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Twenty-four hours onding 6   a. m.,
mie 27.
TKW.F.        MIN. TUMP. BAR.        IN. BAIN
49.5       29.849       .07
The Daily News
For South
State of California Thuradsy, a.n..
For   North
**Wijn, ^'Thursday p. in.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
SS LeRiti/ai^v
VOL. IL NO. 143
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, June 27, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Aldermen Newton and Hilditch Have Their Missives Laid on the
Table, and Will be Invited to Withdraw Them and Get
Back to Work���Proposed Contest is Frowned Upon
for Reasons Indicated in Dictated Letter
Letters of resignation were received by lhe Mayor and city
council from Aldermen Newton
antl Hilditch last night but it is
unlikely thai they will be ac-
cepted, us the following motion
.mil .iiToiii'iaiiyuig letter to the
sktermen will show:
Moved by Alderman Smith, sec-
onded by Alderman Kerr: That
thcri-.ii.iiaiii.iisof Aldermen S. M.
Kevtan ami J. II. Hilditch be
received mid laid on thc table, and
that tin- City Clerk be directed
tn .it knowledge receipt and to
write tin in in in reply as follows:
Letter to Each Aldermsn
Dear Sir,���I beg to acknowledge
receipt nf your resignation as
aliltTiii.tn for Ward II in the City
of Prince Rupert, and am directed
by resolution of the council to
-i.it. ili.ti it appears to die council
thai tin- resignations have beta
nude (i.r ilu- purpose of testing
tin- aitiuiili- of riie electors on
tht- -abject of the engineering
ib i*.tMiu.-)it. which question was
dealt tritli al ihe last meeting of
tin- council held on Wednesday
the 21st, Mich lest to lx- made
hi holding an election to fill the
vacancies and the result to l>e
taken as an expression of the
opinion of the electors.
Tin   council after  full delilnr-
���itii'ii decided the question of the
engineering department at the said
meeting and the members of the
council are quite prepared to accept the full responsibility of the
action then taken. If a contest
was carried out as proposed it
is very unlikely that any true
expression could be secured upon
thc question at issue, as undoubtedly other issues would enter
into it. Again a vote would only
lie secured from Ward II so that
whatever thc result might be the
council would not lie justified in
making any change in the policy
delilx-rntely adopted by them after
mature consideration.
The council considers that its
duty is to discourage in every
way thc holding of such a contest
and cannot accept thc responsibility of allowing it to proceed
and therefore do not feel justified
in accepting your resignation if
made for the purpose of holding
an election for the purpose already
referred to.
If your resignation is submitted
for other reasons of a private
nature, the council may ultimately
have to accept thc same, but even
then it would be doubtful if it
would be advisable to accept resignations of members of thc council
while living in thc city, unless for
very special reasons, without im
posing the penally provided by
statute. If the policy of accepting
resignations off hand without imposing the penally were allowed
it might at times work out to thc
serious disadvantage of the city.
You are requested to reconsider
your action, and inform the council further by Wednesday evening
of this week at 8 o'clock. It is
hoped that after careful consid
eration you will decide to withdraw your resignation.
Yours very truly,
City Clerk
The Hidden Hilditch
This course was approved by
the council, Alderman Newton
did not put in appearance in or
near the City Hall, but Alderman
Hilditch was in thc Mayor's private office during last night's
council meeting, and appeared in
the council chamber after the
motion to adjourn had been called.
In his letter of resignation Alderman Hilditch stated that he did
not wish to be understood as
desirous of shirking any responsibility by resigning, but simply
to test the matter in question
before thc people according to his
challenge. Alderman Newton in
his letter says that if Alderman
Hilditch will withdraw his challenge
he will withdraw his resignation.
British Parliament Gets to Work Again Now That the
Coronation is Over   Lansdowne Introduces Some
Drastic Amendments That Will Never Pass
Canadian Press Despatch)
'.ondon,  June  27.���Parlaiment
''lid today, after tin- C..r-
"'ni..n   recess  and   the  struggle
��vcr tin- veto |,j||  ,��� |jmjt  tnc
power uf the House of Lords was
immediately resumed in ihe Cpper
Some Draatic Amendment*
1 "i'l Lansdowne who is opposing
'   measure in   the  Lords,  gave
"'"' "I an amendments providing
'Allusion  from thc scope
.'!<> bill of measures re-
Loral Athlete. Met Laat Night
1     first deftnita step to form
w '���UdeUc Club in the city was
,r WM night when a number of
'      men met in th,. old Presby-
''"'" Church  and  discussed  thc
"P   of   a   prograniu-   of
I mi .. etc.
" *��� pioposrd to have trips to
' ''���'U.iila where football and base
��'��ames will be played by rival
���'"K Indoor baseball is another
k""" Which will be taken up
"""  *ollengei  from  a  team  in
m I'-'-'ttiie will be thrown
lh<   Itii.-rs ���f thc ���cw club arc:
2��VPresident,  F. H.  Moblcy;
r,'s"l'iit.(;�����rgcTite; Sccretary-
laling to Irish Home Rule, to
provide for a joint silting of
the two Houses in case of disagreement between them, and for
a referendum in other cases.
Deadlock Will Arise
It is quite certain that thc
Government will not accept thc
amendments, and a dead lock
seems inevitable. If so it will
eventually lead to the creation of
five hundred additional peers, unless in thc meantime the Lords
treasurer, T. Arneil; Executive
Committee, C. T. Hcward, J.
MacLeod, T. McMeckin and Rev.
P. W. Kerr.
All   interested   in  athletics are
asked to join.
Indoor Baaeball
Printers vs. Thc Royal Blue
Ribbons, nt thc Auditorium Tuesday evening, June 27th. Game
called at 8.30 sharp. Admission
26c. Skating after thc game.       2t
Half a Century
City Engineer Davis has given
the lifetime of thc present Section
One grading at more than fifty
Mrs. Dr. Tremayne will not
receive tomorrow afternoon, nor
again this season.
Count   Zeppelin's  Latest   Dirigible   Up   in   the   Air
Northwestern League
Vancouver 9, Spokane 0.
Tacoma 3, Victoria 2.
Portland-Seattit' game postponed on account of rain.
National League
Pittsburg 3, Cincinnati 6,
Others postponid owing to rain.
American League
Washington 1, New York 3.
Chicago 3, Detroit (i.
Philadelphia 3, Brooklyn 2.
Others postponed owing to rain.
Looks as if the Friends of Reciprocity are in the Aacendant
at Washington.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Washington, June 27.���The Senate last night in order to vote
on the amdcnmcnt of Senator
Washington, June 27.���The Senate sat late last night in order to
vote on the amdenment of Senator
Root to the Canadian reciprocity
bill demanding that wood pulp
and paper must be placed on the
reciprocal list. This was expected
by the opponents of reciprocity
to prove a dividing point for the
reciprocity forces.
When the matter came to a vote
the Senate rejected the amdend-
ment by a large majority. The
majority was so decided that no
roll-call was taken. This clears
the way to a discussion of the main
Frederickschafen,   June   20.���
Count Zeppelin was on board his
new dirigible Schwabcn  when  it
made its maiden fl ght today.
Run Rock Crusher
A gasoline engine to run the
new rock crusher purchased for
thc city will be bought from
S. H. Watson & Co.
Famous Japnaeae Admiral to
Croaa the Continent in August on Way Home.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, June 27.���Admiral Togo, the famous Japanese naval
officer, is expected in Canada
early in August on his return
journey from thc Coronation. He
will arrive in New York on July
29th and come here, proceeding
to Vancouver en route for his
home by thc C. P. R. He will
be lavishly entertained while in
Ambrose Guay Has 300 Gueata
to Hia Birthday Party
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Quebec,   June   27.���Ambroisc
Guay the oldest citizen of Quebec,
celebrated his lOOtli birthday today.     Over   300   relatives   were
present and toasted his health.
Steamboat Gold Mines Co. at
Shareholders' Meeting Decides on Draatic Action for Alleged Misleading Reports.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 27.���After fully
discussing the situation which has
arisen over the Steamboat Gold
Mines, Co., Ltd., the shareholders
at their meeting last night decided
to authorise civil preceedings against Messrs. Greenwall and Suv-
ens, for alleged misleading reports
regarding the Steamboat Mountain property.
Some of those present were so
incenssed   that   they  wanted   to
take  criminal   proceedings,   but
Clailier counsels prevailed.
The Mayor at First Says It Is to Help Out A. J. Prudhomme, But
It Transpires It Is to Cover Two Applicants for Bottle
Licenses as Well---Troublesome Clause is the One
That Requires Ten Days Notice
A by-law to amend the existing
Licensing By-law by suspending
Clause 80 for two months was introduced by Alderman Kerr last
night and the motion was supported
by Alderman Smith. Clause 86
has lo do with the applications
for renewal of licences, and requires thai applications shall lie
in at least ten days liefore the
sittings of the Licensing Board
in June and December. The Bylaw was read the first time, and the
rules were suspended enabling i:
to be read also the second time
last night. Next Monday night
it goes into committee of the
whole for consideration, after which
it will be read for the third time,
and finally adopted.
Objection by Douglas
"1 suppose this is to cover thc
granting of two bottle licences
the applications for which wen-
irregular," siid Alderman Douglas.
"I want to register myself against
this. 1 think there are too many
licenses already in Prince Rupert,
and I am against the granting of
tluse bottle licenses. Thc city
has licensed places enough without
Wanta to See Fair Play
"If it is the intention of the
licensing commissioners to deal
fairly with these licenses, then I
will support this," siid Alderman
Morrissey. "but if it is the Intention  to deal otherwise, as has
already been done in the matter
of bringing about lawsuits, then
I will not support it. I appeal
to you Mr. Mayor, as Chairman
of ihe Board of Licensing Commissioners."
Cap Evidently Fita
"I might say in regard to this,"
replied the Mayor, "that in regard
to the case jusi mentioned by Mr.
Morrissey, that is thc case of Mr.
Prudhomme, his application was
refused liecause of the existence
of a city by-law which the commissioners did not see their w.i>
lo violate. Unless the by-law is
changed no license can lie granted
to Mr. Prudhomme on the Ifith of
July. I am not in a position to
siy what the commissioners will
do except that they will Ik- fair
to the parlies concerned."
"Is there only one licensee with
defective qualities on his application?" asked Alderman Mor
risscy, to which thc Mayor re
plied. "There are two more. If
the Prudhomme case is covered
by this, then two buttle licenses
will In- affected also."
Alderman Kirkpatrick was inclined to have thc objectionable
clause got rid of altogether instead
of for only two months, but this
idea was not sup|x>rtcd.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, June 27.--A big ten
million dollar navigation merger
Was completed here today. The
merger includes the Richelieu and
Ontario, lhe Northern and the
Inland companies, all navigating
on the Great Likes and St. Law*
rencc River.
R. and N. O. and Inland Fleets
Amalgamate at Montreal
Walker's   Jewellery   Store   was
Pillaged During Laat Night
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nelson, June 27.���Burglars
broke into lhe jewelry store of
J. J. Walker lasi night and got
away with nearly -SatHt in watches,
rings, pins, brooches and other
valuables. The police are trying
to trail the culprits.
Allegan, Mich., June 20.���During an electric siorm lhe power
plant at Trowbridge was burned
to the ground with a loss of a
liundr.il ftftv ihoiisintl dollars.
Americana and Italians Claah���
Four are Killed Many Injured.
Steamer Florizel Made Faat
Run from New York to Halifax.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Halifax, June 27.���All previous
records in time for the trip by-
water between New York and this
port were eclipsed this morning
when tbe Red Cross liner Florizel
made the run in forty-three hours.
The trip through the open Atlantic is exactly 000 miles by the
most direct course.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Klki.ns, W. Va., June 27���A
serious race war between Amcr-
leans and Italians laliorcrs is reported at Weaver south of here.
Four are reported dead, and many
injured. A sheriff and ninety-
men have started for the scene of
lhe trouble.
Shoal  Lake Lightning   $18000
Damage Done
Winnipeg, June 20.-Heavy rains
are general from here to I.ith-
bridgc. On Saturday the Miller
block and post office at Shoal
Lake were struck by lightning and
destroyed with a loss of eighteen
thousand dollars.
Three Most Eloquent Member*
Were Abaent Laat Night, and
aa a Reault Buaineaa wm All
Over at 9.30 p.m. Appreciative Preas.
The Mayor's new Procedure Bylaw was really working last night
at the meeting of the city council,
and Alderman Douglas felt the
brunt of it when he tried to institute  a   few  enquiries  verlially.
Aldermsn Newton and Alderman
Hilditch   Were   absent   last   night
and  Alderman  Clayton  has been
down below for quite a little while.
With   the  garrulous members absent   the  business of  the  council
sped along in phenomenally swift
manner.   Ay 9.30 p.m. tbe mot ion
was  in  order  to adjourn.    With
the cordial congratulations of the
press   mercifully   dclivereil   (rom
their   Usual   liberal   allowance   ol
"midnight oil" on Monday nights,
thc Mayor and Aldermen dispersed in great goixl humor.
Banque Nationale de Canada Will Commence Operations With Rudolphe Forget as President and
$10,000,000 Capital at His Command
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, June 27.���The or-
ganisition of ihe much talked of
new French Bank, lhe Banqui-
Intcrnationale de Canada was completed lure today, and will shortly
open for business. Rodolphc Forget will Ik- lhe president of the new
Quite Frenchy
The effort will be made to make
thc institution French in scope
as well as in name. Its stockholders   are   largely   drawn   from
the frugal French of Quebec, and
as far as possible its operations
will Im- conducted for the exploitation of the resources of French Canada.
