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Twenty-four hours ending 5  a, m.,
June 1.
MAX TKMI\        BIN. TBWP. BAB.        IN. RAIN
'40.5      30.053
/<Tiee;i5lativo Ats^
r ^.W        <-���:���
aily News
For South
City of Seattle Tonight 8 p.m.
Prince Rupert F*:' t^ �� a.m.
For   Nc
State of California             'day, June 2
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 122
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, June 1, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Magnates of the Grand Trunk Pacific Will Arrive in
Good Time for the Court of Revision Which
Sits Monday and During Week
On Monday civic interest will
centre in tlie doings of the Court
nf Revision which sits at ten a.m.
in ihe City Hall. A considerable
number of appeals will come up
for investigation, the Grand Trunk
Pacific, and Grand Trunk Development Co. being responsible
for long lists. "Grossly over asses-
Bcd" is what the Grand Trunk
says about its tax figures! The
ordinary citizens appealing are
content with the more modest
plir.ise "over assessed."
Members of the Court
Tlie Court will consist of thc
Mayor, Alderman Smith, Aldcr-
tii.iii Kirkpatrick, Alderman Clayton, .uid Alderman Hilditch.   As-
bi ��� McLennan will be there to
defend his assessments. The pro-
catlings of the Court will occupy
several days, and it will take about
.1 week to adjust matters in dispute  affecting   ordinary  citizens'
|'la'|ai ity.
Aa the Mayor remarked today,
tin magnates of tlie G. T. P.
will arrive in good time for the
iiiini nf Revision. Everything
is in readiness for negotiations
which are to take place on the
baas ui the draft settlement drawn
up when Mr. D'Arcy Tate was
here, and laid before thc heads of
the company by him.
Did   not   Establish   Any   New
Record for Course
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Epsom, June 1.���Sunstar the
Derby favorite won easily by two
lengths in a canter and defeated
tlie largest field of competitors
which has turned out since 1807.
Sunstar's time for the mile and
a half was 2 minutes 36 4-5 seconds,
1 and 1-3 seconds slower than the
record for the previous race made
last year. The winner is the
property of J. B. Joel, a South
African mine magnate. Lord Derby's Steadfast was second and F.
Forester's Royal Tender third.
Twenty-five   Persons   Perish���
Crops Damaged
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Berlin, June 1.���Twenty-five per
sons have perished in floods which
followed several cloudbursts yesterday in Southern Germany. Great damage has been done to the
Branch of the Musicians Protective Association was Started Last Night in the City.
A number of local musicians
"itt in Mr. Frank Stevens' office
i" the basement of thc Empress
I'iie.iire last night and formed
���i ii.inch of the Musicians' Mutual
Protective Association. Mr. S. D.
MacDonald, president of the Typographical Union acted as chair-
'"���iii, and the following permanent
officers were elected; President,
Mr, J. S. Gray; Vice-President,
1   [.Waterman;  Secretary, Frank
Stevens; Treasurer, Lee Baker;
Scrgcant-at-arms, Alex Gray; Executive Committee, Frank Stevens,
Lee Baker and J. S. Gray.
Others present at the meeting
were Miss Mabel Gray, and Messrs.
Kohler, Paul Kauffmann, C. N.
Pring, William Godson and W. L.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Managua, Nicaragua, June 1.���
The fortress Laloma blew up at
4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The
Palace and other buildings nearby
are damaged. A considerable loss
of life is reported.
continued Mr. Parties, "we had
only one mail in winter, and that
vftis by courtesy of the Hudson's
Bay company, whose runner carried it out over the Naas. Wc
all used to come out that way
then, timing our trip out so as
to make the journey before the
ice broke up in the spring."
Mr. Barnes tolls of thc first
concert promoted by the whites
in Hazelton. Everything was arranged on the lines of a concert
in the old lands, even to proinled
programmes. Hut instead of the
usual carriage announcement, the
bottom line read "Dogs and Toboggans at 10.45."
Looks Good for Imperial Contest in England
Winnipeg, June 1.���Walker, a
local V. A. C. wrestler, tonight
won the bout in the lirst elimination contest for the selection of
the wrestler lo represent the Dominion in the forthcoming Imperial
Contest in England. His opponent
was Aiken of this cily. Walker
will meet the Kingston man on
Saturday in  the final.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 5, Spokane 4;  twelve
Portland 1, Tacoma 3.
Victoria C, Seattle 3.
National League
St. Louis 4, 15, Cincinnati 2, 8;
two games.
American League
Washington 3, Xew York 2; six
Pacific Coast League
San Francisco 5, Los Angeles 1.
Portland 9, Oakland 4.
Sacramento f>, Vernon 2.
Little Chance of Successful Arbitration in Vancouver Dispute.
(Canadian I'ress Despatch)
Vancouver, June 1.���There is
practically no change in the strike
situation here today. The street
railway men are to meet at midnight to decide on the course to
bc adopted. There is the cheerful
prospect of the city's being in
darkness tonight as the electrical
workers propose going out at
once. They protest against the
attitude of the employers in declaring for the open shop. Little
hope can be held out for any
satisfactory settlement through arbitration.
Has New Office
Dr. Tremayne has moved his
office from his residence on Centre
street to the Westenhaver Block,
comer Second avenue and Sixth
street. He is occupying the former
office  of   Dr.   Clayton.
Four   Men   Found   Guilty   of
Manslaughter  at  Vancouver
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 1.���Four men,
namely Berryman, the two Augus-
tinos and John Anderson were
found guilty of manslaughter at
thc assizes today and sentenced to
terms varying from live to ten
years in the penitentiary.
Cannot Know Exact   Figures Until  November,  But
Many a Wagered Hat and Box of Cigars will
Change Hands Before Then
Well Known C. P. R. Coaster Struck a Rock Yesterday Afternoon��� Is Now Beached
at North Flat���Passengers and Crew All Safe
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, June 1.���Damaged by
striking a rock in Wrangell Narrows yesterday afternoon the C. P.
R. S.S. Amur is now aground on
a sandy beach at North Flat. She
was floated off the reef she struck
very soon after the mishap, and
beached until the extent of the
damage can be discovered.
Passengers Safe
Although the Amur struck with
some violence, and may bc pretty
badly damaged below lhc water
line, there was never any risk
a I all lo crew or iwssengcrs. The
steamer hung on to the rock until
the tide rose when she was speedily
beached, and the passengers taken
off and landed to proceed by
another steamer.
Amur is Good Boat
The  Amur  is a  favorite  boat
and well .known in Prince Rupert.
She has only just left off th
Island run from Vancouver in
which she took the outside route
for which she was well adapted.
Once an Australian coasting steamer, tlie Amur is a splendid sea
boat, and though not claiming
sisterhood with the C. P. R.
Empresses could hold her own
very well indeed amongst the
steamers plying on the B. C.
Today our District Census Commissioner Frank H. Mobley, started his army of enumerators on
their tremendous task of numbering the people of Prince Ruperl
and Northern B. C. Seventeen
enumerators and five Indian Agents are hot on the trail for
figures this morning.
700 Mile Errand
To bc sent out well primed with
instructions on an errand which
will take him over a distance of
720 miles all of which must be
covered by canoe or on foot was
the notable experience of G. Adsit,
the Telegraph Creek enumerator,
last night. He will return laden
with information to swell the
census lists.
Indians Too
Through the Indian agents the
tale of the Indians will be taken.
There are five Indian districts
to be covered in Mr. Mobley's
census circuit, and each has one
Indian agent who will attend to
the figures. Considerable assistance will bc given by tlie Indians
themselves in bringing in returns
which will be verified by the agent.
Local Work
Altoughh Mr. Mobley will know
thc exact population of Prince
Rupert quite soon owing  to  thc
exertions of the enumerators for
tlie city, he and his helpers are
all sworn not lo divulge the
figures which cannot possibly be
announced until about November
Betting on Figures
Amusing wagers are being laid
in town on the probable population   figures,   and   although   the
actual figures will not be known
till so far on  in  the year,  it is
pretty  certain   that  various  new
hats,  boxes of cigars,  and  sums
of money will  change hands on
general   estimates  which   can   be
shown near the mark or hopelessly
out.   There are optimists in town
who are planking their money on
a population of 0000, and  pessimists  who   place   the  figures  at
4000  or  even   less.    Those  who
have the best possible reasons to
know, put it at 5000 to 5500.
Atlin Starts Late
Owing to the stoppage of navigation   due   to   tlie  break   up   of
the ice on  the rivers Atlin  enumeration cannot start until June
15th.   Mr. Mobley hopes to reach
there then to instruct his assistants.
The ice broke up in May, and until
it  clears  away  no  one  can   get
either in or out of that district,
and Mr. Mobley's men were unable to reach him.
Mr. Charles P. Barnes, One of the  Pioneers Up the
Skeena, Tells of the Old Days When Prince
Rupert Was Undreamed of
"When I went up the Skeena
River and settled in Hazelton
fof the first time, twenty-six years
Ago, there were only two white
I" "l'l>' in the whole neighborhood
fo 'peak to," said Mr. Charles
;'��� Barnes, one of the pioneers
111 l1"' Omineca district in talking
fo the Daily News yesterday.
Mr, IJarnes is on his way back
�����me to Mile 125 on the Skeena
'llllT 0 .serious operation in the
hospital, but is still active. Years
ilK" at ()Uawa and Toronto he
'."'.'7 > M skating instructor, and
'"'"ated some of the finest skaters
l1"' 'a��t generation into the
I"1 ol nittillK figure eights and
""u'r hazardous but graceful feats
��" ��� ice. He still laughs at
""'"""""��� "f U>e situation, "Mc,
'"' Englishman, only a few weeks
"ul   'rom   13iriiiingha.ii,   teaching
radians how to skate."    And
I'll   show   the   younger
s a few tricks on the ice.
Cllin(J  l0  British  Columbia
in 1884, in the time of tlie rush,
ahead of the C. P. R." he said.
"Thc gold fever got mc at Ashcroft and then 1 went on into
Cariboo and Lillooet. My first
trip up the Skeena, twenty-six
years ago was for Cunningham &
Son of Port Essington. We were
fur-trading then, in opposition to
the Hudson's Bay Company. Everybody had to speak Chinook
then. I was official interpreter
to thc court of Atlin.
"Twenty years ago, I went up
again for Mr. Piercy, now of thc
firm of Piercy, M<>rris & Co.
I built the dog-fish oilery at
Porcher Island for Cunninghams
at about that time, and then going
on to Vancouver and Victoria
I sold the Port Simpson townsile.
It seems very strange to mc
now to look over the harbor and
sec a city springing up here. We
never thought of such things in
those days.
"In the old days at Hazelton,"
Citizens to Pass on Debenture Issue of Nearly $600,000  When
By-Law is Through Council���Leave Loophole for Future
Hydro-Electric Scheme���Will Submit Proposition
to People of Prince Rupert Soon
City Solicitor Peters is working
on the drafting of the "Water
Works By-law to raise the sum
of $500,010 for the installation
of the Woodworth Lake Water
Supply by the issue of debentures.
This is the result of a peaceful
meeting of the council in committee of the whole last night.
There was some suggestion that
thc Water Works By-law might
be held over until after the assessment has been dealt with, but
after a little talk, decision was
made to go ahead with it at once.
About three weeks must elapse
before the by-law can go through
its various stages in council in
the' ordinary course, but Mayor
Manson proposed that extra meetings be held to get it through
quicker if need be. The rale of
interest agreed upon for the debentures was 4 1-2 per cent.
Compliment Colonel Davis
In a brief report lhc City
Engineer summarised the differences between his proposals for
the Woodworth water system, and
those of Consulting Engineer Thompson of Seattle. These differences arc slight.   Colonel Davis
planned for a larger population
than Engineer Thompson���60,000
instead of 33,000; and provided
for more cast iron pipe than
Engineer Thompson who favors
wood stave pipe with a life of
twenty-five years. Our City Engineer also advises a double pipe
crossing Shawatlans Passage in
ease of a mishap to a single pipe.
This precaution the Seattle 'engineer thinks unnecessary.
Mayor Manson complimented
Colonel Davis on the evident
perfect agreement between his estimates for the work and those
of thc consulting engineer, and
remarked that there was now
no reason why the city should
not proceed at once to submit
a by-law regarding the water
supply to the people.
Printing Reports
The engineers' reports will be
printed for circulation amongst
the people and outside centres
interested in the debenture issue.
Tenders   for    the   printing   were
Prince Rupert Publishing Co. $05.
This is for printing Engineer Thompson's report only. The Cily
Engineer's report is also to bc
printed, and 0. H. Nelson as
lowest tenderer will quote for the
remainder of the job.
$1000 for Mr. Thompson
11 was agreed to forward a
cheque for a thousand dollars to
Engineer Thompson of Seattle,
as part payment for his fee as
consulting engineer, and request
him to submit his bill for advice.
It is part of his agreement that
he may be consul Axl at any time
during the progress of thc work.
Include Hydro-Electric
Cily Solicitor Peter.-, will submit
Odfellows Attended Funeral of
Late Geo. McLeod
Members of thc I. O. O. F. attended the funeral of the late
George McLeod who died from
injuries received by falling over
a cliff in a snowstorm near Port
Kssington. Through confusion of
the initials it was stated previously
that the I, (). F. members bad
attended. Deceased was an Oddfellow, and l.nsign Johnstone, Noble Grand of the Order in Prince
Rupert, conducted the funeral services.
Late news by wire on last page.
Public  Hearings  on   Question
End at Washington Today
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Washington, June 1.���Public he-
irings on the Canadian reciprocity
question will be concluded by the
senate finance committee today.
Next Wendesday is fixed as the
date on which the vote will be
taken on hits special measure.
Mr. R. F. Wrigley and wife are
m town. Mr. Wrigley is engaged
in preparing the ncw city directory
for Prince Rupert and Stewart.
Big  Rush   of   Goods   Expected   from   Below   Where
Cargoes Have Been Held Up On Wharfs -Record
Day's Waterfront Business for Rupert
Today Mr. McMaster announces
the raising of the embargo on
Skeena River freight. There is
an enormous quantity of it waiting
transportation in thc warehouses,
and at the wharfsides down below,
and for tlie next few weeks heavy
cargoes will be handled by northbound boats. The river steamers
will do their best to hurry the
goods up river, and Prince Rupert
wharf will be busy and burdened.
Record Day's Doings
Waterfront   business   yesterday
was quite a record handling.    Six
Rupert and River Boats
Afternoon brought the Prince
Rupert with a full list of passengers,
and heavy freight sheets. Thc
Operator lay at the wharf loading
Skeena freight, and the Hazelton
took aboard cargo also for up
river. Besides the general movements of the ever increasing mosquito fleet there was a big passenger movement about the wharf
all day, and longshoremen declare
they have been too busy to sleep,
the   by-law   to   the   Mayor   on | steamers made use of  thc wharf
Monday or earlier, and il will be
put  before   lhe council  at  Mon
day's meeting. The City Solicitor
proposes to include provision for
the hydro-electric scheme suggest-
Where to Go
during  the busy hours, and tons I
of cargo were handled while liun-1
reds   of   p.issengers   crossed   the  EMPRESS THEATRE, Second  Ave.;
gangways.   First the Prince Albert     Lecture on Panama Canal by Mr. W.
