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Twenty-four hours ending 6 a.m.,
Oct. 31
"UPHstfire Library"'*-. ,N;oR(T
The Daily News
For south
Prime Rupert Friilay, 8 a.m.
For North
Princess May,  ... Thurstlay p.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II, NO. 248
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, October 81, 1911.
,vi Legislative a*. ' ���
&*  ���   '*">>*.
Price Five Cents
y<" fr -1
Loyalists Are Again in Full Possession of the City, and are Following Up Their
Victory With an Attack on Wu Hang���Rebels Showed Great Bravery, But
Were Harassed by Fire from the Warships���2000 Killed and Wounded
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Shanghai, Oct. 30.���A wireless
tl,*-patch received today from the
; ii i man warships at Tienstin report
.1 complete victory by the government forces over the rebels near
H.iiikuw and that thc rebels were
compelled to fall back across the
i i\t-r and vacate Hankow.
Follow up Victory
I lankow, Oct. 31.���The Imperial
f.,rces arc preparing to follow
up thc victory over ihe rebels of
last week and with an attack
,,ii Wu Chang, which thc revolutionists have protected by elaborate emergency fortifications,
il.ui Yang which  is regarded as
of utmost importance on account
of tlie arsenal there is also to be
To Bombard Wu Hang
.Admiral Sah Ping yesterday
notified the foreign Consuls that
lie is about to begin a bombard-
liu-iii of Wu Hang and asked that
all for. .gners be ordered to leave
at once,
Loyalists in Possession
The Loyalists are now in undisputed possession of the entire
cily of Hankow, Including the
powder factory. They also control the railway. The position
here i.s advantageous for a sudden
attack against the rebel arsenal
at Hang Yang.
The Building of the New Church Was Matter for Congra-
gratulation -Excellent Banquet Was Followed
by an Excellent Toast List
who responded, all referred in
terms of optimism to new church.
A thanksgiving collection taken
up during the.evening amounted
to approximately $170. This will
be crcdlte.1 ts the building fund.
Other toasts during lhe evening
were "The Sister Churches," proposed by Mr. William Dean and
spoken to by Revs. W. Cs. James
and F. W. Kerr; "Our City,' proposed by Mr. 0. H. Nelson and
responded to by Mayor Manson
and Aldermen Douglas, Newton
and Clayton; "The Press," proposed by Mr. Henry MurdofT and
responded to by Mr. J. S. Cowper:
"Thc Ladies," proposed by Mr.
E. L. Fisher and responded to
by Mr. M. M. Stephens. Thc
toast of thc Sisiler Churches was
provocative of many expressions
of Christian fellow-ship and mutual
good will among the ministers who
During the evening the company
were entertained by some excellent
singing by Messrs. Alex Clapperton
Meth Davies anil H. G. Fletcher.
A'love feast, not entirely disassociated from thc stuffed turkey
and pumpkin pies of Thanksgiving
\ traditions, was held in the Methodist church last night. It was
a complete success from the first
attach *m>. the viands to the feast
of reason and flow of soul that
followed. John Wesley would cer-
t.tinly have rewritten the discipline clause had hc been there.
The occasion was of more than
ordinary Thanksgiving significance.
The fourth Thanksgiving banquet
'held in the little frame church
current theme of the speakers
wns of the new permanent church
building that the congregation
have decided to erect on Mus-
gnave Place. Long before next
Thanksgiving the congregation
hope to be housed in their new
church home, and to have Started
a new chapter in the history of
Methodism in Prince Rupert.
Rev. Charles Sing who proposed
lhe toast to the Methodist Church
at home and abroad, and Dr.
Kergin  and  Mr.   Arthur Allison
/   S. P. McMORDIE
Stork Cup Also Falls to Share of
This Popular Rifleman at
Thanksgiving Day Shoot at
the Ranges.
Gold, silver and bronze medals
presented by the city of Prince
Rupert were competed for yesterday at the rille ranges by the men
of thc Civilians' Rifle Association
and Earl Grey's Rilles. The match
was a keen one all through.
S. P. McMordie won the g"'d
medal, his SCOK being 07 OUt ol
a possible 105.    The silver initial
was won by Captain Partington,
whose score was 1)2, and the
bronze medal went to D. C.
Stuart with a score of 88.
S. P. McMordie was alio winner
nf thc Stork Cup for the best
six days' shooting over the ranges
during the season.
Another live  contest  with   the
In the fighting on Saturday*
near here, the rebels displayed
great bravery, bui were subjected
to a racking flank fire from the
warships uul had lo fall bark with
a loss of 500 killed and 1500
Nassan  Cannery Totally  Destroyed Yesterday.   Loss $100,
000.   Was Running at Time
of Fire.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ketchikan, Alaska, Oct. 31.���
Fire yesterday totally destroyed
the Nassau Cannery on Prince of
Wales Island owned by Messrs.
German and Company, of Seattle.
The estimated loss is SI00,00(1.
The cannery was in operation at
the time of the fire.
Postmaster-General Pelletier Makes An Important Announcement to His Constituents���Says That All His Pre-Election Promises Stand- Tenders for
the Bristol Type of Cruisers Are to be Rejected
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Quebec, Oct. 31.���A referendum
on the naval policy of Canada
is to be submitted to the people
by the Borden Government, ac-
cording to the statement made
at I.orelte by Hon. Louis I1
rifles was the team shooting match
between Earl Greys and the Civilians. This resulted in a win for
the Civilians by a large number
of points. The prize shot for
it insisted of medals for llu: men
of the teams.
Magnificent   weather  prevailed
during   the   contesl,   and   Range
Officer  Captain   Fred  Stork  of
Keirl Gny's Rifles, was able to
report   Thanksgiving   Day  match
one "f the mosi successful In which
he ever took pari.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, Oct  81.    Returns  received from 106 constituencies out
of 221 state that 1,001,658_ votes
were C_Sl in the recent Federal
elections.   ��60,870   Mire   east   for
Conservatives and 682,806 for Liberals giving Borden a popul"
majority of 87,808. In BritWi
Columbia with Comox-Atun missing Conservatives hail 23,812 and
Liberals 11,728. ,
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, Oct. 81.���Missing
his footing In boarding a pleasure
launch in which he was cruising
in Burrard Inlet With several
companions, John Shaw aged -1,
an employee of the Otis Fenson
Elevator Company, fell werboart
and drowned yesterday aflern.ii.it
In spite of a search for several
hours, thc body has not been
Seattle, Oct. 8L***-The steamer
Iroquois shortly  before  in.dmgh
during a dense fog ran  inio anil
ring ��� dense h>k ��� '
cut   in   two   the   freight   slcaincr
Muitonniah from Tacoma to Seattle     All  persons on  board  were
saved but fifteen head o cattle
were drowned, The IroquolswWcn
was bound for Victoria proceeded
apparently undanlaged. j
Imperial Edict Issued Today Grants Constitutional Government
to the Whole of the Chinese Empire
The Imperial Throne Expresses an Apology to the National Assembly for Neglecting Its Past Warnings and Demands���President Jordan Says the
Reign of the Manchu Dynasty is at an End
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Pekin, Oct. 31.���The demand of the National Assembly for a complete constitutional
government has been acceded to by the throne. An Imperial edict was issued today
apologizing for the past neglect by the throne and granting an immediate constitution.
All nobles are to be excluded from the Cabinet.
A second edict pardons all political offenders who have been committed since 1898.
The provisional government of Kwang Tung, recently declared by citizens of Canton,
has fallen.
Pelletier, the newly appointed Postmaster General.
Had Assurances
Speaking at his nomination for
the bye-election, Hon. Mr. Pelletier assured the electors that
all his pre-election promises stood,
and that his elevation lo the
Cabinet in no wise compromised
his former attitude and opinions.
He assured ihem that the idea
of a referendum ou the naval
question would be carried out.
Mr. Borden s Attitude
He said that . when he was
called by Mr. Borden to enter the
Cabinet he was not asked to
withdraw   a   single   line   of   the
programme that he had submitted
to the electors. "We shall have
a referendum, and are willing io
abide by the decision of the
majority of the Canadian people,"
he declared.
Will Reject Naval Tenders
Ottawa, Oct. 31.���It is understood that the Borden Government
will reject all the old tenders
for the naval cruisers of the
Bristol type and will call for new
bids. It is claimed by them
that the Bristol class of cruisers
is about obsolete.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleani-re, Phone 4.
San Francisco, Oct. 31. -That the reign of the Manchu dynasty in China is at an
end is the opinion of David Starr Jordan, president of Stanford University, the eminent
peace advocate who arrived home yesterday from a trip to the Orient.
Mr. Anthony Ludgate is on His Way to Assist Manager Jas. Croxford to Select a Suitable Site for a New Mill   Company Has a Billion Feet There
On Ilis way to make a confidential report on the lumbering possibilities of the Kitsumkalum district, Mr. Anthony Ludgate, a
lumberman from Pembroke, Ontario, is in town today. If you
run into Mr. Ludgate you will
know him for a man from the
WOOOJ by his height ami girlh.
He Is a "skookiim" man nil
right. Mr. Ludgate has been in
the lumber camps mosi of his life,
and knows lhe bush Ufo and the
l>ossj|,j|jti,.s of standing timber,
as only the e.\|H-ri can.
Biilion Feet of Lumber
His company have purchased
a tract of timber land containing
five hundred square miles near
Kitsumkalum. ' Their cruisers have
reported that it contains a billion
feii of merchantable lumber. Mr.
Ludgate will give a more con-
fidentail and detailed rc|Kirt, upon
which the company's plans will
be laid. He will stay in (he bush
all winter, accompanied by Mr.
James Croxford, manager of the
Company which is incorporated
as the Kitsumkalum Lumber Company.
Will Erect a Mill
"It  is the company's intention
to erect a mill.   The question will
In- what type of mill. That depends upon lhe limber. The idea
is lo have the lllill in operation
for the lime when lhe line is completed, and linn supply the mar-
kels of the easl and the prairies,"
said Mr. Ludgate.
"One of our difficulties may be
in holding the logs. The Skeena,
I am told, is very SWift, and we
could nol hold the logs there The
Kitsumkalum river may prove
better for our purposes."
The president of ihe company
is Colonel Herbert Mackle who is
one of the leading men among
the eastern lumber men.
Met an Old Friend
Mi. Ludgate was glad to greet
Mr. James J.ibour in I'rince Ru-
pert. The men had met several
years ago when Mr. Jabour was
running a store in Whitney, Ont.
Mr. Ludgate was then in charge
of ., lumber camp close by, for
ilu* Si. Andrews Lumber Company,
wiih whom he was associated for
eleven years.
Board of Conciliation and Arbitration Gives Decision in
Their Favor Against Company.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, Oct. 31.���The conciliation and arbitration board
which   had   under   consideration
���flic demands of the Grand Trunk
Pacific railway machinists and *boil-
fermakers for increased wages and
better conditions  has  decided   bl
favor of the men and againsl thc
company today.   Their report wa|
forwarded al once to the MingKcJ
of Labor al Ottawa for action.*
Winnipeg, Oct. 31���(Later)���A
statement has been issued by the
G. T. P. to the effect that the
will not accept the award of the
conciliation board for ihe rahseta
lhat they never recognized the
necessity of the hoard's inter-
Miilinii al all. They take lhe
ground  lhat   there  is no  dispute
between the oompany and ilu* men
at all.
    ���*, *
St. Andrew's Soc ety Propose to
Celebrate St. Andrew's Night
llic   intention  of thc St.
Society of this city to
St-  Andrew's  Night   in
ner, and at a meeting
week which wm largely
attended the matter was discussed.
The exact form of the celebration
Is not yet decided, but another
meeting will be held in aboul a
week's lime lo discuss final details.
I.^it   renewal of activity is ap-
iJI'iit in the society this season,
ifl number of newcomer Scotsmen
in Prince Rupert have applied
for   membership,   and   will)    tis
strong roil of nid timer members
the Su Andrew's Society promises
lo boWpower ihis winter in Prince
Captain Conger Meets Sudden
Quiet but Enjoyable Day Spent
by Large Number of Citizens
in   Glorious   Weather   Conditions.      Evening's    Entertainments Were Thronged.
Dead Body of Well Dressed Man  Discovered Hidden Beneath Piled Up Logs is Found���Had Been Partly
Eaten up by Wild Animals
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nelson,  Oct.  31.���.*\  gruesome
discovery was made at Duck Creek
near Creslon, this morning when
a section hand cutting firewood
came across the body of a murdered
man badly decomposed lying under
two logs and covered by a blanket.
It was evident the man had been
dead for some time. One foot
was missing, apparently chewed
off by animals. A number of
discarded portions of clothing found
in the bush indicating that the
murderer had made a change of
Thc deceased was five feet eight
inches tall and well dressed. He
was covered with a grey blanket
with a sheepskin coat over his
head. Two logs had been piled
on his body The trail leading
to the scene of the tragedy was
unused Close to the body was
found part of a newspaper con-
lainieig dispatches dated September Isl
Sam Langford and Porky Flynn
to Meet and Fight Six Rounds
at Vancouver.
Vancouver, Oct. 31.���Sain langford, the "Boston Tar Baby," and
Porky Flynn arrive here tomorrow
and in the evening Ikix six rounds
at thc V. A. C. On Wednesday
they sail for Australia.
Continuing Business
We are pleased to announce that
thc jewelry business formerly conducted under the firm name of
C. B. Wark & Co. is to be continued
under the name of W. Wark &
Son. The new management are
filling their slock with many new
lines noi carried before. They will
specialise <m cut glass, a new
shipment of Libbcy's having just
arrived. They arc also strong
on Sterling silver and cutlery,
particularly appropriate for wedding and Christmas gifts.
