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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1910-12-02

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 The Fmd Rupert Optimist
I,  NO. 177
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Friday, December 2. 1910.
Price, five Cents
it Their Belief that Government is in League With
Coal-Stakers���Local Member Says He Has Repeatedly   Urged  the Government to
Take  Action in the   Matter
leral of the leading citizens of Queen
lotte islands came in on the Prince
rt, some of whom are staying in
until Monday, who have grievances
ist the government in regard to
-oul lund grabbing on the islands.
'as intimated that the provincial
rntnent was in league with the coal
irs, but as none of the men cared
"uke a statement over his own
iturc nothing further can properly
lid upon the point.
e Optimist has already published
time to time the news in regard
le wholesale staking of coal lands
i government and private holdings
[ricultural land on the islands und
pointed out the probability that
development of the islands must
Barily be retarded by the litigation
id to ensue. When Hon. Thomas
��r, minister of public works, visited
ilands oliicially a couple of months
these matters were brought to his
tion strongly, and he promised
In ti:ilI of the men now here the
niat interviewed William Manson,
x-r of the provincial legislature
iv iti'-i-t, upon this subject. He
npanied the 'm.&iater of public
I on his trip through the islands
* therefore familiar with the whole
tt. Mr. Manson said in reply:
he bulk of the staking of coal latin'."
laker, place since the last session
ic legislature and the interference
ii-se stakers with the agricultural
ngs and with the location of (arm'
i was brought to the attention of
William Taylor during his visit.
Also, I have repeatedly urged upon the
commissioner of lands and the government generally that some action
should be taken in the matter, and I
expect that at the next session of the
house legislation will be passed to meet
the prevailing difficulties.
"The present difficulty is that the
department does not consider it is
justified in issuing coal licenses thut
would mean two titles to the sami- land
unless by agreement that the settler
shail have all the surface rights and the
coal licensee all that lies beneath the
surface. Secnodly, the department has
refused to grant pre-emption records
for lands covered by coul licenses.
"The measure that I shall present
to the house will have for its object
the defining clearly thut government
land can be acquired by the settler
and the coal by the coal licensee. The
latter would have no surface rights
but would have the rights to acquire
what land he needed for the actual
operation of his colliery by some method
of arbitration or by the payment of
a fixed price for the surface actually
occupied by his mining operations.
"The coal licenses cover a vast area
of GralsiRi island and upon investigation
msny of the locations will be found not
to carry coal and no doubt will be
thrown out. Also, only a small portion
of the land staked for coal so far would
require little of the surface for real
mining purposes, so I can assure the
settlers that at the next session their
rights in the land will be fully conserved
and (hat the new regulations will be
satisfactory to all parties concerned."
Icultiaa Wara Increased Owing to
tract Grading in Prograaa. Every
���ssil.le Precaution Takan to Rents- Accaai to Buildinga Eaay.
ft at present while street* are being
:���������! and plankways torn up, the
��� fire protection system is not
Is moat easily managed condition.
the situation is being carefully
tided to, and every possible pre-
ion will be taken to render access
lo all congested districts so that
fire appliances may get at a blaze
yy have been tampering with the
S   boxes  in   various   places,   and
Mobley declared it difficult to
I these in good order because of this
as the telephone system is so ex-
Ive now, there is really no urgent
I for all the fire boxes,
he Mayor said at last night's council
1 the new automobile fire engine
l(i shortly be here. It has been
��ed by a strike in the States where
of its machinery is made.
The Usual Result
dmitting that he had been drunk
disorderly ye3terday, Charles Por-
*as fined S5 and costs by Magis-
* Carss this morning.
Datained Dr. Tremayna (or a Day on
Lawyer laland
Some little anxiety was felt yesterday
when it waa learned that Dr. Tremayne
who had left the day before by launch
to attend a case on Lawyer Island, had
not returned. He had been expected
back well within twenty-four hours, but
was absent over thirty-six hours.
It was decided to send the launch
Ka Yex off in search of him. The Kb
Ycx made a quick run lo Lawyer Island
and returned about 11:16 last night
with Dr. Tremayne aboard. He had been
held up on the island by the heavy sea.
Rancher'a Wife Commita Suicide
Chilliwack, Dec. 2.���(Special)- Mrs
Barbara Gordon, wife of Alexander
Gordon, a rancher on William Road,
committed suicide this morning. Deceased was despondent over the death of
a favorite sister in Scotland.
Is Surveyed to Run From Skidegate
to   a   Point   on   Nadon   Harbor
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria,   Dec.   2.���A   new   railway
scheme for Graham island was gazetted
today by C. E. DaviB.   It is to run from
Shidegate to Naden river.
There is said to be another railway
project for Graham under way which
to run from Masset to Charlotte city.
Digby Island Talked With Battleahip
in Mid-Pacific
Wireless Operator Harris was over
from Digby island yesterday afternoon
and had some good news to tell of the
working of the wireless. He says the
conditions on these winter nights are
much better than before.
In the collection of their maritime
intelligence they worked on the previous
day with the United States battleship
Minnesota, on her way from Honolulu
to Seattle and fifteen hundred miles out.
The Minnesota stated that she would
reach Seattle today. His oflice is now
working direct with Victoria and obtaining tho best possible service.
Job Extends From McBride to Hays
Cove Circle���E. C. LaTrace Will
Construct Plankways���Eighth Avenue and Ambrose Contracta.
Fourth avenue between McBride street
antl the junction of Fifth avenue and
Hays Cove Circle will he graded by
the city engineer. The plank roadway
for this portion will lie put in bv E. C.
Eighth avenue between Fulton street
and the junction of Eighth, Ninth and
Comox avenues will be graded by L.
Bressy Si Co., and the plank road there
will be put in by J. A. Gilljs.
P. McLoskey has secured the work
of both grading and planking Ambrose
avenue. The above were recommendations by the streets committee passed at
last night's council.
Famous Dictator Succeeds Himself
For Another Term
(Special to the Optimisti
Mexico City, Dec. 2.���The inauguration of President Diaz today surpassed
in outward grandeur and pomp any of
its predecessors with the same executive,
and this evening there is to be a series
of banquests with fireworks and bands
for the people. In his inauguration
address he declared that he did not
fear the revolt. He had been at thc
front in person and could properly
estimate the puny efforts being attempted merely for the disruption of the
republic. In the future all such attempts
would be put down by the loyal troops
and thc loyal people.
He announced that there would be
no change in the personnel of his cabinet,
all of whom had served the people
faithfully and justified him in retaining
them in office.
For Mayor of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Dec. 2.���(Special)���Mayor
Evans has reconsidered his decision not
again to become a candidate, and now
declares he will oppose E. D. Martin, the
Shearer candidate.
Railway Rate War Ended
New York, Dec. 2. -(Special)���The
railway rate war between here and
Chicago has been avoided by an agreement between all the companies.
Sixty Seats Will  be Voted  On���Unionists   Expect to
Gain Ten of Them���Big Fight in Manchester
���How   Hon.    Joseph   Chamberlain
Will   Get    a   Walk-Over
(Special to the Optimist)
London, Dec. 2.���There will be sixty
election contests tomorrow so thut the
whole country is in a state of great
excitement today. The Unionists claim
they will iret ten of these sixty seats
if they obtain, as they profess to expect,
the support of the moderate voter. The
big light of the election will occur in
Manchester, where Mr. Andrew Rarlow,
Unionist will be a candidate, he having
vacated his scat for Dulwich in order
to oppose Sir George Kemp, the Liberal
member for Manchester.
Joe Martin's Defeat
Thc situation in the Midlands is very
encouraging to the Liberals the party
expecting to make a twenty per cent
better showing there than they did
lust year. The Unionists are scattering
a leaflet reproducing the opinion of!
Joe Martin recently given in the Canadian Colliers. Martin himself will
have a hard time being elected for East
Pancras. He hud but a small majority
ut the lust election and his attitude
against the government is calculated
to have lost him much support.
Wales and Scotland are expected to
reinforce the Liberals very materially.
The party is even looking for the return
of some of the Irish seats lost in January.
Cartoons and Billboards
Everywhere the campaign is in full
swing and the country is flooded with
oratory and literature. Billboards are
covered with cartoons, which are a
marked feature in this campaign.   The
public, however, outside of London, is
not showing the interest evinced in the
last canpuign One lack of enthusiasm
is noted in the number of uncontested
Chamberlain Is Unoppoaed
In some of the northern constituencies where there is no likelihood of a
Change the Unionists and Liberuls have
agreed not to oppose eucli other. In
other pluces the candidates who secured
overwhelming majorities last January-
have been awarded a walkover. Among
the fortunate ones are Joseph Chumber-
luin for Birmingham Weil and Arthur
S. Lee for Hants, Farehum division.
First of Canadian  Fleet Gone  Into
Drydock for Few Weeks
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, Dec. 2.-H. M. ('. 8. Rainbow returned from Vancouver this
morning and will go into drydock for a
couple of weeks. On the first of the year
she will start on her fisheries protection
cruise to the north, making a call at
Prince Rupert.
Losses From Forest Fires
Victoria, Dec. 2. - (Special)���The total
loss from forest fires in this province
this season, according to the reports of
the fire wardens issued this morning,
is $629,915. Only aix persons are reported as having lost their lives.
The  Camosun  is due tonight  with
Editor McConnell at Outa with South
Fort George Townaite Promoters
Mr J. P. McConnell, editor of the
Vancouver Saturday SunBet, beginB to
find libel suits falling rather thick
upon him. In addition lo Mr. Nick
Clark, six members of the South Fort
George Townsite company have instructed Messrs. Russell & Russell to
issue writs against the Ford-McConnell
Publishing company for $10,' 00 each.
The plaintiffs ars- Messrs. W. H.
Luke, J A. Kirkpatrick George U.
McLaughlin, W. S. Fry and B. A.
The alleged libel is to the effect that
the Sunset referred to the townsite
promoters as "Bootleggers, tinhorns,
friskers and four-flushers." Mr. C. W.
Craig, counsel for Mr. Clark, also
threatens to get out an injunction to
prevent Mr McConnell Irom publishing
articles reflecting on Mr. Clark while
the case s before the courts.
The new schedule for the Prince
Albert's trips to the islands will come
into force on the 9th. She will leave
Prince Rupert at noon Fridays for
Port Simpson the Naas river and make
these and all Queen Charlotte island
points in the one trip, making the same
every alternate week. On the alternate
week she will go to Vancouver island for
Steamer Humboldt is expected to
leave this evening for the south.
Number of Contractors Did Not
Quota (or Retaining Wall, and According to Precedent Streets Committee Cannot Conaider Incomplete Tenders.
A priK-edent has been established by
the street*, works and prn|ierty romiltee
of the city council by which it becomes
impossible for them to accept any
tender for works which is not accurately
and completely filled up. This applies
lo the lenders for First avenue grading
sections A B F nnd II rerenlly o|ien��-d.
A number of contractors have omitted
to quote for the retaining walls necessary
in this work and their tenders are therefore inadmissible.
But is the first correctly drawn up
tender working upwards from the lowest
offer, then the one to be accepted? The
streets committee in a former case
certainly acted on this principle. Now
however, they agree that to do so would
be to make the work a good deal dearer
for the city, and they recommend that
new tenders be cnllcd for. The council
has approved the recommendation. The
work is to be divided into smaller contracts.
The^ Royal
Corner of Third Avenue and Sixth Street
&$&&ioJQ,i$:$i&$iio1$!*b$!&&&*i&&i$!-ic$:& MatM
HOTEL       I        CAFE
g Our Lunch Counter and Res-
(*��� tatirant are  superior  in  ap-
j�� pointments, service and  cui-
�� sine to any in the City.   It is
5 popular with diners of taste,
2 and the rendezvous of parties
If you try the Royal
you   will   go   again.
i��aa*asj i �����_ i A i n n is  11  > 11 ~s  11 ~��i ��� ���
iiaaii"avai ��������������� 4*
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
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Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
An Ancient Marriage Contract
That ladies were not unduly oppressed
in the land of the Pharaohs, we may
gather from the marriage contract,
dating from a four-century Demotic
manuscript, but dating in form to far
older times:
"I," says the Lady Isis, "take thee
as my husband. Thou makest me
thy wife, and givest me, in token of
dower, five-tenths of silver. If I discharge thee as my husband, hating thee
and loving another more than thee, I
shall give and return to thee two and a
half tenths of silver, of what thou gavest
me as my dower; and I cede unto thee,
of all and everything that I shall acquire
with thee one-third part, as long as
thou art married unto me."
