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Twenty-four hours ending5 a.m.,
Nov. 4
im 2
The Daily News
For suuth
Camosun, Sunday 9 a .m.
Princess May Monday, p.m.
;V;"^TOft\A. *}.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 252
Prince Rupert, B.C., Saturday, November 4, 1911.
Price Five Cents
**?**?    *7?
Says He Had Broken With His Party Over Reciprocity
and Had Gone Back to His Desk After Elections
���Was Surprised When the Call Came
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Lansdowne, Ont., Nov. 3.���In his
nomination address here today Hon.
\V. T. White, Minister of Finance, suid
there was no immediate change in the
tariff contemplated, and none would
lie made until such time Bl a careful
study had been made and the rights
nf all branches of industry considered.
lie also told how hc became a minister
if lhe crown.    \le said he hnd broken
with the Liberals over reciprocity and
after the elections had gone back to his
desk. Hon. Mr. Borden in forming his
Cabinet had sent for him and voluntarily offered him a portfolio. It
came as a surprise to him.
Here at last Our delayed shipment
of corsets. Latest models, many styles,
all sizes.���Wallace's.
Aviator Rodgera Reaches the Rocky
Mountains on His Transcontinental Trip.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Yuma, Ariz., Nov. 4.���AviLtor Rod-
gers, the transcontinental flyer, has
reached the mountains, and barring
accidents is expected to reach Los
Angles on Tuesday next. It is the
greatest long distance liight yet accomplished.
x n
May Roberts' Farewell
to Prince Rupert
May be Made Archbiahop
Toronto,  Nov. 4.���(Special)���Bishop
MacDonald, of Victoria, is talked of ns
the possible successor to the Catholic
archbishopric of Toronto.
i Ishibashi, the Jap Who Killed a Compatriot in a Skeena
River Cannery, Escapes With Four Years in Penitentiary���Old Man Gets Two Years
Prince Rupert Architect Commissioned to Survey Site at Kit.um-
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Nov. 3.���Thc sentences
were meted out at the assizes today.
Ishibashi who was found guilty of
manslaughter in a cannery on the Skeena
River received four years; John Channel,
an aged man found guilty of manslaughter, two years; Robert Allen, u
real estate agent found guilty of false
Mayor and Bishop Du Vernet Present
at Interesting Little Ceremony at
School Yesterday. S. P. C. A. Medal Presented to Edith Sing.
prelences, two years. The Judge commented severely on the hitter's breach
of faith with his clients.
At Westminster assizes two Hindus
were given ten years each for an assault
they committed on a woman, the Judge
saying thul thc case was full of perjury
from beginning lo end.
By the up river train this afternoon
Mr. W. N'icolson Luiley, of the firm of
Munro and Luiley, left for Kitsumkalum
to'look over the site for u large new
hotel to be erected there by locul und
Prince Rupert enterprise. A new hotel
is already nearing completion there, und
thc Grand Trunk Pacific have plans for
another. Kitsumkalum pros|iere, and
will prosper.
"I wish tn thank the
people of Prince Rupert fur
their many kindnesses to
myself and to the ladles
and gentlemen of my company. We will all have
many pleasaui memories
(if Prince Rupert," said
Miss May Roberts in a
farewell message to tin-
News, this morning.
Special pnparatiiiiis are
being made io make the
presentation of Sardou's
comedy "Dlvoroons"���the
fan-well  offering���ct  great
success     tonight.       I���irge
I kii jjs have alrcadv Ik-cm
made aed the farewell performance promises to be
quite a society function.
From Prince Rupert,
Miss Roberts and her hus-
l-a.xl, Mr. Victor Gillard,
will ro direct to their home
on V.'shon Island. Puget
Sounds to enjo) ;��� well
earned rest after fifteen
months of continuous louring in hapless.
Either Reggie Woodward or W. J.
Mackay Will Rerferee the Stanford-
California Game.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Sun Francisco, Nov. 4.���Either Reggie
Woodward, of Vancouver, or W. J.
Mackay, manager of the All-Star B. C.
Rugby team now in California, will be
chosen referee for tlie annual struggle
between   Stanford   University   und   the
University of California.
Affects Freight Ratea at Prince Rupert All Steamship Companies
Being Directly Concerned. Alteration of Clauses but None in Ratea.
Announcement is inr.de today on
liclialf of all steamship companies doing
I'rinrt. Kupert business that a new
1 coust tariff of freight rates haa been
prepared which will convenience all
concerned. The tariff does nol provide
for any reduction in freight rates but
eliminates certain clauses affecting the
basing of these rates which included
in the old tariff were found to be inconsistent. The clauses eliminated are
measurement clauses, antl the alteration
applies to ull steamship companies
touching Prince Rupert roust trade.
Ghastly Sights Followed the Re-Capture of Hankow-
Worst Outrages Were Committed on Innocent
Persons -City is Now in Flames
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Pekin, Nov. 4.���Ghastly talcs are
being told of the atrocities at Hankow.
After the Imperial troops broke loose,
they made the streets run with blood.
The lighting took place at close quarters
owing to the congested streets.
No prisoners were taken, those captured being immediately shot or beheaded. The most barbarous outrages
were perpetrated on innocent persons.
In advance of October 27, rewards
for every gun they captured were
offered the soldiers. The generals commanding the Imperial army stood with
revolvers in their hands and shot ull
nun who refused lo light.
London, Nov. 4. A despatch from
Shanghai reports the city of Hankow to
be in llames since Monday, and siill
Prizes awarded by the I'rince Rupert
Branch of the B. C. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for the best
essays on "Kindness to Animals," were
presented in one of thc class rooms at
the public school ye.itcrday afternoon
just before school closed.
The Mayor, Bishop Du Vernet, Rev.
P, W. Kerr, Dr. Reddie, president of
lhe society's branch in Rupert, and
Mr. Neil Mackay, secretary, were present with Principal Hunter and the
lady teachers, und the prizes were
presented in the presence of the other
pupils with due ceremony. Short speeches w>rc given by the leading men present,
the remarks of the Bishop untl Mayor
giving thc keynote of thc occasion, antl
complimenting the school and staff
on thc excellent talent developed in
the pupils as proved by their work as
Prize winners as will he remembered,
arc Edith Sing, whose most original
essay wus printed in full after the
judging, antl who now* wears the society's
handsome medal besides receiving a
book prize. Secoml iu merit comes
Alex. Huntt".', si n of Uie principal, who
ganled a book prize, antl third is Kuth
Kenny, also u clever essayist. For thc
junior pupils there wee Ix-ok prizes;
first, second, third (doubled} and a spi Hal
prize. These went to (Catherine Pillsbury, first; Ethel Gray, second; antl
third (equal merit) to Mr.rjorie Sing,
sister of the medallist, antl Bob Ritchie.
The special prize was awarded to
Willie Stephens for an exceedingly good
little essay, well written, and showing
marked evidence of accurate original
observation applied to good purpose in
the competition.
Matter of the Pony Express Co.'a
Funda not Brought Before Magistrate After All. May ba Settled
The differences between the members
of the Pony Express Company though
involving u question of the possession
of funds amounting to nearly -1111111
will probably be settled sensibly enough
oul of court. The cuse scheduled to
come up for hearing before Magistrate
McMullin last night was not pressed.
While the dispute might be made the
subject of an uction in thc civil court
unless the parties come to a personal
agreement privately, there is no ground
for supposing that the funds in dispute
were criminally misappropriated. Thc
amount in question���$826���was lodged
with his solicitors by thc accused partner,
E. A. Elliott, immediately thc charge
was laitt against him by M. Rootjes,
the other partner.
Party of Prince Rupert Nimrods Have a Nice Juicy Buck Deer  Roasted Whole and
Hold a Forest Feast in the Vicinity of Borden St.���Venison Tasted Good
Details of a magnificent hunters'
feast held in Prince Rupert on Thursday
hlgnt have just been unearthed from
the retirement into which they were
intended to slip by the modest men
of the mountain to celebrate whose
prowess the feast was held. Thai a
fine deer shot after the exercise of the
most consummate bush-crall should
lie brought home In triumph roasted
wyhole (or very' nearly so) and practically
nil consumed at one sitting by the
redoutnble hunter, ia too good a story
to let slip, and so the little bird that
sits up aloft and looks after the dope
for the Daily News columns got busy
on this item.
First and foremost the deer, a fine
buck, was shol way oul beyond Dcnise
Arm by Arthur Esty, a heap big hunter
he. Over the harbor the noble trophy
nf thc chase waa brought, and up to
the hunter's home on Borden street
that most elite neighborhood.
Round amongst the hunter's friends
including some more heap big hunter
men of fame, went the fiery cross as in
the old Indian tribal daya, calling forth
men of valor lo a mighty feast. Great
names in thc hunting world of this
our tittle day were called such as those
of C. C. Weslenhaver, he of the unerring
rifle, Lee Baker his henchman, Charles
Lindsay who was never known lo miss,
Bob Smith the deeralayer, and sure-
shot William Angle, all were summoned
by Arthur Esty hero of the hour. Long
before the hour of the feast there strode
to the home of the hunter the bulky
form   of   C.   C.   Weatenhaver   whose
renown ns bush-cook is unrivalled. With
the md of Esty the splendid juicy
venison was mad' ready fi.r the spit,
seasoned to perfection, and cooked to
a turn just aa thc other mona.-chs of
the chase began to arrive.
Then ensued such 11 feast as it ha.'.
been the lot of few to enjoy since the
days of the old btiffulo hunts of the
prairies. Haunch, and rieak, and juicy
cutlet of Ihnt superb \enison vanished
with extraordinary rapidity, washed
down with "Bush-tea" and enjoyed to
Memento of the Wrecks of the Stanley Dollar is Picked up
After Six Years -Has it Found the Secret
of a Northwest Passage?
it  navigated the northwest passage, is
11 mysteiy to seamen of the coaat.
Altough the preserver had been in
the water more than six years and had
driftetl more than In.nun miles, the
name of Ihe steamship was said to be
clearly deciphered, as were ulso the
words, "Passed by J. (!., S. F��� California,
Juiy 1, 1H05." "J. Q." is said by
customs officers to be Ins|iector James
Guthrie of San Francisco, who passed
Drifting half way around the globe,
a life preserver from the wreck of the
steamship Stanley Dollar, which went
ashore on the Japanese coast in August, 11105, was picked up recently on
the beach at CllUlvock, Shetland Islands,
according to word received in Victoria
yesterday from San Francisco. A
letter has been received by Stanley
11,-H.i.. of the Dollar Steamship Co., at
'Frisco, written by John Gear, of Cul- ^_^_^^^^^^_
livick. whoae son is in the employ of the | ���� _*���***> **ty. appliances on the vessel
Dollar Company.
a short time before she lift mi her last
Whether the drifting cork-jacket made ! *n'f*m***
its way to the other side of the world I    The  -���'*-'   preserver   will   be  sent   lo
by currents sweeping around the Cape 'Frisco and kepi as a memento by lhc
of Good Hope or Cape Horn, or whether: Dollur Company.
hunters responded. Merrily went the
game und its guins and losses were
I'ln.U-.I as many, a" those of the chase.
the limit. Round the board the faces j But on*? of **"* <*n"** hunters, he of the
of those six mighty huntera shone |Kccnlctricnl name 'tis snid, found the
in the ruddy glow of the great fire, ami *'*"*<* lt,H8 Klnrious than the chase, und
as appetites were appeased rich store j hll'd ,,im homewards earlier than the
of hunting lore and anecdote was let | r,'!" "�� l,mt *hv ��*<*���** hunting sextette
loose. When but the bones of that I was broken before midnight to the
noble buck remained, someone proposed, regret of the five. Nevertheless it was
n game ol solo and right  readily thc
G. T. P. Poats Notices Forbidding
Treapais. Steamcra Continue to
Discharge Cargo Without Shore
Help.   Constables Posted.
Attractive Novelty in Real Estate Investment in Prince Rupert
To be able to invest in excellent real
estate properly in Prince Rupert with
in addition u good chance of securing
an absolutely free trip round the world
is a Sufficiently good offer to tempt
most shrewd investors. The novel
plan of adding the free gift of I ticket
round the world to the attractions of
n group of really good buys in Piince
Kupi rt lots has been hit on by the
11. F. McRae Company of this city, and
is well worth the attention of those
Who arc looking lor an attractive avctuir
for their funds for investment. When
it is mentioned that the odds in favor
ol your securing Ihe free trip as well
as the undoubted value in the property
are uni' in forty-two while those in the
average sweepstake are one in four
thousand il will be readily seen lhat
this offer is really an unusually attractive
Notices forbidding unauthorised peril great and glorious occasion, and will | sons to trespass upon the Grand Trunk
go down in history in I'rince Ruperl.    | ''"cific   Company's   wharves
A week ago a member of thc News
stall sighted at four o'clock in the
morning, a comet. It was then lying
close to Venus, with its tail pointed up,
and was clearly discernible to the naked
eye. No announcement was made, as
no comet was due since the passage of
Brooks' comet In mid-September, anil
explanations might have been asketl
as to why the observer was watching
Venus at four o'clock in the morning
instead of being at home in bed.
Exchanges to hand today, however,
announce that the astral visitor is a real
new comet that has come unheralded
on thc scene. It Is to be known n the
astronomical records as 0. 1911, having
beei thus named by Professor Hiljawsky,
I Russian astronomer, who first sighted
it through a telescope in the eastern
sky early in September, It is probably
still obscrvible in its westward flight.
Set the alarm clock for 4..10 ami take
n'chance on getting S clear sky.
Our Late Governor General Tells
British Audience That Canada i��
Laying Foundation for Great Empire.
London, Nov. 4. -Earl Grey, speaking
at a grcat banquet at Newcastle, said
that Canada is busy laying a firm
foundation for a great Empire, and that
the work had only just begun.
Famous British Chancellor is
Pledged to Force Through
Famous Insurance Bill-
May be Premier of
1 Colonial   Press  Despatch)
London, Nov. 3.���Now that  Parliament has reassembled, Ihe country is
again engrossed in the fr.te of the In- j
���uriiiiie  Bill,  which  Chancellor Lit yd-
George is pledged to put  through  its
fiiii-.l reading this session.   The opposition '
to it is most virulent, r.nd resembles in
intensity the oppesition to the famous
Chancellor's   revolutionary   budget   of 1
two years ago.
The insurance societies, the friendly
and benefit societies, and many of the J
medical lywociations have been up in
arms about it, but there is little doubt
that il will go through. Rumors nre
again current that Premier Asquith
will within the year hand over the
leadership of the Government lo this
brilliant Chancellor.
The House beheld Ihe novelty of
seeing ex-Home Secretary Churchill
sitting in the seat re ently held by Hon.
Reginald McKenna, First Lord of the
Admiralty, and the ex-First Lord sitting
in the Home Secretary's place. This |
has been brought about by r.n Exchange
of |iortfolios during the recent recess.
Five Children Drowned on Thin lc��
Near Winnipeg
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg,   Nov.   :t.    Four   children
who plnyeil on newly formed ice, were
drowned Ihis afternoon nt Nelly Creek,
thirty-five miles north of here.
For variety in fabrics, finest workmanship and a perfert fit in a suit or
overcoat, see Sweder Brothers, custom
tailors, Helgerson Block.
Magistrate Carss spent three quarters
an hour this morning wrestling with
a case of alleged theft of some   $|:10
from Frank Morris by Mike Mikalovich. .________________________|
Mike indignantly protested his innocence  <-,1'ry,1'1K /':  '"'  f'"m   '""*-'-�����������-������������  ������'������-
he was twenty-nine years of age, hel******* *****  ***   ���-'-   h"*"">*  of  ��*���>'
id. and had never he,*,, in prison before.  ���"*��� *? """"'"^ ""ti''" h *"'*U"* W "
posted upon the warehouses there. The
reason for this step is that there was a
slight tendency of the part on the
strikers to make free with privileges
of access so far allowed them. It was
found that men were passing ucross
barriers  Bet   up   to   secure   ships   His*
It was too bad    too much shame
resented the charge keenly.
Complainer told th? kind of money
he had carried   mentioning a $5(1 1". S.
hill, and a J2II gold piece.   No currency I steamers   arc   discharging   Cargo,
of tins kind was found on Mike when 'here has been ro demonstration
possible   inter-
precaution  .'i::*.in-l   the
ference of agitators.      ^^^^^^^^^^
Chief Vickers ha- detailed two con*
stables  for waterfront   duty  where the
he was taken in charge. jany untoward net it n on the part of the
Mike declared  that   his  accuser WasIStrikers who are OOl congregating much
very tipsy, und hnd come raging after|,",on- lhe wharves,
him   tor   the   missing   money   which'    The C, P. It. S.S. Princess Ena has
Mike believed had been  lost  at  poker.   been discharging COal at the   tie wharf,
Mike speaking volubly in broken Kng-  anel employed  her own  hands  for the
lisl, at last  had recourse to pantomineIWOrk.    Today the Camosun discharged
to express himself, and went down on,1 cargo with her own men, and the I . P. R.
his knees at the police court door giving   Princess Mary landed Some fifteen Ions
nn admirable representation of a very!of  cargo  yesterday  afternoon   without
drunk   nnd   "hiccuppy"  man   accusing 1 assistance from any shore hnnds.
the   inmate   of   a   bedroom   of   having
luken his money. Rev. Mr. McLeod is Back
He  maintained   that   he   had   never ������,,..,      ,       ...
, .   ..      ,. . .    1 lhe Rev. W    If. McLeod arrived by
known whether the complainer hatl any ... : ��� "'
,     . -i.l       ........ the 1 anieisun this morning from \an*
money when he occupied the same .'oiim .��� , ....
.,,   ,. , ���   . ,, coiiver und will preach at the Mclntyre
with him, and gave his testimony with ,,���.,, ,. ,��� '
. _____ ,.   ,  ,*    m. ..:. Hall at llii.tu. and ...III p.m. tomorrow.
such evident  sincerity that the  Magi-- _ , ,. ���     ,
11 , ..      .   .     1   ij. ��� ,1   , Strangers   ami   members   cordially   in*
tratc dismissed thc charge holding that      ,   ,, , "*
1.. ,   , .... vited lo attend.
: there   was   no   ground   for   suspecting,
. Mike's honesty, nnd warning the oilier  ______
' man to he more rareful about drinking
1 when he had his money aboul his person.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. Phone 4.
For row lionts nnd launches
Telephone :i_o green. unvi-8
Boat House.
Lloyd-George and his little daughter Megan
iCnnndinn Press Despatch) ' culture intl the establishment and main-
,, us      v,   ,.    x.       .      ., ,, , 1 tainitiR Ol permanent  highways in the
Halifax, N. S., Nov. 4.    Al the great   . ... ...
interest ot transportation.
banquet wm tendered Premier Borden    So ,ar u triltlp relations were oott-
and the Cabinei last night, ln his cerncd he said hc believed the true
s|H'cch Mr. Borden slated that among iden of reciprocity was to be found
the principal items, lhe energies of the within thc vast dominions of the Empire,
government will be directed to the I He spoke ot thc establishment of n
encouragement and development of ugri- j permanent tnrilT commission.
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Saturday, Nov. 4
Hour of his youth has been baked Into crusts for
those below    The
his middle age
No doubt Mr Blackstock is quite right on the point of etiquette
which hf has raised A gentleman, when dining out, should not
throw crusts at other guests or at his host and hostess But ii anything could bf said In extenuation of the offence it would, perhaps,
be where the culprit could plead that he was a graduate of Varsity,
for what is ;��� nun to do with accomplishments he has acquired at that
great scat of learning? Suppose a student has for four years excelled
every other man at college in thc accuracy with which he can shy
a crust the whole lei gth of a banqueting hall, or suppose that in a downtown restaurant he can summon a waiter from any part of the room
by hitting him on his glistening chest with a raspberry tail, can it
lie expected of him that when he graduates he will abandon forever
an accomplishment to perfecting which he devoted four of the best
years of his life and which won liim distinction and the unstinted
admiration of men of his year? lt cannot be expected of him that he
shall graduate and forever after conceal his proficiency Give him
time and place ar.d a suitable ciust and his training will manifest
There is mo much thai a man learns in University life, which he
can never uirji to accou.nl In later years No matter how skilful hc
may become In polishing his fellow beings with shoe blacking until
they have not the countenai ce to deny that they are Senegamblans,
he graduates Into a world where he can get nothing of ihis kind to
do, as people seek shine orly for their shoes, and Greeks from Athens
monopolize the art of applying it. A student spends four years learning
to riot \\ ithout cause, w d gets his degree If a city needed to be looted,
bunu. and the people mi Bsacrcd, he stands qualified for the job, but
there is i othi.ng doing, so he enlists in a store lo sell ribbon.
