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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
a.   /
a. II,  NO. 90
Prince Rupert, B.C., Monday, April 24, 1911.
Price Five Cents
**7 WI
ilors Went on Strike on Sunday and Were Promply
Paid Off���Will Ship a New Crew at Stewart���
No Other Boats are Affected
/hen the S. S. Cetriana, of the
rihcrn  Steamship  Company,
imtx\ into this port yesterday
m Port Essington she was with-
it quartermaster or seaman in
cm ploy.    On  the stroke of
Inight the eight men who made
the deck crew quit at Port
Ington when they learned that
company would not pay 50
Its an hour to them for Sun-
work.    Captain   Richardson
fcred the men ashore, but they
bought   ticket;-   as   passengers   to
' Pftno- Unpen and came hack on
the Ccirian.i.
Yesterday was the day lhat the
seamen on all vessels decided to
quit if  the application for extra
pay for overtime was refused.
The G. T. P. have lieen paying
their men extra for Sunday work
and for time over twelve hours
a day. The seamen on the (i. T. P.
are well satisfied wilh their conditions as they are. ���
There are no other boats affected
in this port. The S. S. Camosun
left for Vancouver, but it it
understood that her crew arc
bound to return to Vancouver, the
home port according to their agreement.
The Cetriana is a coasting steamer and does not sign men on from
any particular port. She will
leave for Stewart tonight with a
new crew.
Miss    M.    Johnstone    Arrived
from  Vancouver  Saturday
Charmed wilh the warmth of
the In.spii.tlity ihat has been extended to her since she arrived
^B Saturday. Miss Marion B.
instonc of Vancouver conimcn-
her duties as teacher in the
blic school here today.
To come here Miss Johnstone
l'l* up the position of principal
the primary grade in the Lord
blurts school of Vancouver.   She
conies with the most excellent
references and a good experience
in pedagogical matters.
"I have met many old friends
here already and 1 hope lo make
new ones," she said to the Optimist. "I am sure 1 shall like il
Miss Johnstone's father is cily
treasurer of Vancouver, antl probably known by many people of
ihis city.
Birth Notice
Born to Mr. and Mrs. M. B.
Cohen, a daughter, April 22nd.
\e\. Mr. Kerr Gave First of Series of Sermons on Big
Subject���Theatre Packed to Hear Him
���Explained the System
"Socialism   is   ftrsi   of   all. a
Irotcst against the wrongs which
tt  know   exisi   iu   society.    Soli.ilisin is not a system thai siys
re -hall have free love doing  away
tith the family or home love, which
our very life. Socialism docs
jtoi  say  thai  all  things shall be
reduced   lo  one  dead  level.    It
sloes lay lhat as a system we shall
Vol foster extremes,    It says if
man does not work neither shall
���>��� eat."
This  was  the  keynote  of   the
RCrmon,   lhe   first  of   a   series  oil
|Vi i.ilisin, given last night by Rev.
Wa Kerr.    Before proceeding
I with his subject he offered an
explanation of why he had chosen
lo speak from lhe pulpit on such
-i secular subject as he classified
it- "Socialism" he said, "is hc-
(oming a religion with some people,
and, therefore, 1 feel justified in
dealing with it."
Will Have Open Discussion
Then Mr. Kerr said he had been
asked to enter into an open
discussion on the subject some
nighl in the week. This he said
he Would do and would be pleased
to answer any questions sent to
him during the week. The answers would be given on the
(ollowing Sunday.
So much interest had the announcement of tlu. M-rinon at-
tracted that the Empress Theatre
which does duty as the Presbyterian Church on Sunday was
packed to overflowing.
11 was a splendid address, ll
showed   thai   serious   study   had
been given to tt
Continuing With the sermon Mr.
Kerr showed the various grades
of society that exist today. "Sonic
I'Ve in hovels, some live in castles,"
'"' said.    "Some people say So-
Not This Week
The S. S. I'rince Kupert will not
come here this week. She is
having some slight trouble with
her boilers fixed. The Prince
George will be on her regular run
and arrive here next Saturday.
The Prince Rupert will be in
shape to resume her run mext
Still They Come
About seventy first class passengers and about 100 second
class passengers arrived here on
Saturday by the Prince George.
Board of Trade Call a Meeting
for Tomorrow Night
To discuss the proposals of the
Tsimpsean Power Company to
Bupply gas, electric power, and
street railway service to the city
of Prince Rupert, the Board of
Trade has called a special meeting
for Tuesday evening, to be held
in the  Court   House.
There will be a parade of Karl
C.rcy's Rifles tonight.
Weather and Shipping
Cloudy generally, with calm sea
or very light swell and light winds
would describe (he weather this
morning all along the coast. It
is misty at Point Grey,
Tatoosh reports the oul schooner
Trcpmier and the John A, passed
out at .5 a.m. and the steamer
Trimway at ,5.50. At noon Tatoosh reported outseide, bound -in
the S. S. Inverkip.
Point Grey reports the out S. S.
Selma and out.Cassiar at 9.10 a.m.
The S. S. Bertha has left Seattle
for Alaska ports.
Resolution Was Passed at a Mass Meeting of the Men Last Night
Decision Was Unanimous���Letter Notifying Mayor of
Men's Decision Forwarded This Morning
���Brief History of the Strike
The strike between  the street I departments of  the  P.  R.  1.  A.
cialists are a bunch of soreheads
and malcontents. This may be
true in some cases. There is
always a scum element in everything and this element stands out
as ihe most prominent and is
pointed at by people as the advocates of the system.
Socialists of Best Blood
The speaker commented on the
opinion some business men held
on Socialism. These men must
be careful about calling Socialists
soreheads, etc. "It is nol historically true that Socialists come
from the lowest strata of society.
They are born of Teuton blood,
born from thc higher, not the
lower strata.
"Socialism does not mean the
reduction or doing away with
industries or commercial enterprise. Socialism is a system of
economics thai wants all the natural productions such as land,|
timber limits, instruments of in-|
dvistry, etc., owned ami governed
by the state, instead of being
owned and governed privately."
In conclusion Mr. Kerr explained
that many of the complex questions
of the system would right themselves just as all other natural
economic laws have done when
thc system comes. The great
difficulty,, he said, of its introduction is because there would
have to bc administrators of the
system a \d these men would have
a grand chance to graft, consequently men arc unwilling tO trust
one another owing to the lure of
Then an appeal was made from
the spiritual standpoint t" look
lo  Him  who  is  claimed   as  the
greatest   Socialist   Ile   who   di<
not  respect personal property as
some  would have liked  Him   to
but held other things of more value
workmen and contractors is ended.
At a meeting of the members of
the P. U. I. A. last night it was
decided to call a truce to all
hostilities, and on the motion of
William Fraser a resolution to
thai effect was put and unanimously carried. A letter of which
the above is a copy, was drafted
and conveyed to the Mayor this
morning, notifying him of the
men's intention, ln this lhe men
were true to their expressed principles to win or lose but accept
no compromise.
Representative Gathering
The meeting last night in tinmen's hall was a very representative assemblage. All nationalities involved were given the
opportunity of expressing their
mind on the matter, and the fact
thai the resolution embodying the
letter as above was carried unanimously goes to show that the
feeling of the strikers is well
Fraser Makes the Motion
The  initiative  in  putting   the
motion was taken by \V. Fraser,
who expressed  the feeling of  the
meeting that the Organisation should be kept going in a healthy
state, and lhal the best defence
possible should be put up for the
men who are to undergo trial.
P. R. I. A. as Formerly
Arrangements are being made
to carry on the work of the P. R.
I. A. as formerly, that is to have
separate meeting nights for the
men of each nationality) ami lo
Continue lhe educational branches
of the Labor movement, developing   the   library   and   recreation
Funds for Defence
Funds for the defence of the
men to be tried are being collected, from workmen here and
Uf) river, anil are being sent in
from outside organizations.
Story of the Strike
The history of the strike which
ends today can be briefly given.
At the time of the January Municipal Election the first mention
was heard of a 45 cents per hour
wage scale for common labor.
When the council came in the
members of the P. R. 1. A. drew
attention   to   the   high   of  living
in prince Rupert', particularly for
wearing apparel for laboring men
in the ditches, etc. After considering the arguments put forward by the men the council made
an arrangement by which men in
the cily employ, all except a few
on very light work, should have
45 cents per hour.
In the street grading contracts
let to the various contractors a
minimum wage rate of 87 1'2- cents
per hour was stipulated for. The
P. R. I. A. which by this time
numbered about 1000 strong, made
a demand that the contractors
should pay the same scale as the
city. This was refused, and by a
very large majority arrived at by
secrei ballot the P. R. 1. A. members decided to strike. They
struck on March 1st.
Efforts at Settlement
Since then the dispute has been
maintained by both sidis in determined manner. Efforts made
by the city to bring the contractors in line with the 45 cent
rate resulted in nothing. Effort
made by the contractors to bring
in labor failed, tlie newcomers
frequently joining the P. R. 1. A.
Thc strikers maintained themselves by fishing, and ran a kitchen
department at their hall. When
attempts were made by the contractors to start men, lhe strikers
visited the jobs, and persuaded, or
prevented the men from working.
At Mclnnis & Kelly's cut on
First avenue the most difficulty
orccured. On one occasion a few-
workers engaged there under police
protection were practically crowded off the cut, and U. Gosden, a
member of the P. R. 1. A., was
arrested in connection with the
affair aril sent to Westminster for
a three months' term.
Finally on Thursday April (Uh,
after a big parade of the P. R. 1. A.
around the town at which all
station work was Stopped, the
Kelly contract was visited apparently as an after-thought, and a
sharp fracas occurred between lhe
pi klice and the strikers. Stones
were thrown, and revolvers used.
Several of the police and strikers
were injured,
Wound up the Strike
Thai nighl fifty members of
the P. R. 1. A. were arrested, and
held in custody. The P. U. I. A.
Hall was taken charge of by the
police, and the Association almost
entirely disorganised.    Re-organ*
isalion efforts were begun partly
by the Longshoremen's I nioii.
and after various meetings ami
mass meetings in the cause of
labor, the result announced today
has been attained.
Hundreds are Waiting to Get into the Interior���20,000
Tons of Freight Also Waiting���River is Clearing of Ice Rapii ly Now
Thursday 7 a.m.
Piled up in the warehouses of
Foley, Welch ci Stewart here are
fully 20,000 tons of freight waiting
to be shipped on tlie steamers up
the Skeena Uiver.
On Wednesday the company's
Skeena River fleet will commence
running to Hazelton and intermediate points with passengers
and freight, and then the hundreds
of people who have been waiting
to get into the interior will make
a concerted rush.
The boats will leave as follows:
S, S. Operator for Hazelton on
Wednesday ti a.m.
S. S. Conveyor for Skeena Crossing, on Wednesday (i a.m.
S. S, Distributor for Kitselas on
Omineca wilh powder and gasoline, no passengers, 7 a.m. Thurs-
Intending passengers on these
boats will secure reservations ahd
tickets al lhe ollice of Foley,
Welch & Stewart.
The latest reports are that the
river is fast clearing of ice.
Chief McCarvell for Hope
J. J. McCarvell. ex-chief of
police for Prince Rupert who has
been with the Vancouver detective
department for some time, left
Vancouver for Hope the other day.
It is understood that he has been
appointed chief of police there.
Fun and the Fees for It
For celebrating the Greek Easter
yesterday in an irreligious, indeed
rather uproarious manner, Andrea Olynyk was today lined $5
and ciists by Magistrate Carss.
Drunk and disorderly was ihe verdict. For the same trouble Magistrate Carss also prescribed for
Maxim Colietein who paid a similar fee.
Baseball Results
Seattle 0. Vancouver 1.
Victoria 3, Tacoma 2.
Spokane 3, Portland 1.
John Moska Who Wounded His
Comrade, Found Guilty
John Moska. who shot Angela
Gregoria during a dispute some
little time ago, was today found
guilty by Judge Voung. Moska
who is an excitable and highly
strung little man, asked for a
light sentence. Judge Voung is
considering it. Gregoria recovered
under treatment at the hospital
from a wound which was serious
but not dangerous.
Two Collections Week-Days, and one on Sundays  in
Business Section���Outlying Districts
May Soon be Served
Four street letter boxes for
the business section are placed
at the following places:
Cor. 3rd Ave. and 6th St.
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 8th St.
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 2nd St.
Cor. 6th Ave. and Fulton St.
Collections daily at 9 a.m.
and 8 p.m., leaving out the Sunday morning collection.
P. R. I. A., Prince Rupert,
April 24th, 1911
Mr. Wm. Manson, Mayor.
Dear Sir:���At a meeting of the P. R. I. A.
last night, it was decided to call the strike off
for the present, and I was instructed to notify
you to that effect.
Yours truly,
F. Scadden, Sec. P.R.I.A.
Onward in the swift steads
march towards metropolitanisiu
progresses Prince Kupert. Post
ollice  leiter  boxes,   the  real   red
cnammcllcd, and friendly-looking
receptacles for the letters cf love
or   business   you   have   been   ,i,
customed   to cirry   to   die green
building on lhe Rupert Road, are
now in position on the light poles
and ready tor Use at the stations
indicated above.
Business   First
The needs, ever on the increase.
of the business section have been
thought of first, as will be recognised by the locations of the
new letter boxes.    In some casts
the letter l��ox is nol   placed on
tin- exact corner of the street, but
as near lhe corner as possible.   In
some  cases  also   lhe   letter   slol
is nol  turned so as to fare the
sidewalk.     This   is   because   by
turning it in  thc other direction |
better protection from wind-driven
rain is afforded.   The letter boxc-
are all therefore absolutely weather
Exertions of Liberals
matter a It tilt* while ago. and
has just brought it to fruition
Collections have been arranged
by Postmaster Mcintosh, morning
and evening, and the s p.m, collection Will include Sundays. I here
will be no morning collection on
Outlying Districts Next
Strong representations am- being
made by residents in the outlying districts to have something
done   for   them    tm,   and   while
nothing is definite!) planned yet,
there   are   Mill   ill   < oiilcinplation
letter bastes for ihe Seal Cove .md
P.uk avenue districts These may
In Installed quiti soon.
All They Nerd
When a.-ked il thc\ would take
sny ol  lhc strikers back lo work
(he contractors Stated ihey have,
al present all the men they need.
Leaves the City
\V. II. Scott, late with Wallace
& Co., has left the citj for a trip
to his home in Vancouver,
Street letter boxes had been
included in Postmaster Mcintosh's
planS of course, but the pi (sen i
installation of them comes through
the efforts of a special committee
of the Executive of the Liberal
Association   which   took  up   the
Suit Club Winners
The following were drawn on
Saturday nighl in Sloan's antl win
the suits-.
���V   Hroilur Moody.
tt   J. K. Lome McLaren.
7   5. D. Macdonald,
s   J, K. Union.
'.)   W. L. Barker.
io   A. G. Gray,
11    W. M. Brown.
19    E. 0. Reit.hel.
Nn 18 is being Ailed up.
Receive Next Wednesday
Mrs. ll  I . TTcmayne will re��
ceive on Wednesday, April '2(i, and
afterwards on lhe fourth Wednesday of each month. ��� **********************
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST iB the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.   It
has grown up with the eity.
Reading Notices and Legal ADVERTISING are 10e per line.
ADVERTISING RATKS are one price to all - 26c per Inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction aif quantltj
or time of contract.    Transient advertising wil! he charged at 10c. per line.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES- Daily, ode per month, or $r>.()0 per year i.' aalvanee.
Weekly, $2.00 peryear. Outside Canada Daily, $K00 peryear; Weekly,
|2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed  -prrj   I   1I7ICLI
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
Daily Edition. <3^j^i&> Monday, April _\A
Wa' are Belling shares In the
At a price that will make yon money
wi: OFFER FOR a shout time
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
BaluM 3, 6 aaad 9 Monlh.
tha- ore run from 126.00 to
$2000  per  ton.
li will pay you to Investigate this proposition  at. onca'.
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave. Prince Rupert
Tonight when the Council meets it is to still further consider
thu question of how liesi to exterminate the rats.  This is a Imk question
aiuljmuy easily become -i bigger,   The damage to crops and mer-
chandise^done by rats in England alone last year has been estimated
at $85,000,000���much mon.' than a king's ransom.  To assist the people
of I'rince Rupert in thuir efforts to exterminate the rat, the Optimist
has secured from Dr. Elmer li llcg, Commissioner of tlie Hoard of
Health of the State of Washington an article on the subject.    The,
hints given are based upon the experience of Seattle and oilier coast  Assays
cities in dealing with the rat plague.   Ur. Iley urges that efforts be
taken to prevent the rats from gelling food.    He says that besides
limiting reproduction, scarcity of food  will  make  the measures  to
destroy the animals by traps, poisons, or bacterial cultures far more
The general rat-prooling of buildings is the most important Btcp
in limiting the food supply of rals and garbage or offal of any kii d
must be so disposed of that rats cannot obtain it.
Among methods for driving away rats thai have proved useful
under some circumstances are the following: ..
1. freshly slaked lime placed dry in all burrows .md runs of
2. Freshly made thin whitewash poured into the rat burrows.
3. A strong solution of copperas (.ferrous sulphate: sprinkled in
the runs and burrow entrances.
4. Chloride of lime, loose or wrapped in old rags, placed in burrows
and runs.
5. Cas tar d.iubed about the burrow entrances,
0.   Powdered red pepper scattered in rat runs and burrows.
7.   Caustic potash placed in the burrows and runs,
ln addition l>r. Heg suggcsis the plentiful use of wire traps, pref-j 	
erably of the guillotine variety. I'"ts 88, '���***��� *>*oe** 2, section
The best kind of bait to use in trapping, he says is usually food     Lois |fc 14, 15,  block 8,  section
of a kind that ihe rals do not get iu the vicinity.   In a meal markcl' I,rjCl' *425 <-'a,,'h',  ,���
, , ��� a a  a    a a        ��� /a .��� '���"<��   (.  8,   OloCK '.t���.
vegetables or gram should lie used;   in a lewl sion-   m.-.n     As far $1,500 pair.
'he walls of Xinevah ever were, aud
its gates are guarded and watched
by the shaggy monsters of Despair
and Hunger.
Climb up to the top of the wall
Ask  the  Boys who Sing that and look   down into the pit, and
How This Strikes Them what  do yen  see?    You will  sec
the girls myriads of them, nice
girls, pretty girls, good girls, all
of (hem, if ihey got the least bit
of  .1  chance.    They  want   lo  be
Sails for Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a m,
Letter from One of Them Inspires a Writer who Suggests a
Golden Ladder Plan to Bring
Them All to Canada.
Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheet!  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN, Propri.toa-
At   These
^^^^^^^^^     ,   in a feed store, meat.
as possible, food other than the bait should be inaccessible while trapping is in progress. The bait should be kepi fresh and ai tractive, and
the kind changed when necessary, H.iiis and traps should be handled
as little as possible. Ordinarily, traps should be frequently cleaned or
smoked. The use of artificial scents, as oil of anise or rhodium, on
tlie bait is advocated by many, bul their importance has
been exaggerated.