The new institution will com*
nuiice with a capital of $10,000,000
Of this sum $7,055,000 has Irccn
already milisi rilicd by the French
group of stockholders.
Residents  on   Ambrose   avenue
have petitioned for a waterpipe*
Referred lo lhe Water committee.
Typoa to Meet Royal Blue Rib-
bona in Great Match
Aa green as the Irish sod?
Anybody hire see Corley,
Corley of the Blue Rib bunch?
Anybody hen- sea Corley,
With the thirty dollar hunch?
Tonight in thc Auditorium the
great indoor baseUill match of tin
Mason takes place. Tyixis. the
fierce untamed typCS of Third
avenue, are to let themselves loose
in all their ferocity upon the
maiden Blue Ribbon Team of lhe
Royal Hotel. It is rumored that
the Royal Blue Riblmns can go
some tmi when it comes lo an
indoor baseball Contest, and the
liveliest game of the season is
promised for tonight,
Anylntdy here see Corley.
I    Corley with the great big wad?
Here You  Are
For a well made suit Rudnick
& Sweder Bros, are the people.
Heljrcrson Block Basement, 6th
Where to Go    \
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. 'Phone 4 Anylxxly here see Corley,
Pictures and Music, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
PHEN1X THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
BASEBALL, Printers vs. Royal Hotel
Team at  Auditorium,   Sixth   Ave.,
tonight, 8.30 p.m. THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone 150 Third Av.'tiu.' and Fulton St
Wireless Report Tells of Rain,
Fog, and Some Rough Winds
Fort George
For information,  fret'
maps ami literature
call ami see me.
Open Evenings Pattullo Block
-2000 SHARES IN-
j; Mining Stock
sell  in  part or as
Make  an  offer
u whole
P. O. Box 844   -   Prince Rupert
Police Notice
Tender, will be received by the undersigned up
to 5 p.m. June 26. lllll. for the supplying of 1 olice
Uniforms, helmets and csps. Ssmoles of cloth
to be submitted to the Chief of Police st once and
full particulars ����u.ned f^hh...^^
Clerk of I
Skeena Und Dislrict-Dlstrlcl of I osst Rsnge -
Tske notice thsl AlexsnJi'r Mcintosh ol van
couver, ll Oa occupstlon resl >*l*te broker
Intends to spply lor permission to purchsss lh.
following deacribed lands: .
Commencing st s post plsnted tu chsin. south
Irom the southwest corner ol Lot SS5. thsnee bu
chsins south, tbence 10 chsins aesl. thsnee BU
chains north, ihence 40 chslna esal to point ol
commencement contsining J-'O seres mors or leas.
a-"* "��� *%Wa*\Hiwa uamroaa
Pub. Msy 6
Skeens Und District -DUlrict ol Caaalar
Take notice that  1.  I'ercy  Frsncis l,od*nratti
ol Stewart. U. C, occupation journalist   Intend lo
spply- lor i*rmuaaon  to  purchaae  the  (ollowing
dosef.bcl Isnds:
Commencing st a post plsnted on ths right
bank ol the Naaa river sboul seven miles sbovs
tho lorks o( the Nsas nver, ihence soulh BO chslna,
thenoe west SO chains, thsne* north B0 chsina,
thence esst SO chains to point ol comm*nc*ment,
containing 6tu seres mor* or I***. ���.,.,���._.,
Dsled Msrc 25,11111. Frank Sidney Wrlfht. Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeens Und District -Dislrict ol L
Taks  notice   that   1.   John   I'nwtn  ol   Princ*
Rupart 11. Ca, occupallon laborer. Intend lo spply
lor permUston to purchas* ths lollowlng d**crlb��d
lands v ���
Commencing si s post plsnted about Ul two
mile* Kiuth ol the tork. ol th. Whit* .nd I-1.1
riv��r>. lh.no south 80 chains, lh.no. ***l so
ct.lns. th.nce north 80 chain., lh*ne�� w*st BO
chains. , ���,. ....���..��,
Hated AprU 18. 1911. JOllNlNWIN
I'ub. May IS, Frsncis S. Pr**ton. Agsnt
From Skidegate, Ikeda, Triangle
and Tatoosh this morning there is
news of rain, and Triangle reports
dense log. Cape l.azo reports
rain with a gale blowing and
rough sea running. Point Grey
tells of rain, but reports clam sea.
Shipping is reported from lkeda
stating that the Prince Albert
left at S p.m. Tatoosh reporting
the steamers Olson and Maloney
in at 6.40, and Cape Lazo reporting the tug Tatoosh northbound for Ketchikan and thc
Lindsay passing Lindsay Ripple
northbound ot 7 a.m. The G.
T. P. S.S. Henriette was discharging cargo all day yesterday at
the Marine Station construction
wharf at Digby Island.
Tatoosh reports the steamer
President and the steamer Henrig
in short lv before noon todav.
National Anthem Sung in City
Churches Yesterday to Mark
By the singing of the National
Anthem at the morning and evening services in the city churches
yesterday the occasion of the
Coronation of King George V.
was marked. There was no s|x-cial
feature otherwise, ol the services
in Prince Rupert, though the
religious significance of the Coronation ceremonies has not been
overlooked by the pastors of tin-
various denominations represented
in Rupert, especially in their inunction of the children.
Bright Service in S. A. Citadel.
Audience Appreciated Music
��� a. STOCK   ON   OUR   WHARF.
Side snd End Dump Can. In A 1. cu feet.
Is In. S .'I in. gauge
Steel Car Wheels and Axle, with roller
be.ring.. 1- a 24 *n. gauge
Higgle-  1-2  In. and .'���� in.  galvanised
steel cable
-l-HOSK   J13- K
Rupert Marine Iron Works & Supply Co.,
�� \2SHl
All kind. ���f Spring Veg.-t.b1e.      New Ororei -
Hie newly organised Orchestra
of which Prince Ru|K-rt can now
boast, held a musical recital at
the Salvation .Army Citadel <>n
Sunday night. Eight members
of the orchestra took pari and
rendered sacred music to the cvi
dent appreciation of the large
audience. Ensign Johnstone is
particularly appreciative of the
kindness of die members and
organisers of the orchi ��ira for their
assistance in making his services
bright and attractive.
Pastor   Scores   Congregation
Praiaea Salvation Army
Ideal Provision House
Third km . rear ������th Bt
PlMM 190
Conatable Mills of London Badly Injured in Stopping a Runaway Horse.
"If you want to stay away from
church do so when I am hen-
not only when Knsign Johnstoni
occupies the pulpit. If you do
-o then. I wish you would stay
away all together!    it is not fair
for us as.i Christian Ix-dy to leavi
the Salvation Army to do all the
dirty work.
"Winn then- is anybody to U-
helped   the  Salvation  Army  is
rung up and then when Ensign
Johnstone conns here to conduct
the aervice In my absence half
ilu i ongn g.iiit.n stay sway." This
is wh.it Rev. I-'. VV. Kerr <>( tb,
I'r. ab) ii rian Church said last night
in the heat of rlghtSOUS indignation. He acored the followers ol
the church for their apathy and
unfair' ��� -���
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London. (Int., June 30,    While
making a pluck)  attempt  lo stop
a runaway horse thai wss careering
dangerously aloi g one of the busiest   streets  ol  the  city    Police
Constable Mills became entangled
in the harness on the horse and
was thrown  under the h.*>fs ol
the animal and kicked so badly
about the head that it la fi and
hea will di,..
Fred Brusquar of Stewart, waa
Swamped in a Gaaoline Boat
him  bniklni   and
injuring his body ...iuli*er,.1,1y
Tried  Suicide  Because Sweetheart Stayed Away
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Calgary, June 26.���Sergeant Tucker of ihe  Northwest  Mounted
Police, has attempted Bllicide because   his   sweetheart   would   not
see him at midnight. He is not
badly injured but the offence is
aggravated because at the time
Sergeant Tucker was supposed to
be on guard over a murderer
named Fiske now under sentence
of death.
Stevedoring Will be Done in
Future, by Pacific Coast Contracting Company.
"The News" Classified Ads*
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Lost and Found
i��-^ai *��*�������� a|*
I FOUND���Eureka Cleaning? antl   Pressing  Com-
i     pnny.   Men's suits cleaned and pressed $1.00.
Ladles' suits pressed and cleaned.    Dry cleaning a specialty.   Room 13 Westenhaver Block,
phone red 09. 121-147
i FOUND-Elegant rooms; newly furnished.   The t
I     Bulklov Block, tith Ave., near Fulton,    10.1-1 m   ���
| LOST-50 price coupons Issued by the P erless !
Studio.       These coupons will be accepted i
presented   before   July   3rd  at   the   Peerles
Studio, Alder Block. 141-147
; Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry,   White labor only at
.After Saturday all atevedoring
work on the waterfront will be
carried on by tho  Pacific Caost
Contracting   Company.    Captain ?mm UunuTV. PalOM 118
Moshcr is here at present looking   	
after this matter. Charles Pater-
son who is vice-president of the
Victoria I. L. A., will be his
foreman. The business is taken
over from the I'nion Stevedoring
Company which handled it previously.
Put It all over Matty Baldwin
in San Francisco on Saturday-Big Crowd Turned out
to See the Fight
For Rent
Wan ted -
Small house, furnished or partly furn-
Suit., terms tc Box K, Daily News.UO-tf
Commodious house, corner 6th Ave. and Thompson St.. furnished or unfurnished. Phune -:";
or P.O. Box 1188.
Four-roomed House, partly furnished, with bathroom; close in on Summit Ave., back of Borden
street.   Apply at Firehall or P.O. Box 269.
li Furnished Rooms In apartment house, opposite
Clapp Building-, 2nd Ave., near McBride.    Apply on premises between one and three p.m.
Furniture of three-room Hat.     Apply  Room II   ,i   ...,,  1... .. l,.,r,l  tinner Mil
Weatenhaver Block, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth   lloMH  l>>   .1 H'lIU Upper till.
Street. 12S.134	
Nicely furnished Front Room in new house.   Apply Mr.. Sav ill,-. Fourth Ave., near McBride.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
San Francisco, June 24.���In
20-round fight here tonight, Freddie Welsh won the decision over
Many Baldwin.
A gnat crowd turned out to see
the fight, but the exhibition was
a rather tame one for Welsh put
it all over Baldwin in every
round and in the twentieth round
the latter was glad to be counted
out   after  he   had   been   knocked
Skeona Land District���Diatrict ol Cuaalar
Taku nollco timt 1, Allred Kyle ol Prlne. ilu.
purl,   11.   0.,   occuputlon   uluctriciuii,   InteBri   ,'
apply  lur  permission  to  purcliaau ilu,  loll,,*,,,,,
described landa: "
Commencing at a poat planted about [3} tlirv*
tunes south ol thu lorks ol tbo Wliiti, bdi! Pitt
rivers, ttience 30 chains south, thunco ���u clium,
uaat, thunce 80 chaina north, thencu ho chains
Dated April 18,1911. ALFRED KYTF
I'ub. May 13. Francis S. 1'reaion, ABl.r.t
Skeuna Und District���Diatrict ol Cus.si.ir
Taku nutice that 1, Jatnua Mtllur Julmaion ul
Stuwart, U. C, occupatiun atorokuupur, n.tui���| i���
apply  lor permission  to  purcliaau itm ,'nito ,,���.,
duacribud lands:
Commencing al a poal pluulud ubout on. miu,
nurili [rum Iliu Naaa river und about Bin. milus
above thu lorka ul lhe Naaa rivur, lltuitco north nil
chuins, thunco wual 80 chuins, liiuticu suulli ay
chains, ihuncu oust 80 chuins to poinl ul eOBunias>
iiieiil. containing 040 acres muru or lata.
Dutud March 24, 1011.  Frank Sidney Wright, Am
I'ub. May 17
Skouna Lund Dislrict���District u( Casslur
Tuku notice that 1,   Burliu  Kdwiu   limlg.r  ul
bluwurl,  U.  C,  occupatlou plumber,  intend tu
apply   lor  purmiasiuu  to  purcliaau  lliu   iolluwinu
described lands:
CoininunciiiB- al a poat planted uboul unu mils
north ol thu Naua river and ubout auvun mu*.
abovo the forks ol tbe Nsas Uivur upstream,
thuncu north 80 chains, thuncu uaal 80 chains,
Ihuncu south 80 chains, thunco weat 80 chains tu
point ol commencement, containing tilo acn-s
moro or loaa.
Dated March 23. 1011. Frank Sidney Wright, Bit
I'ub. May 17.
Skeena Land Ilistnci ���Uifiirivt ol Cuasi lUnge j
Taku nolico that I, Lionul Kirutsley ol V'dticuj.
ver, 11. C, occupallon mlnur, inlund lo apply
lor permiaaion lo purchaae thu following duscriintu
Communcina at a post planted no-ir ihu auuili-
wost coruur of Lot 002, Itaniiu ii, Coaal Dulricl
lliencu west 40 chains, thunce south 00 cha,ns,
ihence oaal 40 chuina, thunce north 00 chains lu
mini ol commencomunu
LIONEL KIN.,  i.   i
South This Morning
Chief   lustice   Hunter   left
Fred Brusquar had ��� dost csll
while returning from PriflOC Ru-
|h rl in a gasoline limit last Sunl.iy.