Winnipeg, Ocl
Conger, a well
officer here, Was
blind at his tin
friends.      His
entirely with
31.   Captain-
known   militai-y
struck sudden M
i while greeting
eyesight   is  gtjull
o   far  no   sign   of
Thanksgiving    I)ei>-    in
Rupen proved Intensely quiet,
the quietness of the city was, in
fael, remarked upon by many.
Mosi places of business were closed,
and there was a considerable exodus
from ihe city. A number of
launch owners lefi on th&arevlous
Saturday for Ions hunting trips,
andahc waterfronfyas particularly
undisturbed by bustle <>f any
kind after 4   Prince George lefi
;,t    S   .i.iii. for   the   soulh.     The
c.curge  bade farewell  to  Prince
"irl    or   the   seaapn   with   an
a three blasts from her siren,
Sftd a Uiall group of eafly birds
taiongat*'the citizens g"-?.' her a
ffWftlcrlront send off,    During the
forei'noii  and  early afternoon  a
Dumber of young men nude nips
thc |thcr side of the harbor
re a shooting match was in
progress. rJGfc,
' ��aflfr,,-,i,y
some having been far afield in
the bush hunting, others having
made the loilsome ascent of Mt.
(lldfield, many having s|H-nt almost
ill day on lhe water.   The weather
was  magnificent,   a   cool   clear
intlimn day wiih calm sea and
.oft breezes. In the afternoon
the Ma>' Roberta Company mil
on a successful matinee followed
in lhe evening by another play
which filled lhe Empress Theatre.
Poliee circles were very peaceful
all lhe week end. There has,
Indeed, been quite a lull in the
iiilice court list of "events" for
some link- time now, Prince Rupert's kw regular delinquents being
all on iheir best behavior. Hotels
put on the usual Thanksgiving
Day special menus and were -.veil
patronised during the day. In
the evening lhe Methodisis held
iheir greal banquet, and llu* Mclntyre  Hall   Wiis gay  wiih   mas-
queraders celebrating Thanksgiving Day's lasi few hours with
music and dancing.
Tribe Far North of the Mackenzie River Still Use Bows
and Arrows and Stone Weapons.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, Oct. 31.���Bishop Holmes   h.is   arrived    here   bringing
confirmation of the discovery of
a tribe of Arctic Eskimos 121MI
miles from .lie Mackenzie river
mi lhe Arciic Ocean who siill
hunt with bows and arrows and
use stone implements. The Eskimos   tell   siories   of   wonderful
discoveries which  if Investigated
would startle the world of science.
Victoria, Oct. 81.   According to
.vldence submitted at today's
court enquiry on ihe Stranding of
the steamer Princess Beatrice lhe
mishap  Waa  caused   through   the
deafness of the watchman who was
temporarily at the wheel. When
told land Was, ahead he failed to
put the iteamn about until too
late through not hearing lhe warning.
win I
There was a tlil'ti
Ifick   in   town   in
(Canadian Press Despatch)
New  York,  Oct.  31. -In  con-
nectlon   with   lhe   visit    here   of
Premier R. I.. Borden, of Canada,
It fs slated  lhal  a knighthood is
to be conferred upon him on New
Vetr's Day, if not before.
The Duke of Connaught is said
liijjjp^c brought the offer of a
knBHjooil with him for Mi.
B. C. Boys Don't Seem to Make
Good at Rugby Game
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Berkeley, tab, Oct. 31.���Thc
All-Star British Columbia Rugby
team went down to defeat for the'
sei nnd time before the University
of California fifteen.   Score 24-0. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Publish-*--! by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISI.NG-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, L'nited States and Mexico-DAlLY, 50c
per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries-Daily, $S.0O per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance.
Daily Edition.
Tuesday, Oct. 31
The exce"ently
printed   In   lull    in
etier frum a citizen station gong man
column relieve? the News of much of its
responsibility to puint out to ihe public ihe amazing nature of the
raw deal handed to those citizen workmen who tendered for lhe
Woodworth Lake clearing.
The News submits that the council's conduct in regard to the
lenders is without precedent, and challenges the council to cite an
Instance where, after tenders have all been o**cncd and read in public,
a eiiy engineer lias been then invited to put in a tender. The council's
action eliminates every atom of fairness Irom the procedure, and
makes a mockery of the hardship.-, expense and inconvenience which
thc workingmen went to in order to figure on the jobs.
As one man scathingly put it: "They sent enough of us up there
to figure on the job, to have cleared the land while we were there. Now
it appears that our work was all in vain. There was no intention tn
award it to the lowest bidder."
If the city engineer's department is to be put in possession of
the men's figures before being asked to tender it makes a mockery
of the whole business.
In undertaking the erection of an .?1S.000 church building, the
Methodists of Prince Rupert display their faith in the future of Prince
Rujiert as well as their faith in .Methodism.
An investigation shows ihat Mr. Borden's Cabinet dues not contain a Presbyterian representative. Neither has it a farmer. Martin
Burrell who grows fruit, calls himself a horticulturalist. With the
Presbyterians and the farmers, left out, how can Mr. Burden look
tin his Cabinet as representative of Canada.
St. Jim now contented himself liy
remarking dolefully that hml Iii* ael-
vles been tak.*:i the bloomln1 kid
WOUld I'.' w.*ll mi her way back to the
Scillv Isles."
"Vna must not say that," was the
grave.* response. "Tliese things an
determined by a higher power than
man's Intelligence. Think how the
seeming accident of a fallen sail saved tin- child from the cormorants ami
other liiils-how a chunce see fell
into ths boat nnd kept her alive���
how rr,. r<* idle curiosity on my part im-
pt'l!e*,i me to swim out and Investigate
"That's your way of pnttin' It." Jlm
was forced to say. "You knew quite
v. :: that there might be a s'.iark ln
-.ir wnk*.*. or you wouldn't have taken
:he knife. An' now yju won't havo
i word said about lt. At the bombardment of Alexandria, a messmate of
mine got  thc V. I', f- :* '.���   *."
"The real i>olm Is. Jim I at -v.- have
not yet discover*.d ��l.a: ship this b->.".t
belongs to.'
"Xo, an' what's more, we won't And
out In a hurry.   IKr us -    ��, tow
an' aft."
"Is there nothing left to help us?"
"Only this."
The sailor proline d the bro-xh from
his waistcoat pocket.      It  ��as i :
safety-pin order, but made ol
ornamented  with   -
as a fOtir-leaf��d ihanirock.
"Is the maker's name ��*.i the sail?"
"No. I fane; that this trad was
rigged on board ship (or harbor eruls*
llrand passed a hand wearily across
Ilia forehead.
"I wish 1 had not h*. n so precipitate." he murmured. "Tbat man had
papers on blm in all likelihood."
"You couldn't haw stood it. mate.
It was bad enough t.>r me. It must
ha' bin bell lor >. .
"Perhaps lho baby's clothes are
"That's the chance. She was well
rigged out '
llrand cast the shark loose. Tho
monster slid oft Into the gri-en depths.
A noiseless procession of dim forms
rushed after the carcass. Thc birds,
shrill with disappointment, darted oft
to scour the neighboring sea.
Beyond the damaged boat, bumping
against the rock, and the huge Jaws,
with their rows of wedge-shaped
teeth, naught remained to testify to
the drama bf lhe hour save the helpless baby en which the head-keeper
was waiting so sedulously.
Already tb* signal "lioctor wanted'
was fluttering   from   the   lighthouse
us, but, from their procedure at the meeting at which they opened ( K%nd,'ai;d0^egTapnh��edd.o',Pene
the bids, we are very well satisfied that they did not intend to li-itM.ee. The mornlug would be well
the work to station men or anyone else in order to cover up their tracks. ���' l^Ztklnm whore"1*1 *"* **
They have been willing to sacrifice the station man clement and the, When Brand and Spence entered
contracting public by inviting them to look over this work. nfBan^/e,^���;k^~n_X^^���S.hcWa^
gangs, figure upon it, and submit tenders. There were many of us "She's asleep.'- be said, Jerking bis
who bid on this work. It tonk mon- than half an ln'Ur to open and i head towards a bunk. "I geV her a
read all thc tenders, during which time the City Engineer and Alderman I "'nt ��* ���**���"�����������*�������     She   cried   a   bit
HiMit.ah t-.. ... .1 .     *i     ii       ti-t i_'  . i c    ti     when there was no more to be had.
llditih sat at   he council table.    When thc last tender was finally but a warra bath wlth   Mme   ^rle
opened and read, an inquiry was made of the City Engineer as to |n it made her sleepy.   Aa' there she
where his lender w.is.    He did not reply, but looked in the direction ! is, snug as a cat."
of Alderman Hilditch, who rose to his feet with the amazing explan-     T**e   domesticated   Jones   was   up
ation that they had forgotten to bid.   We ask if it is possible for a man j ^^ ��_,��#*[_? Sundry
to listen to tin* rc.tt-JiJig ol thirty-five competitive bids and not realize marks or Initials   on her clothing?"
until the last bid was read that he had intended to bid but had for- asked Brand.
gotten?   .-bid, mind you. Colonel Davis did not commit himself toi    _?���*   "ere you are
the Statement that he had forgetten
Instructed to forget. iteri E. T. _, whlte tllk.
After this they passed a resolution asking the Engineer to submit ���    "Ah!   That Is very Important   We
a tender as to what the city can do this for in days' labor on Tuesdav c��" establish her ldentltr, especially
next.   We believe that they fully intended to do this on davs* labor "g* ���f****' "*���*������ ���gSLr___,��
all the time and that they were afraid to bid themselves until ihvy .J^J^   "I'~ 'not took"   ie%
knew mir figures and that the whole thing is a farce and the whole carefully, as It'll tako me all my time
proposition of bidding was a put up job on the public and at our to get everything dry before the tug
expense.    There was absolute harmony among them all  which  is ��^*'- ���     '  *
 Letters to the Editor ���
Dear Sir,���As one of a gang of twelve men who bid on the clearing
of Woodworth Lake, I wish the people of Prince Rupert to understand
the kind of a deal the council gave us, and the public as well.
Thc city council invited us to look tlie work over and many of
us made the hard trip to Woodworth Lake, sleeping out in the ojkh
overnight and came back and put in our tenders on this work, believing
the council intended to let the work to the lowest bidder.
We have no fault to find if Shreiber -Sc Co., or anvone else, underbid
I,., He t.si.i,! out of the bubbles a little
If he forgot, we belie*.e he was ^ on wh|ch _cfe worked ^ ht.
But my
-w��.      *,_,. ,u,   mlnsus  '11 see
u   ',,..,,     . ,   , , .her until somebody turns up to claim
we are largely citizen laboring men of this town, but we prefer her."
to take work on contract where we are paid for what we do rather'    "Thti may be never."
than ihe time it takes to do it, but we do not like to be made monkeys i    "Surely we will get some news of
of by asking us to bid when there was r.o intention of letting a contract,  tbe ship which was lost!"
,, . ^es,   thst   ls   little  enough
Very truly yours, pect.    Yet It Is morc than p
and her company
in David Belasco's great play
"La Belle Rune"
[the beautiful Russian]
PRICES-SOc. 75c.  and $1.00.     Seat sale at Empress
Theatre office
m^wmtm^m i ^s^i^^^^^^
to ex-
that her parents are dead. A baby
would be separated from ber mother
only by the mother's death. There Is
a very real chance that poor "E. T.'
will be left for years on the hands of
those who tak..- charge of her now.
The only alternative is the workhouse."
"That's so. cap'n," put in Jim. "You
always dig to the heart of a subjec',
even if it's a shark."
"In a word. Jones, you can hardly
bo asked to assume such a responsibility. Now it happens that I can afford to adopt the child, if she lives,
and Is not claimed by relatives. It Is
almost a duty Imposed on me by
events. When the doctor comes,
[av ; therefore, I purpose asking him to see
&*, ) that she ls handed over to Mrs. Step-
19] t pard, the nurse who looks after my
j J�� : own little girl. I Will write to ber. My
'M turn ashore conn s next week. Then I
Sti can devote Borne time to thc necessary
Sf; | Inquiries."
iriw | Jc-tjs made no protest. Hc knew
��j j that Brand's suggestion was a good
'-.' one. And he promised sil>*nce witl
;x*i ��� regard to the fight with the shark
JS& | jfen ln the lighthouse service are
Si quick to grasp the motives Which
���tS ' cause others to avoid publicity. They
Jg live sedato, lonely lives. The noise
'$.. tbe rush, tbe purposeless activities of
K* , exlstei.ee ashore weary them. They
��� AbAte been known to petition the Trln-
j Ity Brethren to send them back lo
1 Isolated stations when promoted to
localities where the pleasures and ex-
j oltements of a town were available.
jjj_ I. Having determined the Immediate
"t | future of llttlo "E. T.," whoso shrunken features were now placid in sleep,
they guletly separated. Brand flung
himself wearily Into a bunk lo obtain
a much-needed rest, and the others
*'.:] I herrled to overtake the many duties
awaiting them.
Weather reports and dally Journal*
demanded Instant attention. The oil
expenditure, the breakage of gloss
chimneys, the consumption of Btoria,
the meteorological records���all mtial
be noted. An elllclent lookout inuBt
be  maintained,  signals answered    or
nolsted, everything kei*t spotlessly
clean, and meal* cooked. Until noon
each day a rock lighthouse Is tho
scene of unremitting diligence, and
tho loss of nearly an he ir and a halt
of Spence's watch, added to tho presence of the baby and tbe constant
care which ono or other ol tho two
men bestowed on her, : :iJe the remaining time doubly pre, uius.
