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Twenty-four hours ending 6 a. m
Sept. 26
.a. ...a..'      yiN TBMP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
w��, jkmi.   11^���       29818     G5
The daily
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
For south
PrincesB May Monday p.m.
for North
PrinceBa Royal ....Monday, p.m.
VOL.11.  NO. 218
Prince Rupert, B.C., Monday, September 25, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Says he Will  "Stay With the Boys"-Mr. Borden to
Reach Ottawa Tonight to Start Cabinet-making
Majority is Now Fifty
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Sept. 25.���Sir Wilfrid
niit- announced on Saturday
hat he Will continue to lead the
.ibcrals in the new House as
viler of the Opposition. "It
��� my intention to slay with the
��)�����," lie said. The announce-
itent caused great satisfaction
lining his followers.
Their Last Meeting
Ottawa,  Sept.  24.���A  meeting
il  the  Liberal  cabinet is to be
held here on Monday.   The Min-
Isters  ;tre  heading  now   for   the
pital; Sir Wilfrid who is already
here has made a statement that
will  remain  as leader of thill .posit ion for some lime iu  the
ti litre,  as  he would  not  desert
In* party at this time.
Shefford, the former by twenty-
cifcht, the latter by three, according
to the returning officers' returns.
The standing of the province is
Liberals thirty-four, Conservatives
The standing of the parties
in the Dominion, counting the
latter is Conservatives and Na-
lionalists one hundred and ihirty-
fottr, and Liberals eighty-four���
a majority of fifty.
Session on Nov. 8th
Ottawa, Sepl. 25.���Hon. R. L.
Ilordcn is due to arrive here
i.niglu to confer with the Gover-
ii.f General as to who will be the
Ministers under the new Gov-
I rnment, It is reported that the
im Parliament will convene on
R'edndsday, November 8ih.
"Useless," Says Conmee
Thunder Bay, Ont., Sept. 25.���
The dispute over the validity
of the election here has been
decided by James Conmee, the
Liberal, dropping his protest. Mr.
Conmee has decided that it is
useless io bring on an election.
This means that Carrick, the
Conservative, will be declared elected.
Pugsley Squeezes In
Si. John, N. B.���Hon. Mr.
Pugsley's majority al St. John is
Fourteen Fan Tan Players Arrested. To Appear Tomorrow
Smart Police Work During
Conservative Tin Pan Parade
During the Conservative procession on Saturday night Chief
Vickers managed to score ;-. splendid coup by ihe raid of a Chinese
gambling party in progress in the
premises of King Tai on Fulton
street. About fourteen Orientals
have been summoned to appear
before the magistrate tomorrow.
L. W. Patmore is to appear for
them, On iheir behalf in the police
court this morning lie pleaded
"not guilty." Chief Vickers' men,
Sergeant McArthur with Constables Swi'scy, Hamblin, anil Merritt secured a whole outfit of
gaming apparatus for playing the
Chinese gambling games. $11.35
was secured in actual cash by thel
police, but a gootl ileal more
money was hurriedly caught up
from the table by the playi rs, and
the equivalent in chips to the
value of $1000 was also found
littered about. Chief Vickers has
been trying to catch this gang at
work for several days. The procession gave him his chance to
effect a surprise visit.
^_��._^.-��.e.��.~-~���~.-��.-~ a-".-**...-*-*
Northwestern League
���Vancouver 10, Seattle '2.
Portland 5, Tacoma 1.
Spokane 4, ViiKni.' 2.
American Laegue
Boston 14, Si. Louis 2.
Philadelphia 14, Detroit 3.
Cleveland G, Washington 1.
Chicago 3, New York 2.
National League
Brooklyn 5, Pittsburg -l.
New York 6, Cincinnati 2.
Boston 14, Chicago ti.
St. Louis 3, Philadelphia 2.
Pacific Coast League
Vernon 5, Sacramento 0.
Oakland 1, Portland 0.
Los Angeles 8, San Francisco 6.
First Election Argument of Serious Effect Took Place Saturday Night in the Knox
Hotel.   Fairplay Witnesses.
Change in Two Weeks
Ottawa, Sept. 115.���Tin   Liberal
'..binet   is   to   meet    here   lliis
(lornlng to wind up their affairs
.1 prepare for handing over their
iHtfolios to the new Ministers
limn Mr. Borden will select.
In   two  weeks  everything  will
i   ready for the Conservatives
. step into oflice.
Majority Now Fifty
Ottawa,   Sept.  25.���The  Con-
crv.itivcs   have   won   two   morc
eats in Quebec.   Bellechasse; and
Murderer of Stolypin Went to
Gallows Without  Consolation.
Vancouver Ball Team Will Lift
the Pennant with One More
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Sept. 25 ���The Vancouver team broke even in baseball yesterday with Seattle and
now require to win only one
game from Victoria this week
to cir.ch the pennant.
Because a certain Frenchman
kept rubbing i; into him that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier was the greatest
statesman that ever happened James Haughey got annoyed in the
Knox Hoiel on Saturday night.
An argument followed in which
Haughey was rather forcibly persuaded to 'leave the hotel, while
the Frenchman was held in a
corner. Two friends of Haugluy's,
Clarke and Hanlacre, came to
his aid because the hotel manager
was apparently nearly throttling
him. Into the mitlsi of tlu-
���iriiiiiiiage came a constable who
pounced on the first  IWO men he
could grab. They turned out to
be Clarke and Hardacre. Today
these two were charged with figlu-
ing, but with a splendid instinct
of fali-play James Haughey appeared for iheni explaining the
Story i's given, and saving that the
Frenchman and himself should
have been arrested. The case was
P. J. Carrigan,  a Lone Prospector,  Reaches the City
After an Adventurous Journey���Rescued Two
Men from Drowning in the Grand
With  the achievement  to his
credit of a long solitary journey
such as few while men have ever
made even in the West, P. J.
Canington blew into the city
by way of lhe Grand Trunk Pacific track over the week-end.
He left Edmonton on July 15th.
Then travelling on foot from Yellow
head Pass, he came through by
Grand Prairie to Tele Jaune Cache.
Located Minerals
Here Mr. Carrington Started
a   wide   detour   by   walet   on   a
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Kiev, Sept. 25.���Bogroff, the
assassin of Minister Stolypin, was
hanged today at Kiev. Before
leaving the cell he asketl for consolation from the Rabbi, but refused to Hike it when he was told
il would have to be in the hearing
of the officials.    He went to his
death defiant.
:ontract Lately Awarded to Montreal  Firm For   a
Building on Similar Lines at Wmntpeg-WiU Have
Three Hundred and Fifty Sleeping Rooms
Architect Battenberg, employed
by the Grand Trunk Pacific to
r.'w the plans for lhe new railway
oul in ihis city, when here a few
.*>*. ago expressetl himself very
heascd with the site chosen and
laid the plans would in all proli-
l.iliiy be finally approved by the
���ompany  soon,  after  he  reported
Vt Winnipeg.    They had already-
been  prepared and after viewing
ihe site he would have practically
o alterations to make in them.
Its General Style
The general style of architecture
the company was inclined to adopt
or iis holds along the trans-
pndncntal was lhat of the ohl
Ihatcaus of Normandy and Lor-
faine,  of  granite  and  limestone.
S'hat for Prince Rupert was of
riginal design along these lines,
ul ottisitle of its merely architcc-
Ul_l   features  very  like  the  oni
company   was
to   erect   at
fVinnipeg, and for which a con-
racl had jusi been awarded to
he George A. Fuller Company of
ilonireal. This will be called the
.elkirk. The site for it is adjacent
lo that historic monument Old
orl Garry. The cost is l<> be
Of Fourteen Stories
The building U to be of fourteen
tories antl will have approximately
three hundred anil fifty sleeping
chambers antl w ill be richly furnished, All its bedrooms are lo have
private bathrooms, and are to be
equipped with every modern appointment.
Circular Tea Room
The central feature of the main
Boor is ihe circular lea room, of
Impressive ami beautiful design,
The mezzanine gallery is also
to be a novel feature of the hotel.
It will be reached by a broad
marble staircase from the main
entrance lobby, and is to be
finished and decorated in white
and delicate' shades of color. It
will command a splendid view of
those portions of the hotel where
the most life occurs, anil yet at
thc same lime affords a tpiiet
sense of retirement.
Ball Room Seventh Floor
The ball room banquet hall and
foyer have been located on the
seventh floor. These rooms are
the richest of the public rooms.
The ball room is designed in the
Louis Quartette period and will
be one of thc most striking of
its kind in Canada.
The building as a whole will
form a fine example of what
modern science can do in thc
elimination of fire risk.
With Five Hundred of Her Crew on Board, Magnificent War Vessel Suffers the Fate
of the Maine���France is Horror Stricken at the News���At First a German Plot
Suspected, but Suspicions are Without Ground���Great Loss to France
Canadian Press Despatch)
Toulon, September 25. All France is in mourning today for the loss of the French
cruiser Libertc, and her crew of five hundred men, who were done to death when the
war vessel blew up at her moorings in the harbor of Toulon at half past three this morning
Owing to the condition of European politics, on receipt of the horrifying news,
it was at first thought that the act was perpetrated by the Germans, and presaged
a state of war. This wild rumor was speedily laid, however. There is no doubt that
the vessel perished as the result of a fire which started near her magazine.
The Liberte was one of the finest of the French war vessels, and had only been in
commission three years. She was built in 1907 at a cost of seven million dollars. She
had ten twelve inch guns, as well as a battery of seven inch guns. Her displacement
was 14,900 tons. She was of a type by herself, and her loss at the present time is a serious
one to the French Republic.
The Liberte carried a crew of 793 men, but happily for many of them they were
enjoying shore leave at the time of the disaster. As it is, nothing now remains of this
fine vessel but a mass of tangled steel at the bottom of the harbor.
As soon as the fire was discovered, sailors from other vessels in the fleet were despatched to help fight the flames.    Many of these have perished with their comrades
on the Liberte.
The fire came with such suddenness that scores of the sailors on the Liberte are
said to have perished in their berths. Others who tried to jump overboard were blown
into atoms. The bursting shells filled with poisonous fumes filled the alley ways blinding
and suffocating the crew in their efforts to seek escape, and turning the vessel into a
veritable inferno.    '
prospecting jaunt by canoe four
hundred miles river travelling. He
wi-ni by Fifty Mile River, Big
Smoky River, and Clearwater,
following the bends of these rivers,
travelliing some of them wiih the
current, others up stream, and
prospecting ihe banks for minerals
as he went. He located indica-
lions of value in metal ores, and
mica, but prefers lo be a little
vague regarding iheir position on
ihe map.
Thrilling Rescue
Canoeing down tin- Fraser River
on his way lo Fort George ihis
hardy prospector had a thrilling
adventure. He left Goat River
Rapids on July 2Sth bound for
Fori George with only one stop
to make, this is Big Salmon.
Passing through the Grand Canyon of the Fraser River Carrigan
was jusi in lime lo rescue Jack
Fountain and George Cook, Im.iIi
of Victoria, B. C. They had
gone Into the Canyon fifteen minutes ahead of Carrigan and got
caught in the boil. Their canoe,
t light cotton wood ilugiout, hit
ii ledge of rock and split in two.
The men clinching frantically for
their lives in a turmoil of raging
water, clung to the ledge of rock.
A Daring Rescue
It was impossible for them to
have escaped  from that  position
alive had not Carrigan came down
the rapids in time.   Swinging his
canoe into the eddy he got into
a safe position  from which after
an  hour  and  a  half of  perilous
work he managed to rescue both
men.    He took them with him to
Fort George.    It is characteristic
of   Carrigan   that   in   telling  his
story  to  the  News rc|*orter the
other  day,   he  almost   forgot  to
mention   this   incident,   and   its
details were only obtained from
him by direct questioning.
Through Fertile Valleys
From   Fort   George   Mr.   Carrigan passed wiih a ninety pound
pack of provisions on his shoulders
through ihe Nechaco Valley across
Macules Lake to Fori Fraser and
Burns Like.   Thence through thc
Bulkley   Valley   where    lhe   fine
crops  greatly  impressid   him,  to
Aldermere.   Here he crossed over
lhe Hudson  Bay Mountain prospecting,   and   saw   some   of   the
noted B. C. silver jusi as il comes
from mother earth on that mountain.   He slopped there four days,
and hail a look at Copper Stain
Ledge before proceeding to Hazelton.    From   Hazelton   Mr.   Carrigan went on io Sealey spending
four days  there, and  then  came
on down the Skeena to tide water.
On   his  way   row   to   Kotiack
Island, Alaska, where he has his
home, he is sta*,ing to put in a
spell of work in Ruperl.    He is a
Newfoundland man, with such a
varied  experience  of  hardy  adventure throughout the north and
northwest,  that  it  would  lake a
book to tell half his doings.
Conservatives in Cavalcade With Clements on Charger
Celebrate their Conquest on Saturday Night���A
Blaze Soon Out and a Noire With
Nothing To It
in    Prince   Rupert    were
Dispute Over Tripoli is Likely to
Be Settled by Force of Arms���
Italian Reserves Called Out.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Constantinople,  Sept.  25.���A!!
hope of sell ling amicably the dispute  between.   Italy  ard   Turkey
in Tripoli was abandoned today.
Italy's purpose is believed to be
to strike before Germany ard
France have settled tbeir difficulties over Morocco.
It was unofficially announced
today lhal Italian troops hail been
landed on the Turkish protectorate, ai-tl lhat 112,000 Italian
reservists had been called 10 ihe
colors. The Your.g Turks party
here will not allow of the compromise asked by Italy, ri'inely,
lhal of joint rule over Triploi.
Manager Querrie is Confident
His Indians will Lift the
Minto Cup.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Sept. 24.���The famous Tecumseh's lacrosse team
arrived Here yesterday in charge
of Manager Querrie, i<> play for
the Minto Cup. Querrie declares
it is a sure thing they will lift
the silverware. His team was
out practising in ihe Recreation
Park this morning, and attracted
a lot of attention.
Left the City
Among the passengers for the
south this morning was Mr:. Beck-
With who has been  spending the
summer visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Alex M. Manson.   Mrs. Beckwlth
will   visit   her   son   at   Portland
before returning to Iter home in
Ottawa is Over-run with Office
Seekers Today. Earl Grey
Will Stay at the Capital Till
Octover 4th.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa,   Sept.   25.��� lion.   Mr.
