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wcnty-four hours ending B a.m.,
Oct. 7
������     ����������'      IM   RAIN
ILsgWativtUbrMj* X
The Daily
{- ���   Li iy ||    "torIisdiiiii
Camosun, Suniljly 9 a. i
PringM-i May/Thurailay, Oct.  12
\4, xiuSLtai	
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
,11, NO. 229
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Saturday, October 7, 1911.
Price Five Cents
o of Britains Rising Statesmen Will Shortly Pay a
i'isit���Are Anxious to Study Canadian Questions
During Next Parliamentary Recess
union, Oct. 7.���Rt. Hon. Wins-
Churchill and Rt. Hon. Lewis
.eiiiri have announced their
I'tion to visit Canada after
lament adjourns. These men
two of lhe youngest and most
le-eipg members of the British
eminent, ard their visit will
in fulfillment of a promise
k* by Premier Asquith to Pre-
Aaqulth to Premier Laurier
Ul. Hon. Winston Churchill
,1 hereafter it will be a practice
his Cabinet Ministers to go
ii.il, between Parliamentary
lions, ard become acquainted
li the various British dom-
iins���something which has never
-n dope before.
Mr.   Harcourt  is  Secretary of
He  for   the   Colonies,   and   is
anxious to see and study the
sisler nations of the Empire whose
relations with the motherland are
his especial charge.
Mr. Churchill, who has been
Under-Secretary for the Colonies,
is now Home Secretary, ar.d is
looked upon as a future British
Premier. He is a statesman between whom and the people of
Canada and tlu* other dominion!
there ought certainly 10 be a close
acquaintanceship. For, come what
may, if Churchill keeps his health,
he is sure to be for many years
ore of the most conspicuous figures
in British politics.
Mr. Lewis Harcourt is forty-
eight years old, ard is ar admirable
example of the Englishman of
"the ruling caste" He bagan
his public career when he became'
Secretary to his father, Sir William
Harcourt. Afterwards he was made
Commissioner of Works���not a
very Important post. But Asquith!
recognizing his ability, admitted
him to his Cabinet, although this
increased iis strength to the unusual number of twenty. Mr.
Harcourt has been described as
being "built like a poplar and
looking all style and punctilious
grooming." He is a fire type
of the English patrician, immaculate, handsome, and anything but
strenuous in appearance. He is
also very modest and highly popular, socially and with both sides
of the House.
immander and Officers of Canadian Cruiser Will be
Entertained in Kaien Island Club's Gymnasium-
No Formal Invitations Issued���All Loyal Citizens Will be There
provided during thc intervals in
dancing, and also at thc end of
thc reception for those who do
not dance. Every effort is being
made by the city to have thc
welcoming festivities in honor of
thc Rainbow as pleasant and
cordial as Prince Rupert civic
authorities and lhe citizens themselves can make them. There is
no doubt whatever of the lively
interest aroused in this darce and
a bright and representative attendance is assured.
Tonight's reception and dance
honor of the Canadian cruiser
linbow will be held in the
itii-n Island Club's fine gym-
-ititii which is to be decorated
i the occasion. Proceedings belt   with   a   reception   at   which
��� commander and officers of the
ninbow will meet all those of
IC citizens who are present. The
ccption will be held for the
fst hour of the evening between
:ilt and 0.30 p.m. Thc Mayor
entioned specially today that
i formal invitations arc being
sued for this reception and dance.
II cilizens who wish to share
i-rsopi-lly in the welcome extended
v Prince Rupert to the Rainbow,
re Invited to attend.
Afier the reception at about
���30 p.m. there will be a dance
> music by a specially augmented
rein stra.    Refreshments will be
Owing to a breakdown on. the
'i'il telegraph during last night's
lorm, the News is unable to
live its readers any news from the
-tilt of war today. Should im-
xirtant news arrive after press
ime thc News will bulletin it in
lie principal stores.
A Great Struggle
life is a great struggle, but
Rear our Footwear and make it
frasy. Let us help you. Scott,
Froud & Co,, the Leading Shoe
Rtatior.ed  in  Dawson,  ar.d who
made the same trip si vital ,imes.
"All along the route there have
been stations placed," suys the
Major, "with food for men ar.d
food for dogs. There is absolutely no danger of provisions
running out^wilh these stations in
Major Howard who is stationed
north of Edmonton, is on leave at
present and is in Ottawa for a few-
Citizens' Civilian Rifle Association Challenged Rainbow.���
Cruiser's Team of Eight Picked   Riflemen   Accept.
As soon as it became known
that the Rainbow would Ik* in
harbor' for a day or two, members
of Prin.ce Rupert Citizens' Rifle
Association arranged to send a
challenge lo the riflemen of the
Rainbow lo meet them at thc
Thc challenge is accepted today,
and a team of eight picked riflemen
from the cruiser will meet the
Citizens-' Civilian Rille Association
at ranges Two, Five, and Six at
one o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
The match will be one of thc
keenest yet shol off on the ranges,
and is arousing live interest in
the dty and ou the cruiser.
King Nicholas of Montenegro
Will Endeavor to Secure Settlement of Balkan Question.
(Colonial Press Despatch)
Cetinje, Montenegro.���With the
war   clouds   lying   low   on   the
Montenegro border, King Nicholas,
the father-in-law of ihe King of
King  Nicholas of  Mortem gro
Italy, whose country is sheltering
thousands of homeless Albanians,
has made public a list of social
functions whose diplomatic significance is believed  lo denote a
pacificatory ending of Montenegro's troubles. The King will
entertain the British, Russian, German ard French ambassadors at
a series of dinners and receptions
covering a space of some three
weeks, and it is believed that the
semi-official discussions of the Balkan question arising therefrom will
have a tendency toward a better
understanding between these powers and Montenegro.
Nationalist Leader in Quebec
May Soon Make Trouble for
(Spcci;.| to the Daily News)
Quebec, Oct. 8.���Armand La-
vergne is reported to have stated
to some of his friends yesterday
thiit they need not be surprised
to see him in opposition lo the
Borden Government i i less than
three months.
The stormy petrels are already
givirg signs of lhe tempest that is
Sinking  Fast
Don't sink into the stage of
cripples. Wear Scott, Froud &
Co.'s shoes and float with thc
Several exclusive lengths ladies'
fall suitings.���Wallace's. 2t
Captured the Hearts of Prince Rupert Audience in a Musical Engagement at the
Empress Theatre Last Night���Scored Five Thousand Two Hundred Bull's Eye
Hits in Less Than Four Hours���Proved That "Jack's the Boy" All Right
Topic of Sunday Evening Address in the Empress Theatre
Tomorrow evening at 7.30 Rev.
F. W. Kerr will preach on "The
Coming of the Rainbow." Men's
Bible Class in Mr. Helgerson's
office from 12 io 1 o'clock.
Mounted Police Take Step to
Guard Against Another Fitzgerald Disaster.
Ottawa, Ocl. 0.���"The terrible
tragedy which took place last
winter when Inspector Fitzgerald
P.nd three Northwest Mounted
Police were frozen to death while
transporting mails between Dawson and Mncpherson, will not be
repeated," says Major Howard of
thc N. W. M. P., who was formerly
Commander Hose, the officers
ard men of H. M. C. S. Rainbow-
were entertained at a smoker by
thc Mayor and City of Prince
Rupert in the Empress Theatre
last night. Front rows of the
theatre were crowded with bluejackets, and on the stage with
the Mayor and aldermen sat Commander Hose antl the officers of
thc Rainbow. The magnificent
entertainment provided almost entirely by the talent of the Rainbow's crew was certainly one of
the finest displays of song, dance,
and instrumental music ever seen
in Ruperl.
Rousing Cheers
No finer appreciation of their
welcome to Rupert could have
been given by the men than the
thunderous British Cheer, they
gave on lhe call of their Com
mander after the citizen's cheering
had subsided. Thc blue-jackets
cheered with the precision of well
trained lighlirg men, the big bass
boom of their voices sounding
out in instant unison.
It w;is the same with the singing
of Rule Britannia- by the whole
audience. The sailor's voices led
the patriolic lay with magnificent
effect. There can be ro doubt
ubout the loyalty of Prince Rupert or the popularity here of the
Canadian navy.
Patriotic Mr. Woods
Cily Clerk Woods was responsible for the decoration of the
Empress Theatre last night. He
did well in the short time at his
disposal with the Canadian flag
and British Union Jack predominant in his scheme of bunting
drapery. The regal splendor of
thc red ensign gave thc stage a
patriolic appearance ninth appreciated.
Brief Speeches
In a brief address the Mayor
welcomed the Rainbow formally
to Prince Rupert expressing thc
hope that Prince Rupert would
become one of the important bases
of thc Canadian navy on the
Pacific Coast. Commander Hose
in reply thanked the citizens for
the interest they showed in the
arrival of lhe Rainbow, and expressed his confidence that Prince
Rupert would rank in a few years
with the greatest sea ports on this
coast. For this reason he was glad
that he and his men had seen the
place early in its progress. Commander Hose made special men-
lion of the cordial expression of
goodwill shown the Rainbow in
the columns of the local press.
He praised the work of the young
Canadians on board and regretted
tlnit he could expect few of the
splendid young fellows he had
seen in the cily to join the navy.
"You need them all here to help
build Prince Rupert," he said
amidst cheers as he concluded.
First Rate Concert
After some excellent moving
pictures by the Empress biograph
the musical part of the entertainment began. The men being
liberally supplied with cigars and
refreshment���not   "on   the  water
cart" plan���a thoroughly good
time followed. As a nutter of
fact, it was the Rainbow which
entertained Prince Rupert. Our
youthful old-timer Mr.Russell led
off with some new Scotch comic
songs with a nautical turn in them,
and was heartily cheered. Ther
the Rainbow talent began to scintillate in song, and recitation, in
chorus, antl in dance until the
audience felt as if they'd somehow
blown into a big London music
hall with an All-Star bill on. li
would   be  impossible  to  mention
separately all the talent displayed
for the programme lasted until
moming and with repealed encores the Rainbow singers held
the boards with success all the
time. They gave instrumental
music from a splendid string band,
songs grave and gay, humorous
and patriotic, and a brilliant exhibition of the Sailor's Hornpipe
by three splendid looking lads
in the "midshipmitc" stage. Excellent service as accompanist at
the piano was rendered by Mr.
Stephens manager of the theatre.
Prince Rupert thoroughly enjoyed
thc programme at last login's
smoker. The Rainbow will be
more than welcome whenever ir
the future she drives her gray
prow into the waters of Prince
Rupert harbor.
Representatives of the Militia, the Board of Trade and
the City Tendered a Graceful Compliment to the
Representatives of Canada's Navy
After the entertainment in the
Empress Theatre last right, the
officers of the Rainbow were entertained at a banquet in the
Exchange Grill. The Mayor and
most of the council were there,
llong with Messrs. C.eorge Tile,
F. G. Dawson, Benson, Morris,
McLeod, Stork and Beattie of
the Entertainment Committee.
After the coffee had been served,
a programme of toasts was brought
on, the Mayor acting as toast-
master and honoring ihe firsl
toast, that to the Kirg. The
toast to the Cn.rr.dinn Navy was
responded to by Commander Hose;
and severe^ of his brother-officers;
that to the Militia of Canada by
Captain I*'red Stork of Earl Grey's
Rilles; that to the City of Prince
Rupert by the Mayor ard Aldermen Douglas, Hilditch, Newton,
Clayton and Kerr.
The final toast, that to tin-
Board if Trade was responded to
by Messrs. A. J. Morris, F. G.
Dawson, W. S. Bet-son aril C.eorge
The compliment implied in the
banquet was much appreciated by
the guests of the evening.
Widow Prefers Wedded Life to
Possession of Great Fortune
Maltimore, Md., Oct. 0.���The
marriage of Mrs. Di vid J. Dunlop,
Sr., and Archibald Moriyomery
McCrea of Pittsburg, son of the
president of the Pemsylvai ia Railroad, which look place ; a New-
York hotel, is of much irtersel in
this dty. Mrs. McCrea forfeits
11,950,000 by her marriage. When
Mr. Dunlop died here, ten years
ago, he left a fortune of about
16,000,000. To his widow was
left a third of the fortune on condition she would never remarry.
Otherwise she would retain only
A Fortune Found
Health and comfort i- a fortune.
Our Boot! and Shoes give you
this. Call at Scott, Froud & Co.'s
and get your share.
Slicker raincoats for boyo.���
Wallace's. 2t
Mr. Bullock-Webster to Build a
Residence on Emerson Place
The followu g building permits
were sanctioned at the City II.ill
Mr. L. Bullock-Webster, residence on Emerson Place io cost
Mr. E. C. Rietchel. rcsidcnri mi
Fourth avenue to cost $000.
Alterations to Smith & Mallei's
store on Third avenue to cost 1800.
Ladies' and Children's fall and
winter coats.���Wallace's 2t
President of Board  Yesterday Suggests Appointment
of Committee to Consult With Architects on Additional Accommodation  Required���Various
Matters Dealt With at Meeting
A proposal  that  a r.ew wing
be added to the General Hospital
Two Convivialists
Only iwo cases came before the
Magistrate this morning. These
were two men who were accused
of being drunk and disorderly, and
paid the usual fine, five dollars and
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin O'Reilley
were passengers nortii by the
Prince George arriving in Rupert
George  Early
This morning the G. T. P. S.S.
Prince C.eorge arrived very early
She did not break any record on
the way but passengers say die
was so early that she had to wait
around  a  bit   outside   till   Prince
Rupert had breakfast and could
receive her.   She arrived at 0 a.m.
with about the usual complement
of passengers first and second class,
and a good cargo.
lo <*o|m* with the growing neul for
accommodation was made by Presi-
deni D. o. Stewart at the meeting
of the Hospital Board yesterday
afternoon.    On several occasions
recently   brief   delays   have   oc-
eured in tin- admission of patients
owing to ihe wards being full. A
commit Ut* is to be named shortly
to look after the work.
The advice of various architects
in the dty will be taken regarding
lhe work which will probably In-
made the subject of competitive
plans. Messrs. Munro & Laili y
who planned and superintended
the pn sen i building arranged for
the extension ki own to be necessary, and it will be a simple matter
to add wings or pavilions linked
with   one   another   from   lime   to
lime. The hospital hits six lots
of its own gifted by the G. T. P.
on which other buildings may lie
Of the other business attended
to yesterday afternoon, the prfn-
cipal items are the acknowledgment of receipt of *?I711 from the
G. T. P. for patients fees, and of
160 :is ii donation from Duncan
Ross.     Several   new   nurses  have
applied for positions on tin- staff.
Nurse Scott is leaving i<> be
married. A subscription of |60
was acknowledged from E. L.
The Board went on record as
highly appreciative of Mr. C.eorge
Ti.e's generous furnishing of thc
O. I). Tile Ward, and a i.iblet
suitably inscribed will be placed
in the ward in defiance of modest
Mr. Titers desire that no such
thing Ik- done.
Ossining, Oct. o.   Captain Peter
Halns,  Jr., who  killed  William
I*.. Ant'is in AtlgUSt, 1008. received
his pardon today and left Sing
Sing prison.    Halns got a divorce
from his wife last August.
Two Vancouver Ships are Now
Used as Transports
Vancouver, Oct. 0.���As a part
of the  Turkish  navy  the  former
German steamers Erna and Ella,
which operated between  Vancouver and Mexico, are now in   the! Brotherhood Banquet
servin* of  lhe Sultan  Mohammed       ->__., ^ |h��� y. ���_��� %% ,h_
V, o��� the Bosphorus    Th,- lister Brothifhood ,*W(1U,V 1lrxt Tucs.
ships are  now   being   used   asUy evening, October 10, 8 fwn.,
lurk.sl, transports. in'Mclntyre Hall     Tickets $2.00
I may be had  at   Rcilly's  Bakery,
Mr. J. Soskin of Calgary is a I corner Fulton and Third avenue.
gucsi ;it the (i. T. P. Inn. 1 All young men welcome. 3t THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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non-delivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
has been given his choice of swords or pistols by one of I lie suffragette's,
This while it removes the foolish old argument thiit women should
not get votes because they were not able to fight, adds ore more
difficulty to the lot of the modern newspaper slave.
Oddly enough, a Canadian bishop some time
igo p
ireached a
senium to women in which he claimed that women were not entitled
to vote because they could not be called upon to go to war.
For a bishop to put legalised murder as the tesi of citizenship
was odd enough. But his reverence; also appeared to forget that
lie himself was numbered among those who could not be called upon
to go to war, and that the soldier class whose business it is to go to
war, are among those who are deprived of the franchise.
This recalls Sir William Clarke's remark "an ignorant person,
such ;ts a bishop or a member of parliament," etc.
Daily Edition.
Saturday, Oct. 7
Now that the election is won and there is no further need for
extreme and unjustifiable criticism of thc Liberal leaders, the Conservative press is paying in some instances generous tributes to the
defeated. The Ottawa Journal (Conservative), which led a very bitter
campaign against the Government, now makes amends to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier by saying editorially:
"No political leader ever went down to defeat more gallantly
than Sir Wilfird Laurier did this month. At the age of seventy he
made a campaign which for vigor, eloquence and courage was a marvel.
That sometimes his good temper failed him, as it had never before
done, was no wonder, in view of the peculiarly harassing nature of the
contest to him. Subjected on the one hand to attack because of being
insufficiently British in sympathy, he was assailed on the other by
the charge that he was aiming lo butcher French-Canadian youth
in British wars; and both extremes joined to denounce him as aiming
to risk Canadian autonomy by thc reciprocity proposition. Human
nature would need to be angelic to be free from restiveness under
such mixed prodding as all that.
"Mistaken in his indifference to the British sentiment of Canada,
incompetent in big business questions such as the Grand Trunk Pacific
and the Quebec bridge, and deaf to criticisms of the management
of Governmeni departments, Sir Wilfrid Laurier nevertheless ranked
and still ranks as a great Canadian and a great man. His grasp of
constitutional principles, his breadth of mind, his eloquence, courage
and kindliness, his personal honor and integrity, his political shrewdness
and picturesqueness have justly made him a notable figure on thc
world's stage."
In regard to the defeated Ministers The Journal says:  "A good
thing for Canada it would be if the eight Liberal Cabinet Ministers
who fell in Thursday's battle could be in this Parliament in place
of lesser men of their parly.   The exceptional ability and thc great
Parliamentary  experience of  Mr.  Fielding,  Mr.  Graham  and  Mr.
Fisher were very valuable assets to Canadian public life.  Sir Frederick
Borden  unquestionably  possessed  a  valuable  knowledge  and  keen
interest  in  military affairs.    Messrs.   Paterson, Tcmpleman,  King
and Bureau each had qualifications to be especially useful in Parliament.
The new House is the worse of thc absence of such experienced public
nun so long as a sufficient majority on thc other side insures a new
Executive regime on thc hill.
"The absence of Mr. Fielding and Mr. Graham must lie particularly
deplored. Both were of the finest type of Canadian public men. We
doubt if Mr. Graham was much in sympathy with thc reciprocity
idea. He siid comparatively little about it. That his heart is in
the right place was illustrated by his splendid saying at the banquet
of the Ottawa Board of Trade this year: 'The Empire is my country;
Canada is my home.' Mr. Graham in office showed himself unspoiled
by power; he retained ihe confidence of thc country in his honesty,
fairness and ability, and he increased its liking for himself personally
by his good temper and kindly humor.
"Mr. Fielding, similarly, leaves oflice with the absolute confidence
in his Integrity and personal clean ideals of thc people of Canada.
His polidcal acumen was great; his first real mistake in fifteen years
was the reciprocity proposition. To that wc fancy hc was predisposed
by his long training in free trade ideas. We do not liclievc that prior
to the opening of the debate in Parliament he ever dreamed that
the reciprocity pro|iositii*n could be supposed likely to seriously affect
this country's polidcal destiny.   Mr. Fielding is a loyal Canadian."
