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sjjtottM ...riER
���Lstf*****    *Mr hour8 endin8 5 a.m.,
Oct. 5
WAI TKMF.    MIN.TEMP.    BAK.        IN. RAIN
Mil 47.0    29.54K   1.98
VOL.11,  NO. 227
*f**Z.*i LeKiiiiUtlvo /;-,    .
The Mly News
Prlnos Rupart Friday, a.m.
for North
Prlncssi Royal. .Thursday, p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, October 5, 1911.
Price Five Cents
I Will Continue the Bombardment Until the Turkish Batteries Are
All SiIenced---Report That Italians  Have  Also Started to
Bombard Prevassa---King of Italy Issues Request That
as Little Blood be Spilt as Possible
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Rome, Oct. 5.���The story of thc
IliiinilKirdinent of Tripoli by the
��� Italian squadron has been officially
|t-iin.irmcd. Admiral Faravelli has
���onvarded an official report to
���the Government in which he states
that thc bombardment of the
���iii.iin batteries at the Tripoli fort-
|n**s commenced at three o'clock
IveM.rday afternoon and continued
luiiiil sunset. The batteries rc-
Ipiintleil to thc Italian fire but
fcrithout effect.
Will Destroy Forts
The   bombardment   is   to   be
niiiiniied tomorrow until the destruction of the batteries has been
It'iHiiplclcd. Care is taken during
|tlie firing not to injure the cily.
Unlj the lighthouse and one of
tin* batteries have been destroyed
Is., far.
Attack on Prevassa
London, A despatch from Milan
ktatcs that a squadron  of  the
III.than navy has begun the bom-
lli.ttdiiicnt of Prevassa shortly after
���midnight. This is regarded as
|i..*ri.iiis, as if it is confirmed it
neans that Italy has disregarded
���the warning Austria and the other
powers that war must be confined
to Triploi.
A Humane War
King Victor today issued an
order to all generals and admirals
in the army and navy, lo shed as
little blood as possible. This is
taken as an indication that the
Italian Government believes a
peaceful settlement is in sight.
Government Has Fixed Thanksgiving Day for October 30th
Ottawa, Oct. 4.���Sir Wilfrid
Laurier told a group of press correspondents this morning that the
government had decided to fix
Thanksgiving Day liefore retiring
from office. The date chosen is
Monday, October 30. The Premier said jokingly, that the government still had something to be
thankful for, thc Liberals lieing
thankful lhat any of them were
The G. T. P. S.S. Prince Albert
went south today for general
freight. She towed the North
Bend with her to bring her back
with a full cargo of coal.
Edmonton and Strathcona Decide to Join Forces -Will Retain Name of Edmonton.
(Special to the Daily News)
Edmonton, Alia., Oct. 5.���By
big majorities the ratepayers of
Edmonton   and   Strathcona   have
both decided in favor of amalgamation. >
The name of ihe new city will
be Edmonton, and the final step
in amalgamation will |>c brought
about by an BCt of ihe legislature
during the coming session in November. The combined population will be over 35,000, as Kdmoii-
ton's population is now placed ai
about 30,000, while Strathcona has
between five and six thousand.
Brotherhood Banquet
Don't forget the big event at the
Brotherhood Banquet next Tuesday evening, October 10, 8 p.m.,
in Mclntyre Hall. Tickets $2.00
may be had al Rcilly's Bakery,
corner Fulion and Third avenue.
AH young men welcome.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 5, All-Stars 4.
Pacific Coast League
Oakland 3, San Francisco 2.
Los Angeles 6, Sacramento 4.
Portland 9, Vermin 7.
American League
Detroit , 6;  Cleveland 0. 8.
Washington 4, Philadelphia 2.
St. Louis 0, 2; Chicago 1,1.
National League
Chicago 9, St. Louis I.
Boston 7, 7; Philadelphia 3, I.
New York 2, Brooklyn 0.
Sir John Wolfe Barry will Help
Supervise Second  Narrows
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Ocl. 6.���Sir John
Wolfe Barry, the celebrated English
engineer, has been selected by the
directors of thc Burrard Bridge
and Tunnel Company to act as
consulting engineer for the second
Narrows Bridge.
| Her Crew Sent a Wireless Message  in Advance Wanting to Know the Latest Election and War News
-Will Get a Warm Welcome
II. M. C, S. Rainbow has arrived
.1 last. Citizens of Prince Ruperl
���in see her by going down to the
| waterfront.
The men on the Rainbow will
lie glad to get into touch wiih
'lie world again. Their first rc-
qilesl when their vessel got into
communication with the wireless
stations early ihis morning was
lur news of the elections and of
llu- war.
The Daily News prepared a
tabloid statement of the world's
events and the wireless flashed
il across Hecate Slrails to satisfy
llu- craving for news of lhe Canadian tars.
The Rainbow's inquiry was'the
first intimation that lhe cruiser
was on her way to Prince Ruperl.
She will gel a warm welcome fiom
the cilizens who lave long wished
lo see Canada's famous cruiser.
This afternoon the C. P. R. S.S.
Princess Royal will arrive from
the soulh with passengers, freight
and mail. The Royal proceeds
north V Skagway antl may catch
the last boat into Dawson for the
The G. T. P. S.S. Henriette left
for thc Naas to ship a cargo of
salmon today.
Presbyterian Church in Canada Will Take a Vote of
Every Presbyterian in the Dominion Regarding Union with Methodista and
the members nnd sixty thousand
red ballots to adherents.
Tailor Froze Out
Mr. llidjin, the tailor, has sold
his lease and building on Third
avenue and is selling out Ladies'
Suits, Skirts antl Raincoats, Cents'
fancy Vests, Overcoats and Raincoats; Ladies' Suitings and unfinished Suits at less than cost of
materials. Must vacate November 1st. Open 1 to ii p.m. Help
wauled  lo  sew  on   bullous  and
finish Raincoats. <>7
Until Augutt 1912 New Brunswick Paper Will Enjoy Reciprocity With the United
Toronto, Oct. 5.���Ballots arc
now being prepared for securing
llu- decision of the Presbyterians
"f Canada regarding church union
with the Methodist and Con-
greg.uioiial churches. Every Presbyterian family in Canada will
also receive a sixlecii-pagc pamphlet giving a history of the union
Ten thousand blue ballots will
be sent out for ciders, three hundred   thousand   white   ballots   to
The Ladles' Aid of the Prince
Rupert Methodist Church will
hold their annual banquet on
Thanksgiving evening. ������������
During the last year the  Boot
and Shoe Workers' International
Union has paitl in sick, disability,
and death benefits a total of
(Special to the Daily News)
Washington, Oct. .r).���Practically
all the wood pulp and print paper
produced in New Brunswick until
August 1, 1912, will enter llic
United States free of duly. This
is made possible by a revised
ruling made today by Acting
Secretary of Treasury Curtis under
the only operative clause of the
Canadian rcciprociiy agreemeni.
The surveyor general of the customs of New Brunswick advised
the treasury department that the
new law of that province rest riding
thc exportation of wood pulp
and print paper did not apply to
lands operated under licenses issued or renewed prior to October
1, on which date the act becomes
effective. The lands are used
under long term leases governed
by yearly licenses, and August 1
is the dale for renewing these
licenses. Consequently until thai
time there will be no American
Import lax on pulp wood or prim
paper Originating from these lands.
Pantorium Pionei.r CleanerB, Phone 4
After Visit >.l" Inspection to
Digby Island Quarantine Station Which is Very Satisfactory Mr. W. Henderson
Looks Over City Buildings.
In the afternoon yesterday Mr.
William Henderson, ihe Dominion
Government architect from Victoria,  paitl a visit  to the  Digby
Island Quarantine Hospital, now
within sight of completion. Mr.
Henderson was well pleased wiih
the progress of (he work. He wa.s
accompanied by Messrs. P. Anderson and A. McKinnon, the
contractors, and paid a visit also
to the Marine Station, though not
in any official capacity. Mr. Henderson has never been in Prince
Rupert before, and is very Interested, indeed, in lhe cily and
its progress. He went over the
town in the evening and had a
look at some of the buildings in
course of erection, and some of
the principal public buildings which
he considered remarkably line considering the extreme youth ol
Prince Rupert as a city.
Leading English Journalist After Six Months Tour of the Dominion for "Canada-Illustrated" Declares Prince Rupert One of
the Most Promising Cities he has Ever Seen---Gives
Useful Suggestions
"It would be in the interests
of Prime Rupert if a well thought
out scheme were set in motion
(or inviting financial men of good
standing to visit the city from the
old country. This is a plan which
is being carried oul seucessfully
in other places, and it should
prove particularly valuable to
Prince Rupert."
Mr. J. R. Cogger, travelling
editor of "Canada-Illustrated" the
high class magazine which lays
itself oul entirely to describe and
help develop the Dominion, expressed the idea at thc end of a
special Interview granted the Daily
News last night.
Finances Important
Arriving by the Prince Rupert
yesterday forenoon Mr. Cogger
began straightaway to Investigate
ihe conditions of Prince Rupert
beginning with the City Hall.   He
was particularly interested in the
financial standing of the city and
made close fii-quiry of the City
Clerk on the subject, while awaiting the Mayor. Realising the
magnitude of the undertakings
in hand and ahead of the city he
was glad to find Prince Rupert's
financial standing so sound. "In
many other cities I have vistited,"
said Mr. Cogger, "this is unfortunately not the case." Mr. Cogger is on an exhaustive tour of
the principal centres of lhe Dominion, aril has already been six
months in Canada sending special
articles regularly back to the London offices of his paper.
Struck by Progress
"On tour round the city ihis
morning I was struck by the
signs of rapid progress made in
buildings, streets, etc., to be seen
on every hand. The stupendous
blasting operations carried on in
the midst of the city are really
wonderful evidence that lhe citizens are determined io make the
site of Prince Rupert a.s fine as
that of any city in the world.
"Whilst ii* Nov;- Scotia I visited
Sidney, C. B., which has during
the past ten years progressed
(rom an obscure fishing village
into a. first class commercial dty,
but conditions there are not nearly
as ad van I agi mis as you have lu re.
The natural surroundings of Prince
Ruperl are in mu judgment absolutely unrivalled anywhere in
the world, and lhe scenic attractions seen for the club house
overlooking the harbor form a
beautiful panorama.
"Health Excellent"
"The health c- .liiioi s of lhc
city according to lhe Medical
Health Officer were never better,
and lhe absence of illness or any
seiioiis cases of infectious disease
speaks eloquently as to the suitability of Prince Rupen for a great
tiul prosperous city."
li was unfortunate that Mr.
Cogger's visit here came jusi at
the close of the long beautiful
summer jusi ended, but Mr. Cogger constrasted the rainfall figures
here wiih those of oilier cities
very favorably indeed.   Drawing
the parallel beiween Prince Rupert
ur.d other grea.t ports of the
world, he pointed out how very
unfavorable were conditions for
some of the greatest ciiits Mich
is Moscow, St. Petersburg, and
Amsterdam as compared with those
of Prince Rupen, yet these cities
built on marsh worse than any
muskeg We know are now amongst
the wealthiest and mosi prosperous in the world.
Rupert's Rise Certain
"Unquestionably Prince Rupert
will loom very large indeed upon
the   world's   commercial   horizon
(Continued on page *..)
A Correction
Messrs. Seaman and Cole have
a.sked the News lo correct an
impression lhat their suit reported
in yesterday's News was for money
due on iheir contract. The claim
was for extra, work done outside
of the original contract.
Silk and chiffon blouses with all
the latest "touches" in all sizes
and in many shades at Wallace's 2l
St. Andrew's Society
A  regular  meeting  of   the St.
Andrew's Society will be held  in
Carpenters' Hall tomorrow (Friday) night al 8 o'clock. All
members and Scotsmen desirous
of becoming members are requested
lo be in attendance.
He is Slated to Become Next
Minister of Finance- Appointment Would be a Good
Electors Entitled to Vote in
Municipal Campaign Must
Record Names.
Whether you recorded your name
as an elector last year or not, it
is necessary this year to make
application again either at the
city hall or through a notary
public before you can vote at the
nun icipal election. This applies
lo house-holders and license-holders who are entitled lo votes if
they apply before the end of this
Tomorrow morning the C. P. R-
S.S.   Princess   May  comes  south
from Skagway.   A large number
of passengers in the general exodus
from Dawson for lhe winter may
be expected to pass south.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa,  Oci.   5.���Sir   Wilfrid
Laurier will lay down the reins of
Government on Thursday mi the
arrival of Earl Grey from Montreal.
Mr. Borden will be summoned to
form a Government on Friday.
W. T. White, of Toronto one of
the eighteen Liberals from Toronto
who split the parly on reciprocity,
had a long interview wiih Mr.
Borden today. It is Stated he is
slated for the Finance portfolio.
The names of the new Cabinet
will nol Ih- announced before Monday. 	
Mr. W. T. White is president antl
general  manager of   the  Toronto
General Trusts corporation, and is
looked upon as one of lhe most
reputable and able men in the
financial world. His rise since the
days he  was  a  reporter  on  the
Toronto Telegram has been rapid,
bill well-deserved.
The city council meets in committee of the whole tonight to go
into  the  question   of  the water-
(works lo be started up shortly.
Interesting Photograph Arranged by Daily News Man
Reappears Now in Canada, Illustrated���
Has Had World-Wide Publication
In the issue of "Canada Illustrated" for September 1011,
there are reprmluctd pictures of
the first railway ticket issm .1
for an east bound train from
Prince Rupert, and pictures of
the ua.in starting from the wharf
depot. The illustrations are given
under ihe head of Railway .Notes
for ihe month, and the progress
of the c. T. P. is described.
Pictures of Prince Rupert's firsl
(',. T. 1'. train east, over the firsl
Inn*.h.d miles of completed track
from Ruperl have now been reproduced over almost the whole
civilised world. In every case
the picture of the first railway
ticket has been seizetl upon by
edi'.ors of newspapers and magazines as particularly interesting.
The ticket is a real curio as proved
by the fact that Arthur Little
who purchased ii was offered
twenty dollars for it within a
few minutes after he obtained it.
