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Tweitty-four houra ending
6   a. ra.,
June 18.
MAX. TRW'.        stlH. TEMP.           BAH.
Mf,;{,o              41.0       80.11)3
The Daily News
For South
Princess Beatrice Wednesday a. in.
For  North
Princess May Monday p. m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. H. NO. 137
Prince Rupert, B.C., .Monday, June 10, 1911.
Price Five Cents
The "Made in Canada" Fair Has Attracted Them���A
Long String of Robberies Over the Week End
is Announced���The Haul so Far Has
Been  Reported Small.
i iinadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 19.���A long
li-t nf burglaries in the business
scctii over the week end proved a bad gang of yegg-men are
at work in this city. It is supposed il ut the fair, now in progress I traded them.
Cut the Masonry
In burglarising the offices of
die Tliroughbred Association, thc
pang cut through eighteen.inches
ot masonry to get into the vault.
All ilu > goi was ten dollars. They
!...! probably expected that the
proceeds of the race meeting on
Sal irrlay would be there.
Busy Down Town
On Sunday they were operating
in tin wholesale district. Several
offices in Water street were ran-
Mikol. and a number of the
wholesale offices. So far as is
k'.iiwn die loot was very small.
Tin- police are siid to be without
.my clue. The way thc gang
clean up the work behind them
shows that they arc fully experienced in their work.
Pietro's Dulcet Notes Fell Softly
on the Evening Breezes This
Wlio was kept awake on Saturday night by the dulcet song of
the caged Pictro at thc Government Buildings? The particular
Retro in question is a well known
bird in Prince Rupert, and has
been here a long time. It was
found by Constable Mantel! of
the city police force perched on
thc roof of a house on Kightb
avenue on Saturday evening. He
was attracted to the scene by the
tuneful warbling! of the songster.
Constable Mansetl is reticent as
to thc methods he employed in
effecting the capture, but it is
believed that he put a little salt
on tin- Pietro's mil. Certainly he
did nothing to damage the quality
of the captive's voice. All night
die caged bird sang and trilled
in the coop provided by thotitlitful
authorities, When caughl Pietro
had a tiny store of white powder
in bis pocket, and ii is thought
that bis frequent oilers of $'2i>
to any one who would come to
him last night may have reference
to his affection for the dope which
was of course confiscated on bis
In Response to Polite Hint he
Moves from Spain to Switzerland.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Madrid, June 19.���A hint from
official sources that I >iaz is not
wanted in Spain, has caused the
former president of Mexico to
change his plans. He will go to
Switzerland instead of settling here.
Wealthy New York Man Shot
and Seriously Wounded by
Young Women.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New York, June 19.- W. E, D.
Stokes, wealthy owner of the
Hotel Ansonia on upper Broadway,
was shot three times tonight in an
ipartment occupied by two young
women in West SOth street. It
is charged, and the police say it is
admitted by thc accused, that
Ethel Conrad, an artist, 19 years
old, and Lillian Graham, an actress,
22 years old, both had a hand in the
Mr. Stokes was found lying
at  the   top of  the  fourth   floor.
larding near the door of the
young women's apartment, when a
policeman was called in. He was
bleeding profusely from bullet
wounds in the right thigh and the
calf of the left leg. He clutched a
revolver in one hand. The wounded man was removed to a hospital
and both girls were arrested. They
turned over to the police a revolver
and thc shells of three discarded
According to Mr. Stokes' story,
as told through 'iis attorney, he
bad gone to the young women's
room to run down a report that
they had some letters that he had
written, and to his surprise, "they
demanded 126,000 for the return of
the letters."
After that the scrap happened.
The police arc investigating.
Whole Front Interior Upset    Pipes and Electric Light
Fittings Broken by Miniature  Earthquake on
Seventh Street Contract When Big
Shot Blew Back
ItIARRED by four deaths
Public Opinion Aroused Over the Four Nations Air Race���Only
First Leg of Race is Over and Four of the Forty-eight Competitors are Dead and Five Maimed---Public  Demand
That  the  Race  be  Called  Off���Hubert Lathom
s  That  Aviation  Should  be   Restricted.
Big Steel  Bridge  at Skeena  Crossing  is Next Great
Undertaking After Kitselas Tunnels are Through
���Construction Will be Rushed.
\< innling to estimates, compiled
m��al  .artfully on   reliable  infor-
1     obtained   from   those  in
nrity  antl   in   a   position   to
know, it   is safe  to  predict   that
M>> Im, 1012, will sou the track
��i��l H   far east as Hazelton and
r   trains   running   between
' 'nail of river navigation and
''   " Rupert.
Steel at Crossing
'ltd   the  Kitselas  tunnels arc
l"d.   track   laving   will   com-
' "   and it \till be but a short
���'��� i  the track-layer is at
"r�� when the steel will Ik- st
1  -I Crossing.   The very latest
' I. ill. ate expected to reach the
' ''   ���< K  i- placed   at   from   the
l��  third week in Dcccm-
Big Steel Bridge
Soon as the raj|s], tj,at
i"""- ll��' G. T. P. will inim.-di-
��te��) commence rushing the big
steel bridge out from Prince Ru-
Pwt. They even plan to have
j��� greater portion of it run out
lr"m Prince Rupert before the
track readies the Crossing, by
""ding ii as far east as possible
"J"1 lll,'��r. the gondolas stand
atoruge sidi,,K8 until it can be
taken to final destination,
Complete in April
With the track at the Crossing,
�� w��Wsheds in the vicinity of
",ll,s W to 40 completed, and
r'"^ making ,heir regular runs
lr",n Prince Rupert, there is ab-
""Wy   nothing   that   can   hold
'''!'��� *�� mpid completion of the
P"d��.    The   latest  allowed   for
J completfon  and   track  to  be
'!"' "* '"��* it, is placed not later
l;""'"ly next April.
Hazelton by May
11|(' crossing is only  12 miles
below Hazelton, and all con-etruc
don  between  Haielton <>r New
Hazelton, will Ik- finished long
ln-fore the time the track will Inlaid across the bridge. After
the track-layer crosses the Skeena,
says the Inland Colonist, ten days
at the mosi will see the steel as
far as headquarters camp in what
is now popularly termed as New
Excursionists on S.S. Inlander
Accepted a Challenge at Mile
44 on Skeena River.
Ranges of jagged almost perpendicular mountains their snow
capped tops nosing like a gigantic
irregular cross-cut saw into thc
light fleeting clouds; the sides of
the mountains guarded by a countless army of evergreen pine trees;
deep canyons in which grow in
rich profusion all the plants and
flowers of the hills; then other
beautiful panoramic views; here
and there a handful of little white
cannery buildings built at the
foot of a hill, these and many
other beautiful scenes were wluil
thc hundred or more who went
on the excursion yesterday on the
S.S. Inlander up thc Skeena River
to the big G. T. P. snow slide at
Mile 44 were privileged l<> see.
Thc trip was no novelty to many
of thc old (inters aboard who had
perhaps made the trip a score of
times before but to those who
were making their inaugural trip
up thc Skeena it was one of
delight and surprise. There is no
scenery   more   beautiful   In   the
(Canadian Press Di-siKitch)
Paris, June 19.���Sickened by
the toll of death that marred the
opening of the Paris to Belgium
and Holland to London aeroplane
race, many followers of aviation
are demanding that the contest
be abandoned.
Three Dead Already
In spin- of the protests anil three
deaths and five injuries, that have
already marked its course, the
air-men arc still burling along
in die race today. Sixteen of
the forty-eight starters have reach
ed I.iege. Belgium, and arc preparing for the second stage of the
flight to Utrecht.
Latham's Opinion
The aviators were nervous yesterday at the start and that they
took very' grave chances is Unbelief of Aviator Hubert Latham,
woh today declared that aviation
as sport is "loo dangerous and
ought to be restricted."
Death of Lendrom
M. Lendrom was the third victim.    Afkr he had made seventy
miles of the fust leg of the journey,
the gasoline tank of his machine
exploded ;uid he was crushed to
death. He was struck by a pari
of his engine and killed. He was
severely burned by flaming gasoline.
Another Killed
Later.���In a message to the
Paris Journal, which paper has
been promoting the four nation
aeroplane race, it is said that another contestant driving a monoplane fell and was killed between
St. Laurent and Lunies. His
name has not yet been learned.
One of the heaviest shots put
in by Nick Gurvich on his Seventh
street contract late on Saturday
afternoon played him a nasty
trick and very nearly buritd Tom
Dunn's residence in rocks and
debris, The shot blew backwards
towartls the house instead of forwards to the street line as intended,
mil a perfect avalanche of rock
came down on the Dunn's veranda
shattering the roof or it. and all
the windows in the fornt of the
house. The whole house was
shaken to the foundation, and
lamaged more seriously than any
luilding has ever been before by
street blasting here.
No One Injured
Fortunately at the last moment
before the shot was fired tbe
family got out of ihe building.
They were warned that a bigger
shot than usual was to lie tired
but bad thought at first of remaining in the bouse, as the usual
experience is that no damage is
done to buildings by blasts.   From
a little distance ofl the Misses
Dunn, had the pleasure of seeing
their home rock anil heave with
the force of lit'- explosion, and for
an instant expected to see it come
crashing down. At the word
"All over" they did a mountain
climbing stunt over the piled up
debris, and reached the ruined
veranda only to find that it was
impossible to open the front door.
Framework Strained
Owing to the shaking, the framework of the house in front is badly
strained. All ihe electric light
fittings are thrown out of order,
water pipes, and sewer connections
have been broken, and all die
inside doors in the front rooms
Will have to be reining. If an
earthquake bad got busy in Prince
Rupert ii could hardly have done
more damage short of wrecking
tin- house entirely. It look the
wlmli gang of men nearly all the
evening to clear away the rocks
and earth piled on the veranda.
The Dunn residence was one of
ihe first large houses built in
Prince Rupert, and long before
Second avenue was laid out, was
reached by a narrow plank walk
from Centre street.
Western Hemisphere than up that
shallow, treacherous river,
All the interesting bat tires and
scenes along the river were explained by Captain John Bonser,
who knows the Skeena as well
as he knows himself for he lias
siilcd it for the past nineteen
At Mile 44 the captain stopped
the boat and allowed the excursionists to get off and see the
big snow slide on the G, T, P,
track. Although it is the middle
of June there are hundreds of
tons  of   the   beautiful   still   piled
up alongside the track.  Thework
men who are building a new snow
shetl and are camped  there challenged tin- passengers on the boat
to a snowball match and the
challenge was accepted. For ten
minutes there was quits a battle.
Rack in Boston and New York
people were fainting wilh the heat.
A stop was made at Port Ks-
llngton both going antl coming
Mr. H. B. Rochester, manager
of the Skeena Transportation Co.
accompanied the excursionists and
did his best to make them have a
good time.
The Inlander got back to port
at one o'clock this morning.
An excellent meal was served
on the boat.
Coronation Day Picnic
There will be a Baptist Brotherhood Picnic to Metlakatla on
thc 22nd. Ladies free; gentlemen 76c.
Only Twenty-five Years Old
Mrs. Green Has Had Six Tries
for Happiness.
I.ogaiispoii,    Intl.,    June    19.
Having divorced live husbands in
as many years "ii the broad general   ground   iliat   none   of   them
loved   her   as   -lie   wanted   to   be
loved, Mrs. I ydia Green-Baker-
llavnes-Turnci -Brown-Jones, 25
years old, cut en d court at Logans-
port, hid., again last week, seeking
a separation from her sixth marital
This warm-hearted creature, by
the strangest turn of fate, was
"Ice" before she was ever married.
All of her previous hunsands are
living, and in each instance
has obtained the divorce,
averaging one a year since the
desire for her wedded bliss first
became the dominant force in her
life at thc age of 18.
New   Strike   on   Ruby   Creek
Promises Richly
A strike has been made on Ruby
Creek, a hundred miles below
Fort Gibbons, within sight of the
Yukon.   It is developing rich pay
and a big stampede is on.  Some
think it will be. a gootl camp.
Funeral of Wm. Dodge of Somerset Took Place at Port
tSpirial Correspondence)
I'm! Simpson, June 17.���The
body "I William Dodge, twenty-
three, native of Yeovil, Somersetshire, England, was conveyed on
Saturdn)   b\   thc steamer Vadso
for burial. Mr. Newton, who is
in charge of Messrs. Hoyle's diamond drills at the Goose Hay
mine was in charge of the scaket.
A service was held in the Anglican
Church at Port Simpson, conducted by Revs. c. II. Rowley
and Grey, and was attended by
the majority of the white residents
who evoked a marked sympathy
by lite gift of flowers and general
assistance at the funeral. The
bearers included J. R. C. Deane,
Provincial Constable, Cordon Loc-
kerby, Mr. Newton, James Sharp
and Charles C, Perry. Mrs. Large
presided at the organ.
Prominent Lawyer After Killing the Fatted Calf Finds
That it Wasn't His Calf he Killed    Arrival of
The Right Cow Hourly Expected.
Milk of the real
juice kind is one t
Census Shows a Decrease in
Past Ten Years of 1.7 Per
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Tbe Irish census shows that the
present   population   is   4,381,951,
being a decrease in  ten years of
76,824, or 1.7 perdcont
uncanned cow
f the long felt
wants in Prince Ruperl and lo
meet it as far as his own family's
neiils are concerned a well-known
lawyer here made arrangements
for the purchase of a cow and calf.
Uncanned and Uncanny
Through the agency of Mr.
Macdonald of thc Customs Department, a real live unc.inne.1 cow
with a genuine made in Canada
calf was ordered from Chilliwack
to be sent to Rti|H-rt by thc
first boat.
With speed almost uncanny an
uncanned cow with a wild untamed calf at her heels arrived
sure Mike bv the lirsi boat in after
the order went out���the C. P, R.
S.S. Princess Kna. Circumstantial
evidence and  the bill of lading
seemed all in favor of the cow's
being consigned calf and all to
the care of the legal gentleman
who ordered her���Mr. L. W. Patmore.
Killed Fatted Calf
With everything apparently 0.
K.   the  round   up at  once   took
place.    It was some round up loo,
for the wharf is wide, Centre street
is  long,  and   thc  calf  was  long
winded.     But   at   last   uncanned
cow, and untamed calf were ensconced in a shed of Mr. Weston's
provided   for   them.     Her   after
his brief spell of riotous living in
Rupert  after  the manner of  the
prodigal son, the calf assumed bis
proper role was duly fatted, ami
duly  killed.    There was  feasting
in the halls of ihe legal fraternity
in Rupert for a day or two.
plications   suddenly   arise.     Mr.
McDougall of the p.n im iship of
McDougall c* Rankin up river,
appeared on the wharf on Friday
With a way bill in his hand which
demanded the presence there for
him of a cow anil calf comsigned
by the Princess Ena.
"Somctning wrong somewhere,"
said somebody .mil enquiries were
instituted dieting beyond doubt
the fatal fact that Mr. Patmore had
got ihe wrong cow. An amicable
settlement is being come to and
tin- arrival ol ilu- second con-
signiiu nt ol cow is eagerly awaited.