The  bOSt   left   here  in   the   boat
belonging t<> the Stewart Transfer
Company to tow hack to Stewart
another  lio.it   that   BlttStJUSf  had
purchased In Rupert. All went
well until the return trip when
they ran Into B turilir -lorni while
crossing the mouth ol tin N.m-
River, and in (ore they oould gel
Into   shelter    lhe   Trnlisler    bOSt
, and  ljni*<iu.ir
���Mldoubtsdly owes his life In the Lut
ii.ui'hai then wss ��� tow Una lietween
Foreign Vessel Piloted to Police
Court Dock Today
A foreign looking craft, or crafty
looking "foreign" who for lack
of a more noble title is known i<>
the police as Toni Capitano after
the famous war vessel of thai ilk.
appeared before Magistrate Cans
this morning having been arrested
on suspicion of having stolen S'J.'i
from a woman of the restrict) d
district. She gave information
against him last night, and identified him. but this morning ap*
patently repented of her action.
The ca��c will not l>e dropped by
the police and the human Capilsno
will UtiIi tomorrow morning once
more in the police court dock,
piloted by Const il.le Miller.   The
t\VO   f.Hll.tl   V.saa.1   (Vaa   l.t    g."   fori
and aft this morning under promise
to make |>ori again tomorrow or In-
towid in.
Won Suits
Tlie following gentlemen won
suits in Shun \ Company's Suit j ������
Clubs on Saturday:
No.   8���C. L. Swindell.
No.    �����A. H. Silverside.
No. 10���E. B. Tatchell.
No. 11���L. B. Warner.
No. 18���Und Chop.
No. 13���J. (*.. Weston.
No. u���R. M. Mcintosh.
Oilier clubs are now forming.
Alas, Poor Zeppelin
Hanover, June ���-!�����.   i-^jn-ti.il)���
The dirigible Parseval V. which was
recently damaged by M..rni was
destroyed by lire this morning.
The Canadians.
London, Kng.. June 24.- No
Individual or Imdy ol notables in
the Coronation pr Ion excepi
ilu- King, Quean snd Royal family.
received luch n great ovation
from th< public us the Canadian
Midlers and police. They Were
cheered  time and   time again   to
the echo,
The Red Coat Police
The gnat favorites of the |>mpli
were the Northwest Mounted Police lh. sight of their scarlet
costs snd aombrero hats was the
signal for thunderous applause.
The ladies in  the crowd were
most enthusiastic our tin Canadians,
JBESNEK &  BESNER, Proprietors
' Th* New Knox Hole! i, run on the European
flan.   Flr.t-cls��. service.   All the Lstrst M,��lrrn
mprovements. ���:���:- BEDS 60c UP
Stores and offices for r*nt.   Applv Dr. Mclntyre.     .     .��� ..    n . i '
Third Ave., phone ��re*n 69. 125-tf the S.S.  PrillCC  I .COTgC  tills llioril
Neatly Furni.hed Room.;  irentlemen pref.rre.1.   ing   for   till'  SOUtll.
Apply Mr*. Mullin. over Majestic Theutre.
Windsor Hotel
N*>wly Furnished and
Slt-am Healed Roomt
P.O. BOX 37
Phone 2i*.l If you want to rent a house, f iirnished
or unfurniahed. corner 6th Ave. and Tbompaon
Street.   All modern conveniences.
Cosy furni.hed rooms. Mrs. Bower. Somerset
Rooms. Third Avenue, between Seventh and
Elirhth. 117-tf
Nice Furnished Room*. Apply Mrs. Kirby. Alder
Block, up.tair. entrance. Third Ave.        117.121
Amongst the passengers for the
south this morning were Mr. Ceo.
Morrow and his two young sons..
Nice, clean, bright nutsitle ruoms.
tith Ave., near Kulton.
Bulklrv Block
Nicr furnUheil rooms sin*rl* or for hounprvfeiiinn.
Apply I': ��� -..���'. I; - ���:.���-,,' Hi.,  :':.���!  Avt>.. n��ar
Mt-Hrltle. May >i-lmo
a|l.-**a-.i��^��i,*BiB..tvB**a^***��a>��.--*i t.-a. 11 ���**��. I**aa ��� I-*sa. *-**,^ *-*��*>* X
I Help Wanted \
Younn itlrl luilo litiht h>ti��" work. M:iy live nt
home If deslre-d. Apply Mrs. Kuj;lir, nptirt-
ment No. r>, Clapp Buildinfr, 2nd Avt>. and Mo-
Bride, or Dhone2?3 red. U��'-tf
1 it at class woman .-���'!.. at once, tar mes<�� of In
men. Apply Mr. Harper at Martin OKelllys
Store?. Un-tf
<Valtress Wanted. Apply French Joe's Kcstnu-
rant. Third Ave. ISaVlil
Nineteen yountr men to take cosy
Bulklry Block, near Fulton.
Dated March 24, lul 1.
I'ub. Auril 22.
rooms In the
Wanted-Vs'tro.*! men to join the Order of Owls.
Call r. .in B��  Empress   Hotel.    1.  F.  Mndlem.
Boarders Wanted
A few  cosy  homelik*1  nmms  cheap  to steady
r\M*meri.   Kintr (.ttYorice Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
Grand Hotel*.
sprint: It.-.!-, clean White Sheets  25c j
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Real Estate
i �����***��� ������**����* I'SSaatSJ
I.< iTS f<>r Mid mail sections
Hitt'SKS I r rent In best localitlei
HOTKI   -       - had. f(.r lease
LOTS in Fori i.ea-rae. e����y terms
I ��� ��� IS in Ma��.ri T-'wnslle
HI Y Kit.-* li r iroperty In all tectfoas
at rlstrit i<rtcs��
I   ** . ��� <>r i-i  i <!t>- with iis  for quick
mult*     Honest treatment
Beat s-rvtre
Nineteen youngr men wanted to rent cosy furnished In the Bulkley Boom*. *Hh Ave., near Fulton.
Fhone Bed
Two rooms of New Furniture at !���.��� *:.m.    Nice
cabin, close In. can be rented.   Phone .'23 black.
Before buying your Stove ur Ranire sec A. -T.
Galland, McBride and Fifth Ave. Cook stoves
fromlU. I ."i-l ni
AH klnd��of second hand (roods bouirht and sold.
F. M. Crosby, Third Ave., between Tth and Mh
streets. 117-tf
Situations Wanted
liond reliable woman des'rea liosilion.   Thorough,
ly experienced in hotel work or would like .mall
Apply Boa A. New. OITice.
!��� 0. Bob 7S7
Pattullo Block
Business   Chances
Ca.l money In Mnvina; Pictures.     Wanted-A
Rsrly lo slsrl moving picture show In Prlnre
upert.   Write me for particulars.    II. Davis.
Watertown, Wla. 137-wl
MTASUFHtl. 1*t"> t-NtiKBTAKtB.*
Corn.. Ser..nd Ave  and Sixth St.
Ceo. Ilsrr ���   Licensed Kmbalmer. Man'ar.
Mti.Kitf.: M.nir oa n*r
Fire Insurance
Skii>na Land District���District of Cout lUngo 5
Take notice that Mary Beaton C-ildersleevu ol
Victoria. B. C, occupauon housekeeper, intendr
to apply (or permlasioa to purchase tno followitit{
i.'.cniv-l lands:
Commenring at a poat planted at the southwost
j corner of Lot 9U6. Kange 6, Cout District.thc nee
*" chains south thence 40 chains   eaat, tbence bU
chains north, thence 40 chaina west to point of
ommencement, containing '220 acres more or lists.
Dated April 17, l.'l l.
Pub  May 6.
Skeena L*and DisUict���Disuict of Cout
Take nolico tbat trod W. Bottler at Kitsum-
ttaluiu, occupation farmer, intends to apply  lor
permiaaion  to  purchaiw  the  (ollu*v.ng  described
Commencing at a post plantod at the northeast .-������.-;..'.* of A. .McLo-Al's pro-o-nption, thonee
2ii chains south, tbence 10 chains out, thunce 20
chains north, thenoa 10 chains west to post of
commencement containing 20 acru-i moru or laas.
Dated Apnl 10, I'll. FitltiDIUCH W. B011LKR
Pub. AprU 22. Fred Hampton, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Cout Hangs ������
Take notice lhat Henry Macartney of Prince
Uupvr:, B. C , occupation miner, intetids lu apply
(or permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on tbe south
aide of rJschunuika River, about 2 1-2 milea from
iu coniluence with tbe Skeena River and about
1-2 mil.. west (rum Kxcbumaiks rapids, thence B0
chaiu north, ihence 40 chaina eut, ibence SO
cbaina aoulh, thence 40 chaina west to point o.
commencement, containing .120 acres more or
iiiss. Past marked "II..M. S.W. cor."
.'sti.i AprU 22, l,-l l. HENRY MACARTNEY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land DUtrict -District of Caaaiar
Taka noiioa that  1,  .Mary  Carin of Stewart,
B. ' ���-, occupallon married woman, intend to apply
(or permlssJob to purchaao tbo (ollowing divwcribed
Commencing at a post planted two (.2) miles
south and ,2) two mllos wesl ol the forks of the
White and Flat rivers, tbence oO chains north,
ibenoe bO chains weat, tbence SO chains south'
thence ho chains east.
Dated AprU 20, inn. MARY CARIN
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict���District o( Cout
Take  notice that  1,   William  Melville Corley
ul   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupatiun   clerk,   Inlend
to apply (or permission to purchue the tolluwlng
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at the northwest
corner o( Lot ..ii.i.'i Rang ���>. t'oul District, thence
tut 00 chains, thence north 40 chains, tlience wesl
'..u chains to HeUs Cat* slough, ihence along
slough southerly lo point ot commencement, con-
laining 160 acrea mure or leas.
Dated April 6. 1BU.
Pub. April .:.>.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtriet of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that J. li. Murphy.ot Vancouver,
B. C, occupation rommerdal travellor, intends
to apply lor permiasion to purchase the (ollowing
(les-trilied landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about seven
milea west and one mile south (mm the mouth
u( Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, ihence north 80
chaina, thence weat 40 chains, thenca south H"
chains, Ihence eut 40 e ins.
Dated March 17, 1911. J. It. MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Caaalar
Take   notice   that   I,   Thomu   Macgovern   ot
Stewart, B. C, occupation miner.intend to apply
for permission to purchase the (ollowing deacribed
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Nau river about four miles above the
forka of tho Nau river, ihence south mi chains,
Ihence west ISO chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chaina to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres moro or leas.
Dated .March 25, 1911.  Sidney Frank Wright, Agl
Pub. May 17.
Send your clothes early this
w��*ek to the Pantorium Cleaners.
We'll be rushed for the holiday.
Phone 4.
Bank Supervisor Here
Thomas McCaffepy, wpendnr
t.f  the   Union   Hank's  branches
throughout the whole t.f the Province ol British Columbia, is in
the city today* He is going
farther north before he returns
in complete hie round ol the
bank'i bn i ch. i thii season.
constabU was dragged ..lonu
�������** ** ^ harhess lot some
w*��c* and the horse was Wckln*!**1 ���wamped
nitn ell the time.
,M'   J  *��� herhess fa wheskl^hat there waa a tow Unebetw
htm bniUbiti .^Iths two boats, and it waa by this
meaits thai he managed to reach
the Aret boat after the accident
THE Hrltlsh Union and National lire In.urance
Company of London. Kne/laml. with canital
nf IJ..V��i.l<n.l��l. See us for rates. The Msck
Kesltv snd Insursnre Comtisnv
The Plumbing anil ftheet Metal businens lately
conducted by II Wood, successor to Matheson <V
Wood, 2nd Ave., has lieen taken over by Smith A
Mnllett, to whom all outstanding ncctiun's are
payable and who wilt pay alt claims nirafnat the
i*''rti;u,.i ciinili Mlasr.
-onrsn ruR   .ii
Townaitsa Fairm snd Fruit Landi
Fort George Townaite Mattett Townsite
IIKA11 OKKHK       8M llliWKU BU1LD1NQ, VANl'.OllVKllTXc"
Local Office:
Bids will he received up to June 22nd for thc
construction of . temporary sewer la-tween f,th
and 1th Avenues. Plans Bhd speclflcntlon* lo I*
had fmmllr. .1, O. Ileildle, Mh Avenue and Tallow street. l.liUU!)
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., neat lonld idllce ,,f Optimist, sell only
Best made In Seattle. Fruit and Candy, wholesale and Retail. Loeit for flash slur, at night.
SAM GOWEN. Proprietor Phone M0
Aider Block
Sixth Street
Skeena Und O(strict���District of Caaaiar
Take notice that  William  Frederick  Cameron I
of  Prince  Kupert,  B.   (-., occupation  carpenter,
ntenda to apply for permiaalon to purchase the j
following deacribed lands:
Commenclnf at a poat planted ahout three
mllea eouth of the forka of tbe White and Fist
rivers, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chaina, thence east 80
Dated April 18, 1911.
Pub. May 13, Francis S. Preston, Agent
Skoena Land District ���District otgCoaat Katigv j
Take not ce lhat 1, John Ivan Putvraut Princs
Rupert, IL C., occupat un clerk, intend to .n , ,
(ur permlsalou to purchaao tho following .i��� it, . .
Commencing at a post planted aboul three an
uno-balf milea distant n a south westerly d reel uu
Irom a blind alough Irom Observatory Inlet when
lhe same touches the Indian Reserve, tlience
west 80 chaina, thence north 60 chains, ihuic*
uaal 80 cbaina, thence soulh 60 chains lo poinl o
commencement, containing oil) acrua moru or lots
Dated April 14, lllll. JOHN IVAN rt.il.:.*
Pub. May IU.
