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The Daily News 1911-11-24

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Twenty-four hotir^f  ,ig5 a.m.,
itii-mflr ,
UAX. TKMP.    MIN "*���*    .    HAR.       IN. IUIN
4U.0        _A       29.891    1.04
.Co #
The Daily
���> ���
19 i
Camosun Sunday, 9 a.m.
Prince** May Saturday a. m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 269
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, November 24. 1911.
Price Five Cents
Hr'.p'lftv /RUnfa l\ innl
Washington, Nov.
President Taft has ordered
all navy officers to be prepared for the removal of the
reserve fleet to the Pacific,
where a permanent station
i.s to be established at San
Francisco. The announcement comes with startling
suddenness, and is deemed
a direct proof of the United
24��� States intention to dominate
the Pacific, regardless of the
ambition of Japan.
The reserve fleet consists
of 8 battleships, but these
will be greatly enlarged in
the next year or two. The
naval power of America will
be concentrated in the Pacific to "guard the interests of
civilization," the officials say.
On election day it is quite I Aid. Morrissey all desire a
probable that the citizens will | city library, but Aids. Clay-
he asked to say whether they ton and Morrissey object to
want a library, and if so
whether they want a Carnegie Library.
C. W. White, Secretary of
the Vancouver Branch of the
B. C. Library Association,
has already written the city
council to see whether the
city can arrange for a Carnegie Library in Prince Rupert. Aid. Clayton, Aid.
Douglas, Aid. Newton and
the Carnegie scheme. Ale1.
Newton is prepared to support any library scheme���if
not the best���then the next
Alderman Hilditch pointed
out that a room was already
set apart in the new City
Hall to be used as a library.
A plebiscite on the library
matter will probably be taken.
$75,000 of your money to construct it. DO NOT VOTE FOR
If you shall vote for it and
sanction is given by the people
to its support, I may state that
an injunction from the courts
will be applied for to restrain the
issue of bonds or the hypothicat-
ing of same to the banks until
the Provincial Health Officer
shall pass upon it, of until a
signed agreement with map shall
be attached showing the permanent outlet in Hays Cove, guaranteeing the immediate construction
of a temporary extension to pre-
In Final Letter to the Citizens, Aid. Morrissey urges them to defeat the Bylaw-
Will Make a Microbe Hatchery of Hays Creek He Says
Citizens of Prince Rupert: cess  pool  in  Hays  Creek, a
This is my last message to you choice residential district, and
on the trunk sewer outrage, and asks you to vote a by-law for
it is to urge you to vote against
the bylaw on Saturday. The
by-law as it now stands is nothing but a scheme to turn Hays
Creek into a microbe hatchery,
which will mean disease and
death and injury to the town.
Speculators have already established a red light district on
Comox Avenue. This council
have established a Chinese laundry district adjacent to it. Greater institutions for filth generating cannot be produced in the
world. To find an outlet for the
infection germenated in such
districts, the present council proposes to establish a provincial
serve strict sanitary conditions
in our town. This agreement
must be signed by the G.T.P.
Ry. Co. and the City Council.
No citizen is more strongly in
favor of a first class complete
sewage system for our city than
the writer, that will guarantee
to its citizens honest returns for
the money invested in a first
class up-to-date sanitation system.
Thanking you for your patience
with me, also the press for its
generosity of space and time, I
Yours very respectfully.
Prince Rupert, Nov. 24, 1911.
A contract for some 500 barrels of cement has been awarded
to the Westholme Lumber Co.
on the recommendation of the
City Engineer, the contention
being that the Westholme people
are the only firm having the
cement on the ground ready for
use. The Westholme Lumber
Company was not the lowest
tender. Messrs. Schreiber & Co.
were lowest,  but their cement
' was objected to because it was
packed in sacks instead of bar-
| rels, and it was decided to accept
the Westholme Company's tender. Aid. Hilditch who explained
the advantages of the Westholme
stuff very fully remarked that
i this question had no business
coming up in open council at all.
i ft should have gone to the Works
j Department, he said.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
A surprising amount of train
traffic is now going on over the
completed section of the G. T. P.
out from Rupert. In an afternoon's excursion out to section
two yesterday during the short
time taken to traverse the first
mile of track, there passed no
fewer than six trains of various
types, from the light engine and
brake van to the ten car ballast
train and thc regular mixed
freight and passenger train from
Van Arsdol.
Major Morris Promoted
Salvation Army Major Frank
Morris who has head of the B.C.
command has been often in Rupert leaves for London, Ontario,
(Canadian Press Deipateb.)
Pekin. Nov. 24-The Chinese
officials has received confirmation
of the murder of missionaries.
They will order the decapitation
of all who took part whether
Manchu or Rebel.
fct-^H***-* *i*^mis***mtt****r**m
Our Troubles Are Over
FOR several days past our readers have
been entertained with a newspaper hand
set by the method of Father Caxton.
TODAY a force of mechanics are busy
erecting our new machinery.
TOMORROW, the News expects to set
its type on the new machinery.
Active steps are being taken
to form a Ratepayers' Association in Prince Rupert. A number of the leading ratepayers met
last night antl discussed preliminaries. A strong feeling exists
that the interests of the ratepayers are being sacrificed to serve
political ends, and the men who
met last night are pledged to do
away with political influence altogether in their organization.
The rules of the Association
permit only ratepayers willing to
serve their own and the interests
of the community exclusive of
political bias, to find place in the
organization. It is estimated
that over two hundred such spirited men can be rallied together
!n Prince Rupert.
The new Association may seek
to place representatives on the
Council. ��
Under the worst possible conditions two local newspaper men \
toiled over section two yesterday
afternoon. The rain splashed
down, the wind blew its hardest.
There was scant comfort for man
or beast all over the townsite.
Men with more leisure were within doors, but the fact that there
was nothing doing in town gave
the Knights of the Pencil their
opportunity, but in spite of the
weather section two looked attractive.
The lots by any means are not
sloppy. The natural drainage of
the section is good.   Large quan
tities of surface water trickle off
by the railway grade to the sea,
and on the other side to Morse
Creek, to the disadvantage of
Morse Creek as a drinking water
water supply should section two
be soon built upon. There are
many level lots, some mountainous ones, and plenty of in-betweens.
Don't Buy Coal
Wait! The first week in December the Westholme Lumber
Company, Limited, will begin
selling Ladysmith Coal for $8.50
per ton, delivered,
* i ���.,ii.i,li.ii, Press Despatch.)
Washington, Nov. 2-1���President Sam. Gompers and his colleagues in control of the A. F.
of L., Frank Morrison and John
Mitchell have to stand a second
trial for contempt arising out of
the famous Bucks stove case, by-
order of the Supreme Court of
A Dangerous Corner
J. S. Carmichael had the
misfortune to fall and bruise
his face rather severely on
Wednesday morning while the corner at Sixth
Street and Second Ave; The
sidewalk at this place is not
by any means in good condition and a person is likely
to take a nasty fall there on
a frosty morning.
Presents for abroad��� many things
easily sent by mail.    Wallace's.
The Board of Works has
recommended that permission be granted Aid. Hilditch
to build a temporary street
at his own expense beside
Centre Street, for the purpose of moving the Schreiber Block. City lumber will
be used, the lumber to be
sent afterwards to the cemetery road for construction
Steamers North and South
For Skagway, Ketchikan
and Juneau the ss. Curacoa
leaves tomorrow night, for
Stewart the camosun tonight. Mail from below by
the camosun tonight. Princess May south Saturday
iCniinillan Press Despatch.)
Pekin, Nov. 24-Premier Yuan
has announced that his policy
will be to seek friendship with
the United States and of opposition to the plans of Germany.
Best meal in town at the Savoy.
supply fittings
Following are the successful tenderers for supplies for
the Woodworth water supply
pipes and fittings within the
city limits:
Cast iron pipe - Balfour,
Guthrie & Co., Vancouver,
amount $63,110.88.
Fire Hydrants ��� Canada
Foundry Co. (through their
Prince Kupert oflice), amount
Gate Valves-Drummond,
McColl & Co., Vancouver,
amount $1865.30.
See Howe & McNulty for the
famous Kootenay Ranges.
Morse Creek pumping
plant which will greatly increase the fire protection of
Section 1, is as far advanced
as possible without machinery. The engine requires
parts from Vancouver which
have been delayed. A large
sheet steel stack lies on the
plankway awaiting erection,
which unless the wind abates
will be a difficult matter.
There is abundance of water
in the dam at Morse Creek
at present, enough to quench
fifty fires. Cast iron pipe is
on the ground awaiting laving, to carry the water supply to the business section
Comment in the city is generally condemnatory regarding the
nominal sentence imposed in the
recent case of cruelty to a horse.
Many who saw the way the animal was handled feel that the
sentence was lighter than the
offence deserved.
Atlanta,   Nov.   2-1-President
Gompers appeared pleased when
the news was conveyed to him of
the adverse decision. The other
leaders laughed. They will welcome a conviction and penitentiary term, believing that :t
would crystallize public opinion
antl convince the people of America that the courts are corrupt
and the Republic imperilled.
Killing presents home? Many things
in our stock; we pack them so they go
From Chicago comes the news
that the probable successor to
President'Graves, late president
of the White Pass Railway who
died suddenly in Ottawa, recently, will be Mr. Oldickson, formerly of the Burlington Road.
Manila, Nov. 24. - The
Eighteenth Regiment is preparing to go to China at
once. Other regiments are
preparing to follow.
Considerable ballasting is
being done on the G. T. P.
yards at the tie wharf. Six
or eight tracks are available
for sidings, and these are being raised eighteen inches,
and put in finished shape
with fine ballast. The yards
will be in splendid order for
heavy traffic by spring. Already elaborate bridge building cars, snow-plows, and
other rolling stock is waiting
there, with lines of box and
flat cars.