Not even Chicago or Reno can boast
of a franker marriage contract than that;
and there is something wonderfully
naive in the idea of the good lady Isis
"discharging" her lord, en the ground
that she hates him and loves another
better. The sum she returns him as
part of her now cancelled dower, is about
equal to a silver dollar. So we have still
something to learn in marital levity and
feminine imperiousness.
Suggestions for the Housewife
Strong aluminun caps are now being
sold as covers for milk bottles.
Soften the elbows with olive oil and
massage with a good cold cream.
Kid gloves may be -cleaned, when
slightly soiled, with a small piece of
oiled silk wound tightly about the
finger and rubbed vigorously over the
surface of the glove.
The Optimist
The Crime of Stupidity
Are you an interesting person? Have
you a breadth of outlook? Can you
talk about anything except your own
especial self? If not you deserve to be
Modern life makes so many divergent
calls upon a persons' time and energy
that he cannot well afford to waste
what little leisure he has on stupid
people. If stupidity was a misfortune,
like deafness or blindness, it would be
a different matter. But it is not a misfortune; it is a fault. Everyone at the
expense of a little energy can become
interesting, at least, mildly so, and most
people don't even approach that condition.
It is not that you need to travel to
see strange sights, to meet brilliant
people. You have merely to keep from
getting swamped in the daily round of
narrow, petty things. When you occupy
yourself with petty things���as most of
us must a large share of our time���you
can at least think big thoughts.
The woman who has nothing to tell
her husband at night, except the things
that have gone wrong in the house during the day, does not deserve to hold
his interest for long. The husband who
has nothing to talk of at night except
his business or his own branch of politics
does not deserve to hold his wife's
interest for long, and certainly he does
not deserve to hold anybody else's
A brilliant woman of the world attended a dinner one night and expended
all her energy in a vain attempt to
interest the man on her right. She tried
him on art, books, politics, golf, motoring,
hunting, religion, and gave up exhausted.
Thc man finally took pity on her and
observed with an unexpected gleam of
humor: "Try me on leather, ma'am,
I'm a tanner."
She followed the suggestion and was
rewarded by one of the most interesting
discussions she had ever had. He knew
leather throughly and could talk about
it. But leather is not a subject that
would last forever. The second night
he would have been a bore.
Now thnt man was inexcusable. He
had it in him to be interesting in a
hundred different topics, to bc an
individual, and, instead, he had allowed
himself to be merely a tanner. He
never deserved a dinner invitation.
The birthday candles will burn longer
and with less dripping of grease if
they are kept on the ice for 12 hours
before using, and not removed until
just ready to be lighted.
To keep linens and white goods from
turning yellow during the winter and
when not in use, wash all starch out,
rinse in strong blue water, dry, and
put away unironed.
All the tiny pieces and crusts of
bread should be saved. Their usee are
numerous. They can be made into
puddings, dressings for meat and fish,
and excellent griddle cakes. Or, if the
pieces are dried in a moderate oven,
then rolled and sifted, they are always
ready to cover croquettes, escalloped
tlisht-s and many other things.
Princess Beatrice, Dec. 5tk, \m
For   Port
���i d Skagway,
Princ-ss   Bealrice, Dec. lOth, 1)1|
For Vancouver, Victoria and Seattk
callinc at Swanson Bay.
J. G. McNab GenmlAi*
Steamers for
(*onns?ctini: with
Prince Rupert fails $.30 p.m. Thunis
After tke arrival of the Prince RupHt
Wednesday, and returning to com
with same Steamer southbound.
For Port Simpson, Nasi snd Muat
Monday     ���    1 p.m.
Skidegate and Mrretby bland Pass
Thursday    -    10 p.m.
will despatch two steamers
weekly between Victoria. Vancouver ami all Northern B. C.
ports, callinp at Prince Rupert
and Stewart.
S.S. Vadso    S.S. Venture
classed   100 Al  at P'odJ.
Leaving Prince foipert b uth
bound <--n    syi   For further
parti '-'    ,.
rta, " * rsaWBMII
���ft,      rfl KlorU.BC.
The" ".poking of Vegetablea
The hygienic way to cook vegetables
is first to have them abso!ute'y fresh,
then to cook them 30 us to waste as little
of their valuable salts and mmoral
matter as possible. In order to do this,
they must be dropped into just enough
boiling water to cook them and they
should boil rapidly until done, with no
water left to drain off, or most ol their
natural flavors and sweetness will be
Grains and fruits as well as vege-    j|,e 5-0 FURNITURE S"
tables, should not, as a rule, be tOMfttd  _-���
to stand for any length of time in csW
or lukewarm water, and their Soron
will also be found more pronounced if
served after they have cooled a little
than when eaten hot.
House Furnishings Cornpku
Salvationist  Officer  Will   Speak   at
Citadel Opening
Major and Mrs. Morris, who have
charge of the work of the Salvation
Army in British Columbia, arrived this
week on the Prince Rupert, to be
present at the opening ceremonies in
connection with the army's new citadel
in thi city. The latter will commence
at 2:30 Sunday afternoon immediately
in front of the new building. Mr.
William Manson, M. P. P., will preside,
and will be supported by the clergy and
leading citizens of Prince Rupert. In
the new building at 3 p.m. Major Morris
will deliver an address on "The Evolution of the Salvation Army."
Major Morris has expressed himself
as delighted with the appearance of
the army's new buildings. He states
that Mr. H. D. Morrison, the contractor, is to be heartily commended
for the erection of the same. The
Major also speaks very hopefully of
the army's work right from Lsethbridge
in Alberta through to the Yukon including Alaska over which he has the
It is expected that the army's opening
service will be of a very exceptional and
interesting character and Ensign Johnstone, the officer in charge of the local
work here, extends a cordial invitation
to every citizen to attend the service
la] which i
and inspect the m-w c a (���
certainly  a  great credit to
growing city.	
Piver's, Roger & Galle'!', om��'
and Lyman's toilet ���*���
Drug Store.
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And your printing will be done by Union Printers���not entrusted to the office devil
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.    It
has grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
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Daily Edition.
Friday. Dec. 2
The citizens are to be congratulated that at this early date, it has been made
clear that the fight for the mayor's chair is to be between two candidates with
clear-cut differences. There will be no confusion at the poll. Long before the
hour for casting the votes, the electors will be in a position to know for what and
for whom they are voting.
The desire of "the interests" to bring Mr. Manson into the field under the
guise of a people's candidate was well known, and his entrance quite expected.
But until his decision was announced the seal of silence concerning his candidature
could not be broken.
His announcement that he intends to stand for nomination removes every
obligation to maintain silence. Before the election is over, the public and Mr.
Manson too���for he is probably an innocent dupe of shrewder men���will be put
in possession of facts which will denote the true significance of Mr. Manson's
It is a safe surmise that not one half of those who signed the petition asking
Mr. Manson to stand for nomination, and who at the present are espousing his
cause, will go to the polls for him.
For one thing at least we may be thankful. The efforts of the forthcoming
contest will be felt throughout the length of the Province. The issue to be raised
will determine the greater issue as to whether the people of British Columbia are
to govern themselves or submit to government by the corporations.
Despite all appeals to prejudice the issue cannot be successlully be-clouded.
Mr. Manson's masters are not the only persons who perceive the significance of
the impending fight for the mayor's chair.
The news of the Dominion Government's intention to call for tenders and
proceed at once with new marine buildings for Prince Rupert at an approximate
cost of a quarter of a million dollars, will be received with satisfaction in Prince
Rupert. It denotes the Government's appreciation of the needs of our maritime
interests and also the value to the citizens of judicious expenditures at this time.
It would have been an easy matter for the Government to defer these works
until the necessary measures authorising expenditures on the drydock scheme
had passed the House. That they did not do so is aa mtter for thanks. At the
present stage of Prince Rupert's progress, a bird in the hand is worth two In the
The generosity of the government has not been limited to Prince Rupert. Only
a few days ago the announcement was made of the completion of the new wharf
at Stewart, a work which cost the Dominion government a matter of $26,000.
Remembering the attempt which was made in certain quarters to magnify the
Provincial government loan of $2500 to Stewart for street works, in an effort
to make the loan appear a gilt, the generosity of the Dominion Government in
these matters should not be overlooked. It is not the marine interests alone that
will benefit by these works. In degree every citizen will benefit by the expenditures which the government has so cheerfully authorized.
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6th Street. 144-lm
WANTED-First claas waitress.   Apply Box S
Optimist. "S-tf
WANTEl'-First class boarding* house cook.
Apply to Friend Joe. corner Third Avenue
and Eighth St. lT7-tf
For Employment, Say the Police of
M. Vickevitch
Respectably dressed and apparently
well enough to work, M. Vickevitch is
charged with being a vagrant. He says
that he has been ill and unfit to work
but has been looking for work since he
got better.
Apparently he looks for work by night
principally since the evidence of Constable Carney and Sergeant Regan
this morning when accused appeared
before Magistrate Carss, was to the
effect that he was never seen in the day
time but always loafing about card
tables, street corners, and Comox avenue
after dark.
The services of an interpreter were
required, and the case which took up
some time in the police court this
morning is being continued at 5 p.m.
Council Decides That Thesa Must Be
Carried  Out
Improvements on Eleventh avenue
and Conrad street proposed and petitioned for by H. Douglas and others will be
carried out. The streets committee's
recommendation that the necessary advertising be done for this was adopted at
last night's council.
i���t i*jfj���I ii ~a ii-i it ii   ii n  n ii  I ii   H ii aa ii �� ii n n % i*  |
Military Brushes, Hat Brushes,
Clothes Brushes,   Hair Brushes
For Men and Ladies.
Toilet Soaps,
Toilet Articles of all Kinds
C. H ORME, The Pioneer Druggist
2nd Ave. and 6th St.
  i�� % asp * W
Advertise in The Optimist
Citizens' League Notice
Cltiiens who are in sympathy with th. defeat
of Scott Act and Blind Pigs are welcome to our
rooms at all lime.. Rooms on Third Ave. See
big sign. 174-sa-i
In the County Court  of   Atlin, Holden
at Prince Rupert.
Alexander Allan, Deceased
In Chambers Before His Honor Judg. Young
Friday, th. 26th day of Nov.. 1910.
Upon tha application of John Martin Allan,
brother of tha deceased, for Isav. to swear to the
death of ths said deceased.
Upon hearing Clarence Hilton steams, eprssar-
ing for the aaid John Martin Allan, and upon
reading tha affidavit of Agu.tus W. Agnew.
���mm herein the 27th dsy of October. 1910.
IT IS ORDERED thst the said John Martin
Allan, or Clarance Hilton Kearns shall be allowed
to swear to the death of the said decaaed aa occurring on th. 30th day uf September. 1910, at the
expiration of two weeks from th. first publication
of notice of thia order, unless in the mesntime
proof ia furnished that th. aaid Alexander Allan
waa alive subsequent to th. 80th day of Sept..
1910; such proof may be given In writing to the
Registrar of the County Court of Atlin holden at
Prince Rupert, at the Court House, Princ. Rupert, B. C.
And it is further ordered that the aaid John
Martin Allan do publish notic. of thia ordar In
the dDtimi.t. a newspaper published in Prince
Rupert, B C, for the space of two weska.
176-187 F. McB. YOUNG.
In the  County Court of Atlin,   Holden
at Prince Rupert.
Freka Tomizich, Deceased
In Chambers Before His Honor Judg. Young.
Friday, the 28th day of Nov.. 1910.
Upon tha application of Ivan FillDovttch. uncle
of the deceased, for leave to swear to th. death of
the said deceased.