There is something wrong somewhere. It looks as if the world
will have to cha.' ge in order lo utilize the proficiencies which college
life develops. Or lhe i aturc of some of these proficiencies may be
capable of alteration. For a graduate to throw crusts across a banquet
table while Mr Blackstock is speaking is bad enough, but just what
may happen some day when  the students of this year, who show
The fiasco which the city council have brought about over the
hydro-electric by-law, and ihe near approach to election time, again
turns the thoughts of many citizens to a consideration of government
by commission. Mistakes which are common to the butcher and
baker and candlestick maker type of cily council would not present
themselves to a small commission of experts.
The troubles of Prince Rupert  have arisen from the Provincial
Government's policy of working through ihe municipalities.   That
is why ihe McBride Government has set iis face against any departures [marked skill in tearli g the street clothes off each other in the street,
from the easily manipulated mayor and alderman type of civic rule.' get  into polite socle y. we decline to contemplate until compelled
Victoria presses the button or pulls the wire, and the parly alderman I to do so by the event
does the reat. ���
The brightesl word on the subject this week comes to hand from
Mr. Joshua F. Elder, Mayor of Keokuk, Iowa, i.u a personal letter
to the editor of ihe News, answering a request as to how commission
governmeni had worked oul [n Keokuk to rescue ihat city from the
grip of party politics. Keokuk w.is selected because ii is a small city-
more nearly approaching our own i.n size. lis population at the 1010
census was 14,008.
The following is Mayor Elder's reply:
"The commission form of government has been established
wiih us for aliout eighteen months and has proven em in,qualified
success. A- w Ith other cities, it w.is necessary to have a campaign
of education. The citizens were not satisfied with the results
of ihe dty government aa it had been and the result of our first
year of commission form of government proved conclusively the
Inefficiency of former administrations.
"Willi lis. it has eliminated polities from city affairs; it
has given us a much mon- efficient executive body; it has given
us a municipal government th.u the people feel represents the
whole eit*.. and .i body of men absolutely independent of any
political i"tlii(*"t-t*. We art" not paying state or county political
debts with city offices, ll has established civil" service rules
for the employment of our city force. Ii has made il possible
for ilu- administration to employ whom they please; pay them
what they are worth, and discharge them when ihey please.
"Each of the three commissioners elected by the people have
one or more departments for which they are responsible, and
the people know who is ai fault.   As you will notice, under our!
law, the citizens have the right of recall Initiative and referendum. I
"When We took office, there was a floating debt of S22.000;
no money in ihe treasury, in fact, a shortage of the former city
clerk, which we collected;   no taxes were due for five months.
We p.titl off lhe floating debt;    have reduced our bonded debt
���S M.l mo. .vith tin* aid of a sinking fund of 127,000;  have improved
ihe efficiency of .ill departments, .'.nd have done more work on
our sine;-, than ha- been dune before in the same length of time, j
All of ihi- has resulted simply freun the fact that the commission
form ot governmeni readily furnishes an executive body that
can apply business principles, if they see lit.
"Ihe number of cities using this form of government has
more than doubled since we adopted ii. and I have ye* to hear
of a -ingle city that has made a failure of ii."
(Toronto Star)
In an addre.-s to Varsity students Mr George Tate Blackstock
told, in terms of regret, how he had seen a graduate of the Toronto
University at a recent public banquet throwing bread crusts across
tin* hall while a speech was being delivered
If il be true lhat as tin* twig is bent so will the tree Incline, We
have in doubt thai if we traced ihis bread throwing graduate back
lo hi- V.ir-ity day.- we should find that he was one of the students
who used to ixnir flour from the gallery ol a theatre on the heads of
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They voted this an admirable no.
>lon. The girls enlivened the meal by
.���liitiiiK to htm the doings and sayings
,f current Interest ashore during thu
-ust two months. By a queer cotncl'
������nee. which he did not mention, hla
>llef waa again duo within a week,
.  st as on the occasion of Enid's Aral
appearance on tho rock. The fact
struck him as singular. In all probability he would not return to duty.
He had completed twenty-one years
of active service. Now he would retire, and when the commercial arrangements for thc aurlscop. were
completed, he would take his teughi
ters on a long-promised Continental
tour, unless, indieil, matters progressed between Stanhope anil Knld
to tho point of nn early marriage.
He had foreseen that Stanhope
would probably ask Knlil to bo his
wife. Ho knew the youngster well,
and liked him. For the opposition
that Lady Margaret might offer he
tared not a Jot. He snill.-d Inwardly���
as '.he convenient phrase has It���when
he reviewed the certain outcome of
nny dispute between himself and her
ladyship.    He would surprise her.
llrand. the HfshthousoKoepcr, antl
llrand urging the claims of his adopted
daughter, would be two very different
Of course, all Penzance knew that
he was a gentleman, a scientist In a
small way. and a man of means; otherwise Constance nnd Enid would not
have occupied Ihe posltilon they held
In local society. Those unacquainted
with Kngllsh wayB ofttlmes make the
mistake of rating a man's social status
by the menus he p-'ssrsses or tho
manner of his life In London. No
greater error could be committed.
Thc small, exclusive county town, thq
community which registers the family
connections of many generations, ta
the only reliable Index. Here, to bo
of gentle bl -th and breeding���not bad
credentials ��� von In the court of King
Demos���confers Ilrahmlnlral rank, no
matter what the personal fortunes of
ihe Individual.
llrand it is true, did not belong to a
Cornish county family, but there were
those who conned him shrewdly. They
regarded him as a well-meaning crank,
yet the edict went forth that hla
daughters were to be "received," and
received they were, with pleasure and
admiration by all save such startled
elderly mammas as Lady Margaret
Stanhope, who expected her good-
looking son to contract a marriage
which would restore the falling fortunes of the house.
Alt unconscious of the thoughts flit,
ting through his brain, for Brand waa
busy trimming a spare lamp, the two
girls amused themselves by learning
the semaphore alphabet from a little
handbook which he found for them.
When the night fell, dark and low
.-ring, the lamp was lighted. They
had never before seen an elght-wlcked
concentric hunter In use. The shore
lighthouses with which they were bet-
tl r acquainted were Illuminated by
electricity or on the catoptric pripcl-
I le. wherein a large number of small
Argand lamps, with reflectors, are
rrouped together.
To Interest them, to keep their eyes
r.nd cars away from the low-water
(rgy of the reef, he explained to them
the capillary action of the oil. Al-
though they had learnt these things
In school ihey had not realized tbe
exactness of thc statement that oU
does not burn, but must first be converted Into gas by the application of
Ik at. On the Gulf Rock there were
nearly 3.000 gallons of colts oil stored.
In lhe lunkt beneath, colza being used
In preference to paraffin because It
was safer, and there was no storage
accommodation apart from the light-
Requiring much greater heat than
mineral oll to produce Inflammable
gas, the colza had to be forced by
1-eravy pressure in the cistern right up
10 Ihe edge of the wtcks, and made to
fow evenly over the rims of the burner, else the fierce flame would cat the
metal discs as well.
He read llicm a little lecture on the
rival claims of gas and electricity, and
demonstrated how dazziingly brilliant
the latter mil,] be on a dark, clear
night by showing them the line light
en the Lizard.
"Hut In hazy weather the oil wins."
le said, with the proper pride of every
man In his own engine. "Fishermen
salting Into I'enzance along a course
equidistant from Ihe Iwo points tell
me thai If they can see anything at all
on a foggy night they Invariably catch
a dull yellow radiance from the rock,
whilst   thc  Lizard   is  Invisible.     Tho
011 has morc penetrative power. Its
chemical combination Is nearer tha
mean of nature's resources."
At the proper time he banished
ihem to Ihe kitchen to prepare dinner, a feast diverted from the hour of
noon by the chances of the day. He
adopted every expedient to keep them
busy, to lire Ihem physically and
mentally, to render them so exhausted
that they would sleep In blissful calm
through the ordeal to come.
As h�� could not leave Ihe lamp, and
Ihey refused to eat apart from him,
the dinner, In three courses, waB a
breathless affslr. Oolng up and down
five flights of stairs with soup, Joint
and pudding, whilst one carried the
trajr and the other swung a hand lantern In front, required time and exertion. They were cheerful as grigs
over It.
Enid, whose turn It was to bring up
the plates of tapioca, pleaded guilty
to a alight sensation of nervousness,
"I could not help remembering,"
she said, "what an awful lot of dark
Iron stops there were beneath me. I
felt aa If aomethlng were creeping up
quickly behind lo grab me by the
"You should go up and down three
times In the dark," was Brand's re-
olpe. "When you quitted the door
level for the third ascent you would
cease to worry about impossible
Constance looked at her watch.
"Only eight o'clock! What a long
day Jt has been," she commejited,
"Tou must go to bed early, Sleep
In my room. You will soon forget
where you are; each of the bunks Is
comfortable. Now I will leave you In
charge of tho lamp whilst 1 go aid
lock up."
They laughed. It sounded so homelike.
"Any fear of burglars?" cried Knld,
"Yos, most expert cracksmen, wind
nnd rain, and���sleet," he added, quiet.
ly. "I must fasten all the storm-shut,
ters and moke everything Binig.
Don't stir until 1 wake you In the
"Poor old dad!" sighed Constance,
"What a vigil!"
Ho was making new entries In tha
weather report when she remarked,
"It Ib high-water about half peBt one,
I think."
Ho nodded, pretending to treat the
question us of no spcclttl import.
"From ull appeurnni-es there will be
a heavy sea,' si.e went on.
"Juki tin ordinary bad night," he
Bald coolly.
"Do tho waves reach far up tho
lighthouse  In  a gale?' she persisted.
Then llrand grasped the slltuatlon
"So that your slumbers may be
peaceful," he said, "I will call your
kind attention to the fact that tbe
Gulf Rock light lias appeared every
night during thc past twenty-live
years, or since a date some four years
before you were born, Constance, lt
contains 4,000 tons of granite and Is
practically monolithic, as if It were
carved out of a quarry. Indeed, I
think Its builder went one better than
nature. Here nre no cracks or fissures or undetected flaws. The lowest
course ts bolted to the rock with
wrought-lron damps. Every stone la
dovetailed to Its neighbors, and
clasped to them with Iron, above, below and at tho sides. If you under
stood conic sections I could make
clearer the scientific aspect of the
structure, but you can take it from me
you are far safer here than on a natural rock ninny times the dimensions
of this column."
"That sounds very satisfactory,"
murmured  Enid,  sleepily.
"I am overwhelmed," said Constance, who grasped the essential fact
that he had not answered her question.
Soon after nine o'clock he kissed
them good-night. They promised not
to sit up talking. As a guarantee ol!
their good In havlor, Enid said sho
would ring lhe electric boll Just bo'
fore she climbed Into her bunk.
The signal came soon, and he was
glad. He trusted to the fatigue, the
fresh air, the confidence of the knowledge that he was on guard, to lull
them Into the security of unconsciousness.
The behavior of the mercury puz-
.'J,,I blm. In the barometer lt fell, In
the thermometer ll rose. Increasing
temperature combined wiih low pressure was rat u healthy combination In
Janunry. Looking back through the
records of s. \cral years, he discovered a similar set of conditions one
dny ln March. 1S91. He was stationed
then on tht Northeast coast aud fall, d
to remember any remarkable circumstances connected with the date, so ho
consult-���I lhe lighthouse diary for
that rear. Ah! Here was a possible
explanation. The chief-keeper, a
stranger to him, was something of a
He had written: "At 4.15 p.m. the
barometer stood at 2T.lt! degrees, and
There was a heavy sea and a No. 7
gale blowing from thc S. S.-W. Aboul
live o'clock the wind Increased to a
hurricane and the sea became mora
violent than I havo Been tt during five
years' experience of this station
Judging solely by the clouds and the
flight of lm.;-.. 1 should Imagine that
the cyclonic centre passed over this
Scllly Isl..- and the Land's End."
Then, next day:
"A steady northeast wind stilled these n most effectually. Within twenty-
four hours of thc first signs of ths
hurricane the Channel was practicable
for small craft. A fisherman reports
that the coast is strewn with wreckage."
llrand mused over Ihe entries for a
while. With his night glasses ho
peered long into the teeth of the
growing storm to see If he could find
the double Hash of the magnificent
light on the tlishop Rock, one of tho
Atlantic bnakwaters of the Scllly
Isles. It was fully thirty-five miles
distant, but ii flung its radiance over
the waters from a height of 143 feet,
and the (lull Hock lamp stood 130 feet
above high water mark. A landsman
would not have distinguished even
the nearer revolutions of the St. Agnes
light, especially In the prevalent
gloom, and ulsps of spindrift were
already striking the lantern aud blurring the glnsB.
Nevertheless, he caught the quick
flashes reflected from clouds low, but
unbroken. As yet. there was a chanco
of the Incoming tide bringing better
weather, and he bent again over the
record of thc equinoctial gale In 1891.'
8oon he abandoned this hope. The
growing thunder of the reef as the
tide advanced gave the first utimls*:
takable warning of what was to come.
As a mere matter of noise the reef
roared Iib loudest at half-tide. He
understood now that a galo had swept
across the Atlantic In an Irregular
track. Howsoever the winds may
rage the tides remain steadfast, and
the great waves now rushing up from
the west were actually harbingers ol
the fierce blast which had created
Of course, the threatened turmoil
In no wise disconcerted blm. II
might be that the rock would remain
Inaccessible during many days. In
tbat event the girls would take tha
watch after the lamp was extinguish,
ed and they must learn to endure the
monotony and discomforts of exls*
toiic tn a stormbound lighthouse,!
They would be nervous unquestlon-!
ably���perhaps he had forgotten howj
nervous���but Brand was a philosopher, and at present he was most
taken up with wonderment at the
curious blend of circumstances whlcli
resulted ln their presence on the rock
thsl night.
Ha! A tremor shook the great pil
lar. Ho heard without the frenzied
shriek of the first repulsed rollei
which flung Itself on the sleek am}
rounded wall Would the girls sleej
through the next few hours? Pos
Blhly, If awake, they would attribute1
the vibration of the column to ths'
wind. He trusted lt might be so,
Shut In as they were, they could not
distinguish sounds. Everything to
them would be a confused hum, with
nn occasional shiver as the granlts
braced Hb mighty heart to resist tht
But what new note was this ln ths
outer chaos? An ordinary gale shu*
dered and whistled and chanted Its
way past the lantern In varying tones,!
It sang, It piped, It bellowed, It played I
on glaut reeds aud crashed with _ra,|
baTs.   "Row-lie looked at ,h,
after midnight-there was ,,,,.,,,,
Boreoch in tlio voice ������ ������
which he did"ni>t���emembartv.?S.Ml
heard before. A, las, fc"gJ^N
dawned on him, The hiirr, - " "
there a few feet away.", ;,����'������<
ilm by mere sheets of ,:|:' 'B"
lighthouse   thrust   Its  mi]    >
this   merollesB
"���'wit tut-
steadfastness, an, ��� V "'   ��*���
contours    p���,���,���i      " ������ U
earthly   melody    which Tem��    "-""
surge  up  from  the  broad   base   a
was   flung   ,.,, mto the da   ..   X
the outer sweep 0( ,lu, ,.,���.,,,,,;       V
The wind ��������� travelling   s.v,.,,,,.
eighty,   mayhap n hundred  m��     .;''
hour.   Not during all his sen      ,
n   earlier   travels    through     .
lands, had he ever wl,,,. ...,,,
of  such  fury.    He  thoughl
something orack overhead,   ii
aloft, but all seemed  well,    N ,
next day did he discover
wind-vane hnd been can ed i        -,
wrought-lron shank nearlj two h
thick having snapped hi-,. .,  .        "J
worsted nt  the plar*,. whi re the l m
pest hnd found a fault.
Ho tried to louk oul Into tho hi art
of the gale. The all* was full of "v.
Ing foam, but tbe sea was beatei Oat
If the growling monster beneall tried
to fling a defiant crest al the tornado
the whole mnss of water, mai y tons
In weight, *���,ib Instantly torn trom
the surface and Hung Into nothingness
Some of these adventun rs, for oil mi
by iho reef, hit the lighthouse with
greater fore thnn many a cann in-hall
fired In linltles which have made history. Time after time the splendid
structure winced beneath thc  blow.
If Stephen Brand were ever fated
to know tear he was face to face with
the ugly phantom then. The granite
column would not yield, but It wls.
quite within the bounds of possibility]
that the entire lantern might be tarried away, and he with It.
He thought, with a catching of hlj'
breath, of the two girls lu the Uny!
room beneath. Tor ono fleeting Instant his mortal eyes gazed Into the
unseen. Bui the call of duty restored
blm. The excessive draught affected
the lamp. Its ardor mus, be- checked,
with a steady band he readjusted the
little brass screws. They were so bu-
porbly Indifferent to all this imntlt*.
monlum. .lust little brass screws, doing their work, and heeding naught
beside. Suddenly there came to lm
the triumphant knowledge that the
pure white beam of the light wu hi r.
ing Its path through the savage assailant without as calmly and fearlessly
as lt lit up the ocean wilds on I
summer night of moonlight and soft
. "Thank God for that!" he murmur
ed aloud. "How can a man die be "tr,
than at his post?"
The ring of Iron beneath caught hit
ears. He turned from the lamp. Cos*
atancc appeared, pale, with shining
eyeB. She carried the lantern
hind her crept Enid, who had been
crying; she Strove now to check her
"Ie this sort of thing normal, or a
special performance arranged for our
benefit?" saitl his daughter, wiih a
line attempt nt a smile.
"Oh, dad, I am bo frightened," cried
Enid.   "Why does lt howl so?"
���    CHAPTER VI.
It says a good deal for Stephen
Brand's courage that he was able lo
laugh Just then, but It Ib a fine thing
for a man, lu a moment of supreme?!
danger, to be called on to comfort a
weeping woman.
The next minute might be their last
���of that h�� was fully conscious. Evi-n
before the girls reached his side he
felt a curious lifting movement of the
whole frame of the lantern. Steel and
glass alike were yielding to the sustained violence of the wind-pressure.
Well were they molded, by men whose
conscience need harbor no reproach
of dishonest craftsmanship; they were.
being tested now almost beyond endurance. .
Some natures would have found re-,
lief ln prayer. Gladly would Constance.
and Enid have sunk on their knes
and besought the Master of the Winds
to spare them and those at sea. But
Brand, believing that a catastrophe
waB Imminent decided that in order,
to save the girls' lives he must neither alarm thorn nor lose an unneces-|
sary Instant.
To desert the light���lhat wns Impossible personally. If given the least
warning, he would Bprlng towards the
Iron rali that curved by the side uf
the Btalrs to the service-room, nnd
take his chance. Otherwise he would
go with the lamp. There was no other
alternative. Tho girls must leave him
al once.
The laugh with which ho grcetcl
their appearance gave him time to
"I ought to scold you, but I won't,"
he cried. "Are you plucky enough to
descend to the kitchen and make three
nice cups of cocoa?"
Just think what It cost him to speak
ln this bantering way, careless of
words, though each additional syllable might mean death to all three.
HIb request had tho exact effect ho
calculated. For once, Constance was
deceived, and looked her surprise.
Enid, more volatile, smiled through
her tears. So lt was not quite as bad
as they Imagined, this gale. Their
father could never be so matter offset tn the face of real peril to all of
them. Cocoa! Fancy a man giving
his thoughts to cocoa whilst they were
expecting the lighthouse to be hurled
Into the English Channel.
He turned again to manipulate the
brass screws.
"Now, do not stand there shivering.
he said, "but harden your hearts and
go.   Use the oll stove.   By tho time It
Ib ready���"
"Shivering, indeed!"
