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Twenty-four hours pnHIni*. <* -
ti-    -" 3
,Ll* ia.0    29.699   3.50
The Daily
<S URislatlve ^
' 20 191 ]
grJpiA 13- 5
For south
Prime Rupert Friday 8 a.m.
Prjoccss Mary... .Saturday, a.m.
For North
-'l'lincess May Thursday p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
)L. II,  NO. 261
Prince Rupert, B.C., Wednesday, November 15, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Id. D. W. Morrissey in Open Letter to Readers of the Daily News Points Out the
Menace of the Proposed Trunk Sewer���The End of the Sewer is 600 Feet
Above Hays Creek Bridge, and 1600 Feet From Low Watermark
[the Citizens of Prince Rupert,
ladles   and   Gentlemen:���Shortly
will hc called  upon to vote for
gnlnsl n bylaw, to  warrant an
endlture or $75,000, for the con-
bctlon of a trunk sewer covering
I drainage area of portions of Sec-
4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 In the city
Prince Rupert.    Your vote In fa-
of  lhe bylaw  as  It now  stands
authorize   the   fastening   of   an
ebi.'dni'ss   on   your  children   for
you will be called upon to pay
||enst  the  interest  and  n  portion
he  sinking   fuifd   for   the   next
years, If you  arc  permitted  to
through that  period.    In so dolt  is  but  common  justice  tbat
should   expect   the   besl   results
such  an  expenditure,
e said  trunk  sewer  Is  to have
commencement   west  of  the  red
district and continue Its i-ourBe
enslwnrdly direction alung lhe
'   course   of   Hays   Creek   lo   a
1,600 feet from low tide wntei
Hays Cove.     The oul let  ts to
*\ a point soulb from Hays Cove
je,   about   600   feet,   or   Dearly
siie iho private residence Of Mr.
rows.    To this mt  of our Cily
hell I take extreme exemption,
particularly ns Hie proposition
tipportod   hy  our  city engineer,
whom the City Council ts sup-
to receive Its professional In-
ali,ui   on   innltors  of  WCh   vast
ktance In  the sanitary  upbuild-
Bf our city.
contribution Is that the depot*
of sewer contents at any point
residential district, other than
lowest point of tide water In our
Jor,   Is  perpetrating  an  outrage
our cilizens thut should nol be
he manhole specified In the bylaw
before you to vote upon Is
1,600 feet above low tide mark
lis so situated lhal the depoiil
reaching tide water with lis
flow will be met with many
lllng obstruction! that will com-
he pulverized output or solid
ance to be deposited nn llic bot
tom    or    Hays   Creek   or   along  Its
I will detail by obstructions hy
number as follows:
1. The railroad grade crossing at
Hay.*! Cove prevents the natural ebb
and flow of the tide, except through
a narrow culvert In which an accelerated flow of tide must occur, with
a velocity so rapid tlint it will prevent
any sewerage mailer from escaping
through lhc culvert during rising
tide. Consequently, the pulverized
matter flowing tbrinigh thc sewer being heavier I linn water, will nnlu-
rally sink to the bottom, and the
back How or tide will lorcc all solid
matter lo deposit llselr upon the
benches, thereby polluting the vicinity wherein deposited.
2. Al a receding tide, similar conditions will result tn tho enclosure
ot 1 lays Creek Inslile the railroad
dump. Seeking nn outlet through
Ibe narrow divert will form eddies
around the beaches or stiignunt water in Which all heavy substances wl'l
bo deposited upon lhe bottom.
8, In the summer season at low
tide when these deposits lay exposed
in ihe sun Tor six hours nt one lime
the stench thrt necessarily must
arise Irom sewerage deposit Is much
more pleasant to anticipate than experience.
4. In the winter season such ns
we are now experiencing the congestion by (mat nnd snow at the outlet or the sewer will entail harrowing
experiences lo such a degree that
lhe expense or successful operation
will he enormous, while Iho returning of the sewer depolls will he permanently located 111 thc Immediate
neighborhood to add lo the horrors
or the fi It li exposed hy the returns
of spring.
5, The uncertainty as to the com-
pletlon of the (irand Trunk drydock
before the permanent sewer can be
extended to tide water compel* the
neressliy or making provision In the
bylnw submitted to you lhat a stiffi-
Cient sum will be placed therein Ihnl
a Biirriclcnt sum will be placed there-
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Jmontn, Alberni Nov. 15.���When
���rack laying was ended on Sully night last on the (iriinil Trunk
|lc  west  ot  Edmonton, lhe steel
rlthin three miles or the mulsh
thin boundnry.
lie Canadian Northern hns g��n|t
ten ni work also, rinse to the
lh Columbia boundary Hue, and
1 rivalry exlsls between lhc con-
Tim   TiiliMi-.il   Sato   Schooner   anil
liiii Soul*.
plug   Stiilloii   ol   '*****'   '*'*>'   *"*
l'p for a  Month or More
ing to nn annoying delay In the
jry or special castings for tb'*
llnery, thc new pumping slallnn
. run nt Morse Crock ilnm to lull the supply or water for do-
Be uso and rire protection In
fine or shortage "in imt probably
bj Started   up   milII   the   mi*l *
December, or lhe beginning "* *'"'
homing year, city KimiM"',' *���>"���**���
hit had everything In icii'linesH f"r
ith* erection of the plnni ror some
*t��m*, but shippers s"""1 having
Charge ol ilii'se neressaiy i-nsllngs
have occasioned the -li'lny-
(Special to Dally News, i
Attorll, ore. Nov, !���. The steam
tehooner "Washington," which went
ashore on Peacock Bpll on Sunday
afternoon, with pusengert and new
numbering lifty, arrived In harbor
las) nlglil Iii low or the tug Tatoosh,
Whlcb during ��� lull In thS storm gOl
n line lUCCOStfully to lhe doomeil ve��-
A report Hint two snllors had
been swept trom tbe deck I* denied.
All are well, bill those un bourd spent
I perilous time for Ililrly hours, momentarily   SX ling   the  ship   (o  he
pounded to pieces,
Launch Disabled.
On her Inst trip ��!' ������������> skocnn'
Larocquc* O'Noiir* launch the ������*���������-
Bx-Chen, wns disabled by lhe' hriul-
Ing of hor tall shaft, necessitating a
tie-up at MeniisklnlHhi. The launch
will remain nl I law-It on unlll M'b-
ruary, when she will bo taken lo
Telkwa, for use on the Bulkley be-
��� tween that point ****** '**'**Wet con-
ttructlon camps-
Warm  Bed  Coverings-all   kinds
Wii*  Kngincer of  Saul He  "'"1  <"���������������
raiting Engineer for Prince unpen
HydruaKli'cllle Si heme.
(gpeeisl i" 0*nt Sew*.)
Beattie, Nov.  l��.   Olty Bnglnser
it   ii  Thomson, who has been Iii the
wrvlce of the city of SestUs forth*
past twenty years, hns banded In hit
^nation *" ***"y"r D,n"*.      ,
resignation has been secepted, nnd
Mr    A     H     IHliinck    lhe   Snglnoori
chl��f  assistant,   has   beefl   ********
to bt noting city eng er until fur-
ther notion.   Mr. Thomson will i P
i pnsitinn ns engineer mr ths noti
Mr  Thornton, ll will bs remem-
Lereil, visited  Prince Hupert several
DOnthl  ago  111   hit  enpnelty  tt  coll-
tultlng enginssr forth* olty s hydro-
electric scheme.
In Hint will secure the construction
of n temporary sewer from said manhole to the lowest tide water In the
harbor of Prince Ruperl.
Before concluding, I wish to draw
you attention to one more Important
filet. At the present lime, and probably lor some years to come, 50 per
cent or lhe citizens of Prince Rupert,
during the summer months, every
Suniluy afternoon, promenade across
Hays Creek bridge lo the eastern extremity or Sixth Avenue, and for lhe
cily lo pay lor constructing a ress-
(Continued on page 4.)
WIIJ. SPEND ga,ooo,ooo.
O. P. It. Plan* nig Expenditure on
Freight   innl-.   ,.i    Winnipeg   Tei-
tCanadta.il Press Despatch.)
Winnipeg, Nov. 16.���The 0. P. R.
announces thai it wll spend two million dollars on the extension! and In
making new yards as freight terminal! here.
New ll. c. Commander,
Hamilton, Ont., Nov. 15.���Major
iire.'in���! of lhe Salvation Army hat
been appointed today to act as provincial command ,- in Briiish Columbia.
Interment  of Mrs.  Iteid.
The Interemnt o< Mrs. Alice Held,
whose denth under snd circumstances
was previously reported, look place
this morning by launch io Harden
City. Thc funeral services were held
at 7:30 last night In the chapel of
Mr. E. Is, Fisher's undertaking
rooms, Rev. W. O. .tunics officiating,
Oversight in the Rerervoir Project is Brought to Notice of City Engineer   Will
to Get Building Restricted in the Section for a Year���Catch Drain Will
Have to be Built in Order to Prevent Water Being Contaminated
Now that section two is to be sold
will the drainage from the houses to be
built in Hint section pollute the water
in the reservoir the city is building at
Morse Creek 7 Hns there been an engineering oversight in the scheme?
The nnturnl drainage of section two
is into Morse Creek, which is now being
damned up In order to augment tin-
supply of city drinking water. Yesterday thc Daily News approached City
Engineer Davis with Inqulrlei on this
important point.
"How will the possible erection of
residences on lots sold in section two
affect the purity of the  water  in   the
ul'llixilli in imm. GALE.
bteamer i.-ik,- Munituim ii.,n* to in
Ilm i Iiiiiii* While Surgeon Operated
lo  Save   Passenger's   Life.
I Canadian Press Despatch.)
.Montreal, Nov. 15.���The steamer
Lake Mnnltuba arrived here today,
four dnys overdue owing to the violent storms. During a hurricane lhc
ship's doctor performed an Internal
operation on a passenger, lie removed an abscess and thus saved a
life. The ship was hove lo during
lhc operation.
Doth Dead Were Women���Launch
Knnv Ferried College* In l.uiil. n
From ihe Davis wharf today lhc
Knox ferried two funerals to Garden
Island. The first was lhat of the
Ian. Mrs. Thomas Reid, which left
the wharf at 8 a. m. At 11 a. m. (he
dm.t;i! ol the late Mrs. Fortune left
the same wharf In the Knox. Messrs.
Hayner Ilm*. had charge of thc
ceremony. Many friend* attended
both funeral*.
I '-.i-iiim-ili    ax    Viiiiiiini.    Ity.    Itridge
Damaged���Walls uf iih.ih ., MM.
lug III,,��ii Uni. il
ICanaillan Prcas De*patrh.)
Victoria, Nov. IS.���A severe gale
ihw morning dniiiaged lhe Raqulmnll
& Nanaimo railway bridge so lhal
irr'us are unable lo pa** over the
draw*. Two wall* of Ihe min* of
Ihe Ilii,l,en l.milling were also blown
down by the gale.
Tomorrow They Will Tuke lhe Vote
on Whether to Arcept  Ihe Agr	
incut  lo .n.l the Strike.
I Canadian Press Despatch.)
Fernie, 11. C, Nov. 16.���The miners did not vote on lhc agreement
today aa expected. They will do so
on Thursday. The cold weather has
brought grcat suffering among the
strikers, c*peclalty to their wives and
children. Today, for the rirnt time.
provisions were distributed.
The delegate* from Ihe conference
at Frank nrrived today and on Thursday will submit an agreement to lhe
miners. It It expected the men will
accept Ihe terms ofrered nnd thai
lhe mines will be In operation In a
few days.
