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Twenty-four hours ending 6   a. m.,
.'..ui Mil   TEMP. BAR- IN. RAIN
MA580 480      30.051        .00
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
���OP     SOUTH
Prince ' ,�������
Vsi'i'i i'^��
.Monday, 8 a. m.
. .Sunday, 9 a.m
V0L. H.  NO. 141
Prince Rupert, B.C., Saturday, June 24, 1911.
Price Five Cents
u    U CI
A Good Omen Attended the Coronation of King George
and Queen Mary���Singing of Loyal   Crowds
Outside the Palace Was Acknowledged
in a Few Words by the King
(Canadian Press Despatch,
London, June 23.���A happy
augury attended the Coronation
of King George and Queen Mary.
For several hours while the crowds
were assembling in the streets, thc
rain fell and the clouds were
threatening. At one time it looked
as though a downpour would
take place.
As the time for the procession
m Mart arrived, the weather improved, until at the very moment
whin their Majesties left Buckingham Palace die sun burst forth
(rom the clouds, dispelling the
clouds and the rain.
The Great Procession
Thc lirsi (Miriion of the pro-
cesnon consisted of the Royal
and other representatives. All
"(them drove in closed carriages.
The second portion of the pro-
iTssinii, including  the  members
of the British Royal family, came
half an hour later. The Prince of
Wales, in the Order of the darter
Robes accompanied his sister and
brothers in the last carriage.
At 10.30 o'clock a Royal salute
announced the departure of the
King and Queen from the Royal
Palace and as the most gorgeous
of processions made its way
through the troop-lined streets
a great wave of cheering spread
from one end of the route to the
A Crowd of Notables
A wonderful display of uniforms
precccdcd thc Royal coach. Immediately behind the Royal coach
Lord Kitchener nxle beside the
Standard; then came the Duke
of Connaught, Prince Arthur of
Connaught, thc Duke of Teck,
Prince Christian, and Prince Al-
Some of the passengers who
Arrived this Morning from
the South.
Dr. and Mrs. (Swing returned
from the south today by the
Print* George. Miss Parron accompanied tht'in, ami will proceed
with them to Scclcyville and Hazelton shortly for a visit to the up
river district,
William Miller, formerly with
P. Burns & Co., arrived in thc
city today by the Prince George.
Mr. Christie, managir of the
Bank of Commerce, returned to
Prince Rupert today, after a visit
to the south.
Chief Owens of the Provincial
police force returned by the Prince
George today.
J. W. Stewart of ihe firm of
Foley, Welch & Stewart was a
passenger by the Prince George
this morning
(Continued on Ltvtt Psge.)
Leading Orange Official in Toronto Regrets He Cannot Get
Some for July 12th.
good to walk in thc ]��radc on the
12th. Thc compliment paid the
Indian kinds is a very sincere one.
The Indian brass bands of North-
em British Columbia have just
had a very good compliment paid
them, In accepting an article
mi ilu- subject from thc editor
nf tin- Daily News, Mr. William
Banks, Sr., editor of the Globe
Magazine and one of the leading
oft.ci.ils of the Orange Order in
Canada, writes, "I found the
article so interesting, that i cannot
help regretting the impossibility
"I bringing some of the bands here
fur tin 12th of July. They would
make a great sensation and a
Hlnri.'iis show. I wish it could be
���irr.tni.iil fur some of thim to bain r. f.,r llic July of 1.112."
The < Irangemen are said to have
���i theory ihat there's nothing too
Started   in   Full   Swing   This
Small This Week
Following are the building permits issued this week:
David W. McLennan, residence
on Summit avenue, cost $40(1.
Victor Basso Bert, residence on
Fraser street, cost $300.
H. L. Dixon, moving and repairing building, cost SAO.
Alteration and repairs to ('.rill,
cost $200.
I.. J. Hoyt, residence, Seventh
street, cost $200.
Charles  Dilhivoir, storehouse,
Fulton street, cost $50.
J. W. Stewart, C. C. Van Arsdol
and Mr. Kelliher Make Trip
Up River by Today's Copper
City  Train.    Work   Being
Rushed Ahead.
On today's train for Copper
City J. W. Stewart uf Messrs.
Foley, Welch & Stewart, Mr.
Kelliher, G. T. P. engineer, and
C. C. Van Arstlol will travel
together on a visit of inspection.
Progress with the construction
work in hand up river is rapid
at present, and there is no lack
of labor. Tunnel work at Kitselas
is being pressed on, and large
shipments of bridge steel for the
Skeena crossing bridge are being
handled now ai the waterfront
to Ik- sent up river some time in
adavnee of the actual need for
them so that the work of bridgt
construction ma\ cause no delay.
Mr. Van Arsdol came down to
Ruperl from up the river district
in order to meet Mr. Stewart
and Mr. Kelliher.
Trouble up the Line Between
Andimaul and Hazelton
A bush fire is reported raging
up the line between Andimaul and
Hazelton this morning. Among
oilier troubles it destroyed a section of the Government telegraph
line, making il impossible for
messages to be received or despatched for several hours today.
Marine Station Yards Being Graded Fast���Fine Residence for Superintendent at Second Storey���
Several   Large   Gangs   of  Men    Can
Be Employed Together Shortly
Not the Man
Mr. Frank St. Amour of Sloan
& Company, this city wishes to
announce that he is not the
Frank St. Amour, nor in any way
connected with that gentleman
who is a figure in a divorce cast-
in Vancouver, a report uf which
appeared in the Vancouver News
Advertiser of Friday, June Hi, and
in the Journal of this city of
June 23.
We make suits to suit your
satisfaction. Call and sec us.���
Ruilniek & Sweder, Helgerson
Block Basement, Sixth street.
Victoria   Celebrated
Victoria.���This city celebrated
Coronation Day by a grand military   and   naval   display   antl   a
fireworks display at night.
Weather   is   Cloudy   at   Most
Places Along the Coast
Rc]xirts from the wireless stations show that the weather is
overcast and cloudy at most places
along the coast.
Tatoosh reports the steamer
Colonel A. Drake |iasseil in at
10.30 this morning, and the schooner Mary E, Foster passed out at
Lazo reports the fish-tug Kingfisher passed south at eleven this
Under the direction of Mr.
Thomas Steilhani, the inventor
of the Stedham process of making
re-inforced concrete piles gangs
of men arc actively engaged at
present prewiring the first set
of these piles to be made al the
new Marine Station works at
Digby Island. Mr. Stedham's
process is very simple and swift.
In a few hours on Wednesday
a gang uf about a dozen men had
three piles ready framed for I In-
concrete. From Mr. Stedham's
experience the piles can be very
speedily placed in position.
Other Work  Progressing
Under   the   active   supervision
of Mr. F. P. Jennings, resilient
engineer, the work uf grading the
yard area, roadways, and residential sites is rapidly being accomplished. Excellent prugress is
shown   upon   the   house   for   the
superintendent uf the station. This
building designed by Mr. Jennings promises tu rank easily
amongst the most commodious
and at tractive residences erected
in the Prince Rupert district.
Will be Big Gang Soon
Owing tu the disposition <>f the
wurks iu be undertaken it will be
possible lo have several, in fact,
almost all of the important jurts
of the work carried on simultaneously. This will mean that
a large numlx-r of men can lx:
employed together on the work,
and the contract can be completed very expeditiously. Mr.
Stedham lias no intention uf letting such an item as frost interfere
with  the making uf the 200 odd
piles required for the work.   At
the present rait- of progress these
will   be   all   set    long   before   the
frost comes.
Business is now in full swing at
the various canneries along the
Skeena River. Al thc Inverness
and North Pacific canneries the
first catches of salmon this season
were landed and canning began
right away.
11 is expected that the harvest
of fish will be an cxccMionally
gotxl one this year. Accordingly
the canners have made preparations to put up serveral thousands
of extra cases.
The opening up of tin- G. T. P
line, which runs alongside sever il
of the plants, is going to help ihetii
in gelling in supplies and also in
shipping out some of their goods.
Hon. Wm. Templeman Remembers the Hospital Too---Pres.dent
Expresses Appreciation���Printing of By-laws Awarded---
New Water Tank to be Ordered���Ambulance Not Yet
New   Liquor   Store   on   Third
Avenue for Family Trade
Explosion Shattered Windows of   Clapp   Block   and
Fragments Fell Three Stories on to Pram-Mrs.
Kugler's Baby Saved by Her Thoughtfulness
B) the greatest of goixl fortune
ywterday a liny baby escaped
painful injury when a spark from
'  ImniiiiK   r������t   pile   near   thc
*PP Block ignited a quantity
''' dynamite and caused a terrific
'"plosion. The baby is Mrs.
J. Kugler's, Mr. and Mrs. Kugler
J-S.de in the Clapp Block, and
Mrs. Kugler was just going out
ni airing with her baby in
pram. The awning of the
pram was down as she put baby
"'��� Md Mrs. Kugler left her
*Mge fur an instant on the
"dewalk while she returned to
TO doorway. Fortunately just
Wore stepping into thc doorway
*B raised  lhe  awning over  the
Shower of Glass
Scarcely was her back  turned
When  tl���. accident occurred.    A
���Park fell jnt0 tnc dynamtlo left
'"   'he   near   grading   work,   a
tr(mi'i���l���ll8 cra8ll 8hook thc wholc
building,   and   a   perfect   hail  of
broken glass came pnttciing down
from the shattered upper windows
of the Clapp Block.   Mrs. Kugler
darted back  to her lvnby in  the
very midst  of  thc shock as the
glass ��ime showering down.   Jagged   pieces   fell   around   her  and
on to the pram awning, but thanks
lo the young mother's protective
Instinct the little one was quits
safe shielded by the awning.   Mrs.
Kugler swiftly got her small treasure   out  of   reach   of  any   mure
liangs thai might be cuniing.
Not Much Dynamite
Fortunately for the Clapp Blix-k
and its residents only a few last
sticks of dynamite  were  in   the
case which exploded.   Had a whole
OBStftll gone off so near the reult
would have been the wrecking uf
thc whole building with jxirhaps
loss of life.    Greater care will be
taken  under strictest  supervision
of the police in future.
Prince Rupert City has made
gixxl its promise through the city
council and presented a cheque
for $5000 to the Hospital Board
tu lx- di-votcd to hospital pur|xw*cs.
At yesterday's mectirg of the
Hospital Board held iu C. I).
Rand's offices. Second avenue, the
Secretary, Mr. William Wright,
reported lhe receipt of ihe chei|iie.
Prcsidcnl I). G. Stewart expressed the appreciation of the
Board of the civic tuntrilnitiun,
and Uu- secretary was Instructed
to write a letter of thanks lo the
Mayor and council.
Hon. Wm. Templeman Too
Another cheque which il gave
thc President much pleasure to
have acknowledged was one for
thc sum of 150 from the Hon.
William Tcmpleman, M. P. Mr.
Templeman who with characteristic thoroughness look a very
great interest in the establishment
of thc General Hospital when he
was here last, nxik aire to leave
his cheque with the secretary
before having I'rince Rupert. A
letter of thanks will lx- seni him
by the sccrcaiiy, and the Board
expressed appreciation of the gift.
Printing the By-laws
Tenders fur printing the new
by-laws. revised by Mr. C. V.
Bennett wen- opened. The successful tenderer is (). H. Nelson
of the Journal Priming House.
The bids were BS follows:
().  H.  Nelson,  "The Journal,"
for BOO Copies *30, for lOOO copies
$59.  P. R. Publishing Co. "Daily
News." $42.50 and $02. "Em-
pin" Publishing Co. $45 and $00.
Premier Press $17 and $72.
Order Water Tank
A large slnragc lank fur water is
to lx- ordered al once to Ik- erected
beside lhe hospilal for a safeguard
..gainst drought or frost. Mr. H.
II. Hark has Imi-ii making special
investigalions  about   these   tanks |
A well-fit leil up liquor store
was opened corner of Third avenue
and Fifth street today by Mr.
J. A. Smith and will be known
as "The Family Liquor Store."
Only the best goods from thc
leading distillers and brewers will
be handled and sold al the regular
market prices. Family trade will
be a speciality with the new
store which will be sure to meet
with a gotxl patronage. Call up
'phone 17.
for the House Committee. His
experience has led him to recommend the selection of a specially
lasting red-wood lank which is
lo be purchased down Ix-low at a
Cost of $130. The stand for the
tank to rest on will lx- put up
by days labor here. A tank constructed    locally    Would    HOI    be
Mich a profitable Investment, it
was decided.
