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Twenty-four hours  ending  5   a. in.,
June 16, _^~-���
,iv Trials MIN. TUMI'. UAH.        INxrtAIN
69.0 39.5      29.993 /%.   \&
iV ��
slativrj Ass,
JUN 23 1911
Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
next mail?
Fob Sous
iniiluy, 9 a. m
V    .^.SoitTii
Princess M
1 JfiP'Olfl
.Monday p. m.
VOL. IL NO. 135
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, June 16, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Commissioner Vernor Smith Judiciously  Refrains  From Taking
Part in Proceedings Relating to the Application of His
Brother, J. Arthur Smith, Who Obtains License With
E. J. Maynard���Austin Brown Turned Down
not conllict with
ttle licences were granted by
��� ���, Board ol Licensing Com-
missitiiu'rs yesterday afternoon to
run applicants, viz., Ed. J. May-
i'.,n!, .ti'.il J. Arthur Smith. Com-
miwiniier V'crnor Smith requested
Chairman Hilditch for permission
ti alM.iin entirely from talcing
an\ 1'irt in the proceedings in
rtc.iil lo the application of J.
Arthur Smith on account of the
s ;.,'; ship of the applicant to
himslf. J. A. Smith is Vernor
- ; - brother. The application
.: uistin M. Brown for a bottle
Ikvrre ��.i> refused.
Hilditch and Hotels
Bt-fs >n  proceeding to the con-
n  of   the   bottle   licence
iojist h.iirnian Hilditch en-
���: i\ ii.l   lo   make   his   position
rlt-.ii regarding these licences and
tin it n-l.ition to the existing hotel
:..-    lit- said, "If I thought
. bottle licences had any
t! triinuntul bearing on the hotel
linnets, then I would not favor
��� ' granting of one of them.   But
i .���'-id. ration   I   am   satisfied
that these woulf
the hotel licences."
A. Manson's View
Appearing on In-half of certain
citizens Mr. Manson spoke against
the granting of the bottle licences.
He argued that there was no
mistaking the meaning of the Act.
and that bottle licences were unquestionably retail licences wilhiii
Section 205. For that reason he
argued that the Commissioners
could not grant any further licences of any description unless
they considered the population
of the city tJ.500 or over it. He
suggested that not even the most
sanguine real estate agent would
venture the opinion that the |iop-
ulation of the city was that much.
Chairman Hilditch remarked
that for himself he was inclined
to lake a common sense view of
the mailer rather than follow the
terms of the Statute. "Even a
lawyer," he said, "might stumble
over the complications of the
(Continued on Last 1 '..,:��� -.)
Fires Still Raging in Factory District Where Hundreds
Have Lost Their Homes���Loss is  Estimated
At Over a Million.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
St. Louis, Mo., June 10.���'fhis
lily \i;is visited by a tremendous
'ii' 'hiii, g the night, and the
damage done was this morning
estimated at over one million
'loll.irv. Thc flames swept over
a ili>trict of eight blocks and at
noon today, while it iwas reported
''"��' ilu- lire was under control,
i' Was still raging in one |>art of
tht district.
I he tire broke out in the Nulling
aadi ai rj Door factory, and owing
'" thc Immense amount of combustible material there the lire,
���wed by a brisk wind, was rapidly
twticd  to  the  other  buildings.
S"iiii- of the largest factories of
uic West are in the district over
wiiit 11 th,,. roaring flames were
rapidly driven ami all of them
*erc quickly a mass of ruins. The
���trecrj were filled for hours with
B "urging crowd of the residents,
tliousands of them carrying what
idling and household goods they
<��Uld to places of safety. Many
homes were destroyed and there
Ikely to be great suffering,
hitailitits  have   so   far  been
raportcd bin a number of people
,,'i'""1 by falling buildings were
'���ini"l to the hospitals. Thc
���" to insurance companies will
* very heavy.
ere to Go
^ll'KKKS THBATEB, Second  Ave.
Icl"r,,s ��nd MubIc, 7.30 p.m.
M{!:IKSTI(J  THEATRE.   Third   Ave;
1 ���rts ami BonKs, 7.30 p.m.
IVn!* T1IKATRE, Second Aveuue;
mures and music, 7.80 p.m.
Sk��tT.0ULUM- Sixtl> Avenue: Roller
0l<lltl,lK, 8 p.m.
Will   Open   His Three  Weeks
Campaign   by  Conservative
Meeting   at   Winnipeg   Next
Monday Evening   Those with
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, June 10.    Conservative
leader Borden and party left on a
special car today for the West.
In the parly were G. 11. Pcrlcy
chief whip;   and Andrew Brodctir
M. I', for Dundas, who will be
joined by T. \V. Crothcrs, M. P.,
and Lieutenant Colonel Clarke,
M. P. P. The first meeting of
the three weeks' Western campaign will be opened at Winnipeg
on Monday night.
Canadian  Pacific  Companies
and White Star Line Concede
Their Employees an Advance
in Wages.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London,   June   Hi.   The   mosl
Important development in the general shipping strike today was the
concession of an advance of M-50
per month in wages to all employees Involved by the White
Slar and the Canadian Pacific
companies, an example which was
followed later by the lloll and
other lities of Liverpool. The outlook now is that the strike will
come to a speedy end.
Young People of Presbyterian
Church Went to Metlakatla
Ladies Made Outing Success.
Happiness   Bubbled   Everywhere
(..lines from football to baseball
on the sandy beach at Metlakatla.
then supper spread on top of
old upturned boats half buried in
the sand, then more romping
.iiw\ scampering until after ten
o'clock followed by a Irip back
lo the city by moonlight in gasoline launches. These Were just
a few of the plcasintries that made
up the programme of fun last
evening when about sixly of the
young people of the Presbyterian
Church went to Metlaktala for a
Three launches, supplied by Davis's Ui.it house, took tin- party
from here soon after six o'clock.
Rev. F. W. Kerr was chaperon
to the whole parly and he ar-
ranged that the young men pay
for the hire of ihe launches and
the ladies supply tin  supper.
And lh.it was some supper.
There wt re as many varieties ol
sandwiches ami cakes as there
arc tertain pickles and as every*
body was real hungry there were
few fragments to gather up after
lhe feast.
There was a tug of war between
the ladies who played on rival
teams in the football match and
there's a lol of uncertainty about
the winners. It's enough lo know
ihat "our side won."
The picnic was the first the
church has arranged but as it
,v.is so successful there is lalk of
having several more this season.
Northwestern League
Seattle 0, Tacomu 3.
Spokane 2, Portland 8.
Vancouver 11, Victoria li.
Pacific Coast League
'Frisco 6, Sacramento 4.
Los Angeles 2, Oakland I
Vernon 3, Portland ".
American League
Boston 4, Cleveland li.
Philadelphia-Chicago game |>osi-
poned on account of rain.
National League
Chicago 0, Philadelphia 1.
New York \\, St. Louis 3.
Member of Famous Shipbuilding Firm the Purchaser
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nelson. June Hi. W. G. Hunter,
of the Knglish Shipbuilding firm
of Swan Hunter, today paid 4)8,600
cash for fourteen and a half acres
of 11. M. Foster's ranch on Koote-
nay Like. The land was parch.is.il for a dollar an acre in 1SD3.
Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers tomorrow morning
mi the S.S. PrincC George at The
Arctic Studio. Liw-Biuler Building. Third Avenue.
Disturbances Embarrassing the
Provisional Government
Imperial Conference Favors Naturalization of Atlantic Cables  in
Order to Cheapen Rates and Establishment of Chain of
British-Owned Wireless Stations Throughout
the Empire���Resolution Passed
(Canadian Puss Despatch)
Mexico City, June 1(1. From
four widely st-|iaratctl points of
the republic tame news today
of disturbances of a serious revolutionary character. This has
served to embarrass the provisional
government anil to seriously ini-
pede its plans for the new regime.
Phosphates! "f every variety,
and fully a do/en kinds of ice
cream sundaes are some of the
good things at ihe Palace of
Sweets, Third avenue.
ON CH00-CH00
Members of City Council, Editors and Others are Today
the Guests of Superintendent
A special train went out at
half-past eight this morning, carrying representatives ol the Council,
President Morris of the Board of
Trade ami Editors Newton, Nelson and Cowpcr. They are taking
a trip to the end of the line as the
guests of Superintendent Mehan
and v. ill return al nine o'clock this
Inlander May Wait and Go on
Owing lo the water in the Skeena
River being 6 feet li inches above
/.erti, which is considered dangerously high, the S.S. Inlander ma)
be unable to leave lure for Hazel-
ton for a few days. If she is here
..n Sunday ami tin weather is
line, she will take an excursion
party to Oclahl Falls. The boat
will leave at SI a.m.
Venerable Father of Sir Donald
and Alex. Mann
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Acton, Out., June 16.���Hugh
Mann, the father of Sir Donald
Mann, the famous railway contractor, and of Alexander R. Mann
of Victoria, died lure today at
the advanced age of ninety-four
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, June Hi.- The nationalization of the Atlantic cable and
thc complete governmental control of all cables embraced in
the All Red Route was the most
important topic of discussion at
the Imperial Conference this morning. It was introduced ami strongly advocated by Premier Fisher
of Australia, who stated that in
order to cheapen cable rates and
render more effective the communication between Great Britain,
Canada, Australia antl New Zealand the nationalization of thc
Atlantic cable was a necessity.
By this action the Imp. rial Government would Ik- in complete
control of all ihe cables and
telegraph lines comprised in ihe
proposed All Red route.
State-owned Wireless Also
Premier Ward of New Zeal.mil
also advocated this nationalization
project, arguing in favor of a
state-owned cable between England
and Canada antl ihe reduction of
cable rates throughout die Empire. In addition to this he was
in favor "f the establishment of
a chain of British-owned wireless
stations and moved a resolution
to this effect.
New Cable Across Atlantic
Both   resolutions   passi'd   after
some discussion, but the subject
was again brought on a question
as to what force could Ik- brought
to ln-.it -upon tin owners of Atlantic
cables to induce them to make thc
needed reduction in rates.    This
ended   with   the   passage   of   a
further   motion   on   the   subject
Which was made b\ the Postnaslcr-
Cit-neral    of    dual     Britain.       ll
was  to  the  effect  that  if owners
of Atlantic   cables could not see
their way clear to reduce the rates
from time to lime as thc growth
and popului iiy o( cabling increased,
the several Dominion governments
would consider ilu- practicability
of laying a new slate-owned cable
across the Atlantic.    It is believed
this resolution will aid in bringing
the Atlantic cable owners to terms.
Peculiar Position of the Licensing Commissioners Revealed by Examination  of
Renewal Applications -Other Hotel Men  Besides Prudhomme  Applied
For  Renewal to Commence Before Existing License Expires.
Mention was made of the Prudhomme case at yesterday's adjourned meeting of the License
Boartl. Mr. Alex Manson desired
to make clear to the Board that
the application for renewal of
Mr. Priiflhomme's licence was intended to be for licence from the
termination of the existing licence
which is at midnight on July
18th. "We are applying," slid
Mr. Manson, "for a renewal of
the licence which Mr. Prudhomme
has now got."
Position of the Board
"You have got the great objection against you," said City
Solicitor Piters, "that you apply
for B licence on a sticcific date.
Of course the Board can grant a
licence from any date, but if it
is grained on the 15th of June, it
expires under the Statute- on July
16th anwyay."
To this Mr. Manson replied
that he would like the nutter
left over in order that an amicable
Settlement might be conie to.
On behalf of Mr. Prudhomme he
was prepared t" do what die
City Solicitor suggested was the
proper course.
Peculiar Situation
The Chairman of the Licensing
Board yesterday declared that all
applications for renewal were public documents open to examination
by anybody. An examination of
the VS/illUS applications for renewal of hotel licences reveals
the interesting fact that of the
seven applications for renewal which were granted on Wednesday,
six definitely ask for licence "to
commence on the 15th day of
July" mentioning the specific date
lath July which as a matter of
fact, is the date on which their
existing licences expire. One application only, that of George
Sweet for thc Prince Rupert Inn.
asks   for   renewal   of   licence   "to
commence on 10th July."
Prudhomme's Position
all asked for renewal to commerce
twenty-four hours before their existing licence expires. They have
Ik'ch granted renewal. A. J, Pnnl
homme's application asked for renewal commencing also on a date
previous to the actual expirg of
his existing licence. His application was refused. Mr. George
Sweet of course applied for renewal to commence Immediately
on the expirg of his existing
New's Report Edited by City Alderman Makes Judge
Murphy's Censure of Civic  Authorities Read
That   He   ���'Commended"    Them���A
Transparently Incorrect Report
Four are Charged with Accepting Bribes
The value of an independent
newspaper, devoted only to the
public welfare and the interests
of the truth has been strikingly
exemplified of late on many occasions in Prince Rupert. The
recent attempts to prevent Mr.
A. J. Prutlliomnie from scaping
a renewal of his license for the
Savoy Hotel have been prolific
of opportunities.
Our readers will remember that
efforts were mndi���efforts repeated
nightly for several nights   to give
lo the public an incorrect version
of Mr. Justice Clement's judgment.
Only the printing of the wortls
of the mandamus of the learned
judge put an end lo the campaign
of misrepresentation.
Yesterday, our despatches from
Victoria gave the words of Mr.
Justice Murphy's censure of the
civic authorities of Prince Ruperl
for their negligence in not having
the Riot Act read at the outbreak
of hostilities on the day of the
A  contemporary,  owned  and
edited by a member of the city
council printed the story but instead of printing the Judge's censure, stated that ihe learned Judge
commended the civic authorities
for reading the Riot Act on the
first intimation of trouble.
would wilfully distort and misrepresent well-known facts to deceive the public. Had it been an
isolated instance a charitable construction might have been placed
on it. In the present case it looks
like a deliberate act by one of the
civic authorities referred to be
the Judge, lo mislead thc people
of Prince Ruperl.
Fortunately the matter is easily
capable of correction.
Haileyburg   Man   Gets   Ticket
but Attempts Suicide
Toronto, June Mi. -With a ticket
for England and over 1100 cash
in his pocket Edward J. Boswcll,
aged thirty yean, of Haileybury,
became insane this morning and
hanged himself from the side of
Queen street bridge over the Don.
The strap which he had fastened
around his neck broke aid he
dropped sixteen feet into the water.
He was rescued antl removed to an
End of Season Sale
For   three  days  we   will  offer
what is left of our Spring Millinery
The statement  carries its own I goods at ridiculously small prices
denial, for it is household know-1 to clear.   We aim to have all new
ledge that the Riot Act was notlgoods for each season.   For prices
Montreal, June 10.   To add to read then, nor at any other timelsce our window���Hamlin & Co.,
its many pending charges of ofti- during   the   strike.     It   was   ilul ICxchangc Block,
cial  corruption   four local police- Mayor's neglect to read the Riotl -
men wen yesterday summoned to Act that Started the jest that the!    Three   different   kinds   of   ice
Messrs. Cot lev .S: Burgess. Peter I court,   the  charges  against   them Mayor was under the bed. | cream are put up at  the  Palace.
Black, Olier Besner, Maurice Bon- being that of having accepted The News is loth to believe I of Sweets, Third avemic, namely,
deaux. J. K. C.ilmore (for FredIbribes lo permit thieves to escape that any member of the most vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
Henning)and Y.J. Rochester have from custody. useful   profession   in   the     world \ Orange water ice is also served.
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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London, ESnolAND���Tha Cloughsr Syndicate. Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Sheriff Eilbeck Says 95 per Cent
of Alaskan Population Favor
Canadian Rule.
"The newspaper, with the law, should assume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
genera! public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
k.-i-per of the public conscience. " ��� Henry Wutterson.
