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 ��� ailiiSHHHWIHH���WlWIMaalllWfcWaWlPe 11
The Prince
VOL. II. NO. 75
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday. April 6. 1911,
I :>    '*:___:.
���A^     Price Five Cents
Contract for Fine New Structure to Cost Nine Million
Dollars Just Let by Dominion Government to
the St. Lawrence Bridge Company
work waa the cause
; Special to thc Optimist)
Ottawa, April 6. ���At last after two
years' consideration, the Government
i decided to avtfd the contract for
m',. construction of a railway bridge
over the St. Lawrence to take the place
ol the one which collapsed with such
[earful loss of life during its construction.
Plans submitted by the St. Lawrence
Bridge Compuny have been accepted
by the Commission appointed to consider lenders. The estimated cost of
the new bridge is $8,885,000.
A Tragedy Recalled
Sis million dollars of loss was borne
by the Government when the first
bridge collapsed, and the structure
remained ruined, an unsightly failure,
marring the river just above Quebec.
Many of the bodies of the workmen
who lost their lives in the accident
ould ii"' possibly be recovered from
the river as they were crushed under
inn- ol metal Overloading the structure
its partially constructed state with
material  for the
of the disaster.
A Stronger Structure
A stronger und mote substantial
bridge In every way is planned by tin-
company now to undertake the work,
and the new structure will be put In
hands ut the earliest possible.
Albanians.   Bulgarians  nnd   Montenegrins Disturbed Against Turkej
(Special to the Optimist)
Rome, April 5. Serious irouble is
brewing In the near east. News has
come io hand ihat Albanians numbering
about $5,000 are In rebellion against
Turkey and thai 80,000 more may be I
affected by the example of the first to
rebel. It is feared that the Bulgarians
and Montenegrins are encouraging tht-l
insurrectionists, and that they may
all become embroiled iii the trouble.
A Ball will be given in Mclntyre
Hall on Tuesday night, April 18,
under the auspices of the Woman's Auxiliary of the General
Hospital Association. Tickets are
now selling ul $2 each antl can be
had from Mesdames D.O.Stewart
Tremayne, V.V. Median and J.ll!
The proceeds of the hall will
be devoted to the upkeep
of the hospital. Thi ll a
tine opportunity for citizens and
others who would like to get the
full value of their money ami at
ihe same lime help a noble cause.
l   tlie same un
Jack Johnson Juilcd for Joy Riding
Jibs al His Job and Kicks at tbe
Some Clever Work With the Cue
Waa Done by Local Players���Match
is the Third of Monthly Seriea.
"Kntm ye not that they that, play
a billiard tournament play all, but
one receiveth the prize." In the toum-
iraenl referred to it wasn't the Wan-
derel ' Club that received the prize,
therefore it was the Prince Rupert Club.
T ,i nil spasm of tl.e famous tournament ended last night in the Wanderers'
Club. The Ruperts scored 710 points
Isst night against their opponents' 673
ami thi tt anderan hud the mortification
ol seeing the conquering heroes come and
Tha defeated aggregation are tossing
iv i subterfuges broadcast too, in
explanation of what happened. J. N.
Mci.ullin was the best cannonader the
r, R.V had. He made one breuk of
Hi an i sevt nil near .he 20 mark. S. P.
McMordie, McMullln's rival, hud to
to resuscitated several times by Bill
Case) nml a coterie of tooters. But
there was nothing to it.
'Magistrate Cares handled thut cue
like the real artist ut the game he is.
Then Prank Mobley und Joe Howe
Wtestli I and Howe says he doesn't
mow how Frank managed to get eight
Wall ahead at the end of the game but
hs did.
: ��� lerious. McMullin's game
W the beet exhibition of billiards
H-in locally In many moons. It wus
pwtty, splendid, wonderful, etc. The
spectators used various adjectives.
Here's last night's scores:
A. E. Oakley 177
B.P.McM��rdie .. ilM
'OssphHowe  242
T��t��l 573
Prince Ruperts'
ntateCan 250
tM.McMullin.  250
"��>k Mobley !.!!!!!!!!!mo
Total  710
... ii Monday  night   the scores were
Thii T' I"*' ',rincc Ruperts 715.
{���"the Prince Ruperts lead on the
"J^ttthesbj 124 points.
mxt , tournament will be held
gi month    \s a r,,su|t of the mn,,.h
j +&"monuT"1 h��'d the CUP f��r
totlmT   ,;":'l(,n'  who  was sentenced
jail   ! "'" A\t* in the New Westminster
u�� weeks ago for disturbing the
<iuri,H,  i'" '' '"H " ,)<),,k of his experiences
I'll'    rn,', ;'"'*" '" I,rince Rul)ert **n^
kSK,i,,|7��l  his  arrest.    The
^ml   I'Uhhshed on his release.
Joseph Robinson, of Transcon. Cut
Hie  Throat  aa  Hc  Walked  Along!
Then Got up and Started to Walk I
to the City.
(Special to the Optimisti
Winnipeg, April (I. -Joseph Robinson
farmer of Transcon, Manitoba, wus
found walking into this city wiih his
throat CUt bust evening. A constable
met him and look him to the hospital
where he may recover. Robinson told
a rambling story < f having lost his plate
by lire which dit! damage of $2,000. lie
says he started to walk to the city in the
morning. On the way he went into an
empty house and tried to cut his throat
with a pocket knife. Then he lay down
for n couple of hours expecting to die
but got tired of waiting, so he set out
for the cily again. He is forty years
of age antl unmarried.
Thc plans for launching a new publicity
organisation in I'rince Rupert are proceeding apace. Mr. J. J. Sloan has
appointed a temporary committee on
organisation composed of the followini':
Messrs. (ieorge Tite, II. II. Clark.', W.
S. Benson, O. H. Nelson and J, S.
Cowper, The committee will meet
this evening and draw up plans for the
culling together of a public meeting to
creule the organisation and elect olhcers.
(Special to the Optimist)
San Francisco, April u. sinie "De
Smoke," otherwise tne redoutable Jack
Johnson of Nevada fame achieved his
famous victory he has get slung out
joy-riding. Held up by the authorities
and found guilty ol exceeding the
speetl limit the nsiie chamopin found
that a line was not required from him,
but he wits Instead compelled to serve
hi- spell In the country jail. Nl w
Johnson is a sore and SOTTOwful negto.
He get; the pri.sfil.fti prison tare, and
to him is assigned ihe Job of grooming
antl waiting oil the city carl burses.
Before the champion arrived the job
was done by a petty offender named
O'Brien.   Johnson's chief kkh is ut his
lund. He is rather particular about
his diet, and prison fan- pleases him
poorly, lie ilnnks thai his exemplary
conduct entitles him to the Lieutenant
t lovernorship of the "I I ull blame ( hicken
coop," but would rather lie home
'long o' mutlder all tie same.
Heroic Engineer Hurled Forty Feet and Horribly Hurt
���Tremendous Shocks Rouse Whole Town	
Scared Citizens Rush into Streets
(Special io the Optimist)
��� Nanaimo, April 6 -All Nanaimo wus
aroused   at   twelve   o'clock   last   night
by  a terrific explosion  which shook
lhe    whole    town.      There    were    two
distinct shocks which shattered plate
glass window.-, everywhere, and brought
people running in great alarm and
scanty attire to the streets. A gteai
glare of flame lit un the whole harbor
and city, and thinking that the Protection mine had blown up the citizens
hurried in lhe wildest excitement towards the waterfront,
Engineer May Die
Very soon the fact became known
that the powder magaslne i n Protection Island hud gone up igniting a
gasoline store near by which waa (tercel]
blazing when the crash of the sen nd
explosion died away. Humors rapidly
spread that several han been killed
and many injured by the explosion, but
i; turned ou: tlu.t only < ne man had
Suffered.    I If was John Joins, lhe Light
engineer, and |���. will probably die in the
Conduct Was Heroic
His conduct was heroic, for whenever he found out ihai the powder
magaslne was on lire he dashed io the
telephone to notify the manager. No
sooner was thia done that the engineer
hurried hack to do what he could to
put out the Runes though he knew the
risk he ran waa a terrible one. Hardly
hail he started on his plucky errand
when the explosion occurred. Hurled
forty feet by the concussion, horribly
cut all over the body, ami stunned,
Joins was picked up for dead, and
a nveyed to the hospital where he lies
it is feared, dying.
l'l.mi, the Dynamite
Alter the second explosion the lire
quickly subsided, the Inflammable stuff
being rapidly devoured by the flame*.
It is known that some stored dynamite
caused the tot explosion but how the
fire start) d la nol discovered,
From Ihe Dominion Government
It-US Station*
(At �� A. M.
Skidegate Clear, sea smooth, t.'ut-
bound a whaling steamer probably
(Irani at 8 u.m.
Triangle Overcust, ea smooth. S.S.
Princess   May   notrobound  off   Pine
Wand al 8 p.m, Wednesday.
Tatoosh    < loudy,   mi   .-month.     In
two masted steamei at M6; three
masted schooner al ���> a.m.: ihree
masted hark al 8 a.m.
(At Niiom
Tatoosh In barque Belfast Out
ship A. .1. Fuller, schooner Prosper
towing,  tn barque Buako at 11.45,
Estevan reports schooner Bsschawa
passed eastbound al " a..m.
Chancellor Lloyd-George'a Eatimat-
ed Revenue Topped by $20,000,000
Effect on Canadian Inveatmentr
Will be Good Thia Year.
Special to lhe Opiimist)
l��ndon. April ti. Canada's big budge,
surplus has created considerable satisfaction among capitalists here who are
Interested In the Dominion us a field
fnr investment. The fact thut British
revenue returns for the year show a
surplus of over 120,000,000 over Lloyd-
i eorge's estimate as Chancellor of the
Fxchei|uer in his last budget Btatemeni
i also causing gnat rdlttsfacUon, und
tha elTect will reflect to the good of
Canada also. Britain's surplus of revenue over expenditure totals up to
Alderman Pattullo to Return
A private letter announces that
ilertnan   l'attullo   will   arrive   back   in
t���e city from Vancouver on April 15th.
Interviews   winch   have   appeared   in
the   Vancouver   and   Victoria   papers "
show thai Alderman Pattullo has hem "
dvaceiy  engaged   in  boosting   Prince
Rupert while he has I n away.
The llrdi' <>f Owls will meet lonigl.t
iu the Knights of Pythias Hall. Helgerson Block, at B p.m.
Eastern Conservatives Offered Federal Leadership to McBride but He
Turned Tiicm ,. ,..,, ,,, ,ln Proper
Kind of a Way.
Toronto, April til The Daily Star
has the following in the Ottawa despatch with regard lo Mr. I'. I.. Hor-
den's leadership of the Conservative
"Tin Story current is thai one Conservative member from Quebec offered io pay tl xpenses for thirty
constituencies in lhal province if the
were allowed io select the candidates,
and ihat another Conservative M. I'
who lives in  Montreal  promised  to do
a similar part upon I hi minimi lhal
Mr. Borden were deposeed.
"This, il is said, led the junta in
Montreal   tO   ciimn.unicale   will,   Hon.
Richard McBride, premiei of Hritish
Columbia, whom ihey asked lo accept
the leadership. They got the reply
which might have In en expected from
a gentleman, namely, that he had no
.I. in io take any pun in a plot against
his federal leader, and that in any
if such an olfer were to he made
to him ii must coma from ihe parliamentary party and not from any self-
constituted committee in Montreal or
"Then ihe story goes, tin- conspirators transferred their oirer to Sir James
Whitney, who retaliated by sending
their communication to Mr. Borden and
thus informing the federal lender of lhe
conspiracy against him."
From the highest point of Acropolis
Hill Premier Waller Scott of fWS-
kutchewan, Lieutenant-Governor Brown
of Saskatchewan, and Mr. .1. M. Young,:
vice-president of the Regina Board ol
Trade, saw Prince Kupert anil the
surrounding country to excellent advantage yesterday afternoon.
The visitors were taken there by
���everul of the lending ei'izelis of l'nii"
Li-pert und these gentlemen explanwl
the lay out of ihe ciiy and enthusia tlcal
ly expatiated on ihe charming scenery
lind opportunities of this place with tne
vision of greatness thai will RSSUiedl)
be realized.
Trip on thcllnrbor
Then  Dr.  Tremayne placed his tin''
gasoline yacht Evelyn ai ihe disposal
of the visitors and they wen  taken to
Shliwallaiis    Falls,   Seal   Cove,   Dlgoy
Island and all Interesting points around
thi' harbor.
Beats the Prairiea
Regina is all right, said the visitors
bill ii sib "in there on the prairie
without any charming natural beauty
around it like this aty. ritey weic
more than delighted with everytHIng
they saw and predicted tha if Prmo
Rupert gets half ile reflex of Its bright
objective It will be a wonderful gateway
^ this pr...is.il land. But they said
the full reflex will be realised
Made Good Party
When  tne  party   returned to the
,tcamer I'rinee Rupert  tney tad mh
octites that the appetite of t hi
!���r, was a mere circumstance in com
p*��Thto salt water breete to fine," ��ald
I Governor Brown."
The citizens who accompanied Premier
Scott and his friends were Fred Dawson
Fred Stork, A. J. Morris, 0. K. Naden,
A. M. Manson and Dr. Tremayne.
"All Aboard for Rupert"
In lhe evening Mayor Manson called
on the visitors and extended greetings
on behalf of tta people of the cily
and had learned thai tta trio were
greatly impressed with all that Ihey
had seen of the city.
"I expert thai before very long that
we ���-hall he taking train from Regina
f, i here and that you will be getting
:t good deal of trade from tin' prairie
province! " -:'i'i Premier Scott,
The vigors left on the steamer
Prinee Kupert for Stewart this morning
;t eight o'clock. They will le'urn to
Vat couver tomorrow,
Live     Prince     Rupert     Boxers    nnd
Wrestlers, Step Up Please
Kid blooded youth In Prince Kupert
is will aware, of o uree, that the B, c.
Boxing and Wrestling < hsmpionahlp
comes olf the fourth and fifth of May
uniler tlie auaplces of ihe Vancouver
Athletic Club, Prince Rupert boys
bandy wilh tin gloves, or lilhe an- supple
in i he wrestling ring, are Invited to
enter for this contest. It is fell both
in our own city antl down below, that
Prinee Ruper n ally ought lo he rep-
re.-, I in ihe championship struggle,
aid R, Seragg, secretary of tin V. A. ���'.,
has kindly sent up some entry forms
(or the i�� neiii of local aspirants. These
i',in he had from Frank T. Bownoea al
the Exchange Drill.   Contestants musi
be members of tl.e B. C, A. A. I' and
membership hums for this union of
athletes can also be obtained by courteay
of Mr. Bowness who will supply information! PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
/    Department Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.   I X~.
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladiee of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Saila for
Saila for Stewart, Thu
Mr.  Thos.  McClymont  Married
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock in  Northern  B. C.    I
A little every day hlep is worth a lot
of Sunday holiness.
Many a sinner is adept at drawing
fashion plates for saints.
THE OPTIMISTwill furnish correct infor-
mat inn to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city : : : : :
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail ^^
Optimist Information Bureau
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
A pretty wedding was solemnized at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. John A.
McLenaghen, Garland street, on Tuesday evening, March 28th, when their
second daughter, Jean M., became the
wife of Thomas McClymont, of Prince,
Rupert. Promptly at eight o'clock,
the bride enteted the drawing room,
loaning on the arm of her father, to the
strains cl Lohengrin's Wedding March
played by Miss Elsie McLenaghen.
The ceremony was performed by the
Rev. Thurlow Fraser. The bride was
gowned in ivory duchess satin with pearl
trimmings and carried a shower bouquet
of white roses. Miss Jessie McLenaghen,
in a becoming gown of silk crepe in
apricot shade, wi'h coral trimmings
and carrying pink roses, acted as bridesmaid. Dr. Duff supported the groom.
A dainty supper was then served by
Miss Franks, Misses Laura, Gertrude
and Myrtle McLenaghen. The guests
numbered about thirty, and included
only Ihe relatives and intimate fiineds
of the contracting parties. The bride's
mother wore a becoming gown of black
silk with sequin trimmings.
The drawing rooms were prettily
decorated with pink and white can-
nations and palms.
Mr. and Mrs. McClymont left on
the 12 o'clock C. P. R. for Prince Rupert via Vancouver. The travelling
suit of the bride was a plain tailor made
suit of navy blue serge, with blouse of
blue foulard, and hat of tuscan and
blue. She wore a handsome set of mink
furs the groom's gift.
Thc large number of beautiful gifts
received testify lo the esteem in which
the young couple are held.
The occasion was the more interesting
owing to the fact that it was also the
anniversary of the marriage of the
bride's mother and father.
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
P.O. BOX 1645
The Optimist
The Ladies of the Kaien Island
Athletic Club entertained at Five Hundred on Tuesday evening. Prises were
won by Miss Kinkade and Mr. F.
What Life Means to the Man With
the Golden Voice
Signor Caruso, the famous tenor, has
just lost flu,(mo through a little speck
of dust. This insignificant morsel
blew into his throat as he was walking
along the street, with the result that he
had to cancel four operatic performances for which he was to have been
paid $2600 each.
It is not so very many years ago since
Caruso was receiving only tenpence a
day for singing in a church choir. Now
Vugs his shoulders at $300,000 a
Up till comparatively recently he
used to live tne luxurious life of a
wealthy man. but lately he had had to
follow an almost Spartan regime in
order to preserve his wonderful voice.
"It is thc simple life for me now," he
said to a friend recently. "No more
late suppers. Close attention to diet
and abundance of outdoor exercise and
sleep are the rules my physician has
prescribed for me."
