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I Twenty-four hours ending 5 a.m.,
Aug. 12
���,,   ���,.,..���,.      MIN.TKM1*.    BAR*        IN. RAIN
5$"        50.0    29.950       .20
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Vj&islative imi     -j
I=->Hwe-Rupert... .tyfiiftxliiy. a.m.
lU-toi'-ft-ii twin - ...MondL p. m.
lOL. II.  NO. 183
Prince Rupert, B.C. Monday, August 14. 1911.
Price Five Cents
LagUlatWa Library
eciprocity Will Sweep the Western  Provinces Like
a Prairie Fire and Destroy the Rogers Machine in
Manitoba, Declares a Man Who's Judgment is Worth Something
Ottawa, a-\ug. 14.���It is begin-
ig tu look ;is if the Conservatives
going to get the surprise of the
snpaign  from  the West.    Sas-
chcwan has always been coned as Liberal,  if not a solid
, al  least  nine.    Alberta will
1   probably   six,   and   maybe
klit,  Liberals  to the  new   Par-
miii,  instead of  four  in   the
Du**c just dissolved.
Will Kill Machine
lllui  ilu- surprise promises to
���nu* front Manitoba.   There the
petals w.re admittedly suspicious
ilu-   Rogers'   machine,   but   a
an who came back from Winnipeg
sterility declares that reciprocity
III  sweep  lhe  machine  out  of
Istcncc.     The   liesi   hoped   for
the Western Liberals was four
-  in   Manitoba,    This   man
says every seat in Manitoba will
go for reciprocity.
He is Some Prophet
Thc statement is so astounding
ihat it is difficult to believe that
were it not that it comes from a
man, who in 1908 called every
constituency west of the lakes
ten days before nomination, and
made only one error, that in
Victoria, where Templeman was
defeated by the forged telegram.
In cvrry other case he picked the
W inner, so his judgment is certainly
worth something. He declares
that reciprocity will sweep the
three central Western Provinces
like a prairie fire, anil that it's like
stealing a sugarslick from a baby.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
low the Parties Stood at the
Time of Dissolution
|t)naw.'., Aug. II.���The standing
the parlies  in  the   House of
miniums at  dissolution  was as
J Ontario���Liberals, 35;   Conser*
ntives, 51.
[Quebec���Liberals, 53;   Conser-
atives, 12.
N.w   Brunswick���Liberals,   11;
i.MTvaiives, 2.
Nova Scotia���Liberals, 12; Con
tTV.ltives,   I).
I'. 11. Island���I.il-crals, 3;  Con-
t*i vai ives, 1.
Manitoba���Liberals, 2; Conser-
[ai ives, 8.
British Columbia���Liberals, 2;
onscrvatives, 5.
Saskatchewan ��� Lili-crals, 9;
Conservatives, 1.
Alberta���Liberals, 4; Conser-
vatives, 3.
Yukon���Liberals, 1.
The Liberal majority, including
the Speaker, was 43.
Manchester Guardian Predicts
Win for Laurier and Reciprocity.
London, Aug. 14.���The Manchester Guardian, the leading paper
of the north of England, says it
is safe to say that on the plain
issue of reciprocity the Government stands to increase its am-
jority by gaining more seals in
the West than it can lose in
Ontario and Quebec.
Cargoes are Surreptitiously Loaded ��� Increasing Trips
and Towage Charges���Civic Lords of the Sea Will
Engage a Commander at $60 Per, to
Prevent This
Indignation prevailed al the
"iincil board, or civic court of
dmiralty, when it was announced
'���i' Saturday by Alderman Clayton
hat the Civic Sniff Yacht is being
|1 'I. .1 up surreptitiously with emp-
|1\ Wooden easts, cardboard boxes,
papers, and other Inflammable mat*
I'i instead of lhe lawful cream
J" ' - and cabbage leaves. "In-
���flammable material is not the
[thing for the sniff yacht," said
Alderman Clayton. "Such refuse
would lie burned. It takes up all
j1'.'' -pace on they acht, and makes
l*'*"i" frequent trips necessary, In-
'" wing the cost of towing."
Must Have Commander
All the Civic Lords of Admiralty
'���*-'���" d. and il was decided that a
11" ""hm ni commander must be
'"'.I lo the lloaiing lavender
"'v 'Ilu* commander's duty will
i.ii      , ���
'" seep Ins weather eye on the
' ' ri,  regulate    her cargoes,  sec
ihe is kepi on schedule, and
Briii-mlly do the Harney Johnston
11    '"���  her.    lie must be able
'" "take Q starboard landing at
,l" -�������������� I of tbe tide, and is cx-
" '"��� '" be well up in navigation,
���''Ul'"'.a*-1y those branches of the
*""<������ included In that useful
handbook "On the Navigation of
���"""by Nosh,
Dog Ranch Too
In case the Commander of the
Sniff Yacht should have too much
lime on his hands lietween trips,
Alderman Douglas stisggets that
he shall also have charge of the
proposed City Pound which will
be used principally for the detention of stray dogs. Any combustibles to be got rid of may be
destroyed by the Commander who
will keep bonfires going in his
spare time between watching the
dogs, and keeping his weather eye
on his gallant craft.
"All Commanders"
It came out at Saturday's meeting that City Solicitor Peters
is qualifying for the position of
Sea Lawyer for the Sniff Yacht.
On hearing this Alderman Douglas
remarked "It looks as if wc were
to have all captains and no men
for thc fleet, but at the bold
remark thc other Civic Lords of
Admiralty frowned and proceeded
definitely to authorise the engagement at once of the Sniff Yacht
Commander with duties as mentioned, at a salary of sixty dollars
per month. Admiral Dr. Reddie
contends that the employment
of this official will save thc man's
salary in reduction of towing trips
City Clerk Woods will be Relieved for a Fortnight by W.
D. Vance.
Ltave of absence for a fortnight's
holiday with pay, is granted to
City Clerk Woods whose strenuous
services to the city and city
council arc appreciated by all
except perhaps Alderman Douglas.
Mr. Woods popular presence will
be missed form the City Hall but
during his absence on holiday with
Mrs. Woods, Mr. W. D. Vance,
another excellent worker on thc
City Hall staff, will attend to the
City Clerk's multifarious duties.
P. R. Indoor Baseball League.
Crescents vs. Empress at
the Auditorium Tuesday evening, August 15th. Game
called at 8.45 sharp. Admission
25 cents.
11*^41 *^��i*��^S��*^a��*-^����-^*1^'��*^ �����-**�� Kaafcaaaa^il ^4 A
in li   >. 11 *aM *tm*T****mt***uf*m>*ii ���a-.n a��..i ^i,^.,.-^,4-|i
Northwestern League
Vancouver 10, 5; Spokane 0, 2.
Tacoma 5, Victoria 2.
Portland 7, Seal tie 5.
Pacific Coast League
Oakland 1, Portland 0.
'Frisco 2, Los Angeles 1.
Vernon 5, Sacramento I).
National League
Pittsburg 3, Cincinnati 0.
Brooklyn 5, 8;  Boston 8, ti.
Chicago 9, St. Louis 1.
Philadelphia 2, New York I).
American League
Philadelphia 0, Boston 1.
New York 4, Washington 0.
St. Louis 2, Cleveland 1.
Chicago 8, Detroit 2.
For row boats and launches
telephone 320 green. * Davis'
Boat House.
Receives Official Notification of
His Appointment as Returning Officer for Comox-Atlin.
Mr. F. G. Dawson of this
city, has been notified by telegraph from the Crown Chancellory of Canada at Ottawa,
of his appointment as returning officer for Comox-Atlin.
The telegram states that a writ
has been issued, dated August
3rd, and is on its way to him.
and instructs him to proceed
with the preparations for an
election without waiting for the
Apparently the local journals
which announced the appointment of a Cumberland man
last week were the victims of
an unreliable source of information.
Only About $2500 Out of Total Insurance on Telephone Plant
Was Held by Ex-Aldermen���Ald. Newton Confronted With
Facts "Partially Withdraws" His Accusation���Special
Meeting of Council Held on Saturday
At Mass Meeting in Empress Theatre Yesterday Afternoon Decided to Circulate Petitions to be Sent
to the Minister of Justice
At a mass meeting organised
by the P. R. 1. A. yesterday
evening in the Empress Theatre
a resolution to petition Hon.A.B.
Aylesworth, Minister of Justice
at Ottawa, lhat the prisoners
detained on account of the strike
riots may lie released as soon as
possible, was passed. The grounds
on which thc petition will be
based are several: It is claimed
that in engaging contractors to
serve as special constables the
authorities in Prince Rupert acted
unfairly. This is declared to have
been the cause of the bloodshed.
Change of Venue
The change of venue of the
trial from Prince Rupert to Victoria is said to have militated
against the men. Thirty witnesses
for the men's defence were unable
to  In*  al  the  trial   for  financial
reasons. The judge's summing
up is held lo have been biassed.
Lastly the character uf a number
of the witnesses who gave evidence is declared to be doubtful
in view of recent events, and their
evidence is thus considered unreliable by the petitioners.
Petition Preparing
W. H. Montgomery presided
over the meeting, and was supported by the well known P. R.
LA. and I. W. W. speakers H. B.
King and R. Gosden who has
returned to the city. Preparations are being made to have lhc
petition prepared at once, printed,
and circulated amongst thc citizens.
Those in sympathy with the cause
who were at the meeting believe
they will have sufficient support
from lhe rest of ihe citizens to
carry their purpose.
As there will not lie a quorum
of the members of the city council
tonight, Acting Mayor Kirkpatrick
called a special meeting on Saturday at five p.m. Aldermen
Hilditch, Douglas, Clayton, Kerr
and Newton were present with
Acting Mayor Kirkpatrick. Alderman Smith has gone to Hazelton
and the Mayor is still at Victoria. The meeting was over al
about seven p.m. no matter of
very serious moment being discussed.
A goixl health report for the
past month was received from
Dr. Reddie. There have been
eleven births and eight deaths
in the city during July.
Chinese lauiulrymen seeking per*
mission to re-erect their premises
on Fifth avenue destroyed by fire
last fall will be told they must
locate on the districts set apart
for laundries. No building permits for laundries, or trades licences for them will be issued until
the matter of segregation is settled
Telephone Insurance
A statement showing how much
of the telephone insurance had
been effected through the offices
of those who had been aldermen
of last and of this council was read
by the City Clerk. It had been
prepared at the Instigation of
Alderman Hilditch, and showed
that only a meagre proportion
of the insurance had lieen effected
through thc offices of men who had
been instrumental with energy
and finances in the establishment
of ihe phone system.
Alderman Newton on hearing
this report was willing to withdraw  "partially"  his accusation
of these men 10 the effect that
they    had   used    their   office   as
aldermen to Influence business their
way. He emphasised the word
"partially" and resented the attitude of Alderman Hilditch, who,
he said, "had his knife in him at
every council meeting."
Prudhomme Appeal
Alderman Newton asked the
City Solicitor how ihe Prudhomme
appeal case slood, and was told
iu short that there was "nothing
doing" yet. He enquired as to
lhe costs of the ap|K-al. City Solicitor Peters gave it as his opinion
that this item would Ik- trivial.
It will have to Ik* borne by the
city though, whatever it amounts
The new by-law to regulate th.-
discharge of firearms, fire works.
etc., in the city, was read for the
second time, and considered in
committee of tin* whole. Ii is
intended to take effect on September 1st.
Several applications for dumping
���pace wen- granted. Alderman
Newton s|n>kc on behalf of other
pos-riblo applicants for this favor,
mentioning particularly his neighbor Mr. KaulTiii.inn upon whose
head  Alderman   Newton  has a
load of CCals of lire loilllllip.
