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 Legislativs Library
Twenty-four hours
Nov. 2
ending S
RAR.       IN
^Ihe Daily News
f.*\\ ���-~~^ \ t*9 1        T** ��� __��� f- .    am*.      ..        a    .
..Friday, s
ss May,.
.. Thursday
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday, November 2, 1911.
Price Five Cents
77 **7
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Constantinople, Nov. 2.���A despatch
received by thc Government today from
tin" commander of the Arab Volunteers
in Tripoli reads: "Have reached the
coaat accompanied by my Volunteers.
On October 26th we delivered a formid-* assualt upon the enemy, who
ucre driven out of their entrenchments.
Today I am marching on Tripoli.
Thanks to the Divine Assistance I
shall enter the town."
Someone   Places   Dynamite  on   tho
Southern Pacific Tracks
Santu Barbara, Cai., Nov. 2.���For
severul days it has been discovered that
trains on the Southern Pacific at Ell-
wood have been passing over seventy-
five sticks of dynamite, placed between
the frogs switches. Only ignorance of
the use of explosives prevented the
consummation of a terrible outrage.
Aid. Newton Wants Him to be a Real
Citizen not an Importation from
Quite a lot of talk took place ut the
ruuncil meeting last night over the
appointment of a fireman. The main
|*oint in the discussion wns that brought
out by Aldermon Newton, viz., thut
the man be engaged from the city's own
applicants and not from the outside.
This Alili-riiuiii Douglas supported, but
Alderman Cluyton thought it a childish
idea. The Mayor suggested referring
the whole thing to the fire committee
und lire chief.
Following is the list of applicants:
George Martin, William I). Cornish,
F. V. Clarke, James Forbes, Arthur
Hurritt, Frank C. Feck, Thomas Hall,
J. Duram, E. Wainurd, And. Scully,
Walt Wicks, William S. Sweet, E. L.
Morgan, Allan Fraser, Leo Curtuin, H. P.
Thomas, Charlea A. Couture, J. F.
Mr I., nd, And. McKcnzie, Thomas II.
Ilmigcs, Arditl McNeil, Tom Lloyd,
Timmas Kurkham, Neil McDonald.
Alderman Morrissey, with more of
the picturesque perhaps than the appropriate, referred lo the list as "A
mongrel crowd of names." It is up to
lhe applicants to forgive him.
Complemented by Mayor and Council on His Return
In a brief speech the Mayor congratulated thc council last night on
llu- return of Alderman Morrissey from
his prolonged visit to the East. Thc
council concurred with the congratulatory terms by applause, which Alderman Morrissey acknowledged thc compliment suitably, cxpres ing himself
ready for thc council work, and glad to
In' back.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. Phone 4.
Three of Them are in Quebec and
Three in Ontario���May Have Legal
Fight Over Them.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, Nov. 2.���Yesterday was the
lust date for the reception of petitions
in contestation of the lute Federal
elections. Three seats are to be contested in Quebec, namely Lotbiniere,
Levis und Quebec West, and three in
Ontario; Norfolk, West Kent and East
Elgin. There were no petitions from
Novu Scotia, New Brunswick or the
J. W. Johnson, of Portland, Committed Suicide at the Sherman
Hotel in Vancouver--Was a Railroad Contractor.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Nov. 1.���J. W. Johnson
who registered at thc Sherman Hotel
two days ngo, was found dead in his
room yesterday afternoon with a bullet
wound in his temple. In his hand was
a 32 calibre revolver.
When found Johnson was dressed
in a fur lined coat with a heavy fur
collar. He registered as from Portland,
Oregon, und from remarks he made
was evidently a railway contractor.
Engineer's Leave
C. T. Heward hus applied for nnd been
grunted leuvc of ubsence with pay from
the city engineering stuff from November
4th to 11th.
Want Their Cheque
J. R. Morgan & Co. have written the
city council asking for settlement of
gruding account. Referred to Bourd of
Aid. Newton Unearths Some Extravagances on Cemetery Road   Broken Down Culvert Copts $1200
to Repair   Costly Retaining Wall Work
Are Very Much Incensed Over the Exposure of the  Woodworth
Lake Clearing Fiasco���Would Like Press to be Driven Out
Tells Him That the Biggest Curse City is Laboring Under Today is the Influence of
Aid. Hilditch���Little Clayton Came in at the Tail End With Some Characteristic Phrases���Vote of Censure Was Dropped in Face of the
Opposition it Aroused���No Contracts Were Awarded
Rising to the defence of the City
Engineer over the matter of the criticism
directed ut him in last night's News
editorial, Alderman Hilditch not only
condemned the Daily News, but fell
foul of Alderman Newton and included
his paper, the Empire, in the wholesale denunciation of Prince Rupert's
daily press.
Pointing out thut the City Engineer
wus unable to take personal action to
defend himself, Alderman Hilditch blamed Alderman Newton for the position.
The City Engineer hud not had time
to put in u bid of his own for the clearing
of the Lakeside. Altlernian Newton had
first asked why, und then moved Unit
he should do so after the other tenden
hud been opened.
Read Editoria   Aloud
Referring directly to the News editorial which he road out aloud, Alderman Hilditch suid "Mr. Mayor, it is
time the council did something to
protect our City Engineer from this sort
of thing. It's ull very well for this
stuff lo appear in Prince Itupert. Wc
know these papers, and don't give much
weight to what they say. But the
people outside don't know them U we
do, und stuff like this editorial going
east where the City Engineer hus a first
rate reputation is apt to be misunderstood, and to do harm to Colonel Davis.
It is absolutely cowardly of this paper
to attack, and I say to uttuek maliciously,
thc reputation of a man like Colonel
Davis whose reputation in the enst
is worth dollurs und cents to him. Let
the papers uttuek thc uldermen us much
as they please, but not the city oflicinls
who cannot defend themselves."
The Mayor's Move
Here thc Mayor remarked "This is
a case where criticism was in
this very paper at u time previous to
this incident.   Thc cily council udver-
tised for tenders in the usual way -the
lowest or any tender not neceaaarlly
to be accepted. I think it perfectly
proper for the council now to satisfy
themselves regarding the relative cost
of these tenders und days' labor by
our own department, when the lowest
or uny tinder wus not neceaaarlly to
be accepted. I quite appreciate Alderman Hilditch's remarks about the
criticism of Colonel Davis, and repeal
that it is quite right of the council to
take this method of finding out whether
the tender pricea are exorbitant or not."
Aid. Newton "And how do we know
that these prices are not exorbitant
when the City Engineer has never
submitted u figure?"
The Muyor���"Thul is a matter for
Hilditch'a   Defence
Aid. Newton- "I do not think it is.
We are playing the Engineer a BTge
salary to advise us, and it is his duty
to udvise us in this wuy. It is ull very
well for Aldennan Hilditi-h to find
fault with the press and defend Colonel
Davis, but there is no denying the fact
that for months past Altlernian Hilditch
haa had thc City Engineer by the
throat, and what is the result'.' ' 'riticism
like we have tonight. I have no wish
to cross swords with Alderman Hilditch
on this particular issue but there it is."
Aid. Douglas "The City Engineer
should have been asked to tender before
thc other bids were opened. I think
this work should be done by days'
Aid. Hildicth- "I want to tell Alder-
mun Newton that I am rcudy to cross
swords with him on any issue ut uny
time he likes, or every night if he likes."
Aid. Newton "Y'ou are a very bravo
mun."   (Laughter).
Blamed the Papers
Aid. Hilditch    "Very often during the
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Pekin, Nov. 2. The appointment of
Yuan Shi Kai today as Premier of China
will lie followed by the cessution of
hostilities on the part of the Impel*-
ulists, and the opening of negotiations
with General Li Heng, lhe leader of
the revolutionists.
An edict today provides for important
I'.dministrutive changes.
Prince Ching until the arrival of the
new premier will continue to perform
the duties of the present cabinet and
remain in oflice.
Steamer Victoria Leaves Nome with
Cargo of Treasure and Many
(t'unudiuii Press Despatch)
Nome, Alaska, Nov. 2.���The steamer
Victoria, the lust steamer till next June,
left here today fur Seattle with a large
consignment of treasure und u large
list of passengers.
past months the City Engineer and I
have hud occasion to consult together,
and very often I huve disugreed with
the City Engineer, us might be seen
when 1 have voted against the adoption
of his reports. Let me tell Alderman
Newton thai if 1 waa u good enough
man to keep the City Engineer under
my thumb I wouldn't ba standing here
talking to him. 1 want in say thai the
greatest drawback Prince Unpen hus
ever had has been two of the most
raggetl newspapers u city wus ever
cursed wiih. That is Altlernian Newton's paper anil this man Cowper's.
As fast as the dtlseM litnst the town
these papers knock it. I say that if
the citizens were lining their duty,
these two papen would be driven
outalde the city limits."
Or   la   It   Hilditch?
Aid. Newton "If both newspapers
had dons us much harm with their
joint efforts as one particular alderman���
ihut is Alderman Hilditeh has done
I would say they were going some.
The biggest CUTM thi? city is laboring
under today is the influence ol this one
alderman. Alderman lliltlitrh."
"A Perfect Gentleman"
This ended the wur of the council
lions, but with the worrying activity
of the jackal Aldennan Cluyton got
his bark in ut the tail of the discussion.
"Mr. Mayor," he said, "I just want lo
sny before this mutter doses, thut I
think this nieun, cowardly editorial
shows Ihe cowardly, dirty, mongrel stuff
the man who presumes to nccupy lhe.
editor's chair la made of when he has
to have recourse to these prehistoric,'
methods of criticism."
Somewhat wearily it seemetl the Mayor
heard Alderman Clayton and then
passed on to the next order of business
Russian Patrol Opened Fire on
Japanese at Kommanderofaki lalands    Some    Taken    Prisoners
V.' Press Despulch)
Victoria, Nov. Lr-News of u fat id
sealing rati on the Copper Islands has
reached here. Some Japanese sealers
on iheir way buck to Japan Invaded the
Kommnndf rofski Islunds when a Itussiun
put nil sought them. A battle ensued
and one of the guardsmen was killed
The sealers were taken ns prisoners to
Vidudivoslok where they will be tried
for murder.
Club is Found With Which Man was
Foully Murdered Near Creston and
Then Hidden under a Pile of Logs.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nelson, B. C, Nov. 1. -The jury in
'the inquest on the body of the man
found dead under a pile of logs neur
Creston brought in a verdict thut the
mun was murdered. The club with
which the deed was done wns found
eolose by. The motive ia believed lo
be robbery. There is no clue to thc
On the wuy to thc cemetery according
to the investigations of Alderman Newton the city's money is being buried by
the bucketful. He went forth on
Sunday to discover things und "look n
squint around" as hc said in council
lust night, with the result that he found
a broken culvert costing $1200 to
repair, and some costly retaining wall
work going on on Park avenue near
the culvert In question. He thought
that in view of the fact that linain'i's
were found to be sn low, lhe city should
be economising. Was there uny contract now for this work being done? he
In aniwer to this Aldermnn Hilditch
explained that thc culvert in question
was the first ever built by tbe e*lv-
It had collapsed because it had been
built on a hill nnd the rainfall had
caused n flow of water which had swept
out its foundations. As for the retaining
wull Alderman Hilditch asked if Alderman Newton wus really ��o childish as
not to know nfter so mnny months in
council that all retaining walls were
part onf Sectio One bylaw. Not untl
these retaining walls were completed
could a Court of Revision be held. 1 he
dty was bound to go on with this work.
Alderman Newton declared that It
would take �� Philadelphia luwer to
discover where all the money was going
that was being spent by the I ublic
Works Department. He had been
trying to find this out for all Ins term
in council and it was not his fault that
he had failed Alderman Hilditch called
Ihem all childern just because they
begun to dig down into some of his
doings. Aldermnn Newton maintained
thut the Park avenue retaining wall
was a waste of money which might
be upplied to other parts of the city
more urgently needing improvements.
Alderman Hilditch declared he had
suid so himself twelve months ago
but Aldermnn Newton hud only just
discovered that it was a waste of money
to carry Section One grading beyond
the junction. If it WM �� ����*��� ��
money he admitted, but it was the fault
of the first council, not this council,
and to suit the local impormemont
scheme under which the Section One
���trading waa undertaken, and hold the
Court of Revision, the city had to go
on and complete these retaining walls.
This the Mayor rorrobcrnted nsking
Alderman Newton how they could
hold n Court of Revision on Section One
operty with one man's street frontage
i-raded and complete, and thc next
man's left in the rough.
Alderman Kerr WggSitS-J in the
(,n(lt,avor to satisfy Alderman MM
that the particular retaining w��H M
objected to was needed to make t
JssUile to use the street for fill required.
Aldermnn Newton did not carry tlwi
discussion farther and the matter was
allowed to drop by the council.
The Mayor's Exact Words Upon Topic of Interest, as Taken from the News Shorthand Report of Last Night's Council Meeting
"The tenders received for the work of clearing Woodworth
Lake shores have been gone over, and the lowest of them ia
conaiderably in excess of the estimates made by the City Engineer previously for thia work. There is about $10,000 difference
between the lowest estimate and that first made by the City
Engineer. It may be that the council will negotiate with some
of the lowest bidders in the course of a few days, but I do not
think the council is ready to tackle this now."-Mayor Manson.
The Medicjd Heidlh Officer has made
application USt the council give authority to the Sunilnry Inspector to huve
u shack having no known owner removed from the cily reserve neur Eraser
sireet as it is in an unsanitary condition.   Authority granted.
Club's Thanks
The  Sei-reliiry  of  the  Kuien   Island
Business Men of Vancouver are
Planning to Make Their City the
Northern Fur Mart.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Nov. 2. The business
men of Vancouver will Consider tonight
a proposal lo make the eity the fur
selling mart. The ideu is to collect
the northern furs and hold sales monthly
during the spring, summer und uutumn
American   Birdman   Breaks  All  Records for Suautained Flights
i Canadian Press Despatch)
Wilcox. Arizona, Nov. 2. In u truns-
cimtiiuntiil flight Aviainr Rodgers flew
226 milaa yeaterday remaining in the
air for six hours and four minutes anil
breaking the American record for sustained flight.
