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The Daily News Jul 8, 1911

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Twenty-four hourB ending 5   a. m.,
!?..u. M1N   TKHir. SAB,        IN. BAIN
The Daily New
Sister Vessel from the Same Line   as   the  Ill-fated
Spokane is Wrecked at Point Arguello���Twenty
Passengers are Reported Missing
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Surf. California, July 7.���Dis-
ftstrous  loss of life has attended
the- wreck of  the  steamer Santa
Rnsi of the Pacific Coast Company's  Beet  which   went  ashore
in Point  Arguello near here late
,isi night.    The vessel  had  two
lumlrcd passengers on board anel
real excitement followed the strik-
ngof the vessel owing to the high
and   heavy   surf   that   was
Tiie passengers were all placed
i boats and taken ashore. Scv-
mI boat loads landed safely, but
hen the lift-boat containing the
stance nf the crew was being
i.ilnl -lit- capsized.    The second
dicer, and five seamen were drawn-
May be More Lost
A  lull  call   of   the   passengers
flows ili.it  several���variously reined as between tin- three and
tventy   arc missing.   It is hoped
ku these are a  boat   crew  that
ii.iv In- picked up by some vessel,
in lining io the heavy surf, it is
rid lest it might have shared
*t fate of the lifeboat.
Tin- steamer Santa Rosa, is
ncol the same fleet aa the Spokane
Ihiih was wrecked last week at
lAinniir Narrows, British Col-
|tiilii.i, with slight loss of life.
iverriiiint  Agent   J.  H.  Mc-
llullin returned this morning by
s *-   Prince George.    He was
xompanicd   by   the   Provincial
apcrintcndenl of Public Works.
b Griffiths who will pay a visit
inspection to the Government
Hans Ritcher, the Flying Dutch
man, Collided with the Grand
Stand at Toronto Island Last
New and Formidable Indoor
Team Forming. The "Quill-
drivers " Will go to It.
Owing to the enthusiasm excited amongst all the red-blooded
young men in town by the intense
rivalry between the existing indoor
baseball teams in the city, snd
the steps now taken for the formation of an Indoor baseball league,
some of the business office men in
town have got together to form a
baseball team which will knock
s|Hits off anything that has ever
happened yet in this line in Prince
Already the Ixiys have chosen
for their learn the forcible and
effective title of "The Qulil Drivers." All the arrangements for
the organization are nut quite
complete yet, and ihe promoters
of the team would lx* glad to see
,'s big an attendance of the young
office men in the city as possible
al a meeting in the city hall on
Tuesday night. The Mayor will
preside and the object of lhe
meeting is the formation of one,
iwo, or more live indoor liaseball
learns to help along the league,
ar.d lead up to the establishment
of an ..indoor baseball league as
soon as possible.
Ladies' Special
We have a High Tan Mountain
Bout, just the thing for up river.���
Scot i, Ennui & Co.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, July 8.���Aviator Hans
Richier, known as the Flying
Dutchman, was severely injured
last night while attempting a
flight at Toronto Island. Richter
had only risen a few feet when
his machine dashed into the grand
stand and was completely demolished against the steel and
concrete structure.
Richter's two legs were broken,
and he received painful internal
injuries. He is not expected to
Northwestern League
Seattle 0, Portland -I.
Tacoma 8, Vancouver 6.
Spokane 5, Victoria 1.
Pacific Coast League
Portland 1, Sacramento 0.
Vernon 2, 'Frisco 1.
Los Angeles 4, Oakland 3.
National League
St. Louis 5, Philadelphia 4.
Boston 5, Cincinnati 4.
New York 5, Chicago 0.
Brooklyn 7, Pittsburg (i.
American League
Boston C, St. Louis 1.
Philadelphia 7, Cleveland 1.
Chicago 5, New York 3.
Detroit G, Washington II.
Carried Off Three out of Four
Races���Victoria   Won   One
Portland, July 8.���The lion's
share of the honors on the first
day of the North Pacific Association of Amateur Oarsmen was
carried off by the Portland crews.
The same men carried off three of
the four events on the card, the
Victoria crew carrying off
remaining one.
At the Fountain
Ice Cream Cones 5c, Ice Cream
Sodas 10c, Sundaes 15c and 20c,
Ice Cream 25c pint, 50c quart.���
C. H. Orme, Pioneer Druggist,
Phone 82.
Grand Trunk Pacific Awards Contract to Messrs. Foley,  Welch
and Stewart to Tunnel the Mountain for 1500 Feet Where
the Snowslides Occurred Last Year---To Start Work
at Once and Guarantee Absolute Safety for Line
Vancouver's Pardonable Pride in Offering Prince Rupert Assistance in Selecting an Ambulance-
Provincial Government Grant $379.80
deatcd Crescents Last Night
at Indoor Baseball Crowd of
Fans in the Bleachers.
Mil    SCHtc:
k"'-'l Mine Ribbons 44.
1 ;i -cents 2:i.
With good grace the Crescents
r baseball experts went down
it-fore  the  Royal   Blue
team   last   nght.    The
���'I -'"ic is given above.
|n Almost Record Time the Two  Crews Covered  the
Course for the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Henley-on-Thames. July 8.���Before a crowd that lined the course
and cheered the crews from end
to end of the race, the Ottawa
erew went down to defeat today
in the race for the Grand Challenge Cup. But the race was a
great contest, being a neck and
neck effort all the way. It was
Won by less than a boat's length
by Magdalen College, in within
four seconds of the record for the
Won Last Year
The Magdalen eight carrieel off
the Cup last year, and had an
especially strong crew this year.
Both crews had defeated strong
rivals in the four preliminary
heats, and great interest was felt
at the meeting in the final. For
most of the course the issue was
in doubt and great excitement
arose as the crews struggled without avail to pull away from each
other. By a magnificent spurt
near the end the Magdalen cicw
established   thler  victory.    The
time for the race 7 minutes 2
sccords, is within four seconds
of the recorel for the course.
To prevent once and for all the
difficulties caused last winter by
the snow slide at Mile 44 it has
lieen decided to drive a tunnel
through the mountain side at this
|>oint. The contract for thc work
is let to Messrs. Foley, Welch &
Stewart; the Grand Trunk engineering stiiff arc working with
all speed upon their part of the
job; and General Superintendent
Mehan is arranging right away to
see that a strong enough force
of men is engaged to ensure thc
completion of the work liefore this
winter's heavy snowfall starts.
Extent of the Tunnel
About 1400 to 1600 feet is the
length of the tunnel required to
circumvent the stretch of line
endangered   by   the   snow   slide.
Kamc was played in the
fWilorium Roller Rink antl drew
'"s crowd of fans who came
11,1 a battery of megaphones.
S'h   Was   the   chief   booster
' die Crescents and Corley for
' Royals,
"" winning team played re*
���rkalsly good ball.    In  the last
The ste-el curves here rounel inside
a shallow bend in the river bank,
and the tunnel will be a curved
one taking a dcciier bite into
thc mountain side than the steel
docs at present. The line in
present use will remain available
for thc train service at all times
when there is no danger from
snow slides. In the time of the
heavy snowfall the Grand Trunk
Pacific trains will run through the
tunnel protected completely by
solid rock far better than eve'ii the
tremendously strong snow sheds
which were planned for the troublesome stretch at Mile 44.
At present the exact cost of
the work has not been estimated,
but it may be certainly announced
lhat the cost will not be the two
million elollars some have sug-
gestetl. The saving effecteel by
lhe tunnel in cost of delay prevented, upkeep of special snow-
sheds, cost of coping with slides,
etc., may well be called two
millions. But Mr. I). Mcl.cod of
Messrs. Foley, Welch & Stewart
ditl not consider the tunnelling of
an oild quarter of a mile of mountain side anything to brag about.
General Superintendent Mehan
was able to state confidently that
while the cost of the tunnel will
certainly be more than that of
putting up even the extra strong
snow sheds specified for this stretch
the extra outlay would be more
than made up in extra safety of
the route and saving in snowslicd
ami upkeep,
Contracts Let for Up-to-Date Offices and Stores on Second Ave.
there will also be a commedicru.,ygjgJ^J. J^gSJ
��� inning
11 tuns.
Hie li,
the Crescents picked
'-"P for the Royals was
"'���i. I.tnblcton, llannaforil
Carmichael, Crandall,
resconta   line-up   was   C
'?.''" lvc��.  A.  Gray,
';;uv��, Dolby, Devltt.
���ait-Stim. "
npircs  i���
K teams.
Dunn anil  Pooler were
ihe  satisfaction  of
M"yor Vi.it, Stewart
c M*yor has gone to Stewart
on business ill connection with his
tlulies as M. P. P. lb-left by the
Camosun, and will return in time
for council on Monday. Aldermen
art whispering that there will be
something doing in lhe city hall
on Monday night.
Contracts were let today for a
$10,000 blocK to be erected right
away for Mr. David H. Hays on
the commanding corner site owned
by   him   on   Second   avenue  anel
Second street.  The plans provide
for a handsome office, store, and
residential building of two storeys
and extra deep basement. W. L.
Barker is the architect for thc
building. The excavation and cement work on the foundations will
be done by Tonr Christian sen,
and the Coast Construction Com
pany have the main work of the
building to do.
Luxurious Residence
Offices and Mr. Hays' own
residence will front on Second
street. The'olfiecs arc very roomy,
and the residential portion of the
building is planned luxuriously.
There will be four licd-rooms,
servant's room, bathroom, toilets,
kiti hen, pantry and spacious dining
and living rooms opening into one
another through an eight foot
archway. Every fitting will be
of the latest. Heating and lighting
on modern plan, and an electric
door opener will control the street
entrance from above.
Large   Stores   on   the   Avenue
i commodious
suite of offices and residential
rooms suitable for a business man
or doctor. These will be reached
from Seconel aveiiue.a nd comprise well filteel rooms with modern
( -niipmcnt. For the business premises, lavatories, etc., will all be
placed in the basement which is
lit by daylight, and is lofty and
spacious. Work will proceed at
once on this block.
Tormented to Death
Life is too short to be worried
with poor fitting shoes.   Let us be
your   footwear  advisers.���Scott,
Froud iS Co.
For rent after July 31st, basement in Helgerson Block now
occupied by William Grant. Apply
O. M. Helgerson, Ltd. ti
Robert Borland of Vancouver is
Disciplined Following the Escape from the Jail of Three
Prisoners This Week.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, July 8.���Robert Borland, a veteran jailer, and for many
years a member of the Vancouver
police force, was dismissed from
the force today. The drastic
action of the police commissioners
followed an investigation into the
escape from the jail of three
prisoiu-rs last Wednesday.
Where to Go
Vancouver (Later).���The three
prisoners who sawed their way
out of the- local jail last Wednesday morning, were re-captured
this morning by the immigration
officers, while trying to effect an
entrance to the United States at
Blaine, Washington.
In   kindly  offering  advice  and
assistance  in  regard  to  the  purchasing of an ambulance for Prince
Rupert General Hospital the Su-
pcreiendent of the Vancouver Hospital must have had considerable
satisfaction  in  being able  to  tell
our   Hospital   Board   that   Vancouver has a $0000 "Hope Han-
forel" auto ambulance, the finest
in Canada.    It is driven by a 40
to 55 H. P. engines, and has the
newest patent sliding bottom which
enables a couple of men to handle
an  injured one easily and  comfortably.   The Vancouver Hospital
Superintendent  strongly   recommended that this device which is
known as thc "Bellevue Hospital"
arrangement   should   be  obtained
in   the  Prince  Rupert ambulance
if possible.    Prices of electric ambulances, he explained, were high
;iiid   the   type   was   not   always
efficient.     Names   of   firms   supplying horse and auto ambulances
were mentioned  by  the superintendent   for   the  convenience   of
the  executive  committee  of   thc
Prince Rupert Hospital Board who
have the matter in hand still.
Provincial Govt. Grant
The  sum of  $379.80 has been
received   as   the   first   Provincial
Government  quarterly  grant   estimated  at   a   rate   per   patient.
This sum is smaller than had been
hoped  for,  but   the  reason  given
for this is that the grant was calculated over a period when there
were   but   few   patients   in    thc
hospital,  including  thc month  of
February   and   March   this  year.
The   second   Government   grant
is now about  due,  and  will   be
considerably larger. The rates
upon which this grant is estimated arc $1 per day for the first
thousand patients treated, 70 cents
for the next 1500, GO cents for the
next 2500, and so on to a minimum
of 40 cents jht day.
It is to be made clear to the city
council that in consideration of
the city's $5000 grant to the
hospital, indigent patients sent in
by the city will be trcateel free of
charge. This is the matter which
the city council wanted mentioned
in the letter of thanks for the $5000
grant. A special letter covering
the point will be sent to the city
Amongst   various   minor   matters brought  up at  the meeting
of the Hospital Board held yesterday afternoon at  the General
Hospital,   were   communications
from the Ladies' Auxiliary through
Mrs. F. G. Dawson stating that
no more linen can Ik- sent in from
this  generous  body   for   a   little
while, also a letter from Director
Cohen and Son offering a second
hand safe.    The printing of the
Association By-laws is proceeding.
Will Furnish a Ward
Mention was made by Mr. D. G.
Stewart, the president of thc Hospital   Board,   that   Mr.   George
Tite   has   generously   offered   to
furnish  a  ward   in   the  feminine
department of the hospital.    The
ward one of thc private ones, is
to be equipped in  thc very lien
and most up-to-date style, and the
fitting of  the  furnishings will  be
begun as soon as a girl patient who
has been seriously ill in thc ward
chosen, has recovered.
When the Royal Yacht Anchored  at  Kingstown  Last
Evening, the Dublinites Cheered and Sang the
National Anthem���Captured Irish Hearts
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Dublin. July 8.���The visit of
the King and Queen to Dublin,
Immediately after their Coronation, has captured thc hearts of
the Irish people. When the Royal
yacht with King Grorge, Queen
Mary, the Prince of Wales and
Princess Mary anchored in the
Kingstown Harbor, outsiele Dublin last night, it was the signal for
a tremendous outburst of spontaneous loyalty.
Sang National Anthem
On every available -mint along
the breakwater, thousands of Dublinites crowded to see the sights.
A great cheer went up as the
vessel dropped her anchor in Irish
waters. His Majesty nt once
went up on the bridge to acknowledge the cheers. As the
Sailor King reached the bridge
of his vessel the crowds of enthusiastic Dublinltea broke out
singing the National Anthem. The
strain was taken up from one end
of the breakwater to the other.
Let Porcher Prosper 1
While the prowess of Porcher
Island as a producer of green
vegetables, (lowers, antl fruit is
lieing extolled, Mr. William Sims,
who also tanches there and has a
splendid garden, docs not want
it to be forgotten that Porcher
Island can produce pretty little
girls too. His little daughter
Ellen Ann Sims, the first while-
baby Iwirn on Porcher Island is
thriving. She can prattle now,
and with a Scotch accent too
which delights her parents who
come of the hardy fisher ruce of
the Fraserburgh coast of Old Scotland.
Radiant Rupert
(Toronto   Globe)
Pictures antl MubIc, 7.H0 p.m.
A Terrible Loss
If   you   are   not   wearing   our
MAJESTIC  THEATRE,   Third   Ave;|���     , m ���   ��� I     eor u. wcu nme     ^^^^^^
      Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m. Bo,,t8 or Shoe8 y��u arc mMtt* a & Sweder Bros, are the people. . ..   .
Two fine stores will occupy the |pHEN,x THEATRE, Second Avenue;!101 of mmf,)rt-   Call and sec Scott, J Helgerson Block Basement, 6th|v*ctom-      �������������   ""l"
frontage on Second avenue, and     Pictures and music, 7.80 p.m. Froud & Co., and gel righted. Street.
Radiant   Rupert   is   the   name
bestowed by the Empire on  thc
Pacific   terminal   of   the   Grand
Trunk  system.     For   some   time
Prir.ce   Rupert   had   a   reputation
Today   the   Royal   party   v,illlfor   excessive   rainfall   that   gave
land, and drive through the city 1 Joy  to  the  paragraphed on  thc
to Dublin Castle, where his Ma-1 Press   farther   down    thc    const.
jesty Will hold a recaption. (NOW  lhe  tables arc  turned, and
  1 Prince Rupert has had a long spell
Here You Are 1* 8Un8*.,inCi while  fog and  rain
For a well made suit Rudnick^^ {rcqucnt at Vancouver and
good enough to stick. THE    DAILY    NEWS
Tie Daily News
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until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It should be. as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience. " ��� Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Saturday. July 8
In his notable speech on reciprocity in the House of Commons.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in his usually brilliant style poked some sardonic
fun al Hon. George E. Foster. The member for Norlh Toronto forgetting all his professorial economics, and his own arguments for
reciprocity when he was a member of Sir. John Macdonald's Government.had urged upon the House the wisdom of "preserving our natural
resources for our children and our children's children."
It was a palpably fallacious plea, since it is only by developing .saving alone on powder to mem
ir natural resources that we make them of any value either to our-;I��'''s   clearing   land   is
children's children.    Sir Wilfrid's satiric inducement to make every settler
| in the district a member.   There
other advantages quite
.is important without taking into
ballot which passed off very smooth
ly. The candidates were very
wisely chosen and will without a
doubt give a satisfactory account
of their stewardship. They comprise the following well known
gentlemen: Rev. Thomas Marsh,
president; S. C. Weeks, vice president; I". K. Wlshart, secretary
treasurer; 11. I.. Frank, 11. M.
McPherson, George Dover and
Lee Bethurem, directors; H. M.
McPherson, George Dover, auditors.   F. K- Wlshart, Delegate
to Central Meeting.
Keenly Contested
The   president,   vice   president,
secretary and auditors were elected
by acclamation.    The Beiard of
Directors  was  keenly  contested
and resulted in lhe selection of
four hustling ranchers who are
determined to make the Kitsumkalum Farmers Institute a credit
and honor to the district over
which it takes jurisdiction. They
also are taking steps to have the
institute housed in a building of
its own at the earliest possible
The Institute starts off with a
membership of about fifty, and
from the way applications are
coining in it won't be long before
the hundred mark is reached.   The
Mrs. Whitelaw Reid, Wife of the U. S. Ambassador to
England, Out-Rivalled All of the Duchess of Devonshire's Guests in Barbaric Display
'   ��S>._
to get nearly every rancher in the
district into the Institute.
land   is   sufficient
our natural resources urai v���        	
selves, our children or our
refutation of Mr. Foster's argument is worth preserving as an illus
tration of how to explode false economic theories with simple material I***tinany
easy to hand.
���The Indians were men after the heart of my lion, friend account the social end.
from North Toronto, they were noted   for   being   great pre
servers of natural resources.   They kept them not for themselves
but for their children and the children of their children.   They!
never used them to any great extent.   The territory they inhabited FOREST  RESERVE
contained many minerals;   but when our ancestors came here,
they found the Indians using implements made of bone and stone.