Daily Edition.
Friday, June 16
To s local newspaper, Mr. C R Anderson has written asking
"the organ of woe" to apologise for calling him a Swtde in a news
report. Mr Anderson is the gentleman who misunderstood the
terms ,,/i which he contracted to deliver some piles to the city, and
who was tin ri fori granted some concessions by the city council last
Monday i is!'t.
With a delicate courtesy- such as is due from a guest to a host-
Mr. Anderson refrained from naming "the organ of woe." But tin
organ of woe" was not alone in making the incorrect ninn. I'lie
Dail> N'ews .ilso referred t" Mr. Anderson .1- a Swede, and hastens
to offer an .ij"���!' �����:> liefon being n-uuiated t<��.
The incorrect desig ation was due tu Alderman Smith, who
asked that s;e,i,i| consideration bt given Anderson as he was a for-
t igni r. ,i hardworkii g ft How with .t large family, and not accustomed
to thi I i gli.- laj gui gi It was 01 ly on the representation that Mr.
Anderson was a luttivi of Swetlen that the council, after some demur,
consented tu ... . special consideration. It was expressly stated,
that the n...- n must not form a precedent for contractors to take
inlis ��i snudl figures, and Unn get ~|h < ial pii\ileges give 1 tlum.
Now ��� Mr Anderson has let the cat out of the hag, and it turns
on- il it I ��� - not the helpless foreigner groping among the intricacies
of rii. I.. tu-;i language that his friends represented him to be, but
ii contrary an accomplished writer to the newspapers, perhaps
tin city council will see the advisability of withdrawing the privileges
and holding him to the clear antl unmistakable terms of his contract.
Since w.- have read Mr. Anderson's letter as ii appears in the
columns o( his favorite newspaper, we feel like offering an apology
Mr. R. J. Eilbeck, sheriff of
Yukon Territory, who is on his
way north again says it is no joke
that report that various meetings
of miners had declared for the
annexation of Alaska to the Dom-
ioion. Those men were in dead
earnest, anil he felt certain that if
a vole on the question could be
taken 95 per cent of the people
iof Alaska would favor the proposition. They were, he said, sick
and tired over the administration
of law and feel that a white man
cannot get a square deal when
his interests conflict with powerful
corporations. The feeling against
the Washington Government was
really bitter and unfavorable comparisons with the administration
of law In the Yukon were generally
Extension of System Arranged
for to Meet Needs of District
Gambler Shot His Wife Declaring Spirits Revealed to Him
Her Infidelity
��� -s.HJ-Sa.tata
OFFICE    :     :
For  all  kinds  of help,  cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, nil kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call :ii the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
+~" *
Gus William Marshall, the gambler of Denver, Col., fired eight
bullets into the body .if his wife,
killing her instantly on die 9th
He declares he was driven to
desperation by spiritualistic revelations portraying his wifl 's alleged infidelity,    After ten years!
of mystic Communication, he says | Building Material,   Cement,   Lime,
WHOLESALE   dealers IN���
he became convinced that his wife
was unfaithful.
He stateil to the p.'lice that
before the tragedy he had a vision
showing thc woman in another
man's amis. He went to the
restaurant.which he say she and
George Chutes wen- conducting
with his money. His wife, he
mivs, was in tears, which had
been induced by Chutes, who was
also i/i the place. Marshall upbraided Chutes and states his
wife and Chutes ordered him
Marshall then hurriul lo a
hardware store, purchased an iiiito-
malic revolver and returned to
Determined to keep abreast of the restaurant. Chutes had left.
the rapitl development in this Marshall immediately opened lire
district the local telephone com- and sent tight of the nine bullets
pony has let the contract for in the weapon into his wife's
the installation of complete modern I body. He declares he feels no
telephone exchanges here and at 'eg et at killing hi r .is he has
South Fort George. The systems delivered himself out of torment
will be independent, though con- by putting her out of thc way.
nections  can   be  established   be-	
iween subscribers at either town.     GIFT  NECKTIE  RACKS
The new telephone extensions call
for the investment of several thou- One or Two  Ideas for Useful
sands of dollars. Presents in This Line
Messages from the outside ad 	
dressed to Fort ('..org.   come to     A   birthday   gift   necktie  rack
Bl.t" kwatt-r Crossing on thc Dom- wnich   is substantial  as well  as
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
S��e Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 680
Slnena Land Dlylct-DWriotio! {j^X.
Take muk-e thai A ��� "{Rfflu Intends
import   11. C. oecupatlo   �� ;"   *"��'.    > ^
tu ftpply (or pernilwon io pun.n������
described lands. i,,1(1.,i m ii mint ut the
chains,  I hence weal 40 CWJJ,  Wangs ������
DatlilMay 8. fift ANNIE MUSSALUSM
Tub. Mm- 11.
���icl -District ut Cassiar
|    Tliuniua   Mc.Ui.i.kln   ul
n'ccuuuliuii clerk, inieiiil.tu
tu  purchaae  thu   lulluwlnt
,�����t planted ahum "w�� nlilua
the While "I'd I'lut rivers,
[oi   thane* slit  ��u chaina,
thenoo wait (>u cliuina.
t'raneia s. Preston, Altai
Skeena Laud Dill
Take nutico thai
rritid Rupert, H. Ci
���pply 'ur puriilissieii
dtiscrilieil lands:
ComniunciiiK at a I
snulll ul the lurks Ol
thunci. nunh all dial
thanoe south suciiauw
llatiHl April li. lull,
t'uh. Mo U.
Skaana Land Di.tricl -Diatrict ut Uasaiar
Take nolio.   "a I I. ''Iiarlw L. Uelsrovo ol StOW-
���"��!>.' prospeotor, EUnil to JPPta
IS .wrmfasio., tu |n.r.-..a-e K UOimtBt doacrihed
Cunin.i.nci,,,: at a port planted about its mllsa
south and unu n.ilo mat ol tho lurks o  the W I ilu
u i nil riwrs. thonos south 80 chains, thanoo
"L,\ SO chain.. thence north N cliulua, llioncu weal
rWAprB 10, l��ll.    i-IIAULKS MLOROVM
I'tiii. May 13. FrancU s. Pnatoa, Afant
Skivna Lend Diatrict -District ol Coast Run 6
'lake nutice thai 1. J. Harold Mckean ol I'rlnce
llupiTI, II. 0��� occupal un blacksm th, inleinl lu
apply lur porm saiou lo purchssu iho [OUOWlnl
tloecr l.isi laii.ls: .    , .
Coiiiniuiieins- al u pust planted ahuul Urea ami
one half miles d slanl ill a aoulh westerly illriclli.ii
Ir.uii a blind sleuth front Obaervalory Inlet where
the sarns louches the Ind an Rsaarra, thence wuat
mi cl.iiliis. llii-i.ee south aU cliu na. Ihi-ucu east su
ohslns Ihaaea nurili su clta us to pu ut uf commencement, cintaiiilnt lilu acres inure or loas.
Ual.sl Apr 1 II. 1911,       J- HAROLD MckbAN
Skeena Und District -District ol Caaslar
'lake   ti.-tico   ihai   I,   Thomas   Maciiuvern   ol
steaart. li   C, iiccupatiun inmer.iiileiiil lo apply
lur permiaalon lo purchase the fullowint described
Comnasnelaf st s post planus! on the right
bank ul the Naaa nver abuul four miles above the
!<>rks ul ttiw Nsas rl.er, thence south 611 chums,
i,.mi ��, .i mi chain.. thetusi north 80 chaina,
thenee ea.t !��u chains lu puml ot coniitii-ncumi.|lt,
eontainlni (.iu aeitaaora ur leea.
Dale.) March .'.., 1911. Slilnoy frank Wriahl, Alii
I'ub. May 11,
.'.ki.jiiu Lund Dlsldct���District ut Coast U,������.   -
Taka notloa that l, clnru May Llttu, rj u-f!.!
Kupert, 11. L... ocuupulioll apti.slur, Intend t,
apply lur p-riiiL,si-ii t��� inircnu.su tho lullowln.
.HwciiLsjU luuobi .uiiuaiii,
Coniniuncinif ut n p.��,t planted in t|lu ���,..
west curlier uf Lut Ullo, ltutik-u u, Coast Jlitrlot
iliuitco oust 40 chulns. thuncu uortii 85 nhaiui
llioncu woat ill chain tliimuu nurili iio nhatos
tlu'lico west 10 chuius, thuncu auuili -li chiuii'. ,,.
pnint uf commuuocment, QoatsuaUl8 118
more or leas.
Dulud April 4, 1911.
I'ub. April lu.
118  ucri-a
C*rriMcon��(tlf��t��? Blovk uf Druir*    Si��vi.it
i.tti'tiii"!'. I'tttii to liltinir pr%acnpti"tis
Theatre Block phone no. th Second Are. v
; j. ....... . . . c ^ ........ j. Li. l       Teas nolice that  tt illism  Frederick  Lainuron
������++'4^++*++++++*+++++++,raJ'+ i ���|  innce Kuiwu U.  L, oecupstion  carpoiilor.
otenila to apply tor permission to purchaae the
������^���������������������^��� I follow inn deacrilssd Isnds:
|     t otnmeiicini  at  a   post   planted   abuul   three
mil,., euulli ol the forks ot ilu- While slid  Flsl
| men.  ll.ence south   mi  chslns,  thuncu  wesl  MJ
chsins. thence north  eu chslns,  thencu  ...-i   ������.
Dated \|,til in Isll.
I'ub. May 111. Prancis S. I'reaton, Ab.mii
to our Swedish friends, for whom wo have a very high respect as
intelligent, hard-working, and law-abiding people. We are glad
learn that Mr. Anderson is not a Swede.
Perhaps it is a- Mack sympathetically suggests, that Mr. Anderson's inability lo understand tht Knglish language i- one consequents
of understudying hi* favorite newspaper's controvi rsial Btyle.
(From the British Weekly)
Mr. Lloyd Gwirgc is still a growing power in thc Stair.    Nor
neitl there In- .my surprise at this, for in him certain qualities are almost [
uniquely combined,   lie has thc genius fur oratory its no other living,
inion  telegraph line, from where
they ore transmitted by telephone
1 ovir the local company's wire, a
ornamental, consists of .1 hardwood back, covered with heavj
naturd  colored   linen   bearing a
disunite of 60 miles.���Fort George hand embroidered design and mi|>-
IHiriing a hinged rod of nickel
which may lie folded backward
when the article is to lie packed.
Another rack which may be easily
P.-etty Bedrooms and Boudoirs crowded into a travelling bag
Panned for This Summer      1 on si>i s 1 >f a br< sad strap of leather
from which a big ring of metal is
Enameled   furniture   decorated suspended.   A third lie holder has
with painted flowers and conven- five   ivory  arms  attached   t"  a
tion.tl  designs  in   white  or  ivorj   brass bar. ami a fourth is tiitreb
poliiii i.ui possess* ��� it    II.
of intellects He has formidable weapons for att.uk' and defence.
He has also ih< rapacity "f sustained laljor and patient investigation,
and it|i|.rit iativi . toll r.mt consideration for views that are 1 ������! his own.
But his Kre.it pnwir li. s in hi* charming and disarming simplicity.
It was obvious in the House that both |~iriies have yielded completely
to this s|��� || Th, re is no more popular man in the Housi . No one
can mitt Mr. Lloyd George and dislike him. His amaring success
has left his modesty and humility absolutely unshaken. His own
party havi tin In -i r. .is..)i to like him, for it is he, mor.' that .in\- other,
who has countered thi tendency of administrations to die with Parliaments, and h.l|Mil the (,i,\i n mint 10 a third vote of confidence.
But beyond that, all I.ilu rah ki nw him as a true and gallant comrade,
a leader of well-proved courag , and an almosi infallible insight, His
opponents are noi his enemies They at knowledge his gilts and his
sincerity, and they know that In roultl ill be spared from mir public
a gold plated stirrup ant
loop  joined by a  strip
embroidered satin.
I I.
are lo be much used for bedrooms
this summer.    A room furnished
the swiftest and cleanest cutting Iin delicate pale green has green
furniture with while decorations.
The   wiills   art-   ivory   and   the
'hangings an- all blue and green     F"r row h���13 and launches
I chintz.     There   is   a   tall   lamp telephone   320   green.     Davis'
of  ivory  wood  with  a  shade of Boat House.
f, Rochester cv
fjp   ^ Monroe
l     '��t Coal
\ h ��� '^'
\i   Phonens
Lota ���'��� noil ii. Illtirk 2>.
Srctiun 1.
(8000, i"i |..-r eent rasli.
balancv 1. 2. ���: years,
7 per ri-nt.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Section   9
Townahip  1
Range 4
This is an excellent section and was one of thu first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
the blue and green chintz. The
flour has a dull green rug with an
ivory and green border.
liven more charming is a room
for a young girl which has ivory
enameled furniture, on which is
painted bouquets of old fashioned
flower-. These are in "lull pink,
hollyhock red and green, and
tht chintz wit 11 which the- room is
hung has the same flowers and
colors. This room has a light
straw-colored mailing. The Walls
are painted ivory white and have
a bonier of bright flow rs.
and POOL
4 Alb-,.   : Tulle.       A   a:���I ...'!
else.   Aelean >te,rt.    I^etie. every
aftern..ih.     Newman  Hits-It. between i.th snd 7th St.
I    r. t. sn.mm.us.     I'r.lintel,ir anil Manasrer
' .isi.i 1  1.r:. 1909
Undertakers,  corner Second
Avenue   and   Sixth   Street.
Georic* Harrie, Licensed Embalmer,
Phone Ii2 night or day Manager
General Merchant
Largest Stock
Lowest   Prices   in   Northern   B.
Gasofine Launches, r���7.
For Hire by Hour or Day
H. Jehrulon        Cots [ml        P.O. Boi 187
Do You
Windsor Hotel
Newly   Ktirnishrd and
Steam Heated Rooms
P.O. BOX 37
s=E.   EBY   AS,   Co.==
Kitaumkalum Lund For Sale
Own a Lot in Prince Rupert?
If so, and you want to sell,
send us full particular).
We have buyers and we
want listlnga.     :    :    :    :
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Shceta  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Preerlstor
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  83
Meet* in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in Ihe city
are requested to vti.it thc lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Prinof  Kupprt lVxIirn,  No. 31*, .Horm of
EnjrliW'L meet* Ihr flr��t tinil third Tup��lnyi  in
������ch month tn th* C��n",nt��*r* Hull, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLAHK. fee,
1'. O. Box H12, Prinw Rop��t
little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspaper*
atktua Ie��ti.l huir.ft    Uutrtrt of ComI lUt.^*' (���
Tftkt i.uitrv thai 1, l^iucliUa John M.ttiiittaii of
VtetOftt,   M    Ce.   i'Cru|miion   l��wcl.<'r.   lattod   lu
��,'l'l>   (ur ,.t*rmu��*tvii  tu tiurchtaM'  thv  lollu*\tii|{
Olrw-r:)*!*.)   Ut.'U:
l ..imiit'i.ciiiijj at m |H��t t'Untiti U chain* toutli
(rum tin iMiuitii'aat ruritiv ul {jaU .luou, tlu-ncv 4U
etustng mutha i tun re  i*1 dutna t>t*i, itn-nc-- 4u
.iiauta nurth, thwtrt* 4u chauo omrI  lu | 1  u(
*uuimri.CT*ni*iit, nuttaituiii; l'*. ��cr\m nxin< ur !<��������.
11 at,-.I  \,.til 17, L'li
I l*ub Ma. t>.