The fact that the idea of having
ii photographed by Mr- Davidson,
of lhe Peerless Studio, originated
with Mr. Fred James then of the
Dail) News st.'.IT who gave the
pictures of lhe lirsi train iheir
start on iheir round the world
lour through ihe press, shows the
value lo a. city of live newspaper*
They Will Educate the People as to Who Benefits by
the Tariff on Foodstuffs���Will Try to
Arouse Whole Country
(Special lo the Daily News)
Pittsburg, Pa., Ocl. 6.* Grocers
in this cily have begun a campaign
against ihe surag trust. They
im to make ii a. country-wide
agitation against the increase in
the price not only of sugar but
coffee as well,    Every paper bag
less.   I'rge your congressman to
vote for the removal of the tariff
on sugar. If he doesn't do it,
don'l return him to congress. It
is not our fault."
Pittsburg grocers declare that
within another year they will
have   thc   poor   people   informed
and every wrapper in which sugar I regarding the price of foodstuffs
is sent to the household bears I and that blame will be put upon
this inscription'. Whose responsible.
"The  tariff   on   sugar  benefits 1  	
nobody but the sugar trust. Where! New, snappy, up-to-date line
il not for the tariff this package! of ladies' waisis just arrived from
Would cost you 2 cents a pound (the East.   Wallace's. 2l THE DAILY NEWS
1     I
I     I
I     I
x* ���������
By CUve Phillips Wolley
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
I'ublishrJ by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION KATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-DAILY, 50c
par month, or $6.00 per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, 98.00 pat year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVBRTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 9S.
Nmv York-National Newspaper Bureau, U9 East KM St., New York City.
SEATTLE   Puget Sound New* Co.
LONDON, BMQLAND-Ths Clooghar Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
BOBSCatBnS   will  greatly  oblige  bv  promptly   calling up Phone 9*- in case of   through  lt  (or  some   fifty   yards  ut*.*
seer., but concealment being uo longer
possible, they rose now and ran.
"Fleet as an Indian." men say who
do not know Indians. Those who
know then would back Oxford or Harvard. Cambridge or Yale, to beat any
Indian who ever drew the breath of
the prairies Into his lungs. The trouble Is that most of the men who take
back these stories of Indian prowess
. i
"Though be htm grown mo heavy
for running -ong distances, Rolt had
In his time been a famous university
sprinter, and ihe long strain of wa t-
ing had worked upon his nerves, uut 1
they were like colled springs. When
the release cam* he bounded forwavd
as he had done when he was the tirst
string for his alma mater, and passed
Al as a motor-car passes a bus.
"To 'cm. boys," screamed Al. "Sock
it to 'sm! O.ive 'em hell!" and. yelling like a fiend or an old Cree brave.
he dashed after his leader.
To their credit, in spite of his pneo.
Luckily his horse was not hit. but
for a moment the Old man swayed and
nil but toppled fro:,i hit scat, but
though he rode bare-backed, he got
his grip again, and In tplU of the
deadly sickness which took him and
the warm trickle from tlu* numbed
shoulder, he managed to rtlck on,
whilst the loose horses, frightened by
the shooting, thundt reel past jostling
him as they went. Into the darkness
iu which Holt had vanished.
For a mile, perhaps he lei his horse
gallop,  almost   lying  on   Its  neck  to
Toma and Al were not much farther avoid overhanging bOU|
behind Rolt when he sprang at the '
log. than the second and third strings
are behind the winner In the quarter.
As Holt reached the log a group of
figures res, from lhc sage brush
They  had already -wormed their way
no-.i-dclivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
Daily Edition.
Thursday. Oct.  5
. maintaining a precarious position b> holding
6n to the horse's mane with his uuln*
Jttred hand.
Sorely against h'.s wi'.! he had to
let hts rifle go. If hli enemies caught
him the rifle would b�� useless now,
and he had all tha: b< could do for
the one good arm left htm
When at last he oa:*.*.*. out uron the
prairie he reduced bit ;a.e to a lope
aud sat up. muttenr.g as he guided
his horse with his kneet ar.d tried
to hold up his wounded arm with his
left hand.
"Winged, blank the::*., but not bagged yet, nor goln' to be by any measly
Chilcoten," but thoug:. Ms words were
reconnaissance In person, reported
that a band of Chllcotens was killing
cattle, but though the loss Inflicted
would be serious, he would not listen
to Anstruther's suggestion that an attempt should be made to drive off the
He was determined that the story
of the burning stacks should not bo
repeated. It was better to lose anything than to expose the women to
the danger of a rush upon the house.
On the second day there was not
even the sound of a shot to keep up
the vigilance of the defenders, and
the scouting party sent out by Jim reported all clear to the sky line.
"Our people have driven the Indians clear out of the country," asserted Anstruther. "Arson at night
is the limit of their daring. It ts not
likely that such miserable devils
would make a stand against armed
white men."
But Jim thought otherwise, and decreed the destruction of certain barns
and outhouses beyond the corrals, as
affording dangerous cover for an attacking force.
Tlu- members ol the fire committee are considering locations tor doI,*t ktK,w 8Ilvthing about tint-class brave his sleeve Wat rery sodden with
a site for a permanent tire hall.    This
is an important matter, upon  athletes;   don t know w.-.at it  means
,  . .    to come to London the wonder of your
which more than m man.\ matters, the hre committee must consult eountj-    and  find   yourself
only the public welfare.
the corner of Fifth Ave. and Fulton, street.     It is likely the greal
cost of blasting away the rock there will prevent that site being selected,
the architect, it is understood, having reported that the excavation
work ai that she would cost more than the building.
There are more serious objections to the site than that. Tht
Fulton and Fifth site is too far away tront tho business section���the
danger spot in our midst
country    and   nnu   yourself   a   ver
moderate second-class in town:  and.
, moreover,   the   raconteurs,   being   for
ire being made to have the new hre hall located neai  ,.,,, _,���.., rart authorities oa whiskey.
have no personal standard to Judge
by. They themselves think th.m*
selves men. The boys would call
them obsolete machines past (orty and
fit only for wasting good fuel.
But   Koli's  muscles  had  been  kept
hard by an out-dtvr life, and he was
still five years on the right  side of
forty, so that bis feet seemed to de-
With practically .ill our downtown buildings vour the distance, and in spite oi th if
, f   . .-..,.. i .1.     .���    efforts  the  shadowy   figures   of   the
built ot wood, with the congested nature ol the section, and the cer- intU,-, srew piaint.r. a-,.*. ont, ,urrie<j
i.tinty that if a tire managed to get he.idw.iy there, nothing could save   te face ^ terror panting at his shoul
the town, it is important that the tire hall lv as dose as possible tt der.   He had hardly time to see th,
' fierce  white  face.    The  earth  its. II
the danger .-one. teemed to rite up and strike him. and
It is quite true that there is a large   residential district   needing he knew no more.
,   ,        ,     ,,  , .,...,. , , , *wars after he was known at Billy
hre protection, and th.u the Fulton ar.d Fifth site would lv COnventenl   Brokenjaw.   He was more lucky than
tor it without being removed far from tho business section.   But the   the big Chilcoten Jutt ahead of him.
best interests ever, ol the res-eidertial district are served by looking
well after hre protection in. the business section.
At i:s worst, a hre breaking out in thc residential section could
be confined in ordinary weather, to the particular house in which
it originated. At it-s worst it would mean but the total destruction
of one house. But a hre in the business section in ordinary weather,
unless handled promptly might mean, the destruction oi the whole
of the business section, ln stormy weather it would meat', destruction.
It might also result in the hre running upwards .ind destroying the
residential section.
r\nd if the business section were destroyed our residences
would speedily become of little value to us.
The present site of the engine house at the foot of Fulton street
The hand which ttruck the t.ntet out
of Bl'.'.y. grtrped and clawed si the
nape nl '.re Ml n-.an't neck. For a
toeea pa.et i: teemed doubtful -��hi**-
ther wh*.*e rage or red terror would
wtn In tha: race for life, but the claw,
leg fingers ben*, a*. 1st:, and the Indians shock of black hair, being coarse
and strong at a horse't mane, the
grip  cf -.hose  fingers  held, and  th,
two men rolled over together. Uke foj   n<ver troke , wonJ lt.er t_e <������
and hound ln the final worry. mlnutet. which was unlike Al.
a warm sticky flu;.', which still continued to ooze Into ll and he was
growing so dim of light and dlxiy that
he would have rldd*.: right Into Rolt.
had not his horse shied.
Then for the firs- -'.me tince he
had grown to man s .state, the old
man cut a voluntary :-t eTen then he
held on to the halter rope, and managed to murmur:
"All right. Colonel Don't thoot
I'm comln' down," but he had only a
haiy Idea that Rolt was blocking the
way. hit rifle res::r.g acrott hts
horse's back, and Of wha: happened
for a while after he spoke he knew
His ditgust was -.-r.mense. and his
scorn withering, vbta he sat up
again with a curies bandage tied
tightly around his upper arm. and
beard the Boss ask whether he
thought he could st: on hit horse If it
were led for him.
"Sit on* Who. tba blank, said 1
couldn't tit on! I'm only barked a
bit. Mutt have kno.ked thit fool head
of mine agen a bough. I reckon, or I
shouldn-t hare fell e.f." But tor all
that he couldn't removal without assistance, which be Sa-cepted only under protest, and with a perfect ttrim
of oaths tueh as In .rdinsry times no
man ever heard hla use.
But once tn the taddle again, he
seemed *.o recover,   it ts true that he
rat five
sejueamith When he tmeilt It. he
teet the whites of an Indian t eyes.
and fee'.t a neck bending ba.k un'..l
It snkkt.
is an excellent one for the permanent tire hall, now that the grading
of the business section is completed.   There is no need to go far afield
in search    I another site     That two minutes difference in the ihe.r work.
length of Fulton street will make little difference to the firemen _ri,       ^"the""Vernal-:?!: Chlkotens
Roi*. and A! d:d no: stay to look at
in tit-htin.? ��� residential tire.    It mav mean all the difference   -"ad mcwsS too good a start to be
,   .            _T        ,    _.            __.   . __��� _u__       .���         to-        a         .   .augu:  up  now. the t��o -��r..:e m.n
between the salvation or the total destru ~ "    	
in lighting a lire in the business section.
between the salvation or the total destruction of Prince Rupert   j.-^^j _, c
at :he:* aould. Before :***������ ; uriner*
had covered half the dlttar.t the pur
tuefd had var.!th���d Into :he ::-.*.ber.
bu: a >:eai:'y. malgkl into
:he Indians' linet.
Through :he ftrt: rank of the p.nes
matter and man paste; unmolested,
running twttUj b.:: t'.l.r.-'.y unU".
K.-l: saw *.-d.t:;nct!y a m.-b .'. men on
Us right, uncertain, tt t e^ed. whs-
: :her to run :o htm cr a��sy lit *
* quarrelling .-.:-._ talkng nonsense to the newspapers | ^,/t .-_,..,���>_ n ���*_,,_. *,_* stnaas
heir awa  '.an*
A srritei in the April number oi The Arbor���the Toronto University magazine���^'.\s thai i ne of :'r.\ great defects of the aMermanic
system is after election  aldermen find it easier to keep in. th.
th.m ': iting useful id mis.
Wa.:.: d ���*.�� "... read the Vancouver, Victoria and Prir.ce Rupen
clucking   ��-���:*..'rait  of
The meaning of what A' MM Red   ding on  try ~t hard to atsiract their
legs at well at a bu. \. I never teed a
buck as would ttop because I tinkered
Tha: was :he tplr.t la which he. and
for the ma::.r of that. Rolt. too. rode
all that ntgh:. Tc the rough rtdert of
our plaint, pain or discomfort are not
things to be moaned over or made
much of. Like the beasts of the field
in this, unlets a ��ound '.t bad enough
H Stop the working ot their machinery, they go on at if unhurt. Wr.en
they lie down, tt ts with :hem and
with :heir rivalt. the Indians: to die.
ani :hs:. :oo. :_ey do qu!e:ly.
Roi*. and Al would willingly have
given ln. Their bodies cr*.��d :o thea
for mercy, for leave to thde ou: of
the taddle IMS the tweet-smelling
tage brush snd lie still, bu*. though
r*o*.h *��ere uv.erly spent, though neither hsd :at:ed food for twen-.yfcvur
hours and sat was badly wound* d
:he thoagtt a-f the lonely ranch wl:h
the two women tn tt was always before their ey.t  and key: them rlod-
I'c local exponents oi the doctrine of wnmwnir itetet ininisn
will have .. srgumeni in the Turko-ltahan war.   While thi
"��� rks - ... -a. ��� |:. r Allah and the glory of the Ottoman Empire,
the Italians ai fig ag for colonies and markets. It looks as if Allah
must ���;.- to make way for 1 -  trade ar.d commerce.
T.Uk aboul -.>a:ria*::-r.*.. MarysvUie, C I --:.*. :.-ki< the prist
rate the coming of President T.i:t on October loth, they an
-    -         -  "     '    , *'^'  '�����     -            - - **d clorgxTne** will lx
'     I          ft ���-   feral   .    ''    -      \-   .      Ktl Inn MM III there will lx
prices for              -                        unges le, the t.*lle��t couple
-     :*.-: .* ianda mem
V.-- one w_   ���*. ' risk     .*���   ^. ������ -���         ���'-
norol BOI rail is a sell ���**.  rii g|  tri
- -���     I S given with cai    ��. certificate.
i > *
-aiz mil
��-���*,    :r   -
:he s-
���       a  J       ���-���
to  IN-
Miss Alberta Clair is Endeavoring to Effect a Transcontinental   Tour   on   Horseback
Sar.u   V. nice,  the coaat  re- n
of Los A ^  i -. ami I the c!-..���-. i -
a laxgt thi ng
Mis- i .     a        spert ir the
use of   :'���       -   '     She  has  fre*
  qnentl] - ted     - ,.bili:\
San Ft      -     Oct.*!���Special to take cafe   I     -  I
���L.irxv!   '���> - :hc     She has one hundred .'rd ter
- *: $1 000, Miss days ia which to lir.ish hei   ���
Alberta *.    it is ��:������..      a       ���   tin  .vr.ter.:in.il journey.    H<- - *.
a\>u!d no: .i:.*. but he saw thi ��� V
ditperte. runn.ng appar.n^.y r
tame genera! dlrec:lcn a�� hlmte f
and he wondered even then a: the
marvellously true acv<n* ar.d ready
*��:: wu'.;h ri! for the moment deceived :te  !rd*.ant.