I docked and loaded cargo for thej   H. Magee.
Queen   Charlotte   Islands.     Then MAJESTIC  THEATRE,  Third  Ave;
the Cetriana came in to discharge!   Pictures and songs, 7.30 p.m.
cargo from thc south.   The Prin-  PHENIX THEATRE, Second Aveuue;
cess Ena called with cargo from     Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
thc south, and berthed for some AUDITORIUM, Sixth Avenue; Roller
time. j   Skating, 8 p.m. THE    DAILY    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or 16.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Octsipe Canada-Daily, $8.0u peryear; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application. /
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New YORK���National Newspaper Bureuu, 213 East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle   Pugst Sound News Co.
London, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Thursday, June 1
Owing to the near approach of the time when the citizens will
be called upon to vote on the above question to bind the city to an
agreement covering a long period of years, and owing also to thj;
evident reluctance shown in certain quarters to discuss the question
with the citizens, the Daily News will print a series ol" editorial articles
dealing with the various aspects of the question.
OFFICE     :      :
Letters to the Editor |__
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or ine-   ,
chanlcs, call up j
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free  Employment   Otfice
Headquarters for cooks & waiters   j
* ���
- WHuLESALE  dealers in ���
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
Set Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Article No. 2. -Clearing Away Some Fallacies
The tirst popular fallacy in regard to the Grand Trunk Pacific
.i-- BSHtent is a disposition to regard it as something very profound,
and ii"t to be easily understood by the multitude. This is not the
case, To the officials of the Grand Trunk Pacific, the simple issue
is that which any private citizen confronts when faced with a tax-bill
he wishes to avoid, while on the other hand there is no indication that
our own negotiators have any extraordinary knowledge on the subject.
It would be a regrettable tiring if any citizens were to run away with
the idea that the principles wlureby one would arbitrate a dispute
over the assessment of a $5,000.i��U0 lot are any different than those
by which .i dispute "ver a $500 lot are governed. The addition of
a few ciphers have .m hypnotic effect on some people's minds, for
which there i> ni justification in reason. The principles remain the
same. The onl) difference which the- huger amount makes necessary
i> th.it .i I .:. imount ct'. are >hou!d lie taken to see that the dispute
is proper!) settled, because the effects of the settlement are greater
owing ;-   the larger amount at stake.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box BtO
w. j. McCutcheon
Carrie* complete Mavk ot Drue*    Special
Attention paid to rilling prescriptions.
Theatre Block phom- No. :s Second Ave.
***���*>**** t*H\ I Hi ***���*>******
Praise for the Hospital
Dear Sir,���Having just recovered from a serious operation, performed in your City Hospital, I
wish to bear testimony to the
efficiency of the institution and
the unexcelled skill of the medical
and surgical staff in your city.
There are, I understand, eight
doctors here. Among these are
specialists in all branches ol medical science. My own physician
was Ur. Kergin, of whom 1 cannot
speak too highly. His skill and
courtesy it would be hard t"j
I think the director- a.:' the
Hospital Board are io be congratulated on having such an
excellent staff of nurses and such
a capable and kindly matron as
Miss McTavish, who i- well known :
in this Northern country.
It would be impossible to get
together more capable nurses than
those in the hospital of this city.
These ladies have graduated from
the hospitals of London and Boston and other large dries, consequently they haw had a most
valuable experience.
Sir. I have great pleasure in
stating that l| think tlu Prince
Rupert General Hospital is one
of the city's greatest assets.
I beg to remain,
Very truly yours,
Mile 123. Skeena River.
, Laud Diatrict���Diatriet ol Coait Range 5
IS.��� mat I, Clare May little ol Princ.
ipiniter,  Intend   to
cnaae the loUowlng
Ruwh''n.,".'r��wp��T���� i^mmt,
Jpflylot permission to purcl
dTori.min?"nt.t ��� P��' P'��"'���� �� *HjS2_l
��,"cornerVLot 1735, lUnge 5, Cout District
. "nee eut io chaini. thence north 25 cha ni
e"�� <��*t 31 chain1 thence north 20 chalna
[tli.. mS 10 chaina, thence .outh i5 chalna to
ul   commencement,   containing   112   ecroi
more or Il_
Dated April 1, 191
I'ub. April 15.
Skeen. L��,,ini..ric.|TH;,;''��!��'>|;^tol
Take nonce thit I. WIMUJJon���� Mmi
descrihed lands: nlanttd nl tho louthwoat
Commencing* "I- P ��"'        ^HE,^ ,����������
'** ���   "    pwt   40 chains, thonce
I of Lot 908!
conuining 80 acres, more or
^keen. Und DUtrict-DUtrict ot Coot Range 5
Take nonce thai Mary lleaton OUdenleeve of
\actoria.  Ha 0. occupation houaekeewr,   ntendl
io apply lor permiMion to purd..ue tho lollowing
34?^ I gSffnSSKi Sunly"T^U. Nadon Harbor,
gffSdS s^uth thence 40 eh.in.   ��ui. -t*���* w , Sg^J^g ��(LIE? thVM .outh  ��Q  chain.,
..:""". I,     thrnnrm.   At.   ch.lnM   WMt   IO   DoUlt   of     lP��nCt  _^___\_*_*___ ���,���.   ,hnnM, north 80 Ch��tn��.
south  20 chains,  thi'nco   ***m*   -- 	
north 20 chains, thencv west 40 chainB to point
Dated April 8, l'Jll.
I'ub. April 29.
Skeena Land District ���District of Queon Charlotte
Take notice that (toll* W. Arnott of Prince
Uuit-ri, it, C�� occuiiation real tmtate broker,
intend, to appl> for \n-tiu, ihu to purchase the
(ollowinn deacrihed landn:
Commencing at a post planted about aeven
miles and ono-huK mile wi ii and ono mile aouth
Skeena Land Datrtct���DUtrict of Queon tl__t .
Take   roUco   that   Oeorue   Kriz.V ���, "ft*
Rupert, D. 0,, occupatinn butcher, intendi to
for permiaaion to purchaae tho lollowini daLn i
landi: * """"wl
  io cnains, inwaaw *.*.*������ ~  ���
ihence ��.. N ^^*- nGKOW   ARNOTT
Dated March 1
Tub. April 22.
Numa Demera, Agent
chain, north, thenee 40 chain, weet to point of
ummenceinent, containing 320 acrea more or lesa.
Dated April 17, 1V11.
i'uii May 6.
Skeena Und DUtrict-District of Caaaiar
Take notice that I, John L. Mitchell of 1'riKce
Kupert. li. Cm, occupation bookkeeper, inund to
apply  for  permiasion to  purchase  tbe  following
described lands: . ���
Commencing at a post planted about j 6) five j J^ h 40 ^^th^rt VW 20 chans,'thonce
RStSKb.9U3 Tm ralVLWWt iJhfflSii ' north 40 chains to place ol commencement.
indH,tnverst tbence north bO^hains   gJJJj M     h lg flJJ JOHN HEPBURN
Coast Range & Land District
Take  notice  that   1,  John   Hepburn   ot   Kit-
sumkalum,   occupation  fanner,  intend  to  apply
for Permiwon to (lurch*** tho followng described
Commencing at a post plantod at the northeast
corner of Lot ay S3, thence east 20 chains, thenca
thence east 80 chains, tkence'south 80 chains
thence west mj chains. ______���
Dated April lb, 1911. JOHN L. MITCHELL
I'ub. May 13. Francis S. rrastrn, Agent
Tub April 16.
Skeena Land Di.trict -District of Cout Kange 5
Take noticv that  Henry Macartney of Prince
Kupert, b- Cm occupation miner, intenda to apply
Skeena Land District���District of Cassiar        j for iwrmiuiun to purchase the following described
Taka notice that  WUliam  Frederick Cameron   lands:
of Prince Kupert,  B. C, occupation carpenter, 1     Cummencing at a post planted on tho aouth
���   ..- ..  c��� the I aide of Exchumslks River, auout 2 1-2 milea from
^.^^^ its conlluenee with the Skeena River and about
ng  at  a  post   planted   about   throe U*2 milea wesl from Exehumslks rapids, thence 80
o? the (orkTof the White and Flat [ chains north,  thence 40 chains eut, thenco 80
m HMftk  ho ehaina.  thence west   >t>   chains south, thence 40 chains wnat to point o
commencement,   containing   320   acrea   more   or
less.    Post marked    ll.M. S.W. cor."
Dsted April 22, 11*11.     HENRY MACARTNEY
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notice that  1,  Mary Carin ot Stewart,
It. C, occupation married woman, intend to apply
for permisaion to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted two (2)  mllea
south and OD two milea west of the forks of the
ntends to apply (or permission*^ purchi
following deacribed lands
milea aouth o. _.  _.__
rivers, thence aouth mj chains, thence weet
chains, thence north eO chains, thence eait
Dated April Itt, 1911.
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preaton. Agent
Skevna Land District���District of Caasiar
Take notice that I, Alfred Kyte of Trince Rupert.   B.   Ci   occupation   electrician,   intend   to
apply  for permiaaion to  purchase the following
dticribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about i3' three   White and  Flat rivera, ihencv 80 chaina north
ilea aoulh of the forka of the White and Hat   lhenw mj chi
mil�� souih of tbe forks of tbt nnite mo rm   thence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains aouth
rivera, ther.ce 80 chains aouth, thence t-H chaina   lhenW uo chains east,
tbence 80 chains north, tbence bO cbains   lliIrj .\pnl 20. 1911.
Dated April 18, 19V.
Pub. May 13.
Francis S. Preston. Agent
Pub. May 13.
Francis S. Preston, Agent
Skeena LandDlstrict���Dutnct ot Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Catherine Harrison, of Calgary
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Kange 6
Take r.otice j.bat L Lauchlan John Sbanahan of I (andi:
Alberta,   occupation  aplnater,   intends   to  apply
for permimon to purchaae the foUowing described
G. T. P. Tranifer AgenU
Order, promptly filltd.   Price, reasonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.     Phon, &.
A second popul.tr fallacy is that big railway compar.ii:- are entitled
by \irtue of thi- fact that they are big railway companies K' sonu
special consideration in the matter. It is true that railway companies
usually do get special consideration in these matters, and that the
policy of granting reductions to railway companies is usually a gu.t!
one for cities to adopt. But in the case of tiie dty of Prince Rupert
and the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway this general custom and policy
does not nect ^-vtrily follow, because the relations of the railway company
to the city ire the reverse in Prir.ce Rupert to those usually to be found
in other i i;ies.
Ordinarily, a city offers inducements to corporations���industrial
.i~ well .i- railway corporations���because their coming will enhance
the value of the city properly by Stimulating trade. In the cik- ol
Prince Rupert the property had been enhanced in value before it was
sold by the declaration of the railway company that it would make
Prince Rupert it> terminal on the Pacific Coast. And that enhanced
price���the difference between tlie muskeg and rock price, and the
Prince Rupert city price���went to the company at the time of
the tale. That is the bonus the company got for selecting this particular townsite ;b its terminal.
It may or may not be to the city's advantage to grant exemptions
to tile railway company:   tiie fact that they are going to make Prince,
Rupert their terminal does not obligate the city to bonus them for
so doing.   That bill has already been paid.
.Whites Portland Cement...
t_tt________\*A' C. EMMEKSON"
_____% AGENT 5
Phone 1252: HiKBIock [ IStcamCAve
\ Rochester t*.
_tlT Monroe
��� Ladysmith
l;     ' ��� v Coal
Staled tenders addn-v- i to the undersigr.ed
ar.: endorsed Tender tor Public Huildir.g, Crar.-
brook, B. C. will be reived ur.ti: 4 p.m.. rr.
Mt-r.dav, June \2, iv;:. for tbt construction
of a Public Building, Ow rook, B- C.
I'lans. specification ar.: form of contract can
be seen and form* of ter. i-: obtair.��-d ai lhe office
of Mr. Wm. Hvr.denor.. Heaidrr.: Architect.
Victoru. B. C, at the (����*. office. Cmnbrook.and
at thu department.
Persons tendering arv notifit* j ihat tendrn
will r.'jt be considered ur.!ess made on the printed
forms supplied, and s.gr.ed trtlk their actual
sigr.&'.ures, stating tbf.; occupatier.i and places
of pwider.ee. In tbt e**-t of firms, the actual
*ttrr*'.������Mr, tbe nature of ':.** occur i^wn and place *
of residence of eaeh tnexber of the firm must
be given.
Lach tender must I* accompanied by ar.
accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable,
:o tr.e order of the Hor.ourable tbe Minister of
Public Works, equal to ten per cent lu p.c. of
tbe amount of the tendtr. which will be forfeited
if the person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or fail to
complete the work contracted for. U the under
be not accepted tbe cheque will be returned.
The Department dom not bind itself to accept
the lowest or any ter. ler.
By order
Department of PuKie Works.
Ottawa, May U, 1911.
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertise-
.' they insert it without authority from the
Department. 2t
Victoria, H. t'.. occupation teacher, intend to
apply for permiasion to purchaae tbe following
described lands:
(.'ommer.cing at a post planted Ch rhains south
from the southeast corner of I.ot 3060, thencv 40
chains south, thenee 40 chains *-������-��� thenci- 40
chains north, thence 40 chains east to point of
commencement, containing 1G0 acrte more or '.��������
Dated AprU IT, 1911.
1Mb. May 6.
bkaana Land Diatrict���Diatrtct of Coast Rang* 6
Taka notica that Mra. i . C. I'utnam of St
Paul, Minnesota, occupation married woman
intends to apply for permission to purchase tha
following     *.-.-.!�� i lands:
Commencing an post planted at tbssouthwuat
corner of Dot No. ITN marked Mrs I. C. Putnam's
northeast corner, thence wsat 4u chains, thenca
south bO chaina thenca east 40 chains, thenea
north 60 chaina to poat of commencement, cod
lalning M acre* morv or leaa.
Dat*d March 20 1911. MRS. L, C. Pl'TSAM
Pub. April 1&. Geo. R. Putnam  Agan
Skeena Land I'i trict���Dirtrict cf Ci
Take notic* that 1, Sw-an  Hatlen of Me*art,
I).   C .   occupation   carpenter,  intend   to   apply
for parmission to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted about <6) milea
south and one, 1) mile meat of the forks rf the While
and Plat risers, tbence bO chains south, thrnee bO
Commencing at a post planted about 6 1-2
milea wast and half a mile aouth from the mouth
of Stanley Creek, where it empties into Naden
Harbor, Graham laland, thenca 40 chains aouth
thence 40 chains east, ihence 40 chains north,
thenoa 40 chaina weat to point of commencement
snd containing 160 acres more or leas-
Dated March 17, 1911.
