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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-04-27

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H^'CTOKIA, ���
The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 93
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, April 27. 1911.
rice Five Cents
Nitroglycerine Was Used to Wreck Vancouver Building���Employers Association Put up Money to Capture Miscreants---
Ten Alleged  Conspirators Under  Arrest  at
Los Angeles---One Makes Cotifessio/
(Spt-cial to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 27.- Two thousand dollars reward has been offered by tlu- Employers' Association of this city for the capture
and conviction of the person or
persons responsible for the blowing
up of the new building mi Sinythc
and Seymour streets.
Special Meeting Held
Very strong feeling indeed has
been aroused among employers
of labor particularly in the building trades in Vancouver by the
dastardly outrage, and a special
meeting of ihe Employers' Association was held last night. After
,,pinion had been freely expressed
mi   the   probable   source   of   the
malicious idea which is attributed
to malcontents in lhe ranks of
labor, the decision was unanimously come lo thai the reward of
12000 should be offered and advertised for the apprehension antl
conviction of lhe culprit or culprits.
Examination of the ground antl
building where the explosion happened has revealed to experts
the fact that the explosive used was
nitroglycerine. Quite a small quantity of this powerful liquid woultl
be sufficient to cause a tremendous
amount of damage. In a little
tube which could be carried in
the coat pocket enough coultl
have been brought into the building to tlo the wreckage. It coultl
be fired by contact with another
chemical arranged to take place
at any particular time. This
is probably the method taken by
the miscreants in litis case.
Police Won t Talk
No amount of pestering will
induce the police lo give away
any hint lhal would lead to the
assurance that they have their
man in sight. If there exist any
clues the detectives are wisely
keeping tliein dark at the present
stage.   It is believed by a number
of   people   that   the   perpetrators
of the mischief have cleared out
safely and are by this time far
enough away.
Los Angeles Outrage
Los Angeles, April 27.���Ten
men accused of dynamiting thc
Times ollice antl causing the death
of twenty-one persons by the
explosion arrived here from the
Kasi today. They are now lodged
ill jail under au extra strong guard.
One Man Confesses
One man Mcllanigle by name,
il is said, has confessed, betraying
enough  information  to cover  the
whole conspiracy ami convict some
of (he principals in it.
Incriminating Document
There is also a document of
an incriminating nature, which
it is believed is in the possession
of Attorney Ford who is now
awaiting the outcome of the kidnapping charge preferred against
him bj the Iron Workers'attorneys
of 'Indianapolis.
Reads Like a Moving Picture Show   Four  Men   in  an
Auto Drove Up, Covered Salesmen With Guns
and Got Off With $50,000 of Jewellery
(Special Io the Optimist)
Couty Court business continues
without incident of particular note.
Today Judge ottng was principally occupied wilh chamber hearings.
Northwestern League
AI Vancou vir R.  II.   K.
Tacoma        1     S     4
Vancouver     7   11     0
Batteries Chappelle and Spies-
man; Occli,tn, Lynch and l)e-
AI Spokane R.  II.  K.
Victoria  5    10     4
Spokane 8     7     2
Batteries���McCreery and Hash-
wood; Willis and Hasty.
At Seattle R,  II.  E.
Portland  (i     7     4
Seattle      12   16     2
Batteries-   Bloom field and Harris;
Butler and Spencer,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Indicates that Federal Government May Force
the Provincial Government into Court in Order to
Secure Justice for Indians---Commej:ts
on Premier McBride's Action
American League
At Boston                     R, 11.
New York  8 18
Boston        11 IS
At Philadelphia- ���
Washington 2 f>
Philadelphia      7 5
National League
At Detroit-
Cleveland  ti
Cincinnati  8
At St. Louis-
Pittsburg   2
Si. Louis        1
At New York-
Boston        3
New York ... (i
At Brooklyn���
Philadelphia 10    14
Brooklyn         '.i     (>
Pacific Coast League
At Portland���
Sacramento  2     (i
Portland   1    10
At San Francisco���
Oakland  8    14
San Francisco    ..... 2     9
(Special to lhe Optimist)
Ottawa, April 27.���That the
Federal Government may send
the whole question of the disputed Indian title to lands in
B. C to the Supreme Court and
the Privy Council, making the
Government of British Columbia
a party to the case was indicated
by Sir Wilfritl Laurier this morning, when he received a deputation
of "The Friends of the Indians of
British Columbia."
Sir Wilfrid commented in unmistakable terms on the action
of Premier McBride in refusing
to have the question submitted
to a court of justice.
The Only Way"
"The British Columbia government may he right or it may 1 it-
wrong in its contentions that the
Indians have no title lo these
lantls," saitl Sir Wilfritl. "but thc
only way to settle the dispute
is by taking the matter to the
He saitl it was unfortunate that!
Premier McBride had declined '*
to have the dispute submitted tol
the Supreme Conn or lo the Privy j
Council, which would have brought
the matter lo an issue al once,
aud   also   that   Premier   McBride
should have only agreed to leave
out of the question the very thing
it was desired to have a decision
May Force McBride
"We come," he saitl, "to a stage
of the question where it is possible
to have neither the consent nor,
the concurrence of lhe government of British Columbia given
to a decision of that kind. We
are forced therefore lo bring the
Government of B. C into court
with us unwillingly, in order to
get a determination of this matter,
lt is a matter for us lo consider,
whether we can bring the Government of B. C, into court with
us. That is the only way lo settle
the matter properly."
Deputation Pleased
Sir Wilfrid's remarks gave great
satisfaction to the delegation, which
was composed of Rev. Arthur
F. O'Mcara, Rev. Canon Tucker,
Mr. Hamilton Cassells K. C, of
Toronto, and Rev. Charles Deep-
rose of Ottawa. There were present with Sir Wilfrid at the lime,
Hon. A. B. Aylesworth, Minister
of Justice and Hon. Frank Oliver,
Minister of lhe Interior.
Six Years in Penitentiary for J.
J. Murdock of Jarvis
iSpecial to the Optimist)
Cayuga, Out.. April 2t>.���J. Y.
Murdock the absconding Jarvis
lawyer who w. _ arrested recently
in the Stales an.l pleaded guilty
to seven charge- of theft and one
of forgery, was sentenced to six
years in lhe penitentiary at the
llaldimand Assizes this morning.
I Rome, April 27.���The condition
of Pope Pius has taken a sudden
II turn   for   the   worse   and   grave
3 i results are feared by his physician.
Chicago, April 27. -The history
of daring robberies in Chicago
was eclipsed yesterday afternoon
by a daylight robbery of 160,000
of jewellery from the store of
F. '.. Albert! & Son. In the heart
of the city, with police patrols
all round the dislrici, ami in broad
daylight, the robbery was commit led, and no trace can be found
ol the robbers, li was as sudden
antl as daring as anything pictured
on tin- bioscope shows.
Used an Auto
Four  well   dressed   men   drove
up in an auto to the store, and
entered.   They went to different
pans of the ground lloor, and
asketl the clerks lo show them
gootls. At a signal all whipped
mil revolvers, aud covered lhc
clerks antl customers, who stood
motionless, while one of the quartet
went through the showcases and
safe. Into a canvas bag he swept
in half a do/en swoops, $50,000
of diamond necklaces, tiaras, pearl
ami ruby ornaments and oilier
valuable goods.
Then all backed to the door
wilh guns levelled, jumped into
lhe auto antl speeded away. It
was all over in a minute. It was
done so cpiickly as to seem like a
Puts One Round Hogan to Sleep in Second Round of a
Ten Round Match for the Light-Weight
Championship of the World
Hogan in Distress
Italian Named C. Brown Crushed about Lower Limbs
Rushed to Hospital by Auto.
His Injuries are not Serious.
Large Crowd Witnessed Accident. Rocks Dislodged by
An Italian workman was crushed
about lhe legs and lower part of
the body on s.  P.  McMordie's
Second avenue contract jttsl before
noon today. The man's name was
C. Brown.   He was attended lo
immediately  after   the  accident
New Duties as Provincial Assessor Will Take Him Away||>> Pr*.Kergln and rushed to th
���Ladies' Auxiliary and Choral Concert Add
$400 to the Funds of the Hospital
-���Details are Discussed
As   Secretary   of   the   General
Hospital Board Arthur Cuthbert
has th mc excellent work, antl it
was something of a surprise to the
Board yesterday to receive front
him a letter intimating his Intention lo resign. For some time
lately, during bis oflice as Regis-
lr'."' oftiie County Court, Mr.
ttnfr*rrt*'iiia| found his ordinary
duties sufficiently exacting, ami
when the new   Board of Hospital
will necessitate his being at tunes
away from the city.
Successor to be Chosen
Al the meeting of the Hospital
Board yesterday afternoon in the
offices of c. 0. Rand * Co., arrangements were made for thc
executive committee of the Board
to   deal   with   the  situation   and
laaaik    .ttllllltll    (air    .1    SUCCCSSOT    (or
Mr. Cuthbert.   The actual "spade
work" of the secretarial position
Directors Utasappointed there wasps meantime in the hands of Mr.
hospital in Harry's autocar. His
injuries ate not expected to prove
The other workmen were preparing to fire a spring in a boring
above where Brown was working.
He tlitl not hear the warning at
first, and not realising thai he was
a little late in moving out of
range sleppetl back a few feet
for his pick. Just then the shot
went off.
The rock is soft at this boring
ami some small fragments were
driven out by thc spring,catching
Brown who seemed pretty badly
hurt  ai  first,   S. P. McMordie
"There is enough water in Wood-
worth Lake to supply at least
7(10,(100 people antl if the water
from the .Shawatlan River is drawn
from, there is enough water to
supply a million people in this
city and by the time you get that
population here perhaps waler
won't lie needed. YOU have excellent opportunities for a sufficient
water supply." This is the information learned from Mr. R.
II. Thompson, city engineer of
Seattle, who is here consulting
with City Engineer Davis on the
waterworks proposition.
"Since I came here three days
ago I have gone over the ground
thoroughly and am convinced that
there is water enough and to
spare for you for a long time to
"What tlo you think of the
townsite?" tpieried the Optimist.
"Better than Glasgow or Edinburgh, Scotland. It will take
time to make thc rough places
smooth but if you go on at the
rate you have been doing there'll
be a beautiful city here quickly."
Mr. Thompson is uncertain when
he will go back to Seattle. It may,
he says, bc necessary for him to
return aud get his men to help
with a lot of figures on the local
situation ami come back again.
in understating (hat an Assistant
Secretary shonVI lake up (he burden of the llosp, al work, though
Mr. Cuthbert was till to retain
the posl of Secretary i' the Board.
Since then Mr. Cuthbert has been
ironiolt'd lo lhe position of Pro-
il Assessor, and his new duties
William Wright, (he assistant sec
rotary   recently   appointed.     Mr.
Cuthbert was present at the close
of the meeting yesterday.
Proceeds of Recital
Ii was announced by the Assist-
Eddie O'Keefe and Johnny Cou-
lon Met at Last
Makes Protest Against Landing
British Marines
Government  Describes Capt.
Vivian's Action an  Interference with the Internal Affairs
of the Republic.
(Special to the Optimist)
London, April 27. A formal
protest against the action of Capt.
Vivian of ll. M. S. Shearwater in
landing a detachment of British
marines at San (Juentin, has been
recei.vcd by thc Foreign Oflice.
Thc note while polite is quite
clear. It describes Capt. Vivian's
action as "an interference with
the Internal affairs of tbe Mexican
Republic," and says that the
landing of British troops on Mexican soil was quite uncalled for.
A reply to thc note is being
prepared by Sir Edward Grey, the
Foreign Minister.
(Special lo the Optimist)
New Vork, April 27.��� Ad. Wol- Immediate!
gast beat One Round Hogan of Round Hogi
California in the second round of distress, ai
what was intended to be a ten I hands of his
round contest for the lightweight Ithe best iltcj
championship of the world today,    to the fr.i\.
so they
Since lii-
Terrific Swing to Jaw
ln lhe lirst round the men wen-
wary,   and   little   heavy   punish*
ment   was   dealt   out   by   either.
Thev-   stptared   up   to   each   other ] Hogan aboul .
in the second and almost instantly | has   been   an:
Wolgast showed his shape with a j question   of
terrific left swing to llogan's jawIwas freely -.1
followed like a (lash by a tre- picked OUt I
mentions right jab in the Call- j compter, and
fornian champion's wind, lof it on that .-
���* redou table One
howed signs of
back into tlie
mds. They did
Id to return him
it was hopeless
the sponge for
Wolgast R, (items Himself
live contest with
nth ago Wolgast
- to settle tlu*
superiority. It
���at Wolgast had
it tie fellows to
rather the worst
This is the Last Conclusive Proof That Spring; Has
Arrived���Gladsome Sight Wa.- Witnessed
on Third Avenue Bright and
Early This Mornii
was on the spot and Constables
Morrison and Crcigh arranged to (Special to the Optimist)
have the hurt man taken to the Kansas City, April 28.���Johnny
hospital. Quite a large crowd Coulon, thc bantam-weight chain-
gathered a few seconds after the pion o( the world, and Eddie
accident which look place in full O'Keefe "I Philadelphia, fought
view of the busiest corner In thei ten fast rmjnds to a draw last
I city, Second avenue and Sixlh
in the ten
nighl before a I ig crowd here.