Folks    Who    know    about     the
im idem have been debating whether thc joke is on Mr. Patmore, Mr.
M< Donald, Mr. McDougall or I it-
obliging agent of t i ('. P. R. The
Daily News stall after considering
the subject, has decided thai the
joke is on the fathead calf.
They come in beauty side by each
The winsome brides of June,
And  here and   there   you  note a
And here and there a prone.
Weill   south  on
Agent    McMuUin
the  Camosun on
Where to Go
EMPRES9 THEATRE, Second  Ave.-
l'ictures and Music, 7.30 p.m.
Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
.,.,       .,.      , .   ,, i   Pictures snd music, 7.30 p.m.
Then Trouble Began I
Not until the veal had vanished, AUmTORlUM  Sixth Avenue: Roller
Skating, 8 p.m.
CITY COUNCIL in City Hall, 8 p.m.
Tbe decrease of males in .(> per land the cow had settled down to
cent, and of females 2,8 per cent.      the common lot of cows, did com-   tonight. THE   D AI'L Y    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly Tht Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by th* Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, 60c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year.   Outside Canada -Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.60 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch.    Contract rates
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Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 2Mrd St., New York City.
SEATTLE-Puget Sound News Co.
London, ENGLAND-The Olougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Monday, June 19
That musher quoted in Saturday's News who complained of the
trip up the Skeena that "there was nothing to see but scenery," typifies
one of the modern vices���the passion for estimating everything by
the standards of the market place. Only a few weeks ago an American
visitor after gazing on the splendour of Mount Old fit-Id as it shadowed
our city figured out that it would be worth just fifteen million dollars
to him if he could have it moved to a little way out of Chicago. He saw-
in imagination an incline railway and a summer hotel filled with
boarders, and a stream of dollars into the coffers of a joint stock
Even some of thc guests up the line on the sightseeing special
expressed regrets that so many miles of the journey out of Prince
Rupert were given up to scenes of mountain, snow fields, forests and
glacial torrents instead of fertile wheat-fields. As if scenes of Nature's
grandeur do not give rich dividends.
This spirit is abroad all over the North American continent, though
perhaps more marked in the United Slates than in Canada.    When
the Appalachian Park reserve was first proposed, a prominent member
of Congress cmboditd his objection to it by saying bluntly, "We
are not buying scenery."   To meet this criticism, the friends of the
bill, instead of holding insisting upon the value of great scenery, chose
to lay stress exclusively upon the material and economic side of the
whole movement.   The fact is, there is no more popular and effective
trumpet-call for the conservation movement than the appeal to the
love of beautiful natural scenery.    In this matter the idealists are
more practical than the materialists, whose mistake is that they never
capitalize sentiment.   A money valuation of the uses of great natural
scenery, attracting, as it does, a vast number of summer sojourners
and the traveling public in gem-nil, would make an astonishing showing.
It could easily be proved that the fear of offending the "hard-
headed" and "practical" man by such an appeal is without foundation.
The first thing that a man docs after he obtains a competence is to
invest his money in some form of beauty, and it is in the interest of
good citizenship that he should have a plot of ground to lie proud of.
He settles in some town, suburb, or other region mainly because il
is beautiful, and he is all the happier if his home can command an
attractive natural view.   As he grows richer, this desire for beautiful
things, and particularly for a beautiful country-plan-, becomes mon
dominant, and it is to such a feeling  that We owe the development
of our sea-coast   and hilltops into regions of resort for health and
recreation.   The real lover of bis country still apostrophizes his land
with the lines:
I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills,
and he is not willing that this sentiment shall Ik- changed to read:
I love thy stocks and mills,
Thy gixxls and crumpled bills.
It. is quite true that we "cannot live on scenery."   It is equally
trot- that we cannot live without it.     Man docs not live by bread
A correspondent asks us to define what Socialism is. According
to W. R. Shier, one of the ablest of the Canadian writers on the subject, "Socialism is a world-wide political movement that seeks (1) to
establish a working class administration of the national, state and
municipal governments, (2) to apply the principle of democratic public
ownership to all the highly organized industries, and (3) to secure
for the working people higher wages, shorter hours, steadier employment, better workshop conditions, lower rents, cheaper insurance,
brighter surroundings and more fun."
Section 9
Township 1
This is an excellent section and wan one of th.' first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
Is Over $16,000,000 Bigger Than
Last Year. Canada is Growing Fast.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa,   June    17.���The   final
revised   figures   of   revenue   and
expenditure of the Dominion for
the  fiscal  veal   ended   March   31,
1911, have been issued by the
finance department. These show
that ihe revenue amounted to
1117,780,400 as compared with
1101,503,710 in 1910, an increase
of $10,270,099.
Travel Traffic Today in Prince
Rupert. Busy scenes at the
Wharf and Wharf Railway
With a big passenger list the
Prince George arrived todav on
time. Amongst her most interesting passengers were the witnesses
from the strike trial just finished
at Victoria. The George also
brought up a full cargo. Tomorrow, Sunday, morning at eight
a.m. the Prince George pulls out
for Stewart on her usual weekend
At one p.m. today the train for
Copper City pulled out, well patronised by passengers for up river
jioints who leaving Vancouver on
Thursday night can now be in
Copper City tonight. It used to Ik-
a week's journey. news from
up river this morning says that
the water in the canyon is at !i ft.
6 in. and falling, and thai the
Operator got through. This will
facilitate travel up the Skeena.
Sir Donald Mann in on a $10,-
000,000 Project to Smelt British Columbia Ores.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, June 17.���A 110,000,-
000 company was organized tain)
to smelt British Columbia ore.
Several carloads of ore are to lie
sent bere and treated, and il
the smelter does the work guaranteed, Sir Donald Mann is lo pa)
$8,000,000 to the Island Company
i hem 25
tin- new
the   invention   and   all
per cent of the stock
Pilot Kerr of Cetriana Appointed Captain of the New Steamer British Empire.
Wireless reports from time to
time recently have announced the
coming io this coast of the new
steamer British Empire lo the
command of which Pilot Kerr
of the Cetriana has Iktji appointed.
The British Empire is at pri-scnl
in Vancouver, and will bo coming
north shortly. Captain Kerr is
well known and popular on thcsi
coasts, and has a long experience
of the waters here. He will probably make his headquarters down
bi low now, and for this reason
has had his gasoline launch transferred from Pacofi on the Islands
to Rii|H-rt DO be taken south later.
Sum Total This Week Will Exceed $10,000
Following are the building permits for the week ending June 10:
Ben Volther, alterations, Third
avenue, cost $50.
Philips Hidjen, alterations, Third
avenue, cost $5(1.
Tom O'Brien, residence, Ninth
avenue, cost $100.
Dyerelli, store and dwelling on
Seventh avenue, cost $3000.
George  Sutherland,  residence,
McBride street, cost $600.
Longshoremen's Union Hall on
First avenue, cost $1100.
H. Smith, residence, Donald
street, cost $300.
Charles O. Williams, residence,
Eighth street, cost $300.
John Currie, alterations, Third
avenue, cost $300.
Ethel Webster, residence, Comox
avenue, cost $1300.
Isodor Director, warehouse, Eraser street, cost $250.
Prince Rii|>crt Building Investment Co., three cottages, Fifth
avenue, cost  *-t(MMl.
For all kinds of help, cookB,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Bullding Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaater, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Preaaed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 580
.   .   ���   at. �����  -   at  ���   it   ���   a   ��   a   m. ���..��_ J- J ...a. .,
, ,   Carrie, complete atork nf Drug..   Special
, ,      attention paid to Mlllnir prescription..
!', Theatre Block phone n... ra Second Ave.
' *************************
Skeena UadOUtrirt-UII riotoIQMM?**g Rupert   B.  a J
Take notice tliat Catherine11. urUon. o  OWgay aiW^ r P
Alberta   occupsllon  UInsU.r   llJ��   .'��  ��lUou ""coinnionolnji at
for permission to purchase tluMonowiw. �����
ilanlnl ah"ul " l
Slu'enn Laud District���District ol Coast Range 5
Take notico that I, Clara May ��� '���"'-   ��� -���"
-   c.,    ' '-
it I, Clara May Little ot 1'rlncu
occupation spinster. Intend to
slon to purchase tht following
for peri
post    |
Comnioncing at a  post plantod at thu nortli
I woat comer of I.ot 1735, Hanilu 6, Coast District
thencu eaat 40 chains^ thoncu north SB cliuiiu
nd containing 1U0 acres more or less-
Datod March 17, 11)11
Pub Apr. 7.
Numa Duniers, Agent
Ski-ena Land DlltriOl , '""V:"'   '     If   erince
Take ...nil'.' ihai I. ��"��� John Jo*"1,' , 5SJ
Rupert, n.i'..,���'i'oii,.ii..n married ��"'���;.'���*
l��� apply fur pel mission lo purchaae I he f.illoi. Ills,
ili-scrils'il lands.  ,.l���,l,,a  seat
Commenolns-al ��� pott i'1"""*1,,1",' "."���.   "f
and ISO. ehalni south from the ��...nn.i-st
lot ITU, Casl Uixlri.-t. Ui.'.so- "- ' "'""
thencs east �� chains, uiano"
i-hiuiis niori. or
small  XII
north no
ss  lo Ihe
olio acres
i-hiiins. thenoa west n
point of i-omiiie,u.i'ini.iit. oontalolnS
mora or less.
MILS. .lotlN   Lottie) I'ollI.EY
Unit. Mar. 10, 1:111
Pub. Apr. 4. lull
M,.vm> Land DlltriOl    District ot Caaslar
Take nonce thai  1, Perry oueenau ol Prince
Itupert,  11. .'., occupation  prosiH-ctor,  intend to
apply  (or  permission  to  purchase the lollowlng
deacrllail lands:
Cotiiiiii'iicniK at u piwi planted in Ihe vicinity
ol .loose Hay, ataiot three-eights ot a mile south
of the mouth ot the llunan/a Creek, and being
on thu eaaterly boundary ol Timber limit No.
362111 or No. >...-.., thunce aouth 40 chains along
the easterly limit of aald Timber Limit No. ;l..'.!M
or No. :i;'i280 40 chaina. thence esst to th ~1"""
liuose llsy, a distance ol 40 chaina more or
thence liiirtlierly along the ahore o( Uooau
40 chains more or less, thuncu westerly 40 chains
more or leal lo point of commonciimetit, containing
ltio acres mm. or less.
Dated March 7, 1UU. PEltllY ql'KENAN
Pub. April 7.
shore ol
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. Davis'
Boat House.
? Rochester &
' r     Monroe
l/       it Coal
\:    Phone ii 5
SK.vnii Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Casslar
Tu...'   nutico   that   I,   Thomu   Macgovcrn   ol
Stewart, Ll. C., occupation niiner.intvntT lo apply
tor permission to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a pust planted on tbe right
bank of the Naaa river about four milua above the
[arid of the Naaa river, thonce aouih 60 chaina,
thencu weat mi chaina, thence north 81) chaina,
thencu cast SO chaina to point of commencement,
containing 64U acrea mure or luaa.
Dated .March 25, 1911. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
I'ub. May 17.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Caaalar
Taka notice that  William  Frederick Cameron
of  I'rince  Itupert,   H    C,  occupation  carpenter,
ntenda to apply lor pormlMioo to purchaae the
following deacribed landa;
Commencing at a poat planted about three
milea aouth ol the forks of the White and Flat
rivets, thence aouth bU chains, thence weat mi
chains, thence north el) chaina, thunce eaat 60
Dated April 18. I'JU.
I'ub. May 13. Francis S. Preston, Agent
Skeuna Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Coast Range 6
Take notice that 1, leauchlen John Shunahan of
Victoria, H. t\, occupation teacher, intend to
apply for permission to purchaae the (ollowing
described landa:
Commencing at a poat planted 6f> chaina aouth
from thu southeast corner of Ut 110(30, thenco 4U
chains suuth, ihenco 40 chains west, ihence 40
chains north, thence 40 chains oust to point of
commencement, containing 1W) ucrus more or leaa.
Dated April 17, Rill.
Tub Mav ti.
Pub. April 1
Ski'i im Lund District���Diatrict of Count Rnnga .'���
Tuku notico thut Mury lleuton CiUdurnliiHc D(
Victoria, 11. C, occupation housekeeper, inu-iui,
to apply for punn station to purchase tho ioUowlo|
described lamia:
Commencing ut a poat planted ut thu nuthwajt
corner ul Lul B96. Rungu (>, Coust District,LhwiM
mi chuins soulh thenee 40 chuins eust, IhlDH Nl
chain* notthi thenco 40 chukiiH west lo point d|
ummencemenl, containing 1W0 ucres moru ur Ietu
Dated April 17, I'.'ll.
I'ub. May 6.
Skoena Und District���District uf Coast
Taku notice tn.u   Krud  W.  Huhlur o(  Kjlsu.n
kalum, oocupauoi,  (urimir,  Intend.,  tu apply   In;
permission  to   purchaw   the  luiiuiving   diuc;iin-i
Cotnmoncing ut a pou planiul ui tho north
eust curnur ol A. .Mrl... > l . ;>r������ ���> upliuii, UMntN
HO chains south, thunce It) chains oust, ihuncv fjtl
chains nurth, ttiotiuo 10 chaiiu west to puji ..(
co'iimoncuinunt containing 20 acres moru or luo
Dated April 10, toll. FltlEDRIClL W. BUULKK
I'ub. April --. Fred Hampton, Agum
Skeena Und Diatrict��� Dislrict ol Cuast Range B
Taku nutice thu 1, Frank llicka of l'uri h��
atngtun, uccupaiiou tuercliant, intend tu ippi)
lor permission. o purchase the following descntu-1
Commencing at a poat planted on the sou-a
bank of thu Exchumsiks Rivur and abuul foil
miles from its coniluunce with the Skuonu Rlvtr,
thencu HO chaina west, thence bO chains nurili,
Lbencu bO chains east, thenco south 60 ciu.iu,
to point ot commencement, containing 010 urti
mure or luaa.
Dated AprU 21, 1911. FRANK HICK*
I'ub. April 29.
Lots I
, 2K.
^^   i hihI (i, Hit    ^^
Si-f'   ��� ���:���   1.
|8000, id."' per cent. cm.h.
balance 1, 2, ;. years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
BESNER & BESSER,   Proprietors!
The New  Knnx  llulel Is run on ths Europesn
(Ian.   I .rat-, las. service.   All the laltest Modem I
mprvremenls. ���:���:��� BEDS to.- UP
Bank Clerk Kills HimMlf
Sault Stc. Marie- -iStH-rial)���J.
A. F. Barth, chief accountant at
tin- branch of the Imperial Hank
litTc, killed himself n��l.iv.
BILL!/ i-O.s
and Pool.