LTtuHfll Und Iibtrtrt    lHatrlrt u( t ��a-iar
Taka n.rtic�� that 1, J��hn I.. Mitchrll uf Crincv
j ltu,M-n.   It.   I ..  iKYUiiaU<>ii   lMHikkm>[iur.  ttilrti-1   It'
���*|U'i>   (��r   ,Hruiii��.hin   to   iturclvaaar   Lh��   (ulluwtnit
!  uiktiIh ,1 lanUa:
��� on.iii.-..rut., at a iHMt platititl about (5) livu
t ihaji sM.iitte ami ill uiie milt' ��i*��t ul lliw forka ul
m.<- wi.itf ami Flat n.vra, tht-nev mirth m) chaina
iiirncp <\ut *\) cltama, iti.-ncr auulb BO chaiiu.
thvttcv  ��'-t   *" chaina.
.-atitl Aiiril 1��, Itfll. JOHN   1..  MITt IlKl.l.
I'ub. Ma. i . Krancu & I'rwli n, Aii.-nt
BkMBl l.ai.'l 1 Hal net     lHairul ul taaalar
Taki> nunc* that 1 1-ranckt >. l*n��tun ul I'rinca
ltt),r��'fi, li. t , i I'l-tepaitvi. uru*iH*ctur, Inltmd tu
appl>   lur  |H'ritiiMiuii   lu  uurchaaN'  tha  |.>llu��i(ig
Isnvcfii-e*.! tamb:
( iiti.ti 1'i.cin at a iHjat platitiHl about tl.rw
-tnlfrta tKiuib antl twu miln ta-sjst ut tha lurks ul
eh* W i.itr anil H*i mvra, thvticf auuth >u cha.ua
ihrnrv vm*i Ml chaina, it.rnc* nurth bU chaina,
tbar.ra ��nii M) chains.
I��aii-i April 2u. lull.    KliAM'l.s S. PfUCSTOM
I'ub .May 13
kfvna Laml I'UtHct -hutrtct ul Coaat Uanga ������
Tas* nut ca that I. Jua Jack u( I'nrct U. ,i.n.
I M   t .. ofcupattun c��ri��'ni��'r, intcnil lu apply lor
I iiarmtiBUun   tu  purcbaaa  Uia   lulluwlruj   Oi-sKrilKKl
Commancing at a poat plant.nl attout tlnwin-l
i one-half milaa dUunl In a aoutb ����-��tcil> dln-ctiun
(rum a bllmi aluugh (rum Ubaorvaiory Inlvt whwrv
) tbe aam�� touctmi thu Indian Knwrw thence vm\
���u cha na. tbancv "'lib nu chains, thenca waatliu
chaliui, thence aoulh Ml chaina u> point ol coin-
niencemenl, cuntainintj, Muacrua mora or Ivas.
Hated Apnl II, I'll Juh JACK
I'ub. May U.
Skavna Land Diatrict-UlaUlct of Luaat llange &
Taka nutice thai 1, hell Hall Kenney a( . ar-
mouib, Nu\i .Scutia, occupation married woman,
intend to apply lur |x>rmiaaiun to purchaae the
lulhmlmt described landa:
Commeacin��t at- a t��*��t planted at north oa��t
corner ul T. I. LUut IWl, thenca niniilhK weat 4U
���.'bains, thenca north ft) chaina, thenco cast 40
chains, Ihance aoulh mi chaina to place ul com-
mancatnenl containing ltd acros mum ur leas.
My ;�����.��! la on aouth eaal curnef ul land applkxl
lur, marked letters S. Kn alioul one mile weat ul
(sake .Lakelsc, south tide ul Skeena liver Drinit
ol toast lut L'- J.
Dated April.,.!, lull.      1U.I.I, HALL KKNNKY
I'ub. .May 13. John Havurty, Agviil
Skeena Land DUlrict - District ul Caaslar
Take notice that   1, Jamua  Dunlup ul  I'rlnce
Kupert.   ll.  C,  itccupatiun   teamster,   Intend   to
apply   lur  |et'fii,b.��mn  tu  purchase  the  lolluwhiif
daacribeil lan.U'
I'mnnienting at a putt planted ahout twu mllus
south ul the lurks ol !.,.. Whlta and Flat rlvera,
thonce north Mi chains, thenca west  .-n chains,
thenca south mi chains, Ihence east aU chains.
Dated April in. Hill. JAMKS i >i \u <r
I'ub. May 13. Francis 6. I'nwtun. Agent
Coast Uanga 6 Und District
Take  nutlea   that   1,  John   Hepburn   of   Kit
aiimkalum,  occupation  farmer.  Intend   to apply
(ur tNinnliadoii tu purchasa tha lulluwng d<-*crtbvl
Commeneing at a post planted al the nonhead
corner ol l^.i .,:>*.i, thenca aaat 2U chains, thenca
south   41)  chain*,   thence   wast  20  Chans,   thonce
nurth 4U chains tu place ui cuinmancomenl.
Dated March in, Hill. JUliN  HKI'liUKN
Tub April l ���
iikaena Und DUtrict���District of Coast lUnga 5
Take nutice that Henry Macartney ul I'nnco
Kupert, II. c, on ipatiun miner, liiUnds to apply
for iiermiwion to pu.-��haae the following duicribeil
Commencing al a port planted on the south
siJe ol txchumsiks Klvar, about 2 1-- mllea Irom
lla cunlluence with the Skeena Kiver and about
I-a! miles wesl from Exchumalks rapids, thence mi
chains north, thenca 40 chains east, thonce iu
chains aouth, thenca t" chains wesl to point o
commencement, containing 320 acres more or
laaa. Post marked MM. s w. cor."
Dated April 22, Hill. HKNKY M ACAKlMiV
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Und District���DUtrlct of Caaslar
Taka  notice  that  1*  Mary  Carin  of  Stewart,
It. C, occupation married woman. Intend to apply
for permission to purchaae the following di-scrihed
Commencing at a post planted two (2) mil,*,
aouth and (2) two mllea west ul the forks of the
White and Flat r'vera, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains weat, thence HO chains souths
thence HU chains east.
Dated April 20, 1911. MAHY CAKIN
Pub. May 13. FrancU .^. Preston, Agent
Sascond At., Princa Rupeart, B.<^
C T. P. Transfer Agents
Orrlers prMnptle flllerl.   Prices reasnnsble.
OFF1CK-M. B. Rochester. Centre Ml.    Phone SB
English ���,���] American Billiardi
Twelve Table. 8r.COMD Avg
Bkwaa Und DUtrict���DUtrict o[ Count Ranao 5
Tuku nutico thut Mui*y Butoo QUdtmltwvo ol
Victoria, l>. 0*| occuputiuu houriokouiior, IntDQdf
to il|M'l> f"1' IH-rii-.i .ijnn tu ptm-a s-,o lliu loliuvviiii-
tl.'iii'iiui'ti lunda: K
Cummoncing at u post planted ut the UUthwejt
conil-r of Lul .':���'.. Kungo o, Cuusl DlitrletithaaM
HO chains noutli thuncu -10 chums east, tbanoa snj
cluiiiuj mirth, thunco 40 chuins wi*at iu point uf
uimuoncoinent, contuiuing 31.0 ucrou mora ur iu-u
Dated April 17, 1U1L
Pub, Muy ���>���
Bkosaa Und DUtriot���Otatriot oi (joast,
Tumi notico Liiui frud W. UotiUir ol iviu,t;n.
kalum, occupuuun lurniur, iniuodi to uuoly for
1H.Tiillusion to purclia.su tno tolio,viiiu uworibsij
Coiuiiio.icii.g ul u poit piu.uol ut ttiti north'
*u.si cornur ol A. AlaiUiiJi a prj-uiipuji,, uionOv
��0 chain - nuulh, llioncu 10 cuuiiu uadi, tbuaoe jo
chaiii.H north, tiiuituo 10 chaiiu wtwt to pm Q|
conimuncuinoni conLuiaing -0 ucroi moro or Mu,
Daiud April 10, LBtl* PlUBOlUOH W. llOiiLriK
Pub. AprU li"-. Frud Uutnpton, Auujt
Skuutiu Und District. ��� District of Coast Kinijji! 6
Tuku noitcu ti. .t 1, Frunk lliuku of Port Iff
dngiun, occupuuun murchunt, iniomi to apphj
lur purluiasion . o purcnoau thu fulluwing doHntMil
Cuiilineiicing ul u ;> j,L plunto.l un Uio auuiti
liuuk ul thu ksXchuiiLiikji Uivur und ahotii luat
miles frum iu cunlluuuco wuti tho okooua id...;,
viiuncu 60 cnaitw wont, thunco 90 uhuins norm,
ihviicu sO ciiaiu.4 ua.1t, inuueo suum no s&aiu
lo point ol comiuuncuinunt, coutuimug tiiu ucrua
moro or luiu.
Liaiud April .!1, lUll. FUASK UKKS
Tub. April 89<
Skwnu Lund Dutrict   -District ut Couat
Tuku notice thut V,Uliutu Mc'lavnth ol  \ aucuu-
vur, li. C. occupation physician, inteudu tu sp^iy
(ur pvrmi'vsitiii tu uurciiUMi thu lulluwiug OuacrUitt
tiuniiiiuncing ul a pust plunled at the iuuUi��<a
cormr, 40 chums north und 40 chuiua riui u( ihe
uurlheuai corner ol Lul lllu, Harvey's burvcv.
Coast District, Kuugu (t, Ihenco OU chaina fast
lliance 00 cnuiiu north, Ihence 00 cuams stvl,
Ihunca 00 chains suuth tu pus*. u( cuin:nuiicsiin��iii
cuniuiulng >JbO -"f'. niuru ur i�� ��� ��� ���
Duiud Muy 2, I'M). WILLIAM A. MclAVlSII
Tub. .May 0. Irud W. Uohler, A^uui
Skeuna Und District -DUtricl of Cuust Kanta .>
lake notice lliui Letlie Mcl'uvuh ul Vaiicuu.iT,
II. C, occupuuun uiarrtetl woman, intends lu
apply lor porinuuion to purchastu the tolluarlag
.iiacnbed  lautU:
Uutuiuunciug ut a post planted al the norin-
w��.��i ctiruur loo chums tiut aud 20 chums iionti
irutu ttiu nurtnuast curuer u( Lot 1110, Utffaj ���
.Survey, Coast Disirict,Kaugo j.thuuee Jo chains
���uuih, .��� ���!.'���' &o ciiuuu vjuit, iiiuncu b'i ���. *. ���
uurtn, tlienca 40 .'tmi.is wuat, lbet.ee 60 ciiauu
ttuutn, tin-it co 40 ciiaiiia wesl lu post ul eotn -i*m
cumvtit, cuniai-iing 400 acrua mora ur less.
Dated .May 2, 1911. LO 1 1 IK  McIAW.mI
i'ub. May ti. 1-rvd  ���'���    Duhler, Agtttl
-.I....... Und Dutnci -Diatrict u( Cuasi i.. ..- j
i .im .. .ii.-.' ::..��i .i.i.������' Mcl'avun, ui v'uucoj.sr,
it. t ., ...-..,..ui..a tnurrufd woman, luiumU lo Ipptl
lur i iiiviiuii lu purchassj Uie (uUuwing doacr. n>l
Cuuimviicing at a pust planted al the MUlbwm
corner loo cnuins -msi and 20 chains norm ol
the nurtheaat corner ul Lul lllt>, ilu..-. ��� burt'ty,
Coast District, Kuugu &, ibuncu 40 cnama east,
Uiance m> cnuins nurth, thence 40 ctianu. aast,
Uiuucu MJ Ciiains suulli to pust u( cum neucetn��..t
cuulaining -.- ' acrua niuru ur luas-
Daied May -, 1911. UKACfi  McTAWall
I'ub. May ti. Fred VV. Huhlar. A gaol
Skeena Und I Jul net��� Dwtnct ul Caislaf
Taku   milieu   thut   I,   tiiurlos   M.   knouse   o
I'rmev Kupert,  ll. t'., uecupaiiou lunner, Uiltod
iu apul) lur iieriuiksiuii lu purcnaae me I* ���>.- a
daaeriU-d lamia:
t umiiieiiciiig at a pual planted about >aij Ihrev
o.i.��� ��� auuili and i2 j twu mm* west ul tin-lorai. I
v\hit�� ii.i-i and Hal rl.er, thenca auuih Ml clisius,
thenca weal .-u chaina, iheucu north mj chains,
ihence anal to chains.
Datesi Aprtl20, 1911.      CHAKLL'S M. KNUUftE
I'ub. .May U. Fraocia a. I'rastou. Akvoi
skeena Und DUtrlcl-DUtrtcl o Cuaal Usnge <a
Take nut ce thai Muruock Mcltaaul Vueouvaj
II. C, uccupatiun real uaiale broker. Intanda W
apply lur punntssluu t: purchaae Hie (ulloaiiu
Oescrilied lauds:
Cunimencing at a ui ��t punted . t< ihe suu.h
uank ul La<buuudks ri.er al> ut Uau mUn (turn
���la ounduunce wuh the skeena river, thencu 40
ebaina wtvt, ihuncv 2<J chanu nurih, Ihuajj W
chains aoal. thence 40 chains nurtb, thence 40
chaiiu aaal, thunce 20 chaina south, llifiiCv 4<)
chains esjsl, Ihence 40 chains aouth lu 'toiti! ul
commencement, cunlaimng 320 acres mure 01 less
Dated April 21, 1911. MLKDUl'k McKAK
I'ub. May 13.
Skeena Und District -District ul Cassiur
Taku  nutica  tbut  1,   laaac  U'lJriun   FurhM ul
1'rmcv Kupi-rt, H, C, uccupatiun cartiuntvr, intend
iu apply lor pormlssiun lu purchase thu fuUoaiug
<leicri(Mi|  lands:
I ommtncing at a posl plantod about liv miliw*
aoulh and una mile west o( the (orka ul tlie^hiis
aud Flat riven, thencu north bO chains, UmbM
weal nu chains, thenca aouth 80 chains, im-i.-v
east Mi chains.
Dated AprU Itt, Hill. ISAAC 0'UItlfc.N FDKBKS
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preston.
skeena Und District���DUtrict of Cuasi
Tako nutico that Ulunn u.Art i.ur ��� i Vuncou*ir.
H.  C., uccupuilon  real   estaio agent  IniemU i<>
apply  (or iwrmUaiun  tu  purchasa thu (otlowiug
doscrllied lands:
Comniencng at a post planted 40 chaina �����*���
and 80 chaina souih uf the aouthwuat corner <>l
Ut No. 1733 marked Glenn McArthur's northwest curi.er, thence south 40 chains, thence ea>(
-" chains, tlieiicv north 40 chains thence *o��>
60 chains lu post ol commencement, conuimnt;
120 acres moro or loss.
Dated .March 20, 1911.       GLKNN McAUTHl'lv
Pub. April l... T. D. Laird, Agent
Skeena Und District-District uf Couit Kango 5
Coast District _
Takonotloi thnt wo, utm* of Bappartoo, ��.��
oeoapatioa tiovernmunl Uuanl, Intends to apply
lor piMiniRHinn to purchase the fullowmir dajMnb1
ed hinds:
Oniiini'iiriturninpost plantoil 40 chains well
and UU ehulns -. mt h of the southwest OOfnaTOf Kit
Nu ITH* rnnixu ."i coast district,marked Wm-Ushe.
.N.W. coiner, thonce suuth 4��* chains, thence 0MJ
1 ��� i- ��� . . iin a. . ,,.,111. j.. , h un-. ilinii'-' wesl K
chain* t<> post of cum men cement, containing 3^<i
acie.i inure ur leas.
