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Twenty-four hours ending 5 a.m.,
Nov. 6
    war.    atlMTblMP.    BAR.        IN. RAIN
Wslstive m-rmif "^ ******
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Etlli   SOl'TIl
l#                  PrtttsSftupert...,Friday, 8 a.m.
' 1 191 i PriiSbsfiMary Tuesday, a.m.
VOL. II,  NO. 253
Prince Rupert, B.C., Monday, November 6, 1911.
Price Five Cents
American Presbyterian Church Mission Craft Reaches
Prince Rupert���Is Beautifully Built and Equipped Craft���For Service in Alaska
No   Opposition
Minister or
Was Offered lo the
Agriculture  tin*  Ro-
(in her first visit to I'rlnce Rupert, In fact on her mnltlen cruise
Into these northern waters, where
she Is to do regulur mission service,
the fin,' new mission gasoline boat
"Lois," belonging to the PrcBbyterlon
Iluiiie Mission Society of U. S. A.,
which has Its headquarters in New
York, i iiini' Into harbor over the
week-end, sailing from Seattle,
where she was built.
The "Lois" Ib one of lhe finest
1.11:11s of her class to visit Rupert.
Ilii* :i,, i'iiiniiiihitin11 Ib very well designed by her captain, who Ib Rev.
David Wagner, the missionary of the
northern district of Alaska. Seaworthiness, as well as remarkably
iiinipnet yet roomy npartmenlB, distinguish the "Lola." She Is one of
the first large gasoline boats In those
waters to have absolutely watertight
bulkheads forward und aft of the
engine room. Her power will remain
efficient even if she Ib all smashed
up ubout the bow, or amidships.
The engine Is a fuur-cyllndcr
Standard developing 3.! 11.1'., and
giving the boat a speed of over 8
knots in smooth water, nnd full seven when bucking a sea. Shu made
this coming over lhc Queen Charlutte Bound on her trip north. Her
b.'iii In northern waters extends over
III miles, the "bishopric" of her
commander, Rev. Mr. Wagner, who
,'iilmiiiislers the religious needs of
this wide district.
.lust recently at Sitka the U. S. A.
Presbyterian Home Mission Hoard
bus expended ) I no,000 on establishing a training school for the Indians amongst whom the work is
dons. The grcnl distinguishing
i baraclerlstlc of iheir method Is that
they help the Indians to help them-
selvoB. They train their own Indian
preachers, each of whom has a dis-*
Irlct lo take charge of, under Rev.
Mr. Wagner or auotlier ordained
From here, lhe "Lois" proceeds to
Ketchikan  and   thence  to   I'rlnce of
Wales  Island,  Alaska.
Native   or   Mcllakiitln   nml   Pupil   ol
Rev.    William    linn, mi    Ik    Doing
��� ..'������ii Work in Alaska.
Mr. Edward Marstlen, the mission-
;u> of the in,han race who spoke ln
the  EmpresB  Theatre  last   night,  Is
a native or Metlakatla. He was horn
there In the time of (he Rev. William
Duncan, and nt nineteen years ol
age migrated with Rev. Duncan's
colonly Into Alaska. He has a good
, ilu. .iiii.ti and speaks English fluently. Ills work now Ib amongst the
riilltigit Indians of Alaska. They
speak an entirely did. n-nt dialect
in,in ilis own, but after thirteen
years amongst them Mr. Marsden has
gained great Influence as a missionary with them, and Is making good
Rodgers,    (lie    .11.'st    liming    of   All
Aviators, ll.-a.linl Pinuitli-n.
I'asadena, Nov. 6.���Almost torn to
pieces by enthusiastic admirers,
Aviator Rodgers landed here this nf*
afternoon and completed his Allan
ti, -iii-r.iiiii. flight. Today he Is
tuning up his motor ready lo fly out
over thc Pacific Ocean.
Kumloops, Nov.* 0.���Martin liur-
roll, minister or agriculture, was returned to Parliament on Saturday lor
Yale-cariboo. No opposition was
orrcred him. Sat unlay was nomination day, so his elect Ion was made
by acclimation.
Mrs. trait (iiillge Tells ol Hie I'mifc**.
���lou Made to Hit hy ihe Accused
Pri soner.
Vancouver Nov. 0.���The preliminary hearing of lhe case nf William Snowden, chnrged with lhe murder of William Urquhart. was held
this morning, when Mrs. I.oIb Gauge
told ol the conresslon made to her
by lhe accused. The hearing was
adjourned till next week.
On Mm .iit  Charge.
Vancouver, Nov. 6.���Nicholas Hho-
dovlch wna arrested here today and
chnrged with the murder or John
Hayes, a railway construction roio-
iii.in  in Missoula, Mont.
Stole Out Minerals.
London, Nov. 6.���Thieves smashed
the window of the ('. P. lt. offices
at nirmlngham over night and stole
a quantity of gold dust anil a collection of minerals from British Columbia.
Business Section Swept hy I- lames���
lliiiiiage   Amounts   to  SH7."e,0(>0.
London*, Ont., Nov. 6.���A fire
which broke out this morning did
damage to the business section of the
city to the extent or $87!;,00(1. The
Insurance is 9886,000. All the leading  drygood  stores  were  destroyed.
(......I iti.a.is Convention.
New Westminster Nov. 6.���Tho
tirst good rondB convention ever held
In Western Canada opened here today, wiih delegates rroin Washington, Oregon and  Western Canada.
15,000,000 CONTRACT LET.
Twohy Brothers Will lluilil Line for
('. N. It. Nortii of luiinloops Along
Thompson Itiver.
Vancouver, Nov. 0.���The C. N. R.
has just let a contract to Twohy
Brothers, of Portland tor a 100-inlle
stretch or rood, starting ut n point
fifty miles nortii or Kamloops, along
the Nortii Thompson River The cost
will   be   $5,000,000.
"Col. Sam" Arrives,
Vancouver, Nov. ti.���Col. Sam
Hughes, minister ot militia, haB arrived on the Coast and today proceeded to Victoria on a tour ol Inspection.
British   Columbia   Bpuda   Lick   the
World   and   Will   Stllhvcll   Trophy
ami the si.ono Prise,
Victoria, Nov. I!.���Word has reached the ofritiais of the Agricultural
Department that the province's display ot potatoes entered at New
Vnrk in competition for the Btlllwell
Trophy and the $1,000 prize has
captured the award. Practically
every state In the I'nlon competed
for the hour.
Will Try Aeroplanes
Montreal, Nov. fi.���The Canadian
government will make nn experiment
With aeroplanes ns an aid to warfare
during the coming year.
Malta, Nov. 6.���Persistent rumors are In circulation here that the
linllans have suffered n great reverse
at Tripoli, lt Is rumored lhal the
Turks and Arabs have re-entered the
town and lhal n great slaughter followed.
London, Nov. 6. -In a lung tele
gram to a news agency here, a British iiffln-r who Is righting lur the
Turks, confirms previous stories or
Italian atrocities. He tells ot rinding the bodies of hundreds of women
and children, bound together, their
bodies torn and almost unrecognizable.
hey Will Take �� Proml.ie.il PW ���'<   *'���   *'    '*    �����   "**���   ''"   J*""���
llic  Ontario   r.lccllolls
Toronto, Nov. 6-The Ontario
sufrrngettes Intend to Hike n leading
part tn the Ontario elections. They
hnvc wrltf-m to Premier Whitney .ind
the leader or the Liberals, demanding that the enfranchisement or women be included In their platforms,
win Referee Big (.'nine.
Slanrord, Nov. 6.���T. B. I�� *><*i*
one, of Vancouver, has been tslSCted
to referee the annual Callfornla-
Stanford Universities Rugby f**
next Saturday.
A Telephone Deficit
Winnipeg, Nov. 6.    The Manitoba
government   telephone   system   this
year will bIioiv n deficit of $150,000.
I. iiiiiiuil al  lliinli   Bay.
Victoria, Nov. ��.���-The C. P. R. has
aelected Us Vancouver Island line
terminal point at Hardy Bay. The
line will be constructed north trom
Oyster llay lo thc location of lhc
new port at the northern part of the
lines   IO   Ni"    llH'ellon.
Mr E II. Tolchel will have charge
Of thS Union Bank In the new town.
Mr E. II Tatehcl lelt on Saturday
for New Hazelton to take charge ol
Hi,, branch or the buns there. He
will act  as manager of the branch.
as communication north or Kitscins
has been stoppetl for the winter, Mr.
atonal win probablf have to "mush
It" after he leaves lhc train at Van-
Oa*. 4.034 Mil., in 4.703 *&****-**(���SfSw?'"
When 4000 F... in Cloud.���*-��[*������
imperial Junction, Oal., n*".*.
Rodgers, the nvlntor. arrived here
yesterday after an exciting experience. When over 4,000 fed In UM
air, his engine broke down an,! M
had lo make a spiral lllda ���<" "<*****���
lie leaves today I" be on tho < **
by Wednesday morning. So far n*
has made the greatest night Of any
aviator In the world, OOTirlni 4,034
miles in 4,703 minutes. His a.��� tnal
time rrom Shecpshead Hay to this
place   Is  three days  six hours  and
twenty-throe mlnutee, ***** ** *<*<****
time than the fastest express train.
I. Abend or Time
p-UadSIM, Cat. NOV. ��. Aviator
Ho.lg.-rs will arrive here this afler-
noon, completing hi- M" ��������
journey across the ��� ��nllneni. HS
would have arrived ycstcr.ln*. bl**
a balky engine stalled Mine aW*t>
one miles away. Me will resume hi
flight this morning. The aviator lost
twen.y pounds In weigh. Un" SOB-
menclng his journey.
Turks are Closing in���Italian General  Charged  With Allowing Atrocities���Fears
That a Defeat Might Affect the Security of the Italian Throne
Special to The Daily News
Montreal, Nov. 6--F. G. Bergman, manager of the Chateau
Laurier at Ottawa, and chief of the G.T.P. hotel department,
left Montreal on Saturday for Prince Rupert, to look over the
site for the big hotel there, and help to supervise the plans
for the great terminal hostelry.
Mr. Bergman will arrange the details for a chain of G.T.P.
hotels from Winnipeg at different points across the continent
to the Pacific. He is considered a great expert on hotels. He
was manager for some years of the big C.P.R. hotel at Banff,
and is said to be the only man who made the big hotel pay.
He knows the hotel business from the ground up, having worked his way up from the lowest position to be manager of some
of the most famous hostelries on the continent.
Soldiers of the Imperial Army Went Over to the Rebels
With Hardly a Shot   Rumored That New Premier Has Also Joined Revolutionaries
leyan Hlaalon at lliiuknw bad a narrow escape from death by tire, which
destroyed the native portion and
fur. ed them to remain on the lawn
ull night. Thc bullets and shells
whistled through the air, but finally
tin- Inmates were rescued.
Warning to Hlaatonariea
Toronto, Nov. 6.���Cablegrams received at lhe Offices of the f'resby-
lerlun Church this morning advise
all missionaries now In Cuunda not
lo go to China nt present, us they
are not in a safe position there.
Veteran outlaw l- Run lo Faith in
ll     DOXCai*���HlS     < "..aaa|..af,ls.aa     Was
Shol and  Killed.
Shanghai, Nov. li. -Willi the exception ol Hie torelgn consulates, the
whole city last night was in the
blinds ol lhe rebels. Tlie town surrendered artcr rirlng a rew shots.
The soldiers stationed here Joined the
rebels. Everyone seems to be n sympathizer with the rebel cause.
Cut Railway Line
The Imperial troops have torn up
part or the railway, and cut off all
Communication. This is looked upon
ns a brencb of neutrality by the rebels, and may have a far-reaching
effect on the witr. The guard, however, Is only temporally, nB the bondholders, It Is slated, have a prior
Premier Joints ilu- Rebels
Pekin, Nov. r..���Yuan Sbl Kill, the
newly appointed premier, hns resigned and Is reported to have declared In rnvor or the revolutionists.
Ills Intention Ir to Induce the Imperial troops to follow the revolutionary flag.
Fighting ai Hankow
A   despatch   rrom   llanknw   states
that tierce hand-to-hand righting ts
taking place on the streets., the Imperialist! being eniln y beyond the
control or their officers, and arc nl-
tacktng everyone Ihey meet.
Will Appoint Dictator
Pekin, Nov. 6.���lt Is believed lhal
Cenernl I'hang will be mini,- military Ottawa. N'm >. Many Canadian
dictator ot China until the full Par-I government trade commissioners
iinment   is  elected   and   a   cabinet [-broad are to be replaced, eapeelally
those  who haie- been conspicuous as
Waynesboro, Ga., Nov. 6.���Old
Bill Ulnar, the notorious train robber who, wllh Tom Moore, escaped
from thc Georgia convtel camp some
weeks ago, was captured In a box-
ear at Bt, Alloa yesterday.   Moore,
who   resisted   arrest,   was   shol   and
kilted   by  lhe  sin-riff's   posse.
iiiiiie Ootnmlsaloners ut   New  Sea.
luml.   II i.l l.i ml   ami   China   An*  In
It.      I :.*|.|.aa s-.l.
chosen. Conditions today are serious owing to the complex conditions
arising from the fact thnt none of
the elements are willing to co-operate to better conditions.
MelliotllalB   In   Peril
Three hundred Inmates of lhc Wes-
SCtlva partisans. They will be re-
plated by business men. It Is reported ilia: W. A. ReddOS, of New
/.ealand; W. T. H. Preston, of Holland, nnd J. II. Jackson, or China,
are lo be relieved or their duties.