Upon hearing Clarence Hilton Kaarne, appearing for the aaid Iran Fillpovitch, and upon reading the affidavit of Maty Naricich sworn herein
the 7th day of October. 1910.
IT IS ORDERED that th. said Ivan Fillpovitch
or Clarence Hilton Kearns shall be allowed to
swear to the death of ths ssid deceased as occurring on the 23rd day of May. A.D. 1910, at the expiration of two weeks from the first publication
of notice of this ordsr, unless In th. meantime
proof Is furnished that the said Freka Tomisich
was alive subsequent to tha 2.1rd day of May. 1910;
such proof may be given in writing to tha Registrar of the County Court of Atlin holden at
Prince Rupert, at th. Court House, Princ. Rupert, B. C.
And It Is further ordered that th. said Ivan Fillpovitch do publish notice of thia order In the
Optimist, a newspaper published In Prince Ku
pert. B. C. for the apace of two weeks.
176-187 F. McB. YOUNG.
Industrial   Aaaociation   Formed   for
Workera of Prince Rupert
A meeting of working men was held
in the Presbyterian church last night
at which a new labor organization was
formed, to be called The Prince Rupert
Industrial Association. About one hundred of those present signed the roll of
membership and the proposed constitution and by-laws were discussed.
There are to be no president and vice-
presidents, the chairman for each meeting to be chosen from the floor at each
gathering. There will be a secretary
and a financial committee of three, these
to be the only officers.
Mr. Charles M. Wilson left last
night on the Prince Rupert, for a business
trip to Vancouver and Seattle. His
business will be attended to by Mr.
Frank A. Ellis, Room 14, Alder Block
during his absence.
Provincial Assayer Leaves on a Short
J. \Y. Austin, Provincial Assayer, left
last night for Queen Charlotte Island
with Mrs. Austin. Mr. Austin ia to
look after some mining properties there,
and may be expected back in Prince
Rupert about the fourteenth of this
CEALED TENDERS addressed to the under-
k-1 signed and endursed "Tender for Hospital
Quarantine Station. Prince Rupert. B. C." will be
received at this office until 4 p.m. Monday, Dec.
19th, 1910, for the work mentioned.
Plans and specifications can be seen and forms
of tender obtained at this ofne. and on application to the Postmaster. Prince Rupert. B. C.
Pertons tendering are notified that tenders will
not be considered unless made on the forma supplied and signed with their actual signature*.
stating their occupations and place of reeldence.
In th. case of firms the actual (signature, the
nature of the occupation, and place ca* residence
of each rn.mo.rof the flnit must begtv.n. Each
tender must be accompanied by an accepted
cheque on a chartered bank payable to the order
of the Hon. tha Minister of Public Worka. equal
to ten par cent. (10 per cnt.l of the amount of
the tender which will be forfeited if the p��rsoa
tending declines to enter Into a contract when
called upon to do aa or fall to complete the work
contracted for. If the tender be not accepted the
cheque will be returned. The Department does
not bind Itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Br ordar,
Resident Architect.
Department of Dominion Public Works Office.
Victoria. B. C. Nov. 24th. 1910.
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement If they Insert it without authority from the
Department. 177-181
Miss   Henr.y   Wennersten
-Swedish Specis.li.t-
Elsctrical, Facial and Scalp Treatment,
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At   Proapect   of   Relinquishing   Hia
Chair of Office
Mayor Stork banged the table last
night when he took his seat in council
with the air of a man who lees the end
of a toilsome task well in sight. Aid.
Mobley on the other hand wore an
expression more serious than his wont,
and took little part in the discussion of
incomplete tenders and what should
be done with them. Hardly any reference playful or aerious waa made
the mayoral chair.
Lataat   Quotatlona   From Vancou*
far Esc hang*.
(As reported by 8. Harrison A Co.)
Portland Canal        21   21 1-2
Stewart M. & D. Co    2.26      2.60
RedCliff    1.18     1.20
Main Reef 29
Twenty-four hours  ending 6   a. m.
November 30.
MAX. TEHP.        MIN. TEMP. EAB.        IN. SNOS
33.0 28.0 29.778
Stalker & Wells
Sscoad Ass. Nesi McBnsi
��� Provision!
o the Electors
idies and Gentlemen:
In response to a largely signed requisition received yester-
asking me to allow my name to be placed in nomination for
j office of Mayor of the City of Prince Rupert for the year 1911,
ereby accede to the request and beg to announce myself a can-
I will take occasion later on to present my views upon Muni-
al issues to the electors, and in the meantime I would respect-
iy solicit your support upon the basis of an efficient and progres-
administration of the affairs of the City.
Yours respectfully
(ice Rupert, B.C.
December 1st, 1910
William Manson
o the Electors
.dies and Gentlemen:
At the completion of my term of office as Alderman, I have
f-n approached by a number of my colleagues and citizens with
request that I permit myself to be (entered in nomination for
) office of Mayor for the ensuing year.
After consideration, I have consented to that request, and
^ewith announce my candidacy.
At public meetings to be held later on to discuss municipal
ie* 1 -> I'! present a programme of work, as the basi*) of my can-
(The following Is published by the Press Committee of the opponents of thc Scott Act, anil Is
not thu expression uf tho views of this paner.l
In last night's Optimist the question
was asked, "Why does not Prince Rupert
get in line with Kansas City?" This
presumably means Kansas City, Kansas,
as this is a prohibition town. The
following is from Mayor A. Gluck, four
times mayor of the city and shows
conditions in this banner town of
prohibition. We wish every voter in
the city to read it carefully and then
ask himself what kind of people these
are, who, for the sake of a little cheap
notoriety are willing to bring about a
similar condition of affairs here. We
grow hot with indignation when we hear
of a man endangering the city by setting
fire to his building in the hope of collecting the insurance, but we have no
word of condemnation for those who,
under the cloak of morality, would
do more harm to the city than a dozen
fires.   Read this and then ask yourself
in the march for prosperity more than
all other causes combined.
"Never since prohibition became a
law has it been enforced. There is more
whisky consumed in Kansas than there
ever was. The building of which I
spoke a while ago was sn opera house.
After the performance I always made
it a point to lock the doors and then
next day to go through the house to
search for lost property to restore it
to its owners. The whisky bottles I
found under the seats was appalling.
One can find Jamaica ginger bottles
all over the town. They are thrown
in tho streets after they arc emptied
of the whisky and the glass from these
bottles proves very expensive to auto-
mobilists as the glass puncturts the tires.
"In my city there are no open saloons
or joints. I have tried lo enforce the
law though I am not in sympathy with
it. But thc whisky is sold just the same.
It is sold by bootleggers, and it is impossible for the city to stop it. It is
impossible to stop the sale of whisky
STOP!       LOOK!
pee Rupert, B.C.
December 1st,
    Yours respectfully
Frank H. Mobley
ptters in this column do not r.ecasarily ex-
I the opinion of this paper Jon the sui.jeci
ir discussion.)
'   Consumption   Drops   One'
The old cry that prohibition does not
hibit is  being  repudiated  in  New
1, where in the districts in which
sale  of  liquor  is   prohibited   the
uction of the per capita consumption
great as to be about one-fifth the
w of the country at large.   The
ler.il average has also been reduced
Ithe spread on no license territory.
It is safe to say that as great a per
tita   reduction   in   consumption   of
liors has been made in the "dry"
tions of the United States.   With the
|r  increasing   "dry"   area,   brewers
liquor dealers are the more zeal-
Ny   pushing   their   business   in   the
pressing "wet" territory, but in states,
Imties and towns where the sale of
oxicants is prohibited the per capita
consumption  has dropped fuily  as
Uch as it has in New Ze. land.
Vas it the chaplain or the deacon of
Whiskizens' League (Note our large
W.   who  wrote  the  up-to-date  ser-
onette in the Empire?    The ��� ture
man like that is assured.
Some Questions
*NOT blind    igs  better than  both
licensed bars and blind pigs?
WOT our children to be protected
from men who scoff at the
"Brother's keeper" idea?
<NOT fathers going to refuse to be
run   by   liquor-men,   whom
even their Lodge stigmatizes?
<NOT  the  members  of  the   Whiskizens'  League all honorable
men,   and  only  anxious  for
the welfare of our boys and
ARNOT the men on the other side all
intellectual week-kneed John-
In a letter from W. S. Saunders,
Editor of "Forward." Halifax, Nova
Scoti , he says:
"The belief In the Canada Temperance
Act in this Province is very strong and
with good officers behind it, it is a very
effective law."
A Real Estate Man's Opinion
A prominent Prince Rupert Real
Estate Agent and "Booster," was heard
to remark a few days ago: "I believe
the bars in Prince Rupert hurt the real
estate business. Before the licenses
were granted we used to sell a large
number of lots to men who work on
salaries and who could pay twenty-five
or fifty dollars cash and twenty or
thirty dollars per month but since the
bars were opened I have heard of very
few sales of this character being made,
in fact, none at all recently. All the
money tha. used to be invested in this
manner is now going over the bar and
into the saloon keeper's pocket."
The next day another active, wideawake Real Estate Broker observed
that: "There is absolutely not the
slightest defence for the existence of
the saloon or bar. There is neither any
excuse nor one single legitimate reason
for the licensed saloon or bar. It should
have no place in the business world
under any circumstances."
if you want to "get in line with Kansas j in Kansas and I believe it is impossible
to enforce prohibition anywhere.
"When the liquor was sold by the
drug Btorcs shortly after the open
saloons were closed, there was much
drunkenness among boys. One boy
would buy a bottle of whisky and after
taking his drink would pass it around.
In a while the supply would be exhausted
and a new supply would be obtained
by another boy. And they would keep
this up until all were intoxicated.
"I find that it is easier and cheaper
and better to control the liquor traffic
when we have the wide open saloons
than any other way. When prohibition
goes into effect your revenue is decreased and the cost of policing the city
is increased many fold. In Kansas
there is but one crime known to the
Prohibitionists, and that is the sale of
by the councillors to the candidature for
Missouri citizens who voted down the
prohibition proposals submitted to them
on the 8th instant were no doubt considerably influenced by thc opinion
given by the greatest legal authorities
of the United States that a prohibition
law is unconstitutional because of its
being confiscatory.
"Prohibition in Kansas City, Kansas,
does not prohibit���it haa never prohibited," declares Mayor A. Gluck, now
serving his fourth term as chief magistrate of the city. "Prohibition in
Kansas has proven a calamity. There
is more drunkenness in Kansas today
than ever. In Topeka, Governor Stubbs'
home city you can see more drunken
people on the streets in one day than
you can in St. Louis in a week. The
depreciation of property in Dodge City
is alarming. Along in 1886 before the
prohibition laws were enacted by the
Legislature there was erected a large
building that cost above $45,000, aside
from the ground on which it was built.
It was bringing in an income of more
than $4500. Then prohibition was
adopted. The building was vacant. It
could not be rented. There was no
demand for buildings. Twelve years
ago I bought the property for $4,000
less than one-tenth of what it cost.
Now that building is paying 12 per
cent on $4000. This is no exceptional
case. Property shrank in value to a
similar extent all along the line. Pro
hibition has simply held the state back
As chairman of the streets committee,
Aid. Lynch explained that the matter
was a ditlicull one to settle, and thought
that the best way out of the difficulty
was to call for new tenders.
The fact that trouble of some kind
always seems to dog the business of
city contract letting was brought up by
Aid. Hilditch. He upheld the principle
that any incomplete tender could not be
considered, yet did not see that the city
ought to be therefore let in for t lit
acceptance of a tender in which the
retaining wall priced as low as $3 per
yard in one tender was priced at $10 per
Some light on the difficulty of offerirlg
for the retaining wall was thrown on
the subject by Mr. Albert of the West-
holme Lumber company, who waa
allowed to speak. He stated that some
property owners would be putting in
their own retaining walls, and that as
the price of the wall per yard depended
very much upon the yardage to be
built, the question of pricing the lender
was quite a problem. This was well
understood by the council, and Aid.
Lynch went into the specification showing how the quantity of retaining wall
to be built by the contractors would
vary aa the property owners arranged
for their portions.