Salvation Army Will Give Social
and Concert Tonight
Tonight the Salvation Army
will give a really first class concert
and social in the citadel.
A   good   programme   of   songs,
music and amusement is prepared
and Crey's orchestra will be there.
Then in addition to all this refreshments will be served and
all the eatables are of Mrs. Ensign
Johnstone's own baking and she
is some cook the wiseacres say.
If there be any people who want
further and more concrete evidence
that Spring is here other than the
fact that navigation opened on
the Skeena River yesterday; if
there be any people here who are
as sceptical and doubtful as the
immortal Thomas and pooh pooh
the idea thai Spring is here, here's
a clincher for them: tbe first straw
hat of the season was seen on thc
streets of Prince Rupert this morning.
It was a cheerful sight to sec
thai little white sky piece. h
took one's thoughts back to the
rippling anil laughing brooks, lo
the green meadows and dimpled
girls of youthful memory.
11 sent a glow into the heart
and everybody who saw   it  took
a second gl I        '��� '**-���   The sun's
rays flick, md il antl the
wearer look,,I he bad secured
a new least ��� ��, for hi* knew
that Spring I ked tbe flowers
to p.iint the laughing soil. Thai
straw hat \\.,> more than a harbinger of the iiin,' when a young
man's fancy Idly turns to thought-*
of love; it was tbe last word on
the fact that Spring is here.
If any of the Optimist stall
could write poetry, or dared lu
if they could, that hat would
be a fine subject,    Browning saitl
"O to be in England now thai
April's here," but something just
as sweet and pleasant is lo be
in Rupert when lhc first slraw
hat appears, for then you know
that Spring IS here.
The Prince Rupert Optimist
--pill  0PTIMIS1 is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.   It
1  has grown up with the city.
Reading Noticbb and Legal Advertising are 10e per line,
ADVERTISING "ATES are one price to all-25c perinch each issue for display
matter,  ,""���* ����� applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or tunc
of ivutract.
Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
SUBSt RIPT10N RATES-DAILY, 50c per month, or (5.00 per war. in advance,
\\ ri ki.y. *-"D per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 peryear: Weekly,
$2,60 per year, strictly In advanee.
Thursday, April 27
Merely Iwause a building strike is in progress in Vancouver, in
not a sufficient reason for concluding that the blowing-up of tlie
Seymour street building on Tuesday night was a piece of deliberate
destruction plotted by thc strikers. The hasty reasoning thai jumps
to relate thc two events to each other, must not overlook the fact that
,m enemy -anenemy either of the owner of the building, or an enemy
of trade unionism���might seize on such a moment t>, deal a blow,
trusting that .-uspicion will fall elsewhere.
For lhe sake of tlie men on strike in Vancouver, and for trades-
unionism in the Province, it is to be hoped ihat the miscreants who
carried out tlii' work will be run to earth. Two casks of gunpowder
du nol wedge themselves in under the flooring of a luiiltling without
human aid and human ingenuity. And for the man or men who would
deliberately destruction of this nature, no sentence of the court
could bc wo .-evere.
Thc man who would destroy a created object wantonly or in
revenge, has the spirit of the murderer. A building, a statue, a picture
or *i garden has a title to life, like every sentient lieing,by virtue of ils
usefulness or power to please. It is the product of care, the expression
of thought, a part of the general scheme of advance which man i>
making over the world's wilderness. Quarrel as men may over the
division ,>i title in created things, it is every man's duty to protect
the UM'Uil things that man's labor has produced.
Ami the man who from malice or revenge destroys the property
of hi* enemy, commits a sin against society, lie cannot limit his
revenge to ;i person; tlie whole social fabric winches when one of its
members is wounded. Though we live neither in a Millenium nor a is true that no man liveth to himself,nor sulTereth by himself.
h is no chance phrase that puts the preservation of lives and property
am,mi; the tir-*l objects of organised government.
Coming so soon after the dynamiting of the Times building in
Los Angeles, thc incident has been given extraordinary significance.
It i> tn In hoped that the Seymour street incident tloes not signify
the coming of a new element into the life of dwellers on the Northern
Pacific Coast. In ihe meantime it is but fair to remember that the
incident i> not of necessity related to the labor dispute.
Fruit   *   Produce   :   Feed
���      WHOLESALE
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
Wf are Belling shares in tin1
At a price tlmt will makfl you money
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Rial.tna-a' 3. 6 tataal 9 Month*
Assays nf Hit- mv run from 125.00 to
$2000 per tun.
lt will puy you to Investigate this proposition  at once.
 "J ��1$$
^=1C. B. Schreiber & Co'y*, Med
Antiquaries are scarce in Prince
Rupert.   The city is not tlie most I ^
suitable field for antiquarian re- ^,
Bcarcli.   The most ancient ol our ,*,
i *_*
it' ���
r8' '"ii*
..a      *
possessions are the oltl linn
whom we are justly proud
the oltlest of our old timer
starts his tale of years oil
,i "twen" when he appears in llit'! vL
role of "Oltlest" *"*'���$>
the benefit of the little YankcrincsIX
who conn- here with their bright X
eyes and their kodaks to pick out X
the beauties of our city.
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave. Prince Rupert
.Grand Hotel.
Beds, clean White .siit*,*t.*a 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
An old timer, given to antiquarian research, met me the oilier
day. He had been burrowing
into the early history ol Prince
Kupert, yetting right back lo
the "in the beginning" stage,
excavating the mysterious traces
ol our glorious past, and lie was
thrilled wilh the emotion al a
great discovery. "Say, wlut do
you think?" he exclaimed, "They
have gol one pile Into position on
the Government Wharf at the
foot of McBride sireet."
We are closing out our
Retail Clothing Business
Third Ave. Iwtwill Tth atrial Mia St..
Over ll.C. Ilakerv I'lllNCK RUPERT, B.C
Ministers made an appeal to their people toi_^_*-..,       ... ,     .,
���      ' i two tliinls eo|,l In-fore   tin-   survey whs
' gazetted.
;    C. M. WiUon, Room 14. Alder Block
I   Phaiaaa* 09 lllua*, P. O. II.*. 2. ur tat Central Hotel
Last Sunday was a remarkable day in many of the churche
th,- K.i-t,-rii provinces
rally in ilu- support of thu Montreal Witness, which recently made
th,- announcement that, unless it met with more generous support
in tin- matter of subscriptions, it woultl be obliged to suspend publication.
Iii, Witness has always been a most carefully censored and
I) moral paper, its founder having set it as his ideal to prim only
such r.i \\- .i* is free from every taint or suspicion of immorality, Un-
foi innately ii has not held its own in the popular favor as a newspaper,
tinmgli ii has always been alluded lo by the church people as a
model lor other papers to copy.
Tin- appeal made on Sunday was voluntarily and embraced
ministers "I .ill Protestant denominations. It will at least afford
ih, censorious people who have so much fault io lind with the average
paper an opportunity to prove how sincere thej- are in their clam,mi
demand for .1 strictly censored press.-
To Boat and Gasoline Launch Owners
I have ti lots for salt* on new lit foot
road by Hays Creek, all very cheap
$���!.:."��� to $025; easy terms. View from
tha- entrance of the harbor  almost   to
Turks Inlet,   [deal little sheltered cove
I for hoats outside the grade, and  easily
for your summer ra'sort where tha* rainfall is one third that of Prince Rupert,
I the perfect anal tbe beach delight-
f I ful. Those on the spot have eagerly
bought antl il is the only townsite ever
Qua-a**! Chariotta) I>!.,ndi Und DUtrict - l)i��trl�� ol Skeenn Land Dl.lricl-IM.trlrl of Cn..inr
Skoona Tiaka* notie* that I llnarli 11. Olllll of Prlncs llu-
I, J. O. McNab nl I'rinca* ku-   l"'rl*   "t'cupntlun  laalaaara-r.  inta*ti,lr>  to upply   f,,r
}"���"-��� .- j.cral altcnt,  inta-nd  ta, apply   PSrmlsslon to purohiss tin- following dsscrlbsd
'"-' i* * j - aapect tor  coal and pa*trola>una   kandia:
rtbeal landa: < ��� ���mmoii.mK nl a pmt pl.-mt.-d  tl ,,.,. :������| ,������..
;aoaat planteal al tht* 10    h-ottat ' half anil'**, in an e.aailerly OlrtCtlon from thi*  paiint
COttH' ot p 2   Oraham Inland. I"" N""�� RlVsrwhsrS tht* LlVlLlllS  trail   bwllu
i   McN., S.  EC  I'airniT,  thonco'"��� ���'_*' ""I" '" " northerly dlraetlon from Um
nco   north   CO  chaina,   thanca*   "'""   tmVI*  I.-ike  trail.   Ihena-a*  north  ni   chaina
*** *��� trie* aouth hO chuina tn point ol   tha-n*** out Nt chain**, tha-nce aouth   Nl chalna'
cam""-- 't'Tnent. O'ei ava-.t Ni chaina lo point of Commoncement.
 "    '-"iit.-ammK '"'I'i n.-rea.
imi.-I*;.*l.. .1. Ull, HiKiu D.OILLIS
I I'ub. 10. J.aaoph Helta-,,. At-a-nt
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniahed nnd
Steam Heated Rooma
r.o. UOX 37
$12,000 Stock
For a moment I was staggered
by the- news. "What, one whole
pile?" I cried. "A real pile, nm
,i little liit nf tun., not a iliiiiiin\
one for an experiment t" sec ii
the shape is pretty?"
"Yes, a real, solid, reinforced
concrete pile," he replied. "A
great big beautiful permanent pile,
the kind we used to picture lo
ourselves in ihe long, long, ago
when they lirst began to get busy
on the wharf way hack in the good
oltl days."
lie heaved a long, Bad, sijji as
hi- thoughts wandered across
ilu- years to thos palmy pioneering
days when the !_\n\U work of
building thai Government Wharf
was begun.
With tenderness, as befits one
touching upon ihe recollections
,,i  tin- past,  I Boftly whispered,
"How long ago was that'"
"Two years," he replied with
almost a tear. "Two solid years,
I have just been consulting tin-
archives of the past ami I find
there, half obliterated by du- soft JL
passage of time's footsteps, tin
record in an old diary, of tin
commencement of that Govern-
ment Wharf.
"Yes, it was two whole years
ago. I )ear., I remember
it as if it were Imt yestcrda) I And
now how changed it .ill i��. Thej
have got one pile ill place. Two
years hence I suppose there will
In- another, and so on steadily
till perhaps our great grandchildren
won't know the place where their
forefathers as young men moored
their floats, and dreamed dreams
of thai Government Wharf."
$12,000 Stock ^B	
To Be Sold Under Cost
$12,000 Stock
$12,000 Stock
bat��-i Martha, 1'jlU
I'ul.. MvcJ 25,
J. G. McN AH
Wilson (iowjnn, Awni
* .-^-UUtrici of Cout  Kanuc 5
vUry Utragnt OIUli of Vic-
ipatlon huuM-kn'jM-r, Intandi to
i   to  purchuM-  the  following
1 '       ��� ���  ii ml planted ut thi- north nut
'  ���    ��� hancu 20 chimin west, thenc*.
nee 20 ntMlfM  MMl   In T.  |���
HO chum*,  north  tn  Uiki-Ui*
��� Tinn mini riai-r up sir.'iifii in
���tion tn UlretM Uln, iin*nc��
' ' ��� to pnlnt nf eommeneamanl
c,"'h" , more or lem
, I -���    '- 1.1!., N B. Conwr.
Datad Pfl
I'ub. Miuth i.
Ska ria |���. ���   t���Dintnci of Coaat Rang  &
'���ki' ��� ii   {janjamiti   Ruaail    Itice  o(
i rinca Rupcn, '., occupant, mltar, Intandi
*" ���PJ?'* ' ' I'" i ion to punbaaa the (nllowine
daaerlbad I in da:
.   ' ���'���'��������� " Bl poat planteil 'il* ehainn nouth
���' p tba il aa oorne.- ot Lot 8060, thunci- 70
chains  m it, 65 chainn nnrth, thencc 7U
chains eaat, th"*,.- 66 chainB snuth to point ut
eumnn-no'rfit-tit. -"ntaining tF>-% acres, mnro or
loan.   Poal .....       . R. R��� S. K. l<>:
Dated Pab. ta I'jm
Pub.March I.        BENJAMIN RU8SKL RICH
.SkM'nn Und Diatrict���Diatriet of Com! (tangn &
Juk.'   notice thai David MeLannan ot Prinee
Rupert, It. r. occupation clerk, Intonde to apply
lor pormlnion to purchaae th�� following deacribad
lands:     ^^^
Commencing ei
from the aouth t
ohalm eaat, thm
chumn weet, I
Iihw. I'ont. markiyl
Uaiwl Keh, 11 ,
I'uh. March 1.
Bkaana Land i
Take notice
ver, B, <:., <���,
'���>r permlanoi
Coin nn-1 it* 11,;
poat plantnl pt ohllni sn.Hh
corner of Lol :i'i4, ihence 10
40 ebaina nonh, thenoe io
40 ehaina eouth to pnint of
ntaining |00 acroa, more nr
'. M-. Ba W. I nj
lM\tl�� McLENNAN
trtet -DUtriet ol Coaat EUnge B
��� Waxandaf Beaton ol Vancou-
m cari��iiiier, Intenda to enolv
1 ,'TChane the tollowtng d��aihad
Skeenu Uand Diatriet   Pletrict of Cuant
Take nntice thai Qtenn McArthur of \'ancnuvi*r.