Constance, of the Viking breed,
would let him see that ho had no
monoply of the family motto: "Au-
deo."    She, too, could dare.
"Down you go, Enid," she cried.
"He shall have his cocoa, poor man.
He looked over his shoulder and
caught his daughter glancing at him
from the well of tbe stairs.
"Bad night," he shouted cheerfully,
and he cheated her quick Intelligence
a second time.
They were gone. Perchance It was
his last sight of them In this Hie-
Three times thc stalwart framework
creaked. Once lt moved so perceptibly that the curtain rings Jingled.
Then  be remembered  the   words of
Ir";i(nl] '
"For thou haBt been n strength to
the poor, a strength to the needy In
his distress, a refuge from the storm,
a shadow from the heat, when the
blast of the terrible ones is as B
Btorm against the wall."
. * ^i-si-tt-.'-****.-***''*'"***-- THE DAILY NEWS
[British Empire"
.'s the worlds
price within
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,menj its got
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g, far shoot-
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iatolog Pfl
li' It E E
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Monlrul, P.Q.
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iv Rupert every Sunday
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Stewart City on arrival
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Bihound, leaves Vancou-
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rage Fare       -       $6.00
Icumosun " is the only  stenme
1 the run having water-tight bulk-
IbiIs and double bottom, thus en
fing safety of passengers in case
��� collision or wreck.
Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Stratford Council Decides to Submit
Question to Ratepayers���Will Take
Vote in January.
Stratford, Nov. 8.���Stratford Council
took tho first definite step towurds
government by commission, when they
adopted a resolution to appoint a committee to consider and report upon
the advisability of vesting in one bourd
of commissioners the jurisdiction nt
present exercised by the city council,
wuter commissioners, light and heat
commission, police commission and Park
Commission, with u v ew to submitting
the remomendation of the committee
appointed to u vote ot the ratepayers
at the municipal elections in January.
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lu, .'.I and operated by the
ami Trunk Pacific Railway on
i American and European plan.
tct'llently furnished, with
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Xlt'rn conveniences, being abso-
ely first-class in every respect.
The appointments and service
equal to any hotel on  thc
Rales: $1 to $3.50 per day.
. A. Sweet, Manager.
16 1911
The Bank of
itish North America
Tf lean In Soil.ess,
Ul and Ren-re Over $7,300,000
.etters of Credit
or our customers' convenience
ssue letters of Credit payable
Pounds Sterling for use in
~.t Britain and all parts of the
Id, and payable in Dollars for
in Cunada, United States,
tico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba
the West Indies.
re buy and sell Drafts on
ice, Germany, South Africa,
tralia, New Zealand, India,
ua and the West Indies.
ice Rapert Branch ���
F. S. LONC. Manager.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, Nov. 2.���H. 1. Jenkins, a
millionaire lumber lund-owner of Vancouver, B. Os, is bringing to the coast
a new yacht, said to be the finest to be
owned on the Pacific.
Mr. Jenkins recently went to New
York after cleaning up morc than a
million on timber land deuls. There hc
met a prominent New Yorke broker who
had just returned from Europe on his
private yacht. While the broker had
been enjoying a vacation Wall street
had been doing things to his private
stocks and he found himself a poorer
but wise man.
"I'll give jou $100,000 for your yacht,"
said Mr. Jenkins.
"Done with you," cried the broker.
The deal was closed and the yacht is
now on her way around thc Horn. Thc
cost of making the cruise is estimated at
Curious Description by Aviators of
Atmospheric Trouble They Meet
"Holes in the air" of which aviators
complain, have been rationally explained. If un aeroplane is going against
the wind with s-mull speed, relatively
to the earth, and then suddenly runs
into a current which crosses its path or
into a quiet section of thc atmosphere,
its speed is insufficient to uphold it
and it drops and if thc motor |x>wer
and propulsion have not strong enough
mentum or if thc ueroplane is loo near
the earth, thc drop is likely to prove
fatal. The explanation uccounts for
the accidents occurring when the aviator
volplanes to earth with the motor
power shut off und dives into uncx|iccted
currents near the earth's surface caused
by hills, trees or buildings.
Grace Van Studdiford Popular Actress Collapses Unable to Respond
to Delighted Audience.
Wallace, Idaho, Nov. 2.���Before a
crowded house tonight at the Masonic
Theatre, Grace Van Studdiford, the
star of "The Purudise of Mahomet."
completely collapsed during the rendition of the song, "There' Something
About You Dear That Appculs to Mc."
This number, which is being aa widely-
discussed as were "The Merry Widow"
waltz and "Every Little Movement,"
created a perfect furore here. Encore
after encore was demanded of thc
popular prima donna, until she was
utterly unable to respond to the fifteenth
encore. The opera proceeded after the
excitement over thc culling of a physician
from among thc audience had subsided.
When Miss Van Studdiford re-appeared
ut the proper lime she was tumultously
Write us regarding
the value of your
Prince Rupert property, We will be pleased to keep you posted
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Bible Clan at " .:" p. in.
REV. K. VV. KERR, M.A.. Pastor
Services every Sun-Jay at 11
a.ni. am) 7.30 p.m. Sumlay
School  2,30   p. in Barncn
Bible Clais 2.30 p.m.
REV. VV. H. McLEODll.A D.D.   Pastor
Ml HUM t 'I'M III   : I.  AM'-'-l AVK.
Services every Sunday nt   11
ii.m.   and 7.30 p.m.     Sunday
School at 2.30 p.m.
REV. C. R. SING, li n Pastor
Sunday Service! 11
it in . S p. tn . H p.m.
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Plucky Switchboard Operator Gave
Warning of Royalist Advance and
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Portuguese Revolution.
Lisbon, Nov. 2��� How the royalist
revolution fell is just learned here. A
woman was at the bottom of it, and
she was an obscure "hello girl." Sitting at her switchboard in Vinhucs,
she lcnrned of the approach of Captuin
Couceiro and his army. Before the
invaders could cut the wires she telephoned the new. in every direction at
her disposal for rcluying to the ia|.ital
und tho the republican armies throughout the conutry.
As a result the royalist invaders
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The lots in question are situated M
Third nvenue iieir the Mclntyre Hall,
und are a very valuable properly* A
good lot in Block 20, Section One, next
to the telephone central, ha thtag***
hands for $7,600 through the same
agency which has done over $100,000
worth of inside realty buniness since the
I first of lust month.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
General Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Also agents for Fairbanks-Morse and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Accessories carried in stock.
Launch-., .nd Host, lor Hir.   NT., rod of Whsr!
Skeena Land Dlitrict���DUtrlct ol Queun Cliurloltii
_ . .I"***?d,��� B , ��� , sk.'''''!" '-���""��� District -DUtrlot ol Quoon Charluito
lake notico that Austin M. Urown ol 1 mice Tsks nut:,,* thut thirly -lays [rum .lute, 1, 0. li-
Kuport, U. 0u occupation aaddlur, iitoiuls lu Huinter ol l-riiice Hupi-rt, II. C��� liy occupation
apply to tho Chiel Commissioner ol Lands and bookkoopor, intund tei spply to thu Chiol Corn-
Works lor a liconco to prospoct lor coul, oil uml raUiionoa ol Lands lur u Usenet tu prospect lur
iiotroloum on and under the IuIIuwIiik duscriliud cuul uml petroloum on uml under ti-lti ucrus ol
lands on the West Coaat ot Graham Islund: luml un (iridium Isluiid described ua lullows:
Commencing ot a post planted three mllua euat Commencing ut u poat plsnted twu milua north
ol tho northeast cornar ol C. L. No. -1-178 thoncu ot I*, fc*. 11. Cuul Leu.su No. S, murked S. K. corno
oil chaina aouth, thenoe 80 chains oast, thonco SU ('.  K.  IX. Cmil  Luiiau Nu.   II,  theneu nurlii  SO
chuins north, thonce 80 ohalns west to point  ol chuins, thsnoe weal 80 cliuina, thencu Buulli 80
commandmint.              .      ..   __������,.,   . chuins,  thence luat  80  chuina lu  plucu ot  com-
AUST1N M. DROWN, Locutur mencement
Dalo ol Location Mat July, 1*11. Datod Sent, M, UU.    C. B. IIAINTKU, Locator
Puh. Am. 17. I'uh. Bept, 13,
Skoena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Quoen CharloUe ,Skm���0 Uml DkWet-Dtatrial ol Quoen Charlotu,
,$g sms fiEuntsrs e��3S9ffASMS
Commencing at * J""** planted throo miloa cual
Commencing at h post planted one mile north
ot Ci Bi B. (uul Uase N<>. 10, murked Q, ti. B.
Coul Leaae No. 1&, thonce north hi) chaina, thencu
hence Mouth  BO  chains,  thoncu
placu ol commencement.
DatedSept, n, tflli    c. B. BAINTBR,Ucaior
ot the louthwMt corner nf 0. L. No. 4477 tin-net'
80 chalm eaat, thence 80 chains north, thence su        ,  H0 , .
SSSiA  80 cbilM    tu i,ol,it"' s*J&.xwst
AU8TIN M. BHOWN, Locator   Lt o^rf u
Dato of Location, 31et July 1911. ' u"' W "'
Puh. Auk. 17.
Skwna Land Diatrict���IJiatrict of Queen Charlott
Skoena Land Dlalrlct���Diatrict of Queun Charlotte j     Tako nolico thut thirty daya from dato, 1, O. B.
lalanda Hainier of I'rinca Kuport,  H. Ce, hy occupation
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ol I'rinco 1 bookkeeper, Intond to apply to tho Chiol Com-
Hupurt, occupation aaddler, intendi to apply to , mi udoncr of Landa for a licence to pruHpect for
the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka for u coul and potroloum on mul under OIU acroa of
llcunce to proapoct tor coal, oil and petroleum on and | land on Graham lalund described tut followa:
under the following deacrlbod lands on tho Wont i Commencing at a post piunted two milo* north
Coaat of Uraham IaUnd: ' of C.  .'.. H. Coal Uaso No.  IU, murked N. ti.
Commencing at a post plantod threo miloa cast cornor C. ti. H. Coul Lease No. 10, thonco south
of tho aoutheaat corner o IC. L. No. ll.'.' thenco HO chalnn, thonco weat KU chains, thenca north
north HU chains, thonce oaat 80 chains, thonco aouth 80 chaina, thonce euHt 80 chaiua to place of com-
80 chaina, thenco west 80 chains to point of com-1 moncoment
DatedSept. 11,1011
Pub. Sopt. 23.
C. K. BAINTBR, Locator
Skeena Land Dislrict-District of Quoen Charlotta
Take notico thut thirly duys Irum dale, 1, C. E
Haintor of Prince Huport,  li. C, by occupation
bookkoopor, intond to apply to ihu Chief Com
Ucated Auguat lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skoona Land DUtrict���Diatrict of Queen Churluite
Take nolico that thirty dayi from date, I, C. I;
Bainter of Prince Hupert, B. C, by occupution , _       	
bookkoopor, Intond to apply to tho Chief Com- ! misaioner of Unds for u licence to prospect for
missioner of Lands for a licence to prospect lur > coul und  petroloum on  and  under titu ucroa of
coal uml  poirotoum on and  under 640  ucres of    lund on (iruham Island described us follows:
land on Craham Island deacribed as follows: j     Commonclng at a post planted two mile* north
Commencing at a post plantod llvo miles eust of C. ti. B. Coal Uaao No, II, marked N. E.
of Coal Loaae No. 4407, markod C. K. H. Coul ' corner C. E. B. Coal Loaao No. 17, thence south
Leujie No. l, N. E. cornur, thuncu woat ho chuins, : -^chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north KU
thoncu south 80 chains, thenco east bU chuins, chuins, thence oast 80 chains to pluco of com-
thunce north 80 chains to place of commencement, ' mencumont.
Dated Sept, 11,1911     C. E. BAINTEH, Locator | Duted Sept. 11,1911.     C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Skeenu Lund DIatrlot - Dlatrlcl ur Coast Range &
Tuko  notico  thut   Ltd toy   I'.   Grant  of  I'rinco
Ruport, H. Ci oooupatton civil anglnoei. Intendi
to apply for permission to purchuae tho following
doscribod lunda:
Commercing ui u poat planted about ;i 1*0 miles
in u northerly direction .'nun the northeast corner
pjht of Lot ISSti, Range 5, Coarl District, thonoe
eust 20 chaina, thence iimiii 1,0 chains, thenee
wast to bunk of river, tlience south following
bunk of rivur to point o( commenoemouti containing *'*" iutoh, moru or It
Skeena Und DUtrlct���PUtrict of Queen Charlott
Tuko nolico thut Austin M. Hrown of Prince
Rupert) suddler, intenda to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lunds and \S urks for u licenco
to prospect for cuul, oil und pelroluuiii on and
under tbO following descrilied lunds on tho West
Count of (milium Islund:
Commeneing at u post pluntod three miloa oast
of the ntirtlieu.it cornor of C, L No. 4409 thenco
south bl) chuins, thence bU chuina west, thonco HU
chuina north, thenco 80 chuins oast to point ol
Dated Sept. 9,1911. LBRUY   P.   CHANT ' commencement.
Pub. Oct. lo, Gordon C. Emmwion, Agent I Al'STIN M. HituWN, Locator
! Located AiiKust 1st, ion.
I'ub. Aug. IU.
Skoona Land Diatrict    DUtrlOl of Cout Range Q ;
Tuke notico thul 1, Christopher Junius Graham   Bkeana Lund District���District of Quoon Charlotte
of  Princu  Hup rt,   H.  (' , oceupatlon  locoinotivu Islunds
engineer, Intend to apply for perntliilon to purehue      Tuko notice thut Austin M. Hruwn of Prince
the lollowing described lunds. Hupert,   OOOUpaUoO  suddler,  intenda  to  upjdy   to
Cominoncuig  ul u poat  planted  ut  the south-   thi* Chief Commi'-sfoiiur of Lund:, and Works for
wust   curner   of   Lol   Nu,   ;;.,:,   vieinily   ol   Luke    a lieenee to pro; pert for coul, oil untl putroteum en
Lukolso   uml   murked   ChrUtopher   j".   Graham   uml under the following daacribed lands on the
N. E. Cornor, thenee west tu ehalni, thenoe south   Weat Const ol Graham tuandi
80 chuins, thonOO eust *|U chuins, thence   north SO        Commencing ut u post planted throo milea oa��t
chaina   to   posl   o|   commenoement|    containing of tho northeaat corner of C. U No. UT2 thonce
'220 uctua,  moro or lest. bU chuina wesl, thence _0 chuina north, thonce bt)
CllHlSTOl'lIKU  JAfl,   GRAHAM,   Locutor chains eust,  thenco bu chains south  to point of
Dutod Sopt. 22. 1U11. U.68 A.M.    WunessudT. D commencement.
__ ird.
Pub. Sept. _').
I.orute.1 August Isl, 1U11.
i Pub. Aug. IU.
Skeena Luml DUtrict    Diatrict or Caaalar
Take notico that R, 11. Stuwurt of Vuncouver,
B. C, occupution truckman, iut< mis tu apply
for iJormiision to purchuso the following doscrilied
Commencing ut  u pust pluntod  IU chains south    .. . ,
ol Pre-emption  No.  *1U7 und __ chuins eust Irom ' lici',ncu f prospect for coul, oil untl netroloum on
the Naua Hiver (ti.  W. C). ihenco 40 chuins OUt,    "nii ,ufn,|ur  ��hu  follownig  duscnbutl   lunds  on  tho
thonco  4U  chuins   north,  thencu  4U  chuins  wust,    ���� Coast of Craham Island:
thenco 10 chums south to tho point of commence- I   .Commencing at n post planted threo mi]t�� east
ment to contain ItiU ucres moru or loss.
Skeuna Uml District���District of Queen Charlotte
Tuko noticu thut Austin  M.  Hrown of  Prlnco
Hupert, occupuuun suddler, intends to apply to
. tho Chief Commissioner of Lunda und Wurks lor a
i of the aoutheust corner of C. L.  Nu.   1170 thence
| Pub. Sept. 23.
Skoona Und District���DUtrict of Queon Charlotte
Tuke notice that thirty duya frum dute, 1, C. E.
Huinter of  Prlnco Huport,  B. C, by occupation
Pub. Sept '22.
Skeena Und District���DUlrict of Quoen Charlutte i
Take notice that thirly days from date, 1, C. E ,
Bainter ol Prince Hupert, U. C, by occupution ;
bookkeeper, inteod to apply to tbo Chiuf Com*   .
misaioner of Unda lor a licenco to pruapect for bookkeeper, intend to apply to tho Chief Corn-
coal and petroloum on and under 840 acrus oi ' mtaBOMI ol Unda for a Licence to prospect fur
land oo Craham Island doacribod u folluwa: I ��"������, and  pairoleum on and  under 010 acrea ol
Cummenelng at a poat plantud tivo milea oast 1 '��nd on Craham laland described as folluwa:
ol Cual Lease No. 4407, markad C. E. B. N. W. ���     Commencing at a poat nlunted two miloa north
corner No. L thencu aoulh 80 chaina, thoncu eaal    ��r (;- K;  & V0*1 *%**tvuo lsio.,1'-'�� marked N.  W.
80 chains, thenco north 80  chaina,  thence wust    corner C. k*. B. Coal Uaae No. 18, thenco smith
80 chaina to place ol commencement. I 8u chains, thoncu east 8U chaina, thenco north 8U
DatedSept, 11.1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Locutor i chaina, thenco weat 80 chains to place of corn-
Pub. Soul Z2. I mencement.
y DatiMlSopt. 11. 1911.    C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Skeena Und DUUict���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotto   -Pub. Sept. IS.
Take notice that thirty days (rom dale, I, C. E
.1.11       ,111/     lllll-.l     I. |H1.       in       ll'.f.l. _., ,,,, a , .,  . , ,       _ ,,	
H1C1IAUD HOWARD STKW \HT    nortn  so  chains,  thenco east  hU  chains,  thonce
Dated Aug, 1911. James T. Fullurtun, Agent ' 80Uln bU chai,1H' U'vticu "���-* W chain* lo Voint ot
Puh Rani TM I commoncomont.
I ub. bept. 22. AUSTIN M. BROWN. Ucator
1 Ucated Auguat 1st, 1U11.
j Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeona Land District-DUlrict of Coaat Hango 5 |
Tuke notico thut  Harold E. Smith of Merely,    ������.'. ���-��� ��������� i��� _'��� ' ������  _
Alia., occufiution atuiion agent, intends tu upply
for permisaiun tu purchaio thu following duacribud
Commencing at u post pluntod ut the southwest corner 1U0 chuina oust und '20 chuins nurth
from N. E. vurnor of Lot lllti, llurvoy's Survey
CuaBt DUtrict Hongo ��>, tlienco 4U chains ousl,
thrnce 80 chaina north, Ihence -lu chuins wost,
thenco 80 chaina south to post ol commencement
containing 2'20 acres, more ur less.
DatedSept. 18. 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
Pub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Bohler, Agm
Balnter of Prince Hupert, U. C
bookkeeper, intend to spply to
miaaionor of Lands for a Ucenco lo prospect lur   HainU,r of |^jjj itUpprtt ft. c
",    . rl_._^_-iKWS__2_! ' Skoena Und District-District of Queen Charlotte
bookkeeper,, intend  to apply  to  the Chief  Cum- i      Tlkt, no((cu thlt th(pt    .���        uftcr dat     ,   & K
lee   iir.i .in i*i    Inr      , .         L_   ��_j ..        *.      I.     ..       . '      .*
, i ',ii -i ���' -   "'   �� i ���   '-ni ei i,   i ���.   ',*.,  by  occupution
sad and ih.'ruleum on and under old acre, ul , B__Sp^ lnU,nj ,2 m>ly Xo lho Chief Cum
*V.9*zmr***mmtm��}*m\ ��'0U��JSI | missioner ol Unds lur a licence to pr
Commencing al a post planted live milt-, oaat
ol Coal Loaao No. 11.,,, marked C. tl. 11. S. W.
curner ol Coal Lswao No. 3, thenco oast SU chains,
thence nurth IHI chaiiu, thenoe wesl bU chains,
tlience suuth HO chains tu place ot eutnmoncutnent.