Pub Apr. 7. Numa Daman, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Caaaiar
Take noUc* that 1, Alice M. Knouae of I'rince
Rupert, B. C. occupation married woman. Intend
iu apply- for permiasion to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two mil**
���outh and two milea wnt of lhe forka of White
and Hat riven, thenc* north 80 chaina, thence
tast KO chalna, thence south 60 cbalna, ihence
*��st 80 chains.
Dated April 20. 1911. ALICE M. KNOUGE
Pub. May 13. Francia S. Preaton. Agent
Skeena Land District���District ot Coast Range 6
Take not c* that 1. John Kan Petenuf Princ*
Rupert, B. C, occupat on clerk. Intend to appl}
for permission to purchase the following deac.|U'd
Commencini at a post planled about three an
une*helf mllea dUtant n a aouth westerly d reet on
from a blind alough from Observatory Inlet where
the aame touchfw the Indian Reserve, thencv
meat 60 chair..��.  tbence  north  80 chains,  thenct'
Commoncing at a post plunted i,|,m,t H
miloa west and two miles south o[ ths maJS^S
Stanley Creek where it empties KliTffSi*
Harbor, Graham Island, thenco ho ohi iu �� T
thence 80 chains w��st, thenco HU QhZuJ ""Ulf-
thenco 80 chans east to point or commanWSS
and containing b40 acroa more orlt-w ni
Dated March 17, 1911        QEORGE Fkl'/i-n
Pub. April 7. NumaDuH,*;^
Skeena Land District���District of Cai la*
Tnko notice that  I,  Iitaac O'Drian  i wi,     i
Prince Kupert. B. C. occupation earpenu i it."
to apply for permiaaion to purchase the f li i.
deacribod landa: luow��l
Commoncing at a post planted about By milo..
aouth and one mile woat of tho forks of thi\\m.
aud Flat riven, thonco north su chali     t\
west 80 chains, thenco south  BQ el lin '
east 80 chalna. '' ' tl*nc��
Dated April 18, 1911. ISAAC O'BRIEN FOBnaa
Pub. May 13. PrtBgfa 8, l-tttlo^aJS
Skeena Land District���District nf Const
Take notice that Glonn McArthur of \ micm^r
Bi   C, occupation real  estate igaut Intendi to
apply  for   permission  to  purchase  the f..|lu��in,
doacribed lands: "
Commencng at a poat plantod tu ehtlns w7st
and 80 chaina aouth of tho euuthwest corner ol
Lot No. 1733 marked Glenn MoArthur'i nurth.
west corner, thence aouth 40 chuina, therm \-i___t
80 chaina, thonce north 40 chains, thance nai
80 chains to po��t of commencement, rontainina
320 acres moro or leas. "
Dated March 20, 1911.       GLENN McARTRUn
Pub. April IB. T. D. UW, Ag��lt
Skeena Land District-District of Oout EUngs 5
Coast Diatrict
Take notice that Wm. L��'-h.- of Sappcrt'in, C.C
occupation Government Guard, Intendi Co apply
for permiasion to purchase the followinK detcrib>
ed landa:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chaim weit
and 120 clmina aouth of the eouth west corner of lot
No 1733, naf�� 6COUtdtstriottOUrked Wm.Leslie,
N.W. corner, thence south 40 chuins, thencs east
80 chains, thence north 4U chaina, thence west ��)
chains to post of commencement, containing a2o
acreo more or losa.
T. D. Laird. Agent
Dated March 20th. 1911
Pub. April 29th. 1911
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Coast Range V
Tako notice thai Edith Alice Crowthir ot
Ikleg, Yorkshire, England, occupation ^unsur,
intenda to apply for permission to purchase the
following deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the aouth cast
corner of surveyed lot 3991, Rangu 5, Coa.<t L>i*
trict, thence north along the eaaterly limit ul tbt
aaid lot 35 chains mora or less to the southerly
limit of Lot 3985, Range &, coast districl, u.-vact
���ast along the aoutherly limit of the last mentioned
lot 60 chaina to a point, thenre in u suuth-
erlyvdirectiun 35 chains parallel to the sail
easterly limit of lut 3991, thence in a ue*t*
erly direction 60 chains more or leu to
tho point of commencement containing 110 jena
more or leas.
Datpd March 6, 1911.
Pub. March 25.
chains east, tbence' eO chai'ns north, thenc* 10 Nj *�� fh��t">. *iS!__t3!?_t_S "��� t0 pi'ln_X ��
chains weet.
l��ated April 16. 1911.
1Mb. May 13.
Francis S.
ffMMi Agent
Skeena Land District���Llislrict of Coast
Take notice that tred W. Bohler ot Kitsumkalum, occupation farmer, intends to apply for
i   purchase  tbe  following  dewc-ntx-l
commencement, containing 640 acrea more or lew
Dated April 14.1911. JOHN IVAN PETERS
Pub. May 13.
Stikine Land District���Dstrict al Cassiar
Take notic* that Sydney Hodgktneon of Ted
graph t'reek. B. C, occupalion clerk, intends to
apply for  permission  to purchaae the following
 daeeribed land:
iiermission  to  purchase  tbe  totiowing  ocscntwj ,     Commtnctng at a post planted about a quarter
lands: \ mil* north east from Glacier Rnlle and on the aaat
Commencing at s post planted nt the north*    bank  of  Stikine   Kivrr,   thenc*  east   20  chains
east oorner of     A. McLcod's pre-emption, thencv ' thence north  40 chains, thence weet 20 cbains
N chains south, thence 10 chains east, thvnce 2m   tbenc* south i" chain* to point of commencement
ebaina north, tbence 10 cbains wast to poat of | and containing 60 acres more or lose.
commencement containing 20 acres more or leas.     | Dated Feb. 11, 191'
A third fallacy, and one wry widciy'currcTit among the mercantile
men i* thai ncesssons are necessary to conciliate the company and
ensure ita retention of interest in the city's progress. This spirit of
fear ha? beei to by Mr. D'Arcy Tate of the G. T. P.. in a
- iti ment he m i li   il V n    iveron March tith last, as follows: "Grand
Trunk  Pacific development will  be arrested until  the question of
it  is settled.*1    "Construction will be delayed until it ^
adjus*   .
But      ipiteol Mr. D'An y Tati 's statement such a cour>e cannot
���i.   Th*  '.     ��� ��� the Pacific Coast terminus is fixed by
f thingi    by the location of the harbor, by
the Federal Government's guarantee of the oompany's bonds, and by
Un      i on which ti.. townsite was sold.   The continued
G li d Trunk Pa ifii Railway company in the development of Princi Rupert is ensured by the profit-demanding urge
i*i British shareholders wh" want to sec die line in working order
.it th. earliest possible date; by the possession of four unsold sections
of land f*n the townsite, *u*<\ the possession "i" twenty-three thousand
acres ol land across the harbor. The interest *<i the Grand Trunk
Pacific i:i the development ����f Prince Rupert is much greater than
thai *ti -ill tin other private owners put together, It i- too great an
Interest i"r anyone to fear that development will be arrested, and
construction delayed, pending the settlement of a dispute over the
railway company's water-front lots.
=E.   EBY   iS,   Co.
Kittumkalum Land For Sale
Prince Rupert Lodge J.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the BelgSTSOfl Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the cit\
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniahed and
St���m H���ted Rooma
P 0. BOX 37
DttadAprSHt ttlL Fr1eI��11ICH W. IIOIILKR
rub. AprU 22. Fred Hwnpton, A����t
Skeens L*nd District���Distnct of Qumti Chsrlotte
Take notice that Hubert O. Crtw <-t Princ*
Rupert, !' C, occupation afent, InUnds to apply
for perTn.*or. to purchase tbe (o(lomir.( deecrltinl
Commencing at a post plsnted about 6 1-2
���vice wast and bait a mile south ol tbe mouth of
Stalky Creek e/hare It empties Into Naden
Harbor, Grahsm laland. thence east 40 chains.
tbence  north  40 ehsns, thence ereet 40 cbains.
Pub April I
CA. Tervo, Agent
Slikine Land District���District of Caasiar
Take ooUco that Christian A. Tervo of Stlklnr,
U C. occupation customs officer. Intends to sppl>
for permiaaion to purchaae tbe following drsmlied
Commencing at a post planted about three-
Muarters of a mile north east from Glacier Riffle
and on the eaat bank of Stikine Kiver and on the
south side of tbe mouth of a little creek, tbence
east 40 chain*, thence north 40 chsina, thence
weet 40 ebaina, thence eouth 40 chsins to point
***** ���*��� j* sl*" **t^ajfjwMWMfig j 7fMM5S5nTSr��n5U�� IS
and containing 140
Dsted Much 17. 1911
Pub. April t
t more or It	
Nums Demera, Agtnt
or .���
Dsted Keb. 10, 1911.
Pub. April 7.
i more
Skrens Land Dlrtrict -DUtrict of Coast Rang* !>
Tske notice that I. Krank Hicka of Port Es-
���ington, i>ccupation merchant. Intend to apply
for permission-, o purchaae tbe follu*'.ng d��cnbe��l
Commenring at a post planted on the south
bank of the Exchumstks River and about four
miles from its conlluenee with the Skeena River,
thence 80 chains west* thence 80 chains north,
thence SO chains sast, thence eouth 90 cbalna
to point nf commencement, conuining 040 seres
more or lea.
Dated April 21, 1911. KRANK HICKS
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Land District���District of Qusen Casrlotte
Take notloe that J. H. Murphy.of Vancouver,
It. i , occupation commercial traveller, intends
to epply for permission lo purchsae the following
dcecnb^l lands:
t'ummencng at a ]*<***_ planled about seven
mllee weat and one mile eouth from the mouih
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thence north SO
ehalns, thenoe wvst 40 chaina, thence south 80
chains, ihence east 40 c Ina.
Dated Mareh 17. 1911. J.!lt. MURPHY
Pub. April 22. Numa .Demers, Agent
Skeena Land Diitrict���District of Coast Hang? V
Take notioe that Jack Uedfurd ol Ksfeuq.
Yorkshire, England, occupation ovit-1o<m;, id*
unds to apply for permission to ; . ��� ... ihs
following dascribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at a point in tbt
easterly boundary of timber limit BQ88 snd ia
the euuiherly limit of lot .*���***���.*, i. ��� . ��� 5 Cout
District, where the said limiu intersect, tt*r,c*
along tbe aoutherly limit of lot 1MB 11.1\>-..
and tbe projection thereof in an easterly di -ction
60 chains more or lesa to the westerly lir. it ol
umber limit U2601, thence in a southerly 'iir^tios
along tbe laat mentioned limit 11 enlns n.ore
or loss io the northerly limit of limber limit .>'*:"*,
ihence in a wesUrly direction along tlie U��t mnt*
tioned limit SM chains more or l**�� to the i-ant-rly
llmll of limber limit 383��i��, ihencv it. a :.nnnerly
diirciion 11 cbains more or less to thv pate ol
Dsted.March 8, 1911. JACK IlEDKoKU
Pub. March 2S,
Skeena Land District���District of Cai
Take notloe that I, Jamee Wcbsu-r I.S'ir. ol
Stewart, B.C.. uccupation    auctionetr. n,u:,J to
apply for permisaion to   purchase   the   foflownfj
described lands:
Commencing  at  a  post   planted  OB ;*"
bank of the Naaa river about nine nUi
the (orka of the Naas river, Ihence soulh N d IOTi
thenoe west bO chains, thence north  60 c.ar.i,
thence east bO chains to point of cumim-nctT-tnt,
containing ii io acres more ur leas.
Dated March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney v.:.* **���
Pub. May 17.
Skeena I .and DUtrict���District of Cssaiir
Take notice lhal 1, Sydney KitzgeraLl ol Si run.
B. C, occupation cook, Intend to apply Iff t*f~
mission to purchase the following dearntx-i lands
Commencing at a post planled abou^ ,..>��� mik
soulh and one mile of the fork* nl V* ������*'���*
and Klat rivers, thencc south 80 ohains, ������ '��
weet 80 ehalns, thence north bO chair*, tl.i-r.cr
east 80 chains.
Dsled April 18,1911. SYDNEY FITZCUULU
Pub. May 18. Francis S. Pnut��n. \*tet\
Skeena. Land District���District oi Coaft lUnge 1
Take not ce that Murdock McRae of Wt.cuum
B. C, occupation real esute broker, Intend to
apply for permiasion t.* purchsse ine lolM��t
doscribed lands:
Commencing at a nest plsnled 0B il* ��****
bank of Exrhumsiks river about tite miW ������**
iU confluence with tho Skeena river, u
cbains wost,  thence 20 cbains north, u
chains weot, tbence 40 chains north, ti.
chains east,  thence 20  chaina aoulh,  tl
cbains east, thence 40 chains south to
commencement, containing 320 acres mop
Dated April 21. 1911. MURDOCK
Pub. May 13.
t of
These arc a few of the outstanding fallacies which it is an advantage
t" have cleared away, before discussing the pros and cons of the
assi ssinenl dispute.
Hotel Central ����&?g5
European ar. 1 American plan, 'team
heated, mud'-m conveniences. Rates
ll.i��> to 12.5"' j*er day.
Skwna Land Dlalrict���Diatriet ol l'��^..r
Taku'notlco that I, John Kotwrt I'ar. ��� ���*��� I'"**
Kupert, II. C, occupation cook, Intmal t.' ��I'C),
for pcrmaalon to purchaae tbe lollowini! alii
UommendnK at a po.t planted u' "���'
��iulh and 21 two mile, weat ol the laarn a I tot
While and Klat rivera, ihence suuth -< **
thence eaat 80 chaina, tbence norlh M r:.'ra��a
thence weat hO'chana. __ .....
Dated Apr I 20, 1911     JOHN ROBERT I M ' <
I'ub. Mai 13. Franc a S. I'mun. W
  Coaat Land District���Diatrict of Skeena
^^���,    . ���,         ,���     . ,.  __ Take notice that I, Paul Brendler, of
���r��Vrr.Z,��$*lX'^.ie^ Utopd. occupition farmer, in-
ver, II. C. oecupatlon phyalclan. Intenda to apply tend to   apply for   permission to   lease
lor permiaaion to purchaM the lollowini deacrbed the followinK foreshore:   CommencinR
cLmendnc al a poat pUnted at the ... .th.ee '. Bt a P0**- planted about 12 feet from the
corner, 40 ehaina nonh and 10 ehaina eaat ol the location post of lot   1301 on Porcher Is-   deacrilied landa:                   	
thenee 60 chalna north, thenee 60 chaina w,et.
Skeena Und Dlatriel-Di.trict ol Coart ***__**
Take note* thai I, Martha Uek, ol ""���
llupert. II. C, occupat on marred worrar. I ..wai
to apply lor permiaaion to purchaae IBS I
following   high water mark 1200   fett; ' Irom a blind .l..u,h Irom Oheervatory II
thence 60 chalna aouth to poat ol commencement   thence west to low water mark; thence   **ie ******* touchee thc Ind an Revm
containing '.,'0 acrea more or fc	
Dated May 2, 1911.     WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Uohler, Auent
H. F. McRae & Co.
Financial Agents
Second Avb.,
1'RiNtK Rupert
Lea rimu       c.   ., _ .