For twen-y  yardt   the    :��.-    I re
threats ths :mp��r.d'.nc bru,i .- '
dered '-. ������< dark among*: logt and
-ey .mergeJ u;
�����h::h  lei   :.*   K**.-
ey had had :li�� to U Mk,
���        .- . i lA*e>
:-* nu-r.ber* of aa
���uld wear tuci a trail la
A* i?: ��hat looked tn the
li-k ..le i brush lean -.- a man leap:
,�����:   i- i Al   ��ho ��at
so*  letdlai    ���      *. ��� i  t:i cry     But
i: ������ ISO near H be deceived
i-i  -'.-u-cr.  Al  ��at pas- htm. the In-
llan ti te t yi Hal: t way.
hack of hit
boyhosfi  day*     w ��� IWShM
- i 11 <  :*. | mm \ I H I*.-..  ����� i
:hen. tt :.e r _n .-Icses-d en h.m  :*um*
���i   ari   :*     - a-*.:   �����   tim.   tilted   the
steal with the butt c* ��� *
op-en hand l    *  tt hM head was thov.
ed aloot:  -*'f  I ���   ��� -��   ��sd  to
;asf-. 1  j g-va-  d:x p'.ne*
-   MOOd      : i  i   *,* ����� ���   through a
' H - ng fire*. *
::e ta.1 :**:n ::'::,  ;'. :b�� :;rt>���� run
ner tn frcn;.
At :tey ran a hseas wh:nn;ed   sad
���.       re.k.rg   '  -   i   -*.?*.:,    trar.ched
off :he =!*.: :-a.
"Holy tr.o'te'    he  ;au-��d   as K.- *
i  It     r borse
Pacific vw . ���   ���
���   stunh   cow
thi    \    . "   '.���x'J.w.    -.-.: she w
pan)      She   lefi lime margin I   man
a *
It a Persistent "Influenc*    Exerted   in  Your Behalf
Ef.rj bit et pcating taat f.-M .��.:  to ��*rre v.v. rsktrt ' J-'t,
K.*>1 of aa laapewtMoo. '    Pjs��r prtaMar -will Wave a (��oe  im-
������ vr.-xtx-c *    m***j****mjt
\*\l S?_i^*-L2___r?���* ***** *'********** " ettOly t.����
-u?__g_a et^q. iwsm, -., *,. _-����� _-_ T���
Dtiilu Stitt Budeixng
i * .     i_: *  teacs        Bsss
vorth :h�� r.sk " and he tte     IwtfUj
I along he  iuthet un::l  t.-ey
SSWSKd .*-*   -*.* a narrow swamp   n:t
ar. a.-r-e in I tl HM a    tsM
lr. :: :��er:y .-- -.ry 'o-tes had
been ;*:>*ke-*e*l an- at 1 i *���.*- i
>a*-*   * r.*: a t ��-  11��   :  f a It
ftm ��� J  ai   aad kit own  jack   I
led a- i < ashe-i shoot the hcr,er��
���    ���-       :he*.r tee �� or of any wfco
-.*���:-���  be on the :�����.
n.x  .-.-ap oa anu t I     -���   tdiWd.
- <       tsa     -Jusi;   I M ���
as   -.**!*    iass
minds from :t�� painful presen:. whih
had tt be lived -.hrough The n'.gh:
waxed and waned tor them, riding in
�����:t :ash'.cr ��-V.:��: :he unteen tivop
of '.nd:an horte* pattered bef.r.d
them. nc*�� tcrr'.ng to grate, now gal*
lop'.rg after -iem tn alarm lest they
should lose t tt: of their mates.
With the :.r��- ttreak of daw_ they
debouhei is��a -he edge of the home
pasture. fc��der��d by a thin fal. of
-Rufut and Old Regen:" MMStai
Roi- at he vause. for a ���SSSSSjj by
two mow *;r.nkled carafe What
accursed hmshstjl"
-   ,  mere of the same  k'.:.d.'
:   Al   feebly.   po'.n::ng  M  ciher
.-   mounds      They ve Winded
ur ani s.  *. I a.1 the stock -hey could
- *   --a-    :.- :hank Ocsl f.-r :ha:'"
-e hanl *.: -o**a-'.t
:he ranch hsast which came in tight
at he i;:ke
It  s *      H tot nntooched  at  far at
: see  nor -was there a: Indian   * all the coun:ry which
.nde 1  *.:.
R.-l-  male  an   lnar-ars!a:e   sound.
H*.��  '..;�� ��--,d for tte aomen: unable  :o  move   snd then   ;*c*.-:ing to
the house, he managed to say. -Can
? -u���
"Of court* I can. blank if   -rr-ied
the old man   **:ti a sodden r.ath fo
'.-t-f*     "You d   have  ridden  on  an
- ��a - ���' y-u hadn't t*-n such aa
* ga*ed :dx>:-~ but at  :he  lV��a
mi hit bcrte over :te  rise and
.'jwu the long meadow which led to
ail  he loved   Al suddenly  coliapaed.
and ���naartas   -Tour white. ;- tt]
blanked  *��h*::e   Rolt." slid easily oa:
* <   mite  rolled over,   and   lay
still, w:   ,- y , iorse. a^er one snort
,-f   tu���r.R    *-:n:   to    feed     ��.*���'..'
away from his prostrate form.
a: :��; l-����r .pen tis *:duraace to
the -err 'ar c*u;.-e. and wtes. a q���la^
-<- of an hour la:er. Jlm Combe   tat
-    -    * f.uri   he ci-1 aaa
��*.     -r   .*:��      .��� **le-*   ie hal fa en
ani a
���-_l.-*.��.��   C'   1-
*.  '---��� -��a-n-H *'.n
ci grace hid all b--:
r��c��n *.
Third Alenue
._.      .a,     -      -
Sa red
Roll obeyed htm as the last r*>+
**t teierv-i. and Ah losing hit head
at taat. <r**t*i la Ut Utumph. ">Vw.
' * as. yv.; tw.ae*- as he tw-aag
***<m**lt cm :���> ,t. t*ek o( the last
-*rt�� aa4 tailored tato the tawa.
A, ��� t: _r****r to his taaat. a doaea
tMlaaa SatheS lata the ofeatae. aa4
J>ir -w m�� nr���� w-~* tit***, potat
hsaxk ai the reUMtUt t-��an.
Ia the abeen.-e ot Rolt. Jtm Combe
.   command of the T*vr*r at  the
-i    ���*-'.-    er tv tu le- ared
i*   ��      iay  ;-.m insisted spot K^ok-
.    -     .        hi  : i ��� i e cf ��� ���-��
thitwfh     ss    Aastrather    pfOterted.
there wat **** an MM ta tight ��or.
he Attrrti ever .-.ke'.y to be scats.
The men were divided lato wa-chesa
to tha- ten ��at m>: as hewr cf the
day or night whta sstae ot thrm were
r * .* l- **:'����� " * -i -��.�� _n-
-Itetahea which ca-aM atttt the de-
to aay dlttaare   tiom   thetr
w. j. McCutcheon
Carri*-* compl��le slock of Drugs.   Special
attention paid to tilling- prescriptions.
Theatre Block phone no. 79 Second Are. I'.
l...*:.\i*:.\ BfeonCf ant*  F--rwardinff AfrenU.    For
Hk-i or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone 301
Gasoline Launches, *::c!nT.
For Hire by Hour or Day
H. J��knt��       Cm Cntk        P.O. Bn 187
Take nouce-.nai thir.,   ��� ��������,
-tap ui pt.,�� Hup^4;; ��� .   i
j bookkeeper, i.und totppli ��
miMioner o( Undi tot *.
icoal and petroleum ua u ;��� - E
I land on Oraharn UUnd dasenl     '     ' '   ^2
.     Comraenci.-.i at �� uo,, .    ..    ���
at L. K. B. Coal Least.':,; *���?** Bonk
; corner C. t. B. CoalU... ���
! i>0 chains, tr.eaee tm 5,i ,..
; chains,  ther.ce eait  JO eh_ *i
I mencement. ��� �����
I DatedSept. 11, l_n.    r   i
Pub. Sept. h. ^ b'    AlNT��-H,Ucll()f
j Skeena Larl Dlitrict -;,���,���-   -
, ,l��ke noi.ee tha: tn.;:.   i, *   tu
Bainter o(  Prince hu *,'-
bookkeept:. intend to ftp]
niiauoner of Lands tut a \.\s -
eoal and j.etroleum o-  _" lot
land on Giahun Uaa \ :��� ��� - '
Commi-r.cinj at a poet ;._ ���
i of C. E. U. Coal iA*.   ,
corner C. t. B. Coai L*ai*- ���.
50 chains, tbenee �����_*. K c_ - -
--   Q  .*-
Skeena Land Dtrtriet���District ot Coast Range I
Take nouce that H*ram Roy McTavish of
Winnipeg, Man., occupation barrister, intends
to apply for permiauon to purchase the following
dtwcr.bed lands:
Commeneing at a po.-; planted at the ���outhwest
corner w chains east and 41) chains north from
N. L. corner of Lot lllti. Harvey* Survey Coast
District Range 5. thence 60 chains east, thence
���SO chains north, tbence 60 cbains vest, ther.ce M
chains south to pest of commencement contaim&i
i**0 aciva more or lesa.
DatedSept. U.U11 KliUM BOY McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. i3. Fred W. Bohler. A��eat
Skeena Land District��� Dithct of Coast Bar^e 5
Take notice that Lottie McTavish cf Vancouver.
ccc-jpation   married   woman,   ir.ter.di   to   apply
for pertmsuoa to purchase the folio* :=f descr.Md
Commenci&c �����  �� post planted at the north-
***: eornec U��0 cbains east ani V char.* Mftfe
from N. E. c\-rr��r o( Lnt 1116. Harvey ��� Survey
Coast Distr.ct Bare* 5, tbecce 20 char.* *out*i.
ther.ee h- chains   aast, tteare so chaiai north.
'..-���r-ev  40 chains **���*#, theoce ev eti.z* south.
thence 4i> chains weat to past of com3encem��_,t
doa'.aiunc 4t.>o acrva more or !�����.
L>a:*dS��pt. 1&. 1��U. LOTTIE McTACISH
IXU Sept ii Fred W, Bl r.'.er, *��-��en:
Skeana Land Dhauict���District of Coast Banfe i
Take notice that Frank S. MCter of Loaoon,
Y.Tmf ��� occupauos eiv*J etr-'err. intends to apply
for permanoa to purchaae the loUovtng descr.:-*��a
Commeocinj as a poet plantad at the N*. E.
Corner of Lot -?. t&aace north -v ebaias, tbence
%wt t*3 chaina, tbeoee soulb ��0 chains, thence
east -0 chains to pout of commencement, con*
tainin( 40 acraa mere or teaa
L**:eu Aucust lh. 1.11 FRANK L MILLER
rut. Auc i*��. P. M. v . - -  y.<
Skeena Land Dtstr.ct ���District of Coast Base* **->
Takt sotaot taat Herbert J. blackie of Pecs*
brvke, Ont.. occvpauca iumtecman. inlands to
apply for perausnos to p-rcnase tne fo-.oam(
;rKT.:-e: lands:
Comseacts4 at a post planted on the '.*!** bar.k
cf tbe ��>-mouoiu or -tuo-a-cot-iu R.��er. at south-
aest corner oi Lot IT**, tbeoee nortbcfiy. foJoainc
UM weatefi)- boua-lary of Lot 1T06. ��0 cnaiu
nvcre or leaa, to ihe oortbvavx corner ol -a.. Lot
tnerxe ��ee--eri> aad scutberty. foUowac
tbe ieft baak of ��a*d n��ar. M eb*iae more or '****** to
point   of   cosoenceaect   ccntairi-c   160   acrea
-General Hardware��� J
-General Hardware
i             T
��� Builders'  Hardware
i 1
.   Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves   *
Graniteware        Tinware 4
... but he
Tfcere tt a particular tcec: toslar.   -,_._me_ on _i, v^f,,*, b_c_ Whn,t
not  ucllke  tie  smell  el dy'x*;  ttszt*  ^^ cc_i#M mi\*t ��est by ln t_e dark.
brut!*., which Eskis old nan Ro'.-. :-.re   q--^ oao<, Rc,;t ^.^ u_, muttertn��
to hln-ase'.:. "Guess '. can so on three
For Sale
Level lot near *?eal Cove at $350.   $50
cash and $25> month.
Two level lots near corner ol Eleventh
Avenue and Conrad Street. $600
pair.   E_5>- cash and terms.
Two double Lane corners on Eleventh
Avenue and Donald Street at $650
pair.   Easy cash and terms.
Lot 19, Block 26, Seetion 5.   Easy terms.
Fire, Life ui Accident Issanice
��� '��� ...
- - - -
Take notie* lhat tr.iro  :. .
Bainter ol l>nnM B��p��t   rJ '     L
bookkeeper, intend to .*.-
- mu_or.tr ol L-r.ei. (or ��   '.
coal and petroleu.***. on -���
_   land on Granam l...r: ;.- ��� '���'
Commencini at a po.-. ���>*_
-���   ol C.  E, B. Coal iJC ?li
' ] eorner C. E. B. Coal Uau .*.
ISO chains, ther.ce MM I   -  . ***
1 chatna. thence war. R c  . -
mencement, '        *���' ��4*
Dated Sepu 11,1411.    C. E. BAIXTEB l_
Pub. Sept. 23. *-  -=.M.-.i.ii.Loe_,
Skeena Land Du-.r.er*. -:-..-���
Tak. notice that thL-t.  :....