I'.n.ai s,|,i. ll, um. c. tl. IIAINTKU. Locator
I'tilr. Sept. 23.
prospect fur
coal and petroleum on and  under i. in acrus ol
land on Uraham Island duscrilN-d as [ollows:
Commenelns at a post planteel two mile, north
ol C. M. 11. Coal Lease No. Ill, marked S. \V.
corner C. 1'. 11. Cual Leaae No. 19. thenco north
80 chaina, thence eaat 8U chains, thence south 80
chains, tlience west 80 c' aiu. tu placu ul cum-
Hated Sept. 11, 11111.    C. A li.UNTi:!*. Locator
Tub. Sept. tt.
Ski.na Land District���Dislrict ol gu.-.-n Charlulle
Take notln that thirty .lays Iram date, I, C. K.
Hainter ut I'rinou Hupurt, ti. C., by uccupatiun
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo lho Chiel Com-   ���, , ,
missioner ul Lands for a licence lo prospect lur Skwna Land Distrlct-Distrlcl ot Que-un Charlutte
coal and pelroleum on end under HO acree 0f I Take nollco that thirty elays Irom date, I, C.L.
land on Graham Island duscrlbed aa fullowa; ; Ilainler ol I'rince llupert, H. C, by occupation
Commenelns al e posl planled live mile east ! bookkeeper. Intend to apply lo the Chiel l urn-
ol Coal I...... No. ��47li, marked C E. U. S. E   ! miaaioner ol Lands lur a liconcu tu prospect lur
comer Coal Lease No. 4, thence weat 80 chains,
Ihence north 80 chaina, thence east 80 chains,
Ihenco south 80 chains tu place ol commencement.
Ii.ii.rl .*ar|.t. 11, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK, Lucalo.
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena I_nd District -District ol Coast Hancc
'IHI.,- notice that lliriam Hoy McTavish of
Winnipeg, Man., occupution barrister, inlunits
to apply for permisaiun tu purchaso thu fullowlng
descnuod landa:
Commencing ot a post planteel at the southwest
corner -10 chaina east and 40 chaina norlh Irom
N. K. curner ol Lot lllti, Harvey's Survey Coast
District Hange 6, thunce tiu chains eaat, thonco
60 chains north, thence tiO chains west, thenre tit!
chains suulh to post uf commcncumeiit containing
r'r'i acrea more ur !>���-.>.
DatedSept. 18, lllll  HlltlAM HIJY McTAVlSH
l-ub. Sept. 23. Kred W. Holder, Agent
Skeona Land District���District ot Coaat IUngo V
IRsrdSt-    1,1    r     Tako nutice thai Jesse  M. Tallman ol Cedar
Commencing al a pual planted two mile, notrh I Hainter ol I'rinco Hupert, II. C , by occupation ' "��Plds,   Iowa,   oetcupalion   lawyer,   intends   lo
ol slake marked C. E. U. Coal LSMS No. 4, markod ' boukkee|M.r. Inlend lo apply  to the Chief Cum- i JJgJ. ^r . pu���1aalun  tu  purchase  the  lulluwing
N. E. nrner C. E. U. Coal Lease No. 6, thonc. ! missiuner ul Lanela lur a licenco lo prospect lur   ueacriocd lunas. ......  .
aouth 80 chaina, thenee wast 80 ehains, thenco   coal anel petroleum on and  under 840 acree ol ,     Commenelns at a post planted on th. southerly
nurth 80 chains, ihence cut 80 chains to place ol   land on Graham lslsnd described as lollows: i **>on ��<  Kutiymatoen  Inlet on the  right bank
Commencing at a post planted two ml,-, north I -   �� 'mallstream Mewing into aald Inlet lust easl
ol C.  E.  B. Coal  Leaae Nu.   15, marked S.  E I "' *-'"** _��)_���    J*"" *��Mb W chains thence
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres ol land
on Graham Island described as (ollows:
Commencing al a poat planted two milea nortii
ol C. E. II. Coal Leaao No. 14, markod S. Vi.
corner C. E. 11. Coal Loaao Nn. 20, thenco nurth
80 chains, thencu wust 80 chains, thenre south 80
Skoena Und District-District ol gueen Charlolti ! chains, thenco easl 80 chaina to place ol corn-
Take nutico that thirty day. Irum date, 1, C. E. I mencemenu ���.,.,__���,
Hainter ol I'rlnce Huport, U. C, by occupaUon   BS?4*P*8��U< *������"������    c* * UAINTEH, Locator
bookkecp-***, intend lu apply to lho Chiot Com- i I "'������ ****** *--'���
mu-Muncr ol Landa (or a licencu lu pruapect (or I
eoal and potruloum un and undor 640 acrea ol , Skeena Unel Diatrict���DUtrict ot Queen Charlutte
lend on Graham Island described as lulluws:        |     Tako nutico lhal thirty dava afler date. I, C- E. i
Skeena Land District���District of Coasl Hange 5
Take notico thai 1, Gurduu C. Emmcrsun ul
1'rincu Hupert, H. C, uccupatiun real ualalu
brukur, intend to upply fur permission tu purchase tho folluwing desci ibed lands:
Commencing at a poll planted about 2 3-1
miles iu a northerly diructiun Irum tliu northeast
Turner pusl ul Lut 1380, Hange u, Cuast District,
Ihenee nurth 40 chnins, thuncu west to river
hunk, thence south lulluwing riv.-r bank tu puint
ol commencemenl; contuining ItiO acres, more ur
Daiod Sopt. "J, 1011.   GORDON C. EMMERSON
Tub. Oct. 10.
Skoena Unel Dlstrist ���Dutrict ol Coast Rangu V
Tako nolice that 1, Benjamin A. Fish of T'uwncr,
N. I'., uccupatiun merchant, intend tu apply
lur punnia-siuti lu putchuse the lulluwing duacribud
Commencing at a pust planted on tho east
boundary and abuut tivo ciiains Irum the suulh-
,i-t curner ul Lut 4484, thenco north 60 chains,
thenco cast 10 chuins, thonce south 60 chains,
thunco west 30 chains to point ol commencement
Dated June 24, mil. HENJAM1N A. HSU
I'ub. July 25. Kred E. Cowell, Agent
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locatoi
���t'     ,UJ'���.   __    ���,_. ,��� _.     , ..     fo'chalns. Vhoniu" wMt*e^haina,Vhen'ro��Tut'h'8ti | Crow  Uke    thonce  northerly   and   easterly   lol-
Skeena Und D-atnct -DUlrict ot Queen Chralolle   ,*,������,, lhenc0 __, 80 ch.m, lo p,a_, ���, _,_.    owing the shore llnoa ol Crow Uko   the Inlet
Tak. notice that Ihirty days Irom date, I. C  E.' m,,nf,,mrrll to Crow Uke  and  Kutscymateen  Inlot lo the
corner C. E B. Coal Loaso No. 21, thence north   "���* -" chains mure or lusa to the shore line ol
Application for Charter for a
application will lie made to thu I'arlia-
ment of Canada at the next session
thereof, for un Act incorporating a
Ruilway Company under the name of
"The I'ueitic, Trutw-C'iniida und Hudson
Bay Ruilwuy Company." with power
to lay out, construct and operate u line
of ruilway from a point in the Province
of Alberta, ut or neur thc City of Edmonton, thence northerly by the most
fensible route to, at, or near Athabasca
Landing; thence northwesterly northeast of Looser Slave Lake to Wubieka
or Loon River; thence northerly lo a
linnit at or near thc junction of the
Loon River with thc l'eace River, or
at a point near the junction of the
Red River with the Peace River, below
Fort Vermillion on the Peace River;
thence northerly to Fort Smith on thc
Slave River: From a poinl on the said
railroad near its crossing of the Wabiska
River or the Loon River easterly to
Fort McMurray on thc Athabasca
River; thence easterly along the Clear
water river and Churchill River through
the Province of Saskatchewan to Fort
Churchill or Port Nelson on the Hudson
Bay: From u point on said railroad
near its crossing of the Wabiska or
Loon River, westerly to Peace River
crossing on the Peace River; thence
westerly on the north side of the river
through Laurier Pass to Prince Rupert
or Portland Canal on thc Pacific Coast
in British Columbia; with power to
construct and operate telegraph und
telephone and cable lines for general
public purposes; io carry on, construct,
maintain and operutc bouts and ferries
for the purposes of thc railway and
other purposes; to acquire and make
use of lands, watcrlots, wharves, docks,
dock-yards, slips, warehouses, elevators
und other conveniences; and with
power to enter into Agreements with
other Companies,
Solicitors for the Applicants
Dated  at  Oltuwu this   l"tb  duy ot
September, A. D., 1911. 6w
Balnter of Prinoe Hupert, B. C, by occupation [ r_____3 soni' n  inn      r   K   BAINTKR I-iraior P'aco of commencement,  containing  forty  acroa
Uwkkeepcr, intend to apply to tba Chief Com- I utWB^B* "��� "'**���     ** ���" "Ai^ir.n. ucaior mort Qm ^    Lw.-ed Au<llit 7( mit
no.- nu,.T of Lands for a licence to proapect for ! Dated Aug. 9, 1911.          JKSSi; M. TALLMAN
coa] and petroleum oo and under titu acres of I Skeena Und District���Dislrict of Quoon Charlotte i Pub. Aug. 12.
land on Graham Island described aa follows: Take notice that thirty days frum date, I. C ...
Commencing al a post planted two miloa north I Bainter of Prince Huport,  B. C, by occupatiun _._,-_,
uf C. K. B. Coal Uaae No. 3. marked C. E. Uainter I bookkee|ier, Intend to apply to the Chief Com- Skeena Und District���Diatrict of Coaat Kange 6
N. W. corner Coal Leaae No. ti, thenee aouth 80   misaioner of Unds for a licence to pruopect fur Take nolice that i.   H. O, Miller uf Kalmuuth
chains, thence east 60 chain*,  thenoa north  HU , coal and petroloum un and under bio acres uf Kng., occupation surveyor, intends to apply fo
cbaina, thence weat &U chaina lo place of com-   oland on Graham Island described as followa: permission   to  purcbaae  tho  following  describe
mancoment.                                                                     Commencing at a post planted two mile* north lands:
Dated SepL 11,1911.    C. E. HAINTER .Locator   of C. E. B. Coal Loaae No.  IU. marked N. E. ! Commencing at a poat planted at lho N. W. Car-
Pub. Sept. 2.1                                                                  ! corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. '22, thence louth ner of Ut 4 i(J(i, thonco w��l SU chians, Ihence south
Skeena Und Dittrict-District of Queen Charlotte < " !*_*!_ th*nCO WO,i.8V '"'"V lft2 "^ �� ' * ^ntt -h0"���  ��� * ^^ tl,*n" **���"���
Tak. notice that thirty dayi Irom date, J, C. E. I **���-���""��� lhenco eMl fl0 ch"n, lo placo of com"
Balnter uf Princu Kupert, II. ��'., by occupation f "��on��1|c'n-.��� ,_,. _ ��� IIAIVT|l.��� Irt.-tn.
iKwkkocpor, Intend io apply io lha Chief Com- Dated Sopt. 12. 1911. C. E. BAINTKR. Ucatur
misaioner of Lands for a lic*nco to proapect for |
coal and petroleum on and  .mdar C40 acroa of | Skeena Und DUlrict���DUlrict pf (Juiwn Charlotte
land on Graham Uland dcacTilH^l af followa;
llollu Coola Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Cuast Kange
Tuko nolice th.t 11. M. CHIT of Dundalk, Ireland, uccupution gentleman, intends to apply for
[iiTn.i ��� mil to loaae the following dencribed landa:
Commencini; at a pout pluntod ut the ahoro
near the N. I., cornor of Ut No. 3, thence north
in chains, thonoe wust bU cbaina muru ur loaa to
euat boundary o( cannery l.-.i ���-. thencu foUowing
the .'.ii'! i-.i*i boundary south 4U chains more or
Io-sh to shore lino, thence folluwing said ahoro
lino eaaterly t)U chuins mora or Uau to point of
commencement;    contuining  U2U  acroe,   moro  or
Dated August 31, 11*11. II.  II.  CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 3U. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Lund DUlrict-DUtrict of Coast IUngo
Tuke notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, I:-
land,   occupution   gentleman,   Intonda   lo   apply
for  permission   lo  lease  the  following   di��cnl>od
Commencing al a pout plantod at tho N. E
corner of Ut 33, thenco north 20 chains, ihenco
weat i" chains, thonce suuth 20 chains more or
i. ��� to ahore line, thence following thu ahuro lino
eaat ." chiiiaa moru ur leaa to point of commence*
ment; contuining M) cares, moru or laas.
Dated August 31, 1911. IL  M.  CUFF
Pub. Sept. 3U. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und DUlrict���DUtrlct of Coast Bang
Take notice thut II. M. CHlT of Dundalk, Ira-
land, occupation gentleman, Intends to apply
for permisaiun to lease the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat plantud at the N*. W.
corner uf Ut Nu. 4, thunce nurth 4U chaina, thenco
oaat 4U chaina, thonce aoulh 40 cbains moro or
loaa to shore line, thence following shoro Una
westerly IU chains more ur less to puint of commencement; contuining ou acros, more or laaa.
Dated August 2H, 1911. II.   M.  CUFF
Pub. Sept. 3U. William McNair, Agant
Bella Coola Und DUtrict���Diatrict of Coaat Kango
Take notice (hut H. M. CUfl of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation Ml Ionian, InUnda io apply
for |H*rminaion to leaae lho lulluwing described
Commencing at a post planted at the N. W
corner uf Ut 2VJ, thence wiuth 4U cbains mora
or low to northern buuudary ol leaau No. 1 applied
for ny II. M. CUfl, thence fullowlng aaid boundary
eu.it 10 chain*-, thence north 4U cliaina, Ihence
west 20 chains to point uf commencement; containing bO acr us, more or Ua*.
Dated Augual 28. 1911. It.  M. CUFF
Pub. Sepl. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coaat llange
Take nctico that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupallon gentlwman. Inlands to apply
for pormiaaion lo leaae tho folluwing described
Commencing al a poet planted at the S. E
cornor of Ul 2M, thonoe aouth 40 chains moro
or 1��m to northern boundary of Leaae No. 1
applied for by If. M. Cliff, thence east 20 chains
Kng., occupallon surveyor,  intends to apply fo     SBLSi .'.'��un^.'l���^y^ lhvnCo   Sortn   *��   cnalnm*
permission   to   purchaae  tho  following   lltmUll**] I _-__5flUg,l-W ~��M -*_��* �� ���WW���H
chains to the point of commencement containing
ItiO acres more or leas.
Dtted August 15, 1911. E. II. G. MILLEK
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. MUler, Agent
Commencing al a post planted two milos north
of C. E. B. Coal Leaaa No. X -take s. W. corner
Coal Loaae No. T, theoce nort.'i 00 chaina, thoncu
eaat HO rhaina, thenoe south 00 chains, thence
weat mi chains to place of commoncamenL
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. E. HAINTEK, Ucator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land District���District of Quean Charlotte
Take notice that thirty davi from data, 1. C. K.
Haintor of Prince Hupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to tbe Chief Com-
miaaionor of Lands for a licence to proapect fur
coal and petroleum on and under 040 acrea of
land on Graham laland described as followa
Tako notice that ihirty daya from date, I, C. ti.
Bainter or Prineo Kupert, li. C , by    occupation Skeona Und District���DUtrict of Coaat Kange 6
bookkeeper,  intend to apply to the Chief Cum- Tako notice that K. F. Miller of Tipton. Eng-
miaaioner of Unds for a liconco lu pRMgMSt b>r land,   occupation   farmer,    ntonda   to   apply   for
coal and petroleum un  and  under Uu carua uf pormiaaion   to  purchaso  the following  doscribod
laml on Graham laland do-cribed ui follow*: lands:
Commencing at a post planted two milos north Commencing at a post plantod about 60 chaina       , a,,,,,,,.,,*.,,,*,                                                      r,,n-
ot C.  ti. II. Coal  Uaae Nu  1",  markod  N.  B. weat from the N. w. Cornor of Ul 4400, thenee   Hucnce of Hlnckuater river with the Naaa   river
containing HO acroa, mare or In
Dated Auguat 28, 1911. II.   M.   CUFF
Pub. SepL 30. William McNair, Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict - DUtrict of Cawiar
Take   notice   (hat   Charles   William   Mam   of
Vancouver,  B. ('.. occupation inspuclor. Intends.
lo apply for |MTiniaaion to purchaae the following
deacrilied  land*:
Commencing  at   a  poat   planted   at   th*  eon-
corner C. ti. B. Coal Uaae No. 23 thenco couth north 40 chains, thence weat 20 chaina, thence
80 chains, Ihenco west HO chain*., thonce north south 40 chains, thenco uaal 20 chains to the
80 chains, thonce east 80 chaina to placu of cum- ' puint of commencement conUining oighty acrus
inenreint ni more or leas.
Dated Sept. 12. 1911.    C. R. BAINTKK, Locator   Dated August 19  1911. IL F. .MILLEK
Pub. Sept. 23. 1 Pub. Aug. 20. P. M. Miller, Agent
Commencing at a pott planted two mbee north i Skwna i_inf| DUtrict-DUtrict of Quee n Charlott ' skecng Um, Districl-DUtrict of Cuast IUngo 6
��f Bf | ft gW L*T ���T *' m"rk��d hM* J_H_f I Take nolic- that thirty days from date, I, C. K Ttke m,Uci, thlIt Frailk s. m,,^ ���f i^n,lori(
C. h. B. (oal Uaao No. H th.nce north 80 cba na, . Dainter of Prince Hupurt, ft C, by occupation i:n{. occupation civil engineer, intonda to apply
thence w��at no chains, bene- south 80 chains, bookkeeper, intond to apply to the Chlof Com- for MnSK to purchaae the loiluwing doacrit^l
thrnce eaat Wl chslna to place of eommencoment. miaaioner M Unds for a hci-nce to prospoct for Unds-
DatedSept  11, 1911.    C. ti. HAINTKH, Ucator   coal  and  petroleum on  and  under M0 acrea ol ,     Commencing at a pust planted at tho N.  ti.
Pub . Sept. 23
land un Criham laalnd dot-cribed aa fullowa:
. Cornor of Ut 28, thonce nurth 2u chaina, thencu
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Quean Charlotto
Take notice that thirty daya from dale, t, C. ti. '
Commencing al a poat planted two milea north ' wmt 2y ciiainfl(  ihenco south 2U chaina,  thonce
'    Coal Uaae WC
,, lhM ,,  ,,    j   ,     [im   of C. L. It     oal Uaae No.  18, markod N. W.   ,,,-t .,j0 chlin(l t0 ,l0int 0f cominencumeut, con-
r -im   ..(   Pro i     .._gai_t ft  C     by oi^patiun   fi"* * '��� '' ,lX* ( ,,ul 1a'w KS T* ,tlh"nco HH ' tuning 40 acre* more or lit*.
ESSm. taSSdVSel.r leTtbe ChW^om-   "�� ch��i,,i'  th"ncu wi ��* chains,  thence north   i,lt��i Auguat 16, 1911.       FRANK S. MILLKK
S_SSP& Und. fir i hrenre to wJlpVcl tor   �� chain-  thence M 80 chaina to place of com- , ,.ub. AuK826. ,.. M. Ml���or, Agtnl
coal and |..-tinli-iiin on anil und�� 0*0 acraa Dl I S*____lr ,4 ,,.,,     r   i.-   BAtMTSm  1 .w.m.