Skeena Laud District���Dislrict ut Coast Range V
Take notice Ibul 1, J. Lome M... 1... - ot
Prince Rupert, 11.C, occupation real estate anem
intends lo apply for permission lo purchase the
following; described lands:
CmiimencinK at a post planted 40 chains west
and Ml chaina aouth of the southwest corner nt
lot 1733, vicinity of Lakelse Lake, and mark" -I J
L Mu I .ii. ii -. nortweal corner, thence east to
chains, thence aouth 40 chains, thence west m
chaina, ihence north 4U chaina to point of com*
mencement, cuntainintr, '220 acres more or less.
J, LORNE M.i. I.Alii *.
Geo. R. Putnam. Agenl
Date May 31, 1911
Pub. June 16. 1 '11
Skeena Land DJetrict-Diatrict uf Coaat Range |
Coast District
Take notice that Wm. Leslie of Sapperton, B.C.
occupation Government Cuanl, intends to apply
for permiaaion to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at n post planted 40 chains weit
.ind L'" chaina aouth of the southwest corner of lut
.Nn 1T.U. ratine ;��� coast district, marked Wm.Leslie.
N.W. cutner. thenco suuth 40 chains, theno M
HI chains, thence north 40 chains, thenee weal **i
chains to post of cummencement, containing &io
ncreo more or less.
T. D. Lain], Agent
Dated March 2i)lh. lull
Pub. April 29th. 1911
Skeena Land Matteli���Dislrict ol t*Jueen Charlotte
Take notion that Geo. li. Laut ot Prince Rupert,
11. C, occupation baroor, intemis to apply (or
|ierrnt*��uon lo purchaae the folluwing describe.|
Commencing at a post plantod abuut seven
milea weal and ono mile south Iru-ii the mouth
of Stanly Crvek, Naden Harbx. tne.ico aoutb &'J
chains, ihence west id chains, thenoe north ������> ���
chains, thence atast 40 chaina.
Dated .March 17, 1911. GEO. H. LAP\
Pub. April ���'-'- Numa Demera, Ageat
Skeena Land Diatrict -District ot Coaal Range
Take notice that Annie Mussallem ot Prince
Rupert, 11. C., occupation married woman, intends
to apply for permiasion lo purchase ibe following
<lescril>ed laads:
Commencng ��l �� post planted at a pott al the
southaeat corner, 60 chains east Ircn N. K. cortier
of Lot lllti, Harvey's Survey, Coast District.
Range b, thence eaat '20 chains, thence north tu
chains, theoce woat 40 cbains, tbence aoulh *!u
chains, thenoe eait 20 chaina, thenoe aouth M
Chaina to point ot commoncesnent, containing '>. ���
acres more or leaa.
Dated May 8. 1911. ANNIE MCSSALLKM
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land District���District of Caaalar
Take   notice   that   1,   Thomaa   McMeekin   ul
Prince Rupert, li. C., occupation clerk, intend to
apply  for  permiaaion  tu purchase tbe  following
���(escribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about two miles
south ot tho forks of the White and Flal riven,
thence north 80 chaina, Ihence eaat 80 chains,
ihence aouth 80 chains, thence wesl 80 chains.
Dated April 18, 1911. THOMAS McMEEKIN
Pub. Ma* 13. Francia S. Proston. Agent
Skeena land District���District of Caaalar
Take notice that 1, Charles L. Deigrove uf Mr*
srt 11. C., occupation prospector, Inlend to ���*���. ���
(or permiasion lo purchase lhe following ilescnl ��� i
t'ommencing at a post planted aboul ait rml-'*
���outh and one mile weat ot the (orka ot the White
and Flat rivera, thenca south 81) chains, thenc*'
east 80 chains, Ihence north 80 cbains, thence weat
"0 chaina.
Hated April 20, 1911. CHARLES DELGROM-
Pub. Mav 13. Francis S* Preston, Agenl
Skeena Land District -District ot Coast Itanfr e
Take notice thai t, J. Harold McKean ot Prince
Rupert, It. 0 , occupat on blackam tb. Intend to
spply for perm ssion to purchase the folloelng
deacr bed landa:
(rimmenrlng at a post planted aboul three and
tne-baif milea d alanl in a south westerly direction
(rom a blind alough from Observatory Inlet when-
the same tuuehea the Ind an Iteaerve, thence �����-'
M) chains, thence aouth 80 cha na, thence east ft
chaina, ihence north 80 cha ns lo po nt of com
mencement, containing mh acrea more or leas.
Dated Apr I 14. 1911.       J. HAROLD McKt.A
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Caaslar
Take nolle*? thai I, John Robert Pacev of lYinc*
Rupert,  I'. Osa occupallon cook, intend to Ul
(or permesion to purchase the (ollowing described
I amis:
Commencing at a post planted (21 two miles
south and 2) two mllea west o( the forks of tbe
White and Flat rivera, thence aouth 80 chains
thence eaat  80 chains, thence north  80 chains,
thence west 80 cha na.  ,..���
Dated Apr I 20, 1911 JOHN ROBERT PALLY
Pub. Mav 13. Franc s S. Preston. Ageo
Skeena Und District���DUtriet nt Coaat Range I
lake not ce that I, Martha Leek, of rrince
Rupert, It. C-, occupat on marr -d woman liden i
to apply for permlasion to purchase the following
described landa:
Commenajlrig at a post planted about three ami
one-halt mllea distant In a southwesterly directum
from a blind slough from Observatory Inteiwtiere
the same touches the Ind an Reserve, tbence east
80 chains, thence south 80 cha ns, thence weat *
chains, thence north 80 cha na to point ot commencement, runts n ng 610 acres more or leas.
Daled Apr I 14, 1911. MARTHA LbtK
Pub. Mav IS,
Skeena Land District���District of Caaslar
Take notice that  1,  Brenton Jordon Moore ol
Prince Runert, I��. C. occupation contractor. Intend ���,,, S��we.% H. JFom��Stobmml!itt& *
deeJriKld landa*'"1 """ha��� ^e WtowtaS | njgjff'jlljlllaeaalli   g  purchas!  the  folloa.n��
Skeena land District -District of Cassiar
Take notice that I, Charles Frederick Metcsh
Commencing at a poat planted about (il) three
mllea aouth and (2. two mllea west of the forks
of White and Flat rivers, thence 80 chains south
thence 80 chaina west, Ihence 80 chains north,
thenco 80 chains east.
Dated April 20, 1911. Francia S. Preaton, Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skeen. Und District���District ol Caaalar
Take nolle* thst I, James Weliater Ksplln ol
Stewart, B.C., occupation    auctioneer, Intond to
.pply lor permission to   purchsso   the   following
dasciilied Isnds:
Commsnclng st s post plsnted on ths right
bsnk of ths N'ias rlvsr ibout nine miles shove
ths forks ol lhe Nsss river, thsnee south HO chslns,
thence west K0 chslns, ihence north 80 chslns,
thsne* ssst 80 chslns lo point ol commencement,
contsining 640 seres more or less.
listed Msrch 24, lull. Frank Sidney Wright, Agl
I'ub. Msy 17.
|Ske*n.I..nd District-DUtrlct ol Casslsr
Tsks notice thst I, Sydney Klltgrrald ol Stewart.
B. ... occupstlon cook, Intend to spply r,,r per*
mission to purchase the following described Isnds
Commencing si s post plsnted about flvs mils
south snd ons mils of the forka of While
and Fist rivers, thenee soulh 80 chsina, thencs
west 80 chslns, thence north 80 chslns, thence
**s* r0 chslns.
Oaied April 18, 1911. SYDNEY FIT7.QKRAI.D
Pub. Msy U. Francis S. Prsston, Ag.nt
��� I, ��.ril.  I lands:
Commencing st s post plsnti-d on the right
bsnk ol the r-Tsas river aboul aut mllea above ths
lorka of the Naas river, thence south 80 chain-,
tlience -.eat so chains, Ihenee north 80 chain.,
thenee eaat 80 chaina to point ol commencement,
containing 1110 acres more or leas.
I'stcl Msrch 25, 1911. i II Mill . F. METCAI.I
I'ub. Msy 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agenl
Skeens Und District -District ol Cosst
Tske  notice thsl  1,  Wllllsm John  Corley ol
I'rlnce Hupert, 11. C, occupation rancher, Intend
lo spply lor permission to purchsss the lollowlng
descrilied lands:
Commencing si a post plsnted st the southwest
corner ol lx.1 11H18, lUnge f,, Co..t Dtatrict, Ihence
.oulh 20 chaina. thenc* esst 40 chain*. thenc
north 20 chains, Ihence west 40 chslns to point
ol Bsmmencsment, containing 80 acre*, more or
usted Aprils, 1911.
I'ub. April 39.
Skeens Und District-District ol Cssslsr
Tsks nolle* thst I, Allred llerrymsn Wllllsm.
M   I rlnce  Hupert,  11.  c, occupsllon  merehsnt
intend lo spply |or permission to purchsss ths
lollowlng descrilied Isnds:
I ommenclng st a post planted about (2) two
mil.* south ol the lorks of ths Whl's snd Hal
rivers, thence 80 chslns south, tratric* ��0 chslns
west, thence 80 chslns norlh, thenc* 80 chslns
L,?i*LAprl.1.11'' ��������������� rranels S. PrsrtoB. A|*at
Pub. Mai 11, THE   DAILY    NEWS
Several of the Moving Spirits at the Recent Convention at Port Arthur
toast Hang. 6 Uad District
IU. nolle*  that 1, John   ll.pburn   cf   Klt-
.aoilalani. occupalioB larossr, lound to apply
U perroisaton to purcliaas lb* follownf d*scrlD��d
l.'mm*nrtog si s posl plaalad al lb* norths**!
��t*r ul Lot mm, iBwc* **sl 20 chains, thanes
���sviili 40 chaina, thsne* w*st 20 Chans,  Hvsncs
salth 40 chains lo plac* ol comrasnesmaol.
Unsil Msrch IB, 191L JOHN IIEI'llliilN
l-ab April li.
-SMaa Und UlstrlJl-Dnulct ol Caaalar
It.,   notice thai I, Perry  quv-siisn ol  PrinB*
htpsn, li. c, occupstlon prospector, inland to
.;|i>  I.r tanm.siun to purchas* lb* (ollowing
ossein* i lania:
. iB.tr..-Ming al s post plsnlxl In th. vicinity
.1 in,��������� Ilsy, sboul three-eight, ol . mil. aoulh
-I lbs mouth ol lb. llonani. Creek, .nd being
��s iu easterly boundary ol Tiro bar Limit No.
����i ot .So. JJ2B0, tlience soulh 40 chsins along
li. .marly limit of said Timber Umll No. S&SUJl
�� Nu Iwlali 40 chaina, thsne* east to th* shore ol
i,tsa* Hay, ��� iiutsnc* ol 40 chains mora or lass,
u*t��s northerly slung lb* shor* ot Goos* Usy
.< cns.i* mure or less, thsne* w*sl*rly 40 chslns
i����* i�� less tu point ol commencement, conlunlng
l*a sen* moi. or less.
gtlad Much 7, 1911. PERRY QUEENAN
1Mb. April I.
'"���'.. Und Dstrlct-District of Qumb Charlott*
Its. msice that Usort*   Frisaatl  ol   Prlne*
aiiwrt, U.I,., occupallon butcher. Inlands to apply
*'""'"���'-" ,u purchase lbs lollowini c**scrlb*d
l.mn,*rar,B| st a past plsnted about ssvsn
a-s b*m sad two mils* south ol lb* mouth ol
���"*!*> I reek where ll ���mplras into Nadan
���laiLair, i.rshsm Island, Ibenc* B0 chsin. south,
�������* mi chains bsm, th.nc* 80 chaina north,
UM�� Ml chan. eaat lo point ol commencemenl
��, I e i.ia.ning S40 sen* more oris**
!JI*".M,r��a ". '��ll OEOROE FRIZZELL
���.. April 7. Numa Dnners. Atsnl
��-wa land District -Dislrict ol guean Charlott*
late none, lhal Krarlk Uvtek ol Woodalock,
-'.  'ecupsllon   bookaseper,   inlands   to   apply
jJ^,''"��on lo purchsss ihs lollowlng d*scrlb*d
nng  at  a  post   planttsl   about  seven
- -".t snd two miles soulh ol th* mouth ol
��������� ���'.   'risk   where   It   .mutM*    Into   N.d.n
""I", i.rshsm Island, Ihenc* 80 chains soulh,
- I clam, east, thenc* 80 chsins north,
.����* so ChWn. west lo point ul commenosmsnl
' mg mo seres mor* or Is**,
ffi   .    . ?h "��� ''"' PRANK LEVICK
"*' *'"'��� '��� Num. Demon, Ag.n
I Und Disuict���District ot Coaat
Wg ihst UIsbb McAnhur ol Vanoouvsr,
.   ���ccupation rial   estate agenl Inland* to
���''     r iirnilaslon lo purchas* the lollowlng
��� ,'s i Isnds:
; a -r.cng st a post planted 40 chains w7st
j-" J* ...am. Kuth ol th. aouthaesl com.r ol
��a,i')' '"".""arked lilenn McArthur's nurih-
, " .t, thsnee soulh 40 cbains, thane* sast
v-vlr'S,4-.'"'""* no,lh ,0 ch��l''". lb*ric* west
Kn areL1 P""t."' coramsnoement, containing
-. sen. mor* or less.
l"''!,'.',"1'^2ll.l911.       OLENN McARTHUR
Alfl1 ���*��� T. D. Laird. Agent
ttaVS1i,,'?i!,clT1L,I��lTOt 7* Su��"> Charlotte
ll,,",    ,   '!�� tB" HubBtn O. Crew ol Prltic
'* earn I.-��� ."""���"'J��� *,""��� l"l,na" ���> ���PPtr
I   m to purchs*. lh* lollowing dascrib*d
ha st  . pc��  planlad  about 8  1-2
s ���   u,,,| hsll s mile south ol the mouth of
lit- 1 , ", wh"* It empties Into N*d*n
W" .r".m ';'*nd- '"���nee sast 40 chain*,
-Basil ' ,h ii. ,.",*"*��� """"* *������* 40 chains,
i '    ,55*"" l0 P0'"- ��t commsncemBBt
ling HO seres more or le,
,' ^...U.