Among his various accomplishments,
Caruso has lately turned fashion-maker,
for he created no little sensation on one
occasion by appearing in an evening
dress suit of a golden brown color.
Not to be outdone, a fellow singer in
the opera company immediately ordered
All Ingredients Complete to Make an
Orange Compote Sweet
Take oranges of medium size.
The peel remove I pray;
From each a round cut from one end
And scoop the seeds away.
Fill up the little cups thus formed
With strawberry preserve���
That flavor mixed with orange juice
Is more than most deserve.
Then  top  each  orange  with  whipped
A cap all soft and white,
Made up of puffs, while for rosettes
The strawberries gleam bright.
On separate plates the fruit then serve
With laay-fingers slim,
And I've no doubt a king would say
The dish was fit for him
At a Game Party You'll Find Thia
One  Cornea  In
Each player is given a strip of paper
and a pencil, and is asked to choose
a short word and write it ithe letters
one below the other) down lhe left
hand margin of the paper. This done,
he spells the sajpe word backwards, ind
writes the letters reversed down the
right hand margin of the paper. The
fun then consists in discovering words
which begin with the letter at the left
of the paper, and end with the letter
at the right; that is, with the first and
last letters of the word chosen, and so
on. At the end of two minutes the
papers are collected by the timekeeper,
who awards one point towards the
prize for any word correctly filled out.
At the end of a stated time the player
winning most pointa receives a prize.
, Queen
ort, Fa-
iy, Rose
ss. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simp.
son, Naas River Poii I . Masset
Naden Harbor,  every
day, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Bay,   Skldegat
Charlotte City,  Locke]
cofi, Jedway,   Ikeda Bi
Harbor  ami  return vi
Charlotte City every Saturday
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the l'acilic
coast operates a frequent and *onven*
ient service of luxurious trail - iver Ita
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York ai d Philadelphia.    Information  anil tickets obtainable from the office hereur li r mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by ill
lines arranged.
��� Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
B.C. Coail S.S. Srnrict
a dress suit of dark purple.
And   One   Lived   up   to   Beats   the
Bunch Forgotten
Virtue is the joy of the upward way.
You can easily  hide  the  dix ine by
Twisted truth  usually doubles back
on the user.
The still, small voice is not the small
The putty man is apt to be proud of
his patience.
Making the  world  gloomy will  not
make it cleaner.
Misery  is  the  mental  chaos  of the
self-centered mind.
.    Tears have no real meaning to those
I who cannot laugh.
Rat in the Theatre Gives the Girls
Such  a  Fright
New York, April 6.���A big rat caused
a great big scare among the women in
the matinee audience at the Broadway
Theatre in Brooklyn. This is where
Victor Moore is playing in "The Happiest Night of His Life." The women
did impromptu dances on orchestra
chairs and there was a lavish exhibition
of ankles and lingerie. Actors forgot
their lines temporarily.
A lady in the stalls saw the rat first,
saw him creep from under a radiator
and peer about with his sharp, little
eyes. She screamed. The rat ducked
back to hiding.
About three minutes later there was
a general scream. The rat had reappeared. This time he felt he could
not retreat. He dashed up the left
aisle and then into the fifth row of thc
balcony seats. A great chorus of shrieks
and screams went up. Men tried to
kick the rat and hit him with overcoats.
But he was elusive. He darted up the
center aisle, between an usher's legs
and over the last row of benches, and
went none saw where. The women
sat on edge for the remaining part of
the performance. One of them said to
an usher as she was leaving:
"You should get a trap for thai rat."
"A trap? Why he's a regular professional rat," said the usher. "He's the
Btar in 'Cheese It or Trapped to His
Northbound Apr. 6���Southbound Apr. 10
Train for Winnipeg ami Toronto
leaves Vancouver 9 a.m. daily.
Imperial Limited, best trail, across
the continent, leaves Vancouver daily
3.45 p.m. Carries compartmcrt observation cars. The finest car or. any
road anywhere.
Agent for all Atlantic Steamship
lines. Tickets to and from EuropeU
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
Marshall Robinson, a painter, residing in London, Ont., West, has received
uncle living in 	
Robinson  has  been  livi
uililin,  Ireland.    Mr
in  London
word of  a legacy left to him by  an
"      '    Dublin,  Ir'���*     "-
iwuuavu   .....   oet'li   living   ...   	
for two yeais and earning $2 per day.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaned, 'Phone 4
Do You Want to Invest in tlie
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
We are selling shares in tl
At a price that will make you rooMl
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
B.lnn.r 3, I and 9 Monti"
Assays of the ore ran from 126.00 tt
$2000 per ton.
It will pay you to investigate thil pWP"
osition   at once.
0. B. Bush & Company
prince RuP<rt
Pacific Northern Emporium
Agent's Office ���       7th Avenue
(Connrcted wilh Kin�� T.i & C��. I
P. O. Box 58 Phone 197 Black
Prince Rupert B. C.
2nd Ave.
i; w. i. McCutcheon
, , CarrlM complete ���lock of Drum.   Bp< ���ll
, i attention paid to filling prsunpnol
'<'. Theatre Block phons n����. n Second Ave.
*v THE   PRINCE   KUPERT   0 I' T 1 M I S T
tjuu ������
C iiil t��
��� 1) it rict ol
��1,ml< Land Dia;ricb	
Ski1' a
.. i at 1 John McLeod ol Vancouver
W" ���"""���'LuJi Intend to apply lor parmtaaion
MW��>*J ^f___\ SS1 j-lrotaim on thefollowlng
'I'*"'"'1 lands" pUnted about ain milaa
1'.'""' i.��5 mil- weat "I the mouth ol the
wll,h ud I*" ""l**j   McL. n   ;.. Corner
Tl.'- ]<'���'! r Tiith 80 iWM. thenee weat 80
N��'������' ,tZ iSrth 80 chain..' then e ��rt 80
'v��T���, point ol commencement;  containing 640
[,�����,! -el.   -J. IO"
Pub. I ���*��� ""���
Clarance McDowell, Agent
^^^^    L. BARKER
Second aveiue and Third Btreet
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Clarance McDowell, Agent
Ch janM McDowell. Agent
Oin��n Clmrlotte Islanda Land DUtrict���District ol
w Skeona
T��k�� notiee that 1,   ohn McLeod ol Vancouver,
,,���.���,,; ii br ker. Intend to apply tor permission
,��� ���:, ipect lor coal and petroleum on the lollowing
dT.��mmii"in�� al a poet planted about .in mtlea
anu'li and twn milea woat ol the Tl-el River and
nuked ���'��� Mcl" s- E- Corner, No. 44, thence
north SO chaina, thence weat 80 rhaina, thence aouth
thence east 80 ehaina to point ol a���
rontaininti 640 acre., mo*.orUm.
\)_L*\ I eb. 2.1, li'll
Otiitn Charlolte Islands Und Diatrict-Dlatrict o!
M Skeena
Tuke notice that 1, John McLeod .ot Vanoouver.
occupation bmker, Intend to apply 'or permiaaion
to prospect lor eoul and petroleum on the lollowing
described lands:
Cnmmencinf at a poet planted about bu milos
muili and two weet ot the mouth of tho Tl-e
River and murked J. McL. N. W. Corn*, No. 88.
,! mli nil chains, thence eaat 80 chainal
.,.��� north 81) chains, thence weat 80 chalna to
|h,ii ��� . I nimmencement; containing 040 acrea,
mtua or laaa.
iw,,ir.b. to. ion
I'uh. IM'. 2*.      ���	
0uf>n Churloiie Islands I* d District���Diatrict of
Skeei l
Take nntice that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver,
occU|iuiinii broker, intend to apply for permisaion
. cl tor eoul and petroleum on tho following
.i land:
Cumin, ncinii at a poat planted about six mllea
���outh ud two miles weat of the mouth of the
TM River and markeil J. McL. S. W. Corner
Ko     i thencs north 80 chaina. thence eaat H0
chai-. il.r'.cf anuth 80 chains, thence wwt 80
r polnl ol commencement:  containing 640
If',' .  11)01. nr I*1W.
M, lull. JOHN M'LKOD
Pob lil-. 25. Clarance,McDowell, Agent
Qu'vn Charlotta lalanda Lnnd Dlalrict���Dlatirct ol
Take nutice that 1, Join McLood ol Vancouver,
ocru|iati��.n hroker, intend to apply lor pormiaaion
tu pimpacl fur conl nnd iielroleum on he following
: lauds:
Cnninit'iieiiiR at a posl plantod about sU mllea
south ud three milea weal of lho mouth of the
Tl-el lliver and marked J. McL. N. K, Corner,
Ne. 16, thenee south 80 chalna, thence weat 80
char.*, tl,,:.ii' nnrth 80 chains, Ihcnco eut 80
ehaiH tn point ol commencement; conUining
i i0 . mora or leas.
Dated ho. 2:1, Mil. JOHN M'LKOD
Pob. I il'. to. Clarance McDowell, Agont
Quirn Charlotta Islands Uml D itrict���Diatrict ol
TcJ ' "'lie-' that I, John MeLeod of Vancouvor,
limker, intend to apply for permission
101        c  Inr coal and petroleum on the following
daastbad lands:
1 Ddna at a post planted ah milea aouth
ami Una milea weat ot the mouth ot the Tl ,1
I. i marked J. McU S. E. Corner, No. 76,
thenn nurth 80 chains, thence wost 80 chaina,
thenr.. south 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chalna to
I ' i'mmenccment;   containing 640 acrea.
mnr,- nr lees.
lV.il Pab. 23, Mil. JOHN M'LEOD
rub. Feb. 25. Clarnce McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlolte Islan la L md Diatriet���Diatrict o
lake nntice that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver,
ovulation broker, intend to apply lor permiaaion
10 |c peel Inr coal and lietroleum on the tollowing
aajnbad .and:
Cnmnn i,eiii�� at a post planted about eight milea
win I. ud twu west of the mouth ot Tl-cl Kiver
mil ma I ed J. McL, N. W. Corner, No. 40, thence
��ui li mi chains thencc eaat 80 chains, thence north
��� rl:,in.., thenee wiwi Bit ehaina to polnl ot com-
me c ment: eonta mng 6to acre*, more or leaa.
������ai. Kb 2i. ion. John mclkod
���*��. I. b. 27. C. McDowell. Agent
Owen Charlotte lalanda Und Diatrict���DUtrict ol
lake i.nii.-,. that |, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
��wj|i.iti.,n brokar. intend to apply fo  permiaaion
; .1 Inr e,,al and iielroleum on tho tollowing
Oascnhed land:
l ommandng at a poat planted eight milea aouth
��ih i����� w�� ���| lho mouth ot Tl-el River and
��� ��*���'*'��� I McL, N. W. Corner, No. 41, thencc
***. " rhsins, thence weat 80 chains, thence
nnrth ��� ehaina, thenco eut 80 chalna to point
- menl;  containing 640 aerea, more or
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia id ll.C, Ontariu, Sas-
and Manitoba Bars. knteliewun  and  Al-
lliertn Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office���Exchanse block, eorner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruuert. g
Winnipeg's annual
cost ever $;j(IO,000.
spring  cleun  up
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., U. I). S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. (,us nnd
local anasthclics administered fnr the painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free, Oiticos: 19
and 20 Alder Block. Prince Ruuert. li-12
AGKNTS   FOR   STKKI ,    MA' lllNhllY
...ANI)    I1INTKACTIIK.1    Sl I'l'I.IKS...
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd nnd Fulton
I'lllNCK RCl'r.llT
Fruit   :   Produce   :
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
listed KI.. 21, 1911.
Puh. IVI . 27.
C. McDowell, Agent
Qu��n ( hariott* Islands Und DUtrict���Diatrict ol
Tsi.' iwlica that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
urcu|>st ��� it ' ri.Ki-r, intend to apply lor permission
ta i :��� |   ��� i... r,a| Bnl| potroleum nn the lollowing
j land:
sml i
1 I
���mi.   -
'' -
lisle I V h.
Pab, i.
ng at a post planled eight mllea aouth
'  't the mouth ot the Tl-cl lllver nnd
English and American Billiards
Twelve Table* Second Ave.
The Grand Trunk has placed an order for 40,000 tons of steel rails for
delivery '.his season in Western Ontario. The e will make twenty miles
01 S0-11) to the yard track, and 240
miles of 100-lb. track.
Forty horses have been purchased
in Toronto and vicinity at an average
price of $;100 each fnr shipment to Vancouver for u*c in the scavengering and
Boards il Works Department of that
The Univeriry governor* of Toronto
have endorsed lhe plans for a stadium
in   the   new   athletic   field,   and   for   a
concrete   wall   along   the   Blooi   street
1 frontage.
Francesco Creole, an Italian, will be
; hanged in Montreal on May 2fith.   Thermic of which Cieola is found guilty
was commitied on April 24 last  in a
| house   in   Richmond   lane,   Montreal.
��� Guiaeppe  Leigi,   who  was  stabbed  by
I Creola. for apparently no reason, said
in his antemortem statement that there
had been no quarrel between them, but
that Creola had fequently pestered him
for money.
Snow in Montana, Dakota, Nebraska
and Missouii is ihe news from those
parts of the Middle West.
The United s. itee army transport
Buford arrivt,! at Shanghai on Thursday,
and by this time has probably landed
her cargo of food supplies from Seattle
in the famine-Infer, ed districts.
Senator Robert M. I.aFollette declares
that intervention in Mexico would mean
Lieutenant-Governor Nay is said to
he "about ready" to call an extraordinary
���anion o( the Washington Legislature.
A convict in the Oregon penitentiary
is determined to remain in durnace vile
r:it her l han ret urn to his wife.
A resident Ol Ccntralia. Waah., who
is comfortably well off with property
worth JaO.ooii, haa become a pick-and-
slmvel man in order to keep from being
A Los Angeles furniture establishment has taken precautions against
Cupid by making its auditor, Miss
Leila M. Define, u stockholder, provided she does nut marry within ten
Hundreds of sight seen are still
visiting the Aache Building scene of
the terrible fatal lire at New York.
..Whites Portland Cement...
G. C.
Phone 125        Naden Block        2nd Ave.
Latest    Quotations   From Vancouver Exchange.
(Aa reported by S. Harrison & Co.)
Portland Canal    101-2       II
Stewart M. & D. Co    1.30      1.20
Red Cliff 95        .98
Main Reef 25
CEA1.EI) TENDERS nddrosnod tu ihe under-
*^ ��� u'lifl. nnd endorsed "Tender for KxnmininK
Wnreliouse, Vniirouver, B.C.." will lie received
until 4.1K1 p.m. on Mundny. April 21th, 1911, for
the construction nf nn Examining Warehouse.
Vnni'iiiivi'r, B, C.
IMnns, specilicntlun nnd form nf I'ntifrni't can lie
seen und fnrnis of L'nili-r obtuimd nt the iilliees of
Mr J. E. Cyr, .Superintendent uf I'ulilic ltuild-
inirs fur Mnnitiibn. Pnst Ollice Ituihlititr. Winni-
im'k, Man., Mr. Wm. llcndersun. Iti-siilcnt Architect. Victorin. B.C.. nt the l\-sl OHice. Vuncnuver
mid nt thin licpiirlnient.
l'ersnns ti-nderlnK an* nntitli.1 thnt tenders will
not li; considered unless made un the printed
i"! in- supplied, and sitrncd with their lu'lunl sjk-
nntures. slatinir their nccii|inti'Uis and plnces or
residence. In theense nf tlims. the lu-liuil signature, the nature of the nccutmtinn nnd p]nceof
resdence uf each manlbsr of the tlrm muat bc
Kuril tender mud In- nccompnnicd by an accepted cheque nn n cbiirtend bank, payable to
tbenrderuf the lliinnurnble the Minister nf Puli-
lie Worka. iiniiil to ten per cent. (In ti.c.l of the
limnunt nf the tender, which will Is- furfcited if
the person tenilorinir decline tu enter intu a contract when called upnn tndu su. nr fnil to cum-
plcle the wnrk cnnlrnctetl for.     If the lender lie
not accepted the absque will in- returned.
The Department d'sa not bind itself lo accept
the luwcst or any tender.
By nrder.
Depnrlment nf Public Wnrks. Secreury
Ottuwn. Mnrcb��!nd. It'll.
Newspniiers will nut Is' paid fnr this advertisement if they insert ll without nuthnrity frum the
llepnrtment. 72-74
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspaper* '
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Ollice
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
"il... 8. E. C rner   No. *2, thonco
tins, thenee weat 80 chalna, thence
. thence eaat 80 chaina to point
umt;  containing 640 acree, more or
-i. lilll.
