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Twenty-four hours  ending  6   a. m.,
lime 6.
-   uia MIN   TEMI'. BAR.        IN. KAIN
in ���iSO      30.264       05.
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Foil So'"
Princess Ilea'-'         ivtslt
State of " .j-rtya"    uiiesduy,   a.m.
 Thursday, p m
Iflfl    \
_ stHt,"W*0
���  . 'Ctty ufln'iittk'.
JUN   \.X  19
VOL. II, NO. 126
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, Junk (i. 1811,
Ul   ! .������'������-���:. ':'-^y
Price Five Cents
Mr. A. J. Prudhomme Wins His Fight Against the License Commissioners���Judge Clements of the Supreme Court Issues a
Mandamus Compelling the Renewal���History of Interesting
Case Which Has Been Before Public for Eight Months.
Judge Clements has ordered
the renewal of the Savoy Hotel
to A. J. Prudhomme, with
costs against the License Commissioners."
Hie above telegram from Mr.
i'. M. Woodworth, K. t". at Vancouver, in Messrs. Williams &
Manson was received late last
night, and the welcome news of
hit victory before the Supreme
Courl was at once conveyed to
Mr. Prudhomme. Messrs. Wil-
li.nib & M.iiisnii acted as solicitors
for Mr. Prudhomme in the matter,
and prepared the case. Mr. C. M.
Woodworth EC. t'., is the Vancouver counsel they selected to argue
thr matter before Mr. Justice
History of the Case
TheSavoj Hotel dispute, owing
to iu becoming a factor in the
lasl municipal campaign, is well
blown in many of the citizens.
Ai ihe firsl License Board meeting
hrlil in die city, Mr. Prudhomme
tea* awarded a license by the
chairman, Mayor Stork, after a
rather stormy passage between
Commissioner Merryfield ami the
chairman, which led to Commissioner Merryfield leaving the
room after declining to vote on the
application. Commissioner Smith
was also absent from the meeting
at the time.
Took License Away
At the next meeting of the
Board held early in January, all
three commissioners were present,
and on a motion to consider the
renewal, Commissioners Smith and
Merryfield voted the renewal down.
The Board, however, consented to
allow him a few days in which to
sell his stock, and Commissioner
Smith promised if he would bring
in an application at the next
meeting for a new license he would
support it.
Tried Both Ways
Mr. Prudhomme accordingly applied at the next meeting of the
License Board for a renewal of
his old license and for a new
license. The municipal elections
had taken place in the mean time,
and Mr. Stork's place was taken
by Mr. Manson. The Board
ruled that Mr. Prudhomme had
never had an old license lo renew,
and declined  to give him  a new
Created a Surprise
The ruling created great surprise,
for the Savoy Motel was one of
the most admirably equipped and
conducted hostclrics in the city.
In it, Mr. Prudhomme hail invested $40,000, the savings of a
lifetime. The judgment meant
financial ruin to him. He advertised the house for sale, and
determined to spend his last cent
if need be, to secure legal redress.
The Court Ruling
An application was entered iu
the Supreme Courl for a mandamus
compelling the License Boartl to
renew the license. It was argued
that by their act in considering
the renewal and voting against
it, the first License Board recognised its existence, and also by
allowing him to sell off his stuck
of liquors. The ruling of the
court on the matter, has met
with general satisfaction. In the
face of the clear case for a renewal
and the judgment of the Supreme
Court ruling, it is extremely unlikely that the commissioners will
appeal from the ruling.
Bricklayers    Dissatisfied    With
Their Arbitration Award
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, June 0.���At a mass
muting uf 7(10 union bricklayers
lasl night it was decided to strike
���'- ilu- report of the arbitration
board wis unfavorable.
Seventy-six Excellent Citizens,
Half of Them Married Men
blowing is an analysis of the
'���Hus   uf   various   employees   as
r's''"l-  their  length  of  resilience
and qualifications regarded as
'permanent citizens" uf the city
1 Pnnce Kupert  got  from  City
1   Davis's  report   on   the
K'-'iu pay-roll as requested by
Ai.l, run,, Douglas.
Ill''  report  covers   the   period
'rom April Im to June 1st.   There
'" seventy-six names mentioned
'" ii.   of th
only   five
|1,lr'> live out of the seventy-six
ll,v' been residents of this city
"r "vi r two years, and most of
l,,m have been over three years
l!r' l��u men H. Hamilton
'""' '��� Wynne have been here
("llr years and four and a
'���'"">>'i'srespectively, Thirty-
ira married men, and of
wenty-nine have their fatn-
liese   city   employees
are   not    rate-payers.
Vancouver's Mayor Ready for Emergencies All Right-
Mob of Two Thousand Men Visit Police Station
Where Seven Union Men Were Detained
But no Riot Occurred.
!""*���* 'hem In Prince Uupert.
Ihcli��t "Peaks for itself.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 6.���The opening day of the general strike-
passed off without untoward incident, although Mayor Taylor
is reported lo be going round
with a copy of the Riot Act,
ready to read it on the first
indication of disturbance.
Bricklayers Working
About 4,000 men of the allied
Building Trades quit work, with
the exception of the bricklayers
who are still at work. There
are also a number of non-union
men in the building trades at
Made Demonstration
There were several demonstrations during thc day in front of a
large building in course of construction down town, but the
work went on without any Interruption,
Seven Arrests Made
Seven arrests were made during
thc day and evening for various
offences connected with the demonstrations, and as a result a
mob of 2,000 men congregated
outside the police station at night,
Nothing serious happened, however, and in due time the mob
Where to Go
Indoor Baseball
Printers vs. the Crescents tonight at the Auditorium. Game
called at 8.30 sharp. Admission
Victoria,   June  0.���(Special)���
Mrs. Minnie Paterson the heroine
of the Valencia and Coloma wreck
died at Alberni on Sunday.
��� a|^-M^-tl a^ .. -aaa. n aaaaa. .. ^ ..���^..-^��.^...-*fc��.^<aa-^,l||
Northwestern League
Spokane 4, Seat lie 1.
Tacoma 0, Victoria 0.
Vancouver 5, Portland 2.
National League
New York 7, Chicago 1.
Philadelphia 5, Pittsburg
Brooklyn 7, St. Louis 3.
Cincinnati !), Boston 2.
American League
Detroit 5, Washington 1.
Boston 5 Chicago 4.
Bowman Sawmill Totally Destroyed by Fire Last Night-
Loss Totals to $70,000.
At the Suggestion That the Council Will Act Over His Head He
Dares the Mayor and Council to Try It and See What Will
Happen---Says He Has Other Means of Letting the Public
Know���Douglas Plays Sanche Panza to Newton's Don Quixote.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Revclstoke, June 8.���The Bowman sawmill was totally destroyed
by a fire which started al 10.30
last night. The loss includes
live hundred thousand feet of
iinsawn timber which was yarded
behind the mill. The loss, approximately $70,000, is covered by
Mad Austrian Who Leaped from
Train Near Nelson is Once
More at Large.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nelson, June 0.���The mad Austrian prisoner who made a sensational escape last week while on
tlie way here by leaping through
the window of an express train
and was later arrested at Bonner's
Ferry by Immigration Inspector
Davis, is once more at large.
After having breakfast here he
managed tu escape from the lockup and is not yet recaptured.
D'Estress in Distress in Halifax
Harbor This Morning
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Halifax, June (i.���In thick weather this morning the French
warship D'Estress struck on St.
George's Island in Halifax harbor.
Later she floated nil undamaged.
"It has been said amongst
this council that if I do not
move more rapidly they will
move over my head. I should
like to see this council move
over my head. If this council
chooses to move over my head
in this way I have other means
of making myself heard in
this city."
Very distinct evidence of the
fact that Alderman Newton is
on the brink of war with the
council came in these words from
his own lips at the meeting last
night. Like the great Don Quixote,
Knight of the Rueful Countenance, with Alderman Douglas
at his back, a very perfect Sancho
Panza, Alderman New ton has dared to hurl defiance at the August
Body ol which Mayor Manson is
Grand Yi/ier.
Hilditch Fired the Train
lt sprang from a pointed suggestion made by Alderman Hilditch that the committee appointed to look into the Engineering Department, of which Alderman Newton is an important
member, should nut be allowed
longer   than    till   next   Monday
night lu bring in their report.
Alderman Newton was un his feet
in an instant. "I should like to
remind  Alderman   Hilditch,"   he
laid, "that he seems remarkably
aggressive in taking good care
that very short time shall be
given this committee to investigate this matter, the most important matter which has come
before the council this sessiun.
All these months have gone by,
and we have not heard Alderman
Hilditch pushing and complaining
because any other committee has
not brought in a special report.
I would remind Alderman Hilditch thai he promised tu look into
the Engineering Department himself. He took months to do anything with it, but 1 never objected to him, but rather gave
him loyal support. It ill becomes
him now to try at this board, to
make this committee move simply
because he seems lu have changed
his tune somewhat on the subject
of the Engineering department. 1
have beta using my influence
along lines to expedite investigation of this department, but
strange to say, all my efforts
have been  futile  until  last week.
t has been said amongst this
council that if I do not move
more rapidly now, they will move
over my head. I should like to
see this council attempt to move
over my head. lf this council
chooses to move over my head
in this way I havc other means of
making myself heard in this city."
After the Smoke Cleared
With this awful threat Alderman
Newton sat down and Alderman
Douglas instantly rose to back
him up with statements in sympathy, fur Alderman Douglas also
has had reason to suspect that
things are being done over his
head by council committees. Alderman Clayton endeavored to
smooth it over a little, and Alderman Hilditch defended his own
t lit iris lo establish a Public Works
Department, which he said took
time. But though Alderman Newton met the conciliatory mood
expressed, to the extent of   Baying
that   he   had   not   intended   to
imply that Alderman Hilditch had
ever retarded reports deliberately,
it was very evident that tite
Kditur Alderman has nailed his
colors to the mast, and will do
battle to the death.
Says Canada Does Not Favor Direct Promotion of Emigration    Wants Liberty to Stand  Outside of
Imperial Treaties on Occasion
Run Over  by a Street Car  in
! Vancouver
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, June ti. At the Imperial Conference this morning Sir
Wilfrid Laurier gave notification
of his intention to introduce a
resolution with the view of securing the liberty of any Dominion
in the Empire to withdraw from
the operation of any treaty made
by the Imperial Government without  impairing the  treaty iti  any
Alderman Douglas Says That While Mayor Manson's Property in Block 23 Was
Not   Raised   That   Adjoining Lot Was  Increased  $2000���Some
Other Anomalies Are  Quoted.
38  I'HKATRE. Scconil  Ave;
PI tun
Tliiril   Ave;
.. ..ta.
IX  tHBATRB, Second Aveuue;
in ��� n ���
''"���   snd muai
7.30 p.m.
- Printers vs. Crescents at
Auditorium, tonight, 8.30 sharp.
Is Progressing Well
Thc young man, G, W. Fraser,
who is in thc hospital is reported
to be progressing very favorably
though still very weak as the
result of his injury. Dr. McNeill
who attended to his injuries at
the time, will continue to :arc
for him until he is quite recovered.
The following interesting address was delivered before thc
Court of Revision by Alderman
Douglas yesterday, when he appeared before the court in thc
role of an appellant. Hc was
unsuccessful in securing any reduction on any of thc assessments.
"Gentlemen :\. I regret to appear
before this Court and appeal against assessment levied on my lots
and other residential lots owned
by the working class and people
of small means while some parts
of Section One, the most choice
property and greatly enhanced
by improvements since last assessment, have not been increased
one cent. Especially is this so
In the case of Block 2'.\, Section
1, Lot 15, owned by Mayor
Manson and Lol 16 owned by
Mr. Patmore. These inside lots
in   this   block   remain   the   same
"Lots 13 and 14 are assessed
823000 and it was reporteil that
these lots with improvements were
sold for 164000 last year.
"I also draw attention to the
fact that Lot 25, Block 31, Section
1, owned by Mr. Carss is 84200
this year, 8200 of an increase
or   5   per   cent    advance   while
some lots in residential and outlying sections have bein raised
from 100 to 300 per cent over last
"Take Lots 25 and 20, Block 80,
Section 5, Comox, assessed 1800
each last year, this year $050
and 8700. Lot 8, Block 31,
Section 5, in the red light district,
is assessed    8800  this  year,  last
year $700.   This lot has Improve*
incuts. Now, while my lots are
in  the red light  districl   1  refuse
to build  for immoral  purposes.
I bought these lots al the sale
as last year yet Lot 13 has been I in Vancouver, May 20, LOOQ,
advanced $2000. |before   this   district   was   opened!Assessor's books."
up.   Consequently it was without
knowledge that the district woultl
be placed there.    I am deprived
from benefit of improvement but
assessment   is  increased.
"Take Lots B antl li, Section 9,
Block 50, which have been raised
from 100 to 400 this year although
there arc only two cabins in the
block. Lots 3 anil 4 in the same
block have been on Real Estate
Exchange al 8300 each, 8100 below
assessed value.