Instead of calling for new tenders
Aid. Smith wanted to let the contract*
to the lowest bidders fixing a reasonable
price for the retaining wall. He said
that the work was better in the handa
of responsible experienced contractors
than led to small station gangs here
About thirty passengers arrived last
night from Stewart on the Prince Albert,
too late to make connections with the
Prince Rupert. They will go south on
the Cetriana tonight.
Prince Rupert can hopefully anticipate a remarkable growth within the
next three years. Do we imagine that
the kind of settlers we wish to come
here are those who would be attracted
by the licensed bare? Is there any
sense in claimimg that our growth
is to depend on something which produces only disease and accident and
poverty and degraded spectacles on
our highways? How much more important it is to make our town clean
and sober, and attractive for men to
bring their wives and child en to.
The city of Atlanta, Ge rgia, is the
lagrest city in the United States in which
the sale of liquor is entirely prohibited.
From a statement signed by its mayor���
and by the president of the Chamber of
Commerce we learn that within two
years (1907 lo 1909) after introducing
Local Option Atlanta increased in
population 12,245 (from 135,000 to
157,245). Its bank clearings increased
over 150 millions of dollars, the ratio
of increase 1909 over 1908 being 76.5
per cent. This was higher than the
ratio of increase in any other city in
the Unite:! States except Oklahoma
City where it was 77.7 per cent. The
ratio of increase in other Southern cities
was not in proportion, St Louis being
11.9 per cent, New Orleans 15 per cent,
Louisville 12.8. The record of crime
shows a decrease in arrests for drunkenness in Atlanta of 43 per cent for thc
year 1909 over 1907, the last year of
licensed saloons?
Does Dr. Mclntyre really think that
Local Option in our city would result j
in an enormous increase in drunkenness?
and there whose work had sometime* lo
I bc finished at more expense afterwards.
Aid. Hilditch declaring that the matter
was one the streets committee did not
I at all like, wanted to see a definite
If we put him into the Mayoralty con-, plan adopted for it once and for all by
test, will he not promise us that he can' the council: and to bring matters to a
get rid of blind pigs in short order?        '' head Aid. Naden moved the adoption
of the streets committee's report.
Lord Alverstone, who sentenced the
murderer Crippen to death, says:   "I
It did  not seem  to Aid.  Mclntyre
that the incomplete tenders were really
have no hesitation in saying that 901 imperfect when the quantity of retaining
per cent cf the crime in this country i wall was so vague that even the streets
is caused by strong drink." The cit-1 committee could not give it, nor stata
izens of Prince Rupert who recall the how it was to be put in and paid for;
sights of drunken men on our streets and Aid. Mobley thought there might
a few weeks ago, Bay that 90 per cent
of our crime, and accidents and misery
is caused by drink.
The license-holders  say:    "Vote  for
Local  Option  and  Blind   Pigs."    We
be some injustice done in calling for
new tenders now when each man knew
the other man's prices.
Aid.   Smith   agreed  with   him,   and
repeated his idea that a price for the
challenge   our   opponents   to   answer I retaining  wall  should  be  settled   snd
this question: Are there no Blind Pigs
in Prince Rupert today? Why tolerate
the accursed Blind Pigs and the doubly-
accursed open bar. People, remember
the slogan that is rousing the noblest
in the world today: "THE BAR MUST
Council Order. That Necessary Advertising Be Dona
The necessary advertising to be done
for the proposed improvements on
Second avenue opposite Block 12, petitioned for by G. R. Naden and others
will be done as recommended by the
streets committee at last night's council.
The Prince Rupert left last night with
sixty-seven first class passengers for the
south, sixteen second and thirty-four
the works given to the lowest bidders
otherwise; but Aid. Lynch held that
the railing for new tenders was by no
means such a difficult matter. It had
been done before right here in thc city
and was frequently done elsewhere.
There would always be station men
on the job whoever got the contract, he
The whole issue, thought Aid. Hilditch
depended really on the council's view
regarding the completeness or incompleteness of the tenders in question. He
did not want to have any accusation
of unfairness directed at the committee
or council.
After a little more discussion the
motion to adopt thc streets committee's
report and call for new tenders waa
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Speciii Attention Paid hi Moving
Phone No. 1
Call 'Phone 18
Orders Promptly
Attended   to.
Office: 6th live, and Fulton SI
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
3-roomed House
8-roomed House
Second Ave.. Prince Rupert, B.C.
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Eight Tables Centre Street
P. 0. BOX 172
���kaana Lsnd District-District of Coast Ring* *���
Taka  notic*  thst   Gsorf*  Osrsn   Johnston   ol
llslbourns. Asia., oecupstion points*-. intends to
apply   lor  psnnlsson   to  purchsss  ths   following
aaSgssasl lsnd..
Commencing  st  s  post  planted  ono mO* up
Eatrew*   River on ssst bank. thenc* eaat 40 rhaina.
thonce  north  00  chains,  thanes  Weat  60 ehaina.
asore or Imp to the bonk ol Eatress* River, thene*
along hank of   Eatress* Rivsr south to point of
���ommeneement. conuining .liss *eres more or mm
Dated Sept. 12, 1*10.
Fab. Oct. IT. A. H. Johnaton. Agent
. Land Diatrict-Diatrict of Coaat Range S
Take notice that Ernestine M. Grable, married
rroman of San  Frencaieo. 1'. 8.   A., occupation
���asBssnse. intanda to apply for permisaion lo purehaae the (ollovring dsseribid lands:
Commencing st s post plsnted ssn the soulh side
ef the i; T P. right-��(��������> T8 1-2 mUes Irom
Prince Rupert oo the nonh Bid* of the Skeana
River, thence south 20 chains more or loaa to Us*
beak of tbe Skeana River, thence SO cbalna more or
bass slong the bank of the Skeena River in a north-
sroterly direction to the G. T. P. right of way.
Usance sjo ehaina more or lea* In an aaaterly direction slong th* O. T. P right-of-way lo the point
ef commencement an.l containing 120 acraa, mor*
a* sees
Dated Sept- 12. 1910   ERNESTINE M. GRABLE
Pub. Oct. IT. A. H. Johnston. Agant
Land Diatrtct-Diatriet ol Coast Rang* 5
Take notice that Brsnt tl. Grab!* of San Frars-
steoa. I*. S. A., occupation accountant, intenda to
apply   tor  permission   lo  purchaa*  the  following
ttaaerthed lends-
Commencing si s pssst planted on the south side
ef the G. T. I' right-ol-wsy mile It 1-2 Irom Princ*
Rupert nn the north aisle of the Ssteersa River, thenes
south 20 chsina more or lea. to lb* bank of the Skee-
aa Riverthence SO chains more or leaa along the
bank of the Skerna Rlvar in a northeasterly ds
taction to tbe G. T. P. right-of wsy, thenc* M
chain, more or leas along the G T. P. right d way
la a ���raateriy direction to the point of eornmence-
asent and containing 120 acres, mor* ot less
Dsted Sept  12. 1910. BRENT   I'.   GRABLE
Pub. Ort. IT. A. H. Johnston. Agent
BsHk-sVtple-t     AcCOUtifaf    l*ss    Altta*.
Boeks Mmcti mi Suttanto Unit Up
THEATRE BLOCK        Car. M Are. 6tk Si
Only House with Hot and Cold water In every room
Beat Furnished Hotel In City
Currier Fifth and Fraser St.
A. J. Prudhomme. Prop.
American and European plan. - Dining Room Service unsurpassed - Best Brands of l-m-
oor* and Cigar*.
i Land Diatriet���Diatrict of Coaat Rang* 5
Take ivotjee that Arthur Henry Johnston of
Prlnes Rupert, occupation ballder. intensis to spply
for ocrm anion to purchase the fotlowtig described
Commencing st s post planted 20 chains aaat of
Tt mile poat in lb* G. T. P. right ol-way on north
���M* of same and skeens River, thence SO chains
earth, thence SO chalna wast, thenes M chain*
aouth to G. T. P. right-of-way, thenca SO ehalns
aaat along G. T. P. right-of-way ta point of aaa-
���Mnearnant and containing M0 acraa mor* or kaas.
Stove    Pipes   put  up, (
Cleaned and Repaired.
Furnaces   put in  and   Repaired
Don't  throw   away  the old stove uii-
til you have seen us.    We repair
and make aa good u new.
Dated Sept. 12. 191"
Pub. Oft. IT.
Only First Class Tin Simp in City
Prince rupert sheet ktal woriS
PKone I OS 2nd Ave.
T. P. O'Connor Makes Witty Speech
with a Rattle of Canadian Subscriptions as Reply to Dictator
Redmond's American Dollars.
If you want that sweet, nutty flavored
BREAD-try our FRENCH-the kind
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Third Ave., between 7th and  8th  Sts.
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Over Westenhaver Bros: Office,
DR. W.
London, Nov. 29.���Mr. T. P. O'Connor is making a great play with "Canadian subscriptions" as a reply to
"American dollars." Amid cheers and
laughter he said, in a London speech:
"I have to tell you a tale of woe.
If you search my pockets you will
find a few American dollars, but you
will also find Canadian dollars. In
Canada I grew so conceited that I
felt it was demeaning myself by speaking
on a platform that had not a Prime
Minister on it.   (Laughter.)
"I spoke in Toronto with a Conservative minister in the chair, who made
a speech in favor of Home Rule and
gave me fifty dollars. (Laughter and
cheers). At Ottawa a man called Murphy, who, I need not tell you, was a
man of Hungarian or Italian origin
'laughter, presided. Beside him was
Sir Wilfrid Laurier. (Cheers). Sir Wilfrid made a speech and gave me fifty
Wager Is Offered
"When I shake my pockets you are
listening to the jingle of money given
by men who are the glory of the British
Empire. If they could only get a
subscription in favor of Tariff Reform
from Sir Wilfrid Laurier, you would
hear less of Ameridcan dollars."
Mr. Ian Malcolm, the Canadian-
borr candidate for Croydon, announced
a wager of one hundred pounds for
charity if Sir Wilfrid Laurier really
gave one dollar in favor of Ireland's
separation from Great Britain, or Home
Rule on Parnell's plan, which was that
Ireland would never be satisfied until
she had broken the last link of English
McConkey's Chocolates in Christmas
boxes at Ormes' Drug Store.
Council Decides That Their Overflow
Must Go Into Sewers
B. C. Wright's petition for a temporary
drain will only be granted provided
that the drain is not used for laundry
purposes. The streets committee and
council are agreed that laundry overflow
must be sent down by permanent
sewers only.
City Engineer Got Instructions From
Council Last Night
To authorize and instruct the city
engineer to put in lateral sewers in
embankments according to his recommendation of November 21, 1910, was
the motion put by Aid. Pattullo to last
night's council, and carried speedily.
The cost of the work is estimated at
Ebony   hand   mirrors,   all   sizes,   at
Orme's Drug Store.
Builder and Contractor
Plumbing, Heating
and General Steam  Fitting
SHOP-Baaemerst of Hrla-erson Block
Plans and specifications prepared
estimate!* GIVEN-
OFFICE:-Corner 5th Ave. A Green St
Phone No. 228 Green
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
Labour   Bureau in connection
All kinds of positions   ___
funished FREE
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Westenhaver Block, crsr. Second An
and Sixth H tSSt Gua|
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
of British Csslumhiis
and Manitoba Bin.