Little's NEWS Agency
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of commencement.
Dated March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11
Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
��� Rooms 50c
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspaper? | BEST m  T0WN   r0R   THE   money
'.'A, 24
9, in
31, 112
Lots 5 and (j, Block 2��,
$3(100, 25 per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, 3 years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
Lunch and Meala at all hour*; Lunch 15c,
MenU 2:,c up-Come and See
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtriet ol Coaat Ran>e :���
Take notice that LettU McTavUh ot Vancouver,
B.   C,   oceupation  married   woman,   intenda  to
apply  lor permUalon  to purchaae the following
deacribed Unda:
Commencina at a poet planted at the north-
' weat corner 100 chalna eaat and 20 ehaina nonh
from the northeaat corner ol Lot 1116, Ilarvey'a
Survey, Coaat DUtrict,Range 5,thence 20 chaina
aouth, thenca 80 chaina eaat, thence ~0 chaina
north, thenca 40 chalna weat, thence 60 chaina
, aouth, thence 40 ehaina weet to poat of eommeneemenL containing 400 acree more or leaa.
Dated May 2, mil. LOTTIE McTAVlSH   ..,.,,���-���-j.___-_r__f in .h.,_:Tr. ...V,.,* 7i'~ "" >-',T
p���l,  Mav fi YmA m   1'aiH.r   \ ......    lotion thereol 40 chains to a point, thence anuth
Tub. May 6. Fred w. Uohler. Agent   pwmUcl lo ,h<! eMter|y limit of .urveved lot 3984
! aforeaaid 60*ehalna more or leaa lo the northerly
..._,     ���      ��� - -    ��� - - ���   - - 1 "mit of a timber limit (No. 425631, thence weat
Stikine Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Caaaiar        ' 40 ehaina more nr len to a point in the pro ectlon
Take notice that Christian A. Ter��o of Stiklna   "outherly  of  the eaaterly  limit  of aurveyed  lot
II C, occupation customs officer, intends to apply   3!l**. thence in  a northerly  direction  along the
for permiMion lo purchaae the following deacrilied   protection  of  the aaid  limit  and  along the aaid
lands: limit 60 chains more or leaa to point ot commence.
Commencing at a poat planted aboul 18 chaina   ment, containlng240 acron more or less.
. j.j I
80 chaina, thence aouth 80 chans, <!<
chalna, thence north 80 cha na to point M ��"
mencement, conta n ng 640 acroa more
Dated Aprl 14, 1SI1.
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Und DUtrict-Diatrict ol Cassiar
Take   notice  that   I,   John   Unwin   "I   I '">��
Rupert II. C, occupation laborer, Intend t" ��JW
for permiMion to purchaae the following **m	
' keena Land Diatrict���District ol Coaat Range V
Take  noliee that Charlea  P. Otter  ol  I'rinca
Rupert,  B.  C,  occupation aurveyor,  Intends to
apply   (or   permisaion   to  purchaae  the  lollowing       	
described landa:          i jfm ttMBM aouth "so" chaina,   thrnc.
C ommencing at a poat plantal at the north eaat   chaina,  thenoe  north  80 cbains, thenw
corner ol surveyed lot 3984, Range 6, Cout DU- I ehaina _�����
trict    thence  in  an  eaaterly  direction  along the I BtHd April 18. 1911. JOHN Is,"1.,
aoutherly limit of aurveyed lot 3991 and the pro- '  -uh  May 13 Krancis S. l-resinn, Auent
CommencinK al a poat planted  about   I   ta
miles aouth ol the forka ol the White ��r.l^riw
','.: it
WM each
625 each
o,��l> each 100
We have one very choice buy in Section 1 which we r.nnnt  .,iv=,-ii
���taoMtely central-small cash.    Also several 3m%jSSrt $25 monlh.
___**_* ] t'l'l"*- A nod exer-
HSL Acliaansnaarl. La.lie, every
nttern.��an. Newmnn Illa^k laj.
tween l'.th and 7th sis
TED ��ORI,18���N.      l*.,wWu>r ���n��� Kmwrr
English anal American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Two Box ll���l| Alleys. 42 feet l.anir ��� Wall
%_*_!%_ ''"i""��r. chalra, card Uble, etc
1200 tske, the ������tnt for quick sale. Appl,
H. E. ROSS. Kmpreaa Hotel Pool Room
Third Avenue . Pri,,. Rup#r(
north weet of the customa warehouse at Stikikn,,
B. C., thence went 20 ehaina, thence south 20
chalna, Ihence eaat 20 chains, thence north 20
chains to point of commencement and oontalnlng
40 acrea more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 13, Ull. CHRISTIAN A. TERVO
Pub. A Pri 7.
Skeena Land DUtrict-District of Coast Range 6
Take notica that Once McTavUh, of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation married woman. Intends to apply
for permisaion to purchase tha following deacrilied
Commencing at a poat planted at the ��uthw��
corner 100 chains eaat and 20 chalna north of
the northeaat corner ol Ut uit, Harvey's Survey,
'.*"* rii."l,',rt'. ���**"*' ���>��� Vimm 40 chains east,
theaee 80 ehaina north, thence 40 chains weat,
thence 80 chalna south to post ol commencement
containing .120 acrre more or leas
Dsled May 2, 1911. ORACE McTAVlSH
Tub. May 6. Fred W. RohUr. Agant
Take notlM thai Alesandet Mclntoeh ol flan
r'.Ti': .��� ... I   T*'""-'*'",   real   aetata   broker
l:!i^g,0dX?Wo1r.^u,,on ,o purch~,ta
t___*t_i'V__\ - * *""' *****f*_*t *�� 'h��ln�� 'outh
_____*____**%** eorn��� ���| Ul 99f,, Ihenee 80
_____ Smt S22 JS ch*ln" ���*<**. thence 80
chains  north, thenee 40 chalna east to point ol
v?iTwilm.'Mnt m 1"** ���n " "*
Dated March 8, 1911.
Pub. Mareh 25.
Skeena land DUtrict���Distriet of Coaat
Take nolle* thai William  Munfnrd ,     Princo
Rupert,   B.   C,   oceupation   proepeetor.   Intends
to apply  lor   permiaaion  to lease  the  lolowine
deecribed landa: ���
I CommendtM at a poet plantetl about 100 chains
south of the Indian Reaerve on the east side ol
Uoom Bay and on the east aide ol ihs peninsula
thence south 80 chaina along shore, Ihence we.1
40 chsins to Oooee Bay, thence north alone shore
80 ehains, thenee wwt 40 ehains more ���, __m,Z
port, containing 320 acrea more or lesa '""""���
Dated March 8, 1911. WILLIAM MrNFDRtl
Pub. AprU 15. ��".>ruKD
Skeona  Land Dlalrict-Dlstrlcl  of Toasl
!    Take  notin that  Hume  llahlngion  ol  i'rinee
Ruiwt  II. C, occupation master mariner, intend.
. Coo* Bay ������ lh. east Side of ,he "enin.".  th.nei
""rth 100 ehalns along shore i��� th," |.,���, ' n0
thence weat 60 chain, more o,��� |P�� ,���"9S*fffiS
thene,   100  chain,  don,  ahori    ,he���^,f%_
Skeena Und Dtatrict-DUtrict ol C��>-.��
Take notice that I, Alfred Berryman WUJ"
of  I'rince  Hunert,  II. C, occupation "'"""'i.
Intend to apply  for permiaaion to purchase in.
followin, deacrilied landa: .,, tw0
Commencing at a post planted alwut I-    . .
mllea aouth ol the forka ol thc While ��;'.'!,
rivera, thenco 80 ehaina aouth, thenee ."   *������
weat,  thence 80 chalna north,  thence M> *������>*"
Dated April 18, 1911.      Franeta S. rroswn. A��e��
I'ub. May 18.
Skeena Und District���Dtatrict ol < ��'-��� ���     ,
Take notiee that I, Charlea Frederick   ihm
ol Stewart, B. C, occupation (reijhler, "'��� in,
apply  for  permiasion to purchase the i''
ala   -arilaeai   tatllals: ,.1,1
Commencing  at  a poal plante<i  on  i     ���  M
bank ol the Naaa river about aix miles * *
forka of the Naaa river, thenco aouth W enj(n<|
thence  west  80 chains,  thence  norlh  ���*" * '    ,_
Ihence east 80 chsins to point of comment
containing 640 acree more or leas. ,,_-r**_-T
Dated March 25, 1911. CHARLM F. Me":"
Pub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, .V '
Skeena Land District -District ol CtW��   ���,
Take notin thai I.   Bertie   Edwin   I a.i��'    ,���
Stewart,  II.  0- oeeupatlon  plumber. 'J',.    int
apply   for  permission  lo  purchase  tho  l��"
dmeribed landa: ��� mile
Commnnrln, at a pnst planteil """"' m||es
north ol the Naaa river and about sev ' ,m,
above the forka ot the Naaa River "l','h,|ns,
thence north 80 chains, thence eaat "" , , |0
thenco south 80 chains, thence west ���">'" un,
point ot commoncemont, containing
more or leaa. --._.,_ BADOPS
BERTIE W_____y_W_ukt,
Dat��l M.rch 23. 1911.  Frank Sidney Wril"''
I'ub. May it. THE   DAILY    NEWS
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
WE ��� HAVE ��� FOR ��� SALE
Section 9
Township 1
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to In*
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to duy will be devoted
to Bubjecta of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
SkwtiB Lind DUlrict���District of Cout Range 6
Tiki) notice that I, Dell Hall Kenney of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, occupation married woman,
intenil to upply for permiasion to purchaae the
faQowi&i ditnrtbtd lands:
OoauMOdU ut a post plantod at north east
corner of T. L Lot 3B528, thenco run nlng west 40
thiir>. tht-ncc north SO chains, thenca east 40
chainn, ihonco south 80 chains to place of com-
MNMNBl contuininK 320 acres more or less.
My im.! it on aouth east corner of land applied
for, marked letters S. !���;., about one mile west of
Un l.uiti.<l*e, south sido of Skeena river District
ol Cusnt lUnge 6.
Dated April l*y, 1911.     BELL HALL KENNEY
Tub. Msy 13. John Huverty, Agent
Stoma Und District���District of Cassiar
Tski< notice that  I, James Dunlop of Princo
Hupcrt,  11.   (*.,   occupation   teamster,   intend   to
ipj     (or iwrmission to purchase the following
di-'i-nkil lands:
OomModol ut a post planted about two miles
���outh ot the forks of tho White and Flat rivers,
tbMM north  bO  chains, thence west HO chains,
(ham *outh SO chains, thenco east 80 chains.
I'm 1 April 18, 1911. JAMES DUNLOP
I'uli Muy 13. Francis S. Preaton, Agent
BkMM Lsnd District���District of Cassiar
Tikf imt ice thai I Francis S. Preston of Prince
ItupiTt, H. C, occupation pronator, intend to
my  m [HTmission  to  purchaae the following
lif^n! i.i landi:
Conamdoi at a poat planted about three
naii* miUl und two miles west of the forks ol
thi- White snd Flat rivers, thence south 80 chsina
thence Mst 60 chains, thence north SO chsins,
thi"i.ce mt 80 chains.
Dit.il April 20, 1911.     FRANCIS S. PKESTON
i'uh .Way l ;i
Skeens Und District���District of Coast Range 6
nto not ce thai 1, Joo Jack of Prince Ri pert,
S c. occupatiun carpenter, intend to apply for
Mrmlttion to purchase tho foUowing described
t ommencing at a post planted about thrce>nd
om-l nil nn les distant in a south westerly direction
from s blind slough (rom Observatory Inlet where
thr tame tuuehoa the Indian Reserve thonce cast
**> cUm, thence "tith 80 chains, thence wost80
chsint, thence south 80 chalna to point of com-
mn.ci-i.eiit, conUlning 840 acrea more or leea.
Dttri April 14, 1911. JOE JACK
l'ul>. Muy 13,
l.an.1 District
ikiena Und District���Diatriet ol Queen CharlotU
lake notice that Krank Levlck ni Woodstock,
*>*'���. iv ;|a.iiinn hookkeeper, InUnda to apply
I** I ��� ��� . ,-iiin to purchaa. the lollowing deaenbed
tainimnclng at ��� poat planted about aeven
nailw *..,( anil two mllea aouth ol th. moulh ol
***** l reck where It emptlea Into Naden
tl.rL.jr. tiraham Island, thenc. 80 chalna aouth,
fcs.icia n> chaina easl, th.no. 80 ehaina north,
intr.ee ko chains waat to point ol commencement
itaal cai,tailing tilO acroa moro or leaa.
Dud Mareh 17, lull. FRANK LEVICK
' uh. April 7. Num. Demon, Agen
������������ Uad Distrlct-Dlatrlct ol Cout Hang. 6
lake notice ihat Annie  Muaaallem  ol  I'rince
JJJj "��� * ccupatlon married woman, Intenda
ii.'1'1.''. .r Ixrmisaion to purchaao th. lollowing
KriUal lamia:
It at th.
    ... E. curtu'T
 .11*   llervoy'a  Survey,  Coaat   Diatrict,
'���' -��� llience eaat 20 chaina, thane, north 40
" "K at a |ioat planted at 1 post
"Mil*���; corner, 60 chalna eaat Irom N. K
Cobweb Gossamers All the Rage
Tho cobweb or .shadow veilings
are still very popular, although
for this season there seems to be
increased favoritism shown to che-
nile dots.
Lace veils arc extremely long in
the new models. They reach to
below the waist at the back and
are worn with medium sized hats.
Chiffon In checked and striped
patterns is in vogue for tho draped
veils over large hats, and nets are
in plain and fancy weaves
The oriental palmleaf is perhaps
the newest pattern in fine meshes,
the whole design lieing unobtrusive
and decidedly attractive on account of its departure from the
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range 5
Take notice that I. Lionel Klngiley of Vancou*
ver, I). C, occupation miner, intend tn apply
for permission to purchase the following described
Commondng at a poat planted near tho aouth-
west corner of Lot 992, Range 5, Coaat District
thence west 40 chains, thence south 60 chsins,
thence oast 40 chains, thenoa north 60 chains to
Eoint of commencement.
lated Msrch 24, 1911.       LIONEL K1NGSLEY
Pub. April 22.
Skeens Land District���District of Caaaiar
Tako   notice   that   1,   Thomas   Macgovern   of
Stewart, U. C, occupation miner.lntcntT to apply
for permiasion lo purchaae the following dcwcrit>cd
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Naaa river about four miles above the
forks of the Naaa river, thence aouth 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chalna,
tlience east 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acrea more or leaa.
