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Twenty-four hours ending
June ill.
���W*     ""SiT   30-095
5   u. in.,
The Daily News
Fou SOUT'   -V
l'rineess Beatiici-         ,raday u. m.
For   V     ii
Princess Royal        /Iiunsuay p. m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL 11, NO. 139
Prince Rupert, B.C., Wednesday, June 21, 1911,
ii   th
Enormous Prices are Being Paid for Seats to View the Wonderful
Pageant---His Majesty Received the Colonial Premiers
at Buckingham Palace This Morning���Description of the Great Events of Tomorrow
(Colonial Press Despatch)
London, June 21.���All is now
ready for the great Coronation
wliitli takes place tomorrow at
Westminster Abbey. The Full programme has already been rehearsed
and Loi don is now all agog to
sec their Majesties pass in the
gr..ii procession tomorrow.
London is Crowded
London is crowded with visitors
(rum every country and clinic
Tlir hotel acrominodaiion is ex-
hauslcd, and enormously high pri-
n-.irt being paid for flats and
shop-windows overlooking lhe
ti'iiti i.f the procession.
Thousand Pounds a Day
One flat near Pall Mall overtaking ili. procession is siid to
haw Im-.ii rented to an American
millionaire for a thousand pounds
for the day.   Singh- seats in some
of the shop windows are bringing
from five to thirty-live guineas.
Thirty Thousand Soldiers
There are thirty thousand British
regular troops in London today.
These, under the command of
General Lord Kitchener, will guard
the line of march from Buckingham
Palace to Westminster Abbey,
where the Archbishop of Canterbury will perform the Coronation
rite. Within the procession will
be the kings and princes, the
foreign delegates, the officials, the
Household Cavalry and the Colonial detachments,
A Gorgeous Robe
The robes of thc participants
will be remarkable for their gor-
geousness. The King's robe, consists of a mantle, cunningly woven
from twenty-seven yards of pun
gold tissue, so stiff that it stands
alone, and yet  so simple that  it
Stewart Line Will be  Completed Before First Snowfall Comes Down This Fall���New Offices and
Extensions Planned Up the Skeena
Jim returned from an inspection
trip up river, and into the Naas
'li-trict, J. T. Phelan, superin-
oi the Government tele.
graphs, has news of rapid progress
made "ii the Stewart telegraph
line, tin Friday night this week
the construction parties expect
to be within fifteen miles of the
N       Energetic efforts are being
"'���"I'' i mplcte the work quickly,
Heavy Travelling Here
I" this district the work is
impeded considerably by the heavy
nature nl thc trails. Not only is
lh limber growth thick and con-
���traction work through it neces-
orilj   slower, but owing  to  the
 I deep ravines, creeks,
Canyons which have  to be
'���ridged to carry ihe line across,
'  W��rk  is retarded in spite of
- i Hurt.
Alice Arm Gang
��� other gang working started
���Iki Ann, and is progressing
'   'nail of that Inlet over
There will be a tele-
impli line into Goose Bay by thc
owl nf the fall.
Reports the men in charge
��\ *c gangs state that there is
w'l ���: good deal of snow to be
"ttnmtered on the line of con-
""���Ction, Over five feet of snow
'" "l��>rted from thc summits
" UH Alice Ami gang.
In Stewart This Fall
. '" 'I'i'e of this, however, Super-
ln"'.'l��i.i Phelan is able to state
""fidently that the telegraph line
"s" WOT will Ik; completed easily
* ""' end of this fall, and some
'"'" before the fresh snow comes
'*�� f��r the winter. Regarding
"P river trip Mr. Phelan
",(,mi,m"'1 *at with thc advance
"*e r���i| transportation facil-
* '"' ��as keeping ahead with
J**1*   development.     A   new
^'^���'I'lioflice has been established
<<l.,r pjyg,.   tllinv.five  mile8
m  K'tsunikalum,   and   Super-
intention Phelan has made preliminary investigations for further
developments in this direction.
Metlakatla or Bust
The Baptist Brotherhood will
run that excursion to the beach
beyond Metlakatla tomorrow.
Ball games! Races! Swings! A
good lime! Boats leave G. T. P.
slip at  1  p.m., II p.m., and 8.80
p.m. sharp.
Her Highness the Begum of
Bengal Attracts a Deal of
(Colonial Press Despatch)
London, June 21.���Amongst the
many interesting visitors is one
of thc most powerful of Last
Indian potentates in the person
of her Highness the Begum of
Bhopal, who arrived a short time
ago   in   England   to   present   her
fealty to the Emperor of India,
King George of England.
Her Highness brought a large
retinue, including a native doctor,
several cooks, and an astrologer.
The Princess (who is a reigning
Sovereign) wore a beautiful white
silken robe and long veil over her
face. A special train was brought
to thc pier, and her landing was
from a gangway which Immediately
faced the door of the saloon
Where to Go
Pictures and Music, 7.30 p.m.
MAJESTIC   THEATRE,   Third   Ave;
Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
Pictures and muitic, 7.30 p.m.
AUDITORIUM, Sixth Avenue; Roller
Skating, 8 p.m.
falls from the shoulders in graceful
folds. It is in this robe lhe King
will be arrayed as he sits on lhe
famous Coronation cl air, which
since the lime of Edward the First
has served io enthrone his ancestors.
Receives Colonial Premiers
So far as is possible, His Majesty
is resting today, in preparation
for the celebrations of the remainder of the week. He will
receive the Colonial Premiers at
tlie Palace today, his only official
reception until after he is crowned.
Guns Will Announce
A Royal salute of forty-om
guns in Hyde Park, will announce
the moment of the actual ('tiro-
nation, and as the crowned King
of England, his Majesty will then,
m his return journey lo Buckingham Palace, be able to ackl ow-
ledge thc plaudits of his loyal
Reception at Nithg
There will lie no rest after the
Coronation. A great reception
will be given at right to his
guests, the kings ai.d princes of
the world, and their representatives, This will Ik- one of the
most exclusive functions imaginable. None but monarchs, their
children and accredited representatives will be present.
Drive Through London
On the following day. his Ma-
Majesty in accord with custom
will drive through his capital.
A great procession will accompany
him, while from lhe Tower of
London a salute of sixty-two guns
will roar out a Welcome. The
procession will be one of grcal
Reviews the Navy
Next his Majesty will review
the Navy al Spithead. For eighteen miles a triple line ol warships,
covered with gorgeous binning will
await his inspection. As the Royal
yacht (Kisses each battleship, tin-
war vessel will lire a salute of
twenty-one guns. Over three thousand guns will be fired before lhe
end of the great sea-line is reached,
A Third Procession
A third procession will be held
on lhe 29th, when their Majesties,
the Court, and a Sovereign's escort will visit St. Paul's Cathedral,
The route will take in different
streets than those covered in the
preceding processions, and will
end at the Guildhall, where His
Majesty   will   be   entertained   to
Councillors of the City of London.
Visit to the Country
During the lollowing months,
His Majesty will visit various
parts uf his Kingdom, before preparing for the ceremonies attending
ihe investiture of his t-Mest son,
Prince Edward, as Prince of Wales.
This ceremony which will take
place a i historic Carnarvon Castle,
has not been held since the days
of Henry VII.   It will be replete
with  picturesque details, and will
give great satisfaction lo the Welsh
people, who are intensely loyal.
Then the Durbar
Later on, preparations will lie
made to hold tin great Durbar
at Delhi, when with Oriental magnificence. His Majesty will receive
the homage of ihe Hindu pronccs.
and   be  accliamcd   Emperor  of
Coronation Day Picnic
There will be a Baptist Brotherhood Picnic to Metlakatla on
the 22nd.   Ladies free ; gentle-
hincheon by thc Lord Mayor and]men 76c.
No Paper Tomorrow j
In honor of the Coro- j
nation of His Majesty J
King George and tho holiday proclamation issued
by the Dominion Parliament, the Daily News
will not publish tomorrow
Sixth Avenue and McBride Street Centre of Interest for Dominion
Day Land Sports���The Big Race-"Committee  Decides
on Course���Boat Races and the Twelve Mile
Launch Race---Entries in Shoals
Burning Question of Sewers,
Retaining Walls and the Famous Report on the Engineering Department to be Discussed.
On Dominion Day ilu-big crowds
will centre around Sixth avenue
and McBride street. This point
has been selected by the Land
Sports Committee for the races.
| All the short distance Hat races
can be run on almost perfectly
level ground with plenty of room,
on Sixth avenue. At the meeting
of the Athletic Committee in the
police court room last night excellent retmrls were given of the
rush of entries for the races. Over
thirty have already handed in
their names for the hundred yards.
The Ten Mile Covrse
For ihe ten mile the principal
aspirants are known. There may
lie a dark horse at the last moment. Announcement is now made
of lhe course for this important
race. It will be a- follows: Sinning on Sixih avenue on the south
side   of   McBride   street,   along
Sixth as far as Hays Com- Circle,
round the Circle to fifth avenue,
and along then by McBride street
rc|x'ating the course to complete
the ten miles.
Water Sports Programme
The Water Sports programme
was also announced last night.
This includes events as follows:
Single and Double Skiff races, and
Mixed Double Skiff race. Single
and Double Canoe races. Mixed
Double Canoe race. Crab race.