It.   ('.,   oceupation   real   estate  agent   intendn  to
apply f<>r pennltafon tn purehaae the fdlowlia]
deaerlbed landai
CommencnK at a pont plunteil K> chainn w7n|
and B0 chains south of the aouthweat mrrier nf
Lot No. 17:1*1 marknl (ilenn McArthur'n nnrth-
west   cnrner,  thence nnuth   10 phatn.i,  tlience ram
B0 chain*, tbenee nnrth 40 ehaina, thenn* arari
hO rhainn to pofl of conimenci*mnni, containing
820 acraa more nr leaa-.
|tat.*d March 20, 1911. QLKNN McARTHUR
I'uh. April 15. T. I>. Laird. Agant
Coaat Hunge .r, Land Dintrict
Tuke   notic**   thai   I,   John   Mephurn   of   Kit-
���i'i,. .I...-..,   iKTupuiinn   farmer,   inlend   to  apply
fnr Mrmlaeton to purobaee the rollowni daasnoeo
( ommanetni at a poal planted at tha northaai
corner of Lul  \\\.X\, thence aaat  20 chiunn, Ihoncti
nouth   10  chuinn,   thence  wesl   20 cl .inn,   (hence
north 10 chaim* to pi act* ol commencement
Dated March 1\ 101). JOHN   III I'M  H\
I'uh April 10,
Bkaana Land District   Dfet-rlot trf Coaat Rajua ���"���
Taka notice that I, Clara .May Little of I'rinca
Rupert,  IL   ���'., occupution infnater. intend  to
apply   for   pnrtninnion   to  the   following
deecribed landai
Commancing at a iwwt planted at the north
we��i corner of i^u 17:(,">, Range "', Coaat Dlltriet
tbence eaat 40 chains, thence north 2ft chuinn
thenca WaBt 31 Chain tlience north 20 chninn
tlunce went 10 chfijrm, thence tout li In chaina to
poinl of commencement, containing 1)2 acres
more or leea.
Dated ApriM, 1911. CLARA MAY LITTLE
Pub, April 16.
Bkeena Land Diatriet   Dintrict of Coaat Range &
Take notice that Rldon ft Detwtler of Berlin, '
Ont.' occupation doctor, Intendi to nppl;.   for
permiaaion to purehaae the followini oeacrlbad j
Commeneing at. u poei planted at the eouth*
weat  corner  of   1/it  1!)2h,  ihence uunl ,10 chalna |
Skeana Land Dlatrtei
. I uke   nptJo    K\,_,
';��� >��� ��� 1 i*\m   ui ���    ' '
 ^^^^        trict of Count
ph.nln.1   three Kfld one \W&J ***��* Un'U
direction trom Ute, point \ ������r'-
Is Still Going on
C<rniri)��triM .1.. gon'tal.til
t Nn, "*""
\ ci.aia.-a .it tii't
f__*\*A_ ��,w.��tl
Im^.~.'l -! -   " ***** lil'ai't-'.l K0 aahalain .null.
imt Uh ,. h ...,t cor������r ���| ,M ____***&*
mum* A :. . w. Cotnn, go' t*��8_
���outh, thenci   to ehalni ...t, th       - ""
tiairlli, than..  B0 .-laalaa. av.a.1  a.i
""''���"������ii."".; iHO mp,..
I !",u",,i1'-1- ''���">���    ALBXAlJ
I tto. M.acli \.
eouvar, H''..-."-'.,:.....,;������''""'"-������ of V
for permlaBion U> PitaSwjaavftl, l,,'.IC.'i!.\'L.>'.'. **a*a*w
cal lun.l.:
Qommanetni, m b po��t
half mila i" on "��������� --��Hy
on Nma�� Uivar wi,.--* the Loan 1. nil. ���  trail  l..Kla
na*nr ilia- trail, thaanai WMt 80 ennlna, thnnoa Boutn
KohtlnB, tii.-j-.-a*. .it BO ennlna, th.-n.-.- north JO
ohain. t.apoint of .-.,niina.noflm..nt. eontslnlnR ao , t,|n,    ��������� Mmi ^..-^ -
OnTi'l-vli. :i. l'.ill.             ANI)HI-:W.-|:MMIN.;s   g;���iffftM l��"'      ��M, I.. ,-. PUTNAM
Pub. Mnr. 10. JOMPh ll.-lwnv. Agmt   '""-A""11"-  ' HI'iiI.m   a,"
Stlklnr 1,1,-1 I itoWrt-DUtri* ot C.��l.r M!V'X ^WbI   aiSfi' &SBT ,-<7'""
Taka* notice ll     ChrUUun A. 'I'.-rvn .,1 Btlklna ltaa,H*rt, D. C, occupation bulchor, InuInaUan .ilf!
II. C , occiiiu      latom. oliicaif, intenal. to apply ur lo purchaae tho lolowlni .I,,r,",���i
lor to    archiaaw tho faallaawinK al.-aacrlla.Kl landai                                                 '"�� ********_
lonila:                                    ,        ,    ,     .  ,,   ,   . ''.ainina-iu-iuK   nl   u   p.m   p|llni...|   ���|���,���i   ,���,���,,
(.'ommencimt il . poet planteal nbout ih cliniii. mOga waat ami two mllea nuth nl tha mouth .
north wi-u  .-I  -       :u��tomn WtrlhOUM ul Btlklna, Slnnley   1 r.*a*k   whan   II   Dm pile,     inn,   N���|���n
II C     thonoe   ��       20 chainH,   thonc*  noulh  10   llnrliur. Craham blind, thai  HO chain, wiuih
chain.', thenee * .     20 chalna,  thonce north 80 thenoe 80 chain, west, thanee m ghaln. r���,rih'
chnira to polnl .-I ajommenocmont nnd containinu thence 80 ehaiu enat  to iminl  ul Oommanoamenl
Ha ����� mora nr le l11"1 cunlninini: 010 nrri-K* nrli-m
DlSdPeb   18  19 I,       CHRISTIAN A. TBRVO I Dialed March IT, lilll          OEOROK YM/./.V.U.
I'ub Apr!  7 ' *"'* Al'ri1 7                            Num�� DOTMTt, A��i-nl
Now is your opportunity to buy at less than wholesale prices.
Shirts Collars
 I    Waterproofs I	
Everything in Men's Clothing
Boots aud Shoes
Suit Cases
Saturday, April 29th
\___t    *__���*   *A��   *_*,���*   *_*   *_*     _t*   *$*   *_*     _t*   *_*   >_*
His voice (Iwiiullcal down into
���.if 1 silence, .unl I tiirmtl considerately away. I was thinking
ii out myself. If it lakes two
years to gel one concrete pile in
position on .1 Government Wharf,
liow long ��ill ii take to fix three
Pimtoriuni Plonter ('It-iuii-nt, 'Phone I
Yes; Some Good Printing Costs Too Much, Too
It's tin- nania* ns with other numl things. The temptation to charge "still-
pria-a-s" fair Wiith I'lass things, nr hiuli rliiss si-rvii-f, is always natural.
Hut it's nol always jtistilialila* - not even usually I'or in all aitisausliip
nowadays the siiiiiiliml is liiuther - the doom of tl��- commonplace is pro-
nounced.     So thst, as to printtnR,   high  grade  work   is   not  apt   to  cost
you tiiora* than its Worth; still, you can pay more I'or il al soma' places
than  at   others ��� and   this   shop   is   out-  of   the   "others." H^^HH :
...Whites   Portland   Cement..)  " V " ^an Deceives You Once, Shame on Him,
Phone 125       Nairn Block       Second Ave
5 ami ii, HI..
Section I.
k UK,
lUOOO, 28 per Cent, cash,
balance l, 2, .1 years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson It, Vancouver, B.C.
1 narthwt Im^I&mISFb W; ��*"?
I north lo.ttaim ... pS tFJ^^^^ 1
��� ���  ���  ���
Shiinn Land nimrirt--DfntHn of Gout
Tnkr n-.tirc tlmt I. Mm. John C��rl��*y nf I'rinn*
i .... t B.Cioeeupation mtrrltd wnmnn. fntomin
I ���  il i'.-  fnt I'l-i'Mi-     "M tn |> ic Im  ���   nn   I'-m ���'*���. it.i'
dMcrlMd Inndu:
OuWiintmlng il ��� pottplinUd U i-hnfrm vn**i
ni>il li" rhntnn ��<��iith from Ilir MnUlWWt COTfltroi
lnt tnt*Gotil DlitiioL RinnfltthffnM lotith w>
chains,   thpfirc punt  40 Shunt,  IMIMM  tmrth  *U
��� -IiHIH".   t l.i IM '��� ��n.|   I" 1 liiiin- Mum   ..1    IrnH    In   I III'
polnl   Of  BOnmMMWntnt) cnntniiilnK  .12(i nt*rt*e
nON nr U-ntt.
Hal.* Mnr. >_\t\ l"ll
Pab. Apr. 4, 1911
Skfvnt I .and Distrirt   -hixi-iri of Coimt fUnRfi I
Take ii'iti,-.* that Mary Pill lleatun o| Vancou
viT,  fl. (*.. fircupation ���-imt*-*--. r. Inl'-ndd tu atipl}
fnf  l-rriu-.  i *', to |-iirrl.H'i   I lir fi>||oWin|t di'HrrilH'd
* "inni.' ������ at a  i'   '   i \1M1.1  Bt  thr north
cant cornr-r 01 I^ut :i!thO, -���.... ,t'.,,ni m chaina
nnrth tn I/it lnS| ti*. r ���*   m !���' ne �� weat i<   Lot
I06t, ti. i.r..  * it  .tn chninn nnuth to Lot ��!IH1,
IbanM HI ��� 1,������'*.- rant, thonco 'ii) rhaina anuth to
1/it �����<.: Iln'iiri' 20 rhniiin i*ant, thrnco 20 rhainn
north, thrnee 20 chain* rant tn ptdnt of commencement; fnntalnlfiK 2*-0 ncn*�� mofaofWa.
\ I-.-.I ma'kKl M. M. l�� , ^ I,, i   ..rn.-T
1.-1. ���I r��b.U. fill. MMtV    Ht'.l.l.   IIKATIIN
m\Vu\���  M.fct, 4
Skerna Land DiHtrlct     DUlrict of Cout
KuiM-rt. 11. ( ., OWtlpaUon imtHter, intends
Bltteni Uad Dlitrlot-Dlitrlot i,f Caaa.i
J��k�� notice thlt I. Wllllnm Anilmaon. of Vsi
a*a*aiva*r.   ll.C..   ,,a-,-u|  clerk, intrnala laiapl
rorpsrmiaatoti to purehass Um followlnf dssorlb
ail liiiiilia:
Qanmsnelai It ia past planlail ami mnrkail B
A. northweal oomer, anil I railla- from Al'-'
,    h      ,* I     '' "i""1 "M_ "'lh" ' ""ln.ula tlmnra*   '.'"   ' _*�����*_*   northsrn boundary lino; tin
north tun ehslna ,1.inn ah��r<* u, H���. u,���.ru, ������     south K chalna. tl,,*,,,-,. ,������ w) .f,nin,   tl,	
tTS    b **.������**, """" !" '������"" "' OOOSI Hay     "5��� Hl *t**t*lt, llaa-nca* wo.t Kll chain., to polnl I
lu-nca*   HKI  chan.    ��:   alioro,  i|���.,���.,.  ,,������,   J-J*eina*nl. DOntSlnlniMO acre, mora* a.r I.-
chalna mon* or la*., lo poat, oontllnln| mo aer.�� !  Wll.UAM ANDRHSON.
ni.ira* or la*aaa.
Ilal���l Mareh K, lull.
I'uli. April 15.
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. B. Lockharl, Assignee
Northern Produce Co'y,
1 I   heena IaibiI 1
I t .. Tslae   nnllca*
Htaoena I Mint tli.lriel    llliilriel ul Cosst
Tlalaa*   nail ice   thai   William   Mlmlnril  I      I'rilica
itaiperi, ii. i'., aacctiiiatiiiii bnts|wetefl Intendi
lo   a|iply   fair   |a*rmlraalain   lo  IstJQ   tho   InlowinK
ile.Cnlii'al  lanal."
Illltail l��l |-r|,   p.m
I'uh. Feb. ���_*.
Charlea II. Stark, Aa ���
Ski.-na l^n.l District IH,trlct ot Coaat Ksnita- '���
>___** J"S_* I bat Rallth Alice Croavlher .1
iii.nli ', "rk"h I1'* Ki'Klan.l, occupation iplnstsf
nwnoi to apply i���r permUea to purchaaa.- lh
liiliawitiK ili-wrilKil lamia: r
l.oliimi.neiaia; al a p,���| ,,|a���|,���| al lho K1���lh IS
cirni-r of ninnysd bu >��), u,,,,,.,. r,, Cosat r
limit nf  Ut.HWi, UangPf), opMt dtatrict, therr-
DOOM Hny and on the eiu*l nidi* of the |H'tiinmil
thence  Hiiuth  10 cliaiiiH  UOng idiore,  thence  went
40 chainn to OoOH Hay, thi-nce norlh Blona whore
K0 chniiif, thenn- went   10 chuinn more nr lens to
rout, containinu .120 BOM W-0TB "r Ii^h.