Reports from Alaska Canneries
Indicate Large Shortage
SeSttle, Aug. 14.���Chris H. Bir-
chensnn, general superintendent of
lhe Northwest Fisheries Company,
returned today from a visit to
Alaska, and reported the salmon
pack as unusually light in most
Mr. Birchmann says that in the
southeastern and central Alaska
divisions shortages in the salmon
pack arc reported from the Chil-
koot, Prince of Wales Island and
Chignik districts. In lhe Chignik
district the shortage in nils maybe made up by the run of pinks,
which is just setting in. The
ompin of the Ketchikan district
is up 10 standard and may exceed
lhat of last year.
$2,000 a Year Not Deemed Sufficient by Mr. Asquith's Critics
1 nndon. Aug. tl. The il-eisioi,
that members of Parliament shall
receive 82,000 a year for their
services as legislators is diddled
in Socialist and lalxir union circles
as not being sufficient. Mr. As-
quith's critics draw attention to
the fact that members of Congress
in the United Slates receive $7,500
per annum, together with their
travelling expenses, and they maintain that the same proportion as
obtains between the President's
salary and expenses of SI,00000
per annum should be observed
bwciecn the M. P.'s salary and
King George's civil list of about
Wolverine With Two Tons of Freight on Board Gets Through Canyon  Safely-
First Deep Draught Boat to Safely Reach Upper Naas Country
Famous Affinity Seeker is Having a Third Guess���In
Company With Dora Heis He is Now Encircling
the World on a Honeymoon
After a three days' trip in the
launch Wolverine with a survey
party up thc Naas River Mr.
H. Robinson of lhe Rupert Marine
Ironworks returned this morning
to Prince Rupert. The trip he
has just accomplished means a
grcat deal for the Upper Naas
country for the Wolverine carried
two tons of freight and was
drawing three feet of water when
she made thc trip through thc
Canyon. So far only light draught
boats have managed the journey.
The Wolverine has proved that
heavier craft can do it, and the
settlers up there just now arc
pleased at the prospect of easier
freighting in of supplies as the
country opens up.
Great Settlers' Land
In this Upper Naas country
will be located one day nol far
distant, a  very  fine agricultural
Community for the soil, situation
and conditions generally arc admirable for farming. Mr. Robinson describes the country as extending into si retches of flat farming land covered with Cottonwood, alder and maple trees. Berries of all kinds are abundant
there, and in farther advanced
stages of ripening than in ihis
district. Raspberries liurally falling off the bushes with ripeness
grow wild.   The cultivated patches
of currants show bushes loaded
down. Rainfall is lighter linn in
the coast region, and pleasant
sunny conditions prevail with just
sufficient rain.
Early Land-Stakers
Today  also   there   returned   lo
Prince Ruperl Messrs. W. McLean
and James Flynn who have bi en
Naas country. Mr. McLean who
has jusl located and slaked for
himself a fine stretch of arable
land tells of splendid prospects
for that distriel. "The soil," he
says, "is ii rich black loam. The
ground should be easy Io clear.
In fact on my own location 1 may
nol have enough large timber to
build a cabin. Before long, whole
stretches can In- under cultivation.
There is water in ele:ir sirtams
al easy distances."
Regarding lhe navigation of the
Naas through the Canyon,, Mr.
Robinson lays UtSt the main difficulty is with snags which lie in
tht eddies.   A rock in the canyon
is an obstruction. It is believed
thai  th.-   Dominion Government
New York, Aug. 14.���Once more
Ferdinand Pfamey Earls, discoverer
and promoter of "affinity,," has
found a heart ill I lined 10 his own.
The new Mis. I-.arle, with whom
the artist is now circling tin-
world on his third honeymoon,
is known here only as "Dora."
ll is known, however, that she
is the daughter of an eminent
architect of Worldngham, England.
Farle's own soulful description,
contained In s letter just received
here is: "Dora, the dearest, sweetest, loveliest of them all."
Karlc's first adventure in amt-
rimony was with Emily I-'isch-
bacher, whom he dismissed for
Julia Kuttner.
Miss Kuttner was the original
"affinity." She later became Fades
bride and wedded bliss was without
alloy until  Earls attempted to
choke his affinity-wife, admitting
it in court. The episode landi.I
Mrs. Kuttner-Farle in the discard,
and Earls immediately began the
handsome home is located, is much
in I crest ed,  for whin  lhe  Kuttner
episode occurred ilu- artist barely
escaped mob violence.
On His Twentieth Try Jabez
Wolffe Almost Swam the Channel.
Dover, England, Aug. 14.���Falling for the twentieth time to swim
the English channel, Jabez Wolffe,
who started from Sangette, France,
yesterday norning was picked up
last night within three thousand
yards of the English shore. He
had   been   in   lhe   water   fifteen
hours, and was completely ex-
hauited.   A heavy tide swept him
back repeatedly.
London, Aug. 14.���The result
of the polling in the Middlcton
division of Lancashire was declared
as follows: W. R. Adldnt (Liberal),
quest of a new affinity, whom lie 17,071;   W. A. S. Hewins (Union-
found iu a young sculptress,   Mar- ;���,), (1,284.   No change,
riage did not crown ihis attach-1    Professor Hewitts, the tariff rc-
ment. lform   candidate   for   Middleton,
According to his present  plans! where the polling took place, urged
is to have it blasted out.   Then K.irk, aml Ml m.w wi(i, wiU reiU.,, in his finM &vpea\ that his election
on a six weeks' prospecting and I the canyon will be easily navigable* I New York next year.   The village! would largely influence Canadian
land staking trip into the Upper (or fairly heavily freighted launches lo(   Monroe,   N.   Y.,   where   his Elections.
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or *5.00 p��r year, in advance.
Weekly, S-UXi per year. Outside Canada- Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
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Daily News Bjildi-iir, Third .-Vve., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 2Jrd Si., New York City.
Seattle   Puget Bound .News Co.
London, BnOLANO���The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Official Statement by the Board of Health Tells Citizens How Much They Must Pay and Other
Things They Want to Know.
Daily Edition.
Monday. Aug. 14
For the information of the general public the Board of Health
wishes to .Ir.'.u the attention of
tin* citizens to certain clauses ol
ilu Scavenging By-law, which
more immediately affects them:
Clause 1.���The contractor   J
(',.   Weston)   shall   have   the   sole
hotels, restaurants, lodging-houses, cabin  the rate al
stores, tenements, office buildings, for the removal
for removal
*���_.. Land District-District ot Coast Range V
Tate iioticc x:m 1. Qeona Ktot ��   TowaW,
\-onh Dakota. I . S. A., farmer, intend to apply
lor wmSsio" to purchase tha following deacr.Uod
���'commencing at a post planted at the sooth
���rit corner ol Lot *!*S*>7, ihence east SO chains.
, "lee iou h 40 chains, thence woat 10 chains
t.: v south 10 chains, thenc *TMt 40 chains.
[Sue! nor-.h .��o chains to point ot commencement
containing 4**0 acros more or Imp.. ... ,.,.,,,
Dated July 15. ls-11 I.LOIU.I-. SUM
rub.July25* *"**��� "��� <*�������� *****
���Skeena Land DUlrict-DUtrict ol Coast Range V
Take notice that I,  lvter Laraon of 1o��ner,
?�����"-, �����>'! rutt,
The only hotel In *.,
with hot u-
er In roomi,
nithed boa,
\ ancouv.:   >
up.    Phone   :
Box US,      .
I   *Jlvl��     IlUal*-^      ���������     a.     �� -a.-*-*.      ��� ������   '  �� 1
,   .    .���,   25 ' : North Dakota. U. S. A., farmer, intend to apply , lht. Euro,,���n
Ion can -���'������ ^^mmx �� punhmU�� following d��crii*i n�� HwMa^wgjNw ^UwU.?,t\l0'j^
P  r   lfi   Ommenclng at a eg* planted �� the **outh-   implement.. ���'������������ **** *�� �����
easl corner of Lol Kilt. Ihence south Ml chains,
than private dwelling:
of garbage, per 15 g*
for reiiinv.il of night
gallon CHI 60c. ,*r'. A*''����t",o"~eha~ln,;'thenc* north  so chains,
a,.        .                      ,     ���          ... .hence esst 40 chains to point of commencement.
ause 10.     Ill  CaS                   ' i J,,��� July 15. mi.              petbr larsbn
,   ,.        .   I,!,,. *   July 25. 19H.                 Fred E. Cowell. Agent
cupants ol   two or  mon   cauins |����'""-'
,      ,. .   .!,          ��� <keena Land District--District ul Coasl Rang* \
using one commode t"r tiu  * * TEkt, ni,ncv th,t i, John haw ��t iiu��
,     .             ,.           ,      ,   i ;,,        ; Rupen. laborer. Intend to apply  lor permission
commodaaon  of >u.ii cabins,  u g-gg^rKMMSt h-miSBm lamfai
1     n   l       l        .-   i   .- Commencing at  a post planted at  the aouth;
to remove all the garbage shall be lawful for the ���jt ���.������ 0i Lot ills, ih.n�� nonh n cuai-uj
.,.,.                     . ,                            ,                 ,                           .      ,-           '��� -h*nca aast  60 chaina, ihence .oulh  SO chain..
I'lCllt     soil    In Mil     resiliences,   to   Charge    tile-    i*C>".:>-'       "���    >������'** i,,uc��*e��t 60 chains to point of commencement.,
bin the rate above mentioned ^.w^""*
BESNER &  BESNER.   Proprietors;) Prudhomme & Filh
OVe   memioiicu   f-aJJT J*Ily"-*5. ' " Fred E. Cowall, Agent
i garbage and, gkMna Und nutrict���Dutnct of coast iung.* v
hospitals,  churches,  clubs,  publii   night soil.
On Saturday, two parcels arrived at the DaUy News office.   They buildings, theatres, school build-     Clause  II.���In   case   th , ,.   ,
ntained stereotype curs for use in the   columns of the paper.\',atts< rinks, factories, printing offi- cupant of a store on the ground ^^JlS^tLte^e^tS����
Rupert,  laborer,  inund lo apply for permiaiion
to purchaae the following descrilied lands:
Commenting at a post planted on the north
commode in use by ih
of the upper tloor. or vice versa
then the said rates -'  II be col
bank,' ihence  south  30  chains,  thencu east  40
chains, thence north 30 chains, thenc* west  40
, ..-.-nnml-.   chain, to poinl ol commencement. 	
occupants gjgg J^TmL i-eter erickson
l-ub. July 25.
Fred E. Cowell, Agent
Skaana Land Dwtrict���DUtrict of Coast Range V
Take nolice that I, Benjamin A. FUh of Towner.
One parcel came front Toronto, the other from London, England.        ,-e-. laundries, and all and every! tloor permanently uses  the same
The parcel from London, was largo-and heavier than the parcel other  .lass of buildings in  the
from Toronto, yet the parcel from Toronto had a 30 per cent heavierICity   of   Prince   Rupert,   where
rge . :. it for carriage than the parcel from London. njgj,t a-0j* or garbage is to be found.
The parcel from London had travelled by train to Liverpool or Clause 8.���-The City agrees
Southampton, thence- by steamer across the Atlantic, and five hundred L jt*. the contractor that during th-
miles by rail in Canada before it even reached Toronto. Yet it did continuance of this contra.;, no
the entire journey at a very'much cheaper rate than the smaller and. |icenCe shall be granted to any
lighter parcel that came from Toronto.   This is bleeding the- public other-scavenger, the intention being [owner of any premise-'fr-in :*'ki;>, j^S1"-"11-     ^'a?Si*jSS
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
Mondays and Fridays, 8 a.m.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished
Steam Healed Room,
lected   from   both   the   occupiers &��;FJfflSKXSS^ For Stewart. Tlu.rs.lnvs and Sundays
for permiaaion lo purchi
.m. Special fare on Sunday
boat 19.60 return including meals
and berth.
with a vei. ��� an *. that the contractor shall have the
The explanation for the difference in rates is that the parcel from so|e right as far as the City can
England travelled by British Parcels'Post;   that from Toronto by Live the same, to remove garbage
Of the tipper and lOWl I  floors. -commencing  at  a post  planted  on  the east
Clause   2S.-Th      nothing   in 1^^^^***^^^ ��.S��
this   contract    shall    prevenl    the  ggg *** ff .fe^^m" ,-��& ... Prince Albert sails for Port   Simp-
D.ied June 21, n*lI.        BENJAMIN A. FISH SOn,   Naas   River,   Masset,    Nation
Pub. July 25.                  Fred E. Cowell, Agent Harbor, Wednesdays 1.00 p.m.