The steamer Amur is on the
market. The C.P.R. will replace
the Amur with the new steamer
Sophia, which was launched at
the yards of How, MeLachlan &
Co., at Paisley, last week, the
Amur having been found no longer suitable to the requirements
of the company's trade on the
northern B.C. route. After her
stranding some months ago at
""���_ ~  IWrangel   Narrows the steamer
Instruments will be pur-was brought to Esquimaltland it
chased by the city for a brass was decided not to make repairs,
and reed band, the instru-1 The steamer has been lying dis-
ments to be marked and tol*****.9,nce' an<i now the CP'
remain the property of the has ,,ecl(,e,i t0 offer the steamer
Warm clean rooms at the Savoy.
city. The exact amount to
be donated has yet to be decided by the Finance Committee and will have to be
made up out of savings from
other city expenses.
for sale.
Meeting Fell Through
Owing to the lack of attendance the meeting in the
police court last evening
which consisted of two Empress men and three Crescents, had to be postponed.
Buck up you baseball players
and put in an appearance at
the next meeting which will
take place shortly.
A Fireman's Wedding
Romance clings about the
marriage of a fireman always, and tonight over in
the hall at Seal Cove, the
wedding of Mr. Jas. Gibson,
of the city fire department is
due to take place. The future Mrs. Gibson is Miss Alice     . . Ne,w Laundry Rl*
Gamble of Seal Cove, one of LA hanfomc, new r,K -tfor *he
i j    �� it u ��� Pioneer Laundry is awaiting de-
thn   IfAimi.     I ���! _ I i>      * ���_-.__-.    fimriMfi" I  .. . ^ _
livery at the waterfront.   It ar-
the young lady "old timers"
of Prince Rupert.
| rived by the Prince Rupert.
The Daily News
The Leading .Xeaspaper and lhe Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publiihing Company, Limited
TR.-VMSIEVr DISPLAY ADVERTISING-ISO cents per inch. [Contract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-DAJLV, 50c
per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance.
Daily N'e.v*i B.ildmf. Thirl Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
Si-bscribers will greatly oblige by promptly calling up Phone 9S in case of
non-delivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
Daily Edition.
Friday. Nov. 24
Tomorrow the property owners of the city are to vote
on the by-law to raise $75,000 for the purpose of building a
trunk sewer down a portion of Hay's Creek. This sewer
will eventually drain Sections One. Five, Six and half each
of Sections Seven and Eight.
A sewer there is necessary, and will become increasingly
so as the population grows. It is only wisdom to prepare
sanitation in advance for the great rush that will take place
to Prince Rupert within a year.
The objections to the present scheme, are that in its present incomplete state it may become offensive to Hays Creek
residents, and that no guarantee of an ultimate outlet is
The News publishes letters from Aid. Morrissey opposing the scheme, and from City officials favoring the scheme,
in order to enable the voters to come to a decision.
It is admitted by members of the Council that the reso-
Jurion regarding a temporary outlet to tide water is not binding on any future council, however they may be disposed to
regard it.
Great assortment of
for men, women, women and children
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When in   Vancouver  You   Should   Stay at the
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates tl.OO to *2.5H per day.
Hut and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
are sounding in the near distance, bidding us prepare for that
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"My dear boy. sue cnea vehemently, "you doi.t understand the value of
such  credential*.    Vou  always  speak
am! act as If you were ou board one
of your 1.. CtOI*ing warships, where the
best metal and the heaviest guns are
_.;. Important. It is not so In society,
even the soriety of a small Cornish
town. Although 1 am an earl's daughter 1 cannot afford to be quietly sneer-
id at by some who would dispute my
social supremacy."
As each complaisant sentence rolled
forth he laughed quietly ln the darkness.
���Mother." said be suddenly. "Mr.
Traill and I have had a lot of tal'.:
about Knld during the past two day.-.
I have not seen you until this evening
before dinner, so I have not had an
opportunity to tell you all that has
"Some new embrogllo, 1 suppes?."
���be said, not at all api**ased by his
seeming carelessness as to what the
Dowager Lady Tregartheu or Mrs.
Taylor-Smith might say when goss.j
"Well It Is. In a sense," he admitted.
"You see, we are Jolly hard up. It's a
squeeze for you to double my jay. and,
as I happened to Inform Mr. Trail,
that I was going to marry Enid, long
before he knew she was his daughter,
it came as a bit of a shock afterwards
to hear that he Intends to endow her
with two 1.ut. Ire,I thousand pounds
on her wedding-day. Now the question to be discussed is not whether the
adopted daughter of a poor lighthouse-
keeper who may be Lord Thls-and
Thai In disguise Is a good match lor
me. but whether an Impecunious
lieutenant ln the Koyal Navy is such
a tremendous catch for a girl with a
great fortune."
Lady Margaret was stunned. She-
began to breathe quickly. Her utmost
expectations were surpassed. Before
she could utter a word her son pretended to misunderstand her agitation.
"Of course lt was fortunate that
Enid and I had jolly well made up our
mind* somewhat in advance, but it
was a near thing, a matter of flag sig-
nals���otherwise I should have been
compelled to conalder myself ruled
out of the game. Therefore, during
your tea-table tactic*. If t..e Dowager,
or that old spit-tire, Mr*. Taylor-Smith,
says a word to you about llrand, just
give 'em a rib-roaater with Enid's two
hundred thou', will you? Whilst they
are reeling under tbe blow throw out a
gentle hint that Constance may ensnare '1 ia... s nephew. 'Ensnare' in
tbe right word, Isn't lt? Tbe best of
It is, 1 know they have been worrying
you for mouths about my friendship
wltb 'girls of tbeir class.' Ob, tha
joy of the encounter! It must be like
blowing up a battle-ship with a tup
penny hapcnny torpedo-boat."
So her ladyship���not without pondering over certain entries In the
Books of the Proudly-born, which recorded the birth and marriage of Sir
Stephen Urand. ninth baronet, "present when-all mis unknown"���went to
bed, but not lo sleep, whereas Jack
Stanhope never afterward* remembered undressing, so thoroughly tired
was be, and eo absutdly happy, notwithstanding tbe awkward situation
divulged at the dinner.
Pyne, left wltb hi* uncle, set himself to divert thc other man's thought*
from tbe embarrassing topic of Mrs,
He knew that Brand was not likely
to leave them in dubiety a* to th*
past. Discussion now was useless, a
mere idle guessing at probabilities, *o
he boldly plunged Into the mystery a*
yet surrounding Enid'* first year ol
Mr. Traill, glad enough to discuss
a more congenial subject, marshalled
tbe ascertained facts. It was easy to
���ee lhat here, at least, he stood ou
firm ground.
"Your inlii, r. as you know, waa a
noted yachtsman. Charlie," be said.
"Indeed, he was one of the first men
to cross the Atlantic In his own boat
under steam and sail. Twenty year*
ago. In this very month, he took my
wife and me, with your mother, you,
and our little Edith, then six month*'
old, on a delightful trip along iho Florida coasl and (he Culf of Mexico. It
waa then arranged ihat we should
pass thc summer among the Norwegian fiords, but the two ladles were nervous about the ocean voyage east ln
April, so your father brought the Esmeralda across, and ��e followed by
biall Bteamer. Iiurlng the last week
of May and Ihe whole of June we
cruised from Christiana to tbo
North Cape. The fine keen air restored my wife'* somewhat delicate
health, and you and Edith throvo
amazingly. Do you remember the
"ll Is a dim memory, helped a good
deal I Imagine, by what I have beard
"Well, on the fourth of July, putting
Into Hi.iilii- , r to celebrate the day
with *ome fellow-countrymen, I re-
reived a cable which rendered my presence In New York absolutely Imperative. There was a big development
scheme just being engineered In eon*
in*, Hon wllh our property, ln fa't,
the event which had such a tragic sequel practienlly quadrupled your I t*
tune and mine. By that time, tlio
ladle* were ho enthusiastic about the
sea-going qi allllca of the ya'-ht that
they would have sailed around lh"
wct-rld In her, and poor Pyne had no
difficulty In persuading them lo tnko
the leisurely way home, whilst I rac d
off via Nowcaitl* and Liverpool lo the
other side. I received my last cable
from Ihem daled Southampton, July
10th, and they were due In New York
somewhere about August 6th or 6th,
allowing for ordinary winds and weather. During the night of July 2!si,
When mltlnay between the Scllly Isles
and Ihe I'liHitii.t. ihey ran Into dense
fog. WlthlD five minute*, without the
!*��*t warning, the Esmeralda was
���Imck amidships by a big Nova So
Uan barque. The little vessel sank
almost like a stone. Nevertheless,
Jro-ur father, backed by bl* aklpper and
a splendid crew, lowered two boat*,
and all hands were saved, for the mo-
pant.    It  was  I-ync'a boast tbat  hi.
boats were always stored with food
and water against any kind of emergency, but, of course, tin y made every
effort to reach the ship which had
sunk them, rather that, endeavor to
sail back to this coast. As the Esmeralda was under steam at ihe time, her
boiler* exploded as sli* wenl down,
and this undoubtedly caused ihe second catastrophe. The captain noticed
that the strange ship went off lose
hauled to the wind, which blew stead ���
ly from the west, so he, In the 1 ad ng
boat,  with  your  father   mother,
rou and my wife and ci.ild, followed
in that direction. He (houtt d to four
men in the second boat lo keep close,
as Ihe fog was lerrilic. The barque,
the John S., hearing the noise of bursting boilers, promptly swung round,
and In ihe effort to render assistance
���auseel the second and far more serious catastrophe. The captain'* boat
encountered her just as the two craft*
were getting way on thi m, Someone
In the boat shouted, they heard an
answering hail, and Instantly crashed
Into the barque's bows. Tb* sail be-
raine entangled In the martingale of
ihe bowsprit, the boat was driven
under and filled, and the second boat
crashed Into her. All the occupant*
of the captain's boat were thrown Into the sea. You were grasped by a
negro, a powerful swimmer. He, with
yourself and two sailors, were rescued,
and ihat was all. Your father was a
strong man and be could swim well.
He must have been stunned or Injured in some way. The two sailor*
Jumped from the second bokt and
clung to the barque'* bobstays. Th*
whole thing was over in a few seconds."