Batnter ol I^ince Kup��r��� b. '     -
bookkeeper, intend to ��;;..   ���
m-auoner of Lanels for 1 . >
coal and petroleum os and .- . -
j on Graham Island da-cr*.*-: _ . - *
Commencing at a po*. :..--- -
i ol C.  E.  B. Coal V*r*r ;.
comer C. E. B. Coal 1__- :.     .
W chaina, thenc* ��.*-. ... taain.   ���
chains, tnence em: ;e> ce*..*.. -.
|f_a��-j,-mi ce;^-'
Skeena Land Distric-.-D_t-.rtar   F Qua
Take nouce t_.i*. ;-.-.-  ;*
Bainter of Pnnca Rupart* b.
booitkeeper, intend u  s;;...
misaioner of Lands foe a ...-*
coal and petroleum eo aad   -
land on Graham Uuu. immi
Commencnj at a p-je*. ;.i-.:-
ol C.  E. B.  Coai  Uaa^   N.    .
comer C. E. B. Coal Lease N.   .
aO chains, tbence ����st ���**: c__
chaic*,  ttence east  s-j c:.*.--
DatedSept. 11.1911.    C. E. L.*..s:i.R.Uaa
Skeana Land Dlitnr.���D^'.r a -   ,
Take notlc* that tMRj  la; ���
Bainter of Pnnoe Rupen. n   C*. ���*-.*m
bookkeeper, intend to i;; .
mMiirtner of Lands for a bone
coal and petroleum oa aad .   tvsmi
oland on Orabaa IsUnd tombed .
Commescin< a: a p*^t'. , *      .
of c E. B. ��   a. :.._-.  :*.   .
conker C- E. B. Coal Lr-ue :>.   ..     '������**xat\
*-: chains, thenc* vest ���.  r - *
cbains. tbence east H c~*~:-
��� ���
Pattullo Block.
_ Atmmt I*. l��ll.
laatad AufW. E. ttll.    HERBERT J MACKiE
Pub. Aas M. l"r��i*r~-a *n Cl*-*---. A(tni
Scnca Luii Dacict���DacrWc et Com* Ran** v
Takt um ua: I, P��ur Enetawa at from
R-?��.-- labour. isue4 u apiMj foe peruao:
to p_-c_w�� u, iauoa-.st ds,il'ia��d _a_>:
..oo_a*ea*ig *z a pose c_n*.��^ on lh* nortb
���u_ ol Wi���_3u Crs**< *)h*r* ta. ra��� a**, net*.*
el-may *Ti*Mi*M aat S ���-*��� aaca !.-j*b ta* er-MC
ana. itaam tooth to e_������v. ihaam aam to
c������at, taa-Mt sons U e���_���h Weet* .mi si
rm. tab ti. Tr** E. Oaa *****
S-Mea Laad Wtcnet���Dacnct at Coast Rant* V
Taa* aoa_*  ���_:  I. John  Et������.-  _   l*r_c*
B^tR. tabgnr. *at_sei u *ae*A toe p���__���0
u pw-t���aa, tat '*���.-��_< _���a�����4 _ndt-
���.Tnii.nrnt *> �� to* piaatM at tb* aMth-
mm atram at Lx *,*.*, itaam aorta a*. ct_*j>
tateet mm W et* -a   taaaet nau St ff*a.-,��.
taeaet **tt m. ct-_a to pae_t vt   111 illlt.
l*t*> lati ti. Trt-l E. Cc-*- Aftet
^atnet���Dacnct ol Cvtm R_*_n V
it 1. B��r.*tT.*l A. Fat _ Toaatr.
S. .'. oeciaj*aats*ia =^t���_*. jr.xre.1 to a;.;..
'.at p**r-*��..a to ; -���taat ta* :.*._��-_* oaKruaC
Cocatsoas at a pan ���**���aced ea ���a taat
aauztaiy tat aboat tr* -__��� baa tat tow.a-
sate wraar a* let UK tana, tuna ml caj-at.
taa���1 ���ac l-j c_���at. taaaet so-������ ml c-.t -..
ttitan, aam A) c_������1 ta aaat al wiittrm-1 ���:
SS Juat M, li ti. BENJ.OI1N A. FISH
Pit*, loir ti. , r*d E. C;.*_, Ataet
5eL*eaa Laad Dtttrvt-CVttrvct tf Coast Ra���r* I
Taa* ���*-.<-<�� taat Per-cj M  Hilar ot Pnaot Ri- '
pan. ac ,ti mania Onl E���rma. .ata���ts u
tapir l-tWBiimii u ir_-c���u* ta* :*_otnac
'e-ea.-r.M-d Aad*
C aara*�� a! a pott s������ttd aa tla mjtt baa'.
.' Uc.Nni R.t*t at watt aatt .-vrntr at M **��
K. V_ taeac* taat a cbaiu sen tr leaa to ****:���
��� -.-..- :t-      ���  : -:��r     - -.    *      .--   * .- :��-
*MH taaaet aortbeni falmw tast latali
mm-HTtf naaa bast to rttiti Bar* m mm
t* atrtb aatt caratr mt tasd asbac '.���ee.s. taeaee
aetter. A cbaat aort or ita* to ieft baak tf
sttHeC Ri.er. tbteea Mutbtr.-T (ou.-a-.aa saal
aft baa. tf MrN- Rj.tr *> cbamt waa or let*
to po.it erf 1 tatirntaisat. mata-ataa I* acne
���ore tf aaa.
E. r*taa*. tut-:
r-Atx i*j 1*. uu
.���aweaa Laad Oacm-tlMtnrt rf Cassiar
Take aetata tbat L IV���aat Carter, tf l*r are
Risen, tarasana earataur. >it*at t   ..
lor lira aiu tt llllbll, lb* fesJterta* titter >
*. *.::
CiaaaiiM at a ��tM Haattxl abrat oca a-a
_*.u f��a tat aoau rf Tarn ee*** aM abtat
��� --. tart (na tbt btacb. tatata tt rba-at
stmV*. tbtaat t> caa.it aast, tieao* a, ce_.it
>-. ��� .tamoaia-iinri  .-*-
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furoiahad and
Steam Heated Rooma
Dat*dS��)t. U.191L    C   il       -
Skaena Land Dutnct ���D^v .-   ��
Tak* notice that t��.-rt..  :*. ���_
Bainter of Print* Rupen, :
Poo&aeeper,  intend to a;;..
=..__-o_.Tr of Lanes for a    ���
eoai and peCro��**4m  ot* t*:
land oa Granam laland d��-<T  ���**, .
Commeoctac at a poat platted
of C. E. B. Coal Leu* St
corner C. K. B. Coa. Leas* Sa. -
8*0 chains, tbecce  ���*��*.   >.
9*u chains* tbenc* east 50 Cfca-tai
W. H. Wright. Prop        M Hi 3;
..Whites Portland CemenL.
PWae 125      Ntlet Black       Skms* kit
Dated Sept. 12. llll.    C. E. B.UNTEK. __��
Pub. Satyx-U.
Sknaa Laad Dtttnct-Da-.r -
Taat aouet taat t .- .    .
B_.��i*r ol Pnact H_p��r.. t
booa-ttfar. ���laad to app;.-
bum)c-i cl Laaa. '..:
aaal and petre���ua oa aa.
__-! oa Graham l*a.ad dacr..- . .
Comma-actas a! a por. ;-
ol C.  E.  B. Co*. Leaut Kt
eviraer C. E. B. Coa* Lettat S
.0 rati-t.  ���aace taat  -v  .-
h) crtira. tatcct attt x*> ezA--A
Datevt -jape 12. ll'.l.    C. E
l-ub. Sept. t*.
bkewea Laad Dtttnct ��� Dj-
Taat aot���a taa: ta.-... :.      - . .
Btaaartab erf Praia K.p*r.. .
bank maaaetr. inte: !
*"a.-.i*r al Laaa. lor a -.*��
���aj oa Graham laaa4 imer. -.a
Coc__eac_�� at a potc ���*-.*; :  .        '��� * ***
at C. E. B. Coa: Lta*. .s.
-ana A. T. B. Coa. Ltas* .->
K* cha���a. tbeaee eatt >.- : * a
***-������   taesce aatt  .--.  e.-j.-
A. T. BRuI : ..
Dateel Sep<-12. Ull. C   :    - -     *  ***
Put. aapcU.
5-teaa Laat Dianrt-Dau-^-. *' ?
Tab* aaun tbat Ibbrq ���-* -
Brocer.ca at Pnaa RaptR. .-
baaa ���aaaiar. ibttad to *i; .
���_������atr rf Laaa, la a jc*a.-��
e���C aad  peer���t��m ta aat
���a-1 oc Graham laa*-l ;-*���-  .
Co-mmeectae at a ���>.*-: ; -* -
erf C.  E. B. Coa. Laaa  K
am A. T. B. ��� oa. Ltaem *���     .
so r-a-a. tbtaat n>  -   .- -
su it i-t  Uacct aat K. ca.
Saceaed Atrnue. aaar McBr*d*
. <*  $epc. II
Fur Sec*. ;
Dated;air *tb.mL
Pab Aas Kb.
Skteca Laat Dacnrt���Cnarac rf Coatt Rate I
Taat Kta tbat 1mm ���>   T.  as.   rf o��-���.-
rj.***���a   la������   muipatwa   mm-rm.   ���a--.il,   te
attir^ta aara-haai tt *nrrltit tbt la_.-*-��
" a
at i ;.ote -,**.-.-rl a tbt statbav
lata ta tbt risbc taaa
.< . raau. ansa Una, -:* *x*i ;_*t .*_* ate
rf Cm Lata. Tbtaat tasU SI emtaa. tbaat
���ate r. ��� --- atrt m am tt tbt tbart Sat at
Ota Lab*, tbaat aatbat*. aat aatcalj W-
.-������=�� tba taa* -at rf Craa Lakta tbt taac
a Craa Laaa tm* Kaaj ailia lata xa :m
***** et aammtmmmsmt, antaasas l.-rtj .aeat
am m tarn. Liaisl Aarac *. SU
:���*__ Aa*. ��. Ull. JESSE It. TALL-IAN
.*"*.:. A* U.
."bias Laat D*aertct ��� ftarirt rf -;.*atc Raiat V
Tata aeon tbat  L  -m'|s  E.-M rf  Tra-asr
Nau Dabaca. I'   1 A, taraa. aaat M *****
TAKE NOTICE tha*. I a��i r����iv��
tenders for thr laz>i knovr. at Lot 1105.
:.a-.-�� .". C^stt Dittnct. ProTir.c* of
Br.tith Coauc-.bia. Thu it on* of thr
cbotecctt pircrt of laad ly-.ng ak-.-f tha
���fur-era r.vrr and eoctaias about 155
aert-t. Th�� lsnd it erowr. pa=t��d.
Tenders mitt b< in before tbe fifth day
'. OcSsktft MU. The hifhert or any
laaSst not neevsaanly acdepted. For
f-rtber partc-jlars apply to ibe BBsW-
A*��*fr.e��  of  H. C.  Breeker.rxlfe. Box
l_S.Prir.-ce R.p��ert. B.C.
aaeeaa Laad Datr^-.-Dat-vr .
Ta.. :<:n :-..   ���_-.*  :.  -
bemaene* tl l****-**** R.p*r
a���ib ������iac*r. _*.*c -. u a
- ******* m Laaot (tr a ******
aaal aad a*CRta_a a ��.*
aurf ta Grabam t-aal tsar
taaaenan at a pea ; a* -
rf C.  E. B.  Co*: Lata*  K
aanm at A. T. B   e��
taa w -aat, -aaa aau *
" r        A   T
1-atadSepc 12.U1*.. A
Ptb.    St*!-   St.
Sataa Laad Datntt���*>*:���*:
Taka mu, tbat u  :
B.   C.
aaatjr la tbt cUrf i*
a tm Itr a merem u ; - ���
. at
-a-, aa tbt Sa Ctatt ;���'    *���
Caaaaaoas m a pot-. ;
rf tba iinl-ta, aanm at .   -
s caa-a aatb. taaat M eba. *
K   tiA^A
bataa Laid Dacrrt-I a-
Taka taca* tbat Aac-
r travtr f.-r -
tbt lteSta-_{
Sensible S-ffestion Made as to
a Reward fcr the Kin*�� s Pri*��
AtrrtN >:
L.-rata-l Aanat lac *.��*
Pab. AM. IT.
M     .'--'   ���:���
****** Laat r-aejw.-tasc-a rf Coast Sa-ft
Taa* aaaja taat L Cbn
aatitt-r. MtaS ta tsa..* la
_�� 1,-taHa aaar-iad aa���
Caaaataai m a mm muil a tbt ******
- La Na   '."J  na*? rf "
lAatt    Oe
N   E     .
tt -Sana luaa aM tt aaa. tatna aa-_ IS
IS* ana. ntr*   i* aa
cawrrorHis j*a or^Hcv. :
:aaa<<ec-. O. It;: -.l-IA-M -****m
c-  '���
T - or ���      On    4 ��� \  puNic!
- h.'�� l^rr- Itcncd trith {���   .
the object      - &JL2S1
aaa Laat Dacnct���:
Tabt aecjta tbat Aaoa U
Clifford ot she H)th Royal
adier*. * * * - ��� -        -    K - v ���
�����t the B -.-..    -i-re m��:   t\
.-*. r-   m tbt iin>aa
Oa IW IM -iv after -.-> ��*->��_-r=*��
<rf tte ��oaa*. thota ��*?�� immrst o,*e
Ua boft hack. AM* Hm. a*,* ������.-^ ,
��� ���*��� r ~*i
Stmt   M     '
Lit '.-U.
W aaa *aa W
oTOimisse* hr ���- berr. JCTaI^S!- '"*
re*er:.';ive cf ��� t) dtmrr.t *ftM-m* Laat patrw-r**
ard   -a-ki-ers  oi   the  courtn-  to1^1??.-***"*" '
-ui thesugfTrstior. i*,___i __!