About nine o'clock Urn:-.1 *��������� iis awakened from a heavy slumber by Jim's
hearty \olce:
"Breakfast ready, cap n. Corfeo,
eggs an' haddlck���fit tor the Queen.
God blesB her! An' baby * had another pint of Jones's bit**-- Ixird love
her little eyes, though I laren't seen
'em yet. A mlnnlt a*.' i J.nes snug
down to me that the Lau slot has just
cleared Cam du."
The concluding stater.,nt brought
Itrand to his feet. The doctor would
be on the rock by tho time briakfast
was ended and the letter to Mrs. Shep-
pard written.
When the doctor did arrive he shook
his head dubiously at n: sight of the
"I don't know how she lived. Sho
Is a mere skeleton," he said.
llrand explained matters, and hinted
tt his theory.
"Oh. the ways of nature are wonder
ful," admitted the doctor "���sometimes
a man will die from an absurdly trivial thing, like the siIiik >'f a wasp or
the cutt'ng of a finger. At others, you
can fling him headlong from the Alps
and he will merely suffer a bruise or
two. Ot course, this infant has an
exceptionally strong constitution or
she would have died days ago. However, you have done right so far. I
will see to her proper nourishment
during the next few days. It is a
most extraordinary case."
Jones managed so well that the
child's garments were dry and aired.
Wrapped in a clean blanket, she ������wis
lowered Into tho steamer's boat, but
the doctor, preferring to Jump, was
soaked to the waist owing to a slip
on the weed-covered rock.
Thc crew of the tug boat bailed oul
the derelict and towed her to Penzance.
That evening a flsherman brought a
note from Mrs. Sheppar.1. Among oth-
pi things, she wrotr ihat the baby's
. I ���).,*. were beautlfu"> made snd ot
a very expensive type. She was feverish, ihe doctor said, hut the condition ot her eyes and lips vtr.ld account for this, apart from the ePects
of prolonged cx|>osurc.
llrand nad the letter to his mates
when the trio were enjoying an evening pipe on t/.e "promeuadc," the outer I a.iony under the lantern.
"S'pose her iK'ople don't show up,"
observed Jlm, "what are you going to
call her?"
������Trcvilllon." said Brand.
The others gaied at him with tur-
prise. The prompt announcement
was unexp. i nd.
"I have told you about the fabled
land of Lyor.nesse lying there beneath
the scs." hc went on, pointing to the
dark bice -.-.panse on whose distant
confines the .-vlily Isles were silhouetted by the !sst glow of tbe vanished
sun. "Well, the name of tbe only
person who . s, aped from that minor
deluge was Trwllllon. It Is suitable
and It accords with thc Initial of her
probable surname."
"Oh. I Bee." piped Jones. Ills
voice always high-pitched, becamo
squtaky when 1.1, brain was stirred.
"That's O.K. for the 'T,'" remarked
Jlm, "but what about the 'E'?"   Elisabeth Is a nice name when you make
, It into bestie."
"I think we should keep up the ides
of the Arthurian legend. There am
two that came to my mind, Elaine and
Enid. Elaine died young, the victim
of an unhsri y love. Enid became tho
wife of a gallant knight, Gawaln. who
"���ever foremost In the chase.
And victor at the tilt and tournament,
They tailed him the great Prince and
man ot men.
Out Enid, whom hor ladles loved to
Enid  the  Fair,    a    grateful  people
Enid the Good."
"That settlrs It." cried Jlm. brar**
Ishlng hit pipe towards Penzance,
hope as how Miss Enid Trevlllton Is
asleep an' doln' well, an' that shall
grow up to be both fair an' good. I:
ahe does, she'll be bcttcr'n most *c
Brand made no reply. He w i.
within to attend to tbe lantern. In
live minutes the great eyes ot the Ut
ard, the I-m-rshlps and the .**-*
Stones l.i*.*l.'.a ip were solemnly tm
Ing at their fellow warden of the <;*.]'
Rock, whilst, in the far west, to clea
waa the night, the single flash of .-'t
Agnes and the double flash of tl.i
Bishop Illumined thc sky.
At thc foot of a long flight of stcpr
leading from the boal quay 10 the pie
cid waters of Penzance imrb ir a
stoutly built craft was moored. I
had two occupants this bright Janu
try morning and ihey were sufficient
ly diverse In appearance to attn * th'
attention of the local squad of ina*
great army of loungers which seems
to thrive In tobacco-blessed content
, at all places where men go down to
the sea In thlps.
The pair consisted of a weather-
beaten fisherman and a girl.
The man was scarred and blistered
by wind and wave until he had attained much outward semblance to his
craft. Nevertheless, man and boat
looked reliable. They were sturdy
and strong; antiquated, perhaps, and
greatly in want ot a new coat; but
shaped on lines to resist the elements
together for years to come. Ben Pollard and his pilchard-driver, Daisy,
were Cornish celebrities of note. Not
once, but many times had they been
made Immortal ��� with the uncertain
Immortality of art���by painters of the
Newlyn school.
The girl, an animated cameo, to
which the shabby plcturesqueness of
Old it- i In his patched garments and
old Palsy in her unkempt solidity supplied a fitting background, merited
the tacit approval sho received from
the pIpe-BinokerB.
Flaxen-haired, blue-eyed, with a face
of a delicate, flower-like beauty which
added to lis mobilo charm by the
healthy glow of a Bkin brightened and
deepened In tone by an abiding love
of the open air, ahe suggested, by her
attire, an artistic study of tbe color
efTeciB derivable from ihe daringly
trustful llttlo plant which gave the
boat Its name. She wore a coat and
skirt of green cloth, lightly hemmed
and cuffed with dark red braid. Her
Urge white hat was trimmed with velvet of a tone to match the braid, and
her  neatly  fitting  brown  boots    and
gloves were or the right shade. Beneath her ooat there was u glimpse
of a knitted Jersey of soft white wool,
this being a tribute to tho season,
though a winter in Lyonnesse can usually shrug its comfortable shoulders
at tho deceitful vagaries of the Riviera.
That she was a young person of some
maritime experience was visflile to tho
connoisseurs above at a glance. She
was busily engaged In packing the
spacious lockertf of the Daisy-with certain stores of apples, oranges and
vegetables���ranging from the lordly
new potato (an aristocrat nt that time
of the year" to the plebeian cabbage���
and her lithe, active figure moved
wllh an ease born of confidence lu lha
-alio principle* of gravitation     as
i-odlllod and arrangod by a rocking
l'ollard, too, was overhauling his
gear, seeing ihat the masi was securely stepped and thc tackle ran free.
Whilst th*y worked they talked, and,
of course, the critics listened.
"Do you think the weather will hold,
Ben'.'" asked the girl over her shoulder, stooping to arrange some clusters of daffodils and norclssus so that
they should not suffer by tho lurch of
some heavy package when the boat
heeled over.
"The glass be a-fallln'. sure, missy,"
said the old fellow cheerily, "but wl'
the wind backln' round to the norrard
lt on'y means a drop o' wet."
"You thluk we will make tho rock
In good time?"
"We'm do our best. Miss Enid."
She sat up suddenly.
"Don't you dare tell me, Hen Pollard, tbat after all our preparations
we may have to turn back or run for
Inglorious shelter Into Lamorna."
Her mock indignation induced a
massive grin. "A mahogany table
breaking into mirth." was Enid's private description of Ben's face when he
'"Eo knew the coast as well as
most." he said. "Further go, stronger
blow, Ve kuaw."
"And not so slow. eh. Ben? Really,
you and the Daisy look more tubby
every lime 1 see you."
Thus disparaged. Pollard defended
himself ami his craft.
"Me an' Daisy '11 gall to Gulf Light
qulcke-r'n any two other tugs In Penzance, missy. Her lie a long run at
this lime o' year, but you'm got there
all right. I -xi>ect. Wl' a norrard
breeze trtt'm be safe enough. If tho
wind makis 'ee c'u zee et comla', 'ee
She laughed quietly. Any reflection
on the spanking powers of his pil-
chard-drlver would rouse Ben iustant-
"As if I didn't know all you could
teach mo." she cried, "and as If any-
i one ln all Cornwall could teach me
The old fisherman was mollified. Hc
looked aloni.- the quay.
"Time we'm cast off," he sug-
"Mis* Constance bo a plaguey long
time fctchln' them wraps."
"Oh. Ben. how can you say that?
She had to go all the way to tho Cottage.   Why. If she ran���"
"Here she be," he broke In. "an"
she b'alnt runnln' neither. Her's got
a young man In tow."
What announcement would straighten the back of any girl of nineteen
.like unto that? Enid Trcvilllon turn-
en and stood upricht.
"Why. ii'i Ja.k!" she cried, waving a delighted little hand.
"So it be." admitted Pollard, after
a surprised stare. "Whin I look landward my eyes b'aln't so good as they
i was."
He stated this fact regretfully. No
elderly sea-dog will ever acknowledge
to falling \ltsion when he gazes at the
level horizon he know* so well. This
Is no pretenoa of unwilling age; it is
wholly true. The settled chaos of the
' shore bewilders him. Tho changeful
sea cannot.
Meanwl.il.*. the dawdlers lining the
wharf, following  Enid's signal* with
: their eyts. devoted themselves to   a
I covert slarlni;    at  the young people
hurrying along the quay.
Constance Brand, being a your.g nnd
pretty woman, secured their Instant
luffrages. Indeed, she would ha\e
won lhe favorable, verdict of a more
levere audience. Taller than Enid,
the had the brown hair and hazel eyes
it her fa'h cr. To him. too. the owed
lhc frank. t^lf-tiHam pose of head
1 ind clearly cut. r< fined features which
���onveyed to others that alllm|iortaiit
tirst good Impr. sslon. Blended With
Btophen Bipod's nrm Inolalveneea, and
toriitifi.K ll.e quiet strength of hei
, markid resemblance io hltn. was an
I I'ttetitlal femininity which lifted ln-r
wholly apart from the ruck of hand-
tome English girls who find delight
bi copying ihe manners an de\en the
dress of their male friends.
Her costume was an exact replies
; of that of Enid. She walked wall and
rapidly, yet her alert carriage had a
I grace, a subtle elegance, BON frequently seen in Aineil.a ihnn In England. I'.r lively fa c. flushtd with
��� xerclse. anel. li may Im*. with I ���
lutie excitement, oonvered thi . ,-
I Transatlantl, characterittic. (lie said
at seeing her: "Here is a girl who
has lived iniuh abroad" It came as
a surprise lo learn iliat she had m far
crossed Ihe Channel.
The man with her. Lieutenant John
Percival Stanhope. K.N.. was too familiar a figure In Penzance to evoke
; muttered comment from the gallery.
A masterful young gentleman he
looked, and one accustomed to having
his own way In the world, whether
In  love or war. Trite  type of  the
British sailor, he had the physique of
a strong man and the adveiieurously
cheerful expression of a boy.
The skin of his face and hands, olivo
1 !!nled   with   exposure,   hts  dark   hair
i and   the   curved     eyelashes.      Which
j drooped over  his  blue  eyes, no less
| (han  the artistic  proclivities sugg-ai.
���*d  by  his   well r>.is, led  features and
long, tailoring fingers, proclaimed lhat
Stanhope,  notwithstanding  his  Saxou
surname and bluff  bearing,    was    n
I Celt.      His  mother,  in   fact,   was   a
Tregarthen  of Cornwall, daughter of
Cornwall, daughter of a peer, and    n
ll nding  figure  In  local  society.
One may ask: "Why should a youth
of good  birth  and  social  position  In*
on such terms of tusy familiarity with
I two girlB, one of whom was the dan  ! -
Iter of B lighthouse k< .per.    ami   ths
I other her sister by adoptionf
Indeed, a great many peop.'e did n '.x
: this pertinent question; among oi ���
Lady Margaret Statiho|>o put It ofie.i
nnd pointedly to her son. Without any
��� togent answer being forthcoming.
if she were denied anllghtanmont,
although her maternal anxll ty was
Justifiable, the smokers on the pier, a.
representing the wider gossip of tbi
town, may also, bo left unsails'i...!.
S���Mil ljm-l District���District ol Coast Range 5
Take notice that Lcltoy P, Grant ol I'rince
RuptTt. B. C, occupation civil env-ine-ei, internls
to tPPly 1ST ptnal���Jon lo purclius., the followinK
eli-.seriot-d lands:
Commenelns at a poat planted about y 1-2 miles
in a northerly direction from the northea.1 corner
post ol Lol 1810, Kante 5, Cou.*t District, thenc-
east U0 chains, thence north till chainn, thence
west lo bank ol river, thence south following
bank ol river to point ol commencement: containing 160 acres, more or lea...
Dated Sept. ���>. lull. LKKOY  F.  CHANT
Pub, Oct. 11. Cordull C. Kmmerson, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Kange I
Take notice lhal 1, Christopher James Craham
ol Prince Hup rt, Ii. C, occupation locomotive
engineer, inlend to anplj lor permission lo purchase
the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the south-
wot corner ol Lot No. 17:,*i vicinity of I_ke
1..,:.,:>.- and marked Christopher 1. Craham
N. K. Corns:, thence west -111 chains, thence south
SO chains, Ihence east ill chains, thence norlh SU
chains to post of commencement; contsining
Jllll aCees. more r.r leas.
I'HKISTlll'HKK  JAS.   GRAHAM,   Locator
Datod Sept. 2*1. Hill. 11.56 A.M.���Witnessed T. D
Pub. Sept. 30.
Skoena Land District���District of Caasiar
Take notice that K. II. Stewart ol Vancouver,
It.  C,  occupation  truckman,   intends  to  apply
lor uermission to purchaae the following doacribed
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains south
of l'r.���i'mplion No. 397 and 52 cbains eaat from
tbo Naas Kiver (S. Vi. C), thence 40 chatna east,
thonce 40 cbains north, thence 40 cnaina west,
, thence 40 cbains south to tbo point ol commencement lo contain 160 acres more or icses.