Skeana Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range V anJ fjfj
away   his   garbag.
hi-  own1
Dominion Kxpress.   This g.vs a long way to explain how it is thai an(j n;ght soil from all parts of the|Officers;   but the coi
tin [Dominion Express, which is a sideline of the C. P. R., with a total Qity of Prince Rupert.
of only $24..->00 paid upon its $2.00(1.000 capital, has paid the C. P. R. j    Clause 9.���The contractor shall
in eight years, profits totalling 113,409,240. 'charge   the  person-,   from  whose
conveyance, providing sam. isdone T7^;oi'0"rtrLi^p^p.^rnU,i.,.^��0'
to the* satisfaction of the Heal h '^J^^
An  institution  that  makes over thirteen  million dollars profit  premises   garbage   >*r   night   s
on an outlay of less than -?2o,000. can very well afford to reduce its js removed the following fees ai
rates.    The question <>f exevssive express charges should be taken upjn0 more:
by tlie merchants of the city at the meeting of the Railway Com-      Residences of  two  rooms
have the exclusive right under hi
licence   to   remove   ~.'':  -
-���il      Clause 26.���Ami whereas i. i-
.-.nl  pc.ssibh   ;'n ���    di��p.: ��� - in. \   from
time  to time* ari-.   between  the
md | contractor   and   persons   dealing
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
eommVn"c.ng"itT'"po7t'Tianied about one and Railway Service to Copper Ri��er
on��-half milaa ll  1-5) northaast of  tha held ol y*      j trajns froM1 I>rillC0 Rupert Weil
Trout  River on the weal side ol Lake!"* Lake, ,                ,   a.a__j.__     i    n _       ���..
and about  5 chain, from th* lak.-lront, Ihenc* neSlltt.VS ami .*-*atunla> S,    1   P*m..    I.
for   south Ml ahatna, thenoe was*.  00 chain., thanca turning      1 lllirs.lavs     and      aumlays
I north 80 chain., thenca aaat M) chain, to point ���*, o,, ., m
ol commencement.                                            ...
ADOLPH H. CHRIST1ANSON Th     Grand Trunk Railway Sy.lem
aaagg l9"'         *"* E' C0"U' A',nt colnoclh" with mdn!X.m7t..e Pacific
i��-*jn. LandTJutSct-DUtrici oi Coa�� Ranga 5 coast operates a frequent and -.onven-
Taae notice lhat  Henry Macartney ol  Prino.   jcnt aorviec of luxurious trains over it*
Rupert, u. c. occupation miner, intenda to apply  aouble track route lietween CIlieaRO.
��-������<���> to purchu. th. loilow... amaxoma  ^^o.   Montroal.   Quebec.   Halifax.
Commebcinf at a po��t planted on tha aouth I Portland, Hosloli. New lork and Plnlii-
(,,r   ^ Monroe
v  Ladysmith
l.      ' 1 Coal
Yls   Phoneiis
. -r*. ���        1 l   l u      r>        -   ��� r- ��� ��� commencing  at  a post  piante-i  on  ine auu.u    |'orlllli*.l,  Huston, .sew   i urn unu i n..a
sion next Saturday,    ine rate cnargeo by the Uominion hxpress; under, for night snil and garbage with him under this contract  a- m, oi tachumiik. Riv-ar. about 2 i-a muas irom , , . nj      \thintic St.-amsliip booking
., , __f 1  ., . , .    _r . . . ,       Its conlluenea will* Ihe Skeena Idver and about   *"'1 """���    ��;��������."���    " i     ���,���_,
n Irom Eichumaika rapid., ib*nc*-w! arranged  via  all  linos.    1* ull inrorma-
'   tickets   obtained   from   the
Company on the parcel referred to. was greater even than the cost of
sending the jKircel by mail.
When the protest is made, it would be a good thing also to draw
ttention of the Board of Railway Commissioners to the fact thai
im effort h.-s been made in Prince Rupert io obey the Board's rulinglper 15 gallon can 10c. who slv.ll be cmp.wcred in a
ifter June 1st  the express companies must call for and deliver     Hotels, for removal of night soil, imary manner to
parcels within the municipal Ixmr.daries of cities ar.d towns.
per month 60c. to the proper chargi - to be made
Residences of three rooms and Now it is agreed ha in case any
over, for night soil and garbage, such dispute shall hereafter arise.
per month 75c. the kihu* shall at ono be referred
Hotels, for removal of garbage, to the City Medical Health Officer,
[x*r 15 gallon can. 50c.
dispute, and in doing so he shall JTSfi "-"iM
it contliwnw
ll .*.���;������.- W��t __
eating  north,  iheao* 40 chuu eaat,  thtnet St)
cbaina aoutn, tb��DM -IU cbtuni wust to point o
comm-ar.oem.int,   containing   -i-0   acmi   metfe   or
ittM.    1'u.t markoei "H.M. S W. cor."
DalrJ April ��!, 1911.      UENHY  MAC \i. i  .    i
Pub. AprU 29.
kc��na Lftnd DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Ranct 5
Takt   notiot   that   Stanlvy   ��.:���-���.   ������(   l*rtnc��
Kuprrt, B. C, occupation mintr, IntrntU to apply i
fur p*rmut��ion to purchase tbo followinK dt��crii��o<i
ilantnl ���*>* rhaina aouth |
northwrat corner of
tion   aril
oti.ce of
Restaurants, for removal of gar- have power ," -,   1   any t|tie--.i..r
To appeal to the companies direct is only an added vexation of boge, per 15 gallon can 10c. .as t" the proper construction of
��� : in
spirit and a waste of time.    The Board of Railway Commissioners      Rest an rams, for remove
has been appointed by the Federal Government to hear all complaints soil, per 15 gallon can 50c.
in connection wiih the-railways anil their subsidiary companies.   The,    Lodging   houses,   stores,   "fix
Board i- .l"thi<l with power to mike orders and enforce its rulings, buildings,   club*,   banks,   printing
The opportunity to draw the attention of the Board to the way in offices, and all other buildings other
which Prince- Rupert i�� bled by the express companies must not ix*    ���. _
this contract so       as the n .is
to be charged arecoi ..rued.
Signed)   J. 0. Kiddie. Medical
Health  Offic ..  L.  E.   M.-
f.'.rlani. Si i it! ry Inspi cor.
In  -i-leciing Alderman   Newton  for iheir candidste,  the  local
Coniervativei iheiwed that they are anxious for reciprocity to wi.-. Messrs. Hayner  Bros., to Build Chapel,  Offices and
in Comox-Atlin. Embalming Rooms on Grenville Court.���
The council meeting will lx* so quiet and orderly tonight :
it will seem like <-ld times again, but for the vacant chairs.
  Mean.   Hayner   B: then
The Calgary Herals is being poked at by a number of newspspen  about  to star; at    r
Buildings in Mission Style with
Every Modern Device.
the building will exactly meet it-
purpose.   Funeral obsequies con-
over a strange piece of inccmsistency it has cennmitted. erection  of a  new  and  entirely Iducted   there  and   the  last   -,.,;
The Herald is espousing the cause of the interests in the reciprocity up-to-date linden '-.   . establish- services rendered the dead will b
and has been trying t" mr.k'* out that if thi  taxes   n feiod .-.re ment on one of -      I n shaped ..-rrinl out in quiet dignity with-
r. ui' v ���! that it will make it hard for u- all to live. lots on Grenville Court adjoining
A I'a ���!. yt .-go���at the heigh; of the coal scare, when i; looked the Salvation Army i itadel.   The
BJ if Alberta might face a coal famine this winter���the Herald came ground space rr.*   aires 28 ft   \ 50
out with a big black headline sddressed to :h..* Federal Government ft. x 100 ft., and will allow of tin*
"R. move the Coal I'u.i.-."   ��� H course if the Herald's anti-reciprocity erection of a v.:. fin.  nil itantial
arguments were true, the removal of die coal duty-will not make coal l.uilding which i- just what thi
hum. plentiful. Messrs Hayner have planned. Th.
Looks a- if ihe truth >li*-��f���--*! out by accident.   The effect of a duty, ground has been leased for a con*
whetl -I i- just thc same, namely, to make it more siderabl.    term  ar.d   the  building
'III!,' ult  to ��� ll ������. ii
The Continental Trust Co., Ltd.
WM  T. KERGIN. M D . President DAIID H HAYS. 1st Vlce-Pres
M I  HOBIN. 2nd VicePres. and Manager
I AY KVCLER. Secretary-Treasurer C  B   PETERSON. A,si -Manager
Executor and Administrator Recelxrer or Assignee Farm Lands and Mines
Real Estate and Insurance      Agent For Care of Real Estate      Escr*w Agents
Fiscal Agents Trustees Registrar and Transfer Agent
Trustee Under Mortgage and Deeds of Trust
Safe Deposit Vault and Boxes Collections
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. 4 per cent, on Deposits
We will ha i ;. ...-! to answ.r any inqolhas raa-ardlnr investment* in Prince Rupert
and Northern llrftlsh Columbia.
The  Continental  Trust  Company;,   Limited,   SSwsSSSrm:
out ostentation.
Experienced Undertakers
Adding to iheir present equipment many <>f tlie very latest
appliances which have brought to
perfection thc art <>f embalming
on this continent, Messrs. Hayner
Br..-her-, who have had thorough
training and experience in ihis
will be of a permanea i ->|x*. i lasi of s,*rvi,*i- will be in a position
Elengantly Equipped attend   to   undertaking   work
. Chapel for funeral services, offi- ��� * fittingly as any of thi firmi In
"-. and embalming rooms, all the older centres of Canada. Th.
ipadousandconveninetlyarranged ,:'';"1 attached to their offices
are included in the plans. In-id. will be secluded and quiet. VVhili
the furnishings, fittings, and up* ���'��� '���������' earlier days of Prince Ru��
holstering will be very highly l"r; there was no lack of dignity
finished ard in the very lust of about funeral services held in a
good taste, quiet and dignified, little rough shack, thc growth of
Outside the Grenville Court fr.ni- ,.,,   ,.* ,. ,       . ��� ,  .   ,     .
.    a     .   ....       . ,     l,u   Oty  lias deiliandid  develop-
Itage   of    the   building    is    to   lx-
i   ���        i ���    .i i, , ���      ,    "ii in ii,
designed in the well known simple
j .Mis-ion Style, which is still rich  ,i,i,>-
and  substantial  looking without Messrs, Hayner Brothers lead the
'being vulgar or pretentious.   Thus  way.
line willi lhat of all Other
Mid  in   this  department
Till Sept. 23,1911
tlurinB tin- proRreaa of the Reciprocity Campaign
tuiiffu'BB���   Klcctlon,   we   will mail   The
���!->"',Y NEWS  tO any  a.l.lreaa In Canada, out-
alde the City of I'rince Itupert for 25 centa.
Investigation to be Held Into
Circumstances of Mishap on
Sentinel Island on Aug. 5th,
1810. Judge Martin to Preside.
Til-   llliily  N.'WB  Will
SmpSteflS SToSSlK? f"lM ���* '*1.r reV,,n' "' *he *****m�� of the
l'"ral attention t��� h,.n'i''ln ��Vr W columns w. will devote
The Daily News hy mail for aix weeka for 2P cenU.