Uml on Uraham Island drac.il.-d a. lollows: EH-Ssi* UAIMEI1, Locator
lommcnerini al a poat planlod Ove mil.- oasl   ***.*mmaa, skoona Lanel District    Ill'trict ol Coast ltan|i. 6
ol Coal l.-aa.- No. 4474, in.. *,.--) O, E. lialnter's ! sss____        Take noticu tlial Initio IMcTavish ol Vancouvor,
N. I.   corner Coal Leaa. Nn   9, thonco MUth ��0   Skeona Lsnd Dislrict���Dislrict ot gueen Chsrlotto i OMUn,t|on    ,���;���-,., .1   siunii,   Intends   to   apply
rl.su...  ii.i-iin. mat HO chains, thenee norlh ��0 |    Tako nmiciithat thirty dayi[Inundate, I, A. T
chaina, thenco east tt chains to placo
DalclSopl. ll.lDll.    C. K. HAINTEK, Locator
l-ub. Sopt. 2 1
  lor permissluii 1.1 purchase the followine, MsribM
ol com- I llroderick uf I'rince llupert, B. C, by occupation   |.nJ,.
bank manaijer, Intetul to .-.ply to the Chlet Cum-       Commenclnit at  a  posl planted  al lho norlh-
���Ikeena Land District -Dlslriet ot Queon Charlotte
'   Take notice that thirty davs Irom date, I, OJ,
Il.ir.ter ol l*}^*?**]* *4^���tff'i_SS
iKiukkneiior, nlend lo apply to lho Chiel Com-
S�� !""'!�� '" �� 'Icenc. to nrosp-Kt tor
�����T and petroleum on and under tjlO acres ol
Kr_ ,,n iraham Island de.rr|l-d aa lollow,!
' 'ommenelni, .1 a port planted two -nlle. north
-ri.iTnnr haoit lOltltl CM *���"*** *"*" markeel
f i'll   !m.H��-r No- ��, l*****l south 80 chains. ,
.%������ ,*,.( Mt cl.sins to point o' commencment I
;��tJt0^nraOrCOr,,MC-.  a  UAINTER j
Pub. Oct. 7.
Skoena Und DUtrict���DUtricl of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya from dale, 1, ('. ti.
Bsinter of Prince Hupert, II. C, by occupation
In i>kkti-i"*r. Intnd lo apply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Unds tor a licence lo proapeel for
coal and petroleum on and under C40 acres of
land on Craham Island deecritiod aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planled one mile north
ot C. ti. B. Coal Leaae No. 9, marked N. W.
comer C. ti. B. No. 10, Ihence south 80 chaina,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
Ibence eaat 80 chains to place of commencemonL
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. ti. BAINTtiK, Ucator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Queen CharloUe
Take notioe tbat thirty dayi fronm date. I, ( . ti.
Bainter of Prince Hupert, B. ('., occupation book.
keeiK-r, intend to apply to the Chief CommUaioner
ot Lands tor a lioenos to prospect for coal and
pelroleum on and under -40 acres of land on
(Iraham Island deacribed as follows:
Commencing at a poat planted two miles north
of C. ti. B. Coal Lease No 8, marked N. ti. corner
of C. ti. II. Coal Lease No. 11, thence south 80
chaina, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence cast 80 chains to place of common cement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTtiK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District���Dislrict of Queen Charlotte
mUaioner of Unds tor a Ifcenco to proapect for wrat corner fto chaina eaal and 20 chains north
ooal and petroleum on and under 040 acroa ol from N �� C(irmT 0r Lot 1110, llarvey'a Survey
land on (iraham laland described aa followa: Coaat DUtrict IUngo 5, ther.ce 20 chams aoulh,
Commencing at a poat planted two miles north   thence 80 chaina   oaat,  thenco 80 chaina north,
of C.  ti.  B. Cual  Uaae No.   17, markod S.  V*.   thenco  40 chnins  met,  thenco 60 chaina south,
corner A. T. H. Coal -Uaao No. 25, thence north , thenco 40 chains woat to poat of commencement
80 chainn, thenco east 80 chaina, thonco south 80   Staining -tun acr*.** more or lesa.
chains, thence weat 80 chains to placo of com-1 i>ited Sept. 18. 1911. LOTTIti McTAVlSH
mencement.      ^ __   ^pnpjp-   ^c.lor j ''""��� SepL 23 Frod W. Bohler. Agent
DatedSept. 12, 1911. C. ti. Balntor, Agent
Pub. Sept. 23. I Hella Coola Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Coaat Range
Skeena Und District-DUtrict of Queon Charlotte |.   ���<o notice that If.  M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ire- j MJlipcitt, 1911.
Take notice that thirty days from date, I, A. T.     ��nd,   occupation   gentleman,   intends   to   apply   I
llroderick of Prince Ku|>crt, ��. C, by occupation ,  ��   permiasion   to   loase  tho   following  described
bout two milea aoulh from the aixth l>omintnn
Telecraph cabin. I'oat rnarke.! c. \\. h s. w.
t onVi thence nu chains north. thenn< two chains
east, thence H�� chain** ttoulh, thrnc* HO chains
weat to point of commencement, containing 040
acrua more or leaa.
DfttM September 23, It'll.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Und DUtrirt    Diatrict of Caaaiar
Take notice lhal Thomaa Arthur White of Van>
couver,   ll.  ('., occupation cariienlar.  intend*  to
apply   tor  (M<rmiaHion   lo  purchaM-  lhe  full��i*��ing
il*  inii. .i landa.
Commencing ut a po.t plant*.I at Ihe confluence of Black water river with Naas nver. almul
l��o milea aouth nf the MUlh 1 lonnnion Teh-graph
cabin. Post marked | . A \\ . ,v I.. I OHM r, UMMI
80 chaina north, ihence *>o chains wewt, thenee 80
chains aouth, Ihenc*- N chains ea-t to jnont of
commi-ncenient, containing MH arn-^ mon. <��r \**m.
Dated Bipt 2.1, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skiinu Und Ih-lrict     DJeCfM nf Caviar
I'ake   nolice   that   Angui  Jamea    McKencie  of
Vancouver. H. (',. oeoupatloa i����ikke�� |M-r, inteslnns
to apply tor pormtaaiuii to purchase the following
dot-ended  landa:
Commanelng at a post pi.intcl at lhe con-
llo Ti*" of Hlackwater river with Naaa river, �� In nit
two milea aouth from theaiith Dominion Telegraph
cabin. Post marke<l A. J. M. N. W. (orner,
tbMOB m' chains soulh, thenre 80 chains east
thenee m> chains norlh, thence Mi chains weat
to fi ������ i "f commencement, containing 010 acrea
more or leas.
bank manager, Inteml to apply to the Chief Com-   lands:
misaioner of Lands tor a licence to prospect for       Commencing at  a post
planted   on   tbe shore
SkiH'na Land District     District of Caaaiar
coal and  petroloum  on  and  under litO cares
land on Craham Island described as follows:
Commencing at a poat plnated two milos north
of C. ti. H. Coal Uaao No. 20, marked S, ti.
oorner A. T. B. Coal Uaso No. 10, thoneo north
80 chains, thence woat 80 chains, thonce south
80 chum.*- thenoe east 80 chains to plsce of cum-
Vir v on n enrinif   tti    ��   iiom-   iminieu   on   ine   aiiurv >      et._L.    -   s._.    ,l   .    n   _i    _.    \*   i *   �����__
,h &��2rasinSt'itJ__XlnS i.'!"',:; i v ���[''.'���>,,v:.t"""""' - ******* ****��� "���*'������**���*>
illowing  tho  channel   of   Neclectsconnay
thence aouth  80 chains more or loaa to chann
deeenbad land
of   i:. llu  Coola  Hiver  easterly  CO  chaina,  north i
Alienee ol Hlnrkwater river with the Naas river
80 chains more or leas to point ol commencement: ' SffiLSE8 "ffl" w;,,,,ht "J jK'tf* ',nm.in,��.n
containing 480 :.cn-, more or lea..
limed Auguat 28, 1911.
C. ti.' Balnter, Agent   ��'-u- ^P1- ao-
Wllliam McNair. Agent
Corner, thence 80 chains south, Ibaaoe N ehaina
west, thencs- mi chains north, thonce Hti chains
east lo point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or loss.
Datad Bept U, mil lltiltlltiliT McLKNNAN
Puh. Nov. 2.
DatedSept. 12, 1911.
Pub. Sept. 23.
I Skeena Und DUlrict-DUtrict of Coaat Hange |
Skoena Und DUtriet���District of Quoon Charlotte !     Take notico lhat  Herbert J.  Mackin of  Pern-
Take notice lhat thirty days from date, I, A. T.    broke,   Ont.,  occupation   lumberman,   Intends  to I
llroderick of Prince Kupert, B. C by occupation    apply   for permission   to  purchase  the  following j
,    bank manager, intond lo apply to tho Chlof Com-   described lands: Skeena Land Dialrlrt -DUtrirt of (nasi Range ft
Take notice llml thirty days from date, I, C. ti. ��� tn-m-onor n7 hands for a liconco to prospect tor . Commencing at a post planted on the left bank ��� Take notice that I, Thomas McClymont ot
Bainter of Prince Kupert, B. C, by occupation ' ���,,) an(| petroleum on and under (HO arros of I of the/.ymoiioila Of Zim-a-got-iu Hlver, at aoulh-, Princ*' Kuperi, M. ( ., oeeupatloa real estate
hookkeeper, Intend to apply (o the Chief Com-. |ana; on (iraham Island deacribed as follows: ' weat cornor of Ut 1700, thence northerly, following ! broker, intend to apply tor permission to purchaae
misaioner of Und tor a licence to prospect for |     Commencing at a post planled two milus north ( the  westerly   boundary  of  Ut   170ti,   80  chaina   the following doacribed landi
coal and petroloum on and under 040 acrea of
land on Craham Island deacril>ed as follows:
Commencing at a post plsnled two miloa north
of C. ti. B. Coal Uaae No. 7, marked C. ti. 1).
Coal I.*aae No. 12. thence south 80 chains, thenre
east 80 ehains, thence north 80 chains, thenco
wsal 80 chains to place of commoncement-
Dated Sept. II, 1911. C. E. BAINTKR, Locator
Pub. Sept. 28.
Skeena Und District���DUtrlct ot Queen Charlotte
Take notica that thirty daya from date, 1, C. ti.
Hainter of Prince Rupert, B. C, by occupation
l>ookkee|HT. intend to apply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Unds tor a licence to prospoct for
coal and petroleum on ami under MO acrea of
land on Craham Island deacrlbod aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted two mllea north
of C. ti. B. Coal Uase No. 7, marked 9. W. corner
( . ti. B< Coal Uase No. 13, ihence north 80
chains, thonco east 80 chains, thenco aouth NO
chaina, thenee west 80 chaini to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Puh. SepL 23.
ot C. E. B. Coal Leaae 'No. 21, markod S. ti ' moro or teas, to the northwest corner of -aid Ul Commencing at a p*ol planted at the S. W.
corner of A. T. 11. Coal Uaae No. 27, thence 170fl. thenco weaterly and southerly, lollowlng corner of preemption record 412, Ihenco easl 90
weat 80 chains, thonce north 80 chaina, thenct* tho loft bank of said river, 80 chains moro or loss to ( chslns, thenre south 40 chains, tbence west 80
cast 80 chains, tbence south 80 chains to place point of commencemenl conUining 100' acres chains to shore of lake, tbence following shore
ot commencement. more or leas. I of lake in a northerly direction to point of com-
A. T. BRODERICK, Locstor        Ucated August 19,  1911. 1 mencement;   containing MO acroa, more or l��a��.
DatedSept. 12, 1911. C. K. Bainter, Agent.    Dated August 21, 1911,    HKUIIKKT J. MACKIK   Date,! Sept. f>, 1911.      THOMAS McCLYMONT
Pub. Sept. 23. , Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. ClemanU, Agent   Pub. Sept. 9. tireneat Cole, Agent
ItMM Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Quoen Charlott
I Take notice that thirty davs from date, I, Q* ti.
; Balntor of Prince Kuport, B. (-., by occupation
1 bookkeeper, Intond to apply to tho Chief Com* 1
��� missioner of Lands for a licence to prospect for
1 cnal and petroleum on and under (110 nrros of
I land on Craham laland described as follows:
I     Commencing at a \m*t planted at the soiithwo-i-l
Corner of Coal Uaae No. MM marked C. ti. B-
! Coat Uase No. 28, thonco north K0 chains, thenco
weat 80 chains, thonce south 80 chains, tbence
. oast 80 chains to point ol commencement covering
1 all foreshore Tlahn Point.
I DatedSept. 12, 1911. C.  E.  BAINTER
I Pub. Ocl 7.
Skoena Land District-Dislrict of Casslar
Tako notlOl that  I, Thomas Carter, of Prince
Rupert,  oi-ruputiun  onrpenlor,  Intend  to apply
for permission to purchase the following descrilied land.
Commencing nt n post planted nbout one mile
aoutb from the mouth of Palls creek And nlt-nit
UK) feet buck from the bench, thonce Wl chains
nwrth, thence 10 chains wost, thonce 80 chalnr
south, tbence east 4ti chnins to point of commence-
ment, containing 890 acres more or less.
Duted July 7th, 1911.     Charles Webster Calhoun,
Pub. Aug. 6th, Auent.
Skeona Land DUtrict    District of Coaat Range n
Take   notice   that   Benjamin   Ruaael    Rice    ol
Prince Rupert, lt. (.., occupation waiter,   intonda
to apply for permission to purchaae  the (ollowing
deacrihed  lands,
Commencing at n post planted f.r,  chains south
1 from   the  southeast  OOfMf  ot   Lot   :t(ir,o.    post
marked  It.  K.  R s. ti. Comer,   thenre 70 chains
I WOK,  tbence Bft chains  north,  thence 7(1 chaina
, tMt,  tbence  ii:>  chains  toulh  to  point  ol   commoncomont, containing I'*'* acroa more or leaa.
I BENJAMIN   Ui . .1.1.   RICE
i Dated October 21, 1911.
Curion    Clothing in sold with .1 guarantor.    Bvory ���
lut tied out ti*ili*. i*. iil.lui.Mi.d credit On the " House of C
Style ,|u.i!ii\ .iti.l in .it.' the points studied in the produci
pveiy liartnent, and it  is foi  this  reason ili.u " I'lie G
dressed ninn is Ihe well-dressed nun."
Poi years past Cut .-ii tailoring has been populat
mrii residiiifi in Canada, foi In means of the CurzonSen
residents   twti seas   are   able   to   enjoy   absolute ' Clot!
conitbit" .m.l can secure theii clothing .tt very little mo
coi'. th in in the I lome Cotmti \.
Cufion     $20  Suit  or Overcoat  for  j-8.60  i-
inves ment    '������ ll ent rel> ol English materials, tailored b;
< M't'it-*. cut bj artists, it embodies .ill the necessar) features
th.u po io ii '.'-    i ��hapel> and stylish garment.     IT.'.:   ���*
uS   .* *   .   thing   is   sold   with   .i   unique guarantee, .i
puntamee  made  vvithoul any restrictions whatever, and
not .-*.��� i".'.i ,-\ .u-\ tailot ng house on eithei side ol the
\; .t:-.     ...  ;.* -.. :.:���.*,I money in full whtTt* complete
vii *.' i i nven
Made   from   Roal   British   Materials.
I   I in i ������'.' ��� ..*..' in.! address name to us is below, asking
out ol materials,    ragether ��itl; patterns,
>���        ��� > ���   ���- -      * ��� ���;.- Instructions ;.**. accu
inure, all sent fcee and carriage
., -'    - thin seven .!��-. and *  vou .!.* nt
,lj';-i.'\. .   . . .1  ****** \��:"   ***** .**���.;   ; *.*   :������.���������,*,
Oiiemv -�����,*>�����.,
���t.e.ir....   for  Pi.: *
OLO'.'flNl* SVNOICATF   *'������
444 StMrHns Av."   ne,   Toronto. Ontario
Cnrringc   and
Duty   Paid
from s8.60
Tho  World's
MoasutH*  Tailors*
60 62   CITY    ROAD,    LONDON,    ENGLAND.
Wmi tn- Omtmrst    i-cMiniom Hiiinr   us * is* oxford strut, London, cnglano.
How Commission Government Works at Lewiston
A thoaghthil sn I  a  ���* N .."*��� written f -
Ml*) News readers by Eugene A Cox, Lewiston. Idsho
order ��*.-.h>-.-; ;*.-,-
���   *   -   -  .
serves to keep the officers responsive
to popular sentiment,
Municipal Ownerahlp
Tho city owns and operates the
public water system antl maintains
ivrtu n parks and libraries, lt is generally believed that tl"' water'system
Is operated less economically und efficiently than private enterprises. It
in also felt that the public is eompen-
satsd by reason ol tl��' faot that ex-
tt'u-iims innl Improvements have been
made from time to time which enable
new sections of the city to be platted
ami developed without favoritism, Lewiston is in the semi-arid belt, and lots
easnot ba used for homos until the
water system is extended to the premises. I'nder private ownership, the
Conditions would have enabled the
private owners to retard the development of tracts in which they were not
Interested, lt Is probable also that
they would have been less liberal in the
mat tor of extensions and improvements
than the city has been.
Mutm*ip.il Accounting
The city has a thorough and complete system of accounting. All departments and officers account to, and
sottie with, the controller, whose records
are , loured by his cash payments to
the treasurer. Disbursements are made
upon warrants signed by the mayor
and controller and paid by the treasurer.
General Krrult,
ll is generally felt that the government is more democratic nnd more
responsive to ths popular will than
formerly, lt is also felt that all ad-
Iniinistrative departments, by being removed from polities, have bseoiM
more efficient. It cannot be said that
the character of the elective and appointive officers has been materially
changed under the present system.
Tins city, however, has always been
govemsd by a fairly representative
body, ll i* believed that, under the
presets system, both elective and appointive officer** have their dutiee more
detiniioly defined and their renponsibili-
Ites more certainly fixed, and that there
is a resulting Increase ui eAdeaqr.
There has been M deerea*** in taxation
under the present system. This is
partially seeotiated for by reason of
the growth ol the c::y. and partially
by increased activities ar.d new functions
��h*.ch the city has undertaken.
Thtiv :t no known official eomiplloil
\   ���.g in the city.    There has been
.-. the past but little ev.l of thi* kind.
l.ewiston's bor.d-r.-j CtedH h��s been
rsf) moderately used. .-Ul except
$."���������.AV of the ,*.-.>���'�� bor.eis out-Kar.ding
��� ere is��ued f.-r the purchase, exter.d-.n*
and r.i'vi,- , -: of the -aater ��y*letr.
o��r.ed by the c-.ty. T��v thousar.i
���S of the outstandiac bonded debt
*.�� the baiar.ce of an old bond i*��*j��
���a -. .-'- �� .. SOM be retired.   Twenty-two
Dominion Fish Market
Deslers in Fresh Fish,
Oysters and Game in
sesson. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter snd
P.O. BOX in
I'HONE 117
Plumbing, Heating, Stesmflttingand
Sheet Metal Work
OlSew: Snl Ave. Workshop:
I'hone 174 Snd Ave. bet. 7th anil Sth Sts.
Tlie Best
Absolutely put
BESNERf&  BESNER,   Proprietors;
The New Knox Hotel is run on the European .
plan.   FtrK-flaas arrvlce.   All the Latest Mixlrrn
Improvements. .�� BEDS 50c L'P j
Sid. Sykei, Manager
The Finest, Newest and -Most Up-to-date Hotel lr
Excellent Cafe. Moderate Prices.
1142 Pender Street West
Phone S500.
Second Avenue. Dear McBride
m-mm***.. m4^*mm***^mm*mf*s*��**^m******
���    ���   ��� *  *.he  payment   .*!  the
��� - of   the   reeer.t   pcvtag.1
struirs  The baI-_-.ce 0! MUM was uwued to
���ears sen m****tm rtfur.d ar.d reduce the interest rate or.
w..:  council   acting  :.. ���   all the -.vld warrant indebted!** bM-HtS
1 .- *.\   before   the   ��ior*.:.*r.   *.���'.   the   preeer.t
********    TU esaiMsa cf the -
******* U��yoi -    .  mi hy tb* _*-M*_| abstract from
.���*.'..    The c\-���*- -   .   -.he <\*r.*..*vl.<r�� b-X-ks:
Windsor Hotel
Newly furnished aad
Sl-ram  Healed Room.
W. H. Wrifk. Prep
ro set jr
When  in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at the
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.    Rates 11.00 tt C '
Hot and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver. B.C.
Crown Favorite Cooking Stove
Price from $45 to &?.