Ambulance not Yet
No rcjxiri on prices uf ambulance
has yel been brought in by the
executive cummittee which is investigating this matter. Various
minor matters were attended to at
yesterday's meeting. There are
altogether some nineteen patients
in the hospital at present, and lhe
secretary reported matters running smoothly and efficiently in
spite uf pressure uf wurk on the
staff which responds well lu the
demand for its services.
Baptist Church Services
"Love, the World's Greatest
Power," will be the subject of
Rev. Warren H. Mcl.eod's sermon
tomorrow evening at the Baptist
church.    Service  commences  at
7.30 p.m.
Regular morning service at 11
a.m.. Bible School and Brother.
Where to Go
Pictures and Music, 7.8Q p.m.
Pictures and songs, 7.30 I1 nl
PHEN1X THEATRE. Second Aveuue;
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
AUDITORIUM. Sixth Avenue: Roller
Skating, 8 p.m.
hood Barnes Class at 2.30 p.m.
Strangers and visiturs always
Welcome. Mr. John M. Davey.
Organist and Choirmaster. Church
situated at Sixth and Fraser sireets#
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart ���
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
Lot 24,  Block 27, Section 7,
for $287 cash.    Ask Uncle Jerry-
Norton  Griffiths,  Lord  Brassey   and  Other Weslthy
British Capitalists Are in on a Big Project-
Have Arranged for a Charter
Popular Officer Has Received Promotion From the Dominion Authorities
Enfore Law Among the Indians Up the Skeena River
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 23. It is announced hen- that Mr. Norton
Griffiths, the. British M. P., antl
the largest individual railroad con-
tractur in the world will build
a line from Yancouvir, northeast
to the Peace River Valley.
Lord Brassey, one uf the richest
uf Englishmen, is siid to be among
Mr. Griffith's associates, and then-
are other wealthy British Interests
behind lhe scheme.
~*        Will Get Charter
i. 2. 3. STORE
Now Opened Corner of Fulton
and Sixth avenue
Mr. I). J. Maynard has Opsnsd
a new HqUOf store un Sixth avenue
and   Fulton   street   where  he  will
conduct a first class bottle trade.
Citizens of Prince Rutx-rt will
learn with regret thai Sergeant
"Pat" Phillipson, has resigned from
the local police foree. His excellent record ns nn officer, brought
him to the notice of the Dominion
aulhurities, and he has been appointed to act as constable in the
Skeena river district under llic
Department of Indian affairs.
The position is a distinct  pro-
niutiun, and  well-dtserved.    Few
men, if any, arc inure popular
in the city than Sergeant  Phillip-
sun,     lie   has   proved   himself   a
his forehead received during
lhe riol. His real name is Albert,
but "Pat" fits in Ix-tter with his
rich brogue and the merry twinkle
of his eyes.
Sergeant   Phillipson's   new  dis
The new StOTC will be knuws as
the "1. 2. 3." liquor stun-.    Mr.
Maynard     will    continue     to
conduct   his   wholesale   store   on
Fraser street   as heretofore.    A
Mr. Norton Griffiths has already Joed service and goixl goods arc.
secured promises through hisagents promised to patrons of the "1.2.3."
umuu bsbbbbbbsbbbbbbI^^,,,,,,,^,,,.,     t>     ,1
that   the
inn-*m uu..us" ,.,.^..a.. .....   - ��� .
Dominion Government "tore.  Call up phone 1��, F. o.
will grant a charter for lhe road,|Boit ���������<
and  work  will  commence  at  an
early date.    Mr. Griffiths and bis
associates an- said  to be greatly
Trip of Hit Life
Ahx Hunter, son of Principal
ilhS-H ItHAT*     till      nttiti      i"     wv      ���V"---*'   I ^ ..    .   ,.
Impressed   with   the   agricultural Hunter of   Prince  Rupert Public
Capable officer, COUrteOUS snd linn  trlcl will extend from Prince Ru- ""1'"- "*"   ."'"- n-"  ' \r ni ..I    i     i I    .     ..,.1..,      i   ���,
future of the Peace River Vallev I school is to make a nolitlay trip
in enforcing lhe law.    His pluck perl   to   Ha/.elton.     li   is   likely .U1(, thc Bn,is,, Columbia interior, by himself to stay with friends in
was evidenced diirii-g  the strike, he will make his headquarters at (Victoria.    He leaves by the Prin-
and   he  carried  a  bullet   wound Port Fssington. PantoriumPionwrrCleaners. 'Phone 4'cess Royal on Monday. THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone ISO Third A vwins and Fulton St
We have just received a
shipment of the newest
styles anil latest designs
in ladies' Velvet and leather Hand BagB. We especially invite you to call
and let us show you our
new  goods	
Loyal and Lively Young  People Found   Fun   on  the
Launches and at the Beach���Patriotic Concert
Coronation Day in Prince Rupert was marked by no particular
demonstration, but a general holiday was observed, and the day
will be a memorable one for thc
host of young people who went
on the numerous and church other
picnic excursions planned. The
weather was excellent.
Very large parties were conducted by launch over to Metlakatla under the auspices of the
Baptist Church Brotherhood which
has been so successfully organised
by Rev. W. H. McLcod. The
Presbyterians had a great time
on the fine beach specially discovered for them by their energetic pastor Rev. F. W. Kerr,
and die river steamer Inlander
carried big parties of picnickers
across thc harbor.
Members of the Overseas Club
made a special effort to mark the
day as one of rejoicing, and the
club held a most successful concert
in the evening. A reception was
also arranged in honor uf the
occasion across at the Digby Island
Marine Station Works now in
progress, and a number ol persons
enjoyed diemselves there.
Private picnic parties went by
launch to every conceivable beauty
spot within a ten mile radius of
Rupert, and with boating on the
harbor, the less adventurous had
a great good time.
Bunting fluttered Irum the Government flagstaff, and all the
public buildings Hew the Union
Jack. An epidemic of red, white
and blue ribbon gave the loyal
feminine population (and some of
the males, too) a festive and patriotic appearance. At night the
boys had bonfires, not too big, of
course, for ours is still a city of
wooden buildings, and altogether
the Coronation of King George
Fifth will be remembered by Young
Prince Rupert whose Coronation
is still to come.
Fort George
For information, free
maps and literature
call and *ee roe.
Open Evenings Pattullo Block
���si sssjssssaai
A Mirror
Appears in Police Court Today
with Bandaged Head. Charge is Attempted Murder and
That may be safely
"packed" on a trip
is much in demand.
We have them in different sizes. :
The Pioneer Dm/gist
PHONE   :   ;   ;   82
Homer Woods appeared before
Magistrate   Carss   in   thc   police
court this morning for preliminary
hearing   in   connection   with   the
shooting case at thc Cold Storage.
The Information charges him with
attempted murder of Alex Math-
it-son, ami attempted suicide.   Witnesses giving evidence this morning
were C. Gilbert Thornc who told
of  the  purchase of  the revolver
by  the accused  from  the  Prince
Rupert   Hardware  Store.     Ralph
Fisher, engineer at the Cold Storage, told how he saw accused with
the gun before the shooting and
at   the   time,  and   Chief  Vickers
who gave evidence in relation to
the letter written   by accused  to
his wife, and other matters.   The
case was adjourned till this after-
nixin.    The City Solicitor is conducting the case for the prosecution
at present, and  L.  W.  Patmore
appears for Woods.
Mining Stock
THE    llEST    INVESTMENT    IN    B. C
Will  at'll  in  part or as  a  whole
Make  un  offer
P. O. Box 844   -   Prince Rupert
Land Registry Office
Kc Lots 10, 64 and 171, Range 4,
Coast Diatrict
Where*, i-r ���r of lo*. of Certlflcat* of Title
No. Iral16c to lh* above named properly, I..usd
In th. nans, of th. Canadian I'aniir Sulphite
Cniuni. Limited, has b**n lilsd In this utile.,
n>,ti, ������ Is hereby given th.t I shsll at th. explra-
Uon of one month from the flr.t publication hereof iasue a duplicate of the said Certificate of
Title unlets in the m.Bntlme valid objection be
made to me in arritlna-.
Dated at the Land Registry Orllce at Prince
Kupert, B.C.. thla 20th ,lav of June. 1011.
Diatrict Ret-latrar of Titles
Police Notice
Tender, will be received by the undersigned up
to 6 p.m. June 26. ISII. for the supplying of Police
Uniforms, helmet, and raps. Samples of cloth
to be submitted to the Chief of Police at once and
full particulars obtained from him.
June 20, 1911 Clerk of Police tloard
Land District-District ol Cosst Rani* -
1-s.a nolle* lhat Aleasndsr Mcintosh ol  Van
Bo*"-,,   it   c..   oeeupsiion   rasl   sstat*   broker
vmSOU "��� bppV lor permission lo purchase the
lot rmln, ,l.*eTtb*d |,n4,: "
honT7lT^n.l. *l a post planted 40 chain. aouth
BJT!.-51-*3�� ��m�� ol Lot M.6. Owns. 80
Messages Which Were Sent to
His Majesty from the Dominion.
(Canadian Press Despatch) .
Toronto, June 23.���The Canadian Press Association despatched
the following menage to his Majesty on the morning of Coronation
' Please convey to His Majesty
King George the greetings uf the
Canadian Press Association here,
<li daring our unswerving loyalty
and praying thai his reign may lx-
benign, bountiful and beneficial
to the mighty millions uf his people
Who with willing hearts uwe him
homage and loyalty."
Discussed Several Question sof
Interest With Them
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Regina, June 23.���The grain
growers for a radius of lf>0 miles
met R. I.. Borden's sjx'cial train
on its arrival at Estcvan, Wcyburn
ind Moostjaw today. The Conservative leader met lhe grain
growers informally and discussed
with them questions of reciprocity,
Hudson Bay Railway, terminal
elevators, chilled meat industry,
etc. He repeated his arguments of
the previous night at Brandon.
Membership List is Almost
Complete now. Roll Includes
Completion of the list of members of the Tennis Club now
established in Prince Rii|x-rt is
being attended to. As mentioned
at the outstt there is at present
only room for thirty members.
Applications for membership reached ilu? secretary, Mr. Pulton, from
more '.ban this number, and the
final -'ist of members will include
the names of those who by prompt
attention to the matter of subscriptions have helped make certain the success of the club this
���->...�������� SSp lhJ*nw' *0 ehati
"���tvs   riTrth,  Ihaow  4Q   thai
v9f>, thenca HO
wsat,  thane*   80
Hlteana I -snd DUlrict     I ,i��tr.-. ,A #-__.
dffibed'l.TC1-"" B *Jh ^^ EE...
Commencing st a post planted on ths right
bank ol lh. S.aa river about ��..��� mHm JgejJ
th. lorka ol lhe Naaa river, tlx.no aouth BO chain.
thence west BO chslns, thenoa north BO chain.' 1
thencs east SB chains to point ol oomm.ne*ra��nt,
contsining (140 sere* mor* or lass. 1
Dated Mart 2S, it'll. FrBBk Sidnay Wrlghl, Agt
Pub. May 17- I
Northwestern League
Vancouver-Victoria game postponed on account of rain.
Seattle 3, Spokane 2.
Tacoma 18, Portland 8.
National League
Chicago 14, Pittsburg 1.
St. Louis 5, Cincinnati 12.
Detroit 0, New York 4.
Philadelphia 2, Brooklyn 1.
American League
Chicago 4, St. Louis 2.
Huston 1, New York 3.
Cleveland 3, Detroit 5.
Washington 1,1; Phlla. 3, 0.
Pacific Coast League
Los Angeles 2, Sacramento 0.
Portland 1, Oakland 8.
Vernon 5, San Francisco 0.
Loyal Organisation Celebrated
Coronation Night with Music
and Dances,
To celebrate Coronation Day,
the members of the Overseas Club
and iheir friends held a.i impromptu concert in  the K. of P.
Hall last night.
Mayor Manson acted capably as
chairman and spoke briefly on
the significance of ihe day.
The programme of songs and
music was contributed by Mrs.
Anderson, Miss Ethel Gray, Messrs
Fletcher and J. F. Macdunald.
