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Twenty-four hours ending 5 a.m.,
Nov. 28 ^K
The Daily New^
ineo ll&*fyji*.\ . Friday, 8 a.m.
VOL.11, NO. 272
Formerly Jhe_Prince Rupert Optimist
PaiNCE Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, November 28, 1911.
'5rOPlA, B. G
Price Five Cents
Engineer Arthur   Alliston,   Who   Recently Resigned
From the Light Plant, Claims That There is a
Shortage of From Fifty to Eighty Tons
Engineer Allison, who resigned
in. position recently al tho light
^iaiit, lias written llu* Oounoil de-
iniiiiiliiig n public invt'slignlioii ol
ni nll.'gr.l con I shnrlagre of some*
so nt wu inns, wiiifii eame up recently in oonneolton wiih th..
hi* III plant supply. Tin; elciiiniiil
will bo aooeded lo by lho Oounoil,
Th.' Miiyni- roiiiiii-ki-il la-l nighl
ih.ii a guild donl of lime hail boe-n
a|,ini already in Investigating
ihis ooal Question. Alderman
Douglas moved thai a pubic Investigation bo hold ns suggested
ami Alilormiin Mnrrissoy soc-
in n lengthy speeoh Alderman
Clayton slated thai after exhaus-
iim- oxporimoiil uml invostigalion
unit a slii.i-lago of sumo six or
.,*.,'ii Inns had boon dolccled and
-uul further thut Mr. Allison hnd
been shown the calculations
mail., by iho oopimiltee <>f Investigation baaed upon his own llg-
1,1.'-  .in,l  hail  verbally  iiilmilletl
I In.I In- was wrung and would ac-
oordlngly rosign.
Olty Bolioltor Petera suggested
lhal Un- iiolos nf pi'in'oi'ilings nl
iho oommitlee'a Investigations
taken in shorthand should be
transcribed ami placed before lhe
M.loniiiiii M.u-i-issey told of a
ohaneo Interview ho had in a
friend's ofllce wiih Mr. Allison, in
which under oloae nml skeptical
engineer, Mr. Allison had made
statements which he. was prepared in substantiate under onih
ami which lind n very deep bearing on lhe city's economy in this
Alderman Newion emphasized
lhc righl .<r any citizen lo have
ii public Invesligall f a mailer such as this coal shortage. on
which lie had wide Information,
a*, tea-, alleged ill this ease.
Th.- innl inn was carried, and
a public Investigation will bo
hold, .laic lo ho aniieiuncctl later.
the  Provincial
Disastrous    Fire   Sweeps   Out   of   Existence
Government's Fine Building
Clerks Managed to Hurl Many Valuable Books Into the Vault Before Leaving the
Doomed Building, But Others Are Detroyed   Incidents of the Fire
The   Hi
According to the Commodore's Story, the Rear-Ad
miral Quit in High Dudgeon Because He Was
Asked to Put to Sea at Regular Intervals
Trouble  has  arisen   over   lh
Sniff Yacht.   Pal Carey, until re
in   roil
Four Passenger and Six Box
Cars Arrived by Scow Yesterday���New Rolling Stock Anticipates Opening of Line lo
Pour new passenger ears and
������iv bos oars arrived in lho hnr-
bor yesterday from Vancouver
.���ii the ii. T. P. spccinl giant
bcow   for   rolling   slock.     The
 w   wus    lowed   by   the   lug
Georgia ami berthed lemporarII>
al lhe O. T. 1'. wharf neiii- tin-
boal slip. The cars will bo transferred to the sidings al lho special wharf later. Tlie now p..*-
���a.-iiger cars arc brought up in
anticipation of iho gently in-
creased Iralllc when the lino Is
opened as far as Batollon nexi
The  bull  nf lho  son-mi  nl   III.'
Mclntyre llall on Thursday night.
under lhe at, im-os of lhe st.
Andrew's 8nelelv
Owing to the Lato Departure of
the Prince Rupert This Trip
the Sale Will Nol Start Until
Thursday Morning.
The sab- >.f Si'ciinn ? lots, ad-
verlised lo slnrl on Wednesday,
will not start .innl Thursday
in..iiimg. Tin*- announcement
waa ina.ic I., the News thi* morning b. Mr. David II. Ila>s.
The roas.>n I.'i' tin- postponement i- that the Prinoe Ituperl,
which i- bringing up a lnrg>*
number of Invealors tor lhe snle,
wilt be twelve hours lato m Icav-
ii,. Vancouver, and therefore will
tmI iiirive until l�� p. in, or Inter.
n tael h ���  of Thursday's
solo will bo announced later.
Spark From Oovernment Building
Carried  to  Waterfront.
Before the excitement over llu
Land Registry Ofllce blue hsd
died down up nt ih no of il"-
lire, there wns a hoi inoi tl "t
I**.', for lhe boys nl the ii. T. I'
wharf,   Tin- north corner nf the
largest  freight WSrehOUSO nil lhc
wharf oniighi lire. A spark
wafted all lho way from lhe Gov-
ei-llliieill  building  had  lOltlod OH
Iho  shingles ami.  funnel  In   lhe
wind, glowed until it biased, Gen-
oral Superintendent Mehan was
nn the spnl, nn.l in a few minulCI
with the help of buckets and n
long ladder the blaze was
quenched, a bole was burned In
lhe roof jusi nl the deep overhung on the gable end near 'I"'
lop,   Fortunately lha wind wai
blowing the lire OUl from lh��
main part of (he building.
Hay's Creek Sewer Bylaw.
The report of Peter MoLachlan
nn the sower bylaw VOlO was received and llled by lho Olty <���""������-
cil Inst night.
See Wark's nortii window for
seasonable gifts in solid gold and
sterling silver.
St. Andrew's Ball.
Don't miss the si. Andrew
ball mi Thursday nighl
Mclntyre   Hull,    dray'
oheslra In attendance,
Itesl   meal   in   lOWD  at   BSVOy
Now is the time to get Xmas
cards for friends oversea. Your
every wish can be supplied at
McRae Bros.
Letters to the Editor
Th.- Dowser .cl onsets lhal no
liquor shall bo sold lo n imm apparent!; under lho Influence ..(
-it*.,im drink.
The Oil) Bylaw onaoli lhal no
���nan under Uf Influonoe-ol liquor
.hall be allowed tn leave |||
,.,,.,���,.,.. where he lm-* obtal I
drink unaccompai I.
ii,, ... are the   foi ���" Inlond-
,.,i in keep cllll  from lulling
,,ir ..in* sillied -ii Is.
w in .i,. our Pollco <��� mm*
 rs   ifl   i"-*'"1   ���������������*   """"'
f,.  .hall be kepi up.'
\\h> do our l.t.-.-"- Commls-
 icra nol cancel lho lleonscsof
it  ��h,, arc  breaking  I	
harriers down.
|.- ii. im vi.iim l
'���ailing    hotel-
Princ   Ruperl
City Council Will Confor Today
Over Contractors' Lawsuits.
u n private icssion  of  the
Cltj Council In.commllleoof tin
,. conlracl    i  suing   lho
,���'e.,nn arforlnvo,
0f lho mailer of lh
trading  ilracl payments
���|*(l,. ,,..ii|l cam
modo by Aldormon
-a.     la-     1l,l\ II     I,..IMM       I  '   |*
b) lit- Oil)
whole i U ��l ' i' ���''��� ',in . "
neer Davis, Clt) Bolioltor Pet
i,iv.-nils over
from motions
,\,.tti,ni and
HorrisM) io havo public reports
,,n ihe subject mat
al   lhe    I'l'i.vineial
building   yesterday
most  spectacular thing
flroworka  lhal   anyone
n I wish In sec iii Pi-ince lltipei-l
for n generation. The flames
leaped up like gianl tongues of
lire ami hut foi- lho fortunate
change in the dlroolion of the
wind lho whole or Beoond avenue
lo the onial must certainly have
Today when Mr. Justice Clements roaches Iowa In hold
curl ho will havo In look for a
a place in which In hold it.   The
court  i in iu the Government
Olllce is m.l hnbilnble now, and
will, when put in order, have to
���heller the staff ..r the Governmeni Agent.
His Second Experience.
This is the second time Gov-
ornmonl   Agent   J.   II.   .McMullin
ha- I u burned out, or nearly
10.     Ilis   lli-sl   experience  wns  al
Pernio, This time he wasn't ox-
sctly  burned  ..ul,   but   ns   his
g i- ami ohattels wore almost
-cult.-rod   lo   [he   four  winds   il
comes I., the same thing.
To Dynamite Residency.
When the Humes caughl the
curl house nnd il looked ns if
iii.* resldenoy musl go, too, the
propose was mad.- lo have the
resldenoy blown up with dynamite in order lo save the Hank
..r Commerce and Weslenhaver
ntllces, which would have seul lho
blase righi down Beoond avnue,
Lost Legal Library.
ll.  I\  Mel d. ohief clerk nl
ih. Governmeni olfloes, hns l..si
in lh lire all his library of legal
reference worka, valued ai .several hundred dollars und vrye
iliillciili i.i replace.
Started to Wreck Building.
The action of the townspeople
waa splendid In the way ihey
rushed  lo help extinguish  the
III.nn*.. Hue nr Iwo of I In-Ill lost
their bonds ll little. S,,in,'li,,ily
who   gol    int..   Mr.    Mo.Mullin's
beaullful   resldi    started   lo
pull down the balustrade on ihe
main   italrcaso,     Exactly   how
lli.'t   IhOllgbl   Ibis  WOUld  help  lo
quell (he lire i.s n.it clour.
Saved Police* Records.
i rom amongsl the smouldering embers of lho Provincial Police ofllco William Godson of III.-
.inn rescued the dronohod ami
charred remains of lhe Provincial   pol    r nl   honk.    The
int.I.He   pages   III'.'   still   roll.lllllle.
To Avoid Firoworks. j nienl Ihe reason    for   the water
Revolvers nnd bells orammed shortage nt firsl whs lhal the fire
wiih    cartridges   were    hastily I department   had   oonneoted th
snatohed up from lhe Provincial
police olllce by the first mon to
.lash in there. A rifle and some
cartridges had to be left, but lho
explosions passed unnoticed.
Chief Owen on Job.
Willi Chief Viokers of lhe city
police, Chief Owen uf the Provincial force was one of the lirsi
lo see the lire start. He dashed
into his olllce nnd saved a great
many doouments from the Land
Registry department, as well as
the lypwriter belonging lo his
own department ami his olllce
wall cnlck.
Work for Phone Men.
By ihe melting <>r the lead cable
tubes containing the Insulated
telephone wires a whole section
of the 'phone elisli-iel wns cut off,
'Phone manager E. Love was on
tlie job us quickly us possible
with u full gang of linemen restoring communication.
Saved His "Home."