They never cultivated the soil;   they lived on fish and game.'
They were in the midst of immense forests, but they never felled. Dominion   Government   Takes
a tree to build a house.   They lived beside the most noble streams      Steps to Ensure Timber and
in the world, but they did not use them to turn a wheel: They!    Water Supply for Settlers.
were people after the heart of my lion, friend from Nortii Toronto." 	
Strongly contrasted lo the Conservative idea of conserving wealth.     The   boundary   of   the   Rocky
is the work done during the year by the Department of Mines in   itsi Mountain Forest Reserve h. - now
eiTorts to exploit the mineral wealth of Canada by giving reliable been located from the international
advance information to prospectors and investors as to the where- boundary  northward   to a   |)oiiit
abouta and character of the mineral locations.    In his own consti- due west of Lacombe.   This was
tuency and our own constituency of Comox-Atlin, the Minister ofIaccomplished last summer (1010)
Mines has had several geological survey parties at work.   There was I by two parties seat out by the
Mr. O. D. Cairnes' party at work investigating the ore deposits in Dominion   Forest  Service.    One
Atlin.   This distriet for a decade has been known as a placer field, of these, under Mr. G. H. Edge-
During  the  past  season   smile-  very  promising developments  have' comb-.*, B.Sc., B.Sc.F.. started at
taken place there in lode mining. , Calgary and worked southwards,
In the Stewart district Mr. R. G. McCoiinell's party was at work while the other, under Mr. V. 7..
studying the geology and ore deposits al the head of the Portland Cavcrhill. B.Sc. worked north-
Canal. This district had attracted phenomenal attention, owing to j ward from the sime starting point.
the "mountain of gold' stories ihat had been circulated. While!Thc full report of these genile-
promising deposits had been found, the department by sending out .men has just lieen published.
reliable despatches, averted a Mild boom, and prevented injury lieing During the coming summer
done to the district and the investing public. |(1911) it is expected that the rest
Up in the Hazelton and upper Skeena district Mr. W. W. LeachIof ihe eastern boundary of tin-
has done valuable work during the season in the topographical and]reserve will lie locatid to its
geological mapping of the district. The approach of the Grand Trunk northern limit (alioiit forty or
Pacific has brought this district into great prominence, and promisingI fifty miles north of the latitude
discoveries of silver-lead, copper and coal have been made. of Edmonton).
Independent and properly authenticated reports on the various! Object of the Reserve
properties and discoveries made, are contained in the reports of the The primary aim in preserving
departmi nts of geologists, which form ihe strongest kind of testimony the forests of this area is to pro-
in support of 1 i-fide properties.
Kxiicrt opinion on the formation of the rocks over large areas
i* given���aiding the prospector in his choice of suitable territory' prairie. But there arc other things,
in his search for mineral, while sum. times, as in the case of Mr. Cam- scarcely, if at all. less Important,
sell'-, discovery of diamonds in ihe peridoiite of Olivine Mountain.'to be attended to, To users of
the government geologists have become the pioneer pros'io-tors in water for irrigation and for the
new mineral districts. generation of power it is Impor-
In ih voting sums of mom > i"r investigation work in ihe mineral tain to have an even flow through-
areas of Canada, ihe Government i-- doing a good work.   Mining lout the year, and the effect of
development follows on the heels of ihe economic geologist.    Prince I forests   along    streams,   ..nil   es-
Rupert's hope tor a government experimental smelter depends upon pedally at their headquarters, in
the ii-e that is made of lhe opportunities lo develop lhe mineral areas, thus regulating BtTCam-floW is well
in the vicinity. known.     More-over,   in   order   to
The cost of authorship of a Government blue book such as the-, k��*i*p up the level of ihe water in
nn inly issued report of the Geological Survey, is greater than that the   soil   throughout   the   prairie
of the "six best sellers" put together.    Bui it is work which has a regions   the   level   of   the   rivers
great  influence on the development of the country and the wealth "lUSl be maintained, and the flow
and happiness of ita Inhabitants. ""t allowed to decrease to a mere
-_____________________^________^^^_^^^_  dribble  ill   the  summertime.     In
;the maintaining of this volume of
Water in the rivers ihe forests have
jan Important effect.
The Land Within the Reserve
In deciding as to what land lo
include   in   the  reserve  the  chief
Certificate of Incorporation Received, and New Society tpiestion asked has been.  "Is It
suitable  for  farming.'''     If  it   is,
the rule has been to leave it out;
if not so suitable, to include it on
the   reserve.     The   altitude,   or
height   above   sea-level,   hits   also
been an Important consideration,
Throughout all the territory
reported on game was plentiful.
Special mention is made of the
bull, CUt-thrOat and grey trout,
among   the   fish,  antl,  among   the
(Colonial Pre-.- Despatch)
London, July 7.- Mrs. Whitelaw
Reid, the wife of the American
Ambassador to the Court of St.
James, tnitrivalleil all the wealth
antl magnificence of fashionable
Great Britain with the gown she
wore at the recent Derby night
party given by the Duchess of
Devonshire. Mrs. Rcid's collection of jewels is famous, and she
.ip|H-arcd arrayed in a costume
practically covered with them.
The gown was made of mother
of pearl and crystal beads so
closely worked together as to
actaully form the material of the
dress.     The   skirt   was   severely
Coast Rango & Und District
Tali. SiTc* tu.? ...JE "l&o^My
I'ub Mini 16.
apply  for purniuitiuu  tu purcii*w��
amain ur Ho,.8M��i "^^uiutTJv*.JMIrt
| fiiM tO
16U .eras mots ur lesa.
DaUd March 7, It'll-
1Mb. Aurll T.
plain, but lhe sleeves and bodice
were hung with deep, heavy fringes
of srystals more than a foot long,
and over this, on the corsage, was
a network of pearls, besides her
oilier jewels. The dress was so
heavy that Mrs. Reid was rom-
plenty fatigued at the close of
the function. Mrs. Reid's private
fortune is estimated at 130,000,000.
Skeons Und Datrict-District ot Quran Cl>��'��"��
Tak.   nuiice   tbst   Oaflrs*   r'riuell   ol   I'rlnce
huilS. U.C.. occupstlon butcher, intends to ��pply
IwVirniissiun tu purchase tb. following described
'"cJmmencinii kt a post planted about sev��n
mile. w��t lud two rulie. south, ol Ita BOUth *
Saab,.- Creak where It empties into N.den
harbor, Graham Island, tbence U chains south,
inane* Ml chains weal, thsnes UU chain, north,
ihsnce KU cbans eaat tu point ol commencement
and containing 640 acres more orlcsB.
Dated Msrch 17, 1U11 OBOBOB 1-KLMt.LL
{���ib. April7. Numa Uom,"��' A��"ut
Sksens Und District���District ol Queen Charlotte
Tsk* nolice tbst Frank Levick ul Woodstock,
OnL,  occupation   bookkeeper,   intends   to   spply
lur peruussiuu lo purchase tne lollowing desciibeu
"commencing at a post plantod about seven
null, seal and two iiuli-s soulb ol the mourn ol
Stanley Creek where it empties Into Msdsn
Harbor, liraham lslsnd, tbence hi) chains south,
tbence 80 cbsins esst, tbence UU chain, nortb,
Uu-nee bl> chains wesl to point ol commencement
snd couianing BIO acre, more or less,
o.ied Msrch 17. UU. PBaVNK LlAIGh
I'ub. April 7. Numa Deiners, Agon
Skeena Und District���District ol Coaat
Taka nuiice tbat lilenn McAnhur ul Vancuier.
11.  Oh  occupation real  estate agent  Intends lo
apply lor permission  lo  purchase lhe lulluwing
described lands:
Commeucug at a poat planted 40 chains wist
snd bl) chaina aoulh ol ibe suuthwest curner ol
Ut No. 1733 marked Ulenu McArlhur's north-
wssl corner, ibence south 411 cbsins, thence oust
SO chains, thenca north 411 chains, tbenc. wust
oil cbaina to post ol cominoucement, containing
1120 acres more or less.
Dsted Msrch 20, lDll.-      ULENN McAKTllUK
Fub. April 16a T. D. Laird. Agent
Budweiser Beer, UTS arc sole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guarantei-il to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Pkos,   No.   7
Northern B.C. Liquor Company, ^V.
vide a supply of timber easily
aeei s-ible  to the dwellers on  the
��� 1 �������������������������������������������� ��-l:��-��-��-l:l:l-.-.t:t:l:��:��:>L��L
Towntitet Farm and Fruit Landt
Fort George Towmite Massett Townsite
Local Office:
Alder Block
Sixth Street
n-tnununiinnnuunuHUUKnxxxuna nnnst nununxnunnnuKunvM V\
Skeena Land DtStriflI���Dutnct ol Queen Charlotte
'lake ooucu that Hubert O. t tew of Priucu
Kup-ari, ti. C, occupatiun a^ent, .aliunde to apply
lor peu-iii.ia.iuti to purcliaia lhe lulluwing duacnuud
Commencing al a puet planted about C 1-1!
tuiea weal and hall a milu tuuth ul the mouth ul
Stanley Creek where it empties inio Nation
Harbor, Graham laland, thence eaal -iD chaini.
tbence north 40 chaina, thence weat 40 chaina,
thence south 4U chaina io point ol commencement
and containing lbO acrei mure or leaa.
Dated March 17. IHU, HUtibKT O. CHEW
Pub. AprU 7. Numa Demur*. Agent
Skeena L-andDUlrict ��� Diatnct uf Queen Charlut
Take notice tbat Cathurine Uarnauu, ol Calgar
Alberta,   occupation   aptiutcr,   mtunda   lo   apply,
lur permiwion to purchase ihu fulluwing duacma*-.
Commencing at a poat plantud abuut ti 1--
milea weat anil half a mile euuih from the mouili
ol Mauley Creek, when it uinptiua iulu Nadun
Uarbur, Graham island, ihence 40 chains aoutb
tbuncaj 40 chains eaal, ihence 40 chaina uorii.,
thence 40 chains weat tu p.u.,1 at cumiiauncvniuiit
and containing H'l acres more or loaa.
Uated March 17, lul I.
Pub Apr. 7. Numa Domera, Agent
Skaana Land District���District ol Queen Charlotte
Take notioe that J. tl. ^lurphy.ol Vancuuver,
li. C., occupation commercial travuiler, intends
to apply (or permission to purchaso the loiluwing
tloscribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about seven
niilaa weat and ono mile south Irom the moutb
ol Stanly Creek, Naden liaroor, thuncu north 00
chains, thenca weal 40 chains, Ihence auuth 80
chains, thence east 40 e ins.
Dataxl March 17, lyll. J.  H.  MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skeena Laud District���Dislrict ol Casalur
Taka   notioe   that   1,   Thomas   Macgovurn   uf
Stewart, ti. C, occupation miner.intend to apply
(or permiaaion to purchaau the lulluwing described
Commencing at a post planted on tbo rlgbl
bank of the Naas river about (our miles above the
(orka o( the Naas river, thence aoulh bO chains,
thence west ho chains, thonco north bO chains,
tbence east 60 chains to point u( commencement,
containing 040 acres moro or lesa.
Dated March 26, 1911. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast
Take notice that I, Mrs. John Corley of  Prince
Rupert, B.C., occupatiun married woman. Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following
described Isnds:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains east
and 120 chaina aouth from the southwest corner of
lot 1733, Coast District, Range &, thence aouth HO
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north bU
chains, thuncu west 40 chains mure or less tu thc
point of commencement, containing '220 acres
more or less.
Dale Mar. 20, lull
Pub. Apr. 4. 1911
Skeena Lnnd District���District of t'uiist it
Take notice that Aloxunder Kfolntoth fT '
couver, ti C, occupation rag] ,.-nale ,' JW
Intendt. to apply (or permianlun t0 imrcli-1��� ,T
following deacribed lends: l-urcii*��B lh(J
Commencing at a post planted 40 uhnitw im.ii.
(rom the southwest corner of Lut BBfj ,.',,"luth
chains aouth, thenee 40 chain:, wart,'SiS S8
chains north, thence 40 cliulna eut to S i
commencement containing 320 acre* rm.r-..,,
Datod April 17. 1911. or "������
Pub. May S ALEXANUK" ""NTos.1    '
Skeena Land Dlstrict-UUlriut of CaMla,
.'uke notice that 1,  Percy  Francis aodenraii,
ol Stewart, 13. C, occupation jounmlist   mund ,���
apply  lor  permission tu  purchase U��   loltoaTla-
described landa: ���>
Commencing at a post  planted on tin, ri-i,,
bank o( tho Naus river about nven miles ibovi
tho forks of tho Naas river, thuncu houih L*Q ciUjn,
thence west  80 chains, thuncu north  BQ ohsInT
tlience east 80 chuina to point uf cutninuntx-inent
contuining 040 acres muru ur lean, '
Dated Marc   26,1911.  Frank Sidney \\ right i��
Pub. May 17. v'1'An
Skeena Land DUtrict ���District of tIssstsr
Take   notice   that  1,   John   UDWln  ul   i'rince
Rupert ti. C, occupation laborer, IfltanrJ to U)l|.|y
for }>ermission to purchase thn ML..*..:,,��� ilet>cr:bed
Commencing at a post planted about ,,*} tVQ
mUes Bouth of the (orks uf thu While und Kill
rivers, thence south 80 chains, thenc*-* out bu
chains, thence north 80 chains, thuncu west bll
Datod AprU 18, 1911. JulIN UNWlN
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Cout
Tako  notice that Humo tiabinglun at Trine*
Rupert, ti. C., occupatiun master marir.ir, imeadi
to apply for permission to leasu th�� luliowing
described lands:
Commencing at a poat plantud about 100 chiioi
south of the Indian Rusurvu on the east aide ol
Gouao tiuy on the east aido of the ruiiitibula tnence
north 100 chaini along shore in thu Rsaarvi ime,
thunco west 00 chains more or less to tioiw! B��
thunce 100 chaina along shore, thuncu eait bt)
chains more or less to post, containing 0\o sens
more or loss.
Datod March 8, 1911. HUME U.VRlNGTuN
Pub. AprU 15.
Skeena Land Dislrict���Dislrict of Ctuiiar
Taku   notice   that   1,   Charlrn   M.   Knouss
I'ruiiv Rupert, U. C., occupation farmer, intvnJ
to apply lor permission to purchase thu lollun.ing
described lands:
Commencing at a posl planted about i3) three
miles south and (2) two mill's weat ul the furtu el
White river and Flat river, thence south ho chum,
thence west 80 chains, thence nurth t>0 chattta,
tbence east 80 cbains.
Dated April 20. 1911.      CHARLES M. KNUlSl.
Pub. May 13. Francis S. .;���  .  :.. Agent
Skeena Land District��� DUtriCi. o Coast Range k
Take not ce that Murdock biCRae ul Vuncou.vt
R. C, occupation real eaiaie broker, inienai tu
apply fur permission t: purchtuu ihu fulluaint.
described Unds:
Commencing at a oost planted on the sou.b
bank of Eirbumalks river abuut (Uu mike hum
its coniluence with the Skeena river, ihence lu
chains weal, thencu 20 chains north, tlieticv <w
chains west, thonce 40 chaiiu nurth, thence 4u
cliaina eaat, thence 20 chains south, tlience lu
chains east, Ibence 40 chsins south lu point ul
commencement, containing 320 acres more or Im
hated AprU 21, 1911. MURDOCK MclUt.
Pub. May 13.
 Good   Fresh   Groceries  at   City Prices	
Wc have Fresh Lettuce, Strawberries,
Cakes, Peaches, Plums,
Apricots, Tomatoes and Green Onions
Starts Out With Enthusiasm -Strong Body
of Officers Elected��� F.K. Wishart Secy.
To   Residents of Sections 5, 6,  7 and   8���We deliver promptly,
our good, ere fresh, at prices not to be beaten in the city   i   i
ft*-   ��-* MUSSALLEM & CO. ��ia
. fill *\ McBoat
(Special Correspondence)
Kitsuinkiihim, July 4.���The long
talke-il   of   "Farmers'   Institute"
was Inaugurated  In   the  church
hall m ihis place Friday evening
embraced  by  the-  Kitsumkalum
Farmers' Institute, the boundaries
of which take all territory trilui-
tory to the Skeena  River and
lying   lietween   Lome   (,'ri-e-k   ami
Iviiu- 80, 1011. Fait weather and I Lakelse Kive-r Including the Kit
�� ��rge turnout ol the settlerslaumkalum snd Lakelse valleys
i"" ">a new binutUe on a good He explained a few of the
���"*'1'"'K tO Man with
Object* of Society
by   lhe   Key.   Thomas
advantages derived and concluded |Wrde and s
fte meeting was caU��d to orderlS :""Kra,ll.,liling *��� K,.u,m Inlpectlve dlstricu, due
The Daily News
chsins .-.at, thencu t-0 chains nurili
Skaana Land District���District ol Coaat Rant* 6	
Taka notica that Eldon S. Iielwilt-r ol Borlin.    ch.ln. West.
Ont.' occupstlon  doctor,  int.nds to   apply   for , iiatsd April 18. 1,11.
parmlasion lo purchsso lh. lollowlng usscribod   i'Ui,. May 13.
Commencing at a poat plantod at the aouth*
waat currier of Lot 1,2H, tbenc east .0 chains
mors or leaa, thence south 46 chsin. mor. or lea.,
thenc. west HO chain, mor. or less, tbence norlh
4d chsins more or less to point ot commencement
containing 140 acre, more or less.
listed March ill, 1,11 ELDON S. IlKTW II.KH
Pub. April 16' John Campbell. Agent
Skeona Land District���District ol Cosst lUtirt 1
Tako notice lhat I, Charles A. Yataghan :
I'rince Kupert, ll. C, occupatiun niurchsnt, inunrl
to apply fur permission lo purchase lh* fuliuwisi
ilisicriued Isnds:
Commencing st a post planted on the bouUi
bank ol Kachumsika River snd sbout lour muts
Irani lis conlluencs with tho Skoena Itiver. trurnr*
--0 chslns eust, thenco till chsins nurili, llienc. Oil
chains wust, Ihence UU chains soulh to puinl ul
cummencemonl. ConUining bill scros mure or leu
Dated April 21, 1,11 CHARLES A. VA0QUAN
I'ub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���District ol Cout llangvi
Take nolice lhat Mra. I.. Ca I'utnsm ol St
I'aul, Mlnneaola, occupation married v.unian
inlend. lo .pply (or permiasion lo purchase tba
following described Isnds:
Commencing atl posl planted at the souliivat
corner of Lol No. 1733 marked Mrs. L. e. . .ir.am'a
northeast corner, Ihence weal 40 chsins, tint.-,
south UU cbsins thence east 10 chsins. thesis
north U0 chains to post of commenceni.-t.l, cv>n
taming 320 acres more or lesa.