Other St
WE   HAVE   ALL   YOU   NEED    IN    BUILDERS"    H-?.: "v-.-S
SiKewd A..011. -:-.'
re movable
l*.etiet.eil Statement . * .* i**        '.v '" ***-
'..'>��� . - . .  '.VV
v ��� Charter
���     * - -'.,�� ���:.*-
c -     n     ��� . ��� - \ come V*
... cted a     ifs   ���- :.-���- si
v ��� s    >*..-*.    ���.,*���. dec ,x; ev,*-*,
- ���  - *, ma-    .-���..'.   ttaee   .v.
Sa 1 ate >.���:.*. in
S rs sn  .'.v.v.   fared -      eSMoaetfclmota   Dmise
-   *       *    .-*.vr�� mAj n* reeaOi
Its I    MJ     '.*.*     * \ ���-������*���������'j�� ��0
- a sees .-.-.'. six:*** far Seen *.���:���*��'.���. sseA   Ith       . ^ **T
I .      ��� ' . ��� *  : *.: :*-,-- -    ���   _'"^'_i:"
.  *   .-��� two ftn* a
The     Initiative*.     Referendum
ON-tsaeef r-_j  h��   -. -, ated .*: re-
K*r.i r< c-rAa-.ty under 1*10
���������at nl . tS.vv-X-O.oOj
*** x:e: ***** bonds out^S-d-
_.Whites PortUnd Cement..
125      S*m*l*mt       Secass* In
��� *
The Paper
Your Home!
Other ber.At ."utstaadtas
*. Knlcst tai
"ii-.k. a*j��h ,*- hand
T.-:a: urn-.*
Tax rate
'"*,-. !��� -h.^Atioas
.--��������.      ���-:-.--.-_
���ft*-**' st*** aeas
.���*���*. <s��:;
;:- *���: *;
:.- ���.****��� * a-
<:- r. .0
- "      - ���    -
V *       ���:       .' a \ a -     ���    .;
Isn -1_ kas Sees ccast.-i-eted
- *.h�� *.m: t-v y��a.-�� asd tke Sre
^������*m**a eejw?*--:   SM   *  acsiera
aa:.* <-.-      _ .-_t .*,? cvhsm t*rr*}s.im.
General Sumnurt
'*'    ���: - ---   .*!   :h:.t*:!'ml   J****.**-**
���_'0 t* be tia: _t�� ��t?��ev
- - - ..
iwtiiua to be n*.-i*. as yet. feat
-h* t*i-n**m **B;cssei.*; a *.i*t tk��
sysseea as a?pt**M ��� *m**
tkaa tie ��*****m ���*****-* pr.ve.iec :
EUC.tSE  A        \
Shai-ihaieJ     but He CMfl t Ktytrm
HE OL4T Y*mW32* HU1�� t.
Frsa 1 ******* m SraaW
nam ro th ou> oxktit
-    ��" T   .-:��� ir : 1     -fc��� 1
tx*c sSeat yes; trip
Rogers Sews^ Agency
* C*m _r* $i    f>*****t '. .1
Builder*' Supplies
Plumbers' Supples
p.o. dp.awer :_:���!
C-ri.-.:*: ���
��� ^������������������������������^.������������^���������Yltll
V*   He��a*
FVxe l_��ts
MecsvutHlum F.-trSBS
t.a.v-nm��evwtl Car-i*
la   CsN��*��eevsa   rVsaOsaaj
m* is*.-* a .a���-.* ,:.���>��������   ,v
^11 a     a ���
NA"       V.;-.^.,. V;. I V._.
'      X- 1 ������ -���.-��      t-ettJH
***4 '��� is- * pstaMtr rseinetti
*������-��.*    ;-._��*    -   ���-* <i  ,
~ tf i *--��'i.L-.i. m -
The Prince Rupert Hardware and Supply Co.
Complete Line of
$1.50 to $100.00
Prince Rupert Hardware and Supply Cot-P-v
��� ���*��*l-��-_|-��*l-M****f ���-��-;-��-��� �����������*������������ ���*���*���
tr*sm   f*r    Law
1*44   <*.t*s*t
N*ck LstrbtKAttf*
.ArtKl�� c*  likvj:..-
Illustratesl PampKWts
ma*t*  ma mt
X-l *' * *    *.
w.: fv_n_:.��f tAZi't*:*^*:-.
WE.-IIS!   ��� _WO* 1 l��.l��
f_5T-   ;��~3 "KU tUS
;-: ���;���:-;:
���v -
*-l     ���
���   I.*���
:    - -   ���    -
"a     ,.-       a^l      ,
R- Wi Cameron  tk Co.
_- ;    --.-   -,;   1,,
-=        XT      -.
tm m-pe aa*-sm:.m ��������� . . . ��� nrT^
Daily News Building
PHONE    i��$
Third Ave
PHONE    98     '
a k :<**-.
**.   MMn   Svn-tnw:   tie   ***********
i*i*m nw Mb} *�� st__��.   Tate a Is*
******* ****!*���**. ***** i_m * **** k_?
Utria Ua-:     I -
T__ raa S,
- ?~-: ���'���' r ������: :** ** ���,
- ..; ,-        y .     L.
���*. . -.tr.*.":    :*��� -j   i-.s
���mu tte m*f_ ���o_i|
1.   ��� .    1
*****    ��� *-aV. -
r   *���   1 ���
St**   ��..     Ja.
The James
a*%am^ *9tW**^*%H*f  ���******.    Ivh ���****���* Mn
IMKI        a****** a. IbM-t f ���
���   ��   ���   ��... * *��n"��  .. v
-.1.  ��� -* ���
-   -    1
"��      * S     XT
*.���������   rri. *������'
a   V     ' ,     **l
*    "a- :.. a .
.     -"   1 *       -        '
- - -.--v-i
-W ( .,|ll.!l*<^:t'*a*B'BfiJa*IIU��IUli THE DAILY NEWS
l     General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
�������^������.a�� i.^,,.
(NOTARY 1*11111.11')
V.  I-'. G. GAMI1I.E
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert - and - Stewart
louble Weekly Service
prince Rupert, S.S. Prince George
londavs and Fridays. 8 a.m.
|r Tort Simpson   Nam und Stewart,
Wednesdays at l P. M.
lr Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
mmencing November 9th.
Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc,
(���mate   Thursday   at   10
Commencing November 2nd.
P.   M.
kilway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
Strains trom Prince Rupert Wednes-
Idnys and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
ITIiursduys and Sundays 4 P. M.
your Chriatmaa viait Eaat travel
1 the Grand Trunk Railway System
llrom Chicago.    The finest and best
���service over Double Track  Route.
ICiiniiections with all roads Eust and
���Weal.    Atlantic Steamship booking*
Jarriinged..    Full information and
11..' ��� ��� - obtained from the office of
The World's
Greatest Highway :
Let us plan
��� to Europe.   We like to  answer enquiries.   Agent for oll Atlantic
lines.   Call on or write
. G. McNab
General Agent
Savoy Hotel
Lr, Pram and r.lh.        Choice Wines anel Cluars
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. S3
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J   P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
All Cash
14, 15, 16
33 and 34
14, 15, 16,
17 and 18
40 anil 41
$525 ca.
$800 pr.
$250 ea.
$800 pr.
$800 pr.
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate Offerings:
lnili cash.
Two lots on Seventh Avenue, 60 feet
from McBride Street.   $1400 each.
LoU 14  nnd  15, Block  12, Section 7.
$1200 the pair.
Lots 3 antl 4. Block 22, Section 7. $550
each, easy terms.
Lots 40 and 41, Block 6, Section 7.
$1100 lhe pair.
Several cheap lots on easy payments in
Section 8.
Four room house with excellent harbor
view,  lurge lot, $1750.    $750 cash,
balance $50 per month.
Lots 23 und 24, Block 23, Section 1,
graded, ready for building $30,000.
Lot in Section 1, 84 feet frontnge, with
new  house, $3200.    $1000 cash,  6,
12 and 18 months.
Two lots on Fifth Avenue, Section 5,
$2100 the puir.
Lots  15 and  16, Block 4, Section 5,
$1260 each.   Good terms.
Lol 8, Block 9, Section 6, $1150.
Double   corner   on   Seventh   Avenue,
Section 5, $1800.
Two fine harbor view lots on Borden
Street for $3150 the puir.   Good terms.
Corner Lot on Eighth Avenue, Section
6, $975.
LoU 15 and 16, Block 12, Section 6,
$4000 thc pair.
Lot 7, Block 20, Section 6, $11)00. .,.,.-
We have selected Innds in KiUumkalum,
Lnkelse nnd Bulkley Valleys. We
have a special offering in choice lands
at $7.00 per acre, title guaranteed,
one-fourth cash. We can sell this
in blocks of from 120 lo 2000 acres.
Information furnished to prospective
McCaffery & Gibbons
bkaeinu Laml Dlalrlct -Dlatrlcl ot Coast Run *
RiJrS?  M��tC*0 """  *P*  '���'*  Gra,,t ��*   ���'"i**-*-
,,L,  lv 1.    '  ���"���H*""'"* c**'** "tHill'lt'l.  inllinila
lu'sS'iid Li'isT      t0 "urcl"""' ""��� ,u"owln��
C.'oiiinu'iicln*; at a �����,��, |,iant,���| u-,,mt 3 *.o mUM
!i��, . 'i ,..',''','',""" ������""* ">��� north-mat corner
SSt ���ll .if. *���-������'���,;���""���������- ��i Vm'* DUlrict, thonco
SS '?, ih '��'' t**** ***** * ��*V~m, thoncu
***L !,r ai "k ."' "w' ""'"c" ���"������"'' lollomlnn
SSL?'is*xV*l l�� *"""' 0| lonimoncomonti con"
talnins Hill ncrw, niuru or lew*
���o"huoctu"{;,u' ""'��� ,* , U:|U)Y ���*"��� oRura
I ul>. Oct. 10, Gordon 6 KmiiliTson, Aljunl
Skeeiia Laml District -District ol Coatt Kin****) 5
lake nollco thut I. Chrisiophor Jamea llrafiani
ol 'rlnco Hop rt, 11. I' , uccpaiiun lociiiullvo
aiwiH'cr, Intend to appl* |0r permission to purchaso
tho tollowlnii described lumls. ....�����
Opmmanoina st u opot planted at tho ���oti.h-
wost corner ol Lot No, 17o*l vicinity ot Lako
LuWso and markiil Christophor J. Graham
N. fc. Cornor, thonco wmi lo chuins, thonco ..mil,
80 chains, llionco ousl lo ciiains, llionco nurlh SO
chains lo posl of ceiiiiim.nconioiil; contiiininn
12X1 acios, moro or 1ms.
CUUISTOPHI-H  JAS,   lillAHAM,   Locstor
Datod Sent. 23. mi. 11... A.M.-Wiin.osodT. D
Pub. SepL 30.
Skoona Und DUlrict��� Diatrict ol Casslar
Tako notice that K. II. Stewart ol Vancouver,
U.  C,  occupation  truckman,   intends  to  apply
for normisslon lo purchaso ihu following described
Commencing at a post planu-d 10 chains south
of Pro-umution No. UT and &3 chains east irom
lho Naas HIvor (S. W. C). thonce 40 chuins essl,
Ihence 40 chains north, ihenco 40 chains wtwt,
Ihenco 40 chains south to tho point ol commoncement to contain ItiO acrea more or leas.
Dated, Aug. 11)11. Jamas T. Kullerton, Agont
I'ub. Sopt. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coast Range 5
Take notico that Harold K. Smith of Morely,
Alia., occupation station ugetit, intends to apply
for permission to purchaie thu following described
Commencing at a poat plantod at the southwest corner 100 chaim eaat and 20 chains north
from N. K. vomer of Lot lllti, Harvoy'i Survey
Coaat DUlrict Rango ... thence 40 chains eut,
thrnce mi chaint norlh, thence 40 chains wut,
thence BO cbains soulh lo post of commencement
containing 321) acres, more or leas.
DatedSept. 18, 1011. HAROLD K. SMITH
I'ub. Sept. 23. Krod W. llobler, Agen
Skeena Land DUtrlct���Diatrict of Coast Rango 6
Tako notice lhal I, Gordon C. Kmmeraon ol
l'mi-v Rupert, R. CL occupation real estate
broker, intend to apply for permission to purchase tho folluwing described lands;
Commencing at a pott planted about 2 3-4
mllea in a northerly direction from tho northeast
corner |>ost of Lot 1381), Range 3, Coasl Dislrict,
thence north 40 chaina, ibence west to river
bank, thance south (ollowing river bank lo point
nl commencemoi.i;  conUining 160 acraa, moro or
Dated Sept. 9, IU11.  GORDON C. EMMERSON
Tub. OcL 10.
Skoona Und DUtrict��� DUtrlct of Coast Rango V
Taka notice that 1, Uenjamin A. PUh of Towner,
N.   H..   occupation   merchant,   Intend  to  apply
lor permUsion lo purchaaa tha following daacribed
Commendnf at a post planted on lhe east
boundary and about live cbains from the south*
east corner of Lot 4484, ihenco nortb 60 chains,
tbenoa aaat 90 chains, thenoa aouth 60 chains,
I nance weal 30 chaina to |>oinl ol com MB cement
Datad Juno 24, It'll. BENJAMIN A. FISH
I'ub. July ::���. Kred E. CoweU. Agent
Skeona Und Dlalrlct DUlrict of Cnaal Range &
Take notice that lllriara Roy McTavUh of
Winnipeg, Man., occupatioa barrister,, Intends
to apply for jiermUston to purchase tha (ollowing
iif-ernbcd lands:
Commanclng at a post plantad al the aouthwest
corner 40 chains eut and 40 chaina nortb from
N. K. corner of Lot 1116, llarve>'s Survey Coatt
DUtrirt Rango fi, ihenca bt) chaint east, thonco
60 chaina north, thence 60 chains weal, ihence 60
chains eouth lo post of commencement containing
MO tens mare or Inas.
DatedSept. 18,1811 IIIRlAM ROY McTAVlSH
1Mb. SepL 33. Kred W. Uohler, Agant
_N     |
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of tho ladies of Prineo Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
The New School Subject for Girl, of
the  New School
Household scienci* as a modern school
study has been steadily growing in
favor among educators everywhere. The
girls in the household scienci' classes
that the keeneBt interest in the work,
the chief aims of which are:
1. To assist the pupil in iietiuiring
n knowledge of the fundamental principles of good living.
2. To co-ordinate the regular school
studies so as to make a practical use
of knowledge already acquired.
3. To inculcate by means of practical work, habits of neatness, promptness and cleanliness.
4. To give a broader nnd nobler
conception of all household work.
5. To develop the reasoning and
the creative powers.
6. To make good citizens.
7. To give a definite knowledge of
the principles involved in household
science and sewing���that a pupil may
have confidence in her ability to do
work-that she may learn to accept
The following is the work covered in
the household science course:
1. The discussions of the home and
its functions.
2. A detailed study of the methods
of cooking, the effects of heat upon
common food materials, and simple
food combinations. This includes a
study of broiling, simmering, boiling,
frying, baking, etc., and the simple
cooking of fruit, vegetables, cereals,
milk, eggs, meat and fish, also I c making
t>f flour mixtures, soups untl puddings.
3. Preparation of simple meals, including marketing and table selling.
���I. Lessons in general house work.
In sewing the following stitches arc
taught: Even and uneven basting,
running stitch, back stitch, hem-stitching,
etc. These are used in making mats,
needle-books, hundkerchiefs, bags, doilies,
etc. The girls are idso taught to make a
hemmed patch, stocking darning and
dress darning.
sewed, try laying it on a llannel or
heavy Turkish towel as you tlo embroidery. The buttons sink in as the
material is ironed.
Salad Hint
A wire basket, known as a salad
shaker or drainer, should lie used to dry
greens after they have been thoroughly
washed. Leaves of lettuce otfen hold
water after they have been thoroughly
shaken. If they are not fully dry they
will not hold dressing well.
Delicious Appetizer
A delicious little appetiser for the
supper table consists of large queen
olives cut in half, and with the stones
replaced with caviare paste. One is
served to each person on a lettuce leaf,
garnished with narrow slices of lemon.
Beautiful Wraps Which Enhance the
Appearance as Well aa Give Protection.
.skrrtia l-aud District���DUtrict ol Coast Han***. V
Tako nunc* thsl lam. 14. Tollman ol Cedar
lUp.-la, Iowa, occupstlon lawyer, Inland, lo
apply lor 'srrniiaslun to purchaa. lho lollowing
dieae-Tihod lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the southerly
shoro ol  Kutaymale-en  lolet on the right bank
ol a small etrcani flowing into aald Inlet lust eoal   ...StCt-jn
ol Crow Lake.    Ihence eoulh 110 chains, thenco   sr.*arow.*
.eat 20 chains moro or kae to Uie chore lioo ol - *?!.
trow  Lakes,  Ibeacw northerly  and  eaaterly  lol*   ef.\
lowing tho shore line, ol Crow Lake, the Inlet
lo Crow Lake and Kutaoymaloen Inlet to the   )
place ol commoncemeoL  conUining  dirty  acraa |
more or leaa.    Located August 7, 11*11.
Daled Aug. 9, 1(11. JKS.SK M. TALLMAK
I'ul.. Aug. 12.
Ironing Wrinkle
In ironing the plait of the back of a
shirtwaist  on  which  liny  buttons  are
These garments .-.re absolutely indispensable (or this climate, and many
seen ready for the "going out" season
are very beautiful. The line sealette,
which is one of the best looking and
wearing of any fur makes a splendid
cloak, and if lined with the pure white
fur is most effective. One of real sealskin was a marvel for a rich woman's
wardrobe, lined with ermine, so that
it tu-ned back over the shoulders, forming a deep perelrine, the sides of which
were broad and graduated to the full
length of the cloak in front; the littli
ermine tails made a fringe nt thc stole
Hags for evening toilettes are embroidered with claire-de-olune beads
and paillettes, and another fashion
is to have tiny fans to accompany
these embroidered in self same way.
the bags for Theatre wear are often
matle of the same material as the gown
nnd the cordeliere to hung it by is made
of many rows of line seed pearls with
long pearl tassels. Bluck anil white
will be seen; black panne and white
mousselinc de soie, with a border of
black fox fur is very chic. Fringes of
every length are seen in all shatles, and
nre very handsome;   a lovely price, too
Skeens l-and In.met
Take notice thai K
-Disuict ol Coaat Hang. .'.
11   U. Miller ol Falmouth  ,
Kng., occupation surveyor, intenda to apply lo
dee  "
neing a
r.erf ol IjoX 4IOC. thene. weal no chisns, thenca eoulh
permission  to purcbi
ibe  following deecribed ���
Commencing at a poat ptanted at lha N. W. Cor-
Double Front Lot with 7-Room  Hou��e
on 8th Ave., Sec. 6 $1600
Two Bay-view Lots on 4th Ave, Sec.
6 mso
\Mt on 6th Ave, Sec. 6 $11-75
Isot on 9lh Ave., Sec.  7 1350
���s'.h cash and $26 a month.
Two Double Lane Corners on lltli Ave.
Sec. 8. $650 each.    Easy Terms.
Lot 19. Block 26, Sec. 6 $2200
Fire, Lift. Accident and Liability Insuume
Pattullo Block.
Call at our office and sec other bargains
Second Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest ami quick-
est way of earning money
of your own.    Apply at
THE    NEWS   ori-iop
M Alberts, of the Westhol.e Company,
was a passenger by the Prince Kupert
for the south yesterday.
A J. Morris went south by the
Rupert Friday on n prolonged business
trip lo Ihe cost.
II, Ramsay, captain "< ***** ***'>***
Blue Ribbons lmll team, Wl *<** ******
couvr yesterday by ���������<��� * rt,"T
C   C. Fox, advance inn-iager "f lh"
May Roberts Oompsnyi __J """
yesterday by thc Prince lltipert.
Q, Askew, who was in charge of the
Foley, Welch & Stewart steamer slips
ut Digby Island, left with his wife and
family for the south yesterday.
HO chains, Ibence eaat to chains, ihence nortb 3
chain, lo lb. point ol commencement containing
li-ii acree mora or loaa.