., *   T. D. Ulrd. Agent
Dat��| Manh-Mth. 1911
Pub. April .."..th. Hill
Skeona Und ..lutxiet���District of Queen Charlotte
_, , Islands _
Take notice that (loo. II. Laitx ul Prince Rupert,
II. C,  occupuuun  harbor,  Intends  to apply for
l-ria.���    to  purchaae   the   following   described
Commencing at a poat plantod about seven
miles weat ami OH mile south from the mouth
of Stanly Creek, Nadon Harbor, thence south HO
chains, thence wost 40 chains, thonce north 80
chains, thence Mat 40 chains.
Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. H. LAUX
Pub. April 22. Numa Demen, Ageni
Skeenu Land Diatrict���DUtrlct of Caaslar
Take notice that  I, Hrenton Jordon Moore o
Prince i:-.: . n, U. C, occupation contractor, intend
lo apply fur permission to purchase the following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about (8) three
mllea south and (2) two mllea woat of the fork*
of White and Flat rivers, thunce 80 chains south
thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chaina nort-b,
thence 80 chaina east.
Dated April 20, 1911. FrancU S. Preaton, Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Und DUtrlct-DUiriet ol Coast
Take  notice  that   1,   William   Melville  Corley
ol   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk.   Intend
to apply lor permission to purchase the following
deacrilrpd landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at the northwest i
corner ol Ut 30.��� Ita.ig 6, Coast District, thence
rest CO chains, Ihence north 40 chains, thenee west
10 chains to Hell's Gate slough, thence along
slough southerly lu point ol coinmeiicoinenl, containing IG0 acres more or lesa.
Dated April ti, 1911.
William   melville corley
Pub. April 29.
Skaana Und DUlrict-DUlrlctol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that J. II. Murphy.of Vancouver,
D. '"., occupation commercial traveller, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following
deecrilred landa:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles weat and one mile routh (mm thu muuth
of Stanly Creek, Nadan Harbor, thenco north 80
chains, thenee weat 40 chains, thenca south 80
chains, thenee east 40 e Ins.
Dated March 17, 1911. J. B. MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa Domere, Agant
Skeena Und DUtrlct���District of Casalar
lake nolice that I, Jamoa Webster Esplin ol
Stewart, B.C., occupallon    auctioneer, Intend to
apply for pORttliiOfl to   purchaae   the   following
descrllied lan<U:
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank Of the Naas river about nine mllea above
the forks ol (he Naas river, Ihonco aouth 80 chain*,
Ihence went 80 chnins, thenco north 80 chain*,
thence east 80 chains lo point ol commencement,
containing 610 acres more or leas.
H��H/*M?i 24' W"<  Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
iSkeetmLnnd District-District of Caaslar
aoulh ami one mile ol the forks ol White
and Hat rivers, thence south 80 chaina, thence
SH -1�� Ijhnl"��. thence north 80 chaina, thence
east 80 chains.
Pub. May 18. pf,,,^ B. preeton, A|U��
111 1... reset \jttl flit  1 JlllL'b,
asl��lJsUlltsWaJsVamjl|a��� ��� ��� ��� t h e:i;d A 1 t, y   news
, aSi, purchase notices
i .nil UWrloi - OUtrlet ul Coast Range ���
(#  ''"    '.,.   ,���;ll   Alu.vUll.lur   .VlcllUUStl   Ul    VUII
1's.a BJiw UWWumlon ruul lututu bruliur
���*"*" ulity for iieriulssiuii to uurelMuii tho
l��iw0,!.deacrlueii Iniuls: . .
Iilluai'* " "', ., .. uoat i,hinlel .10 cliulna snutll
Comment"!! ��* ��� gjj^r u( Lul gMj theniM M
from la" ���",    . ,���,���cu ,iu cliulna wuat, thonco 80
chains ����' '��� u���,m,��� .io cliuina oust to point ol
C"*!mi.|"��'ii'��i containing m ucrus more or loss.
D,l*IAptll ii. '"^lixANUKU MoINTOSH
pub. Uw 6
statin Unn District-District of Cussl.tr
..i     ,. ur that 1, I'i'rey ITuncia Uiidunrath
'      i II L'.i occupation iournuliat Intend to
ol      i,, iii.riiiMiu"  io  purcliiiso  tho iollowint
*""""' !,",', j ut a post plutltod on tho ritht
Cu"","m . *uua rivur uboul suvull miloa above
ban. "' 'J, j1,,, Nuus river, tliuncu aoulh bO cltuillB,
uu'tl1 .,. i mj cliuina, tliuncu north oil chains,
u,v'"" ' i -j snatni to paint ul coniniuncuinent,
""���'"'���'* in.., tu screa muru or luss.
t��m��ll,W0 i'bllC. fllANClS UOUbNllATll
DitedUaro It. MM- Fraiik Sidney Wright, A��,t
1'uli. .Mm' I"'-
si,,.,... I mid Dlatrlot -- District olICaaslti
rZ I..in-e ihai 1. Attrad Kyio ol Princei By
occupation  uluctnciun, Intend  to
P*V. (���, 'JwrnlssTon'tO purcliaao tha lolluwint
'SSSSsielmt'at a pust plantud abuut (11) throe
Al '; , "i ��.o lirl.. ol the White and hist
. .aanos 60 cliuina aouth, thonco K0 chaina
rivers, Him., u          .!,���.,��,.   wo   .........u
eut, uwice Ml cl
KSd Apra i��,mi
iiumu   north,  thenco  bU chums
FrancU S. 1'ivttiuii, Agent
Bkuonl Uttd Diitrict���Dwlrict ol CftaaUf
Tu, ��� liuiM- tint 1. JniiiiM Millur Jiilinauin ol
Rweart  H  C. occupation ���torekvepWi intend io
���u|ily lol i��i-Tuii��aiuu to purclitue tho following
ntwriiH'-l .audit:
^mtwnctng al a post plantod uhout ono mile
nartli [fotn UM NteJ rtW ���*���<�� ��houl nlnu miles
��� uw lortM d i'1*-' M��M rivur, thunco north 80
tMooi west so chains, thonco south 80
I -,. gut ail chauiH to point of cominoilco-
I ii tu um moro or lesV.
Utted Mueh M, loll. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
pub. M��y IT.
VM_ri.ii '..und IlUtrwt���District ol Casslar
Um Dutioi mat 1,   liortio  Edwin   badgur   Ol
Eia-tari,        I -.  occupation  plumbur,   iitiund  to
apply tor uermtoston  to  purchuao  ihu  following
^u-4-i lands: ... n
[eciuneiiCitn] at u post planted about ono muo
nortti wl lb* ���NtUU nVur aml uuuul aovon mtloa
/ ., ; | [orfca ol tho aSuua River upstroum,
���uetirt irt'rth M' chuiiw, thonco eaal ISO chums,
Uhwci ���"���"' W chains, thonco west 80 cliaiua to
Nooil  ��l   em nine ntv me lit.    conluinmg   ti 10   ucrea
Li��w March 28. 1UU.   Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
hit, Ma, 1 ���.
SkPsWUihi instnct -District of Coasi Range  &
ftU twtwi that 1. Lionel kingsloy o( Vancou-
.if, li- i .  ueeupauon   initier,   intend   to   apply
;..; pfttiauuD iu purchaso thu following dMOTIDM
. amj si a imisi plantotl near tho south-
����. ou asT ul U>t J'.'~t Uangu o, Coast District
UsKi awl -*ti chaiiiM, thonce south 60 chains,
UrTLCr sltf tsJ cnuins, thouou north 00 chains lo
Mil "1 >'-���..tiiiencemel.t,
UudMarea n. Hill.       LIONEL KlNQSLBY
:.:   U... --.
;M\t* Und 1'isUict    District ol Coaat Range 6
..a* notice mat hldun X LHitwilur ul Horlln,
ow.  nee, ���   ��� ������   doctor,  intends to  appl>   lor
mhshcO  to  purchaae   thu  lolloping   lioscribod
tsjiTJt.slicing ut a poat planted at ihe aouth-
in: WMt oi leot LtWi thenee eaat JO chaina
s.w.1 : less, -iii-uee suuth 46 chums mom or lose,
IkaM wet 80 chaina inure or Iwsa. thunco north
tetuut.s tntsTt or leaa to point ol commoucomunt
Mil 1140 acrva mora or leaa.
,'IM March il, 1011 ELDON S, DETWlLER
;..  April 16' John Campbell, Agent
EhnU Und Dialnct��� Diatrict ol Coast Range u
Tike Douce that  Mrs.  I..  C.  Putnam   ol St
Flat,   UiMMMta,   occupation    marrnrd    woman
���    it.   apt>o   (or |iermiaaiun lo purchaae the
. -...(. sSKribed .anua.
. m kni at i post plantod ui tho auuthwoal
.   | No. ivau narked Mra. L. C. Puinam'a
sts^saail oorner, ihence  west 40 chains, ihence
���        tu iiian.a   ihence  eaat   40 chaina,  thunce
t Tali mj enains lo poat o( cutnmencoment, con
1 acres more or lusa.
i'stau March 20 Hill.      MRS. L. C. PUTNAM
iiib. April li. lieo. IC Putnam  Agen
>>.�����.,* Utul Dutrict -District ol Coaat Range &
laat ..I ci- mat 1, John Ivan I'viei-sol Prince
'.-,-, i i , iccupatun clerk, intend to appl)
U psrn.iasiou lo purchaae tho lollowlng doscritied
< Mini at a post planted about ihreo an
Ms isivll Billai uisiani n a south westerly d reel on
> -���:. 1 slough from Obsurvatory Inlet where
tu hum louche* iho Indian Reserve, thonce
���ati hi riiains, thence north 80 chaina, thenco
<**t bU ci.aina, ihence south 80 chaina to point o
..,,,, eouituiilng 040 aaua more ur luea
I'a-i A|.nll4. lylt. JOHN IVAN PETERS
l.i   Ul) U.
BseUi Und Dutrict-District ul Coaat Range &
Uaf n. nee thai 1, Charles A. Vaughan n(
I*.m> expert, 11. C| occupation tnurchani, miend
hi ��,.'.. i if iH-rmi-uion to purchaso the (ollowing
���t^cnui-l lands:
���-nring at a pint planted on the aoulh
���all >.l l.tai-fiiimsiks River and abuul (our miloa
I I C'liiiuence with Hie Skeena River, thence
H i net, thence 80 chains north, thunce 80
Haute eaat, inence 80 chains south lo point ol
cuoiiii.'t.fi unni. eonuining tilo acros mora or luaa
*'" i .prUtta. 1011 CHARLES A. VAUOHAN
Pab. April ^tf.
Baaajon Und District    District ol Caaslar
TbJm boiIoi thrl 1, Swan  Hallen ol Stewart,
"   v.. ,: i |.,���   carpenter,   Intend   to   apply
I" iwrmtMion to purchase tho lollowlng dcocribed
I omit.vnclng at a post planted about (6) miloa
���wtii ami onevl) milu west ol ihe forka of tho White
WJ Mat rivers, thencu 80 chains aouth, thunco 80
chains east, thence  80 chaina north, thencu  80
SBBHBl  ��w.l.
|'��tH April 18, 19U. SWAN HALLEN
��� ui' Utj l.i. FrancU S. I'raaton, Agent
BtUdna Und DUlrict- DUtrict ul Caaslar
isKt- ntico that ChrUtiait A. Tervo u( .Stikine,
' "''���mincing at a pent planted about tliree-
Wi ol a mile north cut (rom Clacier lliflle
-'i M Um east bank ol Stikine lUver and on the
*"��.i JMg ol the mouth ol a littlo creek, ihence
��l 40 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
*'��i 4U chains, ihence south 40 chaitia to point
" "'    "iiaiinent and containing 100 acree mora
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict of OlttUr
Tuku notice thut 1, John Rohort Pueoy u( Prince
Huport, R. C, occupation cuuk, intend to apply
for pormsslon to purcliiuo thu lolluwing duscribud
Commencing at & post planted (2) two mllos
aouth and 2) two miloa wesl ul thu forks o( the
White and Flut rivers, thenco south 80 chuina.
thonce euet 80 chains, thonce north 80 chains,
thence weat 80 cha ns.
Dated Apr I 20, 1011 JOHN ROBERT l'ACEY
Pub. May 13. Kruno a S. Preston, Agun
Skoena Lund District���DUtrlct of Coast Range 6
Take not co that 1, Martha Look, ol Frince
Rupert, H. 0,| occupat on murr ��d woman Intena
tu apply (or permission to purchaae the (ollowing
deacribud lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about throe and
ono-hulf mill-a dUtunt in u suutbwoslurly dlrucllun
from a blind Blough (rum Obsorvatury luloi where
thu aamu touchus Ihu ludan Roservo, thence eaat
80 chains, thonco Houlh ��0 chu us, tliuncu weal 8
chains, thenco north 80 cha ua to puiut ol commencement, foul,, ii ng 040 acrua more ur lusa.
Dated Apr I 1-1, 1011. MARTHA LEEK
Pub. May 12.
Skoena Lund DUtrict���DUlrict u( Casslar
Taku   nutico  that   1,   John   Unwin   of   Priucu
Unpen li. C, uccupatiun laborer, intend to apply
(ur pormisalun tu purchiUH) thu (ulluwing described
Communclng ut a pust pluutud about U) two
miles south ol the (orka o( tho White and Flal
rivers, thonco south 80 chains, ihence euit 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thunce weal 80
Dated AprU 18, 1011. JOHN UNWIN
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Skoena Land District    District o( Caselar
Taku notice that 1, Alfred lierryiuan Vtilliama
uf  Priucu  Huport,  11.  C, occupation  merchant
intend to apply  (or pormUaion  tu  purchaae the
following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted abuut (,2J two
milee suuth o( the forks o( ihu White and Flal
rivura, thenco 80 ciiains south, thunce 80 chaina
west, theuce 80 chains north, thunce 80 chains
Datod April 18, 1011. FrancU S. Preston, Ageut
Pub. May 13.
Skoona Und DUtricl���DUtrict o( CaasUr
Take nolice that 1, Charloa Frederick Metcal
ot Stowart, It. C, occupation (ruiglitor, Intend to
apply  (or |>ormUsion  to purchaae the  following
described lands:
Cuniuioucing ut a post planted on tho right
bank of the Naas rivur about sii miles above ibe
(orka o( Lliu Naaa rivur, thonco aoulh 80 chaina,
thonce wusi 80 chains, ihouce north 80 chains,
tbonre uasi 80 chains to point ul communcemont,
containing 010 acros mora or lens.
Dated March 2i>, MIL CHARLES F. METCsALF
Pub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Ageut
Skeena Und DUlrict���DUtrict o( Coast
Take nutice that 1, William John Corley of
Priucu Ruperl, 11. C, occupation rancher, Intend
to apply lur pormUaiuu io purchaae the (uUowtng
duacriiiud Unds:
Commencing at a post piarted at Ihu southwest
corner u( Lot 3008, lUngu 5, Coaat DUlrict, Ihence I
oouili   20 chaina,  ihenJu   eaat   40 chains, thence
north 20 chains, thuncu west 40 chains io potnl
uf communcemuni, containing 80 acres, more or I
Dated April 8. 1011.    WILLIAM JOHN CORLEY
Pub. April 20.
Skounu Land District -District o( t^uoun Cberlotit
Taku noiicu Uiai George W. Arnuti of Prince
Rupert, li. C.( occupauon i-'-n usuie broker,
tntuuda to apply lur permuuuoti io purchase Ihe
(ollowing   i" v.'iiu.' i lands:
Coiuiuoticing  al  a  po*t   plantod  abuui   seven
milus and onu-baif tnile wosi and uue imlw aouth
(rum the mouth ul Stanly   Creek. .Nadon Harbor,
tliuncu weat Ml chains, tiiunos souti,  80 cnaitu,
thencu east SU chain*, Lhuucu north 80 chains. .   . ...        . ,
Dated March 17, lull. GEO. W. A KNOTT    VlTY   mil  UJ.U  (UstllH'UVt'   Ul   BtVlC.