C. McDuwell. Agent
*k��n Chariott* Islands Und District���Dletnct!ol
�� , Skeena
r.b i id ea ihat I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
���""N"  limker. intend to apply for permiaaion
io I'-"-���,���.!��� for cual and lietroleum on the following
','""' i' at a pnst planted  about  eight
aika Minn- ---��� ����� ��� - * ��� ^^^^^^^
ki.ir ..���
_______ .. .  post  planted   about   nig. -
."I!1   '"'.'I !".ur.*���t ���' t.h* mouth ot Tl-el
.        .r^il .1. McL., S. W. Corner. No. 77,
"�����    ''      mi ch.ins, thence eaat '   '
t stio    ���   ���   ���        ���
_,   __  chaina,
nn So ehains, thonce wi*t 80 chaina to
awn ii' 1'i.mmenccmentj   containing 640 acrea
PiedFab. 84, t u
iu i.i, .;���;'���l "���
C. McDnwell, Agent
tiu"',,' I "' Its Islands Und DMriet -District ol
T,t; skwn*
Hint I, John McU d ol Vancouver,
ilier, intend to apply  or permission
', r "ml mil Pelroleum i.n tho following
'ITlltl'iJ   i;mi|���
tnmni, iriMi. ���t a p,wt plunteil about eight mllee
���}" and loin ���,.,t ���f .__ mouth ���| Tl-el lllver
I. Md.., N. W. Corner, No 7H, thence
,���, ,��� *���>n��i thenci' iiist 80 chalna. thence
S" ' rt """��� Hieni-o w st 80 halna to poi t ol
gnoaoMnnt!   containing Bin acrea,  moro or
|>.tr.ll,,2,|,,u J0HN Mc1jI!0D
'���"���* * C McDowell, Agont
and tn;," j;���,
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniahed and
Steam Healed Rooms
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Ueils
can White Bnwtl
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
TOWN   Readers of
  intending  to  settle   in
���'������*-���'���' Prince Rupert or the interior are
assured oi a square deal, when outfitting, by purchasing their supplies and
equipment from firms who advertise in
the Optimist.        :-        :-        :-        :-
The management solicits and accepts
local advertising only from firms of the
utmost reliability. By purchasing from
them you are assured of an honorable deal.
You have not only the guarantee of
the advertiser; you have the added endorsement which the acceptance of their
advertising implies. This is a service
which we owe to our out-of-town readers
and which they will do well to profit by.
the   J&
Building Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaater, Coke, Blackamith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Presaed Brick
Shinglea, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Illoek
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
==E.   EBY   C&   Co..z==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KITSUMKALliM ��� - B. C.
Fir.l Ave.
Near McRrida
Forwarding,   Distributing and
Shipping  Agents
Storage nf Baggage and Household Goods a Speeialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907
Phone 262
Plumbing   :  Steamfitting
Thinl Aviv, bat WWII 7th uml lUl Sla.
Over ll.C. Ilakirv PRINCE RUPERT, R.C
4 Rochester Ai
IF   ��� Monroe
' Ladysmith
l'v',' \\ Coal
\a,  Phone lis
The We^holme Lumber Co.
Firat Avenue Telephone 186
Advertise in
The Prince Rupert Optimist
���*HE OPTIMI8T is the leading newppaper of Northern British Columbia
has grown up with the city
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all���2oc per inch each issue for display
matter.   This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.    Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or J5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year.   Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per yenr: Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Thursday. April 6
The Negro Problem in Edmonton
The news of the arrival at Edmonton of a trainload of negroes from Oklahoma
to till the soil cf All>erta along certain fringes of the G. T. P. was calculated to be
disturbing news without the further information that two of their number were
destined to be concerned in an assault upon a white girl in Edmonton.
Without assuming the guilt of the latter���assuming indeed that like the unfortunate Booker T. Washington they may be the victims of unfounded race suspicion and race hatred-it is to be hoped that the authorities will go slow in
the matter of introducing negro communities into Alberta. There is a point where
it is but a step across from Alberta to British Columbia.
True there are negro communities in Nova Scotia whose conduct under British
institutions is as exemplary as the conduct under British institutions of the negroes
in the West Indies. Bu'. we may be pardoned if we feel a reluctance to see negro
communities established on either side of the Rockies, save under most conservative
and safe-guarded conditions. Above all, Canada must be guarded*from"the possibility of having to face a race war inside her boundaries.
Coiwervative methods in dealing with this class of immigrationrare in the
interests of the negroes themselves. There is a difference in the climate of Oklahoma
and northern Alberta. Winter rigots that brace the nerves and give zest to the
British immigrants" joy of living, may freeze the thinner blood of the negro immigrant.   It will be kindness to him under in small trial quantities at first.
Canada needs immigrants, but of the right kind. The negro settlers may-
prove to be of the tight kind. For their and our interests it is to be hoped they
will prove lo be of the right kind.   But as ye*, they are an untried quantity. .JBS
What has become of those five thousand Scottish farm laborers ^that'Mr.
T. W. W. Stewart went over to Britain to procure. His mission was reported
successful, and they should be due before long. There is no doubt'of their proving
a success both U construction laborers, and later on as settlers by the right of way.
Condensed Advertisements.
** to buy. or sell, or hire, or loan? Try The
Outtmist Condensed Ad. route,
FOK RENT-1 housekeeping and 1 furnished
-���     room at "The Roland" 3rd Ave. 74-75
IJOUSES WANTED-Furnished or unfurniih-
*-*��� ed. 2 to 6 rooms. If location and Price suit
me I will rent them myself and pay rent in advance, nu waitinjr, no listing. Phone me today-
Black 59-L'ncle Jerry. 72-tf
"THE British Union and National Fire Insurance
���*��� Company of London, England, with capital
of 12,500,) 40.00. See us for rates. The Mack
Realty and Insurance Company. 7n-tf
OUR SPECIALTY-Fire Insurance. We represent eleven strong Fire Insurance Companies. We want your business, large and small.
Let us quote you rates. The Mack Realty and Insurance Company, cor 3rd Ave. and Fulton St.   70
ANTED���Girl to dispense icecream and soda.
Must be experienced.   Apply box 1523. 75-76
WANTED-Good general woman cook; wages
$*'.   Apply P. R. General Hospital.      69-tf
ANTED-Position in hotel by competent woman;   cooking,   housekeeping or  chamber
ork.    Apply O. S. Optimist. 61-tf
ANTED-Room and board in private family
X.M.. Optimist Office. 14
AX/ANTED-House. 4 or 5 rooms and bath, fur-
' * nished or unfurnished, at once. Apply at
Optimist, Box X. -,-tf
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prince  Rupert Lodge, No. 318, Sona of
England, meeta the lirst and third  Tueadaya in
each month in the Carpentera Hall, at I p.m.
F. V. CLARK. See..
P. O. Box fl2. Prince Rupert
Brains and Their Uses
Thomas L. Masson thus wittily discourses upon a fruitful theme:
"Brains are common to all parts of the country, and traces of them have been
discovered in summer at Lenox, Bar Harbor, and Newport.
"They are originally used to obtain money, but when money is obtained by
them it usually takes their place.
"The quality of brains varies in different localities. Mixed with ginger, they
become very valuable.   With a spine, they are a necessity in every household.
"At one time they influenced literature, but the discovery was made that literature could do without them. Since then they have been almost exclusively
devoted to advertising.
"Brains are employed in various enterprises. They make bridges, railroads
and other systems of transportation. They also create capital, and are used extensively in evading the law. They mix with water and gasoline, but are'absorbed
by alcohol.
"Brains are bought and sold in the open market. They may be traded in on
the exchange in Washington and Albany or in other political centres. The best
quality, however, are not traded in. Indeed, oftentimes they are nol even heard
of until long after they have passed away."
A Chicago professor says that big feet are always an indication of great brain
power. If that is the case we should turn over the conduct of government to the
police, says the Vancouver World.
Prince Rupert Young Liberal Association
will be held in the
at 8 p.m.
Members and friends roll up
I ...WANTED..,
A   Cirl   to   learn   Preaa- j
feeding and Bookbinding. j
I Apply al
Is Still Going on
* * * *
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
The Optimist
New York,. April 5.���Boxing promoters have begun negotiations for the
holding of an international amateur
boxing tournament here which will
practically demonstrate the world's cham ,
The   principal   class   in   these   com-
petition* will be the heavyweight with
entries from England and  France bid- (
ding   for  the title  against   such  well-
known exponents of the game as Warren :
Barbour,   Tony   Biddle   and   the   pick I
of the division of the west.   Applications |
will lie made to thp Amateur Athletic
Union for a sanction for the event as
well    as   permission   to    increase   the
valuation of medals as awards to the i
respective  winners.    The scheme calls
for a ten days' series at all weights.
It  is known thut Joe Choynski has
a   pupil   in   Chicago   whom   he  thinks
superior   to   Barbour   or  Middle.    He,
was   one   of   the   contestants   on   the!
elimination  trials  to  decide  upon  the
American title defender.
Paris, April 5.���After several post-'
ponements, the twenty-round bout between Sam McVey and Sam Langford,
the American heavyweight pugilists,
was pulled off Saturday night in the
Cirque, Paris. The fight ended in a
draw, although the Boston negro, who
holds the heavyweight championship
of England, completely outclassed his
opponent from San Francisco.
Denver, Ci lo., April 5.���Betting on,
the    pari-mutuel   system    and    prizefighting  will  be  legalized  in  Colorado.
if   an   amendment   introduced   in   the!
House here Saturday is adopted.   The j
amendment was made to a betting bill
In  favor of the fight game by Repre-1
sentative   Walker.     It   legalizes   fights |
before  regularly organized  ilubs.    According  to  its  provisions  no  decisions
are to be permitted and the scrappers
will have to battle for sta'ed percentages
of the gates.
Chicago, April 3.���President Chiv-
ington of the American Baseball Association today issued a call to his umpires for the coming season to meet
him in Detroit April 10. Chivington
will spend two days going over the
rules with the indicator holders.
No. 25
Next time you wal I v ������_,,
���tore we wish you'd ii a minute and take a" look al
He's the finest sk-. | meti    i    :.,
the best looking. the
the best running.    V       ...������>
take our word fur It   I k(
in the window so you
This is the clock they ..
tising in the bin '������������������
Heintzman Pianos
We-sell  them.    We   r    I them.
Easy term-.
1    and POOL S
A   . \
.   Latti* -' i
i Allrya. T Tablra.
ciae.   Aclean*i'.,rt.
aflcrm">n.     Nrwman  Bl<-ck. I*
twMi) t'.th and Tth Sla.
TED Morrison.    PruprlM >r ar.l Mara
Phone No. 200 P. 0  Box 59
Swift's Premium Hams am! Bacon will
Cowichan Eggs 85c,
Do vou realize that every train of the
G. T. P. R. R. will be a Hying adver-
' tisement for our city ? The letters
; stand for "Go To Prince Rupert Road"
I ���that's plain. The Grand Trunk chose
j its name well and we are duly grate-
j ful. Just now the Grand Trunk is
I making Prince Rupert but it will not be
I long before Prince Rupert will make
I the Grand Trunk Pacific.
A modern railroad is a wonderful  in-
1 stitution.    Railroad  building  today   is
| not a  gamble, it ia a science.   A rail-
| road that would just make  a town its
I terminus just for the sake of making a
' town would be committing suicide.     It
. would be flirting with the  undertaker,
: as my friend Sheriff Small used to say
back in Missouri.    A  railroad chooses
\ its terminus for the  trade  it can get
' there, for the freight it can bring there |
: and take away from there.    So you see
i the railroad knew exactly what it was
! doing  when  it  chose   Prince   Rupert.
\ We   know   that  many excellent engin-
| eers, many of the ablest business men,
I many   large   capitalists   compose   the
\ railroad, and we know that their collective judgment must be  good  or they
would not be able enginoers, able  business  men or able  capitalists.    They
selected Prince Rupert.    You or I cannot have better judgment in the matter
than they did.    That's our cue to profit
by their judgment.   Stick with  Prince
Rupert and tell your friends about it.
If you don't know  what  to  tell  them
about Prince Rupert  ask   me  and  I'll
tell you what to say.    Also I shall give
you my book of Questions and Answers
on Prince Rupert.   You can either send
that or copy it.    It is easier to send  it
or  I'll  send  it for you.    If you and I
keep on getting busy with  telling the
outsiders about Prince Rupert,  it will
not be long before we will nave twenty-
five  thousand  inhabitants,   then   fifty
and then my prophecy, "The San Francisco of Canada.
For Sale
��� LoU 14. 15, 16,  block t&   It -tion 5,
price $600 each, terms half
Lot 7, block 16,   section 6,
40��, terms half cash.
Lots 13, 14, 15.  block  B,   - ction I.
price $500 each, terms half cash.
Lots 6, 7, 8. with house, bk
7, price $3,650 all, terms 11,800
LoU 7, 8, block 36,  section 7,  pnW
$1,750 pair, terms half cash.
For Fire  Insurance In   ������';
Companies, call on
Second Ave.. Prince Rupert. B.C
Chinese of Weatern Canada Club
Together and Will Give M.000 to
Man Who Apprehend* the Murderer.   Is Third Murder.
(Special to the Optimist . ,
Winnipeg, April 6.-A -\V_f_jL
$6,000 has been offered by the ( hinanwj
of Western Canada for the mpptetv ttm
of the murderer of Toy Chang ��I j
found here this morning with �� i
hole through his stomach. On
previous occasions within ,'1P.ir;'J
veare chinamen have been KUIWi
being literally hacked to plMM In
The murdered man was most inoi
sive and no clue is known as i" WB)i
should    have    been    murdered. ,
Chinese are alarmed and fear "   J".  '
Highbinder's or other secret si>o< 0
at work among thorn.
two I
, :ioh I
���ijfggiammmmmm**mmmm THE
\n Agricultural Land that Can't
Feed Its People Should Import
All It Wants, Saya the Redoutable
(Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, April 6.���Resuming the dc-
hjte on reciprocity Ralph Smith of
Man iiin" i"*Ku<>(' today that removal
,',[ the duties upon natural products
would be followed by reduction in
pricea and increased consumption of
\\,., ,,miinodities. Mr. Smith claims
ii n wise government will take action
w check il"' growing cost of living.
Ralph Smith advocated the removal
���f tj.,.i|<it von sugar.
Nil Idea was if an agricultural country
eould not produce enough without
pnii-'ii"n to meet the demand for
[arn products should be imported. He
,[,'., ��� on U> say that believing in free
trade M he did, he could logically ask
the government to remove the duties
OD boots and shoes and other articles
In common use, and he intimated that
he Lad some belief that such a course
might snme day be adopted by the
Nothing to Record but Discuaaion
and Cauatic Comment
iSpecial to the Optimist)
Fertile, B. ('., April 6.���Still there is no
new development regarding the strike
bare, Those In authority on both sides
are keeping dark but in discussion of
tl.' petition there is no lack of caustic
comment from all concerned.
Winnipeg Sub-Cont- ictora Aak Dominion Government to Interfere
S|>ecial to the Optimist)
Winnipeg! April 6.���The sub-con-
tncton who worked on the construction
of the Transcontinental Railway east
of the ciiy under McArthur & Company
are miking a vigorous attempt to secure
what ihey deem to be justice from the
Dominion government. The amount
nf money involved in the case is about
$700,000, The contractors are fighting
���glim! the reduction in classification
much engineer! ask for. This reduction
meam lyge loss to the men who did
the work and the courts are to he calied
u|mti to decide the matter.
Firat Conaignment of
Spring Plants
Now on Hand
Board of Control in Western Capital
Favors Eliciting Hia Majesty's Aid
Over the Ocean Cables Why Not
Prince Rupert.
(Special to the Optimist)
Winnipeg, April 6.���It is quite on the
cards that the big new city power
plant may be opened by King George
in the same way tha the Montreal
King Edward Hospital was opened by
the late King Edward who it will be
remembered simply by pressing a button
contact at Buckingham Palace threw
open the hospital doors BCTOCS the sens
at Montreal.
This proposal was made in reference
to the Point du Hois power station
by members of the Hoard of Control
here. Controllers Waugh, Cockburn
and Harvey all supporting the suggestion. If arrangements can be made
for the ceremony, a button pressed by
King (ieorge at London will set the
mnehinery in motion at Winnipeg, a
long step fartehr west than Montreal.
Prince Rupert's turn next perhaps.
{ quoen Charlotte laluiifla Lund Dintrict -Dialrici ol
I Quwn Charlotte lslundH Land District -District ot Skit'iiu
Skeana !     Take notici' tlmt 1, John UeLaod ot Vancouver
Take notice thai l, John MeLeod ol Vanoouver, : occupation broker, Intand to apply tor panniaalon
| occupulion broker. Intend to upply for perialaalon to primped for coul ami pat roleum on the followinK
j lo prospecl lor conl uml petroleum on the following descrilieil lamls:
deaerlbed lands: nnm������H��i	
Bkoona Land Disirict    Disirict of Const Ranna V
Tuke nntiee thut juck  Bedford of Keffnleyi
Yorkshire.   England,   occupulion   over-looker,   itl���
tanda io apply tor permission to puronaaa tho
following daasrlbad lumls:
Conunanalna nt a post plume*! ut u point in ihe
eaaterly boundary of timlier limit 88889 uml in
tho aiutherly limit ol lot 8888, Range 6, c,,u.st
District, when' the suid limiis internet, thenoa
Ulone    lhe    ...,<���..",.���    ���'-���>
. .  ." *���" ����.Miwru iiioii <>i iitniM.r limn :lii77;,
Queen Charlotte l��,���mU Land Dtrtrict-DUtriot o. I gU'*n ^"^ **���*_��__�� "��rl0tr-DbW�� ���,   %�� ^ M^L'rrftl^!, "����
,        u.:: .I j tvi;. um on weroUowU!| Dated March B, IBUa              JACK BBDPOl
���*��� i.i-;jHTi itireuiti um] petroleum on the follow inn   ilescrilted lunds: Pub, Murch 25.
daeeribed landa:                                                   Commancing ut u pari plunteil about two miles
Commwdng at a port plantodI about [our mil��� ��� tooth and two miles west of tta mnuth of tbt sk(,.,m Uni, ,,istricl   ,)iMricI of (Wm ]iAUi,t
mirth ami three null's west uf the muuth of the    11 el  Uiver und marked    J.  Mcl.. h. K. (orner, Tl..     ���.���:-,.  ,1...,   cIimH.-s   I-    ohm  ���.   M
Tl-el River and markad .!. MrL.  N. \v. Corner.  Ko. -ih. thence north .so chains, thenc wort BO R*JJ��  g^S ^JouwSon turvevw  tntenS
No.  53, thence BOUtb **0 clmim:, thenco eas:  80   chuins,  thenw south  ��0 chains,  thenci-  eart   80 mnrfiv  for Derintton to  ounhaaa  tin-  follow
chuins, thenoa north so chuins, thenee wart B01 ehaina to point of commencement: eontalning 640 dMeribed landr
chalna to point of commencement;  oontalnlng 640 I acres, more or leas.   '
acres, more or les-*.