President Taft Took Part in Great
Celebration at Pittsburg in Honor
of the Occasion.
��� i 'an.'.'ban Press Despatch*
Pittsburg, Pn., Nov. 1. -The centennial of steam navigation in western
rivers was celebrated here today, when
President Taft viewed u great fleet of
Mrs. Alice Longworth, nee Roosevelt
u granddaughter of it -.kipper of one
hundred yeurs ago at New Orleans,
christened a replica of the old vessel.
Terrible Disaster to Washington Village   Eight Young Women Employed in  the
Building Are Dead���AH Men Escaped���Building Wrecked in a Twinkling
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Cehidis, Wash., Nov. 2.    By a terrible
fire   followed   by   un   explosion   which
blew   up  the   powder   fuctory  of   the
Imperial Powder Company here, eight
young women have lost their lives.
Men   All   Escaped
Only  two  girls  out  of  ten  escaped
with   their   lives,   nlthough   all   of   thc
twelve men employed there are unhurt.
Thc   name  of  one  of   the   victims   is
Bertha Nugle.
It is believed that the accident was
duo to a workman allowing a pot of
paraffin he was henting to boil over
and run into the powder in the mixing
room. The hent of the melting wnx
ignited the powder and caused nn
explosion and more fire.
A Mass of Flame
It was only a minute from the first
(lash until the whole place was a mass
of llame. Two of the girls managed
to escape by a sudden rush for the
door, but most fo them perished in the
Haines.     Bertha   Nagle   was   broughr
out terribly Injured but died soon aftel
reaching the hospital. Her ilealh made
the eighth.
Three Great Flashes
Little is known of tha disaster, save
the testimony of the tOWmpOOple that
they saw three Hashes and explosions
in quick succession.
Money Loaa $20,000
The money loss is nol heavy, being
about   $20,000.     The   buildings   were
ligh* and fl'rasy in construction, ns is
required by law fur powder factories.,
Mr. A. J. Morris, of the Piercy-Morris
Co., President of the Bourd of Trade, will
leave by the Prince Rupert
morning f',r ��� three months
in   the
trip tO New York and the East.
Special clearance prices on males' embroidered waists.    Wal-
ics' embroi
Brother of Frank Cullen Lands a
Good Job at Victoria la Well
(Canadian Press Despulch)
Victoria,   Nov.   2.    W.   II.   Cullen,
formerly ussistunt, has been appointed
to be King's Printer.
Mr.   ('armii'hael.   clerk   in   the   City
Assessor's department, hus been granted
it  $10 ruise  |ior month  on  the  n-rom
Club wrote the city council Inst  nighl! mendiition of the Assessor approved by
(hanking fur the use of   he city flags I the finance committee and council last
ut the club's recent smoker. nighl.
Idea is Not Popular With  the Medical Men But Objections May be Overcome   Proposal is Made to
Erect a Wing to the Hospital
linn iim-nf work ul thc hospital, and nf typhoid fever patients' appliances
the need fur more help has given rise -aill be outfitted on the reenmmeiidatioii
to the idea that the institution should nf the Medical Health (lllieer.
|)0�� npeii out and undertake the training
of probationers who help out the work
of the trained nurses, Bt less cost. This
idea is not welcomed by medical men
or by the matron nt the present stage of
the hospital, but the objections to it
nre likely to be overcome, and at yesterday's meeting nf the Hospital Hoard
the president, Mr. I), (i. Stewart thought
the time hnd come lo Institute the pro-
' batlOIMT system at the hospital.
The idea is at  present to have three
probationers engaged  according to the
plan which,ha�� been found satisfactory
at Hazcllnn anil Port Simpson hospitals. The appointment of title nf
the temporary nurses to a permannncy
at the hospital is being considered. A
permanent nurse gets $f,0 per month,
anil a teinpiiriiry $2.*i per week. Financial mnt I ers are satisfnrtnry but the
Mod fur n new wing calls fur inrreused
activity in the search for funds. Both
the (i. T. P. and the Government paid
over Iheir regular cheques affording In
agreement. Mayor Manson has approved the idea of erect *ng a new wing,
and promised city aid, ami W, W.
Poster, Deputy Minister ot Public
Works, who visited the hospital during
Mot inns of thanks were accorded to
P. Burns for a gift of Thanksgiving
turkeys, and to Rov, tt.  Daa Barraa
for nn ofiles desk gifted.    No udviro is
yet to hand regarding lhe ambulance.
For the month when the matron was
nway \urc Moore took Charge of the
hospiall and tin* Board has agreed to
pay lur at the same rate as the mat run
for  that   month's   work   ns   she   tnok
entire neponelbillty fur the institution
during Unit  tune.
Mr. w. ii. Cullen is a brother of
Frank Cullen, of lhe .Inuriial, and one
of  a  family of  primers.    He  wns  for
some   years   foreman   of   the   Victoria
Colonllt,    He i'  well known in lacrosse
circles,   ind   refert't'il   the   Vaiicnuver-
Westminster  games.     In   his   enpucity I his  visit   here,  has  promised  his  own
as Grand Master of the 11. ('. Lodge of i influence  at   Victoria   for   Government
the I. 0. 0. K. he will shortly pay a aid.    New  special  Invutory   and  dis
visit to Prince Rupert.
Mn. k.i./i.   a   Mann Wil   Construct
Road   to  Hudson's  Bay
(Canadian Press Despatch!
Winnipeg, Nov. 2.    Sir William Mackenzie hml  un interview  with  Premier
Roblin yi-sterday regarding the Hudson's
Bay Air Line.    Afterwards a statement
was mnile by tbe Premier that everything was now reatly to commence the
construction of the Una as soon its tho
boundaries ot lhe province are extended.
Ladlea Give Thanks
The  Ladies'   Aid  of the  Methodist
Church   has   requested   the   News   to
(hank all those who took part in making
the Thanksgiving  banquet  nnd enter-
infecting  apparatus for the treatment | tninment so grent a success. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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on application.
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In advance.
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non-delivery or Inattention on the part of the news curriers.
Daily Edition.
Thursday, Nov. 2
A philosopher has pointed oul the reason why a buzz of anger
comes from those Insect creatures ilm love the dark, when a rude
hand roils away the stone that hides them, and lots in the light. The
psychology <>f the Insect is the psychology of the human animal under
similar circumstances. A great thinker once applied it to a branch
the human race In a very biting sentence.
I'm* these reasons, the attack of Alderman Hilditch and the Mayor
on the News was a matter of no surprise. A newspaper that lets in
the light is the last thing in newspapers they want A lickspittle
soporific sheet plentifully fattened liy imp from the civic purse, chaining
hired praises to the aldermen would suit them better. The News
prefers, however, to espouse the Interesl of the citizens.
Alderman Hilditch and the Mayor are very much alarmed lest
Colonel Davis may feel hurt over any criticism he may receive. But
there is no word of sympathy for *ln- thirty-nine gangs of men who
packed tluir grub up through the bush to Woodworth Like, who
sptut tin* days in measuring up the timber and at nights rlskeed the
perils oi Bleeping out in the open, on a fool's errand.
Colonel Davis is a professional man aid is in receipt of a gio
salary lur the part lie played in the comedy of "Lulling the Contracts
by Competitive Tender." Colonel Davis is a professional man. and
knows perfectly well the impropriety of acquainting himself with
the bids of the contractors and station gangs before putting in his
own bid. It Colonel Davis w'hile in receipt of a salary paid by the
citizens, is willing to pill professional usage behind his back and join
in with Alderman Hilditch and the Mayor in iheir petty political
schemes. Colonel Davis need not expect to lind protection by lurking
behind his professional position
The proof that Alderman Hilditch and lhc Mayor intended to
fool the station gangs is seen in the statement made by thc Mayor
last nighi In reference in the clearing contracts
And as for the City Engineer's estimate ilu- dtixens do not forget
thai lhe City Engineer's estimate for the retaining walls done by lo be
lalwr was $8,000.
in the Celebrated Comedy by Tom Wise
A  Laugh Every Minute   Sixty to the Hour
NOTE- This Comedy was plny.*d fmm New York to San
Francisco with May Roberta nnd L. Victor Gillard in the New
York enst. Also is played from the original manuscript whom
none possess but May Huberts.
PRICES-50c., 75c.  and 11.00.    Seat sale at Empress
Theatre office
Tn produce umn] printing you muat "first catch your
iro-tiil printer. . . You can't get good printing from a
poor printer, even if he work with never so gootl an.
equipment If he links the "knack," tlie trained
tuts, tho single-minded fondness fur bis work which
real printers have, be will tin poor printing for you.
If be bus all ��,f these,  ami in addition to them ade-
i|iiute modern equipment, your printing will have
distinction, Salesmanship,   the lure of  ty tie-beauty.
As IMS Office prodoeoS kiumI printing you may infer
the presence of a ��imkI printer- who is "lalrl'ialdo."
���'Hill CUM  1-ltlNTINll OK  Al.l. KINIM  KKK. THE
Daily News Building Mora H Third A
 .-a.. ��.^ .
She arrived safely. Enid followed
bar, with equal sang froid, though a
lift of forty odd feet whllBt standing
In a skip and i-llmiing to a rope Ib nol
an everyday experience.
"Pani! me.' said Hen, as Etild, too,
was Bwunn into the lighthouse, "but
they'ro two plucked 'uns."
The great tiell tolled away, thougl
the snow hod changed to Bleet, and
the heights beyond the Land's End
were dimly visible, so Its warning not.
was no looser nveded. The sky abovt
was clearing. A luminous bate
aproading over ths waters hor&lded
the return ol the sun. Hut the wind
wus bitterly cold; the flahennan
watching the open door, with one ��� ye
on the sea lest nn advtuituroua \.nvu
should swoop the llalsy rsnlnst the
rock, murmured to himself:
���"Tea a good Job the wind's P the
norrard. This sort o" th leg's a wen
tluM-brceder. or niy name nln't lien
And that was how Bold came bail;
to the (luir Rock to entor upon thu
second epoch of her life.
Once before had the root taken her
to Its rough heart untl feuded her
from peril. Would It shield her again
���rescue her from the graver danger
whose shadow even nn.i loomed OUt
of the deep. What was lhe ball Buying In Its wistful tin M t.'tiy '
Enid neither knew nor cared, -lust
then she bad other things tu ihink
Tin*:, comes a time In the life ot
every thinking man or woman when
the argoaj ol existence, Homing placidly oii u smooth nnd Im.y stream,
ga,!n-is unto Itself speed. rush.<9
swiftly onuurd pusl funtilinr landmarks of custom and convent ion,
bolls furiously over resisting rocks,
aud ultimately. If mil submerged in an
unknown sen. Unda Itself again mean-
dering through new plains of wider
Such a perllioiiK passage can never
be foreseen. Tlie rapids may begin
where the trees nre highest nnd tbe
meadows most luxuriant. No worn
Ing ts given. Thu Increased pace ol
events Is pleasant and exhilarating
Even the last wild plungt* over the Is neither resented nor fear
ed. Some frail craft are shattered In
transit, some wholly sunken, some
emerge with riven sails aud liirulshcd
embellishments. A few not only survive (he, but thereby III the in*
solves for moru daring exploits, more
soulsllrrlng  adventures.
When the iwo girls stood with
Stephen Hiaiiil lu ihu narrow entranco
to the lighthouse, lllo gravity of their
bright young faces was duv solely to
thc fact lhat iheir father had announced tbo serious accidents which
had befallen his assistants. No secret monitor whispered that fato, la
her bold and merciless dramatic ac-
i I Hon, bad roughly removed two char
acters from thu stage to clear It for
I more striking events.
Not once In twenty years has It
happened ihat two out of the three
k,-,-|,i-rs maintained on a rock station
within signalling distance of the shore
hate i���, Incapacllated for duly on
the same day. Tbe thing waa so bo-
wllderingly sudden, the arrival ot
Constance and Knld on the aceno ao
Hmely and unexpected, that Brand, a
philosopher of ready decision In most
ulTalrs of life, waa at a loss what to
do for lhe best now tbat help, ot a
sort undreamed of, waa at band.
The case of Jackson, who waa
scalded, was simple enough. The
Hoard of Trade medicine cbest sup*
piled to each lighthouse Is a facsimile of that carried by every seagoing steamship. It contained ths
ordinary remedies for such an injury,
and there would be Utile difficulty or
danger In lowering tbe sufferer to the
Hm Hatca's affair was different. He
lay almost whore ho bad fallen.
llrand had only lilted htm Into the
Store-room from ibe foot of the stairs,
i-'a, im* a pillow beneath hla head, and
ap|H*alina In,Hi to htm and to Jackson
to endure Iheir torture unmoved whilst
lie ��iitl lo signal for assistance.
Tbe problem ibat confronted htm
now was one of Judgment Waa It belter lo await Ihe coining of lhe doctor
or endeavor (o transfer Hates to the
He consulted Hen Pollard again; the
girls were already climbing lhc sleep
stairs lo sympathise with antl tend lo
Ihe Injured nieii.
"I'o you think il will blow harder,
Hen. when the tide turns?" he asked.
The old fellow s.-< med to regard
ihe question as most Interesting and
novel. Indeed, lo him, some such
query and lis consideration provided
ibe chief problem of each day. Therefore he surveyed land, sea and sky
most carefully before be replied:,
"It may lie a'most anything afore
night. Misser Brand.
Al another time llrand would have
smiled. To-day he was nervous, distraught, wrenched out of the worn rut
of things.
"I fancy there Is some chance of the
doctor being unable to land when he
reaches the reck. Do you agree with
Hts voice rang sharply. Hen caught
its note and dropped his weather-wise
"It'll blow harder, an' mebbc snaw
agin," he said.
"I shall need some help here In thai
caae, so I will retain the young ladlea
Of course you ran manage the boaf
easily enough without them?"
Pollard grinned reassuringly
"We'm run straight In wl' ihlccy
wind," he aald.
Bo they settled It that way, all s��
A man sets up two slim masts l
thousand miles apart and (lashes com
prehenSlble messages across the void
The multitude gapes at lirsi, but soot
accepts the thing as reasonabla
"Wireless telegraphy" Is tlie term, hi
one says "by mall."