"Thanks, Chief Vickers. You
did well. XbU've saved my home
anywayl" remarked John Mun-
nis, an old friend of the police
force, who was doing penance
for a D. and D. in the cell at the
time of the fire. John lent a willing han.i to put oul (he blase.
Ordered Prisoners Release
The instant the fire- showed a
grip on lhe Land Registry ofllce, Chief Vickers ordered the
prison cell doors In lhe court
building to be thrown open, and
ihe few delinquents dciuined
there in be released, They Worked like Trojans helping lho ili-o-
ini'ii, and all got drenohed.
Praised Asst. Chief.
Bystanders wore full of
praise for lho cool and courug-
onus cninIiicl nf Asst. I-'ire Chief
Macdonald,   Ho was iu the thiol.
nf  the   fighl   all   the  lime.     Ol	
u chimney slack oollopaed al ins
fool, bill the Assl. Chief   kepi oil
ul  hi- work Without  wincing.
Some Quiet Heroes
Half a doscn nameless heroes
s.-l In work Willi buckets In extinguish ihe sparks Hint run mi
iho powder house oloso by mi lbs
reserve. There wus a lol of powder nn.l dynamite inside, but they
didn't slop Iii think of what might
have happened lo Ihem if il hud
gone ..iv. Tholr oonduol probably
averted a greater disaster.
Water Shortage
A. riling I., the water depart-
first lino of liei.se* iii n .lead hydrant al Third Avenue nnd Fifth
Stroot. Finding the valve dry, n
fireman turned a gale valve serving this .lead hydrant, but in so
doing sent I lie greater part of
lhe Btream down ���.. Fraser Breel
When the hoso was connected al
Third and Sixth, and S ml and
sixth hydrants, it was possible
I., gel full pressure.
Saved Doouments.
By lhe prompt and courage,.us
work nf ih.. Land Registry oflloe
employees, who hastily packed
as many as possible of the books
and papers in use Into the Vault,
only leaving their olllce when the
fire was devouring the floor below Ihem. a greal many of lhe
nn,si valuable papers are believed io have been saved.
Vault Still  Hot.
The brick antl oonorcte vault
of lhe Laml Registry olllce was
siill warm Ihis morning, and the
stool    doors    nre    buckled    and
jammed. The staff examined the
doors this forenoon, but were of
..pinion thul the vault cuiinot be
opened until tomorrow,
Searching the Ashes.
Ruins of a typewriter, four n*-
vnivors,   hundreds   of  exploded
cartridges, remnants >.f a pencil
sharpening machine, Iwo warped
sleol Copying presses, all kinds of
m.-lul  stamping  maohlnes,  un-
recognizable rulers, glass ink
pols melted inio solid lumps ami
all sorts nf oharrod doouments
lie in ihe ashes.
Valuable Salvage.
Charred  pages  ..r  iho  latest
Laml llegi.-lry record book  form
iho most imporlanl salvage in lhe
ruins.    Chief Clerk McLeod wus
anxiously collecting ihese this
morning.   The book constituted
Die only ofllolal n nl, but its
oonlonla oan be Iraoed and verified.
Temporary Offices.
Council nf war lo dot i.io upon
leiiiporary olllces was held in the
polioo cuii i in tins forenoon,
Tlie probabilities arc ihnl the
Provincial polioe will locate in lho
niii n Fulton street former!)
occupied by lhe Mack Really Co.,
ihe provincial Assessor will g..
i,, lho Stephens block on Third
avenue  uml  lhe    Laud    Registry
department in tin- Continental
Trusl Co.'s building, as a secure
vault la essential for Hns department,
oenlly shore admiral of the In-
oense-brealhing craft, tins complained in the Council that Commodore Macfarlane, sanitary inspector, has treated him in it
manner unbecoming the dignity
nl lhe service. He asked lhal
ilu- Counell supply a lantern for
use in ihe darksome depths of
iho Sniff yacht's hold ami
claimed consideration us un old-
linier of the oily.
There   was   niore   talk   of   referring Ihe mutter to tlio Health
Committee, but Mr. KaofArlane,
whn was present, nske.l leave lo
address the Council on thu mutter. The Commodore's tale was
lhal Admiral Gary tin.I turned the
poor Sniff Yacht into n hog ranch
ami was only in attendance ou tier
when lllo hogs vvunlcd feeling.
The Sanitary tnspeolor wont on
lo say Ihul Mr. Cury liit.l quit, unel
Ihnl Thomas Reid had been ap-
p,mil,'il in his pluce. Mr. fli-iil
wns prepared lo do what Mr.
Cury w,,ulil m.l -Hint is. to go
In sea iii lh.- Bnlff Yacht nml aid
in discharging her oargo iu ..pen
-en. uuo of lho duties of the
Slim*,* Admiral was lo Id the
waler .mt of tlio yacht's bilge.
Mr.   Macfarlane  bold   Unit   this
duly liuil I n negleoted lo tho
joopnr.ly of lhe yacht's crew in
lime nf peril on the sea.
Am.tin���!��� mailer  iu  oiinnoetion
with lhe Sniff yacht: vi/.. u n-
gaging ..f extra bands lo help
discharge her nt sen, wus with
the letter frmii Mr. Cury laid on
th.- table nu ih.- motion of Alderman Morrissey and will bo dis-
ouased later.
Fresh cut flowers at Wark's
Specialists in fitting glasses.���Cameron's.
Twenty Thousand Acres Close
to Prince Rupert Bought by
A. B. Tennant, Brother-in-
law of Premier Asquith.
(Special to Dally NY*..-. i
Vancouver, Nov. 28-Archibald 13.
Tennant, brother-in-law of Premier
Asquith, has purchased 33 timber limit- of approximately 20,000 acres situated on the Skeena River close to
Prince Rupert, The vendors are National Timber Company.
Serious Assault Case
In danger of his life, with a number
of jagged wounds on his head, Robert
Brandt is in thc General Hospital. His
injuries are snid to I,.* the- re'sult of n
quarrel with Valentino Stella who is in
prison charged with murderously assaulting Dran.lt by striking him on the
head with a rock Rrandt's condition is
so serious that on recommendation of
Or. Kergin his de-pe-sition was taken
before he- wont into the hospital.
Investigation That Started With the Woodworth Camp Grocery Bill,  Reveals Unsatisfactory State of Affairs���City Clerk Just Orders What He is Told to
pi Ices  "f groceries  nnd ollie
S.S. Rupert a Day Late
A telegram was received from
Vancouver this morning by Mr.
A. E. McMaster stating that thc
Prince Rupert will be a day late
in leaving that port. The boat
will arrive here Thursday instead
of Wednesday. Every available
berth in the boat has lieen taken
by intending investors in section
;:" '"" , ���     s Itor.Tho
n, lllldllcli
i,.,.    ili'lllleel     I"
nienl luppnrie
Aldermen Clayl
K rkpalrlck,  II
bold tl ^wjn Pri*"'"*
Scientific eye examination at Cmer-
ons. _
supplies   purchased   for  survey
parlies In city employ came under
.p.,.,*..),.u lasi nighl nl lhc Council  Unff-
II appeared to Aldermnn Mnr-
,.,,.,.��� iimi lho pri.-cs asked
wero higher ihnu those asked of
,,.������.,. linn-, ilis remarks on lbs
,,,.,11,-r led i" ih.- ilalemonl by
Merman Nowton lhal lhc whole
.v.i, in ,,f purchasing for IM Oily
���:,. on i. par With "I'"' *"'ll"w
moC|,0ry" Ihey were making
"public transactions <.f ins
public ranaaollons of li.
city's business, Ph��
.,���' purchasing agent,"  no
,.|.,���.,l. reminding Hie QOUnOI
hi, pro*. s investigation <>r uio
maltor.    "The  Oily  Olprk  hns
admitted litis.'
���II Un. Oil) Clerk has said anything  of Hint ��<"'l -,0  ht�� mt
ol Hi"
e.f III.'
Olty  has
I of
spoken lhe truth," said Aldermnn
iiiiiiiii'h, "for every member's '0,
K.' has lhe miinn of the person
ordering ih.- goods mentioned
on ll."
Aldorman Newion suggested
lhal Mr. Woods shnulil slutc exactly how he sinoii us regards ihe
The Mayor gave lhc cue In Mr.
Woods, whn rose uml explained
nl snmc lorn;Hi Ihnl he rcnlly did
m.l know until afler the purchase
had boenmsde who in hold responsible for Hi.- purchase.
Though  nominally  "purohaslng
in., nl''   he  .lid   very   llttlo   nf   the
actual purohaslng,
'.May I n-k one qtieslinti nf Mr.
Woods?" nske.l Alderman Morrissey,
Permission granted, he remarked as fi.llovvs: "Is Mr.
Woodl aware Ihnl there are only
It men nut nl lhe survey camp
jusi now, nml thut 80 bottle of
pickles have been Ordered fnr
Iliul camp? Is il lhe case lhal
Ihoso n men huve oonsumod all
Irhoso pickles or have (lie pickles
in-.'it subdivided  in some olher
II  fell Iii Alderman Clayton lo
explain   lhal    I i    men   was   the
minimum number nf men ever
employed and fed by the cily at
the   lake Damp.     If 80 bullies  of
pickles hail been ordered it wus
because the iirm supplying the
piokles enuiii not well break a
enso, hut he Innl Iheir assurance
lhal Ihey would lake hack anything undamaged which had been
ordered In excess of the requirements of the men at- lha lake.
The mailer wiih allowed lo drop
al this.
Inhumanity   Punished
Vancouver, Nov. 28���Attorney -
General Bowser has cancelled the
liquor licence of Mr. and Mrs.
Bell, of the Clinton hotel, thirty
miles from Ashcroft, in consequence of their inhumanity antl
callous indifference on the occasion of thc death several weeks
ago of Mrs. Barlow, of Victoria,
while in the throes of consumption. She died in a motor car
outside the hostclery in intense
cold after being refused admission.
Run an "ail-Mayor" Ticket at
at Next Municipal Election and
Pick Aldermen From the Rejected Mayors in Order of
Votes Polled.
��� "\\ bv ii..i select Mayor and
Counell .nil of the shoal of
would-be mayors which so,*ms lo
I ii the way ami run them all
nu iho plan lhal lhe man polling
lhe most voie-s -hall b.' mayor
ami lhe.se- following him shall bo
nl.lrinoii in .inter of lho number
>'(   vnlos   Ihey   poll?"      The   nlen
was expressed by Alderman ciny-
lon . hiii-.ilv serious, of eourse.
"Candidates for lho <>iii,*o of
mayor," he said,  "muy surely bo
oxi led lo possess the qualifl-
calions for aldermen."
Intending  Purchasers of Section
Two May Make Deposit.