Vltchtsm ud jsj.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
OfBce-Exchewce blis-k. corsei Third w���j
Sixth strret. I'ritirssk'jtim.        |
Skeena Land District���Diatrict o( Banks Island
Take notic* that Michael Piaher ol SeatUe,
Wash., occupation restaurant keeper, intanda to
apply for permission to purchsae the following
deecribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles eaat ana one mile south from the mouth ol
an inlet, which point ia about ten milea aouth and
two miles waat from End HUI, Banks Island, thenc*
weat 80 chalna, thence north 80 chains, thence east
80 cbalna, thence aouth 80 chains to point of
Dated Sept. 7. 1910. MICHAEL FISHER
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L Ting-ley, Agent
Skeens Land Diatrict���District of Banks laland
Tak* notice that Henry T. Jacob of Barry,
Minn., occupation farmer, intensis to apply for
permission to purchase the foUowing described
Commencing at a post plsnted about six mite*
aast and two mUea north from the mouth of an
Inlet, which point ia about ten milns south and two
mles west from End HUI, Bsnks Island, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chalna, thenee
west 80 chains, thene* aouth 80 chalna to point of
Dated Sept, 7, 19.0. HARRY T. JACOB
Pub. Oct- 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land District���District .->! Banks Island
Take notice that EateUe B. Matter nl -V-enls.,
Wash., occupation married woman, intanda to
apply for permiaaion to purchaae the followinl
deecribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about three mUes
waat and one mUe north of End HUI, Banka Island,
thanea aaat 80 chalna, thane* aouth 80 chains,
thence waat 80 ehaina, thence north 80 chain* to
Klnt of commencement.
stad Sept. 9, 1910. ESTELLE B. MAYER
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley. Agsnt
Skeena Land District���District of Banka Island
Taka notiee that John Graffin ot Seattle. Wash.,
oecupstion druggist, intends to apply for pr i
mission to purehaae the foUowing deacribed lands.
Commencing at a post planted about aeven
aniles east and three miles south Iron the mou. h of
an inlet, which point is about ten mUea aouth and
two miles weat from End HUI, Banks Island, thence
east 80 chains, thence aouth 80 ehaina, thence waat
80 ehaina, thence north 80 chalna to point of
Dated Sept 8. 1910. JOHN GRAFFIN
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
WM. S. HALL, 1..D.S., U.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, skilf'j.iy tmt*s, uss
local anesthetic* isdm:r.i<>r,.i I r thr itimrt
traction of teeth. Csniulutiois Ire*. OfisarJ
and 20 Alder Block. I'rince Rupert. ti
.Civil and Mininir EninrseeritrslSunrnn
Reports.  Plsnt. .-'prcn'rcstioni. eititras*
Wharf O.r.structissr. Etc.
Office s- 2nd Ave, near First Sim
Prince Rupert Lodge, IM
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the city |
are requested to visit the lodge.
New Knox Holtl\
Skeena Land  District���District of Banka Island
Take notice that Charles Holsman of Seattle,
Waah., occupation physician, Intends to apply for
permission   to  purchaae  the  following  deacribed
Commencing at a post plsnted about seven milea
sast and thre* mile* aouth from the mouth of an
inet. whieh point ia about ten milee south and two
miles west from End HUI, Banka Island, thanea
west 80 chsina, ihence south 80 chsina, thence east
80 chains, thenee north 80 ehaina to point of
Dsted Sept 8, 1910. CHARLES HOLSMAN
Pub. (let. 11. B.I. Tinatay, Agsnt
Skeena Land District.-District of Coast
Take notice that I, M. V. Wadhama of Vancouver. B.C., occupation married woman. Intends to
aoply for permission to purehaae the following
dess-ribed lands:
Cotnmenciiur at a poet planted at the southwesterly angle of a bay at the north end of North
Dundaa Island, thence south 20 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thenee north 20 chains, thence
west 40 chains to point nf commencement, containing 80 acrea more or lees.
Date Oct. 17th, 1910.
Pub. Oct. 22nd.
Skeena Land District.-Diatrict of Coast.
Take notice that I. G. I. Wilson of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation broker, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following; deecribed
Commencins at a poat planted at the southerly
end of the westerly side of sn arm of a bay on the
northerly end or North Dundaa Island, thenca
south 20 chains, thence east 40 ehaina. thence
north 20 ehaina. thence west 40 ehaina to place of
commencement, contafniut 80 acre* more or leas.
Date Oct. 17th. 1910,
Pub. Oct. 22nd
Skeena Land Dtatrict���Diatriet of Coast
Taka notic* that The Canadian Fish and Cold
Store** Co., Ltd., of Vancouver, B. (".. occupation
manufacturer* etc., Intand to apply for puiiitaalnn
to purchaae the foMowtng deacribed landa.--
Commencing at a post planted at the N   W
oorner of lot 34, Rang*   6, Coaat Diatrict, thane*
south   10  chalna,  thanes west 10 ehaina,  thence
north to the high water mark, thenee easterly
following the alnuositiea of the shore line to th*
point of eommeneement.
Th* Canadian Fish and Cold Storage Company
Date Sept. 21. 1910.
Pub. Sept. 28. 1910. W. A. Caaty, Agent.
The New Knox Hotel ll run ��*l
I European plan    First-class service ��|
the latest modern improvements.
THE BAR keeps only the best b��*|
of liquors and cigars.
THE CAFE it open from S.��HM
to 8 p. m. Excellent cuisine: nr*t-e����|
First Avenue. Prince Ro*|
ta CARTAGE td\
G. T. P. Tran.fcr AjenU
Orders promptly filled.   Well ""^
OFF1CE-H. B. Rochester. Oast***   ���*"{
Old German Lag��|
Schlitz Lager
These are the beverage* *J
make health, strength snuhsF"
pines, your lot. Pri��- *
very reasonable and your ��
der will receive prompt Jp*
All  varieties of
Wines and Liquor-
Mi   HANDLERS FOR  ***" '"
pH0NEd S��h s^'
Fraaer Street and �������^rfS����*
-r^theVp^--sT T||E   P  R 1 N C E   RUPERT   0 P T I M I S T
��� ,ija^vitrVV>"<*V*l*'*i*i*i*'*>t*^<>A*A**A^AAl^A^AA^^A^ ****'* �������"*��� ��**��i
Two Furnished Heated
Offices on the Ground
Floor in the Exchange
Real Estate
Notary Public
Best Locations
���*��� *���**"*
Smallest Cash Payments
SEE tis-   We have a numbei of out of
town  ,���'������*���'���> Who   wish  to dispose of
their bokkj,**4Nfi and are offering attractive pronos tions.    Take a look at them.
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings      Alder Block      SIXTH ST.
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
gfc sT*S^'*ssVs*��Ml^aa^*����l*��s,.sm*^l��*��^*- S.I.W ��*mjlt*mtm**r^t*tMtmr*lm**mv***'iy
ssJUST   A   FEW=
land 2
20 and 21
17 and 18
63 and 64
13 and 14
15 and 16
1 and  2
27 and 28
C D. RAND, Brtsker
Read The   Optimist
And Get All the News
It your boss has a poor opinion of you,
you can make up your mind that your
boss is about 90 per cent right.
"She's a stingy thing."
"She entertained our card club yesterday and adhered to the rule not to
serve more than two things for refreshments."
"Did you return his presents and get
yours back after you quarreled?"
"I should say not. He'd have had all
the best of thc deal."
"You should give your daughter an
occasional word of encouragement about
her music," said the instructor.
"I tried that," replied Mr. Cumrox.
"I told her the other day that her playing
had improved very much."
"Was she pleased?"
"No. Tears came into her eyes as
she explained that what I had been
listening to was the work of the piano
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Portland Canal Stocks and Claims a Specialty
Agents for Stewart Land Co.
Prince Rupert and Stewart
"I thought," cried the victim, indignantly, "that you were a painless
"I am," replied the smiling operator.
"I do not sutler the slightest pain."
A lumbering old stage was winding
in and out over n remote road in the
Adirondacks. There was only one passenger, and he had chosen to sit outside
beside the driver. Several times he had
tried conversation, but had met with so
little encouragement that he had given
up and was silently watching the landscape.
Presently they came to a tiny mountain burying ground, containing a few
grave-stones and a few hundred graves.
The passenger looked at it, struck by its
air of loneliness, which seemed to stir
in him afresh the desire for human
intercourse. He turned again to the
driver, pointed toward the graveyard,
and observed:
"People around here don't seem to die
very often do they?"
And without turning his head.
"Jest once," said the driver.
Salvation Army Opening Ceremony
of New Hall on Sunday
An invitation extended in cordial
terms to the Mayor and council to be
present at the formal opening of the
Salvation Army Hall on Sunday at 2:30
p.m., waa received with pleasure by the
council, and Aid. Naden moved that
they all be present. The motion was
Ensign Johnstone's invitation will be
accepted accordingly, and a full attendance of the city council will be
present at the Salvation Army opening
Curfew By-law Introduced
The Curfew By-law was read for the
first time in the city council last night.
There was no comment upon it. It will
be read again clause by clause next
Monday evening.
Military brushes, genuine Russian
bristles, ebony backs. Ladies brushes
the same at Orme's Drug Store.
=E    EBY   C%   Co.=-
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
akeona Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Hanka Is aad
Tako notice that Jamea Marshall of Seattle
Waah , occupaUon real estate dealer. Intends to
ap-tly for permiaaion to purchase the foUowing
<i,'srr it it'll landa:
Commencing at a poet planted about seven milea
east and on* mile aouth from the mouth of an inlet,
which point U about ten miles south and two milm
weat from End HUI, Banka Island, thence eaat 80
chalna, thence aouth 60 chains, thence weat 80
chalna, thance north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 8, 1910. JAMES MARSHALL
Pub. 11. B. L. Tingley. Agant
Caaaiar Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Caaaiar.
Take notice that Thomas Y. McClymont of
Prinoa Rupert, B. C. occupation Broker, Intenda
to apply for permUalon to purchaae the foUowing
described land:
Commencing at a poat plantod one mile in easterly direction from Hy lands Ranch and about 20
chains aouth Taltan River thence north 80 chains
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains
thence east 80 ehaina to point of commence*
ment, end containing 640 acres, more or leaa.
Dated Sept. 29, 1910 THUS. M. McCLYMON'l
Pub. Oct. 25. Wilfrid C. McDonald, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict ot Banka Island
Take notice that Alexander Mitchell of Vancouver, B. C, occupation merchant, intenda to
apply for permiaaion to purchaae the following
described landa:
Commencing at a poet planted about Ave milea
aaat and two mllea aouth from the mouth ot an
Inlet, which point U about ten miloa aouth and two
milen weat from End Hill, Banks Island, thence
waat 80 chalna, thence north 80 chalna, thence
eaat 80 chalna, thence aouth 80 chalna to point of
Dated Sept. 8, 1910. ALEXANDER MITCHELL
Pub. Oct. It ti. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Banka laland
Take notice that Edward Warner of Vancouver,
B. ('., occupation contractor, intenda to apply for
permiaaion to purchaaa the following deacribed
Commendng at a poat planted about five miles
aaat and two miles aouth from the mouth of an
inlet, which point U about ten mllea aouth and two
milea weat from End Hill, Banka Island, thenee
eaat 80 chalna, thence north, 80 ehaina, thence weat
80 chalna, thanca aouth 80 chalna to point of
Dated Sept. 8, 1910. EDWARD WARNER
Pub. 11. ti. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena  Land  DUtrict���DUtrict of   Banka  Island
Take notice that Guy Jacob of Harry,  Minn.,
occupaUon farmer. Intends to apply tor permiasion
to purchaae the foUowing deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about aix mllea
east and one mile north from the mouth of an inlet,
which point U about ten mllea aouth and two
mllea weat from End HUI, Banka laland, thenee
eaat 80 chalna, thence north 80 chalna, thenoa
weat 80 chalna, thence aouth 80 chalna to point ol
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. 1UY JACOB
Pub. Oct. It B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land Diatriet���DUtrict of Banka Island
Take notico that Archibald Henderson ot Seattle,
Waah., occupation machinist, Intenda to apply for
permUalon to purchase the foUowing described
Commencing at a poat planted about aeven
i.ii.ea east and three milee south from the mouth of
an inlet, which point U about ten mUea aouth and
two mUea weat from End HIU, Banks laland, thence
west 80 chalna, thence north 80 chalna, thence eaat
80 chalna, thenee eouth 80 chalna to point of
Pub. Oct, 11. B. L. Tingley, Agant
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Banka laland
Take notice that E. R. LoomU of Barry, Minn.,
occupaUon fanner, intends to apply for permiasion
to purchaae the following deacribed landa:
Commendng at a poat planted about aix miles
eaat and one mile north from the mouth of an
Inlet, which point U about ten miles south and two
miles west from End Hill, Banka Island, thenoa
���aat 60 chains, tbence aouth 80 chalna, thence wes
80 chalna, thence north 80 chains to point o
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. E.   R. LOOMIS
Pub Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Coast
Take notice that George R. Putman of Prince
Rupert, occupaUon timekeeper, Intenda to apply
for permiaaion to purchaae tne following deacribed
lands :-
C ommencing at a post planted at the aouth
east corner of lot 1712; thence south 40 chalna,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence east 80 ehaina to point of commencement,
conUining 320 acrea more or leaa.