4 Alleys. 7 Tablea.     A good exercise.   A clean -i.-'t t.    I.. :���:��� -i- v.i v
aftornuon.     Newman  Hlnck,  between tllh and 7th Stt. ^B^^
im. M<>HHi.-t(*N.     Truprfetor and Manager
Sk>vna Und DUtrlct���District of (
Take notice that 1, John L. Mitchell of I'rince
Rupert, II. C, occupation bookkeeper, Intend to
apply  for  permiaalon  to   purchase the  following
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about (0) Dve
miles south and (1) one mile west of the forks of
the White and Flat rivers, tbence north HO chaina
thence east mi chains, thence aoulh HO chaina,
thence west HO chaina.
Dated April 18, lull.        JOHN L. MITCHELL
Tub. May 13 Francia S. 1'rustrn, Agent
Skeena Und District���District of Cossiar
Take notice that 1 Francis S. 1'ruaton ot I'rince
Rupert,  11. (.!,, occupation prospector, Intend  to
apply   lor  permission   to   purchase  the  (ulluwmg
deacrilHHl lands:
Commencing al a poet planted about three
miles south and two milea west of tha forks ot
the White and Flat rivers, thence aoulh HO chaina
thence east mi chaina, thence nurth mi chains,
thence west bO chains.
Dated April 20, 1911.     FRANCIS S. I'RESTON
I'ub May 13
skeena Und District���Diatrict ot Coast Range ..
Take not ce thai 1. Joe Jack ol I'nrca R. p��rt.
U. Cm occupation carpenter, intend to apply for
permission to purchase tho following described
Commencing at a poat planted about thiee|and
one-half miles diatant In a aouth westerly direction
(rom a blind slough from Observatory Inlet whure
thc same touches the Indian Reacrvu thence east
HO cha na. thence -*nilh HO chains, thence weelHO
chains, thence aouth 80 chains to point of com-
.....'.��� i,i-nt, containing 040 acres mure or leaa.
Dated April 14, 1911. JOE JACK
I'ub. May 13.
| Skeena Und District���District of Coast Range &
Taka oottce that 1. Dell Hall Kenney of Y
Skeena Und District���Diatrict of Coaat
Take notico that William McTaviah of Vaocou*
ver, H   C. occupation phyaician, intends to sppl>
(ur iHirmisslon to purchaae the lollowitig duhcrtn-vl
Commencing at a post planted at the i- ;���',���,. -
corner, 40 chaina north and 40 chaina vui ui tn��
northeast corner of Ut 1110, Harvey's Surve),
Coust District, Itange &, thuncu 00 chains ���-....
tbence 00 cbaina north, thence 00 chains Meat,
tbence 60 chains aouth lo post o( cominviicemvni
containing U00 ucree more or loss.
Dated May 2, 1911. WILLIAM A. McTAYl.Mi
I'ub. May t>. Fred W. Uohler. AgvM
Skeena Und District -District ot Coast Range u
Take nutice ibat Louie McTavUh of Vancouver,
H. G<| occupation married woman, intends lu
apply for permiaalon to purchase the folkming
Ooscribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted al the northwest corner 100 chaina oast and 20 chains nurtf.
(rum thu noriboast corner ot Ul 1110, tttrvan ���
Survey, Coast Districi,Hango d.ibonce 20 ciiuii.s
aouth, iheucu 80 chains uaal, thenca 80 chains
north, thunco 40 chains west, tnaoce 00 chsu>i
south, thencu 40 chains wesl to post ot comtnt-r.-
cement, containing 4U0 acrea more or leaa.
Dated May 2, 1911. LOTTIE McTAMmI
I'ub. May 0. Fred W. Uohler, Atfvt.i
Skoena Und District���District of Coast l... .. I
Take notice tlut Grace .Mcf avish, ot Vsncutiver,
U. C., occupation marriud wuman, intends to apply
(or permission to purchase Ihe (ollowing .it-���.���..��� ;
Commencing al a post planted at the sonthues.
corner 100 chains oast and 20 chaina north ut
the northeast corner o( Ut 1110, Harvey s .Nunc.,
Coast District, Range 6, thenoa 40 chains c-ut.
tbence HO chaina north, thencu 40 chains *<-��t.
ihence 80 chains suuth to post u( communceineiit
containing ���'<-���> acres mora or leaa.
Datod .May 2, 1911. GRACE McTAVlMI
Tub. May 0. Fred W. Uohler, Age:,t
Skeena Und District���DUUict of Caaalar
Taku   nutice   ihut   1,   Charles   M.   knuuse   o
I'rince Rupert, U. C, occupation farmer, intend
to apply (ur iiormisfciun lu purchase the lullus>ing
deacribed lauda:
Coimnuncing at a post planted about ,'���> u ������������
miles aoulh and (2 ) two miles went ot tlit? forks if
\Mhiu river and Flat river, tbence south &0 chaiiu,
thonoe west bO chains, tbence north 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chaina.
Dated April 20, 1911.      CHARLES M   KNOt ��
I'ub. May Hi. Francia S. 1'rastuD, Agent
Skeena Und District���Dislrict o Coaat Range *
Take not ce that Murdock McRae of Vancouver
U. C., occupauon real estate broker, intends iu
apply (or ponnlsslon l: purchase tha lollo��iiiib
described landa:
Commencing al a Dost planted uo the aou.h
bank of Eirhumalks river about tiva mlk* (rem
its confluence with the Skeena river, ihence 40
chains west, thence 20 chaina north, thence i"
chaina west, ihence 40 chaina north, thencv 40
chaina east, thence 20 chaina south, thence 40
chains east, ihenco 40 chaina south to point ul
commencement, containing 320 acrea mure or less
Dated April 21, 1911. MURDOCK McKAb
I'ub. May 13.
Skeena Und District��� DUtrict ot Casaiar
lake   notice   that   1,   Isaac   O'U.wn   Forbes
I'rince Rupert, U. C, occupation carpenter, mien I
.ply for pen  '
1 descnbvd landa:
to a;
permission to purchase'tho f ������>.������ t
=     E.
EBY   to,   Co.
Commencing at a post plsnted about Hv milca*
auulb and one mile west of the (orka ot t :���< ���'��� hue
aud Flat rivers, thence nurth 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chaina, thcuce
eaat 80 chaina.
Datod Aprd 18, 1911. ISAAC O'URIEN FORMES
I'ub. May 13. Francia B. Proston. Agent
W44444444444444444444H4<4'. I mouth, Nova sScntla, occupation married woman,
Intend to apply  for  permission  to purchase the
following described landa:
Commencing at a post planted at north east
corner of T. I. Ut 3H&2H, thence running weat 40
rl.Ki- letice  north   HO  chaina,  thencu  east  40
r-1 ill.', '   -    v south 80 cbaina to place of com-1
r.Mfnceiiioni   containing   320  acrea  more  or   less. ��  . mmA ����__. .    r��^ .._*<-     .
My post or n aouth cast corner ot land applied ! ��l��5L*!!��i^%SSftSW!! S'v*'0" i
for, rnsrkeu .eiters S. E., about one mile weal of I i,1���' ""He* that Glenn McArthur ot Vancouver
Uke Ukelw, soulh aide of Skeena Hver D.��lrict L^^fSf'HHBl ���* tSLMFlL rSSStS-
uf Coast Range 6. | *'!Ly,    r  Iwrmi��**��*'  a*  purchase  the [ollowr-
Dat-d April 2lt, 19*11.      UELL HALL KENNEY    ','*'' sssssssssi ^ ,ft
Kb, May 13. John Ilav��rty. Agent     ' -A��" at *.P0it planted 40 chaina
KiUumkalum Land For Sale
B. C.
When Siwath Youth Poked Fun
at Him, He Cut His Face with
Some Tin Plate.
Port Esaington, June 18.���The
Chinese arc a ImiK stiffcriiiK race.
Bui t" In- laughed at !>y an Indian
VOUth was more than Jim Wall of
Claxton could stand.   He chased
the youth from Kilkatla with a
piece of tin plate, .slashing him
across the mouth. The lioy had
to he taken to Port Essington
Hospital, where Dr. R, W. Large
put live stitches in llic lad's face.
It was the lad's comments on the
Chinaman's native slippers that
roused the Chink's fury.
I'^"^..^.,^.,.^,, , ,i a, ,, a, ��� .na,,,|n a, ,.*,, a. ,a*, ��� a��., a^i.afc., a.., am   a.,, a. ,,a�� .. a^,, SaseSaaSJ
-a i
General Merchandl,
Get Over Three Thousand Big
Spring Salmon at Skidegate
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
(Special Correspondence)
Skidegate,   June   19.���The   Indians of  this district  have  done
very well with  thc fishing so far.
They have  got" over  three  thousand liig spring salmon, which  is
j I shipped   in   cold   storage  over  to
.   Claxton.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Sleam Healed Rooms
P.O. BOX 37
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.   63
Meets) in the llrlg.-rmin Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members  of  tin-  onler in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
.liM-riia ,i land.:
Cummsticn, al a post plan _. .	
snd au chslns south uf ths suutha-ssl curnsr '
lait Nu. I7ja msrksd litsnn McAnbur's aislli-
asst currivr, thonce south 40 chsins, thsnee sast
SU chains, thonce in,nil 41) chaina, thsnee west
JO chains iu post ol conimoncsnisnt, conlslnlnn
JH0 arrvs moru or leas.
 -.1 Mm,-!, .'ii, mn.      GLENN MeAKTIII ll
1'uh. April 16. T. I). Laird.
Ski-in. I-acil ' 'slrlcl     Ilistrlrl ol Cssslsr
Ts a  i    l-s <h..t  I, James  Llunlop ot  1'rlnc
Ituj,..      II    '.     ik-i :pslion   lesmster,   Inu-ml   to
sppl>   lur i-.-rrt.i.��,.. i,  to  purchsso tho  (u)lowing
descrilnsl Isnds:
Comnii-iicuig st s pusi planted about two mili-a     	
south ut tha forks uf the White snd Klst rivers,
thenco n..rlh  so chsins, thence west SO chslna, I
ihsnco south M eUlaa, thonce esst so chslns sk u ,,Bni| D|,triei-Dislrlel of Coast llsn��-c:.
listed April la, mil. JAMhb UI.M.III' l-..��a, lii.tri,.,
I'ub. May 111. FrancU S. I'reston. Ag,nt      T.k.. utlei that W���,. lisho of S.pprrton. II C
. _, '"���'ai'alini UuvornmrntUuard, Intends lo appl>
Coast ItsDge 5 Land Uialrict l"r porniissinn t��� purchase the fullusvina deacril-
Tsks  notico   that   1.   John   Uopbum   of   Kit- \ ed l.uul
occupation   fannur,   Inland   to   apply
Ion to puri-ha ��� the fulluwn,- duacrlhul
H. MORTON, Secretary.
S. O. E. B. S.
Hotel Central
Cor. First Aee.
��� nd 7th Street
European and American plan, steam
hr-atrd, modern conveniences. Hat".
11.00 to 12.50 per day. :        :
Peler Black
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
1. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Lunch and Meals alall hours; Lunch 16c,
M��a1s '.".<��� up-Come and Sn
Tho   PriUM   Kupert Lodgo.  No. 318. Sons of
Krm:l;i!i'l. nrets the first nntl third Tucsdaya  In
each month In the Carpenters Hall, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLAKK, Sec,
P. O. Box BU, I'rlnce Rupert
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
(or parmissloi
lands: ^^^^^^
Commencing st a poat planted st tha norlheai i
corner of Lot .i'<.vi, tl.snoe esal 20 chains, thencs
south  40 chsilns,  tnen-e   west 20 chans,  thoncf
north 40 chains to i.lnc. oi cotiim><ntiomenl-
UtUd March 18, 1911. JOHN  gsVBUBM
Pub April li>.
Skoens Und District     1'iitmt ot Cuast lUnge &
Take notice that  Ilonry  Macartney of  Princu
HujMrt, II. C-, occupailon miner, Intends to apply
for permission lo purchase the following deacribud
Commencing at a poet plinted
���Ide of Lichuirullta River, iwoi
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly filled.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Phone 68.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Avb.
tbo soutli
      ul'.: 1-2 miles Irom
Its confluence' with the Skeens lliver snd sbout
1-2 miles wost from Eschunalks rapids, Ihenco 80
chains north, thence 40 chsins east, thenco 40
chains south, thence 40 chains wost lo point o
commencement,   containing   120   acres   moro   or
less.   I'oat marked "II.M. S.W.,cpr."       	
Dsted April 22, 1011. UEN1.V MACARTNEY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���District ot Cssslsr
Take notice thst  1,  Alery  Car n  M   Stewart,
li. 0,, occupsllon marrlod woman, lull   l to spply
for pormlsalon to purchase th, IoI'owIuk doscrilied
Commencing st a post plsnted two (2) milea
south and (21 two miles west ol tie forks of ihe
White snd Fist rivers, thence SO chslns north,
thence SO chslns west, tl.snce SO chslns south,
thenco HO chaina oast.
Dsled April 20, 1911. MAItY OAK1N
Pub. May 18. Francis s. 1 reslun, Agent
Skeens Und District��� District .1 Coaat
Take  in-lee thst  I,   Will un  Melville Corley
of   Toronto,   Ontario,   <iccu;v.'i m   clerk.   Intend
to apply for nermlsslon to puichsso t.Ye following
described Isnds:
Commencing st a post ������������inted st th.' northwest
corner of Lot 8056 lung ., I osst Mlit -Ist, ihi-m-,
esst 60 chslns, thsnee norm 40 chsins, 11 unco west
��0 chslns to Hell's Gate slough, thai en nlung
slough southerly to point of eommeiicem-nt, containing 160 acre, moro or leas.
Dated April 8, 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District -District of Queen Chi rlotf.
Take notice that J. II. Murphy.ot Vancoaver,
B. C occupation  commercial travillur,  mi ��� , i
to apply for permission to purchase tho folloving
described Isnds:
Commencing at a post plantod al>.iut so'en
mllea weat and one mile pouth Irum tho mo ith
of Stanly Creek, Nsdsn Hsrbor, thonce north SO
chslns, thence west 40 chslns, thoncs south 60
chslna, thsnee esst 40 a Ins.
, Dsted March 17,1911.
I Pub. April 22.
Cutmiii.iu-iiiv at n pust planted 4.1 chains wesl
anil I:., ehalni smith uf the southwest .-..rn.-i .: '
NO ] ,U, i ,i,,... r, ,..,ii��i ,|i.i,���ijnitl,. I Wm Leslie,
r. \\ i-ut hit, thenee south 411 chaina thence east
-"llama, then,-., nurth 40 chaina, thence we.l H
I'haiiis iu post ,,f cummencemonl, containing HO
'i.'i... inurenr leaa.
11.,   , s,     , '���'��� "��� l-alrd. Agent March IMlh. loll
I'ub. Aprh 20th. mn
Skisma Lasd .UUtrlct���Dislrict ol Queen Charlotte
��, , Islands
I ako nolle, thai Geo. It. Laus ol Prince lluperl,
ii. U, . v ,|, ,,,,,��� harbor, intends to spply for
"���rmusion In purchase tho lollowing doacribe.1
Commencing at a post plantod about seven
miloa wen and ono miiu south Irom tho mouth
ol Stanly creek, Naden llarlwr, thonco south SO
chain., thonco west 40 chslns, thonce north 80
SS"}.'"""* UMt 40 ehalns.