(Canadian Press lit sp.itch)
Vancouver,Aug, \2.���Judge Martin   will   preside  over a   marine
enquiry to be held Aug. ih to in*
vestigale lhe cause of the loss of
the Sechell Steamship Company's
steamer Bilearra ai d the Stranding
.f the Canadian Pacific steamer
Princess   May,  which   occurred   a
y.ar ago in Alaskan Waters.
During a fog the Princess May,
and remained for several weeks
in her perilous position. The
Steamer was afterwards lowed  to
Esqttimalt, repaired and converted
Into an oil burner. She is now
one of the most popular C. P. R.
boats in the Nortii Coast ol
B. C. and Alaska passenger service.
The Helena on September 17,
1010, sank in  thirty-five fathoms
of water in Agamemnon channel,
J.rvis  Inlet.    The vessel crashed
Lot 17.1... Lakebe Vail**.', District ot Coast Ran*;*
I, ihence weat 40 chains, thanca soul.** Ml chaina,
���tienca* aaat IU chaina, tbenc* nurth ao  *. .ma to
p .*.t ot commencement.
Staked June ."th. lyll STANLEY ..lit
Pub. July IS. Locator
Skeeoa Land Dbtrlct���Olstrict ol Caaslar
Taka notica thai 1, Jam** Webatar L.(.lin ol
Suwart, II.C, occupation    auctioneer, inund to
apply lor permiaalon to  purcbaae  the   following
desenbed landa:
Cummencln-t at a post  planted  on  the rlft-.t
bank ol tho Naaa nver about nine milea abov*'
tbe (orka ol th* Naas mrr. Ibence aoulh Ml chains.
thena. weat 60 chains, tbenot north to cbatna. :
thanca aaat SO chain, to point ol cvrameocameot,
coolainlna olo acrva more or laaa.
Dated March 21, 1911. Krank SiJney Wrtibl, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeana Land District -Uiatnct ol Coast llanje .".
Taka notce that LinfoM Seaell Bell ol I'tinc*
Rupert, II. Ca. occupation locomotiw *nctr.*.*r.
inund. to apply (or permlsaion to purchase the
loUowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the north
hank ol tbe Zlmogotita lllwr aboul thrv* '
milaa distant upstn-ami in a w*-*lerl>- direc.iun
(rom tb* junction ol the Little Zimngotltx Iti.er
and tha main Itimogotttt lli.er, ihence north 40
chains, thanca west 40 chains, thance south 40
chaina, thenca east 40 chain, to po*t ol commencement containing \x*J acraa. mor* or I***.
D.ted June 7, 1911. LINFoKD SEWALL IIELL
Pub. July 8. Geo. II. Putnam, Agenl
Stikina Land Ditti let -District ol Caasiar
Take notice lhal Christian A. Tervo ol stikine.
II. C, oecoaiwo custom. .���-' c. -. intend, to s;; .
lot pcrmiauoc to puxchaw the (ollowing describe*,
Commencing al a post planled el<out lhr��*-
nuaners ol a mile north east (rom clec*e-r ll.fll*
and oo ibe eaat bank ol btikloe Rivar and on tbe
south aide ol tbe mouth ol a little creak, th.nc*
aaat 40 chain., thanca nonh 40 cha*... tbeace
waat 40 ehalna, thence aoulh 40 chaina to point
ol commencement and containing loo acraa more
i'at"' I .*.. 10, Hill.    CHRISTIAN A. TERVO
Pub April 7.
Skeena Land Diair.ct -Disinrt ol Coait Rang* ���'���
Take notice that I. Lauchlao John Shanahan ul
Victoria. II. C, occupation teach*r. inund n
apply lor permia*ion to purchaa* tbe (ollualng
dsBCnbed landa:
Commencing at a post planted AS chains wuih
Irom lha aoutheaat corner ol Lot loto, theoc* 40
chain, aoutb, tbence 40 chain* weat, thance 40
cnaina north, thenc* 40 chain. ea.l to point ol
commencement, ConUining 1'" acr*. more or laa..
I.II ' III. V*. JOHN . ill*, ill I*.
Dated AprU 17,1911.
Pub May ������
Skeana Und Diatrict - DUtrlct ut Caaslar
Taka notioe thai I, John L. Mitchell "I Prince I
itu->*rt, 11. Ca, occupation bookkeeper. Intend tu
apply lor permission to purchaa* lb* !uilu*u,g
daacribed landa:
Commeneing at a post planted about it) flva
milea eoulh and (1) one miie weat ol the lorks ol
the U hit* and Hal rivar*. thanca north to chain*
ihenc* aaat ho chaina, ihenc* aoutb M chains,
thanca weat mi chains.
Dated April la, 1911. JOHN L. MITCH!.1.1.
I'ub. Mar 11 Francia S. l'r**U-n, Agent
Skeana Land District-District ol Oast Kange 1'
Take notice tbat Percy M Miller at Prii.e* Rupert. II. C occupation Civil Engineer. Inlenls l.,
apply fin* orrmlaslun to purchaae th* follow., a
dearribed lands:
C.*mmeni*lnK at a |w��l planted on the left laank
of McNeil Klver at north weal rorner of lot 11.1.
It. V.. thence east l.ai chains more or lesa to west*
erly boundary "f t.ml*er llml*. M'. old number
tMil thence northerly foil.,*, in.* ..ol westerly
lamndary of timl-er limit *l chains more or les.
to north west comer of said timber limit, thence
westerly ����� chains more or le*. to left l*ank of
McNeil Itiver. thence aoutherly followinv .aid
left hank of McNeil River ��i chains more or l*>.
to point of cmmencemenl, conUining la, acres
more or lees.
E. I leaman. Agent
Date June 19. 1911
Pub. July 19,1911
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coaal Service
Fur and Skins
Tanned, Mounted and
Lined for Matts or Rugi
WORK 111* s V ��� ���.
Vancouver Fur Dressing Comjunj
1843 Granville St.        Van.. B.C.
Famous  Princess  Line
Monday, August   14th, 9 a. m. ���
->�����)���    ���-�� - ��� ��������>-���-��-���
-General Hardware 1
J. C. McNab
General Aganl
s.s. inlander!!:
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes     i IJtftM I Stovti *
Graniteware      Tir.nare      t
���   ��� - *>-*���*-<*-*-*-*
... FOK ��� ��� ���
Take lhc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
. *************************
;| w. j. McCutcheon
!!   t>rrl*acompleu slock   '��� '���" ������   fPKl',
atunilon paid to Ailing prewnpocai
', Theatre Block phons No. :> Second tn
: !*h ����� ������������������������4"i"��->"i"��*
Pboae IK
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meet* in Ilis* Helgerron Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   membera  of  Ihi*  order In the ell)
are r< ������in -1.-.I to visit the lodge.
75 x 100 .'t. FOR LEASE
on "lninl A\mn\.r �������� I N
c'ncie Jeremiah H. Kiglei. U*4
.1. P. CADE, N. G.
tieneral Maeliine Shop and Ship's
Caqietitcring. Al-.. m-. un for Fair-
t.aiika-Morse and Knox Gnaolinc
Knginea. Gaailine Enginea and Ac-
ceasoriea carried in stock.
La-aache. and Boats for Hire   NT   end ol Wharf
M agar i n>">
:: PeriialicaU II H*******
: TOBACCOS      H*1'1^
Between John Youna* Roche��ter. plaintiff
Tom C. Sutton, defendant.
Before his Honor Judge Young In chambers.
Friday tha Mxh day of July. 1911.
Upon the application of the plaintiff, upon hearing read theadl'lavlt of Charles Vincent llennelt.
flle.1. and upon hearing what wa. allegr.1 by C. V. '
Bennett, counsel for the plaintiff.
I.    It Is ordered that service upon thedefendant
Of the writ of summons and statement of claim in |
this action hy publishing this order,   together
with the notice hereon endorsed. on.*e a week for
General Merchandise       - -       Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in  Northern B. C
four weeks, nrecnling the l.t day nf September
llll. In the Dally New. a new.paper publi.h-
illln .'. rnclc iiul iftir liiimr |,,,|,| ! *^ at I'rlnee Itupert. B C. laadeemH a-.al and
HUH   .1   rillK   .11111   .liar   llllllg   IlI'Ml sufficient .ervlcaof Mid writ and atatement of
suspended until the receding ti.l. il
lowered her si em and then
to the bottom of the channel.
Keep the Spoon Out
When l.oiline anything quickly
do not leave A metal spoon In the
<he command ol Captain causepan, for much <.f the h .,
McLeOei, struck the  reefs of Sen-   passes    through    the
Unci Island, near Juneau, Alaska, ��� boiling is checked.
SpOOn,   and
2. And it is further ordere.1 that the said defendant do enter an appearance to the .aid writ
of summon* and file his statement of defence in
the office of this Court at I'rin. .��� leipt-rt. II.' , on
or before the 1.1th day of Sepeember, llll.
3. And It la further ordered lhat the costs of
this applioatlon hc oata In the ra,,.*
p. Mrii roura, i.j.s.c.
SS    "*   INOTICE.
This actlan Is brought lo recover 11022.sn, the ,
amount due on a promissory  role mn le hy the
defendant, dated 2mh Decml-r, l!*-c., to the or- '
Mr ee the nlalnlllt. payable 21 month, after due
with .n'er**t at r, per cent, per arnum.
Kf:::::: %|
ToUl I19I2.M
il. 0A
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
-���raj . Stewart
Prince Rupert THE DAILY NEWS
il     7E   HAVE   A   COMPLETE   LINE   Of    BEERS    WINES    AND
BudWCiSef BCCr, We are sole agents for Northern B.C.
Double OO Whiskey
Guaranteed to be 12 years in the wood before being bottled
Sole agents for Northern B.C.
Victoria Phoenix Beer
Northern B.C. Liquor Company.
Phone No.   7
P.O. Boi 577
When in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at the
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates $1.00 to $2.50 per day
Hot and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
Tlie Best ,
Absolutely purt
AYE You Been Getting Poor on the Money
You Have "Saved" by Using Cheap
The business man who seeks cheapness as thc First consideration in liiivm*.- his printing, never really pays mucb attention to
Other elements in the transaction-except, perhaps, the matter of
i-.-ttun: it done Quickly.
The money SAVED by buying CHEAP printing is money on
which you have paid an absolutely ruinous premium!
Il will make you poor if you persist in saving enough of it!
Daily News Building moNE98 Third Aoenue
Is the World's Greatest Demand
��� a*
��� ������
Our Watsh Department is one which gives to the people of
(anatla that standard of reliability vvhieli appeals to all in this
busy cci.tury, when each moment of time must be rightly spent in
order to get the most out of it. With us you will lind the best in
every make of watch, from the reliable BIKKS' SPhUAl,, to
the best among the American and Swiss movements. Our leaders
an* the Howard, Hamilton, Longines, Agassiz nnd the *****
grinles of the Waltham and Elgin productions. See mir catalogue,
or write to us directly for information relating to our watches.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LLD��� D.C.U, President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
���ry branch of The Canatlinn Hank of CoiMMrCS ia equipped lo issuo drain on
<- 1'nncipal cities in the following countries without delay I
Africa Crete llreece New /eland
���Jrabia Cuba Ili.ll.nJ
A.crnlina Republic Denmark IcelnnJ
Hgypt India
iga.y     lar,.,. laland. Ireland
Finland Italy
Formoaa Inp-in
France liiva
Fr'ch Cochin China Mnlla
Oermany Manchuria
Ore-it Britain Meai.-o
1 ��� .Ian
. I hina
EM        . .    .
Philippine Islands
Soulh Africa
Slr.il. Seltlementa
1'nile.l Slate.
\Vr��> Indie*, etc.
i -i   " it'' ���   ��� elesiii.   i *,ia thalf arts nnv-
1l;e*mo��nl of the.e draft�� S stated in thi HIM* rflfiCW^���?��<������� Jg
f��f| U.at Is they arc drawn In Morling, AWMI, mark,. I.ro. kr��>nrii. II. y���
��j% roubles, etc., a, thc MM nmy be Thi. ensure, that the payee abroad WW
receive Uie actual amount intended.