Following the concert a dance
was given at which a good number
attended.   Cray's orchestra supplied the music.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening
was spent.
"The News" Classified Ads.
==0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
On Prince George, tomorrow morning
Lost and Found
as Bssaj
FOUND-Eureka Cleaning nnd Pre.aing Company. Men's suits olsaned and pressed 11.1X1.
Ladles' suits pressed and cleaned. Dry cleaning a specialty. Room 13 Westenhaver Block,
phone red 69. 121-147
FOUND-Elegant room,; newly furnished. The
lliilkh-v Block, 6th Ave., near Fulton.   llHI-lm
For Rent
patrick that the adverse report
sent in by Altlernian Newton as
chairman of the investigation committee, was by no means unanimously approved by the mem-
icrs of that committee. The
other members refrained from signing it. Altlernian Kerr said they
did not know what to do about
it and decided to let it go to
council and be fought out. Alderman Douglas agreed only with
lhe idea of retrenchment expressed
in ii. Alderman Newton condemned the department, and Al-
derman Morrissey supported him
with the evident desire to have
Mr. Lucas tried out as City
Strong Opinions Expressed
Very strong opinions were expressed by Alderman Smith, and
Alderman Hilditch of the way
Colonel Davis had lieen attacked
in Alderman Newton's report Alderman Smith described the
charges made as must unjust, and
the fact that the report had been
published in Alderman Newton's
paper is considered a serious aggravation of the injustice.
"That unjust rc|xirt," said Alderman Hilditch, "lias gone through the medium of Alderman Niw-
ton's paper broadcast into places
where the people don't know Alderman Newton as we know him.
where the allegations made will
have more weight than dtitens
of Prince Rupert will give them
and will accordingly do Colonel
Davis' reputation harm most unjustly."
This view was held also very
strongly by Alderman Smith, who
with twenty-seven years of experience on construction work himself, was ready to say confidently
that Colonel Davis' work WSS
good, and that Alderman Newton's attacks on hint were misguided and unfair.
Blunderingly Sincere
Alderman Hilditch holds the
opinion that Alderman Newton is
sincere but that he simply does
not know the first thing about the
work of the department he attempted to reform. Certainly there w.t-
a distinct feeling of regret smongst
the council thai Alderman Newton should take up the position
he did on VYubusdny night. For
his own part Alderman Newton
expressed himself in these Word*,
addressed to the Mayor:
"1 retire from the board with
the kindliest feelings to yourself,
and every mtmlier of this board,
and only hope that my absence
[rom the chamber may enable
you   lo  carry  on   your  busbll N
without my Interference."
Small  houae,  furnished  or   partly
Stato terms to Box R, Dally News.
Commodious house, corner 6th Ave. and Thompson St.. furnished or unfurnished, l'hone Jftkl
or P.O. Box SHU.
Four-roomed House, partly furnished, with bath-
room: close In on Summit Ave., back of Burden
street.   Apply at Flrehall or P.O. Box 2G��.
2 Furnished Rooms In apartment house, opposite
Clapp Building, 2nd Ave., near McBride.    Apply on premises between one snd three p.m.
Furniture of three-room flat Apply Room 16
Weslenhaver Block, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth
Street. 128.134
Nicely furnished Front Room In new houae.   Apply Mrs. Savllle, Fourth Ave., near Mcllrlds.
Storea and orTtcea for rent. Applv Dr. Mclntyre.
Third Ave., phon.green '���������< !."������!f
Neatly Furni.hed Room.:  gentlemen preferred.
Apply Mr.. Mullin. over Maje.llc Theatre.
Phone 21*3 If you want lo rent a house, furnished
or unfurnl.had, corner 6th Ave. .nd Thompson
Street.   All modern conveniences.
of   Colonel   Davis   is   just
derman Smith.
Doubting Douglas
"Altlernian Douglas Alderman
Hilditch showed his own want of
confidence in the engineering department when he suggested that
the streets committee should go
and examine the work."
"Pooh,    I
Altlernian   Hilditch
only  wanted  to  give  the committee something to do."
Great Pennyworth
"If Alderman Morrissey ever
got il into his head that $4000
was to build all the retaining walls
in this city, he has no right to
be on this council."���Alderman
Morrissey's Big Bone
"Alderman Morrissey's big bone
of contention seems to be that
.-.,,,.���,,.,,.,.,..���,,..    ,-  ,-.>.-        *|he b annoyed that the retaining
Room* Third Avenue,  between Seventh  and   -���IU   an>   befog   Jjiijll    at    $1.40
highlit. 11,.11 ��
N.�� Furnish*] Rooms.   Anply Mra. Klrby. AJdtr   yard il.SUwl of $5 by COTtmCtOrB.
Alderman Hilditch
Bu,f(Wk, Not in Seattle
"You must have a competent
Block, upstairs entrance, thinl Ave.      117-124
Nice. dean, brlirht outside ruoms.
Oth Avt., near Kullon.
Nice furnished rooms slnale ur tar hnusekeentnir
" (>ply Drexel Hia-mlnn: If
Apply Drexel KiHimlns: House, 2ml Ave,, near
Help Wanted
Young girl lodo light house work. May. live at
home if de.ired. Apply Mrs. Kugler, apartment No. L Clapp Building, ind A v.. .nd Mr
Bride, or phone ttt red. 140-11
First claa. wom.n rook, al once, for msas of 10
m*n.   Apply Mr. Harper al Marlln O'Rellly'a
Store. 1 .������-. t
Waitress Wanted. Apply French Joe*. Restaurant. 1'inrvi Asa. i  ��� iil
Ninrleen young men lo tak* r...v room, in lhe
Bulkley Block, near Fulton. lOD-lm
Wanted-lasi grsal men to join III. Order nf Owl*.
Call room is. Empress   Hotel.   I. F. Msdlem.
Boarders Wanted
A faw  cosy  homelike rooms  cheap to stead)
Ktn* Ueurite llutel. Snd Avenue.
V ��������*..��� -an..,
Real Estate '
eaasssasssajsssaasssaai j��-SBeeanan*aasssa��aM
Nineteen ynunir men * *nt��*>l to rent cosy furnish-
H in th" Bulkley K.*-*m��. Mh Ave., near LVulton.
laf IM
For Sale J
A tlining.room Tsbte, good as Bear,
M foe particulars.
1 i   ������ Red
Two rooms of New Furniture al bargain     NIC*
ratHn. clow In .an be rented.   Phone Si black.
Before Inlying your Sloe, or Rang* see A. i.
lialland. Mcllride snd Fifth Ave. Conk steers
from 111. II��.|m
All kindsof second hand amnds bought and sold.
F. M Crosby. Third Ave., between Tth sad Sir,
streets. IIMf
Situations Wanted
<, -.1 reliable wrnrnan desires pnsiilon. Thorr>uah-
ly aipertenceil In hotel srork or would like small
rmrnina house work. Not afraid of arork.
Apply Boa A, Newt Offlc*. Ivt.IM
II   Bail ��� "Hi II S> *l~��all   Ull  Hii-B. (i Sj 11  mia-tii
Business   Chances
Good money In Moving  Picture..     Wanted-A
K.rlr to start moving picture show In Prince
upert   Wm* me for particulars.    II   Davis.
Watertnwn. Wis. l :.��,
Social Note
Mrs. ('.. R. Naden entertained
pleasantly at Bridge on Wednesday
evening.   The guests included Mr.
snd Mr-. \V. I'.. Bennett, Miss
Brown, Miss Martin, Miss Kllot,
Miss Johnstone, Mr. Perk, Mr.
Wallace, Mr. Clancy, and Mr.
Fire Insurance
THE British Union and National Fir* Insurance
C^ornpsny of London. Englsnd, with capital
nf t2.Bm.nn.nn. 8m us for rates. The Mack
Realty and Insurance Company. if
:: j i-i��tnnmn<mnam^
Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Towntite Matiett Townsite
Local Office: am*. Block Sixth Street
The Plumbing and Sheet Melal business lately
conducted by H. Wood, successor lo Mslheson 4V
Wood. 2nd Av... hss been taken over by Smith A
Mallei*, to whom all outstanding sceounts Be*
payable and who will pay all claims against the
1*4-141 SMITH 4 M.M.I.KTT
Bid. will be received up to June 22nd lor the
construction of a temporary -ewer between Mh
snd fith Avenues. Plan, and apecincatlona lo be
had from Dr. 1. O. Rsridie. .Mh Avenue and Tallow street. aaaVUS
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old office of Optimist* tell only
Best made In Seatlle. Fruit snd Candy, wholesale snd Retail. le-wtk for flssh algr. Bt night.
SAM I.OWr.N. Proprietor Phon.M0
Siam.lSllsn lBOO tmOMTABBM
Corner Second Ave. and Slsth Si
Oeo. Barrl*. Licensed F.mbalmer, M.n'gr.
rnoNg at rstfitrr oa na*
w.iierwurks engineer on the spot
to supervise the waterworks."���Alderman Smith.
Pro Bono Publico
"It may be unfair to militate
against the interests of Colonel
Davis, but it is very fair of course,
to militate against the interests of
the people."���Alderman Newton.
Good Man
"It is to the interests of the
people of Prince Rupert to retain
Colonel Davis."���Alderman Smith.
Morrissey's Man
"Thc recommendation of the
committee ini|>osing rcs|Kinsibility
on Mr. Lucas is a mailer of the
greatest pride to inc."���Alderman
Hilditch's Challenge
Alderman Hilditch���"I will go
right before the people of Prince
Rupert tomorrow. Wc will Ixnh
resign, and sec whom lhe people
think is doing most for the people's
Alderman Newton���"I am willing. You can have my resignation
after this is over."
Newton Feel* Burked
"For a considerable time there
has been a disposition to Burke
my quia attemopts to effect remedies of matters for which lhe old
council was blamed, and which I
believe we were sent into office
to endeavor lo change."���Alderman Newton.
Throws up Sponge
"My Influence has been tried in
a quiet way, and I have simply
failed to effect these alterations.
If my influence has done no goixl
piir|>ose, I have no desire to waste
my time al this board. I have
plenty business of my own to take
up my time."���Alderman Newton.
From A to Zee
"From  first   to  last   there  has
lieen a disposition shown at ibis
board to detract from my efforts
���Alderman Newton.
Newton no Czar
"I did not come into this
council to try to further my own
interests, nor to become a dictator, nor for thc purpose of
agn-eing with everything done al
this Iroard."���Alderman N'ewlun.
Wash His Hands of It
"I can sec from tonight's doings
lhat I might just ns Well have
spared myself thc effort to effect
improvements."���Alderman Newton.
Newton's Sincerity
' The only thing I ever gave Alderman  Newton credit  for is his
sincerity."���Alderman Hilditch.
How Hilditch Sees It
"I lielicvc we have got our
engineering department and public
works dc|)artment in as efficient
a stage as wc can get ever them.
I would far rather resign nuw and
get out of it than have these
continual bickerings which are cau-
8t?d by Alderman Newton and Al
derman Douglas and Morrissey,"
������Alderman Hilditch.
Discovered by Douglas
"Since I came into this council
I have got busy and talked to thi
City Engineer.   Everything
from him was just the same
1 got from Alderman Hilditch,   h
is a frame-up from start to finish,
Alderman  Hilditch  has ilu   City
Engineer under his lliiiuili. "\1,|,,.
man Douglas.   (Greeted with loud
applause and laughter).
Hand and Glove
"Alderman    Hilditch   i-,   doing
the   whole   thing   and   the   City
Engineer is backing him up, Thi y
are just working together hand and
glove."���Alderman Douglas,
What  Silent?
"I have sttt at this board [rom
the beginning of this year to the
present time as a silent spectator."
���Alderman Newton.
Council Acrobatics
"Alderman Hilditch has turned
a  complete somersault, and instead  of his  former  kicking, lu
becomes champion of the whole
system."���Alderman Newton.
A Little Abstruse
"I want to bring this head to a I
intelligent issue."���Alderman Newton.
Newton Sick of It
"In view of Alderman Hilditch's
challenge, I beg to tender my
resignation as member of the City
Council of Prince Rupert, not
because I want to go before die
people again, but because I am
sick of the whole business." -Alderman Newton.