Alter being without a Gladstone in the British House for about
a year, the historic name is once more added to its membership roll,
William Glynn Charles Gladstone, son of thc late W. 11. Gladstone,
M. P., and grandson of the great W. E, Gladstone having just been
elected for Kilmarnock.
Genius is not always hereditary, but in addition to inheriting
his illustrious grandsire's estate at Hawarden, the young man���he
is just twenty-six���is'said lo have inherited a number of his rare gifts
for leadership and debate. At college hc was Presideiu of lhe famous
Oxford Union, and since then he has been on the Vice Regal staff
in Ireland as secretary to Lord Aberdeen, and on tin Embassy staff
at Washington under Mr. Bryce.
His career will be looked on with expectant Interest.
By Clivc Phillips Wolley
(author of gold, gold in cariboo
A    journalist in  Paris who criticised the suffragette movement
The Williams Stock Company after completing a most  successful
engagement of twelve weeks in Victoria will open at the
A splendid list of dramas and comedies will be produced
���m ^tt^i*****!*** ****** n-fri
J. Bender, right fielder in the
Edmonton ball team and a brother
of Big Chief Bender of the Philadelphia Athletics, dropped dead
in a restaurant at Edmonton the
other day from heart failure.
H    X    K
Jimmie "Buz/" Baillie, the star
quaerierback of the Montreal
team, announces his retirement
from football. Hc has had long
exix'rience en the gridiron, having
been quarterback on thc West-
mount team, when Art Ross was
captain, for several sensors. He
was a valuable ground gainer,
��� MM
Bro. Florman, representative of
thc Swedish muring club, has
written President Forsyth, of the
C. L. A., Intimating his intention
of gathering together two champion lacrosse teams to compete in
the Olympic games in Sweden
next year, and then to tour Europe. Hc has already obtained
a list of dates in the old country,
and thc tour is assured. From
thc tenor of his letter, or rather
letters, hc has written Pres. Forsyth
before on thc subject, his intention is to take a team from the
west, probably thc Vancouver
Mann Cup team, and the champion
C. L. A. team.
K   M   M
It took less than a round for
Kid McCoy in a "come-back"
trial at Brown's gymnasium recently to stop Kid File, of Brooklyn
who had licet* announced from
thc ringside as "no joke." McCoy landed on Kllc so frequently
and so hard that he was wobbly
in almost no time, and after one
minute ard four seconds of punishment for the Brooklyn man. the
referee Stopped the limit. As
McCoy wns leaving the ring Bob
Fit/.simnioits, once heavyweight
champion of the world, scaled the
POpefc, seized the gloves from Kile's
seconds, and invited McCoy back
Into tlu* ring. McCoy accepted
the Invitation, and the two noted
fighters of former days battled
vigorously for twenty seconds before the referee .g.'.in intervened.
��� M   M
Maurice McLoughlin of San
Francisco and Beals C. Wright,
who in the event of the failure
of National Champion William A.
Lamed, lo go, will compose the
American team in the International
tennis matches for the I); vis Challenge Cup in Australia, will sail
from Vancouver on November 1
under the direction of President
Dwight of the l'nited State* Lawn
Tennis Association, It had been
planned that the team shoujd sail
October 4, but with the withdrawal of Lamed. Mr. Dwight
has advised McLoughlin that the
original date of the contest, December 30, would not be changed.
Lamed had objected to that date
as he did not desire to remain in
training beyond ihe early part
of December.
H  ���  M
Dutch Barton, ,i former star of
the Hamilton Tigers, is back again
in football ar.d is holding down the
quarterback position. He is known
as thc "Wee Iron Man." The
Jungle Kings, however, will lose
the services of C.eorge Smith, one
of the best fullbacks in the Canadian game. He injured his knee
last year and states hc will be
unable to play.
"Now get back, and don't pull up
the barricade till I come."
As the others obeyed Jlm went on
his knees and laid a fire with more
rapidity than be had ever laid one ln
his life.
Another man might have struck
match after match and trusted to
chance, but even then Jlm was methodical, breaking the little twigs and
laying them In closed packed bundles,
so that when the small star of light
appeared tt grew steadily, and still
the watchers could see Jim feeding
his fire and making sure that the
flames had made good their hold.
Then a shot was fired from the fog,
the faggots rattled and flew ln all
dlrecUons, and Combe came running,
almost on his hands and knees, to th"
barricade. But the fire had caught
hold, and as soon as the men tn the
excrescence replaced the furniture
and made good the gaps, great
tongues of flame roared as they climbed upwards.
"We can't help that. They can see
to shoot now as well as#we can, hut
they won't come close wh'llst we have
that light. Tell the women to keep
away from the windows; and let each
man watch from behind something
solid. Don't spare the cartridges,
"I'm here."
"Get round to the back and watch
out there. I gueBB you can see In
the dark better than moat. Where's
the doctor?"
No one answered.
"Doc! Ho! Doc!" Jim cried, but
there waB no reply.
"Did any of you see him outBldc?
We haven't left blm out, have we?"
"He wasn't outside. Perhaps he
knew enough to keep In out of the
rain," sneered Falrclough, who detested the doctor, whose butt he had always been.
"He knows a good deal now, 'mongst
other things, what a blanked fool you |
The women knew, though they bbS-
ed no queBtions. Their eyes counted
tho men as they gathered for their
morning meal; * but If they guessed
they said nothing.
Indeed, scarcely a word passed between them until the men gathered
ln the long room after the meal, and
even then for a while no one spoke.
Though for the moment the besieged
were unmolested, everyone knew that
the ring which surrounded them was
Intact, and their destruction but a
question of  hours.
"The men had better sleep In
watches during tho day, Jlm. We
shall want all hands on guard to-night,
if Toma does not bring help before
then . Horsely and Ills posse could
hardly get through by daylight If they
Jlm made no reply.
"Don't you think that they will get
here today?"
In spite of his courage there was a
Bhake In Holt's voice which he could
not hide. Kor himself he cared little,
but the thought of the sweet woman
who was all the world to him broke
the strong man's nerve.
"It's no good fooling ourselves,
Rolt, any longer. No, I don't think
any of our messengers are alive today."
The younger Falrclough turned very
whlu*. but he pulled himself together,
and laughed bravely.
"You don't know my brother,
Combe. There's no fear tbat any pack
of niggers will wipe him out."
"I hope not. He Is a good man and
I daresay that you are right, ln which
case we Bhall have help before nightfall, but wc must not calculate upon
that. We've calculated too much on
such things already. We've got to do
somethings for ourselves now, right
"That's talking," assented Al, "and
there's only one thing aa we can do."
���What Ib that?"
Dealers In Fresh Fish
Oysters and Gsme In
season. Fresh poultry
Vegetables, Butter and
BOX lit
j w. j. McCutcheon i
,  C*rrle�� eomnle-te-k lock - r IV,,.,   o,     ,
���tUntlon paid u, i,ii,���.   . SrtpSSa
TheatreBleckPiioMK n... --. SccosdAw.
********* | ltttm.nl
rilONK 301
B-wiowe, Storage ��n,l FbnrinUni Amu. p.
RIei or Motor Cur iluy i.r iii^ht
Seventh Ave. and Fulton I'hone ki
Row   Boil, /
e and Canoe,
For Hire by Hour or Hay
H. Jokuiwi     to. Ci-,;     r.o b��i ist
I'HONE 2W e'.ltl'KN
are!    Poor old chap!" "Shoot the women, and die fighting,
There was a curious choking sound   0r save them.'
Spanish Danseuse Maintains
Middle Age Surpasses Youth
in Woman.
ln Jim's savage voice, as he groped
about in the dark and turned something over on the floor.
"Thank you, Anstruther. Will you
take his feet? Here, Rolt, strike a
light. We've got to chance their
Rolt Btruck one, and In the short
gleam of It the otherB saw Jlm and
body   from    the
It was brutally said, but it had the
advantage of bringing the Issue plainly before every one.
"How can we save them?"
"There's only one way. The Indians
are all here now. If a man could get
through that ring he'd have a clear
course to Sody. There's five horses
ln the kitchen."
"But we caln't leave the place un*
*���-*���*-**���*>-* - ��� -*-*-*-i-t
i -General Hardware
Anstruther  lift  the
floor and put lt upon tho table where ! guarded."
the red fire had been. "No, of course not.   It's got to be
"That's the first to go," muttered | one at a time till we do get thruogh,
Jlm. "Always wanted ih.- lead and ,������i ir ������ one gets through���well, then,
would have It.   Shot through the head   noss, we'd most as well take a turn
Builders'  Hardware
Valves 4 Pipes     Oxford StOlN *
Graniteware       Timvar.*
Li Belle Otero, the world famous
Spanish beauty who dances when
she has nothing else on her mini,
declares, and the discriminating
section of New York agrees with
her, that a woman does not touch
the zenith of beauty until she is
forty years of age. Incidentally.
Otero, like every other siren sure of
her charms, is not ashamed to
tell her age, and frankly admits
to forty-one.
"Every woman of middle age
and ripened beauty," may choose
between the "splendid for.ies" and
the "terrible forties" according to
the Spanish dancer. "Loveliness"
she defines as "a living thing made
of beauty, charm, grace, physical
attractions���yes, and of the way to
use them."
Here is the triumph of the
woman. Why, the intuitions of
the very young man arc unerring
in this matter. The youth of
Seventeen, says the Otero, begins
with   a   grande   passion   for   the
woman of forty.    Instinct  tells
him that she is the loveliest.   C.irl-
of  twenty-five are still  getting
the sard out of their eyes, according to Otero.
At ihirty they are still repeating
to themselves, "I am a young
thing." At thirty-five a woman
has known no emoiion save the
satisfaction of ruling, and it is
only at forty that she wakes
completely (o the puzzling life of
from behind. Some of the devils must
have been behind when he lit his
"I beard no shot."
"Not likely to with the nolBo wo
were making. What's wrong with
your neck. Anstruther?   Cut lt?"
"Just touched, 1 fancy. 1 got lt
when they hit him. Shall wc take him
Into the house?"
"Better not. and better say nothing
about It to them upstairs. We can't
do any more for htm now, Itoss," and
Jlm drew a large worked table-cover
over the dead man's face and turned
to see that the- barricades were as
strong as they could be made.
When hc was at his post again he
| at praying."
For a moment  there  was  Bllence,
and then someone asked:
"Is It to be by   day-light,    or   at
"I guess  It  don't  make  no odds,**
1 replied Al.    "Wc should have had a
good show last night, but the fog haa
all gone.   They won't do much attack-  ...    ntmnnT    nr 11 TV
ling In broad daylight,    our    people   IN    RUPERT     KtAL
shoot    too    Btralght, and the Injuns | ""    **wl *J" *
know It, but  they'll do mighty little '
sleeping at  night.    I'd leave tbat to
the man as goes. Kin 1 have that roan  ^u i9     d ,��� B,   k g, v
as Jlm rode for a first shot, Boss?" ...... ....
lt was said so quietly, that no one      ********* Avenue, with 8-roon
i ignorant of the circumstances, would
have  guessed   that   the   rough   aud
each lot.
drew from his pocket that which the  grlulcd old rider was ottering his life.
doctor had given him. lt was a common playing-card and on tt was written in pencil a London address. Beneath this the doctor had written In
big letters which wondered uncertainly over the blank space: "So long.
Jlm.   Sec you again some day."
$2,100 pair, assy tirmi.
Two extra large lots, Sect ion 6, *A
three 4-room cottage's. (4000. tt,
but thc color came to the Boss's eyes
as he answered:
"The stakes are  mine.  Al,  and  I
play them." i Lot on Seventh Avenue MM l-::
"Pardon, sir.  I think you   forget," \    with   5-room   house.    $1,750, tts
said    Anstruther,   courteously,   "tbe'    terms
. stakes are not all yours.    Volunteers I
'So hc knew It was coming, did he?" I for a forlorn hopo should bo unmar-1 View lot in Section 5, ��l,:l*i**
mused Jlm, "and hc took it all back atl ried men.    The captain's duty Is to
the last, all his tall (alk about science I Btn> by his ship to the last.   Al and  Sixth Avenue lots, $500 each,
and annihilation of matter.    Well, I' Combe have had their turn.   You will |
gueBs the Handlcappcr knew the Doc's  |et me go.
The Ladies' Aid of the Prince
Kupert Methodist ("liurch will
hold their annual banquet on
Thanksgiving evening. o9
Prices:    50c,    75c,    $1.00
Reserved Seat Sale open. |n The.tr. offlce Mon.. Oct. 91h, 10 a.m.
No Man Need Use Poor Printing Unless He Is
and Satisfied
The man who is
able to buy any kind
of printing is able
to buy good printing. If he uses
anything else it indicates to people
who sec it that he
doesn't care.
...to Do So...
*   a*.   .'. tx* i%
W �� 0 ��
9 99
��� at
Most people would
prefer a man's general character and
personality to be in
keeping with his
astrous not to care
about your printing
Daily News Building phone 98
Third Avenue
handicap, and will be the best Judge
of his running."
And then, as he looked out In the
reddened gloom, whilst his eyes tried
to pierce through the fog, his mind
tried to peer Into (hat Next Room
where thc doctor now was, and If he
failed to place the doctor, he at least
managed to place himself. He saw
thc triviality of the things which had
so embittered him for the last few-
days, and even confessed lo himself
that when It came to fighting, his rival
was not much of a muff after all. If
that which had made the scratch on
Anstrutlii-r's neck had been an Inch
or two to the left Jlm Combe felt that
his memory of the last few days
would have been a load for him to
carry all the rest of tils life. But the
first grey light of thc morning brought
Jlm back from thc I'nknown to the
present with a hJ,.>> k As the mists
rolled away thc temporary absence
of tbe Indians was explained. They
had withdrawn to gather force for
their real attack. Whatever answers
to the fiery cross amongst thc red
men had been flying around the country In the last two days, and Jlm
Combe had never known until that
moment how many Indians there were
scattered through the timber of British Columbia.
The hog's back was dotted with
their camp fires and tents; a line of
"Nonsense, boy, you couldn't sit a
horse now."
"Nor couldn't find his way If he did
get through. See here, Rolt. It's Al
or me for this Job, and Al's wounded,
bo It's me," and Combe turned to leave
the room.
But Anstruther caught blm by the
"No, by heaven, you don't. Combe!
It is for Mr. Rolt to decide. You are
not master here. What do you say,
sir? Will you shame meT It It not
my right? Combe went for me. The
whole trouble Is my fault. I can Dover hold up my head again If you
don't let me go."
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate Offering!*
House and lot in Section I ' ' ���*'������*
$1000 cash, bulunce on I
Lot on Fifth Avenue, Section 5. *
There was such a genuine ring Ot I s**^ toto^BwSn Street '** �����*
entreaty In  the young fellow a voice      Hfi&O cash
that Holt   looking at him. wavered       tj,. .*, .nd \6i Bln,.k i
lie understood that, io a man like      ,i260 each.   One third -
Aiislrullicr.    ihore    might   be   worse   Double corner on Kik'h'I   '
th tag h.n death.  tion 6| (or ,,500.
(ouldn     we  settle   It  by  drawing   u,  on  sjx,h   Avwiu     e*
1 '       That, what they always dp In      %\o,oq���   Ea|iv tcrm,
It was Falrclough who spoke, and
In the Impasse to which ihey had
come thc BiiggcBtlon met with some
"If I agree to Mr. Falrclough's suggestion." said Rolt, seeing that the
feeling of lhc meeting was with the
last speaker, "It will only be on the
understanding  that  All draw.    I will
'���������������� ���"""",!- ���"- ""��~pe TZ*u*oTif*tM"you wl"
dow; another body of (hem held the
road to Soda Creek. The ranch was
aa regularly inveated as If Its foes had
been European troops Instead of mere
redskins. With Infinitely more cunning than even Combe had given
them credit for, tho Chllcotens had
allowed the white men to return unmolested to their lair, only to find
themselves In a trap from which there
appeared (0 be no escape unless Toma
or Falrclough had won through and
could bring help.
Until this last morning Jlm had felt
certain that one or other would succeed In getting through; but now,
seeing the methodical way In which
the Indians had conducted the campaign, he not only doubted, he disbelieved It, and when he met Kitty a
little later, her pretty face pale and
troubled, a great wave of pity and remorse  almost unmanned  him.
In his anguish of mind hc tried to
speak to his little friend In the old
way that had been so dear to both of
them, but IiIb tongue failed him, and
she, not realizing that II wa* the old
Jlm, treated him with the coldness he
had been al such trouble to teach her.
Otherwise I go,
For a few minutes Combe and AnBtruther tried to argue with him, but
though the easiest-going man In British Columbia aa a rule, Rolt could
be sufficiently resolute upon occasion.
"It ain't no use argufying," said Al,
Lots" 16 and  .6, Block 27,
for $900 each.   Hall ��� ���.
House and lot in Sect	
$250 cash and bslsnei -
Corner lot In Section �� for I
Two lou on Sixth Av
for $2000 each.
Sixty feet on Sixth Av.'
for $1200.
Lot 23,  Block  I, Section
Easy terms. , ��i
LoU in Section 8 for $50 1 ��h an" **
per month.
T, for i#
ington Block.
flat  with  ball
Irrlubly.   "Seems to me we had ought, Thr'eVroom   (lit   with   I
You cannot hide death any mure
than you can escape It. There Is a
subtle Influence which spreads from
a dead man bo that even the dumb
beasts feel and acknowledge II, nnd
this atmosphere- of horror hail spread
through the ranch house tn spite of
the men's reticence.
to know the Boss by now. He's that
blanked contrary that If every one
else was keeping Christmas, he'd put
In the day hauling gravel. May as
well cut for the deal If he says so."
This settled It. snd Rolt, turning to
Anstruther, asked him to get a pack of
cards from Mrs. Roll.
When Anstruther had gono to get
the cards, Rolt turned to Combe:
"ls It any good keeping this from
the ladles? They might prevent his
going If tho lot should fall to him.
Nothing clso will, and I don't believe
that he could sit a horse for a mile,
HIb ribs can't be knit yet"
"Don't you worry about that colt.
Boss. He ain't uted to our range yet,
but he's a bit of good stuff and harder nor you think. Let him be and
give him a fair show. If. five to one
against his getting the deal anyway.
But you kin tell the ladles. They
aren't tho sort to holler."
"Thank you, Al, old friend. I knew
wo might come In "
view, Emad Block, fl
Four-room house with bi'
for $30 per month.
Three stores on Third Am
l|     hatW
.,,*���-���:. >
���INSURAM '!*:
McCaffery & G-bboni
11 v
,,cti ,
���II (in'!
-     loot
link ����
such things than, he mir1'
struck by the contract
two women. A face ll '
the window which n
through, bo that whori-si ' '.''" wf
white had died from ��� '., Kt
cheek, the pretty "iris I ' ' |t,
coquetry, the dimple '��� '   ���e*ri
hollow, and  she herself a *"->w)|.rf
and   wistful  shadow  of
oilier **
1 darling or the ranch; I" u
It was Mary Roll herself who opoko, I man the strain had <>nl> *
having come In quietly while the men 1 every brave line In her 11-�� '������,���,
were talking, with Kitty by her side, ! made firmer the curve 0 ���" ^
whose young beauty was woefully I Dps, ami given depth to ���> r
marred by the strain of the last few   eyes.
If nnv one had had Ume to noUoe <T0 BB CONTINUKI" THE DAILY NEWS
(Reprinted from Coast Seaman's Journal)
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Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an iccount.
fcnehee throughout Canada and BankiriR Connections with all parU of the
United StatcB.