Daled August IS, l.'ll K. 11. (i. MILLKK
1Mb. Aug. SS. 1'. SI. MUler. Agant
Skeena Land DUtrict���Dlalrlct ol Coast IUnge &
Tako notioe that IL K. Miller ol Tipton, Kng- '
land,  occupation  larmer,    ntenela  to  apply   lor ,
isartniseton  to purchua  Ibe lollowing  doocrlbed
Commencing at a post planted about 60 chains
��<et Irom Iho N. W. Cornar ol Lot 4406, thence
north 40 chaina, thence west 20 chaina, tbence
aouth 40 cbaina, Ihence east 20 chaina lo th.
poinl ol commencement conUining eighty acraa
more or leak
li.ti-l Auguat It  IBM. IL f. MILLKK
I'ub.Aug.Se. I'. M. Miller. Agenl
,*M.mis its benefits to all parts of the province, allowing residents
at all outlying and distant points to purchase from our splendid
stock of Diumondi, Jewellery, Silverware, Cut Glass, Leather
Goods, Art Goods and Notions, as conveniently ns though they
stood before our counters and conducted their purchasing personally in our big Vancouver store. Our new catalogue will be mailed about the first week in November in order to allow customers
plenty of time to order their Christmas goods before the rush of
the holiday season begins. Make sure you get this catalogue ; it
is one of the finest yet issued by the House of Birks. Watch our
advertising for special and interesting lines.
Henry Birks & Sons, id.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Skeena Lund District--district ul QuMD Churloit
Tuku noticu that Austin M. Hrown of 1'rincu
Hupurt, saddler, [nttndl *���*> upply to tliu Chiul
Commliiloner ol Lunda und Works lor a licelicu
to pruHuect lor cuul, oil und petroloum on uml
under thu [ollowtna duscriliud lunds on thu West
rim*.i of (Jruhum ltiluml.
CiMiiiiii'in-iii;: ut u poit planted three mile*, east
ol the nortlieuHt enrner tif 0, L No. 4460 thunce
south HO chums, thencu t-o chuins west, thuncu HU
chains north, thencu HO chuins eust to poinl of
Located Aui'iiM Utt I'Jll.
I'ub. Auu. IU.
Skeona Luml Dislrict���Diatrict of QUMQ Chlriottl
Tuku notice thut Auatin M. Hruwn of PrinM
Kupert, OOOUpttiOD studdler, intend- to upply lo
the Chief CoinmlMlonn ol Landi snd Works for
a licence to prMHOl lur cuul, ml and petroleum nn
and under the folluwing di-ucrihud lunds un lhe
Wust Colli of tirniiHin Inland:
Gpmmwfilni m u part planted thm mil-* -'-.st
ol the northttlt corner ol I*. L. No. 4418 thence
80 chuinH wust, thencu BU clmi tin north, thencu HO
chaina eust, thencu &u chaina suuth to poinl of
Locate.! August lut, 11*11.
I'ub. Am;, i-i-
Skoena Lund Diatrict���District ol guuan Chsrlottu
Tako notico that Austin M. Hrown of 1'rincu
Kupert, occupation aaddler, intenda to anply io
the Chief Commuuloner ol l.unds und Works (or a
liconcu to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
und under thu follownitf described lunda on tho
West Cuaat of (Jrahnm lalund:
CommcncinK ut u post piunted threo milus iuiat
of the aoutheaat cornur of C. L. No. 11 .*> Ihenco
north mi chains, thcuco eust ���***> chaina, thunco
soulh 8U chains, thunco wuat mi chains to point ol
Located August 1st, lull-
Pub. auk. l'J.
Second aveiuc uml Third street
Over Weatenhaver Hroa.' Oflice.
Stork Building) Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 2*0
Prince Rupert P.O. box IJfil
of British Columbia
and Mumtultu Hum.
of HC. OnUrto.Saa-
ItatehaW-U- and Al-
Intih Httrs.
Offloo-Exohann bloolL-oanMf Third avenue and
Sixth strsft. Hrim-e Kuoert. 8
wm. s. hall, l.d.s., u. d.s.
Crown und Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operationa -kilfully treated. Gas and
locul anastheiicti administered f<*r the painleas extraction of teeth. Consultation free-. Otllces:
Ileltferscn Block. I'rince Ituuvrt. IM2
Alex.M.Mantion n.A���     W.E.Willianis,B.A.. L.L.D
Barrister!) Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
Bella Coola Und Diatrict-District ol Coast Ilanee   V. O. BOX 2.1 I'ltlNCK RUPERT
Tuke notice that II. M. ClilT ol Dundalk, Iro- TOUM    T7     T-AWJ-TV
land, occupation gentleman, intenda to anply lor JUn.lN    Ur.    LJr\ V ___< I
permiaaion to leasu the following de-cribed landa:     j TP \ flli'i*?  (*V <\ \i * I Vi'
Commencing  at  u  posl  planted   ul  the  shoro, ItiALnCiK wi    DlHulTIU
neur thu N. 1.. corner ol Lot No. J, ihence north
40 chains, thonco wost HO chains more or leas to   I'UHi. OP wm. POXOM. MQn A.R.A.y.. i��N.. ENU
emit boundary of cannery lease, thunce following   ___________________________________   ___________________
the said eaat boundary south 4U chuins more or
leaa lo shore line, thence (ollowing said shore
line easterly Su chuins more or less lo point ol
commencement;    containing  ������::������  acrua,  more  or
Dated August 31, lull.
Pub. Sept. :-.'.
William McNair, Agent
Bella Coolu Land District���District of Coast Kange
Take notice that IL M   CliU of Dundalk, lr-
land,   occupation   gentleman,   intends   lo   apply
tor  permiaaion   to lease  the  following   deacribed
Commencing at a post planted at thu N. l. I
corner of Lot 2*2, thenco nurlh 'JO chains, thence
weat -10 chuina, thence south 20 chains morc or
leas to shore line, tnence following the shore lino
eaal 40 chalu moru or lens to point of commencement; containing mi cures, more or less.
Dated Auguat 31, 1011. IL  M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land District���District of Coast Rang   ;
Take notice that II. M. CHIT of Dundalk, Inland,   occupation   conlleman,   intends   to   apply
IO.   permiaaion   lo  lease  the  following  described ,
Commencing at  a poat planted al the N. W. I
corner ol 1-tit No. 4, thenco north 40 chains, thence ���
east 40 chains, thence south 40 chaina mure or
leaa   lo   shore   line,   thonco   following   shore   line
weaterly 40 chains more or Ion to point ol commencement;   containing 80 acres, more or leaa.
Dated August 18, Ull. II.   M.  CLIFF,
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Fir.. Life, und Accid.nl In.uraac.s
CIS 3rd A���MM Phoni- i.ti.1 and Urmn 2S2
Rspslrins h Spsclslty.
��� 'iiii.i.!.-i,* Stock I'lii-rn-il.
Outsieli' Ordor-i Promptly Fillsd,
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Table* SECOND Ave.
Bella Coola Land DUtrict -Dutrict of Cowl Ranga
Take notico thai H. M. CUfl of Dundalk, Ire-'
land,   occupution   guntluman,   intends   to   apply
for   permiaaion  to  lease  the  (ollowing  described
Commencing at a post planted at tho N. \V
corner of Lot 252, thence souvh 4U chaina moru
or luai to nurihern l>oundury of luasu No. 1 applied
lor ny II. M. i lul, thence following aaid boundary
eaat 20 chaina, thencu nurth 40 chains, thence
west 20 chaina to point of commencement; con-'
taining *��0 acrea, more or i>- *
Dated Auguat 2H, 1911. II.   M. CLIFF
Puh. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land District���District ol Coast Kange
Tako ih ii.-.* that II. M. ClifT of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman. Intends to apply
for permlsaion to leaao tho following doacribed
Commencing at a post plantod at tho S. I.
corner of Lol 251, thence acuth 40 chains more
or I'--, to northern boundary of .Leaae No. 1
upplicd for by 11. M. CHIT, ihence oaat 20 chains
along aaid boundary, Ihenco north 40 chaina,
thence west 20 chaina lo puint of commencement;
containing 80 acres, more or hits.
Dated Auguat 28, I'Jll. II.   M.  CUFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair. Agenl
Hotel Central SSSItei
European nnd American plan, aleam
heated, inudern convenience*. Kat-"��
fl.ts* io (2.50 per day. ;
Pflrr HU. U
| w. j. McCutcheon il
X  Carries compl'-lc stock of Drum.   S|.**clal
X      alumUon paid lo (tiling pn*scn|itlons.
X Theatre Block **mt*tn No. a Seceud Ave.
Skaana Is,..I Iii.it,,-!     Iii.tncl ol Coaat llange i
Taa, notica lhal Frank b\  Miller ol London,
p^srs ��2s=rrJK% J^affi uSiS!SIS:^S.SUm^S^88.^^
lands; ��.���.��_.
(.'ommendna at a poat plantad at the N. K.
Corns* of Lot 28, lhanc* north 20 chains, ihsnc*
wf*t SO ehalna, thene* aouth 20 chains, thenc*
oast 20 chains to point of commsneament, containing 40 arras mora or l*s*.
Dat��l Augual 15, l.'ll FRANK H. MILLKR
Pub. Aug. tf. P. M. Miller, Agent
Skerna Und Diatrict    DMrict ol Coast Range A
Take notice lhat Louie McTaviah of Vancouver,
occupation   married   woman.   Intends   to   apnly
tor permtssloo to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted at the north-
��t eorner 100 chains eaal and 20 chains north
from N. F.   corner o< Lot 1116,  Harvey'a Survey
Coaat District  Range 5, there* 20 cha.ni aoulh,
thence HO ehains   east,  thenee 80 chains north,
thence  40 chaina  *��� -\  thenc* R0 chains aouth,
thence 40 chains srest U> post ol commoncement
dnntaining 4(h) acre* morn or leaa.
DatedSept. 18.1911. LUT*
Pub. Sept. S3 Fred W. Bohler, Agenl
Great Market in China for Prince Rupert Herring
Traili- Commissioner Jackson says that an nrtli'r for $1,000,(100 cumc
from ShatiKli'ii alone last year-Want  to deal with  Canada direct
Frince Ruperl with her teeming herrind
shoals which can he fished out of the
I.OTTIK McTAVlSH . harbor liy thc bucketful or caught with
a bare hook, or a nr.il on a luth, hai
reason to ex|icct tremendous trade in
herring with thc Orient whenever direct
lines of steamships begin to run over
the shortest ocean distance between
Cansds anil the Orient which is, of
course, via llupert and Dixons Entrance.
Interviewed  at Vancouver the other
11,11a Coola Uml lllslriet- Illstrlcl ol Coasl lUtif.
Tak. notice, that II. M. Cliff ol llunilalk, Ireland, occupation a-entletnan, Ititcneta to apply
la, pCTTniaslon to laa*. lhe lolloalng deacrib-sd
Commencing al a poal planted on the aiion
ol Neclect-cinnay Illver aliout 10 chaina wart
ol  Indian   llewnre Line .thence  steal ��0 chain.
followine.  the channel  ol   Ni-clpctsconnay   Hlvef. 	
thence south SO chains more or leaa to channel     ,        .   _    .     ,       ..      f*mmmAlam ���*1-^..,1��
nl Hells Coola Uivcr. ihence toliowini channel, day J. B. Jiickson, the Canadian  n-ado
���l   llrlla Coola  RjV�� ���-<-> SO _���_���,������<> | r>wnnilarirWM�� *t OhSH-llSl. SSltll   	
Sll chains more or Itaa to point ol commencement; '
cotilsinin, .Ml .ettm, mot* ot lews,
Hated Annus! 2S. IDll
'ub. Sepl. SO.
William McNair, A-rent
Skeena Und District���District ol Coaat lUnae .*,
Take notice lhat ttetherl J. Mackle ol ram-
broke, tint., occupation lumberman, intends to
apply lor i<ertnies!on to purchaaa tha lollowing
described lands:
Commencing al a post plsntcl on the lelt bank
ot the Zymo.ioitt or Zltn-e-gnt-lts Hiver, at south*
ant corner ol Ixil 1700, Ihence nnrlheilr. lollowing
ths weateri> ' . indary ol l.,i 1700, Ml chains
more or leas, to the northwest wrner ol .aid Lot
1706, Ihence weslefly and southerly, lollowlng
the lelt bsnk nl aald river, 80 chains more nr loss to
point ol commencement conUining 100 acres
more or leas.
pSfflOTiJit_____mE i MAfiK,K
I'ub. At-g. 26. Frederick H. Clementa, Aganl
Skeena land Dl.trlct-Dlalrlct of Casslar
Take noticn lhal I. Thomas Carter. ,,f I'rlnce
ttr,,���,t    DMtlpallofl csriienter.  Intend  I., apply
f,,r netmlsslon 10 l.urchase Ihe following ileecrlli-
"V>*mmen,*in*t al a Posl planted al.nlt one mile
,.,,th i-ii. th" .....nth nf lalls creek and about
V , feet l*ack fr���n, the l*earh. thrnce Mil cha n.
,,,,11, ll���'.i.*e HI chains west. Ihence Wl ehains
smith' thenre easl HI chains to point of omumence-
���,���.,l 'eontaininir Hail arte, more nr less,
ment. cniaininK ..���*���        ffJollAS CABTKR.
Dated July 7th. 1011.    Charles Wehsler Calhoun,
I'ub. Auk. 6lh. r**"*"1'
is an unlimited market for British
Columbia herring in thc Orient. Last
year Shanghai merchants placed orders
for $1,000,000 worth in gold, but owing
to the partial failure of the catch only
secured 10,000 of the 40,000 cases they
"I am in receipt of a letter from my
private secretary stating thai one Chinese firm had recently cabled to Vancouver to place a single order for $1.'!5,-
000 worth in gold, but a reply came
back the next day that no contracts
would be entered into."
Mr. Jackson who with his family
are en route to China has been on sick
leave antl devoted the holiday to a tour
through Alberta and Saskatchewan.
"British Columbia herring," he said,
"are regarded us a great delicacy by the
Chinese and sell over there at from $H0
to $40 per ton. I trust that the catch
this season will prove a good one as the
Skis-mi Land District -District ol Casslar
Tako   notice   thai   Charles   William   Ham   ol
Vancouver,   H.  (.'., occupation  u   ;������.��� t.��� r.  intends
lo apply for permission lo purchas*, lhe following
,:,-., iil-r-.: landa:
Commencing at a post planled at lho coniluence ul IU.nk a.ii, r river wllh the Naaa rivar
nliinil twu miles aouth Irum the sixth Dominion
Telegraph cabin. Post marked C. W. II. S. W.
Corner, thence hO chains north, thence htl chaina
east, Ihenc 80 chains south, thenee 8U chaina
west lo pninl ul coiiitnenceiiii-iil, containing 610
acres more or loss.
Dated September IS, 1011.
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skeena I_nd District    District of Caasiar
Take iintici- thai Tliutnas Arlhur While i.l Vancouver,  tl. C, occupation  carpenter,  intends to
apply   f.ir  perniissioii  to  purchase  thu  folluwing
cle-scriln-il Isnds:
Coniiiieiicitig   at   a   post   planted   at   the  con*
llrl'lii-   eif   I-!...,    i   r   i r   ||VIT  Wit ll   \..r-   r I .��� r ,.,!���. n. r
twu mil. - Miuth id tlie r-ii Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'ei.l markisl T. A. W. S. 1. Corner, thenee
8U chains north, liience 80 chains west, thenee SO
chains south, tlience. 80 chains east tei point of
,-irrrnirr r.r, -r . !,- containing tilu acrea mure or leas.
Dated Sepl. Hi 1011.
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skis'im I.und District    District ol Caaslar
Tak,   nuiice  that  Angus  Jsnies   McKemie  of
Vancouver, II. C., occupatiun l,oiikke.*|M*r, intednns
to u|,|,ly (or pi-rniission lo purchase the lollowing
descnliisl lands:
Comitient'ing at a post planted at the con*
fluence- ol itlackwuter river with Naas river, about
two miles auuth frum tlie sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'nst murke.1 A. J. H, N. W. Corner,
tlience 811 chaina soulh, Ihence SO chains east
thence 80 chains north, thenci 80 chains west
lo point of commencement, containing lilt) act.**
moro or l.-as.
Dated Sept. SS, 1011.
I'ub. Nuv. 2.
For Beginners and Advanced 1'upilg
Miss Vera Greenwood
I'upil uf Franz Wiiczek. Paris and Berlin.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upstairs
=n=E.   EBY   CSb   C*.===
real Bars :'.���*:
Kitsumkalum I.an I For Snle
S. O. E. B. S.
The   I'ri-iar.   H���,erl  L.U...  N��� .11-.  Sin.  nf
Hngland. nivt. ti,.. ii.,1   ���, I  th.rd li.-.|..v.  In
-mch m���nth In lhe Sons of Liiuland Hall. sl'J ind
Ave. ���t - p.m.
K. V. CI.AIIK. Sm .
P. O. II,.x -1-;  Prince Rupert
KRNKST A. WlllIDS. I'r Ie,,i, ll.��� it
business is in sight and will continue to
grow. Formerly the trade WSS in the
hands ol Japanese who imported the
herring from Canada and sold them as
Japanese lish in Chinese markets. The
Chinese merchants have now cut oul
thc middlemen ano\want to deal direct
with Canadians. "K would caution
parties doing business with China to
see that their contracts are made on a
solid basis as the value of the tael
fluctuates. The Shanghai tael has a
face value of 67 cents, but it has recently declined 12 cents owing to the
general unrest prevailing and the domestic troubles which have just reached
a crisis."
Mr. Jackson declined lo discuss the
rebellion now in progress there. He
pointed out, however, that if the press
reports of the victories of the rebels
were correct, a vast region extending
inland for 1,500 miles had dselsred
against the Manchu dynasty. The'
visitor is confident that trade relations  ��g_5_"1Ji .���".B��*f,,B*^-%9.tfW*S_?.tr.!SS.��.
Dated Se-pt. f>. Pill.      THOMAS Mcll.YMtlNl
A. I.. CM.
Tesehsrof Piano, Violin ami
Voice Culture.
L'llil Ave.
Between 7th & Mh Ht��.
I'rince Rupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
THIRD   AVENUE      PHONE   356.
Skeena I*and Diatrict -Dwtriri of CU-iaf
Taki> nntic** thai  IIitIhtI   McU-rnian of  Vancouver, p. ('., occupation rwl MtAtil ���font. Intends
to apply for prrmlssion lo purchaw*  thr lulluwing
'I.'.cull. ,|  Inmla:
( i.iiiiii.-iiciNi: at a punt i'im,t, I nt tliu con-1
llucnco i)f lllackwatiT rivt-r with tin- Naas river
aliout two mill'- ninth of tlu> nlxth Dominion
1 Telegraph cuhin. Pott marke.! II. M N. B.
turner, thence HO chains luiulh, tlienw N chaina
wont, thence iHO chaina nurth, thence M chaina
i-aat lo jHilnt nf curnrnencement, containing -"I*-*
acrea moro or leas.
Datod .S-pt.Z.'l, lyll        IIKHHKHT McLKNNAN
I'uh. Nov. 2,
Fti neral   Di ree tora
:tnl Ave. ni'nrMh Si. I'hnno No. H
Skeona l.iunl Dlalrlct*-I)lntrlct of Cnaat Kange 't
Tako in it'c that I, Thumaa McClymont of
Prince Hupert, H. C, occupatiun real estate
liroker, inii-ml to apply fur permiwinn tu purchaae
tho lulluwing dMQfDM  lands:
Commencing at a pWt  planted st  Iho S.   W.
cornor of p|illll|lUll|| record  412,  thenco wit HU I
chaina,  thence  auuth   40   chaina,   thence   wuat   HO |
chains  tu  shuro of  lake,  thenct* lullowing shore
of lake in a northerly direction to point ol com-
with ('lunula will improvi* when the
present troubles lhal! liave been adjusted.  He in itrongly of tho ballef that
the interestH of Canadian trade will be
vastly improved by the appointment of
a   deputy   commlnlone.   with   head-
Pub, Sopt. 0,
Krenost C.ole, Agont
..Grand  Hotel..