Borden has arrived In Ottawa and
today began ihe formation of a
new governmeni. The public Celebration of the Conservative victory
has been fixed for tomorrow.
Karl Grey lias decided lo postpone his departure for England
until October fourth.   Ottawa is
filled  wiih  oflice seekers wanting
government jobs.
Saturday night saw a mighty
assembling at the doors of the
('otservalive camp. All the empty
gasoline cans in Northern B. C.
vvere collected  there, and all  the
small boys available stood guard
over    them.      Then    I here   were
banners bearing legends, most fre-
quent amongst which figured the
words "TOM DONE," and
certain  derisive ones referring  to
leading men of tin- Liberal party
in the hour nf defeal.
There   was   a    rig    lhe    band
wagon   minus   the   liand   (which
walked in front)���there were Onion
Jacks enough to scare the stars
off Old Glory, there Wits a charger
for Mr. Clements, a fiery ununited Mexican mustang with a
"Tom Don.'" ticket which wouldn't
slick on iis behind part and had
to be held in Mr. Clements' hand,
Anil then there were brooms.
There were a great many brooms
Every one >.f those brand new
brooms was saturated In gasoline
or coal oil. Ai the word "Go!"
every    broom    bearer    struck    a
match.    The   bandsmen   siruck
iheir gasoline cans. Mr. Clements
struck spurs to his charger, in
Imitation of John Gilpin, and the
mayor struck an attitude. As
for the spectators they were struck
dumb with admiration as thc
cavalcade started off up  Sixth
Street, Blitzing brooms were brandished to the concern of the Fire
Chief. There was the dickens of
a row from lhe lin cans anil the
small Imijs, bui beyond that there
was nothing doing. The procession marched via Third avenue,
Kullon Street, and Seventh avenue
lo McBride street. Then back
by Third a\cnue pausing to invoke
a blessing upon  the  News office
en route.
'Never saw such a punk cclc-
The Scandinavian Society
Regular meeting tomorrow at
s p.m. in Carpenters' Hall. Mem
bers requested to attend,���John I "New  \jroom
Dybhavn, secretary. (the   proverb,
so many brooms that one lit lie bra-ion before," remarked a man
housewife rushed home In alarm (mm Vancouver* as the broom
to see whether the ConservativesUibm died out, which was very
had   really  antl   truly   left   hers, discourteous of him.
sweep   clean"   isl  	
Uld   all   the   new |    Pantorfcim Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4 .    '	
-     a-*-  -���
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation In Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries���Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance
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Seattle - Puget Sound News Co.
London, England-The Olougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Monday. Sept. 25
Today Hon. Mr. Borden, the potential Premier of Canada, is in
Ottawa for the purpose of selecting men to aid him in his great task
of carrying on the government of Canada. A great task it undoubted!)
will be. Sir Wilfrid Laurier's was a grcat task to hold the two races
of Canada together, and arouse a temporarily united people to entliti-,
siasm for thc Imperial ideal.    Mr Borden's will be greater.
Let il be admitted frankly, so that if he succeeds his credit ma>
be the greater, that Hon. Mr. Borden has a more difficult task than
had Sir Wilfrid. He inherits a condition of prosperity, which to a
political leader on trial is a handicap. The tWO races of Canada have
come to the parting of the ways helped thither by Mr. Borden's own
party. He can hardly acknowledge the support of his Nationalist
allies In Quebec without offending his Orange supporters in Ontario,
or vice versa. To either alter or accept Canada's present naval policy
portends trouble. Above all is he handicapped at this period of prosperity by his pledges to tax imports siill more highly, while his known
personal leanings toward reciprocity can hardly hope to find expression
or acceptance after his leadership of the ami-reciprocity campaign.
Mr. Borden has before him a course beset with difficulties, which
should procure for him the sympathy of men of all parties during ilu
time that it remains the will of the Canadian people that he should
Ik- their leader. Towards ihis end, Mr. Borden's unsullied reputation
and exemplary personal character will g<> a long way to win the confidence and sympathy, if not the support, of all parties. It must
be a matter for congratulations among all Liberals to know that as
thc country had to have a Conservative government, that its leader
is a gentleman deserving of the honor, and in his personal life fully
worthy to be its first citizen.
Who will be the men he will select to be associated with him on
the Executive Council? That is the impatient enquiry in every mind.
That is the first of the great tasks to confront Mr. Borden. Like llu
oilier tasks previously enumerated it will be fraught with risks. Foi
many of the "ellgibles," the question in the premier's mind may well
be, "Will they be more dangerous in or oul?"
Hon. George E. Foster, for instance despite his personal unpopularity, is still the ablest financial head in the Conservative ranks.
Once his colleagues laid a pil for him to fall into in the li!>i>e of getting
rill of him. Mr. Foster fell into ihe pit all right, but he got out of il
and seems to have lived down the past. Mr. Foster is clearly Cabinet
timber. The portfolio of Finance which he held for a brief linn- undei
Sir Mackenzie Bowell stems likely lo **ass inio his custody again.
Henri  Bourassa too, is entitled to Cabinet rank.    The leader ol
twenty-one Nationalist votes in the House, and the party's greatest
orator cannot be left oul in the cold without tisk'of forfeiting hissupport
Clifford Sifton is another who must be reckoned with. He has
great genius for organisation. He was a lower of strength in lhe lau
campaign. Every place lie spoke at returned majorities. He is ambitious too,    Many of his oldest friends are convinced thai  personal
ambition lay at the root of his recent change of political faith.  Will
he be safer inside or outside the Cabinet fold?
Anil among the Other doubtfuls must be reckoned our own provincial Premier. The usually well informed Ottawa Journal suggests
lhal he will be offered lhe portfolio for lhe Interior.   Mr. McBride was
supposed io be playing for higher stakes. His refusal to enu-r ilu-
campaign has certainly cost him his chances for ihe Federal Premier*
ship, and it seems doubtful whether Mr. Borden after fifteen trying
and difficult yean of opposition leadership, would row in the moment
yf success, lake chances on admitting to the Cabinet one who might
at any time become a rival for the parly leadership.
Then there is tin* other question, as io whether Mr, McBride
in spite of hi- desire to enter ilu* l.-rgir field of Federal politics, would
not prefer to be a Provincial Premier than a Federal Minister.
Mr. Borden's task at Ottawa this evening in selecting his ministers
will not be an easy one.
In ilu- good-humored fun making of the Conservative parade on
Saturday night, there was one little bii of unldndness that would
have been better left OUt.    Il wa.s she banner it scribed:
"Ilush, little Manson, don't you cry
You'll be happy by and by." ,
Although he failed to deliver lhc Skeen;.. dislrict, and failed badly,
Mr. Manson did his besl for his Conservative friends, He even deserted
his Mayoral duties, and lied up the work of lhe License Board while
he wits out campaigning, ll seems rather mean for his friends to rub
his defe.U  in so.
Outside of thai, llu* fun in ilu- parade was real good, and in llic
besl of spirits.
.-  ��� ._ ...      -..-.._ .._ .a-��� ���> n^ ^n^,	
By Cllve Phillips Wolley
Soda Creek
"You tii Ink you heap savvy Indians.
You dam fool.   1 fix you plenty."
As they made for their horses, Kln-
eeBhaw shook his bleeding hand at
Combe, antl that was tils last message.
He knew that at a hundred yards a revolver was practically useless, and
though when ,11m picked up the Winchester the five bullied to horse nnd
galloped swiftly away, at the clank of
Its pump, he almost wished tbat be bad
"As well now as later," he mused,
"and It has got to come. It ls pretty
near a blood fuetl between ub now.
If they'd bad a gun amongst them I'd
have let them have It."
As he lightened the cinches of the
roan. It worried blm to remember that'
theBe five red devils had ridden off In
the direction of tbo Risky Ranch.
They meant mischief, ot tbat he felt
sure, but after all they were only five,
Indians and unarmed, and he had left
more than that ou the ranch, white,
and well armed.
It was his business to go and fetch
the doctor, That was what Kitty
wanted him lo do, so he swung himself
into the saddle, and rode steadily east:
Twice that morning he bbw Indians,
In small bands, but on both occasions
he thought that he had been sceu be*
and the philosopher who had really hit
the nail on the head, tied up Ids boat,
and loafed after Jim for his morning
The town (alone among Ub peers it
never aspired to bo a city), had once
in the good old days ot the Caribou
excitement, been a place of some Importance, its grass-grown stroetB
worn bare by many feet, but since then
it had fallen a prey to situation.
The houses were mean and far
apart, and except for stray dogs, and
one or two melancholy looking horses
tied to a rail, there waB no outward
visible sign of life.
As the horses were lied in front of
tho Ideal, Jim followed the ferryman's
advice, and made his way Into that
high-sounding hostelry, a wooden
building apparently of two stories,
though its appearance was as deceptive as Its name. Closer inspection revealed the fact that Its top storey was
a "bluff," being only a board extension
of the front with nothing but tbe free
air behind it.
But it the outside of the Ideal was
dull and gloomy, Inside the gloom was
Intensified. A more sordid Interior
than that of thiB saloon tin man ever
saw. A great stove which made a red
glow in the middle of the bar room,
and raised the temperature to something nearly tropical, was the only
tore be saw them, and was uncertain j apparent apology for any man's com*
of the direction  In which they were   Ing Inside.
heading, and once, Just before reach' I The floor, which had not been swept
Ing the Fraser, he came across a largo for weeks, was a chaos of dead cigar
camp of Chllcotens, Just preparing to  ends, and a table at which three men
To his questions they replied that
they were en route to Tatlo Lake, but
they struck him as unfrleudly, and ly-'
Ing tor some set purpose.
If such things bad ever happened In
B. C. hc would have suspected that an
Indian rlBlng wns on toot, but that was
practically Impossible, and Jim dismissed the idea as born ot faUgue aud
an empty stomach.
And then be beard the voice of the
Fraser, aud presently came over grey
bluffs to that great river, it Is never
a pretty river, no, nol even In springtime, when the patches of white flowering i.lull bushes do their best for it.
Grand as It Ib at times, and at Hell's
Oate and other placcB, picturesque, a
show for Ihe C.P.R. and a pleasing
horror for tourists who ride safely
along Us precipitous banks in a luxurious Pullman car. its waters arc too
turbid, and Us strangely shaped mud
cliffs too weirdly colored with mineral
matter, to be more than grotesque and
uncanny. At tbe eroBBlng where Jim
struck It, Ihe river was certainly not
looking Its best. Like the whole country It seemed In evil mood. The river
had already felt the first touch of winter; small takes of Ice were thickening
Its dun-colored waters, grinding
against one another, nnd rendering a
crossing n mutlcr of some difficulty.
However, the ferry man mado light
of it.
"It's all right, sonny, for twenty
hours yet. and maybe for a week after
thai, but It's coming, it's coming sure,
and If I was you I wouldn't get on no,
tear in Sody Creek as'll keep you
tnore'n a week. If you do, you may.
have lo wait there until you can walk
across. A week on bug-Juice ought to
do you, though row punching does
seem to make man roworfull r dry,"
i in* lerryman was new to Caribou,
and did not know .Mm Combe, but he
sat thumping down their aces In a
game of Steamer whist, was foul with
kerosene oil, whilst the small windows
wore blinds to keep out any ray of
sunlight, which might be deluded Into
entering the place.
A drowsy bar tender leaned on his
elbow across the bar, watching the
game listlessly, spitting and encouraging the players by turns, and In front
of the stove a middle-aged man of Immense brawn, sat hunched up, looking
wearily Into the glow.
Jim, who knew the man's story,
wondered what he saw In the fire. A
few years ago the loafer had been a
steady and proBporouB rancher In a
small way, but bis wife had died In
child birth, and since then the Ideal
had been his home.
Unless he lived only In his work the
Ideal would have lo be Jim Combo's
home in the future. Kor lone men
with nothing lo look rtrwSrd to there
are only (wo alternatives In the Weal,
work or drink, and Jim knew it. With
a shudder he pulled himself together
and turned to the bartender, who had
begun merhanlcally to polish up certain Bolld little tumblers at the advent
ot a newcomer, whilst thc whist players moved restlessly In their chairs,
ready to "line up" to the bar at the
first sound of those magic words,
"What Bball it be, gentlemen?" Hut
Jim did not utter them, and the hope
died out In their face. Instead, he
n-ik. il civilly where thc doctor was.
"i!t.ne to a buryln'," the bar man replied. "It's all deadheads today," hc
added with a Bneer, which Invited the
approval of tbo disappointed whist
"Will hc be back soon?"
horse^s head did their best to undo tho
tangle, then the horse plunged forward, the blanket tore, some of the
lashings gave, and old man Hayes rolled out with a thump, brandishing one
Stiffened limb in ghastly fashion as he
The doctor's mate swore, and his
fluency made up for his former silence.
"This Ib a positive scandal, boys.
It's irreverent to the dead," Jim heard
the doctor say.
"It's blanked poor packing, that's
what It ls," retorted one of them.
"Ed don't know enough to tie a granny
knot let alone the diamond hitch."
"You tie It better yourself, you web-
footed blue nose."
"That's dead easy, and I'll tie your
blamed neck in a knot when I'm
through with It," said the other angrily, taking off his coat to work and
swear more easily. But he did not
find it "dead easy."
"Cinch tbe beggar good and tight,"
suggested one. "Corpses ain't got
no feelln's," and putting his foot
against the horse he threw his weight
into the rope.
"Hold on, Mo; you'll break him all
"Not much. He's stiff enough.
There, git up now," and he gave the
horse a slap on Its quarter.
Frightened by Ub mishap, or more
conscious of the dead nature of its
burden than its masters thought, the
horse bolted, galloped through the
range of timber, and on to the open
hillside, where Jim waB standing, and
there with two or three vicious bucks
sent the body of Mr. Hayes rolling
down the slope.
This denouement evoked a volley of
Imprecations from tho mutes, but even
that had no apparent effect upon the
gravity of the late Mr. Hayes.
Never tn his life had be proceeded
with more deliberate dignity than be
did then ln his death. The pitch of
the hillside was only Just steep enough
to Induce a bale of goods to roll, so
that the swathed body went down it In
slow time, with grave pauses, whilst
the limbs of It, which had broken
hit.se, swung in solemn mockery as
the body rolled over.
In spite of pauses, it would not stop.