Launch  Race
A twelve mile launch race is
also to be held over a triangular
course from the waterfront lo lhe
Island across the harbor and over
to Dlgby Island where a buoy
will   Ik-   placed,   thence   back   to
the harbor. Entries for this race
must be iii not later than the 28th
inst. iu order that  the launches
may be tested over the measured
mile fur handicaps. No boat
must exceed three per cent uf her
running time.
The Cup which was won last
year by the Ka Vex must be won
three years in succession.
Boat Crew Races
Six oar boat crew races will be
held. A crew from the Lillooet
will compete with a crew of Prince
Rupert Longshoremen. This race-
is open lo any other six oar crews
caring to enter. The launch race
starts at 9.30 a.m. promptly as the
winile of the water s|>orts arc
timed to be over al noon. Captain
Musgrave of ilu- Lillooet will act
as Commodore assisted by Captain
Babington, W. A. Pcttigrew and
Dr. Tremayne. Entries for the
launch race may be made now to
Mr. Pettigrcw at the Government
Land offices.
Tonight thc greatest struggle
of the year is to Ik- held in the
council chamber. Discussion of
the report on the engineering department, the pro|>osals for establishing a sewt r system, and tin
burning question of the retaining
walls will take place.   There prom
iscs to be a long ,-itti tg and a lively
More Frequent Mail Service
Arranged for to Hazelton by
River Steamers.
Postmaster Mi Iniosh announces
that arrangements have been made
for the establishment of a triweekly mail service lo Haielton
by the river -learners of the
Hudson Bay Company and the
Inlander.    It  i- the intention  tu
maintain this icrvice regularly as
far as transportation facilities allow.    Meantime it has not been
found possible lu complete arrangements for a mail service by rail
part way up riv. r, but this matter
is being furiher gone into.
Presbyterian Picnic
Tin-   S.S.    Inlander   has   been
engaged to take the Presbyterian
crowd to a beautiful StUldy beach
for Coronation Day. Tin- boat
will leave at 1 p.m. sharp, returning about 8 p.m. The S|Kirts
Committee think that the gloomiest .KTson in town cm In- guaranteed an afternoon of fun and rest
too. The ladies will bring baskets
and the men pay seventy-five
cents each for the reiiirn fare.
Everybody lie on hand as the
Iroai will leave punctually at I
Development of Prince Rupert's Nearest Great Mining
Property to be on Grand  Scale   Smelter Will
be at Mine -Great Activity .at Goose Bay
Use the  Phone
Call up 341 if you want pie.
cake, or lunches from Rcilly's
Bakiry l.unch in ihe Empress
Theatre Kim-menl.
f agi for Coronation Day
The Arctic Smdio has received
a large -i>h k of silk (tags at very
reasonable prices ju-i ihe thing
for decorating. Ever) lniy and
girl    big and small   should have
ot,- tomorrow.
A man lamed Mclvcr. who
s|x-ak- with a foreign accent was
triid by Magiestrate Carss for
having   refused   lo   pay   his   full
fare on Saturday on the Prince
Albert bound for     Ruperl to the
Queen Charlottes.   He maintained
that he had paid more than
. lOUgh on (he trip in, aid Wanted
a free passage back. Case proceeding al noon.
Bay. While the expenditure of
two million and a half dollar.-, in
Prince Rupert would mean much
lo the city, there are many here
who would just as soon not sec
Prince Rii|xrt a smelter city,
owing to thc smoky atmosphere
Inevitably associated with this class
of wealth production.
Vancouver's Chinks Decide to
Remove to Permanent Headquarters on Albert Street.
Tug Boat and Barges Laden With Steelfor the  Big Bridge Across the   Skiena-
Million and a Half Feet of Lumber for Snow Sheds is Due Tonight   Fourteen Freight Cars Laden With Lumber for Stations are on the Way
This morning a tug boat arrived
with barges in tow bringing 1(10
tons of steel for the Skeena River
bridge, which after the Kitselas
tunnels is thc next great undertaking on thc G. T. P. between
here and Hazelton. The bridge
steel is to be ready in advance
of the immediate need for it so
that there will be no delay at all
in the construction of the bridge.
Lumber for Snow Sheds
Tonight General Superintendent
Mehan expects another tug will
arrive bringing scows of lumber
for snow sheds between here and
the end of steel. A million and a
quarter feet of lumber will ln-
landcd this week for these snow-
sheds, and work upon them is
being rushed ahead rapidly.
More Rolling Stock
Either at the end of this week
>r early next week a third arrival
of Important railway material is
expected when the G. T. P.
Company's own barge for rolling
stock will come in bringing fourteen
cars loaded with lumber for stations row being constructed up
the line. The cars will be run
on    to   rails   ready    for   instant
transfer to the destination <>( the
lumber at points along the line.
I'ndoubtcdly the development
of the Hidden Creek Mines in
the Goose Bay district is going
tu be one of lhe biggest things done
in mining development in the
neareer Prince Ru|H-rt neighbor.
hood this season. It is not very
likely that a smelter will In?
established at Prince Rupert, but
it is an absolute certainty that
vcr\ large sum-, of money are lo
Ik- laid out by the C.ranby Consolidated Mine.-. Company on the
Hidden ("reek property.
Two and a Half Million
From unmistakable signs those
Who have se. n lhe work already
in progress there, can predict
thai development on the largest
possible scale is begun, and will
go forward without hinderance.
Ii  is also known beyond doubl
that the Granby Consolidated Co.
are prepared to s|n-nd upwards of
two and a hall million dollars on
lhe work right at the mines, and
Goose Hay where shipments of
cither ore or smeller product will
In- made.
Unlimited Ore in Sight
Diamond drilling in various directions throughout tin- property
has invariably resulted in lhe
bringing to light of cores of solid
ore extending deep down through
the mountain. In almost every
direction tested good commercial
showings are revealed.    It would
Mem  thai without exaggeration
the Hidden Creek property is
almost a solid mountain of the
entirely profitable low grade copper
ore such as lhe C.ranby Company
handle at Grand Forks and Phoenix
Smelter Probably at Mine
It was necessary for the C.ranby 1 The Mab Hong and Dr. Lewd
Company to extend their enter-lease of procuring, has been reprise by the acquisition of a large!mantled until Friday.
producer of ore such as they handle i 	
profitably and the Hidden Creek    Nkk Gurvich  8ummoncd  {or
nunc   seems  to  answer   thc  des- ,
cription. Most likely the smelter ���rck'ss bta,tin| on St'winTi strcct.
will be established at the mine, and has had his case remanded also on
the product shipped from Goose'request of Mr. Williams.
Vancouver,   June  21.   -Present-
day Chinatown in Vancouver will
shortly In- no more, for it has been
decided  that   the residents are to
move,  a  definite  announcement
Ining made yesterday at a general
me. ling that the new colony of
the Celestials be located on Albert
street, between Woodland and Park
Inculcated with western progics-
siveness the wise men of thc east
will establish a district un improved
lines and will build up a small
tily uf their own, which will be
far  more  iheir domain   than   the
one shortly to be vacated. In
conformity with their deisra to
compete in the Industrial and com- pursuits uf the Occident,
the Chinese will erect a quarter
which fur general effect, it is
contended, will vie with any other
business section in Vancouver.
Albert street will be solely re.
served for the Chinese. THE   DAILY    NEWS
....Good  Fresh   Groceries at   City Prices.....
KEEP SMILING-Antl the only way to
do that iB by buying your Groceries
from us. We handle first class goods
only at prices that cannot be beat.   :   :
To   Residents of Section* S, 6,   7 and   8-We deliver  promptly,
1    our soods are fresh, at price* not to be beaten in the city   t   i
[rlfphiiar     .   ZZo 1
228 Black
Sib An. eat! ol McBride
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL - $10,000,000 " REST, - $7,000,000
Every branch nf The Canadian Bank of Commerce is equipped to issue drafts on
ihe BrindDal Citlaa, in the following countries without ilcl.iv :
i,   ���, Crate Greece New Zealand
An*     ..    L.- ft!"   _i
j\rf��0tiM KepubUc l)i-nmaxk
A ustria- Hungary
BfTP*   ,
Faroe Islands
Fr'ch C��hin Chin.i Malta
ln-rntuin M.uw tuiii.i
t Great Britain Mrxico
Thf ..mount of these drafts is stated in the money of the country where they are pay-
lUii islhcv are drawn in sterling, francs, n.ailts, lire, kronen, florins, yen,
Uels, rooUet, etc., as the case may be. This ensures that the payee abroad will
receive the actual amount inteuded. 233
Norway Soudan
Panama South Africa
Persia Spain
Peru Straita Settlements
Philippine lalanda    Sweden
Portugal Switzerland
Koumarua Turkey
Russia United Stalea
Servia Uruguay
Si,im Indies, etc.
J. M. Christie
Manager Prince Rupert Branch
-. *X'i\.G$
In solitaire or cluster diamond settings, offers to those who desire
real values, a most superb choice.
We import more perfect diamonds
than any other Canadian firm, therefore we are in a position to give you
the finest stones, at lowest possible
prices.       See our 1911  catalogue.
Diamond Merchants Jewellers
CEO. E. TROREY, Managing Director Vancouver, B.C.
-y a ,?*0 [itfguurjugjaui
Section 9
Township 1
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invitod to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
The pretty model Illustrated in
the sketch is of blue, red and
white plaid, with a coat of blue
woollen crepe trimmed with t>ins
plaid and lined with white. The
sleeves art- new and attractive, and
the neck is finished with a lace
Social and Personal
Mrs. F. G. Dawson entertained
at Bridge on Friday afternoon.
