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Twenty-four hours
Nov. 21
a. in.,
BAR.       IN
"   Vr* ,  * \".    -   :
The daily News
.. Friduy, 8 a
Princess May,..
Friday a.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 266
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, November 21, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Light and Power Plants Close Down���Hospitals and Residences Without Water���Reservoirs Empty
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Seattle, Nov. 20-The city's
water famine has become alarming owing to the continued rain
floods. The light and power
plants are out of commission, the
streets in total darkness, as the
auxiliary steam plant takes too
much water to run. The most
important residential district on
the Hill,   the  hotels,   hospitals
and apartment houses are all
without water, and the schools
are closed. The supply in the
reservoirs can only last three
days. Steam heat is also gone.
Pipes have been laid to the old
pumping station at Lake Washington will be available for the
down town districts in the event
of fire. The train service to
Vancouver is cut off.
After all the trouble about the
clearing of the shores of Wood-
worth Lake, days after the surveys have been made, and the
intending bidders for the clearing work have toiled over the
ground) after the tenders have
been twice callr I and twice
opened without result, it is now-
likely that the lake shores will
not be cleared at all.
Consulting Engineer Thompson of Seattle has written our
own City Engineer stating that
the shores of the lake supplying
Seattle with water were not
cleared, and as long as the nature of the timber does not affect
the water with any peculiar
taste, there is no reason why
from a sanitary point of view
the trees should not be allowed
to remain.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
Yesterday afternoon the C. P.
R. s.s. Princes May called on her
way north and brought passengers, freight and mail for Rupert.
On board the May going north
were Sergeant Egan and a comrade of the R.N.W.M.P. on the
way back to the Yukon after a
furlough following their attendance at the Coronation. The red
uniforms gave the wharf an unwonted appearance reminiscent
of   a   garrison   town.     Chief
Owen of our own Provincial
force had a talk with his comrades of the R.N.W.M.P. whom
he had known in the Yukon.
Sheriff Shirley was at the wharf
and met several old friends of
the north. Amongst the passengers northbound were Capt.
Alexander, the well known Mining Engineer, and Mr. Louis
Schultz whose interests are many
in the Yukon. The May pulled
out at about 3 p.m.
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Vancouver, Nov. 21-The mayoralty fight has begun by Mayor
Taylor opening the campaign today. James Findlay will get the
support of the Conservative organizations. Aid. Ramsay will
capture the business-men's votes.
Mayor Appoints Members   on
Vote of Council Last Night
Following are the members of
the Court of Revision appointed
by the Mayor last night at the
meeting of council after being
regularly passed by vote on a
motion. The Mayor, Aldermen
Kirkpatrick, Hilditch, Morrissey,
and Clayton.
Travelled on May
E. W. Richards of Port Simpson was a passenger on board thc
Princess May yesterday afternoon. He has been southbound
on a business trip.
Miners Go to Work
(Cann.IInn  Press Despatch.)
Fernie, Nov. 21-500 men resumed work at Coal Creek mines
this morning.
$1,000,000 City Hall
(Cniinillnn  Press Despatch.)
Vancouver, Nov. 21-The City
'Council will present a by-law for
a million dollar city hall.
(Canadian Press Despatch.)
Pekin. Nov. 21-Chinese officials confirm the report of the
massacre of foreigners as well
as the Manchus at Sian Fu. The
Legations believe the report will
prove true. There were forty
foreigners in Sian Fu. Many
missionaries in other cities are
reported killed.
Successful Debate
A nicoenful debate was held In
the Baptist church Y..u.m Mens
Club last   night   <>..   <'"-'  wbjOCl-
Rtsiilvcd ihat it wi" I"-' benimcW
tothedty *** hsvo Sccdoji Tv,..
sold ai the prwent *'""<������ ���
affirmative led by ('.. L. Morgan
carried. A. Car* led llu* negative side,
New chinaware - hundreds of pretty
cup. and saucers 15cents to *5.00 each.
Expensive   Fishing
(Special K. n��">- N'pw" *
Vancouver, Nov. 21-A Seattle
photographer named Peterson
caught fishing within the three
mile limit has had his boat con-
fiscated.   He p'esded ignorance.
A New Industry
A. P. Agi.sii.ic. D.LS .��iih ���
survey pany Isft ����'<������" ,"lin'/ "'1
the    fotWhOM     at    Cunr.rglia.ii
p^mem, Kcuied for Lis new fbh
l-dustry from the government by
L. Crippens
Council Move a Resolution
Observing it���Hays
Hays Creek Trunk Sewer
when completed as far as
planned in the Bylaw to be
submitted to the citizens on
Saturday, will not be used
until a temporary outlet has
been added to it carrying
the sewage right into the
sea. This extension cannot
now be provided for in Bylaw, but the present council
in carrying the motion pledged themselves to arrange for
this being done. The sewer
will probably not be finished
for at least a year during
which time the G. T. P. may
have so far completed their
plans for Hays Creek as to
enable the sewer to be completed permanently, but in
to That Effect, and Will Trust to Some Future Council
Creek Residents Get Answer to Their Petition
the meantime the council is I Council should do something
an.xious that the Trunk Sew-1 to alleviate the situation
er Bylaw be passed to provide work for the coming six
months in Rupert.
Seventy-six residents of
Section 6 and the neighborhood of Hays Creek have
petitioned .against the con
objectionable to so many.
A report was read from
the Medical Health Officer
defending the scheme on
various grounds principally,
however, that the sewage
would not become offensive.
struction of the incomplete This report Aid. Morrissey
Hays Creek Trunk Sewer, considered absurd with all
with outlet above tidewater, j due respect to Dr. Reddie.
Alderman Morrissey moved! He strongly emphasized
the petition be granted, while: his contention that the sewer
Aid. Hilditch moved the pe- would cause a menace to
tition  be  referred   to the i public    health.     If   there
were so much sewage as to
Board of Works.
With a view, as he said,to
prevent the defeat of the
Bylaw on Saturday, Aid.
Newton suggested that the
make a $73,000 sewer worth
while, why dump that sewage in a hole below the homes
(Continued on page 4.)
hi (Eaxtmt'a lay, the father of printing
toiled over his types, setting each single
letter by hand.
Sitiatt. the expert compositor with the latest form multiple type-setting machine--
the kind the News is having installed--
sits on a stool in front of his complicated machine and by pressing on his keyboard commands a range of five hundred
and forty types.
But, for a few days, while effecting the
change, the News will have to fall back
on the Caxton method of hand set type.
It will be a novel newspaper. It will
have all the local stories and the news
of the world, as usual, but compressed
into tabloid form.
(Thr present and succeeding copies of the
News will be well worth treasuring
among your keepsakes of the evolution
of Prince Rupert.
Regiment of Soldiers and Field Equipment on its Way
Persia Sends Appeal to Britain for Interference
(Canadian Press Despatch.) gt,  Petersburg,  Nov.  20���A
Washington, Nov. 21���Russia's message from Baku says that a
aggressive policy against Persia transport steamer has left for
has brought about a crisis,   in Pe,,sia with a Russ,i:in regiment
,.,-,.,,      .....      and a full field equipment  on
which England s   aid   is  being .     _.
sought by Persia. Persia had
previously wanted Russia's
claims submitted to the Hague,
but Russia refused. Persia's
note to the Powers states that
her independence is threatened.
The Kaien Island Club will
give an informal hop in their
clubrooms on November 22, for
members onlv.
Petitions from Messrs. Christiansen & Brandt and other business men of the central district
of the city regarding desired
alterations in the level and slope
of the wood sidewalks near their
premises were considered in
council last night. It was said
there would be differences of
from three inches to a foot or
more to be negotiated owing to
the difference between the levels
of the grade designed by the G.
T.P. and those decided upon finally by the Council. Where the
differences are very slight an
alteration may be made in the
sidewalk by order of the City
Engineer, but the council last
night was agreed that the sidewalks are not to lie altered to
suit all and sundry to the destruc-
i tion of uniformity of appearance,
See Howe & .McNulty  for the
famous Kootenay Ranges.
Nine miners travelling from Stewart
to Goose Bay on  the  launch Independence hclonging to Dan  Lindeberg were
wrecked the night before last in   Halibut Bay.   The whole party were compelled to spend the night in bitter cold
ashore.   They were  rescued yesterday
by Norman  Broadhurst  in  the launch
Rover,   which  had  been  chartered by
I'l-nv. Police Constable Godson to go to
Goose Bay.   Six of the men  were taken to Goose Buy,   the  other three,   including   Lindeberg,   remained to  salve
the launch which they intended to take
to Kincohth.
The party hnd been  making  a  good
I trip down the Portland Canal when
fierce squalls forced them to run to
Clam Bay. On making nn attempt to
put to sea the launch was driven ashore
! in Halibut Bay and stranded. Her
owner. Mr. I.indeberg, a well known
prospector, believes she can be put in
good shape again.
Don't Buy Coal
Wait! The first week in December the Westholme Lumber
Company, Limited, will begin
selling Ladysmith Coal for $8.50
per ton, delivered.
cammencing on the Pacific
coast, he is not at all stretching the imagination to picture a city of a quarter of a
million at Prince, Rupert,
especially when one contemplates the strategic advantages possessed by Prince
Rupert from a commercial
her population during the
next few years.
"Victoria real estate has
made some large fortunes
during the past couple of
years and with the new spirit which .seems to have taken
hold of her citizens, her progress from now on will be
extremely rapid.
"Victoria should with her
"The United States is just
waking up to the great pos-!great natural charms
sibilitiesof Alaska develop- boulevarding which is
ment and Alaska will sup- going on, be one of the most
port a large population, beautiful cities imaginable a
Prince Rupert will have the j few years from now.
bulk of the Canadian-Alaska "And speaking of beauty
trade, also the Canadian-and charm our own Prince
Yukon trade. She will be J Rupert will have a pict-
the outlet of all northwestern I uresque delight enjoyed by
Canada whose potential re- no other city on the Pacific
Ex-Aid. T. Dufferin Pattullo on His Return to the City is  More Impressed  Than
Ever With Sense of its Future Greatness   Backs up Theory With Arguments
Prince Rupert, a city with
a quarter million inhabitants
that is the picture that Ex-
Ald. T. Dufferin Pattullo,
now of Victoria, expects to
see some day.
"I think one needs to go
away from Rupert to get a
true perspective of its possi
bilities," he said this morning. "When I went south
some months ago I felt I
would be satisfied when Rupert had a population of 50,-
000 people. I am now convinced that she will be one
of the large cities of the
Pacific coast.   1 certainly ex
pect to see her a quarter of
a million people.
This may be "going some"
but when one stops to think
that tho southern cities look
to reach the half million and
even million class by reason
of the tremendous development which is ��� really just
sources are but vaguely realized at this time. She will
have the finest railroad connection in America with eastern Canada and the United
States. She will rank first
in Oriental trade and apart
from her advantageous position as the outlet and inlet
for a tremendous foreign
trade, the fishing industry
alone secures her a splendid
"Victoria has now got into
coast. A few yean hence
with crude conditions eliminated so that tourists may
have all those endless facilities of comfort which everybody now seems to demand,
the early climatic reputation
of Rupert will have been forgotten and one of the scenic
delight** of the Pacific coast
will be the mountain drive
to the top of the hill back of
Rupert from where scores of
steamers will be seen plying
the waters of the Pacific to
the swing of commercialism
and combined with her re-1 and from our city.
nowned residential qualifica-    .  ..   ~     ;      \   ~
... -i-i        i     -i ,        Ladlea  Homo Journal pattern*
tions will assuredly  double I iacvB.