Vancouver, Nov. 6.���Conductor
Cooper, or the ii. i'. Electric Railway,
was killed, and Brakeman Men ei
seriously injured In nn alarming
railroad sccldsnt which occurred
early Ibis morning outside New
As  the  .nr   a   freight   train,   was
Property Owners Approve the Idea That the City Should Make the Necessary Alterations and Charge it to Local Improvements
entered   Inio  the calculations  of the  eitl UU .Saturday's city hall meeting)
first council when authority ror the representing property on Becond Av-
A meeting or Pccond Avenue property owners wns held at the city
hall on Saturday lor thc purpose or
representing  to  tha  public  ��g?ks
board their position In regard lo the
hange  ol grade  on   Second   Avenue
ait II nrfetis the Clapp Block, owned
by Weatenhaver Bros.
This building wns built above the
original   grade   of   Second    Avenue.
sin.f tin- alteration <>r grade, it is
below   tirade.     Apparently   II   never
alteration  or  grade   was  made,  antl
the present board or works came to
consider bow  rar the city's  liability
extendi in the matter.    To  moke
the change required In the building,
Mr. Weatenhaver says win cost |800,
The attitude of the property hold-
eis Is summed  up In  lhe  following
"That   the  properly  owners   prcs-
necessary, the Mayor remarked that
as there is another by-law just about
ready to go before the people, lhat is
the Hays Creek Trunk Sewer By-law, it
would be convenient lo put the matter
ot this by-law and the hydro-electric
scheme before the electors at the same
approaching New Weetmlnster, It
broke trom the brakes going down
hill ami ran away. In taking a curve
ai the bottom or the hut at the root
or tba gratle ll left the tracks and
toppled  owr
Cooper  was  Instantly  killed,  and
Mercer badly Injured in tho smash.
I .nml.
:iuht (.ta-a-k rialkm Pariah.
Vessels Perish In Sight or
Wealthy Vancouver Contractor
sheen!*. Himseir Demi lu Arkansas
Hotel*���Worried Over in Health.
Berlin. Vm ��.    \ great storm tins
Swept "iiar lha* North Seas One unknown steamer has foundered orr
Cuxhaven, ami ihe lifeboats have rescued the crews of seier.il other vessels.
The dykes  have  been   broken  antl
s great area of oountry is flooded,
Tlie Creek steamer  l.ordos  Byron
inn  foundered and twenty-eight of
her crew of thirty are looi
Vancouver, Nov. 8.���Wortl reached
this city lasi nighl that Martin Kelly, a  well known nml  Wealthy stone
qUBITy    proprietor    nnd    contractor,! One Solitary  Drunk.
bail   Committed   SUlcldS   in   bis   hotel        This morning lhe police sweep net
at  Little  Rock,  Ark.   by shooting In-tended over the city and the week-
blfflSOll    through    the   head       Kelly lend   brought   In   only   one    case    of
had been a resident here r..r thirty!drunk ami disorderly    Qui Carton
eiiue  approve  of  the  city's   making lyears.     Ill  health  is said  to  be  the  paid  his fine ol  rite mid  . ostt nnd
Ihe change on  the Clapp  Block,  lhc (cause.     He was aged  fifty years.       Ideparted   in   peace
COSt to  he   Included   In   the  work   ������' I
local   Improvement,   and   that   Mr.
Wcsleiihavcr Should give a bond In-
ileinnirying the city against any objection tbat may lie taken when the
court of revision conies lo deal With
the matter  flnnlly."
Mr. E. F. Seaman, Advance Agenl,
In Town Today���Reports n QOOd
Mr B. E. lOBtnsnS. SdVSnOS agent
for the Sherman-Cleveland Opera
Company, returned to I'rlnce Rupert
on the Oily of Seattle this morning.
Tha "timpany will follow later In the
week, nnd  will piny here for a rew
nighl bcrore returning stiulli. Mr,
Bosnians reports that the company
has   had   nn    excellent    reception
thfOUghOUnl their trip 111 the north.
Sergeant Phillipson Back.
Sergeant Phillipson has got back
to the City after B lengthy excursion
on Dominion government duly Into
the Bnbllie Mountain ami lltilkley
Valli'y district. The popular sergeant
Is In great form, having mushed It
Into train distance from Rupert down
rlvi'i  rrom Hazelton.
May Go Before the People Along
With Hays Creek Trunk Sewer
Asked this morning whether the
hydro-electric by-law must again go
before the people, the Mayor informed
the Daily News that so far as his information goes il need not. "But," he
added, "the newspaper telegrams seem
to give the idea thut a plebiscite must
be taken, and this may be so."
Says That No Foreigners are Safe in the Present Unrest
���Rebel Troops Seem to be Victorious All Over
Shanghai,   MOV,   6,     Reports   here
rrom   the   capital   slate   that   Pekin
throns be abolished before any
tli'inent  Is made
Admiral   Wlnslow.  commander  of
the  British riei't. has tabled  London
that    it    Is   best   to   send   troops   to
China, as the Situation Is critical now
fell Inio the hands of the rebels yesterday afternoon, but this Is not confirmed. Communication with Hankow Is still Interrupted and 11 Is Impossible tO learn the fate Of the 311(1 lot nil foreigners.
WOUnded  and  sick   who  were  In   Hie _____________
bumed Wesleyan Hospital, The new GT p  NeW9 Stand
General t.i has refused to treat for LoWriey'B  delicious  Choco-
In thc event of u plebiscite's being wl,-i Y��*-n flhl, and demands that tHo (lates, fresh from the factory,    tf **>-**********mm
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Daily Edition.
Monday, Nov. (?
The blast of the terrible onesl
What a vivid pen-picture of the awe*
some forces of nature. How long
would this tornado continue? Already it muat have strewed its path
With havoc at sea and on land. His
physical senses were elevated to the
supernatural.   He seemed to a.-tpiire
abnormal potters of sight and hear-
in*,. He could s.'.' the trees bending
before tho wrathful wind, hear the
crashing iiics and brickwork as bouses
wore demolished and people hurled to
death. But there was no ecstasy of
soul, no mental altitude, in quick reaction came the fanciful memory of
the hardy old salt who cheered his
shipmates during a terrltlc gale with
the trite remark:
"I pity the poor folk ashore on a
There are a large number of diseases nl the body that end their course in a
sort of germicidal suicide The disease germs create other germs which kill the! night like this.
first germs. That ia why certain diseases like measles rarely attack the same person I what a ourioua Jumble of emotions
twice. That is how Immunity Irom certain diseases is acquired. It is a dangerous Jostled In his brain. A step from the
and expensive method of acquiring immunity, but it seems to be one oINuture's bio- - �����*��������� ^^^^.^.''^Vlcably tote"
logic laws. | ffoven,    the   woof  and   the   warp  of
In a similar way th sodi I body seems to acquire immunity, and overoome itsI things.   He recalled the odd ei-prea-
ill-health. When a community or a government gets so rott n that it can hardly slon of an officer who had passed unhang together, a new force is bom thut fights and overcomes the old order. It ���<****<*<1 throng the Inferno of l-aplon
is a dangerous and expensive method of acquiring immunity from social ills, but . * hod M gpngp _f fcg_.. ga,d he
it seems to be one of Nature's sociologic  laws. , "but uiy teeth began to ucbi>."
In a study of the commission government of cities   the application of business     h^uj, h student, even of himself.
system to municipal corporations���-the significant truth is borne home, that InI discovered  lhat   his dominant  seiiBa-
nearly every case, these most progressive of cities are the products of a reaction Hon was one of curiosity.
against boss rule antl machine politics.   In almost every instance it has been the      "If lt hns to be." said his nervous
light of a few citizens and a newspaper on one side, against the forces ol machine  system,   "let   It  come  quickly.      Ho
rule and . subsidised pre*, on the oilier, that has Staffed th. victorious light. ! JgS.^iffftWS x'lioZlx^^
.Mayor Dan Dineen of Decatur, Illinois, in u personal letter to the Daily Setts j    8ud(|���n,Vi   ,hl,  ���,.,���,���   flanu.  of  ,h,
has outlined very succintly the reasons that made that city adopt the commission ' janlI, |a-,|M>nt*1    The use Hint was his
form of government.   Decatur it may be mentioned is a city of over .'10,000 in-' second nnttire caused him to raise the
habitants.   This is what Mayor Dineen savs about the subject: < wicks and admit more draught.   Even
First. This community as well as others, has grown tired of "machine ���**>**** his deft  lingers arranged the
....    ���_._,, ���   .-        i.   complex    burner,    his ear caught  a
politics,   and under this plan, every candidate stands on Ins own footing,   it   change    ������    ,he external  din.    The
is unlawful to contribute money for the election of any particular candidate,' ,!-,r!,-k of the wind dropped to a thun-
and the successful candidate has to file a sworn statement ot his actual expenses dcrous growl.   This was a gale, noi a
and by whom the money was contributed.   The candidate's name goes on  tempest.    Cod be praised, the c.i Is
the ballot In alphabetical order and there is nothing to show i' >��� candidate's      _ ���"*,,c ���        ...__._ ���.,_.   .,
m��� _i j , j.j *.*. i ��� ..i      ������ The hurricane had tcstril thirty-live
party affiliation and anyone can be a candidate without asking any "boss. ���,�����,,.,.    A  similar tornado sufficed
Second, The plan i'i tracts abler men to fill the offices because of the (0 wreck one-half of the City of St.
increase in salary" and the reduction in number.   It fixes individual respoii- Louis.   This one. as ho learnt after-
sibilitv, the same being direct und personal, and rentiers communication wards, swept around the south of Ire-
_______ ���l    ... T.i    ,-...    0 i, land, creatnl a tidal wave which did
betw-een ihe citizens and ihe City Hall easier. ��c8t d.nmw ���, ���,��� s,ui). ,,le, aua
Third, By means of the Initiative, Referendum and Recall, which ure|the headlands or lhc south coasl. yet
not essentials of commission form of government, but are usually attached spent Itself somowhere In the North
to the plan, the potter which h.s formerlv been usurped by thc officials has Sen. Dwellers In Inland cities were
been returned lo the people where it belongs By these means a community: S^^^^.__*_5^
muy initiate legislation or protest against legislation, and may recull unworthy l-iolenoe. A 'truth Is harder to awal-
officials. ] low than a He. all the time.
Fourth, Privileges lo public service corporations are safe-guarded in , vp clattered Enid with the steam-
that they lav over one week before passage, and then in most instances before Ing betitni ��� Constance, thc lantern-
they become effective, they must be submitted to a vote ot the people, and ***���Ao 1b^|;,J,ns1|ln|! Mowlng'torae
if vote results in a majority in favor of granting the privilege, the ordinance ||mn evor/" ,_���_ y_nia itriv|ng deaper-
becomes effective, otherwise, not. This method eliminates public service aI(,*v t��� {,,, nncoucenii-d. In reality,
corporations from getting behind certain candidates. Free transportation the angry Wind was no longer able te
to city officials is prohibited and all discrimination is absolutely forbidden.        behead the waves.   With a rising tide
v������_ ,_,i.. and  the gale assisting  there   would
lours truly, .oo,. be a sea worthy of Turner In his
DAN  DINEEN.  Mayor. ! maddest mood.
The four excellent reasons that influenced the city of Decatur might apply    "Hood gracious, dad,'    cried    Con
very well to the city of Trince Rupert.
To produce good printing you must "first catch your
good printer. . . You can't get good printing from a
poor printer, even if he work with never so good an
equipment. If he lacks the "knack," the trained
taste, the single-minded fondness for bis work which
real printers have, he will do poor printing for you.
If he has nil of these, ami in addition to them adequate modern equipment, your printing will have
distinction, salesmanship,  ths lure of type-benuly.
As this office produces good prilling Vein may infer
the presence of u good printer��� who is "calcbablc."
11     Daily News Building most: M Third Acenuc
, l��fcl*im*t*kkfc***tr*lr*>fcfcftkftk��>r P kkkkkkk*k>kkkk*��*kkk,��k��M
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
umount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares arc going
quickly and will soon be off the market     :    :
When in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at  the
Finest Cafe in B.C.      European Plan.      Kales $1.11(1 lo $2.50 per day.
Hot and Cold Wuter in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
*>*****s*r**' ^^^*^****l*>���^��**A**e*^*A*^A<VMMWMMV*WV��������'V�����*W���������<M���>el
stance, "bow pais? you arc. And your
forehead Is wet. What hare you been
Brand hastily mopped his face with
a handkerchief.
"During some of tbe heavy gusts,'
he explained, "I waa compelled tc
aland on the dimming stage. And���
the micrometer valve required adjustment."
She eyed him narrowly. The mar
gin of suspicion wss wider.
"There Is nothing els,* wrong?" she
He approached and kissed her ear.
"Since when did my little gtrl begin to doubt me?" be said quietly.
Her eyes filled. Even the hint of
a reproach from htm waa Intolerable.
Por tbe lire of ber she could no longer
control thc flood of terror which well-
ed up beyond restraint.
"Forgive me. dad," she murmured,
"but I thought, and I still think, that
we were and are In a poaitlon of thc
utmost peril. I can't help knowing
that It ts hlgh-wster about two o'clock.
11 Is now only a quarter to one. The
worst la not over. Do you think I
cannot read your dear face! Dad! It
there ts danger, don't aend us away
Tears were streaming down her
white cheeks. Enid holding the tray
tn spcw-blcss bewilderment during
this outburst Trom her proud and self-
reliant sister, set It down on the writ
li i- 'li sii nitb a crash.
i Hi dear." she walled. "I don'l want
any cocoa If we're gug gog going to be
Certainly If Stephen Brand had Imagined, two minutes earlier, tbat he
was about to laugh long and loudly.