Lealie K. Welti    ' gent
la Acting aa Agent for American
Clienta Who Wiah to Settle in the
Bulkley and Lakelae Valley Hc
Likea Prince Rupert.
Like Joseph's brethren ol old Mr.
A. J. Walters, for eighteen years a
���imminent real estate man of Seattle,
has come to spy out the land around
Prince Kupert for the purpose of in-
Mr. Walters arrived here veaterday.
Ne will leave for the Hulkley Valley
district and other parts of the interior
us soon ils the Skeena Uiver fleet sails
and if he can locate good tanning laud
he will buy large plots for himself and
a Dumber "f clients in Seattle and
Spokane who wish to settle in Bruish
"There is a good deal of interest
manifested in the American west by
moneyed people who wish to come
to Prince Rupert and the outlying
country," said the visitor to the Optimist
this morning,
"There is not one real estate auent
in Seattle or Spokane selling Canadian
lands in this part of the country that
has ever seen them, consequently the
people desirous of buying cannot eel
authentic information. I found Americans ure anxious to come here. 1 have
several judges who wish to purehass
160 acre plots of land near Prince
"I intend to locate in the Bulkley
Valley district if 1 can lind a suitable
Mr. Walters is also interested in
mining matters. He is well pleased
with the city and predicts a great
future is ahead fori*.
Conunandng m a peat plantad ai ilu- nnrth east
corner ot atirayod lot 8884, Rang. ���'>, i'hh>i Ui-*-
inrt, tha&ea in un eaaterly dlraetlon atone tha
wiui lii-rly limit nt atirvoyad lot 3991 ami the pro-
��� i tin* tnence with BQ I chains to point of c
chums to point ot commencement) containing 840 I acrvs, more or loaa.
nrri-s, more or laaa, ! Dated Feh. 22, lilll
Dated Feb. SS, 1811. .lulls' Mcl.KOI)   Puh. Kali. 21. 	
Pub.Ifcb.88. Clarane.MoDowaU. Agtutt ^^_ . ���,������,������ llmit ^^KiSll",Z
Queen Churlotte Inlands Land Dtatrict���J ...met of   fwtlon thereof  ��" chalna to �� point, thenn- south
Queen Chariotu lalandi Land District���Dimrict of i                              Bkaana purutlei t<> thr .���u��i,t1> im-.ii ..( Mirm-itl m B9S4
Slavnn                                           Take notice thut I, John Mcleod of Vnncouver. ifoneeid ���*������ ehelni mun* or leu to the northerly
Tuke nntice that I, Juhn MeLeod of \ uncouver, > occupation bruker, intend to apply for permi-wion limit of a timlier limit   Nu.   18568), thenee Wtik
-eiiMMtmi. \.-*.\.mm i-���                                             to pfQipiet f���r eou[ un,j petroleum on the fullowing jo ehuins more nr lun tu a puint in the pre action
descriheil lunds: jmutherly   of  the  eaaterty   limit   ol  mirveyni   tut
Commencing atu post planted ahout two rnili^ u:.s\, thenee iu a northerly direction along the
south  nnd two miles uml of the mouth uf thv projection  nf the said  limit  and  alum; the suid
Tl-4'1 Uiver and mnrked   J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner, [imit 'itt chains mure ur lem to point uf eonUBeoea*
.N'o. 47, thanea south no chains, thence weet B0 ment. cuntuiniriR S40 aerea more or loca.
chains,   thencv  north   80  chuins   thence eust   flO | ,liU*t\ Murch K, \Ul I.         CHAHI.KS I', OTTKIt
chnins to puint ol cumtnenwment; Oontalnlng 840 Pub. Murch 25
or ^^^^
Dated Feb 22, L911. HHIN UeLBOD
Pub. Feb. 24 Clarence McDowell. Agent
..,-��� t, u.-iin o��t3L��aoa ui \uneuuver,
occupation brokeTi intend tn upply for permission
to proapeei (or coal and petroleum on the following
dencitbcd landa;
Commendng nt a post planted nl.out four miles
north end three mQea wotl i��f the mouth of the
TW Kiver und murked J. McL., S. W, Comer,
No 54, thenca nurth Pi) chains Hh'iici* I'ust HO
chninn, thence south SU c um-, thenn* west HO
chains tn point of commence-; ent; containinu 010
acraa, mure nr less.
Dnted Fvh. 2��  1!��11. JtHIN  McLKOD
Pub. Feb, 28 Clarenee McDuwell. Agent
Queon Chariotte Islands Land District��� DUtrict of
Skeena I<aml District- District nf (Wi Range V
Take   notico   thut   F.dith   Alio*   t'nmther   uf
. ,      , . ,    ,       . . IkleK.    Ynrksbin*,   Kn^'land,  occuputmn  urineter,
Quevn Charlotto IslandaLand District���DUtrict       intends tu applv fur [M-rmiMiun to purehass* thi*
, Skwra  | juiiumnj. dMeribed lands:
lake notice thut I, Juhn McU*ud of Vancouver,       CommencinK at a post ptunti-d ut the miuiIi .-ust
���eupution broker, intend tu apply for jiermivion   corni>r nf Mirv.iv.��i ).-* *n.
Our Stock is Fresh, Clean and Carefully Selected.
������'i' are in a position to supply you promptly, efficiently  and at Reasonable Prices.    .'    .'    .'    ���'
We are
Sole Agents
*~V* ��
t i          t      L     . ?w'l,n                                   .         Take notice thut I. Juhn Mcl-Mill of v.^���llnr i��im*mK HesrriiHii lamls:
occut'iir^ lL,mt ' i��\? M��U?d ,��f Va^"ver, occupetion broke"   mtend to a^ v f?i , "mi" ion ' ��mmr""��"�� �� �� P�� P��Mtod at the mtth eart
n^HC  for cun! and petroleum nn the following descrilH-d lands:                          um on un  mm, ,nrl# |h,.nri, (lurth n]|(|1K (|)). |11L���(.r]v h     , J.   .
'd��'d lund: ���       nnnmMMlnsi   u(    ..   ******.   ..i-**^   -�����- _     ��anl lot  :i;�� rhains nutn* or Um___ t__*i*m  ���,...,..
���  iu in apply lor pvrmission j to prospect for < _     s.,.-,nv ..��.��.����� wunK me eameny limn of thu
to proi|)ect for cun! und petroleum on the following | diwriljfd landa: najil lot SB chains more or lea to the southerly
described land:                                                                Commencinu  at   u  post   plunted   about   two ljmit   ((f  1m1 3gja H,-,*,.... eoBat dwrici. UnM
( ommencing at a poal plunted about  three milos   mites south und two mm** IM of thv mouth ol g^j M|unK tht> tioUthvrl> limit uf the lait menllonen
vm* nnd two milos northiof the mouth, I thu 11 el   thviTM   Kiver,   tJrubum   lhlund,   and   mark.wj ||)(   goSnlM  to   a   point,   thenn* in   a twuth-
fiver uml murked J. McL��N. K.torne   N.   Bg,   J. Mc.L.   V V*. Corner, No. .11, thvnw aouth HO - ���r|y ,lir,vtIon 35    c\-_nM    -ltLru\M  tn   tta*   said
hence south >0 chuins, llienw   west   y0   chuins,    chains,   thenw  oast   HO  chains,  thenw  north  BQ m__m{%   ]_mit   **f    IM   ;i
hence north ?��0 chains, thimroftaaait i��h��lti�� tn t����t���� I ��    ���
Kfveranu markvtU. McL., N. K. Corne   N>   68, I J. Mc.L.   N. W. Corner, No. Ill, thenw south Pi) (>r|.. *��, r��-oi ioti a.'>    of ._-,.,,   ,��   , ,-������   ���
thvnw anuth >0 chuins, thenw  west   sO  chuins,   chains,  thenw vast  HO  chains,  thenw  north HO ,,W(,.,h   limit   uf    uT"i\W\ "Thenct*"in'a wtwt*
thence north >0 chains, thunce oast chnina to point } chains, thenw  ����*t bO chains to point of com- ,.riv     dJnetloO    ���'"   chains'mon*   or    lem    to
of commencement: ContaininK tilO ncres mure  or. mencemeu;  COBtttteMOaOV^mwIaM. ,,���'. pnjll, n( cum m en n-ment eonlaining 2IU ��cn��
'���ia. ' Dnted Plb.8S| 11��11. JtHIN McLKtlD m(   * ur i^���
Mad Feb. 25. IUll. JOHN McLKOD I I'ub. Fob. 24. Clarenw McDowell. Agent L*.ai��.it   .. .���� ****	
T. K. Walter. Agent
Quwn Churlotte Uandl Land District���DUlrict of
i.MiM-i, Charlottu lalanda Lund Distrtct���DUtrict of
Take notiw that I, Juhn Mcl-eod uf Vancouver
KlU.nlinn   I.Mabnr     l��...-J   .- ���-   '���	
Dated March N, l'Jll.
I'ub. March gft.
Take notiw lhal I, John McU^d of Vancouver Skwna I-nnd District-Distrirt ���ilV'i.|.
lake notice ihut 1. J. (,   McNab or PrlnM Ku-   occupation broker, inU-nd in apply fur permission !    Take notin- that I. J   II.  HcAughef of I'rince
iiert.  occupntion  general agvnt.  intend  to npply , to prwpvct fur coal and petroleum on the following   Itmivrt, ���" ' * ^ .**-**-
for peniuanon to pro>pect for coal anil petroleum j .j,-srrihe��| Unda:
in the following descnkfl lnnds: I     '* ���-
1 Dntv l-i*ii.
JOHN McLKoD   Pub, Feb.
Clarence McDowell, Agent
Andrew Kennedy, Atrent
Quwn Charlotte L-l-i. ���!������ ljind District���District of
Bket na
Take tintici* that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to upply for permiaaion |
to prospect for conl and [Kitroleuni on the folloM-ing
deaerlbed land:
Cummencing ut u pust plnnte<l about tw milr> 1
north of th muuth uf the Tl-el River und markeil j
J. McL., S. K. Corner. No. .1, thenw north 80
chains, ihenw wesl K0 chain-, thenw south M)
chains, thence vast 80 chnins to point of cum-1
meneementi v ntnining fiio acres, mnre or leaa.
Dated Feb. SB, Ull. JOHN MeLBO&|
Pub. Feb 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Quwn Charlotte IMands 1 ���**-.1 District���Districtof
Take in tiw thnt I. John Mcl^iid of Vanwuver,
owupation bniker, intend in apply fur permiiwion
lo prospect for coal and |**troleum on the fullowing
depcirlH-d land:
Commencing nt a nosi planted about tWt mill*
norlh of the mnuth of th T h-1 r ver nn marked
J. McL., S. W. Corner. Nn. 4, thvnw north B0
chains, thenw east Hi) chuina thenc south 80
chuins. tlience w. sl 80 cha ns to point of com
meaeemcnl; containing 6-1" acre*, more nr less.
Da ed Feb. 2a, 1911a JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb 27. T. K. Welter, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUlrict��� District
Take notiw that I, John UeLnd nf Vancuuver,
occupation bruker, intend to apply for pvrmission
to pro-pert for wal uad petroleum ��n the following
��n��� i-..\ iNi Lit, ,:
Commencing a a pari planted almut two milts
north and t\-o mile* weM ol the mout n�� the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL.. N. W. Corner.
Nn. 27, Ihenw miuth 80 chains thenw east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thvnw west 80
chuins to point of commencement: containing GIO
ucn*s. more or Ipsa
Doled Ke .2.*,, l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. K. Walter. Agent
Quwn (harlotte Islands Uml District���District of
Take notiee that I  Job   MeLeod of Vanwuver,
oceupetlon brolw  intend to apply for permission
toproapeei for eoal and petroleum on the follnwing
de erlbed lands:
Coninii" nntr ut n poM plunteil about twu miles
nnrth end two milei wet ��-[ the mouth of Tl-el
Hiv r nnd murked J. McL. S. VS. Corner. No. _*(i
thenee north pu chalnni thence emit m�� chains,
thenee nuth 80 chaina, Umnmb treet BO ehains to
IHiunt -I CKiiimencenunt; containing 6to nrri��,
mure or htui.
Dated PWi SB, Wil' John MeUSOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. K. Walter. Agent
Queen Chariotta Islands [Md District���District of
Takv notiw thnt I, John UeLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for [wrmission
to proapeet (or eoal nnd petroleum on the following
de-cribeii land:
Commencing at n pout plan'ed about two milw
north and two mQci went of Um mouth of the
Tl-el River nnd mnrked J McL. N. W. Corner.
No. 51, thenee south Ml ��� hains, thvnw wesi 80
chnias, thenc north 80 chaini., thenn- east 80
chains to point of cominenwirvnt contnining
filn acres, more or less.
Dat-.! Sb.28, l!��ll. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. K. Walter, Agent
Queon Charlutte Islands Und District --Distrlc*. of
Take notice tlmt 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupntion broker, intend to npply for ptfmunpn
to prospect for nml and |Mdroleum on the following
described land: ��� ..
Commeneing nt n post planted eight mum soutn
and two weri ol the mouth "f Tl-el River and
marked .1   McL, s. vv. Corner, No. Bv, thenoa
north 80 ehalM thvnce ensl 80 chain-', thenw
sout 80 chnins, thenw wen ,^0 chains to point of
commencement:   conUining  Gill  acres,  more or
lr��(vlFeb.2l,l!HL . JOfflj  MoUTOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agent
Quwn CharlotU- Islands Land DUtrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I. John MeLeod of Vanwuver
owupation broker, inlend to apply for |iermi��ion
to proepect f< r coal and petroleum on thv following
desertU*d lands:
Commencing at u |k��i planted aUtut t��0 mil��
snuth of the TM Kiver and markvd John McL.
N. ft Cornvr, No ;t2. thvnw Miuth J*U chaimi,
thvnw we��t 80 chains, thvnw nonh So chain*,
thvnw east 80 chaina to point of commencement;
eontainlng 640 aer��-, mere or ]*���*,*.
Datixl Fvb 22, ll��ll. JOHN McLKoD
Pub. Feb. 84. Lvolie K. Waller. Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict-DUtrict of
Take notice that I, John Mcl.eol of Vancouver,
owupation broker, intenil to apply for |nrrin**iun
tu pro-jM-ct for wal and petroteum un lhe following
de*crilied lands:
Cnmmencing at a (Hist planted about two mill*
south of the mouth of thv Tl-vl River aud marked
J. McL S. K Corner, No. :il, thenw went nu
chains, thenw north 80 chaina, thenw eoi>l 80
chains, ihence aouth 80 chains to point of com*
meneementi containing 640 ocn*. morv or lvsa.
Dated Feb. 22. 11*11. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feh. 24. I^eolie K. Walter Agent
quevnlCharlcttv lalandi Und DUtrict - DUtrict of
ske n
Take notice that I, John McU d of Va* couver,
o amotion broker, intend o apply for |H*rmiNsuin
to proapeet fur c ul and |H'irule .m or. thv following
de eribed landa:
Commvncing ut a p st planted about four mil a
���outi* ami two milm we t of the mouth of tho
I Tl-vl Kiver und markvd J. MeL. N. I. ( on.ir.
; No. !.'>, thenw outh ho chains, ihenw wmt wi
t chains, thenw north >������ chaina, thvnw vast KO
' chains to pot t of commenwmi'tit: ontaltdng 010
I acre*, more ^r lem,
I Date:. Fvb. 2:1. 11*11. " UN  M LKOD
Pub Fel. gg, Claranw McDowell, Agvnt
1 Quwn Charlottv Islam's. Uml DUtrict���DUtr rt of
Sk ena
\     Tuke notiw that I, John Mdx-od of Vancouver,
oirii|utio   bniker, intend tn uppl   for prm woon
tu pnwpwt for wal ond iielroleum on Ihe following i
' dvscr *��� d lands:
Commeneing at a post piai.te��i four mPea south j
and two ��reri of the ne uth ol 1 e   Tl-vl Hi er and
marked J. MeL. s. K Cornar* No. 4t_ thena n rth
-    e eln*. ihenc*- wiwl 80 chains, the oa south Nt
c a n��,   t  ence vast   ''O chai      t    point   of  n��m-
un n ami id.  (ontnimng t.10 acres, men 01 ll
Dnted Feb.  :i. .Kll. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 26. Claranw McDowell. Agvnt
Queen Charlolte Islands Und Dintrict���DUlrict of
Take notiw that I. John McUihI of Vanemivrr,
��� ucMiputioii i roker, intend lo apply fur pennlerioa
iu p Oapeel (or c u) and petroleum on lh   following
deecribed landn:
'     Commi nring ll o poat planted atoml f ur milea
i south  and  iwo mih-s Ml  "' the moulh  of  thv
Tl-vl Kiver and marked J. McL. N. VV. Cnrner.
No. Mi thenci- south M> chain',    ihenr*< I ��t  ho
riurin .  theOOl north 8    chains, thence  met   RO
��� balm l�� point of wmmenc merit;  co.itoimng *1I0
ncres. more nr lea*'.