"I am not here tu protest
against increase in assessment of
my own lots only but residential
lots in outlying sections unduly
increased and have similar grievances   to   mine.     My   protest   is
against  Increased  assessment  of
some properly as compared with
Some parts of Section 1.
"I   h.ive  no  comment   to  offer
but   leave   il    to    lhe   public    to
judge    facts    as    shown    by    the
respect to the rt st of the Empire.
A resolution fur uniform navigation laws throughout the Empire and the employment of British
seamen in British ships was adopted.
A report issued tonight of the
Conference shows that Sydney
Buxton President of the Board
of Trade moved that the over-seas
Dominions consider in conjunction
with the Imperial Government
sonic means for the utilisation of
national  labor exchanges,  for  the
purpose of securing employment
for those desirous to go to the
Sir Wilfritl opposed the motion
declaring that Canada did nut
favor the direct promotion ol
emmigration from Britain or elsewhere. The motion was withdrawn.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, June 0.���Enda Price,
a two antl a half year old girl, was
run over and killed on Hastings
Street Fast lasl night by a street
Messrs. Stewart and Stuart Appointed after Triple Ballot
Last Night.
"All Liberals Invited"
Owing to the large number of
people anxious to meet Hon. William Templeman, ami because the
Minister wishes on this occasion
lo have a heart to heart talk with
his supporters instead of making
a    public   address,    it    has    been
decided by the Liberal Executive
to limit the invitation to "All
Liberals." The meeting will be
in Mclntyre Hall, at 8.30 tomorrow evening.
Ladies Will Be Glad
Messrs, Stewart and Stuart, accountants    Piince    Rupert,    have
been   appointed  City  Auditors  at
a salary uf SKI per month during
the year 1011.    This appointment
was made by the city council after
a ballot that worketl like a game
of   "Consequences"   for   a   while,
and caused much merriment. There
were two other applicants for tlie
coveted post.   These were J. Thompson,   and   G.   Munro.     It   was
decided that the merits of all the
applicants were so similar that a
ballot    should   be   taken.     With
slips of paper and Alderman Smiths
hat  City Clerk Woods got busy,
and  took up the first ballot.    It
resulted   in  a   tie  three  votes  to
each  candidate.    Again  the  vote
was  taken,  and  again  the  result
was   the   same.     For   the   third
time after some amused discussion,
the ballot papers were distributed
This   lime   there  was  something
doing.     The   vote   went   five   to
Stewart antl Stuart,  and four to
C.   Munro,   and   Mayor   Manson
declared  the  former  firm  elected
auditors at the salary stated.
A rcttlly  up-to-date, florists, refreshment and ice cream store has      It's  pure  ice cream,  and  fresh
>een opened next door to Wallace's 1 fruit at Mrs. W. Shrubsall's new
store on Fulton street by Mrs. W.l store on Fulton street next to
Shrubsall, Cut flowers, and plants I Wallace's. Fresh flowers and pot
in pots arc specialities. \ plants are a speciality. 150 THE    DAILY   NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Publiihed by th* Prince Rupart Publiihing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 60c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside Canaoa-Daily, $8.00 peryear; Weekly.
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-GO cunts per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.    Telephone 98.
New Yokk-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 2:ird St., New York City.
Seattle   Pugat Sound News Co.
London, England-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalirar
Want Provincial Government to Guarantee Bonds for
the Canadian North Eastern to Link With the
C. N. R. and Make Third Transcontinental Terminating at Stewart
Daily Edition.
Tuesday, June 6
Owing to the near approach of the time when tlie citizens will
be called upon to vote on the above question to bind the city to an
agreement covering a long period of years, and owing also to the
evident reluctance shown in certain quarters to discuss the question
with the citizens, the Daily News will print a series of editorial articles
dealing with the various aspects of the question.
In so doing, there is no desire to sway the minds of thc electors
either for or against the proposed settlement. The aim will bc to
state the case fairly, without prejudice, without exaggeration, and
without rhetorical appeal, letting the issues be clearly seen, and allowing the facts to make their own appeal to the individual mind. Our
chief concern is not which way the electors will vote, but that the
electors may know what it is they are voting for or against.
Stewart, June 5.^���"That the
Stewart Citizens' Association
is strongly in favor of advocating that the Provincial Government give a guarantee of
bonds tn the Canadian North
Eastern Railway Co. for the
construction of a railway from
Stewart to the eastern boundary iif the Province of British
Third Transcontinental
The above resolution was unanimously endorsed at a most
enthusiastic public meeting held
in Hartley's Hall last Wednesday
evening. Stewart has sounded
the slogan of a campaign lhal will
embrace every section of the province to urge upon the provincial
authorities the necessity of financial assistance towards building a
thinl transcontinental railway whi
ch will have for its Pacific terminus
the town of Stewart.
Supported by Many
Mr. T. J. Vaughan-Rhys acted
as chairman ami made a strong
speech in support of the movement. Other speakers included
Messrs. R. M. Stewart, W. H.
Gray, A. T. Sanders, J. F. bins
Frank Martin, J. P. Fliim, J- VV.
Slew art, and H. C. Monis.
The meeting instructed the-executive committee to extend invitations to the lion. Richard
McBride, Hon. Tims. Taylor and
William Manson of the Provincial
House, and to the Hon. William
Templeman to visit Stewart.
Better   Wait   Until   We   Know
Where  Depot  Will   Be
City Engineer Davis reported
tn the cily council last night on
the subject of the Installation ol
a sit of public weigh scales. lie
suggested that the council shoultl
wait until after the arrival of
Mr. C. M. Hays anil his parly
when possibly the position of the
railway depot will be announced
and the scales can bc put in lhc
most convenient place possible.
Question for City Engineer to
Answer, Asked by Aid. Hilditch.
Article No. 6.���How the Proposed Agreement Affects the
Waterfront and Trade Development of the City.
In thc last article it was shown that the proposed agreement
to grant a fixed assessment to the Grand Trunk l'acilic, whereby
it will pay 115,000 a year fur ten years, means a reduction in the city's
power to burrow capital for civic enterprises by over Sl,250,000 at
the lowest computation, and that tin's in turn will preclude the city
from carrying out several needed civic enterprises.
But this, the first by-product of the agreement, would not prove
so severe .1 handicap to the city's development as some of the less
obvious effects, notably the effect on the water-frontage.
Arising out of the fact emphasized in previous articles that Prince
Rupert was chosen by the railway company, for the railway company,
the water-frontage was safely disposed of to the railway company
before die townsite was put on the market.   The consequence is thai
Prince   Rupert is an  island  within  an  island.    With  commercially
impassible mountains behind us, and the whole of the water-frontage
divided  between  thc  railway company and  the  Provincial  Government, Prince Rupert so far as commerce is concerned, is as effectually
barricaded from free commerce with the world as if walls a hundred
feet high were built round it.    No vessel can bring commodities or
raw materials to the city, without paying tribute to the Grand Trunk
Pacific.   Upon all we eat antl wear, on the building materials of which
our homes are constructed, even  to tho paper and ink with which
the newspaper now in your hands is produced, tribute in the form of
wharfage dues are levied by the railway company.
True there was a Government wharf started by the Provincial
Government over two years ago, but the "progress" made on it, and
the repeated official promises which are never fulfilled, have raised
a suspicion in the minds of many that the work on the Provincial
Government wharf is being intentionally delayed for a purpose.
Can't Stand Stable Air
"The lathes in the cabin couldn't
Stand the stable air," says Kipling
in reference to the voyage math'
by one Noah. Fred Button has a
similar objection to the stable air
that permeates the neighborhood
of his home on Borden street.
This is a matter for the Medical
Health Officer who is In look
into it, or nose around about it.
Wants Consideration
C. R. Anderson to whom a
contract was awardetl to deliver
piling for cily purposes has appealed for consideration as he
misunderstood that the piles were
to be delivered as directed by the
City Engineer and thought they
woultl do delivered at Cow Bay.
The streets committee will consider the matter.
Two Under-Sea Pipes
City Engineer Davis's recommendation that there should be
two pipes laid across Shawatlans
Passage under water to convex'
the Woodworth Water Supply to
the city will be acted upon when
the waterworks scheme is started.
Fifteen   Persons   Injured  Near
Nashville, Tenn., by Collision
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nashville, June 5.���Fifteen persons were injured lure today when
the Lebanon-Akron train crashed
into a switch engine on the outskirts of this city.
Read The Daily News
The amount of tribute levied on a sheet of paper antl a bottle
of ink is infinitesimal. It tloes not affect the selling price of the
Daily News. But the amount of tribute which woultl be levied for
wharfage charges if a smelter, or a sugar refinery, or a Hour or saw mill
were to locate on First avenue, would make it impossible for the
venture to pay. It is imperative that all the heavy industries and large
manufacturing plants which propose locating in thc city, should be
situated on the water-front. Then not only would an economy bc
effected in the cost of bringing in raw material, and uf exporting the
finished products, but the whole of the Dominion would by means
of the completed railway luie be brought to the back door of the
factory. That is tht: economic value of the water-frontage���the value
which it possesses over ordinary town-lot sites for easy ami cheap
transportation of raw and finished materials. The water-frontage
is the only place in the city where heavy manufactures can
profitably be located.    It is that which gives it extraordinary value.
Notice of motion was given ai
ast night's city council meeting
lo   this   effect!     "That    the   Cit)
Engineer be requested to report
lo the cily council stating his
opinion on what will be the lifetime of the grading work in Section
One." The motion will be supported by Alderman Douglas.
A trenoral mooting of the Prince Rupert General
II"--I"! :il A*��oi Kit i. m will bo held in the
Police Court Room
Tuesday, June 6th, 1911
At 8 p.m.
Busineu:���Tu rcvito Hy-liwHof thi' A - ���a:,-   ���
A. Cuthbert
Prince Rupert
Liberal Association
Will be Held in the Mclntyre Hall
Wednesday, June 7
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniihed and
Steam Heated Roomi
P.O. BOX 37
Hotel Central % 81*3
Kurnpenn nnd Amertrnn plan, steam
hented, modern convenience*. Kate*
$1.00 to $2.fin per day.       :       :       :
Peter Black
At 8.30 p.m.
Hon.  Wm. Templeman,  Minister of Inland Revenue
and Mines, and Member for the District will
be  present,  and   will  speak.
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheet*   25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Because the city is Interested in seeing permanent manufacturing
industries locate here, riving employment to thousands, and because,__
the water-frontage i> the only pine upon which industries can profit- U
ably locate, it follows that the city i> deeply interested in the develop- , i^A5;i<!
ment of the waterfront. |
The esteem in which the waterfrontage is held by the railway
company is seen by the fact that it is not for sale al an)' price. It
is not even to be had on lease, save fur short terms, Leases for a period
of more than twenty years will not bc considered, Yet il is on ihis
piicelessly valuable property which the railway company is asking
for a reduction of assessment, not for one year only, or until such
time as the line is linked up, but for ten years.
If the ten year agreement should be agreed to, how would that
affect the waterfront development?
All  -  Liberals   -  Invited
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
Lunch and Menl* at all hour*; Lunch \',.
Meal* .'������*��� up-Come and See
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125       Nadrn Block       Stcond Are
One of thc consequences of taxing idle lands equally with tliost
which are being used for development, is to make it hard for the speculator who keeps his lands idle, to reap huge profits at lhe cxpensi
of the men who improve their properties. >������
That is the principle of the single tax theory, thc theory upon which ���
, taxation in  Prince Ruperl was based lasl year, antl the principle onII
which the city council proposes to tax all of us ihis year���with the fc
exception of the < '.rami Trunk Pacific. ,==
Why a principle,    supposed    to   he productive of good umong 1 =
���i lot of small oivners who own from one to ten lots apiece in thc town, ���
should lie waived on behalf of the greatest owner of all,-the owner '"
the eiivY       lW''',lil,,U' ���*'f*'*-'>tl***Z''.  has noi  yet   heen  shown.     If
wLm^LS ',UCrT ''" m:lki"K il <lit','""�� t<�� Individual owners,
how much more neS^ ft J^ JV"" ��' "? '"'"���"^' =
of the waler-fromage -I, o, v ,, , ^ 5? . |n0nOpO1l,8t,C ~ I
located    is not alhLd to,^^
the period he is holding his u ,1��� |ff��$����* '   ""*
Bankrupt^ Sale
Estate_of_ The_ Brin    Furniture    Company
AcliiiR uniler instructions nf
the creilitorB we nre fnrceil to
ilispose of lliiH stoek licforu
July 1st, . . Entire stock of
High-class Furniture, Carp.
etn, Rllgl, Stoves, Etc., will
lie   solil   rt'KiinlleHH   of   cost.
Now is the time In furnish
your home nt prices that you
will never have n chnnce to
ilo  again.     :    :     :    :     :
Mr. W. Stnplen of Vancouver
in now in charge of the
Hgleoroom.     :     :     :    I    t
_ _  .���...���_.*���..���^..���m^m���4*
TTi-fcTfn     EMPLOYMENT   *
FREE    OFFICE._:._:
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, ilislnviisliers, hotel porters, nil kinds of laborers or me-
|   chunk's, call tip
I phone No. 178
ur call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Ollice
Headquarters for conks 1 waiters
 ~~~ .~���~*
Building Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Sillnglet, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete *tock of Drug*.   Special
niteniion I'iti.i to tllllmc prescriptioni.