In a genuine surrender lo an union
trotlabl" sptism ol mirth, he would
have feared lest his wits were leaving
him. Yet he laughed now until his
vision was blurred. And the wonder
lul relief of It! What a tonic, after
the ordeal he bad endured!
It chanced, Just then, that an email
cipated wave embraced lhe granite
column, hit the cornice, nm! deluge, d
Ihe lantern. Its disintegrating mass
striking the glass with force enough
to break any ordinary window. Tl I
astounded girls could not refus" Hi
evldenco of eyes and <ars. Here tins
thc frantic sea leaping to a height o!
one hundred nnd forty fiat ami more
yet their father .as treating tie In
cldent as the merriest joke or many n
No better cure for iheir hysteria
could be contrived. Brand was obviously not acting. The hearty pulsations of laughter had restored his
ruddy color. Evidently they were
alarmed  aboul nothing,
"Here, Knld, drink your parting
pup." he cried at last. "Unto no fear.
It Is only the dochan dorls before
many another feast."
Feeling somewhat ashamed of themselves, though smiling very wistfully.
Ihey obeyed him. He sipped his 0O0M
, with real nonchalance. Another wave
turned a somersault over the lantern.
I Brand's only anxiety was in blow al
the steaming liquid and cool II sufficiently.
Yet was he walchlng them and bam
Irtirlii**; out the right   SOUKS to ni  pa
| He alona understood  that, to tin*  no
Vice, the amazing ordeal from which
the lighthouse bad successfully
emerged was as naught oompared
with tho thunderous blows of the
wavea, the astounding reverberations
ur the hollow pillar, the continuous I
deluge of spray striking the lantern,
which the Infuriated sen would infliot
on them.
To urge any further effort to sleep
was folly. They must remain With
dim and be comforted.
Being reasonable girls, of Hue spirit
under conditions loss benumbing, it
ivas better that they should grasp tjM
racts accurately. They would be timid,
of course, Just as people' arc timid
during their first attempt to walk
twill rock and cataract Bl the Falls
it Niagara, but they would have oonn-
donee in their guide and endure the
tin-round tug pandemonium.
"Here'B to you, Enid.   Still wo llvo,"
he cried, and drained his cup.
"i suppup-pose bo," she stammered.
"Betler   sup  up your cocoa," said
CoiiBtnnce.   "Now I am quits with you
lor this afternoon.'
"I'll tell you what," went on Brand,
confidentially. "In that locker you
will lind a couple of stout pilot-coats.
Put them on. As 1 cannot persuade
you to leave me you must sit down,
and It ls cold in here. Moreover, for
the first time lu twenty-one years 1
will smoke on duty. I huve earned a
little i-i-la mi i ion of the law."
Out of the corner of bis eye he Baw
that t'onsinnce, if not Enid, had not
missed the subtle hint in hts words.
Uul she w as quite normal again. She
gave no sign; helped her sister Into
the heavy reefer, and made herself
comfortable lu turn.
".Neither of you wfll evor regret tonight's experience���when lt Is nicely
over," he said.   "You are like a couple
it recruits In their first battle."
"I am sure���" began Enid.
A huge  wave,   containing    several
hundred tons of water, smote tbe lighthouse, and cavorted over their heads.
The house that was founded upon a
rock fell not. but lt shook through all
its Iron-bound Hers, and   the   empty
i.ps danced on their saucers.
Not another word could Enid utter.
She was paralyzed.
"That fellow���arrived���In the nick
it time���*lo emphasize my remarks,"
-in.! Brand, lighting his pipe. "Thla
Is your baptism of lire, if 1 may strata
a metaphor. But you are far better
situated than the soldier. He gets
-, in. il out or his wits by big guns
which are comparatively harmless,
and when he has been well pounded
for an hour or so, he advances quite
blithely to meet the almost silent hall
,f dangerous bullets. So, you see, ln
tils ease, Ignorance is biiss."
��� Ai,* tte lu bliss?" demanded Constance.
"Vou have been. The lighthouse
lias outfaced a hurrlcano euch aa has
not visited England before ln my lifetime. It Is over. Thu wind has drop-
Is .1 to a No. In gale, aud we have not
lost even a bit of skin lo my know*
I. dge. Now the cannonade Is beginning. Certainly, we may have the
glass broken, by a rare accident, but
no worse late can befall us.'
A heavy thud was followed by a deluge without. They beard the water
pouring off ihe gallery.
Constance leaned forward, with
hands on knees. Her Isrge eyes looked Into his.
"This lime dad. you are not choosing your words, she said.
"I am sorry you should think thst,"
was tlie reply. "1 aelected each
phrase with singular care. Never be
mlsied by iho apparent eaae of a
speaker. Tlie best Impromptu la prepared beforehand."
"You dear old humbug," ahe cried.
Now lhe quiet deadllnesa of the
scene which followed tbe reappearance or Enid and herself from their
bed-room was manifest to ber. Enid,
loo, was looking from one to the
other in eager striving to grasp the
essentials or an episode rapidly grouping Its details Into sequence. Brand
knew that i. ho parried his daughters'
questioning they would !>���* on their
knees by his side rorthwitb. and he
wished lo avoid auy further excitement.
"Please attend, both of you," he
growled, wiih mock severity. "I am
going to loll you something that will
console you."
Ills voice was drowned by aome
nan or the Atlantic whirling over tho
"This kind of thing doee not go on
all the lime." hc continued.   "Other-
Suddenly, lt swung round nearly half
the circumference ot the dial.
"Hush!" he said. They listened Intently, but the roar of the wind and
water was too deafening. They could
hear naught else. Ho went to the
aouthwest point of tho glass dome, but
the lantern was so blurred with rivulets of water that ho could see nothing
save a tawny vastness where the light
fell on  the flying apindrirt.
To nmlie sure, he tested the aurlscope again, and with the same result,
"A visscl Is approaching from tha
southwest," he announced, gravely.
"Evidently she Is whistling for help.
I hope she will not attempt to approach too near the reef. I must havo
a look out."
He put on an oilskin coat and tied
the strings of a sou'wester firmly beneath his chin.
Tbe small door of the lantern opened towards the Bay, so he had no
difficulty In gaining the gallery. The
girls watched him forcing his way
against the wind until he was facing It
and gazing in the direction of the
Scllly Isles.
"Perhaps some poor ship Is ln danger, Connie," whispered Euld. "It
makes me feel quite selfish. Here
was I, thinking o. nothing but my own
peril, yet that little machine there was
falthrully doing Its duty."
"It was not alone ln Its self-abandonment. We shall never know, dearest, how much father suffered when
he sent us off with a Jest on his lips.
I am sure he thought the lantern
would be blown away."
"And he With it! Oh, Connie!"
"Yes. He believed, If tbat awful
thing took place whilst we were below, wo might escape. I can see lt
all now. I had the vaguest sort of suspicion, but he hoodwinked me."
"Had we known we would not have
left him," cried Enid, passionately.
"Yea, we would. Think of him,
sticking to his post. Was it for us to
Overcome by their feelings, they
stood In silence for a little while.
Through the thick glass they could
dimly distinguish Brand's figure. A
great wave assailed the lantern and
Enid screamed loudly.
���Don't, dear!" cried Constance,
shrilly. "Father would not remain
there if It were dangeroue."
Nevertheless, they both breathed
more freely when they saw him again,
an indeterminate shape against the
luminous gloom.
Conslnnce felt that she must speak.
The sound of her own voice begat confidence.
"I have never really understood dad
until tonight." she said. "What an
ennobling thing is a sense of duty. He
would have died here quite calmly,
Enid, yet he would avoid the least risk
out there. That would be endangering hla trust. Oh, I am glad we are
here. I have never lived before this
,' Enid stole a wondering glance at her
sixer. The girl seemed to bu gazing
Into depths immeasurable. Alter*
wards the words came back to her
mind: "That would be endangering
hla trust."
Brand raced lhe gale a full five minutes.   He returned hastily.
"There Is a big Bteamer heading this
way���a liner, 1 rancy," he gasiied, ball
choked with spray . "I Tear ahe Is disabled. She Is ririug rockets, and I
suppose her siren is going constantly,
though I cannot hear it."
He ran to Ihe room beneath.
Flushed with this new excitement, the
girls donned their oilskin coats and
arranged their sou'westers. When
he hurried up the stairs he was carrying four ro, kets. He noted their preparations.
"Don't come out until 1 have fired
the alarm signals," he shouted, "and
tie your dresses tightly around your
They heard the loud hissing of the
rockets, and the four reports travelled
dully from the sky Three white star
bursts and one red told the Land's
End coast-guards that a ship In need
of help was near the Oulf Bock. Probably they had already Been the vessel's
signals. In any event, they would not
miss Ihe display from the lighthouse.
Walking with difficulty, the girts
crept out on to the balcony.
Brand had already gone to thc windward side. The first rush or the gale
made them breathless, yet they persevered and  reached  him.    They  were
Skeana Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
k| .-i-u.i.,11. conversation. As soon aa
the Hil... rises sufficiently to gain an
uninterrupted run across the reef we
will have ni least two hours or com-
paiailve quiet. About four o'clock
Hut' will bv a second edition for an
hour or so. I suppose that any suggestion ol bed���"
"V>-||| be scouted." exclaimed Enid.
Rupert, 11. C, occupaUon aaddlor, intenda to
apply to tbe Chief Commiaaionor ol Lands and
Worka for a licenco to proapect for coal, oil and
fiotroleum on and under lhe following described
anda on the West Coaat ol Graham Island:
Commencing al a poat planted three miles eaat
of the nurtheaat corner of C. L. No. -MVS thence
81) cbaina aoutb, thence SO chains east, thence 8(1
chaina north, thonce 80 chains weet to point ol
Date of Location Slat July, 1811.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skoena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct of Queen Charlotto
Take notice that Austin M. Brown of Princa
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply tu
ths Chiel Commissioner ol LandB and Worka
for * licence to proapect lor coal and oil and petroleum on and under the loUowing deacribed landa
on the Weat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea cast
ol the aouthweat corner of C. L. No. 4477 thence
80 chaina eaat, thence 80 chaina north, thence 80
chaina weat, thence 80 chaina aouth to point of
Date of Location, 31st July 1911.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skrnna Land DUtrlct���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown of Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to apply to
the Chief Commiasioner of Landa and Works lor a
liconce lo prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the following doacribed landa on the Weat
Coaat ol Graham laland:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea oaat
of the aoutheaat corner o IC. L. No, 4472 thence
north 80 chaina, thence eaat 80 chaina, thence aoutb
80 chaina, thonce woat 80 chaina to point of commencement.
Located Auguat Iat, 1011.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take ni'ticii that thirty daya from date, I, C. E
Bainter of I'rinco Rupert, il. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intond to apply lo the Chiel Commiaaioner of Lanela for a liconco to prospect for
coal and petroloum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham Island deacribed aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poat planted Hve milea eaat
ot Coal Loaae No. 4467, marked C. E. 11. Coal
Leuae No. 1, N. E. corner, Ihenco woat 80 chaina,
Ihence aouth 80 chains, thence east 80 chaina,
thence north 80 chaina to placo ol commencement.
Daled Sept. 11, 1911 C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept 23.
Skcer.a Land Diatrict���Dislrict of Quoen Charlolte
Take notice that thirly duya from dato, 1, C. E
Haintor ol Prince Rupert, xi. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commiaaioner of Lanela fur a licence to proapect tor
coal and petroleum un and under 040 acroa oi
land on Graham Island described aa followa:
Commencing al a pust piunted live milua easl
ol Coal Leas.. No. 4467, marked C. E. B. N. Vi.
corner No. 2, thence aouth 80 cnuins, thence cost
80 cbaina, thence north 80 chains, thence west
80 cbains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locutur
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take noUce that thirty duys Irom date, 1, C. E.
Bainter of Prince Rupert, IS. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chiel Commiaaionor ol Luneia (or a licence lo prospect lur
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acros ul
land on Grabam laland elescribed as fellows:
Commonclng at a poat planted tivo milea east
ol Coal Leaae .No. 4476, marked C. E. ll. S. W.
corner ol Coal Leaae Nu. .1, thence cast 80 chains,
Ihence nurth 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chains,
thenco auuth 80 chains t. place of commencemenl.
Daled Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. UAINTER. Localur
Pub. Sect. 23.
Skeena Land Dlalrlct���Dlalrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya Irum dato, I, C. E.
Uainter ol Prince Rupert, II. C, by uccupatiun
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to the Chiel Commiaaioner of Landa lor a licence Ui proapect for
coal and petruleum on and under 640 acrea uf
land un Graham laland deacribed aa lullowa:
Commencing at a poat planted Uve miloa east
ol Coal Lease No. 4476, marked C. E. il. S. E
cornrr Coal Leaao No. 4, thence west 80 chains,
Ihence nortb 80 chaina, thence easl 80 cbains,
thence south 80 chaina lu place ol commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locatoi
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Land Dislrict���District ol Queen Charlott.
Take notice that thirty daya (rom date, 1, C. E.
Uainter ul I'rince Ruperl, It. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to tba Chiel Com-
miaaiuner uf Lanela lur a licence te proapect lur
coal and petroloum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham laland described aa followa:
Commencing al a poat plantod two milos nuirh
ul stake marked C. E. B. Coal Loaae No. 4, marked
N. E. corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. o, ibence
aouth 80 chaina, thenca waat 80 chaina, thence
north 60 chaina, thence oast 80 cbaina to place ol
Daled Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Localul
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Disuict ol Queen ChraJotle
Take nuUce that thirty daya Irom date, 1. C E.