Mr. Traill rose and paced slowly to
the window. Pyne stared Into the
fire. There wa* no need for cither
of them to conjure up the heart-rending scene as the sharp prow of the
salllng-Bhlp cleft through the sea* and
spurned the despairing hands clutching at her black walls.
Too often had the elder man pictured
that horrific vision. It had darkened
many hours, blurred many a forgetful
moment of pleasure with a quick rush
of pain.
Even now, as he looked out Into the
still street, he fancied he could see
Hi-ill's mother smiling at him from a
luminous mist.
He passed a hand over bis eyes and
gazed again at the moonlit roadway,
r'roin the black shadows opposite *
policeman crossed towards the hotel,
and hc hearers bell ring. These trivial things restored hi* wandering
thoughts. How the discovery of hi*
lost child had brought back a flood of
burled memories!
"It is easy to understand that I
should be fanciful to-night." be said,
returning to the cheery glow of the
fire and Ihe brightness of the room.
"The whole story of the disaster centered in the narratives of the sailor*
and the negro. They all declared that
both boats went down. The crew of
ihe barque, who ran to starboard, a*
the leading beat was swamped and
sank on that side, imagined ihey heard
tries to port. But though they lowered a boat, and cruised about the locality for hours, they found nothing but
wreckage. Vuii. Charlie, when I went
to St. John's five weeks later, could
only tell me that you had felt very
cold and wet. That I* all I ever knew
of the fate of the Eameralda until, In
Cod's good time. I met Stanhope on
board the Falcon."
"Then th" manner of Enid's rescue
ls conjectural?"
"Absolutely. But Stanhope, who I*
a sailor, and two men named Spence
and Jones, who were Brand's colleagues on the Gulf Rock al that time,
have helped me In building up a complete theory. It Is quite clear that tha
second boat did not sink, as was re*
;���.i-- .I by the captain of the John S.
She was damagad. and had her mast
broken, by the collision. In the darkness and confusion she would be
readily carried past the barque,
which was probably traveling four
knots an hour. The two sailor*. In
springing from ber gunwale Into the
bobstays. would certainly cant her
considerably, and at that Instant my
poor wife either threw her child Into
the boal with a last frenzied effort, or
someone caught tht baby from her aa
she sank. The boat was seen by
llrand floating In with tbe-tide on the
morning of the 30th of July. Sbe bad
been nine days at sea. Some survivor
must have given the little one nourish*
ment In that lime, as a twelve-months-
old child could not possibly have lived.
In all likelihood, the bank of fog clung
to the surface of the sea and followed
Die tides, as there was little or no
wind on the days following the loss
of the yacht. Again, there were provisions In the boat, but no water.
Why? Either the water-casks bad
started their staves when the smash
look place, or a careless steward bad
lall.d to fill ihem. The next thing Is
the Identity of the boal. By the stupidity nf a sailor, one of tbe Esmeralda's lifeboats was burnt lo the water'*
edge in Norway, He up��et a tin of
petroleum whilst he waa opening It,
nnd a lighted mate h did the remainder.
Indeed, he and another man at the
oars narrowly escaped death. A boat
was purch*led, but accident or mischance- pr rented the Esmeralda'*
t.nmc- being ; aimed on It. There waa
a Norwegian jwrt number on th*
sn ro-board, and this was (mashed
away by the- falling mast. A* the tall
was trailing in the water when tb*
host was loi,nd by Brand, It 1* as-
sumed that the survivor or survivor*,
who paid some heed to the child, (uttered from Injurle-B which prevented
him or them from hauling It In. On*
man's body was found on board and
he had b- en d, ad many days. Finally,
we have the evidence of the child*
"The girls told me something of tho
story on the rock." said Pyne. "Geo
whiz! I little dreamed thai Enid, or
Edith, I mean, was my first cousin."
"You know that her garments were
marked E. T.. and lhal a little shawl
was pinned about her with a gold
brooch set with emeralds arrang, d a*
a four-leafed shamrock?"
"No. I fancy that they were hindered In their yarn. Believe me,
there wa* always enough to do In that
wonderful place. Besides, I knew
aliout ihe brooch. Had they mentioned It, I guess the gray matter at the
back of my head would have become
agitated by thought."
"Ye*, of course. I am talking to
you as If you were hearing this sad
history for the firsl time."
"It is new enough. It ha* a fresh
point of view, which I* everything.
Now, aboul  thai brooch?"
"I hough! II In Bergen. I remember
your poor father laughing aboul It.
It was odd to find an Irish emblem
In that out of ti-<- '.in. little town. I
have not seen II yet, but It I* ludlcrou*
to think Hint so many coincidence*
can affect two different children cast
adrift  about   (he eame lime In open
Doata at the Junction of l',ie St.
George'* Channel and the North Atlantic"
"It's the kind of thing that doesn't
occur with monotonous regularity,"
agreed **yne. "Ily the way, I bare
just made an interesting discovery on
my own account."
"What Is it?"
"It might easily have happened that
not Knld- sorry���I mean Edith���but
I should have been Ihe youngster cast
adrift  it-  that  boat."
"Yes, that Is so, of course."
"And   I   would  have grown up
| Conatance'*   brother.     Guess   things
have panned out ali right as lt Is."
lt was on the tip of his uncle's
tongue to ask for some explanation of
the very gratified tone In which Master Charles made this remark, but the
head waiter entered, solemnly, with
| the air of respectful and dis reel decorum which only an English family
butler or a head waiter can assume
without burlesque.
"Beg pardon, gentlemen." he Bald,
"but I thought you would like to know
about the lady In No. if Mrs. Vanslttart."
"Yea, what of her?" demanded
Traill, whilst Pyne found himself
Imagining that which caused bis heart
to beat more rapidly than even the
fight for life ln the saloon of the Chinook.
"Sbe went out, sir about sn hour
ago, and���"
"Has she not returned?"
"No, sir. A policeman has Just
called to say that she was taken 111,
and Is now beln' cared for at Mr.
Brand's house."
I'n, le and nephew glared at each
other as men do when they call tbo
gods to witness that no madder word*
could be s|K>ken. Before the waiter
they  perforce  restrained  themielves.
But  Pyne shouted:
"Where Is the policeman?"
"He   Is   down below, sir.    Shall  I
j bring him up?"
Sergeant Jenkins, however, wa* too
loyal in his friendship to Brand lo tell
ihem exactly how It came about that
Mra. Vanslttart was sheltered In Laburnum Cottage. He admitted that
he directed the lady to tbe house In
the first Instance, and that Mr. Brand
told him subsequently to convey tb*
stated message to the hotel.
Nevertheless, he was the richer for
1 a sovereign as he went out
Mr. Traill helped himself to a whiskey and soda.
"Here'*    to    the    reconciliation    ol
Brand and his wife," be said, with ���
lighter tone and more cheerful mannei
| than he would have deemed possible
five minutes earlier.
Pyne followed bl* example.
"Say, uncle," he cried, "here'* a
queer Item. When I first met Con-
stauce I spok.- of Mrs. Vanslttart, ant)
I called her my prospective step-aunt.'
"A d d silly uame, too."
"Constance seemed to think thai, of
its feminine equivalent. She correct'
ed me. 'You mean your flsncee's aunt,'
she said."
"Oh. did she?"
"Yea and here's to ber being my
fiancee's mother."
��� * . * * A
With the morning came doubt. A
maid, who was given charge ot tha
two children, told Pyne tbat Mrs.
Vansittart had been greatly upset tbe
previous evening. Tbe girl was sure
lhal the lady had passed nearly an
hour In tears kneeling by the side ol
her bed. Then, having regained control of herself to some extent, sh.t
rang for the maid and asked at what
time the first train left for London
next day. Sbe ordered ber breaklast
al an hour which seemed to Indicate
her Intention to depart by that train,
said that she would leave Instruction*
with Mr. Pyne concerning tbe ehll'
di-1. and gave tbe maid two letter*
which the had written. Tbeae were
lo be delivered at nine o'clock. It
was now nine o'clock. What was to
be done with tbe letters?
As they were addressed to Pyne and
his uncle respectively be soon seltled
thst point.
His letter read:
"Dear .Mr.  Pyne���I am leaving for
London quite early, so I will not tee
| you again In Penzance.    I have sup
1 piled the little girls with all the gar
i ment* they will need during tbe next
i few* day*.    If, on Inquiry, you ascer
, lain that th��y have no relative* anx-
lous,    not    merely    willing, to tsk*
j charge    of    them.   I shall  be  most
pleased to assume that responsibility
< In that event, kindly write to me, care
of my bankers.
"Yours very sincerely,
"E. Vanslttart"
The communication to his uncle wai
equally brief.    Mr. Traill  read It to
j him.    It ran:
"Dear  Mr.  Traill���I cannot  marry
'you.    Please forgive me.    I did  not
realize,  when  you  honored  me  with
your proposal, thai an Insuperable obstacle existed.    Thsl  Is all���a  lame
��� explanation���but complete so far as II
goes.   A woman who has wreck.* 4 he*
I life finds lt bard io choose ber words.
"Your sincere friend.
"E. Vanslttart"
They   discussed
during breakfast.
"I do not like iheir tone," said Mr.
1 Traill, gravely.   "They Impress me ns
i the hurried  resolution* of a  woman
driven  to extremltle*.    Were ll not
for her reque��t sbout th* children. I
I should  ihink  whsi  you  thought   lul
' nighl, Charlie,  when  that  policeman
turned up."
"I must have telephoned my Idea*
to you mighty quick," wa* the retort.
"My desr boy, even at this motnenl
we don't know what she Intended Id
do. Why did she go oul? What I*
the nature of her sudden illness" HoW
come* It that ahe Is at Brand* house?"
"I may be mistaken, but I think w*
will be given answer* to all your
question* In due time. Nothing really
serious can be amiss, or we should
lave heard of It from Brand himself,
Now. win you remain on guard her*
trhllat I go out with EUle and Mamie!
The one thing that matters In thell
Utile lives this morning la that I shall
hurry up and go doll-hunting with
"I will hold the fort until you return.   You will not b? long?"