City's Needs Neglected
'1   believe   that   the  city's interests  are   being  absolutely  neglected.    There are combinations
formed at  this council  to  Burke
an honest elTort made to remedy
existing evils."���Alderman Newton
No Use for Him
"Now that I see that one having
the interests of the city at heart
can do no good whatever, I desire
to resign."���Alderman Newton.
No 111 Feeling
"I  retire from this board with
the   kindliest   feelings   to   Mayor
and every member of this board,
and only ho|x-  that  my absence
from the chamber may enable you
to carry on your business without
my interference."���Alderman N<��-
Hilditch Did It
Had not Alderman  Hilditch
thrown  out  his challenge  for us
to go before the people I should
not have taken this course, as it is
I feel that I am too busy to campaign."���Alderman Newton.
He Has His PaPer"
"As   far  as  camapigning  goes,
Alderman  Newton  can have thi-
all to himself.   He has his newspaper.   I have nothing."���Alderman Hilditch.
Newton Won't Hike
"I    will   not   waste   my   iim<
hiking over tin streets of this city
campaigning."���Alderman Ncwion
Mayor's Idea of It
"If Altlernian  Newton and Alderman Hilditch gu together befor.
the   people   1   suppose   they   will
both   be  returned   and   then   the
one that gets the most votes will
Ik'   declared   the   winner."���Tin-
Parliamentary Post Office i��
Working at High Pressure in
Readiness for a Call.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, June 28.���While ii i��
by lio means sure thai a general
election will be pulled off thi>
fall,   the   government   is   busily
preparing for such an eventuality
Campaign Literature is being for-
warded through the parliamentary
post office at a record breaking
pace. This is accepted as an indication that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
is getting ready to take advantage
of the occasion if an election should
be forced on him.
Ensign Johnstone promises an
exceptionally bright musical service
in the Salvation Army Citadel on
Sunday night. Arrangements have
been made fur thc newly organised
City Orchester., to render selections of sacred music. A very
pleasant Sunday evening service
is assured to all who attend.
The Best
Absolutely pun
Tlif following properties will be sold en block, or separately
and on easy teririB.
LoU Block Lots 27 42-43
6-7-9-10 19 3"4 HW1,
1.2-3-4-5-6 1�� 16-16 T*
9-10 20 19-20 J
22 34 37-38 lB
21-22 34 42
I'2 27 9-10
- For prices, terms and particulars, apply to	
Atlantic Really A Improvement Co., Ltd.
Phone 214
Second Avenue 	
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital, $6,200,000
.     Surplu*. $7,200,000
Total Asset.. $92,500,000
Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an account
BruchM throughout Canada and Banking Connection* with all part* of the
United State*.
Agents throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Prince Rupert Branch.
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
cngJ.n,eJ-: The "Frisco Standard"
The   Best
Northern B.C. water, is
Cut represent. lhr*e-
cyllnder Up. "Frisco
Standard" OaaollB.
Entrlaa, .lie. to h.p. to
liah.p.      :      :      :
Quick d.llverr of all
���lie. from 4 h.p. .ingle
cylinder upwards.
Rupert Marine Ironworks & Supply Co.
Office Phone: Blue 53 P.O. Box 616 Works on Wharf   Phone 313
"II I. Ivll irmi BKPAIR SHOP AlXaaaBOalsal CABJUtD
 Good   Fresh   Groceries  at   City Prices	
KEEP SMILING-And the only way to
do that is by buying your Groccrie*
from un. We handle first class good*
only at price* that cannot be beat.   :   -
To   Resident* of Section* 5, 6,   7 and   8--W* deliver promptly,
����r good* are fre*h, at price* not to be beaten In the city   I   i
*u��* MUSSALLEM & CO. ��*=-�����!_��**
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
a*. a��.�� a, i. a, ,, ia n S B-*S S
This ia a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladit* of Prince Hupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is ex|in>ssi��l that "The
Cosy Cerner" will fill a social need.
Keeps the Whole Physique in
Tune and Makes, for Health
Wc often hear of the evils of
overwork ami overstrain ar.tl a
goixl ileal of pity is wasted upon
people who have to work hard,
while others enjoy perpetual leisure
But there is another side to the
picture, a side which shows thc
worker in an enviable light. A
medical journal declares that people who work (especially the brain
workers!, and observe ordinary
hygienic aire of their bodies, resist disease better than the leisured
classes, antl when they are actually
ill recuperate sooner than those
who have lived less Intellectual
lives. Thc medical authority
might also have added thai the
workers beep their youth longer.
One has only to compare women
like Ellen Terry and Sarah Bernhardt with the average idle rich
woman of the same age for a proof
of this. It is often said, aril with
some truth, lhat a woman ages
sooner than a man. Maynot
this also be due to the fact that
man is more commonly a worker,
and that thc perpetual exercise of
his intellectual faculties keeps him
young? ?
Good   Game   for   an   Evening
Party Instead of Card Games
For a game for those not playing
cards and one to include many
players, try "Words." Providi
each player with pad and pencil.
Choose a rather long word. Starting together, everyone sees how
many words can be made out of
the word, beginning with the firsi
letter, using no letter twice, and
allowing three to five minutes
The first reads his list and any
word all have is struck out, each
word licing valued by its scarcity.
If only one pcrson'tias it he gets
8 marks, supposing that thc number playing is a. If 3 people have
it, they get 5, estimated on thc
number who have not got it; if
2 have a word, they would count
6, and so on. Each totals up his
winnings each time and also after
all the letters are used up and
prizes are given. If the word is
very long il would Ik- well to omit
some letters.
Prizes for cither lady or gentleman would be cup and saucer,
napkin ring, vase, pack of cards,
box of candy; for lady, jabot,
handkerchief; for gentleman, card
case, cigar holder, cane
Extraordinary League Instituted for Lonely Wives. Affinities to Order
Advertise in The Daily News
Many fashionable ladies of Bucharest, Roumainia, have recently
received invitations to join a society known as the "Women's International Free Love League."
The league undertakes to put tin in
into communication with kindred
spirits who will supply lhe deficiencies of husbands who fail lo
understand thc complex nature of
their wives.
Thc league's motto is "Equal
rights for all," and ladies are
assured that the heads of the
league will be in a posilion to put
them into communication wilh
iheir affinities. Lsdltl arc asked
to subscribe to the funds of the
league whether they are in immediate need of its services or
not, as it is impossible to know
when s\ich a need may arise.
A husband of one of the ladies
who received the league's circular,
put himself into communication
with the police. The police traced
thc circulars to Milan, where it
was discovered that a certain
Hungarian and her Italian husband
were lhe founders of the league.
The  woman,  questioned  by   llic
iniic nad
in every
She   ex-
police,   said  that   lhe  le
thousands ol members
country in the world,
plained that the consolation offered
to the ladies was of an entirely
spiritual nature ai <l thai her object was merely in supply the
demand for sympathy caused by
the brutal obtuscness of most
husbands, The police decline to
take any action against the league.
Pretty Way with Them  in  a
Pretty Girl's Room
How to dispose of a great many
small pictures without making too
patchy a wall is a question thai
girls whose rooms are attractive
have been obligetl lo spend a
great deal of time in solving. The
pictures should be framed uniformly, and if they are somewhat
the same in character it is a good
plan to group them together. A
frieze of small pictures placed
close together and extending across
one wall space is a very gooel way
of disposing of a number of pictures
all of the same size. The pictures
look well placed over a shallow
shelf on which there are placed
small vases and bits of bronze or
brass which will give a color to the
wall and a sharp anel piquant
note to the wall decoration.
The frieze, and indeed mosi
pictures, should Ik- hung above
the line of the eye, considered from
the average height. It is contended by some persons that ihey
should not be hung lower than the
line of thc eye when standing,
but when pictures are hung low
enough to be in line with the eye
when one is sitting the effect is
very pleasant. Ii used to be the
habit of the majority of people to
hang pictures so high that one
was obligetl to stretch one's neck
most uncomfortably to sec them,
but that fashion has happily gone
by to a large extent.
For most delicious Bread,
Dainty Biscuits, Etc., use
Robin Hood Flour
Vour Dealer Has It
Cream of Lettuce Soup
Pull a'Kirl four heads of lettuce,
wash antl drop them in a kettle
of boiling, salted water. Boil uncovered for ten minutes, drain and
throw into a pan of cold water.
In a few minutes drain, chop
fine and rub through a sieve. In a
double boiler scald one quart of
milk rub one tablespoonful of
butter and two tablcspoonfuls of
Hour to a paste, add to the hot
milk and stir until the mixture
thickens. Add a few spoonfuls of
this to the lettuce pulp, stir until
well blended, and all to the soup.
Season to taste wth salt and
peppef, limmer five minutes, un-
The Digby Rooms ��
Located on Sixth Ave., near  Fulton      jt+\
Three to five minutes fromeen-
lrt> uf business diatrict. Nlne-
i.-.-n newly furnished rooms,
lint and cold water, bath and
teU'i>hone. Newly furnished.
Under new miinairement.
General Hardware-
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Grnniteware       Tinware
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field daises. Mineral Glasses, Compasses
and   Aneroid  Barometers.
R. VV. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
phone 82
! S P O R TI
Fruit & New Groceries
A big shipment came to us today
Musk   Melons
Strawberries, Cherries
Vegetables of  all Kinds
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth St.   Phone 190
Do You
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert?
If so, and you want to sell,
send us full particulars.
We have buyers and we
want listings.     :    :    :    :
Second Are. Prince Rupert, B.C.
New Dresses y
New Hats., f
Dress Goods ���
It would be worth your while to
call and see what we have just
received from the shrines of
fashion.      :     :     S.I    S    S
1836 1911
The Bank of
British North America
Capital and  Reserve Over $7,300,000
A Complete
Banking Service
Collections made in any part
of Canada. Negotiable paper discounted. Money advanced st
reasonable terms to finance your
business. Local aud foreign
Drafts bought and sold. Money
transmitted by Money Order or
Telegraph Transfer. Letters of
Credit issued payable in all the
leading cities of the world.
We invite your account.
Prtaec Rupert Branch���
r. S. LONG, MnH<r.
covered, antl serve with croutons
William Walker, the Canadian
owner, has announced his retirement from the turf, and disposed
of all but his Canadian-bred horses
at auction.
+ + +
Jack Johnson's statement that
he will nol listen to a light promoter for less than 180,000 Is
"pooh-poohed" by friends of thi
black champion,
William J. Amos, the well-known
Western long distance runner, lift
for New York, where he will likely
reside. He will go into active
training again.
+ + ���
Sporting Editor Frank Calder,
of the Montreal Herald, says the
French population of Montreal
is lacrosse crazy, but the English
speaking people are all baseball.
He declares Montreal only has to
produce a winning team in the
Eastern league to set the town on
+ + +
The Vancouver Jockey Club
and the British Columbia Thoroughbred Association, which will
control ihe racing at Minoru park
this coming summer, will have
only ihe pari-nuitucls in operation.
There will be no books or pools
at the track.
+ ��� +
Harry  Hylantl has turned out
with the Montreal Shamrocks, and
will strengthen their home for the
rest of the season.
+ ��� +
Joe Jeanette, just returned to
New York from Oklahoma, where
he had been training While Hope
Carl Morris, declared the Western
heavyweight "is there." Jack
Johnsing ain't gonna last forever.
Carl Morris has a wallop thai
could kill a cow, and he's gonna
use il to keep elat black champion
from l.istin' all time."
+ + +
Manager Menary of the Toronto Lacrosse Club has let out
Holmes, who played goal, and Dad
Stuart, who tried to make the
team. Holmes played for Young
TorontOS last season. Irwin, formerly of the Mankinds, and Jimmy
Byrne are candidates for the position. They are also out after
another player and have hopes of
landing him.
��� ��� +
The pari-mutuel bettings in Paris
France, for Kill reached a total of
174,000,007 from which $1,500,0(10
was deducted for charitable purposes, according to a report jusi
S.S. Prince George
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
Special Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
Prince  George   sails   Sundays  8   11. m.
Reduced fare |9.60 Including im-als
snd berth,
ss. Prince Albert sails for Port Simpson, Nana River, MasBi-t, Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, l.oo p.m.
anil fir:
Queen Charlotte Island points, Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Kupert Wednesdays ami Snturilnys, 1 p.m., returning Thursdays and Sundays
5.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston. New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship booking*
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous  Princess  Lint
Monday, June 26th, 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
Tickets  To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
... FOR...