AgStltS throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Prince Rupert Branch.
lead The Daily News
The most interesting study of
man is woman. 'Tis true she's a
dddle which p.one of us have been
able so far to solve. But, like
the riddle of the universe, the
sheer impossibility of its solution
has a compelling fascination all
its own which will effectually
keep man guessing throughout all
Also, "the old order char.geth."
The home-life of fifty years ago,
in which woman was supreme, is
now merely a sad memory with
most of us, like "the pics that
mother used to make." Hotels
ar.d lodging houses by the thousands shelter their quota of lonely
bachelor maids and old-maidish
bachelors, ar.d the eternal feminine
is chiefly conspicuous for her assiduity in showing how comfortably she can get along without
the prosaic masculine, Unconsciously to most of them, men and
women have now arrived at a
stage of social development which,
for the good of the race, will
compel them to draw up a new
covenant governing the relations
of the sexes as altered by changed
economic dcorditiors.
For these reasons the Suffrage
amendment to the Constitution
of the State of California, to be
voted on next month, has a
much deeper significance than it
has generally been accredited with.
Ostensibly the "votes for women"
movement is one for the abolition
of a long standing ard admitted
injustice to one half of mankind.
In reality it will, if successful, alter
lhe whole aspect of our civilization. In the past the State hr
been bottomed on the family as
the unit, each family being represented by its male head. With
women voting as well as men, who
shall say that the State will not
be bottomed on tlie individual as
the mil, instead of, as heretofore,
on the family? Personally, 1
am of the opinion that it will have
that effect. Only one thing is
certain, "votes for women" will
eventually force a radical re-adjustment of the present relations
between the sexes���ar.d, if I do
not miss my mark overmuch,
women will be the first to insist
on the new order.
I cheerfully concede the justice
and logic of every argument advanced in favor of woman suffrage. I even concede the right
of women to have a say in the
making of the laws, though they
arc physically unable to enforce
them. "There is a reason," said
a horrid man to me the other day,
while discussing this point. "Let
who will write the Nation's laws,
so that we may enforce them.
But, and I say il with all due
reverence for their sex, I do not
think thiit women are by nature
either constitutionally, temperamentally, or even intellectually,
fitted for public life.
Why do I think so?   Because
Womankind itself has so impressed
me. When I walk along the
street and behold the nightmares
of form and color which you
ladies are pleased io call "hats;"
the paint antl powder on your
faces; ihe puffy sleeves and hideous hobble skirts with which you
mar your lovely forms; the French
heels and that mincing gait; the
laughable affectation with which
you carry your purses in your
hands instead of stowing them
away in your inside pockets���
when I note these things I say
to myself : "Is it possible that
these people have brains enough
to entitle them to share with
men the responsibilities of government?" And invariably the answer comes back: "No; they
have not."
Ladles, if vou could only realize
the amused Indulgence wiih which
men view your silly fashions in
dress, and the conclusions they
draw therefrom, you would understand,, why It's w hard to enlist
the average man in the "votes
for women" movement. He reasons thai your feathers and rib-
ions, your powder and paint,
your rainbow tinted and weird
Contraptions in the line of clothes,
form  in   themselves  a  lacil  ad
mission on your part ih.it you
consider yourselves intellectually
inferior to men. "For," argues
simpk'-mindid man, "if you were
quite sure in. your minds oi being
men's equals mentally you would
never waste so much time in
decorating!?) your persons lor no
apparent reason than to call attention to yourselves. Being on
a par with men in the matter of
mental equipment," sa*.- he, "and
surpassing them greatly in personal pulchritude, then* we mid surely be ho need of all these crazy-
quilt clothes and feathers with
which you now seek to dazzle and
subjugate tis poor devils.
"But, what are ihe facts?"
asks this prosaic-iiiirdcd chap,
"Take up any newspaper you like
and read the accounts of functions
where men and women congregate,
and what do you (ind? Why.
Mr. So-and-So said so and so, and
that Mrs. or Miss So-and-So looked
radiant in a stunning gown made
of imported���etc., etc. Now, what
does that prove? Just simply that
what counts in this world about
a man is what he says and does,
and about a woman how she looks.
And���this is in the strictest
confidence, ladies, as I tin rot
want to be assassinated���nine-
tenths of the men who are now-
shouting themselves hoarse in the
cause of "votes for women" are,
deep down in their hearts, of that
opinion. Were it not for that
mysterious sex atrtraction which
makes you look lovely to us, no
matter what you put On���or leave
off���and that we men are no
wiser than we should be, I am
afraid that your little scheme
for getting even with us would
come to naught.
As it is I shall go to the poll
on. October 10th and vote "Yes"
on amendment No. 8; first, because being a man, there is a
soft spot in my heart for all
women, so that I can not refuse
them anything within reason; second, because I honestly believe
tluit the best way to prove to
women how uiisiiited are the functions of public life lo their peculiar mental and physical makeups, is to give them the ballot;
third, because I am curious to
know that they will do with the
ballot when they get it; and,
fourth, because I may as well
get some little credit for having
helped to push along an issue
which can no more be dodged
llt-i'.n death or taxes.
is known and
-|/# M
ty ,   "^
. ������-a-*.'
1 ;.������.*.'
.,:"������."���; *;,��� '���'���}?***,? *-r\.
V   *'        f tl"*
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Matte   from  Real  British  Materials.
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eau has lately been experimenting
at the village of Quincy, France,
with a machine of his own invention for automatic balance, and
has made some remarkable Mights.
He travelled over the villages of
Dlensaint, Combes-l-aVUle, Varen-
lies, Brie St. Robert, antl back
to his shed at Quincy. At Brie
St. Robert he circled round the
old church tower, and during the
whole of the voyage did not touch
any of the levers of the stabillxating
planes, either in his straight Might
or during the turns. If continued
trie.Is confirm the reliability of his
Invention it m.'*> be con ddered to
have aolved the problem <>f both
horizontal  and  lateral  automatic
equilibrium,  and   thus to  have
gone much futrher than the invention o| M. I lout re, which only
guarantees the former.
Pilot aa Pendulum
In M. Moreau's areoph'.iie the
result  is  obtained  by  the  whole
for liland principle of the machine,
but principally by the novel disposition of the seat of the pilot-
This is made Into a species of
pendulum, the pilot being the
weight, and whatever change takes
place in the posilion of the whole
machine he remains always in a
vertical chair. Yachtsmen are
familiar with tables and lamps
arranged  On   the  same  principle.
in turns when one wing is generally
higher than the other, B connection
between the .swinging chair or
cradle of the pilot acts automatical*
ly upon the tail, giving it an
angular movement corresponding
to that of a longitudinal stabilizator, which immediately re-establishes the balance. The tail is
really not a carrying plane_ at
all, but a balancing appendage.
Inventor Obscure
The inventor is a struggling
genius   who   for   ten   yean   past
has been engaged upon aviation
problems without anyoutsitle help
or encouragement but at present
all the roads leading to his Hying
ground are s'id lo be black with
visitors, and thc mayor has addressed to him a huer of congratulation on the visible success
that has at last crowned his
efforts. It is probable that the
military authorities will shortly
be Invited to Witness further 1 rials,
which will then be able to be
considered more thoroughl) conclusive   than   those   mentioned,
which nevertheless were witnessed
by expert journalists and crowds
of qualified observers.
1836 1911
The Bank of
British North America
7t Yciri I* Inlncu.
Capital and Reserve Oaat (7,300,000
Money Earning
Small weekly or monthly deposits in a Savings Account soon
count up���Interest compounded
at highest current rates.
Deposits of $1 .oo snd upwards
Prlace Rnperi Smack���
F. S. iaONfi. Ma-Mflcr.
Individuals Owning Real Estate
in Prince Rupert. B.C., muy find a
ready pumhSSsr, if the price in reasonable by iiilelri-sMin*.
EnHt Liverpool
Columbiana County    -     Ohio, U.S.A.
Windsor Hotel"
Newly Fumiihed and
Steam Heated Room*
W. H. Wright, Prop       P.O. box 37
.Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125      Niden Block       Second Are
Sid. Syket, Manager
Newest und Most lip-to -date Motel in Vancouver.
Modi-rate Prlcoi,
Vancouver, B.C.
Write us regarding
the value of your
Prince Rupert property, We will be pleased to keep you posted
as to conditions here.
lO. M. Helgerson, Ltd.
I Real Estate and Rental*
I Offices*. Helgerson Block THE DAILY NEWS
Church Services
Servicoi every Sundiiy In the
Emprcmi Theatre, 11 nun.  and
7 M p.m.    Sunday School and
Bible Clan nt 2.30 p, m.
UEV. V. W. KERR, M.A.. Pastor
Services evtry Sunday at U
a.m. am) T*80 P.m. Sunday
Srhool   _.;Ui   p. in Baracs
Bible Clans 'J..IU p.m.
REV. W. II. Mel-HOn B.A D.l).    Pastor
UTWUN OBNTtl HT. and 2nd AVB.
Services every Sunday at  11
a.m.   uml T.80 p.m.     Sunday
School at 2.30 p.m.
REV. C. R. BINOi B.D. 1'astob
Sunday Services 11
a. nu 3 p. m., 8 p.m.
Sunday School 1.30 p.
m. Public Services
Monday. Wednesday.
Thursday. Saturday at
IS p.m. Everybody welcome.
ENSIGN JOHNSTONE. C'm'd'q officer
THERoyal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Slxih St.
The Fineat Rooma.
Th* be*l ruulpped
anel tteam heated.
Hot android bath*.
Dinintt* room and
re.taurant :
Corley & Burgess, Props
"British Empire"
Here's the worlds
best eun-a Greener Hamniorless���
at a price within
the reach of all
sportsmen; its got
all the Greener
features, hurd
hitting, far shooting, lasting wear;
there's nothing bet- #C*)
ter;   price yUJ
Catalog rG
He Landed an  Electric Eel in His Trawl a Few Days
Ago, but That's an Old Friend Compared
With Some
The monster shrimps you have
seen at Shrubsall's Market and
which find their way now and
then into the toils of "Jim"
Burgess' trawl nets shot from
the Amy arc not by any means
the most curious creatures which
he gets from the bottom of the
sea. Sea urchin, star fish, queer
spider legged crabs, and all kinds
of finny and spiny fishes are
entangled in the sweeping trawl
net, and are thrown overboard
as offal.
But Mr. Burgess doesn't always
throw the queer creatures overboard. He has a standing commission from Professor Prince at
Ottawa to preserve all unusual
denizens of the deep, and send
them for scientific investigation.
Professor Prince has sent supplies
of formaldehyde and wide mouthed
bottles in which thc creatures
Can be preserved for transportation
east. They cannot be kept alive
of course, but the formaldehyde
keeps them in shape for examination.
Found Electric Eel
Only the other day "Jim" (whose
real name is M. Burgess) got an
electric eel in the trawl net. The
wriggler was nearly four feet long.
Under certain conditions this creature can administer a sharp electric
shock to the person handling it.
As a rule it inhabits warmer
Wiiters than arc supposed to exist
around these coasts. Curious
growing things like flowers arc
found in the Amy's trawl sometimes, also fruit-like growths which
very often prove stinging to the
touch. These are found at moderate depths. From the underworld of the sea, where the pressure
is two and one-hid f tons to the
square inch, thc trawls bring up
curious fishes, with Ixxlies constructed with special reference to
this environment of weight. It
is  another  interesting  fact   that
no light penetrates these ocean
abysses all below 1,200 feet being
total darkness- ar.d this necessitates another adaptation of the
deep-sea inhabitants. They carry
lanterns, Many'ol these deep-sea
lish have special organs upon their
sides and heads that are known
to possess a luminous quality.
Fiery Fish
Um- of the largest of these deep-
sea torch bearers is a fish six feet
long, with a tail dorsal fin extending nearly the entire length of the
body. Along the sides of the body
is a double row of luminous scales.
One of thc most ferocious of these
deep-sea forms has a mouth full
of teeth that protude in a most
forbidding manner. The fins are
all tipped with flaming spot*-, while
along the dorsal surface extends
a row of s]**ots that appear like so
many windows through which light
is shining.
Regular Glow 'Lamps
The little fishes called Bombay ducks are luminous over iheir
entire surface, and when numbers
are-collected together they present
an astonishing spectacle. Another
species has a jaw so arranged lhat
it can seize fish twice its size and
easily swallow them. 11*** Btomach
has the elastic quality of India
rubber.    It stretches to enormous
proportions, and appears like a
great transparent balloon hanging
under the fish and containing its
Since "Jim" has started fishing
shrimps iu Prince Rupert waters,
and told of some of the strange
things that come up in the trawl
he has aroused a good deal of
interest amongst the citizens, and
quite a number of ladies have
expressed the wish to go shrimping
with him. In fact, he might
make quite a good thing of a
shrimping excursion at a regulation
charge had the Amy passenger
Owned and operated by the
(���rand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Kxc.-llrntly furnished, with
Kt.-ain In-lit, electric light, and all
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every respect.
Tlie appointments and service
nr i'uii   to  uny   hotel  on   tin
Rates: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Trouble in Kentucky Wesleyan
College in Order to Abolish
BESNER & BESNER,  Proprietors
Thn New Knox Hotel I. run on th* Europ-an
plan. Klr*t-<*I*M .c-rvle*e��. All th�� Luteal Modern
lnilinni-m-.nl*. ..-:��� IIEIIS 60c UP
Winchester, Ky., Oct. tl.���Kentucky Wesleyan College of Winchester, controlled by thc Kentucky conference of the Methodist
(.'liurch, South, faces wholesale
desertion of its students because of
the conference action in severing
all   Intercollegiate   relations   anil
deciding that  hereafter no sort
of athletic! shall  be indulged  in
by Methodist students.
The students say they wilj leave
unless the conference vote prohibiting athletics is rescinded.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
F. M. DAVIS &%
General Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Also agent* for Fairbanks - Morse and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Accessories carried in stock,
La��Kh�� .nd Boat* tm Hi*.   N.E. aad of Wharf
I Paperhangers
P.O.  BOX 120 I'HONE 150 OllEEN
Second Avenue, ne.r MeBrid*
New Diamond aiid
Pearl Goods
W<> have just received an assortment of Rilles, Uroochen. Tie
Pins, etc., of tho very
latest design
Application for Charter for a
application will be made to the Parliament of Canada at the next session
thereof, for an Act incorporating a
Railway Company under the nume of
"The Pacific, Tnins-Cunudu und Hudson
Hay Railway Company," with power
to lay out, construct und operute a line
of railway from a point in the Province
of Alberta, at or near thc City of Edmonton, .hence northerly by the most
feasible route to, ut, or near Athabasca
LundiiiK; thence northwesterly northeast o[ Lesser Slave Lake to Wabiska
or Loon River; thence northerly to a
point at or near the junction of the
Loon River with the Peace River, or
at u point near the junction of the
Red River with the Peace River, below
Fort Vermillion on the Peace River;
thence northerly to Fort Smith on the
Slave River: From a point on the said
railroad near its crossing of the Wubiska
River or the Loon River easterly to
Fort McMurray on the Athabasca
River; ihence easterly along the Clearwater river and Chruchill River through
the Province of Saskatchewan to Fort
Churchill or Port Nelson on the Hudson
Bay: From a point on said railroad
near its crossing of the Wabiska or
Loon River, westerly to Peace River
crossing on the Peace River; thence
westerly on the north side of thc river
through Laurier Puss to Prince Rupert
or Portland Canal on the Pacitic Coast
in British Columbia; with power to
construct and operate telegraph and
telephone and cable lines for general
public purposes; to carry on, construct,
maintain and operate boats and ferries
for the purposes of the railway and
other purposes; to acquire und make
use of lands, waterlots, wharves, docks,
dock-yards, slips, warehouses, elevators
and other conveniences; and with
power to enter into Agreements with
other Companies.
Solicitors for the Applicants
Dated  at Ottawa this  12th  day of
September, A. D., 1911. 6w
The new Bteel Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Steerage Fare       -      $6.00
The "Camosun" is the only steame
on the run having water-tight bulkheads and double bottom, thus en
suriiiK safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large Btock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
Skoena Land Dutrict    District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, oceupaUon aaddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Landa and worka
for a licence to proepect tor coal and oil and petroleum on and under the following deacribed landa
on the Weat Coaat of Graham laland;
Commencing at a put planted three milea eait
of the southwut corner of C. L. No. 4477 thence
80 chalu eaat, ihence 80 chaina north, thence SO
chalu weet, tbence HO chaina aouth to point of
Dato of Location, ilia. July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land Dlatrlcl���Dlitrict of Queen Charlotu
Ik! an da
Takn notice that AuiUn M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chief CommUsioner of Landi and Worka Tor a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
undor the following deecribed landa on tha West
Cout of Grabam liland:
Commencing at a poat planled three milu east
of the aoutheut corner of C. L. No. 4472 tbence
north IM chaina, thence eut SO chaina, thence south
SO ehaiu, thence wuel SO cbaiu to point of commencement.
Located Auguit Iat, 1011,
Pub. Aug. IS.
Skeona Und DUlrict���Dlatrlcl of Quean Charlotte
Ial andi
Take notice that Autin M. Brawn of Prince
Rupert, uddler, intenda to apply to the Chief
CommUaioner of Landa and Viorka for a licence
to proipecl for coal, oil and petroleum on and under
the [ollowing doscribod landa on the Weat Cout of
Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three mllea (rom
the aoutheut corner of C. 1- No. 4472 thance SO
chalu west, theoce SO cbaiu nortb, Ihence SO
chalu eut, thence SO chaina aoutb lo point of
located Auguat lit. 1-11.
Pub. Aug. IV.
Two Fivo Dollar bills to
be given away to bright
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
the News office.
Bella Coola Land DUtrict���Dlitrict of Cout Range
Take notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intendi lo apply
for iH-rminion to leaae lho following deecribed
Commencing at a post plantod on the ihore
of Ncclectsconnay River about 10 chalu west
of Indian Reserve Line ,tl.ence weit GO chalu
folio* ing tho channel of Neclectaconnay River,
thence soulh SO ehaiu more or leu to channel
cf Bella Coola River, Ihence following channel
of Bella Coola River outerly 00 chatu, north
mi chaim more or leu to point of commencement;
containing 480 sere*, more ur leu.
Dated Auguit 28, I'Jll. II.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Kept. 30. William McNair, Agent
IMlit'oola Uml DUtrlct ��� DUtrict ol Cout Range
Take notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupatiun gentleman, intendi tu apply
fur |H*rmuuiun tu lease the folluwing dtwcrtln-d
Commencing at a poit planted at the N. W
corner of Lot 252, thence south 40 chatu more
or lew to northern boundary of lease No. 1 applied
for ny 11. M. Cliff, theoce following raid boundary
eut 20 chaim, ihence north 40 chalu, thence
west 20 chalu to point of commencement; containing HO acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Auguit 28, 1911. II.   M.  CLIFF
I'uh. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land DUtrict -DUtrlct of Coul Range
Take nctice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intendi lo apply
for permUllon to lease the following deecribed
Commencing it a put planted al the S. E
corner of Lot 251, thenca aoulh 40 chalu more
ur leas to northern loundary of Leaae No. 1
applied for by II. M. Cliff, thenco eut 20 chalm
along Mid boundary, ihenca nortb 40 chalm,
thence west 20 chaini to point of commencement;
cuntaining 80 acres, mare or leaa.
Dated Auguit 28, 1911. H.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Si-pi. 30. William McNair, Agenl
Bella Coola Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Cout Range
8 .
Tako nutice thai II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, uccupation gentleman,' intendi to apply for
permiiulon to lease the following deacrihed landi:
Commencing at a poit planted at tha ihore
near the N. b, corner of Lot No. 3, thence north
40 chalu, thenco weat SO chalm more or lew to
eut boundary of cannery leaao, thenca following
the laid eaat boundary aouth 40 chaina more or
lesa to ahore line, tnence following uld ahore
tine outcrly SO chalu more or leu to point of
commencement; containing 320 acres, more or
Dated Auguit 31, 1911.
fub. Sept. 80.