J- M. Christie Manager Prince Rupert Branch
Sketmu Land .Viairict-District of Queen Charlotte
'lake notice that Goo. ll. Laux ol Prince Huport,
B. C., occupaUon harbor, intends to apply for
permission to purchaao the following deacrihed
Commencing at a poat plantod about aeven
miloa woat and one mllo smith from the mouth
of Stiuily Cruek, Nadon Harbor, tbence aouth 80
chaina, thenco weat 40 chaina, tbence north 80
chains, thence oaat 40 chaina.
Dateel March 17, 11)11. GEO. H. LAUX
Puh. April 22. Numa .Demon, Agont
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrlct of Caaaiar
Take notice that I, Mary Carin of  Stewart,
it. C.( occupation married woman, intend to apply
for permiaalon to purchaae tbe following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted two (2) mile*
aouth and (2) two milea weat of the forka of tha
White and Flat riven, thence 80 chaina north,
thence 80 chaina went, thence 80 chaina aouth.
thence HO chaina eaat.
Dated April 20, mil. MARY CA1UN
Pub. May 13. Francia S. Preaton, Agent
Ski-onu Land Diatrict-Diatrict of Coaat
Take nutlet* thut I. Mra. John Corley of Prince
Itupert, B.C., ueeuputiun married woman, Intenda
to apply for purmiaaion to purchaae lhe following
ile-nmhrii landa:
Commencinff at a post planted 40 chaina eaat
ai.el 12(1 chains mmth from the auuthweat corner of
lot 17;;,!, Coaat Diatrict, Kanw!.. thence aouth 80
chalnn, thence eaat 40 chaina. thence north 80
chains, thunce weat 40 chaina more or leaa to the
point of commencement, containing 820 acrea
morc or leaa.
Dutc Mar. 20, 1911
Pub. Apr. 4,1911
Skeena Land Dutrict - Diatrict of Queon Charlotte
Take   notice   that   George   Friiull   of   Princa
Rupert, B. Or*, occupation butcher. Intenda to apply
for permiaaion to purchaae tho iollowing deacribed
Commencing  at  a poat  planted  about  aevaa
milea weat ana two mllea aouth of tbe mouth of
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Carefully   Attended   to   Mean
Brilliant  Tresses
Stanley Creek where it emptlea into Nadan
Harbor, Graham laland, thence B0 chaina aoutb,
thence 80 cbaina weat, thance 80 cliaina north,
thence 80 chana eaat to point of commencement
and containing 040 acrea mora orteaa.
Dated March 17, 1911 GEORGE FK1ZZELL
Pab. April 7. Numa Demon, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrlct of Coaat Range 5
Take not ce that I. Joe Jack of Prince R. p.rt,
B. On occupation carpenter, intend to apply for
punnUsloo to purcbaae tho following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted about threo>nd
one-half mllea dUtant lu a aoutb weaterly direction
from a blind alough from Ubaervaiory Inlet where
tho aame touehea the Indian Reaerve tbence eaat
80 cba na. thence ��oith 80 chaina, tbence weatHO
chaina, thence aouth 80 chaina to point of commencement, containing 040 acrea more or leaa.
Dated April 14, 1911. JOE JACK
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range 6
Take notica that Lettie McTavUh of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation married woman, Inunda to
apply for permiaaion lo purcbaae tba (ollowing
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planled at tba north*
woat corner 100 chaina eaal and 20 chaina north
Irom the northeaat corner of Lot 1116, llarvey'a
Survey, Coaat DUlrict.Range 6,tbence 20 chaina
aouth, thence 80 chaina eaat, thenca SO chaina
north, thence 40 chaina waat, thenca 60 chaina
aouth, thonce 40 chaina weat to poet of eommencement, containing 400 acre* more or laaa.
Dated May 2, 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Bobler. Agent
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUlrict of Caaalar
Take notice that I Francu 8. Praaton ot Prtneo
Rupert. B. C, occupation proapecior, inland to
apply  for permUalon  lo purchaaa the following
deacribed landa;
Commencing at a poat plantad about three
mllea aoulh and two milea weat of tha forka ol
the White and Flat riven, tbence aoutb 80 chaina
thence eaat 80 chaina, thenca nortb 80 cbaina,
thence weat 80 chaina.
Dated April 20. 1911. FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub Af ay 13
Skeona Land DUtriet-���DUlrict of Coaat Range 6
Taka nolice tha 1, Frank Hicka ot Port Ea-
dngton, occupation merchant, intand to apply
(or permiaaion. o purcbaae the following deaciibwl
" < _
bank of the Eichumaika Klvar and aboul four
mllea from Ita conHutnoa with the Skaana River,
ihence 8-9 chaina weat, thenca 80 chaina north,
thence 80 cbatna aaat, tbence eoutb 80 cbatna
lo point of commencement, containing 640 acraa
more or leaa.
Dated April 21. UU. FRANK  HICKS
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land DUuict���DUlrict of Queen Charlotte
Is! a n tis
Taka notica that George W. Aroott of I'rince
Kupert, ll. C, occupauon real aetata broker,
inunda to apply for parnUaaion to purebaaa tha
following doacribed landa:
Commanclng at a poat plantad about aeven
milea and one-halt raila waat and one mile aoutb
from the moutb of Sunly Creek, Naden Harbor,
Ihenco ->aat 80 chatna, thenon aoutb W cbaina,
thoncv out 80 chaina, lhance north 8U chaina.
Dateel March 17, UU, GEO. W. ARNOTT
i'ub. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-Diatrict of Caaalar
Taka notice that I, Alice M. Knouae of Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupation married woman, Inund
lo apply for permUalon io purebaaa tba following
daacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about two milaa
���oulh and two milaa waat of tba forka ot Wblu
and Flal riven, thence north 80 chaina, tbence
eaal 80 ehalna, Ibence ooulb SO cbaina, thenee
weat 80 chaina.
Dateel April 20, 1011. ALICE M. KNOUSE
Pub. May 13. FrancU S. Praaton, Agent
���MM Land DUtrict-DUtriet of Coaat Kaon 6
Take notioa tbat I, Clara May Utile of Prtoce
Rupert. U. OL*, occupation aplnaur. Inund to
apply tor p��rmiaalon lo purcbaae tha following
daacribed landa: .
Commeneing at a poet planted al tba nortb
weat corner of Lot 173&, Range 6, ('oaat Diauicl
lhance aaat 40 chaina. thenca north 26 ehalna
thonc* waat 31 chain1 thenc* north 20 cbaina
thenca weat 10 ehalna, lhanc* aoulh 46 chaina to
point   of   commencement,  containing   lit   aoraa
Dafl^Apriw.mi. CLARA UAY UTTUt
Pub. April 11*.
Coaat Range 6 Land DUtrict
Taka  notion  tbat  1,  -John   Hepburn   ol   Kit
aumkalum,   occupallon  (armor,   Inland   to  appUf
(or permiaaion io purchaM th* (o-llowng aeecrib-ad
Commencing at a poat planted at lha nortnaaa*
corner of Lot 3983, lhanoa eaat 20 ehalna. Un	
eoutb 40 ehaina, thene* weet 20 ebana,  "-
north 40 chaina lo place o-eoinraenoen.��r
11.1*1 Much 18, lull. JOHN  HEPBURN
Pub April1&
Skeena Land DUtrlct-DUtriet of Caaalar
Taka   nollea   tbat   I,  Tnomaa   Meccovera   of
Suwart, U. C, occupation miner.lnund to apply
for permUaioo to purchaae the following daacribed
Commanclng at a poal pUnUd on the right
bank of th* Naaa rivar about four milea above the
(orka ot the Naaa river, thenoa aoulh Ml chaina,
thenoa weat 80 chaina, ihenee north 60 ehaina,
thenoa aaat 80 chaina U point of commencement,
containing 640 acrea mora or leaa. ���-_,.
Datad March 25, 1911. Sidney Prank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Und DUtriet���DUtriet of Caaelar
Taka notice that I,  Isaac  O'BrUn  Forbes
Prince Rupert, tl. C, occupallon carpenUr, InUa
to apply for permUalon lo purcbaae tbe followta*
elMeribed landa:
Commeneing at a poet planted about fl* mllaee
aouth and one mil* wait of tbe forka ot tbeWblU
aud Flat riven, thanca north 80 ehaina, thence
weat 80 chaina, tbenc* aoutb 80 chaina, thance
eaat 80 chaina.
Dated AprU 18, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FORBES
Pub. May 18. FrancU 8. Praaton. Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range 6
Taka nolle* that 1, B*U Hall K*nn*y of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, occupation married woman.
Intand to apply for permUalon to purchaaa tb*
following deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at north eaat
oorner of T. 1, Lot 3B&2H, thenoe running weet 40
chaina, thence north 60 chatna, thenc* eaat 40
chaina, thenoa aoulh 80 cbaina to place of commencement containing 620 acna mon or tan.
My poet U on aouth eaat corner of tand applied
tor, marked letten 8. E��� about one mile weat ot
Uke Ukelae, aouth aide of Skaana river Dinrict
of ('oaat Range 6.
Dateel April 28, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
John Heveriy, Agent
Skeena Und DUtrict -DUlrict of Coaat
Taka notice that William McTavUh ot Vancouver, H   C. occupation physician, intenda lo apply
for peTmUelon to purchaaa lh* (ollnwtng deaerhed
Commencing at a poet planted at th* eoulhwae
corner, 40 chaina north and 40 chatna eaat ot the
nnriheael corner ot Ut 1116. llarvey'a Survey,
Coaat DUtrlct, Range 6, thenca fiO ehaina eaat
thence 60 chaina north, thenc* 60 ehalna weat,
lhance 60 chaina aouth to poet ot conmencemaet
containing 190 acrea more or leaa.
|,.,e.l Mit 2. llll. WII.I.IAM A. M��TAVISI
I'ut>. May 8. Fred W. Ilotiler, A��ent
tta<*n* Und 1>ia.rlin    lllslflel ot Coaat Ranf. V
Taka   notlc*  thai   1,   I'aul   Ilaaan   ol   frlnre
lluperl, laborer,  Intend lo apply lor permlasion
lo purchase the following dewrload lands:
Commar.dn, al a post planted on tha north
hank ol Williams I'reek about M chains eotlth-
eaat Irom 11 II., thenoa aouth 4(1 chaina, thenee
eaat 10 chains, thenco north 40 ehalna, thenoa
wnt 40 eh.lns to or.int of commencement.
Paled July 7, 1011. I'AITL HAOEN
Pub. July !(. I r��l i;. rnw.li. Atmt
The most thorough daily brush-
lag cannot keep the head entirely
clean, und a good washing is
needed mon' frequently In summer
than in winter. No stated in-
tervi'.ls can be fixed, One can
perceive by the feeling of lhe scalp
and the heavy "listless" condition
of the hair when her head needs
washing. Those who spend their
summers in lhe country often
have the advantage of rain water,
which can be caught in lhe city,
loo, of course, but usually so
impregnated with coal soot and
particles of din that it is not fit
for use. While nothing quite
equals a good pure soap and
fairly hot soft water, the egg
shampoo may be used sometimes
with good effect in summer. Meal
up an egg, thin il wiih soft water,
and add a few drops of lemon
juice. Wei the head, rub on the
egg mixture, and wash as usual,
and rinse thoroughly. Use lepid
water so as not lo curdle the egg.