A whole drama was flowing over a
curve of the earth at   that   moment
but the Marconi station was invisibles
There waa no expert ln telepathic sen
Batlon proBent to tell Brand and the
llsberman that their commonplacr
words covered a magic code.
Jackson, xvhlto and mute. ****** l��w'
ered first. The brave fellow would no'
content himself with nursing hla agon)
amidst the cushions aft. When Hates.
given some Blight strength by a sill,
dose of brandy, was carried. With In.
Unite care, down three flights of stwp
und narrow stairs, and slung to the
erant in an Iron cot to be lowered lU
Mb turn, Jackson stood up. HeedloM
of remonstrances, he helped to stead;
the cot and adjust lt amidships clear
of the satl
"Well done, Artie," said Brand'!
clear voice.
"Oh, brave!" murmured Enid.
"We will visit you over, day at t!u
hospital," sang out Oonstance,
Jackson smiled, yes, smiled, thougll
'iis bandaged arms quivered and tlu
seared nerves of his hani!s throbbed
excruciatingly. Speak aloml ho could
not. Yet he bent over his more helpless mate and whispered hoarsely:
"Cheer up, old man. your case Is
worsc'n mine.    An' ye did It  for me."
Pollard, with a soul gnarled ns his
body, yet had a glimpse of higher
things when he muttered:
"D'ye think ye can hold her, mate,
whiles I hoist the cloth?"
Jackson nodded. The request was
a compliment, a recognition. He sat
down and hooked the tiller between
his arm nnd ribs. Ben hauled with a
will; the Daisy, as If she wero glad to
escape the cascades of green water
swirling over tho rock, sprang Into In-
Btant animation. The watchers from
the lighthouse saw Hen relievo the
steersman and tenderly arrange tbe
cushions behind Mb back. Then
llrand closed the Iron doors and the
three were left ln dim obscurity.
They cllmed nearly a hundred feet
of Stairways nnd emerged on to the
cornice balcony after Brand had
Stopped tho clockwork which controlled the hammer of the bell.
W'hut a difference up here! The sea,
widened immeasurably, had changed
Its color. Now it was a BUllen blue
gray. The land was nearer and higher. The Daisy hud shrunk to a splash
of dull brown on the tremendous ocean
prairie. How llerce ami keen tho
wind ��� How disconsolate the murmur
of the reef!
Brand, adjusting his binoculars.
scrutinised the boat.
"All right aboard," he said. "I
think we have adopted tho wlsei"
course. They will reach Penzance by
iinlf-pnst  two."
Ills next  g'nme  wns  towards  tho
he Tieard Uie'new*.
The hour stated was precisely tht
time the Daisy whb due at the rock 11
she made a good trip. Without allow*
1ug for any possible contingency save
disaster to the two girls and their es*
oort, he rushed to the mooring-plac'i
of the 10-ton steam-yacht Lapwing,
Impounded a couple of lounging sail,
ors, fired up, stoked, and steered thu
craft himself, and waB off acrosB the
Bay In a quarter of the time that the
owner of the Lapwing    could    hav��
Hieved tbe same result.
His amazement wbb complete when
he encountered the redoubtable Daisy
bowling borne beforo a seven-knot
breeze. He Instantly came round and
ranged up to speaking dUtanco. When
ho learnt wiinl had occurred he readily ngreed to return to Penzance tn
ardor to pick up tho relief lighthouse-
keepers, nnd thus save lime in transferring them to the rock.
In a word, im Knld Trovillion was
Bafe, he was delighted at the prospect
of bringing her back that evening,,
when the real skipper of the Lapwing
would have charge of Mb own boat.
There wns no hurry at all now.
If they left tho harbor at three
o'clock, there would still bo plenty of
light to reach the Gulf Hock. Ben
Pollard, glancing over Mb shoulder as
tbe Daisy raced towards Penzance
side by side with the Lapwing, watt
not so sure of this. But the arrangement he had suggested waB the best
possible one, and be waB only an old
llsberman who knew the coast, whereas Master Stanhope pinned his faith
to the Nautical Almanac and the
The people most concerned knew
nothing of these proceedings.
When Constance and Enid had solemnly decided on tho menu for dinner, when ihey had inspected the kitchen and commended the cleanliness
of the cook, Jackson, when they had
washed the dishes and discovered the
whereabouts of the "tea-things," they
suddenly determined that lt was much
nicer aloft lu the sky parlor than lu
these dim little rooms.
"I don't see why they don't have
decent windows," said Enid. "Of
course it blows hard here iu a galo,
but just look at thut tiny ventilator,
no bigger llinn a ship's port-hole, with
u double storm shutter to Becure lt If
you please, lor all tho world us If the
Bea rose so high!"
Constance took thought for a while.
"1 BUppoae tho sea never does reach
this height,'' she said.
Enid, ln order to look out, bad to
thrust her Ik ad and shoulders through
an aperture iwo feet square nud three
feet  In depth.    They were In the Hv
Land's End signal station.   A line of fog-room al ihat moment���full seventy
flags fluttered out to their right of the
"Slgnnl Doted nnd rorwarded," ho
rend aloud. -That is all right; but
the wind bus changed."
Enid i-opped 11.Mil,, tho Inntern for
ahelter,   It wus bitterly cold.
"Better lollow her example, Connlo,"
snid llriind. to his daughter. "I will
draw tho curtains. We can see Just
ns well and be comfortable."
feet above the Billing tide higli-wuter
murk. Sixty feet higher, the cornice
of tlie gallery was given its graceful
outer slope to Bhoot the climbing
wave-crests of an Atlantic gale awuy
from the Inntern. The girls could not
realize this stupendous fact, llrand
hud never told them,. He wished
them to sleep peuccfully on stormy
nights when he was nway from home.
They laughed now at the fanciful notion that thu seu could ever so much
Indeed, the  protection of the stout , ,   ,
p!ntc g:nss, so  thick and tough that ft! ,0SB lw 81""uy at ,he wl,ldow of tl10
sin birds ou  a   stormy   night   dashed i ���,v'-?B"room*
Ihemeolvea to pulnless death against! ��hey passed Into thc narrow stair-
it. vuj lery welcome. Moreover,!
though neither of the girls would admit ll, there was a sense of security
hero whl, h was strangely absent when
they looked imo (he abyss beneath
the stone gall.-ry. Constance balancing a teles, o|k'. Knld peering through
thu Hold-glasses, followed tho progress of the llalsy in silence, but
Hi anil's eyes, wandered uneasily from
ihe barouitler. which had fallen rap-
Idly during the past hour, to tbe cyclonic nimbus spr. adlng Its dark mass
beyond the Seven Stones Lightship.
The sun hud vanished, seemingly for
the day. and tho indicator attached to
the bust- of tbe wind vane overhead
pointed now sou'west by west. It
would not require much further varla-
llou to bring about a strong blow
from lhe true southwest, a quarter responsible for most of the fierce gales
(hat sweep ihu English Channel.
Nevertheless, this quick darling
aboul of the fickle breeze did not
usually beloken lasting bad weather.
At Ihe worst tbe girls might bo compelled to pass the night on the rock.
He knew Unit the lug with the two
relief men would mnke a valiant effort
to reach the HgbibouFe at the earliest
possible   moment     when the men
Joined him the girls could embark.
As It was, the affair was spited with
adventure. Were It not for the mishap to the nhsIxIiiiii keepers the young
people would have enjoyed themselvo..
thoroughly. The new alrt or tin
wind, loo, would send tlie Daisy ape. d.
Ily back to port. On the whole, u
doubtful Kliiiiitiini was greatly re
lleved. Ilis face brightened. With ii
grave humor not altogether artltl
��� lul. he cried:
"Now, Constance, I did not take you
aboard as a ilsltor. lietween us wt
ought to muster a good app. lite. Conn
with mo to tlie slororoom. I will get
you anything you wnnt and leave you
in charge of the kitchen."
"And |ioor me!" > hi mod In Enid.
"Oh, you, miss, nre appointed tippet
house-maid. And mind you, no followers."
"Murcy! I nearly lost my situation
before I got It."
"Wo mot Jack Slanhope and asked
him to come with us."
"You asked him, you mean," Bald
"And you met him, I meant," said
"1 don't care a pin how you treated
Stanhope, so long as you didn't bring
Mm," said Brand, "though, Indeed, he
would have been useful as It turned
When lunch was ready they sum*
moned him by the electric bells he had
put up throughout the building ill
gave them great Joy to discover In ths
living room a code of signals wblct
covered a variety of messages. They
rang Mm downstairs by tho correct
call for "Meal sorved."
It was a hasty repast, as Brana
could not remain long away from thf
glasB-covered observatory, but they at
enjoyed It Immensely. He left them
as he snid, "to gobble up the remains,'
but soon he shouted down the stairs'
lo tell them that the Daisy had round
ed Cam du. Ho could not tell them
not knowing It, that at that precis*
moment old Ben Pollard was frantfc
."liv signalling to Lieutenant Stanhope to change the course of the amal'
steam yacht he had commandeered ai
soon as the murmur ran through tht
town that the Oulf Rock was flying ths
"Help wnnted" signal.
The officials did not know thai
Brand was rompellcd by lho snot*
slorm (o use rockets. All the Infor
mat Ion they possessed was the mes
sage from Land's Knd and its Urns
of despatch.
in k Stanhope's oasygolng face tn
came   very   strenuous.   Indeed,   when
way. Their voices and footsteps
sounded hollow, lt was to the floor beneath that Bates had fallen.
"I doui think I like living ln a lighthouse," cried Knld. "It gives one tbu
"Surely, there aro neither ghosts
nor ghouls here," said Constance. "It
Is modern, seientillc, utilitarian In
every atom of its solid granite."
Uut Enid wns silent as they cllmbod
lhc steep stairs. Once she stopped
and peeped Into bur father's bedroom.
"That Is where they brought me
when I firs teame to the rock," sha
whispered. "It used to be Mr. Jones's
room.    1 remember daj saying so."
Constance, on whose shoulders the
reassuring cloak of Bcience hung somewhat loosely, placed her arm around
her sister's waist In a sudden access
of tenderness.
"You huve Improved in appearancq
since then. Knld," she said.
"What a wizened little chip I must
have lookid.    I  wonder who I am."
"1 know who you soon will be If you
don't care."
Enid blushed prettily She glnncetl
at herself lu a small mirror on (he
wall. Trust a woman to find a mirror
in any apartment
"I auppose Jnck will ask mo to
marry him." she mused.
"And what will you reply?"
The girl's lips parted. Her eyes
shone for an inslnnl. Then she burled her face ngnlust her sister's bosom.
"O, Connie," she wall, d,    "I    shall
hate to leave you and dad.   Why han't Jack got a brother as nice as himself."
Whereupon Constance laughed loud
and long.
Tho relief was grateful to both.
Enid's Idea of a happy solution of the
domestic difficulty appealed tO llielr
easily  stirred sense of  humor.
"Never mind, dear,' gasped Constance at last. "You shall marry your
Jack and Invite all (he nice men to
dinner. Oood gracious! I will bate
tho pick of the navy. Perhaps the
Admiral may be a widower."
With tliiMbed faceB they reached
the region of light, llrand was writing at a small desk ln tho service
"Something seems to have amused
you," he said. "I time heard weird
peals ascending from the depths."
"Connie ls going to splice the admiral," explained Enid.
"What admiral?"
"Any old admiral."
"Indocd, I will not take an old admiral," protested the elder.
"Then you had better take Mm when
he Is a lieutenant," said llrand.
This offered too good an opening to
be resisted.
"Enid has already secured the lieutenant," she murmured, with a swift
glance at the other.
Brand looked up quizzically.
"Dear me," he cried, "If my congratulations aro not belated���"
Enid waa blushing again. Bhe
threw her arms about his neck,
"Don't believe her, dad," ahe said,
"She's Jealous!"
Constance saw a book lying on the
table: "Regulations for the Light*
liouso Service." She opened It.
in nnd stroked Enid's hair gently, and
resumed the writing of his dally Journal.
"Tho Elder Brethren!" whispered
Constance. "Do they wear long Whlto
"And carry wands?" added lho recovered Enid.
Skeonu Land District���Diatrict ol Coast Range 0
Tako notico thut Lclloy P. Grant ol Prince
llupert, 11. C , occupution civil engineci, intends
tu apply lor pori'iimuon to purcliuse the following
described lunds:
Commencing at. a pust planted ubout :l 1-2 miles
in a northerly direeliun from the nurtliouht corner
pobt ul Lot 13811, Hange 5, Coust Dislrict, tlience
east -in chains, thence nurth (IU chuins, thonce
west tu bunk uf river, tlience auuili following
hunk ol river tu puint ut cumnioncement: containing Hid itcVes, moro or loan.
Dateel Sepl. II, 11)11. LEROY   K.  GRANT
I'ub. Oct. II, Gordou C. Eiiimcrson, Agont
Skeena Land District���District ol Coast IUngo 6
Take nutico that 1, Christopher James Gruhuni
ol I'rince Hup rt, 11. C, uccupalion locomulive
engineer, inlend to upply fur permissiuu lo purchase
Un- lollowing deecribed lunds:
Commencing at u post plantod at the southwest cornor uf Let Nu. 17j3 vicinity vt Luke
Lakelse untl murked Christopher J. tiruliuni
N. K. Curner, thence went -ID chuins, tlience suuth
SU chuins, thence east 40 chains, Ihence nurth SO
chains to pust ol cuniniencomont; cuntulning
BSD ttcins. miito i,r leas.
Dated Sept. 22. lull. 11.56 A.M.���Witno-od '1'. D
I'ub. Sept, 110.
.Skeena l.uinl District���District ul Cassiar
Take notico thut it. 11. Slewart of Vancouver,
13. G>, occupatiun truckman, intenda to apply
for permission to purchaao the lulluwing doscribod
Commencing at u post plantud -10 chain, auuth
uf I'rt'-einplion No. '1*17 and b'l chains cast frum
thu Naas Itiver (S. W. C), thonce -10 chains oast,
thonce 40 chuins north, tlience 40 chuina wost,
thenco 40 chuins south tu tho puint ul cummence-
ment lo contain 160 acrua muru or loaa.