The rooms were prettily decorated
with spring (lowers. Mrs. Mel.cod
and Mrs. Helniers were the prizewinners. The players were: Mrs.
Anderson, Mrs. Patmore, Mrs. H.
L. Johnston, Mrs. Brandt, Mrs.
Mcl.fod, Mrs. Helmers, Mrs. Bon-
deaux, Mrs. Mclntyre, Mrs. Bur-
ritt, Mrs. Spain, Mrs. Wark, Mrs.
Naden, Mrs. Tile, Mrs. Sawle,
Mrs. A. M. Manson, Mrs. I.ock-
hari, Mrs. Vernor Smith, Mrs.
Arnold, Mrs. McLennan, Mrs.
General Merchandise
Largest Slock
i   Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
j   >Hwji
a.-~SS>.^.> *-
The Daily News
Mrs. Morte Harlt-y Craig received for the last lime ihis season
yesterday in her bijou lint in the
Clapp building. Reveiving with
her was Mrs. Gordon Hunter of
Victoria, a picturesque figure in a
magnificent costume of cinnamon
brown chiffon cloth, appllqued
upon brown satin with large white
plume hat and diamond ornaments.
Mrs. Craig was gowned in white
crepe dc chine with chic
and Miss Craig won- a dainty
frock of soft green rajah. The ten
table was prettily decorated with and white carnations and
asparagus fern. Among the callers
were: Mrs. \V. K. Burrilt, Mrs. F.
Stanley   S|vain,   Mrs.   Tremayne,
Mrs. J. C. McLennan,1 Mrs. La-
mont, Mrs. II. L. Johnston, Mrs.
Willis James, Mrs. Mclntyre, Mrs.
Bondcaux, Mrs. Neil McNeill. Mrs.
Angus Stewart, Mrs. DuVemet,
Miss Mcintosh, Miss Johnstone
and many others.
A Delicious Supper Savory
Easily  Made
Break up a quarter of a pound
oi macaroni into short pieces, put
them in a saucepan containing
enough boiling water, slightly salted, to well cover the macaroni, and
boil fast for forty minutes. Drain
and cool. Boil one gill of stock
with one gill of milk, one bay
leaf, and one slice of onion. Melt
two tablcspoonfuls of butter in a
miiccpnn, add one tabli-spoonfnl
of flour, and cook them for a few
minutes, stir without browning.
Now add the boiled milk and Stock
strained, stir till it boils, spilt ,in
the macaroni, and add two tablcspoonfuls of grated Canadian cheese; mix well and season with
salt, pep-Mr, and dust of paprika.
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Vulir Dealer Hat It
Fill a well-buttered gratin tlish or
pudding dish with ihe preparation,
sprinkle over with bread crumbs
and grated cheese, put ;i fi w small
pieces of butter Inn m t| there
on the top, and bake in a moderate
oven for fifteen minutes, Serve
hot in the dish it was cooked in.
Best Fashions This Summer
are in Strictest Good Taste
If there is one tiling inure than
another that strik. ������> one when
otiking al this season's fashions iu
tlresses, suits and hats, it is the
extreme simplicity of the lines and
lhe absence of much trimming and
"fussy" effects. The skirls hang
slim antl straight, almost always
devoid <>f even relieving (olds of
material, and are short. The
walking skirls are very short,
while the longest ones merely
touch the floor.   Jackets show the
siuie tendency; and by ihe time
spring is well advanced lhe short
boleros ai d l,in> s will probably
be greatly in favor. Most of the
jackets are in square box effects,
not unlike boy's coats, while ihe
sleeves are simply the perfectly
plain close-lit ting coat sleeve. One
of the new features is the broad
collar. Coat revers are wide, and
the sailor collar is being used on
every garment possible, li has a
place even on the kimonos and
lingerie dresses, as well as on all
the wraps. Skirts with the
waist-line are in favor again, and
are generally lK-coming. Each of
the spring garments sit-ins to be
striving   to   add   to   the   narrow
effect���everything is narrow, sleeves, shoulders, hips, liacks and
dresses. Some of ihe skirts art-
only two yards wide al the hem.
Forced to Marry Russian Count
by Czar's Order Lovely Actress
Displays Character.
The once famous American actress, Genevieve Ward, is growing old now in her little home in
Regent's Park. Miss Ward for
years carefully guarded the Story
of her own marriage to a Russian
count. Many years ago the dashing Count (iuerU i, connected with
the imp.-i.-.l Romanoffs, wooed
and won Miss Ward at Nice. She
was 10 years old then, and the
count allowed her to make her
own wedding aii.ingenunts, and
the COUple wire ul lhe
American consulate.
The Russian iiiiili.iss.idor notified
Miss Wanl's mother that ilu-
marriage was nut legal in Rusaj.t
It developed thai the count
at the last moment that Miss
Ward was not an heiress. She
left her husband, and he lolloweil
her  to   Paris,  forced  his way  to
her apartments and tried to poison
her. Next lie went to Naples, and
his engagement to the daughter
of the Russian amh.iss-tdor in
Italy was announced. Miss Ward
and her mother went to Czar III..
who issued an order tin-
count must Weil Miss Ward in
the Russian church, or forfeit his
estates and go to Siberia.
The COtUtt Contented to a ceremony at Warsaw.   A brother of
Miss Ward's was on hand with a
loaded pistol. Following the ceremony the bride threw the ring
into her husband's fare and left
him. She never saw him again,
and never used her title. He
Implored her a dozen times to
live with him. and when he died
he left her his estate, but she
refused it.
The Digby Rooms g
Located on Sixth Ave, near Fulton      ���/���%
Throe to Ave minutes from cen-
tn> of bualnt'MS ilintrk-t. Nineteen newly furnished roomi.
Hot nml rold water, hath and
telephone. Newly furnished.
Under new nmnu,remcnt.
INSPECTION      -       -      INVITI
-General Hardware���
1   {
y Builders' Hardware i
T  Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves  *
Craniteware       Tinware <-,
We litve a complete line of
Lenses, Field Glasses. Mineral Glasses, Compasses
antl   Aneroid  Barometers.
. R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for thc G.T.P.
Cor. 6th Si. and Second Avenue.
Do You
Own a bt in Prince Rupert?
If so, and you want to sell,
���end us full particulars.
We have buyers anil we
want listings.
Second Ave.. Prince Ruperl, B.C.
Gasoline Launches. .R;;;Y.H���r.
For Hire by Hour or Day
-BOATS SUIIaT ast. ai i .lam
I MakS       Cass Cms       CO tat 187
Advertise in
The Daily News
Coast Und District-District of Skeens
Take notice lhat I, Paul Brendler. of
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, In-
l,-ml to apply for permission to lesse
th.' following foreshore: Commencing
al a post planted aUnil ll! feet from thc
location post of lol IM on Porcher Island, thence in a southerly direction
following lugh water mark 1200 feat;
Ihence wesl lo tow water mark; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feel; thenre cast to point of commencement,
Dated March 7. 1911.
First insertion March 11
Tsks BBtles that Charles I'. Otter of PriBss
llaipan, II C, occupation surveyor, island, to
spply lo, permission lo purchase tha fnllowlnf
described Issds:
i nmrn-rnn, at a post planted at ths north sast
torn*, ol b\uts>-sI lo. 191.4, Hang. 6, Coast I>av
tnc.,  then*. IB  sn  easterly  direction  along  th.
southerly lunit ol survaycH lot 3991 snd th. pro-
lerllon thereof 40 chairs, to a point, thonce south
l .f.II-1 to the easterly limit of surveyed lot S9S4
aforassld a I chains more or leas lo the northerly
limit ol s umber limit (No. its**.,, thenee -east
40 chslns more or leas (o a point In the pro t��tion
eoulherly ol ths esarlerly  limit   ol surveyed  lo.
...... thence In  s  northerly  direction  alonf the
protection  of Ihe said  limit  and  aloni the ssid
limit do chains more or less, to point of commencement, enntainlne 240 acres more or less,
listed Msrth a, 1911. " II Mil I  - P. OTTER
Pub March 2V
Skaana Uad Datrlrt -District ���* Quean Charlotte
Take   BOtlc*   lhat   (leorre   friltell   at   Prince
Rupert, ll I'., occupation butcher, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase Ihs following descrilie.!
Second Ave.
lor pern
Commeneiof,   st   a   port   plsnted   sbout   seven
lies wart Bad tsro mllea south ���� the mouth ol
Stanley   Creek   where   it   empties    Into   Nsden
llsrlmr. Grshsm lslsnd, tbence SO chsins south.
ihence SO chsins west, thence SO chains north,
thenee SO chsns eaat to point of commencement
snd contalnlnt M0 acres more orlea,
Haled Msrch 17. 1911 UEORGE I'Hl/./.l.l.l.
Pub. April T. Numa Demees. Ar.nt
Skeens land District -District ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Frank lerlck est Woodstock,
"nt . ateupattoh bookkeeper. Inlands to apply
lor permission to purchsae the lotloarins, described
lBBda:, at a port plsnted about seven
' miles west snd two miles south of tha mouth of
1 Sisnlsy Creek where It empties Into Nadar,
, Han,... <;,aham lslsnd, thsnee SO chains south,
] Ihence s.,1 chslns east, thence R0 chains north,
i thence 80 chains west to point ot commsncamsnl
, snd contanlnf MO acres more or leas.
