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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1910-12-13

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 The Priikfc Rupert Optimist
VL I. NO. 186
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, December 13, 1910.
Price, five Cents
idience Took Part in the Fun-Making���Mr. Blake-
nore Accuses Rev. Mr. Kerr of Threatening to Excommunicate Those Voting Against Scott Act
He construed the words of Mr. Kerr as
meaning that those who did not vote
for the Scott Act would be unchurches!
or excommunicated. "On Wednesday
we shall know which of you has timed
his back on Christ." These were the
words of the reverend gentleman and
he thought they went too far, and expressed *he hope that no one would
feel himself bound to act by them. To
excommunicate a man because he did
not see eye to eye with his pastor was
an outrageous assumption.
Mr. Blakemore also went after Dr.
Spencer for not coming to defend his
ct>se in answer to the repeated invitations
of the League.
Dme amusing  incidents  and  interims enlivened the tone of the Anti-
Act campaigners' meeting in the
press Theatre last night.    On one
|iappy occasion Mr. Blakemore who
sweeping   everything   before him
ed to indicate the generous number
apporters on the platform and asked:
all know these men;   what other
rest have they to serve but that of
| public?"
ack came the inevitable retort like
flag thunder: "Their own," and the
tting laughter clinched the effect
ot the truth of the point.
a renewed effort to free his com-
ons from the stigma of such assoc'a-
Mr. Blakemore queried daringly,
these men interested in the liquor
He'.'"  and  again  came the  diseon-
ng  reply,  "Yea,  certainly"  which
the theatre in a roar,
kalizing the futility of his defense
[Blakemore then scored the greatest
of all by snying "Then you know
i better than I do."
part from these lively passages and
impromptu speeches at the end
[meeting passed off satisfactorly
verybody, and 'n Mr. Blakemore's
"Its immensity emphasized as
[words could do the great interest
peli the public is taking in the quea-
Criticized Mr. Kerr
Ir. Blakemore devoted a portion of
speech to criticizing a portion of
Rev. Mr.  Kerr's Sunday sermo.n
An Anarchical Idea
At the close of the official part of the
meeting Mr. D. 0 Keyser, a labor man,
took the platform but as he opened with
an offensive personal reference to Mr.
Blakemore the meeting exerted its
right not to hear h-m.
The best fun of all was prov:dcd by
the appearance of a comely youth who
declared 'n vehement tones that he was
an anarchist. His announcement was
received with a roar of laughter In which
he joined heartily. On recovering he
expounded the not unreasonable theory
that the best way to control the liquor
traffic was to let anybody who cared
make liquor and sell it. Let it be open
and above board with no restr'ct-on
save as to quality.
Mr. W. Benson presided over the meeting, and the other speakers were Dr.
Mclntyre, and Mr. D. \V. Morrissey.
Vancouver Man Owning Lots on
First Avenue Is Anxious About
Culvert Construction There. Unconventional Letter to Council.
Two new hats are offered to the city
engineer, and one to each member of
council, if the covering timbers being
put over the dry stone culvert in the
deep fill on First avenue last more than
five years.
In great concern over an idea of his
that spruce timbers are being used
here instead of cedar, Chas. Bennett, a
Vancouver man and owner of property
on First avenue, has written to the city
council about it. His letter couched in
unconventional terms, but evidently in
earnest is being considered by the
streets committee.
Aid. Lynch stated that the city engineer had planned to use cedar for this
work which was intended to endure for
from twenty to twenty-live years after
which term no doubt the city would be
arranging for a brick lined culvert of
' larger size there.
No great expectations were raised in
council over the prospect of possessing
new hats in five years if the culvert
covering gives way. It was felt thut
Colonel Davis would be able to resist
the temptation to put in less lasting
timber even if he had been offered three
hats when the culvert caved in instead
of only two.
Young men who have votes remember
the bar has slain millions uf young men.
Cut it out by voting for the Canada
Temperance Act.
Mr. W. J. Faris Says He Will Give $100 to Charity if
His Statements are Proved Incorrect���Fun is
Poked at Dr Clayton's Argument
After waiting twenty minutes for
the Citizens' League speakers to arrive
for a return debate, the temperance
party last, night decided to UBe the
occasion for a campaign meeting. A
large audience had gathered in anticipation of the debate, and all stayed on
to listen to the speeches.
Rev. F. W. Kerr who opened the
speech making devoted himself to
answering a letter-writer in the Optimist
who had sent "Some Questions for Mr.
Kerr to Answer." To the letter writer's
plea for liberty, Mr. Kerr replied that
liberty had its boundaries. No one hud
liberty to do anything that was against
the common welfare.
Mr. W. J. Fatis of Vancouver, also
replied to his critics. He said he would
have people know he was not an "in-
lerlopi-r from Fargo." He was a British-
born Canadian citizen, who had left a
prosperous business with a turnover of
over $30,000 a year in North Dakota
to return to Canada. When he returned,
he came like pedigreed stock "duty
free." He declared that Dr. Mclntyre
when he said he did not know whether
one of the places he cited was Grand
Forks or East Grand Forks, showed
he knew nothing of what he was talking
about. The conditions in the two places
were as wide asunder its the polec. Mr.
Faris maintained that every assertion
he had made in the debate with Mr.
Blakemore was undisproved. He knew
every fact of which he spoke and would
give $100 to any Prince Rupert charity
if a angle statement of his could bc
disproved.   He complained that by thc
condition imposed in the debate at
Mclntyre Hall, he was prevented from
replying to Mr. Blakemore and from
pointing out that gentleman's errors of
Mr. V.'. E. McLean resented Dr.
Clayton's superior assumption that "newcomers" should not be allowed to speak
nbout the temperance issue. He woi-
dered if that tooth-puller after looking
in his patients' mouths ever said: 'Tan
very sorr.y but I can't fill your teeth.
You have the earmarks of a newcomer,
and I couldn't think of doctoring your
teeth for you."
After an effective short speech from
Mr. W. R. Morrissey, Rev. W. H.
McLeod wus called on and delivered
an impassioned address en the attitude
of organized labor to the bar. He
quoted from a large number nf famous
labor leaders and urged all workingmen
to follow their lend, and vote against
the bar.
Tenders to Be Called for Two Million
Prnce Rulien's supply of lumber for
city needs hus run out, and tenders wilt
be called for two million feet on the
recommendation of the city engineer,
approved by the streets committee.
Tenders for small quantities will bc
considered. All offers v.ill be framed
in accordance with the specifications of
the city engineer.
irteen Offers Received  Including
the   City   Engineer���Prices   Were
Shoved    Pretty    Cloie.      Tenders
{Referred to Committee.
rTVndera for grading and planking
lnth avenue were opened at the city
lumil meeting last night, and were
���MTtd to thc streeti committee. The
flowing are thc bidders and the
[Sam   Anderson���Rock   $2.60,   earth
1.00, 16-ft. plank roadway 3 3-4 cents,
kits! rail 4 cents per lineal foot.
[John   G.   Vlerick���R   1.85,   E   86c,
> M 2 3 4 cents, Hd Rl 2 1-2 cents.
Denton & Williams���R 2.60, E 1.00,
I H'l 3 1-2 cents, Hd Rl 6c.
P. McCloskie���R 2.26, E 1.00, PI Rd
| 1-1 cents, Hd Rl 8c.
L. A. Doyle & Co.���R 2.60, E 66c, PI
Rd 4c, Hd Rl 2 1-2 cents.
M. R. McLeod���R 1.60, E 70c, PI Rd
���3 �� centa, HdRU 3-4 cents.
W. T. Muse���R 2.60, E 1.00, PI Rd
M cents, Hd Rl 8c.
L. E. Dirtier���R 2.00. E 86c, PI Rd
"-16 cents, Hd Rl 2 1-2 cents.
���I. V. Jack���R 2.00, E 1.00, PI Rd
1-1 cents, Hd Rl 3c.
B. C. Latrace-R 2.60, E 1.00, PI Rd
Wl cents, Hd Rl 2c.
John Darling & Co.���R 1.90, E 90c,
f Kd 3c, Hd Rl 3c.
Alderman Gy^yjtoden^he Chairman of the Local Option League meeting
on Sunday/gave an interriew to the Prince Rupert Optimist as reported in
its columns as recently as 30th July, nineteen hundred and ten, as follows:
"I also believe that Local Option will get a strong vote from the Blind Pig men, as
THAN UNDER LICENSE. Of course the new Canada Temperance Act will make
it much easier to keep the Blind Pigs down, BUT THEY WILL OPERATE JUST
THE SAME. It would be as easy to stop water running down hill than to close
Blind Pigs in a Local Option Town."
J. A. Meeker-R 2.60, E 1.00, PI Rd
3c, Hd Rl 3c.
City Engineer -R 2.60, I 100, PI Rd
6c, Hd Rl 6c.
Snowslide Puts Temporary Stop to
Service From Vancouver
The telegraph service connecting Prince Rupert and Vancouver was interrupted yesterday through a rather
severe snowslide which disconnected the
current. The breakdown occurred some
sixty miles up the line. As soon as the
stoppage occurred a gang was dis
patched to locate it and have a remedy
effected with all possible speed.
Manager Dowling of the local tele
graph office states that the interruption
Is not a serious one and that a few hours
will suffice to put the line in perfect
operation again.
In the meantime the news of   the
south cannot get through so that the
conditions of the British elections and
other important mnttcrs that would
have been dealt with in our issue of
today will have to be held over till
tomorrow. A snowslide is one of those
revolutionary elements in nature which
are subject to no law nnd from which
there can be no redress and therefore
Prince Rupert must, accept its temporary
isolation with becoming forbearance.
Section One Improvements Can Now
Go Ahead
Arrangements have been concluded
by the finance committee for the fundB
necessary for carrying on the improvements contemplated in Section 1, and
for which tendcts have been considered.
Contracts which are waiting to be signed
can be completed at once, and works
will go ahead accordingly.
Nomination and Polling Day* Fixed
by  By-law
Monday January 9th. 1911, is fixed
by By-law for the nomination of candidates for the mayoralty also aldermen
and school trustees. Nomination hours
between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Polling
Day Thursday, January 12, from 9 a.m.
to ' p.m.