Mock Mayoralty Contest
Tonight In the Presbylerlan
Church hall. Fourth Avenue, a mock
mayoralty contest will be held. Candidates will be nominated from the
floor, their platrorm will be announced, and they will address the meeting, arterward* being elcrled hy hnl-
Sn Siij-s it Member of the National
Aaeembly Who Voted for u Con*
sin in iiniiii Governments
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Pekin, Nov. 16.���One of the members ot the National Assembly has Informed ono or Ihe legal Ions today.
Hint although ihe assembly committed Itself to a constitution under the
Mnnihu dynasty, the majority would
prefer to organise a governmeni on
the lines ol n  republic.
Second Mate of the Schooner West-
erner  Killed  When   UK Ship  Was
II.mini.-.I  hy S.S.  W. S.  Puller.
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Portland, ore, Nov. 16.���One life
was loll as the result or lhc lamming or Hie steam schooner Westerner by thc lank sunnier W. S.
Porter early  today  near   Pilot   Buck
un tbe lower Columbia River. Out
Sveart, the second mate nf the West-
erner, wu* lhe victim.
Morse Creek Reservoir?" the city engineer wns asked.
"That is a point I have just been
considering." said Col. Davis. There
is no doubt that Morse Creek is Unnatural drainage channel for a portion
of section two. It would be advisable
if there could be some restriction of
building on this portion of the section
for six months or n year, and I huve
asked City Solicitor Peters to approach
Mr. I). H. Hays on this matter. But
in the event of unrestricted building
being allowed over the whole section,
und of people's building there at once,
which I hardly think likely, the construction of a small catch drain would
entirely prevent contamination of water. The catch drain would run along
the contour of the ground tome distance
above the level of the reservoir, nnd
would have its out-How beyond tlie dam
seaward. As a last resort in case of
contamination, it would be possible to
use the Morse Creek wuter for tire
protection purposes only, though this I
should prefer to avoid. After about
six months when the pipe line from the
city to Shawatlans Passage is complete
the removal of the pumping plant from
Morse Creek to Shawntluns Lake will
do away with the trouble entirely."
Tenders for the pipe for the line
within the city and to Shuwutluns will
be opened on the 20th on thla month,
and the pipe could be delivered four
months after award of contract, Mean
while the trench for pipe can be ready
where there is rock excavation, the
cut in the muskeg being left to be
done when the pipe is on the ground in
case of cave-in.
'arty   of  ThlrlyFIvr   Men   Held   ill
Mill llay hy Hire** of Weather.
ON  DECEMHBn  Iff, 1018,
Sir  Will.   Mm Ken/.le  Hives  lhe  Very
iinti- ilia Firtt Train win Enter
nu. i im  AT in iin.11
Illl-IUra-     S||   I I,,11     lllllllllgl'll     III     I    VI"   Hi
of   WJIMI.iiiiii���Vn   l.lvpa   I.i-t.
(Canadian Pre** l)e*patch.)
Detroit, Mich., Nov. IS.���A big
Hre which broke oul here today did
damage lhal I* p*tlmated nl |2(fli,000
In the bu*lnc*s district. No live*
were lost.
Tonight'* Meeting or Ihe Conaervn-
llvp Association May Ba Troubled
Tonight the Conservative Association���not "Club"���meets In Mclntyre Hall, and llierc Is a strong t-ttorl
lieing mads lo pack lhe meeting with
labor enthusiast*. Condemnation Is
rite In various quarter* regarding nn
alleged attempt to elect (he executive out or a aperlal ring. A nol��y
meeting Is predicted.
II. ('. Population*.
Ottawa, Nov. 16.���(Special)���The
Census Bureau gives ihe toiiowing
figures ror lhe town* ond villages or
llrlllsh Columbia: Knmloops, 3,772;
Keluwiin. 1,663; Vernon, 2,671;
Armstrong, S10; Enderby, n.l".; H'-v-
elltOkS, 3,010.
Want  Special  I.lhcrnllly.
ll  wns announced on Hundny Ihnt
IA COS) "f holding the Sunday screes Ol the  Presbyterian  Thanh  Ifl
ie   BmprsH  Theatre   cost*   120   n
���i*ck mnre than the collections.  Hpe-
,lnl  liberality was"aBkcd lor by the
elmri'h mnnngcr* In ronsenuonco.
New* ol the parly or thlrty-rive
surveyor* in.ii.* for a week up
the Naas Valley was brought Into-
day hy lhc Cclrlana. An effort was
made by thi* boat to reach Mill Buy.
where lhc men are now believed to
be, but It was impo**lblc lo roach
lhc porl owing m the gnlc and Icebound , ,,ii,llil,iii ut lhc river.
iii��iiii_iii*.ii. .1 Party.
The  tin'ii.-i.ii.i-ii parly, Including
M,  Alwnslnbcii, I'ouni  VOSS,  M.  Al-
(Canadian Pi-ett Despatch.)
Ottawa,    Nov.    |6, -Interviewed
here today, Sir Win Mackenzie, prcs-
Idelil id lhc ('. X. It., said Hint lhc
C.   N.   It-   BdmOttton   express  will   he
running Into Vancouver by December
11, in 1.1.
('. M. HAV'S Dill III,i:.
Mnitelle,ii- Resemblance Apparent in
Prince i.-up. n Passenger Today.
\ gentleman the Identical double
Of C M. llnys, from the broad slioul-
dert In the beard, nose, eves, mid
the Prince Ruperl thi* morning on u ,.,,���,, ,.���,, ���rriv,.,, ,,v --,��� Pr!nM Ru.
visit to the city. It Is possible thst I ntr| ������,_���_ ���p __VfJ ,,���. (.,.nn(l
they may Invoi In city realty. |Trunk  offi-i,*, ������  ������, wharf ,,���!,,,
-i    in-     ilis  name  could  not   be
���llealallng"  I* Scriotia.
placed   by  the  purser  aninliKSt   Ihnse
Paul Peterson, charged With being   ������ ���,. |,11H8���n���,,1. Hb- ���, H,���,r, I10l|,.r
drunk and resisting arrest, admitted
the rir*t rount up did nol understand the second and was remnnded
until tomorrow, when an Interpreter
can  be round.
Difference III  K\prc��mliiii.
Tom Oroker, in reply to the old
charge, "guessed he must have been"
d and d. Five collected. Tom (i'ce-
son wss n ditto ditto, only he "expected" Instead of guesting.
Secllon Two Mnp.
Wllh  a  contour  map  ot  Section
Two, ns drnrtcd  by .1.   H.   Plllslniiy.
Cholcosl lii|i:urs
thc Savoy.
il  cignrs nl
Sale of Household Goods
Prompt at two o'clock on Thursday
afternoon Mr. Frank Ellis will sell by
auction all the household furniture,
stoves, carpets, etc., of Mr. C. W.
Polts who is leaving tlie city. The
sale will be held at the residence of Mr.
Potts. No. -121 Dunsmuir Ave, ut the
corner of Fifth nnd Dunsmuir. Thc
sule will lie without reserve, und will
be a good opportunity for anyone to
pick up some burgiiins in household
furnishings. It
I'uii its   May   Have   lo   Intel vine   to
Cheek     l-'ui'-ltcuchiiig     Desolittioii
nml Dleordei*.
iSpeclul to Dally News.)
Pekin, Nov. 16,���Yunn Shi Kill, the
last prop nl  ilu- throne, has reached
here ai  last, accompanied by 1,000
troops.    Efforts have been mude to
have blm tuke the premiership hut
he hns given no definite answer, it
Is believed there ure serious coinpll-
i al Ions lu stoic lor China, and greater lufferings than have yet been en*
du red. I ut erven t Ion by the Powers
is beginning to be tulked ol. Winter Is expected lo terminate the mass
movements or-the troops but there
will be greater numbers or death*
yet through famine,
I Vancouver lluliuu I- Snid lo llnve
Murdered iiiuiikiyn Policeman.
(Special to Dally News.)
Vancouver, -Nov. 16.���An Italian
named Palernerno, arrested and
charged With theft, has been denounced by Ills countrymen us the
murderer or a Brooklyn policeman.
An  Investigation   is  being made.
siiiiiiiiiin   Believed   to   he   Settling
I iu�� n  Peaceably Today.
I Special tO Dally News 1
Fernie, Nov. 16.- Delegates trom
the Frank Conference reached here
yesterday nnd Will submit nn agreement to the miners on Thursday. It
Is believed lhe many will SCCOPt the
terms offered and go lo work. There
have been  no mole disturbance*.
Now is tlie time for your winter
Overcoat. We have the goods to
please you. Sweder Urns., Custom
Tailors, Helgerson Block.
O, w. iiaviiniei. M.i'.i'., Makee sug.
gclillll   III   111 v   (-iiiiiiiiImnIoii (llll.
veiiiiuii ni Munldpalltle* Opened.
Large Bteamer Btorm-Btaycd���Bmall<
er ecu ft sunk ni  Moorings,
Terririe wenlher raged yeslerdny
along lhe Nans Valley. ley wind In
hurricane gusts made ii  Impossible
lor  lhc Cetrlanu   In  land  nt   the  villous canneries,    The iteamer  wat
forced   tO   run   fnr   shelter   tu   Port
I, is possible tO gunge .he exert grade w)|(n,        ,,���������.������
of each In.     Clenr contour   Inet lire ( hu ^ ^ ���,(,���k,
mnrked on the plan, which Is nn ex
rcllent bll of work
Another shipment North way's Ladies'
SuiU, 126 to $35- -Wallace's.
Poor Old Joe.
The lalett cnndldntc lor mayor lllmnk
loo Mcrryfield,   n��- ��n>n no himm-if, with exceptional difficulty fur this
p fur I lie p
end.    At Wales Island the large gnsn.
line launch Starling wns wrecked and
sunk iii tin- wiimfsiiii', iiu- violence
of the wind first carrying sway her
e'Hiire deck house,   A smaller launch
wns  sunk   beside   here,   nnd   two  or
three rowboati  were imaihed  snd
The  (Yli'lnnn   made  her   trip
al nny rate, repudlnllng with scorn
the Idcn Ihnl he would think of mere
nldcrninnlc candidature.
Meet mt- .ii the Savoy.
time ,,i iiii* year
down river'now.
Drift   ice  Is  fur
Ladies'   nnd    Children's    "Monarch
Knit" Sweaters���Wallace's.
i Canadian Press Despatch.)
Victoria, Nov. 16.���C. W. Davit aril .M.l' P., al the filial session of
lhe TS! Commission at Duncan, lliaili
an urgent plea nn behnir uf the rural
municipalities for better terms from
ibe Provincial Government.    He wi-
vlsed ii one cent Inx on nil privately
own lands for educational purposes
nnd Ihnl the revenue from the inx
be banded over to tbe niuni,���ipulii i��----
The Convention or ii. c. Municipalities opened hero today With a
large attendance rrom nil pnrts of
the province.
(Canadian Prosi Despatch.)
Ottawa,    Nov.     t.',      The    Liberal
convention al Renfrei im* adopted
a resolution permitting Mr, T  Low,
It. P.,  tO  resign   his  seal  III  favor of
linn. (Jen. p Qraham, ex-mlnlnter of
railways, Mr. Graham will nol be
oppossd by the Conservstlvee,
The   cabinei   has  filled  tbe  vnrnn-
cIch iii the Senate created by the
deuihs nf Senator! Carllng and
linker. Although nol definitely stated, it is believed tbe new tenatort
ure HiiTus Pope, nnd (lenrge Taylor,
formerly M, P., for Leeds.
To   Hernial   Aldermsn   Hnughl*.
Frlendi of Alderman Dougtai nre
proposing to nominate him for office
nl the Cnnscivallve Assuilallun meeting tonight, In recognition of lit* con-
slnnl BdVOCaoy of working i Inss Interests Ifl the City Council,
Next Hum Soulh.
Aboul .'< p. iu. today the Cetriana
leaves for Vancouver, culling at Bsl-
moral for (,000 cases of tslmon, and
also   nl    Oeenn   Fulls   on   the   wny
Prince Albert in.