Dated Aug, 1U11. Jame. T. Fullorton, Agent
I'ub. Sept. 21.
Skeona Land District��� DUtrlct of Coast Itango 5
Tuko notico that Harold K. Smith ol Murcly,
Aim., oecupalioti station agent, intends to apply
fur permiasion tu purchase tho following described
Cummoncing at a post planted at tho aouthweat corner 100 chains easl and 20 chains norlh
frum N. E. vomer ol Lot Hid, Ilarvoy. Survey
Coaat District IUngo .,, thenco 40 chain, east,
thenco 80 chains north, thencu 40 chaina weat,
thence SO chains south to post ot commencement
cuntaining 320 acres, moro ur leas.
Puled Sept. IS, lull. HAROLD E. SMITH
i'ub. Sopt. 23. Kred W. Uohler, Agen
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Coast Range 6
Tako nolico thul -1, Cordon 0, Emmeraon of
Prince Ruport, 11. C, occupation real estate
broker, intend lo apply lor permission to purchase the following doaciibed lands:
Cummenelng at a post planted about 2 2-4
mllua in a northerly direeliun (rum tho nurlheasl
curner post of Lot 128!!, lUng. 1, Coaat DUtrlct,
thenco north 40 chains, thenco weat lo river
hank, ihence soulh following rive-r bank lo point
of cummencemenl; containing I'i" acree, moro or
Dated Sept. 9, 1911.   CORDON C. EMMERSON
I'ub. Oct. 14.
Skeona Land District ���DUtrict ol Coast IUngo V
Tako notice that 1, Benjamin A. FUh uf Toamor,
N. 1'.. occupatiun merchant, Intand lo apply
for permission to purchase tlio following de-scribe-al
Commonclng at o post plantod on tho oast
boundary and about llvo chains (rom lho southeast curnor uf Lot 418-1, tbenee nurth 60 chain.,
thence east :lu ciiains, thonco soulh 60 chains,
thunco wusi .iii chains to potnt ol commencement
Dated Juno 21, 1911. UENJAMIN A. FISH
I'ub. July 25. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skeena I.:.., I District -DUtrlct ot Coast IUngo 5
Take notice that ltirlam Roy McTaviah ol
Winnipeg. Man., occupation harrUtesr, ImoneU
lu apply fur |iermisaiitn to purchaso the following
described lunds:
Commencing at a post plantod at tho aouthweat
curner 40 chains east and 40 chain, north from
N. E. curner ul 1116, llarvey'a Survey Coaat
DUlrict Rango 5, thence 60 chain, eaat, thence
60 chaina north, thenco 60 chaina west, ihenee 60
chaina aouth to post ot cuinmoncomenl containing
360 acre, mora or less.
DatedSept. 18. 1911   lllill \M  ROY McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sept. 21. lei Vi. Uohler. Agont
Skeena Land District ���DUtrict ol Coast IUngo V
Tmko notico that Joaaa M. 'fallman ol Cedar
lUpula,   Iowa,   occupation   lawyer,   Inunda   to
apply  lor |>ermlaaion  to  purchaao tho following
doacribed land.:
Commencing at a post planted on the aoutherly
shoro ol   kuiz-.itial.s-n  Inlet on tho light bank
of a .mall atream Mowing Into aaid Inlel juat east
I of Crow Lake. Tbenos aoulh 20 chaina, lhance
| weat 20 chain, moro or leaa to the ahora line ol
I Crow Lake, Ihenco northerly and eaaterly lol*
- lowing the short tinea ol Crow Lake. Ih. Inlet
, to Crow Laka sad Kuueymateen Intel to tbo
placo ol commencement, conulnlng lorty acros or lou.   (.orated Auguat 7, lull.
Daled Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M.  I Al.l.MAN
I'ub. Aug. 12.
Skoena Land DUtrlct���DUUict of Coaat Range b
Take notice lhat E. II. li. Millar ol Falmouth
Eng.. occupation surveyor, Intand. to apply (o
tiermlasion lo purcbaae tha tolluwlng doacribed
Commencing at a poet planted at tha N. Vi. Corner ul Lot 4406, Ihenca weat 80 chl.ns, Ihenca -wuih
20 chaina, Ihence eul 80 chains, ih.nee nortb 20
chaina lo tho puint ul commencement containing
160 acres more ur leas.
Dated August 15, mil. E. II. II. MILLER
I'ub. Aug. 26. I'. M. Miller, Agant
Skeena Uml District -Dislrict ul Coast Range 5
Take nolle, that IL F. Miller ol Tipton. England, occupallon larmer, ntenila to apply for
permiaaion to purchaaa tho following described
Commencing at a posl planted aboul SO chains
weal from tho N. W. Cornor of Lot 4106, thence
norlh 40 chaina, Ihenee weat 20 chaina, thence
aouth 40 ehalna, thenca anal 20 ehalna to tho
point ol commencement containing eighty acraa
moro or lr*..
Datod Auguat 19  1911. 11   F. MILLER
I'ub. Aug. 26. I'. M. Mi..... Agont
.Skeena Land DUlrict-DUtrlct ol (oaat IUngo b
Take notice lhat Frank S. Miller ol taondun,
1 Eng., occupation civil engineer. Intend, to apply
for permission to purchaae the lulluwing dascribe-l
' landa:
j Commencing at a poat planteel at the N. E.
Cornor ol Lot 28, thence north 20 chaina, thonce
weat 20 chains, thenco south 20 chains, thenca
eaat 20 chain, lo point of commencement, containing 40 acre, mnre or leaa.
Dated August 15, 1911. FRANK S. MILLER
I'ub. tug. 20. I'. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict Dl-trict eit Coast IUnge .*.
Take notice that Lottie Ml-Tavish ol Vancouver,
occupallon married woman. Intends lo apply
fur permisslun to purchase the fulluwltig decrilied
> lands:
Commencing at a -tost planted al thc northwest corner 100 chain, eaat and 20 chains north
from N. E. Corner ol l.eit 1116, Harvey's Sur.ey
( Coast DUtrict Range 5, there. 20 chains aoulh,
I thence 80 chaina eaal, thonce 80 chaina north,
ihenco 40 chaina west, ihenco 110 chain, aouth.
Ihence 40 chains weal to post ot commencement
dnnlaining 400 acres more or leaa.
Hm. -I   ��� -ei. la. p.ii. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sept. 23 Fred W. Uohler. Agenl
Iti-lle Coola Und DUlrict���Dislrict ol Coast Range
Take notice that It. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intends to apply
tor permisaiun to lease the following describeel
Commencing at a poat planted on the .hora
ol Neclectsconnay River about 10 chaina weat
of Indian Reeervo Line .thenre weal 60 chain,
lulluwing Ihe channel ol Neclnetsconnay River,
thence south 80 chains mere or teas to channel
uf Hella t iri'lu River, thenee feiliowlng channel
of Hella Coola Klver easterly 60 chains, north
80 chains more or lew. lo |.,-nri ol commencement:
containing 480 acres, more or leaa.
Dated August 28, 1911. II.   M    CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agenl
Skeena Und District���Dlalrlct ol Coast Range f.
Tako notice lhat Herbert J.  Mackle of  Vein
broke.  Ont., occupation lumberman, intends to
I apply  lor  permlsaion  to purchaae th. lollowlng
d.-r-nlrr ,i lands:
|     Commencing at a newt pl.nleel on Ihe left hank
i ol tho ay���momS or rdm-a-geit-il. River, at southwest corner ol Lot 1700, thence northed)*, lollowlng
the  westerly  boundary of  Lot   1706,  80 chain.
j more ur less, to thi* northwest corner ot saiel l,ot
��� 1700.   Ihence  westetly   antl   southerly,   following
I lha left hank of aald river, so chains mnrenr loss lo
point   nf   commencement   conulnlng   160  acres
more or loaa.
Locateel August 19, 1911.
Dateel August 21, l"ll      IIERIIERTJ. MACKIE
I'ub. Aug. 26. Frederick 8. Clom.nla, Agent
Skeena I.and Dlslrlct-Dlslrlcl of Casslar
Take notice lhat I. Thomas Carter, nf Prlnre
Itupert, oeaupstloil carpenter.  Intend to apply
fur permission lu purchase the following dcsrrili-
ed Intnl.
('-.���ttimi.nrln'r nt a post ptanted nlsnit nne mile
smith from the mouth tn Falls rreek and nltout
Midfoot Imck from tin* heurli, then**., m rlinlns
north, thence 41) chnins west, thence so chains
sunt h, thence east 40 chains to point of oeanmence-
ment, cnnulnlnir 320 acres more or less.
Dnloel July 7th, lull.    Charles Wobater Calhoun,
I'ub. Aug. 5th. Agent.
Skeona Land DUtrirt-DUtrkl uf ii��������� ,-,   ,
,,, , , Islands       v    "l ���"���������"Uu
luko nolico thut Austin  \t   n-
Runtirt ii. c, ueicuputiu, Li ,'-"  ' '
applv t��� ll,��� ijliief L-oiiinLk",o, .', :"'"���������������' to
Wurks fur a licence to pranj. . ' , '���;"-'��� "ml
petruleum un untl under tho tellmlS^ oU *****
lauds on thu West Cuast of  in hi   Y'������'"" r""'J
Cpiiiniciiclng at u p,���t p|���.���,! "',?;-''
of tho northoaat corner pl IJ. I.\       ,' """*
80 chuins south, thencu 80 ohl fax , ,' .',"     '    '
chains north, thoncu 80 _u__ ��-, ,'   ,'
conimuncuinoiit. *l lu I'uint. o|
Dato ol Locution 31stJulv lan "Ni 'uator
Tub. Aug. 17. rsaaii.
Skeen. Land DUtrlct-DUtriciufi; ��� t , ^
Tako nutico thut Ausnu M. ltr���w��� ���, ���
Rupert, occupation sadilli-r, int.-ir |,.',   ���       '
tht  Chief   Commissi,,,,,.,  0,      ,,     ^  .
ur a licence to prospect tor coul   ,, ',���
loum on andI under tho lollnwini-   ��� '
on the Wesl Coast ul liruliii,,, liSJnd *****
Commencing ul u post plumed threa ������
0 lhe southwest curner ���/ I*. I.. .",'",, " '"������
80 chain, east   Ihenco 80 chains ���,..���'.  ,
chains wost, thonco 80 chains �����uil,   ���    ''" "��,
cummoncomutit. "* ' *������"��� ��t
D.te���II������,31tJj'u|!J1Vn1,UUrtN' '���"������'���
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skoona Und Ui.u-lctyjii.trict ,,l i.u,,, , . ���- .,,
Tuko noilce thut Austin M. Brown ol Mi a
Wl' ,��,C.CU1"1 "f  ���"d*ll,'r'   *'.L*.I.I��     , u,,l
the Chief Coiiiniiasiunor of Lunds u,���| H(���   V '"
liconcu to priMiiect lor coul, oil und petrol,
under the following described lunds oo     ,- \,
Coast ol iir.ili-iui Island: ul
Commencing al a post planted thr.*.- i, ,1...,._,
01 tho southeast curner ull'. I., v,   ,
north BO chains, thence easl M chui,,.,, tl,,;,, ��,���
80 chains, thonco wost 80 chains tu point ���f ,/.,
moncoment. ' ' ma"
AUSTIN If, BROWN. I.rat,,,
Ucatod Auguat lit, 1911. '
I'ub. Aus. 19.
Skoona Und DUtricl-DUtrict uf ljuoon Charluii.
���lake nolico that thirly days Irom dun- I i j*
Uainler ut I'rmcu Rupert, II. l_., I,, ,,-',.'.. ',
buukkoeper, inlend tu apply lu the Chlet Coi
missiuner ul Unds lur a hence lu proagM i,',
coul und polruloum un and under olu I,.,. '.!
land un Uraham Island described as tutlm*.',
Commencing at a pusl planled Bvt i a tut
ot Coal Luasu Nu. 4167, murked C. g, il  ( ���a
Leas.. No. 1. N. E. cornor, ihoiico w���i ,��� , ,
thonco suuth 80 chains,  Ihenco ea..t mj __.
thence nunh SO chums lu placo of cuiiinu<nc..iuat
Dated Sept. 11, 1911     ft E. UAINTEH, 1.2* ��
I'ub. Sept 23.
Skeona Und DUtrlct���DUtrict ut Queen t luile-ti.
Take nuiice lhat thirty days (ru.n .1.:,, I. Q, i*
Uainlur ol I'rinco Rupert, U. C, by uccuwi-ug
buukkoeper, intend lo apply to ihu ChM Cuin*
missioner of Unda tor a licence tu pronoa fur
cual and pelroleum oo and under sen, u.
land on Craham laland deacrlbod aa folluws:
Cummenelng al a pust plunu-d Btrt mu,. east
uf Coal Uaso No. 4167, marked l*. K. II. N, IV.
corner Nu. 2. thonco soulb 80 chains, lh. nee tost
80 cbaina, thencu north 80 chains, Ihtnm ��.*��i
80 chains to placu ul commencement.
Dated SepL II, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK, Locals:
I'uh. Sept. 23.
Skwna Und DUlrict���DUtricl ul Queen I'hsrUu
Taku nutico thai thirty day*. Irom dale, 1. * E.
Ilainler ol l'nnce Rupert, U. C, by occupsiiua
bookkeeper, inlend lo apply to tht Chiel Cu*n*
missiuner ol Unds lor a licence lo pru.ji.-ct fur
coal and petroleum oo and undor 610 acivs of
land on Graham Island described ta loilo.-s:
Commencing al a poat planled nvo miles ��a��'.
ol Coal Loaao No. 4176, msrlel C. E. II. *-. tt.
corner ol Cual Lease No. ,3, tbence east Ml etiaii.,
thencu nonh SO chatna, ibenco wo.t 80 chsuiee,
thence south so chaina lo place ol commcnci-meat.
Dated SepL 11, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK. Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und District -DUlrict ol Charlott.