Uainter ol Prince Rupert, II. C, by occupation
boukkeeper. intend lo apply to the Chiel Com-
missiuner ol Lanela (or a licence lo proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acraa ol
land on Graham laland daacribed aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poat planted two milea nortb
ol ('. E. B. Coal Leaao No. 3. marked C. E. Uainter
N. W. curner Coal Lease No. 6, Ibenco aoulh 80
chains, thence east 80 chaina, thence north 80
chaina, tbence weat 80 cbaina lo place ol cummencemenl.
Daled Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER .Localur
Pub. Sept. 13
..ki.-na Land District���Disuict ol Queen CharloUe
Taka notice thai thirty days from date, 1, C. E.
Bainter ol Prlnco Rupart, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to lho Chief Com-
mieaioner of Lands lor a lie, nee lo prospect for
coal and pelroleum on and under 640 acrea ul
land on Graham laland deacrlbod as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two miles nortb
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 3, stake S. W. corner
Coal Leaae No. 7, theoce north 80 chaina, thonce
eaat 80 chains, tbenee aouth 80 chaina, Ibence
west 80 chains to place of commencement.
Hated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sopt. 23
greeted by a climber, but their father, | sko,���, Und uuirict-Diatrici or Queen Charlotte
wllh a hand oo their shoulders, press- Take notice that thirty days Irom date, I. C. E.
ed them down, and the spray crashed; Pffi ��' l'rinw Rupert, ft. c., by pupation
m  , is.,,,   i      ... a... ,     a- ..bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to the Chief Com-
against the lautern behind them. Ha | _-_,��������� o( Und, ,0, , llnm l0 ���,���,,*�� lo,
knew they would take no harm. WheU j coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
Ihi     vessel     passed,   Iheir   boots   and , ���������"��� ���*"- --rah"��� Island doacribed aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planted two nn,��� north
of C. E. il. Coal Lease No. 4. marked S. E. curner
C. E. H Cod Leaae No. 8, Ibence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chaina, thance aoulh 80 chains,
Skoona Land Ulntrlct���Dlitrict of ti���,    as.
Take noticu ihat hlrSXl I , ml' Cf"!o����
Balntor ol Prince |iuut;, **f* *'"<>" "���', I, i . |..
bookkeeper Intend to apply to 'il�� , T','^1""
mlasioner of Lands lur . l,,���.'lT '*"*������ Co
ur a licfiiieie t��� |
Isndon'GrVhamTsninddtwni,",!''; a, f ���|i���v
Commonciiii- ai a uust nlant_i  ���'"""':
0. fc.  B.  Coul Li'iise No,   I ,',      '      :'
chains, thonco WMt 80 clmi,    ,
chuins, thonco uut so clia"'-      A    7;' "'
mencemont. ���***'   "' com*
DatedSept. 11,19H.    c. E. BAINTPn i
Pub. Sent. 23. ,*UN ���������������, Lucator
Skeenu Land District-District ol Queen Ch.,1 ,
Tuku notico thut thirty dan f,���S , . *arl' IU
Balnter of Prince Rul.cV, a ���'" '," ' '' '' ������ ���
bookkeeper, intond l��� apply XiA'i'A2 Tl'T"
miaaioner ol Lands lur i li���.���c��� ,���    .'
Commencing ut u post liliintwl one
ol C. E. U. Coal Leue Mo. JO  ' ,- , ���" fi**
Coal LeuaeNu. 16. Ihenco nurlh mi ',���>., ��� .",*'���
���"���'������Wn ihence auuth mi ,., ���.-'���*"
HSJRfi!nfl 'J,?10011 "' i*"'"��i.*m'--I'       '"
Dateel Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E   HAINTPB i
Pub. Sept. 23. "..IN ll.lt, I-ocatur
Skoena Land District-District uf Queen char]*,,,
Tako notico that thirly dim (ru���, ,|a.�� ��� j*���1
Balnter ol I'rinco Rupert, ll. t;., |��� ' *''-���.'������
bookkeeper intond lo apply i��� ih���'a,7't��
missioner of Lanels lor a licence tu pti��sriT
coal and petroleum on und uneler 6lu i����� ��
land on Graham Island described a. lullou.
Commencing at a post planted two mil,; nml.
ol C. B. B. Coal Louso No. 10, markad X i-
corner C. E. B. Cool Lease Nu. Ill, tli,.,,cc lit
80 chains, thonco weat 80 chains, Iheon ton!
80 chaina, thenco eust 80 ohaina lu nUi
Dated Sept. 11,1911.
Pub. Sept. 23.
et coai.
C. E. &AINTl;ii,Loc,i,,
wlae  we should  have five   hours of   stockings would be soaked.   Then h��
could  Insist  that   they  should go  to
At first ihey distinguished nothing
t.i i.r,- past mi chains to place of commencement.
ve a chaotic blend of white and *****, Pub.Si-p't,23
DatedSept. 11, 1911.
E. UAINTER, Locator
low foam, driving over the reef at an | Skeena Und DUtricl���District of Queen CharloUe
apparently    Incredible    Speed.      Over      Take notice thai thirty data Irom date, 1, C. E.
head, the black paii of the rtr seemed fiai_^^��^i^o__W
to    touch     the     top    of   the   lantern, | misaioner ol Unda lor a licence to proapect lor
Around. In a vast circle carved OUt Ol   coal and |H?lrola*um on and  under 640 acrea of
land on Graham Island <l> -,-rr 1.. -1 as lollowa:
,'������..   - -   ... n.i, ,,-���  .....,   ���,,,   ,,,.    .,..,   _��_���_,    ........._    _,   -. ,     Commencing al a iks.1 planted lite miles east
In lhc morning.   In* grumbled artfully.' beam of thc light fought and conquered; ,,t , ��� ,i \,...,. \��� 4/74, marked f. E, ii.-iuri.-i-
Ita unwearied foes.    Constance caught j N. E. corner Coal Leaae No. 9, thence aouth 80
the three quick flashes of the ���j-WJlSfiS *���" '" l      '"" "        "'"' "' ""
Not even Constance was proof
against this new burthen of woe. Sho
glanced around.
"Vou say lhal," she cried, "knowing
Ihat the nearest looking-glass is yards
He pointed with his pipe.
"In the second drawer of tbe desk
,   , .     ��� ' ��,  thence esast  80 chaina  lo  place ul  com-
S1..11. s   lightship away  to  the  right,' mencemem.
She    fancied    she   saw a  twinkling Dated Sept. 11, ion.   c ft hainter, Locator
ahead, bui this was the Bt. Agnes light, I|,ub ���s*"-"- ***
and neither girl could make OUt Othei | Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Sight   or   sound   until   Brand    pointed i ��� fake notice that thirty davs from dale, 1, C. E.
you will find a heliograph   It ta only a   ness
steadily towards one spot In tbe dark*
toy, but will Justify me."
They ran together, and found the
little circular mirror. Tbe next wave
passed unheeded. Bfnlllng. be went
up to the lamp. Even ret there waa
hope Ihey might go to bed when the
respite came.
An.r much talk of disordered hair
wan cheeks, rings round the eyes
clacked lips, and other outrageous defects which a pretty woman mourns
when divorced from her dressing
table. Constance called blm
"Horo Is s queer thing," she aald
"Have you beard any steamer hoot
"No," he answered. Bending between the two of Ihem he saw the
pointer of the aurlscope bore due
southwest, though the last siren of
which they had any knowledge sounded from tbe opposite direction.
He picked up a little trumpet resembling tbe horn of a motor-car.
"1 use this for teats." be explained,
lis tiny vibrator quickly brought the
neodle round towards his hand.
"It Is Improbable in the highest degree that any steamer Is nesr enough
to afreet the aurlscope," he said. "On
a night like thla they give the coast a
wide berth."
He quitted them again. The girls,
having nothing better lo do, watched
the dial to see If any change occurred.
He heard them use the small trumpet
three times.   Then Enid ssng out:
"Ob, do come. dad. It goes back to
the southwest regularly."
He Joined In Ihe watch Tho needle
waa pointing norlh In obedience to the
smiiid wavea    created    In    the    room
Before they could follow his Indication they were compelled to duck tc
avoid another wave. Then, as If It
had Just popped up out of the sea,
they divined a tiny white spark swing*
Ing slowly across a considerable area
It was by that means that Brand had
estimated tbe site and nearness of thai
steamer, and soon they glimpsed th��
red and green side-lights, though evel
niid.;��noti these were hidden by thi
torrents of water sweeping over hei
decks. Of the vessel they could te*
nothing whatever.
Steadily she rolled along her fearful
path. Having once round her, ther*
waa no difficulty In estimating ths
rapidity of her approach. Enid, whost
eyes were strong and far-sighted, fan
rted she caught a fitful vision of 1
big, black hull laboring In the yellow
Though It waa difficult to spenk. sh��
I crept close to Brand and screamed:
"Is she drifting onto the reef?"
"I fear eo," he answered.
"Then ahe will be loat!"
"Yea. Unless they tan manage tt
pass to s'uth'ard."
Luckily for poor human nature
menial stress antl aud physical offon
rarely unite forces. The mere attemp
lo resist the wind, the constant wnlch
fulnsss needed to avoid Ihe ambitloui
eiii". Hi ��� t'i tl., re. strnnge to say. ap*
peered to **��� diminishing in sire ami
volume n* lhe tide rose, served ti dull
the horror ot the threatened  tragedy.
Ilainler of Prince Rupert, ft. C, by occupation
hookkeeper, inlnd to apply to the t liu-f Commiaaioner ol Unda for a lioence to prospect lor
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acrea of
land on Graham laland described aa followa:
Commencing at a poat planted one mile north
ol C. E. il. Coal Leaae No. 9, marked N. W.
corner C. E. B. No. 10, thence eou'h 80 chaina,
thence weat 80 chaina, thence north SO chaina,
thence east 80 chains to place of commencement.
Daled Sept. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTER, Ucator
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days fronm date, 1, C. E.
Hainter ol I'rince Rupert, 11. C. occupation book,
keeper, intend to apply to the Chief CommUaioner
of Unda lor a lioence to prospect for coal and
petroleum on and under 640 acres ol land on
Graham Island described as followa:
Commencing at a poat planted two miles north
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No 8, marked N. E. corner
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 11, thonce aouth 80
chains, thencu weat 80 chaina, thence north 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chaina to plaeo of commencement.
Dateel Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sepl 23.
Skeena Und District���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya from date, 1, C. E.
Painter ot I'rince Rupert, ft, C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo the Chief Com-
iniaaioner of Und for a licence to proa|>ect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea uf
land on Graham laland deacribed as follows:
Commencing at a post plante-d two milea north
of C. E. ll Coal Leaae No. 7. marked C. E. 11.
Coal Leaae No. 12. thenee south 80 chaina, thence
east 80 chaina, tnence north 80 chains, tnence
weat 80 chains tai place ol commencement.
Hated Sept. 11, ml I. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
rub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Una! DUtrlct���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava from date, 1, C. E.
Balnter of I'rince Rupert, ft. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to the Chiel Com*
miaaioner ol Unda lor a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on ard under 010 acres ol
land on Graham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 7, marked S. W. corner
C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 13. thence north 80
chaina, thence easl 80 chaina, thence aouth 80
chaina, thence west 80 chaina to place ol commencement.
Hated Sept. II, mil. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. .Sept, 28.
Skeena Und District���DUtricl ol Queen Ihsrleilu
Take nolice that thirty davs Irum data I if
Balnter of I'rinco Rupert, il. C., liy in*c,'w,'w.
bookkeeper, intend to upply to th,- ChlsCCoo.
miaaioner of Unds lor u licence to hr-min-ci j0.
coal and petroleum on and under ijl'i ucres ol
land on Graham Island described us fullm,,:
Commencing at a post plunleel iwo mile* -ior.k
ol C. E. II. Coal Uase No. 11, markisl \* y
corner O. E. B. Coal Uase No   17, UaUM neS
80Lchaina, thonce wost 80 chains, thenco nurlh *sj
chains, thonco eaat 80 chains 10 pluce ot com.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER. I___
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Qaihoa
Tako nolice that thirty days frum data, I,, |
Balnter of I'rinco Rupert, il. C, by urci*pr,.M3
boukkeeper, intend lo apply lo the ChM Cm,
missioner of Unda lor a Licence top
coal and petroloum on and under i.tu scire al
land on Grabam Island described us toll
Commencing at a post planted two milu. niirui
ol C. E. B. Coal Uase No. 12, uiarkud N, U'.
corner C. E. B. Coal Uaae Nu. ls, UsasM * .--.
80 chaina, thence cast 80 chains, thunco nunc -1
chains, thence weat 80 chains to place ol coa,.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTBR, Iaxs'.oi
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct of Queen ( Urlu'.lt
Tako notice that thirty days alter date, i. C
Bainter of I'rince Rupert, ft. C, by occtipalioa
bookkeeper, intend to apply to Ihu C���W lem.
miwioner ol Unda lor a licence to teru,pa*ct lur
coal and petroleum 00 and under 640 scree ol
land on Graham Island described as lollows:
Commonclng at a post planus! two tr.ilea aorta
ol C. E. 11. Coal Uaso No. 13, tnsra< I .-. I
curner C. E. 11. Coal Uase No. 19, tl;.<:.,*e -mt*
80 cbaina, tbence east 80 chains, lli.-i.--v 1 |
chaina, thence weat 80 chains 10 place ol cut..