Pub. Aprd22. Numa Denura, Agent   ,���( , . .       . e    .       .     \
1 h. blcovcfl and ttln.- of Un* jacket
Skeena Und District-Dut net olCwlar ,uu| Io\\rr edgC *��f the l��il'1(l of I.HT
lake nutice that 1, Alice M. Kuouee  u( Prince
Rupert, li. C, occupaikm married woman inland ,, ���j    \\w   > 1< t T t   HVC   ImihIiThI   With   .1
to apply lur tiormissiou lo purchase the (ollowing
described Unds: I nOITOW     luiltl     nf     blllC     ^ill\     Uiul
Commencing al a poet planted about two mlhsj    .    , ,      .      , .      ... , . .      .
aouth and two mdea weat o( the (orka ul White; nilMUtl With Mlk ^niots 111 .1 Ml.Kit
ana Mat  rivers, ihence  north  Ml chains,  Ibence ,
east  80  chains,  thence aoulh   80 chains,  thence   "1 I'llH   tuni.ttrh
west 80 chains. .,.,       , . e   ,     .
Daiod April 20, 1911. ALICE M. KNOW K I l.C   ILU    IS   R   Rra'Vllll   sh;i|M'   til
Pub. NU>' 13. Francis S. Preaton, Agent   , ���     , ��� , . ,      ,
Ilil.ii'K   iTin,   .rint.i.ffl   wuli   l.irjsr
Sukine Und District -Dstnctol Caaaiax
Take nuiice that Sydney Uodgkinaon ul Tele*
graph Creek, U. C, occupauon clerk, inlands to   ,,,1(| A wiVJtll of plP.k rOSCB.
apply  (or  permission tu  purchase  the loUuwing ���
duscribod Und: ��������� -.-^��� ��� ������ ������ -��� ������
Comraoncing at a poat planted about a quarter I
mile i.iTiii eaal (rom Glarier Rulle and on the eaat
bank of Stikine River, ihence east .10 chains
ihenco north 40 chaina, thence woat 20 chaina
thence aouth 40 chains lo point "I commencement
and containing eo acres more or leas.
Daiod Feb. 11, 1911.
Pub. April C.A. Tervo, Agent
Skeena Und Dstricl -Diatrict of queen Charlotte
lake   notice   thai   Iteorge   Fnuell   of   Prince
f-^-aai--,i-^i%��^H^--ii%.^--aw--a>.^ii saswaa.ss-aas.-ai i*^sss^sv.aeMt.^4.^fcJ,>a>jWa1yyaa^
ThiB in a little aoction of tha paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to aubjectB of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladius of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Tlif model here shown is ol old
liltit- pongee .ntl linen lace dyed
i in  match,    Thc combination   is
quickly it falls just us quickly.
A very homely bin n very sure
teat of the oven is to feel the
handle or steel. If you cannot
hold it comfortably ii i> ilu- right
temperature; if ii burns you when
you touch it it is ti o hoi. Do not
be guided i<> thc minute by the
time given in cookery books���
use your judgment, and practice
soon teaches you. A cake may
one day take a quarter of an
hour  longer   than  another  day;
the heat won't always hake quite
the same. Dry oui your cakes
In lore r. moving them from the
oven; thai is to s,iy, when they
are rooked turn off the gas anil
leave them for ten minutes in the
hot oven.
Measures���American, '2 level ta-
blcspoons n" to 1 ounce; English,
1 heaped tablespoon nm-. to l
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Your Dealer Has It
The Digby Rooms jig
Located on Siath Ave., near Fulton fe*
Three to Ave minutes fromcen- Jj��J
tre of busini'KS district.   Nine- f*
teen   newly  furnished rooms. J*jj
H..1 and cold water, tvnth and sTs*
telephone.     Newly f urniahed. JJjJ
Under now miiniiKemcnt. (*J
INSPECTION      ���       ���     INVITED
Uiiji it, H. C, occupauon butcher, tntemla tn apply
(or permiaalon to purchaae ihe (ollowing d.-ecnt '
Commencing  at  a poat  planted  about  eev*n
a m[l<
A tea ��\\f<\ by the members of
tin Ladies' Aid of the General
Hospital, at the residence of Mis.
\V. Sttwiirt Benson, was an unqualified success both socially antl
financially. The tabic was Ikmii-
tifully decorated with a centerpiece of white tulle over pink, sur
mounted by a Imwl of inilc pink
hare-bells and lurries. Thc hostess
received i.'i a pretty gown of
cream nt't releivcd with touches
of Hue, or.d was assisted by Mrs.
Arnold in a sinari costume of
gulden brown pcau-dc soie, wiih
large while hat with ro^- i rim -
mien, and Mrs. Eggert in a hitiil-
soine black K"wn and hat. Mrs.
William Manson in a smart costume ol gray silk and tuscan hat
with large Mack plume antl handsome trimming, presided at ilu-
tea table and was aasisited by a
bevy of pretty young girls in
nurses' cost time: Madclainr Nelson, Esther Naden ami Muriel
Patmore. Little Mi--s Lcnore Hen-
son, the small daughter of the
It is aulliorilativtlv stilted thst house, ushered iu the guests.   The
llat loops of soft silk in old blue,
A Peep into the Masculine Mind
on Dressiness
the   toiM/  and  sapphire are  the
liitesi   in   gems.    The  reason   for
mllos west ami twu miles south of the mouth of
Stanley   Creek   where   It   emuueo    into   Nsdsri
tlsrbor, Graham lslsnd, thence btl chsins south, I .1.-     I,..J,..,   .1.-,,   i.|,|l|l.|..|iroWil   antl i
thenco 60 chains weal,  Ihsnee BO chslns north,ll,,,s   l,ll"r>   l"-11   r."��l< ������  onmn   tutu
thsnee no chans east to point uf cuinrasnesmant
anil cunlsiiutiit 040
Dated March 17, Ivll
I'ub. April 7.
i more orli-sa.
i.l.nlii.i.  I in.'. I I 1
Numa Oemees. Meat
iccupatloD cuatuii). ollicer. intstiila In apply
j is-rnnasiun to purchase the lolluwtne* ilescrioeil
P??di!l!&' 10' ml- CHIUSTIAN A. TE11VO
ItiIi. April 7.
1       ��� UadDUMst -limriot al Uueen Chsrlott
i.��i iiuiuv that t'slhiTiue llsrrtaun. ot Caljsry
weana,  uccupatiun   splnsler,   Intends  to  spply,
KsoSb"*0* lu I'urclaise thu lollowlng deacriued
I umiuencini at s post plsnted sbuut 0 1-2
of * re ""'' '"*" m ,""0 ���St* Irom tho mouth
ll.ii / ^reck. wlu-ro it empllus Into Naden
v, ���'���,!,'""*'" ���aaatt, thence 40 chains south
ii'..~ ,,? 5'*"" ""'��� l,��nea 40 chaina north,
sesoca lu chains west tu point of commencement
li   ,'7'v.*""!.''' iou "crra" m��ra nr leas.
"ati-il Marcb 17, lail.
ubA,>r-'- Nums Uemers, A��snt
, ,,,S' "" I-an.l Distrlct-Dlatrlct of Otiaat
I".  , ,'t "iw-''   '"' '��� Mr"- John G"rlc>' of I'rlnce
|...i'i, i. !      '"cunallun married wuman. Intends
, '] " > tot piirmissloli to purchase the folluwlna-
. '""-.I Iniuls:
...'imtencinK nl ? poMplaatad 40 chaina east
I.'i 17 ' '" ".""lh trom 'l"' southwest corner of
��� lain.'��� J;"*"1 m'trlct, Ranne 5, thence aouth 80
i l.n      SSS ���" '" cn",ln"' tn,!nM "urth DO
��.n . tnence west 4II chnlns moro or less to tho
"i.ireii'i.| "'"""^''eeincnt,  contalnlnit  b20 acres
l���"M��r.2.l.''liu��� J��HN lU"U") r'0RLEY
''"e- Apr. 4,11.11
I'^'l"',"",!'"'"1.1""1'10'- district of Cssslsr
ilu,:,    T% lh" '��� f*k 9m5m ol  Prince
���Ulily   In    ii.',' ccPul"'li"'' prospector, Inieti.l  to
d��icrll��Jl l.'S: l�� Puronu" l"�� following
of qSS'iS!'.'!. ". "T1 ',l,ntwl '���> l"B vielrdty
"' the mrS.11   ,b",.,t lhree-elghu ot s mllo south
���� the ���t,.,le'|,h" ,U��ni",I* CfMk' ���nd "���'"��
llaSbl ur \. ���l.h"'"}'** ��' Tln""��' I*��� No.
I1* esstellv il, !r Uf SSHB ""uth 4" cn��ln" -J""*
"T No IV il i , u�� , "Ul TlmbCT U,"i' No- ;lr'2��'
"���'uw .. ' 40,cbaln"- 'honee esst to the shore ol
"5S. n��tll.8rtflS "' 4U ch"ln" mo��� or loss.,
W Soaln i      v fiffl lh" "l,ore ��f "oo" "ay
)<���<> tSm no!, o, le��    M,nm<"lc"me""l. oontalnln,
''"t'Apr''?" '' *"��� PEUUy 1UEKNAN
^'lT,'n',ntl!),,",lrl.Cttrl,l?lrict ol <*"��"> Charlotte
P�� ���0����SLS,l Bffi U,vlclt of Woodstock,
''"perm,. ^'?n '^keeper, Intends to spply
laa��    Miun lo PO'ohaao the following described
fJoCKPSS .".'.". R"1   P|*.'"��'  "hout  seven
m,is ��wi �����?, . K���1   Pisnteil   about   aovon
BBaJ ",l. "!' two '""�� ��oulh ol ths mouth ot
"��""�� SSKmWt%! ," ,en>P������ Into Nsdsn
""nice hi JS!R 1,'an"' ihen<>" HO chains south,
""���nee 80 el,.? 0*"t' ,h,nM "�� ��*��� north,
tW WlMeH,JHS t0-����lnt I' eommencment
'*. April 7.
Numa Damers, Agsn
Skeens Land District���District ol Queen Chsrlotte
Take notice thst Hubert O. Crew of Prince
Rupert, 11. C, occupsllon sgent, Intends lo spply
lur nermlsslun to purchase the lollowing deaenbed
Commsnclng st s post plsnted sbout 6 1*2
nilea wsst and hall a mile south of the mouth ot
Stanley Creek where it empties into Naden
llsroor, Graham lslsnd, ihenco east 40 chsins,
thsnee north 40 chains, thenca weat 40 chsins,
thonce south 40 chslns lo point of commonccraenl
snd contsining I'.n seres more or loss.
Dsted Msrch 17, 1911. IIUUERT O. CREW
Pub. April 7. Nums Domcrs, Agent
Skoeoa Und Diatrict���District ol Coaat Range V
Tsks nuiice thst Jsck liedforil ol Kotghley,
Yorkshire, Euglsnd, occupstlun over-looker. Intends lo apply tor iH-rmiaeion to purchitae the
(ollowing described lends:
Commencing at > post planted st s point In ths
easterly boundary ol umber limit n.v.^'.i snd in
the suuthorly limit ol lot ���.'.--. lUngo . Coast
District, where the said limiu Intersect, tlsence
along the aouilarly limit ol lot 3UB1I .lure-aiil
snd the pruiecliun thereof in sn easterly di-wnlon
80 cnslns mors or loss to the westerly Unit ol
limber limit li'JtiOl, Ihence in a eoutherly illn-.tlon
slung llic last monllono.' limit ll chains more
or iuas to Ihu northerly limit of timber limit 3G77&,
thonce in a westerly direction along the last mentioned limit 80 chains more or leaa to the eaatirly
limit ot timber limit ilNilM, thunce in a northerly
direction 11 chains more or leaa lo the point ol
commencement. ..���.. saa . �����...*>
DaledMarch 8, 1911. JACK BBDfOBD
Pub. March 25.
Skeens Und DUtrlct���DUtrict ol Coast lunge V
Tske notico thst Edith Alice Crowther ol
Iklcg, Yorkshire, Knglsnd, uccupnllon spinster,
intends lo spply for permission to purchsse the
lullnwing doacribed Isnds:
Commencing st s pust planted al thu south east
corner of surveyed lot MSI, Kange 6, Coaat District, thenco north along the easterly limit of the
aaid lot 36 chsins moro or tcs. tu the auulherly
limit ot Lot 3985, Range &, ci.ast dtalncl. thonce
eaat along thesoutherly limit ollho last mentioned
lot 80 chslns to a point, thonce In a eoutherly direction 36 chains psrsllel to tho said
easterly limit ol lot 31)91, Ihence In a westerly direction 60 chaina more or ess lo
the point ol commencement containing 210 acres
more or lc AL1CE CUOWT1IEK
Dated March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 26.
Skeena Und DUtrlct-DUlrlct ol Coast-
Tske notice thst William Muntord i     1 rlnc-i
Rupert,   B.   C,   occupation   pros|��ctor    inliinU
to  apply  for  permiaalon  to lease  the folowing
described lands: ,   .     . .--  -  .--
Commendn. at a post planleil almul 100 chains
south ol the lndisn Reserve nil the east side ol
Goose Uay snd on the esst side ot the penlnslils
thonce south 80 chsins along shore, thence wisd
40 chaina to Goose Usy, thence north along shore
80 chains, thonce west 40 chslns more or less to
post, contsining 320 seres more ��"".���������,.,���
baled March 8. 1911. WIU.1AM MUNrORD
Pub. April ir..
Skeena Und District-District of Coast
Tsks  notice that  Humo Ualilnglon of  1 rinco
Ruport, ll. C, occupation maaler mariner. BMMI
to soply lor permission lo losse the  following
doaenbod Isnds: ,   ,     , ,-n -s,.|M
Commencing st s post pisnteil about 100 chain
south of the lndisn llesorve on tho esst side ol
Goose Has on the east side ol thc I'enln.ula thence
north 100 chains along ahore to the ������"���*��" line,
thonce wett 00 ohslns more or less to Onoee Hay.
thence 100 chsins along shore, thonco east no
chains more or less to post, contsining 040 acres
E.rted<M1~h 8, 1911. HUME 11AU1NOTON
Pub. April ta
king's blue arc to be among the
leading colors ihis year.
+ + +
Tht latest fail among men is
ilu gold niiiiiogr mi button for
the con watch chain. These
buttons .ire also made up in the
signets or emblems ol the lrcst-
known ordi rs.
following is a partial list of those
present: Mrs. Tremayne, Mrs.
Pillsbury, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Young
Mrs.   Alex.   Manson,   Mrs.   Mr-
Intyrc, Mrs. Bondaux, Mrs. I). G.
St. wart, Mrs. Mobley, Mrs. Angus
Stewart. Mrs. Weston, Mrs. Tile,
Mrs. Parkin, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs.
Wartc, Mrs. Sawle, Miss Sawle.
Mrs. H. L. Johnston, Mrs. Dow-
ling, Mrs. Owen, Mrs. Murray,
Mrs. Naden, Mrs. Kergin, Mrs. I).