Theatre Block nmra No. n Second Ave.
<F Rochester &
r.jr*   x Monroe
'���>$ Coal
:.   Phone ns
Lota 6 and li. Block 2S,
Section 1.
$3000, 2S per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, 8 years,
7 |>er cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Bkieni Land DUtrict���Diitrict ���r <���
Tako notl�� th*t I,  Willium jffi cSj? .
I'rinco Rupert, B. CL occupation i��fihw fiLj!
lo upply lor pormUaion iu purchase ih..' ,'.ii     "J
Utwcrihud lands: ' Ulu following
Commencing at a pont plsntod tx tha ___��n
corner of Lot 3068, EUnga 6, Cout blSrletS mt
���OUth   80 chaina,   thenco   i>uat   40 chain '  ,     'L'
north 20 chuina, thunco wuat -lo chaini t      "L'u
ot commencement, containing no earn ���!!,|11""1
Datedi Aprils, iuii.   wh.liam john com by
PUD. April 'i'J. ^iu,m
skoonu Land Dlitriot���Dlatrlot o( gUWin Chart i.
Tuko noiico thut Uuorgy W. Anion ol tM.
Kupert,  u. o�� occuputum real Batata   ,-    '"
Intendi to upply lur partnlulon to purah* .* *?'
following duacriliud lamln; lu
Commencing tt a poet planted abuut wmn
milm .ui.i one-hulf nulu wu.it and one mild h, .ti
irom thu muuth ul Siunly   Crook, Nation Uir
thenoe woat ��o ohaina; thenoa south mj ohain
thonco eut SO chaina, Utunou north ��o ehalni        '
Datod March 17, lull. QEO. \\    uviitt
rub. April Vi. NunmUeu^A^i
Coant ltunnu & Lnnd Diitrict
Tuko   notloe  that   1,  John   Hepburn  of  Kit
Bumkulum,   occupation  furmur,  Intend  to _,S_Z
tor permimion io purchaao tho tollowni d��crthU
land*: ��*rawq
Commeneing at a poat plantod ut thu norths
oorner ol Lot B988. thuncu uu��t m ehalm &_**_
muiiIi  40 chuina, thunco wost 20 chain   thuta
north 40 chuina to plan) ol communcomeni'
Dutod March la, lull. JOHN HEPBURN
I'ub April 16. "
Skoona Lund District���Diatrict ol Coaat lUnw _
luko notico thut Hotiry Muourtnuy ol Trim*
Kupuri, U. C., occupution minor, intenda tu in&b
lur permlulon to purchaae thu lollowini: di&cniMii
Commencing aU.a poat plunted on the luuth
mi,I.' ol Kachunuika Kiver, about g Wi miles [mm
iU OonflUJfflOe with tho Skoona Hiver ami ainjui
1*2 miloa mat Irom Kxchumaika rapula, t henm w
chaina north, thonco 40 chaina eaat, thonm IQ
chain* aouth, thunco 40 chains woat tu point o
cummuncumunt, containing siO aeru* murv or
luaa. I'oat markod "li.M. S.W. cur."
Dated April 22, IUll. UUNUY MACAK1NKV
PuU AurU2U.
Skoona Land DUtrict���Diitrict o[ Casaiur
Tako  notico that  I,  Mary  Carin o[ Stewart,
It. C, occupation married woman, Intend to amik
(ur iHirmiaaion to purchaao tho luUuwing ,,.,.,,,' ^
Commencing ut a poat planted two (2) nn\m
aoulh and U) two milu* wmt uf thu [orka ut the
\\ Into aud Flat rivur*. thuncu bi) chains mirth,
thuncu &0 chaina weat, thuncu 60 chaina .<uutli>
thencu >s" chuiui eaal.
Datud April 20, IUll. MAKY CARIN
Tub. May i:t. Fraucii S. 1'ruatun, A^nt
Bkeena Land District ���District ol QUUQ Chariot'*
Tako nutice that Culhuriiut liarriaun, cl Cal^iry
Alburta, uccupation vptuatcr, Intend* tu ipply,
lur ju fiiuviu!. to purciuntu thu lollowing .:������.,...';
Commencing at a poat planted about ti \*%
miloa weat and bull a milo aouth from the mouth
ol Stanley Cruok, wbero it umptius intu Nadi-i
Harbor, (Jraham 1 .Uinl, thenc*) 40 chaini > .t
thonco 40 chains ooat, thonoe 40 *���-���������.. Berth,
thouoa 40 chain* weat to point of OO-UUaonoomoBt
and contaimug Itio acroa mora or loi��>
Datoil March 17, IUll.
Tub Apr. 7. Numa Demur*, \_:- \
Skeena I^tnd Diitrict���Diitricl of Cassiar
Take notice that 1, Alice M. Knouae  uf Inure
Kupert, 1). C, uccuputiuu married .���-.:,....���������.
to appl>  for permuiton to purchuso the nUowtlg
deacribed land*;
Cnmmuncing at a |H>*t plantud ubuut two nul-v*
'���mt. and twu miloa weal of tho furka of While
und  Klat  rivera, thenco  north  hO chain*, theooi
eait  hO  chain*,  thenco auutli   bO  chain*, thOQM
weit bO chains.
Dated April 20, lull. AL1CK M. KNOIM.
Tub. May 13. Fraucii S. 1 ��������� Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���Dutrict uf Cuaat Kange 0
Take not ct> that 1, Juhn Ivan PetUBOl I'nnn
Kuport, 11. C.t uccupat on clerk, intend lu tu/fa
for |M>rmi��alon lo purcbaio the following ���;<������;..���:
Commencing al a poal planted about thrw in
ono-balf mile* distant n a auuth weaterlv d n\i ��� i*
from a blind alough (rom Ubiervatury lnlut Khex*
the aamo louchua tlie Indian Kvj>ervc, thlBM
woit bO chain*, thence north bO Qhaina, Iheae
uait mi chaina, thence aouth bO chains to pdat o
cutumvnevment, containing 040 acres mun* ur Iim
Daied April 11, IUll. JuHN  IVAN 1'KTl.l.^
Tub. May li.
Sukinc Land Districl���Dstrict uf Cassiar
Take noiicu that Sydney Hodgkinsun of  IV1*>
graph Crack, U. C, uccupation clerk, intet.o* te
apply   for  permiaaion  to  purchase  the hUowfal
dupcrilxnl land:
Cummoncing at a post plunted about a quar.it
mile north wut from Clacier Ktllle and on lhe *���-&
bank oi Slikine Kiver, thencu east 20 chatti*
thencu north 40 chaina, thence wost 20 chuiu
Ihenca aouth 40 chain* to puint of eoiiin.- ���
anil eonlaining bO acra* more or leo*.
Dated Keb. 11, lull.
l*ub. April 7. C.A. Tervo, Agent
^^^^^^^        and POOL
4 Allrv*. 7 Tnltlc^.     A  *...! exef* ^P
CiM..      A Clt-JITI a-laaalt.      | ,,,.|aa-a .-V.-l \ t
.ifla-ria-.aia.     Ncwmnn  llliwk.  U-- **t
I :. ��� a a   alia all. I  7th  HU.
TKIi UiiKHIMiiN.     l*r..|��r ii'ltir anil MnnniriT
-E.   EBY   CB,   Co.__==__
KiUumkulum Land For Sale
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Mi't'ts in tlif BdgUMII Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   nu'inliers of  tht-  order in the city-
are rctajuested to vinit the lotlge.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Mitif.'i/ini's :: Periodical :: New.ipaperF
^^^^^     STORAGE
G. T. P. Tnuufo Agentt
Onler. prnmiitly __*_,   Mm MMOnUt,
OFKICE-ll. B. Hocho.tpr. OrnlrcHi.     l'h�����������,,
EnRlinh and American liillinnln
Twelve Table. Second Ave.
Slikine I-au<l DUtrict- DiiUict of Caasiar
Take notlc* that ChrUtian A. Tervo ol Stikb*
U C, occupation cuatoin* otlicer, inten��l* lo t\ _���'.**
for \** nn union to purchaae the following daMIWM
Commancing at a puat plantinl abuut tknfr
quartern ot a mile nwih eaat (rom (Hiatal KiltV
and ud thu eaat bank of Slikine Kiver an<l Ofl
aouth aide of thc moulh of a littla creek, UWBM
eail 40 chain*, thence north 40 chama, UMM
w< -i 40 chain*, tbence aouth 40 chain* to psuM
of communcumcni and containing 100 acrv* niur*
or leaa.
Dated Fob. 10, 1911.     CHRISTIAN  A. TtltVt)
I��ub. April 7.
Skeona Land Dlitrict -DUtrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako notice thai J. 11. Murphy.nf vanwiIWi
ll. C., occujutlon commeraal travolli-r, latM H
to apply fur permiaaiun lo purchaao lho tflUOTUl
duacrilwil land*;
Commenang at a post plantol about con'i
HM VM and ono mile routh from tho tuu-iV.
of .Stanly Croek, Naden llarlmr, UMMM nortn W
chain*, thenco waat 40 chain*, thenca nmtn "'
chain*, thunce coat 40 e Ina.
Dated March 17, MIL "J-IH. MURPHl
I'ub. April t'L Numa liemLM, \$0
Skeena Luml DUtrict--DUtrirt of Coi
Take   nolice  thai   1.   William   Mvlull*   I
of   I'oronto,   Untario,   nccuitalion   cliTk,   lnt*
io apidy for permlwlon to purchaav the (ollu��if'l
���I' 'T.t:. ,i Unds:
Commencing at a pont planteil at the north**
MmrotLptlDH   Kb ig   ft. Coo*t l)i��trirt, th
i ait iiii chain*, thence north 40 chaint, UMOM tm
10 chain*  to   llell'*  (iate  alough,   thencu  -'���������*<
������I'Migh aoutherly to point of com mence men I, containing it." acrm more or lea*.
Dated April <*, IUll.
Pub. April 21).
Skeena Und DUtrict- DUtrict nf Coast RUfl ;
Take   notice  that   1,   Charlw   A.   VaUfban
I'rince lluiw ', U. C., occupation mafchanl, I
lu apply for |KTini**ion lo purchase lhe follo*ing
il��-i ni.i I laniU: ,
Cominrnring at a \>>>-\ planted on th*' *��� jj
hank of Kuchumnlkn Kiver and about four mil ���
Irom ft* cunlluenco with the Skoena Uivir, theiwj
fi) chain* ea*t, thence no chaina north, thanco W
chain* wrai, thence KO chain* aouth lo pMOl ���
commencement, contninlng tilO acre* nmn M !>
Dated April 21, 1911 CHAKLUS A. VAUtJMAN
I'ub. April 29.
Hkocnn Land DUtrict-District of (>m��l
Tnke notin that I. Mr*. John Corley of  1'ntn ���
Ituperl. ll.C,occupntion marrffil womnn, mt����'f'
t" npply for pnnnU��ioii to purchase thc rouawmi
ilenrrltM-d land*:
Commi-nciiiH al n noat planted 40 chain-' ian
and 120 chain* south from thn *outhwe*t 00rn�� "'
l"t 17t;��. Ci..i!.t Dintrict, KanireA, thence iouth "
chain*, thenre en*t W chnin*. thence north ��
rhaln*. Ihtnoa went 40 chains more nr lesc I" *<u
point of commencement, containing BO > "-
mure or le*n.
MIW. JOHN (Lottie) 00RLH
Dale Mar. 2n. IHU
I'uh. Apr. 4. 1911
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Coa*t
Take  notice  that  William  Munford i^.gjgg
Kuprrt,   11.   C.,   occupation   pro*j��ector,   iiiU'tnii
to  anply   for  permlsrfon   to  lease  tho  MtMN
dmcribnl lands: .
Commencing at a pn*t planted about 100 c'ipih'
south of the Indian Itemrvo on the ea*t side ��
ttoiwo May and on the east side of the pOmWia
thence south K0 chains along shore, thenci- �������
40 chains lo Ciooso Uay, Ihonco north along M��J
80 chain*, thence west 40 chains more or lew '"
post, containing 320 acres more or leas.
Dsto.1 March 8, 1911. WILLIAM MUNiOKD
Pub. April IB.
Hkeona Land DUtrict���District of Coast
Tako   notice that  Hume  Ilahington  of  I rn.
Kujwrl. II. <:., occupation master mariner. InH-mi
to  a|iply  for  permlMlon  to  lease  tho  folio*m
ileerrllMfl lanil*:
Commenring at a po*t planteil ala>ut 100 chain*
south of the Indian Knwrve on tho east tM*' ��-
(loose llay on the east sldo of tho Peninsula ihenre
mirth 100 chains along shore to tho Ileaerve lb*'',
thrnee wpsi fit* chains more or le*i to (loose DVj
thonce 100 chains along shore, thonce east '���"
chains moro or I. . to post, containing 640 acr*
morn or Iras. __^__,
ttim March 8, 1911. HUME DAHINGTON
! !