A   plan    which   will   lie    found
convenionl bj those Intending to
make purchases of Section 2 lots
ut th coming sal.* la provided by
Mr. li. II. Hays, win. has ar-
rangod to receive deposits from
Intending   purchasers  t ver
iii,' uni mi payment on their
probable Investments, Any sum
in excess >.i lhal necessary to
.-over the payment win lie refund-
ed wiih..ui dolay, ami accurate
ami >m.��.Ill working of Uie plan
li guaranteed b> Mr. Ilnys, who
win have a largo force ..f ipeolal
olorka on to deal with lho snln
Warm, clean  rooms  ul  Sav,,v.
Clrcumstancos of Death of John
Crawford Will Be Further
Inquired  Into.
Chlof Vlokora presided over an
Inquiry hold in the police Court
in,un Inst  night nn  the itoulh nf
John Crawford, John MoKlnnon
staled that deceased bud worked
On IhO II. T, P, Ill Kitselas, lie
hud been drinking nn ibe nighl
be fell over the grade, The inquiry was adjournod nn tonight,
The  lesson of lhe  Ore tlml
���wept  away lhc  Provincisl (iov-
crnmonl oflice yesterday is that
no business mun or householder
is  snfe  unless  insured -and  in-
-iii,',i in a good company, only
ih.. fortunate ohangs in the wind
���aved the olty from much nu.ro
���orloua loss.   The flro should bo
n warning 10 every mn* who hns
neglected lo insure against flro.
The safe thing In do is lo roll
up the Hack Really Company and
gel   Un tn   I,,   WritS   vou   up   ii   pe.|-
loy in one of tholr reliable companies,  ti i leave it until to-
morrow. Tomorrow may be too
late,   Do ii now.
Don't Buy Coal
Wait! The first week in December the Westholme Lumber
Company, Limited, will begin
selling Ladysmith Coal for 18.50
per ton, delivered.
The latest ideas in
handbags at Wark's.
5  o'clock   tea   cups    nnd   saucers,
| special this week,  $2.50 half  doten.
| Big range, beautiful decorations, finest
English China.���Wallace's. 2t THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation In Northern B. C
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. [Contract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexlco-DAILY, 50c
per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance.
Daily News Buildimr, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle-Puget Sound News Co.
-Die   gave   u  mooning muo laugn.
Urand, tlniikim: It best lo lull In with
her mood, nut   In  silence on  a  chair
which he Innl drawn close to the win*
London, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar dow,   From hla house he' oould see the
��  wide sweep of Mount's liny.   The Trin-
Itj tender was steaming oul from th-
Subscribers  will greatly oblige by promptly calling up Phone !
non-delivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
i in case of
Daily Edition.
Tuesday. Nov. 28
harbor.    It  struck  hlic  as  nn  extra
.inlliiary fart that Ihis was the Car
Df his relief had he served his full two
months ou the rock.
Today by his own design, Ihe second era of Ins checkered career would
have coiuo In a peaceful close. Wlthlu
a Utile while he Would huve taken
Ciiiistinii'i and Kniti, ii unmarried, on
that long-contemplated continental
tour. Hut ihe hurricane cams, when
"lhe blast of the terrible on. s Is hs a
st..int." nn.l the pillar, ihe refuge of
his distress, bee-atne Ihe e.'i.lro of Influences destined to mold his life
What  did ll  all  menu?    Ho  bowed
his face Into his hands.   He heard his
wife's low, sweet voice continue:
1 lived there nearly six ye-ars. Then
The1 decision come to by the Council last night to meet
together and discuss making a settlement with the grading
contractors, instead of going to law, is one lhat will commend
itself io the ratepayers at large. The withholding of the $25
a day penalty was always looked on with suspicion as lieing
a little hit of play lo the gods in the political gallery. The
ratepayers are quite satisfied to pay the contractors the stipulated price for lhe work, as agreed. They well know that the 'my Va.iagerdied7~iii. waa'anBogU-C
delays in observing the contract time were caused by an unfortunate labor war, with which the Council had a good deal
to do in bringing about,
Even if it were true, as urged by the City Solicitor, that
������it would only cosl three hundred dollars," the ratepayers
are not anxit.ii-* to waste three hundred dollars in bailing the
contractors. The truth of the matter is that the cily has
not been very lucky al Jaw this year. It played politics with
city money in the Prudhomme case, with the result that the
City gol a drubbing, despite the City Solicitor's aid. The
requires special legislation in order lo val-
in neglecting to embody the
sewer liyluw resulted iu the de-
hydro-electrio bylaw
idalt' if, while an oversight
temporary ..nllet in the trunk
font of the scheme.
For these reasons Ihe City Council acted wisely and in
the pul.lie- interest in deciding to meet in private and discuss
peaceable terms of settlement
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man unnietl Vuusittart. Within a
im,nili his wife died. There was some
fever about the plaee, and I bee-amo
frightened. A longing lor the old life
Belted me, and I went e-asl, but not as
Mrs. llrand. the name which I always
bore In Nebraska. I had done with It
and wllh you, ns I thought���Constance
never entered my mind save ns a
fei-hle memory���so 1 became Mrs.
Kttu Vansltlart."
llrand raised his head and looked at
her again. She was speaking now In
a curiously subdued tone. She was
giving evidence against herself, and
giving ll Irulv,
"In Newport, Saratoga, and Iho Ad-
it*,,min.-lis in summor, In New York
tint inn the winter, I lived In a drowsy
content. People who take drugs must
reach thai state, but their condition la
pitiable when ihey arc aroused. Many
men asked me to marry them. I
laughed ai ihe Idea. At last I met Mr.
Traill. We were friendly for quite
five years. I came to Europe, to the
Kiigadine. where I found lhat Mrs. Sio*
Illicit Hum,I 'a troubled life was forgotten, but Mrs. Vansittart, the rich widow, was popular. There I saw Mr.
��� Traill again. Me offered me marriage,
and I fancied ll would be well to ally
j myself with a man so distinguished
and widely known on both sides of
the Allium* I did not love him. I
resii,-, i,,l and admired him���tbat wu
' all. I accepted him, but Stipulated
that I should go back lo the States and
! wind up my affairs there, returning to
Paris for the wedding. Tbat was ne-
I eessary, If I would maintain my de.
I cepilon. So, Stephen, after a life*
, time of vagary and wandering, this Is
, lhe result. I am bespattered by the
I mud of my own acts; I see my forgot
'ten daugher grown to beautiful wo-
iiiniii,,.,,,!. I meet my husband, whoq
' I might have loved and honored, patiently following Ihe path Into which
my neurotic impulses drove him,
Stephen, do you think my punishment
Is completed?"
Thc billor self-condemnation In her
v.ii.-e was not defiant but subdued
She had traveled fai in spirit through
the Vale of Tears since the Quit Rock
barred her onward progress.
Though she asked a question she
seemed to expect no answer. Brand
thinking lo render her task less try.
Ing, waa still looking\through Ihe window and wairhlng the steady churning
of the trnder towards Carn du and
tbence lo ihe lighthouse.
Al last he spoke:
"When I entered Ihis room," he said,
"I meant to avoid a sreno which must
have been na exhausting to you aa It
Is painful to mo. Yet as It happens, it
Is well for 1.11th of us ibat you have
lifted lhe veil from what has gono before. Now It should be dropped���for.
"Tell me what you wish mo to do,
I will obey."
"Don'l you think It will be belter l(
we defer a Unal settlement? You have
alrcndy lav. .1 your frail powers beyond iheir Until."
"No Stephen. Speak now. I will
noi iniii' nor yield to weakness. I will
tivo. Have no fear. Death does not
. ,iine as n skilful healer of Ihe wounded ci.iiseienro. ll may Ih- sought, and
I have thought of thai. Hut Constance
would mill, i. and. If ll will .pare her
pain. I will endure lo tlio end. Surely
I owe her that rcpnrallon. I committed moral suicide onco In my life. Let
It   Millie l*!"
The fixed plan of Ihe study, wllh Its
carefully arranged phrases, was not so
readily aeei|itable lo the man now.
Whnl would become of his wlfo If he
drove her forth, this time of his own
iieeord. lo live, lu mournful siilltmle-,
brooding over a wasleel life and looking forward only lo an occasional visit
from her daughter?
A  In,.,.i   of  Impossible  ideas  Jostled
in his brain,  lie strove desperately to
find some easy way of suggesting lhe
se-iil, in  which appealed lo him as
lhe fitting one, but his soul revolted
from lhe nol Ion of formulating a de**-
eree of banishment against this ether-
ii.l. ghost lilee erenlure who..hod I.e. n
(hr.isl back Into his very keeping from
oul of lhc heart of (he storm.
He stood up and faced her, careles*
whether or nol lhe stress of Inward
conflict In his eyes helled the calm
gravity of his words.
"Perhaps you are stronger than I,"
he said. "Wc must meet again, tomorrow or next elay. Some of llu
young people will bo reluming soon.
If you wish It, I will tell (hem I have
seen you."
"It Is for you to decide, Stephen."
She seemed lo be quite hopeless, tt*
signed lo any twist or turn of fate,
Here was a broken woman, Indeed,
and the spectacle was torturing. He
had never understood her as a bright
young girl and a bride of nineteen, tie
did not understand her now. A man
of his oskllko qualifies could not
grasp the nature of a woman who bent
as a reed before each puff of wind.
II was hard to utter even a commonplace farewell. She held him by her
very helplessness. |)ut ihe rapid Irot
of a horse caught hla ears, an.l, whilst
he stood Irresolute, he saw Constance
alighting from the dog-cart, His wlfo
looked out, too, They heard their
daughter laughingly regret Hint she
could not ask Mr. Pyne to luncheon���
meals wore Irregular events just then.
nrand fell n tlml,I hand grasping
his, and a choking sol, proclaimed that
Constance's mot hor was crying.
He stopped with n motion Hint was
almost a caress,
"Don't cry," he said. "' cannot bear
"I can btar anything, Stephen," she
sobbed, "if only you will let me stny
with you forever."
"Do you mean that, Nanette?" he
gasped, Incredulously.
"I havo prayed, yes, dared to pray
lhat lt might be so ever since I nu***
my child. She hns brought us together again. Let us not part, for bar
sake, and for mine, St* phen, If It Is not
too late."
So Constance hast, nlng up the war
den path, could nol I. Ileve her ey. s
when she saw her father lift her mother Into his arms ami itlsi .Inr.
Mary, the maid, never eiiis, d wondering why every other member of h, r
sex In Laburnum Cottage should ba
tearful yet ridiculously happy that
afternoon. Mrs. Vanslttart wept, mil
MIsh Cemstnnro wept, nml Miss Knld
wept when she came In, whilst Mis.
Sheppard was weeping it I Intervals all
Nevertheless they were nil delighted
In Iheir woe, aud Mrs. Sheppard, although she cooked n trt-nicmlous dinner, never se-olded In r once.
it was also a remarkable thing that
the invalid lady should Insist tbat she
was strong enough to come downstairs ihat evening. She did not eat
a great deal, poor thing, but she looked ever so much better, nnd seemed to
find nil her pleasure lu gazing alternately at the master ami Miss Constance, nnd in listening to every word
ihe-y said.