Dsted March 17, 1911. FRANK LEV1CK
I Pub. AprS 7. Nums Dstnara, Aiaa
Roy Corhan, White Sox shortstop,
is n si'iisaliiin. It is predicted he
will divide honors with Ping Bodie,
who now occupies the hearts of
the southsidc fans, to the exclusion
of all others.
a) a) s>
We didii'i believe Charley Com-
iski\ whin he said something about
grabbing iliu pennant, a month
ago, bin the way those Sox are
traveling is BUggestive of second
sigln on Coiniiiy's part.
+ + +
One reason the games are longer
this spring is that managers arc
making their men "wait out everything," instead of hitting at the
first pitched ball, In other words
they are playing the game and
not playing horse.
+ + *
Strange how the siars are dimmed,  Hire's Nap Lajoie out for a
long period, by order of his physician, Lena Blackburne with a
surgeon digging into his knee.
Joe Jackson with a busted finger,
Titus with an ankle in plaster,
W'ilisic with his finger broken.
"Gee!" It's a wonderful game."
+ + +
Captain F. S. Cody, during the
course oi an exhibition llight in a
huge aeroplane in the presence of
King George, created appreheinsion
amongst the spectators by a perilous manoeuvre. He swooped
down at a terrific s|H'cil close to
the ground and passed within 25
feet of the king.
+ ��� +
Prank Lukeman, the O.A.A.C.
sprinter, who was one of Canada's
representatives in the Festival of
Empire sports at Crystal Palace,
London, this month, has definitely
decided to remain to compete
for the British HH) and 220 yard
championships, which will be decided at Stamford Bridge on July 1.
I.ukcninn has received leave of
absence from the interior department, and may also run in Scotland.
He is in great shape.
��� ��� ���
With his cauliflower cars in full
bloom, "in honor of the rose
festival," In- siid, Battling Nelson,
former lightweight champion of
tin- world, has arrived In Portland
to make arrangements for a light
with Bud Anderson at Vancouver
on lhe Fourth of July. The
Battler expects to go to San
Francisco after the carnival, but
says he will return to Portland
soon to get into shape, providing
the light with Anderson is arranged. Nelson said he would
start his training on second-raters,
in order to see whether he could
retain his old-time form.
��� + +
President  Thomas J.  Lynch of
lhe National league, threw out
the Chicago-Pillsburg game which
Chicago had protested, and ordered
lhe game played over. "This
game." says President Lynch, in
his decision allowing Chicago's
protest, "was won by the Pittsburg club by I to II and protested
by the Chicago club on the grounds
that   the   field  umpire called   the
wrong player out, and that, second,
as ;i rt lilt of Niid decision a
second runner was wrongly declared   out    by    the   umpire   in
��� ��� ���
"This city will In? the centre
of  lacrosse   from   the   Rockies  to
the Great Likes," remarked Tommy Burns at Calgary, as he stood
watching the Central and Saint
Mary teams play a City league
game, ll Was fast lacrosse, and
the great Ixixcr was visibly impressed with the work of the
young men, especially as lie has
taken upon himself the work of
re-organizing the provincial end
of the game, and material for his
team is to Im- found in the City-
league ranks. "Next hill we ought
to have the finest players in the
world right here in Calgary," he
��� ��� ���
Jim Flynn has turned down an|siXTH STREET
offer to go to London and fight
Sam McVey.    Plynn will take on
S.S. Prince George
Mondays, at 8 a.m.
Special Over Sunday
Excursions to Stewart
Prince   George   sails   Sundays   h   a. m.
Reduced   fare  $9.fill  including meals
and berth.
ss. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson,   Naas   River,   Masset,     Naden
Harbor, Wednesdays, 1.00 p.m.
and fir:
Queen Charlotte Island  points,   Saturdays 1 p.m.
Railway Service to Copper River
Mixed trains from I'rince Rupert Wednesdays and Saturdays,   1   p.m.,   returning    Thursdays    and     Sundays
B.20 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
Cuast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Atlantic Steamship bookings
arranged via all lines. Full information and tickets obtained from the
office of
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coast Service
Famous Princess  Line
S.S. Princess Beatrice
June 22nd, at 9 a. m.
S.S. Princess May, June 23rd at 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab . General Agenl
Tickets  To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Phone 116
��� ��� ��� r UK. ��� ��� a
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Weatenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Britl.h Columbia nf 11 C Ontario, 3as-
aiwl Manitoba Bara. katchewan   and  Al
berta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office - Exrhnnirc block, corner Third avenue and street. I'rlnceRutiert. S
S. HALL, L.D.S., L). D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, skilfully treated. Gas and
local anaalhetlcs administered for the palnlea. extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
llelirrrson Block. Prince Hunert. 11-12
Alea.M Manson B.A .     W.E.WIIIIsms.1. A..L.L.D
BsrriBteri., Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. o. BOX 2.1
mini, or ���#��. roxoN, Kas,.. a.k a.m..;i��i<., una
Carl  Morris at Tulsa, Okla., on|Fruit
uly 4th.
:   Produce   :   Feed
AD. WAY OF FINDING     |H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. THEJDAILY   ;NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by tha Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES - Daily, 50c per month, or {5.OH per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.(JU per y.-ar.   Outside Canada   Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly In udvance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents ;ier inch.    Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building. T-.ird Ave., Prinoe Rupert, B. C,    Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 211* Ea-.t ilrd St., New York City.
Seattle   Puget Sour.,. News Co.
LONDON, BNOIsAND���The Clougher Syndicate, Gran.! Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Wednesday. June 21
Omineca Herald Makes Grave
Charge Against Prince Rupert I Alderman Editor. Blames the Council for it.
"For ,i paper thai once, not so
long ago that it has been forgotten
by .11 \ meaj s, characterized the
Herald as a paper of 'uncertain
existence and temporary address,'
the I'rii ce Rupert Empire does a
mosl amazing amount of stealing
from our columns," says the Om-
ineca Hi raid.
"Not -1 ly ixaragraph'. and col-
\ timn> bui almost whole pages have
been incorporated bodily into thc
Empin ai frequent intervals with
Thin will be very little criticism offered to the city council for Lever a word ol credit given to
their act in voting a sum of 15,000 to the General Hospital. Here ,)���. Herald. It has been going
and there, is an occasional soul, like that lone aldei-man who opposed ,,��� for .-. long tim>- but i- more
the grant, obessed with the idea that economy consists in saving noticeable sinci the editor was
money. From these criticism may be expected; from the great ma- elected to thi city council and the
jority of the citizens nothing,but approval will be uttered. ,-.���-,-   . :   statesmanship   prevent
Hoarding money is not economy; it is parsimony. Economy his giving a proper amount of
consists in spending money to the wisest advantage. And how can|attention to hi- business. We
public money be more wisely, mure ppntaHy -]K-nt than in pro- ,HVer remarked on it before as the
viding for the sick and injured memU-r- of society? Empire   needed   brightening  and
Some people speak of money donated by cities and governments, thc. Herald was not particularly
to hospitals as philanthropy.   It is not that.   It is economy.   Phil-;harm..1.     However,   tin-   matter
has now passed the bounds of
decency, let alone the courtesy
usually governing."
anthropy and charity it may 1- when donated by a private giver,
but when donated by a city it is economy.
li i- from the healthy and -'rong producers that thc wealth of
cities and provinces is obtained. A state composed of a million cripple-
would speedily g" bankrupt. A cripple���save where he is a mental
genius���is as useless t" the state as a landlord or a "geinlem.u-"
He brings only needs, and gives nothing in return.
The work of turning a cripple or an invalid into a strong healthy
worker i- a work which benefits society, because it turns non-producers into producers ol wealth. From selfish motives, if not from
unsclii-h. it ;>..-.- society to car.- for it- -i>k and helpless snd nurse
them back to health and strength. The money so expended i- economically used. It earns dividend- for years���perhaps generations���
to come.
I ,- another aspect ol the question. The majority of ihe
workers the w.alth producers of society���are unable to maintain
themselves <t their relatives during periods ol illhealth. The "living
wage" does i"t p��rmii provision for periods of illhealth. Should they
then liecomc recipi.-nts of rharity'
A ROYAL SALUTE     f^*���
OFFICE    :     :
Guns Throughout the Empire j
will Announce the Minute of i
the King's Coronation. 1
lD-'aw      7    r -.'���'  ���'. i,        ,: c���:iiiiivncvin,;nt.   chains north, llieuce  tu chains .vest tu ,   ,,.,  ,,,
in  the remotest con  ���- -iru/    u/ri i IklfTAN    THAI   2S2J!?**��*%�����%��* -.,   uB..o.B��,n.Bi.cunia.B,..gaw.cro. ,������;.' ,.,������
Empire   some   chanct   ol  lit."      iiumiuniivH     vw"u v|     gMtf{, '.',,..��� .,���.,���>iWrUst, sMt   u.t��d April it. mil.
At   the   moment   when   Kini
George is crowned tomorrow,
fewer than 77li yur.s will sonon
announce the fact, and they wil
lie so distributed as to give ���
of  the
hearing them
The Royal salute consists
twenty-one guns, though forty-
one are find from St. Jat ' -
Park; and there an 19 military
-tations at home and 1" abroad
that will thus honor th( ision.