To Cover Cost of Prince Rupert City
A motion introduced by Aid. Pattullo
at the city council meeting last night
to provide for the issue of debentures to
cover thc cost of thc city improvement
works on hand and forthcoming was passed by the council.
Mayor Will Meet Steamer and Discussion Will Follow. Satisfaction
in City at Prospect of Something
By the Prince (ieorge tomorrow Mr.
D'Arcy Tate will arrive to m<.H tin-
city on the subject of the 0. T. P.
assessment difficulty. His arrival ia
looked forward lo with considerable
satisfaction by the business* mm uf
the city.
Mayor Stork will meet Mr. D'Arcy
Tate at the wharf OB the arrival of the
I'r'nce (ieorge, and shortly afterwards
-t is expected that the discussion of the
assessment with the council will take
Just how far Mr. D'Arcy Tate is
empowered to deal with the city on the
matter is not known, but the assessment
problem has lain in abeyance apparently
after receipt of ('. If, Hays' letter anil
prop(��vtion t- the c!ty, the definite
movement 'mplicd by the coming discussion is welcomed.
Fathers save your sons from the
influence of the bars and your daughters
from hecoming drunkards' wives by
voting for thc Canada Temperance Act.
For high class pearl jewelry see R,
W. Cameron & Company. THE   PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
II l��_II ���*���_���! sa. II   �� "'     H
The Royal
Corner ot Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Our Lunch Counter and Restaurant are superior in appointments, service and cuisine to any in the City. It is
popular with diners of taste,
and the rendezvous of parties
If you try the Royal
you   will   go   again.
!          !
.., ��,s.����s% as*
���^ SS SSMSfcll^.,,!
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Social Notes
Miss Martin expects to leave shortly
for Victoria where she will spend the
Christmas holidays.
Mr. B. W. Browne returned by the
Camosun on Friday night from a business
trip to Vancouver.
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CREAM ���B. C, Large 20 oz. tin 10
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St. Charles or Jersey, case  5.00
St Charles or Jersey, hotel size  4.75
Wethey's Mince Meat, per package 10
Davies Pork and Beans, 2 lb. tin 10
Mixed Peel cut in.drums    20
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Spanish Olives, 80 oz. jar  1.35
finest table apples���Spitzenburgs, Wine Saps,  and
Arkinsaw Blacks  2.60
Other Varieties. 1.75 and  2.00
Chillawhack Potatoes, per sack  1.75
JUST  RECEIVED,   Car of Ashcroft Potatoes, lb 24C
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith will
occupy Mr. J R. Talpey's flat in the
Rand Block, corner Fulton street and
Sixth avenue, during Mrs. Talpey's
absence in the South.
Mr. A. E. McMaster leaves on Thursday to join Mrs. McMaster in Port
Arthur, Ont., where they will spend the
holidays with Mrs. McMaster'* parents,
returning to Prince Rupert early in the
new year.
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co. Ltd
A complete line of Sporting Goods, Guns,
Rifles, Revolvers, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle, Prospectors' Outfits, and General
Hardware, Kitchen and Hotel Ware
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
���JUST   A   FEWi
1 and  2
20 and 21
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27 and 28
i    C. D. RAND, Broker
Mr. G. R. Naden returned on Friday
night from Vancouver.
Mr. A. Gustine Smith of the Red
(TIT Mining company, passed through
here Friday evening en route to Stewart.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Patmore are
moving into their handsome new residence on Borden street this week.
A Tast of Life's Value.
The standard of life progresses from
the demands of mere existence to those
of comlort; in this progression from
expenditure for existence to expenditure
for comfort and pleasure come the great
differentiations of society. When one
possesses money over and above that
which suffices for mere existence, he
emphasizes bis real value of life by his
purchase of comforts. He may buy
cream cakes or terrapin, to please his
palate; he may buy a hammock or an
automobile, to please his love of ease
in motion; he may buy a graphophone
or an opera ticket, to please his ear;
he may buy gay lithographs or beautiful
pictures, to please his eye and adorn
his home. Where he belongs may be
determined by the manner in which
he spends this comfort-margin of his
income. The wise woman will exercise
care and judgment in such expenditure,
will spurn all luxuries of food, all forms
of comfort that weaken the physical or
moral character.
their children to understand the world
better and th world to better understand
the little ones. It could easily be done
if only greater sympathy were shown.
Referring to Worsdsworth's well known
lines about children, he asks whence
they came if not from God? Where was
heaven if not in the vicinity of the cradle
and the playroom? What could be more
like paradise then the happiness ol the
child? In childhood the flesh, bone and
nerve was merely the canvas upon
which the tapestry* w-as woven, the
science the loom that wove the pattern.
However wise and just they might be in
dealing with their children they would
appear to them as ogres unless their
souls radiated sympathy and love, which
were to the child heart as the rays of
the June sun were to the budding rose.
It was not the child nature, but man and
woman culture that was really needed.
The child was unspoiled when delivered
into their hands. The difficulty waa that
they did not understand it.
|New Rain &*
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Mrs. S.
For the Housekeeper
Tan stockings should never be put
into bluing water as it will give them
a greenish tinge. Instead, add a little
henna powder to the water. Tbe stockings should be soaked in salt water
before they are washed tbe first time.
Fruit stains on linen may be removed
by pouring boiling water through them.
Stretch the spotted part over a bowl
and pour the boiling water on the stain.
It may be necessary to repeat the treatment several times :n order to remove
the stains entirely. Tea and coffee
stains ay be eradicated by the same
A del'c'ou. tish dish is made of crab,
lobster, or any kind of cold fish. Flake
the fish well, then put it into a pan
with plenty of butter, adding a little
nutmeg and salt for seasoning Add
a little flour and an egg or two beaten
up with cream. Stir so the mixture
will not curdle, and add a few cracker
crumbs so as to make it thick enough
to handle.
The Incomparable Ellen
In speaking of her recent tour and
the discourses on "Shakespeare's Heroines Triumphant."  Mias Ellen Terry
recently  said:    "When   I   talk   about
Ophelia oi Juliet or Lady Macbeth, I
may convey very little;  but if I quote
their own words, action, gesture, voice,
I they all help me to make them living
��� women to my audiences."   Mias Terry's
j New York and Chicago appearances have
proved   veritable  triumphs.     In   New-
York it was said of her performance:
"This marvelous woman, with thc gift
of youth, made all her younger hearers
young again.   While she was once more
! revealing  Portia some of  us thought
i that nigh' at the Lyceum Theatre, in
! London, when she first played Portia
: to Henry Irving's Shylock.   Yesterday
; she made that faraway night of hallowed
! memory seem as near as night before
last.     Yesterday   she   looked,   spoke,
moved, as she did then; the rhythm of
her, the music of her, the unmatched
charm of her swept away the decades."
Heart of a Child
"The Heart of a Child" is a subject
that has been receiving a great deal of
attention down south. Hear what
Professor Carleton Lee has to say about
it:   He pleads that people should teach
Mix together in a stewpan over the
fire a heaping tablespoonful of butter
and the same of flour. When mixed
put In a finely chopped onion and fry
until browned. Wash a fourth of a
pound of rice in several waters, drain,
and add to the onion. On tha pour
stock and boil until each grain la cooked.
Shake the stewpan occasionally but do
not st'r with a spoon. When cooked
season to taste with pepper and salt and
strain in a tablespoonful of lemon juice.
Turn into a hot dish, strew some grated
Parmesan cheese over it, and serve
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Phone No. 1
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will despatch two stearr.ers
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couver and all Northern B. C.
ports, calling at Prince Rupert
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S.S. Vadso    S.S. Venture
classed    100  Al   at  I-Hod*.
Leaving Prince Rupert "south
bound on Fridays. For further
particulars apply to
pta. moou t co.. huhce iifbi
Head Office si Vktesri.. b. C.
P. O. BOX 230
r. W. HART
House Furnishings Complttt
to sis FURNITURE >��
FEED . ������
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We beg to announce to the
public that we have purchased the transfer and
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i Charlotte Islands Land District���District ol
���. notice thst I, Thos. R. Davoy of Queen
ritrtte, occupation notary public, Intend to
sV lor permission to prospect for eoal and
ileum on the lollowing described lands:
(ommencing st a post planud two miles north
I five milea esst ol Section 13, Township 7.
Asm Islsnd, and marked No. 5, T. R. D., S.
Jcorner, thenc* esst 80 chsins, thenee nonh
[chains, thence west 80 chains, thence south
ehsins to point of commencement,   contsining
Jo*. Smm" thos. r. davey
Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
sen Charlotte Islands Land District���District ol
axe noUce that I, Thos. R. Davey ol Quaen
irlotte, occupetion  notary  public,   intend  to
It  [or permiasion to prospect tor co*l snd
foleum on the following described land.
!ommencing at a post plsnted two milea north
five miles esst of Section IS, Township 7,
ahum Island, marked No. 6, T. R. D., S. E.
Cer, thenee west 80 chains, thenc* north 80
Ens|  thence e*at  80  chains,  thance south   80
ns to point of oommenosment, containing 640
a more or lea..
ed Oct. 28,1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
1 Char otte Islands Land Distjse*���District ol
_k,. notice that I. Thoa 11. Davey of Queen
irlotte, occupaUon notary public, ntand to
ly lor permission to prospect lor cosl and
raleum on the lollcwing described land:
ommencing st a post plsnted three miles eut
Jeciion 13, Township t, Graham lalsnd, msrkssd
[7, T. R. D��� S. W. comer, thence esst 80 chsins,
ace north SO chains thence weat 80 chains,
(ice south SO chains to point of commencement,
��ining MO seres more or lesa.
t*. Oct. 28,1910 THOS. R   DAVEY
. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
i Charlotte Islands [.and District���Distriet ol
Wf notiee that I, Thos. R. Davey ol Qu.-sri
irlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
Ii' [or permission to pn*pect (or eoal and
.il..iim on the following deecribed lsnd:
sommoncing ct n pssst plsnted three mils*s e��st
Section 13, Township 7, Graham Island snd
,*ted No. 8. T. R. !>., S E. corner, thenc* west
chains, thence north 80 chsins, thence east 80
' is. tnence south 80 chains to point of com-
ement, conuining 640 scresj more or leas.