The method of drying should
have reference to the color of the
hair. Blonde hair may be dried
in the sun���if not too hot���but
darker hair should not be exposed
to the strong sunlight while it
is wet, although it will take on a
bitter gloss if it is studied afterwards. Of whatever hue it may
be, the hair should be first palled
with a dry towels lo absorb i'.s
much of the moisture as may be,
and then lhc tresses shaken and
tented about so that ihey will dry
from the roots outward. With the
fingers carefully undo any rangles
put the hands under thc hair and
run the fingers over the scalp, then
otii through the hair, o|K*ning a way
for the breeze to follow.
Be Careful  Not   to  Alter  thf
Shape of the Foot
Well-fining booUare exceedingly
important during the school age.
The child who has to walk to
school and play aboul in boots
lhat arc too tight is suffering
needless pain. Kvem a very slight
degree <>f pressure alters the shape
of ihe foot and squeezes lhe big
toe mil of the pro|K*r straight line.
Unoonfortable Ihkiis make cramped
iiKs, affect  the carriage and ih
portment ot a child, and prevent
him from enjoying the* rapid movement and CXCrdte thai is gimd for
Tiney Notelets of News from
Paris, London, New York
Sashes are worn a great deal
with afternoon toilets,
e a a
Paris decrees black velvet slippers for evening toilets,
e a a
Blind embroidery and English
eyelet are both favorites for the
separate white waist, is a London
11 is going io be a great cotton
season, and cottons are going
to be tolerated where formerly
they have been prohibited,
e a a
To be really fashionable this
season one must be slender, says
the New York modistes. En
silhouette is the rule of the day,
a rule modish women are trying
religiously lo follow.
If a net blouse is to be laundered
it should be ironed on ilu wrong
side while it is quite damp with a
clean and moderately hot iron.
This causes the new fabric to stiffen
Lace may lx* treated in the same
Quite an Idea for the Girl who
is Clever
Some-times thc upper half of
i silk sunshade is in perfect con-
ditiiin while the lower portion is
badly soiled. In this case it is a
gotxl idea to apply a wide border
of some contrasting shade, color
or design. With B magpie striped
lop, a l...i.|i*i of black salin enlivened with Persian figures is
most effective, anel on a plain
pongee an Oriental design in silk
is gexxi. Wielc black velvet ribbon makes a stunning l-ordcr for
almost any sunshade of pale hiieel
silk or satin, anel il lenels so rich
lo even a mceliiim priced article
lhat many girls are buying new
one-s anel dre-ssing them up with
Ikiws and l*orelcrings.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Green Gooseberry Jelly
To each penmd of fruit allow
thret-ipiarters of a pint of water,
and simmer till the gooselicrries
are well broken; turn the whole
into a leUybag i<> elrain. Weigh
the juice, and  Ixiil il  rapidly  for
fifteen minutes)   than draw the
pan lo the side of the fire, and
stir it until elisseilveel an equal
weight of powdand lump sugar.
Boil for twenty minutes, taking
off the scum as it rises; tlie*n pour
into jars, and tie eleiwn when cold.
Girls Feet Growing
The United States shoemakers
have announced in their annual
convention at Boston that women's
feet are becoming larger. The-
number tWO si/e of women's shoes
has practically gone out of use-, and
very few dealers ke*cp them em
s.le. This is probably due to the
greater prevalence of lawn tennis,
hoi key, and golf ns women's recreations.
Fish Cooked in Paper
Take some thin white paper, rub
i over with mi-lted butter or oil,
ay the fish in, and just fold the
edgee together,   Bake In ��� mod-
erale oven.    Serve in  the paper.
This is most  delicate and  (ar
more tatty ihan frying.
To Get Cream Quickly
To   get   cream   quickly,   |xiur
lhe  new  milk  into a  Imsin, anel
stand the basin in another one,
containing a little hot water, for
an hour or two. The cream will
toon rise- lo the top, and can be
-.kimiiu-el i|uite e-asily.
Busy Scene on the Wharf This
Morning when the Ocean
Flier Pulled out.
There was more than ordinary
Mii.-. of departurei this morning
by the Prince* George, many well
known Prince Rup-crtcrs going
soulh in addiiion to the usual
number of holiday makers returning home.
Promini'iit among these* were
Messrs. Clay (on, Newion anil J. I*.
MacDonald who are going to
Nanaimo to attcnel the Conservative Convention there on Wiil-
neselay. They will Ih- joined while
away by Messrs. William Manson
and J. V.. Merryfie-ld who arc at
present in the soulh.
Miss MacTavish. matron of the
General Hospital, who is on a
vacation trip, and Mr. C. K.
Gibbons of McCaffery & Cibbons
who is going south on business
were on lioard. Several of the
hospital slaff were present to set-
Miss MacTavish off.
Among those* going east lo visit
relative! were Mrs. C. B. Walk
and Mrs. and Miss Holtby.
There were B large number of
people on the wharf to wish  thc
travellers a pleaaant voyage.
Henry  Groh,  of  the  Decatur
team, touted as one of the speediest
players ever seen in the Three-I
league, has been sold for $3,">00
to the New York Nationals.
tii "4 &
Ty Cobb's contract is out this
year and thc* Detroit club will
most likely have to pay the C.iorge
"Peach" a million or two before
he sinus for next season.
e a a
Russell Ford is without question
the best twirler in the American
League today. His peculiar and
mysterious delivery is a puzzle lo
every batsman who comes before
him, and it is safe to say that his
excellent work is in a great measure
responsible for the Yankee's steady
climb to the front.
C*5     Ijl     -Jj
Amateur sport in the Wesl
this summer, says the Manitoba
Free Press, has been making a
great bid for patronage, and has
succeeded fairly well. But in the
case of baseball and lacrosse there
will have to be a sudden change
in some respects at least, or the
sport will die a natural death.
Both the baseball and lacrosse
this summer has been of a high-
class oreler, but the games have
been marretl by continual umpire
and referee bailing, which is certainly uncalled for and is causing
more trouble ever)- game.
ti   &   &
President Lynch of the National
League said the other day that in
view of the player's promise of
future good behavior he might
soon raise the suspension inflicted
upon Magee of the Philadelphia
club. He declared, however, that
if Magee is allowcei to re-enter
the game it would be with the
understanding that he was on
strict probation.
t)> a a
A pathetic scene was enacted
at Comstock Park, when Pensia
Maid, most promising and beauteous of trotting mares, was buried
deep in the infield of the track
oval. Trainers and ordinarily un
emotional stable swipes sobbed
unaffectedly, and track dignitaries
tunned away anel choked in their
throats as $25,000 worth of horse-
llesh was consigned to earth.
ti   ti   m
The death of Pensia Maiel, whose
recorel stood at 2:04 1-4 occurred
in her stall at thc park. An autopsy by Dr. Robertson Muir
established the fact that compound
fracture of the pelvis bone had
ruptured a blood vessel, resulting
in hemorrhages, which caused her
a e a
Souvenirs of the sad occasion
were eagerly grabbed <iff by the
sin.'.II group of sine-crc mourners
at the graveside.    Presiding Judge
Keating secured one of the mare's
well worn shoes and A. G. Aselikan
of the New York Telegraph, look
one of the lleele*st hoofs that ever
Stepped on the track. The head,
said by mosi track officials to be
the most beautiful which adorned
any animal travelling the Grand
Circuit) will be pre-se-rveel and
mounted by Harry A. Moormann
of the Kent Scientific, museum for
her owner,  R. J.  Mackenzie, the
millionaire turfman of Winnipeg.
Stork Buildin-R, Second Av-inue.
I,aw-Butler Building:       Phone No. 28b
Prince Runert P.O. Box 851
of Brltl.h Columbia
and Manitoba Bar..
0, V. BEN.NKTT, B.A.
of llC. Ui.iii-io, Sas-
katchawan una Alberta Bar..
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exi-han,-,' block, comer Third avatiu.- and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation* skilfully treated. Gas and
local anaalhelioe administered for the painless ax-
traction of teeth. Consultation free. Office.:
Helaereon Block, Pnnce Ruoert. 11-12
Alei.tl.Manaoii B.A..     W.K.Will'ams.n.A.. I..I..D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
p. O. BOX 2X
ri*i*u. or wm. roxoN. Esq., lusjon., emu
mercantile agency
collections and reports
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Public Stenographer
Stenography and Typewriting promptly
attended to.
Phone 318.
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
Mr. and Mrs. Case of Columbus,
Ohio, are in the city visiiing their
daughter Mrs. Clarence E, Bainter.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Miss Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Pram Wllciek, Pari, and Berlin.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
===E.   EBY   to   Co.~=
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The  Prlne*  Rupert Lodge,  No. 31H, Son* of
Knaland. meet, the dm and thlnl Tueedara   in
aaen month In the ('anient.-r. Halt, at 8 p.m.
P. V. CLARK. Sec.,
I'. I). II". Hia, Prince Rupart
ERNF.8T A. WOODS. Prealdent. Box 28
-.TUCK COMFLITa ri.llNF. 69
Miss Whyte of Chicago, who
has been visiiing Mrs. S. P.
McMordie for the past month or
so, left on the Prince Oeorgc this
morning for Seattle en route for
Miss MacTavish left by the
Prince Oeorgc this morning on
a vacation trip to Princeton in
the Okanagan Valley.
Funeral   Dlrectora
trd Are. near 8th St. Phone No. M
Mrs.  C.   B.  Wark  left by  the
Prince Oeorgc this morning on a
visit to Toronto.
Mrs. and  Miss Holtby left by
tin- Prince George this morning
Jack Candlla hat returned fromIon an extended visit to Ottawa,
the Stales where he underwent an I Ml unreal and Quebec.
Operation, but is well again and isl 	
already gelting back into the fighl      If you want money apply P. 0
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phon* * ��� game. Box 953. tf
C T. P. Truuf.tr Af rats
Ordera promptly filled.   I'rlcee raaaonahle.
OrFlCE-H. B. Rochester. Centra Bt-    I'hone I THE   DAILY .NEWS
CHANGES  HANDS  Ba8ement   of   Skandia   Hotel
Ignited by Hot Stove Pipe
Well Known Workingmen s Hos
tel   Taken   over   by   George I    About   nddnight   on   Saturday
Broderius. i ******* fire broke out in the base
ment of the Skandia Hotel, Fulton
Owing to other business interests 8treet aml Ei*hth avenue.   The
, ...     ,  ,     ,.     , brigade promptly turned out, and
in the -.mill  Mr.   |ulm (...mini.in i , ' ,.   , ,   , '    ,
I the fire whistle was sounded,   ilu-
has sold out his business at the outbreftlt  whlch  was causcd  by
.in   overheated   stove   pijx.*   wai
promptly quelled.   Although the
hour   was   late,   the   number   of
people  aroused   by   the   whistle
gathered aliout the scene.
  1 J    U�� "*"-<a.
"The News" Classified Ads.
=0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion
Scratch and Bite.    Use Bottle
and  Knife
Grand Hotel to George Broderius
who new assumes the proprietor.
Mr. Broderius i- well known
among the patrons of the hotel,
.is for .1 long time he has been
running ihe restaurant adjoining
the hotel. He is a very popular
among his friends and a good
business man. and*under his pro-
prietorship the (".rand Hotel will
undoubtedly continue to progress.
Mr. Goodman is leaving this stable Owens assisted by City
week on a trip to the I.-laiuls to Constable McArthur took charge
look after some of his property' of two Japs who had fallen out
interests   there,   and   will   returnL.   the   c.i��iar   Cannery.     One
to the city to wind up his alt.iirs      .       . . .   .        , .
,   ,      ,    -.     .      ,     '     , Oriental Uiiiged the other in the
before leaving for the south.                     .,..���,,.  ...
  head with a bottle.   The   bottled
one drew a knife.   The men closed
and   there was all   kinds of fur.
Percentage List Showing How S*'"*S for a minute.    Fortunately
Last night Provincial Chief Con-
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P ���-     M  ������-- and Kentala.
Lost and Found
I   -'    A   l.n.li...' Cold Watch
turning to News Olllce.
Money to Loan
+ r.
Money  to'Loan on  Prince Rul*ert Real K.talc.