The, 0, 'I'. )>, iteamihlp Prince Al
belt arrived nt 10 p, m. yesterday, a
llttel lute, having ninde (he north trip
via Ihe wesl const uf (Iruham Island.
Farewell (oilliering This Fveniiig foi*
Popular s. Ai Officer,
Tonight In the s. a. citadel, Bn-
sign Johnstone, with Mrs. elohnito-o
nnd their popular little son, "The
Dswion Drummer Boy," will bid a
forms! farewell to Prince Rupert,
There is certain to be i goodly gathering of iheir friends, the* many they
have helped und encouraged In the
illy, and of all citizens Interested In
the greet work nr tbe salvation
Opening  Announcement
Mr. II. (!.   Smith  will  open on   the
Pith in Smith's store  nn  Sixth  street
with  a  full  line  of  cigars,  tobacco*,
smoker's  articles,   fruits  and  confections   at   specially   low   prices.       An
adequate assortment  of  the  best imported and domestic cigars in the  city
will be  obtainable   at  lowest  possible
Ladies are specially  invited  to  see
our  complete   now   Btock  of candies
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out  that   the  other  was
tender irom Plymouth.
When  Ihey  were  bolh  Hearing  the
buoy. Ilrniul was aroused.
It' was  evident  ihat  the  brlet  rest
had cleared his brain and restored his
Self-confidence,    Instantly  he took up
Subscribers   will greatly oblige by  promptly  calling up Phone 9S in case of the thread or events,   and  his  first
non-delivery or inattention on the" part of the news carriers. words    showed  how  pleased  he was
that someone of authority in the light-
���   -  house service should be In active com-
Daily Edition. <_<&&��>        Wednesday. Nov. 15 Throng��� nuVaLse. he distinguish-
^^^ ���  ed Stanhope  on  board    the    Trinity
Soon after aeven o'clock the watch
reported that two vessels were approaching   from   the   Hay.    One   ��������*,**. ���  ������������
the Falcon, and the sailors soon made  load or provisions to tin* occupantt ot
leave her to the quiet misery of tho
packed bedroom.
Ab the day passed I wearisome
Iteration of all thai had t-one before,
a new feature in ihe relation! of tho
crowded community made itself disagreeably apparent. Men drew apart
from each other, singly, or In small
groups. An Inooniolable glcoin sei-
tied on tho women. By tome mean*,
the knowledge sprcui! thai ihey n lg! I
all starve to death In the heart oi
thla cold dungeon. Tbey began t ���
oathe It, to upbraid III steadfastness
with spoken curses in unrestrained
.ears. The lanctuai*- "' <������> day wat
Jeconiing the tomb ,,i the next No
ongcr was there competition to look
it land or sta (rom the i pen windows.
Bverywhere was tettllni down a pall
it blank, horrible tlience and Buspl*
Even Constance yielded to the common terror once wbl n the men ot Ihe
watch escorted the bearer ol a tray
the    Trinity
keep ut going several more dayi.
Can't you figure It out? Ian't lt a
miracle? Here! Who's for guard
and who not?   Let us quit fooling/'
And the doubtera were silenced for
the hour.
The hymn-singer endeavored to raise
a chorus. He was not greeted with
Ball* Coola Land Diatrict���District ol Coast IUngo
Taka ooUca that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation genUeman, Intenela to apply (or
petmlMlon to leaae the loUowing deacribed lanelai
Commencing  at  a poat planted at  the shore
- . near tha N. E. corner ol Lot No. 3, thence north
but  a   few   valiant aplrits ! ���*-* chaina, thanca weat 811 chaina more or lean to
aaat boundary ol cannery leaae, thence lollowing
tha aald east boundary aouth 40 cliuina more or
laat to ahora Una,  ihonco loUowing aaid ahore
Una eaaterly 80 chain, mora or lesa to point ol
commencement;    containing  320  acroa,  mora  or
Datad Auguat 81, 1911. H. M. CLIFF
Pub. Sepu 80. WUliam McNair, Agenl
In a recent Issue or Canadian Collier's Weekly, under the caption or
"Armand Lavergne's Splendid Defiance." the editor, H. F. Gadsby, probably the cleverest paragrapher in Canada, has the following to say:
"The laiest word is that Armand Lavergne will oppose Armand
Lavergne is like the Irishman who had jusi landed In New York. 'What
arc you?' he was asked. Democrat or Republican?' 'What's the government?' Pat inquired. 'Republican.' "WelLthen. I'm agin It.' Whatever government is In power, Armand Lavergne is 'agin' It. He is the
direct antithesis of the gentleman who said: Whatsoever king may
rule still I'll be the vicar or Bray, sir.' Armand Lavergne is 'agin'
any or all Canadian governments because he has a reputation to keep
up as ah amateur Prince Rupert. He Is the chevalier or desperate
causes because there Is better fighting and greater -appearance of
romance on the off side.    As a speaker he can make better speeches.
steamer, standing by the side of the
Inspectingofficer of the South-Coast
lights. Other officials were there
but near Stanhope was a tall elderly
man. unknown, and certainly a stran
per In Penzance.
The Falcon was now chartered by
pressmen, so the civilian on the official boat was evidently a person of
consequence. Indeed, Brand Imagined
long before Pyne was able to verify
the Impression, that the newcomer
��as Mr. Cyrus J. Traill, whom he had
failed to notice In the poor light of
the previous evening.
He knew quite well that the experienced chief of the lighthouse service
would appreciate fully the disabilities
under which he labored, with eighty-
one mouths to feed from a stock already  far below   the  three   months'
(he coal-cellar.
"Enid." she Whispered, "dlJ >ou tee
lhe light In their ey. s? What lt lt?
Does hunger look that way?"
"It must be so. yet It Is almost unbelievable. They are fnr removed from
real starvadon."
"One would think eo. But lt la to
hard lo realize things beforehand.
And they have nothing to do. They are
brooding all lhe time. We are tlavee
of our Imagination. Many a sick per-
suii is allowed to cat far less than
these men have been given, and the
deprivation it not felt at all."
"What will become of ut, Constance, if we are detained here for
many daya?"
"Dear one, do not ask me. We mutt
not think of such things."
"But dad is thinking ot them. I
watched his face when I took blm a
scrap of food Just now, and���"
"Hush,   dear.     Let   ut   pray
There wat a clatter of feet down the
Iron stairs. The men of tbe watch
were hustling to unbar the Iron door.
A solidly built, circular raft had been
lowered from the Trinity lender.
An assistant-keeper, wearing a cork
came to his assistance.    A couple of
hymns   vara   feebly   rendered���and
***tt\*f when," observed Pyne calmly
when ho entered  the  service-room to
find Brand trimming the spare lamp.
"Not tonight," said Brand.
"Why nol?    Hell  may  brenk loose
at any moment  downstairs."
"What has occurred! 1 hi ard some
thing of a dispute When the watch
mustered nt eight o'clock."
"Tilings are worse now. One of the
men found a gallon nf nu ihylated
spirit  iu (he  workshop."
"Uoi d Heavens! Hid he drink any
of It?"
"lh   and   his   mate*   have   emptied
the tin.    Eight nre helplessly drunk���
the oi hers quarrelsome.     The   next
thing will be a combined rush for the
j store*room."
"But why did noi tbe recond officer
I tell me?"
"He    thought    you    had    troubles
enough.    If he could depend on  the
remainder of the crowd he would rope
Ihe sinners.    Says he knows a slave
I knot that will make 'em tired."
Brand's eyes glistened.
"The  fools,"  In*  said,  "and  Just  at
��� the weather It mending, too."
"You don't mean that?"
"Llsit n."
He  l'hi;. . il  up at  thc  glass dome.
, Heavy   drops   wire  pattering  on   It;
Ihey    looked    like   spray, but  Pyne
shouted   gleefully:
"Is It rain?"
"Yet. I was Just going to summon
and ihe watch to help In filling every ves-
' sel. By spreading canvas aheels we
can ga'her a large supply If lt rains
hard. Moreover, It will beat (he tea
down. Man alive, thia may mean sal-
vatlon, Tie those weaklings and sum-
mon e.er sober mon to help
ll.Ua Coola Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coast IUngo
Taka notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Inland, occupation gentleman, Intenels to appl>
(or permiasion to leaaa the lollowlng dcacribeil
Commencing at a poat plantad at the N. K
cornar ol Lot 33, thanca nonh 20 chaina, theoce
weat 40 chaina, thance aoutb 20 chain, more or
lea. lo ahora line, Ihenca lollowing tbe shore line
east 40 chains mora or leaa to point ol commencement: containing 80 caroa, more or lea..
Datad Auguat 31, 1911. II.  M. CUFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaat Rang
Take notica that 11. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Inland, occupaUon genUeman, intend, lo apply
tor permiaaion to laaaa tba loUowing deeenbeu
Commencing at a poat planted at the N*. W.
corner ol Lot No. 4, thence north 40 chains, tbence
eaat 40 ehaina, thance aouth 40 chaina more or
leaa to ahora Una, thanca loUowing ahora line
westerly 40 chaina mora or laa. lo point ol com-
maocemeat: containing 80 acre., more or laaa.
Dalad Auguat 28. itll. U.  M. CUFF
Pub. Sepu 30. William McNair, Agenl
Bella CooU Land Diatrict���District ol Coaat Ranga
Tak* notie* that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Inland, occupation gentleman, inunda to apply
lor parmiaaion to laaaa tba loUowing described
Commencing at a poat planted at tba N. W
cornar ol Lot 2S2, thence aouth 40 cbatna more
or laaa to northern boundary ol leaae No. 1 applied
(or ny IL M. Cliff, tbeooa following uld boundary
ee-rt 20 ehaina, thance north 40 cbaina. tbence
we-st 20 chaina to point ol commencement; con-
laming 80 acraa. more or leas.
Dalad Auguat 28, i'.'ll. H.  M.  CUFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agenl
Skeena Land DUtricl���Dlrtrn
lake  notice  lhal  LtRoi   I
(opart, H. C, occupation civ   .   '
lo apply (or pcrniusiuu t0 pui(. * -
described lanel.: '
Commencing ul a pui, p|,nI,���
in a northerly alirirclion Iron. t,,.
p~.l ul Lot la-:.*. Hange '. c, "
eaat 30 chains, thanca nurtl
wost to bank ol  river, thei
Lank ol river io point ol cor
tainin-i lfiu acres, num ���, ,,_,
Datoal -sepi. 'J, lull. I 1
Pub. Oct. 10. Gordo:, l.'":..'
Skeena Land Dislrict���Dutrict , ��� ,
Take nonce tnat Je_*   ,i
llapiela,    Iowa,   occupai,,,,   .,"'
apply  lor porinusion  to nuchal
,l,.a,T,i,f.l lanets:
Commencing at a post -,..,
shore ol  l.ut-*rjrnialtlu  liuoi u
ol a small stream iluwlng Inu ta
ol Crow Laae.    '1 ounce souli.
.est 2xi chains mure ur low. *..,"
t-row  Lake,   inoncu  nuru.w;.    ,
lowing ine .iiore lines, ul , .-
to crow Lake aim  Kutaaymaux*
place  o(  coiiiiiieiicou.i-i,:,   L,,
more or leaa.    Located Au^..-
DateU Aug. ��, lull. Jr.*.-, '  '
I'ub. Aug. 12.
���,"*������������� S
���' I um,
| xeem
X  lujrj,
��� *  *���..,!
*': c*-*rnw
* ir.oi.ee
���"���"-��v Ins
������'������ eul
* ������ Aunt
:*- .',- V
������ ul Coeiar
���"*"*��� m
��� Uovlii
mn ,_,.
��� ���������'..������.ts
'���   IIM ol
I) lol.