In the garden, next night, the moon
being now very brilliant Indeed, Pyne
said to Conslniieo lhat the step-aunt
Idea having fi/zl. ,1 out he guessed
Ihst tlie lady who figured in Hint unclassified degree of relationship would
pose morc satisfactorily ns a mother-
He said other things thai have been
said In many languages since men I. *-
gau to woo women, but the phrases nra
hackneyed save to those who Ii��ten,
and in, ,1 not be repealed hero.
But why two marriages should lako
place after extraordinarily abort engagements, no one In all Penzanco
knew save l.ndy Margaret Stanhope,
���nd she, mlrablle dlctu (being a wo-1
man), kept her counsel. It created no
end of a sensation when Constance
was described lu tho London news-
ptip.-rs as "only daughter of Sir Stephen Brand. Hurt., of Lesser Hamble-
don. Northumberland." Local gossip
quickly exhausted Itself, as both weddings took place In London, tho only
available Items being tho magnificence
of the diamonds glvon to Knld and
Qpnstanco by Mr. Traill, and the fact
that. In Constance's , use. "the bride's
mother" was described as "looking
charming In a silver-grey costume
trimmed with point d'Alencon lace."
Even when confronted with this
momentous statement by Mrs. Taylor
Smith. Lady Margaret only shrugged j
her shoulders and purred:
"A romance, my dear, a romance of
real life."
On tho day following the departure!
of two happy couples for the Continent I
���Mr. and Mrs. Pyne to Italy, Lieut I
���nd Mrs. Stanhope to    the    Riviera,1
with Intent to meet In Rome at Easter
������ quieter and  more sedate couple
took train at Waterloo for Southampton, bound for the Far West.
Although   a   Nebraska   decree   of,
divorce does not hold good In English
law. Lady Brand wished to be married
again In the Slate which sanctioned
li.r earlier folly.   Her husband agreed <
readily.     Everybody.   Including   Mr.!
Traill and  Lady Margaret,    had    arranged to turn up at (he north-country ���
mansion In May.   Provided there were
no   hurricanes. Sir Stephen thought
his wife's health would benefit by the
double sea voyage and be was person-
nil.  delighted to see the New World j
for the fltst time In her company.
Their   steamer sailed  from  South-'
amplon al 11 a.m.   After dinner that |
night ihey were abreast of Ihe Oulfi
Rock, and  llrand pointed out to his
wlfo Its occulting gleam from afar.
"It makes me feel very humble." she ,
said, afler (hey had watched lis radiance darting out over tho   tumbling
seas for a lung time In silence.
"Why. sve.-eih,nn?" he asked.
"It Is so solemn, so Intense In lis
energy, so splendidly devoted to In
single puriM.se."
"Now, ll is nu Odd thing," he replied,
as  wati-lifel io check her ocrasi.it.nl'
qualms of !��� >iee |,., i as he had  been
during man. n lung nighl lo keep ihat
same light nt lis normal stale of elear-
cyed  brilliance,  "but  It  dora nol  appeal lo me lu Hint way.   It la winking i
pnrienlo.isly. ns much aa lo say. -Vou '
old humbug, than you are. leaving mu
afior all these. y< nrs, and running awav '
with your own wife.'"
Skeena Unel I'lsiiirl I il.trlrl ol Cout llange t,
leg* notln thit ll-,i,.,t J. Uackla ol lv,,,
brok*, Ont.. occupation lumberman, Inland, lo
���pply lor permission lo pur.hu-> tbo '
eievcrilst-al land,:
The Best
Absolutely pure
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Datod Auguit 81, 1911
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cnaina woe,,  ii���������-��� nu chain, aoutb,    woat 40 chain,   tlion~C_,nM   -in0 ****<**. th.nce
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i'ii .'tip. omblem-
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V:<111*i<I;i.   vvhii'li    is
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ii.tieco aoulb SO cbaina moro or loai io chauiii-1
oi Holla Coola Hive*, tbeuoe lollowing cnaunul
ul IMiu Coola Ku-er .eaaie-iiy -su ,*iiui���s norm
.-0 .-..,.,:-. moro or leaa lo poiul ol coiiimeucomout
��� :.[.���,.me* 400 acroa, moro or loai.
UuiwIAuguillilslldl. II.  M. CLIFF
Tub     ��k 80. VV ilium McN.lr, Agenl
A,-,,.a Lund DUlrict���DUtrict ol Co����t Range ���
Take  nouc*  mat   Uvnjamln   Ituaael   Itioe    ol
Irilico Ku|K*rl. II. C, occupauon waiter,   inlonel,
10 apply lur iwriiuailon lo purcnaw tn��� lollowinn
. .lineal landa:
e.otnmencuig at . poat planted 61 cbaina aoulh
Irum tbo auulbeail corner ol Lol 8000. I'oat
markod ii. u. it ... ��. Corner, Ineocu ~U cbaui,
xx*a\ Ibenco 66 cbaina nortn, ihenco 70 cuam.
>.,,(, tnence t'.e ei,-ins aouuv lo point ol coni-
'iri, containing litis acta* more or leaa.
UbnJAMlN   ill .-.m.i.  KICK
UutisluctoborSl, l��ll. ��
I'ub. Nov. -.
lo ahoro 'lino,   tbenc*  following  ihora  Un*
weiterly 40 chaina more or leal lo point of com-
n.onconn.iit;   containing
Dau-d Auguit 2S, 1011
Tub. Sopt. SO.
10 acrea, mora or lea*.
_ II.  M.  CLIFF
William McN.lr, Agen
Bella Cool. Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Coaat Rang*
Take nolle* that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intendi to apply
for pormi-wlon to leue tho following deacribed
Commonclng at a poat planted at tho N. W
corner ol Lot lol, thenc* aoulh 40 chaini more
or I'M to northern boundary ol iouo No. 1 applied
lor ny 11. M. Cliff, tbence following uld boundary
out 1*1 chalm, thenco north 40 chaini, thonce
weal io chaini lo point ol commencement; con-
tabling SO acrea, mor* or Ion.
lilted Augual 28, 1911. II.  M.  CUFF
I'ub. SepL 80. William McNair, Agtnt
Skeena Land DUUict���DUtrlct ol Caaaiar
Take notioa tbnl Angua Jamea   McKeiul* ol
Vancouvor, li. C, uccupauon bookkeeper, inutdniu
tu apply tor permla-uou to purcnaao lb* lollowing
ii,-tinted lamia:
e unuiiencmg .1 . poal planled at the con-
iluence ol Ulackwater nw w.ut Nui nver, aboul
i,,, uni,** eouui Irom lb* aulb Dominion 'I olograph
i..l,lii. I'oal iie.tl.aal A. J. M. N. *n. Corner,
u.eiico bo chain. *-i.n>, thenoe ao cba.nl oul
li..new M) cbaina noun, .banco txxl cbaina vvuai
tu poml ol culuineni-viiivtit, conlalnlng 010 in.-.
��� - :,- ur lata.
ANGUS JAM!..*.  McM.N/.li:
I luled Sepl. S3, ivll.
I'uii. .SUV. S.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUlrict ol Ci	
Take nouc* m.i  iieiu-n McLaniuui .,1 Van
cuuver, U. C, OccupaUon real uetale agent, inlenel.
lr. apply lur |K-r���,i_lun lo purcli-uo  too lollowlng
,i, vrios-d landa:
i uiiiitiendiig al a poet planled  at lho eon-
iluetiee ol Ulackwater river wiut lb* Nuu river
about  two  mllea eoulh  ol   lb* aulb   Dominion
i..,vrapb  cabin.    I'oal  marked   II.   XI.   N.  K.
( 'i.er. tbence 60 cbaina aoutb, tbenc* 00 chain.
wi-,-. , r. r.r.- su cbaina north, n���,...- Ml chain.
. ...i ut point ol commencement, conlalnlng *��4U
..it.-, more or it**.
.  ....  I **.|.l. 2.1. ivll 111. 111.  Ill   M. I.l.-, *. IS
run. Nov. S.
Holla Coola Land DUlrict-DUtrict ol Cout Rang.
Take notica tbat II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intonda to apply
(or permUalon to loaaa tho lollowlng deacribed
Commencing at . poat planled at tba S. E
corner ol Lol gol, theoce aoutb -10 cbaina mor*
or li-ai to northern boundary of Leaaa No. 1
applied lor by 11. M. CUff, Ihence eut 20 chaini
along aald boundary, thonc. north 40 chaini,
tlience weit 20 cbaina to poinl ol commencement;
containing 60 acrea, m*re or loaa.
Daud Auguit 28, 1911. II.   M.   11.111
I'ub. Son. 30. William McNair, Agenl
Sinilli will be seen
many limes in Vanoouvor during ilu* oomlng winter aa loft
vvini; on ih.' Victoria pro hookey
learn, under lhe management and
oaptalnoy of Lesler Patrlok.
���Mnilli is n Cornwal buy and mice
heft.re    hud   nn   npportunity   tn
migrate westward, deolinlng a
plaoo mi ibe all-slar Itegiua team
organliod four yoars ago, being
ut that time cnlhtisctl over and
aotive in intermediate hockey in
"*-��� east. Laat year lie played
Hi.' Renfrew hookoy team.
Smith believes that the c
be a good league thi
eral orao ki
For Port Simpson   Naas and Stewart
Wednesdays at 1 P. m.
For Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P,   M,
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jew-day,   etc.    every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
Commencing November 2nd.
:oasl will
yenr. Sev-
n.'ii are signed In play
wiili lhe two teams entered, and
Don thinks lhal by next year the
ooasl end of the league will be
sii. >.*., and if a rink can be se-
ciiit'il in Calgary, or ono built
anil another in Edmonton, an excellent circuit wuulel be orgau-
i/.i'd. lie also thinks Hint by next
year a large number ot eastern
players will want to oome west,
an.I with  Ihu  new blond  lhal
Introduced Into tho game
will  be   a   ohanoe,   and   a
ohanoe, lo ifit Ibe Btanle:
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains from Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas visit East travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago.   The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with sll roads East and
West.    Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged..    Full information and
tickets obtained from the offlce of
The olever English rhymester
haa a few more biting things to
Ilu.lyiinl Kipling, who has by
hla writings often laid himself
open iu tin' suspiolon of being a
woman hater has jusi broken oul
In another plan' in bis attempts
say aome smart ami offensive
minioner oi Landi l���r a licence to proapect ior
coal an*! petroleum oo .ml under 640 .cr*. ol
Und on Graham laland doacribed u follow.:
e oiunienctng al a poll planted live mllua eut
ol Coal Leaa* No. 4474, marked C. K. Hamlet's
N. K. corner I'oal Loaao No. 9, ibenco aoulh 60
chaina, Ibenc* we.1 60 chaini, lhance north SO
cha.ni, tbence eul SO chaini lo pUce ol com
D.ledSept. II, 1911
I'ub. Sept. S3.