' "|,i,kI K-h. IS, HUI. JOHN M'l.KIHl
lull. IVIi. 2.1. Clarane McDowell, Aitrnl
Quocn'Charlotte lalani. band Di.lnel���Diatrict ol
I     Tnke nnlirr thai I. J"lm M I. I 'I <' Van ��im,
occupation LmkiT, iiui'ii'l '" apply lor prrrnia.on
' to prii-l"'<"  ore i ,ln il   I'pili'iinion   lo (ollowin,
d acrilavl I mila: ._.n_
Ciinimi'iirin ��� a' a p ��t I lant il alio I in r milna
nutn an.l two null- | (f,*1   m;V."'/.' ,he
T.<..!  K.rtr ani .-.arkal J. M I.        tt. Cortaw,
No   35.  thane norlh   -0 Chain.,    hone    IU
ehaina.  tlience aolll     -�� ShUSS,  th   ***   HO
.   join  o p lnt ot comm.   com M        n'aininl! ' IU
n rea, Wf* nr \m . .... ,    .
li t,.l F.b   ".I  I  11. * II**  M '*' I'*'
"lib Irb. it, Caran��. ItaDOt all. Agent
Skwna 1 an.l Diatriet - Diatrict nf Coaat
t    Take notica that  I. I'etrr I:. ..I. of Vancouver,
III".   ���.-. iii.atl-.li   tonlti.t.T.   intenda to apply for
|.,-111.1--i   i, to   I .it. ha  i-   the followlnit  lleH-iilied
I    l'..o.in.-n.-ink at a |xi��t plain,.I and marked I*.
It.*. S.W, ,-.,rner anil initiiMliately adjolniu |h*u
markeil J.M.'r   N.K. eomer antlA.lt.*, S.B. OOP*
i or. theni-o north B chain., thanea aaat 4-ii-hani".
tl"-in-i th ���.lehaili.. thenee we.t |o .him., to
polnl of   cnnnotn-eiiient. containlnir ."l��i acn*a
mora  i le... PETER HKIIi.
I)utp.| 1st Feb. 1911 Charlra II. Allen. Aiwnl
I'ub. Feb. '2a.
Skerna Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Cuut
Take notiee thnt  I. William Aii.l.-r.oii, of Van.
ccuvrr. ll.C. occupation ibrli  Imamla Inspril
for permiaaion to pnri-ha.i- the !..]!. h .,.,. ,\, ., ,,_.
e.1 land.:
OimmenrltiK at a p.-i plantcl nnd marknl W.
A. norlhu-e.t corner, and abool 1 mile from Alex-
ander lluehan norlherti liounilnry line, il.. o. e
mioiIi mi chain., them*e ea.t hi ,-hnu.. thenca
north ni chain., thrnee we*t mi .hum., tn |...nit of
comnicncetnent. containlnir i'.4o ni-n. not* or leaa.
Datnl I.I Feb. 1911 Charlo. II. *.,.���.. A.-, nl
I'ub. Feb. ai.
Skerna Und Diatrict- Dtatrict of Cnut
Take   notice   that   I. Almander   lluchan. of
Vancouver. ll.C, occupation butcher, intenda lo
apply for tmrmlaalon to pni.-ha.i- the followinK
daosnbad land.:
f.-imni-ncina a po.t planteil nnd markeil A.ll.'a
B.I i'-rni-r. und mljoiinim po.t. marknl J.M.'a
N. I-.', crner and I'. 11. . SI", mrner: Ihence we*t
mi chain., ihence mirth mi chain.. il,.i.. . ,,.i mi
chalna. thenca Mioth mi chain, to polnl >>f com.
mencement. contaiiiinir i.pi aire, nora <>r Ir..
Dated l.t Feb.. 1911        Charlo II. Allen.   \. . -t
I'ub. Feb. .:.
Skeena Ij.ii.1 Diatrict-Dlatrict of Oaut.
Take notice that I. John Miller, of Vancunver,
Il.l*..   BOOOpntion  l.tn.lnr. Intend, to aptdy far
fiermiarion to purrhaM* the followlnit de.cribrd
I'.rfnn.eni-inir at a Iioat planti.l al.nit I rhaln
fr.,m ti-lewiiier nt the henil of l.u.i-.>mbe May. arid
marknl J.M.'. N.K. corner, thenn we.t Mirhatna,
thenca .nuth M' chalna, thence ea.t mi chalna,
ihenor ii'.rlh an ehaina. to point of commencement, containlnir M'i acre, more or I,-..
Datnl l.t Feb.. 1911 Charlm II. Stark. Airent
I'uh F.b. ���*.'..
Bkssns Land District���District of Coast
Knnge 5
Taki- notice tlmt I,   Kn-tl QsitOD,  of
I'rinco  KiiiutI,  Il.l'.,   occupation farmer. InUnds to apply f��r parmission to
purehass the following dsseribed Inmla:
Commencini; at a post planted at the
I north eaat   corner of SUTVaysd l"l I'.i:l7.
RugoSi Coasl iliKiriet, thance north60
chnina to n hIoiikIi; theme weat 2H
Chainaj thence south fill chaina; thence
enat UH chains lo the point of commencement.
Dated February 28th. 1911
First insertion Mnr. II
i Queen CharlotU lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Queen Charlotte laland. Und DUtrict-Diatrict ol j     _____ ^ ^ flgfog^ ��� v.ncouver
Take notice that 1 \lohn McLeod ol Vancouver, ' occup.tion broker. Intend to apply lor permiaaion
occupation'broke* intend tl. aMy for permiaaion   to prospect tor coal and petroleum on th. lollowtng
VeZ\TllnoJ��'1 ""d Pe,r��leUm ��" '^ '��""1n' ta-Sn . ft** planted about two mile.
'TommenrinT.t . poat ,lasted .bout five mile. MtttdM mB-J-t ot the mouth of the
orth  and  one  mile wast ol  the  mouth  o    the   TM River .nd marked J.    Mc.L   Is. fc. C.rner
north -.	
Tl-el Kiver and m.rked J. McL., N. K. Corner,
No. 2., thence aouth SO ch.ina. thence west 60
ch.ina, thence north 80 ch.ina, thence east 80
ch.ins to poinl of commencement: conuining 640
acre*, more or less. . _   _
Dated Feb. 26, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
i ub. Feb. 28. Clwenee McDowell, Auent
Quern Charlotte lalanda Land District���DUtrict ol
T.ke notice that I. John McLeod ot V.ncouver,    ,.-.. -    ...
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission   to  proapect tor coal and petroleum on the following
to proapect for coal and petroleum on the lollowing   described landa: 	
dweribed lands* Commencing at a poat planted about two milea
Commencins at a post planted about four miles aouth and two milea west of the mouth of tbe
north and throe miles weat ot the mouth of the Ti'el River ��nd muked J. Mc.L. S. E. Corner
Tl" Kiver and marked J. McL. N. W. Comer, No. 48, thence north 80 chaina, thence weat 80
No SS thence south 80 chaino, thence east 80 chaina, thence aouth 80 chaina, thenca, eaat SO
riia���, thence north 80 chaina, thence west 60 chains to point ot commencement: conuining 640
cl uins to point of commencement',   conuining 640 , acres, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911
No. 72, thenee aouth 80 chaina, thence weat 80
chalna, thence north 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains to point ot commencement; conuining
640 acrw, more or lea.. .���,���, ,, , -.--.r,
Dated Fei). 22. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clwenee McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotta lalanda Und Diatrict-Dlatrict ot
Take notice that I. John McLeod ol % ancouver.
occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission
acres, more or .ess.
Dated Feb. 26, 1911
Pub. Feh. 2*.
JOHN MeLEOD   Pub. Feb. 24.
Clarenco McDowell, Agent
Lealie E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda "Land District���District ol
Take notice th.t !, John McLood of V.ncouver,
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Diatrict���District ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend lo apply lor permiasion
occupation broker, intend to apply for   permisaion   to proapect for coal and petroleum on the following
to rro.pc-t for coal and petroleum on the lollowing I deacribed landa:
described landa: Commencing at a post planted about two mUee
Commencing at a pett planted ahout lour n.iles south and two milea weal of the mouth ol the
ne-ih ar.d three mile* west ol the moulh of the Tl-el Uiver ��nd marked J. Mc.L. N. t. Corner,
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. W. Corner,' No. 47, thencc aouth 80 ehaina. thence west 80
No 54 thence rorth 60 rhatr. thonce east M) chains, t'ence norlh 80 chaina thence east 80
ehaina. thence south 60 c ains. ihence west 60 chains to point ol commencement; containing 640
chain, to point of commencei ent;   conuining S4Q j ���acre., more or
.cres. more or leas.
Daie<. Fob. 26. Ull
Pub. Feb. 28.
Clarence McDowell. Agcr t
Dated Feb 22. 1911.
Pub. Feb. 24
Clarence McDowell, Agent
Quean Charlotte IslandaLand District���District
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion broker, inlend to .pply for permisaion
to proapect tor coal ai.l petroleum on the lollowing
I In cia! and petroleum on the following   described lands:
descr*'-ed !sm': Commencing  at   a  post  pUnted  about  two
Quwn Charlotte l.-'.a: <:��� Und DUtrict���District of
Take notice that I John McLeod of V.ncouver,
oecupaiiun broker, intend to ��ppl> for permission
topr tc    '
* ..pr'-frl   'am" vmmummmm_   ���*    "   t**���    ........   .....   ��� ��� .��
Commencing at a poot planted about three miloa I milea south and two milea ��eat ol the moulh ol
weata.... t-omilea north ol the n.uulh .1 tile  .. i-i I the   Tl-cl   River,   (jr.harn   Island,   and   marked
H|V , ���.. rked J. McL. N. E. Cor.. ���   N     *��.   J. Mc.L   N. Vi. Corner, No. 34, ihence aouth 60
thence south >-0 chains, thence west  t-0 cha'na.   chaina, thenca eaat 68 chaina, thence north 80
thence north -0 chains, therce east chalna to poinl   chaina, then���  weat  60 chaina to point ol com-
of commencement; conuining 640 acrea more or   mencement; ronuinlng 640 acre., more or le��s
lM | D.ted Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Dated Feb. 25,1911
Pu .Feb, 27.
T. E. Walter. Agent
I'ub. Feb. 24.
Clwenee McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land Distiict���District ol
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Take nolice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver
Take notice that 1, J. G. McNab of Pr.nce Ru-   occupation broker, inlend to apply for permission
pert, occupalion general agent, intend to apply 1 w prospect for coal .nd petroleum on the (ollowing
for permiaaion to prospect lor coal and petroleum | deacribed landa:
on the following described lands: :     Commencing at a poat planted about two milea
Commencing at . poat pl.nted .t the ao h-eiat j Kuth and two milea woat ol the mouth ol the Tl-el
come ol Section 3. Townsh p 2 Graham lsiand. i uiver and marked J. McL, S. Vi. Corner, No. 33,
and marked J G. McN.. S. K. Corner, ihence j thence north 80 chains, thenco east 60 chalna,
��-eat 80 chaina, thence north 80 ch.ins. thence thence aouth 60 chaina. thenco weat 80 chain, to
out 60 ch.ina, thence aouth 60 chaina to point ol. point 0( commencement; containing 040 acrw,
commencement. I more or lea.
Dated March 6, 191L  J. G. McNAB   _,mtt<_ Keh. 23, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. March 25.
Wilaon Gowing, Agent ��� i_\,. _���_._,. 24.
Clarence McDowell. Agenl
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District���DUlrict ol
Take notice that l.John McLeod ot Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permisaion
to prospoct for coa! and potroleum on tho (ollowing
deacribad land:
Commencing at . poat pt.nted .bout tw miles
north of th mouth ot the Tl-el River .nd marked
J. McL., S. E. Corner, No. 3. thence north 80
chains, thence weat 80 chain... thenco south 60
chalna. thence east 60 chaina to point ol com*
rn. ncement; c ntaining 640 acre., more or lea.
Dated Feb. 25, l'Jll. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Waller. Agent
Queen Charlotle lalands Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Take notlcc that I. John McUod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply (or permimion
to proapect (or coal and petroleum on the (ollowir <
de.t-irl.ni land:
Commencing at a noat plan'ed about two milea
north ol the mouth 01 the T -el r ver an marked
J. McL., S. W. Corner. No. 4. thence north 80
chalna, thenoe east 60 chalna thenc- aouth 60
chain., ihence wi-st 80 cba na to point ot com
tnercement; containing 64-' acrea, more or leaa.
Da:cd Feb. 2S, 1911. JOHN Mcl.EOD
Pub. Feb 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land District���District
Take notice that I, John McUod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply f r permiiwion
to prospecl lor coal aad petroleum on the loUowing
deocribed l.nd:
Commencing . . poat planted about two mllea
north and to mile., weat of the mout of the
Tl-el River and marked J. McL., N. W. Corner,
No. 27, thonce south 80 chain, thence eaat 60
chaina, thence north 80 chain., thence weot 80
ch.ina to point ol commencement; containing 610
acre., more or lea.
Dated Fe .28,1911. JOHN Mcl.EOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Queen Chariot te Ial.nda Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Tak. notica th.t I Job;. McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker. Intend to .pply for permisaion
to prospect lor co.l .nd petroleum on tho (ollowing
dewnhed l.nda:
Commencing at a post planted about two miles
north and two milea west ol tho mouth ot Tl-el
River and marked J. McL. S. W. Cornor, No. 26
thence north 80 chsins, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 60 chalna, thence wost 80 chaina to
pount ol commencement; conuining 640 acrea,
more or lesa.
D.ted Keb. 25, 1911' JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. W.lter. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Diatrict���District ol
Take notico that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply for permiwlon
to pronpecl (or coal and petroleum on the tollowing
described land:
Commencing at a posl plan'ed about two mllea
north and two milea weat ot the mouth o( tbo
Tl-cl River and marked J McL. N. W. Corner.
No. 61. thence aouth 60 chaina, thence weot 80
ehaina, thenc north 80 chaina, thence eut 80
ch.ina to point ot commencement conuining
64U acm, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 25. 1911. JOHN McLF.OD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Queen Charlotte Inlands Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John M> l.-o.l ot Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply (or permission
to pr- -: n-t (or coal and petroleum on the (ollowing
described land:
Commencing Rt a poat planted eight mile, south
and iwo woat o( the mouth o( Tl-el River and
marked J. McU, S. W. Corner, No. It, thenee
north 80 chnina thence eut 80 chalna, thenco
aout 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chains to point of
commencement;    containing 640  acm, moro 01
Dated Feb 24, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agent
Queen Chariotu Islands Und District���District ol
Take notice that I, John McUod ol V.ncouver
occupation broker, intend to apply tor permuodon
to prospect for coal and potroloum on the following
described lands:
Commencini; at . poat planted about two milea
aouth ot the Tl-el River and marked John McL.
X. E. Comer. No. 32. thonco aouth 60 ch.ina,
thenco west 60 chains, ihcnco nonh 60 chaina,
thencc eaat 60 chaina to point of commencement;
containing 640 acre., moro or loaa.
Dated Feb 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Leslie E. Walur, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District���District ol
Tako notice that I. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupalion broker, Intend to apply lor permuBion
to proapect lor coal ud petroleum on lhe lollowing
deecribed l.nda:
Commencing at a peat pl.nted .bout two milee
wuth ol the 1 ��� ml. ot the Tl-el River and marked
J. McL S. I Corner, No. 31, thonco woat 80
chaina, thence north 80 chains, thence oaat 60
chaina, thenoe aouth 60 chalna to point of commencement; conuining 640 .cms, more or loaa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Lealie E. Walts*. Agent
Queen|Charlotu laland. Land DUtrict-Diatrict ol
Sko n
Tako notice that 1, Join McU d ol Va comer,
o. cupation broker, intend o ajply (or permiaaion
to prospect tor c* ai and petrotojm 0.1 the following
dcrcribod landa:
Commennng at a p st planted about lour mil..
aouth .nd two mileo wo.t ot the mouth ot tho
Tl-el Rivor and markod J. McL. N. E. Corner,
No. 46, thenci' -outh 80 chaina, thenee woat 80
chaina, thence north 80 chaina, thenco eaat 60
chains to poi t ot commencement: ontaining 640
acre., more or leaa
D.tel. Fob. 23, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub Feb 25. Clorance McDowell, Agent
Queon Charlotte Irian ��� I ami District���DUtrict of
Sk- ena
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancou\er.
occupatio. broker, Intend to applv for pcrmiesion
to prospect (or coal and petroleum on the lollowing
deocrib d lands:
Commencing at a post planted lo r mi e* aouth
and two west ot thc mouth oi r e Tl-el llr.i-r and
marked J. McL 8. E. Comer. No. 46. thonco 11 rth
80 chain*, thence west 60 chains, tho oe aouth 60
c aina, t ones east -Q chai t point of commencement: containing 640 acres, more or le-a.
Hated Fob. L'3. 1911. JOHN* M'LEOD
Pub. Frl. 26. Clarance McDowell, Agant
Queen CharlotU lalanda Land District���Dtatrict of
Take notico lhat I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation . roker, intend to apply (or permiwton
to p ospeet (or c at and petroleum on th- (ollowing
dcni-nbod lands:
Commi nclng rt a poat planted about I ur milea
aoulh and two mil.-, we t ol the mnuth ot the
Tl-el River and marked J. McL. N. W. Comer.
No. 36, thence aouth 60 chains, thence c at 80
chains, thence north 8 chains, thonco woat 60
. hains to point ol commenement; containing 640
acrea, more or lee*.