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prict-s are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
ACCOUNTANTS ���:- A run oils
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 361
of llritisl, Columbia
and Manitoba liars.
..f B.C.. Ontario, Saa-
kalrhswan and Alberta Bare.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office - Exchange hlivck, rorrspr Third Bvenue and
Sixth street. Prince Runert. I
The nqw steel Passenger Steamer
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specially.
All dental oiierslfona -killnil. treated. Gas and
local ansathellcs adniinl.itered for th* painless extraction nf teeth. Consultation free, timers:
llels-erson Block. Pnnce Kunert. Il-U
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
S!sth Street
Phone Black 1B4
Carrot Pudding
Boil some- large carrots without
scraping;   when tender peel and
press through a sieve sufficient to
give- one- cupful of fine pulp.   To
this add one cupful of fine stale.
bread crumbs, one cupful of iiour,|Northbound, leaves Vancou
a half teaspoonful of salt, a scant] ver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
cupful of chopped suet, a cupful
of   seeded   raisins,   a   cupful   of
anel   a   tablespoonful   of   sherry.
Turn into a buttered mold, cover
anel boil three hours.   Serve with
either a hard or soft sauce.
Al-s M Matiaon HA..      W K Wlllian ..I' A . 1.1. I,
Barrister*, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
1\ O. BOX 2.1
1-1 I'll. OP WM. POXON, Mlvl., A It A s. ,"l UN., r.N'l
Steerage Fare
\ saltspoonful of cinnamon I The "Camosun" is the only ItSUM
'       on the run having water-tight bulk
heads and double bottom, thus en
suring safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
Fruit   :   Produce   :
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.|H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. THE    D AI L Y    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimbt
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly. $2.00 per year. Oitside Canada-Daily, 18.00 peryear; Weekly,
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TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News BjilJing. Third Ave., Prince Rupert. B. C.   Telephone 98.
New YoRK-Xational Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rJ St.. New York City.
Seattle���Puget Sound News Co.
London. England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
After Preliminary Hearing Accused Appeared before Judge
Young and Elected to Have
Speedy Trial.    Bail Fixed at
rjAJEiHi     OFFICE    :
1      For  all  kind* of help, eook*,
|   waiters,  dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Daily Edition.
Saturday, June 24
Afii-r thc preliminary hearing of
his i.'.im' before Magistrate Car-*
which concluded yesterday afternoon, Homer Winxls, charged with
attempting to shoot Alex Mathie-I
son. and to commit suicide, waa
brought before Judge Young.   Hi I
elected for speedy trial, and was
meanwhile released on bail of $3o0n
Woods   has   reserved   his  own
statement  of the case  until hi j
comes up for trial.   When ask..!
The resignation of Alderman Newton from tine city council though yesterday if he had anything  i< >
without warning, did not come as a surprise.    Perhaps  no one but tt    in  answer   to   the   charge I
the alderman himself knows what an amount of sell-restraint he hasL-aJngj   him,   lu   replied   "No."
practised to keep peace within the council, and stave off the inevitable ! L ^ patTOore isdefi i dii -. W,>,vti>.
day when open disruption would ensue. i^j City. Solicitor Peters i> eon-:
No man on the present council has given more sincere and um-elfish j r]uctini. trK. prosecution.
service than has Alderman Newton.   Possibly none was actuated by     Accused,  who  still  wears  the
a stronger desire to effect retrenchments and give the citizens of Prince i [M..Aiili;i. un his head, looks quite j
Rupert dean snd honest government.   Even those of his critics who Elected .u-.d capable now. and
have most fiercely ssssiled him. must admit his inherent sincerity, ^..a,^;. .,, q^ b i;Vt. interest in
It was obvious that he could not for long stand pat with a council.!^ cvijv.,1Cv ar,j hi* conversatioj
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Otficf
Headquarters for GO lis S
1 Grand Hotel Free Employment  Otfi.f
Headquarters for GO v- .v WSiWM
Sloans Lad Di.lric���Dairict ol Coast Rao*-, !>
ra"  aoiie. to-t L r'r��r.k  Ms** "I Von B��
.ington. occupation niercnsn;, intend to appl)
ur uarmisaios   J lHllllB.ll me lollowlng deacnb*..
^Commencing s: a post plsnled on lh�� south
��� .-. >>l ice tiienuinsi.-* rliver sua snout loiu
tules l-orn IU eontiuence ��ito Ihe Saesra Ri.ee,
i~e:.co so -aSBjB. ����*-.. lB��nc�� SO chains n->rin.
.-encw SO cntim eai'., tnenc* south 50 chains
���lo pom*. i>( commencement, containing 610 scr��
.���;Z*"'\iH!i2i. uu. kras'k mess
Pob, ksn 2s.
-skeen. Und Uulrict-Duuicl ol OgfRaW* ��
TaB notice last Mary Beaton OS**r<����*��*i
Victona.  B. C, occupation l*��J��*i��SfvJK!n���
to .p'.'ly (or permiauon lo purcn
deacnoed Isnlt:
tne folio* ins
aeriDevl isn-is:                                  .        .a         ���,.  .1 a o���,,����.,���-,��>a  *. .  pan   ,.�����������.,.-.,   ,..,.,-  i ,   .,
Commencing at s post planted at   he sou ha est ���u|s b0Ulh o| lh, ,orkl u, the ���,���,���' "I Uu
rr.r ol Lol W*. Range =>��� Cgf- l'f' .. ���"S ">'����. thence 00 chaina aoulh, thenco ����� ,.������.
cnaina ,oulh ibenc 40 ctiin.   ea.1, iwce w. [honca  ������  cn������,   norlh_  ^^           ia,
aim north. Ibsat* IP chains wealic  pomlol
Skeens Land District��� Diatrict ol Cassiar
Tako nolice that 1, Alfred Kylii ���| i'Hi, v >,
pert,   ll.   C,   occupation   electrician,   Inland ,
apply   for  permission  to   purchase the (uii.w���J
duscrihed lands: *'".
Commencine, al a.poat planted about (8] thru.
rrancis s. Pratan, \,en,
Skeena U ��� I'lSlnct ���Dlalnet of v. ^*��:
Tak. nouc* teal Muliara MeUvisn ol Vsncou-   Mm, occu;i:.o:i j~-.>. ������������;-���;",��� ^cribei
occupauon pnvatcian. intends lo spplj    pormuoaon  to   purchaae   ..
BaI?ttSrSS oifiBBsQsBVs pjsay^H. ��wi
Dsted April It, 1811.
1-ub. Msy 6. Skeona Land Dislrict -District u| Csasn,
<aa -s Und L'Ut--.ct���DUinct ol Coast Take nolice llial 1, Jamoa .Miliar Johnston nl
Tak* Basts*. Ibal Ired  W.   w�� ��  Kltsura- <te��art, U. C, occupation storekeeper. ... .
kalu-J. oocu:��:.on laf'twr.  ������.���'���-> '-'  a|,p,y   lor ^^   (or  permiaalon   lo   purcnaao  n,0  (���,,
.er. 1>   -
for permaauoD lo purchas* lh. Iciloaicf u,..:. ...
"caBVaBaBBtiM a-. . p.-.: p:.---��i "-,���� {��J*;
ClwrnaavtllM ai a post planted ai the -outh.e.   *M comer ol     ���>. M^-T''' KTSl, ^*a*l lio
.-.-..r, .u cnaina nonn and ao chaini .all ol in.    M cnaim sNtk. -en�� l��
mA        I       -��� BIS*: ** * a^.a^to^.. SBVS. BlSV.       n.1** f * flfT. A* 1 ll
*;.;:^t*st  cumt  ol  L*rt   lllo.   Hsjv*> s &urTe>
,,4il I'aStflCi, lURtS i. tllfDCV OU CESIUJ e?*��J.
[^SS)fJ1 t .' c: *.- ��� Mftlh IIM-DCV to CtAlHJ *<.-��'
i���c:.c* t>>J  .:*-'���  south tO post   oi c.:^;;.t: cr;:.��:A
E��Md iU> 2. 1��U. WUliAM A. McTAVISl.
i ib, .Msy 6 TnA W* i^oturr. A��*ti
ti��jurai :wru..  MaWfctsl
cwtiJJi��c*��i*r.i sjajuUmM
MM   to   rxHt   of
jut*, more or [��M.
L>k��w Apnl lv
l^ib. April P
CvjininunciUei st a lhjM,   i>UnU*i ibout OtV
norti. tron tii��   .N��as river .1.. i atigji i.,:,(
above tbe lorits ul uie Nlll rwer, UwaOl RorU, ou
cbmnii,  tlience  v.cjt  au  cttiuns,  tbtntM null, so
chsjiis, ibonce eatt aU ctuins to point ol ( latmtnt**
ment, coutairiitii, ������ io ucrus more or lun.-..
Phone 116
Frsj#r*\r.d Fifth Str��*t.   Tr.��    '     ' '��
in ts?wn with hot and col*: w*W  I
Best furnished hous�� MrUs   f V��!
Rooms aVc up.     Phon*   *   P.0  P ��l-M
(Rl'.li    WW I   ��  , ISHfR P��   ;���'���   "��
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box !.H'
yred Hampton. iVfMl ; Dated Marcn ^1, lull,  rrank lUdny Wlits't   t^r
.   . ,    I'ub. Msj 17. *   ' '"
Saeena Lai.- Da.tnc-.-1'u-..-.cl ot loa.t Rsnse o
Tsa* notice ins: 1. Uucsutn John sbanansn oi .        skeens Und Diatrict���District of v.'aMu.
Victoria,   b.   C,  cccupstion   teacher,   intend   lo      TMe MUal UM i,   u^nu.   Kd��in   bsdlsr  ut
sppl)   lor  prrmiBkn  lo purchsae the foUoBlnt   si^v,.^,,  u.  Ca,  occupsllon  plumber,  IntanJ tu
-aeena Und DuaMict���District of Coait liar.,-.  .    a���onosai BVaaaJ! . ..   .  ,     ������Ik   apply  lor permusuon  io  purcnaie me loUowlu
. �����. nolle lhal bettl. Mca'aviac of Vancouve:.       i\.xn.encint si a po.l I .anted M chaini soutr.   je^nbed landa:
B.   v. ,   occupsllon   marra-d   woman,   Inisnai   lv    inm th* so-lneast corner uf Lol oboO. tnence tu       tommencinK at a posl planted aboul one iiu(e
.....   for parmaaviOB  lo purchaaa lh. louoami-   ttBisi sou-.n. icence lo cnains  weat,  tnence io   nonb o( lM ,;��� river aoJ aboil auven rails,
^oicnwd land,: ciitj nenn. itenc. lo c.-.a.n. sail lo point ol   ^wo  ma  forka  ol  iho   .Naas   Itiver  upstrean,
��� ��� -icrea more or lea*.   lQeneE   "	
t'oavmenciae at a poat planted al the north-   ecnmencecenl, eoBtaitutslw acre. nor. o rw.   menco north  00 chains,  Ihenco east  so ehalni!
seat cc.-ner loo chain* aast and 20 chsina aortn L-\lv.'HU\N  Joli.N   sha.naiia.n   m0nce south oo cnains, ibence wesl so chan., to
Jrom lh. nontsssi corra-r of Lol 1116. Hsrve.. ,    Dsted April IT. lsll. , point  ol   commeocemenl.   conuininit   tiio   iwrv*
with hi^ sx-'licit. >r vr. his defence.
Evidence given at yesterday'.
preliniinary hearu-.s; bn ught out
thi main points in support ol tht
charge viz.. th.-.: W -- - ' -i oh-
tained the gun and fin -    -
W.xads' letter to his wife an -
produced. It indicates prim-.;-
italic*.. Thi d.,:i of Woods' trial
was not fixed at tl t thru   I writi .
Interesting and Timely Proposal All Interested are Invited
to Attend Meeting.
selected mainly for parry purposes.
That Alderman Newton is not always right in his conclusions���
that he is more often wrong than right in his reasoning���is as trw
.is his own sincerity. He possesses a fa:al gift for hypnotising himself.
Once he takes direction, there is small hope of altering his course. He
hypr.o:is<d himself into believing that the late council were all ino to-
potent if not dishonest, in the face of ample evidence to the contrary.