Dated Mareh 25. 1911. Sidney Frank Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notice that I, Percy Francia Godenrath
of Stewart, B. ('.. occupation journalist   intend to
apply  for permission  to  purchaao  the  following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank ot the Naas river about seven miles above
the forks of the Nsss river, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chstns, thenoe north 80 chsins,
thence eaat 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or leas.
Dated Marc 2fi, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeens Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notice thst I, James Mlllsr Johnston of
Stewart, H. C, occupation storekeeper. Intend to
apply  for permission to purchase the  following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
north from the Naaa river and about nine milm
above the forks of the Naas river, thenos north SO
chains, thence west 80 chsins, thenre aouth t"
chains, thenoe east 80 chains to point of commencement , containing 040 acres more nr loaa.
Dated March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeena Land DUtrict-District of Coast
Tako  notice that  I,  William  Melville Corley
of   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk.   Intend
to apply fnr permUsion to purchase the following
descrihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest
comer of Lot 3055 Rang 6, Coast District, thence
r-ast 60 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence wmt
��0 chains lo Hell's Gate slough, thence along
slough southerly to poinl of commencement, contsining 160 acres more or less.
Dated April 6. 1911.
Pub. April 29.
Queen of Flowers Most Popular
This Year
Roses of all Wnds and sizes
seem to be lhe most popular
(lower used on hats litis summer.
Some of these roses are made of
grosurain ribbon with a pieot
edge set off by leaves and stems
of ribbon of thc same shape as
the Bower, barge and small roses
arc often used on the same hat.
The soft pastel tones of blue,
pink and green bid fair to be
favorites. On some of the large
hats the wreath of roses is veiled
by malines, and on some of the
models valeneienncs late is used
to set oft' the beamy of thc roses.
Among thc small flowers used are
the forgctmenots, lilies of thc
valley and heliotrope. One of the
handsomest of the spring models
has a long wreath of forgctmenots
which are made of old gold velvet
Rosebuds of pink and blue chifTon
arc also used on some of the
advanced  models.
t Mn��
fffci ' l��"it* *��t 40 chaina, thenc. aouth 20
.<���*"������. ItMBtt i.,,t 2o chains, thane, aoulh 20
��muu lu point ot commencement, containing 120
*tn_ mon ,,r i--
_____** K��i ����� mil.
���ub.May II,
���'Jl'^ns Land District���District ol Caaaiar
I'm���   ____.  ���th,t   '���   Thomaa   McMeekin   ol
25?  '"i"'t, U. C, occupation clork, Inund to
MMbMludu ** purcb*M "" 'ollowins
lolihTiT''1? __ * P0"' V**"**- ��b��<" two rata
tmm. ,    ,��, 'I'*" _',lh�� WhlU> ��nd Fl" 'l"<"*>*
*'iZ Z_:u_U,^*in,*_l*'''n'x  "���*���*  �����  �����"!"���.
l_.,D .S _* '*'*"*. thenco west 80 chalna.
'ub Vi"".,18'1'-"1-       THOMAS McMEBKlN
"����� M U I J. Krancla S. Proaton. Agent
J.tZ, Un_ UUtrlct���Dlalrict ol Caaaiar
��� Jko nuiice that I, Charlea L. Dclgrov. ol Slew-
for ,�����,. .���."""I'"1111" ,1'rospoctor, intend to .pply
fifi���"8" to purchaue th. loUowlng deecribed
-*>*_.__?___ "', " po,t Panted about all milea
���"'I   I ,""" _*"_. WMt "'  lhe ,0'k" 0| I'M Whll��
sw ��''',,    "���l **"""X 'outh 80 chalna, thence
I*" thil'        '      "co norlh 80 olialha, thence weat
*m ***��� Krancla 8. rrraton. Agent
Hup.,, no **M ** "mi Queenan ol Princ.
���Mb li, ,. " .'"P'PMIon proapector, Intend ts
desc,il,a, !,,,"| ""*"��"  to  Puroh"����  th. lollowing
��U,2Tv!,'7' I1 *, p?" P|"n,��l 'n th. Tldnltv
���il ll,.. ���,.'",��� "'"IV1 threwilght. ol a mile i��utn
���,, ,ll(, *   '';, ",,,t'o "lonama Creek, and Iwlng
-mTrntt,*%___&��_*!* "' r*m*m U">" No
U�� a j, a., ia,', ��; then"> "outh 40 chalna along
"'>-'> -I 'si I,' ,"'"��'<l Timber Limit No. {till
Qota, i, ' ���" '' laln��. ""pw eaat to th. ahore ol
lW nirlh!.,      ,nci' "' * ch,ln" **""<> or leaa,
!"'">��� "' '-���' i ���.,',!���.,��� ____<* wo>t��rly 40 chalna
nn ' '""l "I commencement, containing
i, ''��'"���' ��� .1 ir.. i In i , V ",rict ��' Co��"t H��ngo B
Rumtl S '���"'���" I. J- Harold McKoan ol Prince
���I'M)' lot i '������ I0?"1'"1 "" blnck.m th, Inlend to
**V'* *"���'* ii'mii Purchase the  lollowing
l-Ulnaa .a
Skeena Land Diatrict -District ol Coast R*ige t,
T.ko notice that I, Charlea A. V.ughan ol
Prince Rupert, H. CL occupalion merchant, intend
to apply lor permiaaion to purehu. th. lollowing
described landa:
Commencing at a poet planted on th. aouth
hank ol Kichumalka River and about (our mllea
(rom Ita confluence with the Skaena River, thence
HO chalna e��t, Ihence 80 chalna north, thance 80
chains weel, thence 80 chains aouth to point ol
commencement, containing fi40 acrea mnre or Irae.
D.75 April 21, 1911 ClfARLKS A. VAUOHAN
Pub. April 29.
Skeena Und District-District of CoMt
Tak. notice tl.at I. Mrs. John Corley of Prince
Rupert. B.C., occupalion married woman, intends
to apply for permiasion to purchase th. following
described landa: ._.._.
Commencing at a poat planteil 40 chains east
anil 120 chnins south from the southwest corner of
lot 1733. Co��st District, Range S. thence aoulh 80
chains, Ihenc. <��at 40 chains, thence north 80
chnina, thence weat 40 chnins more or less to the
point of commencement, containing 320 acre.
morcorle...MRg  JQm ^ COBIjEY
D.te Mar. 20, ISU
Pub. Apr. 4. llll
Skeen. Und Mlitrlct-Distrlct ol Quwn Chariott.
Take notice th.t Ceo. H. Laux ol Prince Rupert,
B. Oh occupation barber, Intends to apply  lor
permliion  to purchaae  th.  loUowing   dweribed
Commencing at a pnst plante.1 about aeven
mllea weat and one ml e south Irom the mouth
SsJTcU, Naden Harbor, thenco aouth 80
chilli, thence weat 40 chain., th.nce north 80
chains, thaficeijat 401 chalna.
Dated March 17, llll. __\\___S_, a..���i
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Ag.nt
Skeen. Und District-District ol Cwlil
Take notice that I, Hrenton Jordon Moore ol
Prince Rupert, U. C, occupation contractor, ntend
to .roly Trpcnnlwlon ti purchaa. th. loUowlng
miln south .nd (2) two mile. MM ol he (orka
���( White and Kl.t rivers, thence 80 chsins south
Ihence 80 ch.ina wesl, thenco 80 ch.lns north,
thenc. 80 chain. M.tKNT()N JoRDON M00RK
D.UKI April 20, 1911. Krancla S. Preaton, Agent
Pub. May IS.
Skeen. Und DIs.rlcl-DI-triri.of C��to
P^T^S D'C '������ccuhp,;ron".rmKer'.'nten,d
lo'SpPli "��r��rmuiionToC pPurch.�� the following
dT"lren*lnT.t . ft* ^^^tlftj
thence wwt 80 chalnsj, thance north  80 ch.ltu,
Substantial and yet Economical
Dinner Dish
Rolled steak made as follows
is substantial and, as it is stewed,
will not spoil if kept waiting a
little while: (set two pounds of
bttttock steak in one piece. Make
a forcemeat with six ounces of
breadcrumbs, three ounces of suet
flavored with sweet herbs, a little
onion, i lin|i|ni| bacon, pi \,\��� i and
salt. Bind with an egg. Dip the
steak into vinegar, spread wilh the
stufling and roll up and tic in a
nice shape with ta|>c. Place it
in a stewpan, just cover with hot
stock or water and stew very
gently for two and a half to three
hours. To serve take off thc
tape, put thc meat on a hot dish,
thicken and color the gravy and
pour over.
al. ,u ".'V" P|nnt��l ��bout three and
,,.'"" " b.iii.i , i,n ","','" " "oulh weaterly dlrecUon
t'���*"*>' I., "i- il.,, ,"1 "'"ervatory Inlet whero
2 fhni">. CS '".I*"* *" Kmctvo, thonoo weat
C>ln��. Ilinn ,. MT"i89i ch�� "��. thonco easl 80
85!^K��nt3��r��.MlPi��� t�� POP1 of com-
U,u-"l -,f, 114   ii i"�� 64u, "re" mor. or leaa.
'���* *"**'       1. HAROLD MoKEAN
On'tTMrupSlon'd^tiir, WmJ*]* ���&'''*
uermiaalon  to  purchaae  the followini  ill
In Every Class of Material They
Are Popular
Never have striped materials
lieen used tO B greater extent than
al this season. They arc employed in all kinds of materials
and in most cases with happy
results. Probably thc black and
white effects arc thc most noticeable in fabrics for suits or silk
dresses. In tweeds the stripes
arc not decided, and this new-
weave is much more siiisfactory
for tailored suits. Serges with
pin slripes arc emphasized in lhc
Openings oi many of thc Paris
couturiers. The white serge suit,
with ii fine stripe in cither blue
or black, is frequently trimmed
with   satin   to  match   the  color
It is one of the fabrics for dressy
spring suits or for cool summer
days, and recommends itself to
buyers from this fact, that it can
be continued into the next season.
With black and white striped
material there is now used hy the
leading modistes a touch of cerise.
The vogue for this is very decided,
and on hats, gowns, or bags of
black and white this brilliant
cherry color is generally seen.
For  the  Girl  Who  Wants  to
Stay Pretty
When haggard from fatigue, try
a hot bath in which a little vinegar
ind cologne have been added.
Washing the eyes morning and
night with water as hot as can be
borne, is an excellent tonic for
Never take a hot bath in the
mornijjg, unless it is followed by
a cold sponge, >>r you will lake
Beautiful Emerald Isle Embroidery for It
The   Queen   recently   honored
the Royal Irish School of Art
Needlework with an order for
embrodiery. It consisted of panels
for a skirt, bodice and sleeves, to
be utilized in an evening gown,
which the Queen will probably
wear when in Dublin in July. Of
beautiful design, the embroidery
is worked on pale blue tulle in
silk thread, diamante, bugles and
gold, and is to lie made over
satin. The work has just been
sent to Her Majesty, who, when
Princess of Wales favored this
school with her patronage.
The   First of the   Season
We received a
ihipment today.
Price rcaionable.
Two  atcamera today brought Ul
Fresh   Fruita   and   Vegetables.
new mci kuu s   Ymir Goodi are Good
Ideal Provision House
Third Ave., near Sixth St   Phone 190
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
*  of
Greater Canada
Your Dealer Has ll
To Lease
22, 23, 24, 25
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
A local representative is wanted
for a territory tributary to Prince
Rupert to sell the hardy non-irri-
li-.iled nursery stock grown by the
Oregon Nursery Company, Oron-
co, Oregon. Liberal terms. Party
must come   well   recommended.
.-^.-^.^.-w. MlllUKSS.^..-^,-^..^.
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco ��� Oregon
A toast to the grand old game of
A cheer to follow after,
Quaff deep tlie cup and let your
Go hurtling to the rafter.
Come drink again  to the glorious
With its true Canadian savor,
That  breathes  of   tlie  west,   the
bounding west,
With its spirit of bold endeavor.
Away with the prophets of its decline,
All hail its hustlo and moil,
Forget thc railing of "weak-knees,"
Give heed it's born of our soil.
Its swing, its dash, its traditional
Makes us its loyal slaves,
It belongs to tlie west, the robust
With its rush and its surge-like
National league ball players are
picking Pittsburg to win the pennant. If the Pirates have the
good fortune to "come back" the
world's series may be a repetition
of two years ago.
+ ��� ���
There is to be no more free
baseball for Montreal small boys.
Several who were taken down
Catherine street opposite the baseball park, this morning, were fined
S5 each and costs.
+ + +
Corbett  fancies  McFarland  as
thc   ultimate   opponent   of   Jack
5:S:S5ssssa5SJS:sJs!s���s:s:s'Johnson���bul admits that he wil1
i.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.w.j   havc a  ,)k contract
The Digby Rooms
Located on Sixth Ave, near Fulton
Thrvo to t\w minute* from centre of bualnoft* district. Nine-
twn newly furnlihcd room*.
Hot and cold water, bath and
telephone. Newly furniHhctl.
Under new management.
-      INVITED
-General H��rdw��r�����
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves
Graniteware       Tinware
Too Much Magnificence Scares
the Modest Male
��� ��� ��� ���-��
We have a complete line of
Laoaia, Field i.l.i"���-,*���*. Mineral Glaascs, Compasses
and   Anerord  Barometers.
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sunday., 8.00 a.m.
Mondays and Fridays al 8 a.ni.
���a. Prince Albert fails for Port   Simpson, Naas Kiver.Points, Masset,
Naden Harbor,   every   Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and f?r:
Refuge Kay,   Skidegate,   Queen
Chariotte City,   Lockeport,   Pa-
cofi, Jedway,   Ikeda Ray,   Rose
Harbor  and   return  via  Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets  obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coa.t Service
Famous Princess  Line
s.s. Princess May
���aaila for���
Vidcmw, Victoria  and   Seattle
Friday, June 2nd at 9 a.m.
. G. McNab - General Agent
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
"I'll tell you pne of thc chief
ri'iisnns why there are not more
marriages in a large city," says a
scientist who believes both sexes
should have the right to propose.
"Take   the   seueessful   business
girl.    When she goes down town
in the morning she is ;>.iini. d and
powdered, wears a mas9 of frills,
gigantir  picture  hat,   and   strives
hard to create the false impression
that she is a millionaire's daughter.    Is it  any wonder  that  thei
poor  fellow  balks?    Probably  hc i
is making 3150 a month, but he!
figures to himself that if hc married !
he would be able to do little more,
than keep a wife of this kind in j
shore.   Of course, the girls would
be "lily too glad to abandon their
paint and frills for a  three-ioom
flat,  but  thc  man   doesn't   know-
that,   and   usually   there  are  no
Advertise in
The Daily News
��� A lfcar CSwssmww ���
Tha Only New unabridged dictionary in many years.
Contains the pith and et*��ettce
of an authoritative library.
Covers every field of knowl.
edge. An Encyclopedia in a
single book.
Tba Onlv Dictionary with the
New Divided Vnfie.
400,000 Words. 2700 Pagos.
0000 Illustrations. Cost nearly
half a million dollars.