"Perhaps half an hour. Whll*t I am
out I will make some Inquiries as to
the condition of our other friends ol
the Chinook."
"By the way. many of tin m must lm
destitute. It Is my desire-, Charlie, lo
���iay the expenses of sny such to the!!
lestlnatlon, and equip Ihem properly
or the Journey."
"You are a first-rater, uncle, but UT,'
make your arm tired If you O.K. tin
bill all the lime.    Now here's a fair
offer.   Let mc go halves."
Be- off. you rascal.   You are keep
levn In,.!,-   uolMr.-r "
The Best     i**mmi**iU*
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14*611*'- THE DAILY NEWS
I"        i .nd D-.trli.t--District ol Quoon Chsrlott*
fck������l ^"IX" thirty dsy. Irom dsto, I, C. E.
I   WS Sine! UUP"". B. C, by occup.tion
feitoU- oi_��"����_, ,���". *Dlv t- th6 Chta( Cora.
intond to apply to the Chiel eJom-
. .1 Lands lor ��� liconco to proipect (or
l""?Zd iiolroliium on nnd under S4U acres ol
���cuul unit Pjww ! , d dMC-|bed aa lollowas
m**)i "li,;." liB at a POit plants two mile, north
I (."".-' li -Jo. LoiJe No. 8, markod S. E. corno
I-*��� ���*,- ,i (*oal Loaao No. 14, thence north 80
,t. i,on���w��"t- 80 chain., thenoe aouth 80
*'*' IhenM cart 80 chain, to place ol com-
C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I i ,i,rl District���District ol Quoen Charlotto
|SIT". i'ioUc-i that thirty day. Irom date, I, C. E.
I .1 I'rinco llupert, 1). C, by occupation
If* t". ,'r iniond to apply to tho Chiel Com-
I1"""- ... ol Land. lor a licence to proepect for
I"'",'1"., e neilroloum on and under U40 acre, ol
;,; _���j nolroloum on and uneler Xifxi se
l.���d     i iridium Inland dMcribod a. follow.:
li""1         ., .. * poit planted ono mile north
""I   I!  (mat laeaae No. 10, marked C. E. B.
a No  Id, thenoe north 80 chain., thenco
V'.-liains, tnence eouth 80 chain., thenoe
chain, lo place ol commenoement.
I V-
��� I'lll..
.11, lllll.    <*���*��� *!��� HAINTEK, Locator
I md l llstrict���District ol Quoen Charlott
notioe that thirty day. Irom date, 1, 0. ri.
nl I'rinco Kupert, B. 0., by occupation
*     ,.   intend to apply to the Chiol Com-
"""**'> o'l Land" for a licence to proapect lor
  i ind in-iroleuin on and under 040 acre, ol
*" Graham Inland deecribed a. toUowe:
nneina at a poat planted two milea north
|i. Co.l Loaae No. 10, marked N.E.
I,: t>, a, .-.- *^-",jotl| ]__�� Ho. 16, thence south
Bcba ������'������ ***** weat If0u chains then��� north
���tu ehaiu
���ni,*',.*,'"-'"**,, inl, *��*|,i* '���19U
���put,. Sapt. �����>���
l.i .���. Liind Diatrict���DUtrlot ol Queen Charlotte
1 i'.ke i.Ktie.1 that thirty daya Irom date, 1, C. E
���ii eiiti" ol I'rinco Kupert, B. C, by occupation
IJ ���"!',���,- intond to apply to the Chiol Com-
1 ,,'r e,f Landa for a licence to proepect lor
I     i  ind pelroleum on and under 1)40 acrea ol
���.l em liraham Wand deecribed aa lollow.:
���nmmandal al a poat planted two miles north
l���,- if. Coal LoueW 14, markod N. E.
I.,rn.��r *'*' K. B. Coal Lease No. 17, tbence -wuth
Im Sain** thence west 80 chaina, thence north 80
Irtaii.*-. SaatI oaat 80 chain, to placo ol com-
InaoNment. ,
| l'ut.. gist, 83.
��� ���sk.i-m 1 "id Diatrict���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
I    i.'ke. i.ulico lhat thirty daya Irom date, 1, C. E.
II. r erl Kupert, B. C, by occupation
lt.sjkk.wr. intend to apply to tho Chiol Com-
ma,irji,.r at Lands lor a Licence lo proapect (or
.,  ���.,( iK-troleum on and under 640 acraa ol
���ii I ot ilraliam Island deacrlbod aa lollowa:
e',,-ini,'".'int: at a poat planted two miles north
��� ol e r'. 1.. Coal Leaae No. 12, marked N. W.
I eeri,.*** .'��� 11- H* * ll'1' Leaae No. 18, tbence south
Ik, daloa thence oast 80 chaiiu, thence north 80
Irtsii.-. Hi-'iiee wast 80 chaina to place ol cotn-
Imenf mail
I P.l.slN|.l.l 1.1911
' ili.-nco east 80 .haioa to place ol com-
C. E. BAINTER, Locator
C. E. BAINTER. Locator
C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I Ski-cr_ Un'l DUtrict���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
l.i..* notice lhat thirty daya alter date, I, C. E.
IU_t,i.*r "I 1'r.nco Rupert, B. C, by occupallon
, . uiu-nd to apply to the Chief Com-
ol Land. lor a licence to p.-oopect for
��� t.-u-um oo and under 640 acrea of
raliara laland described a. lollowa:
trCins at a poet planted two miles north
of I*. 11. II. Coal Leaae No. 13, marked S. W.
ct,ii.,-r . - !-. B. Coal Leaae No. 10, thence north
Ni ci .a.-.., lli.'tice east 80 chains, thonce soulb 80
cuius, li.i-iico west 80 chaina to place ol com-
Skeona Land DUtrlct���DUtrict ol Count Homo 5
lake notico that LcRoy F. Grant ol I'rince
iluptrt, H. c , occupation civil englnoei, i���i,.u|���
da *P|D��d I J}*���*"*-*011 t0 purchasu the followim
Commencing at a poat planted about 3 1-2 mllea
in a northerly direction Irom the northoaat corner
PMt 01 Lot 13811, Kange t, Coast District, thencu
east JO chains, thence north 60 chaina, thonco
west to bank of river, thenoe aouth lollowlng
iiank ot river to point ol commencement: con
laming lno acres, mora or loaa.
Daiod Sept. 9, 1911. LEROY  F. GRANT
Pub. Oct. 10. Gordon C. Emmorson, Agont
I coil air
I Un.l ���i-
I rrictio-'ii.'nt-
I I'ub  M-irl. 23.
C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Skoena Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Coaat Ranga 6
lake notice that It, F. MUler ol Tipton, England, occupation larmer,   ntond. to apply lor
permlsaion to purchaaa the lollowing deacribed
Commencing at a poet plantod about 60 chaina
wost Irom the N. W. Cornor ol Lot 4400, thence
north 40 chains, thonce west 20 chains, thenoe
south 40 chains, thonco eaat 20 chaina to tho
point ol commencement containing eighty acrea
more or loss.
Dated Auguat 19 1911. R. F. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 20. p. M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Cout Rango 1,
Take notico that Frank S. MUler ol London,
tng., occupation civil engineer, Intenda to apply
lor permission to purchaso the following deacribed
Commencing at a post plantod at the N. E.
Cornor ol Lot 28, thence north 20 chains, thenco
US .a? chain., thonco south 20 chains, thunce
oaat .0 clisins to point of commencement, containing 40 ucrea mora or loss.
Datod August 16, 1911. FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. p. m. MUler, Agent
Skeena Land DUlrict���District ol Coast Range o
1 ake nolice that Lottie McTavUh ol Vancouver,
occupallon   married   woman,   Intonda   to   apply
lor permUsion to purchaae the following doscribod
Commencing at a poat planted at the northwest corner 100 cbains esst and 20 chaina north
Irom N. E. corner ol Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey
Cosst DUtrict Range 6, thonco 20 chains aouth,
Ihence 80 chains east, thonco 80 chaina north,
thonce 40 chaina woat, thonco 60 chain, aouth,
thence 40 chaina woat to pust ol communccmcnt
ilontaining 400 acroa more or loss.
Dated Sept. 18.1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. bept. 23 Frod W. Bohler, Agent
Skeona Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Kongo 5
Take notico that Mins Mary Muiville ol Clare,
Ireland, occupation spinster, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase tho following desriln-d
Commencing at a poat planted ono chains north
ol tho southeast corner ol Lot 632, thencu north
40 chsins, thence oast 20 chains, thence south 10
chains, thonce weat 20 chains to point of com-
niuncement; containing eighty acrea, more or leva
Duted Ocl. 11, 1911. MISS MARY MULVILLE
Pub. Nov. 11. John C. Muiville, Agenl
Bella Coola Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coaat Range
Take notice that H. M. CliS ol Dundalk. Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intends to apply
far permission to leaao the lollowing dot-crlbed
Commencing at a poat planted on tho ahore
ol Neclectsconnay River about 10 chains wesl
ol Indian Koservo Line ,thenco west 60 chains
(ollowing tho channel ol Neclectsconnay Klver.
it,,-,,,-,' south 80 chains more or loss to channel
of Hella Coola Kiver, thence lollowing channel
of Hella Coola Klver easterly 60 chains, north
80 chsins more or leaa to point ot commencement; I
containing 480 acras, mora or leas.
Dated August 28, 1911. II.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 80.
Skeona Land District-District ol Queen Charlott,
n, , .. lalands
Tako notico thut Aualin M. nrown 0, ,, ,
Rupert, occupation aaddler, l���t������dj t0 apply S
eaat,_ thonco 80 cliaina aouth lo point ol
*tST},N "��� BR0WN> ���*���*���"������-������������
Located Auguat let
Pub. Aug.
:. 19.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
_ , , lalunda
Tako nolice that Auatin M. iirow��� o( ,,_,..
fH���"*! ��ud.ll.r. Inlend,   o apply ���
&0-sS��.rA%rp�� EB
nl H?2S5!'"*" fir***.-J|U"U-11 ****** miles east
ol tho southoaat corner o   t.'. L. No  447u
Z!h8o%_!T',,th,,"n' ���"1 ���" "wU    '��
Lo-Ud August t^i? M' bU0WN' *****
Pub. Aug. 19.