1 I
! I
i i
General Merchandise
Largest Slock
I   I
I   I
I   I
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.   \ \
mmm, ,*~m..t-m-lt*}l'***-.*l_*t-__t lf*��-
Section  9
Township 1
Range 4
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
_*_._*__ 1-u'xl DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range 5
Tako DaUea that 1, Clara May Little ol I'rince
Etapert, B.   U,  occupution  Buinstcr,  intend   to
tjijily for p'Tinisaion  to  purchaso tbo following
i landai
Conunonclns ut a pn*t plunted at tho north
,:    I Lot l~*.*>, tUngB G, Coast Dlatriel
I    , ,-t   40 chain*,  thonco  north  25  chains
  i  .11  chuin   thenco  north  20 chain*
I'.Mv mat lu chum*, thence south 45 chains to
point  ��l  cuinnu'iicvmiMit,   contuining   112   acrea
Pub. April 15.
,,    i l i.l District -District of Coait Range 5
:   Ilea tint Mury lleaton tilldendocvo of
Victoria, !'. C, occupation hou��ekcoi>er, Intondr
: pormtatOD to purcha*i* tlie following
,;* icnbo 1 lund*:
Conunondoi ll a post planteil ut the southweat
ttntt ol Lol W& Kange 5, t'oa*t Di*trict,thenca
I atfa tlience 40 chains   euat, thence BO
tfeaim north, thanea 40 chain* west to point of
onuneneamanti contuining ;1J0 acre* more or loo*.
Datad April it, iyn.
PUb Muy ti.
i Land District���District of Coo*t
'lw nolioi that 1-red \V. Uohler ol KJtaum-
upatlon furmer, intond* to apply   for
in to  purchase   tho   following   described
,.   .
Commondnf at a poit planted at tho north*
r ol     A. Ml'I.i-oiI'h pre-emption, thenee
DUtlL thence IU chains euat, thenco 20
efaatm northi thencu 10 chain* won to post of
Ut oontalnlng 20 acres moro or loa*.
10, 1911, KKlKDKlClt \V. BOHLBR
Pmi April -1. Fred Hampton, Agent
Smctu L-itid District���Dwtrict of (jueon Charlotto
ttkt  notica thut   Hubert   O.   Crow  of   I'rinco
Iluja-rt, ll, C, occupation agent, intend* to apply
l-jr permiviion tu purchaao the following defciibed
1      nradni  at   a post  plantod  about  G   1-2
lira hall a mile nouth ol tho mouth ol
Mir.li'>   Cnafc   where   it   empties    into   Notion
llvtiur, tiraham  Island,  thence  east  40 chaina,
tv-.cv mirth  10 cha'n*, thonco west  40 chalna,
tkoaoi iouth 40 chain* to point of cummencement
*r.d conuining 1'iO acrea mora or lea*.
I)��ti-i Murch 17, 1911. miHKKT O. CREW
I'ub. April 7. Numa Demera, Agont
Btaai i Land DMriet��� DUtrict of Coait Kongo 6
Pita notica that I,  Krank Hick* of Port Ko-
n eupaUoa   mi'rehant,   intund  to  apply
Ion   ii purchaao the following described
an li:
indOf at  a post planted  on  tho oouth
QUA h thi! Kxchutnuik*  Kiver nnd  abuut  four
i Itl conlluenee with lhe Skeena Kiver,
1 rlmin* wesl,  thenco 80 chains north,
"  K)  ehlltM  east,   thenco  oouth   80  chain*
to [mini of commencement, contuining 610 acre*
.    liWJ.
WpHJ 21, 1011. FRANK HICKS
mana Und District -Dlotrict of Coaat
Taki notloa that WDlbun McTavUh of Vancou-
Jjr, li  i . occupation physician, intends to apply
[ PWnl   ' n to purchuse thc following deMcrhed
etM at u post planted at the aouth we*
������������i. In chains nor.h and 40 chain* east of tbo
I cornar ol Lot  1116, Harvey'* Surrey,
LricL  Uange 5, thence 60 chain* eait
r" M chain north, thence 60 chain* woat,
60 chaini smith to post ol commencement
lilnu "�� n icm more or les*.
'���ti-l,Ma>������_>_ Hill.     WILLIAM A. McTAVlSH
"*����������. Fred W. Uohler. Agent
������ I Und hi.irin    DUtrict of Coast Range h
'" Un.i Lettb. McTavUh of Vancouver,
i'Hi Km  married   woman,   Intends   to
f��r  permission  to  purchase  tho  following
��� landa:
dnj hi   u post planted al the  nnrth-
'M corner loo chain* aaai und 20 chain* north
��� I I  ronm Ol l.nt  1116, Harvey'*
1    ut  iMsirirt.Rangi- fi.ihence 20 chain*
"��� W chain* east, ihence Hi) chain*
"   4U rhains went, ihence 60 chnins
ea 10 ebaina west m pnst nl common-
'���'���rit rntitaming 100 acre* more or MB,
��� ����"' Fred W. Uohler. Agent
* Und DUtrict-DUtrict of Cawlor
H ���*'���<��� jjfltfct thnt Christian A. Tervo ol Stlklna
Imp . ' "mi,,1,ll,,'> custom* olbcer, intend* to apply
I "i to purchaao tho lollowing described
it itTSS^ ?' B ''��~l ",Bn,Cl1 nhout l8 chain*
1!   i-    .. Uie cu*tomn warehouse at Stikino.
��� ��� '  , ti,..iice west 20  chnina,  thence south  20
* .*.  thencn  vtuti  20 chain*,  thence  north   20
<" 01 of coniniriicomnnt ond containing
ii 7 i , ���������'������* ��r loss,
������JuIuh't,13' '""���      CH1��ST1AN A. TKRVO
j ���'"'! I'lmrlct -Dlrtrict ol Co.i.1 R.njn 6
I   ,     ��� "'Ki lir.ee McTavish, ol Vancouver,
lw i,';,'.';1'1'"""" ******** woman, intonds lo .only
Ur.,>: n '" I'lircliMo thc lollowing demribml
. !';;;''"i: ai . post planted at the southwci
I'-.-    ,,      ni��ln��CMt anil 'ill ch.ina north ol
��� 1,'i.u ,'"'!',"' "' ''"' ***** "nrvoy'a Survey,
ii...,. .,"lrl'. "**���__* I: tlience 40 chains eaat.
lb.   ,   .,, ���,"!'"" *""**'* ll"��i�� **> ehainn wwt,
 , .   ,,""'" "'"Hi lo pout of commencement
'������'lucre, mnro or la*.
Pob ., ;'.''**��� I''". tlllACK McTAVlSH
'    "v *' Krc.1 W. Uohler, Ajent
1 I'' I net    Dlrtrict ���| Coaal RanBc 5
Wr ,"" c"''">l l.Uuchlan John .Shnn.li." ol
l!.i   ' .   !  ?<m,l'��"'��i   tiai'hor,   Intend   to
"I l���,".'f":"*"'"n  l0 IWH" lh"  lollowini
|, ',',",.".'.:;',? ��ll |io��t l.l.nli',1 (if, ehalni. aouth
���taliu ������,"","" ���'���'""' "* *���"* ilWI). thenee 41)
*l*"'"* MM*     '""P" .'"  *lmi'" ***** thenc 40
���wnmen  ',,;,','.,'"'.".'" th"!,"" ���* *_ polnl ol
,'.' "!l"|','1"l! ll10 "irea more or len.
'.'"��� I .\|.ril iv/'l-in J0"N  S11ANAHAN
'l;""l I li-ttict-Dirtrlet olCa-aalar
a,,,,,,' ," " ""'I I. lolin L, Mitchell ol I'rinco
'I'l'li   liar',   ;: """I'Htion bookkeeper, Intend to
ll Ml..��� |��,, '"li'loii to purchaao tho lollowing
I;|I '"�� It I port nlanted nbout (r,) live
'..,,.,'.'' ""'   1   one milo weat ol tho forka ol
,'"'"�� ruer., Ihence north 80 chaina
, ,  ��0     ,a,,,,,  the,��� aouth   m  ch��|M.
''��ie.'l u _\ ," cll��lns.
Francia s. Proton, Agmt
Skeen. Und Datrlct���Diatrict ol Queon Chwlotte
T.ko notice th.t George Frizull nl Princ.'
Rupert, lt. C, occupation butcher. Intend, to amily
for pormlBion to purchaue the following deKribed
Commencing at a poat planted .bout aeven
mile, west .nd two nulea aouth of tho mouth ol
Stanley Creek where it emptlea Into N.den
Harbor, (ir.h.m Island, thence HO chain, aouth,
thence HO cb.ina west, thence HO chain, north,
thenee HO chana cast to point of commencement
.nd conuining G40 acres moro orlesn.
Dated March 17, 1911 GEORGE FRIZZELL
Pub. April 7. Num. Domon, Agent
Skeen. Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Caaaiar
Take notice that   I,  Isaac O'Brien  Forbes of
Princo Rupert, 11. C. occup.tion carpenter, intend
to apply for permission to purchaae the following
doscribed land.:
Commencing at a post pl.nted about Qv milee
muth and one milo west of tho fork, of thoWhlle
aud Flat rivers, thonce north HO chains, thonce
west HO chains, thenco south HU chains, thenco
cut HO ch.ina.
Dated April IH, 1911. ISAAC O'llRIEN FORBES
Pub. May 13. Francia S. Preaton. Agenl
Skeen. Und Dirtrict-District of Cout
Taku notica that Glenn McArthur of Vancouver,
11.  C, occupation  roal   oatato agent Intend, to
apply for permiaaion  to purchase tho following
described lands:
Commencng .t . post pl.nted 40 chain. w7at
and 80 chaina aouth of the aouthweat corner of
Lot Na 1733 marked Glenn McArthur'. north*
west corner, thence suuth 40 chain., thenc. eaat
HO chaina, thence north 40 chaina, thenc. west
HO chain, to p-aa-t uf commencement, containing
320 acrea more or loaa.
Dated March 20, 1911.        GLENN McARTHI'll
Pub. April 16. T. D. Laird. Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Range 6
Coaat District
Tnke notice that Wm. Leslie of Sapporton, B.C.
occupation Government Guanl. intends to apply
fair iiermission to purchase tho following described lnnds:
Commencing at t, post planteil 40 chains we.t
nnd 120 chnins aouth of the aouthweat corner of lot
No 1733, range 6 coast tjtatrict.markod Wm.Leslie,
N.W. corner, thence aouth 40 chain., thence east
80 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 80
chains to post of commencement, containing 320
:ii-i a-. more or less.
T. D. Laird. Agent
Duted March 20th. l'Jll
Pub. April 29th. 1911
Skeena Und .Wistrict���District ol quoen Chariott.
Tako noiico that Goo. II. Uux of Prince lluport,
B. C, occupation barbor, intonda to apply for
ln'Tini .-lam to purchoM tho following aeacrlbed
Commencing nt a poat plantod about seven
miles weat and one mile aouth from the moulh
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thonco aouth 80
chains, thenco west 40 chains, thonco north 80
cliains, th.nce out 40 ch.ins.
D.ted March 17, 1911. GEO. II. LAi:X
Pub. Aiaril 22. Num. Demers, Agent
Skeen. Und Diatrict���DUtrict of Cuslir
Tuko notice that  1, Urcnton Jordon Moor, ol
Prince Ruuert, B. C, occupatiun contractor, intend
lo .pply for permission lo purch.ee tho following
deKribed l.nda:
Commencing .t . post planted about (3) three
miln south and (2) two miln weat of tne fork.
of Whilo .nd Flit rivera, thence 80 chain, aoulh
thence 80 ch.ina weat, thenco 80 ch.ln. north,
Ihence 80 chain, eut.
D.ted April 20, 1911.      Francia S. I'mton, Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skeona Und Diatrict-Dlatrict of Caaaiar
Tako  notice   that   I,   Charln   M.   Knouae  o
Prince lluport, 11. t'., uccupation larmer, intend
to apply for permission to purchaaa the lollowing
deacribed landa:
Cnmmencing at . poat planted .bout (3) threo
mllea aoulh and _\ I two miln west of the forka of
White river and Klat rivor, thencc south 80 ch.ina,
thonce weat 80 ch.ina, thonce north 80 chains,
Ihence eut 80 ch.ina.
Deled April 20, 1911. CHARLES M. KNOUSE
Pub. May 13. Krancla S. Preaton, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict���Diatrict of Caaaiar
Tako notico that  1, James Webster Esplin of
Stewart, U.C., occup.tion    .uclioneer. Intend to
apply for iiermission to   purchuo   the   following
described lands: ...
Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank ol tho Naas river about nine miles above
the forka ol tho Naaa river, thenco south 80 chains,
thenco west 80 chnins, thenco north 80 chains,
thence eoal HO chaina to point of commencement,
containing 1140 acrea more or Wft,,������,-��� __������,...