E\tt>   other  ftp-ne***.- _ii"uSl
h,��    WOT - K       .    -
tiT_^**iSt5^1irrf  ��� :h -i
-ocn in the ease o* Privati  *C___SS^
i   K	
Largest Stock
t  I     General Merchandise
I   Lowest Prices  in Northern B. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
ft_i       a_^
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Consfservice ��� FamouB Priicess
Princess May
Friday, October 6th, at 9 a.m.
Victoria, Vancouvtr anil Seattle
| J. G. McNab General Agenl
|Doul)le Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
t. Prince John sails for Port Simp-
ton, Naas River, and Stewart, Woil-
ntadsys, 1 p.m.; und for M:.*-->*i and
Nadan Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
For Skidegate, Bote Harbor, etc.,
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper River
ibnd trains from Prince Rupert Mon-
ilnys, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1
p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
unit Sundays at 4 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Sjrilem
loniiecting with trains from the Pacific
im t operates a frequent and conven-
ent aervicc of luxurious trains over its
louble track route between Chicago,
ornnto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
urtland, Boston, New York and Phila-
I- : !.*.... Atlantic Steamthip bookings
frraiigcd via all lines. Full informs-
and tickets obtained from the
lllio*. of
Skoena Land DUtrict--Dlitrict ol Cout Range 5
Take note* that Union! Sew-all Bell ol Princa
Hupert. It. C. occupation locomotive engineer.
intend* to apply lor ptrmlaaion to purchaae the
(ollowing deecribed landi:
Commencing at a poet planted on the north
bank of the Zimogotiu River about three (3)
miles dUtant (upatroam) In a westerly direction
from the junction of the Uttle Zlmogotiti River
and the main Zimogotiu Hiver, thence north 40
chains, thenee west 40 chnins, thenoe eouth 40
chains, thonce east 40 chains to post ol commencement containing 160 teres more or less.
Dated Juno 7, 1911. LINFUHD SKWA1.L BELL
Pub. July 8. Goo. H. Putnam, Agant
Caatlar   Und   District���District   ol   Skaena
Taka notlea that I, Lemuel .Freer ol Vancouvar,
occupation broker. Intend to apply (or permission
to purchase the (ollowing dusribodr lands:
Commeneing at a post plantad on tha shore
In a northerly direction Irom Port Nelson Cannery
marked L. K.'a S. E. Corner, thenoa 20 chains
north, thenoe 20 chains west, thence 20 chains
south to thora lima, thence along tba thora to
point o( commencement, containing 40 acret mora
or leaa.
Dsted June 10, I'Jll LEMUEL FREER
Pub. July 8. * J. M. Collison, Agant
Skeena Land District���District o( Coast Range 6
Takn notioe that R. 1". Miller o( Tipton. England,  occupation   larmer,   Intends  to  apply   (or
permission  to  purchsae  tbe lollowlng  dtacribed
Commencing at a post planled about 60 chains
wett (rom the N. W. Corner of Lot 4406, thence
north 40 chains, thenoe west 20 chains, thonoe
south 40 ehalna, thenoa aaat 20 chaini to tbe
point ol commencement containing eighty acrea
more or leaa.
Dtted August 19, 1911. R. P. MILLKR
i'ul.. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agant
Sketnt Land ' i**rict���District ol Coast Range &
Take notlea tnat I, Thomas McClymont ol
Prince Rupart. B. C*. i��ccupat!on real estate
broker, Intend to apply (or permission lo purchase
the following deaenbed lands:
t Commencing at a peoi planted at tba S. W.
corner of prvempllon record 412, theoce east ho
chains, thence south 40 chaini, thanca *eti Hto
chaini lo thora of lake, lhanoe following ihore
ol lake In a northerly direction to point ol com-
inencvmsnt; cuntaining .Oi acres, more or laaa.
Dtted Sepl. ... 1911. THOMAS McCLYMONT
Pub. Sapt* 9. Ervnatt Cole. Agent
Skeena Land District -Dislrict ol Coasl Range 6
Tako notice thai E. ll. U. Millar ol Falmouth
Eng., occupation surveyor. Intends to apply (o
iwrmitston to purcbaae the following deecribed
Commencing tt a poet planled at the N. W. Corner of Lol 4406, ihence west 00 chlans, ihence eouth
20 chains, ihence east 60 chains, thenca nortb 20
chains to Um point of commencement contsining
160 scree more or lata.
Dtted August lb, 1911. K. II. G. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 86. P. M. Miliar. Aftnt
Skeena Land Dkttict���District of Quaao Charlotte
Take notica Uut Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation uddler. In'cnda to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and Worka for a
licence lo prospect for -��aL oil and peUoleum on
and under tbe follow! of described landa on the
Weet Coast of Graham lalan.l
Commeadag at a poet pUnted three miles east
of tbe northeast corner of C. L No. 4472 thence
  SO Chains,  Ihence
t SO cbains to point ot
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in Ihe Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
-ill  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to vitit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. til.UCK. Sec.
Comfortable Cottage
Rooms, upstairs and 4 rooms
tm Kround floor. Lath and plastered.   City water-f 25 a month
Second A��e, Princa Rupert. B.C.
Frai-er and Fifth Rt
Th-* .mir h..l*l In In**",
wllh h')t and cold a-.t-
*r In r.mm*. 11**. faf-
nlshed houl* neolh "1
Vancouver. Rooms fen**
un. Phone tl. TO.
Box 129.      t       1       :
Prudhomme * FUher      Proprietor*
i.t-iih HO cbaina,  th.nc*
south SO chains. Ih.nc*
, AUSTIN M. BROWN, Locator
I ..rued Auiuat l.t. inn.
Pub, Aut. It.
Sktana laad Dlalrlct���District ol Coatt Rant* V
Takt twite* ibat I, i-n.r Lantn ol Toantr.
North Dakota. U.S. A, llrmer. inland to apply
l..r wrmlasion to purr hut tbt lollowini dtrcrlbtd
I'ommenon, at a poll plante-l at tbt aouth-
���ast comtr ol Lot IT29, lh.no., loutb M chaina,
thenre �����at io cbaina. Intact north m chain..
lhanc* eaat 40 chains to point ol commencement.
piled July 16. ISII. rl'.TKK LAKHKN
Pub Jub������*.*.. ISII. Pnd E. Coaal), Aftat
Skeana Land DMrict���Dlitrict ol Co*at Rantt V
Takt mill*, tbtl I, A.lolph II. Chrtttlanaon ol
Tnarntr. North Dakota, ocvupaUoa attorney-
tt-llw, Inland to apply tar permiatlou lo purchaae
th* t-.llo.ln, -l.awiila.I laadt:
Commapdin at a pott planted about on* and
one-hall mil.* (I 1.2) north���ul ol th* head ol
Trout RI����� on tbt aaa*. tiett ol I tktlit Lakt,
ind tbout b chaina Irom tht laka-lront. thenc*
touth M chain., .bene, air* SO cbaina, thenoa
north M chaina, Ihtooi ���at M ehaiaa to poll!
ol comm*nc*m*ent.
Dalad Juat M, Itll. Fi-td K. CoatU. A*r*nl
Pub. July tl.
Sheen. Und liatricl    I).��rir1 ol Caaaiar
Taka nolle* thil it II. Meat,, ol Vancouver,
B.  .  ,  occupation  truckman.   Inlenda  to  tpply
(or i* fm-.-*i--n lo putrhltt th. I..llo. en, dltcrlhad
Comm.ncing it ��� Mat pltntad 40 ch.in* toulh
of Pr-a**mption No. at. .nd 1.2 chain, aaat from
th* Naaa Hl.ec 18. Vi. Cl, thtnr* 40 chtint taM,
Ihenc* 40 chtint north, lhanc* 40 chtint a���t.
th., re 40 chain, eouth to tht point of ommence-
m. nt lo cantlln I1" ten* mat. ot Imm.
Dsled Sog. Ull Jime* T. lullerton, A,enl
Pul.   Sepl   St.
Skeen. Und DUtricl -Dtttrtcl ol Coatt Rantt 6
Takt r.ottre thlt Harold I.. Smith ol Moral*,
Alia., occupst ion station tf-enl. Inland* to tpply
tor ixtmi**-on to purchlat the lollowln, dttCTitad
Commanclng al a pott planted at tht south
went corner 100 chains east ind 40 chtint north
fmm N. E. rorner ol Ul HIS, Hiroy'i Surrey
Cotel Dirtrict Range ft, thence 40 ehalni tan.
thenre Wl chtint north, thence HI chlim weal,
thenct SO rh.in. touth lo pott ot commencment
con. lining *120 term, mon* or lesa.
I>... I '..p.   II, Itll. II Mini.I) K. SMITH
Pub. s. pi St. Fred W. Hobltr, Asm
Skeen. Und I)i.tri"    Di������),-! ol Coaat Hang* V
Taka   notie*  thlt   I,   Ptul   Hagen   ol   Princ*
Rupert, Ithortr,  Intend lo tpply lor permlaaIon
to pufrh.ee the following dearrir-e-d la n't.:
Commtedng tt i pott ptanted on tht nortb
hank ol Williams Creak ibout SO chlinl south
eM Irom R. R., .he-met toulh 40 chilni, thenet
tail 40 chain*, thene* north 40 rh.in.. thanca
wast 40 rhslns lo poinl ot en-mmenrement.
Piled July 7, 191L PAUL IIAOEN
Pub. July tt. Fr-I E. Cowtll. Agllt
Skeena Und Dltlric-l Dlitrict ot Quatn Charlotlt
Tikt notict that Auttln M Brown ol Prince
Ruperl. orrupstlon ttddltr, intend* to apply to
th. .Mel I ommtasinner ol landi tnd Work*
lor a lioenr* to protpect lo, coal and oil and petroleum on and under tht following datcrihad lantla
nn tht Weat Coatt ol (Inhim lilind:
Commtntlng it ��� pott plltiled thre* mile* eatt
ol lh* aouthwe-at comer of C. L. No. 4477 thenee
80 rh.in. tail, thane* 80 chains north, thtnet 80
chtint wart, thenc* 10 chtint touth ta poinl ot
men mental i lent.
Dlltof loeition, 81tl July llll.
I'ub. A... If.
Sktani Und DMrkt���DsMrid of Quean Chtrlollt
Tikt notlc* thlt Aurtln M. Prown of Princ*
Rupart, oceupillon it-idler, Inland! lo spply to
lh* Chitl Ootnmltt'on** ol Und. ind Works Inr ���
llr.nr* to protp*el for coll, oil ind pe, roleum on and
under Iht lollowlng detcrilad Undi on tht Weal
Cottt ol e-rshstn Islsn-t:
I'ommtnelng tt l prat planted three mil** e-wl
ol Ihe *outh***t oorner of C. I. No. 4472 Ihence
norih 80 rhsin.. then,* tail 80 ehalna. Ihenee eoulh
80 ehalni, than** attt (W ehtlnt lo poinl ol eom-
meneement. ^^ ^   BROWN. Locator
Lonted Augutt ltt, lilt.
Pub. Aus. 19.
*^.4--.~---.-_. i__.
Mujor Bnulshi'.w, of the Eleventh
Hussi'.rs iviul one of the best kr.own
luintars of big game, is expected
to arrive shortly in British Col-
uinl-i*'.. He intends to go ufter
sheep in the Lillooet district.
M  M   M
Frank Kalus, ihe Pittsburg box-,
er, throu()h his manager, George
Engel, lays formal claim to the
middleweight championship of the
world and is prepared to defend
the title i'.gi'.iiisc all comers, Klaus
tr.kes this step as a result of the
���'.ction of Papke in falling to cover
his forfeit of si,000 that he can
stop P;\pke in a twenty-round
bom. Papke is the man whom
the public has regarded as the
champion in that class, although
Thompson beat him. Since then
Klaus gave Thompson a bad beating. Klaus is open to box any
midleweight in the world who
thicks hc has a right to lhc title.
He is also willing to give away a
little weight and box Jim Flynn.
Manager Welsh, of the Westminster lacrosse team, states that
the Torontos have signed the two
Springs, Grumpy and Cliff and
Marshall, of Westminster, for next
season. This is the outcome of
Percy Quinn's trip west.
The stopping of the Johnson-
Wells light in London, England,
is regarded as a test case which
has a wide bearing on the future
of pugilism in England and the
greatest interest was a.roused at
the outcome. Richard I). Muir
and Travers Humphreys, who prosecuted I >r. Crippen, wife murderer, appeared for the solicitor-
gcttcttil* Curtis Bennett represented Wells, while Sir Forrest Fulton
and Eustace Fulton looked after
the Interest of James White, the
promoter of the contest. Johnson
disdained counsel and announced:
"I appear for myself." The defense tried to obtain an adjournment contcndiii' that insufficient
time had lieeii given them in
which to prep-arc a case upon which
lhc whole future of boxing depended. Solicitor-General Sir John
Simon represented that since 1891
in twenty-two heavyweight championships, the loser in fourteen had
been so punished that he was unable to proceed. Johnson, he
said, had knocked out thc last
three of his opponents.
X    K    H
"One thing ihat is overlooked a
great deal." states the thin and
tactful Cornelius McGillicuddy,
manager of the champion Athletics, apropos of the general discussion about things baseballlc,
"is lhe value of catchers to a club.
The catcher can get you in bad
almul as often as anyliody if he
wants to, while on lhe other hand,
a good backstop can hold up a
wavering club a whole lot.
Strictly speaking Jimmy Gabby,
the Milwaukee exponent of lhc
flslic cull, who aspects to In- hailed
as the undisputed welterweight
champion within the Immediate
future, knows very little concerning the effects of a knock-out
punch, although he has administered the sleeping potion on many
occasions. Only once has Clabby
been tapped hard enough on a
vital spot to send him to the
floor where the referee loiinti-d
the tragic leu seconds. In Clabby's
record is an account of a mill he
had with Jim O'Lssry in lt'iHi.
when O'Lssry delivered a knockout blow in the fourth round.