Only on the birthday, accessioj
and coronation of the Sovereign,
and the birthday of the Consort
of the Sovereign, i- thi- Empin
web of concussion brought into
play. Royal salute- arc fired only
at the Tower and in St. James1
Park on other occasions, such as
the State opening of Parliatw   '
The number of guns t" be fired
in "honor of great officials and
foreign potentates i- carefully calculated, and the honor i- jealously
prized. King Edward coi ferred
an inestimable- boon on the Newab
of Junagarh  when he raised  iii-
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiter-, dishwashers, hotel por-
ten, all kintM ut' laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
.,r call at the
Grand Hold Free Employment  Office
, ,���, , .��� ril.tnc- or COISI llar,s�� ��� Skeans Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol Coast 11am.. 5
asms Land Du-.rici-Uu..>c��� ��' >-�� 0 , Can XaS notice lhat I, Clara May LiuleotftBJ
J��  b"?- *lJSSf"iJl  -SS   bielw   nuoert.  B.  ft, occupation sSM^iiSfg
,0Comm.nrinTsTs jaS?"pUf������ *�� ?h*.i-n,-?ma!v      l-'.un,���"��.el.V,,t. ?, P-*'.,?!'.^.,'1 '""..Oorlh
Irom the southwest
chains south, theoce
chains north, thenee
commencement coat ami
Dsied AprU IT, ""-.r.MD-aj, MclrlTOSB
l'ob. May 6
j   Hetdqiltrt��I. for cooks * waiters   l
point   ol   coinri,, jic.rii, i.i,   containing   in
more or less.
Dated April 4, 1911. CLARA MAY U'l'TI V
Pub. April lb.
'.��v^t,��Vri.Uin^^:ri;rr"r.U0iLiS"nr.lh   skeena Und DUlriet-Diatrict ol Coast R.����� |
.���..***.���'S".-    .J:....,,.,n luuri.alut   intend to       Tske notice that Mary bealon Uild.r.iw,.*
Hi.'   fulluwini:    Victoria,  11. Ca, occupsllon  housekeeper,
pure n*
..ur.teal  on  the
4ppl\   (or   p,-rmlaa,u*. apply lor permission lo purchase li.t iul,u* ,'j
daaarlbsd Uaiav ,_, ������ ,������ rllt,,,   ^LSfhh linfC '""
lommsnmnt ai a posi  ;,i������-
bank ol l..e sa*. nvai ibout ssrsj.ninesabo
ibe lora. ol tne Naa. nvar. ibanes south so chain,
ihence  w.vt  so en..:.s.  ����������" !""l*J^.'*.?".
deacrlt - _
Commencing al a poat planted at lt���- s,iv- ,.,(
corner ol l.ol yyb. Itange i. I oaat Dastrlct.ltiBncs
rvu rhaliu soulh thenoe 40 chaiiu   east, tbaucs I
Dsted !
Pub. Mai 17
Pub. Msy i.
Skeens Lsnd District ���District ol Cuait
T.kJ,  Smti tnai   i    r��ry  UttMUB ol  PliflW       Take nuiiea that rr��sl  W.  tSanier ..I mUj .
' aJwlZL  1\   V    a.��-ti*tion  i-roa-aKwr,  intend  tu   kalum, oceufatiun lajmaf,  mtenii  ui apply   loi
Phone  116   ��W��rV^^   tu   pa.-ct.*-  tne  luUunm   ^miasion  ui   uurcna^   ina   Iu.iuev.nj  du
riiaei lanu-
Coinmuncing at a poat  planted  at  Uu
a tx��t pl*Bt*d in th* vionity
' lia.    aLavul thfe^-etihu of a m:le auuth tuat ounier  ui      .\. MciUsMi s pr��-d ujUj.i, Uk-.,���
.I itie BotttOtt Crtfvk, and Ujtnn ^o chaina iwuth, thenoa IU cnaina -���-*-���, tnetwv- to
U  Timber   I -i-i-   No. obauu nurili,  tnence   It)  cn*uru   .��.���,..   u>  poA    (
���J   UUOaSt'
ut the mourn
on tne Mttvt/ ooundar>
��       7 ��� SaMi1r. WaTlaiS  i-rtoe aoulh A0 chaini along   eornmenc��nieni ounuumtu, 20 aenss aori ur |aaf,
SAVOY        H 0  1  E L   S ' ?hffifc��MU?*S. eaat to the **��� ol   PS AprU U. IM Hampton. A*,,
unT   Vl        1IV   i  uw   ^, ��^^ ^ (lwtancr ol *u cnaiaa mow of leaa, t
FrtMi an-i Fifth Street.    Th* only hole
in town with hoi and cold water in n��i<ns.
Best furnished houae north uf Vancouver.
Rc-jins 5,.c up. Phone ST; P.O. Box l.��.
PRIDHOMME & USHER       -       Proprietors
1 , inenca contwrly *1��W the abort o< Oooau  Ba> ;
I U' chaini mon- or leax tnence taeaierly W OMUI    ^^a. Laud District���L>Uuict ol Coaat Ruga  i
| mure or .**�� t-'1 po"-* *��� cotiinienoeinenl, contaimnu       .|-lr|fi aoUat ltx���\  it  j.rinn  ii,clu ol  Port i.��-
loo acrvamoie ui leaa, amm���. .jii ^uj.uM'-t^'i  ����upaiion   roerchani,   inmnd  to  tppt)
Uateo: March 7, 11*11. I BRRl   l|U����n��n    (ur js,.imia��un. u purchaae tbe (otto��tn| auaenbe.
I'uo. \: -.- 1. ! ..i:.:-.
Commencing al a poai  planted on the aouth
bank  ol  tbe  t>zcnuiaaiaa  liiwr  and abuut  lu-o/
Phone No. 2tX) P. O. Box i��
..._     i .-. i,ain�� -Dutru-t ol t'os.1 lUngs 6    bsnk  ol  the  ticnuiosiaa   mver  ai.u  aDou;  luu,
la..-^uc��tr..t LUuchUnJo^n^hanahBnol    ^^ ^ ^^  ^m   ^^ ^  ^^  (
IBence  so  cnaina  eaat.   thenee  aouth   so  easts,
to poinl ol cotninentviuetit, contaiiuag olo a:rw
, icioria.   il.   e .
appl>   lor permission  to  purchsi
"ToCiencS1.. . po�� planted ��u.h ^j" *'',
:ro:n u.< a,utr.��K corner ol Lot 30BU. thsne 40 '*.,J,AP
chains aouic. thsacs  40 chsins  ��est,  Ihence   lu    I uB. Aunt
F1USK UlCiai
chsins norn, Ihencs 40 chains sast to point oi
cuu.mence!,..ct, containing 160 sere, more or lass.
ilated April IT. 1��11.
I'ub Msl i.
Skeena i.and District��� District ol. saaiar
Taks Bulln thai 1, J.-'.n L. ol I'rince
itupert, Ii. Ca, occ-upatloB bookkeeper, inteod to
W. J. McCUTCHEON i SSiSsr^,u rr f ,UT7
.. .    J.     ".wo    vsaui>, A       ( gmm#licia| ��� , fm ������,���,���. ,0oul ,5) five
lies aouth and ill one mils s,e��t ol ths lurks or
salute from eleven to fifteen -. ins.
j But  this has  caused  thc  dusk]
Royal  Blue  Ribbons Open  toI prince  to  Ik-  fiero ly  envied   by
Meet   any    Indoor   Baseball ai| the other India;   princes, who
Team in Town. are-only "eleven-gunners."
Indoor baseball has taken hold FIRST   EXCURSION   NORTH
in Prince Rupert.   Tin- liw games
at the Auditorium between ihe City of Seattle Carries Big
Crescents, and the- Typos have Crowd of American Sight-
led to thc commencement of team     seere to Alaska.
organisation by the Presbyterian 	
young men. and now another The City of Seattle this week
team -ii!l take- the- field. The ,,,, her journey north brought a
Royal Blue Kit -I��-r. - today issue \itr^- cargo of g.��al- for Prince
"I will not do that. I will die first." siid one man in a largeIa challenge to any Indoor B.-.-Kill Ku],,-rt, and a number of aj.���-<n-
city three weeks ago, when he chose death as preferable to askingITeam in town to meet them. I<< p-, The steamer was crowded
charity during hi-ill health and incompetence. Today, in consequence, resentatives ol the team can be v\-ith the first party of excursionists
the blmpin- is px.rerliy thc loss of a man of spirit, who it little expense found at the Royal Hotel. (r,,n,   rjie   States  to   the   scenic
might have been nursed back to health aiid iisefubiess, splendors of  the  Alaska   Coast.
Slowly tin- work) is growing to -ec- ihat the least the state which VVeax Robertson, formi r sec- Numbers of the ex. unionists took
profits by his labors can do i- t��. iare for the worker while he i- ill, retary ..f the ('.ii> who was ,)��� opportunity ot looking round
just ,i- a team-owner cares for hi- -it k horse- .a <1 for similar reasons for many years a leading figure in ��� Prince ktiiH-rt duri- g the steamer's
One oi the benefits of citizenship in a great city ought to lie that each  the lacrosse \\..rld. i- dangerous!) ' .-,,% ,,: t!��� \e harf. '
)Kr-on would Ix-removtil from the haunting fear of what may hap|Mr, ill.   "Bowery" suffered an attack	
if Illness should come.   H-ispiial accommodation and skilled medical,of throat trouble last fall, which
ttreatmem -hould be one ol the rights of every citizen, to accept or laid him up for several month-   INSERT YOL'R LAND PURCHASE
to decline as he wishes.   It is obnoxious that medical comfort* should Recently he recovered, but had NOTICES IN THE
Ik- the privilege of the wealthy, and a piece of charity t>, others. ! the misfortune to suffer a relapsi . NEWS
To provide medical attention for its sick, i- as much a piece of. with the result that hi- condition 	
civic duty, a-to provide a wat. r-upply or.i garbage collection service j is  such  as   to  give  the  doctors     por row  Doats and  launches
out of the common funds. The economy of the servia is its justification, little hope.   He i- also secretary  telephone   320  green.     Davis'
Carrie, complete slock of Drufc-S.   Speclsl
sttention paid to Ulllnff preacripti.T.i.