Datod March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
Skeona Land District-District of Caasl.r
Take notico that I, Sydney Fitzgerald p( Stewart,
B. C, occupation cook, intend to apply lor permisaion to purchuo the lollowing described lands
Commencing ��t a posl planted about _**> mle
south and one milo ol the lorka ol While
and Flat rivera, thencc soulh 80 chains, thence
wnt HO chains, thonco north B0 chalna, thonco
out HO chaina. __, _,-���._.���,, _,
Dated April 18, 1911. SYDNEY FITZGERALD
Pub. May 13. French S. Prnton, Agent
Sknna Und DUtrict -Dlitrict ol Cual.r
T.ke notice that  William  Frederick C.meron
of  Prince  lluport,  B.  C, oceupation  carpenter,
ntonda to apply for permlulon to purchan tne
following deacrilieil lands: .
Commeneing ��t . post plantod .bout thre*
milos south o? the fork, of tho White .nd Hat
rlvors, thence wuth 80 chain,, tlienco west 80
ch.ina,  thonce north  80 chalna, thonce eut  80
D.ted April 18, 1911. ,   ��� ���     ,  .   .    ���,
Pub. M.y 18. Frenclu B, Prnton, Agent
Skeen. Land District -District o. Gout R.niio
T.ke not ce th.t Murdock McRae of Vancouver
II. 0, occupalion real estate broker, Intends to
npply lor pormlssion I.' purchase the followini
dncribod lsnds:
Commoncing at a mart pUeleil en lho aiiu.h
bank ol Ezrhumslks river nbout Ave miles liom
its confluence with the Skeenn river, thonco 40
chains wnt, thenco 20 chain" north, thenee .10
chalna wnt, thonco 40 chnins north, thenco 40
chaina east, thenco 20 chains south, thonco 40
chains cut, thenco 40 chains soulh lo point ol
commencement, containing 320 "eras mors or les.
Dated April 21, Mil. MURDOCK McRAE
Fub. M.y 18.
,.^.~. +*���
i i	
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to duy will be duvoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladlea of Princo Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in [ta discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope in expreaaed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Lace will be extensively used
this season and sonic stunning
gowns made fnr spring weddings
use lace profusely. One that
impressed the writer most forcibly
had a skirt Foundation of Old
goltl stain over which was a skirt
of ecru Russian lace. Similar lace
was used for a V front and back
of bodice antl for sleeves, which
were made over self tone net.
The bodice in .surplice effect ami
the tunic, which opens on left
sitle, as shown, were made from
dark blue satin striped taffeta
and lh1.' buttons on tunic were jet.
Brieflets from Fashions Latest
Mercerized linen pongee is new.
��� + +
Hardly any lace trimmed hat is
devoid of flowers.
��� + +
Violet  mousseline de soie over
pale lavender chiffon is chic.
+ ��� +
Jeweled trimming is used on a
great many evening dresses.
��� ��� ���
Distinctly this is as much a lace
season as it is a velcvl season.
��� + +
The Introduction <>f silk on
linen is an important one this
+ ��� +
Sash ends may be fringed and
this fringe may be plain or knotted.
��� ��� ���
Gray tulle, embroidered in silver
is a new trimming for dressy
��� + ���
Quaint jackets, long rivers, sweeping lines antl the raised waist
line are indicated for the coming
.Embroidered net beads for embellishing summer wraps and satin
and silk dresses show the color
The   First  One   is  Strawberry
Combine the mixture and cut and
fold in the whiles of four eggs
beaten until still and dry,
Cracked Wheat Pudding
Take one quail of Bweel milk,
add   one-third   "l   n   cupful   of
eracketl wheal, about the same
amount of sugar, a little salt and
a small piece of stick cinnamon.
Place in a moderate oven and bake
two hours. When about done
stir in the crust already formed,
and it will form another sufficiently
brown. When done the wheat
will be soft and the pudding of a
creamy consistency, It ean be
eaten hot or cold and raisins may
be cooked in if desired.
Delicious Indian Pudding
One pint of milk, scald well;
two heaping tablespoonfuls meal,
one tablespoonful llour; wet these
in a little cold milk anil stir into
the hot milk and cook until thick;
when cool add one egg, one-half
cup sugar, one tablespoonful molasses, one-quarter teaspoonful cinnamon, two-thirds cup bold milk.
a small piece of butter, salt to
taste, a few raisins; stir twice
while in the oven. Bake slowly two
Quick and Effective Way Costs
A great many housekeepers are
troubled with the loss of polish
from their mahogany furniture,
particularly the piano, over which
a thick greasy substance seems to
settle. The lies! way to remedy
this is lo wash quickly, a small
piece at a time, with lukewarm
water in which a little pure white
soap has been dissolved. Rinse
with clear water of the same
temperature! dry with a soft flannel
and polish with the grain of the
wood by using a soft piece of
chamois skin. ()nly in exceptionally bad cases is it necessary to
apply a furniture polish, and then
care must be taken to get a reliable
furniture dressing; otherwise the
delicate finish may be ruined.
���YOU GET���
What You Ask For
If wc havo it in Fruit anil
Groceries, antl wc have it
almost unfailingly.   :   :   :
Hare You Eaten Cherry Pie This Season ?
We havo tlie Cherries and
everything else to make
the pic.     :     :     :     :     :
YOU Ll 1   i ��� ..li.ii'KIUKS   AND    FRUIT
Ideal Provision House
Thinl Ave., near Sixth St.    I'hone 190
Put tWO cups strawberries washed, hulled, and cut in halves in an
earthenware pudding dish. Then
sprinkle with sugar, pour over a
soutlle mixture, and bake in B
moderate oven from thirty-five
to forty-five minutes. For the
mixture: Melt three tablespoons
butter, add one-fourth cup Hour,
and stir until well blended) then
pour on gradually while beating
constantly, one cup of scalded
milk. Beat thc yolks of four eggs
until thick antl lemon colored, and
add gradually while beating constantly one-fourth  cup of  sugar.
Rules for a Long Life by an Old-
Old Lady
A   "set of rules  flir  long  life,"
compiled by Mrs. Mary Scriggins,
famed as the oltlest woman in
Massachusetts, include the following:
"Do lots of hard work. Fifteen
hours a day is not too much.
Abstain from idle gossip. Never
flirt, for it is a listless waste of
energy. Do not read novels. Danish the vanity of dress. Keep
iway from dances antl shows."
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Your Dealer Has ll
To Lease
22, 23, 24, 2,r.
7, 8
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
 ������������ ���������........���
The Digby Rooms
Located on Sixth Ave., n��-nr  Fulton
ThrtT to tivp minutes from centre uf !������! im ��������� iii'iiici. Nineteen newly furim-hed room*.
Hot nml eud wnter, bath uml
telephone. Newly furnished.
Under new mnnrurement.
-General Hardware���
Builders' Ilardwnre
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves  *
Gratiitfware       Tinware ��
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Classes, Mineral Glasses, Compasses
and   Aneroid   Barometers.
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.P.
Cor. 6th St. and Second Avenue.
The Only New unabridged dictionary in many years.
Contains the pith and essence
ot an authoritative library.
Covers every Hold of knowl.
edge. An Encyclopedia in a
single book.
The Only Dictionary with the
New Divided 1'age.
400,000 Words. 2700 Pages.
6000 Illustrations. Cost nearly
half a million dollars.
Let us tell you about thia most
remarkablo singlo volume.
Write for etuaplo
pag-cfl, lull particulars, etc.
N��nie this
paper and
we  will
���end free
a let of
rliiBll.lil, Mlllaf
Mrs. H. von Graevenitz is the
First White Woman to Cross
Bitter Creek Glacier.
Stewart, June 5.���H. von Grae-
venitz, accompanied by liis wife
and l.iut't. II. \V. von Tuotnpllng,
left on Friday for a trip across the
Bitter Creek glacier Into the valley
of  the  Naas.    The  parly was in
charge  of  Thomas   Foran  and
Harry l.awrrnrr, antl was prti-
visiiiiutl for a trip of a Week.   'Iwo
teams of fourteen ilo^s were taken.
Mrs. von (iraevenitz is the first
white woman to attempt to cross
the '20,-mile glacial stretch lying
between the head waters of Bitter
Creek antl placet   iligginys of the
Naas river tributaries,
[s P^O R. T [
In winning the 52nd race for
the King's Plate at the opening
of ihr Spring Race Meet al the
Woodbine, "St. Bass" beat "Pow-
derman" by six lengths and broke
the record for the mile and a
qyarter course���time 2 minutes
8 -I-5 seconds. St. Bass is a three
year old coll owned by Henry
Giddings and was the only horse
he had entered.
"Cy" Voung, the veteran .American league pitcher, and the dean
of Major league pitchers has rejoined the team after an absence
which began fyur weeks ago, when
he was taken ill in Detroit with
pneumonia, He has been recuperating on his farm at Peoli,
Ohio, and says hc expects to be
able to play within two weeks.
* + +
Tom Robertson, secretary-treasurer of the Ontario Association
Football league, is inviting correspondence On the proposal to establish a Canadian Soccer association.
+ + +
It has been a tough season so far
on the manager players. Frank
Chance, of the Cubs, Hal Chase
of the Highlanders, and Roger
Bresnahan, of the Cardinals, have
all been out of the game on account of sickness.
+ + +
Frank S. Elliott, vice-president
of the Philadelphia National baseball club, died in a hospital after
being stricken with cerebral hemorrhage at the end of a ball game
between Philadelphia and Cincinnati.   He was 51 years old.
* + +
The Montreal Lacrosse Club has
had an engagement for some time
with the Crescent Lacrosse Club
of New York for an exhibition
game there on the 17 th of June.
The Crescents have, however, wiretl
asking   the  local   men   to  change
the date and play instead on the
Sth and the 10th of June, as
President   Taft,   of   the   United
Slates, has promised to be present
and see a real gootl game of
lacrosse on one of these tlates.
The Saginaw team of the Southern Michigan league is making
all kinds of rceortls this season.
Their latest stunt was the scoring
lof eight home runs in a nine-
inning game.
+ ��� ���
In the lirst night's play of a
liOO-point match for the world's
pool title, Alfrcde De Oro made the
high run of 3'2 antl Weston's best
run was 17. Weston played very
boldly, but had little lock.
+ ��� +
The Honorable James Murphy
has been a familiar figure for
years at Lacrosse matches as coach
and manager of the Toronots, but
the other day he appearetl for the
first time in public life in his new
official capacity of President of
the Union, and was an instantaneous and unqualified success.
+ + +
Philadelphia   polo   enthusiasts
! made up a purse of 150,000 to
| wager on   the American   team   to
defeat thc Englishmen in the
final match for the polo championship. The purse was subscribed
I in the Racket Club placed at any
odds to get il tlown.
+ ��� +
Bosie, in the Union Association,
is going to give Watkins, who was
With Seattle early in the spring, a
chance at .second. Watkins may
not be the showiest player in the
world, but he has the nerve and
gets almost everything within
+ ��� +
One very substantial crumb of
Comfort fell from the table of
Victoria Day's sports for hungry
Ottawa. It was the lino victory
of the cricket team over lhal of
the M. A. A. A. This was the one
bright spot in thc sky, otherwise
Overcast by the lacrosse tlisaster.
When it t nines to erickit, Ottawa
must always be taken seriously.
* ��� +
Because   he   objected    to    tin
Double Weekly Service
For Stewnrt, Sundaya, 8.00 a.m.
Mondays and Fridays at 8 a.m.
����. Prince Albert sails tor Port   Simp-
Htm, Naas kiv-Lr Points, Musset,
Niiili-n Harbor,   every   VVoclnes-
tluy, 1.00 p.m.
nnd f>r:
Kcfutfe Hay,   Skidegate,   Queen
Cliiii'ioUe City,   Lockeport,   Pa-
t'oti, .ledwny,   lkeilsi Hay,   Rose
Harbor  ami  return  via  Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syttem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track  route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Hoston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets  obtainable from the ollice hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coait Service
Famous  Princess  Line
s.s. Princess Beatrice
���sails for���
Vancotiifi, Victoria   and
Wednesday, June 7
J. G. McNab
General Agent
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave. Phone 116
��� ��� ���rOR��� ��� ���
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
Second avenje and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of In.i a.I, r. .1 ,iI,,I.,>, nf ll.C. Ontario, Su-
���nal Mnnitolia llnrs. kntchtwan  ami  Al-
ImtUi liars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Ex-a-hnntf-p block, rormr Thinl nvcinue and
Sixth street. PrincoHutaert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D. S.
Crown antl Bridge Work a Specialty.