The reverse sustained at the hands
of O'lxary came in the childhood
of Clabby's career, in fact it was
only his eleventh fight, and very-
likely  by   this   time  Jimmie  has
forgotten all sbout the rapid trait*
Ml from thing- worldly to empyrean surroundings. In the five
years  that  have  transpired  since
the O'Lssry incident Clabby has
journeyed upward sup by step,
without once being seriously in
danger of having lhe suppleness of
Ilis frame crumbled. Clabby contemplates another tour of tin-
Antipodes, and expects lo Lav.*
for Australia this month.
Forty-four States have adopted
an age limit for the employment
of children.
This Is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Flexibility Their Keynote-
Give Natural Contour of
Naturally, the keynote of the
new corsert is flexibility, This is
obtained by lightweight material
md flexible boning, together with
a low bust and straight hip lines.
There are any number of models
designed along these lines upon the
market now, so every figure may be
properly corseted.
The former objections to the
low bust corset are counteracted
by that useful little article, the
brassiere. When this garment was
first introduced it was intended to
act as a supporter or reducer, but
it is now as generally worn by good
dressers as is thc corset itself.
One manufacturer recently stated
that he had one hundred different
models in brassieres, which is a
positive indication that every figure
can be perfectly fitted. With the
new low bust corset ard the
proper brassiere every woman.
regardless of her natural figure,
will be comfortably and stylishly
corseted, because while the Ugh.
and flexible corset will confine the
figure it willl afford free motion
and the brassiere will take care of
the figure contour above the waist
One of the new models, knowr
as the hip confin.cr, which extends
from iwo to three Inches above the
waistline, will probably become
popular. It is already familiar
to the athletic girl aud gives
perfect freedom of motion.   Ii is
staletl that this corset, worn with
the proper brassiere, will bring
the figure as near to the natural
lines as the average Canadian girl
will care to be.
This new fad has at least resulted
iu putting woman a ther ease
and she can now sil and bend with
some degree of grace���at thing
impossible with the former style
It has already been observed
that there is a marked degree of
improvement in the walk of the
women of fashion as a result of
the new supple corset modelled
along the natural figure lines
And that is something.
Let   Your I Imagination   Run
Wild and It May Kill You
Can you make your brain your
murderer or your rescuer?
Some of the episodes of the
studies of the brain and lhe
nerves have been intensely tragic.
In Warsaw recently lhe Polish
novelist Reymont was to be tried
for having written a short story
that criticised the government  A
local attorney, filmed for lhe success with which he predicts the
results of trials long before the
decisions are rendered, was asked
what   would   be   lhe  outcome  of
Reymont's esse.
"I can't tell that he answered,
"bill I do know thai the judge
who tries him will die suddenly."
The prediction became generally
known, and such was the dread in
which the local prophet's predictions were held that every
judge endeavored lo avoid the
bringing of the charges. On Judge
Fabricius, who was a close student
of the Supernatural, the reluctant
duty fell. He acquitted Rcyniont,
it was believed, in the hope of
averting the fatC foretold. Nevertheless within Bit hour after he had
returned to his home from the
courtroom he WM found sitting
in his chair stone dead. Warsaw-
has now elevated the lawyer who
foretold the misfortune to the
heights of an infallible prophet,
but science, wherever the strange
tragedy has been discussed, has
unheslilatingly   attributed   Judge
Fabricius' death to the mind's
fatal influence over the body.
Supply of the Hair Market
In parts of France and Northern
Italy the volume of hair collected
is from combings, says Good Housekeeping. The dealers carry on
their business all the year round
in stalls in. the streets, and the
women flock to them with the
accumulated family combings for
the week. Curls are employed lo
sort the combings, which are sent
to the nearest factory to be cleaned
and prepared for market.
Russian, and Polish hair is
brought to this country in large
quantities. Tin- peasant women
of these countries work in the
fields without head covering, and
the action of the sun so bleaches
and roughens the hair that it does
not bring a high price.
The peasant woman of Normandy and Brittai \ furnish most
of the fine blonde hair that comes
to market. The national headdress of these countries���the coiffe,
a linen cap which completely covers
the head���make it possible for
a woman to sacrifice her hair
without disfigurement. The busy
peasant woman tends her little
daughter's hair from the time of
her birth with the greatest diligence, caring for the scalp and
brushing and airing the hair dailj
to bring it to iis greatest luxuriance.
Bkwmt l.und District -DUtrlct ol tjue.-e.-n Charlotte
Ttkl. Ilottoa tliu. thirty eluys trom ilmii, 1, C. E
Buiem-r ut I'rinco Ruport, 11. C, by occupation
bookktopBr, Intond to apply to tin. Chi*.-! Com"
miitlonai uf Landi (or u lioanot ��o proapeot lur
coul uml  pt-lroli-uin un untl  under  '-lu  ucrt'-e ot
lunel on l.riihum lnlunel dcbcnli.-et us lolluws:
CuninteiK-iiii* tu u pusl plunu'el Ava miles cast
ot Coul Laaaa Nn. llt/i, ihurkoel C, K. U. Coul
Lease Nu. 1, N. K. corner, thencu west 80 chuinH,
thence smitli ho elmins, tlience out HU chuins,
thunce neirlli M) ehalni lo nlucu ul cuiiimencemunt.
Dateel Sopt, 11, 11111 C. K. BAINTBR, Lucutor
I'ul). Se-lit 'I'd.
Skeenu l.unel Diatrict- Dislrict ul l)uee-n Cliurlutle
Tuke nulii-e thut thirty iluya [ruin elute, 1, C. K
Huinier nl i'rince itupert, II. C, by uccupuliun
bookkeeper, Intand lo upply tu the Chiel Com*
mlastonar nf LtndlI fur u licence to prospect lur
cuul untl pe-truleeim un untl unele-r ulU ucrea ul
lund on Graham ������Ad tiescribeti uu IuIIuwh:
Conill.eiu'lliK ul a post plunleel  livu mil.-a eust
ut Cuul Least Ne,. MIT, murkcil 0. li. II. N. W.
comer Nu. ]i. thence south HU chuins, tlie-nce eiuel
HO chuina, thence nurth bU chuinH, thencu wont
HU chuina tu pluce ol cummencemenl.
Uule-ISepl. II, Hill. C. li. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 88.
Skeenu Land District���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotta
Tskt noUoa thut thirty tluys Irom dale, 1, C. K.
Balnier uf I'rince lluperl, 11. C, by occuputiun
DOOkkeopar, intend tu apply lo thu Chiel Com-
iiii.-.-k" .: uf Lunda (or a licence to pruspecl (ur
coal uml pelrtiluuln on und under e-iu acru* uf
land on (Jrulium Island described us (olluws:
Cummi-iicin-- ut a post plunleel live miles east
o( Cuul Lcuse No. 4-l7o, marked C. B, 11. S. W.
curner ul Cuul l..-te.<- Nu. II, Ibence east hU chains,
thence nurth HU chains, thence west H0 chaina,
thence auuth H0 chainH to pUce u( cummuncement.
Dulcel Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTEK. Locator
I'ub. Sepl.i*).
Skevnu Lund District���District o( Queen Charlotte
Tuke nutice that thirty days (rum datu, 1, C. li.
lluiiite-r uf I'rinco Kupert, 11. C. by occupatlo.1
bookkeeper, intend lo upply to tho Chiel Com-
mihaiuner ol Landa fur u licence to pruspect (or
coul and petroleum on and under 040 ucrea of
land un Cruhum Islund described ua follows:
Commencini* at a i-u.-t planled live miles east
ol Coul Lease No. 4471), marked C. K. IS. S. B
corner Coal Lease No. 4, thence west 80 chains,
Ihence north HO chains, thence east 80 chainH,
thence south HO chains lu place of cummencemenl.
Dateel Sept. 11, lull. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 88.
Skw-nu Lanel DWrict���Dlalrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Take nutice that thirty elaya Irum date, 1, C. E.
Bainter ol I'rinco Hupert, Ii. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply te, tho Chlet Com-
missioner o( Lands lor a licence to proapect lor
coat and petruleum on anel under 040 acre* ol
land on Graham Island deacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a liost planted two mllea notrh
of slake marked C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 4, marked
N. B. corner C. B. B. Coal Lease No. 5, Ihence
touth 80 chains, thenco wc-el bU chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenct eaal 80 chuins lo placo ot
DatedSept. 11,1911.    S. B. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. SepL Tl.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���Dlatrlcl ol Queen Chralotte
Take notico lhat thirty d*f* Irom dale 1. C. B.
Bainter of I'rince Hupert. ll. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend lo apply lo the Chiel Commissioner ol Landa tor a licence lo proapeel lor
coal and petroleum un and under 040 acrus ot
land on Graham laland d-acrihed aa follows:
Commtncing at a pott planted two milea north
ot C. B. B. Coal Lease No. 11, marked C. B. Bainter
N. W. corner Coal Leaae No. 6, lhrr.co toulh 80
chains, thenca east 80 chain., thence north 8U
chaini, thenco wett hO chtint to place ut commencment.
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C. B. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. Sept. ��1
Skeena Land DUUict���DUlrict ol queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dayi (rom date, I, C. B.
Balnter ot I'rinco Rupert, it. C. by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to thu Chlet Commissioner o( Landi lor a licence lo protpect (or
coal and petruleum on and under '���:" acrea of
land on Graham l.land deecribed as (ullowt:
Commencing tl a pott planted two mUet north
of C. E. B. Coal Lease No. '1. stake S. W. corner
Coal Leaae No. 7, Ihenco north 80 chaina, thence
eaat 80 chains, thence south 80 cha)na, thenct
wett 80 chains to place ot commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,19)1. C. B. BAINTBR, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 2*1
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District ol Queen Charlotta
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westt-nhuver Kroa.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
l.aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 361
of British Columbia of B.C.. Onlarln, Sat-
and Manitoba Bars. kateiitwan  and AL
berta Burt.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Offlce-Exchanire btex-k. corner Third avenue and
Sixth ttreet. I'rince Ruoert. 8
S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental eipcrntlum skilfully treated. Gai and
local anasthctics administered for the palnletl extraction uf teeth. Consultation free. . )tliee*a:
Uclitcrsun Bluck. Prince Rupert. 11-18
The New Frock
Thc short, straight skirt, high
Waist line, and loose blouse, with
a .-.lightly low-cut r.cck, although
not new in design, will be worn
all winter. The newest models are
.rimmed with lace embroidery,
braid, ard buttons in ways lhat
give them quite a distinctive touch. | B���' f-gg* egg^E ,fif^��S__i
Heavy silk cord outlines the joining | ^keeper. .Mend ;;r?^.h. t-hieM-om.
point of bodice and skirl, and is
fastened on the side willi a. twisted
loop.      Long   tassclul   ends   fall
almost to thc hem of the skirt.
The slightly low- reck is finished
with a pleated collar of hard-
kerchief linen ci dgtd with ("lm \
or ;t fine Valenciennes lace. There
is a,cravat of silk lied in a flat
bow or four-in-h.-rd having two
narrow ends ganhing to the waist
line and weighted with silk tassels.
Beneath the three-quarter sleeve
is a four-inch urdcrslecve of net.
Such a frock can be made of satin,
silk, serge, Worsted, or one of the
soft cashmeres that will be much
worn during the fall.
Alex. M. Manson H.A.,     W.K .W,lliums.it. a., l.t. I)
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. 0. BOX 2S
n i*ii. or wu. roxoN, i --j, a.r.a.m., i ..s.. knq
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Su
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Ladies' ard children's sweaters,
"Monarch Knit." Big assortment
on hard at Wallace's. 2t
You Daren't Have
If You are an
Sneezing is ore of tlie neatest
perili that oonfronl aeronauts, declare! Harry A.wood, the American
"On my ili^hi over Cleveland,
Ohio,1' says Mr. Alw< <>d, "a small
ii-scei Hew into my nose. I felt
the   sreezirK   eopvulsion   COmlr.g
op and fought against it. KeMiz-
Ing that a sneeze was Inevitable,
I braced myself so that I would
p.ot Ion possession <-i my senses
even for an instant.   It was the
first   time   I   ever  had   to  sneeze
while in. the air, and it immediately
dawned <>n tne that more than one
ivlator probably owed his death
lo a Bn6eS(���the Spasmodic jcrkirn
of   the   head,   the   brief   loss   of
sense direetiop, and, probably a
jerk of a lever which made recovery of balance impossible. He-
ieve me,  I never again  want  to
meets while flying*   Il is one of
the most serious jn-tils of avi;��iiop."
co-il and iH-troleum on antl under (i-tu ten* of
land on (iraham laland dmcrtlwd aa followa:
Commencing at a |M>tt planted two mlini north
of C. V.. It. Coal lx****** No. 4, marked S. I. corner
C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. H, thence nortb 80 chalm,
thence went bU chaina, thence eouth BO chaina,
thence i ****** M chaina lo place- of commencement.
Uated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Ucator
pub. SepL 23
Skeena Land Dbtrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty davi from .Iat.*. I, C. E
Daintt'r of Prince Hupert, It. C-, by occupation
bookkeeper. Intend to apply to the Chiel Com
niisMnn r of Landa for a licvnco to proepect fur
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acraa of
land on (iraham lttand deacribed aa folkr
Commencing at a poat planted five- mllea eaat
of Coal Leaae No. 4474, marked C. E. llainter'i
N. E. corner Coal Laaae No. V, thenon aouth HU
chaina, thence weal 80 chaina, thenee north HO
chain*, thence eaat SO chaina to plac* of commencement.
Hm. i.-.j.t   11. i:.il.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
I'ul.. Sept. 23.
Skeena l*and Dlitrict DUtrict of Queen Charlotta
Take nolle* that ihirty daya from date, 1, C. E.
Hainter of I'rince Hupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intnd lo apply to tbe Cht*f Com-
miMinin r of Landa for a Iteenc* lo pnnpect for
coal and petroleum on and under t*10 acrea of
land on Graham Island daacribed aa followa:
Commencini at a poat planted one mile north
of C. E. B. Coal Leae* No. 9, marked N. W,
corner C. E. B. No. 10, tl.-rr.re aoulh HO chain*,
thence weat HO chaina, thence north HO chain's,
thence rut W> chalm to place of commencemenl.