I Oet. 28, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
p. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing, Agent
en CharlotU Islanda Land District���District ol
Jie notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol Queen
rlotte Islands, occupaUon notary public, intend
.pply for permission to prospect for cosl spd
oleum on the following described lsnd:
ommencing st a post planted three milea esst
Section 13, Township 7, Graham Island and
|ked No. 9, T. R. Iv, N. E. corner, thence west
hsina, thence south 80 chstns, thence east 80
thence north 80 ehslns to point of com*
cment, containing 640 sere* more or less.
1 Oct. 29,1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
l ChsrlotU Islsnds Lsnd District��� Dstrict; ol
ke notice thst I, Thos.  R.  Davey ol Queen
rloUe, occupation  notary  public,   intand  to
ns (or permission  to prospect  for  coal  and
sols-urn on the following described lsnd:
lommencing st s post planted two mUa. north
thrre miles east ol Section  13, Township 7
I msrked No. 10, T. R. D , N. W. corner, thenee
it 80 chsins, thenee south 80 chsins, thenee cast
| chsin., thence north 80 ehslns to point of com-
nccment conuining 640 seres more or less,
fated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
bh. Nov. 17 Wilson Gowing, Agsmt
keen CharlotU Islsnds Lsnd District���District ol
I Tako notice Ihst I, Thos. R. Davoy of Quesn
uarlotu. oecupstion noury public, intend to
pply for permisssion to prospect for cosl snd
airoleum on the following described land:
I Commencing at a post planted two milea north
���d three miles east of Section 18, Township 7,
Iraham Island and marked No. 11, T. R. IV. N. W.
prniT,  thenc* eaat 80 chains, thence aouth 80
sins thence waat 80 chalna, thence north 80
pains to point ol commeneement, conuining
NO acrea more or less.
��ted Oct. 29,1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Vih. Nov. 17. Wilson (lowing, Agent
uren CharlotU Islands Land District���District of
Taka notic* that I, Tho*. R. Davay of Quean
ph.rlotte, occupation  notary public.    Intend    to
Pply for permUsion   to   prospeet  for coal and
ctroleum on the following described land:
Commencing st a post plsnted two mil*, north
Jul five miles esst ol Section  13, Township 7,
Grshsm Island and marked No. 12, T. R. IV. N. E.
f"rmT. thence west 80 chsins. thenc* south 80
Bhaina, theneo east 80 chains,  thenc* north 80
khaln. to point of commencement, conUlning 640
acre, more or les*.
Patssl Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Tub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agant
Qusen CharlotU Islands Land District���Diatriet ol
Tske notice that 1, Thos. R. Dsvey ol Queen
��� Chsrlotte. oceupstlon noury public, Inund to
������pply (or permiasion to prospect for coil and
11"���iis.ls.um on the lollowing deacribed land:
I   ('ommencing st a post plsnud two mile* north
I snsl five miles east ol Section  18, Township 7,
II irsham Island and marked No. 13, T.R.D., N. W.
1 csirner, thi'nee east 80 chains, thence south 80 chsins
Ihracs weat 80 chsina, thenee north 80 chains to
I point of commencement, conUlning 640 sere* more
I or Irm.
liatiHl Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I I'ub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agsnt
1 Queen Chariott* lalanda Land Diatrict���District ol
Tsks notics that I, Tho*. R. Davey of Queen
Chsrlotte, oceupstlon noury public, InUnd to
���pply (or permission to prospect for cosl and
petroleum on the following dnsirribed land:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
���nd five milea east ol Section 19, Township 7,
t.raham IaUnd and marked No. 14. T. R. D., S. W.
corner, thence east 80 chains, thane* north 80
chain., thence west 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chains to point ol eommencem.nt, conUlning 640
scrsss more or less.
listed Oct. 29,1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I*ub. Nov. 17. WUson Oowlng. Agmt
Queen CharlotU Islsnds Land District���District of
��� , Skeena
Take notiee that I, Thoa. R. Davsy ol sQu*mi
< i.arlntte, occupation notary public, intand to
"I'Py 'or perm Won to proapect for coal and
I" irsileum on the following deacribed lands:
(ommencing at a post planted two miles north
snsl live miles esat ol Section 13. Township 7,
(.rsliam '"'���nd snd msrked No. IB, T. R. D.( 6. E.
��'rner, thence west 80 chsin., thsnee north 80
���gains, thenc* esst 80 chsins, thenc* south 80
���m�� to point of commencement, conuining 640
��<ts*s more or less,
Wllaon Gowing, Agent
dkeen* Land Diatriet���District of Ranka la aad
Take notioo that James MarshaU ol SeattM
Waah, occupation real estau dealer, intends to
apnly (or permission to purchsse the lollowing
doscribed lsnds:
Commencing at a post planud about seven milea
eut and one mile south from the mouth ot an inlet,
which point is sbout ten mUes south snd two milas
weat Iron End HUI, Banks Island, thenc* aast 80
ehaina, thane* south 80 ehaina, thence weat 80
chalna, thance north 80 ehaina to point ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 8,1910. JAMES MARSHALL
Pub. 11. B. I,. Tinglay, Agent
Caasiar Land Dtatrict���District of Cassiar.
Take notice that Thomas Y. McClymont ot
Prince Kupert, B. C, occupsUon Broker, inUnds
to apply for permission to purchsse the following
described land:
Commoncing st s post plsnted one mile In eut'
erly direction Irom Hylands Raneh and about 20
ehalns south Tsltsn River thence north 80 chalna
thence west 80 ehsins, thenee south 80 chsins
thsnee esst 80 ehaina to point of commencement, and conuining 640 acres, more or leas.
Dsted Sept. 29, 1910 THOS. M. McCLYMON'l
Pub. Oct- 25. WUfrld C. MeDonsld. Agen
Skeena Land District���District of Banks Island
Take notice that Guy Jacob ol Barry, Minn.,
oceupstlon Isrmer, InUnds to spply for permission
to purchsss the [ollowing dsseribed lands:
Commeneing at a post plsnud about six mile.
eut and on* mile north from tb* mouth of sn inlet,
which point la sbout Un mllu south and two
mllea wut from End Hill, Bsnks Islsnd. thenu
eut 80 ehaina, thanca north 80 chains, thenes
wut 80 ehsins, thenee south 80 chalna to point oi
commencement.   -
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. 1UY JACOB
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley. Agent
Skesns Land District���District ol Bank* Island
Tak* notica that Archibald Henderson of Seattle,
Wssh.. occupaUon machinist. inUnds to apply (or
permission  to purchsse  th* foUowing  described
Commancing at a poat planted about uven
mUea aast and thru milu south from the mouth of
an Inlet, which point ia about ten mUu aouth and
two milu wut from End HUI, Hank. Islsnd. thence
west 80 chsins, thence north 80 chains, thenee seat
80 chains, thenee aouth 80 chsin* to point of
Pub. Oct- 11. B. I, Tingley, Agent
Skeens Land District���District of Banka Island
Tak* notice that E. R. Loomis ol Barry, Minn..
occupaUon farmer. inUnds to spply (or permUsion
to purchsse ths (ollowing dsseribed lsnds:
Commeneing at a post planud about six mllu
���aat and on* mils north Irom lh* mouth ol sn
Inlet, which point U sbout un mile, south and two
milu wut from End HUI, Banks Islsnd, thsne*
sast 80 chains, thsne* south 80 chsins, thane* wu
80 chain*, thance north 80 ehaina to point o
oommen cement.
Dsted Sept. 7, 1910. E.  11.  LOOMIS
Pub Oct. 11. B. L. Tlnglsy, Agssnt
Skuna Land Distriet���DUtrict of Coast Rang* 6
Tak* notic* that George Owen Johnston ol
Melbssurne, Au*., occupalion pointer, InUnds lo
apply lor permlsson to purchsae the (ollowing
dueribed lands:
Commencing st * posst pUnted one mile up
Extrews River on essl bsnk, thsnee sast 40 chains,
thenc* north 80 ehslns, thenoe West 60 chains,
mora or leu to the bank o( Extrews lUver, thenu
along bank of Eitrews River south to point of
commeneement, conuining 340 seres more or leu.
Skeens Lsnd Distriet���DUtrict of Bsnks IsUnd
Tske notice that V. Johnniu ol Graceville, Minn.
occupation ruUurant ksepsr, InUnds to sppy for.
parmission   to  purchsse  the  lollowing  deacribed
Commencing st s post planud about flv* milsss
sast and two miles aouth from th* mouth of an
Inlet, whieh point U about Un mil��� aouth and two
milu weat from End HUI, Usnks Islsnd, thenc*
eaat 80 chsins, thenee south 80 chsins, thenee wut
80 chains, thenu north 80 chains to point ol
Dsted Sept. 8, 1910 p. JOHNNIES
Pub. Oct- 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���Distriet of Banks Island
Take notin that Bryan Ruddy of Barry, MinneaoU, occupaUon fanner, inUnda to apply tor
Permission   to   purchsse   th,   [ollowing   described
Commencing st s post plsnud sU milu north
ol the mouth ol sn Inlet, which point U about Un
mUu south snd two mUu wut ol End HUI, Banks
IsUnd, thine* wut 80 chains, thence uuth 80
chsins, thence east 80 chains, thenu north 80
chains to point ol comm*ae*m*nt.
DsU Aug. 11. 1910. BRYAN RUDDY
Pub. Sept, 16. B. L. Tingley, Agenl
Sksens Land Distriet���DUtrict o( Banks IsUnd
Taks notice thst Jossph Tsylor ol Seattle, Wuh.
occupaUon editor, inUnds to spply (or permission
to purchsse the (ollowing dsseribed lands:
Commencing st s post planud about a ven
mllu east snd one mile south from th* mouth of an
inlet, which point is sbout Un milu south snd two
mUu wut from End HUI. Bsnks Islsnd, thence
wut 80 chsins, thsne* south SO ehsins, thenee esst
80 ehaina, thenu aorth 80 chain* to point of
D*t*d S*pt. 8. 1910. JOSEPH TAYLOR
Pub. Oct. 11. IU. Tinglay, Agmt
Skuna Land Diatrict���Distriet ot Bsnks Islsnd
Tak* notice that Mabel Corbett ol SutUe,
Waah., occupaUon married woman, intends to
spply lor permission to purchase the [ollowing
described Unds:
Commencing st s post planud about thru
milu east snsl one mile south from ta* mouth
of an Inlet, whieh point U nbout Un mils* south
snd two mils* west from End HUI, Bsnks Island,
thsne* west 80 ehslns, thence south 80 chains,
thance a**t HO ehsins, thenu north 80 ehaina to
point ol commencement.