SkT.B.". ���?!LP�� .'.'."P'"!"" 0| **u���" Charlotte
ii.I . "���J-'g'.that thirty days from dale, I. C. K.
Uainter ol I'rinco Kupert, li. c, by MOUMtlOB
bookkeeper. Intend to apply t��� hf OHtTSSK
inLisloner ot Lands [���r a licenco to nntnact lor
coal and petroloum un an.l under tilo ucres ol
land on l-riihiim Island doacrihoil aa folluwa*
Commonring at a post planted two -ml,-, north ,
SMSft&teffisiuAsE diMs" "iw",l���'"""
ihonco woat SO chaina, thasM north SO chuina'
thirnre cast w cl.sinJ tu point o! rommenccmeiit;
fintnining 610 acras more ur leas.
Kao&t:u* mi-      ��* K BAiNTi;K
Skeona Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlott
Tako notico that Auatin It Urown ol Prince
llupert, saddler, intends to apply to the Chiel
Commiiisioncr of Lands and Works for a licence
to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on anel
under the fallowing doscrilied lunds on lho Wost
Coast ol t.raham lalund:
Commencing at a post planted throe mile, east
ol tho nun I,.msi corner of C. L. No. 4469 Ihonce
south 80 chains, thence 80 chains wost, tlience 80
chaina north, thenco 80 chains east to point ol
,      ...      ..   AUSTIN If. UROWN, Locator
Locatod August 1st, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtricl ul Queon Charlott
1 ake nollco lhal tldrty days [rom date, I, C. E- , .
Bainter ol I'rinco llupert, U. C, by occupation I Assuming
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to the Chiol Com-
missioner ol Lands lor a liconce to jiruspect for
coal and petroleum oo and under 640 acres ol
land on Ilraliam lsalnd deKribed a. lollowa:
Commonclng at a post planted two miloa north
ot C. E. U. Coal Lease No. 18, marked N. W.
corner C. E. U. Coal Lease No. 24, thence south
80 chains, ihence east 80 chains, thenco north
30 chaina, thenco wost 80 chaina to placo ol com*
Datod Sepl. 12,1911.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice lhat thirty days (rom date. I.A.I'
,, ,,        ... ,      . i Uroderlck ol Prlnco Kupert, B. C, by oceupallun
WUliam McNair, Agenl   hank manager, Intend to apply to the Chiel Com-
, mlasioner ol lands lor a llconce to proapect lor
Skoena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Coast Rango 0 ' "���*' and pelroleum on and under 610 aeree ol
Tako  notico  that  Uenjamln   Kuaael   Kico   ol   ��������"��� "n Ora ham 'aland desenbed as lollow.:
I'rinco Kuperi, II. C, occupstion waiter,  Intonda     , C��m!?*"i;in��. ���", �� ** Planted Iwo mUte. north
to apply lor permission tu purchsso the lollowlng   ��* *" *������ "��� *:��*\ ***** No.  1,, marked S. W. I
described lands* corner A. T. U. Coal Lease No. 26, thenco north
Commcnciag at a post planted 65 chains -outh   "J fhalna, llience east.80 chains, thenre south 80
-3\J3   '��>���"  the southeast  curnor of  Ul  3060.    Post   "���������sins, 'henco wost 80 chains to place ol com-
01 una I marked II. It. K S. E. Corner,  thenco TO chaina   "nencemenL
Stoat, Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
lake nutice lhat thirty daya Irom dato, 1, C, E.
IB, o| i'niice Huport, B. Oa by occupation
tsK,kkrt*l��r, inlend to apply to the Chiel Com-
nusemu of Unda lor t lioence lo prospect tor
j    :;, irrilr-uiii on and under 640 acre*
I , r, i.ralianl lslsnd deacribed aa loUowa:
i ,���,],, t-ncing al a poat planted two mUea norlh
J ef e. I. It. Coal Leaae No. 14. marked S. W.
I rerr.<-f C. K. H. Coal Lease No. 20, thence norlh
I tu ettair.**, Ibence weal SO chains, tbenee aoutb 80
chsin.. ihence eaat 80 chaina to plaee ol com-
t ,1,,-nl. II. 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
fab. apt, a.
���Am i.s Und DUtriet���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
lak. notice lhal thirly daya after dau, I, C. E.
BatMat ol l-rince Rupert, fi. C, by occupation
-  .r, intend lo apply to tha Chief Com-.
���i a: ��>l Unda lor a licence to prospect lor ; iluence ot Ulackwater river with Naas river, about
co.1 and pelroleum on and under 010 acres ol   two miles south Irum ll,e sixth Dominion
Ui.rl em Ilraliam lslsnd described aa lollowa: I cabin.    I'ost markeel A    J.  M. N. W, Corner,
l rr.-.'icing at a post planled two milos north thence bO chain, south, thenre Ml chaina east
ol C I- H. Coal Leaae No. 16. marked S. E. [ ihence 80 chains nurth, thenco 80 chains weat
corner I*. K. U. Coal Leaae No. lit. Ihence nortb to point ol commencement, containing 610 acr.-s
tm atta* thence weat SO chaina, tbenc* aoutb 80
chains Ihenca aeat: o chaina to placo ol com-
batrdSept. 11. Itll.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
weal, thence 65 chains north, thonce 70 chains
oast, thence 65 chains aoulh to point of commencement, containing 455 acres hinre or los.-*.
Dated October 21, 1911.
Pub. Nov. *.
Skeena Und DUtricl -District ol Caular
Tako  notico that  Angus James   McKcnxlo ol
Vancouver, 11. C, occupallon bookkeeper, intednna
to apply for pcrmisaion to purchase tho following
dcecritM-d lands:
Commencing  at  a  post  planteel  al  the con
mora or less.
AS,.I s JAMES Mrkl.NZIi:
Dated Sept. 23, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
>a.. -.,, Und DUtrirt���DUUict ol Queen Charlotte
1 skv neittce lhal thirty days Irom dale, I. C. E.
,.t l'nnce Rupert, B. C., by occupation
laa-.>.,a|.-r, intend to apply to the Cbiel Com-
*m*Tm*ma ol Unda lor a licence to prospect lor
cusl snd petroleum on end under 640 acre, ol
, -   , ��� liraham Island described a. follow.:
-I ,-nclng at a post planted two miles nortb
ol e. I.. It. Coal Loaae No. 16, marked N, E.
tartar C K. U. Coal Lease No. 22, Ibence aouth
r.a, thence areat 80 chaina, tbene. nonh 80
chsin., Ihenee eaat SO chaina to placa ol com-
DM. i tost 12. Itll.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
Und DUtricl���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
lake notice that thirty days Irom date, I, C. E.
Ilaer.l.r ol I'rince Rupert, B. C, by occupation
t*m,i.k<.*!��ef, Intend to apply to the Chief Com-
m..... *r.-r ol Landa lor a licence lo prospect lor
coal sn,l petroleum on and under 640 care, ol
Ut.1 ot liraham laland deacribed aa lollowa:
< ,,,,,1-nclng at a poet planted two milea north
ol C. K. II. Coal Leaaa No 17, marked N. E.
t, it., r .'. K. B. Coel Leaae No. 2* thence aouth
W chains, thence wnt SO chaina, thenco north
Ml chsins Ibence cast B0 chaina to place ol com-
l'.i- 1 hat 12, Itll.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ul.. rrux. it.
Skeena Unel Di-lnci -DUtrlel ol Cassiar
Tako notice lhat llerlicrt   McUnnan ol Vancouver, II. C, occupation real estate agent, Intends
lo apply lor permission to purchase the following
ilescrioed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at lhe confluence ol Hlaekwaler river with the Naa. river
about two mile, south ol tht sixth Dominion
Telegraph cabin. I'oal marki.l II. IL N. h.
Corner, thenee 80 chain. Miuth, thenee 80 chains
weat, thenco 00 ch.ins north, thenco 80 chslns
easl lo point ol commencement, containing 610
Pub. Nov. t.
Skeena Land IHnriel���District of Coast Itsnge 5
Tske notice lhat I, Thomas McClymont ol
rrlnco Kuperi. U. C, occupallon real estete
broker, Intend lo apply lor permission lo purchase
the lollowlng doacrll.ed lands:
Commencing at a psot planted at Iho b. ��-
corner ol preemption record 412. thence crit 80
chains, thenco aoulh 40 chains, thence west N
chains to .hora ol lake, Ihenco lollowing slinr.'
ol lako In a northerly direeliun tu pulnl ol commencemenl: containing :I20 arms, more or I*-*"
Dateel Sept. 6. 1911.     THOMAS Met I.) HON I
A. T. BRODEKICK, Locator
Dated Sept. 12, 1911. C. E. Uainter, Agent
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice- lhat thirty days Irom data, I, A. T.
llroderick of I'rinco Rupert, U. C, by occupation
hank manager, Intend to apply to the Chiol Commissioner of Unds lor a licence to prospect for
eoal and petroleum on and under 640 caraa ol
land on Graham Island deacribed as follows:
Commencing al a post plnated two mllea north
of C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 20, marked S. E.
corner A. T. 11. Coal Uaae No. 26, thenco north
80 chaina, thence wost 80 chains, thenee eoutb
80 chains, Ihenco cast 80 chains lu placo ol commencement.
A. T. BRODERICK, Locator
list,-I s,-|,i   12, 1911. C. E. Uainter, Agent
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Und Dutrict���DUlrict ol Quern Charlotte
Take notico thai thirty days from dale, I, A. "I.
llroderick ol Pnnee Kupert, 11. C, by occupation
hank manager, inlend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Un.U lor a licence lo prospect lor
coal and |ietroleum on and under 610 acre, ol
Und on tlraham Island desenbed a. foUowa:
e'ummcnrlng al a poet planted two miles north
ot C. E. II. Coal Lease No. 21, marked S.  E
river r curner ol A. T. U. Coa] Lease No. 27, Ihence
Pub. Sep.. 9.