(Hied March K IUll.       WILLIAM  MI'.VKDKD
l*ul>. Attrlt ta.
Dliitrtcl    DlMtlet nt Cnaat Itantin V
     that  Charlm  t\ t)tter  CH   I'rinco
RUparts Bi C. occuiiation purveyor, Inlentln Ui
apply fnr iierminalnn to p'irchBw> the fnllnwina
df^critwd Inn dfl*.
COfRmonalnfl at a pool planted nt th*�� norlh naat
cnrner of mirvcye'l lot .'HUM, UnnRi* fi, O-MOt I ��ti
trlM,  thence   In   an   eatli-rly   direct inn   along  the.
���utherly limit nf aurveywi lot ;}��ti1 and the pro- | p
���*"'"! fur our W.'i*kly
leetlon .(.-..,( ,0 eh.ln. lo a paiint, then
^^^^^^^ Until of
HlllppiNa, ORDBR1
V   Price-    Lilt    }    Parallel to lh. aaaatei
I HO chain.
aaN   f-.IVI.-N I    W9   "'  " limhe-r II
j  Phone 151
Phone 1
���,.. ,.���,.    r * ���i���' ."uth I tor
a-rly Until of aurvayeil lot :i��Kt   '
mim. or I.*, to lhe northerly
mil (No.   I860),  thenee  won't
lo a i -... t , a In the pro eetlon
-rly   limit   ol   Ntirveyoil   lot
' i.-rly   .lir.���,,,.,,    ���|on,  t|���.
Until  ni,.| tha* .ai.l
l��*iw Iai poinl ol commence.
acre, mun* or la*...
''occupation ��� ..nrl""��n A, -        z**m
���rn,l����(���n l3 pitii\u_ t^A,)**^}* "i'l'l."
lan.        ^^^
tusrtera ol a mil
lervo attKliklne,
mten.l. I��� apply
" lollowini .1.. i ni,.,i
i,"-,-;" *;**��� "link "I SL ,.!.".'   '''"''"' MHS
�����   ao    ,"' ""' """Ull o   ,   r.W"'' "' �� "IS
*M in r'"!"-��� ""not north "IS* !***-* *sncs
��e.l  Hi clialt,,, M "'"Hi   III elm i,.,,  thena-a*
sr: 7-a,-��'&&3
I ��;!;���,.'"���"'''-    CHHIW,AN A. TBRVO
mm ui,,,,,, ij,i .oui'he'riyflmii oiTha iut" menti'orfl
��� .,..,.,    ti     ,'' ,   r,l""n"    I'SfslW   to   Iha   aaul
���i"l'-rly   limil   .,f    |���t   :,....(.   Ihpn���   |��� a tsnl-
"b ,.,",'""!'""    "   '*>��*��"��,,,_______   le*   "'
BSnTofSaSS Mn""���smsi, ,*.>nliWH'-' *****
!,��'-"l March 8 'iV,!',���  KW** " ,U)WT,IK"
Bkssns Lind l)lairi.-t
��� ���_*  "i   thai   I
Runsrt. it. c, wr	
apply Inr  nernilaslm
dsssribs I lan.l.:      ____
"l il.., moutn - ��� Ill.-.������, Orik Sif K*l
on  Ihe eaalerl.     oundsi     ta    T|aH 1' ,*["*, **_*!
JM81 or Ho   ��� 660. tha  a,,,,    an'J'"'11 ,N"-
Hii-i-it-l.        I  I   rimbor tJmta MM SSEI
or No. I1J1W 40 ehslna, i ���.������ .L ,'" ,Nn-, llr'^l
liiiimo Una, I .1. ..ica- ���f ."",. ""' " ""��� "bore of
thonoo north h    aloe,.   i,,,h,"'r';',"��� '" ''*"*
"It'lialn. "".re Ot leai 11,,^ we���'r, ''aT',","1'
more or 1i*h�� i��� p.nii, ,,| eoini....,,~.. y "' obalna
1110 aer,-�� mors Of lew. c",n",�����"""inl, containlnf
l>ali-.l March 7, lull.
Tub. April 7.
nt. rjstolcaaalif
���    Qbssni   ���| i-ri-e.
'"','-i'' r, Intend 5
parobBKe   lho   (���||ow ���
Hams, Bacon, Lard, Catmed Meats, Etc.
A Choice Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Always on Hand.
HEAD   STORE mwm    ___ __       BRANCH STORE
2nd Ave. anil McBride    A Qjf    PRICES        H*l�� C��V�� ClrC,S
Phone 187
Phone 311
. + {
ss. Prince George
Sails for Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a m ���
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will bo devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take pan in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Center" will fill a social need.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
Every Mother Knows How This
One Is Built
We've emptied thc milk-jug, we've
eaten each bun,
And mum, with ;i laugh, says s'>e
thinks tea is done;
So it's time fur the bricks, and I
dart to the shelf
Where they're sure to be standing;
I placed them myself.
For I 'speit that you know, the
lirst thing after tea
I build up a castle for mummy and
Although It's a castle, it's not very
��� tall,
So mummy and I just pretend to be
I call out to mum there is only one
And mummy calls back, saying she
doesn't care.
For if she's on thc chair, and I'm
on her knee,
There's  nothing  else  needed  for
illinium antl me.
There is only one room, for I've
not many bricks
II gol them last birthday, lhe one
chased and engraved and both1
shell and white goods are used for
lhe comb, lhe latter being a high
novelty which should appeal  lo
the lady of blonde tresses.
I was six);
mum  always
Pfr^-fSa^f *S<^'>*m*>lt\m.*,m4\fm'��m
Depart nent Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
says  that
doesn't want more,
: For thc very best castles arc often
one Moor.
ISo I don't'say aloud that 1 think it
looks wee,
For I  know   il is home, just to
niiinini)  and me.
Some day, when   I'm  older,   Til
have of my own
A monstrous big castle���I'll build
it of stone;
Antl mummy shall sil on a blue
silken seal.
With a while salin footstool put
close to her feet.
But   mum   always  says   lhal   no
castle can be
Like the one I'm now building for
mummy and me.
-.Edith   I-*   Elias,  in  Chambers'
A Strawberry Hat is the Very
Latest This Season
Sounds rather like something
to eat, doesn't it? But it was only
one of the new and smart ehapeaux
which an up-to-date shop was
showing for Southern travellers.
In shape the hat itself was inclined to be small, with a rolling
brim and a high, somewhat tapering crown, 'The hat was of
bright straw, of a fine close chip,
and lhe turned-back brim was
faced wilh velvet of the same hue.
Two twisted bands of bright
crimson velvet were the only trimming round lhe crown except on
the lefl sidt���and there, what do
you think the milliner had used?
Strawberries���great luscious berries, good looking enough to eat!
There was a great bunch of them
with their foliage, antl if ihey did
make the hat unusual looking, they
also made ii very distinctive Indeed.
Sails fnr
Mondays, at 8.00 a.m.
ss. Prince Albert sails for I'ort   .Simpson, Naas Kiver Points, Masset,
Naden Harbor,   every   Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Rav,   Skidegate,   Queen
('harlotte City,   Luukeport,   Pa-
eoli, Jed wuy,   Ikeda Hay,   Rose
Harbor  antl   return  via   Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The   Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and  convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double   track  route   between   Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,    Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information   and tickets  obtainable from the office hereunder men-
tionetl.    Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged,
princess May
Northbound April 27
Southbound  May 1st
Every  One a  Proven  Helper���
Worth Remembering
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock in  Northern B. C.
\*t^l*.^m^_*,l-mj\_m*mn* ��</|jW��^aV/��t��A>-����^/<l^L^����<La^��^VA'*^\����^
Coiffures This Spring Will be
More Modified
Without doubt, fashion has now
veered to the more modified coiffure
The hair is frequently parted and
Skwns l.aat*l lli.trift    lliaatrlcl ol quaa*a*n Chlritatla*
Taaka* naatio* thsl   OaxarKa*  VV.  ArnatU   ot  Taina-a*
Hu|K*rt,   II.   Cm   occupation   -... I   .--*.'.���   brttkar,
waved, to be drawn down at the
-ides of the face, partially concealing the cars, and knotted at
the hack in a style not unlike the
Psyche knot. Again, the hair
will be parted, but drawn up at
the hack and sitles, with a loose
cluster of curls or puffs on top of
the head, well toward the hack.
Slill another antl more extreme
method is lhat which shows the
hair done in flat hands, with bang
Uisia-irt oi ',,���   ,|���.  forehead,  and  sometimes
gum, Chsrlotte 'risnals Unit llUtrict
Tska> nolle* ihst I, Jathn Ma*I��a*oa! ol Vsnrauvaar,       :, l.   ,-;,,.,!,,,,,   , Irnriiiliilu   from   bc-
.   oecupslion larokw. Intcnal lo spply lor permission j w "n   "URUIS   lltptnoillg   '"
ittlfntls taa apjaly lor paj>rmts.aion lo purchssa*  the i to prospaact tor cost snd petroleum on tna* folloaalnR I ,,,,,,1,  i|,,, lttnalt-ill   ll   the k
(���allowing dWrlM lamls: I itaWTthtal lsnds: | III.llll   llll   aaaaiaaaa aaaa  aa.
('"iiiniritrinR   st   s   pet   plsntatl   staoul   seven I     Commencing at s |aaatal plsnteal st the mouth of la,...      thia   ,,,,.-,,.    ,|,,>   ia:lssiina   of
milaa. snd ama-hal! mile wesl anal one mile soulh   the Tl-el RUer anal marketl   J.   Mcl.. N. E. Cor ;       I'*���**���   *****   IHWUl    UK    i>.s..aaiS
Iraim the moulh ol Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor, [ ner, No. 30, thanca south HO chains, thence west , .1...   ,, ,,l    aaaa|   a,f   extra  hair  goods.'
Ihenee tvaast   HO ehslns. thenca* snuth  HO  chains. ' HO chains, thenca rorth 80 chains, thence east HO
"I .ai.-.- esst HO chsins, thenca* north K0 chsins.
I Hiatal Msrch la, Hill. GEO. W. AKNOTT
I'uh. April 22. Numa llemers, Agenl
Ska*ena l.sml llislrict    District ail Uueen Charlotte
Tski* notice that J. II. Murphy ot Vancouver,
tl. C, occupatinn commercial traveller, intends
In sptily tor perWislon to purchase the following
liaaacrilaaaal lands:
Caitnmenting at a posl planteal about seven
miles west anal one mile soulh Irom the mouth
ol Stanly Creek. Nsden Harbor, Ihence north HO
rhains, Ihence aveat 40 chains, thence south HO
chains, ihance eaat *l> chains.
I'ateal March 17, 1911. J. II. MURPHY
Pttb. April 22. Nums llemers, Agenl
Ska*a*ns Land Mlstrlct District nl Queen Charlaatt*
1'aka* notice thai (ieaa. II. Una ol Prince Rupert.
II. Ca, occupation barber, intends to apply fnr
'-'"" ""' to purchase the hallowing described
Cnmmencing at a post planteal alaout seven
niiles watit and one mile south from the moulh
o Slstalj* Creek, Naden Harltor, thamee south HO
chains, ihence weat 40 chalna, Ihence north HO
cliains, thence east 40 chains,
isti.l March 17, 1911. OKI). II. I.AUX
I'ub April 22. Numa Demers, Agent
Skeena Una) District���District of Coasl
lake notice thai   treat  W.  Ilohler ot Kltaum-
the merchant will ask.
The   second
Nol neces-
variely   of
chain. ,o point of eommencemenl;  containing 640
acrea. more or laaa.
Dated Keb. 21, 1911 JOHN  Mcl.KOD     L.,ra,.
Pub. Keb. 23, l.-ln* K. Walter, Agent, i Satril)
coiffure, one popularised hy Miss
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District -District ol
Take notice thai I, John Mclatanal nl Vancouver, i .        , ,     \ ; ....   ,..,.���,.,,
occupation broker, inund to apply lor permpaaaon | III   the   ULVOT   ol   Alllclll.lll   \\ HUH 11
lo prospect fair coal and petroleum on the following ,, , a ���,,     ,,,,!,.     ..
dairiiaid landa: j generally,   demand!   not   only   a
Commencing at a post planted about two milea
Billie   Bttrke,   ami   firmly   root etl
mmenctng at a paast planteal atiout two milea     ,.    . ,     , .  ,,  ���,,,,,,.|  ,..,,!
._. of lhe mouth of lhe Tl-el River and mark��l   divided pat I, or B small rolllltl p.lll.
J . McL.   N. W. Corner, No. 29. thenee south HO ' , , ..* _,..,..,    ,.,,,.I,,
ehaina.  thenca eaast 80 chains,  thence north  80   llllt    It    BMO    H-qUircs   6X0*8    lilll
elasiia.. thenee west 80 chains to point ol commencement;  containing 640 acres, more or laaa.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911 JOHN Mel.l.t itl
Puh. Fab. 23. < McDowell, Agent
puffs or ringlet! In the case of a
woman who has no great supply
of hair of her own.