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. E. UAINTEH. Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Tak* notice lhal thirty daya fronm dal*. I, C. I.
Hainter of Prince Hupert, B. C. occupation book.
keeper, intend to apply to Uie Chief ( omrnlaaloner
of i -i.,<l" (or a licence to prospect tor eoal and
|H-t r-clt urn on and under 940 acre* ot land on
Uraham laland dtscritted aa followa:
Commencini al a poat planted two mllea north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaa* No H, marked N. E. corner
u _, of C. E. B. Coal Lata* No. II, thenee aoulh HO
Hay    Fever   chaim, thence mat  HO chaina, thenc* north HO
^^^��� ' chain*, ihence eaat HO chaim to place of com
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. SepL 23.
Skeena Und District DUtrict of Qu**n Charlolt*
Take notice lhat thirty dava from date, I, C. K.
Balnter of Princ* Kupert, 11. C, by occupaUon
bookkeeper. Inter.d to apply to lb* Chief Com- ,
miaainhrr "l Und for a llcvnc* to propped (or j
cual and |��etrnk>um nn and under 640 acre* of \
land on (iraham Island described aa followa:
< I'lhii. - ��ud at a ;HMt planled two mllee north
ot C. K. B. (oal ]a*v**> No. 7, marked C. E. B.
Coal I ��� -������ No. 12, thence aouth HO chaina. thonc*
eaat HO chaina. thence mirth HO chaina, thenc*
weat ho -chain* tn place of orimmencament.
Dated Sepl 11,1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena land District DUtrict of Queen Charlott*
Take notice ihat thirty day* from dale, I. C. E.
Bainter ��f Prince Hupert, ft. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper. Inlend to apply to lh* Chief Cum-
miaaiotit r of Und* for a licence to pro-spec! for
r.-il and petroleum on and under 640 acre* of
land on (iraham laland daacribed aa followa:
Commencini at a poat planled two milm north j
of C. K. B. Coal Uaae No. 7, marked S. W. corner
C. E. B. Coal I**a*e No. n, ihence north H'>
chain*, thenc* eaal HO chaim, thence ao'ith HO
chain*. Ihence ��e��i B0 chalm to place uf enm- '
Dated Sepl. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTEH. Locator
Pub. SepL 23.
.Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte '
Take notice that thirty dava from date, 1, C. K. j
Bainter of  I'mre  Hupert.  It.  C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to Ihe Chief Com-
mUaionrr of Unda for a licence to pr��*poct for '
coal and  petroleum  on and  under 640 acres o!
land on (iraham laland deacrihed aa follow*:
Commencini at a po��t planter! t�� < milea north, I
of C. i. B. (oal !>ea*e Nn. H, marked S. E. come  ; I
C.  E.  B.  Coal  Uaae  No.   14,  Ihenee  north  B0 11
chaina, thence wmt  M chaina, thenc* aouth  80
chalm, ihence <a*t 80 chaina to pier* of com-1
menremenl. I
DatedSept. 11, 1911.    0t E. BAINTEH. locator -1
I��ub. Sept. IX "
Skeena Und DUlrict    DUlrict of Queen Charlotta | -
Take notice that thirty day* from date, I, C. E.
Balnter of I'rince  Kuitert,  ft. ('., hy occvpatioh '
Imokkrrper, Intend to apply lo the Chief Com- ���
miaaioner of Unds for a licence to proepect lor
coal and petroleum nn and under 640 acre* of
land nn (iraham laland dp-trrihed a* followa: I
iimmencini at a poat plan(ed one mile norih
ot ('. ft B. COM I**���* No. lo, marked C. I It.
Coal Uaac No. It. Ihenc* north HO chaina, thenc*
weat ho chain*, thenc* aouth 80 chain*, thence
eaat HO chains to plac* nt commencement.
Dates! Sept. 11,1911. C. K. BAINTEH, locator
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Plumbing, HralinR, Strain lit ting ani
Sheet M- tal \V-.rk
Otaee: 3rd Ave.. \V.��� ...h..|.
I'hun* 1T4 2nd Av*. l.-i   Til. and Hth SU.
For Beginncra and Advanced Pupilt
Mitt Vera Greenwood
I'm-il ol Pram W.l. .*k. Parlt and Berlin.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upttairt
=_    E.
EBY   CS,   Co.���_,__���
Kitiutnkalum lap I For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
Th* I'rl/ic* ItutH-rl l*.lgr. No. tit. Sons of
Kntlan.1. m**t* lh* first tn.t third Tuttdava In
���ach month In tht Sont of Kn-rltnd Hall, Kit 2nd
Ava al - p.m.
F. V. CI.AKK. Hre..
1' 11  ll ���. Bl Print* ltup��rt
EKNKST A  WOODS. Prttldtnt. Bo�� ft
Tcarhcr ��f Piano. Violin and
VoIcp Culture.
Between"?!** 8th Sta.    ,,rin" Rul*rt
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
IIIAH..I S Itl'A'aOV mii.i:
I'NI'l  III 1. l.i! -  AM. I MIUI,Ml  I! :
Puntrat   I,i r a-, ,..r��
it.I Avt. n*tr -ih St. Phone Nn. M
..Grand Hotel..
Worklntfmnn's Home
Free Labor Bnrran is Connection
Phonn 178 Iat Ave. and 7th St.
The Mark Realty anil Iiisiirapci
Company have moved to u-in-
porary office in the Exchangi
niink. They will move tato ;
permanent office i�� the nt* building at ilu- i.irt'tr >.f Second avenue 	
,...., I   .    I   I ouo*****-p*T, inienn v __
at'll llllll Street lOOn e'S Completed,   mission*, ol U*..l. Ie.< a'1lt*nr* to pre*,!**, tor.
roal tnel iw��re��l��*iim on and und*r filO atrea ol'
Oil land nn I'.raham Island df-M-rll-eel at 1e,11o*rs*.
  I'einHnrnrinn tt n posl planted two n ilw. north I _________^^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^_
*���~~*������������������---���-��� 0f (-. -.*��� n. c.,.1 i��um. *,������. io, marked N. K. I _, , .,    .   ,,    ,        .,
tMacUT VAI1D I AWn ntioru aoit  W* '' **. *> ('otl !.*�����* No. ir., ihence toulh  MaKRiinot *.: 1 eri(xlical�� :: Newspaper*
NOTICES IN THE j ���?en!l'.";t,h'''w "", *�� ****** l�� *''"" "' *m" CIGARS
NEWS I fi*!*!!*!-*-!*** Ull.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator |
SVoeni land Dlitrln    I.isirlrt ot queen C.harloti
Take notice Ihll thirty davi Imm dtl*. 1. 0. K. 1
Ilainler ot  I'rince Hupert,  II. t'.��� l.y orrupsllein
i hookkeeper, inlend to apply lo the I'hlel Com- '
Utile's NEWS Agency
Pub. Sept. 23.
:-.  TOBACCOS -.:
Genial Climate,  Level Sand  Beaches,  Well   Stocked
Rivers and Good Shooting Combined With
Good Boat Service Will Make
the Island Popular
(Special Correspondence)
Masset, Oct.���In ilu- years to
come, Masset tnlel will be a tourist
resort. The beautiful stretches of
beach, with the wild flowers and
fruits, and the opportunities for
fishing and boating, will attract
visitors in large numbers. The
owners of launches convey pas-
sengers i<> the Btreams and rivers;
along the banks are grassy spots
for summer homes, where bathing
can be indulged in.   With a nun
and fishing rod the sportsman will
find amusement that cannot fail
to give satisfaction.
Along thc east coast of thc
island are stretches of hard, sandy,
beach, twenty miles in length,
on which automobiles will lu* used
for pleasure and speeding. With
wood, water, fish and game in
abundance the camping grounds
cannot be excelled.
Within eighty-five miles of
Prince Rupert,  the Queen Char-
lotte group of islands must add
to the attractiveness of the fast
developing northern country. Rich
in oil, coal, timber antl other
natural resources, and with a
climate  that  compares favorably
with that of Vancouver Island.
there are reasons why the next
few years should prove that there
is a country, right at the very
doors of the people of this country,
that will be inhabited by thousands
of families.
Towns and cities must spring
upon the Queen Charlotte Islands,
antl the opportunities for investment are within the reach of every
resident. It is an almost "lone
land" today; but it is within a
reasonable distance of the terminus
���no further than Victoria is from
Vancouver and Seattle���and, with
its waterways, resources, climate,
and all that goes to build up a
country, far excels any of thi
known is,amis in this country.
It is the Most Powerful in the Marysville Plans a Novel Cele-
World and  Effective at Ten      bration in Honor of President
Thousand Yards.
Washington, Oct. 4.���The British navy is equipped with a torpedo
Baid to be effective at 10,000
yards or nearly three times the
range of the most powerful projectile now used in the L'nited
States navy, according to information brought back to Washington by an American naval
expert, who recently discussed developments in gunnery, tor|x'do
craft and the relative method of
target practice in the British and
American navies with some British
naval experts.
The existence of this torpedo
has been kept a secret and it was
by a mere "slip" by one of the
British experts that it became
Marysville, Cai., Oct. 4.���A free
for all marrying festival, where
icenses and clergymen will be
furnished free to all applicants, as
well as prizes for the oldest, the
youngest, the handsomest, the tallest and the shortest couple to
be married on that day, will be the
feature of a unique celebration
which Marysville is preparing ir
honor of the visit of President
Taft October 13, according to
announcement made today by ().
W. Harney, secretary of the chamber of commerce of Marysville.
Much Mentioned Disaster Real
ly Happens on Centre Street
Yesterday Afternoon.
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
BIt*-'^-'��*'^����^M^M-***'^��l**--^>--^|--Wl--^��^��--^l-^|f    t
*\\s*r*m ***** **mt,tmm**s,tt*m.i**^.ttmm4,* ****** ***.���� *^��i-����ii*��<S8
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plate liliiss
Employer's Liubility
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
1' S    li.Mi-a.-s and Rentals.
���fra-*******!********-.****--, II-^il*-^*-*-*,�����������������������.��
For Rent
.. ��� ..*fc..sfc..J
Furnlihol roomt with lu.ili Surcnel nun by
thc week.   Talbot House. I***"
Neatly Furnished roomi, gentlemen preferred.-
Apply Mn. Mullin, ov.r Majestic Theatre,     tf
Nice Kurnliheel Roomi, Mrs. Ur.vi.wooJ. Alder
Block: Third Ave. Wt8
For Rent-Furntihed num.. Hot an.l colel water
with hath. Digby Roomi.. (til Ave. and Fulton
Street. tf
For Rent-Som of England Ili.ll. Ut Und'Ave., for
11.tm-.-a. Fraternal Societies. Socfala, etc. Apply
Frank A Kills. Box 869 ur phone ������>. lUfi-tf
The Princess Alice Left Newcastle Last Week on Her
Voyage Round Cape Horn to
There will soon be put into
commission by the Canadian Pacific railway in its Pacific Coast
service a new steamship, the Princess Alice. This latest addition to
the Company's British Columbian
coast service will probably be put
on the Vancouver-Victoria-Seattle
triangular run. The new boat,
Which w.i- built by Swan Hunter
and Wigham Richardson, Ltd.,
Newcastlc-on-Tyne, was launched
May 29 and left Newcastle last
Friday on its way to Vancouver
around Cape Horn.
The Princess Alice is practically
a sister ship to the Princess
Adelaide. Her engines are designed io maintain a speed of 18
knots an hour.
In addition to the ordinary
coal bunkers the ship will carry
fuel oil and the boilers will befitted with a complete oil-burning
Mr. Edward Whymper, Well
Known in the Rockies, Pas-
sws Away in France.
"It's an ill wind that blows
nobody any good." When the
flat rig carrying some dozen boxes
of fine eating apples to the Northern Produce Company's store on
the lane behind the Stork Block
turned topsy turvy on Centre
street yesterday afternoon there-
were soon numerous small boys
on the sj)ot like flies round a honey
pot. One of thc cases of apples
got split in several bits by the
crash, and a number of fine eating
apples got so chipped and bruised
lhat they were left to ihe small
boys as wages for the service of
gathering up the good ones. (F.
Carl, the manager of the Northern
Produce Store, was a boy himself
once, you see). .-\ "Daily News"
reporter whose name betrays his
nationality) happened to be passing
at the time, and joined the happy
throng. An apple happened his
way and the verdict was "Finest
flavored fruit in Rupert."
At a recent meeting of the
United Hebrew Trades, in Manhattan, N. Y., it was decided to
aid the tailors in the organizing
campaign they are now carrying
on to get all the trade in the
country into the union, as a preliminary preparation for a general
strike in 1912.
Alabama, Florida, Gcrogia, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina,
and  Tennessee all  have laws re
quiring all employers to provide
Chamouni, France, Oct. 4.-Mr. s(,,ts for |hl.ir femak, employees.
Edward Whymper, artist, author
and traveller, is dead.   Mr. Whymper weis a noted mountain climber,
and was a medallist <>f the Royal
Geographical Society. He ascended Mount l'elvotix in J861, and
tlie Points des Keritis, the highest
p.-ak in the French Alps, in 1864,
also ascended tha Matterhom,     The  average  wage  of  school
ind climbed mountains and mude  teachers in Kansas has more limn
explorations in Ecuador and ln I doubled In the past ten years.
Canada, where he was one of the	
pioneers in'making popular the The new G.T.P. News Stand
ascent of the Rockies. He was for LoWney.B delicious Choco-
born in 1810. late8> freBh from the factoryi   tf
In the United Stales lhe average
iroductivity of the worldngman
is $2,400 a year, while in England
the average productivity of the
workman is only $550 a year.
for very many years as ;��� great
and a rising city," said Mr.
Cogger, "and to anyone seeking
an investment or b new home
the attractions thai are to be
found here offer the finest possible
ii duo ment.