The Daily News
The Leading Newspaper and the Largest Circulation in Northern B. C.
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTI3ING-50 cents per inch. JContract rates
on application.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-To Canada, United States and Mexico-DAlLY, 50c
per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance. Weekly, $2.00 per year. All
Other Countries���Daily, $��S.00 per year; Weekly, $2.50 per year, strictly
in advance,
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C    Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 21.1 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle���Puget Sound News Co.
London, England -The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Subscribers   will greatly  oblige  by  promptly  calling up Phone 98 in case of
non-delivery or inattention on the part of the news carriers.
Daily Edition.
Tuesday. Nov. 21
In precisely the same way that the Hydro-electric bylaw was "tinkered up," the City Council last night tinkered
up the trunk sewer by-law. They passed a resolution giving assurances that the citv council will construct a temporary outlet to tide water, knowing that a resolution of that
nature is not binding on any iiiture council. They are trusting to the generosity of the next council not to queer the
project, just as they are trusting to the Provincial Government, the Tsimpsean Power Co. and the citizens not to
queer the hydro-electric scheme, until special legislation is
put through to validate it.
While it is morally certain that no future council will
take advantage of the fact that last night's resolution, not
being embodied in the by-law, is not binding on them���any
more than no one wants to upset the hydro-electric by-law
���how much better it would have been to have done the
work properly in the first place?
Today The Journal which has hitherto been publishing
as a semi-weekly evening paper, came out as a full fledged
morning daily. This in the life of a newspaper is an auspicious occasion, and corresponds to that period in the life of
a boy when he dons his first long pants.
Prince Rupert is not yet a Tom Tiddler's ground for
newspapers, but in laying first claim to the morning ii?ld.
The Journal is advancing to a place of increased usefulness*
in the community and ultimate profit. Welcome matutinal
Great assortment of
for men, women, women and children
..Suits and Overcoats for Boys..
in many styles and fabrics that will please  the  little  fellows and stand
the wear and tear
in all sizes, and many kinds for men, women and children
Girl's Dresses
We have just received  a  large assortment   that we will   sell at special
prices.    Y'our dollars will go n long way at
Pheoe 243 Black
are sounding in the near distance, bidding ua prepare for that
happy time which brings joy and goodwill into the hearts of all.
This is a time when your thoughts turn to gifts and giving and incidentally to the great gift house of Henry Birks and Son, Ltd.,
Vancouver. This is British Columbia'* store, therefore, your
store. You will appreciate the opportunities our many gift lines
otfer. Search the pages of our illustrated catalogue, it is stored
with Christmas gift suggestions. If one of these catalogues has
not reached you, send us your name and address at once and one
will be mailed free. Again we say, send your Christmas orders
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
���Tail,    t*    XaX*,tOXt
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK 11,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares are going
quickly and will soon be off the market :
"Yes. miss." Inl.-rposed ��� sailor at
the door. "Th�� skipper's orders are:
���Women an' ohUdrra to muster on the
lover deck.1"
Then began a joyous yet strange')'
pathetic procession, beaded by Kisio
and Mamie, who were carried downstairs by the newly arrived MgbthoUl
men. The children cried nnd reli s d
to be comforted until I'yne des'endeel
wiih them to the liiehoat. The women followed, in terrible plight, ni l*
withstanding tlie- wraps sent ihem on
[the previous ilay. I.'ach. as ihey prist-
1 ed Stephen Brand, hade him farewell
and tearfully asked ihe Lord to bits*
him and his.
Among them ca ne .Mrs. Vnnslltar .
Her fealurcs were velhd more close' ���
than ever. Whilst she stood beMn!
the others In the entrance, tier glance
was fixed Immovably on Brand's face
No Sybilllne propheteas could ha', e
striven more eagerly to wrest the secrets of his soul from lis lineaments,
Nevertheless, when he lurned to In t
with his pknsam smile and parilng
words of comfort, she averted her
eyes, uttered an incoherent phrase cf
thanks for his klndiuss, and seemed
to be unduly terrified by the Idea that
she must be swung Into the lifeboat
by the crane.
She held out her hand. It was cold
aud trembling.
"Don't be afraid." he said gently
patting her on the shoulder as one
might reassure a timid child. "Sit
down and hold fhe rope. The basket
cannot possibly be overturned."
Pyne. helping io unload the tremulous passengers beneath, noted the
lady's attitude, and added a fresh memorandum to Hie stock he had already
"Who is thai?" asked Hrand from
the purser, who stood beside him.
"Mrs. Vatisl.tart."
Brand exporlenoed a momentary surprise.
"She seemed io , avoid me." he
thought, but the Incident did not linger tn hts mind.
The life-boat, rising and falling on
the strong and partly broken swell, required the most expert management
If the weary people on Iho rock were
to be taken off in saftty.
When Constance and Enid, followed
by Stanhope, reached the boat after
giving Brand a farewell hug. there
tvas no more room. The crew pull d
off towards the waiting vessel, and
here a specially prepared gangway
rendered the work of transhipment
Mr. Traill was leaning over the bulwark as the lifeboat ranged alongside
Ho singled oul Pyne at once, and
gave him a cheery cry of recognition,
At first hc could not distinguish Mrs.
Vanslttart, and. indeed. It must be
confessed lhat he was striving most
earnestly to descry one face which
had come back lo him oul of the distant years.
When his glance fell en Enid, his
nephew who was thinking how bc��t
to act under the circumstances, was
assured that the father saw In the girl
the living embodiment of her mother.
He thought It would bo so. His own
recollection of his aunt's jxirti-alts had
already helped him to this conclusion,
and how much more startling roust a
flesh and blood creation be than tha
pffoet of an artist to place on canvas
the fugitive expression which constitutes the greatest charm ot a mobile
Enid, having heard so much about
Mr. Pyne's uncle, was innocently cur
lous to meet him. A. first she waa
vaguely bewildered. Thc sunken eyes
were fixed on hers with an Intensity
lhat gave her a momentary sense of
miliaria-* .' Luckily the exigencies of the hour offered slight scope
lo emotion. All things were unreal,
out of drawing with previous experiences of her well-ordered life. Tbe
Irregular swaying of the boat and the
tug seemed to typify thc new phase.
Pyne swung himself to the steamer's deck before the gangway was
made fast, thereby provoking a loud
outcry from the desert, d children.
Grasping his uncle's baud, he said:
"Wait until you nail Uraud's letter.
No one else knows."
So. Mr. Traill, wllh fine self-control,
greeted Mrs. Vansittart affectionately, and handed her over to a stewardess, who took her to a cabin specially
prepared for her. Her low-spoken
words were not qulie what he expected.
"Don't kiss me," she murmured,
"and please don't look at me. In my
present condition I cannot bear it."
Relatives of the shipwrecked passengers and - raw, many of whom were
waiting in I'enzance were not allowed
on board. This arrangement was
made by Mr. Traill after consulting a
local OOmmltl e organized to help the
uut..rm .v��� who needed help to
greatly. The unanimous opinion was
expressed lhal a few lady members
bf the coi.i.riittee. supplied with sn
abundance nf clothing, etc.. would afford prompt relief lo the sufferers,
whilst Ihe p..infill scenes which must
follow lhc in eling of survivors with
tbeir friends would cause confusion
snd delay on the vessel.
I'yi.e* wat. hing all these things, saw
lhat .Mrs. Vnnstttan did not meet hi
uncle with the eagerness of a woman
. restored to lhc arms of the man sha
was aboul lo marry.
She was distraught, aloof in her
manner, apparently interested only In
his eager assurance thai she would
find an assortment of new garments
In the cabin.
The millionaire himself was too
flustered to draw nice distinctions between the few words she spoke and
what he expected her to say. When
Ihe quitted hltn he walked towards
the group of young people. They wcr-i
laughingly exchanging newa and banter as If all that had gone before were)
the events of a lively picnic. At last,
hs met Fnni.
Pyne   introduced   his  uncle,  and   It
was a trying experience for this man
> lo stand fa - io face wllh his daugh-
I tar.    In each quick flash of her de
lighted eyes, In every tone ot her
sweet voice. In every winsome sniilu
and graceful gesture, he caughl and
vivified long-dormant memories of hla
greatly loved wife ol nineteen years
Somehow ho was gin J Mrs, \ansit.
tart had not lingered by his side. Tbj
discovery of Enid's Identity Involved
considerations 80 complex n-ul utterly
unforeseen that he needed time and
anxious thought to arrange .*** i,lan��
for the future.
The animated bustle on deck prevented anything In the nature of sustained conversation. Luckily, Mr.
Traill himself, whose open-handed
generosity had made matters easy for
Ihe reception conimltie i, was lu constant demand.
Mrs. Sheppard had sen! a port mam
teau for Constance and Enid, so (hey,
too, soon scurried below with the
The life-boat returned to the rock,
where the four UghthOUM men sent
to relieve Brand were now helping the
sailors to carry the Injured men down-
stairs and assisting the sick to reach
the entrance.
As soon as this second batch was
transferred lo the tug. the vessel
started for I'enzance; the Trinity tender would land the others.
There was a scene of intense enthusiasm when the gleam,-r reached the
dock. The vociferous cheering of the
townspeople smothered lhe deep
agony of some who walled there,
ktiowlng all too well they would search
ln vain for their loved ones among
these whom death had spared.
The two girls modestly escaped at
the earliest moment from the shed
used as a reception-room. All the Inhabitants knew them personally or by
sight; (hoy attracted such attehlion
that ihey gladly relinquished to other
hands any further charge of the shipwrecked people. So, after a few
words of farewell for the hour, Stan,
hope piloted tbem to a waiting carriage and drove away with them.
Mrs. Vansittart did not emerge from
her cabin until the deck was deserted.
She found Mr. Traill looking for ber.
In a neat black dress and feather hat
she was rehabilitated.
"Why didn't you show up earlier?"
he asked in good-humored surprise.
"The breeze oo deck was first-rate.
It brought the color Into many a pals
cheek. And the way In which the
crowd let Itself go was splendid. Look
at these wailing thousands���quivering
yet wltb excitement!"
"I am worn out," she said quietly;
"take me to your hotel. You have engaged  rooms there, I suppose?"
"Of course."
"When do you purpose leaving Pen-
"Well���er���that ls part of the explanation I promised you."
"We can talk matters over ln the
hotel.   Where is your nephew?"
For tbe first lime he marked her
air of constraint.
"Believe me. Etta," he said hurriedly, "that what I have to tell you will
come as a great surprise, but It should
be a pleasant one."
"Anything that gra'lfles you will ba
welcomed by me." she said simply.
"You have noi said where Charlie Is."
"Hiding In lhat shed. He refused
Mr. Stanhope's offer of a rlg-oul on
board. In his present disguise be
passes as a stoker, and everybody
wants to aee thc man who saved all
of you."
"Have you a closed carriage here?"
"Let us go. Charlie can come with
Again he was conscious of a bar
rler between ihem. but be attributed
her mood to the strain she had undergone.
In the shed they found Pyne: wltb
blm were the orphaned children;
there was none to meet tbem. Kind
offers were made to care for them un>
til their relations should be forthcoming, but the man to whom they clung
would not Helen to any auch proposal.
"I guess they're happy wltb me," be
said. "I will see them through their
present trouble."
Childlike, they had eyes and ears
only for thc prevalent excitement At
last Elsie asked him:
"Where's mamma? You said sbe was
sick. Uut the men haven't carried her
off ihe ship, an' she wasn't ln the
"Don't you worry. Elsie." be said.
"I'm going to take you io a big bouse
where you will find everything fixed
Just ri.-H."