Dttsa March 17, 1911. GEO. II. LsttTX
I ub. Aurll 22. Num, uemers. Agent
Skeena Land District-District ol Cssslsr
i, .'���"��� iiollce thst I, Urenton Jordon Moors ol
l rlnce lluperl, U. C, occupstion contrsctor. Intend
'" apply lur permission to purchase tho following
doscrilied Isnds:
Commencing at a poll planted about (3) three
mil,. a���uih snd (2) two mllea west ol the forks
oi While and Fist rivers, thenco 80 chslns south
tnence 80 chains west, thenio 80 chslns north,
thenee 80 chslns esst.
n.,��i . ., ������ BllENTON JORDON MOOUE
DaloilI April 20, 1911. Francis S. Preston, Agent
i'ub. Msy 13.
Skeena Und District-District of Cssslsr
|J22 "i".1!?" thu I, Jamas Webster Ksplln ol
mSS,   ,     ��� '��� occupation    auctioneer, Intend to
ffll��5,r|.���r21tal0n '" PU,Ch"* "" ,0"0Wlng
Commencing at a post planted on  the right
fflfj "' Iho.Naas rlvnr sbout nine miles sbovc
no mrks of the Nsss river, thence south 80 chslns,
����� wc"1 8U c,|slns, tnence north 80 chains,
r!S ?*"���?? '!h"ln, * Point of commencement,
contsining 610 screa more or less.
Dstastu     tn       JAMES WEDSTER ESPLIN
I'uli Mayri7      ' ���*  Fr,nk m"'y Wr"ht' A"
11. C
"JfiSS! ''"n(1 District-District of Cssslsr
1 ako nnllce that 1, Sydney Kltsgorald ol Stewart,
mi.llA'.0.''cu|'*,l?n cook. Intanrl to spply for permission to purchaso tho (ollowing described Isnds
-^KSKPS at a post plantod about llvs mils
n.���i  t* .  ",n" mUo of tho forks of White
u"���,  ��'.   I1"���' 'honco south 80 chslns, thenco
east a"    hi        Ul6nC�� north 80 oh*'n'' tnenc0
J   14    -ii  i,,.i.\-     .       .J enatns.
NoiiD.m^rt   BfcP"1-   S^acl.YSFP^e:RAAr. THE   DAILYi ."NEWS
"land purchase notices
i ������i Dislrict���District ol Coast Range ���
St��')�� ���*fflt' i','Alesandsr Mcintosh aTV,,
Tske num.  i��mcu      ,01|   ���,,,   0,ut0   brok���
cuaer. a   wa    ((jr pormuu|on to purchase ths
i**"'' .S'atVpost'ulBiitod 40 chain, south
WP     ���u ,   ihenco 40 chains west, thsnee 80
,,,,1,1, sou, H����     .j oll|llll, ^ to pol���t ���(
,b"""���,�� ne'nt cuniulalng 320 aoros moro or leas.
cjinini'iirt.' ui.
ususl ApM IT. '���,ALExANDElt MolNT03U
pub, Ma)'��
District ol Caaslar
Francia Uodonrath
SgMU Land Ulslrlct-DI
����� L   iuiiico lhat 1, 1'orcy
,'���?..��  11 C, occupatiun Journalist   Inland to
. nil""inTinlsslon to purchase  tho  following
ajs-rMJlu."a":,l u lluat plantod  on  tho  right
l!"",i"iiv Nail river about suvon mllos above
l-"lk ; ,,'. ,|���. Nana river, theuce south 80 chaina,
Iks la-rase. ^ chums, tlienco north 80 chains,
"^"^,���1,1 ao chains lu point ot commencement,
""'"'v,!"...,. ul ucn-s moro or lusa.
aj-jaulal "'"j^Ucy ,-KANClS UODENIIATI1
uaMdMsrc as, I'll. Frsuk Sidney Wright, Agt
pa, Mai It.
Ilsaaa I and District -District of Caaalar
TsiVaotlis U'si I. Alfred Kyle ol I'rlnce Ru-
,,   i     uccupatiun   electrician,   intend   to
Set   !��' parmlassM t�� purchaae ibe following
"T^-aneiai'al s post plsnted about (8) throe
.'m ..I Hi" vSu ol lbs White and Fist
m\L iniuini HO chains south, thence 80 chains
'",   ii. na, ru elislna nurth,  thetioe  80 chains
i*���i ipril if, mn.
jut,. Ms. 13.
Francis S. Preston, Agent
-,., a Land Dislrict���Dislrict ol Casslsr
1���, nolMl mat 1, Jamaa Millar Johnston ol
Bursarl   II. i  . uccupalloo storekeeper, Intend to
'       i',,, ;...   i-i..���   lo purcluue  ihu  fullowlng
,!��.-:,.-��� I lauds. ,    .   .    . .,
'.    ,, is al a |ioat  planted about ons mils
. ,-. Iron Lbs Naaa river and about nine miles
... ul the Nsss river, thence north 80
,..., ii.ii.ia. wesl 80 chsins, thunce south 80
J in,.;,,.,, is.i M) chslns Ui point ul commvoce-
L ., sostalalja lilO acrus mors ur leas.
luieJ March :i. 1911. Frank Sidney Wlignl, Agt
|-uu. Ms> 17,
Ekssu tJind District���District ol Casslsr
t-Jpj inn.-.- ihai I.  Usrla.  Edwin   Usdgsr  ol
Slea.rt. it. C, oceupsuun plumber,   intend to
,, i.miusbiub  lo  purchsae Uie  lulluwing
uinia-i lanJs: . ���
teainwnctag at a post planted abuut uno mile
aonti ut '.li.' Nsas river snd about asven miles
auii,. its I-.r-s ul  tbe  Naaa  lliver  up.tresm,
tyajB, aoflh "-o chaina, thsnee esst 80 chsins,
... ,-u chaina, Iheuce weal 80 chslns to
uat,i "1 ci.nuosncemenl,   containing   640   acres
;..:.: Mart* U. 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pali. Ma, 1,.
-.,.;. Und Di.inci -District of Coaat Rsngs 6
law i.,.;,c thst 1, Uonsl Kingsley of Vsneou-
,ir, II. . , uccupsuoo runer, intend to spply
tar Mastaae, lu purchaae the (olluwing doscribeu
uninar.nn.- st s post plsnted near tho south-
Ma, corner ut Lot 992, Range 6, Coast District
user, aval 40 chsins, thsnee south 60 chsins,
uasrs es>i 10 chains, thsnee nurth 60 chsins lo
natal "1 ro'tiiiieneemonl.
'.,.>: 14,"""
, 1911.
M Urtl
Sums land District���District ol Coast Raage 6
i... t..:ic-s thst i I.I..i, :-. beta-tier ol llertln,
ou.' uccupatiun  doctor,  intends  lo  apply   lur
wausaia tu pur disss the following  described
i.ainier.cing st a posl planted al tbe south-
sen ton* it Lol 1928, thence east 80 chains
Bert ur I.-.., thence south 46 cbaina more or less,
issus ��<si JO chsins mora or leaa, thenee north
i, tu,'. ur lesa to point of comniencomsnt' 140 seres more or leas.
.      " ;, lull     El.DiiN  S   HETW1LER
faa. April IS' J..Im t anipU-u, Agsnt
>imu Und Dlalrlel���Distiicl ol Cosal Rsngs 6
Iu. . :.,v that Mrs. L. C. Putnam ol SI
lias "..ia, occupaUoa married woman
���:i.: j lu apply lor psrmssiion lo purchase the Uieaiued lends:
i . .ing su post planted at the soulhaest
carter ul Iml No. 1788 marked Mrs. L. C. Putnam's
svrtlsu.1 ci.rii.-r, thence wast ,u chains, ihence so chsins tbence eaat 40 chains, lhance
sr.:. .-ii rlisins to poat of commenosmsnt, con
laxing i^o .crvs more or leas.
DilalMurh20 19IL MRS. L. C. PUTNAM
hit. April I j, lieu. IL Putnam  Ag.n
Hems Und District -District ol Coast Rsngs 6
lass n���i ce test I, John Ivaa Peters ol Prince
i .. occupsloa clerk, intend lo sppl)
1st pn*n.uaiuD to purchase the fullowlng described
t iui;na-r.cing st a posl planted about three sn
u*Lsil n.ise distant n a south westerly d reel on
Irian s Imt.d slough from Observatory Inlet whsre
: < -- . luuches the Indian ttaeerva, th.nce
...l ay ri.ius, thence north 80 chains, Ihsnce
eas Ml cIibiiib, ihence eoutb B0 chains to point e
a*i-'i'tYnirnl, contsining 610 acrea more or less
tea, Us) u.
Suva, tani District-District ol Coast lUnge 1
las. rslice lhat I, Charles A. Vaughsn ol* lluivrt, II. C, occupsllon mercbsnl, intsnd
Issppr. I.�� la-rrolasion lo purchase the following
ossCTiiiril lands:
rial at a post planted on the soulh
bus ��� I l.unuuiaik. River and about lour miles
ubb IU ruiiltueiice with Ihe Skeena River, tbence
n etisir., ,.���,_ ihence so chsins north, thsnee ao
tf.��.i.. ...,1, tnence 80 chains south lo point ol
Ma:i.i':.cvni��it. conuinlng 610 acres more or baa
UalM April 21, 1,11 CIUKLE3 A. VAUGHAN
rab. Awu 29.
a- na Und Uistrlct-Disulct ol Cssslsr
Tsat oi.tice that I, Swan  llallen ol SUwsrt.
"   1-. ivcuialiuB   carpsnlar.   Inlend   lo  apply
1 psrii.uakio to purchase Ihe fullowlng described
'.;..' et a post planted about (6) miles
""."-."'a ������i I) mil" "vest of the forks ol tbe While
BM Hat ruers. Ihence 60 chslna eoutb, tbence SO
���"'" "est. thenee 80 chains north, thencs 60
Cauda .���,,,
n��. stai 11. Francia S. Preston. Agent
**���*" Un I District -Dislrict ol Queen Chsrtotts
T., Islsmls
'"��' ...������� thai Ueorge W. Arnott ol Prince
,Vr   "" "��� **��� "ccupauun  real  saute  broker,
���������:... Ui sp,.!) lo, |��rmiss,on to purchsss ths
-orine.1 Unds:
run st  s post  planted   about  seven
;���-��� .... .....hall mile west and one rruls soulh
mi of Stanly   Craek, Nsdsn ilsrbor,
���o- *~K ail chains, thsnee soulh 80 chslns,
>.n., ihence north 80 chsins
""-i M..rl, 17, nil. quo. W. AR
Drills are at Work in the Yak-
oun River near Skidegate���
Outlook is Good
(Special Correspondence)
Skidegate, June 18.���Active
work on the coal measures on the
Yakoun River are in progress. The
McPhail gang have brought In a
diamond drill and are at work.
They intend to develop this rich
Another diamond drill is at work
at the north of the island at Olard
Bay, where it is to lie sunk 3,000
feet to I ii ire for oil.
Hospital Opens for the Fishery
Season���Dr. Large in Chagre
(Special Correspondence)
Port Essington, June 17.���The
Port Essington General Hospital
has been opened for the fishing
season, under the charge of Dr.
R. \V. Large of Port Simpson, and
with Miss Alton as Lady Superintendent. There are six in patients
already, antl many outpatients
who call for medicines and treatment.
Miss l^mg is in charge of the
Port Simpson Hospital during Dr.
Largs's absence.
Some of the Humors of Census
Taking Among the Indians
The Indian agents who are out
taking the census among the tribes
are having their troubles. Mr.
Perry at Metlakatla tells "f visiting
one reserve last week and finding
himself unable to lean from one
man the name of his wife.
"Wait, and I will ask her," he
asked the agent.
In a few minutes he returned
smiling. "She says her name is
Elisabeth," said the proud husband.
Acceptable   Novelty   in
Everyday Fare
Into a quart of lukewarm milk
stir tliree-o,iiarters of a cup of
butter and lard, mixed and melted.
Add two table-spoonfuls of sugar,
S teaspoonful of salt, tliree-quarters
of a cake of compressed yeast dissolved in a gill of warm milk and
enough flour to make a soft dough.
Set in a warm room to rise over
night. In thc morning roll out
into a sheet tliree-quarters of an
inch thick, cut into round biscuits,
put these side by side in a pan,
leaving room for them to swell,
set to rise for twenty minutes and
I'm,, a,,
Numa Demsra, Agsnt
Naaa, Und District-District of CsssUr
, "      'hat I, Alice M. Knouse ol Prince
i�� ...   .  * ��� "ceup.Uon married woman, Intend
-" "I'l'i) lur |m>i
Baaanaaa] Urnis:
.'..' st s poet planted about iwo'miha
bm i-i "*" ma��� w~l ��* aS forks ol While
"' 'isi rivers thence north 80 chains, thsnee
7.1 .7 "���*��� 'hence south 80 chaina, Ihsnce
'���"-I A, ,,1.(1,11,1!. ALICE M. KNOUSE
Mai IJ. FrancU S. Preston. Agsnt
Siik.r,,. Und Disirlct-Dstrlcl of Casslar
J'h,.'.oi'cs thst Sydney llodgklnaon of Tale-
BtSv i     k- U- c- occupsllon clerk, Intsnds to
il'-ictil.'T|l'Tlil"'0" ,0 Purch-w tbe following
mile"!!"!',;'"'"'111" * l,0,t Plsnted about a quarter
Ck ,' 0V,1 ,nm ulMier Kim. and on tbe sast
thine, a 5S"!! m"T- lh��nCT aaaS 20 chains
Sua ,"Vh,4.0 cn*iM' tn""c�� "real 20 chains.
sti.l ���..*.'���       " chslns to point ol
C.A. Tervo, Agsnt
l'"b. April
T hkeanii Land Dutrict-Dkrtricl ol CsssUr
e( b5S mn t.h"1 '��� Charles Frederick Me
���link*      "��� '-. occupstlon freighter, Inlen
Intend to
the following
bink",'.!"^!10';1! "l c PMt Planted on ths right
Ink,     <!! .**��� rivCT ,boul ���** mil"" *bovs the
BelIM w!u*l",w> lhenre ���oulh 80 c,"in���.
Unn   J  "0 chslns, thence north 80 chslns,
ttnlaihi, . ��� IS cn"lna to point ot commencement,
li.i- . '''^"cres more or less.
���'u" May f-     ' .l.911: CUARLES F. METCALF
Frank Sldnsy Wright, Agsnt
IVJefSffl l-fSSj DUtrict���DUtrlct ot Coast
, m�� ni.ucc that  I, William  John Corlsy of
ilupert, U
la aiuik."!1*"' u- 0,�� occupsllon rancher, Intend
deactii,, | Un,1",'"���'"1'"1 ta Purchaae tha following
''"' "-ing st a post planted at the southwest
Ginger Pudding
One-half cup of sugar, one-third
cup of butler, one egg, two level
teaspoor.s ginger, one cup of milk,
two and one-half cups of self-
raising flour. Cream butler, sugar
and ginger, add eggs, milk and
flour. Steam in buttered molds or
cups.   To lie eaten with a sauce.