' cup.
C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. JJ.
Skeena Land DUtricl���DUlrict ol Coul Range i,
'i ake nunc* lhal 1, Chrvatopber Junta eiranane
,1 I'rtiico Hup ri, 11. C-* uccupatiun locomou.e
. r..ii���.t, intend lo apply (or permlulon lo purchaie
ll���  lulluwing deacrlbod land..
e uiitmeiicing .1 a pent planted al the aoulh*
w,*t corner uf Lot No. :,.-, vicinity ol Lake
Lakcae and mark.-.] Chnatopber J. eiranam
N, I- ejurner, Ihenc* waal 40 cnaina, Ihence euuin
60 cbaina, thenc* *ut 40 cbaina, thenc* north bu
cliuina lo pool ol commencemenl; conliining
-Jo ac.oa, mot* nr lata.
.iliilAluriil.it JAS, URAHAM, Locator
Daled Sepl. 22. Ivll ll.et A.M.���WllMeeed r. D
Tub   s, ui    je).
Skeona Land DUlrict���DUtricl ol Cw-iw
Tut* nut.co that U. IL Stewart ol Vancouver.
U. C, occupatioa truckman, InUndi a* appl,
Inr permiaaion lo purchaa* th* (-.lowing deacnu*.
. umtneitcing at l poet planud 40 chaina aoutb
ol rre-*inpllon No. 3V7 and 62 cbaiu eul Irom   __���,��� -, ,-n
the Nau Hlvar IS. w. Cj, thenc* 40 chain, eaat, | huah^^t mlend
O   chaina   ninth.    Itmnon   lu   r,..e- .   .. ,-    1
Skeena Land DUUict���Dbulcl ol (hieen Charlotu
Take lu.utv that ttutly daya Irom ,1-le, I, C. E.
Hainter ol I'rinco Rupert. It. C, by occupaUon
bookko.<|*rr, inlend lo apply to lha Chief Com-
miaaioner of luindi lor a licence to proapect lor
coal and petroleum oo and under bio acre* ���i
Und on Uraham l-iai.-l .i.-.-t ii.e-i u lollowa:
Commencing at a poal planted ono mile north
ol C. I. U. Cual Leaie No. 10, marked C. E. U.
Coal Lease No. l'>. thenoe north 60 chaini, thenoe
weit >nl chain., Inenc* aouth 60 chaini, Ihence
eut 60 chaini lo place ol commencement.
ll.l.a|N.|.l      11.    I'll '
0. I.. UAINI'Elt. Locator
Skeena Ui.l DUtriet���DUtrlct ol gueen Charloti
lake nonce lhal thirty eiaya from dalee, I, C. a*.
Uainter ul I'nnoe Itupert, ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intend lu apply to the Cl.icl Cum*
iniMKtner ol Land, (or a lioence tu proapeel lor
coal and petruleum oo and under 010 acroa ol
Und on Graham IaUnd de*ecnbe-4 u follow.:
Commencing a. a |*ual riant.*.! two miloi north
ol C. K. U. Cual l-*u.< No. 10, mirk*.! N. ii.
corner C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 16, thence louth
60 chaini, Ibence weal 60 cbaina, ihence norlh
60 cbaina, Ibenc* eaal 60 chain, tu plica ol com*
Dated Sept. II, Itll.    C. E. UAINTER. Locator
l-ub. Sept. S3.
skeem Land DUUict-DUtrlct ol gueen Charlotte
thenoe 40 cbuu north, Ibence 40 chaina weal
tlience 40 cbaina aoulb lo lh* poinl ol commencemenl to coi,tail, IbO acree mult* or hm
I'ai,���! Aug, lull. Jamea T. Kullerion. Ag.nt
I'ub. s.-pi. 23.
Skeana Land DUtricl-DUlrid ol Coul Rang* ..
laka noUee lhat Harold !.. Smith ol M.-t....
Alia., uccopatlon .lallon agenl, intendi to epply
l"i I't-rr iaa.o:i lo purchaM (be lollowing dMCrilte-l
, r-itmmncing .1 . poet pl.nted .1 Ib* aoulh
weal corner 100 chaini aaat and SO ehalm north
Irom N. K. vorner ul Lol 111-. Huvey'i sue..-,
lout Duelrlcl lung* 6, lhanc* 10 chaim eul.
Uit'tice 60 cliaina notlh, tbeno* 40 chalu wut.
I hence 60 chaina aouth to poll ol cemincncemcnl
containing 320 acraa, more or laaa.
I'.I. .1 N,.l. IS, I9U, 11 Mini I,  ,;. SMITH
I'ub. bapl. 23. , I- ��� i W. Uobler, Agen
Skeena Land DUUict���DUtrirt ol Coul IUnge .'-
Taka nolle* ibat I, Gordon C. Kmimreun ut
I'rinc*   Hupart,   11.   C,   occupuuun   nal   e.t.i.
Tike nouce Ihu thirty daya Irom dau, 1, C. E
llaintcr ol I'rinc* lluperl. il. C by occupition
bouka.. |H-r, intend to apply to the Chiol Com-
mU-uoner ol Landa lor a licence to proepect tor
coal and pelroleum on and under 610 acrea ol
land un liraham laland d-Mcnbe.1 u lullowa:
t ommci.ritig al a |-,*t planted two mllea norlh
-I e . I . II. Coal Lean No. II, marked N. ...
corner C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 17, ibence aoulh
mj cbaina, Ihene* wo*l 60 chaina, ihenco north BO
chaina, tltencw Mat 60 chain, to pUc* ol commencement.
luie.1 Sept. II, ISII.    C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub, Sept. 2J.
Under the ausploes of the Vanoouvor Bowling Club and the
Western Bowling Congress, a
Vanoouvor bowling league is io
be organised as soon as the limitations of lime will permit, for
llu' purpose nf selecting a team
which will represent Ihe city al
ihe meeting of Hie American
Bowling Congress, to bo held in
Los Angeles, California, early in
February next. The idea follows
Ibe lines nf Ihe league organized
lasi year, from which a live-man
Irani  was   selected   to   represent
Vanoouver at the big meet held
at Bpokano. Thirty men nre lo
bo selected from lhe besl bowlers
in Hie cily to be divided into six
loams of live men each, who shall
roll two series of ten pins againsl
.'ip'h Other, each team meeting
III.- other twice in mulches of
three gn-mes. Tho five men
showing the highest average al
llu- end of llie league season will
in- loleoled as the loam tt
I.us Angeles.
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous Prircess
Princess   Mary
Saturday, December 2nd, at 9 a.m.
For Viototi., Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab ��� General Agent
Ihings about women. This most
reoent Boreed, "The Female of
lhe Bpeoies," has stirred up s
good deal uf fuss, though il is
pretty hard lu understand jusi
why go much all ent inn should be
paid lo anything Kipling writes,
says or dues.
Primarily, this attack was Intended for the siilVragisIs, but
llii'iitigh Ihem lie strikes all
women. Even lhe title is ooarse.
Women hate to be called females,
hul then, even Kipling's must
fervent admirers could scarcely
accuse him nf delicacy. Still, any
man who can sink so low as to
strike a woman betrays mural
degeneraoy and intelloolual decay, and ihis man universally assail lis the sex lu which bis
mother l..'lungs. Here Is ii spool
men slansa:
A ploasanl
Miss Knniin
roller rink o
Mr. i
danoo was given bj
Chapman   In   t ti.-
n lasi Friday oven-
J'lii' following were among
Invited guests: Mr. ami
Bain, Mr. and Mrs. Vongor,
and .Mrs. Frliell, Mr. aud
Wall, Mr. antl Mr*-. Johnaon,
uni Mrs. Iliinli'i'. Miss II,,li-
.M i.-s Rublneok, Miss Far-
Miss Cobb, .Miss Grant, Miss
niacin.ui. Miss Rood, Mi-s Blslor-
manii. .Mi*-s Carton, Miss riivvin,
Mr. .McLennan. Mi-, .lulinsnn, Mr.
McKccn, Mr. Hickoy, Mr. Mo-
Master, William Manson, Mr.
Noble,  Mr,  Brown,  Mr,  Harper,
Mr.   Mol tl,   Mr.   Strand,   Mr.
Ellis,  Mr. Lcreu, Mr. Mucy,  Mr.
l.aw-Hutl.-r Building       I'hone No. 280
I'rince Runert P.O. Box 351
oF Ilii.,si, Columbia Of IIC, OnUrlo,Su-
and Manitoba llura. katcbewan  and Al-
1, , ia llara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Hi!',,-,-    I A, l,r,,,.-,- block, corner Third avenue and
Sl-ilh itreeL I'rince Ituuert. 8
1). 0. S.
Social on Tuesday
Cookie Social and Musical Entertainment will be held in the
Mclntyre Hall on Tuesday evening the 28th, given under the
auspices of the Young Ladies
Class of the Baptist Sunday
School. An enjoyable evening
will be spent by all those who
attend.   Tickets, 26c. 270-2
S. HALL, L.D.S., ^^^^
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental oiieralluni ikllfully treated. Gu and
local anailhetie. eoimltu.teresl for the palnleaa eg.
traction of teeth. Conautt-ttfon free,
llelireraon 111-- 1. Cnnce Ru.iert.
OIHcei |
Al.*\ M M.i',- ,i, U.A.,      W.K.VVIIIlaitn.il.A.. L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 888
I'rince Rupert, B.C
P.:o. BOX 23
t-< 1-11   OP WU. I ..V-.   ggQ., A.R.A.M.. ION., KNQ
o go lo
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
-General Hardware���
Ske-cna Land lh.lrici--Di.ir.ri of Queen CharloUe
'1 ake notice thai thiny ,1..., Irom dat*. 1, C. E.
Hain.ee ol l'nnce Ituuer., il. C, by occupallon
1-o.ikkc-i.cr, Intend lo apply lo lh* Chiel Com-
moa-onef ol Land, lor a l-icone* lo proapeel lor
coal and -teeruk-iin on and under OIU acna ol
lan.l on liral.ain Wind d���crll>*.l u lollowa:
e*oinnien*-lng al a (.oat planted Iwo miloa norlh
ol C. E. II. I oil l.e*ee No. 11, markad N. VV.
corn* .'. I. H. 1 oal Leaae No. lb. Ibence .oulh
Mi cbaiu, lie ,**����� eul eel chain., thence nonh ho
chaiiu, thenoa aaal N chaini to plica ol com*
broker.  Intend  to apply  lor  peimieuea  to  pot- I ,)!,'���, ,���,,' ,,   un.    c. E. UAINTEH, Locator
rbaae th* lollowlnf ducilbed ludi: |-utl. M,,. . |.