Ilis uiieV and Mrs. Vanslttart approached. The lady'a face was no
longer hidden. ��
"What arc you going to do with
those ohlldren?" she Inquired.
"There's none here to claim them."
hc said. "I can't let them leave me In
lhat haphazard wu."
"Lei me help you. It Is a woman's
She sloop d towards the tiny miles.
"You dear Utile babes." she said
softly. "I ccn take mother's place for
a time."
They knew her ijulte well, of course,
and she sei med to be so much kinder
and nicer now in her smart clothes
than she wss In the crowded disorder
of the bedroom.
Mamie looked at Klsle. and the self-
rellanl Klsle ssid valiantly:
���.Mamie 'if me 'II be glad. If .Mr.
Pyne comes too."
Mr. Traill, who had never before
seen  tears  lu  Mrs. Vanslttart. eyes,
found a ready excuse for her womanly
"It seems lo me." he ssid genially,
"we are all of one mind. Come this
way. Etta. And mind you stick close
to us. Charlie, or the hall porter will
throw you out If you attempt to en-er
the hotel lu ihat costume."
He raided on cheerfully, telling
(hem how clothiers and mllllneis. and
all the storekeepers In Iho town If
they were needed, would wait on th-m
at tbe holel.
"In a couple of hours," he said, "you
both can  obtain  sufficient  things   lo  mites
render you presentable for a day or: bath!
Tk was nol mistaken. She did not
l-eply at once. When she spoke lt waa
With a sigh of relief.
"I will not be very entertaining, I
fear, but the young people will have
plenty to tell you. "
"Kor goodn.'Bs' sake, Etta, don't
class yourself among the old fogies,'
cried Mr. Traill. "Look at me, fifty
five and lively as a grasshopper."
"Please. Is Mamie n' me 'vlted,
too?" whispered Elsie to Pyne.
"You Iwo chlcka will be curled up
among the feathers at eight o'clock,'
he told her. "Don'l you go and worry
about any dinner-partiea. The sooner
you go to sleep, the quicker you'll
wake up In the morning, and then
we're going out to hunt���for what, do
you think?"
"Candies," said Mamie.
"Toys." cried Elsie, going one better.
"We're Jusi going to find two of the
loveliest and frilliest and plnkiest-
ohecked dolls you over saw. They'll
have blue ey.s as hlg as yours, Elsie,
aud their lips will be as red and round
as yours. Mamie. They'll talk and
say���and say all sorts of things when
you pinch their little waists. So you
two hurry up after you've had your
supper, say your prayers and close
your eyes, and when you open them
you'll be able to yell for me to find
that doll-store mighty sharp."
"Say, Charlie," cried his uncle, "I
never heard you reel off a screw like
that before. Now, if I didn't know
you were a confirmed young bachelor,
I would begin to have suspicious.
Anyhow, here's the hotel."
Two hours later, when unele and
nephew met In the private sitting-
room where busy waiters were making preparations for dinner, Traill
drew the younger man to the privacy
of a window recess.
"Charlie," he confided, "affairs are
in a tangle. Do you realize tbat my
marriage was fixed for today?"
"That's so," was tbe laconic answer.
"Of course the wedding was postponed by fat?, and, to add to my per
plexltles, there Ib a new attitude on
Mrs. Vangittart's part. It puzzles me.
We have been friends for some years,
as you know. It seemed to be a perfectly natural outcome of our mutual
liking for each other that we should
agree to pass our declining years together. She is a very beautiful and
accomplished woman, but she makes
no socret of her age, and the match
was a suitable one In every respect."
"You can sec as far through a stone
wall as most people."
Pyne  knew that his uncle's sharp
eyes were regarding him steadily, but
he continued to gaze Into the street.
There   was  a  moment's  hesitation
before Mr. Traill growled:
"You young dog. you have seen It,
too. Mrs. Vanslttart avoids me.
Something has happened. She has
rhanged her mind. Do you think she
has heard about Edith?"
"Edith!    Oh, of course���Enid must
be christened afresh.    No; tbat Isn't
It.   It would not be fair to you to say
that I think you are mistaken.    But,
from what I know of lhc lady. I feci
sure she will meet you fairly when the
time comes."
"Ah. you agree with me, then?"
"In admitting a doubt���In advising
the delay you have already suggested
"She told you what I hnd written?"
"More than lhat, she asked me If 1
was aware of Its explanation."
"And you said?"
"Exactly what I said to you. You
are bolh sensible people. I can hardly
Imagine that any misunderstanding
can exist afler an hour's talk."
Mr. Traill looked at his watch. A
carriage slopped at thc holel.
"Here's Stanhope, and bis mother,"
cried Pyne; so his uncle hurried off to
receive his guests.
Lady Margaret was a well-preserved
woman of aristocratic poBe. But her
serenity was disturbed. Although the
land was ringing with the fame of her
son's exploit, and her mothers heart
was throbbing with pride, there had
been tearful hours of vigil for her.
Nol without a struggle had she abandoned her hope thai he would make a
well-endowed match.
When Constance and Enid arrived
she was very stalely and dignified,
scrutinizing, with all a mother's Incredulity, the girl who had caused hei
to capitulate.
But Enid scored a prompt success
She swept aside thc almost uncon
sclous reserve with which Jack's mo
iher greeted her.
"You knew." she murmured wist
fully. "Wc did not. They would not
tell us. How you must have suffered
until lhc news came that he had es
Lady Margaret drew the timid girl
nearer and kissed her.
"My dear." she whispered. "I am
beginning to understand why Jack
loves you. He Is my only son. but
you are worthy of him."
Mrs. Vaiislttart's appearance created a timely dlu.-alcn. She had
obtained a black lace dress. It accentuated the settled pallor of her
face, but she was perfectly self possessed, and uttered a nice womanly
compliment to the two girls, who wore
white deinl-i.illette cotsumes.
"You look delightful." she said
"When all ls said and done, we women
should never despise our wardrobe.
That marvelous lighthouse had ona
grave defect In my eyes. It was
dreadfully callous to feminine require*-
Here was a woman rejuvenated, restored to her natural surroundings.
They accounted for Ihe subtle change
In her by the fact that they had seen
her bltberto under unfavorable conditions. Even Pyne. not wholly
pleased with her In the past, found his
critical judgment yielding when she
apologized sweetly to Lady Margaret
for her tardiness.
"There    were    two    little   children
saved from the wreck.      Poor   little
how    they revelled in a hot
I could  not  leave them  until
Skeena Land DUtriat���DUtrict ol Quean Charlotto
Tako noUco that thirty daya (rom date, I, C. 1*1.
Balntor ol Prlnea Kuport, II. (_'., by occupation
bookkoopor, Intond to apply to tho Chiol Cora-
miasiuner ol Landa lor a lioenco to proapoct (or
coal and potroloum on and under 610 acres ol
land on Graham laland deacrlbod a. lollowa:
Commenelns at a poat plantod two milea north
ol C. J.. II. Coal Leaae No. 8, marked 8. K. cornu
C. E, B. Coal Leaae No. 11, thenoe nortb 80
ehalna, tbence weit 80 chaina, thenoe eouth 80
chains, thence uut 80 ehalna to placo ol commencement.
IiaiodaSopt.il, IHI-     C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 29.
SkMna Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Take nollco that thirty daya Irom date, 1, C. I*:.
Bainter of Prince Kupert. 11. C, by occupaUon
bookkoeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
ini-uiont-r ol Lands lor a Uconce to proapect lur
eoal and petroleum on and under 640 acree ol
land on Graham laland doacribod a. lollowa:
Commencing at a poat plantod one mile north
ol C. L. B. Coal Leaae No. 10, marked C. K. B.
Coal Loaae No. 15. thonoe north 80 chaina, thonco
weat 80 chaina, thenoa aouth 80 chains, thence
east 80 chaina to plaoe ot commencement.
Daud Sapt. 11.1911. C. E. BAINTEH, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skoena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Queen Charloti
Taka nolico that thirty daya (rom data, 1, O. r,.
Bainter ol Prince Ruport, ll. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Inlend to apply to the Chiol Commiaaioner ol Landa for a lioence to proapect for
coal and petroleum oo and under "j lo acre, of
land on Graham laland deacrlbod aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poat plantod two milee north
ol C. E. B. Coal Leaea No. 10, marked N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Loaao No. 16, thenco aouth
80 ehaina, thonce weat 80 chaina, thenco norlh
80 chaina, thonoe eaat 80 chain, to place ol commencement.
Datod Sopt. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Queon Charlotte
Take notice that thirty daya Irom date, I, C. E
Uainter ol I'rinco Rupert, 11. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intond to apply to tho Chiel CommUaioner of Landa lor a lioenco to proapect lor
ooal and petroleum on and under 640 acroa ol
land on Graham Laland doacribod a. lollowa:
Commencing at a poet plantod two milee norlh
oi C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 14, marked N. E.
corner C. E. II. Coal Leaae No. 17, thonce south
80 chaina, thenee weat 80 chaiiu, thence north 80
chaina, thenco oaat 80 chaiiu to place ol coin-
men cement,
Datod Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. '11.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotto
Take nolice that Ihirty days Irom date, 1, C. E.
Hainter of Prince Hupert, H. C, by occupaUon
bookkeeper, intond to apply to tho Chiel Commissioner ol Lands tor a Licence to proapoct [or
coal and petroleum on and under bio acrea ol
land on Graham laland described aa (ollowa:
Commeneing at a poat planted two milo. north
ol C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 12, marked M, Vi.
corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. lo, thence south
SO chains, thonoe east 80 chains, tlience north 80
chaina, thence weat 80 chaina to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. II, 191L    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. *��.
Skeena Land DUUict���DUtrict of Queon Charlotte
Take noUoa that thirty daya .Iter dau, I, C. E.
llaanter ol Prineo Rupert, H. CL by occupallon
bookk-Mper. inund to apply to the Chiel Com-
iniaioner of Landa for a licence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres ol
land on Graham Island rleocribed as lollows:
Commencinc at a post planud two miles north
of C. E. B. Coal Leue No. 13, markod S. Vi.
corner C. E. B. Coll Leaao No. 19, tbence north
00 chains, thonce eaet 80 chaina, thonce south 00
chains, thenee weat 80 chains to plaee ol com
mon cement.
Hated Sopt. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23.
Bella Cool. Land Diatrict-Dia,nci ���; ,;01^
Toko noticu that Ii. M, CIU1 ���, ,,    ,    ,a|'
land, occupation goiiileii,,,,,. In, '���*-���*.I*
porn.las.on to luasu the IoUowIi A 'I'I* loi
Commencing al a post i  u ; ���-'��� ���'������:
near tho N. li. corner '���| I.. -
40 chaina, llionco wrai ��u cha]
oust boundary ol cannery 1,, ,
tho .aid east boundary nuti   , * '*����.
esa to ahoro  lino,  thenoe [,   , -   ���
line eaaterly 80 chains more
commoncemoct;   contain,,,,.   . "' i"*"" ul
loaa.                                           " ���'*���*. mote ���
Dated August 31, i-.ni
I'ub. Sopt. 30.
WU, !���-].<��*
le   apply
Boll. Coola Land District-Li.-: i;
Take notico that II. M, Cllfl
land,   occupation   gentleman
lor permission  to  lease the |
lands: ttxia]
Commencing ot a post pl,- .     ,.
cornor ol Lot 33. thence ���,V *   I.
west 40 chains, ihence aouth' IC *****
loss to shoro line, tbtnee ' '    ���
oast 40 chaina more or ll - '-<
ment: containing ao cr,
Dated August 31, 11111.