All ilental operations skilfully treated, (las and
local annsthettca admlnlstcrai for the tialnleas extraction of i.-a'ila. Consultation free. unices:
Melirerson Hlock. I'rince Rupert. 11-12
Alex.M.Manson ll.*..     W.E. Wllllams.il.A., L.L.D
Barristers. Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. o. uox 2.1
rUFIL OF WM. VOXON,  I 'laj.. A.R.A.M. *LON., KNil
ruling of the referee and refused|	
to continue In the recent champion-
ship matches at the Irish-American 1 Fruit   :   Produce
Athletic Club, Jas. Jarvis, national I
champion   lightweight  boxer,   is WHOLESALE
impended for six months by the'
A. A. U. IH. H.Morton   -   3rd Ave. ITHE    DA'ILY   NEWS
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phono 160 Third Avonuo and Fulton St
We have just received a
shipment of the newest
styles antl latest designs
in ladies' Velvet anil leather Haml Hags. We especially invite you to eall
and let us show you our
new goods	
fi��i .. a 'It1'. " �� '
"Survey Now Complete and Work Will Begin at Once"
Says H. Killeen, Superintendent, Who Arrived
in S. S. Newington Last Night
In the trim little steamer "New-1apparatus and ins signalling siren-
ingtim" 11. Killeen Dominion Government Lighthouse Superintendent, visited Prince Rupert yesterday evening. He left early this
morning. Mr, Killeen's visit is
of gnat importance to Prince
Rupert as lie has been cruising
here to survey the sites of lighthouses and aids to navigation in
Dixon's entrance through which
I'rinee Rupert's sea trade is to
Key to Rupert
"I have practically completed
the survey of the site on Langara
Island of a 'First Order Lighthouse,' " said Mr. Killeen to the
Daily News soon after lie landed.
"Langara Island is the key to
Dixon's entrance and to Prinee
Rupert by sea. As soon as my
report reaches headquarters the
work will commence. The lighthouse will be a solid concrete
structure after the latest plans,
fitted  with  powerful   illuminating
Classified  -   ���  Advertisements
With this lighthouse, and its subsidiary liglit at Rose Spit whieh
is included in my present survey,
Dixon's Entrance will rank with
the easiest approaches to a seaport in the world,
Build by Day's Labor
"Owing to the exigencies of the
work, no contractor coultl easily
figure on the building of the
Lanagara Lighthouse," said Mr.
Killeen. "It will be built by
day's labor according to the Dominion Government's system. Not
only Liberal in name, but liberal
also in appropriation, the Dominion Government has provided
for substantial aid8 to navigation
here. They will be ready in ample
time for the shipping. Thanks
lo the vital interest taken in the
work by the Hon. William Templeman who is unsparing in energy
nothing has been overlooked that
will benefit Prince Kupirt."
Ink   and   Water   Artists
Battle for Honors
is the purest and belt made in Seatttle.
This cream ll used solely in
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
Second Ave. next to Optimist old office
Fruit and Candy, wholesale  and  retail
Sam Go wen, Prop.     Phone 350
Liuet. Bagne Left to Fly to Cor-
csia Has Not Been Heard
From Since
seconded   by   Alderman   Douglas
that new tenders be called for the
work was followed by an amendment by Alderman Smith secondedI ihe
by  Alderman   Clayton   that   the I graphed by
{ For Rent
StiT.-aa aiaal I'l-.a't'-a faar rent.    Applv Dr. Mclntyre,
Thinl Av,'.. ptlOtl-l itrei-n 59. 12,'a-tf
Fair Kfiit-Miilorn limine, clone In.
H. K. Mi'KueA Co.
$2.r> n month.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Nice, June 6.���lt appears that
report be adopted.
ment was lost, so
motion,   and   then
The amend-
too, was the
a   ballot   was
taken on these four. II. I.. Dickson.
A. Swanson, J. ('.. Weston, ami 1'.
Lieutenant Bagne. the French avi-1 Black.   Five votes went to Weston,
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prince  Kupert I. ��� !.:.���. No. 318. Sonl of
Ennlaml. m-eeu the tint and third Tuesday-! In
each month In the Carpenteri Hall, at 3 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec..
P.O. BoxslS. Prince Rupert: nothing     IS     yet
ator, has met a similar fate to
Cecil Grace who lost his life in
the North Sea while on a flight
from Calais to Dover last December.
Bagne   left   Nice   in   an   aeroplane fur a  trip to Corsica.   100
| miles  away,   two  days  ago  and
heard   of   him.
Torpedo   boats   have   been   des-
��� '
A Mirror
���~M patched to seek him.
That may be safely
"packed" on a trip
is much in demand.
We have them in different sizes.   :   :
The Pioneer Druggist
PHONE    :    ;    ;    82
Pantorium Pionter Cleaners. 'Phone 4
Nothing Sensational This Morn
ing.    Few Holdovers
three to Black ami one to Swanson.
Alderman Morrissey threw a
sidelight, as he termed it on the
scavenging business by hinting
that a hog ranch will be run in
connection with the contract which
will be so profitable that the
scavenger may even be ready to
pay a fee for hotel and restaurant
This morning the Court of Revision sat as usual and got through
.i good ileal of business. There
were few holdovers for further
consideration, though some appeals
will be entertained.
$100 as Blind Pig
Not the Firing Committee
The lire committee will look into
the matter of James Gibson's
resignation of his position as chauffeur of the "Red Devil" auto
hose wagon. The resignation was
read at the council meeting last
night. No comment was made
regarding it.
Lost and Found
fnmA .*���..*���.~. wmAwmAwmmw���mwm���wmmr
KUCNU-Kurckii Cleaning and Prelaintt Coni-
iniiir Han't itiitn cleaned nnd presned 11.00,
l.Hilii'*' unit* prtBMd and cleaned. Dry cleaning n specialty. Iti-om Ki Wentenhnver ltlaaek,
lahame ml fit. 1LM-147
According     to     the    boasting    "I ' KOI'ND-KU'Wnt roomi: newly furnl.hed.The
��� ' n.dklev Hlock. tith Ave., near Kulton.    109-lm
the Crescents, the indoor baseball _        _.,,_,,,
1 '" , i (1ST- A launch ��f Keys.   Kinder kindly return
artists of the Baptist Church, thej     to Dally NawiOfflc* BMf
are  going   to   literally   immerse +
the aggregation of erstwhile "devils," now full Hedged printers, -it
the game in the Auditorium tonight.
As a retaliation the printers
s.iy they will easily "stick" the
type of opponents they are to
meet. They say it will be some
"chase" while the. Crescents avow
they will soak it to the printers.
Nothing has been heard of the
make up of the Crescents but
the printers havc set up theirs
ami here it is:
"72 Point" MacDonald.
"Italic" Waterman.
"Make Up" Black.
"Long Primer" Cullin.
"Inky" Harris.
"Small Pica" Potts.
"Bold Face" Thompson.
The typos' suits are not yet to
hand but as soon as they arrive
'conglom"  is io be photo-
Monki ytype" Baar-
SkcetiH Land Dislrici
llislrict ol Cassiar
ol I'rinco
Neatly Furnished Room*;   gentlemen  preferred.
Apply Mri. Mullin, over Majeitic Theatre.
Cosy fumiihed A-omi. Man. Hower. Somenet
ltooms. Third Avenue, between Seventh nml
Eighth. U7-tf
Nice Kurnlihed Roomi. Apply Mrs. Kirby. Aliler
Hlock. upstairl entrance. Thinl Ave.        117-1:11
BtVtttl IQOd f' and 6 room houies with bath. |SB
per month. O. M. Heluenon, Limited, phone
:���;. MMf
Ni.-e. clean, bright outlide roomi.
ith Ave., near Kulton.
Bulkley in -.������.
Nia'a- fumiihed room! linitle ur for housekeeping-
tpply Drexel Rooming Houie, 2nd Ave., near
McBride. May3-lmo
Help Wanted
Enthusiastic Membership Organised Last Night. Judge
Young is Hon. President.
(iirl tu do table and chamber work ut Port K$*
ninirton Hotel. Watr** $35 t.�� $4n a month with
hoard nnd room. Apply Mr*, Black. Central
Hotel. City. UHM25
Experienced fewer for ladle* clothe*. Mr*. M.
G. Oobhardt. Westenhaver Hlock. tth Street
and 2nd Ave. UWU
District Mnnairrr for first claai Health and Accident Insurance Company. Splendid indut'e-
menti. Special salary and liberal commission.
Apply to J, L. McComb, Health and Accident
Department. Empire Life Insurance Company,
511 Winch Building. Vancouver. B.C.   I14-12u
Nineteen yountr men tu take cosy rooms In the
Hulkley Block, near Fulton. lc>lm
Wanted���An A-l solicitor for the most liberal
Fraternal Orders in the world. Call room J".
Empress Hotel.   I. F. Madlem. Utt-114
Wanted-.VU gootl men lo join the Onler of Owls.
Call room B. Empress  Hotel.   I.  F.  Madlem.
Fire Insurance
A   claiitflcd  advertliement   li a tiralen work-
hunter-and leldum fail.
Skeena I-iii-l Ditrict ���District ol Queon Charlotte , ,
Take   notice   that   George   Hriiuill   ot   I'rince : etl'..   IlllVe   been   urtleretl,   ailtl   the
Rupert, B. C, occupation butcher, intendi to apply   ..,   ,, ...   . .
Inr periuiMjon to purchaw ihe following dcicrib*l   * HU, > nWll  COUTtS Will   lie npi'iuil
laudi: . . ,���,       r
Commencing  at   a  post   planted  about   seven   HI   allOUt   tell   ll.lYS.       Ilie   lees  are
fii.l'j- wnt and two mile, iouth ol the mouth of , ,*,,... ,
Hoard   in   Pr.mitos    lust   Flr.J   Sunley   Creek   where   It   emptici    into   Naden , IllOtlerate    ,111(1    the    lilllllatliill    (ll
rit.trn   in   I rt Itlises   JUSI   I inea   n���u,ri Graham Island, thenco no chaini iouth. ,        .. ,. . .
thence  bO chaini  weat,  thence  80 chaim north, I llllilllltr.-lllp   111   thirty  IS Olllv  Ill'C-
'l ������: aaa .-ai chani eait to point of -commencement .. .
and containing U40 acrea more orlfM. I I'ssiry   tllllll   arr.lllirellieiltS tail   Ik'
Dated March 17, 1911 GKURGl; HtlZZELL i ,     , "
Pub.Aprll7. Numa Deinen, Agent , lllillle lor inure t'mirtS.
with two courts of its own and
membership    Which    is    ready     tt>i THE British Union and National Fire Iniuranee
.    I    Company of Laondnn. England,   with   capital
break     thrOUgh     Its    present     lllllli       of e.6(lo.rtl0.00.    See u. for ram.     The Mack
.      . I   Krcitv md ln,u^lnc--���l<c.omDanv
ll[   thirty   at   any   moment)   has
lieen   st.irteil   in    Prince   Kupert. I+~���~~.~���������-~��������-~~
Judge Young is Honorary Preri-|j      Situations Wanted
dent, Rev. F. \V. Kerr is President.: I i-u-urajrxi ~-~ -A
and   Mi>.   R.   A.   McMordie   is1 *       ~" +
Vice President The energetic
Secretary-Treasurer is Mr. W. O.
Fulton, and an executive committee is being completed numbering among its members at present
Messrs.     O'Neill,     Mortimer     and   Home cooked nielli and nicely furnished roomi
-.     , ���, . for three personi.    Apply Mrs. Jamea, Scott
OOdSOn.       IWO Other members are I     BWk.. 3rd Ave., between tth and HhSU.   t*-tf
tll lie appointed later.     The Tenilis! ***>**'  Board !.>' the win* or month.     Home
rl I    cooking a speciality.   Mln E. M. Gleemin, 3nl
Club WaS organist d ill  the l'resby-j    Ave., bctwwn Tth ��nd Bth Su.. phon* 171. 69-tf
ten.in  Church  last  night,     lt   is +~~~~,~,.-^..^..-��*.^.e^..-^.^.,(.
tional. Nets   (
Boarders Wanted
Iv undenomins
Real Estate
'1'a'ko n,m�� limi 1. Johr. Robjrt PJW 0l RW
lluncrl 11 I'., occuiinl on cook. Intend to tBpl_
topMon io Piiicluisi' lhe tollOWtog descrihed
'"t'ommencing ,i. , .,���� gWAAffjft
soulh nnd t_ tWO BtlW **** "' "",'.,**_*i*'V_\'.''.
While and Klnt river.-, theneo south 80 cha i.
ihcnco e,uii SO il,iii..-a. ihcnco north SO cliuins.
Ihence wost SU chu lis- nmsnoip p\rl.'V
[luted Apr l'Jll, l'Jll J��1IN lll'l'1'111, rAi hY
Pub. it-alt. *?'<><"���'������*���' ro",on' AlKm
Skeena Land Di.trict -IWltriot ol Coast BUMA,
Tske nol ce that I, Mirth! l-i-ek, uf Ft nco
Uupert, B. 0. occui.ui on niurr"d woman Inten.l
u, LpplV lor permission to purchase the lulluwing
''T'^mciS'a. a port plnnted ubout ..in.nnd
oni-hall milw dislunl in a southwesterly' direetiun
Irom a blind iluugh lr..i.Uilisi'rviit.ir.v "l����h���
the snme tuuehea the Ind an Itescrve. thencc eaat
Nl chaini, thence soulh *U chn lis, thence west 8
chains, thence north 80 chiins tu point o commencement, eontnnni! MO acr.* more or ���,
Hated Apr I 11, V.H- MAK IHA LLhK
Puh. May 13.