About sixty years ago a writer in lhe Cornhill Magazine gave
details of a trap by means of which il was claimed that 3000 rals were
caught in .i warehouse in a single nighl. The plan involved toiling
the rats to the place and feeding them for several night.- on the tops
of barrels covered wilh coarse brown paper. Afterwards a cross was
cut in the paper, so that the rats fell into the barrel. Reports are
frequently made of large catches of rats by means of a barrel ti 11��-< 1
with a light cover of wood, hinged on a rod so as to turn with the
weight of a rat.
This is a work which should not be left cntircl) to the council
to cope with. Every merchant in town should take pari iu lhe campaign
to exterminate the rat.
section  7,   price
120 acres aaf choice laml in lh.
Hulkley Valley.
Second Ave .
Limited       ^^^^^
Princ. Ruperl, B.C
Items of News from Graham
(Special (Correspondence)
Massett, April 21.- It is proposed to construct a church and
mission house at tlie property
acquired by the Anglican church
on Massett Inlet. 'Ihe settlers
held a meeting recently and were
unanimous in their opinion thai
a place of worship is nece.-.-a>
in the new settlement
C. W. Gillingham, road superintendent, has been ill Massett
arranging lor the building of roads
and trails throughout the north
end of (iraham Islanda
Several farmers arrived on the
Prince Albert bringing their families and farming implements. The
lands in the neighborhood of Tow-
Hill arc being settled vary rapidly.
Mr. Lake, manager of the Car-
Hale cannery, spent a week at
Massett, arranging with the Indians for lhc coming fishing season..
N.  Sherwood,   M.   Wilson  and
several   others   are   building   on|
their locations at Delkatla Bay.
Mr. Nast wilh a survey parly of
fifteen men, is at work at the
head of Massett Inlet, surveying
the lho coal claims ol ihe Graham
Lumber Company.
Mr. O'Brien purchased the residence of \V. J. Cook in ilu new
The changed schedule oi the
steamer I'rince Allacrt, io a weekly
service, is much appreciated by
the resident'. (,[ (iraham Island.
The Dominion Government
decided io start an Experiments
Garden on the Indian Kcserv
MaSSCtt,     \geni y  bu
been   creeled   am
sawmill for repairs, It is expected
that   the  mill   will   be  re-opened
shortly with a capacity for shipping
a large quantity of lumber lo
Prince Kupert and surrounding
The Dominion Government has
given instructions (or the erection
of llag poles and the llying of
flags al the Indian schools and the
Agency building*.
;\ new system of lighting haa
lieen introduced in the town hall,
on the Massett Reserve, and on
the principal street.
Matthew Yeomnns, George fVi
CC, Robert Stanley and a number
ol others have erected new rt*i-
deni et -it Massett.
lhe large whale which floated
ashore on I ape I ife, on ihe east
coasi of Graham Island, measures
cight>  feci in length and is in a
condition that makes the neighborhood a place lo be avoided by
all persons gifted with tin- sense ol
The residence of Dr. A. Ross
Fraser is nearing completion, Ja-
Imes Martin is building and, with
thc clearing of the principal strccl-,
the town of Massctl is assuming
an appearance of a busy town.
With two hotels, a general slore,
posi office and several residences,
the residents of Massett arc looking
forward lo a busy summer season,
l-'.ighl gasoline launches are now
in use on lhc Inlcl plying over the
sheltered waters from Ocnan Bay
lo the Indian Reserve, a distance
ol a,ver fairly miles.
Work performed hy experts only.
A first class joh is guaranteed in
a-very instance.
A larifo stock of Chandeliers and
Fittings carrieal.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
Third Ave.
Near Sixth
Windsor Hotel]
He is always good, is thc oh
Khan" who writes for thc Toronti
Star but sometimes hc surpasse
himself. He lias surely done si
in his comments upon thi
of a Iii He English gicl who wrote
recently to a steamship compfM)
wondering if she was wanted in
Canada. Just read ihe "Khan"
on il.
Let me quit making shins an.l
slceping-saicks, pajamas aud prayer
rugs for the happj heathen, and
join the Golden legion of Ladder-
makers and help our own folks a
little, says the Khan." Listen
to this, received by (he S. N.
Steamship Company:
"I am an English girl, and would
like lo gai to Canada, and I would
like a young man for my husband,
and my age is twenty in lhe third
of May.    Please let  me know if
you   advance   lhe   passage   fan.
If you do, write back and let me
know when you wan! me to come,
love and  kisses because  I  am  a
poor girl and  I would like to go
somewhere   from   home,   because
WC  are   thirteen  in   family,  wilh
father and mother, and we have
six sisters if you would like more
W��j than one from the same family."
I'or unconscious liiiniurand naiv-
ette, for downright heart-touching
pathos,  this is hard  to beat.    It
brings the moisture to one's eye
and yet one smiles through one's
tears.    11  is bo ra(| and  yt,t  M)
ridiculous.   But is it ridiculous?
I have but little patience with the
suffragette, but here is the kind
of suffragette who appeals to inc.
Even more pathetic thai the "we
are seven" the "we are thirteen"
drums on one's thinker incessantly,
liny  are poor  very���of course
they are very \xmr- and thev live
*** a slum,  likely;   and  she' is a
Kirl twenty years ..l<|.   | warranl
���he is pretty in her English way,
with  thick, wavy hair and  line
eyes.   She is pale and nm very
well nourished, and, perhaps, she
never had a really good feed in all
her lifo-s|,e never heard anyone
���ay to her: "Set up to ,he table
m SSie, an' just eat till yer plumb
full. If you d,,,,-, gee w|,.u you
want, just holler fer it."
Stop a moment, oh. mv people
���ini' 'O- and realize whai .his
London is, what ihis Manchester
thisi Liverpool, this Glasgow, ihis
Belfast, is. Each of them is a great
big slave pit. walled higher than
lionesl and good if they can
oh, il is so hard for them.
And they can't get out. They
would like to have a home. Any
une of theni will tell you: "I
would like a young man for ni)
husband," and she would work
her lingers to the bone for him.
letter j ^l' la"<' ��^> mV people, about
die Porcupine gold camp. Here
is a camp a pit richer than
Porcupine ever can be; full ol
priceless, precious, sacred girls.
They haven't enough clothes on
them, and some of them are bare-
loot, but tin y are holy���and the)
are held for ransom!
I.ei us plan a great big elopement scheme. Let us smuggle
.( golden ladder to each and ever)
one of them and help them up oul
"i the pit, up over the wall into
Sails for
.     ANI>
Mondays, at 8.00 a.m.
���I, Prince Albert sails I'or Port Simpson, N.ias River Points, MasBet,
Naden Harbor, i very Wednea
day, 1.00 p.m.
and I'or:
Hi fugo Bay, Skidegate, Queen
Charlotle City, Lockeport, Pu
inii, Jedway, Ikeda liny, Rose
Harbor nnd return via Queen
Charlotte Cltj evory Saturday,
I.nil p.m.
The  Grnnd Trunk Railway Sy��tcm
connecting wiih traina from iha- Pacific
coiisi operates n frequent and convenient service of luxurfoua traina over it-
douhle track routs between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York nnd Philadelphia, Information and tickets obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings hy all
lines arranged.
Building  Material,   Cement    ll
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blackiifllai
Coal,  Common Brial.,
Pressed Brick
Shingle*! Lath, New Wellington ('   I
Ai.l. ORDERS PROM ITU I n,| | h
Ste Us for Prices.
Phone No. |||
Phone No. 200 I', o, Box al
Social Notes
Mr.   II.   I..  Johnston   who  li,
lieen   travelling  for  some   time
returned  on a short  visit   lo hi:
honi in the city.
Mr. Horace Du Vernet whost
marriage to Miss Beatrice Brati
of Toronto, takes place in Vancouver on tlie 29til inst,,lefl today
for the south.
Mrs. P. I. Palmer entertained
at   a   delightful   birthday   party
on Saturday afternoon  in  honor
of her eldest daughter, Miss Bar
nice Palmer.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
N^' B. C. Coaat  S.S. Service
For Vancouver, Victoria and Scntl!e
Friday, April 21st at 9 a.m.
t rtttttttttttttttiiH-i i n *i
I w. j. McCutcheon
I  CarrlM complata itojlr of Drun,  Bmu 1
jj,    att-ratlon paid to Filling prwerlpon     t
| Theatre Block Psoas Na.. ?���.. Second Ave. J
���i +++ H-++++���++++ +++++4 +++|{
G. T. P. Tran.fer Agent.
Orala-rs pnmpti* HIM.   Price, rftmmilfc
OFFICE   II. II. Roohuttr. Centra, st    l'l���,n,4
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street!
Swift's Premium Hums nml Bacon wuil
Cowichan Kirns 86c, nt
-I. W. Williams
J. G. McNab
General Agent
Mrs.  1).  II. Morrison will not
receive tomorrow nor again until
further notic
Mrs. Morrison  III
('.real regret is expressed al thi
news of the illness of Mrs. I). 11
Morrison who yesterday under
weni an operation at the hospital.
\v. l.. BARKER
Second avon.it' an.l Third street
Over Westenhaver Urns.' Ollice.
. E.   E B Y   C*%   Co.   .
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
Stork Building, Second Avenn
Newly I i.a.ii.liral and
Steam Healed Roomi
P0 BOX 37
English nml American Billiards
Twelve Tallied SlOOND AV8
Slightly Improved
Inquirers al  the hospital  th
morning were told that Alderman
Hilditch who is ill wiih pneutnonii
was  slightly   imporoveed   today
though hi> condition is still serious,
Improves Hot Cakes for People
Who Find Them Harmful
Law-Butler Building       I'll..no No. 2s0
Prince RupaTt P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of K.C. Ontario* Baa*
anal Manitoba Hi.rr.. kiilrlieaviiii   and  Al-
Ibarta Kara.
carss & bennett
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Oflice-Exa'liank-a' l��l"M-k, ca.r.ta-r Thin) Jiaenue ��.;���!
Sixth ptra-a-t. Prina-a- Itmia-rt.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Firit Avenue Telephone ISC|
Owing to the bad effects which
lhc old fashioned buckwheat ('riddle cakes often have on the blood
and skin of many people a great
many have to forego the pleasure
of this breakfast dish. The bail
effects will all be overcome if a
good-sized pinch of Epsom salts
is pm in lhe batter when lhe sail
and soda is added in the morning,
and even tho most finical could
nol detect it in the taste.
WM. S. HALL, I.. U.S.
i i. n.s.
Crown and Bridge Work u Specialty.
All (lent.il Operation! .Mlfully tranta-al.   I.iaa nml
local anaithtua adminlitand tor the iniinia-ju. ax*
traction of tooth.       Consultation free.     Offleaal
liek-ersoia Hlas.-k. l'rinca- llittaa-rt. ii-12
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the citj |
are requested to visit the lodffe.
ti. S. JOHNSTONK. N.fi.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
AaltlNTS   Kelt   STK.i:l..    M.\a-|.IS,:itY
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
Keep away from  Reilly's.    lb
iM I might sell you something eatable,
i-H----- I
IdinKs have
^^^ arrangements
"JMC lo clear and (.-���,,-., portion
of the r.-M-rvc, adjacent lo lhc
new Townsite,
The Indian Hrass Hand ol Massett, will engage a  new  teacher
and inlend to purchase a new SCI
of instruments.
W    I   Ctu,\r l.:.s
H ��� '
Lots 5 and fi, Block 28,
Section I.
J.'j'ion, 88 p,.r cent, cash
imlnncc 1, 2, 8 years,
7 per cent
1078 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Heavy   Machinery   Arrives
Naden Harbor
I'l'l'll. ail- WM. roxaiN.
nsy.. A.n.A.M.. i.un., auo,
��� ������^.������-^...-^...^..^.f   i
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinds ���f help, cooks,
winters dishwashers, hotel nor
MM, nil knulsof laborers or mechanics, call tip
Rochester u
tj,{   " Monroe
';������   v'^ Poal
k '-,-    Phone ii 5
l Northern Produce Co
i ���   ���
Bend for ..nr Weekly I'riet'   l.iat
AITHNTIl.N lilvt-M
Is Still Going on
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
(Special Correspondence)
Massett, April 24, The machinery for commencing boring
operations, for petroleuni, has been
shipped to Queen Charlotte ls-
ands and two operators are at
Naden Harbor awaiting its arrival.
That the company interested intends to develop the property
they have acquired will be understood when the announcement is
made that the machinery weighs
06,000 pounds.
Phone No. 178 !
Or eall nt t|u. j
Grand Hold Free Employment Offiw
Headquarters for cooks * walten j
sroi-K Outrun
BESNER & BESNER, !l'���o,.,lICTo���s
Tha N,-w Km.j Hotel
plan.    l-'itHt-a-liasa wrvk-a
ran on tha European
AH Hie LatMi HoSern
'     Il has been discovered that the
12,000,000 inheritance of  Russell
, Blackburn of the White Sox was
; lefl   to   him   by   a   Philadelphia
baseball scribe.
There   is   a   possibility
! lacrosse team of Oxford and
bridge  players will  visit   Canada
j and the United States this fall.
|   The Duke of Connaught  hat
'decided to offer an international
skating trophy to be competed for
al Ottawa during lhe course of
next winter. The conditions of
competition will be announced
LMe's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodical,, :: Newspaper.
Rr��l Ave
___\ Neaar McB'.df
Forwarding, Distributing and
Shippi���K Agenta.
Storage of n���KKaKe and HoU8l,.
"Old Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
p- O. Box 907 Phone 262
I'rince  Rupert now   boasts
excellent tea room in the Em
^^^~ '""j   i.e re.
tn securing ���
y?Lc.?n affo?diaSd
'H it looner
S   lietti
for your'seetifi
for  y.
than you had hoi
*        un U��    and POOL j��
I ClHr_' '��� H*b]*h    A  IWd oxer- 2
I ;'ft.'.���,,,;"'"V;""rt'   I.n<"n�� every 1
*$ twa-iii   ���    ���     Newmnn  Hl.ack.  lar- 1
S ra-��� "'"' 7th Sl"- **
___u_Z_l\ """���   PnwriitoramlMaBasBt 2
-Easter Flowers..
Frc,llC<" "loon,. fr���mVlclorl.
't^_\~_\l_{W. {^tiWrn^********^^
The Only Main Line Townsite in B. C. in which the G. T. P Railway Company Has Announced its Joint Ownership
Look at the Map
Ellison, you will find, occupies
the stragetic commercial point
which seems bound to command all
the trade of the Interior tributary
to Prince Rupert. It is where the
steel rails or the transcontinental
railway from the Atlantic touch
the salt waters of the Pacific on
the navigable waters of the Skeena
River. As a port it will be second
only to Prince Rupert in the northern part of this province and is also
second to this city as the only other townsite in which the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway and the
Government are jointly interested
in which lots are offered for sale.
We are all Pioneers. Not here for our health, but to make
money. No man ever saved more than a competence on a
salary; few do that. To get a footing on "Easy Street" you
have to invest. DOLLARS don't grow in your pockets, or in
a stocking. They must be put to work. Old Russell Sage
said: "Plant a few in a new country and see how fast they
grow." That's what your Uncle is telling you, and here is
the biggest opportunity of this kind that is likely to knock at
your door this year.
Read Current History
Prince Rupert lot speculators do
not need to have pointed out to
them what magic lies in the announcement thai the great railway
company and the government are
partners in the Ellison townsite.
That should be enough to bring
them a-running. But not everybody has the time to read the newspapers as closely as vour uncle. In
the Manitoba Free Press of Anril
5th, for instance, there was a Dig
headline reading : "Hundred ana
seventy new towns to be born in
Western Canada During the Coming Year." Reading the list one
finds many are Grand Truk Pacific
towns, but not one in British Columbia. No, Ellison and Prince
Rupert are the townsites in which
the railway is directly interested at
this time.
ELLISON���Where Atlantic Locomotives will toot salute to Pacific Steamers on the Skeena River���ELLISON
One nf the most popular of all thc official reports
published by the British Columbia Government is
the one bearing upon its title page the caption:
"New British Columbia," which has become generally known as "Bulletin No. 22," that being the
official number of the report It has been widely
(lisiriliuteil and you will have little difficulty in
finding one. On one page of this popular report
you will read this official declaration: "Upper
Skeena will become one of the garden spots of
British Columbia."
ELLISON, from its advantageous position,
wilh the Skeena River navigable for large steamers
at its front, a great transcontinental railway intersecting it, should naturally become the metropolis
of the wonderful garden spot of British Columbia
referred lo in tlie official re|iort.
ELLISON lots are ready sellers. Why,
Just study the map a minute or two.
ELLISON is a townsite in which the Government and the (irand Trunk Pacific are active partners.
There can, therefore, be not even a shadow of doubt
as to its future success. You are invited to share
in this certain success by investing in a few town
lots while they are at bottom prices. There are
only a few on isle and unless you arc Johniiy-on-thc-
spot on lhe day announced as the Opening Day of
our sale you may be disappointed. Belter make
your deposit as soon as (lossiblc and we will get
youjn on it at the prices fixed for our first offering.
ELLISON should, within a short time, have
aj-egular (rain service, as it is but a little distance
from Mile 104, to which point it is expected that
trains  from   I'rince   Rupert   will   bc  running   this
ELLISON may not bc thc only pebble on the
Skeena River beach, but it certainly is the only town-
site on that navigable water in which thc railway
company have announced themselves interested. No
doubt next year there may be other additions and
sections put on the market, but by that time prices
will have gone up. Now you have a chance to bc
in on lhe ground floor.
DOLLARS invested in good ground, rapidly
grow.   Did you look at that map;
WHERE *fhe Grand Trunk Pacific and the
Government are joint owners in a townsite the lots
should be regarded as a safe Investment. Your
money invested in ELLISON, or in Rogers addition
or any section that may be offered later, is safeguarded by every legal method human foresight can
conceive.     Where  one   might   and   properly   should
For  reservation  of  lots  in   Ellison  or  Rogers'
Addition to Ellison, write or wire
J.   H.    KUGLER,   Prince   Rupert,   B.   C.
hesitate before investing in townsites promoted
by individuals or town-promotin companies, there
can be no hesitancy or misgiving as to town lots
in which thc Government and thc Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway are jointly interested.
ELLISON is different. Do you catch on? What
better guarantee can you possibly look for?
ELLISON lots should double and treble and
then go up some. It is believable that they will
soar four or five times above present prices. on
arc a lucky chap today if you own even one. If
you should think of selling it and want quick action,
list it with us. We feel confident the demand
for these lots will exceed the number we have
at present to offer.
PRINCE RUPERT'S brief history will be repeated in the sale of ELLISON town lots.
ELLISON should have the most rapid growth
of any new town in British Columbia or anywhere
else. Lots in the sections we are now offeri.ig for
sale, as well as such additions and sections that
may be offered  later,  may be calculated  to bring
investors similar returns to those resulting from
the first sale of Prince Rupert town lots.
ELLISON where the Grand Trunk Pacific
Transcontinental trains from the Atlantic will
first strike that wonderful Skeena River.
ELLISON is probably the greatest opportunity
for investing a few dollars on a reasonably certain
chance of winning big profits you arc likely to see
this year. But don't forget that the number of lots
is limited and you will have to hurry sonic if you
want to pick out one of the choicest loc.itions.
ELLISON needs at present merchants, hotel
men, "the baker, tlie butcher and the candlestick
maker," more than lot speculators, but they will
come later all right, as they did in Prince Ruper.t, and
ELLISON trades' people will live in a town
where railway freight rates will always be regulated
by the competition of water transportation, as
Ellison will be lhc lasl important landing up the
Skeena River. It is where the railway leaves thj.