������ laltt
' ���  X-.A
'��� .crea
* UJ-tAI*
Bella Coola Land District���Diatrict ol Coast Kange
Taka nctiea lhat H. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, inland, io apply
lor permiasion lo laaa* to* loiluwing deacnbo.1
Commencing at a poat planted al tha S. E
oorner ol Lot 261, thenco .outh  10 chain, more
Skeena Land DUlrict���Dittrict
lake notice tn-i I, Chmuapl -
ol l'nnce Hup rt, 11. c., o,r..j,.
engineer, mlouil lo appl. (or pernio
ine loUowing de.cn uod lai.ets.
Commencing al a pos; plant* .
west  corner ol  Lot   .So.   :,,,
LakeUe   and    marK.il    Chl-isl
N, fc. Corn*!.', tnenco *.*.*. h> ,.-
80 chains, tnence east to cr...
chain,   to   poet   ol   commence. -
at2u ac.e-a, mote ->r le-ai.
CllKl-.Uii-iic.il  JAS,   OKA
Dated *>epL 2*1. I'Jll  ILMA.M
Pub. Sept. 30,
Skeena Land DUtricl���Diatrict
Take notica tbat it. tl. SUwai
H.  C-,  occupallon tntskmu,  .
lor '-emu-Miou lo purcoase lu<- to
Commencing at a post plutl .
ol Pre-emption No.   ,*.*. ana   _
tbe Naas itiver iS, W. C.;, *.,.-. -
tbence 40 cbaina norm,  throe-.-  ,
tnence 4U cnauu aouin to lt.e poinl
ii.,-i.t lo contain 1'jU acre, mur,- or .
K1CHAKU lion., .
Dated Aug. mil. 1. ... * *. .
Pub. Sept. 2-1.
'"* _n
'��� J*:r. -al
>' r.tllUHI
* ar.Cujvtf,
*     ',,-���
- waiM
���' a-r.i Kiatb
***** fru-a
���   -r-j r41l)
 ��� m,
as a writer he can write snappier articles, when he has something to   maximum.
criticise, and since governments are continually doing things It follows      The  "rst  telegraphed question be
tha( governments are continually providing food for criticism. Besides,
it Is easier to knock than to boost any day. Armand Lavergne has
chosen the better part which shall not be taken from him We cannot
but admire his courage in standing splendidly outside in the wet when
io many others are scurrying ror the sunshine. Armand Lavergne
deHes any government to please him."
All this about Armand Lavergne is very understandable. But what
does the reference to Prince Rupert mean? It cannot be the original
Prince Rupert (ha( H. F. G. had in mind, for ihat ancient swashbuckler,
believed in always being with the government
Royalist cause, the nephew of Charles tbe First and his "band of seventeen
roving gentlemen adventurers" who formed the Hudson's Bay Company
received the biggest monoply in the annals of Canadian graft. Prince
Rupert did not believe In being "agin the government."
It must be that the fame of our alderman;, white hope has spread
abroad, or that the free for all scrap In the Council Chamber every Monday
night is winning the kind ot fame it is calculated to bring.
traved the prevalent anxle(y.
"Hope all ls well?"
Whai  was he  to say?    Was It  not
best to speak boldly and let the men
With a whoop. Pyne vanished.   He _
jackci. with a rope about bit waist,   met Constance on the ttaln, coming or im. to northern bounJar-. o( Leaa. .Mo. l
was clinging (o a stumpv matt In tbe   to tee her father before she ttretched I ���pt>i(*��d I" by a. M. cuff, tnence eaat 20 chain.
centre.    Two ttout  guide-ropet wero   her weary llmbt on the hard floor oi|*-��t��,-'J "*���*������"*"���������
the kitchen.
8he never knew exactly what took| RCSiSR
place.   It might have been polltenete,
but It felt uncommonly like a squeeze,
end  Pyne't  face  wat extraordinarily
dote to hers at he cried.
"It's    raining.     No
more    canvas
manipulated rrom the deck ot the ves
sel.  aud  the flat, unwelldy matt of
Umber was slowly drifting nearer the
lighthouse with the tide.
The door ot thc column opened to-
wards the cast, to the wind, with ltt
know the truth, not alone as to their  pelting sheets of spray, waa almost In
present desperate pllghi but revealing  the oppotlte   quarter, and the ttout   whiskey.   Git "a buttle on"with every
the nieasuus lu* had  devised for the, granite shaft Itself nff.irded aome de-   empty "vestcl."
protection 01 the light?    He could not; grce ol protection for the entrance,
make up his mind to launch out Into;    The    8ciierae   siKna]ed   from    the
steamer was a good one.   None but a
lunatic  would  endeavor  to approach
the    rock    ns,-it.    but there waa a
chance that the raft might be made
to drift  near enough to tbe door to
boundary,   thenca   north   40   chains.
t 20 chain, to point , f commencemenl:
containing -SI acrt-a, mora or lesa.
William McNair, Agent
full explanation that instant.
So he signailtd:
"Everyone alive, but many eases of
For his allegiance to the ' grave collapse."
Stanhope  was again  the  signaler*
evidently   he
wltb the  Ad
Brand ci"
"How are Constance and Enid
"Quite will aud cheerful."
The tall man near Stanhope bent
"Are .Mrs. Vanslr.art and Pyne all
llrand assumed that the lady was In
no worse ondltion (han others. Constance, telling him the state of the
tick during a hasty visit, had not mentioned her name.
So he cent the needed assurance,
and went on f:r!orn!y:
j   had   arranged-mattert; ^m,,, a gra,,ne| ,0 be thrown acroit S'.^d to sho
imlral al  Portamoulh-to  fte rope he,d b y lhc ga���M, volunteer 2_ma___-ta
tcd the prompt reply: ,h'     .. nal tuppllct. In
-_......_. ..,.1 v,,i.i���       on. Ine "":    . ... quantity obtain.
It was hla duty to attach the two
ropea and thut render it pottlble tor a
stronger line to be drawn from tho
\cssel to ihe pillar. There was no
other way. The lighthouse did not
pottest a rope of sufficient length to
be drawn back by the raft without tbe
Intervention of tome human agency.
This was precii-cly the puny, half-
despairing dodge that tbe reef 'oved
to play wiih. Cat-like, It permitted
the queer flat-bottomed craft to approach  almost  within  hell.    Then  It
. Skaana Land Dutrict- Diatrict ol Quaan Charlotu
He need not have been In euch a ��� T*k* *Mim 9* Au*."n u* Bn*"* *>' p"nw
m.2,2,   _______ Rupart, occupation uudler, tnietxli to apply 10
willrl. now ever. mi. Chie! Coam-aslonar ol Land, and Work. lor
When the thower came It did not' ��� *^*DC* ���*��� ff.Tf,1 ,or co*ii__,_.'' C2'__M_
_a*_   ��� ,r.    i.���, .    ���,  1   ���_--_   -._._   LaaalV ****  th* lolloaing de*��e]-ib��i land, on the
latt tery long, and there were many w��tCoaaio(Ciraham island:
difficulties In Ihe way Of garnering Commencing at a poat plantad thre* mdaa rait
llu.  11- ri...  h1t.BBi-.t1   senior     In  thu (Ira!   *l the nurt*_a.i corner ot C. I.  No. 44T2 ibeoce
1!2.   .V       JT? .    1. * ">*ua ***** lh��"*�� ********* ���*** ���**��" "
place,  thc  llghihoute  wat  exprottly, ���_(_, ^^ ,*,�����, ���� cbaina aoutn 10 point oi
hoot off all tuch etter om_m��oc��iieKit.
the tecond. tbe -tt-tl *mttM �������� bkown. Ucto,
quantity obtained did not amount to p.*_A*_t.iS/
more than half a gallon.
But It did a great deal of good In Sk*��__ Und Dl_ri��-Dl^ct .1 Q*-n Ch��io...
other    ways.      It    brightened    many islanda
facet. It caused Ihe drunkards to bt' Taka aotie* that Aueun M. Brown ol Prince
securely  trussed  like   plucked   fowls ��*�� m*****-*^*** ******** **
and   dump. .1   along   lhe   walll   Of   tht   ih-oos to proapect lor coal. ,-,l and p��roleum on
entrance passage, and It gave Brand and und*r um loUownig 0. .cnbe-j landa on u>.
tome degree of hope thai the retcue wSi_r_ng^n^>i����d thr- mU- m*
OptrtUOILI of ine next day might Ml o( ib�� mBiii corn-f of c. U So. Wttt Ummi
Skeens Land DUtrict���District u'. *
Tak* notice tbat lUr.j. i _.. .**
A.U., uccupatiou sui.ni, IfUt,
(or pertnuuiou to purcuat* tn. It
CommeneifMt at a post pla
*im corner loo chaini emit and SQ
from N. t.. vomer ol tot J...
Coast  District  Kange  -j,  tbecce 1j
tn**nce  00 cnaina  uorib,  IbMM   .
tnence &0 cnaina aouth to po-t ol
containing j_;u acr_a, more or I****-.
uat��l Sepu lb, li*l l. HAKul. I
fub.-ya.-pi. 22. Frvd .-  i
Skeeiut Liand Diatrict���D-atricL _.'
Take uotice ihat, 1, Uurdon C. i
Trince   Kupvrt,   il.   C-,   ooettpal
oroker, i.ttend to apply  i t  pal .
cbaast the luUowing dwc.ibeu BUD
Commencini at  a  po*t  ;..
mile* in a nurinerly dtrectioft ti
ruruer poat uf Lot  i..s.-. Kg.,_���
I Utence  nortb   im  chaiai,  int.. ���*.���    -
uank, Uwnce south (otlo��imc ti*\t I*
nl commencemetat;   cuuuim.'r; .
��� ���*A*.il      ]
-'��� Uqnbr,
***** mt_H
������*.������������ nortb
��� atur-np
mmUU    Mtt,
at-iM seat,
��� ���' Mmti
��� �����*���.*, .\(e3
*si \i*w i
��� ���-. .i
al   HUM
i to (,_f.
il j M
��� ������_*[
���    ���,
-   '.*> *wiat
>-j. more of
Return engagement of the
Sherman-Cleveland Opera
"Suppose no etton can be made to j Bhot forlh _ c|aw of furlou; ��urf  the
heavt t ift ��as picked up st If It were
a floating feather, turned clean over,
and Hung many fathomt oul to tea,
whilst bolh of in guiding cablet were
tnapptd with rontemptuoui eate.
The assiitant keeper, kept afloat by
hit larkci. was hauled, halt drowned,
back    through    the    choking    froth,
.   whilst   the  wave  which overwhelmed
prophecy of lingering death for many.  ,he _���.,  rur|���d ,,.,���,  lQ
m.*.*".^"?;^^0^^ ��* **����� ********* *** **********
open communicadon
To hla gnat surprise the answer
"We are constructinc a raft. When
tbe tide falls this afternoon we will
try what <au be done."
Ab, how glad he was that he had
not obeyed his earlier Impulse, and
horrified  the anxious  nscuert by  a
more euccetsful.
When the rain cleared off. the moon
flickered In a cloudy iky. Thlt wu
a further omen of better fortune.
Perhap. the Jingling rhyme of Admlr
al Plttroy't barometer was about to be
���'I...HB foretold,
l..*iig lett;
Short notice
Soon pott.'*
derous excesses committed by men on
the verge ol madness. If that story
bad to be toM he would not flinch, but
It was
of its telling might at leaat be defer
A long mesrage followed, a string ol
1 loving words from relatives ashore to
1 those known to bv Imprisoned on the
rock.   Durlne thc merely perfunctory
reading off of the signals hit active
, mind was eaiivasslng the probabilities
I of success or failure for the venture
of the aftermon.    It  waa  high-water
'< about  three nVloek. and, ln his Judg.
| ineni. with  the wind  In    ltt    pretent
out teveral of the  men ttatloned  tu
lhe doorway.