Dated Aug. 1911. James T. Kullerton, Agont
Pub. Sepl. 23.
Skeena Land District���District ol Coast llange 5
Take notice that Harold E. Smith ol Morely,
Alia., occupation station agent, intends to apply
(or permiaaion to purchase the (ollowing described
Commencing at a post planted at the aouth-
weal corner 100 chaina east and 20 chaina north
from N. E. vomer ot Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey
Coaat Diatrict Range B, thence 40 chains cast,
thenco Ml chaina north, tbence 40 chains west,
ihence SO chains south to post ol commencement
containing 320 acres, more or leas-
Dated Sept. IS, 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
I'ub. Sept. 23. Fred W. Bohler, Agen
Skeena Land District���District of Cout Range 5
Taka notice that I. Gordon C. Es-tmerson ol
Prince Rupen, B. C, occupation real estate
broker, intend to apply lor permission ',o purchaae the following desctibed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 2 3-4
milea in a northerly direction Irom the northeast
corner poat ol Lot 1.:-'.', Range 5, Coaat Diatrict,
thence north 40 chains, thence weat to river
bank, thence south following river bank to point
i commencement; containing 160 acrea, more or
Dated Sept. 9, 1911.  GORDON C. EMMERSON
Pub. i ici. 14.
Skeena Land Dislrict���District ol Coast Range V
Taka notioe that 1, Benjamin A. Fiah ol Towner,
N. I >.. occupation merchant, intend to apply
lor ;r,-r.-i,iaan,i; to [>urcl.*L.c the following described
Commencing at a post planted on tha east
boundary and about live chains Irom the south'
eaat eorner ol Lot 44*1, thance north 60 chains,
' tbence east 30 chains, thenca aouth 60 ehains,
ihence west 30 chains to point ol commencement
Dated June 21, 1911. BENJAMIN A. FISH
I'ub. July 'IS. Fred E. Cowell, Agent
. Skeena Land Dlatrlct���Dlatrlct ol Coast Range 5
Take   noUoa   that   11.rum Roy   McTaviah   ol
Winnipeg,   Man.,   occupation   barrister,   intends
to appl*. for permlaaiem to purchase the lollowing
described landa:
I Commencing at a poat planted at the southwest
corner 40 cbaina toast and 40 chaiiu north Irom
N. E- corner ol Lot 1116, Harvey'a Survey Coast
District Range 6, ther.ee 60 chaina eaat, tbence
1 60 chaina north, thenoe 60 chaina west, thence 60
' chaina aouth to pest ol commencement containing
.i*>o acrea more or less.
listed Sept. 18, mil II1KIAM 110Y McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sept. 23. Fred Vi. Uohler, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���District ol Coaat Range V
Taka nutice that Jeaaa M. Tallman ol Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, occupation lawyer, Intenda to
apply (or permission to purchaM lha loUowing
deacribed landa;
Commencing at a post planted on the aoutherly
shore ol Kutaymateen Inlet on the right bank
of a small atream Sowing into aaid Inlet lust eaat
ol Crow Lake. Thence aouth 20 ehaina, thenoa
west 20 chaina mora or laaa to tbe ahore line ol
j Crow Lake, thence northerly and eaaterly lollowing the ahore line* ol Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow Lake and Kutaeymaleen inlet to tha
place ol commencement, containing forty acres
mere or leaa. Located Auguat 7, mil.
Haled Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
Pub. Aug. 12.
Sk���>na Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coast Range 5
Taka notice that E. H. G. Miller ol Falmouth
Eng., occupaUon surveyor, intenela to apply lo
permtasion  to  purchaaa  the  following daacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at the N. W. Corner of Lot 4406. tbence wesl SO chians. thenoe aouth
20 chaina, thence cast 60 chains, tbence north 20
cbaina to the point of commencement containing
16u acrea mora or leaa.
Dated Auguat 15. 1911. E. H. G. MILLER
I'ub. Aug. 26. I'. M. Miller. Agent
- Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coast Range 5
Taka noUce that K. F. MUler of Tipton, England,  occupaUon  farmer,    steads  to  apply  (or
permission   to  purchas*  the  foUowing  duacribed
Commencing at a peat planted about 60 cbaina
wast Irom tba N. Vi. Corner of Lot 4406, thance
north 4u chaina, thence weat 20 cbaina, thence
aoulh 40 chaina, thene* eaat 20 chaina to tho
point of commencement containing eighty acres
mora or loaa.
Dalad Auguat 19 1911. II   F. MILLER
1Mb. Aug. I*.. P. M. Miller. Agant
Skeena Ur. I Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coaat Range 5
Tak* notice that Frank S. Miller ol London,
Eng., occupation civil engineer, intenda to apply
for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post plantad at tha N. E.
Comer of Lot 2*. thence north 20 chains, thenc*
west 20 chaina, thenco aoulh 20 cbaina, Ibence
aaat 20 chaina lo point ol eommencement, con*
taining 40 acre* more or lea*.
Dated Auguat 15, mil. FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. I'. M. MUler, Agent
Skeen. Und DUtrict-rIJ:,tr:��,:        . .."""^
lake ttoUca that Auatin  \[   R,
��orka (or a licence to prosuect    . ��i
petroleum on and lind*. tStl Ed
lands on the Weal Coast ,  Cr ��� -���!
Commencing at a post t,h-     '    '
ol the northeast corner ol CI
80 chains south, thence BO c*.. ' ���������--��
chaina nonh, thence ao chaSs --��� SO
������-������   ul
-  Ucator
- '-trleitt,
���' I'-'incs
.   works
: ianda
��� 'all
-�� 511
���   M ol
' bariottt
Skeena Und District ��� Ill-trict ol Coast Range I
, Take notice that Lottie McTavish ol Vancouver,
occupation married woman, intend* to apply
for tiermlsaion to purchase the following deacribeMl
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner 100 chains eaat and 20 chains north
from N. E. corner o' l.ot 1116. llarvey'a Survey
Coaat Diatrict Range 5, therce 20 chaina aouth,
- thence 80 chaina eaat, thence 80 chaina north,
thence 40 chaina west, ihence 60 cbains south,
tbence 40 chaina weat to post ol commencement
dontaining 400 acree mora or leaa.
Dated Sept. 18. 1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
I'ub. Sept. 21 Fred W. Bohler. Agent
licUa Coola Und Diatrict���District of Coast Range
Take notice that H. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intends to apply
for permlsaion to leaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted on the shore
of Necleclaconnay Kiver about 10 chsina weat
of Indian Reserve Line ,thence west 60 cbaina
following the channel ol Neclectsconnay River,
Ihence south 80 chains more or less to channel
of Bella '-.-���!*. River, Ihence following channel
of Bella Coola River easterly 60 chains, north
80 chaina mora or leas to point of commencement;
containing 480 aero*, morc or leaa.
Dsted August 28, 1911. II.   M.  CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict���District ol Coaat Rang* 5
Take notice that Herbert J. Mackie ol Pembroke, Ont., occupation lumberman, Intenda to
apply for permlasion to purchaae the following
deecribed land*:
Commenting at a post planted on the left bank
of tbe Zymotioits or /im-a-got-its River, at southwest corner of Lot 170fi, thence northerly, following
tbe westerly boundary of Lot 1706, 80 chaina
more or lens, to the northwest corner of aaid Lot
1706. thence westerly *nd southerly, following
the lelt bank ol aaid river, 80 chains mora or less to
point of commencement containing 160 acrwa
more or lesa.
Located Auguat 19, 1911.
Dated Auguat 21, 1911.    HERBERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick s. Cleminls, Agent
Skeena Und District-District of Casslar
Take notice that I, Th���mns Carter, of I'rlnce
Rupert, occupation carpenter, Intend to apply
fe>r t-ermlssion to purchase the following described land.
Commencinir at a post planted al,nn one mile
south from the mouth of Falls creek and about
Itn feet back from the beach, thence HO chains
north, thence 4T> chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence <���.->-' i" chains to point of commencement, '- -iinMrirn- *t20 acres more or less.
Dateel July 7th. 1911.    Charles Web*ter Calhoun,
Pub. Aug. 6th. Agent.
 .... ..u,wl, vu
r, .     ..        ,      Al'STIN M. I;
Date ol Location 31st July, isn    '
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und District-Distnc;   |
a- , Islands
Take notice that Austin M   I .
ia.*Kri\i2l'Xrt'*"m "'*'-���-��������� *'
th*  Chiel   Commiasioner  a   .
lor a licence to trospect lor coa.',
leum on and under lhe lo
on the West Coast of Urahu
Commencing at a p,n: ;.a.
ol the southwest corner of C   .    *
80 chaina east, thence BO Chi
chains weat, thence 80 cl- -
i Date of Location, 31st July ||i|
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeena Und District���DL-tm-
- , -       L      lalanas
Take notice that Austin M
Rupert, ejccupatlon saddler, late ''*
the Chiel Commiasioner ol La* ', , '"
, licence to proapect lor coal. oU at ~M     **
, under the following describe ��� .   **��**
Coast of Grahnm Island: ' "�����
Commencing at a post pla.-.te-i ��� -
ol the aoutbeaa- corner o 1 r. I.   *,      -   .'." ""I
north 80 chains, thence easl SO chl   ��� ��� ' ". '"""*
80 chaina, thence west ku eta,.-., - " *;:
mencement. '        *" ���**�����������
AL'STIN M. B .   xs v   .._,
, Located Auguat 1st. 1911. Uat<i'
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und District���District nl Q ,., ,i���u���
-    Take notice that thiny _u, Iron      .ire
Bair.ier o( Prince Rupen, li. , I ***l*
bookkeeper, intend to apply to :-    i iS'c**
miaaioner o( Lanela (or a licence i,   -    .'.!,i��,���
coal and petroleum on and  ..-.:,- .,-S, S
land on Grahsm Island deacr.: ��� .��� .   "
,     Commencing at a post pi.r.*.. :   ...  ���     ' _,
o( Coal Leaae No. 4467, mark,- i e . | ' [i , "J
Uase No. 1, N. E. corner, tfaanoa . .   u ,,_?
r tbence south 80 chains, iher.i*.   i...-.  .    crr*r*"
i thence north 80 chaina lo placv ,-! ���       .'-rvZw
I Skeena Land Diatrict���Diitrict ol (jji-n Chvlotu
Take notice that thirty davj frurc :*������,* J c v;
Bainter ol i'rince Kupert, B. C, by occiitwa
bookkeeper, intend to apply iu :���..���    ���.<< ^0!a.
( m-aaioner of Landa for a licenc*** i-- pmpMt for
' coal and petroleum on and unde; SU iCtt gj
. land on Graham laland described aj fofimi
Commencing at a post plan:--*: :..    -..;-* ^n
of Coal Leaae No. 4167, marked C. ... ii. N, w,
oorner No. '2, tbence aouth to era.:     tbOMMt
��> chaina, thenn north 80 cbair.s, tkiM ����t
MJ chaina to place of commt*ncemen:.
Dated Sept. 11,11*11.    C. E. BAi.NT.Ml, Loator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Diitrirt���District of Qw -. ( hnlitt
Take notioe that thirty dayt from data, 1, i. L.
Bainter of Prinoe Kupert, B. CH by uccuptt*
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the ChM Ua*
miaaioner of Landa for a iiotcce io HdpM (or
coal and petroleum on and under tii ic�� of
land on Grabam laland dtttenbod u faflnc
Commencing at a poat planted ttfl nfla etc
of Coal Leue No. 4476, marked '-'. ... i. .. W.
corner of Coal Leaae No. '2, thenc MM M etna,
thenee north 60 chaina* ibence w<e*t M cuu*
thence aouth &0 chaina to placa of CK>".:rwr.<sr.t*.\.
DatedSept. 11,1911. C. ��. BAIN1LK, Loewr
I'ub. Sept. 22.
Skoena Land Dutrict���Diatrict of \*. . CUrta
Take notice that thirty dan (rom date, I, C.L
Bainter of Prince Kupert, U. C, by .<c.;vja
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the ChM <.*>
nii��s io ner of Landa for a bcencc to pr\��p<afcr
coal and pelroleum on and under Ml scti si
land on Graham laland deKribed **** (olio��j.
Commencing at a poat planted bv* r-.i.t*. tut
of Coai Leaae No. 4476, marked C. i. B I L
corner Coal Leaae No. i, thence west H etna.
thence north so cbaina, thenoe eai: -j c���._,*_.,
thence south 60 chaina to place of coT*\-T.-*:.c\-7.t*.L
Dated Sept. 11,1911. C. ��. BAl.NTLit, Uau:
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Queen Ctiriotu
Take notice that thirty due from Uw. LCK
Bainter of l'nnce Kupert, B. C, by occ-p*uoo
bookkeeper, intend to apply to tbt Chtti Coo*
miaaioner of Landa (or a licence to p.*j��;*tct for
ooal and petroleum on and under MO sen* of
land on Graham island deacribed as fo*io����.
Commencing at a poat planted two rc..��* totrh
of atake marked C. K. B. Coal Leaae Na 4. Bftrfct-
N. L. earner C. ����� U. Coal Lease N *���..��.��
aouth bO chaina, thence west eO cut. .*j._c*
north 60 chains, thence oaat bO cha.es to plac* of
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C E. BAINTKU. Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Qo�� ChnhtU
Take notice that thirty dava from da:��, 1. C L
Burner of Prinoe Kupert, B. C, tq < ccipattoo
bookkeeper, intend to apply to thr ChM Commiaaioner of Landa (or a bcence u> pnapM for
coal and petroleum on and under *>'*���** *xt*** of
land on Graham laland described aa fuliors.