Pub. Sept. 30. Wi
Delia Coola Land District���Diatrict
lake notico that II. M. cllll
land,  occupatiun   gontlw
tor  pormiaaion   to   lease  tu-  [���., .
Commencing at a pool  p!.
corner ol Lot Nu. 4, thtntt
east 40 chains, thence soutl. 4(1 '
leas  lo shoro line,  these
weaterly 40 cliaina inure or lr--, ;
mencement;   containing bo aero
Datisl August U, lull.
Pub. Sept. 30. \>	
two.    Don't  forget  we dine at eight! tney were asleep."
We ought to be a Jolly party.    I have      "* needed Iwo hoi baths." said Pyne.
asked Stanhope and his mother and
those two girls lo join ua."
"Oh." cried Mrs. Vanslttart faintly,
"you must excuse me.   I���"
"Now, Etta, my dear, you will not
desert us to-night. Why, It seemed
to me to be the only wsy In which we
could all come together at once. I
km only too sorry that .Mr. Brand can*
not be present. 8urely he might have
been spsred from further duty at lhe
lighthouse after what he has endured."
"Tbey    offer, d    lo  relieve  him
hue*, but be declined," said Pyne.
He looked out of the window of the
carriage In which they were driving
lo tbe hotel. Constant* had told him
of tbe dinner arrangement, but he
wlsjied to ascertain If tbe definite absence of the lighthouse keeper would
tend to reassure Mrs. Vanslttart,
"No. 1 dug me out of the shell, and No.
2 helped me to recognize myself."
During dinner there was much to
tell and to bear. Mrs. Vanslttart said
little, save to Interpose a word now
and then when Constance or Enid
would have skimmed loo lightly the
record of their own servlc. s.
They did not hurry over the m< al.
All were In the besl possible spirits,
and tbe miseries of the Uulf Rock
might never have existed for this
lively company were It not that foi-r
*t among them bore clear tokens of the
deprivations they bad endured.
Skaeoa Land DUlrict���DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Take nollco tbat thirty day. Irom dau, I, C, t.
Balntor ol Prineo Rupert, 11. C, by occupaUon
bookkeeper, inund u apply to tb. Chid Commiasioner ol Landa lor a licenco to proapect lor
.-oal and petroloum on and under 640 acroa of land
00 Graham IaUnd deKnbcd aa lollowa:
Commencing at a poat planud two milea north
ot C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 14, marked S. Vi.
corner C. E. B. Coal Laaa* No. 20, thence north
-0 ehaina, thenee weet 80 chains, thence aoulli 00
chains, Ibenco east 80 chains to place ol commencement.
Dated SepU 11, 1911. C. E. BAINTER, Locator
Pub. Sapt, 23.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Quoen Charlotu
Take none* that thirty -lays alter dau, 1, C. E.
Bainter ol Prineo Rupert. B. C, by occupatiun
bookkeeper, Inund u apply to Ibe Chief Com-
minioner ol Landa for a licence to proapoct fur
coal and petroleum on and under 640 aero, ol
land on Graham laland daocribwl aa lollowa:
Commencing a( a poet planted two miles north
01 C. a B. Coal Leaae No. IS, marked S. E.
corner C. E. li. Coal Leaae No. 21, thonce uortn
so chains, (hence waat 80 chains, thence south 80
chaina, ihenca aaat. 0 chains to plac ol com-
Dated Sept. 11,1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
Skoena Land DUtriet���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notice lhal Ihirty days from dau, 1. C. fc".
Bainur ol I'rince Rupert, B. C-, by occupatioo
bookkeeper, inund io apply to the Chief Com-
mUtioner ol Landa lor a licence to prospect for
coal and petroloum oo and under 640 acrea ol
oland on Graham laland deacribed aa (ollowa:
Commendnf at a post planud two mi.'e. north
ol C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 16, markad N. E.
corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 22, thenca KUth
SO chains, thence wesl 80 ehains, thenee north 80
chains, thenco aaat 80 chaina to plsce ol commoncement.
I Daud Sapt. 12, 1911.    C. E. BAINTER. Locator
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtricl of Quoon CharloUe
i     Take nolle, that thirty day. Irom date, I, C. E.
| Bainter ol Prinoe Hupert, B. C, by occupallon
hookkeeper, intend u apply to tho Chiel Com*
mtMloner ol Lands lor a licenco to prospect (or
coal and petroleum on and undor 610 carea of
land on Graham Island dee-cnl-ed aa lollowa:
I    Commendnf at a poet planud two milea norlh
; ol C.  E.  B. Coal Laeeo No  17, marked N. E.
. corner C. E. B. Coal Lease No. 23 Ihenco i-ouil,
80 chains, thenco wert 80 chaina,  Ihence north
; 90 chain... thenoe eaat 80 chaina to place ol com-
Dated Sept. 12. 1911.    C. E. BAINTER, Locator
i Pub. Sept. 23.
s���l_*'"���, ***** DUtrict-DUtrict of Queen Charlolt
Take nolle thai thirty daya Irom date, I, C. E
Bainter ol Prince Rupert, B. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Inund to apply Xo tbe Chiel Commiasioner of Lands for a licence to proepect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acnm ol
land on (iraham I..In,I daacribed aa lollows:
Commencing at a post planud two miles north
o[ C. E. B. Coal Loaae No. 18, markod N. Vi.
corner C. E. B. Coal Laaaa No. 24, (hence south
HI chaina, ihence east SO chains, thenn north
60 chains, tbenea weet 80 ch.-n. to place ol commoncement.
WH-M_.Hi 1911. C. E. BAINTER. Locator
Pub. Sect. 23.
Skeona Land DUtrlct���DUtriet ol Queon Charlo(U
Take notice that thirty day. from dau, I, A. T
llroderick ol I-rlnco Rupert, B. C, by occupation
b.nk manager, InUnd u apply to tho Chief Commiasioner of Lands lor a licence to prospect lor
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acres ol
land on Graham Island doKribod aa follows:
Commenctnf at a post plantod two mile, north
ol C. L. B. tool Leaae No. 17, marked S. W
corner A. T. B. Coal Leaaa No. 25, thenco north
so chain., thence eaat 80 chains, Ihenco soeitl, ot,
chaina. ihence weet 80 chaina to placo ol commencement.
n ._.*=_. ..A.'���.T- BRODERICK. locator
RffiSftr"11'    c-E- ��*������>"'��� A��"'
Ske��na Und DUtrict���DUtrlct ol Quoen Charlotte
n _-��_ n��l'��'hat thirty daya from dale, I, A. T.
llroderick ol Princ. Rupert, B. C, by i>ccupation
b.nk manager. Intend to apply to tho Chief Com-
muarioner of Lands lor a Ibence to prospect lor
coal and notroleum on and under 610 care, ol
land on Graham liland deKribed aa follow.*
Commencing at a poet plnated two mile, north
IZJL * t o��r: Pt_ N.*. m* *at***t a e.
Bft��.HP wort 80 chaina, Ihenco aoulh
60 chaina, thenoe out 80 chain, to place of commencement.
; 3m3v�� SSS g-Mta
Hroderick nl l-rineo Itupert, B. C, by occupation
_-_ ^.VTV "���.*"? to ****** ** th. t-hS'l-on"
e\m?��2% ��.L.'"- '"' * 9** "> Pro.poct "o,
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acre. 7,1
land on Graham lal.nd d-wcrlbod as folio.*.
Commencing at a poet planted two mllea north
��r��rEof A. T��klB.U?SlNl__i,'Nm"2k-rdlL^
_ff *_��____��� __��3��TWS sss
TecXrr^ml^!?��� """h M Ch^ to **
*1S^,i_2fte_Si!!_.i_ 9*m c��i��"
ii..i-,i?,h" *2ltH*' <*t* ,rom ���>***��� I. C. K
Balnier ol Princ Rupart, ll. r    by s_______
fflRfft to wly to th.Vhuif'oVm"
��_te ^M'"'* '���"��� * ******* lo Proaiwct for
l-gJL****, Ihenc wuth 80 chain.,  th.nce
: �����&����<&��?& -^���������'���ggeJSSg
"**-IS""   '"���" C.  E.   BAINTER
. In.
**   **  apply
���-��� w
��� "   :
��� -"��� AfWI
Bella Coola Und D-Wet-DI mil      ������_,-*,_.
Take notice that H. M. , . ! ,
land,   occupation   genii,-:,,.,-,.
iondiy,rm'--00 t0 ���"* "������  I
Commencing at a post plant, ,- -,
cornor ol Ut 111, mence ��.,.
or leaa to northern boundary ol lease N
lor ny II. M. Clilf, thence _!!���-..���
oaat  20 chains,  ihenc-  newt
wost 20 chains lo point of .
taining 80 acrus, more or 1,-v,
Datod Augual 2S, 1911. ||    \
'**   ���** *'   -.-.-..\il-x
������ Uwm
ot; coa-
Pub. Sept. 30.
Bella Coola l.an 1 Dutrict���Ui*,*
Take notice that li   M   I
land,   occupation   nuMwiAn*
for permission  to  ;.-..���  the [<.. .
Commencing at a poat plaa-u .
corner ot Lot Ul, thunce nutti
or li-a to northern  buun<lirv  ,.
applied for by 11. M. CUtf, '
along  aaid   boundary,   tl..-;
tbence weat 20 chain, to puint . I
conUining bo acrua, more or,.
Dated Auguit 1.8, l.'ll.
Pub. SepL 30. \\.
��� -tn.
���:���  to ap^
i Ww
3 E
��� -���
'��� . ;
l ���
��� it;
'���   UIFF
��� '��� ���'���-'  I
COAL   Noll* i
SL��ena Laud Diatrict--I'itfri
1 al�� lul*
Take notice that Auatin M   |
Hupert, occupation nddltfi .
the Chief Commissioner of La
a licence to prospect [ur ootl, .
and under tn�� ntto_ria| >.<
Weat Coaat of Uraham lils.-i'i:
Commencing at a puat pu
of the northeast corner ul t . L
80 chains wost. thence bu ehalni
chaina east, thence ao ehftil
ACSTIN  U.  i   .
Located August Iat, .'-il
I'ub. Aug. 19.
1   '*1.V''..|
.* ua to*
i nfla ma
���. - 2 tStr.Cs
"���*��� point of
. ,. .-.'..;
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ul Qu����a Charlott*
Take notice that Auatin M.  I       _ of Fria��
Hupert, occupation saddler, InUnda
the Chief Commiaaioner of Lamis ���**... ������ raafori
lioenoe to prospect fur cual, oil ani ,
and under tbe rafiownig deecribed I
Woat Coaat of Graham laland:
Commencing at a poit planted three .1.1,-1 eait
of the southeast curner ul C. L N
nortb  80 cbatna.  thence east   -
soulh bO chains, Ihenci- v** -
AUSTIN M. Ill     ��N, Locaur
Located August 1st, 1*11.
Pub. Aug. ly.
Skeer.a land District���Dutru-t
Take notice that thirty davi lr    ...
Heinter of Prince Kupert, it. (",
bookkeeper, intend t*o apply tc :     1
uti-v-Huner of Lands fur a Hcm
cual  and petroleum 0.-1 an 1   1
land on Craham island deicri*. 1 .
Commencing at a post plantr.l 1
Tta.,n northse.-t . <�����> 1 Coa   I
C. E. Bt Cokt Lease No. ;!'*, .-.4 n.-
ihence  west 80 chains,  tl.rr-  I
thtnr-e i's-i bO c'i:m Ut poi it P.
nntalning 640 acres more or loa*.