....      With a clang the Iron thutter wat
��� ?_ra,e_!VL.hLn.g.-t_b_V 2_*__5_  rushed Into Its place, and when  the
sailor was nscucd the Trinity beat
steamed away to try tnd secure the
So Joyout hope gave way once more
to dark foreboding, and the only comfort wat the faint one to be extracted
from the parting signal:
"Will try again neit tide."
Dttclpllne slackened lit bonds that
And the hurricane had given but
tllghl warning of Hi advent.
"1 feel It lu my bonet that we tball Puri-cTf
all be at frisky at Iambi to-morrow,"
tald Pyne. ��hen he Joined Brand af* |     I
ter the tcurry csutcd by the rain bad
"We must not be too tangulne.
There It a chance, now. I won't deny
thst. but Ihe tea It treacherous."
"Thlt reef llrkt creation. At Hat
Harbor. In Maine, wberc a mighty big
tea can kick up In a very few bourn
. have teen ll go down again like ma
gle under a change of wind."
north e*H> chain., mme* eaat SO chaina. tneiice
touth SU cl-.,,-.. it., i.e. waat SO chaina to pout ut
AL'STIN M. UltuWN, Locatoi
Located Auguat Iat, llll.
Pub. Aug. It.
s.aa *.s I*:. x DUuict���Diatrict ol Quean Charlotu
Take none tnat thirty da>s (rum date, I. C _.
Uaii.la. ol l'nnce Kupert.  ll   C, by occupation
bookkeeper,  Inlend  to apply  to Ihe  1   :,'l  Com
i*.ia.-onrf ol Laa,la for a Uc*nc* lo |,.--���, .ct lor
coal anel potroloum on and uni.r ft 10 acre, ul
land oa t:rah_m laland teaenlm* a. lollow.:
Comn-rrraciog at a poat planted two niles north
1 as- i i., rtn.c.t some* Coal Lm*. I loo markers!
C. _. B. Coal Laaa* No. tt, t.-soc south BO chain..
<h*no> wat ao chain., Ihenn- north Ml ehaiaa
tsn-e aaal at* il.alru lo polil ol rcmmeacemenl
r .r.Lining ��40 acraa more or Us".
Datad Sept. It. Itll. C.  E.   BAINTEH
Skesena Land District���Diatnct ol Caasiar
Take   none*   that   Charlea   YUlltam   Ham   ol
\anc-u-rer,  II. 0_  occupallon  ln>p*ctor,  Intend.
to apply lor permiaaion lo purchase the lulluwing
ateeenbed land.:
Commencing  at  a  poat   planted   at   the  con-
tuenc of lilackwaur river with tb* Naa.   river
about two milaa aoulh Irom tho .mh Dominion
"Thai  it quite  reasonable.     Any or   T.legraph cabin.    Poat marked C. Vi. II. s. w.
U.ted Sepu S. 1811.   COKDU.N I : I-JI140S
I'ub. Oct. 10.
Land District���iJistru'i ol lUng. V
I'aa* notioa inat 1. ileiu. Bio L I aast,
S.   11.   occupation   awrtttat, .   I* apply
lor perrmiaaiun to purcna_- t:,a : : k***.-,^1
Commencing  at  a  post  plan1 t_t
boundary aad about nve tulM   * .   nalt-
east coruetf ot  >-<:  11-11, llwnni n - ...a,
tnence  eeut   oo  cnaitu,   ISatntl
tnenoe wost jo cnains to petal
Dated June all, ISl 1.           BSNJA ll.\   ,   i ..-.1
Pub. July 2b. PreU :..      - \_v_t
Skevna Laad Dutrict���Li*stric: >        ul Raa*.|
lak*   nouc*   tnat   llarun ,.
Winnipeg,   tian.,   occu*.>at:rj:.      . .:,.:i
.o appi> lot per.nuasiuu le purenai i  ,
-i.-acrioa-l Ianda:
Lesiniuencii-g at a puat ptar.L-i ���
corner 40 chain, eaat and 10 Stains
K. B. corner ol Lol lllo. |U:.-. .-:
Diatrict Kange &, thenc* ,, I ,
,.,�� chaina uortn, *...,. .*. to taal
cnaina aouth lo post ol con.::..-. .
i'><l acris* mor* or Ium.
Date.ls.pl. 19, IK 11  U1IUAM i..        IcTAVUa
Pub. Sen. It, Inw tt. i.     r, Agaal
Skaana Land Dutrict���Duinc
Taka notir* that E. II. li. Mill*!    If.     - =
Eng., occupatioa aurv.yur. lata
(���crniuuton   lu   purchaa.  th.  (oUowing  acKTrtari
Commencing at a poet planted at I *.- '. S. Cat*
t.er ol Lot 410b, Ihence aeat Mlchu: I,
20 chatna, ihence east no chan,.. l:.< ���>
cbaina to lb* point ol comtnv...< -a
loo acroa mor* or leae.
Daled August it, IHU. E. II. '     -.-.ILLEK
Pub. Aug. 116. P. M. M ...'r. A|_l
quarter, about norihwett by wett, tha
cross sins wblrb would sweep the reel
'and engulf the lighthouse at half-tide night.   For one thing Mr. Emmett fell
|! would render it Wildly Impostlble for  III.    Although  Inured  to  hardship In
l  anv rail ever built by man's hands to  the    elemental    strife,  being  of  tbe
i  lite In tin* Immediate vicinity of the  itocky mariner race which holdt tht
ro, k. , gruff Atlantli* In no dread, be   bad
However. Ihi   Issue lay with others | never   before  been  called on  to est
I now.   Hc k" w- that they would do all1 todden   bread,   to   drink   condenaed
I that brate nun would dare.   He watj tteatn  flavored   wltb   varnish,  and  lo
tempted to make known the Iniplrlng, chew tuilcnaiice from the rind of raw
dlnary commotion hat room to ipretd i."."*^!. lh,n<_,*w ****** a*****. ***ne* w chain.
ItB.-lf   In   Iho   lleln 1.1        11. re   Ihea   I iris 25    """*  ******  """>*���  **>*ne*  SO  chain.
men in ine uae-way.    nere tne not .mx to pout oi commennment, containing mu
ll     broken     up    Into    ocean     rivers acr*. m-.re or laaa.
ttretmi with  boundaries at   deflcltt ���_____    __,.c"',"l-ES **tUttM ham
at  the Thamei.      The    main    body p.!*Vo7T       *ml*
twepept up Into Ihe bottle-neck of tht
Channel. Another tributary comet
round lhc norlh of the Scllly Itlet and
Prices 50c, 75c and $1.
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We ore offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market :
news id all bands, but refrained, because he fiarod ultimate failure. Beneath hit feet was a human volcano.
Stirred too deeply. It might become
active and dnngcroui.
So the apathetic multitude ln hit
charge, hungrily awaiting a tcanty
morsel of food which only provoked
what lt failed to gratify, must rest
content with tlie Ion,; statement written out by the purstr and read by him
at the door ol each room.
Pyne took to Mrs. Vanslttart ths
news of his uncle's presence on thc
"If you would like to tee him," he
said. "I have no doubt Mr. llrand will
��� let you stand on the gallery for a llttlt
She declined, excusing herself on
the ground ol wiaknest.
"In Ihis ' :. I- wind," she said, "ll
will be very cold out there, and any
further exposure would make me very
"Thai's true enough," he nu:. el,
though he wondered why she rais, d
no question concerning the tms.-ag.
ihe wished him to convey to Mr.
Had she forgotten the urgency o.
ber words over night? He had carried her instructions quite faithfully
to Brand aud lhe latter smiled at the
bacon.     These  drawbacks,   added   to
Skewna Land District - District ol Caaaiar
rum                             ',     .Ireai      m. ,l���   ,. ���T"""Jf"�� lh" Thomas Arthur tthll. ol Van-
runt into int.  tiusi itreara again es- mm  u. c, occupation carpemar, inund. io
actly at this point.   The retult often *i'ii> (or i-��� mm, to purchaM u��� following
li that whlltl litili- plcature boait ran d"T^_1 Ub<"   .
tefely run out Into th. Bay from Pen* ****^Tl?ia1k��,Je J^^-,,^^^*Z,
um e> there Ii s rare over the rock <���"> �����"������ ��*uth ol th* siuh Dominion Mwnet
the Itik of exercise and lhc conaiant   thtt wou]_ t_,,|, up m uranded battle ?*''?���,,'��" m��'-"��d T. a w.s e. Corner. u_n~*
w.arlng of i :nth,i not yet dry, placed   ai,i., ������ ^ '*"'*** <*<"*<*��� tbenc* su chain. ��*.t. thema. m
hint on tie  ��lek  Hat                                               ...                        ....      __. a_g ��� -a ...   .. *** ",uth- *-**nt* w ch,'n�� **��t to point o(
n(lll on tl.e  .la n   Int.                                              ������gt-i d0 j-ou ||_�� thla kind Of life?' eomiwncment. contalninc 610 acn* mors������, lorn
Again,   (here   were   omlnout   whit-      "I have given my beat yeert to If _���_,,_,. ,. ...T"0"*8 AKTIll-�� white
jiers of unfair division lu iho matter      Pyne wet smoking a pipe, one which Pu^NoT!t
of food,   ll   '.-,*��� nol within the realm   Brand lent him.   The tobacco wat t
of accomplishment  lhal   Ihe   punur   capital tubsiliule for food, eipeclal'j ska��na Und Dirtrict-Di.trlct 0| C-__t
Constanic.    l.i. .1.    and    olhen    who   ai he had established a private under ..****" rwtte* that Angua J.-,..  McK.ni>.> vt
helped to ap;>ortlon the eaiablet could   ttandlng with  Klsle and  Mamie lhal ?___���_! **��� f-occupation bookkeeper, intednn.
Ihey were to waylay blm whin pout SJttttfi* "'***** ** -*���**�����������
ble   and   nibble   t   piece   of   bltcult   bt Commencing  at  a  pert   planted   at   the  con*
carried In his pocket. ,2""*,"' **'**}���****- p**r with Nau river, about
Thlt arrangement wm to be kept . ^IMEyWffTCtW
tllid   tccrct   from   all  tipcrlally  from Ibenc to chain* aouth,  thene*   SO . I.an,.   east
Mist Conttance and Mitt Enid, wblltl ****-*>.**** **** **** so chains  ��.-.
thc  little onet  themtelvet    did    nol
know     thai    lhe  the-dragoni  wbon
Pyne feared to greatly gave them tur-
rcptitlout dotet from the  latt tin ol
condented milk, retained for their ex
clutlve benefit
treat all alike. Some fared bette
than othrrt in quality If not In quan
tlty. The unfortunate onet growled
and talked of (avoritltm.
A  crista  wat  reached    when    th
tecond   officer   muttered   the   night
When one theep leadi the othert
will follow*. A ttout Gorman from
Chicago asked bluntly:
"Vere's de goot of blayln' at mound-
In' gart? I'are It but von ting to
gart. und dat It der kldchen."
Community of Interett csuted many
to huddle closer to him. Here wat
one who dared to lay what they all
thought. Their feet thufffled in sup-
liort. Thc officer, faithful to hit trutt,
was tempted to fell the man. but he
thought the clrcumttancet warranted
more gentle methodt.
"Why arc you dlttitlifled?" he
ttrmly demanded. "What do you tue-
pect? Are you fool enough to Imagine  that you  are  being cheated by
When  in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at  the
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates $1.00 to $2.60 per day.
Hot and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
"Time    tnough    to   think of mien  people  who  are   dividing   their  last
things  when  we  sre  assured of  the cnitl with you?"
lady's de parture."   ' ' '
he tald, and they
left it at 11 in.