Skivna Lan.l District-Diitrict of Caasiiir
Tako  notice  that   1.   John   l.nwin   of   I'rince
Uupert II. Oh occupation lalwrer, Intend to apply
lor permiaiion to purchaso the following dcicribod
Commencing at a post planted about (21 two
miles iouth of the forks ol tho \\ hlto and Hat
rivers. Ihence south M) cliains, thenco eait 80
chiins, thence  north 80 chuins,  thonco  west SO
Chllm. .���,.*.   ......ir.v.
Dated April 18, l'Jll. JOHN  UNWIN
I'uli. May 13. Krancii S. Preston, Agent
Skwna Und District���Dlitrict ot Caaaiar
Tuke nolice that 1, Alfred licrryman Williams
ol  I'rinci'  ItuiH'rt.   II. C, occupatiun  merchant
intend to apply  lor permiasion to purchaau the
(ollowing deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about (2) two
milea aouth ol the lorki of tho White ond Flat
riven, thenca 80 chaini aouth, thenco 80 chaini
west, thence 80 chaim north, thonco 80 chaini
Skeana Lund District���District uf Const it,..,,.   ,
Tuke notico tlmt 1, Ball Hull KewSy orft8
mouth, Nova Scotiu. occupation married womXT
Intend to apply  for purmissioii  t0 uurclm*. 7i
following deecribed lundu: vurcuu*! ulu
Commenoing ut u post planted ut north ..,.,.
corner of T. L l*t 88688, ttenoo runnlnB^��.wn
chuinH,  thonco north  80  chuina,  thenee aut  u-
chuina, thonco south 80 clmina to plaoa of i. ,
manoamant  contuining   \li0  serve  moro or  1
My pout is on south oaat corner of lund ��BiilSi
for. markod lottors S. E., ubout ono milo H
Luko Lakolao, south sido of Skoonu rivor Uiht.i
Of Coaat Kunge 6. Ul lr,cL
Datod April 29, 1911.      liELL HALL KENNPv
Tub. Muy 13. John lluvorty. A|St
Skuena Land District���Diatrict of Caulu
Tuko  notice thut  1,  Jutnua  Dunlup of Prlnw
Uupert, B. 0*i occupaUon taamatar. Intend i
upply   for  permission  to  purchuse  the  tollowin!
described landa: *
Commandng ut u poat planted ubout two mllu
south of thu (orka uf tho White uinl Kim rivm
ihonco  north  80 chuina,  thence woat  au chllnj
thuncu aouth 80 chains, thencu eu.ti Mt ohalni
Dated AprU 18,1011,       ^      JAMJCS dl.m.ui'
krancla s. Proaton, Agent
I'ub. May  KI.
Dated April 18, IUll. Krnncia S. I'reaton, Agonl
I'ub. May 13.
Bkee&a l-��nd Diatrict-Dlatrict of Caaaiar
Take notion that 1, Charlea Frederick Uatoa]
of Stewart, U. C, occupation freighter, intend to
apply  for permiaaion  to purchase the  following
.deesribad landa:
Commencing at a poat planted on the right
bunk of the Naaa river about aix mile* abovothe
forka of the Naaa river, thanaa couth 80 chaina,
thunce weat 80 chuins, thence north 80 chaina,
thence eaat 80 chaina to point of commencement,
containing 010 acres more or leas.
Dated March 25, 1911. CHARLKS F. MKTCALF
I'ub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Caviar
Take notice that I,   Uertie   Kdwin   Badger   of
Stewart,  1).  C, occupation  plumber,  intend  to
apply for permiadun to  purchaao  tho  following
deMribed landa:
Commencing at a pott planted about one mile
north ot the Naaa river and about aeven milen
above the forka ot the Naaa Kiver upstream,
thence north 80 chainn, thence eaat 80 chalna,
thence aouth 80 chaina, thence wert 80 chaina to
point of commenopment. contuining t>IO acrra
more or ie��.
Dated March 23. 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. Mi.  17.
Skeena Lend DUtrict���Dlitrict of Cout Range &
Take notice that Mn. L. C. I'utnam of St
Paul, Mlnni*ota, occupation married woman
Intenda to apply tor permiaaion to purchaae the
fullowing described tanda:
Commencing mi pon planted at the aouthweat
comer of Lot Su. 17.i.i marked Mra. L 0* l'utnam'a
northeaat corner, thence west 40 chaina, thence
���outh bO chaina thence eoat 40 chaina, thence
nnrth 80 chaina to poet of commencement, con
taintng ;t20 acree morv or leea.
Dated March 20 1911. MRS. I- C. PUTNAM
Tub. April 18. Geo. It. Putnam  Agen
Skrcr.a Land Diatrict���Diatrict nf Caaaiar
Take notice that 1, Alfred Kyte of Prince Ru
pert,   1).   C,   occupation   electrician,   intend   to
apply  for  permiaaion  to  purchaae  the  following
dmcribed landa'
Commencing at a poat planted about (3) three
nulea eouth of the forka of tbe White and Mat
riven, thence 80 chalna aouth, thenou 80 chalna
east, thenoe 80 chafna north, thence 80 chains
Dsted April IH, 1911.
Pub. May 13.
Fran -a S. Preston, Agenl
Skeena land DUtrict���Dtitrirt of CoaaUr
Take notice that  I, Swan  llallm of Stewart,
R.   C .   occupation   carpenter.  Intend   to   apply
Skoona Lund DUtrict���Diatrict uf Canlu
Tuko notice thut 1 Francis S. Preaton ol PrlnS
Uupert, li. C��� occupution prospector, Intand a>
apply   for  permiasion   to  purchuse  thu  following
described lands: *
Commencing ut u post planted about thnw
miles south snd two miles wost of tliu forka ul
the White and Flut rivera, thunce south hO chuins
thonce eaat 80 cliains, thence north tit) chuina
thenco west 80 chains.
Dated April 20, lyil.     FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub May 13    ��� J,N
.akeuna Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coaat Range j
Take not co that 1, Joe Jaok of Prince Ri n^t
11. C, occupation carpuntur, Intend to apply lur
pormUaion to purchase tho following aeecrlbed
Cummencing at a post planted about three ami
onu-half milea dUtant In u auutli westerly direetiun
Irom a blind slough from Ubsorvutory inlet when
tbo earns touchea thu Indiun Ueaurvu thence mt
80 chans, ihonco 'oilh 80 chains, thonco woeUM
chains, thenco south 80 chains to point of commencement, containing t>40 acros mure or !r ..
Dated April 14, 1911. JOU JACK
Pub. Muy 13.
Skoena Land DUtrict���District of Queon Charlutte
Take notice that Frank Levick of Woodstuc*
Out., occupation hookkeei>er, intends to mi\-\\
f-��r permission to purchaso ihe following described
Commoncing at a post planted abuut eavee
milua wuat and two miles south of thu mouti; uf
Stanley Creek where it empties into Naden
Harbor, (Jruhum Island, thencc 80 chains soutli,
tlience 80 chains easl, thance 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains woat to point of commencement
and contaning tilO ucres more or loss.
Dated March 17, 1911. FRANK LEVICK
i'ub. AprU 7. Numa Daman, Agao
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coast Range J
Take notice thut Anniu Mussulluiu u( Prince
Uupurt, H. C, uccupation miirriod woman, Intendi
to apply for permiaaiun to purchaau thu NiIIowuik
duacribud lands:
Cummuncng ut a post planted at a pout at th��
Mmthwuul curnor, 00 chaina east from N. K. curner
of Lot 1110, ilarvey'a Survoy,' Coast District,
Rango 5, tbence uaat 20 chaina, thunco north 4U
cliains, thence went 40 chaina, thence aouth 2U
chains, thenco east 20 chaina, thunco suuth 80
Chaina to point of commencement, containing 12U
aeree more or loaa.
Dated May 8, 1911. ANNIK MUSSALLKM
Pub. May 13.
Skeenu Lnnd DUtrict-DUtrict of Cuahiar
Take   notice   that   I,   Thomas   McMeekin   of
Princu Rupert, R. C, occupation clurk, intend tu
npply   fur  permUsion   to  purchase the  fullowing
doscribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about twu milts
aouth of the forka of the While and Flat rivers,
Ihence north 80 chaina, thenco eoat 80 chains,
thence souih 80 chains, thencu woat 80 chain*.
Dated AprU 18, 1911. THOMAS Mc.MKLKlN
Pub. Mav 13. FruncU S. Preaton. Agent
Skeenu Laod DUtrict-DUtrict of CussUr
Take nuiice thut 1, Charlea L. Dulgrovu uf Bin*
art U. C, occupation proa|>ecior, intend to apply
fur permUsion to purchase tho following described
Commencing at a poat planted about six mtlea
i>outh and one mil.- woat of the forks of the White
und Flat rivera, thencu south 80 chains, thrnee
eoat 80 chaina, thence north 80 cnains, tlience west
t-0 chaina.
Dated April 20, 1911.      CHARLKS DKLQROVB
Pub. May 13. FruncU S. Pre��U>n, Agaat
Skeena Land Dm ru: - Dutrict of Caasiar
Take  notice that  1,  Perry  tjueenan ul   Prince
Kupert,   R   C, occupalion  prospector, intend to
apply   for   permission   tu   purchaau   the following
... N-;ii ����� i lands:
Commencing at a poat planted in the vicir.it>
tit Uckmh Ray, about three-��ights of a mile ������..:;.
uf the mouih ul tbe Ronanrn Creek, and liing
on the easterly boundary of Timber Unui Nu.
;i.'2M ur No. ;i.i2o0, thonce south 40 chains along
the eaaterly limit of aaid Timber Limit No. 8081
or No 35280 40 chains, thunce eaat to the shure ul
t'ioutte Ray, a distance of 40 chaina more or lev,
thenco northerly along the shore of Goose lla>
40 chains more or lesa, thence weaterly 40 chains
mure or leu to point < f commencement, containing;
100 acres mute ur le��.
Dated March 7, 1911. PKRRY QUKBNAN
Pub. April 7.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Coasl I.. . ��� 5
Take notice thai 1, J. Harold McKcan of Princ?
Ru|>ert,  R. C-, occupat on blackam th, Intend (��
apply   for  perm aaion  to  purchaso  the  In., ���*; .'
descr bed Ianda:
Commencing at a post plant .kI about thnv and
for permiasion to purchi
i the following doi
I     "Nn. there w.is lots of 'Vceskee'
j  tii  sell   yesterday,   but  there   is
,��>.^.a��� a^.^.a-^.^.-^. M.       H""''     td(l.l\-,"     js    SUtl     tO     ll.lM'     llllH
  .i remark passed in Nick Gurvich's
hostelry last night, and as a
rtsult of that remark two Aus-
tri.tns are detained by the police
for having threatened Mrs. (uir-
vieh with violence because ihey
could not get the liquor they
wanted. Thia caae came up in the
police courl today but w.is remanded till Friday.
Ballot in His Favor Last Night.
Contract to be Drawn up on
Suggested Scale of Rates.
Hy ballot at last night's coun
cil meeting J. (1. Weston was
appointed contractor for the city
scavenging work now to be sys-
tematised. A contract is being
drawn up by the cily solicitor in
terma of the schedule of rates
made out by Alderman Morriaaey
and his committee, and Weston
will be required to furnish $1000
This embodies exactly  the rec-
oiiiinendalions  of   the   committee
[to look into this whicli reported
the council last night,    lint the
Skuena Lund DUtrict -Dutrict ol C��ular
Tftke notico that 1, Imbc O'llrk'n KorU* nf
I'rinco I.'.; ��� -���. 11. C, occupation curpt'titcr, intend
to apply lur perminion to purchaMi thu following
diascribvil Unda:
CommiiiicinK at a poit plutili-d about liv milea* a    ���   .
aoutb and mu- mile west ol the lorks ol thcWhiia   lllgllt
aud  Flat mere, thence norlh  Ml chainn, thence
weet MJ cliaitm, thence aouth  i-u chains, thence   * irailt
eaat .Ml chains. , ......
Dated April IS, lilll.  ISAAC O'llltiKN fORBH   Hstill S  .All   Star   team   1)V   14'   PUIS.
I'uh. Mai 13. Francis S. I'reaton, Atenl   .,., .       . ,
Ine winning   ti am  made a  scon-
Bowling Match
B  live   bowling   match   lasl
in    Morrison's   Alley,    the
I  Trunk   team   beat   Mor
al    -Commencing *l * post planted about (6) miles
. ���������! .__... ������!..    south and one! 1) n.lle west ol thc lorks ol the While
" ���' """"��.*; I "id Flat riven, thence Ml ch.lns south, thence Ml
chains east,  thencc  HO chalna north,  tbence  80
man,  and does  nol often count anoutth
count" In the net result.