Let ns tell you about this most
remarkable single volume.
Write tor sample
pagea, full particular*, eto.
Name this
p.per  and
wa will
���and free
���ot ot
on his hands
to get a verdict over Day.    The
hitter's   punches   will   show   McFarland up, Corbett thinks.
+ + +
A comparison of the records of
Battling Jack Kelly of New York
and that of Jack Kennedy, Milliard
Lang's last opponent, reveals the
fact that Kelly is a much classier
boy.    Kennedy's record showed a
long list of no decisions and draws,
but Kelly either won his bout by
the knockout route or he took the
count himself.
��� ��� ���
Since 1900 all the pcnnaiu winning in the National League has
been done by New York, Chicago
and Pittsburg. The average rank
of National clubs for eleven years
is as follows: Pittsburg, 2 1-11;
Chicago, 2 9-11; New York, 3 7-11;
Philadelphia, 4 7-11; Brooklyn,
4 10-11; Cincinnati, 5 2-11; Boston, 03-11; St. Louis,'15-11.
��� + +
Sporting men believe that Walsh
is afraid of Packy McFarland.
The Briton could havc had 85,000
for a bout with McFarland at
either the National Sporting club
or the Fairmont A. C, but he
absolutely refused to box the
Chicago lightweight, even when
the latter agreed to do 131 pounds
at 3 o'clock.
��� ��� ���
Freddie Welsh, the former Fng-
lish lightweight champion, appears
to bc unable to secure a match
with any first-class boxer. Incidentally, he is not in favor
with Tom O'Rourke, who brought
him here from London two months
ago and claims to havc a binding
contract in his services until January 1.
��� ��� ���
Welsh   has   BXpyeMed   a   desire
to meet Owen Moran, his fellow-
countryman, in a contest al the
National Sporting club here, but
Moran -says hc isn't going to
box anybody in public before he
hooks up with Ad Wolgast for the
world's lightweight title in 'Frisco
in July 4.
��� ��� +
"Tootsic," pet fox terrier belonging tn "Pud" Smith, is mother
of five pups, but was not satisfied
with the size of the family, so
adopted a kilten aliout three weeks
old, and she is now raising them
all together.
��� ��� ���
At the National duck and candle
pin bowling Congress a new world's
record   was  made by   Hcddibury| Fruit
of thc Commonwealth team.   Wor
ccster   Heddlbury rolled 107, four
pins   better   than   thc   previous
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
��� ��� > FOR s s ���
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Hros.' Office.
Stork Building, .Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C. Ontario, S��a-
aml Manitoba Hairs. katchawan   and Al
berta Bara.
Barristeks, Notaries, Etc.
Offlce-Exchaniro block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. I'rinca Huuert. I
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental nperatl'Uis akllfully treated. Gaa and
local anaathetlcs administered for tho painlesa extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
Helirerson Block. I'rince Rupert. 11-11
Aa,CM a   FOR      [IF!.    MACIIINKRY
...AND    CON!IACTOHB    ,u rri.lFH...
P. O. Box 436 ��� Office 3rd and Fulton
p. o. uox it.
rrrn. or wm. roxoN, Esq., a.r.a.m. "urn.. aNO.
*.   Produce   :
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave. THE    DAILJY   NEWS
A Mirror
That muy be safely
"pckcd" on 11 trip
is much in deinuiid.
Wf liavi- than in different sizt'H. :
G   H. ORME \
The I'ioneer I -fin t-i.it [
Skwmu Lund  District���Diatrict of Coust
Tuku  nutice  thui   1,   Willium John  Corley  of
Prince Rupert, H. t'., occuputiun runohor, lutein,
to it|ipl>  fur HrmlMlOlI to pUTOhlM the followinK
dottcriued Untla:
Commooctafl ul | pout plunled ut the uouthwofit
corner of Lot 8068, Kunt;e 6. Coust Dlitrict, thunco
Huutli 'Hi chuinti. im nou oust -io chain*, thunco
uortli SO cliuiiid, thunce wunt hi chalna to point
of commencement, contuininu 80 ucroB, more or
Dated April 8, iyn.   William john CORLBY
I'ub. April UK.
Skeena Land Dwtrict -Dlitriot of Queen charlotte
Tuke notloe that Qeone W. Arnott of Prince
nupwti   H.   i ..   occupatiun   ruul   oatalo   brokor,
tnteiidu tu ujipiy fur permliaton tu purehaae the
fuiiowintf deeorioed Unite;
i Comnanolng at u post plunted ubout man
1 nulei and ond-hall mile mwi und ono mile nouth
; Jrum tbe iiiuuih .��f Stanl)    Crook, Naden Harbor,
thenos weal ao ehabu thanoa aouth 60 chain*,
thttOOO t'jwt bit ehalni, thence north Hi) ctiuitiw
i Dated Murch If, lull. OfiQ,  W. AHNUTT
j PUB. April 88, Numu Demon. Agonl
Cout JUnge 5 Lund Disirict
Tuke   nmico   thut   I,   John   llopburn   of   Kit-
���umaalum, oeoupation farmer,  intund to apply
fur permission to purchaso tho foi low n* deBOnbad
Conunanetai al u pom planted at tlie urthaaai
corner of Lut 8888. thonce euat HO chuina, tliencu
aouth  4U Ohalni,   thenco  Woat   UO  chana,   thonce
north -lo ehalni tu place oi coiniiuincemant-
Datod Mareh 18, lytl. JOHN HKI'DUJiN
. Pub April J5.
fik*ana l.*mi Diatrict -Diatrict of Coaat Kunue ������
'lake notico thai 1, Claru May Little of I'rinee
Uupert. It. Cti occupation Miklnatei, intund to
ap)>ly for p'<rmiaalon tu purcliaao the following
doacribed lunda:
Conunenouifl at a pout planted ut the north
woat comer of Lot 1736, JUtnao 5, Cuiwt Dialrici
thanee aaat -*0 chuina, tWncu north 86 chaini
thonce weat Ul chain thunce north 80 chaina
thence weat ID chuina, thunce aoutli 48 chuina to
point of cummencomont, coiiiuitdng 111! acrea
more or leart.
Dated April 4.1811, CLAHA MAY LITTLE
Fub. April i ;���.
Bkaana Land Diitrict- Diatriet uf Coaat Raosn c
Take noliw thut  Mury  Beuton Cilderaleeve of
Vtetoria, Bi Cs, occupation uouaekeepefi inumdf
to appl)  ���*" Permiaaion to purchaa*' tlie following
deacriU-d lunda:
Commi'iicuni at a poat plantod at the auuthwuat
corner of Lot 886, Kuii|[�� 6, Coaat Diatrict.thonca
$0 chuinn nouth thenco 40 chaina eual, thence bU
chaina north, thenoa 40 chuina wnl to point of
tm.;i.<;...... j.  . conluininK 'A'-iO acrea more or luaa.
Dated April 17, 1911.
Tub. May ti.
Skttma Lai,.! Diatrict -Diatrict of Caaaiar
Tuke notloe thut 1. John L. Mitchell of I'rinca
Rupert,  1-. ('���. occupulion  bookkeeper, Inlend  to
upply   for   permiaaion   to   purchaae   the   following
described lamia:
Commencing ut a puat plantod about (b) live
miloa Miuth und (1) one mile weat of tho forka of
the White und Klat rlvora, thence north eU chaina
thence  aaat   *0  chuina,   thence   aoulh   tiO  chuina,
thonoe *���*���<' mi clmina.
Dated Aprl] 18, 1911,       JOHN L. MITCHELL
Tub. Muy 13. Francia S. l'roaten, Attant
Skoonu 1 a.u.il District - Diatrict of Casaiur
Tako  notice  that   Willium   Frederick   Cameron
Wi- have just received a
shipment of tbe newest
Styles anil   I aU-.-1   designs
in ladies' Velvet and leather Hami Bagi Wf especially Invite >ou to call
uml l.i us show you our
n.'W  goods	
Skeona ljind llislrict -Diatrict ol Coaal KanKC 6
Tak.  nolice  Hull   Hoary   Matari n.)   ol   I'rinci.
| Suptrt, 11. C., occupulion minor, Intonds to apply
I lor panntaMoa to purebua tba lollowinK doacrib.il
j; lands:
Coininenciiitf at a |mal planted on tlie soutli I ol 1'rnicii itujiort, B. C., occuiiation curp-tmU-r,
siaio ol hacliuiiiaik* Hivor. uboul 2 1-2 milea Irom '��� ntoinla to apply lor pormissiuii lo purchaae thi'
���l.> cuiilluauci. wall tho Skoona  Itiver and aboul    [o||���w���,, deacribod lands:
r    -      .    ,','" ;fonl t.*el'uniailui rapids, I hone 60       ComraaBCUU  al   a   poat   planled   about   three
irtli,  thanoa  40  chain,  oaat,  thonce it)   mi\,_ ,������,!, ���f tl���. lurta of the While und  Klat
rivers, llience aoulh SU chainn, thanea weat lit)
chuins, thence nortli 80 cliains, ihenct' east HU
Hated April 18, IUll.
Tub. Muy 13. Francis S. i'reaton, A^eut
chuins south, thence 40 chuina wool to puinl o
commencement, containing ���_'_. ucrtw more m
lose, i'uai inurkod "U.M. S.W. cor."
IJuled Aj.nl .2, lilll,
I'ub. April ID.
Skaana Ijuid llislrict   Distriat ol Caasiur
Tuke  notice thut  1,   Mury  Curin  ol  Stewart,
II. i'., occu|iulion murru-d woman, intend lo upply Skeenu I.and Diatrict���llislrict ol Cassiar
(or i .a:i.uv.iaai, to purchuse the (oitowinjt diacribed Tuke nolice that 1, Alfred Kyle ol i'rince Ku
'and: ****_   It-  0^   occupation   elociriciun.   intend   to
CouniienciiiK ut a  posl plunled two f.)  milm uppl>   lor perniiusion   to  purclnoai-  tbe  lollowing
aoulh und ,2) iwo milo-i weal ol lhe iorks of lhe deaenbed lands:
While and  Fiat  ruera,  thence 60 chains north, Coinmeiicinn ul a post planted ubout 13) three
thence SO chuins  neat,  Ihence SO chuina south milea soulh of the lurks of tlie White und Klat
llience SO chuina eusl. rivers, thence SO chuina aouth, thence SO chains
Duled April HO, lilll.                  MAKY i Mils uuat,  thencc SO  cliains norlh, thence SO chalna
I'ub. Muy 13.                    KrancisS. Kreston, Auent waBt.
IWd April 18, MIL ALFRED KY'l'E
BUaOl l.aii.1 Disirict -Districl ol Quoen Charlolle I'ub. Muy 13.                    Francis B. I'realun, Agent
luko notice Ihut Cuthernui liurrlaun, ol Calgary
1 Alberu,   occu|iutiun   spinster,   intends   lo  uppi>, '
l_1i,IH"'"""""' '" *"*���"*-"������ **"���' '���'U*""*'** described . Skeenu Und Dislrici    Dtalricl ol Coaal Range 5
i^Ta'a.,.,��,���..���,   ���,             ._,__,,          .   . Take notice that I. ljuchluii John Shanahan ol
n.il.^1 .7       M   ii     ES   ?_*?_*_   "-""i"   "   '���? Victoria,   11.   C,   occupulion   loecUr.   Inlend   to
JS"?. ".'-IVM",'" ���'�� auulh Inin. lhe woulh ,p|,|y   |���r penniaaioli   lo  purehas..  Ihe  lollowing
of Siuidey  1 reek,  when' it  empliea mio Naden deseril>ed landa-
!____*���_*���__*_. '*""'��� !hl'"M _? '','"""��� "uu"' Commencing ul a post planted 60 chaina aoulh
��� h    �� _a___u       "*.'.  ""'*   i��   Ci""""   norl1'' '""" "'" i"'UlVieu.l corner ol D,l SIKiO. Ihence 40
., . Z���,.1 . *i ,.;T       " ''��"" ��i ���"""'���"'iwient chains soulh, (hence 4U chains Mat,  llience 40
Du _5 W___in���  ,_,T* mm '" '""��� I oh��ln�� "ur"'' *���" **�� '*"""��� <*���' "> l*uln'  "'
,-sTiii. am ���,������,.,,,���   commencement, containing IM acm more or laaa.
Numa Dem^, Agent    Daied April 17, lull.
I I'ub. May ti.
Skeena J.....,: District- District of Cuiaaiur
Tuko noliee Ihut I, Alice II, Rnouae  ol i'rinci'I
Itnpert, ll. C. occupution Hurried woman, Intend   Skeenu Land Dialrici    ilialrict ttt Coaat Range 6
Ui upiily lor oeruiiasion Ui purcliuau the lollowing       Take nolica lhal   Mra. L.  C.  I'utnam   of St
described lands: Paul,    MinneaoU,   oceu|iaUon   married   woman
Commencing ul a poal plantad about two mll��   lnu'"de to upply (or |icrmlssiun to purchaae the
soulh and two miles we.l ol tha lork�� ol While   Wowing described lunda:
und  Flat rivera, ihence nonh  so chuins   tbence      I ommencing ut i post planted al the s.iuthwial
east   BO  chains,  llience south  SO chuins' thei co   eomer ol 1^,1 No. 1733 marked Mrs. L. C. I'ulnaina
. Advertisements ""SSBSL
������nives the publie is in the classified advertisement eotemni.
Th^~bVe7 and.eller, employe. \ sSftftS ffi&L	
mon Sound,    Topuj ^SWjM?   ���A'^"'" ''	
One of the beBt services tin
reach of everyone the News  will reduce I
mil worker.
,m" " " KlHed"Advertising'Oqlumn for today.
Here  is  our
Watch it grow,
B-room House uia Bl
Avenue and MeHrnli
$700 cash, easy term-
Lost and Found
* mm****
FOUND- Kurekii Clennintr nnd I'reaaliilf Compuny. Men's suite eleuned and pressed $1.00.
I aaiieia suits riessed nnd cleuneil. Dry clean-
,,������ iiapri'iulty. Room IS Weslenhuver Hlock,
phona ml tin. 121-14"
I'lll'NH KU'KUiit rooms; newly furnished. The
BuUiiay llliu'k. tith Ave., near Fulton.    llW-lm
lcVinch Steel Cur Wheels
Axels and Roller Bearings
Rupert Marine Iron Works
Great Gymnastic Convention,,
Stockholm This Fall
In the early fall
year will be held
Exchange Block        Prince Rupart
For Rent
Th�� Universal Fire Extinguisher
Knerjfetic representative or Bgi ' ts
wanted for The Universal Firs
Kxtinguisher. An excellent seller.
Needed in every house.     A] |     tc
H. JSCObSen Company, VanCOUVtr.B.C.   NewT-room house on Ambroae Ave. .
m    _H .    n|B,1K| n,nt jjjj     Apply on premiaea or Box IC1
NeutU'Furnlahad Rooms; Kentlemen preferred.