DatedSept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTEH. Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtricl ol Queen CfeufeUt
Take notice that thirty days from dati. 1.1
Balnter ol I'rinco Rupert, ft. C, b*
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief 1 ,>-;.-
mlasioner of Units lor a licenco to |ir,��*NC. lu-
coal and petroleum on and under 640 ac*,-. v!;.-1
on Graham laland doacribed aa lullowa:
Commencing at a post planted two :.
of C. E. B. Coal Uaao No. 14. maii.,-1 I   1,
cornor C. E. U. Coal Laaaa No. 20, the.e.
80 chains, ihence weat 80 chaina, ther.,-,
chaina, thenee east 80 chaina to place ol can.*
DatedSept. 11. 1911.     C. E. BAINTER. I. .mm
I'ub. Sept, 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Chsr'utis
Take noUce lhal thirty data alter *>*'��������� I.' I.
Balnter of Prince Rupert, ft. C., by eccupauoa
boukkeeper. inlend to apply lo tha Ctiitf t-tfti.
missioner ol Unda lor a licence 10 iihtipert lar
coal and petroloum on and under 640 actea at
land on Graham laland deacribed as lolluws:
Commencing ai a post planted two miles nana
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaao No. IS, rat .
corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 21. lhei.ee '.oris
80 chaina, Ihence woat 80 chaina, thence south M
cbaina, ihenca east 80 chains 10 place uf con..
Dated Sept. II. 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Lex-alt*
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotu
Take nolice lhat Ihirty days from dale. 1 1 . i..
Bainter of Prince Rupert, fi. C, by occupatioa
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief t m
missioner ol Unda lor a liconce to pruip-t-rt for
coel and peUoleum on and under 640 acres ol
oland on Graham laland deKribed as fuil.r.f
Commencing at a poat planled two mir* r.orlh
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 16, marked N. I..
comer C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 22, tlience south
80 chaina, ihence wast 80 chains, lhance north w
chaina, thence eaat 80 chains to place ol eon-
mencement. __
DatedSept. 12.1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Locatoi
Skeena Und DUtrict���Dislrict ot Quavn CMMM
Take nolice that thirty data from dan*, i. '
Uainlir ol I'rince Rupert, II. C, by    occupatioa
bookkeeper, intend 10 apply to the Che I I
miaaioner ol Unda lor a licence lo pn>-.
eoal and petroleum on and under iiiu carss ,.f
land on Graham Island descrilied as folio*. >.
Commencing at s poat planted two miles r.er*. >
of C. E. B. Coal Uaae No 17, marked N >.
corner C. E. B. Coal Uaae No. 2.1 thence wuth
80 chains, Ihence wuat 60 chains, their*
80 chaina, Ihenee eaat 80 chaina lo place ul cur*.*
Dated Sept. 12. 1911.     C. E. BAINTEH. U-M'"'
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und Dislrict���DUtrlct ot Quee 1,1 1 ar, U
Take nolice thai thirty da;. trom date. I. I    '
Hainter ol I'rince Rupert, ll. C, by oceui it
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Ci 1. f '
missiuner ot Unds fur a licence lu pi -;���
coal and petruleum on and under 640 acre. < I
land on Graham Isalnd deaciihe.1 as feill.i-.
Commencing at a poat planted leu nu,- *
of C. E. 11. Coal Leaae No. 18, marked b
curner ('. E. B. Coal Uaae Nn. 21, ihenc *
80  chaina, thence eut  80 chains,  thenc   I
tXl chaina, thence weat 80 chains lu place ol   -
Dated Sept. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, l*��*  '
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und Dutrict���DUlrict of Queen Chatflntt<-
Take nolice that ihirty days from -Is*:.*. I. *   ���
Broderick ol Prince Rupert. B. C, by occupa*.  -
bank manager, intend to apply to il,e ( hief x ,
missioner ol UnaU for a licence lo prospect ,' J
coal  and  petroleum on and under 610 acres ,-t
land on Graham laland described as lolleiua:
Commendng at a post planteel two miles in ���
ol C. E. II. Coal Uaae No. 17, marked S. ��
corner A. T. ft Coal Lease No. IS, thene
80 ehal n, thence eaat 60 chains, thenc.* IBttl" "
chaina, Ihence weat 80 chains to place uf *
mencement. .   _   ,
Daled Sept. 12, 1911. C. E. Balnter, Aa-i,
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict of Queen Char * Ha
Take notico that thirty days from date. f. .N I
Broderick ol I'rince llupert. B. C, by occup
bank manager, inlend to apply to the I hiel I 'ii;
missioner of Unda lor a licence to prenpec* n
coal and pelroleum on and under BlO care- .,
land on Graham laland described as lollow a:
Commencing at a post plnaled Iwo miles r
Of C. E. B. r.sal Usee No. 20, marked ���   ���
corner A. T. II. Coal Uaae No. 26, thenc r   t
80 chaina, there* weat 80 chains, Ihence si.uin
80 chaina, thence eaat 80 chains lo place uf .   11
mencement. ___   ,
A. T. BRODERICK. Locator
Dated Sept. 12, ISU. C. ft Balnter. At***
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUlrict���District ot Queen Char:. US
Tak* notico tbat thirty days from date, 1, A.I
llroderick ol I'rlnce Rupert, 11. C, by ****f**>��*
bank manager, Intend to apply to lhe Chielt ���m*
missioner of Unda lor a licence lo prmiief '���'
coal and petruleum on and under 610 acre- el
land on Graham laland deacribed a. follows:
Commencing at s pot planted two mllea r.'rji
ol C. E. II. (oal Uaaw No. 21, marked I    I
corner ol A. T.  B.  Coal  Uaa* No. Sa, II' ic
wuat 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, ll    -
eaat 80 chains, thence south 80 chains mi   '
ol commeneeenent. __, .__   .      . .
Daled Sept. 12,1911. C. E. Balnier, *****
Pub. Sept. 23.
ikeena Und District-District ot Queen Chst "
Take notice Ihs' thirty days Irom dale. I, ( I
Balntor ol I'rlnce Rupert, ft 1 -. by n��*''l'
bookkeeper, Intend to apply to Ihe Chlet ( ti**
mlasioner ol Landa for a licence in pr,*-|.ee ;
eoal and pelroleum on and under 610 acre" 01
land on Graham Island described as billows:
Commencing ut a poet planteel at the soul "' *
oorner ol Coal Uaae No. 4468 marked C . 1. I
Coal Uaae No. 28, Ihence north 80 chains, Ihenc
weat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thenc,
east 80 chains to point of commencemenl covering
all fon-ehore Tlahn Point. m.***mr*m
Dated Sept. 12, 1911, ft B.  BAINTEH
Pub. Oct 7.
'.*:wa,'iiie'l'#<^ THE DAILY NEWS
!  ]     General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
(NOTARY li'lll.li')
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
Kor Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M.
Kor Masset and Naden  Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc.,   every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
Commencing November 2nd.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M.. returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas visit East travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
(rom Chicago. The finest and best
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Lota 23 and 24, Block 23, Section 1,
graded, ready for building $30,000.
Lot in Section 1, 84 feet frontnge, with
new house,  $3200.    $1000 cash, 6,
12 and 18 months.
Two lots on Fifth Avenue, Section 6,
$2100 the pair.
LoU IS and 16, Block 4, Section 5,
$1260 each.   Good terms.
Lot 8, Block 9, Section 6, $1160.
Double   corner   on   Seventh   Avenue,
Section 6, $1800.
Two fine harbor view lots on Borden
Street for $3150 the pair.  Good terms.
Corner Lot on Eighth Avenue, Section
6, $976.
Lota 16 and 16, Block 12, Section 6,
$4000 thc pair.
Lot 7, Block 20, Section 6, $1900, one-
half cash.
Two lots on Seventh Avenue, 60 feet
from McBride Street.   $1400 each.
Lou 14 and IS, Block 12, Section 7.
$1200 thc pair.
Lou 3 and 4, Block 22, Section 7. $550
each, easy terms.
LoU 40 and 41, Block 6, Section 7.
$1100 the pair.
Several cheap lots on easy payment** in
Section 8.
Four room house with excellent harbor
view, large lot, $1750.    $750 cash,
balance $50 per month.
We have selected lands in KiUumkalum,
Lakelse and Bulkley Valleys. We
have a special offering in choice lands
at $7.00 per acre, title guaranteed,
one-fourth cash. We can sell this
in blocks of from 120 to 2000 acres.
Information furnished to prospective
McCaffery & Gibbons
J. G. McNab
General Aganl
Savoy Hotel
Fuc Lift, Arcidcat sad Liability Issuance
C.r. Eraser and &lh.        ***** Wine" anel Clear
Box 767
Prince Rupert Lodge, IMF.
NO. 63
MeeU in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in thc city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J  P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
All Cash
14, 16, 10
33 and 34
14, 15, 10,
17 and 18
40 and 41
$625 ea.
$800 pr.
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Skaena Und lllslriet-District ol Coast Range 6
n,���.," ei01',.0 lh" Ult��-*- *"* G"-**-* ��l **���*<��**
llupert, 11, t, occupation civil enulneoi, intuneis
dcKriVwl I   |_.rmia"'on t0 Purchase tho lollowing
Commracitij at a (ioat planted about 3 1-2 miles
in a northerly j inclion Irom tho northoaat corner
L , Si*__ \**> ,"**"���"' ������ Coa'* District, thonco
oast JO chair.*, thonce north till chains, thonco
wost  to  bank  ol  rlvor,  thenco south   (ollonliig
r���Ti��� ir,'.""'' t0 *������������������' 0| eoramencomonti containing lftU acres, muro OT leas.
p ���ww"!; '��� ''Jl1' LKROY F.  GRANT
rub. Oct. 10, Gordon C. Emmorson, Agoat
SkSfT U��,d UlfWit���Diatrict ol Coaat Range 6
nl ei! *n,\a* th.*1 ,'.' Cwirtoi'lMr Jamea Uraham
ol Prince Hup rt, 11. c, occupation locomotive
aaiimaicer, intond to upply lor permiasion to purchase
the lollowlng doacribed landa*.
Commonclng at a post planted at tho southwest corner ol Lot Ro. was vicinity ol Uko
Lakelse and markod Chriatopher J. Graham
JJ. L. tornor. thenco west 40 ehalna, thenco south
80 chains, thence eust ,(| chaina, tbence north 80
chains to post ol commoncement; contsining
.1110 aciee, moto nr loas.
��� ..fflt&tVW. 4M  GRAHAM,  LoCltor
Dtted Sapt 22. 1311. 11.65 A.M.���WitnoaaedT. D
Pub. Sept. 30.
Skoena Und DUtrict��� DUtrict of Caular
Take notice that ft, H. Stewart of Vancouver,
B.   C, occupation  truckman,   intond*  to  apply
lor pt'rmiwion to purchaae thu fullowlng deecribed
Commencing at a poet planted 40 chain* eouth
of Pre-emption No. _!*7 and 62 chains east from
the Nau Hlver (S. W. C), thence 40 chains eut,
thenco 40 chaini north, thenco 40 chaina weat,
thonco 40 chaina aouth to tbe point of commencement to contain 1-0 acroa moru or loaa,
Dated Aug. 1911. jamea T. Fullerton, Agent
Pub. Sept, 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Cout Range 5
Take notico that Harold E. Smith of Morely,
Aiu., occupation atation agent, intenda to apply
(or permUalon to purchme the following deacrlbod
Commencing at a poit plantod at the aouthweat cornor 100 chains eut and 20 chaini north
from N. E. vomer of Lot 1116, Harvey'i Survey
Cout DUtrict Range 6, thonce 40 chain eut,
thence 80 chaini north, thence 40 chaini weit,
thence 80 chaina aouth to poat of eommencoment
containing 320 acrea, more or leaa.
DatedSept. 18,1911. HARULD E. SMITH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Uohler, Agen
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Cout Range 6
Take notice that I, Gordon C. Emmeraon of
Prince Rupert, H. C, occupation real estate
broker, Inlend to apply for permiaalon to pur
cbaau the following doacribod landa:
Commencing at a post plantod about 2 3-4
mllee In a northerly direction from the northeut
corner post of Lot 1389, Range S, Cout Diatrict,
thence north 40 chalm, thenco weat to river
bank, tbence aouth following river bank to point
ol commencvinci.t; containing 160 acres, moro or
Dated Sei.t. 9, 1911.  GORDON C. EMMERSON
Pub. Oct. 10.
Skeena Land DUlrict-DUtrict of Cout Ranga V
Take notioe tbat 1, Benjamin A. Fiah of Towner,
N.   D..  occupation   merchant,   Intend   to  apply
for pormiaaion lo purchaae tho following described
Commendnf at a poit planted on the eut
boundary and about five chalu from the aouth*
eaat corner of Lot 4484, thenoe north 60 chains,
thenoa east 30 chaina, thenoa aoutb 60 chaini,
thence wmt 30 ehains lo point ot commencement.
Datad June 24, 1911. BENJAMIN A. FISH
I'ul.. July _:.. Frod E. Cowell, Agont
M-.--.-na Und DUlrict-Dlftricl of Cout Range 6
Take notice that Hiriam Roy MeTavUh of
Winnipeg, .Man., occupaUon barrister, intends
to apply fur permiaaion to purchaao lho following
���loaenbed landa:
Commencing at a post planted at lho aouthweat
corner 40 chaina nut and 40 chaina north from
N. E. corner of Lot 1116, Harvey'i Survey Cout
DUlrict Range 6, thence 60 chaini out, thence
60 chaina north, thenoe 60 chaina west, thence 60
chains aouth to poat of coinmencemont containing
3(>u acroa more or lose.