The first style of coiffure would
kslitin, aaccupallnn   farniar,  Intends  to apply  lor I Pub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell. Agent
i-iTtiaiBMion   laa   purchase   thn   fnlluwing   aleecritaetl
Uueen Charlotte Islands Und District -Diatrict ot
Take notiee that I, John Mf I' A ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permission   ,.| _,,   ,,..11    f,,r    a I...   divided    pad   ill
lo prospect tor coal and petroleum on lhe following !also   (,ul    '"'    ,nt   "'Miieaa    1""'
described landa:
Commencing at a poet planted aliout two milea
weal of the mouth of the Tl-el River and marked I .-,',,',,.',.,I     Paas/aallfl    L tint
J.    McL.   N. **. Corner, No. 49, thencesouth HO     lS\tlll      Kliwi
ehaina, thenee weat HO chains,  thence north  80
chains,  thence east 80 chains  to point nf  enmmencement;  containing 6411 acrea, more or leaa.
Dated Feh. 21, 1911
When steel knives and forks
have become tainted with fish
they can he rubbed with fresh
orange or lemon peel, and (he taint
will disappear entirely.
If a generous amount of horseradish is atlded to mayonnaise
it will be found an acceptable
dressuij >r lish salad. It is also
delicious nerved with cold meats.
A moist blotter will hc much
more i ffective than a dry one for
removing ink spots from fabrics.
If repeatedly applied it will frc-
quently lake out the entire spot.
Kggs are gootl baked. Cover
the bottom of a pie plate with a
good gravy, break the eggs ��ind
drop the whole into the gravy.
Bake until the whites are set.
To keep linens and while goods
from turning yellow during the
winter and when not in use, wash
all the starch out, rinse in strong
blue water, dry and put away
Cniiili;*ii Pacific Railway   ���   B.C. Coasl Steamship Smire
*^^^F^^w    Train tor Wlnnlpag unit Toron-
\H    \__r to It-iava*** Vuncnuver at
^^^ liii|*a*ritll Limited for  I'hicHRO,
Miinlreni und New York. Baat trnin across the
continamt, leuves Vancouiii'f dally at 3.4.ra p.m.
Carries cnniptirtnu'iit nbservtattian i-iars, tba* linest
ear nn any riatail anywhere.
Auent fnr all Atlaiitii* BtMUDlhtp line*. Tickets
tunntl friini Kiiriipean points.
J. G. McNab - General Agent
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Hutler Building       I'hone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O.' Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C.. Ontario. Sitta-
and Mtanitiilaia Bars. kati-hewan   ami   Al-
berlii Bars.
Offlce- Kxchnnifp block, cnrner Third avenue nnd
Sixth street. I'rince Ituwrt. 8
WM. S. BALL, L D.S., I). D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dentaal npi*rations skilfully treated. Cas and
locai Hnnsthetlcs admininlera*al f**r the painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Otllres:
Ileltierson Block. I-rinci* Rupert. 11-12
. .  I
I sport!
The Otlawas are still anxiously
awaiting word from Henley to
know if their entry for the big
regatta has been accepted, and
in the meanwhile so are the Argonauts of Toronto wailing, according to rumor. Eastern rowing
supporters claim thai this boat
can trim the champion Ottawa
eight, and ii is claimed that this
is the main reason for the trip of
the Toronto oarsmen, just to get
another chance at the Ottawa
squad, Canada will have a splendid chance of whipping the Old
Country crews should both the
Ottawa and Argonaut clubs send
their cracks across the pond, and
wilh Argos sending a senior four
over and Butler, the Canuck single
scull champion also taking in the
jaunt, the northern rowing world
would be well represented.
Will.I I     ,|.,E   DEALERS   IN
Building   Material)   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-nbn> Platt��r( Coke, Blackumitla
Coul,   (   aiiiiiaoti Brick,
Pn used Brick
Shingli-a, I.atl,   New Wellington (oal
AU.   pROMITl.V llll I D
���St-e Us for Prices
Phone Nu. 116
Jimmy Gardner will meet Hugo
Kelly in a 20-round bout at New
Orleans on May 28.
ritune No. 200 !'. 0, Box 680
+++++++++++++++-H 4 +++++ + + +
f w. j. McCutcheon f
Oanioacomplata alack o '.*���
attention paid tu till. -
Theatre Block i-ii��ni
��� .Second Ave.
++++++++++++++-I -+.,.I.+++++++
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Oralera promptly tlllaal.    PrlCM r.ia,.,iiitalale.
OFFICE���H. B. Rueheit. r Cantrt Sl     Phona tti
Billy Lauder, the Calgary lightweight, and Kill Lucca of Chicago
will light ten rounds at Winnipeg
on May 16.
Jimmy Coffroth will stage the
Ail Wolgast-I-rankie Burns light
for the lightweight championship
in San Francisco, May 27.
Abe At it'll is out of the game at
present on account of a bad arm.
Philadelphia, April 26.���Charles
Dooin, manager of the Philadelphia
National Club, who has signed a
new three-year contract as manager and player, will receive a salary
ranging from S7,0lll) to $15,000 a
year. Shoultl Doom's club win
the pennant he will receive lhe
higher amount, while his finishing
iii the second division will mean
Jack Clynes, the hard-hitting
outfielder of the Calgary team, and
who has been trying out with thc
Vancouver club, has been sold to
the Rock Island club of the Three
Eye league.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Swift's Premium limns mill Bacon with
Cowlchan Eggi 86c, ut
J. W. Williams
s==E.   EBY   (km   Co.
KiUutnkulum Land Fur Salt*
KITSl'MKAl.l'aM ��� H. C
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Firat Avenue Telephone 186
Hal Chase writes right-handed,
plays billiards left-handed, bats
right-handed, throws left-handed
and can butter his bread with
either hand.
You Can Make These Yourself
If You Like
If we make spectacles of ourselves people will see through us.
Of all unsatisfactory fare, nothing is quite as bad as a domestic
...ANI��    rtlNTKAa'TaaHS    Sl'I'Pl.lK.S...
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
I*. I). BOX 2.1
PUPIL OK WM. FOXON, KSQ��� A.K.A.M..ri-ilN��� KNI1,
Chief Dougall   and   Ten Witnesses Here From Hazelton
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Mi-t-ls in tin* lU-lgt-rwin Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  member" of the order in tho city
are n nut *\. *. to visit thc lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
Woman, though not pugnacious,)
seldom hesitates to strike a bargain.
The  bluntest  people  make   the
most cutting remarks.
Troubles   never   conic
Then why marry?
Cirl aeronauts are not ncccssar
ily flighty.
cases,    and    even
l iitttttwtacittg al a i.aaaal planlayl al the niarth-
ijat.t paimar nt A. HUatM*! |artMamptiain, thfttna*
���-tl rlaaina aaiuth. ttta*ata*a> 111 rhaina paat, thpnaaa* 20
lint ntarth, ttai��t*fr 10 rhaina wtwt a., ,kmi aal
���tnirnrraaarnt mt ttlninR 211 Mrri*. mora Of Im*
ilntcil A|iril 10, till I, KIllKIMIICII W. llolll.KIt
Puli. April 22. Ttm llaiii|ilnti. A��rnt
ijtiwti Charlotta lalanda I'ml I ���..mri IJIatrlrt ol
Tatta* naaafre that I, John Mrl.-.a.l ol Vanrouvar,
aaaacatpatlnn lirotaar, Inlrnil tn apply Inr prrmiawinn
tc praaapa>rt Inr ratal anil |ia*triilrttin nn thr fnllnwltix
ala.aaal.'l   la,la<l"
CiimtnrnrlnK al a jmait (ilanlnl at lit.* ttiiiuth nl
thr Tl-el Hivar anil tnatltril J    Mrl..  S. I. ( nnaia.
No   1, Ihrnre north no rhaina, thmra* waiit Ho   lllliloiililetlly    presage    the    I llllt It
rhaina,  thenar,  atiutlt  HO  rhatnn,  Ihrttre eaat  KO '
for   an
On  the
other hand, lhe last named would
dispense wilh all padding, but
WOtlld require the bang, and perhaps several bandeaux of hair as
���   * -
well as the tiny ringlets.
On tin- other hand, the flatness
ol   thc   new   head-dressing   will
Gipsy Hamilton Appears This
Morning and is Remanded
The woman known as Gipsy
Hamilton, who was concerned in
the opium dive raitl recently, and
charged with having run the place,
appeared before Magistrate Carss
this morning again. Her case was
remanded until Friday.
Mat I'-mil llialrirt     lliaalrirl nl P<****** K��n��e 6
Tnke ntttirr that I
ver    II-  Om   nrrupat	
Inr permi*��lot! tn purrliam* the InlltiwitiK ala*awrllia*il    Dateil Kelt. 21, lull.
\_\__ Pub. Feb. 2.1. Claranw MrDnwrll. Arm!
tat in*. _  _, _        . _.__.__. . ,.��� ....
Ciitttmeiicinat at a DOM pltanlel ni'.ar the anulh-
i*t nf l/il tH, llanite 'I. I'lmtt    Dlatrirt
nee  aouth  HO  rhains,  Ihenre eaat   Hll , . .. .   a i
Tnke Vint ire lhal I   Linnet Klnjuley nt Vanrnu- j ehaina  to  point   ot   mmntenrentenl'    mntalnlnf    lo l.lVOt   (II   tile ol'lianieillal ttllllis,
,      . Btw-'jUwjtfff.J^WJ^Ig^a^rs.S.I* jomnm.i,koI): of late rather ncglci led.   Hani-lies
should   be   as   popular   as   ever,
with an incrcsed demand for iher
tyle feature in back combs
���.,������..,   .    a      .,;  ,���l petruleum un,he lolin. ���,    fSpfCIJllly   ilicllldillg   lhe   jigsaWl'll
''TiHmnVn'rin,1.. a,��... at.,.,,, live ,*,*��* ���"' I hiltesloiie s,l and lhe nii-l.lllic j dill ig   til. it   term   of    blissful    un
north  ami  nne  mila _ wa-at  ol, the  mouth  nl  tha    nm,M,|(.,|   |Mimll<-|S. COnSCiOUHlCSS.
'alt  rhaln..
W.j.t   a-aarll
llteltri*   wa.l   10  rltHitiia,   llteM-i'   waattli
Ihenre eaal  U) rhainia, Ihenn* trirlh N rltnltm In
t......i  nl rontmajiremuttt.
m.,.1 Marrh 21, 1-11.        1,'ONKI. KlNtiSI.KY
Pub. April 22.
iieen Charlotta lalamla Unit lli.trirt -Dlrlrlrt ot
skeana laiula
Take notire that 1, John Mrlma-I ol Vanmuver, IMk"
orrupation   broker,  Intenil to apply (nr larnatlaalo ragOCCi lllv
Flowing Bowl Again
The inevitable "D and I)" was
chalked Up .ig.iinsl Ed. Killeen
and Tom Wilson in thc police
court today, Very penitently they
forked oul the needful five spols
frilled with the little twos to
defray thc costs of iheir detention
I Tl-ol lllver anil markeil J. Mo:.., N W darner
INSERT YOUR LAND PURCHASE NO. It. Hvnee aouth HO rhaln., thenra* en.t Ml
ll>r>l.lVJ   luuni.miuiiaa.v     r. ch,jn,   ,benre norlh HO rhaina,  thenre weat HO
In the lasl named several beau*
rimina to 'polnl ��t_rummenremen.;  ron.alnln, 010    .jf   |    ,   ,      | rtfClltlv appeared . I
ttpny, ninri* nr lew*. J -      i i
Dance   Weekly    dance
1 Mm, miifp or \t*m. I' J *���*.���*-*-** **  .v.   ..,.,,........,  _,         (.Viry
to>b^8M!,u'   ota-ooflMffiJlThe wide gold band is prettily |Sj*��ttiay in the K. of P. Hall4.26m
*. Rochester di
T * Monroe
l''-���������   ' * Coal
\ *) *w^-'
Phone ii 5
K You Are Even Half-ready
To Buy Property, Study
Tlie Real Estate Ads!
As   Boon   iis   tho   propcrty-
owninp; purpose nets ii foothold
with you    lii*Kin  tn reitil  anil
answer and Investigate  tin-
real estate nda!
And   by   the   time  you   nro
Imlf  it'Htlv   to  liuv   a   liiitnt-
learn all that the ails can
teach you of property-valuss
nil that  ml
iniwering can
teach you of desirable placet
to live.
Your interest in real eatate
advertisements may be responsible for your securing a
a belter home than you can
imamine y���u can afford���and
for your securing it sooner
than you had hoped to do.
On his way to Vancouver with
ten witnesses, Provincial thief of
Police Maitland  Dougall    arrived
Tuesday from Hazelton to attend
Crosby murder trial fixed for
May 2 at Vancouver. He will
'cave here whith his party tm
Sunday   morning   by   the   S.   S.
Chief  Dougall  came    down  in
.i canoe with  the exception of
five miles of the river wheih was
covered with  Ice.    This stretch
had to be porlaged over. The ice
he said, is fairly thick and the
boats that left yesterday for
Hazelton will nol be able to get
through for several days without
the water rises antl breaks up the
ice remarkably quick.
The chief said there's going lo
be a boom in Ilazellmi litis summer. Building! are being rushed
tip as fast as possible, A fine type
of man he is, a picture of perfect
health. Tanned as brown as a
nut, wearing a big sombrero hat
and looking every inch of him a
\\ ill Hazelton ever bc anythingP
The Chief say9 that thc most
sanguine   optimist   has   no   idea
of the good ihings the horoscope
holds for the place.