DatedSept. 12. 1911. C.  ���������
Pub. Oct. 7.
1. Ca t*.
���     D
'   '
i .- ��� of
��� h
. -.
Skeena Land DUtrict���Diatrict of (J - iriott
Take notice that Austin It,  ! r
Hupert, aaddler,  intends to appli
Commiaaioner of Landa and Worki        < '���****���***
to proapect for coal, oil and petf
under tne following doacribed ba U t\ett
Coest of Uraham laland:
Commencing at a puit plutl
of the northeast cornet uf C. L N*. ���
aoulh 80 cbaina. thenoe 80 chaim a. ���
chaina north, thence 80 chaini MU) - ���*���"
ACSTIN If. BROWN. '  cat*
Located August Iat, 1911,
I'ub. Aug. 19.
Skeena land District -Dlrtrict
Tako   notice   that   Charli.    '
Vancouver,  It. C, occupation In������ <
to apply for'permission to (HlfChaw
described lands:
Commencing  at   a   post   plants' 1
fluenee of Ulackwater nver wat, t
about two milee euuth from Um
Telegraph cabin.   Post marked C   u
Corner, thence 80 chaina north, thenn
eeat,  thenoe 80  chains  aouth,  tlMM
weet to point of commencement, *
acree more or leaa.
Dated September 2.1, It'll.
Pub. Nov. 2,
Skeena Land District���District
Take notice that Thomas Arthur ���
couver,   I). C, occupation carpen.*:.
apply  for permission  to  purchase tl.*   I
described landa:
Commencing  at   a   poet   planted   at
fluenee of Ularkwater river with Naa* -
two milee south of the sixth Dominion  1>
cabin.   Poat marked T. A  W. S. K. I
80 chaina north, thence 80 chaini west, '
chains aouth, thenee 80 cliaina aaal
commencement, conUining 840 acr.-.
Dated Sept. 23, 1911.
Pub Nov. 2.
Skeena Und District -District of 1  1
Take  notice  that  Angus James   Mm*
Vancouver. IS. C, occupation bookkeeper, ll
to apply for permiaaion to purchase the fo
deecribed lands:
Commencing  at  a   poat   plantH   at   tl
fluenee of Hlaekwaler river with Nan
tvo milos aouth from theaiith Dominion *���
cabin.    Poet marked  A    i,  M.  N-  W.
thence  B0 chaina south,  thence   80 char
1 hence 80 chains north,  thence BO 1
to point of commencement, containing 610
more or leas.
Daled Sept. 23, 1911.
Pub. Nov. 2.
.1 nl
, -..   .o-iivn    uann
; Det.d 6>pt. 12, i9i,
Pub. Oct T.
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUtrlct of >
Tako notico Ihnl Herbert Mcl-onnan
couver. II. l\, occupation real estate ******
lo apply for permiasion to purchi-*e ih<* fc
deKribed lands:
Commencing at a  po.t  planted  a*
lluenco of Hlaekwaler river with  the Ml
about   two   mile,  a,,ml,   ,,(   (he  sixth    I'
Telegraph  cabin.    Post   marked   If.   M
Coiner, Ihenco 80 chain, aouth, thenc.
weat, thenn 80 chaina north, thence* -"
oaat to point ol eommencoment, SDBtslnins
acre, more or leae. ... .
Dated Sopt. 23, lllii        IIERIIKIIT M<*l,1 .*���
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skoena Und DUtrict���Dlalrlct ol CoSfl B��l
Tako nollco that I, Thome. HsClysioni
Prinoe Rupees ll. C., occupation real ������
broker, Intend lo apply for permUsion to l*,!'.*
the lollowln* doacribed landa:
Cummenelng at a put  plantod at Ih**
corner ol pre-emption record 112, thence i
chaina.  thenco aoulh   10 chains, thence **<*
chain, to ahoro of lake,  thenco followine
ol lake In a northorly direction to point nl
mencement;  containing S20 acroa, more ,-
Datoel Sept. J, uu.     THOMAS McCLI M;
Pub. SepC ��. Eron��at Col.. Agen.
mHM imm
Absolutely pun
I   i
(     General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
(notary runucl
V. r. 0. GAMBLE
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Prince Rupert
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson   Nuaa und Stewart,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M.
For Masset nnd Naden Harbor every
alternate   Thursday   at   10   P.   M.
commencing November 9th.
For   Skidegate,   Jewday,   etc
alternate   Thursday   at   10
Commencing November 2nd,
P.   M.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains Irom Prince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays 1 P. M��� returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Cl.ri.tma. visit East travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
Irom Chicago.    The finest and best
service over Double Track Route.
Connections with all roads East and
West.    Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged..    Full information and
tickets obtained from thc office of
A. e. McMaster
It Is The Trained Man or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder!
To fit your son or daughter for a business   career you must give
them a business training.   The best place to send them to is the :
Nanaimo Business College
It is thc nearest business
college to Prince Rupert.
It's fees ore within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
personal, and develops the
individuality of the pupil.
Room and board is cheap
in Nanaimo. The pupils
are away from thc distractions of the larger cities   :
On lee-l-ia-l nam stAttitt Mm ia
Thc Ben Pitman System of
Business English and tatter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Office Routine
ll Mir Mean all the Difference Between Success and Failure lo You
Ask at Dally News forour booklet teaching how to write shorthand
c. I Nut, M*. ***��� ���**
...-...-_-_..._��� 1 tmms*t**m
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous Prii cess
Princess Mary
Saturday, November 18th, at 9 am
Por Victoria. Vancouvor and Seattle
J. G. McNab
"British Empire"
Here's the worlds
best eun-a Greener Hammerless���
at a price within
the reach of all
sportsmen; its got
all the Greener
features, hard
hitting, far shooting, lasting wear;
there's nothing better;   price
Catalog p6
63-65 Bearer Hill Hill
Mwtreal, P.Q.
Skeonu Land Diatrict���District of Cou.t Range -
Taku notica that LoRoy F. Grant or l'nnce
Kupert, Bi C , occupation civil onglneei. inUmda
to apuly for permiaalon to purchase tlio following
dt-criuod landa;
Commencing at a poat planted about ;i 1.2 milea
in a northerly direction from the northeast corner
P-'.-i of Lot 18.., Range I, Co_i-?t District, thenco
eaat 30 cbaina, thenoe north UU chuins, thonco
wost to bank of river, thence south following
hank of rivor to point of commencement: containing IRQ acrea, more or lean,
Dated Sept. 9, 1911. LKHOY   V.  GUANT
Fub. Oct. 10. Gordon C. timmeraon, Agent
Skeuna Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Coast Hange 5
Tako notice that R. F. Miller of Tipton, England,  occupation  farmer,    .itemls  iu  upply   fur j
permission   to  purchaae   thu  following  described
Commencing at a poat piunted about GO chains
weat from the N. W. Corner of Lut -110(3, thunce
north 40 chaina, thence wust .:�� cliuins, thenoe
aouth 40 chaina, thunce eu.it no chains to the
point of commencement contuining eighty acres
more or leaa.
Dated Auguat 19 1011. R. F. MILLER
I'ub. Aug. 20. I\ M. Miller, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrlct���District of Coast Range 5
Tako notice that Frank S. Miller of London,
Kng., occupation civil engineer, intends to apply
for permiaalon to purchaae the following deecribed
Commencing at a post planted at the N. E.
Corner of Lot 28, thencu north 20 chains, thence
weet 20 chaina, thence south _0 chuins, thence
eaat 20 chaina to point of commencement, containing 40 acrea more or loss.
Dutod Auguat 16, 1911. FRANK S. MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Millur, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���DL-trict of Coaat Range &
Take notice that Lottie McTaviah of Vancouver,
occupation married woman, intends to apply
for permUsion to purehaae the following doacribed
Commencing at a post piunted at tho northweat corner 100 chaina east und 20 chaina nortb
from N. E. corner of Lot lllti, Harvey's Survey
Coast DUtrict Range 5, ther.ce 20 chains aoutb,
thence 80 chaina eaat, thencu 80 chaina north,
thenco 40 chaina weat, thencu 60 chaina south,
thunce 40 chaina west to post o( commencement
dontaining 400 acrea more or less.
Dated Sept. 18,1911. LOTTIE McTAVlSH
Pub. Sept. 23 Fred VY, Rohter, Agent
Skoena Land District���DUtrict of Coast Range 5
Take notice that MUs Mury Muiville of Clare,
Ireland, occupation spinsU-r, intends to apply
for permission to purcnaae the following desribed
Commencing at a poat planted one chuins north
of the southeast cornor of Lot .'. *2, thence north
40 chains, thonco oaat 20 chuins, thencu south -10
chains, thuncu wust 20 chains to point of commencement; contuining eighty ucrus, moru or less
Duted Oct. 11,1U11. MISS MARY MULVILLE
Pub. Nov. 11. John C. Muiville, Agunt
Helta Coola Land DUtrict��� DUtrlot of Coast Rangu
Tako notice that II. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ire-
land, occupation geotleman, Inlenda to apply
for permission to lease the following doscribod
Commendng at a poat planted on tho ahore
of Neclecuconnay River about 10 chaina west
of Indian  Reaerve Line .thenco wost 60 chains '
ISL^w^^ leaves Vancou*
uf  Hella Coola  Rivar,  thencu following channel
of  Hella Coola  River  easterly  60  chaina,  north
80 chaina moro or leaa to point of commencement;
containing 480 acrea, moro or leas.
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   Phom.304   Chandlery
-���-��� - ��� -
*\ ���General Hardware-
Builders' Hardware
.  Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Granite-ware       Tinware
Second aven.ie and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Oflice.
The new steel Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Mondayafternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
ver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
I musl Auiu.1 U,
I'ub. Sept. 80.
11.  M. CLIFF
William McNair, Agonl
Steerage Fare
Skeena Land DUtrlct���DUlrict of Coast Rango &
Tako   noticu  that   Benjumin   Russel    Ricu    of
Prlnco Rupert, H. C, occupation waiter,   intends
to apply for iwrmiaalon to purchaso thu following
: deacribed landa:
_ .   . '     Commencing at a poet plantud ������'���> chains aouth
���Ueneral Agenl ' from   the  southeast   corner  of  Lot  3060.     Post
I marked U. R. R S. E. Corner,  thence 70 chaina
weat, thance 65 chaina north, thence 70 chaina
east, thoncu 6& chaina aouth  to point  of   commencement, containing 455 ucrus mora or lesa.
Dated Octobor 21, 1911.
Pub. No?. 2.
The "Camosun" is the only  steame
on the run having water-tight bulkheads and double bottom, thus en
suring safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Prince Rupert Lodge, LO.O.F.
NO.  63
Meet* in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
J. P. CADE. N.G.
J. GLUCK. Sec.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUUict of Queen Charlotu
Take noUc* that Auatin M. Rrown of Prince     .
Rupert.   R.   C,   occupaUon   aaddler,   intenda   to , chains,  thenco east   80  chains,  ihenco  north
apply to the tW Commissioner of Unds and   chaina, ibenco west 80 chaina lo place of o
Works for a licence to proapect for coal, oil and   nenremi-m.
Skeena Land DUUict���DUtrlct of Queen Charlotte
Tako notice that thirty daya from dato, 1, C. K.
Hainter of Princu Rupert H. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo tbo Chief Commissioner of Landa for a licence lo prospoct for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham Istand described as (ollow.i:
Commencing al a post piunted two mllea notrh
of stake marked C. K, II. CoaJ Loaae No. 4, marked
N. L. corner C. K. H. Coal Lease No. 6, Ihence
aouth 80 chains, thonco weal 80 chaina, thence
north 80 chains, ihence eaal 80 chains lo plaoa of
Datod SepL 11,1911.     C. K. DAINTER. Locatoi
l 'uI.. Sepu 23.