Take nuuee lhal Unity d.ys Irom dat.*. I. ' I
Hainter ol l'nnce Ituperl, II. C. by uccu|.*tk,i
bookkeeper, Intend lu apply to tbt Clin I t gtts
missiuner ot Ur.da lor a licence to pru.i-.ct tut
coal and petroleum oo and under 640 acres ul
land on Graham Island d-wcribcd _, f-j4loa.
Commencing tt a post planted nvt mil.** tart
of Coal Leaae No. 4476, marked C. E. It > I.
comer Coal Lease No, 4, tbtnee weat Su chains,
thenct nonh 80 chaina, ihenco eaal ou casiiu,
thence soulh 80 chains to place ol commi-i.r, -., a
DatedSept. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK. I
l-ub. SepL 23.
Skeent Und Dutiict���DUtrlct ol Quen i -
Takt none that thirty daya Irum dat.. 1.1 .1.
Hainter ol l'nncv Rupert, ll. C, by ottoj -
bookkeeper. Intend lo appb* lo ibe i
musiuni-r ol Unds lor a llconce ts i*   , ,*t (_-
coal and petroleum on and under ' ������ ...--.
land on liraham laland deacrlb-td a. ,
Commencing ol a poat planted la- ��� i.u-rb.
ot stake marked C. E. H. Coal Lease Kg l. MM
N. E. coriirr C. E. H, Coal Lean* '-
.outh 80 chaina, tbtnot wt* 00 cbains tnetce
north 80 chaina, Ihenca oast t*l Chains tu place el
Dated SepL II, ISII. C. E. UAINTEIL LuCatet
I'ub. .*M-pl. 23.
Skeena Und DUlrict���DUtrlct ol Quern fhraleil.
Takt notice thai thirty day. Irum dat--, I.
Hainter ol I'rince Rupert, ss, C.. by ociuj.ilwo
lM.r,kke|ier. Intend lo apply to lha Cbwl Cone
missiuner ol Und. for o licenc lo priMp-ct ter
coal and pelroleum on and under old acres el
land on Graham Island doscnl*ed as loll.,*.
Commanclng at a pott planted isto mlko north
���l l E. II. Coal Uaa. No. 3 marked I'. I.. Hait,i.i
tt. Vi. Curner Coal Laaat No. 6, Ibrtca south to
chains, thenct tost 80 chains ibtoet north to
chains, thonce wost 00 chaina lo place ol (un-
Dated Sepl. II, 1911.    C. E. UAINTER Locator
I'ub. Stpl. S3
Skeena Und Dl.lrlcl���Dtslliti ol Quern I hat lull'
Take nolice thai thirty day. Irom date, I. < . I.
Hainier ol l'nnce Rupert, ll. C> by eccupatwa
bookk.-ejier. Intend lo apply 10 tht Chiel Commissioner ol Unda (er o to proapect ter
coal and petroleum oo and under olu acres ��
land on Graham Island described a* loli.i*.-
Commanclng tl t po��t planus! two mil.- -  ���
ot C. E. U  Cool lAmm No. 3, stake I   ��. eon*
Coal Least No. 7, ihence nortb su chains l'-*,���*
east tm chaina, theme* eoutb oo chains tbetc.
west 80 chains to place ot cummeneefnenl.
Dated Sepl   II, 1911.     C. E. UAINTEIL Lues! I
I'ub. Sept. S3
Skeena Und DUUict -DUlrict ol Queen Chorion.
lake nolle, lhal thirty data Iron. .l.t.-. 1.1   I
Ilainler ol I'rinca Kuport, II. C, by otwi
leoukkectjcr. Intend t��> tpply to th.  CSItl
misaioner at UniU lor a licence tu pr--;
coal and petroleum oo and under OIU act*. <    1
Und on Graham Island desenbesl ts lu'lu..-
Commenaing ot a posl pl*',i-l Iwo n
ol C. E. II. (o.l Ira*. No I. mark. I S. E i
C. E. II. Cool Ltoet No. s, thence north ��' <
thence weat 00 elrslns Ihence .oulli -, < - east r**X chain, to plac vt rommene, e-
Deled Sept. It, ISII. C. E. HAIN1III. I
Pub. Sent. S3
Skeana Und DUlrict -DUlrict cl Queen ��� *
lak. nolle that thirty day. Irom I.
Hand, r  .-I  I'rinc  It ,| . ...  ll.  C , I
l-onkkeeper, intend lo apply lo the l in* 1 '
missioner of Unda lor a licnc to pro-, ���
cual and petruleum on and under OIU an.    <>f
land on Graham Island deacrilw-l a. foBow.
Commenting at a poat pUnled live on
ol Coal Leaae No. 4(74, marked ('. E. II.
N. E. corner Coal Leaae No. 9, Ihenc s.-.i*
chaina, Ihenc weal 80 chaina, thenee r.of <
Chaina,  tbenc oaat  SO chaina lo pUce ul e*
Deled Sept. 11, 1911. C. K. HAINTEK, Uclel
I'ul,  s. ft  23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-Dislrict ol Queen I notie lhat thirty days from dsl". I. <    '���
Hainier ol Trine Ruperl, II. C by on
bookkeeper,  Inlnd  lo epply to Ihe CMS '
missioner oil Unda lor a licenc lo prospect I I
coal and pelroleum on and under 610 acres ..
land on Graham Island deKribed as follows:
Commencing al a posl planted one mil.* *
ol C. B. II. Coal Uase No. 9, marked N- �����
corner C. E. II. No. 10. thenc aoulh 80 Chans
Ihenc wasl 80 chains Ihenc north 80 chsins
thenc easl 80 chains to place ol eommrncm**,'
Dateel Sepl. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTEIL Lor*.' *
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skena Und DUtrict���DUlrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take nolic that thirly days Ironm dale, 1.1 I.
Ilainler ol I'rinc Rupert, II. C. occupation boo*.
kciier, intend lo apply to the Chiel Commissi���nrr
ol Unds lor a licnc to prospect lor co.l end
petroleum on and under 640 actea of land on
Graham Island described as follows:
Conimpncing at a post planteel lao mile. I '"
ot C. E. U. Coal Leut No S, market N. E. corner
ol C. E. II. Cetl Leaae No. II, Ihenc .niilh g
chains Ihenc weat 80 chains, thenc n
chains  Ihenc eaat  80 ehalna to plan ol on*
listed Sept. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTEH, Locstor
I'ub. SepL 23.
Skena Und Dislrict -DUlrict ol Quen Ch.'!"'**'
Take nolle that thirly days Irom dste, I. 1 I-
n.lnier ol I'rinc Hupert, 11. C . hy occupation
lanokkeiier, intend to apply to Ihe I hiel < um*
missioner ol Lend tor a licnc lo pr*e>|*eet le.r
coal and |>etroleum on and under Bin eon*, ei
land on liraham Island doarribed as follow"
Commencing at a posl planled two mile, nonn
of C. E II Cool Lea*- No. 7, marked C. I.
Coal iMse No. 12, Ihenc soulh SO rhaina, t '"��
eaal 80 chains Ihenc north SO ehains Ihenco
west SO chains lo pise ol comment-amenl- , ,
Haled Sept 11, nil. fi E. HAINTEK, l^'CaH,*
Pub. Stpl. 23.
Skene Und District -Dislrict ol Quen CtSjMS
Take nolle lhat Ihirty days from dale, I. I . ������
Hainter ol I'rinc llupert, 11. CL hy ocerupalion
bookkeper. Intend lo .pply lo lhe ( hiel lorn-
miasl.iner ol lAtait lot a licnc lo prosiwl '<���[
coal anel petroleum on and under 610 acres oi
land on Graham Island des-Tlbed as follows:
Commencing at a post pl.nled two m,i'!" """"
ot C. E. II. Coal Leaii No. 7, market S. W. corner
C. E. H. Coal laeaae No. 1.1, Ihenc north ��"
chains, thenc east SO chains, Ihene ******
chain., thenc weat 80 chain, lo pl.c ol commenement.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911. C. E. UAINTEIL a*o****<*'
Double Weekly Service
[s.s. Prince Ruperl, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
|]Vr Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at l P. M.
|l*',,i* Masaet and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   nt   10   I'.   M.
Ii commendng November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc.,   every
alternate  Thursday  at   10  P,   M.
i ommenclng November 2nd.
[Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wediies-
lays und Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
I On your Christmas visit Eatt travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago. The finest and best
ervlce over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads Kitst and
West. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged.. Full information and
tickets obtained from the oflice of
tThe World's
Greatest High-
x^-     way : :
Let us plan
|or to Europe.   Wc like to answer enquiries,   Ait-ont for oll Atlantic
lines.   Call on or write
J   l.. McNab
General Agenl
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Strain Heated Roomt
W. H. Wrighl, Prop       ro. boh 37
Townsite of
(Registered as Soulh Hazelton)
...Whites Portland Cement...
0. c.
Phone 125       Naden Block       Second Ate
Savoy Hotel
Oor. f-'raarr and Mh.        Choir* Wines nml Cigars
y*r, Jnl Av.
ntl Mh .St.
The James:
Nleeti* 'iirnl.he.1 reaims. (i.ssl ls-ar.1
Board S4.7S Room and Board 17.00
'.'.in. mun ran i* i"��
Tin* N'atiural Rt-sourccs Security
Company, Limited, begs to an-
nouncc to the public that the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
has just signed an agreement
whereby the official and only
railroad townsite at HAZELTON will be located on Lot
851 as |kt above plan.
There will lie no station at Ellison,
one mile west.
Purchasers of lots at Ellison will
be fully protected.
Surveys are completed and plans
will be published just as soon
as the govern ment and railroad
make selection of lots.
The Lind Commissioner of the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
will issue all agreements and
deeds   and   the   Nationa.   Re-
, sources Security Company, Limited, will have full charge of all
Yours truly,
President Natural Resources
Security Company, Limited
Bower Block, Vancouver, B. C.
225 Sixth Street, Prince Rupert.
The managers of Abe Attell, the
featherweight champion, and
Johnny Kilbane have announced
that they hove posted forfeits
binding the two featherweights
to meet at 122 pounds, before
the club tillering the largest purse,
for the world's championship
According to a morning paper,
Billy Bell, the Belfast Belcher,
alleged foot runner and boxer, is
matched to race Fred Meadows
It is to laugh. Once Bell had a
vision of whipping Abe Attell
Now he thinks he can lower
Meadow's colors Bell couldn't
make a fat man sweat going up
hill Will some one please wake
him up
n n n
Marshal Niey King, one of the
stars of the National League in
the days of its infancy, has jusi
died at Troy, X Y., aged 02.
King was famous as a hitter and
centre fielder. His first engagement was with lhe Chicago Nationals in  18" 1.
M �� n
�� Milburn Saylor, who recently
won over "Battling" Nelson in
a ten-round bout in Boston, got
a popular decision over Ray Brim-
son in a ten-round contest at
Indianapolis the other night. After
the fifth round Savior had the better of lhe fight all along. In the
ninth Saylor.delivered a number
of hard right swings and staggered
Hro.iison against lhe ropes. Bron-
son had a shade in lhe fighting
in lhe fourth and liflh rounds
and managed to break even in the
first and third.
��� MM
H"Jack" Johnson is going back
fast as a pugilist���so fast that he
has practically decided to quit
the ring for ever, knowing lhal if
he lights ;i good man he Will be
H  M  M
This statement made by
Marty Culler, who has been Johnson's t-parring partner abroad, on
Ilis arrival in New York recently
front England. "Johnson has picked up weight so rapidly that I
don't believe he ever can get ill
shape to light a good man again,"
said Cutler. "He knows it himself,
and would never have mail-.' that
match with Bombardier Wills had
In-not thought that theBombradlcr
was ;i decidedly inferior man.
"Jack did some hard training
for lhe Wells match Wells might
have beaten him Johnson figured
llnit With his boxing skill lie could
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will bo devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any und nil of the |adl�� of I'rinco Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to tuke part in its discussions. Suk-
gestions and criticisms aro invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Renovation   Tip   That   Makes
Thin Goods New
This is a good way in clean
buff or cream-colt n ed window
blinds: Begin by taking off any
trimmings there may be, washing
them in hot soapy witter, then
rinsing them in borax water, and
pressing them on lhe wrong side
with a hot iron. Nexi bake some
Hour in a dish in the oven; lay lhe
blind fiat on the table, dust it
with a clean cloth, then dip a
piece of doth in lhe Hour, and rub
the blind evenly with it. Take
fresh Hour and flannel when soiled.
Polish the blind with a clean,
soft cloth, sew on the trimmings
again and replace it in the window.
Green blinds that have laded may
be made lo look almost like new
by brushing them over with sunn*
over with some linseed oil.
Journalistic Invention to While nway
Dull   Times   in   Newapaperdom
catch Wells early in ihe go will
;i knockout punch    If he failed
in this his wind would have
gone back on him and he would
have been in serious trouble.
"The champion has just naturally slowed up.   Try as he would he
could  not  show anywhere  near
the speed he used lo have.     His
footwork, usually so good, is slow
and clumsy and his punches are
not rapid and accurate."
Pugilistic followers on this side
know that Johnson was going a
fast pace, but the news from his
sparring partner that lie is "all
in" really conies as it surprise.
The "silly season" has been un institution in London journalism for many
yours.     It   always   bi'tiun   as  soon   us
parliament rose for tha autumn recess,
and it lusted until people got buck to
town in October and November, and il
furnished   innocent   joy   to   folk   who
like  lo  see  their  mimes  in  print,  no
mutter how the publicity is obtnineil.
Thc   rising   of   parliament,   of  course,
released u lot of space in the London
papers, which usually published practically  unabridged reports of its  proceedings, and ns that pace hail to lie
filled  somehow,  the  editors  started  a
discussion  on  some  "silly"  topic  antl
invited readers to write their views on
it.   It was customary to ask some such
leader  of  thought   us   Hull   Cains,  or
Marie Corelli, or John Strunge Winter
to start oil with a column arlicle on a
carefully chosen silly topic and if tin1
letters  didn't come  freely enough  the
oflice  stall  wus  called  on  to  supply
them.     I'rovoculive  letters  over  such
signatures    as    "Father    of    Seven,"
Watchdog,"  and  so on,  written  by
the sporting editor  antl  the  religious
reporter   usually   sturled   the   stream
flowing in antl in a few duys the empty
space wus filled.