DatedSept. 18,1911 HIRIAM ROY McTAVlSH
I'ul*. Sept. 23. Fred W. Uoh'.ur, Agent
Skeena Und DUUict���DUlrict of Cout IUnge V
Taka not in- tbat Jeaaa M. Tal I man of Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, occupation lawyer, intendi to
apply for permlsaion to purchaie tbe following
(Jtwcribod lands:
Commencing at a pearl planted on tbe aoutherly
ahore of Kutiymatoen Inlet on the right bank
of a small stream Mowing into uld Inlet juat eut
ol Crow Lake. Thance aouth 20 chains, thence
woat 20 ehains more or leaa to the ahore line of
Crow l.��kr, thance northerly and euteriy following the ahore Itnea ol Crow Uko, tbe Inlet
lo Crow Ulta and Kut*ey mat-win Inlet to the
place of commencement, containing forty acrea
more or leea. Locatod August 7, 1VI1.
Dsted Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Skeena Uml DUtrlel���DUtrict of Coaat Range 6
Take noUce tbat E. II. G. Millar of Falmouth
Eng., occupation aurveyor. Intends to apply fo
permiaalon to purchase the following aeecribod
Commendng at a poet planted at the N. W. Corner of Lot 4406, thonce woat 80 chiana, thenee aouth
20 ehalna, thence aaat 80 chaina, tbence north 20
chaina to the point of commencement containing
160 acrea more or leaa.
Dated August 16, 1911. E. II. G. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller. Agent
Skeena Und DUtriet���DUUict of Coaat Range 6
Taka noUes that K. F. MUler of Tipton. England, occupaUon farmer, ntenda to apply for
permUalon to purchau the following doacribed
Commendng al a poat plantod about 60 cbains
weet from the N. W. Corner of Ut 4406, thonce
north 40 chains, thenoa west 20 chains, thsnee
aouth 40 ehalna, thenco aaat 20 ehalna to the
point of commencement conUining eighty acres
moro or leu. _.   ���___,__-,
Dated August 19  1911. R. F.  MILLER
I'ub. Aug. 86. P- M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrlct���District of Cout Range ft
Take noUce lhat Frank S. MUler of Undon,
Eng., occupaUon dvil engineer, InUnds to apply
for permiaelon to purcbaae the following described
Commendnf at a poet planted at the N. E.
Corner of Ut 28, thenee north 20 chains, thance
wnst 20 chains, thenoe aouth 20 cbaiu, thsnee
sast 20 chalu to point nf commenoement, containing 40 acres more or less. 	
Deled Auguat 16, 1911.        FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Millar, Agent
Skeena Und DUtriet���Dl��trlct of Cout Range 6
Take notice that Uttie McTavUh of Vancouver,
occupation married woman, Inunda to apply
for permUalon to purrhau tne following deeeril *'
Commendng at a poet planted at lhe north-
meat corner 100 chains eut and 20 chaina north
from N. E. corner o' Ut 1116, Harvey'a Survey
Coast DUtrict Range 6, thence 20 chaina aouth,
thence 80 ehalna east, thence 80 ehaina north,
thence 40 chains west, thence 60 chains south,
thence 40 ehains west to post of commencement
dontalning 400 acres more or lees. 	
Dated Sept. 18. 1911. LOTTIE MeTAVISH
Pub. Sept. 23 Fred W. Bohler, Agent
BeUa Coola Und DUtriet���Diatrict of Coast Range
Take notice lhat II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intenda to apply
lar permUsion to leaae the following deecribed
lands: .
Com mend tig at a post planled on the shore
of NecleeUconnsy River about 10 chalu weet
of Indian Reaerve Line .thetice weet 60 chains
following the chsnnel of Necl-Ktaeonnay River,
thence south 80 ehalna more or less to channel
ol Hella Coola River, thence following channel
of Bella Coola River easterly 60 chaina, north
80 ehaina more or tree to point ol commencement;
Thia is a little section oi the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects ol special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope ia expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Unique Wedding Ceremony Performed Without Sound of Human
The adage that "Love will find a
way" was worked out to the satisfaction
of at least two young people when
Henry Plapinger and Miss Annie Bernhardt, both deaf mutes, were married
by the Rev. Dr. Burnett A. Elizas at
Tempel Emanuel in Fifth avenue, New
Both had attended the Institute
for Improved Instruction for Deaf
Mutes, working out their dinks side by
side. The romance continued after
they left the institute. Plapinger went
into the cloak business in Brooklyn
and frequently visited Miss Bernhardt
at the home of her parents, No. 136
Floyd street, Brooklyn.
For the first time in the history of
the Temple Emanuel the entire Jewish
marriage ceremony was performed in
the sign language. The rabbi stood
with the young couple under the silken
canopy held by four of the bridegroom's
friends, and spelled off on his hands
the words which made them man and
wife. As he used the sign language
to the bride and bridegroom, Dr. Elzai
repeated the words slowly that the young
couple might follow thc motions of his
lips as well as his hands and that their
friends in the audience might also comprehend all (hat was being said and done
When the time came for thc responses
from the bride and bridegroom they
replied in the sign language.
Those present in the temple, nearly
half of whom were deaf mutes, showed
intense interest in the ceremony. When
they began to gather in the temple
greetings flew thick and fast from their
trained fingers. As the bridegroom,
accompanied by his father and the
father of the bride, walked down the
aisle the comments by signs were many,
und the sign conversation was quickened
when the bride, a slender girlish figure,
leaning on the arm of her mother and
the mother of her future husband,
marched to he plnce beneath the canopy.
The ceremony was made even more
solemn as the congregation beheld
the intensity with which the young
couple, standing face to face before thc
rabbi, watched breathlessly the slightest
movements ot his hands.
When Dr. Elzas began thc words of
the ritual, spelling them out with his
fingers as he spoke them, a deep hush
fell ove the assembly. From the
intense faces to the spectators they
Beemed to be striving to assist the young
couple in understanding what was being
said to them and in making their answers.
The faces of the bride and bridegroom, however, were radiantly happy
from thc moment they took their places
before the rabbi until, at the end of the
ceremony, they drank from thc bridal
When the benediction had been
pronounced, orally, and in the sign
anguage, the bride, for the first time
since entering the temple, raised her
veil, revealing her face to her husband.
back with the orange stick every day
This skin, when torn, forms the so-
called hangnails, by which infection
easily enters the system; it may give
rise to felons or even to general blood-
Useful   Manicuring   Notes   for
Season of Softest Hands
containing tm .crm, more or lr
Haled August 28, 1911.
'ub. Sept. 80.
WUliam McNair, Agent
Second Ave-
Prince Rupert, B.C.
The James
Nlcel. furnished rnnm.. ..,700
Baas4t*1*        "������ �����*- ****** *
uuai.irr main
Ce-r.Si-d A��.
and nth SI
fiend table I*"""1
ralcn* l"~
."���keena Und lllslriet���District ol Coaat Ranee 6
Take notice that Herbert .'. Mackle ol /em-
broke Oal., occupation lumberman, Intenda to
apply tor permlasion to purebaaa the loll iwlni
described landa: ���    . .       ,.    , ,, .    ���
Commencini al a post planted on lha lelt beak
ol Ihe Zymoiinlu or Zlm-a-aol-iU River, ataoutb-
m���i eorner ol Ixit 1700, thenco northerly, lollowlnf
th. -satetly boundary ol Ut 1700, 90 chaina
more or leaa, to tha northweat corner ol aald IA*
1706 thenca weaterly and aoutherly, louowlaf
Ihe letl bank ol aald river, 80 chains more or laaa to
point el commencement containing ISO aeraa
more or leaa.
PSCmMS. rredarlek 8. ClemeoH. Afeai
Skeena Land Dislrict-District of Caaasar
Take notice lhat 1. Thomas Carter, of Prince
I-,,,, r i    no-uiinllnii carpenter,  Intend  U> appl/
ErS&sMMM Bwfi5 tho followini deacrlb-
"'ai'^LnnHeiar at a post plnnted about ono mile
JiThTiim the ***���*,$, ���( Valla creek and about
IS feel mrkfrom the beach, Ihenee SO cha ns
north Ihence 40 chain, west, thence HO ehalna
sou h thenre easl 40 chains to point of oommence-
U-conummir BO -^^-JSS. AB CAHTKR.
Dated Jul' ***> >*���"��� <***"���" W" A,i;,���,C���lb0,1,,���
I'ub. Au��. 6th. W*'
The physiological function of the
nails is to protect the tips of the fingers
against pressure and to give them a
firm support; this increases the delicacy
of the tactile sensations.
The nails should be slightly curbed
irom side to side, of a light rose color
and smooth surface. The lunula should
be visible at the root of the nail. Brit-
tleness of the nails is a defect which
causes them to tear esaily; it is generally due to the condition of thc general
There is a natural tendency for the
dirt to accumulate on the under surface of the nail, between it and the
finger. This is not only unsightly, but
it is often the cause of actual danger,
ai this forms a lodgment lor the germs
of disease. Not only is it necessary
for Boctors and nurses to give the most
scrupulous attention to the care of the
nails, but we should insist, upon domestics and housewives giving tho greatest
attention to their nails.
The hands should always be washed
immediately before going to the table,
and cleaning the nails is always a
finishing touch in washing the hands.
For the purpose of cleaning the nails
an orange stick or nail-file should be
used, and never the point of scissors
or the blade of a kni.e, for either of
these causes a roughening of the under
surface of thc nails, whereby tho lodgment of dirt becomes only the more
securely fixed. After the use of the
nail-file, the nail-brush should bo used,
followed again by the use of thc fllo or
stick. If there ia a tendency to a roughening of thc skin under thc nail, it can be
obvlntcd by the use of cold cream at
night. Just before retiring, the fingers
should be dipped into cold cream, and
let lhe tips take up junl as much as they
will retain, and after this dipped into
talcum powder.
The small rim of epidermis which laps
over the' nail should be gently shoved
For the Elbows
Bathe the elbows in warm soapy
water until the skin is softened. Rinse
and dry and then apply cold cream,
rubbing it into the Bkin thoroughly.
Holding thc elbowB in olive oil will also
have a softening effect upon the skin.
Good Tip
For cleaning nnd polishing ironB,
saturate a cloth with water, wring
partially dry, rubbing soap thoroughly
on it. Place on several thicknesses of
paper. Rub iron over it several times,
pressing hard, to remove starch and
roughness. The result is surprising, as
it makes thc surfuce of iron perfectly
clean and smooth.
Skeona Und District-District ol liuimn Charlott
Taku notico Unit Aumin M. Urown ol I'rlnce
Rupert, aaddler, iiiteiiieis tu apply tu tlio Chiuf
Commission.'!- nl Landi ami Works lur a liconcu
to prostioct for cuul, uil and ptitroluiiin un and
under tho followim* tltracriliml lands un tliu Wuat
Coast ut tiruliuin Lluu-1:
l iniiiirr rn-iir,: ut u pust 'limited tiir.o milus aut
ol tlio nortlioust corner ul C. 1.. No. 4408 Ihenca
aouth B0 chains, tliuncu ho chuina wust, thunco SO
cliaina north, tWncu till chains oust to puint oi
-.-,,Illlll,'lll-r-'irr M
Ucatud August 1st, 11111.
I'ub. Auif. IU.
Skwina Land Districl-Distticl ol gueen Charlutu
Tuku noticu ihut Austin M. Itruwn uf 1'rincu i
Ruport, occuputiun surlill.-r. intends tu upply tea
tbe Chiot , rri.,,iiis-,uiiii>r ut Utuls and Wurks fur I
a licence lu pmMet lur cual, uil and putruleum an
and under lhe lulluwini d.ecrlliu.1 lands un llu-
Wott Cuast at tiruliielii i.laiid:
i iriiini, ,1,-n i: ut u pust pluiituel throe milea east
ol tho northaiuat curneir ol C. L. No. 41.- Ihenco ,
80 chains Must, thence su chains nurlh, UMBOS SU
chains oast, tliuncu su chains suuth lo puint ut
Lociitial Annual 1st, 1U1I.
I'ub. Aas. m.
Skaena Und Dialrict-Dlstrlcl ul gueen Charlotte
Take nulicu that Austin Iff, Hruwn ut I'rinco
Rupert, uccupatiun aaddler, inlenda lo aiiply to
tin- Chief Cotnniisaluner uf Unils and Wurks for a
licenco lo prospect lor coal, oll and petruleum on '
and under the follownig dusenbod Ianda on tha
Hi si t 'trust ol Graham Island:
Commencini at a post planted three milea oaat
gl tho aoutheaat curnor ol C. I.. No. 4470 thence i
north B0 chains, thence e*iut  SO chaina,  Ihence
aouth 80 chaina, thunco west SU chaina to poinl uf
Ucaled August 1st, lull.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Secontl avetuc anil Third Btreet
Over Wsstenhavar Bros,' Office.
Stork HuililiiiKi Second Avenue.
LnwHutler Building       Phone No. 2Kb
I'rince Ruuert P.O. Box 351
of Itnnsli Columbia
and M.,1.11. i r Hiti-a.
0. V. 1IKNNKTT, H.A.
uf 11 C. Unlario. Sua-
kut.-hewan uaiei Al*
Is-itn liars.
Uflico- 1 -, l, rr..-. block, enrne-r Thlnl avenuo and
Slxth atreel. l'nnce Riinert. 8
wm. s. hall, l. d. s.,
U. D. S.
Starch Hint
Some housekeepers keep a white
paraffin candle handy on washday, and
when mnking boiled starch shave a little
of the paraffin into the hot sti.rch or
dip the end in the boiling liquid and
twist it about a few times, so a little
will melt off. This gives the ironed
clothes a pretty gloss that is not otherwise obtained.