. ,'���,!,nncn,�� .1 . port planl.al .bout .' 3-4 I
nntoi In a northerly direction Irom Ihe nor.bou. , sk������, |_n,| Ihmicl��� Dulricl ol Qunn I'hailotle
eorn*r port ol Lai 13m;, Rant* -, Coaal limuci. --,k_ ���������_, ,h.t ttainy da,, alnr dale, I, C. E.
tbence nurlb 4U cliaina, Ibence wen lo turf I u_mtpf of i'rinc* Itupert, H. t ., by occupation
bank, llience aoulh foilo��in-( rlerl bank ... p,.,nt (.k,!,*,,���..,. ,,,,. ,,.| i��� ap|el> lo il���* ' t,i.*l . until cunimencsnwnl; conlainint 1W acru, mom or ,���,���������,,., ,,*( |,.���.i. (or a licence to pru.|ieet lur
!""��� . 'cull ml iHlt..l.rom oo ind under oil* acraa ol
I'.led Sept. 9, ISII.  UURDON C. EMMERSON , ,.���., ������ ,,,,,,.,��� |.|.���,| d.��nl��al u lollowa:
I .... 11,,. ]o. ,     ( ������,������.,���,���, .i . puei planu-d t��o mil��� norlh
lol C.   I..   II.  .-al  l-*a��-   N*   II.  ii.��rk,sl  S.   VV.
Skeana Und Dlalrid-Diatilct ol Cout IUnge i l cn�� . . E. H. . ..at l,ee��, No. I!��, ****** nurili
Taka  notice   th.1   llin.m Hoy   McT.x.h   ol    vi ch.in". tbence ea.l ��l chain., tht-nce wtuth nil
Wlnnlp*f,   Man.,   occupatiun   barrutar,   inleneU | cbaina, ibenc* ��^l W cbaiu lo place ol com
to .pply lor permtuion lo purchaae Ibe lollowln.    meneemer.l.
,l.��cribeKl landai Intel he|.t. II, I'll	
Commendnf at . poat plinted at lh* louth**.!   I'ub. .-suit. 11.
corner 411 chaina eut ami   lu chaina ninth '"������" I
N. E. corner ol Lot lllo, Harvey'i hui.ey Coul I skeeni Und l.i.!r.ct -Diatrict ol Quiwn t harlotle
DhUict lUnf* 6, Ihenee 60 chain, eut, llenn* ; -.j,, milcr 11...t Ihirty day, Irom dale, I, C. b
N chaina north, Ihence UU chain, weal. Ihence ou | ||-���|U-. ���| |.nilce llupert, ll. C, by occupation
cli.ins suuth lo po.t til commencement co.tl��>.ilr.�� . iwohki-rl..r. Intend lo .pply lo Ibe Chiel Com-
""""  ' ���,���,������,, ol Undi lor ��� licence lo |tfo.|ie-e lor
f Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heeted Room.
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware       Tinware
"Unprovoked and awful oharges,
even ns the sho-bear ilghls,
Bpoeoh  Unit  drips, corrodes ami
poisons   even   as   Uie  cobra
Boienllflo vlviseotion of one norvo
Iill It is raw,
And   the   victim   writhes   in   anguish   like   lhe   Jesuit   with
the squaw."
A few years ago Kipling hurl
women till Ihey winced in very
pain, when in the "Vampiro" hc
gallantly classified Ihem into
Ihr.'.' divisions under "A in. nnd
a bone and a bank uf hair."
Now, "ibe female <��f the speoios"
is in on.' breathe likened o a
"she-bear" and a "oobra," Borne-
whore in tlie Borlpures wa are
I,iid Ihnl Qod created -the female of lhe species" even ns lie
did  the  innl.' and  the text  adds          __  ...
that the Creator looked upon HisIrequested also
work and saw Ihnl  il was good. |     Th
London Standard Has Started a
Page for Lady Readers.
Copying Tlie Prince Ruperl
News, no iloiibl, the Loudon Standard Is giving it-, readers u
"Woman's Platform," un everyday page, in which is recorded
lhc m-ws ami activities "I thinking women.   The platform alma
ind ill advocacy, but al r rding,
uml iis lines nre Impartial and
non-polilioal. li is understood
Hint the standard's "platform"
is open I., women In every branch
,,f industry, the professions ami
public life, uml i.T all shades of
opinion, sn iluii ii will In- a- comprehensive as possible where the
interests <>f women are c.ii-
oerned.   And while lhc views ..f
women  aro i rded esi iaii>.
masculine <>pinion on questions
relating t��> women's interests is
Fire, Life and Accident In.ur.n. ..
018 3rd Avenue Phone _,'J and Green lil
Itepuiring a Spe'cialty.
Complete Stock Carrieel.
Outside Orders Promptly Killed.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sts
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
London   Times   aboul   a
Hotel Central 83-fl-ifca
KuM|M*��n fth-l Annri.'an pUn, 'Icitn
he-Mini. nwRlern ���r��fivrntrnc*��i. ttal��*��
GruaC asaortment of
/    <>
W. H. Wrighl, Prop       ro. box 37
C. I- UAINTEK, Locilor
Jtrti acr*. moro or I,*..
I'-.l.sl .*,.,,1. lie, im!  mill V VI  ROY McTAVlSH
Pub. Sepl. j.i. Fred W. Uuhler, A|enl
Skeena Und DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Caailir
Taka   nolle-.,   tbat   Cbariu   William   Ham   ol
Vancouver,  11. C, occupation Impeclor, Inteneli
to apply lor permiaalon lo purchr
doBcrilted landi
oal and |Hir,r|,-,,n, on and under bill acre* ol land
on eirahatn tsliml tleecnlnsl u lolloaa:
Commencing al ��� pool t-Ui.t.-i two mllea north
ol C. E. II. Coal Leue No.  II, marked S. W.
mi* (.-. !;. u. r'oal Ia***p No. -U, lln-nce nortii
���il chain., Ihence w.et M, ciiains, thciiru nouth *M1
,.    -, ��� _,     , * ha,,,-,  thence eul mj chain,  lo iilace of com*
lhe lolloaing _ m-nc-menu
| Dated SepL M, ISII.    C. E,
HAINTER, Locator
Commendng at . poet plinted .1 the con- I , -U|,. .sept, 23.
iiuenc* ol Ulickw.Ur rleer wllh tbe N.U riv*r W_J- , o.���_ i*h.tl,,ili.
about two mllee aouth Irom the il.th Dominion ..keena Und DUtrlct -De. rict ol Queen Charlott*
Telegraph cabin. Poit mirk.-el 0. VV . II. S. VV.) T.k, ������Ucethai UlllWtltf* ���ff*h'���*-_ij|S
Cornar, Ihenc* SO chaini norlh, Ihenc* ed chilu j mime ���l I'rinc. Itupert, II. I -. I s ' ��� 'I'" .on
eut, thenc* 8(1 chalu aouth, Ibenc 80 ch.in. |,ookkeepcr. inlend let .pi-ly to t ' > '
wut lo point ol commencement, conUining 610 | ���,���.,������,., ol Land, lor a hectic. W Iff** "2
 rr-' ���                                                                ' --���      A  ite-lroleum  on  ani   un.l.r  Mb  aire! ot
���croe more or I.���. .....
I '��l.*,l .September 23, I I'I I.
Pub. Nov. 2.
Skeeni Land l.l.trlct-Diilrlct ol Cuilir
Tlk. notlc* Ib.t Thomu Arthur While ol Vancouver,  ll.  C, occupation carpcnler, Inlend. to
���pply   tor  pe-t-mla.ii,n  to  purchaie the lollowing
deacrlltetl landi:
Commencing at a poal plintc.1
fluenee of lllickwater river with Nau ..
two milu aoutb ol lhe illlh Dominion Telegr��|l
cabin.   I'oat marked T. A. W. S. E. Cornel, lliciie.
80 chain, north, thence 80 ch.ln. weat, Ihenco
chalm aoulh, Ihence 80 chalm eut to point
commencement, containing 640 acrei Bole ���'.JSJ;
ft Htl    ���������������    ym
ami on (iraham lalantl rl-mcriln"! an (oltowii
(umni'iiriin at a pott \*lm,u I Iwu in let north
of C* ft ll. Coal U-tm No. l*%* rnarktvl S. K.
'orniT ( . ft II. Coal Ia**.��* Nu. 21, thrncr north
***** chains, thence weat bU chainn. tlirnci* wiuth HU
chaina, thence east- 0 chaina to place ol commencement.
.-�����-���!   -ci. 11, IH1I.     C.   ft   II MM U-. I - -'������:
ho following j
Skeena \**i\>\ I>��.*�� 1 rict --District of CJufvn CharloUe
at  the  con*       |a(,e ll0l(w ^u thirty ��U>a from tlate, I. C. ft
rtvrr. about ) Hntnter of Prince Hupert,  II. C- h>  occupation
���     _.��_.,��,,(,    |HJO)(|tp(,|rt,f(  mi,.,,,!  (n tpply  tu  UN ChM  Com*
|0P   mimloner of Ijitula for a licence in DfHpMl for
'""   mini anil nelruleum on a.id  uml'T NO arrea of
"' i ulaii'l on uraham laland ilencrilietl tu iolluna:
Commencing at a pout planted twu mile* north
C. K. II. Coal lieaae So.   IU, rnarluil  N. ft
C. Ki li. Coal Leaie Nn, B, thence aouth
in", thence went mi chaini*, thence north HU
(hence eaal Ml chaina to placo ul com-
I-l.it in Hand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
nnd Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two cottager con.er Second Avenue and
Ninth Street.
Lots in bll parti ol the city.
Wc represent some ol thc largest Com
|i:ini(-s doing business in the City.
Second Ave. Phone 112
From VaacoiTer or Seattle
for men, women, women and children
Wrrarry evfrvtliini,' in Xht* feed line, aUiirar-
ifen **t**lt at the low-eat market price*, at Col tart'a
"���* Feed -Store, Market I'Uce
| it -nil I >.-:,.. t, i-b..,.. 41 or Wl
..Suits and Overcoats for Boys..
in many styles and fabrics that will please  the  little  fellows and stand
the wear and tear
in all sizes, and many kinds for men, women and children
Girl's Dresses
We have just received a  large assortment  that we will  sell at special
prices.   Your dollars will go n l.nur way nt
_-E.   EBY   C&   Co._===_-s
Kitaumkalum Land For Sale
S. O. E. B. S.
The Mm Rupert L��l-re, N... .IK Soni of
Kntcl tti-l. ,ne.*t. the lir.1 ani thlnl  Tu"-.lari In
' each m.tnlh In *******l Knalanal Hall. HI tnd
i Av*. at 8 p.m.
R V. (T.AIIK. See.