As soon as one moved to catc'i it, It
swung Its arms and started again, recovering Its momentum sufficiently to
elude its would-be captors.
It was as It the dead man wan play
Ing a grim game with bis old conies
At last It reached the road, which
wound round the base of the bill.
"Well. I'm blanked, If that don't beat
everything. Thc old man always was
pig-headed, but who'd have thought
he'd have kicked like that at being
packed, and he's a corpse!"
"Guess he thinks be can take care
of hlBself now same as he alius d'd.
He's missed this (rail many a night
when he hadn't any more eenso than
he has now."
Uut the stillness of the boiy brought
back some of the old feeling of awe.
"Hush!" said one. "What are you
giving ub? That ain't no way to talk
before corpses."
"Corpse or no corpse," said <t bolder
spirit, "it's a long time between
drinks, and this burying Is a mighty
dry eulcrtalnment. Doc! Let's l.ave
a look at that bottle."
The doctor produced the medicine,
which was labelled Srolt and Mae*
kay's Special, and In turn each of tlu
mutes drank 10 their old companion.
"Guess he'll travel more sociable
now," said Al. wiping his mouih with
his coat sleeve.    "But we'll havo to
pack him ourselves. Got lo tako oft
"It all depends, Mister, on bow the jour (rills for that business," and wllh
corpse travels. Corpses ain't gay on \ a sigh ot relief every man look olf
(he hoof, as you may have heard, and his coat, and Hod It In a back on inn's alt of fifteen miles to Snow Gulch, back.
Don't see why they couldn't have loft i    At this point Jim    Combe    joined
spoke from a long experience In other | the old man where hc was.   One place  them, was given a drink and solemnly
��� . .. .   e . . . I        si...       V . . .- e 1*    \1 '.    .   t ..!...- .    .    . * m .a ... * .        ���    *        I - - -
parts of the North-Weil, where prohibition had mightily increaied the
thirst of ibe people.
"All right. Cap." Everyone Is a captain who owns anything bigger than a
canoo In Canada. "I'll see to that.
You be on hand In nn hour's time."
The man laughed good-naturedly.
"Sure," he said, "I will, but you
won't be. I never knowed a man yet
as didn't calculate lo do his business
In half an hour, nor one as did It In a
day. Seems to me (his here metropolis bad ought to be called Whiskey
Creek 'stead of Body."
Jim l.nii:in il at thc old Joke. There
were many wone towm than Soda
Creek, but of course there was whls<
key in It.
"Do you know where ��� can find Ihe
"In the i.��r of lha Ideal. Or no,
stay! You won't gel the doctor there
...ilu. neither. He's away up to Snow
Snow (Itil.h was fifteen miles outside Soda Creek, and Jim frcKcd at
this new delay.
"What Is be doing up there?"
"OtlSM he's gone as one of a reception committee to old man Hayes'
place.   The old mun'i got a raise."
"I thought be always was mine manager. Is he owner now? Got tho mine
for his wages?"
"No, thought that wouldn't make blm
a bloated millionaire by all accounts.
Thc old man raised himself, sort of Informal, with a stl.k of giant."
"Blown himself up? Is hc much
"Don't complain any. and 1 don't
know as he ought lo.   lie's only blow-
Is as good as another to be planted Ib   Introduced lo thc corpse,
to my mind." |n return >,��� |cm ��� hand at bearing
"There you're plum off the track, < It, and abandoning all Ideas of a pro-
sonny," broke In one of thc players cesilonal pace, or the decorum of si*
reprovingly. "There's no call for a lence, the party In Its shin sleeves,
man to demean himself If he does live trotted to within sight of Soda Crick
In Stilly Crlk. Old man Hayes was a before dark. Here, however, the pro-
decent citizen, fix it which -way you cession paused, reformed, put on Us
will; took his glass reg'lar, an'paid for. coatt and funeral face, and marched
It when hc had any dust, and If he with great pomp to the door of Iho
owes you a blanked cent, say so, and   Ideal.
i I'll  foot   thc  bill," and  the speaker,!    Here, again, an unexpected ditflcul*
i who looked anything but opulent, eyed  ty met them.   The Ideal was thc only
! tbo bar tender fiercely, and pulled out  place to which ony one went on arrlv-
i a greasy deerskin sack. ing at Soda Creek, but In spite ot the
"No, .lul".*. tho old man didn't owe' former luil.it-. of (heir charge, It was
! mo nothln'.   I didn't say as hc did."     evidently now no place for Mr, Hayes,
"An'  you  hadn't  bettor,  you  slab* *    "Poor old boss, I guess you ain't al*
sided cross between a galloot and a  lowed in hero now.   Wherc'll wc tako
buck nigger.   I say as old man Hayes  blm to, doc?"
has a right to all tho frills he has a I An empty house was suggested
mind to when It comes to buryln,' and whore lho body would be safe from the
Id like to bear from tho genl as _0KB until the clergyman came for It
thinks rontrary." ,,,.,-, day, and thoro II was locked up
To patch up the breach. Jim stood   for nK. night,
drinks.   It Is the only civility you can      But oven then the doctor was not
show to your neighbor In somo places,  rcl_.. for his patient al    the    Risky
and tic n for want of anything else to
do, i nt her than In the hope of hurrying
Ranch.   By unanimous consent It was
held   filling  Uut  Soda  Creek  should
funeral   proreiilon,  Jim   borrowed  celebrate  old   man ��� llayei'  reception
Jakes eayiise, and rod- out to meet, i��� due form, and no protest on Jim's
tbo burying party.
A Backwoods Funeral
part was of any avail. Thc men had
had enough whiskey lo make them ai
smlilmi ii as mules. Jim Combe was
in despair. Every drink that lhc reck
Ii-hs crowd took made It more noisy
and more quarrelsome, whilst the doctor was rapidly progressing from the
'   -   tho   maudlin   stage of
, had been collected with inflnlnte trou
ed Ibe roof off bis head, and that was bIo t0 g|Ve ,one ,0 thB proceedings,
never any good to him, even for car-  T[lvre WM a]t0 one top hat . That he
On a sleep bluff, through the heavy
brush  of  which  a  narrow  trail   had
been roughly cut, Jim found a party j convivlalTo
of about n dozen men, half of whom  drunkenness.
wore black coals.   They were almost      K*na|iy Protheroe declared bis Inten
the only blackcoatsJnCBrlbou.andl ,��������� 0f going to take one drink with
the old man
Skoena Land DIatrlot���District of Quoon Charlotte
Tako notico that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
Rupert, aaddler, Intonda to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ol Landa and Worka lor a licence
to prospect lor coal, oil and petroloum on and undor
tho lollowln*- doacribed landa on the Weat Coaat
of Graham Island: ..... ���
Corrmoncing at a post planted three mlleii eaat
of the northeaBt corner of C. L. No, 4489 thence
oast 80 chaina, thonco aouth 80 chaina, thenco
weat 80 chaina, thence north 80 chains to point ol
commoncomont. -^ ^ _R0WN_ ^^
Located August Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoona Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Quean Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown ol Prince
Rupert, aaddler, Intenda to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Worka lor a liconco
to proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following deacribed landa on the Weat
Coast ol liraham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted throe mllea eut
ol the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
aouth 80 chaina. thonce 80 chaina weat, thence 80
chaina north, tnence 80 chaina eaat to point ol
commencement.   ^^ ^ ^.^ ^^
Located Auguat Ut, 1911.
rub. Aug. iu.
Skeens Land Dlitrict���Diatrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ot Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddlor, intenda to apply to
tho Chlof Commiaaioner of Lantla and Worka for
a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho following deacribed landa on the
West Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat plantod throo miloa east
of tho southeast cornur of C. L* No. 4475 thenco
north 80 chsins, thence east 80 chains, thence south
t>u chains, thence weat SO chaina to point of commencement. _ ,   _
Located August 1st, 1911.
Tub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land District���District ot Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda lo apply so
the Chief Commlaaioner of Landi and Worka
for a licence to prospect for coal and oil and petroloum on and under the following deacribed lands
on the Wost Coast of Grabam laland:
Commencing at a poat plantod three mllea eaat
of the aouthwest corner of C. L. No. 4477 thence
80 chaina east, thence 80 cbaina north, thence 80
chaina west, thenco 80 chaina south to point of
Date of Location. Slat July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Queen Charlotto
Tako notice that AusUn M. Brown ot Princa
Rupurt, occupation aaddlor, intonda to apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner of Landa and Worka for a
licenco to proapoct for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following deacrlbod landa on tho Woat
Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a post plsnted throe mllee eaat
of the aoutheaat oorner of C. L. No. 4472 tbenco
north 80 chains, thence oaat 80 chaina, thenco aouth
80 chaina, thenco woat SO chaina to point of eommencoment.
Located Auguat let, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skocua Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Quoon Charlotto
Take notica that Auatin M. Brown ot Princa
Rupert, aaddler. Intends to apply to the Chief
Commlaaionar ot Landa and ^orka (or a licence
to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the (ollowing dotcribod lands on tbo Weat
Coaat of Grabam Island:
Commencing at a poet plantod two milea eaat
of the northeaat cornar of C. L. No. 4478 thenc**
soulh 80 cbsins, Ihenco west 80 chslns, thenc*
north 80 chaina, thence east 80 chaina to point ot
located 31st July. 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
Skeona Land District -Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddlor, Intenda to apply
to the Chief Commiasioner ot Lands and Wurka
(or a licence to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum
on and uader tn* following described Isnds on the
Weet Coast ot Graham Island:
Commencing al a post plsaled two miles eaat
ol the southeast corner ol C. L. No. 4477 thenc*
*0 chslns nortb, Ihenco 80 chains east, ihence 80
chaina south, thence SO chains west to point of
Located .list July, 1911
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land District���Dislrict ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that Auatin M. Brown ot Prince
Rupert, It. C., occupaUon aaddler, intonda to
apply to the Chief Commiaakmor of Landa and
Worka for a licence lo prospect for coal, ml and
l>i tinii um on and under the following deacrlbod
lands on the Weal Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poet planted (hree mUaa eaat
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4478 tbence
80 chaina aouth, thence 80 chains eaat, th-tnc* 80
chatna north, ihence 80 chaina waat to point ot
Uateol Location 31st July, 1911.
.���ub. Aug. 17.
keena Land Dlatrlcl���District of Queen Charlott*
Tako nolice that Austin M. Brown ot Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intonda to apply
lo the Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Works
for a licence lo proapect tor eoal, otl and petroleum
on and under lne (ollowing deacribed lands on lhe
Weat Coaal ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a poal planled three milaa eatt
of the northeaat cornar of C. L. No. 4474 thenre
80 chsina aoulh. tbence 80 chsins west, tbence 80
chsina north, tbence 80 chaina east to point ol
It-nrsto.1 August 1st, 1911.
I'ul.. Au��   li-.
Skeena Land DUlrict���Dislrict ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice lhat Austin M. Ilrown ol Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intends to spply
to th* Chief Commiaaioner ol Lands and Work*
(or a licence to iiroa{��act (or cool, oil and petroleum
on and under the following deacribed lands on the
W*et Coaat o( Graham laland:
Commencing al a poat planted three mllea east
ot the northeaat corner ot C. I. No. 4471, tbence
80 chslna eaat, thence 80 chaina south, tbence 80
chaina west, Ihence 80 chaina north to poinl of
laoestwl Auguat Iat, 1911.
i'ul. Aug. 19.
Skeens Und Diatrict���District of Queen Charlott*
Tako nolle* that Austin M. Drown ot Princ*
K-i|.. rt, occupation aaddler. Intenda to apply u.
Ihe Chief Commiaaioner ot Unda and Worka (or a
licence t�� proepect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and und*r tb* totlownig deecribed lands on tbe
Weat Coaat ol (iraham laland:
Commencing at a poet plsnted three mile* eaat
of the aoutheaat corner of C. I. No. 4470 theac*
north M chaina, thence east 80 chslna, thence
aouth 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chaina to point of
AUSTIN M. BROWN, 1-orator
Itocaled Augual 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land District���Dislrict nl t. ""^^
Take notice that thirty daya .if Stt {'Hue
Bainter of Prlnco Ruperl   ii   r   ,aBtM,CM?
bookkeeper. Intend to gnpiy'*; ';,'"', ffittpttfi
muwioner of Lands for u licenc ""���' Com
coal and petroleum on und ,*,,,,,,"', !'["*M-a flir
land on Graham Islund dfltorlG - . I "cr* ��
Commencing ut u post planted _*?&
of C. E. B. Coul Least, No,  ,������      ' ���*���*+ r.urth
corner C. E. B. Coul Leas,, fco   i '' i^'"1 s- %
80 chains, thence eust Hi) chi
chalnB, thenco west 81) cl
Dated Sept. 11,1911.     C. B. ttAIk'Ti
Pub. Sept. 23.
IUU.1H i��� ,| 5��jft��
' "I Mill.
Skeena Land District���District nl t ,���     ,.,
Take notice that thirty dayi fa, '"'[":   MWt
Balnter of Prince Rupert   ll
bookkeeper, intond to appl,
bookkeeper, intond to inply i,, :, '���','"''"l-u,i���n
miationer of Lands (or a li',,.,,,,. .'"��� Com,
coal and potroloum on mid mm,. .
on Graham laland dewriheil u  l ' llaad
Commencing ut n poal nlnni,,,! , ,
oi c. e. ii. K*i lL��� 'n   ',".
cornorC. E. ll. foal Ixub No "" s ��.
80 chains, thence west 80 ohalna '       ",l0' ""������"
chaina, thonce east ho ohill
moncoment. '    "' eum.
DatedSept 11,1911.     C. E, BAIN	
I'ub. Sept, 20. Ml *"�����. Utah,
Skeena Land Diatrict���Dbtriet
i^^Z^*^^-���'*������'  -'if"!'
Balnter ol I'rinco Rupert, ii
C, i
"���'���' i,
rylng his liquor.
"Do you tnt-aii to say lie's dead?"
"Dead as a mutton."
"Then why has the doctor gone out?"
"iiiv.- that chunk of Ire a boost with
the pole will you?   That's bully," as
longed (o (he doctor, and was worn by
him. The bottle, too large for a medicine bottle, which protruded from his
coat pocket, belonged to the party.