Skeena Valley lo follow that of the famous Rulklcv
ELLIS&N                   VI
/v     ..... JL	
1      \        )\m
******. _Z*_V*_f
ELLISON is your opportunity. GRAB IT.
"Opportunity knocks at every man's door."
Knocks all the time but some people are sleepy.
ELLISON is on the market NOW. It is very
doubtful if any other Grand Trunk townsite in
British Columbia will bc on the market this year.
Better come in early and get a little Ellison in your
list of holdings. Start a few dollars lo work there
and sec what they will cam.   -
ELLISON is destined to be the principal shipping point not only for the agricultural belt in the
Bulkley .md adjacent valleys -just glance at thc
map again and see what a vasl country will depend
on Kllison for its supplies and transportation for
its products. And then, when Grand Trunk officials
announce thc fact that it is THE townsite in the
Hazelton district in which their company is Interested,
you arc reminded of the great mining activity that
district is promised ihi- season, the machinery to
go in and the rich ore to conic out.
ELLISON,  lhe metropolis of "lhe garden spot
of British Columbia." Remember thai railway
townsites cannot  Ik- chosen  iu  British Columbia
like they .ire on lhe prairie between Winnipeg and
Kdmonlon cvcr\ eight miles a lown, every hundred
and   thirty   miles   a   divisional   point     In   British
Columbia there is greai engineering ability required
to las oul a route, many natural obstacles to contend
wiih, and towns iniisi bc located when' the engineers
can find suitable land lor sidings Ellison is -in ideal
spot for a town outside ni iu superiority (geographically. I.ike grape mils. "There's a reason." why
it should be at the point where the r.u'lway leaves
the Skeena Valley.   Look at your map.
ELLISON is the first spring opening oi Grand
Trunk Pacific offerings in the wa> of town lot Opportunities. There may be Others later, but t icre's
no certainty when. Jump in and takcallycr. Money
will not grow in your pocket ll should grow every
month this summer if you plant it in ELLISON.
How can you lose? You don't have to put up the
whole price, you know. Come early and select
ElHson lots, 20 per ceil! cash, balance COS) terms, 7
per cent interesi. Select Rogers Addition lots, 10
per ceiil cash, 10 per cent per month, no interesi. A
few lots ill Ellison Townsite for sale Inside lots
1280.00 each; corner lots SUM! ill) each. A few-
lots in Rogers Addition to Kllison Townsite for
sale���Inside lots 1180.00 each; corner lots 1380.00
For   reservation   of   lots   in   Ellison  or   Rogers'
Addition to Ellison, write or wire
J.   H.    KLGLER,   Prince   Rupert,   B.   C.
Sale Begins Wed. Morning, Apr. 26
Jeremiah H. Kugler
Prince Rupert, B.C.      Offices:   2nd Ave. Facing G. T. Terminal
mm_mmm*^A--*-_**--.--_--_--.--. mm*.*. __.  A-   A.    m.   m.  ^T^^ST '' (Mg^^'d ^','<X -C "iOS^TT ��S*W
*-; ��� *A_         ��� ��� .-   -   -      ���
�����-   - ��� THE    PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
The   latent   arrival at
our store is a line of
'.cut (ha-
l.a.-t word in faihli
Some of them come in
striped lawns with a new
effect In lace running
down front ; others are
made of white linen, hand
embroidered and with stiff
front, linen, pleated front
and large pearl buttons,
blue chambray, linen
sailor blouses, etc. They
are worth coming to see
and wortii taking home
with you. Prices range
from  $1.(10 to  (4.25.     :
' ������'..%*j-ft-t-'.
H. S. Wallace Co'y. Ltd.
Dry Good.. Ctaira.wmrc. Etc.
Fulton Street and Third Avenue
Write to the Old Folks
The S. s. Stale of California
will   call   here   going   to   Scalllc
lonmcrow  night.    She  will   carry
passengers and mail for Vancou-!
ver   via  Seattle   and   incidentally i New Hazelton Will be Most Im-
ihis will be ilu- only boat going!
south this week.
portant Centre
Lost and Found
A elftsiflod advertisement wall
the loter of tho article you've
diKtion of mutual Importanc.
KOUND-A launch of Keys iii
Optimist Ollii-e.
Introduce you to
found���an Intro-
Ring,   Apply ��(
Help Wanted
Quite a number of the Ik-si
people of ihe city enjoyed a
pleasant time roller skating at the
Auditorium Rink on Saturday afternoon and evening.
By George, They've Woke Up!
City Clerk Woods, has received
promises Inn no money, from some
ni the (leorgcs of the ('ity that
they will subscribe to thc move-
menl t" Give King George a
coronation souvenir, George Leek
was the firsl man to come through
with a promise and he will keep it,
he says,
Saturday's article in die Optimist might have been responsible for calling the attention of
the Georges to thc discount's) of
not heeding the "official invitation."
Grand Trunk Railway Interested and Probabilities in Favor
of the Town's Being First
Divisional Point East of Prince Rupert.
Ai the I....inning i i May a
survej part) commences the work.
of laying oul a town ut the head
of navigation on thc Skeena River, j
Ai the back "I die enterprise is
Mr. Robert Kell) of the Kell)
Douglas Company, The new town
promises one day to be the commercial and railway centre of the
districl to which the rich agricultural ai cas of the Bulkley valley
ami '.!:.��� gold, copper and coal
wealth of die Hazelton, Telkwa
.md Kitselas sections are tributary.
The land occupied l.y the future
townsite is declared to be the only!
large level tract in the vicinity of
die head of navigation on the Skeena  River  which  is suitable for
ARE YOU IN NEED OF HKl.l".' Do you WMt
to buy, air Ba-ll, or hire, or loan'.' Try 1 no
Optlmlit Conikuinoal Ail. route
HOY WANTED-To da-liver parcell and make
hlmulf generally useful. Wagei KO u month
to (Hart with.   H. S. Wallace ,t Co, Ltd.     89-tf
Help Wanted-Apply Pantorlum. '.'"-if
WANTEO-4 Oood Boyi for Bowling Alley. 110
per week.   Aires 11 tol". Apply (with parents''
to Morrison's ltoavlinir Alley.
Between Canada and Alaska
Canadian and American Survey
Parties to be Actively Engaged
and Line May be Finished by
the Fall.
Department Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Houses Wanted
ROUSES WANTED-Furnlihed or unfurnlih-
����t1. "J tn 8 roonu.    Lflooation and Price mil
ttit I will rt-nl them mytolf and pay ff'ti  in   '"'-
vanee. no wilting, no listing    Phone me today.
Black 50-Unelt Jerry, 78-tf
WANTED���House. 4 or 5 rooma and bath, fur-
nlahed or unfurnlihadi at once. Apply �����.
Optlmlit. Hox x. &7-tf
WANTKH-Thrw, four or Ike room home, fur*
nlihedi modern conveniences) dote In. Call
'phone 151. B5-tf
Board Wanted
WANTED-Room and board
x.M.. Optimiat Office.
private family.
Fire Insurance
Skaena Land DUtrict -DUtrict of Queen Chariotu
|| 1 ���!�� tul.
Tukt* notiet* that  ti.^trt:��'   W.  Arm-it  .f I'n:o
Rupen,   H.   Ch  occupat Ton  roal aaute broker,   tnttllsitC   purposes,      Tilt'   lillf   of
Intendi to apply for j����*rmi*aion to purchaa r    .
' ^wibed landai ilu* drum! Trunk Pacific Railway,
i oimnenring  nt   it  punt    plnn"-:   I
mil.�� and om-half nnl.. watt and -,-, V, ill'l'Il   doCfl  llol   loilfll   lllf   pri'SOllt
frum ihi* mouth of >tmil\     Creoki Nadei   tl.iritur, '
!!:,,,,r" Sflan8SLSl!f% lhi'nw TJ.V0 ,UlftNi town o' Haielton, will run directly
itu'itc* cut N chain**, thenc*.* m>rtl M) -1 ami
puSTaSSw.1      '      >S2 iS^jSSi through the center of New Hazel
OUR BPECIALTY-FIre Insurance.    Werepre-
aent eleven strong Fire Inaurance Companies,
\\> want your business, la-^c nnd small.
Let ua quote you rates. Thi- Mack Realty and
Insurance Company, cor 3rd Ava. and FultonSt
THK Brittah Union and National PJre   Insurance
Company of London- England,   with   capital
of HBOO.OOQ.00. See ua for rate-*. The Mack
Itettltyaml Insurance Company. T"-tf
Numa Demerai Auent
We carry u complete Um of
Sizes to suit.   Styles to satisfy
Prices to please
Briefly, that's our argument.
Don't Forget Big Ben
Finest alarm clock ever Mid.
H.'s in our window.
Heintzman Pianos
Skeenu Und Diatrict    District <>f yut*n Charlotte
Tak>- notin that J- 11. Murph) ol vanoouvar,
11. C, occupation eommercial traveller Intendi
to apply for perWimen to [-i..-<���*..,-. tha Mluwintf
iif.��criUtl land*:
t'omn. ucmit at a poat plantcl about aeven
miles wv*t and on** mile Miuth from the m��utti
. i t reek. S'adaa Harbor, thanea north 80
chains, thence  **<*���:  JO chain*, thaoea   outh N
Chain>, tl.i'tic*'ea*t 10 chair *.
Dated March IT. IHU. J.  II.  MURPHY
I'ub. April ML Numa Daman, Agent
Skeenu Und .Vistnct -District of Queen * harlotte
Taka notice that Goo, ll. uux ol Prince Uujhm.
it. i'. oeeupatloo barber, Intanda to apply for
|NT��ii��a>n   to   purchaM*   th��*   folio win*-   deacribvi
CoauneodBi at a post plants] at>out atvan
mOaa **%%% and "re rt.iU* ��>uth from the moutn
of Manly Creek, KndOB Harbor, thence south BQ
chuinn, thenr*- mat Hi chains, th**r,ce north f-*-
chatru. thenre ��� *<\ \\t chaina.
Dated March IT. 1911. CI 0. ll. LAIN
I'ub. April 22. Numa Ik-mef*. Agent
Bkaana Und Dutnct��� DUtrict of Coast
Take notice that  Fred W. Bohler of Kluum-
ipl)   for
i��cnl>e t
Real Estate
C. B. WARKf;
Ii    Take notice mat  rmt  W. uotiier oi muuh
kalum. occupation   farmer,  intend- to appl)   ft
on  to  purchase  the  following  deaeribe
; Und*.
Commencing at  a pnt planteil at  the nnrtt
11 eut sotMt "f    \  McLaod'a preemption, thanea
i   2*J chain- aouth, thrnee lu chain- ewt. thenre Jo
' chains  north,  ther.ce  lU chains  wot   to poit  ot
!   commencement OOatalniM **��� urn- more Of !�����*��
j   Dated April 10,1B11. FKlSDRU ll tt, luilll.LK
I   I'ub. April -- Kred Hampton, Agent
Skeena Unl Dlatritf Dtatrtal of Coaal Range '*
.. Take notic* thai I, Uonal IQnfala] ol Vancou-
J nr, li. C*, owpauon mm>r. btand to apply
J   (>r urmiwon to purchaa the following uWribed
I Commencing at a p>hi plantwl near the louth*
��eat eormr of Lot Wit lUnge *,. Coast   District
I thenc* me��:   I" afcaeen, thence nuth tm chain-.
��� thenee wt  || rha:r,N thenct* north *M chain* t<>
p<nnt of mmmenn'ment.
|   Datc-I March 2*. 1"H.       IJUNKL KINtiSI.KV
I Pub. April JJ.
Itaaaa Land Dtftritl    D.-tnct of Coaat Itang* V
Take  r.otift* that Jack   Bedford of  Ketghley.
Yuruhire,   Kngland. occupatiun over-looker,  Intenda to apply   f��r permiwioii to purchase the
1 following .I.-mtiI^I lands:
(ommencing at a ���***'��� pla lad at a point in the
faaterly lH��ut,'larj of timber limit 3XK!!* and in
the southerly limit of lot t'*yt, Itange *>. Coast
DaftrkL aroan tt,. a>U Uadta mterwet, thence
along tlie southerly   limit   of  lot  3KKSI tlonaatd
' and the j.rojreiion thereof in an e&sterly dir*fiion
N chair* men ��r le*s to the westerly limit of
i timl��er brr.it 33301, thenc* m a -outherly dir*ctio*i
along the last mentioned  limit   11  chains more
, or len�� to the northerly limn of timber limit .1677.'.,
Ihenn la *- m*-*u*t\) directn��n along the last men*
: Honed limit M dMHOi mr>r��* <>r l��**a to thv easterly
limit of timln*r limit 38310, there* in a northerly
directum II chain- mon- or U** to the point u!
Ii-.. IMarch \ 1911. JACK HKDI-tlKli
Tub March H,
A claaslfletl advertisement Is n reul aetata *ates-
man, nnd doea not often count enough "to
oount"  in the net result.
trict section 7 or s. smalt payment down and
monthly terma.   Apply P.O. li-<\ 890.      00-88
Situations Wanted
(ira'U'ts avairk-
A   .-l.a ���: r .-.*   iatlva>rttiaa'tnent   i.
hunter-aana.' a��elajanai faaila.
StoHttHT-phW nnal Olliaf A..i-(an(.   .'��� y��r, a"X��
pfrftnet.   Mi" C. a-MjOptlmi.a Ollice.
ton. It is reported ilii-t old
Hazelton will have to move to
remain on the map as a live issue
Although local G. T. P. oilicials wanteli-To pUrdi���� lot. in s,.��i an? di,
are not as yet prepared to give
out the statement definitely, there
is siill a very strong probability
thai the nnv town will be the
divisional headquarters ol thc
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway for
ilu.- lirst Bection of thc lini' vast of
Prince Rupert and yards and
terminal facilities will be located
��� ni twenty-seven acres of land
which has been acquired l>y tin-
railway company.
Situated on ihe ("a. T. P. line
.ii a point between Mile 180 and
Mile 190 and three miles from thc
present town of HaxeUon. the
land on which the townsite of
N'ew Hazelton will be laid out
aonsi-tr- of about iiin acres, and
was purchased by Mr. Robert
Kelly saainc time ago for 1100,000.
The other day Mr. Kelly concluded arrangements for the plat-
lini: of thc townsite, and already a
party of surveyors is on iis way t�����
commence thc field work there.
A Natural Cathartic
50c The Bottle
I'trkn. |a.    1*1 A alai-rvill...
loll   Saila!   BY
C.  H ORME \
The t'tnnrer Drueeltt
PHONE   i   ;    ;    82   .
Bkaana Und Dbtriet���District ol Coast Itante V
Take notice ihat  Char;--.  V. utter erf Princ*
ltu|ieri.  H   '".  ����*eupitton  ���ur^or. intend* to
Bjip!>   lor (irrmiMton  lo p.trt**** th* folloalnc
.|fMTil������l Un-l��
Cnmrm neinrf ai a pnpt planted at the north eart
mar of wrwyed I��t WM, Kar.ae ."���, Coaat Di*-
trict, thenre in an aaatarl)   direction alone the
* rl) limit of ���.- ������.     tha pr��e
jcetion thereof lo rhair." lo a point, Uwnar ******h
parafial to tha eaaterti limn i    wrn ���
*'<   ���*   4. i ������" ehalM mon* - "herly
(���f a timt-er 111) ���   ������t
to ehalM micr or l��s to a t*-;> t in the \ r -ectt��in
���     .    **i   t*..-   . *��� . '    ���        -   *-*i   |o(
���-;   ihenee in a r*ortUrl>  dirrrtHtn awag Um
prtTjxttofl   of  **.*���  ��ael   Im it   and   along  thi-  sail
point of at   'nenri-
rontalnti r *i" met*-* mora i��r Um*.
Da'.-d March K llll        CUARLU P. *iTTKIl
hih Mar.-*. :���
Akaraa 1^*, : .
1 uk*     ���
���'��� Coast Kanrte V
*- i mtbar  <t
upation aptmaer,
|iir��tartan tu purchase v*
Pantorium Pioncvr Cleaners, Thoni* 4
Practice Shoot Yesterday Afternoon Across the Harbor
Several Shots make Good Average at 500 and 200 Yards.
Considearble Differences Are
Shown in Marksmen's Scores
at Different Ranges.
I na|ir excellent conditions yes-
tenia) afternoon, thc members of
Karl <,n\ - Rifles attended al the
(������  ���    thc   ll.irlaaar   for   a
pr . ii, ,��� shooting match  in con-
Plumbing   :   Steamfitting
Third Avr... batwaan Tth .��nt ���
(iver B.C, Baltan        PRINCI RUPKRT, ll.C
__________________*%*���  ;* "W'Uth^^ 	
I Ml*.   .J-_-_M_M_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_^-W-^-^-^-M
-<��� ii��iii wuh  ilic contest lor tin
���aid lot  M tba ,    . ���** ���   .
limn of U. f-       ir.lt "  ��TK  * ll|>.      I ill OlflCCTi -HH1  pH-
*/**i along the -f-utler:, hn.it ..(the la*.t  mentioned ... .     ,
a point, *.���****.���**-it, aaooUhlvaica ���>(  ihe regimen I  attendeU,
erly directum   l&   rhaina    |o��raHH  to  the   ��atd ���
aaatariy  Ibnfl   *4    ��� baoea in i ��**i-
-*riy     Araeta ���   10   ri ita   ��� an    ����r    .*���<**   t"
the pofa l of t -   (-i.nlaminj 210 tsr*-*
more or U-rm.
1.1.ITH  M l< t: CIUIWTIII.K
Datad March B, Itll
I'ul.   March 2V
Sneenfi Und District-Di��tHet of Coast.
li-     ttcetl it 1. J  II. MeAuahev ��t Vtim*
R .!������ ,*,.-*��� *. imm  to apply  f.-r
i��- iha  f il'.srlnn (JeacrilwH
Con t.-| at the ��<iuthwe��l
���I'v tlirn*** ea-'   I" Cnatfta, thenre
���'( ith  ������  rhaina,  thrnee  we��t   **t   ehains.   thenc"
north* ��� ��� RM n<��'��nent,   r<.o-
taihintr �� aetw more or laaa,
Dau i- i   ll   M  \' 0HI V
i- ll   i*' Andr-w Kennedy. Aaent
Boarders Wanted
A clttpnirta-al ailvaTliapma-nt wi!! iTiaatf la> you np|>li>
caarat, fair lhn( aiacaant raaom. or for thnt vtacaaait
pla. ������ ml your tahlp.
Il.'tna' oooktrl raaa-aal. nml rala-rly l'i;r'.-(.'i room.
f<-r tiaras ptnolu. Ai.|il>- Mr,. Jutaaria. Scot(
Hldtf.. 3nl Ava'.. taaMavca'ta std anal 9(h Sts.   Wa-tf
I'rianta. Itimnl lay tlia' waH��la .-r nann(h. Huma'
.-..'kirik' ia -!�����'."a:,IT> Mf��� B. M. GlMfaOP, *_.
Ava-.. Ih-i aa.-.',, 7th anil Sth St... |ihima> 171. 89-tf
For Sale
A clap.ltiaaal nilvrrtivniraaa. |ii'n>iala>ntly |arinta<al.
will .������!! an> tlnaiar nf vnluaa.
Appl] Mr...