For WashDay
Cut up one bar of any soap in thin
slices and add four quarts of boiling
water. Boil until the soap is melted,
then pour into a bowl or tin. Whe cool
it will form a stiff jelly, which readily
dissolved when used. You will find it
invaluable for washing flannels, silver
and china. The best results are obtained
when the soap jelly is dissolved in tepid
Laundry Hint
Before laundering undergarments run
with ribbon, catch one end of the ribbon
to a piece of narrow tape, then pull out
the ribbon und let the tape remain
through the beading until after the garment is washed and ironed. The ribbon
is then caught to the tape nnd pulled
through the beading, keeping smooth and
Bt might.
Leaky Boiler
It is annoying to find the boiler
leaking after thc washing is begun. If
the leak is not large it may be stopped by
dropping into the boiler a handful of
cornmenl. The suction of the water
oozing through the hole draws the meal
to that place, thc meal swells and is
drawn into the leakage and stops it so
that the work may go on.
Beat to a cream two tablespoonfuls of
butter and two of sugar, add two well
beaten eggs, one cupfui of milk, one
scant quart of flour, two teaspoonfuls
of baking powder and a pinch of salt;
beat batter with egg whisk, und pour
into hot, well greased muffin pans. Bake
in quick oven.
German Apple Cake
One pint (lour, one-half leiuipoonful
baking powder, one-half teaspoonful sail,
mixed and sifted; rub in two tablespoonfuls of butter, ndd one beaten efg,
inti milk to make thick batter. Sprci.d
one inch deep in greased shallow tin.
Have ready several pared, cored, and
quartered SpplSS. Press points into
dough, sprinkle thickly with sugar
mixed with little cinnamon. Bake in
hot oven.
Crown and Bridge Weirk a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gas and
local anaslhetics nilinliiister.sl fur the painless ex*
tractliiniift.ai.th. Consultation free. Officee:
ilelk'ors'iti lllerek. I'rinco Runert. li-12
Bella Coola Und District-District ol Coaat IUnge
Take notico that 11. Iff. Cliff ot Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Inlenda tu apply lur
permissiun lo luasu thu lollowing described landa:
Commencing at a poat planUsl al the shore
near the N. E cornur ol Ut No 3, thunce north
40 chaina, thunco wust 80 chaina more or leaa to
boundary of cannery loaae, thenoa following
the aaid east boundary aoulh 40 chaina mora or
loaa to ahore line, thunco (ollowing aald enure
line eaaterly 80 chaina mure or loaa to point ot
riiiiiiiii-iic.iiiiiit,    containing  120 actea,  more or
Alex.M.M��iism II,* .      W.r:.Willi.ui|a.ii,*.,i..|..u
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 885
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. 0. BOX 'ax
runt, or wu. roxoN, i -.-. A.*.*.*., ion., ino
Daled Auguat 31, 1011.
Pub. Sept. 30.
William McNair. Agunt
Fire. Life and Accident Insurances
Bella Coola Land District-District of Coast IUnge j ��l�� *rtl Avenue
Phone Sill and Green 213
Take notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ira-
land, oecupatiun gentleman, intends to apply
lor permission to loaae thu lollowing deecribed
Commencing at a poat planted at the N. E
corner ol Ut 33. thence north 20 ehains, Ihence
weat 40 chaina, ihence aouth 2X1 chaina more or
leaa to ahore line, Ibence lollowlng the ahore line
aaat 40 ehaiaa more or leas lo |iolnl ol commence*
ment; containing 80 carve, more or leaa.
Daled August 31, IBM. II.  M. CUFF
Pub. SepL 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und District���District ol Coast lUng
Take nolice that II. M. Cllll ol Dundalk, Ireland, ocempation gentleman, intends to apply
(or permlsaion to lease the (oDowing deecribed
Commonclng at a post planted al the N. W.
corner ol Ut No. 4, thence north 40 chains, tlience
eaat 40 chains, thunce aouth 40 ehalna more or
laaa to ahore line, theoce following ahora Hoe
westerly 40 chains more or laaa to point ol eommencement; containing 80 acres, mora or leaa
Daled August 28, 1011. II.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sepu SO. William McNair, Agunt
Repairinir a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Sts
English and American Billiards
1 Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Bella Coola Und District -Dlslriet ot Coast lUnga
Take nntlcu that II. M. Cliff ��t Dundalk. Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intunds to apply
lor permiasion to lease lho lulluwing duacriued
Commencing at a poat planted al the N. \V
corner ot l/rt 2&2. Ihence aoulh 4U chains mon
or loaa to northern boundary ol loaae Nei. I applm.!
lor ny II. M. Cliff, thencu following said boundary
eaat 20 chains, Ihenca north 40 chains, tl-.-n -.
wesl 20 chaina lo poinl ol commencement; containing 80 acrua. mora or loaa.
Dated August 28, ISII. 11.   M.  il.lll
Pub. Sept. SO. William McNair, Aganl
Arthur C. Little to Build Four at the
New Town of Littleton
Four Bpacious new stores are planned
by Mr. W. L. Barker, archuilecl for Mr.
Arthur Little of the Centre street news
stand who is having them built, shor ly
at Littleton, the promising new business
centre up river. The stores will be
fine substantial premiBes in keeping with
the progress anticipated for the up river
towns in the spring, and will be occupied
as soon as complete.
Bella Coola Und District-DUlrict ol Coaal IUnge
Take notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk. Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, intends to apply
fur permiaaion lo leaae lha following described
Commencing al a poal pUnted at Ihe S. E
corner ol Ul 261, thence aoulh 40 chains mora
or lne to northern boundary* of Leaao No. 1
applied for by II. M. Cliff, tbenee eaat 20 chains
along aaid boundary, thence nortii 40 cbains,
Ihence weat 20 chains to poinl ol commencement;
containing Ml acres, mere or leas.
Daled August 28, lull II.   M.  CUFF
Pub. SepL 30. William McNair. Agent
II w. j. McCutcheon
,  Carries complete slock of Drugs.   Sp.vial
attention paid to ailing pi-a-scripltuna.
Theatre Block Paom No. n Second Are.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Frans Wilcsek. Parle and Berlin.
Skeena Und lllslriet    Dislrict ol Caaalar
Taka   notioe   that   Charles   WUliam   Ham   ol
Vancouver,  It. ('.. occupation Iha-eeclor, intenels
lo apply lur permlasion to purchsae the following
described landa:
Commencing at a poet planteel al the con*
fiuence ol lilackwata<r river with tho Naaa river
aboul two mdiw south from Ihe -nit, Domlniun
Telegraph cabin. I'oat markrsl ('. Vi. II. ��. Vi.
Cornvr, (hence 80 chaina north, ihence 80 chaina
east, thence SU cliaina soulh, thence ao ehalna
woat lo point ol commencement, containing S40
acre's im r,  ur loss.
' II VU1.1      WILLIAM   HAM
Dated Septomlier 23, I'M 1
lul. Nov. i.
Skeena Und Dislrict    DUtrlct ol t'_
Take notice* that Tlu.mas Arthur Whlu ol Van*
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
-_=_=_-.  EBY   it*  Co.-���
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
hll-l  Ml. II I   M . |'    (*.
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Vrin***-  Ituiwri !.r|irt\ Ni. ,114. Ami  of
__   Kn.-rUr.il, amis UM ATM  ��n.| t*iir.l   I i��� in.  in
eouvrr,  II.  C, orni|iaiinn can^ntw.  intwult lo   ^rh "��'"���'���' "��� thr .Sum <���( Kmrlaml  Hall, fil 2ml
apply  for  ps-rniiaalon  m purchaao thu (ullowtitg i      * *l H '' m*
Dominion Fish Market
Dealers In Fresh Fish,
Oysters snd Osme In
season. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter snd
Eggs     ....
P.O. BOX Hall
Plumbing, Heating, BUtmflttlngind
Sheet Metal Work
Omce: Snl Ave. Workahop:
Phono 174 2nd Avo. bet. 7th and Hth Sta.
ilnwrilMiJ  Imiln
CfiiniiiiTx-intc at a pint p1anl**d at thc confluent** nt lllackwairr m.T with Nui n-.ir. aliout
IWO n.ili* --.nt h ol il.i Math I 'iin.iM'ii. 'I* Li*f_|.|i
ral-in. I'oal marked T. A W. S. K. (ornrr, thrnf-s.
M0 chaina north, ttimer HO chaina weal, thence M)
ehalna aouth, tfiencv ttU chaina eaat to point of
commencement, containing G4U aem. more or leaa.
Dated S<'|-t IM, l:*ii.
ful.  Nov. I.
Skeena Land Dlalrlet-Dlitrict of ('aaaiar
Take  notice  that  Angua Jatnra   McKenxle nf
Vancouver, 11. ('., occupation hookkeeper, lntednn��
to apply for pcrmlaMon to purchaM the folluwlnit
doaeril*ed landa:
Commencing at a poat ptanted at the confluence ut lllackwiu>r river with Naaa river, ahnut
two milea aouth from the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'oat marked A. J. M. N. VV. Corner,
thence ISO chaina aouth, thenee Mi chaina ttm
thenre 80 chaina north, thenoe HO chaina weat
to puir t of commencement, containing m*> acrea <
more or loaa.
ANUI'S /Aim McKLNZIK      ,
Dated .Sept. 23, 1011.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skwna I>and Diatrict ---Dislrict of Cue-War
Take notica that  Herbert   Mcl-ennan of Vancouver. II. (,'., occupation re��l MUta agent, In'endi
lo apply for permlmjun to purchaae  the following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat pUnted at thr confluence of lllackwater river with (he '- .. river
aliout two milea aouth of the eixt h Dnminion
Telegraph cabin. I'oat marked H. M. N. K.
Corner, thence HO chaina aouth, Ihenre -������ chaina
waat, thenee ftO chaina north, thenee HO ehalna
eaat to point of commencement, containing 040
acrea more nr leea.
DatH Sept. 23, Dill        HI.Kill,Ifl  Mcf.KN'NAN
Pub. Nov. S.
Skeena I.-ml Dlalrlct -Diatrict nf Coaat Itange r<
Take notice that I, Thomas McClymont of
I'rlnce Hupert, ll. < , occupation mal relate
broker, Intend to apply for nermiaaion to purchaae
the following deacrilied landa:
Commencing at a paot planted at the H. W.
corner of pre-empt Inn record 412, thenco aril W)
chaina, thenee aoulh H chaina, thence weal HO
chaina to ahore of lake, ihence (ollowing ahore
of lake In a northerly direction to point of commencement; containing 320 acrea, more or loaa.
Dated Sept. 5, 1911. THOMAS Met LYMONT
Pub. Sapt. 0. I.i�� i.e.i Cola. Agent
r. V. CI.AKK. he*,
P O. Ibn -I., prince llupert
KltNl.aHT A. WOODS. Pn��,dmt. H.ix 23
TMchtr of pfinob Violin nml
Voice Culture.
2nil AVO,
Hel\u*en7lh& Hth Sts,
Prince Hupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmar
THIRD   avi nui:      PHONE   3S��.
funeral   Directors
.Ird Ave. ncarr.th St. |-h���ne No. HU
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngmsn's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
Phoni 17K 1st Aviv untl 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS. Provflolee
Klerena Ijinil IHsttlrt District nf Toast IUn��n T,
Take* naillca, Ihst 11,-njamln Knsss-I Here ol
I'rinen llniiert, 11. <���., occupation waller, Intenels
lo apt.ly tor jinrmiissinn tn purchas., tin* lollnwlntt
riescrilie-el lanela:
Comnie-ncinK al a post planle.1 (ir, chaina aoulh
Imm   the  southeast   ceirniT  ot   Uil   lltlliu.     Post
tnerke-il II. it. H S. K. Corner,  thi'iic 711 chaina
west,  Ihence S8  chains north, thence 70 chain.
east, Ihence r,5 chains south to point  ot   com-
i mencement, containing 4Ma acre. MM ear less.
Daleal iici���l,��r ill, 1911.
I Pub. Nov, I.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines || l'erioilicalu
.... ITEMS OF. . . .
It is not ull beer nnd skittles being u
professional footballer in Britain. Receiving $20 ii week for a hour ami I
hall's play, keeping oneself tit by daily
attendance at ths ground from ten
till four, or taking long, invigoruting
walks into the country, with evenings
spent at u theatre or music hall at
someone else's expense, and visiting
many strange towns without paying a
penny for fare or refreshment en route,
is only one side ot the picture.
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
The other side is the wuy the professional footballer is fettered. He hus
to be 11 very i-Iever individual indeed if i
he can observe ull the extruordinury
laws to which he is sunject. Look at I
j the tines which cnn be imposed upon
I him with impunity Suppose a plsywl
Wo have just arranged with one!im-urs  ">e wrati, of a muuuger by turn-|
of  our clients  to   place  forty-two
ing up late.   If that officio! so desires,
lots on the market under exceptional n,_ cm !m'fe " **���" ��' *�� sh'""-*?'
advantages to the purchasers. The wheNM m *_oase *���"*%m* W��rk*
lots are some of the best in Sections ! mim *���_"���**������ ��� *aO* offense the
7 and S.    The prices are us ,ow "mount-a-ould probably be threepence.