Num. Hemsrs. Agsnt
Tak. lsatIi'!,.l"<-l>'��lrict ol Q lean Chariot
r�� l*a-mii5SPSr2 gj***?'   Hal  to  spply,
���. >      '-"'ii lo purchs*. the lollowlng descrinid
'in  at a �������� p|,nUKl  ,bout  ���  M
" Manlei clSfU \"'U* "��ulh ,rora H�� mouth
"*fs��- Osaka?, rhl,ra a ornptk-i Into Naden
���tsne-a^n r*'*m Ul*"a. 'hene* 40 chains south
��*,,��� irjJH��� '"', tli��nos 40 chaina north,
���'���"." wesl to point ol commencemsnt
U��'��IM..ch,7,Ci9',erm��ra "''"*'
Nums Darners, Agsnl
"at a post planted 40 chain, eaat
2 1; 'I. Cosai .'""h/'0". lb* southwest corner of
"""-. U,e��� ��� ' ''.'"���H""*" 6. thence south 80
'h,'">. SmSJ'S* chains, thenc* north 80
""n 'if i,���,^""l4�� chains more or less to th*
"'"������rl,.���   ""'"""lent, containing- 820 acres
I!"'M��r JQBt J0I,N (Lolt,c> CORLEY
I till   A. '  '"It
A>T-4. 1911
I 1st 11  11 Sast' **����� '' ���aa.ll'aB.II'aB.M Ssi 11 **m*1 a SSj aa **��> I ���*��**�� I
Tom Fisher, the old Southern
league pitcher, is now managing
the Anniston team in lhe Southeastern league.
+ ��� ���
Mickey Sheridan is cutting a
noticeable swatli in the second
lightweight brigade and is worth
��� ��� ���
The announcement that Billy
Lauder had signed to meet Packcy
McFarland turns out to lie premature.
��� ��� ���
Sylvanius Gregg, the young Cleveland pitcher, has about everything a genuine big league shooter
should have.
Thc champion Athletics started
thc season poorly, but when they
finally caught the step they last
no time in marching to the Iront.
Now they are traveling right smart,
and may get near enough Detroit
to make trouble.
��� + ���
Bill Bergen is catching good ball
for Brooklyn. The way thc veteran shoots the ball around the
diamond is as fine scenery as the
Yosemite Valley.
"Young Cy" Young, who has
travelled from thc minors to the
majors, from the majors back to
thc bushes, and returned once
more to fast society, is pitching the
winning kind for thc White Sox.
��� ��� ���
In a recent game in Boston, Bill
Sweeney, of the Rustlers, made a
great record. Eleven chances without a bobble and five hits in five
times up, was opposite Bill's name
on the score card.
��� ��� ���
The Agecroft Rowing club (Manchester) will visit Norway shortly
to row eight-oared and four-oarcd
matches against the Christiania
Rowing club. The King of Norway has presented a cup for the
eight-oai match, and has expressed
his intention to be present at the
��� ��� ���
At the National Duck and Can-
dlcpin Bowling Congress, being
held at Lowell, Mass., a new
world's record for a single string
of candlcpins was made by He:l-
bury, of thc Commonwealth team
of Worcester. Hedbury rolled 67
four pins better than the previou
record. Thc SI,000 chanmionship
match between Poeplcr and Martel
v. Galway and Christopher has
been postponed because of C.always
��� ��� ���
Right away Matt Wells wants
some American cash. The man
who beat Freddy Welch for the
Lonsdale belt and the title of
lightweight champion had no soon
cr landed from a liner than he
was matched. Wells has been
doing his training at Chester, Pa.
When training Wells wear, heavy
woolen gloves to protect his hands.
He is reported to have improved
1000 per cent since his last visit
to thc States and up to thc present
has carried decisions from Leach,
Cross and Pal Moore.
+ ��� ���
John Paul Jones, world's champion miler, whose latest achievement is thc snatching of Tommy
Conneff's scalp a few years ago,
was a weakling, over whose chances
the family doctor looked grave.
He told Jont��s to go in for athletics
in a mild way. That thc forlorn
hope took lifc^thc measles was
proved at Cambridge, when Jones
romped home in 4:15 2-5, a champion. This wearer of the middle
distance crown is a youth of 20
years and weighs but 145 pounds.
He isn't what you would call "a
husky," but he doesn't look like
the narrow-chested, stoop-shouldered, spindle-shanked boy who
was given but a few months to live.
��� ��� ���
Gr over Cleveland Altxarder be
gan his professional career at
Galcsburg, III., in 1009, and had
won 15 out of 23 games when a
thrown ball nicked his bean and
he went to a hospital. While incarcerated he drew his release.
Then followed thc Syracuse engagement and his jump to fame
as a member of thc Horace Fogel-
Charley Dooin combination. To
date, Alexander, who was bom
Fcburary 26, 1887, has been a
sensation in tho National league.
His best performance was shutting
out Cincinnati for eight innings,
when called upon to do rescue
work after another pitcher had
been bombarded.
TWb la a little suction ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisma are invited by the editor. The hope ia expressed that "The
Cosy Carner" will fill a social need.
Pleasant Function at Kitsum
At Kitsumkalum lu*i week i
very pleasant "At Home" was
given at the Rectory in honor
of Coronation Day. In the absence of Mrs. Marsh, wife of the
Rector who is away in Victoria,
her sister Miss Deacon received
in her stead. The rooms were
very pretty and cool with ferns
and wild flowers as decorations,
while the tea table was decorated
with a pretty basket made of
birch bark which was filled with
lovely summer flowers gathered
in the vicinity of the Rectory.
Miss Groves assisted Miss Deacon
in looking after her guests who
were Mrs. Frank, Mrs. Hanson,
Mrs. Gigguy, Mrs. Cn-elriian, Mrs.
Murray, Mrs. Vigor, Mrs. Grant,
Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Blair, Mrs. Fortune, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Green, Mrs. Mcintosh (of
Prince Rupert. Miss Washburn
and Miss Groves.
Persian   Kittens   and   Angora
Rabbits Travel Together
An amusing consignment arrived
"incognito" as the longshoremen
put it, by the State of California.
The consignment consists of a
crate containing two funny little
Persian kittens, and two splendid
long-eared Angora rabbits. The
party was petting along famously
when thc crate was landed. The
kittens played with the rabbits'
ears, and the rabbits mildly browsed on the kittens' silky fur. As
yet the consignment is a mystery,
but the Customs Dpeartmi'iit has
charge of it.
Read The Daily News
Potato Salad
Boil six or eight medium-sized
potatoes, chop them fine, also
the whites of four hard-boiled
eggs, three or four stalks of celery,
a small piece of onion, and a few-
English walnut meats. Mix all
together. Arrange a number of
lettuce leaves upon a round platter,
placing a large spoonful of the
salad upon each leaf, garnishing
the edges of the salad with halves
of walnut meats. In the centre of
thc platter place a large ripe
tomato (first scooping out a little
of the pulp) and in this tomato
shell place a bouquet of fringed
parsley, dainty sprays of celery,
well blanched, and, if you have
them, nasturtium blossoms. Four
dressing over the salad.
Spiced Mutton
Mix together a half teaspoonful
each of ground cloves and allspice, one-wuartiT of a teaspoonful
of mace, one teaspoonful of black
|K'pper and two teaspoonfuls of
salt. In the under side and cut
end of the leg of mutton rub half
of this mixture and set away for
24 hours, then rub in the remainder. As soon as llic hot oven has
scared the surface of the meat,
pour into the pan a half pint of
boiling water, a half-cupful of
vinegar and a tablespoonful of
sugar. Baste the meat with this
mixture, adding more water to
thc pan if needed.
There are, too, some very gootl
looking black and white checkei
stuffs which differ from the familiar
shepherd plaids in weave rather
than design, having a suggestion
of the loose homespun quality
in the weave, though they are
comparatively smooth -and firm
and very light and supple.
There are some gootl black and
while effects in basket weave, too,
and all these designs, if in texture
light enough for spring wear, make
up into serviceable and charming
nne-piece models trimmed in black
and, as a rule, relieved by a touch
of color. Some of these models
are of the utmost simplicity and
made with a perfectly plain skirl
with front and back panel and a
plain bodice, with sleeve and body
in one and a big collar of black
satin extending to the girdle in
front and of square sailor shape
in the back.
Helps Them Keep Straight Line
When Doing Woodwork
One of the most difficult parts
of the house painter's work is to
paint the edge of woodwork abutting wall paper, window-pane or
floor. Heretofore they have had
to work carefully along the dege
and fill in later. A New York
man has invented a device which
he calls the painter's timesiver,
and which is in reality a ruler to
guide the brush and prevent the
smearing of .uiything over the line
to be followed. The device is n
piect of metal with a wide, sir.iight
edge and legs at the Other end.
The elevation affords room to
hold it in thc hand. The ruling
edge is held along the edge of
window sash of door jamb and the
workman can paint along it rapidly
without fear of consequences. Tin
implement must Ik- pressed down
tight, so no paint works its way
beneath.    For people who like
to do their own  painting one of
these rulers is almost indispensable.
For rnoi( delicious Bread,
Dainty Bisiuils, Ete., use
Robin Hood Flour
Vour Dealer Has ll
S.S. Prince George
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
Special Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
The Digby Rooms
Located on Sixth Ave-., near  Fulton
Thri* to liv�� minutes from centre of tiuMinesH district. Nint*-
ti*c:n newly furnished rooms.
Hut ami mid water, bath and
telephone. Newly furnished.
Under new management.
sails  Sundays  H  u. m.
$11.51)  including meals
KKUU��HUI( Kit stKKltiaK��MitUUi. St;:;
Prince   George
Reduced  fare
and berth,
ts. Prince Albert sails for I'urt Simp-
aon, .Vans Kiver, Masst't, Naden
Harlior, Wi'dm-mlays, 1.00 p.m.
and f'��r:
Queen Charlotte Island   points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper River
J5j  Mixed trains from I'rince Kupert Wed-
��*{S      ncsdays anil Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   re-
_���! I    turning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
6.20 p.m.
-General Hardware
builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
UraniU'ware      Tinware
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
4   11 connecting with trains from the Pacific
T l coast operates a fretjuent  and convents   ��� ��� ient service of luxurious trains over its
j I double  track  route  between  Chicago,
��� l Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
1 Portland, Boston, New York and Phila-
,   delphin.   Atlantic Steamship  bookings
��� arranged via all lines. Full informa-
I   tion  and   tickets   obtained   from   the
��� office of
;ue I
Canadian Pacific Railway
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Glasses, Mineral Glasaea, Compasses
and   Aneroid Barometers.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. Mh St. and Second Avenue.
B.C. Coast Service
Famous  Princess  Line
Monday, June 26th, 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
Do You
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert? S. S.   INLANDER
If io, and you want to sell,
send us full particulars.
We have buyers and we
want lialinfrs.     :    :    :    :
Second Ave. Princ* Rupert, B.C.
a   .   .  FOR. ���   a  .
Take the fast liirht-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester    -   Agent
..Whites Portland Cement...
Phoat- 125       Nidra Black       Second Art
'Colore"  That are  No  Colore
are Faahionalbe Thia Seaaon
The black and while mixtures
stand beside thc dark blues in
thc list of favorites, and there is
far more variety in this line than
ordinarily. The well-known shepherd plaids and broken chicken-
foot checks are again in evidence,
but there are numerous other neat
little designs on the same general
order. Tiny triangles or rubes
or octagons set together point to
point are a relief from the long
familiar checks, and sometimes
these little figures are so arranged
as to give an irregular stripe
line instead of an all-over design.
A little child looked wor.dcringly
Within the magic of the sea.
The sea looked  back, and  softly
Watching the wonder of the child.
And what the child saw, deep and
Was all the mysteries thai are:
All things that have lieen, and will
He saw these hovering in the sea.
And what the ocean saw as well,
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Sleam Healed Room.
li \TI ��� 60 CKNT8 AMD UP
P 0. SOX 37
Second avenje and Third street
Over Weslenhaver Bros." Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law- Butler Building-       Phone No. 280
Prince Ruperl P.O. Box 361
At.FRF.O CARSS.        C. V. BENNETT, H.A.
ol lint-.i, Columbia of li C.. Oatarta, Sea-
arvrl Msnll.iha Bars. katt-hawan and Al
berta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Ofocs-Esrhsna* i'.- v  rom** Third *vcnu�� and
Hlath ��tr��*t. l-nnc* Runsrt. a
S. HALL. L.D.S.,
U. D. S.
.Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. r,ar���.i.,
I   Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty,
i    All d.nta) .,| -rat, ,-.a .kllfullr trv-atsd.   lias and
I (oral ans.lhriii-. admtnlst*r*d for th* palnl*.. ea-
i Irsrtlon ��,f t.x ih       Consultation fpr*>.     OrTit-*. :
ll*l,r*r.<>n Block. Pnnc* Rui-rrt. 11-11
Al*. M Mai,..-, B.A .     w I. Williams.* a . I ,i..n
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. O. Box 2a
All kinds of Bnrlna VasrcUbl*.      New Urocrls*
i. ni or ���*���. i,..,.-..,-������. as asi"iaSi11saw
rentes rupert
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave.. n**r6thSt.