Th��atre Block phosb so. n Second Ave.
bkasaa Laad Dutnct���District ol Cosii
Tske ootics that Uiiluira Mclsvutb ol ,sncou>
vsr, 11  C. occupsllon physician, inl.nd. ;,, s,, .
(or pB.*uiuuuon to purchaso ths IoIIobuib* ueacro��-J
e ommencing at a poat planted at ths soutnae.
corner, 40 cBains iiortB snd 40 chains ea.i ul tnv
Borlhesal corner ol Lot lllo, Itsrvey s ..:,...,
Coast Dutnct. Kango &. llevhcs 00 cnsiibS nst
Ihsnce bo cuatua BurtB. ihsnce 00 cbaiu i.e.1,
tbence bO chains south to post ol coniuieiicsm.r.1
a, ,.r,.e sad Itt^ li-Bos north bo chsias   ~''l*'":"��v''��' '"T '"TilliTm A  IMTAVUH
thence seat SO chains.
Dsted April 19, UU
I'ub. Mai 19
v, Rochester ��\
\:r   ^ Monroe
l     ' * Coal
-. ���-���   Phone us
I.,���!- S sn.l 0, I:,������.���'-. 88,
Section 1.
$300ii. 23 per cent. cash.
balance 1. 2. 3 years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St , Vancouver, B.C.
Perhaps the flay will come when the whole ol the fund), of the
city hospitals will come '.ut of the taxes, and the kindly philanthropist
who have, money to the hospital! will seem as much out of place as
that impossible jHr-'-n whom We cannot conceive of as leaving half -hip- for the Capital-, al-o touring
hi- estate ��, the Waterworks Department, and the other half to the (the- Old Country' with Mr. Tasse's
of thc Ottawa Curling club, and  Boat. House.
was a member of the team that;
L.   U.
won   three   N.
Scavenging and Street Cleaning Department.
party in l'J08.
The discus-ion of thi hospital I fund- reminds us that the Ladies
Committee .in- trying lo raise fund- by compiling a cookery book,
with a ruip.  for a different kind of cake for each day in the year.
Whether the hospital i- to be helped by the proceeds of the book, or ^LWW^SLiJSS*. SXaSS "M'.eHS
' t . i Rupsrt, It  l ., occupation msme.] aomsn, intsnda
the amount ol custom the n < ips - may create has not yet been annoiuv ^JS^ia unds������"10 to pu'ch"'th* 'ol,<""11
ud    The dentisi who i- lavish with candies for the youngsters may ���tjte��fl5ri.PfeffinMn*nni'iff fir BE8NER & BESNBR,
Sksens Lsr.d Danrict���District ol I oast Ksn
and POOL
4 Alleys. 7 Tables.     A rna.1 exercise.   A clesn si���,rt.   Ladle, every
afterniKia.    Newman block, between oth snd Tlh Sta.
TBI. HoBBlaoN.     Proprietor and Msnstfer
J. hi:. L. MITCHELL'
Francis S. Prsstea. Aisat   ;.k<#M UnJ u-UK,._|jk��n�� ol Coast Ksna-e .
'laas bouou tual Lvtue Mclsvisb ol Vsocoai.rr,
Skeena Land Daitrtct ���Dutnct ol eaasiai li.   .  ,  occupauoB   marranl   woinaa,   intend, tu
Take notice tbat 1 r'rancts S. Preston ol       ili}   )ur  p,.r,i,u��i.,ii   to  purchase  IBe   !.... -. .
..,.:���. b. Ca, oerupatioB prtapector, intend to   .�����,;,,��,, iml. ���
sppl)   lor parniamion  to  purchaae tbe loUoaina       i^iBiuancuui at a post plsnted st ths uortn-
Jeamlied Isads: ��mt comer loo cbains east sad .0 chsins bona
eunim.ncim st a post planted about three |roul lu. nurtueasl corner ul Lot 111", lisrve, s
miles south snd t��o mlsas *.w. ol ths lorks cal Burvvy, Loa.1 Duirict.KauB-e o.thsnee III cusins
UM ttblle snd list rivers, tbence south SO chslns M)Ulni uience BO chsins oast, tnence so ci .....
-.hence east BO chsins, tbenos north 60 chslna. non0i tBence 40 ��s��t. IBsacs BU cn.ini
���hence ��.��t B0 chslns. _,,.���_��� ������.. ^...^ south, Ihence 40 Chains wast lo post ol conruea-
...:... \. ������������ .'���. l.'il. rKA.NClS S. Illfc.-TU^ cuitient, eonuinili( too scras mora or less.
Pub Hai U Dated Ms> k, IsTl. LOT Tit. Mel.WISH
I Pub. alai o. Krsd M. Uohler.
BkssBB Laad Hutrtct -District ol Coast Hants o
l... hot ce thst 1. torn Jsck ol Pruca H.   sbmbb Land litstnct    Duuict ol Coast ltan<. i
ll  I. occupstloB carpaBter, islend to apply tor       laaeBulHie tnai viracs Mel b.ibb.oI SsBcouxr,
I permlsMoB  to  purchsss   lbs  lulloa-iruj  daacrilrsd   j, t   occupsllon rnarrssd womaa, talesd. i��� apoiy
lands: ,   lor permUMun lo purchsae lae I0U0B104 uascrio*!
Commeodni at a post planted st���ul thts^.snd   iUi.u
I ons-hsll n.i.e. dlstsBt 10 a soulh ��e��t, ii>      t umni.nciiui si s post planted al lbs soulbwas.
I (rota a blind slough Irorn Obsssr.Btury IbkH abert   curbsr loo civslna aasl sod -0 chains north ul
lhe same louche, the ladun  llaaerve Ihence east    y,. nuriBe��at coroer ul Leit lllo, Uar.e, > .--:....
so cha 1.a. tbence   -otlh BO chali,., thence aeslao   ^y^al  District,  itaii.e 0, IBanca 40 chain, eaat,
cbaina. tnenoe south Bt) chslns to point of com-   lbnct bo chsins  north,  thence  40 Chains sal,
rnencetnent, contsining Bill seres more or lees, tBeocs 60 cbains aouio 10 |k��.i ul -1...
Dated AprU 14. 1*11. Jot JACK   contsinias Wo seres mors or leas.
Pub Msy 19. 1,.,,,., Ma> .. , ... liltACl. McTAVISIt
I'ub. 'I.. ��� Fred W. Dealer. A|eal
Skeena Laad    Dutnct ol Coast a
Take BoUBs tbat I. lleil HaU Kenne, ol Var-!        bbbsbb Und Duinci-Duinct ol Csssiar
rr.vulB. No., .-con., occupslioa msmed woman.,     -jak.   boucs   thai   I.   e bans.   M.   Kuouss  u
���mend lo spply lor parmkMon 10 porcbase the   |>noCe Kupert. U. Ca, octupslioo Isrmer, intend
I.Jio��ir.�� described landa. ,��� ,ppt, |���, permuuou 10 purcaass IBs loUoanuj
e i.niniencins si a posl. plaBied si north eaal jasenbed laada:
corner ol T. L Lot aaata, runnlnj se���� 40 ,.on.ineBcina si a post pleated about tli ihres
chsn.s. theoce nonb BU chsius, thence east 40 mlUA1 mMb ,���j rl, i����� ,���,���. ...t ol tbe lofss el
chains, thence euotb so cbsins 10 place ol com. va hue riser aad Hat, theoce south so chains,
mencemeal conlairtu.c 4.U acres more or ksss. lh,>JM w#ml oU caaiBs, tbence north so cbsins.
My poat u on south east corset ot land applied   ,.,.������ ���,, ���u chains.
lor. marked Wtiera r*. I... about one mile ��aai oi   u���^ A.������ au lvlr     CIIAKLKS M. KNOl st
Uaa Lakelse. soulk side ol Skeaaa Dl'tnel   ,.���,, M,    , Jt FrBBCIs t- Prealoo. AjeBl
ol t oast Kansaj 4, ^
Dsled AprU U. Ia.ll.       lll.Ll. HALL  kl.NM. .
Pub. Mas I*. J. i.r. lis..m. A.ent     i Skeena Land DUtrlct - o   Coast I.. ...  -
lake Bel ce mat alorduck Mcliae ol Vai.cou.vr
_ , , _ ._ 'll C.  oeeupauoo real osute broker. Intend, iu
Ske��BBl-indDuirl��-Dutrielollsi��Jsr ,pp,    ,���,^^ u  purchaes IBS lelieain.