Nineteen ynunir men wanted to rent coay furnish,
���il in the llulkley Kooms, lath Ave., near Fulton.
For Sale-Two choice tracts 1 -A. I ������ Valley; eight
Man an acre.   II. F. Meltae A Co. 126-lf
For Sulr   lleautiful Homeslte on I'ark; t'it.i e_,h.
II. F McRae �� Co. UMf
nf over two hundred.   Odd
three to one had been offered in
favor of die All Star team in the
Du away with thin.    Patronlt* a white
laundry.    Wliitejlabor only at
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
���Skeena l-and District -Dim rict ol Coaat
Take iiaatK-i- that tllenn McArthur ol Vancouver.
II. C, occupution roal eslate iikciiI Intends to
apply (or |aerniission to purchase lho lollowing
doscrilH.il lands:
Coiniii. a.-   .   at a post oluiileal 40 chains wTst
and 80 chains south ol the southwest corner ol   aflli'lloon   for   llalA are  a   rem iu mil
Dot .No.   17;i:i  marked (ilenn  McArthur'. north- OK>.iri   a  n 111 l\t III 11
wast corner, thenco .outh 10 chain., thence east    ollUil,   law;    .mil >t ellll v    the   Crniil
80 chain., tlu.noo  north 40 chains,  thonce  west .l]>|>-"< l"l>     UH    t .r.11111
80 chains lo |Ki��t ol coniinoncoment, containing   Trunk    It am    lilllshollC    llielll    l.lsl
JliO acres more or lesa. '     "   '"     ...vm    um
Dated March iU. 1911.       OUBNN McAHTIllill    niullt
I'ub. April 16. T. D. Laird. Agent
rl.aui- wnt.
I'.J.-I April 18. 1011.
Tub. Mtv 13.
If ������!.��� I- S. t'r> ��� -t.m. Agent
For Sale
Skevna Und DUtrict���Dlitrlet oT Cout K��nk-r &
T>kc notlc* th*t KIdon s. I>etmHl��r ol Hrrlln,
Ont.' occupation doctor, inunda to apply for
perrutralon to purchaw the followinK dcaaibad
Commencins at a poat planted al thc aouth<
"*"*+   ���"���i curner of   I **\  1H2H, thence eaal 30 chains
1 ' more or leaa, thencc aouth ���!.'��� chalna more or leM,
I    thence veel 3U ehaina more or lesa, thenca north
I    45 chaina more or leaa to point ������( commencement
mntaininK 140 acrea mora or lata.
l>atad March IL 1911     ELDON S. DETWILKK
Tub. April 16' John Campbell. Agent
��� ������mm.,-*-, ,-____. -*..,-*_,,,-._, .-__,, .-*..^1
A claavilied advertlaement.  perafatently printed.
will ac*!! anythinK of \alue.
.���..   ,     . Skeena Und District-DUtrict of (oaat Hange
All kindanrarrfind hand irmala UhikIh and ����1d Take notice that Ateiander Mclntoah of Van
��. M t rOHTi Third Ave., bctwirn 7th and -th ] couver, II C, oecupstion real ��tste bniker
atrwta. MT-tf       ' Intenda to apply for permi��ion to purchsss the
+.^.^..^^,^..^t.^,^4,^.^���^���^.    Inllowing drvrllied Isnds:
~       ( ommencing st s poat plantetl 40 ehaina south
M' . I    frnm the aoutnwaat corner of Ut ''���''. thence hO
OneV tO  Loan \    cl *���'���* *���������'������������ Ihence 40 chalna woat. ther.ce 80
J    rhaina north, thenee 40 chains east  to (mint  of
I    cimrnencempnt containing .'120 acrra more or le��a.
���***"*****���**-**>   Dat*) April 17, 1911.
A claK.ltl.Hl adverll��.mcnt will find you the mon-1 Pub Mav fl ALEXANDKIl MelNTOSII
ry with which to put your idan into tffivt I Y
i Money to I
Jtg   vilile   settc   pris
pan nt fun iiistaa adar
tni-d K"1''' unui veil in-
vtttmanta. AiioKmiK
en visit.
Opan K,vi'iiinKK      Bsehanga Hlock
Canadian   Rand   Company'a    Producla,
Mining Machinery and Contractor'. Sun !  \u
.      ..     ... .... *   ("P-  AWWrman  NewtOll  v,*--  Up to Miy fitted
Ithat while he himsluf favored the'^"1*"5*
BkMM Und District-District of Coast Rtllft *t
Cout District
Take notit-i'that Win. Um1|�� uf Snpporton, B.C.
occupation Government (Jtuird. intends to npply I
for permission to purchase the following described lunds:
CommencinK at n post planted 4(i chnins west
nnd UK) chain* south of the southwest corner of lot
No 1733, rnntre B ciMiat district,tnarkiil Wm.Ualle, -
N.W. corner, thence south-In chains, thence rust '
80 chnins, thence north 4(1 chains, thence west >M-
chnins to poat of commencement, containing 320
ncreo more or les-s.
r.      , ��� T. D. Laird, Airent
Dnted March 20th. 1911
Fub. April 29th, 1911
Skeena Und A/iatrfct���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Goo. II. Uux of Prince Kupert,
Bi C, occupation  barber, intundu  to upply  for
raurion   Ui   purchase   thu   following   OMOrtbM
ROOMS 50c ANI) ur PHONE   37 P. O. BOX 126
Prudhomme & Fisher
fal'ial .,
pliea, Road Building an.l Concrete
Machinery,     Agricultural,    Farm
and   Dairy   Suppliea,  Dump  Cera   and
CommoncinB at a piist plant!*] almut hovoh
mUre woat anil mm mill; H-tiuth Irom the mouth
of Stanly Crui'k, .S'mloii lliirlior, thunco ��iuth 80
chaina, thonco went 40 chaina, thenco north 80
chainn, llianro oaat '10 chainn.
Ilalo.1 March 17, 1911. OIX). II. LAUX '
I'uli. Aorll 22. Numa Domrrii. Allont ,
Skoonn Laml DUtrict- Dintrict ol Cannlar
TBko notico thill   I,   llronton  Jorilon  Monro ol
I'rinco Uutacrt, U. ('., occupation contractor. Intenil
to apnly (or pormlaainn lo piirchnaia the lollowini!
aaaaerlbM lanila:
Commenolnit at n ponl plnnleil aliout (HI thnao
mil��� nouth anil (2) Iwo mile, went ol lho forka !
ii  Wh":���"'",1 Pj' '*'""������ **""-'" ft chain, aoulh I
porl wet not adopted right Bway.|ffigSfl'^{Si����' *���"������**> �����> <���'"""��� ����*
._ ������ ���I.,,1JKNT,(,N JOHDON ItOORI I
April 20, Hill,      Francia S. I'reaton, Ajent |
i appointment
Intil   i:ilri'   |(,
Wagoni,  Gaaoline   Enginea, Motor Ve- 1,,-J  the reporl
hide, and Trucka IniggCttioni miul
I that f;
nf   Wt'sttm   lit'   (lid
move   tho   adoption 1 ��'    ��� ll;i ���     'O., owupHion turn*. Titend
"becauia of i><>ssii,i,.|^"W&'ffyST'"""'l" "urc"""" * ,""'~'"��'
I     Tji,k",|,"'-l>n*,1"��l'lct-I)lnlrlctolt:amlnr
li'^'.C^ ��:"-���'��� ,:"��r"-M-K""
OFFICE: Third and Fallon,  WJ".^
'" .���'!,�� quarter.It/EBt"���Va^^it^M'SI'
1 9 ''i'i":^."",* *_____**J- "ii"'oo noulh 80 chain..
P.O. Bo. 44.1       A    iW"',,,Wn *" M"*- ��hWn-'1^��^.i^",WS5r'��5S' �� oHaln.;
A motion by Mderman  Kerr|j��3Jg!P* WftSWAJawHiS
Towmitet Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Town.ite Manett Towntite
Local Office I Aid., b.^ Sixth Street
Frtncli M. I'n-iioii,
****** 1 ���**������^���^
BMM Uml UUtrlrt���Dbrtricl of CamUr
T��kp Man that  I,  Percy  Krancla (jtxlcnrath
ol Stewart, II  (',, occupation Joumaliat  Intond to
apply   for p*Tmiarion   to  purchase  tho  following
'l-��..-rii...| landa:
Commencing at a post plantod  on  the  right
hank of the Naaa river aboul aeven milea above
the forkft of the Naaa river, thenca ��>uth 80 chain*,
thence  we*  no chaini,  thenw north   80  chain*.
thence eait 80 chaini to point of commencement,
containing Mil acm more or lo-w.
Datvd Man   25,1911.  Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
I'ub. May 17.
Skeena Und Dintrict���Dlitrict of Caspar
Take notica that 1, Jamea Millar Johnaton of
Stewart, B. C, occupaUon itorekoeper, intend to
apply   fnr  pemtiaaton   to   purchaae   the   follnwing
.|�� icriKi'l landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about ono mile
north from the Naaa river and about nine milea
above the forka of the Naai river, thonco north 80
chaini, thence wost 80 chaim, thenco aouth 80
chalna, thonco eait 80 chainn to point of eommoncoment, containing f>40 acroa more or l��a.
Dated March 24, 1911.   Frank Sidney Wright, Agl
Tub. May 17.
Skeena Und Diatrict���Diitricl of Coast Range I
Take notica that I, Lionel Kingiley of Vancouver, II. Om occupation miner, intend to apply
for tiermlasion to purchaao the following described
Commencing at a poat planted near the aouthweat corner of Lot 992, Kange 5, Coast Diatrict
thenco weat 40 chains, thenco aouth 'i'i chains
thenco oast 40 chains, thenos north 60 chaim to
rolnt of commencement.
>atad March 24, 1911.        LlONKl, KlNttSLFY
rub. April 22.
Skeena Und  Diatrict   -DUtrict oi ('oast  Ranee 6
Take not ce that Murdock McKae nf Vancouver
���'     orrupation real estate broker. Intondi te
apply  for  oormlaalon
deecrllHvl landi:
rlv litre
inlet v
from a blind slough from Observatury Inlet when
the aame touchea tho Ind an Iteservu, thence wwt
Ml chaini, thence aouth 80 cha na, thencu east Ml
chalna, tbence nurth 80 cha na to pu nt of commencement, containing t)40 acrea moro or les*.
Datod Apr I 14, 1911.        J. HAKOLD McKK.\N
Skoena Und District���District of Caailar
Take   notice   thai   1,   Thomaa   Macgovern  M
Stewart, 11. C, occupation mincr.intend lo IPPw
f<>r permimion to punhaao thc following deacntxd
Commencing  at a  poat planted on  (he  nihi
hank ot tho Naaa river about four mllea above the
fork* of the Naaa river, thrnee south N cluir;\
thenco west  80 chaina,  thenw north  80 chaini-.
thence east 80 chaina lo point of commenn-ment,
containing G10 acrea more or leaa.
Dated March 2;>, 1911.  Sidney Krank Wright, Agt
Fub. May 17.
Water Notice
l-  purchase  the tollowlnt
Commencii g at a DO* pUnted en the ��� ,, i
bank of Kxr lumslks river about five mile* (mn
��� f CMluenre with the Skeena river, thrnee 40
cha ns west, thence 20 chains north, thence 40
chans wosl, thence 40 chains north, ihonco 4
rhani aaai, thenca 20 chaini aouth thenee 4
fhalni e^t, thance 40 chaina iouth to m& '
comme-ieomont. containing .120 seres m��rl t? leii
Notice is hvri'by ({ivon that an t*\i\*\i-
cation will bo made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1909," tt> obtain ���
license in the Queen Charlotte Diviiuun
of Skeena District.
(a) The name, lulilresa and occupation
of the applicant iB George \ounn.
Victoria, B.C.
(If for mining purpotM)  Free Bin-
er'n Certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, streami or
source (if unnamed, the description
is) Ain Lake and Ain Itiver.
(c) The point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(d) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 11XHI.
(c) The character of the proposed
works, dam, Hume, pipeline, power
ennines, plant, etc.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe same) at nr
near mouth Ain Kiver.Massct Inlet.
(r) The purposes for which the mt��(
is to be used is for power development and mill operations.
ih) If for irrigation, describe the
land to be irrigated, giving  Wtt-t**
(i) If the water is to be used for power or mining purposes, describt tli"
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, a"'1
the difference in altitude between tli''
point of diversion and point of return
Al or near mouth of Ain Kiver.abnut
1G0 feet helow lake level.
(j) Area of Crown land intended tobe
occupied by the pro|>o8cd works ���
(k) This notice was posted on the
aith dav of April, 11)11, and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the L'Oth day of May, 1911.
(I) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or llomil""���
who or whose lands are likely to M
affected by the proposed works.either
above or below thc outlet, None.
Hi Kdcnshaw, Age"'
P.O. Hox W, Prince Rupert, B.C.
NoTB-One cubic foot per second is
equivalent to :t5.7l miner's inches.
Pub. April 2'J, 1911. 4w


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