Commencing at a poat planted two mi.<* tortb
o( C. E. B. Coai Lease No. 3. marked C- B. itaiaur
N. VV. corner Coal Leave No. 6, IhMM ��� ���
rhaina, thence eaat 80 chains, tbecce north 9*0
chaina, tbence weet 60 chaina to placa ol cots-
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C E. BAJ.NTKK .Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land Dittrict���Diatrict of Queen Charlotta
Take notice tbat thirty daya (rom dat*', 1, C. K.
Bainter o( Prince Kupert, li. C, by m-c-isii-a
bookkeeper, intend to apply to it* ' ��� ton*
missioner of Landa fur a lic.nco to pr.-spe-t for
coal and pelroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Grabam laland deacribed ai follows:
Commencing at a poat planted two r.. *���* Rortt
of C. E. B. Coal Le**** No. 3. atakr 8 ^ - cvn*
Coal Leaae No. 7, tbence north >u cha.r.i, the&tt
east 60 chaina, ihence aouth 6u char.*. Uian
waat 80 chains io place of coEnmcr.cemfi.1.
Dated Sepl. 11,1911. C E. UAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Land District���DUtrict of Q-eer. CkartotM
Take notice ibat thirty daya from dM I. *- **���
Bainter of I'rince Kupert, B. C, bj iKV-i**t����
bookkeeper, intend to apply to *.!.*��� ChM too-
miaaioner of Landa for a licencu I i pi - *<��� fv|
coal and petroleum oa and under b**J *-*?<* *"
land on Grabam laland daacribed as followi
Commencing at a poat planted twu mi*s r.oft*
of C. E. B. Coid Leaaa No. 4, mark**- - ��* c*rs*
C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 8. th.-r.c- - *.
Ihence weat 80 chair.a, ihenco MU     *��� <""���*
thence ea>t 6" cbains to nlac vi ���
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTMt, Ucatof
Pub. Sept. 23
Skwna Land Diatrict���Diatrict of QOM * *��.'���"���
Take notice that thirty ianffom '"
Uainter of Prince Kupert, B. C, b;       .;���"-��
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the
miaaioner of Lands for a lioncv -. .���"���'��� ,0f
coal and petroleum on and nda.    I    *''d** ol
land on Graham laland described M foil
Commencing at a poat planted flva
of Coal Leaae No. 4474, marked C.J
N. ��. corner Coal I
No, 9. then"
. ��� .     ��.-     tiiiii'l     V i'*U    AmmmxmPV    ���'*'���     *l    *"*
chains,  ihence west 80 chaina, lh��nn   l  M ���*
chains,  tbence east 80 cbaina tu .
mencement. ,���.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINl- * - --����*
I'ub. Sen. 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot Qw
Take notice tbat thirty days tTOtt '   ^
Hainter of Prince Kupert, B. C, "
bookkeeper,  intnd  to  apply  U<  ti
miaaioner of Lands for a licence U ,     . "���"' "J
coal and petroleum on and  ur.'���
land on Graham laland deacribed aa ful).i��*'
Commencing at a poat plantci I - ��� '.:'
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 9, mar*-      ���   "���
corner C. E. B. No. 10, thence aouth b
thence west 80 chains,  thence north  B    <   ��***
thence east 60 chaina to place of eomn w ; ,
DatedSept. 11,1911.     C. E. BAIMM- -   ��tor
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Qu^n Cl '/'{t
Take notice that thirty daya frunni dtu . ��� ��� "
Bainter of Prince Kupert, B. C- occui-j'
keeper, Intend to apply to the Chief I BBUU '
of Landa for a licence to prospect ut p *^*
petroleum on and under o40 acrea ol Wta vu
uraham laland doacribed as follows: >v
Commencing at a post planted two n '
of C. E. B. Coal Lease No ��, marked V j   ��nw
of C. E. B. Com! Leaae No. 11, the.io HW�� JJ
chaina,  thonce weat 80 chains,  thenft-      ' n
chains, thence eaat 80 chaina to pl���� �� ^^
Kr5aS_ll.��U.    CE. BAINTEH, I.-.0'
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und District-District o( Queer       ��� *9
Take notlea tbat thirty days from dsle. 1.1. ��
Rainier ol Prince Rupert, U. C, I-:
bookkeeper, Intend to apply lo the l I - ��� ������":
missioner of Und for a licence to prospc"     .
coal and petroleum on and under ***  *c:''
land on Craham laland described aa follow-:
Commencing st s post planted two mil** *v *
ol C. E. B. C'oal Lease No. 7, mark,-l i ' *
Coal Lease No. 12, thence south 80 (hall
aaat 80 chains,  thenoe north 80 chains. Hi-""
weet 80 chslns to place ol commenfenier.t.
Daled Sept. 11, loll.     C. E. BAINTEH. I-*"**1-"
j I'uh. Sept. 23.
[ Skeena
I     Tl ;--
Balnter of Prince
������na Und District���District of x)��""- '
ak* nolice Ihst thirty dsys from'<��" '
���iter ol Prince Rupert, ft. C, by "
liookkeeper, Intend lo apply to (he l I"
missioner ol Unds lor a licence lo on ���
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acres a*
lsnd on Crsham Island deecribt-l as foil"-*' h
Commencing at a poat plant.-! two niif """
ol C. E. II. Coal Lease No  7, narke.1 8. IV   "'" '
C.  E.  B.  Coal  Uaae Na  18, thenc "'"'J S
chains,  thence east  80 chaina,  thence """"J,.
chains, tbence weat 80 chaina to place ul w"
mencoment. _, ,    .,rt.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.     C. E. MAISTER. I"**""
Pub. Secu 23. THE DAILY NEWS
Double Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert, S.S. Prince     o
Mondays and Fridays, 8'a.m.
���, Prince John sails for Port Simp
sun, Naas River, and Stewart, Wednesdays, 1 p.m.; and for Mhsset nntl
Naden Harbor Thursdays 12 p. in
Kor Skidegate, Robc Harbor, etc,
Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from Prince Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1
Ii.m., returning Tuesdays, Thursdays
und Sundays at 4 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
roast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
eiouble track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
I'ortland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
-irrangcd via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
illii-e of
The World's
Greatest Hi
way :
Let us plan
nr to Europe.   We like to answer en*
tiuiri.'s.    Agent for oil Atlantic
lines.   Call on or write
J. G. McNab
General Agent
BESNER & BESNER,   Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel 1* run on the European
plar. Flrst-claaa **nrla*. All the Uiest M,.l..,,
Improvement*. ���:���:- BEDS He UP
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Sle-m Heeled Rooma
W. H. Wrighl, Prop       po. wx 37
Plumbing, Heating, Steamfttting and
Sheet Metal Work
time*: 3rd Av*. Workshop:
Phone 174 .        2nd Ave. bet. "lh and flh Sta.
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Fraeer and f.th.        Cholc* Wines and Cigars I
Dominion Fish Market
Dealers In Fresh Fish,
Oysters and Game ln
season. Fresh Poultry,
Vegetables, Butter and
I'HONE 117
P.O. BOX 100
From Vancouver or Seattle
Through Tickets and all information about your trip
Roger's Steamship Agency
2nd Ave.    Head of Centre St.   Phone 11 ti
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
arc requested to visit thc lodge.
J. P. CADE. N. G.
J. GLUCK, Sec.
Double Front Ut with 7-Room  House
on 8th Ave., Sec. 5 $1600
Two Bay-view Lots on ltd  Ave.,  Sec.
6 JS-lfiO
Lot on Sth Ave., See. 6 |l:���.".
Lot on 9th Ave.. Sec. 7 -S.-t.Mi
$50 cash and &*!> a month.
Two Double Lane Corners on I Ith Ave.
Sec. 8,1650 each.   Easy Terms.
Lot 19, Block 26, Sec 6 $2200
Fire, Life, Accident tai Liability Insurance
Pattullo Block.
-Cenerel Hardware 1
Builders' Hardware
Valves 4 Pipes     Oxford Stove* *
Graniteware       Tinware *)
.... ITEMS OF... .
Is baseball uncertain?
OfttiniL-s this old question has
been argued pro and con, hut it
has liuviT been better verified
than by scores of the post-season
games played between National
and -American leagues club.
n  n  n
Leaving the Giants and Athletics
out of it, for the reason that almost
every expert in the country de-
i-iik'd the series to be a tnss-up,
wiih very little advantage to either
side, as the games up to date have
proved, the uncertainty comes,
wiih both feet, in the case of the
Cleveland Naps; St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs.
n n n
Probably tin- blggesi  surprise
was lhe four Btralght defeats handed the Cubs by Duffy's delegation.
The Cubs finished second in the
National league chase, after putting up a lou^h fight for the pennant until almost the last week
of the season. The Sox, on the
other hand, ended in fourth position, a fraction of a point betler
than the Boston Red Sox. All
during the season the Sox were
"in and outers," one day being
sixth and the next third, bin
never showing anything which
would warrant their giving a tough
battle to a team second in the
Lynch league. Now ihey surprise
every one, including their own
supporters, by beating the Cubs
in easy fashion.
n n n
To balance this, Cincinnati, who
finished a poor sixth in the National league, plays Cleveland for
lhe Ohio championship and defeat
the American leaguer-, four games
in six despite tlie fact that the
Naps rie-hcd under lhe wire third
iu their league.
���  ��� ������
List   but noi Icasl   is the case
of the two Si. Louis teams' city
series. The Cardinals finished liftii
in the National race and the
Browns sometimes called the
worsi team in the American league
proved by lite fact that they
finished last by many games
win four out of the six games
played Roving Rajah's club and
iheir showing, like their scores,
has been much better than the
National leaguers.
During ilu- season every one
admitted thai the Browns were,
without a doubts the poorest team
in either of the big major leagues,
"ne writer going mi far as to say
that ihey would Ik- easy picking
for any of the American association
leaders, but'according (<> the curious ups am! downs of dope the
Browns an- Iniier llian the Chit-ago
Cubs. To prove it, how docs
this sound?
R    ��    K
The Sox toyed wiih ihe Chicago
Cubs in lhe four games of the
city series. During the llll I se.is.m
llu* Six lost the majority of their
scheduled contests lo Cleveland,
who proved jioor opposition lo
Cinioiliatl in iheir recent series
for the Ohio championship. Get-
ling back to the National league,
.un,nling to unofficial figures St
Louis finished the season with a
big lead over Cincinnati in the
year's clashes, and now the St.
i.ouis Browns. I.isi in tin- American
league, Ik-.u ilaa- Cardinals, which,
according to lhe above, ranks
them betler than the mighty Cubs
���.+ ���,.
This is a little section ot the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, aad to take part iu its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
How to Entertain Young Girls
on the Eve of Witches
Have one or twu pumpkin heads
for decoration at a Hallowe'en
party. Put lighted candles Inside
and set them on tall white-draped
stands. Candles are best for nal-
lowe'en lighting in general, Inn
if you wish you may shield the
electric lights with several thicknesses of red or yellow fringed
paper instead. Corn sialks make
fascinating decorations and pop
com portiersare effective.
You should, of course, have
some of the real old Hallowe'en
games, such as ducking for apples
in a tubful of water, jumping over
candles, etc. You may have all
these distinctive sporls in a spe-
aratc mom if you like���the kitchen
is as good as any. A couple of
witches sweep the party into the
charmed place and you might have
ceremonies by handing each guest
an apple to peel. Vou iniisin'i
break any of the skin, you know,
but whirl it three limes round
your head and drop il over your
lefi shoulder, and say:
"By this paring 1 wish to discover
The letter of the name of my line
A Hallowe'en pie is made from a
dish pan trimmed around the
edge with crepe paper and filled
with Hour ir. which i-- hidden the
traditional ring, coin, thimble ami
star attraction. With a good book
and a very little practice anyone
can learn to nail hands,
For refreshments, serve pumpkin
pie, doughnuts, coffee and fruit
passed in an Immense pumpkin
basket, li somebody feels like
making maple cream on the range
and mother and cook are agreeable,
il will certainly add to the fun.
Skeena Luiul iJistriel -District o( Coust Kuiigu 5
Tuko neiliee, tiiut 1, Thomas McClymotll ol
l'rir.cu lluperl, 11. C. occupation reul esluto
broker, Intend tu upply lor permission to purchase,
the followim* ile'-icrilieel lunils:
ConunonunB at a psot planted at the s. w.
cornor ol pre-emption recorel -11*1, thenco oust 80
cliuina. thonoe south IU chains, ihenco west K0
chuins lo sheiri, ol lake, tlience following shore
of luke in u northerly tunoUoO to point ol commencement;  containing *!-u ucres, more or lists.
Datad Sept. t, mil.    Thomas McC1.vmont
I'ub. Sept. !). Kronen Colo. Aganl
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westonhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
An easy way to remove the tops
from pineapples, Hold the "pine"
wiih your lefi hand, anil with the
right give the top a twist, as though
you were wringing its neck. Out
comes the top antl part of the core.
n n  n
Boiled potatoes make an excellent substitute fur soap if your
hands have become blackened wiih
contact wiih pots and pans. Take
a little of the potato and rub
well into ihe skin, then rinse it off
wiih wram water.
A highly polished table maybe
used as a card-table Without marking it. Cut a piece of felt larger
[than lhe table and run ;i casing
around the outer edge with an
elastic in il. This tan be easily
put on and will save many a
H  H  H
Fill tub ha'f full of boiling water,
then pour in half a can of concentrated lye and Willi an old
broom   scrub   sides   and   bottom
Ladies' Skirts
Just arrived.