H-iM-hi'li! QoodfJ.   Iti-imia to laaa let,
Kajraa. Tth Aac. anal TayliarSt.
Ila.wlinir Alley an.l I't.il K.-.raa cumbinatioia; cmaih
taropoaitiora   ailaly   coniiilcrral.     Sa-a   Horrlson'l
I'avM-nnllv. Jtn! A ..- . \�� taai-a-n ��� :!i m .1  Tth Sta.
Money to Loan
The delimitation of the boundary
line lu'tween Canada and Alaska
from the Porcupine river, l.r>o
miles norlh of the Yukon river, to
ilu' Arctic ocean will likely be
completed during the coming summer, The work will be jointly
performed by two parties representing the government' intersts.
Mr. J, I). Craig will have charge
of the Canadian party. He will
co-operate with Mr. Thomas Kiggs,
Jr., the representative of tlie United
States Government. Each party
will comprise about forty men,
mostl) technical experts. Mr.
(.'r.iig reached here yesterday from j
Ottawa to spend a short time
i before leaving for the north.
The boundary line from Mount
Klia> north tc the Arctic, according to the Treaty of London, is the
Mist meridain. Precise astronomical observations have to be
taken in determining the boundary
which is subsequently marked by
bronze monuments located one
mile apart. Messrs. Craig and
Kiggs last season had charge of
the survey from the Yukon i"
the Porcupine river; the distance
remaining to be traversed northward through a moss-covered country to the Arctic is about 150 miles.
The meridian boundary south from
the Yukon in the direction of tin-
base line at Mount St. Elias lias
already been partially determined.
Last year the joint parties reached
White river, several hundred miles
south of the Yukon. No work
farther south in the direction of
Mount St. Elias will be performed
ihis season, farther north, across
the Yukon, Mr. Craig will have
two or three siib-p.uiies working
under his direction.
li is understood that the Dominion Government will also despatch several survey parties next
month to locale unfinished sections of the boundary between the
head of Portland Canal and the
vicinity of Skagway.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock h  Northern  B. C.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stew-ttt Land Company,   Limited
A rla.ai'ia'.l aalvertlM'mrnt aalll lind you thr maaia-
a-y with whtch to put yaaur nlan Inlorffavt.
1 *aa*a* ,-urtain, lauilrlcal   lay
ralpa.   Phono 8(11.
S. O. E. B. S.
Thr Prinot Roptrt Lodn No. lift Ami <>f
KniflaniL m"**l�� thr fir��t  .tn.l   third  Tuttdftn   '"
��ch tiiiitiih tn the Owptntort Hull, at * p m.
F. V. CLARK, S<v..
1*. U. Box M-. I'rlnci' i; .,*. ��� ��� ���
Brightly    Renovated.     Up   to
Date.    Lunch Counter
Bkftna Und Dtttfftl   DtotftM of roast
T��V;��   notice   thnt   I. IV*. r ([.    |. ..f VafiCTMlVOT, (
|t.<".   kt :. ���-. Intnida tn ��w>lv for
Km it.ir  i��*MTifc*d
��� i ������ 1 in<I marknl P.
i;       \\ ���-���    ad ��� ii ������ a tnata
��� I
������ -  phatns, >h��"  i
halni. tlwnr** a��*��i i
, t����irit <,f    fmtn**- ��� ���
mrt** **r \*-** I'KTI it RKID,
Chart* It   -M'-n. Ar����nt
To Boal and Gasoline Launch Owners    '/'.' Wi '" !"'
I llltVa' 8 laiW fOT Bala' (III ll��W    If,   fiia.t
rnuil by Hayi Creak, til vwry ttwap       nym.,,. u,..i ni.trin DMfMotOrM
and thc following were the ncoren
Ai 600 \.in|s oul "f a pouiblc
total ni .'���*( PrivateAverill made 17.
Corporal Lever 17. Sergt Brown
12, Private Molr 0, Private Hen-
dcreon B, Sergt. Leek s. Private
^w.m 7. Private RumcII :t. Private
Dcwhurat 2, Private Clark 0.
\' .'im yarda oul ol a |>*.���il��l��-
25, Sergt Leek made 20, Si rgt
Brown is. Private Russell is.
Privati Henderson 17. Private
Molr 17, Cdrp. Lever 10, Private
Clark 13, Private Avrrll 11, Private
Dcwhurst ii.
This match "f < our�� iIih-- nol
iii(( i ilu award ol thc sinrk Cup
wliiili has ^till in lie won, but thc
Toda) Messrs. Corie) & Burgess,
the well-known old iini��-r^ in the
hotel and restaurant business in
Prince Rupert, opened their newly
latcrcd and greatlj enhanced lunch
counter and dining rooms al the
Royal Hotel <>n Third avenue.
Thc ncw premises will be known as
thc Royal Cafe.
In ever) w.iy the lining are
designed to make quite tlie finesi
restaurant in Prime Ruperl doing
.( counter order and table business
today. Furnishings, and equipment arc nf the iiwM modern and
effective design. Thc catering is
nf course of the most appetising
and varied nature,
A feature of thc new restaurant
is the fine >;la>> lish pond which
Occupies .1 central position.    Here
in running water, will frisk live
iraiiil and oilier delicate lish to
suit the epicurean palate. You
glance  over   thc   pond,   pick   out
your lish. and a few minutes later
\'in can enjoy it cooked in any
style you de-ire. The glass pond
u.i^ erected by Mr. H. Lever, and
tlispla)- Inside ii the name ol the
restaurant in letters fashioned in
rustic style,
ful.   Tbos* on tin' spot havi' ������HK.Tiy! ,'"h- "���'<*��� ���
bought nii'l il il thi' a,nly tOWmlU ovor
two thirdti snlil lii'fairt   tl"   llirvcvwul   . Sk���a>al��,,.i n,.,,���.,
gaMttsd. '  T,Vl	
C. M. Wilton, Room 14, Alder Block
Phona' tin Hl'ir. I' 0, mm 2. m *��� OtMnl Hat*
Sl.ak. A,'���l    ,|,a,   ,|���.  ,,������,  .������!  |,|.��� ,, ,,(   ,|���.  Ifj.,1
ol ihe ���anker'- has no) yet been
  __���_______________.��� . -iiir'l Ol   t*^��^ I* II ,,
TaiV.a..,..., a,l I, lanla.lt W.ltrr. ..f Van��n,.   llXlll. lilll as '-null ,t>. Ilie lll'pi,Ml lulls
v-r. II c . 'k' iMUof, ,.,'ai .-,..,. in,*awl. a..,,,. , ���       ,     ,       ,
,i,(ii uluii Iii imifmi ilwMWniliiisSi   pave  l.cen   rciiivcil   the  least
aaat a |����t -*****_ **t *tm_t*l t    hCHSlVC (Ulir ������(��� Will III' (ulluwcd
^^^^^^^^^^ ayli-iin-n.
|-I laatil.
least ex
m-nr^nt. ���u.nl���, , \. r'.,\��rr_%\nl:r*
*��.*���**��� *Jtf*l tin.
Mr \v i) Vance, city accountant, i- Hiflering from
Uncle Jerry in New Office
Uncle Jerry  has  moved  into
his new office on Second avenue
and a line comfortable place he
has got.    Ile qull  his old  stand
on Third avenue because lhe lease
Iexpired and he could rot renew
lit  Mr. J. Kugler, or better kr
k|as "1
2,500 ACRES
Mr. A. Corbett, Young Englishman,   Buys  in Bulkey
Arrived Here Saturday Will
Wait for Boats to Co up Skeena River Well Pleased with
Outlook of Things in West.
Thai irresistible something defined as the "call of the west"
finds ils w.iy into all corners of
thc planet. A few weeks ago il
Menl wafting across the verdant
fields ami white hills of old Corn-
Mall and Wiltshire, England, and
among those who heard it aad
decided to answer il were Messrs.
Y Cprbett, l>. K. Triffry, E. K.
Lloyd and R, II. Uncles, four
dean (in young Englishmen,
The) arrived here on Saturday
hi route to the Hulkley Valley
wince they will look over things
there and probably settle.
Mr. Corbett has already purchased a line strip of lhe most
fertile stretch of land  procurable
in the Bulkley Valley measuring
'J.nllll aires, and ihis summer he
will likely proceed to cultivate
it. He is a practical farmer from
the old land. Mis companions
are also men who know how to
Induce the earth to yield a living
The quartette are slaying at
the G. T. P. Inn and as sunn
as the boats commence running
up the Skeena River they will
leave here for the valley with the
great agricultural possibilities in
All the four state ihat they are
well pleased with the outlook of
ihings in ihis section of the province.
Hams, Bacon, Lard, Canned Meats, Etc.
A Choice Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Always on Hand.
2nd Ava'. anil Mi'liri,!
Wione is;
I lavs Cove Circle
jSPO R T |
Sam Langford i* coming home
to Canada on account of lhe
serious illness ol his father. The
"Tar Baby" in Bpite ol hi- color
was liorn ai Weymouth, Y S.
George Dixon, iii,. |���.M f^i,,,.,.
of his weight iu many a year, was
another Nova Scotian.
Lexington will have seven pari-
mutuel machines for the approaching spring meeting one SHI machine for straight tickets, three Ifi
anil three $*2 stands, one each for
straight place and show tickets.
Amos Un-si, ,���,,.,. ,|u. ������,m
famous baseball pitcher in tht
United States, has been engage!
���is ticket laker al lhe gate of the
Seattle baseball grounds of the
Northwestern League.
I lying   io  e,cl   the  goat   of  B
youngster in the early part of the
season is the vogue at present.
Several American League pitchers
arc spreading the dope that Jo
Jackson of the Naps is a shine.
thai he can'i hit this ball or that
ball, and  that  ihey will make a
m"nk,> oui of him. Joe is Tuesday to the bull, and says that ho
WH I"' right at the plate Waiting
f'"" the slams of the wise pitchers.
nr I
ai the
For Sale
Lot, 6, block 16, seetion 7, 6th
Ave., $400.     Lot 11,  block 26,
section 7, price $325.   Phone 222
or see M. M.  Stephens & Com
Johnny Coulon, bantam weight
champion, has been matched with
Eddie O'Keefe of Philadelphia in
a ten-round bom at Kansas City
on April 20th.
An amazing ruling was made
by the local stewards at a I iver-
l"'"1 ""���'���<i''K. A dead heat ���c-
curred recently in a race In which
��"'<��� "I the two horses was ri.lde
by  an  amateur,  wl
a winner diere,
���  under   the
had  nm
and was
.. conditions to
a Rve-pounds allowance, which he
JJ" .?uttheBt.cwa"l<' refused him
"lowance in running ���n u,(,
heat TheV Md that a dead-
was equlvaleni to ��� w|n.
which ii is, fi
onlv       ,      "!' ""���''" P^poses
>h-an,I made him ,,,,,' m
weight,    lie ������s bcat     ,
J''"*"'   In   the  run-oft ������.   ,
tt,*.���>.^-^A_���^ _.   . ��na   has
Freddie Welsh is screaming for a
,,M,rl' with  P.ickey McFarland,
jj�� Chicign lightweight,   but the
Britisher insists on the weight being
'33 pounds. Paekcy wants I3fi
pounds or no light.
'!��� Wolgasl heats me when WC
"gnl in New Vork on April 30 I'm
jMng to qui) the game for good."
Ihis  is   the   sieanienl   made   b)
One-Round Hogan, the San Fran*
IM'" boy, who is in  New  York
f(" a wp ai the champion of the
little fellows.
Al Kaufman, the "white hope"
ls '"have,, real try-out here.   Jit"
"v"". the hard-hitting Pueblo
fireman, is matched to fight the
��'8 San Franciscan before the
'���rand Avenue Athletic Clubi Kan-
SllK f*i!i��     *1 i .     *       m*	 THE   PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
out Into effect, beef should be reduced to the consumer
from 8c. lo 5c. a pound] mutton from 3c. to 5c,
per pound, and pork the same. Poultry should be
reduced from oc. to 8c. per pound. Vegetables in
scarce times should come in from California with
i reduction of at least one-cpiarter of present prices.
Apples in the early season should bc reduced 20c
per box. And we should be so prosperous with such
,i substantial reduction in the high cost of living
iliat vve could afford melons and cantaloupes, anil
get them at Seattle prices. These are generally 10c.
,: piece in Seattle, and 15c. here, or 5c. in Seattle,
.ind 10c. here. The price of eggs should be reduced
,il least 5c. per do/en.
Wheat and barley, which are not produced in
lliritish Columbia  to any great  extent, are needed
|i     poultry raising in this Province.   The soft, cheap
tinier wheal of Washington is especially to poultry
ir.iisiTs.    The reduction in  the price of wheat will
|lu' I'.V. a bushel, or ��4.00 a ton;  and on barley, 15c.
bushel, or $0.00 a ton.
We may occasionally enjoy oysters under the
Licw condition of things.    The price of this luxury
ihould be reduced from 25 per cent to 40 per cent
luiuler the new agreement.
Talk about dressed meats���the importation
nl mutton, lamb and fresh meats for the year stated
amounted to $107,006. The duty paid amounted
lo $2!),802, and the rate has been reduced under
lhe new agreement from 3c. to 1 l-4c. per pound, a
paving to the consumer of about $17,000.
We imported during the same year, bacon and
liaius and other salt meats, totalling the enormous
���alue of Sl,037,921, upon which we paid a duty of
1335,890. The rate has been reduced under the
(lew agreement from 2c. to 1 l-4c. per pound, a saving
|o the country of 1126,200.
B. C. Is the Greatest Importer
I mill not point out to you that the greater
irtion of all these articles mentioned are imported
biiat the Province of British Columbia because none
bl the other provinces are to any great extent im-
|ortera of foodstuffs, with the exception of fruit
the Northwest, and the greater portion of the
avings which 1 have mentioned would come to thc
lople of British Columbia
In oilier words, an analysis of the schedule would
eail one to the conclusion that so far as the appli
fation of the tariff affects the cost of living, the saving
o the people of British Columbia should be at least
l.r) per cent of the present cost.
Mr. Cowan's Pamphlet
Now sir, British Columbia imports more food
bluffs tha.i any other province in the Dominion, and
rill get the greatest benefit from the free import-
In ion of food stuffs. Some years ago, our Conscr
Lative friends manufactured the cry of "better
terms" in this province to prejudice the people against
llit Ottawa Government The case for better terms
Iras prepared by Mr. Geo. H. Cowan, the present
Federal member for the eity of Vancouver. Here
l-what he says i i a pamphlet adorned with a sple idid
pit of himself, and spread broadcast to influence
ites in this province.   Mr. Cowan says
"But there is another branch of British Columbia's case, in that she imports more dutiable
goods ami hence pays more customs duties per head
t'f her population than any other province, ln so
lar as this excess prodceds from permanent causes
peculiar to British Columbia it would seem to con
Mituie by precedent a claim upon tlie central govern
I That is to say, if one tariff applied il" ovcr
Compels British Columbia,  by reason of her being
permanently unfitted from any cause for the nianu
it'iiire of dutiable goods, to make an excessive con
Inbution to the revenues of the Dominion, this cir-
runutance will in itself be recognised as an Inequality
Requiring adjustment."
Right About Face!
there waa anything to this argument, one would
hlmosl suppose that Mr. Cowan would be the first
Cowan argument that British Columbia was paying
more than its fair share in customs duties because
of its enormous importations of food stuffs. Is he
i.i favor of the removal of these duties now? Not
i bit of it. He was the first to denounce reciprocity
aind committed the Legislature, which he so absolutely controls, to a resolution against it. hie
can only come to the conclusion that in advocating
"better terms," these Tory leaders were not sincere,
and a close ai'.'.ly/alion of the figures prove that thc
whole case for "better terms" was based on figures
that cannot l.i. reconciled with the facts.
A Mischievous Cry
For years the Conservatives of British Columbia
went up and down the highways and by-ways of the
province shouting to the people that they had been
robbed of over eighteen million dollars by the Federal Government; that in the 34 years from the time
British Columbia joined the Confederation until
1905, that amount of money was collected from the
people of British Columbia in excess of what was
expentled In the province by the Dominion Government, The Auditor General of Canada, acting under
instructions from the Parliament of Canada, published the correct figures, and it was found that in
the 34 years mentioned, the Dominion Government
collected from all sources in British Columbia, aboul
sixty million dollars, or five million dollars more
than was collected.
"Better terms" was a most mischievous cry
because proper development can never take place
in Canada if it is to be hampered by a proper adjustment of receipts and expenditures so far as each and
every province is concerned. The best terms British
Columbia can get from the Dominion Government
is a proper appreciation of its natural resources
awaiting development, and an appreciation of the
fact that this part of Canada is important not because
it is the Province of British Columbia, but because
it is the western gateway of this great country "Can-
ida." We want the Dominion Government to assist
in opening up the western part of Canada by the
construction of more railways, by aids to navigation,
and we want this done because it is important from
a federal point of view and not because the Province
of British Columbia contributes the money, and we
want the Dominion Government to remove restrictions that prevent us from trading freely wi th our
neighbors and handicap us in the development of
our natural resources. The Dominion Government
is going a long way in doing this by the reciprocity
Helping the Fish  Industry
Take the fishing industry as an example. Under
thc previous regulations, the New England Fish
Company, an American concern, with headquarters
at Boston, had a practical monopoly of the halibut
fishing. Uniler the reciprocity agreement, with free
trade in fishing business, all fish companies with
headquarters at Prince Rupert can develop and
exploit the halibut industry and every other lish
industry at our very doors. \\ ith lish banks easily
thc richest in the known world, under the new conditions, tlie salmon canneries will have no more
short packs because a new market in the Southern
States among the large negro population is opened
up for the cheaper grades of fish that was heretofore
shut out by high duties.
Be Ready for the Fight
I could go on telling you how Prince Rupert
is to become the supply point for the Alaska trade
under the new conditions; how every other industry
will receive a new impetus from this trade agreement,
but I have already wearieil you. Let mc close by
appealing to you, Young Liberals, and you older
Liberals, and all of you who are interested in this
young city, that the battle for reciprocity has not
yet been won. When the battle cry is Bounded
you will find thai all the wealth and strength of
the protected interests of this country will line
up against freedom of trade.    The battle, when it
|t" wa-!, ome  any   measure   that  would   relieve   thecomes, will be short, sharp aid decisive.    If those
ll��'"||li' of British Columbia from paying  the extrawho   are   interested   will   stand   together  and   will
!l1"'* complained of.   This is done by the presentjnot be stampeded by false cries of disloyalty, there
���i-iiif of  reciprocity,   but   instead  of  embracing can   be  only  one  result.    Surely   this   young   ami
I1 "i announcement is made that Mr. Cowan is going
I ' "cw Brunswick during the Master holidays to
|""^uia.. (|���. benighted natives down there that
j "' iradi' w;t|, their neighbors in the New England
I ������>*>���* i* the very worst thing that could happen
|'" Mew Brunswick and Canada generally.
then there is our old friend, Premier McBride.
travelled   to  the foot of  tlie throne  to secure
k,Ut terms" for this province,    lie accepted the
imbitioiis citv, I'rince Rupert, looking lo the east,
the whole of Canada, beyond the Motherland; lo
the west, Asia, with its enormous possibilities for
trade, antl to the north, the Laml of the Midnight
Sun, will line up with Sir Wilfrid Laurier in smashing
the shackles that will surely retard its growth, antl
will take its place among the great commercial cities
of the world.' It will be a great fight when it conies.