OFFICE    :     :
For all Kiln'- of help, cooks,
waiters, diihwaihers, hotel porters, all kitnl- * ' laborer* or me-
rhanics. rail up
Phone No. 178
at the
Grand Hold Fm  Kmployment  Office
Henili|tiai'ta t        cooks * waiters
F. U
Chief Vickers and Staff May Recover It Shortly
Efforts are being made by Chief
Vickers and his staff to trace thc
sum of money missed front a house
on   Eighth  avenue  on  Sunday
morning. The foreign element
is involved in thc business, and
investigation is therefore retarded,
but there is a strong probability
that the money will be located
very shortly.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: nl* :: Nowspaper*
CIGARS   ::      I \'"'COS  ::   FRUITS
i        WHARF
Flnt Ayr. Naar McBrlda
tributing  and
Storag' <e an<l House-
hol.' ' Specialty.
-A'l    I *',   r   RATKS
Douglas Sitiierland, Mgr.
P. O. B..v Phone 262
BOWLING, ^'^ 3
4 Ml-
cIm��.    A i u
t ������   f.-la   t.i ll
TKIl Mi.iiim
���nd POOL
A  h��khI rxrr-
i . i'ii.   -- ��� i
m  Block, beta.
���tor nml Htttfkftf
m**tV*mm**t**4*<~ >���************
BnglJRh ami American llllliiinln
Twelve Tables Second Ave. THE    PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
"What Shall It Be"
llns store is prepared to answer it
i  , .......i:, may  be  wliut
il   ii aur  duty   to be
ipply you,   and  we
With  ; lemurs   to   you  be-
caus, 0f ths *���" of display;
��� to you becuuse of
tl sail close.
When the gift question pre-
jtael let us show you
asilj ivt oan match your
Heintzman Pianos
E '-'l  l'ERMS
Wed., April 26
(Under Now Management)
Latest Music Latest Pictures
 _ .1 i iii.���i a���ia*,.i*t.isemt'iit columns,
One of tho best services the modern newspaper gives the public Ia In the classified '''J^'1'1'*���''1'1.. eom.
*   antl a lutsl nt omen) matn
���   ��� educe its
There buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant, . vaaiitifi*
mon ground,    To put thia modern convenience in reach of everyone the Optimist "'jj.���"^
umitial priee of u sent a word per insertion.    Minimum charge or W cenw.
Watch  it  grow,
rate to a nomln
Mr. Cuthbert's
Ok Oil
A Pur,* Olive Oil
Watch the Window
���cr Druggist
PHONE   :    ;    ;    82
ant Secretary  that .1 cheque for
��109.15   had   been   received   from
the Prince Rupert Choral Society,
lieing part of the proceeds of the
recital held recently in aid of the
! Hospital and Choral Society funds.
j This amount less $"."> for real of
the    theatre   was    the   hospital's
i share.    This was received by the
finance committee.    The finance
committee also attend to tlie receipt of the sum of 1364.50 raised
by   the  efforts   of   the   Ladies'
Auxiliary   for   the   Hospital   fund
/  land sent in through Mrs. Arnold.
l Stingy Old Customs
litTorts have been on fool to
get back the duly levied by the
customs officers upon tho beds
imported for the Hospital. These
have not lieen successful, and the
President of the Board, Mr. D.
G. Stewart regretted to reporl
that there was little chance
the refund's being obtained, Some
discussion was entered into about
the lining of tire escapes at the
hospital, and this matter remains
meantime in the hands of Mr.
~M J. G. Seoit who i- selecting suitable
! apparatus. A matter relation to
j the heating plant also came up
Conservatives Will Try and Force a General Election
Reciprocity is to be Opposed
Tooth and Nail Will Try
and Prevent Sir Wilfrid From
Attending Imperial Conference.
(Special tn ilu-Optimist)
Ottawa, April 27. -"We will
oppose reciprocity moth and nail
and force *i general election."
This u.ts ilu- decision arrived at
In ilu- Conservative caucus this
morning, called lo decide the
polic) ol the party in view of the
near approach of the vote on
The entire eaucus was agreed
upon lighting the reciprocity pact
to the Ititter end, by prolonging
the debate, and driving the Government to declare a general election. 11 was pointed oui by several
speakers that by bo doing thej
could prevent Sir Wilfrid from
attending the Imperial Conference
in London or the Coronation of
King (ieorge.
Here  is  our  Classified   Advertising  Column   for   today.
Lost and Found
A olMifled advertisement will Introduce you t"
the loser of the artiola you've found���an Intro-
ilitctiiiii of mutual Importance.
KOl'ND-A bunch aif Ka'yta mi  Sing.
Optimist Office.
Apply at
Help Wanted
AUK You IN NEED OP HELP]  l>" you waat
tii luty.   or   sell, air Itiro.   aar   iaaataV    Try That
Optimiat Condensed Ail. route.
Wanted���A boy for delivering grooeriee,    Apply
tit Muasiillcni _ Co. 5th Ave. '.till'
Wattreai wanted tti *a*uvuy Hotel. -x'-yi
BOY WANTED-To deliver parcel! anil make I
hlmaeUF generally uaaful, wages 180 a month I
to start with.   U.S. Walteoaat Go. Ltd,    BO-tf
Italia Wantod-Apply I'antorlum. BO-tf
during lhe year li��l pas
The new  field is in  tlie
district, and lias thus far
reached chieflj by way "'
the Fraser Rivei
Quoen Charlotte lslinuls Lnnd District���Dislrici ol
lieen Skeena
Tuke notico tlmt I* J"1"' McLeod ot Vancouver
occupation broker. Intend to upply lor pormlsabi
taa prospe
Government   parties  wm,
trails   in
Houses Wanted
HOUSES WANTBD-Purnlahad ��r unfurnished, - taa ti rooms, If lueiatiim tatut i'i i,*a- suit
nte I will rent llit'in .... - ��� ��� 1 e .aaa.i pay rent in inl-
vaiii-e. tin waltinga tin listina. I'hone me today,
Itliaa-k .'.U- I'nela* Jerry. 72-tf
WANTED-House. t or 5 rooms and bath, fnr-
iiitaliail or tinfnrniiiha-al, at uncc. Apply nt
Optimiat Ha"* X. W-tf
WANTED���Threat four or five room house, furnished, modern conveniences, close in. fall
'phone ifil. >.'*-if
Board Wanted
WANTKIl -Ita.nn ��nd litiartl   In privun- family.
X.M.. Oottmlst Oltla-e. lt
Fire Insurance
When Homeless Wanderers
Meet G. T. P. Team
Aggregation of Itinerants from'
Uncertain Points North and
South of 49th Parallel Want j
Bowling Honors from Local
There's been a hunch of birds
of passage in thc city for the past
week looking for a chance to taste
some local blood. This "bunch"
arc registered unofficially as "homeless wanderers" and officially as
"commercial travellers." They
come from anywhere north and
south nl tlie forty ninth parallel.
For a week past they have been
loitering around looking in glasses
for the most part, and the glasses
have imi been looking glasses all
die time. Tin- bunch heard that
the I '��� T. P. team could bowl better
than any aggregation nunh of
ihe forty ninth parallel. They
threw out a challenge. Result:
towling alley
"'   ""I"'' I ttjuniwei tor coal a"'' petroleum'on the foTl'owii.���
'rOVinCUll lhJ5mmB10|ng,at a post planted about two mil...,
it     is south ond two milea wost ol tho mouth ul ll���.
" aa-a ,i uiver and mnrked J.   Mc.L. N. _. Cernoi
it'tim No   78.  thonce south 80 cliains, thence wesl   80
,.v,,,.,*t,*tl      nlUKU     i'*'"-*    '"     " cl.ains,  tlieiicc  north 80 chalna,  thenco 01131 80
l'M , ,,     _...,   ..,,_ Pt-incC chains  tl lnt ol  commencement;   containinu
Chilliwack, on the west, and     ��� . ���,��.. J01IN McU!01)
'Ikameen, on the easi 01 uatt^M ctareaoe MoDowell, Ajom
Mountains, which,  i QuMnCharlott))WaI,dlundDhtriet-Diatin(itoi
done, will open a second and thin     _.^_ nMn tlm),^Xn'McLood ���, Vancouver.
,1   ,.,,   \liitiall.lill  Ki'" occupation lirokcr, Intond 10 apply lor permission
route to Steamboat lYlouiUtiiii ��� proapect tor coal and petroleum on the lollowini
descrilied lantla:
Lit ill. Commencing at a po��t. planted ahout two miles
'     '       lonnienl south and two mllee wait1 dl tto mouth ol tho
TiYI  Itiver ami mnrked    J. Mc.L. S. IS, Comer,
i\-    lie No   IS   thence north 811 chains, thenee west  mi
work    lias    01x11   *a*--*-i     ���*!' 2��_u*  thence eouth 80 chaina, thenoe eut 80
.. vtj,,;,,,,    I'"1 chains to point pi commencement: eontalnlnj 840
I   .lliatll.lH        .ailllHl.v        ,1 aacnas.   Illlirt*   IH   ll'SS.
ton, Sinull
ihe   Hope
yet imi much cievt
luis   been   done,   ���
OUR Sl'Ki'lAt.TY-Kire In.urance.    W, rapre-
-,tit eleven siruiin Klra' Inattnuioa Companies,
We  aviint   your   business,     In-ira*   and   -mall. . .   .      .     _ .        . ,
Let ua quote you rata*.   The Mnck Realty tin.l j Hn\ii;lil III Morrison
Instinina-e Cainpany, enr :ital Ave. and Fulton 8t     ,      '   ...        , ,,        ...   , ,1
,���..������,.���,       .���.,    , .., lie    Wanderers    will   knock   em
IHI. Hutu-It Union uml pira  Ii   timnca
Company 1 if London, Borland,  with  capital ,|lrtU1 ,,���,|  M.,  ,,., again with  ill
..l jJJ..*��i.iam.iai.    Sea* ub for rala*s.    The Mack j '       ��
l:,-:illy anal Ini-lirnnca* Caanipiitty.
mineral claims have uccn
.md assay returns  from
from nomc ol
ncres, more
Dated Feb,
Pub. Feb. 'J
12, mil
Leslie E. Walter, Agent
encourage ihu hope
gold-bearing ore wi
Oueen Charlotte lalanda Land Dlalrict���Diatrict ail
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupatiun lirokcr, inlend to apply lor permission
to proapect fm coal and petroleum on the following
deacribed lands! ,11 -,
Commencing at a post planted aliout two miles
south and I"" mllee weal ot the mouih ol the
Tl-cl Rivor and murked J. Mc.L. N. E. Comer,
Nai IV thenca south 81) chuins, thencu west BO
chains,' thonce north so chains thence east su
cliains'tn pnint nt commencement; containinK 640
acres, more or leas. inula: u,tntia
Datri Feb 82,1911.    ,.,   .    '""^ MeLEOD
I'ul-  Feb 2-1 Clarence McDowell, AKent
Quean Charlotte lslundaLand Diatrict���Districl
' Skeenu
Take notiee thai 1, Joint MeLeod of Vancouver.
occupaUon hroker, intend to upply lor permission
to prospect lor coal antl petroleum on the following
described lantls: ,        ,    .
Commoncing at a post planted aboul two
milos south and two miles vveaai ot the mouih ul
tin* I'l-el Kiver, liraliani lsiand, and marked
J McL. N. W. Corner, No. 84, thencesouth mi
cnains, thonce east 80 cliains, thenca* north so
chains! thence aaest 80 chains to point ol 00m-
1111 ���aciiiiciil; containing litO acres, moro or less.
Sited Fob. 22,181L JOHN McLKOD
Tula. Feb.24. Clarence McDowa'll, atKi'til
Queen Charlotte [standi Land District���Districl u
lake tmlicc that la John McI<uod ol Vancouver
occupation lar.akcr. intenil to apply lor permission
to pros|WCt (aar caaal atul petroleum on the lullowitiK
deacribed I Is: ,    .
Cm ua cull! at a post planteal alaout two milaaa
________________________________________________ I aaauth and two link's want ol tho mouth ot lhe Tl-a-l
liner anal markod J, McL, S. W. Corner, No. 88,
thenee  martli  80  ehalni,   Ihence  east   80  chain-*,
With much more attention being ^^ttXlSi*^
given i" thc country now being
rendered more accessible bv the
Plan Mining Prospects Adjoining Line of Railway
Although Apparently Less Promising than Other Districts
of B. C. the Streams of the
G. T. P. District May Prove
'"        t
niaare ur le^s
Dateal Ffcb.28
Pub. Feb. 24.
iTora'nce McDowell. Atlt'lit
Basket   Ball
Crescents \s. Roller Rink Tigers
at tin- Auditorium Friday evening,
ll  April   28.    Came  called   al   \:��>
sharp    Admisson 25 cents, skating after game. 'Jii.-J7
Real Estate
A al:i..iti,.l nilvertlM-ment i. .1 real ,
man. and il's's not often ciaunt .
isuinl " in the net rttault.
ill- sal. .-
it-h   "to
Sun   Star   Captures   the   Two
Thousand Guinea Stakes
WANTKIl Tu purchase lots in Sent Con Di.trict savtinn 7 nr **. hiuUI tiaynta-t: .town nnd
monthly terms.   Apply I'.ti  llux i > -
Situations Wanted
ml   a,lva*tti-i it., m
-and seliliati fails.
a tit. ��� '* wink-
.unl Mr. W. N. I.iiley. of the linn Newmarket, April J7.   Mr. J.
ol Munro & l.aily, architects who n. Tool's Sun Star captured thc
built  the  Hospital,  attended  to Two   Guineas  Stakes
: inform the Board upon the sub- today, after a hard battle with
BlmoRiaplwr anil Oflte* Al i-i��ni.
i>.muff.   i\|(mr���&��Optimist Offli
Boarders Wanted
railroaders and both shu-s sa\
there will sure be some wreckage.