Skrena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Quoen Chralolte
Take notice thai thirly days (rom date, I. C K.
Uainter of Prinoe Rupert, 6. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landa for a licence to proop-.'ct for
coal ahd petroleum on and undor 640 acrua of
land on Graham Island described aa followa:
Commencing at a poat plantod two mllos north
of C. I*'*. U. Coal Lease No. 3. marked C. K. Uainter
N. W. corner Coal Lease No. ti, thenco soulb 80
Write us regarding
the value of your
Prince Rupert property, We will be pleased to keep you posted
as to conditions here.
Flat in Rand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
and Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two cottager con.er Second Avenue and
Ninth Street.
Lots in all parts ol the city.
We represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in thc City.
II. Gorelun Munro W. NIcMaon Lalley
Stork BuildinR, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      I'hone No. 280
I'rince Kuiiert P.O. Box 351
of lint ir.1, Columbia of I1C, I lulnri... Saa-
anel Manitoba Hnrs. katchewan   and Al
berta Hare.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchaniro block, corner Third avenue and
Si ail, sir.vi. Prince Ruoert. 8
Second Ave. Phone 112
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, skilfully treated. Gaa and
local ann.the.iic. adtnlni.terod for the palnloaa *��������
traction of tooth. Con.ulUtion (,,*.*. OlUcee:
IlclKoreh,n Hlock. Prince Ruoert. 11-1!
Alei.MMun.oii ii.a..     W K W,ii,.ii���-.ii a .......n
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Kupert, B.C
P.iO. BOX 2*1
ri in. or ws. roxoN, can., a.e.a.h . ion., i
We Pay Highest Prices
for Brass, Copper, Lead,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cash Store
lar. Ul. and Accid.nl Inturanco.
CIS 3rd Avenue Phone 2*13 and Groan 26!
petroleum on and undor the followlnf described
lands on the Wast Cout of (iraham Island:
t nla
of lhe northeaat cornar of C. L. No. 4478 tbence
90 chaina aouth, tbenea 80 chains east, thenee 80
chaina north, thenca 80 chaina wast to point of
Dau of Ucallon Slat July, lull.
I'uh. Aug. 17.
Dated Sept. 11, 1911.    C. K. HAINTKU .Locator
Pub. Sopt. 23
Skeena Land Dlrtrict���DUtrict of Quoen Charlott.
Take notice that thirty days from date, 1, C. ��
Uaintor of  I'rinco Kuperi, fi. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply to the Chief Com*
miaaioner of Landa for a lie* nee to proapeel for
coal and  petroleum on  and  under 640 acrea of
: Imnd on Graham Island described ar follows:
|     Commendnf at a poet planted two milea nortb
of C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 3, atake S. W. corner
Coal Leaae No. 7, thenco north 80 chaina, thence
Skeana Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Queen Charlotu   eaat 80 chaina, thenoe south 80 chaina,  thonce
Islands | *wtml 80 chain* to place of commencement.
Take notice that Auatin  M.  Drown of Prince
Kupert, occupation aaddler, Intends to apply to
equipment    I   hi'  .cks�����*" nf k'h*. work wl.icl.
taste, the sliiR le-muidcd fm tii m I or m
.real printers Rave, hi *'' / ^St on   -�� them a-ie-
'if he has all of these, and I   ail. t on .^
quale modern equipment,  your print  r
distinction, salesmanship, the wre oi   jri-
As thi. '-mc prod,.- flj��3&2WE<V
the presence of a K""'1 PfllWW   wno '*
"NEWS J,'I. '
Daily News Building
Third Avenue
the' Chief Cbmm-aeloner of Landa and Worka
for a licence lo prospect tor coal and oil and petroleum on and under tha following described landa
on ibe West Coast of Graham laland:
Commencing al a post planted three miles cast
of the eouthweat corner of C. h No. 4477 ihence
80 chains ran. thence 80 cbaina north, thence 80
chains ��mi, ibence 80 cbaina aoutb to point of
commencement. _���___������.   .
Dale of Location. .Hat July 1911.
I'ub. Aug. 17.
Skoena Land Diatrict -Dislrict of Queen Charlotto
Take notioe that Auatin M. Urown of Prinoa
Kupert, occupation aaddler, intenda lo apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner of Lands and Works for a
licence to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on and
under the followine deecribed tanda on the Weat
Coaat of Graham Island:
Commencing al a post planled three mllea eaat
of the aoulheaat cornar o <'. L. No. 4472 thenoe
north HO chains, Ihence east 80 chains, thence soulh
SO chaina, thence weet 80 chaina to point of com*
mencemML au8T|N m   DIWWN| ^^
Localed August 1st. 1011.
Pub. Aug. 19.
1 Skeena Und Diatrict -District of Queen Charlotu
j Take notica that thirty days from date, I, C. E
1 Uainter of Prince Kupert, H C, hy occupation
Imokkteper, intend to apply to the Chief Com-
iniMinii-T of Lands lor a licence la proapect for
coal and pelroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham Island deeoribed as follows:
j Commencing al a post planted five miles easl
of Coal Lease No. 4467, marked C. E. U. Coal
Lease No. I, N E. Corner, thence west 80 chains,
ibence aoulh 80 chains, ihenee east 80 chains,
i thence north 80 chaina to ��-%����&>���>"!_���"_��
DatedSept. II, I9H      n "'"     " "   ' "-',-
I'ub. Sept 23.
i wtan ov cnaini tu p    __
1 Dated Sept. tl, 1911.     C. E. UAINTEK, Locator
Pub. Sept. 23
C. I.   UAINTEH, Locator   pub. Sepl. 23.
Skoena Land District���District of Queen Charlotta
Taka notice that thirty dava from dato, I, C. K.
Uainter of Princa Kupert, U. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend lo apply to lho Chief Commiaaioner of Lands (or a licence to proapect for
coal and petroleum on and under i>iu acres of
land on (iraham Island (Inscribed aa followa:
Commencing at a post planted two milea north
1 of C. E. U. Coal Lease No. 4, marked S. E. corner
C. E. U. Coal Leaae No. 8, tbence north 80 chaina,
thunce west 80 chains,  tbence aouth  80 cbaina,
ihence east 80 chains to place of commencement.
DatedSept. 11, 1911.     (. E. UAINTEK, Locator
I'ub . SepL 23
Skoena Land District���District of Queen Charlotto
Take notica that thirty days from dato, I, C. E.
Uainter of I'rinco Kuiwrt, U. (.'., by occupatiun
I Mikki-'iH-r, intend lo apply lo the Cnlef Commiaaioner of Unds for a lioence to prospect for
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acrea of
land on Graham laland di��cribod as follows;
Commencing at a poat planted five mikx cast
of Coal Leaae No. 4474, marked C. E. Ualnur's
N. E. corner Coal Leaw> No. 0, tbence auuth 80
chains, tnence west 80 chaina, thenca north hii
chains, thonco east 80 cbaina lo place of commencement.
DatedSept. II, 101L    C* *'- UAINTEK, Locator
; Pub. Sepl. 23.
[ Skeena Und District-District of Queen Charlotu
* Take notice that thirty dava from daU, I, C. E.
Uainter of Prlnco Kuport, It. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, Intnd to apply to the Chlof Com*
misaioner uf Lands for a lioenco to prospect fur
coal and petroleum on and under 640 acroa of
land on Graham Island deacribed as follows:
Commencing at a pimi planted ono mile north
of C. E. II. Coal Uaao No. 9, markod N. W.
corner C. E. U. No. 10, thonco aouth 80 chains,
thence weet 80 chaiiin,  thonce north  80 chains,
ihence ea.it 80 chains tu place of commoncement.
JatedSepl. 11, IP11.     0. E. UAINTEK, Ucator
0. M. Helgerson, Ltd.
Real E.l.te and R.ntal.
Office.: H.lgeraon Block
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A larne stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low aa any.
Call on us before ordering.
Cor Centre St and First Ave.
Skeen. Lainl UUlricl 11,sulci nl gueen Charlutte
Take nolice Ih.l Hiirl/ elay. Irom dale, I, C. b
ll.inter ol Prince Rupert, B. 0. by occu|,.lion
l����,kkeM��-r, Inlend lo .pply to the Ohlel Com-
n,i��.ie,ni-r ol Und. (or a licence (o MSMM lor
co.l .nd petroleum on an* undor MO acree ol
Unel on llr-ham UUsd fcsSfiM ������������>*;������_ ___.
(e.mmencin, al a poal planled Ove mile. eMl
���! Coal l-��ee��- No. 4187. marlnd O. h. B. N. W.
mrncr No. 1, ihenc. ��ulh BU chaina, Ihence ea.1
Si chaina, ificnce north  SO ehalna,  lh.nco w��l
&a��- initMrn.7.NTE.,, u^r
Pub. Sept. 211.
Skeena l.uml DUtrict ���Dlitrict ol Queen Charloti.
Take nollco that thirty day. Ironm data, I, C, G. r
Uainter ol Prince Huport, ti. C, occupation book. I
keeper, Intend to apply to the Chiol CommUaioner   *
ol l_mU lor a licence to proapect lor eoal and
potroloum  on  and  undiT MO acraa ol land on
uraham laland d��.crilN>,l aa folluwa:
CommonclnR .1 a poat planted two mllo. north
ol ('. K- II. Co.l lacac Nei ", marked N. B, cornor
of C. I'.. 11. Coal laoniu. No. 11, thenco smith HO
chain., th.nce wnt HU chaina, Ihence north 80
chaina, the-nco mat B0 chaina to place of commoncomont.
llat-nlSepl.il, ISII.     C. E. UAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sepl. 23.
General Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Also agents for Fair-
banks - Morse and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Accessories carried in stock.
Launch., and Boat, for Hlr.   N.E. aa* at Wharf
Sk-nna Land DUlrict -DUtrlct ol Queen Charlotu
lake ir..,,,,' Ih.l thirly day. (rom d.te, I, C. E.
Hrem,rr   Ol   MASS   llUp.Tl,    ll.   Oh   by   OCCUp.lion
lioeikkcepor, Intend to .pply to the Chiol Com-
mu��iiiner ol Uml lor a licence to nro.|Mict lor
coal and t*etrnle*eim on and under b-10 .cri*. of
land on tir.h.m laland eleecrlbe,! a. follow.:
Commencing .1 a post planted two mllea north
of C. E. II. Coal Uaao No. 7. marked C. E. U.
Co.l l>eaao No. 12, 11,,-,,,-, wuih K0 chfcina, thenoe
.-��.,   80 ch.ina, thenoe north  80 ch.ina, Ihence
,, mm ho chain, to pl.ee ol commencement.
Skeen. Und Dl.trlrt-DUlrlct pl (|u��in CherkiUo
Take notico lhal thirty day. Irom d.te, I, O..B.