When Jim first sighted them, the
proper spirit of their occupallon pos-
aSjasmam afcas^aaaats*)
tpOOD   PRlNTlNap
la a Persistent "Influence'' Exerted  in Your Behalfl
Ev.-ry bit of printing that kopi out to serve vou makes "Some
Kind nf an Impression."     l'oor printing will leave n poor  Im-
pr.-talon ejf iu usit as surely as would pnor clothe*, or poor
ll!!*, "r *""** oro11."'    "Good" printing will leave upon every
Even If im? '"���������'���'-���"������o" w-."��y favorable of Its user.
th-.srn1e.finial,OU,,,n;'of ,he,,e "tmpresslons" really tips
35l^te��: |fu;i7{"-��' ���� you " Good  l'rlnLgP"
the great rake slid down the side of , ieMea them. Two and two they paced
the boat with a dull rasping sound.; bt-Mnd a sorry nag. at whose head
"Well. 1 don't know, I'm sure, why the I paced  lhe  doclor Mi   ttn0(h,r.    All
doc's gone, 'cept (ha( Body Is slower, htfj the|r im** ���������_ ���,,,��� their coati on,
Just now (han a funcrnl. It's nothing ' and no one spoke,
here now but bug Julee all ilsy, and |tI)0n the horse's back was all that
morc bug Juice all night, wllh Inter- j remained of old man Hayes, a white
ludes for crib. Not as a man really handkerchief bound reverently over
tires of bug Julro. hut It's monotonous j hig face, and his body decently dis*
even the way as the doc fixes It." j ,l0aed i��� a blanket.
"How does the doclor fix II?" asked ,     in  ��� comer of (his,   unfortunately,
Jim. humoring him. | ��������-, caught one of (hose sharp-ended
"Wall. Ihe doc, he's gol a sort of lay boughs which B, C. people call a ram-
helper, what (he gospel sharks back , pn,c. Oently and without a word (he
easl call a deakln, and they've ar- j doclor wrestled with the Impediment,
ranged lo make what the doc calls a Bnd the horse stood still whilst ho did
concession to the conveniences. They ] io,
does It this way-doc hc lakes morning |    A|    ,h_   nex,   s,cp a BnlBll hn���gh
walch and the hntlle, deakln, he takes
the patients. Then doc snd Ihe deakln
take dog watch together, both dnink
for a spell. Then doc comes In for
night walch, nnd In genernl manages
to sober up before any of the hoys gel
n..iiiti.l     Drunk or sober, he's  beller I
Daily News Building phoni- sm Third Avenuti
caught the hnndkerrhlef and lifted It
off tho face. It was recovered and replaced without a word. As soon as
this had been done the horse stumbled
over an unseen log, and Its psck
moved up a foot nesrer to Its neck.
I The  doctor's companion   caught   the
nn.   n...   ....    .    i -   .    ��� -     , ,iv   eeej.-eu. *     iiniinii     , ..iia-iii      in,
friendI J,ftlMMill h?mV^KVSS ' beM' * t"8 heBd ���"*��� ��"ked ft' "' b"
night watei," D        i -�� �� MM lo It to take more ..arc, and
rr na... a , . ... st the snmc moment another ramplke
���.t Vi���       ...   . *" lnv",l.rt'2 t,?mm*,n''   caught In ths blanket.   This lime the
m-aini' ,." . lu it.  \'." """'*", "-'"h I "*">**���*��� tho ramplke loose Us hold.   Kor
|meant for crloolos.   Ill come along."   ������r|T thlrtv ltmnau tnB two at u,.
NOTE. A* tin- l>|K- in lhc lasi
column of Saturday's Insttlma t
of "Thc Tc.".derfoot's Wooing"
hail been accidentally displaced-
wc i.rt* reprinUng b portion nf it
Dishonest people become scarcer
every Hr.y ard your "Lost" ;���<!
is almost sure to It-id to the
recovery <>f the losi ariirlc.
Pitcher Piscl of the FOstorio
Ohio, team twirltd i- t <>-!<it, t "-im
I'D-iiiit'-rci'tli-fnsi |ame against
tin- Ch-vcliu-d Northern Ohio League ti-i'in.
Pin .- touch <'f "salesmanship"
(you lii'vc it!) irl.i B For Sale ad,
And wll that used article for its
value, in cash,
Sket.il Land Dialrlcl���Dittrict ol Qnem Charlott.
Tak. nolle lhat Auatin M Brawn ol Princ*
Kill*, tt, occupation *add!*r, int��nde to apply u>
th* Chid CommiaaiontT ol l_nda and Worka lor
a li" ��� in to taroapte-t lor coal, ml ami petroleum
on and under the lotiowtn, de*erlb��d landt on tba
Wett t ..a.t ol Graham laland:
ComrnvTietnt at a poat planted threw milea tr-at
ol the touthvatt comer of C. I.. No. 4176 lh*nc*
Ml chtint wett, thenc* SO ehtina nonh, SO chaina
Mat, thene* 80 chaina aouth to point o( com*
men cement.
AU8TIN M. BROWN, Locator
Located Aut-oit let, 1911.
Pul). Aut. 19.
Skeena Uml Dittrt.-t     Dieteirt ol Queen Charlott
Take notice that Auttln M. Brown of Prince
lliil-ert. occunation s-eddltr, Intande to apply
to the Chiel Cnmmitalon*r ol lands and Worka
lor a licence lo pi-osped lor eoal. oil and p*trol��uen
on and under tne lollowln, de-acrlben* landa on the
Wett Coatt of Graham laland:
Commendnf at a pott planted three, mile, -eaat
of th* aoutheaat comer of I*. I. No. 4470 thence
wett 80 chaint, thenee norlh 80 chtint Ihenc*
es.i 80 chaina, thtnea aouth 80 ehalna lo point ol
Localed Au���,.t Iat, ISII. '
Ske.ni lj.nl Diatrict���Diatrict est Queen Charlott
Take nolle* that Auttln M. Brown ol Prince
Itupert, ..-I'll'-i. Inttndt to tpplv to the < hl.f
Cornrnittlonrr ol I-a 1.1a and Worlia for a licence
to preiepect lor coal, oU and petroleum on and
under the tollowina deetettbed lantla on tht W*��t
Coatt of Graham laland.
Cemmencln, at a poat planted two milaa eatt
ol the northeett corner ol C. L. No. 4478 Ihence
80 chtint eatt, thence 80 chaint aouth, thence 80
chaina weat, thenc* 80 ehaina north to point of
Dale ol Location 81*1 July till. ""
I'ub  An,  17.
bookkeeper, Intend to apply'to'! '"''''���I'-'iiwi
mlsaionor of Lands for u licence t i . ' ���*
coal and petroleum on anil I .,, ,''.'" '"" ���-.
land on Graham Island daKribad its I   ���,'"'"'* "���
CommencinE at n post planted ��� ,,,
tt C. E. B. Coal |SlVn�� 18
corner C. E. II. Coal Lease \���    -,
80 chaina, thence west 80 chains "til,-' """*'
chains, thenco eaat 80 chain, to
mencement. t^tn*
Datod Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. IIAI\T|:i!lUw|_
Skeena Land District���I>iatrk*t ,,t o���,,.��� i-l..,
Take notice, that thirty iliijal,,,:,',:,'      ,
Balnter of I'rinco lluperl, II. t     k.   ,'   , *L
bookkeeper   Intend to apply l��� thai
missioner ol lands lor a licence t��� iir,,.,,,,?'
coal and petroloum on anil under i.m LV "J
oland on Graham Island deacriln-ii u lull,.
Commencing at a post planted ,���,,
ot C. E. B. Coal Lento Nu.  1,1. mir,( , J ':*
corner C. E. U. Coal Uase No. L** ,
BOchaln.  thence weal 80 cliaina. ,.;,-,
chaina. thence eaat 80 chain, io place ,i*2*
moncoment. ' ram'
DatedSept. 12. IBU.    C. E. BAINTER,Loata
Skeana Und Dlttrlct-DUtrict ol Cent It.ne.*.
Take notice that  I. John  llull..-,l,���.| ,,*
ol   Prlnco  lluperl.  occupation  amine-   i,i2a
xo apply lor permiaaion to purcliu.... tha lull���,���
deacribed landa; '*���
Commencing  al  a  post  |,I���,,���,|  ������ ,.,���
ahore ol lhe hxchumaik Hiver, ami be***. ,|^
two mllea northerly from the in,mil, ,.| ������ _3
Eachumalk Illver. and which poal i. alaiut font
chaina north from a stake plant.al on the I
River  and   known   aa  "Etc*;    them M,
chaina, ihence eaat 80 chains, n,,i,,
chaina,  thence  wetl  forty  chain.,  tli.-ne.- ,,���-,
40 chaina, Ihenco weat 10 chain. U tt,. nlaced
commencement, containing 4htl acr.* niun- ,��� i_
Daled September 12, ISII.
Pub. Sept. 23.   JOHN UUTIIKIth'ultli BReHTT
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict nf Qu.an Charlexta
Tako nollco lhat thirty day. Irum dab | , .
Bainter ol I'rlnce itupert, ll. t , l, ,etu'Mii��,
buukkcepetr, inlend lo apply lu the I
miationer of Landt lor a licence la |ir...|��ti u
coal and petroleum on and under t.lti .en* st
land on Graham laland described ua :,:,...
Commencing at a poal plant,.) ii,.- mil,, ec-
ot Coal Learn) No. 44tj7, niark.al t h. it. t ^l
Leaae No. I, N. E. comer, thence* ��.~t an c-j,^
thonco aouln 80 chaina, them-.- aaal mi cUma
thence north 80 chaina lo place* ul commcnca-uetl
Dated Sept. 11, lull C. E. IIAIMKII, laaMai
I'ub. Sepl 23.
Skeena Land Diatrict ���Diatrict ul Qstas t batlettt
'lake nollco lhal thirty days Irum data, 1.1.l
Balnter ol I'rinco Rupert, II. I' , l...
bookkeeper. Intend lo apply lu it..' -
mlaaloncr o( Landa for a licence tn    i
coal and petroleum on and under bio aers, at
land on Graham laland described a. t.ill'i..
Cummenelng al a poal planted live mile, ea*
ol Coal Leaao No.  lit"", marked I . I.   1    ',  a
corner No. 2, thence aou.h to nhaln,
80 chaina, thenc* north 80 chain..
80 chain, lo plac* of cumnieneetiu-ni
Dated Sepl. ii, 1,11.    C. E. II.MM lilt. LeCsW
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skaana Land Diatrict���Dislrict of Qu.an t it,��-<u
Take nolle* lhal thirty day* tru  -. I..  I.
Balnter ol I'rlne* Rupee*!, ll. C. bj
bookkeeper. Intend lo apply  lu t*.  i lial l��*>
mistionrr ot Lanelt tor a licenc.
coal aad petroleum on and uml. t * it- ten. et
land on uraham Island de*cnl*al .* luilut.
Commencing at a pott pltnled tn. r -. i��e
ol Coal I..-����.��� No. 4478, markc.1 . I
comer of Coal Leate No. 3. Ihence rts.1 **��� ctaaa,
thenc* north 00 chaint, thene.* ��< : -a) cut*.
Ihence soulh 80 chain, to place' ol ea-mniettwatifc
D.ted Sept. II, ISII. C. E. IIAIM ) ... I a. k
I'ub. S*pt.23.
Skectia Und Dutrlcl -Diatrict ol ���v ���
Take nolle- lhat thirty da.. I-
Balnter ol Princ* Rupart, II. C, >-.. "tr.-.:**
bookk-���per, inland lo apply tu it..- I
mi-uiuner ot Unda lor a licence lo i-nx-asi ut
coal and petroleum on and under MS *cM el
land on Graham laland dee-enbed aa fuetuae-
Commencing al a poat plant**.! n ���
of Coal Uaa* No. 4476, marked I I I. I I
comer Coal Leaa* No. 4, thenee ����������' **' eta**,
thenee north SO chains, thene.- tm tt cttaa
Ihence south 80 chaina tu plac* ul con. .-*.--:
Deled .Sept. 11,1*11. C. E. UAIN'11.11. IseaM
Pub. Sept. tl.
Skeena Und Diatrict -I) iat rid ol Que.* t'Urhoi
Take nolice lhat thirty days Irani ...���*. I.I   1
Balnier ol Prince Rupert, II. I, I
iK-ukkc-eper, Intond lo apply I.. ..-���
missioner ol landt for a licence lo i
coal and petroleum on and un.i.r . :" tern*
land on Graham laland deteiil��*l -
Commencing at a poet planted I*
ol .lak. marked C. E. B. Coal It**"   *
N. E. comer C. E. II. Coal !.���   -
aoulh 80 chaina,  Ihenee ��.-!   M
north SO chaina, thence eaal mi .'
DatedSept. II. l-ell.     S   1:    II.1
I'ub. S��pl. 13.
Skeena Und Ifialrict    Dutrict nf Q ���
I    Tak* notie* that thirty days trou
Painter ol Princ* Rupert, II. I  , I
j tanokkewpeer, Intand lo apply  I., ti-
mia.lun*. ol lands (ur a hcci.r. -
| coal and  p*lrol��um on and  saaV
land on Graham laland de-tent*���I ���* '
I    Commencing at a post plant.-1 ' -
ot C. E. B. Coal Una* No. I. m.ti"
I N. W. comer Coal Leaae Nn. ... -
i chains,  thenc* taal  SO chain-.  "
chaina, thance waat SO ehalna !������ i
Da.e-dSept.l1.ll.il.    C. E. II.M-. ���
Pub. Sept. tl
Skeema Und DLIriCl     Dlsllict "I ':
Tak* notlc* thai Ihirty dar. te."
Bainter est Prinee Rupert, il. I .
bookkeeper. Intend lo apply t., '
mlaainntr ol Undt for a lu-   ���     '
coal and petroleum on and SSotC
land on Graham laland de-tcn!-. <
Commencing at a pott plant.-1 '
ol C. E. li Coal Le-aae No. .. at
Coal Leaae No. 7, thance not' I *
! eaat 80 chaina.  thence aout><
l wett 80 chain, to place ol eoni'm
Dsted Sept. 11, ISII.    C. K. BA1N1I 1. It***"
{ Pub. Sept tl
Sk-tma Und Dittrict���District "I ���
I    Take notice lhat thirty da. I ho
Balnier ol Prlne* Rupert. 11.
bookkeeper. Intend to apply <" '
mittinntr ed Unda (nr a licence
Coal and petroleum on and  sad.
land on Graham Island de-M-ribed s
Commencing at a post planted <
of I'. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 4, nu:-
C. K. B. Coal Uaa* No. 8, Ihene. ���
tbence went 80 chaina, thence ,
thence eatt 80 chains lo place of S
Dateel Sept. II, ISII.     C. E.  BAI!