Dated Feb. 23, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
I'uh. Feb. 25. Clararco McDowell, Agent
QueenlCharlolte Islands Land Dlrtrict���Diatrict of
Take notice tha' I, John MeL od ot V.n ouver,
occupation broker, Intond to .pply for pormis. on
to pro-peci or coal a d [ etn.leum on i.e following
d acrilied 1-inde:
Commencini! at a p at riant d sbs t to r mllea
nuth and two milei wet of th - mouth f the
Tl-el River and n.arkel J. M L . W. Corner,
No. 35. thenc- north N chains, henc- rm 60
rhaina, thence aout 0 ch.-ra, the .p weat 80
I a-no o 11 Int ol comm - com , t ntaining I 40
n res, more or leo .
D fi F.b.   3, 1  ll. J   * N Mi.  OD
uh lob. ��6. <*.  ���    ���  ':   I 0   oli,    gent
Skeen. Land District���Diatrict ol Coast Range V
Tako notice that J.ck Bedlord ol Keighley,
Yorkahire, England, occupation over-looker, intenda to apply (or permiaaion to purchaae the
(ollowing deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted at a point In the
easterly boundary ot timber limit 36329 and ln
the aoutherly limit of lot 3989, Range 5, Coaat
Diatrict, where the aaid limiu intersect, thence
along the aoutherly limit of lot 3969 aforesaid
and the projection thereof in an easterly direction
80 chaina moro or leas to the westerly limit ol
timber limit 32501, thence in a southerly direction
along the last mentioned limit 11 chaina more
or leas U the northerly limit of timber limit 36775,
thence in a weaterly direction along the lut mentioned limit 80 chaina more or leea to the euterly
limit of timber limit 38329, thence in a northerly
direction 11 chaina more or lesa to the point of
DatcdMarch 8, 1911. JACK BEDFORD
Pub. March 25.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Coast Range V
Take notice that Charloa P. Otter ot Prince
Rupert. B. C, occupation aurveyor. intenda to
apply for permiaaion to purchaae the foUowing
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted al the north eut
corner ol surveyed lot 3964, Range 5, Coast District, thenee in an euterly direction along the
aoutherly limit of aurveyed lot 3991 and the projection thereol 40 chaina to a point, thence south
parallel to the euterly limit ol surveyed lot 3984
aforesaid 60 chaina more or leas to tne northerly
limit ot a timber limit tNo. 42563\ thence west
40 chaina more or less to a point in the pro ection
aoutherly of the euterly limit ot surveyed lol
3964, thenco in a northerly direction along the
projection of the aaid limit and along tho aaid
limit 60 chaina more or loaa to point of commencement, containing 240 acres more or less.
Dated March 8, 1911. CHARLES P. OTTER
Pub. March 25.
Skeena Und District���District ot Coast Range V
Take notice that Edith Alice Crowther ol
Ikleg, Yorkshire, England, occupation spinster,
intends to apply for permisaion to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the aouth east
corner of surveyed lot 3991. Range 5, CShat District, thence north along the eaaterly limit of the
aaid lot 35 chains more or losa to the aoutherly
limit of Lot 3965, Range a, ci an disirict. thenco
out along the aoutherly limit ot the tut mentioned
lot 60 chaina to a point, thenco in a aoutherly direction 35 chain, parallel to the said
euterly limit ot lot 3991, thence in a westerly direction 60 chains more or li-as to
the point of commencement containing 210 aero,
more or loaa.
Dated March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 25.
Skoona Und Diatrict-Di.trict of Coast.
Tako notico that I. J H. McAughey of Princo
I* .!������ ii. uccupation miner, intond. to apply for
permission to purchaaa the following described
Commencinir nt . poat plantod at the aouthweat
comer uf lot 2249. thencc oaat 411 chains, thonco
.outh 6 chaina. thonco woat 40 chaina, thenco
north 6 chain, to poinl of commencement, containing .1 acrea more or leu.
Date Feb. 15.1911 J. H. McALT.HEY
Pub. Feb, 25.1911. Andrew Kennedy. Agont
Skeena Land Dlotrict-Diatrict of Coaat
Tako notice that I, Peter Reid. of Vancouver.
B.C.. occupation team.ter. inunda to apply for
permission to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted and marked P.
R.'s S.W. cornor and immediately adjoining poaU
marked J.M.'a N.E. cornor and A.B.'a S.E. corner; thenco north Mi chalna. thonce eul 40 chaina.
thenco aouth 8n chaina. thenco weat 40 chaina. to
point of enmmencement, conuining 32n acm
I more ur leaa. PETER REID.
Dated lat Feb. 1911 Charlea II. Allen. Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skoena Und Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coaat
T.ke notice th.t I. William Anderaon. of Van-
cruver, B.C.. occupation clerk, intenda to apply
for permlulon to purchaae the fullowing deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poal planted and marked W.
A. northweat corner, and aboul 1 mile from Alexander Buchan northern boundary lino; thenco
Miuth Ki chains, thence eaat 80 chaina. thenco
nurth 90 chains, thence we.t 80 chalna, to point of
commencement, conUininiri>4il acrea more or leaa.
Dated lat Feb. 1911 Charlei B. Surk. Agent
Pub. Feb. 26.
Skoena Und Dlatiict-Dl.trlct of Coaat
Tako  notice   that   I. Alexander  Buchan. of
Vancouver. B.C.. occupation butcher. Intends to
apply for permission to purchaae tho following
decribed landa:
Commencing a poet planted and marked A.B.'o
S.E. comer, and adjoining poau marked J.M.'a
N.E. comer and P.R.'a S.E. comer; thonce weat
on chaina, thence north 6��i chaina. thenco oaat tai
chaina. thence aouth -" chaina to point of commencement, containlnir MO aerea more or leaa.
Dated lat Feb.. 1911 Charlea II. Allen, Aaent
Pub. F.-b 26.
Skoena Und Distrlct-Dletrict of Coaat.
Tako notice that I, John Miller, of Vancouvor.
B.C., occupalion butcher, Intenda to apply for
permiaaion to purchase the following described
Commoncing at a poat planted about 1 chain
from ttdewater al the head of Luacombe Bay. and
marked J.M.'s N.E. corner, thence weat Hi chalna.
thenco soulh 60 chalna, thence eut 8b chafna.
thence mirth an chaino, to point of commencement, conuining 64u acreo more or less.
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911 Charlea B. Surk. Aaent
I'ub. Feb. 26.
Skeena Land Diatrict - Distriet of Coast
Range 5
Take notice that I, Fred Garton, of
I'rince Rupert, B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north eaat corner or surveyed lot 1937,
Range 6, Coaat diatrict, thence north 60
chains to a slough; thence west 28
chains; thence south 60 chains; thence
east 28 chaina to the point of com
Dated February 25th. 1911
First insertion "Mar. 11
Skeena Und Distrlct-Dlatrlct of Coast.
Take notice that I, Uslie E. Walter, of Vancouver, B.C.. occupation prospector, intenda to apply for permiasion to purchaae tho fullowing deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted and marked L.
E. W.'s S.E. corner and immediauly adjoining
post marked W.A.'s N.W. corner; thence north 40
chains, ihence weat 80 chaina, thence aouth 40
chaina, thence oaat 80 chalna, to point of commencement, conuining 320 acrea, more or loaa.
Dated lat Feb.. 1911 Charles H. Allen, Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeona Und District- District of Castlar
Take notice th.t I Bolcom McDonald of Princo
Rupert, B.C., occupotion laborer, intends to ap
ply for permission to purchase tho following described lands:
Commoncing at a poat pl.nted throe and one-
half milea in on easterly direction from the point
on Naaa River where the Lav. Lake trail begins
and one mile tn a northerly direction from the
aaid Uva Uke trail, thenco north 80 chaina,
tnence west HO chaina, thence aouth 80 chaina,
thence oaat chaina to point of commencement,
conuining 640 acreo.
D.te Feb. 3.1911. BOLCOM McDONALD
Pub. Mar. 10. Joaeph Belway. Agent
Skeena Und District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that I Charlea Morria of Prince Rupert, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply
for permiaaion to purchaae the following deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat plantod three and one-
half miloa in an eaaterly Direction from the point
on Naaa River where the Uva Uke trail begins
and one mile in a northerly direction from the
aaid Uva Uke trail, thence aouth 80 chaina.
thenco eaat bO ch.ins. thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 64li acres.
D.te Feb. 3. 1911. CHARLES MORRIS
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway, Agent
Skeena Und District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that 1, John McDonald of Princo
Rupert, B.C., occupatiun hotelkeeper, intonds to
anply for permission tu purchase tho following
described lands:
Commencinir at a poat planted three and one-
haif milea In an eaaterly direction from the poinl
on Naaa River whore the Uva Uke trail bcirins
and ono mile in a northerly direction from the
said Uva Uke trail, thence aouth eighty chalna,
thonco west 80 chafna. thenco north 80 chaina.
thencc eaal 80 chaina to point of commencement,
conuining 640 acres.
Date Feb. 3.1911. JOHN McDONALD
Pub. March 10. Joseph Belway, Agent
Skeena "Und District���Diatriet ot Cout Range S
Tako nolice that Mary Bell Beaton ol Vancou
ver, B, C. oceupation aplnster, intenda to apply
for permiaaion to purchaae the following deacrilied
Commencing at a poat planted at the north
cut comer ot Lot 3980, thenco about 30 chain,
north to Ul 1T23, thonce 80 chaina woot V Lot
3982, tbence about 30 chain, south to Ut 3981,
thence 40 chaina oaat, thonce 20 chaina south to
Lot 682. thence 20 chain, out, thenco 20 chaina
north, thenco 20 chair.a eoat to point ol commencement; containing ~*0 acraa more or laaa.
Poat markod M. B. H . S.E. Corner.
Dated Mil, 1911.       MARY BELL BEATON
Pub March 4
Queon CharlotU Islands Lar.ii I
_ . Skeer.a
Take notico that 1, Johr. McU
occupation broker, intend to ��m
to prospect tor coal and petrok-j"
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post plan. ���!
wort ol tho moulh ol the T'-
J. McL. N. E. Corner. No T
chains, thenoe west SO chair.-
chains. thence out 80 cha::.-.
mencement; conuining GIO ac*
Daud Feb. 21, 1911.
Pub. Feb. 28. Clareno
1 oIVumim
��������� l��< p*rmi��ja
' on the foUowi^
about three mi,
���' Hiver mufo
��� tr.fr.ee south S
thence north g
;o Poi" ol g��
McDowell, ,(���,,
Quoen CharlotU Islands Lar.l ;'.-������-.c'.-Dinrind
Take notice that I, John MeUod ol Viceom.
occupation broker, intend to apply (or pen,*}
to prospect lor coal an.l petrol un . UgTaSB
described lands: *
Commencing at a poM plantad ��� :.:*��� mile, m
of the mouth ot the Tl-el Rival aad BatWI
McL. S. E. Comer, No. it *
chaina. thence west 80 chair.-
chains, thonce eut 60 chair..
mencement; conuining 640 ac:
Dated Fob. 21, 1911.
Pub. Feb. 23. Clan ri
M-r.M nonh S
-r.-r.ce with St
" point ol tt��
- rr.ore or Iss,
-;"iiN mcuod
| Queen CharlotU lalands Lar.d I'^:nct���Diitnaa"
Take notice that 1, John Mcl... ��� i! Yir,eoui��,
! occupation broker, intend to apt ly tor penr-inc.
[ to proapect for coal and potn ��� ���    on th. !i-:;ovi��
:     Commencing at a post plar.'-i aiiout tto ml*.
wert ot the mouth ol the T. ��� River and r.arkad
I J.   MeL.  S. E. Corner. No.    .. ������..--ce rorth in
chaina, thence west 80 cha:*-. ���������i.c- wuth N
- chaina, thence eaat 80 ehains to poir.t of nor
I mencement; conuining 640 acr... rr.ore or lesa.
Dated Feb. 21,1911. JnllN M LEOD
Pub. Feb. 23. Clarcr.c- V.cl km), Apt!
I Queen CharlotU lalands Uml Diatriet���Distriett
Ski. ��� ..
Take notice that I. Johl .">        I'Var.etww
! occupation broker, intend *o a|: ,. fi r permaon
j to prooepct tor coal and patri on 'helolloiin
deacribed landa:
i     Commoncing at a pout p'a:.'- : .bout tto mua
; aouth and two miles west of the n.o-jth of tb.
i Tl-el River and marked   J. Me '   >. E, Const,
1 No. 71, thonce north Hi c:....-       -*ci- .��t M
chains, thenco aouth 80 cl... i     thene. oat tt
chains to point ol commer.c.-:.-   -    c::a:rir.(6S
acros, moro or leu.
, Dated Feb. 22, 1911 J' 'UN MtLEOD '
, Pub. Feb. 24. U.'.;. 1. Walter, Ajal
I Queon Charlotte Islanda Und District ��� Hjtrietal [
Sk<- ::.
Take notice that I, John Mc! ��� . ! W.eow**
I occupation broker, intend to :.;; . ! r i-rnaOa.
' to proapect tor coal and iieiro!*..:   ���   iwloBaaSl
deocribed l.nds:
i    Commencing ot . po��t plar.*- ���' '���������''������*
'��� oouth .nd three milw ���*. -" -" <':*
Tl-d River .nd mukci   J   M -���      -   ���      "��������
I No. 73, thencc north  Mi r...- ���- ����t S
1 chains, thence aouth Mi cl.. ���--' *
I chaina  to   point  ol  eOBUBi ���-.,::(
; 640 aerea, moro or lew.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. J. i|l>. MeLEOD
' Pub. Feb. 24. Clarcno UcDoa*Aa|S|
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District���Diatrict I
Tako notice that I, John McLood ol Vanoouver.
occupation broker, intond to apply lor permiaaion
to prospect tor coal and pelroleum on the following
deacribed landa:
Commoncing at a poot planted about three milea
nurth and one mileo west ol the moulh ot the lie!
River and marked J. McU. S. E- Comer. No. 26.
Ihence north 80 chains, thonce west 80 chains,
thence aouth 80 chaina, theneo out 80 chalna to
point ol commencement; containing 640 acme,
more or leu.
Dated Feb 26.1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 26. Clarenco McDowell. Agent
' Quoen Clarlotte Islands Lar.d IV
Take notice that I, John Me! ���
I occupalion broker, intend to a-:
to pruspect tor coal an   petrole ������
deacribed land:
Commencing at a past plan: n
aouth and lour west ol the m u
���nd ma-k d J. McU. N. E. Cor-
W. 80 chaina. ti.ence aouth .-" c!
10 chain.., thence ea.t H chai--
mencement; containing 610 acn-
Deted Feb. 24, Ull. _ J'.''
1Mb. Fob. 27. C. Mcl
r.f Varconnt, I
f. r \ir:r���mt I
-    .-'-.: T.ia I
TW Ri"
. '-., tens ]
, th r.ceowft I
poi t of tea* I
-. , r lam    I
- ������*:d\
Queen Chariotu lalanda Und Di.trict���Distriet of
Tako notice that I, Joh McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupalion broker, Inund to apply tor permisaion
to prospect (or eoal and i-etroleum on the (ollowing
deacribod landa:
Commencing at a poot planted about tout milea
nonh and three mile, west ol the moulh of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McU, N. E. Comer.
No. 66 thence aouth 80 ehaina, thonce west 80
ehaina ihenee north 80 chalna, thence out 80
ehalns to point ot commencement; containing 640
acres, more or leu.
Dated Feb. 26, ISU. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Chariotu lalanda Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ol
Take notice that I. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
oceupation broker, inUnd to apply lor permiasion
to prospect (or coal nnd petroleum on the following
described landa:
Commoncing at a poot planted about four milea
north and three mllea arut ol tho mouth ot tho
Tl-el River and marked J. Met... S. E. Corner
No. 66. thence north 80 chalna, thence wootSO
chairs, thence aouth 80 chains, thenoa eaat 80
chains lo point ol commencement; conuining 640
aerea, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 26, Ull. JOHN MeLEOD
I'uh. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell. Agont
Queen Charlolte lalanda Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ol
Tako notico that I, John MeUod ol Vancouver
occupatio.. broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospeet lor coal and petroleum on tho lollowing
described land:
Commencing at a poat planted about two mdea
north and twn milea weat ol the mouth ot the
Tl-el River and markod J. McU, S. E. Corner,
No. 62, thence nnrth 80 chaint, thonce weat 80
chains, thence aouth 80 chalna, thenee out 80
chaina to point ot commoncement; containing 640
acrea, more or lewa.
Dated Feb. 26 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 11, T. E. Walter, Agent
Queon Charlotto Islands I .sn I District���District ol
Take notico that 1, John MeUod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to .pp'y lor permiasion
to proepect lor coal and petroleum on the lollowing
descrilied land:
Commeneing at . poat planted about three mile.
west and two miles north ot the mouth ol the
Tl-el River and m.rked J McU S. E. Comer, No.
67 thence north 80 chair--, thence WT��t 80 chains,
thonco sout'- K0 ehaina, thonco eut 80 chains to
point ol r,,mmrnerttient; containing 640 urn,
more or leaa.