Phoiv* let)
Was iill the Mints he could till:
What had been, and what will he.(Fruit
Within thai little wondering child
���Hcrvcy White,  in  "A Ship .ol
-.   Produce   t
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. ..
TjH E    D AI L Y    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.1X1 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside Canaha-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, Btrietly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 98.
NEW YoRK-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle���Puget Sound News Co.
London, ENGLAND-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Tuesday. June 27
In mutilating the charter of the city of Prince Rupert Hon. Mr.
Bowser said he tlid so because thc Initiative, Referendum, Recall and
Commission clauses contained therein were "new" and "unusual."
The fact is that these clauses are neither new nor unsuaul.
The State of Oregon is the next door but one neighbour to the
south of British Columbia, and as is .minted out by a writer in the
Twentieth Century Magazine, the Initiative and Referendum have
been used in the State of Oregon with excellent results since the year
During the last four general elections sixty-four proposed measures
have been submit ted to the direct vote of the people.
At the elections of 1908 and 1010 the Secretary of State was required to print and mail to every registered voter a pamphlet giving
the full text of every measure to be voted on, with arguments submitted and paid for by those supporting or opposing the several
measures. There were 128 pages in the pamphlet of 1908 and 20S
pages in the pamphlet of 1910.
The total cost to the State for postage, printing and binding and
distribution of the pamphlet issued in 1910 was less than 20 cents
for each registend voter. Thirty-two measures were submitted to
the popular vote in that year.
The vote on measures has been generally intelligent, and the
system is of great educational value.
The official pamphlet of measures and arguments is carefully
studied by a great many of the voters.
The returns indicate that most of the electors do not vote on
measures that they think they do not understand, though many in
that case vote "no."
It is believed by close observers lhat the percentage of voters
who can-fully read every one of the thirty-two measures submitted
at the recent election is fully as high as the percentage of memliers
of the Legislature who read every one of the 500 to 800 bills they arc
called upon to vote for or against in thc Legislature.
No measure containing a "joker" has yet Ixx-n approved of by
the people.
The smallest vote cast in the eight years was 70.726 on a local
measure in 1908. living 63 per cent of thc highest vote cast for any
political candidate. The largest vote waa 106.215 on State-wide
prohibition in 1910. being 90 per cent of the vote cast for Governor,
which was the highest numlicr of votes cast.
The people are giving more and more attention to the measures
submitted. Both the teachers and the pupils in thc public schools
are taking an ever increasing interest in public questions and the
study of thc science of government.
It is said ihat the control of the government by party bosses
and political machines is now completely abolished.
Among the direct beneficial results of this direct legislation are:
1. Abolition of the temptation to buy or sell votes in the Legislature.
2. People of every city and town to have the right to make an
amend their city charters on all local matters at their own pleasure,
absolutely free of special acts of thc Lesgilasture.
3. Right to recall any elected public officer from Constable to
Governor, including judges of the courts.
4. Approval of the State-wide prohibition of the manufacture
and sale of liquor, leaving, however, the principle of local option
5. Indorsement ol Workman's Compensation Act.
ti. Public credit not to be used to aid. build or operate private
or government railroads.
I- it not time Prince Rupert revived its claim to have an up to.
date ami model city charter?
Slit* and Etui Dump Cars. lt)& la cu.f,.st,
Is in. a. :i in. trails;.'
Stwvl Car Wlu-i-ls anil  Axles with roller
ta-iii ma-". 1-vV. 24 in   ,  i !, ������
llna-a'.-   1--   in. and 6-8 in.   galvanized
sleel cabl*
-I'HONE   313���
Rupert Marine Iron Works & Supply Co.,
( Rupert Mai int
LOTS for sale in all sections
Hi H Sl-'S for rent In best localities
limn., furnished, for lease
LOTS in Fort Georare, e.iny terma
LOTS in Masset Townsite
HUYEKS for property in mil section*.
at right prices
List your property with  us for quick
results.    Honest treatment
.Best service
P.O. Box 757 Pattullo Ulock
Hugh Mcintosh will not include
America in his international fight
circuit. "There are too many
cranks anil light regulations in
the United States to make it safe
to open a big sporting club there,"
he said. The projected circuit
Includes London, Paris ami either
Stdney of Melbourne.
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundac9 15c and 20e,
Ice Cream 25c pint. 50c quart.���
C. H. Orme. Pioneer Drug-gist.
Phone 82.
OFFICE    :     !
For  all  kinds  of help,  cooks,   j
waiters, dishwashers, hotel por-   ���
ters, all kinds of laborers or me
chanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
Headquarters for cooks & waltera   I
Phone 116
Fraser and Fifth Street. The only hotel
In town with hot and cohl water in rooma.
Best furnished house north uf Vancouver.
Kotims 60c up. Phone .i7: P.O. Boi l-'y.
rRUDMouME & KI8HKR     -     Proprietors
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 5S0
,   Carrie, complete stock of Druirs.   Special
attention paid to tlllini prescriptions.
Theatre Block i'uone no. n Second Ave.
Mt*ans Land Diatrict���Uiatrlci ul Coast Hanje 6
^T." ^STc.i ft���"1. Frank Hicks of Port Bf
slna-lon, occupation nmrclialil inland to apply
lur iwmlssiun. o purcliaau Ilia lollowlnii describe!
, '"cuninianriuil si a posl planlsd on the south
bau. ul th" Eichuraaiks River and about (our
mil.-, (rum iu ooaflu.no. wllh ths Bkoona Hlvar.
llieiico ail chains weal, Ihenco SO chaina north,
ihence SO chains east, thenca south SO chaina
to poinl ol commencement, containing 1140 acres
BKdW". ��"��� K1UNK mcKS
; I'ub. Auril 19.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Cout
Take notice ttial William McTavlah o( Vancouver  1-   C. uccupatiun physician, intenda to apply
tor'permission tu purchase the following deacrbud
1 "commencing at a post planted at the aouthwea
corner, 10 chains nurth and 40 chaina eaat of the
' nurtliuaat corner of Lol lllti, Harvey* Survey,
Cuast District, Range 6, thence 60 chain* east
tlience 00 chains nurlb, Ihence 60 chains weat,
tbence 60 chaina soulb to post uf commencement
containing 1160 acres more or leas.
Dated May I. Mil. WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Tub. May 6. Fred W. Rubier, Agent
< Skeuna Land District���District of Coast Range &
Take nolice that Letlie McTaviah of Vancouver,
I U.   0��|  occupation  married   woman,   intenda  to
I apply  for  permiasion  to purchaae lhe  following'
I ilt��cnbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the north-
w.��i curuer 100 cbaina east and 20 cbains north
from tbe nurlheast corner of Lot 1116, Harvey'*
Survey, Coast District,Kange 6,thence 20 chains
south, thence 80 chains east, thence 60 chains
north, ibence -10 chains weat, tbence 60 cbains
south, tbence 40 cbains weat to posl of commencement, containing 400 acrea more or leaa.
Dated May 2, mil. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
I Pub. May 6. Fred W. Bobler, Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Ccast Range 5
j Take notice that 1, Alexander Clacher, of Dearborn, .Manitoba, occupation farmer, intend tu
i apply fur permission to purchase tho followinK
I described lundB:
Commencing at a pott planted ut the south
west curner ut lut .1066, district of Coaat, Rung*.' 5.
to muted about 5 1-2 milea in a I nth easterly direction 11 "in Ureckenridtfc La g, marked A.
C, north west corner; thenc ith bO chains,
thence east 80 chains, theai. nurth 60 chains
more ur less to south east aorner of lut 3062,
thence west 40 chains more ur less to south west
ivrncr of lut 3062, thence north 20 chains more
ur less to south east corner of lut ..��� "-*,"���* thence
west 40 chains more or leas to poinl uf commencement, containing* 660 acres more or less.
Donald Clacher, Agent
Dute June 2nd, 1911
Pub. June 24th, 1911
Sf Rochester tv
...v     Monroe
l      ''* Coal
Enamels* are
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Skeens Land District -District uf Coast Range 6
i Take notice that Eldon S. Detwiler of Merlin,
i Ont,' occupation doctor, intends to  apply  for
< permission   to  purchase the  following   described
i lands:
;     Commencing at a post planted at the south-
I west corner of Lot ly2B, tbence sast 30 chains
more or leas, thence south 46 chaina mure or leas,
tbence weat 30 chains more or less, thenco north
46 chains more or leas to point of commencement
containing 140 acres more or loss.
Datod March 31, 191) ELDON S. DETWILER
Pub. April 16' John Campbell, Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUtrict of Coast Rangeb
Take nolice that Mrs. L. C.  Pu:i*am   ol St
i Paul, Minneauta, occupation married womin
intends to apply for permission lo purchase tbe
following deacribed lands:
Commencing an post planted at the southwest
corner of Lot So. 1733 marked Mrs. I.. C. Putnam's
nurtheast corner, thence wuat 40 chains, tbence
south 60 chains ihence east 40 chaina, tbence
norlh 80 chains to post of commencement, con
laming 320 acres more or less.
Dated March 20 1911.      MRS. 1- C. PUTNAM
I Pub. April 16. Ceo. R. Putnam  Agen
Skeana Land District���Disuict of Cuast Range 6
Take nutice tbat 1, Clara May Utile of I'rince
Rupert,   B.   C,  occupatiun  spiitsur,  intend   to
apply for  permission to purchase tbe fullowing
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a pust planted at the north
< weat corner of .Lot 1736, lUnge 6, Coaat District
ibsnce east 40 chains, tbence north 26 chains
thence wesl 31 chain thence north 20 cbains
tbence weat 10 chains, thence south 46 chains lo
point of commencement, containing 112 acres
more or leaa.
Dated April 4, 1911. CLARA MAY LITTLE
, Pub. April 16.
Skeona Land Dtatrirt-DUtrWiOl ^J*^0\
Take notico that Mary Heat, n OUflWrj v
Victoria, B. C, occupallon ?��\^E*Vj,SBril
lo apply lor permiasion to purchaae Hie luuovvinn
described lands: ,      ... anulhwest
Commencing st a post |. ante.1 al UJMJUg�����"
corner ot Lot Silti. ���-"����<;<'������,    "\.,' ftnee SO
80 chains south ilmnce <*.-W��� "!%�����***
chslna north, th.no* 40 chain. w��t �� tg��{J"
Hated April 17, IHU.
I'ub. May 6.
Sku.ua Und Uislrivt-Uisirict olJJ��(*
Tak. n.ilioe that trod W. Ho gat "<  ���**"'
Skeena Und Uistrict���Diatrict ul Coaat lUng. 6
Taku notice that  Henry Macartney ol  I rinco
Kupert    I  C , occupation miner, Intenda lu apply
tvjSUrtOatt piSchiisu Ihu follovvln. described
'"itmimenciiiit at �� post Planted on the south
sido��on 'Sumsfks lli'vur, shout �� I* mil- bm
il, Nnflueuc* wllh lhe Skeena lllvor **��������>��
1-2 mile, weal Irum Hcl.umalka rapid., Ihenco SO
cliaina north, IhunN 40 chains east, UsUM 80
chaina south, Ihenco 40 chaina woat lo point o
commencement. Nnt.inii.II , MO HTM moro or
less. I'ost rosrked ,,tt-^-ft?%>��J}vn����TMBv
Dated April V.M, IHU.     HENIU  MACAKTNLY
Pub. AprU 29.
Skeena Und District��� District ol Cosst Rango 6
Take nolice that 1, Uuchlan John bhanahan ol
Victoria   U.  0-  occupation  toacher,   Intend   to
apply  lor permission  to  purchase the  lollowlng
dsacribed Isnds: ,    ,  , mm   .   . ,.
Commencing st a post plsnted 66 chslns south
from the southeast corner ol Lot aotiO, ihenco 4U
chaini aoulh, thenN 40 chains weat. thence 40
chains nortii, thenco 40 chains east lo point ol
commencement. Nntaining ltt) seres more or lass.
Dsled April IT, IHU.
I'ub. Msy li.
Skeons Und District���District ol Cessl��r
Take nolice that 1, John L. Mitchell ol 1'rincc
lluiart, II. C, occupation bookkeapsr, Intend to
spply  lor permission to  purchase tho  lollowlng
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat plant,-d .bout (6) live
mill* south and (I) one mile weat ol the (orka ol
tlio White snd Hal rivors, thonoe north 80 chslna
thenc* eaat 80 ehalna, thenoa aoulh 80 chains,
thenee west 80 cbsins.
Dsted April 18, 1911. JOHN  L. MITCHELL
I'ub. Msy 18 Frsncis S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Lsnd District���District ol Cassiar
Tske nolle* that I Francis S. Truston ol 1-ruice
Kuitert,  li. C. occupsllon prospector, intend to
spply  lor permission  lo  purchsso the  lollowing
described Isnds:
Cummenelng .1 a post plsnted sbout three
milt* aouth and two milea wesl ol lh* (orks ol
the White snd Flat rivers, thence south 80 chsina
thence esst 80 chains, Ihence north 80 chains,
Ihence west 80 cbains.