Dsted Sapt. 7, 1910. MABEL CORBETT
Pub. Oct 11. HI.. Tina-Icy, Agant
Skeens Lsnd District���Distriet ol Cout
Tak* notic* thst Jossph E. MsrehUdon ol Princ
Rupert, II. C, occupetion tsmscr, inUnds U spply
lor  permiasion   to   purcbau   the  lollowing  <i*s-
eribsd lands:-
Dsted Sept. 12, 1910
Pub. Oct. 17.
A. H. Johnston, Agsnt
tEEJV*? o' '���"���
listed Oet. 29,1910.
I^ub. Nov. 17.
Skuns Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol Cosst Rang* 6
Take notice thst EmssUn* M. Grable. msrrisd
woman ol San Erancaico, U. S. A., occupation
msssenu, InUnds to spply lor permission to pur-
ehsu the following dsseribed lsnds:
Commencing st s posst planud on the south rids
of the G. T. P. right-of-way 73 1-2 mUu Irom
Princ* Rupert on tne north aide of the Skeen*
River, thence south 20 ehsins more or leu to th*
bank ol the Skuna River, thence HO chalna more or
leu slong ths bsnk ol the Skeens lUvor In s nortb-
ssutarly direction to tb* G. T. P. rsght-ol wsy,
thsnee 60 chsins more or Uu In sn easterly direction ��long th* G. T. P. right-ol-wsy to the point
of commeneement snd containing 120 sera*, mors
Baud'Sept. 12,1910. ERNESTINE M. GRABLE
Pub. Oct. 17. A. H. Johnston. Agsnt
Skeens Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol Coast Rsnga 6
Tak* notin thst Brent U. Gnbls ol Han Eran-
ricos, 11. S. A., occupation accounUnt, intend, to
apply for permUalon to purchan th* lollowing
ducrilsesl Unds:
Commencing st a post plsntsd on ths ssouth side
of Ui* G. T. R right-ol-w��y mils' 73 1-2 Irom Princ*
Rupert on the north side of the iskeens Kiver, thenu
south 20 ehslns more or Uu lo the bsnk of the Sksena Riverthsnu 80 chsins more or les. along lbs
bank of ths Skuns River In a northeuteriy direction to th* G. T. P. right-of-w��y, th.nce 60
chsins more or Iu. along th* G T. P. right-ol-way
In a wuurly direction to th* point of commenes-
awnt *nd containing 120 scms. more nr lews
D*t*d Sept. 12. 1910. BRENT 11.  GRABLE
Pub. Oct. 17. A. H. Johnston. Agsnt
Skeen* L*nd Distriet���District of Cosst Rangs t
Take notin that Arthur Henry Johnston ol
Prince Rupert, oceupstlon ballder, InUnd. to spply
lor permUilon to purcbau ths lollowng d��*crlh*d
Commancing at a post plsntesl 20 chsins easl ol
74 mils post on tb* G. T. P. right-ol-way on north
���Isle of ume snd Skuns lllver. thencs 80 chsins
north, th*n�� 80 chsin. wsst, lh*nn SO ehslns
south to O. T. P. right-of-wsy, thenu 80 chsins
sast along G. T. P. nght-sjf-wey to point ol com-
immumenl snd conuining 640 acres mors or lews
D.UdS.p,.ltx191.0.uR    henry   J0HN8T0N
Pub. Oct. 17.
NOTICE U hsreby given thst Application wU
b* mad* to Ui* Psrllsmsnt ol Csnsds, st Iu nut
���eauon, for an Act Incorporating a Company undsr
power to construct snd operau s llns ol raUwur
running from a point In th* Provinn ol HriUsa
ColtimbU on th* InUrnaUonal Boundary whsr*
uid boundsry crosssu Bur Creak, a tributary
to th* Chllkst Rlr*r, or nar thsrsto. snd Ihsnce
���standing noftlHwawuriir tstwda ths AUsk
River ��nd th*nc* through th* Shskwyk Vsll*y t*
Lak* Klusne snd Osuin along thU las* vU th*
Donjek VaUey to the Whiu Rivsr snsl thenes, if
daaind, by th* most feasible rouU lo th* Intar-
national Boundary betwun lb* Yukon T����rltofy
���nd Alaska between the stity-*econd *nd sixty-
fourths psrallsU ot UUtude.with power to x*en*rau
���nd use electrical and other snergy, and Us
of th* *uiplu�� thereol; to eosisujwt and operate |
telegraph ��nd telephone Unee, ��nd to charge lolU
<�� th*> uu thereof, alao fixing th* amount ot
���eesiritiee to be und with respect Us such llns,
also euthoritlsg amelgemstloa with other eom-
psnlsss, with other usu��l snd customary now*rs.
DATED st th* City ol OtUwr. In th. Provinn
of OnUrio thU 20th d.y ol OjJg^A. D.^910.
.Srsliri'ssr for Us A��**Vs.��
Pub. Nm. .>�����
Commoncing st s post planud about 3 mllu
up the Ex Chum Slk River from Iu mouth end
on the Ml bank ol river going up stream; thenu
uuth 40 ehsins, thence esst 40 chsins,
thenc north 40 chains more or leu to
ivsr bank, thence westerly  eleng rivsr bank  to
rise* ol commencement.
Lie Aug. 16. 1910.    |Sgd|"Joesph E. MsrehUdon"
Puh. Aug. 22
Skeena I jssi.1 District- District of Cosst. Rsnite (,.
Take notice that Louis Sweder of Prince Rup.
ert. ssccupalion Ullor. InUnds to applv fssr permission tsi purchase the following slescribesl
Commencing st s post planted at south-essl
eorner of lot 1739. ihence west forty chsins,
thenc* south forty chsins. thence east forty
chsins, thence north forty chains to commencement- conUlninit loo acrea.
Dste Sept. 17. 1910. LOUIS SWEDER
Pub. Oct. 19. 1910. Joseph Duns... Astern
Skuns  Lsnd   Dstrict���DUtrict  ol    Bsnks IsUnd
T.ke noUn that Dominic* Alberigi ol Suttle,
Wash.,  occupaUon grocer, intends to spply lor
Emission   to  purchan  tbe   lollowing   described
Commsncing st s post pUnud sbout two mUu
south Irom End HUI, Bulks Island, thence wut SO
chains, thann aouth 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thenre north 80 ehsins to point ol corn-
men rrment-
Dsted Sept. 9, 1910 DOMINICA ALBERIGI
Pub. Oct- 11. B. L. TlngUy. Agent
Csssiar Lsnd District -DUtrict ol Csssisr
Tsks  notin Ihst I N*U1 M. McNeill ol Prinu
Rupert,   11.   OL  occupsUon   Kesl   EstsU   Duler,
Intends to spply lor permission to purchsu ths
following dsseribed lands:���
Commencing st ��� poet plsnted one mile In northerly direction Irom the north end nl llukley Lake
snsl Un chains wsst Hulkley Creak, (hence north 80
ehslns, thence wut 80 ehslns. thenee uuth 80
chains, thenn east 80 chsins to point ol commencement, snd conUlning 640 scrsss, more or less.
Ii.l.l Oct. 8, 1910. NEIL M. McNEILL
Pub. Oct. 26. W'ltfrs! C. MeDonsld. Agtnt
Skesns  Und   DUtrict-Dlstricl ot   llsnks  M.nd
Tsk* noUn  thst I). E. Wslkcr ol Gracilis,
Mian., oecupstion Isrmar,  Intends to spply lor
psa-mUslon  lo  purchsu  th*  lollowing  described
Commencing st s post plsnud nbout Av* mUu
sast Irom ths mouth of an Inlst, which point U
sboul Un mllu soulh snd two mUu wut from
End HUI, Usnks IsUnd, thenre wul HO ch.ins.
thenee south HO ehslns. thenre eut HO ch.ins.
Itienu nssrth HO ehsins to pssint ol eommencemsnt.
Dsud Sept. 7, 1910. D. E. WALKER
Pub. Oet. II. B. I.. Tingley. Agen
Skeens Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coest
Taks noUn thst Gsorg* It   Putman ol Prinu
Rupert, occupation tlm.lsss.per,  Intend, to .pply
lor permission to purchan the loUowlng daseribed
lands:- .
Commendni *l ��� post plsnud at the south
sast corner of lot 1712; thenn .nulls 40 ehslns,
thence weet 80 chains, thann north 40 ehalns,
thenre east HO ehslna lo point 'it eommencemenl,
conUining 320 scru more or leas.
Dau September fs, 1910 Oe��. It. Putmsn.
Pub. Sept- 20.
Skeen* Und District���DUtrict ol Bsnks IsUnd
Take notin that John J. Keeler ol Barry, Minn,
occupaUon miller, InUnda to spply lor permUalon
to purchsu the lollowing described lands-
Commencing st s post plsntesl about ��ix milu
east and one mUe north from the n.out i nl aa
Inlet, which point U about ten muu south snd two
mUu wsst from End HUI, Bsnk* Islsnd, thenn
west 80 ehslns, thence north 80 ehslna, thenn
eut SO ehslns, Ihenre south 80 chsina Us point of
commencement- �����.... ���   ���.���������.��� ���>..
listed Sept 7. 1110. tPf-t ,KBB.LB,J
Pub. Oct. 11. ����������� Tingley, Agent
Skeen. Und Distriet���DUlrict of Bsnka IsUnd
Taka  notin that   Michael   ""..her  of Seattle,
Wuh.. occupetlo* restaurant keeper. Intends to
spply  lor permUsion  us purchue the following
dueribed Unds: .    .....
Commsmdng *t �� po*t plsnled sbout seven
miles esst snsl one mUe eouth from the mouth ot
an Inlet, which point ��� sboul ten mllu south and
"o mllu wut Irom Knd HHI, Bank* laland. lh��n
wut 80 chains, thenn north 80 chsins, thenre east
M ehaina, thenn south  80 chalna to point of
D?t*r4pT7n!'i9io.      **ra-4Bl&&3
Pub. Oct. 11. B- L T"1��',��s *�����*���*
Geo. D. Tite
3rd. Ave.   Prince Rupert
What Could be More Suitable for a Xmas Present
Than a comfortable Upholstered Chair or Rocker?