Agreement, of uie bought.   P.O 1- *���'���*"
ney to Loan
For Lease
Floor Space for Rent
in the Hart building, cornerof
Second Ave. and Sixth Street.
The Best Business Corner in Prince Rupert.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
Two Five Dollar bills to
be given away to bright
boys. See Mr. Munroe at
the News office.
Two lot*, aiumoi stand off. N-;    ���
��� Ave. ctoae to Fulton St. Th* lumbar pi ��
on them 1* for tale. Apply t'a;.u.n Brex'k*.
Premier Hoteb ft*llO
���^���������^ *****  *****   t*y**\mtJmM*  I I ���'���Ha 11  ^.ai   ^11 "I      I **xm**r*m*m*s\*
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118 t
For Rent
the  Race is Going  in  the the knife was not usedj^ut scratch-       Change of Ownership.
Various Leagues.
is on   the  men were caustd  by
their  leeth and  nails.    Summed
Th,*  following  lists  show  the up briefly the situation is that one
ding of the \v.ri"us clubs in
the principal baseball leagues. The
li-*-.- were made up iill Sunday
Northwestern League
Won Lost Pet.
Jap was "Bottled" while the other
one was "Canned." Both are now
in the Jug.
This Is to give notice that I. J..t*** Goodman, have
sold mv business at the Grand Hotel to Geor.-e
Broderius. All persons holding account, ag-ainst
the Grand Hotel are requested lo .end in lhe same
at once to me. for payment. Ail rents due to the
Grand Hotel are to be paid to Ge-.rue Brodenu*.
Fumished rooms with bath.
the week.   Talbot House.
Neatly Furnished rooms, gent!.-*- ***** preferred.- |
Apply Mrs. Mullin. over M-yeatic Theatre.     tf
Mclntyre   Hall,   for  concerts,   entertainment., j
dances, etc.   Apply J, H. Rogers, phone 11*1.
Nice Furnished Rooms, Mrs. Greenwood. Alder
Block; Third Ave. Kf-tf
New five r*a��m house, cor. 4th Ave. and B"ws*r
street,   i- -am nth.   Phvr.e ���   r P.O. la       -  l
Ten.lera will l�� received by the undersigned up
i Tuesday. Aug.  13th.  fur the painting of a
r.a.iit in the old school building on Second Ave.
Specifications may be seen at lhe City engineer'.
���iti.**. W. D. VANCE.
iit.'ai Sec. School Board.
Skeena Land Dutrict��� District ul Cout
Take notice that Krai W   H ,*.....   | Si,-,
Italum, occupauon farmer, xaxm, x, .?-,;, ji
permission  lo   purchase  tno  loUosnat iii
land 4
7 and 8
Tender* w ill be received by the undersigned up
to Tuesday. Aug. 15th for plumbing isewerand
water in the old school building. Second Avenue.
I'lans and speclfloati.'*.* may la* seen at the Cily
Engineer's office. ...���������
Jl-l-al See. School Board
Vancouvt r
I'.    ma
\        ri.
72 47
til :.4
ea .".7
. 5S 57
30 B7
Non-Members   of   Longshore-
mens Union Turned Off Job
McCaffery & Gibbons
Pacific Coast League
Saa unento
S     Francisco
Los V gi
Difficulty   in   finding   men   for
the unloading "f the British Em-
-,**.  pire  at   the  wharf  this  morning
led the foreman stevedore to en-
Won Lost Pet. gage   some  men  who  were  not
57     54*> numbers  of  the  Longsh. .rumen's
Help Wanted
Wanted-Cood sited boy to help in kitchen and
make himself generally usef-.l. Apply James
Hotel. 3rd Ave., corner of -*.n Street. If
Scotch Woman want. work, h .aae.'l.'anir.g. -aaah-
ing or fancy ironing. W\,rk taaen home if
desired. Apply Apartment Bmm, 1st Ave.
and McBride I'-'-lM
Cooking Range and Kitchen Furniture.
Cor. ;th and Cotton Streets.
7:1 tin
50 07
76 .'.7
64 57
55 70
American League
11'nion.    Secretary- Morse of the
''\\ P. R. I. A. who was in the neigh-
. borhooel was apprised of the situ-
4SQ 1
'   aii'iii and thc non-union men were
ordered off the job.    There was
l>* u h
ll' ston
N.w York
1        .. ���
Wasl i
St. Louis
no dUturbance of any kind though
*���"�����    *''      551  a  small  crowd of men  gathered
'"'    ���"     ''-- about the ship's side.
55   53    .509
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. 2 Storey houae. household g-aals. Near Print*-. K-it*ert. A snap If
taken at one*.   Address B .x 3-i**. tf
ForSale-Oamer will sell fo.rca-d lots Noa. M.
M, ��� and 2*. BI.*ck 27. Beet! n ' Taylor street.
size 11 x 25 x 10.1. at I?-. each, on reasonable
term..   Apply Box V��r. P -... I'r.nce Rupert.
55 53 .509
52 53 .500
58   54    .495
New York
St. Louis
Cinch ��� ati
New  Freighter
Toda\- the S.S. Briti-h Empire.
,t>- the   new   steamer  added   to  the
32   73     3115 fleet of freighters calling at Prince
National League Rupert arrived today.   The British
W*on Lost Pel    Empire is a sturdy vessel and will
handle   large  cargoes  with  spied
'.1 37
63 30
59 41
58 44
."... 40
45 55
38 63
.'I SO
5 l'.i
211 r
and seaworthiness.
To Mr. and Mrs. H. Johnson.
.' son, on Saturday. August 12th,
Lot 30. block \6. section 1. for $2200.
Lot 1$. block U, section 1. for -*2500,
with good terms.
Lots 23 and 24. block 23. section 1. for
180,000, Terms of SIO.CM".. cash and
easy terms on the balance.
A fine level lot on Fourth avenue, section 5. for $1300.
Five room house with bath on Fifth
avenue, section 5. for $2500. Easy
Lots 44 and 45, block 15, section .'. for
Fine harbor view lot on Fourth avenue,
near McBride for (1600, Terms of
half cash, balance one year.
Lots 24 and 25, block 7, section 0. for
?'.�����' each.
Lot on Sixth avenue, section 6, for
$1825. $325 cash, and balance covering three years.
Seven room   house with bath in section   Ol'R Companies ar* notad te prompt andjult
6, for $2315.      This  is  an up-to-date      jettlement..   We write every known claas of
modern house  with  bath,   toilet,   hot:    -��������.������������ The Mack Realty and In.arancaCo
and cold  water,  etc.,   ar.d can  be ���"���������"�����"��..���-..������-���se��i*-*ssstei,*��.niini ������ i-S
handled for SfM cash. to-               #-.1                       I
Sixty feet on Sixth avenue, section 7. 1        Business    Chances        j
for $1200. j"  {
Lot 23, block 1. section 7, fur - . ��� ""*' "***
Double corner on Sixth aver.ue. section Good money in Moving Picture..     Wanted-A
7. for $1100.
Lots 21 and 22, block 43,  section 7, for
$315 each.
Double corner near Cold Sturaee plant
for $850.
Good level lots in section s fi.r $i"* cash   >+-*���"���������--��"~���*������*..-��-..--�����-a-^.--~*
and $10 per month. ,' | / j
Fine level   lots on  Eleventh street on j* -     - -
easy terms.
For Rent
New house, 5 rooms with hath, Fifth
avenue, section 6, for $25 per month.
Eight room house on Fraser street fur
$30 a month.
Flat in the Washington block for 125]
per month.
Store on Third avenue, $30 per month.   ���
Come in aid see our list of buys in
other parts of the city
Second Ave.
Prince Rupert. B.C.
Cash will handle a i:ic* lot in
Section 7. Price $325. Balance
I nS��� 15 and 16, Block 49. Section 7,
LiUla J27". each.   $150 cash, balance
Lots on Summit Avenue at $500.   Easy
Vpartment for rent. $20 a month. Nice
For Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
see me.
Lots in Fort George at $ln.o0 cash and
$10 a month.     For free maps
and information ns me. Now
is the time to buy lots in Fort
Commencing at a po.l plan:-1 u .
aaat oorner ol    A. .-.lei,*.! . ���.:
20 chains wuih, ibenc* lu cnat-11 aa,:,
cbaina north, tnenoa  lu cnaina a.,.
commencement cuntaining 20 acre, :n >** .-'.,', "
Llaiad April 10. Iat 1. Fi'.ltUlll *:I ,v     | [ . ���
Pub. April '22. Fred Hsn-i* n, laK.
CaaaU-   land   Diitnct���Uistnc*.  lI -,,e,.4
Take        c* that 1, Lemu,: l.*.a: at V��ic-i**���
occupa        'iroker,*intend 10 ap;,;.. !.���
to ourc^ae the (ollowing doantaeor .1:. h
Commencing at a post  plant. *,
in a northerly direction Iron-. !'..-��� N.
marked L. K.'i S. E. Comar, thai     .   ,-^
north, thence *!0 chaini a.-.-., thenc)  |g fttaj
south  to  shore  line,   thence lleB| -
poinl of commencement, containing lu .era man
or leaa.
Dated June 10, I'Jll 1.1.'.!' 1 ;  FRlxg
Pub. July s. J. M.i��� i,'...���*., hhi
Skeena Land District-District of Ccaat Rarrti
Take notice that I. Alexand.-r ..ai.*:. iif Dear*
horn. Manitoba, occupation  firu.rr.  ;r.*,��i4 to
Sealed tender* will be receive.! by the Building   apply for permi..ion to purchase thr I
Committee of the Methodist Church of Prince   described lands:
Rupert. HC until 1*1 o'clock noon. Augu.t Bad.
ist.i. for th* ewciion ami OMBplttfcn of ��� Church
liaildinir U* !������* prrvts-*! un Sixth Avenue, in  the
Cu> of Prince Kupert. B.C.. acourdinit tn plana
and ape^trtcatttina prepared by G.   L.   Proctor,
architect.   Prince  Hupert.    A   certitied  check. ;
e>tual tn ten (10) per centum e>f the amount of the j
tender drawn In favor <>f the Treasurer of Trutte* ' _
H'**r!. which will be forfeited if the part) ten- I curner of lot &*���&. thence north i   ctiaiui nrntt
drrintf declinet to enter Into a contract when ��� or laaa to touth eaat corner    '
calM ut*on todow; or if he orhia heiraor ex-tcu- ! wett *> chaint more or leaa to point of cowmen*-*
tort fall to complete the contract.   The Inwett or \ ment, uoniainintr M0 acrea non   r ��� - -
Commencmtr at a pott planted it the touth
wnt corner uf loCtOMa-dtotri-Ot ���>��� 0 ul. R��njrti,
t tuated about 11*1 milea in a Mnth ��� .- -
rection from Breckennd*:*' Ltadlaf. marii-td A-
C. nurth wett corner; thanca .-���
thence eatt pO chaint, theace MTtll ������ chkint
more or lett to aouth eatt e :���: ' Ml
thence wett 40 chaint more or let* to MQtll wtit
Pattullo Block.
t r tender not necettartly accepted.
Plant and ttweiheationa mav be teen at the '
office of P. McLaunhlin. Third Avenue, after nexin
Tuetday. August Hth, I'.'.l. 2\.-\-2
*<keena Land Ui-tnct-Dittrict of Cattiar
Donali riirhor..**i*t\
Date Jum 2nd. 1911
Pub. June 24th. 1��11
Skeena Land DUtrict���Dutrict of (*..��..: !,��*|t s
Take  notica  that   Sarah   K.   Ateoa
Kupert,  occupation  nurte,  Inienit -,
leermiuion  to  purchaaa the  foliowir.t dttcnM
Commencing at a pott plut-od *' the Sonb*
*��rt corner  140 chaint eat'.eri.v   *..-;'
from the nortbaatt corner of Lot 1IM   Hirn
Taken^ice that I. Th-maa Carter, of Prince   surveyi Coaat Dutnct. Run V. Umm KctelM
Rupert, occupation carjwnter.  intend to apply
for Dermitamn to purchata the folluwlng detcril^
trU l*ln J. .  ,
l-.mmencinir at a po.t planted about one mile   m,nwmont eontalnini 4W acr.�� more cr I
south from the mouth of I-alls creek and about    -
l*.'fe*l laick from the beach, thenc* ki chains
n-.t-th. thence 40 chain* west, ihen.'e -it chains
south, thence east 4" chain* to point of commencement, containing ��>' acres more or le...