Phone 150
���mm** ****** I **m-******-���m+mlVt
$1.25 #
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors  and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wuit.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S. - Houses and Rentals.
as any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly���that any*
one can buy. Along with thi:
exceptinnal offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or you,
can surrender it for a cash con- j
Slderatlon. The chances are good��� I
one in forty-two. Come in andl
Even if he objects, the lenther-chuser
I has no legal redress. The rules of the
t: football world decree that he shull not
; bring an action. One lootbuller once
j sued a London club for detaining u
: medal. Not only did the court hold thut
it hud not jurisdiction, us the matter
! was one for settlement by the football
thi- Prince Hti|u*ti Presbyterians
linn i.ri'iui) ills Countrymen on
ciiiisi (feed Missionary Works.
On  the  platform  nt   the  Bmpress
Theatre during last night's Presbyterian Church service by the Hev.
*f. \V. Kerr, were present Messrs.
Wagner and Miirstlen, missionaries
ou Iheir way to the coast of South-
For Rent
Nice Furnished Rooma, Mrs. QlWBWOOd, Alder
lilock: Third Ave. 178-tC
For ll.-iit ��� Furnished rooms, lint nnd cold water
with bath. Diuby Rooms, tith Ave. and Fulton
Street. if
Fur Rent-Sons of England Hall. Bl Snd'Ave., for
Ilancea. Fraternal Societies, Serials, etc. Apply
Frank A F.llia. Box 869 or phone fit lsti-tf
association, but it mulcted the plaintiff [eastern Aluskn, where fur many
in a couple of guineas costs Should
B footballer receive very drastic punishment for any offence, und the fact be
reported In the newspapers, he mny not
bring nn action for libel. Why? Simply
because ihe body which  controls him
says so.
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C. Coal.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awuits those who buy stock now (first
issue ut extremely low tigures).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, Ltd., at our office���dollar shares,
15. each, 5c. cush.
H.  P.   McRAE & CO.
Phone 205 Second Avenue   n8
Here at last Our delayed shipment
of corsets. Latest models, many styles,
nil sizes.���Wallace's.
Handful of Diamonds   Found in an
Australian   Volcano
Until quite recently our leather-
chaser could not demand a bonus of
more tltun ten pounds, even if he were
sold to another club for u hundred
times thut amount. For trutisgressing
this law one pluyer was 8us|iciided lor
life, and it was only after a long spell,
during which time thousands of people
signed a petition asking for the removal
ol the suspension lhat he v.._ reinstuted.
When there is uu international match,
the "pro," cun be packed off to any
part of the British Isles to play. The
club to which he belongs muy want his
services very liudly on thut particular
day: it matters not. Unless he con
furnish a valid excuse tor not playing
in an international -few, it is true,
would want to escape such an honor���
he may be dealt with for "misconduct,"
and severely punished. And if his club
supports his action, the club encounters
the stormclouds too.
New York, Nov. 4.���Australian diamonds are the lutest novelty in the
Maiden Lane jewelry district. They
ore declared by experts to be of fine
quality. Hundred! of these diamonds
were obtained in the space of u few
hours in an extensive volcano in the
northern part of New South Wsles,
and were extracted from the loam by the
primitive method of hnnd-sifting the
sands In a tub of water. About twenty
specimens were sent here for private
We, the undersigned, state that any
slanderous statements made by us as
to the character of Mrs. Eric Rosung
ure absolutely without foundation, und
were mude in the heat of a quarrel
between ourselves, and we believe Mrs.
Rosang to be a respectable moral
Dated at Prince Rupert, this 1st day
of November, 1911.
(Sperm1 lo the Dni'y News)
Digby Island. 1 p.m. -A scandalous
suite of affairs has just been Hashed
from Queen Charlotte City. The shocking discovery has just been made by
the locul hum-boat Mrs. Grundy, that
the Princess Mary and the Prince John,
the young and attractive representatives
of rival Royal houses extremely well
known throughout the world, were there
together holding a most outrageous
flirtation at noon. At the time of sending
the Hash the Prince and Princess were
going on in scundulous manner mak*ng
goo-goo eyes at each other to the demoralisation of every self-respecting gasoline
launch in the harbor.
Sloan Suit Club - Winner. Saturday
Club l.'t-E. Shaughnessy.
" 14���E. T. Mader.
" 15-Wm. N. Reilly.
" 16--W. L. Swan.
" 17-W. G. King.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
Sensational Exposure of the
years they have been laboring
amongst  the  Indians.
Mr. Mnrsden himself an educated
Indian of one of the Const tribes,
gavi> it short nddress nt the close of
Rev. F. W. Kerr's sermon on "The
Sower." The nailve missionary
dwelt with fervor on tbe power of
the gospel to raise lhe Indians, his
countrymen, from tiu-ir wretched
auditions, nnd went on to express
nn flu,|i.ii. in appeal lo the white
men to send them more missionary
workers nnd lo extend the field of
the work to places were no Christian services were ever held. PI SS,
which nre situated between P: .:iee
Itupert and Vancouver, and which
are passed regularly by the big passenger steamers whose lists are
thronged with the names of Christian and church-attending Cnnadlan
men nnd women still unaware of the
full needs of the Coast district for
missionary enterprise.
"On behalf of my countrymen."
said the missionary, "I appeal for
them to yon, who aro developing this
land so wonderfully. Open the doors
of your schools, and of your
churches, to us. Do not let us Bland
without the circle of your community.. Let us share In the work
of development, share the employment of your industries, and the advantages of your Christian civilization."
Rev. F. W. Kerr complimented Mr.
Marsden on his appeal by saying that
he only wished the members of the
churches hack east could hear and
see the wonderful results of the
Christian Influence and education of
wore displayed by this native Indian
missionary, and used so eloquently
on behalf of his fellow countrymen,
Here at last Our delayed shipment
of corsets. Latest models, many styles,
all sizes.���Wallace's.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Offers wilt be received by the underelsned up to
nnnnnf Friday, loth day of November, lull, for
Ihe purehaae uf the Kaohanse Grill aa a roles
ceenrern. An Inventory of assets will be furnished on application.
Suwart A Mobley.
2SH.2M I'. R. Hardware A Supply Co.
OUK Companies nre noted for prompt and juat
settlement!. We write every known claaa of
Inaurance. The Mack Realty and Inaurance Co.
! Wanted |
��� *-~*'1'^����*,%'*'l-^H**-^SI-W����*^<.-�� -g******** ***mm**-mtm**\
Wanted-Good general aervant. Beat wage* to
capable peraon.   Mra. C. V. Bennet.     250-256
Wanted a bricklayer.
Plant, Seal Cove.
Wantcd-General aervant itrij other maid kept.
Applv Mra. L. W. Patmore. 251-tf
Wanted. ��� Dreaamaktnr. cleaning and preaa-
inar, repairing for men and women Mra Charlri
Percher. 820 Third Ave.   Phone 2W Red.     tf
LIVE AGENTS to aell atock in Company Incorporating for Patent Brick which will revolutionise modern building coaatruction. Approved
and highly recommended by leading architects
and builders In Vancouver. Will realize big
dividends. Liberal commission. Only responsible parties need apply. Smith & Rogers. Sit
Pender St. West, Vancouver. B.C. 2t
Apply at  Cold  Storage
I       Loat and Found       ,
^i-^ii^n^H saoaaai *********** t**w**mM ***** t**********^
FOUND-2 Small Keya.   Inquire at News Office.
Loat���Between theatre and Eraser Street small
gold watch with lung chain and monogram "A.
U.K. Liberal reward on returning to Miaa A.
Koehring. Phone 39 Black. 251-*65
Real Estate
Will buy lots <n Prince Rupert at bargain prices
for cash.   Apply P.O.  Box 860 stating location.
price, etc.
Commencing Monday, November 6th. train No.
.'**��� from Prince Rupert Mondays, and No. 67 frum
Vanaredol Tueedaya
See regular advertisement fur schedule.
248-263 Agent G.T.P. Ry.
Notice to Orangemen
All Orangemen are invited to attend a meeting
In the Sons of England Hall, Second Avenue, on
Friday evening. Nov. 3rd, at 8 p.m.
Business-To take ateps to organise a lodge.
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   Pn<meat4   Chandlery
G. T. P. Transfer Agent.
Orders promptly lill-l.   Price, reaaonable.
ill KICK   II. II. Rochester. Centra UL    Phone OK
-Canaral Hardware
Builders'  Hardware
Valves ���_ Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Granitewsre       Tinware
in motion pictures
With illustrated L-ecture by Mr. Jack Martin.
Positively nothing objectionable.   Special invitation extended to the ladies and all others interested
in social reform
Popular Price   -   25c
Statistics tellof the awful ravages
of colds in the Fall St-asou.
Trifling at the outset, serious in a
few days, fatal iu thc end.
Carelessness in dealing with
colds is a criminal dallying with
death. Fight the cold at its
inception and it is vanquished.
Tar is a great healing agent, oue
of the oldest, surest, safest known.
Cod Liver Oil has world wide use
for all weakening and wanting
Mathieu's Syrup of Tar and
Cod Liver Oil is the most ocientific
combination of these two remedies
and is the greatest cold preventing
and cold curing remedy ever
known. Its benefits are instantaneous, its results arc marvellous.
Large bottle costs only 35 cents.
Sold everywhere.
\fii- n hrfldarlie antl fever ar. pre.rni wllh i
., cold  lake  Mallaleit*. Nervine I'owdcr. to
reduce lhe fever aad allay  the pain.   Ilolh
I-" pri- itirrira ������< .<>l<l by QftltfS everywhere.
), L Malhiru Co., Props. Sherbrooke, XJxie. (AJ
Distributors for Western Canada
Foley Bros., Larsen _ Cgmpany, Inc.,
Winnipeg       Vancouver      Saskatoon
*���*-* ��� ���-
One lot, Block 5, Section 1, Beach
Place. Price $2100, $1000 cash
balance 6-12 months.
One lot, Block 17, Section 1,
First Avenue. Price $2500,
$1000 cash, balance 6, 12, and
18 months.
Two lots, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one-
fourth cash, balance G-12-18
One lot, Block 20, Section 5, fine
view with two fronts, Sixth
������\veiiue and Seventh Avenue.
Price $1365, $800 cash, balance
One lot, Block 9, Section 5, Sixth
Avenue. Price $1525, $765 cash,
balance 6-12-18 months.
One lot, Block 6, Section 5, Fifth
Avenue. Price $1500, $300 cash,
balance 3-6-12 months.
Two lots, Block 22, Section 7,
Sixth Avenue, Price $600, one-
half cash, balance $25 per month.
One lot, Block 15, Section 7, two
fronts, Sixth Avenue and Hays
Cove, with house 32 x 20.
Price $2625.
One half of lot 13, Block 40,
Section 7, fronting Ninth Avenue. Price $400, $200 cash,
balance $25 per month.
Lots 19-20, Biock 4, Section 8,
corner Ninth Avenue. Price
$800, one-fourth cash, balance
6-12-18 month.
Lois 9-10, Block 16, Section 8,
Tenth Avenue. Price $250 each,
one-third cash, balance 3-6
Regular $2.00 Values for     -
Better qualities at $2 up to $16 for fineeiderdovv,,
We are headquarters for furniture. carpets and.
'    Linoleums, Kitchen Utensils.  Stoves,  Bedding-,  Ostermoor Matrasses, Blankets
Cutlery,  Chinaware,    Glassware,   Mirrors and   ,M
Plate, Lamps, Baskets, etc. :        ; .
See us for everything for housekeeping |
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62     1
************* I *********#*$|
75 x 100 feet on Third Avenue,
Level.   Good lease.
Stores on Second Avenue.
$10  down   and   $10   per   month
buys a lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
We carry everything In the feed line, atno garden teed, at the lowest market pricea, at Collart'n
olg Ft ed Store. Market Place
Prompt Delivery
Phones U or 301
phons 301 r.o. BOX Ml
Han-rage, Storage and Forwarding At-e'iila
Rig. or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Pulton
Phone 3111
Coal Wanted
Tender, will be received by the undersigned un
to 6 p.m. Nov. ��, for the .upply and delivery in
the bunker, at the Klectrir Light plant. of*_-*,
long tuns first class ateam lump coal.
" City Clerk.
ft E'31\
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co., |
Second Avenue Prince Rupert    V.)
Ladies' Skirts
Just arrived.
Big assortment of fabrics in all lists
Woollen Shawls for children, Sweater Coats in a great variety of colon
for men and women, Boy's Sweaters and Jersics at prices to please you
UNDERWEAR   for Men, Women and Children in a great vari.iy
���Vour kind ia here
COMFORTERS    These cool  nights will remind you  that JfOB
need an extra comforter���We have  the goudi
this store has earned  the reputation of "Tlio
House of Good Values."   We invite you to call
and will treat you right.   No fancy prices.
825 Third Avenue        'THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Phone 243 Blidi
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
Advertise in
The Daily News
Oo away with this,     i'atromze n white
laundry.    White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Auction   Sal*
NOTICE U hereby given that Jamea Hagiertv,
haa retaken poateMion nf Lot Seventeen (17),
lilock Twanty-four (24), faction Ona (1), Townftite
nf I'M um Knp. rt, nn-Ur ami by virtue of powara
rontalnp-l In laaaa from Mm to Jamaa Donahua,
Arthur Murray and John Armntronc.
Mid -nml*- HflKu-rn will -aril by public auction
lha mtitrilnff* prc-t n*i by the I_aaaoea upon the
mid prenilnea. Raid mkI-< to be held at Princa Rupert,
It. I'., on the first day erf Novambrr, A. 1)., Mil.
at threo o'clock In the afternoon upon tha aforeeald
Per Cent, to
Build This
Per Cent, to
Build This
Let us loan you the money to buy or build a house or payoff a mortgage.
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C.
���l'-tr"i umm


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