Krelitet Cole. Agenl
we-sl 80 chaina, thence north BO chains, thence
easl 60 chains, tbence south 80 chaina to place
<>f commencemenl.
A. T. IIROflKRICK, Locator
I ui. I Sept. 12,1*11. C. E. Uainter, Agent.
Pub. Bapt. 23.
-arc", Unel DUtrict-DUtrict ol Quern Charlott
Tske notice lhat thirty days Irom date, I, C, fi
Ilainler of I'rince Ituperl, It. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply lo the Chiel Commission*-' nl Unda lor a licence to prospect tor
eoal and pelroleom on and under 610 acres ol
laud em liraham laland descrOn-d a. lollowa:
e rrtirrirr rr.-r:,- at a port planted Bt Ihe anuthwart
corner ol Coal L��uc No. 4I6S marked 0. E II
Cual Uase- No. ft, thenee north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, tnence smith 80 chains, Ihence
cast Ml chains to point ol somrn.ncemenl covering
sll feireahnrc Tlahn Point. 	
Dateel Sept. 12, 1911. C.  fi.   HAINIER
I'ub. Oct 7.
in view of the approaching election on Saturday on the Hayg Creek
Sewer Hyinw the following will in*
of Intersil
The reports referred to are us
Prince Itupert, Nov.  ill,  i;i|i,
Tu ills Worship the Mayor, City nf
Prinoe  Hupert,  B.  C.
lie   Mays   BOWOr I Itll lull
Sir:���in reply to your query re-
gardlng the sufficiency of the Hay*
Creek Sewer Outfall, l beg to
suite: ���
It Is proposed tu discharge the
sewer temporarily lulu liny,* Creek
at .Manhole 28, where there Is a drop
of 18 feet In the grade, ami in ex-
cavnte a trench for about 500 feet
dlatance In the bottom nf I lays Creek
to confine the sewage to a narrow
channel until it meeis tidewater.
Tim rapid fall at this point rcn-
outfall, because lt will permit of the
location of the line and Kriulc of
llio permanent sewer below this
point to suit the track* uml building* lo be constructed by the li. T. ]\
The time that will elapse before
it becomes necessary to extend lhe
sewer to thc waterfront will depend
on the Incroase In population in the
area drained and the consequent extension of the sewerage system, II
may be presumed this will not occur
for four or five yenrs, when I estimate the flow of sewage will nol
exceed 150,000 gallons per 24 hours,
the flow of sewage- In
1U1S to be 150,000 gallons per day,
thero are fatllltles for diluting this
volume wlib at least ten volumes
of waler. for tho overflow from the
reservoir on the Acropolis lllll of
one and a half million gallons must
discharge Into Hays Creek, -���!*,! may
be turned into thc sewer or allowed
lo flow down the creek. For several years the discharge from the
sewer will not be distinguishable
from the flow of Hays Creek.
If It Ib found necessary, or desirable, for any reason which does not
now appear, lo extend lhc sewer to
the waterfront before lhc construe.
Hon of this part of the permnncni
sewer Is possible it can be done at
a small cost, In a temporary mnnner,
and the estimate which has been
submitted will, I believe, provide sufficient funila for the purpose. Yours
respect fully,
CHy Kngincer.
for the present nt Manhole No. 28,
und for n time allow the small tumuli ty Of .senuue which would puss
through lhe pipes at the commencement to empty Into the creek, and
Hie results would not be objectionable nor offensive.
Tho matter has, however, been
given inn consideration by the
Council, ami lu order to remove any
possible objection which purtles living In the vicinity may have, a reso-
liillnn has been passed by the Coun-
.11, Instructing the City Kngincer to
construct a temporary outlet pipe to
carry tho sewage l.i tidewater.
11 should be borne In mind that
iho proposed sower from Manhole
No, 8 lo 28 Is only the commencement of the conslruction or trunk
���ewer* in the olty and will have to
he added to from time to time as
loniiitiuiis demand it, and no doubt
.'���i-veriil bylaws will be submitted to
the people In years to come providing for extensions as they nre needed, lt Is fully expected that by the
time this sewer Is constructed nnd
ready for operation, the plans of the
O, T. P. Railway Company will be
sufficiently advanced to permit of
ihe completion of the permanent
sewer to deep water.
The purpose of this bylaw Is to
gel lho work roinincuced and make
progress on that part of the work
that etui now be undertaken, so thai
no undue delay may occur In providing much needed sewer facilities for
the portions of Sections .*>, IS 7 ami
1  which can be served by It,
The people In Uicbo sections
should make It a point to get out
and vote for the bylaw and ensure
lis  passage.
The responsibility of rarrylng the
bylaw now rests with the ratepayers
of tho whole city.
Kespeclfully   submitted,
Members of  Hoard  of  Works.
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   lw ���,   Chandlery
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays ut 1 1*. M.
For Masset  and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
comnient-ing November 9th.
For   Skielegate,   Jewday,   etc.    every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
Commencing November 2nd.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas vitit Eatt travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago. The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with ull roads Eust and
West. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged.. Full information and
tickets obtained from the oflice of
B.C. Coaat service ��� Famous Pntcess
Princess   May
Saturday. November 25th, tt 9 a.m.
For Victoria. Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
The Paper
Your Home!
-,    .n,i rl.eti-._t as well as tht* principal happenings
I. .Hvesyouallth-engw^fyouLovvr city an N   ��� ^
In all part, of tbe world.  Thenewg , a )    ;       . f Lr t.���|liml,,, g N^TbriS
some.   It is a paper youjeedjnyour home   The .i.l
you in touch with opportunitieajor gettinir *! -1'1
nine tor your money.
* m^r
BUI Head*
Price Lists
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Card*
In  Commercial Priming
we have a largo alock of
1     MB>1 v...'
w ft*,*.!?****
We handle Blank Ledger
Forma  for   Loose
Leaf System
ensure correctness of style ami
For any kind M ['
For society printing, we
Invitations and Dance ProKrammeg____ ����� "" ,.NVxvs Job
ilti-color Brintlng conauit tne__
1 Letterhead*
Stock Certificate*
Articles of A����ociation
!     Illustrated Pamphlet*
(   ^..,^,,^,.,-afc.***^**-^"*^*^-**
Uist,. in VisitiiHrCanl9.Wed.linK
Prince Rupert, Nov. 21, 1911.
To Ihe Ratepayer* of the City of
I'rlnre Rupert.
Ladles and llcntli'tnen:���Owing to
the discussion Which hns been going
on In lho newspapers during lhc Insl
few days in connection wllh the con*
strucllon of the proposed sewer
through Hays Creek as provided In
ihe bylaw now before the people lo
be voted upon on Saturday. Hie J.Ml.
November, at the Police Court Room,
'ihlrd Avenue, It la deemed norca-
Miry lo publish a Mat.Mucin of the
proposed plan of sewnge.
It wns originally proposed lo construct a sewer from a point near
thc terminus of Kootenay Avenue,
Section 4, south of the Acropolis
lllll, nnd eonllnuc through tho low-
lying land nl lhe back of the city
to Hays CrecK and empty at the
mouth of lhc crock Into deep water.
The eoit of this work was estimated
n( about ! I -���:>.      It was found,
however, after git In due consideration lo lhc project lhat it wns unnecessary for the preicnt lo begin
as far west.-rly ns at first proposed,
but to ��� .et,.in. i,.. ai a point near
lilock 43, Section .',, known on lhe
MWer Idan In the t'lly La., as Mon-
liole No. *-. whl. h reduced lhc cost
considerably. Then It was found I in -
possible lo ninke definite pinna for
the const ruction of a permanent
sewer at and near the mouth of the
creek owing In Hie fact lhal lhe
plans of ihe <S. T. P. Railway Com-
pany show lhal roundhouses, etc.,
trackage, arc to he constructed In
Hays Creek, which Is lo be filled
up an.l used for railway purposes;
also lhal a drydock is Io he established nl lhe deep water to and
crossing the mouth of Hays Creek.
TM detail* of tin* proposed works
so far as Ihe exact location nnd
grade Is coinerneil Is not available,
anil until this information ran be
s-iured,  ll   Is Impossible to  proceed
io tonstrtict tba permanent ouiiet
of the creek. It was therefore decided to enrry Hie permancnl sewer
only lo .Manhole No. 28, situated
nbout 1.6D0 feet from lhe month of
thc creek. This manhole has a fall
from lhe Inlet lo lhe outlet of about
LS feet, which will allow the grade
of sewer l,el��icii Manhole No. 21
ami tld*wat*r to b< raised or lower
-General Hardware-
Builder*'  Hardware
Valves St Pipes     Oxford Stove*
Granitcware       Tinware
j Prince Ruperl Lodge, I.O.O.F.
����� NO.  63
, Meets in tho llelfrerson Block
��� Every Tuesday Evening
��� All  members  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
Second and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
II. Gordon Munn, W. Niclie-lson I_lley
Stork BuililinK, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
of British e*.,l���n,Lm eif lie;.. Ontario, s�����-
��,irl Munitiibo liars. kalt-hewnn   and Al-
Is-, in liars.
Office��� BSflhtnn block, cornor Third avenue nnd
Sixth itrt��t. Prince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., L>. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation! skilfully treateel. Gas and
local ruiiiailr.-i tr- administered tor the painless ex-
traction uf t.-elli. Ginsuttation free. Olllces:
ll.-li:.*r--,.i, UliK-k. l'nnce Itupert. 11-12
Alcx.M.Mnnsun H.A.,     W.K.WIllloms.B.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
l>.;0. BOX il
ruru. ok WM, ioxon. esi*.. a.h.a.m., ion., eno
Fire, Life and Accident Insurances
.118 3rd Avenue Phone 313 and Green 262
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sts
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Hotel Central
Cor. Firal Ave.
���nd 7th Street
������ ��� ��� ���-���
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. CLUCK. Sec.
Kun-ix-ttn untl American I'lun. "team
hvmtol. BMtefl convenience*.    Hut"*
;!.'���" i ��� ��� ' .-��� |:--r ,i .��� . : ;
Flat in Rand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
and Fulton Street.