"Should Girls be Spanked?" was u
silly season topic which achieved a
record success a couple of years ago.
"Should Lovers Kiss?" in another
puper rnn it a close second, while
"Are Sermons Too Long" in one of
the more serious journals drew thou
sands of letters from country ministers and earnest young curates. "Is
Mixed Hathing Immoral?" was also u
popular subject. "Do We Marry Too
Old?" brought thousands of letters to
the paper which hit on this happy idea
and its success probably inspired a
rival to propound the query, "Ought
Wc to Murry st All?"
Associated with the silly season letter
writing were the sea serpent and the
big gooseberry. Tin* sea serpent always
limed its arrival on the English coust
to oolnelda with the opening of the
silly season und record size gooseberries
began to appear on tin* bushes ubout
the same time,
The English Method of Dealing
Out Supplies by the Week
lu the matter of small saving:
and watchfulness of expenditun
the English housewife is ahead
For example, thc English housekeeper deals oul to her servants
the week's allowance of sugar,
rice, flour coffee and all oilier
household provisions that are kept
in quantity, and requires an account ol il iill tO be tendered, the
think having been brought to so
fine a point that she knows the
exact amount of each article requisite for her family, allowing
so much to each Individual ani
linn quantity being sufficient, two
ounces of tea, for instance, being
regarded as a week's supply for
each single individual, one-half
pound of sugar, three and one-
and live and one-fourth for a man
--facts which the housekeeper
probably learned from her mother
liefore her���knowing, moreover,
the greater variety of the simpler
kinds required.
All of these stores she sit-
down iii her housekeeping book
as she gives them out, and she
does not on lhe next dispensing day to consult her dales
and if anything be left over in
thc cook's hands not accounted
for to subtract thiit from the
amount to be newly issued. And
in England servants expect this.
So fir irum being Indignant with
it they Would feel as if there
were no guiding hand behind
them if left undone and I hey
given ilu-ir head in an overflowing
storeroom, as servants arc with us.
In fact, there is no saving which
the housewife across the water
considers too small to practice or
a.- beneath her dignity.
Sko-iiu Lutiil district   -liiatricl eil Coast llaniiii 6
'luko   noticu  tluil   1,   Tliiiiiius   .Mcl'lymoni  ul
I'rinco   Hu|i.ti,   ll.   C,   occupation   mil   Mtstt
I,roller, Intend Eo apply lur (,,-niii-isioii to purchase
l ho lollow lull elm.cnliu,l lunus:
t'limiii'-licln-- ut  u  )<sul  |,lutil,-,l at tliu S.   W
cornor ol pro-omptton rotord SIS, thtno. i***-*11 hi*
cliuina, tlii-ii.-t, t.outli -to cliHins, thunco Wi-:il mi
chuins 10 1,1 lak*. thtnot [oUowtns slmru
ut luku In u northerly rHrtotloQ tu point at com-
nicnci'iiii'tit; oonlftinltll 880 itrn-w, mon- or In***,.
Dtted Si-|it. b, 1UI1.      THOMAS Met I.YMONT
i'uii. Supi. y. trc-noat colt-. Agont
Second aveiue und Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.1 Oflice.
Sturk Building, Second Avenue.
Hollo Coola Uad ln.tricl    li-strict ul llango
Lsw-Butler Building      Phone No. 'Mi
Prince Runert P.O. Hox 351
tuke- none- that II. M. Clin ol lliin.lulk. In-
laml. oi*cuiuii,,ii itaUemtn. intendi t>. apply lur
permission ir, I,..,... ii,,. (���||,m,���k. iliM-rllHsl lumls:
I uniiiii-niuni* ui u post pii���ii,s| ,t th,. ,|,���r���
near tl,., N. B. rin.-r ���l Lot No 1, tixatM north
1(1 chains, i iVirc,. wa<l h0 c|,u|���, ,miru ur ,���, to
oast liounilury ol cannery I,.,.*-, tln-nco liilluwlnii
tho Mini .11.-1 l���iiiii,|ury suuth 111 chains more or
Itso to shore line, thonco fiilUiv.inu saiel short-
lint oaslirly Ml chains more or less to point nl
i-iui.ii,,!,-: .-      oonulnlm NO acres,
I)ate.l Annual :,|, um,
I'ub. Sept. 311. W
Al.h'ltKI) CAHSS,
of Cilumlila
antl Mitiiiloliu llurs.
II.   M.  I'l.llT
Hum McNair, Agont
of B.C.. Onurlii. Sat-
  kiitehewieii   antl  Al��
liertu liters.
carss & bennett
Barristers, Notarise, Etc.
more or   Office**-Exchttnire hleie-k. corner Thlnl nvenuo and
Sixth -ii. .t  Prince ltuuorl. 8
ll.llu Coola l.uml District��� District ol Coost IUngo
Take notice tlint II. M. CHIT ol Uunelolk, Ireland, occupation I*., nil,-iiiiii.. intomls to apply
tor permission to lease tliu following lies-cnbcl
U. U. S.
S. HALL, L. U.S.,
Dentist.   ^^^^^^
Crown and ltriil|7e Work a Specialty.
Commencing at & post planus! ut tho N. K
corner of Lot IS. thenco north 20 chuins, thunco .
wesl IU chains, thonco south 110 chains moro or   ���
loss to short- line, thunco following lho shoro lino I
easl -lu ciiuiot mon- or less to point of commence. | Alex.M.Miinsun H.A
ment;  containing SU euros, moro or loss.
Doted August 91,1911. II   M. CUFF
Pull. Sept. ;iu. William McNair, Agont
All ilentiil ���peruti���ns skilfully Ire-moil, tias and
locnl nmislhellt's for the painless extraction of tooth. Consultation free. Offices:
Ilelirursiin Block, I'rinco Itunert. ':
W.K. Williams. 1I.A..L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Princi- Rupert, B.C
mriL OK WM. FIJXUN. FS��.. A.R.A.H.,  I UN.. UNO
Where Her Majesty  is Taller Than
Her  Husband
Willi  two exceptions the queens of
I*- i:.i Coolu Uml Dislrict���District of Coast Rang
Tuko notice that II. M. Cllll ol Dundalk. Ire-
luml.   occupation   gi nlloman,   Intends   to   apply I
lor  permission  lo lease iho following  described
Commencing at t posl planted tl tho N. W.
corner ol Lot No. 4, thence north 40 chains, thonco
east 40 chains, thence soulh IU chains mora or
!.-... to ahoro line, thunco (ollowing shoro line
westerly 40 chains moro or loss lo point ot commencement; roiiluining SU acres, moro or lust-
Dated August UK. lull. II. M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30.                  William McNair, Agtnt
Hctll Coola Land District-District ot Coasl Kangt
Take notice lhal II. M. Cllll ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation ctnllaman, intends to apply
lor permission to Icato tho following described
Commonclng at t post planted at tht N. W
corner ol l_t 2b'l, thenco south 40 chains moru
or loat lo northern boundary of lease No. 1 applied
fur ny 11. M. Cllll. thonce lollowing said bnundary
e-ast 20 chains, Incneo north 40 chains, thencu |
west 20 chains lo point of commencemenl: containing SO acros. moro or lots. 	
Doled Augual SS, 1911. If.  M. CI.IFP   ..,,,,.���   ,   utimrmv   siasltnsannrBBB
I'ul.. Sepl. 30. William McNair, Agent: "All.SEh.s 4   SAIII1I.ER*,   MAM'l ACTI 1.1
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Holla Coola Untl DUtriet���DUtrict of Coast Itange
Tako m iiri' that )!. M CHIT of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation font Ionian, Intends to apply
for permission lu luasa tho followinK doscnlwd
Commencing *l * poal planted at (he S. K
corner of \>*\ '2U\, thonco acuth IU chains moro
or \"*t* tu northern boundary of UaM< No. 1
-.; i ���-���"! for by II. M. rtiiT. thenee fast 2" chains
along aald taundary, ihenco north IU chains,
thonco wrat 20 chaina to |��olnt of cumnit'nixfnont;
containing Mi arn*. mart or loaa.
Dad-d August 2\ l.'ll. II.   M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sopt. 20. William McNair,  V* ���������*
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Olden Promptly Filled,
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
Skerna Land DUlrict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlott
Tako notico lhat Atuttn M. Hruwn of Prince
Rupert, saddler, Intonda to apply lo lha Chiol
( i.tiin.i-' ii.'.i r i-l Lands and Wurka for a liconce
lo prospect lor eoal, oil and petroloum on and
under the (ollowlnK described lands on the West
Cuast of Craham Island:
Commencing al a post planted ihree milea eut
of tbe northeast corner of C. L, No. 4461* thenco
English and American Milliards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
south SO chatna. thenoe HU chaina west, thence SU
chains north, tnence 1>0 chains east to point of
Hotel Central S-Slto
European and American plan, (-totim
RMttdg modern conveniences. Hat/**
ll.i-u tu .* J.',> iii day.        ;       :
all tho European countries m -Id lol ly-- Auto* ^mi? ����� UK0WN- ""Hi' IIIIHII	
bo taller than their liuslmn,.,   Queen|       ^ {*.'.     fl    J     McCUTCHEON
Chirlotu  | |
I ���  t*** complete sleHt of Drugo.   Special
Helen ia more than a liratl tiillcr than
the King of Italy. Queen Victoria in
more than half a lieatl taller than Alfonso of Spain. The Czi'.r looks small
beside the Czurinu. The German Kin-
press is u trifle taller than the Kui**i*r,
nnd for that reason niw ays sits when
their photograph* are taken tOgtthtr.
King George of Knglnnd is shorter than
Queen Mnry. The two exceptions are
the Queen of Norway and the new
Queen of the llelgians.
Got Ditcournged
Lee Hay, Igtd 80, ended his life wiih
carbolic   ncitl   battUM   bis   wife   had
presciiiid him with I he second set of
twin* to be lmrii in twu years.
Skeena Land District     Iii.tncl ol Qui
Islands ^  	
Tikt nollet thlt Austin M. Brown ol  I'rince I I      attention pllel lo filling* prescriptions
l(U|ieii. occupation aaddler, intends to apply to I T s.        s a
the Chltf Commissioner ol Lands and Works lor ' I   Theatre Block I'llONB No. ID SttOIld A��.
a licence to pr.a.nect for coal, oil and pelroleum in   Z "*���������".* ���"
and under tht lollo.lng detcribtd finds on tht *
Wesl Coasl ol Uraham island:
Commencing at ��� post plinted three miles .est
ol the northeast cornar of C. I.. No. 4473 th.nce
80 chiins ��.*st. Ihence tnj chiins norlh, thence 80
chiins put, thence SO chit-is south lo point of
AUSTIN M. iiliiiw .'.. Locitor
ln.-ll.-l August 1st, 1911.
rub. Aug. It.
Skeeni Lind District��� District ol Queen Chirlotu
Tiko nolice tint Austin  M.  Ilrown of I'r.nce
Rupert, occupition tiddler, Intend! to l|ipl;   to
For Ueginnem und Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil uf Krans Wilcxck, Parts and llerlln.
Chief Commtsaioner ol Lands and Works lor a : Room   28.    Alder Block Upstairs
 i oo I deecTth**��H f**** "���
Wai Coaat nf (graham Island:
licence to jifi.��|.ict for eoal, oil and
and under the follow-nig described
CKroIeum on
nda on the
^^&^,mmiM^j>m^ . -;
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meetg in the Helgerson Hlock
Every Tuesday Evening
All  member* of  the order in the city
are rcqucated to visit the lodge.
, N.��.
All Cash
I.OT8             BLOCK    Slil'TIHN
H, 15, Hi          iW           B
$525 en.
88 antl 34            2           *
��� i"| pr.
14, 15. 1(1, 17    47            *
fim ea.
17 and 18          ZK           8
$snn pr.
40 nnd 41          28           8
$S00 pr.
Coll nt our ofliee antl sec other
Second Av*.
Prinee Rupert, B.C.
The Paper
Your Home!
Commencini at a post planted three mllee oast;
of the southeast cornor of C \. No. 4470 thence |
nor.!- K0 chsins, thenco east bo chaina, thence
aouth HO chains, thenee wost 80 chaina to point of |
Al'STIN It 1IHOWN, Locator AuKust Ist. I'Jll.
I'ub. Aug. lb.
.Skoena Und DiMrfct    ln-'rirt of guren Charlotta
Take nuiicf that thirty davs from daU*. I, 0* K.
Hainter of I'rince llupert, ft. C, by occupallon
booklrtapar, IpMMl t�� a|>ply to tba Chief Cum-;    The   prim-o   K<i|M<rt L-lj-f.  No   .11-t   S.n-i   of
missioner of Unds for a licence to pruapect lor   Hntrlsnl  188���f " ���' -���-���   ' ���
==E.   EBY   ca,   Co.-___
REAL EsrAr.*-:
KiUumkalnm Land Kin- Sale
KITSI'MKALUU . ft   __
S. O. E. B. S.
TA^,^^.^*^^l^*tei,^^^ 1r;7l���� "1
; Ave at H p.m.
D9 2u,l
It gives you all the news of your own city and district as well as the principal happening!
in all parts of the world. The news is well edited, its news columns arc clean anil whole-
some. It is a paper you need in your home. The advertising columns of the News bring
you in touch with opportunities for getting the full value for your money^j : . :
Bill Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Forma
Commercial Cards
In  Commercial Printing
we hive a large stock of
*jili,.i..'. V  *  *  *  ���
We handle Blank Ledger
Forms    for    Loose
Leaf System
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
^l^n^.,^n^ia. ..a_..��_..^.i^.._.��^
cool  ind |.��*t tnli-mii     _   _ .   _��� .
Ini.-l on t.nhim Islind .!���- - n'. a is lollow.