Real Estate Prospects
"From Information 1 received
ihis afternoon it gives me much
pleasure to know that several of
the leading real estate men are
going to the old country early in
the New Year with financial cntcr-
priscs which owing ;.i the nature
ard conditions of the schemes
ihey are about to place before the
Brili-.li public will, I am sure, be
readily taken up. The influx
of British capital into Canadi
is increasing day by day, ard this
will undoubtedly continue for many
yei.rs to come. British Columbia
offers unique attractions for the
British investor in tint its manu
f.'.cttires, mining, agriculture, and
fisheries are unparalleled, and can
be found ro where else in the
world. Prince Rupert as lie
centre "f so rich p, district Inland,
and with such wet l.h of fisheries
at her tloor is bound lo flourish.
Get Good Citizens
"It is important to secure '.he
right type of immigrant for a city
such as this," Baid Mr. Cogger.
"This i- a matter which should
receive careful attention at the
hands of the city council, inasmuch
as an undesirable class would not
only be worse than useless but
would do the cily a grcat deal of
harm which should be avoided at
iill costs.
"It would be in ihe interests of
the city for the gentlemen who
iire proceeding to Ft gland in the
New Year to bear this important
matter in mind aid interview the
Canadian Immigration Agents in
London iis to this cogent factor
in the upbuilding of the city. A
strong   step   should   be   token   at
once in regard thereto."
Social Life Here
Regarding   the  life  of   Prince
Rupert socially .and as a community Mr. Cogger wis favorably
impressed with all he has see" n
far. He commends Prince Rupert
citizens on ret.titling the franchises
of telephone, lighting ard water.
He is pleased thai the city is
awake to the importance of good
sewerage systems, and that natural
advantages favor their construction. Regarding municipal ownership of utilities Mr. Cogger said
"The securing of this redounds
certainly lo the credit of tht
citizens. Municipal ownership
throughout the world is always
desirable. Private el terprise it
this direction unfortunately has
its limitations although it has
undoubtedly many advantages in
oilier directions."
There can be ro doubt thai
Prii ce Rupert has very favorably
impressed   Mr.   Cogger,  .id   .hat
will  give  widespread  expression
to the city's advantages ar.d Bt*
tractions through the pages of
"Canada" which goes into the
homes of capitalist .id home-
seeker alike In the Old Laid,
i'.rd circulates all over lhe world.
The action of the Cigaimakers'
International Union in adopting ;���.
label to distinguish its produiIts
from those of ill-paid convict,
Asiatic, or child labor, was gradually followed by other labor
organisations) until tow there are
sevei ty-nlne union labels in use
i in the United Stales.
For Sale
Open an Account Today
Deposit a portion of your weekly earnings and
you will be surprised how rapidly they will accumulate. We will add to your savings 4 per
cent, interest on monthly balances. In a short
time you will have saved enough to make a profitable investment. The accounts of ladies and
children receive careful and courteous attention.
The Continental Trust Co.
Second Avenue
For iale-Special for thlt wwk. bean pota 25c.,
at Hart's. 226-229
Fur Sale���Chicken Ranch. 2 Storey house, house*
hold iroodt. Near Prince Itupert. A map If
uken at once.   Addreat Bo* '>���'������*. tf
Fur Salt1- Irish Terrier doit pUM luxHinwd. ffrlt-
ty. irood companion!. u ������- color. Goddnnl
.trot., 96 Water St. Vancouver. 216-227
* 1
j Insurance \
OUR Companlet are noted for prompt and juit
settlement*. We write every known class of
Inaurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
ttf t**tmt ***matW*9**m
Wanted Nunlnv. [Obstetrics a specialty.
Residence 829 Third Ave.  I'hone 243 Red.   226-227
Wanted. ��� Cleaning antl pressing, alteration!
and repairing for men and women. Dressmaking
called for and delivered. Mr* Chirlei Percher,
SO Third Ave.   Phone 294 Red. tf
Wanted 10U0 men to get Jt and ISO suit* made to
their measure for S25. American ityle, tatiafae-
tion iruaranteed. Dominion Tailoring Co., Vancouver.    3 dava at Royal Hotel tf
Lost and Found
Found-Engraved cuff link.   Apply at Canadian
General Electric Co., If rlntyra Block. tf
FOUND-2 Small Keys.   Inquire at Newa Offlce.
Loet��� Ladies' watch In bracelet.   Reward bv returning to Newa office. tf
LINDSAY'S "s^age^
G. T. P. Transfer Agenti
Ordtrt promptly fllltd.   Print reuonablt.
OFFICE- H. B. Rochtittr. Ont rr St.    Phont 611
Vancouver Assize* Open on 9th.
Many Witnesses from Rupert to Attend.
Efforts made to induce the
Attorney General to have assizes
held at Prince Kupert have been
unsuccessful, and accordingly a
number of principals and wit
nesses in recent cases to be tried
by jury, will go lielow by the next
Following are the cases and
names of t|n> principal witnesses:
Rex vs. Dr. Lew and Mah
Hung. Procuring and theft. Witnesses Dr. Cade, Kilty Stephens,
Emma Hewson and Chief Vickers
Rex vs. Homer Woods, attempted suicide. Witnesses Chief Vickers, Dr. Trcniilyne, Ralph Fisher,
Alex Mathieson, Victor Tompkins,
Charles Thome and Daniel Lyons.
Rex vs. (larks, forgery. Witnesses R. L. Mcintosh, J. R
Morrison, J. W. Wormald.
Rex   vs.   Isshi,   murder.     Witnesses   Dr.   Large,   A.   Forsyth
William   Godson,   C.   Carter,   K.
Irye, G. Cunnignham.
Rex vs. Isshi Bashi, manslaughter. Witnesses C. P. Hickman,
S. J. Macdonald, G. Chambers,
K. Tottori, S. Koyan.agi.
Rex vs. Yam Shita. Witness
Kawl Moto, H. Kamcda.
Street Chat
Ole to Jock:  Is the city council
very good to foreigners?
Jock:   You bet.
Ole (surprised):  That so?
Jock: Sure! They let the Cam*
oul gang work 10 hours on an 8
hour contract aid help the Montenegrins to get 10 years free room
;\rd board.   (Advt,)
Organized labor in Atlanta, Ga.,
has purchased a siie ard will
soon begin the erection of a 830,000
labor temple,
The highest Oreintal wages are
paid in  the  Phlliippines,  where
the   ordinary   laborer   gets   from
twenty tO fifty cents a day.
Fewer women over sixteen years
of age are employed in the southern
cotton mills than in the mills of
the New England Stales.
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We carry everything in the feed line. also garden aeeds at the lowest market prices, at Collurt's
olg Feed Store, Market Place
Prompt Delivery
Phones ll or 301
In tht County Court ol Atlin Holeltn it Prince
Rupert in tht Matter ol the "OfBciil Ad-
mlnlatrator't Act'*
In the Matter ol the Eiute ol Duran P. Latkovlch
deceaaed. Int���ttate.
TAKE NOTICE that by order ot Hit Honor.
Judge Young, mail.- the ill at day ol Auguit, 1911,
I waa appointed Administrator ot the Eitato ot
tht aaid Duran P. Latkovlch deceased, anel all
partita having claima againil the laid Estate are
hereby required to forward same properly vended
to me on or belore tho 30th day ol September,
1911, and all the partiei Indebted lo the uiel
Kata.e* art required to pay tho amount ol their
Inetrlitednett to me forthwith.
DATED tht 6th day ol September, 1911.
Official Ail.ni.ii.tr.it.ir.
One lot, Block 22, Section 6, Seventh
Avenue.   Price $800, $400 cash.
One  lot,  Block  6,  Section  5,   Fourth
Avenue.    Price  $1200.    $400   cash,
balance 1 and 2 years.
Two lots, Block 1, Section 6, Fourth
Avenue.    Price $3600.    $1500 cash
balance 6 and 12 months.
One lot, Block 33, Section 7, Seventh
. Avenue.     Price   $550.     $250   cash,
balance $25 per month.
Two lots, Block 17, Section 7,   Seventh
Avenue.   Price $1200 pair.   $400 cash.
Two lots, Block 49, Section 7, Ninth
Avenue.    Price  $750   pair,  one-half
cash, balance 6 months.
The Big Furniture Store
Partial List of our New Wares
In our Second Avenue store, which is one hundred feel deep, tt*
carry Reed and Rattan goods, Arm Chairs, Rockers, Sanitary Couches,
1 >avenporta and Bed Lounges. On our shelves you will find an immense
display of Hotel White Granite and Vitrified ware. In ihi- depan-
ment we have everything to set up the finest Dining Table. Wc carry
a dozen or more stock patterns in French and English China, ;irij
sell them either by the piece or set. We have fancy Brie a Brae of all
descriptions. We have twenty-five styles in Teapots from thc indi<
vidual hotel to the old fashioned Brown Betty. Fruit Jar** and I l"-ur
,-\s we buy these goods and Bar Glasses in fifty dozen lots n
are sure of getting right prices. We stock perhaps a hundred different
styles of Glasses.
We carry a large stock of Cutlery including "Rogers 17."
In stone ware we have bean pots, butter crocks, jugs, filters and
foot warmers. Knamel ware and kitchen ware complete. Basket!
in many styles and sizes.
In this store we show broken lines of decorated hotel ware, at
very low prices to close, as wc will not have any more like them. Al��u
it few samples of stoves.
Here we also show Linoleums in a variety of more than twenty-
five patterns. .As this stock was bought far below the market value
we are selling them at a great re-Juclion���SO cents to $1.50 per yard.
Here also vou will find lamps in a variety too numerous to mention.
OUR SECOND FLOOR 50 x 100 (t.
This large space we have filled to the roof with fun iiii- of all
kinds al our usual low prices. Here also we carry our reserve stock
of crockery, glassware, ard stoves. Vou will find her. an erdles
ariety of carpets, bedding, blankets, comforts. pillows,
and perhaps more than S2000 worth of jiorticrs, tapestry ar.d lac
curtains and all other curtain materials.
This, too, is the home of the famous Ostermoor mattress.
Chiffoniers, Dressers and all kinds of case goods in greal qui p.tities.
Iron and brass beds.
Framed mirrors, all sizes, in French, British ai-.d Genu, n plate.
We also have a large stock of mirrorplate in British ai .1 i.irm-r
plate which we frame [lo order, in sizes from 30 x 48 down. 11 i-* incomplete house furnishing store���largest stock in the north
4 room house, Ambrose Avenue, plas
tered, best harbor view in city. Price
$1837. $500 cash, balance $30 per
5 room house, unfurnished, newly papered and painted, basement. $21
per month.
5 and 10 acres, garden trucking at
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 per acre.
10 acre tracts, garden trucking ar
Kitselas.   Price $60 per acre.   Terms
76 x 100 feet on Third Avenue, level
Good lease.
$10 down nnd $10 per month  buys a
lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Skeena Land Dittrict���District ol Coait Range 6
Taka  notice that Sarah  E.  Alton ol  Princa
Rupert, occupation nune, intendi to apply lor
permission   to  purchaae the lollowlng  described
Commencing at a pott planted at tho Northweat corner 110 chaini eaaterly (slighUy north)
Irom tho northeaat corner ol Lot 1116 (Harvey
Survey) Coaat DUtrict, Range V, thence 80 chaini
eaat, thenee 80 chaina aouth, thence 40 chaini
wait, thence 40 chaini north, thence 40 chaina
wett, thence 40 chaini north to pott ol commencement containing 480 acres more or less.
Dated June 14, 1911. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Fred llohli-r. Agent
The average rate of wages paid
to skilled women sewing machine
operators in the United States
varies from SI .60 to S'2 a day. The
same class of labor in France,
Germany, and Switzerland receives
from 30 to 50 cents a day.
The American Brotherhood, an
independent organization of blacksmiths in New York, has, by
unanimous vote, decided to affiliate*
with the International Brotherhood
of Blacksmiths and Helpers.
Second Ave and Sixth St.
Phone 62
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are ottering for sale a very limited
umount of slmres of stock at 25c per sliuiv;
par value $1.00. These Bhares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
FACTORIES:   PETEIiH"'*"-''' '������ 0!>
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
PUPMS ,���n\*
STRUCTl'in,* ,^''.".". M
UNDKRWRI ������"���*-  s���'
PRINCE RUPERT BRANCH Ro<"" * M""""nBloc0k7.
Boi 974
I, S. Harrison ot Prlnco Runert, B. CL broker
give nolle that on tho fifteenth day ol November
1911, I intend to apply to tha Water Commissioner
at his office ln Prlnco Rupert, B. C, lor a licence
te take and use threo cubic loot of waler per second
from McNeil River In Skeena Dlitrict. The walor
Is to be taken from tho stream about tour miles
above the unction with tho Skoena River and
li to bo usod on Lot 4405 for domestic and agricultural purposes.
Sept. 9.
I, S. Harrison of Prince Rupert, B. C, broke
give notico that on tho flfteonlh dny of November
1011,1 Intond to apply to tho Water Commissioner
at hit ..III.*.- in Prlnco Rupert, ll. C, for a liconco
to lake anel use Iwo cubic foot of water per second
from the West Fork of McNoll Rlvor In Skeena
District. Tho water is to bo taken from the stream
about ono mite from Ita unction with NcMe-il
River and ll to be urn-el on Lot -1406 for domoatic
and agricultural purpotet.
Sept. 9.
Skeena Land Diatrict.
District of Coast, Bsnff *���     ,
Take noticeHjStWm.-^n��'S
son, of Prince Rupert, "*\*; " ,'     f���r
locomotive fireman, Intend t' V)'m
permission to purchase ttu-
described lands: , ..i on the
Commencini? at apost plsnwo ��
nortii bank of the Zlm-0-gol i�� "
about two miles up stream in �����, thl,
ly direction from the J**"'"," ' ,���;iin
little Zim-o-got-itz river snfl"�� w_
Zim-o-got-itz river, and ma ���*"',���..,
Francis Nicholson's south-"*'-* , -n
thence north 40 chains, tbSIMS ,
chains, thence south 40 chains m*
less to shore line of river. <-'w"     ||ne
40 chains more or less Blorig >����' fon.
of river to post of comim-n.'*-*'*1*'"
raining 160 acres moie or lew.
Wm. Francis N'<;m  ;���'���,,
Geo. R. Putmsn, ��g
Dated July 17, 1911.


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