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J. S. GRAY & SON, Sixth Street
Precipitation Reaches 3.70 in Forty-
Eight   Hours
Who said Prince Rupert was going
dry? For him no monument of truth
can ever be erected. Yes, we mean
rain. During the past forty eight
hours or more there has been an idea
afloat that we were really having some
The report of the weather clerk confirms the suspicion.  This is what he says
in his cold figurative way. For the
forty-eight hours between five o'clock
Siinilay morning and five o'clock this
morning the precipitation was 3.70
When that dead meaningless numeral
is placed in the show case for comparison
it assumes a tremendous significance. It
means that one thirtieth of the year's
total ra!nfall arrived in a great hurry
between the hours stated as thc total
prncip'tation for the year to date is in
the neighborhood of 100 inches. IHE   PRINtE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading news-paper of Northern British Columbia.   It
has grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATE'S are one price to all-25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Tuesday, Dec. 13
Another twenty-four hours have passed, and still Mr. Williem Manson is in
hiding. He has not dr.red to come out and answer the plain question, whether
or no it is true that he has secretly pledged himself to both parties in the temperance
campaign. Within eight hours of the publication of this article it will be too late
for Mr. Manson to make any statement at all. He will be a discredited man politically. The stigma of resting quiet under the accusation of double dealing���the
roost damning ch.-rge that can lay against any public man���will attach to him
if he still dfclines to break the silence.
Because of what the occasion means to Mr. Manson we are anxious to give
him the uttermost opportunity to rehabilitate himself. Day after day we have
Offered him the courtesy of our columns. That opportunity he has chosen to
allow to go by default, rather than openly, and in the presence of witnesses declare
his real position.
We will give Mr. Manson one last chance. Tonight there are to be two mass
meetings of the citizens. One, promoted by the Citizens' League, will be held in
the Empress Theatre: the other, promoted by the Local Option Association will
be held in the Majestic Theatre. Alderman Mobley has already been allowed
to state his position at one of these meetings. A similar privilege could not be
denied to Mr. Manson. To the platform of whichever is the side he is really
supporting with his vote, his utterances would be welcomed.
Both sides are suspicious that the Mayoral candidate has given them "the
double cross." They would welcome a public statement from him. Will Mr.
Manson accept
This is the last chance, Mr. Manson. It is a fair one. Upon your acceptance
or rejection of it depends your political honor, and your future usefulness to the
Military Brushes, Hat Brushes,
Clothes Brushes,   Hair Brushes
For Men and Ladies.
Toilet Soaps,
Toilet Articles of all Kinds
C H. ORME, The Pioneer Druggist
2nd Ave. and 6th St.
i mmmmwmmttm ��X
This is the way to vote Local Option under the
Canada Temperance Act.
For the Petition
Against the Petition
It is up to rthe men of Prince Rupert to vote tomorrow for a clean city, a prosperous city and a model
city for all Canada to copy.
Remember Liquor men are in the business for
money���your money.
Vote for the adoption of the
Condensed Advertisements.
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Room 13 Westenhaver Block. 2nd Ave. and
6th Strett. 144-lm
ANTED-First class waitress.   Apply Box S
Optimist. 178-tf
p. o. box :
In the   County   Court of Atlin, Holden
at Prince Rupert.
Freka Tomizich, Deceased
In Chamber* Before His Honor Judfft Young-.
Friday, the 28th day of Nov.. 1910.
U.pon the application of Ivan Filipovitch. uncle
of the deceased, for leave to swear to the death of
the said deceased.
Upon hearing Clarence Hilton Kearns, appearing for the said Ivan Filipovitch, and upon reading the affidavit of Maty Naricich sworn herein
the 7th day of October. 1910.
IT IS ORDERED that the aaid Ivan Filipovitch
or Clarence Hilton Kearns shall be allowed to
swear to the death of the said deceased as occurring on the 23rd day of May, A.D. 1910, at the expiration of two weeks from the first publication
of notice of this order, unless in tho meantime
proof is furnished thst the said Freka Tomizich
was alive subsequent to the 23rd day of May. 1910;
such proof msy be given in writing to the Registrar of the County Court of Atlin holden at
Prince Rupert, st the Court House, Prince Rupert* B. C.
And it ii further ordered that the said Ivan Filipovitch do publish notice of this order in the
Optimist, s newspaper published In Prince Rupert, B. C. for the space of two weeks.
176-187 F. McB. YOUNG.
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December 13. ....    iM"'
au**.****-***.    m��.n*f.
51.5 47.5
M-ff     l>
n the   Act  Decrease  Drinking ?
, followinK Is published by the Pre.. Com
�� of the opponents of the Scott Act, and Is
fce expression of the views of this paoer.)
apparently convinced that the senti-
tt of the people is not with them, in
Ir endeavor to secure the applicption
i theoretically prohibitive law deal-
vith the liquor traffic, the advocates
substitution of the Canada Tem-
ax.^e   Act   for   British   Columbia's
���Italy more workable and successful
license and strict regulation plan-
here and at Chilliwack, where the
is also being taken Wednesday���
khe surprise of those who have been
firing Dr. Spencer's movement, have
|ntly veered about, and now slate
; they are not seeking in the present
to  deprive   any   man   who  may
Ire to drink, of opportun-ty to do so,
1 merely to make bar room drinking
; has been explicitly points'd out by
.1 thnt the adoption of the Scott Act
not bar anyone from obtaining
lior in centres which may adopt
I Canadian Act, but only prevent
kale in bars, a* anyone may im- |
I liquor for hi* own use in quants prescribed in the Act.
'os-: not this admission deprive the
r-oates of the Scott Act of their only
bible argument? If the Scott Act
to be prohibitive���if it merely
Lis that instead of buying and being
pfied with a glass of beer, or a "thim
of whiskey" a man must be
puraged to buy a keg of the malt
lor or a demijohn of spirits���wherein
.1 moral progress?
-net moral progress is the only plea
ich can by any extension of grace
edited   as  the  objective  of   the
emists who desire to compel their
citizens to follow the extremists'
of thinking, at a sacrifice of their
opinion and in defiance of their
| personal rights.
, as stated by the friends and cham-
��� of Ihe Scott Act, the vote of
bnesday is not for the suppression
liquor but for the suppression merely
bar-room drinking wherein is the
Bible advantage to the community?
��� it belter to have liquor brought
Prince  Rupert  and consumed  in
Ivate rooms to which the police
ve no legal right of access unlet*
th definite knowledge of illegal
eedings in progress; is this
^tcr for the community than that
nking should take place in bars
fiiinually under the eyes of the law
the public, and under conditions
i.-ilslini! the traffic to be controlled
id the police to interdict the sale
Rift of liquor of any sort to those
ibitually over-indulging, those who
satisfy appetite will
|mily happiness���even those who
f be held to spend too much, if
ot paternally protected, for their
K-n property interest
J Any of these classes may under the
listent law be peremptorily debarred
]om   obtaining   liquor,   and   without
id tape or formality.
Thoy could not be under the Scott
1'nrler the present license law everyone who receives or retains a license
iinsi first prove himself a respectable
kiii/s'i, before he can be authorized to
Jell liquor. He binds himself to obey
|hs' drastic law and accept its prohibitions
to whom he may not sell or give
Prink to. He must enter into a contract
sith thc Provincial authority, not only
I pay the stipulated fee for the license,
W in addition to maintain a comfort-
hMs- plact of rest and refreshment for \
fin- travelling public.
Rut lor these conditions of license
there can be no control of sale or
purchase���no opportunity to protect
���he classes who through their own
*e��knets of will require protection���
opportunity for the authorities
Jo secure and maintain a high standard of public accommodation���no
*>*��chinery by which the government
Pr municipality can prevent the sale
*>��� inferior and cheap alcoholic de
coctions for pure and therefore the
least harmful intoxicants���no tangible collateral security, as in a
v luable license subject to loss if
the law be broken, for the bona fides
and good conduct of the liquor
The question of how the use and
traffic in liquor may best be controlled
was prominently before the Provincial
Legislature at its last session when
the present Provincial law, admitted to
be the most drastic and at the same
time most workable on any British
statute book, passed unanimously.
This law came into force on the 1st
August last, and il has since been
vig rously, honestly and efTe tively enforced as no prohibition law ever has
been or ever can be.
For the people of Prince Rupert to
vote for the proposal presented to them
Wednesday, is therefore indisputably
to vote want of confidence not only
in the Government of the day, but in
the Legislature, and in the electorate
of British Columbia which sent this
Legislature to Victoria���to do the very
thing which champions of the Canada
Temperance Act desire to mischievously
undo, i. e., pass common sense laws,
with the justice and utility of which
a.l men may agree, and then enforce
these laws thoroughly, impartially, and
To endorse the proposition submitted
Wednesday is not only to declare the
Government and Legislature of British
Columbia incompetent to administer
the affairs of the Province, but in its
plain and unavoidable sequence, to
declare the people of this Province
incapably unfit for representative gov
ernment, since the Legislature is the
creation of the people.
adian  Momthly  shows  that  we  were
safe in making this offer:
"No  doubt  the teetotal  party  will
endeavor to make some capital out of
the fact that the Lord Mayor of London,
England, for the .coming year is a total
abstainer.   Sir Vezey Strong is perhaps
the second  holder of this  high office
who has been  an abstainer.    We are
quite pleased to think that the teetotal
party may point triumphantly to such
[ a   splendid   object   lesson,   but   they
i certainly have little to crow over two
j teetotal Lord Mayors in 700 years.   It
| is probable, however, that the teetotal
party   will   msiderate   their   transports
when  they read what  is the practice
of the new Lord Mayor.    He believes
that total abstinence is best for him-
sell, but inasmuch as England is a free
country, he does not force views that are
personal  to  himself upon  others.    As
regards   his   official   position,   he   has
clearly declared what he intends to do.
He will continue to follow his own rule
of conduct, but as for others they will
enjoy  the same liberty  as  he claims
for   himself,   and   wines   and   other
liquors  will  be provided  for  them.
He has always followed the same practice in his own house.   This is an eminently sane way of looking at the matter.