Here's the line up for lhe
"Cut Throat" Bcrl TaM' of
Stevens Supply Co.
"Curly Locke" Mill. Hcrgcr "I
< ..nut Bros., Ltd.
"Soapy" Lrnie Stiii-tui of Royal
frown I'n,
"Stumpy" Waddy Wait of Stewart iV MacDonald.
"Shoe Leather" Fred Renworth
(captain) of Ames. Holden & Mc-
Crcady, Ltd.
Chief Mourners:  "Ding Dong"
: ��� October 80th, l'.ill
..* October .'ioth, 1912
will ecur  cither of these lots
Lots 13-1-1 I'.lock 8 -       Section -
A rlaa>.lfta*��l nilvertiM*ment ulllbrltttr I** >iiunw|ili- .                        .
      caait. f..t that aacaait n-.iu. ur fiar that vacant I )|)|ei\\ ell, ol   MfK.iV,  Smith   It.lllii
ject.   The necessity for a storage Lord'Derby's Steadfast.  Sun Star ,^;Xn*l,.V.Z. h  s,.��� .... ' "������ "^8 Horn" Walter Uing. of
tank lor water in case of summer was running at 7 to 1, and Stead-    ��eniirnien.   Kuii i.��atai ir required.
or winter shortage, was gone wto.lfast ai loilo i 0.   It was one of
Mr. II. II. (.'lark has this in hand  the best races ever witnessed for
  meantime,    li was found thai a the historic event.    Lycaon was
agents for the old reliable thoroughly  substantial   tank  can third.
K..i.,...rick.4ihav,nu... Pta.VmT*  "s5 I'umcr Becton & Co.; "Diamond
n..m.*e...i.,,in,eai, .mi uieeb f���,���i.t,..i r  Kil1" N,",��� Hallard, of Kocnigsbcrg
fi.rllir.-,-  |.,-r..,ii.      Al'plv  Ml-   Janu*.  Sc.*tt     !,.���,.lira*   ft,
HMat     ..I ,\ae.l.l��aa-n-thai..l   IhSi..   *2bII   Jt-WCIirj    to.
The G. T. P. line up will be
,1 un.l l.tin.lo.i and be     M<���: 1237 ,kUiU. a ln..,k. f���r;    A ,    f  , s    S(
llobe and r   tfsh America Fire  lnsur-  .        .,, , "������""
it   will   cost   $100.     Probably  a is   now   made   favorite   for   thc
cheaper  lank  will  be Used.    The   Derby.
Ix.u-e coininil tee will ^o int.. prices. 	
A Managing Secretary Doctor Will Decide
Mr-*, t'ass who i*. believed lo
te mentally deranged was taken
'mat.- ItaAral lay the tan-t aar aaaatntli Hume
1-,-akaM-a .pectaltv. Ma.* B. M. ill,-- *u. ''.I
\   ���      ��� ������,..,. .thati.l Mh Sl... phone KI. MMf
construction of die Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway through central
British Columbia, ii is lo too
much to expect thai there will
be done more prospecting for pla
cer gold along some of the many
streams considered likely to In-
found auriferous, but these are
uncertain prospects a> compared
with those in the Cariboo, Atlin,|
and East Kootenay districts, The
last an* of themselves sufficiently
promising to justify the opinion
lhat ilu- production ol placer
gold will, ai any i.ite for several
years, -how a Bteady increase and
will attain to laVgcr proportions
than die average or the lasl ihree
Conditions  in   the  Atlin    eld
are   proniisiiiK   for   an   increased   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.-.'..l.t   ,.f   ,...t  I     ..!.!.    ..    1.    at.       V    ...I      cliains,   thence   north   Ml  chaina,   tlience  fast   SO
\teltl ill  gold, although   tlie  North   ehaina, thenee eouth SO chain, t.. point ol com-
-   tntita ;  ��� , till. acre*, mure or lataaav
22. lilll. JOHN MeLEOD
A. I..>|a,. ;:. Walter Ajent
l|iuvn Charlutte Islands Lund Diatrict���District ut
Take tint ice thai I, Juhn Mcleod ut \ ancouver
occupaUon broker, intenil ia. upply lur |H'rmiaa>inn
taa prtlspect fur cual ami |H-troleum on the tulluwinj
doscribed lamls:
Caainmcnciiic, al a pust planteil almut Iwo miliaa
.a-lllll ul the 1'1-a'l Itiver uttil marked John Mcl..
N. K. Curner, No. llll, thence aaauth SO chain..
thence aaest SO chains, thenct* north HO chains,
thence east SU chains tu point of commencement:
ciinlaimtiK tilO acrm. mnre or lew
Datod Feb IB, 1911. JOHN Mcl.KOI)
Pub. Kelt. S4. I.ettlie K. WaltaT, Auent
I'ueain Charliilte laiuiula Laml District -Diatrict ut
Take notice that I. Juliii Mcl.isul ol Vancouver.
oceupation broker, Intand to apiily lor permission
tu praepeet inr eoal and potrobtun on the IbUovIni
I.- crihel lamls:
CommeneUlfl at a post .!.--..i alaout live tttiha.
nurth ami one utile west ut the mouth o the
ll-el Kiver iiii.I markeil J. McL., N. K. Corner,
Nu 84, thenee south SO chaina. thence west Mt
chains, thenee nurth SO chains, thenci* east su
chains tu point oi cnmtncnciMnont; containing taltt
acn^. mnra- ur less.
Datisl Feh I'll. I'll 1. JOHN  Mcl.KOIl
uh. Fi h J-. Clarence M.-l taiwell. Aja-nt
Qui.-n Chariotta lalanda laanal District���District ut
'i'nke fuitic- thai I Juhn McLitott nf Vsncouver,
occupatiun hroker, inteml to npply for permission
I'i pra.-|*ect fur cual ami petruleum un the fnlluwin*-
deaerlbed lands:
Cuiiitiicricitic. at a pust plant,**! abuut two miles
���aouth ul tin- mouth ul the TM lllver and marktsl
J.  Mcl.   S.  K   Comer,  No. 31,  thenco west  SO
____*.. .  ...   .       *_^_m
l ���iltimlna (aoltl Mining ( ompany, Datod Fob.
second Av
Prince Rupert, B.C.
For Rent
.1. B. I". Mellville. K.C. Mailer. I".
Boston, F. Crandall ami S. A.
Edy (captain).
II. F. Mrlt.eiC... have ne...I 1
Mh Aae.   Thi. will just milt >i.u.
' to rent aan
I'l.ulie '2*.',
1.0^ F.
O.O.K., will lie helil
j thi:
Presbyterian   Church
IEnpi.     i  at 11 a.m.
I llder   I he  CXISIUIIB   b\'*laW8  of,, .   it       i i   . .   t C       C   I
, , ; ,     ��.    '����� mentally deranged was taken ror bale
tin   Board it ��.i> round U\  Mr. . . .   ,    ,        ��� ,.  ,.   ,,_ 	
mio custody litsi nighl  by ine 	
l.   V.   Meunell   thai   an   idea   to      ,j       s,    ^ ; Act....,j;si^^aien,  .K-rsi-i.-nilv prin-.s.
appoint it managing secretary i> ,   ,   .   * . .      -       * :*. ���       i  *"'**-""n>"'"������"''��lu--
not   feasible.    The  whole  series
of by-laws will  In- revised bj  .1
low the I.truest producer in ihis
district, was able to operate to
a large capacity List season, with
I'ul.. Fell.
Queen ITiarlulle Islsnds Uml Disirict- District ot
Ske n
lake no: 11 ihat I, Jo n McU it ol Va comer.
11 broker, I   o a 1 ply (ur permission
tu proq act lur c ui ami patrala .tu u   the fullowing
.|e eriliasl lands:
Ciiittti ei.caiit* at a p rt planlisl alaout four mil s
1*0111 .  ami  ttv.i miles we t  ait  the nuuth ot  the
Tl-cl    Itiver an.l markcl J.  McL. N. K   Corner,
Nu.   IS, ilieiici. -outh -Ml el'ains, lhe ice weat tao
chains,  thanes nortli   su  ci.sins.   tlience east  80
chuins to pe> t uf ,. ...... ..... -.a ,,,.     ontai inn (.411
acr,-.-, mur,- or lam
Date . I'll*. 21.   911. UN  M LFOD
���'ui' Fob,ss, Clarane m. . ��� well. Agent
committee consisting of Mr. Bennett, o. II. Nelson .unl I'. I.
President I). *,. Stewart intimated lhat the next meeting "I
ilu Hospital Board will In- held
at ihe beginning of next month
ai the Hospital,
fly  lasl   night  again and  likely  lOJBomhoM foods.   Rooms to bet
do  herself  harm.    She  will  be
examined by a doctor.
*   ������������������     ��� - of -ho Onlt-i art urged to
md  meet  ;.t   the
om at in
k.-  ���;,    |    .
ten-la    l.a    ,
-District nl i .,., .a lungs \
lack   lle.lf.a-1   ..I   I,,   ..
oceupation otwloolnr, In-
aermi-aaion to purehaae the
���at planted it i polnl In Hi"
timber  Iron   .;- ij'l  ari'l   in
' lot a989, Rangs  ,. coaat
'��� ' mlti inter  ... thenee
III   "I   I'U   .Ball   .if-ar.. Bid
nool ei an eaaterly direction
a, in the aeslert)   limit    il
inoelna ..",.>,-,. ,,��� ,������
mad limit    1  chain
limit   lit ll'illaa-r    ,,,..,      ,.
Irectinn along      ,
mure ur Has tai t|���,
ISSn, thenee .
Hire or  less In 11,.. ,,.���
and >
limber In
along ���
'    ' a
���ill cha
Dau I'.i
Puh   Match ilia,
'" .* Landi) i
 .'alll-i    l|,||.   I
AHaaaa;,.     aaa , .., ,,a,aa'l    IptnitafT,     llltCll'l
It |..-raiuHiaain In pUTBliaee the IuIIiiai
Commenntiit   al   a   post   planti'l   a,1
mllais .....   snB taaUl  a   mile saalltla  tr'.a,,  .,
ail   Stanley   !'r..,.k,   ���vrB   II   ilnii'l.
Harbor, Oraham i   ������t, thenc   in c',��i���,,
theaee  in chains .., t. the
aa    V.  ........    ���,,       ,
ami ai.aiuitaii"; .     _ '"  ' "���   "i cumtnen
Daleal Match II, l��V " '" "-*
I'ub. Apr. 7
Three    Hundred    Years   Since
King James Version
Letters From King George and
President Taft Were Read,
and Ambassador James Bryce
Delivered an Address.
Good   Thing
Mayor Manson's son Willie who
went under ;i slight operation in
the General Hospital week
was well enough to return to hi-
hume yesterday, lie will -....n In-
quite well again.
-,..-��-_���   ',^   r*.."'    i"1'1'Mr"- Government   Parties  to  Make
Kvjen. Tth Ave. anal Taylor St. near Summit, li., _
New Trails
Money to Loan
A rla.eifleil aitvertiaement aa ill final yntl the nuan.
a��y with aahlch Input >.uit nlan li baaffeet
Ijica* curtains  lamlm-l   |,y   haml.
rates.   I'hune ilui.
Uncle Jerry it- opening a branch
real estate office in Haxelton,
Mr. It N. Duma) will have
charge of the brand) ollice.
S. O. E. B. S.
Hon. William Templeman Will
Arrange for Visit to District of
Mr. Charles Camsell of Govt.
Geological Survey Dept.
Hon, William Templeman, Ml'..
Dominion Minister of Mines, is
(stated to have promised the Hi
Skeena Boats Bulletin
Here is  the official  bulletin on
ihe Foley, Welch t-V Stewart boats
now sailing up lhe Skeena Kitcr:
Kitselas, April 27,8a.m.   Calm,
clear,   frosty    lasl   nighl
four feet
_    , ^^_ .Joan I
The    l*ai,���*e   ltu|aeit   I. .lare.   Na.    ills    Satns   i.t    lit  Tci.l..   ,.   a/ "I. :i I ��� 1       a.     ..
Kmrtami. m-i.u,e ���r.t ������,i ,���,���, t,,;.���u" ,���   ' ' r'"lr ���" ( hilliwack, B. t .. thai
e.ehm..n,hin,hec^,e���,..,Ha,Ka;,a,.,,,.       m,. Charles Camsell, of ih,* Geo-
I' i. rSnSIA Prinn. lii.iarri  logical    Sur\e\.    \\]n,    spenl     the
��� field-work seasons of the
years in   the
Municipal Notice
ast four
Siinilkanieii     ,UM|
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ li-tricis of British Col-
Scali-l t. aalalri fa tl..- 1'itv Clerk   Will     aa IU    I..
he rrecivrai������tills., ,*,���  May sn,  i��ii   "ni1"'1' wlM make il leconnaissaiHe
!_*^H -,,|,''l>'*<**. delivery  of  M Cealar  Piles. | SUrVt'V (if  UlC StCC
S,.is'ili,niiaans anil f.arm ef tenter tu lae ulat.-iineil
fn*m the t'lly Clerk.    Tenders must lae acciam-
l\-.,..-: panlett l,v a certineal ehe,,ue, ur en.h, for 1! ner
''*'" ' , cent. ���f Ihe total price tenceraM.
jflow /en., stationary. ���� *_* pAV*
lr.'-!>l (ity Knuineer
Operator  by   Mile  62  al   4.30
City Clerk
���atnlioai Mountain
prospective milting field, which
has come
a correspondingly enlarged production as compared with  thai for
1909. Several oilier operators may
lie expected to add considerably
io the total lor this field, though
nol   it.   a   similar   extent   its   the
..,,.,        t*     /��� 1*1     l)ui<*n Charlutte Man. ��� Und llislrict��� lustre ol
North I oltiinlna Company, which sk en.