Dated Feh. 26, 1911 JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Fob. 27. T. E. Walur, Agent
I Quoon Chariotu Islands Und D ���
Sk--... i
Take notice th.t I. John Mela- I ������ \��*"2
I occupotion broker, Intend to a); I) r ;���:*"����
. to prospect lor coal and petroleum ��� thi (uleesi
I deecribed lands: ._
Commencing  at  a pom  planted  ��l��o   t���
milea north and one mile west of the mouthelUJ
Tl-el Rivor and marked J. MrL. -   ��. tonjl
No.  18, thence north 80 ri. ;|J
chaina, therce aouth 60 chalna, thenci *��'��� 1
chalna to point ol commend a i: ' *' -"I
acreo. more or Iw . ...iron
D.ted Feb. 26 1911 ���' '' ,N SftS
Put.. Fob. 28 Clarenct M.-.i   ��� ��� *** |
Queen CharlotU Ialanda'Und Dls'.m*   DUnKM
Take notiee that I. John' McL - ' ""J*
occupation brokor, intend to apply : - -, T��
to proapect lor coal and petroleum . * * ' ���"""���"���
deacribed land: ,       (i,,|
Commencing at a post plait ��� '.A...fg
mllea north and three miles w^t ol t ���. ���;'.��"
the Tl-el River and marked J. Mcl {r%
No. 61, thonce north 80 chain-. "���'"���*;)'9
chains, thenoa aouth 80 chain*, t > ****
chains to point of commencemer t .cr.tiaw
610 acros, moro or leaa. \irLE0D
Dated Feb. 28.1911. ffiJS^UiB
Pub. March 8. Clarence Mcl'o
Quean Charlotto lalanda Und Duir.ct    DW**
Tako notice that I, John MeUo;' '"JJg
occupation broker, Intend  to appl. ���
to prospect lor eoal and petroleum o*
described land: .   .     . . . , mils
Commoncing at a post planted. (lM
north and three mil��� we,t ol j ,,.���.
Tl-el River and marked J. Mcl.        ��� -J
No. 62, thenco north 80 chairs, tl ��� '* M
chains, thence south  80 chsir,-.  * '^
chains  to  point ot commencement,   c
640 acrea, more or less.               .nnv ������,!!0P
Dated Feb. 28. 1911.                 ��� V,J , \*r*
Pub. March 8. C.MSD	
Quean Charlotte Islands Und Disirict- DWW"
Skeena ul<1
Take notice that I, John tttUoa ; *.]___*
occupation broke-, intend to appl: ...t
to prospect for coal and petroleum on i
described l.nd:                                   .. MaM
Commencing at a post planted Sni ( ^
north and three miles we..t M U�� , orMf
Tl-el River and marked J. Mcl
<   i   i iinwi
"III   IVIVI'J "> ���     -- ��� ���*,'. ��� rf
No. 63, thenco north 80 chainn. tn .,
eul *
��� -. r.irl
chains, thence oouth 80 cha n.��. Cat
chains to polnl ol commencement.
640 acrea, more or lose. ,,.   .idJjfl)
Dated Feb. 28, 1911. ffiSSwil, Al*
Pub. Much 3. CUrence Mcl no"
Quoen Chnrlotte lalanda Und District- I    ln
Skeena . ruvn,
Take notice that I, John Mcl-cod al��a (
B.C., occupation broker, inten.l to ��.."���'   cn,,,
miaaion to prospect lor coal and patron
tollowing deaenbed landa: ,.,,, mik
3.���Commeneing at . post Blsnw ilW|
north ot the northwest eorner oil. *��� ��� Mn((,
I. McU N.W. Comer, being thennrti �� cb,jna,
thence eut 80 chalna. thence "���"'''.��� f|-,ira��
thence  weat  80 chalna,   thencc north
Klnt ol commencement. mti\ M't-W
ited Dee. 24, 1910. u" in-, AS����
Pab. Jan. 21.
W. MHWUiuil tH-! <*,' \tm**t*t-t iwm-7'    (-*<
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company, Limited
r.iurlotte lalandi Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ol
- initio ��� that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver
anal on broker, inund to appl    tor permiasion
upset or coal     d petroleu n o . tut lollowing
i-'i.i  an I: . , ..
,,i���n ncing  a    a  poat  plantol   about  eight
���   ���iuth and tour wist ol thi m>' h   ol thu
I R!��aj . d mirk'd J. McL., S   E. Corner,
il   ihcn,-'   orth 80 chains, the.ic- wost 80
jra 'ihenre auith 8) chains, thenco east   80
ji  ���   poi it .1 iMmmanc imont:  conuinin     40
.  mor   or 1 -.��. __ ... .. - __,
.,   itl    | JOMN McLEOL
��� , 27 ' C. McDoweli, Agent
Lea Charlotto lalanda Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ot
��notico th.t I, John McLood ot Vancouvor,
jruiiation broker, intend to apply lor permiaaion
fprospect tor coal ..nd potroloum on tho (ollowing
gritted lands! .
ommencing a  a poal plantod about two miloa
ri. 'rum tha mouth ol tho Tl-ol  River and
krked J   McL   N. E   Cornor   No. 18.  thence
Ith Sl chaina, theneo weot 8    chain., thenco
inl   S'l chuns. thenca cat 80 ch. n. to point
commencement;   conUining  640 aoreo.  m-ire
Lo-lVel. 25.1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Cii. Keh 27. T. E. Walur Aient
-ii i Land District-District of Cassiar
im notice that I Joseph Belway of Vanoouver
|,C . oecupatlon prospector. InUnds to apply for
.: in to purchaaa the  following deacribed
���nencing at . poet plantod two and one-half
|nle. -n an ensUrly direction from tho point on
��� Rlvar whero the Lava Lake trail begins.
ui- west 80 chaina, thonce aouth 80chaine,
le > eaat SO ehaino, thenoe north 80 chalna tu
i     f  commencement, containing- 640   acres
���uh M:ir. 10
BVtoi na Land District-District of Caaaiar
lire that I Arthur James Welah of Von-
Aer. occupation broker. InUnda to apply for
��ernii..*ion to purchaae the following deaoribod
I I" .iiimencina; at a poat plantod throe and one-
palf mile, in nn easterly direction from the point
i Naaa Itiver where the Lava Lake trail  cornel-���-near thc trail, thence eaat eighty chaina,
--uh 80 chalna,  thence   weot  80 chnina,
lence north sn chaina to point of commencement
foiiijomnir iiin ncrea more or loaa.
��� 1-1. I. l'Jll        ARTHUR JAMES WELCH
pub M ir. 10 Joaeph Belway, Agont
half -
eona Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Caaaiar
��� notice thnt I Andrew Cummlnga of Van-
��� Ht'.. occupation cook, InUnda to applv
rmlaalon to purchaae the following deacrlb-
I :
"iinclngat n poat planted throe and ono-
llloa in nn easterly direction from tho point
���i* Hiver where the Lava Lake trail begir.a
no trail, thence weat 80 chalna, thenco oouth
���i���-. ihence east 80 chalna,  thenco north 80
to point of commencement, containing 640
pal, Ml
t. It'll.
Joseph Belway, Agent
������-Kocna Lnnd Diatrict-Dlatrict of Caaaiar
Taka notice that 1 Hugh D. Oillla of Prince Ru-
IPen   occupation laborer. InUnda  to apply for
permi.si.in lo purchaae tho following described
I lan.l.
Commencing at a post planted three and one-
,nle. in an easterly direction from the point
l Uiver where the Lava Lake trail   begine
I ns mile in .-, northerly direction from the
- I ol.e trail, thence north 80 chalna,
I "' '   * I chains, thence south   80  chaino,
ll"""r" *    '*" chains to point of commoncement,
���"ntaining 640 acres.
I Date |,.|, ;, ,���,, HUQH D GILLIg
I   rt' M;,r 10. Joaeph Belway, Agent
��� half i-
lon Nai
��� Mill   I.
I then..
"What's thc matter with your millionaire friend?"
"Bemoaning his fate, as usual. Automobiles are getting common, he suys,
while airships are not as yet safe enough
for those who have everything that
makes life valuable."
Mrs. Frost --And was your daughter's
experience as a hospital nurse a success?
Mrs. Snow -Yes, indeed. She was at
the hospital only two days before they
dismissed her, but In those forty-eight
hours she hatl met six perfectly lovely
young doctors.
I really don't see how
sitting  in  such  a  hot
Skeona Land Diatrict���DUtrict ot Coasl Kango 5
T.ko notico that William Franklin Carpenter
ot Prince Kupert, B. C, occupatiun roaUurant
keeper, intondo to apply tor permission to purchase
tha followini: descrilied land :
Commoncing at a post planted at tho south oust
corner ot surveyed I/it 1712. thonco 80 chains
aouth, thonce about 3.1 chalna west to Lot 21350,
thenco 20 chains north, thence 45 chaina west
thence about 25 chaina north to Lot 3U68, thence
about 30 chaina east to south east corner ot Lot
3068, thence about 35 chains north to Lot 1711,
thenco about 55 chaina cast to point of commencement; conUininK -180 acres, more or less.
Dated Fob. 15, 1911.
Pub. March 4.
Skeona Land Diatrict���District ol Coaat Range 6
T.ko notice that Mary Maragret (Mini ot Victoria, B. C, occupatiun housekcoiicr. inUnda to
apply for permisaion to purchaae thc following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted at the north cast
corner of Lot 31187, thenco 20 chains west, thencc
20 chains aouth, thonco 20 chaina wost lo T. L.
82507, thenco about 80 chalna north to Lakelae
River, thenco meandering said river up stream in
a aouthraaterly direction to Lakelse Lake, thonco
meandering said lake to point ot commencement
conuining 160 acrea, more or loos.
Poat marked M. M. G��� N. E. Cornor.
Dated Feb. 14, 1911.
I'ub. March 4.
Ska' na Land District���District ol Coaat Rang 5
Take notice that Benjamin Ruasal Rico ol
Prince Rupert, B. ('.. occupation waiter, intonds
to apply lor permission to purchaae tho following
ilo.crilie 1 land:.:
Commoncing at a poat planud 65 chains south
from tho south east cornor of Lot 3060, thenee 70
ehains west, thance 65 chains north, thence 70
chains cast, thenca 65 chains south to point uf
commencement; containing 455 acres, mora or
lose. Poat marked 11. It. K.. S. E. Cor.
Dated Feb. 13, 1911.
Skoena Land Diatrict -District ol Coaat Range 6
Take notiee that David McLennan ot I'rince
Rupert, B. C, occupation clerk, Intenda to apply
tor permiaaion to purchase the fullowing described
Commencing at a post planted 10 chains south
from the south wost corner of Lol 994, thenco 40
ehaina eaat, thonco 40 chains north, thence 40
chaina weat, thence 10 chaina anuth to point ol
commencement; conuining 160 acres, moro or
loaa. Poat marked D. M.. S. W. Cor
Dated Fob. IS, 1911 DAVID McLKNNAN
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat liango 5
Tako notice that Aloiander Beaton ol Vancouver, B. C, occupation carpenter, intenda lo apply
lor permiaaion to purchaso tho tollowing described
landa: ,        .   ,
Commencing at a post planted 80 chains aouth
Irom tho aouth wost cornor ol Lot 3065. Post
markod A. B., N. W. Cornor, thonce 30 ehains
���outh, thence 80 ch.ins cast, thenco 30 chalna
north, thonco 80 chaina west to point ot commencement; containing 200 acres, more or less
Dated Fob. 13, 1911.     ALEXANDER BEATON
I'ub. March -1.
Skeen. Land District-Disirict of Coast Range 5
T.ke notico th.t George Levick of I'rince Kuport
B. C. occupation . int nils to apply to
permiaaion   to  purchase the  lollowing  dosnlieil
Commencing at a post planted on shore of
Lakelse Lake about 60 chain 'orth oast from outlet
of aaid lake (Lakolae Kin. thonco 20 chaina
north, thence about 60 cha < oa.i to l*__*_*
Lako, thenco meandering said i o shoro in a weaterly direction to point ot com. ancom.nl: contalnina 80 acros. moreor losa.   1\ t malkod I.. L.
Take    ,'"' Di��Wct-Dl.trlct of Coaat Range 6
Ch��� ,V"", lhBl I Severlr. A. Tallander of Por-
I Div f., , " ' '"'"nation ship master. InUnd to ap-
heriuVi "".,,lonto *****   tho   following   de-
|.i.iioe,| I,,,.,   ||l(r,,.
tier'.'!?lITiSlM n "��"t n'anted at the N.W. cor-
thence .���;,?',f"'nc*,we,t to low water mark,
more... i, ' ,!lnnit low wsU,r mark 26 chalna
IKS ,1,,' ' 'nonce eaat to S.W. corner of lot
the;,.I, ,,,n n."rth a'ong high water mark (being
or lesa,! ,������ '""ndary of lot 1302) 25 chalna more
���Hf..r...i,,".""��� V comniencementand conUlning
""���"in front of lot 1302.
no. March 18.
tabling 80 acrea, more or le
S. W. Cornar.
Daud Fab. 14,1911.
Pub. March 4.
Wife   Phew
you can stand
Hub���One can not stand sitting iu any
kind of office, my love.
"My little boy can give a perfect imitation of a phonograph."
"Why don't you send him out on thc
vaudeville circuit'.'"
"Do you think he would make a hit?"
"No, but anything is better than having him around the house."
"I am going lo start a garden," announced Mr. Subbubs. "A few months
from now I won't be kicking about your
"No," said the grocer, "you'll lie wondering how 1 can afford to sell vegetables
so cheap."
There were 1.8U4 births and 1,974
deaths in London last week���264 below
and 439 above the averages. Measles
accounted for 118 deaths, influents, for
27, and diarrhoea for Ifi. Suicides
numbered 9, N infaius under one were
suffocated in bed, and l death occurred
under an anaesthetic.
Sir Frederick Hritlge, lecturing on
music at ihe Cily of London School
spoke of the modern "graveyard school"
of composers, and added: "If some of
our young eomposeta would only be
more cheerful antl wake up, they might
do something for thc joy of thc country."
It has been decided to increase the
number of school gardens used for
nature study under the London County
Council by twenty a year. There are
at present 171 of these gardens.
Skeletons of a man and of a woman
were unearthed by workmen in excavations in Falcon street, Ipswich. They
are thought to belong to persons who
died in the Great Hague in the year
The Great Western Railway Company have entered into an arrangement to experiment with a petrol-
electric rail motor-car. Thc car will
seat forty-live passengers, and will
run at a maximum s|ieed of twenty
miles an hour.
The fall of a meteorite took place at
Hull, a stable lieing demolished and
the roofs of live other buildings shattered. Light horses in the stable were
very much frightened, but escaped
The linal provisional census returns
give the total  population of  India as
816,000.000,   This li an Increase of
20,500,000 as compared with 1901.
China has concluded a loan for
Tea for the Emperor cf China is
grown in a garden surrounded by very
high walls, so that none but the cultivators can approach it. The pickers
must bathe three times daily. They
must, wear special gloves, and abstain
from eating lish lest their breath should
spoil I hi aroma of the tea leaves,
Water Notice
Notice is hereby given that nn application will be made under Part y. of
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in the Skeenu Division of
Skeenn District.
(a) The name, address and occupation
of the applicant is S. ft. McClinton,
Estate agent, Vancouver, H.C.
(If for mining purposes)
er's certificate No	
Free  Mill-
stream  or
(b) The name of the lake
source (if unnamed tin
is) Kitsumkalum Kiver.
(c) The point of diversion is near the
intersection of the east limiiiilarv of
lot 1405.
(d) The quantity of water applietl for
(in cubic feet per second) is 140.
(f) The character of the proposed
works is a general .,imit for t|u, pro.
duction of heat, light antl power, and
the manufacturing of wood pulp,
lumbers and timbers generally.
(f) The premises on which the water
is in In-used (describe same) Mill site
about 3-4 of a mile below intake;
Wood, frame and concrete buildings
in addition to the masonry, dams,
tlumes and penstocks necessary.
(g) The purposes for which the water
is to be used  is  power development.
(h) If for irrigation, describe the land
intended to be irrigated, giving
(i) If the water is to be used for power or mining purposes, describe the
place where tlie water is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return.
Power plant about 3-4 of a mile down
stream from the intake. Difference
in altitude 80 feet.
(j) Area of Crown land intended to be
occupietl by the proposed works is
100 acres.
(k) This notice was posted on the fith
day of March, 1911, and application
will be made to the Commissioner on
the 25th day of April, l'.ill.
(1) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lantls are likely to be
affe.'ted by the proposed works.either
above or below the outlet. None.
James Cross, Agent.
P.O. Box 285, I'rince Rupert, H.C.
Note- One cubic foot per  second  is
equivalent to 35.71 miner s inches.
Pub. March 16. 1911.
Water Notice
or laaBi
Skeona Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Coaat lUnge 6
Tako notico that Angus Beaton ot I'rince Kupert,
B. C, occupation minor. Intenda to spew lor par-
mlaaion to purchaae tho lollowinK deacrilied landn:
CommencinK at a poat planted at the aouth
eaat cornor of Lot 3997, thenco 40 chains wait,
thenco 40 chaina aouth, thence about 00 chaina
eaat to Lakelae Lake, thenco meandering aaid lake
ahoro in an northorly direction to point ol commoncement: conUlning 17(1 acres, more
Post marked A. B., N. E. Corner
Hated Feb. 14, 1911.
Pub. March 4.
Skoena Land Diatrict-Dlatrict. of Coast
Tako notico that I. Mra. John Corley of Prince
Rupert. B.C., occupation married wurrmn, intends
to apply for permiaaion to purchase the following
dP5ormmedncini"��t a post planted ,i chainsI ��j
and 120 chalna aouth fiom the aouthweat �����srg
lot 1733, Coast District, Uange 5, thenoe anuth w
chalna. thence oaat 40 chalna. thence north M
chalna. thence weat 40 chalna more orJSSS tOttS
point of commencement, containing BM acres
moreorleaa. ^  jQm .^^ CQRLEY
Date Mar. 20, 1911
Pub. Apr. 4,1011
The   Conservatives   in   the   German
Diet announce in energetic terms today |
their intention of demanding that the
Prussian Government give the reasons!
which led it to consent to the proposed
constitution fm Alaiace-Lorralne.