Lord   Mayor  Strong  fully  believes in
the doctrine of personal liberty, and has
also a strong abhorrence of that kind
of teetotaller who, not content with his
own   abstinence,   would   coerce   every
other person in the world into following
his example.    Sir  Vezey  Strong is  a
type of abstainer by no means unknown
in England, one who prefers to teach
by example rather than precept, and
it 's by means of such men that sobriety
in that couhtry is so steadily increasing."
Tins article is inserted by the advocuts>. ssf Local
Option and i. being paid for.
British Columbia's new liquor law is
admitted throughout the Dominion to be
the most drastic legislation on the
question in any British country, and the
most rigidly enforced. Ontario, after
long experience with the impracticable
Scott Act is now adopting similar
legislation. What folly then to talk of
substituting an impracticable, extremists' policy incapable of enforcement if
Was Considered by the City Council
Last Night
Any vote for the Scott Act. is a vote
in straight condemnation of the Government and the solid Legislation of the
Province, which, fresh from the people
adopted the most stringent liquor law
on any British statute book, and a law
which is most rigorously enforced.
Considerable attention was given by
the City Council last night to the final
stages of the Election By-law, the Curfew By-law, and the Liquor License
Amendment By-law. Most time was
spent upon the latter which is being
carefully drawn up so as to leave no
loopholes for the escape of the unscrupulous.
Furniture-man, grocery-man, coal-
dealer, crockery-man, clothing-man, lumber-man, working-man���yes, cigar-man
and liquor-man���follow the dray to the
licensed premises and brothels and take
note of the small percentage of bus'ness
you receive from them and thc large
amount of your cash they export.
How do collections in 1910 compare
with 1909.
The liquoi party advertise Admiral
Evans' verdic' about prohibition ports
being so bad. Why not quote one of
our own best generals? A man comes
up from Victoria and on a public platform in our city says that whieh every
member of the Council and Police
Commission ought to resent: "that
Prince Ru|*ert had a world-wide,���yea,
a Dominion-wide, notoriety for its
blind pigs."
Put in contrast to this "knockmg"
the testimony of a man of whom our
Donrn'on Is proud- General Otter visited Prince Rupert last July and said:
"There has been one thing which
impressed itself upon me while in Prince
Rupert and that is the orderliness and
industry of the citizens of the twon. I
have been in all parts of your town and
you might say, at all hours, yet despite
the fact that it is a frontier town and
having a large percentage of railroad
laborers amongst its transient citizens,
it is the most orderly and best behaved
town I've ever been in."
Such were thc v ords of General Otter
on his departure from Prince Rupert on
the Princess Royal last Saturday morning and coming from a man of General
Otter's character and position meant
much, after having spent a week in
Prince Rupert and surrounding district
This is about the highest compliment
that could be paid to the efficiency of
thc police officials and those responsible
for the law and order in this town and
district. It is rather refreshing to hear
this genuine and unbiased praise in this
the regime of "knocking."
The Whiskey League says: "The
Scott Act cannot be enforced." This is
the last gasp of the Anarchist. Send the
imbecile to the "Week" Asylum.
Druggists of Prince Rupert! How do
you like your classification? Did you
hear him say that you will be blind pigs
1 and  the  drunkard-makers,  under  no-
I license?
When "the genial doctor" gsu-s hack
' to Palo Walo to spend the evening of
! his days in peace, we will send him Prince
RuiH-rt Real Estate Reports under "dry"
| just to allure him back to our fair and
prosperous city.
Restaurant-keepers! Vote for the
> Canada Temperance Act on Wednesday
j and you will have the prosperity of two
years ago when Prinsx- Rupert was dry.
No more cheap meals and tickets on
A present liquor man told you last
year that Prince Rupert was thc only
place he was ever in where he could
not sell the cheap meats���liver and
offal. "Everybody wants porterhouse!"
Ask the dealers today���and they w-yj.
tell you a different story! The wives and
children must have the cheap meats
when the money goes for booze.
On Wednesday vote against the
Barabbas Gospel of "Release the robber
and the murderer���-give the criminal
free scope" but "Crucify our boys and
our girls, our fathers and our brothers!"
Vote the Bar out!
Parents   in   Winnipeg   Enquire   Regarding Him
Maine and Kansas, the first states of
   the American union to adopt pronibitory
sacrifice | legislation, have by their votes on the
seventh of November, unqualifiedly
declared such legislation unworkable
and a failure in its working out.
It looks as if the Press Committee of
the Local Option League needs a lesson
in the art of "politr letter-writing."
Every communication to their party
from the anti-Scott Act workers in
connection with public meetings has
been written as from the Citizens'
League and signed by an officer or
authorized representative of the League.
The Press Committee replies to these
letters through the press, misrepresenting
the facts and attributing the letters to
"the liquor men." This is a "fine
courtesy" surely!
From Winnipeg comes an enquiry
regarding Harold Harvie a young man
who is believed to have left Vancouver
last July for Prince Rupert. His description is given as follows: Age 26;
height 6 feet; dark hair and eyes;
weight 180 to 190 lbs. He is familiar
with the hardware business, and a
member of the Order of Elks. When
he lei I Vancouver he wrote to h-s
parents that he -mended to go to Prince
Rupert nad would send his address
there later. Notlrng has since been
heard of h;m, and his parents are anxiously enquiring. Information regarding
him handed to the Optimist will be sent
to his relatives.
It is a new departure for Canadian
citizens to take their lessons in "British
fair play" from aliens. No wonder that
Prince Rupert citizens are unable to
recognize the brand.
No  Complaints or  Alterations  Put
Before Court of Revision
At four o'clock this afternoon the
Court of Revision was again in session
to consider the Voters' List. The
Court sat yesterday but no complaints,
corrections ot alterations were put
forward, and the Court adjourned till
A "Strong" Lord Mayor
The other day we referred to the fact
that the Scott. Act advocates had said
that the new Lord Mayor of London
was a total abstainer, and remarked:
"We do not know anything about this
gentleman but are willing to bet money
that he is not a ProhibitioniBt." The
following clipping from a leading Can-1
Boy Scouts at Church
There are so many excellent churches
in Prince Rupert that the Boy Scouts
could not decide which one to attend at
their annual Church Parade. They
decided the question by drawing lots,
and the Anglican church won. Accordingly they will attend that church in a
body at eleven next Sunday.
Majestic   Theatre
at 8 p.m.
Every voter and all other men invited to this
rally.    Speakers���Messrs. McRae, Faris,
McLeod, Sing, James, Williams
and Spencer.
Dr. Spencer will speak on the "Liquor Law, or Local Option, Which ?
If you would like toseei clock that
is 261 years old you will see it at Wark's
Jewelry Store.
W. J. Humble and family are moving
into their new house on Bonnie Brae,
near Sixth and McBride.
Brewers, distillers and sellers of liquor
arc in it for money not morals. Keep
your money and vote for thc Canada
Temperance Act. 	
Business men! Turn the waste ot
money going over thc bars to your store
by voting for the Canada Tem|)cranco
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ef the hour is
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Confectionery   Confectionery
Lowney's and Ganong's Fancy Boxes
of Chocolates for Christmas Gifts.
Form of Ballot Paper
Voting on the Petition to the Governor-General for
the Bringing into Force of Part II of the
Canada Temperance Act.
For the Petition
Against the Petition    Y
Directions for the Guidance of Voters
The voter will go into one of the compartments, and with a paper there
provided, place a cross thus, X in the upper space if he votes FOR the adoption
of the petition (SCOTT ACT), and in the lower space if he votes AGAINST the
adoption of the petition (SCOTT ACT).
The voter will then fold the ballot, so as to show a portion of the back only,
with the number and initials of the deputy returning officer, and deliver it to
the deputy returning officer, who will place it in the ballot box. The voter will
then forthwith quit the polling station.
If a voter inadvertently spoils a ballot paper he can return it to the proper
officer, who, on being satisfied of the fact, will give him another.
If the voter places on the ballot more than one mark, or places any mark
on it by which he can afterwards be identified, his vote will be void, and will
not be counted.
If the voter takes a ballot paper out of the polling station, or fraudently
puts any other paper into the ballot box than thc ballot paper given him by the
deputy returning officer, he will be subject to be punished by fine or by imprisonment for a term not exceoding six months, with or without hard labor.
Sail* for
Don't forget that the petition is FOR the .Scott Act. If
you are not in favor of a dry town you must mark your
ballot in the lower space. AGAINST the petition means
VOTE. Every man in town entitled to vote on this question should do so. It is the most important question which
will be submitted to the people for y>ears, and means the
life or death of the city.
If it's news, you will find it in
The Optimist
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
ss. BRUNO for Stewart Wednesday*',
after arrival of Prince George. For
Port Simpson, Naas, Masset and Moresby Island points, including Queen Charlotte City, Pacofi, Rose Harbor, also
Refuge Bay, every alternate Friday at
12 o'clock  noon, commencing Dec. 9th.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
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coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track roate between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the office hereundeo mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Play Ia Season's Dramatic Sensation
in Berlin���Plans in Operation for
Showing It in United States and
Canadian Pacific Railway
Princess Beatrice, Dec. 5th. 1910
For Port Simpaon,   Ketchikan,
Juneau  and Skagway.
Priness   Beatrice, Dec. 10th, 1910
For Vancouver, Victoria and  Seattle,
calling at Swanson Bay.
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About 19th Dec. Situated on Third
Ave. and Green St. New or old customers are cordially welcomed. Best
handwork laundry in city. Laundry
called for and delivered.   ' 183-195
Basket Social and  Dance
The Prince Rupert Eyrie, Fraternal
Order of Eagles, will hold a basket social
and dance in tha Eagle Hall, Helgerson
Block, on Wednesday evening, December
14, at nine o'clock. All are cordially
Geo. Leek
J. F. Mathieson
L. H. Rudnick
Hentzman Pianos and all the latest
and most popular music at Wark's
Jewelry Store.
Berlin, Dec. 10.���Not many months
ago an Englishman named Gerald du
Maurier created a tremendous sensation among his countrymen with a play
portraying the "German Peril" which
he believes is hanging over Great
Just as Mr. du Maurier's play���"An
Englishman's Home"���was designed to
arouse Britons to the necessity for preparation against invasion by the Kaiser's forces, so is a still newer play���
"The Typhoon"���by Melchoir Lengyel,
a young Hungarian, intended to stir
the white races into preparation against
a Mongolian invasion.