Dated March 20 UU. MILS. L. C. 1'llNAM
I'ub. April 15. Ceo. 11. l'ulnam Ajca
Skesna Land Diatrict���District ol Coaat Uanga I
Taka none, tbat I, Clara May Utile ul 1'ritiCa
Kuisert. it. C, occup.tion spinster, intend la
spply lor permission to purchsae the (ulliiBinf
described lands: .
Commencing at a post planted at the nurtn
wost corner ot Lot 1735, llangu 6, CuaV.t untnel
ihence east 40 chains, ihence north ft. ciiains
thence weat 31 chain thence north 20 chains
thenco wost 10 chslns, thenco south 4u chains lo
point ol commencement, containing 11- a***1
more or less. ���1U ,.rTIr
Dsled April 4, 1911. CLARA MAY LITTLl
Pub. April 16.
Skeens Und Dtstrict-Dlalrlct ol l.sssur
Tske  notice thst 1,  lsssc O'llrien  lorla. o
1-rinco Kupert, U. C, occup.tion carpenter, it.tMH
to apply for permission to purcliss.- the lullosinl
described Isnds: tu^
Commencing at a post planted about hv miloss
soulh snd ono mile wost ol tbo lurks ol lliewoiia
sud Klst rlvors, Ibence nortii no chsins. th.n��
wost SO chains, tbence soulb so chsins. thenc.
east 80 chains.  .naaa
Dsled AprU 18. 1911. ISAAC 0'BRJKH Ull'li!.-.
Pub. May 13. r"rencia S. Preaton. Agent
Skeens Und Dislrict���District ol I as-ls'
Tske nolle, that 1, Swsn  llsllen el M.'-sr..
11.  C,  occupstlon  csrponter,  Intend  to appi)
lor permlalon to purchsso the lollowing d.-Krii��M
lands: iU^
Commencing at a post plsnted sbout is' to-"
soulh and onel 1) mile wost ol the lorks ol the �� m��
Flat rivers, thenco UU chsins sourh, ll"������.
Ihence tl)
Skeena Land District-District ol queen CbarlolU
Take notice lhat Uourge VV. Arnott ul ln-.ee
Huport, U. C, occupauon resl estale ,,^J*,���'���
intenda to apply for permission to purcm- i"
following doscnbtid lands:
Commencing at s pcut ptante.1 aim it a.���
mUes and one-hall mile wost and one mile so at.
Irom the moutb of Stsnly Crook, Nsden lis"'"',
thenoe wost 80 chains, ihenee south tw '"'���<"���
thence east 80 chains, thenco north M <**;����� ��-f
Daiod March 17, UU, OKU. W, A|ts.u''
Pub. April 22. Numa Dcmers. UsV
Skeen. L.nd Dlstrlct-Dlatrict ol Cajk"
Take notice lhat I, Alice M. Kiioua" "'   ""'J
Huport, U. C, occupstlon msrrii-J woiiisii.n-i'���
to apply for permission to purchsse the loiiuaiu.
ileacribed lands: .
Commencing at a post planted aboul !��"""*
aouth and two miloa west ol the lorks ul MJ
fl. Ot,em*m^nm^tmyhMi^~tmlf-ia'i ���\ W* rivers, thenco Mrtb N chsins,
permission   to   purchaso  the  following   described   eMt. S jNJ* ""inc*, ,mlb 80 c"
Skeena Und Diatrict���District ot Cassiar
Take notice th.t 1 Krsncls S. Preston ol Prince
Rupert, II. C, occupstlon prospector, intend lo
spply  lor  permission  to purchsse  tho  following
doscrlbed lands:
Commencing st a post plsnted sbout three
miles south snd two miloa wost ot the forks ol
the White and Flat rivers, thence south 80 chslns
thsnee east 80 chsins, Ibence north 80 chsins,
thence west 80 chslns,
Dsted April 20, 1911.     FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub Af ay IS
Skeena Und District���DUtrlct ol Coast Rsnge 5
Tske not ce thst 1. Joe Jsck of Prince R. p.rt.
SWAN IIAI.I.l.N    ,
Frsncis S. 1'resten. As���
; west 80 chains.
Commencing at a post plsnted about three'and I !,,^0lIA'>rl,fa20' 1911-      a- *H?S pL.tTm'Agent
one-half mllea distant In a south westerly direction    ' ub- M��* la- Fr,nc'' ^ ' r
Irom s blind slough from Observatory Inlet where
the same touches the lndisn Reserve thence esst
80 cha na. thence *oilh 80 chains, Ihence west80
chains, thence south 80 chslns to point of com*
mencement, contsining 640 seres more or less.
Dsted April 14, 1911
Pub. May 18.
laving  nn   institution   of   mii-h   alpralris  .liitki-n.  .leer,  moot!
chairman.  Mr. WMiart *Ka��P"*W.-ia^ H sh"v nml mnny  kimls "'
pro tern, read the cerdftcata of     ki,,-,i      , "a-       ,     , ,,,r ,K'i,ri,,K a"imills-   A��'""K *���
��� ,. ,   .   . .        M     l-le<-lion  of ofTirers  for  the en-  miner.I    n.v.<���irr..u   ,.l    ,l...
Ilicorporal ion, wliieli is issue,   from  stiint,   v...r .u '"mineral    risouries   ol    the    areas
.     ,-, t   \   ���   , K y,ar was ll,cn  Proceeded are He eoal bads oii-ri.i.is tin the
the   Departmen   oi  Agriculture, wldi. The act tjovtrnlng InsdtutesLiutM an
The charter defines the territory (calls  for  elcttion   ol   officers  byIttone.
quanies of building
Skeena Und District���District of Cosst Rsnge 6
Take notice tb.t Utile McTevlsh of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation married woman, Intends lo
spply tor permission to purchase the following
described Isnds:
tjommsnctng at a post plsnted st the northwest corner 100 chsins esst snd 20 chains north
Irom the northeast corner o( Lot 1116, llsrvey's
Survey, Coast Diatrict,lUngo 6,thsnce 20 chsina
aouth, thence 80 ehalna eaat, thence 80 chains
north, thsnee 40 chsins west, thonce 60 chslns
south, thence 40 chslns west to post of commen-
csmsnt, contsining 400 seres more or less.
Dsted Msy 2, 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
I'ub. M.y 6. Fred W. Uohler. Agent
Skeena Und District-District of Coaat Hanuo &
Take notice that 1, Alexander Ctncher. of Dear,
horn, Manitoba, occupation farmer, intend to
apply for permlasion to purchaae the foliowinn
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nt the south
west corner of lot 8066, district of C:onst, Range 6
s lusted about 6 1-2 miles In I south easterly direction from Breckenridgo Landing, market! A.
l'.. north west corner: thenco south 81) chslns
thenco east 80 chains, theace north in chain,
more or less to south cast oorner of Int ;tur,;'
thence west 40 chains more or less to south west
corner of lot 3062, thence north 20 chains more
or less to sou*h east corner of lot 31)66. thenee
west 40 chain, more or less to point of commencement, oontninlng 660 acrea mnre or less.
r^.   .       ���..���.. Donald Clacher. Agent
Date June 2nd. 1911 **    '
Pub. June 24th, 1911
Stikine Und District���Dstrlct of c.mrs��l��r
,,r ���,.,, Take notice lhat Sydney Hodgklnsor, U1WJ
JOE���ACK   �����Dh Creek. U. C. occupallon clerk. UHgrtJ"
-ur. JACK , appvy  |or ptnilUil|'|1  ,���  purchase Ihs W"���
described lsnd: ���,,,-
Commencing at a post plsnted sliotit ><��^
mile north east Irom Olscler Kiltie snd on the eua
bsnk ol Stiklns Klv.r, Ihence east i�� '�� "
thence norlh 40 chains, Ihence west 20 .'""""
thonce soulh 40 chsins lo point ol commene in."
snd oont&inlng 80 seres more or less.
Dsted Feb. 11, 1,11. ������,���cnv
Pub. April CA. Tervo, Agrai
_ Skeens Und District���District nf ( ass��
. T.k. nolle, thst I, J.mes Webster Sap"" "���
Stewart, U.C., occupation    auctioneer, inlrna .
spply lor permission to   purchsso   tho   lu"'1"""
descrltred Isnds: .    j.nt
Commencing at a posl planted on IM ���
b.r,k ol the Nuns river .bout nlno mil.*- J|"'
the forks of tho Naaa river, thence south wl ona��"
thence weat 80 chains, tnence north M ���JH
thenco esst 80 chslns to point ol coinnienccm'n ���
containing 640 acres more or less. _ ,.u,,riv;
_ . , . JAMES WEIISTER f�� 't{
Dated March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, A��>
Pub. May 17.
_ IBkconB Land District���Dislrict of I��"��'"'.���,,
Tak. nollco th.t I, Sydney Fllsgeralil pf bJtJsW.
��. C., occupstlon cook, Intend to spply l'.'', remission to purchase the following descrlberl ISJSJ
Commencing at a post plsnted about five ��
south and one mile of the lorks of W"
and Fist rivers, thence south 80 chslns, enr*
J"? 80 fbains, thonce north 80 chains, IM*
ejst 80 chslns. ���.���,.
j?""1 Af" 18, 1911. SYDNEY FlTZGhK*'''
Pub. May 18. Fronds S. rre.101. Ag���� THE    DAILY   NEWS
For all l<lml8 of h8*P�� cookB'
natters, dtihwuhen, hotel porter., nil ktnda of laborers or mi'<
chBtilca, oall up
Phone No. 178
ur cull nt the
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Office
Heatlquarteri for cooks & waiters
Goneral Machine Shop ami Ship's
CarpontorlnB. Also agents forFair-
li-uiks-Moise anil Knox Gasoline
Engine,. Gasoline Engines and Ac-
eessories carried In stock.
Launch" and Boat, for Hire   N.E. .nd of Wharf
Eighteen Year Old Youth Signs
Away $150,000 Estate for $2-
..Whites Portland Cement..
Phone 125      Naden Block      Second Ave
^..-.E.   EBY   <&   Co.===
Kiiminikaluni Land For Sale
S. 0. E. B. S.
Th.- l'rinia-  llilliert Lodge, No. 318, Sons of
El v i- i. ni-H-ts the llrst and third Tuesdays  in
aith tuvivtli in tin- Carpenters Hall, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See.,
P. O. li..\ 812. Prince Rupert
Gasoline Launches,
Row   Boats
and Canoe.
For Hire by Hour or Day
-Hoars nrn.T and aarAiain���
H JtsitiM       C.w Crnli        P.O. 6.1 187
, U..M   2M ..HI 1 N
\ Rochester \
7 * Monroe
L.':   '-' Coal
\ ���*) - "^'
\A   Phone iis
���J A.IIt->��. T TablPt.    A itood t?x��*r->
n*-r.   A clean aitort.   Latllca every
llWMOB.     Newman Block, be-
tw��*n tith and 7th Sta.
HO Mi.hhisi.n.    I'mprii'lur and Manaicvr
Little's NEWS Agency
Vigazini'a :: t'eriodicals :: Newspapers
Land Registry Office
Re Loin 10, 64 and 171, Range 4,
Coast District
I l r.a.f ���f !���,, 0f tVriinratr of Title
J' I., the alarv-e named property. Issue,]
as th* n,ra* ���f th, Canadian Paclftc  Sulphlt.
I  ""led. has been Hied In this .afflee,
wis herelir ttlven lhat I shall at th. expire-
al -nth from the Brat pulillratl.m her."
ii i .tie a diii.lirate of ihe ..id Certinc.1* of
Pits- ml*.. ,��� ,hp mf.ntim. valid ol.jectlon be
T-��i-1--in* in writlnit.
l"*'���1 si ihe Land Ileal.irv Olllce at Princ.
art. 11.1 ..thi, aith day of June. I��l|.
District R.itlstrar of Tltln
^plication for Charter for a
11 will Im made to thc Par-
���   Canada at the present ses-
"��n i ii ii-ril. f���r ����� Act incorporating
..1,*��> ���< "inpany under thc name
11"-   1 antic    Trnns-Canadn   and
Jmoti Bay Railway Company," with
. r i'i'lay out, construct and operate
In' VPVH from U P��'nt >n the
Wm of Alberta, at  or  near the
���;������  "i   r.Hinonton,   thence   northerly
i ,r i'i'",""  f,?sible roule to, at, or
;;"}." iwaci Landing;  thence north-
ii<    :' un1'r,h-<'**Rt   of   Lesser   Slave
inni,, i   ill""k!* "r Loon Riv"; thence
rltlf", .        I0   if     '!0int    Bt     ��r     WaT    llle
',,.'. '"', "t the Loon River with the
lunrti, Vr' ,or ii1 * J-0'"1 near the
C "p"' tn. ,Kc��l Wver with the
��� thi t .'r' , '.P,ow   Fort   Vermillion
,    ^ Smith nn the Slave River:  From
mIn. "!' \hv ,1lM '"''road near its
J:'��.k ��f ,l,e Wabiska  River or the
Iti   -r enster y t0 Fort McMurray
fa ill. riM2*,wJ thence easterly
III?    Il����ln Kiver and Chur-
���UVOT through  tai��nPNt%mII>oi
v.tiiiil.,..   ��� ���""*��"   "ia*   i rovince   ot
.r \,i   "n   &  ,Fort   Churchill   or
<M-.in,,n the Hudson Bay:   From
tl- Wi'i?"   r,"l.��"(1 n*"ar*-8 crossing
,...    ;'Mfta or Loon River, westerly
lv, ""    liver crowing on the 1'eacc
k Of tl ��-S. Wt'i,,,rly on the north
I'   I, 1    ,V'r .,hr"Ul.h   '{���"a"   *'"-"��
,��� ' ,' ipert or Portland Canal
th ,,�����,'" ,l "U81 "i British Columbia;
legr,,,!, , V Co"atruct and operate
���fir ,'ml,u'lenl,."I'c "nd ���blc
rry , *""'ri11 public purposes; to
;���' ,;"��^ruci, maintain and op-
,,,; .ml (ernes f���r the purposes
Ittiis. : " , "'"' "ther purposes; to
��������!.   1^'.w.ol.W, water-
("���li-iiH. I, lwk"' 'lock-yards, slips,
nil,,,,,,..'' '''"'Mors and other con-
"> Ai!ri..'.n Vt"   Power  to  enter
-����W V,   .' "rs [Ot the ApplicnnU
, I g  < uuw,, tffi 2I��t day of
(Canadian Press Despatch,
New York, July 7.���The- proverb
of a fool and money being sunn
parted was reviewed her today.
Asserting that he had been
compelled to sip.'i a note for
*:i,7.ri() and assign his $150,000
interest in his father's estate, and
in a policy for $5,000 insurance on
his own life in oreler to borrow
82,200, Howard Caapery, an 18-
year-old youth appealed to Supreme Court Justice Page for
relief. The court issued an injunction restraining the "loan brokers" from interferring with the
boy's property, pending the trial
of a suit to have the whole agreement set asitle.
According to Caspery's story, he
was in desparate need some time
ago of $1,800. He read an advertisement telling how easy it
was to borrow, and went to the
place. He was supplied with
$2,200, of which he had to give-
back to the person who arranged
the loan, 8-100 as commission, and
gave up the security above mentioned.
Finding that he had signed away
his entire fortune he brought action
to have the note and assignments
net aside.
"British Empire"
Here's the worlds
beat gun-a Greener Hammerlesu���
at a price within
the reach of all
sportsmen; its got
all the Greener
features, hard
hitting, fin- shooting, lasting wear;
there's nothing bet- lt*/JQ
ter;   price
Catalog pri
6365 Better Hill Hill
Montreal. P.Q.
Church Services
C. P. R. Announce Ten Per Cent
Increase and Nine Hour Day
Eaat of Port Arthur.
(Cn.n.idisi.ii Press Despatch)
Toronto, July 7.���The C. P. R.
has announced toelay its intention
to grant a ten |x*r cent increase of
wages and a nine hour day to sill
the men In its mechanical department east of Port Arthur lo tin-
A Thousand Policemen Called
Out Sworda were Used and
Two Hundred People Injured.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Manchester, England, July 7.���
More than 2oo persons were injured here today in a desperate
riot Ill-nun by striking teamsters
and carmen. The riot was only
liegun by the striking teamsters
and airmen. The riot was only
checked by the arrival of a thousand policemen who were on hand
and by the use of swords.
Goes to Egypt to Succeed Sir
Alden Corat the Britiah Agent
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, July 7.���The resignation of Sir Alden Gorst, the
British Agent to Egypt, has been
received and accepted by the
Government. Lord Kitchener has
lieen designated to succeed Sir
Alden in the- post.
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, and all
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every respect.
Thc appointments and service
are equal to any hotel on the
Rates: SI te $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
Tht Km rut Room*.
1 hi* best trauipped
And <.tri.ni he-ated.
Hot *nd cold bath*.
Din Ins room and
Corley & Burgess. Props
Services .very Suruitiy in the
Empress Theatre. 11 u.in. anil
7 80 p.m.    Sumlriy Bohool und
bible Claas at 2.30 p. in.
REV. F. W. KERR, M.A.. Pastor
Service,  evtry Sunday ut 11
a.m. and 7.31) p.m.     Sunday
School   2.30   p. m.        Ilarai-ii
Bible Claa. 2.30 p.m.
REV. W. H. McLEOD B.A D.D.   Pastor,
Service, every Suinluy at   11
a.m.  and 7.30 p.m.    Sunday
School at 2.30 p.m.
Sunday   Sal-trio.*   11
a. m., :l b. ,n., h p.m.
Sunday School Mill p.
m. Public Services
Monday. Wi-dnosday,
Thursday. Saturday ut
8 p.m. Kvi-ryliudy welcome.
J       i    T   E   M   S V,   A a       a ,
>-^a��-.laJ��.-as��...-BW.. -aa...-
The Bank of
British North America
7S Years In lashun.
Capital and Reserve Over $7,300,000
Banking by Mail
is a great convenience to those
who live some distance from
Deposits may be sent in, cash
drawn, or other business transacted by Mail, without any
trouble or delay.
Write or ask our Local Manager to explain our system to
Prince Ruperl Branch-
Fa S. LONG. Maraafer.
BESNER &  BESNER, [Proprietors
Th* New Knox  Hotel la run on the European
rilan.   Flrst-cla.B service.   All the Lsteat Mialnrn
mprovemrnu. -:���:- BEDS 60c UP
Freedom of the City Granted to
Lord Roberta and Lord Roae-
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, July 7.���The freedom
of the city of London was conferred last night upon Lord Roberts and Lord Kuselie-ry.