Big assortment of fabrics in all sizes
Woollen Shawls for children, Sweater Coats in a great variety of tolors
for men and women, Boy's Sweaters and Jetties at prices to please you
UNDERWEAR   for Men, Women and Children in a great variety
���Your kind is hen.
COMFORTERS    These cool  nights  will  remind  you  that you
need an extra comforter���We have  the  goods
this  store  has  earned  the  reputation of "The
House of (Jood Values."   We invite you  to  call
and will treat you right.   No fancy prices.
825 Third Avenue        'THE HOUSE OF GOOD VALUES" Phone 243 Black
Bella Coulu l.uml District    District of Cotut llungu .
Tuke notln thlt II. M. Cllfl of Dun.lulk, Iru-j
land, oceupatlon ui-mlennm, intends tu unply for
ponntiaton tn (naa lllti following described lunda:     J
Comment-inn at u post planted ut tho ahoro I
neur tin- \. L. cornor of Lol No. ;l, thonce north !
���10 chllna, thenoe wont ho cliuina moro or l��i_ to \
out boundary of cannery laaaa. thonco fuliowing ,
tho iiuid oaat boundary south 40 chaina moro or I
U-kjj to ahore line, thonco following *uid Bhore
line eusterly hO chuina moro or loaa to point ot \
commencement; containing *2'20 ucrea, muro or i
Datod Auguat 81,1911. II. M. CUFF
I'uh. Sept. 30. Williurn McNair, Agent
Uellu Coulu Lund Dbtrict���DUtrict of Coast Range
Tuke notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupution gentlemun, intonda to upply
for pORniwon to lease the following deacribed
Commencing ut a poat pluntod ut the \. E
corner of Lot 88, thonce north '20 chaina, thence
weal 40 chaina, thenco south ���'���> chains mora or
loaa to ahore line, thence following the shore line
eaat -10 rhuiai more or \**sh to poinl of commencement; contuining HO euros, more or leaa.
Dated August 31, IUL H.   M.  CUFF
Pub. Sept. ao. Williurn McNair, Agent
Bella Coola land District���Diatrict of Cout Rang
Tuke notice thut II. M. CHIT of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, intenda to apply
for permiaaion to lease the following deacribed
Commencing at a past planted al the N. W.
corner of I .��� ��� No. 4, thenn* north 40 chains, thenco
east 40 chuina, thence touth 40 chains more or
leas to ahora line, ihence following shore line
westerly 40 chains mure or loss to poinl of commencement; containing 80 acres, more or leaa.
Dated August M, lull. II.  M. CLIFF
Tub. Sept. ao. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land District���DUtrict of Coast Range
Take notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupatiun gentleman, intenda to apply
for permiaaion tu lease the following described
Cummenelng at a post planted ���*.' tho N. W
corner of I .tit 252, thence aouth 40 -.haina more
ur leas to northern boundary of leaao No. 1 applied
for ny H. M. Cliff, thence following said boundary
east 20 chaini-, tlu-nco north 40 chains, thence
wust 20 chains to point of eommencoment; containing bO acrea, mon- or luaa.
Dated Augual 2H, 11111. II.   M. CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. ao. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land DUtrict���Diatrict of Coaat Range
Take nctlco that IL M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation Bontleman, intenda to apply
for permUsion to loaao lho following doacribed
Commencing al a poat planted at thu S. E
corner of Lot 251, ihenco aouth 40 chains more
or I*im to northern boundary* of lacaa* No. 1
unplied for by II. M. Cliff, thence rut 20 chains
along said twundary, thenco north 40 chains,
thence went 20 ehaina to point of commencement;
containing mi am*, more ur leaa.
Dated August 2��, 1011. II.   M.  CLIFF
I'ub. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Law-Butler Building     Phone No. 280
Princa Kuport P.O. .Box 351
of British Columbia nf B.C.. Ontario, Saa-
uinl Manitoba Burs. knti-bewnn   und  Al-
Ix-rtu llura.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth stn-et. I'rince Ruuert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., L>. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All ilt'ntiit ei|><>mlie]i!B skilfully tr*-atul.   Gas unel
local nniisthi'tlcs mlmlnist.'r.al for tha painless *-a-
tractiun of li-a-th.      I'-m- -iliritn.,, in ,-.     emir-,-.:
Helife'rsuii ltletck. I'rtni*** Huuert, 11-12
AI.-x.M.M.,-.    ',r II.A..      V,   i Willi.III,-.II * . I..1..I.
Barristirs, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
I'rince Rupert, B.C
l>. O. UOX 2.1
II 111. UK WM. n.xn**. 1  -M . A.11.A.M.. ION., I.N.i
Third Avenue also Water Street,
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Pilled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and 11th Sta
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tablei Second Avi.
Sa.s-iis Land District���District ol ltu**n Charlott
Tako notica that Auatin -.1. Hrown ol I*rlnc*
Kuport. uejeller. intend* to apply to lh* Chlerf
Commissioner of L*nd* and Worka (or a licenc*
to proslM-cl (or coal, oil and petroleum on and
unile-r the (ollo*in*t .lease-ritual lands on th* W.-sl
Coast ot Graham Island;
Commencing at a poat plant**-*! throes mil*. ��ast
o( the northeast cornar of C. U No. 4lt.ll thonc*
���outh 60 chains, thenc* 80 chaina ��,*si, thence DO
chaina north, thane* 80 chaina oaat u point ol
AUSTIN M. IlliiiWN*. Locator
lAK-atr.l Aurust 1st, 1911.
Pub. Au|. 1 si.
Skeooa Und District���District of Quaan Charlotta
Tako nolle* lhat AuaUn  M. Urown ol I'rince
llup��.rt, occupation aaddler, intend* to
Hotel Central gJflTtta
Kuntpe*n and American plan, a team
heated. modern p-invenlencra. kav*��
fl.uo tu ti.Vi per day. :
��� ���Ml MMMM. �����������������������
! w. j. McCutcheon jj
I   Carriaaemnplete slock of Drur*.   Special   ,,
llupert, occupation ...Idler, intend, to apply lo   ' '     ****"**����� ***** ** *���""����� M-crlpltona.      , ,
* i	
Cor.-lnl Av.
and 8th St
The James
Nicely furnished rooms. C.em.1 lal.le ls��rd ���
Board 14.76 Room and Board 17.00
���m****mtm * * * *
Sell the Daily New*.
It's the easiest anil quickest way of eaniinR money
of your own.     Apply at
the    news    opriCB
i \y****0**m\ i *****!**. ***
P.O. Box 120 PHON*5 tkm ********
Second Avenue, near McBride
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phcmi I2S      Naden Block      Second Ate
All Cash
14, W. I"'-
81 and 34 2
14, IB. IH. 17    ��
17 and 18 2*
40 and 41
2n fi *Mt*\
*zr*o ca.
$800 pr.
Call at our office ami see other bargains
S��ond Ave. P"*��* ****** BC*
For row bonis and law riches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
Thrilling Drama to be Staged
by the May Roberta Company
"La Rriir Rumc," ilu* offering
of the May Roberts Company
I'uiiniii. will demonstrate even
more fully the prowess ��f ihis
excellent company.
The plot nl "La Belle Russe" b
woven around the story ol twin
Mstcrs who lead very different
lives, one lx-ii'K the unfortunate
wife nf ��� younger sun and tht* other
,ui adventuress of the worst t>-|>o
who tries to usurp her sister's
place nn discovering the husband
has  fur  years  lost   track   of   his
Wife   in    London.     Tlu*   rust-   of
"l.a Belle Russe" nearly succeeds
for   sin*   is   oii   llir   pOWt   of   re-
marriage with Sir Philip Calthorpe
who believes that sin- is his losi
wilt*   lint   She   is   lolled   by   her
abandoned  husband.    The play
is  lull  of   intense  Situations  and
reminds  one  of   Belasco's  besl
any other articles distinctive of
special dealings that you may wish
to odd.   The seekers for fortune
are blindfolded and lish wiih iheir
left hands only.
Of course  you   must   have  the
apple-bile  contest.     One   hostess
of my acquaintance strung |ior-
tiers of biK I nau I les across lhe
folding door *-|>. t��*c* and everyone
irietl lhe lesl for lliree minutes by
ihi* clock, if unsuccessful, a whistle
was blown, another apple was
al lathed to the String, and a
second   relay   look   lhe  places  ol
ihe first. Your hands an tied
In 11iii*l your back, of course, bui
if you succeed in getting thc
coveted bite, you o|H*n the apple.
count the seeds and get a separate
wish for each one.
If you have some One who can
tell fortunes, dress her a s a gypsy
or ,i witch and she'll prove your
well.     Rinse   wiih   clear water
and wipe with soft cloth. This
will remove all tpots and make
the tub look new.
For dining and Mulu behaving
Rliotlesiati women had their noses,
ears and lips cut off and Doctor
Dunbar-Brunlon has Ken many of
these   creatures.     For   speaking
againsl   a   chief   lhe   punishment
w.is   mutllatlo/i   of  ihe  tongue
,,i .I t.irs.   For sir limn um* hand
was chopped off al the lirsi offense
.mil ihe Other hand al ;��� second
offense. This penal code was in
full operation as lately as ten
years ago. The present chief
is ,i m.'ii of somewhat milder
disposition lh.in llu* one who produced the .' Unci lies.
.._ p
.nd under th* followini d*-scrib*d land* on lb*
Wost Coaal ol Uraham Island:
Commencing at a post plantad thr*-* mil-,
ol th* northwut cornar of C. L. No. 4471 thonc*
HO chains waat, thenc* eo chain* north, thenc* sn
chains aast, thanca 80 chaina aoulh to point of
Located August 1st, 1911.
I'ub. Au|. III.
G. T. P. Tmnafer AftnU
Ordt-ra promptly flIW.   PH��t r*MonabM.
OFFICE- ti. B. RochctU*. Oiilre SL    rhotw t*X
Shppna Latvl DtoWft���DWIIft of Qii��m Chartotl*
Take nnik* tha- thirty dara from dat*. I. L. K.
Nairn** of rrinro R-iptrt, fi. t by n<*<yv*****n
lmnkkw-vpr. intMtfl In apply I" th# mw i om-
mM<m*t of Utvls lor a Hmt�� to proapwt for
mal and pftfol'iim on and undr-t <U0 aerro of lanri
on (iraham Mand rlwribM ��"'oH"***
( ommrnrini at a port planted two glj-yjqg
! of (\ E. H. Coal I****** No.  14, mark-H 8. w.
, ;���rwr C* E K < "*' '*w No 20_" ihm* SPSS
! SS ****** th-nro w��t W chain*. th*|0~ MttM
rhains. ItSonro *��t M ehalna to plaro of rom-
j pSStot; II. 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locato,
I I'ub. SepU M-
Leading man Willi lhc May Roberts Company
Skerna Und Diatrict���DUlrict of Quaan Charlotta
Tako notlc* that Auatin M. Ilrown ot Princ*
Kup. ft. occupaUon aaddler, Intvnda to -ipply to
tha Chief Comrmaalooc* of l_anda and Woru lor a
licenca to pruapect for coal, oil and petrolwum on
and under the follownif deacribed Ianda on tha
Weal Coaat of Graham laland:
Commendnf at * poat Planled tbrao ml|aa Mat
of tho aoulheaat cornar of C. I. No. 4470 thenro
north HO chaina, lhanc* eaat .���"' chaina, tbence
���outh KO chatna, thenoa weat BO chaina to point of
AUSTIN M. UltOWN, Locator
Located AuruiI lit, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Qu**n Charlotu
Tak* notice that thirty dava from dai*, I* C. fi.
Hainter uf I'r inn' Kuperi. II. Cm by occupation
bookkeeper, intvnd to apply to th* Chtaf Com*
mla*ionrr of l*an<ta for a licenc* to proapoct for
coal and petroloum on and under 610 acroa of
land on tiraham Inland deecnlml aa foUowa;
Commencing at a \*n*i planud two miloa north
of C K. 11. Coal I'*" No. ft, markod 8. K. corn*
C. E. II. Coal I .we ^.l>��� ll, thene* north no
chains, tbence ***** i*o chains, Ihenco aoulh NO
chaina, thenc* ivl Ml cbaina to plac* of cum-
I'.t.i lapL ||, i:.n      a E. UAINTEH, Locator
Tub. Sepl. 21.
Skeena Und Diatrict -DUtrict of Qu��*n Charlott
Take nolic* thai thirty daya from date, I, C. E.
Hainter of I'tince Hupert, II. ( ., by occupation
I.,-..i e..;.. f. intend to apply to the Chid Com*
miaaioner of Unda for a licenc* to pro*peri for
roal and pelf* !��uni on and under 640 acae*- ..I
land on (iraham laalnd de*crtl>*d aa followa:
Commencing at a poal planted two mllea north
of ('. K. II. Coal Leaa* No. 18, marked N w
corner C, B. II. Coal Lease No. 24, thonc* oouih
W) chains, thenco eaat h0 chaina, thenc* north
t*0 chainn, thence wot 80 chaina lo placo of commencement.
Dated M-j.i .12, 11*11.      C.   E.   HAIN1 Kit, Ir-r *\-,T
I'uh. SepU S3.
Skeena Und DUtricl -DUlrict of yuoeT Q||rtgl|
Take notie* that thirty da*. - from date, I. A. T
tlrnderick of I'rinco Itupert, ft. ('., b> occupation
bank manaxcr, intend lo apply to the < am*i Commiaaioner nl Lands for a licence lo prospect for
coal and (retroleum on and m. \< r 610 acre* of ���
land nn (iraham Inland dnacrilml aa folln*.