Be ready.
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are a stag and a rum.    Twined
about   their feet  i.-  .1  -iroll   wiih
the word.- "Splendor Sim- Occasu"
written on  the scroll.     The lion
and  all   lhin^~  beneath   him   represent the cre>t of the Province
of British Columbia.
IT is the neatly printed "official
invitation'' signed by H. E. Young,
Provincial Secretary, to the Georges of Prince Ru|ieri to subscribe
to a movement that has been set
on foot with the object ol ena
ull the "Georges" "i the Empire
to present a coronation gift to
King George V of England, and
ruler of several domains between
the two poles.
Krnest A. Woods, (its- Treasurer," is the footnote written in
ink to the "ot'tii i.il in\ itation."
tn induce  tin-  local  Georges
come through wiih the coin.
I!i-   Excellency
C'jmma'ni'ini.' at a poal plantasi two unit one-halt'
lea m ao aaatariy direction from the point on
sk.'-n* Land Diatrict ���District of Coaat
Taka- notice that Glenn McArthur ot Vancouver.
(',, occupation real   estate auent   Intandi  '
-��+   appl..   for  pcrrmraion  to  purchaa*.  the following
dearfrriPeai landi:
Comir.encr.K at a poat planted lu chair-   .a"-:
10   ar.t] ?u chain, south of the aouthwaat cornet ot  ���	
Lot No.  ITaa mirked Glenn McArthur's north-   Naaa Rlvar whan thi   I.i-.. Laaa tral     ���
, wesl ci.rr.er, thence south 40 chains, ther.ce aaat    ii..-:- ���-���  waal   ���     iha na,  thi ica aotltl    ���     '1
.1        . ���   . 10 ehalns, tlier.ee north tu ehalns, u.a-rc.- atat   than latS  ohaina, thanoa north EaD chains t
ine      I'lacrtlor   au chains to po��t of conunenct-merit, containinu   point -'!  commencement, c ntainlna ���;     . rat
General of Canada suggested in BMJBtfltir    glekk mcarthur KSSKini Joseph belway
th��- "official invitation" thai the J'u,j-AKI|U t. d. aird. Ai��t pub.M,r. to
Skeena LanJ Dbtrict-Dutrict of Cassiar ��   Mikine Und thstrictrI>ipict of Caviar
: .*,*��� 1. nov that I Joseph Uelway of Vanmuver u *���** notl�� .thal \ hn>tian A. T��V0 of M.kine.
B.C.. occupation projector, intend* to applv for ?��� c - <*.cup��wn custom.* offlew, intends to apply
permission to purchase th.* following dMo'ribed fw permission to purchase the folloum* imctlbe*.
Skeer.a Und Diatrict���llislrict of Coast RlOgt f>
Take notice that  Willia:n  Franklin CtrpenUf
of Prince  Rupert, H. C, occupalion rtttturtnl
keep��r, intendi to apply (or permimion to purchaso
press be asked to give the matter
due publicity,
L'uut Kance ii Land District
BOtlN   that   I,   Joi\n   Hepburn   of   Kit-
lumkftlum,   occupation   farmer,   intend   to  apply
^^^^^^^^^^        bed
��� i 1    ..\ 1 _._,        .....   '"r p*tmi��ion to purohan the fujiowr.K dowrfl
I In words   .Menu. Mene rekel
1   ��� ��� racing *: a pott planted at the uorthowl
1 ������.'.'  . : ���:'���������     ������-*. the.'.ci- rn.it  -'��� rt.ui:.-, **..���:.c*
���: ������! *���*���   Rm I   gl    Chtttf,   ttei.Ce
north 4o ehain* to plac*' of eommenevrnwit
Uarcl 18, mi JuliS IIKMU RN
Pul   tpril :
L'pharsin" cannot be thrown at
the local fourth estate bj His
1 Kcelh m >'. 'J he Print e Rupert
press ; ui tin < ieorges wise to
the "oltu i.il invitation" long 11 fore
it was tai ked on the notii e board
at the ( it}   Hall
the < m orgi 5,
it' the gift will 1e
iii>   Majest)    to-
thi   iibt   of  donors
>,.,**;.-. Ul)d I I' ���':Id 1' Cout Kanue 5
Tak* i  ���" that I. Clara Jdu Uulu of Prinei
Rupart    '��� �����; atl      -; 11 ���'������   ;. :end  to
I ��pf.";. ���    ��� | lltUM    ���..���!    followini:
li . �� ���:..-'...
1 IH remrt.*   me |     Comn.encir.i; at  a i-��t pla.Med at  the  north
Skwna Land DUtrict-District. f Cassiar
Taka n .tic* that I Arthur James Welsh ol van-
cuu\er. uccupation  bruker, inter:- I     ipply  I j
parmission t" purchase the foUowing described
\a;. :-:
Coromenclnff at a poat plantad three and cne-
half miles fn an aaaterly alracti n from  ."������
on Naas River where the Lava  l.ake trail com-
mtncaa naar the trail, thanoa east airht)    haim
.:h -i chaiii**, thanes  west   ���
then.-" north 10 chaint t-- p< Int oi     n meneamai i
containing 640 acres mora or laai
Data Feb  '. 1911       ARTHUR JAMES WELCH
Tub. Mar, 10 Joseph Belway. tganl
and      *	
h side or the  __
easl   10  chain.*,   thence   north  4u chains,   the
wsat  10 ehaina, thanca ^luh 40 chaini to \  *
of coir.mencement and containing 160 acrai n i r��
er !'���-.���*
Dated Feb. 10,1911.    CHRISTIAN A.  rtliVw
1Mb. April ".
StUdna Lar.d District ���Dstrict of Cassiar
Take notice that Sydney Hodnkin*>*jn of Tele-
k*raph Creak,  B. C., occupation clerk, ir.*..*
apply for permiaaion to purchase the following
deecribed land:
Commencins al a poat planted about a quart ei
.��� d Tth aai   tt ���:��� ulacier Riffle and on the aast
I   Sl    .v*   River,  thenee  east   80   ���
thence north   10 ebaina, thence waat  80 chaini
thence south iu chains to point of coounaeceme it
ui. 0 ' tail lag B0 acres more or laaa,
Dated Feb. 11. 1011.
Tub. April 7. C.A. Terra, Agei l
thenee about 25 chains nonr to Lot 8068, ihence
about 30 ehaina east to south eaal corner of Lot
3068, thence about 36 chuins north to Lot 1711,
thence about 68 chains east lo polnl of commencement: eontalning -IM> acres, more or W-m.
Dated Feb. 16, 1011.
I'ub March 4.
Queen ChMlotH 'aland* Land Distriet    Dlsbu ,
Bkaana Uo'
Take notice thut 1, John McLeod of Vancoui
occupation broker, intend tO apply for pernu     '
to prospect for coul und putroloum on the (oil,,,, ���
described landai l0*in!
Commencini at i post plantad at the mouth .
thu Tl-el Uiver and nmrked   J.   Mel,. \   y , ul
nur, No. 60, ihence aouth tfl) chains, theneo u
Sit chains, tbence north 80 cliuinu, thenoe ��� ut i5
chair... .0 poinl 01 cornmencemeiit;  cunimin-,.,,,,
acres,  more or lesa.
Duied Feb. 81. mil JOHN Mcl Eon
i'ub. Feb. 88, Lealie B, Walter, \.,\,M
rests  (.-ntirrl
ii looks as
presi nted t����
gether   with
without a Prince Ru|mti end to
it.   His Maji st) knows that this
cit)   is   to   be  one  of  the  chiel
thresholds   to   his   Empire   and
he will silently marvel, after hi
over the list of I ieorgi
who did the loyal thing, when hi
notii ��� - th-ii  not a George from
at Threshold of To-morrow
subsi ribed to the gift.
S< v�� ral i itizens   most of them
west corw.*   ' .               FUnfi           aat      ������*. ������
thai ce ee thenci   north 88 chains
thanee  *��� I ihain   tbence norh 2u chair.-j
bonce dne, thai ������ south ;"��� d alni i
poinl   ��� I   ��� ent,   containinu   118   acres
I  ,eM,
Dated Kpti  t, IS             I LARA MAY LITT1.K
Skeeac Land      trtci   Diatriet of Coast Kar.Bt- 8
'lake notice that Lldon S. U,t*iier   I Barlii
Ont.' oceupation  doctor,  intends to   appl     for
otrmiMicr.   to  purcha**  tht  follouir.^
c.r.g st  s post  planted at the soutr.-
mer u Lot IMS, thence east 80 chains
more or leu, ther.ce aouth 48 chains more or leu,
Skaena Land District -District   f Cout Rang,.  - a _*>                         _____________m
Take notice that Mary Maramt GUlii    I '   ��� *eyp��wn agent, intend* to appl:
toria, B. C, occupatinn boua Ica per  intend P* ' ��on to purchase the foUowing deecri ���
apply for  permiasion  to  purchaa   the                 ; ,                        .   ,  ,
d,*cribed lands: '              -'���'���'���'  at   *   P061   planted   ahout   8   1--
("ommencing at a post planted at the r.o.-t'. easl ' '��� hall a mile south of the mou
eorner oi 1-ot ;*;*s7, tne.ice 80 ehains v.e.-t thai e Stanh ek where it empties into S'aden
80 ehains wuth, ther.w 2*. chains west to T. L Harbor, Graham lsiand, the ice east 40 cha na,
.' ������, tnence about ***j chains north to Lai ��� ���'��� ''-' chains, thence west 43 rhaina,
Rlvar thenee meandering ssid river jp -���-.-��� '��� ' ��� ' *" chain? to point of commencement
a southeasterly direction to Lain *������ 1 aka, then ��� an '- ���"������ ���'���'��� at'rt's m' -** ��r l^a.
meandering said lake to point of commencement ��� Datau Mam 17. 191L HL'HKliT 0. CREW
 1_����� .*������ i'_r..\:-. "                       Numa Demera, Agmt
Skeena Land l>i.-uici -District of Coaat Range S
Take notice thai Qeorge Lavlekof I'rince Kupert
H C., occupaUon clerk, i*,t ndl to apply for
; >r: || .,-.. to purchase the followini; described
��� ������ ring at i poal planted on ihora of
Lakelse Lake al i ��� SOchaiw north out from outlei
of said lake Lakelae Kiver, thence 80 ehalne
north, thance about 80 ohal ��� oaat to Lakelee
Uke. then��-e me.ti^lennK said uke slicra in a v.ee>
arh' dlwtion  to point of commencement;   con-
.��� ! DtaMft-Dttnet at Quwn Chariot .   ��t^cSJSS^ *********  ,Vs' "Mk-' Q''"
3��l�� ,ha,  Hubert O. l\*.  of  Prine.  [_^\ y^Ti. wu QEOROB LEV1CK
lllli ay
"li ao
cor.tainir.it  160 a?r��a. mora or it*.
Poat marked M. M. O., N  K. i orner.
Daleal Fa.!.  H. 1911.
i'ub. March 4.
Ska na Land Dutrict���Diatric: of Coait Rant   5
Take notice  that   Banjanjir.   Ruass!    Rica    t
'.ha-r.r.- aa��t ���)" chaine more or lea., ther.ce r.u-th   prine* Riin_       	
B. C
oeeui .    D waiter, ir.te^ Il
Skeer.a '.Air. i D��rrict���District of tjueen Chariotta
Take   notica   that   Georga   Krirzell   of   Priaca
lijpert.      ... .ace m.ation batcher, intends to apply
(or ;*::. I      r. to j.urchase the folloaainu daaCriQU
Comne.-.:inK  at   a  post   planted  alaout   .... j
a .... ���- -��� ana two mile, .-outh of the mouth of
' raek   tai.ere   It   empties    into   Nada'n
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Lan.l District���District bI Toast lUnne '.
Take notice that Annua Heatun ol I'mica' Rupert,
H. C, occupation miner, intends to apply for jit-
mi-ssion to purchase the followini dMeribed lun.ls:
Conameneuu at a paigt planted at the south
east corner of Lot 39*7. thenre lu chains wost.
Ihence 40 chains south, tha-nce ul>aiut tit' chairs
east to Lakelso Lake, thenct- meandering said lake
shore in an northerly direction to point of commencement; containinu 17n acra.... more or law.
Post marked A. B��� N. K. t'orner.
Data<l Feb. 1'., I'.'ll. ANCil'S BEATON
Tuh. March I.
Skeer.a Lan.l District-District of Coast
Take   notice   that   1,  Alexander   Huehun. I
ia..��o UiTreh 31  lull    Pf'hfiN <   rapTn'i. pp I "'Tft^*' **!** . ���   v . ,    thence :���./ cams west, thence SO chains north,'   Vaneouw, B.C.. Mcupatfon butchor, Intonda to
KfbASSlaV iSii .''J:' " ���������   , (-<"np*r-*-i_t -I a poat plantad ��5chains a ill ...   -., chaa, east to point of commencement    apply lor permiasion to purehas,. the followHnil
Pub. April is John CempbeU, Agea    tram the south east come of Lot 8W0, thene, 1 eontalnlnj M0 acrea more oriees. deacribed landi
ehains  west, thence 65 cha:-.s n^rth, th-r.c.   70   . .-. | March 17. ISU GEOKGE FRIZZELL      iVnimencinira post plnnta.,1 and markisl A.II.'
c.iains east, thence 65 chain, south to point ,.(   pub. April 7. ^^^^
Skeana land Diatrict���District of Cout
commencement;    containing   '.������'.   acres, rr.o.-e
Take notice that  Mra. L. C.  Putnam of St.   less    Post marked H. R. R, S E. Cor.
.-aui,    .Minnesota,   occupation   married    woman Dated Feb. 13, 1911.
r.ta-nda to apply for permiaaion to purchase the Pub. March 4.         BENJAMIN' RUSSEL RICH
ving described landa:
Commencing at a post planted a: ���: - -   ithwael
rorner of Lot No. 1733 marked Mr. 1. C. Putluunl Skaaena Land District���Dist.-:c. ol '.'oast RanRe j
���___m    ,   .       m_*____*_                                     rortheest corner, thence west 40 cr.air...  thence Take   notice that Davi I McLennan of Princ'
U111K    J.illll-.     |ainil>    i*T     |0SC'phs       *'-h eO chains   thenc* easl 4"                   tat* Ruper.. Ii. C. occupation c.-r;. intends to api iy
,             .                                  .-.-nr, su chains to paast of commenca-me.'t, can for penruaswn to purchase t.':�� fotlowlog  li
Ot     lnt*    Olhcr    (.vt-ri'rf.a n    tainina. 320 .cm. ���n��� .. I���.
Numa Demers, Agent   S.E. corner, and ndjolntnir posts markisl J..M. s
N.E. corner and P.R.'s S.E. corner; tha-nco \v.-l
lit lift"    evergreen   '��"iing 320 acres more or lesa. lands:
Dateal March 20 1911.      MRS.  I.. ( .  I'I TNAM       Commenc'r.g at a post pls-'^i 10 chains aouth
"   nam   Agen   from the south west corner of Lot -���!. thanea 10
cnains  east,  ther.ce  40  chai.-  :.o;-n.  t-.-r.ce   I ���
or  one   oi   me
sa)  that ii is up t'r AI-|Pub.Aj��iFi��
ill rm.ni George Korr to -t..rt "tl.i   	
movement" here.
. R. Pi
(ieorge i> a jHjpul.tr name, NVar-
y every young couple who rjuurri!
over whether the babj Bhould li
Have   the  Georges  of  Prince |called John after his father's father,
^ Skeena Lar.d District���Distriet of Coast
c-.ams wast, thenc* 40 chain, south to point uf
c immeneement:   containing  li,*) acres,   more  ar
��� ,.     I' ..��� marked D. M.. S  w   i    :
Dated Ee>). 1.1. 1911 DAVID McLEN.VAN
I'ub. .March 4.
Skeena Land Distriet���District of Queer. Charlotte
Take notice that Frank Levick of Wood
lint,   occupation   bookkeeper,   intends   to   app...
���   -mission to purchase the following deserio.-l
!ar. '���
I        endng at  a post  planted about  .-.-..:.
eat a-.d two miles so'^th of the m.���  "
Ste le;    I .--.k   wh.-re   it   empti.^    into   Na.i..:
Harbor, '..-..'an. tatnnd. thence so chains soutn.
ther.asr  su chains east,  thence So chains  nort:..
thenc so chains west to point of commenceme ,t
and etntunir.g 64U acr.^ more or iess.
Dated M^-cn 17. 1911.
Pub. April 7.
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence east ni
chains, thence eouth BO chains to point of con.-
meneement. containing .tto acra... mora ><r less.
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911        Charlo, II. Allan. Aire, I
Pub. Feb. j:.
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District    iii,
Tuke nutice Iliut 1, John McUiial of \,.,,
iiecupiituin broker, intend tu apply for | ,.r
to pruspect fur c.uil and petroleum oi! tin I,,
deaenbed lunds:
('utiiiiieuciiig ut ii poet plantad about tt.
weet of the nioulli ul the Tl-el Kiver and I
j, Mcl..   N. \\. Corner, No. 2a, thenoa m
chains,   thence east  SU  chains,   tlience  ,
chains, thenca. west  SU chains tu puint ���|
meneementi eonulning t>to ucres. more or
Dal.d Feb. 11, 1911 JnllN M,
Pub, Fab, 88. CUianoe .McDi.rt,.i|
Qu.sn Charlotte islands Lead District   iii>irir
Take notice that I, John McU'ti.l ol Vancuu
occupation broker, intend to upply lur pormUi
io praepeet for coal and petroleum on the I
deaeribe I lands:
Coiiilni'iicilig at a pust planted about u��� ,
west of the mouih of the Tt-al Ki.er and marrt
J. Mcl.. N. B. Cornor, No, 49, thenoe wutl
chuins. tlience west SO chains, thenca' nortli
chains, thenee east su chains tu polnl ol ...
meneementi containing 840 acra*, more or |..V.
Dalasl Feb. 21, 1911 JOHN Mcl.u,
Puli. Feb. 23. Clara.licai McDowell, /,_,
i^uas-n Charlotte Islands laand Districl Dtatrtd
Take nutica" that 1. John Mcl^-od of Vaneoei
occupatiun broker, intend lo apply for panniaa
to proaJMel for eoal and tH'truteum on the folio i
deecribed landa:
Coininelieirn in il post planta'd at the mou:
the Tl-il River and marked J.  McL. S. E. Cum
��� No    1. thenca* north  80 chuins,  thanoa w..,-
] chains, thenca- south :iu chains, thenca- eaa
i chains  to  puint   uf   commencement:    contai ii
640 acra-s, rnnra. ur lis��.
I Dated Feb. 21, 1911. JOHN Mcl.) i
I Pub. Feb. 2.1. Claranca. McDuwi-ll. _m
Stikine Land District���Distnct of Cassiar
Take notice that Christian A. Tervo of Stikine
B. C, occupation cui'.oms o^ieer, intend, to ap:i. .;
KufiiTt litiilt-ii tht- invitation?
They have not.   Up to date not
a cent has been liantit.il over to
Ernest A. Woods, City Treasurer.
Some vandal and disloyal Bub-
Skevna Lard District-District aif Ca.ast.
Take notice that I, John Miller, uf Vanrtiuver.