Really Seasick
Here is a seasick story we have
not heard before: Bride and groom
sitting on deck, both very sick.
"Harry, do you love me as much as
ever?" the bride asked the groom,
my darling," the groom rc-
"Morc than ever." The
turned her head away for
a moment, and then said to the
groom: "I thought that would
make me feci belter,   Harry,   but
it didn't/'	
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladii-a ot Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Cerner" will fill a social need.
This model is of foulard, showing
a white ground with line black
stripes and clusters of black dots
scattered over thc stripes. It
is made with the simple peasant
waist, but both blouse and sleeves
are piped with cherry red and
decorative shaped pieces of black
satin give a note of contrast at the
lower \\\r\ of the girdle and on the
cuffs. Black soutache is usid for
thc braiding.
���������������- .1068, Rsnge 6, Cosst District, thsnee
40 chains, thenee
10 chains to point
contsining 80 acres, more or
Tai!ri'",.Und District���Diatrict ol Cssslsr
'I I'li,,     ,w 'h" I. Al'rod llerrymsn Wlllisms
Wid to  ll"'!orti  U, C., occupstlon  msrchsnt
toknii.,. .i mX '"' Permission to purchsss ths
I'm,    """ribed lends:
mile. .,,,",cln! ��' �� P��rt plsnted sbout (2) two
1-sr,  iV     "' th�� lorks of the White snd Flat
���sit  ,,��� "c" *0 chains south, thence
��� ...ui,ia auuili, incur., ou chslns
"once 80 chains north, thenee 80 chslns
FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Date., .   ,AI'K|IED
Something New and  Nice for
Supper Time
Cut the crust from a round of
sandwich bread before slicing, cut
the bread into slices one-half inch
thick and toast quickly and lightly.
Mix a slightly beaten egg with B
jar of club cheese, seasoning with
a pinch of salt and one of red
pepper. Spread thc braid well
with this mixture, and lay on top
of each spread slice three slices
odf crisply fried bacon. Put under
the broiler on a gas range, or in
a hot oven in a coal range until
the cheese is melted. Serve very
Mrs. Alfred H. Morris was the
hostess of an exceedingly smart
Al Home on Saturday afternoon.
The Bpadous living room was
prettily decorated with red and
pink carnations and trails of greenery. Mrs. Morris received in a
dainty pale blue lingerie frock
of mull and embroidery and was
assisted in receiving by Mrs. Vernor Smith, in a handsome costume
of pastel blue satin, with garniture of beautiful lace. Mrs. Tremayne in S pretty all-over embroidery gown and black and
white hat, and Mrs. Pillsbury
in a soft gray costume and black
hat, poured at the polished table,
which presented a brilliant appearance with its Florentine centerpiece and cut glass bowl, filled
with beautiful pink carnations and
smylax. Thc ices were served by-
Mrs. Nelson, in a beautiful gown
of amethyst velvet and ecru lace
with amethyst and pearl ornaments.
Mrs. McMaster, Miss Pinder,
Miss Villa Brown, and Miss McMaster were indefatigable in looking after the comfort of the guests.
The following is a list ol Uninvited guests: Mrs. Willis James,
Mrs. L. Bullock-Webster, Mrs.
Lsmont, Mrs. Law, Mrs. W. E.
Burritt, Mrs. II. I.. Johnston,
Mrs. F. McB. Young, Mrs. Nell
McNeill, Mrs. D. G. Stewart.
Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Tite, Mrs. F.
Stanley Spain, Mrs. J. C. McLennan, Mrs. D. M. McLeod,
Mrs. D. H. Hays, Mrs. C. A.
Kggcrt, Mrs. VV. S. Benson, Mrs.
Angus Stewart, Mrs. Mehan, Mrs.
Evans, Mrs. Naden, Mrs. A. Smith,
Mrs. Williams, Mrs Brandt, Mrs.
Nelson, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Mc-
Intyre, Mrs. Bondcaux, Mrs. Bur-
rowts, Mrs. A. M. Manson, Mrs.
Beck, Mrs. Piercy, Mrs. J. F.
Rcitchic, Mrs. W. I��. Fisher, Mrs.
Cade, Mrs. P. I. Palmer, Mrs.
Ford, Mrs. J. M. Christie, Mrs.
Anderson, Mrs, Robinson, Mrs.
Taplcy, Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Sweet,
Mrs. Long, Mrs. Flexman, Miss
Craig, Miss Johnston, Miss Miull-
gan, Miss Macintosh, Miss Mary
Mill8gan, Miss Martin, Miss Monica Green.
of the Royal Bark, i-, n guest at
the Prime Ruperl Inn.
A jolly party ol young people
chaperoned by Mrs, Roberson,
spent Sunday across ihe harbor.
Mr. A. VV. Agnew returned on
Friday from a siitvry trip in the
Miss Reed, Ii day school
teacher at Bella Bella, is the
guest of Mrs. (Dr.) R. VV. Large
at Port Sompson.
Miss Lottie Deacon of the Crosby Girls' Home, Port Simpson,
and formerly missioanry of Kan-
azavva, Japan, is a guest of Mrs.
Charles Clifton Perry at Metlakatla.
Mrs. A. M. Manson has issued
invitations for a Bridge on Friday
Mr. and Mrs. James McEvoy
of Toronto, arc guests at thc
Prince Rupert Inn en route to
Pretty Filigree Work in Precious
Brilliants and rhincstones are
still leaders, but are not seen in
the massed effects of last season
so much as in open-work and
filigree settings, much silver being
used. A considerable number of
filigree metal pins are now seen,
filigree being a strong note at
present in all jewellery. A very
pretty novelty of the highest class
type is in quite large size of
filigree and rhinestonis over a
black velvet backing. The effect
is very rich, being obviously intended for wear with the fashionable magpie hat.
Belt pins are a strong line of
jewellery this spring, a greater
quantity than usual being sold
Many filigree numbers appear
both ill plain metal effects and in
metallized Dresden and Persian
Mr. H. Keith Wright, Inspector
Coiffeur Hiding the Ears is Now
In dressing the hair Dame Fash
ion decrees that the car, however
pretty, shall vanish from view,
excepting oily the loin-, a glimpse
of which is permitted beneath
waved or curling tresses. To the
girl who wishes to look her best
this style is a boon, for few arc-
blessed with well formed ears
though most girls have the pink
flush of youth and health in the
lobe, win re artists assert it is
absolutely essential to good looks
Many girls arc born with ears
that would grow shapely if they
were not ill treated. This does
not mi an abuse, but neglect. It
is said that soft feather pillows
are responsible for much of this
trouble, as little ears in the forma
tive   periixl   get   twisted   sinking
Into the pillow Instead of lying
flat against the head.
Clever Kitchen Hints Collected
by a Homemaker
Copper may be cleaned by
���enuring with a cut lemon dipped
in salt.
To make a boric arid solution
use one tablespoonful of boric
add to one pint of water.
A damp chamois is indispensable for wiping off picture frames
that are emanellcd.
A slice of bacon cooked with
spinach or otiier greens gives a
delightful seasoning.
It is better to keep tea and coffee
in airtight glass jars, in a place
not exposed to strong light.
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Gieater Canada
Your Dealer Hai It
The Digby Roomt |u
Locsttbtf on Sixth Ave, nvar Fulton
Tin it- to livi' mi mitt's fi'UMin-ii-
trt uf business tln.t i-ii-i. Nlne-
t'-.'ii newly fin riir-ln-d rooms.
Hot and cold witter, Imtli and
telephonf. Newly furniahed.
I' new manmcement.
-General Hardware-
Buildcra' Hardware l
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves  *
Graniteware       Tinware 4
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Glaises. Mineral Glasses, Compasses
antl   Aneroid Barometers.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
phone 82
ox����kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1 <
Do You
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert?
If so, and you want to sell,
send us full particulars.
We have buyers and we
want listings.     :    :    :    :
Second Aveu. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Strawberries, Cherries
All kinds of Vegetables just received
Groceries Fruits Provisions
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth St.    Phone 190
it   is   baked
it   will   always   be
Scatter sassafras bark with woolen goods and furs when putting
them away for the summer. It
keeps moths out.
��� + ���
A little vaseline or oil rubbed
over a stove when it is taken down
for the summer months will prevent
S.S. Prince George
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
J. G. MrNab
Tickets   To
Ty Cobb is in the first five batters of the American League.  They
are all close together,
+ + +
T. R, Goodwin and Thomas
Fleming Day, editor of The Rudder, are sailing across the Atlantic
in a 25-foot yawl, expecting to
reach the Mediterranean in forty-
eight days.
+ + ���
N in. and one-fifth seconds was
recorded as a new record for the
75-yard low hurdles on the books
of tin- A. A. V., John J. Eller,
holder of the world's record for
the 78-yard dash, having made
that time in the short hurdle race
u Celtic Park.
+ + +
Newark is about ready to let out
some players, as McGinnity thinks
it best to let his men know that he
must have rrsults. Pitcher Waller
Manning, bought from Rochester;
George Browne, the outfielder, and
Jimmy I'riek, the third Backer, are
the nun duo to go.
+ ��� ���
Mike Dunlin, the    former great
outfielder, has been reinstated by
the National Commission and promised to report to the New York
Club immediately <>n being restored to good standing. As his
record showed that he had not
violated any of the rules of organized baseball during the time he
was in retirement, the commission
did not inflict a fine.
+ ��� ���
Joe McGinnity says that  ihe
reason there is such ;ui excessive
amount of heavy hitting in some-
games and the batting is comparatively light in others is due
to the fact that the latest consignment of lwsi'balls is better
regulated in regard to the rublier
core than the first batch this
spring, and they are being worked
in with the lively ones. The
"Iron Man" says thai never in
his career has he remembered
when the balls were so lively.
Sam Lcibgold, of the Pastime
A. C.| has sent his registration
card to James B. Sullivan, secretary of the A. A. U., and resigned from ihe amateur ranks.
He has accepted thc position as
director of track athletics at De
Witt Clinton Park, which, of course
makes his a professional.
��� ��� ���
Scribes are raving over ihe work
of Al Shaw this season. Shaw,
always a heavy hitter, is banging
harder than ever, running die
bases like a Cobb, and fielding in
sensational style.
At New York the other day G.
D. Hakes pole vaulted 12 feet 11
inches, but as it was an exhibition
leap after he had won the event
at 12 feet 4 inches, it does not go
on record. The record is 12 feel
10 7-8 inches, held by Leland S.
Scott, of California I'liiversity.
��� ��� ���
Deacon  White siys dial when
he gets a couple of new men that
his team will be stronger than last
year.   Collins, he says, is going to
reporl to him, ns the college Iw.y
has wriiten   that   he  is going   in
for professional baseball.    Deacon
says that   he has a liettcr  team
than  Calgary, and will  beat   the
Bronchos  for   the  flag   this   year.
He   also   says   that-, he   is   tinder
the salary limit, which may be a
joke and again may not.
Russell Ford, the Manitoba boy
who was born on a farm in Manitoba, has the major league players.
crtiics   and    fans   more   puzzled
than ever before by his remarkable
slab work.    Ford was a sensation
with the New York Yankees last
season and it was largely through
his   brilliant    pitching   that    the
Chase team was able to stay up
among   the   leaders.     There   was
talk that Ford's work was a flash
in the pan, that he would "blow"
with   another   season,   antl    thai
batters would solve the secret of
his effectiveness and  pound  him
is   freely   as   the   others.      Hull SIXTH  STREET
Ford, in his slab appearances this! ^_
Special  Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
Prince  George   suils   Sundays   H  a. m.
Reduced fare $.i.,riii Including meals
ami berth,
si. Prince Albert sails for Port Simp-
sun, Nasi River, Massi't, Naden
lliiriiur, Wednesdays, 1.Oil p.m.
ami fir:
Qlietn Charlotte Island   points,   Sat-
urdsvyi l p.m.
Railway Service lo Copper River
Mixril trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays an.1 Saturdays, 1 p.m., returning Thursdays' and Sundays
6.2(1 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over it,
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
Toronto Kxr>rrss leave* Vancouver dally at '.' a.m. for
Soo KxprfM leaves Vancouver
dally at 8.30 p.m. for StPaul
Chlcairo antl New York.
Imperial Limited leaves Vancouver dally at 7.30 p.m. for
Montreal and New York.
AH the above trains carry compartment obftrva-
tion carl.   The (.neat car on any road anywhere.
General Agent
All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
... FUR . s ���
Take the feat lif-ht-drauirht steamer Inlander for Haxelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second avenje and Third street
Over Westenhaver Broa.' Office.
Stork Idiil.linn. Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of ll,, i -..!������. i ,a of B C Oaurln, See-
and Msnllntas Bare. aalrheeran   an.!  Al
berta Bare.
Offiee - Ksrhanire blnrk, rorraa. Third avenue and
Slslh street. I'nnee RuuerL ���
WM. 8. HALL. L.D.S.. U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gas snd
loral anaalhellca administered for the painless ea-
Iran..... of teeth. Consultation free. OfTlree :
Ilrla-crsnn Block. Prince Rupert. Il-lf
AlelMMsnaon n V.     w I  Williams.ii a . i  i  n
Barristers, Solicitors, etc
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
r. 0. box n
mrn. or wet. foxon, ant., a.��*i��h., ��ho
A little alum dissolved in the
water in which cretonne is washed
is an aid in keeping colors bright.
Always scald the milk used in
making   a   custard.    Then   when
Strong  soapsuds and water in
which   there  is  washing  soda   la 1 year, has proved he is no fly-by-
fatal to china or glassware decorat- night on the pitching mound.   Hi \Fruit
ed In gilt. Ihas beaten Detroit, and the Tigers,
 I going  at   top  speed  whe.i   Ford
TRY    THE   "NEWS"   WANT met them, were able to make but
AD. WAY OF FINDING      two hits off Russell. lH. H. Morton
:   Produce    :
���   3rd Ave. THE    DA11LY   NEWS
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone 150 Third Avenue and Fulton St
Fort George
For information,  free
maps am! literature
call und see me.
Open Evenings Pattullo Block
A Mirror
That may be safely
"packed" on a trip
is much in demand.
We have them in different sizes.       :     :
The Pioneer Oruefif
PHONE   i   ;   i   82
For Sale
New li-room lloua.-. "th and tfcBrtde,
2-room Shack on reserve, aectinn Ll.
2 I...I- in section 7, JJ.'si each.
2 Lola on Mb Ave soction li.
Lots mi Summit Ave.
Low (.'anil Payments Easy T<-rrn-��
John Dybhavn
BSjea Land District -District of Queen rharloi %.
Taka nouos thst t'slhenne Hamsun, of Calgary
Alberta, occupation splivster. Inlesids lo apply,
for permission to purchsss th- following ilcrnlaa-l
Commsridng st a post planted about 6 1-2
miles west snd half a mite eouth from tbe mouth
of .Stanley Creek, where It emptiea Into Naden
Harbor, liraham Island, thenee 40 chains -outh
tnsnre 40 chains east, thence 40 chains north,
thencs 40 chains weat to point of commencement
and containing loO acres more or Ises.