Comfortable 4-roomcd Cottage in sec-
6, $25.00.
3-roomed Cabin in section 1, $10.00.
Lot 4, block 6, sec. 6, $1400, half cash.
LoU  11  and  12,   block  28,  section 8,
$650, half cash.
LoU 21 and 22, block 24, Bcction 8, $500
pair, half cash.
Second Ave. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
P.O. BOX 37
Quarter Section at $8 per acre
Quarter Section at $10 per acre.
Quarter Section at $12 per acre.
Quarter Section, improved, at $15  per
acre on good terms.
Half Section at $15 per acre ;  terms of
1-3 i-asli and balance in 1 and 2 years
���For Rent
Furnished 4 rcom House with bath, $30
per month.
4-room House with bath, $25 month.
3-room Flat, down town, with all modern conveniences, $25 per month.
Two Stores on Third Ave.
Homes on Easy Terms
The Prince Rupert Building and Investment Company, Limited, have
several houses in course of construction that can be purchased with small
cash payments and balance in rent.
Call at our office for prospectus and
McCaffery & Gibbons
Prince Rupert and     -     Hazelton
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
Manager Mack, of the Athletics?
has signed Pitcher Long, thc sensational twirler of the Lafayette
Clooege team,
0*1   $   ta*d
At the present time Ty Cobb
is the "eight tors of gold plate"
in baseball. Ty has the highest
battii g average, is the leading
base-siealer and run-getter in the
major leagues, and the first big
leaguer t" drive out 100 hits this
a*l   ryl   M
Ty Cobb by hitting safely in 31
successive liames has broken the
record previously held by Hal
Chase. The thirty-first his wat
made in the game of June 20
against Cleveland, when he rapped
a fluke home run which hit first
base and bounded into the bleacher
base and bounded into the bleachers for his only bungle of the game,
tfij  rfij  rii
Four French fistic champions
may visit America this fall. They
are: Moreau, middleweight cham-
opin; Carpenter, welterweight champion; Eustache, lightweight
champion, and De Poncheau, featherweight champion.
aj)   B-g   ���*)
Ernie Murray, the dashing home
fielder who was with Vancouver
lacrosse team part of last season,
and then went on strike along
with the rest of the home brews,
has signed a contract to play
with the Westminsters for the rest
of the season.
r��>  r*t  t**
Mike Mitchell, the former Portland outfielder, may be made
manager of Cincinnati. A report
has it that Clarke Griffiths has
been given until July 1st to put
the Reds in winning form antl, if
he fails, the reins will be turned
over to Captain Mitchell.
B*S    Bjf,     (Jj
Hugh Duffy of Chicago professes to see another big league
started soon. Nineteen thousand
persons recently saw a game at
Rochester and a big crowd was
out at Toronto, and it is within
the bounds of reason that another
big bush circuit could be formed.
The quest ion is, however, in finding
enough star players to go round.
The Best
Procurable^\^ Absolutely pun
Crown Favorite Cooking Stove
Price from $45 to $58. Other Stoves from $16.
Second Av.nur T.l.pk.D* 10
Advertise in
The Daily News
Sold and
Guaranteed by
"ikt'SUy Satisfactory Ritige'
The Kaien Hardware Company
North!���B.cw".r!��! The "Frisco Standard"
Cut iTpmsi.nl. thn-��-
cyllratlsr tyu. "Frisco
Standard"      Gaaolln.
I naii.i    ��� ..-��� -��� -   li 1-   I ���
186 h.p. : -. :
Quick dslivrry  of all
���I... fr��� in 4 h.p. sms'.r
cylinder upward..
Rupert Marine Ironworks & Supply Co.
nil..-- Phon.: Blu. SS P.O. Bos MS
will i virii'i'iii Ki:r*iu niKir
Worka on Wharf: Phon. SIS
AiXKaaoatca ca-uukd
Before You
Royal Bank of Canada
Head Office: MONTREAL.
CapHal, *6,20O,0O0
Surplus, $7,200,000
Total Aasels, $92,500,000
Established 1869.
Don't forget to take out an Accident
and Health Policy���the only substitute
for wages during disability. Ask for
rates and further particulars.
All honest claims positively paid
on sight.
A' large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are hh low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
Hotel Central ��;��:;..
Eui-openn ami Amerlciin plan, -inmi
hMtf-d, modem convenience!.   tUt** ���
fl.00tot2.60perday. :
��� Proprietor
Peter Black
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprlalor
Lunch and Msals at all hours; Lunch 15c,
Meals 26c up   Oiuii,- anil See
The new steel Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Open Evenings Pattullo Block
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
H. H. MORTON, Sec.
Steerage Fare
The "Camosun" is the only steame
on the run having water-tight bulkheads anil double bottom, thus en
suring safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an ircount.
Branches throughout Canada and Banking Connections with all part, of the
United States.
Agent, throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Prince Rupert Branch.
The following properties will bo sold en block, or separately
and on easy terms.
Block UU  Block
6-7-9-10 W
1-2-3-4-6-6 W
9-10 20
22 34
21-22 34
1-2 27
I Ml   Bl0ck Ui*
9 22
LoU  27
For prices, terms and particular., apply to
Second Avenue
All.atic R*.1ly A Improvement Co.. Ltd.
Phone 214
We've  just  received  from  Cassidy's,
Montreal, the great glass manufacturers, a big new shipment of
Here are other goods we have
Furniture Crockery
Stoves Glassware
Linoleum Lamp.
Enamelware Table Cutlery
Blinds Baby Buggies
Curtains Screens
Quilt. Pictures
Blankets Washing
Mirror. Machine.
O.termoor Mattresses
Every Description of
House    Furnishings.
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
The Big
Cor. 6th St. and 2nd Ave.
The Daily News
BkMtM Uuul District���District of Count Kan-jo 5
Tu>.t} notico tint  1,  ri.ti.l-.  Hlcka of Port .**���
���tDgtOQ,   occu'miioii   niorcliuiit,   intond   tu   apply
lor pvntlMtOO   0 purchase tlio tulluwiiii. dram t km
Ci-muu'iirin..  at   a  \<,.\   planted on  the south
iVf-tt ,il��iii��sl at tlu- MUthWW   btuk  ol   uie   Kacliuiiiaik*.  Kivvr and  about   (out
l-.ii.H*,.. B.Cput l'isirict.tlience   nu|w (rom |U ooiiiluetioe with the Skivn. River.
ttu'iice  SO chain.,  w.*t,  tliencu MJ  chain*  north,
thetuv   SO  eli-iiu*-  mitt   thanca.  aoutli   mi   chuina
to point ol conuiH'iivVmt'tit, conUli.iii��j two ucrea
more or leaa.
Puled April 11* 1911. KIUNK  llll/KS
Pub Auni Ita,
Skeona Uuid District���DjUtrlet o( Cout Rang*
Take notice that MarV Uoaton QUdWtrtJOW ol
Victoria, M. C*. OCCUpwioo houatikivper. intend*?
to IPPl) tor ['���Tiiussioii.'t.o purchaae llie iollOWlD|
deecriWil taDtUl
Comm��Dci08 at
comer of Lot 886.
80 chain.*- lOUth theiieo 40 ..'hums   ea>t, Hi.mhv SO
chuina north, thenco 40 -.'hums went to point of
tm.ni.'i.cement, co.uainim; 820 acres more or Itm
Dated April 17. 1911,
Pub  May 6.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coaat
Taka notico that  It.-I  W    Uoolar ol   Kitaunv
kaluin, occupat urn  fariuT.  iataadi  to  apply   for
uortuiaiaion  to  purfthaaq  thi  I tUowlaf  deacnbe.l
Coin-iumcin., at   a poat  plaotw at  the  north-
aait oonm ol v Mot ������������ -������ i-amptioa, thetuv
SO cliaina aoutb, thaoM LO ehalni oait, thenco M
chtuna norm, thane. LO ihaiM tMt to poal of
Commenceme:H tUtttal lltli -: ' ���a*** P^JK RK&.
Date*.! April 10, 191L. PRlliUBlGH W. BOH1JBR
Pub. .\pnl 88. Prat* Hampton, Atjent
BatMU Land Dunne. D**trtet 0. Coaat Run 6
Take notice ti ai 1. I-.-.I Hall Kennoy ol Yarmouth, Nova Lteot.a, iav..p.iuo.. marrnsl woman,
intend to appK tot ftannwlN to purchaa*.* the
(ollowtni i-i-vT..      land*.
Oommancliii a. - ooat planted at north, aaw
corner ol T. L Lol -^ .-. tnence running v.eat 10
chait-.j*. theoci north W chaliw, tiu-ncv e*>t 10
ciiau.*., tlience ik-uth 80 Cbahu to placv of com-
DMMomtni eontalnini 3-0 aem more or lam
M> poat i�� on ��vi.ih oaat oontai of land appuad
for. marked litters ���>��� V-. about one mile weat of
Lake Uktdat, south m..-,* .>( Skeena liver I'mrict
of Coaat Kaata *-
Datad -apriJ --���. 1911.     BELL HALL KLNSKV
Pub. Ma>  '��� J*-'1111 Havt*riy. Auent
Bkaaaa Land Dutrict -Dutnct of Coast Range 6
Take note* that 1. John l��an Peter* of .Ttr.ca
Kupert. B   C . tWCUpat on clerk, intend to app
Skaana Land District ���Diatrict of Coaat
Take notice that William McTaviah of Vaucou-
ver, H   C. occupation pli>aician, intenda to appl>
for parmtaatun to punfiaaa the following daaorbid i
CoOMnanclni at u poal planted at the aouthvvu.
corner, lo dun.a north and 40 chaina eaat of the
BOfthaaat corner of Lot U16, llarvey'a Survey,
Coast Diatrict, Rang* 6. thenca 60 chains east
thanca 60 chaini north, thenca tio cbaina vaat,
ther.ce 00 cnaina aouth to poat of comiueticamant
eontalnini 860 ucrea more or lata.
Datad Ma> 8, 1911. WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Pub. May t>. Krvd W. Uohler. Agent
Coaat Runge 6 Land Diatrict
Take   uui.ee  thut   1,   John   Hepburn   of   Kit-
bUiiikulutu,   occuputlon  farmer,   inteud   to  apply
lor peiiiii-sa-doii to purchase tuu follow n��� deacnboJ
Commencing at a poat planted at the iiorihejL ,
coruur ol Lot .iv.xi, inunco i-.i.-i ~o chuina, tliuncu
aoutb   10 cliuina,  tliuncu west 20  cnutis,  thunco
i..-in. iv chuina to pluco o'coiumencement'
Duted Miu-cb 16, l.'l I. JOll.N   HKl'lU iiN
I'ub April lo.
SkeenuLaud DiatrUt-District of Caaslar
Take OOUoa that 1,  Perry  i.'m-vi uu uf  I'Ui.ce
Kupert. B. C.,voccupation proapaotOTi inU'iid to
: applj    (Of   i-ernn-i.u'ii   to   purchuse.   the   (ollowing
iIibh'iiiiii laitji.
t vnimei.cmg at a post plantar, in the vicinity
of tai-wo.-*' ; ���-.-, aPuul (luaa Olgllll of a mile aouUi
ol ttie BtOUM of tne liunutuu Craak, and btuug
un tba Matarb boundary ol Tlmbai Unui No.
BOEbl >. No. BwhOj Uienca aoLtii 40 cliutua along
UM i'U.-t< rij luttil of said 'lliuuvr Utr.lt No, StttU
or No 66XaO .-' ctuuiu, thonce oaat to the ahum ol
. ,. -. Bay. u uutanco oi -to antuni more ur leas,
tlience i.<.Tinerly uiong tna -...;.��� u( vJikiim) ��������.���
-tf tt^alni nora or leaa. tMnoi iraabariy 40 cbatna
more or Mai to point *.( couiti.*,*m.viu*.*ul, coutaiiiitig
lt>0 jen-.-a n.ola ot lea*.
Dated Maun T, 11-11. PKUUV QULLNAN
Pub. APru ..
Skeena Land .Wutnct��� Diatrict of Quoan Charlotte
Take notuv that Cioo. IL Laux of Prince Rupert,
l*. C, oaattpaUoo  bartxir, intenda  to apply  tor |
i����*j:iiL-BBiioii   to  pUNhaaa   the  following   dtwcribad  , Ski^a Land Ditricl���District of ijueon Charlotte
Ct*a*UD*aB9l*vf .t . ;-���'. planteal about MVU
null. Best and uqo mil* acuta lr.ru th* mouta
ol Stanly Cfs>sk, Nadea tlvbor. tti��niM south SO
chains, thouvv b-vvsi 10 chsina, thence north .-J
chains, tlwnvV taut 10 chslns.
l>al.\l Msrch IT. UU. GEO. II. LAl'X
I'ub. \it:1 ii. Num. 1 v*.:iuts. A.'.' :'.
a%r*-*-al Land District���Disuict ot Coast Hsng.
l'ske  notie. th.t   Anna, Mussallein  ol  Pa-wot
lvu|v*rt. II. Ca, occupation marrivd woman, tnt.nda
lor'perniissior,"to purchaa.' tl-.f jolioaln. doacr,t-��i to apply (or permission to purchase th. lolloains
-no. d.a*critaiad lands:
.   ..!.-..I   aK..n,   .'. -       an  '       *      '���'' -u ������''��� -a   Si  B  post  plshted  St   a   pOSt  St  th*
nets, al J i.... ;  ��� Md rteul lire.' an h       ^*     M ��55rj .-ail Iron, sVl.. corner
one-hall ...i:�� dutaiii Jjaaouth .-sierlv   l��t oo , Harvey's  Survey.  Coast   Distnci.
Iron, a blind >.....:��� Irom     -���^.���'-   ���"   1Uw ,s. th,:,.v faJ.. N ch.lhs.th.nw north tv
uc-.es   th.   Indian     veavrve,      ,...,    ^^  ^^  ^^   ^   |**-J-   w--  ^  J(
iio   rhslns.  thence esst  M  chsins.  thenc. south N
;tYW Chsins to point ol commencement, oontalnlna; l.u
sctv* more or loas.
-0  clai:-...  thei.ce  :.or:r;
Ml chain*, ih.nce souin MJ chains to point o
eoom��ncement, eontalnini MO scrw mere or leas
ilCl��U.        JOHN IVAN PBTBRS
laae hence lust Ub%b*|I i ���--���"' ol 1 unci
' ivi.|a.-i. b, v.., occupauon buicner. intend, io spply
' lor La-ru.ia.lou to purcnase Uie louovvinii dvscriueu
, IBUda.
, 1 iiririnT-B*il*l .1 �� I���'��� planted about seven
I nuea a-aft Bud IB'U nu.ea aoulh ol the luouiu ol
i Slavlii*1- I ree. vvi..r��- it eiuplles lulu Nadeu
' ttsr^e'r. varsiiBin Istaud, tbenc* no chsins south,
i thence N chains Best,  th*uce  no chains uorth,
uieuvv M Chans aMut lo poinl ol co:niueuceriu-nl
a;.; ....... i..:..- iraiO seres more oriess.
Llaieu Marcb IT, lull uLUltvit' 1 i...  'i Ll
I'uh. April .. .Nuu.s Demera, AH*ul
*sa��B*U Laud DlaUict���Dislrict ot v; Chariuit.
lase  nolle, thai rrai.B  laeviclv  ol   VVcudalocs,
OUL,    ....,'alloU    IW.l..-,,.-.     lUUlUda     lO    J,',l..
Is], per.ulaa*on 10 purcUatae lot leUoallli; descriuevl
..cmuieuciruj;   at  a  poat   plsnted  about  sever.
SkUM Land DUtrlct���District ol t'oas' B��""l* "
lake notice that Alaxuiid.-r Melntoab 01 >��n
couver, U C., occupation real osisie M0����
intenda to apply lor periiiission lo purchiise in.
lolluwiiij described lands: ,       ���, ,k
, I'oinmeiicine at a post plantod W cllui,"" ���UB
Irom ,|,0 aoutTiwMt corner ol Lol ����. *��MJ 60
chains south, thenca 40 chains vv>'��i. ""J,", ',,
chsins norlli, thenco 40 chaiiu ml to point o,
cominenoeincnt containlm J'-O ��C"'* ">""' "r
Daiod April 17. 1911. ,vr-,wll
Tub. May 6
.Skeena Land Diatrict -Dislncl ol tsas ar
. ako notice that 1, l'orcy Kran.-u OMJf-?���
ol bu-wart, U. C, occupsiiiio journalist  in .nd ��
���apply   lur  permission  tu  purely..-  ihl  lOBOWIal
deserititHl land.: . .
Cumiiiencin* al a post plutod 00 lhe ruht
bank ol the Nsas river aboul sown "i">a *Uu>*'
lhe lorka ol tho Naas river. thsoCO ���"������<" J�� v''1"'"'-
llienco weat no chains, iheiuv BOrlO -'u chiuns.
Ihence east 80 chains to point ol oomtti.BO.-BOO.,
coniainiiii 040 acraa more or less. , ���,....���.TH
��� . ., 1'fUCy eRANCia 00DBNRATH
DsiedMsre 35, mil. PrankSidoey Wrlfat,*!���
I'ub. May 17.
. bkosna Und DUulcl -lliilricl ol l assiar
Take   nolic.   th.t   I,   John   I n*��   ol   I rinee,
Kupert 11. C��� oecup.tlon loin rtr, I'-'"11 '���> *W
lor permisaion to purchase lh. i.:l.'��in�� deacrioM
Commcncln* at a post planted about l2) two .
mile, .outh ol th. lorks .1 too wolta and nst
rivers,  thencs south so ciiains,  th.'nc* esst   so ���
chains, ihenc. north SO conns, menc. wesl uu |
cbaina. , .���.,.. '
Dated April 18, 1911. JOHN LNWIN
Pub, May 13. Irincia S. 1're.ton. Asent
Skesna Land District���DUtrict ol Ivisst
Taks notie. th��t  Hume llabinjlon ol rnnc*
Kuimrt, B. C, occupation maaier rnarlnof. mends
10  spply  lor  permission  to lease  lhe  lollowin*
described Isnds: .   .
Commencing st a post plaalod alvul 100 ctBina
south ol ths Indian Kaaverve oo ir.e east aide ol
House Ilsy on the eaat side ol:.-.�� '..-JMulo thenc. ���
nurth loll chain, along she:.- to leo lies*'*'' "M.
tbeuc. west 60 chains more ur ..-as to Gooae Ilsy,
thene.  100 chains  along store,  thence esst oo
Usual April 1
Pub. May M.
eVast Lami Di.-triv-t District ol Skaana
Tak,; notlea that 1. l'uul Brertdler, ot
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, intern! io apply for permluion t.- ...i?.'
the following foreanore:   Commencing
Dsted May S, 1911.
Tub. May IS.