I I". O. II--. .11. I'rlnr* Rupert
KI1NKST A. WOOIM. I'reeldenl. II... tt
825 T-W Ansae       "THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" PI,.* 243 Black
Tearher of I'in..��, Violin and
Voice Culture.
Between 7thAi"nth.S,s.   Ma-Hap*
Through Tickets and all information about your trip
Roger's Steamship Agency
2nd Ave.    Henel of Centre St.   Phone 116
Do Not Mix Two Kinds���Always
Keep to tne One.
rnoNB 3->l r.o. box 804
I��� u'.' ���**.". Storage nnd  Fnrwanlintt Ak'miI<*.   For
Kijfi or Motor Car day or night
Seventh Ave. and Fulton Phone
.1 c.
Road Tho Daily News
UileilSepl. 23, 1��11. corner
l-ub Nov. 8. ���� r^****'! ���_. mm HU
ehlin,, Ihence eaal on        	
mencement. IIAINTKU, Locilor
8kM���. Und Dliirlot-DUItiC o. ComI Ran... V , ...led Sep.. .2. UIL    C. * UAINTK
Tab* notlea lhat Jwm M. T.llm.n ol t.*d.r ]
lUpliU   low.,   occup.llon   l.wyer,   Ixt******
���pply   (or permlulon  to purch.no Ihe lollo
deacrilioel landa:
Commencini at a poit planted on lho .nu, __.__,_._._  ���
���hora ol   Kiil-ymaleen  Inlet on  the rl��hl   nan-e   nil-loner m i*.*''" -���       ,      a��� j,a circa
ol . iin.ll itrein, llowlnit Into ..1,1 Inlel |u��  ���*'*   <*,,.   *<**\. *><���>*"HJ, n,,,r,r,|l��,l ��, lollo.;.l
ol Crow Uke.    Thenoe ��ulh M chili.., llience   Uod   "���'�����>���'"    '"',���,   ,|���������| t����� mllei north
SSMSaa&5   gKJ��Jffl^'^,,iH:|aB,i,l,l,,,,   AUSTIN M. DROWN, tm***
B 3 ifTWT-^^yS LZI Safe .2. m.. c. a *-**-*, u*** I ******* *w- *'��"
D.Md Aug. ��, 1*1
Pub. Aim. 12.
I Tub. Ii.pt. lo.
Skeen. Land Dlitrict���Dlitrict ol Quean Charloti!
Tike notico thit Auitla M. Drown ol Prince
Runert, occupition uddler. Intend, lo ipply to
-- Chiel Commliiloner ol Landi ind Worki (or
a liconce to proepect lor coal, oil and petroleum an
and un,inr the lollowlns deacribed landi on the
Weat Colli ol Urihim liland:
Cmmcnclnl it a poat n anted thteomlleti MM
ol lhe nnrtheail corner of C. L. No. 447^ Ihenco
7i._��M ���,ulh I HO chain. wt��t, thence 80 chilm norlh, Ihence 80
Sm norlh ! ch.In.eMl, thenc. SO ch.ln. ��.utfa to point ol
Pub, Aim. m.
Second Avenue, near McBride
...Whites Portland Cement..
tlofnanllolsla Iovb io dwell on
ihe fasolnation of the suliile perfume, thul, aura-like, aurroundt
hair hei'iiitii'.   A perfumo faint
und swi'i'l  thul  Kpeakx of fresli-
lle.us und ilitiiiliiii'Hs���Ilii-  is  not
Boqulrod l.y pouring perfumo on
n iiiiiiiik.'it'iiief or aprayinj on* i
.'lollies .villi   I, hut liy ii s i I IK s li.ill
���s.irhels nl violets, lily of lhe v:.l-
lev,  rose, orangei lilnssiuii.    Por
iiisiiiiic.',   when   you   put   your
hi..use  iiwiiy  pin   Iwu   nr   three
satchels in ihe hl.ui.se nr gown,
he ii afternoon or evening gown,
in your linn,Ik,'irliii'f box, stocking drawer or nnnuiK your lln��
gerle,  li is not muoh trouble uml
you   have   your   otolites   nlvvuys
SWOOl and fresh with a most tlrli-
mle nn.l faint perfume ihui  is
in,,si alluring and allraotlve nml
���ml  llie vulgar,  lntoime odor of
perfumo   you   sometimes   iimi
where n woman uses perfume in
the milliner spoken of in the Ill's I
paragraph.    But   whatever yoo
du, ynti must nlvvuys use he situie
kind   in   nil   lhe   stirhels   ni*  you
will have u mixture of scent timi
i*. most  trying to yourself
In nl hers who nre neur you.
yeur iiK<. started u women's supplement,   wliirh   fur   thai
servntive  paper wus un
Pbone 125      Nodes Block      Secoad Aio
You Need
a Ryrie
to solve quickly nn.l
satisfactorily all your
Christmas worries
about "what to give."
Suitable gift articles
to suit every taste antl
every purse are to be
found on every one of
the 124 pages of illustrations.
To save time, worry
and expense, write for
a copy at once���it's free.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
Ciuda'i Urieit Jiwilrr Hoou
e/��l. *��r/i, Put,
Herrgggrle, lee-treat.
184-186-138 Yonge St.
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   lhnn,.,,,   Chandlery
y..Grand Hotel..
Worklngman's Home
Free Labor Bureau iu Connection
I'hone 178 1st Ave. ami 7th St.
CEO. BRODERIUS, P,op,ti.*e
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazine. :: Periodicals II Newspaper)
��� WE .Villi TO THE THAI,,:
Pointlnir, Paporlnir  Kalmtnlnlnar
I'lll,u��       Oll]       Viirnislii-a
E. COLE, Prop. 6th and Fraiar St.
We have just arranged with one
of our elients to place forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 nnd 8. The prices are as low-
as any on the market, and thc
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional offer, each lot udmits
the purchaser to a drawing fur a
WORLD. If you hold thc lucky-
ticket the trip is yours; or you
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good-
one in forty-two. Come in and
Cor. 3rd Av.
and 8th St.
The James
Nicely fumiihed rooma. Good table boanl
Board $4.75        Room and Board $7.00
le.ii,��    ...   . I. - l. 1 ... u ...... .I- .. .......,., ,,^���^���^ ���_, ���
���*���**, I x^mil*^m*ffl\
"The News" Classified Ads*
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
ii _
���taw**, it
Will Canada Stand for the Exploitation of Her Timber and
Natural Resources aa the
States Have Done?
lin.-. made fur die Cosmopolitan
it thorough Investigation of lum-
Iht trual methods���li.* tuts fol-
liivvt'tl lhe slippery trail of the
luml.er octopus literally from
ooasl I" ooasl���and lie lias the
"goods." You will be surprised
nt his revelations���at tho tremendous power of 111.' trust, its
brazen Indifference lo all but its
own interests, its hold upon legislators, iis highway methods of
national pooket-ploking, it will
I..- a greal series of arliolea���
vitally Interesting to every one
wli... has ever bought any part of
a Ire.'. The' first urliele will appear iu January, Subscriptions
to Cosmopolitan will lie uoeepleil
until December 10th ai the spo-
i-iul low rule i.< Canada of 11.50.|
Cosmopolitan Agenoy, box 851,
Phone ISO
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employe-r's Liability
Contractors' und Personul Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
I louses anil Rentala.
Ikeena Und DUtriet���District of Queen Charlott
Take notice that Austin M. Drown of Prince
Kupert, uddler, intendi to apply to the Chiuf
Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a lioence
to prospect for coal, oil and petroloum on and
under the following deecribod landa on the Weat
Coast of Graham Island:
Commencing at a post planted three milea east
of the northeast corner of C. L. No. 4tt..i thence
eoulh HO chains, thenoe 80 chaina west, thenee MJ
cbalm north, thenco 80 chaina eut to point of
Located Augurt 1st, 1911.
I'ul.. Aug. 1ft.
mt**** ��������� |, |    mi -^ h -,. -i ii��� i ��������� ���������
For Rent
Flat in Clapp Building.   Wi'��l.-nhav->r Broi.      It
For Rent���Comfortable moeli-rn houie-. 432 Fifth
Ave. near Hoaplul.   Phon.' Blue U6.   270-273
For Item���Nice clean, warm comfortable rooma.
Katea 35c and up.   King Qeoras Hotel.        tf
For Rant-Furnlahed Room,-Buckley Block���
i'l.lm week up.
For Rent-Two roomed cabin, cloie to McBride,
freihly papered and clean, only J10 per month.
H  F. Mi-ltuc A Co. t-f
* y
i Insurance
**a **** ** * ii ����� ii ���^ii'^.n ^n **m ���*% **���*
OUR Companies are noted for prompt and just
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Inaurance Ca
Young lady to clerk in News Stand. Apply
Canada Ry. New. Co., on wharf. tf
Mtiirrnity iiur.t* open for engagement. Apply
Box 21-9 Newa. tf
Wanled-Servant to do general houaework. Other
maid kept.   Mra. L. W. l'atmore. t-f
Wanted. ��� Dreaamalelng. cleaning and prcil-
ing, repairing for men and women Mrs Charlei
I'ercher. 820 Third Ave.   Phone 294 Red.     tf
Toric lensei for comfort.���Cameron's
Skecr.a Land DUlrict-Dlilrlcl ol Queen CharloUe
Take notice lhat thirty daya (rom data, I, C. E.
Bainter u( I'rlnce Kupert. B. C, by occupation
bookke-epcr, Intend to apply to the Chief Com*
int-uiore-r of L��n,t. fur . licence to proapect for
cost .nd !���Tt'lt-um on and under 610 aerm ot
land on Craham liland deKribed ., followa:
Commendnt at a poit planted two -nil*-, north
Tle.'.n nerth.-e.-t .o.nel Co.! Lenue 4166 marked
C. E. It. t'okl Uaae No. 29, ti.ence aouth BO chalm.
thence weat SO chaini, thence north 80 chain!
th*-n��e oa.t 80 c!,alm to point o! remmencemrn.
r M-.i.iiiii,,. 640 acre, more or las*.
D��led Sept. 12. 1911. c.  E.   IIAINTKU
Pub. Oct. 7.
See Howe & McNulty for
famous Kootenay Ranges.
Every boat and every mail is
bringing new, useful and appropriate things for Xmas gifts.
Come and haw un   enjoyable
evening al tb.* St. Andrew's bait
un Thursday ni*--lit.