I Kinnii'liriiiit at a post plantisl tie, mil.en north
ol I*. I.   II. foal lar...  No. s, nearkoel S. K. ceirnt _^^^^^^^^^^^^
T.   K.  II.  I ,-sl   Em  .*.,,.   14,  Ihrnn  north  80 ' ,.������..��� .   ___ ���.''���<'  "','* ���'IVrnwn Ituperl
chains,  Ihcnw a.-sl  no chains,  thrnce south SO   ���SilSW A. WIIDII.*., PraeMtnt, Hux 2J
chiins.  llr.-i,-*.' list  80 chains  lo pile, ol  corn-
K.   V.  CI.AI1K.   Sit.
nn nc..nn.nU^_____
H..-- I . , i II. I'Jll.
I'ul.. S,-|,l. il.
a L. UAINTEH, Loeiior
Teiielier of I'iiino. \'ii)lin and
Voice Culture.
Sk.-rni Ijiml lllslrlrl -llislricl ol Qu-een Chirlott
Tike none- lint tMrty divs Irom due, I, c. I
lliint.-r ol  I'rlnn. Ilup.rt,   ll. C, |,y occupition I
bookkeeper, intend to ipply to th. Chiel Com-! ^^_	
ml��,iiii���r .,( Und. lor ��� licence to prospect lor 2llil Ave, _  .
Stm ��OrBSI_^d_ai^��__^ "'   Belw��n ***' * ��"* St*    * "'"������** ***><>*���*���*
Commcncint at a (mmI idantod two mtlca north '
_1 C' V: '.'���   ..n*' _!?����� N'��- ���** marked N. \V. - ������ ���	
enrn.-r ( . K. II. ( nal  !���.....  No. 21, thence aouth ;
JO chain*,  thenca east  80  chains,  thenco  n-.nli
HO chain*, thenco west 80 chains to place of o.m-
mpiicprncnt. r ���
mASEh^ IMI*    C* K* UAINTKI1' '*"t4.r '
Skeona Land District -DMffat of gu.��-��n Charlott
Take not ire that thirty days from date, I, A. T
Hmderick M Prince Kiiprrt. It. ('., by occupation
bank manager, intend to apply to the Chief r.itn- i
mi^ti'mer of Unds for a licence to |ir��*>iiect for ,
coal and petroleum on and under 840 scree of
ltod on (iraham Inland described �������� follows;
Commencing at a post planted two bOm nnrth
of C. K. H. Coal Uase No. 17, marked B. W. I
corm-r A. T. II. Cos! MM N'n. -">. thenc** north
HO rhaina, Ihence eaul HO chainn, thenee south ^'l
chains, tnence west HO chains to place of commencement.
A. T. QUOD-CRICK, Ucaior
Dated Sept. 12, r-11. C.  H. Hainter, Agent
Pub. .Sept. 23.
For society printing, we ensure correctors of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dance Programmes. For any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the   "News Jot)"       :       ;       \       ;
Skeena Uml Di.trict -District of gueen Charlotte
Take notice lhat thirty days from dote, I, A. T.
llroderick of I'rince HujK>rt, M. C., by occupation
bank manager, intend to apply to the Chief Cum-
miMinner of Lands for a licence lo DRMpMt for
oal and [H'trolcum on and tinder (ill) carea of
land on (Iraham Inland descril>e.l a* follow*:
Commencing at a post plnate>l two miles north
ol  C,   1   II,  (oal   Uase   No.   20,  marke<l   S.   E
corner A. T. H. Coal  l-cw No. 'J'l, Ihence north
NO  chains,   thenee   wesl   HO  chains,  tlience  south
I "0 'l1,,iri->,> thence easl  HO chains to place of com*
j,���    mencement.
xT A. T. HflDDKIUrK, leorator
,1*.,    DatedSept. 12, ll'll. C. K  Hainter,  Agent
!^B    I'ub. Sept. 23.
I'lim-rnl   DlfNton
:inl Av. nenrfith St. Phone No
Daily News Building
PHONE   98
Third Ave
PHONE   08
Skeena Land Dlntrirt    District of QMM CharloUe
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, A. T.
Hroihrick DI I'rince Hupert, ll. (\, by occupation
bank manager, Intend to apply to lho Chid Commissioner tii  Lands (nr a licence to prospect  lor
���JP.1! coal ami  petroleum on  and  under MO acres of
uWii I '*m' "h '���ri|h*,n -l��l��nd described u follows:
"V        Commencing at a post jdanted two miles north
��C I of (*.  K   H.  Coal  Uaae No. 21,  murki-d  s.  K
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
I'honu 178 lm Aviv anil 7tli St.
GEO. BRODERIUS, Proprietor
cornor of  A.  T.  II.  foal  iyt'Oso  No.
iLittles NEWS Agency
Hi S ��:\tt:',^,a\rch��";,otlpEMaKMineB ^ Peri0"icnl9 :: Newspaper.
^y I (il ctmitnoncemont. 1
I . A,
Dtted Bnt 12, ion.
I Tub. Sept. 23,
C. E. Ilainler, Agent.' THE D.-VILY NEWS
( .iiiaili.ui Home Invettment Co.
Open Offices in the City    Mr. A. J.
'I'.iti* ii Local Manager.
A ni'W idea fur the loiiniiii; of money
ut a live per i-t'tit rntt" to those who
wish to borrow for liiiililiiiu homos is
lu'iiiK utilized by tho Canadian Home
liivosiniiiit Co., Ltd., who have recently
opened offlcsa In the Mclntyre Block
with Mr. A. J. Tate bi local manager.
Tin- plan is to arrange for a aeriei of
fiuii rurt huliiiTs whil i-ni'li miiki' monthly
payments tu s pool arranged by the
oompany. Three per cent interest ii
paid on tlio money taken in. When
thr amount is large enough to loan
out, tho pool goes to tht- contract
holders in turn, who an- t-rt'ilitt'il with
what they have paid in, and than pay
off thf balance uf their loan at tivo pai
cent.   The company are meeting with
considerable success, ami are opening
branch office* all over t'anudu.
Mr. George Maton Will Take Charge
_   of the Work on Probation at $175
per Month.
Last night the council after sitting
several limes in committee of the
whole to consider the applications for
the position of engineer in charge o
the hydro-elect He scheme under Colonel
Davis, appointed Mr. George Mason
to the position at a salary of $175
per month, the appoint ment being on
probation at first. Mr. Mason's application was the mosi likely amongst
many excellent ones. While nt the
lake station the engineer will board nt
city expense.
Popular Young Lieutenant Married
at Victoria. Mayor Receive* Wedding Card.
Lieutenant Frederick W. riiillimore
of H. M. ('. S. Rainbow was married at
Victoria on October I'.'lrd, his bride beinn
_0a Emily C Pearse. The .Mayor
has just received Ihe wedding card of
the young couple. Lieutenant 1'hilli-
niore will be remembered by all who
remember the Rainbow visit to Ru|iert
as one of the most popular young
officers of the ship.
SHE LIKES ADVENTURE Wife of Dr. Roby Undertake. Hair-raiting Trip
Mrs. Roby, wife of an American
brain specialist practising in Japan, has
undertaken a trip In the wilds of Africa
without a white escort. She likes
adventure. Once she made atrip through
Australia as a nursemaid for the purpose
of studying the domestic servant problem. During the Japanese-Russian war
she disguised herself us a boy and
accompanied her husband to the front.
In her present trip she will follow
Ihe course taken by the Duke and
Duchess uf Connaught. In a former
hunting trip in Africa she passed through
live hundred villages and shot lions,
leopards and hippopotami.
Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C, Coal.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, Ltd., ut our office���dollar shares,
15. each, 5c. cash.
H. F.  McRAE A CO.
riioiie 205 Second Avenue     6t
Another lot of ladies' cashmere
hose at 25c.   Wallace's.
Min Susie Robertson to Become the
Bride   or   Mr.   C.   L.   Swindell
The wedding will take place tonight
at the residence of Mrs. and Mrs. W. T.
Robertson, Musgrave Dace, of Miss
Susie Robertson and Mr. C. L. Swindell.
Both of the young iieople are very well
known. In the absence of Rev. W. H.
McLeod, the ceremony will be conducted
"by Rev. F. W .Kerr.
All-Start  Ill-Starred
Vancouver, Nov. 2.���(.Speecial)���Stanford  fuiversity defeated the All Star
B. C. Rugby team by 27 to 3.
Dance Tonight
Don't forget the dance at .Mclntyre
Hall tonight.    Good music by Gray's
orchestra.  Tickets $1.00.   Ladies free.
Craham  Oil  Fieldt
The   first    annual   meeting   of   the
Graham   Island  Oil   Fields   Compimy,
Ltd., was he'd last night in the office
of Mr. L. W. Patmore, ut which the
an ul, - and memorundum of assort tion
were passed, nnd other business uttended
to.    Officers for the yeur were elected
as follows;  President Dr. W. T. Kergin,
Vice President George D. Tile, Secretary W.  H. Vickers;   Directors, L. W.
Put more, Thomus Deusy, J. S. Cowper
und Dr. McNeill
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
"The News* Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Phone 150
The Insurance People
I'late Gluss
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
I' s - Houses and Rentals.
For Rent j
-....-^..��.s�� ....   a <���-. ."��� *   ���    **-   "f
Greenwood, Aleler
Nice l-'iii'iiislii.,| Rooms, Mrs
Btock: Thirel Ave.
Tor Rant-Furnished rooms. IM anel cold water
with bath. Din-by Rooms, nh Ave. and Fulton
Street. tf
Feir Rent-Sona ot England Hull, 818 SndlAvc., for
Dances. Fraternal Societies, Si-cials, etc. Apply
Frank A Ellis, Box 869 or phone OX. luti-tf
Insurance j
OUR Companion are noted for prompt and juat
settlements. We write every known clan of
Insurance. The Mick Reiltv uml Insurance Co.
*l : ,1   q  I, rr. i, ^ ,,r��i,, .�� ��� ^,1  |  II  | I. ir...-fc|l ~.r l-jl
Wantod-Good general servant.   Rest wages to
capable person.   Mr��. C. V. Bonnet.     250-2S6
Second Avenue, near McBride
Wantetl a bricklayer.
Plant, Seal Cove.
Apply at Cold  Storage
Wanted���Two young men to board and room In
private boarding In,use. Apply at box S., Dally
News. 241-tf
Wanted. ��� Cleaning and pressing, alterations
nnd repairing for men and women. Dressmaking
ealled for anel delivered. Mrs Charles Porcher.
S20 Third Ave.   Phone 294 Red. tf
LIVE AGENTS to sell stock in Company incorporating for Patent Brick which will revolution-
Ikc modern building coistruction. Approved
anel highly recommended by lenellng architects
and builders in Vancouver. Will realize big
dividends. Liberal commission. Only responsible parties need apply. Smith A Rogers. 312
Pender St. Wost. Vancouver, B.C. 2t
Double Front Lot with
on 8th Ave., Sec. 6.
Two Bay-view Lots on -Ith  Ave.,   Sec.
6 $2450
Lot on 5th Ave., Sec. 6	
Lot on 9th Ave., Sec. 7	
$50 cash und $25 a month.
Two Double Lane Corners on 11th Ave.
Sec. 8, $650 each.    Easy Terms.
Lot 19, Block 26, Sec. 5 $2200
Fire, Life, Accident and Liability Insurance
Pattullo Block.
California Girl Finds Him a Tyrant
and Regrett It
The Princess Hassan,  betler known
as Viola Humphrey, u California girl,
is   in   London   seeking   divorce   from
I'rince   Ibraham   Hassan,   first   cousin
of the Khedive of Egypt,  whom she
married  last  April.    "He ordered  me
ubout," she suid, "and I had no freedom
of thought or action.   I was not ullowed
to see my friends or even to receive  iicence'To pwp^'li7'��ii���ii^n"ei,'J,ertroi^Im"on
letters.   For one month I was a prisoner.! 8&jK_i 9WS&Si        Uto on *
I married him for love, but it was uL,<rSn"1,?"J'n*'.*,L"*"** f**"**** ****** mlice eut
Skeeni Und District-Dlitrict ol Quun Cbirlott
Tike notlc thit Austin M. Ilrown ol I'rlnce j
Rupert, aaddler, minnls to apply la the innl :
Commissioner ol Linda ind worki tor i licence
lo prospect lor eoal. oil ind petroleum on end i
under the follo-stng elr-scribed limii on thi Wait 1
i ot Grihim Islsml
Cotnmendnc it i post planled three miles cast
at the northeast cornar of C. L. No. 4469 thenc. '
���oulh mi chain*, thence SO chiini weit, tbenee SO
chiini nonh, ihene. SI) chiini eut to point of
Local.-I Augtut Irt, 1811.
Pub. lu.-  18.
.Skeeni Lind Dislrict���District of Quoen Chirlotu
Tike nolle, that Austin M. Ilrown ol I'rince
Rupen. occupition uddler, Intendi to spply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lends tnd Works for
��� licence to prospect for coll. oll ind pe-troleum en
���nd under the followini described limii oo the
West Cout of tirslisni Island:
Commencini it t port planted three mllo. eut
of the northeut corner of C. _. No. 4472 thence
bil chiins wi-.i. thence 80 chiini north, thence 80
chiini rut, ihence so chiini toulh lo point of
UK-llral August Isl, 1911.
Pub. Aut. 18.
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
Lost and Found
FOUND-2 Small Keys.   Inquire nt Newa Offlce.
Kxchangcd  by  mistake���"Currie"  Witerproof
Ro-cxchnngc can bo alTect-
$1.25 #
j* Regular $2.00 Values for
�� Better qualities at $2 up to $16 for fine eiderdown
*f*> We are headquarters for future, carpets .,,,,1
4* ~r,���" TT    Linoleums, Kitchen Uten-
o ,811s, Stoves, Bedding:, Ostermoor Matrasses, Blankets
ft Cutlery,  Chinaware,    Glassware,   Mirrors and   Mi
t. Plate. Lamps, Baskets, etc
| See us for everything for housekeeping f
One lot, Block 5, Section 1, Beach
Place. Price $2100, $1000 cash
balance (5-12 months.
One lot, Block 17, Section 1,
First Avenue. Price $2500,
$1000 cash, balance 6, 12, and
18 months.
Two lots, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one-
fourth cash, balance G-12-18
One lot, Block 20, Section 5, fine
view with two fronts, Sixth
Avenue and Seventh Avenue.