Also store* in same block.
Two cottage, colter .Second Avenue and
Ninth Street.
Lots in all parti ol the city.
Wc represent some ol the largest Com*
panies doing business in thc City.
Second Ave. Phone 112
rnoNK sol r.o. aox sm
Wo curry everything in the feed linn. .tl-.. k-.-ir-
den needaat the lowent innrket price.*., at Coliart'i
olir Fled Store, Mnrket Place
Uaua-it**. Storatre and I"���trwardin* Aircnta.
Hi* * or Mulor Car day or night
Prompt Delivery
hones 41 or 301
Seventh Ave. ami Fulton
Phone *ll
Kor Bfgfnmn tndAdvuotd PupJli
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���*f t-***m***
Sell    tho   Daily    News.
it'- till I     '.I-ii"*. iHlli IjUll'k-
������-1 way of naming money
of your own.     Apply at
Miss Vera Greenwood
P.m..I of Franx Wilczek. Parii and Berlin.
.-i.a r a Und I'l.trn in.ii.n -f gui-.ii Charlotte
Take notlc* that thirty daki Irom data, I. C. U.
Uiintf-r < ( Trine* Kupert, U. C. by occupation
I-.. Van j tr. intend lo apply to tbe < IikI Com*
mWoner of Landi for a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 aera of
land on t.raham Inland deMribe-d u foUowi:
.'....-im. nt.g at a pott planted two mile* nutrb
ol ��uke marked ("��� K. H Coal Laaaa No 4, marked
N. K. corner C. K. II. Coal L��aa* No. ;., thence
aoulh ***' ehaina, thanca van Ml chaina, lhance
north mj chain*, thenca eaat SO chaint lo pl ea of
f��i fn n.-���*��� n rem en 1.
Iist-I n,-|.i. II. Itll.    C. E. BAINTMt. Lontoi
l*ul>. .sn.!. U.
ailed so ns nol lo Interfere wiih Irae ks
f|or bitltllngs of the O. T. 1��.
The perniiinitit sewer thus provlil-
61  ed for in tlie bylnw commeneing nt
to the higheat grades of mu|
Daily News Building
Third Ave
PHONE   98
Skeena Und Uiatrict���DfeMM of Qu-rvn Chralotto
Taka notice that thirty davi fmm data, I. <' K
Hainter of Prine* Kupert, ll. 0. by occupation
i >��� *.**���'��� i- r. intend to apply to tha Chief Coin-
muHiioner of I tirii tor a licence to protpect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 act,** of
lind on (iraham Island deacribH at follows:
Commencing at a pott planted two milet nortb
"U . li. ICCoal Leaie No. 8. MM C. lv Hainter
N. W. corner Coal Laate No. 6, ther.ce aouth 80
chain*. Ihence eaat B0 chain*, thence north DO
chain*, thence wett 80 chaina to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1011.    C. ���. HAINTKU .Locator
1Mb. Sept. 13
Skeena Und I>tetHrt ��� Dial rict of Queen Charlott.
Take notice lhat thirty dayi from date, 1, C. t:
Htinter of Prince Kup��rt�� fl. C, by occupation
lionkkeepcr, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
mitaioner of Undi tor a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acree of
Und on (iriham Mind deecrilied a* follow*;
Commencinit at a poet planted two mllee north
���I ( K. H (oal lrr*a*m No. 1. tlake S. W. corner
Coal l<ee*e No. 7, thence north IK> chaint, lhance
eatt 80 chaint, thenoe aouth M chaint, Ihence
went *0 chain* to piece of commencement.
Dated Sept II. 1911. C. E. IIAINTKU, Locator
Pub. Sept. 28
Sheena Und Dittrict���Dlitrict of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty davi from dale, I, C. E.
Hiintpr ot Prince Hupert, II. (*., hy occupation
I rook keeper, intend to apply to the Chief Corn-
miaHnner ot Und* for a licence in pro*pect for
coil and petroleum on and under 640 icrea of .
Itnd nn (iraham l*Und dn*cril>ed at fuMowt: I
Commencing *' ��� pott plinted two miif* north
ot C. K. H Coal I**%**��� No 4, marked 8. K. corner
' I. It Coal 1 ******* No. 8, Ihenr* north *") chaint,
Ihrnre  woat   M  chaint,  thence  eoulh   *��  chain*.
From Vancouw tr Seattle
Through Tiekets nn.l till information about your trip
Room 28. Alder Block Upstair*
=s=E.   EBY    Cc\. Co.==e
Kitsumkalum Lanl For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
Tho I'rln.H. Ituii.Tt Ulne., N... .118, Sons of
I-.,,.-i ,'r I. meats the Urst .,*, i ,,ii:-i TuMdav. In
^ach m.mth In KiikIiiiiiI Hall. Win Znil
Ave. at s ii.m.
K. V. tll.AIIK. Sn-.,
K.INKST A. WlKllls!'.!^,;!1.,.!^ """
Teue-lu-r uf riutiei, Violin ami
Voit-e Culture-.
2nd Ave,
ll.-tn-een "th & (Sth Sts.
Prince Kupert
Funeral  Director end  Embalmer
THIRD   AVENUE      PHONE   356.
tll'KN IMV ANIl MlillT
Roger's Steamship Agency
2nd Ave.     Head of Centre St.    Phone III!
Funeral   Director*
���Ird Ave, nenr tith St. Phone No. 80
WE BUY EVEIPil*. -Hurt wi rhslns .o |.tsr. ol e>**
l-.-l      ���   -I-,    .*!
I,.-.-! '���!������    II, Itll.
I)   IIAINTKU. Loralor
Mntil.ole No. �� nnd extending lo
..Ini.l.ole No. 21 Is only n part of a
sewer system to '"' OWBpMld ��'
both ends later on The (liy Knul-
net-r and lh* ll.'nllli (Iffl-
eer   lm..'   t.otli   teiiorlcd   upon   this
matter t" Un rilv ('*>"**r**- ********
rtportl   iifionipnny   Ihis   slalenienl
for luibll'iiMon
.tele i   Hint   there I* any Rood reason I mimiiSnerit.
. i  ���,l,l  .....   lormlimle ' "���'"' Sep'-'". "H*    C. K. UAINTBR, Ixxialot
whv lie newer shoultl nol MTHinaw|pdjmi
-I-.-,.�� Und I ,.,,-��� ��� 'i ol .;���..,. Charlolla
Taka notlc thst thiny .Isrs Irom dslo, I. C. K.
Ilatr l.r   ol   rrinc   ltU|��e-Tt,   ll.   Cm   1'X   e**t*TI|,Stlon
I -H-ldee^t-.!, int-an.l lo spply to lh. Chi*-* Com*
missinnM Ol lAXItiX, tat * tlcnt-e lo lor
real snd i-,,,"l<nm on anil ei-rl.-r '.I , srre. ot
lsnd on lirshsm lslsnd dr.crfl.pd as lollows:
. ���mm.nrln*( st s post plsnt��<l Sv. mils, .sat
nl <    ,1 I .��..- Nn. 4174, ,���.,..! (*. K. I.a.ntw's
N. K. earnmt (���sl IvWms- No. II, th.nce soulh 80
They   .lo   DOt   eon- I rhslns. Ih.nee west 80 chsins, Iheno. north SO
| rhslns, Ihpnce east  80 chslns  lo  place ol rom-
We Pay  Highast Prices
for HrnsH, Cop|>-er, I^cad,
Ruliher    Boots,    Solder,
Dross anil Bottles
Prince Rupert Cast) Store
..Grand Hotel*.
Worklngman's Home
Free Labor Bureau in Connection
I'hone 178 1st Ave. and 7th St.
CEO. BRODERIUS, Proprietor
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines ������ Periodicals It Newspaper*
��� We have just arranged with one
of our clients to plaee forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots ure some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. The prices are as low
as uny on the market, nnd the
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional oiler, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky-
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
one in forty-two. Come in and
(Canadian  Tress  Despatch.)
Paris, Nov. 24 ��� News has
reached here that the Turks have
land seige to the town of Tripoli,
11 ~
City Hall Concrete Work
Framing for the concrete
work of the new City Hall is in
position today and cement is
being loaded into the new .shed
on the job.
"The News" Classified Ads.
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
;>-*^.e^^-n-^*fc��^-ifca.r-^4iT-t^^*f-i*w��i--^ii'-^*H-^ii ^-ff^-Jj
t*V**x******* ***** t***aam*f**A ����~fc����*^��i*^i
They All Come Back
Old timers of Rupert are welcoming back to town W. A. Miner, "The One Arm Wonder,"
who has been away all summer
prospecting in the Fraser River
Valley. The Wonder will be in
the Locksmith business again
this winter in the Hart block.
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S.-Houses and Rentals.
Bargains in Ladies' Suits
"North way's Celebrated"���delayed
shipment just to hand, Must be sold.
$25 .wits for $17,155, $32 suits for $21,
and io on. One thirel off. Wallace's.   2t
Music in the Parks
A suggestion was made in
Council last night that the
new city band be requested
to play one night a week in
a public place, in return for
the civic contribution proposed to aid them in securing band instruments.
Advertising Pays���in The News
Vli t ctmntlets are lhc
l.uml-. r ol appropriate Kill
ihinjin shotra in our new
catalogue ranging in price
from 15c up.
There ere 1.4 pogci ol
li,.,mr,i,.* . Jewelry, Silverware, China, Cut Glass,
I er.nln r Goods ami Novel-
lies write lor it, it ii tree
for the .1*.kii>��l
Wt prepay ill delivery
charges on every article
purchased Irom us, guarantee
������le delivery and immediately refund the lull purchaie
price il the goods ire nol
entirely aatialictory.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
Cinadi't I ar it ti Jtwtlrr Huuta
���JO*.   R',**r.  Pftft.
-,-,'<���. 8tc.-Tr*ra*.
154436*138 Yonge St.