Date September 5,  1910. Geo.  R, Putman.
Pub. Sept. 20.
Skeena  Land  DUtrict���DUtrict of Banka Island
Take notice that John J. Keelcr of Barry, Minn.,
occupation miller, intends to apply for permUsion
to purchase the following described landa*
Commencing at a post planted about six mites
eaat and one mile north from the mout i of an
inlet, which point U about ten mllea aouth and two
mili-H west Irom End HUI, Banks Island, thence
west 80 chalna, thence north 80 chains, thence
eaat 80 chains, thenoe aouth 80 chalna to point of
Dated Sept 7, 1910. JOHN J. KEELER
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land District ��� DUlrict of Coaat
Take notice that Donald Clacher, ot  Hrecken-
ridge  landing  Prince   Rupert,   B.  fj.  occupation
farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following dtweribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about Ave milea
in a aoulh easterly direction from H reckon -
ridge Landing, and at the muthwi... corner of
Lot 3066, thence aouth 80 chains, thence east 80
ehaina, thence north 60 chains more or lees to the
aoulh east corner of Lot 3062, thence west 40 ehaina
more or leas, along the lot line 3062 thence north
20 chalna, more nr leaa, along lot line 3062 to
the aouth east comer of Lot ..in'.:., thence west
40 chains more or leaa, along lot lino 3065 to the
place of commencement, containing 560 acrea
more or leaa.
Dated Oct. 20. 1910. DONALD CLACHER
Pub. Nov. 17.
Skeena  Land  DUtrict���DUtrict of  Banka  laland
Take notice that John Geheke of Barry, Minn.,
occupation farmer, Intenda to apply (or permission
to purchaae lhe following deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about aix mUea
eaat and two mUea north from the mouth of an
inlet, which point U about ten mUes south and two
mUes west from End HUI, Banka Island, thence
west 80 chalna, thence north 80 chalna, thence
eaat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 ehaina, to point of
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. JOHN GEHEKE
Pub. Oct. 11 n.L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Basks Island
Take notice thst William Ruasell of Seattle,
Waah., occupaUon manager, intenda to apply for
permiaaion to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a poat planted on tne ahore ot
Principe Channel about 200 yarda north of End
HIU, Banks Island, thenee weat 80 chalna, thence
aouth 80 ehaina, thence eaat 80 chalna, thence
north 80 chains to point ot commencement.
Dated Sept. 9, 1910. WILLIAM  RUSSELL
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena  Land  DUtrict���DUtrict of  Banka  Island
Take notice that Martin H. Urkin of Honkina,
Minn., occupalion fireman, intenda to apply for
RermUsion   to   purchaae   the   following   described
Commencing at a poat planted about five mU*e
eaat from the mouth of an inlet, which point la
about ten miles south and two miles west from End
HUI, Banks Island, thence eaat 80 chalna, thenoa
aouth 80 ehaina, thence weat 80 chalna, thenee
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. MARTIN  H. LARKIN
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Banks Island
Take notice that Theodore Corbett of SeatUe,
Wash., occupation plumber, intenda to apply for
permiaaion to purchaae the following deacri.ml
Commenceing at a poat planted about three
milea eaat from the mouth of an inlet, which
point U about ten mllea aouth and two milea waat
from End Hill, Hank's laland, thence eaat 80
chalna, thence aouth 80 chains, thence weat 80
chalna, thence north 80 chalna to point of commencement.
Date Sept. 7,1910. THEODORE CORBETT
Pub. Oct 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeana  Land  DUtrict���DUtrict of  Banka  laland
Take notiee that Sarah Berry of Seattle, Wash.,
occupation widow, intenda to apply for permiaaion
to purchaae tha following deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about throe milaa
eaat from the mouth of an inlet, which point la
about ten mUea aouth and two mUea weat from
End HUI, Banka laland, tbence weat 80 chalna,
thenee aouth 80 chalna, thence east 80 ehaina,
thence north 80 chalna to point of commencement.
Dated September 7, 1910. SARAH BERRY
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, .Agant
Skeena Land Diatrict. - District of Coast.
Take notice that Solomon Mussallem of Prince
Rupert, B. C occupation merchant, intends to
apply for permission to purchaae the following1
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about four feet
from the corner post of the Indian Reserve number 4 Newton, thence aouth 60 chains, thence west
about 10 chains to Walker's pre-emption (surveyed lot number 3995) rnntre 5, thenc** south 60
chains, thence east about 10 chains to pofnt of
commencement, containing 70 acres more or leaa.
Date Oct. 3rd, 1910.
Pub. Oct. 22nd.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Coaat
Take notico that I, Napoleon Dupras, of Princ I
Rupert,  B. C, occupation  merchant, intend    to
apply   for permission   to  purchase  the   foUowing
described lands:-
Commendng at a poat planted on the left bank
ot the Exchumsik Kiver, about three mllea from
Ita mouth; thence north 80 chalna; thence east 40
chains: thenco aouth 80 chains; thence went along
the shore of thc river 40 chains, to the point of
commencement, containing throe hundred and
twenty acres, more or loaa.
Date   September 8, 1910.       Napoleon    Dupraa.
Pub. Sep. 24. 1910. THE   PRINCE   KUPERT    OPTIMIST
A New
Shipment I
A full range of Ladies' and
�� Children's Sweater Coats
T arrived for us on the last
I boat. All the popular col- *>
| ors are represented and the T
X ladies coats are knitted to w
I   fit the form instead of the   j
?  straight    lines    ,ve    were X
showing:        -' "-  K
v season.
earlier    in    the
We  again  suggest  to our
customers  the  advisability
of making their selections
of holiday goods and toys
as  early  as possible.    We
can give more time to your
wants now than when the
rush is on, and you  get a
better selection.     Onr toy
department   is   ready   for
yourj inspection,  and some
of the better lines are al-  L
ready being picked up.  We T
store your holiday purehas- jg
es until you  require  them   i
and deliver them whenever  X
you desire       j
 X X���XXX
H. S. Wallace Co. I
Fulton St. snd 3rd A**. I
Pbons S
Have a Programme of Ten Reforms
Looking for Better Trade Relations
Within the Empire -Appropriation
Voted for Delegate!.
Melbourne, Nov. 28.���The announcement that the federal government did
not intend to submit any proposals to
the Imperial conference in London next
June was received with a great deal of
surprise in official and political quarters. Still greater surprise was felt
today when it was announced that so far
from not submitting proposals to the
conference, the government would place
before it no less than ten motions.
The cabinet has decided that it will
urge on the conference the promotion
of international trade, British goods
and shipping at the same time being
supported as far as possible.
Greater uniformity in company navigation laws is also to be advocated, as
well as the encouragement of immigration, the alteration of the declaration of
London so that foodstuffs may be removed from article 24, and the amendment of the existing naturalization
The important subject of the establishment of an All-Red cable across the
Atlantic ocean���the cable to be worked
in conjunction with the trans-Pacific
cable���is to be brought before the conference with the strongest possible
recommendations of the commonwealth
. 11 -i  i   -    * sW    ' *
The   "New   Muto" Convertible Collar Overcoat
Isn't it a dandy?���and so simple! Lots of imitations
but  nn equals.
The NEW MUTO is the only convertible coat that actually  converts.
The NEW MUTO collar doesn't turn up���it simply
moves  up.
ZIP!   to  the  spot  whetc  you  want   it.
Now you can readily understand how any convertible collar
that has to be "turned up" in order to convert���soon-
or later becomes soiled, mussed and ugly.
Not so with  the  NEW  MUTO.
While it doesn't hook or clasp���the simplest little device imaginable moves the collar up���to any height you want
it It fits the man with the long neck���just as it fits
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Their Tender Was Complete in Every
Respect, and Also Lowest in the
Series Offering for This Section.
THE ���
Is wis, BEFORE the event  J
Grading of Section C, First avenue,
will be done by Messrs. Mclnnis St
Kelly. A recommendation by the
streets, works and property committee
to accept their tender was adopted by
the council last night.
This firm tendered as follows: Rock
f.1.98, earth 85 cents, grubbing $250
per acre, close cutting $250 per acre
retaining wall $5,16-ft. plankway (taking
up) 60 cents per ft., relaying 60 cents.
There waa no problem of incomplete
tenders for Section C, all of the tenderere |
tilling out the forms accurately.
He   insure?  BEFORE the I
"re and takes out a f* ���
on   his life for theV
lection  of his wife a���d I
family  ami business i���. ���
terests BEFORE it is to !
late. I
Unsuccessful Man |
Is wise AFTER the eve
The government steamer Kestrel is
taking on supplies at Foley, Welch &
Stewart's wharf.
A Pair of Ice Creepers
Are cheaper than a few months in the
hospital, and you can work all the time.
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terests until   something J
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THIRD  AVENUE, B.twe.n 6th  end   7th. THE   PRINCE RUP E'RIT   0 P T I M I S|T
; Made at Midnight Friday���Said to be the Richest
the Portland Canal District���Upraise is Under
Way and Ore Shipments Will Soon Start
(From Monday's Dally.)
���rich strike of a solid body of copper
It Red Cliff has been reported. It
Jcaused some excitement in Stewart,
Isince Friday at midnight when the
|e was made, the wires to Vancouver
been kept hot. The strike had
expected for several days, but is
(rted to exceed all expectations.
Celebrations Are Held
.���Bkine Smith, commonly known as
jolgardie" Smith, the mining en-
jer of the Red Cliff, brought the news
1 on the Camosun.  He was hurrying
lancouver with the good newB.
lie ore  was  struck  in  the  tunnel
jut  midnight on Friday and there
grest rejoicing. "Coolgardie" or-
|d the drills to renew works and the
strike was thoroughly tested  by
blasts and demonstrated that il
a solid ore body that had been
tk. He at once told the machine
i to lay off for a shift and gave each
^esent of $100.
Rich Vein of Sulphite Copper
he strike was made in the tunnel at
I feet. It is of sulphite copper and is
to be richer than any yet struck
he Portland Canal district, but this
sins to be seen. The men went to
Saturday morning on the con-
jction of an upraise for getting out
e, starting it about one hundred
feet form the face of the solid body of
ore discovered.
Arranging to Ship
The news of the strike is said to have
caused much excitement at Stewart
and gave rise to a general belief that the
Red Cliff would be shipping ore as soon
as the raise could be completed and a
hoisting gear arranged.
Market Starts to Move
The news of the strike was wired to
Vancouver on Saturday but probably
failed to reach there before the close
of the stock exchange. Saturday's
quotations closed at 90c, but S. Harrison
&Co., the local mining brokers, have
reason to believe that this morning the
stock will go up with a jump. The news
made a little flutter among the stock
speculators here this morning, and the
firm mentioned took orders to buy up
to a limit of $1.40. The Arm expects
the quotation to reach $1.60 today and
believe there is a probability that it
will shortly reach anywhere from $3
to $4.
Price  Goes  Up  on Exchange
Harrison & Company received a wire
from Vancouver this afternoon that Red
Cliff closed on the Exchange at $1.28.
The stock opened with a jump from 90c
to $1.00 and from that on it was the
leading feature of the market and there
was heavy buying.
ere Offered $3 and $3.50 a Day by the Granby Smelter
Co. Instead of Local Rate of $4���Management
is Expected to Concede Men's Demands
no authority to pay them more than the
Granby rate so most of the men walked
Only Four Stay In
Passengers on the Camosun yesterday
brought the news that only four men
were left at the mine. Fourteen of them
came to this city, some of whom remain
here and the others have returned to
Phoenix, B. C.