Pub. Sept. tl
���e-  :'
Notice It hereby riven that George II Almon
la no longer In our employ and patront are warn-
eel t��, par no money to him on our account, nor
will we i-e responsible for hills contracted by him
In our name.
Skeena Und Dittrict -Dittrict ol '1
Taka notlc* that Auttln M. Bl
Rupert, aaddler,  InUnd. lo app
CommlttiorMr ol land, and Wet*
to nro��p*ct for eoal. oil and p.*''
under lhe following dtacrlbe.1 I"'
Coatt of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat plante-l
ol Ihe toulhea I corner eat C. L. **"   ' ILmmtt
80 rhaina weat, thtnee 80 ehalna n.i ���>���'"3, 4
chaint Mat, thenee 80 ehaina *twt>) '" '���""
commencement. __ .��� u  i ,��t*t
AUSTIN M. IHU'�����*������ ���-***"
Localed aiat July, ISII.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
SkMna Und Dletrlct-Dlatrtcl of <>
I-M.mis , MM
Taka notice that Auatin M.  Hi
Rupert,  Mddler.  intend, to  app!.' --
Comi-nl-setontr ol landa and Wor.
to priHpact lor coal, oil and ptlndeu' ,   ,,,,**������
the fullowlng detcrilaed lands nn tl-
Graham Island: -.ictfee*
Commencing at a pott planted Hip
Ihe southeast corner of C. L. No. 41 -., ���_ ����
chaint went, thenc* SO ehalna nott1-        ,, el
chain, eaat, thence SO ehalna eau.h w r-
cnmmene*m*r,t. ,  ,    ii*,*'*
AUSTIN M. BR"" *���*"*
Located Auguat let. 1(11.
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
Fruaer nnd Fifth St.
Tha only lintel In town
with hut and cold water In rooms. Heat furnished huuso north of
Vancouver. Roums title
up. Phono 87. P.O.
Box 123.      :       I       =
i ii.lluimme e& Filher        Proprietors
NER & BESNER,   Proprietors
HflV  Knux Hotel la run on the European
I ii.i-.luss service.   All the Lntoet M.aiern
(lettienU. ���:���:��� BEDS COc UP
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnithed and
Steam Heated Rooms
. H. Wright, Prop       r.o. box 37
le's NEWS Agency
i* * - :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
|ltS   :: TOBACCOS  ::   FRUITS
Tw.t Five Dollar bills tn
lit- given away to bright
Imyt. See Mr. Munroe at
the News office.
|e Rupert Lodge, 1.0.01.
NO. S3
fi-ets In lhe Helgerson Block
cry Tuesday Evening
Milters of the order in tho city
i requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. 0.
or Sale..
19, Block 23, Section 5,
With 7 rooma
| furnished house. For particulars
Life and Accident Insurance
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous Prit-cess
Princess May
Monday, September 25th, at 9 a.m.
Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab ��� General Agenl
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
aa. Prince John sails for Port Simpson, Naas River, and Stewart, Wednesdays, 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Naden Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
For Skidegate, Rose Harbor, etc.,
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1
-p.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Sundays at 4 p.m.
The -Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over ita
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
a  a  a FOR . . .
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hatclton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Pattullo Block.
artablc 5 roomed house with
|th, on Sixth Ave., near
McBride, $35.00
ped cabin, near Government
offlce, $10.00
Application for Charter for a
application will be made to the Parliament of Canuda at the next session
thereof, for an Act incorporating a
Railway Comiiaiiy under the name of
"The Pacific, Trans-Canada and Hudson
Bay Railway Company," with power
lo lay out, construct and 0|>crate a line
"I railway from u pi.mi in the Province
of Alberta, ut or neur thc City of Edmonton, thenre northerly by the most
fcusible route to, ut, or near Athabasca
Landing; thenre northwesterly northeast ol Leaner Slave- Luke to Wabitka
or Loon River; thence northerly to a
point al or neur the junction ol the
I..HH1 River with the Peace River, or
ut a p"iiit neur thc junction ot the
Red River with the Peace River, below
Fort Vermillion on the Peace River;
ihence northerly to Fort Smith on thc
Slave River: From u poinl on the said
railroad neur its rrosaing ol thc Wabiska
River or thc Loon River easterly to
Fort McMurray on the Athubasca
River; thence easterly ulong thc Clearwater river and Chruchill River through
the Province of Saskatchewan to Fort
Churchill or Port Nelson on the Hudson
Bsy: From a point on said railroad
near its crowing ot the WubiskB or
Loon River, westerly to Peace River
crowing on the Peace River; thence
westerly on the north ��idc ot thc river
through Laurier Puss to I'rince Rupert
or Portlund Canal on thc Pucific Coast
In British Columbia; with power to
construct and o|x*rate telegraph and
telephone and cubic lines for general
public purposes; to carry on, construct,
maintain and operute boats und ferries
for the purposes of the ruilwuy and
other purposes; to acquire und make
use of lands, wsterlots, wharves, docks,
dock-yards, slips, warehouses, elevators
and other conveniences; and with
power to enter into Agreements with
other Compsnies.
Solicitors for the Applicants
Dated  at  Ottawa this  12th  ilsy of
September, A. D��� 1911. 6w
|Av��., Princ* Rupert, B.C.
I, S. ffarrtaon of Print* Rune*. II. C, broker
rive nolle* thai on ths fifteenth day of November
911, I Intend to arj.lv to ths Water Commiaaioner
*A hi* ofTire In Print** Hupert, D, C, for ��� lirs-nr*
to Uke nnd ���>**> threo ruble feet of water per eeeond
from McNeil Klver In skeena DUtricl The water
la to be taken from the atream about four mllea
above the unction with the Skeena Rivar and
la to be used on Lot 4405 for domcatle and agrl-
eultural purpoNt,
Sopt. 9.
Owner Ktirrcll of the Yankees,
announces that he has decided
upon liis manager for nixt year,
and that his name is Chase, front
name Hal. He will play first
H   N   H
Roy Harlzell, who was traded by
St. Louis tt. the New York Highlanders, has helped the Yankees
will more games from the Browns
than any other one t.f Chase's
That young Washington third
baseman, Morgan, looks like a
find. He has a terrific wing, ard
In reality acts like an old stager,
though he has jusi slipped by his
nineteenth birthday,
M   M   M
Amradillo Marer.ns, Cuban plaj -
er, would make a great hitter
if he would use a bat, He bats
with a toothpick, Weighing about
one-third as much as a regulation
H   H   M
Arrangements were completed
for a 20-round bout between Matty
Baldwin of Boston aid Frai kie
Burns of Oakland at Dreamland,
San Francisco, September 29. They
have agreed to make 133 pounds
three hours before.
H   M   M
The arrangements for Ty Cobb's
debut behind the footlights have
been completed, aid the contract
signed. Vaughan Glaser, a personal friend of Cobb, will produce
ihe play, which will be lhe "College
Widow," revamped [nto a baseball
tin.ma, so that Ty can come
to bat wiih bases loaded and make
B clean-up.
���   H   M
Herman Werder, thc pitcher
given a trial by Comrade M;*ck
and then sent to the minors, is
siid to have been B failure this
year   because   he   was   uniu-rvid
by a sad accident   in  which he
severely injured a fellow player
at York, Pa. His bat flew from
his hands, hit thc player, broke
his nose and jaw nnd nearly killed
Vancouver* ard Tecumsehs, Min
to cup holders and champions of
thc N. L. U. respectively, are
busy arranging for the big scries,
Kast versus West, which will take
place the latter part of the month,
and although some obstacles regarding referees and other points
have yet to lie overcome, it is
expected that  the matches will
take place all right. President
Murphy of the N. L. II., has
acting on behalf of the challengers,
suggested September 30 and October 7 as dates for the matches.
K   X   X
Connie Mack has expressed himself as quite confident that tin-
New York Giants are the team
hc will have to beat for the
World's championship, anil says:
"The Athletics don't fear the
Giants any more than tiny tin
the Cubs. They expeel to win
the series again, no mutter which
Naiional League club tiny have to
face. If New York wills tin y fully
expeCI to alone for tluir defeat
at the hands of the Giants in lining series of 1905."
X   MM
Canadian^ are rapidly rushing
to the front tier in sport and
mother decade <if advance such
as has just been passed through
will place thc Canucks at the lop
of lhc ladder. Recently five athletes from Toronto���Bobby Kerr,
Arnold Knox, Alex Cameron, Jack
Trcssidcr nnd George l.csicr���
went to Pittsburg to the Olympic
sports, and made a clean-up of
five firsts, ore sccoi d at d ore
third, which is going some. They
also won a medley u*la> race,
which is somewhat of an innovation. In thc medky race, which
was lhe feature of the day, being
schiduldi-  as  All-Canada  .'g.'irst
the United States, Knox started
off, running the mile, and gave
the CanUCkl a grcat lead, which
Bobby Kerr increased in the 22(1.
Tressider held his own in the
410, end Giorge Lister finished
up away out in front in lhe half,
which was thc last lap of thc race.
The Canadian   term  got  a  greet
reception when  they completed
the day by their victory in thc
��.|l-%��*%��l��',^*ll'^""*"'*">"^"*" ����� ���4tl'��a.ll-*a,)|-^ll-^ lia^n-^M ����� i| ^ IS ^ !��-��. II Ta. >|-~aa tffc ****
Skoena Lund District -District of Coast Range V
Tako noticu thut 1,  IVtur Krickwjn of  Prince
Rupert,  laiiuM-f.  intund tu upiily for pormuwiuu
tn I'liri'lmr;.' tliu folluwing 'li-.* .'nlif.| hui'l.*:
Cummenelng at u pust planted un tho nurth
bank of Williiimn Crook wlu-re thu rail wuy right-
of-way cri.-...-. and I chains hack frum tliu crook
bank, thuncu suuth .10 chains, thuncu uust -It)
chains, tlience nurth ;iu chuins, tteiico woat '10
mm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i chains to puint uf cummuncunumt.
.,,_. ��� _i li v ,t , -, -ii u    j ������.  j I Dated July 7, 11*11. PETER ERICKSON
This b a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted ^ pfl,( Ju|y o5i Kmi Ki cow��U* Agent
to subjects of special interest to women.  Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert skeona Land District-Dlitrlot uf Cout Run v
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its  discussions.   Sug- R����� K!^r;,1^,J;/l^;lIul^ylS, .^lE
gestionis and criticisms are invited by the editor.   The hope is expressed that "The togfeyfatawtaijiwjfo*ta*   ^
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need. east cornur uf i*ut 4410, thonco nurth <so chain.-.;
thence eaat  tit)  ciiains,  tliuncu suuth  bl>  chains,
thuncu west 60 chuins tu point uf cuminuncutnont.
Datod July 18, Hill. JOHN KVKNSUN
Pub. July 25. Frud K. Cuwull, Agent
A chic French hat just over is of
the bonnet or scoop shape, with a
wonderfully draped crown of taffeta. The joining of litis to stii.w
brim is covered with a wreath of
small roses. Despite iis Bimplidty
il is indeed charming.
New York Fashions
The new season promises to be
one of modifications and revivals
in fashions rather than ore of
radical departures. Prac.ically all
if the best features of the summer
modes arc retained, bin with new
details and developed in new materials, they arc bound to take
on almost the novelty of entire!**
new ideas.
The kimono sleeve, the luric,
the stole-like panels, sai-hcs, and
all of the trimming methods that
have charmed us during the h'st
few months, are gradually re-
ippearing in such new guises that
they arc morc effective. The
materials for fall are soft and
pliable, even though there is a
greater number of heavy tlick-
lookii g fabrics than usual, but
the) lend themselves to graceful
draperies snd flooring lines quite
as readily as did the I; wns and
batistes "f summer.
All   the  satin-surfaced  fabrics
mil the lovely dull-lustre silks
'.re back, but it is the rough
tweeds, and the silky camel's li.-'ir
rd sibelines that catch the eye
first. Within a fiw weeks now
they will be notid among the
smartest of street costumes, not
only in coat and skirt suits, with
the new half-length coat, but in
dresses which, with furs, will be
worn right through ihe winur.
I'liey will figure, too, in separate
The color note i> an important
Item, combinations dial are most
unusual bting considered most
successful.   Old blue and a faint.
silvery blue are used with lobac;
dark blue wiih ci^.-r brown and
i blue purple, with 'II less definite
thr.des. Mahogany, which is a
prime favorite, will Ik- used wiih
black cmyI; slri|H*d zibi lines combine   well   with   v lvct   of   deep
���hades snd particularly well with
black; navy is trimmed with
light blue. With any Of the gnetl
bluet, with black ..t .1 whin- stripes
or rich black.
Tin*..hi Lochlnvarwi b
He picked .Hit ���- bweel 11.tW
to court;
Though   saw   for   his   nionc)
charms he hrd nor.e,
S.ill that was enough by itself ..11
And   to   sit'ct gthtii   Lis   eiu.r.ecs,
right there at the start,
He give her tiw millioi R to win her
young heart.
Skcoiia Lin. I DUtrlOt  -District ut Const Kuliue V
Take DOtloa thut I, llunjamin A. Fish ut Towner,
N.   D.,  ticL*u|miioii   merchant,   inl.'tiii   lo   apply
lor pt'rttii*aHiuii t��� purchit-M) tht- (ollowing d.-scribed
I     Comim'tinni*   ul  a   post   plunteil  on   tlio   eaat
| boundary uml uliout live ciiains Irom thu aouth-
il'i ilii r 1 east corm-r nf Lot HHl, thunce north tiu chaina,
thuncu im t    in chuins,  ihuncu south (iu  chains,
I thoncu weat lit) chuina tu point ot commencement.