��� *^n"j an ��'p^I ir��r.s^ I a^**. ��t=i ��.-v.-ii-ii.ii.����*-
Skc.ua Und District���District ol Cassiar
Ts.e   notice   that   I.  Thomas  MeMeektn  of
1-ruice Kupert. U. C, vvccupalwn elarlt, tnt.nd tc
.pply  lor permission  to purchaa. th.  :      *   .
descritveai   ..   :s.
1'ommcnctr.f at a post plsnted snout two miles
south ol the forks of the White and list mo.
l.BflKir, v.iai.*ui island, luvhcv 60 chsll-s -alum,
VUVaivB,   tO    CBIU.   VBat,    I:......     hO   ChBlU*   llUtlh.
... ..-.��� so chains wvat tu point ol couuueuotmem
aud couuniug 040 acros more or less,
l-.'.eu  .1 ..���    li, UU. r laA.NK LL\'1CK
i uu. April ,. Nkliua Demera. Ag.t.
thence ivouth SO chains, ihence wm: ?o chains.
Dated Apr! IS. UU.      THOMAS UcalBKKlN
Pub. Mai IS, Kranas S. Prsatoa. Aceni
ttaVM Land Dutnct���Dbtrlct ol I'aaalar
Ta.e notice that I. Charles L. IWtrove .1 m*b-
art li. C . occ.ia-.i.n pru.pe��or. intend to .pply
lor purata-sican to piireaas. lh. lode at-a desenbed
Commencing a: a rxvat plsnted shout sis miles
aouth and one uitle wast ^l the tola* oil th* W tills
si rivers. -T.ence soulh M cta.Tj. th*nc*
.-����'. SO chains, tbenc* north 80 chains, '.banc* Beat
N chsins.
Ds'.ed April CO. Mil.     CHARLES t'ELGROVL
I'ub. Msy *. Frsrcu S. rreslcn. Agsnt
Tai.ti Laud Diainci���Diatrict uf Coast
iaa* nouc. thai v.....:. Mi......: ��� I  .-..ivii.i:.
It. C, occupallon r��d  . -. ��� .  ...��  . intends to
apply lor p*ruaa**iou io purchas. th* following
..aV.;a.l   1.LU8.
Commancug al a poet planted 40 cbains ��7st
and .0 cnaibs souin .1 lie .-::.-.,-. corn.r ol
Lot   Nov   l..o   IUB.-..U   Ulvliu   McArlu.--a   Ova-th-
*.Sl   COrnar.   tbla-Mi  OVavSjUl   -W   ClaBlla*.  ItaBLCV  -vast
so chains, taa*i.c* t.a.-tn 4o ciasjns, thsne Bel
cvl caalna to po*l of  coruil,Bl,c��ui.lit,  CUailaltjng
aialO   1.1*1   mors  Or   4B.V.
Uatas) alBunio, mu.      GLENN McAKTlll'R
l-ub. Awd lo. T. l>. Laird. Agent
mor. or le
D.led March 8, 1911.
Pub, AprU 15.
-aa**vns Laad L'astr.ct ���Dasir-.ct ul vjucn Charlotw
la*,  notice  '.lul   lluaarrt  U.  lr*s   ol  1'rinca
i.-psrt. 1-. e... varca.pai.oa agant, in-.ei.ds lo spiny
lur paru.ias.cn ta purci.aas UK louo..:.g d*scriueu
Skeens Und DUtricl-Dlstrict d Lsssiar
Tak.  nouc.  that   1.  Charlea  at.   Knouse  o
Prirwo Kupert, U. C, occupauon termer, intend
to apply (or permission to parenss* the lollowing
described Isuds:
Commencing st a post plsnted abou*. [Q tor**
mile, soulh snd 131 two rail*. **��t ol tr.* fa-ras cl
Whll. rivM and Flat river, Irene, k-uth .-0 chsins.
thwos west so chains, ihehvs, iwnh M chaina.
thence eaat 60 chains. .,   .... ^,..,,,
DstedAprll30.mil.      CHARLES M. KN0t.bE
I'uh. May 13. Francis S. Praaton. Ag.nl
i      -    i    .     .. i.,.-     a .--,..,  ....    souin OI  .r.e loras oi  ice  ,��an. .no  rial  i.vi
at a post planted about i. feet irom tne , ltt!>M nonh stf chl:M> lnfoe, M w chml
location [Vst of lot 1801 on Porcher Is-
land, thence i" a southerly direction
following high water mark lit1 feet;
thence west to low water mark; tlier.ee
northerly following low water mark
litKi feet; thence east io point of commencement
Dated March :. 1911.
First insertion March 11
nt mm U:i.l Putrid ��� Duirict of Coas: Rang. J
Take nouc Uul virace UOaVrtok. ol Vancouver.
11. e\. occupa-.io:; ro0a*riod *ra*ftao, latoe :�� to apply
for iw-rniiBBion 10 l-urchas* the following oe��.-n:*aj
hu.,,1,. Sk.��na Land District -District ol Coast Rang* t
Commencing si s rost planted at the fcvuthwas. ,     Tsa* not.c* th.t 1. J. Harold McK*u ot |-noe.   .anua.
corn.-r 100 .t-.-juu and 10 chsins north ol      Rupert. B. C. occups: oo bUekam lh, Inlend to      CCaaUaeacing  .-.  a post  pian-.ed  aboul  6  K.
~. -���-.-: .  - .: .! 1..-1 lllti. liar... . Survey    app.>   for j-srrn saw.,  to purctu. th.  loUortng   ium. ... ��.d t^l a nil* auum ol tu. mouta ol   commencement, eonlair.ir.g ...0 sere, mor. or
Caaot  lvr,i.   Ksnge S. there 10 chslns east  < dascr bed Isnds: -Manls)    vlws   an**,   ll   Knpiies     mio   Naden
these*  - ".i. ther.ce 40 chains west.       Commencing .'. . post plsr,t*d sbout thwesr.l    Uartaur. ur*. *     laiand,  i.e....   ....  40 dvaiaa.
.   s ..with io post ol coram*ncen'..:.l   en* hall mu*. 1 ��:*r.-. .n s south a**t*rly dlf*cu.<: . tna-nc*  nana  4U ens aa.  uww *����l 40 ualns.
eoi taini .- . - ' icre* mor. or l,*s. from a blind a******* from eitvawvatory Inlet slim    in��sc* so.lh 40 chB.ua to poiul ol comm.ucawil
lisle*: Vi. -. GRACE McTAVlSH 1 th. mm* loucne. th. Ind >u Ksrjrrv*. tb*r.c�� �������:   and conva-uiig ;vo *cr��* more
i'uh  Mii'i). Fred W. Uohler. Agent   Sd chains, thence south Ml chs ns. thenc* rest to
j chains, tb.ee* re.-*... so ens ns to po nl of com
tTH-ncen-ent. evntai-dng tie seres a-ior* cr lea*.
Da'.ed Apr 1 14. mil.       I. UAKOLD McKEA
Skeena Und DUtrlcl-Dutrv-l o Coast Rang. 4
Tak. not c* th.l Mu- . .Mcllse el l.ncouvwr
U. C, occup.tion twal oat... froaer. inlands to
spply lur psrrulssion 11 parebss. m* lollowina
described Isnds:
Commencing al a ovt hUnte-i .'0 lhe sou.b
bank v.1 i .. ..jii.ai*. nw-r aia-ut n.* mil*. Irom
.1. cun1u��ne* with loo -��������*:.* river, tnence 40
chain* west, thenc 30 chains north, in.no. 40
cnains wasl, ihenc iv ci.aiiu north, tnence M
chain. *a��t, ihence SO cta.iu wulb, Ihenc 40
chaiiu east, thenc 4o chains south lo point ol
D.ted ipnl :i. mu.
Pub. M.l U.
Dated Marcs ll, 1��IL
l-ub. Apr- >.
ii. it.ur a crew
N-ima Dvossrs, Agsut
Sa..: a Ur.d District���District --f Caaaiar
Take none that 1. Ja :.e�� Duniop .���' Princ
Rupert.   II.   C.   oecupsttuu   -...:..:.:.       .end   U
aj;-...   i.r  -MTaalOBlOa  to  pv-rcnij*  UrO  loUoaiog
desenbed land.:
fSOBBtaswWlOal ��i . ;vi; piaolrd ab. .;   bo miles
-. ...   .: -. .i taffej      too Whl     .   : .".*: rivers
ihenc north >0 chain.. t*,:ce   ---���  60 c:..ia*.
th*:.e* soutll -. .-   .   ��� at- eail -o chairu.
Dated A-,-:u IS, Utl . Ul I * DLNLOP
Pub. Mu IS. FraadsS is-.on.Ag.nl
Skeena Und '. 'ulnct���Davuvrt a! . . .ur
Ta*��  n.'.-ee ir.a-.   i.   Ma.->   v a-.-   ..     l*.s.*t.
B. C��� occupali      ��� a:-iel * I   1.,'v
lor tiern.uBi.-r: to panrhoos -. .     .   -   . s.acrivBd
- t at a post ptuted -   *.*m
south a- . .,. *r��; .: ���  .  .  ��� .s ol the
White  a. I       .-.--.
t b��t ee   ���
ire: .-v   - -
I'.-.eo Aptl . MAR,       ...I .
I'uh. Msy 13
-   .   .  .
T.ke   :.;..-*   .   a:    .     at
ot   Tor. ��� I  .    . -   01
lo a; .
dCa-r.;- .    U  j
v ���    ..   ^  a"   .
ita m
%u:        .   .    .
-    -    ..
a       -     - * .-'.-.-
Da-.s.; Apnl I
.'ILU .1
rub. a. ��� .
SasMM Load | ...
... .   .
ver. .
lor p*,-in.sa..-r ..- f*.-:**, -.
v.~.meadr.g a: a post p,i-lei
w\�� ,-���-..- .. |
ther.ea   war.   . ,    .
ibooa . *.   ���
pant cf ci x-r.er.ev t-*nt-
l'B>     -..   V
P.b A.:   ..
skens Und Dutrict���Disir^t cf Cr
Tsk* none that I. John Robert l'*c> cl trine
Kupvrt. tl. C occupation cook. tnt*hd to apply
for permaslon to purchase In* Isb**bB| d**cr:b*d
Commendrig at a poet p'.sntrd i t��o ml*,
scuth and ti tao mi.��s *est ol the tor*, cl the
White and Flat nvers, tnence south M tta-tao
l-are* east so chain*, Ihenc nerlh M aaaaaa
thenc west so cha ns.
Dsted Apr I .0. mil    JOHN ROBERT PACEY
Pub. May IS. Franc * S. l'r**-.on. Ag.n
Skeen. Und District -Dutrict rf Coast Rar.g* !
Tak.  not c   that   I.   Manna   Le...  ol   ln:t,
-pert. B. C, occvip.t OO mart -d .reman l.ten .
.ppiv fo- permlaaloa lo purchas. the fc.le.lag
a*i i mail land..
Cocnm��oSn�� at a poat planted about the* aad
one-hall Hulas distant In a southaw-aterb d��*ctlcc
from a tbed aloagh from obB*r.B-.or> Irurt aa**.
tt* saa.�� icucrea tb. lndsa lUerrv-^ idswoeeaot
���o chain*, thenc oeuih nl oka aa. thacc ���� .-
chaina. theac nortb so cha a* to petot ol com.
', meoesaaeat, conia a Of ���40 oe**. more or Iraa.
IHU-d Apr I 14.1��U. MARTHA LEEE
Pud. Mai U.
Sscna Land Distnct���District al Cout Ranr*. i
T.a. no'.ac taal llvnry Mscar.a*} et i-nnc
Rup��n. B. C. occupauin m:a*r. latcad. to sppl;
(oe pernoassion to purchss. ta* ;. ic.iag As.cr.tt:
Commeneiag at a post planted ea the .out
al. ot Kichuaauss Ki.*r. aboul i 1-3 Bile. Ires
, Ita ceadus-ac aiu ta* Skcna Rieer *ad about
I l-J mil*, ant from EsehuautB. -apida. ikeec K
e-.sia. MSta, th*rsc ao chsiM *asst, Uwac SI
cava* souta. ia*ac 40 ctaias aeK te petal e
���ayro-aaanem.nl. cocialntag Xio acres awn cr
i*a>. Pet rr.srk*d H.M. S��. CaBr."
1.     ..���   .���
Skwoa Und Duuict -Dtffa-ticl ol Coast Rang. 5
Pako ,., -,.ce that 1. l.a.es A. Vsugnan ol
I'-.r.c* il-i^r.. 11. C. .-.-.-a: sue. marcaaat. inland
to sppl, lor permuBv. ���:. to p-rcasss la* following
u.Bcnued laada:
Commencing st o i--sl t'snted on the south
bank of Eacaumuika i....r .nd about lour aula
(rato It. endavenn with UM SBena fliv��r. thenc
N chaina ul lhaae M crams nor.t, taene Ml
. . > oast, Ibenc* so c.-.a:*u south lo po.nl oi
c-nmene.-tv.nt. cental-��r.%- vie tcrM moe or leas
Dated April31. mil e .MULES A. V.U'GHAN
Pub. Apnl 39.
.-a>l-*asL*aa4ay.Ba.'.Ct --.��� r...     :   a, Jm i C iBTi Ot
I aa* OBBaBBJ '.na: Cal^r.-. a.  UoRM        . v a,.:
Aaaaarl*.   aB\-M,4:.on   ....u.a.*.   IQIMM   lu   Ba>.J>.
IOC  laSflaaiaVaOh   tal   paatCa^S*   l...   ..wa*..^   aa**CriavU
Cucnaenang at a poat ,,a^:��ai i.���: S 1*.
eu, .el and a*.! a i.-*. *v.;a irom la* mauu.
ol Maa.., v ,-s.b, si..-, .t saptiva, mm aNaeei
tlariaac. uraaam Isaaud. *JsB**a*a SO OM... at a :
aL*-e  4.   v-*. * ��*sl.   ii.m.w  4V caaia.  ru.-.L ,     . .^^        ....   ...     . ���> a
toa-we 40 ��^..u -et to p tal oi oor.rai.oaa-i.1 ��*>" Lead Dsatiict-DeUictol Coast lasr.,-.5
s.Jcv.^iu-g.i-uB.-1-B.i-aa-.or.efc ,. I a*, notice that Mrs. L. C. Futr-am  at bt
pstwi Usia .:    ... 'a-vi   Miaaeota,   occup.Uuo   marn*d   woman
CATHERINE HAKRLSON inlands to sppay le p*rmiaaioa to purchae tb.
PubAgsr.;. .Siui.i<v.i|.. letleeriat dsoorltorl laeooi
Cammeactog an pi.i plan-u-i at in. souihaet
corast U Lot No. ITdalrnsrasdMrs. L. C. Putnam s
ea*aa*aa Laad Deanci���DsKnct el v.dea CaarMtu aoethesst Cucae, lhaae west 40 chaana, thacc*
UaB-as sa.,*.a to cnaina  teae aast 40 cnaina, lhaae
Tabs aotie last J. rl.  rlsirpal/.el ,a-.c.i.*r. acta so caa.as lo post of eomn.*ncsm*nt, con
U.   C.   0��C.Ia*vl*a*l   CaKB USTCaa.   UmSBSMr,   i.i.hus      u l.:ng 1.0 *K** tiH Ot ie��.
lo s,�� lor sBa-aueaoa 10 purcaw* las HU.B.ag   D*-.ed Marca Jo mil.     MRS. L. C. Pl'TN'AM
eoma>*sciaag si a poet ptaatei aaeut   s*.��a
miaas Be*,  aud 0M   a. * ,. .. .  ..-in la*  mouta
nua laweoes
P.b. AprU IV.
G*o. K. Putnam Agan
Dated Msrca :
Pub. Apnl tt
����� cr***. Nadsa .1*.-.                       a 6, m,;, i^i r^t��t-Di*t��1et ol Coast Rang, i
U.*te  we.   la  c MM, -. m  . -it   50 lM. t^e, la.t u aut jj^. Uui. ���, !>�����.
**���*���',*?*��� V.*   *"**- ,   i>   ���, naov l^lien,  B.   C  occupatk*  .pirulav,  inuad   to
davm!..l��lL 3. it. MlltPHY awUfrniieiaai. purcaaa. ta* loUowing
N urna . -��=-*rs, Agaat
_ Usi t'utr<t ���lu-.nct ol Ci^	
Toko mMm thai 1. Ct.raai Fredenca Meica.,
��� ..-.. 11. C . Mt**Mll*0 I-*ighl*r. in ���
apply U--r pe-Toa-SB-a lo purchu. th. loaiowmi
daecr.bed Unds.
Coxa-ia***riat at a post plaoled ea tbe rath-
bank ot th* Naas r.v.r about su taaea sbo**iiys
locks ol th. Naaa nv.r. there euth M eJsaiao.
ihene ***t -a) ctB.rs. there north M ctaies.
���set M chains te poiai el *oaiJieec*o.*rt.
a      J .lv acre n-.oc or 'aaav
Doted Mam. It. mil. CHARLES F. METCALT
Praak Mm> Wrajtit, Asset
fke&e Und Dutrct-Durtric-. et Coast
Tsa..  nc'.KB  t-ast   i.  w.. ..-a Joti e'e*)   ol
r.icker. Intend
 - r peraaasMO to pvirtaae tbo leDewi-at
.- . - ...
-    ��� ���
'    I*
.    -'.iaa*.
5ken* Laal Da-uMt���Dutrict of Caaeier
Ta*.  aotie that   I.  Thomas  Maegov.-n  of
Stewart. B. C. eer.paiioa ailnsr loisnl I    -
lor |���m saa.ui le pvircaae ta. fouu*.ag iVatrnissd
Oxanxadag at a peel punted co iu ngti
beak el th. Naas It*,  aiv.t lour muse abos* ta*
fork, ol the Ness r.v r. ua* scuta 00 Caataa.
tharae mat ov chaina. ta*ae aonb M caataa,
ttene est tv chairu te petat el eoaawaeaoasa'..
cratattniag *iv acre ra. r* cr leas.
lHuMA.- MACuO\t..N
Dated March IS, UU. Nda*> mat tVltfbt, Agt
I'ub. May If.
Skene U-ad Distr .t-Distlivl of C-BMt
Tak* notie tltat 1. M ��� .' ��� >
Kacert, BC .������c.-.ii*:
t   apply foe I - ���
���-1   a       .