Dsled April 20, 1911.     FKANC1S S. PKESTON
I'ub .Msy 13
Skeena Land Dialrlot���District ul 1'a.al,,,
Toko nutico thai 1, Alfred Kylu uf p," '��� ,,
porl,   U.   C,   occupatiun   electrician,  Ibu ,j   ,'
apply  lor  pormisaiou  tu  purchase Hi��� |u|iuw���"
described lauds: '"-
Commencing Bt a post planted abuul (J, tl,,.
milea aouth oT Iho lorka ol ihu Wim* ���,,, ,:,',
rivera, tlionco 80 chaina aoutb, lliuncu su ���i,a,
eaat,  thenN  80  cliulna  norlh,  thine   ou  ohtljj
Datod April 18, 1911. ALKHKIi KVTP
Francia S. IWou, .\,���,;;
I'ub. May 13.
O.termoor Mallresses
Every Description of
House     furnishings.
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
Lots 5 and 6, Block 28,
Section 1.
$3000, 25 per rent, cash,
balance 1, 2, 3 years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
I       "-    "
Section 9
Townahip 1
Range 4
Thia ia an excellent section and was one of the first to be
���taked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
Skssa. Uad District-District ol Coast Ksnis ���
.... Bailee thai Aki.m1.r Mcintosh ol tan
**e**r, B C, e*i-up.ilon r**l aut. brokir
Intend, to apply lor pcrmlasloo lo purchase lb*
lollowing d*��crib*d lands:
Comm.nrlng at a po*t plsnted 40 chslns south
from th. soulhwsst cornvr ol Lol 996. thenc* B0
chain, south, thenc* 40 chains west, tbsne* 80 |
chain* north, thenc* 40 chslns rasl to point ol
eomm*nosm*nl containing 320 seres mors or lass.
Dsled April I?. 1911.
I'ub. sis* a
Sa**r.B Und I 'astrirt     1 >;��������� r,.- ol . aaaiar
Tak* Botice tbat 1,  !'*��->   Francis tiod.nrsth
ol Smart, B. C^ iieeupatlon loumsllst Inlend to
spply (or la-rmbBBoa to purcnass th* following
descrtb-al Unas:
Commencing Bt a post plsnted on lh* right
bank o( IB* Nass river about sewn mil** above
lb* (orka of lh* Nsas rlvvr, Ihenc* south 80 chslns,
thenc* wast NO chsins, thenc* north BO chslns,
theac* -sat so chains lo point of Mmmancemcnt,
Nntaining lllo sera* mors or less.
Dsled Msrc 25, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May IT.
and POOL
4 Alleys. 7 I .: ���        A irood exercise.   A clean sport.   Ladies every
afternoon.     N*���%% man Ulock, be-
tween - ;h and 7th Sta.
TCI* M"iiii! ������'..     Proprietor and Manager
Skeena Land District���DUtrlct ol Cassiar
Take notice tbat 1, Isaac U'Urien Kurt**) ul
I'rince Hupert, li. C, occupation carpenter, intend
lo apply fur periniasion io purchase the following
.ii-acnu-.i lands:
Cominenclng at a post planted about bv rolleae
���outh and one mile west ol the (orka o( tbeWhile
aud Flat rivers, ihence north all chains, thence
west mj chains, thence south bU chains, thence
eut ��u cbains.
Dated AprU lb, 1911. ISAAC o'UKIKN FUHUKS
Tub. May 1*1, ��>aocb S. Preston. Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���Dislrict o( Coast Kange 0
Tako nutice tbat Grace .McTavUh, of Vancouver,
11. C., occupatiun married woman, intends tu appl>
for permission to purchase1 ibe following described
Commencing al a poat planted at the aoutbwes.
corner 100 cbaina east and iiU chsins north ot
the northeast corner of Lot 1116, Harvey's Survey
Coast DUtrlct, Itange 6, tbence 40 cbaina east
thoi.ee mj chains north, thence 40 chains wesl,
tbence bO cbains south to post of commencement
cuntaining '22o acres mure or leas.
Dated May 2, lull. GKACfc. McTAVlSH
Pub. Mav 6. Fred VV. Uohler, Agent
==E.   EBY   CS,   Co.===
KiUumkitlum Lund For Sale
- *������ ���*�����-��� ���**���+**���** -^��** ssajass
General MarcnonrJue
Largest Stock
Lowest  Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
Skeena Land District     I 'islrirt of Caaaiar
Taka  notice  that   I,  John   Unwin  of   Prince
Kupetc 11. C.. occupation .strom. Intend to apply
for 1-rTn.lsaion to purchaaa the following desa^ibed
Commencing at a post planted about (2) two
miles south of the forks of the Wblu and Flat
rims, i lift re south HO chains, thence east HO
chaina, theoce north SO cbains, thenee weat 00
Dated AprU 18, 1911. JOHN UNWIN
Pub. Mar 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat
Taka  notice thai Hume  Uahinrton of  Prince
1.1.,-vM   n. c, occupation master mariner, intends
to  apply  for  permission  to  lease  the  following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about 100 chains
���outh of tbe Indian Reserve on the east side of
Oooae llay on the east side of the I'enfnsula thence
nurth 100 chain* along shore to the Reserve line,
thenca west 60 chains more or lees to Goose Day,
tbenee 100 chaini along shore, thence east 60
cbaina more or less to post, containing 640 acrea
more or leaa.
Dated March 8. 11*11. HUME UABINQTON
Pub. April IS.
Stikine Land DUlrlct-DUtrlet of Casalar
Take notice tbtt Christian A. Tervo of Stiklnt,
D  Gas occupation customs officer, intends to appl>
for permission to purcbaae the following descrili*?d
Commencing at a post planted about three-
quartaf-rs of a mile north east from Glacier Riflle
and on the east bank of Stlkina River and on the
south si'ie of the mouth of a little creek, thsnee
east 40 chftina, thenca north 40 chains, thence
weat 40 chains, thenee eouth 40 chains to point
of commencement and containing 160 acres more
Dsted Feb. 10,1911.     CHRISTIAN  A. TERVO
Pub. April 7.
Take notice that Chartae P. Utter of Prince
Hupert, P. C, occupation surveyor, Intends to
apply for permission tu purchase the following
riiawrlbaM lands:
Commencing at a peat planted at tbe north east
corner of surveyed lot 8984, Range 5, Coast DUtriet. thenee In an easterly direction along the
southerly limit nf surveyed lot 11991 and th* pre*
lectlun thereof 40 chains to a point, Ihenee south
parallel to the earterly limit of nurveyed lot 8984
���formiii' GO chains mora or leas to the northerly
limit of a limber limit (No. 42683), thenee weat
40 chains more or less to a point In the pro eetlon
^.itherly of the rau*terlv limit of surveyed lot
1.984, triSrTice In ��� northerly direction along the
prniBt-Hion of th* Hid limit "aa along the said
limit W chains more or lesa lo point of commencement, ennteintnt 240 mcm% more, or lesa.
I Dated March 8, 1911. CHARLES P. OTTER
rub. March 28.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in lhe Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
Skeena Land District���DUlrict of Caaaiar
Take   notice   tbat   1,   Charles   M.   Knouee   o
Punce Hupert, U. C, occupation farmer, Intend
to apply for iiermUsion to purchaae the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about (3) three
milea south and (2 ) two milea west of the (orka of
White river and Flat river, thence aouth 80 cbains,
ti.i-nct! weat 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
tbence east 80 chains.
Dated April 20, 1911.      CHARLES M. KNUUSE
Pub. May 13. FraocU S. Prcaton, Agenl
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict o Coaat Range b
Take not ce that Murdock McRae of Vancouver
I). C, occupatiun real eatate bruker, Intends to
apply fur permission l." purchase ibe followim.
described landa:
Cummenelng at a not plaoted oo tbe sou.h
bank of Earhumslks river about live mile* from
its conduence with lhe Skeena river, thence 40
chains west, thence 20 chains norlh, thence 40
chains weat, tbence 40 chains north, tbence 40
chains east, thence 20 chains south, thence 40
chains eaat, thence 40 chains south tb point ol
commencement, cuntaining 320 acrea more or leas
Dated April 21, 1911. MURDOCK McRAi.
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coast Rango b
Take not ce that 1. Joe Jack of l'nrce R. p��rt,
11. Cm occupation cmrpentor, intend to apply for
permUsion to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post pUnted about lbree.and
one-half milea dUlant In a south westerly direction
irom a blind alough Irom Obewvatory Inlet where
the samo touches the Indian lUa*vrvt> thence east
-" cha na, thence *nith bO chains, thencu wesl&O
chains, Ihence south 80 chains to point of com*
mencement, containing 640 acres mure ur leas.
��� Dated April 14, 1911. JOE JACK
i Pub. May 13.
, Skeena Land DUtrict���DUlrict of Coaat Kange b
I    Take nolle* that I, Hell Hall Kenney ol Var*
mouth, Nova Scotia, occupation married woman.
intend to apply  for permission  to purchaae  the
[ollowing described landa:
Commencing at a post planted at north oast
cornvr of T. L Lot 33&28, tbence running west 40
chains, thenoe north 80 chaina, thence east 40
' chains, thenoe aoutb 80 chains to place of com-
1 mencement containing 320 acrea more or lesa.
: My pust U on south eaat corner uf land applied
i lor, marked letters S. E., about one mile weat of
Lake Lakelse, south side of Skeena liver District
' uf Cuast Range ...
Dated AprU 29, 1911.      HELL HALL KENNEY
Pub. May 13. Juhn Heverly, Agvnt
Skeana Land DUtrict -DUt rict u( Caaaiar
Take notice that  1, James Dunlop o(  Prince
Rupert,  11.  C,  occupation  teamster,   Intend  to
apply  for permission to  purchase tbe (ollowing
dt*��cribed land*:
Commencing at a post planted about two milea
south o( the (orks of the White and Flat riven,
thunce  north  80 chains,  tbence west  80 chains,
ihence south 80 chains, Ihence east 80 chain*.
Dated April 18, 1911. JAMES DUNLOP
I'ub. May 13. FraocU S. Preston. Agenl
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct o( Caaslar
Take notice tbat  I.  Mary Carin of  Stewart,
j H. C, occupation married woman. Intend lo apply
1 (or tier mission to purchaae tbe (ollowing deacribed
Commencing at a post pUnted two (2)  miles
eoutb and 12) two milea west o( the (orka o( tho
I White and  Flat  riven, thence 80 chain* norlh,
I thenoe 80 chains  wast,  Ihence 80 chains  auutby
thence 80 chains cast.
Dated April 20, 191L MARY CARIN
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Prcaton* Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUlrict of Coaat
Take  notice that  1,   William  Melville Corley
i of   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk.   Intend
to apply for permiasion to purchaso the following
deacribed landa:
| Commencing at a poat planted at tbe northwest
corner of Lot MM Rang 5, Coast District, thonce
i cast 60 cbains, thence north 40 chains, ihenc* weat
| 20 chains to Hall's Gat* slough, tbenc* along
���lough southerly tu poinl of commencement, containing 160 acrea more or leas.
Dated April o. 1911.
j Pub. April 29.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prinoe   Rupert I��dge, No. IU, Sons of
England, meets the first and third Tuesdays in
��ach month in the Carpenters Hall, at I p.m.
F. V. CLARK, Sec,
P. O. Uox 812. Prince Rupert
Little's NEWS Agency
Miiif.'i/.m.'s :: Periodicals :: Newspaper*
G. T. P. Tran.fer Agent.
i 'nl, i a promptly t11l��-rl.   Pries ruasonable.
OFFICE���H. II. It.a-ln.st.-r. Centra St.     Phon* tin.
English and American Btll.ardti
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Skeena Und District���District of Coaal Range b
Take notice that I, Charles A. Vaughan of
I'rince Rupert, U. C, occupation merchant, intend
to apply fur permiasion to purcbaae tb* following
dtatcribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted on the south
bink ol Exchumaiks Hlvttr and alwut four milea
from Its coniluence with thu Skoena River, thence
M chains east, ibence 80 chains north, thenee 80
chains west, ihence 80 ciiains south to point of
commencement, cont.itninx 610 acres more or leaa
Dated April 21, 1911 CHARLES A. VAUGHAN
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���District o( Casalar
Take notice that 1, Swan Hallen of Stewart,
II.   C.,   occupation   carpenter,   intend   to   apply
(or permission to purchase the (ollowing described
Commencing at a post planted about (6) miles
south and one. 1) mile west o( the forks of the White
���nd Flat riven, thence 80 chain* south, thence 80
chains eut, thenoe 80 chains north, thence 80
chains weat.
Dated April 18, 1911. SWAN HALLEN
Pub. May 18. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notloe that Oeorgn W. Arnott ol Prince
Rupert, U. C, occupation rent Batata broker,
intends to apply (or pcr.-niadion tu purchase the
following deacribed lantU:
Commencing at a post ptanled about seven
milea and ono-half mile went and one mile south
from the mouth of Stanly Crook, Naden Harbor,
thonce went 80 chains, thunce south 80 chains,
tlience east 80 chains, thencu north 80 chains.
Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. W. ARNOTT
Pub. April 22. Numa Demen. Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notice that I, Alice M. Knouse  of Prince
Ruport, 11. Ota occupation married woman, Intend
to apply (or permission to purchase the (ollowing
detscrlbed lands.
Commencing at a poat planted about two mllea
it.mh nml two mile* went of the forks of White
and Flat riven, thence north 80 chains, thence
eaat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chain*, thence
weat 80 chains.