Applv Mrs   Mullin. liver Majestic 'I'll.'.Hie
Cosy furnished ruoma. Mrs. Bower, Snmerael
Hisims. Third Avenue, between Seventh und
Eighth. Il''���t,
Nice Furnlahad Rooma. Apply Mrs. Kirliy. Alder
Block, upstuirs entrance. Third Ave.       U7-1S4
Btvaral Koisl & and 6 room houaea with bath. IH
per month.   O. M.  Heltierson, Limited,  plume
S :n--tf
partly fur
i'ub Apr. 7.
weat bO chuins.
Haled April M, lull.
Pub. Mu- Li.
Al.ll'K M   KNOUOB
Frunclu S. I'restull, ASOOt
, ^.^.���#
Canadtai. Hufiil Co*t, Pn^lurts
.Mininu M-i' Ln ��� iv und
OontnAtiin   BappMi
({���.��.i Huilitutw antl Ooneratt Murhnic-rv
A.   i  ..ii ,i .i    I .un:  und  ('.ni ���   Supplies
It.siiip Cun iai.il WitK<m��
4ia����>line EnginrB, Mutui V'ihk-lri, Trucks
��� a
I   P.O  Boa 436           Prince  Rupert   /
�� 0
Bkaana Lund district   Dutrict ol t'aiust Ranlle .'���
luke nol Co ihut I,   Ii.i i, li-an IVursol i'rince
Rupert, II. Q��� occupat on ilerk. intuid to u|i|il> <
lor , ' .ii.i��.!..i. lo purchuse the folkming doacr,beal
a nda;
Featherweight Champion Laid
Up for Twelve Months
Abe Attell, the featherweight
champion, may In' compelled t"
rest on his latin Is for a whole
year. The Hebrew made money
while the sun shone, lint the fatal
moment arrived when he met
with an acciden I that must be
costing him thousands of dollars.
His physicians b ty he cannot
linlit until twelve lonj; months
have passed, ami by then Ite will
have passed out of the featherweight class. Atiill made a favorable impression when in Winnipeg.
Thirteen years .!��<) Abe Attell
was one of a family of twelve
children���seven boys ami five girls.
His father was dead. The wolf
was sometimes at the door, but
Abe's mother, by emlh-ss sacrifice
and peerless courage, kept the
little flock together.
i ine day Abe gol a chance to
enter  the  ring.    He won  easily.
Caaiiamcncini/ at ii poat      ......I almul 16) miles   ',.. :   i ,     At 1   J   an   t   .
utliundonc I) ill. woslailinoforks.allhoWliilai  I 'K'    IH.-lll     .'Mil'    l.lllllli    >l.i    into
Nice, clean, bright outalde rooma.
6th Ave., near Kulton.
Bulkley Block
Nice furnished rooms slnirle or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Rooming Houae, Und Ave., neur
McBride. May Mmo
Help Wanted
northeaat corner, thence west 40 chains, thence
aouth 80 chuina tlience easl 40 chalna, thence
north 80 cliaina lo poet of i-niiimencement, con
inJiiij , 1120 ucrea more or leas.
Date.1 March 20 1911. MRS. L. C. I'UTNAM
Pub. April l.'i. tieo. R, Putnam AKco
Old to do table and chamber work al  Porl Ks-
i..-!��� an Hotel.   Wsiir,ll'atull" a month wu la
board and room.   Apply Mra. Black. Cential
Hotel. Cily. ISi-lSS
Kxlieneneed aewer for ladies clothes. Mrs. M.
O. Cohhardt. Westenhaver Bltx-k. Sth Btrael
and 2nd Ava. lln-121
Diatrict Manaarr for Ural claaa Health and Accident Insurance Company, Splendid uiduoc*
ment.- Special salary and liberal commission.
Appl) to J. L. UcCumh. Health and Accident
Department. Empire Life Insurance Company,
Ml Winch BulldinK. Vancouver, B.C.   IM-JSO
Nineteen youne men to Uke cnay roonis in the
Bulkley Block. nearFolton. lmlm
Wanted���An A-l solicitor for the moat llla-rml
I mi. a ��� . Orders In the world. Call r*.-n 28,
Empri'ss Hotel.   I. F. Madlem. IW-II4
Wanted   Ml food men to join the Order of Owls.
Call room 28, Kmpreea lintel.   I. F. Maitiem.
A Successful At Home
A large number of ladies and
gentlemen attended an enjoyable
At Home given by Mrs. C. H.
Sawle. yesterday afternoon and
evening al her residence on Fifth
The At Home was in aid of the
Ladies' Aid of tlie Presbyterian
Church. Mrs. Sawle made a
.splendid hostess and assisting her
to make her guests spend a happy
lime were Mesilames. Reddie,
Gatton, Murray, Misses Sutherland, McJCenzie, McNaughton, Ac-
kar, Cobb, McPhail, Farmer and
Miss Froud, Miss Grant and
Mr. Bert Frond assisted with
musical and literary items.
Bkaaaa I j.j..I ll^lrlct    llislrict ol Caaaiar
Take notire lhat  I, BDU  llallen ol Stenart,
11.   C.   occupHiliin   carpenur,   Intend   to   apply
for i j . .i.lav.iiii to |iurchaae ilie following deacrilied
t'ommencintl ut a pust planted ul..,ut thni un
��� ..a I,.all ii.ila . distant n u soutli weMi rly ,1 rn-i mi
Irom u I an.ai alough from ubacr-.ut.ir> Inlet-Alien,
ii.i- same louche* ihe Indiun Raaarm ih,Ma
wost  80  chuins, thencc  north  SO  cliuins,  thence   *ou,1 , ,
euat  Ml chuina. I hence soulh SO el.eiiis t* polnl  ������   ""' "*' *U''n* O.anca 80 chains luailth, thence Ml
i-iiiiuiieiiceincnt, conlaliiinn niu ucres mure or h��s
VriuTl.14'1''"-        J',l,N1VAN1'Knl'M!'.*,"lAMI8,19.l SWANHALI.KN , joirillg   ill   the   A.lell   hl.llily.     Abe
,UL1      ,n ,.,       r** rB"-",ft-,*A,,rt Attell, featherweight champion of
Mikn.i Uml I'i,i,i.i     li.inci ul I.Hssiar
lake none,- lhal Sydney Hoditkinanii of Telegraph l reel.,  II. I  , .-ccupulion el.rk, iniomi, lo Sk.ena Und DUtrict    DUtrlrt of Coast
apply   Inr  |>.rii.is.-.i.iii  to  purchase  Ihe foUowing I     Taka aanllco lhal  hre.1  W.  Uohler ol KiUum-
dl-scrliied lullii:
i oiuiuuiicing at a posi plant wl uimiil a nuarler   iH-rn.ia.lon   to   purch,
aaai .Mrner of    A. McLeui'a pre eiuplion, thenoe
mile nonh eust irum tilacier llillle and on the
bank   ol   Slikine   River,   thanoa   aaai   Ju   chaina
thence north  40 chains,  thence  neat  20 chsins
in ei. ii laaawh III chaina lo point nl faiiiauieiiccinent
and containing 80 ,��� .,   more or leas.
Datad t.i.. n. mil.
I'uh  April i. CA   i.-rvo, Agenl
the  world,  has  been   the  wonder
of wonders of the prise ring.   He
r, inlenila lo apply lor   I, i            . .     ���      ,
the  lnll.i..lng   described I "m*   lleell . Ii.i: l| Hi ui , ,|   all    classes
lands:                                                                                              i ���     ��� ��� ���                            ,
hiiucnclng at a pnal filanlnl at  the north- I llillle .111(1 go lilll III) |||S Career, ..ml
w.is  practically  invincible  at   lhe
j kalum, occupation  farmer, lataodl lo apply for
I' ehaina south, thence 10 cIinii... a i.i. Iheiiiv 20
chuins nortli, tlience  10 chains west  to |hmi ot   i ,
coinniencemenl containing 20 n.i, .more or leaa.       In.nl ill   Ilie li .Itlltl Wetull I (llVlSIOII,
.        i -,|.nl I". l:u I    I llll I'i.i> il ��   ri nil.I It
pun. April r
I  Il.l'     II   W.   l.'llll.rU a      , , , ..      ,
Fr..l Hamilton, Agenl|'IHtl  It'W lire  lilt')' BOlOng  the light'
weights who can defeat him. With-
f   13   years,  iliuiiii;
lor p. rii.isaion to purchase lhe lollo��ing descrilied    Rupart, B.C., occupalion agenl, intenda to apply I u.|ll'l.)i   hfl  Iris  haon   I'mli I i',i,,     .\i,.,ll
l..r iwmisalon to purchase lhe lollouing described rWII<"   '"    "**   IHU1   ��g<"��lg.   ftWCII
Mikine l^in.l I iiairn-i    1 iiatiici ol i 'ussiar ^
lake milieu ihul I 'hrislian A   I ervo ol stikine,   Skeena Land DUlrict    Ilulrlrl ol Oueen Charlotta I ,,.    .,    .,,,.;.���
i   , oaatpaUon auatama ollicer. intends to apply '     'lake  notice lhal   Hubert   0.  I row ol  I'rinca,    ' <
1 land
17 pi I       ...L.ut'.T.'ii.tt WTSJlSS mStm 'iffi   "itnmencln, a.   a  ,���.,   planted  aboul   S   12 ! h''* **' ���ll'<'��l "l> mOTO tl.a.l 1200,000,
I Olir        th3flC6 !    &Tf&S?^^tt^* ;C;: S^E��t.lSS   iirM i N". mattM �� hat happens now, he
hi,, ii. ii..ii iii land mi n.nih'.i
lil.,...I Is illi Hii inr   Mile    al    ��
ssonabla price.
1 rn fm tin r i'.n ih .lh ��� apply in
ice nurth 40 chains, thence Harbor, (Iraham lalalut, thence easl 40 chains,
uiast 4n chuins. Ihence south 40 chains lu |miIii| thence north 40 cha'ns, thenco nest 40 chains,
ol coiiiu.unceinenl und containing liio acrea
or  leas
Dated Fab.  10. lull.     CHRISTIAN A. TKRVU    Dated March 17,1911. HII'IIFHT O. CREW
I'ub. April ?
.skeena Und lii.irict
District ol Queen Charlolle
Islanda  m  **
lak.��� aauaa ihul J. ll. Uarphy,ol Vuncouver,
ii. i . nonpallon ooouoonla] mvaUar, iniuniis
is ueyond want  for  tlu   resl of
inoni   Ihenee aouth 40 chalna lo polnl ol coinniencemenl    |,;s   Ijf..     .,,.,1    ,|,���   ���������,,|���.,.     ,,f   L!
I and n.nulnlng ]��0 acr�� miw or liw._       __ HIS   lilt ,   ,11111    tile   lllelllllt ^   n|    |||..
family, living in San I-'rancisco,
are all iu comfortable circumstances
thanks to the earnings of Abe.
Pub. April 7.
Numa Demera, Agent
Opan Evenings Exchanga Block \_f__* ������������.."'������l
ol Manl>   I reek
The Insurance People
...  a        ..I  i
Ilu  Milk Ki-.iliv and linindiut- Co.
i - ii. i \.
1.1   I ..ll   i. st
ii tin pun -t snd I���������������<t mads In Beatttle,
I i.ii ni nm Is ii.iiil solely in
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
Siiiiini Ave. nasi
fruit uinl Candy, wholessli
Sam (sowen, Prop.
.I., i... I .mil Districl���District ol Coust  Range b
Taku  notice llul   I,  Krunk   links ol  I'orl  Ke-
...    ilnii'lnii,   nccupaliou   merchant,   inlend   lo   apply
to appl> lor isriiilssiou to purchase ihe faillowiug    Inr perinisaloiiI o purchuse the laallouing ilaesrrihe.1
d, .aiili.il Uii.li. ' lanals:
I aaiiiinelieiug   ut   a   post   plantel   ..liout    suven i     Coiuinenring  al   a   post   lil.ilit.sl  on   the  soillli
mile soulh Ir.un  Ihu   muulh < I'Htik  ail  lho  Kieliunistl,s   Rival  ami  aliout   lour
>lt, Nadun llurlior, thenin north till   mihs. (nun Ita conlluenee uiih lhe Skeena River,
chains,  Ihenee   ��.ni   III chains,  tbence  south   bl)    thei.ee Mi  cbalna west,  Ihenre Ml chains  nortli,
>| -   .!.. j i.i ,     ina. I Ihence   Mi  chaina  easl,   thenee south   no  chuins
Halo.1 March IV, loll. J.|ll.  MIRI'IIY    I" I" I commencement, eonlaining tilO acroa
I'ul.   \|.ril 'S.. Numu I lemurs, Agenl    more or U��a.
I  I Vim! 11, lilll. KRANK  till KS
Coast Land District   Diatrict of Skaana  ''"'' M"'r-'J-
Tak.- notica that I, Paul Brendler, uf I
Pnii'ii.-t laland, oceupstlon fanner In-       si.,ina i.ami Disirict  piaMatoiCoaai
��� ���-ml tn   ni.niv f,.e   nasmlsslnn   , .   I   .. 1m,u' 'n'lce lhal Willium MeTuiuh ul Vancou-
enaio appiy roi   narmintpn to  lease   ,,.,. ��� ,   aaaopaUoa Phyaidan, launda taanpb
ilu'  roilOWing loresnorel    I ihihiii-ih-iii^   Inr inainlialilll lo pun i . . ibe lolluwing ileserlml
at ii posl |iiiinii'ii about 18 feel from tin- ******
location laa.il ni lnt    Mill  un I'.ii-i-lii.i   la ' """l"'|||'l"ll ul a post    ! .. n.i sl the sou hues
.in ii | mt iii un   iiiui nn i on m-i in-   r���M1,.r  ,,, ,.h,7,��� n���rlh .���,, tll ltltm, rtllit ���, lh,
iiiiiit,  mence   in a  soutlierly   >1111 a t    i,..nia....i anrnar ol Lot  niu, llarvo'a Survey,
fullutMliii   Iii^Ii  wati'l" lllllrk   1200   feati    *****   Hielriat.  Itange I., thence lit) chains east
lli|a|,i'i> ili-kt   I,, I,.10 uai.l..e in..L ���   II    .a.'    """' "   chuilis   liortli,   I hence  (ill chains  weat,
III.   ,, .     w ��    IO ll.H   wat.'l   lll.nl,,  tllunCO    n,,.,,,.,. M ,.u������ ���������,, ,��� iuM ���, eouunencement
iiiulliiilv    IiiIIuwiiik   low   wnl, i-   maik conulnlni 8(0 aaraa mora or laaa,
1200 i,, t; thence met to point of com- "*'"' M"> ������ ''���,"-    wii.i.iam a. Mctavisii
tm-iiii ment *'*''* t*m* ** Boafcri Agent
Dated March7,  HUI. Skeena Lead District    Dlstrlel ill I oaat Range d
I'lI'M   llliii'l'tlnll   .M.u al,   11 Take nntice I hat I    Ma I al. I I. nl \ sn...a... I.