"The Typhoon" has already had a
most successful run in Berlin, where
it has been the season's dramatic sensation, and now plans are being made
for taking it to the United States. For
political reasons, however, some of
the men interested in the trans-Atlantic
production are known to think it may
be a trifle to peppery and that perhaps
it may be necessary to tone it down in
Panama Canal Will Be Finished Long
Before Official Opening
Panama, Dec. 10.���The Panama Canal
will be completed by December 1st 1913
This information was given to President
Taft while inspecting the famous Gatun
The official date of the opening re-
manls January 1st, 1915. Lieut-Col.
Goethals desiring one year in which to
train the canal tenders and to get the
machinery working smoothly. Ships
meantime will be granted the privilege
of the canai, but at their own risk of
delay. The canal will be completed in
1913, he said, within the $475,000,000
already authorized.
The President was pleased rt the
outlook for the early completion, and
congratulated Col. Goethals. He express
ed amazement at the work accomplished
since his visit in February, 1909.
Fraternal Order of Eagles will hold a
dance and basket social on Wednesday
evening, December Uth, at 9 o'clock in
Helgerson Block.
Members and friends are invited.
Souvenir Spoons  in  great variety at
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Prince rupert sheet metal woriS
Charlotte, SJg&J \J�� Ijg, �� K
���pply lor remission uTSJS'-J ���*��!��
petroleum on th. (ollo��VS<-.l�� <*1 ��*
��nd five mile. ^T&f!flfeW
Grshsm Uud .nd msrksJNo k\$*S*5 1
corner, thenc we* m��'ts\l.
chsins, thence w g WJ tea ag ,
chain, to point ���, mZmSJ*** B�� ��
seres more or less '���c�����t, emiimn (tl
Rated Nov. 1, 1910. TH(K s> ���
Pub. Nov. it. -mskl-jwn
Que*. Chsrlotte Island,, Und Dmr*-^,,
n* I ���Keen! "���
lake notic*? thit I  Thre. n  r*.
CharlotU.  occup.t'io'n X P.b^lS"
*pply   lor  permission  w SLS*g. ""J ��
petroleum on the M^ZVl* *
���JjHSreS1 * * "*. ****** %
north snd five miles ts�� ol Senior n H S
Grshsm Islsnd snd inrtSSlu? T �� T^J'
oorner, thence east 80 chains. Jill? ".!!�����
chsins, thenee wesrt N cK, HS "S .
ehalns u. point ol c*nua.ne,ir^.SSt^1J
acre* more or less. smuao, M
Dated Nov. 1, 1910. TrlOS B nss-n
Pub. Nov. 17. lESoAJaS
Qussn Chariott* War, i. Und Dssntt-D.^,, si
Tsk. notics thst I,' Thos. R. Dm,- ������ 0*.
Charlotte, occupsUon notary public,',-t��!T
spply lor permisssion to prosprt tamtZ
petroleum on the foUowing daeribsd lud
Commancing st s post planted eirfct aja w,
and three miles esst of SMtion u, f���*T?
Graham laland and msrked No. U. T. R. D\ L
oorner, thance west 80 chair* ��,:���' mit
chsins. Uws.cs east 80 chain.. Out* .-*. *j
chsin. to point of commenrsRn.nl, eoeaaii u
seres mors or less. ���
Msd Not, i, mo. tho* i Dtnr
Pub. Nov. 17. WanMiijS
Queen CharlotU Islsnds Und Dlcta-Dns..
Take noUce that I. Thos. R. I��sr> of Ce**l
Ch*rlotu, occupation notary public, ass..
apply for permission to prosper; lar ral m
petrolsKim on the following drachbsl Uad
Commencing at s post planted tour vSm mt
and five miles sast ol Section 11. Terak*
Graham Iilaad snd msrked So. a T. R. *UI.
corner, thsne* aast 80 chsina. them met I
chsins, thence sre*t 60 chains, Ussdqs ana I
chsins to point of commsneeTMOt. eott*sj(
HO seres more or less.
Dated Oct. SO, 1910. THOS. R Dim
Pub. Nov. 17. Wikor, i'.:�� �����.��
Qu**n CharlotU Islands Und Dismn-Dscal
Take notice thst I, Thos. R Dsrr) ot (ha
ChsrlotU,   oecupstion   notsrv  public, iatsnd l I
apply   for   permission  to prospect (or am! M 1
petroleum on the following described ..-'
Commencing st s post planted sight r.�����-: I
and three mUes east ol Section U, Torarjj I
Graham Island snd msrked So. (0 T. R D. i* I
eorner, thence esst 60 rhaina. thenc mu 11
ehsins, thence west 80 chains, there* swijl
chsins to point of eommer.eecner.t. - - ��- ��� (w I
sere* mor* or lass , I
Dst ed Nov. 1.1910. THOS R DUB I
Pub. Nov, 17 Wi3��r. (kiwitr, .la* |
Qussn CharlotU Islsnd. Und Datnet-Dsutt* I
Skeena I
Tak* notice that I, Thos. R. Das*> ol H
CharlotU, oecupstion notary pubsie. HMJ
apply for permisssion to prospect M coil ���
petroleum on ths following deacribed *"
Commencing *t s post plsnled t��ro in*"
of Section 13, Township I llrsham Islsri**"
Ko. 2. T. R. D., N. W. comer. tlser.c.*����
ehalns, thenc* south 60 chsin.. there. ����� * j
chains, thenc* north 80 ch.in. to |��": **
mencement, containing 6(0 WsJJJ" " *m
D*ted Oct. 28, 1>10. _ THOx R >>��"
Pub. Nov. 17. >* a*" Gmet m.
Qussn CharlotU Islsnds Und Distnet-W"
Sksens .j���
T*k* noti*s thst I, Tho.. R. D.-*) a**"
Chsrlotte, oecupstion notary 9**�� "'"^
apply lor permission us prospect t�� �� -
petroleum on the following described ���ff_i
Commsmdng st s post pl.nie.1 nvt ��*"**3]
Swtion 13, Township 7. l.rsUm !**���.
No. 8. T. R. D.. H. t rontr. fsjgjjl
ehsins. thence south 80 chains thence m
ehslns. thsne* north 80 chain, to W* *"
mencement conuining 640 i���rnor��c. m
Dated Oct. 28, 1910. THOS- R- ����
Pub. NOV. IT. J   ,      WSmmmmmm
Queen Charlotte Islands Und UsUM !**���
Sks��ns j /,-.
Take notice that I. Thos. R ^iJR
CharlotU. occupation notary JM, swj ^
**ply for permi��(in to *SSSL-mT
petroleum on the following dr^cTiW ^ ,,
Commencing st s post plsnte.1 tpjrZM
Swtion 13, Township ������ OrjJJJ\mm^***g
No. 4 T. R. D.. N. *A. comer, thcr.esi�� rtjBV
thence south 80 chsins. there, "V'lgaa'
thence north 80 chain, to points! csmrne��--"
eontaining 640 seres more or leas. yjr
SKff355 rrSfck.*-
Qu����� Chsriott, Wsnd. Und Ds��^c.-D**0*,���'
T^s notic* Usst 1. K IJgTJjR
Chaitotu. occupatwn UmV g*"L S n��
sppb' tor permiasion to PSSSjTjJi .
pSrileum on the (������SWffifflra*Mff
���Commencing st s P*}BSm7r****VSl
���d three mile, esst "'j^?"",, T. R. D-**-_
Graham IsUnd snd "'^^"���/'ihenee K��"f J
comW. these, west g JgJ gg �����th ���
ehaina. thence east ** *-*���-���' mimmm ���**
chsins to point of eommencemenl.
acre* more or less. Tn0s. R. tn>"
Dated Oct. 30, 1910. _���     Gowjn|, AT*-
Pub. Nov. IT.
Phone 108
2nd A*��.
Tsk. notice that l ^^mm?**?!
CharlotU.   oecupstion  "*U5 lor ** -J,
S *\^S&Sw
Commencing llaV*f ggf J kt&l
and  five miles east  of *��J"^ T. R. Djv |
Oraham Islsnd snd ���tf*l��L there, jg B
eorner. thence esst 60.   fj��� thfrW **��fi
chain.,  thence wwt "SJgg, is***"
chains to point of eommencem
scrss more or  e*s. T,|0S. R ' \M
Dated Nov. I, 1910- wawn Go*1*
P*b. Nov. 17.
riWMM.**! ThE   1*   RINCE   RUPERT    OPT 111 1ST
-|>^<tA^��/��jVVW-.>VVV>sN^ I
jytftfV\fiSif\fWYmVVVVrt^***r*i~i*r^r*t*f% *i* * * ��i��i*ia *i*i*'i*i*'i*i*<*i''
Two Furnished Heated
Offices on the Ground
Floor in the Exchange
Real Estate
Notary Public
Several Lots on Plank Roadway in
Section 7.    Must be sold.
Owners have left
the city
Call and see us about them
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings       Alder Block      SIXTH ST.
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
���j"~ ���        s i i   i  i  n*
A Buffalo corset factory inserted an
advertisement for "stay pressers wanted." The manager was surprised when
a number of athletic young men applied
for positions.
A young man returned to the country
village where he was born after having
successfully worked his way up to a
desirable government offi<t>.
"I suppose the people here, Thomas
have heard of the honor that has been
conferred on me'/" he inquired of one of
his old friends.
"Yes, they have," was the gratilying
"And what," said the man of fame
eagerly, "what do they say about it,
"They don't say anything," replied
Thomas: "they just laugh."
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Portland Canal Stocks and Claims a Specialty
Agents for Stewart Land Co.
Prince Rupert and Stewart
Physician���Have you any aches or
pains this morning?
Patient���Yes, doctor; it hurts me to
breathe; in fact, the only trouble now
ss-ems to be with my breath.
Physician���All right. I'll give you
something that will soon stop that.
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Westenhaver Block', cor. Second Ave.
and Sixth st. Phone Green 69
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
of British sColumbl* of B.C., Ontario, Sns-
snd Msnitoba Bars. kstchcwsn   snd Al
berta Bsrs.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office���Exctinnirc block, comer Third Avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. 8
S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully trested. Gss snd
local *n*sthetics administered for the painless extraction of teeth. Cssnsultation free. Offices: 19
and 20 Alder Block. Prince Rupert. ii-12
On a journey through the South not
long ago, Wu Ting Fang was impressed
by the preponderance of negro labor
in one of the cities he visited. Wherever
the entertainment committee led him,
whether to factory, store, or suburban
plantation, all the hard work seemed to
be borne by the black men.