Thinking lo Interett her, Pyn�� told
her of the crowd on the Falcon.
"Mostly reporters. Brand thinks.''
he said. "What a story they will build
up In the New York papers.    It will
"How do you know dat? Dote glrlt
���dey are rhokin' mlt Mr. Pyne all der
day. Dey ran'd do dat und be hungry,
like us."
"Vou unmitigated ait!" tald tbe die-
gutted officer.    "There It food  here
be more tun ihan a box of monkevs to  for    *******3    P����P-<-*    They  have  fed
get hold of this weeks newt and read eighty one of ut for two dtyt and will
all the flapdoodle they are printing."
But Mm. Vanslttart wat not to l,
roused I run her melancholy. She
I dreaded  tie  hast   physical  suffering.
Privation nan a new thing In her life.
I Tt>day thr  *.aa Inert, timid, a wo i t:.
who OOWtnt. nway from thc dr.or at;,I
waa obvlo.,*.,*,  anxious that he sbuulai
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-..��-   .-*..-,,,_.  inirin,   invite*  ou cnsiiu   wr��t
point of comm*?ncrm-Fnt, c-onUinini 640  ���rtv*
on or lm.
\***a**M, iti.'01'8 iAMES McKENZ,E
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skwna Und Dlrtrict-DUtrlct ol Caaaiar
���   "Do you mind me .eying lh.t yon ^<_MS2ra5i��t^
are  a   good   bit   of   an   enigma?"   hi  '��� ***.** permiasion io purchase ihe i',.n���.,-,,���
haiarded. beiween pufft. <TT���^_,:., .      ,   ,
"It may be to. but 1 like the ter  t^TSSh-Vii S�� *��fVll�� &
Vice." T__L''*_0  *"**"  "H?***  ���>*  *<** 1��h   Dominion
"Jutt to.   I was never to happy at la7!r7xa*?^M 1��*' n,,r.."1 J'   M   N* K*
when I took a trip a. fourth englneci ^���_^��"_-ff_^_Srfi Sft
on a tramp In the Gulf Of Florida.   Bui   JJJ lo l"'1'"  (j commencement, a-onlaining  610
lhat didn't tlgnlfy being lied to a long  \1ZT2*Vx Mftl     hekheut xi.i mmtu
noted oiler for the remainder of mj  P��b. NoV.t hmuieiit xIcLEnnan
"Are  you a  marine engineer?" In ', sk__. t_��d nuss   ru..__   , ^
quired  Brand. ��l,h ...m- .how of In   __Bej--JJnTfteL?-_ft-_yj
**r***- _, ��� , '",:_ ��.***!*:. i,;_.c'._��'**u*'*"*<"> fi ******
"1 hold  a certificate, Jutt  for
I had a mechanical twin In mr
gave It play.   But I am an Idler by pro ****!** of pt***mption"record iit, i-   ,,. ,
fcwilon " I fk^n*' -f_2 *"_lh. i�� '*"**>*��� ******** ��"����� ��o
The   ligh.houtekeeper   laughed,  tc Sl?_____S3��JS��5
naturally that the younger man  wai ST_?S_,!' ****X!^**M .*���"**��� ***���><* tt *
gratified,    Polite dltbelief may be t RE13V. Thomas Mn jam
compliment. r""~"
SkiT~ Un*) Dlatrlcl-Diatrict o( Cout Hanae I
���J*��JJW ***** U��nJ.mln Hu��r| R*���."n'
rrlnce Ru-wrt, B. C, occupallon waller.   InTend,
a*mr7t^'V.na7mtmi0n �� PUKh�� **>*<��***t
tJ^Sri}!!*.*!^ <m* *���'***'���*<* *�� ��*>��ln�� wuih
mTkaJfti T in >fK "' u* ,0<i0 ""���'
lir ,i.        ��P Si E P**f>  ""n���� B chains
^o_^^^.S-h-.,0n,nPr.n���,r Ji_��-
r P��b. Net. t.
Skeena Land DUtriet���Dutrict ol Co.*
Tak* nouc* that It. r*. Miller o( 1 ,|
land.   occupaUon   (armer,    ;.*..,.;���
iioriiiiMioo  to  purchase  the  ttgovl I
Commencing at a port pl.nte-1 tbotll
awl (roni tb* N. W. Cornar ull.- (1
north 40 chains, th.nc* MM 20 cr.-
aoutb 40 chaina, thence curt 20 eta
point ol commencemenl cutilaii-i-el *
mure or lorn.
U.ted Augurt IV   1911. It. I
Pub.  Von  26. P- M   '���
: ..i .i'i
xx. Kit
. -
���. than
.  lo IM
.   ��� sttm
.   I
Skeena Land DUtricl-Dutnct ol I
Taka nolle* that  Prank .*>.  Uil
Eng.. occupation civil .netc..*.'. inl
lor t**rmis_on tu purcb.
i tn. i'r  .
Commencing al a poet plan*..-! .'
Cornar u( Lot US, th.nce iron,. -
weat  20 chaina.  theoce euulli 10 I    <
cart  _',, chain, lo point eel ro,,
taming 40 acre, more or loss.
Dal*d August IS, IV1I        PRANK
Pub. Aug. 20.
I'   M   ������
Skeena Und Diatrict���Dl-trief '* '
Tak* nonce that Lottie Mc I i
occupallon   married    worn.:,,   Int,
lor i>, ��� ,.,.-������, to purchaa. ll..* folk '
land.: ,
Commanclng al a port planteel *'���  '
wwst corner loO chains east tad 20 i
Irom N. E. corner o' Let 111*.   I'
I'na.t  Disuict  Kang* 5. Iheaee 20 *  * �����
thenc* SO chaina   cast,  Ihen-e  N  I   ���        "****
Ihenc*  40 ehains *rmx, lh..ncu tC * "
lhance 40 ehaln. weat lo post .,1 101
lontainlng 400 acre, more or Iras. ..
D.led Sept. 18. 1911. LOTTIC M   - >���'*
I'uh. Scpt.U Kred W.l
Delia CooU Und Dirtrict-Dlslrlcl of'    I     -'V*
Take nolle that II. M. Cliff ol Du '-T
land,   occupation   gentleman,   inlrn.la
1st permiaaion to lar
rman,   en..*.,,,- *a ��� -,
the  lolloaing  J- ******
Commencing at  a  port  planled te thi
ol   Neclectaconnay   Illver al-oul   In
ol  Indian  Keatrve Line .ll.encc MM
lollowlng  the channel  ol  Necli-cl..r���.; I :
Ihence wuih SO chain, more or I,��� to
ct  Holla Coola  Kiver,  Ihence [oUowlnl
ol   llella   Coola   Kiver  easterly  >*u  c
~r fun ,t^^<!r.dd'^^l5',:���r',^nl",'u't,'-���
lie  Atli      (omm*nc(ng at a pwt planted at Ih, S.  %
ole. Agent
- chains more or leas to point ol com
conUining 480 acrea, more or leas. . .,-|-
Dated Augustas, Hill. II-   -1    '   ',,,
Pub. S*pt.30. WUliam BtN
Skeena Und DUtrlct-Dl.lrlct of < ���
Take notlc* lhat Herbert I. Mack
i-r,.|>...  (Int..  occupation  lumlH-rm i
apply  (or perralMion to purcha-w < >' '
laaaa*rila-,l lanela: b
Commencing at a poet planteel on Un
ol the Zymoaiolla or Zlm-a-gol-ili Hi,
wesl corner ol Lol 1706, thence norlha-r:
ihe wwteriv boundary ol  Ut   r
mor* or l.��a. to the north*?wt com' -
��� 70S,   thenc*  wsrterly   and   .outh.-rl,.
thr Mt hank nl aal,l rivar, 80 ch.li>' '���> ' .
point   ol   eommencoment   conulnlng   W)  ,c""
mora or leaa.
Ixicaled Auguat 19, 1911. . ., ,.-_-, F
D.ted August 21, Itll.     _gBBERT J. M M **��.
Pub. Aug 26. Frclerick S Clemnll      ���
Skwna Und Dlstrlct-Dl.trlct of Ca- ���
Tak* n >tlce> th.t I. Th tell Carter, of I
Rupert.  ..-.raupAtim c.rponter. IntenrI 1'
for  tn ..,,,��� io purchase the follovrinit de.
-I land.
Commen.*lnir at a pent plantel nb.ui "
wuih from tho mouth of Pall. criH-k.nl j
IS.' feet back from the beach. Ihtnc* *
north, thenco 40 chain, wet. ttl-'n*''' *
���<,utl. thrnce eait 40 chain, to poinl of 0 n   '
ment. cnntaitiingtao acres mur* or I'-���   ,.    ,
Dat-I July Tth. lilt.     Charles Web.t*r C.l,
Pub. Aug. tth. At
The Besl
Procurable��.^V^ Absolutelypun
I 1
General Merchandise
Largest Slock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
V. F. 0. i.AMiu.i:
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
and - Stewart
Prince Rupert
It Is The Trained Man or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder!
To fit your Bon or daughter for a business   career you must give
them a business training.   The best place to send them lo it the :
Nanaimo Business College
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridays, at 8 a.in.
For Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays ut I P. M.
For Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc.    every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
Commencing November 2nd.
-a ****,, lima.,I   ***���_.! I   Wll-ejal <-^i��--.H~*. *% ||
This It a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will nil a social need.
ItiiKiiriK','. BtOrass nn,!  l-'orwiirtli'i*** Airents.    Por
Hint, ���r M,,t���r Car day or nitflit
Seventh Aviv iinti Fulton Phono "llll
ingenious Military Fitter Fashioned
From a Lady's Pierrot  Hat,
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Chrittmat visit Eatt travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago.   The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with nil roads East and
West.    Atlantic Steamship book, igl
arranged..    Full information and
ticket*, obtained from the office of
A dainty woman's but of the flsh-
lonable Pierrot shape had led to tho
Invention of an mgentoui military
filter, which may sine many lives on
active service.
The ��� idea was first suggested to
iDr. Frederick Alexander, the medical
officer of health for Poplar���who
has patented this improved apparatus���by the hat his slHter-ln-lnw
Four or five cone-shaped bags like
Pierrot hats are impended upside
down, one above the other, in an
easily portable pyramidal frame mndc
of four uprights of wood or metal,
in  Dr. Alexander's Invention.
Muddy or dlriy water, which is
frequently the only supply available
to tronpn on actlvo service, can then
be poured Into the topmost hat with
the certain knowledge that by the
lime It has trickled through all the
straining bags it will bo as clear as
"The Idea of these cone-shaped
bags," Bald Dr. Alcxnndcr, laughingly, "was given to me hy my sister-
in-law's Pierrot hat after I had been
reading a book on military requirements."
the telephone and Irani somclhlng
which face to fate talk might be long
in declaring,
This In ii  Method That  In Alms!  us
Kiinj- iin Wii-liing Them.
B.C. Coaat tcrvice ��� Famous Princess
Princess Mary
Saturday, November 18th, al 9 a.m.
For Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. C. McNab General Agaal
It Ih one of the HcnI Ways of Telling
a Person's Charmer.
Prince Rupert Lodge, IMF.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
arc rcqueateJ to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
A recent writer hns advised any
man about to seek a wife lo have
the applicants, as they are somewbiit
:,,I'd,fnly called, iialilrcss him first
ovor the telephone, liefore he sees
the lady, let him hear her voice and
hear In It what al'.c Is--her strength
nnd wenkncBs, her charm or her
sharpncBs, her reserve force, her
power to bore him or to interest him
Pcrhnpe not until one has had his
attention called lo this thing does
one realise what an Index of the Inner thinking voire really it, and the
advice given here might apply equally
well lo all persons about lo engage
in Important business relations wllh
another. Hear him or her apeak over
While turpentine and linseed nil
mixed together In equal quantities
make an excellent cleanser for floors,
a better treatment when the floor is
dirty Is to remove the dirt by meant
of a rag wet with turpentine, afterward applying the linseed oil. This
oil should be allowed to remain tor
a week or more before thc floor Is
polished. Then the boards can be
kept In good condition by applying
a mixture of turpentine nnd linseed
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   ,,,,��������� M   Chandlery
Second avenue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
II. Cionlnn Muiire, W. Nicholaon Lallcy
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
*)-*-*-*-*-* - ��
*, ���General Hardware   - 1
Fans arc wondering what will be
handed them next lu the fight line.