The Emperor of Germany's brick
factory   at   Cadinen   is   so   successful
that an extension of the premises is
necessary to cope with the growing
business     The   prosperity  of   tne
tablishment  is  due  primarily  to
Emperor's own  keen  interest and
A card which was posted at Home
on March 29, 1894, has just reached
its destination at Florence. It conveyed arneaw from a young mother
to an Uncle, informing him of the birth
of his grandnephew.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made tinder Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in thc Queen Charlotte Division
of Skeena District.
(a) The name, address and occuiiation
of thc applicant is George Young,
Victoria, B.C.
(If for mining purposes)   Free   Winer's Certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, the description
is) Ain Lake and Ain Kiver.
(c) The point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(tl) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 1000.
(c) The character of the proposed
works, dam, Hume, pipe-line, power
engines, plant, etc.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe same) at or
near mouth Ain Kiver,Masset Inlet.
(g) The purposes for which the water
is to be used is for power development and mill operations.
(h) If for irrigation, tlescribe the
land to be irrigated, giving  acreage,
(i) If the wnter is to be used for power or mining purposes, describe the
place where the wnter is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between the
point of diversion anil point of return.
At or near mouth of Ain River,about
150 feet below lake level.
(j) Area of Crown laml intended to be
occupietl by the proposed works	
(k) This notice was potted on the
first dnv of March, 1911. and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the fifth flay of April, 1911.
(I) Give the mimes and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
wlio or whose lands are likely to be
affected by the proposed works.either
above or below the outlet.    None.
H. Kdcnshnw, Agent
P.O. Pox 285, Prince Rupert, B.C.
NoTK-One cubic foot per  second  is
equivalent to 115.71 miner's inches.
Pub. March Ki. 1911.
Quwn Charlotte 'stands Lund Ilialrict-- District ot
Take notici. thai I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend lo apply lor parmiaalon
to proapect lor eoal and pt-troleuui on tin- fnlluwing
deacrilied lands:
Comnu'iicitig at a poal plantisl at tin- muulh ol
lho Tl-el Kiver and inurkisl J. McL. N. _. Corner, No. 311, thanea auulli SI) chalna, tl OS weat
SU chaina, thence north SI) chaina, thei.ce cast SO
Chair,.. :o point ol cutium.nccinenl; containing li4U
acros. more or leaa.
Dated Feb. Ill, 1911 JOHN  Mcl.KOD
Pub. Keb. 23, Lmlji. K. Walter, Agent-
Queen Charlotte Islanda ljind Diatrict    District ot
Tako notice that I, John McLisid ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to applv lur penui-aion
lo proapect for coal and petroleum on the following
ili-MTil-.-.l lands:
Commencing at a iioat plantisl about two milea
weat ol tho muulh ol the Tl-el Kiver uml marked
J . McL. N. W. Corner. No. 29, thence south SO
chains, thence eaat SU chains, thence nnrlh SO
chains, thence weat hO chaina lu point ol commencement; containing tilu acres, more or leas.
Datisl Keb. 21, l'Jll JOHN Mcl.KOD
I'ub. Keb. 23. Clarence MeDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District ���Disirict ol
Take nolice that I, John M i-1... .1 ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for pi-rtuiaaion
to proapect lor coul and petroleum on the lullow-ing
deacrilied landa:
Commencing at a post planted almut two milea
weat ol the mouth ol the Tl-el Kiver anil murked
J. McL. N. B. Corner, No. 49, thence south SO
chaina, thence west hU chaina, thence north SO
ehaina, thence east So chains to point uf com*
mencemenl; conuining Clu acres, more or lea*.
Datod Keb. 21, l'Jll JOHN Mcl.oKD
I'ub. Keb. 23. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Quoen Charlotte Islands 1 .m.l District - District of
Take notice that I, John UeLaod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply lor is-rtnission
to prus|ioct fur coal and |M-lroleum on lhe following
descrilssl lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the mouth ol
tho Tl-el Rlvar and markisl J. Mcl.. s. K. Curner,
No 1, thence north Ml chains, thence west SO
chaina, thence aouth SO chains, thenc* east 80
chains lo point ol commencement! containing
040 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Keb. 21, l'Jll. JOHN Mcl.KOD
I'ub. Keb. 23. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queon Charlotto lalanda I ...n.i District -Di/trlct ol
Take notiw that I, John McL.id of Vancuuv or,
occupation broker, intend to apply lor porniUwio
to |irt*|M-ct for coal uml petruleum un the follow ng
di-serilssl alnds:
(.'ommencing at a pnst plunti"! olmut live milea
north and one mile wesl ul the inuutli ol the
Tl-el Itiver und markisl J. Mc... N. \V. Corner
No. 1?. ihenc aouth sO ehuins. thencc east SO
chaina, thenee north Ml chairs, thence west SO
chains to point of commencement. eunluining 640
acre*, mine or leaa.
Datisl Keb 2ti, l'Jll. JtHIN  McLKOD
I'ub. Keb. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotto lalands land District���District ol
Take notice that I, John Mcleod ol Vancouvor
occupation broker, inu-nd to apply lor permiaaion
to proapect fur cual and iielroleum on the tollowing
doacribisl lands:
Commencing at a poat plantisl two miles weat
ol the mouth of the Tl-cl Kiver and marked J
McL. S. W. Corner, No. 28, thence north 80
ehaina, thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thencc west 80 chains to point of com-
' mencement: inntaining 040 acres, mure or lesa.
j Datod Keb. 21. 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Keb.23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Quoen Charlotto Islanda 1 -u.-l Diatrict���District ot
Take notice that I, John Mcl^sid of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend tu apply lor i > -mission
to proapect for eoal and pet roleum on the following
descrilied lands:
Comme, cing at a poat planted almut four mileo
north and one ri ile cast uf the mouth nf lhe Tl-el
Hiver and marker J. Mcl... S. K. Corner. No. 00
thenco north 80 chains, thenre west all chai a,
thencc aouth 8u chains, ihence east so chaina
point of commencement: containing 640 acr a,
more or leaa
Dated Keb. 20, lull. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. Keh. IS. ClarrnotlMcDowill, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands I uml District���District ol
Take notice that 1, Juhn Mclx-od ol ancouver,
occupation brokor. Intend to apply for jiennisaion
lo pronfiect lor coal and lietroleum un the lulluwing
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted alwut fuur milea
north and one mile east of the mouth of the 'I'l-d
Kiver and markisl J. Mcl., N. B. Corner, N'o b,
Ihence south SU chaina, thenco west Ml chaina,
thenc north SO chaina, thence cast SO chains to
poinl of commencement: containing 010 urres.
more or less.
Daied Keb. 20, 1911. JUHN McLKOD
I'ub. Keb. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands I.and District���District of
j Take notic that I. John Mcleod of Voncauver,
occupation broker, intend to apply lor iiermission
' to pros|iect tor cual and potroleum on the fnlluwing
descrilssl lands:
i Commencing at a post plantisl aliout four mllea
aouth and two mllea west of the muuth nf tho
Tl-el Hiver and markisl J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner,
No. 74, Ihenc south I 0 chains, thence w-est SO
chains,  thenci-  norlh I 0   chains,  thenc  east  SO
. chains to point ot commencement;  containing 0-10
I acnsi. more nr laaa,
! Dated Keb. 22. 1911. JOHN Mcl.KOD
i I'ub. Keb. 24. Clarance McDowell, Agent
j Const Land District   District of Skeena
Take notice that I, Paul Hrendler, of
I Porcher lsiand,  occupation farmer, intend to  apply for  permission to  lease
ithe following foreshore:   Commencing
! at a post planted about 12 feet from the
1 location post of lot 1801 on Porcher Island, thence in a  southerly  direction
following  high water mark 1200   feet;
thence west to low wnter mark; tlience
northerly   following  low  water  mark
1200 feet; tlience enst to point of commencement.
Dnted March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11 THE   PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
Four Welcome Checks Were Received  Yesterday-
Order to Reduce Laundry Expenses the Board
May Start a Hospital Laundry���Good
Work of Ladies Comi  ittee
A    cheque    from    the    Provincial I
Government for $2,500.
A cheque for $50 from Mr. W. W.<
A cheque for $50 from Mr. W. A.
Ferguaon. of Walla- Walla.
A cheque for $25 and n promise of
$75 more from S. P. McMordie.
Thete   four   cheques   were   received
by the  Hospital Board at its meeting j
yesterday  afternoon.    The  cheque  for |
$2,500 came as a grant from the Provincial   Government   duly   signed   by j
Thomas Tayh r, Minsi'er of Finance and i
by J.   McB.  Smith,  Deputy  Minister]
of Finance, and made payable on the
Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Mr. Gollin, of Pacific Crove, Ca!i-'
fornia, who has investments in Prince;
Rupert s-jd he :s 'aved a good deal to ���
subscribe to various good causes, but
none '���'���- mo:., de serving than thei
Hosp:t?l Association in this city and so
ha sent soli.
Mr. ftergtaon sa'd hi was tdseved to
give a donirion to such a wonry cause.   '
Mr. McM-rdie may qualify as a life
merrb'r of the Assodaticn by subscribes; S100.
Ladica  Doing  Good Work
Then   when   the   Board   had   been
surprised and gladdened by those subscriptions,   the   Women's   Auxiliaiy   oi
the Hospital wro-.e stating that the John :
Houston Ward had been supplied with j
all the necessary bedding and sundry
other articles at a.figure below cost.
Many of the things were made by the
ladies of the Auxiliary. The bill sent
in was for M64 and the Finance Committee will deal with it. The Auxiliary
are going to do a lot more good work
for the hospital.
May Open Hoapital Laundry
It is probable that a laundry will be
established at the hospital. The necessity of this institution was shown when
the Board was asked to pay some
laundry bills for the nurses for last
month which were considered rather
high. These bills amounted to from
$10 to $14. Mr. P. I. Palmer wanted
e ch nurse to be granted a fixed sum
every momh for laundry expenses and
Mr. O. H. Nelson advocated opening a
laundry. The Finance Committee will
report back.
Last year's accounts have not been
auaited yet and some members of the
Br-ard were very sore over this. "Get
an accountant," put in Mr. Palmer.
To an accountant the books will be
loaned and he will report back next
Wednesday when the Boa-d meets again.
It's up to the House Committee to
decide whether John Smith shall connect the sewer of his house with the
sewer of the hospital.
Those present at the Board meeting
were D. G. Stewart, chairman.iO. H.
Nelson. M. M. Stephens. J. G. Scott,
J. H. Thompson. Alderman Kirkpatrick.
H. H. Clarke ar.d P. I. Palmer.
Strikers Gathered at First Ave. Cut But Were Warned
by the Police Not to Interfere���Work is
Going on Again as Usual
at $3 a Day
It looks as if the labor dispute with
the grading laborers is very near an end
W ith ten men and two horses Messrs.
Mclnnis & KlIIv made a stait today
on their First avenue contract. Chief
Vickers was in attendance with half
a dozen constables, but for the first
hour between seven a.m. and eight
there mas no trouble at all, and the
gang got out a good deal of dirt and
dumped it.
Prominent Men Present
A number of the most prominent
business men of the city were present
at the barriers, their purpose being to
let the workers know that the sympathies of the citizens are with those
who want to work. S. P. McMordie,
the contractor, was present on the cut
with Messrs. Mclnnis & Kelly.
Chief Warned the Strikera
Between seven and eight a.m. a
number of the strikers passed along
the barriers, but they did not show
by word or action anv disposition to
cause trouble. A. O. Morse, secretary
of the P. R. I. A., came up and was
warned by the Chief of Police that
any man crossing the barriers would
be instantly arrested. Chief Vickers
added that Morse himself would be
arrested  if  he  were seen  taking   part
'in or influencing"trouble, and pointed
the secretary out to the force.
Men   Held   Meeting
Morse merely commented upon the
array of constables, and suggested
that" the ending of the strike would
cost something. He then retired with
a few of the strikers to the P. R. I. A.
hall where a gathering of some two
hundred assembled and engaged in
, discussion of the situation.
Will Not Interfere
Seen shortly afterwards by the Optimist, the secretary stated that it was
' not the intention of the P. R. I. A
members to interfere directly with the
men who cared to work.
"It is their own affair." said Mr.
Morse. "If they choose to work for
less money it is their loss. Thp P. R. I. A.
is not going to interfere with them, but
if they work this afternoon it may mean
a general strike."
The Earl Grey's Rifles will hold a
church parade next Sunday. They will
meet at the drill hall in time to attend
the service in the English Church in the
The steamer Prince Rupert leaves
for the south at eight o'clock tomorrow
^^^^     STORAGE
G. T. P. Tranafer Agenti
Ordera promptly filled.   Prion nu..^
OFFICE-H. B. Rocheiter. Centra St.   I'homaa.
\ Northern Produce Co'y,
|   Send for our Weekly Prict List
\ Phone 151
Phone 151
Blamea Montreal Men for Blackmailing Him and Preventing Him
From Paying 100 Centa to the
Dollar Every Time.
Pittsburg, April 6.���C. D. Sheldon is
anxious to re.urn to Canada, so it
is said, to "expose" some people who.
he alleges, bled him of his money while
he was dealing in stocks. He charges
that two men of Montreal blackmailed
him out of $70,000 and practirally drove
him out of business after he had paid
bark to his patrons over $30,000. If
he had not been molested, he says, he
could have paid back every cent. Sheldon professes to be of the opinion that
if hc gains the Canadian courts his
accusers will be glad to let him go, as
he believes he has enough evidence to
send a large numbei of Canadian citizens
to prison.
Miss M. B. Johnstone, of
who has been appointed tei
Public School here, will re
before the B. C. leaiehen'
in Vancouver next week
comes here.
The steamer H-nriette. the veteran
of the G. T. P. fleet, arrived here this
morning with a load cf dynamite for
Foley, Welch and Stewart.
Aiter  a  trip  to  Naas   River  points \__z
the learner Prince Albert will he back
again   today.     She   leaves   for   Queen .
Charlotte Islands on Satvrday afternoon. |z5
|=     l^'li _f^ 1      district for the ask-    W*W%T^W**
ii Diner LrccK ��ltt8st? i Rfit
With passengers and mail from Seattle. |
the   steamer   State   cf   California   will I
arrive on Saturday night and will leave
for Skagway soon afterwards.
The Young Liberals Association will
hold a smoking concert on Friday tomorrow
evening at eight o'clock in the K. of P.
Hall in the Helgerson Block. A good
programme has been arranged. Songs
and short speeches will be in evidence
and a good time is promised.
The steamer Ramona goes south to- j
morrow afternoon.
The   old   reliable  steamer   Cunosun
will   be  in   from   the  south   tomorrow-
night   and   will   leave   for  Stewart  on -
Saturday  morning  and   for  Vancouver -
on Sunday morning at nine o'clock.
Mike Boscovitch was again before!
the Magistrate today and the usual j
crowd attended outside the court. Bos-'
covitch's case iB adjourned again until
Some  remarkably  good  pictures  are
1 being shown this week at the Empress
! Theatre.   The orchestra play a tuneful
lot of airs.
Opp. Bank of British North America.   New loggers sl    - H in.
high, made to order at
Men's soles $1    Ltiiii.--  ���
Men's heels 40c Lai: ��� -
Men's sewed on  ���'..:'
Ladies' sewed on 1.00
Shoes  repaired while you wait.
All leather first-da-- quality.
Ludwig Strubi ��� Fulton & 3rd Ave.
    as they are.
Take time by the Fore-top and buy one, two, three or more lots
while they can be bought at the original price from the owners.
Bitter Creek is located in the heart of the great mining district of
and is so centrallv located that it cannot hlep being a big business centre. ' T"he Canadian Northern Eastern connects Bitter
Creek  with  ocean-going   steamships   at   Stewart.        :       :       :
* ��� ���  ���
Quarter Caah
Balance Four, Eight and Twelve Montha
���   ���   ���   ���
M F. G. Dawson
Prince Rupert
Razor Strops
$1. to $3.50
___*&   \      -:see our window:-     )
The Pioneer Dmfgiil
I Ask Uncle Jerry "NOr
Y i   please take no
please take notice and list your proper-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ty with a good live broker, if from the
above you think   our  equipment should
On January 15th  antl 22nd, Eastern  produce  the  best  results,  you should
papers   on   Jan.   loth, Western papers   come in at once.
on Jan. 22nd,  our  Prince  Rupert  Op-      We advise  everyone  to  get  in   the
portunity   advertisement appeared  in   market this spring and  summer.    Sell
when you have a profit; buy again.
That's the way to make money. You
can make many times as much money
if you will buy and sell and not hold on
so long to property. All of you put
your shoulder to tbe wheel and boost-
keep on boosting��� that's the way we
will make a big city.
Prince Rupert
Uncle Jerry
unclje JERRY Ask Unde Jerry I
Has a Free Information Department
for strangers in the City and for nonresidents by correspondence.
He will build you a dwelling on i
payment plan.
He will lease or sell you a lot on I
terms for you to build  a 'dwelling
papers in New York, Boston, Providence, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul and 37
Sunday issues of big U.S. daily newspapers in all. On Feb. 25th our Prince
Rupert advertisement appeared in 28
Canadian daily newspapers.
I Ask Uncle Jerry
He Buys Leases       He Buys Buildings    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
He Buys Lots He Buys Contracts  store on.
He  has  Stores   to  Rent. _*e wl\] se\\ you a house and lot si
He  Buys  Lands  in  Skeena and Naas  you can pay ot\ monthly payment pla
River  Valleys. , __, .,
  He will take a lease on your lots a.
~     ~~~ make your investment  pay  you eip
"ASK  UNCLE   JERRY" per cent.
He wants 50 Houses to Rent
He Sells Leases He Sells Buildings
He Sells Lots He Sells Contracts
He wants Stores to Rent
He  Sells  Lands  up  the Skeena Kiver
Ask Uncle Jerry j


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