B.C..  occupation  butcher,  intends to apply fa r
FftTvK LEVICK   permiaaion to purchase the followinar described
Numa Demers. Agen       CommBeJlw at n post plantesl about 1 chain
from tidewater al the hCM of Luscomb.. Itay, anj
marked J.M.'s N.E.OOntar. thencew.-.t BOehaina,
thence south 80 chains, thence a'a.l 10 .-'.air..,
thence north 80 chain., tu point of   commence-
sl   ment, containing I'-ln acre, rau-r-��� or i. ���-.
Da:e.| lat Feb.. 1911 Charla-s B. Stark. Aaret.t
Pub. Feb. 25.
ii.-en Charlutte Islands Land District ���Dbtrictd
Take nutica* that I. John Mclsnod of Vanco-.n?,
occupation  broker,  intend to apply lor |a.-rr- ....
to prosix-ct fa.r caml and iM'truleum on the folio, ra
dawcrtlaisi alnds:
Co.ntnencing at a paast planted about live mia.
north ami one mile west of lhe mouth ol tb*
It-el River un.l markisl J. Mcl... N tt' Core*
I No. 17 thenca1 south SO chains, thenca- east so
ehains. thence north SO chains, thanea w.,; ..
{ chain, tu point of commencement: eontaitiirtt- >;io
.acre-, more or less.
llataslFel. 26.1911. JOHN Mcl.Kull
I'ub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell. \.-o
['?_? fi*>' ��" 51* mm .ide ot the Peninsula Ther.ci  baa tha eouth 'wettloroer"ot Lot 3'^'i'
ru tf.e- Reserve "         '   '   "    ~        -
��� .. ��� .
,         ���   th��.cv  ea 	
or leaa to poit, containing aito acres   mencement; containing 200 sc.-s. more or leas."
Commencing at a poat planted 50 chain, aouth   ehelna,  thence east  20 chains,  thenc-
or  Ethelbert   after  the  hero of ��� - -
I- .a      ���    .��� ,    , '    ''\'^7i[.l rl'_}��_T!ll-^*'r'l',7--'>* I''***'   ,nrn '���'"���*��� -oMh west" corner of Lot 3'."ii'.    P.��a   ^��ir.s to point of commencement s-,-1 contain, ng
hia mother s favonte novel, finally ^^^^ina^rror'^'o"!^:^ ZbVX*L��1'-3.--w.:S*1_** *&*} K ***�� tt_____m___m*_m__m.    _ _  __'"*
 ���toGocWB,;'   eS7thrth"e'n��"60""cl':;ne" MsV/ th��.�� 30  chllr.l   {",���'��' F'b-j^lSl:'.       CHRIS! IAN A. TERV.)
snvs-   "Wa 11   l..|'�� rnmnrnmiaw -.a-.l   't'"w 1Wl '���".���" *lo'I�� ������'���������  *)***** *^';  ,;"   r'orth' th*'c* S0 .ch,lr'?-'v''t ia P��ir't ol n '* '
-���'.."���        >>i N, It t f I OIllpronilM- all.(I    chains more or les. to post, con-- - ��� '       ^^^^^^^
call him George." DateTuarci. s, uil
���^m^^m^^^^m^^m^^-^^^ Aprl]
Among   the  leading  light:-  ol
__________________    Dated Feb. 13,1911.
ID Ml. BABLNGTON   Pub. Mareh 4.
jeet, has scribbled a thick black I the city we haw <aa..r.. N'aden
line across the face of the "official I George Frizzell, George Morrow,
���-������-������" ;,���(! where the word I George Sweet, George Tite, Georgi
Leek, and George Milncr, all loyal
_. , Skeena Land District-l'.trict of Ca.siar
Salteena Land District -District of Cout Tase n.tiee that I Andrew Cammin.-s of Vara.
Take notice that  William Munford (-  Prire-a   couv"- B.C.. occupation cook, intend. I     .;
r-keer.aLand Iiit'iJt-District of Cassiar
Take notice tha:  I.  Perry gueeran of Prinee
Rupert.  H. C. occupation pro-t��cter. intend to
apply  for  permissioi  to  purcl.a-e the following
discrilei lands:
Commercing at a post planta-i ir. the v-.cir.
, i'.*K*i.   *Y* *.'*Vl thre��*ights ol a ml - - .  .
Skeena Land District ���l)i.<triri .if Const
Hunge 5
Take notice that I, Fretl Carton, aaf
I'rince Rupert, B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for pertnisal in t.i
purchase the following ilescrilaei! lands:
Commencing at a post planted al the
tmrth east corner of surveyed lot 1987,
"Georges" appears, he has run
a pencil through and -ul.-titutt-*!
the word "mutts."
One paragraph of the "official
invitation" reads:
"It is proposed ihai subscriptions shall lie accepted from 5
cents upwards to ���*���").    A list ol
?.u^-1'i B;   '"   occuP,"��n   pmpectee  lnt*       for permleeloji to purehaae Uae foliowing'deic'r  '���   **t the mouth' ot the Bl'nan'aV'rr-i-k' ai'.'.'i hi!: _   Range 6, Coastdistrict, tha'iiev northSO
ilmieBil 11 ���*m*m'** ,0 l*"*  the  releasing   ��d lands: on the ������������.. , j���.. -. �����_._  ........
Commencinir at a r^ast planted three
subjects   of    the    King.      ,\
their chance, bj George
ng at a post planteal about 100 chain.   h*1[,m,hS,l!| mr' ?""^ ^-ti'in "from A. ~.,
��^^tbelndian^J.rveon the east aide "i   !^�� Ww where the LaaraLalte trail berii
the easterly boundary ol Timber Limit Na   chains   to   a   slougl
J--, -r No  35260. thence aouth 40 chain, alorg   c|,aj���s;    thence SOUti
fr-    ..   the earterly limit of said Timber umlt No *t& 1     __.   ..
OWS I ?!_���__ mt_'..**l.,''\-'* *1l *'d' "t tbeTinTnVuli   ���"*** ,!1��tr?"' ,h,!n�� ****. ; ch��ii-'. theneew
a��!S.J?Ire&*S?? 'I0"* *ho'��. thenee met   **-'-*-
> chains, thenee east so cha.ns.  thenc^ r. ::r.
cr N'o. ���'.'-���'.' CO cliaair.s. thence ea.i to the shore of
Goose Bay, a distance A 40 cnains more or leas,
thence  northerly  along  the shore or Goose  Bay
40 chain, to Goose Bay. thence north eionT .iiore   ch���in, to point of cemmenceme'nCcontalnTni''i'   *" I**!"" more'or Vm. ther.ce "westerly 4'J cha
bu cnains. ther.ce ��e��t 40 chair., more or le-a. to   ""*"  ' ~ '"" "'  ^^^
post, containing 880 acres more or less.
Dated March \ 1811.        WILLIAM   MINFORD
Pub. April li.
acrea.      ^^^^
Date Feb. .1. l.'ll.
I'ub. Mar. I .
Skeena Land District-District of Cassiar
ee that I. John HeOooald of Prii.ce
R .jsr.. 11 C. -- c.ipati' n hote:ka*per. intend, ta.
apply far paimaami t>. purch.se the followina'
- bed land.-
0eaaon  of   Prince   jermi.sion ta
i< ..-ru���i ur, i. Rujaert.  ll.  I'.,  (^cupalion pmspaae'.
a'..rnmencintr at a |K,*t planted three and oar.   appl.v for perrr.i .-:..r. to lease th�� following deKnr*.| .    Ce.mmer.cini
half m leelneieeeti ���   afr-m the pajant   lan^a
more or less to point of eommeno-ment, eontalhil ^
ANDREWCUMMINGS   J��"'��"�� mT-'",lVt' ,.������*,������
J -ihRelwav. Aa.-".   Dated March .. 1911. I'ERR\  QUEENAS
Pub. April ..
i; thencc west list
^^^^^^^^^^ h lid chains; thence
east 28 chains to the point of com-
Dated February 25th. 1911
First insertion Mar. 11
._ ���...   kr.aM.ca   -e^i.inct  Ol  I.O;
Take  nonce   that   Ori.   J.   Benaon  of
���_..   a,   ,-
Skeena Land Di.trict-Dstrict of Cassiar
Take notice that I Huith '    "
pert,  .aeeupation laborer.
_Ske,na L.ndjh- tHet of Coa��
f   Pi
aa. the following d��nl^ I    Cymrnencinar at a po.. planud three and
purchAie the
SktH-na l^inil Diftrii't-District of C'tmnt I. ���
Takt* node* Ihmi I Sfverin A. Tillr.ndcr *<( P __���
cher Inlrtml. ooctipttloil -liip niantcr. inten.l i.'.n-
ply f��ir |m��iitii--i 'ii i ���   le����M��   the    following   'ir-
icribtd fowthom
Commencinir at �� t��o��t iilantn) nt thi* N.W c *���
nrr of lot l't""-. thonce urot to low wnter murk,
thenco nouth nltinir tow  wnter ?nnrk i'i  chimi
mar**OrtaHi   Ihence east   to S.W. corner    '
]:V<2. thence north nlontr hiirh water mnr >
the wn��terly Umntlury of lot UU) IB ch:n*
or Imt t>> i' mt ..f cowmoncomopt antl eon!
nil fonthort in front of lot 13-12.
i>..i.! March;', ]<A\.
Puh. March lh.
i purchue the fullowing dMCr-fted   !��,�����
Commencinir at
rtBg  ioii-rih- i
poit  planted  at the north
Skeena Land l>i��tnet-District of i'o;i��t
Take notic.'thut t. Mr��. John Cocley "f Pria
Kupert. BaC<eOccupation married woman, inter
i to apply for pOrmtHloa to purchaie the follio*..*
doocribod tonda;
Commrncin* nt n p-t planted 40 chain- m
ni.ii \2< chaini Mmtta ftm the wiuthwen oon * i
lot 1733. C**u*\ l)i<ttlct. Itonue ;., thenc.    .
chain*, thence ��*n*t  M* chain*, thence notta '
chainn. Ihence we*t 4i'rhatn* moreor le*�� t-- t'
point   of  commencement.  containinK  IE>' ��f"
man ��� r Ion.
Date Mar. 10, 1011
Pub. Apr. 1, l;*ll
Our Goods and Otu- Prices Count . P.ain to Our Customs fa cS
For Quality and Economy the Big Reduction Sale of
Our sale is previa, the meril of our stock, complete in all Ihes      0.1     I i.      te AVLNUt
Ca.1 W ,r ,,g room or ,a,om> or /nice _��& ^_7^Z ^^t^& *- - a neW
Dressers, Quarter Oak MJ&~��D���,-, wax Bntahl larjre shai)e(1      d9 nn n_ , a__ ,   .  . kItchen-   Se^ our assortment
$66.00 Dresser, early English, lar^c ���v
size 40x30, 3small drawers top,  Co AA
2 large drawers bottom; sale price Dm.**/"
(26.00 Dressing Table to match above dresser,
early English, size of mirror 20 \ OA AA
2-i. sale price       AU.UU
$25.00 Dressing Table, golden oak, wax finish,
size    of   mirror   20  X   24.   sale   OA   AA
$66.00 Princess Dresser, quarter cut oak, golden,
with li small side drawers and 1 large drawer
at bottom, oval British mirror, si/.e f**\ A A
40 x 20, sale price J^aUU
$55.00 Dresser,  qurrter oak,   golden, 2 small  top
.    drawers and two lar��e  bottom  drawers, oval
front   shape   with  law   British    A A   A A
bevel mirror, sale price TTTallU
60.00 Mahogany Dresser, wax finish, large oval
mirror, slse 80 x 40, 'i top drawers a q a a
and 1 lar^e drawer, sale price        "rOaUU
All mail orders receive prompt attention.
45.00 Mahogany Dresser, wax finish, larpre shaped
mirror. 31'ze 38 x 19, serpentine front, 2
small drawers and 1 large drawer. o/�� AA
sale price.        . aJDaUU
Surfaced Oak Dressers
18.50 Dresier and Stand, surfaced oak, hardwood
golden finish, bevel mirror, three IP "7P
drawers; sale price    LD*��*J
19.60 Dresser and Stand, surfaced oak golden,
size of mirror bevel 16 x 20, three | *] C A
drawers to dresser; sale price    11 ��� 0*3
25.00 Dresser and Stand, surfaced oak golden,
oval mirrors, 8 drawers to dres- Ol A A
ser;   sale price     _ul.*M*J
84.00 Dresser and Stand, surfaced oak golden, 2
top shaped drawers and 2 large drawers at
bottom, large oval British mirror; OA AA
price. .���_\_\_\\\\\\^mmm.\m ** *J. *J "
42.00 Dresser and Stand, surfaced oak, size of top
42 x 20, serpentine front with 4 drawers, oval
British bevel mirror, size 24 x 30
sale price ,| _^_____________,
17.00 Combination Dresser, surfaced oak, size of
mirror 14 x 24, 3 drawers and commode compartment, size of tops 18 x 39 tow- | A r A
el bar, side of glass; sale price     .    l^aaJw
14.50 Combination Dresser, surfaced oak, size of
mirror 14 x 24, 1 top drawer and double commode compartment, towel hanger io rn
side of mirror; sale price     LtU* D"
J0.00 Chiffonnier, surfaced oak, 5 drawers and hat
compartment, square bevel mirror;
sale price ...  ^^^^^
22.50 Chiffonnier, surfaced oak golden, oval British
mirror, 5 large drawers, size of top IA A A
34x20. serpentine front, sale price   IvaUU
24.00 Chiffonnier, surfaced oak golden, same as
above with larger shaped mirror;
sale price ,...
Telephone Number 20 and we will be there to receive your
11.00 Washstand with mirror attached,     O   C A
surfaced oak,  sale price Oa��Jv
Axminster Carpet Squares
You  all  know  tha Wtdritlg quality of the lu-iivy Axminsti'i-
We have thorn In all sizes at prices lower, where (|ualitv
is tlie consideration, than has ever lieen offend  in  our
city before.-Come anil Inspect them.
22.50 Axminster Square,  size 8 feet!) inches bv   IO  AA
!) feet, Sale Price    I Oa VV
27.511  Axminstet   Square, size !l feet by !l feet,   OQ   AA
Sale Price       1.0*W
30.00  Axminsti'i- Square, size !l feet bv 10 feet  *)_*  AA
fi inches, Sale Price    aSUaW
82.60 Velvet Carpet Squares, size !l feet   by   12   *)*J   CA
feet, Sale price    L I *D*J
5.00 Axminster Hearth Rugs, size iii inches by 27    0   7'*
inches. Sale Price     a) a I al
:i.75 Velvet Wilton Mug, size 54 inches by 27 ins.,    Q  AA
Sal8 Price     aJaUW
3.00 Dudley Rug, size 64 inches by 27 inches, Sale   O  IC
Price     L.tm.0
2.00 Velvet Kuks, size 54 inches by 27 inches, Sale    |    CA
Price      laaJV
Space' iu this advertisement will not allow  us to enumerate
all the valuel we have to offer.    The  prices  quoted   on
these ruga are for spot cash.
GEO- P. TITE, Complete House ^"SXCSTT""
^^^^^^ lB^Lwli^t*-~Wjm\w!!B^N^m\^m\^m\^mm _-,.... ^* Y^ *m* M.     L THE   PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
M S38SSSQS '^MW^.***-*"*^^
mum iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
The Only Main Line Townsite in B. C. in which the G. T. P Railway Company Has Announced its Joint Ownership
Look at the Map
Ellison, you will find, occupies
the stragetic commercial point
which seems bound to command all
the trade of the Interior tributary
to Prince Rupert. It is where the
steel rails or the transcontinental
railway from the Atlantic touch
the salt waters of the Pacific on
the navigable waters of the Skeena
River. As a port it will be second
only to Prince Rupert in the northern part of this province and is also
second to this city as the only other townsite in which the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway and the
Government are jointly interested
in which lots are offered for sale.
We are all Pioneers. Not here for our health, but to make
money. No man ever saved more than a competence on a
salary; few do that. To get a footing on "Easy Street" you
have to invest. DOLLARS don't grow in your pockets, or in
a stocking. They must be put to work. Old Russell Sage
said: "Plant a few iu a new country and see how fast they
grow." That's what your Uncle is telling you, and here is
the biggest opportunity of this kind that is likely to knock at
your door this year.
Read Current History
Prince Rupert lot speculators do
not need to have pointed out to
them what magic lies in the announcement that the great railway
company and the government are
partners in the Ellison townsite.
That should be enough to bring
them a-running. But not everybody has the time to read the newspapers as closely as your uncle. In
the Manitoba Free Press of April
Sth, for instance, there was a Dig
headline reading : "Hundred and
seventy new towns to be born in
Western Canada During the Coming Year." Reading the list one
finds many are Grand Tru k Pacific
towns, but not one in British Columbia. No, Ellison and Prince
Rupert are the townsites in which
the railway is directly interested at
this time.
ELLISON���Where Atlantic Locomotives will toot salute to Pacific Steamers on the Skeena River���ELLISON
One- nf the most popular of nil the official reports
published lay the British Columbia Government is
the one bearing upon its title page the caption:
"New British Columbia," which has become generally known as "Bulletin No. 22," thnt being the
official number of the report. It has been widely
distributed and you will have little difficulty in
Boding one. On one page of this popular report
you will read this offidal declaration: "Upper
Skeena will become one of the garden spots of
British Columbia."
ELLISON, from its advantageous position,
with the Skeena River navigable for large steamers
at its front, a grcnt transcontinental railway intersecting it, should naturally become the metropolis
of the wonderful garden spot of British Columbia
referred to in the official report.
ELLISON lots are ready sellers. Why,
Just study the map a minute or two.
ELLISON is a townsite in which the Government and the < irand Trunk l'acilic nre active partners.
There can, therefore, be not even a shndow of doubt
as to its future success. You are invited to share
in this certain success by investing in a few town
lotsfyhile they are at bottom prices. There nre i
only a few on sale nml unless you nre Johnny-on-the-
spot on thejlny announced as the Opening Day of
our side you may be disappointed.   Better make
your deposit ns soon as possible and we will get
you in on it at thc prices fixed for our lirst offering.
ELLISON should, within a short time, have
a regular train service, as it is but a little distance
from Mile 104, to which point it is expected that
trains from Prince Rupert will be running this
ELLISON may not be tite only pebble on the
Skeenn River bench, but it certainly is the only town-
site on thai navigable water in which the railway
company have announced themselves interested. No
doubt next year there may be other additions and
sections put on the market, but by that time prices
will have gone up. Now you have a chance to bc
in on the ground lloor.
DOLLARS invested in good ground, rapidly
grow.   Did you look at that map;
WHERE the Grand Trunk Pacific and the
Government are joint owners in a townsite the lots
should be regarded as a safe investment. Your
money invested in ELLISON, or in Rogers addition
or any section that may bc offered later, is safeguarded by every legal method human foresight can
conceive.    Where one might and  properly should
For  reservation  of  lots  in  Ellison  or  Rogers'
Addition to Ellison, write or wire
J.   H.    KUGLER,    Prince   Rupert,   B.   C.
hesitate before investing in townsites promoted
by individuals or town-promotin companies, there
can be no hesitancy or misgiving as to town lots
in which thc Government and the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway nre jointly interested.
ELLISON is different. Do you cntch on? What
better gunrnntee can you possibly look for?