II. nier ol I'rinc. Itupert, B. C, by oecupatlon
tooUMP*. Intend to .pply to the ChLICom-
SSSS ��� Unda lor a licenc. to proapect lo
Sas3 ******** on and under sw acrea ol
unel on ..rah.m I "lend doMrlbod a. lollow.:
' '���Too-emcncin, .( IMS pl.nUnl (l��e II.le.x**M
i t .,*] I..MO No. 44/6, marked C. ������ ����� ��*,"���
, ! . *. Jr����_ Uaae No. 3, thenoe east 80 chains,
SSStrtf<!�� chain..  fe-sM*
Skeana Land Dislrict���Dislrict of Coaal IUnge V
Tako notice lhat Jism M. Tallman of Cedar
Rapida, Iowa, occupation lawyer, fptends to
apply for permiasion to purchaae th* following
deecribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on tho aoutherly
shore of Kutaymatoan Inlet on the right bank
of a ���mull Bin-am (lowing Into aald Inlel juat eut ���
of Crow Lake. Thenoe aoulh 20 chains, ihence
weat 20 chaina more or leaa lo the ahore line of
('row Laka, tbenea northerly and eaaurly foi*
lowing the ahora llnaa of Crow Lake, the Inlet
to Crow Lake and Kutaeymateen Inlet lo lhe
plaoa of commencement, conulnlng forty acraa
mora or leaa. Locaud Auguat 7, 1911.
Daud Aug. 9, 1911. JESSE M. TALLMAN
l Pub. Aug. 12.
Skaana Land District���Dislrict of Coast Kange b
Take notica that I, Chriatopher Jamea Graham
of Prince Rup rt, B. C, occupation locomoltve
engineer, inland to apply for permiaalon lo purchase
tbo foUowing deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planud at tha aouthwest cornor of Lot No. 17^3 vicinity of Lake:
Lakelee and marked Christopher J. Graham
N. E. Corner, thenca waat 40 chains, thence eoulh
80 chains, thence east 40 ehalna, thenoe north 80
chaina to poet of commencement; conUining
320 aciee, more nr leas.
Datod Sept. 22. 1911   11 ..'.6 A.M. - -Witnessed T. D
Pub. Sepl. 90.
Skeena Land DUtrict��� Dlalrlct of Cwaiar
Take notioa that IL If. Stewart of Vancouvar,
it.   C-,  occupallon  truckman,   InUnda  an  apply
for permiaalon to purebaaa the (ollowing described
Commanclng at a poat planud 40 cbaina aoulh
of Pre-emption No. 397 and ..- chains easl from
thu Naaa Klver (S. W. fi. thenoa 40 chaina eaat, !
thenca 40 chaina north, ihenco 40 chaina wwt,
thenca 40 chaina aoutb to lhe point of commencement to contain 160 acre* mora or lai
Itcpairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Carried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. Ixtwnn 10th and Hth Sts
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Avt.
Wa carry every thimr in lhe fes-d line, alao gar-
den seeds al the luwcat market pricea, al CuJlart'e
ole Pted Store. Market Place
l*r> nipt Delirery
I'hone. II or *)|
For Beginners nnd Advanced Pupils
Mils Vera Greenwood
Pupil of Frana Wilciek. Paria ami Berlin.
Daled Aug, 1911.
I'ub. Sept. 23.
RICHARD HOWARD STEWART    D.-..-..-.   OQ       Al,l    -111       1   ll      .
jamea T. Fulierton. Ageni  Koom 28.   Alder Block Upit��irs
Skeena Land Dislrict���District of Coast Range -'���
Taka nolle* that Harold E. Smith of Morolv,
Alia., occupallon statu.n agent, intends to apply
for parnlaalon to purchase tho 'ollowing deecribed
Commanclng at a poat planud at tho aoulh- ;
weat corner 100 chaina aaal and 20 chains north
from N. E. vomer of Lol 1116, llarvay'a Survey
Coaat Dislrict  IUnge 6,  thanca 40 chaina aaat,
thenca 80 chaina nortb, thence 40 chains waat, !
tbence 80 chaina aoutb to poat of commencement
containing 320 acrea, more or leaa.
Daud Sept. 18, 1911. HAROLD E. SMITH
Pub. Sept. 23. Frad W. Bobler, Agen
Skeana Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat
Take notlc* lhat Herbert J.  Macki*
broke.  Ont.,  occupation  lumberman,   InUnds
apply for permiaalon  to purebaaa th* following
doacribed landa:
Commencing at a post plantad on tbe loft bank
of the Zymouolts or Am-a-got-iu River, at aoutb**
weat corner of Lol 1706, thence northerly, following
tha westerly boundary of U.t 1706, 80 chaina
more or leaa, to the nortbweet corner ot aald Um '
1706. tbene* westerly and aouihorly, following \
the left bank of aaid river, 80 chaina mora or leaa lo .
point of commencement conulnlng 160 acroa:
mora or laas.
LocaUd Auguat 19, 1911.
Dated August 21, 1911.    HERBERT J. MACKIE
Pub. Aug. 26. Frederick S. ClemenU, Agent
==E.   EBY   CB,  Co.__=
KKAi.  ksia:.*-:
Kitsumkalum l.anl Kor Sale
kithumkai-um -       |>  C.
S. O. E. B. S.
IK Han*  at
The  Prlne.  Rupert lyal-re, Nr.   .
Kane, t, ' Kn��ta*"l- m~-l. the nml and thlnl  T ,e.|...  in
ol L.   -"Wl. month in lhc Son. of Knnl.n.1 11.11, hi, 2nd
���        Av.    .1 	
Ave at II p.m.
F. V.
CLARK. See-.
A.I. CM.
T.'aeh.T of I'lam., Violin and
Voice Culture.
.'ml Ave,
i-lween "lh & Hth Sta.
I'rince Itupert
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phon* 125      Naden Block       Stand An
1 I'ub. Sep.. 23.
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
e<V~n. Unel DUlrUrl-Utotrlct of Queen ASM
"".'-/-.'Ir i  "-I"�� ���"pi* *�� -**��� Chl" irT"
1 III Uml. lor . He*���2.�� fpt*^- '��'
l.nd on (
mkeaioner ol i-""1" ���"������ "-B',7"uiid�� -li. acree ol
���,.!  .n,l  MMrtSASW m loll....
(i,.h.m *******3^f] live mil.*. ....
C.   Vi.   IL   tl.   tU
... weat SO chain*,
com,-, .._-.-=-  , dionco ea.1  .HO  ehalna,
,l,r���r.r  KtfJ��,SS*5 JSa ol commencnmenl.
lh,���_ m h �� SMin. xa |i:��  |A|Nm ucto,
llato<IS��|,t  11, ISII-    **��� *" "
I'uh. Sept *
0-nn-n.nc.ns ���> *J^SmT*f.
i (��������! \a ...' No. 44i6, marhfii * -
i     . i*!ir7rase No. 4, tl^ncc w.
corner 0*��.*^S_p,_��,T_-   .1.,������-.. i>a
Skeena I .ami Diatrict���District of Queen Charlotu
Take notice that thirty daya from daU, I, C. K.
Hainier of I'rince Rupert, H. C, by occupation
bookkeeper, intend tn apply to lha Chlof Com-1
mlJMioripr of Lands for a licence to prospect for
coal and pplrnloum on and under 640 acrea of
land on (Iraham Island dfncrlbcd aa follows:
Commencing at a poat planled two mllea north
of C. 1: II. Coal Lease No. 7, markod S. \V. corner
C, K II. Coil Uaae No. 19, thence north 80
chaina, thance eaat HO chains, thenco aouth K0
chains, Ihenc* west HO chaina to plac* ot commencement.
Dated Sapt. 11,1911.    C. E. DAINTER, Ucator
Fub. SepL 21.
'.(). BOX 120 FHONK 1G6 GREEN
Second Avenue, ne*r McBride
Skeena Und Dlatrict-Diatrict of Caaslar
Tak* notice that I, Thimaa Carter, of Princ*
Rupert, occupatiun carpenter,  inlend  toapnly
for oermlssion to purchase the following described land.
Commencing at a post planted alxiut one mflr
aouth from the mouth of Falls creek and about
IROfeet back from the beach, thence W) chalnn
north, thence 40 chaina west, theme M0 chains
south, thence east 40 chains to point of iv-ninienrt"-
ment, conUlninir :(_.*��� 1 acres more or lees.
Dated July 7th. 1911.    Charles Webster Calhoun.
I'ub. Aug. 6th. Ay.'Mi
Skaena Und DUtrirt���District of Coaat IUnge f>
Taka nolle* lhal I, Gordon ('. Emmeraon of
Prince Rupert, M. C., occupation rael estsle
broker, InUnd to apply for permis-dor. to purcbaae the following deeciibed lands:
Commencing at a post planted aboul 2 6-4
milaa In a northerly direction from the northeast
corner post of Ut US'.', IUnge ���*>, Coaat District,
tbence north 40 chains, thenc* treat to river
bank, thence aouth following river bank to point
of commencemetit;   conulnlng 160 acrea, more or
Fun.r.l   Director and   Embalmer
D.led Itpi XI, 1911.
Pub. tin. 10.
."N-OI.IM* \K I   1:      AVII  l:\lll M Ml.IU
Kun.ral   Director.
3rd Ave. near Hth HI. I'hone No. M
Sk-nna Land Dlalrlct���Dlatrlcl ol Coart H.n(. :,
Take notlc. th.t lllrlam Roy McTaviah ol
Winnipeg, Man., oecupatlon barrUlor, Intonda
lo .pply lor pormlMlon to purehaae the (ollowin,
ds-Krihed land.:
CnmmencinK at a po.i plantwl at lh. aouthweat
eomer 40 chaina aut anel 10 chain, north from
N. K. eorner ol Lot 1110, llarvay'a Hurvey Coa..
Diatrict Ran,. (,, thence GO chaina ea.1, thenco
60 chain, north, thenee 60 ch.in. weat, thenoa GO
eh.ln. aouth lo post ol commencement containing
:n.(i .ere. more or leaa. .
Deled Sept. IK, 11.11   111 III AM  ItOY  McTAVlSH
Pub. Hmt. S3. Prad W. Uohler. Afant
SkMna Land Dlatrlcl���DUtrlct ol Cout lUni. 6
Take notlea that I*:. 11. U. Miller ol Falrnmilh
Ens., occupallon aurveyor, Intend, to apply (o
iMirmlMloii   to  purohaae  the  lollowlns  ileacrUwd
Commencini at a poat ,,l.,,i.*,l al lh. N. W. Cor-
ne,r e,l Lot 1106, thenc weat HO ehl.n., thonce aoulh
20 ehalna, thenee eaat 80 ehalna, tbane. north 20
ehalna to th. point ol comn.entM-rn.nt containing
160 acrea mora or lea..
Daud Augu.t 16, mil. B. M. O   MILLER
Pub. Aug. 26. P. M. Miller, Apnl
..Grand Hotel..
Workingman's Home
Free Labor Run-au in Conntclios
I'hone 178 1st Ave. and 7th St.
CEO. BRODERIUS. Pro.rl.ta,
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines It Periodicals 11 Newspapers
11   -_-=
Phone 150
We have just arranged with one
of our clients to plaee forty-two
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and 8. The prices are as low
as any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Along with this
exceptional offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky
ticket the trip is yours; or yii
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good���
cne in forty-two. Come in and
(Continued from Page One)
of so many residents?    He
desired to see the amendment to the Bylaw providing j!
for the temporary carrying I j
of the sewer to the sea. IL
Aid. Newton supported _
these views. It was left for
Aid. Hilditch to defend the
By-law which he did on the
ground that until the Grand
Trunk plans are complete,
the City Engineer cannot
provide for any permanent
extension of the sewer, but
provision was made for the
use temporarily of vitrified
pipe of smaller diameter than
that of the main sewer. The
sewer, he did not expect,
could possibly be ready until
twelve months from date of
the work's commencement,
by which time there was even- probability that the G.