Skaana Land Diatrict���DUlrict ol Queen Charlolt
Take nolice that thirty ,i��>�� Irom dale, I, C. E.
llalnur ot I'rince Rupert, B. C.. by occupallon I We have permanent poaitlon. for one or more
lawkkeeper. Intend to apply lo tho Chiel Com-I lady repreaentatlve. In e��ch city and town.hlp
niualont-r ol Unda lor a licence to pro-,,,*.*! lor In Weatern Canada. We can offer very attract-
coal and petroleum on and uneler 040 acrea ol | ���,. termi to thoae who qualify and are willing
land on Uraham laalnd deacribedla. lollow.; i    to devote four to aix houra daily to our work.
t ..iiiim-ncinj at a poat ("'anted two mdeejiorth i    Clergymen, achool teachera and thoie having
|    large personal  acquaintance  who can devote
.pare time will be amply repaid for their aer-
The Arctic Studio
la offering to ita patrons thia fall, some beautiful new
designs created from Caribou Skin tanned by the Pc��l
River Indiana of the Arctic Ce-uut, and decorated
with fire etching!.... Your contlderatlen Is respectfully called to the fact tbat every article It abaolutely
unique, and haa the advantage of giving to the recipient that pleasure which novelty alwayi lend*.   No
article 1�� ever duplicated, and
individual as an oil painting.
orders  should  come
contequence ia aa
No   1-HAHI.E    FOR
.   Special
promptly   for   Christmas il.-*
livery aa there la but one artist  to  fill   them.
An elegant lot of Indian Mocc.iim and other shipments from thc Yukon Bre daily expected. Some
high grade baskets will soon arrive   from  the North.
Will arrive tomorrow and weekly hereafter with generous Bupply of Asparagus Fern. Coast folks know
without being told that the- Fairview Greenhouses are
by far tha most celebrated on the Pacific Coast not
excepting California, and the- Arctic Studio ts their
sole  agent   in   I'rince   Kupert	
A Splendid Lol of Christum Holly tai Poinsrllas Hire Been Arunjud For
of C. K. H. Coal Uaae No. 18, marked N. \V
corner ('. E. B. Coal Lease No. 24, thenco south
hO chains, thrnce cast bO chains, thence north
SO chains, thenco wost SO chaiiu to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 12, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
rub. SepL W.
Skaena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that ihirty davs from dale, I, C. E.
Balnter of Prince Kupert, II. OL by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands for a licence to prospoct for
cual and petroleum on and undor 640 acrea of
land on Graham Island deecribed as followa:
Commencini at a poat planted two miles notrh
of itaka msrked C E. B. Coal Lease No. 4, marked
N. E. corner C. G, B. Coal Loaae No. ... ibence
aoulh 80 chains, Ihence wast 80 chains, thence
north W chains, tbence cast (10 cbains to place of
c��ni mencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911.    C E. BAINTEH. Locatoi
I'ul.. Sri-t. 23.
Skeona Land District���District of Queen ChraJotte
Take notice that thirty days from dale. l.t K
Hainter of Prince Kupert, U. C, by occupstion
lKK>kkeet>er. intend to apply to tbe Chief Com
mbuioner of La ids for a licence io prospect for
coal and prtixleum on and under <���������< Urea
land on (iraham Island deecrihed as folloers:
Commenelns at a poet planted two mllea nori
of C. E. B. Coal I.* ���**>*> No. 3. marked C. E. Uainter t
N. W. corner Coal Lease No. 6, tbence aoutb A0
chaina.  thence eeat   50 chain*,  theoce  nortb  B0
cbaina, ihence weat bO chaina lo place of commencement.
DatedSept. II, 1911. C. E. UAINTEK .Locator
l'ut.. Sept. 21
Skaena Land Dittrict���DUlrict of Queen Charlott
Take notkf that thirty data from date, I, C. K
Uainter of Prince Kupert, i*. t'_, by occupation
bookkeeper. Inlend to apply lo tho Chief Com-
miseiuner of Lands for a lie* nee to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Craham Island deacribed a/ followa:
Commencing at a poet planted t���� milos nortb
of C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 1. atake S U. con.fr
Coal Leaao No. 7, theoce nortb R0 chains, Ihence
east ho chaina, ihence aoutb Ml chains. Ibence
west Ml chsin* tn place of com men cr men L
Dated Sept. II, 1911. C. E. IIAINTKU, locator
Pub. SepL tS
Skeena Und Diatrict���District of Quton Charlotu
Take notice that thirty da* ��� from date, I. ('. E.
Bainter of Prince Kupert, B. <*., by occupatiun
bookkeeper, intend to apply to tbe Chief Com-
rmuntr.rr of Lands for a licence to proepect for
coal and petroleum on and undor 640 acree of
land on Craham Island described aa followa:
Commencinc at a poet planted Ivro miiea north
of C. E. H. Coal Leaae No 4. marked S. E. comer
C. E. B. Coal Leaae No- 6. thane* north M> chains,
thence west 60 chatna, tbenee south 80 chai.ta,
thence east M> chslns lo plaee of commencement.
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. K UAINTEK. Locator
Pub. SepL 28
Skeena Land DUtrict��� Diatrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice lhat thirty data from date, I, C l..
Uainter of I'rinrr Kupert, B. C, by occupation
l��>kkwper, Inund to apply to the Chief Com-
.aluioncr of Landa for a licence to tiroepect for
eoal and petroleum on and under 640 acres of
land on Graham IaUnd daacrilied aa followa:
Commencing at a poet planted two miles north
of C. E. B. Coat Lease No. 8, marked s. E. corne
C. E. B. Coal Laos* No. 14, thenoe north 80
chains, thence woat 80 chains, thrnce smith 80
ehalna, Ihenca ias4 80 chaina to placo of c. m-
DatedSept. II, 191 > C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
Pub. Sept. 2 i.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown of PrinM
Hupert, occupallon aaddler. Ictende to applv to
the Chief Commlesloner of Landa and Work* for a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the fotlowntf deecribed landa on tne
Weat (oaat of Graham Island.
Commencing ot a poet planted three mUes eaat
of the aoutheaat corner of C. I. No. 4470 thence
north 80 chaina. thenoa eaat 80 chaina. thenca
aouth 80 chaina, tbence waat 80 chaina lo point of
(���'mrnwi cement.
I'tcetcd Autuet lot, 1911.
Pub. Aug  19.
Address, immediately. Box 861, Wmni-
Lost and Found
KOI1NIl-2Sm.ll Key-.   lnqulre.t New.Olllce.
Real Estate
I**** ***<*****��
Lot for Sal. In Section t*. Block 22. Lot IS, 7th
Ave.   Apply Mike Itullch. Box 6S2 City.      tf
OH     +a~-*-��.*-Sa-.*^---.--.-*.*-W.-���--.~-~-*
Br f _
'I'.! i Stenographer |
th ' ye%ass> i ���Kit-^ii-Mi'^ei-^ii-fcii'^ii'^n'fcii'^i^
Eastern stenographer of wide experience wants
poeltion. Addreaa "Stenographer." 662 Cordova St. Vancouver. B.C. t-f
For Sale !
For Sale���Wardrobe trunk in first claaa condition.
Apply Room 25. MI 8th Ave. WcsL       270-272
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Traarr and .'-it,.        Choice Wine, anel Ciitar.
Before the auction of lots in section 2,
intending purchasers should carefully
Study the Lot Grades
You can only do this satisfactorily I,;
obtaining a ropy of the large map (31
6 In. by 2 tt.) complied from official records _y J. H. Pillsbury, CE.     This
gives  full  details of contours, topo*
frraphical  features,  street grades and
ot elevations.
For Sale at the Office of
C B. SCHREIBER ft CO.    ���    Print. Rupert
-11 Thlnl Ave. C O. Boa SIS I'hone 85
Intending Purchasers
of Section 2 Lots
Nov. 29th Is thc date act for
the selling by auction of Lots
in Section 2. If you wiili-to
ge-t a lot send us your instructions to buy, together with the
cash for the amount you care
to put in.
Terms op Sale -One quarter
cash and balance in 1, 2 and 3
years at 6 per cent.
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Advertise in
Hie Daily News
LINDSAY'S ^^age*^
G. T. P. Transfer A��ent.
Order, promptly filled.   Price, reasonable.
OFFICE-B. B. Rocheater. Centre St.    Phone 68.
I'KISe-.; RllKRT
The Big Furniture Store
************* i ********$**<
We have them in a great variety
from the cheapest to the best.
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St. pf10I1,
e 62
gs^s^sjSHBia^^JSisjas^is^��:������ ��*
Yesterday's fire slioulel he* a
warning to you for the prote-C-
tection of your valuable pan.-r-.
deeds, jewelry, etc. W, nave
safe deposit boxes for rent at n
nominal charge.
Your inspection invited	
Continental Trust Co.,
Fire luur.nc. Bo.rd t'.������,- ���
Second Avenue Prince Rupert
We Pay Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Lead,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
Second Ave.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Chinmej Sweeping and Furnace Cleaning
Prepare for winter by getting your fnr-
naccs nnd Dues put in order by
Pucliul dmnt- Smtp kUxtu: Km Holel. tv
Sell the Daily News.
It's the easiest and quick-
est way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
i . ii ..I . .. .in e I, .1,^,^
Skeena   Mail and Express
Leave all express packages for interior points with the Pacific Transfer Co., 807 Third Ave., and insure prompt forwarding.
All accounts and correspondence addressed to
P.O. Boi 806
will receive immediate attention
Hl.tllon. B. C
The Paper
Your Home!
ligjyes you all the news of your own city and district as well as the principal happeninpi
in all parts of the world.
The news is well edited, its news columns are clean and \vli>.l<-
iLJiJJgPgLyglLI-ggd in your home.   The advertising columns of the News briny
you in touch with opportunities for getting the full value for your money. :      : :      -
Water Notice
I. Alfml ChrlRtlan Odnf�� nf Prlnre Rupert, ���>*>
rtipHtlnn Mlnlnir Emrln-p-tr, rfv* notice that on the
-'-tii il-.v nf I Wef'tnl* t.   I'M 1.  I P.ten.I   tO   nj.pU    to
the Water Crnnmlimlnm-r at his offle* In Prince
Rupert for a Ifrenne to Uke and u*# two cubic
feet of watei per necond from an iinnamH iitream
In the DUtrlct of Coaat Ranee B, flkeena Dlvlelnn,
M mite eant of th��* Tyee Station, O.T.P. Rv.
The water In to be taken fmm the utream about
one half mile above ita nutent, and li to be uaed
for developing power for aauary situated at th*
outlet of said creek, along: the Railway grade.
Dated Nov. 28th, 1911. d-27
Bill Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Cards
.-������"....-a...-a-,,_.���.-_���.-.,-__,,   f
In  Commerci.l Priming
wa have a Urge .lock of
""'-."'aN'e-a'.-    I--.-*- ajj
We handle Blank Led(er
Form,   for   Loots
Uaf Sy.tem
Stock Certificates
Articles of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
I   H'^^l**��efcS|--_lS-fcSI*^|ll*^H"*l>^ "
ftr society printing, we ensure correctness of j^onjj^t- in Vigiting Cflrdg W<dd(ng
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the " News Job "      !      ���      :      ;
Daily News Building
PHONE   98
Third Ave
PHONE   98


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