William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct of ('out Range
Tike notice thlt 11 M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intenda to apply
for permission to leaae tho following deacribed
landi: *
Commencing at a poit plinted at the N. K
corner of Ut 33, thence north 20 chalm, thence
west 40 chaini, thence eouth 20 ehalm mora or
lose to ihore line, thenco following the ihore line
eut 40 chaiiu more or lesa to point ol commencement; containing 80 cares, more or leas.
Dated Auguit 31,1911. II.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und DUlrict���DUtrlct of Coaat Range
Take notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intendi to apply
for permlulon to lease lho fullowlng described
Commencing at a poit planted at the N. W.
corner of Ut No. 4, thence north 40 chaini thenco
wl 40 chalu, thence aouth 40 ehalm more or
leia to ihore line, thence following ihore line
weiterly 40 chalm more or leu to point of eom-
mencfnnent; containing SO acres, more er !*_���
Dated Auguit 28, 1911. II.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. BeptT80.   - WlUUm MaNalr.A&t
Skeona Und DUtrict-DUtrict uf Queen Charlotu
__ , , lalanda
Take notlc�� that Austin'M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, uddler, Intendi to apply to the Chlof
Commissioner of Unds and Worki for a licenco
to prospect for coal, oil and petroloum on und
under the following described landa on the Wont
Cout of Grabam Island:
Commencing at a poit planted two miloa cast
of the northeast cornor of C. L. No. 4478 thonco
aouth 80 chalu, thonce west 80 chains, thonco
north 80 chalu, thence eut 80 chains to point ol
Ucated Slit July, 1911.
Puh. Aug. 17.
Skeens Land DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Queen Churlotl
Iii andi
Tsks notice thst Austin M. Brown ot Prineo
Rupert, occupstlon saddler. Intends to apply to
the chief Commiasioner of Lands and Works for
s licence to prospect for coal, oll and pelrolosm
on and undor the following doscribod lands on the
Woat Cout ol Graham Island:
Beginning at a post planted three milos eut o
the northeut corner ot C. L. No. 4474 thenco 80
chalm eut, thence HO chains aouth thonce 80
chaim west, thonce 80 chaim north to point ot
Located August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Sksens Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that Austin M. Brown ot I'rinco
Rupert, uddler. intenda to apply to the Chief
CommUaioner of Unda snd Works for a liconco
to proapect for coal, oll and petroloum on and undor
the following doacribed landa on tho Weat Cout
of Graham Island:
Commencing st s post plsntod three mllea out
of the northeut corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
eut 80 chains, thence south 80 chsins, thonco
weat 80 chalu, thence north 80 chains to point ot
Ucated Auguat 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Quoen Cbarlutte
Tske notice thst Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation uddler, Intends to apply
to the Chief CommUaioner ot Lands and Works
for s licence to proapect tor coal, oil and potroloum
on and under tho following doscribod lands on the
Weet Cout ot Graham Island:
Commencing st s post plsatod two miles eut
ot the southeast corner of C. L* No. 4477 thonce
80 chaim north, thencs 80 chslns eut, thence 80
chslns south, thence 80 chslns west to point ot
Ucated Slat July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeens Und District���DUtrlct of Queen ChsrloiU
Tske notice thst Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation uddlor, Intends to apply to
tbe Chief Commiasioner ot Lands and Worka (or
a licence to prospect (or coal, oil and petroloum on
and under the following deacribed Unds on tbo
West Cout or Graham laland:
Commanclng at s put plsntod throe milos out
ot ths southesat corner of C. 1.. No. 4475 thence
north 80 chaina, thence eut 80 chalm, thence aouth
80 chaina, thsnes wut 60 chsins lo poinl of com*
Ucated Auguat 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoens Und DUUict���DUUict of Queen Cbsrlotte
Irian ds
Tako notice thst Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, uddler by occupation, Intends to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Unds snd Works
for s licence to prospect for cosl, oil snd petroloum
on snd undor the folloedng deacribed lends on tho
Wut Cout ot Grahsm laland:
Commencing at s put pUnled three miles esst
of ths northeut corner of C. 1*. No. 4471 tbence
south 80 chains, thence weit 80 chalu, thence
norlh 80 chaina, thence out 80 chaini to point
of commencement
AUSTIN   M.   BROWN,   Ucator
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeens Und DUlrict���DUlrict of Queen ChsrloiU
Tnks notice tbst Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, B. C , occupstlon uddler, InUnds to
apply to ths Chief Commissioner of Lands snd
works (or s licence to prospect for cosl, oil snd
petruleum on and under ths following described
Isnds on ths Wut Coul of Graham laland:
Commencing at s post plsnted three miles out
of ths northout cornor of C. L. No. 4478 thenco
80 chaim south, thonce SO ehaiu aut, ths ice SO
chaim north, thence SO chalu wut to point of
DaU of Location 31at July, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
keena Und District���DUtrict ol Queen Cbsrlotte
Tsks notice thst AusUn M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupstlon uddler, InUnds U epply
to ths Chief CommUaioner of Unds snd Works
for s licence to prospect (or cosl, oil snd petroleum
on snd under tne following deacribed lsnda on the
West Coasl ot Graham laland:
Commonclng st s pul plsnled three miloa eut
of the northeut corner of C. 1. No. 4474 ihence
HO chslm south, thsnee 80 chslm w��t, ihence SO
chims north, tnence 80 chslm esst to point ot
Ucated August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeens Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Queen Cbsrlotte
Tsks notice tbst Austin M. Brown ot Prince
Rupert, aaddler, InUnda in apply to ths Chief
CommUaioner ot Lands and Works for i licence
to prospect (or cosl, oll snd petroleum on snd
under the (ollowing described Undi on ihs West
Cosst of Grahsm Ula.nl:
Commsnclng st s put plsnled two miles eut
of the aoulhes t corner of C. L No. 4477 in-nee
80 chaini weat, thenoa 80 chaim north, thsnes 80
chains out, thence 80 cbsiu aouth to point of
com moncomont.
Urate I 31st July, 1911.
Puh. Aug. 17.
Skeona Und DUtriet���DUtrict of Quun Charlott
Take notice that AusUn M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, aaddler. InUnds to spply lo ths Chief
CommUaioner of Unda and Worka fur a licence
to proapect for cosl, oil and petroleum on snd
under the following ducrttwd lsnda on lho Wut
Cout of  Graham   liland.
Commencing st s pul planted two milu eut
ot the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4478 Ihence
80 chslm eut, thence 80 chsiu south, thence mi
chslm wut, thenee 80 chaim north to point of
Al'STIN M. BROWN   Locstor
Ditonf Untlon 3lit July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skuna Und DUtriet���DUtricl of Quun Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Kupert, occupation uddler, InUnds to spply to
ths Chlet Commlsiioner of Undi snd Worki for
s licence to prospect for cosl, oll snd petroleum
on snd under the following doacribed Unda on the
Wut Cout of Graham Iilsnd:
Commencing st s put plsnted three mites eut
of ths aoutheut corner of C. L. No. 4476 thence
SO chslm weat, thenee 80 chslna north, 60 chslm
eut, thance SO chslns aoulh to point of commencement.
Located Auguat 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 1*.
Skeens Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Queen Chsrlott
Tsks nolice thst Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupstlon saddler, InUnds to spply
to ths Chief Commissioner of Lsnda snd Works
for s licence to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following described Unda on the
West Coaat o( Graham Island:
Commencing at a poit plinted thru miloa east
ot the aoutheut corner of C. I. No. 4470 thence
weit 80 chaim, thence north SO cbalm, thence
eut 80 chaina, thence aouth 80 chalm to point ot
Ucated August lit, 1911.
Skeena Und DUtricl���DUtriet ol Quun Chsriottt
Tske notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation uddler. Intends to apply to
the Chief Commissioner o( Unds snd Works (or
s licence to prospect (or cosl, oil snd peUoleum en
snd under ths following described Isnds on the
Wut Cout of Graham lslsnd:
Commencing st s post plinted three mllea eut
of the northeast comer of C. L. No, 4472 thence
SO ehalm west, thenee 80 chslm north, thenee 80
chslm esst, thence 80 chslm south to point of
Ucsled Auguat lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skesna Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Quun Chsrlotte
Taks notice thst Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupstlon uddler, Intends to spply to
the Chief CommUaioner ot Unds and Works for s
licence to prospect (or cosl, oll snd petroleum on
snd under the follownlg described lands on the
Weat Cosst ot Graham Island:
Commenc'ng at a post planted three mllos esst
of tho southout corner of C. L, Nc. 4470 thence
north 80 chains, thence eut 80 chains, thence
south 80 ehalna, thenre wen 80 ehalm to point of
,      t   , AUSTIN M. BROWN, Ucator
Located Augual 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. ft.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Cout Rsnge 5
Tuko notico that Frank S. Miller of London,
Eng., occupation civil engineer, intendi to apply
(or permission to purchase the (ollowing ducribed
" Commencing st s post plsnted st tho N, E.
Corner uf Lot 28, thonco north 20 chains, thonce
went 20 chains, thonce south 20 chains, thonco
ea.it 20 chaina to point of commoncomont, eontalnini: 40 scros moro or lead.
l)���urf AunuV 16. 1911. FRANK 8. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P> ��*m Miller, Agent
Skoena Und DUUict���DUtrlct of Cout Range 6
Take notico lhat Herbert J. Mackle of Pom-
broke, Ont., occupstlon lumborman, InUnda to
upply for permission to purchsse the following
described lands: .
Commencing st s post plsnted on tho loft bank
ol tho ZymouoiU or S-lm-a-got-iU River, at aouthwest corner of Ut 1706, thonco northerly, folluwing
the woitorly boundary ot Ut 1706, 60 chains
more ur lev-, to the nurthwut corner of uld Ut
1706, thenee wostorly and loutherly, following
the loft bunk of uld river, 80 chaim more or leu lo
point of commencement conUining 160 acru
more or leu.
Ucutod August 19, 1911.
Dated Auguit 21, 1911*    HERBERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. Clements, Agent
Skeenu Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Cout Range V
Taks notice that I, Peter Eriekaon of Prinoe
Ruport, laborer, InUnd to apply for permUalon
to purchaso tho following ducribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on ths north
bank nl Williams Creek whore the railway right-
of-way crosau snd 3 chsiu bsck (rom ths crook
bank, thonce south 30 chains, thencs out 40
chslm, thence north 80 chsiu, Hence wut 40
chaim to point of commenoement.
Datod July 7, 1911. PF.TER ERICKSON
Pub. July 25. Freu %* Cowoll, Agent
Skoens Und DUtrict���DUUict of Cout Rsngs V
Tske notice thst I, John Evenson ot Prince
Ruperl, laborer, InUnd to spply for permUsion
to purchsso tbo following doacribed Unds:
Commencing st s post plsnted st tho south-
out corner of Ut 4415, tbence north 80 chains^
thence east 60 chslm, thsnes south 80 chaim,
thonco wut 60 chains to point ot commencement.
Datod July 13, 1911. JOHN EVENSON
Pub. July 25. Fred K. Cowell, Agent
Skoens Und DUUict���DUUict ot Cout Rsnge V
Tska notice thst I, Benjamin A. FUh of Towner,
N. D., occupstlon merchant, Intend to apply
for permUsion to purchau the following described
Commencing st s post plsnted on tho eut
boundary snd sbout five clisins from ths south-
eut cornor of Ut 4484, thence north 60 ehslns,
thence eut SO cbsins, thencu aoutb 60 chalm,
thenee west 30 chaim lo point of commencement.
Dsted June 24, 1911. BENJAMIN A. FISH
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowoll, Agont
Skeens Und DIatrlot- Diatrict of Cout IUnge 5
Tske nutice thst Percy M. Miller of Prince Rupert. B.C., occupstlon Civil Englnser, InUnds to
spply for permission to purchsse the following
described Isnds:
Commeneing st s post plsnled on tho left bsnk
of McNeil Hi ver st north west eorner of lot tun
R.V., thence eut 20 chains more or leu to weiterly boundary of timber limit 54*5 (old number
.������-���I.-- thonce northerly followinK uld weiierlv
boundary of timber limit 60 chaina more or less
tu north weit corner uf isid limber limit, thence
westerly B chsins more or lus to left bsnk of
McNeil River, thence southerly following ssld
loft bank of McNeil River 00 chaini moro or less
to point of commencement, conUining 100 scree
more or leu.
K. Flexmsn, Agent
Date June 19,1911
Pub. July 19.1911
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtriet of fa-mar
Tako nutico lhal 1, Thomaii CarUr, of Prince
Rupert, occupation csrpsnur. Inund to spply
for Permission to purchsse tho following described lsnd.
Commeneing st s post plsnted sbout ono mile
soulh frum lho mouth of FslU creek snd sbout
!���-' feet bsck from the buch. thence 60 chsins
north, thence 40 chsins wut, thenee 80 Hielns
aouth, thence eut 40 chains to point uf commencement, conUining 320 acres more or li*as.
Daled July 7th. 1911.    Charles Webster Calhoun.
Pub. Aug. 5th. Agenl.
Skoons Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Cosst Range V
Tsks notice ihst Jssu M. Tell man ot Cedar
Rapid*, lows, occupstion lawyer, InUnda to
apply for permiaaion to purchau the following
described Isnds:
Commonclng st s post plsntod on the southerly
shore of Kuuymatun Inlet on ths right bsnk
of s -.instil stream Mowing Into aaid Inlet Just eut
of Crow Uke. Thencs aouth _U chains, thence
wut 20 chains moro or leu to the ahoro lino of
Crow Uke, thonce northerly and easterly following the ahoro line* of Crow Lake, lho Inlet
to Crow Lain sad Kuueymaleen Inlet to ths
plsos of commencement, conUining forty seru
more or loss. Located August 7, 1911.
Dsted Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skoens Und DUUict���DUUict of Cosst IUnge V
Tske nolioo thst I, George Kime o( Towner,
Nonh Dakota, U. S. A., (armer, inund to apply
for permUalon to purchase tbe following deecribed
Commencing at a post plsnted st the south-
woat corner of Ul 2287, tbenos east SO chalm,
thence aouth 40 chains, tbenos erul 40 chains
thenoe soulh 40 chains, tbenee wast 40 chslm
ihence north SO chslm to potnt of commenoomen
conuinlng 480 seres mors or loss.
Dited July 16, 1911 GEORGE KIME
I'uh. July 26. Fred E. Cowsll, Agsnt
Skuns Und DUtrict���DUUict ot Cosst Rsnge 6
Tsks  notice  thst  Sarah   E.   Alton  ot   Prince
Rupert, occupstion  nurse, intends to spply  for
permission  to  purchau  lhe following  described
Commencing at a poet planted al the North-
srest corner 140 chsins easterly (slightly north)
from the northeut corner of Lot 1116 (Harvey
Survey) Cosst DUtriet, Rsngs V, ihenu ho chslm
east, thonce 80 chalu aouth, thence 40 chalm
oraet, tbence 40 ehalna north, thence 40 chalu
wut, thence 40 chaim nortii to post of commencement contsining 480 scru more or lass.
Dsted Juns 14, 1911. SARAH K. ALTON
Put. July 15. Fiwd Bobler, Agent
Skeens Und DUtrict -DUUict of Cout IUnge h
Tske notice thst H.rism Roy McTsvUh of
Winnipeg, Min., occupstion barrister, intends
lo apply for permUsion to purchaae ths following
��� ii ��n!'i*-l Isnds:
Commencing st s post pUnled si the southwest
comer 40 chsins eul and 40 chsiu north (rum
N. K. corner uf I-ot I llu, llarvey'a Survey Coasl
Diatrict Rsnge 5, thsnee 60 chslm esst, ihence
60 chsina north, Ihence 60 chsiu west, thence so
ehalm south to peat of commencement containing
A*Mi scree more or less.
Dsted Sept. 18,1911 HIRIAM ROY McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W  Uohler. Agent
Sknns Und DUtrict  -DMrict of Cosst IUnge 5
Take notice Uisl UtlU McTavUh of Vsncouvsr,
occupst Ion married womsn. Intends to spply
for permlialon to purchase the following described
Commencing st s post plsnted st ths northwest corner 100 chsins eut and 20 chain* north
Irom N. K. corner ot Ut ill". Harvsy'i Purvey
Cout DUtrict IUngo 5, ther.ce 20 efcsJne south,
thonce 80 chain* esst, . ������� *>0 chiim north,
thence 40 chsiu weit, thence eO chsiu south,
thence 40 chsiu west to post ot commencement
dontatnlng 400 acrea more or less.
DatedSept. 18.1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sept 23 Fred W. Bohler, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict    DUtrict of Cout Range 5
Take notice that I, ChrUtopher James Graham
of Prince Kup rt, B. C, occupation locomotive
engineer, InUnd to apply for permtsrion to purchase
'������"���5* si
��� l��fallWJj-*,*tl
XI l>""��w��e��il
-' Ca'.r. I
Sk��inu Uiul District���li,.-
laku notice tlmt thirty.
booklmpw, im,.,,,) ���**
miaaiom-r eil i���m|, (0.'
ml und p,ttol.ua on , '
lund on litahum Muml ,
Commenotnj ���i i ������.,
ol C. B,   1. Coil !.,,,���
cofni-r 0. K, 11. Cual I, ,.
80 clmlnn, x\mm ww| '.,',
chain**, tin-nee .-met du ���i,���
DutodSt-pl. 11, mn,    (    .
Pub. Sept. 2a.
Skconi. l.uml District    rj    .
Tuko nolico lliut thlrtl iliu
Uaintor ol Prinoe Itui, ���    ,
bookkeeper, Intend to   in
misaioner ol l.ueieh f���r ��� '. '
coul und petroleum ,���,   ���
land on Uruluun l.lun.1,1-    ,
Commencing ul u i,,,.
of 0. B. H. Cuul Uu
cornor C. 8, H. Coal u
btl chain., thenc- aa ���
chain*, thonco wt.t   wj ,
Datod Sept, II, mn,    ,*   ,
Pub. Sopt. M,
Skoona Und Di.trict -DUtricl , I n	
Tako notico ihul thli .''u"'" *-�����*��
Uaintor ol Prince Kupert   i    .' '""''��� '-U
bookkoopor, intenel t,
mlauiuner ul Land, iur .'
coal and petroleum on
land on Uruiium I i.-     ri.
CommencinK at a dqm
ol O. E. 11. Coal 1......
cornor C. K. 11. Coul i.,.,
U0 chain*, thonco oust mi
chaina, thonco weat .at- ,
Datod Sept. 11, l'JU.    <.
Pub. S��ul. 23,
:'*'.l      I I
���  lout-?*'
- 'i-ri,���| x,
" Haa ui i*\
1 -intemJ
��� 'J I
(omm.ncin, al a pmt pl.ne.-t at Ih, --ith-
w��l cornrr nl Lot No. I . ���. .ennity ol Lak*
[.a1e*l*e   and    markeM    e t,nar���,,h.-r    I.   (Iraham
N. E. Corn*r, thtnc* WMI 40 chaina, th.nc* aouth
KO chain., thrnc* *eut io chaina, thrnc* north HO
chain* to poat ol commencm.nl; containln,
.120 act**, mot* r.t lew..
ClinlSTOPHF.R JA8,  (IRAHAM,  Locator
D.l-Kl S��.t. 22. Ull. ll.SIA.M. -Wlln*����lT.D
Pull. S*pt. 90.
le.-na Land Dlrtrli-t    Di.trirt ol Coait Rant, b
Tak.   nolle,   that   Runlar   UlM   ot   Princ.