Worklngmsn's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
Phone 178 1st Ave. and 7th St,
GEO. BRODERIUS. Proprl.to.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Ske-e-iiii Land Dislrict      Istrict ill Coast UtitiKi*
Take   mil ice   tlial    Hi-   aniin   HUM    Iliee    nl
Prince'  llii|iert,  II. C., occupation waller,   intenein
lei apply tor permission lit purchase  the fiilluwin-c
descrilied  lands:
.     Conimeiicln*t ill n post piunted rn'i chains south
quarters at Hong Kong.    Owing to its I Imm the Hutheul  corner of Lot ION.   Post
remoteness from Shanghai he is unable wat, thtno. 69 oiilii. nortf,' thmw TO chS'lnl   Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
east,  thenco  li'i  chains  miuth  to point ol   cum-1
menceiuenl, coiilnininK 4M acres more or leas. -,,. . ���,, ��������� . --������ .._..._.���
iiK.NJAMiN ihsskl kick     CIUAHS   ::  TOBACCOS  ::   FRUITS
Haled Oclohar 11, 11111. _,	
i'ub. Nov. 2 ' G.T.P. WHARF
lo keep an eye on Unit Important tree
port whose commori'e with Southern
China, including Canton, is enormous. THE DAILY NEWS
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots arc some of the best in Sections
7 and S. The prices are as low j
as any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly -that any-,
one can buy. Along wiih this
exceptional olTer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a i
WORLD. If you hold the lucky-
ticket the trip is yours; or you i
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
one in forty-two. Come in and;
The Situation Today Borders on
Difficulty, but the Men Maintain
Quiet Resistance.
A rumor current this morning that
the Ci. T, P. had decided to pay the
50 cents rate demanded by the longshoremen is denied by the G. T. P.
authorities. The statement that there'
is a tie up even after the freight has
been landed by ship-' clews because
teamsters will not haul it is also denied.
A crew of longshoremen went to work
unloading ths lumber boat in for Foley.
Welch & Stewart yesterday, but laid
oil on the appearance of Captain Peterson of the Pacific Const Stevedoring
Company to take charge of them. The
men have so keen a feeling against
the company that they refused to work
for Peterson.
It is said that the C. P. R. boits
were ready to pay the 50 cent rate, but
are prohibited from doing so at the
Ci. T. P. dock. So far as the companies
are concerned no statement is matle
beyond the denials quoted, and the
attitude of the men's organisation is
similarly silent.
"The News" Classified Ads.
=0ne Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
*��1WMI ^fctl-^ll'^..,-*'^-!-^ l>*-fcl'-*^l**^��.*-.  H^tH
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Hontis
Policies Prepared While Vou Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S. ���*-Houses and Rentals.
��� Immense interest is being taken in
Northern B. C. Coal.
The opportunity for big fortunes
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue at extremely low figures).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, Ltd., at our offlce���dollar shares,
15. each, 5c. cash.
H. F.  .McRAE & CO.
Phone 205 Second Avenue   n8
who thirsts for her blood. The part of
this man Barruto, taken by Mr. Ira
Robertson was powerfully interpreted,
antl the fact that Mr. Gillard took "Sir
Horace Wei by" is assurance thai that
important part was thoroughly presented.
Most effective in the whole play was
the terribly thrilling scene where the
j all but conquered Adventuress hears
passing along the silent streets t.f Rome
the mournful chanting procession of
the monk, who bear to the grave the
bodies of those found BSSMSlnstsd.
Horror of the assassin's stiletto breaks
her evil power at last, and in the lust
instants of the last act the audience is
thrilled by watching her pr.-s safely
within u foot of the Corsicj.n's dagger
to llee for ever from Rome.
Tonight in Victorien Sardou's famous
play "Divorcons" the Mi.y Roberts
tf I Company one and all will be ;*een at
���� j their very best. This play \. I.ich was
presented early in the week w..i then
an acknowledged success, and is .epeated
in response to numerous requests. Noth-
illg could  be more amusing than the
As Well as Good Citizens She Also Produces Large Quan-! 0-ever realisation by the members o: he
Here at last Our delayed shipment
of corsets. Latest models, many styles,
all sizes.���Wallace's.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lnwney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory
tities of Timber, Fish, Dairy Products and Minerals
Among the enterprising men and j exportation. In 1910 the exportation of
women who have mude Prince Rupert | fr**"*5*1 herrings, cod, mackerel, salmon,
and  .Northern  British  Columbia  theirletc- amounted to more than 10,000.000
home are large numbers of Scandinavians. I kroner- Amon8 olher Products ��'
Despite the similarity in latitude and I fishi"*-* a,ld ***"*****����� **** ""*>' mention
coastline of Norway and North.rn j fish-��l1 ,e!-.'*>rta ��n 'or the last few
British Column:*, it i�� probable that a j -veurs 150',,0�� l0 170'000 h*"*"0-**"* P"
large trade between the two countries I -;:'""" ' r""' "������������������������""���" ��������'��� ''''��� -'"��� ""���
will lv built up.
Since the Norwegian Consulate was
vacated by Mr. T. D. Pattullo, the
consular work has been looked after
by Mr. John    Dybhavn, who is active
in  looking   after  thc  interests  of  his
countrymen.     He   has   recently   been I
placed in possession of the directory of
exporters   issued    by   the   Norwegian I
Trade   Intelligence   Bureau;    and   will,
be glad to furnish  information  about I
Norway to any who may inquire.
Wide   Range   of   Export.
It may be of interest  to enumerate
briefly some of the principal branches
of Norwegian manufactures and articles
of exportation.    There are a few main
groups of Norwegian goods, which have
been known and prized for a long time
in   foreign   markets,   especially   wood
pulp, timber, and fishing products.   In
looking through the   ist of Norwegian
articles of export, we cannot but not ce
the   many   sided   character   which   at!
present stamps Norwegian industry' and <
Forest Product*
Of the vast area of the country, 21
per cent is covered with forests and
it is therefore very natural that Norway,
should play an important part in supplying ths markets of the world with i
timber. About 1,500,000 cubic metres
of timber are exported annually. The
greater part is exported as planed
timber, but considerable quantities are
also sent as when, mining and round
timber, etc, Further, considerable quantities nf wooden articles in a more
finished form, such ijs juinery. coopers'
work,   mouldings,  etc.,  sre exported.
We may also here ine tide matches
which are *ulil even in the most distant
Transatlantic markets. This manufacture is an old and famed branch of
Norwegian industry, and the export
amounts to more than 5000 tons per]
annum. Special mention must be made;
of mechanical and chemical wood pulp,
Altogether the exported products of
sealing, whaling and ordinary fisheries
amount to ubout-80 to 90 million kroner
per annum.
Dairy Farming
The cultivation of the land has increased very considerably, and of agii-
cultural products considerable quantities arc exported. Special attention
ha been given to the development of
cattle breeding and of dairies. Norwegian butter is much appreciated in
the British market. In. 1910 the exportation amounted to 1,242,000 kilograms besides 581,000 kilograms of
margarine. Another article which is
produced and exported in large quantities is condensed milk, of which 15,600
tons w.*re exporled in 1910
Product, of the Mine.
As regards mining we would  name
| iron   pyrites   and   copper.     In   1910,
1316,000 tons of iron  pyrites were exported.    Among other articles we may!
mention   feldspar   (exportation   about j
119,500  tons).    The stone  industry  is j
i also of great importance, both as regards!
pavings and .'tone for building purposes!
in rough and polished qualities.   About
200,000 tons of hewn stone are exported
The other branches of industry that
deserve to be mentioned here are Ihe
metal and machine industries, which
In many respects have reached a re-i
msrksbls degree of development, such
BS shipbuilding, the manufacture of.
horseshoe and other nails, and the
manufacture of machines and electrical
Among ths exported art'cles may SlsO
be Included calcium carbide, which ll
largely produced and of which 60,600
ton-, wire exported in 1910, and nitrate
of Calcium N'orgesnlpeter) the manufacture of which is a Norwegian in-
| vent ion.
company of the trally surpassi.j.ly
clever parts and situations c-eateri by
the great French playwright. "Divorcons" is beyond doubt the best
dramatic presentation ever put on in
Prince Rupert, and to miss seeing so
perfectly played a comedy of such
acknowledged merit would be a pity-
since good dramatic work is not too
frequently seen iu this city.
Forty-two inches of rain fell yesterday
in Prince Rupert according to the report
issued by the meteorological, observer
in a despatch to (he News offlce. The
rilii.iri.il prerogative was used to make
it read "decimal forty-two." That
seems to suit the gentle rainfall of
- yesterday better.
After proving that Prince Rupert has
had as genial a summer as any place on
j the Pacific Coast this year, it is too bad
| of our officiul observer to go back on the
town this wuy. Forty-two inches of
rain. Why, it never rains as much a-
thut inu day in Vnncouver.
Not fog, nor mishup, nor any other
untoward reason kept the sturdy old
Camosun so late this last trip. Her
red funnel appeared round the harlmr
entrance ut ubout nine a.m. today, and
some of those citizens who have never
seen the "old reliable" in dnylight
lowing to t he sanctity of Sunday morning
no doubt) usked what that new boat was
called. The reason for the daylight
visit of the Camosun, which like Hulley's
comet, cun usually be calculated upon
to the second was that she made a
special trip coming north, to Ocean
Falls where she landed some fifty workmen for the pulp mills. Stewartonians
will have siill more reason than Rupert
citizens to marvel at the non-appearance
on time of the Camosun, because she
is billed to make another special call
this time at Goose Bay on her way to
the Portland Canal city.
of which articles Norway is one of the j
chief countries of production. In 19101 Thrilling Success of "The Adven-
Norway exported ubout 610,000 tons of 1 ture.s" Last Night Will be Followed
hST production Of WOOd pulp to Countries       *9 Most Acceptable Repetition of
in and beyond Europe. The production
of paper, chiefly pri nl ing paper, packing
paper, and wood cardboard, Is also of
very  great   importance.     In   1910  the
exportation of paper amounted to about
188,800 tons.
Norwegian Fisheries
The regular important coast fisheries
yield the chief part of the fish products
exported.    First  come the well known
articles of consumption  klipflah  and
stockfish. In 1910, 88,000,000 kilograms of kliplish, and 2:1,500,000 kilograms of stockfish were exported. /*
cheap   and   valued   comestible   is   salt
Plans and specifications for a fine new I
residence modern and substantial in'
every way have just been completed by
Mr. W. L. Barker, architect. The
residence is planned for a site on Fifth
avenue not far from McBride street, und
will be a house of two storeys and
basement, all hot water heated, and in
every way perfectly equipped.
"Divorcons" Thi. Evening.
In "The Adventuress" played for thc
second time in Prince Rupert bust night
at the Empress Theatre by the May;
Roberts Company, Miss Roberts finds 	
her most congenial part, and her in- offers will be ree-ived by ihe asteOsastf tin io
terpretntion of it certainly greatly pleased .T"1 "' ____' "***"* November, mil. for
L ji j     , _        , ,1 **** l'urcha��e .if the Ksohanire Grill as a ���rnlfiK
concern.   An inventory of assets will be furnlsh-
,-rl on application.
her audience and the other members
of (he company more than made good.
The plot of the play is simple enough
und is well known. Two orphaned
sii'ers of an English family of birth
are living in Rome in obscurity under
an   impending  cloud  of  shame   which
D. (5. STKWAI1T.
Stewart A Mol.ley.
P. It. Ilareluare A .Supply Co.
For Rent ���,
i .   .liar   aM.^.*^"*.,, Si i*
Niee Furnished Kooms, Mrs llr.-enwood, Aleler
Uluek; Thlnl Ave. 178-tf
Kor Kent-Furnlsheel rooms, ll.'t anil cold water
with bath. Uml.,- Rooms, I'.tli Ave. anil Fulton
Street. tf
For Kent-Sons of Knulanel Hall. US 2nd'Ave., for
Dances. Fraternal Societies. S.-clals, etc. Apply
Frank A Kills. Box 869 or plume US. IBrt-tf
OUR Companies ur.- noted for prompt ��nd just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty und Insurance Co.
J Wanted j
ej.��~a..~a..a*....^,.^���^>,^|<,^,,^,,^,,^1, ***SM
Wantcd-Good irenei-al aervant. Best waires to
capable peraon.   Mra. C. V. Bennet.     2W-2S6
Wanted a bricklayer. Apply at Cold Storage
riant. Seal Cove. *.'ls-'JSel
Wanted-General aervant irirl; olher maid kepi.
Apply Mr.. L. W. Patmore. Ml-tf
Wanted. - Cleaning and pressing, alterations
ant] repairing for men and we-men. Dressmaking
called for and delivered. Mra Charles I'ercher.
Kill Third Ave.   t'lmti. -*.,| Red. tf
LIVE AGENTS to sail alork in Company Incorporating for Patent Brick which will revolutionize modern building construction. Approved
and highly recommended by leading architects
anel builder. In Vancouver. Will realize big
dividends. Liberal commission. Only responsible parties need apply. Smith A Rogers. 312
Pender St. West, Vancouver, B.C. St
j       Lost and Found
liil'NIi   -'Small Keys.   Inquire at Newa Office.
Loat���Between theatre and Fraser Street amall
gold walch with long chain and monogram "A.
W.R."   Liberal reward on returning lo Miss A.
!(.�� In in,*. Phone .,-.' Black. 2M-*!M
Real Estate
�����' i-ii *****%
Will buy lota <n Prince Rupert at bargain pricea
for cash. Apply P.O. Box 8G0 statin* location,
price, etc. .' u-if
Commencing Monday. November Clh. train Na
��� from Prince Hupert Mondays, and No. 67 from
Vanarodol Tueeday.
See regular advertisement for schedule.
A. E. M- M v 111;
-UK-aBal Agent G.T.P. Ry.
One lot, Block 5, Section 1, Beach
Place. Price $2100, $1000 cash
balance 0-12 months.
One lot, Block 17, Section 1,
First Avenue. Price $2500,
$1000 cash, balance 6, 12, and
18 months.
Two lots, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one
fourth cash, balance G-12-18
One lot, Block 20, Section 5, fine
view with two fronts, Sixth
Avenue and Seventh Avenue.
Price $1365, $800 cash, balance
One lot, Block 9, Section 5, Sixth
Avenue. Price $1525, $705 casli,
balance 0-12-18 months.
One lot, Block 0, Section 5, Fifth
Avenue. Price $1500, $300 cash,
balance 3-6-12 months.
Two lots. Block 22, Section 7,
Sixtli Avenue, Price $600, one-
half cash, balance $25 per month.
One lot, Block 15, Section 7, two
fronts, Sixth Avenue and Hays
Cove, with house 32 x 20.
Price $2625.
One half of lot 13, Block 40,
Section 7, fronting Ninth Avenue. Price $400, $200 cash,
balance $25 per month.
Lots 19-20, Biock 4, Section 8,
corner Ninth Avenue. Price
$800, one-fourth casli, balance
6-12-18 month.
Lots 9-10, Block 16, Section 8,
Tenth Avenue. Price $250 each,
inu-ilm11 cash, balance 3-6
Notice to Orangemen
All Orangemen are Invited lo attend a meeting
In lh* Sons of England Halt Second Avenue, on
Friday evening. Nov. .Ird. al t p.m.
It,..ii ���.-   1 -��� lake ateps to organize a lodge.
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   Ftwnri&l   Chandlery
sr.eiNli Avrirr
ratNrn nrrr.nt
<".. T. P. Transfer Agenl.
Orders pnimpllr flllad.    Pnre. reasonable.
OFFICE- H. B. It-* hr.i.r. Centre si     Phon. *.
75 x 100 feet on Third Avenue.
Level.   Good lease.
Stores on Second Avenue.
$10  down   and   $10  per  month
buys a lot now.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd.
We ,-arrv everything ill  the   t**4 HnC,  al.0 g.r-
den *es*ds at the lowest market pricea. al Collart's
"In Fieri Store. Market Plac.
Prompt Delivery
Phone* 41 or.*-)
P.O. box M
rnoNt 301
rr*TCMATIC mi at mSTr.   i��:i.ivi-Rr sntm i.
Itaggag*. Storage and Forwarding Agent.    For
Riga or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Are. and Fulton
Phone 301
���-��� -������
(.eneral  Hardware
Builder.' Hardware
Valves & Pipe      Oxfonl Stoves
Granitcwan.      Tinwart'
-* * *���* - *-*-*-*-*-*-*
Coal Wanted
Tender, will be rerrK ,.| by Ihe undersigned up
I.- "��� p in N.-. ii. f,,r th. supply ami delivery In
lhe bonkers al lh. Electric Light plant, of 22.'.
1,-ng tons first class steam lump coal.
�� City Clerk.
Regular $2.00 Values for
Better qualities at $2 up to $16 for fine eide
$1.25 it!
fr We are headquarters for Fuin-t*��e.
���fr "i���_T"*���TTT. "    Linoleums, Kitchen Uten
^ sils,  Stoves,  Bedding,  Ostermoor Matrasses   Blanl
I " "
b and
sils,  Stoves,  Bedding,  Ostermoor Matrasses,  ]:
Cutlery,  Chinaware,    Glassware,   Minors
Plate, Lamps, Baskets, etc. :        ���
and   Mirror
g See us for everything for housekeeping f
j*y *
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phon
e 62
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co.,
Second Avenue
Prince Rupert
Ladies' Skirts
Just arrived.
Big assortment of fabrics in all
Woollen Shawls for cliildrt'n, Sweater Coats in a great variety of Color.
for men and women, Boy's Sweaters and Jersies at prices to pleas.' Jim
UNDERWEAR   for Men, Women and Children in a great variety
���Your kind is here
COMFORTERS    These cool  nights will  remind you that you
need an extra comforter���We have  the uni'il-
this store has earned  the reputation of'
House of Gootl Values."   We invite you tti
and will treat you right.   No fancy prices.
825 Third Avenue        'THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Phone 2*13 Black
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
hi'i-riiid, nf whii-h .".liout 1,050,000 hoeto-1 threatens   them    through    the   baleful
litre     were   exptirtetl   as   Well   us   salt I
mackerel. Ths tlnnsd goods Industry
bus undergone n very past development,
This is ii branch "f Industry fur ��*hleh
ths country eesms especially adapted,
chiefly us regards prsserved fish,  Tlnnsd
KiineN arc unnuully exported tO the
amount of mure thun 1-1,00(),()00 kroner,
ami anchovies for about, 900,000 kroner,
With the constantly Improved msans
of communications, (mh lish hus also
become   u   very   important   urtlclc   of
power of Stsphanle, tha "Adventuress,"
who under French law holds in her hand
menus to declare one sister's marriage
null and void, and her infant nameless.
Sir    Horace    Welby   comes   lo   the
rescue in  timi
of will und wit with thc Adventuress
whom he known of old, compels her to
leave Rome in very terror of her life
through the presence at his command
of u savagely vindictive Corsican whom
Stephanie has once cruelly wronged, nnd
We, the undersigned, state thai 'any
slanderous statements made by us as
to thc character of Mrs. Eric Rosang
are absolutely without foundation, and
were made in the hent of a quarrel
and ufter a fierce war j between out-selves, and we believe Mrs.
Unsung to be a respectable moral
Datetl ut Prince Rupert, this 1st day
of November, 1911.
ii9 H.  OLSEN
Do away with this.    I'atromze a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Auction   Sal.
NOTICE la I .-...Lv (Ivan (feat Jim*. Ilsi,,rlv.
leaa r.tak**n prssrsslon of lx.1 S.ventsa��n (17),
ltlnrti Twantv lour (241. R-Kltlon On. (II, Townsll.
ot Princ lluprrt, tinilff anil hy vlrlui. of (lowers
e*nntalne*-l in le-aa. Imm him lo Jamaa Oonahii.,
Arthur Murray anil John Armstronf.
said Jamaa llam-i-rty will .ell hy puhlie aurllon
the lr.,,Linus err-rled hy the lAtmtm upon the
asld premises, said sale to be held at l'rin�� Itupert,
H. C, on the tint day of November, A. D.. f��1l,
st thre. o'clock In the afternoon upon the aforesaid
We   Loaned
Per Cent, to
Build This
Per Cent, to
Build This
Let us loan you the money to buy or build a house or pay off a mortgage.
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C.


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