Then he hypnotised himself into believing that Mr. Manson ar.d
.ill the gentlemen on the Manson political ticket were ol tr*uucendsnt
ability, in thc face of abundant evidence to the contrary. Nothing
but the cold douche of seeing his engineering report recommend.it* ns
voted down clause by clause has shattered his dream.
Alderm..:. Hilditch having laid the rrap to bring about Aldt-rmar.
New.- 'a : - .. itioi, will !*.��� impelled by a sense of honor to hand
in his ... . With two seats thus rendered vacant, ar.d a talk of rvw
work gn candidatea King induced to run, the city has to face
:he lildihood that neither of the aldermen will be returned.    Thus
- undl w-ith vt-n,- little accomplishe-d will have to exchange two
experienced aldermen for two inexperienced.
Nothing is to be gained either by thc aldermen in question orl    A raggest* n thst a literar.
by the city in such a contest, so lightly proposed ar.d so lightly accepted, dram.-.-.it   ���'.-..'���   '���     fonned  u
The issues would almost certainly b-s lost sight of.   Now that Alderman oity h.-.r been made. aj-:.  sp   n
Newton has wakened from the condition of auto-hypnosis, ar.d com- people i: :ir-.s:i<i in the n   ven
mcr.ccd an independent policy in the council, his usefulness to the have called a meet   g for T'.:t--.:.i\
community has been greatly increased.    If. as he alleges, there is I evening at  8J
"a frame-up." that is working against the best interests of the cirv. r.-om i i thc E*rinc<   Rapert  1
it is clearly his duty to remain in office and with such help as he car. An ir.vi.a:i      is exi - ..;'.
muster. cv^mViat ar.d expose the "frame-up." ti rested ting
Tht- whole incident emphasizts the need f^r abolishing the council!and take par in :..inr.i'.g :hi
system "f civic government, and substituting a government by com* J society.
mis-siiT.. With the city's control vested in a COmmiSaSOB of three���
an expert engineer, an expert financier and an expert business man.
all holding their offices permanently during good behaviour���Prince
Rupert w.'uld have a better char.cc to grow, and grow good. Nothing
could be worse than the present system of bavirc ..:��� ������-::���!��� ��� :' psurty
nurses fighting over the city's cradle.
The blame for not having a ��'mmission government dw -
rest on the citizens.   It rests   i   Hon. Mr. Bowser who struck tht
clause out of our charter, ar.d on Mr. William .Mar.sor. our member,
who permitted it to be done.
"It is a new thing, and unusual." said Mr. Bowser as he >:ruck
out the clause which would lift the city control cut of party politics.
The fact is that commissions ar.d Boards of Control, are neither
new nor unusual. Mr. B- wxr was merely ignorant (���; wh..- is | il v
on in the world.
It i- time that the citizt: - .. I I -��� thi r. ar.d setting aside party
difference! agreed that Prince Rupert should be- governed by thc
most scientific and clear.i it       most 11 lightened forms of government,
��� antiqua-' ' Mr B wser in his ignorance,
I hb aires on it for all time to come.
In the nn '������ Se��; .   w.uld l>e well advised to
his ���-....- II       presses it, then the courti! -h.-uld
ept it    It is hag '   ,. with the city's Inn - us
sh   hav.  aoughi -i election, t" discovei
after the) h..\-  bea ft.ee for six n    tha thst they w.,r.: to go
to th aettle pen routes    !��� nvora too much of a
trick I  get rid of one, wl   whethet ns are right or whether
tht-y arc wr, .- .;. ia .���.;���:���:       .. tl   n        :he side of other members
of the council
Surra-/, coast Di*tnc:.rUnc* -..inenc* la chain,   rub May -.-
saalth, -.nenc* so cnains ���**., thsne* so ch.iu
rortB, tnenc* lo chsins .��:. icence 60 cta.n. <-,., Lajj DUtrict���District ol Cmust
south, thencs to ensias w��ai to post ol cornmen-       - ���    _,���_ .j,, lg j���.., |_. Mitchell ol Trinct-
ce���en-.. canlaintni loo acres mor. or Its*.
Detail May J, 1>11 LOrilE McTAVlSH
Paks Mil 6. Kr*d W. Boh.er. Ait.-.:
St-asaa* Ur.d D ��:::cl-Distnct of Cc.lt Rar.ce I
iaae sajais* -..-.a*. I. A.e\ar.cer Ca.-.-., r. ol Dear-
BeeaV atanitot*. a.-.;at..r. larmer. .-.*:.: L
.:; .- :. r ;*::-. ,�� .n lo purchaiv* the !\.. - r,
dasciilaBa -ar.ci.
v   - T.encinir at a post planted st the ��.a.-.r.
we.-, c.rner o: .vl 3isvS.dislnct of Caul. rUr.,.,
, :-i:eu *:cut.' !���- raiie. ib a -->ulh eastern   - ���
��� ;r\rn B.-*ak*Br��di:* Lsuvdinf. bit.,-.  A
C.r..nh Bait corner, ihence K-uth s. chaini.
. ��� .. east :<  chains, theac* r..:-.r. -.       -
r..-re or less to south east aorr.e.-   .'
��� **���-. 1. chaini mor*or less to scut.-. *,,'.
.   :..-. f .. I xe-i.  theoc*  north A   atvajM B. r.
.:   en M s.-uta aait corner ot lot *.*&. then c*
more or let
Dsled March 'i'i. lull,   h'rsnk Sidney Wricnl A.-t
I'ub. Msy 17.
lluperl. b   C. occupation bookkeeper, intend to
noli   'or pernuaBioa to purchase the (ouowinu   skeena Und District���Dulrict ol com Rbbsb 5
-laKnoev;' lands. Take aoUal saast 1. Lionel Kin��-aley of iancoj.
l ommenani at a post plsnted sbout | D hve ver, 11. C, occupauon miner, intend lo app.y
--u��i souin snd ,1! on* mu. west ol ths lorks ol lor permission to purchase the tollosrinu uuscriu.4
"n* Waste and list river., thence north So chaina , lands:
Commencing st a post planted noar the southwest corner ol Lol .'.'-. Ivaroie o, Coast   Dulricl
JuHS L. Mil. iii.1 1.   thence west 4u cbaina, thence aouth ��� j c:,a.aa,
Francu S. i.-,-.-., ::. Agent   ihence east 40 chains, thenca norm 60 chiutu to
point ol commsnoement.
Dsied Msrch 21, lull.       LIONEL KINuSLUY
inenc* east  so chains, thence south  SO chains
thence *-*l so chair
lailed AprU Is, lall
I'ub. May U
Sa-rr.i Und Dauriet���District ol Cassiar .......
Tsa. nolice that 1 l rancis S. I'reaton ol Prince i ' oh. Abril u.
I'.uptrt. B. Ca, occupstioh proapeclor, intend to ,
a��� -..   \:  ;*rmuauon  to  purchase the following   skeena Und Diatrict���District ol Cosal Itang.. i
iescritaro and*: 'laks notes lost I, John Ivan 1'elersul 1'rii.r*
CoBawa-ABBa-a***  at  a  peat   planted   about   three   Kupert, B. C, occupst on clerk, inlend to spp.y
cues Bsuth and two niues west ol th. 'fork, o'   (ur permiaaion to purchase the lullow.ng .:,..-:,, ,ij
the Mhi'.e snd Klst nvsrs, ihsnce south SO chsins   and*:
��'.,-i" chBi^Tmor. or ies.~to poat otcoensith.-B--   '.ie;�� east   Bt) chains, thencs  north  60 chsins,       Commencing st s post plsnted sboui ibrse an
Carr**, eoraparte stock cf T ��� .-���
attention paid to Alars*: -e��.-r;-joea.
TWitre Black r*osi M  a Setoad Ate.
>������>�������������">������������������������ m *���������-!
t      Monroe
l       * Coal
.      *)      -  'Ve��
.:    Phone iis
meat. v>.niainin��- Sex acre, mor* or I*...
Donald etcher. A.-er.:
;>.-.. June ind. 1M1
..   ;.r*i��lh.l��ll
Saases Land Dnak:���District ol Coast Raxgr '
I**M nxic. that LUdoa S. D*t*tau ol isarja.
Ott.' otcaipatioa donor, intends M ., ,-���
,�����������iisvor   to  purchas*  the  looosing u*sar.:*x:
Corn=.*e<:r.g at a post planted at lb* acctb-
a**t cvrae: .1  Ltt  li-s, then .*.-. .-.  c-*.n.
xor. cr laat, ihecee soutt *l chains mor* or is*.
-.bb��c* **.-. M chains more ce less, Ihsnce none
U cbains mot* or is*, w point ol coam*nc��s.n-.
awntaiiung '.��. sen* c.-rs or .��**.
Dated Msrtt 11. t��ll    tLLnj.V S. DETHILXR
Pub. April 14' aloha Camphsu. Aa-sn*.
-avaavna Lead is'.-if.- a'strta-. ol Cosst Sofa I
Take n.i.c that Mrs. L. C i -t:.-. ol si
ita, M:hr-B.ha. occupation ctrrwi *��sah
.nuoo. to saa-h (or ps��-Eu*Biv*n to purchaae th.
t***BBa-a*vg n.��crth*d .sacs.
mince ***: so Chslns. t one-bsll milea oiatanl  u a aoulb weaterly ,1 rev*, a
i-s-.sd April 20. lull.     IRANCls s. PRL^ON   |rom , buna riou,,h |rom otaverv.tory Inlet vvi.tr.
|-ub May 11 lias  suns   tuuehes   tbe   lndutn   Reserve,   ti.vi.cv
watt 60 chains, thsne* north so chain., |h.ma
. _. ���. . ,.     . D    ��� , ' east so chains, Ibenc* soulh 60 chslns to point o
.-ks*na Und District���Dismct ol Coait Kangs ���   cgmni*nc��menl, containing Btu acres more or leaa
. .a, :. -. ,v inat l. Jo. Jack ol iTire. tt.p.rt,   u,leJ A(jn, u un        JOUN 1VAS j.tu,li4
l-   Ca, occupation carpenter, inland lo spply lor   j.u0  .j     u
pefn-bawn   lo   purchase   th*   following   described
��:J�� .    ,    .   .   , . ,w._.���j ' Skeena Und DUtriet���Dislrict ol Coasi Rang, V
..on-rnencruj al B post planted sbout th>��snd       ,.���       nullc<,   ,���,t ,.  j.  ^ Sl.vUren   s(
allai distant in a soulh westerly direction
Irom . t-dnd slough tram ulisef vslory Inlet wbsrs
th. Bt.-r.c touches lh* Indian Reserve ihsnce east
,:.���*. thence  -our. ao chains, Ihe&cs westao
rr-'-a   th��nce K-uth 60 chains to point ol com*
BBaBBBBBMSn. containing oto acres mor* or less.
Dated Apnl 14, Isll. JOE JACK
Pub. May 11.
Prince Ruperl, B.C., uccupatiun real esiate BaTMt
intends to apply for permission to purchss,- ir.e
foilow ins- descrilied landa:
CammencinK* at a posl planted 4o chs;r.-  ,,.:
���ad Rl chain, suuth of  the southwest corner, f
lot 1711. vicinity of Ukelse Uke, and mi:,., : J.
L. MscUren's nortwesl corner, thence Bast  |
chain., thence aouth 40 chains, thence w-est as
\ chains, thence norlh 4u chains lo point of e a>
Skesr.a Land District���DUtrict ol Coast Range 6   mencement. containing Xio acres more or kit*,
Tsas nolle* thsl 1. Bell HsU Kenhev ol Var- . J. LORNE MacLARES
Nova seotia, occups-.ioa married woman. tieo. R. Putnam, Agent
10 spply (or permission to purchase lb*   Dale May .11. 1911
lousing uBseriov-. asr.ua. Pub. June 16. Ml
Ctatnineaciiaf at s post planted at north eaat .
Cca-Tercirg si. port planted at las soutkw**t   eorta-r ol T. L Ul IsKs, thence riming west 40   skeens Und Disinct-Dtstricl uf Coan Rsn.-s j
. Pub. Mai U.
rot-Bet of Last re*. ;7yumarBaM Mra. L.C i -:
gaaethaest eurMBT, tt��hc* **st 4u chains, laecr*
K.-.h  r.   sBaJtsl   .nenn east   40 chain.. tn*ax*
t r. i .-    crats  u   ;-.'.  .<   posj ,:.*.-.:.:. <%-
la n.ng j.\ .cr.* c r�� or .aae.