A meeting of the property
owners of Section 5, 6, 7 and
8 will be held in the Presbyterian hall on 4th ave.. Friday*
the twenty-fourth inst., at 8
p.m. sharp.
The purpose of the meeting
is to organize a property owners civic league, also to discuss
the pro and con of the Sewer
By-Law about to be voted on.
Aid. Newton and Aid. Clayton
will address the meeting upon
the last issue.
Insure City Workers
Insurance of the city employes will be received
through the Mack Realty
Company. Decided at last
night's council.
Now is the time to get Xmas
cards for friends oversea. Your
every wish can be supplied at
McRae Bros.
Rupert, Southbound
Among those who left by the
Prince Rupert for the south this
morning were: R. Wallace, J.
A. and W. Rouse, W. Welby, W.
Bevridge, S. Warnes, A. Estell,
J. W. Hart, George Mackie, S.
Long, E. Sweder.
Holla, Coola Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaat Range.
I     Tako notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ire*
. land, occupation genUeman, intenda to apply for
1 permission lo leaau the Iciuowint* deecribed lands:
|     Commencing at  a  post  planted  at  the ahore
| i��� -,r the X. I., cornor ol Ian No. 3, thence north
J IU chains, tbence west SO chains more or leas to
eaat boundary ol cannery li-use, tlience followini;
the said east boundary south  IU chains more or
Juss  to shure  line,   thence  [ollowing  said ahore
line easterly 80 chains more or loss lo point ol
commencement;    containing 320  acrea,  mora or
Dated August 31, 1911. II.  M.  CLIFI'
I'ub. Sepu 30. William McNair, Agenl
Bella Coola Land Dlatrlcl���District ol Cout Rango
Take notice that H. II, Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, Intenda to apply
irrr permiasion to ieaae thu following described
Commencing at a post planted at tho N. K
comer of Lot 33, thence nortb '1*1 ehains, thenc*
u.-st In chains, Ihence south '111 chaina more or
less *.rr rhore line, thence following lhe shore line
east to chsloa more or leas to point of commence
ment; containing SO caree, more or leas.
Dated August 31, 1*11. II.  M. CLIFF
Tub. Sopt. 30. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Lend District���District ol Cout Rang
Tuko notice that II. M. Cllll ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, inlenda lo apply
lur permission to leue the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat plantod at tha N. W.
curner ol Lot No. 4, thencu north 40 chains, thence
eaat 40 chaina, thencu suuth 40 chaina more ur
leu to shore line, thence [ollowing ahore line
weaterly 40 chaina more or leaa to point of commencement; containing 80 acrea, more or leas.
Daled August 'Hi. lull. It.   M.   CLIFF
Tub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agen
Bella Coola Land District���District ol CoeM Range
Take notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ire
land, occupation gentleman, intenda to apply
fur permission to leaae the lollowlng described
Commencing at a poat planted at the N. W
curner ol Lot 252, theoce aoulh 40 chains more
or luaa to northern boundary of ieau No. 1 applied r
for ny li. M. Cliff, thence following aald boundary
eut 20 chaina, thenco north 40 chaina, thence
west 20 chaina lo point ���I commencement; containing SU acrea, more or leas.
Dalad August 28, lull. II.  M. CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agenl
For Rent���Plat In Clapp blot
haver Uroi.
For Rent
at-... _..--_..-..���. awa.-__.#
Apply  Westen-
Rooms- Burkley   Block���
For  Ront-Furnlahed
12.60 week up.
For Rent-Two roomed riibin. rinse- te. McBride,
freshly papered and clean, only HO per month.
H F. McRae _ Co. t-f
OUR Companies are note! for prompt and just
settlement!. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack HenUy ami Insurance Co.
Wanted at Once���Chambermaid at thc Central
Hotel. lt
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
liiiimli-y.    White' labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Maternity nurae open
Bux 2169 Newa.
for engairement.
Apply j
Canadian :
2 grades in a variety of patterns to be sold thi:
35c and 45c
s week for
These goods are after the style of English floor
good substitute for linoleum
cloths  atu|
Crockery and Glassware for the Holidays
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St.
Phone 62     *%
************* | **********��
Wanted���Servant to do ireneral housework. Other l
maid kept.   Mra. L. W. Patmore. t-f     I
Wanted��� Girl for general housework. Anply j
Mrs. Laney, 1208 2nd Ave. MM8T
Wanted. ��� Dreaamakinir. cleaning and press-!
in*, repairing for men and women Mrs Charles I
Percher. 820 Third Ave.   Phone BM Red.     tf
Lost and Found
FOUND-2 Small Keys.   Im-ulreat News Olllce.
Found���Ladlea* opal   set   brooch.    Owner  se>n-l
description to E.J.M., Dally Nt-wa.       2S8-2S9
Real Estate
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Ordera promptly filled.   Pricea reasonable-.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Thone 68.
SI . ..Mi    HI  Nl   I
Lot for Sale in Section 5. '--lock ffi. Lot
Ave.   Apply Mike Ruzich. Box ��82 City.
i. Tth
Will buy lots In Prince Rui>ert at bargain prices
for cash. Apply P.O. Uox 8-0 stating location,
price, etc. 231-tf
Eastern stenographer of wide experience wants
position. Address "Stenographer." 6*1-2 Cordova St., Vancouver, B.C. t-f
For Sale
Notice to Ratepayers
Hay's Creek Sewer By-law
I    The following ii a resolution of th..
, Council passed re the above Sewer By-1
I law:
"That in carrying out the provisions of tlie Hay's Creek
Sewer By-law, the city engineer be instructed to construct a
temporary outlet bofore the
sewer is uied."
ERNEST A. Wm,ns,
City Clerk.
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
A ves., close in.
Submit your lutings
Continental Trust Co., |
Second Avenue
Prince Rupert    (!)
For Sale ��� Complete cabin furnishings. Indue)-
Ing cook stove, tabiea. chaira, tableware, coolc-
Ino* utcnalls, beds, with coal anel provisions fir,
C. Durant, Hays Bids. 2A4-27H
Applications will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Directors of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full course of
training in nursing. 12t
Xmas present* ���time to send them to
the old country���lots of them easily
mailed.    Wallace's.
St. Andrews Society
A regular meeting of the
St. Andrew's Society will be
held in the carpenter's hall
to-night at 8 o'clock. All
Scotsmen in the city will be
made welcome.
Bella Coola Land District���District ol Coaat Range
Take notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentle-nan, Intenda to apply
lor permission to loaae the lollowing describe I
Commencing at a poat planted at the S. E
corner ol Lot 251, thence south 10 chaina more
or leas lo northern boundary ol Lease No. 1
applied lor by H. M. Cliff, Ihence east 20 chains
along aaid boundary, tbence north 40 chains,
thence wost 'It chaina to poinl of commencemenl;
conUining XH1 acrea, mere or lesa.
Dated August 28. 1911. H.  M.  rl.lll    RUPERT'S
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agenl
Savoy Hotel jj; DaflyNews
Cor. Fraser and Hth.        Choice Wines nnd Cigars
Skeena Lund District���DUtrict ol Caasiar
Take   notice   that   Charlea   William   Ham   ol
Vancouver, B.  .'.. occupation Inspector,  intends
to apply lor permiasion to purchaae tho lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the con*
lluence ot Blackwaler river with thc Naaa river
about two miloa aoulh Irom tho aiith Dominion
Telegraph cabin. Poat marked C. W. H. S. W.
Corner, thence SO ehaina north, thence K0 chains
east, thenco K0 chaina aouth, thence SO chains
west to point ol commencement, containing 010
acres more or li-sa.
Dated September 23, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Land District���District ol Caaslar
Take notico lhat Thomaa Arthur White ol Vancouver,  B. 0- occupation carpenter, intenda to
apply  lor permiaaion  to  purchaae the [ollowing
descrll*ed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tho confluence r��f llleckwater river with Naaa river, about
two miles aouth o[ the sixth Dominion Telegraph
cabin. I'ost marked T. A. W. S. E. Corner, thence
aXl chaina north, thence 80 chains west, thence 80
chaina south, thence 80 chaina eaat to point ol
commencement, containing 610 acres more or leas.
Daled Sept. 23, 1911.
I'ub Nov. 2.
Cor. 3rd A v.
and Sth St.
The James
Nicely furnished rooms. Good table board
Board f 4.75 Room and Board 17.00
iiuality i.tun mi, im row
-   ~   ~
We    Loaned
Per Cent, to
Build This
Before the auction of lots in section 2,
intending purchasers should  carefully
Study the Lot Grades
You can only do this satisfactorily by
obtaining a copy of the large map (3 ft
6 in. by 2 ft.) complied from ofticial records by J. H. Pillsbury, CE. This
gives full details of contours, topographical features, street grades anel
lot elevations.
For Sale at the Offlce of
C. B. SCHREIBER _ CO.    -   Prince Rupert
1113 Third Ave. P. O. Box Kill Phone HS
Intending Purchasers
of Section 2 Lots
Nov. 29th is the date set for
the selling by auction of Lots
in Section 2. If you wish to
get a lot send us your instructions to buy, together with the
cash for thc amount you canto put in.
Terms op Sale One quarter
cash and balance in 1, 2 anil .1
years at 6 per cent.
Advertise in
Acme Clothing House
Stanfield's Red Label Underwear   -   $1.00 gar.
Stanfield's Blue " 1.25
Penman's Wool Unshrinkable Underwear .75
Cluett Peabody American shirts, regular
price $2.00, now       -       . 1.25
Second Ave.,
Prince Ruperl, B.C.
Let us loan you tne imniy to buy or buiid a house  or pay off a mortgage
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Oflice: Pacific Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Per Cent, to
Build This    I 1 mm^SSL _______ ���""��� _gg_j Cleaning
Prepare for winter by getting your fnr- i
naces and flues put in order by
Puclicil Cbinner Sweep Addicts: Knoi Holel, or
Can Phone to Woodworth
Ring up Woodworth or
Shawatlans now, and central
can oblige with the connection.
Saturday, November 25th, Only
Acme Clothing House
Second Avenue
Sole Agents for Slater Shoes


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