I'nt.-.l .Ilii..  .'i, 1-..I1. BENJAMIN A. HSU
Pub. July 2.*). Frutl E. Cowell. Aitont
l.i-i-iiii i.i.i..I Dialrlcl���DUtrict ol Cuiul IUnge 6
Tako   noticu   that   Stanluy   Oruen   ol   I'rince
Huport, li. ('., occupallon minor, intunds to apply
lor poriiiitiaiiiti to purchasu tin- lulluwing duecrlbod
t' mi.!.i- iy ui a post plantod -10 chuina aouth
and -10 cliuina wost of tho norlhwost cornur ol
Lot 1788, I. a -. a-1-,. - Valley, District ot Coatt Kange
6. thenco wi-ai -10 chains, thoncu south bO chaint,
thonce easl -lo chains, thence norlh bO chaina to
point of cunittioncomunt.
Staked June'loth. Mil STANLEY GUEEN
Pub. July 16. Locator
Skeenil Lnnd DIatrlot- District of Coast Range 5
Take nolice Uml Percy M. Miller of Prince lluperl, B.C., .a'cuputlun Civil Engineer. Intenda to
j apply for ih-imission lo pun-huso lhe following:
ili-si-i ili.-.l lund.:
Ciiiiiii'ii. i;.. ut ;i pust piunted on lhe left  bank
Second avetue nnd Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Offlce.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
l.tiw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
I'rince Ruoert P.O. Box 361
of British Columbia uf HC, Ontario, Sat-
and Manitoba Bara. katchewan  and  Al-
berta Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth atreeL Prince Ruoert. 8
There was arching of eyebrows and
sneers of disdain, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tl     _     >        . i i: . l . . I, I of McNeil River ul nurth'west comer of lot 4.09
1 here WSS Comment IP pUbllC bOtll I K.v.. thonc cuaH-M chain, mew Um lo weaterly boundury uf umber limit 5-11. (old number
400113) thenc northerly following auid weaterly
boundary of timber limit 00 ehaina more or leaa
to nortii west corner uf suid limber limit, thence
westerly 20 chuins more or leas lu left bunk of
McNeil Hlver. thence southerly fullowlnu: aaid
left bank of McNeil Hiver l'.i chains more or less
to point of commencemenl. cuntaining loo acrea
moro or leaa.
E. Flexman. Auent
Date June 19.1911
Pub. July 19,1911
Skeena Land Dlatrlct-Dlatrlct of Casalar
Tuko notice that 1, Thumus Carter, uf I'rince
Rupert, occupaUon carpenter, Inlend to apply
for permiaalon to purchase the* fullowlng deacribed land.
Commencing at a post planted about ..ne milo
aoulh from the mouth of Falls >'n <��������� and about
1-- feet back from the beach, Ihence ho chains
nurth, thence 40 chains west, thence SO chaina
south, thence east 40 chaint lo i*ointof commence--
ment, containing 320 acrea mon- ur !*���*.
Dated July Tth, 1911.    Charlea Webaler Calhoun,
Pub. Aug. Sth. Agent.
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrlct ol Coaat Uanga V
Take  noUce  that   I,   Paul  Hagen   ol   Prince
pointed and plain,
And parsons and preachers a ncarl
and afar
All swore they'd not marr) ihe old
Hut wiih millions behind him and
Force on his side.
He would i"i relii quish hi-- charming young bride.
There were howls from the pulpit
and jeers from the press;
Ic lhe hoine of the bride then* was
tears and distress;
Al tl   none  were   too   Wealthy   or
poor io deride
The old Lochinvar ar.d his five.
millioi' bride.
But .lu- old Locl-.ii var was exceedingly name,
And he clung lo the girl with tite
breakfast-food name.
There was racing and chasil g by
.rait- and by yiu hi:
A thousand wa.s offered for trying
tie kiol;
Aid though many declined, there
was not one av rse
To taking a crack a.t old l.ochin-
vi-.r's purs.-.
jSo al lasi ihey were wetl    bill how
happy they are
Mtis, be mid li> the bride ind Im
old Lochinvar.
aupart. laborer, inlend to apply lor permittiun
to purchaao the following doacrloed laaela:
Commencing at a pott planted on lho north
bank ot WUliama Creek about 60 chaina aoutheaat Irom It. It., thonce aoulh 40 ehalna, thenc*
it 40 chaina, thenca north 40 chaint,  thonc*
Three   Years  from   Now  Will
Come to  Rupert
Calgary, Sept. 24.���Banff
Springs hotel ci-lerii incd over 22,-
0(M) guests from May 15 to August
30, an [ncrease of (i,4.r>2 over the
corresponding period in it* l o. During tin- months of July Mid August
308 guests occupied berths i'n
sliipfng cars rV ihe track as an
overflow from lhe hotel. During
the period from July 22 tO Sep-
temlicr 2, 880 p-cople enjoyed .he
new golf links.
Manager McAleer of the N.'-
lioni'ls, says thai Li rr> Lajois
will be on his ull-sl.-r Ic.- m ihis
fell, the club lha, will pl; y lhc
American League penr.p.p.1 winners
to prime them for the world's
series wiih the vicloriois kam in
,hi* National League.   Jim s;>s
lhat no all-star ii.in is complete
without lhc big Frenchman enrolled thereon.
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., 1). D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation* akllfully treated. Gaa and
local anatthelics aelmlnistereel for the palnleaa extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Office*:
Helgeruon Block. Fnnce Rupert. ll-12
Alex.M.Hanton B.A.,     W.K. Williums.n.a., t.-l-li
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. o. BOX 2.1
1*1*1*11. Ol' WH. POXON, ESQ., A.R.A.M..  I 11S.. ENei
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Pointers on What Will be Worn
This Fall
A large clolhirg In.use li. > produced a reversible ovcrcoal in
20 and 28 ounce double-faced
fabric cravenetted. li is worn
ciihir ; ���*. a grey with a regular
shoulder, or as a brown overcoat
with a raglan sli.iil.l.r. There
are really two distinct r<>.-.- In .me.
K   K   K
In double-breasted, three-button
overcoats for dress occasions, very
dark blues iire going to In* favored
in Paris ihi- year.
��� MM
In Paris, trouserings patterned
wiih s.tip. - pl. ced far .-'pan  are
meeting with a marked demand)
r.ri>- ,.id mixtures In black ar.d
white .in* leaders.
��� MM
Shots "f mahogany shade wiih
i.k- !.. in.nil have made iluir
appearance in Lordon, ihe fonmr
in brogue pattern and the latter
wiih a neat clock at the side.
Manufacturers who are featuring, Ent7-xcu|,,lton iUtv,V0. *���_,,��� _.    ��� ,���
silver greys, si roi gly in thiir shirt- BSS^" ** ""^ch���*��� tK* i��Howiii�� fiMtM
ing lints have struck upon ;- vogue
which is in high favor with lhe
belter class trade in London al lhe
present time.
Harris and Donegal '.veiil*. in
rich browns, heather and dull
green mixtures, its well ; - Bar.**
nockliiirns are in di in.iid for html-
Ing season wear in Englnr.de
The  walch   chain   lhat   BCCOItls
wiih fashions requirement .-i the
present time i-- in many cases .*l
very fine links in dull gold
are, of course, siill very much in
weal 40 chaina to point ot commencement
Datod July 7, Mil. PAUL I
Pub. July it*. Kred E. Cowell. Aganl
Skeena Land Dlatrlcl���Dlalrlct ol Coaat Kange 6
Taka  noUce  that  Sarah  E.  Alton  ol   Prince
Rupert, occupation  nui-ae, Intonda lo apply lor
permission  te)  purchaaa tha loUowing  tlascribael
Commanclng at a poat planted at tha North*
woti corner 140 chaina uatttrly 'slightly north)
trom tha northeaat corner ol Lot 1110 illarvey
Survey! Coatl iJblrict, Range V, thenca BO chaint
aaat, ihence 80 chaint aoulh, thence 40 chaina
weat, Ihence 40 chaina norlh, thencu 40 chaina
weat, thanca 40 chaina nurth lo |..*.t ol commencement containing 4M> acrea more, or loaa.
Dai. .1 June 14. lull. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July I :���. Krael Uohler. Agent
Skaena Land Diatrict���Dlatrlcl ol Coaat Itange .'.
Taka nolce lhat Unlord Sewell Bell ol Princa
Rupert, 11. i"., occupation locomotive englnewr,
Inlenda lo apply for p*rmia*ion lo purchaae lhe
(ollowing described landa:
Commencing al a poat planteel on tho north
bank ol the ZimogoUU itiver about thraa (*!)
mllea diatanl iup.te.tm) In a weatarty direction
Irum the junction ol tbo l.nlle /Jmogotila Rivar
and lho main Zlmne-oUlx River, Ihence. north 40
chaina, thence waat 40 chaina, ihence aouth 40
chaina, tbenee eaat 40 chaina to poat ol commencement cuntaining 160 acre* more or leaa.
Dated June 7, l-.il I. LINKOHD SEW Al .1. BELL
I'ub. July a. Gaa ll. Putnam. Agant
Caaaiar  Land   Dblriet���Diatrict  of  Skaana
Tak* notice that I, Lemuel lr.*-*- ol Vancouvar,
occupatioa broker. Inland lo apply (or permise-ion
lo purchaaa lha foUowing dearlbedr landa.
Commencing at a pott planled on lha ahore
In a norlhe-rly direction Irom Port Nelaon Cannery
market L. r'.'s S. K. Corner, thene* 20 chaina
north, Ihence 20 chaina weal, thenc* 20 chaina
aouth to ahore Una, thaeioe along tha ahora to
point ol commencement, containing 40 acrua mora
'p.t'."J-,-..- 10, MU LEMUEL FREER
Pub. July a. J. Be i "H....M. Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaal Uanga V
Taka notica that Jesse M Tallman ol Ceedar
lltpult, Iowa, occupation lawyer, Intenda lo
apply (or permlation to purchaaa tha lollowlng
detcritie.1 landa:
Commencing at a poal planted on tho aoutherly
ahor* ol Kuttymateen Inlet on the right bank
ol a tmttl ttream (lowing into taid Inlet Jutl eatt
ol Crow l.ake. Thence touth 20 chaint, thenca
weal 20 chaina mure or leat to the ahore line of
Crow Lake, Ihence northerly and eaaterly following lho ali..,.. line* ot Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow laaka and Kulaeymale���n Inlet lo lha
placa ol commeiicemeni, containing forty acrea
mora or leas. Located August 7, Ml*
D.t.-I Aug. 9, llll I. JI   ��� *
I'ub. Aug. 12.
Skeena Uml DUlrict -Dutrict of Coaat Range 5
Take notice lhal It. P. Miller ol Tipton, England,  occupation  farmer,   intend,  to   apply   (or
i-emiUeion  to   purchatt  th*  lollowlng   dejacribed
Commencing at a i-n.t plaMe-1 about GO chains
watt (rom the. N. \S. Curner of l-.it 440(1, th*nee
north lu rhilna, Ihence weal io ehalna, thenc*
touth 40 ehaina, thenct eatt 20 ehaina lo the
point ul mmmenc-etnont containing eighty acraa
mor* or let*.
Dated A.igu.l I'I, It'll. It. P. MILLER
I'ub. Aug tt. P. M. Miller, Agenl
Skeena U>.'1 lllalnrl    Dl.lricl ul Coaal Itange f>
Take   nolice   lhal   I,  Thutnaa   McTlymont   ol
.'rince   l.-'i'i'.   It-   .'.   .arruptttun   real   aalate
broker, Intend l.< apply lor ptremeatan to purchaae
lh* liill"��l'.,' 'lea. rili-il lands:
Commencing al a psol planteel at tha S.  W.
Cornel   nl   I'1   --'I'l-'ii   r.ri-t'l   112,   lln-nre  eaal   Ml
chains, tbence aoulh 40 ehalna, Ihence weal tu
chain, to .bore of lake. Ihenee following thort
o( lake in a nt.nherly direction lo point o( com-
menee.iient: c.ntainlng HIM teres,, mora or laaa.
Haled Sept t, It'll. THOMAS Mr. I.YMoNT
Pub. Sept. II. Eren.a.1 Cole. Agent
Skaana Uml lli.trict  -District nl Coasl Ranga ti
Taka notln. lhat E. II. 0. Miller ol Falmouth
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND AVE.
Kor Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Frani Wllciek. Paria and Berlin.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
=���_- E.
i umii,"*-!'.- at ��� I-"" [...nil.* i at the N. W. Oor
run ot l,fil 4 (tit., ttwnr-a w��t HOchlans, thpncwamith
20 chalnn, thrn��> -nut HU chaina, thencst north 20
chaina to thu point at commencement containlni
I hi) acrea more or letw.
Uated August 1 -. r.'ii i;   If. (i. Mil. II it
I'ul.  Aug. 26. I'. M   Miller. A|��nt
Skaena Laml District-Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Take nolice lhat Austin KI. Hmwn of I'rince
Hutu rt, occupation aaddler, Intends to apply to the
< bii f Commtfwloner of 1 *n f��� and H'orka for a
ii.'-Mi' to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the following dmcril>ed Unda on the
Weat Coaat of (Iraham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milre eaat
of the northeaat corner of C I. No. ttTl thi>nc*>
north mi chaina, thence eatt 80 chain*, thence
aouth 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chaina to point of
AUATIN M. IlllOWN, I*ocalor
1,-orated Auguat Iat. 1911.
I'ub. Aug. IB.
Skeena I-arid Dlatrkt  -District of Coast IUnge V
Take nottc* that I,  I'eter t-araen of Towner,
North Dakota, V. B. A., farmer, intend to apply
for t>ermiaHton to purchaae the following deecrilml
EBY   CB,   Co.==
Kitsumkalum l.iin I Kor Snle
KITSUMKALUM ��� l<   ('.
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prlne* Rupert Lode*. No. Jill, Han* of
England, meets the Ural and third Tuetdava In
���ach month In the Sona of Enjiland Hall. H19 2nd
Ave. at H p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. O. Box al.*. I'rlne* Rupert
ERNEST A. WOODS. Pretldenl. Boa 23
Teacher of Piano, Violin and
Voice Culture.
2nd Ave,
Between 7th & Hth Sts.
Prince Rupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalme-r
Ftinvral  Director*
i"l Ave. near >ith Si. Phone No. M
..Grand Hotel..
Workwoman's Home
Free Labor Barns ia Connection
Phone 178 1st Ave. and 7th St.
CEO. BRODERIUS, Peopel*lot
Hotel Central S3 rW-ielU
European and American plan, nt-earn
heated, modern convenience*. Rat',��
11.00 to *'' - per day.       :       :
Peter Black
lw��<     _^*^^^^^^^^_^^_
Commencing  at a poit   planled al the aouth*
���Hi corner of I*ot 172U, thenre south HO chaina,
i;( |      I thenn wnt 40 chaina, thenco north 80 chaina,
' I thence eaat 40 chatna lo point of commencement.