Da-ei March N IrtL     MRS. L. C. PlTN'Aal
Pub. Atal. 11 oea. K. l.'.aao  Ag��n   o! i oast Range 1.
listed April J��. IHU.
hweaaa Uai .ai-jvrt���thstr-.ct ol Coast Rase* '
Tax t.i��* tut I. t sata May Litu* cf i-nac.
I..;*.-.. & a. . ,a-c.,a:_i -***-*>*, lawad to
a,'.-y I.r p*ra-.i*,..c to purchas. in* l.\,o*-s*
uass-rihN .aada
Com-iaa-e-g Bt a p��i piaataBJ si in* a.r-.a
a*a*t earasr of ui i:il. ruas> 1. Cot ^striei
a*.-, tu eaaihs. iBatfx* hor.h H ctvaia.
**>t 11 caeia th*BVee north M cha-cs
itecc w��at 1. caaiB*. *.h��ce* south 41 eBaua. t-
potit cf cossaeestBeti, eoctaihug '.:: acrea
ratr* or leea,
Pub. AS.nl la,
crairav, iheaee north so chains, ihenc* eait  (u Cawat Di.trtct
cna. j. '.a.ne* wuth 60 chains lo pise* ol com- , Take notice thai Wm. Leslie of Sspperlon. B.C
menosment coalainmg ojo acres mors or leas, mcupauon liovernment liuard. tntendt iu apply
My poat a) oa south sast corner ol lsnd applied   {or permission lo purchase the following datcrHr
ItSM i*tt*rs S. L-, aboul on. mil* west ol   ^ Unds-
Ua. Laa.-a*. south Bid* ol Skeen. liver Dtunct      Cmmencinir st a past planted 40 chaini well
JohB llsverty. Agent
saee.-.s Und District���District o( i'*_.m
Ta.e none* lhat  I, Jams* Dunlop ol Prince   *cr*> nv��r* or lew.
Kupert.  B.  C-.  oecup.tion   leara.ter.  Inlend  lu
to  purer*���  im  '<>^*'^iD,U(iMmrchi.lh,1,1
Pub. Apnl smh, Ivll
snd 1J" chains south of the southwest BOTMl
Nu I'ii, ranire 5 coaUtdistnct.marketi Wm L.--.;c.
S.W. cuinrr, thrnce i��outh-k' chains, thffAM '-..'i
*>' cr.ains. thenca. north -IO chains, tbenc*.* west M
chains to .-���st of com rue nee men t. conuin:r.*i J-'.1
T. D. Laird, Agent
<.oa.5ie3Cit.ui at a pott planted about two milea
soutt of tba forka ol tba Wbita and Flat riven
���.ier.ee north s-o chaiu. tba&oa *��st so chains.
:r*:.w aoutc is} chains, tnence east N chains.
L��au^ Apn* 19, UU. JAM...- i>\ Ni.i'l
hs*. Mar U. Francu S. Praston. A��.r:.t
S*ctJcn 1.
I9CO0. 25 ptr c*nt. cuh.
taV4vr.cc 1. 2, 3 y*?��r��.
T p*r Mat
Ssjarca La---J I'lsUar.��� ��J->str.ct of Csaaiar
laas  mOm  m\m  1.  iaaac  u ttma  teffesa
i*ri*��t Basjsn. B. c.. ��>ccupata.n earpe&ur. tnuc
ftsHI Larvd Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Kanea I
Taaa  notice tr.at  lie:-*>   Macar::.�����..   of  I'rince
, KupasK. ii. C ��� ������cc��pa*..wn m.r.er. intenda to appl>
Skeena Land MUuict���Diatrict of w>-iee:. CharUt.��
Take notice tbat Oao. (1. Lau of Pribct Kip*:.,
H. C, occupauon barber,  intanis to app-.-
parnussson  to  purchas* tba fjiiosrtn^  descriDed
Commancinc at a post plantod about aVTM
nulas wast and one nule south frxTi uie mmfX\
of Stanly   Ci^ek, N'aian UarbJr, tns.ice l*t*Btk 10
lot ��*��eaiaHon to purchaae tna foilowini d*��crib*u ��� ctm\nk\ tbw&'^t'Wctimi^\'aone* norlti
C: pafaias.��c w'purt&aat tie IMaaitsB]   "*il*__ . _.._. if_ L ' clisias, tnenca aas* \j chains.
Corr.rrasfcrj at a poat plaitad about li milaa*    ������>
vonneucinc at a post planted on the aoutb   ija:#cj March 17  UU
la of Lacnumsika Ki-ar, about 2 \-2 miios from   putJ   Kliru j-*.   '
GEO. ii   LAI I
Numa Damars. i\|Hl
Rev. F. W. Kerr Will Deal with
Important Topic in Hia Sermon.
Rev. F. \V. Kerr
-���..i'iict of his r     rig's i
dn M at the Pro-' yteri.in C:   -
tomorrow as "Sit'   ���'- Dial K I
The service will be held in tht
Empress Thcatri
1076 Nelson St . Vine outer. B.C.
aval n��t I..***. Ueaes txr.t s. cna.-.. ihenc. '���- -a-u��a ***-. Irorn Ltchumsiaj rapids, tbence 80
���**t Sv t*a .. u��t.c* Sv-uth so Chsu... thenca e .sm. aorta. lh*nc* 40 chsi:., east, tb.nc* So
*a*t Bv *Bav**. ensile BOUlB. tb*BC* 40 chains wesl to poiBt o.
Dated Ate* la, mi. ISJUC oBRlkN tuKBLs ! eoeanMB**t��>sBi. containing JJO acrea mor. or
I***, tlaj 11 Irahn, ��. Prsstaa. Agent   ft*-   'I"* *?"*,, u"l- *���*�������
.-anas Un: . ��jtt-. ��� Datnet ol cast Rang. -
lavsarnuca.-. lie: urac* Mc.a.avn.ol .sacouver,
b v... oeruf ai*.t eaamed *oeaaa. u.l*Bds lo spply
tor parsa-asia u purctaa* tt* lesuBuaf dswjiii.il
tt s poet plahted st Its sooUw*.  ! lor Basel      lead:
a!-.��� . -       .\..
Section  9
Townahip  1
Range '
> ,i SB exce.ler.t ��ect.or. ��r.d waj or.e of ISS f.rit to be
i-.a**-: ir. the V��...j-
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Broker. ��nd Finamciail Agents, Prince Rupert
Church Services-
S**v c** *.*r,   1 .- .��
1 - ; ���*.. Thaavr*  ;. .
' > i.r.     Sulsda,   - '
...   a-
-   sad
���   aad
1 .���-  ��
THE   r.K't   BAIT    "      HVSCH
raasra skps:.;. >rairr
arni-it mo laassa]  st u
��.b-l and " ��� day
.   a   .
B-bi* Ciw, :_��  : -
REV ��v H MLE   :      . :  :���    par: a
B��-*ria   la-ss      .��: jnd *r��
S��rr-.c*, *****  },-,isy  S-.
. -   sad - *> p ia.    Bund**
School >t j r v bv,
REV C R ?IS0 Etf I ..-  .
Tor or iitra s-Tatr?
Sands,   b-stt-c*.   '.:
a - .  J ;   r. .  ���   ; -
-       .>-������:.;
;        .    |
Uft-sdar-    e��*n*t*BBtf
n   ���'  U    lalslSai .1
* P bv.  ETerytnsSy w.'a.
ENSi'iS JCHNST 'ST  ���'�� b c Csmca
a, e
I i -.-1 v.-..- ���  S
s=E.   EBY   A   Co.-=e
K -...-...-   ;^nd For 5*.*
���RsnasUsini -     B. c.
:m ctavite aast and 2u chsas tvorth
u�� tvos-vaaaat evater el Let Hit. liar.*, a Bur.��>
v.o**t JsttrsR. Sang* 1. laeec* lo caaina east
-reea* Bv eta .as Bvsr.h. it* no. lo ehams ������*-..
issca. *v ctsiB. soutt to poet ol -iimmsBsBaTiBfit
\atla.t.Bg ���   *<rwrt.r*ar *m-
.���*t��: via.. .. ;>1. laUCS MeTAVISH
ruUul Fravl v.  umIsy. Ageat
Skeen. Land District���Distnct ol Coast Itsngs
Taks  notice thai   Amis Musaallsm ol   i ���
Rupert. B. C occupation tnarrisd aromsn, ir.tr:.^
to apply lor permission to purchase the I, .
described lands:
Commencng at a post planted st a post st lh.
southwest Corner, 60 chain, east Iron N. E. corner
ol   Ul   1116,   Hsrveys   survey.  Coast   Dis'.nc-..
.-a**na Und Dislrict���Dislrict ol Cassiar Hangs 5, thenee east St) chains. Ihenc* nortn lo
Take Botice that  1,  Mary  Carta ol Stewart,      chains, thenee west  40 chsins, thsnee south W
B. C, ecCaipatioB married womaa, intend lo apply   chains, thenee fast  20  cbsins.  thsnee south .11
-    nuasaoa lo purchaae tbe loLowiraf described  ,hsins to point ol commencement, containing l-J
more or lei
Dated AprU ti. 1*11.
Pub. Atsnl 2��.
Commencing at a poat planted two   Jl miles   Dated Msy- B. 1*11.
soulb and   B two mlies weet 0( th* [ork. of lb*   Tub. May 13.
W hut sod I iat rivars, iheaee so chains north,
thsnee SO chains avast, lb.no* so chains south
thsne* so chains esst.
listed April So. 1*11. MAilY CAH1N
Pub. May 11.
t* Ut: De'.rstt ��� Datr.rt ol C
sets*, that   L  ctar.-a  M.  ki
.-pert, B. C* oer-i s-.k..-. farmer, mtead
lee perrtssnot to p*rehass ibe loUe*lhg
SkeaBa Und District���DUtrlct ol Cassia..
Tak*   Botice   lUt   1,   Thomas   McMeeain    ���
Princ* Hupert. B. C. occupstlon clerk. >:.'���
Francis s. Preston, AgsBt   spply  for permission  to  purchas* Ins fouo*,nl
dravenhed land.:
Commencing st s post plsnted sbout two roue
south ol ths forks of lb* White snd Fist riven,
tbence north  si) chains,  ihenee east  so chsini.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. S3
M*��.s la Hm Helffersor. Block
Every Tueadsy Evening
All rr.eTT.-arr* of tr.e order ir, the citj
are re-;-iw��l*��i to vitit the? lortg-c.
-   '  BK8T0KE, N.G.
H    111 i.TiiN. Sea-reUrv.
Skeena Und Dis'.r.ct--I.i.tr:ct ol Coast
Take  Botice ih.t  1.   YYi...sm   M*,vui�� Corley
sf   Toroato,   Ontario,   occupauon   clerk,   intend     .
to apply lor r-rmsajioB to purchase the following   :"���"�� south so chains, th.ne* wejt -0 chsina.
descnb*o Isnds ��� Dated Apru la. 1911.       THOMAS MeMLLMN
Coctrnenciiaj Bt a poet planted st the aenhwest   ''ub- Man 13. Frsacii S. Preston. At��i
v .aatwcitg tt s poet pUnled about   I   thn>    corner of Lot *0ii  Haag   i. Coast District, thsnee '
a      .   -.*v tsv.^* west ol t-�� lores .4   .sm to chains, tbence north 40 chaini, ihe:<e **��l Skeens Und District ��� Dislrict ol Casslsr
��h.-.s n.��r aad liat n.er. t.-eaee eoutb sv chaiBa. ;v ehalna te Heh's lists slough, tb*ac* along Tak* notice that 1, Charles L. Delgrov. ol Me*-
t^sss* *��*t tv ctaBts, Ihenc* Berth to tavalsa, aio.gr. K-iir.srly to potnt ol eornm*nccm*nt, con- sn B. C occupauon prospector, intend to sppj
.--.te. east M chaiaa. taihing ��,6o serss mors or ��**>. lor p*rrnission to purchas* ths loUoaing oac.isd
Dated April !��.l��ll.     CHAIOXS hi   KNoCSL   Dated Apr: ��. IV11 .- ..