Commencing al a poal planted tsro milns norih
of C.  E.  II. Coal  Ui* No.  17, marked S.  \\
corner A. T. II. Coal Uaee No. 2\ thenre north
Ml chaina, Ihence eaat 00 chainn, thenc* r-ouih ho
chaina, (hence w*at 80 chaina to plac* of com* '
A. T. BHODEIUCK, I*oca(or
Date-I Sept. 12, 1911. (     E.   Hainter.   Ag*M
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Shtena Und DUlrict -District of Queen Charlott*
Take notice lhat thirty daya from date, I, A. T.
Hroderick ut I'rinro Ku|ieri, 11. ('., by occupation i
bank manager. Intend to apply to lho Child (om-
miaaloner of Unda for a Ifronro to pr��np*ct for
coat ami (tetroleum on and under 640 ear** of i
land on (iraham Inland dearril**od an followa:
Commencing at a poat plnaled two milea north
of  ( .   K.   H.  (oal   lyeaas  No.  20,   marked   M.   K
eorner A. T. II. Coal  Ua��� No. _fl, ihene* north    |
HO chainn, ihenro w��t W) chainn, thonoe aouth |
mi analaa, thenco e��at NO chains to place of com-1
A. T. UHODEIUCK. l*ocalot
DattnlSi.pl. |2, 11*11. (. K. Hainter, Agent
Tub. Sept. 23.
For Uaginnor* antl Atlvancttl i'upils
Misi Vera Greenwood
I'upll of Krati.-. Wilci*k. Pan* and Ikrlln.
Room 28.  Alder Block Upitairs
aaaasE.   EBY   (H.   &>.___=
KiUumkalum l.ne I For Snl��
S. O. E. B. S.
Th. Prtiw tow I L��l����. No. Jia. Aon* of
hneilanl. m-et�� the rif.l .i\ thirl T i*-av|��. In
-���ch m-.nlhintheS.H,,���f Kn��l*n,l Hall, all tnd
Ae*. at s p.m.
K. V   CI.AIIh. Sec.
ehnkst a. w.M,i^v,~!;.\,;:-i,!;rrtti,pm
Tracht-r of Piano, Violin ami
V.nr.. Cultun-.
2ml Ave-, ,   .
Bstwasn 7th & nth sm.   ' ***���<*<* 1*'>*H'**-
Funeral   Director and   Embalmar
oaoam lassntAata
lll'KN HAY ANI1 NltlllT
Euncrvl   llirn-tors
IM A.". ncardhNl. rhnn* Ne, Sei
..Grand Hotel..
Worklngmin'H Home
Fire Ubor Bureau in Connection
I'ht.ni' \~H 1��t Av... anil 7th St.
GEO. BRODERIUS. l-,..,.���.t..,
Sleevtia l.si.-i lllstrict -District of lliM-Mi Charlotla
'lak* nntlc that Ihirty .!��>. Imm -1st*., I, A. T.
BrahrM ��f I'rlricn |lu|��Tt, II. C.. I,) orcuiisliori
lisnk manaijir, Inlcn.l lo annly lo xh. I hW Cum-
misploni-r e.l l.mrrl. (,��� ��� i,,,.,,���, (0 ,���,��,,���, |w
coal anel |rf,tr���lciim on anel
lanel em llrshsm Islaml eltwri     .
Cmminclnii al a poat tilantnl
���l C. B. II. CM Imae No. 21
corner ol  A. T.  11.  Coal   I.-.��.  No.  27, tticnco ,
'StxS *^l_��J^_&TO,tai-B" " ******** ��������� New.p.p��,
of commencemenl. 1
i;..^i.,,i��if'T'Dff!,i^CCIGAKS :: T0BACC09 ::
I'ub.Hcpt.23. ***"   | Q_T-p_   WHARF
penro to pri-npert   for \m *,      _ �������*
SS���1!* utiles NEWS Agency
In. 21,  .,.��.*.. |  s.  K ** **
Mclntyre Hall Last Night was
a Lively Scene with Music
and Motley.
In the Mcliityre Hall last night
the first masquerade ball of the
season was held -is a Thanksgiving
.Night celebration. The masquerade was ei great success about
forty merry Qpup'cs being present
in costume. Quaint ami curious
motley was worn hy ilu* men and
the ladies appeared i" some very
dainty disguises, Prizes were offered for the nni>i effective cot-
tunics, the winners being:
Lady s Prise���A silver chatelaine, won by Mis, Cascly for her
clever 1-00,1 costume in company
with Mrs, Shoemaker as her coon
.Miss Bella Falconer scored over
ihe mere malts present by carrying
off the gentlemen's prize of a
handsome umbrella. Her costume,
that of a charming young prince
tit for the pages of the mosi
romantic story book, was de-
dared a winner from lhe word go,
Judges in the competition were
Mr. Gottstein, Mr. Barker ami
Mrs. Frizzell. Round ihe last
named centres an amusing incident showing the perfection of
the disguises last night. Mr.
George Frizzel) was to have acted
wiih ilu- other two gentlemen
named as judge. He was now'- e
to be found and his wife herself
sought for him in vain. Mrs.
Frizzell was asked to lake her
husband's place and did so. Immediately after the order to unmask the whole company recognized the missing George Frizzell
in the person of one of [he principal masqueraders. Sandy Gazley
as a comical Dutchman, kept the
whole company in a roar all tlie
evening and Gray's orchestra under
whose auspices  ihe  masquerade
was organised was present in full
Btrength and great form.
Everyone present enjoyed the
fun to the full expressing the
general feeling thai masquerade
dances in Rupert are the most
popular of all, and the more then-
are of them this -eason the better.
.1-. .1   - ��, S..I **��..  ^ l.^|,^,, % ,,
"The News" Classified Ads.
-One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
Appearing at the Empress theatre
Phone 150
The Insurance People
l'late t'.luss
Employer's Liability
Contractors ami Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
P.S. -Utilises anil Rentals.
I ft
��� ~~~a-_~_.a____.__..^-_,-_,.--*
j For Rent
Furnished roams w|th bath.
the week.   Trills,1 House.
���iiel  rules  by
Thanksgiving Night Production   of   Victorien
Sardou's  "Divorcons"
Was a Success.
arc now taking orders
Poinsettia and Holly
for Christmas. Plsce your orders early
to insure delivery
N.-atly Kin-null *,l 1 ...ins. Keiiili-iii-!- preferred.-
Apply Mrs. Mullin, over M-j.'sli,* Theatre,     tf
Nice Furnished Rooms. Mrs. lirivnwiwd, Aleler
Blockt Third Ave. 17��-tf
Fur Rent-Furnished room*. ll���l nml fold water
with bath. Dlirby Rooms, tith Ave. nnd Fultun
Street. tf
For Rent-Son. of England Hall, DI linef Ave., fur
Ilunrra. Fraternal Societies. Soelnls. etc. Apply
Frank A Kill.. Box 869 or phone lit*. 18-1-t f
a)"-**. '.^ ��� �������� ..���*��.. %.i **aa-ss_w ^,.-_..^..**-_,>^. A
| For Sale
��� ���'���a.'***'-.****W.a^..a�� .~��i.^..^.���^_,~_��~��.,.a^.4
For Sale-Chicken Ranch. 1! Storey house, household Kraals. Near Prinoe Rupert. A snap If
uken at once.   Address Box *li>S. tf
Two Men in a Skiff
Round Kaien Island
After one of lhe most successful
matinees ever held in the Empress
Theatre ai which they presented
to  ii   full   house   ihe  charming
comedy " Hie Judge and the Girl"
the Max Roberts (.'ompany pre-
sented in ihe evening Victrolen
Sardou's brilliant comedy-with-a-
purpose, "I livorcons" or translated
The play
ARCTIC STUDIO, K����fc_fi_
I'h.-m   OMSK
| OUR Companies ar. noted for prompt and juat
seltlementa. We writ, every known class of
Insurance. The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
| Wanted j
Stenographer Wanted   Apply Box 1631 tf
Wanted a bricklayer.
Plant, Seal Cove.
Apply at  Cold  Storage
The   trip   round   Kaien   Island
has   been   frequently   attempted
by gasoline craft when the tides
permit the rapids being ventured.
On Sunday afternoon the trip was
made ina fmir-oareil skiff by Mr.
H. S. Cowper of the si earner
Prince George and his brother,
J. S. Cowper of this city.
The  trip started  with  a jaunt
io Shawatlans Lake, the decision
m complete lhe round trip being
mode on the spur of ihe moment.
Both rapids were negotiated easily,
it   being nearly high waler when
Zanardl bridge was reached. The
pull up the harbor against the tide
at the end of the journey was lhe
stillest   pari   of   the journey   bill
the travellers mananged  to cut
off seven miles of a pull round
Porpoise Island by portaging their
craft across the neck of Porpoise
Island when ihe tide was nearly
Allowing for a deviation from
the course through following a
false bay before picking up Lake
Waiiiwright, thi* course scales approximately twenty miles, .'ml
w.i- accomplished in six hours flat.
Several    Schools   of    seal    wen
encountered   at   lhe
island in Lake Mor;
on the trail of tin- salmon, which
are said to be plentiful in  Denise
Ann ai present.
Winners Saturday Night
Tuli  13   A. Finne.
"     14   M. Wills.
l**i    I'. Lorcnzcn.
"     Hi   A. R. McClellan.
17���Stanley Green.
Ireely, ''Let us divorce
deftly discloses ihe essential truth,
ihat half ihe trouble from which
divorce suils spring lies in tlie
ilull inaiter-iif-factness of husbands
as contrasted wiih ihe romance
ami dare-devilry of the attentions
of other admirers of the discontented wives who seek relief
in the divorce court.
Il falls to the lot of M. Henri
Des Prunelles whose clever part
is taken by L. Victor (iill.tnl in
the piece, to turn the tables cm-
Rowed pletely upon his rival, M. Ahdeniar
in Six Gratlnac. The play ends in the
entile re-instating of lhe husband.
Bad the utter ridicule of the rival.
The leading woman pan. that of
Mine. Des l'ruenelles, played by
Mis*. Roberts brings the discontented wife successively through a
dozen different distracting emotions entirely distinct from the
cold hard desire for separation
from her husband. She finds
herself growing .'gain anxious for
his safety, then becoming violently
jealous of him, and tin.illy giving
his would be stippl.uiter, Adhemar,
lite coldest mni down he ever
experienced when she dashes off
delightedly to a little siip|H.-r al
the Cafe wiih her husband in
i In- style of his bachelor days.
The plot is capitally brought oul,
lhe players last night one antl all
were in perfect mastery of iheir
parts. The production was an
advance on anything yet seen in
Prince Rupert, and gave Immense
satisfaction to a packed house.
Mr. Ciillard's acting was lhe
perfection of restraint and subdued
Intensity. Miss Roberts thoroughly realised her pan. Miss Frances
Williamson .1- Josephs the French
111.iid, ami Miss Lillian Si. John
as Mine. De Hriomie both showed
excellent ability. Mr. Leon.ml
back of theI Carey,  and   Mr.  Ira  Robertson
apparently bolh had double roles to handle
and in each acted well, while ."-
tlu- ardent Ahdeniar Mr. George
/.niti 1 was most effective.
The company proved ihe truth
of Mi. Gillard's statement  thai
No Train Till Saturday
Owing 10 ei heavy blast at -Mile
4*1, which blocks the  irack  there
will be no train out of Prince Ruperl until Saturday.
The new G.T.P. News Stand
for Lowney's delicious Chocolates, fresh from the factory,   tf
Skeana Land District���District of ijueen Charlotta
Take notice that Austin M. Ilrown ol Prinn
Itupert. It. C-. occupation aaddlor, intenda lo
apply to tha Chlof Commissioner of Land* and
Work* lor a licence to prospercl lor coal, oil and
petroleum on and under th. lollowing described
lands on tho West Coast ol Graham Island:
Commencini at a post planted threo mile* east
ol the northeast eorner of C. L. No. Hit thence
hO chaina south, thenca mi chain* ust, lh.no* Ml
chaina north, thonc. 60 chaiiu west to point ol
I)*lo ol Location .list July, I.'I I.
I'ub. Auf. 17.
Skeana Land District���District ol Queen Charlotu
Take notice that Austin M. Ilrown ol Princa
Rupert, occupation saddler, intends to apnl*,* to
tho I'tiicl Commissioner ol Lanela and Work,
for a licenco to prospect lor coal and oll and petroleum on and under th. following described land*
on th. Weal Coasl ol liraham Island:
Commencini at a posl i.lame-d three mile* east
ol the south*, rat corntr nl C. L. No. u.. thenc.
10 chains east, thenc* 80 chaina north, thenc. 60
ehaina treat, thenc 60 chatna aouth to point ol
Date ol Location, .list July llll.
Pub. Aug. 17.
Skeeoa Land  JUtrlct���District ol Queen Charlotte
Tak. notlc. lhat Austin M. Urown ol Princ.
Rupert, occupation saddler. Intend, lo apply to
the Chief Commissioner ot Land, and Works lor a
licenc* to pr. ;--o: lor eoal, oil and petroleum on and
under lhe I...1..wing deacribed landa on th* Wost
Coast ol lirslism Island:
Commend eg at a post planted three miles, aatt
ot the southeast cornvr o IC. L. No. u~l ihence
north .-0 chau s. ihence east Ml chains, Ihence aouth
60 chains, thenc. weat 60 chaina to point ol eommencement.
Localed August 1st, llll.
Pub. Aug. II.
Wanted Nursing. Obsteclrica a specialty.
Residence KB) Third Ave.   Phone 213 Red. tf
Wanted���Two young men to board and room In
private boarding house. Apply at box S . Daily
News. 241-tf
Wanted girl for general housework. Small family. Apply to Mra. N. F. Helmer. tith Ave., and
McUrldeSt.   Telephone 257. tf
Wanted. - Cleaning and pt-Msing. alterations
and repairing for men and women. Dressmaking
cnlled for and delivered. Mrs Charles Porcher.
