33, Section 7, Seventh
Avenue.     Price   $660.     $260   cash,
balance $26 per month.
Two lots, Block 17, Section 7,   Seventh
Avenue.   Price $1200 pair.   $400 cash
Two lots, Block 48, Section 7, Ninth
Avenue.    Price  $760  pair,  one-half
cash, balance 6 months.
4 room house, Ambrose Avenue, plastered, best harbor view in city. Price
$1837. $600 cash, balance $30 per
6 room house, unfurnished, newly I
pcred  and  painted,  basement.    $21
per month.
6 and 10 acres, garden trucking at
Kitsumkalum. Price $66 per acre.
10 acre tracts, garden trucking at
Kitselas.   Price $60 prr acre.   Terms.
76 x 100 feet on Third Avenue,
Good lease.
Partial List of our New Wares
In our Second Avenue store, which is one hundred feel deep, we
carry Reed and Rattan goods, Arm Chairs, Rockers, Sanitary Couches
Davenports and Bed Lounges. On our shelves you will find an immense
display of Hotel White Granite and Vitrified ware. In this department we have everything to set up the finest Dining Table. We carry
a dozen or more stock patterns in French and English China, and
sell them either by the piece or set. We have fancy Brie a Brae ol nil
descriptions. We have twenty-five styles in Teapots from thc individual hotel to the old fashioned Brown Betty. Fruit Jars and Flower
As we buy these goods and Bar Glasses in fifty do/en lots wc
are sure of getting right prices. Wc stock perhaps a hundred difteraii
styles of Classes.
We carry a large stock of Cutlery including "Rogers 47."
In stone ware we have bean pots, butter crocks, jugs, filters and
foot warmers. Enamel ware and kitchen ware complete. Baskets
in many styles and sizes.
In this store we show broken lines of decorated hotel ware, al
very low prices to close, as we will not have any morc like them. Alio
a few samples of stoves.
Here we also show Linoleums in a variety of more than twenty-
five patterns. .As this stock was bought far below the market value
we are selling them at a great reduction���30 cents to SI.all per yard.
Here also you will find lamps in a variety too numerous to mention.
OUR SECOND FLOOR 50 x 100 ft.
This large space wc have filled to the roof with furniture ol 11
kinds al our usual low prices. Here also wt carry our reserve stock
of crockery, glassware, and stoves. You will find here an endless
ariety of carpets, bedding, blankets, comforts, pillow,
and perhaps more than $2000 worth of portiers, tapestry ard lac
curtains and all other curtain materials.
This, too, is the home of the famous Ostcrmoor mattress.
Chiffoniers, Dressers and all kinds of case goods in great quel lilies,
Iron and brass beds.
Framed mirrors, all sizes, in French, British and German plate.
We also have a large stock of mirrorplate in British and GcrmM
plate which we frame fto order, in sizes from 30 x 48 down. Tilts i--i
complete house furnishing store���largest stock in thc north
$10 down nnd $10 per month  buys a
lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Skeena Und District���DUtrict ol Cout Rang, b
Tak* tiotle* that Sarah  E.  Alton ol  I'rlne*
Hupert,  occupation  num.,  Intenda to apply for
i*>ion  to pureha*. th. lollnwini described
Commencing at a post planted at the North-
wnt erner 140 chain, easterly (.lightly north)
Irom th* northaaM corner ol Lot 1118 (Harvey
Survey) Coart DUtrlct, Ilanie V, Ihence 80 chains
p.... thence 80 ehaina south, thence 40 chains
wart, thance 40 chain, north, thenee 40 chain.
w��t, thanca 40 chain, north to poet ol commencement eontalnini 480 Mni more or leas.
Dated June 14, 1911. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Fred Uohler, Agent
dismissed the case. A second
ease was similar. 11 was on the
locket as Seaman ft Cole versus
Hilditch & Maynard. This was
dropped after lhe decision given
on the first one. Mr. Fred Peters,
c city solicitor, appeared for
Mr. Hilditch, and Mr. W. E.
Williams for Messrs. Seaman -X
Second Ave and Sixth St.
Phone 62
_i'fcii*%ii-%ilfcii-��ii%ii^ II ^11*^11 ������ ****Ms******  101 -fc.1' *** ll ���*.!' ***** *> ************* '
Do You Want
Value for
Your Money ?
-.a..*.-.^..^..^..^..^-.^"****"****���****"*���"*^'S I
Why not eat luncheon and dinner  j
at the '
Exchange : Grill 1
���  Pric  35   cents IS   RIGHT  j
and the cuisine and service up to 0UI   .
well established standard j
Mi-��ll-��IINll��H-��ll ^ is ^ ss-^ s'**��������'s^'*^*''^**
��i|is��iiii��i*ii��i��i.iiii��isiiiiiii��i>i,��iiiiiiiiiiii��>i*��>H" ����������-��� ���"���������'-"���'{
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These BhareB are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
4444444444444444444444444*4-<     -,''4
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
I, 8. Harriwn ol I'rince Rupert, I). i*. broker
Ive ne-tler that on the fifteenth day of November
-'ill. I Intend to apply to tha Water Commimloner
at hla office In I'rlnce Rupart, It. C, for a licence
to take and use three cubic feet of water per seconel
from McNeil Illver In Skaena District. -The water
��� to be taken from the rtream about four mil.**
above tha unction with the Skeana River and
U to be used on l-nt 4405 lor domestic and agricultural purpose*.
Sept. S.
S I, 8. Harrlewn of Prineo Runert, II. c., broke
five notica that on the fifteenth day of November
SI I, I Inlend to apply to the Water Commissioner
al hi. office In I'rlnce Rupert, II. C, for a licence
to take and use two cubic feet ot water per second
Irom the Wert Fork of McNeil River In Skeena
District. The water Is to be taken from the stream
about one mile from Ita unction with NeMetl
River and U lo Im- u��ed on Ixit 4406 for domesllo
anel agricultural purpoesee.
���V-it. 9. |
Skeena Land District.
District of Coast, Bsngfl '
Take notice that Wm. Frann** NIMWj
son, of Prince Rupert, B.C., oct BPSWJ
locomotive fireman, Intend 1" --" I". . t
permisBion to purchase the  I''1'""'
described lands: ,   ,  ,,.,, ti,c
Commencini? at a post plsnttd W��"
north bank of the Zim-o-g<*<"' rl
about two miles up stream "' ���' % |hc
ly direction from the junction ���>
little Zim-o-got-its river mi'l ������" ETC,
Zim-o-got-ita: river, and marki"
Francis Nicholson's SOattfSSIt "���" (||
thence north 40 chains, thsnc-J �� _
chains, thenco south 40 obshM mors ���
less to shore line of river, "'���''."'    m
40 chains more or less along "��"r*���
of river to post of commcnccim'M-.
taining 160 acres moie or less.
Wm. Francis Nia""'*'"*-'   ,.
Geo. R. Pntmsn, ���***>*
Dated July 17, 1911.


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