Dated July 15, 1911. II 11.U  I.AKSI.N
INih July 2fi, 1911. Kred K. Cowell, Agent
SVwna 1 fln'l District   -Distnrt of Coait IUnge V
Take nollco that I, Adolph II. Chrlatlanaon of
Towner,   North    Dakota,   occupation   attorney-
,,,. . .    ..   . | at-law, Intend to apply Inr permiaalon to purchaae
mere /iv, pcrnp.pt. ,* half doxenI-uiMowiHniiifljiitaadii
j    Commencing at a port planled about ono and
rt'.'llv (li tlmf-le (etlPtlt* ulin WnillH   one-half  miloa (1   1-2) nnrtheart ol  the MM  of
rii.ii) tusir.iDit ui . ins wno wuuiQ  Trmil UWw on lhft wtmX gi,,_ M \MVt,\m |^e,
r     i .1     . ,t ii     ui      i     t< land altout U ehalna from '.he lake-trnnt, Ihence
leOlUial Uiey WCrCP.CtUnUy    lUCk)       ��..nl.  m chaina, thenc- wer��  HO chaina,  Ihonoe
north ho chalnn, thence eaat HO chaina to jMiint
to have learned about your prop*|l -"-';;;,���,,,��� ��� CI1(llSTlAN80N
Date.) June 30, HHl, Fred K. dwell, Ajtnt
Pub. July *���:..
I'liitiiliini*. Il.-iilmi-. KliMiiiililtiiii** untl '
She.-t Metal Work
Odlee*. Hrd Ave. WorliahtiD*. I
Phone 174 2nd Ave. bet. 1th and Hth SU. '
orty���and tlu-y all reftd ftdfl
Can ir**. complete atock of Drug*.   Bpeclal
altentlon paid to Mllng preacrlptlont.
Theatre Block vmn* No. 79 Second Ave. THE DAILY NEWS
Former Lightweight Amateur Champion of B.C. Shows
Fine Form Boxing All Comers before the Big
Match on Wednesday���Record Sale
of Ring Tickets
weight around the room seems
in niw him more pletUnire than hi*
meall.     It   is   safe   tO   say   llii'.i
Osce.r Nelson will have no easy
snap t" gain ii decision with hi*
somewhat smaller opponent.
Nelson is about ready to step
inio the rinjr, his ten days' finishing
process at the Kaien Island Club
Joe Bayley, \\lu> will box Oscar
Nelson on Wednesday at ilu- Kaien
island Club, i-- busy at the Windsor Hotel putting on the finishing
touches in Iii*- preparation for the
Standing room .*t Bayley's training quarters i> ;-t a premium;
size,  weight,  age,  or experience
"The News" Classified Ads*
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion^
m * -asm*. ���*m*
Phon* ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass.
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.��� Houses and Rental*.
Help Wanted
..a���...  I
Wanted general aervant. two aervant girls kept.
Apply to Mrs. L. W. Patmore. SOMI
T~^-Je_raM^-Ji^..~~' ��*���" ***** ���*>
LFor Rent |
||-%H-^H^S|       ^ll%_|l a ���'    �����fc.l'-*--fc��-*^"^"^     '**f
Formerly lightweight amateur champion of B.C., who will box
Oscar Nelson here Wednesday
Kurnlaheel rooma with  lath.
the week.   Talbot House.
Special ratea by
Portland, Vancouver, New York
and Philadelphia Top the Big
Baseball Leagues.
Noatly Furnlahed rooma, gentlemen preferred.
Apply Mra. Mullin. over Mnjestio Theatre.     tf
Nice Furnlahed Rooma. Mrs. Greenwood. Alder
Block; Third Ave. "****
For Rent-Furnlahed room.. Hot and cold water
with bath. Digby Rooms. 9th Ave. and Fulton
Street. ��
For Rent-Sona of England Hall. US 2nd-Ave., for
Dancea. Fraternal Societies. Siwlala, etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis. Box 869 or phone 68. D)*-tf
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per slimv;
par value $1.00. These shares are Koinu
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Following  are   the   percentage
standings   of   the   clubs   in   the
principle baseball leagues:
Pacific Coast Laegue
Won Lost Pet.
Portland 95   08   .583
Vernon 99   73   .57ti
Oakland 95   85    .528
San Francisco 82   90   .401
Sacramento 77   95   .110
Los Angeles 7-1 194    .110
Northwestern League
For Sale
��� a I, .in'.  i. i i-i  ia ****-***��) "
For Salt -Chicken Ranch.'' Storey houte. houte-
hold gucia. Near Prime Itupert. A snap If
taken at once.   Addrei* H"x 368. U
For Sale-lrlah Terrier dot pupa, pexllgreed. gritty, good companiona. li-uod color. Goddard
Broa., 95 Water St, Vancouver. 216-227
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
We carry everything In the feed line. alia garden eevds at tho lowest market priced, at Collart'i
ols Fied Store. Market Place
Prompt Delivery Phones 41 or 301
Are Your Valuables Safe?
Insure their protection by renting a safe deposit
box in our vault. By so doing you need have no
fear of fire or thieves. Call in today and inspect
our vault and the protection provided        :    ~~,
The Continental Trust Co.
Second Avenue
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
. .90
10 IliS
in hi*-, sparring partner makes no
difference to Joe, and a large
crowd gathers every evening lo
Bee him take on (..ur ..( five volunteers sonif of whom scale almost
two hundred pounds. Bayley i>
young and strong and in perfect
condition and to slam some heavy-
has   brought   liini   Into   the   l>esi
possible condition.
Frank BowneSS, who has charge
of the arrangement committee for
the Kaien Island C'luli, has made
perfect arrangements to handle
the large crowd that is assured
by the advance sale of seats.
National League
In a Political Quarrel at Camp-
bellton, N. B., Dr. Doherty
Inadvertently Stabs and Kills
Mr. D. J. Bruce With an
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Campbcllton, \. B., Sept. 24.-���
A -nl election tragedy lias plunged
thi- little town iii mourning, One
of it-* most respected citizens, 1). J,
Bruce i** lying dead, and another
respected citizen, Dr. W. \V. Do-
hertj i- in j.til. harged with causing
his death.
The tragedy followed ������ heated
election argument between tin*
iwo men, the dead man being ������
Conservative and tin- doctor -t
Liberal.    During   ilu*  argument,
one or oilier of   the  lllell  lost   hi-
ii-niptt .ind blows were exchanged.
Thc doctor struck Mr. Bruce with
his umbrella in the face, the steel
point entering Mr. Bruce's eye,
destroying the sight, and causing
hi*, death a few hours later,
Tin* affair has caused a grcai
sensation. Dr. Doherty was placed
up.Ice arrest and now awaits trial
on a charge "f cn-inK the death
of Mr. Bruce,
Phenomenally Low Levels Recorded for This Time of Year,
and Very Early Close of River
Traffic  Predicted  Unless
Change Occurs.
Vesterday "Two foot seven below zero" today "Two foot leu
below zero, and siill falling." Everybody in Prince Rupert who h;is
reason to watch the Skeena water
levels understands what that
means.  A phenomenally low state
of   the   Witter   exists  today,   and
worse  Is  threatened.    If  things
go on like this for only a few days
I more it i*- certain that there will
be an unusually early dose ol the
! river na\ igation, and corresponding
ly difficult conditions up river
owing to the problem of getting
in  supplies.     There iire people in
Prince Rupert this morning who
[are positively praying for more
waler in llu- Skeen,*., and the
firM thing done in lhe morning is
io scan ilii'i little yellow bulletin
iii Foh y, Welch >K' Stewart's office
that tells what the water is doing.
. 500
. 589
. 589
. 500
Bella Coola Majority for Clements. Many Minor Places
Also Help to Reverse the
Decision of Prince Rupert.
Following election   figures were
received by Returning (Ifficer F. ('..
Dawson up to one p.m. today.
Tiny Increase Clements' majority:
Ros-i   Clements
Wantetl ��� Hand taunelcrlntr.     Price, moderate.
261 Thlnl Avenue, near Newa ofllce. tf
Wanted. ��� Claaning and pressing, alteratlona
and repairing for men and women. Dreeemaking
calleel for and deliver*,!. Mra Charlea I'ercher,
820 Third Ave.   Phone 2lH Red. tf
...Whites Portland Cement..
Phone 125      Nik-n Block      Second Ave
a ������.���-*~.--..-~~	
|       Lost and Found       j
Loat���Laelies* walch in bracelet.   Reward bv returning to News olllce. If
Pittsburg 82
Philadelphia 75
Brooklyn 56
Boston 30
American Leag
Philadelphia 94
Detroit 84
Cleveland 74
St. Louis 40
��   4>   *   * - * -*���*>-*>������-
-General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware       Tinware
The Big Furniture Store
Main entrance 2nd Ave.: fith St.
entrance, last door in block
Bigger and Better
than Ever
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
and - Stewart
Prince Rupert
I. S. HarrUon of Prince Ruport, B. C, broke
give notion that on thc fifteenth dty of November
1911, I intend to apply to the Water Commissioner
al hla office in Prince Rupert, B. C, for a licence
to take and uae two cubic feet of water per aocond
from the Weat Fork of McNeil Klver in Skeena
I district. Tht* water ��� to be uken from the stream
about one mile from Ita unction with NcMcil
River and U to be used on Lot *44Q& for domestic
and agricultural purpoaae.
��ept. 9. 	
��� ��� ��� �����-'
Gasoline Launches,
Skeena Uml Dialrlcl���Dialrlcl ol Quern Charlott*
a . ,_._    .     fa     aa
Row   Boal*
^^^^^^^^^^^ and Canoes
For Hire by Hour or Day
H. Joauiaa       Co. Cm.        P.O. Bai 187
I'll.is): 269 r.m.l N
rilONE 301 P.O. BOX 804
Bainraffe, Storage and  Forwarding Agenta.   For
Riga or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone 301
Sir Wilfrid  and   Lady  Laurier
Planning Trip to California
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Scpi. 24.���Sir Wllflfd
Laurier and Lady Laurier are-i
planning to take a rest In Call.
fi.rnin before tin- House opens,
when ilu* Literal leader will con*
limn- tn acl as leader ol the
Food for Camps
To make up tor her light pas-
scnger list tho Prince George had I
nn exceptionally heavy freight cargo ��.u Saturday.    Two hundred
tons nf lu*r cargo were foodstuff*
consigned to Foley, Welch & Stewart  litinps up riv.r.
Chairman  of National Trans-
Continental  Commission
Hands in Papers.
Bella Coola 12
Sloiin  2
Rivers  Inlet  (Wad-
ham'a)   '���,
Rivers Inlet (Victo
ria)   2
Swanson Buy  l
Ocean Falls  :i
Whiting Bay  8
I'i. Nelson :... 4
Hartley Bay  2
About twenty-five polling i
have yet to report.
Take notice that the partnership
heretofore existing under the name
of Handasyde & Hurt has this
tlay been dissolved and thRt all
accounts due tlu* firm are to be
paitl to (". 11. Hiindi'syili', Jr., who
will pay nil firm debts and continue
the aforesaid business.
Dated i't Prince Rupert, B. C.,
this day 25th ��.[ Sept. A. D. 1911.
fit       C, H. HANDASYDE, Jr.
One lot, Block 22, Section 5, Seventh
Avenue.   Price $800.   $400 caah.
One  lot,  Block  7,  Section  6,  Fourth
Avenue, Harbor View.   Price $1360.
Two lots, Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.   Price $300 each.   $50 cash
balance $26 per month.
Two lots, Block 24, Section 8, Eleventh
Avenue.    Price  $600   pair,   one-hall
Two lots, Block 61, Section 8, Kelliher
Street.   Price $175 each, $100 cash.
One  lot,  Block   7,   Section   8,  Tenth
Avenue.   Price $300, one-half cash.
Ewo lots, Block 38, Section 8, Justin
Stnet.   Price $600 pair, $300 cash.
One lot,  Block  1,  Section  8,  next to
corner, Ei"venth Avenue.   Price $476,
$300 cash.
Four-room house, plastered, painteil, best
harbor   view   in   city,   on   Ambrose
Avenue.    Price  $1837.    Cash  $600,
balance $30 per month.
Offices and stores on Second Avenue and
Sixth Street.    Prices $36 to $75 per
Nicely furnished flat, four rooms and
bath,   hot   and   cold   water,   corner
Fulton   and   Sixth   Avenue.     Price
$60 per month.
6 and 10 acres for garden trucking at
Kitsumkalum.   Price $66 per acre.
10-acre tracts garden trucking at Kit-
sclas.   Price $50 per acre.   Terms.
Three lots on Third Avenue close to
business section, level, good lease.
$10 cash and $10 per month buys you a
Tako nutice. that thirty days Irom elate, I, C. E
Hainter o( I'rince. lluperl, ll. C, by orcupatiun
Itookk.-eper. intend lo apply lo the* Chiel Com.
mi ,���.t.��r of I mill-, lor a licence to proapeel [or
coal and petroleum on and under 6.0 acrea ot
land on liraham Island de-scribed aa lollowa:
CommcnelnR al a post planted two mllea north'
ot C. B. H. I'oal I ..a-- No. S, marked S. K. corne
C. E. II. Coal Lease No. II, Ihence north SO
chatna, Ihenc* weat HO chain*, thrnce* aoulh SO
chaina, lhance eaal 80 chaina lo place ol commencement.
DaledSepl.il. 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
I  'll-    Si |'l     'I.
Skeena Land D'atrid���Dialrlcl ot Queen Charlotte
Take nolice thai thirty daya Irom data. I, C. E.
Ilainler of I'rinco Hupert, H. C, by occupation
Itookkoe |" r. Intend to apply to thc Chief Com-
misaioner ol Land, lor a lioance lo proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 1.10 acrea of
land on liraham Island described aa lollowa:
1 ......... .ndnf at a poat planted one mile north
ol C. K. II. Coal Leaae No. 10, marked C. E, II.
Coal Leaa* No. 16,'thence nortii HO chaina, thence
weal  HO chaina. lhance) aoulh SO chaina, thence
eaat HO chaina In place ot commencemenl.