KM Third Ave.   Phone 2S4 Red. tf
LIVEAGENTStoa.il atock In Company Incorporating fur Patent Urick which will revolution-
ix. modern building coa.lruction. Approved
and highly recommended by leading architect,
and builder. In Vancouver. Will reallte big
dlvidenda. Liberal commtsalon. Only responsible panic* need apply. Smith A Roger,. 312
Pender Si. We.1, Vancouver. B.C. 21
iLost and Found       j
FOUND-2 Small Key*.   Inquire at Newi Offlce.
Loat -Ladlea' watch In bracelet.   Reward bv r<>-
turnlwr to Nora offle*. tf
Exchanged by mlitake-" Currie" Waterproof
Coal for on? exactly aimtlar but with plumb
bob In the pocket. Re-exchange can be alTcct-
ed at Newi Olllce.
Real Estate I
***** ii^ni n-fc mi-_ ii*-�� n*^ n*^ Ml i^i
Will buy lota 'n Prince Rupert at bargain prim
for caah. Apply P.O. Box H6-0 atatlng location,
price, etc. 28Mf
Want to buy two lota in  Prince Rupert     Give
full Information as to price, termi and location
Skeena Und Dutrict-Dutrict of Quern Charlotta      tu P.O. Box 919 243-247
Take noiicv that thirty da>i from date, I. C. I. I ���
Bainter of -Prion Itupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo tho Chief Com-
muaioner of Landa for a licence to Prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 610 acre* of
land on Uraham Island doacribed aa lollowa:
Commencing at a pott planted tite milce eaal
of Coal Loaae No. 44b7. marked C. l��� li. Coal
Leaae No. 1. N. L. corner, thenco weat Ml cbaina,
thence aoutb 60 chatna, thenoe aaal SO chains,
thence north MJ chains to place of commencemenl.
Dated SepL 11, I'.'l I C. I BAlNTLK. Locator
Pub. Sept JJ,
Skeena Land Uiitrict������ District of Queen Charlotte
Takt notice that thirty days from date. 1, C. I.
Bainter ol Princw Kupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper. Intend to apply lo tb* Chief Com*
misaioner ol Landa lor a licence to pruapect (or
cual and petroleum on and under W0 acraa ol
land oo Uraham Island deecribed aa followa;
Commencing at a post planted li\c milea east
ol Coal Laaaa .No. 4lb7, marked C. K* B. N. W
oorner No. 2, thence aouth Ml chaina, thence aast
Ml chaina, theoc* north Ml cbaina, thenoe wust I
Mi chains to place ot commencement.
DatedSept. 11. 1911. C. E HAINTKU. Locator
Pub. Sept. 24.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Queen Charlotu
Tak* notice that thirty days from date, I, C. I*
llaititrr of Princ* Kupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkt-*r[>er, intend to apply to lb* Clm-f Com"
missioner of Lands for a bcenc* to protpect for
coal and pelroleum oo and under 640 acrea of
land un Craham Island deecribed aa follows;
Commencing at a poat planted bve mllee east
of Coal \*a** No. 4476, marked C. K. B. S. W.
corner of Coal Leaae No. 3, tbenc* east ho cbains.
thence north Ml ehaiaa, thenje waat Ml chains,
thence aouth Mi chaina to place of commencement.
Dated Sept, \\, UU. C. t. MAIN ILK. Locator
Pub. Sept. PL
Commencina- Monday. November 6th, train No.
M from Prince Kutwrt Monday a, and No. fi" from
Vanarsdol Tuesdays
See regular advertisement for schedule.
2W2.VI . Agent G.T.P. Ry.
Notice to Orangemen
All Orangemen arc Invited to attend a meeting
In the Suns of England Hall. Second Avenue, on
Friday evening. Nov. 3rd. at 8 p.m.
Buiineai-To take ateps to organize a lodge.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Quoen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty dava (rum date, I, C. K.
Wtatar of I'rincv Kupert. It. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to tha Chief Commissioner of Unda for a licenco to proapect for
coal and |ietruleum on and under 640 acrea of
(llirini* their BOJOUIT] ill the norill all | land on Graham laland deacrilied aa follows:
I. _____   f       j i    , (ommenclng at a pott planU-d five milt-* rant
nave worked ii.ml ���tuaylng new oi < ...i u*-...%��..44...,,,,;.. 1 ���   ,. 1.. > ,.
plays promised* for Princes Kuperi, "rn" Coml-L***' -No-4-thf,nw wwl "> ch*iM*
W* carry everything In the feed line, also garden seeds at the lowest market prices, at Collart a
olg Fied Store. Market Plac*
Preimpt Delivery
Phones 41 or .101
and ijri' putting ou nothing which
has not been thoroughly rehearsed
and brought m perfect pitch for
production. Mr. Gilford siid some
exceedingly complementary tiling-,
last nJK'ln aboul Dawson and
Fairbanks, and Iii- run.irk- were
appreciated by the many who
kiinw ilii'sr places here. He implied ih;ii he will have iii- pleasant
accounts to give of Prince Rupen
as lu- continues his mccessfull
tour with the May Roberts Company. Tonlghl "La Belle Rusr-t"
will In- stagee
thenee nonh an ehaios, thenee east .ay chains,
thenee south ad chaina lo plaee ol cummencemenl.
Iiat.-els.-pt 11, I'Jll. C. S, IIAlMl.il, locator
Pull. Sepl. 23
Howe & McNulty
Are' now rt-iiily to do litisinei!" in
tlii'ir ni'W 1 Inn I ware itOTS nn
Si't'imil Ave. and Fifth St., witli
a eompUt* Stock of heavy anil
���Mil hartlwart', ItOTM anil ran-
*t**, (rranite ami tinware, painU
���110 nils, ahlp chantllery, nportinit
Kiiotln. tte, 1       :       ;       .
All orders will receive prompt attention
Skeens Land District���Dislrict nl queen Charlott.*
Take notice that thirty elaya Irom date, I, C. K.
Hainter ol Prince Itupert, it. Cm l.y occupation
I ai... |r. 1. intend to apply to tbe Chiel Com-
missiuner ol Lands lor a licenc lo plospect lor
eoal and petruleum on and under bill acre, ol
land on (iraham Island described a* follows:
Commencing at a post planted two miles notrh ,
ol stake mark,.I (', K. II. Coal Laaim No. 4, marked
N. K. corner C. E. U. Coal Lea*. No. o, Ihenc* '
���oulh Ml chains, thence aeat st! chains, thence
north Ml chaina, Ibence east HU cbaina to plac* of !
ISttftf'19"'   ��' E' DA,NTEK' LoM,��' I Do away with thin.
Skeena I an-l District -District of queen Chralolt*
Take nuiice lhal thirty days from dale, I. C I..
, Hainter of Prince Itupert, II. C, by occupation
j bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner ol Lands tvr a licence lo prospret lor
' coul and petruleum on and under (.4(1 acroa ol
; land on Graham Island described aa lollows:
I Commencini at a po.t planted two mile, north
, ol C. I.. II. Coal Leas. No. .1, marked C L. Hainter
N   Vi. corner Coal Lease No. 6, ther.ce south HO
chain..,  Ihence eaal  1(1 chains,  thence north  til
chains, thence weat bu chaina lo place ol com-
in, t.ci'inent.
' li,,*..,: s.-pi. 11, llll.    C. a UAINTEH .Locator
I'ul.. Sept. J.1
Skoei a Land DLtriet���District ol queen Charlott.
Tak. notice that thirty days Irom date, 1, C. K. .
Ilati.tur ol  I'rince Hupert, U. C, hy occupallon   Arthur Murray and John Armstrnnit.
I bookkeeper, inlend t., apply to the Chief Cora-I     AND  FUHTIIr.lt  TAKE   NOTICE  that the
! mi'sioner of Land, for a He. nea to prospect for I "Id Jams. Ilaf-rerty will aell by public auction
coal  anil  petroleum  on  and  uneler  640 acrea ol    the  htiilillnKa  erected   by  the  I^neseea   upon   the
land un Graham Island descrllw.1 as lollows: ' aald premise*, said sale to b. held at Princ. Rupert,
Commencini at a post planted two mile* north    B. ('.. on the Hrwl day ol November, A. D., 1911,
nl l . Sr II  Coal U-ase No. I, stake 8. W. corn*   ��l lata* o'clock In lhe alternoon upon the IMM
1'atronize a white
laundry.    White labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Auction   Sale
NOTICE Is tan+2 Ilv,n th,t -ft��� Ha��erty,
haa retaken p.-w--.ifiri of Lot Seventeen (17|,
Hlock Twenty-four (24), Section Ona (1). Townsite
nf Prince Hupert, under and by virtue of powers
contained in leaae fmm him to James Donahue,
One lot, Block 5, Section 1, Beach
Place. Price 82100, 81000 cash
balance G���12 months.
One lot, Block 17, Section 1,
First Avenue. Price $2500,
81000 cash, balance 0, 12, and
18 months.
Two lots, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue. Price $5000, one
fourth cash,, balance G-12-18
One lot, Block 20, Section 5, tine
view* with two fronts, Sixth
Avenue and Seventh Avenue.
Price S1305, $800 cash, balance
One lot, Block 0, Section 5, Sixth
Avenue. Price S1525, $705 cash,
balance 0-12-18 months.
One lot, Block 0, Section 5, Fifih
Avenue. Price $ 1500, $300 cash,
balance 3-0-12 months.
Two !<its, Biock 22, Section 7,
Sixth Avenue, Price $000, one-
half cash, balance $25 per month,
One lot, Biock 15, Section 7, two
fronts, Sixth Avenue and Hays
Cove, with house 32 x 20.
Price S2025.
One half of lot 13, Block 40,
Section 7, [ranting Ninth .Avenue. Price $400, $200 cash,
balance $25 per month.
Lots 19-20, Biock 4, Section 8,
corner Ninth Avenue. Price
$800, one-fourth cash, balance
6-12-18 month.
Lots 9-10, Block 10, Section 8,
Tenth Avenue. Price $250 each,
one-third cash, balance 3-0
J Regular $2.00 Values for *
^ Better qualities at $2 up to $16 for fine eiderd
* We are headquarters for furniture, carpets
*$. '   Linoleums, Kitchen !
S sils,  Stoves,  Beddinp,  Ostermoor Matrasses,  Blanl
��t Cutlery,  Chinaware,    Glassware,   Mirrors and   Min
OVll     t*
Cutlery,  Chinaware,
Plate, Lamps, Baskets, etc.
�� See us for everything for housekeepi.
2nd Ave. and 6th St. Phone 62
���- ft
************* I ***********$$
The Canadian General Electric Co., Limited
The Canada Foundry Co., Limited   -    Toronto, Ont.
I     ELS
PRINCE RUPERT BRANCH ***********       '>*,.<.�����
  Boi 97*
V. F. G. r.AMIII.E
Samuel Harrison & Co.
tReal Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
x  100 feet on Third Avenue.       {
Level.   Good lease. j
Stores on Second Avenue
|10  down   and   $10  per  month
liuvs a lot now.
General Merchandise
Largest Slocl*
Jeremiah H. Kugler, Ltd. il~ Z
Lowest Prices in  Northern B. C
On and after October 27th I will aK-ftin :have
chargr of tho Shoe Kt>palrlng Shop on Sacond
avenuo hrtwern Seventh and Klghth itrueta,
occupied for aome lime by Ludwlc Strublc. I
will be ptra*ed to *������-��� all my old customer* and
ln��*nil��. or any new ones that feel like giving
my aork a trial.
I will u In the pant three and a half yeara I
have been In biuineaa In I'rinco Kupert, try to
give aatiifactlon.
Nothing but the beat materials will be used and
reasonable pricea charged.
JOHN  (TKKIi:      -   6t
llmiiti.-t... Sloram- nml  Fnrwardlnu Anonts.   For
It'.*- ur Motor Car day or night
.-,-.,Mh Ave. and Fulton
Phone 301
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are   offeritiR for sale  a very   limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00.    These shares are going  .
quickly and will soon be off the market    :   :
,   CH.I.C.
Coal Lease No. 7, thence north SU chains, Ihence
,,�� :   nil  chains,  thence MUth  bXl  chains,   thenca
v,,  , -ei chains tn lilac, ol commencement.
11-,-. ,i Sepl  11, IW1.    0. E. IIAINTKU, Ucator
Skeen. Land I n-11 u-i ���District ol '(,,, ��������� Charlotte
Take notice that thirly davs irom date, t, C. K.
ilainler ol I'rince Itupert, ft. C-, ley occupation
hookkeeper, Intend to apply lo lhe Chief Commissioner ol i.s���ris (or a licence to prcapact lor
l coal anel  petroleum on  and  under 640 acree ol
land on liraham Island drecrllicl as fullows:
|     (.oniine-iiclng at a post plsnted two mllea north
I ,. t.* .V      *'��*' m**3 No* 4. markeel 8. I. corner
l/. ���, II. teal I.  No. 8, thenee north 8(1 chains,
aSS25_A_C�� S**9 ���outh ��a chains,
I   H__T��_5    ','!h,*���',",'",li;1*S'".' commencement.
The office of C. H. Handasyde,
.Jr., manufacturer's aRent, will
be closed until Nov. 1st, while
Mr. Handasyde is south on business.
We   Loaned
Per Cent, to
Build This
Per Cent, to
Build This
Let us loan you the money to buy or  build a house or pay off a mortgage.
Mclntyre Block, Third Avenue, Prince Rupert.
Head Office: Pacific Building, Vancouver B. C.
laait-b,  i.


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