T. P.   would   have settled *�����<��** ��i r.o. ��ox ��i
their plans so that the En- PONY EXPRESS
gineer could go ahead with   ******* ******* ****** ssav.cs
One Cent A Word For Each Insertion
 fi fi~-
-��-^-��-***^��� mammajl at*m*m**~
*************%  ',
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors' and Personal Bonds
Policies Prepared While You Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
PS -Hrases and Rentals.
For Rent
_.i._^..__..._��i.ii ity
Nice Furni.hed Room., Sin. Greenwood, Alder
Block; Third Ave. l.s-tf
For Rent-Furnl��hed RooT.i-Bu.kle)* Block���
I-..'- ****** up.
For Rent-Two roomed cai -in. SksS to McBride,
freehly papered and clean. OOlf 11'-' per month.
H  F. McRae* Co. t-f
OUR Companies ar* noted fur prompt and juat
settlements. We write every known class of
Insurance. Th* Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
By S.S. Prince Rupert tomorrow a. m.
ARCTIC STUDIO, ��.��<���;L"
Butler Build s
PkuSC Green 33*.
Maternity nurae  open   fat enffajrement   from
Nov. ISth.   Apply Box tllv News. MMI
Wan ted-Servant to do general housework. Other
maid kept.    Mra. L. W. Patmore. t-f
Wanted - Girl for ffctwral housework. Anply
Mn. Laoey. 12Q8 2nd Ave. KS-267
Wanted. ��� Drcaamakinsr. cleaning and preas-
inr. repairing for men and w*.men Mra Charlea
Percher. (flu rhlrd Ar*.   I'h-r.fM Red.     tf
Young Engineer Assistant to
Col. Davis Will go East For
A. S. B. Lucas of the City Engineer Department has applied
for leave of absence for one
month from Dec. 1st. He has
served the city continuously since
his engagement a year and a
half ago. Leave granted two
weeks with pay and privilege of
extension to one month at discretion.
Insuring City Buildingr
C. D. Rand has applied for a
share of the insurance on the
new city buildings under construction. Referred to Finance
Insuring City Workers
The Mack Realty & Insurance
Agenev has written the council
regarding the renewal of the Insurance policy on the city employees. Referred to Finance
the complete scheme.    But ""���ngS-g^ggft^ For L
meantime, faced with a cost s.-��_. a-��. ����i Fulton Ph<m.��i
of $150,000 for the complete  = ~
sewer and $75,000, for the RUPERTS HEATHER STEIP
part   proposed,    there    was St.   Andrew's   Society Annual
a Strong Chance that the By-      Dance Comes off on the 30th.
law would be turned down.      St- Andrew - Night.
The Council were unable    The nicht o' nichts is not far
to agree on the best way to off now.   Saint Andrew. Patron
satisfy the petitioners with- Saint of Bonnie Scotland, has his *******
out having to withdraw the kindl-v e>'e on Prince Ru--*-rt
whole   Bvlaw   and  draft  a thouRh our city may be frse
land o cakes, and Prince Rui**
new one.
At last, after a host of resolutions and amendments, the night of the 30th inst., St
during which  Aid.   Clayton Andrew's night, the members
in desperation moved that the St- Andrew's Society
the By-law be given a  six
months' hoist, it was finally
This year's will
assuring the citizens that a excel it in every way. It will be
temporary sewer to tidewat- the -*eal thing sparkling with fun
er could be built. The reso- and the true social spirit of Scotland at home or abroad. Be
there. Don't forget the nicht o*
Lost and Found
Frm Vucntct tr Seattle
Through Tickets and all information about your trip
Roger's Steamship Agency
2nd Ave.    He-ad of Centre St.   Phone 116
The Big
Furniture Store
Furniture of even
scription at prices thai
csnnot  be beaten.
Everything for
2nd Ave. and 6th St Phone 62
************* l ********���*.-.���;.:-.- *
FOUND-SSm-ll Kerye.   Inquire at  New. Orti-*-e
F,;nd- Ladle.' opal   aM   brooch.    Owner   wr.-i
description to <Zl.ll. Daily New..       tSe-iti
Real Estate
Lot for Sal. In Swtloa $. Block tt. Lot 15. Tth
An.   Apply Mike Hunch. Box U2 City.      tf
Will buy lou <n Princ. Rupert at banraln prim
for ca.h.   Apply P.O.  Box  ~*1 elating location.
, .1 .,  a
t. far 1	
e the  j
upert +.-_--.-
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furni.hod and
Steam Healed Room.
W. H. Wrighl, Prop       p.o. ki 37
Scots have not forgotten the Pat- E��t��- *m*aaa*m of ���.,.!.* .xp.ri.nc want.
_   . ... .       .       _%.    I    P0.1U0..    A.lrlrr..   ' Suneampher." t***2 i- r-
ron Saint of their owr* land.   On    *3c-.sl. vue_~r, b.c. t-f
.,  st. *������-_	
ers of'j j
i- and  j
For Sale
the St.  Andrew's
their friends hold the annual St., _
. , .   . . ��� I For Salle - Complete cabin furnt.htnr.. Includ*
Andrews  night  dance.       Last    *n�� ss* atov.. ****, chair., ubi.war*. cook-
,     _        .       . .     . Ins uten.ll.. bed**, with  e-ual anel provi.inn. 12.1
year s St. Andrew s dance was a,  c. dm nw. ��.... au.ro
agreed to pass a resolution memorable one.
lution, which was offered by
Aid. Clayton, is to be advertised in in the papers.
Savoy Hotel
Cor. Frmecr and 5th.        Choice Wine* and Clrvs
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listings
Continental Trust Co.,
Second Avenue Prince Rupert
WiW.M.W.WiW.Wlfa.W.W.rf��.W.W.W.M.W.W.W...... ..,.,,.,;''
Old Landmark Goes
All Sunday a gang of
men and horses were engaged in moving the old Schrei-
ber building at the comer of
Centre Street and St. Andrew's Road past the Anne.x.
The building has been pur-
cha-sed by Alderman Hilditch
for removal to Third Ave.
Application* will be received
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Directors of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full course of
training in nursing. 12t
Government Telegraph Change
Today the Dominion Government telegraph office is being removed from
the old quarters in the Empress basement to new and commodious premises
in the Stephens Block, Third Ave.
First of League Series
Grippe Gripped George
Aldermsn George Kerr wai   i
at  last right's C'ou- cil mecii g.
Hi- i> con fired to bed with grip;. -.
City Water Pipe
Tenders for the supply
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.   White- labor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
When in   Vancouver   You   Should   Stay at the
Finest Cafe in B.C.     European Plan.     Rates $1.00 to ;J'<
Hot and Cold Water in each room.
Vancouver, B.C.
Cor. Srd At.
��� nd -lh St.
The James
N'lclr furni.hed rooma. Good ubk board
Bo.,d f4.7S Room aad Bo.e-d 17.00
maim in -ii nurn low
The Grand Trunk team won the bow- Cast iron Water pipe  for  the
ling match last  night, vanquishing the  Woodworth     Water     SUppIv  	
Quills.    No very brilliant  bowling was ...       ,        .       ..                 rr *  i
done, not a single 200 score being made Within the City  limits,   Were GRADES
the whole evening. opened last night and sent
From England
ies' rain coats.    Wallace's.
.. Before the auction of lots in section 2. I
new shipment of lad-  to ^ Engineer IOr report, intending purchasers should carefully *
,,,, ,   ~~~. - ..        Study the Lot Grades
"Conservative Insurgent! ���
Membership cards are being sent to Vou can only do this satisfactorily by j
ccruin leaders of the revolt in the Con- !.l,uinin*I i.TOP>' of JN l"*c ***** *3 '* '
G. T. P. Tran.f.r Agent.
Ord*re pramptlr filled.   Vr.-*, r-meonabl*.
OFFICE- H. a Rochnter. Ceretr. St.    Pboo. -.
Skeena   Mail and  Express
Leave all express packages for interior points with the Pacific Tr   -
fer Co., 807 Third Ave., and insure prompt forwarding.
All accounts and correspondence addressed to
P.O. Bsi 806
will receive immediate attention
Ha.eIlo.-i B. f
Our new Christmas
catalogue is now ready
���and ls yours for the
It contains 124 pages
of illustrations reproduced ln colors of
Diamonds, Jewelry,
Silverware, Cut Glass,
Leather Goods and
A postal card will
bring you a ccpy.
Ryrie Br ", Limited
Canada's Lar|c��i Jewslrr House
���la*, fl-frl**, Pr*t.
���    Harr-f Rurl*, *8cc    U*at  .
134-136-138 Yonge St.
Gift Giving
The genuineness of values in gold
jewelry, cut glass, sterling silver and
dozens of kindred lines all in direct
keeping with the Christmas spirit, arc
being displayed at Wark's Jewelry
store on Third Ave.
Those who are buying early to send
to friends in Eastern Canada or to the
old land are delighted with the assortment and values which are so cxticm-
ely reasonable. They possess a distinctiveness not found elsewhere at
popular prices.
This firm are also selling cut flowers.
These are obtained from the largest
grower on the coast. Deliveries on
i A in   hv
The cards entitle the cords
y 2 ft.) complied from official re- !
hy J. H. Pillsbury, CE.    This
full  details of contours,  lopo* :
ciation of Conservative Insurgents with  graphical  features,  street grades and1
full privileges. i rot el��vations.
servativc camp.
recipienu to membership in  the Asso-
fashionable   fall waists.    Wai-
Sell the Daily .News.
It's the easiest and quickest way of earning money
of your own.     Apply at
For Sale at the Office of
C. B. SCHREIBER _ CO.    ���    Prnc. Rnprrt
���1.1 Thlnl Are.
r. O. Boi ��ll.
Phone ���
IS Commission Government Better ^
Than the Old-style City Council   ���
Intending Purchasers
of Section 2 Lots
Nov. 29th is the date set for
the selling by auction of Lota
in Section 2. If you wish to '
get a lot send us your instructions to buy, together with the
cash for the amount you care
to put in.
Terms of Sale -One quarter
cash and balance in 1. I and 3
years at 6 per cent.
The Paper
Your Home!
It give9 you all the news of your own city and district as well as the principal happeniny-*
in all parts of the world.   The news is well edited, its news columns are clean and whi*'���>
some.   It is a paper yo-i need in your home.   The advertising columns of the News briny
you in touch with opportunities for getting the full value for your money. :      :      : _J
���    j
A    PUBLIC    DEBATE  J-���*'-
Princ* Rupen, B.C.
on the above question will be held in the Presbyterian Church
Wednesday  Evening  at  8   o'clock
Mr.  J. S. Cowper, Editor of the Daily .Sews will
take  the  affirmative.
Ex-Alderman W. P. Lynch will take the negative.
This is an grand opportunity to hear this great question discussed
ChimafT Swwpiai tai ftouct Qtta'af
Prepare ftir winter by getting your fnr-
naces and flues put in order by
Piki.-I 0** ****** Mthess  Ism H-.fl ar
I'M' r'-F   ;.
* ' ���"������ "-��ii wfcn ^_m_- *aa*A]0a* n-^n ******, ���-**-
BUI Heads
Price Lists
Memorandum Forms
Commercial Card*
In  Commercial  Printing
wa ha.e a Urge .lock ef
We h.ndl. Blank Udger
Forma   fear   Loot.
Loaf Sjr.tem
Stock Certificate*
Article* of Association
Illustrated Pamphlet*
= {Shoes..
For society printing, we ensure correctness of style and taste in Visiting Cards, Wedding
Invitations and Dance Programmes. For any kind of printing from the humble "dodger"
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the  "News Job"       :      :      : !
Daily News Building
Third Ave
PHONE   98
, ...<,ni, ��*.��*.'�� .     ramca sursar


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