Minister Wu made no comment at the
time, but in the evening when was he
a spectator at a ball given in his honor,
after watching the waltzing and two-
stepping for half an hour, he remarked to
his host*.
"Why don't you make the negroes
do that for you, too?"
A young lady whose beauty is equal to
her bluntness in conversation was visiting a house where other guests were
assembled, among them the eldes* son
of ��� rich manufacturer. The talk
turned on matrimonial squabbles. Said
the eligible parti: "I hold that thecorrect
thing 'or the husband is to begin as he
Intends to go on. Say that the question
was one of smoking. Almost immediately I would show my intentions by lighting
a cigar and settling thc question forever."
"And I would knock the thing out of
your mouth!" cried the imperious beauty.
"Do you know," rejoined the young
man, "I don't think you would be
Fish Maid Lands    Four    Thousand
Pounds at Prince Rupert
Four thousand pounds of halibut.
That is the quantity landed on the
Prince Rupert wharf yesterday by the
Fish Maid. It may not be a record
but considering the site of the craft
and the recent weather conditions
it is certainly phenomenel.
The Fish Maid is one of the few boats
that have been using the near-by waters
rtiently and her extensive catch seems
to justify the skipper's faith in their
fruitfulness. At the present time most
of the fishermen are operating further
north or down off Vancouver. The
Fish Maid's catch has been packed and
shipped to Vancouver market.
Piver's, Roger St Gallet's perfumes,
soaps and sachet powders at Orme's
Drug Store.
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Second Ave.
.Civil and Mining Engineers *nd Surveyors,
Reports,   1-lssns.   Specifications,   estimates,
Wharf Construction. Etc
Office:���2nd Ave., near First Street
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
little's NEWS Agent?
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Plumbing, Heating
and General  Steam   Fitting
SHOP-Bsssment of Helgerson Block
SIXTH STREET. Phone No. 91
Prince Rupert Lodge, L0.0.F
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
New Knox Hotel
The New Knox Hotel is run on the
European plan First-class service All
the latest modern improvements.
THE BAR keeps only the best brsnds
of liquors and cigars.
THE CAFE is open from 6.30 a. m.
to 8 p. m. Excellent cuisine; first-class
First Avenue. Prince Rupert
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Ordars promptly SIM.   Prices rsMonable.
OFFICE - H. P. Roch**t*r. Centre St.     Phon* SS.
Old German Lager
Schlitz Lager
These are the beverages that
make health, strength snd happiness your lot Prices are
very reasonable and your order will receive prompt (attention	
All  varieties of
Wines and Liquors
also kept in stock.
Sutherland & Maynard
Fraser Street and Sixth Street
3rd and 8th St.   ���   ���   Phone 59 Red
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
Builder and Contractor
Plans and specifications prepared
OFFICEi-Corner 5th Ave. & Green St
Phone No. 228 Green
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
Labour  Bureau  in connection
All kinds of positions
J. GOODMAN. Propcl.lor
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C.
If you want that sweet, nutty flavored
BREAD   try our FRENCH���the kind
that pleases.
Third Are., between 7th and  8th  St*. THE  PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
Three sales-people
wanted, girls or young
men, to assist from
now until Christmas.
Experience not essential.
Curt ainings and
New stock of these |:
T just received, compris-
x ing some of the latest
J novelties.
j*, ��..Xl��s,s��,]f,.s..,�� .sj{.-...~i
H. S. Wallace Co. I
Fullon St. snd 3rd At*. |
In our recent advertisements we have called attention
to only a FEW of our lines, just to show the HIGH CLASS
goods we carry.
But we have such a variety of other HIGH CLASS
articles that it would take pages and pages to enumerate
We have UMBRELLAS ranging from the most elegant all silk to the humble Dollar gamp.
We carry STETSON, FITWELL and other HATS in
great variety.
We have a very large stock of TOOKE'S SHIRTS.
We are sole agents in Prince Rupert for Atkinson's
IRISH POPLIN TIES, but we have hundreds of other
ties for you to choose from.
We carry a full line of Fowne's GLOVES.
We have Suspenders, Belts, Sleeve Links, Tie Pins,
Handkerchiefs, Clothes Brushes, etc., galore.
In fact we have such an enormous and varied stock
that, in the limited capacity of our store, it is impossible
to display it to advantage.
Remember we only sell  HIGH-CLASS goods,   which you will always And the'most economical to buy
Head of Centre Street.
TENDERS addressed to the undersigned at Ottawa, and endorsed on the
envelope "Tender for Prince Rupert
Buoy Depot," will be received up to
noon on the Third day of January, 1911,
for the construction of a Buoy Depot at
Prince Rupert, in the Province of British Columbia, including the erection of
a Reinforced Concrete Wharf, timber
approach Trestle, Power House with
Cnimney, Buoy Shed, Stores, Offices
and Dwellings, also the installation of
Drainage and Water Systems.
Plans, specifications and Articles of
Agreement may be seen and forms of
tender procured at the Department of
Marine and Fisheries, Ottawa, at the
office of the Agent of the Department
of Marine and Fisheries, Victoria,B.C.,
Halifax, N. S., St. John, N. B., Quebec and Montreal, at the Post Office,
Prince Rupert, B. C, and at the Custom House, Winnipeg, Man.
Only lump sum tenders, on the tender
form prepared by the Department, will
be considered.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted bank cheque in favour of
the Deputy Minister of Marine and
Fisheries equal to five per cent, of the
whole amount of the tender, which
cheque will be forfeited if the success'
ful tenderer declines to sign the Articles of Agreement above referred to
or fails to complete the work according
to the contract. Cheques accompany
ing unsuccessful tenders will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender.
Newspapers copying this advertisement without authority from the  Department will not be paid for same.
Deputy Minister of Marine
and Fisheries.
Department of Marine and Fisheries,
Ottawa, Can., 8th Nov., 1910.    178-181
Looking Forward
Though wintry blizzards soon will whizz
From Mist ward and from nor'ward
'Mid all our woes there always is
Some joy in looking forward.
A fire when you are cold and blue
Is something to look forward to.
Though work inspires aversion in
Your bosom, it assuages
The pain if you with cheerful grin
Look forward to your wages.
The health, if you are down with "flu"
Is something to look forward to.
If you're in love 'tis hard to part
From her, for even one day,
But, Oh, it soothes the suffering heart
To think you'l' meet on Sunday.
When she'll bestow a kiss on you,
That's something to look forward to.
When to the dentist's you repair
And moan "This toothache's frightful"
Your feelings as you take the chair
Are not at all delightful.
But say, the blissfu' ease in view!
That's something to look forward to.
Life always has some joy ahead
To cheer each troubled sinner
Rest after toil, a pleasant bed,
And every day a dinner.
And Christmas which will soon be due
Is something to look forward to.
Election fever fills the air
And polling days come nearer
Mind, exercise your votes with care
So make the issues clearer
Peace and Prosperity for you
There's somethsng to look forward to.
Frank A. Ellis.
Prince Rupert, Dec. 12, 1910.
��� I*************************
|| w. j. McCutcheon
, ,   Csrries complete stock of Drug*.   Special
, ,      attention paid to fll.issit prescriptions.
���. Theatre Block phone no. 79 Second Are. !
The Local Option League Meetings
are as follows:
at 8.45 o'clock in the Opera House.
nightsfat 8 o'clock in the Majestic Theatre
Mr. W. J. Faris will talk on Economics and
Law Enforcement
Dr. Spencer will answer Mr. Blakemore and
explain the Canada Temperance
Local gentlemen will also [speak whose names will
appear later. Voters are urged to attend and hear how
Prince Rupert can thrive without the bar.
Read The   Optimist
And Get All the News
s s
Are you doing your duty
oy jour family? '
What would happen to
your wife and children if
you were taken away?
Would your wife have to
earn her own living?
Would your children be
Would they be dependent
on others?
These are most seriom
questions which every
man should answer to hii
own satisfaction.
Life Insurance is the one
sure way to make provi.
sion for your family after
you are gone.
Get some life Insurance
before you become da-
See us for particulars.
OFRCF      Aldn  Bless, SutsS-r*
orrs kvkmscs
m ��� ��� ********
Letters to the Eik
Dear Sir,���As Mr. Blakemore aid
in our Sunday meeting il we thou-tea
fair not to allow hin to speak in 1st I
meeting,  I  think the courtesy 0! n |
answer is due him.
We made ourselves pertectly cist I
to their secretary in regard to tits I
joint meetings. It WM undersooil
distinctly that so far as we were a*
cerned only two Joint Meet-ngs ����
recognized: the rVday nigh i-wit,
in Mclntyre Hall is the only one to iVf
we accepted an invitation, and i
which we appeared; lhe Monday nid.
meeting in the Majestic Theatre 1st
night is the only one 10 which *efw
them an inviti-tion. which invitiai
they accepted last Friday and m
yesterday) and in which they ^*
It is true that the Rstieral exfiertsctT
was that Sunday evening'* meetinr**
to be a joint meeting. The "***
this general expect amy was that If
announced as such at Mr. Blakemon.
Saturday night's meeting. I w"1-'*
say that our committee t��nslder|V
quite a presumption on his part ton*
an annouhcement retarding a "*!
with which he had nothing *W
to do, and to which he had not*
received an invitation. PerW*l
regret still more that he should h*
persisted in attempting to ���***"
Sunday's moating after the rha.rm*..
express deesion had Uen given-
Our secretary has preserved all lett��
referring  .0  these |ion1  WjJjJ
the perusal of anyone ^""JH
show that we have observed ever) U��
the rules of 'Brit'sh fair PW"
Yours sincere!y.   ^
The Mutual Life Insurant
of New York paid m *%*���* "
the sum 0. $11,005,91 .96, sn ���m
without precedent... this oounm
any other. The Compan JJJJ
apportioned for payment m
762.11, an amount greater by n
ever paid in a Mb \** in da
157 companies doing �� ��� .^ m
United States, only ��. ' ^ 0,
dustrial, had, up to ���>;*""���'"������ tf
paid  during  their entire ^


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