Take nolice thai  I. Jamas  Duolop el  prince   ^icnbta l.wla
llupen.  II   Ca, oceupBtiuB i earns! as. Islsad la I    ,. ,       ...   _ ...        h
apply  lor OSBSlS  .0  purcnaa. Us IoDobIbb-   ,  Cummeneln. al  a oort PlaBied  .B  lh. MUj
ilesflllien landa ���n"' "I l.sibenuias river Bbcul Bvs mils* Hum
. omn��nci.oj st a post plsnted about l.o mtlaa     ����� conilu.BC  ��llh  the S4e��aa rtvar. Ihence  H
���uulh ol the lores ol the  V. lute sr.d  list  nveta.   ��hslBS  Best,  thence  JO  ch.ius   north,    hence   M
ihence north bo chains, thenee .eel  so ehslns,   SlrSlSS MM, tnence  40 chain. Bonb.   hence I.
thenee Kulb ��o chains. lb*BCe ea-l ao chains. rhains ea...  Ibence  JO cBains  soutb.  thence  W
listed Aprd Is. Urn. JAMfc.3 liCNUll-   ��">aiBs e^. Ibenc*  40 CBains soulh lo point ul
I'ub  Ma.   II Frsncu - Pnatun. Aaenl co..lau,in( aio .cm. mors or I
, uo. .via,  ib. rraneu .-v. 1 ram sps.   i,mXml Ap,u 21. Ivll.
I'ub. May IS.
I osse lunj. 6 Laad Ihsenct
Taka  1. -.ire trail  I, Jbbji   II., ��� ..,,  of   Kit-
aumkalum,  occopanoa  larrrssr, iatead  10  apply
lo, laMmisaion 10 purchase, the lvalue n*- deacribei
Ml lll.ii. h  Mci.M.
_     E.
In- .1 clever l.u-in. - man.
Proprietors !
ol   Ut   lilt,   Harvey's   Surve>,   Coast   Dsilrict. , , ,.     _
Rarna ...* sast SO chain., thsnes north 40 The Neva   Knos Is run on  the Liroiiesn
chslns, srsst 40 cha.-.   thsnes south 20 plan.   Iint-i-lass .eruce.   All the Laleat IMara
ehalna,  thanes  eaat  20  ehslns    thenca  south   JO ImpMv.merte. ��� ���:- HhUSVieLP
Perhaps thc .i\i.  gr.mi will enable the Hospital Board to a�� yy^iy,*/1"* '��� wMslsiss its K|KST avenik. PRINCE RUPERT
their wa\  to obtain an ambulance.    A sum ol five hundr-d dollar-  Sii,!y^'"^       asnie mlssallem
Pub. Msy U.  ^^^^	
hat slrcad) beei donated by the Grand Tnmk Pacific.   A WO.000
ho-piul without an ambulance to convey patients then-, i- rather      skssr.s und Diatrict���Duuict oi cassiar        ^__^_^^^_^_^a^__^.
,    , , , ��� . . , , ''*���"   notiss   that   1,   Thomas   MeMseklB   ol
SUggi-IIVi- ol   the  two Store)   leu-,    thc amateur anlllteit   planm-d        Prines Kupert. B. C, oeeupiuon clerk, Inwnd 10
... .        , spply lor permission  to  purchase lbs  lollowins
lorgetting to leave mom i- r tin, dascribsd isnds:
Commer.cinf st s post plsnted sbout two mdei
sooth ol lh. forks of tbo While snd Flsl rivers,
a^���^aa-^aaaaM.......aa����aa��>l^a��ea^_      IheBCB    BOrth     10    -I..1-.B.     th.nCS    BBSt     SO     Cl.Sir.a,
thence south -m chains, Ihence west 80 chslns.
I.--, l April Is. mi.       THOMAS MrM l.r.KI'.
Pub. Mas- 13. FrsncU S. Preston, Aeenl
EBY   CrS,   Co.i^
Kitsumkalum I...;.'! For Sale
sa**ns Laad District - DUtrlct ol Cssslsr
Taka r.uiic* lhat I, laaae o Unen Forbaa ol
Prince Itupert. II. C, uecupailoa earpent.r. intend
lo apply lor lairmiaBWB lu purchsaw lbs lolkini&s
Commencing SI s poat planted al ths oefthseu     deecniwd lands,
corner ol Let Jy&4, theac* east Jo cbaina, thsnea     comnssneinc al a post plsnted sbout liv n.i.e���
south  40 chalBB,  srsst 20 cnans,  Ihwrvce   south snd on* mil* weat ol lbs lorka ol lbev.hil*
north 40 chaina to place o, coinmenceraBBt sad  list river., theac* Bona  BO cbairu. thence
Dsted Msrch la, i..| 1 JullN  Ill.Pllt US , Best  BO chains.  Ibence eoutb  BO chsmi. llsnce
I'ub April li. | aaat BO chain.
Skeena Land est loss, lurej* e
Take Botle* that  Henry   Mscaltney cat  Prince
Kupert, II. c . occupation miner, intends to apply
lor iwrrmasvon to purchase lb* loHo��l04 described
Pub. May IS.
r rsncu s. |-r*slan. At- r.i
'IrsSB, Land District -Disuiet ol Coast
Taka ,.. tie* that l.lenn McAnhur ol \ sne-uve.-.
II.  C, oeeupauoo  real   estate  stent  Intends la
Commencire] al  a post plaBied on lb* south   apply lor  permas*oB  lo  purchas* lh* Mlea.r.,
aid* ol kacbumsiks about J l-J miles Irom . d*a��nbsd lands:
Its contluene* with lb* sk*ens lliver sad stsvut , CornrtasBCBg al a beat planted 10 chains ��������'.
l-J mdea wesl Irom Lsehumaiks rapula, I bane* so and 60 chain, auuth ol lb* eoulB<r*st corner ��� I
chains north, Ussoas 40 chsins eset, Uarnc* so Dt No, list marked obans McAnhur. audi-
chains soulh. thence 40 chsins wast to poinl o wast corner, Ihenc* south 40 chains, ibence east
commencement, containing U20 arrss more or .0 CBains, thenee north 40 chains thence *.et
Has.    Post marked    MM   S W. ear.'' B0 chsins to pot *| coolaimM
Dated April 2J. 1*11.      HKSHY MACAUTNEV   ajo acres mora of laaa.
Pllb. April 2S. Dslsd March SO, ISII.        CiLENN McAlirlll ll
Pub. AprU la. T. 0. Laird. Agent
The Shouts With Which William the Conqueror  Was
So Acclaimed Was Misinterpreted as an Evidence of Revolt   George  the  Third's
Coronation Was Bungled
Skaana I-arvl  I nst net
Ths action of the suthoridei in I   Charlei Stuart lm<l & m<ist un-liim��tl]sro, utyifiiw bu*n.t^ inunrj to
..... t t\   ���        \ t i 'ti        ti i   i apply   for  p��rmialari   to   purchtsa  the   (ollowing
proliiluting   aviators   fremiti   flying > lortu/iatc day.     \\w KoyaJ barge iMMInm
k. ir.      i-r-i Comtntnrlnv tt a poit plantetl ibout three and
in   the   mil',   ot   the    Muim.S,   cne-htlf mile�� rJittnt io I eoutb weeierlv tUrecrtlon
i it  mi .. ,    Irorn ��� blind) elough from Obeervetory Inlet where
the  MTfTloj)   sffUJUlcrl   IlK*- a   IlIIl'Tal ( the umt touches the In-) an He^rve, thenca weat
SkeenB Ijin I Dtatrict -Uletrict of i ualar
Take ootlce that I, Charles I.  Ueittrove ot How
art I.. C., occupatioD pruepector, Intend to apply
for t-armlMlon to purchaae tbe following <leacrit**l
Corarnenclnf at a pott planted about ��ti milea
south and one mile w��t of tbe forka of the Whit*
and Klat riven, thence aouth tiO chains, thence
eaat 80 chaini, thence north bO chain*, thenoe weat
���-U chains.
I>ated April 20. I'M 1       CHAKLKS I ��Kl.�� .1'.' iVK
I'ub. May 1 i. Francia S. Preston. Agent
Dietrict of Coast fUnse t>
Take notice that I, J. Harold .McKean of I'rince
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
r 0. BOX 37
over London 'IhHiik 'I"' Corona��
don period, has revived memories
of 'if the calsmldct thai have
rnarlccd rjrevlous Coronadons,
I'.rh.iji- tbi mnvt calamitoui ol
nil Coronation days In Bnglsnd was
ilint nl William ili<- Conqueror,
Mti t ii,, Coronadon oath, where
Vy iVic ihv- risonarch |ir<imiw.-i| t.,
Hotel Central S3
First Ave.
snd 7th Slreel
i 80 chsins, thenee south B0 chs ns, thsnes esst HO
oration; nn <-.irtnrinakc- shock vmnInnilisr thsne* north m cii.n. to po�� of com
mencement, contsining tilu seres more or leaa.
Dsted Apr I 14. 1.11.        J. HAROLD McKKA
European and American plan, steam
heated, misiern conveniences, ksle.
11.00 to >��� ������ per day.       i       :
Peler Black
fell 'lurinK the ceremony; ard,
finally, thc hcr.ilil pronounced him
the "dubitable" lnir, Instead of
the "Indubitable" heir. | ao^T^,'T��Va^atVn f^'iiigl p '$&     ��r"_ 111,1
m    ,.,    ,���,.,_,     ||,      ,,     |1(   ,|���|il   lor^rmssion 1��� pu,eh�� tho l���ll���,i���, ,le.erih.,1    ..f^jrailQ       OOt6l.
Skesns Land District���District ot Cssslsr
Tske notice thst 1, John Robert I'scey ot Prince
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helueraon Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prim*   Rupert Lsle-   Ma   Jis, Sons of
Ens-land, meets the Drat and  third  Tuesdays in
���ach in..nth in the Carpenters Hall, at a p.m.