Dated April 20, 1911. ALICE M. KNOUSE
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Stikine Land District���Dsirlct of Casalar
Take notice that Sydney Hodgkinaon of TVItv
graph Creek, H. C, occupation clerk, Intends to
apply  (or   permiaalon  to  purchaae  the  following
ilescrlbed land:
Commencing at a post planted about a quarter
mile north east from (.lacier Riffle and on the east
bank ol Stikine River, thence east 20 chains
thenee north 40 chains, thenee weat 20 chains
STtvlg^A-ff-Jg t0 point ol commencement
RS e?1i1rn,ll|t 80 *������� more or as*.
Dated Fab. if, un. ��� w """���
pub. a,.,.        nmV^SS^SS"
Skwna Und DUlrict���DUtrict o( queen Charlotte
Take notice that J. II. Murphy.of Vancouver,
D, C, occupation commercial traveller, Intends
to apply for permission to purchaso the following
deecTibed landa:
Commencing at a poet planted about seven
miles weat and one mile couth from the mouth
of Stanly Crtuk. Nad*n Harbor, thenco north 80
chains, thenco wast 40 chains, thonc* eouth 80
chains, thence east 40 c Ina.
Dated March 17, 191L J. H. MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Caaalar
Take   notice   that   I,   Thomas   Macgovarn   of
Stewart, ll. C, occupation mlner.intend to apply
for permission to purchas* the (ollowing deacribed
! lamia:
i Commencing at a post planted on the right
1 bank of the Naas river about (our miles above the
forks of the Nana river, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
i thence eaat 80 chaina to point of commencement,
containing 610 acres more or lees.
, Dated March 25, 1911. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skoena Und DUtrlct���District of CaaaUr
Tak* notico that   William  Frederick  Cameron
of Prince  Rupert,  11.  C, occupation  carpenter,
otentla to apply (or permtsalon to purchaae the
(ollowing described Unds:
Commencing at a poet planted about three
mllea south of tha (orka of tba Whit* and Flat
riven, thence south 80 chains, tlience weat 80
chaini, thence north 80 chain*, thence eaat 80
Dated April 18, 1911.
Pub. May 18. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrict o( Caaaiar
Take notico that  1, Hrenton Jordon Moore of
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation contractor, intend
to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about (3) three
mllea south and (?) two mile* west of the forks
of White and Flat riven, thence 80 chains south
thenc* 80 chains weat, thence 80 chain* north,
thence 80 chains eaat
Dated April 20, 1911. FrancU S. Preaton, Agenl
Pub. May 18.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Casalar
Taka not Ire that I, James Webater Kaplin of
Stewart, II.C, occupation    auctioneer, intend to
apply for permiaalon to   purchaso   the   (ollowing
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank o( tho Naaa river about nlno mllea above
the forks of the Naas river, thence south HO chslna,
thence woat 80 chalis, tbence north 80 chains,
thenc* east 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
ISkeena Land District���District of Casslar
Take notice that I, Sydney Fitzgerald of Stewart,
B. C., occupation cook, Intend to apply (or per-
mlfwlon to purchase the (ollowing deacribed landa
Commencing at a poet planted about five mllo
aouth and one mile of the furka of White
and Flat riven, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thonce north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains.
Dated April 18, 1911. SYDNEY FITZGERALD
Pub. May 18. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skeuna Und DUtrict���DUlricl ul CmuM
Taku notice lhal 1, Jamua MilLr J ,,,:.
Stewart, 11. C., occupation aturt��kiv|i.T, ....
upply  for purmiaaion  to  purc^iue uiv |o|1q��|m
duacribud lands: '*
Commencing at a poal planiui about on* mUu
nurlb from ihu Naaa rivur and ubmi m-,. , , ',.,
ubuvu thu lurks ul ihu Na..* rivur, iih-,, ".,
chuiim, thuncu wo-si 80 chains, thuncu suutn so
chains, thence uaat 80 chains lu point,,(,>��� i.ni..UCv.
munt, containing 640 m-i.-. moru or lu*..
Dated March 24, 1911.  Frank Si.lnuy v. w,
Pub. May 17 '   k
Skuuna Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol Cwlli
Taku notice that 1,   iiurliu   Edwin   bajlgti   uf
Stewurt,   H.   C.,  occupation  plumbur,  inu-ti-j  iu
apply  (ur permission  io  purcnasu  u>u [oUowlni
duaenbed landa:
Commencing at a poat plantud abuul out n.Q|
north of the Niuu river and abuut suvun ratssl
r above  tbe  (orka  uf   ihu   Naaa  Kivvr  upir.iu
| thuncu nurth   80  cnaina,  thuncu uual  au ciuti.-t'
' ihence suuth 80 chaiiu, thuncu weat 80 cliaina t*
point  of   cum men ou muni,   containing   6 to   acru,
mora or leaa.
Dated March 23. 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Ait
Pub. May 17.
Skuena Und District -D..,tn.-t o( Coast Rum |
Take notice tbat 1, Lionel Kiugsluy uf Vnticjj.
ver,  ll.  .'.,  occupation  miner, intend lo tppty
(or purmiaaion to purchase thu following tluacrij.i
Cumuuucing at a post pluntel noir tlio an r...
wuat corner of Lut 002, Kangu &, Cu*ut   Dutnct
tbence wuat 40 cbaina,  thuncu south mj b 11
ihenco east 40 chaina, thunce nurili 00 cium- tfl
point of cornmuncumunt.
Dated March 24, 1911.       LIONEL KlN.JSLKV
Pub. April 22.
Skoena Und DUlrict ���DUlrict of.Coaat Rangv j
Taka note* that I, John Ivan l'vtenul nttej
Rupert, 11. C, occupat on clerk, intend tu apo!.
lur pvmlasion lo purchase ihu (ultoaing ���.���.,;
an da:
Commencing at a post planted abuut u ���.- an
unu-balf milea distant n a south wi<sterl> d :>.. uri
Irom a blind alough Irom Observaiury Inttt Boat*.
the same touches the Indian Itoser.o, ti.
wuat 80 chaina, tbenc* north 80 chains, 0.<*t.c��
east 80 chains, thence soulb 80 cbains tu putt.', o
commencement, containing 640 acrus morv ur u*u
Datod April 14, 1911. JOHN IVAN PE1EK.S
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Cuast Range V
Take nutice that 1, J. Lurne .\.,i, I ... gf
Prince Kupert, U.C., uccupatiun real estate a*,*, i.t
intends tu apply fur permisslun lu purchas*- tic
init"w in* described land*:
Cummt'ncintr at a pust planted 4" chair.
and 80 chaina aouth uf the suuthwest cori.i-t .-f
lut 1733, vicinity of Ukelse Uke, and markr i J
L. MacUren * nurtwost curner, ibence eaat -i
chains, thenc* auuth 40 chains, thence west ni
chains, thence nurth 40 chaini tu point of cun>
mencement. con tain inn 32u acres mure ur !��*����.
Geo. K. Putnam. Agent
Date May 31. 1911
Pub. Junu 16.1911
Skeena Und District- District of Cm! Range I
Cuast District
Take nolice that Wm. Leslie uf Sapperlon. U C
uccupatiun Guvernment Guard, Intends to apply
fur permission lu purchase the following1 described lands:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains ���.<*��:
nnd 12m chains south uf the suuthwest corner uf lut
Nu 1...;. m:i.:��' -���. -i-t .int11.1."lu h. 1 Wiiil
N.VV. corner, thence south 4o chains, thence east
80 chains, thence nurth 40 chains, ihence west *�����
chains tu post uf commencement* containing...''
acre, nureur less.
T. D. Uird, Agent
Dated March 2oth. 1911
Pub. April 29lh. 1911
Skeena Und .Mutrict -District of Queen Charlotte
Take nolle* that Geo. IL L.u* of Prince Rupert,
I). C., uccupatiun barber, inlands to apply f>r
permiasion lu purchaso iho following desertn. 1
Commencing at a post planted ab.tul Mven
' miles wusl and una nulo aouttt (run lhe m utti
1 ol Stanly Crvek, .NaJen llarb-tr, thence suutti M
i chains, thenoe wuat 40 chains, thenoe aurin N
I chains, ihence uaal 40 chains.
, Dated March 17, UU. GEO. 1!. LAtA
! Pub. Ai-ni -2. Numa 1 ���.���>.��� :*.  \*.
Skeena Land DUlrict���DUlrict at Coaat Range
Taka nolle* tbat Ann* Muaaalleoi ��t Prince
Rupert, 11. C, occupation married woman, inien.li
to apply (or permission lo purchase lb* following
diwcrtln-d landa:
Comm��ncng at a post planted al a post *l lb*
southwost curner, 60 cbains east Ircn Ii* E. cornet
of Ut 1116, llarvey'a Survey, Coaat Dislrict,
Kange b, tbenc* eaat 20 chains, thence nurth 40
chaina, thvnc* ws*t 40 chains, ihenc* auuth 20
chaina, thence east 20 chain*, Ibenc* soulh .*���
aihaina lo point o( commvncemeni, containing 120
seres mor* or leaa.
Dated May 8, 1911. ANNIE MUSSALLEM
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict o( Caaalar
Taka   nolle*   that   I,   Thomu   McMeekln  of
Prince Rupert, 11. C., occupstlon clerk. Inland tu
apply for pormUaion  lo purchase to*  '���������������-
dfvcrlbed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about two miles
���outh of the forks of the Wbit* and Flat rivers,
thsne* north 80 cbains, theoce eaal bO chain*.
ihenee aouth 80 chains, ihence wesl 80 chsins.
Dated AprU 18, 1911. THOMAS XlcMEEKIN
Pub. Mav 13. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtriet of Caaalar
Taka nolle* lhat 1, Charlea L. Delgrov* u( Sir*-
art U. 0L occupation prospector, Inlend to apply
(or permUsion lu purchase th* (ollowing descri-H-l
Commencing at a post plsnte I alraut si> mil)*s
south and one mile weat o( the forka of tbe W lute
and Flat rivers, ihenc* south 80 cbains. thenc*'
east 80 chains, th mee north 80 chains, tbenc* writ
NO chain*.
Dsted April 20, 1911. CHARLES DKLGROM.
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict-District of Coaal Range I
Take notice that I, J. Harold .McKoan ot I'rincv
Rupert, II. C, occupat on blscksm th. Inti-n I '������
apply fur perm salon to purchase ibe fulluwin.,
deacr bed Unda:
Commencing at a post planted about thr**-eai. I
one half miles d slant in a eouth westerly dtre-rti" >
(rom a blind slough from Observatory Inlet wher��
the same touches the Ind an liascrve, thenee west
80 chaina, thane* south 80 cha na. thenc* east eo
chains, tbence north 80 cha ns to po nt o( com
mencement, containing 610 acre* more or less.
Dated Apr 1 14. 1911.       J. HAROLD McKEA
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrict of CasaUr
Take notice that I, John Robert Pacey ol Pnr.ee
Rupert, li. Cm occupation cook, Intend to *,; ���
for ttermasion to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post pUnted (2) two miles
aouth and 2) two miles west of the lorks of the
White and Flat riven, thence south 80 chains
thenc* eaat 80 chains, thenee north 80 chains,
thence weat 80 cha ns. ....
Datod Apr 120, 1911 JOHN ROIIERT FACM
Pub. Mav 13. Franc ��� S. Preaton. Agon
Skeena Und District���District of Coast Range I
Take not ce that I, Martha Leek, of Frince
Rupert, II. 0*i occupat on marr -d woman iiiten i
to apply for permission to purchaae the following
dmcrihed lands:
Commensjiiig at a post planted about Ihirasnu
one-hsll mile* dUtant In a southwesterly direct*.'-.
from a blind slough from Observatory Inlet whet*
the same touches the Ind an Reserve, thence e����t
80 chains, thenee suuth 80 cha ns, thence weat I
chains, thenco north 80 cha na i<> point ol cum
mencement, conta n ng 610 acrw more or leas.
Dated Apr I 14, 1911. MARTHA LEKK
Pub. Mav 13.
Skeona Und DUtrict���Diatrict ol Caaslar
Take notice that I, Charlea Frederick Metcal,
of Stewart, 11. C, occupation freighter. Intend i"
apply  fur  permUsion  to  purchase the  followint,
described lands:
Commencing at ��� poat planted on the rigM
bank of the Naaa river about sU mile* above the
forks of the Naaa river, thence soutb 80 chain.*,
thencu west 80 chalm, thence north 80 chains.
thence eaat 80 chains to point of commencement.
containing 640 acres more or lesa.
Dated March 25, 1911. CHARLES F. METCAI.r
Pub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrlct -District o( Coaat
Take  notice that 1,  William John  Corley of
Prince Rupert, H, C, occupation rancher, Intend
10 spply (or permission to purchase the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at the southwest
corner of Lot 3068, Range fi, Cout DUtrict, thenre
couth   20 cliaina.   thmee   east   40 chain*, thence
north 20 chaina, thenee woat 40 chaina to poll
���if commencement, containing 80 acre*, more or
Dated April 8,1911.    WILLIAM JOHN CORLEY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Und Diatrict-Diatrict of Ctnlir
Take notice that I, Alfred Herrymtn Williams
of   Prince   Rupert    U.  C, occupitlon   merchsnt
Intend  to apply  for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about (2) I wo
miles south of the forks of the Whit* end Flat
rivers, thenee 80 chains south, thenee 80 chains
weat, thence 80 chaina north, thenc* 80 chains
Pub May 13   '     U*      Fr,ncl- 9- PreiU,Q' A|,nl


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