, | ,f       Take notice that I. Juhn Mcbiaad ail Vancouver.
possesses   all   abundant    supply    ol    oacitiutio    broker, inleml to :i|t|il    lor perm aainn
,     , , e   to |iria*|a*cl hir cual and iM'trola-utn tin tho tiilliwittg
water,   aad    has   large   areas   ol   ,t,Jeri. ,i lauds:
, ,  , ,   r i ,        ��� Ciintnii'i.eiti^ at a |iual pianted fo r mica south
gold-bearing  gravel  favorably  Sit-  and tsro weet ottlw mouth oft a TWRlvarand
.    iai* il I tnarkaai J. Mcl. S. K. Corner. No. 4(1. thonce n rlh
uated for being quickly moved,       *_.���*���..*���     ��� ���������    ���      ^^^
There also appears to bc a
prospect of an increased recover)
of placer gold in Easl Ktiole.i.iy
than   lor   some   years   past,   says
the Canadian Mining Journal, preparations having been made hist
se.isi.ii to operate it liydraulicing
pl.nit  on   Perry  Creek   in   Fort
Steele mining division, T" allow
ol ilu- gravel being moved more
quickly, it steam sh.nel has been
pui in. ami other arrangements
have lieen made to carry out lhe
undertaking on a scale that will
facilitate the recovery of sufficient
gold to make the enterprise a
profitable one.
into in   ilu
coast  tilic-  of   Mrilish   Col
Special to thc Optimist)
.111. \ esteraay en route up river.
Conveyor by Holt- in ||���. Wall
"> p.m. yesterday,
Distributor  left   Prince   Rupert
New Wk, April '.'li.    11 ia jusl   thi, im.ruiiiK -,t 7 p.m.
three   hundred   vears   ago   sin. e
�������$ the  King   James   version  of   ihe Weather and Shipping
MCK it,,,,,,,,,,,    I,;.*;-  ������'���"M.l-t-d.   and   giv.���       I'rince    Unpen    i,   basldng    in
the "'""l" "I  England.   The brillianl sunshine today, l,���. the
made   ihe  subject weather
Don t buy bread   this   week.
wait for a .sample from Reilly's
I Bakery Lunch.    He is delivering
1:1 J them in person. 93.J
Two Uox Ball Allryn. U f.-.i Imi Wall
rnw anil connlir, rhntrn. runt tntilcr*. *�����<���.
- - 11>��"- tic-'.uiht rarwMi ��� ti'-. Apply
II ��. ROSS. RnpNH'l Ttm) It.--in
Third AvrnuP * Prince Ruperl
-DlntrlGt of Que
ittwrllW lUrriMon, of 4   .
., .      t, .
Old Timers Take Ho d
The up-to date cigar store (lately
known as ilu Hub) Sixth street,
has been 1 ik ,1 over by I , Mac
pherson and Joe Peach, both well-
known old timers.
They carry a splendid stock of
tobaccos, ci( trs, cigarettes, and
pipes and w.uld we come a call
from you. '*l
III ' ,1-iuli     wa
"'    l  ^cai   celebration
night,   simultaneous!}
�� mouih '-������'���'[ celebration in London
' '"""'""     The gathering in Sew York ��
lield  under  thi
MomaT)im��;7XKa\attends by atva*rv proml
later, uiial mimv .,r,.,���.....       ..      ^^
Via tatriit
lh<- S.  S.   X,
..       ,..   j.******   Pachena at H am
read from King t.eorgc, and from Bessie   Dollar
raft,    King  Gcorge'i   1
Idler  was  read  by  Ambassador
James Bryce who also delivered     Mr, M
^^^^^      coast   though ENGLISH
1st fair also is a little cloudy.   Light
the   winds. u-esterK   ntirl ,,..^al .._.!..I
* ..f   lhc
la.aal   valVH
down   ihe
fair also is a little
���  winds, westerly and northwesterly Bradford Beats Newcastle Unit-
i.revaii.    Sea   \_  calm   exccpl   at ed by One Goal to Nil
Ikeda    where    ,1    slight    swell    1-
'  'tiling  in.
The first boat
for   Hazelton
Take the fast
Sat, Apr. 29
SATURDAY, - APRIL - 29th, -  1911
li. B. ROCHESTER, Agent
��ai cliain-a, llii'tii-,. ��rai go rhains. tilt* oo south HU
c sita-a, t aatati. i-a.t () rlaail l paiint ol com
mini I'ttiint      iintniiittii tao aarprs. mt ra* or la. s. l-al,.   :i,   ail. JOHN'  M 1.KOH
Pub. FMa. 'J.,. rtanai  a. Mclloavoil, Af��nl
Quit*n Charlmta. I.Umls ljaml District���District ol
���. , SaWn.a nutica. tlmt 1, John VI, I.. ...I ol Van.o v.r,
iiriui'ialiiin ,-riiki-,, ,1,1. ,,.| i��� ���,M1|y (���, ���-mi��|���n
tn 1. .pin-it fa.r t- .1 nml |���truli*um on Ih loliowin��
��� I.'.- r lull lutitls:
I'ainini. ncittit t 1, post ,,:,nt,Hl slauiil I ur mill's
south  two mil,, ��,. ,   ���| ,|,P ,n.,uth ol  thr
li-ai Kivar ami markad j. Met. N. w. Cctnr,
No. ..(,' siiuih so chain., thinca* a st HO
chum*, thine,, nnrth �� chains, thonco wsat HO
Imitis lu , 1 rnmitn*nc iifni: co.ilaininit tilO
n,Tm, mnri' nr wa
nai.*a|11-,'1,.as, 1 n. JollN m-i.kod
' ' ''��� "**��� - ��� ':tsra c   McDoa��.*ll, 4n(-nt
yiioett riiailoltt* ..1st. s I. n.i Distr.ct-DUHIrt ol
��� l Slc-na
I .k,. nolto 1 a   |.J���hn  ,1 I.   alaal Vanouvcr.
occupatm, l.raika-r. Intand l.. apply for paarmlssa.n
"Pnip ,'    orooa :, .1   ,.;r   .���������,.���   ������  loltow.nn
it srniia'.i 1 ndat
Ciiniinfiiriiw at a p sl 1 lanl al al.. I *o r m!la��
"Utii  ami  two nail...  a,,, t  ���.  th    in ... la    I  ths
__? is .'! '""' '""���" * J- " '��� W. Corner.
No. .is. thfiic ...rth M ehaina, hfnc , __ ���,
thaiiiM.  thenc- s,aui i  DO clia ns.  tlin .a. wtat   WI
1. i'~" - _ '"���,  mmmm ca*mt*nt     a, n,- ��� to
-a rats, tna.ra' air lasa .
*,', !"', ���''i-'-A. I  II JOHN M'l.KOD
inn  icb. 2d. Carta, a Mcliowall,  <t_*nt
Ouwn Cluirliitlo Islantl. Uml District-District til
��� , . Slatvna
acSSt^tfc,&1 I"loh" Mcleod ol Vancouver.
to ,,'r���..   ,.  'r0l"'r',l""""1 t" "PPly '���" pcrmi��,.,n
nn'rUwyih01"*    "', " I""1 I"10"1"1 *���*><">��� I*" ">����
Mrl     IL u"u !' "' ,h" P*** < ver an    markcl
ciial,.   ,'l, ( "r""r   N"- 4. thenc north HO
Chan* , l" S2 "" ch��ln" ^'l" �����lh ����
m,",eem ",''"' ,m rh��n" to Mnt ol com
8!,rfSffl' '��"?.& nln�� **��� **mi ������ <**��� -mt
P?h i-ii. 'o,-6-'*"' JOHN MeLEOD
T. E. Walter. Aient
Puh. Feh 27.
Queen Charlolte Islands Un.l Distrlct-DUtrlct
���uSSmB V'��' !' ^"clx-o-l ot Vaneouvn
2 .ee e I','""i""1 __,*trPt. t'*r permi��.i���i
il,ad   an  ���        ���""' "r,r"l,'ulii "" the lollowini
ogeupatlon lirnki
10 pru
north atuit.o mile
 at iho
N. W. Corner,
ill  Ainei'iiit   ^^^^^^^^^
Letters o( congratulation
"�����   tl,
it   H
>laa-   S.   S..
(Special to thcOptimiat)
 ��i~:~*..^,;z:^ Ki..*
a.m.   today.' castle  I ���i���,|  tl>. ,������. ���������,   ,��� u*,
wlngton arrived at after n hard game before 70,000
5.|��pcctators m   the   Englith   Cup
nte out s.
WBi   reported
" "''"'ll   replay   today.    Bradford I
President    ,alM       l^���1���   . ,,.���,������-. -t-..,.    ,       ,. .
'I HI aaat.      I      I ^^H
���"'���i' km urongly icorlng the win-
        i. Ii.,���,Id ,t ,i    ,        , ""'K m} '" ,,,,' r,rM ,,alf-   '���'���"
i magnificent address,   President! Patterson t. i���    ki,   ,'     , 5TWM ^outcome of a llngtnlna
.���ai   read   by    i|���.  ,)���.   ,ilv      ,,,. '" " ,,rn'
,.    ,.        ,   . ''    ���"     '>s  ne  will  nm
Dr. ureor, bpisco- altempi to return for ano
I   .ill    S        IcttCl
chairman, l<(
pill Mi
the Diocese o(  New   In   his   esliniaitioi
Robinson (rom near tlu
inc.   Thomson securing
ihtt   ball  centered   Dcvlne,  and
river  will I though   Lawrence  oughl   to jhavc
i not be navigable until then. I cleared Spiers dashed ii
���liter Week.
tjiioationn nntl Anawera from the tint BngtnS	
How to Kun nml Inattil Osi ICtiKint'8	
I'rnrtit-nl tana ittttl till Bngfnt llatidl.ook	
Autlcl'd tlna Knuitie Mtiiiiitil	
Wp linva* IiIho II  lallliilii'f  of  laaa .1;*I    lll>ltlill|{    with    Sit
rn.' -.  Hunt HuiiiiiiiK, aSti'i'i Bqosrst Osrpt
Any   book   not  In  atock  quickly   procuri-tl
��� ���.  :&
... 1.26
���. 2.50
mn En-
"try, Etc., Etc.
..   aaane.   WOSl    ol    UlP   mOUt
���ll-el Itiver ami msrkeil J. Mcl.., N. W. --���-���/
No. 27, then��� so'illi Hll chsins Ihence easl Hll
chsins, Ihence nortli H0 chains, ihsnce west HO
clialitH t*' [mint ol commoncement: containing 640
ncres. morn or less _ ..���_
Date.1 Ko i, 26,1911. JOHN Mcl.EOD
I'ub. Keh. 27. T. E. Waller. A��ent
yueon Charlotte Islsnils Uml District���District ol
'lake ntillc' that I Joh l McLaod ol Vancouver,
occupation larnker, Intenil tn niiply lor w.**iir-*��n
l.. ,.a.-.|-. . I t..r saa'l |.alaaal..|.laa a,aa   the   M01WIB|
ile.prllHjil lands:
Cnmmeiiclnn nt a post jilnnted aliout tWI  tnilea
north ami two mites wa*st ail the mouth 11 Tl-el
Itlv r anil markeil 1. Mcl... S. W. Col "'     ""
thence  north  Hll  chnins,  thence essl
tliaatici* south ho ehalnr **""~
'.o '.Ifi
hsins to
McRae B
Everything for the Offtc
<ae Bros.,  Limited
Sixth Sl,
rccl md Thud At
poutit  mt pntimipuromi-nl;   rnnUlnlntr   V       ���
miirn or IjM
Dsted wb 86,1911 A)H i Wri.i oD
Pub. Fob. 27. T  K  Wilt*,  < *. nt
Quran Charlntto I 'dumb. \.mv- IH i net    I  *., rict of
Tak if notico that t, John lAthmdol '* u mtftf,
orcupation l>rok<*r, intent! lo appfV f" .������ rmmlOfl
tu proNpfCt for conl nun \oi loum oo foltewintt
i|f<Hcril)i>(l land:
i 'i.mipi. i-t-im: at n ponl planffd "' Ut two niilrv
nonh and two m-l. of th miuth of tha
Tl-i'l Kivi'r ami marketl J Mcl*. .*'. W. Corner,
No. 51. thonn. aouth su halna, thi'fiw woat HO
UifJUi thonc norlh N chalna, th��n0i oaat 80
chaina to   point   of   OPUfflMH���*���***'
AJO  *���	
840 um. raZ o,"U",n,n""""n"nt
I ''ataial Fob. 26. 19U
Pub. Fob. ST.
���   I-     \\S t, r    A. I


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