ELLISON lots should double nnd treble and
then go up some. It is believable thnt they will
sonr four br five times above present prices. 0U
arc a lucky chap today if you own even one. If
you should think of selling it and want quick action,
list it with us. We feel confident the demand
for these lots will exceed the number we have
at present to offer.
PRINCE RUPERT'S brief history will bc repented in the sale of ELLISON town lots.
ELLISON should hnve the most rapid giowth
of nny new town in British Columbia or anywhere
else. Lots in the sections we nre now offering for
Bale, ns well ns such additions nnd sections that
may be offered  later,  may bc calculated  to bring
investors similar returns to those resulting from
the first sale of Prince Rupert town lots.
ELLISON where the Grand Trunk Pacific
Transcontinental trains from the Atlantic will
first strike that wonderful Skeena River.
ELLISON is probably the greatest opportunity
for investing n few dollars on a reasonably certain
chance of winning big prolits you are likely to see
this year. But don't forget that the number of lots
is limited nnd you will have taa hurry some if you
want to pick out one of the choicest locations.
ELLISON needs at present merchants, hotel
men, "the baker, the butcher and the candlestick
maker," more than lot speculators, but they will
come later all right, as thev did in Prince Rupert, and
ELLISON trades' people will live in a town
where railway freight rates will always be regulated
by the competition of water transportation, as
Ellison will be the last important landing up the
Skeena River. It is where the railway leaves the
Skeena Valley lo follow thai of ihe famous Bulkley
ELLISON is your opportunity.    GRAB IT.
Opportunity   knocks   at   every   man's   door."
Knocks all the time but some people are sleepy.
ELLISON is on the market NOW. It is very
doubtful if nny other Grand Trunk townsite in
British Columbia will be on the market this year.
Better come in early and get a little Ellison in your
list of holdings. Start a few dollars to work there
nnd see whnt they will earn.
ELLISON is destined to be the principal shipping point not only for the agricultural belt in the
Bulkley and adjacent valleys-just glance al the
map again and see what a vast country will depend
on Ellison for its supplies and transportation for
its products. And then, when Grand Trunk officials
announce the fact that it is THE townsite in the
Haxclton district in which their company is interested,
you are reminded of the great mining activity that
district is promised this season, the machinery to
go in and the rich ore to come out.
ELLISON, thi' metropolis of "the garden spot
of British Columbia." Remember that railway
townsites cannot be chosen in British Columbia
like they are on the prairie between Winnipeg and
Edmonton every eight miles a town, every hundred
and thirty miles a divisional point, ln British
Columbia there is great engineering ability required
to lay out a route, many natural obstacles to contend
with, and towns must be located where the engineers
can find suitable land for sidings. Ellison is nn ideal
spot for a town outside of ils superiority geographically. Like grape nuts, "There's a reason," why
it should be at the poinl where the railway leaves
the Skeena Valley.   Look at your map.
ELLISON is the first spring opening of Grand
Trunk l'acilic offerings in the way of town lot opportunities.    There may  be others later,   but   t icrc's
DO certainty when.   Jump in and take a Iher.   Money
will not grow in your pocket.    It should grow every
month this summer if you plant ii in ELLISON.
How can you lose? You don't hnve to put up the
whole price, you know. Come early and select
Ellison lots, 20 per cent cash, balance easy terms, 7
per cent interesi. Select Rogers Addition lots, 1(1
per cent cash, 10 per cent per month, no interesi. A
few lots in Kllison Townsite for sale Inside lots
1280.00 each; corner lots 1350.00 each. A few
lots in Rogers Addition to Ellison Townsite (or
sale���Inside lots 1160.00 each; comer lots 1280.00
For   reservation  of   lots   in   Ellison   or  Rogers'
Addition to Ellison, write or wire
J.   H.    KUGLER,    Prince   Rupert,   B.   C.
Sale Begins Wed. Morning, Apr. 26
r -*f_*
'a*rz**~r*t** ���w***^^*-r<*r<t>m*f_rm^.'*
Jeremiah H. Kugler     ����
��   Prince Rupert, B.C.      Offices:   2nd Ave. Facing G. T. Terminal        W*
.Am.-*-*--..-.-*^.^^....^^^^^^^^^^^ __.^__._^ -&<&_*& m1(S_fi&-2 iTStfT r��irSr7Cr<��r/4^V^ THE
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District���Dlitrict ot
Tak�� notice that 1, John Mcl-eod of Vancouvur
occuputiun hroker, intend to apply lor permission
to proapect (or coal and petroleum on the following '
described landa:
Commencing ul u pout planted about two milt*
aouth and two milea went of the mouth of the
Tl-el Uiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner,
No. 12, thence aouth 80 chainn, thence went SO
chainB, thence north HO chuina, thence earn NO
chalna to point of com in on cement; euntniuinn
G40 acres, more or leaa.
Dated Feh. 28, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Reciprocity As It AffectsJttncejtopCTt
An address given by Duncan
Ross, ExMR, before the Young Liberals Club in the Empress Theatre last night
Queen Charlottv laland, Land District- lHatricl ol
Take notiov that I. Jolm McU'od ad Vaincamva>r,
occupation laraikaT, Intend to apply for pcnniaiaion
to   primpa'Ct for coul and pa-lrola-um on tha' lollowinK    ,- ���
dcaacrilia.il landi: 101    11
Commencini! ut u poll plantasl about Uu mili-aa
���outh anil two mila* varal of tla*- inoutli ol tlie
Ti'cl Riant and markail J. Mcl.. s. K. CoriiaT,
No. 41a, tha-nca' north SO chainn, tlicnav west  Mi   t'lj
chainn.   tha-nca'   MUU)   BO   cimins,   liia-nci-  a-iut   BO    ...      a       ��� - ,-, ,
chainn to point id conarni'nci'aaii'nl:   coiilainini: a. 10    Ill'UlallV    111   .1   Vollllg   CUV   IlKC   I
laera-ia,  analfa- or liiaai. ...
john mci.koi) us promising future and scarce
The organization of an association which has by public opinion in this country
iject the discussion of public affairs andanswer be?   What is your answer going to
promotion of certain policies and certain prin-opponents of the measure are endeavoring to becloudldraw
s, tarries with it  a large responsibility,  par-|the issue by a great deal of Hag waving
which it was iutinu
As i t was much to be ^^^^^^^^^
il of protection to Canadian produc
md byl&ritish markets, the people would begin tt
States, audi
U��alit- K. Walter. Anctit
Dau-d Ka-1.. :!���'. l'Jll
Pula. Keh. 2*.
Queen Charlotta- lalandi Land Oiiatricl--l)iatrict ol
Take notiee that 1, John McU-od ol Vianriiuaa-r.
occupalion tiroki-r, intenil lo appl> for permiaaion
to proapeel for coul ami potroloum on tlie toliowini
dawcriiH-ii lenda:
Conintencli:|> ai t* po.t plumed ahout twu inih.
aouth and laau niili-a aa-tit oi the moulh id the
TM Kiver an.l marked J. Mcl.. N. B. Curmr.
No. 47, thenc smith BQ chum,. Ihence wa-at St'
chain,, tl ence nnrth cO chain, tha-nca' east :au
chain, to puint id commencement; contuinir.it 840
acreai. more or leaa.
Duled Keh St, Mil. 'OI1N  McLKOD
I'uh. Ka-la. 24 Clarence McDowell. Agt'itt
rince Rupert,
Iy  any  past.
work ol making or marring this (it) is largely thei
work ol the young men, men with splendid optimism
impugning the loyalty of those in favor of the measure whether remaining a portion of thc British BJPJ3J"       e   ,
1 ...       "')eof that paramount advantage it was lutJiei to sliouiit   ot
Ider than confederation itself.
men u ho can dream dreams and see theni conic I rue.l A Piece of History .
Whether this city is to be built up and developed^      por  cjg|,u.(.���  years  under  Conservative  rule
tlong certain lines, or whether like Topsy, ii is going|from 18-8 lo l8g-j| Canada struggled under a pro
tective tariff with what result?   After eighteen years
to grow up in a haphazard way, largely depenas
upon whether the young men such as belong to|
the Voung Liberal Association take an intelligent
interesi iu public affairs, or whether they arc satisfied
to lake matters as they come and leave their destiny
to Providence or a railway   orporation,
The Two Prince Ruperts
I can see two futures for Prince Rupert and it
niiiM  have either one of  them.     1   can see  Prince
Rupert a teimi ius of a great transco itinental railway
a i       ��'!'{* M,cl'.Kl"J I 'ind nothing else���a shipping point essential to the
Uarcnea- McDowell. Agent ) ft ��� *      *>   '
work of the railway, and nothing else���a town
like Portland, Maine, which although il is the Atlantic terminus of the Grand Trunk l'acilic in the
United States, with a good harbor, with splendid
shipping facilities, does not seem to have a iy greater
mission than to be a convenient point for the trans
it becomes necessary to discuss the history of recip-would ,.,,.,, i ���.....i.,,,,.
rocity because i. is not a new subject in Canadajfound to be. The reply of Mr. Gladstone who wasjana
i i I'acl, it is   " '      	
I     . C-!_.   ... *.\mm.m,      I   miAl.Ktn o��iH       hn     f*V iilTSSm       LI1CIWUUIU       i"        "' **'- * ���"���'.'       ���
>!" such relations;  that the period of the old Reap.
rocity Treaty was one of marked prosperity to thei
gueen Charlotte I*] unda Land Diatrict���Outriet
Tiikv MJticv tliut 1, Jolin McLeod of Vuncnuver
occuputiun bntei Intnd to npply for iicrminiun
tu proo)H*ct for OOll und petruli'um on tin* following
dwcribvd Unds:
L'omrm*ncinti m a post plant til about two
mill* aouth and two milea wuat of thv mouth of
UM Tl-vl Kivir, tiraham Inland, and marked
J. Mcl.,. N. \V. turner, No. 84| tliuneu aouth .so
chuina, thenca ��'u*t <S0 chaina, ihence north M)
chuina, thence wwt hU chainH to point of commencement;  containinK ti-10 ucrw, more or"
Dated Feb.'J.!, 11*11 '" *
Pub. Fib. M.
Quwn Charlotte 1 '..,��� '   Land Diatrict���District  ���
Taki1 notice that 1. Jolm Mcl.t-.nl of VlMOUVM
occupation broker, intend to apply (ur ptralMkui
to i-r-.-jai-ri for coul und petroleum un the following
deacrihed landa:
Commencini: at a |��wt planted alwut twu mill
aouth and two milea tntX of the mouth of thc Tl-el
River and mirktd J Mcl., S. \\\ Corner, No :i.l,
thencu north N chuinn, iIutkv earn KO chains,
thence aouth 80 chumr, thencv wi��t mi chuins tti
point uf cummenevmunt; containing CIO :u-r -
morv or Itm
Dated Keh. 22. 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 14. t lan'iici* McDuwi-M. Age it
Queen Charlotte Manila Land Diatrict -Diatrict of
Take notice that I, Juhn McUtxl of Yancouvvr
occupaliun bruker, intend to apply fur jtvrniMUutk
to prospect for coal and jR'troUum un the following
dv*cnt>ed landa:
Commencing at a post plamitl about twu rnilea
���outh of the Tl-i! Ktvir and marked John McL
N. K. Curnvr, No. 32, thMM Miuth Hit chains,
thence *t*t tiO chains, thencv north **0 chaina.
thencv ca*t HO chairu tu point of commencement:
containing 640 acrea, murv or lev.
Datvd Feb 82, 1911. JuHN IftLEOD
Puh. Feb. Mi LmIif K. Waller, Agenl
QW*tt* CharlotU lalamla Un.l DUtrict - Diatrtct of
Take notice lhat I, John McU-od ol Vancuuver.
occupation broker, intend 10 apply for permission
to proapect fur coal and petroleum on the following
described landa: _ ,.
Commencing at a posi planted altout live mil*
north and one mile w.*t of the mouth 0 thc
Tl-vl Kiwr and marked J. McL.. N. K. C��Mf.
No. 24, Ihence M.ulh K chaina. thence w����t Ml
chaina. thenco north Ml chains. Ihencv r-*l SO
chains to (joint of commencement; containing MO
acrw. more or U*m% .___._.__. _,. ,..,,,.
Daied Feb. 26. 1911. JOHN   MrU.'.D
I ub. F��b. 2n Clarenw McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und Diatrtct���Diatrict ot
Take notice thai I. John McLeod of VaMMTW,
occupation broker, intend to apply for iHirmissinn
lo prna|��ect for coal and pelroleum on the following
(learnbed Unda:
Commencing at a post planted about two mile*
aouth ol the mouth of the TU*! Kiver and marked
J. McL. S- K Corner, No. 31. thenco wwt hO
chaina, Ihence nurth HO chaina, ihence east Ml
chains, thence aoulh 80 chaina to point of corn*
mencement; containing 610 aenw. more or Urn.
Dated Feb 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 24. 1 ��� *���* K- Waller. Agent
Queer^Charlotte lalandi Und Diatrict- Diatriet *t
Ske n ���
Take BotlM thai I, Jo B McU d o' Va OMW,
ot-cui aif n bruker, intend o a) p'y for p<-rmiaai��n
to proaprct for c al and pel rule .m o . the follow.. g
darcnbvd Unda:
Coairnercing at a p st plai.t.il about four mil ���
aout'i and tw.< mdi* weit of the m uth or U��
Tl-vl Itiver and marked 1- McU N. K Corr.tr.
Nu. Aa. ihrno- .outh M) Chaina. th"-c<* *<*t ���"
chains, thenc* m-rth ���*������* chain*, th**: re .s ���
chaim to poi t of commencem'*nt: ontaining tiO
irr.-, morv or I.as
Dat*:. Feb. 23. ..< 1 J< UN U'LGOD
Pub Fab. 25. Clarance MrDuwdl, Agr-.i
Queon Oarluttv IaUnda Und District��� Dutrict <>'
Sk rns
Take notice that I. Juhn McUod of V��ncou��er,
occupatio broker, intend 10 appl for pefm ��� - -
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
dfocr b d landv
('ommencing at a poet planted fo r min aouth
an I two west of the m uth of 1 e TM Kiwr and
mark.d J. MrL. S. B. Corner. No. 46, thonc* n rth
ft Chain., thenc. wmt -Mi . l, un* if e D* soulh v;
c Bins 1 tnoe e**t '0 chai t point of coin
menn-m��nl fontainmg *'<4o acres. m��re > t le ��
Dated Feb. -3. .911. JOHN   M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 25. Claranre MeDowell, Ager t
Que*n Charlotte IsUnda Und D:atr���� - I M��tr c. of
Take nolic- thai I, J hn .Mcl-eod nf Vanco w.r.
occupation <>roH*r, intvnd lo apply for pe-mi*b.n
to |> ospert for c 11! ar.d ,'troleum un lh fotluwirg
dc��<rilied lands:
t'omm-ncing .t a i*mi p.anied aboul f ur mi! ��
wuth and two milva Ml "f the mouih of tie
Tl- R M ard marked J. McL M. W. Com .
No. .16 th*nc>< aouth -ii chain . rh<-n ������ e at t*Q
chain , thvnce north h chains, thenoe �������� ^0
1 ham* to potftl ��� I eommenc mT,t, cu ta.r.mg f>(0
arm. more t.r \**w*.
Date.1 Fvb. U_ l'l L JtHIN M'LKOD
Pub. Feb. 2'.. Clararc- Mel>ow^:i. A|    I
QuMiriCharlottc lalar .-��� Lm I Distirt-Diauiet .if
Take none* tl.a   I, Jnhn ML    I   f \ n .. 1..
occupation 1 rnk-r. inland lo apnty 'or permis*. -
t..pro'|e-C'   OT CM  ��  d    ������ r \* *m uq   u* fo'low.i g
d arnU' 1 Imda:
Commencing at Ipttj !��r,t d al- ��� t *o r milw
outh and IWO mile. <*-< t ������' th m uh f lhc
T -v   K,v*r an.l    .ar-vl J    ' \V   ��o nvr.
No. 35, tli-rc n.rth Ml da. - h��nc ems 0
chaina. Ihencv tooth 0 cha ��� ��� tha ��� wwt ���*>
Cfiaina 0 p int uf wim-rivrc*��meni ����� n'aining 10
i'f��, tm-re or Im ,
l�� tad Pat     1. 1   11. J   HN M'LKOD
Pob Feb. 25. Carir. eM Dow��||,    ft
Quwn Charlotte Islanda Und Dittriet���District of
Take n. un flat I. Joh* Mrl^od of Vancout. r.
occupation brok��r. interd to apply for permit* on
lo prospect for c����l and j*troh um on the followi g
deir.rlwd land:
Commsnnng at a post plan'ed about tw. BM|
north of the moulh of th- T -el r ver an marked
J. McL.. S. W. COTMr, N-. 1. ihenee north W)
ehaina, thencv MM h�� chains thT-C aouth HO
chains, tharrv w ��i **t- rha r.s to i^int of com
mvrr^fnrr i, e> ntsi-ifng 64 I acree, mom or li��ss
DttodFM 25,1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb 27 T. K. Walter, AfMl
Qu<*n (harlotte laland- Und District- Disirict
lake notire that J. J.,|,n McLeod of Vancouwr.
.���ecup��u,,r brokor, intend lo apply f.-r iM>rndssi.>n
topt MCI I n e. ai aad |K*M-leunif.nth* fallowing
deaenb��*'l lan ' I
I MomOMlni a a pool |'*v..i ibMl 'wo mile*
north  and  1   0  mile-  we*t  tri  .u  m.rut     of  the
NO    ml,  thenr*
Chains,   thenee
of protection of our infant industries, Canada was
eft with a small population, a scanty immigration
an empty Northwest, enormous additions to her
public debt, a tariff oppressive to the consuming
classes, restricted markets, and a saturnalia ol
political corruption.
In their tlistrcss the people turned to the party
of low tarilT and elected the Liberals to power,
Immediately the Tories cried "Ruin and Disloyalty"
and one of the largest millers of the country stated
that he would close down his mill and retire to
TarilT revision came, but I am afraid these loud
prophecies of blue ruin had some effect and the
revision was not so drastic as some of us had hoped
for.    What was the result?    Ruin?    Not  a bit of
shipment of goods in transit, and which is small't- Canada prospered as she had never done before
and inconsequential when compared to its neighbor and our friend the miller was kept so busy enlarging!
Boston. That is one I'rince Rupert���a Princeftis plant to meet increased demands of trade that
Rupert neither you nor I wish to see, but a possible[he forgot to retire to Hngland.
.   ..   .-  .������ ni  aai�� aa
TWI Mara aanil ar.araaa..| J.   Mrl..  N.   W     I . ra.. r
NO   ''".  tha-fir* *iilh  I'll raaain.   ali^na-*
Prince Rupert unless \\t lake advantage of our
opportunities, unless we do our part in breaking
the shackles that fetter trade and restrict development of our natural resources. What is the other
Prince Rupert? I feel safe in saying that from
the shadow of the North Pole to the North Pacific
Ocean, from the western bonier of Alberta to the
Coast, is an u (developed Empire richer in natural
resources tha i a iy other part ol Canada, a.id as
rich as any country in the world. Lying along
side of us and separated from us only by trade barriers erected by Governments elected by the people,
is Alaska, rich enough and large enough lo build
in this northern country, to build on this Kaien
mil, one of the greatest commercial cities in the
world, if trade were allowed lo follow natural channels.