Mel.cod, Mrs.  Seller, Miss Meli-
I Stalker & Wells I
���fBjaasssasi *>" a ssssajtsjstjta<sjSjsjssaj w
-General Hardware
* Builders' Hardware i
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stovea  *
Gruniteware       Tinware ��
*-���-���-��������� - .    ���    s    a    .    e>    I
We liavt- a complete line of
Lcnsu, Ki.-ld QlasStS, Mineral Glasses, Conipsasu
and   Aneroid  Uarometera.
{ R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watcli [nsMctors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. tith St. and Second Avenue.
phone 82
yesterday. The beautiful drawing
room was most artistically decorated with wild rododendrons, and
other local spring flowers and presented ii festive appearance. Mrs.
Bullock-Webster wore a lovclj
gown of Bofl cream eoliene, and was
assisted by Mrs. Mcintosh, in a
smari gown of black net, and Mrs
��� S P O R T j
Mr, Sylvonus Gregg, the young
Cleveland pitcher, hi's  ibout ev-
erylhiiig a genuine big league
shooter should have,
+ + +
Bill Bergen is catching good ball
for Brooklyn. The way the veteran shoots the ball around the
diamond is as fine scenery as the
Yoscmitc Valley.
s> e> e)
The pennant-winning New Bedford le.un is at the bottom of the
heap, lniug hi Id down by seven
husky New England League teams.
+ + +
The British Columbia Lacrosse
Association has more trouble on
its hands, and this time it is the
old one of rsfcrees. Aid. Wells
Gray of New Westminster, one
of the two official ft ferees selected
by the association at the annual
meeting, has tleeided that  he has
had enough of the game and the
other day In- tendered his resig-
natio. to the league secretary.
+ + +
"Young Cy" Young, who has
trav Ihd from the minors to tht
majors, from the majors back io
the bashes and returned once
more to fast society, is pitching
the winning kind for the White
��� ��� +
Thc Columbus team has been
a big surprise in the America i
Association, The Senators were
not considered very strong, but
they have been strangling the
A. A. teams as fast as they could
to gel them.
+ + +
Souih Bend ol the Central league, Has signed a 15-year-old lad
to play the infield. The boy is
Howard Ellis, and he is said to
be one of the most promising
looking youngsters ever seen by
i Manager Smith, himself a veteran
ball tosscr. Ellis will la forced
to oust Kohlcr, a veteran, to make
the second base position. In case
he falls a liitlc shy of the mark
he will be (armed out somewhere,
so thai Manager Smith can keep
a close watch on him,
+ + +
.VI Pittsburg nice track precedents were shattered when Jay
Joffc, a  trotting horse owned by
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a m.
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
as. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson, Naas River Points, Miisset,
Nation Harbor,   every  Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and f-.r:
sRefllgS Rav,   Skidegate,  Queen
CharlotU City, LrOCKeport, Pa-
t'oli, .letlway,   Ikeda Hiiy,   Kose
11 arbor  and  return  via  Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over ita
double   track route   between   Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Huston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information   and  tickets   obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous Princess  Line
s.s. Princess Royal
-sails for���
>a^^ VaniiiLin. Valeria   and   Seattle
Friday, June 16, at 9 a.m.
J. G. McN.b General Af.nl
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave. Phone 116
in  a   tailored  suit
of blue"l"J'm,'n  Bowe���i  trotted home
M-rge. Among tho-e present were:
Mrs. Tremayne, Mrs, Palmer, Mrs.
James, Mrs. Brandt. Mrs. Long,|
Mrs. Burritt, Mrs. Ward, Mrs.
F. McB. Young, Mrs. Mcintosh,
Miss Monica Green, Mrs. Morris.
Mrs. McLennan, Mrs. Lnmont,
Miss Binder, Mrs. McLeotl, Mrs.
Christie, Miss Milligan, Miss Johnstone, Mr.-. Mclntyn . Mrs. Bon-
Mrs. J. McA. Christie left this
morning on the Princess Royal
to spend the summer with friends
in Toronto.
Mk Alfred IL Morris has issued
invitations for a large At Home, on
Saturday afternoon.
| 2nd Ave. and McBride - Phone 187 |
The   latest   material   for  men's
ties is not ttnlik.  the old-fits nioiu-d
grenadine that bow ties were made
of.   The most attractive of these
are   in   two-totte  effect,  lacy  and
sofi   and   silky   as   any   feminine
fa icy.
Pointers   to   Success   for
Young Housewife
The   baking   of   cake   puzzles
many.   A few simple rules attended
to will solve all difficulties,    Never
have the oven  too hot, even  for
pongc cake     If a cuke Hies up
rins, Mrs. Macintosh, Mrs. W. IL
MacLeod, Mrs. I .anion I, Miss Pin-
tier, Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. Kershan,
Mrs. Eggert, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs.
Arnold, Mrs. MeCalTcry, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Miss
Mercer, Miss Johnstone, Miss Milligan.
Miss Mary Milligan of Victoria,
sister of Miss Elizabeth Milligan
of this city, has arrived in town
and is busily engaged in the
practice of her profession  at  the
General Hospital.
Mrs.   Bullock-Webster  was  a
charming hostess at the tea hour
Strawberries, Cherries
All kinds of Vegetables just received
Groceries Fruits Provisions
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth St.    Phone 190
J minutes 10 seconds. The remarkable feature of Jay Ji.lTe's
performance was that six mouths
ago he lay prostrate on the track
with a broken neck. At that
time he was not shot, as he was
not thought to be suffering because of paralysis, The horse,
howev r, began to nit nd and has
gradually grown belter until he
was today entl red in a nice.
Freddie Welsh wired Milton T.
Clark thc other day that he was
already on his way to San Francisco for the purpose of meeting
Matty Baldwin in a 20-roiind
go some time this month. Welsh
wains the promoter to secure
training quarters for him, ami
gei  him ii vegetarian cook.   He
has been a vegetarian ever since
he found that Kid Broad got
a lot of advertising out of it, I It-
gets more ferocity out of a cabbage
more, science out of a young onion
and more stamina out of a flock
of asparagus than those beefeaters can assimilate from a whole
side of beef. Leave it to Freddie.
He knows that all strength comes
out of the ground, and he wants
it firsthand.
. ..FOR...
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazclton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second avenjc and Third street
Over WeBtenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 361
of Hi n i.|i Columbia of 11C Ontario,8aa-
and Manftiilu. Bars. Itstrhswan  and Al-
!-���, ii. liars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Offlc-Exrlianirp liiia-k, rumor Third avenns and
Sixth sir.ai. I'rlnce Hui.rrt I
WM, S.  HALL,, L. I). S.,
1). I). S.
Crown and Hridge* Work n Specialty.
All rlcntnt <ninr��tiona ���skilfully trmtnl. 0m antl
lotfll :iii;ii|hetit\i fiilniinnatiTcl for tin- nnlnlfM ri-
trnctlnn nf tocth. Consultation (rve. OlTtrca :
Heliternon Mock. I'rtncf RuDf*rt. Il-U
Difficulty Between Joseph Car-
issi  and  His  Man  Stanio
Alex.M.Manaon ll.*..     W.E.WIIIIarns,a.A.,L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. O. BOX 2.1
FUPH. OK WM. IOXON, K��a., A.R.A.S....10H., ��NO
Tsndors am Invited for tho reualr of tho wharf
atlMr-tlnkaltt. 11.C: tho sum of flftoon hundred
dollars boinK available for expenditure on this
wharf.     Bidders should carefully examine the
Rround, in..I state In detail tho extant of repairs
o will undertake for that amount. All pllss
must be power driven. Tenders will be received
stthe Indian oi.'u-e. Metlakatla. B.C., up to June
:'."th. l'.i 1. and should be accompanied with a certified cheuue for one hundred dollara which
amount will tie forfeited In the event of R withdrawal of tender. No tender received will necessarily be accepted.
Indian Agent.
Metlakatla. B.C., June till.   l'Jll.
Magistrate ("arss this
morning a wage problem which
has arisen between Jospeh Carissi
of the (irandvicw Hotel, and a
countryman of his named Slninio
was  discussed   this  morning.     It I
appears that Stanlnlo was working)
for Carissi on some vague under*
standing   that   he   should   receive!a-Y<]<|i STREET
pari  or whole payment in board 1
and   lodging.     Stanlnlo   requires!
wages in currency also, and  the!Fruit    :   Produce
question was what agreement had 1
been made.   The Magistrate   unravelled  the  tangle,  and Stainiol
I will receive wages. I Ha H. Morton   - . 3rd Ave.
The insurance PeopkiARE THERE TOO MANY       Classified
hvkky class ok iN'sric vs.-
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone L8Q Third Avenue und Fulton St
the public is In the classified advert!*
We have just received a
shipment of the newest
���tylei snd latest designs
in ladies' Velvet ami leather Hand Bags. We especially invite you to call
and let us show you our
new  goods	
. SSjaU-SSsSSssa SS..SS
ii.,      .-.ii . .1,1-   . ,.u-.-, I..-- i.|\i'- in ��� I'Uiiih' is in me .���i.i'--i:i.-: .i :'���������' .. ..t columns
Onaaf the best services the modern Misw jjiv^ ai(1 tonant| Md a hMt of Qth a on com.
'    ce ill reach of everyone the  News  will
There buyer and seller, Sim
mon ground.    To put this modern convenient)
rate to  a nominal price Ol a cent a word per insertion
Here lli our Classified  Advertising  Column  for  today.
Minimum charge of -j cents.
Watch   it   grow.
Answer Depends on Prince Rupert's Population and; ��� ~
Definition  of a Bottle License���What the Mun-       LICENSE BOARD
icipal Act Has To Say About It.
Fort George
For information,  free
maps ard literature
call Snd see n.e.
Open Evening! I'attullo Block
A Mirror
i Iver the question ol the granting
of bottle licences in Prince Rupert
there i? some difference of opinion
between the Linense Commissioners, and borne citizens. A glance
into the Municipal Clauses Act
where it deals with the subject
brings out thi points of difference.
The main point is population.
Section 205 of the Act. Sub-
section B, says that only three
licences to sell liquor by retail
shall be granted or issued for a
city or municipality unless or
until the population ol such city
or municipality exceeds 500, and
thereafter only one additional licence in respect of each additional
1000 actually resident within the
limits of the city may be granted.
This works out thus:
The Exact Figures
With a population of 500, three
licences;  with 1500, four licences;
with 2500, live licences; with 3">i)0.
six;   with 4500, seven;   and with
5500 tu li4SHl of a population only
eight licences may be issued.   Before the ninth retail licence can be
issued   the population  has to be
6500   people.      There   are   eight
licensed hotel bars in  Prince Rupert today, and two hottle licences
have been granted.   What is the
population?    The  census   figures
will b. available in November.
What is Retail Licence?
Hotel licences are certainly retail
Inn  what about   the   two  bottle
- licences granted yesterday?    Sn-
���~~~~~*,| lion 175 of the Municipal Clauses
Act,  Clause  3, defines a  bottle
shop licence as follows: "A licence
to   one   who   sells,   barters,   or
traffics BY RETAIL in fermented
spirituous or other liquors, In a
shop, store, or place other than
an inn, saloon, ale or beer house,
or other house of public entertainment in quantities of not less
than a reputed pint bottle" etc. ��� .
Section 192 of the same Act
mention'-: "All applications for
the granting of a retail liquor
licence and the petitions or requisitions for the granting of such
licence signed by the requisite
number of persons mentioned in
Sections 193, 104. and 196 of the
Act," thereby implying that thc
licences mentioned in those sections are retail licences. Section
193 of the Act says: "No retail
liquor licence in any city, or
municipality shall be issued or
granted under authority of Sul
section 3 of Section 175 "A bottle
Licence," again showing that a
bottle licence is a retail licence.
Section 194 similarly treats a
bottle licence as a retail liquor
licence and Section 190 again
speaks of a retail liquor licence
under authority of Subsection 3
of Section 175, that is a bottle
Point Previously Raised
This point was raised at the
-itiings of the Board ..f Licence
Commissioners in 1910, and several of the solicitors who were
then present gave it as their opinion that bottle licences were retail
licences within the meaning of
Section 205. Tht matter now remains for the courts to decidi
in case anyone applies to quash
the licences granted.
Commissioner Merry-field asked
Mr. Manson whom he represented.
Mr. Manson replied that he was
there   on   his   own   behalf  as   '
Lost and Found       j
I i 1
! l.OST-Tinii? hook and Bank bcok. Finder please
! return to J. 0, Weston. 5th Ave. and Tttlow
1    St., und receive reward. 135*138
FOCND-Kureka Cleaning and Preninir Company. Men's suits cleaned and pressed $1.11).
Ladies' auita pressed and cleaned. Pry cleaning" a specialty. Room 13 Wcstenhaver Block,
phone red t'.y. 121*147
FOUND-Elegant rooms; newly furnished. The
Bulklev Brook, tith Ave., near Fulton.    Iu9-lm
+ ~^-
citizen antl also on In halt
others who had desired him
keep their names private.
City Solicitor's View
City Solicitor Peters interpreted
the Act according to his % i> ft'. 1 li
said he had not given a written
opinion to the Licence Commissioners that a bottle license was a
retail license within Set ion 205
of the Act, which limits the number
of retiiil licences that may be
granted. Mr. Peters said that
he had not been asked for a
written opinion by the Commissioners, but he gave it as his verbal
opinion that bottle licences were
not retiiil licences within the meaning of the Section. In reply t
Mr. Manson who quoted the maxim familiar to the legal fraternity
that an Act must be re.nl as a
whole as well as sect:'.��n by section,
Mr. Peters said he preferred to
read this as a single section apart
from iis relation t.. the rest of
the Act.
The  Chairman���"My  way  <>f
looking   itt   it   is   simply   to   see
that the city of victoria has made
it law, whether it be law or not."
One Wholesale Licence
Mr. Manson had some reason
to believe that Maynard's application   was   not   in   order   and
asked   leave   to   examine   it.     I It-
had  been   refused  the  right   after
Wednesday's meeting  through  a t~"
misunderstanding.    At short   -in-  j
l.0ST-0n Sixth street, between Third Avenue
ami Quaan'l llmel. $1*4, two cheilites in roll,
one for f IT, other for *.V rest in bills. Kewani
Hilly Poltis Candy Store. Sixth St., one door
from C I'll Office. 132-13.'.
.... ., ,a ii a, n an n a. .. a, n . ,l^ ��� ��}.
For Rent \
.fr.aa^s-sa^^a^s.sss^��������>.,m s^,.-a��ia^l-s��fciisaa��.S's>a>.|a-sfcii-ai. nfr
Four-roomed House, partly furnished, with Iwith- I
room; close in on Summit Ave., back of Borden
street.   Apply at Firehall or P.O. Box MB. \
2 Furnished Rooms in apartment house, opposito
Clapp Building*. 2nd Ave., near McBride.    Apply on premises between one and three p.m.
Tworoomed Cabin on Fourth Ave., near .McBride.
Apply J. Young, Maple Boarding House. 3rd ,
Ave. 1 - ��� l-i
Fr.-mture of three-room flat. Apply Room 15
Westenhaver Block, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth
.Street. 12M34
Nicely furnished Front Room In new house.   Apply Mrs. Saville, Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Store* and offices for rent, Applv Dr. Mclntyre,
Third Ave., phone green 69. 126-tf
Neatly Furnished Rooms; gentlemen preferred.
Apply Mrs. Mullln, over Majestic Theatre.
Coay furnished rooms. Mra. Bower. Somerset
Room*. Third Avenue, between Seventh and
Eit-hth. llMf
Nice Furnished Rooms.   Apply Mr*, k Alder
Block, up.uirs entrance. Third Ave.        117-121
Table Cutlery
Baby Buggies
Every Description of
House    Furnishings.
The Big
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
Nice, clean, bright outside rooms.
Sth Ave., near Fulton.