A recent show at Dreamland, 'Frisco,
ended In five knockouts in seven
four-round bouts. Charley Miller
and Gunboat Smith went to a draw.
Willie Oapelle and Dixie Kid of Los
Angeles furnished the besl bout of
the evening, Oapelle netting the decision.
John J. .di'Craw, boss, Is poor,
while Christy Malhewson, employee,
Is well-to-do. Friends of Ihe (Hunt
manager say he isn't worth $."1,11111).
Mnthewson Is said to be worth MOO,-
(100. MclJruw Is a typical New Yorker. Me likes (he Broad way restaurants and thenlrcs. Hiiiinnlug races
interest lilin and he plays them. Any
betting  prnpositlon  strikes  Mctirnw.
Mcdriiws only thought of the future is 11 winning nam
Hathewson'i ambition, when he is
through wltb baseball, Is tn travel
and then Invcsl his money in some
business lu which he will have an
ncllvc part. He doesn't want lo manage a ball team or be connected wlib
J             Builders'   Hardware |
(  Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves .
Qrantteware      Tinware *
'���'���          1
uf British Clin,ii.m uf 11.C. Onuirio, S.s.
anel Munllotia llura. k-Ui-ht'wuii   anil  AL
Is-, 1., liars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exi'haniri* I,I,k*Ii, corneT Third avenue and
Sixth struct. I'rince- Ruuert. 8
Flat in Rand Block, comer Sixth Avenue
and Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two cottages corier Second Avenue onii
Ninth Street.
Lois in ull p:..*ts o! the city.
We represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in the City.
WM. S. HALL, L. U.S., D. D. S.
[Crown and Bridge Work n Specialty.
Alt .lentul n|,e>ruli���iis skilfully treated. Gas and
local anustlii-tics aidaaiiiiisti.r.sl f,-r the painless extraction nf l.-olh. Consultation free. unices:
l!,-lt-t-rs<���i Hlock. l'nnce Runert. 11-12
Alex.M.Mnnson B.A.,     W.E.WIIIIams,li.A..L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
l'.*0. uox M
Second Ave.
Phone 112
I'I I'll   OF WU. I-OXUN. MQ, All A.M..  I ON., KNO
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
lilt- 3rd Avenue I'hone a��l and Green 2M
We Pay  Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Lead,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cast) Store
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sts
English and American Billiards
', Twelve Tables SECOND AVE.
It is the nearest business
college to Prince Rupert,
it's fees arc within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
personal, and develops the
individuality of the pupil.
Room and boanl is cheap
In Nanaimo. Thc pupils
Bre away from the distractions of the larger citiet   :
On iWlbal mu xxxtlaies lain* ia
The Ben Piltnnn System of
Business English and Letter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Office Routine
���. r^&s^v
ll Mi? Mean all the Difference Between Success and Failure lo Yo.
Atk at Daily' N.w. forour booklet teaching how to write thorth.nd
C. E. Perry, Principal
Atk nt Daily News forouriMHiKici!.a,iiii'K  *.   -*\     ^^^ __ m
Ict^catch your printer^ I WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29,1911
To produce gdod 10^4 fSfftfl
equipment.    If he la.ks Ihe      ki I. k.     W    _h|d)
tMte, the ita��l*m-WW'S.'printing for y����-
real printers have, lie w    < >I *mv\tli.m ******
If he has all <>f these,    nil    >   ,l< ^,.   .,���,.���
thc presence of a good prow 	
Dally News Building
Third Avenue
At the entrance to the Harbor,  to be sold at
Terms  OF  Sale:���One  quarter  Cash,   balance   1,   2 and  3  years at  6  per  cent.
The palatial G.T.P. Steamer "Prince Rupert" leaves Seattle at 12
o'clock midnight each Sunday; Fare, including meals and stateroom, $18.00. Leaves Vancouver 11 p.m. each Monday; Fare,
including meals and stateroom, $16.00. Arrives in Prince
Rupert Wednesday a. m.
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
���For full particulars and maps of townsite apply to���
Sole Affent for G.T.P. Development Co.
IN TIIK MATTKU of tht' (.slate ol JOHN
CAPBCCI laie of Um City of Prince Hupert, in
tho Province of Hum li Columbia, -1 ��� ��� - -. * ��� &
NOT1CF.   I*   In*rvby   given   tbat   ill   persona
having any claims or demands attaint the latt*.
John < 'apecci, who ihnl on or attorn ilu* Mh day
of December,  15*10, ���*.*���  Wince KujH-n. B. I'.. ut
required   in   tend   by   |n> t   ;-<viiuii|   nr  to  MOW
to   tho   undersigned   Solicitor   he-ein   for   Adolfo
A.-.-.Mi, Administrator, their name* bud '-%^-('*
and full particular* In writing of their cl   ^^-W.'
atalemcnts of their accounu, and  the nature of
the se-curilhw, if any, held hy them.
I     ANI) TAKti NOTICK that after the loth dav
of   December,   l.H I.   tho  aald   Adolfo   Atull   will
proceed to distribute the aancts ot tho aaid deceaned *
among the jMTiuMin entitlitl thereto, having regard '
only to tho claima of which ho will then have had
Hutu-.', ami that tho aaid Adolfo Assail will not
be liable for the said anseia or any part thereof i
lo any |H-rsuns of whose claim ho is not then in I
receipt i.f notice.
I ��� ATI-:I ��� at I'rince Itupert, II. C, the _nd day of i
November, A. !>., I'Jll.
Solicitor for (he aaid
Adolfo Aaaali.
Hotel Central ^^^
I', lr, Black
K.ranr|���.iin nn.l Aiiii*n,*.in plan, sla-am
1,,-rei.al. m..|.-rn .*������.,.ratli-nrr.. Rat*-*
II hi t., fc!.'a, |N't .lay.
We carry everylhinic in the fi<e��f Ime, alMi garden aenimt the lowMt'" ��" ��� '��� i��� r ��� ��� *. at Collart'a
olg l-�� rd Stun*. Market I'l.t. ������
Prompt Delivery I'honn 41 or 301
For Beginner* und Atlvunccil 1'upiln
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil uf Fran: Wilciek. Paris and llrrlin.
Skeena Und Dislrict-DUlrict of Queen Charlotte   Room   28.    Alder Block Upstnirg
Take notice that thirly days from date, I, C. I
Princr Rupert, r.c
HainU>r of  I'rinci* Itupert,  II. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commiasioner of Lands for a licence to prospect for
j coal  and petroleum on  and  under <i*IO acraa of
I land on (iruham Island described as followa:
("ommennng at a poat plantetl two miloa north
of ('. I II. Coal Lease No. H, marked S. I'., corns
C. K. H Coal Uase No. 14, thenco north HO
chains, thenco '<������������ 80 chains, thenco aoulh HO
chains, Ihence tast HO chaina to place uf commencement.
DatedSept   ll.l'il'       C.  E.  H \I NTLIl. I .oral or
I'ub. Sepl. 11.
Skeena Uml DUtrict District of Queen Charlotte
'lake i.i 'ii-' that ihirty days from date, I, ( . ft,
Hainter of I'rinco llupert, H. (*., by occupation
li.inki... (H t, intend tu apply to the Chief I om-
missioner of Unds for a licence to pruepert fur
1 cual and pelroleum on and under MO acre* ot
land on Qflham Island dntcrdml as bQotm
('ommenclng at a post pUnttwl ono mile north
of C. I. H. (oal Uase No. 10, markod ('. |; li
t'usl I.i-ii '��� No. r., thenoe north HO chains, idw..������
wost HO chains, thenca aoulh HO chains, Ihence
east HO chains to placa of commencement.
DatedSept. II, lim. C. K HAINTEK, Locator
I'ub. Kent. 'I-l.
Skeena Land District -DUtrict of Quoen Charlott
Take nolico lhat thirty daya from data, I, > . r,
Hainter of I'rinco Ituperl, II. C.��� by occupauon
bookkeeper, inlend to apply lo the Chief C<m-
missioner of Unda (or a licence to prospect fur
coal and petroleum on and under 040 acn�� of
land on Graham Island deacribed aa followi:
Commenclng at a poat planled two miti-s norih
of C. li. II. Coal l^eaao No. 10, marked N. C
corner ('. K. U. Coal Loaao No. lo, thenre south
HO chains, thence weat HO chains, thenco north
HO chaina, Ihence east HO chains to place of commencement.
Datod Sept. 11,1911.    C. K. HAINTKU, Locator
Puh. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District-Dislrict pj QUMD CharloUe
Take notico that thirty dava from date, I, Ot I
Uainter of t'rinco Kupert, II. C , by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to lho Chief Commissioner of Unds for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under MO acrea of
land on (Iraham Island doscribod ns follows:
Commencing at a post planted iwo mitre north
of A K. H. Coal Uaan No. II, market) N. K
corner C. K. H. I'unl I-���������*-<��� No 17, thence south
80 chains, thence wnst HU chains, tnence north HO
chaina, thonce eaat 80 chains to placo of commencement,
Dated Sept. II. I'M 1.     C.  K. HAINTKK, Ucator
Pub. Sopt. 23.
Skeens Und District���District of Queon Charlotte
Take noiioo that thirty davs from dale, I, C. I
Hainter of I'rince Kupert, II. ('., by occupation
Iwokkeefier, Intend to apply to lha Chief Commissioner of Unda for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum ttn and under *>\o acres of land
on (iraham Island descrilM<d as followa:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
of Ot I H. Coal l.e.it.. Nn. II, market! S. \V.
corner C. i: H. Coal I * ���*��������� No. 20, thence north
r0 chains, thence wiwt 80 chalnn, thenco soulh HO
chains, thence east HO chains to placo ol com
Dated Sept. II, 1911.     C. K. HAINTKK, Ucalot
I'ub. Sept, 23.
Skeena Und DUtrlct-DUlrhU of Queen Charlotte
Tako notico that thirty days after date, 1, C. I 1
Hainter of Prince Kupert, H, C, by occupation
lM>okkeeper, intend to apply to tho Chlof Commissioner of Lands lor a licence Ut prospoct lor
coal and petroloum on and under 040 airea ol
land on (iraham Island deecribed as followa:
Commencing at a poit planted two mllea north
of C. P.. H. Coal Uaao No. ft. markod S. C
| corner C. 1, H. Coal Uaao No. 21, thence north
i HO chains, thonco ���*���<���* 80 chnins, thonco aoulh HO
I chaina, thence east 80 chaina Ut placo ot nun
i mencement.
Dated Sept. U, 1911.    C. K. UAINTEK, Ucaior
i=z-Ea   EBY   a   Co.^^
KiUumkalum Land For Snlv
Klhl.Mhtl.tM . |'    C.
S. O. E. B. S.
The   I'rln.--.  K,ii���-rl  UbIm N..   l|.    M���n. of
Kaik-I.nl. ,ii".-i ..|   ani  thlnl   |...*.,l,vs  In
"arh month in tl,.-S,,i,s ,,f h,,ii>ai���l  Hall. "Ill tnd
Avr at s |i.m.
T   V   I I.AIIK. S.v.
I'  O. It,.-, RII I'ren**^ HielM-n
Ti-at'litT a.f I'liinai, Viulin ami
Voici- Culture'.