May Soon Be Over
It is believed the trouble at the mine
will be of short duration and that the
local manager at the mines will bc
ordered by the company to concede the
load rate to thc workmen.
(From Monday's Dally.)
Fhere is said to have been a strike
ftie Hidden creek mines on Observa-
Inlet,   recently   purchased   and
over   by   the   Granby   Smelter
npany.   Two loads of machinery and
lumber of miners were sent up a couple
vecks ago on the Princess Beatrice
I the Vadso, and the men were started
j work.    But when pay time came
fcy were offered the old Granby rates
]$:! per day  for muckers and $3.60
machine   men.     They    protested
imsl  this and  demanded  the local
edule of pay, which is a flat rate of
per day.   The manager said he had
Mr. E. Jacobs Gives Favorable Statement Thinks It It Early Yet to
Call It "One of Greatest Mines on
Pacific Coast.
(l-'rs-.m Monday's  Dally.)
E. Jacobs, mining engineer of Victoria, has an article in the Canadian
Mining Journal under the caption:
"Granby Company Enlarging Its Field
of Operations," which deals with the
recent purchsse of the Hidden Creek
Properites on Observatory Inlet by the
smelter company. After quoting at
length the prospectus just issued by
the company and the statements made
by Jay P. Graves, its vice-president and
general manager, to the effect that a
matting plant will be erected as soon
as a sufficient tonnage is developed, Mr
Jacobs goes on to state:
"Last summer I was given the following information relative to this property
by one who claimed to be well informed
concerning it: The developed ore zone
has been opened for a little more than
2,000 feet in length, and from 200 to
600 feet in width. Beside some 1,600
feet of open-cut work, about 1,000 feet
of tunnelling has been done. This
work has opened a large body of copper
sulphide ore, running from 4 to 8 per
cent, (with some as high as 12 per cent.)
in copper, and $1 to $3 per ton in gold
and silver. It is a very favorable ore
for smelting, carrying an excess of iron
over silica. Much of it is pure copper
and iron sulphide, high in both iron and
sulphur, so making it a desirable smelling
ore, less coke being required for its
reduction than for other ores having
constituents less favorable from a metalliferous point of view.
"The ore has been cut for a width of
126 feet and down to a depth of between
400 and 600 feet, and it is known to be
good to below the 400-foot level. The
quantity of ore blocked out is more
than 300,000 tons, and the mine is
sufficiently developed to warrant the
erection of a 300-ton smelter.
"The foregoing information will serve
to give a general idea of the property
the Granby Company has taken under
bond. It is probable Mr. Graves is not
quite correctly quoted in the statement
attributed to him, in effect that the
Hidden Creek property is 'one of the
greatest mines on the Pacific coast.' It
is likely that his comparison was intended to be restricted to thc British
Columbia coast district. If not, then the
opinion may be expressed that it is
premature to express any such opnion
in the present state of development
of the Hidden Creek mine. Nevertheless,
there seems some good reason to believe
there is in that mine a large tonnage of
copper ore, but of general average
grade somewhat lower than the stated
3 1-2 per cent, copper."
Had Only Mile and a Half to Lay
When Heavy Snowstorms Came���
Will Establish Telegraphic Connection in Early Spring.
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Superintendent Phelan, of the Dominion telegraph lines, together with many
j other people  will  be  disappointed  to
learn that his linemen were unable to
! make wire connections between Stewart
j and Goose Bay this winter, particularly
j as Goose  Bay  has suddenly  attained
much prominence owing to the purchase
| of the Hidden creek properties by the
Granby Smelter prople.
W. Blackstock, thc foreman for that
end of the line from Kitsumkalum to
Stewart, is back in town with the news
that heavy snows cut off all further
work for this season. He says that on
October 28th they were about to tackle
the summit dividing Maple Buy from
Goose Bay when there was a snowfall of
eighteen inches.
The altitude of the summit is given at
two thousand fret und ua after this
first snow there was practically u continuous snowfall the work of construction had to be abandoned. This left a
gap of a mile and a half in the line from
Stewart to Goose Bay which in the spring
can be finished in a very short time.
The line, however, was constructed
far beyond Goose Bay and reaches the
head of Alice Arm, so Mr. Blackstock
thinks that for this season the limit
was done in line construction. He has
not yet heard what progress was made
from the Kitsumkalum end, but is
confident that it will take but a short
lime next spring to make the connection and give Stewart direct communication with the outside world.
New Line Will Tap Naas Valley
Country���Charter for Alberta Section Already Secured- -Surveyors
Are Now at Work.
Anglican Church Is Roofed
Good progress with the new Anglican
Chapel  now  building  near  Seal  Cove
is being made.   The roof is being put
on at present.
(From  Monday's Dally.)
Donald D. Mann, first vice-president
of the Canadian northern, was in
Vancouver last week and confirmed the
report that the Canadian Northern
was applying for a charter for a railway
from Stewart at the head of Portland
Canal across Northern British Columbia
���north of the Grand Trunk Pacific���to
the eastern borders of the province,
there to connect with a line to Edmonton. The charter for the Alberta
section of the proposed trunk line has
already been secured from the Legislature of Alberta.
Preliminary Work Done
"Our engineer has already done
some preliminary work, demonstrating
that it is quite feasible to build a line
from the Portland Canal district into
the Naas river valley," said Mr. Mann.
"He has ascertained that fair grades
can be secured as the summit has an
altitude of only 1740 feel above sea
level. About three thousand feet of
lunnelling and certain snow-sheds would
have to be built at the summit of the
divide. The maximum grades for westbound traffic would be about one per
cent and castbound a maximum grade
of two-tenths, and that for only a few
miles, can be secured.
Will Open Up Naas Valley
The building of less than a hundred
miles of line Irom Stewart will tap the
Naas river valley which, according to
my information, contains vast areas
of land adapted for mixed farming and
for ranching as well as rich mineral
resources and anthracite coal.
"I feel convinced that no serious
engineering difficulties exist as regards
this portion of the route. It may not
be generally known that a line from
Edmonton direct to Stewart will not
be much longer than our route from
Edmonton to Vancouver. We will
probably do some exploratory work
next year in the region between the
Naas river valley and the western
boundary of Alberta."
The Prince Rupert left last night with
sixty-seven first class passengers for the
south, sixteen second and thirty-four
flans and Specifications Arrive for  Reinforced Concrete  Wharf,  Storehouse,  Warehouse,  Office
Building and Six Residences-���To be
Used by Department of Marine
Survey Must Be Completed by Christmas to Retain Charter-
Will be In Operation in Two Years Time���Construction  to  Start  in  the  Spring.
(From Thursday's Daily.)
I The Dominion government is to
Kin at once the expenditure of about a
U'irter of a million dollars at this port
the construction of a marine depot.
he plans and specifications are already
> and tenders will be advertised
lr in the next few days.
Buildings to Be Substabtial
The buildings include a concrete
and approaches, a buoy store-
Duse, warehouse for supplies, office
uilding and six residences for the
i-mbers of the staff. All the building
he constructed are of a substantial
n,l Permanent character, and there
about thirty plans giving all thc
���"ails of the construction  work with
great minuteness.
Funds   From   Marine   Department
The building of a marine supply depot
here was decided upon at the same time
as the government drydock, but the
former is a work that can be undertaken out of the ordinary funds of the
marine department and the latter, which
is estimated to cost a million and a
quarter, has to be an item in the supply
bill which will be voted at the present
session of parliament.
The drydock is to be built by the
Grand Trunk Pacific upon a subsidy
from the government, and it is the
granting of the subsidy that has to be
first voted upon before the work can be
(Prom Tuesday's Dally.)
'I'll wager that within two years
from next Christmas wp have railway
connection with Prince Rupert," Manager Sharp, of the Hudson Bay post
at Port Simpson is reported to have
said last Saturday. It will be news lo
many that the surveys of thc Prince
Rupert, Port Simpson and Northern
Short Line railway arc now in progress,
and that these surveys must be completed by next Christmas, now only a
few weeks away, or the company cannot
hope to hold its charter.
Percy Collins is thc head engineer, and
most of the men engaged in the work
1 are from this city. Among them are
F.  B.  Casey,  who has charge of the
; Georgetown portion of the survey, E.
: Petrie, who has the upper harbor camp
'and the following: J. Howe, J. H.
Llewellyn, D. Yates, R. H. Murphy,
C. O. Otter, H. T. Titus, D. Blaine and
Robert Smith.
Starts at Seal Cove
Thc line is of standard guage and
starts from a |K>int near Soul Cove
and runs through Lot 444 and over u
small summit north to Srhnw-Btlans
lake. Then it proceeds in a northerly
direction form thut point to the narrows
in the upper harbor and after a short
stretch along the shore crosses a summit
to Georgetown, from which point it
is practically a shore line to Port Simpson. The whole distance is about
twenty-seven miles.
Will Get Good Grades
Of thc two summits thc one near here
has an elevation of 240 feet, thut of
Georgetown 300 feet. On the first summit the grade will be 1.8 per cent, coming
back lo the harbor on a grade of 1.2 per ]
cent, and over the Georgetown summit
the engineers hu|M> to lie uble to estublish
n 1 per cent grudc.
Frost Interferes a Little
The frost has interfered with the work
a little during the last few days. From
the Narrows up, the water being still,
it has frozen over, nnd the ice is too
thick for the Inunch to break and too
thin to freight over it. There will be
heavy work on both summits, owing
to the depth of the muskeg. The rest
of the projected route is in rock that
presents no purticulur difficulties.
Soon Start Construction
The directors of the line were up on
the lost I'rince Rupert and went over
u good part of thc line, expressing
themselves pleased with thc rapid progress of thc work. They intimated that
construction work would immediately
follow the approval of thc surveys. IfHEPRINuE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
President Geo. H. Collins of Canadian Cold Storage
Co.. Tells of the Interest Created in the East
���Swift of Chicago Makes Prophecy about Prince Rupert
(From Thursday's Dally.)
George H. Collins, president of the
Canadian Cold Storage company that
is putting up a million dollar plant in
Prince Rupert, returned on the Prince
Rupert Wednesday from meeting the
directors in Montreal, where satisfaction
greatest, if not the greatest fishing
ports in the world when keels and rails
The Advertising Tells
"It was the same at other places, the
fishing interest being fully alive to the
...   ..   ' situation, and the enormous possibilities
was  expressed  at  the  news that  the;.    ~      '  .      . ,     *__.       .
_ .       ��� ,, ,    .    ,��� in the fishing industry for exploitation
Pnnce Rupert concern would be ready * r
to begin active operations next fall.
Mr. Collins visited most of the large
cities of the East in the course of his
journey and spoke most enthusiastically
of the outlook for Prince Rupert.
Interest in Prince Rupert
and expansion as soon as the railway
is completed. They seemed to be well
posted, too, on the line of the railway;
better posted than I am myself. But
no wonder, for the Grand Trunk Pacific
is doing a tremendous lot of advertising.
At K nsas City I saw bales upon bales
"You have no idea," he observed 0[ the company's folders to be dis
"what a tremendous interest is taken in | tributed in Kansas, Miasuori and south
Prince  Rupert  in  all  the large cities 0f tnere-
of  Canada  and  the  United  States  11 Mr    Sw.ft   ���M  ��xpert   KnowUdge
visited.    It made no difference where I      ���__..,_,��� ^      ,    ,
was. whether at Toronto, Boston, New      "Probably Sir George Doughty I state-
York or Chicago, people sought me out
ments in regard to the possibilities of our
and  would  question  me  by the hour; fishing industry started this interest?
about this port, the city, the chances i    "II muy have enlivened it a little but
for investment in lots, buildings, busi- il certainly did not start it.   Sir George
nesses and so forth. *3 u f*���1 fish-'man m E"��.mhI, and is
Mr  Swift* Prophecy looked uV��n M an authority there-   but
"Particularly did 1 find . hose interest- he does not be8in toLknow hal* whLat
ed in the fish business desirous of fuller   Mr' Swift knows of lhe fishln8 on thls
Note of Warning Sounded. Are Citizens Aware That Wealth of Northern British Columbia Is Being
Possessed by the Few
and more specific information.    I may
tell you that the eyes of fishing men all
over are turned in this direction, and
struck me was the amount of reliable
information they had already acquired.