It.i|**rt, B. C, ocrupallon mln��r, inl.n-l. to apply
lor p*rmla��lon lo purchaa* th* lollowln, d*Mrlhead
I e.nimanrln, at a poat |rl��nt~l 40 chaina MUth
and 40 chaina waat nl th. northwnt eomar ol
Lol 173.1, l*ik*la* Vail���/, DMrict ol (oaat Han,*
IS. thane, weat 40 chain*. Uotim aouth M chain*,
thane* ***l 40 chain., th*nea nonh W chaina lo
Kolnt ol commancmMit.
l.k*<l Juna SOth, Ull STANLEY OREEN
Pnb. July lh. ���MM��r
I.,I   r
. i:. i
'";"���'�����������< cjl
"''* '*1*1 Wa.l
I      I a,     M
<l IWU reuk, ���I
��� I -"ai-litl
-'*- turn, a I
���*' l-l-raiJiJI
Skwna Und DUtrict -DUtricl ol Uu���ik._. 1
Take nonce lhat lm,. ���    I
Bainter ol Prince Ruport, ,''"���'��������� 11
I kkla-rn-r     it,.,.,,.I   ...    l.   .     *'.   ���'   """M*. I
hookkocpor,a inlend iu ,p|. j
mtaionVr'o'l Und* '���','���"2'. '      2\
coal and petruleum on and u - ,. i���**?,1"!
--1 (iraham laland dm-ril - 1 ..  t,-il������-    **'
Commencinu ut u pu.t plai | -,.m,. ��� ,
ol C. E. U. Coal Lmm No. ii i,.,,���7.'!|
corner C. E. II. Cuul |,.....    , ��� L
B0 chains, thence w.mi nu ehan u',,�� "*l
chaina, thenco eaat 60 ehalni ,'��� KW
mencement. i ��������*�����
purfe1.1,1911-c-'       l
Skuns Und DUtricl -District ul UuwaCbJ
Tsko notice thst thirty du   .*i-.r fe& fr?!
Bsintur ot Prince Huport, li. i , ti> w____"
bookkoopor, intend to _p|.l-,  ft uw Cb*)i__
mlasionor of Unds for a lienca to i-rousT
cosl snd potruloum on sm! and* biiTw
lsnd on Gralum Island d<
Commencing st s pul plunttsl u*iqj,k
of C. E. B. Cosl Usee No. II msn-M J
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease Nt.. jl, h_mh
80 chains, thonco w����t mi �����!..
chains, thenco oul 80 chsin* to j..*�� tf
DatedSept. 11,1911.    f. K. H.\IMER,L
Skeons Und DUlrict���Dutnct otQumCk.
Tsko nutice lhat thirty da.\�� (rum 4&u,[
Bainter of Prince Rupert, u  *
bookkeeper, inlend to apply lo tbe CL
missioner ot Unds for s licincv to y***m\
cosl snd petruleum on ami ut..l�� ��M mi
olsnd on Grshsm liland docntird u lofec
Commencing at a poit pfau . . t*t n.*j,a
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No 11 MfctfK
corner C. E. B. Coal Lim N ,
80 chalm, ihenco wut bO cU.t... u.*.:�� m
ehaiu, thence out SO cIiiim to p���� 4
DatedSept. 12.1911.    C B, BAINTUll
Skuna Und DUtrict ���Dbbtal ��f t-famCki
Tsko notice thsl thirty da>�� Irom ait, L
Bsintcr of Prince Rupert, li  1
bookkeeper, intend tu spi*l> tu tbt Cli
mtsuonnr of Undi (or a ttcvr.o- to f*a
cosl and  petroleum ou gad
land on Graham Island doseril <
Commencing st s post |.Ut-tH tio&_������
ol C. K, B. Cosl Leue No IT, (urtrifc
cornor C. K. B. Cosl Lease Nu. 2* tinaa
80 chsiu, thence wut 80 rburj, tbr-w 1
80 chsins, throes eul so cbsiru to find!
DatedSept. 12. 1911.    C. B   !-\l\T!iU
Pub. SepL 23,
Skeena Und DUtrlct -District of QgmQi
Tske notice thsl tMrty di, ��� Ins ���it't.i
Bslnier of Prince Huport, 11.
bookkeeper. Intend to spplv tu |U> CtjdO
missluncr ot Undi (or s hcT.er
cosl snd petroleum on sni sad
lsnd on Graham lialnd duoti - 11
Commencing at s post pUntnl t����fisi
of C E. B. Cosl 1 -..     Ni
corner C. E. B. Cosl U����  V
SO chains,  thence eut N ********
80 chains, ihence west 80 chin* tJpJudl
Dated Sept. 12, 1911.     C
I'ub. SepL 2 ������.
Skeena Und DUlrict���Dt-ir ci   ' v-��?ia__
Take notice thai thirty day* fruiiw.ll
llroderick of Prince Itupert, It ( . t, i*ns
bank manager, Intond tu appl) te tstCujj
mlseiuner ol Lands fur ��� * ���
cual and petroleum on an<! ut.ttt ******
land on Graham Island d< �����
Commeneing at a post pUr.'.i-l ts* atari
of C. E. B. Coal Lmos No.
corner A. T. B. Cosl U-*- \ J
1*0 ehaiu. thence east Wn. ������='
chsiu, thence wut 80 chami to (*��������
a. t. brium wcicuar
DatedSept. 12, 1911. <    I   ���*���*!
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoona Und DUtriet -Di��t:
Tske notice thst tblrt> da
llroderick at Prince HOp f
bank manager, Intend to SM
mimioner 01 Lands (or ���>
cosl snd  peUoleum on U
Und on Graham liland th
Commencing at a po*t j
id t'. L. 11. Cosl ir**- N
eornsr A. T. H. Cosl 1 ��� 1
SO chsins, thence MM I
80 chslna, thenn out so <
A. T. Bltt'l'1   ll<
Dated Sept. 12. 1911. I    '
I'uh. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtricl    D
Take notice that thin> d <
llroderick ot Prince top**,
(tank manager. Intend la
miuioner <>1 Undi (or  ���
coel and petroleum M   1
Und on Graham laland d��
Commencing at a p��-'
of C. K.   H.  Co_i Lea* -1-."-?
corner of A. T.  II.  Coal
���est 80 chains,  "��� ���   ���
east W chsiu, Ihence **
of commencement
A. T   I
Dsted Kepi. 12,1911. ��    ;    '":*-
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeens Und DUtriet-DUtricl of (juesn Chsrlott
Tsks nntles Ihst Auntin M. Brown ot Prince
Kupert, uddler. Intends to s.��ply to ths Chlet
Commissioner of Unds snd Vorks for s licence
to protpect for cosl, oil snd netroleum on snd
under the following described finds on the Weat
Cosst ot Grshsm Islind:
Commonclng st s nut plsnted thru mlln eut
of the northesrt corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
���outh 80 chains, thence 80 chaim weet. ihence 80
chaini north, thence 80 chslni eait to point of
AU8T1N M. BRUWN. Locator
Located August IsL 1911. ���"""*. -Locator
Pub. Aug. 19,
.��rr-s |.in.| DUUiei     D
Take notice thst ihiri.
Balnter of Prince HBperi
bookkeeper. Intend to ���;.
miwioner ol Und* W
coal and petroleum <>n (
land on Graham Island <)���
Commeneing at a pari
aorner of Coal I-ease V '    '.
Coal Usse No. 28, thmo
west no cbsins, thence m
eut 80 ehsim to point nl 1
��� 11 (oreihore Tishn PWftL I
Dated Sept. 12, 1911*
Pub. Oct 7.
Skerna I and Di-.trir'    D
Take noUce that thirl) ���'
Bainter of Prince Rupert,
bookkeeper, inlend to apt
mlsrioner of Ur,'- Isf l
eoal and  petroleum DO
land on C-raham '*land ���<���
Commencing a' a pari
TUIn northie t    miif '
C. E. B. Coal I-case N-
'hence we*t  80 chain*. *'
lh>nee ea��t  M- c*sln    I    I
contlinlng 640 sere* rmr-
Datwl Sept. 13. 1911.
Pah. Oct. 7.
Skeens Und DUlrict-DUt .-
Tsks notlee thst Auin-
Rupert, occupstion osddi*
to Ihs Chief t'ommUaiir-
tor s llcance to prospect lur t
on snd under tne following 1
West Court of Grshsm law
(ommenclng at a post !��� ���
of tho northust corner 0' '
80 chalu esst, thence 19 f
cbsins wnt, thsnee 80 d ���   *
commencement. _���, ,,
I>ocstod Auguat 1st, l0'1-
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeens Und DUtrirt    D
Tsks notice thst I. ��M
of Prince Rupert, occut��s-
to ipoly for permission I - I
deecrilted lands:
Commencing  at   a po*|  '
shore of the Eachum-Ml*  I
Iwo milu northerly (n"11
Eschumslk River, and which l
chaini north from a stake ri-
River   snd   known   ss  ' '���''
chsiu, thence eut  80 ���*'\'*
chiins,   thence  weet  for' |
40 chslns, thence west 4�� r ���*
commencement, contsining ��"
Date.1 Beptember 12, I911-
Pub. Sept. 23.   JOHNKLTIII
I  :
Press ���* ?|
*.-, If *3
22 2h
��� ���*"'
...  X*e#Zl
. 1- x* ***
Largest Stock
I General Merchandise
l        l ^ *
j I   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
*   K--*--*
Samuel Harrison & Co.
\ Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert - and - Stewart
Canadian Pacific Railway
!.('. Coast service ��� Famous Prircess
Princess Royal
Monday, October 9th, at 9 a.m.
Victoria. Vancouvar and Settle
, G. McNab ��� General Agenl
louble Weekly Service
S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
londays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
. Prince John sails for Port Simp-
Km, Naas Kiver, and Stewart, Weil-
ln���l.iys, 1 p.m.; and for Masset and
Naden Harbor Thursdays 12 p. m.
K.ii* Skidegate, Rose Harbor, etc.,
laturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
���d truins from Prince Rupert Mon-
es,  Wednesdays and Saturdays,  1
n.. returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
}nd Sundays at 1  p.m.
Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
^necting with trains from the Pacific
st operates a frequent and conven-
It service of luxurious trains over ita
able track route between Chicago,
ronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
inland, Boston, New York and Phila-
Iphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
jvngctl via all lines. Full informa-
and tickets obtained from the
ll'ltll'eilT   AND   PASSENGER   AGENT
ince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
[Every Tuesday Evening
members of  thc order in tho city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
Ofllce on Second Avenue
-l-ronmed Cabin, close in
groomed House, Hays Cove Avenue
7-roomcd    House,   Sixth
Ave., near McBride
groomed House, overlooking harbor
Wished 5-roomed Cottage, $45 month
ond Ave- Prince Rupert, B.C.
Kraier and Fifth Rt
Tho .mir hotel In town
with hot .nd cold water in roomt. llMt fur-
Tii.li.-al hneite north of
Vancouver. Remm. fine
hi. Phun. ��7. P.O.
Bos lis.      -.      :      ������
[Prudhomme tt Fiaher      proprietor.
SkMna Land Dlitrict���Diatrict o( Coait limine- 6
Tak. nolco that Unlord Sovyell li.-ll ol Prince
Rupert, 11. C, occupation locomotive onglnoor,
iiuuiiel*. to apply (or pennlaidon to purchaM lho
(ollowing deecritod land.:
Commanclng at a poat planted on tho north
bank ol th. Zimogotiu lllvor about thraa I'I)
mile. dUtant 'upstream) in a wiietfrly adiraclioil
(rom th. junction of the LitUo Zimogotiu Klvor
and the main Zimogotiu River, thence north 41)
chain., thence weat 40 ehalna, thenco .outh 411
ehaina, thenoe eaat 40 chaini to poit ol commencement conUining 160 acre, moro or leaa.
Datod June 7, I'Jll. UNKDIlll SEWALL HELL
Pub. July 8. Geo. It. Putnam, Agent
Caaaiar  Land   Dlalrlct���DUtrlct  of  Skeona
Take nut lev tha. I, Lemuel Freer a[ Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend lo apply for permlaiion
to purchaM the loUowing dosribedr landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on the ahor.
In a northerly direction (rom Port Nelion Cannery
marked L. r.'a S. E. Corner, thance 20 chaini
north, thenoe 20 chaina weat, thenee 20 chaina
aouth to ahor. Una, thence along tho ahore lo
point o( commencement, conUining 40 acroa moro
Dated June 10, 1911 LEMUEL FREER
Pub. July 8. J. M. CollUon. Agont
Skeena Land Dlitrict���Dlitrict ol Coait Rango 5
Take notlc. lhal ll. F. Miliar ol Tipton, hog-
land, occupation fan-oar, intenda to apply for
i-ermiaiiun to purchaa. the following doacribed
Commencing at a poit plantod about GO chaini
weal Irom th. N. W. Corner ul Lot 4406, thence
north 40 chaina. Usance weat 20 chalm, Ihence
aoulh 40 chaina, thance oaat 20 chaini to lhe
point o( commencement conUining eighty acrea
more or laaa.
D.ted Auguit 19, 1911. 11. F. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Agenl
Sleeena Land lli.trict -District of Coaat Rango 6
Taka nolle, that I, Thomaa McClymont ol
Princ Kupart, B. C, occupaUon real eatalo
broker, intond to apply lor permiaalon to purchaao
the (ollowing deaenbed lanel*'
Commencing at a paot planted at the S. W.
corner o( pre-ompUon record 412. thence eait 60
chains, thenc. aouth 40 cbaina, thence weal HO
ehaina to ahoro ul lake, Ihenco lollowlng ahore
o( lake In a northerly direcUon to point of commencement; conUining '110 acre., more or leu.
Dated Sapt. 6, 1911. Till'MAS McCLYMUNT
Pub. Sepl. 9. Ereneat Cole. Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���Dlalrlct ol Coast Range li
Taka nolle* that E. H. G. Miller ol Folmoulh
Eng.. oecup.Uon aurvayor, InUnda to apply (o
ncrmtaalon lo purchaaa lha (ollowing deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at tho N. W. Corner ol Lot 4406, thenoa wost 60 chians, thenco aouth
20 chaina, thence eaat 60 chains, thenc. nortb 20
chaina lo lha point ol commencement containing
160 acrea mora or laaa.
Dated August It, 1911. E. II. G. Mll.l.l.ll
Pub. Aug. SS. P. M. Millar, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrlct of Quean Charlotu
Taka notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupallon aaddler, inunda to apply to the
Chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Worka tor a
licence lo proap-Kt for eoal, oil and polroleum on
and under the following deacrilMd lanela on lho
Waat Coasl of Graham laland:
Commanclng al a poal plantod thre. miloa easl
ol lb. north-Mai eornar ox C. 1. No. 4472 then-*-*
north SO chaina, tbane. Mat 80 chaina, thenco
aoulh SO cbaina, thenc. weat 80 chaina lo point ol
Located Augual let. 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skaena Land DUUict���DUtrlct of Coaat Range V
Tak. noUoa lhal I,  PeUr Laraan of Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A��� farmer, inund to apply
for permission lo purebaaa the following -le-.rril-.-1
Commanclng at a poat planted at tha aoutheaat cornor ol Lot 1729, thenc. .outh 80 chiins,
thonc waat 40 chaina, thenc north 60 chains,
tbane oast IO chaini to point of commencment.
Daled July IS, 1911. PETER LAIISEN
I'ub July 26, 1911. Fred E. Cowall, Agenl
Skena Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Coaat Rang. V
T.k. nolic that I, Adolph II ChrUtlanaon of
Towner. Norlh Dakota, occupation attorney,
at-law, InUnd lo apply (or permiaalon lo purchaso
lha lollowlng deacrlbeJ lands:        ...
Commencing at a post plsnted about ono and
one-hall ml!.* (I 1-2) northeast of the head ol
Trout Illver on tha wet aide of Lakelae Uke,
anel sboul b chilni (rom tho lake-front, thencv
south HU ehalna, thane* war" HO chain*, thenc
north 80 ehalna, tbane cat 80 chaina lo point
ol lllll ������BjKa.ta Be CI1K1STIANSON
Dated Jun. 30, 1911. Fred E. Cow.ll, Agent
Pub. July 26.
Skene Lanel DUtricl -DUlrict ol C���
Tak. notlc lhal 11. II. Suw.it ol Vancouver,
B.   0 .  occupation   truckman,   Intendi  to  apply
(or permission lo purchaae the (ollowing deacribed
Commencing at a net planted 40 chaina aoulh
of Pi-^mptloS No. J��7 ��d M ch.ln. eel Irom
the Naaa ltlvcr IS. W. C.l, Ihence 40 chilm ea. ,
Ihence 40 chalm ne.rth, Ihene 40 chaina wet,
thenco 40 chaina aoulh to tho point ol commence-
ment *�� ***^���fiS* m/wARlTsTEWART
DaUd Aug, 1911. l*nxm T. Kulierton, Agenl
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict o( Cnail Range b
T.ke nolle that Harold E. Smith of Mt.r.ly,
AIU., occupation auiion agenl. Intendi to apply
EmmSBh to purchaw the following deacribed
""commanclng .1 a port *****L*ms2mLt&
wnt corner 100 chaini ea.l and 20 cha n. north
ham N. K. vomer of t-M 1116. Harvey ��� Survey
SmM DUtriet Range I t_j_f �� *�� ***>
Ihene 80 chalm north, thene 40 chain, weit
,\ZZ HO ehiim Kuth to post ol commencemen*
containing 320 acres, more or M. qMn-,|
"tawtgiftt I8*_E____!
Ruport, laborer, inund to apply/or p.rmU*ion
o purchae tha (ollowing do^rlWl l-an.l-..
W|?omm.nelng at . port planled on the north
bank ol WUIUme Creek about to chain. .outh
ra.tlre.in It. R-, Ihene eulh 40 chain., thene
rert 40 chaina, thone north 40 ehalns, thene
wert 40 ch.lna to point ol MaaBMrMBt. _M
n.i_l Julv 7   I'lll PAUL liAl.r,,**.
KlrtiAfc Frtd B. Cowell. Agrnt
��� i       I
TAKE NOTICE that I will mdVi
tenders for the land known a�� Lot n<>*>.
Kanjre 5, Coast District, Proving of
British Columbia. ThiB ��� one of t h-
choicest pieces of land lying along lhe
Skeena river and contains about lj��
acres. The land is crown BttM
Tenders must bo in before the fifth ay
of October, 1911. The highest or any
tender not necessarily MOtmd. for
further particulars apply to  H�� W-W*
BiRn��d- D. G. STEWART,
Assignee  of  H. ft Breckenridge, Box
225,Prineo Ruport, B.C.
Skoona Land DUtrlot���Dlitrict nt Quwn Charlotte
lake notion thut thirty day. from (Into, I, C. E
UuiniL-. of I'rinco Rupart, 11. C, by ocmipation
bookkeeper, Intond to upply to iho Chiot Com-
nnaHionor of .Lamia for u Uosncfl lo proapoct for
coal and petroloum on and undor (ill) acros of
liuid on Graham Island described a.i follows:
Commencing ut u pott plumed tivo milu. oast
ot Coal Loiuo INo. 4-107, markod C. K. B. Coal
Lease No. 1, N. E. corner, llionco wost 80 chaina,
thence aouth 80 chains, thonco east 8U chaina,
thonco north 80 chuina to pluce of eommencoment.
DttodSept. 11,1911 C. E. UAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept 23.
Skeona Land District���Diatrict of Queon Churlotte
luko notico thut ihirty duys from date, I, C. E
Balntar of I'rinco Ruport, li. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intund to apply to the Chlof Com-
miaaionor of Landi* for u licence lo prospect for
coal and petroleum on and undor 640 acioa of
land on Graham bland doscribod aa follows:
Commencing ut a pust piunted llvo milu* east
of Coal Lease No. -IHiT, marked C. t*. U. N. W.
corner No. 8. thoncu south hu chaina, thonco east
80 chaina, thencu north HO ehuiriH, thonco wuat
80 chuina to pluco of oommenoementt
DatedSept. Il, 11*11. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Tub. Sopt. 2U.