Dsted March 17, Hill.
Pub Apr. 7. Numa Darners, Agent
S,.,.. ri.i Land District- District of Coast
Take notice that I. Mrs. John Corley of Prince
Itupert. II.C. occupation married woman, intends
to spply- for permission to purchase the following
deserilied lends:
Commcnrink* at a post planted 4'' chains east
and I2i, chains south from the southwest corner of
lol 1733, Coast District, Itange 5, thence south Mi
chains, thenee east lo chains, thence north hD
chsins, thence west 40 chslns more or less 0, the
point of commencement, containing .'(2.1 acres
more or less.
Ml: .   JOHN   I. i.-.-i CORLEY
Date Mar. Mb 1911
I'ub. Apr. 4. 11111
Bksenn Land District���District ol CsaslBr
Tak.   notice   thst   I,   Thomas   Maegovarn   ol
BBS.   , C-' occup.llon mlner.inlend to apply
lands*"11       "       l���rehaBS ths lollowing deacribed
*5l7V9L?*L/1& "lrnU,<i ��,n lh�� rt��hi
lorka ol ih. n ,   *,K"" Saw m"���� above Ihe
Ossae. .... acTl,.iIl'- A"*"��� ���mnh "0 chaina,
ir-mc. ���,�� iTsjjeBt ""V? "��rth SO chains,
���ontalnin, r.���, mTmtfgLSXJ* ~mnv.neam.nt,
Dajad Mars), ��, ,,,'f "iiV**'MAi:oyVEKrl
Pub. May n. '' """I Freak Wright, Agt
Skeena l��n.| llkftrle.    i,,.,.,��� ... ,.
Tske  notice  th.l   VVnlUm^,2-   i.**"*'
ol  I'rince  Kupert, STl^aXHSE? e,m
�����,....,. .���   ..71 V"'. .--,  oeennellm,   a.,,..
We have jutt received a
shipment of the newest
Itylea and latest ileni,?ns
in ladlee1 Velvet and leather Hand Haifa. We especially invite you to call
und let us show you our
new   (roods	
Skeena 1 .and Diatrict���District of Cout Range 6
Take notice thut 1, Claru May Little of Prince
Rupert, H. 0*, occupation suii.ii tar, intend to
apply for permission tu purchase the following
described lands:
Coiuniuticiiiic ut u pout piunted at the north
west curiicr of Lot 1735, Hunge o, Coast District
thonco tut -lu chains, thenco north 25 chalus
thunct' WMt 31 chain thence north 20 chaina
thence IMt It) chains, thunce south 45 chains to
point uf commencement, containing 112 acres
more or .<���������<
Dated ApriM. 1911. CLAHA MAY UTTLE
Pub. April 16.
Skeunu Lund District ���Diatrict o( Cout Range 5
Take notice that Mir;. Id-aton (iilderaleeve of
Victoria, M. t'., occupation housekeeper, Intenur
to apply for piT-muion tu purchase the following
descriU'ii laiids.
Cotnn ������: .i:.,: st a post plunt-vd at the southwest
corner uf Lot iM, Katigu .>. ( oast District,thence
mi chslna south Ihence H chmiia east, thence bO
chains iiunt., tduncv -IU chain* west to point uf
oinuiencti ncnt. conitiininj; .iju acres moru or leas.
Dated April IT. ml.
Pub. May li.
Skeena Und District-District ot Cout
'Is...-  notioi' tnat   i���:. i   W.   Uohler ol  KJtaura*
kauuiit,   -'-.,.-.   . .. .!.���:.  i.ttends  to apply   (or
mission   to   purcfiaw-a!   tiio   (ollowing   doscribud
per tt
Commencing si a posl planted at thi> northeast ��� ���..".-���. ��� A M--u��k*.i s pre-omption, thencu
20 chain* suutQ, tliun<*e 10 Chains east. Lhenou 20
chains nurth, inenoo 10 cnaios weal to post uf
coaimenoumtuit containing Id acre�� mure or lass.
Daiod April 10, Lfll, r'tUKDUlOll W.
Pub. AprU --��� Krud Hampton, Ageui
Skfi-iis Land i nstrict ol Cout lUnge 5
'IsttO :,.:..'.' tha 1, I Link Hicks of Purt hi
sington, occupation merchant, intend lo apply
lor permission, o purchase the following deacno��i
Commenting at a post planted on tha south
bank of thu tichunuitta Utver and about four
miles from ita coniluence with the Skavna Kivur,
thence bo chaina west, thence 50 chains north,
theoce su chains uast, thence south bO chains
to point ul commviicement, cuiiLainlng oiu acrus
more or leaa.
Daiad April 21, 11.11. FRANK HICKS
Pub. April 2U.
Skeena Land District���Disuict of Cout
Taka nouce that William Mc lavish of Vancou-'
v��r, li. C. occupation physician, intenda to apply j
for pennisaion to purchaaa Uie following descroed
Commencing at a poat planted at tha aoutbwea '
corner, IU cnama north and 40 chains aut ol the
northeast corner of Lot  I lib, Harvey's Survey,
Cout District,  Itange 6, tbence 60 chain* aut -
tbence ou cuains north,  thence 60 ctuuu  west. DO cbaiu eoutb to poat of conuuencement
containing ,ih acrea mure or leaa.
Datati May 2, i.-U.      WILLIAM A. McTAVlSU
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uooler, Agent
Skvenu Lantl District -District of Cout Range ���
Take notice thut Alexander Mcintosh ol Van
MUVaTi 11 Oil occupation real ualatu broker
lntt'iula to upply fur purmlssiun lo purchase Lhe
(ulluwing >U-��crit)t)d lands:
Commencing at u pont piunted 40 chuins south
from thi ttuuihwust corner of Lot 086, thunce sO
chuuu south, thencu 40 chains west, thenco bO
chains north, thence 40 chains ea.-t to point of
commeiicenlint contuining 320 .icr-'. inure or leas.
Dated April I". 11*11.
aIaBXANDBR Mcintosh
Pub. May 6
Skeena Lund District���District uf Caasiar
Take nuticu that  1,  Percy  Francis Uodenratb
of Stewart, 11. 0.| occuputlon journuiut   intend to
apply   for  pi-nntssiiun   to  purclnotu  the  fultuwlng
describetl luiuls;
Commencing at . post planted on the right
bank uf the Nsas nvur about seven tnilus above
the fork> ul thu Nsas river, thence south ftO chains,
ihence wost nu chains, tnence nurth so chains,
ihencv t-ast |Q clisins to pulnt uf cuiiwiifiicument,
coniaining L 10 acron more or lues.
ri-siev FRANt'lS QODBNRATti
Dated Man   Mi .Bali   FrankiSninoy A tight, Agt
I'ub. Ma. IT.
Skeena l.avl I >istrui * Diatrict u( Caaslar
Tak*4 t.oticu thst  1,  Perry Ljuiwtisn ol  IVInca
Rupert,  li   t  ,  occupatiun  prosp<>ciur,  intend  to
apply   W   i-rriuinsioii   to  purchase  the  following
deeerii*l i*^l*-
Com' ��� -. , at a poet planted in the vicinity
of Cow Usy, su<ut three-eighU u( a mile south
of the IWMIU Hi tbl Hunaiii's Cnaat, and Ix-ing
on thu HftifPh I'oumlary of Timber Ijimt .No.
3&2S1 or No. 3v.'JS0. tlience south 40 chains along
the easterly .Unit of said Timber lamti No. Uttl
or No BSaw io ciiains, thenoe east to the shore of
Coose Biy, s .lutance of 40 chains more or luss,
thenca >���'������������ along the shore of Cooao Ray
���10 chaiiui non or leas, thence westerly 40 chains
more or !��** to i"iint I f commena'inent, containing
ItiU sen's mme oi leas.
Dsted March 7, mi. PKKRY glh.LNAN
Pub. April f.
Skeent I < ���' Distnct���District of Cout Range b
Take notice lhat 1, Lauchlan John Shanahan of
Victoria, K. C , occupation teacher, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the (ollowing
descnlard lands:
Commencing tt a poat planted 65 chains aoulh
from the southeast corner of Lot J060, thence 40
chains aouth, thence 40 chaina west, ihence 40
chaina north, ihence 40 chains fast to point of
cutiimancuiiietiL, containing l-*0 acrua mora or lesa.
Dated April 1", mi.
Pub. May 6.
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
One of the bpst .iarvicea the modern newspaper gives the public is in the classified advertisementi COlumna
- mlovor and worker, landlord and tenant, and a host of others meet on eom-
Skeena Lanil District���District of Cout Kanga b
Take notice that Lettie McTavieh of Vancouver,
II. C-, occupation married woman, inlands io
apply (or permuauon lo purchase the (ollowing
ueacribed lands:
Commencing at a poet planted al ibe north-
weal corner 100 chains ee>ai and 2u cbaiu conn
from ibe nonbeut corner of Lot 1116. Harve> s
Survey, Cuut Diet net, Range 4,1 ben ce 20 chaina
south, ibeoce 10 chains eaat, thence 60 cbaiu
north, ihence 40 chaine weal, ihence 60 cbaiu
south, tbence 40 chains wast lo post of cummeo*
cement, containing 4vu acrea more ur leaa.
Dated May 2. mi. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. lie)- 6. Fred *. Uoblrr, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Cout Range b
la*.' Douce loat Crmce Mc.'avieh.of Vancouver,
B. C, occupauon marrted woman, intenda lo apply
(or parmaauon io purchase the (oilowing dwscnued
t oiiirin'i.cit.g at a poat planted al ibe eouthweaL
ctin.rr 100 cnat&a eaai Sand 20 chatu Dortli e(
the northeut corner ul Lot 1116, Hiuvey's Survey,
Coast Uiauict. Range b, thence 40 cnaiu eael,
Ihesioe OU cbaiu north, ihence 40 cha> .��� west,
tbeoee Ml chaiu eoutb lo posl of commencement
containing .iJ'j acres more or leae*
D��ted M-- 2, 1911. nt \t 1. McTAVISIi
Pub. Mi. o. Kred W. Uohler. Agent
Skiena Laod Diatrict���District o( &
Take nullee that 1. John L. Mitchell of Prince
Rupert, U. C, occupation bookkeeper, Intend to
apply  (or  permission  lo  purchase  ibe  (ollowing
d.*aibed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about (&) Ave
milea aoulh and (1) one mile west of tbe [orka o(
the White and Flat rivers, tbence north ho chaina
thence east ho chaina, ihence south 110 chaina.
thence weal hO chaina.
Dated April 1-, 1911.        JUHN L. MITi Hl.l.L
Pub. May U Francis S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrlct o( Casaiar
Take notice that I Francis S. Prteton ol Prince
Rupert,  !��. C, occupation prospector, Intend to
apply  lor permuauon  lo purchase tbe following
described lands:
Commencing al a post planted about three
miloa south and two milea west . [ tbe (orka ol
tbe White and Flat mere, tbence south bO chaina
thence eaai M) cbaina, thence north eO cbaina,
thence wvet 60 chains.
Dated April 20. 1911.     FRANCIS S. PRESTU.N
Pub .fay 13
Skevoa Land District���Diatrict of Cout Range b
Take not ce thai 1. Joe Jade of Pnrce R. p.rt.
B. C occupation carpenter, Intend to apply for
permission  to  purchase  tbe  (ollowing  described
Commencing al ��� poet planted about ihr*e>nd
urn-half milea. distant in a aouth westerly dl*ection
There buyer and .seller.
^WeT^ nominal b%"^s"ssbVTTSfi per' insertion."'Minimum chsrire of 25 cents,
Here li our StiSStflsd  Advertising Column  for  today.     Watch   it  grow.
'I',. iMMiill modern convenience in reach of everyone the  News  will  reduce  its
.'        i I "  *���     -     ��� --1   ���-a���    ;��n��*ef>i���� r\f;. ,!.*-,,. i.i    filiowiro   nf UK I'l^tltrf.
Child of Mr. McDonald The
Hotel Keeper to be Buried
Lost and Found
News was received today ol
ilu- death by drowning of die
little d&ughter of Mr. Macdonald,
hotel keeper of Stewart. The
little body is to lxi sent Bouth for
I , ti B.H-HHaa  san ��� n -> i   i tew ����������� ��������� ������-  sg.
LOST���Time booh tnd Bank book.   Finder pleoBc
j    return to J.  U.  Weaton. 6th  Ave. and Tatluw
St.. ��"il receive reward, 135-138
j KOL'ND-Eureka Cleaning and   Preaaintr  Com-
'    patUTi   Men'a suits cleaned and preaaed $1.00.
|    La.lieiV suits pressed and cleaned.   Dry clean-
in,,'a specialty.   Itoom 19 Weatenhaver  Block,
i     phone red rty- 121-147
K'UTND- Klctrunt rooma; newly furnished. The
Hutklev Block, tith Ave., near Fulton,    lity-lm
LOST-ObSlKth street, between Third Avenue
and Qoat&'l Hotel, I1S4. two chenuea in roll,
one for $17, other for tS, rest in billa. Reward
Hilly  Polui Candy Store, Sixth St.. one door
Skeena Lsml District-District ot Coaat Run
Take  notice tliul  Annie  Muasalltun ot  l'ria
Kupert, 11. 0,, occupation married woman,
Prison Collapsed in Waynes-
ville Killing Four and Injuring Twelve.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Waynesville, N. ('., June 19.���
Four convicts were killed mitri^lii
last ninlit and twelve Others fatally
hurt when the bull pen in which
thev wire housed collapsed.
Chinamen in Police Court,
nadian Girls Victims
fruin Offlaa,
For Rent
^, ,��i MJ
Lamps        '
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Commmllous house, corner tith Ave. and Thump-1
son St., furnish.-.! or unfurnished.     Phone -."
or P.O. Box RK8.
Four-roomed House, partly furnished, with bathroom; close in on Summit Ave., back of Honlen
street.   Apply at Kin-hull or P.O. Box 203.
8 Furnished Rooms In apartment house, opposite
Clapp Building, 2nd Ave., near McBride.    Apply on premises between one and three p.m.
Two-roomed Cabin on Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Apply J. Younar. Maple Boarding; House. 3rd
Ave. 128-134
Furniture of three-room flat. Apply Room 15
Weatenhaver Block, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth
Street. 128.134
Nicely furnished Front Room In new house.   Apply Mrs. Seville, Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Every Description of
House    Furnishings.
The Big
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
This morning in the police court
before Magistrate t'arss the two
Chinamen Mali Hong, and Dr.
Lew were charged with procuring
for immoral purposes, and thc
case was remanded until tomorrow.