Daled Sept. II, lull.     C. E. HAINTKU, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Land Dlatrlcl ��� Disuict ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notice thai thirty days Irom dale, I. C. E.
Hainter ol I'rince Itupert, It. C. by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply lo the Chief Com-
iiiiaaiun, r ol Land, lor a licence to proapect for
coal and iietruleum on and under 040 acrea of
land on C.raham laland deacribed aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two mtlea north
Skaena Uml Diatrict���District uf yw-rr. I'tui**,
Take notice lhat thirty day. Irum date, I.C.*
Bainter of I'rince Kupert, ll. l',, tr* otejem
bookkeepe-r,  Intend lo apply la 11,.-' x'tet Cl
misaioner ot Land lor a licnc- lo pro-aee*
coal and petroleum nn ud -..
land on Graham Islam! de-scnlaai a. (alio*.:
Commencing at a po.t plaati
el C. E." B. Coal la***** No :. n... i. i
Coal Leaae No. 12, thence south a" rlmr.,. la**,
aaal SO chain*. Ihence nurth 10 chain*, ttarj
weal SO chaina lo place' of comtti' -.-.-*.:.:.
Dateel Sept. II, llll I.    C. B. II UNTI.K.UW
1**ub. Sapt. 23.
Skeona Land District���District olOimCWa
Taka nolle* that thirty dav. from ���:��>. i.t t
Bainter ol I'rinco lluperl, it. t . i j- ��ra**���
bookkeeper, Intend le. apply la th. ClafOs
missioner ot Lands fur a ***** tees***
coal and petroleum 0B ISd '.   eel
land on Graham Island deacrtlaal ..
Commencing at a post plant..! laa rested
ot C. E. B. Coal Lease No. T, mark.-! > ��.ar��
C.  E.  B. Coal  I ... ���   N"
chaina,  Ihence eaal   mi i! .
chaina, Ihence weal 80 chain, to plac* d aa
DatedSept. 11, 1911.    C. K. It\I\TKK.1__��
Pub. SepL it.
Skeena Land Diatrict ���Dl.ttn-t ..ly...  I MM
Take notice that thirty .Ia>* 'i
Bainter ot I'rince Hupert. li  '      <   -erajaal
bookkeeper, inlend to gpplj        ������ I'rXxer
miaeaoner ul Lantla fur a Hen
coal and petroleum on an.l un.!.f *>ta of'
land on Graham laland daacrll a
Commencing at a pe��l i lain.*.! i... rcije* _
ol Oi E.  B. Coal Leaae N.. IT, *
corner C. E. B. Coal Lajaa "������<���**
80 chaina, Ihenee weat  *"
HO dtalna, thence eaat SO chains la ���.���acre!*
Dated Sepl. 12. 1911.     I*. K. ll\l\THl.Ua��
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Dlrtrict���District ul liu-rcll**
Take nolle* that thirty da; I Irum .late.lC
Balnier ejl Prince Hupert. I'   - ,*r&*
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply  la th. 1*1*1*100
mi-.i.'ii. r ol Lands fur a lu-
coal and petroleum on an.I tu ���
laml on Graham Isaln.l .!.*-. t
'   Commencing al a post |-iai'- t '���'!*i**a*L
of C. E. B. CoalL Lew Nu. I*, nutte-d !*.��|
cornar C. E. B. Coal U*a��- Ko
Commencing al a posl plannai two mile* norin , *r,   V : - * ,,*        ���,.   ���, ,.
ol C.  E  B. Coal Leaao No.  10, marked N. j| *****..*��****JZ*.        .riu,d
eorner C. E. II. Co.l l��aao No. 16. thence aouth I 8�� <***\n*, thence we-al m .
SO chaina. ihence weat HO chaina, Ihence norlh
HO chaina, Ihence eaat 80 chaina lo place ol commencement. _.___��� .
Dateel Sept. II, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ul.. Sept. 23.
Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Skeena I.ami Dlalrlct
e that ll
^^^^^^^Slnce It .     . ^^^^
bookkee'per, Inlend to apply to the Chiel Com
Take nolice that ihirty daya Irom data, I, 0. E.
Han.t.r of  I'rince  Hu,*ert,  B. C, by eiet-upatinn
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Sept. 24.���-Hon. A. N.j
Parent haa resigned from Trans-
Continental Railway Commission
arid   is   here   in   conference   \viili
Laurier. I.onl Strathcona is expected in Ottawa next week and
will likely tentler his resignation)
New Plan of the Standard Fish
and Fertiliser Company's is
Put in Operation Today.
Al  lhe wharf this morning the
trawler Kingsway is berthed having transhipped her freiglil of
halibut   and   mixed   lish   of   all
   marketable   kit'tls   on   boanl   ilie
An Incendiary at Chicago Has1 Prince   George   for   the   southern
Five   Murders   on   His   Con- markets.   This is the firsl move in
science. | the new  method  Started  by  lhe
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Kingsway's   owners   lo   ship   lish
(Canadian Press Despatch)      |cs fast as possible south via Ru*
Steve Ruda, Arrested in Cabin
the Day After Kelly's Cut Incident Went Bughouse at
Victoria.   In Asylum Now.
News reached Prince Rupert
ihis morning ihat Steve Ruda, one
of the men arrested in connection
with the Kelly's Cut incident
during lhe strike, and imprisoned
al Victoria after trial there, has
gone crazy, He is now confined
in the asylum at Victoria. Ruda
was arretted in his cabin thc day
aficr the fight, and maintained
that he had nothing to do with
the riot at all, being sick at lhc
Chicago, Sept. 24.���Two men, 1 pert.   The trawler halls originally
two women  antl  one baby were I from  Fleetwood, and is only one
For   row   boats   and   launches 1 j"*"'"-'*- ���-���-��� death last night in what  of what may some day be a great ^^^^^^^
telephone   320   Kreen       Davis' 's believed   to be an  Incendiary!fleet of similar vessels plying in 1 only) over Wallace's Dry Goods
Boat House. [Arc^t a tenement house. land out of Rupt-n. ' Store.���H.S.Wallace* tf1
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Wark's Closing
Jewelry Sale
Three Only. $6.00 Kitchen
Clocks $2.90
Three Only, $12.50 Mantle
Clocks $6.25
Dozens of Other Clocks at
One-half Price.
For Rent���Furnished or unfurnished     roomie    (bachelors
See the bargains in the West
Window today. Your choice
for $2.50
ini-vii'Mi ��.l ..null- (or ��� WHAM to lirw|.i*<-t (or
coal intl pptroU-um on and undiT 040 acrra ol
land on Graham Inland di*cril>rd an (olloan:
Commvnclng at a poal planted two mlltw north
nl C. K. II. Coal U******* No. 14, marked N. K.
.���..rmr (*. K. 11. Coal I-*-***--' No. 17, Hirnc-f aouth
HU chainf, thenc*1 went Ho chaini, thener north HO
��� liiiiii-. thrnce ������H-i no chalnn to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. K. HAINTKIt, Locator
Puh. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Diilrlct Dittrict of Queen Charlotte
Taki nolice that thirty day* from dale, 1, C. L
Hainter of I'rlnce Kupert, ll. C., by occupation
hookkepper, inte-'I **n apply lo the Chief Corn-
rni -i'.i,i i o( I nn.I- lui a I.(fence to primped for
coal and petroleum on and under 010 acrea of
land on -liraham laland dmcrihed aa fullowi:
Commenclni at a poat planted iwo milo> north
o( G. L 11. Coal l-.-i- No. 12, marknl N. W.
corner C. K. II. Coal Leaae No. IH, thence aouth
HO chimin, thence n>t HO chaiDR, thence norlh HO
rhalm, thence woat HU chalnn to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11, l.'ll. C. K, HAINTKU, I*ocalor
Tub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUlrict���Dlalrlct o( Quten Charlotte
Tako notice thai Auatin M. Drown of Prince
Hupert, eaddler by occupallon, intendi to apply
to the Chief Commlaaioner of Land* and Worka
for a licence to nronpeet for coal, oil and potroleum
on and under the following deacribed landa on the
Weet Coaat of (iraham Island:
Commanclnt at a poat planted three milea eaat
of the northeaat cornar of 0* L. No. 4471 thence
aouth 80 chaina, thenee woat 80 chalm, thence
north 80 chaina, thence eait 80 chaini to point
of commencement.
AUSTIN   M.   BHOWN,   Locator
Localed AuRUit lit, 1911.
Pub. Au(. 19.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Auitln M. Hrown of Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, Intendi to apply to
the Chief Commluloner of Landi and Worki for
a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum an
and under the folluwing deecribed landi on the
Weat Coaat of Graham liland:
Commencing at % poet planted three mllee eaat
of the northeait earner of C. L. No. 4472 thence
80 chaini weet, thence 80 chaini north, thence 80
chaina east, thence 80 cbalm louth lo point of
Ideated AiiKiut lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land Dlitrict���Dlitrict of Queen Charlott
Take notice that Auatin M. Hrown of Prince
Hupert, occupation aaddler, intends to apply te
the chief Commianloner of Land* and Worki for
a licence to prospect for coat, oil and petroleam
on and under the following descrlbod Isnds on the
WTest Coaat of Graham Island:
lleglnnlng at a poit planted three mllea east o
the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4474 thenco K()
chaini east, thence HO chains south thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chaini north to point of
tmmtmam.  1 .  A^J-V4   "*   ""OWN,   Utt*
Localed  MlKUlt lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
menrement.        __,..
DatedSept. 12, 1911.
Pub. Sept* 23.       ���	
Skeena Und Dhttkt-DUjrici ,( q
Take notice thai thirty daj - '^1
llroderick of I'rince Rupert, -   ���      \T7SI
hank manager, Intend tu app * J
miMiuner of Landa for a lie*.    to.^^���
C. B. WARK & CO.
Third Avanue
.1-. ��ea'
ian.l on Unhiun lalan.l diwrt
I'oinni.nclnf at a post plant. I ������"^'eTl
ol v.. K. II. I'oal !*���**������ :������ ; ,._
corarr A. T. U. Coal Ia**- N    ���     "^1
HU chain.. lh**ie*e. .-aat m -
chain., th.-nea waat to ******        fm ���
m*n��n.*nl.     A  -���,,,������
Dateel Sapt. 12, mil.
I'ub. Sapt. ta.
Slee-na Und DUtrlct    DM
Taka nollea. thai ll.ir" *.   l ,s
llee..l��ilck ol Trine.. Ilui*.*rt. I
hank manaiar, inle-n.l I.' "I-l
mUa-lowr oi Uml. lor a i ,',2m*t
coal and palrolaum on ��'
land on Graham lalaml d. . ���*.
Commandnt at a poat i'i*
ol C. E.  II. Coal L����"' No. -'��� "SJrf
cornw A. T. II. Coal laa-   ��� \***\ ��t
mi chatna, Ihence. weat -'
HO chaina, llie-nce- aaal ��0 wall
DatadSapt. 12,1911.     \*****\
I'ub. Se-pt. 23. ,.^0
Skaana Und Diatrict   Dial.
Taka nolice lhat Ihirty da ,����**
llroderick ol I'rince Itiil".' ..itelt**
bank manaaer, Intend lo appl -aaa*.-]
missioner ol Untla Inr a I
coal and petroleum >,n a.
land on Uraham lalan.l .1.
Commencing at a p���) I-
ol C.  E.  U. Coal  Lea-<-  *���' '.-.:.��*
- u. coal '"���������N;;;,r,*!-<
corner ol A. T.
weat  80  chaina,  thenn*  i-
eaat 80 chaina, thenca aoutli
ol commencement.
rhliM >
A. T. BJwpBW.&!ffl
DaleelSept. 12,1911.
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und Dlalrlrt-DWIk"' "^j.i*.I.t-!
Take notice lhat thirty lUl '
Ilainler ol Prince lluperl. 1*-
l)ookkce|-er, Inlend to apl-l    '    "   ,,v.r*e-\
|;. lUBlet.'
I 11"**-."jn
(..im"""-']' -*
bookkeep_.    ... ..____	
misaioner ol Unda lor a If"*"". " ,,'|.i *f
coal and  petroleum on  snl
land on Uraham laland dear"      "J��� ���,*. J
I'ommendnii at a poat I-        ,    I   in'
ot Coal Uaae No. 4171. "'��� ,;��*"*''
N. K. corner Coal Ua-e Mj* '��� '*'    -��lj
chaina, Ihenca **at 80 chs,.      "���     J *X
chains,  Ihenca eaat 80 chni" "��� l'
mencemant. _ misTCR*1*1*
Date.1 Sept. 11,1911.    C. b. I'M>-
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District -Dlatri
Take notice lhat thirty day" """.,.. ntts*}.
Halntar ol Prlnco lluperl. B. ' ' ''nit}*
bookkeeper, inlnd to appl. ��� ,.e p""t**^
misaioner of Unda for a Hj
coal and petroleum on ami '"' (,,i,..- .
land on (Iraham Island das. i
Commencina at a poat P ��"''" ', ,-,*! VJ
ol C.  E.  II.  Coal  I-ease N"- ., ������<'*'
corner C. E. B. No. Id. .1""  , ..,��� *.. <**
thence weat 80 chaina, lh*-'"'''   ,mtT,e*ii����_i
Ihence eaat 80 chaina to plac;* nl n���*^Tt:K. \*t*
Dated Sapt. 11,1911.    C. I- ***"*
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DIalrlct-Dlslrl*","l1!'l'j.''i'.|*cl
I*   "jHIIU   liaiim       ...-������        ,, ., ,n ll.l"-_
ke nolice that thirty elay > ('""L.gp,ne"_J
 jn ol Prince Iluprrt, I * 1 -   r, |'���min<
keeper, Intend to apply to llu''      , ������, i " '
nf Lands lor a licence It) l*r"-i''   , gl ������''
.iraham Island deacrlbeel a�� I"11"*,,, uii��*
Commenclnj at a post planle. ' . s;.!,.!*1,
tt S I II. Coal Uase No 8, "'*"*.���-�� **t
ol C. E. 11. Coal Lea* No. "���. ' - i*��r���,
chaina, thence weat 80 ���*��""'���, ,,!.�� *"
chaina, thenca eaat 80 chain, t" i
liu-neeme-nt.        _   ���   n^lNTE*"
DaleelSept. 11,1911.
I'ub. Sept. 28.
C. E.


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