Bulk ley Block
Nice furnished rooms single or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Rooming House, 2nd Ave., near
McBride. May 3-lmo
CHelp V
pa-ass.I ������st,||S^,,aa>,,l^���
i I'.mer wsnted st the Talbot House.
Boy wanted  to  work in store.
ORellly. 2nd Ave.
��� \ Do away with this.     Patronize a white
~' ~ laumlry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Apply Martin
A s-.-l sensible wumsn to do rhamber work sr.il
work in .tor*.   Andy Bos O.. News Oflstaa
Nineteen >���> ins msn Ui take eoty rooms In the
Bulkier Block, near Fulton. lus-lm
Wsnted -Sun food men t.. Ma the Order of 0�� Is.
Call room ������  Empress   Motel     I.  F.   Madlem.
Tliatlmay bejsafely
"pack��*.|"on a trip
is much in ,li-n.;it,il.
We haw them in different sizes.        :     :
The Pioneer Druggist
PHONE   :   ;   ;   82
Boarders Wanted
tice he was now allowed to examine l,^,,^,-^,r^,.-��^,^4.^J.^,.^J,-^,,-^,-, ,1
| the application win', h is of course A f,w mm &*&�� ngmt.dm* ... ..e..i��
' i public document, Inn  he did
First  Train  from Copper City Swedish   Miners  Overcome  by
Carries Big Crowd
Fumes after Shot in Tunnel
Frantic   Efforts   to    Restore
Life.    One Died.
From Hidden Creek this morn-
The tir-t train to come in
through from O pper City arrived
yesterday afternoon. It had some
eighty or ninety passengers among ing comes news of the death of
ulii tn was tin Hon. William Tt-m- a S\...lish miner whose name has
pieman, minister of mines and not >ti been ascertained. In
member of parliament fur this 'the at live operation of dcvclopinn
Th.    nexi
tram goes >mt at
one o', lock tomorrow ai d passengers who left Vancouver by
steamer on Thursday will be in
Copper ('ity tomorrow night.
II. I    McRae & Co. have the
two besl buys in Section 1. 2t
Canadian   Rand   Company's    Products,
Mining Machinery and Contractor's Supplies, Road Building and Concrete
Machinery,     Agricultural,     Farm
and   Dairy   Supplies,   Dump   Cars   and   Archdeacon     Collison    Takes
thi- mine night and day shift-
are being worked. Two Swedes
w.re on the night shift tunnelling,
and during the night they fired
;i shoi in the tunnel. They went
into the tunnel too SOOJI after the
-.hot, and were overcome by the
fumes of the'dynamite. All night
they lay unconscious, and next
moming were found and dragged
out to the air. Desperate efforts
win- made to resuscitate them.
Their comrades worked  all  day
Wagons,  Gasoline   Engines, Motor  Vehicles and Trucks
Part   in   Indian   Funeral   on  "' lr> ���"���<l restore respiration, and
OFFICE: Third sad Fallon.  E�����"8'"t
For Sale
New .'-room Eioust, stli ami McBride.
2-room Shack on MltrVt, section 2.
2 Lots in section 7, |2S0 tach,
2 Lots on Mli Ave., section ti.
Lota on Summit Ave,
Low Cash Payments
John Dybh
()ne ot' the oldesl of the Indian
Chiefs on thc Naas River died
al Mill Bay tli.- oilier day and Was
b tried with full religious ceremony
by thc members of h\> tribe on
Wednesday. Archdeacon Collison
< .mn from Kincolith to conduct
the fin i ral ceremony and all the
Indians attended attired in the
Easy Terms I funereal insignia of the tribe. The
burial touk place at Greenwood.
succeeded  in  reviving one man.
The oiiur was beyond help.   A
doctor was sent for but it took
two d.'i\s ti, bring him by row
boat up the river, The accident
happen) "I last week, and an in-
quiry was held yesterday at which
it was decided thai no one was to
l'ATTI'l.1.0 BLOCK
If yon have any property to
sell li. F. McRae .v. Co can sell
it. 2t
Advertise in
The Daily News
Just in Time!
To K'fl a good custom tailored
suit for the first of July. Go to
Rudnick and Swedcr, Helgerson
Block Basement, Sixth street.
Pantorium Pionrer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
*;*-  a��g
���OFKEtt  FOB SALE���
Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Town.ite        Maa.ett Towntite
Local Office: Aider Block Sixth Street
Interesting   Concert   Given   in
Celebration   of   Event
The congregation of the Baptist
Church last night celebrated the
opening of thtir new Kstcy orgai
willi a concert. Kev. W. II.
Mel.eod, the pastor, opening with
a brief history of the instrument,
upon  which   Mrs.  Anderson   then
played a voluntary and later gave
vocal selections. Organist J. E,
Davey also sang iis well as played.
Mr. Fletcher sand and Miss Grant
gave a recitation.
There was a good audience who
thoroughly   enjoytd   tin-   concert.
Under the pastorship of Mr. Mc-
Lcotl the Baptist Church iH doing
Read The Daily News
roomers.   Kthtr I*-**** |I,.ta>|, 2nd Airniii*.
not detCCt .HIV particular objection * Hume cwkfd meals snd nicely furni.h-d nsama
t I, *,.,        .. j    f.-r thrse person*.    Atiply Mr.. Jsm<-.. s.-. it
lo     It     ti t linically.        I lie     licence,    Bids;.. ��rd Ave., twtween -th and ��th Sts.   rsVtf
was  granted
Arthur  Smith
,.s   also   tint   fur   J.   Hnvai. Ituard by th,
J csikins a sperlalt)'.   aliss  h.  M.  Olwann. .tr.1
A.   M.   Brown'-.    Alr
week ur month.    Home
i. M
la-taeen 7lh and Slh St... tihunr 171. slStf
application was refused.   A whole- ��� ~-~-~.       +
s.de licence was granted yestcrda)   j            Real Estate ���
to  Charles   E.   Partington,  and I ^^.^^.s-^.^. ^4
tile application Ol J.  I'.  M.l. <b .|:.tl��l    Nin.tarririairsm.naantt.lt.. rent..-, fuiniah-
' in the Hulales Kmsms. Mh Ave., near Fulton.
was held over until next meeting
of the Commission which stands
adjourned until Friday, July 14th,
at three p.m.
In lin l-ak. I-,' Valley there are
two cheap fractions. Buy them
from II. I-. McRae A Co. 2t
A new siai,, fountain has been
installed at ihe I'a lace of Sweets,
Third avenue. Come and try
soon iif the good tilings il can tin.
rFor Sale
Before but-lna; your Stove or Rans*e see A. J.
tiallaml. MrBrale and Fifth Ave. Cask sums
from III. l.Vlm
Parrot.   A|.o��� C. B. Wsrk * Co.. 3rd Ave.
LEASE I oil SALE-Lssu* of Ihe (.r.mls��. on
Third Ave. now ..ccuntesl h> the Douala. Cafe.
cheap.   Ask Uncle Jerry. i .'if
All klndsuf second hand Kood. hoiujht and sold.
I M Cro.br. Third Ave., between "lh and slh
streets. 117-tf
Situations Wanted      j
i.-sal reliable woman de*lre�� tK-ftltion. Thorouah.
I, evl-i rirniwl in hotel work or would like small
rooming house work. Not afraid of work.
Alililv Box A. New. Office. Ill
skeena Land Oistrlct-liistrlat of Coast Hanse 6
lake notice thst I, I .-. May l-tn. of I'rir.cs
Itutairt. 11. C., occupation splnsur, Intend Is
spply lur p-rrnkelon ,��� punhase the follomins
laKOord landa: ^
L.ommsncii.�� at a post planted st lbs oortk    ���'������
aaal corner of Lot ITU, Hants ��, Cosst la.irict
thsnee sast t�� chslna. ineaae north 2S chain.
thsnee  aest Jl  chsiri   ihence  norta  20 chaina ! i
thsnee ��.��t lu chains, ihence south 46 chsins tu , I
point   of   commancemsr.t,   oontsJnlnt   III   aenss   ���~'-a'��.i��.����.~.-����saw��.^-��..��.4
more or tesa.
UsieU Aprlj 4, III I.        ILARA MAY UTTLE | THE British Union and National Fire Insurance
Companr ��� t/ondun.  Enalaml.   with   lamlal
Dl      \
Fire  Insurance
.Skwna Und DUtrict -DUtrict at la-iar
Takt (:..�������� thai 1, John Kolivrt 1'acvy o( rnn.-r
!tu,H-ri, It. Cj, occupitlun cuok, Intend t�� apply
fur wrmaaioii to purcnaM tin- (olio*tug duacntrml
Commvodni at a poat planted pD two niilw
���outh ani 2t two mtlaa west ol Hie (orka ol tii��
i\ i.itr and flat nvera, ttwnoa auoth ou ft.aii.-
it.tnca mt *i�� chatna, tltenca north >u chaitia,
il>��nc�� wmi so cha n*.
l>��t��rd Apr I'M, 1*11     JOHN itOHMtT I'.M KV
Tub Ma. U. Franc a S. Tri-aton. Agou
BkOtttU Lund District���Dwlrtct of Coast IUiil-m
iuku none*) uiui AluAundor Molntoid u| Van
cuuvur, i* 0-�� occupuuon rual aiu.u bniku
iniuiiUd iu apply for pormUaloa iu (lurchua tha
lulluvvliui tiuacriiHtd 1.1...1.-..
Commencing at a poat pUnlod 40 ohajnj ���������...
from tho gouinwoiit corner ol l,ol into, H.enM ���y
chaiua south, thence 40 chains went, thentw 0u
cliaitu. north, thence 4U chuiua i^.-i ;,, l(1)llll .
commencement containing .1-0 acr*u tnuru ur in-m
Datod AprU 17, tOU. ^,
Pub. May 6
Skoena Land DUtrict���Diatrict ol Canaiur
'iuko nutieo that 1, Percy Francis UodanTith
of Stowurt, u. 0*i occupation juurnulisc  (aland Uj
apply   (or  permUsion  10  purelume  tho foliowlnj
doseribed lands:
(Jomineneing at u post plumed on thu riiilii
bunk ol tbe INttiis river about seven mile* tbovfl
the forks of the Nuus river, thencu south bu ehtiai
Uiuncii west fit) chuins, ineneu norm su QbaiaiL
ihunco fust tiu chains tu point of commeaoomaat
containing '��� iu ceres inure or less.
Dated Man  85* L9U< Prank Sidney Wrishi  i��
i'ub. May 17. "
���v Skeena Land Diitrict���DUtrict uf Cosalar
Take notice that 1, Alfred Kyle of 1'ruicu iU-
pert,   11.   C,   occupatiun   eluctnciun,   Intend   ty
apply   lor  permiaalon  to  purchase  tne  tuiluwit.);
Uuscribed landa:
Coimiienuing at a post piunted abuut (8) three
n.iU-ij south of the furks of the v* bite und rim
rivers, liiouco bU chains auuiti, ihence ou BhaUu
etui, thenco 60 chaina north, thence ao ciiauu
uauid April la, L9U. ALFKLD KYTB
i'ub. May 18, FrancU S. Prvsion, Ageot
Skeotiu Lund District��� Dutrict ot Cajslor
Take notice that 1, Jumos  Miliar Juiindiun ui
-Stewurl,  li. Gij occupation storekeeper, Intead lu
apply   lor  pennisstun  to  purcnu.so  thu fulluwin^
ilivcnbed i.t.i 1.-.
Commencing at a pust piunted abuut one mil..
nurili from Hie Nuus river and abuut nine BUiH
ubuvu the lums ol tnu Naas river, liieuee norm au
BtuUne, thenee west mj chuins, ihence auuiti W
chaina, thuncu east bO cnuins to point ul eoimticncv-
meut, containing 040 acres moro or less.
Dated Murch ZA, If IL.  Frank Sidney Wiigui, Aft
i'ub. .\Ui  17.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District ol Caahisr
Take notice that 1,   Uerttu  Ldwin   n..;,;.:   ul
Sluwort,   li.  C,  occupauon  plumber,  Intend  io
apply   lor  pennUsiuu  to  purchuso  thu   :,.......
sitascnbed lunds:
Coiumeuciug at ��� post planted about one nOa
uorth ol  tne Naas river uud ubout uvea mued
atiuvu   iho  (orka  of  thu   Ntuu   Hivur  up*ireum,
iliuuce   liortli   d0   cnutiui,   thencu   eusl   be  .;.....
ilienco south bO chums, thunco west bO cliuina io
point, of commcucuineni. coniummg 04u oens
mora or less.
HI.KI IK KIH.IS t.\.'���-;...
Datod March ..J. U-U. Frank Sidney \Sngiit,Agi
Pub. May 17.
Skoena Land Dbinct���District of Coast Kan^e 6
1 .im: nouce thut 1, Ltonol lungsley of Vancou-
ver,   li.   C, occupation   iniaer,  intend   to apply
fur purratusion to purchaae tbe following Ueicriouu
Commencing at a poat planiei near the south-
....-1 curnur 01 Lol '-'.'-. Kango   ���, Coast   Utsincl
lUunco  wuat 40 cn.iu..,  tueucu south 00 ctuitis,
.r.fiu-4' east 40 chauu, ihunco iiortu e0 cnuins lo
potui ol cotnniencumuuu
i'-i.-i M.in-n Jl, l'.'li. l.lii.M-,1.  Kl.N'ioi.LV
I'ub. Aurd 0.
Skoena Land District -DUuict ol Cout Ka: .    .
lake uotice that Lldun a. Ijetuiier uf . - .. ,
.';...' occupation doctor, inlunda to apply (or
penmoaion to purctuue the lollowlng ueacribuu
Commencing at a poet planted at the *outh<
weal corner o( Lut lti.a, ihence east 30 chains
more or lues, thence south 4o chains mere or u-m,
thence weat 30 chains mora or less, thunce nurin
1.' chains more or leas to point of couiuiviicumvut
containing 140 sen* more or leas.
Datad March 31, 11*11 KLDUN S. DLTWILFU
Pub. April lo' John CatupbvJ. Agunl
-dtaana Land DUtrlct���DuUict of Coast Range6
TaJte notice thai Mro. 1     C.  Putnam  ol St
Paul,    Mmmeoia,   occupation   married   ��������:...
inland* to apply for permiMion to purchase me
following deacribed lands:
Commencing alt post plantod at thesoulhwiet
corner of Lot No. 1. .1.1 ms/kad Mrs. 1. C. PutSflB a
nonhoaat corner, ihence weat 40 chains, ibeucs
I aouib   &U chains   thence oaat  40  chains, thencv
Skeena i ... 1 DUtrict    DUtricl ��( Coast llangr 6 I mirth ��0 chains to post oX commencement, con
lake  1 .'i ce    ;hat   I,   Martha   Lwk,  of   l-rince \ tainlng 3*>0 acrea more or let
Daiad .March 20 lull.
Pub. April 16.
I..... It. Putnam    .��- ������
Pub. April li.
Skeena Land District District ot Coast llange &
lake notice that Mary Beaton OUdersieere of
\ictorla, ll. C, occupstion housekeeper, lni��-ndr
to apply (or permtasion to purchase the followtai
described lands:
Commencing et ��� ..-.i planted al tbe southwaet
cjrner of Lot IM. lunge &, Coaat District.ihence
"it cloins aoulh thence to chains east, thence 00
chslns norih, thence 40 chaina west to point of
of l2.vi".iMii     js��� u. f..r rates.
Healtv ami Innuramr (' mi<anv.
The  Mack
The PlumtHnit and Sheet Metal homines* lately
conducted lir II. Woud, aucceaaor to Metheson A
I wem 2nd Ave.ha* been When over by Smith A
urmnencement. cuntainir.g .120 scree more or leas.