Price $1305, $800 cash, balance
One lot, Block 9, Section 5, Sixth
Avenue. Price $1525, $765 cash,
balance 0-12-18 months.
One lot, Block 6, Section 5, Fifth
Avenue. Price $1500, $300 cash,
balance 3-G-12 months.
Two   lots,   Block   22,  Section   7,
Sixth Avenue,   Price $000, one-
.  half cash, balance 825 per month.
xi-hnnge.1   by  mistake���   Currie    Waterproof i ..        . _,:     ,,-.,-���       .        *.
Coat for one exactly ilmllar but with plumb   (Jill* lot,   UlOCK   15,  bt'CllOIl   7,   tWO
rtalnNohw.Poif,ce.   R<M!"h,,n*"!can ** ******* j    fronts, Sixth Avenue and Hays
Cove, with house 32 x 20.
Price 82025.
One half of lot 13, Block 40,
Section 7, fronting Ninth Avenue. Price $400, $200 cash,
balance $25 per month.
Lots 19-20, Biock 4, Section 8,
corner Ninth Avenue. Price
$800, tine-fourth cash, balance
0-12-18 month.
Lots 9-10, Block 10, Section 8.
Tenth Avenue. Price $250 each,
one-third cash, balance 3-0
H-s^w ii ***************** tt ��n*�� ���***Aym***m**a%*M
Real Estate (
rt^ll-^ll'^ll'^ll'^lUfcll'^ll'^ll-l I**}
Will buy loti In Prince Rupert Bt bargain price*
forcuBh. Apply I1.0. Dux .-���������.- statin* location,
price, etc 231-tf
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
*************! ***********$J
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
���ETKHIIOItnllilil 0NT
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
1101 LE RS
  Boa ��74
Phoas 245
Commencing Monday, November 6th, train No.
Ss from Prince Hupert Mondays, and No. 67 /rom
Vanarsdol Tuesdays
See regular advertisement for schedule.
24S-2W Agent G.T.P. Ry.
Notice to Orangemen
All Orangemen are invited to attend a meeting
In the Sons of England Hull, Second Avenue, on
Friday evening. Nov. 3rd. nt 8 p.m.
Business���To take steps to organise a I,alt,..
Skeena Und District���District oi Queen Charlott.
Take notica that Austin M. Brown of Prince
Kupert, oceupatlon aaddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chief i '.iiiiiiiusinner of Land, and Works fo
Coal Wanted
Tenders will be received by the undendf-rned'up
to S p.m. Nov. 6, for the mpply and delivery in
the bunkers at thc Electric Light plant. of22T>
long tons first class steam lump coal.
It City Clerk.
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   Phone3S4   Chandlery
grt'itt mistake. Hs's an Egyptian prince,
anil I am just one of the plain people,
there .vmi have the whole story. In
one occasion the prince told mc to
wait for him in thc foyer of thc hotel.
I waited three hours anil u half anil
then went up to my room. Later the
prlaos came up, very angry. He asked
me why I had not waited for him, and
said I must obey orders. 'You are the
only person in the World,1 he said, 'who
has over dared lo combat my will."
The prince, now in Paris, won't talk.
Beloved Sunday School Teacher
Provet to be Well Known Shoplifter.
Boston, Nov. 1, .Stories of the .Jckyl
and Hyde existence of Mrs. Mary
L. Burbank, ol! years old, a wealthy
Worcester widow, were told following
her plea of guilty in the municipal
court to charges of Stealing goods
valued at fUS from Boston department
When she was taken into Custody
she strenuously insisted that a mistake
had been made, but in court, in the
presence of Rev. Mr. Ewing, pastor of
u Universalis! church at Worcester, in
which she i.s ii leader in the Sunday
ol the eoulheaat corn* ofC. I- No. 4470 thence
north m ehalna, thenee east 80 chains, thonce
south 80 chains, thenc* waat 80 chtint to point ol
. AUSTIN M. UKOWN, Locator
I-cicatcd August 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Aug. It.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict nl Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that thirty days from date, I, C. E. i
ilainler ol Prinn- Rupert, fi. C., by occupation ���
lanokkcopor, intend to apply lo the Chief Com-1
missioner nl lands for a licence lo prospect fort
end and jH-lrnloum on and under 640 acres of
land on liraham Island de-scribed a. follom*a
Offer, will be received by tho underalirned up to
n,-',, of Friday, loth day of November.' 1011. for
tho purchase of the Exohanire Grill as a groins,
concern. An Inventory of asscta will be furnished on application.
Stewart A Mobley,
P. R. Hardware & Supply Co.
Ske-ona,l District ��� District ol Casslsr
Take   nolice   that   Charles   William   Ham   ol
Vancouvor.  II.  C, occupation  inspoclor, Intends
I ommencint at a poal planted two mllea north   lo apply fur iiermlsaion to purchase the 'lollowlng
".' *'.*", "��� ' "*��� ****** No. 8, markod s. E. eorne ; di-ocrlhed lands:
I . fc. II. Coal I.;.�� Mo. 14, Ihenee north 80 Cumnicnclnit al a post planted at the con-
cliains, thenco ��n,i xo chains, thence aoulh 80 lleu-no* nf Ulackwatcr rlvir with the Naa. river
chains, llii-nce last 80 chaina lo place ol com- about two mile, south from tho slith Dominion
moncomont. ���...,_.���  . Telegraph cabin.    I'ost marked C. W. II. S. W. 11. 1911. c. E. BAINTER, Locator Corner thonce 80 chains north, thenee 80 chains
l ul.. N-pt. 1*1. ,,���,.  thenco 80 chains south,  thonce 80  chaina
Skoona Land Dlslriet-District ol Quoen Charlott    *"' ,"���,'"'nr **********. containing 040
lak,* notice that ,:,��>- da^-s tatd.jUB ( *"��* *** * ^CHAMM  WILLIAM   HAM
'     *-������ by occupallon    Dlttd September 2.1, I'lll.
I'uh. Nov. 2.
Ilainler of I'rinco Ruport, ll. C. by occupallon
booklnipar, Iniond In apply'to the Chief Com-
mlsaleiner nl Units for a licence to Prospect for
coal and petroleum on anel under 610 acrea ol
land on liraham Isalnd descrilied as followa:
.Commencing al a peat planled two mile, north
of t. fc. II. I eisl [..,,- No. 18, marked N. W.
corner (,. fc. II. Coal Lease No. 24, thence aouth
80 chains, Ihonce oast 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thonco wost 80 chains lo place of commencement.
Dated Sept.12, MU,    C. fc. BAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. Sept, 2-'l.
Skoena l_nd District -District ol Queon Charlott
Tako notloo lhal thirty days from date, I, A. T
llmeleriek nt Prineo Ruperl. II. C, by occupation
hank manager, intond lo apply to ths Chief Commissioner ol I.anil-, lor a licence lo prospect for
coal ami petroloum on and undor 640 acres ot
laml -in liraham Island describeel as lollowa:
Commencing at a post planteel two mllea north
of C. E. II. Coal Leaec No. 17, marked S. W.
corner A. T. B. Coal Lease Nn. 2!i, thonce nnrth
HO chnins. thonce oast 80 chains, thenco south 80
chnins, thonce wesl 80 chains to placo of com-
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
Haled Sept. 12, 1911. C. E. Balnter, Agenl
I'uh. Sept. 2.1.
Skeena l_n,l District -District ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that thirty days from date, f, A. T.
llmeleriek of I'rlnce Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
school and teaChST of li class of twenty-   1'tnk manager, Inlend to apply to the Chief Com
rt..   ..:-!..    .x.    t.i      ,_.. ,        *        a  I inlaslnncr of Lands for a licence lo prospect loi
five girls, she broke tlown und confessed. | eoal and petruleum on and under 640 caret of
Mr.   f'.winir   Who  had  soma  to  r-nurl I lBn'' on CJr��1i��m falund di-aen-iiisd an followa:
mr.   i-wi'ig, who  nun  cumi   to court      Commonclng at a posl plnnted two mllea north
to   testify   that   she   was   a   woman   of   of C, E.  II. Coal Leaae No. 20, marked S. E.
ll...   1.1..1 ,    ..!......�������.     ... ���  t     i    corner A. T, II. Coal Lease No. 26, thence north
the   highest   Character,   was   astonished   so chains, Ihenco wmi
when   he   heard   her   plea,   and
records   wire   produced   showing   lhat
she hud been srrssted In Boston before
lor shoplifting and Bned .fioo.
"it oan't lie." saiii iii>. minister. "She
ih one ol the most beloved leathers In
my Sunday School."
80 chains, thence aouth
,.r l-r-,   ! K0 chains, thonce east 80 chains to placo of com-
i menei'tnent.
A. T. ItliiiliKKIi K, Ucaior
Hated Sepl. 12, 1911. C. E. Balntor, Agent
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoona Land District -District ol Quoen Charlotte
Take nollco Hint thirty days Irnm date, I, A. T.
Ilrmlerlck of I'rinco Huport, II. C, by occupation
hank manager, Intond to apply to Ihs Chief'Com-
nn -.1,,,,,-r of Lands Inr a licence to prospect lot
������uni  snd  petruleum nn  and  under 611)  acrea  of
No Train Till Saturday
Owing to a heavy bins,  iU Mile
Mi which blocks the track there
will be no train oui of Prince Kupert until Saturday,
rinjiiTl   for
liin-1 on (iraham Island tWrllrofi m follows:
LnmnwiflnB at a pout plnnt*<| two milaa north
oi (.. K. II. <-tml U-hih- No, _1. marked 8. E
corner of A. T. II. Coal Uaw No. 27, thanca
**"**t Mi rhainfi. thonca north HO rhalnn. thonce
'���Ml Hi) chains, thenoe south 80 chaina to place
"I commencement.
,..,   lu A. Ti BROsDBBIOK, Locator
Dttad Sep    12,1911. C. E. Uainter, ABent.
I'uh. Sept. 23.
Skeena I,nml District    District of CaHsiar
Take notice that Thoman Arthur White of Vancouver,  B.  Ct, occupation carpenter, Intends to
apply  for  pormiMlon  to  purchaao  the  followinK
iit-.iTiii.-i] lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tho confluence of Ulackwatcr river with Naaa river, about
two miles south of the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'ost marked T. A. W. .S. E. Corner, thence
��� ���������"��� Chains north, thence HO chains west, thonce HO
chains aouth, tnence 80 chains east to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres moro or leas.
Dated Sept. 23, 1911.
Tub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Land District���District of Cajuiar
Take  notico that  Angua James   McKenele of
Vancouver, ll. C, occupation bookkeeper, Intednns
to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the confluence of Hlackwaler river with Naas river, about
two miles soulh from the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. morked A. J. M. N. W. Corner,
J thenre HO chains south, thence HO chalnn east
thence 80 chains north, thence 80 chains west
to point of commencement, containing G-10 itrn-i
moro or less.
Dated Bipt.88, HHl.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Lind District -District of CaHHiar
Tuke notice that  Herbert   McLennan of Van-,
couver, H. (*., orcupation real estate agent, intends
lo apply for permission to purchaao   (he following |
desrrihod  l.n-f
Commencing al u post planted at the enn-
flue'ice of Mlarkwaier river with the Naas river
about two miles south of the sixth Dominion
Teh-graph cabin. Post marked ll. M. N. E.
Corner, Ihence HO chains south, thence HO chains
west, thenre 80 chains north, thence 80 chains
east to point of commencement, containing (1*10
MTM mo I or let***!.
Datod Sept. 23, lun     KBRBBRT Mclennan
Puh. Nov, 2.
Skeena Land*District ���District  of (-'oust  Hange 5
Take nolice that Menjamin Kussol llice of
Prince Hupert. H. (',, occupation waiter, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following
''escribed lands:
Commencing at a post plantod Cfi chains south
from tbe aouthnasl corner of Lot 3060. Post
marked M. ft. R S. B, Corner, thonco'70 chains
west, ihenee Oft chains north, thence 70 chuins
east, thonco 05 chains south to point of commencement, containing -tftft acres more or less.
i.���.   ,,,,,     .,.n��THAMIN   MUSSEL  RICE
Dated October 21, 1911
I Pub. Nov. 2.
8KC0ND AVENUE ��� - I'ltlNt'K RIl'IKT
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly rilled.    Prices reasonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre 8t    Phone OK
t~*-*-*���*-* - *
;fred. stork
General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware       Tinware
75 x 100 feet on Third Avenue.
Level.   Good lease.
Stores on Second Avenue.
S10  down   and   S10   per   month
buys a lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
We carry everything In the food line, iil-.i k-:ir-
den seeds at the lowest market pricea, at Collart's
olg F.ed Store, Market Place
Prompt Delivery
Phones 41 or 301
Hiikkiik.'. Slnrtite tnd FnrwnnllnE Airents.
Bit's or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. tnd Fulton
(NOTARY l*i**l
v. f. o. hamuli:
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
******** l-*^l*f* .msmA,***},-**..**,..
General Merchandise       - -       Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
���ji-^ii'V��i'%i*^ii**ii*^ *******
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
Phone .llll
We are offering for uie s very limited
amount of shsrea of atock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These aharea are going
quickly and will toon be off the market    :   :
Do away with this.    Patronize a Wlllta
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Auction   Sale
NOTICE Is herohy given that. James Haggorty,
lius retaken po-Mci-Hfon ol Lot Seventeen (17),
Block Twonty-fnur (24). Section Ono (1), Townsite
ol I'rlnce Ruport. undor antl by vlrtuo ot powers
contained In loaso Irom him to James Donahue,
Arthur Murray nnd John Armstrong.
snid James Hnggorly will soil by public aucllon
tho buildings eroded by tht Leasee, upon lhe
suid promises, snlel snlo to bo helel at I'rlnce Huport,
B. C, on tho first day of Novomb-r, A. D*, 1011
nt three o'clock In the altornoon upon the atorcsnlel
? remise..
We   Loaned
Per Cent, to
Build This
Per Cent, to
Build This
Let us loan you the money to buy or  build [.-���  house tn- n.-.v nil a ��.,,,{,,
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C.


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