F. V   CLARK. Ser.
P. O. Box Bit Prince llopert
little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: IVrw :: Newspapers
sheen. Und District -District ot Ci
Tska n. lice that  I,   Marr  Caria ol  Mewart.    , Skeena Land District-Di.trie. of Coast Kans.- -
��� B. .  . oeeopstloo msrri*d woman, intend to appl, Ceavst Dislrict
lor iwrrnlssioo to purcnaa* lbs loUowlag deaontaM      Tak*notle* lhat Wm. I^sIm. of Sapperm*.. B.C
laao. i occupatH*, liovernment tiuanl. inlerals l>, SSI
Commencing at a post plsnted teo U) mil*,   for permiuiun tu purchase th* f..llowin�� des.r.1--
' south snd ,J| two mllea wast ol Ibe tnrke el tbe   nl binds
While and  Flat rivers, thenre so chains n.nh.      C.*nmencina at a post planted 4" chain. ��'"
thence  so chains  ����et.  thenee BU chsins south    and 1 J'chains wmlh of Ihe kmlhweat, ,rnn ��� I    t
thenre Ml chslns east. N��� IT.U, rans-e i easel district.maraed Wm UsaUta,
Dated Apnl JO. 1KII. MARY CAKIN       N.W. cuinvr. thenee *oulh 40 chaina thence east
Pub. May la. Francis 8. Preston. Agwai   -,, chsins. thence north *i chains, thence west J)
chain, lo post of cornmetieernent. c-muinms   .
Sksens Und I "istriet    I lartriel n' Coast
Take  no'.iee thai   I.   William  Metvtll* Corle>
of   Toronto,   Ontario,   esrcupatlon   clerk.   Inland
to spply lor peemuaioa to purchas* th* iolluwini;
deec,.l��.| laad.
I i.mnencm, Bt a post planted Bt ths nortbwean
corner ol Lot J0>5 Haaf 5, Coast District, Ihence
.ail 00 chslna. thence north 4.1 chains, lb*rase areat
.0 ehslns to Hens list* a.ougr-, th*nea along
slnugh �� *'i,-Tl> to point of commencement, coo-
tsining 160 seres mors or laas.
Dste.1 April a, ISII.
Pub. Aphl z>.
Skasna Und Danrirt���District si tjuewn Charloti*
Commsnclng st  a  post plsnted (2)  two  miles' wivui iwi M an-   ii,,v,i
south snd   21 two mlfas west ol ths lorks ol tha WORKINlaMAN S HOME
Whits snd Fist rivers, thsnes south 80 ehslns : Spring Beds, clean White Sheets   25c
thsnes ,-sst  SO  chslns,   thencs  north  SO  chslns,
thsnea wast 80 eha ns.
Dsted Apr I 20, 1911     JOHN ROBERT PACEY
Pub. May 13. Franc s S. Preston. Agsn
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
Sksens Und District���District ol Cosst Rsngs
Tsks not ea    thst   I,   Martha    Leak, ol   Frln.
prolert th.-, ami to.-x.-.ut. I n r.-nviniis   forgot   the   Sword   of
W1wT,,,   '"v"1   m"rcVl  ^  Areh-  State-, ami  thc chair ami canopy
VCAlT^r      lW,Wfte,tob*l    ^   "���   he   moved   down   th.
A   clamorous   ,1, lAktoty with  the  great  circlet  on
frr.m     .1...    ... ,,',     ..'       aR**1l\hiH llt'ad,  the large diamond  drOO-lS*?5i n/ C-^'oecupalon'mTrr^l woman h't*"
irom   th.-   sassmbM   l^gtWi   ���, ,���.,, ���,���             * '    WBttiar" l0 vm'h" th' ioUam,n"
Itartled  thi   Norman s.,ldi,.rs ���ut.\ _J	
Hlfll-       that        lIll'V       ImtslSdlatsatV       ud't\ .��. .... _ . -�� i :',    "   """"   ai'-'K' ,1,   ill��.-,vsl.���y   11,1, l   wl���.|��. ,   /
. II,- .1     T"ere -ATlll V)C   a  BaptlSt Broth-   WJSft.'ttiS ,h*.!nl*n J1*^"'- SUHlS hours; Lunch ISe,
put burning and plundering, bs*Lrhood picnic to Metlakatla on SaS^ SB* H^��G??-
Having thc English had revolted,    llhursday. ������"��'���      Iggjjm.'* M0 HUffsfl Sek
< ���'imnnBTisfc.pi at a poat planted almut three and i
oina-hall mllee dlatant In a aouthwestarly dlmrtion
i ""��� a blind alnutih from (Jbatn vatory Inlet whtn*
Mcale 2fic  mi    Cfitnt*  and  Bee
('.. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly filled.   Price, reasonabls.
OFP1CE-1I. B. Roche.ter. Ontre 8|_    Phon* SB,
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tsblas Sbcond . AVB.
Tab* Botlea that I. II klurphy.ol Vancouver.
11. C, oceupalkm commereial trsvHlBr. intends
to spply lor lawitiBBBion to purchsss the lellowirtg
deaenhed lends:
Commencing st a post ntsnted about seven
mile, west and one mile south from the mouth
ol Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thenee north SO
chains, thence west 40 chains, Ihenre south SO
chsina, tbence east 40 e ins.
Dsled Msrch 17, 1911. 1. II. MURPHY
Pob. April 22. Numa Demera, Agent
Skssna Und District���District ot CsaslBr
Tske  notice  thst   I,   Thomss   Mscsovem   ot
Slewsrt, II. C, occupstton miner,intend lo sppty
for permission to purchsss the (ollowing dawcrihed
Commenting at a post plsnted on  the right
bsnk ol the Nsss river about lour miles shove the
forks ot the Nsas river, thence south SO chsins.
thene*  west   SO  chslns,   thenee   north   SO  chsina.
Ihence esst 80 chains to poinl of commencement,
contsining 610 acre, more or teas.
Dsled Msrch 25, ISII.  Sidney Frank Wright. Agt
Pub. May 17.
acrs-i mire or leaa.
Dsled March Join, tall"
Pub. Apnl inn. ISII
T. D. Laird. Agent
Skeens Land .Wsstrtct-IJSilriet ol Quean Charlotte
Tsk* nolice thst eieo. II. Una ol Prince Rupert.
B. C* occupation bsrher. latsnds to sppl) ' J
permiaarm to purchas* lea, following <ieecribe.|
( ,-nmeneing al a post planted sbout seven
mils* nasi sral on* mile south Irom lh* ��""'
ol Stanly Cpsea. Naden llsrboe. trasnee ��Jth * '
chsins, thence w*et 40 chain., ibenc* north so
ehsirsa, thenee east 40 chains. _   , .....
Dsts.1 Msrch 17. ISII. OaJO. II. H1 x
Pob Aoril U Nums Demera, Agent
Skeens Und Ilkdrlet���Dkrtriel ol Csesisx
Tske nolle* thai  I. Ilrenton Jordon Moor, ni
Prince Hunerl, 11. C , occupsllon eonlrsctor. iniemi
lo spply lor taermission to porehsse Ibe lo!lo*>ii<
deavribed lands:
Commencing st s post plsnted snout (SI three
miles south snd (21 two miles west ot the lotkj
nt While snd Flsl rivers, thenee 80 ehslns south
thenee 80 chsina west, thence SO chsins north,
Ihence 8(1 chsina east. ���..
Dated April 20. ISII. Francis 9. Preston, Agent
Pub. May It.
_ Skeens Und District���District of Cassiar
Take notiss lhat  I, Jamas Webster Esplin M
Stewart, lit', occupation    auctioneer, intend to
spply lor permission to   purchsss  the   following
deeerilasd lands:
Commencing st a port planted on the right
bsnk of the Nsas river ahool nine miles shove
Ihe forks ol the Nsas river, Ihence soulh 80 chslns,
I bene* west 80 chsina, thence north 80 chsins.
thenre east 80 chsins lo point of commencement,
containing S40 seres more or lass. ,,,,
paled Msrch 21, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Fob. May 17.
Skesn. land District-District ot Cssslsr
Tsks Botlce thst   Wllllsm  Frederick   Csmeron
ol  Prince  Rupert,  B.  C, oeeopstioB  carpenter,
nlend. to apply lot nermla.lon lo purchsse the ISkeens Und District��� Dislrict ol Cssslsr
following deaerlbsrl land.: Tske notice thsl I, Sydney Fitsgersld ot Stewart.
Commencing  at   a   post   plsnted  shout   three ,_i ��� "ccupstlon cook, Intend fo apply for per-
miles soulh of th* lorks ol lh* Whit* snd  Fist """"'" '" Purchaae the following described lands
rivers, thenre soulh   SO chslns,  ihence west  80 I       nmmenclng st s post plsnted sbout five nv'ie
chslna.  Ihence  north   80 ehslns,  thenee esst  80 V" ��nd one mile                  ot the forks ol While
chslns. and Fist rivers, thenee soulh 80 chslns, thence
WILLIAM FREDERICK CAMERON wl* si1 rhains. thenee north 80 ehalna, Ihence
Dsled April 18, 1911.                             "*ie.nur< ^ M rt|)nf
Pub. May It.                  Francis S. Preston. Agent JI,i*,i,April '*��� ,9n-   SYDNEY FITZGERALD
1 P��b May It.
Francis 8. Praston. Agsnt


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