Dated July Tth, 1911.    Ckarle. Webster Calhoun,
Pub. Au-r. Mh. I Aa-ent.
east, thenca SO chains soulh. Ihsmt '���' **^-J
west, thence 40 chains north, tfcer.ca- I' c-a--j
weat,  thence  40  chains  north to post ol co*a-
ment containing 4^ ac-aa more or I***.
Dated June 14. lull. S.MIA1! E. ALTOS
Pub. July IS. Fred Uotlar. At��t
Skeena Land District
District of Coast, K.r .
Take notice that Wm. Francis Nicholson, of Prince Kupert. B.C.,occupation
locomotive fireman, intend t" ipply be
permission to purchase the folluwir.j
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
party to start moving picture show in  Mm
Kup��rt.   Write me f.-r particulars.
Wata-rtown. Wis.
H.  Davla.
Comox-Atlin Liberal Convention
is fixed fur
at Nanaimo, B.C.
All delegates   throughout the  constituency will   please  endeavor te be
r.I'-.INESS-*Sel.*ction of a candidate to contest  seat  in Dominion Par
liament for Comox-Atlin
(Signed)       H. C. Brewster, M.L.A., Chairman
McCaffery & Gibbons
Prince Rupert      ���      and Hazelton
S kMna Imtmwi I ���; tin j: - Dutrict J Caatlar
Take  ���-,:.��*.   that  I,  Parry  Wueenan pl  Princa
Hupart,  B. ( ., occupation proapector, intend to
apply  for  permuaion  to  purcbaav  tbe fuilowiai
daacrittl Ian la:
Commencing at a poat planted in the vicinity
of tjouae liay, about t i.ri-*-��-ik'.u of a mita touth
of tbe mi.*Lih of tbe Bonanza Cp��k, and being
on tha eatu-rly boundary of Timber Limit No.
3&2-51 or No. MtML thenca aouth 4<J chaina along
tbe eaaterly limit of aaid Timber Umit No. ���������������-? 1
or No .I'..-.i ;���! chaina, thenoe i-a. ���. to tbe thora of
Oooae Bay, a distance of 40 chajnt moru or lean,
thence northerly along the thora of Gooao Bay
40 chaina more or leaa, thence wcitavrly 40 chaint j
mora or leat to point cf commencement, containing
100 acrea moit or let*.
Dated March 7, lull PERRY QUltNAN
Pub. Aprb 7.
New Goods for
your Toilet Table
Some of the leading
wholesale druggists
have just sent us some
new perfumes, pre-
pirstioni and toilet
ni ci "sities    :   :   :   :
We carrv only the best J
Patent Medicines and '
our  Prescription   De- f
ptrtnrat is a specialty j
C. H. Orme j
Second Ave. Phone No. 82
1 >**-**A<v*****V**>'-*.^V-*^*^--*AA��*-a**>**>^**X>l I
Do Your Shoes
Need Repairing
If so bring them to our
Third Avenue, between
Tth and Mh St. We
have moved from the
Hart Block :
John Kadakas
Third Avenue       Bet. Tth and Mh Sts.
Skeena Land L)i.itrict--Uislrict ol Cassiar
Take notice thai I, Jamoa Millar Johnston ol
Stewart, II. C, occupation storekeeper, intend to
apply  lor permission  to purchaM  lho  following
deacrilied lands:
Commencing al a post planted about one mile
north from the Naa. river and aboul nine milys
above the lorks ol the N'aas river, tlience norlh SO
chains, thence weat tto chains, thence south bo
chaina, Ibence eaat oO chains to point of commencement, containing HIO acres more or less.
Dated March 14, 1911.  Frank Sidney Wlight, Agt
Pub. May 17
Skeena I.an-1 Iii.-rict -District ol Coaal Range V
lake notice lhal Je-ase M. Tallman of Cedar
llapl-ls, Iowa, .!���,..,-. ,,; lawyer. Intends lo
apply for permivion to purchaae the following
fleacribH landr.
I'ommenclng a. a post planted on the southerly
��hore��of Kuuymaieen Inlet on the right bank
of a small stream (lowing Into said Inlet just east
of I row Lake. Thence south 20 chains, Ihence
w.-at 20 chains mor.* or lees to the shore line ol
Crow Lake, them*.* northerly and easterly following the shore lines ol Crow Uke. the Inlet
to ( row Lake and Kulieymateen Inlet to thc
place of commencement, conUining forty acres
more or less. located August V, 1911.
paled Aug. 9, I'Jll. JTiSSE M. TALLMAN
I'ub. Aug. 12.
All Varied in lima in Police
Court the other day. If
you  carry a       :       :       :
Reliable Standard Walch
You would always have the
Correct Tim*
Only reliiit.lt- watches are
kept In stock by the G.T.P.
Official   Walch     Inspector.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
I'HONE *���'J
Store Buildintr on Second   Avenue  and   H
Seventh Street.   Low Rent. ||
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd. S
.Skeena Uad Diatrict-Dlitrict ol Caaaiar
Tak* notice that I, Cbarie. 1.. Delgrove of Slaw-
art h. C, occupation proapcetor, inland to apply
(or parralialen to purchas* lb* tolloalng dt-ecribed
*l'omm*ncin�� at a poat plantad about su miles   north bank ot the  Zim-O-gol-iti tint,
Miutb and one mile weal ol tba lorlu ol tb* White   about two miles up stream 111 a >v* IU
����lSUR^'a&SSI !Ll,rSit,on from ,he juncH0,nhofm!.ire
ao cbaina. ! little Zim-o-got-itz river and the main
Dated April 20,1911     CHARLES DELGROVE  Zim-o-got-itz river, and marked Mm.
l-ub. May IS. rranci. S. Preaton. Agant   pranci8 Nicholson's south-oa-t     -
Skeena Und Dutrict-District of C-a.l Range; | thence north 40 chains, thenoe Welt ID
chains, thence south 40 chains morc or
less to shore line of river, tbenee ft*
40 chains more or less along shore lin��
of river to post of commencement, containing lti.1 acres more or
Wm. Francis Si. ii
Geo. R. Putmar.. agent
Datod July IT, 1911.
Cast District
Take notioe that Wm. Leslie of Sapperton. B.C.
occupation Government Guard, intends lo apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Gtrnmenrin* at a post planted In chain, west
and I-' ��� chala. aouth of the southwest corner .e lot
No IT.'... ranve S coaatdiatrtrt.markeo* Wm.Leslie,
N.W. corner, thence .oulh 4" chains, ihence eaat
(..chains, thence north |o chains, thence west 10
chains to poat of commencement, containin-f 320
acre, more or leas.
T. D. Und. Agenl
Dated March 2"th. l��ll
Pub. April 29th. 1911
Skeena Und District    D..-r.,-t ol Ceaatai-
Take notice that I, Alfr.-.l llerryman William.
of Prino* Hupert, U. C, occupation merchant I
Intend to apply lor permlaion to purchase the
following described landt: I
'ommeneir.g at a post planted about (2; two I
milaa aouth of lha forka ol lha White and Flat
rivera, thence H0 chains south, thenc* SO chain,
weat, thenea SO chain, north, thenoe SO chains
Dalad April Is, 1911. FrancU S. Preaton. Aganl
Pub. May U.
Skeena Und Dislrict ���District of Caaalar haulu*.   jljltna   luminal   1
Taka notice ibat I. John Robert Paeev ol Prlnea   haling   claims   apainst  i
Rupert, II. Ca. occup.tion co��ik, Intand to apply   are
In the County Court of Atlin. holdenll
Prince Rupert.
In the matter of the Officii   > "   ���
trator*s Act, and in ti.u : *..:ter ol
the estate of John  Fl.r . -
ceased, intestate.
Take notice that by thi ��� : "
Honor, Judge  Young, mad.   '     -"
day of July. A.D.. 1911,1 "-
ed administrator of the MUM "; *rc
John KliinagandeceaM'd. mw\m***
���     ������'
for j- ������������-���.... to purchaar the fullovking described
Commencing at a pott planted (2) two milaa
aouth and *!i two mboa went uf tba forka of tba
Mbit* and Plat rivera, thanca aouth 60 chaina
thenca eaat 00 chaina, thanca north -o chaina,
thanca waat *���> cha na.
Datad Apr I 20, ;.-il     JOHN HuBKKT PACEY 1
Pub. Mav 13. Pranc a S. Praaton. Ageo
Skeena Und Diitnct��� Dittrict <t Coaat Uante 6 ���
laka  not ca   tbat   I,   Martha   Leek,  of   Frioce
Kuj-e-rt, B. C.t occupat on marr "d woman Intani
in apply for permlaaioo to purchaae tha followins i
daacribed laada:
Commencing at a poat planted about thraaand i
one-half milea dlatnnt In a aouthweatarly direction ,
from a blind alough from Ubaervaiory Inlet whera
the aame touehea the Ind an Keaerve, thence aaat !
���"* chaina, thenoa aouth bO cha na, thenoo wast 6
chaina, thenco north B0 chana to point of com- i
mencement, conta n ng 640 acre* mora or laaa.
Dated Apr I II. 1911. MAKTMA U.hk
I'uh  Mav 13.
Skwna Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Kange
Take notica that Mary Beaton GUderafeeva of
Victoria, B. C, occupation bouaekecper, intenda
to apply for permiaalon to purchase the following
deacrilied landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at the aouthareat
corner of Lot 996. Kange R. Coaat Diatrict.the nee
SO chains *outh lhance 40 chaina eaat, thence 80
chaina north, thance 40 chaina weat to point of
ommencement. containing .''Jo acrea more or leaa.
Dated April 17. 1911.
Pub. May 5.
herehv  r-cquireil  to forward ��������
erly  vorifuM to D I
...   2<��th  day uf Aut: .*t.  A
and  all  parties  IndtDt-W  '
the 20th day of Auguit, A P.. wjjt
tha mm
Mtttt are 'required to (MJ I
of their lndtbUdn���� to nu    'fthwiw.
Hated this 28th day ol July, A.U..
Olficial Adn li
���   .: ���
The   Board   of   Railway   . ���
Canada  will  hold  a sitting >l   Pn	
B. C., on or about the l��th d��> '������ *
at the hour ot 11 o'clock In the
purpose   of   hearing   matters,   sfpoi*-
'   *  a-lth the Hoard ��-
.. 1 u?��B
etU xx*
romplainl* filed w
Ihe   parties   Interested   in   acre:
Rules and Regulations of the Hcsr ������
By Order of the    .**irJ.    ,
A. D. CARTWlll''***   rWrtun
Hoard of Railway -      ,
Commissioners lor Cana*i.i-
Dated at Ottawa this 26lh Dai "'''��
He sells Buildings       He sells Contracts
He has Houses to Rent
He buys Lots He builds Homes
Special  Bargains in
Kitselas Lands   Francois Lake Lands   Lakelse Lands
Hazelton District Lands       Bulkley Valley Lands
Kispiox Valley Lands       Porcher Island Lands
Kitsumkalum.Lands, Sand, Gravel and Marble DcposiU
Lut  Your   Propertie.  with  Jeremiah H. Kugle
He buys Leases He loans Money
He has Farms For Sale
He sells Houses He rents Stores
Second Avenue, Prince Rupert,  B. C.
��� i


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