II.   (' ,   iaecii|ialloll   murrleit   wolnuli.   Intends   to
appl>   lor   permission  to  purchase  the  lollowing
keeiia Uad Dislrici    Dislrici nt Coasl  Rann V   described lamia:
i she   a,,,i i,.,.  a lul   Charlea   P.   Oiler  ol   I'rince       Ciiniinencliig  ul  a  post  planli I  al  Ihi. norlh-
llni'.rl.   II   I.,   oceupalion  aiirie>or,   ililemls  In    ****** comer Km ehulin easl nml 'Jll chains north
appl)   lur   |�� riuuaaiaaii   iai  purchiuw  thu  l.illowlng    ,r"1" l|lu northeasl corner nl l.ol  11 lli,  Ilarvey'a
descrilml lumis; Survey, I oust Dialrlrt.Rutign B,tlience SO chains
roiniiieiiciiig at u post pluiilnl ut lhe tinrlli oust   mu'th. tlience M0 chuina eaat, llience Ml chaina
a a   in, ,   i  ,li ,,lli,.,.   corner nl suiioyeil lul HUM, lluiige t, Cousl Ills-    nurlli. llience 40 chains wesl. thenre till ehalns
i.|illllimi tilll  lllllli     (t ,, m   w   a||   UM|<,r|J   .i,,,,.,,,,,,   ���!���������   ,|ie    south, Ihence 40 chains west  to
Figures   in   Trial   of   Strikers
Leave Tomorrow
Police Sergeant Phlllipson, Constable McArthur, several witnesses,
and defendants, all figures in the
Iti.il ul the strikers lo be helil
in  Victoria next Week, will  leave
on the s.s. Prince Rupert tomorrow morning During the
absence of the police officers, Chief
Vickers will have some special
constables doing duty in the city.
saallliaeil)   linill  nl surveyed  lot IMI   ullil  the pro-
I.-elinii thereat! Ill chains lo u point, thence south
uinl    li'liiil    I'"!*1'*'! I" thecuulerl,  limil of sun eyed lot HOHt
kloraaaid SO ehains more or Iras to the northerly
l'lliiiii>   'I'll)   '""" "' " ���""ber limit I No.   IJ.il.l., thencu west
l nunc jju    hi Chuins nun or leas lo a point In Ibe pro ectlon
.nilllierlv    of   lhe   easterly   limit    ol   surve>eal   lot
���l.iil.   tlii-iii-f  iu  u  northerly  direction  uluiig the
liriijii'tiini  ol  the said  limit  uinl  uluiig  Ihe said
limit till ehains more ur less to point ol ctiinliiunco-
.iieiil. einitaiiiitig II III acres mnre nr less.
Daied March 8, lull.        0UARt.ES I'. OTTKR
I'ub. March 25.
, i ol i. .111:11111
 hi . containing lull urn'u more or leas.
D.iieil May *_, IUll. I.OITIi: McTAVlSH
I'uli  May li. Frtil W. Uohler. Agent
.Slikine Unit Dislrici -llislrict ol Caasiar
Take notice lhat Christian A. Tervo ol Slikine
II 0, occupaliun customs omcer, Intends to apply
lor i".111,1 slim to purchase thu lollowing described
Commencing at a pnst planteil ahout IK chalna
north weal of thu cualoma warehouse ul Slikine,
It. C, thenee west 211 chains, thOOOa south 20
chalna, llu-nco east 111) ctiaius, llience north 20
chains lo point of commiiiicemiiiit and oontalnlng
40 acrm mon1 or less.
ini.ii Feb. ia, ion.     CHRISTUM A. Tkrvo
Puh. Al.rl 7.
Skeena Und Dutrict    District ol Coaat
Taka  notico thai  Willium  Munlnrd 1     I'rinco   SkjaBO Land District    Distrirt ol I oaat Range 5
'luke notice thut Uracil Mc I uvlsh, ot Vancouver,
II. C, occuiiittloli mnrrUa.1 woman, Intonds lo apply
for iiermlsaloii to purchaao the billowing descrllieil
Clerk in Calgary Makes Twelve
Hundred Per Cent Profit in
Seven Yeara.
Calgary, May 31.���To purchase
a piece of property on Seventh
avenue seven years ago for |82S
anil   to  (lis|insc  of   it   today   for
1105,000, a profit of 1104,178, i
the experience of a clerk  in   the
local land titles office.
Rupart.   11.  C, iH-rupatiiii
to  anply   (or   |ieriiiiaieuiii  ti
aleariltaeal  lulials
prospeclor.    Iiiti'iida
'.        Fire Insurance        j
4"*^,^-**^"**^"l^"l^"^"^'��^ ia��^a��^a��^aJ^
llll lit ' U'lii"' 1.1'iN.ii i.i' Ktre Insuranee
Company uf London. Enirlami, with cjipital
uf K.'������*���>���<**>M*. .See ui fur IttM, Thr Mack
Itcaltv iiitii Insurance Cocnpanv. ?<>-tf
^���^4��^Mt^ai^ai^4l%.ii^ii ��rfi"��infc4iahii^ai4
!      Situations Wanted      ;
A .Ik- 11 ..1 ���,*���*,���., it .rin.'. 1 (s ��� tirrlrta work
hunter   and wMoni fails.
CliBMilwrmai.l rwjulrra work In l'rinr���� Kupert in
Mat class I.nt. I or r.-.toti..- huuse. Apply Uatly
NewsUllicc. 121.126
Hy experienced man and wife aa cook and helper
In mlninir camp or country hutel. Ai il* II. I.
T.. Uptlmist. U6-y7
* j,
j       Boarders Wanted       :
^'^������^^'��^^��>^*l��^fc��l^a n^n^ll^H-VII^M^jjl
BOM pBOkad meals and nicely furnished rooms
f.-t ihrt-i prraons. Apply Mn. Jamea, Scott
Hldir. M Ave., I- ��� *.. i. -t I. and ��th Sta.   -'��� t:
I'rivate Ituard hy thr week ur month. Home
cookfnir a specialty. Miss K. M. Cleeson. .Ird
Ave.. I-: ...'ii .11. and bth Sts., phune 171. >'.> n
11 thl' present
^     , '   St��Wwlin.
Sweden,   a  convei u m of
import, and inten t  to a|
participate   in   athl       ,,
nastic compel it inn
At the twentieth   mnual c^
vention of the n. li a! student
of Sweden, Norway, IX-nmarkaml
Finland   will   be   presented the
question of placing all gy^
and   athletic   competition under
medical supervision     \| tliis convention medical stttdi   - from tin
several countries enter into active
competition.   The question m' supervision   will   be   presented by
Gunnar Frostal, thc secretary o|
the   Medical   Students'   Athletic
Association of Sweden
Frostal is a man whi stands very
high in all things thai relate to
sport in northern countries, He
is also a writer ol considerable
Some conception of thc import.
ance of this convention and tht
matters discussed may be gained
from the fact that one ol the lading scientists, Professor Johanson
is the honorary president, whili
the Crown Prince is thc patrol
and thc state is the sponsor,
Three-year-old Francis Hooson
Who Perished in the Sinking
of the Iroquois.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria! June 1.���The body of
another victim of thc Iroquois
disaster of April 10th off Sideny,
was found two miles from town
today, lt is that of Francis
Hooson, the three-year-old son of
Mrs. Hooson who was also a
We arc not advertisii _ to detul
and press suits for Sl just becausl
the G. T. P. is a littl- slow gettim
into Prince Rupert, but we d<
dean your clothes before presanj
them.���Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'phone 4.
Real Estate
A . I;.*��iii.d 14'K. rli.. mmi Is h real estat* Mies*
man, and ���.'���*** not often count enough "to
noiint" In the net reiult.
Nineteen ynunit men wanted to re-nt cosy furnish*
��� 'I In thr- Hulkley Ko��m��. 6th Ave., near Kultun.
For Sale
: "������������ '��� I'r.ri.i.i Typewriter In perfect condition.
Apply r.O. Ii..x.t':- 118-124
All kinds n( second hand goods liouftht and aokl.
K M. rn-l.v. Third Ave., between Tth and Hth
streets. 117-tf
N<>. x Star Cook Stove In perfect enndlllim. pipe"
enouRh for 2 stoves; all for Iii> Apply at
ItiMim 23. Kraser and 7th Street*, aeven to eleht
in evening. It7-wl
Canada's Coronation Representative Has Had to Leave London for Rest.
London, June 1.���Sir Frederick
Borden, Canadian minister of militia, has cancelled all his engagements and left London toda) for
the country, to enjoy a.rest. He
had a fainting attack last week,
and has since been indisposed. He-
will not attend the King's levee
on Monday.
Dial Says "Farewell''
Vera Cruz, June 1.���(Special)���
Kx-President Diaz bid his adieu
to Mexico today when, accompanied by his family he sailed for
Rather Serious
No! girl,   that telephone atunj
of yours will not do, Y"ii musl
return that stolen idea in person
tonight, to Reilly's Bakery' Lundi
if you do not want a warrant out
for your arrest.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 4
Want a Job?
If you arc working
at a "makeshift" job,
simply because the suitable position is nol to
bc had, begin a classified advertising campaign for self-betterment   There is a g I
job for you���and yon
CAN find it through
advertising.  Very like-
ly there is no other w..>
lo find it.
Puntorium Pioneer Clenners. "Phone 4
Over-Seas Club
A .l-rilnl mf-ftinir uf thr mi-nilarr. nf lha   lint
Siai Club will ha hrtil at Ihi- Wralhulnir LuiiiIkt
I    alulia.1.)   I. Hull i<ll \Vl-il!H'h.|ny  ,���..!  ||���.   ,1|    |nit���
at R o'cluck v. Inn iiiiinl H-r. are n .j nr. i. .1 io return all aiii.alal concert llckala anil to make payment ftir I haaa..- a| ia>|aaa.,-al aaf.
119122 Aut.-Sec.
Take notice that John K. Malhelinn of the City
of I'rince Kupert In lhe Province of Brltlih -Cof.
umlila haa retired from the firm of Matheiton,
Wo.nl A Company, plumbers and ateamflttera of
Ihe iai.1 City.
Dated at Crlnce llppert, ll. C. thia lit day of
May, lilll.
Townsites Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Townsite        Massett Townsite
Local Office:
Alder Block
Sixth Street
Da uway with tlii^      I'atrmi
lauodfy,   Winiv Itboi i
���J     . lalta
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
( .initn.'iii ii.u ut h [tixit plitittiKl iiln'iit I (iu chalna 1��",In
M.mh  i��(  tin-   iiiiiiun   It. .. t *.!��� on  lh��' tut  _A~U of        CcinnH'ticitiK mX ���% juwt pUntM ��t tho MUUHMM
litMMc Huy mmi <m Um uut null' of the ixtiltiMiiU corner   1UU  chnini ttm ami  "-'"   chalna north  uf
thvtm aMmtfa ho ahwaa alonit thttn, thonoi mil ,'"' witMMt nrawol Lot inn. Marvev'aSurv��y,
Ml cliiinn t��> tioiiMi Hay, thtincu north itlmiu ntiorv *'******  1 UM rict,  Hanite 6,  thi-ncv   10 cnaln* aaat,
Hii rhaiiiH,  LhM�� <W   *0 chain* men *<t U*** u> ������>*'���*���'*���'  ���*���**  chains  tmrth,   thonco  \0 chalna   WMt.
ri��l, conuiiiiHtu ;t20 atToa moro or \**���**. thence KO chalna aoulh to font of commencement
Utwl March   .   imi WILLIAM  Ml-ShDUIt containinK 320 arm more or ***-*_%.
I'uli. Ai.nl 11 i . ,. ,i Mty 2, UU. (JUACK McTAVlSH
Pub. Mav 6. I't.'.i W. Uohler, Aitent
1         llmiw 1.Kml  DUtrtct     DUlrict 0| Cout
.   l*Wt *"���������  lhat   Hume   BMUfton   u|   I'rinco
1 i  -.���  notice lhal   \i. ......U*,   Mcltitoih  of   "
Replies to Toast of the Dominion   at   lhe  Canadian  Club |
(Canaidan Preaa Despatch)
London, June l.   A number of
Bankrupt Sale
Estate   of   .The    Brin   .Furniture    Company
S. O. E. B. S.
- XaUtli   ii|
- aalian   lUanurvu on Una fait mI.Iu ���|    |,,||,1u.i���,    . ,       ,      ,
���~- Bj> Ul Ila,. a��,l ,|,U. ���| tha "..,.i..-..l..   .a."....'     I"���'*"'*  'li^rilmil  luiiaU
'i    ('..   uccu|>��tl,.ii   roalC��t��a "brok'ur : <li��li'IKIli>liril l'llll>llilll.s attt'lldcd till'
apply    lur    l >, liiaU-     tO    laaallll.L.aa    ilu-
Tha Frln.w Kiilmil UhIki'. Ntt
Knalanal. m"��la tha llr��l ��n I third
aaen month In lh^ I'arppnlf r. Hall, at ^ p in.
lOM    aal
l.y.   In
r. V. CLAKK. H*r.. < Dalwl March H, lull
V. O. Box 81/, Hrlncr Kupurt   Pub. April IS.
aliawcrllKil lan<l.
("1" ' ' ;'aa ait u |nWt plailt����l alioul  lUU .���,,,,,,.
lha  liiillan  iliamarvu on th-u ,-a.t
J nn Una ,��,t,l,U. ultho'.'.'IliimulL  ..
i illh  Iihi rhaina alona .laaa,,, to III..  Ilw..,��,. ||
lh���� **$ *U^^__^t^^*h -  -ntN  IW..C..   10  chain. ����tVth.i,c.  ��0 \-.   ,..-,, , ',
^an^I?^ySi{*S^��^M,��JW    "-hal.,.  north, thane.  10 chain. ,. a,t  t��� point  3   ��' I    \\ llfl III   l.,Uirl��'f   roplllll   tll   tllf
m imai,  co.i.aniina  a.io ac,ia    .��� amin.iiciaiiuint contalnina ��20 lam mora or Ina. .     i.-r., ��-.        II       ...
iiinanrlna .1 ��� ,..... ptanUtl 10 chain, .outh
truin thi- uiiithwi-.t com.
chalna  .outh,   llicni-i
i anada   Club  diimet   today  at
of"oi"i?Jt'wis!'"th��n^'"��oiwhich I.mil Strathcona presided.
Inoro or In..
mma babinqtonP*��**wiw.MiL
I'ub. May .
uiast nt  "Ths Dominion"
I magnificent speech.
in   a
Acting uniler instructions of
thc creditors we are forced to
dispose of this stock before
July 1st. . . Entire stock of
High-class Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Stoves, Etc., will
be   sold   regardless   of   cost.
Now is the time to furnish
your home at prices that you
will never have a chance to
do   again.     :     :     :     :     :
Mr. W. Staples of Vancouver
is now in charge of the
salesroom.     :     :     :     :    :
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