Cocaraeaciasr at a t ���' i .-.'u-i a- chain, est
and Mo chains svruth f
let ita. Coast District. I.*-.-��5. ti**ace ���
th*!M* eaat ��
��� :r��*w* sseet 4 .-.* -.. rna*** or lew to in*
.'  uanmaaumi  -   , ataim-ia; a
Mar :. mn
���  -
-HRlSTivN   t
- i. mn
I Im
.'o*Mri*na-iag ot o post r sated st tb* oa-utheeat
���   a' .- ���  '    - a-,    a   ;.��- ���   nHM
:. c-iaina. there  east   N chain*, taene       ,,,, ��� -.*��� tbat I
orftb JO tbativs, iheee MM <   rBrue to pent
fa     a        ,
"id .4* Cvassl tlaag. S
��� sUot of |a*rlin.
.  l.r.dl  to   SMI*   .or
)* loaioaiag  leei I el
���   ���
Sk *aa Und ! i sasur
Tsa. oetsos tast ;  .    ���  .
s:. - . .-cruu*  th*  f
..-.ci-.- SI  s post plsat-d Sbou!
W B��t ol the
the W.-.-.s snd 1 .st ners. th*ee Ool-lh I
there **�� ��� c-.aias. lh*ae suuth H
the- e* ���
l>*:*d Apni ;-. '.��...        J. iis :    UlTCaCLL
Pub Ma, 1J France S. Freta-a. Ageat
Skeena Und Dutriel-Distnct cf C-a-t lUTge V
Tai, vr
I -
.-* th*
 I 10
-    cr* -.  a*,-.
���  ������ ���
.....el-e U.e. aaa*   rr.a-Sfal  J
1.. MarUrss .  ��� :-ier. :h��rr* ���
... i        dao, to,
ehsir -   ' -  -    ;    - -
mence" ���   ���
Qee. H. l-'itnam. A����ht
Date Mav II, 1911
Pal  J
��� ~a Is-l I ut-ct--.r.ifict cl Tsssa-
Lb-o i-ut  w/..iara Fr*d**a*b laitert
.u,-*n. D   C. occupatioa eart*r.t��
Head, to apt! j  le paroitaSea u
��� ���   .-.   .    ,
C [������Sanaa, at  o post pleated .bout thre
-oe scuta of U* lorks .1 to*
N south  OS chaiao. ta**e west  M
r* north *0 stasia*, theac est M
<.-.,.licO   da:
a.B   ll   pSJtOtlll
.   -
I steins ol o i .*'. i ur led .1 tb. south.
set earner J  Let IHS, iraeae .et lo ,'a.u
:���-*.: *e. liaas. ., .ta tl cbains aaer. �� ..s*.
itari-e *et SO) okaina ***** m leas, thasos aenb
. .  a rr.rar* e ,*e u pent �� laaoaiooooonai
.    i   acre - -r* .r.e*.
. ..March 31. UU    U.DON S. DETWILI.K
Uu. Aid it-
��� .aads:
Lonmcncdig al a post plsated at IM north
wet cornn vf Ut ITH, Rang. i. Coast Otauict
ta.ac *et 10 curs, tuu. north 35 chains
de-aos *at 41 caaio thane north 20 chains
ta*ae *.*i lo chaina, thene .outh 45 ebam. to
pauat ot coaaeacetaeot, eoniaiaiag Ul acre
ace* ar lea
Dated ..;���.. I. m.l.        CLARA MAY UTTLE
Pub. A��:i. li.
Saets Uad Dutrict���Dutnct ol Caaaiar
Tsa*  noise  thai  I,  Isaac O linen  I orb*, ol
1 nae rlupcct, B. e'.. occupsllon caarpanler, intend
f.r pwrn.aa.ioa to purchae lb* loiioeing
uecnle-i lends.
CMM*oa*e*)| al a post planted sbout fl* mil***
Suu-.a aad uu* e...�� .est el lb* forks of livsWhii*
..I lut ri.**s. lhaae aonb 00 chains, thane.
-et -. e.-*.:u. tbeun eoutb 00 cnsins. ir.sne
.-.J it. mil. IS.VAC O'BRIEN rORBES
Pub. Mai *,a. Praaca S. Preloo. Agent
.-.ena Und '.irtrlct���Dlatiici ol Caavlar
.   Ir*ta** in.-. I. awaa li..**a ol biaaart.
II   C.  occuie-.aa  carpeoier, lowed  te  apply
loc Mrmtauv.. u> purchae lb* IsUo.iag deenned
co.TUii*o*itg at a pest planted about  Si mile
. u ea* .i n.t,. west ol in* leas ol tb. W aiu
.: rhtoo, t!��r.e OO chaiM aoutb. Ihene su
. mm, lha.e oo chsins nortb. th*ne 00
-'. IS, mi;. SWAN MUXES'
i ..   Ma, 11. Frsocis S. 1 reun. Agent
-ser.iUa. Dastnct ���Dssi-aci ol |.en .a.rloit.
-  ISII.
Pub Moi Francis S Pretra. Ageat
> : a��� : Dtatl .-t -Dutnct ff Cselar
Ta>- v,o JWdeO Mere C
rnne ;. ,*c*up*it*heeatrarte.h
(bC permissien to parchee lb* I      *    .
aauoo taal Qaorg. W. Araotl ol Princ
Rupm,  a   C.  uccspaUvU r��a. eut*  brour,
< per.aass.oa *.u purense  ths
John catbph.3. Agent ...        i .and*:
CuaoMacng .-. . pet plan'.*] about  *.**n
oaaaas ant or*��� aa.f mskf wet sol on. miis soutr
Skeeaa Uad Detract���Datrirt ol e a- ar from ta* m-iia al Sualr  Cres. Nadso ll.roor.
T.s. notM* taat I rnavns S. I'retoa ol lire  f*ne ���**���  M aa**aa| io*ne soi-.a M chains.
���   7.,.  .   .  .   i,-B*-��e oonh so oholoa.
Date! Marca 17, mil. GEO. W. ARNOTT
i . Sums Irenvsre. Agent
i I
Rupsn, li   Ca. oecupstw-a in.petvt. intend  '..
'.r  pwn.aewa  le  parcr.se It* l.uv.mg
uectibed unds
lomni'i^iag  s<   s tasot  i aatel  .bout  thre
... s* mike  ���-���    I Ik.    -..
to. Wait* aad l*t r..*e. tr-re Be..:-, -i c ..-u
itune ***t >v cMiea, Usui oecth SO ct.nu.
tneaet t***t M ctsaiaa.
Dated April JO. mil.     PRANCU S   1 l.i
l-ub Ua�� It
."o1 SSmUt2f2l te lee   **����� t-��1 "*��������� -Di.-rart el g"
S   ^ikiBTrtircJeTtt. tStiH oecii.'ed   '
>U *a*t
r-aoca^S Pretea. Atrat *��?*&��?*
lub. Ma> 11.
~ a Und District -I'uthct id Casalar
Take noise list 1.  tired Kg-M el I'-ine Ku
pet.   II.   l'.   oeeu-.-alk-n   eieeinckin.   ir.ter.d   lo
' r  r-rtTiisBH-n  lo  purchae  th.  lollowing
Jecnla-d lar. la:
i oniT.neirg 01 0 post pisrlel slwut I tv--��
mi'e e.ulh "I the tt-rao ol lh* Whit* and list
rieen. tlrene M chain, seutli. Ihetic Si) chsin.
east. Ihene <0 attain, aonb, thene to chain,
Sker.i: I'District of Coast Raaf. I
v - ���   ii i-
oecupatlori Cloernment tl   i
IOC I    ...���,..-. .     .   .tnaerila.
Ceauneti   -.- ,t s v   =t t :.ir.te.i M obali
a.,.1 lj��. r>., . . south of thi
Re ITSO, ranae   .   utdl.ttift.marB.dWm.LeUe,
..   a. ""I*-*, tbeec* ...uth t' chains,  thence ea.*
SS����7S tea,"m'm"lr"M"1- SaTtt*.
wm. LsSfua
B*SaaMeeS, ,,.,. ���,,T u E*>rd. A^t
r��b- Ap.il rhk, uu
Eke..* um Diana -bwari- ^ , ���.
Dated April I-. 1911.
1'ul.  Mai Id.
At.Fl'.t.D KYTF
France s. Preton. Ag*nt
���    . Uni District -Detrifl ol Caviar
Take r.etie laaj 1. Js-ne Millar Johnston ol
S-aa.--.  It   Ca, "Cfupstion rtf.r-ke-.aer, ir.l*- I  10
sppt)   ' n lo purehse the  lollowing
���l���crti-l loads
, ......... ^ t, . pea  ,'s--*l s...e,t on* mil*
noMh fmtn tie   Nae netr and about nine miles
��b..ve the f-rk. ol lb* Nsas rise. lh*ne rannh ��'
thalns,  Ihene  wet  to ehslns. thene south   .0
ehsiru. .herrf.. ...' bo rh.ln. l* eeml ��l commenr*
���. m.i'   c -,tair ii�� slo .ere m-,-* o, P-a*.
l'�� ��� 1 March 11. 1111. Penh Sil^, Wngkt. Ast
I I'ub. May I,
._. I* a Kuth wetetly directwa
Irea a bead riough Ira-ai ute��*attr> Inlet wtee
'���    M     ������'-'     I-       .       .   ���-    -..    ,..-
SO cha a*. Ihene -ntth tv rb*iM. thenc wettv
CtBina. th*ne eutb to flair.. SO potai of Cora-
batt**a*M0al. foatainlas SI0 acre mor* . - --**
D.led April II. l-ll. Jul   JACK
l-ub May IS.
Skene Und tii-triei -Dutriet ol least Hang* *
Isk* aotie thai Utiw McTs.uh ,-f VooOMiol
H.   C. . ,--.- i   .       ,  .   intend,   lo
spply   le  pereiiseion  to  parchae lb*  leiiowng
ueeril-el lends
I M -neneirg at s pert plsr.tel al Ih* -firth*
wet C'rr.er l.*0 elsl-e est snd N f,aiw north
Ircm tl* renleet e.r;er ol Lot 1116. Ilsrvfy'*
Survey, e'oet l��i*trifi.ll*-ge .--.t'sne 30 chain,
south, ihene t* chain. ..��-,. thr-e to el..<n,
a*rth. thenc 40 chsin* oreat, l*--r.ef Se ch.ms
euth. Ilrf.se 40 ch.Ha ...1 I. ih.: of comm. n-
ere.nt, f-ontalring 4e\i .ere* rt.ore.-t lee.
I Ds.e.1 Ma. 3. 1911.
Hoooo I ood District���Dbirictol CsssUr
Tsa. MUM it,., |, AIM* M. Knoue  of Prlne
Kaiart. I    .  . i-ccupation msrrted womsn, intend
te spply (or t-e: mission to purchae lb. (ollowing
d*eribsd Uad*:
mmencirg st s post plsnted sbout two mile
and two mile wet ol th* lorks ol White
i.t  riv.rs, trene nonh to chsins. tbenc
east SO ehains,  thence suuth  to cbains.  theac
wet to et-.Bir*.
I��t*.i April SO, mil. ALICE M. KNOCSE
Pub. May IS. Francis S Preton. Agent
Pee Ma, ��.
Fred W   ll..Mf-   ���
Itkera Und Dkflrtet - HaHr-et ol Ca
a.    'a.   ,.
inler.fi   to   at-ply   I
��   ��� t   ���*-���-rltaM   UMs
Cwu-T.erartr,. at s pet pUntrt shout il, lee   r"n>l
mil*. BBV-sth of MJeTbl ol th. Wan* .ill n���   V"
hTTt'a,    t^trT.-?1-1
?^'SKXmZm^\*7& '
SV*"*"^* lusiwi iVtrict    I> ��trt( t . f fc-itt R��-.
T��k#< mttir* lh��t I. Al*tr\t��r>d*r t'iaefwr. of |*4r��gir-
ham, Mantt t*v wi ; ������ n f��nn*t. iMa-M t��<
��� ri-ly f*-t t����?Tn(����i��oT, to i.urrh��i���� ths? MK winn
4*+f'Am\\ lurtls
->o.ftriT-,e; at  m rr*".t  t>UM-M ��t th" ��outh
*f��t *>.Tt-��.T ���f t,,t j>av*. ,i,,iMft ,.f Omm, Rann* b.
Tak. aaatMtMLBM   M-,-��   I Mm> fr   .������������,. ��,.,,��� M.f mi^ (n ��  ^tth ������.,,.  di.
���ton   Ul   purctiaa.   lha>   f*Ua>��*jj|    i^MTtt,   ��ft   r.*r>*r,   ih,n��*.  ^a,   m  fh(,ln.
***** of l.t **.2.   tn��*t,f-  r,r*nh  |n  *>h��l-��   m-.T��
���an*'>    tttf   t-awrri
-    I tu*.-, I l��niiict-Diuit?t of CauiaW
Tak�� m-tict tr.at  d>iln*>   Hoickiiwon of T��la>
sTTi'h (. i*r*��. It. r. octrupatctiri clerk, tnuntia to
a:) |   f r  ;t>rn.w,oo  to  purchftas? tfct (olloartrf
:����*e:  -d ,a".i
( -loMMMMg at t port pl��nt��-J about a quart��jr
���fit r.orxh tm* Ifsim taiairwr HitTl* and on tb�� **M
hank ot Stiitin* Kim. tbuwt- **aat 20 chains
trt-no* north 4U chaina. th-nc- wvat 20 cbajna
th* r- touth 40 chaina to point of eoa.m��ii<��m��nt
at,<1 mr,tainin| mj acrtv mora or laaa.
l��a ��l fab. ... 19U.
Pub. AprU C.A. Tarvo. Atant
Sknna Uml DiatrMt-Dittrkt of Caaaiar
Taka noiio* that I. iamaa W-batar taplin of
5ttF-aii. aSeCe, ipcupatipn    aucttonaar. Intanti to
ap|-l)   for pprm.fjai.tn to   puithaas?   tba   following
i-wtiltH la&tia:
t'ornmtnnni   at   a  pott   plantM  on   tha  rttht
bar.k <>f tha Naaa nvar about nina milaa abort
th*> fork* of tha Naat riv*r, thanca aoutb 80 chaina.
thaf-nr** w*?flt   f*> chaina. tbanra north  M chains, i
th*nca **ut �����.> chaina to point of ft>mmtnc*rntnt,
containlm W0 acrc-a mor* or Itm
I>a��rl March 24, 11*11.  Frank Sld.-ay Wright, Agt
tmb May 17.
*>���   Ic-rVi   nf   th*>   Sftfjsf   Hi**>r   uprtta-a-jm
���a to toajth  aauit  t-r*-tn*r  of Wl ;����fi4,. thsntra
"K��f* ot  ,*-a�� to point of tfi*irwa{*>
F-**' ���*?*���*����� m-*T��> or !*����
ItKHTlG. KI��WIN  Mlicnt Al.r.XANf��r.R CI.AClirH
l��t\.   Frank aMrl^r Wrt,*,, Ag. I ��>ta .^ IM. itnt
I F-H. el.Mllth, ltll
wrat. thane-  t*0 chaina north." xh^m \l ii��M   ">��J* ���!"��* H $Jm^&mm~*��m'm #��,'**'"��   Ze^^ll.^Sti
,. - . faint   w   mimm%*t*\nm\A    font*i*iir-si   *40   aorraa   m��*t ,���...,...
""" ALIt-.ED  HERUYMAN  -AILUAMb'-"��"*-��� I '     '~
Dated AprU it. mil.      Francis s. rretos. Agnt' Date) Uarek u
fsiaiM. IP., a,./?*."
I^tnak. (kvlvtt, Aar*nt   tMt
��k***r.ai.*--1 l>i<trVt    Diatrict ot Caaalftr
Taka n-*if** that I. Prdri-y Fittga-alrl ol Suvtrt,
P.    C   ,     '  "   tl   ���'.     1     f.-   V,    ir,t.  ,  ,)     ,���    apply    (���,     p^r
n.l*��attor, to |.nrehaaa> tha tollotrlng iloiirillavri Und*
CommsMiclrg  m\  % poat   plant*-]  mYxntX  fl��-t�� mil*
*d*��lh %n<1 on- mil*? of tho forka of Whlta    s
art-1 n��t H��*���*�����, thane* atmith M chaina, thonc*
MM ��� i chain*, thonc* teorth 80 chaina. tbonc*
taat to chaina.
Data*. April ��*. .911     BYI��NEY  FtT7XlK!iALD i
Pub  Mm It-  "
Tha Greatest Fiction Character of the Century Come to Life Again       i
A Great Chance I
Daily . .
News ..
Sir Arthur Conan Coyle will write two new adventures of
the famous detective for the Daily News.
The Daily News has joined a syndicate of leading newspapers of United States ar.d Canada to induex* Sir .-\rtliur Conan
Doyle die author of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories���the greatest
detective stories ever written���to give to the world two more of his
er.trar.ci.-g tales of the great detective's skill.
.-Ml arrangements are now completed, the stories arc delivered,
and at an early date to be mutually agreed upon, the stories will In-
printed.   They are called:
We have read these sturii-s in the proof, ar.d tlu-y are up to the
high standard of skill that thc earlier stories set. We can say
no more.
Thc Daily News has secured the sole right of publication for
the whole of Northern B. t". These stories c.in only be obtained
in the DAILY NEWS.
They will appear in both the daily and weekly edition. They
will start in a kw davs time.
The Daily News
50c A Month   -   $5.00 A Year
reava* a Prsekew, ageat THE   DAILY   NEWS
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
I  I
Lowest Prices  in Northern  B. C.   \
I is ��� M-a.IT��� .���^e*���  ������*  aels.^M.fj..-B-��.^.|sr^S.--**a.l.*B
�� ~
WE ��� HAVE - FOR ��� SALE
Section 9
Township 1
Range 4
This is un excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
This is a little section of the paper, which Irom day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
The Queens Coronation Dress
The model shown in the sketch
exploiting the combination idea is
extremely pleasing, and may be
developed in any number of different materials and effects. In
linen it would lie most charming
to use heavy linen lace for the
skirt and upper part of the bodice,
or if one fancies a change, striped
linen could be employed in place
of the lace. As shown in the
sketch, foulard and lace dyed to
match developed the costume. The
edges are finished with silk ball
teaspoon ground Ki"Kl'r. - tablespoons golden syrup. Finally, add
1 small cup flour gifted with 1
teaspoon baking powder. Steam
four hours. A good pudding to
make on ironing day,
Lemon  Pie
One cup sugar, I tablespoon
butter, 1 egg, juice and rind of
1 lemon, 1 cup boiling water, 1
tablespoon cornstarch, Dissolve
cornstarch in a little cold water,
then stir it into the boiling water.
Cream the butter and sugar and
pour in. Let cool, then add the
lemon juice, rind and beaten egg.
Fill pies and bake.
Fresh from Fashion's Fairyland
"Helen" pink is a new color.
g)l   B-*   $
Dotted foulard is all the rage.
a*f   (ft   s*g
Very new are the palm parasols.