Dr. Lew was also charged with
stealing the whole wanlrolx- of
one of the girls he brought with
him to the city. The clothes were
valued at SU'i. Both girls are
("anailiai.s and their ages are 18
and 1" respectively,   They claim
Irom a blind slouih Irom observatory I'nin where   .,, |���. nvirrinl      Chief Welters will
the asm. touches 'he Indian IUeer>. tli.nce eaal   ,0   ,K   "'���"r1"'-     l-1"u   VICKOal Will
endeavor  to  have  them  restored
i rr.c- east
SO cba as. thence *e,ih ev chains, thence asstsu
chains, Ihvncs south ao chslns lo point of com-
ni.ncem.-nl, conlsinina* lilu acres more or lea..
Dsled April 14, 1B1I. Jul. JACK
I'ub. May 13.
to proper quarters.
M...-D. Land Dis-.nci -liisinn of Caaalar
Take  ounce lhat  1, Cnartas  al.  knouse o
I'noes Kupert, li. c.. occupsooo larmer, intend
lo spply lor psrmisBUja to purchase Ibe luiluair..-
descntavu lands:
Conitnencius. si a post planted about ill three .   .
mi,��� south sr.d a 11��7 mli��� ������� ol tne luras 3 I cb,l'>*. ����������� "��u'h ��u chains lo place ol corn.
I, tbence south ou chain.,   com.i-.h ��   -Uu  sens  more or   hsss.
Take ....uce that I, Hell 11.11 Kenney ol Vermouth. Nova Scotis. occupstlon msmed woman,
inland to spply lur permission lo purchase lbs
leUowltia* dr-atrtbed laBds:
Commendag st a post planted al nnnb east
corner of T. L Uit 3s��ls. tbenceruaalng west 40
chains, thvoce north  -u chains, thence east  40
Whits river and Hal i
chslns.  Umbos Bona  BU chains,
ibeace sast bu chsins.
Dsted AprU ao, 1*11.      CIIAIII.I..-I M    KNOUSS
Pub. slay li. Fraacis b. I'rastoo. Aseal
Skeena Land District 'District o Coast Range a
Take not ce Murdoch Itlcllae ol Vancouver
H. C, occupauon rasl nisi- Broksr, Ititeads to
spply for perralsslua I purebsas in. loUoaina
dvcntied Isnos:
CoaatBeaclag at a ucsl pl.nled ,i, tbe eou.b
ba&k ol La.bum.lks rtter aUut Ii.t mlaas Item
.Is Coodue&ce with tne .-i.,n, mar. IBenca 40
chain. �����i, ibence io ctisias aorta, tBeaea 40
chsins Bant, tbence 40 chsins Berth, laeaos 40
chains east, Ibence 20 cbsins south, tbeace 40
chains sast, tbence 40 cbsin. south lo point ol containing J.'u seres more or less
Dsled AprU 21. 1.11. MtKDUlK  MclUL
I'ub. May It
aly poat Is OB south east corner ol Isnd applied
for, marked letter, b. L., about one mile aesl of
Lsas LakeLse, eouth side ol Slteena n.rr District
ol Coast Usage a.
Dsled April 'it, Ult. III.1.1. HALL hl.SM.t
I'ub. May I J. John llaverty. Agent
Body  Was   Shipped   South   to
California This Morning
The body of William Tully.
which was taken from the Skeena
on Friday evening was shipped
south by the Prince George ibis
morning. It is to be conveyed
Sksens Land Distract
Isks noises u,st   I, la
for i
District of Casslar
ac u'Urwn  rertss*
The ImxIv was looked after i
end by Itayner Brothers.
lu apply for paralasloB to purchase'the lolioelni
described lands.
Commencing at a post plsnted sbout Bv mllse.
aouth snd one mile aesl of the forks ol IbevYbilo
sud list risers, Ibence north BO chains, tnence
Best SO chsins, Ibence eoutb BO chains, thence
east so chains.
Dsted AprU IB, Ivll.  ISAAC OIIKIl.N Fultllr.S
I'ub. Mail U. Fraacia o Prssion. Agent
Skeens Land Ihsulct -Disiricl nl Coaat
Take notice that l.lenn McArthur ol tsneouver,
H.  C, oceupatioB rsal  eetete agent Interads lo
spply for psrmission  lo  purchase tbe laluwlng
dsKribsd Isnds:
Commencng at a posl plsnted 40 chains wTsl
snd so chaina euutb ol the eoulhaesl curner ol
Lot No. I1J1 msrked l.lenn MeArtr-ire Bortb*
.set Burner, eouth 4U chains, thanes east
���0 chslns, thanes north 40 chain., thenee west
so chains to pen ol commencement, containing
IM scree more or less.
Ii.l-t March 20. IHI.       GLLNS  McAHTIIIIl
Pub. April Is. |   i- Laird, Agent
.-,..., District- District of Coast Ranae a
Coal lli.tlict
I..-i...���e ll,.t Win   l^-��lie ���f Nsppet t'^i, II C
- . j| .1, .i, l. ..uard, intends  t>. ap|.l>
'. .i p.!"...,.., !.,,. ir.haae the foUuwina s>sk>gt1|>
1        ��� -. -.- .1 . post planus! so chain* .....i
sn.l i.   cbalnss   lib vf ll,-*,ulhwe.t crner ��.f l..t
raiigs ......i .iisinrurnarhail We la���..-.
S V.   ���   ���,,.,   lh,-,,re .. j,h Burhaina Ul.^1.-- east
- ,,..... ii,., ,   . i,alna. thenre meat ^,
'ham* I > u.*l ��� f ro,. ,.,,ricemenl. contan.    .
arrw.,f .
wm. UsSUB
111 Lalnl. Agenl
Dste.1 Msr, h Sta. |-.i,
Pub. ApnlZsth. 1*11
Sksens Land DUlrict���Disuict ol t'aasiar
Take Botlea lhat I, Jamas Dunleo ol Prince
llup-n. ll. C.. occupation  isaraaier. Intend to   It,    I llllv >   motller,   Mrs.
sppli   lur  permissloB  to  purchase  the folloaing * ,
descntasd laads: ! Koberis   at   l.anlena.   t.'lit..nil
lomn.��-!.ri.ig si s port planted about tao miles   I
south ol the lorka ol tha While and list rivers.   The lmtlv Was looked after at thi:
ibence north BO chains, thence ee.1 BO chains.
Ihsnce soulh BO chsins. tbence east su chslns.
Dsled April IS, 1*11. JIM,     DCNLOP
Pub. Ma* I J. Franc S. l-reelon. Ageat
Coast Hang" t Land Dislrict
Take notice thai I, Jobs Hepburn ot Kil-
.umk-Jum, occupalioo laruer. Intend lo apply
tor oerntUnsoo lo purchase tne foUneag d-ecribel
Cornmeadng al a post plsnted at lbs Bortbeat;
corner of Let 3��BJ, Ibeoce east 20 cbaina, ibaaca   IO  pit   tllcmM'lVCS agalllSt   all
south 40 chaina,  tnence  -rest 20 cnans,  thenc,
north 40 chains lu plsos ol comm.ncemeal-
D.led Msrch Is, 1.1 L J, ur.   III.I 111 UN
Pub April 16.
Skaviui Land Uurtnct -Diatrict of (oast lUnc* ��
TfJtai rx/ttos that  lUnry   Mscsr.m,   ol  l*noc��
Kuta-rt, li  G ��� occupation raimtr, intvntla to apply
(or tanmtaiion to ourcbaat tha M>o��in| daatcnbati
Comrrbaanctna; tt a post plant"! on loo aouth
���iia ul i.irt.jtnuika Klvar, tbout 2 1 - muea from
IU rwniluawr.op snth tha Skavna Rivvr and aUout
1*�� mitfla ��Mt (rum Kuhurruukj t*\n it, Ihonca 1*0
���haina ri"��ir., tbarte* 40 chaina *?a*t. tbanca *U
chtina IMtfs, lh*noa 40 chaina araat to potnt i.
Mmns*Mv-ii*.r,t, contain I rut -'-^ acraa mora or
lam. INsst markawj "It.M. S W. cor."
Oata-1 April 22. lVlt. IICNKV MACAHTM..
I"ul.. Attn! . ���
Hki-ana Un I I'lHrtct -Diaw.rt of raaaiar
Tak** t."t<r�� that  I,   Mary  < arm of Suwart,
It i   . -^>,^.ii.-n marrtod WHUa, intatid to apply
fur pmtr.m��nti to purchaaa tu fuUowtac daacribad
(of   i-rr
Ufiim��":  ���;  at
l   ���    ��� I
a  i* �����   .
h avi   I   tao mtvm waat of tha (orka of lb*
VM.n* and  Mat n*��r��. thanr* 10 chaina north,
(htnc* ��o rtmin* araat, Ihancv W chaina aoulh,
ihsTir* m) aj iinaaaai.
Daui-d April M, IVII. '1 \k ���   CAKIN
I'ub. May 11. Franria H. I'raaton. Afant
Skrfna Uvl histrict    Htstrici of Coawt
Taka  i��iir��>   I.   William  MaUtUt-  t'orlry
uf   '(������rxiMn,   fin aim,   occupation   dark,   inland
. to apply for ,B��rmts��r4��n lo purchaaa tha folloaitig
iMarritatw)  lir.'ls
t Mmnts-rtcirtf at a |K>at planusd at tha north
All Stars ' and G. T. P,
This   evening   the   G.   T
champion bowling team are going
Star" bowling team picked up in
the city.
The   game   is   timed   for
sharp in Morrison's Alleys.
gentlemen   won
suits in S
Co.'s Suit Chili-
on Sal
. M
No. 11 i> now itiing made up
Storea and olTlcca for rant.
Third Ave., phone s-rccn
Applv Dr. Mclntyrc.
9. 125-tf
Neatly Furnlahed Rooms;   Kentlemen preferred.
Apply Mrs. Mullln, over Majeatlc Theatre.
Phone 296 if you want to rent a houae, furnlahed
or unfurniahed, corner t5th A v.*. and Thompson
Street.   All modern conveniences.
Coay furnished rooma. Mra. Bower, Somerset
Rooma, Third Avenue, between Seventh and
Eitrhth. UT-tf
Nice Furnlahed Ronma.   Arply Mra. Kirby, Alder ;
Block, upataira entrance. Third Ave.       117-11U ,
Nice, clean, bright outside rooma.
6th Ave., near Fulton.
Bulkley Block
to upply for purmiaaion to purchuttu thu tolIurMt.!
deacribed lands: '*
Commencns at a poat plantod at u post ut u.u
southwoHt corner, 00 chulua oaut (ro'ii \. l. curnur
of Lot lllti, Harvey's Survoy, Coast DUWot
Kuii|'.��' .', thonco oaaL 20 chains, thencu nurth .pj
chaina, thonco weat it) chains, thonco t.outli an
cliulna, thenco east 20 chains, thencu nouth an
Chains to point of commencement, contuinint, lHo
m-rv.i mora or leas.
liutod May 8, 1911. ANNUO ML'SSAl.l.I��� M
I'ub. May 13.
Skeanu Land District���District uf (Junuut
Tuke   notice   tlntt   1,   Thoiuiu   McMitfkiu  u[
rrinco Rupert, U. C, occuputlon clerk, iiiuiiiii tu
apply  for purmlasiuu  to  purcliuae tin-   IuIIuaj,,,,
doscril>ed lands:
Commencing at a post plant-ed uhout twu iiiilia
aouth of the forks of iho White und l-'lm rlvun
thence north SO chains, thenco eaat HU chain.'
thenco aouth HO clmiiw, thence west MJ cliuitis
Dated April la, 1911. THOMAS McMt.hKlN
I'ub. Mm L8i Francia S. 1'ruituii. \it-���{
Sktvna Lund District��� Diatrict of Casaiar
Take notice thut 1, t-harlua L. Dalttruvu ul m. ,
art 11. Otsj occuputidn proapector, iiiteiiu tu n),) ��
for trerniiaaioti to purchaae tha fullu.viii|[ dtwi-nin i
I anus:
Cuinniuncinti at a post planted about sit i,,lK.,
south and one mile weat of the forks uf tin* U | n
and Flat rivers, thence aoulh HU chains, tlirnn'
cast mi chaina, thencu north bO chaitia, tliuncu *.����<
mi chaina.
Dated April 10, 1911.     CUAKLKS DBLOROVE
I'ub. May l.t. Francis S. Trattun, &nat
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coast
luki- notice that 1, J. Harold McKeau of PnotM
Rupert, H. C, occupat on blacksiu th, Inti'iii iu
apply for porm aaiou to purchase the I..,..,
deacr bed lands:
Commenclnif at a post planted abuut lhn<eaiiii
one-half miles d stant in a aouth westerly directum
from a blind slough from Observatory I-.!.-, whan
the aamo touchea tha Ind an lutawrve, thence w.��t
80 chains, thence south HO cba ns, tlience east N
chains, thonce north bO cha ns to po nt ol con,
mencement, contuining 040 acrea more or loss.
Dated Apr 114, 1911.       J. HAROLD McKK.V
Skeena Und DUtrict ���District of Caaalar
Take nutico that I, John Hubert I'm-.-, of i .��������� ,-
Rupert, li. C., occupation cook, Intend to uplj
for twrmaalon to purchaaa tho following duscnU^l
Cummondng at a poat plantod iJ> two milw
���outh and 2) two mllea waat of the forks ot the
White and Flat rivers, thanoa aoutb 80 chains,
thenca eaat 80 chains, thenca north 80 ctiains.
thence weat 80 cba ni.
Datod Apr I 20, 1911     JOHN  RUBKRT TACKY
Pub. Mai' 13. Franc ��� S. Preston. Agvn
Skeena Land District  -DUlrict of Cout Range I
Take  not ce   that  I,  Martha   Leak, of   I-.
Kupert, H. C, occupat on marr ��d woman Isilea
in apply for permlasion to purchaao tha following
deacri bod lands:
Commenting at a poat planted about three and
one-half miles dUtant lo a eoutbweaterly direction
from a blind slough from Ubeervatory Inlet ahera
Nice furnlahed rooma single or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Rooming Houae, 2nd Ave., nenr
McBride. Ma>-3-lmo
Help Wanted
Do away with thin.    Patronize a whits
laundry.   White labor only at
j Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Porter wanted at the Talbot Houae. 132-tf    |
Boy wanted   to   work In atore.     Apply  Martin '
O'Reilly. 2nd Ave. |& 135
A good sensible woman to do chamber work and
work In store.   Apply Box Q., News Office.
rooms in the
Wanied-500good men to join the Order of Owls. I
Call room 24,  Empreaa   Hotel.    1.  F.  Madlem. I
llN-111 '
Nineteen yountr men to take coay
Bulkley Block, near Fulton.
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave, next to old olTlre of Optimist, tell only
Best made In Seattle. Fruit and Cundy, wholesale and Retail. Look for flash slgr. at night.
SAM COWEN, Proprietor Phone 350
Boarders Wanted
A  few  cosy   homelike   rooms  cheap   to steady
roomera.   King George Hotel. 2nd Avenue.