-ml Avi-. ���  . ���
Between 7th & sth .su.   ���-"""'" ���{"iM'rl
Funeral   Director and   Embalmar
UNOSBTAKSXS aiu dmiiai.mkrs
Fiinrral   Uttttttt
3r,l Ave., noar Ml Ml I'hone. No. aat
.Grand  Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Free Ubor Rorraa in Connection
'hunt- 178 iat Av.-. anil 7tli St.
CEO. BRODERIUS. Proprietor
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazlnea II reriodicalii :: Newtpaprrt
I     J
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. The prices are us low-
as any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
one in forty-two. Come in and
(Continued from Page One)
i>ooi of pestilence for the manufacturing of microbes upon one of their
most important promenades, where
there wives and children seek relaxation in summer evenings, to sny tlie
least, ls drawing too far upon the
good nature of any community,
In the true spirit of good citizenship in addition to the appeal 1 made
at the Council Hoard In my motion
thut received no seconder, I request
Mayor Manson nml city Bnglneer
Davis to amend the bylaw by making provision for n sum sufficient to
tarry a temporary sower from tlie
snid manhole to low tl_o water opposite Hays Cove, or if not, to satisfy
the citizens why the contentions
herein contained are nol well founded; also, If they will guarantee no
decline lu the vuliu- of real estate
in the district surrounding the cesspool proposed to be established, nnd
if the city Is prepared to recompense Ihe owners of valuable homes
already erected In the neighborhood
by creating a nuisance for the destruction of their value.
Yours very respectfully,
Prince Rupert, Nov. 14, 1911.
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
-= ~��
, Phone 150
The Insurance People
Fi re
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors  imil Personal'Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.��� Houses and Rentals,
For Rent
Nice Furnlsheel Rooma. Mrs. linvnwoo.!, Aleler
Hlock: Thirel Ave. lTS-tf
For Ra-nt- Furnlahed Rooms - llm-kli-y Hlock���
-*-'���'���" week up.
For Rent-Two roaimeil caliin. eloat to M.*Brlele.
freshly papered anel clean, only II" per month.
II  F. McRae A Co. t-f
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C. Coal.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, L(d��� nt our offlce���dollar shares,
15. euch, 5c. cash,
H. F. McRAE ���_ CO.
Phone 1105 Second Avenue   n8
-l-'OM.IKS OF  1011."
i .ipiiiii Presentation of the Sherman.
Cleveland Company's success.
In "The Follies of 191," the most j
talked   of   comedy   they   staged   on
their first visit to Prime Rupert, the
Sherman-Cleveland Comedy Compuny I
last night again excelled themselves
on the Empress stage.    Jack Wester-|
man hns the centre of tho stage most
of the lime in this piece as the comic
��� I'.ui "Tom Walker " a part to which
ha does  more than  justice.     Harry i
lt. Cleveland makes a great "Devil,"
anil Miss Drena Mnck In all her lliree I
parts <1 id splendidly, singing her fa- j
vorlte  songs,  and  several  new  ones
being encored  repeatedly.    Most  effecting  was the fencing scene In the
darkest     Hades    where    the    sword
blades flash  fire.    This effect, with
other   electrical   triumphs,   wag   produced  under direction of Mr. A. T.
Parkin of the Parkin-Ward Company,
electricians of this city.   The chorus
and tht rest of (he company excellently supported those taking leading
I'lincess Mnry Today,
The C. P. R. Prlmess Mary, delayed on her trip north by snow,
arrived nt aboul noon today and left
afier discharging for the Queen Char-
lolie  Islands.
Ladies Plan Entertainment
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian
Church will hold n sale of aprons, home
cooking and candy at the church hall,
���Ith Ave, on Tuesday afternoon anil
evening, Nov. 21, from 3 to 10 p.m.
Tea will be served.
Col. Sum  Hughes Has  Novel  I.Irn to
Keep   \ iini'.-ilivi'i    llin,Ills   I,null.
(Canadian   Press  Despatch.)
Vancouver, Nov. 15.���It Is understood that Col. Sum Hughes, minister of militia, win form a regiment
of local Hindus, nnd ulso regiments
lor foreigners In other cities of Western Canada,
in Brier.
George Johnstone- I) and D. Five
and costs or seven days. This morning's court.
Miss E. M. Thompson arrived today by the Prince Kupert.
M. Allien was a passengef by the
Prince Unpen today.
0. N. Collins arrived by the Ruperl
tills morning.
Chech Charge dismissed.
Because il was found Hint George
Heiitou had some funds In lhe bank
I hough lhey were lied up on partnership account, the charge against
him of Issuing n check under false
pretenses was dismissed this morning.
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Directors of the
Prince Rupert General Hospit?.!
Association from women wishing to take a full course of
{training in nursing. 12i
Aviation Caps-Wallace's.
Til Itl'slll). In  Itu-M-it.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. S. Swindell arrived
by the Prince Rupert this morning,
after  their  honeymoon   trip  In   lh**
Sm lul Vote.
Mis. K. L. Fisher will not receive
tomorrow, Thursday, nor again until further notice.
OUR Companies are noted f���r prompt anil juat
*t*l dements. We write eva*ry known class of
Insurance. The Mack Kealt - unel Insurance Ca
0************* ***** 'i*%"~fc"^'*f
M1U01 miv  nurte  open   for rnkrntf<nnu*nt   from
Nov. I'Ui.   Apply Box 2160 Newi.
Wanted,   ���    Dr��umaklnff. denning ��nd preu-
ink', it'tutn m>- Ch- mk-ii rand wi wen Mn Charles
Percher, too Third Ave.   I'hone 294 Red.     tf
iund       i
ifc    r^.i  a ii  i. i.^|i  ..,,%,��
i       Lost and Found
^���������������'���'���Wt'-fct��--__��, t**-��_ta--^es'
FOUND-2 Small Keya.   Inquire at Newi Omce.
Found-LadieV opal   ott   lirooch.    Owner  tend
description to K.J.M.. Daily New*.       2&8-2&U
r>% It -~_.il ~_.ll *-_,!!   ^11   ^11%    11*^.11*^1   l��*^ll*^lA
- Real Estate
l.rri  for Sale In Section t. Block tl. Lot IS. Tth
Ave.   Apply Mike Rualch, Box 6S2 City.      tf
Will buy Ir'ts in Prince Rupert at bargain price,
for caah. Apply P.O. Box - i' slatinir location,
price, ate. 231-tf
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $6000, one-fourth
cash, balance 6-12-18 months.
Lot 7, Block 28, Section 6, Summit
Avenue. Price $626. $226 cash,
balance $60 every three months.
| Lots 5 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
Avenue. Price $600 each, one-half
cash, balance easy.
Lot 3, Block 24, Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
Price $600, one-half cash, balance
| Lots 19 and 20, Block 4, Sect on 8,
corner Ninth and Donald. Price $800,
one-fourth cash, balance 6-12-18
Four room house, Ambrose Avenue,
plastered and painted, best harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $600
cash, balance $30 per month.
Five and ten acres, garden trucking
Kitsumkalum. Price $66 pel acre.
Ka.tern stcno-rrapher of wtalc experience want,
position. Addrt-se "Strnot-rrapher.*' tk_ Cordova St., Vance-Hiver. B.C. t-f
,,,'*.!'   ,1 I  -. I   I ��� IRIS, I   Kt   II RT
Stores on Second Av.'nue.
Three lots close in on Third Avenue,
level.   Good lease.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
No Flowers Till Next Boat
Mr. Morte   H.   Craig,   of the Arctic
Studio, did not  receive  his  usual con-I
signment   of flowers   to-day   on   the j
Prince Rupert irom the Fairview Nur-1
scries     The   flowers  were  nipped  by
the recent storm  in  Victoria,   and for
that reason were  not  forwarded.   No '
flower with  the  slightest defect is allowed to leave the nursery.   There will
bf  B   fresh   consignment   of   perfect '
flowers on the next boat.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
Tom aii'l Jerry at the Savoy,
...OFFICE   PACKET   FOR    1912...
All   the  standard  rulings
Make your selection wh
A   Diary  is one  of  the
modern,   up-to-date  oflici
and   bindings,
ile  the stock is
essentials of n
S., Ltd.
Evrything  for   Ihe   office
Do away with this.    Patronise a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Today is the
Last Day
Pay Taxes
and receive the rebate
J. C. McLennan,
Collector, City Hall.
The Big
Furniture Store
Furniture of every da.
scription at prices that
cannot  be beaten. .
Everything for
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
*a m
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co., |
Second Avenue
Prince Rupert    (!)
Plumbing, Heating, Steamfitting and
Sheet Metal Work
Office: 3rd Ave. Work.hop
Phone 174 tnd Aee. bet. Tth and Sth St.
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply  at
We    Loaned
Per Cent, to
Build This
H House
Per Cent, to
Build This
Let us loan you the money to buy or  build a house or pay off a mortgage
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Before the auction of lotl in tection 2,
| intending purcbatert should carefully
Study the Lot Grades
You can only do this satisfactorily by
obtaining a copy of the large map (3 ft
6 in. by 2 ft.) complied from ofllcial re-
[cordt by J. II. Pilltbury, CE. Thit]
givei full details of contours, topo- I
graphical feature!, street gradet and
lot elevations.
For Sale at thc Office of
C B. SCHREIBER I CO.    ���    Prise* Rupert
a|] Thlnl Are. I'. O  Boa '.Hal I'hone nil
Prevention of Eye
Prevention it better than cure.
It is cheaper. It is possible
when cure in impossible. Eye
I rouble may be avoided by th"
timely use of glasses, averting;
discomfort, suffering snd permanent impairment of Bight. We
arc properly equipped to adjiiat
glasses and guarantee satisfaction.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Jj G.T.P. Official   Walch   Inapector.
I Cor. 6th SI. and Second Avenue.
i in.,-*.k 82
G. T. P. Transfer Af ent.
Orders prompUr Mled.   Plica* raaer-riable.
mini    II  n Rochnler. Centre St.    Phon*
"Savoy Hotel
I Cor. Fraser and Mh.        Choice Wine, and Ciirara
Intending Purchasers
of Section 2 Lots
Nov. 29th is the date set for
the selling by auction of Lou
in Section 2. If you with to
get a lot send us your instructions to buy, together wiih the
casli for the amount you ctre
to put in.
Terms ok Sale Ont quarter
cash and balance in 1. 2 and 3
years at ti per cent.
Second Ave.,
Prince Ruperl, B.C
r       1 I
nl -ih fc
The James
Nicely furnlshi-d rooms. Qttdtstt I'-iir!
Board ft.75 Room and B���.��� I S7.00
ql'ALITY HIGH I'M' i - ' "*'
The Paper
Your Home!
It gives you all the news of your own city and district as well aa the principal happenings
in alj parts of the world. The news is well edited, its news columns are clean and gholg;
some. It is a paper you need in your home. The advertising columns of the News bring
you in touch with opportunities for getting the full value for vour monev. :   _j :
���BESNER & BESNER.   Proprietors [
The New Kno.  Hotel li run on  the European
rtan.   Flrst-a-laa. service.   All the Latest M'.lcrn
mpmvements. .�� ****** Me UP ,
Bill Heads
Price Littt
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Cards
���   a
In   Commercial  Printing
**��� ***** * larga slock of
We handle Blank l.edge
Form*   for   loose
*-*at System
I  .>**^..a_.>a_.__.. _,, ^ ,,_, ,_.��.
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
For society printing, we ensure correctnes^ot^tyj^an^taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dance Programmes. For ajTyJdndjpfp^lTTg from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing con^u]uhe~TrNewH .Tnh "      j      -      ;""".;
Daily News Building
PHONE   98
AD. WAY OF FINDING     I [|��^_?^a|��r_3V&M
Third Ave
PHONE   98
j^n !^^^^^2____��


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