���a a a
Lace combined with net is much
*a a*. &**
Everywhere we see a bit of black
***  b*m  s)l
Sailor collars are to be much in
tH aj. r*g
Very elaborate blouses are made
of fine net.
c2j   rjj  1*1
Buttons   are   very   popular   as
coat trimmings.
a* tt* a
Feathers are slowly coming back
to the coiffure.
a a a
"Natural" linens are in greater
demand than colors.
a a a
Skirts  for girls  are  short  and
only moderate in width.
*a -a a
The Empire effect is now prevailing in girls' frocks.
s*i a a
Still veiled are the various parts
Tin- above is the dnss worn by
Queen Mary at the Coronation,
��itli liir splendid ermine, velvet
mill ,;< ilil I rain.
Made of ivory English nth. in
-lyli-. the I ii .nn iii I decorations almoal completely covering
it. tin- .In---, war. worthy of thc
ocrasion, Imili for beauty and
in. gnificci.ee.
Tin- design shotts the rone,
asiijtnrock and thistle in ilu- form
"f a trn-. tapering towards the
n.ii-i mill widening at the corsige.
Around tin- bottom of the gown
is ;i narrow border of oak leaves
and acorns, and just above, lotus
Wi. -. Prominently in the centre
ol the (nun of the skirl shows the
Stai n| India, with its five |>olitts.
A   I'lulnr   ro-ac,   with   two   large
uiistlei, (urnis the principal decoration nf ih,- front of the liodice.
Tlii' link i> cnihroiilcrcd with a
*i"ill (lisijrn ,,f shamrocks.
I lie   sleeves   are   embroidered
*"li thistles and sliiinirocks, and
ihe back of the bodice, though
hidden by the train which falls
from the shoulders, is also richly
Wrought in gold. The train is of
royal purple velvet, lined with
t*niline and richly embroidered in
The (Jin-en will probably wear
this  rolie at  the   Indian   Durbar
in December.
Beat in the Province
Have you been to see Friszell'i
Meat Market today on Third
avenue? If not, it is worth a
visit. A big consignment of fresh
meat was received today, l-'ri/.zell
has the best equipped meat market
in Northern B, C.
Salvation Army
The usual services will take
place at the Salvation Army tonight and Sunday. The Prince
Rupert Orchestra will play at
the Sunday night service. Special
musical select ions. Everybody cordially invited.
Potato Puff
Put 2 cups mashed potato into
a saucepan. Add yolks of 2 eggs
and 3 tablespoons cream, 1 tablespoon butter and teaspoon salt,
stirring constantly over the fire
until the potatoes arc light and
hot. Take front the fire and stir
in carefully the beaten whites.
Put in a buttered baking dish, and
bake in a quick oven until brown.
Currant Buns
Mix 1 pint warmed milk, 1-2
cake yeast and 1 quart Hour and
let rise in a warm place for nearly
three hours. Then add 1-2 cup
butler rubbed to a cream Willi 1
CUp powdered sugar and 1 beaten
egg; then flour enough lo make a
soft dough, and a cup of floured
currants. Knead quickly, let rise
until very light, then make into
quite small buns. Set close together on a buttered tin and let
rise again. When very light, brush
the tops with a little milk and
sugar, and bake in a quick oven 15
or 20 minutes.
Gingerbread Pudding
Work together 2 dessertspoons
butter and 2 tablespoons brown
sugar, then add  1 beaten egg,  1
Fresh Strawberries
..and Other Fruits..
..Fresh Vegetables..
���Coming on���
S. S.   State  of  California
New Groceries
New Provisiono
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near 6th St.
Phon. 190
of milady's costume.
at a a
Petticoats of net  and  marquisette are now very smart.
& t>> tpj
The clinging skirt with straight
lines is still a favorite.
s* a a
Silk and satin are introduced on
many of the new co-its.
r}j   i*   ifr
Detachable  trains are  features
of this year's bridal gowns.
a a a
The short eve ling skirt has had
its day except for young girls.
for most delicious Bread,
Dalnly Biscuits, Ele., uac
Robin Hood Flour
Your Dealer Has It
���      ,       4-   -��.     4>      *> - 4>-4*
-General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
s & Pipes      Oxford S
Granitewari'       Tinware
^ Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
P. O. BOX 2.1
l-l'l-ll. OF WM. POXON,  Esq., A.ll A..M..J.ON.. KSil
G. T. P. Tranaf.r Agent.
Order, promptly tilled.   Price, reasonable.
OFFICE-H. II. Rocheter. Centre SL    Phone SB.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 680
Funeral   Directors
3rd Ave. near Gth St. Phone No. 86
-*--���  -a-a.-at.ja   �����--av.-at. ^X set, af. t% at, J   aOs A-S-a-J. .*-  -- -*b- -ta. m. J*.
; w. j. McCutcheon
i  Carrii-i completo stock nf Pruirs.   Special   ����
attention paid to flllinn prescription...
'��� Theatre Block phon* Na n Second Are. X
Phone 116
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
2nd Ave., next to old ofT.ce of Optimist, aell only
Beat made In Seattle. Fruit and Candy, wholesale and Kr-inil. Look for flash slg-r. at night.
SAM GOWEN, Proprietor Phono 360
Etamine, Voile and Chiffon are
Very Fashionable Now
The woman  who does not  like
foulards will find that enormous
amounts of etamine, voile and
chiffon fabrics are being used for
everything from street frocks to
evening frocks, usually in combination with plain silk of some
sort, while a very lovely sheer
stulT known as satin voile nietion-
is much likul for dressy uses. It
is a very sheer silk voile with a
satin finish, often changeable in
coloring, and anything lovelier in
coloring and texture it would be
hard to find. Delicate pink changing in lilac, blue nu-lting Into
lavender, snfi yellow changing to
faint green, deeper harmonies of
fuchsia pink and purple, king blue
and green���these are some of the
color schemes; and one may have
the material, too, in one*tone tints
of great variety.
Rev. W. H. McLeod Will Discuss
Whether the Christian Minister is a Business Man.
"Is the Christian Minister a
Business Man'?' will be the Rev.
Warren H. Mcl.eod's subject at
the Baptist church tomorrow evening. Service commences at 7.30
o'clock. .\ number of citizens
iave questioned the right to enter
mil win the business man's race
on July 1st. He will answer this
question definitely on Sunday evening. Regular morning service at
11 a.m.
Bible School ami Brotherhood
Baraca Bible Class at 2.30 p.m.
All men are invited to this Brotherhood class. Mr. John E. Davey,
Organist and Choirmaster. Strangers and visitors always weclome.
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
For Stewart.   Thursdays   und   Sundays
lit K a.m.     Special   fare  on   Sunday
liont,   $.l.r.l> return  including  meals
unci lierth.
st. Prince Albert sails fur Port   Simp-
sou,   Nuns   River,   Magnet,    Naden
Hurlior. Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and f'jr:
Quasi] Charlotte Island  points,  Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper Riv.r
Mixed trains from Prince Kupert Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning;   Thursdays    and    Sundayb
6.20 p.m.
Tha Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over ita
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamsl.ip booking.!
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous  Princess  Lint
Tuesday, July 11th, 9 a.m.
J. G. MrNab
General Af.nl
Amount totals to $7,500 Inculd-
ing $5000 Store on Fraser St.
Tickets  To   All   Points
Following are the building permits for the week ending July
7, 1911:
Kniile Hancq, residence Eleventh
avenue, cost $300.
Rootjes & Peterson, garage and
store house Seventh avenue, cost
Roliert R. Duncan, residence
Ambrose avenue, cost $1000.
M. B. Cohan, storehouse Fraser
street, cost $200.
Frank Clapp, store Fraser street,
cost $5000.
J. I-'.. Mcrryficld, addition to
residence Fifth street, cost $200.
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
a   a   .  FOR a  .  .
Take thc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Read The Daily News
Tender* will bo roceWcd by the undersigned up
to o p.m. July 10th. for tho towing* and emptying
of garbage *>cow. Tender to irivo prlco per trio
and muat boon official form which, together wllh
full Information, can be obtained from the City
15...M City Clerk
Ladies'   ad Childre   's
Special lines Just received
Everything tor Ladles G Children
���"The Ladies' Store'
Sixth Street        Phone Black 184
Second avenje and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Hrltisli Columbia
and Manitoba liars.
nf B.C. Ontario, 8as-
   katchewan  and Alberta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exchange block, comer Third avenue and
Slsth street. Princ* Rupert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental iiii.tii11.iti. skilfully treated. Gas and
local anaalhelicB administered for the painless ���*.-
traction of teeth. Consultation free. Ofllces:
llels-ersnn Block. Pnnce Rupert, 11-12
Al.x.M.Manson n.A .     W.E, Wllllams.n.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
He sells Buildings      He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lots He builds Homes
Special Bargains in
KitseliiH Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Landa      Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands      Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum.Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble Deposits
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
List Your Properties with Uncle Jerry Second Avenue, Prince Rupert, B. C. j*
m^gg* THE   DAILY     NEWS
I j--"*****���***��������*������_";*..>> ss *������*
Bo/s Waists & Shirts
"The News" Classified Ads.
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion-
A very nice selection of Boy's Shirt Waists
with starched collar att'd.. in dark colors, ea.
Several patterns of Boy's Shirt Waists in pood
grade of gingham, with detached collars and *|   A A
stiff cuffs, all sizes, each  l.VV
Boy's Shirts in assorted patterns, with starched
cuffs, in all sizes, each	
Boy's Khaki Sweaters,  a good grade of wool,
each 75c and	
Boy's Underwear in all sizes, in pood weight
fur this climate at per garment. 75c and..
The Insurance People
ItElU'UrSnl  ISM P.ANCE.    C.F.T "I'll UBTKK
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phon* 15" Third Avenue ami Fulton St
ayi^ ,l*Bae
Lost and Found
for Boys and
We   carry
can fit any
a   full
FOUND- Eureka Cleaning ami   PrSBtlnS   '
l-ar.y.   Men's suits cleaned und pri	
Ladies' suits pressed and clenrie,t     Di I J ' l
ing a specialty.   Room IS Weatenhaver a****'
lih.me re.1 69. Ifa-MT
LOST-Sn price coupons iaaue.1 bv Ihs P ,'r\''*,'
Studio. These coupons wilt 1- scce] '- : I
priltnUd before July 3rd m thi P��*'lei
Studio. Alder Block. H'-:1-
In Dispute Over an Uncanonical  Mclntyre Hail, for concert*,
Marriage,   Reeve   McRae   of
Cornwall, Shot Man Dead.
>ntertainrr.>'nt'. .
N.Mo,.ta..��al.-lm"i��llst. rsiW***
If your dc��le,-dc*rs not Keep th.-mwcvwll mail
you a box ilS powders' on 11.1 i pi p Q
J.I..MATHIEU Co.,Props..Sh.rbrooa*.     v,
City Scavenging
Mr. J. G. Weston announces that he
has commenced work for the city.
All orders received at  thu
Office, 5th St.    -    Phone 42
Duchess of Hohenburg, Beautiful but Unofficial Wife of the
Heir to the Austrian Throne.
(Colonial Press Despatch)
London, July 7.���The unci
health of FrancU Joseph tin .
Emperor of  Austria,  has r, i d
discussion  <m   the statu- of the
Duchess of Hohenburg, thc l -
liful  and   accomplished  wife of
the Archduke Francis Ferdi and,
ht-ir to the Austrian throi e,
dances. *tc.   Apply J. H. Rogers, phone HI
Furnished Cottage, mod.m conw-nien.-es, for Do away with this.    Patronize a Whit.'
laundry.   White labor only at
summer months.   Apply Mrs. Alder. .;nl Ave., I
opposite New. Office. ...-ll
line of all lines
Three-r.ajm Hat in Weatenhaver Block. *���*.**���*
month: Hat in Clapp Building. Wi .-iher "ats
and houses furnished and unf.irr.i.lHal. AI'Pl>
Weslenhaver Bros., phone 100. 14.-wl
Six-roomed House to rent; modern conveniences.
Fraser St.. Apply Director. Chen & Co.   1-U-ll
I   W.nted-Smsll houae. furnlshr-l at partly furnished.   State terms tc Box H. Daily N.-vvslw-tf
Commialious house, corner 6th Ave. snd Tr.""ip;
son St.. furnished or unfurnishe.1. Phone .-��-
or P.O. Box Sse.
Stores and offices for rent. Applv Dr. M.-tntyrc.
Third Ave., phone green 59. '���-   '���'
Neatly Furnished Rooms;  gentlemen preferred.
Apply Mrs. Multin. over Majestic Theatre.
...       .      ,     .   i,     ,,   ,    ,., ,,!,.,���, 1 ! Phon* 2M If you want to rent a hou-e   furnished
ItllollC    hail     left     lll-r    IlllsMtUl ;    or unfurn|inc<i. c���rner mh Ave. and Thompson
Street.   All modern conveniences.
Coay furnished rooma. Mrs. Bower. Somerset
Room.. Third Avenue, between Seventh and
Eiirhth. *'������"
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Cornwall, July 8.���Tin- ne te
mere degree, which makes an un
sanctioned   marriage   between   .
Catholic and Protestant not recognisable at law, lctl to a tragedy
here last night whin James Shaw
a drug clerk of  Carp, was shut
dead by Reeve McRae.
The wife of Dr. McRae who is a
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
���once the publication <>f the decree,
1 would not return.   Dr. McRai
-. Company Requisities ���
anc ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and Shaw went to thc home of the  	
wile's  parents  last   night   ti>   try ���>��-~*-*-*-��'��~*-*~*-*-*-���-���������������-"-������
and induce her to return.   A dis- !           Help Wanted            .
putt* ensued, and during the dis- 4,T_amj,T_1,TLJ,1uu-UM^_1 ,^.^..^4> ���
thc woman's uncle,  Reeve Gir, ���.,���,���, Immedl.t,ly, for ,.������, nou���wori.. H Yflll 11    DC    Ltlte
le.   dnw   a   gun   and   shot |   ����-��� " ��"-�� -*�����       "��***      ��   * WU   "     MC    *ua*>v
haw,   who  died   shortly
Apply Mrs. D. Coh.n. phone IT
*-.��}*{ Ri'i-vc Mi-R.it* i- now under arrest I
i'.lill charged with murder.
Miners IS.50. Muckers S3.0O. wanted at Hidden
.���'.1. T.      Cr..;*.C"i per Co.. Goose Bay.   Tskea.S;\ adso
St ���
or Venture.      	
Two food Joiners wsnted.    Ai :  ���
strucllon Company. Digby lilsnd.
Porter Wanted
Apply Talbot R.
Pncillc Con-
aa, Snd Ave.
(ijjij Boarders Wanted
(IK*) Prince Rupert's Coronation Re- I .^���-^^-^���^    _^ ...^.e****-*.**
(���U.J presentative   Visits   His   Old
...... a.
?��?����� HOme-
C^ale-e   linr   oi   Slisdiid   BUM.   BOOK  isa  1  Lam   '*"--������  ��I SrtClAt KUU1GS
McRae Bros., Limited,
... *.*���
Second Avenue
and Sixth Street
Duk. r.f York'- School, London.,
l?Mil Junc 2"-���I enclose you a post cail
I showing  a  photograph   of   Lord
**CI Rolierts inspecting <>ur company
in the
of   the   Duke   nf
The   offici r   . r-
A few  cosy  homelike  room,  cheap   to at--a.lv
roomers.   Km*- tieome Hotel, ,'r.d Avenue.
**_���: *>
j      Situations Wanted      ;
Partition Wanted in real elate office.    Small sal-
ary and commission.   Fifteen -ear's experience i
travelHntr for a Chicago wholesale trrccery con* '
cern.   Be.t ..f reference.     A-1-lress answer to
J. L Lonit, Wv-ljth street. Edmonton. Alberta. '
For the train, boat or that appointment if you haven't the correct time. We are official watch
inspectors for the G.T.P., therefore we keep all the standard
watches. We do repairs and
has-e everything in jewellry.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. Cth St. and Second Avenue.
PORCHER ISLAND iThe English Bay of Prince Rupert)
Sunday, July 9th
Wild Flowers     ���     Trout Fishing     ���     Bathing
The Best Beach in Northern B.C.
Round Trip
Boat ieav.-n Davis' Boat House at D..W a.m.    Have your
Tickets reserved early
For Sale j
, +
Before hnyinv your BtBVt or Ranurr* tee A. J. I
Gall*!..]. McBride and Fifth Ave. O-ik itovei ]
from 114. ISMn
f :r��t rlaaa RimmiQur I!*u��#. ten rooma. houae- I
kiH>tilnti and tinirle. newlv furnithed. Price J
J.Vm. Fur term* apply owner on premiaea. j
Drtnt.il Rcatminu House. .*nd Ave. 144-tf
Business   Chances
= i-onipanying him was my * >1.1 .-��� ���!-
om-l in the Grenadier Guards. It
revived many old memories to see
him again.
Since I last wrote I have lurrl a
two days' visit to my old home.
I found my aged mother in v"i1
health, and very glad t" see me
after an absence of twenty yean
1 was glad to look on the old scenes
Wc had a church parade to St.
Paul's Cathedral last Sunday.
There was a hip turnout of people
.���long the line of march to see us.
Captain Stork is in London and
called t" see us yesterday. He
i> looking well, and in his rounds
met two men who were in his old
regiment si Brantford.
I get the Prince Rupert News
here, ami it is alway-. Linked over   i~    -���������������-*������������������
with a great deal >.f interest by j Real Estate t
tin men "f the conth gei I   Hoping | >e^..~."��-e^.^w..-~.����.^��.e~.��~.-w.r^.s>
.ill i- well with Prince Rupert,
\   Over 10,000
G<*>id money in Moving- pictures.     Wanted���A ]
party t�� start rtvivintt- pi-ture ihow In  Prince j
K-JpiTt.    \\ -   ������   ������
Waterinwn. Wit.
Fire  Insurance
THKBritt.h I'ni.-n and National Fire   Insurance
Compnny ��if l^nd.n.   Engtaml.   with    mnital
��� f I."        S.-'i*. for r��lea.     The  Mack
Iti-j.t% and ln��uranrr ('<>mnanv. IM
Have been dispensed by us
since we came to Prince
Rupert. This is the best
testimony that our	
and that we are       j
Specialists in Prescriptions
)      Everything that should be
in an up-to-date druggists
I      store  we  keep.     :    :
{    C. H. Orme
Second Ave.        Phone No. 82
Pleasant Piece of Property Placed where Perfumed Presence
Properly Perturbs Picnic Parties.