Pat. Ua, i. I rates, s. Prastea. Ag*h' | WILLIAM    MELVILLE CORLEY
Pub. Apnl 2>.
.-BF*ts Uad iMsutet���Distrvct ��� Coast Rang. I
.aa. Bat ea ttst Muro.ca Mcl.a. ,: Vl**������������,    skeena Unl Dartriet-Distrlet of ljuesn Ckar'.ott.
B   C* casrutsstwa real eatau broaer. Inter. 1. U ...*�����
���  perns****  I.   p.al-ctM.   iat.  lo.to.ita j     Tea* notice that  i. H   Murphy.,! Vsnciiv.r.
���*--..- t. lac occupstijo eoTt-Dsreial tn.eiisr. mi.nl.
taB-Mati at a tw*t ra.tiel .a ibe as t   ����� app-J for p*miaaioti to purena*. th* lollowing
tats i! I.a't.rosiai n��*r *u.'. t.�� Bala* [tv,-.   i��aB��nb*l lands.
���IB **aa*as*B*v B.t, the Saveeru, n,*r, lh*ae* 40 i Con.nvBac.r4 at . post plsaled shout seren
eiaiBs .at, iteae* �� - etains Lwna, Histiss 4. ! *-"���* **at sal oa* ntia. south from th. mouth
itsiB. aat. taeus tv chau* Lena, Ik**** 41 <* Stahly Cresk, Nadsa Harbor, iheaee Berth Sv'
���* cbaii* so.tt. laetee it teaita. thsnes w-ast 40 chains, iheaee south 10
..  t* .tain. soul, 'u pwat o.   J^��. i��r�� .jm M��    in*. ...      ���      j
eetlaa.it*) .io sens mor. or m.   Da^Mjs-i�� IT, 1��IL J. II. Ml RPHY    |���m , 0UrJ j     h ,       observatory Inkt -"^
.���a;*d Aprs It, 1*11. Ml lUWCt. McHAt . -"ah. AprU J3. Numa Issovsrs. Agsnt   tM Mn.. ,OJCf^'lt, ,rDu ,��� ^.,n' thence .��������
i .:   Ms,  II
Skeeca Lasd Diatrict���District ol Cssilsr
Commencing st s poet plsnted sbout . .
south and one mile ��r*st ot ths forks of the v. Ba*
ant  I.at  nv*re, lb*BC* south BO chsins. ll.er.r*
east --��� chaios, thenc* north BO chains, thence **���*��
M eh.ins. ,...
Dslsvl AprU 20. IHU.     CHARLES DELOIU'.h
Pub. May 13. Fr.Be. K Praaton. Agtr.l
Saeer.s UnJ Dislrict-District ol Coast llsr.J, '
Taae notice that 1, i. Harold MeKeaa oi
Rupert. B. C , occupat on blacksm in. Iat.
spply   (or perm Baton to purchase Ibe  foliositaf
-**crl��d Ur.d..
Commencing at s post planted .bout three ..'.I
en* n.J m;-�� d stsnt in s soulh wester,y III
H enal-j. -. ,rnc* soulb ��0 ehs ns. thenee en:
ehslns, thenee north B0 ehs ns to no nt ol M
s����na antl Da-tnet-Dtstne. ol Cosst Rang, i ��,.'.���
laas hj*> ttat 1. CBsr.as A. Ysugbaa of 'leVii
nte* Rupaan, B v.    ucc.;aiwn rBerebani. iBiend
U spply
aVescnted aad.
'   '    .-
at to pvuehss, tb. Ielw*nta|
Tsks   notice   thst   I.   Tkorass   Mscgovem   cl   rner.eemer.i, cont^nlng 640' acres mor. ol' law
B. C. occupatlor. mir.r.iclend lo apply    -""a Aft I .4. 1911.        J. HAROLD McKK
, occupation mirer.intend to apply
> la purchsss lb* following desenbei
Commencing al a pott plsaled oe tbe right
lank of th* Nsas river sbout four mile* shove the
Unm.Blirs) at  .  po��  tl.n-^d ot ibe eouth    totki ���, lht Nu, ���v,r   ,h���w m.u:i  ��, rt.m^     or lermsslon to pur
'     ' '������-.���-���.:    ���        I'.    '     -T    BBttoj       ....���     mm,      ..,    f.,ir.^     ,.,,���     S3     B    ChBl-.a.       ���������������'
-*���*���*��� ***V. ���**������* .*"'���������������� *on��, IJeeae* �����   eeatalnia* 610 seras mor* or kern. south and  2   two m
>k**na Und District���Disuict of Csssiar
Tsks notice list I. John Robert Peeey ci Itincs
lluj^rt. II. C, Kcupstlon cook. Intend U ���**
lor .ermasion to purehaa* tb* lollowlng descnoeJ
aa. rosia U paant ol
- ja* (to acra* more or toss
Dsied Apru tl, Itll    CtfArlLLB A. VAIC.HAN
Pub. Atsnl 2*.
S. O. E. B. S.
T-.   ! - - .   ���-..:,--   :...f    S ���    - -.     '
Err a--:  -*.-. | t--i I .aait,.    -
eaata taB-ath  r. t - - I S*     s: * p A.
F   '���       i.AF.K   .a*-
r 0. Sa* lal Pntr* I.  :--
Skeeas Utd Distnct ��� District ol Cs
Tea. t.-ire ihat l. -*sn  li. ,*t el Stewart.
B   C.  cerepa-.soB  earpeater, ittead   to   apply
fati ant Ilia to pti-tk*** lb* lollowing d**cnb*d
I, stsraiiilBg at . p**t pttBted sbout it, e-.ilss
.ouUaadtaae.limiKwwtoltufMucfiu Wm-..
aad Ftat nvws. ineBes M er.stu south, ttene* -0
I etvauu Bortt, ihenc* tv
post plsnted B   two mies
containing 610 acre* more or leaa rfi"1 ana   '.'two miles west of lh. forks ol IH
TBOssUS MACCOVF.RN "hit* snd list rivers, ihenee south so en. '���'
Dated March ��. 1911. Sidney Frank Wright. Art iMr.ce eait to chains, thence north SO chslns.
Pub Mar IT. Ihence wtarl -0 eh. ns.
' ''��� I Apr I 20. 1911     JOHN ROBERT I'M ��'
I'ub  Mai u. Franc s S. Preston. Aa��a
Skeens Und DSSjM -District ol Caaaiar - , _. __.        -        m    ..
Tske nr-.ice thst  William  Frederick  Cameron   saeer.s Ur, I Distnct -DUtrlct of Cosst 1..
of  Prior*  Rupert.  B   C  oeeupauoo  carpenter.   }�������  r.ct e*   that   I,   Martha   Leek,  ol   Fr.:-'
Btsads to spply lor r-armiaswB lo purchas* th*   rlut��a-i, B. C, occupst on msrr -d woman l-��i;
' loiioBrin, d*i��ibed UadT   ........     , mmWm'tJuT^ t0 pu,ch*" * '��
���-. -���
i-lled Apnl It. Illl. SWAN  HALLEN
Put. Mar H F.-anea. s. rraetoe. Agenl   Dated April la, 1*11
Pub. Mar 13.
--s***s Uai Distnct��� D��-.n,-. of vjaeea Ctvatiotts I
FrancU S prestos. Ag*r,t
C rod. err
Table  Culler.
Babe Buf-pe.
Blattk SSI
Oslarmo-or Ma1tr*>ss��>s
F va-T  I>��sr ripi,r,-n   of
Mrasas*       \ urr.itr.tr.fB.
"��� V
The Big
Utile's NEWS Agency
M��cuira-a     Pen.airalf :: Ne*��p��r-��-n
OMaUaM   ::   TOBACCOS  ::   FKl'IT:-
O. T. P. Ifss.l., A(*nl.
Or*er�� ef*SB->Ur aDeel.   Pries* risw��,ii*B4��.
omcS-B. B Bse-aeete*. Ceeitr* atL     rv^se aa\
Tsas Botaas that Craonr* W. Araett eg Pnnes
Rupert, a C, seeupaun raa. estate broker,
>n:*a��a* te *t>Bir tot per-cus-ass i�� ps.-ea.ee the
tasaosnag a*BO-,os>j .aits
I'nsanasBaK at s past pisata] about s**ss
8u*B sai o*s>-hsJ m.s, BBBsj .al ���>* isw* soutt
trem to* result at Staaiy Creek. Nsdsa lluBoe,
la sees **at M easaa*. men*, ssui* a* ehaia..
la-sne. cast *0 ehsias, Uretsee aont to ehsirts.
Dated Usret IT, uu. ceo. W. aRNOTT
Pan. Aprs tl. Nums l-emers. Age*t
��� :.'. theae. south SO ehsivs, tr.er.ee   ���
erair... thenc* north BO chs n* to point ol ronv
-nt. conts n ng 610 acres more or less.
Dated Apr I H. |��n." MARTHA Lr-Lr.
, Pub. Ms. ll.
_ Sksens Und DUtrict���District ol CassUr
l     Tsa, nulce thsl  I, ChsrUs Frederick  SU '
cl Btmn, B. Ca, occupation Ireighter. inter:
��::  ���   let  rermission  to  purchsss  ths  loIlo*iM
d*ecr.l��d Isnds;
Com-n,nrir.g  si   s  post  plsnted  on the rig"
WHuWjM ** rlvse^ .bene, S IS SSL   K,      �� �����- ��>�� %�� ���" J* ��������'��,'�����
tbenee  *0 chains west,  thenee B0 chslns  Bonh ,ht N"" "ver' in""�� ��,u,h B
tv.rc* '-,1 r'.n. **��t
Skeen. Uod District���District cf Cseslar
Tak* notice thst I, Brenton JVrdon Moore -J
Prince Ropert. B C . oecupalioB contrsctf r
to srply lor pwrnsBBion to purchase tbe follow ir.g
ilea, l ila.il Unds:
ConmeaciBC at s peat plsnted sbout 13' three
mu** south  SBd B)  two  mil**  west  cf th*  f, Ita
lher.ee ��.-n  ��0 Ch,tn,, the���w nonh SO chair.;,
iV .  , ;.*    >^'acres more or less. ���u.atf
DatedI March 21, 1911. CHARLES F. MET. AU
Tub. May If,      Krank Sidney Wright, Agent
Skeens Und DUlrict���DUtrict of Coasi
BRF.NTON JORDON MOORI SSS f4".��.) chain, to poinl ol com
f-ubVay'l.20' ,,U'       Fr"rt"      P""'����' A"' trTa,m<'7.0.r.'STa.. *
Saastt Uad Dietriet���DUtriet ol Cassiar
Tsks rsatir* tut I. Alsce M. Kno-at. of Prtaee ,        _        ,     , __ .      ,,.���    .   , -
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Read The Daily News mg mmik store
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Dsled Apnl t*, 1911
Pab Mu 11
41 li t   M. KNHSF.
FrancU I l-nsaton. Agent
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Enajliah and America,   Billiard.
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thenee east SO chsins to point of eommencement. |l  ">mra��"e*ment, contsining 80 seres, ��"" "'
eoBtainlng *40 sere* -ic-t cr s���a '"*"   ,, m   ���, ....
Dated Msrch J4.1*11. Frank Sidn*y Wltjkt, Sgt ruh' A"''1 a-
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Take notice thsl 1. Sydney Fitrret! I ,' >���.,,,.:
B. C, occupation cook. int*nd t,  a; rl-,  fee t���r.
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Tske n,:ice thai 1, Alfred Herryman Willi.""
pi I nnce  Rupert,  11.  l\, occupstlon merchant
intend  to spply  for permUsloB to purchsss me
following described |.���ds: ,   ,.���
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Comrrvendrg at s poet pUntrt shout let miU   ""��"��� south cl th* forks ol the While sad MJ
,!' 8* '"k' * ""Ml'   "**"��� ,h">e* SO chains south, thencs SO ehs "���
-   Ihenee  -0 ch.lBa  north. IbeBce SO chain.
ce   east,
r-t a*rii
BTDCTY H0l��>KJS9ON   D*��d April 1*. 1911.    SYDNEY F1TZCERM n   I...-. ��     ALFRED  BEURVMAN   WILLIAMS
' * T��*e. a.*.,      rm^UojU. fnmm��M. fmm\ttm   Nkill      i     ""''     FraaeU S. PreatoB. At��"'


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