Home croked meals and nicely furnished rooma
for three persons. Apply Mrs. James, Scott
Bldg.. 3rd Ave., between bth and feth Sta.   85-tf
Private Board by the week or month. Hume
cooking a specialty. Miss E. M. Gleeson, 3rd
Ave., between 7th and bth St-., phone 171. 69-tf
Real Estate
Nineteen young men wanted to rent cosy furnished in the Bulkley Rooms, 6th Ave., near Fulton.
r~ ,
i j
For Sale
i ��r .in i~m ,. 1909
Undertakers,  corner Second
Avenue  antl   Sixth   Street.
George Barrie, Licensed Embalmer,
Phone 62 night or day Manager
U. A. Admiral Makes Startling
Statement as Ship is Being
Two rooms uf New Furniture at bargain. Nlos
cabin, close in. rsn be rented.   l*hone 323 black.
Before buying your Stove or Ksnge see A. J.
Gsltsnil. Mcllride end Fifth Ave. Cook stoves
from 114. 129-lm
Psrrol.   Apply C. ll Wark A Co., 3rd Ave.
I.F.ASK FOR SALE-Lease of the premlie. on
Third Ave. now occupied by the Dougla. Cafe,
cheap.   Aak Uncle Jerry. 132-tf
All kindaof second hand goods taught and Bold.
F. M. Crmby, Third Ave., between 7th and 8th
streets. 117-tf
Situations Wanted
tiotal reliable woman desires position. Thoroughly experienced in hotel work or would like smsll
nsimine house work. Not afraid of work.
Apply ll... A, News llrllce. 133-134
. .......T,....,, .. a, ,������ ,.,...,.-. ��� .... ...���..n ;     ( ���mmenrlng Bt b poai plsnted sooul ill tnree
^��� . ���   I l^.t m... Iis.ig   /., i oast IHsirict. tbence i mttm nalh ,J ,h, |orKJ ���f the While end Flsl
Skeens Und District -District of CsaslBr
Tske Bailee thst I. Alfred Kyle of I'rlnce Hunan.   II.   1  .   occupation   electrician.   Intend   to
apply for permlasion  to purchsss lbs  following
lb-scribed Isnds:
Commencing st a post planted about 13) Ihl
Business   Chances
���M ���'��� ctiain*. thxtce north to chains, thence wt-at
."i cnalna to  llaii'a  ilate alnugh,  thenca aiong
���Inugh snuthwly tn point of eornm*-ncem��*nl, con
talnm* 1��" arret more or leaa.
Dated April 6. 1911
Pub. April 29.
Land AfUUtct -Diatrict of <4ue*n Charlotte
Taka nolle* that Of* ll. Laua of Prince Rupert,
ll.  Qaj occupation hartanr,  intenda to apply  lot
permission   to   pur cha.-*   the   following   o>acrlb��tl
Commencing  at  a  p*ist  plantesj  ahnut  aaveti I
ilm sreat and one nu> snuth from the mouth    .Skeena Land District  -I'utrict of (Jueen Charlotte
of Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor, thence aouth ft" i lalar.'li
chains, thence weat  40 chaina,  thenca  north  80 I     Take notice that  J. II.  Murphy.of Vanconrer,
chaina, thence east 40 chains. ���'���  ( ������  occupation  commercial  traveller,  intenda
Da:*��l March I", 1911. OEO. II. LAtJX
Pub. Aoril 22. Numa Dernera, Agent
riven, thance so chaina aouth, thenoa HO chains
tbenot  ho  chaina   nurth,  thane*  80  chains
Dated April 18, 1911
Pub. May 13.
FrancU S. Preeton, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Caaalar
Take notice that  I, ilrenton Jurdon Moore of
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation contractor, intend
lo apply fur permlasion to purchaae the following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about (3) three
mil.-* south and (21 two milea west of tha forks
of White and Flat river*, thence 80 chaina aouth
thence 80 chains wast, thence 80 chains north,
thenca bO chaina east.
Dated April 20, 1911. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Pub. May 11.
i to apply for nermiaaion to purchaae the following
d*sscrit��ed lands:
Commendng at a poat planted about seven
miln wtwt and one mile rmith frum the mouth
of Stanly t'r<��ek, WaaJM Harbor, thence north 80
chains, thence wtart 40 chaina, thenca south 80
chains, thenre east 40 r ina.
Dated March 17, 1911. J. ll   MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa f^rnera, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict    District of Caaalar
Take notice that I, James Millar Johnston of
j Stewart, B. C. occupation storekeeper, intend to
| apply for penniasion  to purchaaa the  following
! descrilied landa:
Commencing at a post  planted about one mile
north from the   Naaa river and about nine milea
! above the forka of the Naaa river, thence north 80
chains, thenca weat  190 chains, thence south  80
chains, tbence ra��t 80 chains to point of commence-
' ment, containing 640 acres more or leas.
j Dated March 24, 1911.  Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
( Pub. May 17.
mend, to .PBiy tw i>miwB?t?MSa i
following deacribed laade: * !
Commencing   at  s   post  planted   about   n ���
miles soulh o7 ths lortTol th, Wh'.^/y'C ,
rivers,  thsnee  soulh  so chaina,  thence  ��m   Kn.
ehaiias,  thence north  80 ehalna, thmes east sol
ehslns. *
Ilsle.1 April 18, 1911.
Pub. May IS. FraBCia a. I'raslon. Agsat
Sksens La, I Diitriet -Dlstriel of CsssUr
Tske notice thsl  I, James Webster  Ksplin  nl 1
Stewsrt, U.C., occupation     suctionser. Intend to I
���pply lor permlaaion to   purchase   lhe   lollowing
described Isnils:
i:ommencins  st a  post  planted  on  the  right |
bank  nl lhe  Naaa  rivet  about  nine  mile,  above I
lbs lorka of the Nsas river, thenee south 80 chains,
thence weia  80 ehalna, thenee Berth  80 ehslns,
thence east 80 ehalna lo point ol eomm.neement, I
containing 8.0 acres more or leas.
I i.i-l M.rch S4, 1911. Frank Sidney Wrl,hl, Agt
Pub. May 17.
IKkaen. I.,nd DUtrlct���Dlstriel of Ceaeiar
1, ,. * ""'Ic- <hat I, Sydney Fllsgersld ol Hlew.M, I
i. ..., ....,���,.,,������ ������. |nUand to spply lor per- |
masaon to i.,,.!..-, ,h# following daw-rlla-d ... i. (
���1 .bout  Ave
a lork. ol While I
chain.,   il- -... I
���i  80 .h.fri"' "���"*���  ""*"   *��  rh"""'   ""'"���I
t-raaela S. Presion, Agent I
��� ������--������ ��� imimu. .he .ollowinB o
��� """"rncing st s post pUnted B
TSrJSt ""* ">��' ol the
5ft "S  ����-".  th-nce ��ruth   80
r*��� Jl' "hsins. ii,.,,,- �����Mh an
Townsites Farm and Fruit Lands
���JOINT OWNF.rtft  AND SOLF, A0ENT8 Or���
Fort GtNirge Townsite Massett Townsite
IIKAll fIKKICK.:^l^B^^RlrnjTLDr^ B.C.
Local Office:
Alder Block
Sixth Street
1Mb May 18.
Good money in Moving Picture.. Wsnted-A
party to atari moving picture show In Prince
Rupert, w rite me for particulars. H. Davis.
Wstertown. Wis. 137-srl
Fire Insurance
THE Britiah Union and Nntlnnal Fire Insurance
Company of London, England, with capital
of I ���.:** 1.1 ��� ���' i-i See us fur rates. The Mack
Realtv and Insurance Comoanv. 70-tf
The PlumblnjrandsSheet Motnl business lately
conducted by 11. Wood, succesaor to Matheaon A
Wood, 2nd Ave., has been taken over by Smith at
Mallett, to whom all mttntandintf accounts aro
payable and who will pay all claims agafnat the
Bailiffs Sale by Auction
Landlord and Tenant Act
The contents of the Tea Kettte   Inn,   tables,
chairs,   range,   cutlery,   etc.,   on   the   premises
Friday, June 16th, 1911, at two o'clock.
Hail i IT
Prince Rupert, June 10th, 1911. 181-134
Blda will be received up to June 22nd for tha
construction of n tempornry sewer between 6th
and flth Avenues. Plans and specifications to be
had from Dr. J. O. Raddle. 6th Avenue and Tat-
low atreet. 13tV139
R*ad The Daily News
New York, June 10.���That the
l'. S. battleship Maine, now being
tin covered in Havana harbor, was
not blown tip by Spanish emissaries
but was destroyed by an internal
explosion, is the belief of Rear-
admiral (ieorge W. Melville, er-
tirefl, who, at the time of the
disaster, was Kngini'er-in-Chief of
the American] navy.
The admiral stales thai in this
view he is upheld by naval experts
of Europe, who are unbiased or
even in inclined CO be prejudiced
in favor of America.
Thc work of pumping the water
OUt of  the cofferdam  which wa
built   around   the   wreck   of   the
battleship   Maine   is  proceeding.
The greater part of the entire deck
is now clearly visible, showing
the confused masses of wreckagi
covered with marine growths. Tht
forward part of the vessel on
which the greatest force of tht
explosion was exerted is still submerged.
There will be a Baptist Brotherhood Picnic to Metlakatla on
More Citizens Arrive
Thc wife and family of Mr.
Mitchell, of Mitchell, Currie &
Watt, contractors, arrived safely
in the city yesterday morning on
thc Princess Beatrice. Mrs. Mitchell and her five young children
made the journey from Aberdeen,
Scotland, to Vancouver where they
were joined by Mr. Mitchell.
They will live in a comfortable
residence which Mr. Mitchell is
building on Ninth avenue, facing
"Lovers' Line."
Provincial Chief Constable Owens took south by the Camosun
on Sunday the Jap, Isshi, for trial,
also the man Rogers who Wounded
himself on the steamer Ha/elton
some time ago. ,
lhe aamo touches tbe In.I an Ilaserve, thenceoait
80 chains, thsnee south 80 chs ns, thence ant s
chains, thsnee north 80 cha ns lo point of com*
muncunicnt, conls n ng 1140 seres more or leas.
Hand Apr I 14, 19U. MAUI IIA  1 l , i.
Pub. May U.
Skeena Land District���District of Casslsr
TakB   notice  that   1.   JohB   Uawin  of   Trine.
lluperl H. C, occupation laborer, intend to apply
for permissloB lo purchase lbs following dcscrilied
Commencing at & post plsnted sbout Ul two
miles south of lbs forks uf tbe While aad Flsl
rlvsrs, theoce south 80 chains, ihsnce esst SO
cbsins, ihsnce north 80 clui.ii. thence aesl si)
Dsted AprU 18, 1911. JOHN I'N.VIN
I'ub. May 13. Francis S. Ireston. Agent
Skeens Und Dislrict���District of Coast Itange V
Take notics thst 1, J. Lorne MscLaren of
I'rince Kupert. H.C., occupation real estate ageat
Intends to apply fur permission lo purchase lhe
following described binds:
Commencing at a posl planted 40 chains wesl
and Hu chains south of the southwest corner of
lot 1733. vicinity uf Laikelse Lake, and marked J.
L. MacLaren's nnrtweet corner, thence esst ni
chains, thenee soulh 40 chains. Ihsnce wesl an
chains, thence north lu chains to point of commencement, containing 3*M acres mure or less.
Hi-.,. It. Putnam, Agenl
Date May 31. IHU
Pub. June 18.1811
Skeens land DUlrict���District of Coast llangs V
Take notice thsl Edith Alloa Crowlher ot
ikii-g, Yorkshire, England, occupation spinster,
intends lo spply for permlasion lo purcbass lbs
following described Uvl.
Commencing st a posl planted at Ihe soulh east
corner of surveyed lot .I'-i'.-l, Usage 6, Coast District, thonce north along the easterly limit of ths
.an! lol 35 chslns mors or leas lo lbs southerly
limit ot Lot 39,5, Itange &, coast district, thsQC.
esst along ths southerly-Tlmll of the last mea!ion��al
lot 60 chains to a point, thonce In a southerly direction 35 chains parallel lo the said
easterly limit of lot 3991, thencs In a westerly direction 60 chains mora or lass to
the point ol commencement containing 210 acres
moro or less.
Dsted March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 25.
Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned
and endorsed .Tender.for PubllCailulldlng. Crsn-
brook, II. ('. will lie received until 4 p.m.. on
Mondsy, June 12, 1911 for ths construction
of s Public lluildlng, Cranbrook, n. C.
Plans, specificstion and form ot contract can
lie seen and form, of Under obtained al lhe offices
of Mr. Wm. Henderson, Ileeldcnt Archllecl.
I Ictorls, 11. C, st tha poat office,
st this department.
Pcraona tendering are notlned that lendeta
will not be considered unleas msde on the printed
forms supplied, snd signed with their sclusl
signslures, stsllng their occupations snd plsces
ol residence. In the Cass of firms, Ihe sclu.l
signature, lh. nature of tha occupation and plsce
of residence ol esch member ol Ihe Urn, must
bs gtwn.
Each tender must he sceompsnied by sn
rcr.pti.,1 ,-i���. ������. ������ , chartered bank, payable
lo lhe order ol Ihe Honourable Ihe Minister ol
Public Works, equal to ten per cent .10 |,r M
the amounl of the lender, which will Is, torlelled
If ihe i- --..:, tendering decline lo enter Inlo a
contract when , ,,n,,, upon to do so. or Isil to
complete the work contracted for. II Ihe lender
be not src-tited the cheque will 1-3 returned.
The 11, ,..���..,,.,, ,1^, not |,|nd n���-if lo secept
the lowest or any lender.
Hy order,
ll. C. HI sli.nTII.H-.
_ Secretary.
Department ol Public Worka,
Ottawa, May 13, 1911.
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement 11 they Insert It without authority Irom the
Department, 21
Skeens Land Dislrict���District of Coast
Tske notico thst Wllllsm  Munford la  Print*
Kupert,   11.   ('.,   occupstlon   prospector.   Intends
to apply  lor  permission  to  (esse  ths Mowing
described Isnds:
Commencing st a post plsnted sbout 100 chslns
south of tho lndisn Reserve on the east aide of
Goose Ilsy snd on the esst side of tbe penlnsuls
sefSSi "<"i"1 80 fhslns along shore, thence west
40 chains to (loose Ilsy, thence north stong shore
80 chains, thence west 40 ehslns more or lees to
post, containing 320 acres more or less.
Dated March 8, 1911. WILLIAM MUNFORD
Pub. April 16.
Tenders nre Invited for the repair of the wharf
at Metlnknln. II.C; the sum of fifteen hundred
il.iMars being available for expenditure on this
wharf. Illililers should1 carefully exsmlnc the
ground, and slate In detail the extent of repairs
he will undertake for that nmoont. All piles
must lie power driven. Tenders will be received
"' lhe lndisn OITIce. Metlakatla. D.C.. up to June
Sni 1 J' "ni1 stals lie accompanied with a cer-
lllleil cheque for one hundred dollars which
amount will W forfeited In the event of a withdrawn of tender. No tender received will necessarily be accepted.
���,,,,,    ��� ��� Indian Agent.
Metlakatla, B.C., Juno 6th. 1911.


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