This ami brought to my notice in Chi- j coal, mineral and farming lands.   British
cago in an interview  I  had with Ed j Columbia stands better  today among
Swift, the owner of the finest packing  investors   and   people   looking   (or   in-
Other Resources Attract Notice
"It is not only the fishing, however,
but the other resources of this country
the moneyed people are keen on, such as
house in Chicago and probably in the
world. 1 had applied to Mr. Swift for
permission to look over the most modern
appliance lately added to his cold storage
plant, and he not only courteously
granted the permission but sent for me.
We talked for an hour and although the
conversation was very much of the nature
of a cross-examinntion the exact know-
vestments than she ever has, and 1
look for a tremendous movement in
this direction to set in early next spring
both of investors and tourists. I have
been going east every year for a long
time but I never heard this province
and Prince Rupert talked about so much.
People hunted me up in Toronto and
Montreal just to have a chat with me
ledge which Mr. Swilt already had of I about this place and northern British
the situation here was surprising. He Columbia and you may rely upon a
concluded with the remark that Prince great influx of people of all kinds as soon
Rupert was bound  to be one of the as the winter is over."
Hospital Is Now Finished, and the
Provincial Government Will Be
Asked to Erect a New School
Building for the Town.
(From Thursday's Dally.)
William Manson, M. P. P. speaking
this morning of the steps taken to incorporate the city of Stewart said the
charter includes a special clause for
owning and operating a telephone system. It asks for a council consisting
of a mayor and six aldermen. The
qualification for mayor is $500 really
antl for aldermen $.100.
Several meetings were held with the
executive committee of the citizens'
association al which various matters
were diRrussed. A public school had
been opened with twenty pupils and they
are now asking the provincial government for the immediate erection of a
school building. The hospital has been
completed and seemed to be well fitted
up to meet the needs of the district.
Railway construction was going on
well and there was now a locomotive
running up and down the wharf and along
a portion of the road but the company
was not yet giving a public service. The
approach to the wharf has been completed by the Dominion government,
and arrangements are now being made
by the provincial government and citizens to connect this approach with
some of the streets by plank roadways
���nd  sidewalks.
Have a Programme of Ten Reforms
Looking for Better Trade Relations
Within the Empire���Appropriation
Voted for Delegates.
Melbourne, Nov. 28.���Tho announcement that the federal government did
not inlend to submit any proposals to
the Imperial conference in London next
June was received with a great deal of
surprise in official and political quarters. Still greater surprise was felt
today when it was announced that so far
from not submitting proposals to the
conference, the government would place
before it no less than ten motions.
- The cabinet has decided that it will
urge on the conference the promotion
of international trade, British goods
and shipping at the same time being
supported as far as possible.
Greater uniformity in company navigation laws is also to be advocated, as
well as the encouragement of immigration, the alteration of the declaration of
London so that foodstuffs may be removed from article 24, and the amendment of the existing naturalization
The important subject of the establishment of an All-Red cable across the
Atlantic ocean���the cable to be worked
in conjunction with the trans-Pacific
cable���is to be brought before the conference with the strongest possible
recommendations of the commonwealth
(From Wednesday's Dally.)
Agricultural resources, minerals, timber, coal, waterpower, fisheries, and
scenery���these are the undeveloped resources that surround Prince Rupert
which formed the subject of Alderman
Naden's address to the Presbyterian
Club last night. A noble list of wealth
producers and Mr. Naden described
their extent throughout the land and
seas surrounding Prince Rupert, with
confidence. These resources are indisputably there, and Prince Rupert is
situated at the most central point in
Northern British Columbia for handling
them to advantage.
Wealth from the Farms
Farm produce from the fat lands in
the areas watered by the Peace, Skeena, I
Liard   and   Fraser   rivers   with   their
tributaries will contribute to the pros-1
perity of the city.    Spring rains and
summer sunshine on the well tilled soil
in  the  Lakelse,   Kispiox  and  Bulkley
valleys   will   bring   autumn   harvests |
golden alike for their growers and for
the trade of Prince Rupert.
Harvest of the Sea
Teeming  seas    within   a   few   hours
run of Prince Rupert harbor will pour
In to the lines of waiting fish cars and !
cold storage plants all the finny wealth
of the deep.   Why over in England today
Grimsby with fewer sea resources by:
far,  has leaped from  a  population ol
15,000 to one of 1110,000 on account of.
the fish industry alone.   Rupert will do i
more thinks Alderman Naden.
Mines, Timber and Water
Precious store from the marvellously
rich mining districts surrounding Prince
Rupert will add richly to the growing
wealth of the city; and the far ranging
I ti.nber tracts of the surrounding districts will immensely increase the prosperity of the business centre. Water-
power there is too, to develop, as pointed
out by Mr. Williams after Alderman
Naden's address, and Alderman Naden
has great faith in the superb scenic
wealth of Northern British Columbia
to attract visitors from far and wide
who will in countless ways benefit
Prince Rupert.
Who Owns It Now
A   note  of   warning,   however,   Mr.
Naden did strike.    Who owns all this
as yet undeveloped wealth? he asked, and
| in answer he showed that a large pre-
i centage of  it  is  being rapidly  taken
I possession   of   by   those  who  aim   at
holding it for speculative purposes.   The
timber   especially   has   been   grabbed.
! Where until a few years ago not 10 per
1 cent of the timber was owned by spec-
i ulators now nearly  80 per cent is so
owned.    It was so also to some extent
' with  agricultural  land,  and  other  re-
. sources, and Alderman Naden held that
I the  citizens  and  inhabitants of  these
I districts which are among the richest
| in the empire should be awake to the
direction in which they were trending���
the tendency of these valuable resources
to come into the hands ot the few.
Might Defeat Itself
Mayor Stork Retires���F. H. Mobley and Wm M
to Run���Hot Contest Promised       ""'
(From Thursday's Dally.)
By the announcement made by Mayor
Stork this morning that his private
business interests made it impossible
for him to offer himself for re-election,
the first definite step in the municipal
elections was taken. This leaves the
field open to Mr. William Manson,
M. P. P., the unsuccessful candidate
at the last election, and Alderman
Frank Mobley. The request to Alderman Mobley was made by a number
*>f his colleagues and citizens last night
after a private meeting, where Mayor
Stork announced his decision not to
enter the field for next year's contest.
The Mayor's Statement
him with all my power.   Dun,, l.
year in the Council Alderman MbS
displayed great ability and J7
city good service.    If he sha H   *
the field i win wpport him. H';;n*
make an excellent Mayor, in m��
ion. A moment later a Up c,nr,
the door of the Mayor', offb J
Alderman Mobley entered.
Alderman Mobley's Decision
"Well   what   is your decision. Ifa
Alderman?"  inquires! the Mayor.
"If you are still firm in your relaal
to enter the Held, I will run." detluH
Alderman Mobley.
"I am glad to hear lhat, and 1 ni
you every luccen" laid Mayor Sutl
as he shook the alderman1! hand.
Will Make Statement Liter
Asked for a statement for the-mfc,
Alderman .Molds y begged fortlma, "H-
best statement, I <u|]|sose."4ieuid.^
thc record of my tervict in 'heCoad
and the public k-i.s\\> that. Use
I will issue printed lUuinati olq
position, and will addrea the m!
Interviewed by an Optimist reporter
this morning, as to his reasons for withdrawing from the municipal contest,
Mayor Stork said: "My decision was
only reached after considerable thought.
The office of Mayor of Prince Rupert
is an exacting one, and during the past
year my mayoral duties- made great
demands upon my time. Fortunately
I was able to give all the time that my
duties required, but in the forthcoming I antl discuss municipal problrms ni
year I contemplate enlarging my busi- them."
ness to cope with the growing demands:    Asked if he kii.--.-. who h> op-oat
of the city. | would be. Aldermai   Mobley uA k
Would Be Away Two Month.        j |*ad *T*'iv'"* "" ,j '"'''' ='����'�����
but the friends sif Mr. Wi!... ' i
"I shall probably be obliged to go I wert. petitioning him to run spin, ai
away for a business trip for two months, | it WHs rumored the member Met
and do not think it would be fair to the accept,
city for me to present myself for oflice
knowing that I could not attend to the
duties of the oflice for more than ten ,
out of the twelve months. Perhaps viewed by an Optimist repor.ef Mi
later on when my business extensions | he had no statcmenl to -luke in reft-.
are completed, and I have the necessary
time to devote to civic affairs I may
enter the arena again."
Spoke Well for Mobley
"Will you not take any part at all in
the elections then?" the Mayor was
"Only as an ordinary citizen," he _
replied. "I understand that Alderman announcing my candidature ar.d W
Mobley has been asked to stand for'on hope to haw the opportwM
Mayor and is considering the matter. J discussing municipal question!*'��
If he should decide to run, I will support arise."
Mr. Manson Will Run
William  Mawon,  M. P. P, '.*'<*���
to his candidacy for thi miyonitr. Hi
said:  "I w;is presented ���.��.i-h .1 largelj-1
signed   petition  last  evening bj ��>
resentativi- eiti;*cti> requesting ��� ��l
again bes-ome .i cand   all fur nay* ��� |
Prince Rupert.
"After eon lerli the matter HI
cided this morning to accept the tat* I
nation.   For the preaant I am n* ; |
Sixty Seats Will  be Voted On--Unionists  Expect to I
Gain Ten of Them���Big Fight in Manchester
���How   Hon.    Joseph    Chamberlain
Will   Get    a   Walk-Over
Wales and Scotland in .m*.*'**1 "���
Real estate dealing in the city itself
he pointed out, might by the continual
raising of priceB of lots, defeat its own
end, the prosperity of the city, by
making it increasingly difficult for the
humbler wealth producer to settle here. '
An interesting discussion at the close
of the address, led by the chairman, Mr.
H. P. McRae, was taken part in by many
of those present.
The presence of licensed hotels in
I'rince Rupert will not keep out business,
but the enacting of the Scott Act might
and would.
(Special to the Optimist)
London, Dec. 2.���There will be sixty
election contests tomorrow so thnt the
whole country is in a state of great
excitement today. The Unionists claim
they will get ten of these sixty seats
if they obtain, as they profess to expect,
thc support of the moderate voter. The
big fight of the election will occur in
Manchester, where Mr. Andrew Barlow,
Unionist will be a candidate, he having
vacated his scat for Dulwich in order
to oppose Sir George Kemp, thc Liberal
member for Manchester.
Joe Martin's Defeat
The situation in the Midlands is very
encouraging to the Liberals the party
expecting to make a twenty per cent
better showing there than they did
last year. The Unionists are scattering
a leaflet reproducing the opinion of
Joe Martin recently given in the Canadian Colliers. Martin himself will
have a hard time being elected for East
Pancras. He had but a small majority
at the last election and his attitude
against the government is calculated
to have lost him much support.
-���"������'"���     ���Liberal" v,'yT"!2
venl' lorthmjl
I ���   lost i" -* 1
The party is .
of some of thi
Cartoon, nnd Bdllio.rd.
sign �� in
Everywhers the eun\
swing and the country u>
oratory and Uttfature. �� �� ^ ,
covered with %*** whl��� \
3 ...ture in '��� - ���gj
public however, ** J^JH
not showing.I,.'.-'-, ' ( hu,*
last canpaign On. lack ' ^
i9 noted in the number ���� urn*
Chamberlain I
to -wm. of th.i*^S**\
cies where ...ere \��Jglvl
change the UnionUU ������"���T^, la
agreed not to oppo" ���" ^^urti
other places the candid*�� ^
overwhelming  m;U'*"'"'" Argonf
I | willK<>>"-
have been ��WWd��
the fortunate oar
��� ami ��**
lain for Blnnlngbaw.w�� ^
S. Lee for Hants, I �������.��.*


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