MAUV^tATUN C-ILDIeKSLEtVK I Mallet.t. to_whom .11 o���,aUodinr account, are
Dsted April
Pub. May 6.
7. llfll.
payable snd who will pay all claims aeainst the
bU- nest.
BailiiTs Sale by Auction
Skeens Lend District��� District of queen Charlotte
Take notice thai Hubert O. Crew of Prince
Itupert, U. C., occupation agent, intends 10 spply
for permission to purch.*ae tbe foUowing deociibed
Commenclns; at a post planted about 6 1-2
miee west and half a mile south ol tbe mouth of
Stanley   Creek   where   it   empties    into   Naden Landlord ami Tenant Act
Harbor,  Graham Island, thence east  40 chains,      The contents of the t��  k-itu  fnn    i.ii��.
E&s .rh^^'s-To SraIS I �����*^.,;.hr'tt
snd coniainlng ISOscri
Oaled March 17, 1111.
Pub. April 7.
"Tiuii'eTit o. crew I JOHN iiimt-EY.
Numa Osmars. Afsnt   prince HuperL June loth, llll. 131-134
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
Skeens Und District���District of Coast Kanee V
Tske notice thst Jsck Uedfinl of h>i��hley,
Yorkshirs, Engtsnd, occupsllon overdooker, ln-
lan.ls lo spplv lor permiaalon lo purchius? the
lollowlnf described Isnds:
Commencins st s post plsnted st s point In tbe
.ssterly boundary of timber limit 3ai2�� and in i
the southerly limit ol lot 3989,  llange 5   Coast   ���_ .
District,  where the ssld  limit. Intersect, tbenee   '  d Av''' ""' ,<,0,,, offlc* "' niitimia|, sell only
aloni  the  soulherly  limit  ol  lot  39119  slornsld STOICFS'   IPF   PRFAM
and the projection thereol in an easterly d.-i-nion I        ���* ��� ��-'r��'S^J    1-wC  s^rACJ-aiTI
Hmf*?uLt?V!LX' sS lo, lh" "7^'!y .'"��� ", "' i Bp" ""*' '" Seallla.   Emit and Candy, whole-
affaTu.si.J'i^", 1 ���1fou,1h"l>',d're.llon I sals and Retail. book for flash .1*1. at nlaht
alung  the last mentioned  limit   11  chains more   aau rnurrsi   .,_ ..,.      ��^,
. r leas lo the northerly limit of timber limit 36776, 3AM uuw Er*' Prnprlelor
hence in a westerly direction along the last mentioned limit 80 chsins more or less to the earterly
limn ot timber limit IIIU29, thence in a northerly
direction II c.iain. more or leaa to the point ol
DalnlMsrch 8, 1911. JACK UEDEOHD
I'ub. Marsh 26,
Sksens Und Iilstrlri     tH.irirt of Coast
���T***  ""'tea thst  Hume  Bsblngton  ol   Prims,
llu,^!. H. C, oecu|,.tlon msster muiras,, |nt.r��U
T Re "c" '     ***1 ���l'1" ��� the I'enlnsul.
 ���-   S.-.J   sin  van- s-ssi-t  W|.   r.   , ,|   ru        astllriani   ���    Ihrsniasa      __  Z.L        a       . e      "   ���   K�����*  |i|HIM-ni   Hi
north  100 chains el,,,, Uf �� BmBB . C& li^ KRaRBK on  l
thence weat 60 chain* more or |re�� lo Onoae ����3* ,iLorw "*/ ��"'�� "n the eaat sMe ol
thunce 100 chain, olon, L&MI^M ILt efd [^T*?^<?" ehS�� ��'""�� **<*
chains more or Ina to poat, containing 640 acres ' an It*,* l?.C3o������ "ay, thenee nc
Skeena Und District���Diatricl of Cosat
Tsks  notice thst   William  Munford i     Prince
Rupert,   n.   C,   occupation   prospecto*    Intends
to   apply   for   permission   to   lease   the   folnwing
rlMCrihed Unds:
Comrnencins si e post planted about 100 chains
lndisn   Reserve on  the esM side of
' 1e of the peninsula
shore,  thence  weat
Kupert, ll. C, occupat on marr -d woman i.iten
to ap'dy for pen..-sBioo to purch��ue the following
���leaet. -��1 landa:
t. o.-nu.i'.iesng al a f . pUnted about thn<eand
une-hall nuka dUtant In a aouthwastvrty direction
'!-..;>. a blind aluugh from Ubser^atory Inkn abere
tbe aamo wuchee ibe lnd an lieovr^e. thence east
��0 chains, thence south o0 cha no, thei.cv aest a
chains, ihence north ao cha na to point ol com*
raoncement, conte n ng 040 acrea more or lesa.
Dated Apr I 14, ;.��tl MARTHA LEEK
run May U.
Skeena Lend District   -District of Caaslar
Take notwe that I, John I nwin ol Prince
itupert ll. C-. occupation laborer, intend to apply
fur permUaioa to purchase the following described
lomniencing at a post planted about U; two
miles south uf the forka of tha .\ t.ite and Kut
nvara, thence south eu chains, thenca east bo
chains, thence north ao chains, thenca west au
Dsted AprU 18, 1911. JUlIN LNWIN
IVb. May 13. FrancU S. Proston, Agent
Skcvna Land District    District of Caaalar
Take notice that 1, Alfred lierrymaa Williams
ol Pnnce Itutsert. II. C, occupation merchant
intend lo apply (or permission to purchase the
(ollowing deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about <-; two
miles south of lite forks of the While and FUt
nvers. thence bO chains south, thence bO chsins
weal, thence no chains north, Ihence bO chains
Dsled April IS, ivll. FrancU S. Proston, Agent
Pub. .May 13.
Skeena Land DUlrict���District of CaeaUr
Take nolle* thai I, Charles Frederick .Mutcal
of Staaart, ll. C, occupation freighter, intend lo
apply  fur  permission  lo purchase  the  following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on tho right
bank of tbe .Naas river about sia miles above the
(orka of the .Seas river, thenca south bO chains, H. C, occupation customs officer, intends to apply
thenca weM bU chains, thenca north MJ chaina, (or isermisaion lo purchase tbe (ollowing described
thence east ."O chains io point of commencement,   land'
containing blO aciva moreur leou. I     Commencing at  a post   planted  about  three-
Dated Match ...j, 1V11. CHARLES F. METCALF I <i��ertare of ��� mile north eaat from Clacier KiHIe
I'ub, May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agent        j and on tbe east bank of Stikine River and on the
. aouth eide of tbe mouth of a little creek, Ihence
m.���.    i     -    -. , - eaat  40  chains,  ihence  north  40 chains, ihence
Skeena Land DUtric   -DUtrict of Coast       WOfrt jjV chains, thence south 40 chains to point
Take  notice thai  I,   ttilliatn  John  Corley of   ���| commencement and conlaining 100 acres more
l7ince Kupert, II. C, occupation rancher, Intend | or Ipso.
to apply l.ir pi-rniission to purchase tho Mowing |ialej Feb. 10. Itfll. CHRISTIAN A. TERVO
doaciitaetl lands: , pyV Aprj| -j
Commencing at a post planted at the south west ,
corner ol U��t ."63, Range 6, Coast District, thence    ...       .      .... .J_    ,. ,��. *-l..i���,i
south SO chains. the,,ce east 40 chains, thence "gg*^D��mT'\X***9t qWfW&��.
north 20 cha..... ih.nce west 40 chains lo po.nt     ...����*��� noUc*- li*l Calherine Harrison, o  Csljtary
Alberta,   occupatiun   spinster,   Intends   to   apply,
Isaion to purchase the following described
Skeena Land DUtrict -DUtrict of Coast RthfM I
'lake not M that 1, John Ivan Peters ul Prince
Rupert, It- C., occupat on clerk, intend to apply
(or pasemUeion to purchsae tbe following described
1 ommendng al a post planted about three an
one-half miles distant n a euuib weetorly d reel ���������������
from a blind alough (rom Ubeervalory Inlet ahere
the aama touchus tbe Indian Rcaerva, thence
weat Ml chains, thenca north bU chains, ihcixv
uasl SO chains, thence south aO chains to point o
commcnciMiient, conuuning M0 acrea more or lew
Dated April 14, 11*11. JuUN 1\AN n.n ��.
Pub. May U.
Skeena Land DUtrict ���DUtrict of Coast Range I
Taka nolice thai I, Charles A. Vaughsn ol
Prince Kupert, It CL occupation merchant, intend
to apply lor permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Cotairaencing at a post planted on ihe south
bank of Exchumstks Kiver and about (our mun
Irom iu conlluence with the Skeena River, iheiici-
��0 chains east, thence ao chains north, thence >u
chains wost, thence 00 chains aouth to point Of
commencement, containing 640 acrea more or less
Dated April Jl, lull CHARLES A. VAUUHAN
Pub. April 19,
Skconi Und DUlrict���Diatrict o( Caaalar
Take nolice that I, Swan  Hallen ol Stewart,
11.   C .   occupation  carpentar,   Intend   io   apply
(or parmlsalon to purchase tbe following deacribed
Commencing at a pust planted about (6) miles
south and one,. 1) mile west o( the forks of tho V* hue
and ll..' rivers, thence bO chains south, thence M|
chains east, thence bO chains north, ihence B0
chains weal.
Dated April HI, 1911. SWAN HALLEN
I'ub. .Mav 13. FrancU S. Preston, Agent
Stikine Land DUtrict - DUtrict of Caaslar
Take notice thai Christian A. Tervo of Stikine,
of commencement, containing KO acres, more or    A,"*rta-
isj^sa, I Be jierni
Dsled April 8, Ivll.    WILLIAM JOHN CURLEV   "?&	
I'ub. April 2v.
Skaana Land District-DUlrict of Queen Cbarlotu
I stands
Take nutice that George W. Arnott of Prince
Rupert, H. C., occupation real aetata broker,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles and one-half mile weal and one mile suuth
from the mouth of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor,
Ihence wast nd chains, thenca south AO chsiru,
thence east ad ciiains. thence north do chains.
Daied Marcb 17, ivll. GEO. W. ARNOTT
I'ub. April 22. Numa Demara. Agent
Skeena Land District���DUtrict of Cassiar
Commencing at a post planted about ti !���-
mile* west and half a mile aouth from tbo mouth
of Stanley Creek, where it empties Into Naden
Harbor, Graham Island, thenca 40 chains south
thence 40 chains east, thenca 40 chains north,
thence 40 chains west to point of commencement
and containing 160 acres mora or loss-
Dated .March 17, Ivll.
Pud Apr. 7. Numa Darnera, Agent
Skren   Land District-District of Coast
Take notice that I. Mrs. John Corley of  Prince
Kupert. B.C., occupation married woman. Intend*
to apply for permission to purchase the following
.!*'��, i i1h-.I Innds:
Common.ring nt n post planted 40 chains east
arid luti chnin* south from the southwest corner of
Take notice that I, Alice M. knouse ol Prince . lot I7.,;i, Const District, Khh- .-. thence south Nt-
Rupert, H. C, occupation married woman, Intend 'chains, thence east 40 chaina. thence north t*0
to apply (or permission to purchaae the following chains, thonce west V) chains more or less to the
described lands: ; point   of  commencement,  containing  320 acres
Commencing at a post planted about two miles   '��nre ur less,
south and two miles west of the forks of White   n .   ��� MRS. JOHN (Lottie) COKLEY
and Flat rivers, thence north 1*0 chaina, thence "����� Mnr. at. |��H
east 80 chains, thence south 00 chains, Ihence ,' ���* A"r- *��� ��MI
west 80 chaif.P. _, .        ���
Dated April 20, It'll. ALICE M. KNOUSE      _. o����na Land Dlitriat- Diatrict 0r Caaslar
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Preaton. Agent    s,1"'* n��tioe th��t U Perry Queenan of Prince
Kupert,   11.  (*., occupation  prospector. Intend  to
apply   for   permission  to  purchase  the  following
Stikine Und District���Dstrict of Caaslar describe I lands:
Take notice that Sydney Hodgkinson of Tele-       Commencing at n post planted in the vicinity
graph Creek, U. C, occupation clerk, Intends to   ��J G��oee Kay, about three-eights of a mile south
apply  (or  permission   to  purchaae  the  following I "* **!' fnouth of the Uonanre Creek, and being
deacribed land: t S?.,]!15 PB*,f,fly  boundary  of  Timber  Limit  No,
Commencing at a post planted about a quarter   Bff*2 S .    ; ?5*"a l��ence south 40 chains along
mile north east from Glacier Riffle and on the east I the ewterly limit of said Timber Umlt No. 3r>28l
bank  of  Stikine   River,   Ihence   east   20  chains   !,r No������"��"** 40 clialris, thence east to the ehore of
thence  north  40  chains,  thence  weat  20 chains    ,^on*,, "*>'������ jlssttMl ol 40 chains more or leas,
thence south 40 chaina to point of commencement   thence  northerly  along  the shore of Goose  Uay
and containing 80 scree more or lesa. I 4l  chains more or less, thence westerly 40 chains
Dated Feb. If, 1911. j "J"?* "f l**��a to point nf commencement, containing
SYDNEY HODGKINSON ' !60 acrM fno"? �� fi��
Pub. April C.A. Tervo, Agent    I p0'D*AMJr?h 7* l9U- PERRY QUEENAN
Skeena Land Datrict ���DUtrlct of Quer>n Charlotte   ��� i.., ���., t .   i t^t ......     .       . �� ��.    .
RB   notice   ths.   a***���"**   "I   VriXm   ^?Z ^ li' * .f=HPttlL*2*ZgS22?
Ilu|ierl, 11. C, oeeupstlon Inucher. Intends lo spply
ths following ilescrllisil
mors or li
Dsted Msrch R, 1911.
Pub, Apr! Is.
��� |^> chalni>, th.nre mat 40 chaina mora or
HttMK  BAD1NOTON   Bllil M.'e'h ��* I���?,"*" ���m " '
Pub. April la. '
f .bore
leas lo
Tske nolle. n���t Krsnk Levlok of Woodstock,
lorpormi-alon lo purchsw the followln�� .leK-rlbi'i K MrSSaiESfTI! ''���""���aais'r, latonda to stiply
Isnds: i  or pr-rmlaslon lo purchase the following, described
Commencing   si   a   post   plsnted   sbout   seven    *1-^.����.-��-.^
mJe. weat .nd two mllea south of ihe moulh "   .JS^SSTS ."'  ���  I.'""'   Planted   about  seven
Sunley   Creek   whers   It   empties     in!
Harbor, Orshsm lslsnd, Ihence HO cha
le  in .mill  ,.i    _ii      .       a     v   ���   I"""   inanioii   aim i     seven
m,    N.���e^   ESS *",1- ffl ,w0 m��- "����� ��� *h. mouth nf
hal.is.ouh    KslS  fcl*   *hPr'   "   rmP����    ����W   Nadsn
. .�� "���, L    ,"'���'. ,,r" ",,n Ul'"'1. ii"""" 9 �����"'����� ��"""���
thence HO chsns sast to point of wmnienwnwnl        -"~ ��..   .   '""" ""''  ,h""x  H0 oh,ln* "or"''
snd contsinin, 640 acres more orle��.        "nwm<"" i thence R0 chalnr
north alone abore | th.nce  so chain,  west,  Ihence  80 ch
Dsled Msrch 17, 1911
Pub. Ai��� 11 7
-a seat to point ot commencement
0S5*P& FRIZZKLL I Dst-j M^Ll'.V",:^ """> orJ��":.	


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