Skeena Lund Dislrict --District of QUMO Charlotte
Tuke notice thut thirty dun from date, I, C. E.
painter of Prince Rupert, u. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo upply to lho Chiot Commissioner of Lunda tor u licence to prospect tor
coal and potroloum on aud under till) ucrus of
land on Gruhum Island described ua follows:
CommuncinK at a pout plunti-d live miles eust
of Coal Leue No. 4-47Q, marked C, E. li. S. W.
cornor of Coal Lnm No. 3. thunco oaat 80 chaina,
thenco north 80 chuins, tbunco wost 80 chiins,
thence south 80 cliuina to placo ot commencement.
DutedSopt.il, 1.11. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land District -District of QUMO Charlotte
Take notice thut thirty duys from date, 1, C. E.
Huintor of Prince Rupert, u. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to upply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands for a licence to prospect tor
coal and petroleum on und under 1)40 acres of
land on Graham island described us follows:
Commencinj; ut u post piunted live milus eaat
of Coal Leaae No. 4*176, murked C. E. H. S. E
corner Coal Leaae No. t, thenco woat 80 chaini,
thenco north 80 chuina, thencu east 80 chains,
thence south HO chuina to placu of commencement.
DatedSept. 11, I'Jll. C. E. HAINTEK. Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoena Land District District of Quoen Chartotlo
Take notico that thirty days from date, 1, C. K.
Haintor of Prlnco Kupert, H. C, by occupution
bookkeeper, Inlend to upply to lho Chief Commiaaioner ot Landa (or u licence to proapoct (or
coal and petroleum on uml under 640 acros ot
land on Graham Island described ua lollowa:
Commencing at a poat piunted Iwo miloa notrh
ot stake marked C. E. U. C oul Loaso No. 4, marked
N. E. corner C. E. U. Coal Lease No. 5, thencu
soulh 80 chains, thencu wusi 80 chuins, thencu
north 80 chaini, thenca east 80 chains to placo of
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. K. HAINTEK. Locator
Pub. Sopt. 23.
Skeuna Land District���DUtrlct of Quwn Chralutto
Tako notice that ihirty dayi from dato, I. C. I..
Haintor of Princu Kupert, i*. C, hy occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply lo the Chie( Commiaaioner of Landa for a licence to prospect tor
coat and petroleum on and undor 040 acres ot
land on Graham Island doacrihud as (ollows:
Commoncihg at a post planted two milus north
nf C. E. B. Coal 1 .< .1- ������ No. U, marked C. E. Uaintor
N. W. corner Coal 1*muw No. li, ihenco south 80
chains, thenco cast 80 chain*, tlience north 80
chaina, thencu west 80 chains tu place o( commencement.
Dated Sopt. II. l!*ll. C. K. UAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. Sopt. 23
Skeena Land District -DUtrict o( Quoen Charlotto
Take notice lhat thirty days from date, 1, C. K.
Bainter o( I'rinco Kupert, U. C, hy occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to spply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands for a llcrncu to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and undor l>40 acroa of
land on Graham Island di-trrlbed as (ollows:
Commencing at a post planted two mile* north
o( C. K H. Coal Leaao No. 'I, atako S. W. comer
Coal Leaso No. 7, thence north 80 chains, thrnce
east 80 chains, thonco south 80 chains, thencu
wost 80 chains to placa of commencement.
Dated Sopt. U, 1UU. C. E. HAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land District���District o( Queen Charlotto
Tako noUco that thirty days from data, 1, C. K.
naintcr of Prince Kuport, 11. C-, hy occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mlasionor of Lands (or a licenco to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 010 acna o,
land on Graham laland dcscrltml aa folloars:
Commanclng at a pott planted two mlim north
of C. E. H. Coal !���-..������*��� No, 4, marked S. E. cornor
C. E, U. Coal lacaao No. 8, thence nurth 80 chains,
thenco west 80 chaina, thenco aouth SO chains,
thence east 80 chiins to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. K. HAINTEK. Locator
1Mb. Sept. 23
Skeena Land District���DUtrict ot Queen Charlotte
Tako notico that thirty days from date, I, C. I
Hainter of Prince Kupert, II. C, by occupation
bookkccjK-f, Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for a licence to prospect for
coal and petruleum on and under *������*' acrea o(
land on Graham Island described as followa:
Commencing at a poat planted Ave milea rait
of Coal Lease No. 4474, marked C. K. Maimer's
N* I corner Coal Leaae No. :', thence aouth HO
chains, thtneo west *Mi chains, thence north SO
chains, thence east 80 chains to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. E. HAINTEK, Ucator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und Diatrict - DUtrict nf Queen Charlotto
Take nollco that thirty days from dale, I, C. I
Hainter of Prince Kupert, 11. ('., by occupation
liookkoeper, intnd to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Unda for a licenco lo pnmpecl for
coal and petroleum on and under ������." icrw of
land on Graham Island deacribed as falloars:
Commencing at a poat planted one mile north
of C. E. It. Coal Uaso Nr tt, marked N. W.
corner C. E. 11. No. IU, thrice south KO chaina.
thence weal SO chait.s, thence north SU chains,
Ihence east 80 chathn to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11, Ull. C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
.Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoona Und DUtrlct DUtricl nf Quern Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days Ironm date, I, C K.
Bainter ol Prinw Kupert, It. (.'., itccupaiiun ttook.
bepeti Intend to apply to the Chlet ( ommimionor
nl 1.4rnls for a In. t < ������ to W- i" <���' for coal and
petroleum on and umler bio met,**. o( land on
Graham Island deacrilied aa fallows:
Commencing -****> a pout planiial t��o mihi north
of C. K. II. Cosl Uase Nn 8, marked N. K. corner
of C K. H- (-oal l^aae No. II, (hence aouth HU
chains, thence wesl Wl chain*, ihence north Htl
chains, thence east M) chains to placa ol com
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. E. HAINTKU, locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrtrt DUtrict ot Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dais (nun date. 1, t . E.
Marnier of Prinn' Ku|N*rt, H. C., I>> occupation
tMM>kkrr|H-r, intend to apply to the Chief Cnm-
miantoner o( Und for a HMI t�� pri��|��rct for
eoal and |>oirolt>um on and under ������I" acm of
land on Graham Island dearrilN��| as (olio**
Commencing at a pust planteft tan miles north
nf (". E li Coal !.*���-.- No. 7, marked C. K. II.
Coal I ��� ." No. 12, thence south 80 chains, thence
easl no chains, thence north no clisin*. thencu
weal 80 chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept 11, 1911. C. K. HAINTKU, Urfaior
Puh. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und DUlrict    DUtrict n( Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days (mm date, I, C. E.
Hklnter nl Prince Kupert, H. <\. hy occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to ihe Chief Com
mUsloner of Unda for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under Mo acres of
land on Graham Inland described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted '���*������- mllea north
of C. E. U. Cual Uaae No. 7, marked S. W. MMf
C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 13, thence north 80
chaina. thence east 80 chains, thonce south HU
chaina, thonce west SO chains to place o( commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911.     C. E. BAINTER, Ucator
Pub. SepL 28.
Skeena Und DUtricl    DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, C. K.
Bainter of Prince Rupert. 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands for a licence to proapect (or
coal and petroleum on and under r>40 acrt* of
land on Graham lslsnd doacrilied as folloira:
Commenrlng at a post planted iso mil--- north
o( (*. K. H. Cosl Uaae No. H, msrked H, E. enrne
C. E. H. Coal Uase Mo. II, thence north 80
chains, thence west SO chains, thenee south SO
chains, thenco tast 80 chains to place o( commencement.
Dated Sepl. II, 1911. C. E. BAINTBR) Ucator
Pub. Sept. n*
Skeena Und District -District o( Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days from dste, I. C. K.
Bainter of I'rince Kupert, II. C, hy occupation
iKMikkreprr, Intend to apply to tha Chief Commissioner of Unds for a llcent-e to prospect for
coal ami petroleum on and under M0 acrni of
land on (Iraham Island described as follows'.
Commencing at a post planted one mile north
of C. E. II. (foal Uaae No. IU, marked C. - B.
Cosl I.eaae Nn. 16, thenee north R0 chslns, thence
weal HO chiins, ihence south 80 chsins, thence
easl 80 chains to placo ot eommeneement.
DatedSept. II, 1911. 0* E. BAI NT .K, Locator
Pub. Sept - 23. ,
Skeena Uml DUtrict DUtrlct of Queen Charlott
Take notice that thirty davs fmm date, I, C, t..
Bainter of Prince Itupert, ft. C, by occupation
iMwkkeeper, Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner ot Unds (or a licence lo nronpeet Inr
coal and petroleum on and under Mo acrea of
land on Graham Island described is follows:
Commenrlng at a post plinted two milea north
of C. I B. Coil l .'�� " No. 10, in ui. i N. K.
corner C. K. H. Coil Uase No. 16, UMMS south
HO chains, thence woat HO chains, thence norlh
HO chains, thrnce east 80 chains to place ot commencement.
Datod Sept 11,1911. C. E. HAINTER, Ucator
Tub. Sept. 23.
MEN     j
This ta a little section ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms uro invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Interesting Stories of the
Daughter of the Great Kaiser.
"She sometimes forgbts th.-.i her
father is the* emperor, bui never
that slu- is the emperor's daughter," is thc wuy the ruler <>f Germany once spoke of his only
daughter, Princess Victoria Louise,
who is known in her own country
;>.s "The proudest lady in the
land." But this is only recently,
remarks the New Ide;-. Women's
Magazine. As for a greal many
years the young princess was
thought lacking in "esprit" and
of personality her people were
perplexed to confess that she had
They nicknamed her "The Little
Mouse-Princess," and sighed because lhe only daughter of lhe
reigning family was not romantically endowed.
But now the "Little  Mouse-
Princess" has urown up aril put
away   childish   things.    She   has
twisted her thick hair into a won
derfully becoming cloffure;   the
simple schoolgirl ilress which the
kaiscrin insisted on, has beer
replaced by garments which befit
e>. princess.
Nor is she gawky and shy any
longer. And while neither forward nor aggressive, she does
not forget that she is indeed the
daughter of an emperor, as her
father so aptly pul ii.
How is it possible for her lo
lose sight of thai fact, even for a
mement? None but a ruler's
daughter would Ik* given such
splendid presents as were hers
on her eighteenth birthday- the
occasion, also, of her debut and
M..st girls, when they make
their   lx>w   to   the   social   World,
show   its
is  just   beginning   t
sinilh'u face.
Her brother, the Crown Prince
of Germany, is In actual command
of the regiment; but it is thc
body-guard of the princess, and
she and the crown prince are
more Btrongly uriled than ever in
enthusiasm over iluir regiment.
To Pickle Gerkins
Wipe four quarts small unripe
cucumbers. Put in a jar ard add
one cup salt dissolved in two
quarts boiling water and let stand
three   days.    Drain   cucumbers
from brine, bring brine to the
boiling point, pour over cucumbers, cover ar.d again let staid
three days; repeal. Drain, wipe
cucumbers, and pour over one
gallon boiling water in which one
tablespoon alum has been dissolved. Let stand six hours, then
drain, from alum water. Cook
cucumbers ten minutes, a few at a
time. In one-fourth the following
mixture���strain the remaining
three-fourths over the cucumbers,
which have been put in a stone
���jar. Por the mixture mix one
gallon vinegar, four red peppers,
two sticks cinnamon, two tablespoons of allspice, berries ard two
tablespoons cloves, bring to the
boiling point and let simmer ten
Ski***��� Uml DUtriet���DUtrlot ot QUaen Churlotte
Tuko notice* Uiut thirty Uu*.* Irom eiulf, 1, C. ti.
Ilium,-I of PliDN Uupwtj fi, lis, by ..i-.-inr.it.ua
ueiokkw'iiT, iiiti-iiel in upply lo tliu Ciit**l Coin-
ini-.irni.-i of Lunelle fur u liconco lo prospect (or
coul niirl p.-trolouiii on uml umlor 040 ucroa ol
luntl on Gruhum lulunil eje-ieiriboel ut. lollowu;
t'omiu.-ncim- ul u poat pluntoil two miloa north
ot L. I.. II. tuul U_eo No. 1-1, murkuel 1.. E.
cornor Q, K. 11. Coul Uut-o No. 17, thunce- south
80 chuins, llioncu WMt UU chuins, Ihouco nortii SU
chuins, tliinicu ousl .iu chuins tu pluco ul cutn-
UHliiel Sapt. 11, I'Jll.    0, K. UAINTEH, locator
I'ub. S.-lil. i'i.
Second aveiuc and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork BuildiiiR, Set-end Avenue,
Skniu Uml District -IJislrict ol Quoon Charlotu.
Tuko notlea thul ilnrly Uuys from elulo, I, U. tt,
llulliu-r ol l*nni*.- Ilupurl, U. L., by occupution   i.aw-Butler Building
bookkoopiir, InUnd to upply u> tho ObW cum-1 "aw "������������-������������' buiiuih-i
mis.iun.-r ol Luiuls lur a l.icouco tu prus|itct lur          Prince RuUert
cual unrl pe-iruloiiiu  un  uml  umle-r OIU  ucru. of
lulu! on Uraham Islutnl doscnboii us follows: ������ ���
Conunonetni ut u post piuntod two iuiIuh north
of C. K. li. t mil Ia-uso .mi. 11!, murku.; N. W.
curtior I . hi, li. I ind l.uui.1. No. lo, thonco .uulh
hU ciiains, uifiico oust au chuins, llionco north no
cliuim., the-iK-o wusl bXI cluutis tu pl-ecu of com-
Ouli-I Sopt. 11, lull.     C. L. llAlNTlUt, l.uculur
Tub. Sopt. 88.
Phone No. 280
P.O. Box 1151
of Ilrlti.h rr-liiiiiliin
i    and Munitoba llur*.
Skoonu Uml District -District ol Quoe-n Cliurlulto ! fumam   mmaummmm ki_.1i _.��.,....
Tuke. neilice* thul ihirty eluys ullor eluto, 1, C. fc.   *>***   "HST-SSaTpffia?!
Uamter ol  Irinco Kuporl,  II. t:..  hy occupatiun hixth atrwL I rind
of B.C.. Ontario. Saa-
ki.n-ln'.viiri and Al*
Irt-i-tn Bur..
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Third avenua and
RutK-rt. S
An eiderdown quilt may be
washed In ;i lather. Riiue it carefully, and then shako it well before
hanging out i.* the wind. WhiU
drying, ihake several tinu- and
il will Ik* like ikav.
.\ Miiall block of wood, covered
with a piece of old carpet, is
excellent to rub off the range when
through using it, and also makes a
bookkttpv, Intnd i�� *tiu��ly lo Um ChM Uon*
BBlMlOIMI Ol  LmikIk lur  u  lici'iin-  lu  prus|)i>ct  (ur
coul untl t'ftrolt'uni on* -nnd undiT titu uL-ttw ul
lund un Qribttm lilutid diMLTibtnl ms (ulluws:
ConUBtnolni ut u pusl plmilLil iwo uUn nurtl.
uf Ci B. H. COll 1.��'um- Nu. 1.1, inurkisl b. W.
curtn-r (.'. K. H. l.'usl Lvunu Nu. ID, ilinnc*u norlh
SU clisih , thfiicc uast b*J fii.tiii'.. thuncu suuth si)
fl.stu... ihuncu wust SU chaiiu lu plucu uf coni-
baud Boot Ut 1911s    C. B. BA1NTBB, locator
Tub. S��pt. 'Si.
Skeenu Lund DUtrlct ��� Dislrici uf Quoen CharlutUt
'tuke ii.it1.1 thai thirty days (rum datv, 1, C. 1*..
Uuinu-r ut 1'rincu Hupurt, 11. C, by occupuuun
buukkit'piT, ttiU'tid lu apply to ihu Chief Com-
iiiiv.ii.h. r uf I.-null lur a licuncu lu prospect fur
cual and pviruleum on and under tilO acrus ol land
on i.im..i-ii island described as follows;
Coiiuneticing ut a post planted two miles nurth
ot Oi  !������  U. Cual Leaao Nu.   14, innrkod S.  \S.
corner C. I.. 11. Cual Lease No. 2k, ihenco nortb
Ml chains, ihence west KU chuins, ihuncu south SU   p. o. BOX !��-
cbkins,  ihence vast  SU chains  tu placo o( com- j
DMOdteU 11,1911.    C. B. BAINTBR) Locator
I'ub. S��pi, BSi
Skoena Land District -DUtricl uf Quoen Charlotte
'1'Bko noticu thai thirty <i..> ��� utter date, I. C. '������
lUinlur of I'rinco Kupert, li. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend tu apply tu ihu Chiuf Commissioner uf Lands fur a licence io prospect tor
cuul nnd petroleum un and under blu acrea ol
land on Graham Island doacribed as follows:
Commenelns at *> post planted two miloa north
of C. J'- 11. Coal Loaao No. LA, marked s. i-..
corner C. !���:. U. Coal Lease No. Ul. thunoe north
SU chains, thenco west bU chains, thence aouth SU
chains, tbence out bl) chaina lo pluco of commencement.
DntodSept.il, Mil.     C. E. UAINTKU, Locator
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Quoen Charlotte
Take notice thai, ihirty daya frum date. 1. C. I..
Uainter uf 1'rincu Hupurt, li. C, by uccupatiun
bookkeeper, intund to apply to the Chlet Commissioner of Lands tor a licence lo prospect (or
coal and petroleum un and under blU acrua of
oland on Graham Island described as tullowi:
Commencing at a poat planted two milus north
ot C. K. n. Coal Lumo No. Iti, marked N. B.
curner C. I. U. Coal Lease .No. 22, ihencu south
���*���'������ chains, ihence west bU chains, ihence north bU
chains, tbencv eul bU cbains lo place of com-
Datod Sept. 12,1911.     C. B. BAINTBB, Locato
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtricl of Queen Charlotto
Tnke notice that thirty daya from dale, 1, C. t -
Hainter of t'rtnco Kupert, li. C , by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to the Chiel Com*
missioner ot Landa for a licenco to pruspoct (or
coal and petruleum on and under blu caru* ot
land on Urmnam Island deacribed u follows;
Commencing al a post planted twu milea north
of C. I . II. Coal Luue No 17, marked N. I.
corner C. i n Coal Leue No. MA thenco south
bo chains, thence wm so chains, thence nurth
SU chains, thencu eaal bU chains lo placo ul commencement.
DatedSept. 12. nil.    C. B. HUM LU. Locator
i'ub. Sepu :'
Skeena Land DUtrict -DUtrlct ot Queen Charlotte
Take nutlet* thai thirty days Irom date, 1, C. t. I
Hainter ol i'rince Kupert, H. C, by occupation !
boukkwpir. intend to apply to lhe Chief Com-l
missioner of l-.u-.i��� (or a licence lo prospect tor j
cual and petroleum on ami undor blu acros ul
Ui -1 on (iraham laalnd deeenbod u (ollows:
Commencing at a pusl planted twu nu'. nortb *
ol C I-.- H- Cual Leaae No. lb, markeu N. W. I
corner C. K. U. Coel Leaae No. 21, thinre suuth
M) chains, thence eut bU chains, thencv nurth
SO chains, thencu wusi bU chalu to placu of commencement.
DaledSepl. 12, 1911.     C.  K,  UAlNTtlt. locator
I 'ul.. SepL 24.
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., U. I). S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa and
local aniisthetics administered for the painless extraction u( teeth. Consultatiun freo. Offices:
HeUtiTH.m Block. Pnnee Kupert. 11-12
Alex.M.Miinsun H.A..     W.E.Williams,B.A.,L..L*D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
pirn*        tu. foxun, nag., a.k.a.m., ion., knq
Third Avenue also Water Street,
HepairiiiK a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
OuUitle Order* Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Avb.