The Norlh l'acilic has more wealth in fish than any
Other known water in the world, and that fish would
Ihul a centre from which it would be distributed to
feed the people of the world, and that centre would
be I'ri ice Kupert if governments elected by the
people would allow trade to follow natural channels!
and not attempt to force it to other points by protective tariffs. And then there is mineral and coal,
timber and agricultural resources all awaiting development but handicapped at the outset by the high cost
of living and by the discouraging restrictions imposed
by high tarills made to protect industries in which
we are not locally interested and which are generally
a stumbling block iu thc way of the development
Ol natural resources.
Which Shall It Be;
Let me impress upon you that the mere transshipment ol oilier people's good-, | roduced by otherj
people's toil and energy, through litis port of I'rince
Rupert, will never make I'rince Rupert great. Thc
greatness of I'rince Kujuri will depend upon the
energy of its people and the development of the
natural resources immediately at your door. Which
Prince Rupert shall it be   the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway terminus or a great commercial centre���
an argosy into which will be poured all the wealth
of mis northern country? That will largcl) depend
upon jrou, young men. members of the Young Liberal
Association, .md other young nun, who although
nol now members, may In- later on, and who, in
an) event, can do their share in lhe upbuilding of
ihi* ail\ although they may hold different political
Now sir. having fairly contrasted thc two possible futures Inr litis city, and basing suggested that
greater freedom ()f trade is essential to development.
I wish to make thc statement that there is no portion
of the Dominion ol Canada more vitall)  interested
in tin i|\m -nam ,,t reciprocity than the City of Prince
Rupert; that the Government in amending iis lariil
by entering into freer trade relations wilh the United
States, ia doing more for the future of Prince Ruperl
than f"i .my other p.irt of the country.
What Reciprocity Is
What is reciprocity? Canada U.n* a tariff wall
.11 ross which no goods can come, not even the necessaries of life, unless they pay to the Government
pproximatcly 20 per cent of their value. The
I tilted States has a tariff wall as high as the liis-|
torical "Hainan's gallows." On both sides thc
consunu 1- of these tomis pay the extra cost imposed
bj these duties until the mst ()f living has gone up
b> leaps and bounds and it has become difficult
(or the orali���;ir% i���a��� l(, mi{\i(. )���,,), ,.11(|s |nct,, eV(,n
So tne (iov
"Too British" for Sir Charles
The Liberal Government secured a further!
reduction in thc tariff by a British preference. Again
our Tory friends cried "Ruin." The Jeremiahs
of the Jeremiahs were heard throughout this broad
Dominion and that doughty veteran, Sir Charles
Tupper, again buckled on his armour and proclaimed that Sir Wilfrid Laurier was too British
for him. Did ruin come? Not a bit of it. Canada
prospered as she had never done before.
Through all these years of prosperity, the high
tariff men were .lot idle. Through manufacturers
associations and   kindred   organizations,   they   kepi
then Colonial Secretary, was a stinging ten
those fair-weather Loyalists, and he expressed thelwouK
pious hope that the people of Canada were bound
to the Mother Land by a firmer bond than a commercial one, and that the people of Canada did not
desire that a market for their products should be;
maintained by a perpetual tax upon the people of
"Globe" Comments on Situation
'lhe Toronto Globe of that day said: "It was
amusing to watch the effects of the new British policy
upon the Tory members of the Province. 1 he
comments of these members afforded an admirable
illustration of the selfishness of Toryism. Give
them everything they could desire, and ihey werel
brimful of loyalty. They would chant paeons tinti
llu\ were sick, and drink goblets until they were
blind, in praise of wise and benevolent Governors]
who gave theni all the offices and all the emolu
incuts, but let their interests, real or imaginary, be
affected, and how sooi did their loyalty evaporate.-'
Now, there was talk of separation from the Mother
Country unless the Mother would continue to feed
theni in the method prescribed by the child. Tory
loyalty was estimated in pounds, shillings and pence.
When these were withdrawn, il sustained a collapse.
It was a strange thing, the Tory loyalty. You
might trample on every privilege, you miglil opposi
the passage of every good law, you might enact
class legislation by which the interests of the many
were entirely sacrificed for the few, and you would
not disturb the Tory's loyalty. He seemed to be
better pleased to show his loyally for the preser
vation of things as they were. But the moment
the Government ventured legislation on a broad,
just and comprehensive scale, the Tory's loyalty
,s in thelfurther, "tlmt having regard to the prosperitj 0|
ubt'Cauada, the United Stales as an adjoining   country,
many mutual interests, it is desirable thai there
most  friendly relations and broad
iiier.u trade intercourse between them; that tht
tojintcrcsts  alike  of   the   Dominion  and   the   Rmpite
materially advanced by the establishing j
J .        .,..:.. 'l I...   .���������;,aal   aaf   tlaa.   aal.I    l'....:.
be well for the consuming classes in both countries 'abrogation would force Canada into annexation with
if the tariff walls were lowered so as to allow thell,e l nUwl Statcs- an<l 0,R' ''""KN'ssnian went s.
free interchange of natural products. This arrange-far as "�� mtnxluce a measure providing for lhe
ment was received with the most indignant protests annexation of Canada. When Colonial preference
fro.,, the special interests of both sides of the line,was ��''��l��*��l. ( anada was to be forced into annex-
and if the opponents of reciprocity were to be believed,^011- VVhcn lhe R��aP">aty Treaty was passed
one could come to no other conclusion but that " w<ml(l lca<l l" annexation, and when the Recip
Mitn Canada and the United Slates are lo be ho,)c.;Pr,,n,> Treaty was abrogated, it would force aiuiex-
lessly ruined after reciprocity comes into effect
Amusing Contradictions
liven   Speaker   Cannon   appeals   to   tlu
going to sit idly by and
iy   free   importation   of
Isn't this an accurate pen picture of the Tory
i .-,   .,     i    ... i[today and the opponents of reciprocity?    Let well
up  a   persistent   propaganda  until   the  fanner and ���> " ' '
., ., i    ���       .1   ,   ,1,.. enough  a one  thev  cry.     1 hcv  a wavs worsuppn
the  consumer  came   to  the  conclusion   that   thev        h . , .    ,      ,. i
��� i.i i      i ���    .i     a-  i .     -ri       _..i_ ai, :, false gods and chief among them is the "(arotcsouc
would take a hand in the light.     I hcv made then        ..      ,, . '
, ,i     i      _��� _ t- i... ,��� .   Bi hken,    lie (.od of things as thev are.
wants known to tlie Laurier (.overnment by rcso-( *��� '
lutions   and   delegations,   and   Sir   Wilfrid   replied! Reciprocity in 1854
that his was a Democratic Government in a Dcmo-|      With a view to assisting Canadian trade, Imperial
Statesmen did everything in their power to bring
about a reciprocity treaty between Canada and tin
United States, and, after considerable negotiations
such treaty was passed in 1 Sii-l and continued unti
18()li. For twelve years there was the freest possible
interchange of the products of the farm, the forest
the mine and sea.    Canada prospered as she never
cralic country legislating for Democracy.
United States Tories
They  have  Tories  in   the   United  States,   but
they call theni by another name over there.   Toryism
in the United States had no conscience and no bowels
of compassion.   They raised their tariff walls sohig
that tne dommon people were impoverished to make
the few fabulously rich.   The cos. of living went|did befo"> ancl lR'r l0>'ah>- to ,,H' Mother 0,l,,,,r>
was not  lessened.    When  this  treaty was passed
sen t
up  so  high   that   the  consumer  rebelled   and .
insurgent candidates to their Parliament. thc "?�� B,ue Ru,n 1oril's tolll(l sw no ****-*\ <ml-
Sir Wilfrid, listening to the voice of his pcople,|come than annexation with the United States. When
md   President  Taft,  heeding   the warning  of   tie
recent election, came to the conclusion that it would
the treaty was abrogated in I860, some equally foolish
people of the same political faith believed that the
he   1
ation. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
None  of   these  prophecies  eventuated,  and   il
is not reasonable  to argue now  that  our loyally
^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ .does in no way depend upon  these arrangements
Growers of California and asks them if they are!., ��� ������, reatonabie ,��� sllpi)(P!<t, ,hat ��� |)WI|)lt. who|
see  Iheir industry ruined^;,, R|1 ���������, t,K, Hri(is|) marke, .m(| nu,t.( tlu, wor|,|'.
cheap British CdumbidcompetitJoni .������, .lt tlll, s:mi(, liim, ^ BrW|,
fruit. On this sideiof theslinc, Mr. Martin BundlJ|oodl M1|)MilMtia| preference In its own market
M. P. for Vale-Cariboo; Mr. Price Ellison, MWsterij, .urHdendy loyal to be able to make a trade agrei
of Agriculture, and others wail because the British ^^^*
Columbia fruit Industry is going to be mined by
the free importation of California fruit.
The lumbermen of the stale of Washington
have filed their protests against reciprocity because
their business is going to be swamped by cheap
lumber from British Columbia, and the Tory lumbermen of British Columbia are howling because the
British Columbia business is going to be ruined
y cheap lumber from the state of Washington, lt
has always been so���when a protected interest is;
threatened when something is done to ameliorate
the condition of tlie consuming classes, a wail goes!
up from those who have had their industries pro-]
tectcd at the expense of others. Always associated
with  these  protected  interests has  been   the Tory
party.    The apostles of high  protection insist that
"righteousness no longer exalteth a nation''��� a
protea live tariff ,don<' does it.
If you are going to be truly loyal, you must tax
yourselves for the protected interests of this country.
ment with its nearest neighbor without  its loyalu
tbeing impugned''
Tories Wanted Reciprocity
During the twelve years lhal reciprocity w
iree, there was great prosperity on both side.'
of tlie line, and in 1866, Sir John Macdonald sent
Mr. Gait and Mr. Howland to Washington pleading
for B continuation of reciprocity. So sweeping
were the offers made for a continuance of reciprocity
that George Brown, the Liberal member of the then
Coalition Government withdrew from the Government as a protest against an unnecessary sacrifice
of Catuidian interests. After Confederation, Sir
John Macdonald sent Hon. John Rose to Washington
���'���-   180!) to negotiate a
in icon io negotiate a reciprocity treaty, but he
was unsuccessful. In LST.'t a further effort was made!
by Sir John Macdonald to secure reciprocity, but
he was unsuccessful. The Mackenzie Government
to meet  public clamor attempted   to secure recip-,
rocity, but was unsuccessful
KIEV*-     dugs
QMM Charlotta Ulamln Un-| Dinlnrt    tM-LLl   ���	
i iMr ri     i i>ftr>M i,\ . *\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\m  -~*        -     ��� ���   i i     y I'll     �� dill     I i it     11< ' '      -. 11 M :���   ' 'i     111 I     ,i I    ;i    I < ��� )��� nil  11 de M'MI MK'i I      I 11     iviU'nr      m       1 ^~^- i      i
na*,., .mi t����� mii^.���'t St'SKi'S%__\ImwI ��. -.:�� _..- .       .'      *__**. >"ur ,1,M> "" lrull|'s the same wherever you find it and whenever youP<>Hcy was to force United Slates into m,,lwl
'find It. ��� ��� a rec
ir ... , ... ��� i        h-b     sir John Macdonald
II you want the necessaries of life  at a reasonable .returned   lo  power  in   1878
nnnn tm, i����� rnn- .���, ^tS^tolMd^m ,T' ^  /"" '"k'' V""r ,h"y "IT ,rui,is *������*��� ���*"���*> wherever you fin
Uivr.mlm.alai.lJ   M.l V.. . . ,Vr��f  N,, ai *"'   ,;,k*'  "*"  duly   off   (rtlil      VOU   tak.'  Vour
=\,:'i.~ ��� ���*��� * S5 ��>��   Von reduce your dutj on ham. and ba    '     |
-.^WK-fiS Ie -���,'������������_ ���lir duty^on hams    I  , ;
I'ail. ' lul. 21,, 1911
Pub. Ka.b. 27.    ^^^^^
Qu��.|a(hat;.,tl-I.l��a,d. Un.llllrtrtrt-|,1��ri��ot r" ""   ''"*"   "'  IO0S
sk'-'t.ai leases  Bfl   avarv
T��k��notlra. lhat I, Jnhn Mrl-..J ot V��nasnaav��r,
orcti|iatirin hrolaa^. inta-nal u, apply l.ar |M^miHakin   Wllta  usttl   t(l
taa praaaaprct Inr caial anil |ia>tr.ilaauaai nn tha- Inltsavina f
aiaj��acriba*al land I
Conama-ncina at a poiat |alan'a"l alw.ut twn
nairah and tavo mllaaat avaa-l nf lh rna.uth ol lhaa
TI-.I KIvm anal marknl J Httaa H, W. Cnrnot
No. 61, thaanw aoaith HO ham., th-ncp wa^> ain
chalaa, thnne ��� north W) chain., th^ncr p*.' nn
chalna lo polnl ol comina-nci-na. nt fnnlalrlna
640 acrm, m'.re ��r la��a. ,,,���., ,, . ara.a.
Datad Fefa. 26. 1911. (0����.JJftJJOD
Mr. Gladstone's Rebuke
Before the repeal of  tlie Corn Laws
in ('.real
i the
i preferential market
����'"�� list oi articles that are in mosth   r   ' ",,,,mK.11 pro,lu<,s
necessity and tho consumersla  w '   l" W1    ��� oeciaratton for prao
pay .i high tariff will no longer have',1. trade' ,:"|U'(I State" i,n"lll<'^ came into
mat le reciprocity! Aat ia what Is Involv-J     ,' comP��tltion with Canadian products in that
market.   This created considerable disarrangement
��  Canadian  tra.le  for   the   time  being,  antl   Blu
Kutnisls, whose tlescendants are among  ns  today
could see nothing for Canada but
"nUetLStetea, _A Tnrv  Pnr... n__- Jm
is what is involved
���tween Canada and the United
io pay
in the agreement
St.ita-. B
What Shall the Answer Be
That agreement, sooner ,���
reserved lor
The  national   policy
British North American Colonies."
The Liberals came into office in^l800, and a
oint High Commission was appointed for the purpose
of discttssi.ig with the United States Government,
trade and other matters. The Canadian Commission,
which was composed of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Rich,
ird Cartwright, Sir Louis Davis and John Carlton,
M. P., sat i.i Quebec from August to October, 1898,
ind in Washington from October, 181)8, to January,
18i)9. This Commission was not a success so far as
closer trade relations was concerned because the
Canadian Coinmissio lers found that the Republican
eaders then i.i power were High Protectionist!,
md were not willing to make a fair agreement with
Canada. Sir Wilfrid was so disgusted and dis
Appointed that he made the announcement that lit
would make no further pilgrimages to Washington,
A Great Awakening
But there recently came a great awakening
to tlie politicians of tlie United States. People
rebelled against the high cost of living brought
ibout by a high tariff. They demanded a revision
of the tarilT downwards, They did not like it
Insurgent candidates sprang up in different statu.
and the leaders of the Republican party became
alarmed. President Taft went to Albany to meet
Mr. Fielding for the purpose of discussing t.irili
irrangemenis with him. lie sent his tariff experU
to Ottawa, for the purpose of endeavoring to arriu
it a more satisfactory trade arrangement, a id, li.i.ilh,
it the invitation of the President of the United
States, .Messrs. Fielding and Patterson went to
Washington and concluded a trade agreement ur;
much along the lines of the Reciprocity Treaty ol
1S54, and in conformity wilh the Trade Polic\ laid
down by the Liberal party in National Convention
it Ottawa in 1808.
Is It Sound Policy?
Is it sound policy? Is it sound policy? Where
you in favor of the Liberal trade policy laid doM
by the National Convention iu 18!>3.> If il was good
policy then, is it yiKtd polity now ? After lhe Liberals
came into power in 18SH), a tariff commission w.i>
appointed for the purpose of enquiring into and
revising the tariff. The Commission, in a measure,
carried out the Liberal promise to reduce the tariff.
Iron duties were reduced; barbed wire and binde
twine were placed on the free list in the intercsu
of the farmer: the duty on Hour was reduced; il��
duty on sugar was substantially reduced, ami du
duty on the raw material of many farm necessaria
was reduced. Other reductions were made, and
ibovc all, the British preference of 33 1-3 per cent
wiis placed upon the Statute Books. The tlutv on
every article of British manufacture is one-lhirtl Its-
than the general duty.
All these reductions lessened the burdens ��i
the consuming classes, but, notwithstanding -i"'1
reductions, the cost of living has gone up by leaps
and bounds, ami in no part of Canada is the cost
of living higher than in British Columbia.
I nder these circumstances, is there any man,
not blinded by party prejudice, who will say that
the Government should do nothing to ameliorate
the condition of the gnu consuming classes in tH*
How It Affects Prince Rupert
Let us analyse the schedules of the agreement
and s��t how it would affect vou in Prince Rupert:
For the year ending March 31st, 1910, we im-
ported from the United States live cattle to the
value of in round figures. $2.-,.(HK), upon which at
paid over SGtMK) duty.    Under the rew redpiodt)
agreement, cattle come iu free.
We imported for the same year over $4(Hi.ih��'
worth of horses, Upon which we paid over *100.<H*'
duty.    Hones under tlu
ne new
igreement  come in
We imported nearly 1160,000 worth of sheep.
upon which we paid about 188,000 duty. Sheep
under the new agreement come in free.
We imported poultry to the value of over 1140,*
UW, for winch we paid over 188,000 duty. PoultO
Under the new agreement is free.
We imported nearly $700,000 worth of vegetables, upon which we paid about 8200,000 duty
vegetables under th
e new agreement come in free.
<��� imported apples to the value of over a quart, r
, a ""' ",n do,l��W, fw which we paid nearly 188,000
OUty.  Apples under the new agreement come iu free
We Imported peaches to the value of 9160,000,
!!!."���"'.w,h *'' ���*"* ,u'arl> WO.000 duty.   Peaches
new agreement come in free.
The  importation   of   melons
uniler il
agreement.     , ���v  null,ma,   policy  embodied   in   its|anio,ml���| ,��� a|,01|| &'����"��",  .        ...    $,���.
clauses an offer of reciprocity in natural  products,!""".    These ar.lcl * P
and cantaloupe*
^^^^^^^     ity paid to M"
��'s under the new agreement cum1
m<l every succeedmg tariff revision by Conservative'!-! fre,      	
^ministrations included the same offer    i��� igot I     We Im.   . i
Sir   John   Macdonald   secured   the   disso!,.!^...,,.. J^fj^Jf*" V��"�� '" "��riV W"
^^^^^ te   dissolution
lament because he staled that an offer of recin-
rooty had been made by the United Stat��
Liberal Policy on Trade
The trade policy of the Libera
down at the National LIbe
Ottawa In 1898.   This convention declared that
���Ut >i il, 1    1,,. ^^^���
I'arly was laj,
��al Convention held ai
'""^^^""^-^-rasiili^Wsrimin n
������ ,      . - t***** aboul $2/j.(X)0 duty.   Egg��
,""l"r 'I"' nw agreement come i��� free.
Will Reduce Cost of Living
Itere are numerous other free articles in l'"'
���*-*-*' but these .ire sufficient for the purpose ol
m> Wtttment.    I have no hesitation in saying that
�� result of this new reciprocity agreement, win"


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