Protestations have been addressed to the civic authotiries that the
new garbage scow, or civic suit!
yacht,   is   making   its   perfumed
iresence felt almost musically down
there by the railway grade where
are situated the boat stages from
which picnic parlies embark. Sanitary Inspector Mac lark'lie. he
of the indefatigable energy ant
not inappropriate nick-nanie (sinot
he docs do a lot to "doctor"
doubtful aromas about towr) has
got busy on the job, bin is much
exercised in mind about what
in do with the sniff yacht. Thi
city's own promised piece of waterfront is like the happy land far,
far away, and at present can be
reached only by aeroplane.  "Somi
thing will have to be done," say
these afflicted by the incense breathing presence of the si.iff yacht,
and that right speedily or it will
be all day with us." "Might as
well fly the yellow Hag and lu
done with ii." remarked the hardy
skip|K-r of an approaching tub
boat the other day as he held hi-
sea-faring nose. The rumor that
the Civic sr.iff yacht is not as
seaworthy nor as well caulked as
it might be is not supported
by ih.' Sanitary Inspector who
believes that if the spit-y cargo
can b" kept under hatches, so to
speak, by a properly air-tight
cover, the nuisance may perhaps
Ik- abated.
Skesna land District���District ol Cosst lum-
]    Tsks nolle, that Mary Ueaton lilliler.le.ve ol
Victoria, 11. C. occupation boiisekeeper,  i-.t. i ���!���
| to spply lor permlelon lo purchsse lbs lotloBvitig
I describe.1 lands:
|     CommenclnR at a post plsnted st lb* southwest
corner nl Lot '���':"'���. Kange 5, Coast llkstrict.tttence
j .0 chsins south tb.nc. to eh.lns   east, tbenc* t-0
{ chains north. Ib.no* 40 ch.ln. w*st to point ol
i   ommencemenl. containing il.'ll seres more or lies.
Hated April 17. UU.
I'ub. May 6.
Skeena land Dislrict���Diatnct ol Cosst
Taka nouc* tbat  hr.-l  W.   It r  ot  KlUurrt*
I kaluin, occupation tanner. Inlands to apply tor
I purnitsaion to purchsse ihs lolloaiag ���l.-.t-nti. i
Commencing st a post plantel at tha north-
| east oorner o[ V McLsBll's pre-ernpUiin, thence
j '20 chains south, thsne* 10 chslns eaat, thenoa 20
i chains norlh. Ihsnos 10 chsins srsst to post ol
< cummsncemenl cuntaining 20 scru. mor. or lass.
Dated Apnl 10,11111. Kill K.Mil' ll W. IMIII.i.ll
Pub. Apnl 22. Kr.-I ll.mplon, Ag.nl
Though by his romantic mar
riage. lvt-rdiiiand W8S able 1" ill.ik.
ihe lady a Duchess the customs
of nations preclude her from l"i g
recognised as Empress when her
husband comes to the throne
of his fathers. Becaust she i�� i"t
of royal blood her marrii gc to
the Archduke ranks in eutiri i in !> -
as a morganatic marriage, m
lute years she has been received
as a Duchess. She can never !*���
acknolwedged as an Kinpr. ���.
PHONE No. 320
Y"iir�� truly,
The Continental Trust Company, Limited
The Continental Trust Company, Limited,
provides safety for valuables in the home
and in the office. Its safety deposit vaults
is proof against any form of assault: fire
and thieves are equally impotent to force
an entrance. Articles left in our vault are
placed where neither moths or rust will
corrupt, nor thieves break through and steal
jjjg Continental Trust Company, limited
Business is Brisk on G. T. P.
and with Construction Work
and Increase of Traffic General Superintendent Mehan
Has Little Leisure.
There is a fine rush of work on
the ('.rami Trunk Pacific line
nowadays, General Superintendent Mehan is kepi busy looking
after a thousand ar.d one operations on fool each one of which is
an indication nf advance. Rapid
progress is being  made  with   the
erection of the smaller snot* sheds
on  the first   1(1(1 miles, and  these
will be ready in good time.
Lumber   fur   the  stations  along
lithe same stretch  is arriving and
Ynu can .sve-ys* a day. We ran sell ><>u .cod
lots f..r KB- a day I'lu.ne 2��r, and let us join
r-.r,-....   II  I   McBaeftCo, IStMet
f'sasisr   l.ar.l   District    District   of   Skeena
Take notie.- that I. Lemuel Freer nl Vancouver,
oerupatinn l.rnki r. ir.tpn.l la apply Inr permission
10 purchase tl,,- f,.lti,w,ng Her.ril.edr lands:
Commencing al a poal planted on Ihe shore
in a nnrtherlv rlir.-elii.ri fr,im Port Nelson t'ann.cy
m.rked I,. F.'s S. B. Corner, thenee 20 chains
nnMh. ll.rnre 2'i i-lmina west, thenee 20 chains
south to -I.r. line, thenee along the shore to
point ol commencerr..<nt, containing 10 acres more
or leas.
Iistel June io. inn I.EM1EI. PBKEH
I'uh. July s. J. II. Collison, Agent
Skesna Und Dtstrict-Distrtcl at Coast ilea***
Tak-  nunc, thst Henry  Macariasj  ot  lr..s
lluia-rl. U. C-. occupallon nuner. Intenda I"
(or Urn-ion to Paatclia- lb. M����laS i~*-��*
'"i^rnm-ncinf at  a port planted M ������� ~��'-J
s.J. ol KachuirvBlk* lliver. about ..I-- m*- -
it. c.nlluene. with lh. ��ke.n. Illver *nJ _��*��*��
1-2 miles ����t (rom fc.chuni.ia. m:   ...
cnains  north.  Ihsnc*  ��0 ejislas eart, tl.ene* >��
chains soulh. thenc* 10 chsins ***l lo l-v
rMmmenc*m.n^  containing   120   Seres  Bier.
km    1-o.t msrked  -II.M. ��*���*�����.,.., ...   v
Dstevl Aprd 22. Mil.      MEMO   MACAUTM.I
lul. Apnl SS.
Skeins Land l/UUiet-Distrlct ol Qvvsen Caatittl
Islar. I.
Tslt* nolle* th.t U*e. IL Lsut ol I'rtnt-' '"f^
11. C, tBtjeupaUon  li.rber. IntenU  i     ���
permission   to  pui-ehsea tb. IvHloewg  *itl��a*
1-ommmdng .1  a port plaMel ���*���* "J!
mile, aesl and on* mil. -sum Iron th-
oi sunly   Cnssk, N.l.n llarber. lb*i�� ; ���
chslns. th*ne* weat M ctisina. ib*.ic* aerta ����
chains lh.nc* east 10 chains. ll   l v   \
Dstel March IT, ISII. u     0*0. IIJ \
I'ub. Annl il. Sema llemsrs. M'
Sk*en. Und DUtriet-UUlrtci ol i "��i >���' ���;
Taka  nolle, th.t  AnnH atw-al"
llui-ri. II I .. occupauon marrse.1 *���
lo apply lor pernitsalon lo puren.** th. l"-
Wnla.l Isnds: _. t. ,hm
Commencng at a post plantH at_aj-
Skeens land District -District ol Cosst Hang. 6 [ uiutli.esl coiner. (To chaina eest Irv-ri N   '
Taka noUc* that 1. lu-.l Mall K.nn.y ol Y.
^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_   ,el  Ut- lllli.   Ilarv*)'*  Sail-.- .
mouth. Nova Scotia, occupallon married woman. I Hang* 5, tnene* **sl 20 chslna, iwrnc*
Inlend to apply lor permission lo purchsss lb*   clisins, thenc* west 10 cbsins. ihene.
(ollowing described Isnds: ' chslns,  thence *aal  20 chslns.  jaaeaW
Commencing .1 . poat planted at north east I ;halns lo poinl ol eommenc*m��ol, t\,ni*rn.'.
corner o( T. L Ut 3b&2S, thenoe running we.1 40 | ,r���. rimre or I**.. ......a- an ami I Ll '
chslns, thsnes north  ��0 chslns. thsne. ea.1   I"   ...-.��� i Ma. ���. I-: I ASMfc an*-'*
chains, lhe ice south SO chslns lo plsce ol com-   |.ub. May 13.
m*ncemenl  contsining  320 seres  mor.  or  Ism.
My post Is on soulh esst corner ol lsnd spplii-d   l,,.,,let .,11 aaaiar
lor, msrked lel.ers S. E., alxiul on. mil. weal ol Skeen. Und liislrrt -D    ��'
.,.,-_. . .  I U*. Ukelsc, south sldaol Sksens liver Ulsttlct       T.ke   nolice   thst   1.1h"'"'* ,; .
Sealed Tender, addressed to the undersigned.   ���| toMt iUn'., b I I'rinc Itupert. II. I .. e:cupst..rn ciera.
anl.ndorsed "Tender f,.r Public Building. Chll-   Dsted April 2�� Mil.      UELL HALL KENNEV   spply  lor  permission  to purenss* >o*
liwack. B.C.,- will be received at this office until   pu0. Mu 13. John Hsvsrty. Agent     i dsscril*! Isnds:          ��� ,   , n :
liar p.m. on Mond.y, July 24th, 1911, for the con- Commencing at a port planted bi-oui .    ���
strucllon of a Public- Building. Chllllwack. B.C.      skeena Und District-District ol Coast IUngs 6   south ol ths forks of the WBB* .no r     ^
Plana, specillration .nil form of contract can be |    Take notice Hi.t  I, Frank Hicks ot Port Es- , thenc* north  ��0 chslns,  in*ne�� �������*. z"-.~
printed  forms supplied, and signed with their
actual signatures, stating their occupations snd
plnces of residence.      In the ense of firms, th.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ artusl signature, the nature of the occupation,
1 and place of residence of each member of the
Skeena Und Dislrict  -Diatrict n( Coasl Range Ti I firm must be given.
Take note* that Linford Sewell Hell of Prince Each tender mutt be icrompanled by sn ac-
Ilup.-n. II. ('.. oeciipstiin locomotive engineer, ! eepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to
Intends to applv for permission to purchase the the order of th* Honourable the Minister of Pub-
lollnBing ifearriiied Isnds: | lie Works, equsl to ten per cent, of the amount of
Cnmm.-r.cing at a pu.l planted on Ihe north lhe tender, which will be forfeited if the person
bsnk ot the /.Imogotilr. Itiver BMUl three (3| | tenderingdeclin* to enter Into a contract when
mil.-, distant  .upstream! in a westerly direction I called upon to do so. or fall Incomplete the work
seen and forms of lender obtained at ih* office of I rfngton, occupation 'taiSS/L^SiaS t'o 'apply j tbenc* aoulh SO chains, Ihenee wesl; so chsj^:f
Mr. Wm. HenderMin. Resident Architect, Vic- (or permission. o purchsse ths lo.lowlng doscntie.1 l Dated April IS, Mil. 1 ���Mga* ..'';��� ��
torla B.C., at the Post Office, Chllllwack. B.C., | lands: I Pub. Mas-13. t r.ncis S. 1 reaton.
*--*���-'-���- - Commenting at a poat planted on the south I
bsnk  ol  the  Kxchumsilt.  Illver  and  about   (our           Skeena Und District ���District ot I '
miles (rom iu coniluence wllh the Skeens Hiver, i     ~ w- ������,i-.tha, I  l ti.rios U Delgrove ol .-
Ihenc* SO chslns w��t, thence SO chsins nurth. 1 ,rt ,,   ,"   '^o. ,,,'��� proa|��-ctor, inien I I;
ibence  NO  chains  esst,  thence south  SO  ch.ln. , g Smmlimm le turehai. tha lollo.inS deattibe-'
to point ol commenc.rn.nt, containing 640 .cres ! or l-wmlaslon lo purcnaw
mor. or l.��a I '"""��� ... -. . ���>��� "siW
and at thi. Denartment  ...iis,.-  .. - hv��. _ uu  .... ~*... i
Persons   tendering   are   notified  lhat    tend- | bank  ol ths  Kjchumslks  Illver  snd  sbout   lour
ers will not be considered unless mad* on the | miles (rom lu coniluence wlih the Skeens lllvi-r, I
Ihsnce SO chsins weal, thsnee SO rl.am.  north, <
mora or lesa
Dsled April 21. Ml
Pub. April 29.
(rum the junrlinn of 111,- Little Zimogotitz River
slid Ihe main /.iniogrititz Itiver. there north .1(1
chains, thenc. wesl III chains, Ihence soulh 40
rliains. thenee east 111 chains lo post ol com-
tnencemcnl containing Kill acres more nr less.
listed Juno 7, llll. LINFORD SEWALL HELL
Puli. July I*. Ceo. R. I'utnnm. Agent
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
in  fine finished condition  by thc
end of this month.
Passenger traffic is increasingly
heavy on the newly opened line,
and good traffic at the wharf and
for up-river grows so fast that it
with gangs of nien at work from lis necessary to add another 100
both ends of the first 100 miles feet to the No. 2. Freight Shed.
General Superintendent Mehan Altogether the indications show-
plans to have tlu-station buildings that the opening of the 100 mile
erected at all permanent sidings stretch has had a splendid effect
during tin- fall. Very rapitl prog- on ilu- prosperity of the Water*
ress is being made with the last I front and railway depot,
liltlc slrett-li of ballasting on  the I ���
line to Copper City, and the track ADVERTISE   IN   THE
adjacent to Prince Rupert will bc| NEWS
contracted for.    If the tender be not accepted
the cheque will be returned.
The Department dues not bind itself to accept
the lowest or any tender.
Bv order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa. June 29, 1911
Newspapers will not be paid for thi. advertisement If they Insert It without authority from
the Department. 1S2-IM
Relief Ship Ahoy I
Rumors of a riot over in Massett
because of the famine caused by
the non-appearance for over a
fortnight of thc good ship Prince
Albert or any other C T. P.
steamer may lie set down to the
fertile imaginations of certain settlers over there who declare, that
they have been reduced to clams
and conversation lozenges during
I the absence of the boats with
I supplies.
FRANK  HICKS I     gPSTfiFm-f2SttSmiJmTS^*     '
soulh end one mile weal ol the lu'ss"        .,    ff
 ��� and  Fist rivers, thenc* soulh so chslns. V
1 esst ��0 chaini, tiienc. north 30 cbains. thenc.
Skeen. Und District���District ol Coasl I BO chaina. .,..,., .-miVI.
Take nolle* tbat William MeTavUh ol V.neou-   |,���.,| Ad,|| 20. Mil.     CHAWJ^DBMJIl"' .
Dated AprU 20. Mil.     CHARLES DM.""     ,,
Pah May 13. Francis S. Preston. At"
ver, B  C. occup.tion pbyaicl.n, intend, lo apply   p.b, xi^, 13, 	
(or permission lo purchsss ths tolloBitig descrlre.1
"commencing st s post plsnted st th. south*..   Skeens Und District -District ol Cos.' '������' ���
corner, 40 ch.ln. north .nd 40 chsin. east ol th*       Tske notice thst I, J. Harold Mr*''1,'',    1
northeast  corner  o(  Ut   1110.  Harvey.  Surrey,   Rupert,  II. C, occupst on blscksm lb. >"T���inil
Cosst   District,   Usnge 6, thsnee 00 chsins eea. 1 .pply   lor  perm sslon  to  purchsse  in*
thsnes 60 chslns  north,  Ihsnc 60 chslns  west,   deacr bed Isnds: ,.
thenc* 60 eh.lna .oulh to port ol commencement       Commencing st s posl pUnted snou.
conUining 360 sere* more or less. I on* halt mil*, d stsnt In s soulh wesleriv o'<���     .
D.Wd M.y 2, Mil.     WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH   Irom ��� blind dough Irom Observstory Infcr'^,
Pub  Msy 8. Fred W. Uohler, Agent   Ihe sam* touches lhe Ind sn Reserve, tie-
1 SO ehslns, thene* aoulh 80 chs ns. thenc* es^
Skeens Lsnd Dlstrct-District of Coast Itange |
Coast District
Tske notioe thst Wm. Uslle of Sspperton. B.C.
occupstlon Government tlusnl. Intends to spply
for permission to purchase the following ile.. riled lends:
ehslns, thenc* north 80 chs ns lo pe al *��� ��" '
mencement, containing 610 seres more nil*.
Dsted Apr I 14. Mil.       J. HAROLD McM
Skesna Und District-District 11I <'*"",'���'
Tsk. notice lhat I, John Rolasrt P.cey el n
���ii      , .    ,     ,   ,   ,���    .    . .1      .*** noure mat I, Jonn nonerv . *.--# '-
Commencing nt a prut planted 4'1 chnlns west I |l���,wr, |, ,- ������������,,,������ rook, Inlend I" *l' -.
���nd 1211 chain, south of the .r.uthweat corner of l���t ,of pgrmajinn to viu'chu, o��� |���llo.ing descril-eo
Nn 173:1, range 5 constdlstrlct,marke.l Wm.LesIle.   |lnaY
N.W. corner, thence aouth 40 chains, Ihence es.t
80 chains, thence north 40 chain.. Ihenie west su
chains to post of commencement, containing 320
acre, moro or le...       w j ��� -
T. D. l.iinil. Agent
Dnte.1 March 20th. 1911
Pub. April 29th. 1911
Commencing at a post planted 121 l* '
south and   2) 1.0 miles west ol Ihe lurk" "I ,
WUM and  Flal rivera, thence south  SO chj
thene*  east  80 chains,  thenc*  norlh  SO ensi
Ihenee west 80 chs ns. . . _ ,,,,.,*;
Dst��l Apr 1 20, Mil     JOHN IIOIIERT I'AJ |
I'uh. Mai- 13. Franc s S. Preslon. A��< ���
,      ��� -    Ptajtal at --   - I Skeena Und DIslrfct-DlaUlct el Coast llsn��<'_'
Skeens land District --District o[ Casslsr 'Take  not r*    ih.i   I    Klariha    l^ek    ol   lr��'f'
Take none* thst L rplr*t*ii��T|-*jliSalT^ra*aj | ***-    -"���l-"- lh"   '���   M*"h*   "**'     -- ��� ���'
rPissrs, iiime. so .hrin. south, OmmTaT ehsla. I ^^mimm^^l^^immlSi iSTncre-s'
���,-..       *!,��_��,    on    -Thaln-a    nnrt )i      thftnnn     HI1    *>k.: ' "n   ������"l**   t��'UP''.����   HIP    Iti'lail      I""1!**,   IIWil��.'
west, thsnes 80 ehslns north, tnence 80 chslns   80 chl|nt   -JJ-J pou|(i (, ^ n>   lhfnce .,.,
. AIB-UFI1   ItlCRRYMAN   Wll I uua""'""'  '"""* "��"n  "0 "" M lo ���"'"'.uT'
ra-.-j .  .aaWfiBT      JLU    i  a ,. "'I'L'AMS   mencement, ennta n ng 640 acres more or lew.
r>al*d April 18, Mil.      Frsncis S. Preston, Agsnt   Dsled Apr I 14, Mil. MARTHA **����
Pub. May IS. | KE m�� u.


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