Hotel Central 3 ��::;
Kurupenn nnd American plan, aleam
heated, mislern conveniences, tJ.t*.������������
$1.00 to ti.'**) per day. :
Peter Black
Will be ready for mailing
the first week in November.
If you have not  received
our catalogue regularly send
your name and address at
once and receive a copy of
this   big   illustrated   1912
shopper's guide in time to
use for your Xmas shopping
II, tlalr.IS.pl. IS. IDIl'.
-JJ    I'uh. S'lil. IX.
I L    . ......
Kltn-na Uml Hi.inri in-inci ol Quaan Charlull*
#,, 1 Tak* notice lhal thirty day. (rom dat*. I, A. T.
g. 1 llrtKlvnclc ut Princ* KuptTt, U. C, by ex-cu-jation
J'J   hank l
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
, bank manager, inlend tu apply lo tho Chiot Com-
mlMMuni'r o( Lands for a licence tu proapoct fur
1 coal and petroleum un and under mu acrea of
I land on liraham laland doscribod aa folfners;
. poet planted two mllea north
Leue No.  17, marked 8. W.
Coal Leaae No. 2 *, tbence north
> easl bv chains, thonce south (M)
SO chains lo place of commencement.
A. T. URODEK1CK, Localur
1 . 1    Uainter, Agent
#   ���������ub manager, inteml to i.j*|-l> lo tho Chiel Com*-
'���' I   missioner 01 l��ands for a licence lo pros|��ecl tut
<t,' cual and petruleum un and under bit) cares of
land on (iraham Island dascrlt>od as (utlowa:
Commencing at a post plnatvd twu milea north
ul l. E II. Coal Lmbu Nu. 20, marked H. K.
curner A. T. 11. Cual Lease No. 26, thenco north
mi chains, thenee weet HO chains, thenoo eouth
bu chains, tbence easl bU chaina tu place ol cum-
A. T. URUDI.KICK, l*ocatur
t'si* .I -*i t   l.'. 1 <!l C. K. Uainter, Agent
1Mb. Sept..4.
Plumbing, Heating, Steamfittingand
Sheet Metal Work
1 >i!i.-.-: 3rd Ave. Workahop:
I'h.rn.. 174 2nd Ave. bet. 7th and >th Sta.
Kor Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Krani Wll.-i.-k. Parla and Berlin.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
-__E.   EBY    Ctm   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
receive merel) Sowns, isns, bonbons, nr other trifles. Hut this
little princcM <>( all tho Gsrmsns
w;is presented with  truly  roysl
There srarc cases nf jewels worth
fiiriui'i'o, tiiili't articles of gold
ar.d enamel set with precious
stones, a stable of thoroughbred
horses, snd the lim-st automobile
that Berlin could furnish.
Hm  the two most wonderful
nifts of e'H were a luiusi- nf lu-r
own Snd ii rcniint-nt of soldiers
not ley soldiers, by say means,
but riv.l ones In shining uniforms,
who presented arms before her
and saluted her sa tluir colonel.
Now sin- riili-sat their head- and
\11% good |Kili-ln*r when blacking
has linn applied.
To clean whlto paint, ruli well
with   a   damp   cloth   ili|i|u'l   in
oatmeal, **i|M- with a damp cloth
snd lastly with a dry duster. This
is especially useful treatment for
fingermarks on doors.
(linger bonbons arc readily made
by taking oblong pieces of prc-
seived ginger and Inserting tlusc
in the hollows of fine large dans
which have been Stoned. Draw
the   date   together   aid   roll   In
powdered sugar.
Cooking in  a Rouble  Imilcr is
Sometimes so slow    if  sure-   lli.'i
cooks should ki ow ihe-.t adding
Skeena Und Iiisiriri    District ol Uueen Charlulle   ~~~
Take notice lhat Ihirty daya (rom data, 1. A. T.
llroderick ul Prinn. Kupert, II. C, by occupation
bank manager, Inland lo apply to tha Chiel Com*
miaaioner ol Unda lor a licenoe to proapflCt lor The Prinoe Reipert Lod-re. Ne,. SIR, s.n.s of
coal and t-etrnteum un and under OIU acna, ol Enirtan-I. mee-t. the ilr.t and third Tueaelava In
land on liraham l.land diaarnbad aa lollowa: I **ch month in th.-Sun. ��>f Enaland  Hall. XXVJ 2nd
I ommvnclni al a J--..1 planted two mil** north   Ave al H p.m.
���l   .     f.    II.  ro.1   l*aa*   No.   21.  mark*  S.   I f  v   C,,AHK, ^
toal  lA*m No.  R, thenn |  P. O. lle.�� M2. Prince Itupert
her people turn  to look  proudly  -,   tablespoonful   of   silt    to   dual   the   smart   figure   she   makes,   inter in the outer vessel will raise
mounted on her thoroughbred
steed, clad tn a smart fragged
hussar Jacket, and dolman richly
trimmed wiih black astrakhan fur
and silver lice.
On her smooth hi ir is sit   thc
great   fur  lnisliv,  bearing   the  in-
sigpie'   of   her   regiment - a   grim
skull*andecrossbones In silver.
Victoria  Louise, Colonel ol  Ilis
Majesty's Death's Head llusseirs!
A strange title, Indeed, for a young,
plnkchoeksd  girl,  to  whom  life
the temperature of tho food mon
To whiten  Wooden   floors add
iwo tabjpspoonfuls of paraffin to
the hot, soapy water used for
washing a Hoot.    It  will clestlSC
tho boards and will also destroy
II      I   ---I    Ia.a.-    NO,
i lul r*i,.ir., thenc* north HU chain*, th*nc��
Mat Ml chains, thenc-* vuulh M) chaina to plac*
ol cumm.-neeni.-nt.
A. T. llltoliKUICK. latKaior
DatedSept. 12, ISII. C. ��. Ilainler, Aaant.
Puh t pl. U.
.a I.i.l liiauiri     I llatrlct nlQuean CharloUe
Take notice lhat Ihirty dap Irom dale. I, C. K.
llaint.r >.! Prince tluiK-rt. ll. C, by occupaii.rn
lK*,kke.-,H-r, Inlend to apply to the Cha * Coin-
mlftsii.ner el Und. lor a licence tu proa-H-d lor
c.l and pftr.-l.-um un and under A.0 acrt-a ol
land on liraham Island desenhed aa lollowa:
l i.iirtir. irrnii, at a pirft planted at Ihe aputh��e*t
��� - ��� <rl Cual I ...^ No. 4I6S marked C. I Ileal l*:m? No. 2k, ihence north Wl chaina, tlience '
*,ai aee rhaina, Ihence auuth Mi chain., llie-iire
east an cliain. to poinl ot commencement niw-nnK
all l.ir.ah<ire  li.ii ir  I-Hint.
n.     11. X'.iXX. C.   K.   II MS Mil
Puir. Ocl 7.
Skerna Und lli.trict -DUtrict nl Queen Charlotte
Take nailer that thirty dava Irom dale. I. C. K.
fine.,.��r ol Priirf" Itupert. ll. C, hy oeeuitatlun
l*o..kte.-pi*er. Intend lo apply to lh* Chid Com*
mi*.i.*n.-r ot Un.'. tor a licence tn proseact for
coal and pe'rwleum on an-1 under 610 acres ol
wad "n i i.l mn l.land de.cril-ed as hdlow.:
Cmmenrint al a |k��i planled t��*o ���nile. nortb
Tla:--i  north.et  .nm.r CM]  Uaae ttXUX marked'
C. K 11. Co-.' U-a*e No. 2'*, '..cnc- aoulh HO chain*. -
���hence  we.|   HO  chains,   lle-nce  i.nrth   HO  chains.
Ih-nce ea.t M> .'aln. t.i poinl a* re mmenremenl:
cmisiniiif BIO aTe* more or le... .
Daled Sepl. H. ISII. C.  K.   HAINTEK .
Pub. Ocl. 7.
skeena Und lii-irirl     District ot Queen Charlotta '
Taka notice lhal Auatin  M.  Ilrown nt  I'rlnce
Rupert,   <irrup.ti.rn   aaddler,   Inlenda   lo   apply ���
lo tha Chief Commiaaioner ot Und* and Work.
' patroleum
net. on the
ERNEST A. WOODS. 1're.ldenl  Hon U
Tfiicher of Piano, Violin nnel
Voice Culture.
2nd Ave,
Between 7th ����� Sth Sta.
Prin.e* Kupert
Funeral   Director and   Embelmer
THIRD   AVENUE      PHONE   356.
Kunerat   Directors
iii Ave. N.'iit- ��� Hi St. I'll.it..' No. ���*'"���
for s licence to i>rospeel (or roil, oil ind petroleum
under tne following deecribed len.i
Wset' ""���! of i.islisin Island:
on and ���
(.ommencfni at a poet planted three mllea east
of the horthcowl corr.er of (,'. L. No. 4471, thenco   .
HO chaina east, ihence 60 chaini south, thence HO .
cbaina wnt, thence HO chains north to point of
commencement. 1
AURTIN M. 1UU)*'N, Locator'
I/>csted Atigu-i lit, 1011.
Pub. Aug. iy .__.
, PhOM 178
Skeena laml District    District of Coast Uanfe h ���
Take  notice thai  1,  John   Huthcrford   Healty
.���I   Prince   Hupert,   occupation   engineer.   Intend
lo aptily for permlsaion Ui purchas- the lollowlng
(ba* "
Grand Hotel..
Worklnflman's Home
Free Labor Rorrau in Connection
1T8 1st Ave. and 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS, P.op.i.ior
eleacrHHad lanel.:
ll  a  poat   planteel   nn   lha  eaal    - -     .    . mtv-ll-wri *
rhumalb Klver, and belni aimut ' 1 .I4l��,�� KlLuUV It **********
il)  Irom ihe mouth ol the aald   I ATI IP S Wlj�� ^ AHCalCV
tnv   Insects   that   nnv   lie   llirkit't'   K'cbumalk River, and which poat la about lorty 1 SiSWSV -�� I1SJ11W la^vsavj
.Il>    11 MUS   UK.I    m,l>    III    UirKll |. 1 -h,-,-, _or,h ,,_,_, . ,,.k_ .,|mnt_,| ,,��� ,ht. Kachuitiwlk \
in the crackl ol tho WOOd, | K..',^"- "*o'ZU TZ SSh 8  Magazine. :: Periodical. -.-. Newspaper.
Read The Daily News
chaina,  Ihence  weat  forty  rhaina,  thenca  north 1
i III chain*, Ihence weat 4. chaina lo the place oil ... , .-,y
enmne ncemenl, ennlalning IHO acrtea more or leaa. 11-elljAKo
Dale.) . . |.-.-.iil..-r 12, 1911. i
Q.T.P. WHARF ���aaewu^
Theatrical Combination That is to Visit Prince Rupert
Drew Big Crowds During Their  Stay in the
Capital���Warmly Praised by the Press
The   Dave   \Yil!i;mis   Dramatic
Company which is to open at the
Empress Theatre on Wednesday
has received tlie endorsement of
the victoria people. In a long
article lull of w.irm praises, the
Victoria Times says, referring to
the two month's engagement which
the company tilled in that city,
before leaving for Prince Rupert:
"Most ci.ies are compelled lo
hunger for histrionic lalent until
the calendar has swung round
to the fall, but in the case of
victoria tlu- general state of coma
has not lieen allowed lo exist.
"The dramatic organization
which has thus rescued Victoria
from the woes of an empty summer
Beason is ihe Williams Stock Company     The company opened last
last night in that old and much-
favored piece "Friends," and when
the curtain was raised ly.st night
upon the opening scene everyone
of the large audience felt that
the venture would meet with
;'.ll the success it merited.
"All the members of the company
proved to have a perfect mastery
of their respective parts, and the
ease and grace with which the
production moved from start to
finish,betokened not only a general
understanding of a high character,
but an individual histrionic ability
not often found throughout a
combination of players."
While in Prince Rupert the
company will present several of
the plays with which they scored
such a success in the capital city.
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
-""���-^"^-������-^���g K*^-*-****s-��*��---sk..^.*a^.*-_>����*-_.-_.^w4nft
-a.*���.a-a...-^..-..H ��~~-��M_.^��4_-%_-^,^j|j[
Unionist Leaders in Ulster Planning a Rebel Government if
Home Rule Passes.
Belfast, Oct. 0.���A conference of
Unionist leaders was held today
when resolutions were adopted
declaring that the Unionists would
not   acknowledge   the   authority
of home rule Governments
A committee was appointed to
devise a provisional Government
for Ulster, which should become
operative on  the day  that the
Irish Home Rule Bill was patted.
Sir   Edward   Carson,   member
of   Parliament   for   Dublin   I'ni-
versity, was chosen for leader of
the movement.
Sea Captains Talk of Following
Their Sailors' Example
Portland. Ore., Oct. 0.���Con
vinced that something must be
done in these times of rising
values, the deep water ship captains at Portland arc discussing
the advisability of inaugurating
a strike movement, world wide in
it- -ope, uiilos lhe owners should
decide to raise their salaries commensurate with the increased cost
of living. The plan talked of
is io arrange for calling out the
captains nf every merchant marine
vessel afloat if the concession should
nol be granted.
Tailor Froze Out
Mr. Hidjin, the tailor, has sold
his lease and building on Third
avenue and is selling out Ladies'
Suits, Skirts and Raincoats, Cents'
fancy Vests, Overcoats and Raincoats; Ladies' Suitings and unfinished Suits at less than cost of
materials. Must vacate November 1st. Open I to 5 p.m. Help
wanted to sew on buttons and
finish kaincoats. o"
Baptist Services
"The Life in Eternity" will be
the subject of Rev. Warren H.
McLeod's sermon at the Baptist
service tomorrow evening at 7.30
p.m. Regular morning service at
11 a.m. Bible School and Brotherhood Baraca Class at 2.30 p.m.
Mr. John E. Da\ey, organist and
choirmaster. Strangers and visitors
always welcome. .Ml services held
in Mclntyre Hall on Third avenue
near Sixth street.
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
1'latu Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mad Realty & Insurance
r.S.-Housei and Rentals.
It is siid that fabulous sums of
money aro t>emg made by boats
taking freight up the Skeena now
from the end of steel as the regular
river steamers are not running
owing to scarcity of water.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
C. P. R. Boats
The C. P. R. S.S. Princes*
Beatrice Ii expected tomorrow
from the M.uth. The C. P. R.
fine I>i^r freighter Princess Ena
..!*����� .irriv,s tomorrow with heavy
freight, and the Prince* Royal
K��>e> louth on Monday with pas-
���cngera and mail.
Skaana Land DUlrict���Diatrict of Coaat Ranee 5
Taka notica that Frank S. Millar of London,
t.r.g-, occupation civil engineer. Intends to apply
for p��rmtaaion to purchaaa tba foUowlnf deecribed
Skeena Und District-District of Queen Charlotte
Take notica that Auatin M. Drown of Prince
llupert. saddler, intends to apply to the Chief
Commiaaioner of Lands and Works for a licence
to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum on and
under lne following described lands on tho Weet
Coait of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted two miles eaat
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4478 thence
aouth 80 chaina, thenca weit 80 chains, thence
north 80 chaina, thenca eait 80 chaina to point of
Located 31it July, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
Skeana Land DUtrlct���District of Queen Charlott
III ands
Taka notica tbat Auatin M Brown of Prince
Kupert, occupaUon aaddler, intenda to apply ts
the chief Commiasioner of Landa and Works for
a licence to prospect for coal, oil and petrolenm
on and under the following doacribed lands on tho
Weat Coaat ot Graham laland:
Beginning at a post planted three miloa east o
the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4474 thence 80
chaina east, thence 80 chains aouth thence 80
chaina weat, thenoe 80 chaini north to point of
Located August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skaena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auitin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, aaddler. Intends to apply to the Chief
CommUaioner of Landa and Tories tor a licence
to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and under
lhe following doacribed landa on the Weal Coaat
of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three miles eait
of tha northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4469 thence
east 80 chaina, thenca aoulh 80 cbaina, thence
weat 80 cbaina, thenoa north 80 chaini to point of
Located Auguat 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land DUUict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Auatin IL Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intendi to apply
to tha Chief Commissioner ot Landi and Worka
(or a licence to proepect for coal, oil and petroleum
on and uader tne following deacribed lands on the
Weet Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing at a poal pleated two miles eait
of the eoutbeaet corner o( C l_ No. 4477 thence
SO chaini north, thence tvO chaini eut, thence 80
chiins aouth, thenee 80 chaina west to point ot
Located 31at July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUUict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotu
Taka noUce that Auitin M. Ilrown of Prince
Rupert. occupaUon aaddler, intends to apply to
tbe Chief CommUaioner of Landa and Worka for
a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the following deacribed Ianda on tbt*
Waat Coaat ot Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat ptanted three milea east
of the aoutheaat corner of C. L. No. 4475 thenco
north 80 ehaina, thence eait 80 chaini, thence south
80 ehaina, thence weat 80 chaina to point ot commencement.
Ixxated August lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
For Rent
Furnished room* with bath.    Spociiil t*t*Jt by
thi-weiwk.   Talbot Houh. I**5*''
Noatly Furni.hftd room,, MBtloni.il preferred.���
Apply Mr*. Mullin. over MojosIh Theatre,      tf
Nice* Furnlahed Booma. Mra. llrecnw
Block; Third Ave.
���ood, Alder
178- tf
Kor Rent-Furnlahed rooma. Hut nnd cold water
with bath. Digby Rooma. lith Ave and Fulton
Street. tf
For Rent���Sona of England Hull. Ut L'nel'Avo.. for
Dunces. Fraternal Societies, SocbtlS, etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis. Box 869 or plum.-IB. ISrt-tf
For Sale
tsf, >i .i .1.. ** .. ** ii �� ii i* || *.	
Smith   Premier  typewriter,   practically   new.
Westenhaver Bros. 128-230
For anl<���Special for this WMke  btiB pots 25c,
at Hart's, e 226-229
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. 2 Slurry house, household goods. Near Prince Rupart A snap if
taken at once.   Address Box MB. tf
For Sale-Irish Terrier dog pupa, pedigreed, gritty, good companlona. iro... color. (iixldard
Broa., 95 Water St.. Vancouver. 216-227
Open an Account Today
Deposit a portion of your weekly earnings and
you will be surprised how rapidly they win ac_
cumulate. We will add to your savings 4 Pe"
cent, interest on monthly balances. In & short
time you will have saved enough to make a profit.
able investment. The accounts of ladies and
children receive careful and courteous attention
The Continental Trust Co.
Second Avenue
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and juat
scttlementi. We write every known claas of
Insurance. The Mack Realty uml Insurance Co.
Wanted-Gooil general servant.   Apply P.O. Box
199 226-233
Wanted   Nursing.      Obatcctrlcs  a  apeclalty.
Residence 829 Third Ave.    I'lione M Red. tf
Wnnted. - Cleaning and pressing, alterations
and repairing for men and w- men. Dressmaking
��� called for anel delivered. Mr. Charles Percher.
tai Third Ave.    Phone 294 Red. tf
Wanted WW men to get tm nnd 150 suits made to
[ their measure for $25.   American style,  satisfaction guaranteed.   Dominion  Tailoring x2o��� Van-
i couvcr.     3 elavs at Royal Hotel tf
Lost and Found
Found-Engraved cuff link.   Apply at Canadian
General Electric Co., Mclntyre Block. tf
FOUND-2 Small Keya.   In-iuil*. at News Office.
Lost���Ladies' watch In bracelet.   Reward bv returning to News office, tf
We carry everything In the feed line, also garden aeedi at the lowcit market pricei, at Collart'a
olg Fted Store. Market Place
Farm Lands
We want live agent* in every county for the
aale of our landa at Palm Beach. Florida. Liberal
commission and traniportation expenaee. Thousands of dollars have already Won spent In good
roads and townsite Improvement! on property.
Wc sell small tracts on easy monthly payments.
A town lot on beautiful Lake Worth free with
every tract. BRYANT a. GREENWOOD. Republic Building. Chicago.
r p*rmu
Comme-net&f at a post planud at tb. N. E.
Cornar ol Lot 2b, thenc* north 20 cbaina, thenc.
rat 20 ehalna, thene* aouth 20 ehaina, thane.
-Hat 20 cbaina to point of comm-mcwn.ot, cun-
taining 40 acraa mora or laaa.
Datad August 15. 1911. FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Au,. 20. P. U. Miller. Af.nl
Skerna Land District -Diatnct ol Coaat Rant. 5
Tak* r uie that Harba-l J. Mack*, ol Para-
broke. Ont., occupation lumt-erman. InUnda U
apply lor p-srmlaaion to purchase th. lollowing
dsacribod landa:
Commendnf at a post plan.*.! on tn* 1*1* bank
of th. Zymoqotu or Zlro-a-got-lu River, at aouth- -
wast coram ol Lot 1.06, th.nc northorly, [ollowing
th. wwurly boundary ol Lot 1706, SO chains
mor. or Uaa, to tb. northweat corn*, of aald Lol
, 1706, thonc. weaterly and southerly, following
th* left hank ol aaid re ver, 60 chaina mora or laaa to
i point ol commenownant containing 160 acraa
mor. or laaa.
Located Auguat 19, 1911.
Daled August 21, 1911.    HERBERT 1. MACKIE
Pub. Aug. 26. Kre*sl��riek S. ( lem.nl*. Agmt
Skeana Land DUtrlct���District al Coaat Rang. V
Tak* noUe* that I, i'cur Erlcbaon ol Prlne*
Rupert, laborer, Inund to apply for psmWon
ll.llll.Ill     tilt*    -ellneilHT    ll-ll     M. llll    to purchaM th* le-ll.iwiiig elccnUwd land.:
Commonclng at a post planud on tb* nortb
bank of Williams Craak wh��r* lh. railway right-
end -I ehalna back Irom tb* craak
Skeena Land Disuict���District ol Queen Charlotte i
Taka nolice that Auatin M. Brown of I'rince
Hupert. aaddler by occupation, intenda to apply
to the Chiel Commlaaioner of Lands and Worka
(or a licence to proapeKt for coal, oll and petroleum
on and under the following doscribod lands on th.
West Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three miles east
at tb* northoaat corner of C. L. No. 4471 ihence
aoutb 80 cbaina, thence wost 80 chains, thenc.
nortb 80 chain., thane* aaat 80 cbains to point
o( commencement.
AUSTIN   M.   BROWN,   Locator
Located Auguat let, I'Jll.
Pub. Aug. 19.
G. T. P. Tranafer Agent.
Ordera promptly tilled.   Pricee reaeonab!*,
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centra St.    Phon* (
In the County Court ol Atlin Hold*n at Prince
Rupert in th* Matter o( lha "Official Ad-
minUtretor'e Act"
In tho Matter ol ho E tau ol Duran F. Latkovlch
deccas-rd, It  ���lit*.
Fine Fresh Halibut
With ii 1'i.ul ol some *ix tluni-
-iinl five hundred poinds <>( fim*
rt - h, (| Rupen l.i--. nighi. Her
catch funis a ready sale for sliip-
iii- ��� ii below.
Poser for the Preachers
Perhaps the preachers who take
ilu* coming "f the Rainbow for
tlvir text- tomorrow will explain
why the rain didn't stop with ilu-
coming <>f the Rainbow. We can't
Mr. ami Mrs. J. J, Sloan arrived
by the Prince George ihis morning
from  llu* south.
Ladies'    Neckwear -tin-    lAteSt
tilings���new assortment st Wallace's. 2l
Bob    Manila's    "Rainbow"    is
painted  the same color as the
Canadian Navy.
Mr. and Mrs. Conksy with their
Ion Chnrlci arrived l��y the Prinoe
('.(���..rue  this morning.    They will
proceed  up  river  if   ihu  state  of
ths water permits.
Only   thrtS   me,rt.   ballot   boxes
ol-way __
bank,  then*
eouth 30  chaina,   thenoa
cbaiu, thenee north 80 chaina,  Wence wart 40
chains to point of cerumen cement.
Pub. July 25. Fred E. Cowall, Agant
Skaena Land Iusinct -District ot Coast Ranga V
Take notioe tbat I, John Evenaon  of Prince
to purchase the followine deacribed landa:
mmencing at a
Rupert, laborer, intend to apply  tor permlsaion
Ing de
corner of Lot 4*i:��, thsnee north 80 chains;
planted at the aouth-
thsnoe north 80 chaina.
60 ehaiu, thenoa aouth  80 chains,
thence weat 60 chaini to point of eommencement.
Dated July 13, 1911. JOHN EVKNSON
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrict of Coaat Ranga V
Taka notlea that I, Benjamin A. Fish of Towner,
N.   1).,   occupation   merchant,   Intend   to  apply
for permisaiun to purchaaa tha foUowing deecribed
Commencing at a poet planted on the east
boundary and about five chains from the aoutheaat cornar of Lot 4484, thenee north 60 chains,
tbence eaat 30 chaina, thenca aouth 60 chaini,
tbence weet 30 ehalna eo point of commencement.
Dated June 24, 1911. BENJAMIN A. FISH
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land Dlitrict-District of Cout Range 6
Take notica that Percy M Miller of Prince Rupert, B.C.. occupation Civil Engineer, Intenda to
apply for permiaaion to purchaae the following
described lands:
Commencing at a poit planted on the left bank
of McNeil River at north weit cornar of lot 4400
R. V., thence eait 20 chaini more or leai to weit*
erly boundary of timber limit M6 (old number
40616) thence northerly following aaid weiterlv
boundary of timber limit 60 chaini more or less
to north west corner of aald timber limit, thence
westerly 20 chaina more or leaa to left bank of
McNeil River, thence aoutherly followinK said
left bank of McNeil River 60 chaina more or less
to point of commencement, containing 100 acres
more or leae.
E. Flexman, Agent
Dale June 19. 1911
Pub. July 19.1911
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of queen Charlotte
Take nolice that Auatin M. Drown of Prince
Rupert, B. 0 . occupation aaddler, Intends to ���
apply to tbe Chief Commiasioner of Lands and
Worka for a licence to pmepect for coal, oil and
peUoleum on and under the following deacribed
landa on the Wt*t Coaat of Graham liland:
Commencing at a post planted three mil** cast
ot tbe northeast corner of C. 1*. No. 44?H thonce
HO chaina aouth, thenee 80 chaini east, thence 80
chaini north, thence 80 chaina waat to potnt of ,
Al'STIN M. BROWN, Locator
Date of Location 31st July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
keena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intendi to apply
to tbe Chief Commliiloner of Landa and Works
for a licence to proapect for coal, oil and petroloum
on and under tne following described landi on the
Weat Coaat of Graham liland:
Commencing at a put planted three milea east
of the northeaat corner of C. I. No. 4474 tbence
80 chaini aouth, thence 80 chaina waat, thence 80
cnaina nortb, thence 80 chaini east lo point of
Located Auguit lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
TAKE NOTICE that by order of Hli Honor,
Judge Young, made the 31st day of Auguit, 1911.
I was appointed Atlmlnl*trator of the Eitate of
the aald  Duran  P.  Latkovlch  deceased, and  all
Kerties having clilms ag*inat the aaid Kalate are
ereby required to forward iame properly verified
to me on or before the 30th day of September.
1911, and all the partlea Indebted to the uld
Eatate are required to pay the amount of their
Indebtedneai to me forthwith.
DATKD the -'-th day of September, 1911.
Official Administrator.
Skeena Land District��� District of Queon Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M.  Brown of Prince I
Ruperl, aaddler, intends to applv to the Chief I
Commiasioner of Lands and Worka for a licence
to proepect for coal, oil and  petroleum on and
under trie following deecribed lands on the Weat |
Coaat of Graham liland:
Commencing at a poit planted two miles east I
of the aouthea t corner cf C. I.   No. 4177 tnence
80 chaini weat, thence 80 chaina north, thence 80
chaina eaat, thence 80 ehaina aouth to point of
Located 3lit July, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Bkeana Land Dlitrict-District of Caaiiar
iTake notice that L Thomu Carter, of Prince
tupert. oceupatlon carpenter. Intend to apply
nr permission to purchau the following doscrit*-
jSSuNMlU at a post planted about one mile
joulh from the mouth of Falls creek and about
Itofeet buck from the beich. ihence 80 chains
north, tbence 40 chains west, tbence 80 chains
���nuth. thence eait 40 chain* lo pointof commence*
ment, containing lt_D acres more or leu.
_       . _  . THOMAS CARTER.
Skeana Land DUtrict���District of Queen Charlott
Tako notice that Auitin  M.  Brown of Prince
Rupert, uddler, Intendi to apply to the Chief
CommUaioner of Landi and Works for a Itance
to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on and I
under tne following deecribed lands on the Weet |
Coast of Graham liland.
Commanclng at a pott planted two miles east ���
of the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4478 thence
N ehalna aut, thence 80 chaina aouth, thence 80
chains waat, thenca 80 chaina north to point of |
Date of Location 31st July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Prince
pert, occupation uddler. Intends to apply lo
the Chief Commissioner ot Landi and Works for
a licence to prospect (or coal, oil and petroleum
on and under the following described landi on the
Weet Cout of Graham liland:
Commencing at a poat planted three mllne eut
of the loutheut c mi er of C. L. No. 4476 thence
80 chiins west, \li--r.w 80 chains north, 80 chains
east, thence HO chains south to point of commencement.
_ AUSTIN M. BROWN, Locator
Located Auguit lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Blank Books
Every ruling, size and
binding always in stock
to suit particular people.
McRae Bros., Ltd.
Prompt Delivery
Phones 41 or 301
The Big Furniture Store
One lot, Block 2:2, Section 5, Seventh
Avenue.    Price .$800, $400 cash.
One lot,  Block  5,  SectionaS,   Fourth
Avenue.     Trice  $1200.   1-100  cash,
balance 1 and 2jyears.
Two lou, Block  1, Section 6, Fourth
Avenue.    Price $3600.    $1500 cash,
balance 6 and 12 months.
One lot, Block 33, Section 7, Seventh
Avenue.     Price   $550.     $250   cosh,
balance $25 per month.
Two lots, Block 17, Section 7,   Seventh
Avenue.   Price $1200 pair.   $400 cash.
Two lots, Block 49, Section 7, Ninth
Avenue.     Price  $750   pair,  one-half
cash, balance 6 months.
4 room house, Ambrose Avenue, plastered, best harbor view in city. Price
$1837. $500 cash, balance $30 per
5 room house, unfurnished, newly papered and painted, basement. $21
per month.
51 and 10 acres, garden trucking at
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 per acre.
10 acre tracts, garden trucking at
Kitselas.   Price $50 per acre.   Terms.
75 x 100 feet on Third Avenue, level.
Good lease.
$10 down and $10 per month buys a
lot now.
Partial List of our New Wares
In our Second Avenue store, which is one hundred feel deep tc
carry Reed and Rattan goods, Arm Chairs, Rockers, Sanitary Coucha
Davenports and Bed Louoges,. On-our shelved you will liml i inmienn
display of Hotel White Granite and Vitrified ware. In Uiis depirt.
ment we have everything to set up the finest Dining Table. We carry
a dozen or more stock patterns in French ard Hfiglisli China, anil
sell them either by the piece or set. We have fancy Brit- ;i lir.u of ill
descriptions. We have twenty-five styles in Teapots from the individual hotel to the old fashioned Brown Betty. Fruit Jars and Fknro
As wc buy these goods and Bar Glasses in fifty dozen lots it
are sure of getting right prices. We stock perhaps a hundred differtnl
styles of Glasses.
We carry a large stock of Cutlery including "Rogers 47."
-In stone ware we have bean pots, butter crocks, jugs, filters ard
foot warmers.    Enamel ware and kitchen ware complete. Basked
in many styles and sizes.
In this store we show broken lines of decorated hotel v..-.ri*. *;
very low prices to close, as we will not have any_ more like them. Also
a few samples of stoves.
Here we also show Linoleums in a variety of more than Wertj-
five patterns. As this stock was bought far below the market wlw
we arc selling them at a grcat reduction���30 cents to 11.80 per \.:ij
Here also you will find lamps in a variety too numerous to mention.
OUR SECOND FLOOR 50 x 100 ft.
This large space wc have filled to the roof with fun itun I
kinds al our usual low prices. Here also we carry our rt terve -iKk
of crockery, glassware, and stoves. You will find here an endks
ariety of carpets, bedding, blankets, comforts, pillou
and perhaps more than $2000 worth of portiers, tapestry and be
curtains and all other curtain materials.
This, too, is the home of the famous Ostermoor mattress.
Chiffoniers, Dressers and all kinds of case goods in gre.n qi
Iron and brass beds.
Framed mirrors, all sizes, in French, British and German |
We also have a large stock of mirrorplate in British aril C.inr.is
plate which we frame to order, in sizes from 36 x 48 down. ThUsi
complete house furnishing store���largest stock in thc north
Second Airfc and Sixth St.
Phone 62
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Skeena Lend District���Dislrict of Cout lUnce V
Take noilie lhal Jease M. Tallman of Cedar
lUpitls, Iowa* oceupatlon lawyer, Inlenda to
apply for permlulon to purfhaao the following
deecribed landa:
Commenclnu at i post planted on lhe aoutherly
ihore of Kutiymateen Inlet on the right bank
of a small atream flowing into aaid Inlot just east
of Crow Lake. Thence south 20 chain*, thenee
west 20 chains more or lou to the ihore line of
Crow Lake, thence northerly and easterly following the ahore lines of Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow Lake and Kuueymateen Inlet to tbe
place of commencement, containing forty acrea
more or leaa. Located August 7, lull.
Daled Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skeena Land Dlatrlcl���District of Coast Range V
Take notice that I, George Kime ���( Towner,
North Dakota, U. S. A., farmer, Intend to apply
for permlasion to purchaae tho following described
Commencing at a post planted at tbe aouthweat corner of Lot 221)7, tbence eaat 80 chains,
thence aouth 40 chains, thence weat 40 chains
thence eouth 40 chains, thence wart 40 cbaina
thence north 80 chains to point of commencamen
containing 480 acrea more or less.
Dated July 16, 1911 GEORGE KIME
Pub. July 26. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena Land Dittrict���District of Coaat Range 6
Taka notioe that Sarah E. Alton ol Prince
Rupert, occupation nui��e, Intendi to apply for
permission to purchase the (ollowing duscribed
Commencing at a poat planted at tbe Northwest corner 140 chains easterly (lUghlly north)
from the northeast corner of Lot 1116 (Harvey
Survey) Coast District, Range V, thenee 80 chaini
east, tbenee 80 chains south, thence 40 chains
west, thence 40 chains north, thence 40 chains
west, tbence 40 chslns north to post of commencement containing 480 scree more or less.
Dated June 14, 1911. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. July 16. Fred Bohler, Agent
Skeena Uml District���District of Coast Rsnge &
Tske notice thst Miriam Roy McTavbh of
Winnipeg, Man., occupation barrister, Intends
to apply for permiaaion to purchase the following
tlencriDed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at tbe aouthwest
comer 40 chaini east and 40 chains north from
N, K. 'mrn.r of Lot 111'-, Harvey's Survey Coast
District Range 6, thence 60 chaini easl, thence
60 chslns north, thence 60 chslns wesl, thence 60
chains south to post of commencement containing
:t'i0 acrea mora or leas.
Dated Sept. 18, 1911 HIRIAM ROY McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23. Kred W. Oohler, Agent
Skeena Land District��� DKrlct of Cout Range &
Tak* notice that Lottie McTavish of Vancouver,
occupation married woman, Intends to spply
for permission to purchue the following deecribed
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner 100 chains eut snd 20 chain* north
(rom N. m corner of Lot 1116, Harvey's Survey
Coast District Range 6, thence 20 chains south,
thence 90 chains eut, thence 80 cbains north,
thence 40 chains west, thence 60 chains south,
thsnee 40 chains west to post of commencement
dontiinlng 400 acres more or less.
Dated Sept. 18. 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 28 Fred W. Uohler. Agent
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for tale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00, These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the markat
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
FACTORIES:   PSTBBS0R ������'" "
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toront
PILE uitj;;
o, Ont.
I, 8. illrrtwn ol Princ Ru*Mrt, B. C brokn*
rlv. notios th.t on th�� flllwnlh duy ol Nov.mb*r
111, I lnt*nel to .pply to th�� W.t*r Cornnil-ale>n*r
.1 hi* oftlee In Princ. Rup*rt, B. C, for ��� li-vnc*
to Uke ��nd uie thr*. cubic feet ol *-*t*r per ���ernnrl
from McNeil Hiver In 8k��en. DUtrict. The water
ii to b. Uk.n Irom th. Mmm .bout lour mil**,
���bov. the unction with the ,Hk**n. Hiver .ml
i. I.. la*. tiMd on Lot 4406 lor domaatie and url-
culture purpa-m.
Sept. 9.
I, 8. H.rrtaon ol Prlne. Rupert, B. C. brok.
jive notice th.t on the IHleonth d.y ol Nnvembw
HU, I inlend toiipply to th, Wil-r Cotnml.��loner
���t lei. offlce In Princ* Rupert, B. C, lor * lles.no.
lo Uke .nd um two cubic le��t of w.t�� per MCored
Irom th. Wert Fork of McNeil River In Skeen.
Dlitrict. The w.Ur I. to be uken from the itram
.bout ono mile from lu unction with NrMe.il
Hlver ind i. lo lm ei��vl ao Lot 4406 for domaitlc
���nd >fricultur_ purpose*.
n. Und Dbtrict-DWrict ' "�� c
ik* notie. th.t I, Chrlitopl-",-'*'"^
Tine. Hup rt, B. C, owl"1     ,,
- ajfi
T.k. nolle, th.t I, Chri.tnpi       - .\*
ol Princ Hup rt, B. C, "��"������*���,,��� to P"r
.nclneer. InUnd to .pply lor P��n... ** Willi, lollowln. de.crlb��1 l.ndi: M *��'��*
Comm.ncfn�� .1 . poll Pj"'t -" , ol If*
wait corner of Lot No. IM ��'-. *',- SitMf
Uk.li-. .nd m.rked ChrWopiV- '���_-.*
N. E. Corn.r, th.nc wmt 40 ch*..'.* �����������.!���
HO ch.ln*. thenc ot 40 ehiln��. xo*. nlli,n��
chtin. to port of commencc-iie".
820 Mi mor. nr Im..     ������.,,,.(   liV*1.
CHRISTOPHER J AS,  01U" 1>L��j f. D
D.UdS.pt,S2. 1911- 11.W-A.M     **���"
Pub. 8^,1. SO. s
km. Und Dtatriet-DUlrict el <**, -,.��
T.k. notlc th.t Sunley <��� -*1<��� ,��� nvV
Rupwt, n.C.,oecup.tl*>t._m|ii��('-: [r(testn**<
for twrtnUalon U purcbM.
Comm.ndni at a port pl"1*1**"*1,,,.
and 40 chain. w��rt of ih�� !"*'    . -out ?���:_
Ut 1788, UkalM V.ll.y, <__5f_i��� !>�� *��� *J
6, thmc wet 40 ch.im. th���� "fjo ch.*'*-'"
th.nc crt 40 ehalni, thenc n""1-
faint ol -Mmmraommt.      OT��*.I KY "-^
8tak��d Jun. 30th. 1��11 9TA * lx-caW
Puh. July IS.


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